20 Apr 2013 Glyph Request for Blizz I've recently switched to feral spec from balance and am very happy with it. I love the look of my cat form when im in King of The Jungle with the armor. So much so i'd really like a minor glyph to make the cosmetic change available as the default cat form skin. Please Blizz make it happen! I'm sure im not the only feral druid out there who would like it.Stryker7 20 Apr 2013
20 Apr 2013 Blood elven druids A while back I posted on the forums calling for Blood Elves to have Druids as a playable class, I got a lot of support but also a lot of violent backlash from people opposed to the idea. I'd like to know what people think now & if anything's changed? The reasons people said they didn't like the idea last time didn't really add up to me. Most were either "that's stupid" or "blood elves fed on demonic energy and are tainted" which doesn't really make sense considering if demonic energy was going to turn anything away it'd be priests and paladins, plus there already is a blood elf druid boss in the Botanica (High Botanist Freywinn). I envision Blood Elf druids as being really awesome, gilded lynx cat forms, amber moonkin forms with sun themed adornments in place of antlers or horns. Fire hawk flight forms (as in crimson, not actual fire) Their entire culture is based around the sun which is central to (pretty much) all ecosystems. What do other Druids think about this? If you disagree please say why specifically and think is this REALLY a reason or just instant backlash reaction that's perfectly natural against any concept your unfamiliar with. Looking forward to seeing what you guys think.Braxxis62 20 Apr 2013
19 Apr 2013 dps ok? so i know that my gear is poor i am not gemmed and enchanted. I know how to do this but only recently dinged. I am currently pulling 45k single target damage raid buffed is this ok or should i be doing more. If so it is probably my rotation which is the problem. ThanksZephers1 19 Apr 2013
19 Apr 2013 Feral stats in 5.2? It used to be agi-mastery-hit/exp cap- crit - haste. Have something changed in 5.2? I'm struggling to get any decent DPS at the moment and was wondering if I missed something? Maybe crit is better in ToT?Moonrider2 19 Apr 2013
19 Apr 2013 First Haste Break–Points for PVP..??!! Hey guys I just made this bala Druid 2 months ago.. and i was messing around with some stats. atm I have 5,300 Haste which gives me 3 extra tick with moon–sun.fire and i was wondering If is the best choice to use it in arena–rbg or should i just go full crit–mastery. Ty.Nausicä3 19 Apr 2013
19 Apr 2013 Boomies Nerf the healing idc bout more survivability, but u srsly gotta nerf the healing #no trollingKillacow6 19 Apr 2013
18 Apr 2013 Moonkin color I just came by Winterspring and forgot how nice the look is on the white/blue moonkin! Would be awesome if you could choose color on the moonkin, like feral and bear!Lazortoy10 18 Apr 2013
18 Apr 2013 how is now feral in BG's and arenas? woth to go to pvp? well iam wondering to gear up some my feral in pvp - so iam wondering if he is good to go to some bgs to get full honor gear and next to do some arenas with healer - what u think is feral good choice to owns some bgs and arenas at his current state?Vibron1 18 Apr 2013
18 Apr 2013 How to get vanish [VIDEO INCLUDED] -Rare spawn every 30-60mins -It has 15% chance to drop -Useable in arena -rogues and druids can restealth after using it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mdWg0cMxE4Rebi0 18 Apr 2013
16 Apr 2013 Legendary gem clearcasting I think this should be hotfixed. Atm legendary gem's clearcasting proc gets overrriden by druid's clearcasting, thats a big waste. While original clearcasting is up the gem cannot even proc, if Omen of clarity would have still been a talent I'd definitely respec out of it. Please fix this asap.Räzr4 16 Apr 2013
16 Apr 2013 Glyph bugs? So noticed since HoF that the Nourish glyph seems to bug, even if you don't have 3 rejuvs up, you still get the increased speed on nourish, and tonight I noticed that the Glyph of Regrowth was still giving me the HOT portion as well as the 100% crit. Odd bug.Shandu1 16 Apr 2013
16 Apr 2013 New tooltip error or a not well implemented buff to FoN I noticed at MMO champion the following today The following summoned pets/totems will now chain cast their spells with no delay between casts, allowing them to cast their spells more frequently in the same amount of time. Death Knight: Gargoyle Druid: Force of Nature (Balance, Restoration), Mirror Image (Symbiosis) Mage: Mirror Image, Water Elemental Shaman: Searing Totem Warlock: Doomguard, Terrorguard, Wild Imp and went to try the FoN part out. To my amazement i noticed that according to the tooltip, FoN seemed to benefit from Solar Eclipse! - Which sadly was not the case against a target dummy So.. any insights?Zultajie2 16 Apr 2013
16 Apr 2013 New tree form model possible? Was just browsing MMO champion and saw some new tree models: http://media.mmo-champion.com/images/news/2013/april/ANCIENTPROTECTORPETS.jpg I know it's for the ancient pet, but do you guys think there is any chance of that becoming the new tree form model or a new minor glyph to make it look like that. Would look great! Thanks DruiddooDruiddoo3 16 Apr 2013
15 Apr 2013 Guardian Stat Priority Hey everyone :) So this druid is relatively new to the Guardian spec and I'm just looking for some pointers with regards to stat priority. The first thing i read was was hit/expertise cap then crit all the way. So thats what i did. However then I read elsewhere that doing that is pointless because then when you don't dodge an attack you take massive damage, which i can totall understand and i think it makes sense. In this case it makes it seem as if mastery is the best stat to go for (read that on Method's guardian guide) However right now I can hardly even reach half of my expertise cap in the first place, let along reforge for other stats. is my expertise % supposed to be on like 8% with a 470 ilvl? And if it is, then how am i supposed to get any other stats going if i cant even reach my expertise cap :S So what do all of you guys do? And what am i supposed to do? Because this has all become very confusing all of a sudden :SÄlkaz7 15 Apr 2013
15 Apr 2013 Incarnation Glyph or something?!?! Is there anyway that blizzard makes a Glyph of Incarnation or something, like Glyph of Stars?!?! The Druid armor in my oppinion makes the druid looks cooler? I just wanna know if its coming or anything or if there is anyway to get a mod/addon that makes your "Cat Form" to look like it Incarnation (Cat Form with armor)?!??!Sasoritail4 15 Apr 2013
15 Apr 2013 Druids, viable in endgame? I came across this list a few minutes ago: http://www.noxxic.com/wow/dps-rankings/realistic#483 If this is true, feral druids top dps (with BiS gear) is currently at #8. Is it worth leveling a druid with this list in mind? I was thinking about the endgame - if feral druids are actually welcome in raids etc. Or, do you have to rely on a healing role if you want to play in endgame raids and so on?Skruffelz5 15 Apr 2013
15 Apr 2013 Is it worth it? Hi. I'm just wondering if it's worth getting 2x Swift Hand of Justice for a Feral Druid? I have no where enough JP for them,so is it actually worth it? CheersOlerod3 15 Apr 2013
14 Apr 2013 Re-designing Incarnation Hello guys, we all know that the game has gotten too bursty and the addition of abilities such as Ascendance, Incarnation and Avatar has just made it worse. How would you druids feel if the damage of Incarnation was significantly reduced along with its CD. Soul of the Forest and Force of Nature would have to be buffed to a ridiculous state in order to even be considered in PvP. You wouldn't be in CC during your CD's as Balance and know that for the next 3 min you're going to be useless offensivly. Being able to use something extra to increase your damage often makes the gameplay more fun in my opinion and it helps the game by reducing all the burst. Some classes like rogues and mages are obviously supposed to get their kills from bursty CD's and not consistent damage. I think druids should go back to their roots of consistency meaning that a spec like Balance should have powerful dots, maybe faster casts with Starfire and Wrath but less burst. This change is too big to be added to the game now, but perhaps for the next expansion, how do you guys feel about this.Senathor8 14 Apr 2013
14 Apr 2013 Macros - Dash and Stampeding Roar Right so here's my problem. As we all know our Dash and Stampeding Roar are root-breakers atm (feral) That means that sometimes in a fight against a mage for example you need to use them in rapid succession (root -> root beaker -> root again -> root breaker) The problem is that you can't use both effects at the same time. That means that if one is active then you will get the message "you can't use that yet" if you try to activate the other. The macros that i use to solve this problem are simple : /cancelaura Dash /cast Stampeding Roar (for Stampeding Roar) and /cancelaura Stampeding Roar /cast Dash (for Dash) The advantage to this is that if you just need one of them there is nothing to cancel so it works just fine but if one is up and you need a root-breaker you don't have to right click ro cancel the previous. Now the macros do work but i need to press the button twice to activate one if the other is active. It is not a global cooldown issue because canceling an aura does not trigger a global cooldown. And you can also test this by spamming the button because you can do it much faster then the 1.5 seconds for the gcd. So my question is : What is causing this problem? Why do i have to press the button twice in order to cancel one effect and apply the other (again canceling an effect does NOT trigger a gcd)? I came to the druid forums because i am unsure if this is a druid only issue or it is a general issue.Thennebs7 14 Apr 2013
14 Apr 2013 Feral Druid PvP in 5.2 If the title of this thread looks like your roadmap for playing World of Warcraft, I suggest you stop what you're doing immediately and reroll if you want to be any sort of viable. The reason behind that statement is that this upcoming patch has some serious nerfing going on. It's easy to be deceived into thinking that the changes on the PTR are small, but after trying the PTR not only are they very large, but they are also devastating, and several massive nerfs are not listed. Two unlisted changes: - The feral PvP set bonus is now +8 seconds on Savage Roar. The movement speed incrase has been removed! - Cyclone, in addition to having a 30 second cooldown and sharing DR with the incapacitates and sheeps, no longer interacts with Predator's Swiftness. It's simply taken off the spell. However, the tooltip of Predator's Swiftness has not been updated, so this could be a bug. Combined with the nerfs that are actually listed, which are quite numerious, and you'll find that ferals have actually been nerfed more than warriors, which is actually pretty tragic. The survivability is so bad due to poor bear form, very low CC (esp. against ranged) and so low movement speed that the spec is almost unplayable, even in battlegrounds. I've been playing this game since vanilla, and I know this sounds absolutely crazy, but if you compare this to our state in vanilla, at least ignoring Symbiosis, it's actually a pretty tough call which is worse. The survivability is definitely a lot worse, the damage is a little better. I encourage you to copy your characters to the PTR and test it out and protest these changes if at all possible. Either that or, in something that I consider perhaps even better, argue that other classes must be nerfed to the same level.Ishaye89 14 Apr 2013
14 Apr 2013 moonkin 1h and OH or 2H ? topic says it quick question? Pros n' cons plsEpaca9 14 Apr 2013
14 Apr 2013 How should I be spending my Rage? Hey guys, brand new Guardian Druid here! :) Like for real, I tanked my first ever dungeon this morning :) I just have a question with regards to my rage. Often ill discover halfway through a fight that my bar is on 100/100... How should i be spending it? Are Savage Defense and Frenzied Regeneration the only two abilities I should be worried about with regards to my rage? (Well besides Maul, but thats only when it procs right?) Thanks!Älkaz4 14 Apr 2013
14 Apr 2013 >Balance Druid PvP issues< I started playing my druid in cataclysm and immediately wanted to play Balance it was fun and humorous to endure. When I reached level 80 my guild and friends pushed me into changing to feral as it was very overpowered at this point, although when got to level 85 I hated it so much that I changed back to Balance. Now I'm not going to fully go into how bad cataclysm was for Balance druid PvP so lets just say that I tried my best not to take it seriously because without Dragonwrath you were pretty much useless. Now to start with I'm going to comment on what Blizzard did right because to be honest you can tell they put a lot of effort into 'Balancing Balance' shall we say? -Immunity to Polymorph and Hex should NEVER be taken out as this is one of the only things stopping Balance druids from being cc'd indefinitely. -Nature's Swiftness was a great edition to the Balance spell book, this enables quick heals or cc which can help towards game wins. -Displacer Beast is EXACTLY what Balance needed to have any possibility of countering Rogues. -Incarnation actually gives Balance druids a damage cool down separate from your Trinket. -Nature's Vigil again is an actual damage cool down BUT can also be used as a healing cool down which can be used when needing to heal up fast. -Celestial Alignment (Whoever thought of this should be given a prize), is the most powerful damage cool down for Balance druids and is perfect for when you need to burst. -Might of Ursoc is great for survive ability and pretty much replaces the old Bear form defensive macro. -Symbiosis grants the user and the target one and other's spells, I always look for a Mage when using this so that I can get more damage with Mirror Image. Ok now that's that here are the problems. -No cool down such as icebound fortitude or a Mage's blink has been added leaving Balance druids defenseless against the amount of cc that other classes (Rogues, Palidins, Mages, Warlocks etc) can give, furthermore this could be easily fixed if Displacer Beast was changed to be more like a Mage's blink which you can use when sapped or kidney shot by a Rogue etc. (I'm sorry if I got the cc in question wrong but it's still along the same lines when thinking of cc in general) -Symbiosis in many cases gives useless spells, I'm sorry but a shaman's purge is the most useless thing that you could ask for when getting 4 shot by a Mage, in this case a Rogue's Cloak of shadows is very useful but needs to have its cool down reduced on the Balance druid's end. This is because the cool down of Cloak is set for Rogues and is not good enough for a class such as a Balance druid. -When using all cool downs as a Balance druid you have around 89% increased damage, this along with your Trinket is an amazingly good amount of burst towards your enemies. Unfortunately this great burst is met by almost every other class in the World of Warcraft having a immunity to all damage defensive cool down. DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS!, I am quite frankly fed up of bursting on a Mage who ICEBLOCKS, a Priest who uses DISPERSION, a Warrior who spell reflects and ALWAYS CRIT HITS ME!, a Palidin who BUBBLES, a Rogue who Cloaks and Vanishes away until my cool downs are gone, a Warlock who some how uses one cool down and then has full health by the time my cool downs are gone. This list goes on but I would just be acting childish to keep on moaning. Anyway thanks for reading and feel free to add any more good points or bad ones. (As long as you expand on your points and don't just say that something is overpowered). <3 Max - SylvanasMax78 14 Apr 2013
14 Apr 2013 Guardian Druid in Challenge Modes: Scarlet Monastery. Hey all! So, yeah, as the title suggests, going to be going into challenge mode as a Guardian Druid in Scarlet Monastery. I've watched the video's (not found any with Guardian Druid's though), and was just wondering if any other bears in here have done this before and if so, any pointers on glyphs or talents to use? HUGE thanks and bear hugs and cookies in advance! ZitZitkala1 14 Apr 2013
13 Apr 2013 SotF > Regrowth/LB I've just picked up SotF (don't know why I didn't have it in the first place) and I was wondering how it affected when regrowth renews lifebloom. I'm unsure how to test this, does the 75% haste only affect the regrowth cast time or does it also give more ticks on the lifebloom after it renews ?Impacilla1 13 Apr 2013
13 Apr 2013 Feral pvp, wat do. I leave stealth and I'm instantly zerged into oblivion, this would be sort of acceptable if I could actually put out some damage before my demise but it just feels like I'm pawing at a brick wall - going bear is hardly what it used to be. Should I have rolled moonkin? Quite disappointing to find I can't do really anything with the spec I've always played & loved, I really hope its just down to being undergeared but it seems people with similar ilvl have no problem getting me to 20% in a stun duration. are ferals really that bad right now or am I just undergeared?Dirtyden6 13 Apr 2013
12 Apr 2013 Ebola Cleave? UH/Feral/rShaman any feedback, does it work this season? Thanks!Thrawen6 12 Apr 2013
12 Apr 2013 Druids shapeshifting hey, why can druids shapeshift while silenced? Isnt it use of magic??Skullcracker6 12 Apr 2013
12 Apr 2013 Balanced Druid DPS is low I need some serious help if I am to maintain my raid place :( I have tried everything to improved my DPS but on a target dummy I can only max 64k and that is with 300 int food and a flask. I always use an int flask, 300 int food and pot. Before any encounter I use Astral Communion to get my eclipse set just short of Lunar Eclipse. Then My rotation is: Starfall - Wrath - (puts me into eclipse) - Incarnation: Chosen of Elune & Natures Vigil ( I use a macro for this bit which also used my trink) - Dot with Moonfire and Sunfire - Starfall - Starfire untill it exits - Celestial Alignment - Dot everything with Moonfire - Spam Starfire: I use Starsuge on proc and use this to move back to Eclipse state asap. I just tried changing my reforge and gems to what Mr Robot recomends but have lost 950 int as a result but seam to be doing same crap dps. ANY help would be very usefull as I am now thinking of just giving up, it is just too much hassel to get another toon geared up for raiding.Marwor11 12 Apr 2013
12 Apr 2013 Symbiosis suggestion Hello druids! I just had this idea that symbiosis might give feral druids Death Grip instead of Death coil. Since damaging abilities like death coil in symbiosis seems to be impossible to balance. Death grip seems like something ferals would really like. Resto druids get life grip from disc so it seems somewhat fitting and it's an iconic death knight ability.Bumkin13 12 Apr 2013
12 Apr 2013 Its been a while.. It's been a while since we had a 'new forms' post in the Druid forum..so I'm bringing it back! Druid : forms transform (order is Nelf , Worg , Tauren , troll ) Bear : Terapin , crocodile , bull , elephant. Cat : updated texture and moving fur of cat ,african wild dog , Komodo dragon , snake . Aquatic : narwhal , shark , manatee , eel . Moonkin : Frost nymph, updated moonkin , updated moonkin , updated moonkin . Flight : faerie dragon , faerie dragon , faerie dragon , bat. OR Even if we get an entirely new form with a new function? O.oLunarwing2 12 Apr 2013
12 Apr 2013 Balance Druid Incarnation: 5.3 Just looked at the recent patch notes for patch 5.3 and not sure what the changes to incarnation mean for balance. A 0% damage increase while in eclipse? So what exactly is different about the spell other than it doing no increase of damage? Or possibly just a tooltip error? http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/Woopsies1 12 Apr 2013
11 Apr 2013 What am I doing wrong ? I need some advice I have been playing a balance druid for a while now and no matter how hard I try I just can't seem to get good consistent dps. My ilvl is 388 and I'm lucky if I'm pulling 55k dps. I am hit capped and have the haste break point and working on getting more crit In my rotation I use. Starfall, wrath to get me into luner then apply dots use star fall when other one runs out spam star fire until I leave liner then use CA and so on Any help?Shabumpkin4 11 Apr 2013
11 Apr 2013 Y u no loose mana?! Somebody please tell how resto druids never loose mana in 2s!!! Not crying out for a nerf, Im just wondering if your spells are like 500 mana costs or sumthing haha...........Rastaphar6 11 Apr 2013
11 Apr 2013 Savage Roar - how does it work? Quick question about savage roar. If I have savage roar up when I apply bleeds, do the bleeds still keep the damage buff if savage roar drops off part way through? Also, if I have bleeds up without savage roar, do they gain the damage buff if I put up savage roar part way through? Thanks!Veyd3 11 Apr 2013
11 Apr 2013 Well, this is awkward... http://s24.postimg.org/5ox68jd7p/tooltip.jpgEdevis5 11 Apr 2013
11 Apr 2013 Major Glyph disappointment (resto) Interested in hearing the thoughts of other resto druids regarding the limited usefulness of major glyphs for 5 man dungeons... WG is pointless for obvious reasons, lifebloom is only slightly less so due to their being 1 tank and regrowth, although the crit is nice, losing the hot portion is not very appealing. I would not mind if there were options to grab a Balance glyph to increase wrath/moonfire utility but there isn't....As a result I feel slightly underwhelmed. I may be the only one who feels like this but thought I would ask for some feedback. Thanks.Phoem2 11 Apr 2013
11 Apr 2013 Minor Glyph Suggestion Hey, lately ive been thinking about cool idea for feral/guardian minor glyphs [Glyph of Feral Transformation] ( im not really creative with names :( ) Cat form and Bear form no longer change your character into an animal but instead Makes ur character more feral (Like having Claws /fur ) but still having the humanoid look/ gear on That would be similer to how sha possesion on npcs with the sha claws and everything I think that would be really savage and awesome glyph Please share your thoughts about this ideaGokuz7 11 Apr 2013
10 Apr 2013 Long time druid, im doing it wrong? Hi. I'm raiding with my friends, first as feral and now as moonkin. As feral i was one of the few with high item level, but was still behind in damage. I tried icy veins and askmrrobot. but was still behind. Read somewhere that ferals where the worst melee dps of them all atm, so went balance. Now i have Item level 493 and my friends has pulled ahead of me in item level, but only with a few. Some of the has 495 and 496. just a few ahead of me. But still, with my current gear, and askmrrobot and icy veins, i only do 50k dps, while my friends do the double. both melee and ranged. So my question is, what am i doing wrong? I see moonkins do alot of damage, but I just can't seem to manage that. Any help?Litcandle5 10 Apr 2013
10 Apr 2013 5.2 Resto PvP Guide - Short for Beginners Hey everyone, I'm going to talk about some basics of the resto druid. It's often people asking for help because there ain't really any cookie cutter guides at the moment. With that I mean you can build your druid very different depending on the situation and there isn't just one specific way to go. STATS & REFORGING: Resilience, Intellect and PvP Power are important. But what about the other stats? Well, depending on the situation you have different paths to go, let me explain below. Running a comp with high burst? Focus on mastery for more and higher direct healing. Running a comp with low burst? Focus on spirit for better mana regeneration to not run out of mana during a fight. Running a comp where you feel that you're always the one getting trained? Focus on haste. The reason being that you can't really get the time to cast regrowth while being trained. It also consumes alot of mana. In that situation it's better if your hots gets faster and more ticks. GEMS: (This is optional and can be adjusted based on the comp you play. Below you can find some recommendations of what would work.) Yellow: 320 resilience Red: 160 intellect + 320 resilience(JC)/ 80 intellect + 160 resilience Blue: 160 PvP Power + 160 resilience TALENTS(OPTIONAL): TIER 1: Displacer's Beast - Easy escape/engage ability. TIER 2: Nature's Swiftness - Instant CC/Healing Touch. TIER 3: Typhoon - Great knock off for example bridges in RBG's & Arenas. TIER 4: Incarnation - Great survival ability with instant roots, lifebloom on unlimited targets, wild growth affects more players and you can spam regrowth. TIER 5: Mighty Bash/Disorienting Roar - Both are great. Mighty bash counts as a stun which means you can still damage them, meanwhile Disorienting Roar is a fear which will be interrupted if you cause damage, however it CC's more than just ONE enemy. TIER 6: Heart of the Wild - Great passive stats Stamina, Agility and Intellect increased by 6%. Also you get great burst which in cat form you can get up to 100k hits with Ferocious Bite. Simple tips: If you cast innervate, make sure to always do it when you're out of sight so that it doesn't get for example spellstealed! Here's a macro so that you can shapeshift and break movement impairing effects without leaving your tree form. #showtooltip /cast !incarnation This can be done with any form. Useful Addons: OmniCC - Keep better track of your cooldowns by displaying timers. Battleground Targets - Necessary for RBG's and also useful for normal BG's. It displays a box with frames of your enemy team so that you can fast target them by a click, as well as see their specs. --- If you have any other questions or improvements to this very short guide feel free to leave a reply.Sowz0 10 Apr 2013
10 Apr 2013 Looking for tips and tricks for leveling a druid Heya folks, Wondering if you can offer me some thoughts on leveling a druid. As it stands I've got one of everything, most between 85-90 (which possibly suggests I should get out more, but hey ho) - the one exception being druid. As a rule I'm more of a caster/healer type person but the one problem I seem to have, regardless of whether I go feral or balance is by about level 50ish I feel so ultimately meh about druids - which hasn't really happened with a lot of other classes. I don't know what I'm looking for - whether its a "therethereit'llbealright" reply - but I guess I want to hope there's a light at the end of the tunnel with it. As a completist I'd like to have one of each at 90 on my chosen server - but I don't want it to feel like torture either :) Many thanksPhilandrous4 10 Apr 2013
10 Apr 2013 SoTF > WG Exactly how greatly is Wild Growth buffed after using Swiftend, thus applying Soul of the Forest? How many WG ticks are there, and given adequate raid gear having reached the first haste breakpoint, how frequent are the ticks? Im yet to spec into it, though will be for future raids. Thanks Maloorn.Maloorn1 10 Apr 2013
10 Apr 2013 Faerie fire Having 5 people click on an altar and one of them dying randomly to summon a doomguard, having a 45 second duration on will of the forsaken and forsaken being considered undead creatures were fun but extreme so they were removed. So, being the only class that is actually effected in a major way by faerie fire i scratch my head and wonder why does this extreme spell still exist and why does it last for so long? Let's just assume for a moment that every single spec of druid needs to prevent rogues from vanishing or resteathling for some reason. Are 10-15 seconds not enough to capture a rogue? If you are about to die then the rogue might vanish to get the stealth bonuses back up and perform an opener to finish you off and when a rogue is about to die he will vanish and run the hell away. So is it too hard to use faerie fire at those moments? Does blizzard think the druid playerbase is so bad they wouldn't be able to use their spells at the right time so they allow them to be spammable with extremely long durations so that it's nearly impossible to mess up? Faerie fire should have 45s to 1m cooldown and 7 to 15 seconds duration. The armor reduction effect should be different or even integrated to the basic druid abilities. I mean, it's just an extra keybind. And don't get me wrong, i don't mind not being able to vanish when i most need it because i got faerie fire on me but i do mind that when the druid is long dead, i mount up and i want to open to the next opponent that i happen to see i still have the bloody thing on me and i can't.Blaire29 10 Apr 2013
10 Apr 2013 Leather with all that spirit You made it almost impossible for Balance druids to utilize. All that gear with soo much spirit. It will get even worse once people start gearing with full HC gear. We can't even think of using wooshl'y final choice. So I just hope your planing to add some pro gear in 5.3 that will destroy this stupid spirit.Donhonchî4 10 Apr 2013
10 Apr 2013 Resto Druid !@#$y healer Hi, I read multiple threads and websites to be well prepared as a healer in raids. My goal was (it's not anymore) to be a good healer as Resto. I don't know everything about this role yet for sure but what I know I don't like! What I experienced was frustration and trading off healing performance with mana. I did even provided a couple of suggestions on mana efficiency and without this knowledge, I would probably be standing in raids and watch others doing well with much less effort than druids. I was waiting for patch 5.2 but I must say Resto Druid remain poor. If I analyse Shamans / Paladins / Priest performance after boss fightings and compare with mine, I can see what they can do with similar gear to mine. I am asking the question: why on the Earth stupid lazy bastards in Blizzard have still not done their job properly and somehow equalised each class performance???? Why still one class can do hell better than the other? It is a bloody fifth main expansion, isn't it? They focus on new patches, dailies hubs, new zones, new story lines and so horribly fall behind with important (almost urgent) problems :/ Due to no time for leveling other classes, I think the best will be to cancel subscription again, as I have done it once. I came back because I bought discounted MoP before Christmas as I thought I would enjoy it but this is not fun anymore. Continuous chasing reputations, repetitive dailies that are boring, that takes significant amount of time, poor LFR system drop etc. All this let me realise that the game I put so much time into is not a game anymore. Shame, I waisted so much time! People who know Vanilla and TBC can admit it was fun. What I see now is not even close to what it used to be. It is like doing some kind of job that will never pay off!Evithien46 10 Apr 2013
09 Apr 2013 Feral bugs Did anyone notice that we have 2 very annoyin bugs? 1. U can overwrite 5 combo point rip with 1 cp rip 2. When u use healing touch in same second as u got predatory swiftness buff it sometimes doesn't heal at all. Only happens in pvp and can end up deadly for us. I've checked the combat log and there was no healing touch there, like i never used it but it does waste predatory swiftness and even makes animation like it healed. Pls report these bugs or they'll never get fixed.Vav10 09 Apr 2013
09 Apr 2013 Resto, 10 man, ToT heroics. Hello resto druids! Since you only bring 2 healers for most 10 man ToT heroics, is it a good idea to bring a resto druid? The damage is so massive everytime it hits, both raidwide and tank damage! :/ Reju and wildgrowth heal for so damn little before another massive raid damage hits the entire raid. And efflorescence range is so tiny -.- So I'm busy spamming insta heals leaving nearly no window for proper tank healing. Ofc, I use regrowth very frequently but it eats through mana really really fast :/ Wild shrooms are nice, but cost 3 GCD's to cast and aren't fully rdy, aswell as their range is also so godamn tiny -.- Guild is talking about me just going moonkin (yet all my gear is resto with mastery -.- so that means i'll be sitting out for a very long time), which i understand very well. Pala's, discipline priests and monks have way stronger heals with more "oomph" :P Atm we are doing ji'kun heroic (killed jin'rokh and horridon), and them quills + tank damage is immense (especially when other healer is away healing other tank tanking the nest guard).Disasterpiec7 09 Apr 2013
09 Apr 2013 Troll or tauren..?? he, i see a lot of troll druid lately and i wondered if there is any difference between troll and tauren druid? wich one is better or wich one is nicer, i tought of a race change to troll but i wanted to know some things first, so if someone maybe has some tips on troll and tauren druids?Telzar16 09 Apr 2013
09 Apr 2013 Macro Question! Yo fellow Druids, My problem is about this macro: /cast Nature's Swiftness /cast cyclone (or) healing touch I've read on a threat (can't remember where) saying that if Predatory Swiftness is active and I click on that macro, instead of using Nature's Swiftness it would use the Predatory Swiftness and cast the cyclone. (same as healing touch) However, when I tested it with Predatory Swiftness activated, it consumes Nature's Swiftness instead... I thought that this macro would save me some keybinds, but I guess its better to have them keybinded without any macro. Am I wrong? Thanks! MonkeyMonkeymove0 09 Apr 2013
09 Apr 2013 Druids atm (pvp) How are they? Leveling this toon and don't know much about them atm. Played resto in start of mop, was okey but want to try out dmg aswell. Boomie or feral in pvp atm? Which one is stronger?Trollololski5 09 Apr 2013