12 Feb 2013 Force of Nature! Hey guys!! I was thinking that why do we have those same old looking 3x treants fighting with us, when we maybe could have an dryad helping us instead, just changing the apperance of it. Like the dryad Tarindrella in the night elfs starting zone, alot more fresher and cooler apperance, then the old treants that reminds us of the old apperance of tree of life form. Just an idea I hade. :)Avatena7 12 Feb 2013
12 Feb 2013 Boomkins and the rng.. [Blues look here] Hi, so here is my question am i the only one that is starting to get tierd of boomkin having so much !@#$ing rng atm we are probly the most rng spec in the game duo to the way shooting stars works combined with how much of our dmg actually come from starsurge.. I mean fine i could handle this if we wasent so freaking cd dependent in the first place but in its current stage you cant rely on boomkins for anything (i personally cant stand the fact that i simply cant put enough sustained dmg to actually kill the adds on for example tsulong hc without stuns, pushbacks, roots and even when i use all this to save time i sometimes cant kill them on my own because i simply cant push out enough dmg. Im quite sure that my reforging/gemming/playstyle is correct and still this doesent work at all.. Then when it comes to fight wich requires aoe we are complete dog%^-* aswell because A) To maximize aoe from hurricane we go into lunar eclipse wich means mushrooms doesent benefit from eclipse. B) Spamming hurricane makes us waste Natures grace with makes us loose a bit of the retardedly low sustained dps we already have. So my question is why blizzard change natures vigil wich pretty much nerfs the only part where boomkins are good.. BURST! At this point after 5 years playing boomkin this have put me to a point where i feel like rerolling/stopping playing completly and i think there is alot of other boomkins feeling the same. So please tell me what you think about what i wrote and if you dont agree with it completly/not at all tell me why because im honestly intrested in what other people thinks.Seutoxze13 12 Feb 2013
11 Feb 2013 I'm a Druid, hear me roar! (Druid offtopic thread) Just thought I'd start an OT thread on the druid boards to let all the EU dr00ds get to know one another. So, how's it going, my furry, feathery, leafy brothers and sisters? How's raiding? How's pvp? How's anything else out in Azeroth (And Outland) for you?Noffee5 11 Feb 2013
11 Feb 2013 Symbiosis Please, change symbiosis used to Retribution Paladins from Restoration Druids, we get wrath which isn't worth casting EVER, neither in pve nor pvp. The Druid gets Cleanse, which also is ALMOST never used in pve nor pvp. Cleanse might be good against a dk or warlock, but uses 16.4% of base mana so that makes it not viable at all, also removing some poisons and diseases won't help too much. (16.4% according to wowhead, migth be outdated or comething couldn't test this on live.) Just for the comparison; what do Restoration Druids get from other classes. From DK, Icebound Fortitude, very usefull in PvP, most cases in PvE also due you can cast still like you cannot cast in Ice Block or Deterrence. From Hunter, Deterrence, very usefull in PvP, sometimes in PvE also. From Mage, Ice Block, same as hunter, only better in both situtiations since can be cast while stunned, removes dots and lasts longer. From Monk, Fortifying Brew, very useful in PvP, most cases in PvE also, read DK PvE part. From Priest, Leap of Faith, very useful in PvP, very useful in PvE also, can save lives easily. From Rogue, Evasion, usefull against melee in PvP, not too usefull in PvE since you got tanks, sometimes tho there are enemies who fixate etc. From Shaman, Spiritwalker's Grace, very usefull in PvP, very usefull in pve also. From Warlock, Demonic Circle: Teleport, very usefull in PvP, sometimes useful in Pve also. From Warriors, Intimidating Roar, very usefull in PvP even OP since 1min CD aoe fear for 8 secs with no cost at all, bad in PvE. And for the grand finisher; Paladins. Druid gets Cleanse like i said, i get wrath, wrath isn't worth casting anywhere, cleanse is worth casting rarely. My idea would be that the druid gets the Cleanse like Holy Paladin does so it removes a magic effect so badically druid would have 2 dispells. That would be really usefull and not too OP imo, and if that is not the case, make the symbiosis dispell bigger CD. And for the Ret, I don't really know, maybe just throw wrath to the bin and give barskin maybe? So please change this, makes me a sad Grapar that everyone else gets something usefull but Rets don't get any good at all, the druid gets a cake, but the cake tastes bad.Graper47 11 Feb 2013
11 Feb 2013 Treant Form. I hope blizzard could change it. When ever i'm in Treant form i can't cast mount.. Can u make it like u auto go out off the form and cast mount ^^?Aranion4 11 Feb 2013
10 Feb 2013 Boomkin Means Fun. title says it allLemarr2 10 Feb 2013
10 Feb 2013 Balance DPS issues. I've just started doing Heroics in the last week or so, I seem to be having DPS issues. I can't pull more then 26k with using all my CD's (I do get a little bit extra with Mirror Image but I'm not including that as it's not my base DPS). I've looked around and most people say that it's basically a gear issue I was wondering is this the case or are Balance Druids not that great? I'm doing the right rotations I've already checked up on that, I've read alot of things online incase it was me that was at fault but I can't seem to figure it out. What kind of DPS should a Boomkin be pulling in partial heroic gear? Any help would be appreciated, thanks alot.Kerestel6 10 Feb 2013
10 Feb 2013 Resto Druid Mastery - A Change? It seems strange to me that Resto Druids must keep this medium duration buff going on themselves in order to remain competitive, and even then, it obviously isn't enough. We're getting a flat 10% buff next patch. Instead of screwing around with this buff, wouldn't it make sense to just bake it into our spells to begin with, and change our mastery to something more interesting than a glorified pre-MoP percentage talent? Perhaps make it Living Seeds that build up on the targets of our heals (Except when healed with Tranq and Wild Growth probably) to some max percentage of our health, based on our mastery. Maybe you have 10% mastery, so 10% of your heals also add to a Living Seed on the target, which can grow up to a max of 10% of your max hp. Voila, our massive overhealing is of use for other things than mushrooms! Which PvPers don't use, by the way. This would also help with our occasional problems with switches in PvP, since a target could very easily have a built-up living seed remaining on them. I'm not saying Druids are weak in PvP, they aren't, but they aren't top dog either. What do you think?Krisora7 10 Feb 2013
10 Feb 2013 5.2 PTR PvP moonkin feedback and suggestions Hi, After few BGs as a moonkin, i have seen we now are one of the weakest "caster" spec... (atm we are one of the best in RBG) I want to know if i am the only one to think we need just a little thing to be viable in 3s and BG for the 5.2 ? Is there any other moonkin's feedback ? For example, i suggest a new glyph : Glyph of eclipse : When the druid enter in eclipse, wraith/SF (depends of lunar/solar) can be used while moving for 8s, but damages of both are not buffed by the eclipse and don't give lunar/solar points during these 8s. OR When the druid leaves the eclipse, wraith/SF (depends of lunar/solar) can be used while moving for 8s Barkskin : Barkskin now protect the druid from Stuns What do you think about the moonkin in 5.2 ?Freïor12 10 Feb 2013
10 Feb 2013 Question about Feral Druid PvE/PvP Hey guys, I'm new for this class so I'm not sure how the stats are for Feral Druid. How much Expertise and Hit cap do I need for PvE and PvP? PvE: Do I need Haste? Or shall I Gem and Reforge everything to Mastery/crit? PvP: For arena, do Feral need alot of Agility or I shall but the red slots for 80agil/160PvP power? I'm sorry if you need to tell this over and over to everyone, but atm I'm confused some say (Youtube/sites/Forums) For PvE I don't need hit cap/Expertise and some say I do and for PvP I need 3% or 5% or thy say its 7% hit and Expertise cap. So can someone please tell me what the correct % for all what I need.Raggajungle2 10 Feb 2013
09 Feb 2013 what is the best Guardian Druid stats ? I want to know that is my stats as a tank is right or not ? I have done 16/16 normal raid in MoP I saw some websites like noxxis.com saying that the right stats like this : Stamina >= Agility > Haste = Crit > Mastery > Dodge with cap hit and exp for sure But i am playing with this stats : Stamina >= Mastery > Crit > Haste > Agility > Dodge with cap hit and exp for sure so i want to know which of them are right please give me the amount of each stats if possibleDyx6 09 Feb 2013
09 Feb 2013 2v2 partner for Resto Druid? Which class/spec do you think would work out with a resto druid? I'm grinding honor and obviously I'd like to get an arena partner at some point to get some more conquest points than what battlegrounds can provide.Krisora3 09 Feb 2013
09 Feb 2013 Please Help. Hi, I 'was' a 2k+ feral druid on darksorrow and played my druid for 4 years however i quit and lost access to the account. Im just wondering it is worth it to go through that 1-90 grind again? I really do like druid but please can anyone tell me how are they in MoP?Lemarr1 09 Feb 2013
09 Feb 2013 Druid PvP (honor) reward armour I'm playing a balance druid which reached level 60 yesterday. Since I've spent some time in battlegrounds, I had amassed a little over 2000 honor points. So, I thought I'd go spend some for the first time in my life. I found a druid armour set consisting of 6 pieces which cost roughly 80 - 110 a piece. Sounds like a good start. But then I noticed they seem to be geared towards ferals, because they gave you agi and one of the set bonuses was increased run speed in feral forms. Am I missing something here? Shouldn't there be a PvP set (available at my level) which caters to casters?Landil7 09 Feb 2013
08 Feb 2013 feral pve - haste to 10% thoughts I Personally am stacking haste to about 10 % to aviod energy stravation. even with SOF i still feel like i am constantly just sitting about waiting for energy. what are your thoughts on haste to 10 % to increase engery regen and attack speed.Changing9 08 Feb 2013
08 Feb 2013 Displacer beast and Amber prison I started wondering can you get out of Amber prisons that the Amber trappers use during Windlord encounter by using Displacer beast. I know some spells can be used to get out, like blink and AMS i think. So, has anyone tried this yet?Feralica6 08 Feb 2013
07 Feb 2013 cyclone Is this change still availlable on ptr? •Balance/Restoration Druid PvP gloves bonus now increases Cyclone duration by 2 seconds (previously increased Cyclone range by 5 yards).Treeyonce3 07 Feb 2013
07 Feb 2013 I need a Help from PvP'ers I know my gear is dreadfull nad I will change it soon but I would like to hear from you guys what should I change . Soo to put it easy what would you guys change in terms of Gems /Refroge /enchantsRyns7 07 Feb 2013
07 Feb 2013 No cyclone DR? I am not sure someone tell me if its true: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/feed/news#classesDwålinlol15 07 Feb 2013
07 Feb 2013 Resto or Balance? Hey! Im thinking of changing my specs from Restoration to Balance, because Im mostly questing for the time being... ( I chose Resto cause I was doing dungeons:) Right now I have the Specs Resto and Feral, but I wanna have some more power.. Should I switch to balance?Ancienthero8 07 Feb 2013
06 Feb 2013 idea to improve boomers archaic dot mechanic well in my opinion balance have archaic and medieval dps mechanic from old ages wchich makes then very bad in fun play specc cousue spaming 2 buttons all time long is really boring , dots are too short and due to global cds u can only spam dots to 2--3 targets and no time to hardcast your silly spells cosue yours dots are gone and ofc u must self heal while mobs are nuking u down . so to be a playable class bommies must have 2-3x longer dots like dkas deaseseas 24-30 sec , and dots shoulkd have some punishment undispel mechanic like locks and sprist have , and ofc dots spreading mechanic must be implemented for aoe doting - i suggest: - when u detonate wild mushrooms your dots are spread to all targets in covered area and they peroid is refreshed on each tick of mushroom - wild mushroom should have beside detonate - dot dmg effect to hard dmg each tick targerts - this would be very usefull in pvp that when melee class sit on u - shuld punish big dots from mushroom - or while standing in mushroom effect longer than 2 sec u will be rooted for 0,5 sec on each 2secKigron22 06 Feb 2013
06 Feb 2013 Idols/rdruids to watch Hi guys, I´ve been wondering: who is worth watching (livestreams or youtube videos) or subscribing to on youtube as a resto druid? Cottage? Hotted?Nortonik6 06 Feb 2013
06 Feb 2013 Pandaren druid When ? When blizzard give us posibility to make one... It's stupid that pandarens can't be droods o.o I wish I could make Panda Boomkin ;cSynatria34 06 Feb 2013
06 Feb 2013 feral druid pvp set bonus? in 5.2 there has being changes to feral druids set bonus but when i looked through the patch notes "Feral Druid PvP Gloves now also increases the duration of Bear Hug by 1 second. Feral Druid PvP 2-piece bonus, in addition to the Savage Roar effect, Thick Hide reduces the wearer's chance to receive critical strikes by 20%. Feral Druid PvP 4-piece bonus also causes successful interrupts with Skull Bash to reset the cooldown of Enrage." but bear hug is a guardian spell and so is enrage so what is the set bonus going to be for feral kittys?Sneakyzombie12 06 Feb 2013
06 Feb 2013 Druid- Pandaren Druid? ^^^^^^^^^^T I T L E^^^^^^^^^^^^ It would be nice to see one sometime? Just wondering because I thought that their Cat forms and Moonkin would look pretty epic also that I think druid pandaren really suits the< Pandaren race, being as they live on a giant turtle dude in the middle of a jungle and stuff :D And they have a really cute little tail those Pandaren People do. Its so epic and with there cuteness they would be really R E A L L Y Epic druidsLillii2 06 Feb 2013
05 Feb 2013 Wondering ... This i just an idea take it or leave it, but would it be able to make a Rbg team made of druids only. Ofc it would but whould it be playable? I mean you have 4 specs, and most of them is quit good if not better then good. so 1 tell me what you think? 2. Whould you druid of Warcraft test this out? 3. how whould the team look like? Respons, leave a comment and thumps up if you like the idea.Asuryeane6 05 Feb 2013
05 Feb 2013 Are Moonkins viable in arena? Pretty much the thread title. I wanna know if they can actually compete in arena or are they utter crap? Is the next patch and the changes to druids helping them out much? Are there any specific set ups they do well in?Keldarain6 05 Feb 2013
05 Feb 2013 Horde really needs a better looking option for druids I want to move my druid over to the Horde side to play with my boyfriend. But OMG why are both the druid options hideous looking?! Ok, female trolls looks somewhat ok until they start to move, and the animal forms looks bluddy silly if you ask me. I cant stand them or the flyform. That bat is more than enough for me to not go Troll. The tauren is just TO BIG and bulky! The animalforms look somwhat ok though. But because I like to play Resto they wont be used much. And you might aswell put a big red arrow above my head saying HERE I AM !!, because blending into the crowed is hard being tall as a tower. Both Nightelves and Worgens look good. Why are Horde stuck with 2 !! badlooking druids?? Atleast even it out will ya? Or make Pandas druid, that would solve the problem abit. After all they love nature aswell, and they are cute. Blizzard pls do SOMETHING so that we can feel pretty as RestoDruids on the horde side :)Zerie49 05 Feb 2013
04 Feb 2013 Can we have the old flight form back? Please blizzard, could you add the flight form that you had if you only had the slow flying as opposed to the fast one, I prefered the bird without the beads around there neck. At least this way we can choose what we want to shift into :DDruiddoo2 04 Feb 2013
04 Feb 2013 question about gear bal/resto okay so i have a druid in the making and i want to do both resto and balance in pvp but im not sure which gear set would be overall better for use with both specs (gear set bonus etc) until i can eventually get both sets of gear, so i'd like to know your opinions on which would suit both more pleaseCálypho1 04 Feb 2013
04 Feb 2013 [Suggestion] Sunfire/Moonfire glyph There are few glyphs that are interesting for balance druids. Here's a suggestion for one that will not increase single target dps, but that can be an interesting pve option to glyphs like Glyph of Stampeding Roar. Glyph of Sunset (or whatever) When an enemy that yields experience or honor dies, and it has more than 4 seconds remaining of your Sunfire or Moonfire, the damage of your next Starfire or Wrath cast within 12 seconds is increased by 3682 (+ 48% of SpellPower). This effect stacks up to four times.Ïri10 04 Feb 2013
04 Feb 2013 Druids first talent tier and Blizz's 5.2 aproach to it Now I know that blizz devs, at least not Ghost Crawler, pay much attention to the Class forums but I'll give it a try anyway. You're changing our feral pvp set bonus, removing our speed increase, to promote the talent Feline Swiftness. I understand half of that logic. The part I do understand is that it will promote the talent Feline Swiftness. The part I do not understand is why you guys would ever think anyone's going to pick that talent over Wild Charge anyway. So pointless nerf be pointless. I'd hate this going live, simply because whenever in between expansions while gearing up again, I feel so very slow; I want to be speedy, not slow :( If you're trying to give us a sneaky nerf, NA-A! Got ya! Instead nerf our CD stacking. Thnx.Kungzharel1 04 Feb 2013
03 Feb 2013 Need help with Feral DPS Hello,My Feral DPS Is poor REALLY Poor, I was wondering how to get my dps up This is My Rotation... Faerie Fire Rake (until the cooldown is off on the PvE) Rip (Same as above) Mangle (Constantly) I Have Mostly Green Gear which is kinda annoying I was wondering how to Get better DPS And How Thanks, Gomorth-StormreaverGomorth8 03 Feb 2013
03 Feb 2013 <Weepi> How to kill Resto Druid as Destruction Warlock Hey guys. I thought about sharing with you guys a special video. I have had a bet with a friend of mine from my RBG team. We had a war game and time limit was 10 min's, the one that wins gets 5K gold. I took this opportunity to explain the fight, and give tips/tactics on how to kill a Resto Druid. You are welcome to check the video out, and hopefully it can help you, eventhough its warlock PoV, you can know by that the tactic of the person that is fighting against you. Enjoy :) www.youtube.com/watch?v=aqYvGtMrn5sMegiart0 03 Feb 2013
03 Feb 2013 Confused with my AP Hi all I have a confusing situation. When I am in resto, with my dps gear on and in cat form (about to respec, no I don't fight like that) my AP is about 600 more than when I have respecced back into Feral. Anyone know why this is? Many ThanksPupil2 03 Feb 2013
02 Feb 2013 Reminder: Moonkins still behind It seems that blizzard forgot about moonkins again so I would like to remind them about the existing of such a class/spec. I will only touch PvP aspect of the class: - Moonkins are still easily disabled by melee classes. We have more or less OK damage but we just cant apply it. Everyone knows that typical scenario for moonkin is MF SF spam with hope on SS proc - thats all! Mass roots is a step in right direction but doesn't solve the problem completely. It is too easy to get rid of roots or just keep damaging the moonkin from them (dk, rpalas, rogues). With our burst nerfed we have even harder time to score a kill now because we are not designed for sustained damage at all. Also the amount of damage some classes produce comparing to their control amount is insane. Lets look at rogues (and Im not talking about OP PTR version): they open with silence, stun, CloS, sprint, vanish - repeat. So the first part of the fight you cant do anything to them due-to control on you, and the second part they are just immune to your damage. Paladins: they move like you in travel form, immune to kiting, can perma slow you, use insta heals and burst like crazy. And the two mentioned above classes considered underpowered on live. - Casters: the amount of afford to play spriest, lock, mage just can't be compared to moonkin. They can easily kite you and when you reach them you will just get fear, ring or tomb and have a good chance to be killed during its diration. It is slightly better on PTR now due-to buffed ward of cenarius heal (spelling?). Now sometimes I even PLAY a game when dueling mages (they still can kill you during their combo but not the first one now). Spriest can go make coffee for them when dueling moonkin. THe amount of interrupts and controls they have is too big (not saying about self healing). I am not saying that those classes are overpowered, it is just moonkin does not have tools to protect itself (or deal damage). Some easy suggestions: - Make barkskin 50% damage reduction for moonkin (most classes have bubbles now which help them to survive cds or burst). OR make simbiosis not requiring to be in party so we could use warlock's shield. - Make roots hold the target entire duration and not depend on damage (we still be selfhealing most of the time). Add 1-2 sec of silence to the roots. - Make some kind of interrupt/silence protection - eg integrate it into owlkin frenzy or barkskin or Natures Vigil. LET US CAST FINALLY. - Make us take less damage during the stun or reduce it's duration (eg barkskin removes stun upon activation). Or give us SS proc after stun. LET US CAST FINALLY. - Fix Vortex with spell reflect. It does not make sense. - Remove requirement to face your target when casting starfire. It is too hard to cast it already and melees can just walk through you now. I'd be very happy if at least one of above points TRIED on PTR.Натт29 02 Feb 2013
02 Feb 2013 Gruuls Lair - HKM fight solo How the heck do I do this? I've so far only made 2 attempts but both times I spend in a constant Deathcoil waiting to die.Jellybean3 02 Feb 2013
02 Feb 2013 Please put a CD on regrowth whilst in tree form yuuuuup.Wolfiee38 02 Feb 2013
02 Feb 2013 Feral PvP Guide What talents to go for, what glyphs, what spells, Im clueless, help me.Khrome1 02 Feb 2013
01 Feb 2013 lvl 15 talent, patch 5.2 as resto pvp With displacer beast being changed, what lvl 15 talent are you guys picking in patch 5.2 and why?Moohshine8 01 Feb 2013
01 Feb 2013 Balance reforges.... So I just picked up the fourth piece needed for my tier 14 set bonus and I went on over to Mr.Robot to check out the gear optimiser and see what changes I should make but I noticed that it says I should reforge the Mastery on my shoulders to Expertise so I'm kinda confused... Will that particular reforge help or is Mr.Robot just acting screwy? And would anyone recommend an alternative to Mr.Robot? To be honest I'm not too familiar with this kind of stuff.Mcannon1 01 Feb 2013
01 Feb 2013 New druid suggest! I suggest you a undead druid! Think about his/her cat and bear form! It would be really cool. And if alliance have to have a druid too it would be human.Drunden16 01 Feb 2013
01 Feb 2013 [Balance-suggest] Have Disorienting Roar not break with sun/moonfire Dots when cast in moonkin formBlackfist3 01 Feb 2013
01 Feb 2013 Disorienting Roar Suggestion.. So i guess Disorienting Roar is something equal to mage's Dragons breath , the difference ( except D.B deals dmg ) is that our Roar , breaks with DoT's ... so wouldnt it be better , and more usefull for Moonkins while pvping , to act like Dragons Breath ? To break with any ''DIRECT'' damage? it makes sense to me as both F.mage and B.druid are using DoT's ..Avendreams6 01 Feb 2013
01 Feb 2013 i'd like to see a little change to symbiosys on shamans Ok personally i find symbiosys being an amazing ability i'm just a little unhappy regarding shamans. as boomkin we get purge ... fine this can be a handy ability in some occasions but there are so many classes that can do this as resto we get spiritwalkers grace which allows us to move while casting. I find this rather stupid since most resto spells are instant anyway. can these spells not be switched around for the 2 speccs?? giving purge to resto and spiritwalker to boomkin.Nichtalf9 01 Feb 2013
01 Feb 2013 Spirit Kings HC as feral. Just come here for some advice from you fellow feral players. My guild is currently progressing on Spirit Kings HC, and there are a few questions I have from a feral perspective in this fight. So, here we go. 1. For Symbosis, what class is it more beneficial to cast it on for this fight? 2. On the first one, when you have to stack in front of boss to all split the damage from Massive Attack, is it viable for us feral just to stand behind the boss? As you know, we loose dps if we're not standing behind, I feel that replacing Shred with Mangle is affecting my DPS. So, is it okay to be the odd one out and stay behind boss? 3. Any suggestions on best tier talent for this boss, or am I using more effective one? At the moment, I'm using NS + DoC. Any pointers to these questions would be great.Cólada5 01 Feb 2013
01 Feb 2013 Moonkin dps rotation Hello can some1 tel me moonkin dps rotation for leveling and dps in raids/dungeons? ThxAmurak1 01 Feb 2013
01 Feb 2013 BIG HUGS Hello fellow druids just spreading the love BIG HUGS to all druids out there x Even the troll ones :)Mandicar7 01 Feb 2013
31 Jan 2013 Healing with Feral in PvP Hello Feral Druids, I have one question. How do you get such great heals? When i heal (when I have Predatory Swiftness), it only heals me for 30k - 40k, sometimes less. When i heal with Nature Swiftness, i heal most of the time 30k - 50k, sometimes 80k. Is their something else that i don't know? Any tips maybe for healing, cause Bearmode heals like a little girl. Thanks (i'm specced in Mastery)Carinto4 31 Jan 2013
31 Jan 2013 Self Healing Hello forum people, I have been playing a brewmaster recently, and really enjoyed the way silly amount of self healing you can get after 56 (chi wave and... those little self healing orbs that pop up when you hit something in melee). I find myself able to pull 8 same level mobs with no problem. My AOE is sufficient to kill them, and my self healing is tremendous. I was just wondering how a Guardian druid fares in this department? I know we have healing spells, but switching to caster to heal always seems dangerous to me. So, apart from our caster form healing spells how is our self healing as a Guardian? (If it makes a difference, my main reason for asking is for running old raid content. If it's easier to do that as moonkin or something, let me know!)Lyctor6 31 Jan 2013