22 Mar 2013 Head and/or Shoulders Hello, I currently have a "Head" and "Shoulders" with the item level 458 and I'm looking for something better. I've been trying the Auction House already for a few days, but I can not find any. The reason why I want to upgrade it, is because I'm on an average of item level 478 and I need 480 for new LFR. I have not enough rep with the Shado-Pan Assault to buy it there, although I have 1560 Justice Points and 1650 Valor points. Does anyone have suggestions on how I can get a "Head" and/or "Shoulders" with an item level that is 476 or higher? Thanks in advance! Edit: hints for Waist (463), Trinket (476) and Finger (463) are also welcome!Vitesse2 22 Mar 2013
21 Mar 2013 Can i transmog 1 handed axe an sword? EDIT: FOUND THE ANSWERJammidodger0 21 Mar 2013
21 Mar 2013 RestoDruids too good, or is my perception deceiving me? Hi! I'm sorry I, a Discipline Priest, is intruding in the Druid Forum Page where I don't belong, but I come in peace and only have some questions for you guys about Resto Druids :) What is your current status about resto druids? In my opinion it seems like they have lots of CC's (if they've chosen to pick those talents), good mana regen, good mobility and strong heals... A weakness they have is when we switch targets in Arena for example since they then have to hot the target we switched to which is time consuming, and to our profit. Dispelling a resto druid's hots is also a counter I believe, since that reduces their healing amount on that target temporarily etc... I don't know which CCs resto druids have, but here are a few I know: -Stun in animal form OR Some kind of fear or disorientate AOE spell -Cyclone *with a non-shared short DR and a low cooldown* -Knockback (which is extremely effective on certain maps in Arena) -Root If me and my teammates manage to get a resto druid low despite his CCs he activates Cat form or Travel form where he removes our snares (or by using displacer beast) and gets away around a corner anyways, where he then heals up gets ready again. Because of this I'm wondering and asking you how a resto druid can be defeated. Maybe you have some useful tips and tricks on how :) Most of you probably know how resto druids are played since you are in this forum page and probably are experienced with druids. How can I as a discipline priest kite away from a druid, since I want to dodge and get away from his CCs. And by the way, in which Arena are resto druids most successful, 2v2 3v3 or 5v5? ... and why? I'm grateful to all of your answers since they will help me improve and become a better player in PVP! :) Thanks guys! <3333Elyvian9 21 Mar 2013
21 Mar 2013 Moonkin in need of some dps help :( Hi all, I have a problem with my Single Target dps & I can't seem to improve it, my aoe seems to be able to reach 100k+ but I can't get my single target above 60k even with all cooldowns. I use Noxxic for reforging and have followed what they say. If any kind soul out there could help me, I would very much appreciate it :) Many Thanks -FocalFocal3 21 Mar 2013
21 Mar 2013 Patch 5.2 Feral's ravage damage is bugged! I was doing some 2s here the other day and I noticed that my damage when I bursted was really low. I spammed ravage which is probably the main rotation for a feral druid when bleeds are up, and my max hit was about 50k. Therefor, I hovered over the ability in the spellbook. Everything seemed normal, but I still couldn't figure out why my dmg was !@#$. After struggling with this, I noticed that my ravage on the bar was named "Ravage!". Ravage! Melee Range Instant Requires Cat Form Ravage the target, causing 1% damage plus 741 to the target and reducing the target's movement speed by 50% for 12 sec. Awards 950 combo points. Ravage has a 50% increased chance to critically strike targets with over 80% health. Anyone else noticed this? The ability doesnt really grant you 950 combo points, but the damage is for sure kind of bugged imo. Would nice to confirm if it's a bug or not :p PS: Im also fully geared, search me: Elgenhans - Burning SteppesCrayden7 21 Mar 2013
21 Mar 2013 combo points I have a dumb question: where can i see my combo points as restortion druid?Hotandrun3 21 Mar 2013
20 Mar 2013 The Stormcrow Call to Arms! (or; Nostalgic Elf Ranting) My druid brethren, For too long we have been silent. For too long we have suffered this injustice. For too long we have been mocked. The time has come to end this. The time has come to bring about change. In this new era, bringing forth change in abundance, we must fight for the one change that would matter. We must fight, for the glyph of the Stormcrow! Seriously though, why not? With the design implemented in Cata of mount-for-looks-and-not-for-speed, I've always found myself baffled that this was not introduced to start with. As paladins could ride their silver steeds anew, and warlocks could go back to their simple - albeit hellish - horse; us druids were still restricted to one single Flight form (per race, granted). It would not be a difficult change, not gamebreaking in any way - yet for some of us it would elevate the gaming experience in a way that only a minor cosmetic and situational change could! This druid was my second character to acquire flying mounts, and when it was still ridiculously expensive (thank you Blizz for the change) I simply did not bother with upgrading the simple Stormcrow form. I loved it, it was simple and druidic in a way that I appreciated. When time then came to upgrade my Flight form to the Swift version, I was aghast to find that my beloved Stormcrow was no longer available to me, in its place I found an - while nice model - flamboyant, fancy and all around polished form that I felt was not at all fitting to the druidic theme of simplicity. The question is not "Why?" but "Why not?" It's an easy change that I for one - and I believe many others - would greatly appreciate, and to be fair, it's an option already given to all other classes. I love flight form, I'm using it in its current implementation, and will continue to do so for the remainder of my druidic carreer. Nevertheless, it would be nice if I could once again do so in the shape of the road-kill-esque and rugged carrion bird that I believe many of us once came to love. Thank you for your time.Askleipos10 20 Mar 2013
20 Mar 2013 Blood elf druids GiveSttorrm46 20 Mar 2013
20 Mar 2013 Symbiosis for guardian druids I think it's a bit lacking for pvp (rbg), hunter's frost trap is good, there are a few damage reduction skills too, but as far as I can recall the rest is mostly useless. Anyone feels the same?Xavarius0 20 Mar 2013
20 Mar 2013 Resto druid questions I just recently got back from rather long break, and so I am wondering what the resto druid stats to focus are these days? I have currently been mostly focusing on haste and spirit, which were the good stats in cata, but wondering if thats still the things you should focus on or has something changed in that? Otherwise too feel free to take a look at my armory and let me know if there is anything terribly wrong in the reforging/glyphs/etc. Oh and just to clarify, I am talking about PvE, I don't really do pvp. Currently done just easy heroics, but hopefully will be starting 10 man raiding soon.Namari1 20 Mar 2013
19 Mar 2013 8 seconds school silence for Skull Bash? are you nuts? I read it on wowhead that it prevents any spell in that school for 4 seconds. Just now I went against a Feral Druid holy pala in 2vs2, EVERY single time he skull bashed me I was silenced for 8 seconds, it has a 15 seconds CD and it can be used from distance (charge). Does it make sense?.. are you kidding me? I couldn't survive unless my HP trinket wasn't on CD, I even can't use bubble cause im school silenced. Fake casts aren't a problem, but I have two people to fake cast + his damage is freaking high, hence I have no time casting 2,3,4 times Flash of light just to make both of them use their interrupts.Hàshtagswag3 19 Mar 2013
19 Mar 2013 Resto Glyph question Just a quick question to my fellow Healers, and Druids in particular - is the Wild Growth glyph still recommended in a 10 man setting? Maloorn.Maloorn0 19 Mar 2013
19 Mar 2013 How do you like this Glyph idea? Rework Glyph of Chameleon... You copy the look of a cat, bear and xy (for travel form) for 1 hour. Effect persist thrue death. So basicly you walk near an animal, use the spell on it and copy its look for an hour. This new look could be used anywhere (arena, bg) and wouldnt be canceled if you die.Bóyka3 19 Mar 2013
19 Mar 2013 Feedback 5.2 symbiosis Feral > shaman As title says, Symbiosis Druid will get the attack: Feral spirit Feral spirit's dmg is a joke. 150 hits? why? I though u had the next 5.2 goals? We wanted to: Make some unattractive talents more compelling. Slightly reduce Feral’s effectiveness in PvP. Improve Restoration slightly in PvP and PvE. Give a bump to non-Restoration Druid healing in PvP.Razorleaf9 19 Mar 2013
19 Mar 2013 talents in pvp Hey guys, the reason of this thread is to ask your oppinion about some talents I am doing PVP and im feral. After the changes they made i was wondering which talents is better. Incarnation vs soul of the forest vs force of nature. I think incarnation is the best among those 3, but have anyone tried the rest? Heart of the wild vs dream of cenarius vs natures vigil. After the nerf on natures vigil. Is it better to use dream of cenarius for the extra dmg on the 2 hits and some extra healing? or maybe heart of the wild for some situational heals + survivability? What do you think guys?Serenyca5 19 Mar 2013
19 Mar 2013 PvE Feral weapon enchant alternative? Hello, I've got a question about feral weapon echants When looking around for weapon enchants, the only 2 enchants that are ever talked about are Dancing Steel for the rich, Windsong for the poor amongst us. What I have been curious about and I can't find any information on it, is living steel weapon chains +200 expertise. The way I read it is that it's a permanent 200 expertise enchant, not a proc. Seeing that currently expertise/hit is our most important stat after agility I suppose this could be rather powerfull, Has anyone ever ran simulations on this weapon enchant? I don't think it will be better then Dancing steel but it could be an alternative to Windsong. I could also be horribly wrong offcourse but still, I would like to know more about this enchant. Thanks in advanceShinnok3 19 Mar 2013
19 Mar 2013 Cat in PvE: the solution With the first first three encounter of the ToT being even more worse than the previous ones (multitargets, positioning in front of the boss) and no one seeming to play a cat in PvE anymore, we need some changes: - place Combo Points on ourselves, not on the target - don't make the horribly DoC rotation the only one viable for max damage - we are he only class (maxbe rogues, not sure) that need to be behind a target to use their main attack. Get rid of that, it's already penalized by the higher amount of expertise you need Thanks.Yakk2 19 Mar 2013
19 Mar 2013 Level 90 talents severely lacklustre? As a Resto Druid, am I in the minority thinking the level 90 talents are pretty terrible? Some have straight up odd mechanics, and the 2 real choices boil down to either 6% intellect or a 10% healing buff. Keen to hear your thoughts. Maloorn.Maloorn7 19 Mar 2013
18 Mar 2013 2v2 as boomkin pls help Hi all, just started 2v2 as boomkin and i suck..i know that you can say that boomkins arent great in 2v2 . But i just want to improve and i need some tips. First i choose cenarion ward,mass entanglement and heart of wild as new talents.. cenarion ward for extra healing , mass entaglement for root melees and heart of wild to survive against melees. Cause in my battleground all you see in 2v2 is melees ans especially rogues now. Have i done the right choice? What i boomkin should do in arena 2v2? i play allways with another dps and because i do random arena (meant LF 2v2 cap request in trade chanel) , i cant accomplish to have 1 standard partner that we can use skype and learn to have synergy together. Also what macros you ppl use for changing forms? thanksPanagar8 18 Mar 2013
18 Mar 2013 Resto Weak Aura Imports? Hey guys has anyone got any working weak auras imports they can add to this thread please. I'm Having a bit of trouble with them. Would like the icons for harmony life bloom iron bark swift mend ect. I have found a import string on the web but after i load it up it doesn't seem to work. So here is hoping for some helpful resto :) Timers on the icons would also be excellent!Skumie2 18 Mar 2013
18 Mar 2013 Boomkin dps Help Hello, I'm really having trouble dealing damage with my boomkin and I don't know what I am doing wrong. I have 493 iLvl and deal a constant dps of 60k (dummy) which is very bad imo. I've read a few guides and I still can't find a way to maximize my dps. I use the following mods : ClassTimer (In order to track Sunfire/Moonfire) MageNuggets (A big notification in the middle of the screen telling you to cast something is pretty helpful) SpellFlash (as if MageNuggets wasn't enough) These are the most significant addons that I use. I have two macros regarding cooldowns : 1st : Incarnation, Nature's Vigil, Troll Racial, Dominance trinket, Herbalism Perk 2nd : Celestial alignment and Engineering tinker(because it shares cooldown with dominance trinket) Preparing for the fight: Before the start of the fight I use Astral communication to go to prelunar eclipse (within one starsurge of lunar eclipse) I get my flask up, use symbiosis on a mage, prepot and so on. Rotation : I cast starfall, and after that immediately cast starsurge. Lunar eclipse starts. I use my first macro (see above), use mirror immages from mage and dot the target. I spam Starfire and cast Starsurge if it comes off cooldown. When previous Starfall ends, I cast the new one. Lunar eclipse ends. At this point I use my second macro and go into celestial allignment with a bit of dmg boost from the Engineering tinker(also note that I am still in incarnation form). I refresh my dots so they benefit from double eclipse, recast Starfall when needed, cast Starsurge on cd and spam Starfire like crazy. Celestial allignment ends. After this i get to solar eclipse. I refresh Sunfire (so that it can get bonus from eclipse) and moonfire (if needed). Spam wrath -> Lunar eclipse -> Refresh Moonfire -> Starfall -> Starfire and the cycle continues. That being said I really don't know what I'm missing. With the addons I have fights are more like QTEs, but even following that at an instant doesn't help me out that much. Other people in my guild think that I have never read a guide and that I don't know my class... but I'm the only boomkin in the guild and I don't have who to ask for advice or who to compare to. If you can, please help! Thanks in advance!Riordian15 18 Mar 2013
18 Mar 2013 Guardian Tanking Aggro Hey guys Just wondered if any other Druid tanks out there are having issues with swapping aggro. I play in my team with a Pala tank and after i taunt the aggro regularly goes back to him....once i have it for a while there's no problems but it's the first 5-10 seconds where it seems to be a problem. is this a common problem or am i just doing something wrong?Terratusk8 18 Mar 2013
18 Mar 2013 Resto Druid Mushroom Bloom Advice Hello i have seen few changes in past months in Resto druid to be honest i am agree with blizz wht they do but on mushroom changes i have few advices if they think it will be worthy to do some of these changes as currently Mushroom works that when u put it down it will take Overhealing of Reju by some percentage and grow in size what i think if you will do like the overhealing will go directly to mushroom either u put it down or not it will take the overhealing from the reju it will help us on placing mushroom more easily and frequently My english is not that good if some one get the idea what i am trying to explain there, Please support this post if you think the idea is good enoughDevildjz8 18 Mar 2013
17 Mar 2013 [Guardian] LFR trinket drops & the death of tank stats I was wondering whether DPS-style trinkets such as bottle of infinite stars and Terror in the Mists drop for guardian specced droods in LFR. I'm worried that Blizzard's recent mania of cutting complexity right back to make sure all classes and specs fit into a small number of perfectly definied pigeon holes (which they then immediately broke with their 'Active mitigation' tank design), that in queueing as a tank, you'll only get considered for traditional 'tank-style' trinkets in loot rolls. I know bears have always used dps-style gear, but neck and trinket choices (as well as gemming and enchanting, I suppose) used to separate feral cats from feral bears. The more I play MoP, the more I think that any gearchoice not directly aimed at rage generation is inferior; at least at the lower gear ilvls. We can argue about the relative pros and cons about all out RPS vs. fuddy duddy stamina/dodge stackers, but for now lets just say I like the former approach and would like some nice dps-y trinkets.Vitlstatistx3 17 Mar 2013
16 Mar 2013 Viable high rated comp for moonkin, When S13 arrived LSD2 dosent work for me and my shaman anymore, any new suggestions to what we can play?Anuralol0 16 Mar 2013
16 Mar 2013 glad viable 3v3 comp for boomkins @ PATCH 5.2 Anyone got ideas?Anuralol12 16 Mar 2013
16 Mar 2013 Priest mind control = works on shapeshift forms now? Just got heavily mind controlled in arena, despite being in travel and cat form. Has this now changed with MOP?Chromeo4 16 Mar 2013
16 Mar 2013 Rate the druid transmorgrification set above you - v.2 The other one was full, so i started a new one. simply, just rate the druid set above you, from 1-10.Pentaros500 16 Mar 2013
16 Mar 2013 Choosing role I have problem. I can't choose what role to play. So far I have played MoP as tank. From TBC-Cata I played as resto. I love both. I like tanking but I also love healing. Now you think that there is dual talents, but other is reserved for PvP feral. It really is must have. So basicly I want to know is there any way to do PvP feral, PvE tank and healing all at same time? I dont want to go respec every time and pay gold if I want to go do some bg. If I have to choose which would be better option? Being resto or guardian on PvE? And why?Brunswick5 16 Mar 2013
16 Mar 2013 Boomkin PvP Hey ! My main is a resto druid, but with all the world PvP going on it'd be nice if I could at least fend for myself a bit. I've currently taken balance as my off spec since I don't really have to carry around 2 sets that way. The dps isn't great, but it's okay. I was thinking of gearing my druid in PvP balance gear so my dps would improve ( over the resto gear ) and I'd have more survivability. But my real question is ... Is PvP as balance really viable ( not doing arena's )? If I go in a BG at the moment I feel like I can barely get a cast off. I can cast wrath & starsurge but never starfall. + when I'm casting I feel like I'm gonna be interrupted so easy because the spells cast times are so high.Summerflash6 16 Mar 2013
15 Mar 2013 Frostjaw. I don't know if its well known, but I discovered yesterday you can shapeshift out of frostjaw :D Apologies if this is common knowledge, only started PvPing on druid this past week or so.Méowmeow3 15 Mar 2013
15 Mar 2013 Feral or Guardian for PvP levelling? So, it has finally come to the point where I've done all quests so many times that the mere thought of doing them again makes me wanna cancel my subscription. Solution? Level through battlegrounds only! :D Now, this is not as hardcore as it sounds but I'm gonna do my levelling mainly through PvP with some Heirlooms but since I'm totally new to druids I'm not sure which spec to use. I've narrowed it down to either Feral or Guardian. Which do you think would be the better choice?Krematorius2 15 Mar 2013
15 Mar 2013 So what am i supossed to do in PVP as ballance? I have no CC the only defence i have is barkskin (lol) travel form is pointless when its got a slow on once a dps class is on me i cant get them off,i have typhoon which knocks them back a few steps and thats it,i have no stuns,my damaging spells have a crazy cast time on them 3 secs+ so basically i have moonspam,insect swarm,wrath and thats it. rest of my skills have crazy CD on them,and to top if off i have to spam starfire to rack up the eclipse proc and then i have to sit there and spam a 2.5s+ skill and you all know it pretty imposs to just sit there and spam a kill what takes so long to cast in pvp and not draw attention.. Oh and casters? foget about it ,they all have stuns,silences,fears and what do ballance get? i crappy silence beam?. 1 silence and im dead before it runs out on me,same with a stun... So how do other moonkins cope? if i was a bad player,yeah so be it. but it just seems i havent got the tools to use...Attitude36 15 Mar 2013
15 Mar 2013 Symbiosis bugged? I still have my buff from symbiosis from a previous BG, so is smbiosis bugged cos I didn't notice anything in patch notes?Mulgnoom10 15 Mar 2013
15 Mar 2013 HoTW vs NV 5.2 PvP. Haven't seen much on this since the new patch, how's everyone finding these talents?Gzorbditw7 15 Mar 2013
14 Mar 2013 Glyph of the ancients! for treants! instead of 3 small mobs, have 1 big one. its abilities and auto attacks, and stats, should equal the treants abilities combined, and it's defensive capabilities and armor should be set to balance in with everything else (PVE and PVP) however it should be as equivalently powerful as other class mobs. e.g. a shaman's fire elemental (not permanent one), Dk's gargoyle (sort of)(should have 1 or 2 abilities instead of just an auto attack), Warlock's infernal/doomguard (no initial stun like the infernal) paladin's guardian of light thingy (i don't know it well enough for details) ALTHOUGH!!! it should not be like a mage's water elemental, a warlock's base pets, or a hunter's pet as they are permanent, have many abilities, and are powerful, but in a different way to the examples above and as for models, well, ancients. except it should be different depending on the druid's specialization. Restoration & Balance: Ancient of lore Feral & Guardian: Ancient of war The models should not be as big as the actual ancients themselves. They should also probably be half of a Darnassian ancient's size or the size of a warlock's infernal. ('cause you're not gonna spawn a mob the size of Deathwing are ya) The main reasons why i think there should be a glyph for treants is because ancients are much more warlike and the treants we currently have, are cool yes, but they are much less frightening than an ancient, possibly making the talent more interesting, and won't be seen by some as cute. I hope blizzard will read this and i hope i have covered everything (models, stats, abilities etc). If you have anything to add, or have spotted something i have missed, please say, and i would really like to know other peoples opinions on this because this is very much something i would like to have in-game. 1 last thing... i think this should be a minor glyph, as you're just swapping 3 small mobs for 1 big one, but if you think differently, please say! thankyou for reading this :)Midgetmasher1 14 Mar 2013
14 Mar 2013 Fix Boomkins in PVP just a few suggestions... We have way too high cast times. 2.5 second cast for starfire is too much considering it hits as much as a warriors instant ability damage. Even if i have natures grace up which increases my haste by 15%, i feel like my casts are too slow. In wotlk we used to be able to actually freecast our nukes in pvp since wrath had a 1.3 second cast time or so when we stacked haste and even less with natures grace which procced from crits. Astral communion should not be interuptable and should not be affected from effects that makes it slower to cast. Make mass entanglement and typhoon 25 second cooldown spells, not 30. And an idea i got randomly now that i havent thought a lot about (so not sure if this would be stupid or not) but id really like feline swiftness to be usefull for boomkins. Make boomkins immune/less affected by slow effects or increase movement speed by much more in boomkin form. We NEED more survival. Did i forget anything?Thyrazz26 14 Mar 2013
14 Mar 2013 Transmog question Quick question - anyone aware of any kilt that matches Druid tier 4? The set is lovely, but looking for a kilt for it. Thanks!Maloorn3 14 Mar 2013
13 Mar 2013 [Suggestion] Glyph of Fae Silence Hi everyone, As growl is being changed not to activate Bear Form off the global cooldown anymore, in patch 5.2, I was wondering if there is a chance, or idea how to change the glyph and the associated silence effect for druid pvp. Now, that ferals will have a little bit less control, less clone spamming in pvp environments, maybe it would be a good thing, to utilize this major glyph, in the feral arsenal. Right now, it is pretty good, have been using it for a month or so, with growl. As it activates Bear Form, it has a -i guess- desired downtime, when you will have to change form back Cat Form, and I would like to keep this chance in the future as well. I admit growl-bear form is a great way to get into bear form or to even cast some melee abilities instantly (i even use it for thrash in a macro). Of course, there should be a cooldown on it, but what about: - if hit with feral charge bear, target is silenced for 3 seconds along with the 4 second root effect -or, fae silence will activate bear form, but will trigger a 20 seconds cooldown on FF What do you think?Starmistqt5 13 Mar 2013
13 Mar 2013 Cute Kitty ( 。>‿‿◕。) Has anyone here noticed how cute druids look whenever they walk in prowl form? omg.Snööpdög4 13 Mar 2013
13 Mar 2013 When i use ancestral communion... I expect to not get it reset when the arena starts...Glandallin2 13 Mar 2013
13 Mar 2013 Ring of Peace, bug. I was unable to cast Symbiosis Intimidating Roar while in Ring of Peace. I hadn't not cast any offensive spell while in it (Or during the entire game for that matter).Krisora0 13 Mar 2013
13 Mar 2013 Need Help with Moonkin DPS Hello, I rerolled to moonkin early 5.1 and I feel like my dps is no where near what I could pull on my enhancement shaman. I've read lots of guides reforged and gemmed/enchanted as well as I can but My dps feels so low compared to everyone else in the raid who are in similar quality gear. In ToT the first boss ins't too bad I can keep up and even end up 2nd or 3rd on recount but Horridon... I just don't know how to keep my dps up on all those adds, most of which die before I can get a few spells off. I also have to stop and move and interrupt half my casts because there's a charge or a poison puddle or whatever. Thankfully I have a great raid group who don't replace people just because it seems their class sucks at a fight but I can't help but feel I'm holding them back. So what I'm asking is if anyone has any tips on how to dps effectively on high movement fights as a Balance Druid. Also, I know Incarnation is the go to talent but I just don't like it and I prefer the feel of a faster rotation Soul of the Forest gives you.Viron2 13 Mar 2013
13 Mar 2013 Balance Druid Concerns PvP Im overly concerned about not seeing any major buff's for us Owlkins for 5.2 (PvP) im nowhere near geared, glad range or anything but i feel rather useless compared to the rest of the wow community, imo the only place we can shine is when we're rolling RBG/BG's. at the moment we rely on dotting multiple targets up and wait for RNG starsurge procs, in an arena envoirement we're never able to hardcast, so that leaves us with the dots only. and im pretty much getting sat on whole games while Tab-Dotting hoping for some high starsurge crits. How Can Blizzard not see they have to increase our substained damage? or atleast make some adjustments so we can get some cast's off? i dont feel like im contributing with anything to my teammates beside when our stupidly overpowered oneshot macro's are rolling. What do you guys think? (english is not my native language so sorry about that, and sorry for the wall of whine :-)Clima6 13 Mar 2013
13 Mar 2013 I am back once again! Hello everyone. I just bought MoP today and some subscription as well. Well now I started again want to play this game after one year break. I just have problem. Which one will be my main in MoP? Shaman or Druid. Well first of all I am sure I will be leveling both and playing both. But I have always had "stronger" character. In WotLK it was this druid but in Cata it was my great shaman. I don't have too much to play and that's why I actually can't have two "main" characters. So what do I want? First of all I love healing. It is my passion. I tried Guild Wars 2 and quit just for reason that there is no healer class. I have lot of experience of healing with both classes. I know things have changed in MoP but I will get back fast. I love mobility. Well I know this lead to druid cos he is just awesome in this. Fly form, travel form (I was kinda shocked about that moose) cat form and sprint, aquatic form.. it is awesome really. And what comes to healing, instant HoTs are kinda great. But in healing Shaman has Spiritwalker and it makes him kinda mobile too. And I want to heal in both PvP and PvE. I also want a good dps. This again is for PvP and PvE. Well I wont do so much arena. I like more BGs. I might do some 2v2 or 3v3 with my bro and friend but it is not so important. I have noticed that shaman and druid has been kinda same. Healing is good and dps has been nice and I have done nice in PvP as well. Actually what entertains me the most is fun. All those cool abilities like water walking, fly form, ghost wolf etc. So which is more fun is also important. And now cos both are 85 I'd like to know which is a) easier b) faster to level up to 90? My text might be kinda messy but I hope you can give thoughts and feelings bout these two classes. I don't wanna hear only "DRUID FTW" but facts and experience which one might suit me best. I make my own decision by hearing other people feelings and thoughts bout their characters. I also do lot of reading on internet :) Thanks for asnwers :)Brunswick5 13 Mar 2013
13 Mar 2013 Let symbiosis be casted without partying people Yeah simply when I cast a random guy outside the walls of orgrimmar he/she gets a message saying something similar to when I cast res on some1 asking do you accept symbiosis. really compared to other class's new spells ours are completely useless when in open world without a partner. you made the ferals completely useless and nerfed everything but gave us %15 rip buff (thank God). that was all. Not a while ago me and a fully geared dude tried to kill a holy pala and we failed so we gave up and let him cap all the towers in AV. Please think about it don't we deserve some buff :)Lumeinimene1 13 Mar 2013
13 Mar 2013 Kittycleave tactics vs God Comp! (2500 mmr, Feral pov) Hello, I've been playing kittycleave at 2500+ mmr in season 12, and I'm starting this new series on youtube where I explain all the tactics we used versus certain comps to get 2500, starting off with god comp, because our tactics are not that straightforward and quite unusual actually. If you want to see the video, click the link below. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8Fufpd72Ow Ps: I also upload a lot of guides for people that want to get higher ratings, showing examples of the tip/trick in 2500 rated matches! In one of the video I show a trick to get an easy hibernate on a resto druid, and basically I show that you can root the druid, spam ns hibernate and he'll usually be hibernated since he almost always shapeshifts the root instantly. Tips like these where lower rated people don't think about can be really helpful on their journey to high rating. On top of that I also do some in real life editing but you'll find that out when you visit my channel:) Please don't see this message as a spam, I make those videos to help people out, and because I enjoy making them. I don't do it for the few euro a month which I might not even get, depending on how many viewers I have :PPriscus7 13 Mar 2013
13 Mar 2013 Any way to Tank and DPS? Hey there! I have Guardian and Feral as my two specs, and I need help with something. I am currently stacking crit due to extra rage regen, but I'm finding that if I switch to Feral, my Energy Regen is so minute and I feel useless in a PVE environment. Is there any way to use the same set of gear for both tanking and DPS? Thanks :)Askuth1 13 Mar 2013
12 Mar 2013 Combind Mangle and Healing touch? I am trying to do a macro that combind Mangle and Healing touch so when predatore swiftness is active you can just spam mangle and get the instant Healing touch it self, but its not working when i'm writing: /cast Mangle /cast Healing tough. Would really appreciate if someone could answer me how to combind the 2 spells.Rayshare13 12 Mar 2013
12 Mar 2013 Bear form for more dps?? I just had an idea. Since while doing dps in cat form, half the time is spent waiting for energy, would going bear form while at low energy to use 1-2 abilities be a viable method to gain some dps? I did a quick test on dummies, and both single target and aoe dps seem to go up by a rather significant amount (about 5-10% on single target and up to 20% on aoe) when I shift to bear form on low energy to get in a bear form thrash and/or lacerate and/or mangle. Has anyone tried it under realistic conditions (in raids for example)?Sindust7 12 Mar 2013