18 Jun 2013 Eye for an Eye (druid root shifts) first, this isn't anything to do with QQ, merely a suggestion that I want to share with druids :) I think the root shift is a bit strong against casters who are easily trained, what could be added is an internal CD for the root shift (similair to the stun thing mistweavers have) but make it say 6 seconds between root shifts IN RETURN blizzard please give druids something to break fears other than a pvp trinket, as they're probably the best form of CC a caster can have. what are your thoughts? would you want this to be added or am I being ridiculous?Lazu9 18 Jun 2013
17 Jun 2013 Ysera's Gift - What is this? I heard something about a talent called Ysera's Gift, and what I found looked amazing: Ysera's Gift (New) Every 5 sec, heals you for 5% of your maximum health. If you are at full health, the most injured nearby ally will be healed instead. Druid - LvL 30 Talent. 100 yd range. My question is: Is this a passive talent? It would be 1% per second! While I'm perfectly aware Warriors heal three times that much when they get below the 35% health, and that rogues heal for 4% every 3 seconds (a slight upgrade, but this requires to expend combopoints!) it still sounds awesome. Otherwise, if it is an ability that requires activation, it suddenly plummets to near useless compared to a 30% instant heal.Constatin3 17 Jun 2013
17 Jun 2013 5.4 Feral: Dream of the Brainless So this will be the new Dream of Cenarius in 5.4: Increases the amount healed by Healing Touch by 20%. Casting Healing Touch causes the Druid's next Rip to deal 15% increased damage. Are you !@#$ing kiddin' me? So you wanna make the only talent that requires skill to be used to become a brainless thing? What's the utility of this?! Now the things are kinda fair: you've got the skill >> Dream of Cenarius you've got the opposable thumb >> nature's vigil or Hearth of the wild Dream of Cenarius is plenty of utility if you know to play the class. Saying that "Dream of Cenarius has been completely redesigned to reduce complexity and increase usability, but maintain the spirit of the effects" is just another way to say: WE DO NOT WANT ANY SKILL TO BE INVOLVED WHILE PLAYING THIS GAME. There are things that could be improved into the feral gameplay, for example the fact that swipe doesn't build 2 combo points while critted nor extend the length of rip. This cause many troubles in aoe scenarios but who cares?! Lets change the only thing that is working! Keep the "great" job. Shame on you.Liceo6 17 Jun 2013
17 Jun 2013 5.3 Balance Druid Arena http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Rg51gH42Nw This is the final product of 10 hours of tears and sweat, go and watch if you are interested in Boomkin arena! Some constructive criticism is gladly accepted and ideas on how to improve! Thanks for watching <3 -RaincallerRaincaller3 17 Jun 2013
17 Jun 2013 Movment abilities while casting as balance Was wondering, is there any plans to add any kind of spell that gonna help us cast moving?? Most range classes (Lock, mages, shamans, hunter) can keep up their rotation for a short time while moving, however, balance can't for some reason -_-. the main issue with it is the fact if you run out of NG in the start of ur ecplise due to movment (Durumu, Animus hc etc etc), your doomed, the amount of dps you loose in enormous.Tifanis6 17 Jun 2013
17 Jun 2013 Ferals. this isnt a QQ thread at all. Its your turn to be fotm lol :>. What makes a feral druid frost locking me out for 8secs? Im playing frost mage (ye ye) and I kept getting frost locked for 8secs... 8seconds? I cant do anything when I cant do any frost spells.. So my question is. What is it? Pve set bonus?Curonx2 17 Jun 2013
17 Jun 2013 Boomkin trinket for pvp Hello mates, I was wondering, since I saw some people with pve trinkets (instead of the burst one), If the burst one still is the best option??? thanks for answering :)Rakita2 17 Jun 2013
16 Jun 2013 random high bleed crits? can someone please explain to me how I can get random bleed crits hitting for 72k in arena? http://i.imgur.com/sGE3LK8.pngAaliýah14 16 Jun 2013
16 Jun 2013 Boomkin Add-on Hello, Does anyone know of an add-on for Balance Druids that tracks the strength of your DoTs? I downloaded AffDots- Balance Druid and it says the add-on doesn't support my specialization. Does anyone know of an add-on that does the same job that actually works? Thanks in advance.Caderra1 16 Jun 2013
16 Jun 2013 Moonkin DEEPS! Hey, just really started playing my Moonkin again and would like some help with DPS. I have the 'rotation' down I think, and I would like to know what kind of numbers I should be achieving: 1) On the dummy 2) In raids ThanksBullsdeep1 16 Jun 2013
16 Jun 2013 boomkin pvp gems ? what should i gem if i want to survive longer in arena. resilience or intellect for bigger heals ?Exóz1 16 Jun 2013
15 Jun 2013 Feral or Rogue. Hi there, Was just hoping for your opinions between Feral and Rogue. I've played caster (Lock) and Melee (DK) and am looking for a different style of play, something with a bit of stealth. I was hoping someone would be able to point out the main differences, and the pro's and con's of each class. Thanks in advanced, MaraxisMaraxis13 15 Jun 2013
14 Jun 2013 Blossoming ancient pet - treeform? LOVE the new blossoming ancient pet, PLEASE Blizzard make this the druid treeform!!!! :)Yrana2 14 Jun 2013
14 Jun 2013 Flame Cat Hello My druid is soon level 90 and I wonder How do I get the burning catform?Culia3 14 Jun 2013
14 Jun 2013 PvE Resto Druid 5.4 Changes Firstly, to outline what has changed and what this means for us is a good start; Innervate now causes the target to gain mana equal to 50% of the casting Druid’s Spirit every second for 10 seconds. Causes innervate to scale with gear upgrades, so much that I run with about 14k spirit, giving a return of 70k mana for its duration, compared to the current 60k. A nerf for lower geared druids however. Wild Mushroom's Restoration version of the ability now summons a single mushroom at the friendly target’s location. If the mushroom is recast, the mushroom moves to the new location and retains its accumulated bonus healing. A single mushroom now heals for as much as what 3 mushrooms combined healed for previously. What the community asked for! The clunky aspect of the spell has gone, but with a nerf to the mushrooms total healing done. Allows use to quickly apply a mushroom and burst it when we need to, wherever the location. Wild Mushroom: Bloom is no longer capable of critical strikes, and accumulates overhealing done by Rejuvenation by 100%, down from 150%. Overhealing bonus no longer benefits from Naturalist or Mastery: Harmony. Quite a huge nerf to how much healing the mushrooms are capable of and I probably think we're going to see the numbers halved, roughly. My mushrooms were critting for 1million each on a single target so.. Dream of Cenarius; Restoration: Causes Wrath to deal 20% more damage and heals a nearby friendly target for 100% of the damage done. Atonement Druid. Lol. It will work like atonement, but as a lesser version. We do not have Penance and Holy Fire type spells in the rotation and the cast time of Wrath is much larger than Smite. Wrath will be hitting about 60-70k non-crit with the 20% damage increase and of course we won't be applying Divine Aegis and all that nonsense. But it's something, and I do very much like this idea. It may mean we don't need Nourish (as a filler) anymore depending on how expensive this version of healing is going to be. This is a talent though and we lose our capabilities with Heart of the Wild and Nature's Vigil. Wrath has its mana cost increased by 50%. Makes DoC Healing (Atonement) a burden to the mana like it should be. Heart of the Wild when activated, now also provides a 25% bonus to healing for Restoration Druids. May prove a very useful talent, if there is 45 seconds of absolutely ridiculous burst for the whole encounter (Ra-Den anyone?). Combined with tree-form, intellect potion and other bonuses, this is gonna make you a healing machine for the duration. So Heart of the Wild can be used as a DPS or Healing cooldown. Nature's Swiftness is no longer a talent, and is now an ability learned by Restoration Druids at level 30. A blow to other druid specs, but makes space for a new talent explained below, alternatively giving us the ability to go with Cenarion's Ward. Ysera's Gift, a new talent healing the Druid for 5% of their maximum health every 5 seconds. If the Druid is at full health, it will heal the most injured friendly target nearby instead. This talent fills the spot vacated by Nature's Swiftness. Boring talent healing roughly 30k health per 5 seconds (600k Health Pool), 6k Passive HPS compared to the capabilities of Cenarion's Ward. Debatable. Nature’s Vigil when activated, causes healing spells now trigger an additional heal on a nearby ally for 25% of the amount healed. This is in addition to the existing effect where it damages a nearby enemy target for 25% of the healing done. Buff to Nature's Vigil bonus healing. Really doesn't seem like a strong choice compared to Heart of the Wild giving static Intellect and Stamina aswell as 25% healing boost for 45 seconds or DoC giving atonement healing. Soul of the Forest; Restoration: Now causes the Druid to gain 100% haste (up from 75%) on their next spell after casting Swiftmend. Another buff to Soul of the Forest making it even more desirable than it already is. Accelerated rejuvenations (Genesis: See below*) aswell as a 100% hasted Wild Growth is going to be something ridiculous. Tree Form is losing its value as the expansion goes on. The only really benefit I see with it, is that it allows you replace Rejuvenation with Lifebloom for the duration, aswell as giving Wild Growth to 2 more targets. A mana cooldown if anything. Treants is even surpassing it in some fights now, where mana is not at all a problem. I can see Soul of the Forest be the number one choice for most unless the others benefit significantly from encounter mechanics. New Glyph: Glyph of Efflorescence increases the healing done by Swiftmend by 20%, causes the Efflorescence healing effect to be triggered by Wild Mushroom instead of Swiftmend, and lasts as long as the Wild Mushroom is active. I read this as a constant Efflorescence without a duration as long as the mushroom stands as well as a nice bonus to Swiftmend. To me this seems OVERPOWERED and a must have glyph for stacking fights (10 man specific) next patch. Increasing the uptime of Efflorescence from 50% to 100% is immense especially in that we'll be running with 2 set T15 for quite a while. (Increases targets affected from 3 to 4) Genesis is a new Restoration spell learned at level 88. Genesis targets all party or raid members within 60 yards and accelerates the casting Druid's Rejuvenation effects, causing them to heal and expire at 400% of the normal rate. Costs the same amount of mana to cast as Rejuvenation. What is the cooldown of this ability going to be? The effects of the spell are just so good, solving our issue of not being able to burst heal up AOE damage. That seems well and truly covered now with this, Mushrooms and hasted Wild Growth. My rejuvenations can tick up to 80k without the addition of Tree Form or bonus healing from Nature's Vigil.. And then we make those rejuvenation tick every 0.5 seconds? Yes please. The cooldown is the only determining factor in this blessed addition.Loganess3 14 Jun 2013
14 Jun 2013 5.4 Please DONT change Dream of Cenarius Feral is fine as it is and with this talent also very entertaining. Dont nerf a really good talent to the ground just because few seem to care learning its proper playstyle. Dream is not too hard to use, people nowadays just dont care to really understand mechanics anymore. Please dont change Dream of Cenarius, instead you can do something to Natures Vigil, which is currently totally useless. Make this talent a proper alternative for MOTW users and let Dream be "my dream" talent! I hope I'm not the only one! I dont QQ about the changes made for other druid specs, but please let the feral portion as it is now!Rakes5 14 Jun 2013
13 Jun 2013 Feral or Enhancement? For pve and some heroic bosses really interested in a class with many buttons to press and must be fun.Lemarr2 13 Jun 2013
13 Jun 2013 Heart of the wild, why is it in game? I just played an arena as unholy dk/resto druid, facing a affliction lock and a balance druid. When the lock had 60k hp, the boomie poped heart of the wild and healed him to full in one healing touch. How stupid is that? If that's in the game why don't all classes have a lay on hands? And why doesn't all healing specs have the damage of a dps? Because dps aren's supposed to heal for 600k with on heal and healers aren't supposed to do 50k every wrath for 45 sec. Just remove the ability really. It's just stupid.Díldozer4 13 Jun 2013
13 Jun 2013 5.4 PTR - Coverage So, for those who do not have the time i will be bringing you PTR coverage as soon as possible. (when servers get a bit sober and stop falling over) channel - youtube.com/user/MCGamerCZ Quick look at balance changes - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3_yuCEeY_I Quick look at restoration changes - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oXfcchhq_CI T16 Set Bonuses For Druids - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nq6J3P_zqPEHellmans1 13 Jun 2013
13 Jun 2013 PvP Resto druid stats Hello there my druid friends :D I was just curious what are the primary stats for PvP? Could you write them in order? Thank you!Naliana3 13 Jun 2013
13 Jun 2013 5,3 feral kitty fc gemming what does feral kitty fcs gem for rbgs theese days ? guild want me to carry flag as feral kitty and not bear but cant seem to find anywhere what i should gem ? my thoughts was either just normal gemming agi and mastery or red/blue: 80 agi 120 stam yellow 160 mastery 120 stam.. could any1 be kind and help me here ? :)Owlcápwn2 13 Jun 2013
13 Jun 2013 How much DPS should I be doing with this gear? I follow the proper rotation, and I don't know many other ferals to compare DPS with, so I want to ask you guys. Is ~75k/80k DPS a good amount for the gear that I have?Metalsonic5 13 Jun 2013
12 Jun 2013 Horridon HC as Feral. God dammit, as much fun as this fight is that Direhorn Spirit is a stupid mechanic. Luckily, I don't get it until end of 4th door or when the War God comes up. But seriously, is there really any effective way to handle this? I'm running around like a damn headless chicken trying to maintain my dps while trying to keep that damn Direhorn away. I use Ursol's Vortex, Typhoon and Fearie Fire but...what the hell am I supposed to do when they're on cooldown? Stupid mechanic, and damn annoying. Any tips on dealing with Direhorn as a melee/feral?Cólada3 12 Jun 2013
12 Jun 2013 Best class for 2s fun with a Resto Druid? Frost DK Ret Pala Sub/Assa Rogue WW Monk Arms Warrior Your thoughts?Katelol0 12 Jun 2013
12 Jun 2013 Shapeshift: Tree of Life (permanent) Why not make the Tree of Life a permanent (glyphed) shapeshift form? It looks way too awesome just to use it when in dire need of extra healing. In other words: when I'm in Resto spec, I would like my [Glyph of the Treant] to resemble the Tree of Life.Ironbark6 12 Jun 2013
12 Jun 2013 Thank you for Dream rework I just have to say that i am happy now, thank you blizzard, really like new DoC.Кот7 12 Jun 2013
12 Jun 2013 Boomy PvP Hi all. I am currently rolling a boomy, possibly a main. Anyone care to share their (hopefully unbiased) view on boomy pvp, both pros and cons. thx!Xezbeth14 12 Jun 2013
12 Jun 2013 Savage Roar now increases physical damage done by 40% Hi! Acording to 5.3 Escalation Patch Notes http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/blog/8264895/53_Escalation_Patch_Notes-21_05_2013#druid Feral Savage Roar now increases physical damage done by 40%, up from 30%. My tooltip still says 30%Tcipsdruid5 12 Jun 2013
11 Jun 2013 Deleted SorryKatelol0 11 Jun 2013
11 Jun 2013 Just wondering. Hello guys, i do have a feral druid and i was wondering if any of you have this "problem" usualy when u activate Savage Roar you should get 40% Dmg increase(wich u get) http://i39.tinypic.com/npeumw.jpg But when activated it shows only 30% as buff : http://i41.tinypic.com/nxq0xt.jpg Is it only me or blizzard forgot to change that ? :DAllpha2 11 Jun 2013
11 Jun 2013 Viable PvE trinket for ferals in PvP so ive seen lots of classes lately using some PvE trinkets in arena. and ive been wondering if there is any good pve trinket for Feral? but ive never really seen a good feral using a pve trinket in pve? what do you say?Twèex1 11 Jun 2013
11 Jun 2013 Returning Druid - help needed! Ello, I've recentli returned to WoW and decided to pick up my feral druid again. There are so, so many keybinds and I was looking for some button saving macros as it is a bit of a struggle getting used to it all again. Another thing I'm bad at is keeping my bleeds and roars up, is there a decent and easy addon for this perhaps? I really like feral, so any other additional/necessary tips or macros would be welcomed. What is the best partner in 2v2 for arena also? Thanks!Dwebble0 11 Jun 2013
10 Jun 2013 Symbiosis When a warlock dies, his/her gateway dies with him. When a druid dies, the symbiosis doens't fade from his target, why?Backpedal3 10 Jun 2013
10 Jun 2013 Moonkin help Hey I just started PvEing on my Moonkin, I'm still learning the PvE rotation and such and I was wondering if doing about 70-90k dps in my current gear good? also i need help on my gems/enchants/reforging and im not sure on the full rotation yet. Am i using the right talents also? Any help will be appreciated.Skillsurge3 10 Jun 2013
10 Jun 2013 Ji-Kun HC Heya! We tried Ji-Kun HC today, and my healing was somewhat lacking. I was in nest group 2 and when I got down there and Ji-Kun used Quills I found myself spamming Regrowth, and people were still dying. I really don't know what to do here. Should I use a bigger CD? Should we all use def CD's? Or should my Regrowth be enough? Thanks in advance /Doubtful druid Edit: For some reason it's showing my feral gear so eh, will log out in resto gear next time :PNeandy11 10 Jun 2013
10 Jun 2013 What can boomies expect in 5.4?[Talk] I thought it could be fun to talk about 5.4!Every new patch gives one or two fun changes to every Class-Specialization!So i thought it could be fun to discuss what it could be? there is also a new raid in 5.4(as i heard it)so we can also expect a huge patch, and huge patches does always contain more changes than other does. So what do you think 5.4 offer to us boomies?No 5.4patch notes has been released yet so, ANYTHING can happen! Cheers//Noxemy and thanks to all the druid for such an epic community!Noxemy27 10 Jun 2013
10 Jun 2013 Why do Boomers suck at DPS compared to other classes? This is the part that I don't get.. It's so unbalanced even if you do your rotation 100% correct you've got the same Ilvl as other classes and there's such a big gap comparing Boomkins with other Ranged DPS classes it's not even funny.. Maybe change the scaling of the gear or balance druids abilities(buff them?).. In my opinion Boomkins need the buff to get up to the pair with other ranged Classes.. as it is right now it's not cool but hey correct me if I'm wrong. Compare them with Mages, Warlocks, Priests and even Hunters(atm. OP for PvP). Sure they have decent utility but that doesn't seem right. Any constructive feedback would be appreciated!Noxian24 10 Jun 2013
10 Jun 2013 Best way to level with druids help please Hey i'm having a hard time figuring out how to level fast with druids i like to play as a balance but i just think they aren't that good to level fast with as feral. What would you guys recommend? Sorry for my bad englishUnaradi3 10 Jun 2013
10 Jun 2013 pvp cyclone other person in arena Hi has anyone got a macro where you can cyclone the other person in arena without leaving the target your already attacking? Mainly for 2v2Brusalsprout9 10 Jun 2013
10 Jun 2013 Well, this is a intresting change to Ravage I am surely looking forward to having 950 combo points, but nerfing the damage on Ravage is uncalled for. http://gyazo.com/5eadd76e524619edf65880bf8b05024cZaljan3 10 Jun 2013
10 Jun 2013 Druid or Rogue ? Hi just wondering how good feral can be is it better worse or the same as rogue etc. Purely PvP though. Im wondering because im wanting another class to do a lot of PvP with I have all but Paladin(86) and monk(53) at 90 so have a wide choice, but ive heard a lot of people saying ferals do a rogues job better. If this is right is it worth me gearing my druid up to replace rogue and then take another class ie ranged/caster ? Ive had a go with pretty much all and I like them all that's why its hard to decide haha. Id like to hear what you druids think thankyou...Blenchy5 10 Jun 2013
09 Jun 2013 Stamina gems feral pvp? So im currently gearing my feral for pvp and was looking at a guide on noxxic http://www.noxxic.com/wow/pvp/druid/feral/gems-enchants-professions Almost all gems they want me to throw in stamina, why is that? its the same on chest they want the 300 stamina enchant..Ongbakting4 09 Jun 2013
09 Jun 2013 Best Druid Race for Pve Hey all you Druids so since its 50% off paid services im going to be finally taking my druid horde and im wondering what is better to go for feral out of tauren or troll? thanks in advanceTekion2 09 Jun 2013
09 Jun 2013 Leveling a druid or a mage After a break from wow I have decided to level a new character either a mage or a druid. I have never really played a cloth caster before. I like the amount of utility and versitality druids have but its also kickass to be able to teleport summon blizzards... and stuff... I play engineer in guild wars 2 and i would guess that kit switching is kinda the same as shapeshifting. When people used bow and sword I had a flamethrower and grenades and as a druid i would have claws and stuff when others have swords. I dont really care so much about viability and flavour of the month stuff, I play survival mainly because i can strap explosives to my arrows and use traps. I am open for other suggestions too but as long as worgens can be that class. Im not sure this is the right place to post this and sorry for potential typos, I wrote this on my phone and thanks in advance. I originaly posted this on the mage forums but I want to hear you druid peoples thoughts and opinions too.Ghonar6 09 Jun 2013
09 Jun 2013 New boomie could use some guidance Hey, guys! Here's the case: I recently dang 90 with a friend of mine. Did some stuff, the lfr's, got some lucky drops and got my Ilvl up quite a bit. My guild was kind enough to give me a chance in ToT25. It was.. interesting? Well, to say it in a kind way, i blew. The tanks beat me on almost every fight. Now i'm kind of low on the gearside compared to my guildies, they're mostly decked out in ToT normal gear. However, i cant just blame being undergeared. Im doing 60k sustained dps on a dummy. How much should i be doing? when am i going to actually pull my own weight? Help? Is there a light at the end of the tunnel, or should i just reroll something more faceroll asap?Trippletoes4 09 Jun 2013
08 Jun 2013 Balance pvp ? Hi , can somone give me some tips for balance in pvp ? What gear is better mean on stats crit , haste. What hems and echants better. I used noxxic but dont think balance need stamina :? And maybe can give some more tipps ?Mairis2 08 Jun 2013
07 Jun 2013 New feral drood searching for info Hi guys I am new to feral kitties PVE ..I used only to pvp as feral. I am writing this thread cuz I'd like to know if feral kitties are usefull and if they can also dps like other classes .. I mean I have never seen any kitty dpsing over 200k and being first in dps list .. I got 500ilvl but I got 3 pvp items in my gear cuz I didn't find better till now .. I see other classes like mage or shamans dpsing more than I do and they are just 480-485 .. Is anything wrong with feral kitties or I just suck?! Also I would appreciate If someone can explain me why many people believe kitties suck and many others that moonkin suck .. I don't know what to believe .. I am waiting for your opinions or experiences about feral kitties! Sorry for my bad English :/ I hope you understand!:DKôrvinus3 07 Jun 2013
07 Jun 2013 Feral 2v2 with Disc Priest: HoTW or DOC? Hi, please may someone give me an advice, for 2v2 with discipline priest. Is better to pick HoTW, or DOC, and why?Nebude3 07 Jun 2013
07 Jun 2013 Force of Nature In ilvl 491 (mostly) pvp gear, on a target dummy with only MotW buffed, FFF on target and all three charges spent at once: 250k damage and 3 x 3 sec stuns. That's actually a pretty decent talent, considering that it's: - Off the GCD - Targets your current target - and auto-stuns it when summoned (you should be able to micro-manage the stun, if you are able to bring up your pet bar). There is no longer a summoning reticule involved - Has a 1 min CD, if you use all charges right away. The actual recharge time is 20 sec, so if it's used for the stun, you can save the charges and almost always have a stun up. - Oh, and it's got some range as well. In my humble opinion, it is easily a better pvp talent than Incarnation.Whitepaw4 07 Jun 2013