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17 Feb [Guide] In-Depth Survival Guide Introduction When Legion launched, Survival specialization was changed to melee and given an entirely new tool kit. But this you probably already know, however it is still a new specialization, with many different guides on the net offering contradictory advice. Parts of this guide follows the precedent set by's Survival guide (shoutout to Azortharion), however especially the Rotation section varies significantly. I've been playing purely Survival since launch and currently raiding with the spec as well. At the moment it is widely considered to be the weakest of the 3 hunter specs, and while that might be true, a large part is the inherent complexity of the rotation. So lets get started! Ability Overview: Mongoose Bite[MgB]: Main damage dealing ability, with 3 charges that applies a 12 second buff increasing all further MgB damage by 50% per stack. Stacks up to 6 times but the buff does not refresh. Is the baseline for the DPS windows covered in the Rotation segment. 12 Seconds CD affected by Haste. No focus cost. Mastery: Hunting Companion[M:HC]: The bread, butter and bane of Survival hunters. Gives your pet's special attacks a chance to grant an additional charge of MgB. 500 Mastery equals 1% pet procc chance. Explosive Trap[ET]: A hefty damage dealer with a 12 second cooldown (After Talents and Traits). Damage is split between the initial burst and a lasting DoT. AoE. No focus cost. Flanking Strike[FS]: Solid damage with a 6 second base cooldown affected by haste. Double chance of proccing M:HC. Costs 50 Focus. Lacerate[Lac]: DoT with 12 seconds duration and 10 seconds cooldown. Costs 35 Focus. Dragonsfire Grenade[DfG]: AoE ability with split damage between burst and DoT. Long cooldown of 30 seconds. Recommended talent (See Talents). No focus cost. Throwing Axes[TA]: Talent. Main filler ability, 2 charges with 15 seconds cd affected by haste. Quickly throws 3 axes, good both melee ranged. Fury of the Eagle[FotE]: Artifact Power. Damages in a cone and is channeled for 4 seconds. 45 seconds cooldown. Is affected by the damage buff from MgB and also increases the duration of the MgB buff by 4 seconds. Is now on global cooldown after the content patch containing Emerald Nightmare. Carve: Filler AoE. Low on damage, but better than nothing. Can be replaced by Butchery (See Talents), which is not recommended. Costs 40 focus. Harpoon: 5-40 yard range charge mechanic. 20 seconds cooldown. Raptor Strike[RS]:Purest trash, probably tied for worst in the game. Does around 10% of the damage your other abilities does, even after unavoidable Artifact damage increases. Should only ever be used when everything else is on CD. Costs 25 focus.DPS Cooldown Overview: Aspect of the Eagle[AotE]: Primary dps cooldown. Gives an additional 25% chance for your pet to procc MgB charges and increases all damage done by 30% with Aspect of the Skylord Artifact trait. Lasts 10 seconds with a 2 minute cooldown. Snake Hunter[SH]: Talent. Instantly grants you 3 charges of Mongoose Bite. 1.5 minutes cooldown. Note that it gives new charges, not stacks of the buff.Pet Overview The nature of our Mastery means there are two significant factors about your pet. Firstly the pet should be specced Tenacity, since it gives an extra AoE attack that can procc M:HC. Secondly it should come from one of three pet families: Either Scorpid for [Deadly Sting], Riverbeast for [Gruesome Bite] or Carrion Bird for [Bloody Screech]. Which of these three doesn't matter. The reason for this is that they count as extra special attacks and can procc M:HC. Talents Tier 1: Throwing Axes is the clear choice here, giving decent damage and works as a good filler. Animal Insticts applies a random buff for 7 seconds every FS, however neither 10% Haste nor Mastery is particulary useful, and the 33% chance to get 30% increased movement speed is downright bad. Way of the Mok'Nathal is a talent I've seen a few guides recommend, and it's good - On paper. This talent is bad, the primary problem being the incredibly low damage of RS, and having to get 4 RS off AND reapply one every 8 seconds is a huge waste of DPS. Testing this talent and maintaining the buff currently costs me around 55% of my dps. Bad idea. Tier 2: 3 interesting talents, however SH is completely necessary to achieving 6 stacks of MgB consistently, so there's no competition. The others are good, but not essential, unlike SH. Tier 3: Choice is between [Farstrider] and [Posthaste] although if you want 3 more seconds of Aspect of the Cheetah it won't matter that much. Personally use [Farstrider] for better combat mobility, since I play a gnome and [Escape Artist] allows me to escape roots. Either works. Tier 4: 2 of these talents provide some nice PvP utility, the last one is a strong PvE boost. Improved Traps is the choice for the 50% cd reduction on ET, no discussion really. Tier 5: 3 PvP utility talents (Sticky Bombs deal no damage). Personally use Camouflage because I'm trying to convice the Rogues to let me into their secret class hall. (No luck yet) Tier 6: AoE Tier. Actually used Butchery to great success early Legion, but the long cooldown and only 3 charges meant that you'd be out of AoE after the first mob group since it completely removes Carve. DfG provides a nice single target DoT as well as spread damage to go with ET. Serpent Sting sadly falls way behind the other two in damage output. Tier 7: First talent [Spitting Cobra] allows for increased focus regen and a bit of damage. Since Survival is not focus starved it's hardly relevant. [Aspect of the Beast] is useless since our pet is specced Tenacity anyway and having it reducing 15% damage is rather pointless. [Expert Trapper] is the way to go.Fizzlesticks17 17 Feb
37m 890 precision vs 895 gust of wind Hi, should I use an 890 precision relic over an 895 gust of wind relic ? my weapon ilvl is 913 (with 895 gust of wind equiped) and my gear is ilvl 896 ty for helpRüdiger0 37m
3h Is BM still viable in 3s? Seeing lots of MM these days. Is BM any good though?Xumo0 3h
4h Pet ability is missing Hello. I tamed Core Hound and moved its ability Ancient Hysteria to the pet action bar. After dismissing and calling pet back, this ability disappears from pet action bar, it is very annoying. This behavior is confirmed with no addons enabled, cleared WTF and Cache folders. It is interesting, that other abilities, like Growl are on their places. Any thoughts, how to fix this?Ghmerti6 4h
5h what spec is best for pve content? Hi ladies and gents i just started to play my hunter and i was wondering what spec is best for raiding / M+ atm? i don't have any legandaries or tier atm.Zellio2 5h
7h Waylay Does waylay fail to proc if I am in CC or lose LOS to the target?Komisario0 7h
10h Rate the transmog above you! V6 The old thread has reached it's limit. To next person: My bow is invisible! It's a plain light brown vanilla bow, suppose it's buried in wow history. :DAntler53 10h
12h Is Hunters damage crap? I've been going on this subchannel a bit to have a looksee on how your class is, and it seems the consensus is that Blizz has f'ed you over. What about someone like me, a typical casual who would really just be fine doing 400 - 500k dps, is that stretching it? Im usually a Demon Hunter or Frost Deathknight, so im used to 2-shotting most things typically..Nelphalyza16 12h
15h Golden Bow of Quel'Thalas So I have been trying for several weeks to get the Golden Bow of Quel'Thalas. But it hasn't dropped from the sisters. Does it only drop for my bm hunter or can I farm it on my warrior to. And do I need to have the raid on a certain difficulty. Many thanksSestren3 15h
16h More Pets! Hello there! I don't think I speak for only myself when I say that we need more pet slots at stable master.. I had to abandon 2 pets to get the two new spirit beasts the other day. But if more rare and unique pets is getting added to the game now, I will have to abandon rare pets, like, my bag is literally full of only rare spawns. So Blizzard, plz give us more space at the stable master! Thank you! Have a good day! =)Pongtrusa0 16h
16h Hunter Focus Bar - Blue Colour Hi guys! I can't figure this one out about the colours of the focus bar and how they jump around, let me explain.. Let's say I use Aimed Shot that costs 50 Focus. The original focus bar colour is Orange-ish. It shows me that 50 Focus being channelled as a Blue colour on the bar and takes the focus and the temporary blue buffer away once Aimed Shot launches. I understand that - the blue colour shows the buffer that is to be taken away once the channelling ends. But the blue colour doesn't always stay for the duration of the channel. Sometimes I start to channel the Aimed Shot and the bar fills itself back to orange and bypasses this visual help of the blue bar. I keep wondering is that just a visual bug or I am missing something with this mechanic. No addons are being used. ^^Tarokh1 16h
16h Need help with raiding performance Dear fellow players, hunters, First of all; thanks for reading this post and for the huge pile of worthy information you’ve shared on this forums that helped me a lot during my play-time on wow. Until recently I’ve teamed up with old guildies and started raiding again. I’ve been playing wow on and off for periods of time, actually from MOP until Legion. All the while I’ve been playing pretty casual and apart from heroic dungeons, LFR and a normal raid now and then I haven’t been very active with PVE. When I resubbed to wow and picked up where I left on my hunter (lvld it to 110 at launch, then switched to casually playing DH havoc) I immideately dived in to m+ and LFR to get better gear a.s.a.p. so I could raid with my guildies again. My guildies by the time already cleared NH normal and progressed through NH hc on 4th boss. By the time they were at Tich I joined them for the first time and they carried me through NH. Now, a few weeks later, I’ve acquired my 4-set, and I’m currently wearing the following lego’s: Ullrs and Kill’jaedens. My ilvl is 898 equipped and I just finished 4/4 Unerring Arrows from the new 7.2 bracked of traits, my artifact lvl is 39. Furthermore, I’m a trick-shot (got my rotations from icy veins) marksman hunter. Here’s a link to my armory:íon/simple The reason why I’m posting this are my bad DPS and my survivability. I’m very unhappy with my overall performance when I compare it to the performances I had during my times in MOP. I used to be the top DPS with the best survivability. Nowadays I can barely pull 500k with my current gear set-up and I constantly die from not positioning well. This last this is, in my opinion, a matter of knowing the bosses in the encounters and learning how to position, given the fact that mm hunters mobility isn’t very great. Now I take in account the fact that I’m fairly new to the current raids and I consider myself a noob in this area. But still I feel like there must be some issue in my performance that I’m not seeing thru and perhaps you guys do… Here is a link to my last performance on NH hc which I’m very, VERY, unhappy about… Thanks for reading and best regards, Rebelíon, Silvermoon EURebelíon47 16h
17h MKII Gyroscopic Stabilizer bug? The new Legendary Gloves MKII Gyroscopic Stabilizer , not working properly . Some times you take the buff some other times no. As per tool tip every next aim shot must give you the buff , so will be one aim shot to trigger buff use it cast another one to get buff and so on . Edit : If i use talents : Lone Wolf, True Aim , Patient Sniper, A Murder of Crows , and trick shot working like it use to be . If i switch Lone wolf to other talent for first tier not working always . CheersDedalous18 17h
22h MM. Why Blizz wont do this... Make Arcane and Multi shots always apply Hunters Mark. Reduce Marked Shots damage a bit and increase Aimed Shot damage to compensate. That way we will be stronger in ST and our aoe wont suck if we are not getting procs. Think about it.Метеораа19 22h
1d Fenryr doest spawn Hello last night after work i Killed Heymdall and went to sleep today i went back there and killed Fenryr after few pulls and the tamable Fenryr doesnt spawn for me i try with soft reset of the istance and nothing change he is still mising . the worst thing is that u need like 30 min to open a ticket with the new support UI u cant really find what u looking for in there and the wait time is 4 days gg blizzZeek15 1d
1d New spirit beast I've been camping for 7 hours now, talking to a bunch of random friendly guys, fun times, but its not fun when the egg finally spawns and when we click, nothing happens, I DEMAND HAVING MY BLUE SHINY RAPTOR!Pongtrusa4 1d
1d CD usage as bm HALP! Hello, Just got a quick question; Should you overlapp bestial wrath and aspect of the wild as BM? (PvE)? On icyveins it tells me you should use bestial wrath then wait before using wild... But isnt the 10% extra crit worth to use with wrath?Zansoh0 1d
2d Tameable Fenryr wont Spawn! Hey. Ok so i killed Hymdall on mythic 0, then i came back one day after to finish off Fenryr, killed him, looted him, but no spawn for the tameable one. is it cuz i waited a day?, dosent say that anywhere... i taught i had all week to do this dunegon solo. Pisses me off!Vegah1 2d
2d Question about stat prio marksman trickshot so I just recently downloaded the add-on pawn from curse and imported the code with stat prio's for the trickshot hunter from icyveins. Five minutes ago I looted this headpiece in m+ 9 arcway and it says it's an upgrade compared to my current headpiece. But what strikes me as odd is the fact that the upgrade has agi and versatility on it and my current item has agi and mastery. Isn't it so that I should always aim for mastery as my sec. stat? Here's the string I imported in to pawn: Marksmanship - Standard Trick Shot Build ( Pawn: v1: "Marksmanship": Agility=13.66, Ap=12.98, CritRating=14.65, HasteRating=13.74, MasteryRating=15.67, Versatility=13.04, Dps=43.57 )Rebelíon8 2d
2d MM Hunter help I'm trying to learn MM and one thing I've noticed is I'm always the target. The whole game if I pop my head out from the pillar I'll have a melee stuck to me. When that happens I normally panic and go into kite mode meaning I'm not casting many/any aimed shots and my dps suffers a lot. Is it better for me to try and tank a little more damage a get those aimed shots off or am I right to be kiting and relying on instants with the odd aim shot when I get a chance? Also I've been using my cc almost exclusively on the healer to get pressure. Is this right or should I be using more on the melee on me again to allow more dps? Please bear in mind I've never played MM in pvp so very noobish, hence these questions. Thanks in advanceSkallion3 2d
2d Blizzard do you hate us? Hey, i made this post just to get some steam out... Its so frustrating that you nerfed the unerring arrow trait with 60% without even tell us why. Its not like it made us move far ahead of the other classes, it was more like "Yay, im at top 3 on the dps chart on this boss" Still you dont do shiet with Fury warriors, or even DHs... WHAT ABOUT WARLOCKS?! pulling 1million dps on a few bosses, but no, lets nerf hunters. Instead of trying to make players that play hunter quit playing it, just delete the class already. Clearly there are something wrong, either the "class-dev" dosent like his/her job or he/she/them are just baddies and does not know what to do.(My bet, brainless) Please can we have the class-dev for warriors please? especially the one or the group that works on fury warriors. This was just a cry post, as i stated at the beginning. The problem aint that we "Got" the nerf, but that every other class just keep growing and MM hunters is stalling. "We cant let them be near the top, LETS NERF THEM by 14% or somthing. And its more important to nerf hunters then to fix Elisande" Everyone keep saying the trait was so fking OP, thing was, we were competitive for once, not sky high compared to others... Enough saltiness, got it all out, lets go back and play my hunter and turn off the dps chart aka skada. Thanks.Nachochips7 2d
3d Viable SV Partners? Self explanatory title really. Playing SV but wanted to know what viable comps there are for 2s and 3s. Thanks in advance!Patto0 3d
3d Hunter isn't fun anymore. I hate the new hunter in legion, I started in MoP and absolutely adored the survival and MM playstyles and enjoyed them in WoD quite a bit also. But now, survival has gone to sh*t and i despise it, BM has downtime and is boring as all hell and MM... I just can't stand it. Also to make matters worse I despise the new animations for multi-shot and barrage, it looks as if you are just flinging arrows in the general direction you are aiming, does a marksman do that? Talk about bad class fantasy, a marksman, someone who accurately strikes, just flinging arrows all over the place hoping for a hit. I just wish the class as a whole would go back to how it was in MoP, and I would stick by that for a majority of other classes such as warrior and warlock, I hate the new iterations of them, they just aren't fun. Survival used to be so cool, i loved black arrow and the kind of 'poison dart' hunter theme, but now, it's just terrible and is a very hard class to play mechanically with so many things to micro manage, yet your damage isn't even good. I can go on my fury warrior and easily top damage in aoe and single target and my rotation is very simple, yet if i play a much more challenging class such as survival hunter, and manage to get the rotation down, my damage will be about the same as my warrior. Same for feral druid, a very hard class to master, yet your damage isn't even great. MM was also a class that I thoroughly enjoyed, I loved chimaera shot and the old barrage animation so much, it just made me enjoy the class every time I was in combat with an enemy, and now you are shooting snakes, exploding arrows, and 'spraying and praying' with barrage and multi shot, again, terrible in terms of class fantasy, and whilst I admit that I really like barrage, I just cringe when I use it now due to the horrible animation. Another thing is glaive toss, don't even get me started. That was the single ability that got me into hunter, I saw the animation in a video once and just had to be able to use it, it was so cool aswell as the sound effect that it made, just amazing. And now demonhunters have a stupid richocheting ability, so hunters lost theirs, why can both classes not just have them? Is it really such a crime. Finally, in terms of the hunter class, I'll give BM a mention. The spec is just mind numbingly boring, I've tried macroing the majority of my rotation into single binds and it actually functions correctly... The spec lost so much of what it used to have, the old stampede was so cool and now we have this new piece of crap which is rarely used. The classes are changing far too much and for the worse, I would just like them to be reverted to how they were in MoP and I'd be happy as larry. Now to mention all classes in general, as I have previously said I would like them to be reverted back to how they were in MoP, with old animations in some cases, especially barrage, the new one is horrible. If a raid is crap, that's not that big of a problem because you are only doing it for around 6 months ~, but you have to stick to playing awful boring classes for 2 years, I don't know how that is actually possible if you are a very active player, it get's incredibly boring after about 2 months of playing everyday. Let me know what you guys think, please no trolls ;)Pamicsoo41 3d
3d A nice buff to MM hunters in the recent hotfixes Hunter Marksmanship [With maintenance in each region] Damage of the following abilities increased by 4%: Marked Shot, Arcane Shot, Multi-Shot, Aimed Shot, Volley, Black Arrow, Bursting Shot, Piercing Shot, Windburst, A Murder of Crows, Sidewinders, Barrage 3d
3d Feign Death is bugged Hey there Something has been happening to me lately which causes me to be unable to release spirit. If you by any chance use feign death really close to when you die, you (obviously) die, but there's no options to either release spirit or revive (with the pillars of creation thing). This is really obnoxious is it possible to get a fix?Heyasz2 3d
3d Dark sides of Beast Mastering Yes we all know about the lows of bm spec. I'd like to point out some features though; -This associations with snakes Why? Why a beast master should focus on throwing snakes? Is he the evil one of the hunters? -Artifact Appearances To me, sadly every single one of the artifact appearances don't fit. We already have a bow shaped Titanstrike, give us some not involving gnome technology. Yeeeeah I can mog ik -The last Artifact Trait I managed to avoid my entire wow life undesired aoe effects, and this one is forced -The Big Missing Link in the chain Spirit beasts! Beastmaster is all about spirit beasts guys! More class features about this, not on snakesIndìgo2 3d
4d BM hunter nerfed to the ground :( Hunter Cobra Commander’s Sneaky Snakes (Artifact trait) damage increased by 25%. Thunderslash (Artifact trait) damage reduced by 50%. Thunderslash (Artifact trait) deals 30% less damage with the Dire Frenzy talent. Thereturn40 4d
4d Bow Sounds Hello. I'm sorry if this was adressed before but I could not find anything that worked for me on this matter. When I'm playing my hunter, I prefer old bow and gun sounds(bow for now since I prefer using bows and am using one at the moment). Even though I found something from, the gun sounds worked but the bow sounds didnt. Could anybody help me out, does the bow sounds still work for others or is it only me? Is there any newer bow sounds thing? Thanks for any help :)Mittleflink1 4d
4d Disengage bug? Hi, Am I the only one getting random disconnections when about to land after disengaging? I have been experiencing this since, I believe, 7.1.5 release. It isn't systematic, thank God, I'd say it occurs once out of ~300-500 times and must have happened to me around 10/12 times over the last 3 months. It is a pretty acceptable occurrence rate for a bug, I have seen much worse, although annoying when doing high level timed dungeons but I thought I'd report it here (couldn't find how to report a bug from website, looks like you can only do it in-game, being at work it is complicated ^^). Also, curious to see whether other ppl have been experiencing this. It has happened to a friend once but that's all.Headshotbaby6 4d
5d Rescue mission quest/scenario bugged I started the Rescue Mission quest to get the bow for my OS MM. But when I got to stage 8, before I got to talk to Vareesa, I zoned out. When I ran back in I got stuck at stage 7. I can't pick up the bow anymore and so I cannot complete this scenario/quest... Right now I have no idea what to do... I read somewhere that someone from bliz can remove this item from my bag so I can restart and finish this quest. Does anyone know if this is true?Freewilly2 5d
5d Just cosmetic? Not played hunter for a while and I've decided to gear this toon up, and I'm currently looking for a pet. I have a sporebat currently as it used to be good DPS, but now does it matter about what pet you have, or is it purely just for looks now? I know there's the Fero/Cunn/Tena specs but does it actually matter what you use?Êvêrdêên2 5d
5d Tame beast killed the pet? (I am quite new to playing hunter, I have not played it before Legion so I'm sorry if I sound like a noob) So today I found out about this spirit beast called Gondria in Zul'Drak. I went there to tame it and found the beast right away. So I unequipped my weapon since I didn't wanna accidentaly kill it, and pressed Tame beast and -bam- it died. I did not turtle shell or anything so I have no clue why it died. I have tamed a rare bird before (Quall) and if I remember correctly I was alot higher level than the beast, but that one didn't die.Tinkiloo5 5d
5d 7.2.5 BM wild call change is so BAD! I know it is not final and might not go live but i just read the changes: Beast Mastery Wild Call (Passive) - Your auto shot critical strikes now have a 40% chance to reduce the remaining cooldown of Dire Beast/Dire Frenzy by 3 seconds. One with the Pack grants Wild Call 60% increased chance to reduce the cooldown of Dire Beast. i just don't know what to say..... i really don't it is like we can't catch a break.... currently on live if i took "One with the pack" it still has a horrible proc rate with 50% chance to reset, if this goes live Wild call is useless because i wont be taking one with the pack and lets be honest the CD on dire beast will probably run its course before a proc. is this as bad as i think it is or am i jumping the gun?Squibs12 5d
5d Hati 7.2 even worse than before WTF blizzard how do you manage to make hati worse with every patch, shouldn't you be trying to fix it. he is slower than ever taking what seems a life time to get to the target, even when i am mounted i out run him to the point where he disappears. EDIT: the out running him on the mount thing is quite sporadic. he is getting stuck everywhere just staring at god only knows what, i am finding my main pet doing it as well but just not as often. Hati is not attacking yes i am using kill command but it does not work all of the time even putting pet attack in a macro is not working all of the time. i love having a second pet but i am honest to god sick of this just remove the retarded thing and give our main pet his dps.... because it honestly feels like you are not trying to fix it...Squibs15 5d
5d I did the artifact challenge! I did it guys. It was super hard and at 905 ish geared i felt undergeared. Now i am not the best hunter in the world but i do like a challenge. What did i do? nuked karam magespear down to 33 % ofc and then went balls out on raest. Popped drums, flask, trueshot and got him down to almost 50%. I used prydaz and mk gloves legendary. They helped me alot on singel target dps and surviving. So when karam again became active and hand from beyond started casting stuff. I tried so that when i got procs i would go all in on hands from beyond. On my other tries i stressed alot not getting hands down fast enough. I macroed the concussive shot for karam and counter shot for the hand from beyond. Was easy to change target that way too. Used binding and traps when thing got hectic. Last phase when raest got active i mostly tried to target him down fast enough. Killed him on my marked shot before i got smacked in the face by a demon. Quest complete. Hope blizzard does more of these. Was fun.Joyleaf15 5d
5d Zevrim ring vs Prydaz? hi all which one is a better legendary to use for MM hunter? thanks!Toymann8 5d
5d MM PvP Spec So I've settled on MM as while BM is best in 2's atm I'm expecting a nerf to pet damage sooner or later. With that in mind I can't find any 7.2 pvp guides to find the best arena talents. At the moment I'm running with Normal Talents Steady Focus Black Arrow Posthaste Patient Sniper Binding Shot (or Wyvern Sting) Murder of Crows Sidewinders Honour Talents Medallion Quickshots Catlike Reflexes (though changeable dependant on what fighting) Whichever Sting is appropriate Scatter Shot Trueshot Mastery That all sound about right, any variants that others use?Skallion2 5d
6d Where to recruit Nightborne Hunters? I completed Order Advancement > Born of the night, and should be able to recruit Nightborne Hunters, but i can't find where to recruit them.Lilhuntress1 6d
6d Personal perspective Since ive started to be Marksman hunter l noticed my hunter and pet have some kind of aura glowing, looks a bit like an arcane effect. l can not find a source for this. What makes my hunter glow?Taroumaru1 6d
6d BM better for Mythic raids than MM Just going to say it - UA was 15% ST damage buff and it was hit by the nerfbat 24h after the release. Thunderlash trat is 15% ST damage buff, still no hotfix. I'm confused? Do Blizzard actually want people to play the BM over MM in mythic raids? Our spec is way harder and way less rewarding. Our traits are a mess, we have WAY too many utility ones (4 with one being Paragon and another 4 pointer). And the good ones are constantly getting nerfed (Trueshot CD reduction downed from 10s/p to 8s/p; Crit Damage to AS downed from 2%/p to 1.5%/p and UA downed from 10%/p to 4%/p). Not to mention, there is only one bis relic from NH (Triliax's life relic), while BM have two BiS traits from that raid (Kill Command). Why is MM being treated like a threat to the balance of the game, while BM is way overperforming? Edited after the last Hotfix of 7.2. Tichondrius has been taken down from the logs, showing the problem MM has in the current content. Bottom 4 spec at 90% parces.Ressist180 6d
16 Apr I want to tame a giraffe and a kodo I want to tame a giraffe and a kodo , going long walks on beach with them , drinking gin together and killing paladins .Siqasso7 16 Apr
15 Apr Sad Cobra Commander If you got the Thunder trait already stop there and go back to the old 4/4 traits. This new golden dragon trait is a joke, on most of my ST fights it did less than 1% of my damage.Robingo8 15 Apr
15 Apr Any blue on Cobra Commander? I was wondering if this trait is bugged or working as intended? I couldn't find any statement on that. 2 things I am curious about mostly: - according to logdata the snakes don't buff cobrashot via way of the cobra talent. bug? - snakes dont seem to have aoe protection (at least on normal dragons they disappeared immediately when they spawned in a poisoncloud. intended?Scryâ10 15 Apr
15 Apr Rate the hunter and pet names above you They have these threads on every forum, so I feel we should have one too. To make it more fun and hunterish, lets rate the name of your main pet as well. :) Like this: hunter name ?/10 and pet name ?/10 My main pet is a white corehound named Omen.Antler11 15 Apr
15 Apr Legendary picking! So i got on Call of the Wild and Qa'pla, Eredun War Order ... just got The Apex Predator's Claw is it worth replacing one of them?Nxtlevel3 15 Apr
14 Apr MKII Gyroscopic Stabilizer Friendly reminder, that this Items buff does not work properly. There are times, when the buff simply doesn't appear, or it only appears for like .1 seconds. Can we expect a fix? I would love to give some feedback, on the times it does not work, though it seems completly random, when it does work and does not work. Are you guys experiencing the same?Rambochambo3 14 Apr
14 Apr ALL BM loot from chests and quest have versatility This is !@#$ impossible in 7.2 absolutely all gear that i receive have "random" stat versatility. Gear that is 870 i worse than my 855 with mastery and haste. Another item from today's mythic+ chest lev 895 with versatility just 1% better than my previous item 865. If anyone else have the same problem ? I've tried to open chests as surv and marksman it's the same versatility !@#$.Daabuu13 14 Apr
13 Apr Survival needs... A stun (binding shot) and misdirect. And more grenades. I want to be batman.Branwhen1 13 Apr