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17 Feb [Guide] In-Depth Survival Guide Introduction When Legion launched, Survival specialization was changed to melee and given an entirely new tool kit. But this you probably already know, however it is still a new specialization, with many different guides on the net offering contradictory advice. Parts of this guide follows the precedent set by's Survival guide (shoutout to Azortharion), however especially the Rotation section varies significantly. I've been playing purely Survival since launch and currently raiding with the spec as well. At the moment it is widely considered to be the weakest of the 3 hunter specs, and while that might be true, a large part is the inherent complexity of the rotation. So lets get started! Ability Overview: Mongoose Bite[MgB]: Main damage dealing ability, with 3 charges that applies a 12 second buff increasing all further MgB damage by 50% per stack. Stacks up to 6 times but the buff does not refresh. Is the baseline for the DPS windows covered in the Rotation segment. 12 Seconds CD affected by Haste. No focus cost. Mastery: Hunting Companion[M:HC]: The bread, butter and bane of Survival hunters. Gives your pet's special attacks a chance to grant an additional charge of MgB. 500 Mastery equals 1% pet procc chance. Explosive Trap[ET]: A hefty damage dealer with a 12 second cooldown (After Talents and Traits). Damage is split between the initial burst and a lasting DoT. AoE. No focus cost. Flanking Strike[FS]: Solid damage with a 6 second base cooldown affected by haste. Double chance of proccing M:HC. Costs 50 Focus. Lacerate[Lac]: DoT with 12 seconds duration and 10 seconds cooldown. Costs 35 Focus. Dragonsfire Grenade[DfG]: AoE ability with split damage between burst and DoT. Long cooldown of 30 seconds. Recommended talent (See Talents). No focus cost. Throwing Axes[TA]: Talent. Main filler ability, 2 charges with 15 seconds cd affected by haste. Quickly throws 3 axes, good both melee ranged. Fury of the Eagle[FotE]: Artifact Power. Damages in a cone and is channeled for 4 seconds. 45 seconds cooldown. Is affected by the damage buff from MgB and also increases the duration of the MgB buff by 4 seconds. Is now on global cooldown after the content patch containing Emerald Nightmare. Carve: Filler AoE. Low on damage, but better than nothing. Can be replaced by Butchery (See Talents), which is not recommended. Costs 40 focus. Harpoon: 5-40 yard range charge mechanic. 20 seconds cooldown. Raptor Strike[RS]:Purest trash, probably tied for worst in the game. Does around 10% of the damage your other abilities does, even after unavoidable Artifact damage increases. Should only ever be used when everything else is on CD. Costs 25 focus.DPS Cooldown Overview: Aspect of the Eagle[AotE]: Primary dps cooldown. Gives an additional 25% chance for your pet to procc MgB charges and increases all damage done by 30% with Aspect of the Skylord Artifact trait. Lasts 10 seconds with a 2 minute cooldown. Snake Hunter[SH]: Talent. Instantly grants you 3 charges of Mongoose Bite. 1.5 minutes cooldown. Note that it gives new charges, not stacks of the buff.Pet Overview The nature of our Mastery means there are two significant factors about your pet. Firstly the pet should be specced Tenacity, since it gives an extra AoE attack that can procc M:HC. Secondly it should come from one of three pet families: Either Scorpid for [Deadly Sting], Riverbeast for [Gruesome Bite] or Carrion Bird for [Bloody Screech]. Which of these three doesn't matter. The reason for this is that they count as extra special attacks and can procc M:HC. Talents Tier 1: Throwing Axes is the clear choice here, giving decent damage and works as a good filler. Animal Insticts applies a random buff for 7 seconds every FS, however neither 10% Haste nor Mastery is particulary useful, and the 33% chance to get 30% increased movement speed is downright bad. Way of the Mok'Nathal is a talent I've seen a few guides recommend, and it's good - On paper. This talent is bad, the primary problem being the incredibly low damage of RS, and having to get 4 RS off AND reapply one every 8 seconds is a huge waste of DPS. Testing this talent and maintaining the buff currently costs me around 55% of my dps. Bad idea. Tier 2: 3 interesting talents, however SH is completely necessary to achieving 6 stacks of MgB consistently, so there's no competition. The others are good, but not essential, unlike SH. Tier 3: Choice is between [Farstrider] and [Posthaste] although if you want 3 more seconds of Aspect of the Cheetah it won't matter that much. Personally use [Farstrider] for better combat mobility, since I play a gnome and [Escape Artist] allows me to escape roots. Either works. Tier 4: 2 of these talents provide some nice PvP utility, the last one is a strong PvE boost. Improved Traps is the choice for the 50% cd reduction on ET, no discussion really. Tier 5: 3 PvP utility talents (Sticky Bombs deal no damage). Personally use Camouflage because I'm trying to convice the Rogues to let me into their secret class hall. (No luck yet) Tier 6: AoE Tier. Actually used Butchery to great success early Legion, but the long cooldown and only 3 charges meant that you'd be out of AoE after the first mob group since it completely removes Carve. DfG provides a nice single target DoT as well as spread damage to go with ET. Serpent Sting sadly falls way behind the other two in damage output. Tier 7: First talent [Spitting Cobra] allows for increased focus regen and a bit of damage. Since Survival is not focus starved it's hardly relevant. [Aspect of the Beast] is useless since our pet is specced Tenacity anyway and having it reducing 15% damage is rather pointless. [Expert Trapper] is the way to go.Fizzlesticks17 17 Feb
13m 6 Legendaries, still no MM boots. This is somewhat of a a EU version of post. Been farming LFRs, Normal and Heroic raids, as well as daily heroic, mythic dungeons and emissary quests religiously and today i got my 6th legendary, which is KJ's Burning Wish. I'm having mixed feelings about it, not knowing whether to just throw my pc off the balcony or myself with it. Another great day in RNGLegion paradise.Naevah4 13m
26m Rate the transmog above you! V6 The old thread has reached it's limit. To next person: My bow is invisible! It's a plain light brown vanilla bow, suppose it's buried in wow history. :DAntler16 26m
1h Draenei or Night elf Hello. I always wanted to join your "little" society and make a hunter in alliance. That day has finally come, but... I've been torn between two race options: Draenei and Night elf (of course females) Draenei attracts me with rangari theme and lesser population (seen not so many of them ), but night elf... that "bow" pose and shadowmelt are great! So, who would you pick from those two beauties and why? Your posts will surely help me decide! :) Best regards VelestraVelestra2 1h
4h need some Bm advice Hello Hunters, i have been playing allot on this hunter and today i did nh normal with another bm hunter. now i have seen he do 250 k more dps then me and he have not that bether gear then i have ): now i dont know what i do wrong or what gear is not great. i know some is not great yet but i stil dont get much to replace. can u check my armory. here is logs dunno if u can do somthing with it. here is that other hunter is armory i see he got more agi then me but dunno if that give that much dpsJàckk3 4h
6h Best spec in 7.2? Hi, i yesterday i finish the road to 110 with my alt dwarf hunter. I want to prepare this one for the 7.2 but i don't know what spec i better now and what spec in buffed or nerfed in 7.2. I do this question for leggendary drop and for start to cap the weapon. So, what spec is better? Ps: sorry for the bad eng ;)Bazun1 6h
10h [Suggestion]: Direhorn Special Ability Improvement Hiya! To get straight to the point, I feel that the current Special Ability for the Direhorn pet is... very much useless... (sorry to whomever came up with it :c) What does it do? Well, for those that don't know (yet), here's what: Reflective Armor Plating Channeled | 30 sec cooldown Deflects all spells cast in front of the Direhorn for 6 seconds. Note It makes no sense, or I guess a little, but not even in PvP is it very useful. In my opinion. So what I came up with were a few abilities it could be replaced with. Here are the alternatives I could come up with, that I feel would do the Direhorn special ability a bit more justice: ---------------------------------------------- Tri-Puncture (Or Tripple Puncture) Special Ability | Auto-cast 40 Focus | 12 sec cooldown The Direhorn pierces its enemies with its horns, dealing X damage and applies a Bleed causing X damage every 1 sec for 6 seconds. Deals 140% more damage (Bleed included), and costs 100% more Focus when your pet has 80 or more Focus. Note This is pretty much just an enhanced Bite ability, which I agree, isn't too damn special. But.. at least is has a bleed, those are always fun! :D ---------------------------------------------- Tail Swipe Special Ability | Click to Activate 40 Focus | 12 sec cooldown The Direhorn bludgeons its enemy with its spiked tail, dealing X damage and stuns the target for 3(+/-) seconds, applying a Bleed dealing X damage every 1 sec for 4 seconds. Deals 80% more damage (Bleed included), extends the stun by 1 sec, and costs 100% more Focus when your pet has 80 or more Focus. Note This ability would result in yet another CC for hunters (yay), making the Direhorn a bit more viable for PvP and soloing as well, due to the stun/bleed combo. ---------------------------------------------- Reinforced Armor Plating Special Ability | Click to Activate Channeled | 30 sec cooldown The Direhorn enters a defensive stance, taunting the enemies attacking the hunter, reducing damage taken by 50% for 6 sec. Note Pretty much just a rework of the current ability, however, one that would make a lot more sense and be a lot more useful, and giving a better impression of a Direhorn being a tanky pet, rather than having a (I'm afraid), completely useless spell reflection ability. The pet looks absolutely amazing, and... I'm a bit saddened over it having a special ability not used by most whom have it, or at all. ---------------------------------------------- I don't exactly have any experience when it comes to balancing/tuning, so of course, the abilities could be toned down (or even buffed, who knows) were any of them to be added, and so on. So any feedback regarding that is of course welcome! c: I also have no idea where to post suggestions (I found no suggestions forum), and the in-game suggestion box does not allow enough characters for this post. So, kinda hard to send it in that way. :c Apologies if the post has an odd-looking layout, first time making a suggestion post on this website, so.. not too familiar with any hidden formatting. :oAnyway, that's all for now! c:Shaivaz0 10h
15h BM Hunter DPS Hi, Just wanted to ask, looking at my gear, stats, and talents.... I noticed last weekend in Nighthold Heroic, my DPS was around 360+. Is that the max I can push out of him? I used the AGI flask, prepot and mastery food. I changed my talents from Volley to Murder of Crows, not sure if that's actually required. AoE wise, and some bosses do require AoE, it's a DPS loss. I also changed Blinking Strikes to Bestial Fury. I did change my belt, wonder if a 5 ilvl lower belt with more mastery is prefered? I did socket my new belt with Mastery....I know we're not the uber DPS in the game, just wondering if at this stage in my build, this is the maximum I can push out of him.....Learo10 15h
19h Mok nathal buff Would it be crazy to just increase this buff to last 16-20 seconds ish? Why does it have to be so short?Grimline6 19h
21h My little idea What causes MM hunters to feel immobile? What I've gathered from playing my hunter pre-legion and post-legion is that the real problem isn't much with the mobility spells but rather the overhaul the class recieved. It could be fixed but it's unlikely at this point. What would be needed to fix the class for next expansion then? Chimera Shot Talent added to MM. This should put old school MM hunters mind to ease, the talent is a fun focus dump and deals good damage. Aimed Shot made castable while moving. Lets face it, If class fantasy ruins the fun then what is the point is class fantasy? Steady Shot talent which could replace Arcane shot. Steady shot would work like it used to i.e you use it a few times to fill the rotation and gain a lot of focus. (Something to do but not to mash extensively like Arcane Shot) Hopefully by the time next expansion gets around, everyone will no longer have to suffer from the curse of artifact weapons, thus Windrunning and Windburst won't have to be redesigned or replaced, just removed. The whole mechanic with Vulnerable is a bit clunky too but it would hopefully be a lot better if we could move and cast. Due to the short window of doing damage during Vulnerable, any encounter would realistically force you to move and that will screw up the rotation /damage potential. I get a feeling the community would agree with me here, hopefully Blizzard gets to their senses and start listening to us hunters! Shrewz4 21h
1d Kill Command bug BM spec has become unplayable for me. Kill command will not fire when pressed through a hotkey or when clicked. The pet will react to a click and start combat but the ability does not fire or do any damage to the target. I noticed this happening after getting the legendary ring The Apex Predator's Claw and not sure if it's a coincidence or not. Things I have tried: 1. Turned off all addons 2. Changed pet specs 3. Changed pets 4. Unequipped The Apex Predator's Claw Nothing seems to work and the loss in DPS is horrific. I have put in a ticket but not had any answer yet and haven't found any solutions via Google or the forums. If anyone has any ideas I would appreciate the help. I like the BM spec and don't want to be forced to switch as I have so much AP invested in the spec.Skunk2 1d
1d MM scatter shot macro not working Anyone have any idea why this macro does not work on focus target ? #showtooltip Scatter Shot /cast [modifier:shift, target=focus] Scatter Shot /cast [nomodifier:shift] Scatter Shot If i cast on target it works, when i press shift nothing happenSnypé1 1d
1d Stealth Blizzard keeps nudging further and further towards hunter stealth. Why don't you just do it already? Currently we have some sort of "pseudo-stealth" on an awkward cooldown. 1 minute is enough to do most stealth related tasks such as capturing objectives or stealthing through mobs. Why not remove the duration and reduce the cooldown to 5-10 seconds? It's not going to change anything drastically in terms of balance, but it's going to increase our quality of life tremendously.Rogforfite2 1d
1d MM and BM stats Hello WoW community, So i've read on Icy Veins that i have to stack Mastery on mm hunter, while also stack mastery on bm spec. so thats what i did, most of my gear parts have mastery. But for some reason when i go BM i have around 65% mastery, and when i go mm only around 19%, while gear remains the same? any solutions of how this works? and if i still need to stack mastery on mm spec? Thanks!Arya2 1d
2d Question about MM So I've been leveling my hunter and I quite like how MM plays but I'm curious about their performance. I hate pvp and never do it so pvp viability doesn't matter but what I'm curious about is mythic+ and raid viability. (Normal-Heroic raiding and high end mythic+ but no mythic raiding.) I don't enjoy BM as it has way too much downtime so I want to go MM but if BM is miles better I think I can get used to that instead.Ulfrahn1 2d
2d Hunter specs have no skill involved Thank legion and wod for giving the opportunity to scrubs to do well with 2 button rotations, then they start thinking they are masters are their spec. You cant tell who the better player is because its down to: 1) bis legendaries, 2) full artfiact weapon 3) best rng 4) best procs 5) best titanforged proc on gear. Nowdays its not about skill but pure luck and simplicity P.S - Its not salt, its facts so dont cry over it.Chubaccaa23 2d
2d MM rotation and dps output Im currently struggling to maintain sustainable dps and enough of it. Maintaining 500k dps+ in NH Heroic against bosses like Elisande and Gul'Dan are too me impossible. So it has to do with my rotation... doesnt it? Has something changed to rotation with 4 - tier set bonus, or is it just spamming aimed shots? I could switch to BM, but i have so few traits in that spec, it will take weeks, months to catch up with enough AP and traits. Currently i have 44(or45) traits in MM and 36 in BM. My current rotation is: Crow - Trueshot - Windburst - Aimed Shot(AS) - Arcane - AS x3 - Marked shot (if proc'ed @ 70 focus) - arcane - as x2 - repeat.Totentroll24 2d
2d How turn of auto attack on targeting? I leveled a Hunter recently, specced BM, and got a problem that I haven't had with any other class. When I right-click a hostile target with my mouse, I pull it by auto-attack. Actually started to laugh my !@# off yesterday when I accidently pulled a NH boss in raid finder. In mid pull-timer, one lone little arrow suddenly came shooting towards the boss. Hilarious as it may have looked, I would prefer if it didn't happen again. :) I checked around in interface and combat options etc. but can't haven't found a way to disable it. Can someone tell me how if it can be done? I know I can just try to not right-click targets, but will probably do it out of habit.Wasga4 2d
2d Are you happy with the distribution of artifacts? So Marksman, the precise, longrange spec, that specializes in heavy long range damage, gets a bow Beastmaster, the medium-range archer, that uses their beasts more than their weapon, get a sniper rifle Im just tryina get my head around this, like there was some intern in charge of this and he didnt read what the specs did.. I can sorta imagine the sense if you're roleplaying as an Elven Ranger being all Legolas Greenleaf up in Silvermoon, but honestly, other races play hunter too...Kadreth4 2d
3d Is trailblazer bugged? It works 10% of the time for me...Jhaize9 3d
3d Low dps Hi, Ive played with hunter for long time (more than a year). Today I went to raid, I wanted to kill Guldan (Ive killed him before) to obtain my pve appearance. After we killed Elisande, one guy started whining at some other guy about low dps, and another one said something like "lower than 300k is afk". After that a couple of people were removed from our group including me. I installed dps meter and went there again. And yeah, on Elisande I do ca 280k, so I was removed again. I feel very confused and frustrated about it. My dps on group of mobs is insanely high, but on single target? Is it really that small amount of damage for a character with my gear and only one legendary? Everybody, who had better dps than me had two legendaries... And this "lower than 300k is afk" guy... I felt really sad after that, because on Elisande I did everything in my force to hit her properly - I avoided stuff, interrupted adds, killed them, didnt die... My arms hurt me because of that, I almost destroyed the keyboard - and I got to know, that "i am afk"... Is there anything I can do to improve my dps on bosses? And thanks in advance for any advices.Selythein2 3d
3d VANILLA HUNTERS - READ! Remember the old days when at close range hunters were forced using melee? When they had melee attacks at close range and at far range they were using bows? That was kinda cool in my opinion, maybe if hunters would get that in a 4th spec (as druids have)? If hunters could have their own spec (bm,survival, or mm) and the 4th spec would have their melee setup?Herbâholic70 3d
3d Noob help Hi guys. I havent played wow for a while and this is a second account of mine since i sell my first onr in cata. But since quite of a few friends off mine started to play the game again im starting with them as well. Ok since hunter its the only class i havent played of the originals one i decided to start one. Im going for BM since i love my house pets but the problem its i dont know mutch about the importance of having a rare or nomal pet. Does it really improve out damage? Is there a simple guide were i can see all the best or worst pets? Thank youn in advance.Ogaïth1 3d
3d How is Survival So hunters, How is Survival spec? I've seen the combat for it, and it looks really fun to play. My question is, how is it long term, for mythic dungeons etc.Qeon21 3d
3d which legendaries?> hi everyone just got my 4th legendary and playing MM hunter. was wondering which 2 are the best to use: prydaz, ullr, bursting shot bracers, sephusz ring. obviously ullr is the best, but which of the other 3 is best in general. thanks for your help!Toymann2 3d
3d Aimed shot damage for aimed shot seems wrong to me in certain situations. on the last window of vulnerable it can hit from 500k to 2.1 million on a crit for me if no vulnerable is on the target i have had aimed shot hit from 400k and upwards on crits why is their nothing to little difference from vulnerable to no vulnerable on non crits ?. if your playing right with the vulnerable window you should be rewarded with more than 100k more damage than not have vulnerable ? at least then you could keep up with others classes on damage, as we seem lacking atm what got me was though the belt of the sentinal army, on the last part of vulnerable window after a few multi shots i had next aimed shot buffed by 65% and then at end of windowi cast it and it hit for 650k, this does not seem right ?.Killbang0 3d
4d Windrunning Trail Animation Don't get me wrong, I love to play the MM hunter, I enjoy most aspects of the spec and I have fun slaughtering hundreds of mobs every day. But... I find the permanent trail animation very annoying. It was the very first thing I noticed after i first got my artifact weapon. I was all like "Why?". But then I came to a conclusion that maybe I should give it some time, maybe I will get used to it. But I didn't. The autistic frustration keeps growing inside me. I am aware that this is a purely cosmetic and a very minor issue, but it bugs me so hard. I can't believe I'm the only one who has a problem with it. I would love to at least have an optional glyph which would be able to remove the trail. PS.: Try using the first-person camera with the Windrunning effect. Ugh.Zogrosh3 4d
4d Give Hunters a Lockportal substitute :) Yep, I am totally serious. Several grps I am in are in desperate need for a lock. Not cause of the awesomeness, simply cause of the summoning portal. Blizz once argued that they don't want you to be bound to bring a certain class to overcome an Encounter. You can't overcome an encounter (especially in pugs) if people aint there. xD So my suggestion: Give hunters a teleport ability similar to lock portal /looking at you, warp stalkers :)Scryâ11 4d
5d BM - Need tips hey fellow hunters i need some tips to improve my dps.. I am at 896 ilvl and using icy-veins guide and warcraft logs for the talents at any nighthold boss. i am doing 450k to 550k dps depends on boss.. i think for my gear and ilvl its low.. My rotation goes like this : dire beast-bestial wrath-KC-Titanstrike and then all the cd cooldowns (wild-crows-racial) as an opener and then what it comes of cd.. i have wrist and boots legendary and 9% haste , 72% mastery.. Any tip to improve my dps? Also today drop for me from order hall chest the trinket Naraxa's spiked tongue(890 ilvl) and if i wear it i am going at 78% mastery but i will lose the trinket Bloodthirsty instict(880 ilvl) that i know its a bis trinket for hunters.. what should i do? sory for bad english not first language any tips or advise will be helpfull thanks in advanceErekozi3 5d
5d Best talent with Legendary BM belt + boots Hello, Yesterday I got the BM belt, previously I had Apex and boots, so I swapped Apex for Belt. I'm wondering should I still go with AotB or use Killer Cobra while using belt + boots?Thanks in advance!Shadowatcher1 5d
5d Rate the transmog above you! v5 Since last post reached its limit and to get a rest from all the saddening posts :-)â500 5d
5d Disengage bug? Hi, Am I the only one getting random disconnections when about to land after disengaging? I have been experiencing this since, I believe, 7.1.5 release. It isn't systematic, thank God, I'd say it occurs once out of ~300-500 times and must have happened to me around 10/12 times over the last 3 months. It is a pretty acceptable occurrence rate for a bug, I have seen much worse, although annoying when doing high level timed dungeons but I thought I'd report it here (couldn't find how to report a bug from website, looks like you can only do it in-game, being at work it is complicated ^^). Also, curious to see whether other ppl have been experiencing this. It has happened to a friend once but that's all.Headshotbaby3 5d
5d True Aim stacks drop out. At that point everyone have realized that when Aim Shot hits more than one target with the Trick Shot talent, all the stacks of True Aim drop out. I find that being a complete bull!@#$. It makes no sense, forcing us to play with an inferior talent (LnL) on fights that barely have any cleave (Mythic Triliax for example)Ressist5 5d
5d Yet another dismiss pet topic Yes blizzard indeed, we want our dismiss pet to be instant! Why you ask? Well let me put it this way, wow is 12 years old now, which means for 12 years you still havent managed to make our pets function 100%... It makes absolutely no sense that we have to be punished for your mistakes, its NOT our fault that our pets sometimes refuse to follow a very simple path, its completely YOUR fault! Just make it so that we cannout use dismiss pet when the pet is under crowd control (stunned, trapped, sleeping etc) but also make sure the hunter can only summon the same pet when the hunter himself is in combat (this way you will prevent us from abusing the talent to summon a different pet with full health/cooldowns on its abilities). It really frustrates me everytime i see my pet just standing at a location i just jumped down from and refuses to follow, i go in combat because some mob is at the location i jumped to and the pet just stays and watches how i fight the mob, even refuses to kill command (even though its in range) but when the mob dies all of a sudden the pet decides to follow and miraculously finds a path that shouldnt have blocked him in the first place... So yea, make dismiss instant, for now it just messes up everything when our pet is locked in place because you still havent managed to make their pathfinding work properly... It costs us dps too, and not just a little bit...Thegabber10 5d
5d Please give mechanical pets some love! I'd love to use my mech pets for dungeons and pvp, but alas, they are useless since they have no special abilities whatsoever. Isn't it a little middle finger to the art team, that they come up with nice artwork, and you game designers just ignore them? I'd love to have a mech pet that could Bloodlust or Bress, or at least some pvp utility, like spider's slow or a healing debuff. Thoughts?Peaches13 5d
5d Make 2 charges Dire Beast baseline Hello, From what I've read, legendaries are supposed to add on to an already ok toolkit. But the legendary shoulders give BM hunter a totally different feel. Without them there's this randomness of resets which you can't control, hence sometimes having 1 second left on dire beast, and you have a reset, making it useless. On top of that, you don't have any thought put to when pressing dire beast, because you can't risk losing a reset, so you just have to press it exactly when it comes off cooldown. Got 4 legendaries so far, none of which are any descent dps increase other than the stat stick. Makes trying to get a legendary more and more pointless. Why was there a fix to a clunky playstyle through a legendary that only few will get, and not just a baseline fix so everyone's happy? If it is just to motivate to grind more mythic+, it's a poor design, asking us to do something we don't really feel like doing, but really want the reward (also called Skinner box, google it). I understand people might say that I shouldn't try to grind it out, but it's such an important upgrade to the playstyle, not just damage increase. At this point I really don't care about the damage difference (which is huge by the way).Husin2 5d
6d Need Survival BG Guide Hey, Im back on WoW after a long time and i'm especially new to Survival Hunter. I have seen multiple guides about rotations, talent choices and what not... Im looking for a guide to show me what to do in actual combat situations(PvP). Ive seen many people comment, "Dot and Kite" is this rlly what to do? and does it just mean raptor strike, lacerate and maybe crows while u run away and slow? because that doesn't sound like much dmg to me. I currently jump in and do a proper rotation stacking mongoose and other steps like guides say. Basically i'm confused about what to do(rotation or "dot and kite"), especially in BG's. Since i can't find a guide including actual combat situations i hope one of you can help :)Kunuckles6 6d
6d New to raiding-best pets-higher DPS. Hello my friends, I rarely raid & have never done so In legion but I have to do Emerald Nightmare, my BM Hunter does quite well dps wise, I have reached as high as 290k dps on occasion at 860 ilvl, from all that I have read on Forums I know my dps must be much higher for raiding. So which pets should I be using to help with a higher dps please, also, any other advise would be welcome. Many thanks. Jond.Jonddlar6 6d
6d Glyph of targeted traps "Traps is now thrown directly at the targeted enemy" Please blizz, make this into a thing.Grimline6 6d
6d How to improve outside of gear So I started WoW few months ago and learned to use Simc a week ago. I know how to check what gear piece is better and update pawn. However I do not know how to check if I'm doing something wrong in a fight. I don't know if I'm using wrong rotation or if my timing is bad. I read a lot of people speaking about other people's logs but where I can find those, how to specify what I do wrong and how to improve? My simc says I have 449k dps I was able to do 461. This is with lust/drums. When I don't use drums and disable that from simc it says 430k but I deal about 350-400k dps. Is simc saying best scenario? I know MM has a lot RNG on dps. These were 3min target shootings at the Lodge In normal NH I'm a bit ashamed of my dps being 360-410k, please help me learn how to improve :/ Also about Haste on MM: Icy-veins says it's the third best stat. Simc says sometimes it's the best stat to increase my dps (usually when I have 10% or less haste, 25% mastery and 30% crit). Guildies tells me to ignore haste and only stack crit and mastery. Which one is actually correct?Grëëd2 6d
15 Mar About Patient Sniper Hello hunters, i have noob question please. I was testing the Trick Shot/Patient Sniper build for improve my dps in single target or check if it is more viable for me. Actually i maintain the vulnerable debuff up while casting Aimed Shots. Normally i try to keep the vulnerable debuff 100% time up. It mean when 1-2 sec left for expire, i cast a Marked shot/Windburst for refresh and keep it up. Indeed my doubt is with the Patient Sniper; the 150% bonus damage of Aimed Shot is applying or i'm denying it because i refresh the vulnerable debuff. I'm doing it good or i should let the Vulnerable debuff expire, and reapply a new one?Ðeadelf2 15 Mar
14 Mar What is the most awesome non-exotic pet? I've recently switched from BM to Survival and even though I'm rocking bob the bear and eddie the Eagle I was wondering are there any awesome non exotic pets you can recommend. I've stabled rema the wolf, sherkhan the Tiger and one other but there not WOW enough for me so what would you guys recommend. Many thanksSestren13 14 Mar
14 Mar New hunter with a few questions Starting fresh and leveling from scratch and just looking for a bit of advice. What are the best profession choices? Not bothered about gathering professions nor making money really. Presumably engineering is one but secondary choice? Any other good links which can supplement my experience? Very interested in any good leveling companions for collecting rare hunter pets etc.Sennden2 14 Mar
14 Mar Tauren Transmog Bow? Does anyone know of any cool looking bows that would suit a tauren?Hemka11 14 Mar
14 Mar Help needed helping my other half play his hunter Ok so recently got him to play WoW and he picked hunter so I picked priest to try my best at keeping his butt death free. He's been playing marksmanship however I'm not sure what his rotation etc should be for the low-mid levels (he's currently 52). I ask as I'm playing a Disc-priest and am finding I am out DPSing him by a wide margin most times either 1 or two shotting mobs. Is this normal or is he missing a trick that is reducing his DPS on his hunter. Thanks for any helpFylgjur7 14 Mar
14 Mar Help with caltrap/steel trap shift modifier macro Currently I have #showtooltip /use [mod:shift, @player] [talent:4/1,@cursor]Caltrops; [talent:4/3,@cursor]Steel Trap But it doesn't work for steel trap when I have it talented, could anyone tell me whats wrong with it cheersDroowa1 14 Mar
13 Mar MKII Gyroscopic Stabilizer So I got these the other day and when I finaly had time to test them out I noticed that the procc hardly ever happens. So after searching a bit it seems like its a know issue among players atleast. What I have failed to find so far is anything from blizzard on the topic. Did I miss it or is it the usual we dont rly care about hunters so we are gonna ignore the issue untill we break your class with something brand new bull!@#$ so you forget about this bug? Anyways would be nice if you could take a min and actually acknowledge the issue with some sort of statement even if it is the usual we are aware and working on it lie.Tomyum6 13 Mar
13 Mar MM or BM? Hello, i'm a BM hunter, my ilvl is 881, and my dps is around 385k to 410k, just wondering if that's good dps for an 881 BM hunter, and should I go MM? usually every MM hunter deals more damage than me, are the stats on my gear bad, or is it that BM spec suck? Any help is appreciated :)Veloya10 13 Mar