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04 Nov [Guide] In-Depth Survival Guide Introduction When Legion launched, Survival specialization was changed to melee and given an entirely new tool kit. But this you probably already know, however it is still a new specialization, with many different guides on the net offering contradictory advice. Parts of this guide follows the precedent set by's Survival guide (shoutout to Azortharion), however especially the Rotation section varies significantly. I've been playing purely Survival since launch and currently raiding with the spec as well. At the moment it is widely considered to be the weakest of the 3 hunter specs, and while that might be true, a large part is the inherent complexity of the rotation. So lets get started! Ability Overview: Mongoose Bite[MgB]: Main damage dealing ability, with 3 charges that applies a 12 second buff increasing all further MgB damage by 50% per stack. Stacks up to 6 times but the buff does not refresh. Is the baseline for the DPS windows covered in the Rotation segment. 12 Seconds CD affected by Haste. No focus cost. Mastery: Hunting Companion[M:HC]: The bread, butter and bane of Survival hunters. Gives your pet's special attacks a chance to grant an additional charge of MgB. 500 Mastery equals 1% pet procc chance. Explosive Trap[ET]: A hefty damage dealer with a 12 second cooldown (After Talents and Traits). Damage is split between the initial burst and a lasting DoT. AoE. No focus cost. Flanking Strike[FS]: Solid damage with a 6 second base cooldown affected by haste. Double chance of proccing M:HC. Costs 50 Focus. Lacerate[Lac]: DoT with 12 seconds duration and 10 seconds cooldown. Costs 35 Focus. Dragonsfire Grenade[DfG]: AoE ability with split damage between burst and DoT. Long cooldown of 30 seconds. Recommended talent (See Talents). No focus cost. Throwing Axes[TA]: Talent. Main filler ability, 2 charges with 15 seconds cd affected by haste. Quickly throws 3 axes, good both melee ranged. Fury of the Eagle[FotE]: Artifact Power. Damages in a cone and is channeled for 4 seconds. 45 seconds cooldown. Is affected by the damage buff from MgB and also increases the duration of the MgB buff by 4 seconds. Is now on global cooldown after the content patch containing Emerald Nightmare. Carve: Filler AoE. Low on damage, but better than nothing. Can be replaced by Butchery (See Talents), which is not recommended. Costs 40 focus. Harpoon: 5-40 yard range charge mechanic. 20 seconds cooldown. Raptor Strike[RS]:Purest trash, probably tied for worst in the game. Does around 10% of the damage your other abilities does, even after unavoidable Artifact damage increases. Should only ever be used when everything else is on CD. Costs 25 focus.DPS Cooldown Overview: Aspect of the Eagle[AotE]: Primary dps cooldown. Gives an additional 25% chance for your pet to procc MgB charges and increases all damage done by 30% with Aspect of the Skylord Artifact trait. Lasts 10 seconds with a 2 minute cooldown. Snake Hunter[SH]: Talent. Instantly grants you 3 charges of Mongoose Bite. 1.5 minutes cooldown. Note that it gives new charges, not stacks of the buff.Pet Overview The nature of our Mastery means there are two significant factors about your pet. Firstly the pet should be specced Tenacity, since it gives an extra AoE attack that can procc M:HC. Secondly it should come from one of three pet families: Either Scorpid for [Deadly Sting], Riverbeast for [Gruesome Bite] or Carrion Bird for [Bloody Screech]. Which of these three doesn't matter. The reason for this is that they count as extra special attacks and can procc M:HC. Talents Tier 1: Throwing Axes is the clear choice here, giving decent damage and works as a good filler. Animal Insticts applies a random buff for 7 seconds every FS, however neither 10% Haste nor Mastery is particulary useful, and the 33% chance to get 30% increased movement speed is downright bad. Way of the Mok'Nathal is a talent I've seen a few guides recommend, and it's good - On paper. This talent is bad, the primary problem being the incredibly low damage of RS, and having to get 4 RS off AND reapply one every 8 seconds is a huge waste of DPS. Testing this talent and maintaining the buff currently costs me around 55% of my dps. Bad idea. Tier 2: 3 interesting talents, however SH is completely necessary to achieving 6 stacks of MgB consistently, so there's no competition. The others are good, but not essential, unlike SH. Tier 3: Choice is between [Farstrider] and [Posthaste] although if you want 3 more seconds of Aspect of the Cheetah it won't matter that much. Personally use [Farstrider] for better combat mobility, since I play a gnome and [Escape Artist] allows me to escape roots. Either works. Tier 4: 2 of these talents provide some nice PvP utility, the last one is a strong PvE boost. Improved Traps is the choice for the 50% cd reduction on ET, no discussion really. Tier 5: 3 PvP utility talents (Sticky Bombs deal no damage). Personally use Camouflage because I'm trying to convice the Rogues to let me into their secret class hall. (No luck yet) Tier 6: AoE Tier. Actually used Butchery to great success early Legion, but the long cooldown and only 3 charges meant that you'd be out of AoE after the first mob group since it completely removes Carve. DfG provides a nice single target DoT as well as spread damage to go with ET. Serpent Sting sadly falls way behind the other two in damage output. Tier 7: First talent [Spitting Cobra] allows for increased focus regen and a bit of damage. Since Survival is not focus starved it's hardly relevant. [Aspect of the Beast] is useless since our pet is specced Tenacity anyway and having it reducing 15% damage is rather pointless. [Expert Trapper] is the way to go.Fizzlesticks18 04 Nov
30m New MM in BfA Alpha is booooooring :( - here is a Video when you can see new changes. Those changes, unfortunately, are mostly really awful. There is my list of thing that don't work: 1st) We dont get magic dmg at all. - That will be annoing in pvp and isn't fun. It is lame that my magical Hunter Nightborne will lose magical abilities all sudden... 2nd) 3 sec cast of Aimed Shot is not accaptable. At least without some mehanic that reduce cast time - similar to Fire Mages Hot Streak or now Demo Locks Molten Core. Otherwse it will be borring as hell and almost not possible to cast in pvp without geting catched by melees. 3rd) Single Target rotation is realy boring now. Changes that are ok: -Steady shot as a builder is good idea - let it be. -AoE is ok ;) Love that one. -Removal of venubility in way it is on Legion. There are my ideas, how to rid of those problems: -Replace Quick Shot with Arcane Shot: For magic dmg and cool animation from legion. Also twek dmg of this shot up - to compete somehow with aimed shot. That we chose betwean this one or aimed shot. It should be decison for player to be made depending on curent situation. -Bring back some strong instant shot with like 15-20 sec cd - best if magic dmg - maybe Windburst or Himera Shot? We need it for smoother and more complex rotation. - Make it Main spender instead of Aimed Shot. The one with the most officient dmg/focus/cast ratio - to use out of cd. -Lower Aimed Shot focus cost, DMG and Cast time to 2.5sec in pve and something like 2 sec in pvp. Also remove cd. Make it secondary spender that compete with Arcane Shot depending on situation - To make roation less cluncky and complex. -Add some small interplay betwean skills - like Bellular propose in his video. His idea was briliant: AD Small venubarality like debuff on Aimed shot - that increase next Arcane Shot and Multi Shot dmg by 20%-30% or something. -If possible bring Kill Shot back as a talent :) With Quick Shot animation that isn't bad (so it want waste) :) With that changes: Players will still have realy complex and interesting spec: With some real choices to be made like that: 1) I should use Arcane (quick) Shot and do some less dps but I'll maintain my mobility or i shoud use aimed shot, do a bit more dps but i shoud stand still for 2,5/2 sec. 2) Small interplay betwean aimed shot and both arcane and multi shot make sure that players don't be forced spam only aimed shot, and will work well with new trickshot ability. So player will have to decide again is better for them to use aimed shot on trickshot to do more dmg and spread debuf or maybe Rapid fire to gain more focus back.Whitewolf18 30m
1h Is the WHU (Warcraft Hunters Union) still breathing? Dear fellow hunters, I've had the WHU bookmarked for quite some time, but when I made my way unto the site, I realized it'd been a long time since I last visited. I realize that Frostheim retired a good while ago, and that he was in many aspects an essential part of the WHU, but is it completely dead? I can see the archives has jan 2017 as the most recent month. Does that mean that the site is basically an artefact at this point - something to look back on with fondness, but not a place you'd expect new content to appear? Cheers!Jaeheira1 1h
15h Easy build Hello! Help me please with build for grind locale quests and build for LFG. What is need choose?Janjini0 15h
15h Survival hunters ironically NO surviveability Its like any skill that improves ability to survive in both pvp and pve has been forgotten completelyXamor1 15h
18h Bow&arrow fantasy is poorly represented For me this is the main thing wrong with the class since legion (and looking forward into bfa alpha) - not how complicated/simple the specs are, not how the abilities interact (although these of course come with their own problems), but how the class feels. If we just forget about specs for a moment and think of what a bow and arrow class should bring to the game, I think many would agree it's just not there right now. The very first thing I would expect a bow and arrow class to have would be the ability to lace their arrows with poisons. I think it's downright crazy that this is not a part of the hunter class - forget that survival is melee and mm is all about carefully lined up shots etc, seriously how are poisonous arrows not in the game? (And no, I do not count the hand crossbow serpent sting animation in the alpha, I am talking about bow and arrow users). I hope many would agree that the class should be a very mobile, evasive class - which comes from the fantasy of tracking(escaping) prey(predators) in difficult terrain (forests, jungles etc). But no, our sprint is the longest in the game and our passive out of combat movement speed is a talent. All this being said, the bfa alpha is (imo) certainly going in the right direction, and I think some small changes could really help it be something magical. So let's knuckle down into some suggestions: (note the below are aimed at the MM spec since this is the prime bow user) Exotic Munitions: please bring this back. This made more sense for the class than any other ability imo. I was so sad to see it go after only one expansion. This should replace the "volley" talent in the alpha. Incinerary arrow (aoe) would obviously deal the same damage overall as volley, but we would also be able to change this up on the fly to suit different needs. Poison arrow would work as in WoD, but the slow element of frost arrow should reduce speed by 10% stacking up to 5 times, since the perma 50% slow was a little too good/easy. Certainly makes more sense than arrows constantly flying out the sky on to your targets. Next up, Trailblazer: I find it extremely annoying and unfair that a purely "quality of life" passive is a talent, especially since it was effectively baseline since the release of vanilla. I don't think any other class/spec in the game has a talent that offers absolutely zero combat usage (please do correct me if I'm wrong there, and I'm not including things like second wind since even this is nice for LOSing in pvp and quickly recovering). From a lore point of view - As mentioned earlier, hunters excel in moving easily through difficult terrain. A nice replacement would be a reduction on aspect of the cheetah cooldown, and causes cheetah to increase dodge chance and makes you immune to snares (as with current Artifact trait). Explosive shot: I won't go into detail about why this should be removed since I've seen countless posts saying the same thing so it does not need repeating. Replacement - flaming arrow: fire a flaming arrow at the target area, causing volatile flames to spread in an 8 yard radius for 6 seconds. Enemies within the patch of flames will catch on fire, dealing [X] damage over 6 seconds. 30 focus, 20 second cooldown. Let me know your thoughts, thanks for reading.Elebif6 18h
19h Is BM overtaking MM? Hey everyone i am not a regular poster but had to ask this. Is bm overtaking mm? Every bm i see is doing so much more dps wise i can pull on a average between 0.9 to 1.3 mill dps (depending on movement) on shorter fights i can burst to peak hights but if a bm is present they always seem to be at the top of the dps meters. Just looking for opinions and views so stay nice hahaSindera2 19h
19h Best Horde race for hunter? As the title says what is the best looking horde race for hunter? Not too fussed with racials, im just planning in faction changing mine:)Banterus32 19h
21h bm hunter bad stats hi i have low dmg cuz my stats+ dont have tier gear (very bad luck rare to get any piece ) these is all stats i can change between my legendries to get it 1-which stats best for zoo and which one for frenzy? 2-which better dmg zoo or frenzy?Selvenia10 21h
22h Survival Hunter It seems you're struggling to make survival a fun, and viable spec. You keep attempting to push the term 'class fantasy' for no reason other than for it to look nice. Class fantasy doesn't trump class feel. WoD Survival felt great, it was played, it was used. Now Survival probably has one of, if not the lowest number of parses on WarcraftLogs. Who was complaining, what was wrong with the previous iteration of Survival, why can't you, Blizzard. Swallow your pride and bring it back to what it was, what we enjoy. Please. This experiment failed, but that's okay, because you have the option to take it back and hunters will love if you do. MM has never used explosive shot in Legion, nor black arrow. It can do without these two abilities, but there's a friend of yours that sorely wants them the right thing...Poots49 22h
1d Rate the transmog above you! V7 The old thread has reached it's limit.Khaluun14 1d
1d Suggestion for new Sv ability in BfA Headhunter - throw a penetrating spear at the target that deals [X] damage and slowing movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds. Upon moving into melee range of the target, you will automatically rip the spear out, causing a bleeding wound on the target that deals [Y] damage over 6 seconds. 5-40 yard range (note the minimum range), 12 second cooldown, 30 focus. This gives us: - a ranged slow but with only 50% uptime so not too OP in pvp - a melee bleed ability (effectively bringing back lacerate) - unique ability adding a bit of flavour PvE players may not like the idea of a minimum range, but you could easily run to this minimum range and back within the global cooldowns. As for animations, after throwing the spear it would show stuck in the target until you reach melee range, and doing so would make your character do a quick spin with the spear in the offhand, ripping the spear out of the target. Since this animation would be automatic it could clash with your raptor strike animation, but I think if the spin animation was quick enough it wouldn't look bad, the raptor strike animation would just immediately follow. Thoughts?Elebif2 1d
2d What spec should I play for my needs? I want to do transmog runs, some decently high m+ keys and normal/heroic antorus with generic bg pvp too! What spec do I play at 110? Baring in mind I'll be 110 tomorrow and want to get straight into gameplay, so I'm going to need to be able to not be legendary dependent as I won't be getting "all" legendaries for a while.Infernityy8 2d
2d Give Pet Buffs / Utilities in Lone Wolf for MM in BFA Going from what we had in WoD where using lone wolf gave us a choice to provide 1 out the 6 or so buffs for the raid I would like to see this happen again. I don't see the point of nerfing MM players who would like 10% more health with a 20% damage reduction or 10% leech and a Hero and telling them they have to use a pet whilst BM and SV have to use a pet and so get all the benefits for free when MM would lose the 18% damage buff to gain these pet buffs / Utilities. So a simple little slider like the pet selection bar at the moment but for Ferocity, Tenacity or Cunning pet Buffs / Utilities. The pet for MM is more something to hold aggro for survivability when soloing. They shouldn't will be forced to use it because the party or raid group wants it (hero) when this party or raid has a tank and makes the idea of the pet worthless for the MM hunter.Galeysea3 2d
2d What pet(s) do you use? Hey all. Saw a topic like this on the US forum and figured it could be a fun thread here as well. As the topic states, what pet do you use? Do you go entirely for the skills it brings to the table, or do you have that one pet you just can't get yourself to swap out? To start out, this hunter was my first character in WoW, way back in WotLK, and his first tame was a cougar in Mulgore. A dull appearance, but it sure could bite things! At level ... 14 or 15 or there-about, I was sitting in the Crossroads waiting for a friend to come back from AFK, and decided to go exploring a bit. I came across a lion pride, and there in the middle of the pride was a cheetah. This cheetah was named Dishu, and I still didn't know about named rare. I managed to kill all the lions without killing Dishu, and tamed her. Ever since then, Dishu has been named Reapa and has saved my life so many times. She's held mobs while I ran away in Stranglethorn and Tanaris, she's sped off across the plains of Nagrand in chase of Durn the Hungerer, she's soloed elite giants in Feralas. Reapa, this druid-travel-form kitty, just cannot be replaced. I've tried a few times, but all others just seem to be weaker. It's confirmation bias I know, but hey. I play to have fun, and Reapa makes it fun.Calydor20 2d
2d How do i get more DPS? Hello everyone im a bit frustrated cuz i only do 1.43m DPS when i'm ilvl 961 and i have Denfiled Augment rune, flask of the seventh demon and salt & pepper shank buffs on. i even downloaded a rotation addon and it didn't help. can someone help me? my log: 2d
2d BM challenge bugged? Pet keeps losing aggro I dont have enough interrupts to deal with the worm scream and tugars casts, my pet interrupt only works within 8 yards range and so i can never use it if pet is permanently sticking on the boss 3 interrupts are not enough to deal with every sonic scream, i dont have prydaz or healing legendary so i cant afford to take damageHuntmode3 2d
2d Survival Hunter. Swallow your pride. It seems you're struggling to make survival a fun, and viable spec. You keep attempting to push the term 'class fantasy' for no reason other than for it to look nice. Class fantasy doesn't trump class feel. WoD Survival felt great, it was played, it was used. Now Survival probably has one of, if not the lowest number of parses on WarcraftLogs. Who was complaining, what was wrong with the previous iteration of Survival, why can't you, Blizzard. Swallow your pride and bring it back to what it was, what we enjoy. Please. This experiment failed, but that's okay, because you have the option to take it back and hunters will love if you do. MM has never used explosive shot in Legion, nor black arrow. It can do without these two abilities, but there's a friend of yours that sorely wants them the right thing...Poots42 2d
3d Another Hati Size Bug Essence swapper on a Raven (carrion bird) makes hati a tiny burd. am i the only one with that problem ?Eisenpack3 3d
3d New pet models in BFA I recently visited Petopia to see if they had added any new models from the new expansion to the website, but couldn't find anything. However, I just saw someone post this on the US forum and thought I'd share because they look dope. Going to need more stable slots for sure in BFA. 3d
4d Surv aoe rotation Hello guys, I started leveling a surv hunter and have absolutely fallen in love with it. I had a quick question about the aoe rotation. At how many targets and above do you start ignoring lacerate and dump your whole focus on carve while refreshing moknathal?Celle4 4d
4d MM lone wolf. PvP tips/help needed hello fellow hunters. 2-3 months ago i joined back to wow. i played bits of Wod but i spent most of my game time on wotlk. i m getting used to all the new changes to hunter class but i cant seem to be improving at gear is getting better and all but my damage is still really low. i cant win against any other class (except other hunters) im getting crushed by nearly everyone in bg`s even tho my ilvl is considerebly okay. in 3v3 arenas im fighting alongside my friend frost dk who has the same ilvl as mine but does 3-4 times more damage then me. im noticing other hunters in arenas are doing even less damage then i do. i just wanted to ask whats going on. is hunters are that much nerfed nowdays or am i doing something wrong? aswell i would appriaciate if anyone could inspect my gear to let me know if i doing anything wrong. any help is appriaciated that will help me to improve as hunter :)Razhull10 4d
4d Landing Traps in PVP I'm quite new to hunter PVP and have been dabbling in arena for a bit. I'm struggling to land freezing traps on healers as they always seem to miss as they run around randomly or the trap doesnt arm in time and they run through it... Am I missing something? seems hard to have your main CC needed to be aimed perfectlyExcision6 4d
4d BM in BFA - some talent suggestions The new pet system being implemented in BFA (a system which I love btw) makes the tier 7 talent 'Aspect of the Beast' really awkward. On live right now it competes with other dps talents and most people will pick it up (when you have leg boots) with ferocity in mind since you only use that spec in raids. In BFA the new philosopy is that dps for pets is the same for all pet specs. But this talent invalidates that. You either have to use ferocity if you want this talent or this talent becomes totally useless since people will pick tenacity pets for raiding. So here's a good suggestion. Make Aspect of the Beast a utility only talent which augments your pet passives. So ferocity would give like 5% extra leech tenacity 5% extra life etc. Move it upto tier 3 talents and replace it with Trailblazer (which is absolute trash and no1 ever picks). I'm sure you Blizz folks are creative enough to come up with another dps talent for tier 7. On a side note I'm sure that many hunters would love Trailblazer to be baseline. If you are so worried about us having so much passive movement speed, just nerf the hell out of it. Still make it baseline though please. I'm sure hunters would love even an extra 10% movement speed baseline than the trash talent we have currently.Velnara4 4d
4d BfA NEW BM Aspects Was toying with the idea of bringing back the use of aspects in an offensive way for BM. So far in Legion we've had Aspect of the Wild that on use lowers your GCD, gives you an increase to focus generation as well as a 10% bonus to critical strike for the duration. After giving it some thought I came up with this(still rough ofc. but you get the point): First off In a previous thread I've created I suggested to remove Aspect of the Wild as the major BM CD in favor of a baseline version of Stampede that will, on use, call out 2 of your stabled pets in addition to the one(s) you already have out that for the duration, will empower all damage done by any pets/companions you have active and their attacks also have a chance of returning focus to both the hunter and the main pets. Now, to the actual changes/implementations of new offensive aspects for the spec: This will now evolve around the use of the Bestial Wrath-ability: With every use of BW you get the base 25% damage increase. In addition, you have gotten the Hunter Aspect action bar back with a set of aspects, each of which changes how you play to a degree. This new aspect bar is only clickable once after each time you have used Bestial Wrath = you can only choose your preferred aspect once and if you want to switch, you will have to wait for the next time your BW comes off CD. The effect given from a chosen aspect is passive and will remain until you choose a different one. When it comes to the aspects and their given effects, so far, I have come up with these examples: Aspect of the Wild - Lowers your GCD and increases your focus generation(allowing for the feel of a faster pace). Aspect of Command - The base CD of Kill Command is reduced by 50% and has a chance on use to instantly reset and for the next use, cost no focus(1 charge, similar to what Survival has). Aspect of the Pack - Dire Frenzy/Dire Beast Dire Frenzy - When at 3 stacks of DF, the pet's critical strike damage is increased and each critical strike made also provides haste to the hunter, this effect stacks(to a max amount) and will remain active until the next use of Bestial Wrath. Dire Beast - Using Dire Beast will refresh the duration of any active Dire Beasts. In addition, if 3 or more Dire Beasts are active at once, they will let out a roar, increasing all damage done by both the hunter and the pets by 15%, this effect will remain active until the next use of Bestial Wrath. Aspect of the Bear(AoE-focused) - Kill Command now benefits from Beast Cleave, allowing for Kill Command to hit multiple/all enemies within 12 yards of the current target when Beast Cleave is active. In addition, any enemy hit by Kill Command while Beast Cleave is active also starts to bleed for 20% of the damage dealt by Kill Command over 12 seconds, this bleed can stack up to 3 times. (Inspired by the Guardian Druid and the Bear form with the use of Mangle and the Thrash-ability) Aspect of the Cobra - Every time Cobra Shot is cast, a snake spawns to attack the current target. Each attack performed by one of the snakes summoned, lowers the remaining CD of Bestial Wrath by 1 second. In the beginning with only 1 snake out, you won't notice much difference in how fast the remaining CD of BW is reduced but after some time when you have something like 5 snakes active you will notice the remaining CD on BW goes away pretty fast. Aspect of the Beast - If the target is below 20% health, each attack made by your pet(s) increases the duration of Bestial Wrath by 1 second(for the pets only, not the hunter), and the remaining CD on BW is reduced by 1 second. If you were to use Bestial Wrath again and the previous buff still hasn't fallen off your pets, the damage will just be added on top of the previous buff and duration will be refreshed. This allows for a pretty interesting execute-themed effect. Side bonus is that we don't have to rely on a talented option for an execute. Other ideas for possible Aspects can ofc be added. This idea for offensive aspects can also be expanded upon, talking about the use of Azerite-armor or the Heart of Azeroth(Neck), you could get a trait which makes the effects given by Aspects limited to a 1min(60 second) duration but the effect will not be removed when using Bestial Wrath again, allowing you to maybe get to have 2 aspects active at once for a short duration, until the previous aspect falls off. Thoughts?Brizzle0 4d
6d low critc hi my hunter have low crit and high mastery which best talents for it ? i have 1m dps and 957ilvlSelvenia7 6d
6d Yet another BFA MM hunter thread I'm doing this again, A year has passed since I last did one of these. And yes, this is yet another one of those threads with a long time hunter player expressing their opinion. From what I've seen so far Blizzard is moving in the right direction but they are experimenting with spells that totally lack synergy. Lets first talk about some of the good progress we are seeing with the class: The good parts of the alpha -Removal of Vulnerable -Removal of Marked Shot -Removal of Arcane Shot generator -Reintroducing Steady Shot as generator -Reintroducing old Lone Wolf but making it baseline -Adding Rapid Fire spell (Should be changed though, more about that bellow) I'm very happy that Vulnerable mechanic is being cast off to history. The problem now is that it actually helped with the pacing of the spec, it served a purpose and in the alpha there is nothing to replace the synergy it brought. I have some ideas on what could be done which will be listed bellow: Spells that could be improved or changed -Cooldown on Aimed Shot is a bad idea. It should be a secondary spender. It should have a 40 focus cost with a 2 - 2.5 sec cast time, decent damage and please make it castable while moving! -Rapid Fire should be changed to be a spender instead of a generator. It should be the massive damage spell with a big focus cost every 20-25 sec, much like Chimera Shot used to be pre-Legion. -Quick shot in it's current state is an incredibly boring spell. It lacks a purpose other than being a focus dump and we could fix this by making it essential for the rotation. Lets say we put a short cooldown on the spell (maybe 5-10 sec) and make it apply some debuff to the target that cause your next aimed shot at the target to have a significant chance to reset the cooldown on Rapid Fire. Moving on to the talents in BFA alpha as of 15th of March 2018. There are a few quirks that should be addressed which I will now conveniently list for you: BFA Talent Tree -The talents at lvl 45 should switch place with the talents at lvl 15, mobility is needed to much greater extent in the lower levels before mount is acquired. -Camouflage and Posthaste should change place. -Lock and Load should be baseline and replaced with something new. -Hunter's mark should be removed in favor of the mechanic I proposed to be added to Quick Shot. Something new should replace it. What made the hunter so fun back before Legion was the mobility and the synergy the spells had. Procs are an important part of this, casting while moving made the spec feel mobile without any speed buffs active. It was heavenly good. If you feel like I've missed something please let me know, As usual I'd appreciate any feedback. Maybe tell me what new talent that could be put in the space if Lock and Load and Hunter's Mark were to be baseline / removed. CheersShrewz2 6d
15 Mar PSA: Taming rares now counts towards achievements! Just spotted this on the Petopia forums and can I just say: FINALLY! In case you can't be bothered to click the link: Someone on Petopia has found that taming rare spawns that are also on the list for Bloody Rare and Frostbitten gives credit for those achievements :) Shame I did my achievements before this was implemented; I remember feeling really guilty about having to kill Loque...Helewyse2 15 Mar
14 Mar more changes to Marksman :o it seems like blizzard seemed to agree with MM ST Rotation being Bland they seem to have Baselined Precise shots Precise shots: Aimed shot causes your next 1-2 Quick Shots to consume 100% Less focus. and replaced it with Serrated Shots. Serrated Shots: Quick Shot critical strikes cause the target to bleed for 50% of the direct damage over 4 secs I suspose its a step in the right direction, it'll give hunters more to do in ST Situations and more Different things happening instead of what it was, which was just really bland.. but I feel like more needs to happen, the Talent replacement isn't really fun at all and I highly doubt will be viable over A Flock of Crows or Master Marksmanship as due to the Mastery of Marksman its likely to be the top stat of choice. so its just a Weak talent for no reason other then filling a gap on the table now. they need to baseline Volley, Lock and Load and Hunters mark.. these three abilities, One Being a Iconic spell which they seem to be unable to get the reiteration right at all on shouldn't ever have been a Talent, Lock and Load is just a RNG On Aimed shot and tbh should be baseline.. its another iconic passive and its a conjunction to our Main Ability and I don't get why they implement Old Hunters mark which used to be a Ability gained in lower levels and forced it into the talent tree.. MM Hunters Need more ST Options in the talents, ALOT of it is purely focused around AoE and ST Rotation is going to consist of 2 buttons entirely... I get they want MM to Specialise in AoE/Cleave Damage.. but theres no need to obliterate the ST Rotation for that... I don't get why suddenly a Specc should only be enjoyable in one field of play.Sinstre11 14 Mar
14 Mar Void Elf, sound when mounting class mount Hi, Changed from NE last night and then shortly after I got the class mount. When I mount it feels like my character is trying "too hard" with a loud scream. According to GM it's my hunter calling for (in this case) Huntmaster's Loyal Wolfhawk - but it's so loud/annoying, maybe it's just me... GM "didn't know" how to lower/remove the sound... :-))) IIRC there should be a /Sound/-folder, now I can't seem to find it?! The GM asked me to find some addon for this "problem" - anyone got any idea?! Mounting as VE: Mounting as Iron Buccaneer: 14 Mar
13 Mar Playing Allied races I am really disappointed with how Blizz has implemented the Allied races. I finally caved and pre-ordered BFA against my better judgement, and after much debating I race-changed to Nightborne, hoping to at least get the tabard. I was annoyed to discover that I didn't receive it. So in order to get it, as well as the Mana Saber, I have to create a new character. I already have 2 Hunters at max lvl and do not want a third, especially with the way BFA is unfolding for our class. It sucks that tabards and pets and other things probably (I know about heritage armor) being locked behind creating one of the Allied races. I hope it's something that Blizz will consider changing in future.Lirithiel4 13 Mar
13 Mar The solution for Survival Hunters... ... is to let them have gunblades. A weapon that's designed for both melee and ranged combat, it's a saber and gun in one, letting you jump in close and deal damage, and then disengage to deal damage from afar, it would be a perfect match for Survival, and it would make the spec 10 times cooler.Astreria2 13 Mar
12 Mar Camouflage? What is the meaning of this skill when it cant be used in combat? Why to use it full HP before entering in combat? Shouldnt be more like "Entering in stealth, can be used in combat but if used out of combat you will regen 2% of max health every sec"? At least this way we could hide but we wont regen life while in combat, because now is pretty useless especially the regen because we need to be out of combat and 99% times of that we are already full hpSénpåi22 12 Mar
11 Mar Survival Having levelled as survival from 20 to 105, I actually think the spec mechanics arent that bad, but the spec could really use a GCD reduction, which would need offsetting with some damage reduction of abilities, or conversely a reduction in the number of buttons you have to press in a given time frame, particularly for mongoose bite windows, with an increase in damage per ability to compensate. Granted, way of the Mok'nothal and caltrops dont help matters, but the spec fundamentally just doesnt give you enough GCDs to not be resource capped, particularly if you get a lot of mongoose procs. Ive got a 14 second window to use 6 or more mongooses, refresh lacerate, way of the mok'nothal, caltrops and use 1-2 flanking strikes, possibly use explosive trap, and channel a 4 second base cast time fury of the eagle. Mathematically, this clearly doesnt work, and wasting 6 stack mongoose bites, losing a 4 stack way of the moknothal, or go a long time without dots running on your target or leaving a hard hitting abilities like flanking strike or explosive off cooldown for a long time feels like playing substantially sub optimally, but you very frequently find yourself doing several of these things every mongoose window. One other idea I can think of is to make all abilities which currently refresh mongoose bite charges to instead simply add a stack of mongoose fury, saving you a GCD whilst still allowing for maximising damage from mongoose bites/fury of the eagle. The other advantage of this is that you wouldnt feel like wasting mongoose charges if you were sat on 3 charges, until you got 1 or 2 stacks f fury, at which point you would unload. As it currently stands, you want no more than 1 charge, so you can gain the full benefit of your mastery.Valestra3 11 Mar
09 Mar Survival Hunter PVP 7.3.5 (Video) Read a lot of negative comments on forum about survival hunter and how crap it is etc. So I took the liberty making this video playing random battlegrounds;- Regardless of what others say I enjoy playing it and will continue to do so in next expansion :)Repoman5 09 Mar
09 Mar Sharing My Joy With Fellow Hunters OK, So I pretty much no longer have any friends that play this game :( I just wanted to share my excitement with others really, I logged onto the game a few minutes ago and found that the spectral feather that spawns the spectral gryphon was there in Stormwind. I only tried to get it yesterday but it wasn't up so though meh I'll just leave my hunter here, tried again today and BOOM. I've had some amazing look the past week. I've managed to get Ghostcrawler, the spectral bear (forget the name) and the new Spectral Moose all in the space of a week. I used to have an old account where at the time (MoP) I had every Spirit Beast in game but some of them took me forever to catch, I was going to giveup on getting them this time around because last time it was a nightmare and literally sat waiting 48 hours to get one of them. Not sure if spawn timers and stuff have been reduced but they seem much easier to get nower days. Anyway I'm excited and happy and thought I'd share that with a community of players who may understand and appreciate my excitement lolWhitworth1 09 Mar
09 Mar Surival Mage Tower challange bug I am encountering a bug during this encounter on my hunter getting his survival weapon. But I am struggling with a bug in his mirror phase, preventing me from revealing him. When I reach him and deal damage to him in any way possible, he is not getting out of his phase, and I end up being there until he kills me off with his cast. Anyone else struggling with this issue? I have done this on both my DK and DH, and neither have had this problem.Theonlyqto2 09 Mar
08 Mar mm low dmg hi im 953 ilvl on mm hunter and do 1m-1.3m dps what the problem? my logs 08 Mar
08 Mar Rate the transmog above you! V6 The old thread has reached it's limit. To next person: My bow is invisible! It's a plain light brown vanilla bow, suppose it's buried in wow history. :DAntler500 08 Mar
07 Mar Void Warp Stalker not available I just dinged 110 on my Void Elf Warlock and unlocked the Heritage armor. If I race change my Human I can use the Heritage Armor. But I wouldn't get access to the Void Warp Stalker pet. Why not? Seems like a weird line to draw. I can access the Heritage Armor, but not the pet? Also, if you somehow lose your Void Warp Stalker as a Void Elf then its gone forever. I made this hunter back in Vanilla. It has all my cool stuff, all my rare pets, all my high ilvl gear I'm using to progress Mythic Argus. I won't make a new Void Elf Hunter just for the pet, but I'll race change if I can get the pet. Just add a tameable version of the Void Warp Stalker in the Void Elf only rift. Easy, done.Hvid3 07 Mar
07 Mar Sephuz's or Call of the Wild? I'm a bit confused. I was under the impression that CotW is pretty much BiS for BM. However askmrrobot says i should use Sephuz's instead of Call. Which one is it? Thanks in advance.Santoryu2 07 Mar
07 Mar Best Spec for progression raiding/M+ Hi, This is probably a really trivial question but which spec is regarded as the best spec for raiding/M+. I am currently BM and really enjoying it however all the guilds seem to want MM. Is there a particular reason for this as in my personal experience when I'm with a MM we do about the same damage. Thanks in advance :DNíbirú4 07 Mar
07 Mar Fastest spec 1-60? Hi all. I am going to level a hunter again. BM when I last leveled a hunter a few years back, was meant to be the leveling spec. Nowadays are all 3 specs about equal while leveling? Or is one of them faster to level with? ThanksÁzkeban6 07 Mar
07 Mar BM in 2s Hey! Wondering if BM in 2s is still viable? or would u suggest swapping to SV?Mankrul2 07 Mar
06 Mar Hunter to Hunter (quest bugged?) I'm having trouble with the survival hunter quest called Hunter to Hunter. It tells me to go in to the hunter's reach and talk with Emmarel shadewarden, but she does not appear. has anyone else had this problem and how did you fix it, thanks.Ocruel18 06 Mar
06 Mar Suggestion: ammo types. Just a little idea I had while I was looking at a thread lamenting the loss of quivers and different arrow visuals. What if there was an ability for MM and BM hunters that let you choose an ammo type that would add a certain damage modifier to your auto attacks (i.e. +3% Holy Damage, Causes Bleed, +1% Frost Damage and slows target by 10%). The ability would give you a quiver or ammo pouch depending on your weapon type and you'd unlock new types of ammunition to try out as you level, so Saronite Arrows, Barbed Arrows, Light-Infused Arrows, that kind of thing. I think it could make an interesting addition to the toolkits of BM and MM hunters. Any other suggestions about what could be done with this? What would you implement that would work for Survival? Could this be worked into pets as well with a collar system? Looking forwards to seeing ideas here!Tsaila2 06 Mar
05 Mar BM Got any viable comps? Hi, just curious if BM has viable comps in either 2s or 3s? Cheers :)Oringo0 05 Mar
05 Mar Over for BM hunter in Azeroth So it’s over to play bm hunter in next expansion Azeroth. When dps for Bm in will be in bottom again. And marksmanship are best as usual with out pet! No fun at all I love my Bm hunterHunteve26 05 Mar