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17 Feb [Guide] In-Depth Survival Guide Introduction When Legion launched, Survival specialization was changed to melee and given an entirely new tool kit. But this you probably already know, however it is still a new specialization, with many different guides on the net offering contradictory advice. Parts of this guide follows the precedent set by's Survival guide (shoutout to Azortharion), however especially the Rotation section varies significantly. I've been playing purely Survival since launch and currently raiding with the spec as well. At the moment it is widely considered to be the weakest of the 3 hunter specs, and while that might be true, a large part is the inherent complexity of the rotation. So lets get started! Ability Overview: Mongoose Bite[MgB]: Main damage dealing ability, with 3 charges that applies a 12 second buff increasing all further MgB damage by 50% per stack. Stacks up to 6 times but the buff does not refresh. Is the baseline for the DPS windows covered in the Rotation segment. 12 Seconds CD affected by Haste. No focus cost. Mastery: Hunting Companion[M:HC]: The bread, butter and bane of Survival hunters. Gives your pet's special attacks a chance to grant an additional charge of MgB. 500 Mastery equals 1% pet procc chance. Explosive Trap[ET]: A hefty damage dealer with a 12 second cooldown (After Talents and Traits). Damage is split between the initial burst and a lasting DoT. AoE. No focus cost. Flanking Strike[FS]: Solid damage with a 6 second base cooldown affected by haste. Double chance of proccing M:HC. Costs 50 Focus. Lacerate[Lac]: DoT with 12 seconds duration and 10 seconds cooldown. Costs 35 Focus. Dragonsfire Grenade[DfG]: AoE ability with split damage between burst and DoT. Long cooldown of 30 seconds. Recommended talent (See Talents). No focus cost. Throwing Axes[TA]: Talent. Main filler ability, 2 charges with 15 seconds cd affected by haste. Quickly throws 3 axes, good both melee ranged. Fury of the Eagle[FotE]: Artifact Power. Damages in a cone and is channeled for 4 seconds. 45 seconds cooldown. Is affected by the damage buff from MgB and also increases the duration of the MgB buff by 4 seconds. Is now on global cooldown after the content patch containing Emerald Nightmare. Carve: Filler AoE. Low on damage, but better than nothing. Can be replaced by Butchery (See Talents), which is not recommended. Costs 40 focus. Harpoon: 5-40 yard range charge mechanic. 20 seconds cooldown. Raptor Strike[RS]:Purest trash, probably tied for worst in the game. Does around 10% of the damage your other abilities does, even after unavoidable Artifact damage increases. Should only ever be used when everything else is on CD. Costs 25 focus.DPS Cooldown Overview: Aspect of the Eagle[AotE]: Primary dps cooldown. Gives an additional 25% chance for your pet to procc MgB charges and increases all damage done by 30% with Aspect of the Skylord Artifact trait. Lasts 10 seconds with a 2 minute cooldown. Snake Hunter[SH]: Talent. Instantly grants you 3 charges of Mongoose Bite. 1.5 minutes cooldown. Note that it gives new charges, not stacks of the buff.Pet Overview The nature of our Mastery means there are two significant factors about your pet. Firstly the pet should be specced Tenacity, since it gives an extra AoE attack that can procc M:HC. Secondly it should come from one of three pet families: Either Scorpid for [Deadly Sting], Riverbeast for [Gruesome Bite] or Carrion Bird for [Bloody Screech]. Which of these three doesn't matter. The reason for this is that they count as extra special attacks and can procc M:HC. Talents Tier 1: Throwing Axes is the clear choice here, giving decent damage and works as a good filler. Animal Insticts applies a random buff for 7 seconds every FS, however neither 10% Haste nor Mastery is particulary useful, and the 33% chance to get 30% increased movement speed is downright bad. Way of the Mok'Nathal is a talent I've seen a few guides recommend, and it's good - On paper. This talent is bad, the primary problem being the incredibly low damage of RS, and having to get 4 RS off AND reapply one every 8 seconds is a huge waste of DPS. Testing this talent and maintaining the buff currently costs me around 55% of my dps. Bad idea. Tier 2: 3 interesting talents, however SH is completely necessary to achieving 6 stacks of MgB consistently, so there's no competition. The others are good, but not essential, unlike SH. Tier 3: Choice is between [Farstrider] and [Posthaste] although if you want 3 more seconds of Aspect of the Cheetah it won't matter that much. Personally use [Farstrider] for better combat mobility, since I play a gnome and [Escape Artist] allows me to escape roots. Either works. Tier 4: 2 of these talents provide some nice PvP utility, the last one is a strong PvE boost. Improved Traps is the choice for the 50% cd reduction on ET, no discussion really. Tier 5: 3 PvP utility talents (Sticky Bombs deal no damage). Personally use Camouflage because I'm trying to convice the Rogues to let me into their secret class hall. (No luck yet) Tier 6: AoE Tier. Actually used Butchery to great success early Legion, but the long cooldown and only 3 charges meant that you'd be out of AoE after the first mob group since it completely removes Carve. DfG provides a nice single target DoT as well as spread damage to go with ET. Serpent Sting sadly falls way behind the other two in damage output. Tier 7: First talent [Spitting Cobra] allows for increased focus regen and a bit of damage. Since Survival is not focus starved it's hardly relevant. [Aspect of the Beast] is useless since our pet is specced Tenacity anyway and having it reducing 15% damage is rather pointless. [Expert Trapper] is the way to go.Fizzlesticks17 17 Feb
19h BM nerf? AM I reading this right? We're getting our base damage reduced from 10 percent to 6 percent? Or is the 10 percent not yet been instigated?Archgordie3 19h
1d BM over-reliance on 2 pc t19 Probably wont get noticed by devs but the amount they dropped the ball on BM yet again is staggering. Being forced to use 2 piece t19 because of how well it synergises with zoo spec is a car crash. Add to that a relinquished arcano crystal and a mid level cof simming as your bis trinkets, you know something is badly wrong. Im stuck at 918 ilvl until I can get a good titanforge out of t20 pieces to force me away from zoo spec, terrible design.Serrapha2 1d
1d New Artifact Traits. Hey, Someone can tell me how i get new traits? i saw that: But i don't have quest like here, i got only the !@#$ty quest "Chromie" How do i get this quest? Because now i can only upgrade this one: with not limit, its good?Armdylo1 1d
1d After 7.2.5(Now) MM or BM Hunter Hello everybody. I was playing MM hunter nearly 4 month ago.I started again to play wow.I saw no different in MM but BM has 2 charges and differances.I have fun while playing bm for now.But for now which spec is more powerfull and more funny ? And can you say what are the biggest differences ? Thank you all.Sephirious7 1d
1d BM.. Is it viable ? Cause it feels really s**t in PvP, feels like I can barely kill a single fly with the damage I have. :/Márîá2 1d
1d New Blood Elf Female Ranged Attack Animations As ppl are saying, the new animation look like human female (imo, its much better then the old BE attack animtion). Now, if they can just change the animation for a BE female when they loot something, i might reroll my undead here to a BE.Assassia6 1d
1d Was there any word of new hunter animations? I'm aware we received updated spell animations in 7.2, but besides of some abilities being more flashy, hunter's combat animations in general still look way too clunky and outdated to me. I'm talking about our combat stances and the way most races hold and use their bows/guns. I'd love to see my hunter actually pull arrows out of the quiver (if at least we always had one, currently we only have one if we use one of the artifact appearances ). I'd love to see my character do some cool acrobatics when using disengage insteead of just flying like some sort of a canon ball. Most new melee animations look amazing. Now the casters are getting fancy new animations too( which they deserve after all these years ^^ ). Was there ever any official word whether we are getting some love too in the near future ? :) PS: GUNS, please make our guns sound like actual guns again, and not some water pistols I'd buy for my 7 years old nephew °-°Aydén9 1d
3d Instant world quest Warriors have "Horn of War", mages "Focusing Crystal" and Paladins "Silver Hand Orders". What do we Hunters have and how to get it?Kloker3 3d
3d Need a litte "trap" advice for my survival gameplay I love playing on my survival hunter. One of the cool features is the traps. Currently I use explosive trap and caltrops during every fight. BUT....I think the manually handling hurts my dps to a degree. So i need your advice! Will I do better of with having the explosive trap be macroed to drop at my feets? Meaning no manually placement? (i normally use the explosive trap when i am at melee range anyways) And am i better of getting rid of the caltrops talent and use talents that will increase explose trap dmg instead? And then just use tar trap to get a slow on the mobs? My only issue would be that this setup will basically have me not manually place anything during most combat and not really use the tar trap... Maybe a macro explosive trap at feet and place caltrops manually at evry pull is the best and most fun way? PS: I am not hardcore and focus on fun gameplay, but at the same time I dont want my gameplay to be totally awfull dmng wise.Rastel4 3d
4d Enjoying hunter more than other ranged! I'm a melee kind of guy but a made a hunter and I think its the first ranged I enjoy, this is probably cause of the move/casting that hunters have. I found shadow priest and mage quite boring to play in comparison but I guess they get better as you get gear or somethingMonkmode2 4d
5d Could someone take a look at my warcraft logs please? Hi, I was hoping someone could take a look at my logs for me? It's been a while since I raided on my Hunter so i'm a bit rusty. Any help that anyone can offer that will help me increase my DPS would be great, i'm feeling a bit disheartened playing my Hunter because i'm clearly going wrong somewhere and can rank better on my Destro lock in heroic, I always used to play my Hunter better than my lock! A few things to note: I have 3 'viable' legendaries, the boots, the belt and prydaz, I was able to upgrade prydaz to 970 half way through the raid when i got enough essences so thats why I didn't use it over the belt on single target fights before then. I remembered to pre pot before each fight (i think!) but forgot to use a potion during the fight sometimes because the fights were so short! I usually raid heroic each tier but haven't been playing as much lately so my ilvl is only 910 ishRazva9 5d
5d Suggestion to rework the Explosive Shot Explosive Shot is a powerful AoE nuke and is the go to talent for multi target fights. That being said, it's a very gimmicky ability to use. I get that activating it a second time instead of targeting an enemy is supposed to give it flavor and raise the skill floor but not only does it get annoying after a while but also it's extremely buggy and difficult to see. My suggestion is: Make Explosive Shot a targetable ability that does the exact same thing but doesn't need to be activated a second time. It should simply explode when it reaches the target. Also, how are we even detonating it lore wise? Do we have a remote or something smh.Naleadon6 5d
5d MM hunter With pet So my question is: are there any good builds for MM hunter while using a pet for dungeons/raids. The reason i ask this is because i think its very nice to have a pet with a battle ress join the raid so hunters are more usefull in newer content raids beside their op dps. Still i like Lonewolf a lot cause of the dps increase but i would also want to be close to that dps with a BR pet by my side. So pls answer this without telling me to just give pets up and keep it at lone wolf cause its just annoying when people do that. Greetings Bryan (dedicated MM hunter)Darkoliver8 5d
6d Mm hunter rotation Hi guys, i need hep. Is there any addon that show my rotation? Something like heykill (something like that) or elementarist for shamans. Thanks in advance I'll be a MM hunterMaladath12 6d
6d Steady shot vs arcane shot Hey guys, I wanted to start a conversation about what was/is people's favorite focus generator. Personally it took me a while to get used to arcane dhot with legion's global cooldown, but now that I've gotten used to it, I find the pace of it rather nice. However, I still feel like past iterations of the spec have been a bit more engaging. I enjoyed steady shot more as it felt less clunkily spammy (although I might have enjoyed legion's arcane shot with a 1 sec gcd). Cata's marksmanship in particular I found to be fun, as it had a nice pace as well as great but not unlimited movability. I haven't played through wod however, and I wish I had, as a lot of people claimed MM had the its best iteration then. I initially thought of startibg this conversation on mmochampion, feel free to check it out: 6d
6d New pets in 7.3 made me realize how much I miss pets I wish Lone Wolf wasn't our only viable option in PvE :(Aydén6 6d
12 Aug spirit bond macro Is there is a certain macro that makes my spirit beast cast his spirit bond spell(the one that heals) automatically on me with me targeting myself and casting it?Bullshot7 12 Aug
12 Aug Cant get quest for third relic. Hi, please help. I completed all order hall quests - no hunters campaign ( I did not get none - maybe one, but completed already). I have 40lvl of AK, 47 weapon traits, tier 6 etc. And still nothing. Logout didnt fix it. Any idea please? Thank you a lotAntikristka12 12 Aug
11 Aug Wolfhawk's mount deformed wing Dear Blizzard, is there any particular reason why would you not fix the deformation of hunter's class mount wing that it suffered after 7.2? It's something that's been bothering me for quite long time and I still can't figure it out. I always loved my hunter and ever since I saw the class mounts been introduced I was very excited to get my Wolfhawk a.s.a.p. To my huge dissapointment, you ruined the great new model by stupid wing deformation which drives me nuts, mainly because it's been absolutely needless. Can you please fix this? Or are you gonna deform all the other class mounts models so that we hunters can feel a little bit better? I hope someone in charge replies to this. Kind regards, AniAnimag4 11 Aug
11 Aug Is SV going the way of the WoD demo lock? No real updates to the spec in 7.2.5, no new info in dev talks, nothing so far on 7.3 PTR... Blizzard is suspiciously silent about the spec and dodges all questions. Probably they are not satisfied and are considering a rework in the next expac, therefore they don't want to spend resources on it now. Nothing else could explain the silence and inactivity on their part. What do you think?Freefalling2 11 Aug
11 Aug Rate the transmog above you! V6 The old thread has reached it's limit. To next person: My bow is invisible! It's a plain light brown vanilla bow, suppose it's buried in wow history. :DAntler225 11 Aug
11 Aug Two Global Coldown spells, Macro I want to use two global coldown spells after oneanother and atm I'm using this macro: /startattack /castsequence reset=1 cobra shot, a murder of crows But I really want it only to use a murder of crows after cobra shot when it is not on coldown and let me spam fire cobra when it is on coldown :/ Anybody that can help?Regnaroz1 11 Aug
10 Aug Please help, before I pack it in forever... Afternoon all, Before we start, I should state that I'm not new to raiding. I'm no hardcore mythic raider, but I've done progression content over numerous expansions and am currently doing progression in HC ToS (all down but KJ). I'm struggling, though. Really bad. Back in Mists we were progressing mythic SoO and my DPS was amazing. Normally top, if not top, then pretty damn close... At the minute though, my DPS is almost always at the bottom of my raid team (we're talking as low as 500k on some fights). I'm following my rotation as best as I can, and I'm pretty sure I'm making the most of my Vulnerable windows, but I'm just failing. It's starting to make me resent raiding because I feel I'm dragging my team down :( If someone more experienced than myself could possibly look over my gear etc. and offer some constructive criticism to help me improve, I'd appreciate it massively :) Also, I realise I only have one leggy so far, and my stats aren't exactly optimal. Surely that can't be the only reason though? Thanks in advance for your help, fellow Hunters!Harpér46 10 Aug
10 Aug BM or MM? Hey, Whats prefer right now? MM OR BM? i just wondering what will be better..Armdylo7 10 Aug
10 Aug How to play as a hunter.. Hi there! I apologize in advance if there are similar topics to this. I've been looking through the forum a bit and couldn't find a lot so I decided to make my own.. I'm a Level 90 Hunter, MM, in PvE at the moment but I have absolutely no idea how to play this class. So far I've been getting by with using like 3 skills and my pet. I haven't been to any dungeons either except one. (I got b*tched at cause I didn't know my pet had a skill that made it the tank? I don't exactly remember, but I haven't been to a dungeon ever since.) I've read and watched some guides online, but they are all for the Legion action (happening at 110 I guess? I don't have Legion yet if that matters). I mean the skills are of course the same as the ones I have, but can I use those exact guides for my current level so I can run some dungeons? So for now I'd like to know if MM or BM? (I'm not a melee person so no SV) What are the best.. I think people called it rotations? Do you guys maybe have some guides for idiots like me? I really like the Hunter so I'd like to stay with it.. even though it seems like they aren't at their best performance at the moment? I hope you guys can help me in whatever way! Thank you and good day/night.Droya2 10 Aug
10 Aug What will happen to Hati in next exp? From what I've heard, we will not have our artifacts in the next expansion, and we will get our unlocked artifact skins for transmog. But that made me think, what will happen to Hati? I personally dislike having 2 pets so I wouldn't mind having 1 pet back like it used to be before, but I would be kinda sad if I lost my different Hati appearances. Will we be able to tame Hati to use as our main pet? Or will BM hunters have 2 pets in the next expansion too?Tinkiloo12 10 Aug
09 Aug Hati doing nothing on ToS bosses Hi. Im not sure if this is a bug or a problem with my UI or something I am doing wrong, but for several bosses in ToS my Hati just does no damage. It happens mainly on Sisters/desolate host/ mistress. Has anyone else had this issue? If so, was it a particular addon or macro (i use /petattack a lot)? The other hunters in my guild have never had this problem and I cant seem to find anyone else who has encountered it, which makes me think its something in my setup. Any help would be appreciated, its driving me nuts in raids.Hunterdrizzt0 09 Aug
09 Aug Old SV What do we think the chances are of this ever returning? I loved SV as a mobile dot spec. The argument that there was no difference between the 3 specs never washed with me. Turret, pets and dots. I'm not saying they will ever revert the change as I think that ship has well and truly sailed but do you think there will ever be scope for old SV to return, maybe as 4th spec?Allium20 09 Aug
09 Aug Single Page BM Hunter Crib Sheet Hey guys, was bored the other day over my lunchbreak so made myself (as a returning player) a crib sheet for my BM hunter - not perfect but has the essentials on there. Thought any new/ returning players may appreciate it. 09 Aug
09 Aug BM buffs? True y/n?Armex51 09 Aug
09 Aug I need your special recommendations for MM Hello friends. I started WoW with the Legion. I have a few problems and I need your advice. Even those who are low in ilevel can sometimes pass me on raid or dungeon. I feel very inadequate in my own dps. My ilevel is 860. I know very less, but even less than me are doing better dps than me. This has become a psychological problem or I am really doing something wrong. If you have a tactic or a rotation, you will make me very happy. If I have made a grammar mistake in my writing, I apologize already. Not: I'm 17th on the average 16th in Raid Finder.Staphyle2 09 Aug
08 Aug When did survival hunters become melee? Lol I have a few questions about it. 1. When did it happen(what expac, not which patch) 2. Why did it happen? 3. Does it feel like a Hunter?Swamperii8 08 Aug
08 Aug Surv comps So only really been getting any success with a rogue and priest, what you other surv hunters teaming with? :)Finn2 08 Aug
07 Aug Carrion Bird pets - what do you use? Yo, Just curious to know what Carrion Bird pets you lot are using? Hoping come up with some new transmog ideas and obviously you need the pet to match! Cheers all.Lëwis2 07 Aug
07 Aug True Aim bug? I'm using the "true aim" talent chice and have the huntmaster ring for Lock and Load. I had built up 10 stacks of true aim during the "Avatar" fight in ToS. After switching to the maiden I took great care to use only multishot and marked shot and also I switched back to Avatar and fired arcane shot and aimed shot to prevent the buff expiring , yet it still did so If True aim is only giving buff for aimed and arcane so why did it reset? Seems unfair if intended or a bug that needs to be fixed. Another peeve. Why can't Kirin Tor wq's be done in a raid the same way wardens can?Clowder3 07 Aug
06 Aug Spells are Stuttering Hi Forum so i recently switched from BM to MM, but i quickly realised something was off, while practising my rotation on a target dummy, it felt extremely strange, like my spell queueing was stuttering and my spells didnt register when i pressed the key. i've tried the /console SpellQueueWindow X command, but it doesnt seem to work, i've even reset my entire wow interface. i usually have a ping betweeen 28-33 has anyone else experienced this sort of problem? i only have this issue when playing MarksmanPixelhunter1 06 Aug
06 Aug Wolfhawk wing visual bug As the title says, after the patch the Wolfhawk's right wing appears to be broken. The feathers near the base of the wing are folded and it looks very awkward when flying or hovering in place. I've posted this under 'Bug' section in game, and I hope this gets passed along because it really kills the look and feel of the mount. Has anyone else noticed this as well?Altherius10 06 Aug
04 Aug Solution to the BM problem Look here's the deal, BM hunters have been in the game for a bit too long. Now, you may think that I'm simply triggered after I fought 2 BM hunters in a skirmish (I am) but this is a serious problem. Those damn BMs have the ability to send in like 10 beasts over the course of 10-20 seconds and it is disgusting indeed. I myself have tried to play a BM hunter and after I was done I felt ashamed of myself, all I had to do was sit back, press dire beast and then kill comman. Ez win, so I say we delete beastmasters from the game, not nerf, not replace just straight up delete. Thanks... #DeleteBMEboshi7 04 Aug
04 Aug wyvern macro. #showtooltip [talent:5/1] Binding Shot; [talent:5/2] Wyvern Sting; [talent:5/3] Camouflage /cast [talent:5/1] Binding Shot;[talent:5/2] Wyvern Sting; [talent:5/3] Camouflage Id like to get it so its using the Wyvern @focus and Binding/Camou just normally but havent found a way that works yet any ideas?Rubmypaws1 04 Aug
04 Aug Simple addon keeping track of Dire Frenzy stacks? Hello. I'm wondering if there's any -simple- addon keeping track of my BM Dire Frenzy stacks? I don't really want another addon that messes too much with my UI/playing experience so I prefer to not have to deal with some addon that keep tracks of all cooldowns such as WeakAuras and similar ones. Thankful for any help <3Klaha3 04 Aug
03 Aug Hati not attacking Hi, I read several months ago of people have problems with Hati not attacking. Until tonight, I'd not had it happen to me, but in ToS he's not doing any DPS for me. He runs up to the boss, but nothing. I've tried relogging, toggling to MM and back, togging passive/assist, and I have /petattack macros. He come back for one boss fight after the MM toggle, but then went AWOL again and hasn't been back since. Making a Hati burger seems kinda tempting :) Anyone else still suffering from this? We only do normal/heroic, so it's no big deal, just very frustrating! Thx! R.Rohip7 03 Aug
03 Aug Need help with MM rotation during BL/TS Hello fellow hunters, I'm relatively new to the class and I'm playing MM. So far, I got comfortable with the rotation outside bloodlust and TS: After Windburst: 2x arcane shots followed by 2 aimed shots, after a marked shot: 1 arcane shot and 2 aimed shots ( correct me if i'm wrong ). BUT, during bloodlust and/or trueshot, it gets a bit hectic for me, with all the haste increase (faster shots and faster focus regen), I'm not sure how to best use your shots to maximize your dps ( especially with the patient sniper talent ). Can some of you sniper experts give me some advice and tips on how you manage all your shots during these cooldowns ? Many thanks in advance :-)Aydén10 03 Aug
03 Aug Can't find Gara anymore I did the prequests for Gara at lvl 100 until the Voidcaller part, but since that part was a bit difficult at the time, I decided to come back later. So I come back several months later, memory a little fuzzy and read up on what to do. I didn't find Gara at the grave so I went to get a void lantern. Then I go inside the void and kill Xan, but Gara is nowhere in sight. Watching a video later revealed that Gara should be with you when you enter the void. Do I have to create the effigy again or how do I get Gara to show up?Aleiana4 03 Aug
03 Aug Buff BM 03 Aug
03 Aug Hunter in pvp realm I play on Defiasbrotherhood, it's an RP-PVP server. I'm mostly there for the RP. Aside from the RPing I do raiding and casual pvp. Thing what is bothering me is the times I'm being ganked as a hunter. I asked another hunter on the realm if she was being ganked all the time. She confirmed it. What is it that makes hunters such an attractive target? Sometimes I'm litterly unable to do invasions because horde keeps ganking me, followed by corpse killing. I'm looking for tips and/or advice how to deal with this. I'm struggling big time. I'm playing MM. I love this class and I will most likely reroll from my DH to my hunter. PS: Before you say, switch realms. Trust me, I've thought about it but I have everything on this realm and I joined here before legion. I didn't know world pvp was turning out this bad.Carieth8 03 Aug
02 Aug Fix Tame/Bodyguard Bug. Are you kidding me? As it is, the bodyguard and his pet keep attacking my tame-target, thus canceling the taming. So if i want to tame a new pet i have to travel back to the Order Hall, pay to dismiss my bodyguard, travel back to where the pet is, if its still there, tame it, then travel back to the Order Hall, and pay again to re-activate my bodyguard. Fix this please.Hordsax1 02 Aug
02 Aug Tier 21 Survival PTR question Hello, The "not set in stone and just an idea" tier 21 set bonusses have been revealed on the ptr of 6 juli 2017. The survival one caught my eye and i would like to pose a question and a discussion. Item - Hunter T21 Survival 2P Bonus - Flanking Strikes Buffs Raptor Strike Crit (New) Flanking Strike has a 0% chance to increase the critical strike chance of your next Raptor Strike by 0%. Item - Hunter T21 Survival 4P Bonus - Mongoose Bite Buffs Raptor Strike Damage (New) Each cast of Mongoose Bite increases the damage of your next Raptor Strike by 0%. Stacks up to 0 times. The biggest point of these current set bonus is the use of Raptor Strike! The only reason why survival currently is using raptor strike in our already busy rotation is when we use the "Way of Mok'Nathal" talent. With this set bonus it seems some things are clear 1) Way of Moknathal becomes more mandatory and some survival players who hate the talent will be even less motivated to play survival as main spec of hunter 2) Or Blizzard has a totally different idea on how to play survival where they place raptor strike in our very busy and hectic rotation. If this is the case i would love to know what the rotation would be when someone is not using Way of Moknathal with the new set bonusses. Hope someone can give me an answer or just add to his/her idea of the current set bonus. This is still not set in stone, but at this moment im afraid the idea of Survival of BLizzard is different than the idea of survival that some of our hunters have. cheers,Tammo4 02 Aug