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17 Feb [Guide] In-Depth Survival Guide Introduction When Legion launched, Survival specialization was changed to melee and given an entirely new tool kit. But this you probably already know, however it is still a new specialization, with many different guides on the net offering contradictory advice. Parts of this guide follows the precedent set by's Survival guide (shoutout to Azortharion), however especially the Rotation section varies significantly. I've been playing purely Survival since launch and currently raiding with the spec as well. At the moment it is widely considered to be the weakest of the 3 hunter specs, and while that might be true, a large part is the inherent complexity of the rotation. So lets get started! Ability Overview: Mongoose Bite[MgB]: Main damage dealing ability, with 3 charges that applies a 12 second buff increasing all further MgB damage by 50% per stack. Stacks up to 6 times but the buff does not refresh. Is the baseline for the DPS windows covered in the Rotation segment. 12 Seconds CD affected by Haste. No focus cost. Mastery: Hunting Companion[M:HC]: The bread, butter and bane of Survival hunters. Gives your pet's special attacks a chance to grant an additional charge of MgB. 500 Mastery equals 1% pet procc chance. Explosive Trap[ET]: A hefty damage dealer with a 12 second cooldown (After Talents and Traits). Damage is split between the initial burst and a lasting DoT. AoE. No focus cost. Flanking Strike[FS]: Solid damage with a 6 second base cooldown affected by haste. Double chance of proccing M:HC. Costs 50 Focus. Lacerate[Lac]: DoT with 12 seconds duration and 10 seconds cooldown. Costs 35 Focus. Dragonsfire Grenade[DfG]: AoE ability with split damage between burst and DoT. Long cooldown of 30 seconds. Recommended talent (See Talents). No focus cost. Throwing Axes[TA]: Talent. Main filler ability, 2 charges with 15 seconds cd affected by haste. Quickly throws 3 axes, good both melee ranged. Fury of the Eagle[FotE]: Artifact Power. Damages in a cone and is channeled for 4 seconds. 45 seconds cooldown. Is affected by the damage buff from MgB and also increases the duration of the MgB buff by 4 seconds. Is now on global cooldown after the content patch containing Emerald Nightmare. Carve: Filler AoE. Low on damage, but better than nothing. Can be replaced by Butchery (See Talents), which is not recommended. Costs 40 focus. Harpoon: 5-40 yard range charge mechanic. 20 seconds cooldown. Raptor Strike[RS]:Purest trash, probably tied for worst in the game. Does around 10% of the damage your other abilities does, even after unavoidable Artifact damage increases. Should only ever be used when everything else is on CD. Costs 25 focus.DPS Cooldown Overview: Aspect of the Eagle[AotE]: Primary dps cooldown. Gives an additional 25% chance for your pet to procc MgB charges and increases all damage done by 30% with Aspect of the Skylord Artifact trait. Lasts 10 seconds with a 2 minute cooldown. Snake Hunter[SH]: Talent. Instantly grants you 3 charges of Mongoose Bite. 1.5 minutes cooldown. Note that it gives new charges, not stacks of the buff.Pet Overview The nature of our Mastery means there are two significant factors about your pet. Firstly the pet should be specced Tenacity, since it gives an extra AoE attack that can procc M:HC. Secondly it should come from one of three pet families: Either Scorpid for [Deadly Sting], Riverbeast for [Gruesome Bite] or Carrion Bird for [Bloody Screech]. Which of these three doesn't matter. The reason for this is that they count as extra special attacks and can procc M:HC. Talents Tier 1: Throwing Axes is the clear choice here, giving decent damage and works as a good filler. Animal Insticts applies a random buff for 7 seconds every FS, however neither 10% Haste nor Mastery is particulary useful, and the 33% chance to get 30% increased movement speed is downright bad. Way of the Mok'Nathal is a talent I've seen a few guides recommend, and it's good - On paper. This talent is bad, the primary problem being the incredibly low damage of RS, and having to get 4 RS off AND reapply one every 8 seconds is a huge waste of DPS. Testing this talent and maintaining the buff currently costs me around 55% of my dps. Bad idea. Tier 2: 3 interesting talents, however SH is completely necessary to achieving 6 stacks of MgB consistently, so there's no competition. The others are good, but not essential, unlike SH. Tier 3: Choice is between [Farstrider] and [Posthaste] although if you want 3 more seconds of Aspect of the Cheetah it won't matter that much. Personally use [Farstrider] for better combat mobility, since I play a gnome and [Escape Artist] allows me to escape roots. Either works. Tier 4: 2 of these talents provide some nice PvP utility, the last one is a strong PvE boost. Improved Traps is the choice for the 50% cd reduction on ET, no discussion really. Tier 5: 3 PvP utility talents (Sticky Bombs deal no damage). Personally use Camouflage because I'm trying to convice the Rogues to let me into their secret class hall. (No luck yet) Tier 6: AoE Tier. Actually used Butchery to great success early Legion, but the long cooldown and only 3 charges meant that you'd be out of AoE after the first mob group since it completely removes Carve. DfG provides a nice single target DoT as well as spread damage to go with ET. Serpent Sting sadly falls way behind the other two in damage output. Tier 7: First talent [Spitting Cobra] allows for increased focus regen and a bit of damage. Since Survival is not focus starved it's hardly relevant. [Aspect of the Beast] is useless since our pet is specced Tenacity anyway and having it reducing 15% damage is rather pointless. [Expert Trapper] is the way to go.Fizzlesticks17 17 Feb
1h Rate the transmog above you! V6 The old thread has reached it's limit. To next person: My bow is invisible! It's a plain light brown vanilla bow, suppose it's buried in wow history. :DAntler205 1h
6h At the US hunter forum... How is a surv Hunter getting kited by mages? It's the only melee alongside feral that can't be kited with their two rootbreakers on fairly short cd silence spider sting and feign death to avoid cc or burst. Honestly I feel like some just blatantly ignore what makes their spec strong. It makes me sad. Play your cards right! Wait for frost novas THEN HARPOON straight to their face next Nova you masters call and aspect of the cheetah and you get block rinse and repeat. Carry on. Sincerly someone who mains surv and alts ww.Killibrew0 6h
7h Fighting Specific Classes (PvP) Hello I do just do bgs in all honesty and I understand what I am supposed to do (relatively) but I was wondering if some players could contribute and explain what they do against certain classes like what they interrupt etc. I am talking from a marksman perspective but if you are doing bm or surv and you wanna contribute just put it at the top if you have any knowledge. Here is a list of classes that I find quite unclear on how to beat in pvp : Warlock affliction Shadow priest Balance Druid If anyone has any other classes they want to offer some insight on that would be much appreciated!Draac1 7h
9h Cant get quest for third relic. Hi, please help. I completed all order hall quests - no hunters campaign ( I did not get none - maybe one, but completed already). I have 40lvl of AK, 47 weapon traits, tier 6 etc. And still nothing. Logout didnt fix it. Any idea please? Thank you a lotAntikristka7 9h
11h PvP Spec? Hi, just wondering what kind of spec would work atm, i heard that BM is quite !@#$ so thats no option i guess. :D The Question is, is marksman still OP for 2s or is survival more of a go to spec for 2s? for the 3s bracket i wont bother this patch, because my friend is a dk/monk.Attackthepet3 11h
14h Hunters should be able to mount their pets I would like to hear your opinions..Hashoraq12 14h
15h Buff BM 15h
15h BM vs MM in 2s I know that mm is superior in 3s, but how about 2s? Should i stick with bm even after nerfs?Nikesmaister1 15h
17h Dps and rotation Hey guys. I having some issues with my dps and wanted to know what I can change/ improve on to as I'm stuck around 600k. This is for my MM build :DVorren2 17h
17h Old SV What do we think the chances are of this ever returning? I loved SV as a mobile dot spec. The argument that there was no difference between the 3 specs never washed with me. Turret, pets and dots. I'm not saying they will ever revert the change as I think that ship has well and truly sailed but do you think there will ever be scope for old SV to return, maybe as 4th spec?Allium7 17h
1d Rolling a hunter for pvp. What is the go-to spec? MM?Zuesh19 1d
1d New Toon I am currently looking to reroll to a pure dps class because when playing a hybrid I always tend to either heal or tank. I know you guys cannot choose for me but below please take a look at what i enjoy doing: self sufficient questing and rares soloing old content raids little PVP mostly battlegrounds Raiding (will try to go up to Mythic) I am torn between hunter and mage. Below please see my reasoning (i do not know if I am correct so please correct me) Mage squish am afraid will not be able to do difficult content (rares etc) Good Mobility Transmogs not bad Hunter good mobility Good for rares and harder content Rotation lacking (people keep telling me its just 3 buttons) Can you please advise? thanksRodevas4 1d
1d Best arena comps in 7.2.5 Are these 2 best arena comps in your opinion as well? :) 1d
2d DPS Consternation I have a question... I simmed my main, and it comes out at 935,xxx dps I then did a raid, and did 866k dps in the first fight which is a high movement fight, after doing 235m dmg in said fight we wipe, but logs say 649k dps but mouseover showing dps while active was 866k, so I am doing 92.5% of my theoretical maximum sustained dps Which is right? my meter which said 866k dps, Warcraft logs which said I did 866k dps while active, or Warcraft logs which said I did 649k dps...Sulah6 2d
2d Survival PvP Is that some sort of mystery, trying Survival Hunt, feels like nothing does damage. All the bleeds does sh1t damage, moongose weak, 1 trap = weak cc. I guess u have some roots and slows, but thats not enough to carry the win. This spec feels rly weak, u have alot of globals to work with but all of them are SO WEAKCandunuffin21 2d
2d SimC telling me to go haste I got a few new pieces on our last run, so I did some SimC and It's putting haste quite high now, above both Crit and Mastery. To highlight this, if i scale it and enter it into Pawn, it's telling me to equip a haste/mastery ring over a crit/mastery. I know the haste/mastery ring is 915 and the crit/mastery is only 900, but I loose about 1.8k crit for 1.4k haste and I gain about 400 mastery. I go from 34% crit to 29% and from 13% haste to 16%, my mastery goes from 23% to 24%. Is this normal to start valuing haste?Brewfasa2 2d
2d Hunter mobility increase disengage They changed aspect to the cheetah by giving us a 3 min CD. Makes sense since now you can get a speed buff by using disengage every 20 seconds. I am just wondering if it would be good if Hunters who strafe could have something like a glyph that makes disengage leaps in the direction you are kiting or moving like with Mages blink. Players who don't strafe and peddle backwards can still use the backwards option. What are fellow hunters thoughts?Cùrsé1 2d
3d Question about Lock and Load Hello fellow hunters! So despite all the people saying marksmanship doesn't have a nice flow in their rotation I'm actually really enjoying the spec and I think it plays pretty smooth -as long as you execute the rotation correctly-! I have been reading the rotation guide on icy-veins and think I somewhat master my rotation now. There's one thing that confuses me though and that is the Lock and Load talent. When should I be using the procs? Normally I'm running with Patient Sniper so it's recommended that I use my aimed shots as late as possible for most damage. So when I get a Lock and Load proc should I just wait on using them until my vulnerable buff expires? Thanks!Cyrille1 3d
3d Hunter Pets What is the best pet for hunters? I´m using The Kurken. Also, what do you think about my name? I think it´s quite good :)Vennour10 3d
3d Survival Hunter Talent BUG - Posthaste This talent says "harpoon also frees you from all movement impairing effects and increases your movement speed by 60% for 5 sec." however when rooted harpoon does not break you out. Assuming roots and slows are the movement impairing effects that this talent should work on. On MM work fine but not for harpoon Still bugged blizzard plz fix it!!!Gukex2 3d
4d Legendary Shoulders or Waist? Hi there! Well, besides others I got the following two legendary items: My question now is: Considering the shoulders are made for BM hunters but have way higher stats than the belt: Which one should I choose as a MM hunter? Further question: It says that the ring increases the DMG of my Aimed Shot whenever I hit a target with Multi Shot. Does this also apply for Sidewinders, since Sidewinders replaces Arcane and Multi Shot? PS: You hardly see me doing any PvE stuff. So ofc I referre to PvP fights.Smylodon0 4d
4d BM hunter nerfed to the ground :( Hunter Cobra Commander’s Sneaky Snakes (Artifact trait) damage increased by 25%. Thunderslash (Artifact trait) damage reduced by 50%. Thunderslash (Artifact trait) deals 30% less damage with the Dire Frenzy talent. Thereturn48 4d
4d HELP! Survival Artefact weapon quest Repeat. I am a MM and BM hunter. Never did the survival artefact quest as to me Survival is dead. It is not a hunter anymore.. Anyway I was flying over Tidescorn Harbour and it started the scenario for the Survival artefact automatically.. Quickly finished the quest to get it over with and got my Survival Artefact weapon and got ported back to Dalaran.. Flew all the way back to do the WQ I actually wanted to do in the same area and WTF? I am again back in the Survival Artefact weapon scenario quest? Now it is Survival Artefact Ground Hog day! Can't complete the quest as I can't pick up a second Survival Artefact weapon and everytime I fly over the stupid area it starts the scenario again???! Tried restart etc. no luck. Any ideas?Cùrsé2 4d
4d nerf the tier19 2set for bm Its way too strong and needs tuning down. I have won 925, 920 peices from tos hc but i cant use them because my 895/900 tier 19 gear is over 40k increase. the only time tier 19 will be weaker is when you win 940 ilvl gear from tomb and you have the normal hc 890 ilvl one, but even then with titanforging, you can probably win 910 or 920 ilvl tier 19 and then you have no chance of replacing it because of how powerful it is. nerf it big time.Mccreé2 4d
4d My dps is bad, please help. Hi, So I've got really bad dps. In ToS I get between 550k and 650k dps single target. I'm Ilvl 909 with sephuz and Gyro. I have a weak aura for vulnerable and do my rotation correctly so that I fit 2 aimed shots in as close to it expiring as I can. My stats are Crit: 42% Mastery: 20% Haste: 11% Versatility: 0% Right off the bat I know my stats are wrong, I also don't have any set bonuses. So is this why my dps is bad or are there other possible reasons. Assuming I get the full windstalker set and replace gyro with boots, will my dps improve significantly? Appreciate any help, Thanks!Elewynn4 4d
4d How to take down them Warriors in world PVP. While levelling I like to take down everything that grants an Honorable kill, most times a surprise Aimed shot does the trick, but a warrior's armor limits this option, and then the mofos seem to have an unlimited supply of charges and gap closers. Any Skilled MM hunters at pvp who have any tips on dealing with warriors?Ialthera8 4d
5d New Blood Elf Female Ranged Attack Animations As ppl are saying, the new animation look like human female (imo, its much better then the old BE attack animtion). Now, if they can just change the animation for a BE female when they loot something, i might reroll my undead here to a BE.Assassia1 5d
5d Power Auras BM Hunter Legion Hi Someone who has complete Set Power Auras string to Bm Hunter in Legion or know where to download or copy it??? Must be a Hunter who still use the addon -Power Auras- ( I have weakauras but i like and prefer Power Auras :) ) Have a nice Day Regard DesperadosDesperados1 5d
5d So I went for Survival Having mained another class so far in legion, I got a bit bored and decided to resurrect my old hunter. This guy has been Marksmanship since early BC, I never played any other spec until I got myself the offspec artefacts - and for some reason Survival sucked me in. I love the way it plays, being melee with a pet and all that utility. I'm having lots of fun. Now I'm just curious about how many hunters there are out there playing Survival, because I don't see that many in the class hall? How come it's not that popular, poor performance or are Hunters just being conservative about melee? For me, hacking away as hunter brings back fond memories of when I just never could remember bringing enough arrows to dungeons...Giljath22 5d
5d Rate the hunter name above you ? Hmm... let's start one of these threads again I say ? I know I would win for best name, I mean... it just fits perfectly no matter how you look at it ?Elystina470 5d
6d Wolfhawk wing visual bug As the title says, after the patch the Wolfhawk's right wing appears to be broken. The feathers near the base of the wing are folded and it looks very awkward when flying or hovering in place. I've posted this under 'Bug' section in game, and I hope this gets passed along because it really kills the look and feel of the mount. Has anyone else noticed this as well?Altherius7 6d
6d Hunter name? Hi guys i thinking to change my hunter name what you think the coolest name for hunter i'm thinking (terrør) but what you guys say? :D BumpDiedeath43 6d
6d Suggestion: Black Arrow Flavor Redesign I really like Black Arrow, but it doesn't really fit with the "Wilderness" theme of hunters that Blizzard seems to have gone for this expansion. It's more of a Dark Ranger thing, which only really fits if you're a Forsaken hunter. So, my idea is this: keep the mechanics as they are, but change the name to Bait Arrow (Blizzard can probably come up with a better name), change the damage type to Nature (poison) and make it summon living beasts instead of undead ones. If people want the old one, it could be a glyph - or this new styling could be a glyph effect. The fluff/flavor here being that you shoot the target with an arrow laced with poisonous bait or pheromones, thus luring a wild animal to attack them - the taunting aspect could be because the beast is frenzied by the lure. Feedback is appreciated! I hope there are more people out there who would like this.Rauhana2 6d
6d Wolfhawk's mount deformed wing Dear Blizzard, is there any particular reason why would you not fix the deformation of hunter's class mount wing that it suffered after 7.2? It's something that's been bothering me for quite long time and I still can't figure it out. I always loved my hunter and ever since I saw the class mounts been introduced I was very excited to get my Wolfhawk a.s.a.p. To my huge dissapointment, you ruined the great new model by stupid wing deformation which drives me nuts, mainly because it's been absolutely needless. Can you please fix this? Or are you gonna deform all the other class mounts models so that we hunters can feel a little bit better? I hope someone in charge replies to this. Kind regards, AniAnimag0 6d
6d Wolfhawk's mount deformed wing Dear Blizzard, is there any particular reason why would you not fix the deformation of hunter's class mount wing that it suffered after 7.2? It's something that's been bothering me for quite long time and I still can't figure it out. I always loved my hunter and ever since I saw the class mounts been introduced I was very excited to get my Wolfhawk a.s.a.p. To my huge dissapointment, you ruined the great new model by stupid wing deformation which drives me nuts, mainly because it's been absolutely needless. Can you please fix this? Or are you gonna deform all the other class mounts models so that we hunters can feel a little bit better? I hope someone in charge replies to this. King regards, AniAnimag0 6d
18 Jul BM challenge mode unbeatable without legendary? Hello! So,, after a lot of failing, I finally managed to kill Tugar in the BM artifact challenge, only to find that the second phase seems impossible without a certain legendary. Even with the legendary neck, I can't survive long enough in the second phase to kill the worm. Is the second half of this fight even possible without the legendary legs (the ones that heal you when still)? I know that gear checks are nothing new in WoW, but to revolve the encounter around one SPECIFIC item you need pure luck to get is ridiculous. Anyway, rant over. Peace out.Zuruzan5 18 Jul
18 Jul BM: LOW DPS Hello, I`m writing because I have a huge problem with my dps during raids. Im playing Beast Mastery hunter. Below you can find my up-to-date character profile. I do for example 500 k dps when other guys (hunters too) in my guild make 800+k. And they have very similar Ilvl to me. I feel useless. :( My rotation for the opening: bestial wrath/call of the wild/thunderstike (at the same time). the I use 1 or 2 dire ferenzy + murder crows. Then I use kill command. To spend overload focus I use cobra shot. When the cooldown of the bestial wrath/call of the wild/thunderstike I use it. And the rest of all over again. I don`t have any macro coz I had some with kill command and misdirection and It didn`t work lol ._. I use prepots(prolonged power), flask with 1300 agility and mastery food. Now I try to have less mastery and go for more crit strike. If you need and logs I can share it. I would be very grateful with any recommendation from you :)Lucyhunterr3 18 Jul
17 Jul help me! am changing my hunter to an draenei male. i need a nice,cool, fantasy name for an draenei male hunter . help me plz! XDThrandiel18 17 Jul
17 Jul Fenryr doest spawn Hello last night after work i Killed Heymdall and went to sleep today i went back there and killed Fenryr after few pulls and the tamable Fenryr doesnt spawn for me i try with soft reset of the istance and nothing change he is still mising . the worst thing is that u need like 30 min to open a ticket with the new support UI u cant really find what u looking for in there and the wait time is 4 days gg blizzZeek19 17 Jul
17 Jul Survival Legendary. So I have CoTW, now I don't know weather to use KJ's burning wish, Sephuz's secret or the new Unseen Predators cape.... help me out D:Finn2 17 Jul
17 Jul Hunter Marksman items Hi, These (click on the link) are my current items. What items should I swap, what can I buy, etc... to make my dps more? I have 100k gold at the moment. I'm planning on getting the ring that you win from the fishing contest, forgot the name. Any suggestions? Thanks 17 Jul
17 Jul BM hunters in PvP and how to fix them. First of all let me first introduce myself, I'm a hunter main since MoP and first got into PvP in the beginning of WoD, I've been playing the game since vanilla. My experiance is 2600 in 2s and 2500 in 3s on hunter. I've always liked the idea of BM hunters and in legion it's the only spec that feels like a hunter. SV is now melee wich isn't a bad thing necessarily but MM is so cast reliant that it takes away alot of the fun being a hunter so that leaves BM for now. Let me say that I'm really disapointed in how the BM hunter situation in this patch has been handled, overnerfing us like this makes no sense if you're not listening to 1500 rated 2s players and even if you were you guys still over did it. Now to the real issuse, how to fix BM hunters. in PvE the current version and playstyle is fine, it hurts no one. But in PvP we need a different build to satisfy both BM hunters and our opponents. My solution is the following: The Chimaera Shot talent should make it replace Kill Command, make it a simiar CD as Kill Command and tune it in PvP to make it a favourable pick. Give it a chance to trigger the Jaws of Thunder proc and some dmg should be delt by Hati to by the Master of Beasts trait. The dmg should be boosted by the Pack Leader trait too. Remove the cleave of Chimaera Shot, no one likes uncontrollable cleave. This would be an intresting talent that changes the playstyle completely like Lone Wolf does for MM which brings more depth and variety to the class. By doing this we lose significant dmg when our target is LoSing and we can still do damage even though our opponent manages to snare an AI pet in the arena, which is not a game winning achivement. We would still be highly dependant on our pet for utillity, focus generation aswell as some dmg and would not ruin class fantasy. When it comes to honor talents I really like the idea of interlope but right now it feels like a really scetchy spell, make the pet sling-shot to the target like Master's Call and stick to it for the 3s duration and remove the "next hostile spell"-trigger. It would work great if it just applied a buff instantly that transfers the spells. This removes the need for my teammates to adjust their positioning to an AI unit when they are in a compromising situation in arena and instead introduces an element of timing from the hunters part. The duration could even be lowered to 2s if these changes happend. Stop trying to make Dire Beast: Basilisk happen, even if it's the best spell on earth no hunter would ever like it anyway. It's a slow AI that's just annoying and it is not what the spec needs. A great substitute would be a kind of an execute but not as good as spammable Kill Command, I was thinking along the lines of our main pet do a Kill Command with appropriate dmg when we Chimaera Shot targets below 20%. Or anything else that would help us offensivly, anything but another pet.Dumledor1 17 Jul
16 Jul MM Hunter I would like to play some pve as mm hunter, is the best hunter spec now ?Natherzim1 16 Jul
16 Jul Wolfhawk stays abominated after 4th hotfix 22/06 It started very nice, the quest where we all grinded that hard for was a pearl in the game, a very nice quest with even emotions involved to finally get that beauty: The wolfhawkmount! A nice classhallmount that truly fits the hunter! But that was for a very short while, a terrible horror (upgrade 7.2.5) hitted our classhallmount in the most terrible way and gave "flight" another view as it got a totally broken right wing (see picture in the link below) -Right shoulderarmour pointing backwards (left upwards) -first part of the feathers direction forwards (left backwords) -the total right wing is placed much lower than the left! Many reports were sent in, but totally nothing has done about it, but a hotfix on gnomies tittle accountwide seemed to be more importatant than a hunter's pride. We , hunters, also pay 12eu/month and also payd "legion-upgrade" i still dont understand why we stay behind on the highest unvaluable level by blizz. Surely if you know that incifnificant hotfixes are done, mostly nerves or other small things... If visuality isn't an priority of a game, than what is... picture: 16 Jul
15 Jul Wolfhawk pet? Just wondering if someone can confirm for me how these spawn. I thought it was in a cave in Eye of Azshara and they alternated but Ive just found a cave and Varoudnir has spawned 3 times in a row. So should I be looking elsewhere or is it just bad luck??Yinghei5 15 Jul
15 Jul Shrinking Hati?! Heya guys, I'd love some feedback on this weird thing that happened on my hunter! I've noticed that many hunters are running around with pets in different sizes, even after [Essence Swapper] been used on Hati. Well, anyhow I decided to try out the [Glyph of Lesser Proportion] on one of my own pets on my hunter... I put the glyph in the first pet slot and saw how my pet shrank a bit. Here comes the weird part tho, when I was done I accidentally hitted [Mend Pet] and Hati just shrunk down to nothing... now my pets are all messed up! screenshots:éedee4 15 Jul
15 Jul What about a 4th hunter's spec?? Is there any chance to see a 4th ranged spec for survivals in the future??That could calm down all the heat the survival's transformation created.Klarina20 15 Jul