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23 May 2018 [7.0] Help my DPS/Performance -thread! (Read the OP) Greetings, fellow Magelings. Considering there is no current thread like this on the Mage forums, I figured one should be here as it usually benefits quite a lot of people, while same time helping to minimize the amount of misinformation that gets spread around. What is the purpose of this thread? Simply put, it is a place where you can ask for guidance in regards to things you are unsure about, or struggle with. This includes spell usage, consumables, gear and raid compositions as all of them are relevant to maximising damage. Anyone can post to help, but please ensure that information is correct before you press the submit button if you are offering advice. The last thing we want to do is to spread untrue information. What should I not do in this thread? - Do not come here to complain or vent about issues. - Do not ask for buffs or nerfs. How do I ask for help? In order to make it as efficient as possible for the ones helping, you need to provide a certain amount of information. At the most basic level, describing what you do in the game can be sufficient for fundamental things, but for more in-depth questions that just won't cut it. ... The most commonly used logging website is WarCraftLogs. If you can link your logs from there it'll be enormously helpful. If you are unsure how to do this, or just want a bit more knowledge about WCL, feel free to have a read through the guide below. It should answer most questions. It is also preferable that you have done some research previously as to how to play your particular spec. Full spec guides will not be provided here, as they are too extensive. If you are unsure where to find spec guides, I have linked some at the bottom of the post. SimulationCraft First off I'll say this. SimC is -not- gospel, and should not be taken as such. It has gained a bad reputation for illegitimate reasons, not all the modules are great, not all cross-class DPS comparisons are great. There are flaws. However, fear not. SimC is a hugely powerful tool when it comes to optimising our characters. We are fortunate enough to have quite competent people maintaining the Mage module, and we'd be fools not to take advantage of this. It is very good for getting our characters stat weights, as well as comparing different talent combinations. Here is an excellent guide by Frosted, one of the maintainers of the Mage module, to SimCraft. It may appear to be heavy reading, but if anyone is truly interested in minmaxing, this is a handy tool to have. Guides and helpful threads: Fire by Rinoa If there are any hugely valuable threads you wish me to add, feel free to give me a link and I shall have a look. <3Rinoa109 23 May 2018
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
15 Nov Mages are so op. So today i was farming at stormsong vally when this low item level fire mage could gank me easlly and spam greater fire something while blinking away and preventing me from reaching up to her so blizzard needs to nerf that so you cannot use spells there dammage a lot while you blink or buff Paladins a lot more. She was around130k health and i was around 150k in health so if anything i should have won i could barelly even get to her on the Divine Steed.Türiel21 15 Nov
15 Nov State of mages after 8.1. (Mythic+) Hey guys! So I've been thinking about upcoming nerfs for the frost recently, and I am curious if mages will still be as useful after 8.1 as they are today. Frost's cc and AOE damage are going all the way down and it is kinda inevitable that the numbers of frost mages in mythic+ pugs will go down as well. What about other specs then? We know that frosts can provide a very nice amount of cc and aoe damage now, but as a new player, I kinda don't know how useful will arcane or fire be on higher keys. What is Your opinion about the situation fellow mages?Orsson8 15 Nov
15 Nov Controlled burn before Mastery? So i am wondering why is Controlled Burn available to me as a pvp talent at lvl 40 before i can even have Mastery: Ignite, which is at lvl 78? Is this a mistake? I cannot find any info on this on google (or i have been wording it wrong) Or, does this actually have 'some' kind of effect?Totemii6 15 Nov
15 Nov Frostbolt does 15% less damage than Smite 300 casts specifically with same ilvlMadñêss5 15 Nov
15 Nov Fire Rotation? Hi guys. I know how fire somewhat works during combustion, you make like a chain of pyro's with crits and all. But once combustion wears off, what would my rotation be then? How do I go on with DPS if I basically have no real procs? I'm trying to find the sense of it, but I've never understood Fire as much as Frost or Arcane. (I've already ready the full guide on Icy-veins, before anyone is going to recommend.)Ep2 15 Nov
14 Nov Rate the Transmog above Last one reached it's limitNebaisa376 14 Nov
14 Nov Maybe time to bring back deep freez I play this game for fun.. I do like wizard cleaves in arenas .. Frost mage without Deep Freez for burst is impossible to play with Ele sham .. When you see fire mage damage I think it is fair to bring back the old deep freez for forst magePöxa1 14 Nov
14 Nov Fire PvP stat prio On wowhead it says the stat prio is Mastery > Haste > Versa > Crit. I'm not quite sure why Crit is now at the bottom of the list. Is getting Pyroblast! procs no longer the main source of damage? I mean I cast Greater Pyro a lot, but when on the move I'm still trying to get Pyroblast! procs for damage, so outside of Combustion, I would have thought Crit is still fairly important, no?Yeshuagave14 14 Nov
14 Nov arcane mage or bm hunter hi i want to know which better arcane mage ,fire mage ,bm hunter oon fire mage i spam scorch or fire ball on pve ?Selvenia0 14 Nov
14 Nov Arcane Pummeling 8.1 Anyone tried this on PTR ? does the +10% proc chance stack ?Zak1 14 Nov
14 Nov I miss being a mage. As opposed to beign a Pyromancer/Cryomancer/Arcanomancer. I miss the feel of being a master of magic that specializes in one but can wield all three for fun combinations.Nymuz12 14 Nov
14 Nov Dps/dmg done - frost How come im 10-13k dps in mythic + and pretty much #1 or #2 on dps.. (single target) BUT My dmg done is very often much lower than the others in the grp. I dont have any downtime regardig dps on trash/boss... So i dont understand how i can be topish dps, but 3-4 on dmg done without any downtime @ doing dmg. Same goes in raid dps, but kust above tanks on dmg done... Makes me depressed...Elamandrii8 14 Nov
13 Nov Arcane Spec and Lack of Glyphs Seriously what is happening to this class? We have virtually no cosmetic glyphs and Arcane (my favourite spec) is just unplayable now. I have had to change to frost spec just to stay competitive in terms of dps. Arcane is like something still in its alpha version. It has 4 attacking spells and a 2 button rotation with the occasional arcane missiles and the only aoe spell requires you to be in melee range where you will be cut to ribbons. I mean come on where is all this money we pay to play this game going? Back to the cosmetic front, why is it that frost has its icicles form above your head, warlocks can glyph to have their soulshards appear above their head and yet arcane charges have no visual representation? Our food tables just look the same while warlocks can glyph their healthstone alter to look awesome and glowy. This is the main class I play and all I keep seeing nerf after nerf and nothing new added. I looked it up and in grand total we have about 7 or 6 glyphs in the game... That is shocking and they are all very minor visual changes. Where is our customisation? I don't care how whiny this post is, I'm sick of never seeing positive changes to the class. Blizzard earns millions, how difficult is it to add more glyphs or spells to a spec that is sorely lacking in it.Ulioth3 13 Nov
13 Nov Bring our "boys" back! Give back mirror image in spellbook! We won't chose it in talents coz mirror image fun spell, but not the best talent! #bringourboysbackВельдрик10 13 Nov
13 Nov Frost mage destroyed on PTR Even got more damage nerfs. Discuss.Coldfearxx27 13 Nov
13 Nov Hall of Guardians Mage in BFA? If you did not do artifact quest line during legion, how do you obtain the teleport: hall of the guardians ( This is so I can start the quest line for the artifact weapon (Ebonchill) and therefore unlock the legion dungeons (Halls of Valor) etc.Scrotus5 13 Nov
12 Nov "Fire" heating up and non-crits. Would the spec be too broken if non-crit didn't wipe heating up? Nothing less satisfying having hot streak drop off just before the next fire blast, only to sit there and cast 5 more fireballs for the next heating up.Livía7 12 Nov
12 Nov Noob fire mage needs help So I dinged 120 yesterday and have been hitting the gear ladder as hard as I can. Got my mage to a decent enough ilevel with pugs only so I'm very happy with progress so far. However I'm not sure I'm playing well enough. I'm of the understanding fire sacrifices AoE for ST compared to frost, Correct? In terms of DPS I'm around 7k, I this more or less to be expected at my gear level (333) or should I uninstall? Jokes aside, I'd appreciate any and all help as I want to main this char going forwardAllakhazam15 12 Nov
11 Nov Correct usage of glacial spike? Ok... how is it supposed to work? Guides tell me that I should always combine spike with flurry so i get shatters. That seems good idea. Yet, in game i will find myself casting frostbolts even, if I have glacial spike up. I might have got to shoot spike 2-3 times at sometimes before a single instant flurry pops up. Should i always wait? Or what? I'm atm trying to spec to ebon bolt so I could at least force a instant flurry, but I still find myself casting frostbolts and no isntatn flurry popping up and seeing myself losing potential glacial spike casts. How is it done right?Kaden4 11 Nov
10 Nov Pvp dmg so low.. Hi, my main is warlock. These days im tryin to enjoy some mage pvp. But as a frost mage my dmg is incredibly low. Im 357 ilevel currently and im doing like 3k 3.5k if they go on me its about 2.5k dmg in arena. Anyhelp is welcome. What im doing wrong? Why im doing so low dmg in arenas? While in dungeons im 1st or secondMusållat2 10 Nov
10 Nov Fire hidden arti Not long since rerolled to this and really fancy this skin. Anyone fancy farming it sometime?Freedrinkz5 10 Nov
10 Nov Supernova for 8.1 Patch 8.1 is getting closer and closer, can we please get a buff to this spell, please ? This talent is a dps loss for AOE and Single target something is really wrong here...Zak0 10 Nov
09 Nov Shield bug? Is this a thing or in my imagination? In shrine last night on the last boss. When you go to the other world with the Squids, I'd constantly get 1 hit killed at max hp IF I had shield up and they got a cast off. The cast was doing 20k damage, and nothing else hit at all (didn't get touched by a tenticle). So everyone took 20k damage, and I'd get 14k absorbed by Shield, and 14k overkill. When I'm sat with 140k hp and shield up? It's happened to me a few times I've been one shot (140khp+shield) off a small attack that should do like 10% of my hp? And its aleays shielded for 14,500, overkill 14,500. Just to clarify, I 100% got hit by nothing else, no tenticle. Nothing in the log for quite some time.Chocoh0 09 Nov
09 Nov Frost Mage is so powerful in PVP Btw, thanks for the nerfs.Coldfearxx9 09 Nov
08 Nov What am I doing wrong? Help me pls... This !@#$ing spec pisses me off! I always loved Frost, I main mage since TBC, especially in PVP (I mostly do PVP) I've always been Frost specced. I was so happy, when in Legion I could finally raid as Frost Mage. We were farming HC Antorus (no Mythic tho), and I was in top 5 damage all the time. Now I'm last damage 90% of the times, and I don't know whyyyyyyyyy! :( I'm gearing my character for crit mostly to reach 33%, waiting for Flurries to cast Glacial Spike, I even use Ebonbolt to proc Flurry and cast a GS. On adds I Frozen Orb, Blizzard, Comet Storm, and pet Nova them, so CS mostly crits. Nothing is enough. I'm still last on the list.Coldfearxx5 08 Nov
08 Nov BLINK - Please fix 2018 still having issues with blink pathing over small obstacles such as curbs in arenas, bridges n' such ... Cast two blinks infront of a curb in an arena and went nowhere Blink through the bridge in ironforge Blink through the bridge in firelands raid etc etc... Anybody else? Fix?Kailorr13 08 Nov
08 Nov Fire Mage Flame on+Phoenix Anyone else feels like fire is so idk uncomfortable to play without both talents?Maerlin7 08 Nov
07 Nov Ignite is bugged? or smth else? Hi guys! Hit lvl 78 with my new fire mage, and i'm seeing the following - ignite ticks start at "0" dmg, and go up by a single point of dmg. For example: battle starts, I cast fireball that crits for 700 - ignite says 0 or 1 dmg per second. Hit with a pyroblast for 1500 etc, and the damage goes to around 5 per sec/tick. Is this a bug on my side, or is something very wrong here?Sheol7 07 Nov
07 Nov Frost Mage finally get nerfed Finally they nerfed those horrendously OP Frost Mages. It was about time! Normal Uldir 75:th percentile: Heroic Uldir 75:th percentile: Mythic Uldir 75:th percentile: Normal Uldir 95:th percentile: Heroic Uldir 95:th percentile: Mythic Uldir 95:th percentile: As we can all see Frost Mages were clearly op and really needed to be nerfed. F.e Rogues, Frost DK:s, Warlocks clearly are much worse of then Frost Mages and should be buffed! Rogues only have three speccs that all perform better then Frost Mages on all difficulty levels, that is not enough! Rogues, f.e, should have atleast four speccs that are better then Frost Mage. Please Blizzard buff Rogues, we all know that Rogues should always have atleast four speccs that performs better then Frost Mage or the game isn't balanced! And buff Warlocks too they only have TWO speccs that perform better then Frost Mage, this simply isn't balanced!!! DK:s and Warriors also only have two speccs that outperforms Frost Mage. This isn't fair! A Frost Mage should never...and I repeat never be able to perform as well as those classes!!! Frost Mage should never be anywere close to the top half of classes and Im happy that you at Blizzard understands this and nerf them! In Mythic raiding they were way too close to be in the top half of all classes. As I said before I think Frost Mages were way too close to be among the top half of the classes, I therefor urge you to nerf Frost Bolt as well. Frost Bolt is currently hitting way way to hard! 3116 damage for a for 2 seccond cast is WAY to much! Also I see you nerfed Frost Mage slow. Good! Now only Assasination Rogues can have 60% mass slow, exactly how it should be imho!Adhominem13 07 Nov
06 Nov T'Zane trinket - fire spec Cant find any topic or calculation if its worth to use this trinket with combustion or rather Balefire trinket. Any help?Antíc2 06 Nov
06 Nov New mage.. whats best spec. pvp/pve So what is best lvling spec. up to 100? .. i like to pvp ..Yotai3 06 Nov
06 Nov Frost Mage - Buff Sustain Please We can do it the easy way, or the hard way the choice is yours.Gorazul1 06 Nov
05 Nov Greater Pyroblast is AWESOME Only way for me to kill mobs in 3 hits is if I use Greater Pyroblast 3 times in a row :D feels like I'm playing Classic already, casting spells with 4s cast time <3 And no, I'm being honest, spell is really cool, only downside is the travel time is slow but manageblePacha15 05 Nov
05 Nov Azerite outer ring powers Looking through most guides on the subject, it seems that we should, in nearly every case, be going for the general traits on our gear. This is because our spec specific traits, that buff our abilities (something I'd consider to be more fun) don't compete, barring a few notable exceptions: - Frost - Packed Ice (ST and Cleave [if talented]) Fire - Blaster Master (all situations) Arcane - Galvanizing spark (ST), explosive echo (AoE) and arcane pressure (Cleave/AoE) This obviously isn't an issue with the general power's themselves, as they offer the same damage/stat effect, at the same Ilvl for every spec in game. So why aren't these spec-based powers getting numerical increases, so we can have a little more choice in how we play? What does everyone else think?Icefall2 05 Nov
01 Nov PTR Changes to Frost Frost Mage 8.1 Spell Changes Frost Blizzard Ice shards pelt the target area, dealing [114.4% of Spell Power] Frost damage over 8 sec and reducing movement speed by 50% for 15 1.5 sec. Each time Blizzard deals damage, the cool down of Frozen Orb is reduced by 0.5 sec. Mage — Frost Spec. Mage — Frost Spec. 2.5% of Base Mana. 40 yd range. 8 sec cast (Channeled). 8 sec cool down. Comet Storm Calls down a series of 7 icy comets on and around the target, that deals up to [315% [280% of Spell Power] Frost damage to all enemies within 6 yds of its impacts. Frost Mage — Level 90 Talent. Frost Mage — Level 90 Talent. 1% of Base Mana. 40 yd range. Instant. 30 sec cool down. Frostbolt Launches a bolt of frost at the enemy, causing [51.1% of Spell Power] Frost damage and slowing movement speed by 50% for 15 8 sec. Mage — Frost Spec. Mage — Frost Spec. 2% of Base Mana. 40 yd range. 2 sec cast. Frozen Orb Launches an orb of swirling ice up to 40 yards forward which deals up to [346% [310% of Spell Power] Frost damage to all enemies it passes through. Grants 1 charge of Fingers of Frost when it first damages an enemy. Enemies damaged by the Frozen Orb are slowed by 50% for 15 30% for 3 sec. Changes in short - Blizzard(2 Sec Cast & 8 Sec cd) Slow Duration down to 1,5 sec from 15 sec. - Frostbolt Slow Duration down to 8 sec from 15 sec. - Frozen Orb Slow Duration down to 3 sec from 15 sec. - Comet storm down to 7*40% Spell power from 7*45 Spell power. - Frozen Orb down to 15% Spell power from 17,3% Spell power. - Frozen Orb Slow Effect down to 30% from 50%. These are the spell changes on the PTR 8.1 Right now and it seems blizzard is trying to remove the Slow aspect of the class itself. this to me is very concerning because for example at High Rated PvP Mages are often not brought because of their damage at all but rather because of their control and slow, this is very clear in Rated Battlegrounds at higher rating where the mage would use Orb/Blizzard/Ray and even the Novas & Frostbolt in order to "peel" or "slow" the enemies from attacking their Flag carrier in war song/twin peaks and keeping the warlocks alive. Now this change will again cause the ripple effect Warlords & Legion has had on the class itself, where you would be at a disadvantage by inviting a frost mage, or a mage in general over any other class in the game, effectively cutting the player base out of those aspects of the game. Now in 3v3 mages did have burst damage but with the recent nerfs prior to this we have seen a more shift into fire because it gives that on demand damage frost lacks but gains in "control" with such slows. as most tactics featuring a frost mage (warlock/mage/healer, moon kin/mage/healer or hunter/mage/healer and so on, all play around the fact mage has slows but in upcoming patch they won't.) Now many of you many that mages deserve to be nerfed again and again but hear me out here, there are so many classes in the game who can suppress the slows such as warriors, druids,paladins and even monks etc, why is this even considered? im forced to buy another 110 boost to level a class i don't want to play in order to enjoy the game i play with friends and for the community? On a side note, nerfing ice form + the traits but leaving exact same traits but for moonkin druids and other classes in the game is mind boggling to me following these nerfs. When was the last time you invited a frost mage to pvp because of his damage and not because of his slows/control? and what will happen now in 8.1 you think? ask yourself, why would you ever invite a Mage to Rated Battlegrounds Now? i cant find one reason. i urge blizzard to re-think this please, the unique play style was what gave the class fantasy that feeling of being unique.Jimpyroblast5 01 Nov
01 Nov crit tracker Hey guys, playing around with fire. And I dunno if it's just my load out. Or me being an idiot... I do have the numbers turned off. But I can't tell when I've done one crit? Obviously when I get 2 my skills proc. Is there a weak aura /addon that can easily show me when I've crit, so I can quickly follow it up with a 2nd for procs. CheersChocoh3 01 Nov
31 Oct Simple fire mage question Just wondering if damage gets spread to other nearby targets anymore as it did before. i didn't notice anything which said it does in a quick perusal of spellbook. I want to know because in a bg I was just in, 2 healers were close to each other. I sheeped one and did damage to the other and immediately the sheeped healer was out of sheep. Was just wondering if that was from my damage or someone else's.Yeshuagave17 31 Oct
31 Oct just remove mages in pvp after being relegate to the worst class yet again after uneeded nerfs whats the point cant kill anything n 2's or 3's rbg spec has been nerfed into the ground meanwhile every !@#$ing mele is not getting nerfed bye 20-60% like they should be and healers they are fking goods nothing can touch them how is that %^-*ing balanced they should fking die in like 4 hits if not peeled not outl ive tanks and bulky dps bye just !@#$ing running where are there %^-*ing nuke nerfsLinadrel52 31 Oct
31 Oct ww monk vs frost mage hi i want to ask about 1-which is best 3 dps spec for pve now and on 8.1? 2- which is better bm hunter or frost mage on 8,1?Saraphen0 31 Oct
31 Oct Best spec for leveling Is Arcane. So if you came here to ask that don't go further. You can play all 3 specs, but arcane will be the fastest cuz dmg is way better than frost, little better than fire. Especially on low levels. If you need to kill elite, then try with frost due to kitting.Lightdagger5 31 Oct
30 Oct Glacial Spike Suggestion 2 changes I would like to see with this Spell are Slower travel time to make the Shatter consistant at all ranges (smashing bf after GS to avoid latency issuses is awful) Make GS castable at 4 Icicles. We can't add GS to the Spell Que after starting the 5th Frostbolt, and have to wait for the 5th one to complete witch just feels wierdZulfira9 30 Oct
30 Oct Fire Mage Orbs? Helloo mages, Do you know what happened to those awesome fire orbs around my head? Some people still got them in-game right now, but i cant find any option to use it. Melis doesnt give the option to disable or enable them (because the artifact has been drawn out of power ofc) But the phoenix flames talent does not give them either. Are they gone? (or bugged?)Ernaj28 30 Oct
30 Oct Confused about fire in mm+ Hi ! While waiting for 8.1, I decided to reroll mage. I like frost but i find fire more funny. I checked icy veins and other traditional sites, and watch some stream (like drjay) but no way to find some info. I have the impression that everyone is contradicting, and I'm a little lost. I see a lot of people say pheonix are best for mm+, but i see a lot of big mage play with flame on. Fp looks to be the best, but when does LB become better.? About stats... I have seen Drjay go full haste / poly but some others mage go full cc / mastery. And when i sim, say me to go cc / poly. I'm lost. thx for your help.Minastare6 30 Oct
29 Oct Some ideas Supernova - Can blizz boost aoe dmg on this spell at least by 50-100% and after use it will generate 1-2 arcane charges ? Boom you have useful talent from it Again Nether Tempest - Blizz could finally fix the tooltip to show dmg from it depen how arcane charges player have ? And boost it dmg by 10-20% overall ?Scavel2 29 Oct
29 Oct Old combustion Anyone else misses old combustion from cata/mop, the one that was a dot? Also using fire blast to spread combustion, ignite and hot streak dot to nearby targets, felt much better than just spamming fireballs and hoping for hot streak procs.Nickiheat3 29 Oct
28 Oct Frost mage scaling poorly Is it just me or is Frost scaling poorly? I feel that my dps are starting to fall behind other classes the higher ilvl I get. At ilvl 350-360ish I felt competetive to other classes, my aoe/cleave felt really strong and single target was decent but now at ilvl 370 most other classes have just as strong or stronger aoe/cleave while I feel Im struggeling really hard on single target compared to most other classes. I hit my simmed patchwerk dps on raiding dummys so I know there is nothing wrong with my rotation. I also have talked with some high end Frost Mages who have confirmed my concerns. How do you guys feel? Have you noticed your dps falling of at ilvl 370+?Ibsoft8 28 Oct
28 Oct Frost Mage dps lacking... (Frost) Mage is a pure dps class and shouldn't be struggeling at the bottom half of meters! Why do Warlock so often end up as the strongest caster expansion after expansion? Is it hard to tweak some numbers? 28 Oct