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17 May [7.0] Help my DPS/Performance -thread! (Read the OP) Greetings, fellow Magelings. Considering there is no current thread like this on the Mage forums, I figured one should be here as it usually benefits quite a lot of people, while same time helping to minimize the amount of misinformation that gets spread around. What is the purpose of this thread? Simply put, it is a place where you can ask for guidance in regards to things you are unsure about, or struggle with. This includes spell usage, consumables, gear and raid compositions as all of them are relevant to maximising damage. Anyone can post to help, but please ensure that information is correct before you press the submit button if you are offering advice. The last thing we want to do is to spread untrue information. What should I not do in this thread? - Do not come here to complain or vent about issues. - Do not ask for buffs or nerfs. How do I ask for help? In order to make it as efficient as possible for the ones helping, you need to provide a certain amount of information. At the most basic level, describing what you do in the game can be sufficient for fundamental things, but for more in-depth questions that just won't cut it. ... The most commonly used logging website is WarCraftLogs. If you can link your logs from there it'll be enormously helpful. If you are unsure how to do this, or just want a bit more knowledge about WCL, feel free to have a read through the guide below. It should answer most questions. It is also preferable that you have done some research previously as to how to play your particular spec. Full spec guides will not be provided here, as they are too extensive. If you are unsure where to find spec guides, I have linked some at the bottom of the post. SimulationCraft First off I'll say this. SimC is -not- gospel, and should not be taken as such. It has gained a bad reputation for illegitimate reasons, not all the modules are great, not all cross-class DPS comparisons are great. There are flaws. However, fear not. SimC is a hugely powerful tool when it comes to optimising our characters. We are fortunate enough to have quite competent people maintaining the Mage module, and we'd be fools not to take advantage of this. It is very good for getting our characters stat weights, as well as comparing different talent combinations. Here is an excellent guide by Frosted, one of the maintainers of the Mage module, to SimCraft. It may appear to be heavy reading, but if anyone is truly interested in minmaxing, this is a handy tool to have. Guides and helpful threads: Fire by Rinoa If there are any hugely valuable threads you wish me to add, feel free to give me a link and I shall have a look. <3Rinoa102 17 May
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
10h I beat the artifact challenge last night! I know it isn't a big deal to most of you, but I'm over the moon about this and quite proud of myself ^^ I recorded it, you can watch it here: 10h
11h 2nd "Hidden" artifact appearance Now as Arcane I see this artifact appearance in my order hall behind guardian forge and I like it. I find this appearance very interesting and maybe the best looking one out of all.Eadriel2 11h
20h Reroll: arcane mage Hello, I'm new to legion and the first stupid thing I did was using my boost on a class which I knew nothing about (warlock) and I don't like it... After trying some classes I found the one that fits me perfect, arcane mage. I'm currently lvl 89 and right now I'm just braindead doing dungeons. But I'd like to know which Enhancements I need to focus on and would really like to know the rotation/talents for PVE/PVP later on for raiding ect.Moonkinmafia5 20h
22h How to handle gap closers, especially DH's but also rogues, monks and warriors are very sticky. DK's i can kite but they can outsustain me. warriors can now jump and charge like monks. BG's are a nightmare for my mage atm. range or shamans, paladins are not a problem. its just most melee classes.. I am not 3000 rating mage but i been pvping on a mage since wotlk so i do know my way, but since legion i have alot of trouble vs DH's. with all these gap closers frost is almost worse then arcane. any advice?Mayonnaíse5 22h
22h Arcane: can't build 4 AC's without going OOM So I have this issue: during conserve I often times have to Barrage at 2-3 Arcane Charge stacks, because if I don't - I go OOM way too fast. This also means that I have to use Missiles at 2-3 AC's. I also feel that my DPS as Arcane, compared to Frost (which for me isn't even Crit-capped), is very low. With this gear my Arcane DPS is ~600, while with Frost (same ilvl) I get ~800. It probably has to do with my OOM problem. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks.Nevian6 22h
1d PvP Mage Spec? Sorry to be posting with my Shaman, but anyway... As the tittle suggests could u give me any feedback about which mage spec is more viable for PvP (3's) right now? Or in general give me any feedback on all 3 specs for PvP? :D Oh'ey Thanks...Mektatie3 1d
1d Soul of the Archmage Is this legendary ring ever worth using over other legendaries in any spec in any situation?Sandalf6 1d
1d Rate the Mage Transmog Above You - 2017 The Last thread reached it's limit. Everyone knows the drill. Rate the transmog of the person above you on a scale of 1 to 10.Justinia362 1d
1d Make frozen orb work like it does in PvP Hello, Every mage knows how buggy frozen orb can be. Sometimes it just gets stuck in the ground, failing to reach its target. Sometimes it just speeds off into the horizon. Being so dependant on Fingers of frost procs, having a failing orb can be devastating. How about making frozen orb work like it does in PvP, so we can place it wherever we like? I mean, it's already in the game. It would make things so much better. Granted, with shimmer talented you can blink in, release the orb and get out again, playing it safe. It's not ideal though, usually we want to save shimmer for dealing with boss mechanics. Anyone else thought about this?Stormblåst2 1d
1d What fire rotation do you use? Was interested to see what fire rotation people are using as I've read something that made me think in doing it wrong. I go for the precast FB-Combust-Blast-Pyro-Blast-Pyro etc However I've just read another that uses fireball as the filler for the hot streak proc instead. Anyone using this?Patxz5 1d
1d Give mage a self-heal ability So we can have something for PvP. The more I play Legion the more I realize this expansion has the worst PvP class balance in history of this game. Ice Block became near to useless. If I use it on low HP and no healer is around, I just postponed my death for a few seconds because they simply know it, Ice Block does not heal so DPS is like "Im gonna w8 right next to you till it goes off and then Ill just finish you". How can you give give 11 classes a means of self-heal but exclude a mage class? There is not even anything to discuss about this, its a significant disadvantage for PvP. Every class should be somewhat equaly prepared for PvP, but not giving a 1 class that one very important ability is like, OK and WHAT IS GOING ON HERE? Such talk as "Mage OP" or any other class is OP has no place here. This is about simple design that has been poorly done. We dont have a stun, ok. But not having a heal is beyong stupid. There are classes that perform much better in PvP than mage class and some of those classes are near to impossible to kill or very hard to kill. When I see it and play my mage it seems almost like Blizzard wants to keep mage class handicaped, class feels incomplete. Mage feels like only one time use battery.Emusnoc31 1d
1d What Ally race has the best looking Mage animations? And a bonus question, what Alliance race looks the best as a mage?Turhaturpa25 1d
3d Please read I have a important question, when i was going to choose my next artifact weapon i closed it by accident and now i cant/dont know where to choose again. Please answer me if you know something about this i really want my other artifact weapons.Zumb1 3d
4d Levelling as Fire in BGs I am trying to level as Fire in BGs. Oh dear. My Pyro crits are hitting for 60-70k on players who have 1.3 million HP. It would take me a week to get a kill even if they didn't fight back! Is this working as intended or is something broken? Anyone else finding this? Arcane or Frost does loads more damage, but I want to play Fire....Piryte2 4d
4d Can someone answer this? Hi as the title implies can someone clarify this for me I want to reroll to mage but I am afraid of one particular thing - Survivability As a tank I like to pull half the area and survive guess this cannot be done on a mage Also how feasible is it to solo Elites and Rares? On the tank I have no problems soloing elites with 61+ M Health Thanks for your helpRodevas3 4d
5d Regarding new 7.3 casting animations. I don't know if many of you had a chance to check them out, but in any case I'd highly appreciate if you could support a thread I made in this regard in the 7.3 PTR Feedback part of the forum. Here's the thread: Thanks.Nevian1 5d
6d The class has nothing to do with Frostfire anymore Frostfire Bolt used to be the coolest shizzle mages ever had, and Frostfire for mages lorewise has always been a thing. Frost even has a hidden skin made of Frostfire. Since Frostfire bolt was removed the whole class has nothing to with Frostfire anymore, what gives?Destruktio17 6d
6d Low DPS pls help I have a big problem with my damage. For example at Avatar of Sargeras I have less than 600k (around 550) and always 8-10 in top of recount (or skada). I eat Azshari Salad and always use Flask of the Whispered Pact and Potion of Prolonged Power. Pls help me. My wow progress page:гордунни/Зиггфридд Help me Obi Wan Kenobi you're my only hope)))Зиггфридд2 6d
20 Jul Frost mage question As fire spec i have (just recently dinged) 48% crit and when i go frost i only have 28% crit when i need something like 34% unbuffed . Is there something in fire that gives me an extra 15-20% crit and how important is the 34% crit for frost mages just doing dungeons/lfr/dailies ? Any advice would be very welcome .Serenía5 20 Jul
20 Jul Most fun mage spec? Disregarding how strong it is, what is the most fun mage specs in your opinion?Lockvd10 20 Jul
19 Jul delete deleteKátsu1 19 Jul
19 Jul Did you guys noticed?! There is NOT A SINGLE boss in ToS where mages are OP and an undisputible Top1 dps (any spec). There is only ONE fight (Harjatan) where we are Top2 (arcane, less played and most underpowered spec overall), yet Balance druids are still better there (spoiler alert, Balance druids also Top1 dps for other 3 out of 8 mythic fights (currently logged), probably will be a Top1 dps even for KJ, making them like Top1 dps for 50% of the whole mythic instance, including the end-boss fight as a cherry on a pie). On all other fights we are either something like little above average or even on the bottom. It looks like this is the worst instance in the whole WoW history to play a Mage.(could anyone remember times where mages was not OP even for one boss? and also being bottom dogs for most of the fight). Did we lost our Mage lobbist in Blizzard high places? :)Grems12 19 Jul
19 Jul Combustion meteor interaction How exactly does the crit from combustion work with meteor? Is it good enough to cast meteor at the last half second or so from combust, or should i meteor first, then use combust just before meteor hits?Ahriva2 19 Jul
19 Jul Best fire talents for mythic+ ? I mostly went with Confla, MI, LB and Meteor, especially with Tyrranical. But I often hear that Rop and Cinder is better than MI and Meteor, and what about IF anf Flame Patch (most offen on heavy aoe like Mistress on ToS)? Of course I'm talking about 10+ keys, on low it doesn't matterDemandredd4 19 Jul
19 Jul Frost 7.2.5 mythic+ Hey guys. I'm playing as a frost mage right now and want to do good in mythic+. I have bracers, shard, helm, gloves, shoulder and chest legendary, as well as a couple of pieces of t20. With the changes of 7.2.5, thermal void nerf, etc. What is currently the best legendaries and talents for frost mages in mythic+? Shard of exodar doesnt feel that useful since im the only one who can hero sometimes so im thinking about using bracers and helm instead. Since TV nerf, is it good to use glacial spike instead? I know that it benefits from mastery and mastery is a pretty bad stats for mages... Anyway feel free to share your builds and thoughts about frost mages in mythic+ :)Frozenorbz3 19 Jul
18 Jul Fire Mage questions Heya, I just started playing this mage again, as you can see my first legendary is still 910. Hopefully after today's reset it iwll be 970 :-). I had a quick check on youtube guides for fire mages, and since yesterday I got the legendary headpiece, I feel quite comfortable with having both of them. I wonder e.g. in raids and mythic+, Alexstrasza's Fury I should always spec? Secondly, I still have to check this on a dummy, but I understood there's something about casting Fireball while casting Pyroblast? Since I guess at the moment I'm still losing precious seconds, but yeah this is new to me. How exactly does that work? I did already add a weakaura for the bracers and I will learn to play this spec more over the coming weeks, just trying to get started properly. For example, when I get that talent, I will miss "Flame On". I still need to properly use my Rune Of Power e.g., and when to use Combustion. One thing when I get a lot of crits in a row is, that Fireblast/Phoenix stacks go down fast, what you do when they them up first, or use one as soon as you can use one with Hot Streak? I am aware that the other 2 specs are considered "better", but I just find the gameplay interesting, spells effects look nice, what can I say, love fire spells, reminds me a lot of my fav. Dark Souls class the Pyromancer :-)Aendali7 18 Jul
16 Jul Arcane legendary's Hi, i have 6 legendary's , Gravity Spiral, Belo'vir final stand, Rhonin's assaulting armwraps, cord of infinity, mystic kilt of the rune master and sephuz's secret. I cannot figur out wich is the best combo, the ring i think is the strongest. but wich item to use with the ring, i do not know. Can anybody give me adviceDreadi5 16 Jul
16 Jul TellMeWhen Useful things? Anyone got something neat and/or useful to do with TMW?Barstow1 16 Jul
16 Jul Mage Tower Arcane Appearance Celebration After several months of spamming Sigryn and her council I finally downed them! It's the most exhilarating feeling and I just wanted to share it with some people who might care and appreciate the sheer challenge of that fight. DREKAJAR N E V E R YIELD!!!!! I realise I probably overgear it by now, but still a big deal for me. Anyone else feel like me?Sylleis6 16 Jul
15 Jul Mage for 2s. Hello mages! I was wondering if Mage / Healer would work for 2s? Been playin' melee since Vanilla, its time to atleast try a ranged class.. :-)Drebins2 15 Jul
13 Jul Posible BiS inside Black Temple Timewalk? Has anyone thought that some of the items in black temple had effects apart from stats? In addition some trinkets may be interesting and actually better than ToS one. Sadly most of this items were weapons/shields and no longer usable. There are also some 3 socket items that may end up being pretty good. Thoughts?Xaxiimbo3 13 Jul
13 Jul Cometstorm bug pvp Was doing bgs and skirmish and everytime I press Cometstorm there is no visual. I dont see the hp bar drop either and no dmg in the combat log. It was just working fine on a targetdummy afterwards though, but bugged again in the next bg. Anyone else experiencing the same? Edit: More people have this issue it seems. Lets report this bug, so that it hopefully gets fixed soon.Kátsu4 13 Jul
12 Jul About PvP trinkets in PvE So, I got a 920 titanforged PvP trinket: +1272 versatility, on equip: chance to get 6711 intellect for 20 sec... I thought it's not bad. but then I looked at askmrrobot and it's ranked very lowe, even below some 885 or 890 trinkets... can it be that bad, or it's just AMR being confused about trinkets as it used to be in past xpac? Then how are primary stat + sec stat trinkets? I got 895 intellect + haste and intellect + versa... from PvP... Are they better than trinkets from normal Tomb? I remember at some point in nighthold people farmed Trial of Valor for Helya stat stick trinket... is this still a thing to get lower ilvl stat sticks over fancy Tomb trinkets? Where is the place of Whispers in the dark? Is the buff/debuff thing worth it after all? I got 900 ilvl version of it too. Anyone have any insight on the world of trinkets?Sandalf6 12 Jul
12 Jul Crit Suppression gone?? Hi...just wondered if any of you lovely mages out there could help me with something. I saw a comment on the altered time forum about crit suppression being removed in legion. There was a link to a US battle net forum that has been purged. I asked a GM and this is the reply I got back..... thank you for your question. While the gamemaster team isn't really intended to awnser gameplay questions, I still had a bit of a look through our forums and various websites. Players there stated that with Legion, Crist suppression for higher tier content has indeed been removed and linked to a thread in the US forums which unfortunately has since been purged. However, as the other players seem convinced, I'd say it's a pretty safe bet that this is the case Nevertheless, if you'd like total clarity on the matter, feel free to use our community forums to reach out on the matter directly! I would really appreciate any clarity that any of you can lend to this topic...and apologies in advance if I have chucked this post in the wrong place :) have a great weekend :)Shortstuffy3 12 Jul
10 Jul Best 2 comps in 7.2.5 RMP & TSG Are these 2 best arena comps in your opinion as well? :) 10 Jul
10 Jul Switching to frost: Thermal Void VS Glacial Spike So for the first time ever I'm planning to switch over to Frost for PvE, casual raiding and mythics will be what I'm doing mostly only I'm a bit torn between what seems to be the two main Frost builds. Thermal Void or Glacial Spike, I've got the Legendary gloves already for Frost and my gear is mostly mastery atm for Arcane so that may affect things but that can change. I'm just curious as to what other people are running. I know the proper thing to do would be to swap talents depending on the fight in question but like I mentioned, I'm casual scrub tier.Threndual44 10 Jul
10 Jul Help a new mage Hello guys, I am a level 60 mage with mostly using the arcane specialization. First of all, which stats should i focus on increasing? Should i use a specific weapon or any weapon as long as it gives me good stats (i swapped by staf for a dagger and an off-hand weapon because the dagger gave 80 more intellect). Finally, what should i do with my high mana expenditures? I know i have the free items that recover my health and mana to full but they are very slow and evocation has a very high cd. Give any advice you can, it will be helpfull. Thank you in advance!Freezemaster8 10 Jul
10 Jul Frost 7.2.5 This is what we got. 10 Jul
10 Jul Is Arcane really the right choice instead of Fire? I was playing with fire mage spec (ilvl800 and 14 Artifact Level) and have no issue to kill elites (marked as star on the map) with a bodyguard and almost never die while questing because of shimmer healing. I read topics here who complain about fire mage and switched to Arcane spec (Again 14 Artifact Level). I feel a bit better damage output but died many times while trying to kill elites even with slow and displacement abilities and can not survive if three or more mobs attack at the same time and using invisibility then escape is my only option to live. However I can handle five mobs at the same time with fire spec and can survive more than five minutes while fighting. Am I doing somethings wrong with arcane spec? I have read many topics who talked about the fire spec is the worst spec atm but am I the only person who think fire is the most survivable mage spec?Xidan4 10 Jul
09 Jul Shields Any reason why the mage shields are not a 1 hour "buff"? I know, not everyone wanna run with a shield around him/her all the time. But could just change the illusion of the shield or simply remove it. Don't know about others playing mage, but I don't know why this isn't implemented.Savagelïght2 09 Jul
08 Jul Why is "Blizzard" not affected by haste Well the title basically says it i just leveled a mage and noticed that it does not matter what haste i get the blizzard does the same damage over the same amount of time is it supposed to be like that ?Quadpulse4 08 Jul
07 Jul help with frost little help guys ! at dummy i have about 800 k dps the raid bot says i must have about 965k and at tos i have about 500-700 k dps do i have something wrong with my gear i have use everything haste -versa-crit etc my gear is 915 07 Jul
06 Jul Thwarting the twings and GS It's not possible to do or at least I've struggled heavily to get this down with Glacial Spike. This makes this boss extremely unfair for those with a haste and mastery build. For Glacial Spike Mages we don't necessarily have the gear to make such a huge shift into TV build which is needed to keep slowed. GS simply takes too long to cast. They should have thought of this - its just not possible for some players who opted for a different build - makes it completely unfairJamiebot15 06 Jul
06 Jul 35+ quest question Hi mages, I have dinged 110, got AK40, got frost traits to 35, unlocked broken shore and than I expected the 35+ trait quest for frostmage at Khadgar to appear. However its not there. What have I overlooked?Kátsu3 06 Jul
05 Jul The Nexus I'm trying to get back into the dungeon The Nexus at 110, after acquiring the Arcane artifact from there previously. I need to get to the old version of the dungeon, but the entrance only takes me to the new, arcane artifact version. Is there something I'm missing or is it not possible to get back in there?Drackare0 05 Jul
04 Jul What do you like about Mage? This is a question I need to get answered, because I have problems of choosing a class I want to level and main, because I did wrong decisions with my boost etc... (I boosted this rogue and "main" it but it's not fun tbh and also he's Alliance and I only boosted Alliance because my "friend" who played for one week wanted us too -.-). So, I am torn between Mage, Warrior and Paladin. All would probably be a Belf. Druid is also a option but a bit behind because I really want to play my favorite race :3 So, Mages, what do you like about your class and Spec the most? And most importantly, I read Arcane is being !@#$ on right now? I love Arcane, atleast what I read about it and I love the playstyle of it (Testchar lvl 100). Why is it unviable right now?Roguren6 04 Jul
04 Jul Blood elf (female?) class hall mount clipping Why this is a thing is beyond me. I play a fire mage and my sword sticks out of the disk towards the back, looks like a croocked tailfin. Why can't the blood elf stand on the disk? This clipping is bugging me so much I want to use a other mount. Am I alone about this? Am I too picky?Hotminx2 04 Jul