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09 Nov [7.0] Help my DPS/Performance -thread! (Read the OP) Greetings, fellow Magelings. Considering there is no current thread like this on the Mage forums, I figured one should be here as it usually benefits quite a lot of people, while same time helping to minimize the amount of misinformation that gets spread around. What is the purpose of this thread? Simply put, it is a place where you can ask for guidance in regards to things you are unsure about, or struggle with. This includes spell usage, consumables, gear and raid compositions as all of them are relevant to maximising damage. Anyone can post to help, but please ensure that information is correct before you press the submit button if you are offering advice. The last thing we want to do is to spread untrue information. What should I not do in this thread? - Do not come here to complain or vent about issues. - Do not ask for buffs or nerfs. How do I ask for help? In order to make it as efficient as possible for the ones helping, you need to provide a certain amount of information. At the most basic level, describing what you do in the game can be sufficient for fundamental things, but for more in-depth questions that just won't cut it. ... The most commonly used logging website is WarCraftLogs. If you can link your logs from there it'll be enormously helpful. If you are unsure how to do this, or just want a bit more knowledge about WCL, feel free to have a read through the guide below. It should answer most questions. It is also preferable that you have done some research previously as to how to play your particular spec. Full spec guides will not be provided here, as they are too extensive. If you are unsure where to find spec guides, I have linked some at the bottom of the post. SimulationCraft First off I'll say this. SimC is -not- gospel, and should not be taken as such. It has gained a bad reputation for illegitimate reasons, not all the modules are great, not all cross-class DPS comparisons are great. There are flaws. However, fear not. SimC is a hugely powerful tool when it comes to optimising our characters. We are fortunate enough to have quite competent people maintaining the Mage module, and we'd be fools not to take advantage of this. It is very good for getting our characters stat weights, as well as comparing different talent combinations. Here is an excellent guide by Frosted, one of the maintainers of the Mage module, to SimCraft. It may appear to be heavy reading, but if anyone is truly interested in minmaxing, this is a handy tool to have. Guides and helpful threads: Fire by Rinoa If there are any hugely valuable threads you wish me to add, feel free to give me a link and I shall have a look. <3Rinoa108 09 Nov
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
1h Lets talk about mage and survivability. Can mages just get a spell called Arcane Healing. 30% Mana for 10% Hp? It would make them so much better for soloing content like old raids. It would also help them in worldcontent a lot, having to cc every single mob with ice nova to just then run away and kite your !@# off to just then die because you cant sustain the dmg you get is not a fun experience. Also mages really need some sustain for their own. Warlocks just stand and cast their drain and are near immortal while mages just die to random stuff because they cant sustain it. Barriers are helping but they are not enough. (Blink heals etc. included) Another idear would be a pet like the water elemental but as arcane. The big arcane golem tank. It could act like a hunter pet wich just soakes the damage for you. (It would also kinda fit the lore) The glascanon theme. Its bull!@#$. Why would you ever want to play a glascanon if there are no benefits to it? We dont deal the most damage and we also dont have the most mobility so why be a glascanon? I just cant understand Blizzard for not doing anything about this problem. Mages have been complaining for ages. TLDR: Give mages some form of sustain. PLEASE its annoying af to always need some heal/tank/other dd that can sustain by your side for simple things like world content.Layma1 1h
2h Pairing a disc for 2s. What spec would you suggest? So i'm gonnaa maake some 2s with a friend of mine who plays disc priest. Although i know that liking the spec is kinda crucial, i would like to take advantages of the game too. So what would be the best spec for me? I currently play fire. I find it the most dynamic, since you can cast more than half your spells while moving. I saw some posts that say that frost and arcane are better in 2s and 3s. I kinda like arcane, but find it rather hard to master. I did not try frost in legion, but it seems that everyone complains about it more than the other 2. So what of this 3 you people think would advantage me more. I can train a bit in any spec, should it be the case. I also play a sub rogue. Would re-rolling to rogue advantage me more? Thanks for your time reading this and hopefully for your great answer.Ghayaa7 2h
3h Mark of Aluneth bug This bug is extremely annoying and I dont know if there is any way to fix it. Every time I cast this spell "Mark of Aluneth" my staff, the arcane artifact weapon gets stuck in the right hand and stays there for the entire combat session, Since staffs, atleast for casters are generally not used for combat purposes why cant we just make it stay on the back. It really looks stupid and buggy with a big staff like Aluneth flying all over my character when im casting. Yes I can press Z to unsheet my weapon but it would be so much more easier if it could stay on the back. Is there a way to fix this?Congstrupp1 3h
7h How do people play arcane in PvP??? I try it... I get stunlocked so easily, I have just one block, if I ever get kicked, I'm useless for X seconds... Frost is so much easier. I've read guides... use Arcane Explo for charges, resonance barrage etc... but it doesn't seem to be as good as frost for me...Alchemiczka27 7h
13h Will Mage be better in next expansion? I'm a new player and absolutely adore the mage class (except for frost because I don't do PvP much). but after playing the game for 2 months, I can see that mage is absolutely underperform compare to other classes. My first character was arcane, and the casting time of AB was so long and the chances to activate AM is not that great, it was hell for me to leveling that spec. Then I tried destruction warlock which is miles easier to play, it has great damage and pets and also insane healing but it was quite boring so i go back to mage as fire. This spec definitely is the most fun and interesting, of course warlock is still easier to play. But then in raids and dungeons, my damage is nowhere to compare with other dps or even tank although their ilevel is beneath me, and I sure do a lot research to get my rotation right. It get worse when checking the dps chart and see fire at the bottom. I mean what the point, this spec doesn't have damage, no control ability, good but not great mobility, so what is it there for? Also, blink and shimmering is great, but in pvp it's really nothing because melee characters have so much better mobility and debuff to kill a mage while mage has few escape tool and it's not that effective, for example after iceblock you will literally die. I love this class because of the lore and fantasy but it is really at a bad position rn due to what i observe from the gameZoany37 13h
21h Rate the Transmog above Last one reached it's limitNebaisa223 21h
1d Arcane is sooo much fun! <3 I was playing Frost since the end of TBC but now it's just super boring to do damage every 45 sec. Fire is completely useless (thanks Blizzard, those 400k Pyro crits hit hard), and I saw that Arcane is the PVP spec now. Playing for 1.5 months, I stopped in Panda. And it's just so freshening to play mage again! It was very complicated at the beginning, and was very hard for me, but I got used to it. Love the endless possibilities of Blinks. I can do damage from LOS, and even sheep from LOS. You just have to keep tracking and memorising places you blinked from, and sometimes even force Blinks (like blade's edge bridge). The damage is great especially because it's mostly AOE. I saw you called it a melee caster spec on the forum, and you're right. I did a 800k Barrage into a poor rogue in arena, hehe. I hope they keep it this fun on BFA too!Coldfearxx3 1d
1d How is Mage in PvP? Been wondering to reroll, and i came up with Warlock and Shadow Priest, but they both are so mixed opinions... I used to play mage early in Legion, and some guy told me...if mage frustrated me, then i should not play Any of those 2 because Mage has 300% more i was wondering how mages are in PvP right now. Random bg mostly, but that really matters less, since its more random luck and gear dephendant then class. Also i want to be a bit more stand alone able, so i wonder more about 2v2 and 3v3 arena. Also what spec is the to go in pvp right now? Last patch i think i saw frost mages in top ranks...not sure now.Aqua231 1d
1d Fire mage it's an illusion I'm loving the playstyle of fire mage, both in pvp and pve, but to me it seems that it doesn't do enough damage, nor sustained nor burst. You go around like feeling great with cool animations and a lot of procs but then you check numbers and you see that it's not impressive at all. It's a spec that has soooo much potential and is so fun. What will be the future in Bfa for fire mages?Eplison2 1d
2d cant kill Balaadur anyone got any ideas how i can kill Baladuur on the frost artifact quest line? he's hitting for 14,000+ every second, and i cant out dps that .. died like 10 times trying different ways.. allowing the frost barrier to come off CD before i start the fight. Send in the pet first.. popped every CD inc TW, but about 35% is the lowest i have got him.. thanks for any help..Darqi7 2d
2d Blink in arenas I know most people say that Shimmer > Blink in arenas and bgs, but my question is whether or not Blink is still viable. I mean b4 this xpac mages didn't have Shimmer and so had Blink and I think they were doing well in arenas and bgs, no? If so, is Blink still viable and if not why not? What has changed to stop it from being viable, if it no longer is?Yeshuagave5 2d
2d Mages blink is bugging again Hey all. I got a feeling that blink has started to bug once again, in water and in air. If I fexample blink towards a stone, I may not get teleported where I want.(I just hit the rock, or I blink 1/5 of the way) Same if im in the water and swimming. It happens every time if I swim, then jump and then tried to blink. This way im only moving forward by maybe 1 meter. Anyone else has the same experience with blink as it is now?Trinsanity3 2d
2d Please, give us some open world Legendary We all know that Mage is the worst spec for soloing content, so i was thinking if we can get some healing kind of Legendary to improve our solo experience? On my Rogue i have a Legendary legs which makes Feint to also heals me for 20 or 25% of my total health over 5 secs (and feint has no cd), which makes me unkillable in open world and a bit op. I don't think that Mage needs something that powerful. I have in mind a Legendary piece of gear (legs or chest maybe?) which reduces the cd of Ice Block by 2 minutes and Ice Block also heals Mage for 100% health over 10 seconds. That won't make it op for Raids and Mythic + but it would make our solo content much easier and it would work for all three specs. Or another one: Frost Nova heals you for 30% health.Animron6 2d
5d What is Scorch good for? Do you think it would be ok, if i just remove it from my action bars? I have no idea when to use Scorch: dmg is next to non existent, when you need to move you cast other instant spells: 3 charges of Fire Blast, 3 charges of Phoenix's Flames, instant Pyro/Flamestrike, Dragon's breath and Meteor/Living Bomb, if talented. So why would i ever touch this useless spell? Either make it instant cast or just remove it from the game, or am i missing something? Maybe it has some uses in PvP but i guess that's it?Animron13 5d
6d am I noob or is it blizz So Idk whats going on my dps went crazzy low as hell at ilvl 930 having 900K dps was .. OK, i guess idk. I upgraded to ilvl 943 , and I still have 900K dps at most, 800K at heroic raid I copied the talents from icy veins , the rotation I am doing it as it should. (altough it happens that I neglect to cast frostbolt before furry by mistake, but very very rarely) don't watch at my raiding logs from yesterday i did some crazy !@#$ (first time raiding normal & heroic) but you can look at the first boss, I do the rotation only 800Kdps, same today at heroic I only have 5% VERSATILITY, 82% MASTERY. And dont blame me blizz decides my stuff I just pick the highest ilvl to get accepted to pug so is that blizz & rng thats causing this or am I the %^-*tiest mage ever ?Wellner3 6d
13 Apr What am I doing wrong? Hey all! I've been getting into raiding since middle ToS and whenever I'm doing antorus or anything like it, I'm noticing that my dps is surprisingly low. I mostly have the same ilvl as my guildmates, but I can't seem to get past ~600k dps. I'm just feeling like I'm doing something incredibly wrong and I want to improve. Is my gear statted wrong, is it a spec balance issue, am I playing this spec wrong? I would really like any info on how to change this and finally get to that sweet 1 mil mark that most of my guildies have reached. Please link any guides or videos about the arcane mage, because I can't find anything that helps me. Thanks already -wizTinywizurd4 13 Apr
12 Apr Frost mage 4p. Is it worth it?.. feels like I need a Flurry proc and a Ice lance proc for it to work?... which as it doesn't stack seems like I waste the buff often. (I will drop both a 940 and a 950 piece for these). I only has the tier set on a 915 and a 930. Should I swap these out? or wait til I get more optimal swaps to have the 4 piece?Ixo3 12 Apr
12 Apr What are mages ? Hello, It's really simple, this class caught my interest and I would like to hear from you, what do you guys think about this class alongside it specs ? How do you play them, How fun is it ? What makes it unique ? and anything you could think about.. or simply think about it this way : What are mages ?Shai10 12 Apr
12 Apr nightborne aracane mage or affliction warlock ? nightborne arcane mage or warlock ? I'm having trouble choosing which to go with , noob question but lore wise what exactly is an arcane mage ? do they have some sort of crystal connection like the sages in dark souls ?Rottenseb3 12 Apr
10 Apr Wanna hear a joke? Frost mages in instanced PvP. Does low dps, has crappy defensives and 40% slow, lul. Did Blizzard really nerf frost this hard?Skoodgé23 10 Apr
10 Apr need spec help hi there, i have recently came back to playing mage after 4 years, i am wanting to know how the specs perform relative to one another. i have heard that frost pulls ahead for raiding, but i also see fire is still a popular choice when it comes to raiding also. i would like to know what you guys think raiding will be at a mythic progress levelDèraveth1 10 Apr
09 Apr help frost So i'm back on my WoTLK start mage char, the new changes and stuff with gear i dunno i don't quite get it, the more ilvl i get the more dps seams 2 drop.... So i did Sim my char and i get 1.65 min which is at best my peak dmg for 10-15 sec, in encounters i get like 1mil , with loats of mvement even worse. what am i doing wrong help! checked raiderio , logs . i know my gear hasnt ideal stats (like trinket ),, with my aff lock i get a sim of 1.2 and i do like 1.15 min (he's 944).Coreil0 09 Apr
08 Apr fire feels like slapping the legion with a wet fish im doing everything correct but seems all my spells hit like a wet fish :')Scabblethrax7 08 Apr
07 Apr How do I complete my class order camapaign I don't know how to complete my class order campaign. Can u help me?Deathmagejn5 07 Apr
06 Apr DPS - Frost Mage - I need help! Can´t seem to get my DPS going - can someone explain the spell rotation? I´ve watched several videos on YouTube, but I don´t seem to get a hang of it. If someone has kind-off a list or something I could try? Like opener: potion-ebonbolt-frostbolt untill ice lance- etc... Even if you call me an idiot, that´s OK! Everyone´s gotta get their rage out. In advance: thank you! :))Regnbuen4 06 Apr
05 Apr Flurry nerfed!!!!! Hi guys..i just loged in and...i saw my flurry have new icon and......5 yd range!!! Realy blizzard? what was u thinking???? give us a sword and make us MELEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!Kinigoulis3 05 Apr
04 Apr Crit vs Mastery? Hello everyone! I am brand new to the world of Mages, I have played the game for far too long than I care to admit, but never dared to delve into the magical arts. Now when I finally have dared to take the step, I am left confused by the community when it comes to the Fire specialisation. I wish to create a discussion about why one stat is better than the other and vice versa as for me, who spend time reading tooltips, trying things out and like the spark of randomness: Crit seem to be the best stat, as everything we do depend on us critting or chaining abilities. While leveling as fire, having low crit was the most painful leveling experience I have ever come across from all of the characters I've leveled. Including Vanilla Resto Druid Questing. However, reading guides like Icy Veins, looking at top loggers of the world, the favoured stat is still Mastery. I know that Ignite does a lot of the work with keeping our damage high, but this should leave us in droughts at several parts of the encounter as we are desperately trying to fish for a crit to start a chain off. Even when we have combustion, who get theoretically a longer cooldown due to lower amount of crits, even if it is one of the best CD's out there along with scaling even higher with crit. Doesn't make much sense to me, especially for single target. And also for a BTW, on first tier of talents: Why is Firestarter the go-to talent over Pyromaniac, considering Pyromaniac triggers very frequently throughout the fight, while Firestarter is only useful the first 15-20 seconds of most fights. Many thanks for reading this and I am looking forward to hearing your input! /CharleneCharlene3 04 Apr
04 Apr Oldschool PVP Original from 2004. I made this video maybe a few years later. Is there any old school mages that can relate to this video? :) Enjoy!Eiji1 04 Apr
04 Apr Greater Pyroblast forgotten about? Myself and a friend decided to have some fun with Greater Pyroblast in 2v2 after a long break and turns out it's ridiculous! Why is no one using this?! 04 Apr
03 Apr Leveling as Arcane Even with a full set of looms, the whole mana issue is a huge problem. I have to stop and eat after every dungeon pull and I always have to dump at 2 or 3 charges during conserve phases. Without the artifact, it's pretty annoying. What spec do you recommend I level as if not arcane? Even though I love the fantasy of arcane mages.Elorelei2 03 Apr
03 Apr Arcane mages are based on spaceships Prismatic Shield: the ship's shield integrity Arcane Blast: Primary cannons Arcane Missiles: Secondary cannons Arcane Barrage: Volley cannons Arcane Explosion: Radial pulse to destroy/swat away x-wings Teleport: Jump to hyperspace Blink: Short range jump i'm onto you blizzardAvareux1 03 Apr
02 Apr Are swords viable Hey all, as a mage I've always used a staff as my weapon but as a fire mage I've kinda fallen in love with the way felo'melorn looks so much so I've built my mog around it. Will swords be viable for mages in bfa or will staffs dominate again?.Naur4 02 Apr
01 Apr Partner for fire mage in 2s? I want to push some rating in 2s as fire mage (not really enjoying frost or arcane in legion).What classes are the best with fire? Is it going to be better to play with healer or go double dps?Nephos3 01 Apr
01 Apr Really don't like BFA arcane changes Removing the arcane charge synergy from arcane explosion and arcane missiles drains all the fun from this spec. Now you can combo many different abilites, doing quests is a blast, but if those changes go through, then that will degrade the gameplay to arcane blast spamming, which sounds awful boring. I don't know who would think this is a good idea, but I really hope they revert it, or I don't see myself playing arcane in BFA.Ronda0 01 Apr
30 Mar Ice block cd Why tf does Iceblock have a 4 min cd Its legit the worse defensive in the game rnFurrybum5 30 Mar
28 Mar RBG team/guild LF a Mage Hey guys. We are 2.1k rating guild and we need one mage for main team. We BG Tuesday and Thursday 20:00-23:00 st. Plz add me for more info Palabos#2129Hsenpai0 28 Mar
27 Mar Fire spec lacks badly I recently switched to Fire spec for a change. I have read the Icy Veins stating it is the worst spec for DPS but I was not expecting it to be so much worse. In Frost I can do comfortably 1.15ml sustained (without buffs and heroism etc) but in Fire it was more like 850K. Running the simulation produced the exact same numbers so I am sure it is not a matter of "learn to play the Fire spec". It is inexplicable how Blizzard has designed and *tested* a spec and still be so far away from other classes or from its sister specialisations. Maybe both simcraft and I are getting Fire wrong - can any Fire mages please shed some light?Vesuvius7 27 Mar
27 Mar Frost artifact challenge? Help!! Hello. I'm a crap Mage trying to get as many of the artifact challenges done as I possibly can. I managed fire challenge without too much issue, but the frost one is kicking my !@#$. PHASE 1: Ok, so I start off with icy veins, frozen orb etc, and keep the guy on the orb to maximize procs, but then... my dps just dies. I run around plinking away with frost bolt hoping for something to proc. Usually I manage to get to phase 2, though. PHASE 2: SO I pop timewarp, use blizz and orb on adds, manage to do a bit of damage but nowhere near enough. Phase 3: Now heres the issue. I understand you keep karam and the adds in blizz, use orb to generate procs to deal with the hands, and repeat. Problem is, I run out of adds to fish for procs. By hand 2, the adds are dead, I've not had chance to dps karam, and I barely manage to kill it. By hand 3 I have no procs, no cooldowns, no adds, and no chance. This is where I die. I honestly, truthfully don;t know what I am supposed to do. I know the fight, I finished it on my marksman hunter a lot lower ilevel than this, but I'm just staring at the screen thinking: "how?". Like I said, I'm %^-* at Mage and Magering, but if anyone can offer some advice for this bastard of a fight, I would be very grateful. I dare'nt even try the arcane one...Rakkhan4 27 Mar
27 Mar Can't get my second artifact help I was doing the class hall quests when meryl Felstorm gets sick after that I can't get the second artifact pls helpMcallan9 27 Mar
22 Mar Acrid Catalyst question(Frost) Can i safely drop below 30%crit chance with the trinket? I am having some optimization problems atm (please dont tell me to use sims)Alikaptan2 22 Mar
22 Mar Question time! How many blinks and roots do you guys have? Seems like nothing I have can reach a good mage unless they !@#$ up or completly %^-* at their class. This is a 1v1 situation with both of ua with full cd'sXinwi17 22 Mar
22 Mar Lol BFA Mage design... jesus F.... Oh wow. Thank you for making us completely useless and weak. We have 10 buttons in alpha. Are you !@#$ing %^-*s really so bored with your lives? I thought you could be reason with. Die in flames, yankee f ucks.Questionbbq17 22 Mar
22 Mar Frost mage BFA and M+. So I havn`t really been trying to push keys as a frostmage since I can just do so much more as a firemage. While it`s easier to keep your overall damage up as a frostmage in a dungeon, fire just feels better. Fire is able to deal high burst damage and still keep their overall damage at a decent level. Fire is also able to disorient the enemy, slow them, freeze them. I rarly see any reason to play frost over fire in m+. I don`t think firemages should be able to slow the enemy, and same goes for multiple classes. It just dosn`t feel right that fire is slowing adds, by burning them.Laykra1 22 Mar
21 Mar Running Out Of Mana??? WTF? Running Out Of Mana??? WTF? Lituratelly! Today while doing norm portal keeper i found myself running out of mana at 3-4%, for real! Never have i ever run out of mana as a fire mage before the lowest was 45%? I have the ring, did perfect rotations was top on dps, and no i didnt spam spellsteal, sooo wtf???Magoufisa2 21 Mar
20 Mar What legendary for M+ Hi guys. So I havent figured out what legendary I'd use for M+. The shard is pretty mutch useless most of the time, what do you change it with? Edit: FrostEgil2 20 Mar
20 Mar fire mage suggestion I really want to keep playing fire mage during BFA but the legion and BFA design seems a little "simple", the core feels overly simplified, just spamming pyros with little variation to the point i am using the dragon's breath talent to add some variety, and warlocks look so much cooler in bfa but they cant be pandaren D: So here's my issue, Hardcastying pyros isnt enjoyable, even with 300% buff thanks to the bracers and soon to be talent imo. A major reason fire was fun in the past was because of pyros actually being dangerous and doing some big burst instantly since they were more rare back then. These days we spam instant pyros for days so of course they cant hurt as much as the earlier days so why not bring back the same feeling of huge burst with instant pyro again? The suggestion is that after every instant pyroblast critical strike you get a buff, that buff stacks up to 10 stacks, and when it reaches 10 stacks it makes the next pyroblast instant and make it deal 400%-500% more damage(% Depends on the time required to reach the stacks), give it a new animation and colour like make it blue fire and give some embers near the caster the more stacks he collects. (Another idea would be to make each stack increase the damage by 40%-50% and reduce the cast time of the next non instant pyro by like 9% so at 10 stacks it would be almost instant but some might choose to fire it earlier) That way the fire mages would build up to a pyro that does pretty big damage, is instant and is most likely fun to watch them fire a blue flame pyro that deals huge damage.Rälph6 20 Mar
19 Mar Frost is about procs, and you're ok with that? 12% chance for fingers of frost, and 15% for brain freeze procs. So that's on average 8 frostbolts, proc, 8 frostbolts, proc... It's really boring, considering frostbolt doesn't crit often and it does very poor damage. The procs are only thing that do anything meaningful, even 1 or 2 shotting monsters. So in my opinion the procs should be toned down, and base damage upped. Just bring the numbers so that we proc more, say 20% and they do less damage. Frostbolts should also do much more than they do right now. It takes currently 11 frostbolts to kill an enemy of your level at level 58, using all heirlooms, and cast time is almost 2 seconds.Zaflis9 19 Mar