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23 May [7.0] Help my DPS/Performance -thread! (Read the OP) Greetings, fellow Magelings. Considering there is no current thread like this on the Mage forums, I figured one should be here as it usually benefits quite a lot of people, while same time helping to minimize the amount of misinformation that gets spread around. What is the purpose of this thread? Simply put, it is a place where you can ask for guidance in regards to things you are unsure about, or struggle with. This includes spell usage, consumables, gear and raid compositions as all of them are relevant to maximising damage. Anyone can post to help, but please ensure that information is correct before you press the submit button if you are offering advice. The last thing we want to do is to spread untrue information. What should I not do in this thread? - Do not come here to complain or vent about issues. - Do not ask for buffs or nerfs. How do I ask for help? In order to make it as efficient as possible for the ones helping, you need to provide a certain amount of information. At the most basic level, describing what you do in the game can be sufficient for fundamental things, but for more in-depth questions that just won't cut it. ... The most commonly used logging website is WarCraftLogs. If you can link your logs from there it'll be enormously helpful. If you are unsure how to do this, or just want a bit more knowledge about WCL, feel free to have a read through the guide below. It should answer most questions. It is also preferable that you have done some research previously as to how to play your particular spec. Full spec guides will not be provided here, as they are too extensive. If you are unsure where to find spec guides, I have linked some at the bottom of the post. SimulationCraft First off I'll say this. SimC is -not- gospel, and should not be taken as such. It has gained a bad reputation for illegitimate reasons, not all the modules are great, not all cross-class DPS comparisons are great. There are flaws. However, fear not. SimC is a hugely powerful tool when it comes to optimising our characters. We are fortunate enough to have quite competent people maintaining the Mage module, and we'd be fools not to take advantage of this. It is very good for getting our characters stat weights, as well as comparing different talent combinations. Here is an excellent guide by Frosted, one of the maintainers of the Mage module, to SimCraft. It may appear to be heavy reading, but if anyone is truly interested in minmaxing, this is a handy tool to have. Guides and helpful threads: Fire by Rinoa If there are any hugely valuable threads you wish me to add, feel free to give me a link and I shall have a look. <3Rinoa109 23 May
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
4h Frost Mage feedback Hi, I'm Frowsty and I'm here today to express my opinion on Frost Mage in Legion and going forward to BFA. So you know where I come from I just killed Mythic Argus, but only started raiding at the end of ToS, I was a pvper and been playing Mage since WoTLK. Frost Mage has 3 Major issues that I'll address in this post, just to remind this is an opinion based post. DOESN'T HAVE A ROTATION All I do as Frost Mage is FB till I get some procs. The amount of FB that I have to cast before I get a proc could vary between a few to 10/15 FB in a row without a single proc, this leaves the gameplay a bit braindead and frustrating when you don't get procs. THE SPEC IS ENTIRELY BASED ON RNG We can't press anything else then FB without procs. In small Fights, our damage can be as high as being at the top of DPS meters and as low as being at the bottom, without even changing my rotation(which FB all day btw). IS NOT FUN Sure it's fun when I get multiple procs in a row, sure it's fun when the rng is with me, but it's frustrating when you get no procs at all. Overall is more frustrating than fun. In BFA, Frost Mage will be almost exactly the same, with little buffs to procrates but is not enough, where are some changes that they could implement. - Bring Deep Freeze(Cata/WoTLK) back as the baseline. Frost Mages have either a Single Target cc neither an AOE one. - Removing Frost Bomb was a mistake bring it back as base lane(MoP). That would bring 1 extra spell to the rotation so we wouldn't cast FB indefinitely. - Make lonely winter baseline( same as lone wolf MM Hunter). That way we could enjoy the extra damage from Lonely Winter and bring the Water ele when needed without needing to change talents. - Some sort of Back luck Protection in regards to FoF and BF procs. Something like for every FB cast in a row there is an increased chance of a FoF and/or BF proc. Moving forward to BFA Frost Mage is appearing to be as boring as the Legion one for PvP and PvE. If I weren't a Frost Mage main for so long I wouldn't be playing Frost Mage right now. Even Discipline Priest Smite does more than FB I will leave u with that.Frowsty1 4h
4h Mages need some more pve utility? Well, atm we have TW.... that anyone can replace with drums. When I apply to M+ I often get told that they want lock/boomie/hunter what do they have? warlock - cr/ permaslow with ring/ healthstones / can use demon to taunt boss or add off of the tank boomie - cr / aoe silence /ST stun / long-lasting root hunter - cr / BL / stun / can use pet to taunt boss off of the tank... ele shaman - BL and aoe stun... mages - .... tw? semi-useless dragon breath that is more like a pushback than actual interrupt - it's a poor poor man's stun - an aoe stun can do the same and more... I'm told my slows as fire with flamestrike are not enough for necrotic. well, ok. I'm told other times I have no CR and they need CR class... or then they need AoE stunners... so any shaman WW, DH, warr will have always prio. Now ask yourself a question... why would you take a mage over any other class? Most other classes can dish out good AoE when properly spec'd/geared but they also bring additional utility... You have a lock a shaman and a mage in queue... why would you take a mage? When I make groups on my paladin... I also wouldn't take a mage if I could take any other class. I can pretty much get into a group only when they have e.g. both WW/lock... Mages offer DPS... and pretty much nothing else. This is so annoying. Well, OK, shadow priests are hated more than mages but they can spec heal and get into groups... I'm not saying mage's dps is low... it's not but due to lack of actual utility mages are too often overlooked...Alchemiczka8 4h
6h Rerolling Mage worth it? I consider rerolling from ele to mage. I want to play a class with 3 range dps spec. But I don't like Hunters or Warlocks. So I hope someone can help me with my questions considering mage. - Is it deep? I know default rotations aren't complex any more. But if you choose the most complex skillbuild and considering all procs I can react to, will it be a challenge to master a perfect execution? I.e. is the skill ceiling high? - Does it make fun? At the forums people are flaming alot. But they are doing the same at Shaman forums. Nonetheless many people agree, ele has really been fun for them this xpac. Can you say this to mage too?Dier10 6h
17h Rate the Transmog above Last one reached it's limitNebaisa248 17h
1d which spec is now best on beta? I want a short answer - which spec seems best/most valuable overall as of now on beta? I don't really have time to watch streams, test beta etc. Thanks in advanceAlchemiczka9 1d
1d Fire damage output WPvP I really honestly don't get it, fire is the least defensive of all the 3 specs due to the crappy shield and poor utility, yet Frost and Arcane does at least 5-7 times more damage to players? Like, if i crit for 200k as Fire, Arcane and Frost will do 1,5 million or so, yet they have shields for 3 times teh absorption amount... I like fire because it's very satisfying spell-wise, but the damage output compared to Frost and Arcane is so pathetic i just want to hang myself. Fireball does damage equal to 1 arcane missile hit and Arcane mages shoot like 8 of em in a single what the actual hell? P.S. Scorch...what's it good for besides hot streaks and making people laugh at your miserable damage? Don't get me wrong, i know i won't beat rogues and warlocks...but with damage like this, you can't even scratch anyone.Kelrath7 1d
3d We need Deep Freeze back Shall we get our beloved spell back? Really, it wasn't OP in any way, and at least was a skilled spell, used as a CC, or for damage (I don't even mention double Deep Freeze when it was a kill attempt in 3s). Also Ice Armor is needed (maybe) as we have zero passive defensives... We are mostly rely on our teammates peeling us, it's really a bad design. I miss frost, I was playing it since BC, was the most fun in wotlk, but this time, it's only playable with a super pro rogue, who can peel, CC the whole team and setup kills (which was our job, since Arena exists).Coldfearxx7 3d
3d So... no changes to mage coming? Was looking at the Dev Q&A on and a summary stated that shamans, shadow priests and balance druids have been talked about. I've seen a lot of changes coming to other classes/specs but have heard absolutely nothing on mages. Are we really staying the same going into bfa launch? I've heard talks about the "meta" frost build being the glacial spike build, and currently with that, munching (wasting) brain freeze procs is done deliberately in order to cast it alongside a glacial spike. Deliberately wasting procs like that makes for really bad gameplay. I know it's unlikely that this will get feedback from Blizzard but please... are we really having no changes?Paparockett2 3d
4d Norgannon's Prowess bugged or broken? Hi, the problem is the following: Me and a few fellow mages from my guild obvserved a decrease of your damage (dps) in the last week. We search the cause of it and it seems that the titan trinket for mages is broken. We tested that by doing Antorus on heroic with the titan trinket and once again without it (we replaced with the second or third best ones) and we saw that our damage increased when we didnt used the titan trinket. I myself looked at the damage the trinket does and helps me do and i saw that is lower than normal. I dont know if this is a bug on the trinkets or is a server problem. I looked on forums and nobody seems to have this problem.Icehell4 4d
5d rate transmog hi i create this transmog and pls rate it 5d
6d Where do YOU have you're Hearthstone bound to? Hello fellow mages, i am curious to where other mages have their hearhstone bound to as we can pretty much make portals to all over azeroth and beyond! I myself have my hearthstone set to Immortal Coil, the upside down boat wreck in Kelp'thar Forest.Burningout7 6d
12 Jun Hi! I've made a new PvP Video! Hey! so it's been a while since i've uploaded a new video Arcane PvP Video! but here it is: ... Btw this is pure World pvp and continue to play it! Enjoy! // Please give me some feedback! thanks for watching!Touchthis1 12 Jun
11 Jun Why mage is the most boring class in bfa? In all three spec u should wait for procs to pop up to do some damage which if they wont u have to press one button over and over , why we don't have a minor cd(not talent like meteor) like other classes , even in legion u should pick up most boring talent like thermal void incanter's flow or even unstable magic to do most damage . Maybe I'm wrong about this or u guys feel the same way!Icefury6 11 Jun
10 Jun Frost Mage Some Dps Question My question would be how i can improve my overall dps ? For the time being im doing prepot/ebonbolt/instant flurry/icelance. After that ice veins/frozen orb/ct blizzard strike(only when more than 1 opponent if its single boss then not using ct blizzard). And then standard rotation. Whenever frost of fingers come up using icelance and before every instant flurry i'm casting frostbolt and icelance as finisher. When time is ready using timewarp combined with ice veins/frozen orb. So many tips ? Where i could improve?Horderin2 10 Jun
10 Jun Will Mage be better in next expansion? I'm a new player and absolutely adore the mage class (except for frost because I don't do PvP much). but after playing the game for 2 months, I can see that mage is absolutely underperform compare to other classes. My first character was arcane, and the casting time of AB was so long and the chances to activate AM is not that great, it was hell for me to leveling that spec. Then I tried destruction warlock which is miles easier to play, it has great damage and pets and also insane healing but it was quite boring so i go back to mage as fire. This spec definitely is the most fun and interesting, of course warlock is still easier to play. But then in raids and dungeons, my damage is nowhere to compare with other dps or even tank although their ilevel is beneath me, and I sure do a lot research to get my rotation right. It get worse when checking the dps chart and see fire at the bottom. I mean what the point, this spec doesn't have damage, no control ability, good but not great mobility, so what is it there for? Also, blink and shimmering is great, but in pvp it's really nothing because melee characters have so much better mobility and debuff to kill a mage while mage has few escape tool and it's not that effective, for example after iceblock you will literally die. I love this class because of the lore and fantasy but it is really at a bad position rn due to what i observe from the gameZoany60 10 Jun
08 Jun BFA - Shimmer nerf So, in BFA we know shimmer CD is up to 20s (from 15s, while blink remains at 15s) At the same time, glacial insulation will buff armor by 200% (up from 100%) Do you think glacial insulation might make a comeback ? The way I see it (could be totally wrong) : Taking glacial insulation, you gain a significant shielding vs melee, so your shield is up longer, so more cc on training melee (shield slows melee attackers), and you have a antistun on blink. Taking shimmer you lose the extra tankiness, lose the stun break, get an extra charge but +5sec cd on blink, and get ability to blink while casting. Basically I'm betting in arenas and places where you can get Los, shimmer will still dominate to land sheep's, but in bg, open world pvp, do you think glacial insulation might comeback ?Fizzlebing1 08 Jun
07 Jun Blazing Soul and Mirror Image are underrated I have a confession to make: I read guides. And one thing I read in them is that two talents are bottom tier: Blazing Soul and Mirror Image. They are both rated as 'never use this ever'. No if, no but. Now for group raids, I would agree. They are defensive talents and you don't need them when a tank is shielding you. But I'm not raiding, I'm questing solo without heirlooms. And for me, I feel these two talents are easily the best picks. Blazing soul is almost as good as a 40% life steal. It's a life saver for a solo mage. I tried shimmer, I tried blast wave. Neither of them could compete with the boost in survivability I get from Blazing Soul. I can have monsters hammer me in the face and keep casting, and live. Now Mirror Image. Giving up Incanter's Flow is a real sacrifice, yes. But Mirror Image is worth it. It helps sooo much when you want to solo a difficult boss. I tried killing the Crystal Spine Matriach on my own, as a level 45, with Incanter's Flow and I died horribly. Didn't even come close to winning the fight. With Mirror Image, I tried again. The monster spent so much time destroying the mirror images.. and all the while I could hammer away at her. I was just barely able to win the fight, this time. So in my opinion these guides are wrong, they only seem to look at the group raid perspective. These two talents are both awesome for solo play.Boristhesane17 07 Jun
07 Jun BFA Fire spec lacks snares in PvP. Is it not time to give Fire and Arcane back atleast Cone Of Cold? In BFA fire will lose 30% snare from Flamestrike leaving it only 20%. This would not be a problem if all snares are being toned down across the board but it does not seem to happen. Flamestrike also requires a Hot Streak to be used. Would be best if there were Talent that makes Flamestrike instant with xx second CD and xx% more snare or damage.Morganfman6 07 Jun
07 Jun So, which spec for PvP? Been looking at a few videos and I'm not sure what to go with. What I have noticed is fire seems to be quite underwhelming. Thoughts and opinions?Freezérburn2 07 Jun
07 Jun fire mage stats can any one help me i want to know fire mage stats priority icy veins say Mastery; Haste = Versatility; Intellect; Critical Strike. and wowhead Critical Strike > Mastery > Versatility = HasteSeralen3 07 Jun
06 Jun Warsong Glutch tribute - Frost mage Hello fellow mages! I've been playing Warsong Glutch for a while and I still love it ... as much as I love playing frost mage in PvP ! So here's a little video (the first one I ever made) of highlights from Warsong Glutch battles! I do not claim to be a pro gamer master ... it's all about the fun I had, hope you will have some watching this video. 06 Jun
06 Jun Best race for mage tower challenges I want to create a separate boosted character to complete mage tower challenges for all mage specs. Could you recommend the best horde race for that (not allied race)? I think that I won't be geared very well, so any bit will help.Ethly0 06 Jun
06 Jun Noob mage need some advice. Hey guys I'm new at playing mage and may need some help with the caster/ arcane mage gameplay. First question is about queuing spell. When I play my arcane mage, I try to get the three charge of arcane missiles, then pop up my rune and spam my arcane missiles. Pretty simple. However I have noticed that when I spam arcane missiles the second arcane missiles start while the first one isn't finished yet. There is something like a quarter of the casting bar left, and the second one start. Is this a dps reduction or it's just a graphical glitch and I should not worry about it? If it reduce my overall dps is there a way to properly queuing spell? Second question, What do you do when arcane missile doesn't proc? Sometimes times RNG god isn't on my side on well I don't really know what to do. I'll go oom and then I'm done. Any advice?Syil0 06 Jun
04 Jun Interface freeze when I die while casting freeze I am in a bg or arena. I die while having my pet casting freeze. I can t release spirit anymore or I can t click leave arena if arena ended. The UI is stuck. I have to do alt f4 and relog or sometimes interface is back after 30 sec-1 min. This is my first time playing mage, is this a normal bug for mages? For me, it is happening every time, frustrating as hell.Ashiharademo0 04 Jun
04 Jun Frost mastery is bad It's probably the worst mastery in the game atm. So useless... You should give us increased frostbolt damage, or increased shatter damage like in Cataclysm. It's only 2 months left, and mage seems completely destroyed, a shadow of itself. :(Coldfearxx1 04 Jun
03 Jun Non-mage question for an addon I'm doing This may sound a bit silly but, then again, it's easy to answer, so... I'm doing an addon (a couple actually) and I'm making lists of spells for each class. I break them down into a few categories "Flyouts" being one of them. I don't have a mage to check this out and all I need to know is whether, in the Spellbook, the Polymorph variants (Black Cat, Pig, etc) sprung out of a Flyout button (like Portal and Teleport) or whether they are added to the spellbook (as you get them) as independent buttons. Thanks for your help!Shalkaline2 03 Jun
03 Jun So I was talking to a GM... ...and he literally destroyed me lol. I asked him (her?) to give mages back Deep Freeze. Hes (her) answer was, that : "NO! You're already too cold! :P". :(Coldfearxx3 03 Jun
02 Jun frost rotation hi i dont know if my rotation is correct ir not i saw ice veins web site but its complicated qnd cant understand my rotation is frostbolt with icelance until get glacial spike then use it then repeat it ebon bolt and frozen orb on cooldawn is my rotation bad? what is the correct ? how frost/fire mage on bfa? which better aff lock or spriest or mage on bfa?Selvenia2 02 Jun
02 Jun Ruining mages hi all! i loved playing mage...but where is out "cannon" part of the "glass cannon" ?!? or are we just glorified slot machines, fishing for the next proc ?! The new 7.3.5 is a nightmare on anyhthing not melee or hunter or warlock - its a nightmare if one has a low level mage! In full heirlooms, bolts do crap dmg and arcane spec runns OOM very, very fast In the mean time, warrior, hunter, warlocks keep steaming allmost as before! Anyone knows if they are aware or they simply dont care?Ammericanul6 02 Jun
01 Jun DPS Help (frost Mage) Hi all, Im not sure where to post this but im hoping someone can help or at least point me in the right direction. TL;DR - My DPS is awful and i want to increase it I played fire & frost spec back in cata upto 85 and have recently got back into WoW again and finally realised what people talk about when they play "end game" i wish id known about raiding sooner! However, My DPS isnt great at all im eq 959 ilvl but my DPS comes out as low as 8-900 sometimes or i can hold a steady 1.1-1.2M. Simc comes out around 1.7M (obviously in a perfect world) but i still feel im doing something wrong. Ive watched videos, read forums and im sure my rotation is right. Im using Flask, Food and Runes and Pre-potting. I have some logs here of garothi. and this is my - Not sure if ive posted this in the right place OR if ive given enough info to help. but anything would be hugely appreciated.Buksh3 01 Jun
01 Jun Frost - Procs Hello everyone! I'm playing main frost and am currently progressing in mythic and would like to say that I have been able to play around with the frost spec quite a lot. I felt like giving some feedback on it. In wrath long time ago I used to play fire as, if some remembers, frost wasn't as viable for raiding. I disliked the way fire had become, a proc fest and just being a dump DPS during combustion rather than statically increasing DPS. I feel like frost is honestly the new fire spec as you are depending on RNG to get procs in frost. So to my issue with frost, the non-existing anti-bad luck protection lack is an issue. At very rare times, although they seem to haopen at least once every 10 fights, I am standing there getting no procs and am forced to cast frostbolt for a longer time of period, yes even with the Finger of Frost talent (40% more procs surely cannot be right, it must count it otherwise...). So, similar to what fire currently has, to increase the critical chance of next fireball, could we have something similar for frost mages but getting FoF proc or even Brain Freeze proc increasing IF and ONLY IF you have not received any proc at all from other sources. In BfA I have seen that fire and arcane will pretty much stay the same and that frost is getting a minor extra boost in procs but even when checking videos I still see mages in BfA having to cast multiple frostbolt without anything happening. Note that I'm not crying about the times I have to cast 5 frostbolt, I have literally had times where I have casted up to 15 frostbolts and then been able to proc because frozen orb cd was off. What's your opinion on adding badluck protection for frost, even if it's a minor boost? Would it make the spec more fun? Cheers for reading.Hansmage5 01 Jun
31 May Will you play mage in BFA? Playing mage only since TBC, but our current state is so sad, and in BFA it's maybe even worse... I'm already leveling a warlock... What about you?Coldfearxx16 31 May
29 May Arcane Elemental for Arcane Mages Blizzard, is there are any chance for arcane mages to get Arcane Elemental in BfA (similar to Water Elementar)? We have nice Arcane Guardians in Legion's class hall, they look cool so you don't have to make new model. It'd be really helpful for arcane mages especially in leveling solo or pvp because arcane mages focus on bursting enemies and long time casting spells (arcane blasts) thats why they really need a "tank" minion. And it would really "refresh" arcane mages, because there haven't been really bigger chances for them over the years - same spells, same gameplay. Please, think about it!Wildfox1 29 May
29 May PvP Frost Mage Legendaries? Hello everyone, im pretty new in Legion and reached lvl 110 just a few days before. I would like to know what Legendary Items (GS 1000) are MUST HAVES for Arena , RBG and BG. Thanks for the help. :)Nahysra1 29 May
28 May Fire Mage new Cast Animation I have a question I noticed yesterday that my fire mage has no new cast animation. but the frost and Arcane both have the new animation (eg hail or blizzard) but the fire mage still has the old one and wanted to ask if it is not ready yet or just buggy at the moment. Thank youShensari4 28 May
27 May Help for a strange situation Hi all! i hope that you can help me. I play frost mage, now i have 953 ilvl, but my dps it's the same since 910 ilvl. On dummy, without bonus (flask, food etc.) my dps is 1200/1300k avg (first 5-6 sec 2000k on st, but only poor second...). In raid HC i have max 100k on boss. MAX. Also my boyfriend try, and have the same dps. Simulation Craft report this: DPS Ranking: 1430618 100.0% Raid 1430618 100.0% Nicci Player: Nicci blood_elf mage frost 110 DPS: 1430617.8 DPS-Error=2859.6/0.200% DPS-Range=222185/15.5% DPS-Convergence=70.1% HPS: 0.0 HPS-Error=0.0/0.0% DPR=103.1 RPS-Out=13836.0 RPS-In=13836.0 Resource=(mana) Waiting=0.0 ApM=51.7 Origin: Talents: This is my armory:à/nicci My base stats are: crit. 32%, haste 33%, mastery 41% vers 13%. I use this rotation on st: Ebonbolt-> flurry -> icy lance frozen orb and icy veins at only cd, frost bolt is my filler spell, icy lance and flurry when proc. Do you have any tips for me? I'm so sad! :(Nicci3 27 May
27 May Arcane needs more spells Yeah the title says it all. Arcane blast is boring as hell, it doesn't even look like you're doing anything. The rotation is basically just 3 buttons. Why are there spells in the talent tree that are not viable to choose because the others are quite clearly necessary to have any chance of competing in dps? Arcane is probably the most boring spec to play in the entire game. We're using pure magical energy to attack and somehow it's not fun. We should be firing beams of nether energy, knocking stuff back with gravity or distorting the fabric of spacetime and ripping stuff apart. I mean it can't be that hard to imagine these things and yet the spec remains incredibly stale.Ulioth2 27 May
26 May DPS help needed please. Hi all! I decided on my return to WoW to play a class i never have before and I'm struggling with it. I know my rotations, I am pretty sure I have them down (I have spent hours on training dummies) I can start off at around 1.4mil but as I continue my DPS slowly drops to around 800k. I am suspecting my gear is to blame but dont know enough about my traits choices and their interaction with my gear to know how to proceed. Could you folks look me over and do me the solid of some proper... This doesn't work 'because' sort of advice! I appreciate it, and your time. ArtArteruk10 26 May
22 May Nice mage changes... not. We were waiting for all the great changes, and those are won't happen. Even worse is that we're pruned down even more... Why, Blizzard? Why do you want to destroy my favourite class, which I play since TBC (I didn't even have max level alts, only 1 rogue)? Frost is so damn boring, waiting for procs all day long (in pvp it sucks), Fire has no damage. And there's Arcane. Is so damn fun in Legion! But in BFA, you destroyed that spec too. No Aluneth, Explosion doesn't stack with charges, missiles cost mana. And still no Deep Freeze, which was one of the most skill dependant ability. So, I guess you want no skill in this game, and you're succeeded, even a 5 year old kid can play your game now. Oh, and not like we need Frost and Mage Armor back or something... Here is a video about us in BFA... :( It's very sad... 22 May
22 May Lets talk about mage and survivability. Can mages just get a spell called Arcane Healing. 30% Mana for 10% Hp? It would make them so much better for soloing content like old raids. It would also help them in worldcontent a lot, having to cc every single mob with ice nova to just then run away and kite your !@# off to just then die because you cant sustain the dmg you get is not a fun experience. Also mages really need some sustain for their own. Warlocks just stand and cast their drain and are near immortal while mages just die to random stuff because they cant sustain it. Barriers are helping but they are not enough. (Blink heals etc. included) Another idear would be a pet like the water elemental but as arcane. The big arcane golem tank. It could act like a hunter pet wich just soakes the damage for you. (It would also kinda fit the lore) The glascanon theme. Its bull!@#$. Why would you ever want to play a glascanon if there are no benefits to it? We dont deal the most damage and we also dont have the most mobility so why be a glascanon? I just cant understand Blizzard for not doing anything about this problem. Mages have been complaining for ages. TLDR: Give mages some form of sustain. PLEASE its annoying af to always need some heal/tank/other dd that can sustain by your side for simple things like world content.Layma16 22 May
21 May Are mages as bad as people say? So was looking at a mage as a new main as I have never had one and I know they do have alot of fun spells and such but looking on the forums the class seems like its weak/has no place atm?Vorren18 21 May
21 May Deep Freeze I see now for BFA atleast for pvp might be for pve aswell, that Ray of Frost might be a solid option to pick as of its damage dealt. Which I come to think, have mages ever been channeling spells, yeah, like Arcane Stuff in vanilla and if u choose to play Arcane spec for later on. but never frost. I think the way the mage class go atm is a sick boring way. Seeing the early previews of the mage class from famous YouYubers makes my stomach turn against me. I forever always liked the deep Freeze playstyle or even the hybrid old spec, now that classes get more into balance of the spec's fantasy I find that cool to, that Ice barrier became arcane and fire with the visual display but. simply seeing how downhill mage went here in Legion. I mean to top DPS in BFA legion all u have to do is spam Arcane Blast. Fire seem like instant Scorch spam. By all mean, a Pyroblast deals no damage what so ever, and it is too easy to get the Instant Pyroblast therefor it deals no damage. WOTLK, CATA og MOP style was way better regarding this. In order to do your damage u had to sacrifice and use cooldowns, like POM or Alter Time when fully buffed. Deep Freeze were a passive for all mage specs. Mage is really depending on a stun for PvP atleast my thoughts. Removing Mark of Aluneth is a huge mistake. I think a renamed spell but with same effect could be at its place. Now for Frost which is the whole reason for this topic. RAY OF FROST seem to be a go to choice WHAT yeah it makes alot of damage but the playstyle couldn't get worse the playstyle is boring, the second ur class is to stand still for pvp it makes it into PVE. Or boring to line up, nevertheless mage has NEVER been a channeling class I hope not to see it. I think in general u lack listening to alot of youtube mages or even the many times I and others suggested the Deep Freeze spell back, u will see in alot of BFA videos that people just write "DEEP FREEZE" in a video titled "MAGE BFA PREVIEW" Thanks for reading so far. Share your thoughts.Fluid1 21 May
17 May Alt PoV Mages are pretty terrible in pvp. Sure, they can always fall back onto RMP, but for most pvp activities, they require a great deal of skill, to get something out of them. I am not complaining, I don't really play or plan to play a mage, so if they stink, it's whatever to me. Again, in skilled hands, they are capable. In unskilled hands, they are rubbish, with the bar leaning heavily towards the latter. For pve? Who knows, maybe they are ok. I know ranged classes like druid balance, warlocks, hunters are more preferred in general. But, pvp is brutal for them. No survivability. If you are lucky, you can land a full duration root (frost nova), that doesn't get broken, doesn't get dispelled, etc. Blink, is nice and all, but you just get stunned, and charged thereafter. You have to be the kite master to make hay as a mage. I have played against many, throughout Legion. sheep is annoying (when you are a healer), as is counter spell. And, Arcane/Frost burst is no joke. Unfortunately, Legion has been so melee over tuned, and CC more or less nerfed, that it has hurt mages quite a bit. I used to be happy going into a battleground, and slowing the whole enemy team, sheeping peeps, generally being disruptive with slows and CCs -- and they can still do this, just to a lesser degree. You, mostly, just get steamrolled by melee, as they see you as a free kill, and just train you. Mostly playing healer classes, it's virtually impossible to keep a mage up, unless he is a kiting master. You can spam heal, but it's like spam healing a wine glass. it's still gonna break as soon as ice block is gone. This is just FYI, for those curious about how mages are =) Many good mages will say they are ok. But don't be deceived. They are good players, and make the class "function," and I use that term loosely. I guess that's how I feel on some of my (non-melee) classes that I play a lot. I can make them function, but they aren't world beaters. On my melee alts (dk, warrior, ret, DH, and to a lesser extent rogue, enh sham), I have no idea what I am doing, just press button, not even know how to optimize damage/rotation - anything! and I can wreck faces, break meters. I guess that's just a recap of Legion.Jalisco6 17 May
14 May Polymorph spec variants Does it bug anyone else that as a frost or fire mage, when you use polymorph it isn't thematically consistent with the specialization you have?? Like, why would someone who commands the power of frost turn someone into a sheep? Surely it'd make more sense to seal them in a block of ice.. Or Freeze the ground beneath them so they slip and can't get their footing. Or with fire, set the floor on fire, make them dance..Perhaps cast a ring of fire sealing them in.. Arcane is fine since "arcane" is such a broad concept that it basically covers all types of magic.. And if that is too much effort, atleast let us turn people into a snowman, or something ice or fire themed.. Now i'm not saying they do that with every spell that doesn't quite match the theme; but something as visual as polymorph stands out quite a bit as an inconsistency.Inania1 14 May
14 May How do people play arcane in PvP??? I try it... I get stunlocked so easily, I have just one block, if I ever get kicked, I'm useless for X seconds... Frost is so much easier. I've read guides... use Arcane Explo for charges, resonance barrage etc... but it doesn't seem to be as good as frost for me...Alchemiczka35 14 May
12 May Arcane Mage Race Hey every mage fanatic! I wonder, now that i have unlocked The Nightfallen. Will the nightfallen passive be better than the troll racial for arcane mages? I know it would proberly be a minimal difference, but i'm still wondering. Nightfallen will be the perfect fit for arcane tho. But anyone know the answer? Cheers :)Zilvanus0 12 May
10 May Frost mage, high +keys Hello, Just wondering, who is the highest ranked frost mage on raider IO? I looked at the mahe leaderboard but it takea ages to individually click each name to filter out the fire mages.Aaeero2 10 May