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6d [7.0] Help my DPS/Performance -thread! (Read the OP) Greetings, fellow Magelings. Considering there is no current thread like this on the Mage forums, I figured one should be here as it usually benefits quite a lot of people, while same time helping to minimize the amount of misinformation that gets spread around. What is the purpose of this thread? Simply put, it is a place where you can ask for guidance in regards to things you are unsure about, or struggle with. This includes spell usage, consumables, gear and raid compositions as all of them are relevant to maximising damage. Anyone can post to help, but please ensure that information is correct before you press the submit button if you are offering advice. The last thing we want to do is to spread untrue information. What should I not do in this thread? - Do not come here to complain or vent about issues. - Do not ask for buffs or nerfs. How do I ask for help? In order to make it as efficient as possible for the ones helping, you need to provide a certain amount of information. At the most basic level, describing what you do in the game can be sufficient for fundamental things, but for more in-depth questions that just won't cut it. ... The most commonly used logging website is WarCraftLogs. If you can link your logs from there it'll be enormously helpful. If you are unsure how to do this, or just want a bit more knowledge about WCL, feel free to have a read through the guide below. It should answer most questions. It is also preferable that you have done some research previously as to how to play your particular spec. Full spec guides will not be provided here, as they are too extensive. If you are unsure where to find spec guides, I have linked some at the bottom of the post. SimulationCraft First off I'll say this. SimC is -not- gospel, and should not be taken as such. It has gained a bad reputation for illegitimate reasons, not all the modules are great, not all cross-class DPS comparisons are great. There are flaws. However, fear not. SimC is a hugely powerful tool when it comes to optimising our characters. We are fortunate enough to have quite competent people maintaining the Mage module, and we'd be fools not to take advantage of this. It is very good for getting our characters stat weights, as well as comparing different talent combinations. Here is an excellent guide by Frosted, one of the maintainers of the Mage module, to SimCraft. It may appear to be heavy reading, but if anyone is truly interested in minmaxing, this is a handy tool to have. Guides and helpful threads: Fire by Rinoa If there are any hugely valuable threads you wish me to add, feel free to give me a link and I shall have a look. <3Rinoa103 6d
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
33m Mage in vanilla Tell me about mages in vanilla:P Which specc was most popular. And more stuff if you want;) Did anyone use arcane and which rotation did they have since they didnt have arcane blast?Wijun25 33m
13h Fire in mythic raid Can someone explain me, why most of mythic raiders(mages) runing a fire mage instead of frost ? :) Bcs i am 4/9 M, playing frost and its rly depresive to look at warcraftlogs etc... and you see only fire mage.Guminatorr7 13h
21h Arcane mage I'm curious about time when aracane 'll be playabe again in pve as frost 1.5 mil dmg no problem 930 it as arcane 800 k dps max at 930 it frost no maga need ... arcane lacking on mana, and it's burn so fast . Arcane need buff .Theodericus7 21h
22h Rate the Mage Transmog Above You - 2017 The Last thread reached it's limit. Everyone knows the drill. Rate the transmog of the person above you on a scale of 1 to 10.Justinia449 22h
1d Frost Mages so op. So as the title says yes And Without The Divine Protection. Tell me blizzard how can i counter them they can still slow me when i use Hand of Freedom You litterly needs to fix Either Hand of Freedome and Return The Divine Protection or nerf Frost Mages so much. The Decision's Yours.Holbart31 1d
1d Mages have the strongest follower game It's hard for any other class to reliably do THIS: 1d
1d Arcane bis trinket What do you suggests for me to use I've got almost every trinketÐomîno5 1d
2d Gear for M+ Frost Your gear for dungeon? For PvE raid i run the t19p2 and t20 P4 But for m+ i just go with the T20 P4 and use the shoulders/leg slot for more int/haste/crit - also run sephuz's for procs and more haste.Mikarr0 2d
2d Do you ever have this problem with blink? Sometimes when you blink too quickly out of an AoE it wont remove the debuff from you and you will be stuck with it unless you walk back into the AoE and step out of it again. The most blatant example for me is on Demonic Inquisition's Suffocating Dark, sometimes I just blink out of it instantly but I'm still taking damage and Torment which is really annoying.Itaa5 2d
2d ilvl or stats and tier set? I started playing this frost mage a month ago and I collected some gear since then. Currently I am ilvl 908 with 4 piece tomb of sargeras lfr and 30% crit chance. Since then, I got a lot of higher ilvl pieces, if I equip these I would be ilvl 917. But here is the catch: I would lose my 4 piece tier set and I would drop to 24-25% crit chance. What should I do? Equip the higher ilvl pieces regardless of tier and stats or would this be a bad idea? Thanks for the help!Ashtemar5 2d
2d Tier 21 Fire Mage We all knew it was to good to be true ,but nerfed it down to 12% that seems a bit to much , any ideas why blizzard acts like this , you know the hype and then the let down , and do you see it been buffed back up again to like 20%. For me at least i only play fire mage and nothing else , i managed to master the spec with what kill times i get I was really hoping that Fire would be the way to go this time. And what is this frost buffs again... I really do hope they will increase it up from 12% .Edlh3 2d
3d New spell effects, same animations? So we get new shiny effects, cool, love it. Cant help but notice that we're still casting without our staff..y'know, the all powerful staff of Alodi..just casually sitting on our backs :/Barstow11 3d
3d Tier 20 4p vs M+ gear At what point would you consider starting to replace tier sets with other items from mythic+ and such? I love the tier 20 4p, but I also keep getting 930+ items that would otherwise replace the tier slots. Currently, my dilemma is between 915 tier gloves vs 935 haste/crit gloves, and 920 tier shoulders versus 930 haste/crit shoulders. I can't really figure out of it's worth loosing the 4p.. My crit and haste is fine, crit with the higher ilvl gear is a bit too high while haste stays the same for the most part.Eryè5 3d
4d Frost Mage Gearing Questions Hello everyone, I would like to know if the 4PC and the 2PC is still worth it after the 910s from Vashreen. If so, I would like to know the ideal 4PC and 2PC ( as in which armor slot to choose from) and where do I get the 4PC and 2PC. Thank you in advance. PS: Never really had 4PC or 2PC on other characters, if my question is odd, excuse me in advance.Zijs5 4d
4d I can't decide- Destro Or Fire Hello, i want to pick a main, but i can decide between Destro warlock and Fire mage. Since i came to the game (early Wotlk) i been playing with meele classes (prot warrior, blood dk, feral druid, ret paladin...) and i got tired, so i want to change and main a range class with cool visuals and shiny skills. I tried destro first, i liked it but it felt quite slow for me, +plus i dont like pets. I like playing both, fire feels "faster" +plus i like the new pyroblast cast. So i came here to the mage forum to hear your opinion about fire...(it is fun?, rewarding?, hard to master?). thanksDovahzul8 4d
5d How are fire and Arcane in PvP? Hi, Ignoring Arena (I play hide and seek with my 5 yr old, don't need it in game too) what are Fire and Arcane like in PvP? Frost is just an update for warriors at the moment and I only really like playing Mage, but it's getting really frustrating. I've been hanging out at the Black Rook Rumble lately whenever I'm bored, and I've only ever seen one other mage in there (Frost) ever. Otherwise it's just full of Warriors, DHs and Bear Druids slaughtering everyone else while taking no damage. BGs are pretty much the same, save some well played SPs and Warlocks.Tiyfa9 5d
5d 1v1 Against Melee I am playing solo battlegrounds with arcane, i cant deal with melee in most of 1v1 situations. Dks and demon hunters are especially hard. In fact i feel like dhs are doing more ranged damage than me. How are other specs? I heard frost is best for 1v1 against melee. Is there a chance i can deal with them if i spec into frost?Alakina5 5d
5d Best leveling spec 100-110? I was thinking fire with the Firestarter talent. Is it worth it?Mestog4 5d
5d Frost vs Fire in 7.3? Which spec is doing better?Mestog12 5d
6d ¿Arcane and Fire mage Health buff? Dont you feel too squishy playing pvp with fire or arcane? Statistics pages say mages arent in a good spot right now: Is silly a 10% health buff or similar? PD: I'm a casual PVPer.Nathress2 6d
6d Idiot water elemental. Is the glyph gone? Did they remove the glyph that made the elemental follow you?Mooncalf8 6d
16 Sep i want help to get this set So there is a set i really want but i have to do looking for raid to get it and i cant because im in too high level and the set is from a pandaria raid. Is there a way to still be looking for that raid? The raid is called Throne of Thunder and the set is called Regalia of the Chromatic Hydra. Please if you know anything that could help tell me.Zumb3 16 Sep
16 Sep Contained Infernal Core so recently i got my first legendary on this char, and lets just get to it, this thing, the Contained Infernal Core. its pretty much useless right, i mean this thing might as well just have been a a epic 970 shoulder with an microscopic chance to call down a metor, kinda like the weird items in vanilla that had effects. could've at least removed the timer on the stacks so that its not twice as useless as it could've beenLetonak6 16 Sep
14 Sep Problems with new frost animations EDIT: The issue below is now fixed but people in this thread mentioned some other concerns. I agree with the sound issue. The spells don't feel like they have any weight behind them. The impact sound is nice but since we shoot from range most of the time we don't hear anything. So a major problem i have with the new frost animations is that when you shoot frostbolt+ice lance or frostbolt+flurry the actual frostbolt doesnt show, it bugs out. You cant fire two projectiles at the same time anymore (visually). I find this so off putting i'm actually considering giving up mage or at least frost spec. You can no longer see the shatter combos iconic to frost mage since TBC. It's been like this since the start of PTR so im afraid they will just leave it like this. Thoughts? Is anyone else bothered by this?Bogzyboys16 14 Sep
14 Sep Issues with mage Hello! As the title says i got issues to deal damage in arenas/BG's. Currently i am leveling frost mage and i am not able to get a single frostbolt off. That's mainly because there's a melee on my face all the time.... I can kite somehow but its really hard to deal any dmg just some instant casts.. So my question is are mages even good at pvp? I know i am still learning the class but it feels so frustrating.. And what it comes to 1v1 situations i don't even want to talk about it :(Untòuchable6 14 Sep
14 Sep Mage Portals and Teleportation. It would be nice if Mages could use there teleport spells to get from Flight path to Flight path. Skip those nasty saddle sores! and long boring flights! Just teleport between the points instead! And how about making Mage portals that go to each zone? I know we got the Hub as a mage at the moment but it would be nice if we could open our own portals to help people get around.Angoleth5 14 Sep
14 Sep Frost Mage Elite Weapon Challenge - Bugged? It seems that when Raest starts casting his rune, you have about 1 second to get there. Is this intended? It's pretty impossible to get there in such short notice with the amount of stuff going on.Arrexis2 14 Sep
13 Sep Why Can't Frost Mages Summon Snowballs? I would like to ask why frost mages can't summon snowballs. If i was a real frost wizard it would be my #1 most used spell.Doodlybap9 13 Sep
13 Sep Versatility for Arcane mage A few months ago i've tried to do a research arround stat wheights of arcane mage. I've seen most arcane mages were running arround 7-8% Versatility. A few weeks ago i took the risk to swift some haste into versatility. I had arround 20% haste and 8% Versatility. Now i have 17% Haste and 13% Veratility. It really works better tbh because i've seen my ST and AoE dps rising by quite a bit. My question is, how far should i go with the swift? Should i get some more Versatility by sacrificing Mastery for example? I have 26% Mastery atm. Note that i'm not raiding at all. I only focus on mythic+ dungeons. I currently do +10 mythics. I beleive i can perform up to +13 but noone will accept me in the group probably because of my ilvl (909).Marmaga14 13 Sep
13 Sep Opinions on Brain Freeze rework So, I was thinking, what if Brain Freeze worked differently? What I mean is, Winter's Chill mechanic gets removed, and in its place a Brain Freeze-empowered Flurry gives you a charge of Fingers of Frost on cast (using the same mechanic of granting it with a slight delay so you can immediately use Ice Lance and not waste charges, maybe granting it after a global cooldown to be safe). But why? Pro: The mechanic loses a good amount of rng-induced edge cases. It pretty much ensures that no charge of either Brain Freeze or Fingers of Frost gets wasted, and this means it's easier to balance out without too lucky or too unlucky edge cases, with an increase of the average performance. It would smoothen cleave and target swapping, allowing Brain Freeze bonus to not be focused on one target only and be useless on low-life mobs. It would increase mobility, since you wouldn't need to cast Frostbolt before every Flurry. And it would have prevented double Ice Lance from appearing in the first place. Cons: The spec gets definitely dumbed down, and loses two mechanic depths: the stacks management and the use of Winter Chill to empower Frostbolt and Ebonbolt. What are your opinions?Fefnil1 13 Sep
12 Sep Thermal Void or Glacial Spike I guess the issue has been discussed several times - but what about here in Patch 7.3? For raiding and M+? Your thoughts are highly appreciatedDemonrizk6 12 Sep
12 Sep Netherlight Crucible traits Did someone make a list of best to worst tier 2 traits from the crucible? Which of them should be sought after for the best dps gains? It's quite hard to tell by simply looking at them. It's like having extra trinkets.Alchemiczka2 12 Sep
11 Sep Frost or Arcane? (leveling) hi i'm leveling a !@#$ing mage right now (i love the class) and maining it ofc but i can't decide to play arcane or frost everyone seems to play arcane right now but i think frost is more fun.Aggan3 11 Sep
11 Sep Custom Stance on Class Mount You know what's not cool? Reusing the stealth stance on our class mount. You know what would be cool albeit a little edgy? Having the character instead stand still and straight, crossing their arms.Meistermagus2 11 Sep
10 Sep Fireball needs revamp Fireball isnt changed at all after 7.3... it looks so poor near frostbolt, they must change fireball to a better animated spell, dont u agree with me?Azuredragon1 10 Sep
09 Sep Trinket + legendaries Is there any page, except icy-vein. Where can i found a bis trinkets and leg. for frost mage? I have tarnished sentinel medailon and terror from below. But they are like 915ilvl. In bag i have KJ trinket and some other 940ilvl trinket. So i need to look what is better and if is KJ still one of the best trinket. Bcs my legendaries for frost are pretty bad (Kj,prydaz, shard of exodar,belovir,norgannon, zannesu). sorry for my english and ty for your answer :)Guminatorr3 09 Sep
09 Sep zann'esu Journey Got this belt... how is it now? Most info on it is from 2016 so not sure how valid it is. Is this belt worth using over anything, in any situation ? Should I use it on ST fights as well? I imagine it could be fine in M+?Alchemiczka8 09 Sep
09 Sep Norgannons forsight Hi guys I would like to start this thread with an statement that this legendary on a frost mage totally useless. Even if i combine with ice floes it still feels underwhelming to make it usable and viable i suggest this to have a stand still time to 3 seconds or 4 .6 seconds is way to long and require a nice way to stand ahead of tanks and positioning. I recommend this to be 3 or 4 seconds and make it viable. ThanksNomnar3 09 Sep
08 Sep SLOWFALL IS BROKEN Ever since 7.3's change to slowfall, it's been getting on my nerves a !@#$ ton. Often, when landing I'll get DC'd instantly, causing me to often log back in dead or behind in whatever I'm doing. (slowing down my mythic+ groups) I've uninstalled ALL of my addons to see if it was something %^-*ing up there but it wasn't. Is it because I'm a gnome and I glitch through the ground or something? Please fix slowfall blizzard. It's a core spell to the class and I don't want to have to stop using it just because you've accidentally broke it with the most recent patch. From a beloved, yet very upset and frustrated fan of your game.Whizrowe7 08 Sep
08 Sep WTF is wrong with the Pyroblast??? (PvP) It's beyond pathetic , damage is usually between 150k-250k in pvp.This spell used to be something scary, it felt good using that spell before , it was satisfaying.Now it's pathetic and clunky, it's almost the same damage as discipline priest's smite, wtf is up with that? Not to mention this spell is fire mage's core spell, how is that bringing back the ''Class Fantasy''.I need my pyroblast to atleast hurt something, how is that class fantasy while the core spell hits like a !@#$ing wet towel.Incunethar18 08 Sep
05 Sep Is there a conspiricy at play? I noticed something weird in the Hall of the Guardian. For some reason on my end, the focusing crystal conjurers are all classed as elementals... but the elementals are all classed as humanoid... i suspect foul play. What do you guys think?Doodlybap2 05 Sep
05 Sep Arcane went that good? Hello peeps :D Do you have any feedback about Arcane spec? New weekly affixes in WoW showed some concers about Arcane been vayable :P ( I dont like arcane so much, no hate plz ) btw... Is there any good source that I should follow considering Mage changes, playstyle, specc etc ? I am using Icyveins , google and youtube to check others people feedback.Lévîáthán6 05 Sep
05 Sep Scammed by Arcane Mage Youtuber Hi i was playing my arcane mage and checking guides from youtube etc, i found out that Hogmanlolz made a written arcane mage guide and selling it for 10 dollars. He mentions in his website there is information about keybinding, juking, tips and tricks and advanced usage of arcane mage in generally. I said hey it is sold for 10 dollars and he is a well known youtuber it would be great to have the guide. So i paid the money and opened the pdf. OMG it is biggest scam of my life. 20 pages without any information. Pages have like big screenshots from game about talents, other classes interrupts and he wrote under that; you should juke these. Hahaha what a joke. You can find much more infromation from random 10 mins guide from youtube than this !@#$. I just want to warn you THAT IS A SCAM. Dont spent your money because it will be wasted. Good day.Taurenanger12 05 Sep
05 Sep Neck enchant for Arcane Mage (PVE) Hi fellow mages :-) What is the best neck enchant for arcane mages with the patch 7.3? The 600 mastery from Mark of the Trained Soldier sounds nice (+damage for all spells, +mana regen, etc.) but I never used Mark of the Hidden Satyr or Mark of the Distant Army, so I cannot compare. Any advice?Peppermint6 05 Sep
05 Sep Splitting Ice should hit Fallen Avatar+Maiden It reads "... and hit a second nearby target for 80% of their damage" yet it doesn't hit both targets if maiden is tanked near avatar. Frost lost a ton of viability due to splitting ice not working properly. I hope devs find a solution for this in the future.Blackshades11 05 Sep
04 Sep Frost legendary bracers vs blink chest Hello All I got yesterday the Magtheridons bracers with a relinquished token (!!). I am currently using helm and blink chest. All guides etc, mark the bracers as BIS for frost along with timewarp ring. Problem is that when simming my char with the bracers on (replacing the blink chest) i get less dps will all my gear combinations. Maybe the stat allocation on chest is that good that outperforms the "on equip" of the bracers? Anyone has similar experience?Nyo9 04 Sep
04 Sep Original Arcane Missiles Im gonna miss this spell a lot. I cant believe we are going to get that puny firework crap that is currently on PTR. Old missiles feel like direct, under my control, powerful and channeled spell by me. New missiles feels like wild (its like cut high-electricity cabel that is jumping and slashing around), going wherever it wants, tiny and lesser powerfull looking spell. There has been lot of feedback on PTR forums about this partical spell...You blew it on this one blizzard.Eadriel11 04 Sep