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04 Dec 7.3.2 Protection Paladin PvP Guide In this guide I will go through some background about prot in pvp, some template nerfs and suggestions for comps that will work best with prot pala. I will also go through talents and give some recommendations, a basic rotation overview is at the end. Video version: ----------------------------------------------- Background / Nerfs / Buffs: So let us start by talking about protection, once in legion prot were actually fairly common (pushing high 2.5-2.8k rating) however we recieved a few nerfs since then, which has impacted our viability. We are still able to push high ratings in both 2v2 and 3v3, but partners are a bit more limited and not certain if we are r1 viable. The following nerfs has happened since 7.2 : Sacred Duty nerfed from 50% down to 33% Hand of The Protector healing reduced by 60% down from 35% Luminescence is now 20% down from 30% 25% less mana regen in PvP These are all nerfs that has more of less impact on our viability. Before we used to have great support and healing, our support is still great even if nerfed a bit. However our healing has been reduced significantly. We are no longer able to stall games as we used to in 2v2, and going 3v3 will be a lot harder without a healer... We have however recieved quite a few buffs since then aswell, which helps in other areas... The following buffs has happened since 7.2: Bulwark of the Silver Hand 35% armor, up from 20%. Passive Stamina of Protection Paladin is now 40%, up from 30% Damage done on most abilities has been increased by 12.32% This all makes Paladin having to focus on faster games, and quick kills when we are not playing with a healer. We will not be able to sustain our teammates or ourselves for too long. The damage buff helps to support the faster playstyle aswell. Our talent choices and tactics will have to reflect upon these changes. ------------------------------------------------------- Current tactics / Comp suggestions: So the question is how we should play to be at the most efficiency these days. I have tried to play with an enhancement, which worked up to 2.2k. Tactic was to give him immunity during his burst and CC the healer while he get free damage on either enemy dps or healer. It was however an unreliable tactic and some healers posed a problem, such as resto druids. I have tried the tactic for 3v3 aswell, but with the addition of a boomkin. it worked to about 2k mmr, tho it was not always enough even with the addition of more pressure and another stun. However I have recently tried out a new tactic for the same comp. For 3v3 we found another layer of CC, which is the solar beam / entangling root combo paired with deep roots (so the roots won't break). The enemy trinket has most likely been used earlier on the stun / silence combo from the protection. Which leads to an easy kill (on some healers) For 2v2 I have tried the hallowed ground talent, along with consecrated ground. You are able to stall out the enemy team quite a long time, depending on what DPS it is you are facing. You kite the enemy around a pillar until you catch them offguard and then you try kill them in a stun. Dampening also helps the prot pala team more than it does for most enemies, since we got our immunities lategame. There is another tactic that works very well, and is the most reliable. It is the control oriented combo. Protection currently has loads of CC, noone of which share DR with eachother. We got a 6 sec stun, 4 seconds silence, and a 6 sec blind or 8 sec incapacitate. This can be comboed with other classes CC to lockdown the enemy healer. We can then grant out teammates immunity to CC so they can freely damage whoever we are targeting. This tactic works very well but requires more coordination than the other tactics. I have not had time to check how far all these tactics can actually bring us rating wise, so take them with a grain of salt on how good they are at the highest of ranks. The comps i suggest playing these days, a new season just started and climbing can be rough. But for 3v3 the prefered choice would be double dps with a CC that has a DR that doesn’t share with yours, or a protection / dps / healer combo with a healer that got good pressure and CC (disc perhaps?) There 4 major DR categories are Silence / Stun / Disorient / Incapacitate. Protection can occupy all 4 of them, this is one of our main benefits and what makes us viable. You can choose either Blinding light or Repentence for disorient or incapacitate. So change depending on what partner you are playing with. You want a partner with either one of those, or a CC of the DR school, boomkins perhaps (solar beam + entangling roots).Rextroy5 04 Dec
22 Nov 7.3 Ret paladin, RBG PvP guide Greetings! My name is Гаримто, playing as ret paladin on RU server Blackscar, Horde. My btag is GoodFella#21446. First of all, I would like to thank old school player as known as Jamaz, he inspired me to play ret paladin in Vanilla (Ronaldo, EU Jaedenar, Rank 11 PvP) and revert back in Legion(Season5). Frankly speaking, I would like to know him in real life. Credits to: Vanguard, amazing US player, he provided detailed guide for PvP Arena. Icy Veins, SkillCapped, PvPLeaderboards - these sites helped me to gather a lot of comprehensive information to share my experience. Cowabunga! Finally we end pre-ambula. This guide is mainly devoted to RBG. It is my first guide for RBG and I am not English native speaker, so please be tolerant !!! 1. Builds As ret paladin we have only 2 viable builds: a) Mass AOE (Eye of the Storm map; dungeons) 15. Final Verdict 30. Greater Judgment 45. Fist of Justice 60. Divine Hammer 75. Eye for an Eye 90. Divine Intervention 100. Crusade b) Single target (all maps, excluding Eye of the Storm; Arena 3x3) 15. Final Verdict 30. Zeal 45. Fist of Justice 60. Blade of Wrath 75. Eye for an Eye 90. Divine Intervention 100. Crusade 2. Rotation Mass AoE: Judgement - Divine Hammer - Crusader Strike - Crusade - Divine Storm - Wake of Ashes - Divine Storm (check cooldowns) Single Target: Judgement - Blade of Justice - Zeal - Crusade - Templar's Verdict - Wake of Ashes - Templar's Verdict ... (check cooldowns) IMPORTANT: Dont use your Divine Storm/Templar's Verdict without Judgement debuff on target. TellMeWhen will help a lot to see this debuff duration. 3. Addons • FlyPlateBuffs (need as Target Caller) • NamePlateCooldowns (for advanced Target Caller) • BattleGroundEnemies (must have addon) • BigDebuffs (must have addon) • TellMeWhen (I devoted special section to explain this necessary addon) • LortiUI (personal preference, but I could not play with default Blizzard color settings) 4. Macros Simple macro to focus target /focus Simple macro to assist TargetCaller (just change the nickname of your TargetCaller) /assist Гаримто Whisper your achievement, if you want to join random RBG group /run local n=ChatFrame1EditBox:GetAttribute("tellTarget") SendChatMessage(""..n..", I'm "..GetAverageItemLevel().." lvl, 70 art, Retribution Paladin, "..GetAchievementLink(405).."! Invite plz!","WHISPER",nil,n) ChatFrame1EditBox:Hide() How it works? You would like to send message to Raid Leader (f.i. name Tafsiri) of random group. You greet Tafsiri and then press macro and Tafsiri gets the following message "Tafsiri, I'm 930 lvl, 70 art, Retribution Paladin, Three's Company 2000, Invite plz!". So the main issue is to define your achievements, achievement code (in my macro - "405") you can find on And of course change your personal information (class, art level) MoveAnything /run PaladinPowerBarFrame:ClearAllPoints() /run PaladinPowerBarFrame:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", 492, -330) /run PaladinPowerBarFrame:SetScale(1.4) You can move whatever you like, to observe what you want to move with command /fstack To exit /fstack mode - just write /reload In my macro, I move PaladinPowerBar and increase default size to center of my screen under the char position. If you use UI scale, then please check "492, -330" - just find your best numbers to place your moveframe. The main macro #showtooltip Hammer of Justice /cast [nomod, target=mouseover, harm][] Hammer of Justice /cast [mod:alt, target=focus] Hammer of Justice For RBG, you do not need macros as Arena (tar1, tar2, tar3) - you need mouseover macro. Above macro helps you to mouseover enemy, if no mouseover enemy, it casts on current target. You press+ Alt and you HoJ focus target. This macro can be used for friendly spells, just change "harm" with "help" #showtooltip Flash Heal /cast [nomod, target=mouseover, help][] Flash Heal /cast [mod:alt, target=Гаримто] Flash Heal Mouseover heal, or current target heal. You press+ Alt and you heal yourself (just change nickname) 4. TellMeWhen Reserved. It is core addon to be competent RBG player, so I will prepare substantial information how to use TMW addon.Гаримто3 22 Nov
21 Nov Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 21 Nov
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
3m Paladin Mounts So I was wondering which group / flying mounts you'd say have a paladin feel to them. you know, something that radiates righteous fury, judgement & punishment in the name of the holy and such.Empire1 3m
53m Rate The Transmog Above You - 14th Edition Last edition has expired, let the new one begin. :)Roshani411 53m
1h Divine Favor The spell reads "unable to be interupted" So why am I getting interupted by: Belf Racial's Garrotes another other non kick spells...Corroth1 1h
13h Paladin Class Feel Hi! I’m a pretty casual player, I main UH DK (930ilvl) and i have several classes at or close to Lvl 110. I always really enjoyed the fantasy of a Holy fighter class, wielding the powers of the light to heal and deal damage, but for some reason i lvled almost everything but Paladin and Priest. Now I have a free 100boost and I’m looking to skip the lvling proces as I’ve gone through it already plenty of times. I want to boost a Paladin but the extreme amount of critics regarding ret is really off putting. Is the spec really a « fun drainer » and a completely « numb and braindead » one to quote some players? I played a lot of DK and I feel Ret plays a little bit like this in terms of mobility at least so I don’t mind being a slow fighter. I specifically plan to play ret and holy, honestly at least 50% for the transmogs and the ashbringer / fantasy of the holy warrior (and also for that sweet corrupted hidden artifact). So can some of you help me and maybe tell me honestly and objectively how these specs really feel ? Cause if it’s a complete un fun mess well i might as well stay away from it until they fix it a little... I know fun is subjective and I should give it a go but I would like some fresh opinions ! Sorry for the format (mobile)Gammoth14 13h
17h Don't bother with the God Queen's Fury It's bugged. So, I've given this thing 120+ tries and only a couple of times have I brought the trio down below 70%. A large part of that is definitely a gear issue (I have no movement legendaries, that's a big hit in this fight), a many a time it was down to human error. I'm simply not good enough at the game - I cannot keep track of Sigryn's repentance, runes going off, valkyr, shield all at the same time. It is too much for my brain to handle. I'm calling it quits and might actually lay off raiding for good after coming to terms with this. But there were MANY (32) deaths that were down to bugs. I'm listing these in the hopes that a dev might get to see them. Runes - Sometimes, these will spawn and instantly detonate. Sometimes copies will spawn on top of each other and instantly detonate. - Runes sometimes do not detect player collision when cavalier is used. - Runes detonate at uneven sizes. Sometimes they will shrink to nothing and explode, other times they will explode when very small. Runeseer Unevenly attaches to the player, making kiting upredictable and annoying. In dire need of consistency when it comes to interrupts. Sometimes rebuke is used (when shield is down, of course) and he will not cast for seconds, at other times he will immediately start another cast. This seems unintended. He also latches to the player after meleeing sometimes, and if the player continues to move after the "latch", the runeseer will not detach from the players pathing, and will continue to cast while moving. This seems like a bug. Sigryn: Is just confusing. She yells "blood of my father" while under the effects of repentance. This is stupid and serves to confuse the player. Both the adds do these when under the effects of stuns. It confuses the player and should be fixed. Valkyr: Perhaps the worst offender of the fight. They seems to have an uneven hitbox. All in all I find this fight extremely challenging. Many seem to agree that Rets should have the easiest time completing it, with a lot of rets claiming to have beaten it easily after a few tries. I think there is a good chance this is down to my low skill level, but I'm certain these bugs hold weight and it would help if this fight was made more consistent. Personally I am of the opinion that if such a fight is to prove skill, then gear should be normalized, but I suppose that is neither here nor there. Thanks for readingMèth21 17h
1d Night Elf Paladin in BfA? Pretty simple and as the title says. Think we'll unlock Night Elves as Palas in the next expac? I mean we got Delas Moonfang and I don't see a reason why other Priestess' wouldn't want to follow in her footsteps.Inpachi3 1d
1d Is it worth equipping this? The legendary ring " Insignia of the Grand Army" how good is this ring and do many people equip it? I currently have Chain of Tharyn and Liadrins fury unleashed so a bit hesitant to try this one out.Taurus3 1d
1d Defender adrielle, champion bachi.. They make me sick with their noise, i want peace and quiet. I demand they get fired!Ninjajedi0 1d
1d Antorus hc bad itemization? (holy) I really feel that the loot in Antorus on hc is aweful. Close to no items have crit, and those who do have the stat, have less crit than my currently equipped 925 items. Why would they have LOWER stats then items 20 ilvls lower? Just doesn't make sense. Yeah I'll be high ilvl overall but my stats will be bad. I used to have around 45% crit, and since I did Antorus a few times I barely get 40%, which is a big deal when healing with Holy Shock. Anyone else have the same impression?Deveon0 1d
1d Paladin Tier 21 Bonus Sets Hi guys, I really don't understand why we receive such awful bonus sets. For example set bonus 2 says "the damage of judgment is increased by 40%" first of all judgment is only good to keep the damage of Templar Verdict or Holy Power abilities higher we don't really need a damage increase for that ability and the 4th set bonus says "When you use judgment, the cost of your next Holy Power spending ability is reduced by 1." Why? Why not make judgment give us a buff that makes all of our holy power abilities cost 1 holy power less for 8 seconds or at least a buff that increases our overall damage for the next 5 seconds and for the 2nd set why not Templar Verdict's damage increase by 10% or something like that? Why is everything must be judgment based? :( I'm really disappointed in this... and plus we have been nerfed this patch. :- (Fluffy8 1d
1d Death knight VS paladin No, this is not one more in the line "who would win". Rather, I am considering which of the two to make my new main, so I was hoping forums could help me out here. I like them both, both are almost equally slow and luckily I care not for healing. So - from those that have experience on both sides, which one do you think performs better? Fields I am interested in are PvE dps and tanking and PvP. Which one outputs more damage, survives better (in mythic dungeons, normal and perhaps heroic raids) as a tank and has better killing/staying power in PvP? Any tips and insights are welcomed! (and yeah, this is duplicate thread from DK forum, as I wish to hear opinions from both sides :) )Falliene14 1d
1d Paladin Guilds Does anybody know of any Paladin only guilds at all? I've done some searching, but only come up with references from years back or US forums.Ozric2 1d
2d JoL why does JoL aint healin my beacon targets?Zerwo1 2d
2d Please give us better mobility in BfA. I'm tired of being kicked from heroic dungeons because I can't keep up with all the demon hunters, hunters, warriors etc... who like to mass pull the entire instance without stopping. Having a paladin in your heroic dungeon group is like having a fat kid running an Olympic marathon.Aeula22 2d
2d What on earth is going on with the tier 21 set bonuses. No matter how many sims I run No matter what items I swap around T20 comes out on top up until mythic difficulty. T20 Either needs a nerf or the T21 needs a buff, I have no idea why they nerfed the original T21 2 set when its original form would of given us much more incentive to switch over. If something doesn't change im just thinking of farming heroic/mythic TOS everyweek and hoping for the T20 bonuses are so vastly superior.Zeldaron16 2d
3d A Challenging Look - God-Queens Fury Finally managed to get this done... What a slog. probably over 30 attempts until I got it right? Has anyone else struggled as much as I did!? My advice for anyone who is struggling. 1. Use Prydaz legendary as it pops a damage limitation (not invincible) shield. 2. Flask and pot 3. The rotation... Focus dmg on Runeseeker - DPS from all 3 isn't more than you can handle.. so don't stress if you are getting melee attacks. Use HOJ on Jarl when he casts his 2 main attacks - when he shouts for his buff, and when he shouts for his axe spin. Other than that, use hand of hindrance to slow him. Use repentance on Sigryn whenever you can, but especially when she casts blood of her father as this will do enough damage to wiep you. When she is under repentance, pull the runeseeker away from her, so as to not knock her out of repentance with an accidental aoe, as this will wake her up. When runeseeker calls upon the blood of his ancestors, smash him until his shield drops, then interrupt the cast. I advise you stay around the centre circle so you can make it in time to hit all 3 runes - if you don't, you will likely wipe. My advice, keep an eye out for the yellow healing orb, as this tends to get dropped a few seconds before the runes appear. Keep en eye out for the gap in the lines of the walls cast by Sigryn. NB THIS IS NOT A DPS RACE, focus on staying alive rather than getting them down. When you are being melee attacked, use this as a chance to heal yourself up! They share damage, but not a health pool! Jarl will go down first, then you get Runeseeker down to like 6% and it's all over.... Hope this helps someone! Quick edit - I recommend changing your talents so that you have 2 horses that you can cast, rather than 1.Larimus0 3d
3d Run Speed Woes Right now, questing is horrible. I feel like I'm forced to hop on and off my mount constantly because I'm running so SLOW. Sure, we all did it before but now it's a requirement between every single mob if you want to avoid falling asleep! I don't know if other classes are like this now but my Paladin is having a very slow time these days. Seriously, the 15% run speed talent made all the difference between the game feeling sluggish and it feeling just right. Movement speed talents NEED to come back... or just increase the base run speed for all classes by 15%, I don't care which.Malric9 3d
3d How's prot I play blood atm and havent played too much prot in some time and not at all in Legion. Now as blood i have bone shield up like all the time and i noticed that i cant keep active mitigation nonstop like blood. Also hoes the healing of prot pallyShakdan5 3d
4d Not allowed to complete MT challenge Aight, this is primarily just me complaining and letting out A LOT of pent up rage from the past few months from me attempting to complete the Healer Mage Tower Challenge. It's apparently impossible for me. It isn't because I'm too dumb to stun the mages, or hide behind one of my dead weights, or something like that. Or because I'm not using the proper talents, or I don't have enough itemlevel. No, my failures are 100% blizzard's fault. At least the most recent ones (aka the past few weeks ever since I started going for it again. The reason why is because every. Damn. Time. I try to do it something goes horribly wrong. Something that I can't control. It's either I get kicked when I'm facing the last pack (only the Holy know why that happens), Jarod is unable to hold threat and all mobs instantly jump on the Granny and nuke her, or the FKBs( fan of Knives Boys, as I call them) somehow Crit Jarod and ONLY Jarod, my Stun doesn't go through on the mage ( I did check if I somehow didn't press the button, it had 58 s CD and I was targeting the mage), JAROD switches target to a FKB while I'm lining up the GGA(aka Good Game Arrow aka Mana Sting) LAST SECOND and it hits me, or (and this is my favourite and the one that happens 100% of the time), the game somehow either registers me pressing "s" as me pressing "q" ( which I have Tyr's Deliverance bound to), or it doesn't realize I'm not pressing it anymore, and I find myself backpedaling into oblivion because I can't get the game to wake up. And before you say it's a hardware problem, it's not. I've tried multiple games, spammed "s" like an idiot and it never happened. Furthermore, it never happens in the world, or in an instance, or in another challenge. It always ALWAYS happens during the healer challenge. Therefor, I believe Blizzard just has some sort of a problem with me. I don't know and I honestly don't care anymore. (The farthest I've got was P2,just before writing this. Died because backpedal)Anthoras12 4d
5d Justice Gaze Why is this thing in the ret paladin loot table. It's so amazingly bad. It has the wrong stats and it does no damage. Just looted this piece of crap and it made me quit the game half way through the instance. Please remove this item from the game.Odgelina12 5d
5d [Guide] Ret Paladin PvP Guide 7.3.2 Video Hey guys, In hope that among you there are ret pallys who want to start having fun in PvP and are in-need for a basic guide for the spec, I cooked up this video: If you are interested in the text version as well, let me know and I will paste in here the script.Marcelian3 5d
5d [VID] 7.3.2 Ret Paladin PvP Hey guys, Hope you enjoy my cooked up edits for a couple of 2k arenas. As always, feedback is greatly appreciated :) 5d
6d heirlooms for prot pala ? im starting a tank paladin. now he is level 3. what heirlooms do i need to get for him ? *obviously, i also want to level him as fast as possible and still being able to tank stuff.Wushupanda3 6d
08 Dec Tier 21 is so bad. Blizzard make it so it's all dps and not just judgment there's increased in dps. And make it so the reduce cost of holy power by 1 instead all holy power spenders will be descreased for 15 secends minium.Holbart7 08 Dec
08 Dec Think Steed of Glory will be fixed soon? Tooltip states that Divine Steed lasts for two more seconds, you become immune to movement impairing effects and that you push players back when you run through them. Only the first effect currently works. The pushback and the immunity do not work at all since 7.3 launched. I've reported this a few times, but nothing's happened.Velania2 08 Dec
08 Dec PvP Holy Paladin Hi, I recently leveled up a paladin to try out as holy in pvp battlrgrounds. I already have a resto druid and really enjoy him. My holy paladin has 830 ilevel around but I'm having big trouble keeping teammates alive. I also have mana issues. I use flash heal a lot because it's fast. My resto druid even though he has more ilevel can bring teammates struggling from the brink of death in a few seconds, while my holy paladin just can't do that. My holy paladin cant flash heal fast enough. While I love the extra protection the plate armour gives, I can't seem to get used to how horrible holy paladin is or the way I'm playing him is rather perhaps. I tried incorporating blessings into my rotation and that helps. Basically my tactics are beacon of life. Avenger if up which is really good. Flash of heal all the time. Holy shock when it's up. Sometimes the holy cone when close to players. I just can't get used to holy paladin healing. Maybe someone has some tips for me to be good in pvp. My mission in world of warcraft is to level all healer specs into pvp bg. If someone has done this before, maybe they can give me feedback on which they enjoyed most and why. I'm gonna stick with the Holy paladin until I get my ilevel to 890 like my druid and then I'll make a better judgement but at the moment, I much prefer druid healing. ThanksAtee6 08 Dec
07 Dec Anduin's class Very well guys, Blizzard said that Anduin is 100% a priest. Yet he does exactly the same as Turalyon, who, just like Anduin, was a priest that started to take up arms when the Orcs came, he used his priest powers, plate armour, and a mace. This is exaclty like Anduin, but Anduin uses a sword instead of a hammer! Right now Anduin is the definition of a paladin! Can someone give a plausible answer, or even Blizzard? Saying that he is a Hero is not a justification, it is the same as Saurfang starting using necrotic powers and saying he is still a warrior!Jreymer25 07 Dec
06 Dec Void Elf Paladins They can be priests. Why not.Sinvara21 06 Dec
06 Dec Life of the paladin Hi! After playing paladin (ret/holy) as a main for 4 years I quit in the legion pre-patch because ret seemed really stale after the changes to judgement/hammer of wrath and utility. But I haven't seen anything of level 110 paladin as mine is still 100. So how is paladin life in terms of viability/fun?Zyrein19 06 Dec
06 Dec Artifact Spec Quests I've been stuck on these quests for weeks. The quest Ending the Risen Threat is an absolute joke while the DPS one with the God-Kings daughter, I didn't last a minute. My Holy and Ret specs are 930+ but I haven't even bothered with the tanking one if the AI on Risen Threat is as bad as it is. Any tips? I'm just not getting anywhere with it or is it even worth doing?Eocaan4 06 Dec
06 Dec What are your thoughts about Paladin in this expac? Hey, so I just want to know, mainly paladin mains or ex paladin mains. What do you think about him this expansion? Why do I ask, because I think paladin was so much more fun in Warlords of Draenor. Say what you will about that expansion, but Paladin was in the right spot. Where I felt like a real "battle priest" which is what paladins, essentially are. With a good mix of damage abilities, both melee and ranged, with great self sustain capabilites to poke their enemies to death. I enjoyed not being the most powerful (which, lets be clear, pala is not even now) but atleast in pvp and arenas, I depended on my ability to stay alive. Now I feel like more of a glorified warrior. Which still cool, it doesn't have that much identity from my point of view. (talking about ret pala) I hope there will be some changes in BfA, since I really miss exorcism :(Fultric31 06 Dec
06 Dec Bring back Hammer of Wrath HoWWolfblood9 06 Dec
05 Dec Holy in open world content Heya, I havr a question regarding maining a Holy Paladin in end game. Since I won't have time for raids, I will mainly focus on Mythic+. In the meantime of course I want to do World Quests and so on but will I be able to do those as a Holy Paladin? Is there some sort of a build that someone can share with me? Or should I change spec to Prot then?Metalblast2 05 Dec
05 Dec Retribution's Iteration Hello my fellow WoW players, I come here to talk about ret's combo points. It would seem like Blizzard noticed Prot and Holy don't need it, yet ret still does. And since they do not intend to scrap it, I would say it ought to be improved! Firstly, HP has been a slightly clunky and cumbersome ability for quite a while! We have a cap of five, yet we only have 2 abilities that only spend 3 HP... there is nothing special, either u choose AoE or Single Target! There is not the usual get five and do something interesting, or any interaction with it, like the Seraphim, or the buff on MoP! Secondly, there is no interaction between HP spenders and generators! Deal x dmg and generate 1 HP... There is nothing interesting, like hitting multiple targets for another HP, or a special window. Furthermore, there is a lack of refunding, like, using TV on a Judgement Window and get 1 HP back! Thirdly, Retribution has been feeling routless, and far too homogenized. we are a combo of rogues with warriors + flashy skills! We had a special moment when we popped wings, we had a special moment of helping the casters refund mana with our seals, we had a special moment when we had to swap between Seals based on the phase, or the oponent's class! Ret has lost it's edge, and Judgement Colossus smash could be far more, like an interaction between Seal and Judgement, but "Oh, just a dmg incrase... Yay..." The pruning dumbed down retris too much, that is very clear, but I think this spec needs more depth to it, some seals to adjust mid-air, and some way to make them interact with HP would be a great starting point! Please leave here some feedback!Jreymer20 05 Dec
04 Dec Paladin spot atm Hello Paladins, I am thinking about maining a Paladin and I wonder in what spot is Prot and Ret paladins at this moment in PVE and PVP. I did some low level pvp with ret paladin and it was lots of fun but I am only level 40Wigglehorns5 04 Dec
04 Dec Retribution Discrimination :( Any other Ret pally having trouble with getting a rated arena partner(s) purely on the fact that your a Retribution Paladin? Discrimination of the holy kind! I don't have much experience with rated arenas and that's why I need to find a partner to build up the score! I guess it cant be helped... everyone runs from playing arenas with Rets, and we just cant keep up xDHolydread2 04 Dec
04 Dec Paladin 'Protection' spec name change - 'Vanguard' It bothers me how Warrior and Paladin have the same name for their tank specs. There's no logic in having two specs with the same names. A vanguard is the frontline in combat, which is the essence of a tank paladin with all the defensive abilites and blessings provided. Just a simple request by a humble paladin player. Peace.Peeble9 04 Dec
02 Dec HPala Raid Help So been learning as I go, although I’ll mostly play Arena I want to learn how to play M+ and Raids also. I’ve done some low keys and it’s been okay and I don’t NH normal last night and that’s when I noticed a problem. Group healing!? Single target is pretty straight forward but when it comes to topping up the whole group after a hit I struggle. A holy priest was doing 30 mil more healing then me and as you can see I’ve changed my talents to be beneficial to the group as opposed to ST. How is everyone doing group wise? What’s my best course of action?Basy6 02 Dec
01 Dec Mastery in New raid Acc to icy veins mastery is our New best stat with haste. What do you thinkRifadin5 01 Dec
30 Nov Holy paladin how to get legendary item? Holy paladin how to get legendary item?Prothorin11 30 Nov
29 Nov Retri feedback Probably will pvp and normal raid on him, is the burst during wings still insane? Also, does the class feel less clunky with more haste?Xinwu2 29 Nov
29 Nov Battle: Retribution changes !! Greetings my fellow players, here I leave my top 10 changes for Retribution, please leave your feedback here too! 1. Change Judgement! It feels really bad, cumbersome, and clunky! If not, then make so the window refresh-able by our basic attacks ! I personally would love the "type" of window to change based on our seals ! 2 Seals ; I would love immersive seals, or at least something like we had in WoD; class fantasy! ; they would change the Judgement like : Truth- 5/10% more damage; Light- 2/3% when attacking the target ( all raid members/ on raid members had less effect ) ; Wisdom- 1/2% mana back from abilities on the target ( also raid wide ); Righteousness - Holy Spenders would give the Paladin increased 5% Haste for 3 secs. BONUS: Give empowered Seals back, and give Seals something like 5 sec CD globally between them! 3 Exorcism : You want class identity and fantasy? Give us back Exorcism! Blade Justice ? I wonder if anyone imagines a Holy Warrior summoning a blade from the ground over him blasting the enemies with Holy Light!! 4 Return Hammer of Wrath! Again, class identity, an enemy of the Light will NOT get away from justice... this is our Execution, as important to us as a warrior; And, of course, if you want difference between warrior and paladin, rework judgement! 5 If you refuse my Seal-Judgement coordination and utility, and are straightly going for Judgement: damage buff; then make it so that it empowers the paladin, so that it isn't so much as an Arms Warrior! Besides, a paladin being rewarded by the Light for judging the unworthy is far better than making them vulnerable! 6 Make Blessing of Sacrifice part of our kit! A paladin always puts himself in harm's way to save his comrades! Plus, increases the skillcap! 7 Make Divine Purpose usable! The impredictability, makes the spec more fluid and immersive! 8 Make Word of Glory baseline! A trade between damage and healing can distinguish the difference between a good and a bad pala; besides, lets us heal more than a rogue or a DK again! Yay :D 9 Give difference to the talents we have to chose per row, not "Single target or AoE" give us abilities that have make us choosing our playstyle, kind of like Seraphim and Final Verdict in WOD; 10 Give us Selfless Healer! Please, and put it in a row that makes us choosing between healing spells, like this, Justicar's and Sacred Shield!Jreymer8 29 Nov
28 Nov class hall quest line Hello, I am e ret.pala and I have a big problem. I do not have any quests in my class hall. I did the falling star of course and all the Xera quests about Illidan. I am 824 and I still have only two followers and only 1 quest a day for them and 3 troops. That's all. There is something wrong somewhere but what??? If you went through same problems please tell me what you did. (I have a druid which had 7 followers and numerous troops at only 800, but then, I found the quests unless in the pala class hall). I asked already in another forum but the answers are "you cannot skip the questline" which I do not, I would like to have quests, I just do not know where to go to have them. Please help, I am frustrated!! and thanks in advance+++Torodios2 28 Nov
28 Nov Highlord Kruul Knockbacks Hello fellow Paladins, I am struggling with Kruul still, had my first 20 trys today. How are you supposed to predict the knock backs from the infernals? The eyes are ok. You've got the green beams that help you position but the Infernals Knockback seem too less graphic in this cluster!@#$ of special effects and mechanics to worry about especially during phase two. I just see my brains memory storage overload in P2. Any tips? I've tried kiting Kruul in circles and staying on the move but that gets especially difficult over time as the ground fills up with green zones and you need to run around to grab Orbs, too. It's so unforgiving. One mistake and it's over. I guess it's called Ragetower for a reason.Gwelwenant23 28 Nov
28 Nov Best healer for Ret Paladin in 2s? Not long ago I dusted off my Ret paladin and have begun to really enjoy him, so I want to push rating on him during Season 6 in a sort of laid-back way - so in 2s. But I'we no knowledge of what is a good healer for a Ret paladin in 2s and wanted to ask the kind people here for recommendations, and if you can, please elaborate -the more detailed, the better.Kang0 28 Nov