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7h Low HP pool as tank How do You feel about prot paladin's hp pool. I mean, personaly I don't mind it, but others do. Paladins don't need more hp, as we are perfectly viable like this, thanks to alot of mitigations we can do. But alot of time when I join grp, people think I'm incredibly undergeared and always assume I will ruin their run/raid. Even calling me out on many occasions. Also, I had some healers leave when they see my hp. At 891 ilvl, I have around 4,5 million hp, which looks rather low. But still, people odn't know how classes work. They always look for that hp and assume that makes some tank geared or not. How are your thoughts about this? Do people call you out for low hp?Nakzria12 7h
7h Getting gear for PvP. Hello folks! I´m in a guild that´s doing raids, however currently I live in the wrong time zone so I can´t join them on raids. My question for you guys: Is there another way for me to get gear from just PvP? Is it those reward boxes that you get from every random BG the only way? Thanks in advance Best regards FyrapanFyrapan5 7h
7h Paladins are slow as f. Pls... I feel like a fat kid chasing smarties on the battlefield, more mobility plese.Blayser29 7h
8h Rate the paladin name above you, 2017 Lets go again, last name thread reached its limit...Etheodulne83 8h
9h Ashbringer whispers to the player While I was questing in Surama, I just heard for the first time some deep voice whispering ''The Ashbringer''. First time it happened, happened to anyone else?Xeremir16 9h
12h divine steed macro I tried to make a macro for divine steed and the usage of blessing of freedom /cast divine steed /cast blessing of freedom but it wont work.. Anyone who knows how to make that macro so they are used together?Savagelight5 12h
13h Ret Challenge. Issues not nerf... Ok I have now tried daily to try and complete this challenge but keep butting head against brick wall with certain aspects... But first 1 know I'm only ilvl 893 so I should apparently be unable to do this right now. I am not going to ask for a nerf (eg less Hp's, abilities etc...) I would just like them to fine tune / fix some stuff. edit : and although Blizz seem to expect me not to complete it - I don't think it's lack of skill - runey's shield I can break (easily with Wings) still with plenty of time left without. And the mechs are fine (one-shots for low gear / no bubble etc) I'm just asking for maybe a few tweaks to sort out the current kinks in it NOT a nerf so it can be zerged by anyone (and their mums). I have probably tried over 50 times now (lost count). And I have problems with certain aspects of the challenge due to bugs and other issues - not what's actually in it. So onto the issues I have : 1/ Placement / signs of the valk'yr - I have found it hard to tell exactly where the valk'yr are going to shoot at times when the 'gap' is on the right hand side of the entrance (looking at it from inside) because the Valk'yrs' (for me at least) spawn IN THE FLOOR. - this means I can't actually tell where the gap is. 2/ Exploding Runes - as others have said (no-one else I've seen has mentioned the above) sometimes (quite often in fact) they detonate as soon as they have spawned - or when I run over them. Obviously incorrect behaviour. Would like to see blizz fix this. 3/ Fel Pools - sometimes Sigryn seems to spawn them at an alarming rate (more than once almost the entire central disc has been covered in them - easily avoided - except when the runecaster decides to camp that section (regardless of how many times I try to kite him) even more painfull when shield's up... (maybe a slight nerf in the time they keep stick around... (to 80% maybe). 4/ Now this is probably just me being slightly bitter and salty about it but the Jarl seems to have a massive reach with his melee attacks - so much so that he hasn't actually 'moved them' and i've died when kiting him - and checking what's happened it's been his melee attacks. Might have just been me thinking I've been too much further away than I was but for me I swear I was at least 10 metres in front of him. 5/ Similar issue as 4 - can't tell how much reach Sigryn has with her Spear - although being a tall one with a spear i'm actually fine with it i guess - just salty that she only seems to knock me back at the worst moments (valk'yr gap, off a small rune etc...) So all in all I do not wanted the challenge 'nerfed' per se but I would love to see Blizzard fixing the bugs I have seen and maybe fine tuning it more for us poor melee (as I think casters may have a much easier time than melee - except maybe enhance shammies who can hex the witch constantly (which means no fel pools , not back etc...) Also to everyone else wanting to complete it - the only thing I can say is Aggramar's Stride is your new best friend. (for without it us Paladins are far to slow). I do believe if we had been given unique challenges this would have been much 'nicer' to do because I know trying create a scenario like this for 5 classes obviously means it will be easier for some than others. But personally this one seems to be tuned to caster / mobile classes and not us slow but steady pallies.) My apologies for the wall of text but hey ho just interested in seeing the reaction I get from people on my thoughts.Belvarn14 13h
13h About Paladin Mage Tower You know that part when fighting Sigryn ret pally challenge when those flying angels make a line and u have stand in that one gap? The fact that the design is so bad and you can't see where they're facing 'cause they're kinda facing diagonally and you can't figure our a perfect spot for u to stand makes me not wanna do it at all. Only complaining on the design 'cause it's unclear and poorly made, can't see where they're facing at. 100% of my wipes are on those flying angel things, not because I forgot about the mechanic, only because I stood at the right spot but couldn't actually see what the right spot was and still got hit.Daisu5 13h
1d Rate The Transmog Above You - 14th Edition Last edition has expired, let the new one begin. :)Roshani161 1d
1d Worth sacrificng haste for extra DPS? Hi ive been simming loads recently now I'm in a dilemma I'm ret Pally with 48 traits so far with 3 Wrath of Ashbringer relics - Ashbringer is ilvl 920 I jump from 799K simmed dps to 804k dps if I switch from my : Pendant of the Stormforger (ilvl 885): neck=,id=133767,enchant_id=5439,bonus_id=3416/1537/3528 with Cruel Gladiator's Necklace (ilvl 870) neck=,id=144655,enchant_id=5439,bonus_id=3416/1537/3528 but this makes me go from 20% haste to 17% I have these 2 legos currently on: Whisper of Naztherim: back=,id=137020,enchant_id=5434,bonus_id=3459/3530 & Liadrins Fury Unleashed: finger2=,id=137048,enchant_id=5428,bonus_id=1811/3530,gem_id=130220 my talents are: talents=1112112 and my trinkets are: Fel Oiled Infernal Machine (ilvl 890): trinket1=,id=144482,bonus_id=3573/1808/40/1542/3336,gem_id=130220 & Horn of Valor (ilvl 890) trinket2=,id=133642,bonus_id=3417/42/1542/3336 I currently have Helm + Gauntlets + Breastplate + Legplates of Highlord on 2 of which at 895 other 2 at 890 the necklace switch drops me from 902 ilvl to 901 any advice would be much appreciated ^^Thalachon4 1d
2d How to deal with hunters and mages...? Question says it, for me at least every time im in a situation vs hunter or mage, I get destroyed so easily and I feel I cant fight back its frustrating. I know im not so geared and not filled artifact yet, but even lower geared can give lots of trouble, and I talk all situations from arena, bg to question open pvp... Might again be missing something but is really silly how they wreck me so easy and I cant barely lay a finger on.Buaby6 2d
2d Holy PVP I'm really at a loss here. I have no clue how to heal. I am a new paladin player and have been practicing for a bit now. I just feel like my heals are completely useless. like doing 360k flash of lights when people get bursted down in 5 seconds. Does anyone have any tips? "rotations"?Ululululu8 2d
2d Problem with crusade talent :( Hi. I am having a problem with crusade talent. Either my PC (intel core 2duo , 6 gb Ram , nvidia gtx260 and windows 7 64bit) or my internet connection ( 150 ms) or both can't handle crusade talent. The problem I have with crusade talent is the fact that when I activate crusade things go so fast that my pc / internet connection cant handle it properly and basically I am loosing dps ( I have to press 2-3 times the same button until it is activated ) if I talent for crusade. You can figure out what is going on with crusade + bloodlust :) . For lag I tried --> Latency optimizer --> Reducing the bandwidth windows 7 reserves --> Changing the IP packet size During raiding I usually disable most addons and I have really low graphics settings. After all these changes I am still raiding with 150 ms but I still have some lag spikes (it was worse before all these btw 250+ ) That means that I have to talent divine purpose which as an option its a dps loss but things go smoother. I have read ( a blue said that) that raiding is being balanced/optimized around 300 ms. Well that is not in my case. I want to ask blizzard to make divine purpose a valid raiding option as a talent cause its really frustrating not being able to produce the max dps output I could cause of a talent choice in the same row. Thank you for your time reading all these. P.S English is not my native language so dont judge me for mistakes pls :)Kataraménos8 2d
2d Advive for Holy paladin. Hey folks! I have just started playing again after 1 year of break, and I feel a bit lost when it comes down to what gear I should look for as Holy paladin. Can you guys give me some advice on stats etc that´s good for me? And do I still need to get different gear for PvP and PvE or is it now not needed anymore? Thanks for your help! Best regards FyrapanFyrapan7 2d
2d Holy Paladin - 899 (Trinket Advice) So I'm 899 ilevel equipped at the moment. I currently have 8 legendaries, but have yet to get my hands on the holy ring. (ikr!) Anyway, with a 50/50 chance of it being my next legendary, I'm planning my gear change for when I acquire it. I already know that I'm dropping Velen's Future Sight. And I have an 890 Helya trinket with crit to fill the slot. These changes will bring me up to around 44-45% crit. With a decent amount of extra mastery from the ring. Anyway, my question is... Should I be looking at swapping out my 875 Arcanocrystal? And, if so, what should I be looking to swap it out for? For example, I have an 890 Celestial Map, but this isn't really good enough in practice. Thanks.Lyânnâ9 2d
2d Stuck after teleport and flight I have no idea if this was already mentioned, but i can't seem to find it anywhere. As the title says,- i'm stuck, after i've teleported or taken a flight at the flight master, and landed at my destination. What's odd though, is that this only happens on my Paladin, and not on my alts. After some time (Like, 10 seconds) i can move once again, after i've teleported or flown. I'm really sorry if this is a really obvious problem, or if it's already mentioned and fixed somehow. Thanks in advance.Lacedkk0 2d
2d I want to change couple of Class Hall Upgrades, BUT Hello everyone, I want to change couple of Class Hall Upgrades (tier 1 , tier 3). If i change tier 1 or tier 3 , will every tiers,which after these, also reset ??Jacqualÿn2 2d
3d Prot pala haste cap? How muc haste should i get? Im starting to think im getting a bit to much? im at 34%Vordek16 3d
3d Corrupted Ashbringer,Slime kill timer This is a post to help all fellow paladins who are in the Corrupted Ashbringer chain. Please those who have a confirmed kill on the slime post time and server to help those still trying to get the kill! So, I just killed the Large Vile Slime on Silvermoon, April 22 at 16:45 server time exactly. Will also be re-posting that on Silvermoon forums. Wish you all the best of luck!!Liou6 3d
5d Got my Corrupted Ashbringer I feel so happy. I wanted to share with you guys. The skin was the only reason why I leveled this one :-)Mute3 5d
5d Divine Storm Animation Problem! Please Fix it! Please read and support! After taking Divine Tempest Artifact trait, the Divine Storm animation is changed to a odd one without hammers spinning remaining only a small storm of holy winds. Can we have it back the original one? I mean there is no term of comparing those two. Please check this and fix it. Best Regards!Thorment6 5d
6d Corrupted Ashbringer skull is facing the wrong way greetings paladins, so i've been fishing and fishing... got my sweet corrupted ashbringer hidden skin, done a bunch of pvp to get the yellow color variation and matched my transmog to it when I notice that the little skull on my ashbringer is facing the wrong way! When its on my back its facing forewards, not backwards so I can look it in the eye (or eyesocket)... When its in my main hand the skull is facing away from me, like its not caring :-( please dev's , change the side the skull is looking at :-) Ðio, chamber of aspects EUÐio2 6d
17 May Will we keep ashbringer in next expansion? If not will we get to keep the ability Wake of the Ashes? I think losing that will now make the paladin rotation feel incomplete.Taurus15 17 May
17 May Ret 7.2.5 changes. So after seeing the 7.2.5 changes, (Blessing of the Ashbringer now grants 4% strength (was 2000 strength), the only thing that goes through my mind, is : Blizzard, what in the living !@#$ are you thinking? The only thing retri has is damage, with next to no mobility/useful defensives. Anyone who's played ret post 7.1 nerfs, know how violently painful it is to play 2s/3, due to our %^-*ty mobility. We have 1 freedom every 30 seconds, that is insta purged by any team above 2.1k mmr, whilst being permaslowed 50-75% with no emancipate to make up for it (neverforget). Ret alongside WW monk is the one class that is absolute trash in the arena world as it is now, that needs a redesign/tweaks to mobility that actually makes us worth something. You can take away some of our damage, AS LONG AS YOU GIVE US SOMETHING IN RETURN, given that damage is ALL we have. And I can't happen to notice that balance druid and arms warrior amongst other classes are getting damage buffs. Buffing balance druids, that just dominated todays tournament. Just why why why WHY, do you keep buffing classes that needs nerfing, and nerfing classes that NEEDS buffs? Ret hasn't been meta, in too !@#$ing long. It's absolutely excruciating to play, and now we're getting nerfed, like what is the %^-*ing reason?Vanexy22 17 May
16 May Prot stat prio/weights Pawn vs Icy Hi there, I'm confused about the stat prio for prot. I took this from Icy Veins: Survivability Haste; Versatility; Mastery; Critical Strike. DPS Haste; Critical Strike; Mastery; Versatility. Where I was going for the surv stat prio. However, pawn tells me the following: Vers 1.51 Mastery 1.37 Haste 0.77 Crit 0.71 That doesn't match at all o.OEndwyr5 16 May
16 May Retribution Aura is a joke I'm currently leveling my 83 paladin. I really want to use retribution aura because it has the same feeling as the paladin auras from D2. Sadly the damage is so abysmal the talent could be removed without anyone noticing: As of right now the aura does whooping 28 holy damage and only to melee attackers. Damn. 3 talents per row and still most of them are utterly trash.Liarawyn2 16 May
16 May Protection Mage Tower Challenge So, i just attempted to do the challenge with the mage tower, i managed to get the 1st add to 80% before being obliterated completely. I presume its indended for ToS lvl gear. Any succesful attempts? Any tips just incase its not a gear issue ?Athílla39 16 May
15 May Retribution Paladin 7.2.5. Buff them. This is the first time I'm writing something on Forums so I apologize if I sound a bit cranky or cheesy. Anyways Ret paladins have been through a lot this expansion with having almost 0 mobility to been killed easily in pvp. I'm not complaining or anything but I think Ret's should get a buff. Ret were astonishing before Legion, our mobility was formidable, we were able to catch up to Mages easily, our healing was outstanding but now its all just horrible. As a frost mage I eradicate every paladin I fight, I just pity Rets now. However patch 7.2.5 is coming up and blizzard can hopefully do some changes that might enhance Ret paladins and be more viable in PvP. Please note that I am not complaining about any class, I am fine with the way all classes are right now besides Ret, yes I am completely fine with Frost mages been strong, the immense damage of Unholy DKs/Warriors, infact I love it and makes those classes fun to play, but I can't say the same about Ret. All I am asking is to give Ret another chance Blizzard, make us fun again in PvP, give back the mobility we had back in WoD and our healing as well, I don't care if our damage is a little bad as long as I have chances of survival that can be worked out some how, when I duel a Ret paladin, they rarely catch up to me, when they do I just blink again and gacial them. I am not complaining and I am pretty sure this thread will get a lot of dislikes but please understand that Rets as they are now are bad, Ret damage is completely fine but I just don't see them been viable in arenas,rbgs or any pvp instance, I don't do pve so I can't really know if they are good in pve or not but this thread is based on pvp. I am fine with all classes, I don't care if they get a buff or anything, it just makes pvp more challenging and I love it, but Ret nerf just crossed the boundary, this is no longer a nerf, when I try out my Ret paladin for fun I feel like a trash mob in a low level raid that happens to be a turtle. Anyways, I hope blizzard takes paladins in to consideration and I also know they are a lot of threads based on Ret paladins and stuff but here is my opinion, I decided to be more straight forward and not list every single detail about ret paladins as you guys must already know. Well have a good day everyone ^_^ .Erikañe2 15 May
13 May Thoughts on Retribution Hello, Since Legion's launch I've only been playing on this balance druid and after this while I'm feeling a bit in need of something refreshing, so I'd like to try out a melee class. Now the only melee class that I can think of liking would be a retribution paladin, I like their theme. I would really like to hear what you think about the spec and if you'd recommend it to me. I won't be raiding much besides LFR but it is important that I'll be a good addition in mythic+ and have an easy time in the open world (wq's etc).Reeshia5 13 May
13 May Prot and hpal questions I currently play a lot with this guy because I like to tank and heal, I do also enjoy my paladin (currently leveling), any insight on how they are end content.Xinwu2 13 May
12 May New Holy T20 Bonus Discussion. New bonuses introduced in latest PTR patch: 2 set: Reduces Light of Dawn cooldown by 2 seconds. 4 set: After casting Light of Dawn, your healing spells transfer an additional 40% healing to your Beacons for 5 seconds. What does this mean for holy paladins now, is there a considerable shift of rotation or talent builds? One bonus is AoE, the other is tank healing (in raids) or 4 target are healing (in dungeons). Beacon of Virtue in M+ will be insanely powerful and will solidify the spec as the best for dungeon healing in my humble opinion. An extra 40% healing on 4 Beacons is incredible no? In raids it will make your tank or tanks recieve far more healing and is essentially a Beacon specific itherendi effect (same duration, and similar effect: simply extra healing done). Would this set result in different talents being chosen? Does it effect Beacon choice? Can Crusaders Might and the 2 set bonus be combined to create a spammable Light of Dawn? Will this bonus add value to Divine Purpose to get more LoD casts on top of the 2 set and possibly Crusaders Might?Zeragon7 12 May
12 May Pls help with retri arena comp Hello, I'd need some help to build an arena combo with retribution. Which are the viable options? Retri-Hunter-Healer? (Which Hunter and which healer?) Retri-Rogue-Healer? (Isn't a bit fragile?) Are Retri-Shadow-healer and retri-frost dk-disci still viable? And which healer has more synergy? Other suggestions? Thanks in advance.Dbride2 12 May
11 May Tier over Ilvl? I have a question! how important is the 2nd tier buff, compared to ilvl? I have 3 pieces of gear, all 15 ilvls higher than the tier (905, instead of 890), which would give me a wooping 45 ilvl bonus (about 3 ilvl increase overall). However if i equipt them, i loose the 4slot tier bonus of my pally gear.) which grants me 1 additional infustion of Light proc (basicly 1 additional proc to my flash of light and holy light). It worth it? Or should I stick to my tier gear? I am a Holy paladin by the way! With my tier gear, I have 38% crit. If i equipt the non tier gear, i suddenly have 43% crit.Nayamî2 11 May
10 May Holy T20 PTR So the newest PTR build jsut changed the Holy T20 set bonus to "Not Yet Designed". does this mean they are reworking our T20 Bonuses? and if there are i wanted to know what everyone general opinion was about the old T20 set bonus. and what they would like to see in the redesign.Burninghate7 10 May
10 May Protopal trinket question I periodically receive high ilvl trinkets, but I am not sure if have to replace the 845 one with them, since all those trinkets reduce the stats. here's an example: Ofcourse Royal Dagger Haft has a cool saving feature, but I don't know what trinkets I need. What shall I do with this one and how do I behave with higher trinkets?Orenbelhoof6 10 May
10 May Good prot palad hidden skin transmog Anyone got any tips for a good transmog to go with this hidden skin look?Vordek6 10 May
10 May Prestige 1, quest for apperance. Can't find it! Hi. Wowhead says that the quest is "The victor's spoils" but not where it is. Can someone help me find it?Fajc6 10 May
09 May Got 2v2 Arena tips ? I´m playing 2s with a friend (heal sham) and the win rate is pretty bad i.e we play 20 games win the first 10 and lose the other 10. Most of the times we try to kill the dmgdealer first and cc the heal. I have the most difficulties with mage, hunter, dh and warrior. Maybe you guys got any good tips and tricks to improve my playstyle. Anything helps just get it out ;)Salaen0 09 May
09 May Tank or DPS? Heya, So leveling as a tank i have kind of fallen in love with the role. But now i'm at the choice, I love playing DPS and know that I can hit hard and be pretty good in Legion raids and Mythic +'s, Or I can tank, but I'm not sure which to choose. I do like DPS and also the fact that I won't tank raids puts me off tanking also. Any suggestions? I can't do both as I need to focus on 1 role to get 100% effort put in. Thank youPiratebayuk10 09 May
09 May Class order hall quest missing? I am 109 and i was supposed to get some quest or mission to get my number 3 and 4 follower in my class order hall, but i am not finding anything, im still stuck on 2 followers, am i missing something?Dervie50 09 May
08 May Ret LF PvE DPS Advice So this is the char that I'm playing on, I'm around 900 ilvl and I do around 450-500dps with no tier set or good trinkets or any other type of gear, focusing on haste + mastery mainly. I'm not sure if rets should be doing this low dps but it concerns me either way, even with bad gear this seems quite low. 900 ilvl people do at least 600k dps, I do focus on PvP mainly but I wanna be doing good in PvE too, any kind of advice is appreciated.Daisu3 08 May
07 May Ret PTR change (Lawbringer) OLD: Lawbringer Increases the duration of your Judgment effect by 16 sec, and anytime you cast Judgment all enemies with your Judgment effect suffer 5% of their total health in Holy damage. NEW: Lawbringer Judgment now applies Lawbringer to its initial target for 30 sec. Casting Judgment causes all enemies with your Lawbringer effect to suffer 5% of their total health in Holy damage. So... this talent is now worthless, if it stays this way. The increased duration of Judgement mastaery effect has been removed, and you have to change targets to put Lawbringer on them every time you Judgement. (or at least that is how it reads) Seems like if it stays like this we will be using one of the other talents in that tier. I wonder why they felt the need to change this? All the other talents in that tier are garbage. Instead of nerfing Lawbringer, maybe they could have made the other two more usable (especially the awful Hammer of Reckoning which does less damage than a Templar's Verdict, but on a 1 minute cooldown). Considering those are our final tier PVP talents (generally the most powerful for other specs), I honestly feel like I wouldn't miss it now if I played with none of them. Or am I missing something here?Orbie7 07 May
06 May Quest for 3rd relic - need help Can't seem to find quest for third relic and I'm sure I missed something out. At the moment, in my order hall, I only have 2 followers and don't have any quest, other than one for holy artifact weapon. I mostly leveled through dungeons, so I'm not sure did I missed something. On all others characters of mine it was at order hall from the get go. Anyone know where can i continue with the questline? tnxNakzria4 06 May
06 May Large Vile Slime - Fast Spawn, Corrupted Ashbringer Hello guys, today I able to get Corrupted Ashbringer appearance, I know many people have problem with Large Vile Slime, this bad slime don't wont to show herself.. But my friend helped me to get it, and I made video about it So link here, and yes guys you don't have to watch full video, its only my thoughts about how to get it faster, some people on paladins discord said this helped them, so don't hate. In description box, Time-codes for all steps pick only what u need, don't waste time on me! Trick how to get fast spawn of Slime is: STEP 8: Large Vile Slime starting from - 3:51 P.s. Armory still not updated but here is screenshot! 06 May
06 May Retribution Haste breakpoint Hello, Is the old haste breakpoint around 21-22% for Ret paladins still true? I was looking at icy-veins and it seems like they have removed mentions of a Haste breakpoint for ret paladins after patch 7.1.5. Reason is i've been getting a lot of haste on my gear lately and I now have around 28% haste. And if the old breakpoint around 21-22% still true then it means I have way to much haste, and have to try to replace some gear.Peranor2 06 May
05 May retri paladin low dps hi my dps is quite low in hc raid, on krosus with food buff and flask i do 280k, in mythic + boss i do around 500k without buff but i see pally in the group with lower ilvl do 700k, this is my damage with dummy without wings and trinket st 2 enemy my rotation is zeal>blade>judgment>templar vindict>Shackbest20 05 May
05 May Aggramar's stride How do they work? I seem to only get 14% increase from them, I have 30% mastery? Shouldn't it be more like 20%?Dryni19 05 May