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1h Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 1h
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25m Retri Pala worth playing? After a break i want to lvl a new char to 100 to start casual raiding, so no mythics. I'm torn between retri pala and fury warrior, though i seem to enjoy the pala more. Now I was wondering, how is retri pala performing in raids. I can't seem to find up-to-date or trustworthy dps rankings for 7.2.5. I don't care for being the best dps, it's just i don't want to be the worst either. So I want to hear what the retri players themselves have to say.Auréawyn3 25m
28m Retribution pvp needs improving Cavalier should be base-line for Retribution Jurisdiction should be baseline for Retribution Pursuit of Justice needs to return with 50% run speed increase for 3 seconds on judgement.Addiez2 28m
30m june 20 changes for ret, not enough at all Retribution Damage of all abilities increased 3.5% what a !@#$ing joke... this will do nothing. as DH will still be better than BoW... and we won't be able to push enough abilities due to low damage per spell and too many global cooldowns to have a decent rotation without DHCalìdore18 30m
56m Holy paladins Played some raids today, got kicked for low heals. Went into forums and found exactly my thoughts "have the highest ilvl out of the group of healers, yet I was doing the lowest output of healing." I ended up on one fight with less than 350k HPS Conclusion - Holy paladins and paladin at all nerfed to hell. While monks and others just insane heals. Sad but true Oh btw ,Im sure trolls will come here and make me laught .Abletril5 56m
1h And it happened. Paladins Tanks are AMAZING! And not only the Tank spec but Holy and Retri too! Yesterday, 27/6, i had this key lying in my inventory, CoS12. Pretty standard dungeon nowdays, but the difficult eluded me. Never tried +12 before. I didn't really wanna do it, because I believed I just couldn't live up to the challenge (literally). So after healing a +8 EoA for a random who was asking for a healer in Dalaran (and with a tank doing horrible, mad pulls while the DPS were very subpar), we had a conversation and told me about his freaky +12 CoEN. When I told him about my key and that I wasn't even thinking of trying, he said "if you never try it, you will never succeed", and he was right: I HAD TO TRY! So, some hours forward, i assemble a group of 905+ gear - my own gear is rated at 894, to have the DPS and HEAL part covered. As it turned out though, sadly, the DPS were actually mediocre. I dont know why, maybe the mobs get extra armor against physical damage? The were doing something between 400 and 700k damage, even though most were listed as 910+ The healer struggled to keep them up, apparently "eating" most of the AoEs in the place plus the "Bursting" affix of this week. Miraculously and to my utter amazement, I was keeping up, with mostly self healing while the healer was topping me off. So after a few bad incidents, we came to the female Demon Boss, that spawned the Imps. That was a disaster. We kept wiping at the first wave, then we made it to the second. But then we altered our strategim and we kept bunched up while she casted the Imp-Spawn spell, leading all Imps to spawn at the same place, helping the DPSers AoEing them down. We failed for a couple tries but we got it down in the end. So after many misfortunes and the key burned, we get to the last Boss. I knew that Boss to be the easiest of the Dungeon, with a few AoE moves to avoid but overall a not so high damage fight. We just had to keep alive. Sadly again the group failed, the DPS was too low and it took much longer to get the HP down. We tried like five times before the healer rage-quitted and left us stranded before the End-Boss and the +12 weekly chest of "tomorrow's reset". Everybody got disheartened, but not me. While i was fighting the Boss on those fail tries, i realized, that I can that too, self-heal it! So i asked the group remaing, the DK, the Druid to get back to their Halls/ Dalaran, to switch to Tank specs: It wasn't a matter of bursting the Boss down any longer. It was about sustaining the damage by self healing and avoiding the AoE, that were so many, but so many more in +12. As a matter of fact, it rather filled all the playground and consisted of instant damage AoEs, Sleeps and whatnot. It wasn't easy after all. Anyway, to cut the story short - if only - the group got wiped very fast, I tried to heal them, but i did too need those charges of my healing power. The Warlock was the first to die. I ended up soloing. I could keep up with the boss and rotated my CDs, chiefly my block. I kept the 20% and 50% DR cds for the phase where he invokes air (?) that does some great aoe damage, that you have to sustain it for the duration of it and can not be avoided. After 22 minutes, 29 seconds, the Boss was dead. The group was literally screaming: "YOU ARE A G O D!!", "OMG how did you do that", "Man you are AMAZING!". "It's not me guys, it's the Paladin class!" is what i replied to their triumphal chants. Not me, its the power of the Paladin!Phosporos2 1h
1h Buff Retribution Paladin. In TOS our single target dps is way too low . An remember now we still profit from the retarded retribution passive . But even with that crap going for us our numbers are far too low . Imagen people not dying so much the next weeks . Still blizz thinks being lowest of all specs is more then oke for rets . Class tuning you say ??? No ret help in sight .Hogard6 1h
6h Prot Paladins on Kil'jaeden (ToS) Hey everyone, I'll start out by saying I haven't been playing protection for very long. I recently (within the last three months) began switching over from Holy. Having said that, I like to think I know enough about this spec so far to not suck at it. I've never had any issues tanking Xavius, Helya or Gul'dan, but the one boss that's giving me a hard time is Kil'jaeden. I realise that it's a brand new raid, and with that comes tactics that not all of us are 100% sure about yet, but what I really can't understand is how much damage I take from Felclaws. It's not just me, after having conversations with my guildies about this, they too are noticing that the protection paladins in their raid are getting completely obliterated by the 4th-5th stack of Felclaws. For myself, I'm having to use SotR, AD and the Archimonde trinket to even have any hope of surviving the first round. My co-tanks have been Blood DKs, Guardian Druids, and a Prot Warrior, and I haven't noticed any of them dying so abruptly to this mechanic. So my question is, if you're a prot paladin, are you having this issue as well? Or am I doing something terribly wrong?Aaries20 6h
8h Rate The Transmog Above You - 14th Edition Last edition has expired, let the new one begin. :)Roshani178 8h
12h Retribution paladin need a rework Unbound Freedom: Blessing of Freedom can no longer be dispelled if used on himself. Jurisdiction now Baseline for Retribution emancipation (Replace Jurisdiction) - Removes all Slows and Snares from the Paladin - No Cool-down, Cost 12% base Mana. Virtue Blade: Removed Exorcism (Replace Virtue Blade): Causes x (100% BoJ) to the target - 30 yard range - 15 second cool-down (replaces BoJ) - Generates 3 Holy Power Vengeance Aura (removed) Divine Aura (Replace) - Using Divine Steed now increases the movement speed of all friendly targets within 20 yards of the Paladin by the same movement. Holy Wrath (Reworked) - 1 minute cool-down - Cost 5 Holy Power - Unleashes the Light Wrath, dealing x amount of damage to all targets and healing all friendly players within 15 years by X, Judgement of Light - Judgement will now heal the Paladin for 7.5% of his maximum life and a further 7.5% of his maximum life over 5 seconds.Addiez0 12h
1d Ret in 7.2.5? Is ret still viable mostly for pvp both in arenas and BGs, and at pve to a point(Im not really into raids, but i wanna know if ret can hold its own on mythic+ dungs.) Struggling to find a new character to play i want a fluent gamestyle at the same time i dont want to grind all that AP just to findout the spec is worst than average...Sfsr4 1d
1d class mount read this quickly so just on my way to face rivendare for the class mount , the Q says explore the crypt, so i run ahead go down and nothing happens, turns out there is a mob outside the door u have to kill first. I was locked inside the crypt and had to hearth out which resulted in the Q starting all over again. just wanted to drop this here in case anyone does the same, just take it slower is my advise edit: just did it all this time it worked, seems the trigger didn't work on the first go and that's why i was stuckHakurenn4 1d
1d Prot spikes Yo, so after this new patch i noticed that while tanking ive become a bit more spiky in dmg taken more than usual. Mainly on keys which are higher than 12's. So im wondering is there a way to reduce that to a bit more managable state. Also unrelated to this, i was wondering if getting 4set from hc nh is better than having non set 905gear, are the bonuses better than having higher ilvl gear? Mainly for m+ purposesAthílla7 1d
1d Holy damage is way too high in arenas Today in a 2v2 game, my healer died and the enemy dps died, I was left in a 1v1 against a holy paladin. To keep things short, the holy paladin turned into a retribution paladin and molested me. A healer was able to 1v1 a warrior. The damage of holy paladin is way too high in pvp and needs to be looked at asap. How do you guys feel about holy damage in pvp?Tomtànks4 1d
1d is blizzard taking the piss with pve ret? With such a joke of a spec, what kind of brain tumor is spreading around at blizzard for them to take a !@#$ on pve ret in several places. we're not the apex of anything and like always we're asked to bend over and just take it. Quite tired of them ignoring the extremely boring and %^-*ty mechanics, our flaws and problems. and instead just nerf us flat % just to see how far they can push it. -paladin who's given up hopeCalìdore49 1d
2d Ret PVP JOKE What do u think is ret all right atm? Like it was a support char so far but now u have 1 disp in every 45 sec what is bull!@#$, bop can be stealed and outhit have 0 dmg and 0 mobility. Impossible to hit a mage or do smthing vs a mw monk i talk about PVP for sure.There are very big problems in PVP balance and if Blizzard don t see it maybe need to change all pvp developer.Strongbuble9 2d
2d Got Prot Legendary while I don't have all Ret legos Soo. As title says. Got all the legendaries in retribution spec (including new ones) except waist (chain of thrayn). So now I was farmin' the nether disruptor portals then opened the contribution AAAAAND got prot legendary while i was still in ret. Soo it means i can't get any legendaries more in retri spec according to the new legos system that came in 7.2.5. Wrote tickets 3 times, went to live chat on the US and EU and all they said to me it was something like "XDDD RNG IS RNG". Last GM on live chat told me to go and write on forums so im trying anything to reach some1 with some loot powers in game xD pls halpJeregor3 2d
2d Holy paladin judgment macro Hey all, I'm looking for a judgment macro to use with clique, can anyone help? I've tried several different versions from different sites but cant seem to get one to work. I'm currently using grid and clique and what I want to do it, bind a macro to a mouse button that does the following. If I click on a player(on grid icon) with my judgement button I want it to cast judgment on that players target. If the player has no target I want it to cast judgment on my target. As I have said I have tried several versions of the macro but none work Many thanksAntanatar1 2d
3d Need help from Mythic xp'ed Hpala Hello, I made a guide on YT for Hpaly in 7.2.5 and I'm just looking for someone with experience in NH mythic to check if the information I gave is correct. Don't wanna mislead ppl. I tried to sift through all of the information I could but still not sure. Not fishing for views or anything, the title is way to specific :) Link to video - 3d
4d holy pala holy paladin buff healing mele wings ? healing to lowHolyxo8 4d
5d Macro: Cast Spell on Target's Target? Hi. I'm looking for a macro which allows me to cast a spell on my current target's target. For example, if I'm targeting a hostile mob, and this mob is targeting/attacking a party member, I press the macro and it casts Righteous Defense (or Hand of Salvation) on the party member being targeted by this mob. Is this possible to do in a macro? It would also be helpful if this macro kept the original functionality of the spell, i.e. if I'm actually targeting the party member who needs Righteous Defense or Hand of Salvation, and I press the macro, it will cast the spell directly on my current (friendly) target, rather than attempt to cast it on my target's target. So the macro behaves differently depending on whether my target is hostile or friendly. Is this also possible? Thanks!Àstaroth6 5d
6d Give holy option to transmog into 1h+shield. Your new holy direction is stupid as is, and limit us to 2h suddenly after 12 years of using 1h+shield is just disrespectful. Keep 2h for those who like it but also give us the option to transmog back to what we play holy paladins for.Mercylol14 6d
6d 3,5 % buff, dummy results I did some realy short tests, at this morning. I had no time to test it more so, just simply on dummy target. The results were good, better then i expected. without COF trinket target: Boss dummy duration: 5:30 talents: FV,TFOJ, BOW, Crusade ofc.... addon: SKADA dmg. m. without the Rune and Old war potion all with my current Armory gear, without hitting the another targets by Judgements or Wakes 1. 969k dps 2. 1,05m dps 3. 995k dps Its realy decent buff, as you can see. The numbers are a bit random, cause of BOW procs, 4p procs, short fight duration and whole Legion RNG procs. Before the Hotfix in the same time i did 912k, at the best. Timing 5min. 30sec. seems to me as fair-play.Liaara3 6d
6d Happy as ret? Hi there. I have mained ret back in a little late Cata and Mop. Went hunter in very late Wod. And keep in mind, I do not own Legion. But judgement not having a speedbuff tied to it and being a booster to your damage, is this necessary? I know, don't compare classes, but as a hunter you can fire away with some aoe, while ret needs to build up to it. Other classes like mage etc. is in the same boat. I think it's kinda strange.. And since I do not own Legion, I cannot get the haste window to which I can have 100percent uptime on judgement. So I will have to think more and actually use spenders without the extra buff from that one. I don't know if any other class needs to stack a stat like we do, but I think it's kinda lackluster to the class. "I heard you wanna play ret and have 100 percent uptime on the buff we gave you through an ability, therefore stack haste". Seems rather odd to me. Well I went back to paladin, since it's the class with better transmog imo than a hunter and the other classes either got too many abilities or simply not that fun. So I wanted to hear, are you happy with the stacking of haste? The judgement buffer / lack of a speedbuff? And ofc. let's not forget, a slow that has a 30s cd, while a hunter for example can slow you down every 8 seconds. So a nearly 100 percent uptime. Just wanted to share my thoughts and hear what you think :) Ps: I know I'm not 100/end game, not perfect in gameplay maybe not even "good enough for insight". But I had some thoughts I wanted to share.Savagelïght12 6d
21 Jun PROT - Saruan's Resolve no GCD Problem Saruan's Resolve (Legendary Head) is giving me problems since i have go it. There is no global CD in between charges so me being me, rapidly pressing buttons under intense situation fires up both of the charges almost instantly. I have tried to break that habit but in boss fight i can't focus on both the fight and my muscle memory. What i need is a macro or something to put GCD there if possible or if you have any idea or solution for this kind of problem...ill be checking this thread. Big thanks.Schell1 21 Jun
21 Jun Paladin Class Mount Design So this is what the class mount looks on tauren. Good job as always. /sarcasm.Skipx25 21 Jun
20 Jun Divine Steed Mount Update for 7.2.5? With the recent addition of the new mounts and being about to ride around on a nice HD horse, then having to switch back to the ugly LD divine steed mount. I was wondering if it would be possible to get a glyph that allows us to change the mount that is used in the divine steed spell to the latest model that we unlocked for our class mount?Kegorian10 20 Jun
20 Jun kil'jaeden trinket What do u guys think about the new healing trinket from kil'jaeden? will it lower our beacon healing if other healers use it on tanks? i'm a little worried about thatLaqshas2 20 Jun
20 Jun Corrupted Ashrbringer and Alterac Valley... So right now I'm trying to get the hidden artifact appearane for Ret (Corrupted Ashbringer) and I've been sitting in Alterac Valley queue for 1.5 hours now. How the hell am I even supposed to do this if nobody ever plays AV?Juillet3 20 Jun
20 Jun Ret Paladins State atm Dear Blizzard, I would like to have some of the drugs you guys were having during the re-work of Paladins. Comment section, feel free to hate me, talk sh*t to me, insult me, cast me away, but this is my opinion, I don't have a problem with any of the classes, I am not asking for a buff to Paladins or anything, I am asking for a general balance on every class, right now Paladins are so bad it's a joke, I ain't cry, I don't even main paladin but for real, the class is super bad right now, I'm happy my class got a buff (Sub) , but I still play my paladin at times, and it's just too bad, no mobility, garbage dps, absolute trash defensive,squishier than a marshmallow and their class mount is another damn horse, blizzard, did you forsake paladins? do you guys hate paladins that much? why not instead of doing this buff and nerf sh*t, just balance out all the classes, I understand, buffing and nerfing in PvP will also affect PvE, I ain't no designer, but why not go back to a old state of this game such as Wotlk or Cata? Please fix paladins blizzard, they serious need a re-fix. Make paladins viable in PvP again, so that they stand a chance in PvP, I am not crying, I just want all classes to be fair. Thank for you reading this large a*s paragraph. Hope you guys have a nice day ^_^Ëmilia15 20 Jun
20 Jun Blessing of Freedom Bug? I had a BG where I was still slowed for a few seconds while I had Blessing of Freedom activated on myself. Something like in this video; Is this a bug? Or is something actually slowing him through Blessing of Freedom? Thanks in advance!Vemod1 20 Jun
18 Jun Any suggestions to improve my DPS? Genuinely, trying to improve my PvP ability, but I am floating around 1200 - 1400 rating in 2s. Any suggestions about how to improve, would be greatly appreciated... I looked it up on icy veins, and I selected every talent/honor talent they suggested, use my burst, and my maintained dps. Does my gear just really suck?Larimus5 18 Jun
18 Jun Remove Retribution Buff, please! Blizzard can you please remove retribution proc buff? Last night we were on mythic Guldan, people were dying left and right and still I didnt come even close to warriors, warlocks, hunters, etc... You said we weren't tuned around Retribution buff... You sure? But what I really don't like is that you can't competitively parse on warcraft logs. You want to hit top percentile? Bribe people to die on pull and then every 20 seconds. Why does warcraft logs matter? Because mythic guilds look logs and it matters where you stand if you want someday apply to another guild. Let ME play as I should and not relay on some casino buffs. Its not fun! Really! Let me be in control of my class! You managed it to remove Blessing of Might. I believe you can do it with Retribution buff too! Thanks.Básty11 18 Jun
17 Jun Divine Purpose Weakaura Hey guys! I got the new legendary ring and I wanted to have a weakaura for the proc, but the ones I found online or made myself don't seem to register the proc from the ring. Does anybody have a working one they could share with me? CheersDqdopop0 17 Jun
17 Jun Small buff next hotfix 3,5% gmd buff on all skill and set bonus buff from 15%to20% bonus dmg on BoJ. What do you think guys? Is it enough?Necrodin7 17 Jun
17 Jun Losing kings/wisdom buff when changing zone/instance Been having this weird bug for quite some time that I have to rebuff all the time because kings/wisdom are gone after going through a portal, using HS or entering an instance for example. They also do not remain after relogging. The buffs always used to stay no matter what. Tonight I did an Attumen run in Karazhan, before we went in I put wisdom on the healer and kings on myself. When we got in, the healer still had wisdom but kings was gone from me. So does all my fellow ret pallies have this same problem?Arnathon3 17 Jun
17 Jun Thoughts on "Highlady" title? After I got the "Highlord" title I ran with it for a couple days. I'm assuming its okay for males who roll female paladins, but I'd rather much prefer "Highlady". Liadrin is of course "Lady Liadrin", granted not a Highlord. What are everyone's thoughts on this? I've seen a thread requesting "High Priestess" for female priests. I think both are valid.Hetepheres25 17 Jun
17 Jun Divine Hammers still the best choice for single target With the nature of Global cooldowns, !@#$ty abilities and laughable mechanics i'm still pushing more damage single target with DH than with a BoW build. Even at over 30% haste im not able to push out enough casts with the BoW build to outperform divine hammers. The only thing this patch has done(at least in my case) is majorly nerf our AOE, and moderate nerf our single target. all this to force us to use BoW which just doesn't work because of the amount of casts you would have to do, and still under performs on ST. "great" patch from a "great" dev team..Calìdore12 17 Jun
17 Jun Question regarding all things Parry Does Parry, Parry Rating and Parry Chance still work in Legion or is that deprecated mechanics from the past?Sefhiroth1 17 Jun
16 Jun Warriors needs buffs, Ret is fine! Come on Blizzard, what are you thinking? I mean I am aware that you often make decisions that makes no sence but this? So in your latest hotfix patch you buff Warriors but you appearantly think ret palas are fine? God forbid that Warriors have one specc that is only on 5:th place while at the same time they have another spec that is far ahead of any other dps specc in the game. How about us Retribution Paladins? If there is anyone in need of a buff it's Retribution Paladins! Numbers don't lie! F.e Warriors already have two speccs that are both doing better then Retribution Paladin one and only dps specc. Not only that, but one of the Warrior speccs are outperforming every single dps specc in the game. YET you are prioritizing buffing Warriors over Retribution Paladin!? I don't get it. To me this seem like really bad decision making on your part Blizzard. You really need to work on what to prioritize! It can't really be that hard? Please explain your thought process to me because I just don't understand it. T20 simulation: Current state of Ret, logs from NH for 7.2.5: Normal: Heroic: Mythic: And for laughs (still sad though): 16 Jun
16 Jun FInal Verdict - Baseline talent - Petiton Retribution paladins has been nerfed a lot in 7.2.5 so please make Final Verdict baseline talent so we could actualy choose something what could be fun. This talent is just mandatory in all situation and it is just pasive increase otherwise dmg of our main spenders are too low. When I could just imagine that we will have this talent baseline and we could choose one of two other talents it will be so much fun in all sutuations. We will have either AOE or single target DMG buff for PVE. And finally we will have choise of talent in this row. We coudl use consecrations in PVP for stealted classes and help our AOE DMG. We could finaly cast somethink on the bloody mages in PVP. What do you think guys?Khazgaroth3 16 Jun
16 Jun Retribution identity lost Now I don't want this to be, what i think, one in many very negative posts towards the new Ret paladin in PvE Blizz is 'tuning' at the moment, but I feel like I have to express my agitation somehow. I didn't really come into raiding this expansion until NH so I have no idea how we were performing in EN and ToV, but from what I have read things have been bad there as well. I am part of what was really common in this Tier, the struggling to progress mythic guilds, where we are only 7/10 trying to make it 8 before ToS. During my raiding time in Nighthold I did not feel like I was playing something really special. Nothing was top notch, we were sitting somewhere around the middle,which is fine by me because this has always been my favourite class, ever since i started playing it in TBC. I do not wish for us to be buffed into oblivion like some other classes or for a single trinket to do 30% + of our dps in the press of a button. However seeing these changes, I really can imagine that we will not be so horrible as the pictures of SIMS floating around suggest, but I still think that Blizzard has once again failed to address some really main issues with our class and it makes me angry and sad. Maybe they think of us as a hybrid class? Well okay, but there is always somebody making more ST dps (Face it we are horrid at that, even average in crusade) - no change there. Our AOE is not the greatest (Here is a nerf, thank you blizzard). Our mobility isnt that great, other classes have better suitability as well, so I am just questioning what is the point of being such a hybrid class when our different skillset isnt really much better than other classes who excel at something really well and have side skills that perform better than ours? I really do not understand it. For you to maybe understand what a more successful hybrid is, look at how we feel and play in M+ as prot. I offspec prot and run a lot of M+ dungs weekly on every level. We can heal allies quite good, protect them, pull good dps, etc. Problem one come from our talents. For the most part now we really did not have a choice in 4-6 of the talent rows. Blizzard you have done nothing to address that our fix it in any way. Now with the DH nerf I feel that you want to put some diversity into our talent pallet, the initiative for which I really support but you are going about it in a very simple and horrid way. The reason why I do not like Blade of Wrath above Divine Hammer ( I was using the latter even before NH ) is I really do not need more and more RNG baked into an already struggling to perform class. You know where the irony is ? With all these set in stone types of plan, these mandatory talent picks, RNG still cripples our performance all the time. Not to even mention our lvl 100 talent row. Instead of fixing it and actually giving us more interesting options, you go ahead make this new legendary ring and give us yet another RNG talent. Is this your idea of diversification Blizzard? Throwing everything into chance and thinking that this is a fun class to play, because it is not. It simply does not work as intended, I do not feel like I fill a particular role in a raid scenario, where I strongly believe that any other class could replace me, because I do nothing special, am nothing special (and before maybe the hate starts to flow, I am doing pretty okay with my class It is just not fun Blizzard. F*ck the statistics, f*ck SIMS, f*ck top dps output, I want a little more control of my spec, a lot more choice of how I want to play it and overall that feeling of saying f*ck yeah I am a Retribution Paladin and I bring sh*t to the table, even if that sh*t is mediocre. Please hear our voices of outrage for once and do something about this. Meanwhile I will be on my Fury warrior having fun. (I got DoS last week, 4 times, before that it simply did not drop) We wield the f*cking Ashbringer! We are Retribution Paladins ! But I feel there is nothing avenging about us; there is no terror to be felt by the Legion of our might; no fun to be played in our spec; no vengeance to be acted upon when our allies rally; no command to be taken on; just a lost crusade extending more and more into oblivion along with Tirion Fordring. Thank you for the time and hope you didn't totally hate my rant!Dqdopop1 16 Jun
16 Jun Divine Hammer nerf?! Let me see if I get this nerf Divine Hammer damage by 25% in 7.2.5 and then, in that very same patch, you give us a set bonus that increase Divine Hammer damage!? o.O It's like we get one set bonus less, or that is what it feels like?! Am I missing something here? Seems like really poor game design to me. Could anyone explain this to me?Softhere8 16 Jun
15 Jun Ret pally nerf We have been nerfed, while all other classes and specs are getting buffed. Any Blizz employee care to explain why and what is ahead of us now ?Bloodsinger2 15 Jun
14 Jun Avengers Shield + Explosive as the topic stats, i find it really frustrating that AS does, not work on the orbs, i wouldn't mind if it worked just purely single target on them and didn't bounce. Few times doing an EOA 15 when i really needed to burst an orb and had only AS proc off CD. What do you guys think?Hakurenn6 14 Jun
14 Jun Why hammer of reckoning is so !@#$ing screwed up ? ? ? Regular it does 211k dmg with 50 stacks it does 220k dmg ? How this is possible? The dmg needs to be more and i expected that wings to add duration to my regular wings but its not.And i feel so weak without extended duration of judgement and pretty sure there is some pretty bad stealth nurfs to our dmg :(Kiryaneca3 14 Jun
14 Jun Paladin Trinkets and Legendarys (Holy) I have something of a dilemma regarding my trinkets within my possession are the following Dark Moon Deck Helfire iIlev 900 Dark Moon Deck Promises iIlev 900 Star Auges Map Ilev 900 with socket Velens Future Sight ILev940 i Also have every holy paladin legendary except for the Rings. currently i am planing to take Helfire and Velens and upgrade Prydaz to 970 first for the stupid stat increase. however given the relative power of some of my trinkets is it worth swapping velens out for a 970 ring(assuming i get one) or something more passive such as a Sephuz for stats, or the shoulders for the trickle healing on the tanks. For progression im concerned about my mana consumption but given the relative efficiency of divine purpose im not sure if this is enough to warrant swapping to PromisesBurninghate1 14 Jun
13 Jun Idea for pvp change for ret I understand our movement is bad but i was thinking of maybe a pvp talent that would change crusader strike into the old exorcism since you'd be able to get some holy power and it would change your range style of play into a more skill shot by trying to hit with your ranged divine storm. Plus exorcism looked awesome XDHolycowpies2 13 Jun