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13 Jan 7.3 Ret paladin, RBG PvP guide Greetings! My name is Гаримто, playing as ret paladin on RU server Blackscar, Horde. My btag is GoodFella#21446. First of all, I would like to thank old school player as known as Jamaz, he inspired me to play ret paladin in Vanilla (Ronaldo, EU Jaedenar, Rank 11 PvP) and revert back in Legion(Season5). Frankly speaking, I would like to know him in real life. Credits to: Vanguard, amazing US player, he provided detailed guide for PvP Arena. Icy Veins, SkillCapped, PvPLeaderboards - these sites helped me to gather a lot of comprehensive information to share my experience. Cowabunga! Finally we end pre-ambula. This guide is mainly devoted to RBG. It is my first guide for RBG and I am not English native speaker, so please be tolerant !!! 1. Builds As ret paladin we have only 2 viable builds: a) Mass AOE (Eye of the Storm map; dungeons) 15. Final Verdict 30. Greater Judgment 45. Fist of Justice 60. Divine Hammer 75. Eye for an Eye 90. Divine Intervention 100. Crusade b) Single target (all maps, excluding Eye of the Storm; Arena 3x3) 15. Final Verdict 30. Zeal 45. Fist of Justice 60. Blade of Wrath 75. Eye for an Eye 90. Divine Intervention 100. Crusade 2. Rotation Mass AoE: Judgement - Divine Hammer - Crusader Strike - Crusade - Divine Storm - Wake of Ashes - Divine Storm (check cooldowns) Single Target: Judgement - Blade of Justice - Zeal - Crusade - Templar's Verdict - Wake of Ashes - Templar's Verdict ... (check cooldowns) IMPORTANT: Dont use your Divine Storm/Templar's Verdict without Judgement debuff on target. TellMeWhen will help a lot to see this debuff duration. 3. Addons • FlyPlateBuffs (need as Target Caller) • NamePlateCooldowns (for advanced Target Caller) • BattleGroundEnemies (must have addon) • BigDebuffs (must have addon) • TellMeWhen (I devoted special section to explain this necessary addon) • LortiUI (personal preference, but I could not play with default Blizzard color settings) 4. Macros Simple macro to focus target /focus Simple macro to assist TargetCaller (just change the nickname of your TargetCaller) /assist Гаримто Whisper your achievement, if you want to join random RBG group /run local n=ChatFrame1EditBox:GetAttribute("tellTarget") SendChatMessage(""..n..", I'm "..GetAverageItemLevel().." lvl, 70 art, Retribution Paladin, "..GetAchievementLink(405).."! Invite plz!","WHISPER",nil,n) ChatFrame1EditBox:Hide() How it works? You would like to send message to Raid Leader (f.i. name Tafsiri) of random group. You greet Tafsiri and then press macro and Tafsiri gets the following message "Tafsiri, I'm 930 lvl, 70 art, Retribution Paladin, Three's Company 2000, Invite plz!". So the main issue is to define your achievements, achievement code (in my macro - "405") you can find on And of course change your personal information (class, art level) MoveAnything /run PaladinPowerBarFrame:ClearAllPoints() /run PaladinPowerBarFrame:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", 492, -330) /run PaladinPowerBarFrame:SetScale(1.4) You can move whatever you like, to observe what you want to move with command /fstack To exit /fstack mode - just write /reload In my macro, I move PaladinPowerBar and increase default size to center of my screen under the char position. If you use UI scale, then please check "492, -330" - just find your best numbers to place your moveframe. The main macro #showtooltip Hammer of Justice /cast [nomod, target=mouseover, harm][] Hammer of Justice /cast [mod:alt, target=focus] Hammer of Justice For RBG, you do not need macros as Arena (tar1, tar2, tar3) - you need mouseover macro. Above macro helps you to mouseover enemy, if no mouseover enemy, it casts on current target. You press+ Alt and you HoJ focus target. This macro can be used for friendly spells, just change "harm" with "help" #showtooltip Flash Heal /cast [nomod, target=mouseover, help][] Flash Heal /cast [mod:alt, target=Гаримто] Flash Heal Mouseover heal, or current target heal. You press+ Alt and you heal yourself (just change nickname) 4. TellMeWhen Reserved. It is core addon to be competent RBG player, so I will prepare substantial information how to use TMW addon.Гаримто5 13 Jan
04 Dec 7.3.2 Protection Paladin PvP Guide In this guide I will go through some background about prot in pvp, some template nerfs and suggestions for comps that will work best with prot pala. I will also go through talents and give some recommendations, a basic rotation overview is at the end. Video version: ----------------------------------------------- Background / Nerfs / Buffs: So let us start by talking about protection, once in legion prot were actually fairly common (pushing high 2.5-2.8k rating) however we recieved a few nerfs since then, which has impacted our viability. We are still able to push high ratings in both 2v2 and 3v3, but partners are a bit more limited and not certain if we are r1 viable. The following nerfs has happened since 7.2 : Sacred Duty nerfed from 50% down to 33% Hand of The Protector healing reduced by 60% down from 35% Luminescence is now 20% down from 30% 25% less mana regen in PvP These are all nerfs that has more of less impact on our viability. Before we used to have great support and healing, our support is still great even if nerfed a bit. However our healing has been reduced significantly. We are no longer able to stall games as we used to in 2v2, and going 3v3 will be a lot harder without a healer... We have however recieved quite a few buffs since then aswell, which helps in other areas... The following buffs has happened since 7.2: Bulwark of the Silver Hand 35% armor, up from 20%. Passive Stamina of Protection Paladin is now 40%, up from 30% Damage done on most abilities has been increased by 12.32% This all makes Paladin having to focus on faster games, and quick kills when we are not playing with a healer. We will not be able to sustain our teammates or ourselves for too long. The damage buff helps to support the faster playstyle aswell. Our talent choices and tactics will have to reflect upon these changes. ------------------------------------------------------- Current tactics / Comp suggestions: So the question is how we should play to be at the most efficiency these days. I have tried to play with an enhancement, which worked up to 2.2k. Tactic was to give him immunity during his burst and CC the healer while he get free damage on either enemy dps or healer. It was however an unreliable tactic and some healers posed a problem, such as resto druids. I have tried the tactic for 3v3 aswell, but with the addition of a boomkin. it worked to about 2k mmr, tho it was not always enough even with the addition of more pressure and another stun. However I have recently tried out a new tactic for the same comp. For 3v3 we found another layer of CC, which is the solar beam / entangling root combo paired with deep roots (so the roots won't break). The enemy trinket has most likely been used earlier on the stun / silence combo from the protection. Which leads to an easy kill (on some healers) For 2v2 I have tried the hallowed ground talent, along with consecrated ground. You are able to stall out the enemy team quite a long time, depending on what DPS it is you are facing. You kite the enemy around a pillar until you catch them offguard and then you try kill them in a stun. Dampening also helps the prot pala team more than it does for most enemies, since we got our immunities lategame. There is another tactic that works very well, and is the most reliable. It is the control oriented combo. Protection currently has loads of CC, noone of which share DR with eachother. We got a 6 sec stun, 4 seconds silence, and a 6 sec blind or 8 sec incapacitate. This can be comboed with other classes CC to lockdown the enemy healer. We can then grant out teammates immunity to CC so they can freely damage whoever we are targeting. This tactic works very well but requires more coordination than the other tactics. I have not had time to check how far all these tactics can actually bring us rating wise, so take them with a grain of salt on how good they are at the highest of ranks. The comps i suggest playing these days, a new season just started and climbing can be rough. But for 3v3 the prefered choice would be double dps with a CC that has a DR that doesn’t share with yours, or a protection / dps / healer combo with a healer that got good pressure and CC (disc perhaps?) There 4 major DR categories are Silence / Stun / Disorient / Incapacitate. Protection can occupy all 4 of them, this is one of our main benefits and what makes us viable. You can choose either Blinding light or Repentence for disorient or incapacitate. So change depending on what partner you are playing with. You want a partner with either one of those, or a CC of the DR school, boomkins perhaps (solar beam + entangling roots).Rextroy5 04 Dec
19h Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 19h
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
19m Paladin Seal Forging Similar to Death Knights' Rune Forging, enchanting their weapons, Paladins could get Seal Forging in a way of bringing back the Seals that gave a "uniqueness" to our class. Thoughts?Karaméla10 19m
31m Alternative to Divine Steed Please don't force everyone to use Divine Steed. Give us a decent Talent alternative. Examples: Pursuit of Justice (faster the more Holy Power you have) Long Arm of the Law (burst of speed after Judgment) El'druin's Might (Tyrael, HotS, Weapon Throw followed by Teleport) Falling Sword (D3 Crusader, telegraphed holy teleport-style Heroic Leap) Essentially, you leap/ascend, disappear for 2 sec, then slam/stab target enemy/area. Tyrion/Turalyon/Arator's Might (NPCs use this - short leap forward into an attack) This can count as a Crusader Strike and have a 20ish sec shared cooldown. I don't want Paladins to behave like Warriors, and none of the above suggests that, but Divine Steed feels extremely silly and underwhelming.Wrathiel4 31m
1h Undead Paladins? Im sitting here.. wondering.. how my life would be if it all were opposite.. So i look at what races that can play Paladins.. And all i find is nothing good. :( I'm a die hard Forsaken boi, I so badly want to play a Undead Paladin.. I just can't see my self playing a Tauren og Blood Elf.. *DansGame* Will this ever be a possibility? And i know, this is probably the longest shot ive ever taken in my life. **edit im unsure if this is the right place to post this.. if not help plz xdDullez13 1h
4h Prot Paladin stat priorities? Hello. I just leveled a Prot Paladin to 110. And i wonder if there is any specific numbers of stats you need to be optimaly effective and what those numbers are, On BDK's for example you want around 30% haste and then just stack Versatility. I read that Prot Paladins use the same stats? If so, what % should i aim for? I have never ever played a Prot Paladin before so the guides out there just say "get that and that stat" but not any numbers.Runedag14 4h
10h Rate that Transmog 15th edition The 14th edition seemed to reach its post limit so here goes:Myzraél52 10h
18h No to Inquisition Honestly, there's a reason why this spell got removed. Because such spells feel like penalties you have to lift and not buffs. There is an innate difference between how fun it is to cast a buff on yourself at the cost of resources and do no damage at all for a global cooldown while everyone else does. This makes such buffs feel like penalties because you are constantly chasing behind that default. You never feel empowered, you feel underpowered and in a constant catch up game from behind. This is drastically different from buffs like Enrage, for example, wich are triggered by actual damage abilities. That is the fundamental difference. I know there's some people that somehow might like it. I really don't understand and profoundly disagree. It's a talent so you have a choice? Well... this is what i ask the most. At least balance the other talents tightly, so we are not forced into this terribly boring playstyle. Replacements? I'm sure theres some things on the WoD tree that can be reused.Nemmar13 18h
23h Bring back dispel as baseline for paladins. I think its about time we get our baseline dispel back. considering shamans still have their idiotic purge spam which was once our counterpart.. i know it will never happen, but it would be 1 step closer to a balanced worldCalìdore8 23h
1d (holy) shocked recently got into shockadin seems way more fun than ret Im not sure why, maybe its how much more random the rotation feels, maybe its the mix of ranged and melee, the crazy spike damage that can sometimes happen or maybe just making a class do something it wasn't really intended todo, shockadin is fun and really appeals to me. anyone enjoying playing this spec as a main thing? pvp/pve? how viable is it? im sure its fine for lfr and heroics where I found little healing was needed but beyond that? second what sorts of trinkets would be ideal? straight up caster dps ones? and lastly is an odd one, if I had items with leech (have not been able to get any so far) will damage generate healing from leech then funnel to the beacon target? and will it scale with healing talents like the 10% from light of dawn or whatever it was ? ThanksAmmunae7 1d
1d Empowered Seals, Long Arm of Law and Art of War Empowered Seals, Long Arm of Law, Exorcism and Art of War(Insta Exor or FoL). Anyone?Crisswyn58 1d
1d Ret palas How do you kill them?Spleenk5 1d
1d HoW as true execute on next PTR build Just TRY it Blizz, as an execute, not using it during wings or w/e else, just TRY it, as a hard hitting execute. Let players feel it and give feed back on it vs it being another noodle outside burst. That's true testing surely PTR'ring, surely.Schwzenegger0 1d
1d Paladin BFA PvP discussion and suggestions I made this thread to try and focus on the PvP aspects of the Paladin as the wants and needs of the class and its specs differ from PvE, and hopefully this will lead to less useless debate between people that come at if from vastly different angles. What do you think the Paladin as a class should have more/less of for PvP? What do you think that the specific specs should have for PvP? What current Honor Talents would you like to see stay or go, what other suggestions of honor talents do you have?Zhinto2 1d
2d How to abandon " The silver hand " I started the quest " the silver hand " . I died while doing it. but now i want to abandon it but can't. what do i have to do?Drangkor1 2d
2d Retri stats Hi there. Picked up my old dusty pally again and was wondering if there are any breakpoints for stats. And is it possible to keep judgement up all time on target ? Now it falls of and i get some downtime.Merroo2 2d
2d Void elf Paladins? Here's what i'd like to see instead of void elf Paladins. We get High Elf Paladins. Due to aszhara being a raid boss it'd make so much more sence them being Playable due to they rebelled against her. And with the horde's crime of slaying the archmage they'd be glad to aid The Alliance to end the smelly stinky unhonorabilly horde once and for all. FOR THE ALLIANCE!!!Holbart30 2d
3d Fine Tuning Ret in BfA (Alpha) Hi, and it’s time for another weekly post to discuss the overall direction of Retribution Paladins in BfA. As I said last week, I’m really excited with the new philosophy evident within the new talents we have and many congratulations to the Class Design Team for it. This week, I’d like to discuss some minor points which may be worthy of consideration: 1) Class-wide Utility. In a recent Q&A, Game Director Ion Hazzikostas said that he agreed with the community’s suggestion that class utility was more like spec utility in Legion and that this should be corrected back to class-wide. There was an exception in that anything which was seen as healer territory should stay with them. So this means that, healing specs aside, all specs of a class should share utility. Is there any movement on this because it’s not currently being reflected in the alpha. Prot Paladins still have Blessing of Sacrifice and Blessing of Spellwarding, whereas Rets do not. The reverse could also be said of the Greater Blessings that Ret have. 2) Greater Judgment. This is a nice enough talent and does offer some minor AoE potential, unlike the row in general, in that you can keep moving the Judgment around a group of mobs to use it on targets above 60% health as much as possible. However, it is a bit plain Jane. I would be in favour of making it cleave to two further targets, as in Legion, to give us an AoE option there. However, if that row is just intended as a single target row then what about allowing Judgment to generate an extra HP? Or Judgment gets a reduced cooldown? 3) Execution Sentence. This ability seemed to get a bit of a nerf in damage. Now, I’m not concerned with numbers at this stage; I get that tuning needs to come after the spec has an overall toolkit that makes sense. But it is now barely doing more damage than Templar’s Verdict. I appreciate that it has a strength in the debuff that it provides, but is this talent going to basically just become a holy power debuff? I would still prefer that it hit hard as well being honest. 4) Hammer of Wrath. I’m quite happy with it remaining a talent but it could easily work as a baseline ability, with the replacement talent buffing Hammer of Wrath in some way, and it would be a popular move. A lot of people are expressing the desire to see Hammer of Wrath be baseline and as there’s no tuning or gameplay reason not to do this, I think this should be done. As long as we’re not creating an overpowered class, what’s the harm in giving people the playstyle they enjoy? 5) Divine Vengeance. There’s nothing specifically wrong with this talent, but it is distinctly underwhelming in a sea of well-designed talents in the alpha now. The proc chance isn’t very satisfactory for this particular talent. Perhaps if tuning would be an issue, then something rather different would be in order. I know some have expressed a desire for the return of Final Verdict (using TV empowers your next DS). But what about having Divine Tempest as a talent in this slot? Again, a lot of people have expressed a wish to see this form of Divine Storm remain in the game. 6) Selfless Healer. Not one of my favourite talents, but it is a very popular talent and I fully approve of allowing playstyles that people enjoy, as I said earlier. As many fans have pointed out, however, it is a bit weedy without supplication. However, this may just be a tuning issue that will sort itself out. I would possibly add that the buff could do with lasting another 5 seconds or so to help when moving between targets or for solo questing. 7) Unbreakable Spirit. This talent is poor really. Divine Shield already has an excessive cooldown when compared to similarly useful abilities for other classes. It might sound powerful on the description, but the reality is that Divine Shield is no more powerful than the defensives of some other classes who have them on a much shorter cooldown (it even showed itself to be weaker than Cloak of Shadows and Aspect of the Turtle during such fights as Desolate Host). As such, having Unbreakable Spirit only reduce the cooldown by 30% is weak. 50% would be much more like it. And that’s all the talent really exist for. In a raid, a 7 minute cooldown for Lay on Hands is no better than 10 minutes. Reducing the cooldown on Shield of Vengeance only works if you can use it more frequently, which often isn’t the case in dungeons or raids. As such, people taking this talent will be doing so, almost exclusively, for the reduction in cooldown on Divine Shield. Wasted if you use your bubble and then either need it again before 3.5 mins or after 5 mins. 8) Retribution Passive. As long as my butt looks south, I will not let this one go. It is a barrier to tuning, especially given that the bulk of class balancing seems to take place within the first couple of weeks of a raid being released. This is also the time when the Retribution passive has a party as people fall left, right and centre whilst learning the bosses. For the love of puppies, pandas and green Jesus, could you please remove the damage component. Replace it with some other nonsense that fulfils someone’s fantasy of what Ret class fantasy is supposed to be. The fact that this ability keeps being nerfed means developers know that it’s a problem. But you don’t get rid of a problem by reducing it. All that does is leave you with a smaller problem; but a smaller problem is still a problem. You get rid of the problem by, well … getting rid of it. I think that’s it for this week. I’ll be discussing these issues in this week’s Retvlog in expanded form: Be back on with something again next week.Thete52 3d
3d Some ret proposals and about baselines and HoW Seems like I stand corrected. I thought that ret abandonment would go into BfA. It’s nice to be mistaken here. New talent tree is very good and I’d like to present some feedback too. First talent row: Zeal is nice idea, however it should have similar duration to Unholy Frenzy of dk to be noticeable. Those auto attacks could also leave dot like old Censure. Final Verdict could be new abillity, dealing more dmg than baseline TV and for example increasing next CS dmg for like 40% or BoJ for 15% since DS can’t be baked back, wchich is fine. I would remove holy power requirement to cast Execution Sentence to smooth and allow for small burst. Second row: Unpopular opinion I heard but I would leave HoW as a talent. Why? If it’s added a baseline, it will be purely for execute phase. Waiting 80% so you can use abillity for 20% is rather outdated(already in cata we could throw hammers while in AW). Ideally we would have it as baseline and throw it in AW but with 6 or higher sec cd or some proc. Limiting HoW to execute phase is waste imo and I hope that if talent is replaced, it’s some ranged abillity for example revamped Exorcism.We need it in pvp. There is also problem with Fires of Justice, compared to Blade of Wrath and HoW this talent seems weaker. What about raising it’s percentage to 20% or replacing it with talent called Reckoning. It would have 15-20% chance to cause CS to strike for 4x dmg. People liked Reckoning back in the day, there is opportunity to bring it in. Third row: Repentance. Yes, old repent. Raise it’s cd to 30 but change cast time to instant. Making it good alternative to Fist of Justice and allowing ret pallies to finally prevent for a sec being nuked from a distance. Fourth row: Divine Vengeance, change to not 3 targets but 2, talent seems weaker compared to other two. Consecrate could snare, reducing movement to 75%. Fifth row: tier is good, tho adding some magical reduction to Eye for an Eye should be baked in to comepte with rest of talents. Sixth row: Selfless Healer is nice but make it 40% or even 45% reduced cast to recompensate higher Judgment cd.. Take a note that old Judgment had around 6 sec cd not 12. Word of Glory could use smaller cd to like 30 sec for a cost of smaller amount of people healed or smaller heal. Or make it old Eternal Glory without cd, healing a small amount and then the rest over time. Talent seems otherwise weaker compared to other two avaible. Seventh row: Divine Purpose, since it had lowered amount of procs, could use increased 10% dmg of the procs. Crusade, people liked it very well, so making it cd like 2,2 min but each holy power spent reduces cd for like 1 sec or 2 min cd and 3 hp for 1 sec, could be good. As for Inquisition, in that case 10% to dmg and haste would be appropiate for it to compete in this row. Baseline: there is problem with Divine Steed and Blessing of Freedom. With raised cd, having BoF dispellable makes this spell basically removing only slows, it should have protection from dispells for 3 sec atleast. Same for Divine Steed, having ,,gap closer” that as soon as we use is slowed makes this spell simply weak, esp compared to Heroic Leap, Infernal Strike, Charge etc. Divine Steed shouldn’t be slowed below 110-115% of our normal run speed. I hope that with all those nerfs to our current mobillity solution is on it’s way or we will be simply unplayable. And please don't do that we will have to choose in azerite between traits that will reduce BoF and Divinne Steed back to old cds or other traits, it will be super bad and sad. Blessings as of now are weak and in weird place. Why not return them to the old form, make them good somewhat, better than current iterations for sure but limit only one per player. Retribution passive; please remove that or change, it’s clunky and really unhealthy design that you hope for your friend to die to get higher dmg, it’s not paladin class fantasy, not even in slightest, more in line of warlocks for sure. Maybe getting small dmg buff when somebody falls below 50% or something. Also, we really need better animations. TV looks like unifnished effect, it’s thin, clipping through the floors and it’s effect on the target is so small it’s almost invisible. As it stands, TV looks far worse than priest’s Smite. Our main attack and holy spender has worse look than filler for holy priest. Widen it, add some sprinkle or glow effect, change effect on target, make it more centered around weapon, anything. Same goes for Crusader Strike. We are the only melee class that actually lost on graphic update. For Blade of Justice consider reducing this white glow so it doesn’t look like plastic and add holy glow around foundation like in Odin’s fight. Glyph for the old Judgment animation would be also great. Please and thanks.Bedeleczyl6 3d
4d Divine Steed as Lightforged Draenei Okay, this is only a small thing: But, could Lightforged Draenei maybe summon their "Lightforged Felcrusher" racial mount instead of the "Great Exarchs's Elekk"? It looks kinda weird using the purple crystal elekk instead of your glowing, gigantic, Light-infused one. It doesn't have to be changed completely, a glyph would be sufficient (maybe the Army of the Light sells this for only for Paladins only then).Avaressa3 4d
4d Blade of justice makes no sense The only being in the game that use this ability are tired to Odyn who's a Titan keeper and the Warriors "leader". So how does a Fire Elemental Titan Keeper and his abilities which are directly tied lore wise to warriors end up being a Paladin ability over Exorcism? I understand they wanted to remove the range of Retribution maybe or make it feel more like a melee, but the ability itself does not fit with Retribution in the slightly and fits more with the Warrior artifact given its origin and usage. I think it would be better re-implementing Exorcism in BFA to fit the class.Addiez4 4d
5d Bring back Long Arm of the Law... Giving Ret LAotL would be a good move right now - it's a situational movement speed boost that doesn't encroach on, say, warrior leap like Turalyon's Might for example. Ret is really desperately slow and from a gameplay perspective this is not fun. Yes, the slow heavy hitter sounds like a balanced fantasy - except when virtually all other classes have speed boosts. While LAotL would not solve the perennial "we have to wait for the Ret to arrive" problem, it would at least put a spring in our step in combat.Valkryss3 5d
5d Buff Divine Purpose? Pretty Pls? Honestly, Crusade is complete cookie cutter nonsense - just like how Double Bacon was for Holy back in WoD. Ret's gameplay is centered entirely on this one talent, which is completely absurd and goes against the whole point of the talent system. You either take Crusade and get comfy with those AV-duration relics or you can kiss your deeps goodbye. I doesn't help that, personally, I really don't like having most of my dps cramped into a tiny burst window. Whenever you have a playstyle like this, it just feels like what you press outside of the window is pointless. Now, if this was a design that was baked into the class by nature, like it is for Arms Warriors, I wouldn't complain and just play something different. But this isn't the case here at all. This playstyle is created entirely through ONE single talent that ought to have 2 other equal-ish choices. So Blizz, can we please get those alternatives? Or at least one? Holy Wrath is hot garbage, so can we get a buff to Divine Purpose at least? Buffing the proc rate and/or making it also boost the damage of the free HP spender would be the obvious, if boring, choice. But what about giving it a redesign, making it so for each HP you spend, the remaining CD of AV is reduced by 0.5 seconds? That would give us two polar opposite playstyles (frequent small burst vs infrequent huge burst) to choose fromShamjenna8 5d
5d Is Zeal viable? I've gone over the changelog for Zeal and I'm wondering if it's viable in its state. I've really never touched that talent, only used the Judgement one. Any thoughts on the topic would be very appriciated.Zollo3 5d
13 Mar Aegis of Light? This seems a really nice concept of a spell, and the animation looks baller AF, but 5 minutes cooldown for 6 seconds of 20% mitigation? feels kinda useless, like something i would only use during a breath attack.. you know that attack used by 5% of all bosses.. what do you guys think? I've only just gotten into the whole proto-pally thing so im not sure how well it would fair as a tool for raids.Kadreth3 13 Mar
12 Mar Holy paladin Can any help please , is it just me or the holy spec suck so much.. i am only lvl 50 but the spells are so low in healing and slow...Legendm8 12 Mar
12 Mar My experience with and insight on Paladin Part3 HOLY Holy was always a burst-single-target healing class, with good mana management, instantcasts, and great cooldowns(such as Aura Mastery giving everyone interrupt protection, divine illumination reducing the mana cost of spells and increasing your haste, angels doubling your healing and doing a little aoe heal, etc.) In legion, the same is true, but its missing sooo much. Now I'd have to write down most of the stuff I listed while talking about rets, so I'd like to skip customization, honortalents, and artifacts. (A quick side note: in Legion, they want to balance pvp with the new pvp stat template and dampening, but instead of making it balanced they made the game linear, boring, and non-unique. Its also very fun that they need to use these to balance out healers, but even one healer can ruin a BG...) Now, lemme write down in short whats missing from the class: holy shock crit instantcasts, WoG, good talent system, seals, auras, and a good and fun way of managing mana. Meelewings is just dumb as it is. How can we improve on Holys? Return to the roots once again. Make them have a lot of instantcasts again. Remove current mastery, and IMO you can change it to anything you want, but I'd like to see bigger critical chance and healing on holy shock. Bring back WoG, make crusader, shock, healing beaconed targets generate holy power, and one every 8 or so sec if you are striked by a non dot attack. Make Light of the Martyr a 5min cooldown(make it the new Angel). Bring back seals, auras and blessings. Dont ever make the current artifact ability return. Make them use one hand+shield once again. Delete/change/fix retarded talents like Fist of justice, Devotion aura. Delete Divine Steed, bring back Speed of Light (the cata version is just fine). Once again: we want the old animations (on both spells and the models+it's old graphics).At least make it optional! Right now, literally every healing spell, with the exception LoD they all look and sound the same. How can we improve on WoW overall? I know this isnt/wasnt a part of the topic, but I'd like to list a few stuff. -Delete the current titanforging, weekly chest and personal loot system(personal loot can stay at scaling dungeons). Dont make legendaries drop everywhere, make them something you fight for, instead of hoping that a boss from old content will drop a top tier item. -(this is going to be a controversial one IMO) Delete mythic setting. That includes m+, and mythic raids. Raids right now are dumb easy. Only mythic has a real setting to it. Right now anyone can go in and take top tier loot, without really being "there" in the raid. Make heroic 5mans prepare you for the raiding, make them drop a currency which you can trade in for gear (like wotlk's emblem, or cata's justice and valor point system). LFR can stay as it is, since it gives you an insight on the raid. Make normal raids require coordinated teams, and make it difficult for a bad player. Make heroics only be performed by great teams (not neccesarily nerds who have gotten 34252345 world firsts, but really make raids dependant on skill). -Delete PvP stat templates, honortalents (and maybe dampening too). Make trinkets and pve stuff once again usable in PvP. Reform Engineering, delete the Medal of Honor potions. -Dont make classes come out of factories! Now, what I mean is: Back in the day, there were huge gaps between a skilled and a bad player. Stuff like: Drakedog IS the warlock have died out. If I encounter anyone in a PVP situation, I know there are an even chance for both of us because legion ALLOWS them to be "good". That was my second reason writing on the forums, the first one being sharing my experience with paladins. -Delete artifacts as they are (although we are getting a second run from them), bring back the old talent system (even cata's one would do). Bring back customization(I've talked about it a great deal about this already). -Either fix PVP tanks, or disable them. Why is it that a Vengeance DH is better at securing flags in Twin Peaks and WSG than a coordinated team? Thank you all for making it this far. I hope you all enjoyed it. I really hope if a Blizz employee finds this, they will find this useful. What are your experiences with Paladins? Personally I'd like to hear from someone who has played Protection for a long time, since I've been missing out from that one. I really only played it on wotlk (damn I miss the old Hammer of the Righteous sound :( ), but I'd also like to hear from other Paladin veterans aswell. Thank you all once again, and have a great day! Part1: Part2: 12 Mar
11 Mar Macos for Raiding. Hello so this will be a tip to tell everyone what kind of macros will yield the best of dps due to i can't seem to get curse to work for some strange reason. So do leave your comments and please no unpossitive comments. :)Holbart0 11 Mar
11 Mar My experience with and insight on Paladin Part2 Thoughts, improvements Now, I'd like to point out what I think went good / wrong with Paladins in Legion, and in current BFA aswell (I havent seen BFA hpallys yet, so I will only talk about the Legion version of it). RETS Lets talk about older versions of paladin at first. I'd like to mention Wotlk and Cata paladins. What made them so great at first, is that in both Xpacs they received great class uptades. Their spells were strong already, with having good buffs for the whole team. You could really set up your char with gems, glyphs, enchants, food, flasks, etc. In cata, this was only improved more: with the addition of the new Haste talent (haste reduced cooldown on Crusader and Divine Storm), mastery, and reforge, this was the first time you could play any kind of spec as a Ret pally. You could go either for crit, haste or mastery, you still did great on each spec (although most people preferred haste for pve, and crit for pvp, personally I went for mastery on both because I like big numbers). The already great feeling on pressing wings were improved even more: with an inquisition up, generating 3 holy power with every single crusader, templars constantly proccing, you'd seen a lot of huge numbers popping up on your screen. Legion Rets are different in the way, that their spells no longer deal that much damage, and that you can always click a spell. The spec feels very empty too. Why are there Honortalents? Why do I have to grind AP constantly just to unlock my traits?(which to be honest, are just like the old talent system, but instead of choosing your own variation, you can unlock everything, and most of these arent even cool, but instead just %improvements on spell efficiency, or other boring stuff) Why isnt WoG baseline, alongside other stuff(from traits aswell, not just talents)? Where is Exo, where is Inqu, along many other spells? Why am I so reliant on Haste? If you want a rets to be reliant on 1 stat, at least make it crit, since that was the main stat for a very long time... That brings me to the next point: customization. As I said, back in the day, you had great room for customization. With gems, enchants, glyphs, foods, flasks, potions, and reforging, you could really piece together your class and feel the difference(as far as I know, most people used reforging just to hit the expertise and hit caps(and then after going for the real stats), thus the reason they didnt like it, but would you enjoy hitting a boss 1/5 times or 5/5 times? you were still very strong. I miss these greatly too, but maybe I'll talk about it another day). But in Legion, there are barely any room for it: You can have 1-2 gems maybe, depending on what gear you have, enchants are gone mostly too, glyphs are just cosmetics, reforge is gone, at least foods, flasks and pots are still there. And also, as I have said before, ret is only really good if you go full Haste. I have said that rets are like retarded warriors. Now, let me explain. Judgement and Colossus Smash are basically the same. You both have great slows (I still dont get it since pandaria why paladins needed slow, but whatever), templars and crusader is just a random damaging spell you do, same as slam and mortal strike. There are differences of course, but if you truly spend time on both classes, they wont feel that much different. To sum up: They still do a lot of damage, they are still strong, but they lost their hybridness, they have an identity crisis, and the rest listed above. How can we improve on Rets? Return to the roots. Bring back seals, the REAL blessings, bring back auras. Delete the honortalent and artifact system. Return to the cataclysm talent tree. Bring back customization. Make your spells feel great on their own, and not just some spell you click to deal some damage. Bring back exorcism instead of blade of wrath, change/fix retarded talents like Fist of Justice, Execution Sentence, Crusade. Its good that they bring back Inqu, but for the love of god, why does it have to be a 24/7 heroism on a class that relies on haste? Also, the mastery is just dumb as it is. Once again, the cataclysm mastery nailed it, they should return to that. As a side note: back in the day with seal of truth, you'd see 4 numbers pop up on your screen when you used templar/crusader (the spell itself, seal of truth dot dmg, seal of truth weapon%damage, and mastery). IMO thats way more fun than just seeing templar dealing 400k dmg or so. Its nice to see that they bring back hammer of wrath, but why make it a talent? Its been baseline ever since it was introduced... Also, take away divine steed as it is, build your mvmspeed into judgement once again, bring back slowcleanse, and bring back the hybridness of the class. Delete hand of hindrance, and make rets passively faster again. BFA-s current judgement is just exactly BFAs current Overpower(once again, paladins are like retarded warriors). And please, make weapon damage a thing again. As a last note: please. bring. back. the. old. animations. For both the character models(and their old graphics), and it's animations, and make the old spell animations return (like cataclysm templar, the old judgement, and not just seeing my toon slashing wildly with an ashbringer. I'd like to see the old animations, like when an orc uses mortal strike, and they just smash their opponents, instead of dancing around). Please at least make it optional! Part1: Part3: 11 Mar
11 Mar My experience with and insight on Paladin Part1 Oh man this is going to be a long one... Hey guys! Legion is over soon(thank god artifacts going away, but it looks like we are getting another load of it), BFA is going to drop in a matter of months, which I am really exited for. My main has always been a Paladin, but I felt like through Legion that they suffered an identity (and also, a !@#$ty gameplay) crisis. I want to point these things out, and hopefully Blizzard will find this post useful, from an experienced player. I've begun playing WoW in early 2009 (few months into Wotlk), and ever since my main has been Paladin. I've gone back to play private servers to see what was it like back in the day. I have also had experience in high rated arena and high end raiding, so I'd say I have a great knowledge on both the game and the class. I'm mainly going to talk about Holy and Retribution specs, since I "barely" played Protection, but here we go. Paladins through the Xpacs Paladins started out as a strange class in Vanilla: being highly dependant on high weapon damage, and with only 1 (2 if you talented into consec) damaging ability(not counting seals and exorcism), they were a sluggish class to play. They were still strong: Paladins started out as a hybrid class, meaning they could fill a supportive role in any aspect of the game, while still doing good damage. They also had the better buffs in the game, meaning they were a welcome addition to any raid / pvp team. As a healer, they were very unique: they were mainly desinged to heal tanks, and they could never run out of mana if you knew what you were doing. In the Burning Crusade, Rets were given a button to press: Crusader Strike, alongside many new stuff, like the new Seals, and some other reworks. They started being more consistant, since with a new spell (and a strong one at that) they became less reliant on critical strikes (they still were, but LESS is the key word here). They felt refreshing to play in pvp, while still being a good hybrid class. Holy pallys mostly stayed the same as they were in Vanilla. For most people, Wotlk was the golden age of Retribution paladins. Exorcism is finally usable on normal player targets, they were given Divine Storm, the new 3judgement system, wings, etc. They were still a very good hybrid class, with one of the most OP dispells and healing in the game. They were amazingly fun to play in pve: AOE became a thing for the first time, with Seal of Command, Divine storm, and if you could manage your mana, consec, while still being able to do great single target damage. Holys were improved too: with the new Sacred Shield, bunch of new judgements, great cooldowns, and with a lot of instantcasts, they were better than ever. Then came Cataclysm. My most favourite xpac ever. Paladins were introduced to the new Holy Power system: You would need to gather holy powers in order to cast some spells. The more holy power you had (3 at max), the more effective your spells became. The new masteries were also introduced (for Rets: extra damage on Crusaders and Templars, and for Holy, basically Val'anyr(if you dont know: they would also grant the targeted player an absorb depending on how much you healed). With cataclysm also came the new Reforging system, which I will talk about later. Both rets and holys were changed greatly: the healing spells costed insanely much, but if you used judgement on ret, or played well on a holy, you still couldnt run out, which was still very unique on hpallys, since most other healers used to run out of mana. And now with WoG you had even more instantcasts than ever. Rets became insane, in both pve and pvp: they were one of the best DPSs, and they still were a great hybrid class, with the new WoG, and other spells already present in the game. They were also introduced to mobility for the first time, in the form of 15yard Judgements. In mists of pandaria, the class still felt unique, even though pretty much every class had everything: stuns, disorients, selfheal, good def CDs, slows, etc. But that was when for me Paladins started to turn into something else: from having your damaging and healing spells do dmg / healing good enough on their own, they started tuning pallys into having to press more, but weaker buttons. They were still a very great class, especially with fullcd, but IMO that was when I first didnt like playing pally that much, but I still played it. Now, I skipped WOD entirely, so I cant tell anything about that. And in Legion, Paladins are nothing like they used to be. From a hybrid it turned into a retarded warrior with no good mobility, no seals, no auras (auras were removed with panda, but atleast the seals were still there, and yes, I know there are still auras built into pallys but seriously aside from Devo aura there arent any good or fun auras), blade of wrath instead of exo, no execute, and I could go on and on. Now tbh I only really experienced Hpally in pvp, so I cant talk about PVE Hpallys here, but, Hpallys are suffering an identity crisis aswell. From being good bursthealers with great instantcasts, good cooldowns, they turned into a retarded rsham. Now, let me explain. Riptide+healing wave = holy shock+holy light. On the flip side though, restoshams still have good raid wide cooldowns, with good raidheals, but paladins lost their buffs, good auras (for the PVP part, instantcasts aswell, since Light of the Martyr doesnt do %^-* in pvp), and have to rely on MEELE as a HEALER (back in the day you would do meele aswell to get mana back, but then again, you could already manage your mana well as a Pally, and if you were pressured, you would use crusader and basic attack for mana). What point is there as a healer to go out in the open only to get CCd out? And also, Legion is the first expansion where I swapped classes (currently maining a priest, but I finally returned to pally in the form of Project60). Part2: Part3: 11 Mar
11 Mar healing help? holy cow... (tldr below) questing ret and switching to holy for odd dungeon first ever attempt I didn't have my class healing weapon unlocked gulp (also why is this a 2h weapon for holy? what happened to class fantasy holy has ALWAWYS healed with a 1h and a shield for like 10years+) anyway Im grouped with this blood dk, he is taking massive amounts of damage, I am struggling but keeping him up then after one wipe he ragequits. wait around in the queue and get a DH I hardly ever have to heal the DH, dungeon is cake. 6 levels lateer. decide to give it another go, grouped with a warrior, same as with the DH, godlike, taking no damage what little damage is being taking is easily covered by holyshock and prism with the occasional flash heal, part of the time Im actually standing around with nothing todo so do a little damage! fun so decide to have another go, get violet hold. tank is druid and taking massive chunks of damage. Im sitting there spamming my biggest heal back to back it isn't restoring health, druid is taking more damage than I can restore, full on panic mode engage. one pull they took 3 mobs around a corner I was out of range for maybe 5 seconds, it was enough for them to drop to like 25% at which point Im casting heals looking to see which of my 5 cooldowns were ready, trying shock prism they died. when no damage is happening having to cast 5 6 times to top just the tank up full maybe 3 or 4 times for a dps. getting to the point where on aoe unable to keep tank up without blowing cooldowns, can not offheal the dps for fear of the tank just falling over. idk what todo. my heals do not feel impactful, the only thing I haven't tried is to beacon myself and matyr spam (I have been using matyr with bubble as kind of an extra cooldown) talents I took that seemed the most appealing and didn't make the class overly complicated and gave me a conformable playstyle I am used to. took lights hammer, cavaller, fist of justice, aura of mercy, holy prism, sactified wrath and beacon of the lightbringer. tldr whats the holy rotation? what happend to the massive top up your target healing in one sweep how holy paladin used to heal? are my talents very sub-optimal ?Pixxel12 11 Mar
11 Mar Are paladins very gear dependent? As the title says are paladins very gear dependent? I have a druid and monk at 110 and my Paladin but I seem to really struggle on the Paladin in all specs except tanking. I love healing in BGs and I see everyone always recommend Holy Pala and MW Monk as top tier healers. My monk I can see why, my paladin not so much! I must add that my ilevel on my Paladin is pretty low 830 but none the less I never had this much of a hard time on my druid or monk at low ilevels. In PVE my main thing is the unreliable proc on Justicar's Vengeance, single target is fine but I like big pulls especially when questing and while other classes I'm fine on my paladin I either have to blow vital cooldowns or come out nearly dead. Sure I have flash heal (inefficent) sure I have CDs like bubble and damage reduction etc but I never feel I have to use my CDs on other classes. I guess my major gripe with Paladins are the self sustain, I thought ret would be much much better at keeping health up. Warriors with victory rush, DK with death strike, Hunters heal, monks orbs etc every other class seem to do it better. Am I doing something wrong here. I'm not saying there's tons of downtime and it's not overly bad more an annoyance I don't like to stop and heal after every group pull of mobs. I'm also confused at the lack of AOE heals for dungeon runs. It feels very lackluster just spamming flash of light or holy light, there's very little AoE or am I missing something? My biggest disappointment of all is when it comes to PvP. I keep hearing pally is a top tier healer but don't see how, sure we're strong because of our CDs but without CDs I'm a free kill and one huge thing I'm suffering with that I've not had with any other healing class is mana. I keep finding myself going ooom and without mana. The other day I was unkillable in a BG but because I was healing like crazy i just kept going oom all the time. Am I doing something wrong here, is it a L2P issue or is it more Paladins are gear dependent? I guess the TLDR short version of what I'm trying to say is, everything just feels easier on my Monk or Druid as opposed to paladin.Whitworth3 11 Mar
10 Mar Large Vile Slime - Precise Respawn Time I've been camping the large vile slime for over four days, and I believe I have calculated the respawn time, over the last 4 spawns. I counted a precise (+/-10 mins, depending on local time differential) respawn rate of 28 hours on my server (AD-EU). I also concluded that the respawn is server bound/set and not based on the time the last slime was killed, but on a set counter based on the last maintenance. Maintenance on our server ends around 04:00 server time. I observed spawn times at 16:00, then 20:00, then 00:00, which was last night. I came to believe that the respawn time is server set because one spawn was killed around 16:30, 4 days ago, but the next respawn occurred at 20:00 and not 20:30, as it would have if the respawn was based on kill time. I believe if you determine the server maintenance time, you can count forward 28 hours, and that's the respawn time of the large vile slime. I hope this helps someone. Good luck.Abeerah1 10 Mar
10 Mar Help with names for LF paladin race changing this paladin but wanting to change her name, to something that would fit a lightforged draenei female paladin moreElynariel6 10 Mar
10 Mar Thanks Blizzard Thank you Blizzard for the changes you made in BfA on Retribution; seriously, thank you so much for Hammer of Wrath, Judgement and mastery changes, and so on. It is overall looking so far better than Retribution in Legion! Rejoice on something well done, but there is still work to be done; listen to our feeback, like it seems you have! Please, leave your feedback here, so we may help Blizzard making Ret even better, it has resurrected, at long last!Jreymer24 10 Mar
10 Mar Arena problems. Greetings to all Paladins. After a long time i decided to give pvp a second chance. i roll in 2v2 with a resto druid but cant get over 1.5k. 2 days ago we decided to play some games for fun and we had hard time against most of the teams we faced. -Frost dk - disco priest (insane amount of damage- constant dispels of my hands) -Windwalker monk - priest ( CC - slowed all the time, kited) -Sub rogue - arcane mage ( huge burst - control, my bubble went off in 2 secs after Sap wore off) and the ULTIMATE cancer -Frost mage - resto druid and -Frost mage - mistweaver monk. Mage slowed me- kitted me to death while my healer was in constant poly - silenced - cced situation. As you can imagine we lost all the above fights. I want to ask for any advice - help for improving my skills and making sure that its not a L2P issue. But i need to state the obvious. Retribution paladin is a badly designed spec. Since it has been constantly nerfed after 7.1, ret cant even cope with other hybrid classes. I ll trade happily all my blade of wrath, my holy power system and the stupid horse sprint that gets slowed, for emancipate, holy avenger, hammer of wrath, blessing of sacrifice and some instant heals. After maining this toon since Pandaria days it feels underwhelming getting trashed in so many pvp situations. I strongly considering on leveling a frost dk and putting this one on the self since Blizzard is not willing to provide an overhaul to a spec so desperately needing it according to the latest Alpha notes and talent calculators. Thanx !Reodar3 10 Mar
10 Mar Paladin artifact quest bug I’m doing the artifact quest for protektion paladins and I think the quest has bugged. I'm doig the protection paladin artifact quest but the door and the end of the tomb (shrine of the truthguard) doesn't open. I researched a little and Orik Truehead is supposed to get down on his knees at the end of the cave when you read of Yrgrim's challange and you're supposed to be able to click the door but it wont work, there’s nothing to click on. I've tried everything clicked everything in the cave and killed everything aswell. Please help!Mzáínt0 10 Mar
10 Mar Paladin artifact quest bug I need some quest help, I’m doing the quest line for protektion paladin and I think the quest has bugged. I'm doig the protection paladin artifact quest but the door and the end of the tomb (shrine of the truthguard) doesn't open. I researched a little and Orik Truehead is supposed to get down on his knees at the end of the cave when you read of Yrgrim's challange and you're supposed to be able to click the door but it wont work, there’s nothing to click. I've tried everything clicked everything in the cave and killed everything aswell. Please help!Mzáínt0 10 Mar
09 Mar A theory on zandalar paladins and dark iron shamans Something that occured to me today Dark iron dwarves arnt currently flagged as shamans and zandalar troll arnt flagged as paladins Yet in the alpha we see the zandalar paladins and there is a quest chain which explains why we can't make one also on the alpha we see totems for dark iron dwarves So here is my theory How likely is it that we will get a 8.1/8.2 style quest that unlocks paladins for zandalar trolls and shamans for dark iron dwarves Or are these items simply for NPC customisation I would like to know your thoughts. Note this is NOT about if one side should get a class. There are already threads on the subject. just if we think blizzard might unlock additional classes for the new races via quest contentTorja3 09 Mar
09 Mar Corrupt a Wish 7.0 Lets play corrupt a wish! Example: I wish I could use flying mounts in draenor Granted, but they don't leave the ground. I wish Every Man For Himself was removed (too Overpowered) Granted, it now stuns every target within 40 yards for 3 sec I wish Paladins holy power was revamped Granted, spells now cost 5 HP and deal 50% less damage. I wish..... And so on. For me, I wish the was a better sense of community in-gameSkylíne99 09 Mar
09 Mar Glyph for firey look Ever think blizz would make a glyph for us to turn our holy spells to look more firey? Would suit retri.Athellis3 09 Mar
09 Mar Ignore IgnoreMeithos1 09 Mar
09 Mar Please Make HoW a REAL execute in BfA... I'd much rather the Hammer of Wrath talent served as a high damage finisher - in other words a "real execute", and not the currently proposed "Execute Lite" in the BfA alpha, where it does less damage than TV. Just remove the ability to use it freely during AW/Crusade and buff the damage to make it a heavy hitter below 20%.Valkryss4 09 Mar
08 Mar Bring Ret Slow Dispel Back I think the spec was better off with that ability rather than without it. If it costs as much mana as it did, then there shouldn't be any problems with ret paladins having it. Because that ret can do a lot of damage it doesn't mean that u have to make them suffer through the slows. WWs also do a lot of damage, maybe more in fact at some points, they're mobile AF, they remove slows every 10 secs or something, they also have freedom kind of spell, they have better mobility in every way that doesn't get punished, looking at how Blizz wants things to be balance (every spec is equal, while being unique and special in their own way), ret paladins shouldn't be like this. Do you know how many ret mains you made reroll/quit cause of this? Do you know how many people switch to WW cause of this exact issue? The list only keeps increasing. It's not that hard to get a perfect balance between damage and mobility. One mobility spell with 45 sec cd simply won't cut (freedom doesn't count, it gets dispelled). DKs have similar issue, not as bad tho, they don't suffer as much, they have more abilities that prevents things that people would do to rets with no problems what so ever.Daisu2 08 Mar
08 Mar Seems Blizzard is trolling about Zandalari Paladins When the classes for the Zandalari Troll Allied Race were revealed, many players were disappointed that the Zandalari were not Paladins. Just imagine their holy dinosaur mount and golden armor! So far it looks like Paladins are for the Alliance and Shaman are for the Horde, but players held out hope that Zandalari Paladins would be added due to Zandalari Prelate, a mob in Throne of Thunder with abilities like Light of the Loa, Judgment of the Loa, and Seal of the Loa. In the Terrace of the Chosen in Zuldazar on the Battle for Azeroth alpha, players can interact with High Prelate Rata and learn more about Zandalari Paladins. Story spoilers. At first, the dialogue looks pretty promising. Zandalari Paladins exist, and even though they say "we do not have any openings" that keeps the door open for Zandalari player paladins in the future. We are the prelates of Rezan, highest order of holy warriors to serve any loa. Our path is the elite, taking only those gifted from birth with prowess in battle and gifted by the loa, and crafting champions of light to defend our empire. And no, we do not have any openings or hand outs. However, after you complete the questline in Zuldazar, High Prelate Rata's message is quite different. Zandalari Paladins are no more, as they've lost their connection to Rezan. Those who still have power are even suspect. We are broken. The light of Rezan has left us. Only a handful of those that followed the great king of the loa will have any sort of power, and even they are suspect. Our life was devotion itself. Now who do we become?Karrak12 08 Mar
07 Mar Judgement bugged? Any1 else noticed that judgement is bugged a bit? Example: We have 2 mobs, the first it is pretty close to you, the second mob is a few yards away from the first, that second mob is not in ranged of the judgement jumping on a second target. So when i judge and my target is the first mob and not the second one, i saw judgement go to the second target instead but my target is the first mob. This issue i seen it happens at least 5 times in the past 2-3 days. So my question is any1 seen it happen ?Rhadé1 07 Mar
06 Mar Holy Paladin Animations Hi guys, with BFA just round the corner and news on Warlock spell and casting animations in the works, i was wondering what everyone's thoughts are on the state of Holy Paladin casting/spell animations? They seem a little dated in my eyes compared to other healers now and feel like if we had a spice up it could really improve the feel and engagement playing Hpala. Would be very cool to see a revamp in time for BFA.Gallant7 06 Mar