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17 Jul Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 17 Jul
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24m Bring back wod retribution Title says it all, wod retribution, at least for me, was much more fun then the current retribution.Ryura4 24m
9h Rate The Transmog Above You - 14th Edition Last edition has expired, let the new one begin. :)Roshani240 9h
11h Are Paladins a noob class? Hey I wanted to roll a Paladin but I heard that they were a class that normally noobs roll. I wanted my Paladin to be Tauren and I was really looking forward to it, but I had experience playing a Death Knight and I always got hate when I entered Dungeons because of stereotypical reasons. I alreayd have many max levels but I'd like to have a Paladin as my main. Can anyone tell me, are they really just noobish and childish or are they worth the haters?Tahuul13 11h
16h Highlord Kruul Knockbacks Hello fellow Paladins, I am struggling with Kruul still, had my first 20 trys today. How are you supposed to predict the knock backs from the infernals? The eyes are ok. You've got the green beams that help you position but the Infernals Knockback seem too less graphic in this cluster!@#$ of special effects and mechanics to worry about especially during phase two. I just see my brains memory storage overload in P2. Any tips? I've tried kiting Kruul in circles and staying on the move but that gets especially difficult over time as the ground fills up with green zones and you need to run around to grab Orbs, too. It's so unforgiving. One mistake and it's over. I guess it's called Ragetower for a reason.Gwelwenant2 16h
20h Never gonna play ret against frostmage again Gonna run, it's not worth it. Almost broke my keyboard because once he spellsteals freedom. well gg you just sit there and can't do anything.Akiyuki8 20h
20h Is Paladin fun in Legion? I'm returning to WoW after being gone since mid Cata, the only class I never got over 70 was Paladin. Anyways, I'm considering either Paladin, Warrior or Monk and both Warrior and Monk both look good but I haven't seen Paladin. I dont mind if it's not up to par on meters or arena all I care about is the fun and feel of the gameplay for my first new characterSwamperii12 20h
21h Can't progress paladin campaign, help! Last quests I did was researching a order hall upgrade and the quest which takes you to the exodar, i no longer have quests in my paladins order hall. Please send help!Makarg2 21h
1d Help me understand your class. Hi guys, please help me understand. When I run mythic dungeons with prot paladins, I kinda try to dodge them in queue. Why? Well, because some of the prot paladins I meet smelt like hot butter even 900+ il EQ. Some doesn't even get a scratch on their armour... Can someone PLEASE help me understand how it can be such a massive difference from prot paladins?Bjørn6 1d
1d Prot Pala vs KJ heroic: Quick survival guide Just thought to drop a line or two to list some things I wish someone had told me about tanking KJ in heroic mode. These are the things that have worked for me. Hopefully it will save people some time: 0. Opt for 8.4mil hp minimum. This is the amount of hp I noticed to be the entry level for prot paladins in KJ heroic. 1. Make sure you have the 2set bonus from the nighthold set. The buff on SotR is too imbah to skip for soaking huge burst (felclaws). 2. Legendaries: If possible use legendary shoulders to have Eye of Tyr ready pronto on each and every felclaw. Also use the Heathcliff's Immortality ring for 4% dmg reduction. These are not musts but they really really help nailing it down with felclaws. 3. Make sure you have 25% haste at least to ensure somewhat comfortable holy power generation for SotR. Don't use SotR while not tanking unless you have reached 3 holy power. 4. Grab the talent which gives you -20% dmg taken when you use your horsie ability. Use this on 4th and 5th claw. 6. Inform the healers that you will be using Hand of Sacrifice on your wingman tank when he's about to receive the 3rd felclaw. 7. On the very first big meteor give your OT Hand of Protection to spare him the cooldowns for soaking. 8. Try to get your hands on the trinkets that give -50% dmg taken (the stamina trinket from ToS and the Infernal Contract from NH). These trinkets really really help with soaking. 9. Inform your raid that when KJ lands the other tank will grab him first. This is preferable since the pala can assist with heals and sacrifice in that critical section of the fight where the raid is trying to bunch up behind KJ. 10. Tank KJ on one of the two diagonials - never with your back against the edge. Maximize the distance between you and the end of the platform. Use a goblin glidder to save yourself if you are about to get knocked down from the platform due to a knockback. 11. Assuming you have NH 2 set bonus for SotR the rotation you can use to withstand Felclaws may look like this: start with at least 2 holy power -> concecration -> judge -> sotr --1st claw--> Eye of Tyr -> 2nd claw -> ardent defender -> 3rd claw -> judge + SotR -> 4th -> horsie (+ feel free to pop one trinket here) -> 5th claw This should help you survive. Hope these help.Thorilamen18 1d
1d Ret gameplay and design and their primitiveness Disclaimer! It’s long rant born from frustration building from pre-patch 7.0.3 about state of retribution design, it’s philosophy, gameplay and animations, not about how big numbers we spew, so bear that in mind please. Ok, where do I start? Maybe I will start by saying that WHAT PIECE OF IMCOMPETENT FILTH DESIGNED RET GAMEPLAY? I mean wow WTF, how dumb someone had to be to look at it and say ,,welp, I’ve covered everything, deeerrp”. Or maybe that scrub was just lazy and thought that giving us Ashbringer like a lollipop and making us ,,good stories”(if Argent Crusade rabble can be pictured as a anything valuable to the lore aside of spamming ..Ashbringorrzz…”) would be enough. Lets look at lore of paladins. Just kidding, you know their lore and I don’t have to write blob to bore you, first paladins were out of 5, 4 clerics. Now let’s see philosophy design of the paladins(if you are not yet bored). So in vanilla we had not many but meaningful ways to support. We had Blessing of Freedom, Blessing of Protection. Blessing of Sacrifice(properly used could break cc), we had auras, like Devotion or Resist and we had strong heals(though with long cast but still). We had seals, and although we auto attacked, seals intent wasn’t that bad, lack of any attack ability was(imo ofc, you can disagree). Our talents were rather weird and all over the place like most of talents in vanilla, but allowed to utilize reckoning bombs, pure ret or holy/ret. We were similar to DnD paladin, being a heavy, slow hitter(if SoC procd ofc) with not bad heals and array of blessings and auras. In TBC our rotation was smoothed, we could dance seals, though for the most part dps seals were same. We still had our supporting toolkit, we didn’t have much in terms of mobility but we had instant repentance. Talents allowed to again be shockadin, pure ret or dabble with reck bomb(tho its golden age passed). We had still strong heals, buffs and were strong, slow hitters, well corresponding with our theme back then. WotLK gave us three judgments, our rotation was smooth, not complicated but not super boring either and life was mostly good, we still had strong off heals and auras and blessings. Seals of blood and crusader removed but they were still useful. Our heals were not bad, we had Sacred Shield, blessings and we had good dps with good ranged capabilities. We were Light’s berserkers, just look at old Divine Storm’s animation back then. Cata gave us templar’s verdict, inquisition, holy power and you know, other stuff. I haven’t played much of ret in cata aside of lvling, so I can’t say much about it heals or toolkit, tho I remember being slow and little clunky with building holy power and inquisition and we lost some of healing potency. We still had Flash Heal though, word of Glory and talent Selfless Healer, we still had auras, blessings and seals. When with inquisition and coupled with Guardian of Ancient Kings, Zealotry and Avenging Wrath we had nice burst. Paladins imo still felt unique, with their variety of buffs, auras still in use, though we didn’t have much choice in talents anymore. And then mop came and we had nice choice in talents. Selfless Healer, Repentance, Evil is A point of View, Holy Avenger, Divine Purpose, Sanctified Wrath, Execution Sentence, Holy Prism, Unbreakable Spirit. Our rotation was fluid and there were choices in talents to be made to change our gameplay. Auras removed tho, but we still had strong off healing and buffs and we had answer to ranged and melee. And paladins kind of carried this legacy of wotlk and cata as a versatile crusader, both ranged and melee, not heavy hitter from tbc and vanilla. And then WoD. Say what you want about WoD, worst expansion overall for sure, but for ret paladins in terms of gameplay I believe it was one of the best times. Final Verdict synergy with Divine Storm procs and buff to it. Empowered Seals dance, making seals useful finally since mop. Holy Avenger, Sanctified Wrath, Divine Purpose to change gameplay. Selfless Healer or Eternal Flame, Clemency, Unbreakable Spirit, Hand of Purity, all that stuff from mop and more. We had strong off heal with Word of Glory, Execution Sentence or Holy Prism and Selfless Healer. You could take Empowered Seals and get nice buffs or go Final Verdict for pure dmg. We could dps range and melee and we swam in procs and holy power. Ret paladin of wod is legacy of wotlk, cata and mop as versatile, both ranged and melee crusader, with strong off healing and buffs. And then came Legion and I don’t know the fk we are now. Gameplay is plainly idiotic, primitive, clunky and annoying. Moronic para-colossus smash that only serves to fkn annoy everybody. Half of the talents is brain dead, like Zeal, Greater Judgment, Consecrate. WHY THE FK IS CONSECRATE A TALENT, THAT IS PLAIN RETARDED ABILLITY DUMB DEV? Only thing that alters our gameplay is Crusade, since Divine Purpose now only serves to chunk out additional Templar’s Verdict. From our procs only left is Blade of Wrath ,,synergy” from talent and artifact’s trait. THAT’S FKN IT. Our mobility is moronic and actually hurts our enjoyment of this spec(pvp especially), hurting gameplay. Blessings are retarded and weak, adding nothing, HoF and BoP gutted due to one charge and long cd(before we could atleast take Unbreakable Spirit or Hand of Purity). Self healing gutted and just plain weak and dumb. We just spam TV and spam it and spam. In terms of theme we reverted back to vanilla-tbc heavy hitters but without seals, auras and meaningful off heals. We are now basically sub spec of warriors but with certain holy spells and without their mobility that’s for sure We fkn lost our identity, lost progress and development of 4 expansions. We also lack on animations front. Just look at TV, it’s just golden swing, thin and fragile, clipping though the floor, it actually devolved and became homogenized with other melee specs. And while new animations are progress for other melees, for us its actually regress. Och, and when we hit our target with CS or TV, its barely different from auto attacks effect, so gz on that front too. From heavy, slow hitters with strong buffs and heals, seals and auras to fast crusaders with 4 expansions of development and array of utility to this new moronic, dumbed down, gutted, primitive spec. Such a fkn shame. I don’t know if we are supposed to throw off heal or buff or what, we are so shallow that I literally can’t imagine how such spec could be conceived. We could be DnD avengers, assassinating demons and what not, we could be fast crusaders again, we could have so much utility, blessings similar to empowered seals, synergy between spells, so much was proposed, so much can be done with this spec. We could be focused on off heals or buffing, or we could allow allies to dish out holy dmg too with some holy spells on them. So many ideas were already presented and ignored. So, in short, we need massive overhaul and new animations, different from other melees and we need dev that has mental capacity to do that. So, we need other devs, that worked on other specs like disc priest or ww monk or enhancement shammy(heard its good gameplay wise) to manage that. So…how dumb and unimaginative you are, ret designer? PS. Has Ashbringer spoken to you at any rate during Legion? I heard it only once, slurring ,,Ashbringorz…”, in 7..0.3 in pvp tower. So much immersion, dayum.Bedeleczyl4 1d
1d Anyone help me out about dps I just find my char to be weak, have i got low haste or crit ?Darthbringer3 1d
1d Please Buff Retributon Mobility PvP and PvE aswell No offense but our mobility compared to other classes are just simply garbage... we have 2 (with talents) divine steeds, 100% Ms for 3 sec, and that's all, we have NOTHING else to increase our movement speed. This is hillarious in PvP and in PvE aswell... The only thing tha comes to my mind is the legendary feet, but that's all. In PvP we get kited by basicly every 1, we have some capabilities to kite back, but we have nothing to compensate with our insanely bad mobility. In PvE every 1 outruns me in Dungeons, i feel like a slug.... During Raid encounters i'm spend more time running from mechanics than actually dpsing.... i have to PREmove in order to handle mechanics, hence i'm loosing dps. (Yes we have other methods to inc our MS, by for example getting buffed by other players... but this should not be necessary, when every other class has a way to handle this...) Please for the love of God, buff the mobility, or give us other capabilities to increase our movement speed :(Sentwin5 1d
1d Rate The Name Above You!!! Just for Monday fun.Esdelot15 1d
2d Clarity about "Grand Crusader" "When you avoid a melee attack" So what is "avoid" suppose to mean? There is Dodge,Parry and Block on the Attributes tab and then there is the blessings...Híra1 2d
2d Heathcliff's Immortality doesn't work with 2 paladins Since recently my co tank also switched to his paladin, and i have noticed the legendary ring Heathcliff's Immortality doesnt work when his concecration is on the ground before mine. (or atleast the buff Immortal object doesn't come up) anyone else experienced this? or is this as intended?Acés2 2d
2d hidden passives i was checking wowhead talent calculator and other things and liked it , tried to play protection paladin, but there is something i dont understand . there is a passive , however hidden in game , called "guarded by the light" which says increases total stamina by 30% and block chance by 50% . when i change my spec its obvious that 30% stamina is added . but about block chance .... i dont think. the GM said its not additive , ok .... but... but a lvl 10 paladin has 3% Block chance by default , with no gear and no mastery , i have 15% mastery so it should be 15% +3% =18% . AND THEN Guarded by the light ( if its not additive ) should increase this by 50% so ...18% *1.5=27% . then why i have just ridicolous 14.5% BLOCK chance ? you know even if we remove Guarded by the light and that 3% base block chance , i should have 15% . then why 14.5 % ? im really confused ..... by the way , some spells from wowhead calculator like Divine protection , and sanctuary are missing from my spell book , however i think sanctuary is added as hidden passive .but when i type /cast divine protection , another spell called Ardent defender is cast . btw considering we have 3% base dodge chance , how much exactly Sanctuary passive adds to my dodge chance ? seems 0 % . because its 3% right now . someone help me :/Goutchi3 2d
3d Tyr's enforcer - oneshotting Been running some old dungeons, and noticing Tyr's enforcer doesn't seem to work on those low lvl thrash packs. The 3 targets die, but the rest of the pack doesn't get hurt and tyr's enforcer isn't on the damage meter. Why is this?Endwyr2 3d
3d DPS issue as ret Played mythic 8+ cathedral of eternal night last evening. Went smoothly but i got called for having a low dps even tough i tried to play as best as i could. Im not quite sure if its just my gear or if my rotation just suck balls or something. Any decent advice would be welcome or if anyone could point me to some good guide.Storvik2 3d
4d Grand Crusader? Hello awesome paladins, i just have one really quick question (unfortunatly i can't test It myself right now, since i'm away for a couple of days, and i can't find any information either confirming, nor denying It). I was wondering, Grand Crusader has a 15% chance to proc when you use Blessed hammer, or hammer of the rightouesness, and It becomes 25% with the First Avenger talent. It also does state that It procs when you "avoid" an attack, obviously when you parry, or even more rarely: dodges. Does blocking counts as "avoiding" a hit? And does that proc Grand Crusader? As mentioned, never really thought about It, and my curiosity obviously came when i had no chance to really try It out. And i can't find any information regarding that.Itherael1 4d
4d Holy Paladin Declined Mythic+ l Why? I've hit 863 ilevel from Pugging EN and Random Mythic+'s My best so far is +8 with great struggle . I started to notice ALOT , and i mean ALOT of groups reject my Hpal from joining . Do note this is the only Class i have attempted high mythic+ content with. Why people keep rejecting holy paladin? according to warcraft logs it has one of the best healing throughput . What healer is everyone expecting for 5mans? (Let's assume they already have a mage/shaman in group )Hilarium30 4d
5d Two-Handed Holy Paladins. It has been a year now (even more if you take into consideration that hideous 2 handed mace from Tyrant Velhari) that Holy Paladins have been forced to ONLY wield two-handed weapons. I get it, you want the class fantasy that stems from what's-his-name the lightbringer, but frankly we (the player Paladin) have already completely outdone and outranked everything he ever did and for the last 10 years we always had a sword/mace and a shield. The two-handed was fine for a (Very) short while, some may even like it, but for the love of my lavish collection of 1-handers and shields, please let us mog that obnoxiously large 2 handed monstrosity you have forced down our throats into 1-handed and shield combination once again (as it has always been). I miss my shields :/Deathángel13 5d
5d The Racism To The Retribution Paladin's Real. So We Me And The Light. We've been doing dungeons over and over again but we keep getting kicked it's only as a protection paladin we don't get kicked. We even got called a !@#$ty pally. So Blizzard either needs to be making A Natural Faction where only Nice Beings may join. Or to be makin npcs to raid and to be doing dungeons with. Or to be giving me some power all Paladins the option if you get kicked for Doing The Light's Work Such As Freeing The Soilders At The Icecrown Citidal's 2th of the 3 dungeons within there we should be able to bann them or at the very least be Getting them surspended Since if You Insult A True Paladin. You Insult The Light. And If You Insult The Light then you insult The Relegion. Ps No Rude. Nor Neither Any unpossitive comments such as what that dark paladin just posted. Else you'll get be reported. For Trolling.Holbart21 5d
5d Holy paladin 3v3 comps What are the best comps for a holy paladin in 3v3 to climb the ladderPungtitan8 5d
5d Paladin Survivability in arena Hi I am a holy paladin and i die fast in arena.Rage2 5d
5d Instant World Quest Warriors got Horn of War and Mages Focusing crystal to solve World Quests instantly. What have we Paladins and how do we get it?Stentor4 5d
5d No portal to order hall So I hit 98 with this paladin and decided to start Legion content. I go to Stormwind, take the quest and skip the Legion introduction part. I get to Dalaran, the paladin guy comes to me and offer me a quest which leads me to obtaining my first artifact for holy (That scenario was really buggy but that's a topic for another day). After obtaining the hammer, I have to return the quest in the order hall. The problem is, that there is no portal for the order hall! I looked up various sites on the internet and found the correct place where the portal should be and I can see other paladins going in and coming from the empty space where the portal should be. I even have the return quest marker right in the middle of the Greyfang Enclave should be yet there is still no portal. Am I missing something or whats going on?Amanel5 5d
5d After some help increasing my DPS. Hi guys, If anyone has the time I'm after some help with my DPS I seem really poor even compared to other palas, looking at wow logs. I'm pretty sure my rotation is OK, I use it from icyveins and have some decent weak auras that I use to check it, so I'm guessing its just my stats (I'm guessing I have too much mastery for a starter). I sim each time I get a new item so if I am wearing something with mastery it's because it was an upgrade on what I damn hard to get rid of mastery. Hitting a target dummy averages me after a 2 minute fight, after using wings and continuing until wings is ready to be used again to 700k dps Any thoughts and help would be much appreciated.Rikomir5 5d
6d Direction of Retribution Paladin Does anybody like / Agree with the direction Legion took Retribution? I feel like the heart and soul of Paladin was torn from the class, no seals, no auras, barely any blessings or healing spells. i feel like a carbon copy of a Arms warriors with just "Holy" Type animation. i whole hearty believe that Retribution needs a total re-design from scratch again. Can we please have Empowered Seals returned Blessing of sacrifice returned Auras returned Hammer of Wrath Returned Exorcism returned emancipate returned a different masteryAddiez17 6d
6d Give holy option to transmog into 1h+shield. Your new holy direction is stupid as is, and limit us to 2h suddenly after 12 years of using 1h+shield is just disrespectful. Keep 2h for those who like it but also give us the option to transmog back to what we play holy paladins for.Mercylol22 6d
6d [prot] mage tower's skin animations Can't find any combat animations from it on youtube, just guides. Anyone got some links to share? Or just opinions perhaps, if you've seen/got it yourself.Endwyr2 6d
6d paladin (ret) fire relic drops only As title says I am experiencing massive amounts of fire relics droping out of everything especially chests from ToS quests and weekly M+ chest. counting i ahve the only fire relic across all my specs and i need total of 5 HOLY relics for all of my specs this is ridiculous, every chance for some upgrade is countered by stupid fire relics OVER AND OVER anybody having problem with this intended blizzard strategy to ruin retries? Blizzard employes mentioned there is mechanic which preventing you form looting item into same slots over and over. definetly DOES NOT WORK! Sick of it everytime fire...Artego1 6d
12 Aug Pursuit of Justice (Baseline ret) Give Retribution baseline Pursuit of Justice, It adds mobility with adding an insane gap closer that could potentially break the class. Pursuit of justice is the following Passive 15% increase movement speed +5% per Holy Power pooled. Meaning at 5 Holy Power we can move at 140% movement speed, however this movement speed is tied to the fact we haven't spent holy power. great trade off, offers mobility to rets doesn't add a gap closer.Addiez6 12 Aug
12 Aug Got my Corrupted Ashbringer I feel so happy. I wanted to share with you guys. The skin was the only reason why I leveled this one :-)Mute16 12 Aug
12 Aug Prot Paladins on Kil'jaeden (ToS) Hey everyone, I'll start out by saying I haven't been playing protection for very long. I recently (within the last three months) began switching over from Holy. Having said that, I like to think I know enough about this spec so far to not suck at it. I've never had any issues tanking Xavius, Helya or Gul'dan, but the one boss that's giving me a hard time is Kil'jaeden. I realise that it's a brand new raid, and with that comes tactics that not all of us are 100% sure about yet, but what I really can't understand is how much damage I take from Felclaws. It's not just me, after having conversations with my guildies about this, they too are noticing that the protection paladins in their raid are getting completely obliterated by the 4th-5th stack of Felclaws. For myself, I'm having to use SotR, AD and the Archimonde trinket to even have any hope of surviving the first round. My co-tanks have been Blood DKs, Guardian Druids, and a Prot Warrior, and I haven't noticed any of them dying so abruptly to this mechanic. So my question is, if you're a prot paladin, are you having this issue as well? Or am I doing something terribly wrong?Aaries40 12 Aug
12 Aug Protection Flail weapon How does one get hold of the protection flail? I can't find any guide to it...Líq1 12 Aug
12 Aug New Charger glyphs 7.3 I seen these pop up on MMO champion and got excited. However not to moan lol, it would be nice if there was one for the argent charger too. Also the new Lightforged Elek's are perfect for a Draenei paladin, would be nice if they could get a Glyph that could be Paladin only.Shiverghast3 12 Aug
12 Aug Blessing of Freedom Hey all, how is everyone? I have this issue or maybe it must like this but i feel like Freedom is not working 100%. So here is the situation I'm in many times trying to cap a flag and run with charger. So i allready have a hamstring on me and i use Freedom -> Charger and run but like 2 sec after I'm slowed by someone else... The spell says 8 sec so I'm here to ask. Lets say for example i have slowing poison on me and hamstring, I pop Freedom and it takes care of those and i can move again normally, then someone else comes and puts another slow on me, does Freedom not stop that from happening or does it only remove the slows on you at the moment u use it? Really confused by it. Also my bad for posting on my warr, thought i was on my pala. KleombrotusSplitpinnedx5 12 Aug
12 Aug 7.3 patch retri what is happening in ptr ? does anyone know if we are getting nerf in 7.3 pvp as retribution ?Stormenson8 12 Aug
12 Aug I miss Long arm of the Law T.T You know the talent that give a Speed buff everytime you hit with a Judgement... wasnt the best mobility but it worked... now we have a retarded pony that we Fart out of our asses that can be totaly locked down and has a long cd... sight..Zoldread2 12 Aug
12 Aug Paladins Are So Underpowered. Paladins are so underpowered we can't even heal to full health unless we're The Holy Paladin. And our damage sucks too blizzard fix us Our Sacred Shield's so UP BLIZZARD FIX US NOW!!! Ps trolls such as Ayellin's Not Welcome Here.Holbart10 12 Aug
11 Aug What professions to train for holy paladin? Ìm learning the game and currently im lvling up paladin with holy spec. When i search on google there are old posts or people say multiple different answers. Just tell me what 2 professions are best for holy paladin CURRENTLY please.Aronax6 11 Aug
11 Aug Night Elf Paladins for 8.0 Hi Wow Devs. I really hope In The Next Expansion will we finally see night elf paladins as a playable race class? It Would even up the classes a bit, since Horde can Play 4 classes as shaman while Alliance can only choose 3 Races as Paladin. Any Input ?Harry3 11 Aug
10 Aug The Racism To The Retribution Paladin's Real. So We Me And The Light. We've been doing dungeons over and over again but we keep getting kicked it's only as a protection paladin we don't get kicked. We even got called a !@#$ty pally. So Blizzard either needs to be making A Natural Faction where only Nice Beings may join. Or to be makin npcs to raid and to be doing dungeons with. Or to be giving me some power all Paladins the option if you get kicked for Doing The Light's Work Such As Freeing The Soilders At The Icecrown Citidal's 2th of the 3 dungeons within there we should be able to bann them or at the very least be Getting them surspended Since if You Insult A True Paladin. You Insult The Light. And If You Insult The Light then you insult The Relegion.Holbart1 10 Aug
10 Aug Looking for someone to take me to his realm Hey, I've been up for the last 20 hours (no kidding, I used a timer, I really waited for him for 20 hours now), and he did spawned, once, when I went to the W/C, and I wondered if there's anyone on an low-pop realm which the Large Vile Slime is alive there and mind helping me to finally finish this. Thanks! Add me up if you can please: JohnnyO#21930 QUOTEJohnnyl1 10 Aug
09 Aug What Spec is best? Just made a paladin; what spec is best? I don't care about roles.Pandariea6 09 Aug
09 Aug Why people hate paladins? Just got back from the MC, which i tanked with other guys and a paladin. So, there was a 40-man raid and almost no one healer actually healed the poor pally, so it was like 3 tanks and 1 always in a near death state. When i asked (i was RL) why you guys dont heal him, they told: "hes a paladin. point." So, may i ask you why so much people hate this class?Takecake39 09 Aug
08 Aug Help me decide - DK or Paladin? (solved) Hi, I am currently looking for a new class to play. I main hunter right now, but it did get a bit boring for me lately. So i decided to make an alt. I always played ranged classes but lately decided to roll for a melee class to play something new. While deciding which class to play I ended up with 2 classes that would suite me imo. Its dk and paladin. What I was looking for is: - melee class - DPS (i know i wont be playing tank - I have tried it and failed miserably :D) - cool looking armor and abilities - fun but not super hard spec to play - enjoyment of play-style / overall feel of the class - ability to choose from different specs / different play-styles of one spec (I was thinking about also trying the holy paladin, because I kinda wanted to try healer lately) - good for soloing current content - somewhat fast paced play-style (don't like slow rotations) - class will be mainly for PvE but i tend to play PvP from time to time - I don't really care about viability in mythic raids or high m+, I play casually and for fun, not to play the dps race - The problem with dk is rune managment for me. I always tend to sped all my runes too fast and not having anything button to push after. - The problem with paladin (retribution) is that I over cap the holy power sometimes. Any suggestions on how to decide this dilemma?Shirøe13 08 Aug