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13 Jan 7.3 Ret paladin, RBG PvP guide Greetings! My name is Гаримто, playing as ret paladin on RU server Blackscar, Horde. My btag is GoodFella#21446. First of all, I would like to thank old school player as known as Jamaz, he inspired me to play ret paladin in Vanilla (Ronaldo, EU Jaedenar, Rank 11 PvP) and revert back in Legion(Season5). Frankly speaking, I would like to know him in real life. Credits to: Vanguard, amazing US player, he provided detailed guide for PvP Arena. Icy Veins, SkillCapped, PvPLeaderboards - these sites helped me to gather a lot of comprehensive information to share my experience. Cowabunga! Finally we end pre-ambula. This guide is mainly devoted to RBG. It is my first guide for RBG and I am not English native speaker, so please be tolerant !!! 1. Builds As ret paladin we have only 2 viable builds: a) Mass AOE (Eye of the Storm map; dungeons) 15. Final Verdict 30. Greater Judgment 45. Fist of Justice 60. Divine Hammer 75. Eye for an Eye 90. Divine Intervention 100. Crusade b) Single target (all maps, excluding Eye of the Storm; Arena 3x3) 15. Final Verdict 30. Zeal 45. Fist of Justice 60. Blade of Wrath 75. Eye for an Eye 90. Divine Intervention 100. Crusade 2. Rotation Mass AoE: Judgement - Divine Hammer - Crusader Strike - Crusade - Divine Storm - Wake of Ashes - Divine Storm (check cooldowns) Single Target: Judgement - Blade of Justice - Zeal - Crusade - Templar's Verdict - Wake of Ashes - Templar's Verdict ... (check cooldowns) IMPORTANT: Dont use your Divine Storm/Templar's Verdict without Judgement debuff on target. TellMeWhen will help a lot to see this debuff duration. 3. Addons • FlyPlateBuffs (need as Target Caller) • NamePlateCooldowns (for advanced Target Caller) • BattleGroundEnemies (must have addon) • BigDebuffs (must have addon) • TellMeWhen (I devoted special section to explain this necessary addon) • LortiUI (personal preference, but I could not play with default Blizzard color settings) 4. Macros Simple macro to focus target /focus Simple macro to assist TargetCaller (just change the nickname of your TargetCaller) /assist Гаримто Whisper your achievement, if you want to join random RBG group /run local n=ChatFrame1EditBox:GetAttribute("tellTarget") SendChatMessage(""..n..", I'm "..GetAverageItemLevel().." lvl, 70 art, Retribution Paladin, "..GetAchievementLink(405).."! Invite plz!","WHISPER",nil,n) ChatFrame1EditBox:Hide() How it works? You would like to send message to Raid Leader (f.i. name Tafsiri) of random group. You greet Tafsiri and then press macro and Tafsiri gets the following message "Tafsiri, I'm 930 lvl, 70 art, Retribution Paladin, Three's Company 2000, Invite plz!". So the main issue is to define your achievements, achievement code (in my macro - "405") you can find on And of course change your personal information (class, art level) MoveAnything /run PaladinPowerBarFrame:ClearAllPoints() /run PaladinPowerBarFrame:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", 492, -330) /run PaladinPowerBarFrame:SetScale(1.4) You can move whatever you like, to observe what you want to move with command /fstack To exit /fstack mode - just write /reload In my macro, I move PaladinPowerBar and increase default size to center of my screen under the char position. If you use UI scale, then please check "492, -330" - just find your best numbers to place your moveframe. The main macro #showtooltip Hammer of Justice /cast [nomod, target=mouseover, harm][] Hammer of Justice /cast [mod:alt, target=focus] Hammer of Justice For RBG, you do not need macros as Arena (tar1, tar2, tar3) - you need mouseover macro. Above macro helps you to mouseover enemy, if no mouseover enemy, it casts on current target. You press+ Alt and you HoJ focus target. This macro can be used for friendly spells, just change "harm" with "help" #showtooltip Flash Heal /cast [nomod, target=mouseover, help][] Flash Heal /cast [mod:alt, target=Гаримто] Flash Heal Mouseover heal, or current target heal. You press+ Alt and you heal yourself (just change nickname) 4. TellMeWhen Reserved. It is core addon to be competent RBG player, so I will prepare substantial information how to use TMW addon.Гаримто5 13 Jan
04 Dec 7.3.2 Protection Paladin PvP Guide In this guide I will go through some background about prot in pvp, some template nerfs and suggestions for comps that will work best with prot pala. I will also go through talents and give some recommendations, a basic rotation overview is at the end. Video version: ----------------------------------------------- Background / Nerfs / Buffs: So let us start by talking about protection, once in legion prot were actually fairly common (pushing high 2.5-2.8k rating) however we recieved a few nerfs since then, which has impacted our viability. We are still able to push high ratings in both 2v2 and 3v3, but partners are a bit more limited and not certain if we are r1 viable. The following nerfs has happened since 7.2 : Sacred Duty nerfed from 50% down to 33% Hand of The Protector healing reduced by 60% down from 35% Luminescence is now 20% down from 30% 25% less mana regen in PvP These are all nerfs that has more of less impact on our viability. Before we used to have great support and healing, our support is still great even if nerfed a bit. However our healing has been reduced significantly. We are no longer able to stall games as we used to in 2v2, and going 3v3 will be a lot harder without a healer... We have however recieved quite a few buffs since then aswell, which helps in other areas... The following buffs has happened since 7.2: Bulwark of the Silver Hand 35% armor, up from 20%. Passive Stamina of Protection Paladin is now 40%, up from 30% Damage done on most abilities has been increased by 12.32% This all makes Paladin having to focus on faster games, and quick kills when we are not playing with a healer. We will not be able to sustain our teammates or ourselves for too long. The damage buff helps to support the faster playstyle aswell. Our talent choices and tactics will have to reflect upon these changes. ------------------------------------------------------- Current tactics / Comp suggestions: So the question is how we should play to be at the most efficiency these days. I have tried to play with an enhancement, which worked up to 2.2k. Tactic was to give him immunity during his burst and CC the healer while he get free damage on either enemy dps or healer. It was however an unreliable tactic and some healers posed a problem, such as resto druids. I have tried the tactic for 3v3 aswell, but with the addition of a boomkin. it worked to about 2k mmr, tho it was not always enough even with the addition of more pressure and another stun. However I have recently tried out a new tactic for the same comp. For 3v3 we found another layer of CC, which is the solar beam / entangling root combo paired with deep roots (so the roots won't break). The enemy trinket has most likely been used earlier on the stun / silence combo from the protection. Which leads to an easy kill (on some healers) For 2v2 I have tried the hallowed ground talent, along with consecrated ground. You are able to stall out the enemy team quite a long time, depending on what DPS it is you are facing. You kite the enemy around a pillar until you catch them offguard and then you try kill them in a stun. Dampening also helps the prot pala team more than it does for most enemies, since we got our immunities lategame. There is another tactic that works very well, and is the most reliable. It is the control oriented combo. Protection currently has loads of CC, noone of which share DR with eachother. We got a 6 sec stun, 4 seconds silence, and a 6 sec blind or 8 sec incapacitate. This can be comboed with other classes CC to lockdown the enemy healer. We can then grant out teammates immunity to CC so they can freely damage whoever we are targeting. This tactic works very well but requires more coordination than the other tactics. I have not had time to check how far all these tactics can actually bring us rating wise, so take them with a grain of salt on how good they are at the highest of ranks. The comps i suggest playing these days, a new season just started and climbing can be rough. But for 3v3 the prefered choice would be double dps with a CC that has a DR that doesn’t share with yours, or a protection / dps / healer combo with a healer that got good pressure and CC (disc perhaps?) There 4 major DR categories are Silence / Stun / Disorient / Incapacitate. Protection can occupy all 4 of them, this is one of our main benefits and what makes us viable. You can choose either Blinding light or Repentence for disorient or incapacitate. So change depending on what partner you are playing with. You want a partner with either one of those, or a CC of the DR school, boomkins perhaps (solar beam + entangling roots).Rextroy5 04 Dec
23 Apr Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 23 Apr
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
42m New animation for Avenging Wrath So i have an idea for Avenging Wrath. When you cast Avenging Wrath, the classic wings shows up + you leave the ground and ”float” in the air, like shadow priests can do. This would make us feel unique and powerful. I think it could work for all specs, as something unique for ret and prot compared to other melee specs. For holy it would work wonderful. In fact, the spell is called ”wings”... Maybe some glowing eyes too. What do you think? Any ideas?Ragnabrewz0 42m
3h Divine Intervention (AutoBubble) Guys, what's going on? Why do I die with my bubble on me? (from the autoproc from talent) Why does my bubble soak only 13M (around 2x my HP) in the combat log? Is it intentional? If yes, that's bullcorn! It says on the tooltip "Protects from all damage and spells". ALL! I'm tired of dying through bubble! (Wrath of Azshara solo soaking, Attument helping tank soak... etc.)Nicu13 3h
3h Give us our spells back ! Why isnt hammer of wrath baseline ? Why isnt exorcism baseline as a modified spell ? Why isnt consecrate baseline ? I do believe those abilities should be baseline, i saw some gameplay from BfA and it feels...slow.....3 spells rotation....holy s#it.... One more thing that would be nice, add more fiery spell animations to our arsenal, i always like the Holy Fire Paladin RP style, i do know there is a glyph for judgement but...add some more stuff like Wake of Ashes, its really nice for the RP :)Iriae0 3h
3h Could removal of holy power be a good idea? Holy and Prot don't have it, why should ret have combo pointsAddiez34 3h
8h Undead Paladins? Im sitting here.. wondering.. how my life would be if it all were opposite.. So i look at what races that can play Paladins.. And all i find is nothing good. :( I'm a die hard Forsaken boi, I so badly want to play a Undead Paladin.. I just can't see my self playing a Tauren og Blood Elf.. *DansGame* Will this ever be a possibility? And i know, this is probably the longest shot ive ever taken in my life. **edit im unsure if this is the right place to post this.. if not help plz xdDullez26 8h
11h Blood Knight spell colour Please introduce a questionline like the fel fire quest line that changes our holy light to Red light so we can be bloooooood knightsAddiez3 11h
1d PVP talents will be used in PVE Hi guys, Something that kinda bothers me and would like to hear your opinion. How do you feel about being able to use your pvp talents in pve now? I just think that most of our pvp talents our group utility (which is great!) and will not benefit us much in solo/questing/leveling. Luminesescence - No benefit when soloing Sanc' - No benefit when soloing Cleansing - No benefit when soloing (except shorter cd) Vengeance aura - very small benefit seraphim's blessing - will proc MUCH less when you are alone Holy Ritual - small benefit as well. Ench' shammy - Shamanism in pve AMAZING(!!!) benefit. Warrior, Rogues, Warlocks - same story. you can find a lot of useful abilities in their pvp talents. Well, maybe i'm wrong but would like to hear what you guys thing, and more important, which PVP talents you will choose for Questing in the world.Poloturion0 1d
1d New to healing and used 110 boost on Pally... Help Hey all! Just boosted a Pally with my BfA 110 boost and have chosen holy spec however I have never healed but I am really passionate about mastering the Healing spec. I have only really been DPS ans have dabbled with DH tank but now I want to focus on becoming a healer for BfA. I feel lost and quite overwhelmed though and don't really know where to start. What tips would people recommend so that I can start becoming a sweet healer? I couldn't post as the toon for some reason but the char is Vyharp on Argent Dawn. Many thanks Vy ^.^Tessaria4 1d
1d Rate that Transmog 15th edition The 14th edition seemed to reach its post limit so here goes:Myzraél102 1d
1d Sunwalker class fantasy and visual elements Hi everyone, I am opening this thread with the hope that some Blue will eventually read it. I am really happy with the Sunwalker concept. I find it even more interesting than the Blood Knight fantasy, which essentially has the Blood Elves steal/borrow their "identity" from Alliance Paladins. However, the visuals of the Sunwalker is just lacking. We have a specific mount (which is fine) but no other visual elements/cues related to us being "holy warriors of the tribes". I am speaking about angelic wings, Alliance-like hammers, etc. I mean, Lights' Hammer (Tier 1 Holy talent) would just look and feel more appropriate if it were a totem to fall from the sky. I guess that glyphs could be used to do this, but I really think that this would be an interesting addition to the (sub)class fantasy. What do you guys think?Wapi2 1d
3d Please add Exorcism back! Just simply remove Blade of Justice and add Exorcism, ik ik they work the same way, But i miss the animation of it and the sound. Please!Lialina14 3d
3d will holy remain 2hander in bfa? Or are they back to shield + 1?Tenebris8 3d
3d Paladins ftw. This here will be a forum dedicated To The Real Paladins so no horde Paladins exept from the blood elves and the rest of The Alliance will be on here.Holbart7 3d
4d Void elf Paladins? Here's what i'd like to see instead of void elf Paladins. We get High Elf Paladins. Due to aszhara being a raid boss it'd make so much more sence them being Playable due to they rebelled against her. And with the horde's crime of slaying the archmage they'd be glad to aid The Alliance to end the smelly stinky unhonorabilly horde once and for all. FOR THE ALLIANCE!!!Holbart88 4d
4d New Holy Paladin seeking help with add-ons Hi all I’m new to healing with my Holy Paladin and just wanted to asked some of you experienced player what are some good/essential add-ons needed for dungeon/raid healing. Any help is much appreciatedLaykos4 4d
4d Fishing the Shard of Darkness... You have taken my hours, my days, my life away from me, thank you. Keep this content coming, i love it. almost at 3000 casts now. I hate fishing, never had it on any character, now i'm forced to have 800 skill lvl just to get a damn appearance. Everyone is Western plagulands is miserable, thanks to this !@#$ RNG. I was fortunate enough to get the slime fast but fishing it 10 times worse than that. Seen people there for days, all day long, this is destroying lives !Talldarin61 4d
4d BFA : How does Ret paladins looks like so far ? Hello, I have a character level boost and I thought about using it on a Ret pally since i liked them, but before that I would like to know, from the perception of an experienced retribution paladin player, how does the changed on BFA seems so far ? is it good ? bad ? or reeaaally bad ? What do you think about it ? And thank you have a good day :)Jhen21 4d
5d Beta New TV Animation and Sound I like it. For the swing duration of TV we sprout gold wings... :) Moar gold... gimmah!Valkryss8 5d
6d HoW as true execute on next PTR build Just TRY it Blizz, as an execute, not using it during wings or w/e else, just TRY it, as a hard hitting execute. Let players feel it and give feed back on it vs it being another noodle outside burst. That's true testing surely PTR'ring, surely.Schwzenegger2 6d
6d Rets mobility (live and bfa) Legion really gutted Retribution mobility which along with the Mastery Design has left Retribution in a position pvp wise there they have had to buff retribution damage that its really "face-Roll" because the window they have they need to do something pretty amazing, and if left to tunnel vision can pump out stupid damage. now I'm not saying this is good or bad design, but it is frustrating for both the paladin not being able move, and the receiver getting 1 shot. Now i look at Battle for Azeroth and i see that Divine Steed (please go) and Blessing of Freedom have been heavily hit by cool-down increases, which is going to hinder us even further than in Legion, specially since we don't have auto trinket anymore. This means you are going to have to further the current design, making retribution damage insanely high, so during the window they have up on a target they do adequate damage win. This will make it even more frustrating for both sides, as Retribution Paladin will be frustrated of never being able to hit targets (specially skilled players who know how to kite and with no counter play by the ret will be extreme 1 sided battle) and highly frustrating for enemies to get a paladin walk up and take a 50% of the target health in 1-2 seconds. So Blizzard please re-look at Paladins mobility in order to prevent this type of game play. I would suggest the following base-ability to replace Divine Steed. "Emancipate" - Removes all movement impairing effects from the Paladin and making them immune to same effect being applied for 3 seconds. Cost 2 Holy Power. Caviller Talent can be replaced with "Unburden" - Using Emancipate will no longer remove movement impairing effects but will now increase the Paladins movement speed by 100% for 3 seconds. Divine Steed will now be a glyph attached to "Unburden" - Using Emancipate while using the talent Unburden will now cause the paladin to jump on his racial mount for 3 seconds. Emancipate will help balance paladins in PVP. Unburden is a heavily trade off pvp talent and PVE talent which can help balance them around high movement fights.Addiez7 6d
13 May Let us keep Silver Hand holy transmog for BFA It is really cool, please :/Bradni7 13 May
12 May Retribution BFA PVP Talents Very sad that we have the same old Legion PVP talents for Retribution. There are many dead talents like Seraphim's Blessing (A Selfless Healer Clone) Unbound Freedom (Did anyone use this in Legion?) Holy Ritual (A tiny heal when using a Blessing) Lawbringer (Will be severely underpowered now that Judgement doesn't cleave & Greater Judgement is gone) Hammer of Reckoning (A Hammer of Wrath clone which will interact with Hammer of Wrath now that it is a talent) Cleansing Light (Mostly a dead talent since poisons go straight back up almost immediately). Can the dev's please consider Ret PVP talents and maybe give us some nice utility spells like Hunters have? Marksman for instance has a Knockback, a Silence, a CC (Scatter Shot), a healing reduction, protecting a party member from critical strikes (Roar of Sacrifice), and others which look awesome. I'm no pro arena player but I love BG's and world PVP and know my class inside and out. I am just sad that Ret PVP talents are so lacklustre again in BFA. I can't post this in the BFA forums because I don't have beta. =/Orbie4 12 May
10 May Seraphim colour Glyphs Hey guys just wanted to pitch in 1-2 ideeas about seraphim. For guys that play alot with this talent and that have used alot of trinkets some might notice that some trinkets interact with the colour of our seraphim. The goroth trinket from Tos makes our Seraphim green if it's effect is active at the same time as seraphim and a new trnket from Coven makes our seraphim Blue when activated at the same time. I think this would be a cool addition for glyphs to have colours on our seraphm.Most paladins and i mean a huge majority when transmoging go for the Yellow/Blue/Red theme some even for green/dark pink. But the general majority aims for those colours and it would look super cool if we could glyph our seraphims to have a custom colour that we want to weave in the set. The second ideea is about having 3 seraphims as talents(the last tier) the same way old judgments used to work. (1 for mana,1 for dmg,1 for slow). The new seraphims could be 1 for dps(the current version) ,1 that increases versatlity and gives higher recharge rate on sotr(defensve) and 1 that increases our leech/movement speed/avoidance to max(utility ). This last ideea is mostly for the fantasy and that Seraphim is awesome visually and in game as a spell but when im forced to take another talent in that row cause seraphim is used offensively mainly it makes me shed a tear. Curios about your opinion on this.Holystephan1 10 May
09 May Highlord mount a bit meh? So, I've played WoW on and off since 2007, started during BC, really came onto it during WotLK and then kind of left for a few years, only coming back to level through Pandaria. I took my longest break since then, and I've come abck to Warcraft after what must be around 5 years. I was pretty excited, being a lore nerd, to see that the Order Hall questline sees us recreate the Knights of the Silver Hand and that we can actually get our hands on Ashbringer! As if that wasn't enough, we get to make our home in Light's Hope Chapel, and become Highlord like Tyrion which is just, ugh, unreal. However, I have to say, the only source of dissapointment I have looking forward to what I'm working up to in the next few months is the Highlord's mount. Does anyone feel, or has felt, that its pretty underwhelming, certainly by comparison to some of the other class mounts? Warlocks, Demonhunters, Rogues, Warriors and a few others have some really stellar mounts, but I just feel that ours is a bit of a let down. Its just a pretty regular horse, with a hammer on its back, that runs in the sky. Surely they could have done a bit better than that?Malinor6 09 May
08 May PVP tips for new Ret Hello Guys, So just removed the dust from this old Pally. At first i was afraid i will get bored with the simple rotation and "easy mode" i though it is, but after a week at 110, i really like it so far. I am a semi casual pvper (arena around 1700 max, some guild RBG). Got few things i'm not sure about them: 1. Why fist of justice? Aint it better to have a 60 seconds stun + another CC ? Binding light for 6 seconds self heal, follow with another 6 sec stun (they are not sharing DR right?) Can be devastating in small pvp 2. Eye for en eye - does it reduce melee attacks that doing magic damage? If not, is it any helpfull? almost everyone have some type of magic damage in their hardest hits. 3. Is crusade that stronger than AW that you are willing to avoid DP for it? 4. Hammer of rackoning (PVP talent) - will give you 12 seconds of crusade. is 12 seconds even enough to ramp up crusade? In this case AV will not perform better? 5. Divine Hammer + Law and order will give me AOE slow? Law and order will proc on initinal damage only or every DH tick? 6. 1vs1 - you just bubbled - will you spend the time to heal your self or its too low that you will prefer to keep hitting your target? Any other tips will be welcome Thanks guys.Poloturion2 08 May
07 May Human/Lightforged Draenei...Which to choose? Hi everyone :) I have not long reached lvl 100 with my Human paladin, but with the Lightforged Draenei , having extra holy damage and I have herd the human passives are being nerfed, should I bother continuing with a Paladin Human? I am at a bit of a cross roads, as I do prefer to play a Human Paladin more than a Draenei, but then the Lightforge racial traits just shout PALADIN to me :D anyways, any comments would be greatly appreciated :)Ennosteil6 07 May
04 May Absolution animation Please can you make it look like Anduins, it would be awesome to see us smash our main hand weapon into the ground and pull a holy light from the sky =)Holycowpies1 04 May
04 May Mmage tower Ret. Mechanics's stack. Hey m8's ! i am still having issues. But it's only on my ret pala. (have done it on Ench shammy and assi rogue, just so you know, i got a good feel for the mechanics). The mechanics seems to stack. Like Sigryns Buff and Bladestorm at the same time. Or bladestorm and runes and valkyr's at same time. Did not have that issue on the other chars. and did not use prydas on either on them. so what is the deal !? any had this issue?Deathgôd4 04 May
04 May Judgmenet of the Light Why is this still in bfa?! its the worst talent in the history of talents for goodness sakeAddiez6 04 May
03 May Serious Discrepancy I'm sorry guys, but, the new paladin animation is not better than this one, the old elegance you see complementing the blood elf. 03 May
02 May LightForged Draenei or Human? Hey guys, what do u think, what are the pros and cons for both of them as Pallies? ^^ I don't know which one to roll, I really like the thought of LF Draenei Paladin, but later I heared loads of players saying that humans are a lot better...Séllyn14 02 May
02 May HELP: BOP pops automatically BIG PROBLEM, my BoP is running wild!! I have absolutely no control over my Blessing of Protection, it keeps popping even when i take no damage in raids, pvp and mythic+. Frustrating and annoying are just tip of the iceberg, how !@#$ing stupid does it look like when the big BoP (tauren enhanced) crowns over the melee group when the guild engages a boss while its on 100%-99.8% HP? Symptoms So it will happen when i pop two cds at a time, like i go Wings->Potion at pull and it will often pop. Other times only popping Shield of Vengeance, Eye for an eye or both simultaneously will trigger bop. Even experienced spamming an interrupt (like the Hammer of justice stun) will trigger the big fat idiot crown. It has me tip toeing around my cds, making sure i never pop two at a time and always waiting a few seconds before popping the next CD - which is not convenient at all to say the least. Any ways to go about finding the source to this madness?Unkwnhero5 02 May
02 May The Retribution Paladin's Surviavability's So Low. So yes this forum will be about The Retribution Paladin's Surviveabillity. Here's how it's wrong. We can't even heal to full health unless we have high content Armor. Back Within Mists of Pandaria we had The Selfless Healer Ability And The Glyph For The Healing of With The Flash of Light. And The Divine Protection. Now we can barelly even heal to 50% of the health. Blizzard really needs to stop buffing mages and warlocks and Give The Real Hero Class. The Retribution Paladin Class some love.Holbart14 02 May
02 May Palas and BfA races No new race for paladins in BfA, make it happen. Blizzard please can’t do that to us. Make it happen. Yes we can.Holypipe21 02 May
02 May Hand of Freedom doesn't always work (live, AND beta!) I noticed this in Legion, and now I'm noticing this again in the BfA beta. Hand of Freedom only works like 50% of the time. And it's not like casting it has a 50% chance to work or not. It's that Hand of Freedom simply doesn't work against some (quite a few) spells/abilities. In the screenshot above, Vile Claws is a 35% movement reduction debuff that's NOT removed with Hand of Freedom (not just the debuff, you're actually still slowed, even with Hand of Freedom on you). Yes, this particular debuff can be removed with Cleanse, but that's not how it should (and used to) work. If you have access to the beta, please help me report this bug!Pride7 02 May
01 May Divine Storm Animation Problem! Please Fix it! Please read and support! After taking Divine Tempest Artifact trait, the Divine Storm animation is changed to a odd one without hammers spinning remaining only a small storm of holy winds. Can we have it back the original one? I mean there is no term of comparing those two. Please check this and fix it. Best Regards!Thorment7 01 May
01 May Need PVP tips for holy paladin I've only recently started healing as a paladin - the only time I do "well" is when it's relatively static environment and I'm just healing all around me. Where there is a lot of movement i have trouble keeping up. In particular I have difficulty dealing with CC and in rated BGs it feels like I have more time being CCd then I do actually doing anything. I also have difficulty healing while having any idea on what is going on around me despite using mouseovers and am always looking at the raidframes. Is this just a matter of experience and getting used to new keybinds or are there some tips and tricks people have about overcoming these barriers? Thanks in advance!Jimbot3 01 May
01 May Holy pvp Does anyone else have problems with holy on pvp spesifically on battlegrounds atm? It feels realy !@#$ing weak. Heals arent doing %^-* and i feel as strong as 1mm paper tissue when im getting attacked by even by 1 dps who knows how to focus on me. Any toughts?Storvik6 01 May
30 Apr No to Inquisition Honestly, there's a reason why this spell got removed. Because such spells feel like penalties you have to lift and not buffs. There is an innate difference between how fun it is to cast a buff on yourself at the cost of resources and do no damage at all for a global cooldown while everyone else does. This makes such buffs feel like penalties because you are constantly chasing behind that default. You never feel empowered, you feel underpowered and in a constant catch up game from behind. This is drastically different from buffs like Enrage, for example, wich are triggered by actual damage abilities. That is the fundamental difference. I know there's some people that somehow might like it. I really don't understand and profoundly disagree. It's a talent so you have a choice? Well... this is what i ask the most. At least balance the other talents tightly, so we are not forced into this terribly boring playstyle. Replacements? I'm sure theres some things on the WoD tree that can be reused.Nemmar28 30 Apr
30 Apr Bring back wod retribution Title says it all, wod retribution, at least for me, was much more fun then the current retribution.Ryura13 30 Apr
29 Apr Divine Steed as Lightforged Draenei Okay, this is only a small thing: But, could Lightforged Draenei maybe summon their "Lightforged Felcrusher" racial mount instead of the "Great Exarchs's Elekk"? It looks kinda weird using the purple crystal elekk instead of your glowing, gigantic, Light-infused one. It doesn't have to be changed completely, a glyph would be sufficient (maybe the Army of the Light sells this for only for Paladins only then).Avaressa6 29 Apr
29 Apr Lightforged Draenei Racial And Retribution Mastery Can we please have Lightforged Draenei racial (Light's Judgement) work with the new Ret Mastery? That would be awesome beyond comprehension. Btw the ret racial in BfA is : Increase the damage of your holy damage abilities by X%. If LFD racial works with ret mastery I am playing a LFD ret paladin as my main on BfA and never changing.Marchutan2 29 Apr
29 Apr New ret pally - how to get tank weapon? Hi All, I've recently got a 110 ret pally (pre-purchase thing) and now I want to open up the prot pally but I can't seem to find the weapon quest. Do you what the pre-req's / quest is to do this?Purgátory3 29 Apr
28 Apr What stats to go for? Disregarding the current level of this char, what stats do ya go for as ret at lvl100+? Ice veins says a lot of things, mainly Mastery = Haste, but if i can tell anything from my long experience of lvling many characters, is that, the information on that site is often not ...suitable, as in i can perform way better with diff stats and builds as opposed to what is recommended there. So, what do you mainly stack? Mastery, haste, or perhaps something else?Brelgor6 28 Apr
27 Apr Losing passive heals in BFA I really hate the fact we lose judgement of light and we lose our artifact healing storm. Like today I was doing some really decent healing as a dps spec, yeh I lose out due to bubble but the healing mixed with crusade is really rather decent with my heals being more than a poor healer =P Selfless healer should be good but yeh just having the option to sacrifice a bit of damage to be able to pool your resources into partial group healing was rather nice. I loved WOLK pally but to be fair this version has been nice, its simple but due to that you get to focus on your party, with any spec youre able to support the other roles, not replacing them but just to give them a helping hand. It's been nice being able to support the team even if they dont know it =)Holycowpies1 27 Apr