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1d Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 1d
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6h Paladin is too slow. Sooo in my opinion the paladin is wayy too slow, for pvp it might be balanced relatively well or not ( not playing pvp at all ) but i noticed especially for myth+ dungeons some parts i just cant get along with other player even if i use Cavalier to get 2 charges of Divine Steed. I think live every class is faster or has something that makes him faster at all everyones just dashing flashing flying around and i have just 2 charges with a cooldown of 45 seconds? Another problem i have is i play draenei so if the corridor is too narrow ill just get stuck with my class mount ( i just read that i can buy a glyph to get for example the ones from humans ? ) or can i set it somehow. The only way a paladin is faster then other classes is if you are mounted and even then just slightly faster :(. What is your opinion ? please let me know! ♥ Greetings Nidory your Retri on duty xdNidory4 6h
6h What do you guys do with 3+ enemies? Not a mythic+ question, but a mass question. normally on my DK I can just collect around 15-20 enemies, breath, wrath, kiljaeden and win... but now on my pally..he dies on more than 4 enemies.. im 110 at 850 so..what?Kadreth6 6h
8h "The Fires of Justice" or "Zeal" controversy The Fires of Justice: Reduces the cooldown of Crusader Strike by 1.0 sec and gives it a 15% chance to reduce the cost of your next damaging or healing Holy Power ability by 1. Zeal: Strike the target for 320% Physical damage. Maximum 2 charges. Grants Zeal, causing Zeal attacks to chain to an additional nearby target per stack. Maximum 3 stacks. Each jump deals 40% less damage. - I've used Fires of Justice all of the time and only now noticed Zeal, thing is as you can see Zeal gives off slightly more dmg, and has 2 charges just like Crusader Strike. What's confusing me is the second part of Zeal, everytime I use it I get a buff which stacks to x3, I get the part where it supposed to jump to another target and deal 40% less each time bla bla. But how does the spell choose the additional target to jump to? I've tried dummies in SW, Ironforge and my class hall, they don't jump to other dummies although they are pretty close, how does the spell choose the second target, or how close do you really have to be for it to jump to a second target? Right now what's happening is I'm getting 3x Zeal buff and that's it, I don't know how to spend it.Shocker5 8h
14h Corrupted Ashbringer,Slime kill timer This is a post to help all fellow paladins who are in the Corrupted Ashbringer chain. Please those who have a confirmed kill on the slime post time and server to help those still trying to get the kill! So, I just killed the Large Vile Slime on Silvermoon, April 22 at 16:45 server time exactly. Will also be re-posting that on Silvermoon forums. Wish you all the best of luck!!Liou0 14h
14h Rate the paladin name above you, 2017 Lets go again, last name thread reached its limit...Etheodulne67 14h
15h Rate The Transmog Above You - 14th Edition Last edition has expired, let the new one begin. :)Roshani119 15h
23h Class fantasy - A visual issue. Hi there fellow paladins. As a supposed sacred warriors, holy knights or divine protectors, i think that our visuals and spell effects are far for what are supposed to stand for. When i´m using, for example, templar´s verdict, i cannot see or feel that Holy-esque thing, just an overhead smash. To this, i think that a big part of our class fantasy is related to that feeling, to the ideal that the paladin is closely related to the divine, and that, right now, is almost non-existant. Holy shock, templar´s verdict, execution sentence, aura mastery, avenging wrath, and a lot more of our skillset could use a graphical overhaul to represent that. to give that feel of holy knight, not a warrior with a golden metal kilt and just flashing every 4 seconds. I would kill for an updated Holy shock that looks like a blast of light, or an avenging wrath that resembles more an archangel type wings. I´m the only one who thinks like these?Kirathael7 23h
1d Is it the most boring expansion for RET? I feel like I picked the worst expansion to try Retri paladin after playing for quite some expansions, I levelled that toon solely for the ''paladin'' theme and I am questioning if it was worth it. I mean, after having multiple melee characters, I haven't find myself this bored with that dps rotation and lack of any fancy abilities, appreantly they removed hammer of wrath too for some nevermind adding new cool abilities looks like they've removed the already existing ones.So how do you guys feel this expansion for the retri? You havin' fun?....coz I don't really. And I am not even about the ''DPS'' or viability of the spec pvp-pve wise.It's just that the rotation and the overall feel is so dull to the point I get bored while just by playing it...Incubbuz26 1d
1d Chain of Trayn vs Rethu's? I was wondering if this craftable legendary's passive ability works with Beacons of Light or Beacon of Virtue? If it does, could it by any chance be viable to use on progression/usual raiding? Self heal for 2% every 3 secs isn't that much of a thing for a healer, but when you use e.g. BoV, it would heal you for 2% and then for 40% of that healing done to your beacon targets. Chain of Trayn vs Rethu's blah blah?Aerimir2 1d
1d Protopal trinket question I periodically receive high ilvl trinkets, but I am not sure if have to replace the 845 one with them, since all those trinkets reduce the stats. here's an example: Ofcourse Royal Dagger Haft has a cool saving feature, but I don't know what trinkets I need. What shall I do with this one and how do I behave with higher trinkets?Orenbelhoof3 1d
1d Retribution Movement/slows I am only lvl 57 and yet, when I pvp, warriors leap all over the place. If not, they charge around.. Even got slows when they hit you. I have read a bit about rets lately since I was a bit torn between them or balance druid / mage. And I gotta say, I am so jealous how warriors can move around. We only got 1 slow I believe and 1 stun that has a fairly "long" cd. I am glad I am a Tauren, since I got another stun as racial, but dang where is our movement/slows at? I know you shouldn't compare classes , but how come charge and leap has a slow to it, when for example our judgement does not give us movement speed anymore or at least a slow. Just a bit of rant and jealousi.. I really enjoy ret and mained 1 in Mop. But this "new" pvp thing where some classes dominate with slows/ccs and others barely got anything, that is beyond my understandingSavagelight8 1d
1d does retri get better at 110 ? i feel like killing things goes slow its like im playing a tank spec maybe its me because not a melee fan but heard retri is easy with bubble and hand spellsUtakata16 1d
1d Auras & seals Bring back our auras and seals!! (Seal of command and all)Darrellwhite6 1d
1d Protadins in My+ - last tier talent As title says, for Mythic-plus running I am a bit unsure about Righteous Protector and Last Defender - tried both and like both in different ways. Righteous Protector: can heal more often and help the healer Last Defender: seems good in AoE pulls (trash in My+) Any tips??Sighuman2 1d
2d What's up with holy pvp? I'm pretty fresh to 110 and I'm really struggling in pvp at the moment. My biggest crit heal has been 390k. In contrast my highest damage hit has been closer to 500k... Is this a common trend? Is there a way for me to increase my healing/things I am probably doing wrong? Any advice would be appreciated!Lheor6 2d
2d Holy Paladin - 899 (Trinket Advice) So I'm 899 ilevel equipped at the moment. I currently have 8 legendaries, but have yet to get my hands on the holy ring. (ikr!) Anyway, with a 50/50 chance of it being my next legendary, I'm planning my gear change for when I acquire it. I already know that I'm dropping Velen's Future Sight. And I have an 890 Helya trinket with crit to fill the slot. These changes will bring me up to around 44-45% crit. With a decent amount of extra mastery from the ring. Anyway, my question is... Should I be looking at swapping out my 875 Arcanocrystal? And, if so, what should I be looking to swap it out for? For example, I have an 890 Celestial Map, but this isn't really good enough in practice. Thanks.Lyânnâ4 2d
3d Maximilian of Northshire Questline 18245 9 posts 15 min ago So i have completed the Un'goro quest line and returned to my Order hall and have not received any mail. Is there currently a bug on this or is it a specific amount of time that needs to be waited out before this in-game Mail comes to you? Curious as i can't find any information on any of the Paladin / General forums and have checked Wowhead - People posting the same thing. Cheers in advancedMeithos33 3d
3d retri paladin low dps hi my dps is quite low in hc raid, on krosus with food buff and flask i do 280k, in mythic + boss i do around 500k without buff but i see pally in the group with lower ilvl do 700k, this is my damage with dummy without wings and trinket st 2 enemy my rotation is zeal>blade>judgment>templar vindict>Shackbest16 3d
3d Highlord Kruul bug Hey guys, I was doing the mage tower challenge and miraculously completed the first phase, but as I killed Variss, everything despawned?! Screenshot proof: 3d
4d When will Retribution be tuned in 7.2.5? So far we have seen a lot of work done on other classes but not on Retribution, i fear that Blizzard think that the talents are ok or that one talent is ok so why bother on the other talents that need total overhaul I am talking about Holy Wrath and Greater Judgment mainly but also other talents that are less used in PVE or only used in PVP situations... Also, our Mastery needs an overhaul to be better and contribute more to our rotation and Blizzard need to make Mastery a viable secondary stat that rivals the other stats. but we don't see any work done on Retribution, and if we will not see any now, i am sure that Retribution will stay like this until the next expansion comes out, and its a shame really.Justicer2 4d
4d Will we keep ashbringer in next expansion? If not will we get to keep the ability Wake of the Ashes? I think losing that will now make the paladin rotation feel incomplete.Taurus11 4d
4d Unbreakable Will Hi guys, just wanted to know how paladins can have 2 charges of it sometimesUmirin4 4d
4d Don't bother with the God Queen's Fury It's bugged. So, I've given this thing 120+ tries and only a couple of times have I brought the trio down below 70%. A large part of that is definitely a gear issue (I have no movement legendaries, that's a big hit in this fight), a many a time it was down to human error. I'm simply not good enough at the game - I cannot keep track of Sigryn's repentance, runes going off, valkyr, shield all at the same time. It is too much for my brain to handle. I'm calling it quits and might actually lay off raiding for good after coming to terms with this. But there were MANY (32) deaths that were down to bugs. I'm listing these in the hopes that a dev might get to see them. Runes - Sometimes, these will spawn and instantly detonate. Sometimes copies will spawn on top of each other and instantly detonate. - Runes sometimes do not detect player collision when cavalier is used. - Runes detonate at uneven sizes. Sometimes they will shrink to nothing and explode, other times they will explode when very small. Runeseer Unevenly attaches to the player, making kiting upredictable and annoying. In dire need of consistency when it comes to interrupts. Sometimes rebuke is used (when shield is down, of course) and he will not cast for seconds, at other times he will immediately start another cast. This seems unintended. He also latches to the player after meleeing sometimes, and if the player continues to move after the "latch", the runeseer will not detach from the players pathing, and will continue to cast while moving. This seems like a bug. Sigryn: Is just confusing. She yells "blood of my father" while under the effects of repentance. This is stupid and serves to confuse the player. Both the adds do these when under the effects of stuns. It confuses the player and should be fixed. Valkyr: Perhaps the worst offender of the fight. They seems to have an uneven hitbox. All in all I find this fight extremely challenging. Many seem to agree that Rets should have the easiest time completing it, with a lot of rets claiming to have beaten it easily after a few tries. I think there is a good chance this is down to my low skill level, but I'm certain these bugs hold weight and it would help if this fight was made more consistent. Personally I am of the opinion that if such a fight is to prove skill, then gear should be normalized, but I suppose that is neither here nor there. Thanks for readingMèth13 4d
4d Rate The Name Above You!!! Just for Monday fun.Esdelot5 4d
4d New to paly, what spec is best to play first? The title basically, I have seen people doing world quests in holy or tank spec, what is the best spec for "everyday" play purpose? Ty for answers! PaaPaalim5 4d
4d Super Follower Solution I posted a huge wall of text on the general forum about a way to manage your followers so that you have: - A team for fast missions - A team for slow missions - Enough bonus speed that there are no inbetweens, and that missions are as sped up as possible without sacrificing the 200% success chance - A spare follower to be your bodyguard, will never be needed for missions The fast team is Julia, Maxwell and Arator. Equip them with +30-40% bonus success chance for <4h missions (one on each follower) and the rest speed (no such thing as too much speed for them). The slow team is Nerus, Maximillian (Lothraxion can substitute until you get him) and Delas. Equip them with +30-40% bonus success chance for 8h+ missions and a little speed. If the fast team can bring 11 hour missions down under 4 hours, then the slow team should have enough speed to bring 12h missions down to just above 8h. Spreadsheet to help you calculate: Because the teams have full threat coverage they will counter everything, and there are few/no cases where a team won't have 200% success chance unless you did something wrong. For a lengthy and nerdy elaboration see 4d
15 Apr Ret Challenge. Issues not nerf... Ok I have now tried daily to try and complete this challenge but keep butting head against brick wall with certain aspects... But first 1 know I'm only ilvl 893 so I should apparently be unable to do this right now. I am not going to ask for a nerf (eg less Hp's, abilities etc...) I would just like them to fine tune / fix some stuff. edit : and although Blizz seem to expect me not to complete it - I don't think it's lack of skill - runey's shield I can break (easily with Wings) still with plenty of time left without. And the mechs are fine (one-shots for low gear / no bubble etc) I'm just asking for maybe a few tweaks to sort out the current kinks in it NOT a nerf so it can be zerged by anyone (and their mums). I have probably tried over 50 times now (lost count). And I have problems with certain aspects of the challenge due to bugs and other issues - not what's actually in it. So onto the issues I have : 1/ Placement / signs of the valk'yr - I have found it hard to tell exactly where the valk'yr are going to shoot at times when the 'gap' is on the right hand side of the entrance (looking at it from inside) because the Valk'yrs' (for me at least) spawn IN THE FLOOR. - this means I can't actually tell where the gap is. 2/ Exploding Runes - as others have said (no-one else I've seen has mentioned the above) sometimes (quite often in fact) they detonate as soon as they have spawned - or when I run over them. Obviously incorrect behaviour. Would like to see blizz fix this. 3/ Fel Pools - sometimes Sigryn seems to spawn them at an alarming rate (more than once almost the entire central disc has been covered in them - easily avoided - except when the runecaster decides to camp that section (regardless of how many times I try to kite him) even more painfull when shield's up... (maybe a slight nerf in the time they keep stick around... (to 80% maybe). 4/ Now this is probably just me being slightly bitter and salty about it but the Jarl seems to have a massive reach with his melee attacks - so much so that he hasn't actually 'moved them' and i've died when kiting him - and checking what's happened it's been his melee attacks. Might have just been me thinking I've been too much further away than I was but for me I swear I was at least 10 metres in front of him. 5/ Similar issue as 4 - can't tell how much reach Sigryn has with her Spear - although being a tall one with a spear i'm actually fine with it i guess - just salty that she only seems to knock me back at the worst moments (valk'yr gap, off a small rune etc...) So all in all I do not wanted the challenge 'nerfed' per se but I would love to see Blizzard fixing the bugs I have seen and maybe fine tuning it more for us poor melee (as I think casters may have a much easier time than melee - except maybe enhance shammies who can hex the witch constantly (which means no fel pools , not back etc...) Also to everyone else wanting to complete it - the only thing I can say is Aggramar's Stride is your new best friend. (for without it us Paladins are far to slow). I do believe if we had been given unique challenges this would have been much 'nicer' to do because I know trying create a scenario like this for 5 classes obviously means it will be easier for some than others. But personally this one seems to be tuned to caster / mobile classes and not us slow but steady pallies.) My apologies for the wall of text but hey ho just interested in seeing the reaction I get from people on my thoughts.Belvarn10 15 Apr
15 Apr Holy challange "clap" "clap" that was great challange loved it (a bit angry by time and time) but was amazing and challanging.Holyskrk2 15 Apr
15 Apr Need Holy paladin pvp help Hello guys, Im new in hpala pvp . I would like to know which pvp talents are the best rigth now and which options viable . If possible i would like to know some good set up for hpala and basic healing guide in pvp. Thank you for your answersNecrodin3 15 Apr
15 Apr Protection Mage Tower Challenge So, i just attempted to do the challenge with the mage tower, i managed to get the 1st add to 80% before being obliterated completely. I presume its indended for ToS lvl gear. Any succesful attempts? Any tips just incase its not a gear issue ?Athílla28 15 Apr
15 Apr Ret vs Frost Mage Yeah, umm... we don't even have that slow cleanse anymore so frost mages can constantly kite us now, not talking about 0.1 sec one-shot that we have to deal with and not even considering to think about world pvp (necklace that gives 30% shield takes away any kind of chance to kill them). I never thought this spec would be any worse than what it was in MoP, but apparently it became more useless in Legion. Of course you can spec around melee opponents, but ranged classes, specifically mages just straight up walk up to you and kill you. Can't even find a streamer that plays this spec anymore that actually does 2's or 1v1 duels that I could check. This is depressing, I've never felt so powerless vs mages.Daisu6 15 Apr
14 Apr Judge Unworthy Today, finally I got last golden trait - Judge Unworthy. I tasted it, and it seems doesnt work. What are your experiences with this trait?Viperinae10 14 Apr
13 Apr RET Raiding Talents Setup? If one is unable to change talents inside NH Raid, what talent choices would be a good all rounder one time pick? I main Holy so have very little knowledge of what talents are best for ret! I assume you'd pick a single target setup due to only 2 bosses in NH having multiple enemy's. Thanks!Wolfblood3 13 Apr
12 Apr Prot and Ret, solo play Hi All I started playing wow again just before legion, i was intending to be really active but reality bit me hard and i am pretty erratic when it comes to playing time and ive tended to play mostly solo with the odd BG and havent enjoyed healing in BG to be honest (nothing about the spec, just the role). Im currently holy spec. Im looking to get a new spec, ideally one that solos really well (holy isnt awful solo but lack of aoe hurts). The question is though prot or ret?. How do they compare when confronted with for example multiple elites? and is prot particularly hard to pick up?. Also how much will my current crit /mastery gear hurt?. Finally- stupid question but i noticed for prot that the artifact is an offhand shield... i have seen very little relevant mainhand weps in legion? Thanks.Ravinee3 12 Apr
11 Apr Looking for a Holy Paladin for Mythic Progression! I am from the guild <Aurora> on Defias Brotherhood Battlegroup. Our current progress is 10/10 Heroic and 1/10 Mythic. We are currently looking for a Holy Paladin to help us progress in Mythic and farm Heroic. Most weeks when we have suitable healers we clear Heroic over 1/2 nights (raid times are below) and would like to strengthen our healing team to help with Mythic + as well as delve further in to Mythic Night Hold. Events: Night Hold: [Wednesday 8pm - 11:30 pm] [Saturday 8pm - 12:30 / 1:30 pm (this one is flexible depending on the raid team as we are aware that not everyone wants to stay up till 1am)] Mythic +: [Monday 8pm - 11:30 pm] PVP: [Friday 8pm - 11:30 pm] If you would like to join us or would like more information please get in touch with the following: Umuda (Battle Tag ollie#22736) Burninghate (Battle Tag Burninghate#2100) Lighttink (Battle Tag #Freaky2829) Thank you all and have fun!Lighttink0 11 Apr
11 Apr How's ret doing? In casual pve and keystones I mean. I've been considering leveling mine.Ulfrahn4 11 Apr
11 Apr Order Hall Champions Which do you have? Were you lucky enough to get Moroes? Do you have Meatball?Which ones are you using and why? Discuss.Tosuro1 11 Apr
11 Apr Protection Paladin Issues The problem isn't that Prot paladin is a bad tank. The issue is that there's several tanks, Warriors and Death knights as prime examples, that have a stronger defensive toolkit, take less damage and have higher healthpools. They're easier to heal, and whilst a paladin will probably get the job done, it takes far more effort on the part of the healers and the tank himself to finish the fight. Not only that, but unless you know every pull, it's fairly difficult to know exactly when spikes occur, and unless you're on voicecoms with your healer, very hard for the healer to know when you will be able to heal the spike yourself or if the healer needs to pop a cooldown. Like I said, it's not about Paladins being to weak, it's just that there's other tanks that are way more comfortable to play. Blizzard needs to adress it soon, as a lot of healers I know are starting to refuse Paladin tanks as it's simply not enjoyable to heal them, especially on bosses that are already fairly difficult to begin with on the higher mythic levels.Paclya23 11 Apr
10 Apr Prot: legendary question Hello ^^ I'm trying to find out which legends are best for raids and dungeons. I have: head,legs,neck,chest Been using chest and neck for dungeons and mythic + Was using neck and chest for raid until I now got head which is popular right now I think. So where can I fit the head?Höth5 10 Apr
09 Apr Ret artifact challenge - ask for help here I just completed the artifact challenge for us paladins and some other specs, Sigryn. I don't know how people are doing, but what i have found by asking around is that by far most people have not done it yet. So if you have problems with anything in the fight, you can ask help here, and i will try my best to help you out.Aluthol12 09 Apr
08 Apr (Prot) Best Legendaries for M+ I have the following 3 Legendaries for Prot: Belt and both Rings (Sephuz and Healthcliff's) My question is which you think are better for M+ only? I am currently playing with the 2 rings as they provide benefit all the time almost. If I equip Belt instead of Healthcliff (I don't think that I should ever remove Sephuz on M+, unless I am wrong here) I have a really good 910 Loop Of Vitriolic Intent (Heavy Haste and low mastery + socket) to replace it, so statwise I am ok. What do you think I should keep for M+ (with an eye to survivability>dps)Mithras2 08 Apr
07 Apr I am a Warrior of the Light! [Looking for Help] So I'm looking at starting a fresh character leveling up from level 1-110 as a counter point to my DH main. I'm looking at a Paladin and while I've not decided between a Draenei or a Tauren yet I'm looking to see if anyone can offer me some advice on leveling strategies, builds and speccs to hit that 110 mark without burning out.Nosdaboreda1 07 Apr
06 Apr Judgement breaking rep Why Does JUDGEMENT! BREAK REPENTanceZyilus4 06 Apr
06 Apr Where are paladins at inregards to raiding? I'm levelling a paladin alt and I kind of want to do some raiding with her but I'm unsure where to focus, healing or dps, I normally main an elemental shaman so I'm looking for a change of scene, which do you suggest?Feirgan7 06 Apr
06 Apr Really struggling Hey everyone, My paladin is one of many alts I have and I'm struggling with him. My !@# keeps getting handed to me time and time again by mobs, one or two I can handle any more then that and I usually end up dead. Is this a known issue with rets or will a much improved ilvl fix this?. Many thanksKaylob2 06 Apr
06 Apr Bounty loot again Now i am really pissed, i play retribution and prot. Last 10 weeks in bounty got 9 rings, 5 of them are the same, ilvl 900. Today i got Gnawed Thumb Ring "Use: Have a nibble, increasing your healing and magic damage done by 0% for 12 sec. ", also tons of mastery .... Loot specialization is retribution. WTF should i do with that ring....Megle9 06 Apr
06 Apr Blinding light (Possible Bug) Hey guys, Hoping someone can tell me if this is a bug or intended. Blinding light disorients for 6 seconds and only holy damage can be applied to them otherwise they will break. When this is active on a group of mobs and I cast Avenger's Shield on a mob, it doesn't bounce despite it doing holy damage.Ifritius1 06 Apr