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22 Aug 7.3.2 Protection Paladin PvP Guide In this guide I will go through some background about prot in pvp, some template nerfs and suggestions for comps that will work best with prot pala. I will also go through talents and give some recommendations, a basic rotation overview is at the end. Video version: ----------------------------------------------- Background / Nerfs / Buffs: So let us start by talking about protection, once in legion prot were actually fairly common (pushing high 2.5-2.8k rating) however we recieved a few nerfs since then, which has impacted our viability. We are still able to push high ratings in both 2v2 and 3v3, but partners are a bit more limited and not certain if we are r1 viable. The following nerfs has happened since 7.2 : Sacred Duty nerfed from 50% down to 33% Hand of The Protector healing reduced by 60% down from 35% Luminescence is now 20% down from 30% 25% less mana regen in PvP These are all nerfs that has more of less impact on our viability. Before we used to have great support and healing, our support is still great even if nerfed a bit. However our healing has been reduced significantly. We are no longer able to stall games as we used to in 2v2, and going 3v3 will be a lot harder without a healer... We have however recieved quite a few buffs since then aswell, which helps in other areas... The following buffs has happened since 7.2: Bulwark of the Silver Hand 35% armor, up from 20%. Passive Stamina of Protection Paladin is now 40%, up from 30% Damage done on most abilities has been increased by 12.32% This all makes Paladin having to focus on faster games, and quick kills when we are not playing with a healer. We will not be able to sustain our teammates or ourselves for too long. The damage buff helps to support the faster playstyle aswell. Our talent choices and tactics will have to reflect upon these changes. ------------------------------------------------------- Current tactics / Comp suggestions: So the question is how we should play to be at the most efficiency these days. I have tried to play with an enhancement, which worked up to 2.2k. Tactic was to give him immunity during his burst and CC the healer while he get free damage on either enemy dps or healer. It was however an unreliable tactic and some healers posed a problem, such as resto druids. I have tried the tactic for 3v3 aswell, but with the addition of a boomkin. it worked to about 2k mmr, tho it was not always enough even with the addition of more pressure and another stun. However I have recently tried out a new tactic for the same comp. For 3v3 we found another layer of CC, which is the solar beam / entangling root combo paired with deep roots (so the roots won't break). The enemy trinket has most likely been used earlier on the stun / silence combo from the protection. Which leads to an easy kill (on some healers) For 2v2 I have tried the hallowed ground talent, along with consecrated ground. You are able to stall out the enemy team quite a long time, depending on what DPS it is you are facing. You kite the enemy around a pillar until you catch them offguard and then you try kill them in a stun. Dampening also helps the prot pala team more than it does for most enemies, since we got our immunities lategame. There is another tactic that works very well, and is the most reliable. It is the control oriented combo. Protection currently has loads of CC, noone of which share DR with eachother. We got a 6 sec stun, 4 seconds silence, and a 6 sec blind or 8 sec incapacitate. This can be comboed with other classes CC to lockdown the enemy healer. We can then grant out teammates immunity to CC so they can freely damage whoever we are targeting. This tactic works very well but requires more coordination than the other tactics. I have not had time to check how far all these tactics can actually bring us rating wise, so take them with a grain of salt on how good they are at the highest of ranks. The comps i suggest playing these days, a new season just started and climbing can be rough. But for 3v3 the prefered choice would be double dps with a CC that has a DR that doesn’t share with yours, or a protection / dps / healer combo with a healer that got good pressure and CC (disc perhaps?) There 4 major DR categories are Silence / Stun / Disorient / Incapacitate. Protection can occupy all 4 of them, this is one of our main benefits and what makes us viable. You can choose either Blinding light or Repentence for disorient or incapacitate. So change depending on what partner you are playing with. You want a partner with either one of those, or a CC of the DR school, boomkins perhaps (solar beam + entangling roots).Rextroy6 22 Aug
17 Jun 7.3 Ret paladin, RBG PvP guide Greetings! My name is Гаримто, playing as ret paladin on RU server Blackscar, Horde. My btag is GoodFella#21446. First of all, I would like to thank old school player as known as Jamaz, he inspired me to play ret paladin in Vanilla (Ronaldo, EU Jaedenar, Rank 11 PvP) and revert back in Legion(Season5). Frankly speaking, I would like to know him in real life. Credits to: Vanguard, amazing US player, he provided detailed guide for PvP Arena. Icy Veins, SkillCapped, PvPLeaderboards - these sites helped me to gather a lot of comprehensive information to share my experience. Cowabunga! Finally we end pre-ambula. This guide is mainly devoted to RBG. It is my first guide for RBG and I am not English native speaker, so please be tolerant !!! 1. Builds As ret paladin we have only 2 viable builds: a) Mass AOE (Eye of the Storm map; dungeons) 15. Final Verdict 30. Greater Judgment 45. Fist of Justice 60. Divine Hammer 75. Eye for an Eye 90. Divine Intervention 100. Crusade b) Single target (all maps, excluding Eye of the Storm; Arena 3x3) 15. Final Verdict 30. Zeal 45. Fist of Justice 60. Blade of Wrath 75. Eye for an Eye 90. Divine Intervention 100. Crusade 2. Rotation Mass AoE: Judgement - Divine Hammer - Crusader Strike - Crusade - Divine Storm - Wake of Ashes - Divine Storm (check cooldowns) Single Target: Judgement - Blade of Justice - Zeal - Crusade - Templar's Verdict - Wake of Ashes - Templar's Verdict ... (check cooldowns) IMPORTANT: Dont use your Divine Storm/Templar's Verdict without Judgement debuff on target. TellMeWhen will help a lot to see this debuff duration. 3. Addons • FlyPlateBuffs (need as Target Caller) • NamePlateCooldowns (for advanced Target Caller) • BattleGroundEnemies (must have addon) • BigDebuffs (must have addon) • TellMeWhen (I devoted special section to explain this necessary addon) • LortiUI (personal preference, but I could not play with default Blizzard color settings) 4. Macros Simple macro to focus target /focus Simple macro to assist TargetCaller (just change the nickname of your TargetCaller) /assist Гаримто Whisper your achievement, if you want to join random RBG group /run local n=ChatFrame1EditBox:GetAttribute("tellTarget") SendChatMessage(""..n..", I'm "..GetAverageItemLevel().." lvl, 70 art, Retribution Paladin, "..GetAchievementLink(405).."! Invite plz!","WHISPER",nil,n) ChatFrame1EditBox:Hide() How it works? You would like to send message to Raid Leader (f.i. name Tafsiri) of random group. You greet Tafsiri and then press macro and Tafsiri gets the following message "Tafsiri, I'm 930 lvl, 70 art, Retribution Paladin, Three's Company 2000, Invite plz!". So the main issue is to define your achievements, achievement code (in my macro - "405") you can find on And of course change your personal information (class, art level) MoveAnything /run PaladinPowerBarFrame:ClearAllPoints() /run PaladinPowerBarFrame:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", 492, -330) /run PaladinPowerBarFrame:SetScale(1.4) You can move whatever you like, to observe what you want to move with command /fstack To exit /fstack mode - just write /reload In my macro, I move PaladinPowerBar and increase default size to center of my screen under the char position. If you use UI scale, then please check "492, -330" - just find your best numbers to place your moveframe. The main macro #showtooltip Hammer of Justice /cast [nomod, target=mouseover, harm][] Hammer of Justice /cast [mod:alt, target=focus] Hammer of Justice For RBG, you do not need macros as Arena (tar1, tar2, tar3) - you need mouseover macro. Above macro helps you to mouseover enemy, if no mouseover enemy, it casts on current target. You press+ Alt and you HoJ focus target. This macro can be used for friendly spells, just change "harm" with "help" #showtooltip Flash Heal /cast [nomod, target=mouseover, help][] Flash Heal /cast [mod:alt, target=Гаримто] Flash Heal Mouseover heal, or current target heal. You press+ Alt and you heal yourself (just change nickname) 4. TellMeWhen Reserved. It is core addon to be competent RBG player, so I will prepare substantial information how to use TMW addon.Гаримто6 17 Jun
6d Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 6d
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
7m Mobility and utility 2in1 It's time to make the Divine Steed unslowable blizz, come on now, Ret palys are absolutely useless in raids. Queueing as Ret paly for G'huun hc atm will make people /lol at you, they're so useless that even having mad dps,ilvl or achievs doesn't apeal anymore, people want only solo orb carriers and ranged, and i can't even blame them, the debuff makes it that you're only able to take orb carriers so it limits the spots, this is a fight design not scalling well with the overall classes design problem. We also all know that the palys are having mobility problems in both pve and pvp. So by making the divine steed charge forward no matter the slows on you, without dispelling them, warrior's charge like, will help mitigate both the mobility and utility problems the palys are facing, and it wouldn't change that much pvp wise, since it still has 45 sec cd, it just needs to be used more wisely.Fdez0 7m
40m Retribution AOE damage. With mythic + pretty much being trash being super strong, and witnessing how good certain classes/specs are at aoe, it feels like retribution aoe is non existent outside of wings to the point where its far below tanks. bear in mind this is without chaining rng with divine purpose. How are you guys feeling about it this week?Rainingkebab2 40m
3h Why am I bored of Ret? Can anyone tell me why I’m so bored playing my Ret Pala? I’m currently 364 ilvl and have a pretty decent M+ group going, but am I bored of the Ret? Sadly yes :( Can anyone tell me why? Well the lack of mobility is a pain but why else am I bored? Rotation is also kinda dull with big down time now and then, and it whole feels so slow. Maybe we are strong in World PvP as Ret, but I refuse to play a class that bores me to death. Anyone else here feel the same?Elohssa14 3h
3h Stat priority for Hpala - PVP Hi Guys, I'm wondering what is best priority for stats for PVP? I've read few guides but most of them are outdated so nothing I could rely on. Could you recommend me a good guide on HPally which is applicable for BfA?Tlpdadmirer5 3h
3h Holy Mastery Holy mastery is great, blizz did a great job! I don't even wanna touch on my holy to not screw up their masterpieceBreadromance2 3h
4h I rerolled resto druid for pvp Haha what a joke. Regrowth heals more than FoL and costs 1.4k less mana despite having the same cast time. 2 Rejuvenation is enough to stop like 5 Unstable afflictions if you get lucky with haste azerite traits and Swiftmend heals like 40k if it crits + adds a 20k hot. Stun is also undispellable, cyclone has no cd either... What a joke everything feels so much easier.Akiyuki6 4h
5h Devotion Aura instead of Retribution Aura Hi! Why not replace unpopular Retribution aura talent for protpallies with Devotion armor aura? It was iconic paladin spell since Warcraft 3. Let it be smth like "Increases ur armor by X, and ur allies in 40yard by Y". Will increase survivability outside of mitigation aswell + more group/raid utility!Сартемар0 5h
7h You ruined holy paladins and I want it all back. SEALS, BLESSINGS, NON-MELEE MASTERY, A PLAYSTYLE WHICH DIDN'T REQUIRE TO DUCK IN MELEE.Lovela3 7h
9h Yes, another Holy topic! I want to point out again how holy is lagging behind the other healers at the moment. No I don't care that one healer in Method might be a holy Paladin, I'm not in method and I'm not a "professional" player like they are. It's getting so bad that I'm getting declined for most mythic+ groups I apply to. My gear isn't bad, I'm 354 at the moment, and the stuff I apply to isn't extreme. Just now I got declined for a +5, (which I can heal easily even with this broken spec) because they wanted a monk or a druid. AGAIN: holy feels very slow and underpowered compared to other healers out there. YES we got a 7% buff on FoL but that wasn't enough. I feel that our mastery is more limiting than an "extra" thing it gives like literally ALL other classes. Change it so it increases our crit rating on holy shock or just our healing in general, regardless of proximity to the target.Deveon18 9h
11h Why am I only getting Ret. weapons in WQ? Not a single holy or prot. weapon so far. Bug or just extremely unlucky?Moronica6 11h
1d Corrupted ashbringer Recently rerolled ret pala as DK is just clunky trash, Im enjoying the class etc.. But wondering if there is still a way to get the corrupted ashbringer appearance or is it locked completely due to moving onto BFA from legion? tytytyPolarís4 1d
1d Divine Steed / Steed of Glory bugs? Hey there, I'm a returning player and never played a pally so forgive me if either of this is something commonly known. I've specced Cavalier + Steed of Glory for PvP fun on protection (I know), but I've been noticing two things: 1) I never notice anyone getting knocked back when I use Divine Steed and I most definitely can get snared. Does that work as intended, is any of this related to the new Ram that Dwarves just got in prepatch? Snare doesn't bother me as much since I've consecrate cleanse, but that knockback... 2) I can't use Divine Steed when carrying a flag/orb in battlegrounds, is that intended? I can pick up the flag with it, so what I tend to do is just pop it right before I click on the flag and get my first ~4seconds out of it, but after that if I try to use it, it just burns the cooldown and does nothing.Exomancer3 1d
1d Rate that Transmog 15th edition The 14th edition seemed to reach its post limit so here goes:Myzraél261 1d
1d Ret Pala PvP talents.. So is it just me or are these really overwhelming with other specs and classes' pvp talents, i'm trying to choose which ones to take but they're all just really boring.Saraana1 1d
1d Rate The Name Above You!!! Just for Monday fun.Esdelot138 1d
1d Ret needs something to be more appealing to groups! At the moment I don't think Retribution really offers anything to groups. It's close to impossible to get into any Mythic+ groups, even at times when I have ten item levels above what people ask for. Right now, all we've got are Greater Blessings of Kings (Minor shield for tank) and Wisdom (Health and mana regen, mostly for healers) - and being able to toss a strong heal once in a while (If you've talented for it. And even then, that's when the healer isn't doing all too well.) Compare this to: Warrior: Battle Shout - Increases the attack power of all raid and party members within 100 yards by 10% for 1 hour. Mage: Arcane Intellect - Infuses the target with brilliance, increasing their Intellect by 10% for 1 hour. Priest: Power Word: Fortitude - Infuses the target with vitality, increasing their Stamina by 10% for 1 hour. Monks: Mystic Touch - Your damage weakens the target, increasing Physical damage taken by 5%. Demon Hunters: Chaos Brand - Your Chaos/Fire damage brands the target, increasing magic damage taken by 5%. It just feel so odd since Paladins used to be a class all about buffing! And for those who don't know: In the early stage of BfA, Paladins were supposed to have Devotion Aura that increased the party's armour by 10%. I don't know about you, but I'll gladly have our Greater Blessings removed for that. Or some other aura. Or maybe the older version of Kings that increased all stats by a small % (Like 5) for the group - maybe even our old Might (increases damage). At the moment, I don't feel we offer anything special to the group to make us feel wanted. Not to mention we're melee and if it's just for DpS, groups tend to lean more towards ranged.Turidas19 1d
1d Unofficial hpaly nerf? It says in the tooltip of the beacon of light that 40% of all paladin's healing is redirected to the beacon's target. It worked that way until yesterday server restart. Now it transfers only 20% of healing by Light of Dawn. The spell's tooltip remains unchanged.Ксанити0 1d
1d Need help and advice Hi, New Ret Pala for BfA need help and advice :) Which Azerite pieces should I be grinding for and which traits should I get? Do you want to stack one trait or do you want a mix? Do you have a set of gear for AOE and for ST or can you do a nice set for M+ with some good traits? Is the Darkmoon Fathom any good for Rets? Thanks :)Angelinah3 1d
1d Cleansing Light Ret PVP talent Why is not removing poisons of me too, as it was in legion? I see the dispell visual around my character but poisons aint getting removed. Is it intended to remove poisons and disease from party members ONLY from now on ?Stormenson10 1d
2d Am i the only one who miss.... the old exorcism holy paladin?Hiimnunzio1 2d
2d Retribution Damage hi i am Retribution ilvl 364 i deal low damage compare to many classes at the same ilvl or even lower . this log of me fighting fetid can you help me why my dps is low ? is it me or the class ? 2d
2d [PVP] Holy Paladin? - Blizzard? With the PVP Season going into week three, glorious finals and lots of amazing plays from every class. Besides Paladins. Then I really want to know, Blizzard? What did you do to our spec? I'm far from an amazing Holy Paladin, but I have played it for quite a while now, and managed to pug my way over to 2k in all of the last legion seasons, our artefact has stripped us from tons of utility, damage reduction and boosts to our healing and left us gutted with only a husk of light, I feel that every time I match versus any other healer than a Disc, that I noticably struggle in the game to keep my partner up. (While communicating defenses) Is it just me who's struggling this badly in arena? Or is Holy Paladin actually too low in their healing output. I just feel that there's massive lack on holy paladins in the current top comps and ladders.Marik0 2d
3d Lot's of downtime as ret Is someone else experiencing this issue?Hyperîøn8 3d
3d Best level 100 talent for ret pally? any1 who can explain why? cheers!Kaliq4 3d
3d Ret is out of control right now I'm not usually one to whinge, but purely for the sake of placing my opinion in hope of future patch tweaks, I need to address some of my issues with ret atm. Frankly, they're little raid bosses with, what feels like, endless defensives they can scroll through between bops, bubbles, massive instant heals and then a shield that deflects all damage on top of it. BfA has done an AMAZING job at reencouraging world pvp, but ret just seems to be the one class that is quite literally unduelable. I hope to see some tweaks, nothing too extreme, to help balance their current place in the game. Cheers,Bootybandit161 3d
3d Avenging wrath crit bug Why Avenging wrath aint increasing critical strike as tooltip states?Stormenson3 3d
3d Insane Damage taken as Prot 80k+ Hits on Fetid I'm using mitigating as much as possible, always in Consecration, Shield of the Righteous as much as possible and whenever possible after Avenger's Shield for the extra armor Is my gear just that mismatched, am I tanking like a noob or is Prot that !@#$e? That's no Terrible Thrash hit btw, I can't even swap with the other tank (DK) to soak Thrash because sometimes it does almost 200k to me 3d
3d So f*x!ing annoyed! Delete please.Wickfield0 3d
3d Ret design philosophy is garbage, as is it's dev I've unsubbed today so I don't care how much salt and how many insults it will contain but man, ret design is truly a product of the retard. How moronically unbalanced is this spec, I can steamroll warriors so much I'm bored fighting them while ANY ranged with half of the brain working can kite me endlessly and I'm not even talking about purge classes here. What incompetent cretin designed this honestly? What normal class has to rely on bubbles that are fully dispellable by whatever shait racial or instant abillity, long cd but ridiculously OP against classes without that dispels. 5 min cd with 30 secd debuff so that it will else make pala OP vs melee or basically make him a paper if dispelled. Imagine Cloak of Shadow is now dispellable or Evasion or Darkness. How retarded is this. Why Divine Shield has to be on 5 min cd and provide 8 sec invicibillity without any punishments. Why is this so vanilla style retarded. It made sense back then, when everything was on long cd but strong. Now its just lazy and moronic, lagging behind current design, just as dev. Adn let's not forget our mobillity and with it, our class fantasy cretinism. Again, dev you fkn retard, building class around slow class with dispellable mobillity enhancers and slowable gap closers is idiotic. You know why you moron? Beause any half brain with ANY experience about his class, esp ranged, can nullify it. Even warlocks and shadow priests can easily beat paladin now. Fear him, dispel his shait, slow him, he can't deliver his dmg, forced to pray for some terrain, is on defensive bb gg. Awesome design right? This whole class fantasy is fragile as fk and unbalanced. Too high dmg against melees, can't do shait against proper ranged players. Mobillity worse than on dk and our excuse is that ,we haz bubbles tho hurr durr" even if they are on long cd and dispellable. Ret will be either nerfed and become barely viable or buffed and be hilariously OP against most melees(if they can't kite). Class is just frustrating to play. To summarise: moronic class fantasy is garbage and compared to WoD, MoP, Cata or WotLK iterations of ret and their toolkit, off heals, defensives and mobillity, is simply idiotic. Class designer, if you want job more suited to your temperament and skills, toilet cleaner is out there waiting for you. But I think even then you will have to compete.Bedeleczyl9 3d
3d Blessings What's even the point of BoK and BoW anymore ? I remember paladins used to have the best buffs in the game, think BoK 10% stats or BoM + attack power. Now BoK is a weak shield ever 6 seconds and 1% mana per 10 seconds on BoW ? Legit question, how are these two even in the game anymore and why are they so terrible ?Aewila12 3d
4d Holy Paladin is complete raid garbage Thanks Blizzard! That is what i call good tunning! Now i see what alfa and beta are for.Stâx22 4d
4d Mythic help Im currently sitting at 323 ilvl as a Prot Pala and feel like I'm taking too much damage in Mythic's. Am I too low for Mythic content? I'm keeping my shield on a good rotation and trying to cover any major damage, but I still feel like I'm taking way more damage than I should be.Jorrude10 4d
4d Struggling as holy in M+ First things first, this is not a rant about how holy is "Broken" "Bad" or whatever else someone might think. It's about my personal issues with it at the moment. I recently got back to doing group content in Wow, and joined a nice raiding guild. We're having good runs in heroic Uldir, with me being part of the healing group. So far it's been going great, while i'm not the best healer out there I do feel like i'm pulling my weight in the group. The thing is, while raid healing with double beacons seems to be fine for me, I cannot heal a Mythic Dungeon higher then +3, and even that's a struggle. Every single guide I saw mentioned using a different talent build for dungeons with Beacon Of Virtue replacing double beacons, so I gave it a go, and it went pretty bad. While the groups I ran with did have some issues (Unexperienced tanks, ignoring mechanics, etc etc), I felt like I simply did not get out enough HPS to keep people alive. First using LoD, then the beacon, then holy shock if it's not on CD, then spamming flash of light, and in the end I have to pop wings anyways since it's not enough - and that's on trash. It feels way too hard for this level of content. I guess what I wanted to ask you guys is how do you keep a Mythic + group alive without resorting to using wings on every other trash pull? It's like I can keep one or two people alive with Holy Shock and FoL spams, but if the entire group is taking damage I cant get out enough AoE, even with the beacon. I tried asking other healers in my group, but since they all play other classes they don't really get the AoE problem i'm having. Another thing is I feel like I'm late every time there's a big group damage. Let's say a mob cast an AoE spell and the group went down to about 30% health. I pop beacon, then Wings, then holy shock and FoL spam. By the time I wait out the two GcD's from the beacon and wings and use my holy shock, usually someone dies. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it faster - without wings it's usually not strong enough to outheal the damage, and LoD is pretty much useless so I cant use it before the beacon. Maybe it's just me, since the last time I actually did any intense group content we still had Holy Radiance, but I just feel like I don't have the toolkit for any significant AoE healing. If the beacon is on CD, I just watch people die. If you have any tips or advice I'd be happy to hear, because I just feel bad doing Mythic + content as a healer at the moment - I hate being the reason the group dies, and I don't wanna experiment on higher key runs and ruin 4 other people times.Dairon12 4d
4d Exp zones Hi! Just A quick question about exp. Is it normal that on one location(20-60) I get 10k- 13k exp per quest and on the same level on the other location(20-60) I get like 9k?Lãdroon0 4d
4d Holy Weapon Enchant Coastal Surge Vs. Navigation Stat Buff What's the best pick?Jüther1 4d
4d Paladin or warrior Hey all, i'm making an alt for purley questing and achievements. I want a plate wearer and always loved paladin and warrior fantasy. Just wondering what the difference in playstyle is like? I like to get stuck in and see big crits and feel tanky aha.Ultroth7 4d
4d Buff the class. I've played a holydin for ten years and never have I been as bored with the class as of lately. We need a proper AoE heal such as Tyr's Deliverance was since our mastery sucks, we don't have a proper AoE heal except for AC in melee, and the only aura to run with doesn't show in meters making us shine less in the eyes of those who do not realize the class. Hence, we're restricted to compentiting with caster healer classes that have more utility spells where as we are stuck in melee with CDs, not being able to move as freely as the other classes and then we do not even put up in the meters that well, unless we spec for talents that look good but might not benefit the raid as much. I have spent tons of money for playing this game, faction changes, name changes, race changes, migrates etc and I am on the edge of unsubscribing for the first time ever offically and for forever unless something happens to the class. I do not like being in a situation where my heals are not enough to keep people up cause my CDs are burned. Holy light can not be cast in m+s as the cast time is awful, you barely have time to use it on raids.Lovela7 4d
5d Experienced monks and paladins! Help me decide Hey guys. Trying to decide on my horde character. Due to irl commitments I can only manage to have two characters in bfa. One in alliance (resto druid) and one in the horde. As my resto druid is finished and I'm thinking about changing the style I started to look into new class to hit 120 with. I have both monk and paladin on 110 but can't decide what to focus on next. I'm not interested in tanking. Toon will be focused on healing both in pve (mainly hc raids and average m+) but I also want to play some pvp with my mate rogue (not necessarily as a healer). I know that there's as many opinions as there's players but I'll take my shot. So TLDR: My dear paladin and monk friends, tell me if you'd recommend your class to complete stranger in bfa and why! If you wouldn't, also do tell! Thanks a bunch!Slajtx2 5d
5d 2s, 3s & Holy Paladin What are the best classes that go well with Holy Paladins for 2s and 3s in your opinion? Same thing for Retribution.Dippet7 5d
5d Capping your haste as ret so ive been told haste is our main stat right now even though im finding it hard to come across haste gear. im sitting with 4 gear items in my bad that are ilvl upgrades but every single piece has no haste. so what im asking is is how much % haste do you guys aim for before you stop and go mastery as ret? im currently at crit- 11% haste-15% mastery- 27%Irishlight2 5d
5d Divine Purpose Bugged I just wanna bring the attention to EU Forums aswell. There is a thread on the US forum reporting a bug with Divine Purpose not ever being able to proc back to back, which a bunch of evidence in the logs provided aswell. ... How it looks like in the logs: ... 5d
5d Ret is so balanced... I'm trying so hard to die as ret pala..... but i can't. I'm jumping at 1.5mln HP elites and the only thing i lose is time... not health, only time. I'm watching these other noob classes can never solo 1.5mln HP elite... what a bunch of losers. Good job blizzard.Daltyn6 5d
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6d Ret azerite traits are lame Compare to some classes...Athênâ4 6d
6d Kings rest as prot Hello guys, ive got some questions about kings rest as a prot, whole dung is fine , just that trio boss is kinda ...idk 1. When the shaman summons totems, i can barely hit them , seems like they cant be killed by any aoe , and for some reasons even avangers shield doesnt work, only thing that works is hotr and judgement , how am i supposed to kill dem totems ? ( got same problem with exposive orbs in legion) 2. How do you deal with zul ? If im not healed by monk or rdruid i need to use like every possible cd to survive that !@#$Vrumer5 6d