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12h Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 12h
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2h My experience when leveling a tank for the first time. Hi all, I'd like to share my recent experiences deciding to level this character. Things were boring me so much. I have 3x level 110's and the grind for rep, suramar and the inability to casually do mythics or LFR because my gear wasn't ilvl 900+ was tiring me out. I then decided to try something new to me. I have always been a caster or a healer. I have always played a human or a nelf and I usually just level armor profs. So I decided to level a pala, melee tank who is a dwarf and leveling Engineering for the first time ever. I instantly got into the swing of things and I was really enjoying playing tank. But low levels are tough; well not hard but the people that now play low level content are to put it in the nicest way possible. Jerks. I would pull large groups not too large to cope but apparently not large enough for every other class in the dung as they would pull 6x crowds of 3/4 mobs towards us. Although this has never been an issue and usually DPS is so high it doesn't make us wipe... It isn't how the game is supposed to be. Was I learning how to tank when the mage ran around gathering up mobs? No. This also sends a bad president to brand new players that this is okay in dungeons. Truth be told it is also worrying me that I will struggle tanking further down the line because I haven't been able to properly do this. I am enjoying the fact I decided to switch things up completely until I reach 110 and cba anymore! Turns out I have been missing out and I am hugely enjoying this character!Phiea3 2h
3h Justice Gaze+Aggramars When you get a legendary and instead of feeling the awesomeness of a legendary you just get your will to play the game sucked out from you.Vordek6 3h
10h Shockadin Thinking about leveling my holy paladin is shockadin still a thing or did it die with legion?Aetrius5 10h
10h Holy hidden appearance has anybody got this? what did you exactly do and how long did it take you? I'm going really nuts with all the mindless farmingMalcom8 10h
10h Glitched Campaign? I'm not entirely sure if it IS a glitch, but something's up with my Class Hall. I just hit 110 on this Paladin and I've hit an issue. I only have 2 Champions, Maxwell (Lv102) and Liadrin (Lv101). I'm only able to get Squad of Squires as my Troops. The only class hall quest I have is Investigate the Broken Shore, which requires me to do an iLv830 Mission. Naturally, 2 low level Champions and a Squad of Squires won't quite cut that. Maybe the Paladin campaign is just vastly different from the other classes, but I'm pretty sure I should have more Champions at this point. Are there any quests I should have? Have I missed something along the way?Lillice4 10h
15h Judge Unworthy Issue ... Hi. What exactly this gold trait spreading: 1. Your Damage to nearby target 2. Judgment Debaff to nearby target Thank you )Паладийка4 15h
15h Prot pala help I started lvling my pala with aims to go mythic+ and maybe later raiding. So i was wondering if you guys can help me with some theorycrafting and useful prot tips. Which stat balance should i go for as a mythic+ tank. Which legendaries for prot are good and which non class specific legendaries are useful? Aswell as any addons that might help me if any.also which talents are the best for mythic+ dungs.Also which trinkets should i go for? I read somewhere that stamina trinkets are the worst for a prot pala? Any tips related to a tankadin are appreciated, anything you can think of, pls help^^. ThanksAthílla5 15h
15h Justice gaze 7.1.5 Justice gaze 7.1.5 still bad!? As a paladin the justice gaze 7.1.5 still will be a downgrade for any TOC heroic (secondary perfect stats) item. It is a item that brings zero dps or any utility beyond the 75% threshold). Seriously the developers needs to buff this items beyond the scope it is currently hold. It is below anything else a retribution paladin want in a 7.1.5 patch. It seems that this items is lost and wont be used in any scenario in the future patches...Thesheriff11 15h
22h Is it the most boring expansion for RET? I feel like I picked the worst expansion to try Retri paladin after playing for quite some expansions, I levelled that toon solely for the ''paladin'' theme and I am questioning if it was worth it. I mean, after having multiple melee characters, I haven't find myself this bored with that dps rotation and lack of any fancy abilities, appreantly they removed hammer of wrath too for some nevermind adding new cool abilities looks like they've removed the already existing ones.So how do you guys feel this expansion for the retri? You havin' fun?....coz I don't really. And I am not even about the ''DPS'' or viability of the spec pvp-pve wise.It's just that the rotation and the overall feel is so dull to the point I get bored while just by playing it...Incubbuz15 22h
1d Can't choose: Ret Paladin or Warrior!? Good evening! I have recently returned to the game and I'm pretty much torn on what to play. I've narrowed it down to either warrior or a paladin. I don't have time to play both because I'm busy with work so my time to play games is limited. I'm only interested in pve, might do a battleground for fun once in a while but it's not my main goal. I'll be playing mildly casually, mostly doing LFR or when the guild has a raid going on, though this won't be any progressive raiding. I would love the class that would give me the most easiest time in doing stuff on my own. I'm hoping that someone could give me advice, or give me some pro's and cons about the two classes! Thanks for reading!Ardenaz6 1d
1d Rate The Transmog Above You - 14th Edition Last edition has expired, let the new one begin. :)Roshani86 1d
1d About 7.2 new traits for ret paladin. SO BORING So it seems we gonna get boring new golden trait Judge unworthy - When you deal damage to a target afflicted by Judgment, it has a 50% chance to spread to a nearby target. Judge unworthy is pure AOE golden trait and we already have AOE golden trait. For golden trait this trait is lackluster and BORING. And strange new trait Righteous Verdict - Your Holy Power spending abilities increase the damage of your next Blade of Justice / hammer Righteous Verdict seems doesn't stacks or does it? When you use 2x TV for example is it gonna stack or just replace 1st one? This makes our rotation really clunky. We use blade of justice to build up holy power and use holy power spending . Holy power spending ability increasing holy power generating ability damage seems really strange design . And Blessing of the Ashbringer - When your Greater Blessings are active, gain Blessing of the Ashbringer. Blessing of the Ashbringer grants 2000 Strength. Blessing of the Ashbringer seems like blizzzard way of making ppl use their blessings but again this is really boring trait.Skorcha1 1d
1d why can i auto use Serphim's Blessing in MOS i do not have this talent, but i combat in MOS, this talent will be trigger, why?Chenconghexi0 1d
1d does retri get better at 110 ? i feel like killing things goes slow its like im playing a tank spec maybe its me because not a melee fan but heard retri is easy with bubble and hand spellsUtakata1 1d
1d Maraads hpala question I just received Maraads Dying Breath and am curious of people's opinions on what legendary set up i should use in raids and M+. I have: Maraads (feel like i will have to change my whole healing style) Uthers Guard Aggrammar Stride Sephuz Secret Shoulders. None seem that good apart from shoulders tbh so not sure what the optimal set up is. ThanksHailno3 1d
1d Tichondrius Greetings fellow Paladins! I'd like to ask for your help in a matter that has been giving me headaches from time to time when I am tanking Nighthold. This problem of mine does not show up all the time, but when it does it makes tanking this specific boss a nightmare. Basically, my problem with this boss is that during the swap phase, there are times when my taunt, Hand of Reckoning, for some reason refuses to snap aggro away from the other tank, and I often need to use the ability two or three times until it finally does what it should and turn the boss on me. At first I thought that I am merely targetting one of the adds by mistake, but even after clicking on the boss multiple times or dropping and re-targeting him it did not seem to make taunt work again. When this happens Taunt goes on CD, I see the animation going through but I just simply do not gain aggro. I have this problem on this specific boss only, taunt works on all the others as it should. Am I alone with this problem? Some help would be greatly appreciated.Athiyk7 1d
1d What's up with holy pvp? I'm pretty fresh to 110 and I'm really struggling in pvp at the moment. My biggest crit heal has been 390k. In contrast my highest damage hit has been closer to 500k... Is this a common trend? Is there a way for me to increase my healing/things I am probably doing wrong? Any advice would be appreciated!Lheor2 1d
1d Torn between hpala and resto shaman. Came back to WoW recently and i am having trouble deciding between my two healers. I hear that all healers are close enough when it comes to numbers but between the two which one is preferred? My focus will be mythics++, some PuG raids and maybe PvP.Hocan13 1d
1d Race I don't have time to class trial every race. I'm looking at animations and transmogs first, then racials. Faction doesn't matter. Thanks.Asmaden3 1d
2d Relic Question Hi Guys I have a question about my holy relics for ret. I currently use Flickering Timespark (ilv 885) and Flickering Timespark (ilv 880). I now got a Glistening Meteorite Shard (il 915), holy slot. Do I exchange the 880er relic (with the good trait for +crusade duration) ? With the new 915 relic my weapon would go up from 907 to 916 (+9). Any help/advice/recommendations would be much appreciated. Cheers ExExcalithan2 2d
2d Lost an Order Hall Quest (can't log into the Paladin on the forums for some reason) So I was doing the part of the Order Hall chain where you're killing demons to get pages to a journal (the one right after the Black Rook Hold quest), when the quest bugs out and stops dropping pages. I figure I'll just abandon the quest and retake it, except after I abandoned it... Well it's gone. The quest giver who gave it to me now won't give me the quest. What do I do?Damga1 2d
2d Overflowing as holy First week healing overflowing as holy paladin anyone got good tips?Vordek1 2d
2d Flash of Light and Retribution Paladin Similar to how Enhacement Shaman's can use their Healing Surge instantly by spending Maelstorm, I feel that Retribution Paladins needs a similar way of casting their Flash of Light instantly. Comparing other Damage Dealing classes healing utility it feels like us Paladins are lacking greatly on this matter. I'd be happy to see your opinion, especially if you disagree and can show me how a Retribution Paladin can sufficiently heal during a fight. Edit: I should have clarified that I am talking about PvP.Karamela7 2d
2d Contemplation I now know what this spell its for. For the last 3 weeks on 4 Characters I have received nothing I can use from Seal of Broken Fate drops from world bosses or Raids or M+ dungeons. Thats when you click on Contemplation!Cùrsé3 2d
3d % Movement speed out of combat I'd absolutely love an ability that just increases movement speed out of combat for any of the specs really, just trying to do old content or anything indoors is a huge pain in the but.Holycowpies3 3d
3d Dont know where to go Prot Paladin! Hello guys, I've been gearing this character as a maniac, but I dont see where I should focus on now, can anyone take a look at my character and see where I can work on. I think I have way to much crit. I can use all kinda information, aslong as its feedback I can work with. Thank You, greetings WestbýWestbý2 3d
3d Hunting down Highlord bonus set and relics. So, as the title says I just found out there is a bonus set and i'm about to hunt it down! My question is simply if I can use pieces from LFR along with Normal mode raids? Because I hope getting this bonus set and some damage relics from ToV and Nighthold instead of "reduce cool down on shield" relics will help me alot pulling better dps for Nighthold which is pretty low atm ... around 290-370k.Therane1 3d
4d Is Ret bad again? Ive been away for a our dps once again in the !@#$ter? I dont mean like "anything below 20 million dps is bad" but, could i easily engage 2-3 even-leveled enemies and come out unscathed?Vaardruna25 4d
4d Pali Tanks in 7.2 Hey guys, I've not been paying too much attention to the upcoming patch and I was wondering if anyone could let me know roughly how Palis are looking when compared to over tanks as of 7.2? Cheers :)Kwinzor3 4d
5d What Relic is better ? Hello, Im 897 retri pala and i got a question about relics. I have already 3 bis relic in my weapon (increase the duration of your avenging wrath by 2.5 sec) holy 870,fire 880,holy 890. Today i got holy 905 (reduce cd on shield of vengance).When i put this instead of 870 its a boost of +10 ilvl on weapon. The question is... This 905 ilvl holy give me overall boost to dps or will be weaker ???. I have 2 bis legend (cape,waist) so im little confused right now, dont know what to do ;oKoochi4 5d
5d Holy Pala Arena Well I just decided to stop playing my DK until next expansion.So I want to play Paladin again but How do you feel about Legion Holy pala at arena compared to WOD ? Is it easier or harder ? Is it a trainfest ? clunky ? I just cant choose between Ret or Holy pala. I was having really hard time during WoD at arena as holy so I really dont wish to play it again if it is like that or harder.Rivornel5 5d
5d Will they rework Retri in PvP at 7.2? Anyone knows?Sanctifíed0 5d
6d weekly bounty 7th time in a row got 900ring for completing mythic15+, 4 of them are exactly the same, didn't delete them and still got the same rings. Mastery + versa or mastery + crit, crappy stats for retribution and prot, loot prio is retry, i don't play holy at all...Megle2 6d
6d Buff Divine Purpose? Pretty Pls? Honestly, Crusade is complete cookie cutter nonsense - just like how Double Bacon was for Holy back in WoD. Ret's gameplay is centered entirely on this one talent, which is completely absurd and goes against the whole point of the talent system. You either take Crusade and get comfy with those AV-duration relics or you can kiss your deeps goodbye. I doesn't help that, personally, I really don't like having most of my dps cramped into a tiny burst window. Whenever you have a playstyle like this, it just feels like what you press outside of the window is pointless. Now, if this was a design that was baked into the class by nature, like it is for Arms Warriors, I wouldn't complain and just play something different. But this isn't the case here at all. This playstyle is created entirely through ONE single talent that ought to have 2 other equal-ish choices. So Blizz, can we please get those alternatives? Or at least one? Holy Wrath is hot garbage, so can we get a buff to Divine Purpose at least? Buffing the proc rate and/or making it also boost the damage of the free HP spender would be the obvious, if boring, choice. But what about giving it a redesign, making it so for each HP you spend, the remaining CD of AV is reduced by 0.5 seconds? That would give us two polar opposite playstyles (frequent small burst vs infrequent huge burst) to choose fromShamjenna0 6d
6d Dusting off my hpala Hey guys, I want start playing my hpala again. My focus will be mostly PUG-raiding, keystones and a bit of pvp most likely random bgs, daily rbg and a few arena wins for cap. Been looking around guides and mostly it's just confusing, they either contradict eachother or state odd things such as 4pc set not very important hence this post. 1. I'm lowlevel geared, are there any items worth farming that greatly increases heal output? Like for my warrior you really want the DoS/CoF combo. 2. Crit cap. What is it? How much is minimum recommended crit? 3. What is the best way to meter-pad in raids? I know this is a stupid question but since I'm pugging when some average puggers stands in fire and wipe us the first thing getting looked at are the meters. Can hpalas pad meter to exceed raid healers like dudus? 4. Does it get better? When I played this at legion launched it felt like every other healer had much easier time putting up bigger numbers. Is this a scaling thing? 5. What are some popular 2s comp for hpaladin? I take it the usual for 3s are good, tsg or some castercleave. Think that was it, for now. Thanks guys.Amador5 6d
21 Mar RET palas required! crit vs vers Hey guys, quick question for those die hard rets. IM currently a MS prot guy 54 traits good gear blah blah, just recently gone to ret as an OS, now i have a few different gear sets as follows :- High haste (43%) with 14 crit and 12 vers 35% haste with 19 crit 9 vers or 30% haste with 14 vers 17 crit Now i'm wondering from experience what have you guys found to be better Higher crit of Higher vers. I know all the stats baring mastery are very close and that's why i'm asking from experience and play style as i prefer this to just raw sims. many thanks! ps. I wouldn't look at my armory as i change a lot from prot to holy etc so you wont have a good snapshot of my gear, just go from what i put above as a guideline.Hakurenn6 21 Mar
21 Mar Judge Unworthy is this JOKE? Is Judge Unworthy blizzard's April's Fool Joke? Is this our new Golden Trait tell me you are just joking with us blizzard ... Source - 21 Mar
19 Mar Graphics: Divine Protector Hi Im Qerub I dislike the way the models we play hold the Divine Protector hammer (3rd skin variation of the Oathseeker). The model holds the hammer way to far up on the shaft, making it feel really unskilled. In combat, the velocity of swining the hammer would never reach a deadly speed. Requested solution Please, can Blizzard artists please move the model of the hammer versus the hand a bit so there is more of a swing in the momentum? Thank youQerub0 19 Mar
18 Mar Holy Shockadin Guide (Holy Dps Paladin) Hello there ladies and gentlemen this is Xenoxis and this is a guide for how to Holy Shockadin (Holy Paladin DPS Spec). Part 1 Now before we begin i kinda wish eventually that this spec would become like its own thing like a fourth spec for paladins and that spec would be the one using the big two handed mace while the regular holy paladin would be able to use a one hander and shield. This would also solve the problem of the fact that lots of holy paladins out there miss their shield and to be honest for thoose maining holy paladin for a long time i can defiently see where the loss of the shield is a big deal. The two handed weapon style ofcourse fits more to the holy shockadin playstyle (wich is i guess what Uther Lightbringer is like as there are a few similarities to how he handles in Heroes of the Storm) although i guess thats how he would fight in WoW as well yes i know how he fought in Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos. Dungeons So for dungeons Holy Shockadin is actually very viable and in many cases you will easily out dps retribution specced paladins. This is mainly because of how disgustingly strong our holy shock can be (very reliant on procs and crits) in thoose super lucky situations when it procs 4x in a row is hilarious and then even in rather crappy item level and not fully optimized critting for over 500k is pretty neat. Now you need to que as dps ofcourse so they wont expect you to heal but keep in mind that even throwing out the light of dawn heal everytime its up and trying to hit the majority of the group still adds a lot of nice offheals and as a draenei you can use your mark of the naruu to great effect. PvP As far as pvp goes here you cannot que as damage as that puts you into ret specc infact it forces you into it so you need to que as a healer even if your not planning on healing. Yeah wich is why you kinda have to stick to doing random bgs and not arenas unless ofcourse you can get a premade group going that is okay with you going shockadin. Pvp wise there are a few things we are missing though (Not having a Hand of Hindrance like our Ret Buddies is a pretty big deal). Also for survivability reasons Unbreakable Spirit is a complete must reducing the cooldown of Divine Shield (Immunity), Divine Protection (Damage Reduction) and Lay on Hands (Heals you for max health) by 30%. Main problem is in the same tier, Tier 2 you have the Cavalier skill wich gives divine steed 2 charges. My solution to well pretty much for all paladin specs is bake the Cavalier that is in both Prot/Holy and Ret trees into the Knight Templar skill (that only shows up in the Prot Tree). Knight Templar (Reduces the cooldown of Divine Steed by 50% and reduces all damage taken while mounted on your divine steed by 20%) now for Prot paladins you bake in the 2 charges from Cavalier. For the other specs however what it does might be diffrence like for Holy Paladins make it last longer but have longer cooldown and make it heal you for a certain amount when you use it. For Ret Paladins it could give you a haste buff that last for a decent amount of time and make Ret Paladin have the shortest cooldown and also make them have 3 charges or something. Ofcourse it would be called diffrent things for both Holy and Ret.Xenoxis15 18 Mar
18 Mar Macro cast on focus target's target Hi all, I'm looking for a macro that lets me cast a spell on the target of my focus. When I raid I use judgement of light. My thought is that I always set one of the tanks as my focus target, then I want to use judgement and cast it on whatever that tank is targetting. In addition, if I don't have a focus target I want to cast it on my own target. Is that possible in any way?Rodeth7 18 Mar
17 Mar how can improve my DPS to 650K ? i do not have back and waist of legendary. so what should i do ? my eq is 903Chenconghexi18 17 Mar
17 Mar mythic + holy pala talents? Anyone that could recommend talent set up? Never healed as holy paladin since mop.Vordek5 17 Mar
16 Mar How to fix Holy Wrath? Replace it with a better talent. It is a shame that Retribution Paladins have a end tier talent that is used by no one... Blizzards must find a replacement for it, maybe some talent that compliment Mastery and make it viable Here is something i thought of - bringing back an old ability but tweaked a little: [Seal of Vengeance]-Talent Your Mastery now also increase damage done by Holy Vengeance and Conviction by X% Passive Your damaging abilities applies Holy Vengeance to the target, dealing X amount of Holy damage(modified by mastery) over 5-15 sec(modified by Haste), stacks up to 5-10 stacks. Grants Ability [Conviction]-Talent Instant requires level 100 20-45 seconds cooldown(modified by Haste) Convict enemies within 10 yards, consuming all Holy Vengeance applications and dealing X Holy damage(modified by mastery) for each application of Holy Vengeance on the target I think this passive and active ability will be a great replacement for Holy Wrath and a good contender for Crusade It will be a good AoE ability since you can apply the stacks with abilities such as Divine Storm and Divine hammer etc... and then explode them at high stacks This talent will make so that Paladins are less Burst and more sustained and a haste mastery setup will allow Paladin to use different gear or experiment with different builds to find what they think is best for the encounter I left the number modification for developers, but i hope you get the general idea of this talent. Please tell me what you think and also what you think should fix the Holy Wrath Talent.Justicer2 16 Mar
16 Mar Getting the ooze Soooooooo I and many others have been waiting a ridiculous amount of time for the ooze to spawn in the western plaguelands. I have personally been waiting since 7:30 last night. What is the spawn timer on this thing and will it be improved soon because this waiting is horrific.Kaylob1 16 Mar
16 Mar Nat Pagle's Guide to Extreme Anglin Hey peeps,. Ive got nefarions head and a thoroughly read copy of Nat Pagle's Guide to Extreme Anglin. But I'm getting confused in regards to the second book Nat Pagle's Guide to Extreme Anglin one guide says you get it from alterac Valley another says you get it from a dusty tome in dire maul. Which is it or is it both. Many thanksKaylob4 16 Mar
16 Mar retri pally 400k dps 880 ilvl im a retri paladin and i do 400k dps is it enough for my 880 ivlKampo6 16 Mar
16 Mar Draught of Souls BiS? Hello guys, According to icy-veins did I get -super- lucky today and dropped the item "Draught of Souls" on ilvl 900 from the Nightborne Chest(Weekly Quest). Now, reading its effect and doing simplistic math, it tells me that at the cost of standing still and not being able to do anything for 3 seconds, I'll do about 1,8M damage. Now, I am wondering if that(+the ~1,1k haste given) is actually making it eligible for declaring it a BiS trinket over Eye of Command and Faulty Counter-Measure even. Is 1,8M damage over 3 sec that much, am I just missing something? I am relatively new to paladins so I haven't got so much clue, I just recently rerolled. Any feedback that could shed light unto why it is considered a BiS trinket by icy-veins would be well appreciated. Thank you in advance!Vorathel14 16 Mar