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4d 7.3 Ret paladin, RBG PvP guide Greetings! My name is Гаримто, playing as ret paladin on RU server Blackscar, Horde. My btag is GoodFella#21446. First of all, I would like to thank old school player as known as Jamaz, he inspired me to play ret paladin in Vanilla (Ronaldo, EU Jaedenar, Rank 11 PvP) and revert back in Legion(Season5). Frankly speaking, I would like to know him in real life. Credits to: Vanguard, amazing US player, he provided detailed guide for PvP Arena. Icy Veins, SkillCapped, PvPLeaderboards - these sites helped me to gather a lot of comprehensive information to share my experience. Cowabunga! Finally we end pre-ambula. This guide is mainly devoted to RBG. It is my first guide for RBG and I am not English native speaker, so please be tolerant !!! 1. Builds As ret paladin we have only 2 viable builds: a) Mass AOE (Eye of the Storm map; dungeons) 15. Final Verdict 30. Greater Judgment 45. Fist of Justice 60. Divine Hammer 75. Eye for an Eye 90. Divine Intervention 100. Crusade b) Single target (all maps, excluding Eye of the Storm; Arena 3x3) 15. Final Verdict 30. Zeal 45. Fist of Justice 60. Blade of Wrath 75. Eye for an Eye 90. Divine Intervention 100. Crusade 2. Rotation Mass AoE: Judgement - Divine Hammer - Crusader Strike - Crusade - Divine Storm - Wake of Ashes - Divine Storm (check cooldowns) Single Target: Judgement - Blade of Justice - Zeal - Crusade - Templar's Verdict - Wake of Ashes - Templar's Verdict ... (check cooldowns) IMPORTANT: Dont use your Divine Storm/Templar's Verdict without Judgement debuff on target. TellMeWhen will help a lot to see this debuff duration. 3. Addons • FlyPlateBuffs (need as Target Caller) • NamePlateCooldowns (for advanced Target Caller) • BattleGroundEnemies (must have addon) • BigDebuffs (must have addon) • TellMeWhen (I devoted special section to explain this necessary addon) • LortiUI (personal preference, but I could not play with default Blizzard color settings) 4. Macros Simple macro to focus target /focus Simple macro to assist TargetCaller (just change the nickname of your TargetCaller) /assist Гаримто Whisper your achievement, if you want to join random RBG group /run local n=ChatFrame1EditBox:GetAttribute("tellTarget") SendChatMessage(""..n..", I'm "..GetAverageItemLevel().." lvl, 70 art, Retribution Paladin, "..GetAchievementLink(405).."! Invite plz!","WHISPER",nil,n) ChatFrame1EditBox:Hide() How it works? You would like to send message to Raid Leader (f.i. name Tafsiri) of random group. You greet Tafsiri and then press macro and Tafsiri gets the following message "Tafsiri, I'm 930 lvl, 70 art, Retribution Paladin, Three's Company 2000, Invite plz!". So the main issue is to define your achievements, achievement code (in my macro - "405") you can find on And of course change your personal information (class, art level) MoveAnything /run PaladinPowerBarFrame:ClearAllPoints() /run PaladinPowerBarFrame:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", 492, -330) /run PaladinPowerBarFrame:SetScale(1.4) You can move whatever you like, to observe what you want to move with command /fstack To exit /fstack mode - just write /reload In my macro, I move PaladinPowerBar and increase default size to center of my screen under the char position. If you use UI scale, then please check "492, -330" - just find your best numbers to place your moveframe. The main macro #showtooltip Hammer of Justice /cast [nomod, target=mouseover, harm][] Hammer of Justice /cast [mod:alt, target=focus] Hammer of Justice For RBG, you do not need macros as Arena (tar1, tar2, tar3) - you need mouseover macro. Above macro helps you to mouseover enemy, if no mouseover enemy, it casts on current target. You press+ Alt and you HoJ focus target. This macro can be used for friendly spells, just change "harm" with "help" #showtooltip Flash Heal /cast [nomod, target=mouseover, help][] Flash Heal /cast [mod:alt, target=Гаримто] Flash Heal Mouseover heal, or current target heal. You press+ Alt and you heal yourself (just change nickname) 4. TellMeWhen Reserved. It is core addon to be competent RBG player, so I will prepare substantial information how to use TMW addon.Гаримто1 4d
1d Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 1d
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
45m Not allowed to complete MT challenge Aight, this is primarily just me complaining and letting out A LOT of pent up rage from the past few months from me attempting to complete the Healer Mage Tower Challenge. It's apparently impossible for me. It isn't because I'm too dumb to stun the mages, or hide behind one of my dead weights, or something like that. Or because I'm not using the proper talents, or I don't have enough itemlevel. No, my failures are 100% blizzard's fault. At least the most recent ones (aka the past few weeks ever since I started going for it again. The reason why is because every. Damn. Time. I try to do it something goes horribly wrong. Something that I can't control. It's either I get kicked when I'm facing the last pack (only the Holy know why that happens), Jarod is unable to hold threat and all mobs instantly jump on the Granny and nuke her, or the FKBs( fan of Knives Boys, as I call them) somehow Crit Jarod and ONLY Jarod, my Stun doesn't go through on the mage ( I did check if I somehow didn't press the button, it had 58 s CD and I was targeting the mage), JAROD switches target to a FKB while I'm lining up the GGA(aka Good Game Arrow aka Mana Sting) LAST SECOND and it hits me, or (and this is my favourite and the one that happens 100% of the time), the game somehow either registers me pressing "s" as me pressing "q" ( which I have Tyr's Deliverance bound to), or it doesn't realize I'm not pressing it anymore, and I find myself backpedaling into oblivion because I can't get the game to wake up. And before you say it's a hardware problem, it's not. I've tried multiple games, spammed "s" like an idiot and it never happened. Furthermore, it never happens in the world, or in an instance, or in another challenge. It always ALWAYS happens during the healer challenge. Therefor, I believe Blizzard just has some sort of a problem with me. I don't know and I honestly don't care anymore. (The farthest I've got was P2,just before writing this. Died because backpedal)Anthoras5 45m
1h Tyrant Velhari heroic solo (HFC) I'm trying to do this for the blue calamity transmog. How do I kill her? Seems like my health plummets really fastLenneth2 1h
11h Highlord Kruul Knockbacks Hello fellow Paladins, I am struggling with Kruul still, had my first 20 trys today. How are you supposed to predict the knock backs from the infernals? The eyes are ok. You've got the green beams that help you position but the Infernals Knockback seem too less graphic in this cluster!@#$ of special effects and mechanics to worry about especially during phase two. I just see my brains memory storage overload in P2. Any tips? I've tried kiting Kruul in circles and staying on the move but that gets especially difficult over time as the ground fills up with green zones and you need to run around to grab Orbs, too. It's so unforgiving. One mistake and it's over. I guess it's called Ragetower for a reason.Gwelwenant22 11h
16h Stoicism and Devo aura bugged in pvp Devo aura split on 3 targets gives 6% damage reduction, talent is supposed to do 20% and you lose 2% damage reduc by standing close in 3v3. Stoicism on the artifact talent tree is bugged too, it's supposed to be a 15% decrease in dmg taken from light of the martyr but it's 43% on the tooltip which means it only gives 7%.Akiyuki1 16h
19h What are your thoughts about Paladin in this expac? Hey, so I just want to know, mainly paladin mains or ex paladin mains. What do you think about him this expansion? Why do I ask, because I think paladin was so much more fun in Warlords of Draenor. Say what you will about that expansion, but Paladin was in the right spot. Where I felt like a real "battle priest" which is what paladins, essentially are. With a good mix of damage abilities, both melee and ranged, with great self sustain capabilites to poke their enemies to death. I enjoyed not being the most powerful (which, lets be clear, pala is not even now) but atleast in pvp and arenas, I depended on my ability to stay alive. Now I feel like more of a glorified warrior. Which still cool, it doesn't have that much identity from my point of view. (talking about ret pala) I hope there will be some changes in BfA, since I really miss exorcism :(Fultric1 19h
1d Rate The Transmog Above You - 14th Edition Last edition has expired, let the new one begin. :)Roshani379 1d
1d Hammer of Wrath Ret Pala has always been my main and favourite class but I just can't to get to like the Legion rotation. Is there any chance that we will get back our hammer of wrath? I really don't get why warriors should be the only class with an execute type spell? What have they exactly fixed by removing Hunters, Locks and Ret Pala finisher type spells from Legion?Cùrsé21 1d
1d Prot for PvP ? Hello, i have question is prot paladin viable as pvp spec ? Or its performance realy weak ? Or should i just go ret and kill? Im look more on BG not arenas playing. Thanks.Pekulsh1 1d
1d Glyph of Winged Vengeance For Crusade Can we soon Fix this glyph so it works for [Crusade] ????Furcás2 1d
2d Prot pally Mage Tower Challenge. Just a really good question... Why do paladins get like 30% more hp on Inquisitor, compared to other tanks? What i hear, druid has less than 40m on the boss, which i could easily dispatch with my pally.. But 60m? Really? Is there a real point to this? After enough tries to wreck my mouse and keyboard, i'm just giving up. Not because it's hard, but because it's just not fair for tank A to have to do it the hardest possible way, compared to tank B. Pointers would help aswell, good ones. L2P donkeys can just continue to the next thread.Dendrofiili5 2d
2d Protection paladin in Tomb of Sargeras Hello peeps... Is it just me who struggle during raiding as tank pally on HC / Myth diff in ToS? On Myth ToS Goroth, through all my cds i manage still get hit by almost 5.5M.... I know, i don't have one bis legos, but still... through GoAK and Defender get hit so much? Is there gonna be some boost for us "armor" tanks?Awney7 2d
2d Anduin's class Very well guys, Blizzard said that Anduin is 100% a priest. Yet he does exactly the same as Turalyon, who, just like Anduin, was a priest that started to take up arms when the Orcs came, he used his priest powers, plate armour, and a mace. This is exaclty like Anduin, but Anduin uses a sword instead of a hammer! Right now Anduin is the definition of a paladin! Can someone give a plausible answer, or even Blizzard? Saying that he is a Hero is not a justification, it is the same as Saurfang starting using necrotic powers and saying he is still a warrior!Jreymer9 2d
3d Death knight VS paladin No, this is not one more in the line "who would win". Rather, I am considering which of the two to make my new main, so I was hoping forums could help me out here. I like them both, both are almost equally slow and luckily I care not for healing. So - from those that have experience on both sides, which one do you think performs better? Fields I am interested in are PvE dps and tanking and PvP. Which one outputs more damage, survives better (in mythic dungeons, normal and perhaps heroic raids) as a tank and has better killing/staying power in PvP? Any tips and insights are welcomed! (and yeah, this is duplicate thread from DK forum, as I wish to hear opinions from both sides :) )Falliene13 3d
3d Retribution mage tower challenge Is it possible to do the mage tower quest for retribution without legendaries? I really want that artifact skin but I just can't wrap my head around how to do this fight...Tanais12 3d
3d Retribution design Greetings fellow WoW players, I come here to ask for your strength to reclaim our fun as a retribution paladin. Even in WoD, this spec was fun, interesting, and required the player to chose, we had the power to pick between talent A or B, for both were viable in any case! Right now we either chose AoE, single target, or when there isn't this choice, Divine Intervention and Crusade! Even Seals, I dare say one of the most iconic things of paladins were removed! Just like Hammer of Wrath!! These are more fantasy of this class than warrior related abilities like Colossus smash ( Judgement )! I want a class that is immersive, that requires me to pay attention to everything, to weave my abilities (Ex. Divine Storm Procs, Divine purpose and Final Verdict ), even if it has RNG involved!I find no pleasure when I click Judgement, or TV, only Wake of Ashes, sometimes, whereas in WoD it would feel so good to get 3 or 4 or even 2 procs in a row, and this would happen more often than not, and require me to think which to use first, if I should store it; Moreover, our DPS wouldn't be THAT bad if we didn't get so lucky, it was still viable! And, of course, there was the choice to minimize RNG and still have an immersive play style, like the Seal talent, it felt so good to get all of them at the same time, and it would be good for the paladin in everysingle way! Alas, consider what you did to us, please! #ReversethepruneJreymer1 3d
4d Multi role and artifact power Hey all, probably a dumb question, but with the artifact weapons it seems that is much more complicated (time consuming is probably the correct), to be multi role since it requires to farm AP to all artifact weapons, just leveled a paladin and thought on this because it's retribution but then to tank or heal must farm, am I correct on this? :|Mataalhunter1 4d
4d dps or ilvl hi pallys my current ilvl is 936 with 4 piece t20. i can equip 939 ilvl with better stats but without t20 and when i sim like that i lose dps according to simc. so what is your opinion? is ilvl important so much to lose dps?Rifadin6 4d
4d Highmountain paladin Where and who can I write a request for Highmountain Tauren to be able to roll paladin? I imagine the blizz devs working on this don't check this forum much and use requests for their in game ideas? Thanks!Taurus13 4d
6d Forsaken for a whole extention I can't help but to think the paladin had be be forgotten by Blizz this whole extention : - At each patchnote, where other classes have rework, new mechanic, balance of unused talent, we barely get one or two lines everytime (when it's not "nothing at all like the upcoming 7.3.2). Okay, it's more or less the idea that you like how paladin work, but think about it this way, other class get changed, some new things, while the paladin gameplay have not moved at all since the start of the extention - You've managed to create the most uncreative set bonus ever, with the t21 being as crappy as possible (for prot and holy at least, prot is now the only set where the 4P is mathematically so bad it's 4 time worst than the 2P) - The hall mount ... Yeah. Nothing say "screw you" more than giving everybody something kind of new and unique and throwing a poney at us. - New healing animation/sound : Shaman get a super cool new animation, priest get a cool new rez ... and for paladin ? They have just COPY/PAST the priest healing sound and remplace ours olds with this. Period. When I see all other classes treatment, I feel just discarded, we're the "Meh, it's balanced, why bother?" class.Undone5 6d
11 Nov Hidden Asbringer (Nat Pagle's Guide to Extreme Anglin.) Hello People, "Nat Pagle's Guide to Extreme Anglin. " this item is only drop Alterac Valley , drop change?Palaboyz0 11 Nov
11 Nov BfA talent changes. So according to this we’re loosing divine intervention and our Wake of Ashes ability is becoming a talent, sharing the tree with crusader. Is that really wise? I mean sure loosing divine intervention sucks, it’s one of my all time favourite talents and loosing it is a big blow to ret survivability and our ability to soak (Please reconsider its removal!). But putting something that’s currently baseline and a fun part of using Crusade on the same talent row just kinda kills a bit of the spec for me. I wouldn’t say it dumbs it down it just... takes away somehing that was fun, popping crusade and using Wake of Ashes to get 5 holy power right of the bat was enjoyable, now that synergy no longer exists. Wouldn’t it be better to bake Final Verdict into the spec and have Wake of Ashes replace that in the talent tree instead?Aeula20 11 Nov
11 Nov Levelling as Holy... Hey guys, I was hoping for some help and advice. I'm really struggling to heal dungeons as a Holy Paladin, and I can't get my head around it. I never had this much trouble with a Shaman or Priest. Did Holy Paladins get hit with the nerf hammer recently? Or am I just doing something wrong?Stoutheart8 11 Nov
11 Nov Am I doing this right? So I've healed all the LFR Raids in Legion so far which isn't exactly hard so I'm worried I may have a false sense of accomplishment. I did heal Emerald Nightmare in a Premade Group which was definitely much harder and I found myself focusing on the tanks overall while occasionally healing other healers and DPS when I thought 'Oh they're getting low and no one else is doing anything about it'. So am I right to focus on the tanks, I use my beacon and the talent which makes the heals better at close range so I'm fighting with the tank and also occasionally doing damage seeing as I'm pretty capable at that too? TL;DR - Have healed LFR, easy peasy for the most part - I mainly focused on tanks for healing in a Premade, leaving everyone else to other healers - I sometimes do damage Am I doing this right? Pointers would be helpfulEocaan0 11 Nov
10 Nov [A]Provídence is recruiting Hello, Provídence is recruiting. We are a level 25 social and casual raiding guild who has been around for a very long time and are looking for more. At the moment we cleared: 7/7 Emerald Nightmare Heroic 2/7 Emerald Nightmare Mythic 3/3 Trial of Valor Heroic 10/10 Nighthold Normal 10/10 Nighthold Heroic 9/9 Tomb of Sargeras Normal 6/9 Tomb of Sargeras Heroic But we want to pick up where we left of with doing heroic and maybe even mythic with the new raid: Antorus, the burning throne. For this we are looking for a few more healers and some DPS. At the moment we raid once a week. But we would like to go back to 2 - 3 times a week as we always have done before. If you feel like this is the guild for you, please whisper Hilversum or Aquilegia in game, react in this topic or add me on Snackbarry#1705 Thanks you for your time and hopefully see you in the guild soon :)Hilversum2 10 Nov
09 Nov LF Paladin Blizzard Group Hey there people, Is there a Blizzard Social group for Paladins? I know one exists on Discord, but now with the new features, I would like to see one built ingame, not relying on a different app that just takes space. Could anyone throw the invite link around? :)Divinebanana1 09 Nov
08 Nov holy paladin shield Will holy paladin be able to wear 1h and shield again in battle for azeroth?Maldrynn1 08 Nov
08 Nov Holy shield/2H With BfA we can equip our precious shields again. Something that makes me so happy again. But I have 1 question. Blizzard has said that we can keep our artifact skins, so that means 2H skins for holy. That means that there will be 2H Intel weapons.... I only hope that 2H will be equally viable than 1h/Shield. Will It be, right? RIGHT???Deodara3 08 Nov
08 Nov Returning player Good day to you fellow paladins. I've recently came back to WoW after some months break. I left during Nighthold and by the looks of it I'm not that far behind Can somebody please fill me in how we're doing atm? Did we have certain changes? Is the same rotation as before with Whispers? What about aoe? What about blade of justice vs blade of wrath? We using the same ST rotation and AOE? What about stats? Which is better at the moment? Trinket wise? Is still faulty countermeasure worth the hassle? What about legendaries? And which simc version should I use? I saw the last one was updated in September Please help me with some of the insight as I want to get back into it but I forgot everything so fast Thanks a lot and may the light prevail once more.Azirael0 08 Nov
07 Nov Retribution paladin PvE performance Hello! I'd like to adress my oppinion about retribution paladin's performance in PvE. Including High-end Mythic raiding and M+. So about Mythic raiding, or just raiding in general: At the moment, Retribution paladin's in general are kind of a bad addition to raiding teams. Paladin's have 1 dps spec which is retribution, but we cannot compete with other classes/specs ingame (well, at least DPS wise). We are the bottom of the list atm: (Yes Beast Master Hunters, Assassination- and Outlaw Rogues are under us dps wise, BUT, Hunters and rogues have other specs which they can swap to if that performs better dps wise). Yet we are stuck with one spec only to dps with. I'm raiding Mythic ToS with my guild, and it's kinda depressing that no matter what, Players who player other classes/specs will outperform me dps wise, if they are on the same gear level/skill/stats as me. So, every 1 likes numbers, and what is important about a dps spec? Well, to deal damage. Which we lack in most of the situation, even in ''tank spank'' situation without any movement. You just simply cannot put out as big numbers as other classes. And this is rather irritating. The reason why I find myself usefull in my raiding team are the following: Blessing of wisdom on the healers. (they actually fight with each other for it) Blessing of kings (miniature, neglectable absrob effect tbh) Abilities to counter/neglect certain mechanics with Divine shield or Blessing of protection. But other than that, you are actually useless compared to other classes. Why do I say this? Becaue, why take a Retribution paladin, when you can take a hunter/rogue for example who can do more dps than you, and have the same mechanics ignoring/neglecting abilities (Cloak of Shadows, Turtle, Cheath Death, etc.). So in the end, the only usefull ability of ours raidwise at least is blessing of wisdom, other than that every single class/spec outperforms us in every single way. Now then... it's not enough that our dps (even if there's no movement involved) Horrible compared to other classes/specs... but we are one of the most immobile dps class ingame... We have 1 ability which increases our movement speed by 100% for 3 sec, every 45 second... (Yes, we have 2 charges if we spec to it, but then we loose autobubble, another ability, which would make us usefull in certain encounters, so this talent is a ''no go''). And the fights in ToS are movement heavy, like every single boss in ToS requires a lot of movement/mechanics. Yes, this is normal ofcourse, but due to that we have insane amount of dps downtime as melee, we have 2 abilities (3 with execution talent) which can be called ''ranged abilities. 12 yrd Blade of Justice, and Judgement with 20 yrds (not counting Divine storm with that +10yrd Trait). So basicly, it's not enough that our dps is horrible even in a tank spank situation, we have to deal with our movement aswell, which results in dps downtime... I know that Rets are suppose to be a ''hybrid'' class, but tbh, what's the point of having a dps spec, which does not deal enough damage, and has miniature ''supportive'' capabilities. We have Flash of Light, which we barely use, unless we are in M+ or we have nothing else to do in a Raid encounter. World of Glory has been nerfed to the ground. So basicly we can put away the word ''Hybrid'' when it comes to rets... In M+ I can see that ret can be usefull, especially in certain dungeons which include Demons and Undeads, but in the end, you are still getting outperformed by other classes, no matter what you do... The only dungeon where ret rocks is Black Rook Hold, due to Blessing of Protection, Divine shield, and the Ashbringer AoE 6 sec stun to undeads/demons. But in every other dungeon, you are getting outperformed. So, long story short, we are bottlenecked by our design, and this should be adressed for the future... Either give us more variaty by talents/traits so we can choose if we want to go full dps without the supportive capabilities, or have lesser dps with supportive capabilities. What are your oppinions?Sentwin20 07 Nov
06 Nov Duplicate thread, please delete. DeleteAeula0 06 Nov
06 Nov Blessing of Sanctuary Hey guys, Regarding how this spell works, as I haven't used it before and this is my first paladin. 1. So you put a cc ward on your ally that will prevent cc for the next 5 sec? And consumes the buff after cc'ed? 2. It will remove cc from your ally when cast? Thanks in advance!Archtùrus1 06 Nov
05 Nov Aran's Relaxing Ruby for prot in M+? Well, I was gifted 915 aran's ruby. It procs from prot pala abilities. Do you think it's worth using for AoE dps as prot paladin? Got Umbral Moonglaives for 2nd trinket.... and my alt choice would be Cradle of Anguish or haste stat stick, all 915. Any insightful feedback? :)Alchemiczka2 05 Nov
02 Nov Highlord Charger Glyphs - Not Account-Wide? Hunters have the Tome of the Hybrid Beast that becomes available once you get the Class Order Mount and it's Account-Bound, so you can buy it on the Hunter that completed the chain and send it to your other Hunters. Every other class gets a perk that is innately account-wide, such as pets. Yet the 4 Glyphs that you unlock with the Highlord Charger Mount are Bind on Pickup. I completed the chain on the Horde - I checked the Glyph vendor on my Alliance Paladin and he doesn't sell anything either. Why not give Paladins the same kind of consideration that Hunters get? Specially considering that for Tauren and Draenei it's more than just cosmetic...Hedoba11 02 Nov
02 Nov Paladin mage tower now that ilvl of 920+ is easy obtainable nd 63 artifact weapon + also, the mage tower tactics also change so i would like to point out a few tips and since paladin one was the hardest one more thread wont hurt. -prepot enchants and buffs -go heavy on the p1 mob dont switch targets (50-60%) -when portals for adds appear go out and stun p1mob as ge is about to cas mind rend -go kill eye or 2, use avenger shiled and place consecration under friendly npc and go ham on p1mob -repeat and use aoe disorient if you have high stacks p2. since we outgear the content and its mostly alt paladins left this was for me a few trial and error scenario so; all you have to do is go away from infernals and take adds off of velen while dpsing kruul and for anihalates 1:nothing or sotr 2: artifact + sotr 3: sotr+(that ability that if you get killed you get to 12%hp) 3b: save ancient kings for when he jumps after 3th anihalate 4: bubble as much as 3 orbs spawn so dont be afraid to use them, get gliders and use them in p2 only.Aldrachi6 02 Nov
01 Nov Current state of the paladin class. Hey everyone. Im here because the whole class makes me sad at its currents state. I was super excited to play on my paladin agian for Legion. When i first started playing wow, i just couldn't find my main. Until i started to level a Paladin. It was the best feeling i ever had in wow. The whole class was just so well designed. It was unique, every spec was enjoyable and fun, and strong as well. (Looking at you WOTLK hehe). Through the expansions, the paladin was never boring/weak. It was the perfect class for me, and i never needed to reroll. Until Legion happened. When i looked at the design of the specs, oh my god. They were awful. (especially ret, the other two was just meh). Lets start with the talent tree. You pretty much have one choice for every tier. ONE. Not just that, but the class is just weak compared to others (its was garbage at the beta now its just weak). Animations and sound effects. It might be personal preference, but i dont like them. For example the judgement animation. Jeez. The old one great. I felt like a paladin when i used judgement, it was like i was choking my enemy to death with holy light as that hammer fell from the sky. (which was as hilarious as it looked nice lol) Not just me, but 90% of the paladin players fell that now ret feels slow and u are spamming 3 buttons, so ret now deals brain damage instead of holy. (not to mention Ashbringer gives us mastery that we dont need) I dont get the fact that why you have to take everything from a class that the paladin players loved. Exorcism. Why? Hammer of Wrath. Why? some of these iconic abilities made the ret rotation unique and satisfying. You have taken auras. (which were outdated so its understandable, even if i liked them so much). The Paladin was awesone every xpac, since all blizz did is that they kept the old abilities, tweaked some and did some mini reworks on them so they dont feel outdated, sometimes added something new to their kit, keeping them exciting. Blizzcon is coming. I really hope that blizz does something with the specs next expansion, or its game over for me because i dont enjoy the class that i loved for many years. ( I tried rerolling but none of the specs in the game bring back the fun i used to have playing ret and prot). Dont get me wrong. Changes ARE IMPORTANT for every class. But when they change a class, please dont destroy the fun factor completely. Thanks for reading, have a nice day.Äkirim13 01 Nov
31 Oct Legendary state of play Since I singed 110 I’ve been on the hunt for the waist, I got stuck with the helm and well not a fan. Since then I got the back and the highlord ring, when I checked askmrrobot it recommended the back + waist as best combo but when I read on forums I’m hearing back+highlord. My query is this, am I best with back+highlord until I have 4pc set then switch to back+waist. I’m aware they have different stengths based on the fight but not likely to switch between fights in HC TOS (don’t mythic raid not there yet). Very curious for feedback as this seems to be a heated debate on most forums but no clear route.Fluidice3 31 Oct
30 Oct My Paladin is boring slow :'( Hi! I just recently came back to Legion and I chose to play my Paladin. I like him overall and having good fun. However something is bothering me which is mobility! I see every other class have many speed features, which I think Paladin is not quite there! Sure we have Divine Steed, but the 45 sec cooldown!!! Kitting us in PvP is so easy nowadays and PvE content is so boring. For example while running old instances I take ages when other classes is so smoothly. I think we had a speed increase back in MoP when using Judgment, was it removed? I really like my Paladin and don't want to reroll due to this alone. Is there any chance WoW developers can address this? Many thanks! AtituteAtitude8 30 Oct
28 Oct best heirlooms for ret/prot pala? i wanna know which would be better (for lvling ofc) for both ret and prot between crit ones crit+haste ones haste onesRàgnàr2 28 Oct
26 Oct Ret running out of ideas - dps issue Severely struggling with ret dps. I will give some background, I played back in LK - barely getting in raids, Cata only DS and Mysts. In LK I was a warrior (dps), Cata I was rogue/mage, Mysts I was holy Pali. I took a long break after my account was hacked and decided on a fresh start. Loved the Pali so decided to come back, levelled as ret and after reaching 110 and doing some gearing not keen on returning to holy as a tank healer. Considering a shami for next exp but for this one I’m sticking ret and want to nail this down. I’m using icy veins and ask mr robot and this morning got 7/9 HC but lowest dps every fight at a push I can hit 800-900k, I installed a rotation add on and I’m pretty much on point and should be seeing more output at least from my perspective. I checked wowlogs but not much really sure how to interpret it there was a thread on the forums about looking for 80th percentile as a baseline but I couldn’t figure out how to narrow it to a percentile and minimal information for boss fights with my ilvl. My relics are trash HC hoping for tos norm to offer me something to upgrade them this week and my lefties aren’t great so I’m farming for better but am I right in think 800k is poor (this is fairly consistent across bosses). Appreciate any suggestions, where to farm or a chance in talents etc is the rotation on icyveins accurate? Really at a loss never had dps issues with any other class Using phone can’t figure out how to chance character I post as, fluidice on azjol-nerub 26 Oct
26 Oct veiled Argunite help! hey guys my gear looks like this "dont know why i can¨t choose my paladin" What should i upgrade with my veiled Argunite ? - trinkets ? i have no clue what to buy! thanks ;DInstïnct5 26 Oct
25 Oct Aegelsjamur legendary wrist So I got this and it doesn't show up on the icy veins list of best legendaries for a tank. I think because it's relatively new. I only have 2 legendaries anyway so I'm not exactly spoilt for choice, but how does this legendary rate when compared to the others available to prot?Archër3 25 Oct
25 Oct Give holy option to transmog into 1h+shield. Your new holy direction is stupid as is, and limit us to 2h suddenly after 12 years of using 1h+shield is just disrespectful. Keep 2h for those who like it but also give us the option to transmog back to what we play holy paladins for.Mercylol27 25 Oct
24 Oct Ret pvp 7.3.5 Any idea what they plan to do with ret specc in pvp after patch release ?? anyone here played ptr ? traits /skills/mobillity anychange ?Stormenson1 24 Oct
23 Oct Delays in rotation? Hi! When I play my paladin I, very often, get delays in my rotation. The delays can be between 1-2 seconds where I don't have anything to press on and everything is on CD. Talents are 1232212. Am I to fast when using my abilities or am I missing something?Monqs5 23 Oct
23 Oct Holy pala spec hello. i am paladin with holy main spec. i am doing now nice healing in mythic + dungeons but i cant get to mythic 8+. i dont know what or how group leader decide but i am always declined as healer. i can easy heal group and doing high hps. what do u think that i am doing wrong?Ladomor5 23 Oct
22 Oct Truthseeker "buff" where is it from? A seemingly permanent buff that makes the truthseeker show a radiating aura around the paladings Truthseeker shield. The buff is called Truthseeker and the flavor text goes "The Truthguard hums with anxious energy. Something demonic must be disguised nearby!" ( Where is this from? Is it possible to allow this to be active permanently? Or how does it workHraj5 22 Oct