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23 Oct 2018 Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 23 Oct 2018
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15 Nov Are we going to survive? (Discipline m+) First of all, with all of my respect to all healer priests. This qeustion is aimed at people that are 1500+ Have never ever done ptr, have anyone tried disc in ptr 8.1 m+ higher keys? If you did, how good/bad was it? Do you think that we are going to be "new resto shaman" in 8.1 with all of the nerfs incoming? Thank you all.Nadbiskup9 15 Nov
15 Nov Rate the transmog above you part 3 Old one reached it post limit.Ðeáth362 15 Nov
15 Nov shadow priest 0 mobility 8.1 with removing of mania and indirect nerf to body and soul (by adding weakened soul) shadow will have really big mobility problems next patch! + having added weakened soul feel really wierd body and soul will be 100% taken talent in pve so imo it should be replaced with something like spectral guise and adding some form of mobility baseline to shadow priest!!! also adding tentacles that slow and spawn from mind flay like artifact weapon trait did would help shadow priest a lot tooWosler1 15 Nov
14 Nov HUGE Shadowpriest Survivability nerf 8.1 For those who think the focus will buff is nice, well... it wont help for !@#$ in 8.1 I just logged on the PTR and noticed that our pvp talent "[Edge of Insanity]" recived a pahtetic nerf. Edge of Insanity: Requires Priest (Shadow) While not in Voidform, reaching 90 insanity reduced damage taken by 10%, and increases damage dealt by 10% for 15 sec. Prepeare for gettin Trained 24\7 in arenas. GJ blizz, GJ Hooolinka !)=("/#)(=!/"#. God i hate thisBipolarßear20 14 Nov
14 Nov Whats the point in shadow form? Back in the day shadow form presented players with a choice. We had access to holy spells but couldn't cast them while in shadow form so we would need to dip in and out of it to heal etc. Now with class pruning, I cant think of any reason a shadow priest wouldn't be in shadow form. If anything it can be a burden in bgs etc where it seems to decide at random whether to persist through death, so its easy to forget its there. With all the balancing suggestions floating around, I'd suggest making the current 10% dmg and survivability bonuses baseline and making it aesthetic only. Then add the bonuses back to void form. I cant see a full rework of shadow at this stage in an expansion so with void form staying they should make it more impactful. Giving us a decent damage and survivability buff while in it gives reason to maintain it as long as possible, and easy to balance as they can just play with percentages. These changes would mirror restro druid to a certain extent with the original tree form becoming aesthetic and tree of life being a impactful form.Aronophir13 14 Nov
14 Nov Blessed Portents Can anyone confirm if Azerite traits such as the one above which procs based on your targets HP will also proc via Atonement ?Dribb2 14 Nov
14 Nov Met a Shadow Priest in a High Key m+ Some hellova dps.Anwéen22 14 Nov
13 Nov PVP as Holy priest Hi fellow players, Healing as discipline is not for me. I have sticked to holy for a long time. I have found this guide ( but this playstyle does not fit as my current gear is orientated on mastery. I do not do arenas (apart from weekly events like big brawls). Still, I always try to play my best and I think there is room for improvment. At the moment, I have chosen talents such as greater fade, spirit of the redeemer and holy word salvation (+halo + circle of Healing). This combo is more than fine for supporting groups. But, out of this situation, my healing feels too weak. I use prayer of mending + holy word sanctify more than renew. Is this part of my weakness ? Any suggestions on how to efficiently pvp as holy and maybe before spending time to gearing with haste ?Toutankarton3 13 Nov
13 Nov Disci Pvp BiS gear Hello guys. I've 2 quick questions. 1. Where do I get BiS disci PvP gear, (M+, raids, arena...which specifically?), also could you name which traits are best for PvP. 2. My conquest bar is not filling anymore, even though when I win arena match I get conquest points I cannot get gear from it. Is it a bug or? Thank you!Doktoress0 13 Nov
11 Nov 2018 Tauren Priests! where's all the tauren priests? O.oVegorr59 11 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 8.1 PTR SPriest Feedback from 'Top 100' player Hi everyone, my name is Divineas and I've been a shadow priest since MoP as my main. From MoP onward I've consistently performed among the top 100 shadow priests in Mythic Raiding. Peeking in late WoD/Early legion where I consistently placed in the top 10 of shadow priest ranks on Warcraftlogs. Being a small content creator I made a video describing and discussing the 8.1 PTR changes. I've also written a small synopsis detailing the most important changes and how these change our viability. Considering I play mostly PvE my criticisms/feedback will largely focus on this aspect of the game. Afterwards I'll quickly touch on ideas that would make shadow priest a more interesting and well rounded spec. If you are interested in watching the entire video, a link has been provided below. TL:DR conclusion Although the changes introduced in the 8.1 PTR make the current shadow priest better numerically it unfortunately does not bring any meaningful change to our slow and bland gameplay. Voidforms place in a game like WoW where front loaded damage is far more important than increased ramp over a long duration is tricky since it actively prohibits certain content in the game (M+/Open World). Although Voidform was interesting as a mechanic for a while and has been experimented upon enough in Legion, we can conclude based on experience and available data, that in order for it to at least be a viable recourse system changes have to be made to our base AoE kit to accommodate the lackluster AoE we currently poses and that it's uncoupled from Void Eruption/Entering Voidform. In depth: -General Voidform Damage/Duration buffs: Although the general damage increases that have been announced will help shadow in its current form. The fact the design team continues to push forward the idea that long Voidforms are a good thing is a serious hazard to our overall viability. As our AoE almost completely relies on the combination of Void Eruption and Dark Ascension in both M+ and raiding, not having any control on this AoE is a fundemental issue, that no other class in the game has to deal with. You could argue that other classes need to generate their own resources before being able to use their abilities and that its not as bad as it sounds. The main issue is that as Shadow Priests our single target damage relies on getting into Voidform. As such, we dont have the luxury of 'waiting' before casting Void Eruption in raid encounters considering we have a massive drop in damage if we do. Furthermore speccing into the AoE abilities Dark Void and Shadow Crash reduce our single target damage more than any other class has to deal with. Think of this like a mage normally doing 85% of their damage, they have a choice through talents if they want their remaining 15% damage be more single target focused or AoE focused. With Shadow Priest this balance is far more detrimental as our normal baseline abilities do not significantly cover both situations. As such we normally do 60% of our damage and have the choice to spec the remaining 40% into single target or 40% into AoE. This design fundamentally makes us a lot less viable than any other ranged class. -Dispersion Changes and the introduction of Intangibility Nothing but good words for the base change to Dispersion. This change hits the sweet spot in terms of damage reduction. In WoD the 90% damage reduction was obviously to high, but without our artifact weapon the BFA variant of dispersion was seriously lacking. The extra 50% movement speed is incredible and very welcome addition. However, I'm personally against the introduction of intangibility. The base changes to dispersion already make it incredibly powerful. The extra cool down reduction and additional healing is negligible. The big issue however is that due to the introduction of Intangibility in the 35 level talent row we're left with Body and Soul (BaS), San'layn and now Intangibility. This unfortunately again leaves us with only 1 movement increase in BaS and makes it completely mandatory in almost all raiding environments. So in short this talent makes the comment from the design team itself stating that they wanted a viable option instead of BaS completely contradictory. -Focused Will and Hallucinations: Big fan of both changes. I understand this might cause issues for pvp shadow priests since it also directly meant a nerf to Edge of Insanity. However, for open world content, mythic+ and raiding the introduction of a better dispersion and now Focused Will being available in Voidform increases our defensive capabilities. Hallucinations becoming baseline is a nice albeit small quality of life change and is welcome with the current iteration of shadow priest. -Changes to Void Torrent and Lingering Insanity: Unfortunately both of these changes will probably mean very little since they have to compete with the grand daddy Mindbender in the same talent row. Considering Lingering Insanity and Mindbender scale from the same thing, that being long voidform durations and haste, this merely becomes a numbers check to see which performs better instead of being a choice made due to a preference for gameplay. Now Void Torrent is a personal gripe of mine. Like Shadow Word: Death and Shadow Crash I highly feel these abilities should be made baseline and their numbers tweaked accordingly. Our kit is laughably small without these spells since Voidform as a mechanic was highly dependent on high haste levels that were present in legion to make it interesting. As even though you werent pressing that many different abilities the high voidform stacks made it a very fast and engaging experience. Now that both Void Torrent/Shadow Word: Death and haste levels have been gutted in BFA this leaves Shadow Priest as a very clunky/slow and uninteresting spec. -Surrender to Madness changes: Unfortunately this talent will never work as Voidform duration is not nearly enough of a factor in increasing our damage. Furthermore suddenly dropping 90% of your hp in raids which since Legion have been far more focused on consistent incoming raid damage instead of big chunks makes this talent that more nonviable. (I go into why pushing Voidform duration is not as big of a deal as in Legion in the linked video as explaining it in text would take a bit too much space). -Small additional changes just announced in PTR build 28202 Legacy of the Void now increases Void Form damage by an additional 5%. This change just makes me that much more fearful for any meaningful changes that I had hoped would be implemented in 8.1. This is merely a rollback to Legion LotV. Furthermore this just means that for any raiding content it either does enough damage to dethrone Dark Ascension, further reducing any meaningful gameplay, or it doesn't and its just never picked. Please just remove this talent, make the reduced Void Eruption cast time base (Since having our only AoE spell, which already is incredibly clunky to our single target damage reliance based on wasting our AoE ability, on a 2.5 second cast time is completely and utterly unacceptable). Possible Fixes: Although it is highly unlikely that at this point Void Form will be scrapped we need to address the issue that as long as we're stuck with back loaded single target damage that is bland and clunky, our AoE abilities need to be unlocked from entering Void Form and that meaningful AoE additions have to be made to our base kit. Furthermore our single target damage will need more meaningful interactions to make Shadow feel better in a Patchwerk situation. Single Target: -Make Void Torrent and Shadow Word: Death baseline and revert haste gain back to 1% per insanity stack. This would make Shadow Priest significantly more interesting in a pure single target situation since we can actually 'feel' the haste increase. -Make Shadow Word: Void baseline. Let's be honest, nobody picks Fortress of the Mind since it makes our already boring single target even worse. Shadowy Insight is picked mostly in pvp, and only purely because when procced it makes Mind Blast an instant cast. Increasing Mind Blast from 1 to 2 charges will not change its viability in pvp and might even make it worth considering in a PvE scenario. A different talent needs to be introduced in the level 15 talent row. AOE: Adding Mind Sear back as an ability was a horrible quick and dirty fix to the problem created in later Legion patches where outside of the legendary ring The Twins Painful Touch we had no way to do any meaningfull AoE unless Shadow Crash was chosen. Since Mind Sear is channel spell castable on allies with no cooldown, buffing its damage will break it. Shadow Priest has always been reliant on DoTs for AoE potential. Mind Sear actively prohibits the application of DoTs if it receives a damage buff. Therefore I propose a few things: -Remove Mind Sear as a cast-able spell and revert it back to a Mind Flay Passive where having a target with SW:P and VampT will automatically do a small amount of AoE damage. -Introduce Shadow Nova. The Shadow Variant of Holy Nova, instead of it being a spell that we can spam, it should have a small cooldown attached to it (15-20 seconds). This way we have a baseline ability that provides us with meaningfull AoE that is in theme with the class while not utterly destroying people that play shadow and want to do old transmog farm raids. -Shadow Crash talent changed: Shadow Crash is now a passive talent that significantly increases the cooldown of Shadow Nova but increases its damage and gains the ability to spread our DoTs to X amount of nearby targets. This way it does not interfere with the viability of Dark Void which is specifically viable for loads of small adds and instead gives us a nice way to spread DoTs to 3/4 large hp targets.Divineas17 11 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 Shadow priest in 8.1 discussion, Making a topic where people could suggest or have any idea to eventual talents or what to change about shadow priest in the upcoming "potential" rework about shadow priest in 8.1! How about making Void torrent a dps cooldown that we put in the level 30 row instead of twist of fate? Like "While channeling Void Torrent, deal x amount of damage and increase the rate of which your DoT's tick on your target"? Anyone else feeling kinda scared about the silence regarding the state of shadow? Feel free to comment!Loppan35 11 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 Priest Class Versatility I remember the devs saying that the new talent system would implement the possibility to play your class in different ways, so people have the option of different playstyles for every class. While for many classes this may seem true, I'd like to think for priest this is not the case. It's very monotone compaired to previous expansions the different ways to play your priest. So one very important suggestion I would like to make to adress this issue in shadow, is to make voidform a talent. And to justify this, you have the option of talenting a 3th dot in the same tree to make up for the voidform damage loss. Just like the priest in cata. This represents a dot shadow priest again which i loved a lot more than this voidform priest. This way, we have 2 playstyles for shadow priest possible! A Voidform shadow priest and a DOT shadow priest. We should have 3, but i would be happy already if we had atleast 2, compaired to the single one we have now. Which would still be VERY different playstyle from playing a warlock. I have many more suggestions, but I find this one, one of the most important for me personaly. Sorry for any spelling mistakes, i'm not english. Thank youBabyprincess2 11 Nov 2018
10 Nov 2018 Shadow Priest Hi there. Im thinkin to level my priest (just dps ofc) BE for heritage armor. What do you think about the changing comin in 8.1?èsla42 10 Nov 2018
10 Nov 2018 Idea for void form rework So the general concensus is people aren't very hot on void form (although some like it). The main issues are ; Ramp up, too much damage tied to maintaining voidform, and maintaining voidform is detrimental tp burst aoe damage for m+. Now, what if voidform changed in the following 2 ways : 1) voidform lasts a fixed amount (to be balance), let's say for example 10 seconds. Still using same insanity system where you build to 100, the enter. Only now in voidform you Dont generate insanity and it drains at 10 per second. In counterpart remove the haste aspect and boost all damage by flat % during voidform 2) voidbolt is reworked: you only can use it once. Voidbolt does a flat amount of damage AND consumes all remaining insanity (dropping you out of voidform) to increase its damage by % per insanity consumed. The goal is : - for sustained single target, it would be optimal to stay in voidform as long as possible (granted the rotation would be less hectic since no haste and voidbolt) and would be more about lining up big spells like void torrent, mindedness during the 10 seconds. The challenge would be cast as many spells during this window while still having time to cast off the voidbolt at the end - even at 0 boost from consuming insanity it is a big hitter - For burst, you can instantly pop voidbolt for a big eruption + bolt spike - For aoe, being able to cancel voidform instantly without losing out on too much damage allows more aoe damage by using multiple eruptions This could use some tweaks but I think the idea of void form being a choice between sustained damage (St or aoe) or burst (St or aoe) would make it a lot better overallHilare11 10 Nov 2018
10 Nov 2018 Help a Noob disc Hi guys just went from SP to disc and need some help. Right Now Im getting way to low logs and feel like i could do more healing (and less dps lol). Just need some tip How to maximize my healing. Ive read diffrent guide and tryed some diffrent playstyle. Logs are around 20% on HC Uldir. What do i need to focus? Is my gear good enough? Traits?? Just some tips and trix. Ty / PampoosPampoos2 10 Nov 2018
10 Nov 2018 Why would they take you? (shadow) So simple question... Why and in which situation would some m+ group take you as shadow priest instead of mage, warlock or boomkin?Nadbiskup15 10 Nov 2018
09 Nov 2018 8.1: LotV vs DA (mm+) Considering the upcoming changes making us stay in voidform longer, and making voidform do +10% more dmg than shadow form, and LOTV increasing by an additional 5% our voidform damage : For mm+, is DA still going to be best ? Seems like the main use of DA in mythics is just to use for double eruptions as soon as possible on packs, but now that voidform will increase our damage, will it be better to take lotv to get into voidform sooner for the increased damage on our aoe while in voidform (as opposed to our aoe coming from basically just eruptions) ? Is there any consensus on this yet ?Hilare2 09 Nov 2018
09 Nov 2018 When will the fix the annoying wand gcd bug i still have it, and i dont think i will replace my wand in the near future either since i dont play that much at this moment. the reason im asking is because today THE smoothest issue happened when i tried to MD a few debuffs in a m+ and it was so bad that for 2-3 seconds the mass dispel just wouldnt even go off. i find it pretty frustrating.Xartim2 09 Nov 2018
09 Nov 2018 Disc nerf So we get another nerf to damg AND healing by 7% in addition to weakened soul AND a mana cost increase to PWS? I guess that's officially the end of disc viability. Time to reroll or go holy I guess...Maseena65 09 Nov 2018
08 Nov 2018 Discipline Quaking, Bursting. Hi Guys, I am playing Disc with the following talents. Twist of Fate, Feathers, Mindbender, Dominant Mind, Shadow Covenant, Divine Star, Lenience. I have 3 items with Enduring Luminescence. Just wondering how you deal with the bursting and quaking with regards to Atal Dazar? Example : My group pulling a pack of dinosaurs which when killed gave them 7 stacks of bursting and then a round of quaking also which chunked a further 20% off the team. Everyone was about 15% HP and no mobs to damage, How do you heal this up efficiently (Have used all charges of Radiance and Covenant to keep alive during pull. I was basically resorting to Shadow Mending people but 5 people on 15% was taking time to re-heal back to 100% was having to pull 20k HPS on some trash pack pulls which seems a bit much (Or is it too much for my ilvl 366) Considered trying Schism, Feathers, Mindbender, Dominant Mind, Contrition, Divine Star, Lenience. and / or Castigation, Feathers, Power Word : Solace, Dominate Mind,Sins of the Many , Divine Star, Lenience. Which seems like the best set of talents to provide me with a decent output after 7 stacks of bursting.Dribb12 08 Nov 2018
08 Nov 2018 A Plea - The return of Dark Archangel wings (Shadow). I was hoping to get some support from other people who would like to see Dark Archangel Wings return at least as a visual glyph for shadow, we lost this in legion and it hasn't made a return, I miss it - it was awesome and i'd like to see it return. I found this post on the US forums from a while ago which has some good suggestions in what form the glyph could be in, but unfortunately did not receive much support. I will copy them here along with the OP. link to OP: "With the removal of artifacts on the horizon, I think the reintroduction of this glyph is long overdue. Throughout legion, holy priests have retained glyph of angels while discipline at least had access to archangel and dark archangel through pvp talents. Conversely, shadow had their wings completely clipped. I understand why, to a degree. With Xalatath as our artifact Blizzard was forging a stronger connection to the old gods, aesthetically. But, since artifacts will no longer be relevant, I think this would be a perfect time to re-add this iconic shadow priest glyph. This would also help bridge the gap between spec fantasy and class fantasy. I propose one of three ways to reintroduce the glyph, since it previously was triggered by devouring plague: 1) When you cast void eruption, you take on the form of a dark archangel for its duration. Because our rotation will be more about the eruption and less about remaining in voidform for extended periods you wouldn't be seeing shadow priests maintain this for 40+ seconds at a time. But if overaccess is a concern we have... 2) When you cast void eruption, take on the form of a dark archangel for 8 seconds. This limits the time we're able to access the glyph and restricts it to the allotted time from its older iterations. 3) When you reach 100 insanity (or 60 with legacy of the void talent), take on the form of a dark archangel - either for 8 seconds or until you enter voidform. I'm sure there are plenty of methods to introduce this talent, but these made the most sense to me. Furthermore, with voidform including a levitation visual I think the dark wings would look amazing in conjunction. This glyph is the #1 thing I've missed in legion and I really hope to garner support from my fellow shadow priests to get it back! With all the tumult concerning spriest heading into BfA, this is honestly the #1 thing on my wishlist, and something that could keep me playing throughout the tumult that will be spriest BfA release as we wait for our "fix" in a future patch. Please, let me regain my aesthetic in return for some goodwill while I wait out this rough period." I have made my own suggestion through the ingame menu but if we can get some more support here maybe we can get our wings back :)Hymns3 08 Nov 2018
07 Nov 2018 Arena World Championship Any interesting thoughts, facts, observations about gear, talents, kill setup etc? Wizk played hasta/versa(mastery), double on use haste PVE trinkets, Death Throes x 3 (good synergy with gear and good constant damage pressing???). Didnt see any erruption burst attempts, even as last hope at deep dampening. I would love to see bis crit gear or Thought Harvester x 3 or void erruption burst in action. Or pika on main spec and more frequent kill setups.Матахарих3 07 Nov 2018
07 Nov 2018 Huge atonement change...? From MMO champion ... /Discuss.Talshere12 07 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 Why are people against Disc? Sure, I get it, when they are doing World Quests they are more or less impossible to kill. More or less. But again thats the deal with almost all healers. In Arena, BGs and so forth, Im really not seeing Discs beeing imbalanced. They can do some DPS, not very much if you put pressure on them, and they run out of mana REALLY fast. People complain about shields, but they arent a big issue like a Druid in Bearform with HoTs on him/her. And Ive seen they are nerfing the uptime on shields (after some nerfs already on the Dics)... Im here to get educated. Are Discs really as imba as the crying says (and Ive somehow stumbled upom the worsts ones)? More or less Holy Paladins is what I would say is a downgrade, everything else (specially Druids with Bearform, roots, hots and cyclone) seems to do the healing better - while still having some CC and mana.Deadlykatana36 06 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 Priest heal arena 8.1 ? So, do you think priest heal will still be " good " in 2v2 arena at 8.1 or do we have to play shadow until 8.2 ? Will you play Disc or Holy ? tell me what you thinkEnagroma4 06 Nov 2018
06 Nov 2018 2v2 advice for priest noob. How do I stop sucking !@# in 2v2? This char is my first max level priest. Highest rating I've gained in 2v2 is 1670 and I seem to be eternally stuck in the 1600s. I've done 2v2 with warriors, paladins, hunters, and rogues. Ret has been the most succesful partnership. The two main issues is that I get cc'ed to hell (particularly vs rogue/druid teams) or that I run out mana, which causes us to lose. Edit - I should mention that I am already playing with keybinds, pvp mods, and macros.Oversole1 06 Nov 2018
02 Nov 2018 Back After 4 years Hey everyone, i finnally got time to play WoW again and wanted to pick up where i left off. I always played Disc priest, could someone help me start out how the specs/healing rotations are with this class? Link to guides are also very welcome! anything that helps me get futher in this game will do :). Greetings. AmmieAmmie2 02 Nov 2018
01 Nov 2018 Mythic Mother As a disc priest doing mythic mother, is the talent luminous barrier good? I feel like 22k absorb is less than the 25%... or am I wrong?Illzy11 01 Nov 2018
31 Oct 2018 Holy priest , Haste GCD. Hey! My haste stat is currently quite low (im at 8 percent). Im just wondering if there is a percentage level i should be at in relation to GCD's and so on? Or should i just go all in intellect/mastery like im doing now and not worry about my haste levels. Thank you for your time!Astatin12 31 Oct 2018
30 Oct 2018 Shadow Priest 8.1 buffs So we just got our callings heard. This is coming soon to the 8.1 PTR. Copied from US forums. The next PTR build includes some changes to Shadow Priest with the following goals: Make Voidform matter more, make staying in Voidform longer matter more, and give the player more agency over extending its duration Improve Shadow’s defensive power and utility Make Voidform Matter More Moving into Battle for Azeroth, we consciously reduced the maximum power of Voidforms, for the purpose of evening out Shadow’s heavily backloaded Voidform cycle damage. This had some positive impacts, which many of you are aware of – mainly this greatly reduced the harsh penalty for dropping out of Voidform early – a common occurrence in any content outside of raids, including dungeons or questing. That said, we think we went a little too far with peeling power off of Voidform, which has resulted in Voidform not feeling impactful enough, and with not enough reason to work to extend it. We are easing this change back a bit: Voidform increases spell damage by 20% (up from 10%) Insanity drain increase per second in Voidform reduced by 15% Void Bolt Insanity generation increased by 25% Dispersion Dispersion’s damage reduction has been increased to 75% (up from 60%). We agree that because it comes with the penalty of not being able to cast spells, it deserves to be stronger. Additionally, it now increases movement speed by 50%. A new talent Intangibility replaces Mania (which was similar to and far less popular than Body and Soul), and reduces Dispersion’s cooldown by 25% and causes it to heal you for 50% of your maximum health over its duration. Shadowform’s Physical Damage Reduction Shadowform's 10% physical damage reduction was intended to feel like a bonus to Shadowform, but instead felt like a penalty to Voidform, since you lose that defensive benefit going into Voidform. We’re replacing this bonus from Shadowform with the Focused Will passive (which the other two Priest specs already have), causing melee abilities and attacks to reduce all damage taken by 15% for 8 sec. Hallucinations Hallucinations (the PvP talent) is becoming a baseline passive, and allows your successful Dispel Magic, Mass Dispel, Purify Disease, Vampiric Embrace, and Power Word: Shield casts to generate 6 Insanity (same amount per cast as your filler, Mind Flay). This give you more freedom to use your on-global cooldown utility buttons, especially in Voidform, without incurring as much damage loss, since Insanity is constantly draining. Other talent adjustments worth mentioning: Mind Bomb and Psychic Scream now take 40% longer to break from damage. Void Torrent generates 30 Insanity over its duration and deals 20% increased damage. Additionally, no longer requires Voidform to cast, so you can choose to use it on a priority damage target at any time. Lingering Insanity fades every 3 sec instead of every 2 sec. Surrender to Madness cooldown reduced by 33% and penalty duration reduced by 50%.Soflay51 30 Oct 2018
30 Oct 2018 Disc priest or MW monk Hello everyone, What do you think that right now for mithic + is the best healing class, I have a MW monk level 110 and wanted to start a disc priest. But I was thinking which one could be potentially the best.Vaaleera8 30 Oct 2018
29 Oct 2018 Nelf vs human for pvp Hey people. I've decided to roll disci priest and eventually when I hit 120 start playing 2s and 3s. The thing is that I cannot decide between Nelf and human race. Does extra human trinket make such a big difference in arena, also shadowmeld can be used to avoid some spells and cc. I'd like to hear what you think. Thank you ;)Doktoress4 29 Oct 2018
28 Oct 2018 Question about Penance Hi there. Returning player having a question about Penance. Having read several guides and watched M+ streams, I am abit unclear on when to use Penance without proc. Most guides say to never use unbuffed Penance unless you need to move. However, some argue that it should be used even without the proc, and when watching M+ streams, like Methodjosh, he use Penance almost on cd regardless of proc and movement. Is there some consensus on the matter than I'm just not seeing, or is it mainly down to personal preference? I guess running Purge the Wicked makes using offensive penance on cd sensible. I also saw Methodjosh using 1 SM followed by defensive penance instead of 2 SM. Any reason for this? Defensive unbuffed penance seems really lacklustre so farDoktoren7 28 Oct 2018
27 Oct 2018 Confused new pries player questions! Started to leveling a priest (lvl 30 atm), but damn! This class gave me so much confusion, so many question marks. 1) Why does holy, which is a healing spec, deal greater damage than a shadow? As a shadow I barely even scratch the mobs, whereas holy just obliterates everything. 2) Why am I outdpsing proper dps classes in dungeons by a mile? 3) Why is shadow (a dps spec) doing so much healing? Right now I dunno what spec to play and how to play it anymore.Oblech5 27 Oct 2018
26 Oct 2018 Reorigination Array Hey, What should a disc priest aim for. Getting haste or crit from the array? Cheers!Hurde1 26 Oct 2018
25 Oct 2018 Leveling as Holy From 1-120 with questing + dungeons? Is it really that much slower than doing it as shadow or disc? I know disc has superior damage but I kinda dislike the specc. At the moment my priest is lvl 30 and I don't see any issue with my holy damage. Of course I know this will change when I get to lvl 50+, but how much slower will it be compared to shadow? I want to stay Holy at max lvl btw. Another question: is random dungeon spamming as a healer still a fast way to level? Thanks in advance!Deveon13 25 Oct 2018
24 Oct 2018 SP PVP Joke? Okay so I decided to get back to WoW after couple of months... I Lvled and geared litlebit my SP and went to BGs with idea to have some fun. I used to be PvPer everytime so I have a lot experience with PvPing... I played high ratings at arenas, RBGs and etc... Lets get back... Now in BFA? I feel like I am new to wow and never played it, and everyone is 2800+ experienced, especially Demon Hunters, Paladins, Warriors... Seriously Blizz? SP has that low dmg that even backpedalling DH with 30% hp facerools me like nothing leaving fight with 80% hp. There is no point to even try... Its IMPOSIBLE! to 1v1 anything with SP! I used to go 1v2 arenas capping my friend like that... now? even bigest noob slays me like nothing because he plays DH or Ret... The playstyle of SP is just disgusting. It fits to one or two combs in arenas but thatn its just useless class and I am NOT having fun with it even in BGs. Not subscribing anymore.Nomydoo20 24 Oct 2018
24 Oct 2018 Get Rid of Voidform: How To Guide ... 24 Oct 2018
24 Oct 2018 Stealth nerfs to disc and shadow? Hey everyone, I've been following the strings going along with the the PTR updates on MMO champion for a while and I've seen some strange descriptions going around that seem to indicate at least shadow is getting stealth nerfed in the 8.1 patch, contrary to the announced buffs for shadow (or perhaps a backhanded stealth approach to minimize it). However, I admit it might be that I'm overlooking something. This is an excerpt: "Shadow Priest Decreases damage/healing by 29% 32%: Dark Ascension, Dark Void, Divine Star, Halo, Mind Blast, Mind Flay, Mind Sear, Penance, Shadow Crash, Shadow Word: Death, Shadow Word: Pain, Shadow Word: Void, Shadowy Apparitions, Smite, Vampiric Touch, Void Bolt, Void Eruption, Void Torrent Decreases periodic damage/healing by 29% 32%:." Reading from left to right, the first stated value is what it used to be and the second one is how the value will be in 8.1 according to MMO champion's codings. However, since the strings are 'decreases' damage done of all abilities, whose those numbers are all increasing, this should mean that the damage of all abilities is being reduced in 8.1. If this is true, the proposed buffs really will not have as much, if any of an impact. Am I missing something? I'd like to remain positive but this looks pretty bleak.Liseanne1 24 Oct 2018
23 Oct 2018 Should DIsc be able to talent into a pure heal-specc? a holy damagedealer has always been a dream of mine. (Ranged) To take down enemies with the light, punishing them for theyr sins with rays of light. Discipline is as close as we get. However, hunters have the ability to give up on pets to boost dmg. Warlocks/mage as well. What if we had the choice to convert our heals into pure damage, perhaps leaving us with ONE heal (Shadowmend)? Our shield would be a debuff on our enemy, converting attonement into damage insted of heal. Our aoe-heal into a cleaver that makes our snute hit multiple targets. Holy fire returns. If not to be on pair with other speccs, at least a way to level/quest in disc Ofc this is WoW, but ive seen plenty of MMOs giving this option in some sort of eay And it works out great as far as my experience goFòrum2 23 Oct 2018
23 Oct 2018 Disco Crits? If my penance/smite crits does it return a larger heal? If so how valuable is Crit over Haste/Mastery? Also will trinket damage or damage like Dagger in the Back return atonement heals? I have these questions and find conflicting infromation about yes they do or no they dont.Dribb4 23 Oct 2018
23 Oct 2018 My biggest gripe with BFA Shadow. Mind Blast and Void Bolt overlapping. ... This was said by the blues in beta with regards to fury warrior. It was also a problem throughout legion for BM hunters without the legendary shoulders with Kill Command and Dire Beast, both were fixed for BFA by giving the longer cooldown ability a second baseline charge, this allows the cooldown to essentially continue ticking whilst a global is spent on the other more important ability. It's been mentioned already, that shadow has this problem with Mind Blast and Void Bolt, but I'd like clarify something about just how often this happens, and challenge a counterpoint. That counterpoint being that abilties clashing sometimes presents an interesting dynamic over which ability should be used. The most obvious examples are cooldowns, and burst abilites, and the general principle that abilities having a priority for use creates a specific order of doing things. One specific example being that timing warbreaker and bladestorm properly, will often leave mortal strike unused and off cooldown. This point is fair for situational, or none rotational abilties. Things that are powerful should have that power shown by their priority over other abilties in your rotation. It starts to become a problem though, when the abilties in question are both part of the core rotation and both have very short cooldowns. To illustrate just how often this happens, here is a clip of Viklund of Method showing off the problem with the baseline rotation at a training dummy. ... Every single time mind blast comes off cooldown in Voidform, the cast is delayed by a global because Void Bolt always takes priority. This isn't a "quirk" of the rotation, this is frequent, consistent, and honestly infuriating. Shadow has to talent into Shadow Word: Void to get around this problem (Significantly reducing the value of the other two talent options), whilst BM hunters and Fury warriors who both have this problem had it fixed baseline. Please can something be done about this in 8.1?Ellipsìs7 23 Oct 2018
22 Oct 2018 [Disc]SW:P on how many targets? Say you are on a trash group of 5+ mobs. How many targets should you apply SW:P to and where does it fit in the rotiation? I try to apply it to 3-4 mobs at the beginning of a fight but when I want to reapply them I struggle to heal my tank..Sebchu7 22 Oct 2018
22 Oct 2018 Desperate Prayer Ive noticed that when i use this spell it will flash my health up for less than a second then it will go back to where it was before i dont know if anyone else is experiencing this, but it should be a strong heal that atm i dont even realise ive got ive taken it off action bars atm due to this and not wanting to waste a gcd on a spell that is quite useless to me right nowBubbleup2 22 Oct 2018
22 Oct 2018 Hpriest and M+ is it possible? Hello I am wondering if it is possible to push HIGH keys with the HPriest otherwise I will have the same problem that I already have with my Rshaman. Nobody, wants me in their party for M+ :( I know the easy way is play as Disc, but it is not my cup of tea. ThanksTotematico3 22 Oct 2018
21 Oct 2018 Disc burst healing Having tonz of fun healing in i have a few questions. 1: What is our burst heal? -sometimes when 2+ people go down FAST i feel i lack the tools for getting them back up fast. Penance doesnt heal enough, normal atonement+dps feels risky and the shadowthingy works...but it requires a few casts and its single target... 2: How big is the difference normal/hc dungeons? - Normal seems ok to heal, no big deal really. 3: How much does the partymembers need to contribute in order to make it a successfull run regarding use of defensive cds... Some partys is a breeze to heal, while some (same dungeon) is a pain in the !@# and people dying everywhere?Tinuweil3 21 Oct 2018