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17 Jul Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 17 Jul
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51m True Chrono - powerfulest wpvp shadow build. the trick is to have quite low haste about 5kish then stack crit and mastery. the true power of the build is these 4 items - Chrono shard - Erratic metreome - collar of the enclosure - Amice of unfurling tempest these items combined will give you total of 3 haste procs with quite good up time. when they all proc at once it easily one shots people. ive done on dummys in temple. 1.9 million dps this is my True Chrono build hope you enjoyed it ^^Ðeáth11 51m
7h Shadow Mage Tower Am I the only one who's had that mother!@#$er teleport behind me like some sort of op anime villain? Also can you actually do this without cheesing it? And why do I need RnG with my void tendrils? Am I that bad at this game or is this a very poorly designed fight?Dotexe6 7h
20h [Disc]Does Twist of Fate double-dip? Simple question; Twist of Fate increases your damage and healing by 20% when triggered, so a 800k damage penance channel will now deal 960k damage. This extra damage is obviously converted into a proportional healing increase through atonement, but is that healing increased even further by the 20% healing buff from ToF?Oldbury1 20h
21h Rate the transmog above you part 3 Old one reached it post limit.Ðeáth54 21h
1d AoE back soon?! When will we ever get our real AoE spell mind sear back? I mean it was a real spell that actually made a huge difference in our playstyle and in pvp and pve in general. I mean, sure I love how they are developing shadow form now, although they call it void form now. But that is no reason to ruin our AoE capability and leave us with only half of the great spell. I really think this has ruined a big part of the shadow priest playstyle, compared to affliction warlocks who have their high-damage aoe.Ernstz19 1d
1d How easy is disc to pick up? I've been levelling a bit as Disc and I'm really enjoying the spec. Obviously, levelling dungeons aren't a great way to know how a spec plays in raids or even in harder dungeons. I'm also adjusting from restoration shaman, which is very very different in terms of how it plays. So I'm just wondering how hard it is to play at a good level, primarily in raids. I'm looking to re-roll to disc for the next raid tier so I have plenty of time to learn and gear. It looks like it's quite reliant on fight knowledge since you need to have atonements up in advance for spikes of damage but mechanically doesn't seem that difficult otherwise, with a healthy amount to do on the move.Severax6 1d
1d Small buff to shadow (PvP) Just remove dispersion from Global and I'd say we're fine :DDotexe0 1d
1d Shadow.. Is it viable in.. PvP ? Cause I seem to do no damage at all with it, it's just like I am tickling the enemy, doing 0 damage to them.Älicé2 1d
1d Need help with Aelthalyste (Follower:sound) I am trying to level her up to unlock her equip.slots but The sounds are getting out of control. first 3 days i could tolerate her but now, oh god... its getting way to annoing. when i mount or dismount she pops up : "WHAT SURPRISES AWAIT US".... i know i could simply turn of the dialog but i actually love having it on, its just her and the harpies that are getting on my last nerve. is there some sort of file where i could delete her dialog, and where is it located ? Thank you. :)Kerolynn3 1d
1d Shadow Priest Sword on back Finally i got the only dagger in wow that sheath on the back !!! looks like a sword on the back :-) Drops in ZG - if you want it.Rumist3 1d
2d How do you guys fit healing spells in? Im normally a DPS but I wanted to try a Holy Priest, and usually I keep DPS abilities on 1 - 6 and tool-abilities on Q, E, R, F, G, V and ½.. Im not sure where to put my healing spells :/Arvos22 2d
2d Priests and PVP So, I have a question, don't get me wrong, I really love healing as holy in BGs, even if I do not know if it is the best spec for it, but nevertheless, what can I do to keep Melees away from me ? I have no problems with spellcasters at all, due to they stay away, and I just can keep stunning them 1v1, but Melees seem to gang up on me faster than.. I do not know, but what can I do to keep them away ? Because it feels once they are on me, and my team does not feel like keeping them away, they never ever go away. Tips and helps would be appreciated.Älicé4 2d
3d Shadow Priest needs rework In Kil'jeaden fight phase 1 and 2 is more important than phase 3, shadow only shines at last 20percent hp. My guild just keep removing me from raid after 4-5 wipes because lack of DPS. Im doing 700-750k DPS in 2/3/9 form. I really dont know what to do but blizzard please, this class is VERY item dependent and we are maybe unluckiest class in the game ever. Ive got all legendaries except Sephuz. Sorry for my bad English. Cheers.Nuok3 3d
3d Is Shadow worth maining? I have no interest in healing whatsoever but I really like the theme and aesthetics of the Shadow Priest. Is it worth maining for a casual PvE player? I mostly do mythic+ and I want it to be a reliable spec that can stay relevant for a long time.Nathanél10 3d
3d Don't bring Benediction back Greetings everyone, I came here to appeal for the current status of Benediction, as a no longer obtainable item. It could be obtained since Classic times, until the end of Wrath of the "Lich King" (around 7-8 years of total time to get it) Benediction and all classic class Weapons are special items that players worked for long time ago, they are like that Zulian Tiger people took years to farm or those very first epic mounts of each race (which got model changes later), they are unique and special. Bringing it back would only cause pain and anger to the veteran players who posses it. It would be going against your own logic (Dev's logic)...It's like bringing Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian (legendary classic staff) back..or giving the "Grand Crusader and Chest of Madness Mount" again. It is something that's gone like the older places of the game. I would like to suggest the "return" of something SIMILAR (NOT SAME) like Benediction. It is really unfair to bring old things back after their permanent removal...otherwise people will get the feeling that they have nothing to be proud of for spending so much years in the game. There is a good thing called memories, but having something more solid makes it remember much better. In my case, Benediction is one of my very few proves/reminders (just for me) that I played during classic times (where there was no achievements). Please don't bring back the original version of the Benediction back to the game..maybe something similar, but NOT Benediction. Thank you very much, Jo. Edit: Corrected some details related to the Benediction obtainment time and added some other comparison factors for the appeal importance.Joannei72 3d
4d Buff/remove leap of faith? So why exactly are we given this spell? It relies on people severely !@#$ing up which doesn't happen beyond heroic dungeons and even then it's better to just use flash heal and it's more useful. I have literally used mind control more than this spell - it's awful. We also waste 3 artifact traits on it - argh. Either buff it to give 30% max hp to the target which would annoy them being displaced but at least has some utility or give us new big cooldown.Urbold10 4d
4d Disc vs holy PvP How is holy better than disc in PvP? Please care to elaborate. Oh, and rated bgs isn't the only aspect of PvP. ~Elisabett16 4d
4d 7.3 PvP So besides the fancy new shadow form And casting visual updates are we still gonna Be OP outside of 3 vs 3s and dps peeling for us? or should I just purchase some shadow lube, so once again being !@#$ed over and over again wont hurt as much, with the nerfs you have done to our healing? thanks :)Tetral10 4d
6d Problem learning holy Hi mates;) i am leveling my priest and i am disc. I can't learn holy and there is no more priest quest i can pick up. What have i missed ? thanks for help, cos cam struggling heal as disc:)Ninos1 6d
6d Mind Sear bugged if you don't believe me try it yourself go to Gloaming Reef -Val'sharah there are a passive mobs around try to use Mind Flay on a target near to a passive or non-aggressive mobs WITHOUT Shadow Word Pain(so Mind Sear should be not active)the non-aggressive mob will come over and attack it will take no dmg but it's just aggro everything around even critters I am sick of that with this system I am always in combat with mobs I could've avoid before making it passive even if you fix that why would I abandon the strongest dot I have just because I don't want to aoe and why I am forced to have a dot active on a target to aoe on the other side you have no idea how horrible doing legacy raids with shadow priest there is nothing can survive with shadow word pain so I can aoe after it's a nightmare I abandon my priest after playing with it for years please look into that and try so you can see my point.Lenda0 6d
6d Very low healing (need help) This is a game I put a lot of effort every single day for many hours and after accepting that my dps (2 chars) sucks I turned to healing.this didn't help the situation at all.Today I managed to get myself kicked from my guild's raid for being too low and I literally don't know what I'm doing wrong (my healing was the lowest of all and even one tank bypassed me in healing/absorb meter). I really like this game and I want to improve,be useful,be accepted in raiding content! Any advice for rotations or literally anything would be appreciated.What I usually do :PoM right before pull (and always cast when comes off cd),heal target(tanks mostly) when above ~80%-flash heal below that -serenity for lower, Prayer of healing when more than 2 targets lose hp unless sanctify is up (always keep on cd),and then damage gets raid wide heavy i cast sanctify and immediately hymn for the increase buff.(++ always keep 1 charge of artifact skill on tank to not overcap).That is my basic rotation. I'm really frustrated about sucking in all wow aspects.Please help me!!Ðanery11 6d
6d Shadow Which Staff To Mog Next Expack? What Staff are you gonna be moging to In the next expansion on your shadow priest when weapons comes back give me ideas about which is your fab staffHarry1 6d
12 Aug How to loose the mastery?? Hello guys. I just wanted to ask if there's any way I can help loosing some of the massive amount of mastery I have (It's on 44% o.O ), or if its entirely up to my prayers to the RNG gods?Sallìe2 12 Aug
11 Aug Mind Blast proc tracking Since Blizzard didn't seem to bother to give S priests a centre screen icon to indicate when Mind Blast procs proc, I'm trying to get Raven to do it, but the dev/s of that seem to have ignored it as well. Anyone know of a solution or do I need a new addon like say Weak Auras?Sariseup2 11 Aug
11 Aug Shadowform Um.. just logged on priest for 1st time this xpac and I'm not seeing any reason not to be in Shadowform or any ability that takes you out of it. Am I missing something?Sariseup2 11 Aug
10 Aug Sephuz in ToS Is it just me or the legendary barely works after casting cc ? i realized more than a few time that none of my mindbombs are trigering it at all the only time it did was when i used it on trash mob i had no problem using it on bosses in all raid before, even if they were immune to cc, it still triggers. however on bosses it does not do anything. was there a recent change ?Kerolynn8 10 Aug
10 Aug Disc Priest high M+ runners, wave your hands! Hello guys! I am looking to see if I can get the Disc priests who run high-end M+ (over 15) to step forward ^^ Tell me about your capability and your weaknesses please. I am at a place right now, where my Disc is just starting to get fun! I LOVE it, i love the way it heals and have great fun! BUT! I am very much in doubt how disc do in the higher end. Some say that if you can play it right, they are very good. Others sais that their healing can't keep up in high keys. Which one is right? I can't seem to find any new posts or vids about it. I usually run steady with BDK, DH and FMage, having an open spot for who ever wanna join from our guild, and we would all like to attempt to go as high as possible in M+. I guess what I am really asking is: CAN a disc go all the way, or should I swap to Hpala in stead? Cheers and have a great weekend <3Sallíe6 10 Aug
10 Aug Holy Priest stat priority? Icy Veins recommends this: 1. Intellect; 2. Mastery; 3. Critical Strike; 4. Haste; 5. Versatility. But I was wondering if you guys had any more insight on any specific stat percentages or ratios compared to other stats that should be pursued. I currently have (whilst still gearing up to even do Heroics): Mastery - 31% Critical - 20% Haste - 7% Versatility - 3% I was think of mostly trying to stack Mastery, maybe get Int + Mastery trinkets instead of the Int + Crit that I have, but I can't help but feel that maybe this ~1.5:1.0 ratio of Mastery to Crit isn't a bad balance to keep whilst getting better gear.Riania10 10 Aug
08 Aug Addons for Healers Hi im new at healing and i need some addons could some one tell me what addons are good for healing ? Thanks and sorry for bad Engish :)Irlie10 08 Aug
07 Aug Disc Priest info and a help ;) Greetings, First of all, cheers to all Disc priests!!! And special thks to Blizzard for doing this class, the best in my opinion, of course :) I'm a casual player, that loves to do WQ and some dungeons, so I just want a little help about some things in Disc priests. I have saw a few guides, that says things, other say other things..whatever. The help is about the stats to have it. In all guides says that Haste is nº2, nº1 int ok i got it, but after they said Critical or Mastery, my doubt is what about Versatility? The thing is that i have more gear with ilvl highest with Versatility and i dont now what to do. Other thing is, why guides tell us to not pick it up the Talent PW:Solace? Ia said this because when i trigger PW:S always do a crit :), results a big dmg/heal. Thanks and sorry about my English xD CheersSanpetrus2 07 Aug
06 Aug SP rota improvements In voidform you spam MF while MB and VB are on cd. The problem is lack of flow, you can't optimise your dps because MB and VB are constantly in sync with cd. The best solution would be to take either one of them off global cd, VB would be my best guess. This way you can still cast a solid MF and MB (even if not instant proc) while still being able to get some VB shots out without the entire action bar being on constant cooldown. Feel free to reduce the VB dmg, as long as you take it off gcd. I think anyone playing a sp would appreciate that. (ps. also bring back the old mind sear AOE for mindflay, pve questing is a PAIN IN THE !@# without proper instant constant aoe)....Solídsnake4 06 Aug
06 Aug Shadow Priest is horrible to play in arena Literally zero survivalbility, dispersion and mind bomb is all and then you're dead, it's a total joke.Keezal15 06 Aug
06 Aug low dps hello, i am starting to hate my main class shadow priest since all classes is over powered and mine isn't , i am 922 ilvl 35% crit , 31% haste , 56% mastery , 7% Ver.. i have big problem with my dps overall , cant pull more than 700k dps with that item level, my lover geared alts do more than that on TOS raid , I've already read all guides on youtube,icyviens,howtopriest,Noxxic, asked around from in-game they all put me on the track which all guides said, and i am doin it 100% perfectly.. but i still do low dps, i get kicked from grps , no one wanna take Spriest on mythics.. its been a nightmare to me.. last time i raided Kil'jaden there was a Spriest same as my rotation but he's on 915 ilvl and pulled alot way more dps than me so i asked him ,, and the same i do he's doing made a ticket to see is there any problem or a bug with my priest ,, and yet nothing its all good cant figure out whats the problem and i need to fix that because its my main since i started to play warcraft and i love Spriest and my rotation is : Void Eruption at 70 Insanity Shadow Word: Pain maintained at all times. Vampiric Touch maintained at all times. 1x Mind Blast on cooldown to build Insanity. Void Bolt on cooldown Void Torrent on cooldown Mind Flay as a filler to build Insanity. Mindbender at 30 stacks with my 4 tier-set 1x Shadow Word: Death whenever available if there's any solution or advice please ur welcome to say and thanksDarkportal8 06 Aug
05 Aug Shadow Priest, is terrible unless u have 930+ gear. Most classes i see that have the same ilvl, and decent legendarys as me seem to be pulling off 800k+ without a sweat. being 915+ and with 2 decent legendary, the shoulder + belt, doing the rotation and everything right, does !@# dps. like 500-600k normal. Its pathetic compared to what other dps classes could do with the same ilvl gear and legendary. Theres pretty much no way to gear up unless u play healer and loot spec shadow. Shadow only works once u have like 930+ gear, but to me there is no way of getting that unless u 1. Heal 2. Get carried by other people.Zonku5 05 Aug
04 Aug Void Corruption Trait (mind sear dmg?) Hi, What is the deal with Void Corruption trait since we no longer have mind sear? does this dmg count as mind flay now? is it a text error or an actual bug that needs changing?Dhlytuff5 04 Aug
04 Aug Shadowy insight + Psychic link King damage in battlegrounds. Very fun to play when you have many dots up and you get to spam instant MB all the time, not caring about nasty melees tunneling you and trying to interrupt. I don't get why SI is considered bad for pve though. Simming my char with AS or SI indeed gives out AS as a winner, but I experimented it in M+10 and my overall dps was pretty much unchanged. Edit: added new SSSchizoid4 04 Aug
04 Aug Shadow in M+ Ive checked out icyveins, but figured id still ask around abit to see what people are using the most and why. Between Misery and Mindbender, what do you use? Between San'layn and Auspicious Spirits, what do you use? And is Shadow Crash truly never worth using?Snickle2 04 Aug
04 Aug shadow priests are boring pt2 shadow is such a drag such boring uningauging gameplay, dot and then press the same 3 buttons im tired of maintaining voidform D: im having a blast with my brewmaster monk which seems to have so many more abilitys and is really ingauging and fun to play, epescialy the mobility :D i like. please completly redesign Shadow. ... they've taken all the cool spells away and given in return stuipid insainity drain bar whitch im very tired of by now. (pretty much standing still to do a 3 button rotation, who thought this would be a good idea?? my Brewmaster Monks energey bar is always building and i much prefer that. Seems i have alot more ablitys to use aswel,also the mobility is very fun to play. please completly redisign shadow, giving back previously pruned spells or design new stuff. Always and Sinscerly yours. Professor Death...................... the worlds greatest shadow priestÐeáth24 04 Aug
04 Aug Words of the old gods Hi Can anyone confirm that this achievement still exists or has it actually been removed from the game?Ione1 04 Aug
03 Aug Can a disc priest do brawlers guild I just started to get into the brawlers guild. Can I even beat this as a disc priest? Will I be able to do enough dps to get rank 8 ? Thanks in advance!Glauron3 03 Aug
03 Aug Holy Legendary Cloak I see a lot of people saying this cloak is amazing and the best thing since sliced bread..i dont *fully* get why though, it is good but its basically the same as the shaman base ability of reincarnation. Which seems to be me why not make a shaman so you get the priests BiS class legendary for free? Looking at the forced CDs its 10mins verses 30mins is this the main reason?Trail8 03 Aug
03 Aug Discpriest comps? Are RMP and Thug cleave the only disc comps atm? Could something like warrior + mage + discpriest work?Yashlerie1 03 Aug
02 Aug Disc priest mage tower Just finished the chalange after 15 attepmts and it feels kinda strange that disc got a dps challange and !@#$ that 3 mill dmg spell it's gonna kill you when he casts it during earthquake faze if you even dare to take dmg from anything How is your exprience with this boss?Adiftbv35 02 Aug
02 Aug Best/most versatile heal specc Hi, I am new priest and definitely maining shadow. But, I would like to have one of the healer speccs as my off speccs. Don't have time to invest in all 3 specialisations. I have previous healing experience through resto sham in mop and holy Pala in WoD. And, have played disc mostly previously in past expansions for just dungeon content. I will probably be doing mythic plus alot and sometimes raid healing if we need a healer off specc. My raid has no priest healer anyway so it's really down to me which off specc I chose we probably only gonna do heroic anyway. Maybe first few mythic. I might be rusty so whichever healer is more forgiving could be a better choice as well. Thanks for any help!!Jáák11 02 Aug
02 Aug PvP Hotfixes 01.08 - Hpriest Priest Holy Greater Fade can no longer be cast while silenced. Greater Fade's cooldown has been increased to 45 seconds (was 30 seconds). FNadee1 02 Aug
01 Aug Holy pvp artifact prio? Does someone know the priority order of the artifact traits after 35? I want to try some holy again as it has nice output now compared to around the start of legion. So far I went with 3 of the new traits. Light of conclave (the +10% trait) Caress of the Naaru (healing bonus t'uure) and Times and Measures (the desperate prayer one). Bit unsure how to proceed. I know they got some nerfs but its likely still good enough? Am I correct that, normal talents is generally all on the right and honor talents mostly on the left, with Miracle worker on the left?Yashlerie1 01 Aug
01 Aug Why warlocks get what should be ours? Why in the world would warlocks get a real void-based mount and us shadow priests get a more fairy-like mount with silly wings to it? This is going in the wrong direction. They are taking warlocks alot more into our territory, which is fine since we both draw our powers from the void. But we are alot more aligned with the void and would be better summoners of that power, since we purely focus on that element and warlocks focuses on fel and void. I don't get it really?Ernstz8 01 Aug