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58m Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 58m
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
3m 7.2 SP 7.2 PTR has been up for a while, and I havnt seen much in the way of feed back from shadow priests, oither than the shadowfiend/mindbender talk to do with tier. I don't have time to spend on PTR as with work I don't get as much time on wow as I would like. can anyone shed any light on how SP is looking in 7.2? Thnks in advanceBishi5 3m
47m Rate the priest name above you! Start with me :)Yshraaj5 47m
1h kinda missing him I know I complained about him but since Johnsonz went and name changed and stop trolling, im not enjoying the forums as much....Bishi17 1h
4h Spectacular Change to Void Torrent After admiring monks healing statue and how the energy came from the object they placed, i had this idea for Void Turrent. Pressing VT once will activate it normaly and now holding VT for addidtinal small amount of time will fire it from our Shadow Orb! just like monks statue :) this is simple thing that could add so much tactics to the playstyle.Ðeáth0 4h
6h The fact is discpline priest is.. Just saw this on Proper Bird's channel after looking at some guide. Any thoughts/opinions? (Please don't crucify. 10x)Helichrysum8 6h
13h Shadow T20 bonus and artifact trait This Mindbender thing? Is it just a placeholder or actually going live? They can't just slap a dps and duration increase bumper sticker to a mindless blob pet and build the next tier around it. So. Boring. Coudn't they figure how to make, for example Void Torrent more impactful if they just wanted to increase our single-target dps? Giving a damage bonus for a finished Void Torrent channel, making Void Torrent recharge dots as an aoe component, making Void Torrent interract with dots making them tick faster and harder for the duration of it. Like there are plenty more intresting ways to affect our st dps than buffing a filler pet cd that gets cast with some interraction with PI anyways. It's fire and forget and the buffs to it don't change the fact it's a boring filler with no other interaction than PI. T19 bonus was fun and changed some things, T20 is a step back from that. Opinions? Discuss.Riivis2 13h
16h Is Disc viable for Dungeons/Raids? I am coming back to the game and was hoping to roll discipline once again. So I've googled it up a bit and seems like people say disc is not viable(sucks) compared to other healers for dungeons/raids. Now all those posts I've read are from 2016 so I am wondering if anything changed and if Discipline spec is useful (would anybody want to bring a disc healer to the raid)? Thanks!Lolpriest10 16h
19h Light's Wrath needs this buff I apologise for abusing your trust in case you read the title and assumed I was going to rant about disc healing in some way, but I need to make this post to get something off my chest that Light's Wrath really needs. You know how it can heat up and do like 2 million damage? Yeah, it's about that. You remember Shadowlord Iskar from HFC had that giant green laser beam that is like the size of an Auction House? Yeah basically whenever you need Light's Wrath to have a purple and gold version of that laser beam (same size) instead of the regular animation whenever it is cast with the over heat buff. Please Blizzard I beg you P.S - Make Xal'Ataths Void Torrent have the Void Ray sound effect from SC2Aeoluswinds8 19h
20h Honestly, I miss orbs and DP I know I havent raided at 110 yet, but I've started to level my SP as a ranged alt. Im kind of enjoying it, but something feels so off. The last time I was really into shadow it revolved around orbs and huge Devouring Plague crits. It certainly felt alot more bursty then it does now. Now I have to say that the SP artifact is prolly my favourite artifact in game. But when Im levelling now, and doing dungeons it feels like im missing a few buttons. And entering voidform doesnt really feel special after a few hours of it. And what really is starting to annoy me, is the void erruption cast time. Its an ability that does dmg, but it almost feels like a toggle with a cast time, cause its up constantly. To be honest, even tho voidform is really cool, I prefered the old way of getting huge DP crits over just spamming void bolt and mind blast. And I really would have liked them to have made Mind Spike viable, instead of just removing it as a talent. Cause mind flay is sooo tedious. How are you SP's that have raided the last exps finding it? Refreshing and fun, or not?Grimline2 20h
21h Need healing advice Hello, I had a question about healing with setting up addons and marco's mostly. My issue with addon's like Healbot, VuhDo or others. And what is the best to use for a starting healer Me my self i have healing experience form other MMO's. I'm considering to start with a holy priest i'm not sure if the best to start with. I would love to hear advice and experience form othersShalltear7 21h
22h current state of shadow priest in pve? Hi guys, So I'm leveling my spriest atm. She is only 106 but I noticed that my damage was quite low in dungeons. Does this change a lot when she is at max level with some decent gear or is shadow priest kinda meh atm? I want to hear your opinion <3 cheers!Finaso16 22h
23h Any plans to balance healers? As topic implies, do the developers (if such thing actually exists and it's not a mythical beast) plan to actually balance healers in this expansion or do we have to wait for next one for something like that? Or am I the only one that is sick of watching druids, shamies and palas overperform in the majority of the encounters? And no, re-roll to druid / shaman is not an acceptable answer.Diomache104 23h
1d Is shadow priest hard to play effectively? I want todo know it because I,ve Heard that is complicated to do a decent dps with this spec and scares me reroll a spriest and suck at It. It,s really that hard?Shaktila9 1d
1d Help my SP DPS Hello, i am an ilvl 880 Shadow Priest, but my dps sucks, i can´t even reach 300k..... Can someone please help me?Lygophilia7 1d
1d Rate the transmog above you part 2 Old one reached it post limit.Zaída411 1d
1d Halo numbers question. Been playing around with halo as holy priest, and although the tooltip says it is supposed to heal for 101k (and deal 201k dmg to enemies) it only heals for 27k (52k crits) when i do raids. Is it supposed to downscale based on the numbers of targets or something? Doesnt say so anywhere so im wondering if its a bug or not.Isuritha3 1d
2d Change Holy Healing weights PvP Fed up of spamming 140k flash heals in order to reduce the cd of serenity.. oh and if it crits, thats 240k.. The healing of serenity needs to be reduced and flash heal buffed, even 100% increased flash heal wouldn't be ridiculous (280k isn't even much hello?) Renew could use some love also, ticks for around 25-30k, yet a single vampiric touch on you ticks for double And don't get me started on PoM... Basically, remove healing from holy word spells and into our actual abilities as currently they feel nearly worthless to use - aside from their cd reduction.Flaytality3 2d
2d Shadow Priest PVP Hi fellow priests! Pls revert Shadow Mend back to Flash Heal, we lost all our healing defence in wod. But for sake pls revert it to Flash Heal. Atleast if we get locked on shadow we can heal, thats if we aare not stun lock or something. Juking melle is really useless from what i found :(. Juke once juke 2 and dead if the melee is smart. At least with flash heal being on holy we can heal. Another thing is what is with the Power shield absorbing in bgs, really 180k absorbed is literally one hit :| Any opinions? Donno, we should make a petition or something because i thing reverting Shadow Mend to flash heal would be a good step forward for us priests. Thank you!Adìos1 2d
2d Are you happy with Shadow Priest? I spend little time playing Shadow, so I am not having enough experience in Shadow to judge the spec. That said, to me it feels clunky. I have been maining shadow since cataclysm (IMO the best design till today). The current Void energy bar and entering void form seems clunky. Mind sear passive is an abomination. The weak Shadow Word: Death should be name Shadow Word: Noodles Time. What about you. How do you feel about Shadow? And since when have you been playing the spec?Benjamin5 2d
3d Is it true that disc Isn't viable for rbgs/3v3. If so, why? Other than mobility issues and sometimes mana, I do a pretty good job at keeping the team alive in randoms. Sure, this class is nowhere as decent as the WoD disc priest and the other previous expansions, but isn't it abit unfair to judge xir class without really pushing it? Idk, I'm just speaking from my xp in wpvp, rated 2v2 and randoms where they seem to do pretty much fine. Except for kiting, maybe:/. I was against one change in particular and that was the removal of spectral guise and silence. Blizz, if your plan was to make us discs 'healing-through-dps' healers, then why the heck did you remove these spells? And that glyph that gave you immunity to silence and spell-lock, good ol' times;^(. ~Elisabett10 3d
4d what legendayrs to use. I have 4 of them Prydaz the helm, name eludes me anuds, the wrist. and the twins painful touch. problem is I am not sure what to use, I do have other items to use instead of ring and wrist, but was wondering would any of the other 2 be better.Waleria5 4d
5d 2017 shadow garbage in 2s there is not 1 reason to partner with shadow priest in 2s not 1! 2v2 arena, shadow is just not competitive with the other casters. am i missing somthing? do you agree or disagree? what changes could make shadow more viable in 2s?Johnsonz12 5d
5d New artifact traits,will they change gearing? Hey guys! So, I just came back to WoW after a few month break. I started to slowly gear towards mastery reading that its a bit better now. Will that new insanity generating trait change anything in terms of talents or gear choices? How much overkill is AS + 2piece set bonus + that new trait would be? I mean it would generate a ton of insanity. Is that worth it to go crit again?Navena2 5d
6d Mind Sear - Now a real issue for Shadow Priests... Mind Sear - What can I say, this AoE 'Passive' is destroying my enjoyment of this class. Running old content is a complete nightmare & pulling non-aggressive mobs in Legion zones I don't want to pull too! Please blizzard just give Shadow Priests back the old Mind Sear spell. It's not helping the class at all to be a passive AoE. What do other Shadow Priests feel about this? Does anyone like this mechanic? This class used to be really fun to play, but at the moment, it's just pants!Berrt35 6d
6d Shadow Priests - weaker as allies get stronger? Hello everyone, I've been happily maining a Shadow Priest for the recent months. I love how greatly we scale with gear, how fun we are on cleave fights and how powerful we feel when reaching high stacks of voidform. During last weeks, however, I went with my guild through normal and heroic Nighthold progression. Most of the fights had some adds, so it was really fun to either maintain a long time cleave or snipe some quick dying ones for ToF buff. Even though I was quite unlucky with legendaries (neck, trinket, head, boots) I was still able to perform very well. However, I've recently noticed, that as people in my guild get better (and more geared) and the fights are quicker, my performance goes down (both compared to other people and to myself). The execute phase (ToF) is shorter, adds die quicker, and there is less and less opportunities to maintain high damage periods (high VF + ToF + PI) often. At this point it often seems not worth it to put VT on "big adds" with the amount of burst that we have. I have noticed same thing in keystone dungeons (I'm regularly running +15s). As long as my allies are weaker, the fights are fun, engaging, and I'm able to reach my top performance. When I'm doing +15s with similarly geared people, things die to quickly to ramp up, and even though our tank does great chain pulls, other people still outperform me easily, resulting in my overall worse dps over the course of dungeon. My question to you, fellow Shadow Priests: - Is there anything to combat this growing feeling of weakness? It should feel great that my guildmates get better (I like some competition), but as fights get easier, I feel less relevant than ever before. - Should I consider returning back to S2M? I know it's bad compared to its pre-7.1.5 state. According to the feedback I got on howtopriest, most of our NH fights are still too long to consider S2M as a viable dps alternative. - There is currently no more challenging content for me as SP - Mythic+ brings no rewards above +15 and our regular guild group is not big enough (yet) to tackle mythic NH. There is still quite some time until 7.2, and I feel weaker and weaker every week, which makes me want to reroll. Legion Shadow Priest was the most fun I've had with any ranged DPS so far. Is there anything I can do to maintain that level of fun? Any input will be greatly apprieciated.Vherax38 6d
6d Advice needed - mouseover macro for LoT [Solved] So, I've made Light of T'uure into a mouseover macro copying a formula I saw used for other spells, for example: /use [@mouseover,help,nodead][help,nodead][@player] Flash Heal Although it does work when I put my mouse over someone or their portrait, I get the "You have no target" error when I try to use the ability while having no target (auto self-cast is on) or when I have someone targeted, but my mouse isn't over them or their portrait. Other spells macroed this way don't exhibit this behaviour, so I would guess it's because it's the artifact ability. Any suggestions how to make it work? If it's possible, that is. Edit: Derpmoment, the macro was missing a component that my eyes have been refusing to see for days now.Írida4 6d
6d New changes to legendary items What do you think about the new changes. 7.2: Bracers are very very strong now, IMO they are now BIS with pants/cloak. Norganon received critical now and sephuz 10 movement plus 3% celerity... Gloves now heal 20% if you have bracers that flash heals they are close to insta can be insane. With the new bonus of T20, our serendity will trigger a lot more before we use the CD, maybe the belt can be very good in some situations. Im very confused...Griselda1 6d
16 Mar Shadow Priest PVP - Casual Hello all, I'm leveling my Shadow Priest (102 atm) and I have fun with it. I just spoke to a friend of mine and he said: Shadow Priest are sh!t in PvP. My gameplay in PvP = casual BG's and casual arena's. Is it worth to level my priest or should i level another caster if I want to PvP with it? Please let me know.Dumborc7 16 Mar
15 Mar Some suggestions/help with healing trinkets With the weekly reset the dungeon chest dropped me a 900 Flask of Solemn Night. My luck with healing trinkets has been quite bad with no good mana regen trinket, no arcanocrystal, no cake from trilliax and no heroic map. So basically now I am stuck trying to decide between 875 Etraeus' Celestial Map, 880 Heightened Senses, and the aformentioned 900 Flask of Solemn Night. Any suggestions/help is appreciated :)Bennedictine10 15 Mar
14 Mar Disc 2v2... STUCK! Afternoon all! Just thought I'd get an idea of comp diversity and whether I'm fighting a losing battle by playing Disc/Unh DK in 2s. I can't seem to break 2k at the moment and it's getting the better of me! I've only been playing priest since Legion s2 but I have a fairly solid idea of what I should be doing. Generally speaking, any healer+dps team that want to train me all game will lose, as disc is practically un-killable when running with masochism + inner renewal... BUT (a MASSIVE but), anything that trains my team mate will result in me spamming shadow mends between pain sup/barrier and ultimately I'll go oom. I don't feel like I can play offensively very often, due to the opposing dps' throughput on to my partner and any opposition with a multitude of CC will automatically win. I was wondering if there is anything in particular I could be doing (outside of playing with something that has more CC) to break through this 1950 barrier. Any input would be greatly appreciated and advice from anyone who has played the comp effectively would be a huge bonus!Savlon0 14 Mar
13 Mar how long to up an alt? Hello people, So this week I decided to get an alt up, and started looking for a raiding guild, as soon i'll hit 110... but then realised that I don't know how long it'll take to reach a decent ilvl to start nights out (this will be my second 110 character). I have from my 1st character the tome to get my knowledge in AP to level 20. So do you have an idead of how long approximately (in game time) it could take from hitting 110 to being able to start raiding? Cheers NaleviaNalevia8 13 Mar
12 Mar PvP - Divine Hymn Inb4 LOLHOLY - Is it intended that Hymn heals for roughly half (like it doesnt count the 100% not-in-raid bonus) in instanced PvP (100% sure about arenas not yet sure about bg) or is that a bug? Cause whatever the case it is bad either way especially for a supposedly big cooldown. It heals for roughly 50k each tick in comparison to tranquility at around 130k (not to mention you can move while casting).Fudar1 12 Mar
12 Mar Finally given up on PvP I'm done. I thought getting gear would solve some issues like the old days but its really hasn't. Im now at 891 average ilvl. I'm a full 20-25 ilvl clear of most people I fight and I still have a million less health than 865 level plate wearers. I still do nothing when 860 geared newly levelled melee dive on me. It still takes too long to ramp up and it's still overly punishing to have even one person attack you and the stat template is still w***. You might as well take the 14% versatility away because it does nothing. Id lose the damage reduction and take it on Haste and Mastery any day. It's !@#$ed and Ive had it. I'm not even getting fun out of playing stupid gimmicky specs any more. Our success even in RBG's and 3v3 isnt even "our" success. We just stand there and PvE while everyone else does the PvPing. For the first time since I joined wow, I quit PvP, it is irredeemable.Talshere30 12 Mar
12 Mar LF Shadow For raids @) Aurora is a PVE guild Situated on DefiasBrotherhood are open to most dps classes .But are particularly looking for a Mage/boomkin/lock/Spriest/Hunter! We have recently faction changed to horde in order to help pursue our PVE goals via the extended repository of racial's applicable to PVE that the horde provides. as such we are in the process of re building our raid team with the view of killing gul'dan mythic. Currently focusing our recruitment on healers and dps. Flippers are particularly valued as the nature of mythic boss fights favor a flexible team. Our officer team has over 50 years of combined guild management and raid management experience with many of our members having raided in the top 10 guilds eu at various points over the course of the games history. we were 3rd in Europe to kill the first 7 bosses in night hold only falling behind slightly with star auger! We believe that the key to success is fostering a close nit tightly integrated community of raiders that know one and other well and seek always to drive each other forwards into being the best person they can be. Most of our members are older people some of whom are married, have children or work strange hours so we don’t expect you attend every raid or every event. We understand that there are more important things in life than wow. That said our aim is to peruse pve end game while maintaining a fun and pleasant atmosphere competing at the highest level possible i will be honest with you. the move to horde has somewhat damaged our raid team and we are in the process of replacing key members that were not able to transfer. as a result i cant promise you an immediate sling shot into success, however our track record shows that we are a tenacious guild and we will purse our goals with an all encompassing intensity. Our Raid Time [Wednesday 8pm - 11:30 pm] [Saturday 8pm - 12:30/1:30 (this will vary depending on that raid team as we are aware that not everyone can raid until 1:30) Please Contact if you are interested: Umuda (Battle Tag alexis69#2392) Burninghate (Battle Tag Burninghate#2100) We are able to chat on discord or talk through any potential issues you may see, thanks for reading and enjoy your day =)Ollza0 12 Mar
12 Mar Disc priest CC problem? Disc priest I am being so CC locked during 3s any tips ?Meleyniá9 12 Mar
11 Mar Shadow Priests vs Ele Sham DPS Which of these two come out on top or are they about even? I'm finding that I do a lot more on my Elemental Shaman with a few item levels lower than my Shadow Priest.Shivkebab2 11 Mar
11 Mar Void Bolt not refreshing dots As the title says, void bolt not refreshing dots if u turn your character other way from enemy target before void bolt lands. Also, it doesn't refresh dots if target goes to los while bolt in air going for them. So, basically only works if u keep facing your enemy target straight when you click spell and until void bolt lands. Please fix this ASAP.Cuelos8 11 Mar
10 Mar pathetic shadow priests. they should delete worthless shadow priest and give shadowform to us mighty warlocks.Metaticklus18 10 Mar
09 Mar Disc : n'ero or skjoldr Hello, I got the neck legendary and these two mentionned above (ring and bracers). Which one of those two would you recommend? Thanks!Glauron4 09 Mar
08 Mar LF tips NL +12 as disc priest I'm about to do my first +12 keystone (NL). Affixes are sanguine/overflowing and tyrannical. It isn't just my first +12 but also my first 10+ ever. I'm looking for: * general tips about the bosses/trash in NL * recommanded disc talents (CoW ? Mind Control ...?) * recommanded group setup (very important, as I will be pugging and making the group myself. Which tank / dps should I take ?) Thanks in advance!Glauron4 08 Mar
07 Mar 4 piece shadow Hiya, Is the 4 pc for shadow strong? like if you had a 890 with good stats vs a bad tier piece at 875, which would you equip?Pheobe5 07 Mar
07 Mar Holy proving grounds Has anybody got proven with holy in legion? Build? Thoughts? I found it much more difficult to deal with since they removed spirit even with the buffs since WoD. Would appreciate any insight, I'd really like to do it on my main healer rather than resorting to druid or shaman who generally have an easier time in the proving grounds.Genovah2 07 Mar
07 Mar spriest vs warlock Hi all, I'd like to start a new caster that uses dark magic, so i'm strugglin between these two. I'd like to know from you which is better at doing the following things (if you can please tell me the warlock spec/specs that you think are better or worse than shadow): 1) survivability in solo content 2) 1v1 situations (in wpvp and in template) 3) raiding 4) mythic+ dungeons Thank you for all your answers :)Aseanôr9 07 Mar
06 Mar What am I doing wrong? I just got to ilvl 889,and my DPS is bad. not other word but bad. I just did LFR and some fury warrior with 876 ilvl got beter dps than me, while 10more ilvl did allmost double in dps than me. I read all the guides about rotation and i have no idea what im doing wrong. on ST i got about 340k dps other classes at my ilvl do 400k+ easy Any advice?Prõximityz7 06 Mar
05 Mar X'anshi nerfed? Today I realized that I don't seem to leave combat anymore at an death prevented by my precious legendary cloak. Was it changed or just a strange coincidence in 2 pulls at Tel'arn? I regularly used 2 manapots this way... :(Luthara1 05 Mar
05 Mar Just won my third Legendary!! Velen's future sight. I got it from normal Mythic odyn, while helping noobs. These things can be very rewarding and pleasing :D I already have two before... However I can't decide which one to remove for this one (Or is the existing better?)Menz3 05 Mar
05 Mar Disc Priest... I really wanna make it work So yeah as the title say I really wanna make the prist disc spec work.. I absolutely love the gameplay ( even though clearly im doing it wrong).. So pre-story to this is ive been on and off wow since beta... ive played every expansion ... but only Hardcore in vanilla and BC. Played about every class but nva really commited to one specifik class trough this time. But ive always loved a supporting class... tank-healer. So now im bk after i played in the start off legion, but felt out due to pure boredom off the new content. And I quickly fell in love with disc priest.. so i lvled it to 110. And got enough gear to start pug raids and HC.. but no matter what I do im always bottom last in healing.. and barely keeping ppl alive in HC.. except if im with a warrior og Paladin.. Ive done what im supposed to do in these situations .. youtube guides.. etc.. What I feel in having a hard time with. Is putting out attonements on enough ppl vs actually healing them before it tuns out in raids. And in HC either the tank always thinks that just because most ppl are ridiculesly good geared he can pulæ every mob and expect me to heal it.. Or when two ppl fx the tank and some dps are taking ridicules dmg at the same time (with dps either having a debuff or some mob hitting em).. im struggeling putting out enough heals to keep em both alive. And obviously this is not always not my fault still im getting blamed for it. So there it is.. And I know ppl will say go holy... but I nva wanted this to be easy .. I still wanna fight for keep playing the disc priest.. So any help out there will be awesome. (My talent tree atm is just a test to try out something new, which didnt work out.)Emilley10 05 Mar