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1d Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 1d
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33m Is the new spriest working out? I mean really.. It's been like a !@#$ing rollercoaster in PvE, buffs and nerfs. And in PvP it just feels weird, even if we have had some -insane- moments.. It just really shines through that it's kind of a PvE spec, innit? Am I the only one that kinda want the old spriest back?Dotexe3 33m
3h So fellow discies How do you survive against 1 warr, 1 fdk, 1 mm hunter, 1 affli lock and 1 spriest as a disc priest? I lasted only in two mins. At the end of the bg, a nelf hunter /w me and told me to 12p disc. This is my playing style; If a melee attacks me and pops up all his cds, I use rapture + archangel + angelic feather + sometimes penance, Gift of the N'aaru and PwR if there's a spriest/affli lock attacking me too. After his cds fades away, I start nuking him. If there's more than one melee, I let my instincts do the job. I use my spells and cds when I think it's appropiate. I never use all of them immediately, unless the opposite team pressures with aoe burst and ccs. As for dps through healing, I only do that if its 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and rarerly 1v2. Fair numbers. ~Elisabett12 3h
8h top sp streams guys plz link some tough pvp players to watch at twitch. I know only snutz, but he streams very rare, and doesnt play rbg at all, so will be glad ) thx uШэдодемон2 8h
10h How do you outrun Karam Magespear? Hey guys! I'm trying to do this stupid Mage Tower quest, and I can't even get past the first phase, I can get Karam to 40ish %, then he catches me, no matter if I use Body and Soul , or Mania. I'm 899ilvl right now, have the 4 set bonus, but don't have Sephuz's. Is that mandatory? I can't seem to be able outrun him without that.Navena6 10h
16h best legendaries for shadow priest? can u rank them for me <3? cheers!Finaso2 16h
17h Disc priest in pvp/BG hi. Is it hard to play disc priest in BG?? planning lvl up one :) Thanks for advice and tips ;)Hekkan3 17h
19h How is holy in mythic plus? Hey all, So I used to main Disc but found it really hard to enjoy and be any good at it in legion. Granted im only 109, but I actually found it a bit stressful lol. Part of me thinks if I stick with Disc I will get better at it and enjoy it. Yet it really does feel like I am a glorified dps when I play disc. Also when things go really wrong I panic. Where as my druid I still enjoy healing on. So yea, Holy Priest. I have never really played them as disc was always my favourite. Now I am about to hit 110 I am wondering about putting all my points in holy. What is holy like in mythic plus? Druids are great and I know I did well on my shaman as well. How good is Divine hym? I really do not understand why you do not have a trait to channel on the move like druids eventually got with tranquility. Have people been enjoying holy in Legion? Thanks for any help.Ázkeban2 19h
21h New to Priest Hello! So as the title stated, i'm quite new to Priest! ( thinking about lvling my Priest which is Shadow, but i wana try healing! ) I'm not that interested in Shadow I'm abit Curious about Healing! Whats the best choice for Dugeons & Raids? Disc or Holy? Like what performs the best?, i know both is good in Raids and Dungeons, but like what spec have the best performance when it come to AoE healing? Thanks for the Answer!, Have a Wonderful Weekend!Selexia7 21h
1d PRMS (Priests for the Reinstation of Mind Sear) This post is aimed to highlight the flaws to Blizzard and hopefully making them reinstate Mind Sear as a spell (and remove the "passive cleave" feautre of Mind Flay). Cons of current system: * Cannot AoE tiny mobs conveniently. Dotting one mob and then Mind Flay is clunky as hell. * Cannot target a friendly (i.e. tank) and just sear the sh*t out of the mobs. * Forces you to either a) enter combat with mobs you dont want to, or b) just afk while your Mind Blast or Void Bolt is on cd. In other words, you dont have a filler unless you want to aggro the whole damn planet. * Forces you to either a) damage people from the other faction that is assisting you with killing stuff, or b) afk while your Mind Blast or Void Bolt is on cd. In other words, you dont have a filler unless you want to "pvp". * Cannot rush through old content conveniently. Probably best to respecc Holy for Holy Nova now (but why should that be an option?). * Sadism is not cool. The guy(s) who brainstormed and then designed the new system shouldnt be allowed any power. Pros: * None. Thank you for your time.Torquemada5 1d
1d Artifact weapon looks... So Artifact weps are kind of a big deal in this expansion and Am I the only one that feels like priest class got the shaft in this expansion...? I mean they look so dull, priest is my third charecter and after gathering some of the DH-Paladin artifact skins myself since for t-mog purposes, I just can't bring myself to gather almost any skin when it comes to my priest, they just don't seem to worth for the grind. I mean especıally the holy ones, why can't we get atleast ONE SOLID looking stuff, that has parts intact, that floating naaru sheninigans gets super boring after a while...Especially when you see Locks & Mages running around with pretty cool, original staffs, instead of your ''look a naaru crystal with few wing symbols around it, for the 5.time....'' staff.Sorry for the rant but what do you think, you like your choices?Zintabra14 1d
1d 7.2.5 disc Oh god yes developers’ notes: One of our goals for 7.2.5 is to give Plea and Power Word: Radiance a more straightforward purpose and allow for more opportunities to use both based on the situation. Radiance allowing an immediate Penance heal on more targets more quickly should help with some of Discipline’s difficulties in responding promptly to damage. Plea being an always-available Atonement applicator without having to constantly evaluate the mana cost should help with overall flow of the spec. Divine Star cost reduced by 20%. Halo cost reduced by 25%. Plea now costs 2% of base mana (was 0.36%), but no longer costs additional mana per Atonement. Power Word: Barrier mana cost reduced by 37% and radius increased by 23%. Power Word: Radiance now has 2 charges and a 15 second recharge. Power Word: Radiance now applies 5 Atonements (was 3) at 50% normal duration (was 100%). Smite damage increased by 11%. Smite now costs 0.5% of base mana (was 1.0%). The Penitent’s effects have been made baseline. The absorb effect from Smite (Rank 2) has been removed and reworked into a new Level 15 talent: Sanctuary. The amount absorbed has been increased by 33%.Melchior37 1d
1d Apocron not doable due to The Prophet's Gift? When I enter his area I can't target or get kill credit for Apocron when I have the Prophet's Gift buff. This buff cannot be removed. Is this a bug or am I missing something? This means I probably won't be able to finish the world boss this week since the nether disruptor is under attack :( Edit: Apparently it's the world quest to the west that's interfering with it. Complete that quest and you'll be able to kill ApocronAtonaie2 1d
1d so this bad luck protection as the topic says, atm i only have 1 leggo that would clasify as disc leggo, and its prydaz, wasnt it so that in 7.2 that it would take so long to get minimum 2 leggos pr specc? since 7.2 ive cleared hc and normal nighthold 2or3 times aswell as doing my +10 etc all caches. Is it just bad luck or was bad luck protection only for 1 leggo?Emencia7 1d
1d Lights wrath bugged out? Had just one atonement and i saw a dh trying to outplay me. I loaded a single lights wrath on her and created a singularity. This made my day. I dislike dhs so much and now im a happy dead corpse. Hope this bug happens again.Summerpriest1 1d
1d Horrify ... I just want horrify back.Deadchildx1 1d
1d Disc Hidden Artifact Acquisition Bug So today I decided to collect the books for the disc hidden artifact, a friend asked to join so we could go around collecting them together. We started with the dwarf in the order hall, chose the correct options and got his book, next we went to the order hall bookshelf for the book there and he clicked it first, causing it to instantly disappear for me. So thinking this to be some sort of bug i deleted my book from the dwarf and thought to start again. Upon talking to the dwarf the dialogue options are unavailable and has left me disheartened. My question to you all is, Is this indeed a bug? Or do these books/dialogue options have a cooldown before being available again? Any tips greatly appreciated. ThanksBluebobo2 1d
2d Caster class questions Hello everyone, What is a fun caster class to play? I don't really care for top dps, although it would be nice. I'd rather enjoy my class/spec then to do best dps ingame and not enjoy the class at all. And for my last question, which classes require lots of buttons to press to execute the class well and which don't? Thnx for reading and hope someone can answer my questions :-)Elkoy2 2d
2d AoE for questing What do I do when a bunch of small mobs attacks me? I used to play shadow priest in Pandaria, and back then the class had an AoE spell, like you target one and all the others nearby also takes damage.Filidix7 2d
2d MM hunters vs clothies Just five minutes ago I faced a MM hunter from Defias Brotherhood. I see my health drop to 20% with two hits from him? I am forced to use all my cd's vs one dps? How is that fair? He didn't even use any cc on me. Just arcane shots. It's so unbelievable. At the end of the previous patch healing was fine, now it's unbearable.Isïlmir6 2d
2d priest feels kinda meh? holy/shadow havent had much experience with disc. it just seems so suboptimal and clunky to me spells are lame and not how i'd use my powers at all if i was in game. priest outdated? we just get the shaft this expac?Ðeáth15 2d
2d How will disc be in tomb? Ok i know the 7.2.5 changes aren't out yet so i don't know about that but the 2set from tos seems busted and the new golden trait is one of the best(increased my hps by 50-100k depending on the ammount of times i can rapture). Disc's numbers seem to become better and i wouldn't be surprized to finaly see disc be very good for raiding(unless they !@#$ us in 7.2.5 of buff the other healers)Adiftbv8 2d
3d Holy vs disc allround PVP Hey everyone, I was wondering what specc is better in each aspect of pvp? I wanna know what specc is better in BGs, RBGs 3v3 and 2v2? And also what healing specc is better for mythic dungeons/raids Just the allround more flexibel specc maybe greetingsIsíldur1 3d
3d Sphere of insanity needs a buff Title pretty self explanatory. It's pretty underwhelming that this golden trait provides only a 2 % increase in damage, i mean come on. The other golden trait is also not that good, basically our only good trait is mass hysteria.Jinmori1 3d
3d 7.2 Spriest dps and rankings Hello , Stolen from Andresity in MMOC priest forums. This is the original post : This kinda goes without saying and doesnt shock me at all. It shows how much spriest designers failed to keep our only dps spec in line with the others . At the moment there is no reason to pick spriest over any other range dps class,well maybe fire but still these classes have other specs that performing really well(frost). I really hope we get some major changes going on 7.2.5 because this is getting old with the shadow priest classLusina15 3d
3d Relinquished tokens for relics Hello, Ive always had bad luck on relics. I have 3 low level garbage relics and I'm currently trying to get 3 penance boosting relics through the token feature. My questions: 1. Can I het 'any' holy/Shadow relic through this system, or only high level ones? 2. Should've asked this sooner but: it IS possible to get 3 penance relics right..? 3. Is it true that it wont give me a relics that I already have? Does that include bags and equipped? Allright, might have more questions later Thanks!Glauron6 3d
4d Dispel magic in Pvp Hey guys, can someone explain me what is the best usage of Dispel Magic skill. I honestly have no idea when to use dispel magic. Which skills i can dispel ? I am talking about " Dispel Magic" not "Mass Dispel"Euphoriâ8 4d
4d Rate the transmog above you part 2 Old one reached it post limit.Zaída437 4d
4d What have they done with shadow? Is it only me or have they changed the shadowy color and appearance of shadow form? Feels alot more blue than it used to be. If so, they can go to hell. Like it wasn't enough with the orbs and mind sear spell gone, which made it alot more epic, they are gonna rob us of our most defining trait? I hope I'm wrong here.Ernstx1 4d
4d Disc Priest - Lenience's Reward logs Hi all, does anyone know a way to show the damage prevented by Lenience's Reward? Doesn't seem to be tracked in add-ons like Details and doesn't seem to show any record within combat logs. everything else does like Smite and Shields. did they forget to add it to the damage output log for things to count it? Its hard enough trying to show Disc priests add value to a raid these days when hps is often the first thing people look for!Divert1 4d
4d New Discipline Golden Trait- some Troubles The new trait seems to be not only ticking away the shield but it is also treated as real dmg. It has following effects a) it cancels levitate b) it cancels invisibility of your team mates (in arena) c) it ticks away the whole shield not only the extra (this is intended i guess) Don't know if everything is intended but I would love to see some QoL improvements regarding this trait.Kali10 4d
4d Honestly, I miss orbs and DP I know I havent raided at 110 yet, but I've started to level my SP as a ranged alt. Im kind of enjoying it, but something feels so off. The last time I was really into shadow it revolved around orbs and huge Devouring Plague crits. It certainly felt alot more bursty then it does now. Now I have to say that the SP artifact is prolly my favourite artifact in game. But when Im levelling now, and doing dungeons it feels like im missing a few buttons. And entering voidform doesnt really feel special after a few hours of it. And what really is starting to annoy me, is the void erruption cast time. Its an ability that does dmg, but it almost feels like a toggle with a cast time, cause its up constantly. To be honest, even tho voidform is really cool, I prefered the old way of getting huge DP crits over just spamming void bolt and mind blast. And I really would have liked them to have made Mind Spike viable, instead of just removing it as a talent. Cause mind flay is sooo tedious. How are you SP's that have raided the last exps finding it? Refreshing and fun, or not?Grimline11 4d
4d Griveous and disco - how? Some classes can't even heal themselves.. Am I supposed to keep telling everyone to stop while I spam my slow smend? How do you guys deal with this? (I haven't even tried a key above 7.. knowing that I usuallly keep people hovering around 75% most of the time)Helichrysum8 4d
5d United as one United as One quest is not working :(. It says Travel to Light's Hope Chapel, actually i traveled here, many times :). (Relog also had place). Could you help me with this problem? :D Tried to speak with this Lady, but it is not working also :). Thanks.Ponczek2 5d
5d Rate the priest name above you! Start with me :)Yshraaj67 5d
5d Vuhdo question for atonement tracking Hello guys! So as you can see I'm currently leveling this disc priest, and I find the new playstyle of disc amazing! It's hard, but with enough practice and gear manageble for sure! I've been watching a lot of video's to see how other disc priest heal for dungeons and raids, what would be considered the "best way" of doing it, etc. I use Vuhdo for healing in dungeons, I noticed pretty early on that I missed a proper way of tracking who has atonement. Vuhdo does it by default using a tiny Atonement icon with a countdown, but its hardly visible. When watching some video's I saw a Vuhdo grid with a silver bar on the right side within the healthbar. I think (not 100% sure) that that is an atonement indicator. Also I think this guy uses an extra button with a counter in it that shows the amount of people having it in raid. Again, not sure, but it seems to be really handy! Anyone knows what addon that is? I can't find the option in Vuhdo to show me that silver bar (right side of healthbar), but most disc priest video's have it. I now have it setup as a HoT Bar indicator, but it's really ugly and messy. Anyone can help me out with these 2 questions? Screenshot of what I mean: 5d
6d 7.2.5 changes are here buff to barrier for disc and new glyph for holyКуинс1 6d
6d Best Healing Spec For PvP Hey guys, im levelling a priest i had from 100 - 110 and my main use of time when at 110 will probably be PvP, so iw as wondering which spec is the best in PvP this expansion/patch. I havent played Disc since WoTlK but i read its a bit more of a hybrid now than an all out healer. Thanks in advance for responsesBolvin5 6d
6d Will miss 4 piece set bonus when it goes qq threadBluebug10 6d
6d Inner Focus Anyone else feeling like Inner Focus being +100% healing (and smite dmg) would be far better than crit? Like we pretty much rely on huge healing numbers in pvp rather than defensive/absorb abilities and that 100% crit feels so wasted on anything else than heal (feels like a huge waste on serenity with it having roughly 40% crit in pvp).Fudar5 6d
15 Apr planning to lvl up for pvp Have plans to lvl up my priest. my question is: Is it worth being disc priest in pvp bg? Gladly accept tips and hints is 101 atm.Salina4 15 Apr
14 Apr You need not do this alone! Can we take a moment to talk about how fustrating Aelthalyste, the new follower is? What is the deal with her, half the time, she doesn't follow me around, but stands idle behind a tree or something. When it comes to combat, she have a habit of just now showing up, or if she is actually by my side for once, she will mostly just stand there doing nothing. About 5% of the time, she might actually do something, meaning taunt the mob for like 5 sec, only to return to being idle again. Feels like she has become even worse than the ultra buggy state of her during PTR.Cthulhú8 14 Apr
14 Apr Change Holy Healing weights PvP Fed up of spamming 140k flash heals in order to reduce the cd of serenity.. oh and if it crits, thats 240k.. The healing of serenity needs to be reduced and flash heal buffed, even 100% increased flash heal wouldn't be ridiculous (280k isn't even much hello?) Renew could use some love also, ticks for around 25-30k, yet a single vampiric touch on you ticks for double And don't get me started on PoM... Basically, remove healing from holy word spells and into our actual abilities as currently they feel nearly worthless to use - aside from their cd reduction.Flaytality17 14 Apr
14 Apr 4 piece shadow Hiya, Is the 4 pc for shadow strong? like if you had a 890 with good stats vs a bad tier piece at 875, which would you equip?Pheobe6 14 Apr
14 Apr Healing vs Affliction locks Yo... in by no means do i consider myself pro, I'm still learning, and I have alot to learn. With that said; when I make mistakes, I often feel like I know what mistake I made, and I try to correct it next time... but when it comes to affliction warlocks, I'm stumped. I've searched for advice.. I've tried watching pvp videos / twitch, but I've found nothing of use. I am hopeless against them... if I dispel, I get silenced and eventually my team dies... if I don't dispel, I can't out-heal the damage and eventually my team dies. My current tactic, is to run the "dispel now has 2 charges" honour talent, and try and remove UA, as soon as i see 1 stack... This has brought me the closest to keeping my team alive, but with no joy. So does anyone have any advice on how to deal with affliction locks?Clockwork1 14 Apr
13 Apr Overloaded with Light artifact proc Hey guise. Either my weapon is bugged, or Blizzard has greatly increased the proc rate of this buff. I'm literally getting it just by taking a hearthstone now, by taking a flightpath or what ever really. I've gotten it about 20 times today, from 14:00 to 19:00. Many human females on the Broken Isles have died today.Hjarta7 13 Apr
13 Apr Feels like i am doing something wrong Hey, so i did NH HC with my priest last sunday, and i felt like i did wayy to less dps for ilvl 870 (now 877). while in dungeons i do decent dps (around 400k) Can someone help me with this? Greetings from Lord Voidpriest Logs: 13 Apr
13 Apr Holy healing issues What am i doing wrong? spam healing With everything i got and still ppl are dying in mythic+. i feel like my healing output is really low. is the stat weights the issue? mana is not the issue, but i dont feel like i have to much mana to spend either. in raids i allso have issues keeping up With other holy priests. any tips would be much appreciated thanks!Sôulz2 13 Apr