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19h Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 19h
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
1h Disco priest in BfA After new BfA pach notes is legion disco priest gone and "new" playstyle is spam bubbles. What playstyle you preffer and why? Personally I prefer Legion disco priest, because has interesting and hard playstyle. I believe that Blizzard change it back, because this "new" playstyle is very simple and can be OP. Unlimited Bubbles are bad idea (bubbles in MoP and WoD were f*****g OP)Sarazan16 1h
4h Schackle undead Shackle undead as the title says, what are your opinions about this ability? Me myself would like to see a system where we use it more. I mean, tell me how many times you used this ability due legion? me myself almost never tbh. Just not many undeads. Or did I miss something?Shadobee6 4h
22h Holy Legendary Cloak I see a lot of people saying this cloak is amazing and the best thing since sliced bread..i dont *fully* get why though, it is good but its basically the same as the shaman base ability of reincarnation. Which seems to be me why not make a shaman so you get the priests BiS class legendary for free? Looking at the forced CDs its 10mins verses 30mins is this the main reason?Trail10 22h
1d anund shackles is this leggo really weak? going by description it seems way stronger then most of the shadow priest leggos, then why is it ranked so low?Ryura2 1d
2d Mind control lag in PvP Am I the only one getting it? If I try to MC a guy, I suddenly lag, my screen stops recording the game for a second or two. I even DCed in a BG and got deserter! is this a glitch, bug, or just my laptop being bad?Estralis3 2d
3d [Devouring Plague] as a talent Currently [Edge of Insanity] is your only option for depending less on Voidform. Instead, I think it would be cool if [Void Eruption] was replaced through a talent like the old [Devouring Plague]. It would look like this: [Devouring Plague] Replaces Void Eruption 100 Insanity 40 yd range 1.5 sec cast "A cry of madness that consumes all of your Insanity, and causes % damage over % seconds. Also heals the caster when it deals periodic damage."Insanas3 3d
3d Holy/Shadow diminishing returns? I heard in Legion some skills were taken away from specific specs, for example psychic scream. What diminishing returns do holy priests and shadow priests currently have when paired together in 2v2 arena? I know it isn't a good 2v2 team, it's just arena for fun but diminishing returns would annoy my partner massively, if I were to play the same class.Norb1 3d
3d I still struggle Ok cards out on the table..... I suck at shadow priest, and it's really upsetting me . I have alts from each class and this is the one class I suck at. Its pve I'm trying to master if I pull more then one mob I die 1v1 fine 1v2 ok'ish but any more and I really struggle and end up dieing.. Alot, before I attack a group I put my vamperic touch on each then my shadow word pain then I'll mind flay or mindblast until I can cast void eruption then I'll use void bolt mind flay and shadow word death and will try to maintain void form for as long as possible but I am struggling, I do use a follower but can't remember his name he heals. Any advice would be greatAlluera5 3d
3d Thwarting the Twins - Surrender to Madness Completed the Shadow artifact challenge yesterday. For me the key was to focus on the Hands from Beyond while just keeping up two dots on Karam in phase 3, and then focusing exclusively on Raest with Voidform and Drums in phase 4. This became really accessible when I realised you can use the Surrender to Madness (StM) ability without being in Voidform. As you know, StM increases your insanity generation and allows casting while moving but as soon as you exit Voidform you die. What I didn't realise was that you can use StM without being in Voidform at all but then you get a 3 minute buff on you that allows you to cast while moving. When that buff runs out you die, even if you never entered Voidform. You then get a choice, either use Voidform and die when you run out of insanity, or don't and wait for the buff to run out. Either way you'll get 3 minutes or less of casting while you're moving and then you're dead. The advantage of this is that it makes phase 3 a lot easier. Wowhead has a solid guide for this challenge. Here's a summary of what made it work for me. Phase 1: Keep up Vampiric Touch and Shadow Word: Pain while slowing Karam with Mind Flay and doing the occasional Mind Blast. Get him to 33% and he'll be stunned. Phase 2: Damage Raest with Voidform and Void Torrent (artifact ability) and your dots while avoiding the adds. Save Mindbender for the next phase. Try to exit Voidform and build some insanity for the movement speed before Karam reaches 66% health and starts chasing you again. Phase 3: Use Surrender to Madness but do NOT use Voidform. Put your dots on Karam, stun him every 30 seconds, and burn down the Hands from Beyond while moving. The first and third Hands can be interrupted, for the second Hand you'll need to use Dispersion to stave off the damage. If you keep up the dots on Karam he will reach 33% health again by the time you're dealing with the third Hand. Since you've activated StM you're dead in 3 minutes but it'll take less than a minute to get through phase 3. Phase 4: Activate Voidform and Drums and immediately start attacking Raest only. Karam is stunned, you won't have to deal with him again and you won't get anymore Hands. The small adds are easy to avoid and you can cast while moving so it's a straight dps race at this point. The only problem you may have here is that purple runes appear on the ground and after a few seconds they spawn a large fast add that will one shot you. Stand on the runes or stay far away from them if Raest is nearly dead. By killing Raest here you'll avoid phase 5 where all of the above is happening at the same time. Good luck!Quíck0 3d
3d Let holy priest keep X'anshi! Please make this unique utility legendary into a talent! It's a lot of fun to have and I enjoy it a lot. Please don't take it away Blizzard. Other classes had legendaries worked into talents. Why not this?Alebran4 3d
4d Surrender to surrender to madness? Hello. I just returned to wow from a 4-5 months break and now needs to know how StM compares to LotV. Personally i like the playstyle of StM abit more than the other but how does it compare in dmg and are there other things to look out for?Pridë0 4d
5d Must have addons for healing? Greetings, fellow Priests! I am new to this class and healing in general and I was wondering, are there any addons that help you out when you are healing?Bujee8 5d
5d Nerf Holy Priests in wpvp Me and one of my friends [958 fury] where hanging around in goldshire and this horde priest attacks us, so ofc we attack him back. For 12 minutes. Still at around 80% mana. It took us 13 minutes to kill him, which i think is ridiculous considering we were doing 1.5mil dps + even when stunned he was still outhealing our dmg just with hotsFlexatron29 5d
5d Shadow priest in bfa Do we have any news for any changes to shadow priests in bfa yet?Alluera2 5d
15 Mar BfA Shadow Priest wishes All I wish for BfA is shadowform skirt bug fixed, glyph to remove levitate while on voidform and Devouring Plague :( What would you like to see?Hoken29 15 Mar
13 Mar Funny/Great Priest names My friend recently asked me what do i think would be a great name to rename his priest to when he server changes and i took a look about and couldn't find any topics on the forums for it. So i had a look about and found a few here and there. Irezfortips Priestiality Naughtynurse Healzonweelz Bubbleoseven DrBubbles Discopriest Heathpack Lightenup Noir Priestitute Powerwordhug Shadowordrape Bubblewrap Paymetohealu Illsaveyah Mesiah Iamneeded Youneedme Kimjonghealz (this one i lol'd at) What's your favorite or have you got any better names? Go ahead and leave suggestions.ßlackbetty192 13 Mar
12 Mar Need help figuring something out with my Spriest! So I am pretty new to shadow priest and i'm having a problem with deciding with what gear to use. I know that haste is king and that you need enough haste to be able to complete a full cycle with Mindbender. (I''ve seen alot of diffrent numbers but usually people say around 15k-17k). So here is the deal. I asked a priest in game who was obviously more experienced than me about if I always should go haste even if i'm missing out on a huge ilvl upgrade. He asked me to link the items and told me to go for the higher ilvl one even though I didn't get any haste from it. So here is my question. Around what point does ilvl (i.e a boost to all other stats) outweigh haste? Oh, and hi Ellipsìs!Noscrubs2 12 Mar
12 Mar ? I love my Priest so much! But questing as shadow (only DPS spec) seems such a pain. No burst, NO AOE, just seems so lame, like Shadow Priest was made for single target raid boss only. While I can see in BFA we're getting mind sear as a single spell whats amazing for older content. I just hope you can make them in pare with Mages, Hunters ect in current content. a good old AOE spell would be fantastic. Shadow crash but DOT, instant hitting spell? I dunno, just anything!Olrox5 12 Mar
12 Mar Disc atonement in arena Hello. I've recently started to play arenas on my priest and i noticed that atonement doesn't really work as its' tooltip says. I can't apply it via shield and shadow mend, only via plea in arena. Is anything broken, or it works as intended?Yoamfrosty2 12 Mar
11 Mar How viable is Disc in the leveling dungeons? I've been leveling my Priest and mainly going as shadow in df but also the odd bit of holy for a change of pace. Anyway the few dungeons I've done with a disc priest, they really seemed to be struggling, does Disc struggle early on or is it more of a l2p issue? After doing the first few MOP dungeons it does seem viable just more of a higher skill cap and generally fast reactions but interested to hear more established priests thoughts. Second attempt, I got kicked from the group because my job is to heal and not to dps.. *bangs head against keyboard*Breezze1 11 Mar
11 Mar PVP - Shadowpriest is unplayable in 1on1 situations Hello, So, WoW PVP is rock-paper-scissors. Ok: But if we are scissors, who is paper? Hunters, and that's it. Mages are maybe scissor-scissor matches. There is not a single other class a shadowpriest can beat, given a fair 1on1 situation on the same skill level. Yeah it's nice that we have good multi target damage, but what's the point if you can type /yawn /spit /afk as soon as someone engages you in a 1on1? It's just no fun. Shadowpriests needs much higher single target DPS (like 300% more damage for mindflay) and shadowy disguise back.Hiku11 11 Mar
11 Mar Shadow as a non-hybrid I've heard Shadow's lower damage being justified with them being a hybrid, but that's not really true anymore. We have a strong dispel, a weak heal and a weak shield. However, we have less utility than any of the DPS-only classes, our healing is weaker than a Warlock, our damage is lower than a Mage, and we don't seem to get anything other than Mass Dispel. I haven't been playing a Shadow Priest before Legion, but I've been watching them for years, and it looks like we used to actually have some group utility, and more personal cooldowns than we do now. What do you think Blizzard plans to do with Shadow? It looks like they've made Discipline into what Shadow used to be, stripped Shadow of its abilities, but not given us anything to compensate.Insanas11 11 Mar
10 Mar Questions about my SP Hey guys, So my question concerns mainly PvE wise. Hi ellipsis, i told you i'd be back at some point :) So i've been back to WoW but i didn't really know what to do so i tried out all my 110's. I definitely have the most fun in SP as i think its the most well rounded DPS class. When i quit i kinda had the feeling i couldn't get my stats right. So i want to know what i currently have to focus for. I feel like i am doing really bad even with my 4 set on. Is it better to replace these items with other items that have better stats and forget about the 2 and 4 set bonuses? I understand my question might be a bit vague but thats because its all so blurry for me. I'd like to see your answers!Thinktwice3 10 Mar
10 Mar Rate the transmog above you part 3 Old one reached it post limit.Ðeáth250 10 Mar
07 Mar Hello I got dps problems. Making low dps. I am ilvl 925. Fully upgraded artifact. My vampiric touch tics for 150K dps (I got 30% increased damage on artifact relic buff and talent to enforce my vampiric touch when it does this damage) My shadow Word pain tics for 90K dps My mindblast does 380K dps Is this normal? Because I saw a shadowpriest on Youtube damaging 100% more damage then me per second with equal gear. This guyes vampiric touch tics for 400K per second. How come mine dosent with all the buffs I have? Im doing about 500K dps. Wich is way to low for higher raids. It feels like Blizzard has nerfed me. Well, have you? Is the damage I do when the damage tics or hits normal?Halostorm16 07 Mar
07 Mar macro help pls So I got cord of maiev leggo, and now smite has a 30% chance to reset penance I want to make a macro to cast penance if available, or cast smite The reson for this is because I will miss one global if it's reset while I'm spamming smite as it resets the moment smite is finished casting, and with atonement that one global makes a differenceShowmilkpls1 07 Mar
06 Mar Mind Sear back in BFA? I really missed this skill :c Knew talent "Shadow Crash" has one aoe. But, still useless as cooldown long Mind Sear was best faster aoe. Hope back in BFARedde5 06 Mar
06 Mar New to shadow and I have a few questions! Hello, after maining my monk for a while I eventually got bored and decided to switch to a shadow priest (something I've always wanted but never done). Here are my questions. 1: From what I understand our most important stats are haste and crit, in that order. Is there a haste cap to aim for or should you always aim for getting more? 2: This one concerns leggos. I've heard that sephuz and the one who gives an extra MB are BiS. Could someone explain why sephuz is considered Bis? 3: Currently I have the free leggo ring from argus, celumbra shoulders and the cloak. Should I go for cloak/ring, cloak/shoulders or ring/shoulders until I get some better options? 4: any tips on addons that are a quality of life to have as a SP, or some weak aura strings? Thank you!Noscrubs3 06 Mar
06 Mar Which of the new allied races for Priest? What do people think? Getting close to exhalted with both factions now but can't decide which race to pick to level a priest. Void Elf sounds perfect both thematically and looks for Shadow if a little bit edgy but not a fan of their armour set on male models. Anybody else decide to level a priest with either of the new factions? What made you decide?Senden3 06 Mar
05 Mar Shadow Priest PvP? Alright, so as you can see I'm currently leveling my Priest. I've not played one properly since Cata and I'm thinking of getting into PvP on him. How are Shadow Priests looking in PvP, their damage as a whole, any survivability and tips on the build I should be running. Both standard talents and honor talents. I just wanna know what I'm getting myself into, truthfully.Lysanthír4 05 Mar
05 Mar Pve Survivability is so weak... How are we supposed to survive half of the mechanics that happen in +15 and more keys? Dispersion is a 1min30 sec cd,other than that we have nothing ... Last boss in BRH,i disperse the first Shadow Bolt Volley but die to the second one unless there s some healer cd used. Last boss Court of Stars i die to slicing windstorm (i believe its called?) after dispersion runs out or if i used it before. HoV get 1 shot by obligatory lightning dmg after i disperse the first debuff. 1shot by any cat npc that pounces (Cos,BRH,DHT etc). Lots of other occasions where i die because my only defensive is a 1min30 sec cd. Now i could swallow dying to random npcs farts if my dmg was through the roof,but we all know its not.Crobus5 05 Mar
04 Mar BFA Alpha Shadow: First Impressions + AMA Hello! I am Ellipsis, long time Shadow Priest, Mythic raider, RBGer, moderator on the HowToPriest discord server, and member of the Shadow theory crafting team. I'm here today to post what's changed for shadow on the BFA alpha, as well as a few of my own thoughts and experiences. As one of the few to get in early I've spent the past few days levelling a Shadow Priest through the available content and doing dungeons with multiple talent builds to get a 'feel' for how things are likely going to be shaking out in the upcoming expansion. I'd also like to say, before we go any further, that these few days have overall been a pretty enjoyable experience. I think things look pretty good, and though there are some fairly obvious and glaring differences between BFA shadow and Legion shadow, most of them (at least to me) seem to be for the better. The direction things are travelling seems to me to be the right one, we just have to get there. The beginning: Logging into an Alpha for the first time is weird. Everything is default settings, no binds, no addons, no UI packages, and no weakauras. So even before you look at the class changes you're already thinking 'different', and in some ways you're already thinking 'worse' because it's not what you're used to and it's not how you like it to be. After a bit of macro making, keybinding and moving around, I had a UI that was at least usable and was ready to look at what had actually changed. New Spells: Leap of Faith was returned baseline, immediately this is a great change as a lot of players had missed it and felt shadow utility was overall lacking. Though It's cool to have back I do think we're still lacking somewhat on the utility department, but it's a struggle to create new and unique utility options for every spec. Power Word: Fortitude has been returned, another great change and it seemed only fitting alongside the other class buffs that returned. A little bland, however, and stamina being one of the stats that is least important (In the eyes of players) for cutting edge content leaves me questioning if we'll really be "wanted" for it. Mind Sear has also made a return and at first glance it looks to be the go to filler spell at 3+ targets. Though many players will obviously be rejoicing at the fact this has returned, I'm a little less excited. Balancing mind sear against dots and mind flay has always been a difficult task that's never quite worked properly, I'm glad the spell has returned and gives us some much needed control over aoe, as well as an option for lower level content, but it's definitely going to bring its own problems. As far actually 'new' spells, there are none. I don't feel like the Shadow Rotation really needs anything specifically new baseline, but I do feel we're lacking utility. Something that has started to be fixed, my only hope is they finish it. Where did Shadow Word: Death go?: Death has become a talent. Yes this is "pruning" by definition, and yes I am very sad to see it go. Shadow word death has been an iconic spell in shadow since the very start, but as much as that is the case it's also been becoming increasingly less impactful and more generic as time has gone on. Hopefully it now being a talent means it can be a more significant part of our kit in situations where it is called for, instead of being a small tack on that we wouldn't much miss in our rotation. Voidform: Voidform has been changed, a lot. It has mostly had all of its additional damage bonuses downplayed in favour of increasing the base damage of spells both inside and outside voidform. This to me feels like a good change, reducing the difference in damage between the two forms means the punishment for dropping out early has been reduced significantly. The value of voidform, aside from a small amount of additional haste, is simply access to void bolt and a reduced cooldown of mind blast. Both of these spells seem geared up to be our main damage sources and nukes within BFA shadow, with dots taking somewhat of a backseat. The drain formula has also been changed, maintaining stacks above 20 is much harder and with the gear provided on the alpha you needed cooldowns to really break out of the teens. This is very different to the current Legion design, but shorter, less significant voidforms is a step in the right direction in terms of how the voidform mechanic should work. That being said, it does leave shadow in a strange position where nothing baseline really increases its damage, shadowfiend still exists and now generates a little insanity but the damage is even more consistent and 'samey' than it is on live. Void Eruption: This is a big change, void eruption is now a targeted spell that deals damage to the target and all enemies within 10 yards of that target. It also no longer requires dots in order to strike a target. The damage void eruption can potentially do on trash and in aoe is huge, this is a big step in the right direction for shadow's viability in Mythic+ but it is still quite uncontrollable. It doesn't feel as bad to sit and wait for a good eruption with the new voidform, but it still feels wrong to delay an integral part of the shadow rotation in order to burst an add spawn. Shorter dots: Both Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch are significantly shorter in BFA. This leads to some pretty awkard moments where you have to refresh your dots single target within voidform, this is my absolute least favourite change in BFA and though I can see dots are being weakened across the board, it isn't fun to have to spend a global applying shadow word pain or vampiric touch and drop out of voidform because of it. No more Artifact: Yeah... rip Knaifu. Losing the artifact has made a big difference for shadow. Removal of Mass Hysteria, VT Apparitions, and Call to the Void has reduced insanity generation and the reliance on insanity in order to do damage. Auspicious spirits has also taken a significant hit in power. Void Torrent is of course also no longer baseline, and I am very sad to see our little tentabro go. Talents: I'll try to be brief, if people want to ask how specific combinations or changes felt then feel free to. Or if you want to gripe about them you're also free to do that. The second mind blast charge has become a talent, and feels very good to use in the first row, though it is currently the clear best pick next to Shadowy Insight and Fortress of the Mind I don't really see this as problematic. The first talent row tends to have a clear best pick for a lot of specs and is more about helping low level players understand the role of the talent system in choosing how they want to play than providing three balanced and situational options. Misery and Shadow Word: Death compete next to the new talent, Dark Void. Dark Void applies shadow word pain to everything hit by void eruptions. Yay dot spread! kinda... it's still too situation to really prove effective, hopefully this sees changes down the line. Misery is the go to talent for dungeons, questing, and medium sized pulls whilst Death is the strongest single target option. This row feels weird and has already been highlighted for changes in the next build.Ellipsìs44 04 Mar
04 Mar Solo Dark Animus HC25 with a shadow priest Hi I had some problem with soloing Dark animus on HC 25 ToT, after a couple of failed tries I waited all the adds to come to the middle of the room then used shadowfiend and faded to make the adds hit the fiend, then used the Kil'jaiden legendary trinket and shadow crash to kill them. Only a few adds remained so I kited them around the room with body and soul shield. Hope it helps to my fellow shadow worshipers.Yoe0 04 Mar
03 Mar Questing: Holy or Disc? (no shadow, currently disc) Im currently questing through Northrend, and playing as disc, and I only have 3 buttons to press, that deal damage, is holy any good for questing? (posting on alt because i have to wait 1 day to post on another alt)Telegran2 03 Mar
03 Mar My first ever cloth-class. Either Priest or Mage Want to create a character in the cloth-class. Either Priest or Mage What can you tell me about a Priest I might not know, not have considered? Any tips? How is the class currently, in PVE or PVP? Thanks in advanceGrizmund9 03 Mar
02 Mar Jesus Christ... Can we get some AOE already? At least can a dev tell us *WHY* we don't have any aoe?? Shadow priest do aoe only when mind searing on a target with dots, and the dmg sucks and has no visual area of effect. Old one the big chaos nova effect was way better.. And Disc priests have nothing. NOTHING... do you have ANY IDEA how painful it is to quest, dot or smite every god damn single mob one by one... Just make penance hits trigger a holy nova? FIXED. YOU'RE WELCOME. No seriously, tell me devs or blue or whoever knows what the hell is the deal here... why? WHY don't discs have ANY aoe? You have got to be kidding us, WHY? What is the reason behind it?? WE DEMAND THAT YOU AT LEAST ANSWER IF YOU ARE UNWILLING OF GIVING US THE ACTUAL AOE SKILL... WHY??Priestína12 02 Mar
02 Mar Shadow Advice Hey guys, Having some trouble on Argus as Shadow, survivability wise. Damage wise is ok as I realise my ilvl isn’t great. Should I spec into Masochism? I heard it helps a great deal she sound world content, which is all I do. ThanksXariel4 02 Mar
02 Mar A question about shadow priest. Hello, I am reading and still learning about classes and specs, i'm new to the game tho, I would like to ask you what's shadow priest ? Back when I asked about druids i got some magnificent answers, I hope you would tell me anything you guys know about shadow priest, this class seems fun to play and strong Also I don't know if the rotation is as boring as paladins (My opinion) or it's actually as cool as other classes, please don't hold back throw everything you know on me, share your experience :p pros & cons, how it's played, what makes it different and all those things that a newbie need to know :p and thank you :)Tenshu4 02 Mar
28 Feb Haste as Holy? Hi all, I am making the jump from Disc to Holy as I miss the spec. Been stacking haste for ages - is it viable to play Holy with Haste? ThanksTraegar3 28 Feb
28 Feb Holy in M+ / stats Hi What are the right stats to go for height keys in m+ as a holy priest I know I should go for crit > haste> ver > mastery Could anyone tell me what is the minimum or maximum amount for each stats please?Espiritual6 28 Feb
27 Feb New Levitation glyph desired. Glyph: Sparkless. (Now with 100% less silly sparkles) If the mages can have a glyph to ADD sparkles. Give us one to REMOVE them. I dont want to have golden sparkles as holy, disc, and much less in SHADOW.Canos1 27 Feb
27 Feb How is this fair? Shadow Priest DPS IMHO, shadowpriest needs a solid buff regarding single target damage. I'm not saying that shadow priests are generally a bad DPS spec, but it is a) depending way too much on adds for multi dot, sephuz proc, insanity generation b) gear, since any shadow without >=45% haste, belt and sephuz can be replaced with a player of any other class with 20 itemlevel less c) Is much more difficult to play than ANY other class Looking at the numbers for say hasabel, aggramar, vari, argus beside phase 3 - shadowpriests are stuck at like 1.5mil DPS without mythic gear, while almost all other classes can easily get past 2 mil. And even that requires luck with gear and basically BIS with haste in every single slot. Not to mention that you really need to concentrate to time your abilities right not to fall out of voidform, while with all other classes, you can basically do homework while raiding with one hand. Don't get me wrong - I do find the shadow priest enjoyable and more fun to play than ever before, but under the same conditions, shadow priests are underperforming!Decsis8 27 Feb
27 Feb Exactly how are stats and spells calculated? For the fun of it (and to better understand my secondary stat choices in detail) I'm trying to do some "beginners" theorycrafting on how the different stats are affecting my holy priest healing spells (PVE raiding perspective). However, I'm having trouble on finding the exact information (i.e. a mathematical formula) on how e.g. 100 additional mastery points impact my mastery % etc (same for haste, crit, vers., MS). This information must exist somewhere, as it seems to be used by all the various simulations tools. Anyone got this information or some pointers to it? Also, I'd like to know the formulas for the power of my healing spells. For e.g. Heal I found this on wowhead: "A slow casting spell that heals a single target for (332.64% of Spell power)." But my "Heal" heals for 25613 with 5432 spell power, and 332.64 x 5432 / 100 = 18069 (and my 3.08% versatiliy cannot make up for that difference), so either this information is wrong, or I'm using it in the wrong way. Any ideas?Lildolinu6 27 Feb
27 Feb Vuhdo Holy priest question Hello all Quick question, with Vuhdo, I have the spell Guardian Spirit bind - but when I use it, it whispers the target I'm using it on him - how and where can I change that? First I thought it was an old macro (I have played priest years ago) but I dont see it so I guess it's Vuhdo?Misstrix2 27 Feb
25 Feb Buff in Shadow Priest instanity before combat is needed I remember when warlocks had the unstable affliction changed to cost shards and had to start a fight with zero soul shards, and then warlocks complained so they got buffed to 3 shards before combat, very easily. On the other hand shadowpriests start combat with zero insanity for a whole expansion. They complained as well but nothing happened. For this reason shadow priest are far behind in many aspects of the game, if you are a competitive player you are most likely to choose an other class so that you can perform well. There is a huge difference betwin having to climb 65 insanity on the one hand and on the other hand starting to precast seed of corruption or instanly starting to unstable affliction after two globals to apply dots (all that applies in all three warlock specs). That seems really uncompetitive. I enjoy both SP and Affl and I'll main one of these two in BFA, I prefer the SP gameplay but since I wanna perform best as a dps, it seems like Im gonna be forced to play a Warlock. If warlocks still had zero shards before combat, they would be doing great in high mythic+ and in raids. But they would underperform in lower mythic+, at the start of a raid boss and in short combat generaly. But with the quantity of the warlock community that didnt last for a long time, everybody complained and blizzard did the hotfix. On the other hand the shadow priest community has to sit at least a whole expansion in that possition. Is it because of the the quantity differences of the two communities? And is this the right was to manage class balance? I personally dont see any other reason blizzard hasnt done this change rather than because SP community hasn't drawn enough attention. Maybe if the community has the same opinion, we should draw the attention.Kyrro8 25 Feb
24 Feb leveling void elf (holy :P) Okay so, like probably every Velf priest, i started out as shadow. And around level 35 i was like "hey lets get funny and try holy" even though its terribly unlore-like.. and all i could think after was "holy shi.. this is so much better". As in the dps is almost stupid strong compared to shadow. Now i know this is low level stuff, but in my long long experience of the game, the early levels are a tell-tale sign of generally the class down the line. Sure the AOE sucks, nova doesnt do alot, but its not like you can die with all them heals up in that shizzle. And with pretty much every spell one CD or another gets lowered, further improved eventually with some talents. Why in the world would anyone want to level as shadow? I guess thats my question here. Sure it looks cool, yes the voidexplosion, if you use it as an AOE during leveling, its pretty nice if not OP at times, but its not like you can spam it. Though that too gets easier but you'd need level 100 first or somesuch for the 65 insanity talent thing. Sorry its a bit lengthy post, longer then i meant as im playing right now and im just flabbergasted how the Damage spec is somehow worse for leveling then essentially the pure healing spec. Way to go blizz..Sinistra15 24 Feb
24 Feb Is my DPS low? Good morning, I can only manage to deal around 1.17 M on the Ironforge raider's training dummy. According to Raidbots, my DPS should be 1.28 M though. I know the rotation, so I assume it's my gear. I have been kicked out of Heroic Antorus twice because my DPS just starts sucking from Coven on out (especially in Aggramar). It's slightly depressing because I think my stats and gear are decent. Does Mangaza make a huge impact on DPS? I own Sephuz and Mother Sathraz, but not the legendary belt. My stats: ilvl 952 32 % crit 40 % haste 66 % mastery and my gear: Thank you!!Kaldria24 24 Feb