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15 Sep Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 15 Sep
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2h Shadow priest rofl Actual joke - the end. Just kidding but no for real we are an actual joke. Now let's go into depth. Damage? non existent. But dude you have no gear!! Ye I know cause I already know we do zero dmg. You see you can do a perfect 123 rotation, but your oponent or friends their 123 will hit harder. Step 1: bring back 5 orbs Step 2: Bring back DP Step 3: SW:D baseline Step 4: fade baseline 10% dmg reduc not some stupid azerite trait Step 4: REMOVE yes REMOVE void form and all this trash involved in it. Step 5: Give back void tendrils on a talent tree increase their hp Step 6: Make us be able to shield psyfiend again Step 7: Remove shadowy insight and change it into Clarity of power. Step 8: Give us back mindspikes + procs not the spam trash which happened later. Step 9: Spectral guise <3 which we probably will never ever see again Step 10: OLD SHADOW FORM OLD OLD OLD OLD OLD OLD VANILLA FORM Step 11: give us the wings when we used to DP looked insane. Step 12: Bring cascade back cba doing bg's spamming 1 key For the people who don't know what I'm talking about Misery>vampiric touch. In Legion I literally outdamage everyone yes everyone using a PS4 CONTROLLER IN RBG 2/2.2MMR. Don't think it's possible? Even aboni used a pencil and top damaged using 2 abilities only. Anyhow back to the steps! Step 13: We can climb the Veiled Stair by the amount of steps required to make shadow relevent. Step 14: Feathers talent. Step 15: Buff dispersion Gain mana/hp Step 16: Shadow mends 5 casts oom. useless. make it flash of light and take you out of shadowform. Step 17: Give back prayer of mending for Shadow and take you out of form. Step 18: Get this to the devs Feel free to add stuff if I've missed something. We keep counting guys!Plsentername29 2h
2h Disc a joke NERF HAMMER PLEASE. I have no problem not being able to 1v1 a priest, but when 2 rogues cant get 1 dp below 50% theres a huge problem. no other healer has this advantage, they are clearly way to op compare to the others. BURN IT!Michélle31 2h
2h Time to panic? So the PTR is out and we don't have any concrete confirmation on whether or not they are working on Shadow and the PTR itself has no changes to the spec. And this is suspiciously similar to what happened during alpha/beta, when the weeks went by and Shadow was unchanged, right before they said they are looking into the spec in 8.1 We didn't complain loud enough, did we? REEEEEQuindor2 2h
2h Shadow is a joke and Everyone knows it except blizzard? Shadow is a joke and Everyone knows it except blizzard? This is a sample of what I go through for over 30mins-1hour until I give up.. I'm a 362 equipped Shadowpriest, with 23 neck, with decent raid progress, decent m+, etc. trying to queue for 7-10 keys and always get instantly declined, for no reason other than the fact I'm a shadowpriest, and everyone playing this game knows how bad they are, we're actually pretty average in m+ compared to raids where we just totally suck, I've already been told to either go healer or get another dps class for mythic progression. This is becoming too depressing considering the amount of time and effort I have already invested in my shadowpriest, and that 20% to dots buff we just received? a staggering 3% to our deadlast ST dmg leaving us still deadlast. Now I'm not here to cry about feeling weaker, or not being able to push high keys or get world/realm firsts with my class/spec, I'm stating the fact that something has to change for shadowpriests and urgently. When it doesn't matter your experience and gear and you get instantly declined for m+ groups, and get told to respec healer or find another class to dps in mythic raids. And don't get me started on PVP, being the most squishy spec there is, and nobody wanting to play with shadow, I actually played as disc, a spec I have never played before or have any experience in just to find team-mates, and easily reached rival 1.8k+ in both 2s and 3s as disc, while shadow the spec ive been playing as for years and more experienced in and reached higher ratings with, nobody cares about or wants to play with. Blizzard surely has to take notice before every single last shadowpriest rerolls or quits the game.Paintherapy35 2h
8h 8.1 shadow Wowhead just posted something about class changes.. Is that all we get to shadow?ûdâs4 8h
11h Contemptuous Homily Does anyone know if this trait stacks? Any answers appriciatedAaeri0 11h
17h Shadow 3s help How to deal damage as a Shadow Priest in 3s? So I'm new to shadow priest, we've been doing quite good with Shadow/DH/Rdruid though, but I'm always quite low on the damage.. How do I actually do damage efficiently? I usually keep at least 2 targets dotted with Vamp/SWP, always instant mind blasts, I use Mindbender + Psyfiend.. Its basically impossible to Mind Blast / Mind Flay with all the double melees going ham on my butt every single game And apparently you should never ever use Void Form according to streams and just camp the full insanity for 20% damage reduction Is that true, never ever ever enter it? Appreciate any tips reallyAfdsafasd1 17h
19h Disc is stressful Not in raids, I'm loving raids at the moment. But I was doing a good 14-16k healing on +4 and pugs are still dropping like flies, is that my fault? Are mob mechanics that unforgiving? Is that simply not good enough at that level? I feel like I'm doing the right things and anticipating incoming damage, using cooldowns etc doesn't feel as fun as before, just constant stress mends. I started disc healing mid legion but I remember getting through these levels with nothing but good atonement heals. Are you feeling this way? Any advice would be appreciated.Tucanjan6 19h
21h 3v3 As Discipline Priest and how to not suck? So i've been playin 3v3, pugging mainly, playing the setups where a Disc priest is viable. Mainly hunter comps, but i'm having huge problems healing. It feels like my dps lose health far too fast for me to play offensive; going for a fear on the healer means my dps is at 40% hp when i've reached the enemy healer. Throwing a few globals with SW:pain is quickly followed by spamming shadowmend. The only smites i've thrown out are when its 3v2 and we've already won. But my main issue is that alot of the time spamming shadowmend isnt enough, it doesnt outheal the damage, most of the time it simply keeps my dps at the same hp he was when i started spamming mends, and if i just came out of a cc, that usually means his health is very low. Ooming also seems like a big issue aswell. So anyways what im trying to figure out is what am i doing wrong? Am i running bad traits? How do u guys handle the healing? Thanks !Shadowordave6 21h
22h How it is with shadow? Hello, I got one question. From long time i try to find main char for me. I think i trying all class and spec at this moment. I think i find lot of fun with shadow priest. That lore,that sound's break my heart. I want to lvl him. But,i see here a lot of bad word's about it. So,it's all rly true? We got no place in all game? For max lvl i need about 2-3 month (work,son and lot of other thing's ). One side of my mind say play that what give you more fun,but second-did u wanna do something stupid? Play what is OP at this moment. Got rogue boosted,320 ilvl and like it. But make me borning. I like casual pve and pvp. Havent so much time to do rly high rated or ranked. Maybe when i learn how to play as one spec,than try do something more. Please,say me something ,something good. Something what help me to decide. Cheer. Your loyal member. P.S Sorry for language,almost forget how write and speak in english affter ten year's in Germany :-)Insanith2 22h
1d Shadow priest 2H staff in BfA Hello everyone! I was searching for a new weapon and was really disappointed when I found out that from 3 2h staves right now ilvl 350 ONLY ONE is what we really need ( ) and we can get it only from the AH. Unfortunately the other 2 from Uldir bosses : 1. - Fetid Devourer 2. - G'huun have stats we don't need as a shadow priest Mastery and Versatility. P2W once again introduced every noob can buy 2 tokens and collect the best staff atm from the AH!!!Lynlarae8 1d
1d Bring back Mana Burn! I used to love the whole concept of Mana Burn. Only in a very specific set of seasons and comps was it useful at all, but when it was, it was a blast. Priest in PvP now is fine balance wise, but gameplay wise, it does not feel that "unique". What can we do? Drag our allies? Is that our "cool thing" we can do as healers? Nay. We need Mana Burn. Ye?Yukihyo7 1d
1d Shadow worth it? hey, im "new" to the game and havent played in a long time. played until wotlk, stopped and played a little wod and then stopped again. now im back and dont really know what class to play. i wanna try shadow priest(no other spec, im not in a healing mood atm) i have not much time and play 95% solo and got a 120 dh with my boost. but i dont know if i keep him playing. anyways before i keep talking nonsense and offtopic here are my questions: is shadow worth it right now? i never played legion so i dont know the playstyle back then and only played a bit in bc, but that is a few years ago :P i liked the trial version but there is alot of problems with shadow right now as it seems, at least thats what im reading here alot. and i dont wanna start playing a broken spec that gets maybe fixed in 8.1 and maybe not. i only play pvp and maybe a few dungeons, no mythic i dont care about that. people say play what u want and i liked the 1-2 hours i played, but thats nothing compared to later. and i dont wanna wait until 8.1. maybe someone can help me :)Sikany6 1d
1d So... Can a Disc priest lose a 1v1 atm? Hey there priests of the disc. I was wondering if any of you have lost a 1v1 against a class this expansion, and if so, which one and how? I'm genuinely asking since I only just recently returned to the game after a break of 6 years (give or take) and have currently only defeated a Disc priest when it was a 1vX situation. The same goes for druid, but that's less new to me. Do you have a certain weakness? Timings where you might die?Rawnar15 1d
2d We are blizzard and we are the best hey hey hey ^_^ Hello blizz, can you tell me why this guy thinks sp, ferals and ele shammy are dead specs? 2d
2d Atonement + Lightforged Racial It seems like the LF racial (Lights Judgement) does no longer trigger atonement healing which is a shame because what does a PVE-Disc get out of being a lightforged now? heal on death? GREAT!Shinu7 2d
3d Shadow 20% buffs, AHAHAHAHHAHAA This is an absolute joke, you literally did nothing with this lazy !@# tuning of 20% damage buff to DOTS , are you kidding me ? it's not WOTLK's shadow priest anymore why would you do this useless change ? if shadow received 20% damage to all its abilities and it would still be $%^-, the entire spec is broken... my ret who is 30 ILVL LOWER pulls more dps than my priest at 359 ilvl ... Oh well, back to ruining people's fun with discipline, thanks Blizzard <3, i really appreciate it.Glary46 3d
3d Disc arena pvp. How do I git gud at arena pvp as disc? Going OOM like mad.Oversole4 3d
3d Rapture With haste my opinion may change* Rapture being on the GCD makes it almost useless in clutch situations in both PVP and PVE. If someone dips low you have to press a button which has no other effect than giving you the buff to empower your shield. That GCD is important in these situations and the time it takes almost doesn't feel worth it. The game is very fast paced in these situations and this GCD is noticeable. In pve I've had players die while I was on Rapture GCD, and in PVP I find that I take an unnecessary amount of damage, and even die, while on that GCD. Suggestions: 1. Remove it from the GCD 2. Add a small additional effect when the button is pressed (shield/healing) 3. Remove Rapture and add additional shielding to PW:Shield, also adding a short Weakened Souls effect to stop spam shieldingKittenpaws15 3d
3d Void form fps bug Anyone else getting insane fps drop when in void form? A friend of mine has the exact same problem, and claims its caused by void form stacks (each one causing a short freeze). Any info or help is greatly appreciated! Tried googling, but to my surprise it wasnt easy to find info on it.Trip1 3d
3d Traits nerf Like, what the F.... SP went from a joke to somthing even worse. I legit thought there was something wrong with my recount when i did a dungeon. i'm ilvl 360 and ppl with 20 ilvls lower will out dps me. How much beating are we supposed to take? Getting in to a M+6-10 was hard before, now it's near impossible. Any website that keeps best traits up to date?Jûdâs0 3d
3d spriest mythic gameplay Cas....move out of aoe, cast....move out of aoe, ca....move out of aoe, cas.....move out of mob swing, ca....move out of aoe, cast....mobs dead. Random guy in grp: OMG kick this noob priest plz 3k dps really ????????? Before I can even get my dots up and get 1, o n e single fkin cast off the friendly neighbor dps has done 300k damage with 15k dps, what the hell is wrong with this game ? On top of spriest being dog!@#$ tier now comes that every instance is littered with 'now move out of circle or die' BS.Nelithia4 3d
3d PvP Holy priest for 3vs3 - Opinions Hello Guys, In PVE it's ok, but Do you think that Holy priest healing should be increased in *3vs3* pvp combat? Often in 3vs3 arenas, the constant income of high damage is too heavy to heal even with the nice abilities we have. My ilvl is 351 and flash heal is healing only for 11k I spec Disc only for BGs and 2vs2.Nåomi3 3d
3d Why did Holy get nerfed and other healing specs buffed? Only 3%, but I've never heard any complaints about holy being op in pve or pvp. In fact, it's effectively useless in pvp compared to discTonywonder14 3d
3d My personal thoughts on shadow Hello, I have been a Shadowpriest since early BC. I am quite involved in this spec since then. I wrote guides, interfered in many discussions about it, played it intensively in any aspect of the game. For private reasons my time for engagement with the spec is very limited now but I still have some passion for my toon with close to 600 days played. First: As I cannot post in US Forum I want to express my gratitude to Annesh and Ellipsis for all their work during the class development. Second: After I have played Shadow for some weeks in BfA and made my own experience, I want to summarize my own impression. This will maybe add a few things to their comprehensive view, which I share in most aspects. Voidform: From my point of view many people are making a mistake if they think of Voidform like it has been during Legion. This minigame – as much fun as it was – did not work in WoW for many reasons. Annesh made some good posts about it. Therefore people who have chosen Shadow because of that sort of minigame can never be satisfied. Shadow has to become more boring to be balanced properly. I have no doubt about that. That said: One of the coolest playstyles in Shadow history from my point of view was the T13 playstyle. It had two completely different phases, including a Mindspike burn phase, which could be utilized in many ways. I ever since than wished this coming back as default and I can recognize voidbolt heading in exactly this direction. I agree to all the problems Annesh and Ellipsis carved out about the high damage of voiderruption and especially the problems of ramp up time in this game. Both things have to be addressed urgently, but I think some number tweaking and decoupling of Shadows AOE from entering Voidform could help here. I do not think Voidform is the problem. It is the “false expectation” for Voidform coming from Legion Shadow. Talents: Long things short: I cannot understand how a spec could have started with 4 anachronistic talents which are mostly useless: Auspicious Spirits, Void Torent, Lingering Insanity and STM No one should be astonished if people feel forgotten due to such things. Especially if there are more things on the list which do not feel right. Signature spells: One of the most satisfying moments (gameplay wise) for a Shadowpriest ever was and still is the pressing of Shadoword: Death. Putting this spell into the talent tree is ridiculous. Sorry if I do not find a more polite description for it Miscellaneous Shadowcrash not being a targeted spell feels bad. To handle such an important contribution to our (single target) DPS via a target circle on the ground is annoying. Especially in buildings with low ceilings this is more often the not a terrible thing. Balancing and tuning: Shadow was always a bit special concerning that. No question about it. Undertuned in many aspects of the game, especially in open world, dungeons and single target it shined in raids when sustained spread cleave or strong execute were demanded. Sadly this fights were much too seldom in the game to make up for the disadvantages. A big liability always was the lack of mobility and spammable CC. Assets were more often than not good heal and selfheal and the strong massdispell. Where we are now?Shazardé5 3d
4d Legion Shadow is the best experience I've ever had I think the title speaks a lot by itself and I know that Shadow has been in a lot of different places throughout the expansions, but I have to say that having played many different DPS classes and specs, Shadow is simply the most fun I've ever had by a large margin. Now here comes BFA. Everything feels like it's gone, the spec feels like it's a husk now with the artifact weapon and all it's traits gone. I understand that Shadow in Legion was a very punishing spec to play and master, and that it left little room for mistakes compared to many other classes. But I would take that downside over BFA Shadow any time. Please, bring complexity back to Shadow. Voidform used to be the coolest thing I had ever seen and the concept of being able to stay in it for longer if you were well prepared and played correctly was so much fun when you managed to pull it off. We have lots of classes that are simpler and more forgiving to play already in WoW if players want less complex, easier to understand or less punishing ways to play. But Shadow was too amazing in it's previous state to justify what BFA has done to it.Judithmarie12 4d
4d any tips for a noob Disc Priest? so I've been playing WoW for about 5 yrs at least and decided to try my hand at healing and was wondering if any experienced Disc Priests out there have any advice i.e if there r any addons I should have installed to make it easier etc. One things for sure, I'm only at lvl 30 and after levelling to that via dungeon spamming and I realized just how much I took healers for granted. Boy can healing b stressful at timesEynaenya33 4d
4d Please nerf edge of insanity and buff accordingly Shadow should be using voidform! Perhaps make a talent that does the opposite of edge? 20% damage reduction in voidform?Stickyjam6 4d
4d Shadow Priest suggestions for 8.1 Hello all, Before I go any further I’d like to say that everything I write down in this post are my personal ideas and suggestions which, in my opinion, will make Shadow Priests more enjoyable to play again. Of course you are allowed to disagree with me. Nevertheless, I’d love to hear your constructive feedback and your thoughts on this subject as well! Maybe we can use this post a place for all our thoughts, ideas and suggestions on Shadow Priests. The devs already said they are working on Shadow Priests, but no significant changes will go live before patch 8.1. However, maybe we can give the devs some well substantiated ideas, suggestions and thoughts on how to move forward with Shadow Priests. With that being said, let’s go on. Although this will be a detailed post, I will try to keep as concise as possible. However I will apologize in advance since it is going to be a bit of read nevertheless. INTRODUCTION As many of you probably now Shadow Priests are in a bad state at the moment. Not only in terms of damage and survivability, but more importantly: in terms of gameplay. The loss of Artifact weapons by progressing into Battle for Azeroth (BfA) hit Shadow Priests really hard, because Shadow Priest gameplay was nearly completely built around the Artifact weapon and its traits. Along with stat squishing (less Haste really hit Shadow Priests), the subclass is now left in a uncomplete state which isn’t really fun to play. Also due changes to Void Form the subclass doesn't play smoothly. WHAT CHANGED One of the main big changes is the loss of Artifact weapons In Legion. Shadow Priest gameplay was completely built around the Artifact weapon and the use of the newly introduced Void Form. There was good synergy between the two. To name some examples; Mass Hysteria increased the damage of Shadow Word: Pain (SW:P) and Vampiric Touch (VT) by 2% for every second spend in Void Form and, although the damage reduction Dispersion provides was nerfed to 60%, ‘’From the Shadows’’ and ‘’Thrive in the Shadows’’ reduced the cooldown and gave Dispersion the ability to heal. None of the Artifact’s traits where made baseline or talents in Battle for Azeroth, with the exception of Void Torrent, which is now a talent that has no synergy to the new style of play. The other things are: The changes to the duration of Void Form. The Duration of Void Form is significantly shortened due an increased Insanity drain and the stacking haste buff while in Void Form halved. With this change Shadow Priests are able to activate Void Form more often and has Void Eruption (VEr) became a main source of the AoE damage of a Shadow Priest. However the design of the subclass is still aimed at increasing Insanity generation, which creates conflict instead of synergy. In Void Form, Void Eruption is replaced by Void Bolt, so Shadow Priests lose their main AoE ability for its duration The stat squish In particular the loss of a decent Haste stat hits Shadow Priests fairly hard in their ability to deal decent damage. Below I’ll write about survivability- damage and movement-issues, Shadowform and Void Form, spell changes, resource management and talents.Geest22 4d
4d Iconic shadow priest races? Alliance side.Aboosion1 4d
4d Holy Hidden Artifact Drop ?! Hello, I know that one part is dropped from Hyrja. But from which Hyrja? From the Hyrja in the Dungeon, or the one in the Raid? Or can the item for the hidden artifact drop from both ?Arcularis3 4d
4d New to Disc - How does it feel to others Hi Guys, Not sure if allowed to post this here but we'll see. Just started playing disc this expansion and am enjoying it so far. I only last night hit 120 (slow I know) so I don't have much experience of my own. I wanted to ask you guys, what's your experience so far with Disc in dungeons HC or Mythic 0, are you struggling? is your group healer struggling? I've heard its tough going for Disc at mo, and I'm worried with me being new to it i'm going to have a bad time. thanksRastí36 4d
5d Shadow priest weapon I've enjoyed leveling as shadow, but it has been hard at times to work out differences between a "staff" and and a "main hand /off hand" . Is there a sensible way to make this judgement?. (Does anyone have numbers etc)Pritel1 5d
5d Holy Priest in BfA ... Feels amazing! Healed Uldir this evening and this spec feels so polished and refined. Our efficiency is amazing and Holy Word: Salvation is easily my favourite raid cooldown. Great job blizz!Nifflerelm23 5d
5d Shadow Covenant Target Aggro Bug? Hi. Shadow covenant, Discipline priest talent, actually pulls mobs. I doubt this is intended in any way, shape or form. If you have an enemy targeted and you use Shadow Covenant then it will instantly pull (aggro) the enemy and you can see the shadowy spell effects on said enemy as well. So something is "applying" to enemies when targeted. They receive no damage but as I said it pulls them. Happens in the outside world and in M+ too. I think and hope that this would be fixed soon.Serexea0 5d
6d gnom or dark iron dwarf What do you think is better for PvP (i'm playing in 2.3mmr and i wonder what race is the better to push) ?Nikoslakeh1 6d
15 Sep Only reason to bring a shadow is mass dispel <Method> Cayna: Nuff said.Davai5 15 Sep
15 Sep Disc stat prio pvp In pve its haste on top but what in pvp? Found only on noxxic and noxxxic is !@#$. Since disc have huuge mana issues its probably not haste? ThanksLatexfear7 15 Sep
15 Sep Divine Star Does anyone else having this problem that some occasions divine star not returning at all? It just go straight out to the ether and never comes back, bit odd. Or is it just me?Eyviore4 15 Sep
14 Sep Intellect/Haste ratio Hey, So I know that the stat priority is intellect > haste > mastery for disc (maybe crit higher depending) I REALLY enjoy having lots of haste as I mostly play mythic+, but just doing a simple stat priority doesn't make sense to me without a ratio. Ex. is 10 intellect better than 200 haste? Probably not right, but what is the golden ratio here? - since almost all disc items have intellect this dilemma comes everytime an item drops with higher ilvl without any haste on. ThanksKontomanden5 14 Sep
14 Sep REMOVE spec dependancy for legion class mounts !!! Hello everyone! I am writing this because I want to change the way the legion class mounts for priests works. I am aware that other classes also have this problem, but since I only play priest I am going to focus on the priest one. In the moment, you earn the mount 'High Priest's Lightsworn Seeker' after completing the quest 'The Sunken Vault'. In the quest you find three different mounts: one white, one golden, and one purple. The questgivers make it clear that only three remains and that YOU has to be the one taking care of them. However, you are rewarded with only ONE mount. This mount then changes color depending on what specialization you are in. To me, this just seems as an unnecessary restriction of a purely cosmetic item. Why not create three different mounts, each usable regarding spec? Many other classes have it this way, why not priests? My personal reason for wanting this to change is that I like to use mounts that matches my transmog and the class fantasy. The golden one is beautiful, and the only mount in the entire game that matches my current transmog (except for the 'Lightforged Warframe', but it does not seem very priest-like to run around in a full mecha-suit). I like to play all the different specs, and therefore I want the class mount to be divided into three different mounts. Not only that, but this would also make sense lore-wise, as you do actually find THREE different mounts, not ONE that can change color on demand :/ In my opinion, your mount collection should be like a stable in real life- how many times have you seen a horse changing color :PVeelia2 14 Sep
14 Sep Shadow Priest opener Hi, I know SP is not in the best position, but we have other topics for that. I was in a Pug with some other SP's and their opener was way higher then mine. So i was wondering how do you guys open on a boss. Mine = Pre-cast Shadow Word: Void Apply Shadow Word: Pain Vampiric Touch Cast Dark Ascension Cast Void Bolt Cast Shadow Word: Void Cast Mindbender Cast Void Bolt . Continue the regular spell priority. #icyveins Thx in Advance for replying. Best Regards, High Priest SalíusSalíus4 14 Sep
14 Sep So today this happened. Mass dispell ofcourse but whatever, i felt special. ---------- off-topic : Voidform sucks !Môe3 14 Sep
14 Sep Spriest 2v2 Is it worth trying ?Narelaea5 14 Sep
14 Sep Shadowy Insight How good is it ? Cause it feels really fun to play with in both PvE and PvP.Narelaea3 14 Sep
13 Sep So when are they fixing SP??? The class is a joke,not even gonna bother saying anything about it.I have a simple question.Does someone know when or if they are going to fix it?Thank you for sharing.Sábathiel1 13 Sep
13 Sep What happened to shadow ???????!!!!!! So you were aware that shadow had a hard time with fast dying mobs in legion, your solution was to nerf the dots by 16% and buff VE ? ok its kind of worked, here and there (not really its was mostly raids and 15+). heck, atleast in legion we had pvp to go to. but now you stripped us from literally everything, and left us with nothing besides this 2-4 seconds of burst that falls straight down to 8-9k, and thats ilvl 350+, with almost 20% haste and 18% crit. even with all this its still a mess and joke honestly Like really anything "after" 8.1 is way to far away for us to even do anything as everyone has already started the m+ progress. class are being fixed and tuned left and right, but yet we need to wait for this, why !? You really screwed up, Big time. this isnt fun. The spec is beyond poor, and no, azerite isnt saving anything, minor buffs to a few spells but in the end its not really contributing. this is so sad right now... unbelievableMôe16 13 Sep