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1h Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 1h
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3h Disc & Versatility (and a short life story) I have recently came back to this game. I am a pretty casual player and spend most of my WoW-time doing a little bit of everything but not focusing on anything. I do the 4 WQ for the daily chest, daily HC, some mythic+ each week, no raiding, and practically no ranked PvP but fills my bread time with some BGs and more often than not trying to revive World PvP again (since Blizzard apparently tries to kill it over and over again), by assaulting gnomes in particulary. I both hate and love the new "normalization" of stats in PvP. I loved it when i was !@#$ geared, I started to hate it once I was better geared. And it sucks that I have to raid to get that extra edge in PvP. But enough about me. The reason for above told life story wasn't to bless you with my life, but in hope to increase the understanding of my questions below. * Why is versatility the recommended stat in PvP? (according to noxxic and icy-vein) * And do you think my playstyle (trying to revive world PVP) would benefit in general from focusing on that stat? Explanation: I know what versatility gives me. Increase on dmg, healing, absorbs and decrease in dmg taken. It is not a bad stat to use, but since it is the least recommended on PvE and my playstyle is so mixed it confuses me on how to prio my stats. Why is it all of a sudden SO usefull in PvP? I dont see why it should benefit me more since it suffers the same from the normalization. Thank you for you time!Quinth1 3h
4h Shadow Priest PvP Sucks Shadow priests are so unfun in regular bgs. It takes 2 seconds to die if dispersion is not up. I mean why make this game like counterstrike?? where is the kite? where is the overplay? Warrior has more mobility than me??? How i suppose to live with all this melee unavoidable dmg? The design team should bang their head to wall this is utterly crap pvp design.Taurenanger10 4h
10h [BUG] Strength of Soul's heal is not affected by Grace Strength of Soul's heal gets affected by Vim and Vigor but not by Grace even tho it should. upvote for faster fixEmerica4 10h
13h Disc state in 7.2.5, from hard to casual ? Hello guys! I would like to know if someone has an idea on how disc will "feel like" in 7.2.5. I heard it's going to shift from an advanced gameplay to a more casual/friendly spec. Is that true ? I would like to play a challenging spec, but if it goes too casual ... meh. I would love to join the priest world and actually play an hybrid gameplay mixing dps, heals and attonments, but I can't find a reliable source of information on the net. I hope some of you guys could enlighten the subject. Thanks :).Lockhearts12 13h
14h Shadow Priest Ramp UP in kil`Jaden fight Hi , After many tries i just got removed from the raid becoz of the DPS , I did well about 600k for the p1 ending , and the start of p2 ! ( with NH 4 piece ) but if we wanna compare this class to others , Warrior , Rogue or wlock ....) this class is so DEAD !!! we are not even good for progress now !Aerith5 14h
20h Returning: Holy/Disci opinions Greetings! I am returning to WoW and I have some questions regarding which class I should level. My main since The Burning Crusade has always been a Holy Priest during the end of Wrath of the Lich King. During Cataclysm and MoP I switched to Discipline which I really loved playing. I also leveled a Shaman and Druid next to it. My initial plan was to return as a Priest again, preferably Discipline, but when I browse the forum I get mixed signals. A lot of people say that Priest in general, but especially Discipline, got nerfed. I mainly want to do some (serious) PvP-ing and some casual (10-man) raiding. So my question is: is it worth it again to start leveling my Priest as Holy/Discipline again? I used to be good at playing the class, but is PvP-ing and raiding in Legion more dependent on good gear? Should I maybe start leveling my (Resto) Shaman instead of a Priest? Would really appreciate your thoughts on the class, being a healer and gameplay in general. Thanks in advance!Magdaleen8 20h
22h Priest pvp? How is it atm? Disc/shadow/holy. Good in rbg? Which arena setups work? I have been away from the game for a while and a lot has changed from what I have seen so far. Rdruids seem to be bad and were great. Rshamans are now apparently great (in 3v3 at least) and were bad. Some classes have gotten their talents changed. So yeah, hoping for a bit of an update here regarding the state of priest pvp. Mainly the healing side, but feel free to add about shadow too. Instant aoe pvp heal (radiance) looks great imo. Thanks in advance.Yashlerie5 22h
23h HOLY priest, low healing, help needed please ! Hi everyone and thank you for taking the time to read this. I follow the H2P discord for both my holy and shadow spec and so far it helped me a lot. However I feel like I'm underdealing in terms of HPS and have too much overhealinng. Here is my char : ... an/wasabee For ToS progress I use the cake (Trilliax) + Velen's and the legendary cape. I track my PoM to apply it on CD, I try to use santify before using my PoH but I do a lot of FH and when I compare my logs with others, I find that my Echo of Light deals very little ... I don't quiet understand all of that as I'm not a WC logs expert =/. Here are some recent logs from ToS NM and HM : Thank you for your help ! I hope I will get an answer =) PS : English is not my primary language, so sorry for any mistakes.Wasabee2 23h
1d Should Shadow and Disc be combined into once spec? Bare with me here. I know this is going to be inflammatory for some. This idea comes from the simple observation that Shadow is not complete and that disc seems to have inherited much of what shadow once was. So Shadow, we have shadow form but unlike all previous expansions, it has no purpose. Shadow form grants damage and damage reduction, there is no good reason to ever not be in shadow form now. We used to drop out and lose those benefits to assist on healing and AOE (Holy Nova), burn hymn or blessing. But there is literally no spells that work only out of shadow form nor to spells such as shadow mend become better for being out of shadow form. Meanwhile, healing while damaging, the Disc speciality, is literally what Shadow used to do. Back in Wrath, with VE spreading 25% of all my shadow damage to my party, healing me for ~40% of all shadow damage. With VT healing 50% of all its damage to the party through VE and near 70% to self, we had in shadow something that looks very like Discs new iteration. If shadow in Wrath has Disc mastery it would be Disc. In raids I would be put in high risk groups to prop up healing for the party (before all effects became smart target raid wide and just affected the party). Not as the sole healer, but to reduce the consistent burden for the healer. In 5 mans, particularly once I got over geared, healers would change spec to DPS on seeing me in the instance. The damage to heal was fluid, recognised, easy to play and fit with the lore of the spec. Meanwhile in live we have Void Form, whos skill element is slowly being nerfed to irrelevance, continuing its trend towards a CD rather than a skill. And Disc, whos representation is so low we have almost regressed to back to BC because of a clunky, gear heavy spec with a painfully high skill floor that requires raid coordination to make work. Damage to heal was -never- Disc's thing. Shields and high crit were discs thing as a healer. Its DPS element was a pvp tactic which oom-ed you in under 2 mins, an abuse of a niche set of spells and talent choices, not a design. Disc could DPS well but -was- a healer, without any caveats. Now I know this shield heavy play became a problem and I know why, and I realise that while self heal is rewarding for PvP but not really relevant in PvE. But equally, what we now seem to have is two specs butchered from spells that, realistically, could easily be one. With a few exceptions, such as Penance, Shadow Form, VE and VT, USED to be one. I think there is with the two specs as they now are, a solid case for amalgamating Disc and Shadow into a stance dance based spec, with a talent tree based on dps or healing weighting and trying to find a new concept for the 3rd spec.Talshere10 1d
1d Disc vs holy PvP How is holy better than disc in PvP? Please care to elaborate. Oh, and rated bgs isn't the only aspect of PvP. ~Elisabett1 1d
2d Questing in Holy Spec. Hello everyone. First, i'm sorry my english. Anyone can help me what is the best way to questing in Holy spec? Im trying to go shadow but its not so great because of my gear. And really hard to make WorldQuest or something. I like holy priest and i don't want to change. Thanks for the helping guys!Cicalány3 2d
2d Shadow Priest 7.2.5 Opinion Looking at the class changes in the upcoming 7.2.5 patch leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Changes 2 changes that seem to be very minor. What are your opinions on these? The 10 % buff to SWP is ok but its basically like adding a few points to our artifact weapon. Mindbender might be quite interesting at smoothing out our void forms and getting us more consistent high stacks but overall isnt really all that interesting or intuitive. Problems? Looking at Tomb of Sargaras it seems that the majority of the fights will be single target which we are almost bottom of the list for. To compound it doesnt look like STM will be viable on progress for these single target fights. (Even the 4 set is nerfed once you start using STM) Conclusion Just a bit frustrated that other classes seem to be getting fine tuned and we seem to be getting the minimal ammount of effort. Im not asking to go back to the insane days of peak STM but a more pragmatic approach from blizz would be greatly appreciated. Perhaps just get rid of STM altogether as it seems to cause more problems and now seems to be a futile ability apart from perhaps during farming.Rigaza20 2d
3d Rate the transmog above you part 2 Old one reached it post limit.Zaída498 3d
3d Lack of AoE Can we please get mind sear back as an ability..? Trying to do the falcosaur world quests when other people are insta killing all the small mobs isn't fun.. What kind of class fantasy were they smoking when they decided to remove it?Flaytality23 3d
3d Solo capabilities as holy Hello everyone, I have returned to WoW after taking a break and would love to try healing, holy priest really appeals to me and I love their healing gameplay. One thing kind of worries me though and that's because I'm more of a solo player in the open world. I wonder if I will be able to do WQ's just fine in holy and if I'll still be able to solo old raids and stuff?Vensola13 3d
4d shadow priests are !@#$. Traditional dps ranking by [Spec Class] is fundamentally flawed because it doesn't take into account reasonable option value. Legendaries/AP are still substantial barriers to spec switching, but for the most part players have the option to invest playtime towards what is perceived to be their best spec and we see this bias in number of parses from certain specs. I think a more relevant ranking that reflects real world raiding would be by [Class]. For example, Class A has 3 damage specs Spec 1 - Very good Spec 2 - Average Spec 3 - Very Bad Class B has 1 damage spec Spec 1 - Average Traditional [Spec Class] ranking will give the false impression that Class B is middle of the pack in the wild. A1 A2 / B1 A3 Ranking by [Class] however will reveal the effect of players min/maxing such that we expect to see A B Since blizzard servers are having a huge outage today, I decided to do exactly this. I play spriest, which is why this question interests me. Personal experience and traditional [Spec Class] rankings do not seem to match up for many people. How bad is Priest really? Terms Weighted Class dps weighted among number of parses. Spec 1 - 70 parses (100dps) Spec 2 - 20 parses (80dps) Spec 3 - 10 parses (60dps) Weighted dps of 92 (0.7*100+0.2*80+0.1*60) Min/Max Max(spec1,spec2,spec3). Using above example gives 100 dps. Avg Rank Dps consistency measured as the average ranking per boss from 1-12 using a weighted dps figure. Lower is better. If a class smashes one boss in particular but performs badly on all others, it will show as a high average ranking. A crude proxy indicator for relative dps volatility. Results All bosses, without Skorpyron (meme boss), without Skorpyron and Botanist (for spriests). Won't let me post images or links so you're gonna have to open them in a new tab. Even though mythic Skorpy isn't meme, included those numbers for comparison with heroic if you want to do that. Heroic 75th Percentile 95th Percentile Mythic 75th Percentile 95th Percentile Best Spec per Boss 95th Percentile Mythic NH Some observations Monk and Spriest consistently score very low across the board. Rogue is not doing very good either but we should expect their weighted dps to increase over the long term as players gain better ability to switch between specs. High Priest dps volatility between bosses goes down the harder the content (more hp adds). A large part of the performance range imbalance of 10-13% is coming from warlocks(affliction) outperforming by a large margin. When we exclude warlocks, the performance range between classes decreases to 5-8%. Shaman, Hunter, Mage see 50-60k average dps increase over all encounters by switching specs per boss. Mage is very dps volatile between bosses. A lot of Mages are sticking with fire (up to 40% of total parses) even though it is the lowest performing mage spec by 10-25%. Mage players change specs the most depending on boss. Shamans and Druids are the most "stubborn". They like to stick with their favourite spec. Consistent 60/40 split between ele/enh and 85/15 between balance/feral respectively irregardless of which spec performs better on a boss. Class Tiers From 75 percentile Mythic NH (All Bosses, Spec Min/Max), classes seem to be divided into distinct performance groupings God Tier +17.2% Warlock Good Tier +8.7% Warrior Hunter Death Knight Middle Tier +7.5% Paladin Shaman Mage Druid Meh Tier +4.2% Demon Hunter Rogue Monk Garbage Tier +0% Priest TL;DR Priest is not doing so hot in 7.2 Sheets Data pulled from warcraftlogs.comLayeth6 4d
5d mythic+ plus'ers for the people that are stuck in the 895 - 905 zone looking for mythic + : DECLINED DECLINED DECLINED DECLINED DECLINED DECLINED ---- mean while when your finally accepted... and in action you top the mage and the demonhunter with adds and boss fights .... (not all the time but it usually happens..alot) why are we so underestimated... signing up on my alts take about 2 mins tops to find a group but on shadow priest sometimes i feel like i have to bargen on /w with the group leader xDKerolynn17 5d
5d Missing Words of the Old Gods achievements? (spoilers?) I was looking forward to trying to figure out how to trigger the Elune one when I went into the Tomb of Sargeras yesterday but I never came across what was supposed to activate that dialogue / achievement. Fair enough, I know Xal'atath's lines don't trigger 100% of the time on a boss. However, I then looked through my achievements and my Odyn one has completely gone, achievement removed. They're both gone from wowhead as well. So what's all that aboutMarkovic0 5d
6d Sephuz in ToS Is it just me or the legendary barely works after casting cc ? i realized more than a few time that none of my mindbombs are trigering it at all the only time it did was when i used it on trash mob i had no problem using it on bosses in all raid before, even if they were immune to cc, it still triggers. however on bosses it does not do anything. was there a recent change ?Kerolynn1 6d
6d Miracle Worker, Rapid Mending, or Greater Heal in BG's Miracle Worker, Rapid Mending, or Greater Heal in battlegrounds. Which would be more beneficial in your opinion?Bushbam2 6d
6d Glyph of Angels? Was anyone able to get it ??Helenia3 6d
6d Disc as DPS Hi, I have always liked the look of Disc. Lots of flashy lights and bubbles but how is there DPS? I know they are primarily a healing spec but I hear the put out decent amounts of DPS? Sometimes even higher than some DPS specced classes. Can anybody help? I don't mind healing but would like to throw some nasty DPS when needed ;) Thanks!Surranis10 6d
6d Blessing of the order Hello ppl. Is is possible to use blessing of the order for the missions through the app? I mean, you can make the blessing through the app but i cant find a way to use it.Smokeheadzz6 6d
6d Priest mount It looks like the Blizzard designers decided to burn players eyes with this white dandruff which is poured from the mount when you keep the camera right behind the mount while flying. This is really annoying and painful thing for eyes.Лекта13 6d
6d Evangelism nerf? Really? Taking a second off this talent? Real nice -_-Melchior2 6d
6d Disc in ToS How do people feel about it? I think we are in a good place right now. Was pleasantly surprised.Melchior0 6d
6d Return of the Light Stage 6 !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$ %^-*!@ #$%^-* !@#$%^ -*!@#$Filidix0 6d
6d Ok Holy Priests are actually insane in PvP I don't know anything about Holy Priests in general, but I just faced one who was immune to my stun at all times. He also pressed an ability where all my attacks missed or something. Another one was around 30% hp and got back to 100% in 1 global instant heal. If this is not broken I don't know what is.Tomtànks15 6d
20 Jun Inner renewal-Why is this a honor talent? Couldn't see why to use it during my journey to unlocking the elite armor for the 3rd season of PVP in a row, I found it quite revolting to even consider using when compared to its other competitors in the honor talent tree. So i'll give for those unaware what the talent is a description of the talent inner renewal and the talents along side it you can also choose. Inner Renewal Requires honor level 34 Casting effective heals on yourself directly will refund 50% of the spell's mana cost. Vim and Vigor Requires honor level 16 While you are at or above 80% health, your healing is increased by 20%. Defender of the weak Requires honor level 2 After healing a target below 50% health, you gain 20% haste for 5 sec. Why or how am I meant to use inner renewal instead of vim and vigor or defender of the weak?Makarg4 20 Jun
19 Jun VERY LOW DPS with VERY high iL the topic says it all. I start to lose faith when I see pvp players doing more dps than me on single targets. However I alway am good when it comes to aoe, but single targeting....I just don't understand what I am doing wrong, I feel like I want to quit when I drop down to 500k + dmg. I mean playing a shadowpriest, it can't go wrong in rotation almostChium4 19 Jun
19 Jun Working on my disc alt - some questions I'm working on improving my disc alt (having MW main) and I have few questions/issues. Right now I'm trying to gear up and optimize stats on that gear (which likely will take some time). Compared to my MW it's less healing and less reactive/unexpected or quick healing. So take in mind this toon is relatively fresh and needs to farm raids. I've see few stat weights for disc. Haste first, then crit/mastery at similar level depending if it's for dungeon or raid and then versa. The one at has master bit above crit. - do they take master buff in 7.2.5? - should I focus on mastery or crit or can I mix haste/(one of them)? - why int is so low on those last weight? I can use PW:R + Evangelism combos or one PW:R for current less-AoE healing. With Rapture I can't find it that handy as it takes a lot of time to spam those shields. - What's the usage case of Rapture and does haste helps in any way? Similar with PW:Pain - animations take some time and sometimes I can't mark as fast as I can tab mobs. In raids I tend to overuse Purge the Wicked. Not perfect rotation that sometimes drains more mana than it should. - Should I nearly always only penance/smites/penance or put one Purge before penance? (I have the belt so penance can be up early). I'll likely focus this alt at M+ and raids more farmy runs. Some logs: - NL 9: - NL 8/5: - BrH: 9: - NH HC: - EM mythic Ursoc/Nythendra: - ToVs: 19 Jun
18 Jun Disc Level 15 Talent Tree Twist of Fate, Castigation and Schism has been put in the talent tree. Castigation and Schism are both fun abilities. it is a shame to see a choice like Twist of Fate in there, which is so strong, that you will never be able to pick something else over Twist of Fate.Arathian5 18 Jun
18 Jun Atonement tracking Hola fellow disc players! I was wondering, since the new path my WA for atonement tracking has stopped working, it only shows a big 0 in the top left where it usually shows how many atonements i have active, has anyone got a good easy "in your face" tracker they could share with me? thxBaarklul3 18 Jun
18 Jun How's Holy Priest PvP in 7.1.5? Hi, I'm looking for more info about Holy Priest PvP after the 7.1.5. I have lvl 90 priest, don't like disc so trying to find out more about Holy PvP before I start leveling it to 110. Videos would be nice. Can't manage to find any. ThanksInyanga6 18 Jun
18 Jun Holy or disc Hey freinderinos i have a shadow preist like 910 and i want to try to heal on him since ive found out its preety fun from playing this monk! so what spec do you guys think is the best. Focus on Mythic + and the ocasional heroic raid? To the guy wich says Play what you think is fun. can you list what is fun about each spec in your opinion thanks boysVoidblossom5 18 Jun
16 Jun Shadow Priest 7.5.0 Patch Notes Released! jk WARNING: This thread contains a lot of salt and tears converted into sarcasm. 7.5.0 Patch Notes: Shadow Twist of Fate - Removed. - After tons of feedback to make this talent a baseline because it's a MUST HAVE we finally decided to prune it just like every other spell (Psychic Horror, Spectral Guise) that's been helpful and useful in many situations. We decided to replace it with something else that's completely useless and irrelevant in any kind of content you do (just like the Dominant Mind talent or S2M in PVP) New life (replacing Twist of Fate) - Makes your resurrection cost 50% less mana and have 50% cast time reduced. Body and Soul - Now increases your speed by 45% - So we've been aware that priests were lacking any kind of mobility especially in a meta that some other classes can blink all the way from China to Africa in 2 secs. Increasinng the effect of the only mobility this class has by 5% will totally fix this problem. Dominant Mind - unchanged - We are still not sure why this is there but it fills the space for a 3rd talent so it will stay there for a while untill we think of something that could actually be useful. Surrender to Madness - All your Insanity-generating abilities generate 25% more Insanity, and you can cast while moving, until you exit Voidform. - Just the casual nerf to this talent by at least 25% (this time 75%!) with every patch since the beginning of Legion. So why not? We also added aditional penalty (just to balance it with the other 2 talents on this tier). Now you can't click the release button, nor release in any kind of way for 10 minutes. This will give you some time to cry your tears at the corner or level up your warlock while waiting. Legacy of the void Void Eruption may be cast anytime your Insanity level is 62.5 or higher, and Voidform increases Shadow damage dealt by an additional 2.5%. Shadow Crash - Travel speed decreased by 800%. So now by the time it actually hits something the dungeon (arena) will most likely be over so the chance of hitting something with this talent is basically 0%. (Pretty much unchanged in PVP) Player versus Player: Dispersion - Now reduces damage taken by 30%. - Spriests had 1 defensive in PVP which made them survive more than 20 secs in arena. That was not the way we planned this class fantasy to be, therefore we had to change it. Now the little 10-year-old Dimitri who just leveled up his warrior (maybe DH) can pop his one-shot-swifty macro and kill you through dispersion (not like he couldn't do it before but w/e) and feel like a F*CKING GLADIATOR and renew his subscription for the next month because he is SO GOOD AT THIS GAME. Mind Trauma (PVP talent) Fully-channeled Void Torrent cause you to steal 0.5% haste from the target for 20 sec. Only 10% haste can be stolen from a single target. -It was stacking way too fast before. Now you have to fully-channel Void Torrent 40 times. Psyfiend (PVP talent) Dies instantly when summoned (unchanged)Malfredx2 16 Jun
16 Jun When are we getting Mind Sear back? Our aoe is !@#$. Who the hell came up with this smart idea to turn Mind Sear into something we can rarely use in let say dungeons, when the mobs die to fast. Or in general. We already had problems with an otherwise great class, who is unique above all else. And still you cannot give us back Mind Sear which we so desperately need. And no, Shadow crash isn't a good replacement. I hope we can make a huge poll about this so that the Devs start to listen. We need it to survive in both pvp and pve. We are good on single targets, yes, but we also need to atleast do some proper damage when it comes to aoe. I'm ashamed most of the time because of this. Please! Hear me out on this.Ernstz8 16 Jun
15 Jun Legendary cloak and BGs It stops you from benefitting from spirit of redemption in BGs just because you died before entering the BG. Can't they just make BGs ignore the debuff or something?Ninny0 15 Jun
15 Jun Spells viasuals update / Concordance Hello. As other classes get their spells and skills updates, can we priests get them too? Spells like Holy Nova, Prayer of Mending or Holy Fire looks so outdated (rest too). And its very visible when we do a priest class mount quest, when NPC's can cast all that awsome holy spells. Second topic is a Concordance of Legionfall. Its same thing as pooping T'uure in beginning on Legion. Its just pop as icon buff and it is. Can we get anything to see when its active? Somenthing like "holy gloving hands" or whatever. Trinkets have their specific animations, T'uure get it too, so why this buff cant get any?Xaeo0 15 Jun
14 Jun Can't use holy class mount as discipline? Is there no way to use the golden holy class mount as discipline? I hate the white/blueish version, doesn't fit anything at all. It was such a letdown to realize I couldn't use it. Do you know of this changing in the future? ThanksSchizoid1 14 Jun
14 Jun New priest on the block Hey everyone so just rolled a shadow priest and although I'm literally a n00bie priest I'm really enjoying the spec. Just wondered if anyone had any advice for a shadow priest starting out also voidform should I be always in it or not. Many thanksAlluera2 14 Jun
14 Jun Looking for help with Holy. Hey. I have been healing as a holy priest for about a few weeks now and I have been watching vids left right and center, sorting talents and trying to get a feel for this class. I have some experance as healing and want to do it full time as Holy. The more I gear up the more I enjoy it, but am not sure how well am performing so if a more experanced Holy priest could help me it would mean a lot. I have Got some logs togeather just doing my own thing & raiding normals with my guild Now it seems to look ok, but I dont have enoigh experance with logs to see were I could improve.Victathyra5 14 Jun
14 Jun more nerfs another nerf to t20, were we really doing that well on the PTR? edit : just seen we got some buffs too...Bishi6 14 Jun
14 Jun Leap of faith shadow. Did they remove leap of faith from shadow? Because I have it when I'm disc but I want it as shadow too. Always usefull in raids gripping people so they could make it out certain situations since the healers are most of the times too busy healing. And the best part was gripping my gf once in a while trying to kill her.. Anyhow Why did they remove it??Babodook4 14 Jun
14 Jun Missing follower 3 and 4 Hello :) I have this problem who is about to drive me crazy. I hope I post in right forum now. I have done all quest lines that I received and done mostly of the zones but I don't receive follower 3-4. I don't have any priest order hall campain quest. I tried find solution for it online and I followed links etc , but nothing works. Does anyone know what quest Who gives follower 3-4? I don't have any quests in my log but I thought if I know what quest I must follow I could se if I can find it in the area or something. Hopefully someone knows and I would be so happy if I can find it.Zelezte7 14 Jun
14 Jun Description or bug? Hi everyone. We've been hit with the new patch and new changes. Shadow priests for example had their SW:P buffed and T19 nerfed. I can clearly see, that T19 was actually nerfed, but SWP still deals the same damage. Or at least the description says so. Maybe you guys had the same issue or everything is fine and it's a description that is bugged?Gondawn0 14 Jun
13 Jun Holy priest changes for 7.2.5 Hello priests fellows. So, prolly is still too early to think about it , but surely it wont be bad to start discussing about the changes we may want to see for Holy in the next patch. For me Holy current state is ok, it could be better, but its pretty fine. I like the new holy words playstyle and i really like the ToS tier bonus pieces. But the there's one thing that i still really cant see and i would really like to: uniqueness. I would really love to see some changes that will make the holy priest really needed in some situations. I'm not blaming the versatility that Holy possses, but i feel like we really need something that can make people say : "In this situation we really need an Holy priest". It's not a matter of healing , its a matter of utility spells that can push Holy to be more apprecciate and unique! Maybe its just me, but i would love to see something changed or added to our skill set that would distinguish priest from the others healing classes! If u do agree or not, i would like to hear ur answers!Napstablook7 13 Jun