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14 Jun Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 14 Jun
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4m Priest community Heya I was wondering if there was a community dedicated to our class, be it carried by people from the wow forums or h2p or whatever. If not, would it be interesting to have one (two actually since it’s faction-tied zzzzz) ? I’m not really into that kind of social interaction for in game activities but why not for our class. CheersFacepalmirl0 4m
15m ORC PRIEST? What's the best race for SP in BFA PvP? Orc Priest will be avaible?Xhopez3 15m
21m Im so tired of keeping Atonement up all the time Why cant they let Atonement buff last at least 30 seconds? Im so tired of having to re apply it and switch back to dmg all the time. Disc Priest isnt fun, its a micro managing hell right now and with the insta bubble returning what do they want Disc priest really to be?Thrillho5 21m
33m Race advice Hi all I'm thinking of living a priest for the new expansion only problem is I can't decide a race horde only. I'm gonna main healer so any advice is welcome.Satthan9 33m
45m Level ONE hundred “Lenience” talent... Are you lot being serious? For a level 100 talent. Atonement reduces damage taken by 3%. This has got to be one, if not the most laziest talents I’ve ever seen. You guys are being paid to make these decisions. It’s honestly embarrassing. Excitement to unlock new talents has well and truly gone. You are just throwing talents around willynilly. You can tell these decisions haven’t been thought out from the ground up, more just tossed in to fill gaps. Feels like ideas are wearing thin. The talent tree days were exciting. Especially towards the end of the trees - unlocking powerful spells. I’ll say it again. Lazy and embarrassing. (This is not a rant about the state of Discs. More simply the rushed and random feeling the talents have.) Maybe make this baseline? And give us an actual talent.Napper7 45m
51m Shadow Word: Death / Void Torrent Dear everyone, is it only me or is the new shadow rotation horribly stale without Shadow Word: Death (and to a lesser extent Void Torrent) as baseline? It just feels like my spec is horribly incomplete. Just to get a clear picture if this is only something I would want reverted opposed to the whole community. BestSanscrit6 51m
1h Holy priest talents BFA 8.0 Guys I want to try holy again for faster queue (dungeons and raids) but I can't decide what talents to pick 1. row 15 Enlightenment or Trail of Light, Enduring Renewal 2. row 90 Benediction or Halo Enlightenment maybe is better for raiding than dungeons not sure but if I go with Benediction --- > Enduring Renewal is the right pick. As for lvl 90 row pick "Halo" provides good healing and damage but player needs to be careful not to damage and pull enemies you are not in combat with. What do you guys think I'm opened to suggestions ? Have a nice day/weekend!Lynlarae4 1h
2h Disc leveling feedback A bit nitpicky, I'm overall happy with the changes to disc. I just found some strangeness in the current rotation. I'm doing war mode leveling with disc, and using the Searing Light talent that increases damage of Smite by 15% and makes it reduce the cooldown of penance by 1 sec when cast. Only problem is that it makes Penance and Smite do the same amount of DPS. Smite has the whole damage absorb mechanic which makes Penance redundant other than when you get a proc, or need to cast while moving. For a class defining spell it just feels underwhelming. Also what is the purpose of Holy Nova? You'd need 5 nearby enemies to break even on damage with a single smite, and at over 3x the cost. Can we go back to making it just do damage? This might just be while leveling, I haven't tried at max level yet. Does it scale better at that point?Solène7 2h
5h Levelling as Disc in BFA I want to play shadow for raiding at 120, but have heard shadow levelling is horrible in BFA... Will I be able to level as disc to speed up the levelling process without getting too far behind? Or will the new azerite armour mean that I'm at a disadvantage by levelling as off spec? Any advice appreciated :)Nifflerelm1 5h
15h New Shadowform (pre-patch/bfa) Maybe it's just me but this Shadowform which was recently implemented on beta/PTR looks horrible, and it also has quite a few bugs going on (you can see the shoulderpads seem lighter and aren't affected by the dark purple line effect flowing over the rest of your character until you remove them and equip them again). We're still also lacking glyphs to customize our shadowform more, some people prefer a darker more original shadowform where as others like the lighter shadowform to show off certain gear sets easier. The current BfA version of shadowform looks like an inbetween imo. It's not really dark but at the same time your transmog kinda gets ruined by the lines flowing over your character. Interested to hear what other priest/shadow priests think about this and if anyone actually prefers the most recent build's iteration of shadowform over any previous versions of it. Reminder that we're like 4-5 days away now from this going live.Clarityxz30 15h
15h Disc healing - I’m doing something wrong Hi there, just lvl boosted this character and though about getting into disc healing, but it would seem I’m doing something wrong, people keep dying. I usually toss PW:S to get atonements up, then dot enemies and toss around ocassional Shadow Mends and Penance for damage spikes. It seems though that it’s not enough, in heroics people tend to take craploads of damage and in boss encounters ppl usually start to die and it usually ends up in whining, b*tching and /spitting. How are you exactly supposed to heal when everyone takes damage spikes and 100->0 in a matter of seconds?Routalempi6 15h
16h CHANGE FOR SHIELD Hello, I come to present 3 ideas to modify Power Word: Shield : 1) The original goal was to get the old Power Word : Shield back with the Weakened Soul. 2) Modify Rapture so that it can both absorb and heal while removing it's GCD. ---------- 1) FIRST IDEA The first idea is to get the old Power Word : Shield back with one Weakened Soul debuff per target. For everyone, no choice. ---------- 2) SECOND IDEA The second idea is to get the old Power Word : Shield with the Weakened Soul as a PvP talent as to not change the PvE side of things. Edit talent row #7 to make it a real choice and prevent having too many important PvP talents. ---------- 3) THIRD IDEA The third is to get the old Power Word : Shield with the Weakened Soul but as a talent this time making that gamestyle available both in PvE and PvP Edit talent row #7 to balance the choices. I'm not speaking about giving a shorter GCD on Archangel and Dark Archangel, buff Pain Suppression or reduce cooldown of MD , I'm only speaking about the Shield change.Oust4 16h
16h Holy Nova BfA We dont need it for healing.. It's only use is for clearing out packs of mobs while leveling or helping with some damage in lower dungeons.. Remove heals and boost it's damage a bit since it's worthless as it is on beta.. Awesome giving it to Disc as well.. Really struggled with aoe dmg..Galâdríel17 16h
17h Leveling as a priest Is it worth to simply spam random dungeons till 110? You get insta queued as healer and each dungeon gives you 1/3 of your level. i know that trough 92 till 98 dungeons are for sure better, but what about the rest?Rinshiro0 17h
23h Disc priest hidden artifact instructions Copy and pasted - but it does work. Get your artifact research to level 4 and then Speak to Archivist Inkforge, and pick the middle option when following his prompts. Dalaran/Class Order Hall The Violet Citadel, Dalaran To the left as you enter the citadel stands Archivist Elysiana. Behind her, on the right bookshelf is one volume. Netherlight Temple ( Priest Class Order Hall) Behind Juvess the Duskwhisperer, on the table. Netherlight Temple ( Priest Class Order Hall) Behind Meridelle Lightspark (sells the Class Order Hall set), on the bottom shelf of the hanging bookshelf. Netherlight Temple ( Priest Class Order Hall) Speak to Archivist Inkforge, and pick the middle option when following his prompts. Broken Isles Drop: Inquisitor Ernstenbok, Stormheim Rare vignette mob southwest of Halls of Valor in a cave (visible on the map), entrance at [62.4, 75.0], at the base of the cliffs right by the water. You will see Eye of Ernstenbok mobs outside the cave (See Map). Drop: Artificer Lothaire, Suramar Rare vignette mob in Moon Guard Stronghold in Suramar (northwest part of the zone) at [33.7, 15.0] (See Map). Drop: Chief Bitterbrine, Azsuna Rare vignette mob just off the coast of Azsuna at [65.1, 56.5], on the ship “Queen's Reprisal”. Nearest flight path is Shackles Den (See Map). Bitterbrine can be found below deck (which is underwater) towards the front of the ship. Black Rook Hold, Val'sharah Found in the 5-man dungeon Black Rook Hold. After defeating the first boss, Amalgam of Souls, you will enter the Map Room. On the left side of the room, on one of the tables, is the volume. Northrend New Hearthglen in Dragonblight, Northrend (Take the portal to Wyrmrest Temple in the Chamber of the Guardian) In the church in New Hearthglen, entrance at [72.2, 73.5]. Turn left when entering, and go into the second room on the left (ground floor) – it is on top of the bookshelf (See Map). Eastern Kingdoms Instructor Chillheart’s Room (Scholomance, Western Plaguelands) Enter the room, kill the trash on the right. The volume is on the sixth bookshelf from the right. Flameweaver Koegler’s Room (Scarlet Halls, Tirisfal Glades) Enter the room, kill Flameweaver Koegler. On the left side of the room find the table with the 3-pronged candelabra. The volume is on the bench between the table and the bookshelf. Karazhan, Deadwind Pass (Take the portal to Karazhan in the Chamber of the Guardian) After killing The Curator, head down the ramp until you enter the Guardian’s Library. Instead of taking the ramp here to the left, jump off to the right and head into the side alcove that is immediately there. In the alcove, there will be 3 bookshelves at the very end (far wall) of the alcove, with a purple book tapestry (wall hanging) above them. On the bottom shelf of the leftmost bookshelf is the volume (See map).Melchior20 23h
1d Mobility issues So, my mobility is all gone - what do You use now, in beetween groups on dungeons - to heal up group while they keep running, when the plea is gone ? I feal like disc priest is not very mobile right now - and i know - shield, but shield is not a heal.Cagura4 1d
1d Change Shadow Mend to Flash Heal Shadow Mend is alright but I really hate its drawback effect, no other filler heal has a drawback to it, which can be really annoying when you try to use it as a "filler" heal. Can we please have Flash Heal back on the Disc Priest?Stephanis8 1d
1d I'm actually liking the new shadow Some of the changes are great, admittedly there are bits missing but the QoL changes are nice. Our void form hits everything regardless of dots applied, we have multiple aoe instant abilities that in all fairness hit quite hard. The animations are lovely 1.3m Vampiric is great Dark void for the insane ghost busters Scream and horror for meles =P I do wish that dispersion had its heal but in all fairness quite a lot of other classes had the huge heals nerfed Overall, quite happy =)Holycowpies24 1d
1d Animations improvement suggestion Is it possible to adjust the CastCurseRight/CastCurseLeft (and other Left|Right casting) animations to make it work accordingly to which side the target is located (like if the target is at the right side - cast right e.t.c)? Also it would be great to reduce the angle to which the torso of the character turns when "following" target, because sometimes these things are causing so-called "waist twist" which is annoying. Thanks for reading. 1d
1d Levelling now Hiya! After the patch I'm struggling with shadow. I'm a new player and was enjoying it, but now I do loads less dmg and am very squishy. I don't really think I'm playing it right, it just feels clunky. Is it possible to level as disc or should I ditch this priest for now?Verapike5 1d
1d Mass dispel, why nerf? Now I know disc has been a very good healer throughout legion (holy not so much). Holy has its fear back which is nice and will make us more viable. My question is why nerf mass dispel? Its not exactly easy to get off (leaves us open to kicks and has a range limit) plus it had a huge mana cost, also it had a fairly big cd. It was hard to use at the right time. Good mass dispels helped define good priests. Now it's nerfed to 45 sec cd which makes no sense, it's not like we could spam it before. Oh PS I have never played shadow but given it was (don;t know about now) the only holy spell shadow priests could cast this is a big nerf to them.Reggaegsus0 1d
1d But where is my Fear abillity Is not in the spellbook , is not in the talent tree.. Another removal of an iconic abillity ? Things are getting worse not better, im telling u.. PS: Shadow Word: Death in talent tree ? really blizz ... really ?Hellhate7 1d
2d Voidform 'stuttering' I've been noticing this ever since Legion really, but it seems potentially worse with the launch of 8.0, basically, whenever you're in Voidform and are in combat you should be able to notice some stuttering, specifically when moving around. I think it has something to do with the insanity drain or gaining Voidform stacks as the stuttering almost feels like it's in sync every second or so. I've tested this on other computers to ensure that it's not just me and I've also upgraded my own computer over the course of Legion anyway... obviously I've also tried this with/without addons and a full game re-install/UI reset. The problem is still present. It is worth mentioning that some addons DO seem to make the problem worse but as I said it's still present within the default game. Apart from moving around, the best ways to make the stuttering more clear are by playing at higher fps with a higher refresh rate (so basically a smoother game). People with 60hz monitors might have trouble even seeing the issue. I've tried recording the issue but it just doesn't really show up well on video, especially when you're locked to 60 fps. Would be great if others (specifically people with higher refresh rates) could test this out and let me know that it's not just me (throughout Legion I did see a couple reports from others but not enough to give it attention). - ClarityClarityxz0 2d
2d Rate the transmog above you part 3 Old one reached it post limit.Ðeáth301 2d
2d PW:Shield Question Just a quick question I hope to ask the fellow Disc players here. It feels we lost plea which I feel is a good move and now gaining PW:S, but it feels we lost the old PW:S (of Legion). Could there be a balance found between removing plea and putting no c/d on pw:s while making the pw:s stronger, however, not to the strength it was during the likes of WOD, just to make them feel less like what plea was, a facilitator for spreading atonements on people at the strength of what the plea spell produced. It just feels we can spam essentially weakened pw:s in place of plea but they're incredibly weak. Just putting this out there as a question to fellow players of disc priests :) - We don't want the pw:s spam of wod etc, but something to allow them as they stand currently to have a little more oomph :)Cérês5 2d
3d Races for discipline in BFA Hello fellow priests, I plan to play as discipline in BfA. What races are currectly best for discipline? I'm thinking about race changing into lightforged draenei, since I love their aesthetics and that they fit the priest theme pretty well. I am wondering, is Light's Judgment racial any worth for discipline? Is it virtually a racial replacement for retired Light's Wrath? Or is the regular draenei actually better with increased primary stat? thank you for your recommendations!Anari4 3d
3d SW:V 2pc T21 It appears that the 2pc T21 bonus does not affect Shadow Word: Void. Was this always the case pre-8.0, too? Thanks!Hollywud0 3d
3d BfA - Power Word: Shield Please Blizzard for the love of all things holy, update the spell effect of Power Word: Shield, it's older than some of your customers! Since you are removing Clarity of Will, I'd be happy if you just swapped them!Deadpan6 3d
3d Salvation Oooookay so this is kinda interesting...! Renew & 2x Mending for everyone. That's kinda sick - can you imagine how much damage all those double Mendings will do? The 12min cd says it all, I guess. I wonder how such a long cd will work in dungeons, and later in raids. I don't think we had 12 min gaps between bosses in Antorus, for example. What do you guys think of this new talent?Carynara8 3d
3d 2v2 Arena Advice (Disc) Hello I'm new to the Priest class and healing in general. I've found the disc really fun but how do I survive in arenas? When melee DPS jumps on me I die in a few secs. I pop my CDs but I get interrupted, slowed, stunned non stop. Any tips?Ethian1 3d
3d Any change to Holy/Disc? Hey guys, Has anything changed for Holy and Disc in 8.0? I haven't had a chance to look at Disc yet. For Holy there are some new talent choices and that's it. It looks like healing style and gameplay will remain the same in BfA.Carynara4 3d
3d Spriest BFA Hi all :) I’m a bit curious about something... it’s a well known “thing” that spriest is a hard spec to play or at least hard to play it right. I’m a casual player (was a raider before but due to irl stuff I had to tune it down). I have always loved the class, the whole idea of spriest appeals to me highly. Due to the difficulty of the spec I have chosen not to play it in legion (afraid to mess it up and be a burden in dungeons etc). However, been playing around with it a bit in the beta and I find it so fun and interesting, and due to the new aoe talents- I do not feel like a complete noob and can actually dish out a fair amount of damage and do the rotation fairly right, with some mistakes here and there of course. Would you guys say it would be ok for a casual player to go for this spec in BFA? I know the whole “play what you find fun” but the community is often very toxic in many ways and all in all- I’m wondering if BFA makes spriest a more casual friendly spec then what it was in legion? Thanks for any advice in this :),Minyii6 3d
3d Which legendary to get for leveling in BFA [Disc] With the free legendary we indirectly received and easy ways to farm up another one, what are your recommendations for legendaries in preparation for BFA leveling? I plan on leveling as Disc priest with war mode enabled, therefore my highest priority is being able to smoothly quest and not be a push-over for other classes if it comes to PvP encounters. I reckon that top-tier healing legendaries such as Velen aren't the best choice? Dungeons up until 115 should be easy without such legendaries, so I guess a more offensive choice (belt?) or potentially even dps ones such as Kil'jaeden's would be better? After testing around a bit today, I'm extremely pleased with discipline as of now and I'd like to push my potential and become someone you think twice before entering battle with. I'd appreciate your thoughts.Seyn6 3d
4d Bg abuse Wow since when has BGs become so toxic?. Returning player after five years and try your best and sometimes I make a few mistakes to be hit by a torrent of abuse. /afk i'll go back to questing thanksNurss4 4d
4d S Priest alt, what lego should i purchase? Hello guys, i am a shadow priest alt and i am wondering what legendary to purchase with the 1000 essences i just got, i will use it mainly to smooth the leveling experience in BFA and maybe have some action (not much) on what is left from Legion. Shall i go for the bracers? Or maybe the ring that enable an extra talent? I am at a loss, could someone guide me please on what legendary will perform good while leveling, and dungeoning? Again, i'm in no way looking to make top ranks or be the top on the meters, just have some fun, casually! Thank you allMoab4 4d
4d Prepatch Shadow: Quick PSA Heyo! Prepatch is upon us and we've gained access to our BFA toolkits, and unfortunately lost access to our Legion ones... With this shadow's gameplay in terms of the buttons being pressed hasn't really changed at all, just the results of those button presses and the damage they seem to be dealing. With all that being the case, I'd just like to post a quick reminder that forming opinions based on how the spec feels and plays in prepatch gear levels isn't the smartest thing because of the way stats are changing in BFA. In BFA, secondary stats on items will scale up much less per ilvl, and intellect will scale much much more per ilvl. This means two things, firstly the amount of secondary stats you'll have at the start of BFA will be much closer to the end of BFA than stats were in Legion, and secondly it means that deeper into BFA you won't have so much control over what gear pieces / stats are the best for you because the intellect will outweigh secondaries from a pure dps perspective. Given both of those things, and the trajectories that have been planned out for stats in BFA. It's pretty safe to say that the amount of stats you've got at 110 in Legion is significantly more than you'll see at the start of BFA, possibly even ever, and your ability to weight towards stats will be lessened. In full raid gear on the BFA Beta, haste for most shadow priests was sitting in the 13-16% mark depending on which jewellery was being used. It's unlikely you'll see these numbers go up much at all and therefor you should see if that's a comfortable or enjoyable number to play the current shadow design it (Damage being irrelevant). Tl;Dr. Prepatch Legion stats are the highest you'll see them for a very long time, if ever, given Blizzard's new gear formula and design direction. Shadow priests are projected to be raiding / dungeoneering at around 15% ish haste in BFA so make sure the spec feels comfortable and enjoyable at that if you intend to main it for the expansion. It's also not likely to go much higher than that across the full expansion unless Blizzard make massive changes to the stat formula or items in general. Also remember you'll lose legendaries. Ellipsis...Ellipsìs5 4d
4d A good run lads! I jump into a new bg, excited to have horrify back.. I get a target low with some new Dark Ascendance cheese and instinctivly press shadow word death, only to notice it isn't there. Then I get jumped by a hunter and a warrior and die through dispersion at 35% hp Disc it is.. will probs deal more damage anyways when's 8.1?Kidexe4 4d
4d Void Elf Shadow Priest Bug Anyone else having a visual bug while wearing the void elf heritage armor in shadow form after the patch went live? With the chest wings and without the chest wings 4d
4d Cancelaura Levitate bugged? /cancelaura Levitate Doesnt work anymore...Endlesscc2 4d
4d How hard is it to level up a priest? I think about rolling a priest for BFA but the slow leveling and farming really intimidates me. How hard and how long it takes to level up and farm with a priest compared to other classes?Zikiti7 4d
4d Minimalistic Shadowpriest UI Hello! I would just like to show you guys my shadowpriest UI I just completed and hopefully recieve some feedback as to what could be improved or changed. I realise this should probably be posted in the addon section but since this only works for shadowpriests for now I thought the priest section was a better fit. I wrote some information on wowinterface explaining more about the UI and who made it possible. Thanks in advance to anyone who checks it out <3 4d
4d Disc in mythic + Hello ma dudes. Im looking into which alt healer i Should play in bfa. Im mainly playing 3vs3 and mythic +. How Will disc fare in mythic +?Lilsundawg2 4d
6d New Priest Hello everyone, I'm leveling my new Disc priest and want to have it as my second character for BFA. I mostly intend to do PVE content. I want to get into healing and I've got some questions: 1) Are there any "Must have" macros? I'm currently using mouseover macros for the healing/shield skills and I'll probably do so with all the acquired skills later on. What macros should I use for Shadow word: Pain and Penace? 2) Is there a way to make the buff/debuff tracker icon size on the raid frames bigger? I can adjust the size of the frames themselves in the interface, but the buff/debuff track icons are really small and hard to look at. 3) I find myself getting the aggro from mobs quite often because of Shadow word pain mostly, I've been wondering if there's a way to know when it is safe to use it? Also, if there are any general/beginner tips you can give me from your own experience, I'd be happy to take. Thanks in regards.Alarynn2 6d
6d Beta 3v3 I’ve not played priest in a long time, since the end of MoP / start of WoD really but I decided I’d make one on the glad sanctum realm and try out duels / arena. I queued with 2 random people for a couple of hours and I felt like a god honestly. Enough CC to control a healer on my own, doing so while coming first / second pretty much every game in damage and the on demand burst with my spec was so satisfying, the ramp up time of my insanity felt like no time at all and the void shift talent to save my healer and myself it was so fun. Playing with a shaman / MW monk I wasn’t the primary target for a lot of the games but when I was I didn’t have trouble keeping myself alive with my healer and shaman off heals and leap of faith seems like a great spell to drag your healer around corners with you. In the duelers guild I’m doing pretty well! On my way to earning the title, most caster classes are quite an easy matchup with the CC I have for them and melee a lot of the fights are 50/50 with some classes completely destroying me and some being very close. Often I can kill melee with full HP but I think that’s a lot to do with cooldowns not being up but that’s the thing with duelers guild you’ve got to push the limit without cooldowns and try and save them for the next fight out of 3. I’ve still got a lot to learn on the class and a lot to play / experience obviously because you’re put straight into raiding gear. But this could definately be my main class for BFA, I’d much rather play Beta than live at the moment because of it! Maybe it’s because it’s a fresh class and I’m loving the learning curve and fresh feel but I’m wondering if anyone feels the same about shadow at the moment?Clawk3 6d
6d The Power in Our Hands quest I got around to doing this quest tonight and I am quite disappointed. I am not bothered about the quest itself, I am disappointed about the lack of Xal'atath dialogue. Throughout Legion, Xal'atath has commented on most things, she had some nice dialogue in Burning Throne. Now we are absorbing the power from Sargeras' sword, and she says nothing at all. Are any other shadow priests disappointed to find this?Esmerrelda2 6d
15 Jul BFA priest in PvP How will the 3 priest specs work in BG’s and open world PvP in BFA? Having 2 healing specs sounds like a huge advantage in PvE for a healer But i expect that we will see much more PvP in several modes in BFA.. After all we need to teach the horde and their false mistress a lesson.Thundertoe3 15 Jul
13 Jul BFA Alpha Shadow: First Impressions + AMA Hello! I am Ellipsis, long time Shadow Priest, Mythic raider, RBGer, moderator on the HowToPriest discord server, and member of the Shadow theory crafting team. I'm here today to post what's changed for shadow on the BFA alpha, as well as a few of my own thoughts and experiences. As one of the few to get in early I've spent the past few days levelling a Shadow Priest through the available content and doing dungeons with multiple talent builds to get a 'feel' for how things are likely going to be shaking out in the upcoming expansion. I'd also like to say, before we go any further, that these few days have overall been a pretty enjoyable experience. I think things look pretty good, and though there are some fairly obvious and glaring differences between BFA shadow and Legion shadow, most of them (at least to me) seem to be for the better. The direction things are travelling seems to me to be the right one, we just have to get there. The beginning: Logging into an Alpha for the first time is weird. Everything is default settings, no binds, no addons, no UI packages, and no weakauras. So even before you look at the class changes you're already thinking 'different', and in some ways you're already thinking 'worse' because it's not what you're used to and it's not how you like it to be. After a bit of macro making, keybinding and moving around, I had a UI that was at least usable and was ready to look at what had actually changed. New Spells: Leap of Faith was returned baseline, immediately this is a great change as a lot of players had missed it and felt shadow utility was overall lacking. Though It's cool to have back I do think we're still lacking somewhat on the utility department, but it's a struggle to create new and unique utility options for every spec. Power Word: Fortitude has been returned, another great change and it seemed only fitting alongside the other class buffs that returned. A little bland, however, and stamina being one of the stats that is least important (In the eyes of players) for cutting edge content leaves me questioning if we'll really be "wanted" for it. Mind Sear has also made a return and at first glance it looks to be the go to filler spell at 3+ targets. Though many players will obviously be rejoicing at the fact this has returned, I'm a little less excited. Balancing mind sear against dots and mind flay has always been a difficult task that's never quite worked properly, I'm glad the spell has returned and gives us some much needed control over aoe, as well as an option for lower level content, but it's definitely going to bring its own problems. As far actually 'new' spells, there are none. I don't feel like the Shadow Rotation really needs anything specifically new baseline, but I do feel we're lacking utility. Something that has started to be fixed, my only hope is they finish it. Where did Shadow Word: Death go?: Death has become a talent. Yes this is "pruning" by definition, and yes I am very sad to see it go. Shadow word death has been an iconic spell in shadow since the very start, but as much as that is the case it's also been becoming increasingly less impactful and more generic as time has gone on. Hopefully it now being a talent means it can be a more significant part of our kit in situations where it is called for, instead of being a small tack on that we wouldn't much miss in our rotation. Voidform: Voidform has been changed, a lot. It has mostly had all of its additional damage bonuses downplayed in favour of increasing the base damage of spells both inside and outside voidform. This to me feels like a good change, reducing the difference in damage between the two forms means the punishment for dropping out early has been reduced significantly. The value of voidform, aside from a small amount of additional haste, is simply access to void bolt and a reduced cooldown of mind blast. Both of these spells seem geared up to be our main damage sources and nukes within BFA shadow, with dots taking somewhat of a backseat. The drain formula has also been changed, maintaining stacks above 20 is much harder and with the gear provided on the alpha you needed cooldowns to really break out of the teens. This is very different to the current Legion design, but shorter, less significant voidforms is a step in the right direction in terms of how the voidform mechanic should work. That being said, it does leave shadow in a strange position where nothing baseline really increases its damage, shadowfiend still exists and now generates a little insanity but the damage is even more consistent and 'samey' than it is on live. Void Eruption: This is a big change, void eruption is now a targeted spell that deals damage to the target and all enemies within 10 yards of that target. It also no longer requires dots in order to strike a target. The damage void eruption can potentially do on trash and in aoe is huge, this is a big step in the right direction for shadow's viability in Mythic+ but it is still quite uncontrollable. It doesn't feel as bad to sit and wait for a good eruption with the new voidform, but it still feels wrong to delay an integral part of the shadow rotation in order to burst an add spawn. Shorter dots: Both Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch are significantly shorter in BFA. This leads to some pretty awkard moments where you have to refresh your dots single target within voidform, this is my absolute least favourite change in BFA and though I can see dots are being weakened across the board, it isn't fun to have to spend a global applying shadow word pain or vampiric touch and drop out of voidform because of it. No more Artifact: Yeah... rip Knaifu. Losing the artifact has made a big difference for shadow. Removal of Mass Hysteria, VT Apparitions, and Call to the Void has reduced insanity generation and the reliance on insanity in order to do damage. Auspicious spirits has also taken a significant hit in power. Void Torrent is of course also no longer baseline, and I am very sad to see our little tentabro go. Talents: I'll try to be brief, if people want to ask how specific combinations or changes felt then feel free to. Or if you want to gripe about them you're also free to do that. The second mind blast charge has become a talent, and feels very good to use in the first row, though it is currently the clear best pick next to Shadowy Insight and Fortress of the Mind I don't really see this as problematic. The first talent row tends to have a clear best pick for a lot of specs and is more about helping low level players understand the role of the talent system in choosing how they want to play than providing three balanced and situational options. Misery and Shadow Word: Death compete next to the new talent, Dark Void. Dark Void applies shadow word pain to everything hit by void eruptions. Yay dot spread! kinda... it's still too situation to really prove effective, hopefully this sees changes down the line. Misery is the go to talent for dungeons, questing, and medium sized pulls whilst Death is the strongest single target option. This row feels weird and has already been highlighted for changes in the next build.Ellipsìs120 13 Jul