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19h Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 19h
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59m Heart of the Void. "Heart of the Void - Void erruption deals 400% increased damage and heals you for 40% of the damage" I mean, I've played every single shadow legendary and tested most of the combinations, including the utility ones since I got all of them before the actual % dmg increases, and I don't think that the new one you're bringing beats even the un-intuitive gameplay the DoT spread ring in level of usefulness. I would rather take the benefit of Norganon over a wet noodle damage buff. The ability itself deals 1-3% of total damage. The only situation I could ever see this be useful in is m+ but guess what, we have better ones already. It doesnt even work with the ring, you need to manually dot up everything in order to get the benefit of the new item, at which point, why need the ring anyways? The mobs will die by the time you do all this, and on higher keys I'd much rather wear legendaries that do a speck of something useful. It's quite literally a useless copy of KJ that requires jumping through hoops in order to the same thing. On top of that, it takes up a tier slot, and with the current T20 bonuses, you're going to use even less Void Eruptions overall??? Why not make it extend the duration of our pet for each MB or VB? Why not make it trigger or extend PI on MB or VB? Why not make it spawn a buffed shadowfiend each time you cast Void Erruption? Why not make an interaction with Void Torrent where it makes your dots tick like insane on the channel target? Or reduce it's cooldown each time you crit with MB or VB? Why not make it do anything remotely useful in any situation? At the very least make it do much much more damage with its current effect. No this is not a whine tread, I wont use it and it won't affect me when I get it, it will take up a bank slot. But this item looks like an afterthought, and after the whole slap in the face with our new class ring giving us a talent that everyone begged to be baseline by taking up a very stat intensive slot... Idk... It looks sad.Derpkins0 59m
1h simple to go solo with priest? as a "noob"? Hello all Priestes I want try out Priest mostly for the class story and soloing not focusing on dungeons or raids or pvp just enjoy the game. And i wounder how priest are to quest with? I´ve played a Disc priest in WoD and like it, not to much buttons and CD´s to keep on, i have some irl issues i cant do stuff like Another.. But Disc its easier then SP right?Líra7 1h
1h High haste lag Hey, is this just my issue or is is happening to anyone else as well? Basically whenever I get to high haste numbers, my actions bars just go crazy and it just feels like it's not doing what it seems it should be doing, like abilities appearing off cooldown while in reality when I try to cast it, I just get the sound of an ability that is on CD. It comes up on when BL/PI and high void stacks are up, or similar effects like Eli speed bubbles or the Gul'dan button. S2M is pretty much impossible for me to keep up. So I'm looking for a solution in case that funny talent ever comes back. I'd prefer not to ditch my shadow priest for this.Attomic1 1h
3h SPriest - Any good for Solo PvP BG's? After a break of about 6m i've just returned and am contemplating my latest leveling project being an Spriest. I pretty much only Solo PvP in BG's nowadays; are Spriests worth it or do they just get constantly shat on due to lack of mobility / weak CC? Any advice appreciated, don't want to waste my time on something that can't do what I want it to well :) PS Love the theme of having an evil weapon that encourages you to do stuff you probably shouldn't :)Skewered2 3h
4h Disc priest hidden artifact instructions Copy and pasted - but it does work. Get your artifact research to level 4 and then Speak to Archivist Inkforge, and pick the middle option when following his prompts. Dalaran/Class Order Hall The Violet Citadel, Dalaran To the left as you enter the citadel stands Archivist Elysiana. Behind her, on the right bookshelf is one volume. Netherlight Temple ( Priest Class Order Hall) Behind Juvess the Duskwhisperer, on the table. Netherlight Temple ( Priest Class Order Hall) Behind Meridelle Lightspark (sells the Class Order Hall set), on the bottom shelf of the hanging bookshelf. Netherlight Temple ( Priest Class Order Hall) Speak to Archivist Inkforge, and pick the middle option when following his prompts. Broken Isles Drop: Inquisitor Ernstenbok, Stormheim Rare vignette mob southwest of Halls of Valor in a cave (visible on the map), entrance at [62.4, 75.0], at the base of the cliffs right by the water. You will see Eye of Ernstenbok mobs outside the cave (See Map). Drop: Artificer Lothaire, Suramar Rare vignette mob in Moon Guard Stronghold in Suramar (northwest part of the zone) at [33.7, 15.0] (See Map). Drop: Chief Bitterbrine, Azsuna Rare vignette mob just off the coast of Azsuna at [65.1, 56.5], on the ship “Queen's Reprisal”. Nearest flight path is Shackles Den (See Map). Bitterbrine can be found below deck (which is underwater) towards the front of the ship. Black Rook Hold, Val'sharah Found in the 5-man dungeon Black Rook Hold. After defeating the first boss, Amalgam of Souls, you will enter the Map Room. On the left side of the room, on one of the tables, is the volume. Northrend New Hearthglen in Dragonblight, Northrend (Take the portal to Wyrmrest Temple in the Chamber of the Guardian) In the church in New Hearthglen, entrance at [72.2, 73.5]. Turn left when entering, and go into the second room on the left (ground floor) – it is on top of the bookshelf (See Map). Eastern Kingdoms Instructor Chillheart’s Room (Scholomance, Western Plaguelands) Enter the room, kill the trash on the right. The volume is on the sixth bookshelf from the right. Flameweaver Koegler’s Room (Scarlet Halls, Tirisfal Glades) Enter the room, kill Flameweaver Koegler. On the left side of the room find the table with the 3-pronged candelabra. The volume is on the bench between the table and the bookshelf. Karazhan, Deadwind Pass (Take the portal to Karazhan in the Chamber of the Guardian) After killing The Curator, head down the ramp until you enter the Guardian’s Library. Instead of taking the ramp here to the left, jump off to the right and head into the side alcove that is immediately there. In the alcove, there will be 3 bookshelves at the very end (far wall) of the alcove, with a purple book tapestry (wall hanging) above them. On the bottom shelf of the leftmost bookshelf is the volume (See map).Melchior15 4h
5h [disc] how many shadow word:pain's should be active? I'm leveling a disc priest thats currently level 50, and i was wondering how many targets i should be attacking, should i focus one down, or dot as many as possible? I've so far felt that the atonement healing left a lot to be desired and find myself mostly just using power word:shield and spamming shadow mend for chunky heals and plea when theres less damage being taken. For reference i have this so far: Shadow mend PW: shield Plea Pain supression RaptureAralise2 5h
10h SPRIEST OVERALL Hmmm, maybe You will finally UPDATE SHADOW PRIEST, because it lacks in mobility, AOE. If u play arenas with shadow be sure u will be targeted by ANY mele. They kill u in one burst. In mythics u are !@#$, nobody takes u because of no aoe. In arenas u are f*cked because of no mobility. U have 1less talent (StM) from u can chose. 2 mele on u and u cant cast VT (kicks). Stun every 30 sec, silece every 45 - WHATS THAT? Sorry for being rude or bad english, i just played few arenas with Spriest.Aprox11 10h
11h Disc priest ability question I came across an ability I've never noticed before. Just hoping someone can tell me what it is. A disc priest I was dpsing suddenly seeemed to become untargettable and I don't think they had an enemy nameplate above them anymore. I don't think they were mind controlled as I don't think they even had a friendly name plate above them. A bit later they were back as an enemy, seemingly with the hp they had b4 they switched. Any idea what it was?Bobbett3 11h
14h Am I the only one Who misses the old disc? I'm not saying this specc is boring, it just feels so... undisclike. When I hear the word 'Discipline', I think of a healing class that dampens pain and protects xir's comrades with shields and such. Not a healing through dps class. I'm curious what you others think. Do you want the old ways or prefer this instead? ~Elisabett9 14h
16h Lenience's Reward I wonder how noone have complaint about this !@#$ty trait.... Its not like this is the only %^-*ty trait in disc spec ( or other classes specs ) but come on being so deep in the weapon progression i have to spend so much AP for me to just get 2% damage reduction? Like seriously? Couldnt ya at least make it 5% to be some sort worth spending aps in, and to have at least some sort of feeling ya are not wasting yar APs for nothing. And while im still talking about traits. When did they nerfed "Speed of the Pious" trait? Didnt it use to reduce the running speed by 30% when it is cast on an enemy as well as the 30% running speed if it is cast on self? really OP that we had a small amount of slow effect here and there...Faustine12 16h
20h Best priest spec for withered army these days? I was looking at some old posts that a suggested being disc spec and shielding a berserker to keep him as a tank. Is it still the same or is shadow better these days for this task? My priest has an item level of about 860Eosferon7 20h
1d Holy Priest Mage Tower Tips I've been having a lot of trouble with the mage tower challenge as a Holy priest. Friends of mine have found it taking upwards of 30 attempts, and it seems compared to other classes and specs, there is a variation in difficulty. I've set up this thread in the hopes we can share tips to beat all the phases as a Holy priest - I'm still stuck on trying to complete the challenge. My recommendations so far are that you are forced to weave in smites in between healing, as you have to keep Chastise available to stun one of the attackers to prevent group wide damage. It's also important in the first phase to make sure an ally gets hit by the Mana String ability so as not to deplete your own mana.Amenae12 1d
2d Highest amount of Legendaries? Hey guys, just wondering how many legendaries are people on now? especially the mythic guys (I don't raid mythic)Davton10 2d
2d Disc recommended for wanting a battle healer? So, I haven't used my lvl100 boost yet as I thought I'd never want anything else than my hunter (started as warrior in '04 vanilla, been mostly dps after TBC). I've never seriously healed, so I wanna dedicate my 100 boost to a healer. It's kind of a crap shoot. If I end up hating it, no big deal. If I love it, then good... Been a while. Reason I'm back at all is that my son wants me to play with him, so I'd figured I try something entirely new myself. I've loved healers in other games. Particularly the bear shaman in AoC, and was among the top healers on Crom with him. I also liked warpriest on warhammer online and druid on GW2 (nuts that they converted hunters to healers, but I ended up liking it a lot). DPS while healing I think is the element that attracted me to those. Am I right to think Disc may be a good choice? I like the idea that I can run in that spec fulltime soloing as well as dungeons and raids, and even higher content. I've been thinking about resto druid as well, but don't like the idea about spending more time in for example bear (guardian?) spec or feral while soloing than what I initially intended (resto) and then feeling torn between when to be what. Disc looks like I can do one role, and learn to do it well. dps'ing while healing has always given me pleasure in other MMO's. Not waiting to do one while doing the other. Being able so solo is important to me as I'm likely to do that mostly, at the same time I want to be able to heal in groups without doing it in a spec I use the least so it almost becomes the offspec. I want to be a healer that can use my spec to solo as well, not necessarily fast, but alright and dependably. Might be one-trick pony of me, but I like simple concepts. Holy Paladin is very close as second alternative. But both classes are entirely new to me after so long - and exciting choices.Naaro6 2d
3d Holy Legendary ring Hi Blizz. Can you please consider remaking the legendary ring for Holy priest? You recently buffed Binding Heal to perhaps be a viable option again, but it's competing with Piety which is crazy strong. If we can use the ring to give us Piety then the choice would be between Surge and Binding which are two talents more evenly matched.Sezh0 3d
4d Rate the transmog above you part 2 Old one reached it post limit.Zaída478 4d
4d HPS Holy priest Hello i'm a fairly new holy priest in game and i finally can do heroic raid . My problem is when i look my logs i do around 360k HPS and wow logs say the HPS of a holy is around 450k. Do wow logs exaggerate a little bit too much Oo? because i do all healing rotation and im far aways . Thanks ( i have 41 artefact trait)Liquids6 4d
4d A random bg-dungeon class? Greetings! You can consider me fearly new, so i dont really know about this (I played some vanilla and early tbc as priest (shadow) with my gf (she was holly), but generally played prot warr.) Had to buy a new account some weeks ago, and rolled a mage, later on a prot warr, but warr was boring, and mage underperforming in bg-s....dunno about dungeons, didnt feel satisfactory...since i dont know if i do well without dmg meters (that i refuse to install again) So i been wondering how is Shadow-Discipline priest? As i see the numbers (based on my lv 103 mage) on random bg. Shadow priest is awesome? The new Discipline sounds fun (finally), but nut sure its viable...i assume heal is ok, but dmg is pointless (if its not on pair with dps classes dmg...even my mage lacked a lot on that part). As shadow i fear it might still be a clunky "if they see you you die" class without decent cc and just lead dmg because of dots and kb with shadow word death? Not sure in dungeon, but i assume shadow is trash since the ramp up ect... So i been wondering its like a bg class or something? Would be be better of with something like Unholly Dk? How you ppl see this based on first hand experiance?Endurion1 4d
4d Mastery bug Hello guys. I am a discipline priest and have 28 % mastery which adds up to 51.5% mastery on my Atonement passive (meaning I should heal 51.5% of the spell damage I do). However I only heal 28 % of the damage I do (which is my mastery) and not 51.5 % like it says on the passive. Any idea what that might be, fellow priests ?Goreprith1 4d
5d Legion: Disc vs Holy Hey fellow priests, im not quite sure which healing spec i go for in Legion. Well its obvious that i will play shadow because well the whole insanity thing is just awesome and to be honest i dont think the shadow priest can be less powerful then it was in WoD but yeah which healing spec should i go for? Im curious about you guys say about our healing specs. In my opinon disc sounds extremely difficult and the result is just punishing. Crappy healing and crappy damage and in the best case just some utility in some fights. This leaves me just with the holy spec then although i never was quite a fan of holy because i couldnt figure out how to play a holy and holy priests kinda sucked in warlords so im very uncertain about the holy. Anyway im really curious what you guys think about the 2 healing specs and maybe some guys can report some actual experience from the beta or so.Hotsndots40 5d
5d SP in m+ I recently started to gear up for shadow. I was Holy whole xp. Got 3 legos: Bracers, Shoulders and Belt as well as the hc metronome and nırmal guldan trinket. In M+ I am having problems with trash dps warriors, dh, monks do about 2m dps on yrash were I do 500k. Trash dies to fast and by the time I dot them up I notice that my dps is close to the tank. What do you do for m+ trash? Any pointers?Kutsál18 5d
6d Shadow Priest best in slot. 7.2 Can someone give me a list or link to a website with up to date best in slot Shadow Priest gear for patch 7.2? Thank youTanyacasta2 6d
6d Holy Priest Question What are their pros and cons:o?Kotó10 6d
18 May New priest say hello :) Hey guys and girls. I just made this healer and cant wait to play her, tried a bit on trial and was instantly hooked on shadow. Hope there is room for little me in your priest world :p If anyone got some tips for the class no matter the spec, I would happily hear them. Hope your day is shiny and your drops legendaryKaliana6 18 May
17 May New Legendary Ring With this we get twist of fate as baseline meaning we can now take Fortress. or do you think SW:Void could find a way onto talent bars with this ?Bishi4 17 May
17 May Shadow Priest or Affliction Warlock? Hey, So I'm going to boost a new character. I want a DoT class and torn between Shadow Priest or Affliction Warlock. I'm haven't checked the changes coming in from patch 7.2.5 to the classes either. Any thoughts?Qeon16 17 May
15 May What race for horde priest Undead vs BElf? Advantages and disadvantages for both. What do you think guys, i can't decide. Im interested in both PVE and PVP Feel free to talk about alliance races aswell :)Thriaimir17 15 May
12 May What if fluctuating energy is baseline for disc? I recently got this fluctuating energy trinket. I have to admit it made my discipline even more fun. It is cool to see these mana orbs spamming around you like some sort of energy pimp. It also helps with our mana issue to some extent. I was wondering if it made baseline? A new Mastery perhaps? I. E. more Mastery yields more energy orbs. What do you guys think?Menz3 12 May
12 May Lack of AoE Can we please get mind sear back as an ability..? Trying to do the falcosaur world quests when other people are insta killing all the small mobs isn't fun.. What kind of class fantasy were they smoking when they decided to remove it?Flaytality18 12 May
12 May Holy or dics as solo old raid I used much shadow priset. A bit stress, since weak aoe. He had holy's and discipline's weapons. Wonder what best aoe from holy or dics. Kill mobsLiborio3 12 May
11 May Spriest t19 nerf Heard that nerf for t19 set is coming regarding voidbolt free casts upon entering void form. From 4 sec to 2,5. Awesome. Good thing I didn't farm it yet and have like 1 without even any haste on it.Hujec7 11 May
10 May Lawl what? How does this healing through dpsing work? I find it quite hard without the talent Grace to survive in bgs. And I'm so used to receiving heals through penance that I forgot I switched talents.Elisabett6 10 May
09 May Disc priest for mythic+ Hello I want to try a healer and disco priest looks most interesting to me. Are they capable of healing mythic+ or I would be forced to go holy for mythic+ with disco usable only as support healer for raids?Rasdon26 09 May
09 May Holy Priest Class Fantasy A major part of Legion has been Blizzard's attempt to restore class fantasy, at least in their eyes. However, I feel they have not achieved this with the Priest. What has been successful is dinstinguishability between specialisations: Holy and Discipline are now truly incomperable and different to each other. However, it feels as if by doing this each has lost what made Priests iconic. Holy no longer has PW:S for example, a staple of the class. Likewise, Discipline does not have the bread and butter heals like Heal and Flash Heal. (I realise this had to be done for Discipline and Holy to be separated the way they are but I am highlighting the downside to it.) In addition, the order hall and design of the Holy weapons still has me scratching my head. The artifact is a beacon of the Naruu which has strong ties to the Draenei race and while the Light and Naruu have been in Warcraft lore, in previous expansions, they have not been heavily involved with Priests in-game. To stress my point, imagine if Benediction had been the artifact. The weapon is recognised almost instantly by both Priests and other players and was a rite of passage in-game to acquire it. Compare it now to a weapon we've never heard of in-game, the Beacon of the Naruu. A final point is that Holy from a mechanics standpoint lacks something unique to bring to the table, and this in turn impacts class fantasy because one questions what is special about the Holy Priest - why bring them into a raid at all over other classes?Amenae11 09 May
08 May Track dungeon kills Hola! I was wondering if any of you fellow priests know how to track what bosses in dungeons you have killed in this exp? The artifact challenge requires one to kill all dungeon bosses (guessing not raid bosses) with that apperance, is there any way to track this? <3Baarklul2 08 May
08 May Shadowfiend trait for Shadow (bug?) So is this bugged or just inconsistent wording by Blizzard? Says it should increase Mindbenders duration as well but it clearly increases it by like 8-10 seconds instead of 18. why am I being downvoted for asking a question?Dameg2 08 May
08 May How to NOT die with Surrender to Madness So I got StM binded to F4 and everytime I enter the game it's active (since i quit the game with alt-F4).. Anyway, if you take a flight when it's expiring you wont die since you cant die when your're in a taxi.Timestamp4 08 May
07 May Artifact Challange: Twarting the Twins Hi guys! Just wanted to write a bit about this challenge after completing it at 898 ilvl, 46 traits and the neck + wrists legendaries. I went with the LotV + Misery route, as my StM has never been my favorite way to play. FOr the challenge itself, I do not understand why shadow priests get this one in the first place. Most of the fight is about kiting, which we are horrendous at and does not play to our strengths imo. The multidotting of about 25 adds for every time Raest becomes attackable while they run after you and the fact you have to put damage into Raest at the same time, being dependent on more or less stationary play to work properly, I find the choice of challenge for the spec weird. With that said, that is not even the issue with the fight, but the amount of bugs and RNG inside the fight itself. To me this encounter doesn't seem to have been tested at all, or tested in such a way that no one have actually done it. The bugs I have found while trying to do this encounter are as follows: Karam can disappear into the ground, as well as the add. Karam can teleport to you and therefore hit you. Karam can get stuck inside buildings, trees etc. Hands that Karam spawns the second and third time he is active can spawn inside trees making them untargateble The small shadowfiends can also clip into the ground, making them untargatble (this happened on my kill) Bugs aside there is also RNG involved which gave me a few wipes overall. The hand can spawn in suck a way that you can never get there in time due to kiting. The runes can spawn on the opposite side of where you are, or inside the black pools that Karam spawns, leading to some frustrating wipes where its all down to RNG. Overall this whole encounter is extremely frustrating, buggy and annoying and I wish anyone wanting to do it, good luck. I for one, am never going into that place again.... PS: I do not think the word "challenge" is applicable here as it doesnt test you in any way other than being a gear check and praying to RNGeezus for runes and hands to spawn in a decent place. For something to be a challenge you really need to normalize the gear, much like you do for PvP so its actually static. It also doesn't even compare to the Green Fire questline warlocks had, which actually did test your warlock multitasking.Sangomah10 07 May
07 May PoM tooltip I notice my PoM tooltip says 99k but when i cast it, on target is around 81k. Was it nerfed and they haven't got round to correcting the tooltip?Sigmundvoid0 07 May
07 May How good are priests (mostly shadow) Hey guys I was thinking of maybe playing a priest for a alt/ semi main, but I never really tried one. How are they in terms of fun and dmg? And how are the healing specs? Hope you will have a fantastic day and your drops be legendary.Teluci15 07 May
06 May Disc Priest LF Help! Alright, so I decided to roll disc priest... I have quickly come to realize I might need a few long-due changes, my keybindings have been terrible for ages, and I could also use some training in just playing this spec, knowing what to do when, practical help would be the most welcome. If you can support me with either of these, add this BNet: Tiguron#2644 A thanks in advance for your kindness!Nishio2 06 May
05 May Holy priest in BG's I am really, really happy with this holy build I came up with for BG's, I have not tried arena (yet). Since Holy is a bit underplayed in BG's as opposed to disc/shadow, I'm guessing that I am one of few meddling with it. Running with: Enduring Renewal Angelic Feather Censure Light of the Naaru Piety Divinity Benediction And for honor talents: Medaillon Defender of the Weak Holy Ward Holy Concentration Rapid Mending Ray of Hope I do not have Heal and Prayer of Healing on my bars. Holy Ward up on self all the time, Ray of Hope is the MVP of the build here. I have played for 2 nights now and I average between 100 and 200 Mil healing during a BG, and no, I'm not joking. This build can pull of some amazing things. Any thoughts/suggestions?Takaruth4 05 May
05 May Shadow PvP in legion Hi fellow priests, It's been a long long time since I've played shadow PvP (haven't played Spriest since Wotlk) and I'm kindof fearful going up against melee without psychic horror. I was wondering how you survive against melee in PvP nowadays, especially when you're 1vs1. I know it might be challenging, but there must be some Spriest pro out there who can enlighten me.Ketaa12 05 May
05 May What music gets you hyped for dungeons/raids? So, basically topic. I am mostly into Black metal and the more heavy Hip Hop groups that are out there. But I find myself playing the Power Metal masterpiece by Gamma Ray that is Somewhere out in Space most time that I need to feel pumped to heal. So, any recommendations?Kagrath2 05 May
04 May Artifact talent - Mind sear Um, anybody knows when they remove it or change it to something else? Unless they give us "Mind sear" back.Sitia4 04 May
04 May Holy priest synergy Firstly not a whine post, i am just curious to see if there is others that feel the same way. Holy is strongest it has been for a very long time and thruth be told I am vane enough to enjoy topping meters over class mechanics. I do however really miss the old serendipity. Y'know when casting flash heal reduced the mana cost/cast time of your next heal/PoH. It felt alot more impactful and fluid (for me anyway) Also I can't remember the talent name but back in WoD there was one that gave heal (or Greater heal as it was back then) a chance to reset cd on PoM + make instant cast and ping all its charges but alas, i feel like i'm playing holy pala in tbc, that or a dirty old pervert who just keeps flash(ing) everyone :pSigmundvoid5 04 May
04 May Choosing a new healer My main is currently a resto shammy. looking to lvl a new alt healer. Are holy priests or holy paladins similar to resto shammy play style ? Used to main a resto druid in Wrath and cata but really dont like the HOT druid healing anymore.Sickbeard9 04 May