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21 Nov Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 21 Nov
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19m legendary question Should i use soul of the high priest for x2 talents or Zerks cloak? doing m+ and raidsAvlíd6 19m
43m Void Shift Looking for some macro help please Im trying to set up a macro that will target my healer (in 3v3 arena) and cast Void Shift. Would be cool if it could be sequenced with dispersion afterwards but dont know if thats possible? Do I need to target healer by name, party1, focus? You prob guessed Im newish to this and getting myself into a mess with it. Any help much appreciated. ThanksCables2 43m
3h [Shadow] Crit sims higher? Hello, I am experiencing higher dps by stacking crit instead of haste. I tried playing around with my trinkets (I got 2 crit trinkets and 2 haste trinkets) and out of all simulations, the x2 crit trinket gives the highest dps, even though haste is still rated higher. x2 haste: 1,111,127 DPS x1 haste, x1 crit: 1,121,794 DPS x2 crit: 1,132,904 DPS Atm I have 44% crit 28% haste 42% mastery 6% vers I mainly do M+ and my only hypothesis is that, even though I have shorter VF, I can reenter it rather quickly anyways and the eruption damage crits more often (which is almost 4M dmg). Do you have any other ideas why this happens? Thanks PS: the spec feels more fluid to play, especially in aoe situations with endless streams of apparitions where I can pull 2M easily without MB. The 4M eruption aoe is also insane.Schizoid7 3h
4h New Priest Hi guys, I hope this post finds you all well and good. I have this priest, brand new, when blizzard gave us the free 100 lvl upgrade , I took advantage of it and rolled this priest, Ive never ever played a priest, or even considered the spec until now, so its lvl 100, ilvl 640 with nothing else. my question is, how hard would it be to learn how to play a priest, Ive alway been ranged dps so shadow would be the correct choise for me as Ive never ever healed and would not even know where to start, plus Im slightly disabled so I am a bit slow at times and dont think that would help with the healing process. thanks in advance for any help and adviceTench0 4h
13h Glyph - Remove Shadow Form It would be great to have a Glyph that removes the Shadow Look of Shadow Form. Every Xmogg i developed for my Priest isnt really well shown to the effects of Shadow Form. Void Form is another thing i would say dont remove that because its special Transformation, but it would be a pleasure, since the changes to Shadow Spell looking, the Glyph - Shadow has like no work anymore.Vajana8 13h
16h Shadow priest needs buffed To all you naysayers, does this look overpowered to you? I didn't think soSerikos18 16h
18h Disc priest t21 Thanks to easymode mythic+ and overpowered weekly chest, I find myself having multiple 940-950 ilvl items without having put in much effort. I'm also doing normale antorus and find myself getting t21 set at 930 ilvl. Question: is the set bonus worth dropping 4 times 10-20 ilvsls ? Thanks!!Glauron0 18h
19h Remove Circle of Healing Please remove Circle of Healing for the next expansion, as it is a dead talent. Replace it with the effect of the legendary cloak. As it currently is, we are a class with only 2 level 100 talents.Alebran1 19h
1d Debating if i should create and level a priest ive always been interesting in priest and ive sorta always want to try my hand at healer though so i thought id might try my hand at it or i may wait for allied races but any helpful advice?Elytheria6 1d
1d Leap of Faith This game if full of annoying mechanics like knockbacks, adds pulling you towards them, dk deathgrip and so on. I hate these mechanics, all of them, but I can overcome this hatred and I can accept it when enemies annoy me with such things. But then a priest comes with this crap leap of faith and completely ruins my mood. 90 % of priests are using this !@#$ of an ability just to annoy others, or they cant use it at all and just pull ppl for no reason. Today I had this awesome priest in MoS +18 who thought its a good idea to pull me inside Harbarons scythe . To find a priest who can properly use the ability is as rare as non-retarded hunters, both are endangered species. I cant take it anymore, I just cant. I know its too much to ask for a removal of this ability, but some iq test would be nice to unlock it :PNerhzul16 1d
1d Disc PvP - Haste or item level? Using I'm seeing items that are 20-25 ilevel below being better because they have a higher Haste bonus. What do you prioritize on? Haste until a certain % or always just item level?Kreedwheedle2 1d
1d Give back good old priest plz Remove insanity bull!@#$ mechanic no one ever wanted, give back old shadowform, remove atonement applying bull%^-* from disc no one ever wanted, give back the core talents like archangel, remove the pvp talent bull!@#$ no one ever wanted, I want my skills 100% of the time not 10%. - No these mechanics don't add any ''lore'' or ''class identity'' or whatever pseudo crap - Just because the game is stale and boring atm doesn't mean you should add retarded minigames inside classes because that doesn't make it more interesting at all. If you're honest the only reason why you added these things specifically to PRIESTS was because all of our 3 specs, especially disc and shadow were arguably the most fluid and best designed classes, it was not that they were OP it was other classes QQed how we played so smooth and their classes like !@#$. But then instead of bringing their classes up to our level you %^-*ed us over. That was all, thanks for listening.Amarîel11 1d
1d Point of disc? Have so far encountered holy that out-dmadge it as well as shadow that out-heal it.Heora4 1d
1d Rate the transmog above you part 3 Old one reached it post limit.Ðeáth198 1d
1d How to beat feral druid as a shadow priest lolАпофез5 1d
1d Insignia of the Grand Army vs. Soul of the High Priest [Disc] Is anyone using this new Legendary in place of our bis finger? Does it worth replacing or should We stick to soul? I have a confession netherlight crucible trait, so Penance should dmg and heal more, But the tooltip shows the same value. Anyone tried it yet?Eanir1 1d
2d Suggestion: "shadowspike" for spriests! I really dislike the not-very-satisfying cast of priestdrain (kinda too similar to afflock too!), a possible glyph could be something that turns it into shadowy tentacles/spikes that periodically lash out to the target. This would help make it stand out more from other drain-like abilities and would be, at least in my opinion, fitting to the spec Opinions on this please!Legionofimps4 2d
3d The most unrewarding class o/s raids Hi guys, The title reflects my thoughts about spri so far. I played with my DK and WW throughout the expansion. I was bored and gave 2-3 months of break during ToS. I returned to game but this time wanted to play a ranged toon. So I geared up my spri to 935 and started raiding and mythic dungeons. So in raids, I am getting average results. In short lived adds, I noticed that if I don't have that legendary item that spreads your dots then I am far behind spriests that have it. In single target bosses, if I don't have that legendary that increases the number of mind blast I can cast and I am far behind my potential. My opinion so far, this class is too much legendary dependent. A class with 935 item level should be somewhere 1.4-1.5 mn dps range not 1.1-1.2mn. For mythic+, I tried that shadow crash stuff but void eruption comes too late. It feels too clunky and most of the time not worth to take imo. I think that ability should be baseline available for all spriests. As most players have that large burst spells, I am feeling I have no contribution in mythic fights. I did +12 Upper Karazhan last night. And both MM hunter and retri paladin was around 1.7mn dps while boss had 50% hp left, I was still building up my dps so somewhere around 1mn. This is not acceptable. These people blame me that I am not contributing at all. They are right to an extent but also I think I should not giving them a lecture about how spriests work. This should not be the case how our class works. Because these people are ranting about my contribution believing that "a class should not be this bad". Peace out!Raphaèl13 3d
3d lf tips for each antorus boss. h2p doesnt care about normal and hc apparently so just would like to hear from the priest community about tips from each boss.Ðall4 3d
3d Shadow in M+ content With the new changes, I am not sure how to dps in dungeons. For tyrannical do I take mindbender, cast sw:p on a target, and simply cast mind flay? Is the twins ring worth it? ideally with the changes to Void Eruption you should be spread the dots before you enter voidform, but it would make spreading dots when you don't have misery much easierMaaisha3 3d
4d Make PW:S for Spriests a Void Barrier Can we get glyphs for things such as PW:S turn turn it into Void Barrier or something. Similar to mages and their barriers for each spec. Seems odd to me that a spec that's supposed to revolve around the void has abilities that look like they belong to a Holy/Disc Priest.Coral1 4d
4d Binding Heal vs Piety (Holy PvE ATB) I have been trying to find a good thread about this dillema, but the last one was dated back to 7.2. What is your opinion about this tiers talent choice for Antorus raiding? Personally I use Piety/Benediction on most fights, unless the encounter is designed for short distances among players, so I can benefit from the 20yd range of the smart heal. On the other hand, PoM is pretty much casted on CD and I am using legg legs and head (dont have trinket/back yet), so I benefit alot from it.Sevandon2 4d
5d Shadow mend Hello fellow Priests, I'm pretty new to a priest and I'm currently learning how to play disc priest. I'm wondering if there is any situation where I should not use Shadow Mend as it also deals damage to the target that I healTinriviel3 5d
5d Holy priest need more damage Before you go screaming its a heal spec, yes i fully know that. However if legion teaches us anything its that having two fully geared specs isn't easy (in terms of artifact power.) Now all im really asking for is some more talents that add damage to the spec,so that going through the lvling zones and things that are like Argus in the future can be done without having to change spec to shadow or balance, our talents for damage are quite poor for going through Argus right now.Koradan7 5d
5d Now what? So I'm sort of done with Shadow, never felt so depressed in my entire life playing a spec I've loved for so long. Until we get a few changes to counter Blizzard going in raw with a metalic hammer, I'm just gonna try something else. How fun is Disc atm, just wondering? (PvP wise obviously)Dotexe1 5d
6d Shadow Hey guys is it worth maining SP in antorus? Or am I better of with something else?Ioapa1 6d
08 Dec Dependence on Mangaza's Madness...(concern) Hello my fellow priestys <3 iv got a little thing thats been on my mind for weeks now and im not sure if there is a way to pull it of or not, so about the waist legendary... iv been so used/dependent on it. playing the 1min cycle and having double charges of MB and i love it but i also want to know if theres a way i can pull of the same dps and VF stacks without it, perhaps replacing it with the shoulder legendary (Mother Shahraz's Seduction) or something else, foe eg another play style that not dependent on double charge. (sorry if my grammar is bad,cause its not my first trying my best :P) Môe8 08 Dec
08 Dec Upcoming Class Tuning Starting tomorrow, December 5, with maintenance in each region, we're planning the following class tuning: Classes Priest Shadow Vampiric Touch and Shadow Word: Pain damage reduced by 12%. All other abilities increased by 3%. 08 Dec
08 Dec Quick holy legendary question Trinket + pants, or trinket + Prydaz? Struggling to decide which one to upgrade first :)Brokenwings4 08 Dec
08 Dec Shadow t21 So my question is simple. It is ever gonna be viable to put t20 to bag and equip antorus set? far my crappy 915 heroic tos gear is faaaar superior to t21 945ilvl. Did anyone else tested it yet? only scenario where new 4set can challenge t20 seems to be pure single target figths with soul lego. Are we going to farm tos mythic titanforged for the rest of the expansion or what?:D ... next question goes to trinket situation --more specificaly to a trinket from argus which is trinket that everyone chasing but it doesnt seems soo good for sp. again - did anyone tested him yet? ty for answersDuzurîx3 08 Dec
06 Dec Trinket Questions Do damage trinkets proc atonement's healing? I understand that Disc is a pseudo hybrid but I'm honestly questioning why the majority of trinkets that seem to be dropping for me are damage trinkets. Do they increase healing or is it just better to set loot spec to holy for an actual healing trinket?Towako2 06 Dec
06 Dec Holy Priest Tier 21 Bonuses Hello guys! So I thought we could have a thread where we discuss and bring to Blizzards attention how degenerate our proposed new tier bonuses are, and maybe give some suggestions of how we can imagine a better and more engaging design! So these are not set in stone but the the 2 piece was basically about PoH increasing the heal we do from FH, and the 4 piece makes FH increase the heal we do from PoH. Now I really, really don't care about the power level of this tier bonus. Honestly the % increased heal could be 100 000% and I would still be against this, because the very premise is degenerate. There is no situation ever in a fight where you naturally want to cycle FH, PoH, FH, PoH and so on. Either the situation calls for spot healing, or it calls for aoe healing. So the tier works against all logic as a healer, and against our Holy word based playstyle where we want to get off CD the right Holy word for the right moment. What do you guys think?Sezh27 06 Dec
05 Dec Disc priest stats on gear rant Hi there! So the last few days I've been a bit more active and was lucky on new gear, ilvl now up to 917! Sad thing is, most of the gear I got, got versatility on it : / I know stat priority is - int - haste - mastery/crit - versatility Looking at my armory and comparing it with others, it seems I got way to much versatility, and not enough haste/mastery/crit. Is it just really unlucky, or has the stat priority changed during patches? How do you guys feel about this, and do you see any big improvements I can do / or tips you can give me? Looking forward to your replies! Thanks in advance...Kimyong5 05 Dec
04 Dec Spriests and PvP So.... We might have a lot of salt and whine inc xD. Thank you Blizzard for the new change! It's great for the dungeons! Still it feels a little slow with applying dots, but it certainly got better. As for the PvP... Maaaybe a bit strong x3Lexinna12 04 Dec
04 Dec Shadow priests removed from the lore Void elf description : "Many have sought to harness the corruptive magic of the Void. Most who tried have fallen into madness. Determined to use this power for the good of Azeroth, Alleria Windrunner is the first mortal to succeed at defying the shadow's whispers. Coming to the aid of a group of her kin who nearly gave in to the darkness, Alleria has vowed to train these Void Elves to control the shadows within them and pledge their newfound powers to the Alliance." Shadow priest removed from bfa confirmed pals.Lyandre5 04 Dec
03 Dec best healing spec im lvling a new preist, and atm im playing disc :) and im enjoying it :) but i was thniking about what spec is best? for healing m+ and raiding ?Castella1 03 Dec
03 Dec ToS 4 set vs Item Level Hi, I have the ToS 4 set which is around 915 item level a piece, I'm in a position to buy some obliterum gear from the AH and upgrade that all to 935 but then I'll lose the set bonus, will the sheer intellect increase outweigh the loss of the shorter holy word CD or should I stick with what I got until I got more of the antorus 4 set? One part of my 4 set is only 900 so I imagine it'll bump my item level up hugely if I replace these parts.Hawk2 03 Dec
03 Dec [Shadow] Why the hell do you need so much haste? No other class needs that much stat stacking of a certain stat in order to achieve normal DPS. Sure they need to stack but they can still do DPS with random high ilv gear. This is absurd, 16000-18000 haste needed on a new max level shadow priest just so you can execute your cycle phase correctly in order to compete with other classes, without it you are actually garbage. I used to be 99 percentile on EN HC + Mythic and now due to only having 12k haste I get absolutely hammered by most specs even lower item level than me. This has to be the most "not worth playing" spec Blizz have ever made. You would have to be stupid to roll a spriest in BfA after all we've gone through this expansion. Remember 3 chest runs?Mamka0 03 Dec
02 Dec Discipline Hidden Artifact Skin Problem Hello everyone! So, I gathered all 12 Tomes for the Hidden skin in 2 days. Total Rank purchased on Light's Wrath is 18 and I have Artifact Knowledge at 12 points. I go back to the dwarf in the Class Hall, but the guy doesn't want to give me the Hidden Skin. Can anyone tell me what's the problem? Cheers.Sheyreen2 02 Dec
02 Dec Shadow Priest - Low DMG Hello! So im a new priest player, i find the playstyle on shadow priest really fun, especially when questing and killing high hp pool bosses. But im not really sure if im doing it right when there is a pack of trash mobs for example in dungeons. My rotation, 1. Apply SWP on every trash mob. 2. Mind blast to get my insanity up fast. 3. Mind flay if i need more insanity for void eruption. 4. Void eruption. 5. During this time i do have time to do 2-3 void bolts before i need to apply SWP again. VT is only used when there is 1-3 mobs~ depends on health pool. Am i doing the rotation wrong? Something i can do to perform better? Any tip is appreciated.Danziq11 02 Dec
02 Dec Should i play Disc or holy? Hello guys, i got one question and i want your answers. I started played my priest today (he was lvl100 boosted) and i havent played priest since wotlk. My question is, do you think holy or disc is easier and more fun to play? As leveling and 5man dugeons? I know it is subjective and personal and i should play what ever i consider it is better for me but i want to hear your opinion. Cheers!Tomislion8 02 Dec
02 Dec is a make over likely? i've been maining a resto druid for some time, and it has never gotten a make over(since Pandaria), it still has the same playstyle and the same theme or feel to it, which i like. i know shadow priests got a make over in legion, and their playstyle has completely changed from WoD, and i know it's really fun and enjoyable. But how likely is it that it'll get a make over in battle of azeroth? i mean, it's play style is on point, it isnt that overpowered. minor changes will happen anything, i understand that. the reason i'm asking this is because i will get back to WoW on the launch of battle for azeroth, and i intend to reroll as a shadow priest, but im hoping the playstyle for it would remain the same.Konzz2 02 Dec
01 Dec The state of Spriests after the changes? I just rolled this toon, hitting 110 just in time for the new changes. I have always had rading in mind with this char, as I have always seen SP as a good raiding choice. I'm not ready for rading yet, but I do keep an eye on the logs. Just this time around, I am all ready starting to question myself on my choice on spriest. According to the latest logs, it seems that we are now third from the buttom... below Surv hunters. Really? Did we trade our increased viability in dungeons, for our great damage in raids? I am really disencuraged on going on with this new char right now, and I guess that I really hope for someone to pop in and tell me that- "noo ofc we don't suck now, once we get our new tier pieces we will climb the ladder again". But what do you guys think? Has the new changes pulled us down or? Is it safe to continue with this spriest, and still have a chance for a raidspot in guilds?Lexinna5 01 Dec
01 Dec Sentinel Medallion and Void Torrent Does anyone know if Void Torrent ticks have a chance to proc sentinel medallion's additional attacks? When is it best to do Sentinel Medallion?Keezal1 01 Dec
29 Nov SP changes, we still pooh? as topic. The lack of AoE on demand and other mechanic issues, i have benched my priest this exp. will these changes fix that? Reading the US forum, people ain't responding positively towards the changes.Heymom13 29 Nov
29 Nov shadow changes 28.11. Wondering how it'll work out in pvp, less self heals but popping void form might feel more rewarding, mixed feel in here tbh.Divno4 29 Nov
29 Nov Priest love Thx for the love so far Blizz, really makes me hopeful for BfA :) 29 Nov