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12 Oct Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 12 Oct
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8h DPS as Disc Priest in RGB All, found an old lvl 19 basic Twink Priest in my WOW starter edition and wondered whether this can be emulated at 110. Had a great laugh playing her not dying and killing people and basically wondered if I can do the same at 110. My main is Spriest and I've just opened up all traits etc on my disco articfact weapon to try is out in an RBG. I've done searches on Disco PVP but it is really referring to healing. I know its an healing spec but is there any way I can emulate my twink at 110. Anyone recommend talents/honor talants to maximise DPS or is this just not feasible. Anyone have links for builds etc. All constructive input appreciated. Kind RegardsCzaal5 8h
13h Low damage on SW:P So I'm still trying to fully understand Priest. Finally got my 4 piece and belt. Still no ring. My stats are 24% crit, 38% haste, 54% mastery. On a dummy, while doing single target I go to 1.1-1.2m. I maintain every VF so long, that my VT is off CD before I exit it. My priority is always like VT 18% > MF 17% VB 16% > MB 14,5% and then there is SWP with 13%. Do I do something wrong? Every priest I check has always VT>SWP and then the restGrimclaw3 13h
14h Thanks to all Yo guys, Been on the forum a lot past weeks/months. As there are a lot of threats of close to no value one more won't hurt. I'd like to thank all people who helped me, especially ellipsis but really anybody who even helped the slightest. I'm going to quit for now, I feel as a casual gamer I'm beeing a bit punished. You need real dedication and a lot of time getting better gear/progress etc. Small example is I got kicked from a random HC ToS a week ago because I died 2 boss fights, yeah that was stupid but a few people from a high guild had power in that pug kicked me for it. It shows you get punished as a casual because they could try to improve you but it's easier to replace right. Anyway, had a lot of fun and this won't be a goodbye for ever. I'd definitely come back at some point. Sorry for all people who don't care about this post but yeah! Thanks once more. Hope you guys get lucky in the game. Keep it positive! (:Thinktwice11 14h
14h why isn't holy spec called light spec? when shadow spec is well.. shadow, and not- unholy? a priest saying that he specialises in light/shadow magic sounds more fitting than saying that he specialises in... holy and what is void to a shadow and vice versa? seems inconsistent ;]Zbir17 14h
16h Holy Priest Tier 21 Bonuses Hello guys! So I thought we could have a thread where we discuss and bring to Blizzards attention how degenerate our proposed new tier bonuses are, and maybe give some suggestions of how we can imagine a better and more engaging design! So these are not set in stone but the the 2 piece was basically about PoH increasing the heal we do from FH, and the 4 piece makes FH increase the heal we do from PoH. Now I really, really don't care about the power level of this tier bonus. Honestly the % increased heal could be 100 000% and I would still be against this, because the very premise is degenerate. There is no situation ever in a fight where you naturally want to cycle FH, PoH, FH, PoH and so on. Either the situation calls for spot healing, or it calls for aoe healing. So the tier works against all logic as a healer, and against our Holy word based playstyle where we want to get off CD the right Holy word for the right moment. What do you guys think?Sezh21 16h
1d A little help an advise on Disc Hello there, I have a doubt in my spec, in askmrrobot tell me to change some items, for exemple take off the legendary wrist Skjoldr and put the ring N'ero and take off the trinket Reality Breacher to put one with versatility (spectral Thurible). I saw in some guides that the legendary N'ero is a bad choice, so which one i take? This is my char, if you guys, with more experience, give me an advise how is it, i will appreciate:) ThanksSanpetrus3 1d
2d Rate the transmog above you part 3 Old one reached it post limit.Ðeáth146 2d
2d Leveling Holy Priest. from 100 - 110 So Im playing Priest for the very first time and I wanted to become a healer. Questing takes so long because my damage is bad. Im using Smite, holy fir, Holy word and holy mana to damage. Isnt there any other skills I can use I have overlooked?Prizkilla10 2d
4d Can't get my 3rd Artifact weapon I'm not sure anymore why I don't have the quest for the Disc weapon, since it's a while ago that I levelled this character. When I finally wanted to get the last artifact weapon I couldn't find the quest in my log nor did Alonsus Faol have one for me. I also tried to track the quest down, using WowHead to travel to the different points in the questline, didn't find anything there either. Any suggestions on what to do now?Medella9 4d
4d Not sure about Disc T21 Current versions: 2P - recharge time of the radiance reduced by 2 sec 4P - After you cast radiance, your next Penance deals 30% more damage. I love disc, and I really want to master it, and dont know how disc playstyle changes in mythic raid, but as a heroic raider, theese bonuses doesnt seems to be appealing. Radiance is our mana afterburner. In dungeon runs theese bonuses are welcoming, but in a long raidboss fight, all I see is oom halfway of the fight. So my choice is, to avoid using the set bonus... Our burst heal is about use radiance twice, pop cd. So if you cast radiance twice, you won't get the 4P bonus again. Still... I dont know how often we need aoe small bursts on Argus. In ToS so far I never panicked, that I wanted faster recharge. Once you learned the fight you managed to use your charges. And again... I think without a long healing cd, if you rely too much on Radiance, your mana will be out in notime. A good disc priest is about managing your mana. If you try to cover the raid with attonement buffs, youre gonna have a bad time. Please convince me, that I see the wrong way, or at least I need to play mythic raid so I would see the true benefot of this bonus.Kraivanah4 4d
4d Change to T21 Shadow set: add massive damage to SC 2 set - mind blast now fully restets shadowcrash cd. 4 set - shadow crash now detonates all dots dealing all remaining damage instantly. current t21 is kinda boring, this would be more fun and give shadow priests some really bursty shadow crash gamelay.Ðeáth5 4d
4d Disc healing question Not long been back playing and after always playing holy except for some disc in cata I want to give discipline a go.the only question I have is do you still heal through damage without atonement on any players I am not logged on to try it and this qurstion is bothering me. Ps Google has no answersShtstain8 4d
5d Change to T21 Shadow set So we think removing dots from the crit effect is going to seriously harm the value of the 4 set? With the 4 set affecting everything it effectively gave us a hard cap for crit at ~40% ish. In all likelihood a soft cap round 30% and significant diminishing returns AS hits the points it's proccing more often than it isnt at 30 stacks at that point. With AS functionally needed to replace T20 as the primary mechanism by which we attempt to maintain a 60 second rotation, particularly on multi target fights. With AS being the tool of the 60 second, the significant component of VF sustain without T20 and Dots and VF being the most substantial component of our DPS. Does removing dots from the set bonus functionally remove the crit cap we would have gained, handicap its ability to sustain VF and thus eliminate most substantive bonus that the set would have brought?Talshere26 5d
5d Is my Mastery too high? Hi,so I was running ToS HC last week,and after finishing HC Host I got quite a shocker ...I got rank 1 healing as a shadow priest on that fight. Now this was a suprise for 2 reasons : 1) : I wasnt trying for it. 2) : I believe my mastery to be too low for rank 1. (The reason I bring up mastery is due to the fact that it increases damage done by VT,which inturn obviously leads to more healing from it.) My current stats are : 34.42% Crit (11,770) 33.38% Haste (11 536) 5.78/2.89% Versa (2,746) 40.04% Mastery (3,207) 3.26% Leech (749) Which leads me to wonder if my mastery is higher than it should be? ( The log for those that want to examine it : ) - Thanks for any advice/thoughts :)Kurobané2 5d
5d Shadow Priest is not longer a Priest Before it was like there were a balance in the spec between light and shadow, balancing out shadow with light, so you wouldn't get corrupted or that the shadow would tear away at you. (Look at me knowing all this lore) Now's it's literally just VOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOID TENTACLESSSSS I'M GOING !@#$ING INSANE, ONESHOT BY MELEEES HUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Yeah, we have Power Word: Shield left, and MD, but legit man, there are no real elements of light left in shadow priest. Don't get me wrong, I like shadow - but it doesn't fit the Priest class as a whole anymore. Just my opinion, I love The Old Gods and void lore, but I also loved the original concept of the Shadow priest, just not sure it fits anymore.Dotexe11 5d
6d Disc VS shadow Hey idlike to level my alt priest 91 lvl what u think is best to dps at all? stay shadow or go for Disco? tried disco and its kinda weird... ty for adviceBodybuilder5 6d
13 Oct Am I missing out on anything? Hi fellow priests. I returned to WoW this summer after an 11 year break (quit around TBC launch), and I am leveling up my new priest. Leveling is so fast that I feel like I am missing out on a lot of content even though I don't use heirlooms, which brings me to my question: Are there any cool priest specific quests or items that I should do or get while I level up? I remember the old Benediction quest chain back in vanilla and I guess there were similar things in all the expansions that I have missed out on. I am level 86 right now, so I guess I have already missed out on something already, but please let me know if there are other things in the levels ahead that I should keep in mind.Amandrill9 13 Oct
12 Oct Help me decide between some of these transmogs (Pics) Help me decide on a transmog to pursue: Shadow King, Evil, Real Priest, Bishop, Demon Priest or Lightbringer? Please let me know which one you like more and a suggested spec for itLinhram2 12 Oct
12 Oct Dps kinda sucks Hey all, So slowly increasing my ilvl but I've noticed I'm still struggling, I went to argus and almost got my behind handed to me by some simple eredar, then I tried to run terrace of endless spring on heroic and again almost died. Pretty sure my rotation is correct but I could be wrong. Can anyone help me out.Alluera14 12 Oct
09 Oct Boulder Crush in BRH (Holy Priest) I've just finished a +10 in BRH and noticed something that's happened a few times but I've always assumed I was doing something wrong. When I get hit by Boulder Crush on the stair gauntlet on the way up to Smashspite the Hateful I get killed instantly. Looking at Recount the highest it hit (can't see who) was 3.6m. I have over 5m health plus I run Prydaz which means at the time I had an effective health pool of around 6.5m, yet for some reason I got one-shot. I was only hit by ONE boulder. It's happened a few times as a holy priest but I've never experienced it when healing on my resto druid. Is there some kind of bug? Is Spirit of Redemption to blame? Has anyone else experienced this? Edit: Just checked the combat log and there's no entry for when I got hit (it just says I died from 100% health to 0%) whereas for the warlock who also died it says what hit and for how much.Vaelarys7 09 Oct
06 Oct Holy Priest problems So I find holy much more difficult than Disc. I can't heal as holy. I find it hard because 3 things: 1. I lack any defense - I often have to use serenity/wings just to save me. 2. Too many buttons to press - I thought it' just about PoM, FH, Serenity and renew and there's sooooooo many buffs. I get lost when I need to use them all. I thought holy is reactive, not proactive and yet - compared to my disc experience it's more proactive than reactive - you need to know when dmg comes, to use healing buffs. 3. I have 27 crit, 31 haste, 30 mastery. Do I really need less haste and more mastery to heal mythic+? Will it punish me heavy for having these stats? I could use help with these 3 problems. Also - what do I do when team takes heavy damage in grevious week? Both options - predictable aoe spike when everyone is <40% and undpredictable.Grimclaw20 06 Oct
06 Oct Heya! =) Hi! I just got back to the game because friend of mine wanted to play together and i was like hey why not! I still have my lvl 100 boost but i really cannot decide which class i want to play so i planned to ask some help from the forums. I've been playing melee classes forever and now i want to try some kind of caster. here are the classes i was thinking of : Ele shaman Boomie Lock and SP So my question is what do you guys recommend ? I'd like to do 2's,3's and Bg'sUntòuchable5 06 Oct
06 Oct Best followers if... If I have Moroes and Meatball, which are the other best Champions I should have?Caenas7 06 Oct
05 Oct Disco dung healing, all drops down. Hey, do you have a tip what to do when full dung group lost their hp?Pristerino11 05 Oct
05 Oct Trinkets question Out of these 3 trinkets, which ones should I use ? Tarnished sentenils medellion ilvl 905 Barbaric Mindslayer ilvl 900 The deceivers grand design ilvl 925 Does ilvl even matter when talking about trinkets? still no Velens :( (8/12 legendaries) I'm a disc priest btw Thanks in advance!Glauron4 05 Oct
05 Oct Checklist of things Blizzard stole Checklist of things Blizzard stole that was precious to the shadow priest community (me). *Horrify *Spectral Guise *Life Grip *Void Tendris *Fear Ward-ish *Old shadow Form *My dignity *My confidence Did I miss anything? Please tell me!Dotexe9 05 Oct
05 Oct Dispersion nerfed? Did they nerf Dispersion? Not seen a single time where it hasn't been bursted through, and I disperse at like 25-30%. Like, you can't attack in it. You can only run. It basically shuts you down completely and people can still deal enough dmg to go through it? PvP obviouslyDotexe2 05 Oct
05 Oct Priest dps So I'm having trouble reaching any decent dps. 1m is like nothing these days and I cannot even get close to it. I wonder if this is even worth the effort. I know I lack bis legendaries and I have too much mastery. I wonder if this is even worth gearing - this "machine-gun" style of rotation should alone payoff and yet I have to gear properly and focus alot to even break 1m bar? Why is this so hard to deal any decent damage without exact proper stats and bis legendaries? Is it because we wreck havoc in PvP? Can I do anything to improve other than gear into haste/crit, fish for leggos and get THAT trinket, which name I don't remember? Or should I just swap to warlock/dh, grind 110 and item lvl to do 1m easily, which will take less time I guess (I want to be efficient with my time and useful for my guild before Antorus) edit: character page is outdated - I'm at 8,2k crit, 10,5k haste, 7,2k mastery, 700 vers, 600 lech. Ilvl 920, weapon ilvl 949. no t20 set. Anund's Seared Shackles and Norgannon's Foresight as leggosGrimclaw103 05 Oct
04 Oct Shadow priest : Cool but useless I love being a shadow priest, but it's just ridiculous to be one in 2v2, we're squishy af. We do not have any AOE attacks except for Shadow crash (level 100 talent) so it's kinda hard to push the DPS meters in dungeons or raids. You made as look really freakin' cool in the Shadows of Argus patch but we could use a lil' boost. Peace.Python8 04 Oct
04 Oct Shadow. Wishes for the future? I love the new shadow animations. It really fits the class, as well as the audio. Nice to see the new animation for Shadow Crash as well, and its faster. The CD is still too long for the dmg tho. I also like that its back to Haste/crit. Lots of crit and AS everywhere is so much more enjoyable then haste/mastery. I also love the design of the next tier set bonuses. Shadow should be a crit heavy and haste focused spec. Lets hope the bonuses stay. But what would you like to see change in 7.3.5 and 8.0+++? I would love the possibility to change talents into a more burstier playstyle. For example with the return of DP(disgraceful that it was removed) and a baseline shadowcrash. The old mind sear should return as well. Any thoughts?Grimline43 04 Oct
03 Oct Draw from the Void Dear Shadow priests, I've read a lot of posts where people complain about the current status of shadow priest. Although I think that some of those post are clearly exaggerated, I also believe that shadow needs a little bit of something. Our problem, I believe, is that in order to do comparable dps to other classes, we have to make a perfect voidform rotation, which is often complicated by boss mecanics where we have to move, or bosses that despawn for some precious seconds (looking at you, sisters of the moon), etc, you know what I'm talking about. Moreover, the ramping up nature of our dmg makes it quite under-performing in mm+ where we can barely enter voidform when the trash mobs / bosses are lying dead because of other bursting classes. We can still disperse inbetween trash packs to make a reasonable dps on the next, but it is not always possible, and dispersion is supposed to be a defensive CD in the first place... I though about a new spell for shadow that could help in these situation: Draw from the Void 1.5 sec cast Generates 6 insanity. Insanity generated is doubled while out of combat. Castable while moving. In what situation? - This spell could be used to fill our gaps when there is nothing to hit during combat, but we want to maintain our voidform. The insanity generated is the same as Mind Flay or Vampiric touch, but it's doing no damage at all and there is no need of a target to cast it. In short, it could replace our dispersion in some situations. - Castable while moving make it usable to maintain our voidform when we need to make heavy movements - The double insanity generation out of combat is there for dungeons scenarios, we can build up insanity inbetween trash packs in order to be able to start directly with a voidform. Same for bosses. - Same for maintaining our voidform inbetween trash packs, it could spare a dispersion for a later defensive use... - In a raid scenario, we could build up our insanity prior to the pull, but the insanity is reduced to 25 at the pull anyway. To counterbalance this small advantage, insanity could be set to 0 instead of 25 at the start of a raid boss fight. Thoughts?Lokart5 03 Oct
03 Oct How does that even make sense? So a holy priest using a mind vision is breaking "spec fantasy" yet it's ok for that same priest to use mind control?Zbir6 03 Oct
02 Oct Need help with dps! Hello! Iam getting so frustrated because of how bad my dps is i have wasted hours upon hours hitting the dummies. I really cant figure out what iam doing wrong and i dont want to give up on this spec. Any help would be really appreciated! Here are weekly Heroic clears logs: Thanks in advance!Uulwi2 02 Oct
02 Oct Dungeon healing done question I was just checking high m+ logs and I noticed healer heal like 175-200m in a run, in 15+. I heal 300-350m in m+ below 10. Does it mean my team is bad or it's just because it's grieving week and I'm disc?Grimclaw2 02 Oct
02 Oct Dps as healer Hello there. To start of, I know healer isn't dps spec, but I wanted to know if anyone can tell me which of the 2 healer specs can throw out the most dps atm?. I recently got back and I am out of the loop. Shadow is not an option for me as I don't really like it and I want to focus on healing with the option to do wq's on my own as a healing spec. Thankful for replies!Aptuz4 02 Oct
01 Oct Mind Vision and The Twisting Nether Is there a reason you can't use Mind Vision while standing in front of KJ? In general, the whole area just tells me "You can't do that right now" Is there a possible abuse I am missing? It seems pointless to disable that already seemingly useless (in PvE) skill, to me.Grobluk1 01 Oct
01 Oct Shadow pvp dispelling question In Current state; do you dispel stuff at PVP ?? (Other than paladins bubble and mages block and hunters trap) How important dispelling in Shadow PVP ? I need help from higher exped pvp players HELP!!!Nostracles14 01 Oct
30 Sep Very low healing (need help) This is a game I put a lot of effort every single day for many hours and after accepting that my dps (2 chars) sucks I turned to healing.this didn't help the situation at all.Today I managed to get myself kicked from my guild's raid for being too low and I literally don't know what I'm doing wrong (my healing was the lowest of all and even one tank bypassed me in healing/absorb meter). I really like this game and I want to improve,be useful,be accepted in raiding content! Any advice for rotations or literally anything would be appreciated.What I usually do :PoM right before pull (and always cast when comes off cd),heal target(tanks mostly) when above ~80%-flash heal below that -serenity for lower, Prayer of healing when more than 2 targets lose hp unless sanctify is up (always keep on cd),and then damage gets raid wide heavy i cast sanctify and immediately hymn for the increase buff.(++ always keep 1 charge of artifact skill on tank to not overcap).That is my basic rotation. I'm really frustrated about sucking in all wow aspects.Please help me!!Ðanery16 30 Sep
29 Sep End of Argus Campaign Any other shadow priests kinda disappointed that nobody even acknowledged that we were literally voidlords among noobs in the last quests on argus to unlock the crucible, nothing from Xal'atath, nothing from the ethereal, nothing from aleria... just 'fleshling'. was kind of expecting something at leastGeffram18 29 Sep
28 Sep filler aoe....nothing. can we atleast have a shadow version... i dont mind if its not strong but its kind of retarded, the facts that a healing spec has an aoe and shadow doesnt have a thing. i know we got passive mindsear but....watching a dh blade dance while a mage is casting blizzard on the other side is sure as hell annoying. by the time i spread my sw:p and vt the targets are already at 25%. a filler aoe atleast, void nova or whatever. cascade. anything for the love of god please. if its nothing then atleast revert mindsear to how its was before someone came up with this stupid ideaMôe5 28 Sep
28 Sep New Shadowform visuals Just wondering if blizzard is aware that the new shadowform is way uglier and buggy, maybe is there a fix on the way?Hoken6 28 Sep
28 Sep Since Anduin is cool now Ok, stay with me here, Anduin can use swords now.. One-handed swords.. And Anduin is a priest right? Why should he be able to be unique? I want to be able to use a 1-handed sword as spriest.. That would be dope!Dotexe11 28 Sep
28 Sep Shadow - 7.3 New animations are AMAZING. As are the sounds. I feel truly evil. Now if you could just rework our talents and buff our ST I'll fall back in love with my favorite spec completely and stay faithful. I miss Devouring Plague.Divinnias2 28 Sep
27 Sep Holy or Disc for keystone + pushes? As the title describes, i'm curious to hear people's view on this? As of now, i can't really decide which spec to spend all my AP on, and to look for Legendaries on. So i was hoping a few opinions on the matter, might sway me in a direction. As a side note, which of the two healer specs do you prefer in raids, and why? Thanks in advance guys.Mingyu5 27 Sep
27 Sep How do you gear your shadow Title? I've noticed it's hard getting proper gear. I've somewhere read people saying it take a atleast double the time to gear as shadow. I'm pretty much sure it takes more then twice the effort. I've been doing some mythics, I try to do raids and when I have time i spend it in lower raids for legendary loot. I've also been doing argus and saving the resources, got atleast over 10 items I rolled but I only got 1 upgrade and that's the trinket and it's still not the best. I am very focussed on getting #1 haste #2 crit. Am I putting to much focus on it and does mastery also benefit me? I'm kinda lost and for some reason discord is messing with me to ask people on how2priest.Thinktwice9 27 Sep
27 Sep Holy Priest for dummies Hello, Im new to the game and I started out as a Holy Priest player, I've been wonder if using the skills Renew and Prayer of Mending is actually useful? it seems like these two spells are kinda important but when I use them they barely heal anything. Should I keep using these spells or am I using them wrong?Fantazzma2 27 Sep
27 Sep Holy Priest Damage spells one button macro Hi ; i wonder if someone can make a macro as the title says containing smite, holy fire and holy word : chastise spells , like it casts smite when other spells on cd or it cant be done ?Narsisya3 27 Sep