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3d Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 3d
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
4h secondary stats for the holy challenge? I was wondering if the holy challenge has any different secondary stat priorities than the regular raid/ group healing. Currently as I am writing this post I am using the stat priority suggested by ask mr robot for 5 mans which is like this crit> mastery>vers>haste. I was wondering if considering the mess of helpless party members that the holy challenge is if there is a need for more emphasis on haste to be able to get the casts off faster. Ps: I do have the muse bracers. With a new drop from ToS I manually assembled 4p t20 as well and I reached 32% crit 25% haste 6.40% vers and 36% mastery with prydaz and muze. Would that be a more appropriate combination?Celestis3 4h
8h BFA spriest pvp anyone tried it? Give me the bad news, DocSnaran6 8h
9h Discipline Rework Greetings to everyone! It has been my view that Discipline has never really been captured in game in relation to the Priest class. By that, I mean that while Holy in Legion really pushed it in class fantasy with its miracle spells, Discipline does not feel there yet. I do not expect anything more to be done for Disc so late in BfA beta, but I hope that when the devs are given enough time, they will make Discipline a better spec for everyone. I will just offer my input for inspiration and casual reading. With that said, it is not only the problem of not being captured aesthetically (aside from Light's Wrath perhaps), but also of gameplay. I've been playing Discipline since MoP and stopped before Legion, although it still is one of my most favourite alts. I mainly did Mythic Raiding as a Discipline Priest. Re-imagining Discipline The aim of this re-imagining is not stretched: it only aims in allowing discipline to feel impactful, without being oppressive to other healers, remain unique and ultimately feel powerful when played. Tackled is the issue of extreme movement capabilities. It is one thing to throw a renew or refresh your Shadow Word: Pain or spam non FoF Ice Lances when moving and got nothing else to do, and it is another to be able to do pretty much anything, and be unable to be interrupted out of your school as well. With all these in mind: What we learned from Legion: Legion’s Discipline is not casual friendly, exactly because it only allows a very specific playstyle to make use of the spec in a raiding environment. The problem is that the playstyle is not apparent or straightforward and relies on a single sequence of spells and hitting Light's Wrath at the right time while also calculating for when the spell's effect will land. Discipline as a spec also causes problems in most healer teams because its cooldowns are very niche: Barrier cannot be used unless the encounter allows it, and in such a case it will have a small impact or even be used as a tank cd. Light’s Wrath requires the longest and most grindy setup there is in the game to fire a wonderful ability. Discipline in BfA What is being done in BfA is rather simple: merging Plea with PW:S with the Contrition talent, always staying clear from being able to absorb everything, applying and allowing atonement. With the removal of Light’s Wrath, Discipline is no longer forced to play a very specific way. The Problems and the Positives of Discipline: The problems of Discipline: (1) Shield Spamming: it should never had happened, and it should never happen again. Smashing PW:S over and over again, and with it being instant does not feel okay: a healer is supposed to be hindered by movement, as they are a caster, and a discipline spamming PW:S with instant casts and casting Penance on the move is in my eyes not acceptable. The gameplay is far from dynamic when movement is not hindering to the healer. (2) Power Word: Shield’s strength; PW:S in BfA does not feel meaningful at all, unless under Rapture, which is gameplay that is reminiscent of WoD. Jumping around, spamming massive shields instantly is a playstyle at least I do not want to see around. It may be much more acceptable on a 3 min cd, but it remains the same playstyle. For me, channeling Tranquility is more interactive, as it allows you to more carefully view & examine the battlefield, even when standing still channeling. (3) Absorbs: yes, absorbing itself is a problem. Being not healing, it can change the dynamics of encounters and force choices in very progressed raid teams. (4) Too many cooldowns: Discipline currently has 4 in Light’s Wrath, Pain Suppression, Rapture & Power Word: Barrier. 2 of those do not parse. (5) Priests in WoW are about Power Words. Currently, no Power Word does much visually or practically upon cast to heal or damage another, nor will it do in BfA. The Positives of Discipline (1) Light’s Wrath: a fantastic ability. Hits hard, heals hard, sounds awesome, is animated awesomely, and its ridiculous numbers when heated up out of raids were phenomenal and immensely satisfying. Add to that the synergy satisfaction the player gets from applying Atonement perfectly before firing it, and there’s nothing beating Light’s Wrath in these regards. (2) Atonement: while personally, I am not a fan, I do not mind it. It is unique in the game in the way to heal others, it can be very strong, and requires management. (3) Uniqueness overall: no other spec heals like Discipline, and that should always be the case, as the Priest class has another healer spec in Holy. They must always feel very different and as Holy has to do with directly healing others, Discipline must always in directly or differently heal others.Lefkos2 9h
22h Priest Reroll So im thinking in rerolling the priest i have played for i guess 10 years to another healer for the next expac and i was thinking about monk , what o u suggest and how was your experience with other healers mechanic wise , lore wwise , fun wise , and output wise , thanks for your timeHolyrs0 22h
1d BFA Alpha Shadow: First Impressions + AMA Hello! I am Ellipsis, long time Shadow Priest, Mythic raider, RBGer, moderator on the HowToPriest discord server, and member of the Shadow theory crafting team. I'm here today to post what's changed for shadow on the BFA alpha, as well as a few of my own thoughts and experiences. As one of the few to get in early I've spent the past few days levelling a Shadow Priest through the available content and doing dungeons with multiple talent builds to get a 'feel' for how things are likely going to be shaking out in the upcoming expansion. I'd also like to say, before we go any further, that these few days have overall been a pretty enjoyable experience. I think things look pretty good, and though there are some fairly obvious and glaring differences between BFA shadow and Legion shadow, most of them (at least to me) seem to be for the better. The direction things are travelling seems to me to be the right one, we just have to get there. The beginning: Logging into an Alpha for the first time is weird. Everything is default settings, no binds, no addons, no UI packages, and no weakauras. So even before you look at the class changes you're already thinking 'different', and in some ways you're already thinking 'worse' because it's not what you're used to and it's not how you like it to be. After a bit of macro making, keybinding and moving around, I had a UI that was at least usable and was ready to look at what had actually changed. New Spells: Leap of Faith was returned baseline, immediately this is a great change as a lot of players had missed it and felt shadow utility was overall lacking. Though It's cool to have back I do think we're still lacking somewhat on the utility department, but it's a struggle to create new and unique utility options for every spec. Power Word: Fortitude has been returned, another great change and it seemed only fitting alongside the other class buffs that returned. A little bland, however, and stamina being one of the stats that is least important (In the eyes of players) for cutting edge content leaves me questioning if we'll really be "wanted" for it. Mind Sear has also made a return and at first glance it looks to be the go to filler spell at 3+ targets. Though many players will obviously be rejoicing at the fact this has returned, I'm a little less excited. Balancing mind sear against dots and mind flay has always been a difficult task that's never quite worked properly, I'm glad the spell has returned and gives us some much needed control over aoe, as well as an option for lower level content, but it's definitely going to bring its own problems. As far actually 'new' spells, there are none. I don't feel like the Shadow Rotation really needs anything specifically new baseline, but I do feel we're lacking utility. Something that has started to be fixed, my only hope is they finish it. Where did Shadow Word: Death go?: Death has become a talent. Yes this is "pruning" by definition, and yes I am very sad to see it go. Shadow word death has been an iconic spell in shadow since the very start, but as much as that is the case it's also been becoming increasingly less impactful and more generic as time has gone on. Hopefully it now being a talent means it can be a more significant part of our kit in situations where it is called for, instead of being a small tack on that we wouldn't much miss in our rotation. Voidform: Voidform has been changed, a lot. It has mostly had all of its additional damage bonuses downplayed in favour of increasing the base damage of spells both inside and outside voidform. This to me feels like a good change, reducing the difference in damage between the two forms means the punishment for dropping out early has been reduced significantly. The value of voidform, aside from a small amount of additional haste, is simply access to void bolt and a reduced cooldown of mind blast. Both of these spells seem geared up to be our main damage sources and nukes within BFA shadow, with dots taking somewhat of a backseat. The drain formula has also been changed, maintaining stacks above 20 is much harder and with the gear provided on the alpha you needed cooldowns to really break out of the teens. This is very different to the current Legion design, but shorter, less significant voidforms is a step in the right direction in terms of how the voidform mechanic should work. That being said, it does leave shadow in a strange position where nothing baseline really increases its damage, shadowfiend still exists and now generates a little insanity but the damage is even more consistent and 'samey' than it is on live. Void Eruption: This is a big change, void eruption is now a targeted spell that deals damage to the target and all enemies within 10 yards of that target. It also no longer requires dots in order to strike a target. The damage void eruption can potentially do on trash and in aoe is huge, this is a big step in the right direction for shadow's viability in Mythic+ but it is still quite uncontrollable. It doesn't feel as bad to sit and wait for a good eruption with the new voidform, but it still feels wrong to delay an integral part of the shadow rotation in order to burst an add spawn. Shorter dots: Both Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Touch are significantly shorter in BFA. This leads to some pretty awkard moments where you have to refresh your dots single target within voidform, this is my absolute least favourite change in BFA and though I can see dots are being weakened across the board, it isn't fun to have to spend a global applying shadow word pain or vampiric touch and drop out of voidform because of it. No more Artifact: Yeah... rip Knaifu. Losing the artifact has made a big difference for shadow. Removal of Mass Hysteria, VT Apparitions, and Call to the Void has reduced insanity generation and the reliance on insanity in order to do damage. Auspicious spirits has also taken a significant hit in power. Void Torrent is of course also no longer baseline, and I am very sad to see our little tentabro go. Talents: I'll try to be brief, if people want to ask how specific combinations or changes felt then feel free to. Or if you want to gripe about them you're also free to do that. The second mind blast charge has become a talent, and feels very good to use in the first row, though it is currently the clear best pick next to Shadowy Insight and Fortress of the Mind I don't really see this as problematic. The first talent row tends to have a clear best pick for a lot of specs and is more about helping low level players understand the role of the talent system in choosing how they want to play than providing three balanced and situational options. Misery and Shadow Word: Death compete next to the new talent, Dark Void. Dark Void applies shadow word pain to everything hit by void eruptions. Yay dot spread! kinda... it's still too situation to really prove effective, hopefully this sees changes down the line. Misery is the go to talent for dungeons, questing, and medium sized pulls whilst Death is the strongest single target option. This row feels weird and has already been highlighted for changes in the next build.Ellipsìs57 1d
1d Terrible SD Priest DPS Hello So, In 7.3.5 I made a SD Priest [Because of the Void Elves]. Everything was fine, and I got into my first dungeon. Everything's cool you know, we're running through, when I look at Recount and I see that I got a DPS worse than the Healer's. It's so every single dungeon. Is it because I suck, is it because of bad items or stats or because of low level or whatever? I'm really woried that on levelcap I'm going to be the worst. Somebody explain please. ThanksEleryon6 1d
1d Is there going to be a holy damage only spec one day ? Hello Blizzard, I wish I could have a fourth spec on my priest, a dps spec with holy damage only. Not a healer / damage spec like discipline - just holy damage. Yes, I know there is already the shadow spec for damage but are you going to consider a holy version for damage one day ? Or is it totally out of consideration ? Yes, I am a dreamer I know. But hope keeps me alive and the priest class is my favourite of the game since vanilla :DPuymirol9 1d
2d Hide Shadowform? Is there still even a chance for a glyph that could hide the visual effect of Shadowform? I mained a shadow priest before the allied races came out and I am still disappointed that shadow priest void elf cannot enjoy the entropic embrace as other classes, which really sucks since it's the only void related spec/class. I've seen couple of threads about this here and on reddit and I'm curious if this is ever going to be addressed. It is truly frustrating...Meldris0 2d
3d bring back the mop orbs system mop was the one of the best if not the best and most fun expansion ever created now every class feels boring and shadow priests with voidform its not an exception please bring back the devouring plague system with all the tools you took from the class... make priest class fun againVôidless5 3d
3d Concerned Feedback: Shadow in BFA Since I can't post in the BfA forums, I'll leave this here. I've been very vocal on youtube about my opinion on how Blizzard handled the current state of Shadow Priest for BfA and I've decided to bring it to the forums for discussion. ... Usually I'm not one to crituque or hate on Blizzard much, nor do I really think I do so here, but it concerns me how much this seemingly uncalled for new class direction has horribly failed. Even if they make the spec deal a ton of damage, if it feels horrible to play, then won't it just feel horrible for those forced to play it for certain bosses(ie. current affliction lock).Thiahla23 3d
4d Rate the transmog above you part 3 Old one reached it post limit.Ðeáth279 4d
5d Suggestion: Dark Angelic Feather For Disc priests To increase their supporting role - A feather that increases damage caused if you run through it. Just an idea. I don't think disc is in a bad place... just think it would be a fun addition.Clockwork4 5d
5d Dear DEVs, what happen to 1h maces? There is so much broken points in shadow priests. And you kill a lot more. Mind Sear - DEAD Every class get some PvP mechanic, but wait squishy priests /void locks/ will lose everything, but 4sec stun. But to get back to question, really how even can get logic to no one priest spec can use 1h mace, while so much expansions, we were forced to use them. Good game DEVs.Hauhet7 5d
18 May Should I always go for 12k haste for shadow? Hi there fellow priests. My question really is in the title... I've read about the 12k haste (and the 16k which I'm nowhere near) and was wondering just how important it is, because my Pawn addon is giving me suggestions to upgrades that will put me way below this 12k mark. Thanks.Luge4 18 May
14 May Please Someone Help? Hello, are Priests looking ok for BFA? Priest is the only class I haven't had above 80/100 caps which is making me think about using my free 110 boost on one. Are they quite forgiving as healers? Or are they pretty much full on concentration mode? I quite like PvP too so would be interested in that side of things too. Is there a huge difference between Discipline and Holy for healing? Not sure how that kinda works? Shadow Priest was quite fun but always seemed slacking on meters at the time I was playing one. I mained a holy Paladin through Karazhan and enjoyed Resto Shammy for a while in PvP so I'm comfortable healing but want to have an easier time doing it as possible. Thanks for any feedback.Elanorah3 14 May
13 May Shadowform Appearance Bug! This is what i'm talking about: I haven't seen many people talking about this, or at least reporting it on the forums to Blizzard. I have only really seen a few threads and some reddit posts. There is a very obvious glitch with Shadowform that causes the sides of robes to glow bright purple with an unrendered texture. This doesn't happen outside of shadowform, and appears on all races. I made this thread; 6 days ago on the BFA support forum, but still haven't received a response and it doesn't look like they're planning on fixing the bug in BFA? Does this bug seriously annoy anyone else? I can't transmog any robes because they all look hideous while moving now.Perabo2 13 May
12 May Will Shadow priest be good in M+ In BFA? Hey I was considering a Spriest as a New main, a lot of videos imply that ramp up times and things have been reduced in the Specc and should be more viable in M+ is this actually true?..Mindflay9 12 May
12 May Priest racial spells I'd like to have priest racial spells back. I don't even want the full set back, even just something to separate alliance and horde would be enough. Let horde priest have bloodlust and alliance priest a battle rez, the first idea that came to my mind.Maaisha0 12 May
11 May Shadow Priest PvP Sucks Shadow priests are so unfun in regular bgs. It takes 2 seconds to die if dispersion is not up. I mean why make this game like counterstrike?? where is the kite? where is the overplay? Warrior has more mobility than me??? How i suppose to live with all this melee unavoidable dmg? The design team should bang their head to wall this is utterly crap pvp design.Taurenanger75 11 May
11 May Holy VS Disc So I'm a first-time healer. Which spec do you recommend to a first-time healer like me ? And what is the difference between these two specs ?Proktoss6 11 May
10 May Not sure about these new tentacles It looks like made of jelly. Please make them great again!Fayran1 10 May
10 May Hidden Holy Artifact Effect? Does anyone know the Holy priest hidden Effect yet? Or is it still unknown? Thanks.Seanzy26 10 May
10 May Optimising for the Shadow challenge I have been trying to take down the shadow challenge with the S2M rush method. So far I have not been able to take the boss bellow 10% where he becomes immune due to the phase switch and S2M kills me. At the times that I used S2M earlier I believe I got to the point where I could no longer sustrain enough insanity gain and died again at about 63-66 stacks of voidform. I was wondering if: >the S2M needs a different stat priority than the one suggested by icy veins (currently my shadow gear is full of crit gems) >Are the shadow legendaries do a huge difference? (I am collecting holy legendaries in hope of getting Velens for the holy challenge now) >Should I ditch the tier 20 2 set bonus for higher ilvl gear and/or the tier 21 bonuses? Any other advice perhaps? PS: my ilvl in the shadow gear is about 934Tsukinomiko2 10 May
09 May Holy or disc? Greetings priests ! Main resto druid here for a pretty silly question i’m rank 60 of my realm as druid but i’m currently lvling & trying to know the pros and cons of other healers aswell. But for the part of priest i’m a bit stuck on what spec to lvl. For dpsers (rogue/lock/warrior/..) i just go for dps spec becouse the faster lvling speed. But for healers i want to take my time and know what they do & when & blablabla... but enough rambling.. should i lvl as disc or holy? I know disc is ‘high skill cap’ but that does not matter for me, what are your suggestion on lvling spec? Thanks to all of you in advance !Vlambulance8 09 May
08 May Shadowpriest PVP in BfA Hello, any experiences from the BfA alpha regarding the shadowpriests PVP viability? From reading the patchnotes, I'm not sure how I should feel.... - Do we get psychic horror in addition to psychic scream, or does it replace it? - How many power word shields can you cast until you are oom? - Is the single target DPS any better?Zivor1 08 May
08 May should I ruturn to priest in bfa? I´ve always love my priest ,however in legion the shadow playstyle i sometimes tend to feel overhealm with my shadow priest because the punish dps loss of messing some button or dropping vf stacks moving in the wrong time. I cant heal confortable in disc either I´d never been able to preform that good like holy, very little room to error there. So I ended rerolling. But In bfa this seems to change. the fact of shadow doesnt depend that heavy on void stacks to provide a decent dps. Disc seems more friendly now with the new changes. do you overall think that priest will be more friendly in bfa? should I main priest again?Alelüya3 08 May
05 May Hidden abilities/effect for T'uure So I have been trying to find out the hidden effect and skin for each weapon a priest has. I know what shadow and disc have but not what holy priest gets. The skin is easy to find but have not noticed the effect. With SP its easy because the blade will periodically whisper to you. Holy Effect: Currently Unknown. Skin: This skin is created by fusing together Crest of the Lightborn (a drop from Hyrja) and Rod of the Ascended which requires Valarjar Exalted. I am still trying to find the hidden holy effect. PPL have joked that if you cast renew on a target below 5% HP, then you whisper a paladin for help.Chrystila1 05 May
04 May The state of BFA Discipline & lack of Velen's Hello! High Priest Smíted here :) As an experienced jack-of-all-trades priest (master of Discipline, Shadow AND Holy) I feel like my input and feedback to the testing is of paramount value. Seeing as roughly 83.6% of healers (not just priests) are using Velens on all fights in ATBT (calculated percentage using warcraftlogs medians and my own mathematical genius) I really can't see how blizzard can balance and tune healers after the absolute reliance on Velen's during Legion with its capability being very wide and potent (15% healing increase alongside overhealing redistribution on a 1 min 15s cd with great stats to boot). Now, to Discipline specifically. The spec is feeling very bare and weak without the ability to call upon the ability to heal more AND redistribute my overheals into some unfortunate patient (stop standing in the fire!). Having to spam PWS with some weak atonements gives me no satisfaction and my ability to not phone Velen and request his future sight just makes me regret even testing this spec and makes me lose my faith in Blizzard as a whole. Solutions? To bake the current on-use effect of Velen's into Evangelism. This would absolutely fix any issues the spec has as you only use Evangelism when executing a massive atonement heal combo onto your teammates and thus would be used in conjunction with Velen's anyway. This would also make up for the lack of the 'Barrier for the Devoted' trait. Personally, I have only raided normal ATBT with NM Argus progression underway but I feel like my mastery of this great class alongside my ability to bend light and shadow to my will makes up for any lacking I have in raiding accolades and current progression compared to some. After countless hours of watching streamers raid mythic NH/ToS/ATBT (when current) I feel like I basically have all of the important Legion cutting edges and thus the knowledge that comes with them.Smíted4 04 May
04 May Holy and shadow in heroic, low mythics I really hope that the announced changes on the shadow priest are enough so that it does not again feel more efficient to spam holy nova in holy spec (as a damage dealer role) that to attempt to kill thrash mobs with dots when the other classes kill them before the dots can do their job.Eosferon0 04 May
03 May BFA - Devouring Plague suggestion Don't have beta myself but playing shadow priest for a while and tbh I quite like insanity concept, but in some situations missing the old single target devouring gameplay. What would you think about a talent replacing void eruption with a devouring plague which will have damage based on the current insanity level. It would work the same as old orb style so basically you will use it to damp your insanity to apply dot for your single target burst. With this talent you would never enter the void form so the game play will be totally different but for a lot of priests more acceptable. I guessBlacktrainx2 03 May
02 May Smite disables my skills. Starting yesterday out of nowhere, I noticed everytime I cast Smite, my skills get blacked out for a fraction of a second. Which completely throws off the timing of my rotation. At first I thought it was because I was trying to build with Haste. I've gone from a 1.4 cast time, to 1.42 and that didn't seem to fix the issue. I have no idea whats causing this, and it's really starting to bum me out. Anyone else experience this and/or know what's causing it?Uggogornik2 02 May
02 May Disco priest in BfA After new BfA pach notes is legion disco priest gone and "new" playstyle is spam bubbles. What playstyle you preffer and why? Personally I prefer Legion disco priest, because has interesting and hard playstyle. I believe that Blizzard change it back, because this "new" playstyle is very simple and can be OP. Unlimited Bubbles are bad idea (bubbles in MoP and WoD were f*****g OP)Sarazan35 02 May
29 Apr Is Ray of Hope bugged? Hi, I have been asked by a GM to report a possible bug: Ray of Hope a holy priest PvP talent used to be castable while in spirit of redemption aka angel mode (activated upon death). It has not worked for some time. Thank you, -ServarsideServarside2 29 Apr
28 Apr Changing role in BfA Hi all So after years of tanking/dps (since cata) i whant to change to healer role in BfA. My first choices, since i have 2 lvl 110, it's shaman and priest. I have been trying in Alpha, and, for now, disc priest it's my favorite style of play, doing damage and healing. My question its just one, for those who have already played disc in alpha, is it better or worse than legion? Is it still the most dificult healer to master or it's less proactive and a little more reactive, cause it looks to me that it's a hybrid of pro active and reactive healing.Ogaithpombal8 28 Apr
28 Apr Shadow priest language settings in voidform So My guild is currently progressing on argus and we were wondering if its possible for shadowpriest to change his /s language settings to common instead of old god jibberish. It's interfering with a macro that we are using to ask for escorts. Thank you in advanceShroomzy3 28 Apr
27 Apr LF disco priest for 3's As title says RM looking f9r disco priest for 3's ratings push. Discord, mic and sense of humour required. I've tried arena forums, looking for pvp players forums, priest discord. So now i'm trying here :) Battle tag is Aaero#2186Aaeero0 27 Apr
27 Apr Please update PW:S visuals for BFA. If we are gonna end up "spamming" pw:s as disc, atleast let us do it with style. this outdated shield is nothing that should represent the spec 2 be honest. i know these threads have popped up before but the more the merrier, right? Also, make the shield for disc and shadow look different for obvious reasons. i can imagine the disc shield could look outstanding with its mixture of both holy and shadow? just a thought.Xartim2 27 Apr
27 Apr First ever healer Ok, after a year or so away from WoW I've decided to level a priest to finally try healing. Any info on what spec for levelling via quests & dungeons? I'm thinking I want to go holy for end game content. Going to be in Horde, Draenor. Just need to decide on Blood Elf or Forsaken lol. Any add-on reccomendations too would be great :)Ravendel1 27 Apr
26 Apr Nerf Holy Priests in wpvp Me and one of my friends [958 fury] where hanging around in goldshire and this horde priest attacks us, so ofc we attack him back. For 12 minutes. Still at around 80% mana. It took us 13 minutes to kill him, which i think is ridiculous considering we were doing 1.5mil dps + even when stunned he was still outhealing our dmg just with hotsFlexatron47 26 Apr
23 Apr Disc Priest PvP race BoA Which one will shine? Looks like Belfs will lsoe their racial silence, so Im struggling to choose. Undead or Nightborne? WotF or 1% dps increase, 1% arcane resistance, 50% slow vs melees?Ngalindu1 23 Apr
23 Apr Help with understanding Shadow Priest Hi all, This may seem like a stupid question, but it's got me stumped. I've had a break from wow and was only a casual player. I enjoyed the quests but wanted to get back in to it so looked up different classes and made a priest. I picked it as it was different and saw some fun videos and thought, I'd like to try that. So I built one, so I thought. I did upto about level 18 and then boosted so I can enjoy the latest content. But I seem to have missed how I become a Shadow Priest? My knowledge isn't very good, so I wanted to ask here, what should I have picked? Do I get the chance to turn into one? Or am I missing the point? Do I need to start again? Please help?Wakingdawn5 23 Apr
22 Apr Disc leveling build? Hi I am thinking to level up a new disc priest by just questing. Can you recommend a good talents distribution and start priority to it and some tips? I really hate the SP (it used to be my main in TBC) but now it doesn't grab my attention anymore. ThanksEspiritual2 22 Apr
21 Apr Spriest -weaksauce dps while leveling Hello! Kinda ran out of things to do on my main after Antorus HC so decided to start leveling alts before BfA. Having fun on my spriest but was getting a bit anoyed things took so long to die. Oh well, can't expect things to die at the same rate as on my 960ish main I thought. Kinda bored the other night i logged on to my 101 feral druid. Haven't tried feral since early legion. Slapped on some looms and started killing random mobs just for fun. Was shocked to see recount telling me that i had the same dps as my spriest. .. -》And I didn't even know what the spells on the ferals actionbars did!! Just for fun I logged in on my old 105 mage. Ol' frosty mage (with lower ilvl) was slugging out about 2x sustained dps and was bursting 3x compared to the spriest. I'm using the icy veins cookie cutter build on the spriest. Is this normal? Why is dps so unbalanced while leveling? Does it get better at 110? Will I even reach 110 at the current pace without going insane myself?Astheniah5 21 Apr
20 Apr The destruction of SP! Personally i played Shadow priest as main for many years (after my hunter), with my Gf, since she played holly. I actually found it fun to some point, but it was always a JOKE class/spec. Its like Blizzard does not know what to do with a class, they invented and forced on the world just because it has to has a dedicated (classic?) healer class. So they just left it alone and it was an underdeveloped undesigned "who cares just heal" class. I gave many shots to it, and it did perform ok, but was ALWAYS underdesigned and uncared for. In legion it actually started to look somehow. It had good changes. Trough it still had stupid features that just !@#$ed up the class, like they cant decide if it should be a dot class or a direct damage class, because the 2 really really dont mix well. Or the "you have mobility, but all others have better so its pointless decoration" . Or the 1 def cd that you have, that is good, but in other hand its not. BUT atleast the lore is getting a big fakking care for ATLEAST, and it did matter to me a lot, i even considered to unlock the new elf race and roll an sp again, but then i SAW THE CHANGES for Sp in BFA and ....WHAT THE %^-* MAN its completely destryoed. Its worse then before legion. 0 utility, 0 mobility, 0 deff cd, even less and MORE SITUATIONAL dmg. I mean did i seen the changes wrong or they are absolutely not complete or smt? Because if this goes live NO ONE will play the class/spec. Anyone?Endimyon5 20 Apr
19 Apr Shadow preist in dungeons Shadow preist in dungons lv 70 instance. What is the dps normelly there on that level. Playing upp One now. And cant get adobe 8 to 9 procent. They used be hight in past.Greydust2 19 Apr
19 Apr Must have addons for healing? Greetings, fellow Priests! I am new to this class and healing in general and I was wondering, are there any addons that help you out when you are healing?Bujee10 19 Apr
18 Apr Mass dispel raid frames mouseover macro? Heya. The title is pretty self explanatory. I need a macro that quick casts Mass Dispel on whoever I am hovering my mouse over on the raid frames. None of the macroes I've tried so far helps so I was wondering if anyone here can help me, if it's even possible. Thank you! :)Selandra5 18 Apr