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25 Aug (Transmog) Weapons that won't show enchants I wanted to assemble some daggers and other weapons that have an intrinsic glow or effect thus won't display, amongst others, the oh so lovely Landslide enchant. (cough) This post has reached the character limit so see #5 for the rest of this list or click the links below. Contents 1. Daggers 2. Axes 3. Fist weapons 4. Swords 5. Maces ------------------------- 1. Daggers ------------------------- • • • Blue glow 1H Claw of the Netherwing Flight quest reward 1H Borak's Reminder quest reward 1H Glacial Blade faint glow, Horde PVP reward 1H Blade of Unquenched Thirst BOE MH Vicious Spellblade or Earthspike (exactly the same), quest rewards MH Infused Dragonbone Splinter quest reward MH Nathrezim Mindblade faint blue glow, Karazhan MH Jaded Crystal Dagger heroic Magister's Terrace MH Blade of Trapped Knowledge BOE MH The Lost Kris of Zedd very faint glow, BOE MH Talon of the Tempest faint glow, BOE • • • Green 1H Feltooth Eviscerator heroic Hellfire Ramparts 1H Darkmoon Dirk faint glow, BOE reward from Demons Deck MH Sorcerous Dagger faint glow, Molten Core • • • Orange 1H Ceremonial Warmaul Blood-Blade quest reward (Ring of Blood Nagrand) MH Searing Golden Blade BOE • • • Yellow 1H Perdition's Blade orange/yellow-ish, 1H, Molten Core MH Azure Lightblade same model as above only recolor, quest reward OH Searing Sunblade JP reward • • • Red 1H Dustbringer faint glow, BOE 1H Heartrazor faint glow, Tempest Keep 1H Tracker's Blade Battle for Mount Hyjal 1H Wastewalker Shiv subtle glow, heroic Slave Pens 1H Retainer's Blade exalted with the Scryers • • • Purple 1H Riftmaker exalted with Keepers of Time 1H Guile of Khoraazi subtle glow, exalted with the Consortium 1H Vileblade of the Betrayer heroic Arcatraz 1H Zulian Slicer faint glow, no longer obtainable 1H Mindfang(H)/Sageclaw(A) MH, PVP reward 1H Twinblade of the Hakkari and OH Twinblade of the Hakkari Zul'Gurub MH Ritualist's Bloodletter or MH Twisted Reflection quest rewards MH Sharpened Fang of the Mystics very faint, Onyxia's Lair • • • Silver/white 1H Twinblade of Mastery Heroic Mana Tombs 1H Electrified Dagger Alliance PVP reward 1H Twin-Bladed Ripper faint white-blueish, quest Netherstorm MH Time-Shifted Dagger Escape from Durnholde Keep • • • Black 1H The Night Blade BOE 1H The Dusk Blade BOE, same model as above 1H Ced's Carver BOE 1H Blade of Eternal Darkness very faint glow, Maraudon 1H Bloodsipper heroic ICC 1H The Lobotomizer PVP reward 1H Crystal-Infused Shiv created by combining 50 Apexis Shards with Depleted Dagger 1H Gutgore Ripper or Tarnished Gutgore Ripper or Rusted Gutgore Ripper nearly invisible glow • • • No glow but hides enchants Gutgore Ripper 1H, can be passed off as no glow, MC Tarnished Gutgore Ripper and Rusted Gutgore Ripper 1H, Onyxia's Lair -------------------- 2. Axes -------------------- • • • Green 1H Hate-Forged Cleaver slight nearly invisible green glow, Halls of Reflection Hc 1H Amani Venom-Axe green glow, Old Hillsbrad 1H Axe of the Sen'jin Protector (H) faint green effect, Argent Tournament 1H Bogreaver small green sparks fly off it, can pass as no-glow, Underbog • • • Orange 1H Axe of the Legion orange, BOE 1H Firebrand Battleaxe orange/red glow, Blood Furnace 1H Rising Tide faint orange glow on handle, no glow on blade, BT • • • Purple 1H Grom'tor's Charge green axe with faint purple, quest SMV 1H Breeching Comet MT or The Harvester of Souls Auchenai Crypts • • • Silver/white 1H Edge of Winter faint white, BS crafted 1H The Decapitator silver/white glow, Kara 1H Empowered Deathbringer very faint smokey white effect, Onyxia's Lair • • • No glow but hides enchants 1H Rising Tide faint orange glow on handle, no glow on blade, BT 1H Bogreaver small green sparks in core of blade, Underbog 1H The Brutalizer orange glow on handle, none on blade, BT ------------------------- 3. Fist weapons ------------------------- Reflex Blades and Stormreaver Warblades purple effect, Arcatraz/Botanica Merciless Gladiator's Ripper and Gladiator's Fleshslicer purple glow, PVP reward (Area 52)Töki96 25 Aug
27 Apr Interesting and useful rogue macros Hi there fellow rogues, I thought i share some of the macros i use, i developed them myself and found them extremely useful. ... ... These macros are for pvp, when you are spamming your main ability like mad and you lost target for some reason, (rogue vanished, mage turned invisible, hunter feigned death) these will cast fan of knives right away automaticaly. Update: As Mannmedkniv suggested I added the /startattack command to the backstab macro, that way when you cant manage to land a succesful backstab you will cause some dps at least. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... This is a spammable macro when you notice there is an enemy rogue nearby, it will target the rogue and sap him even if you are currently targetting a further enemy, it ignores pets as well. If you want to sap your current target you hold down shift or ctrl or alt no matter wich and it will sap your current target. Place this on your default action bar in stealth mode. ... Place this macro to the same bind as the previous one but in normal stance (no stealth), useful when you see a rogue while you are mounted. If you spam its key then you will turn stealthed then sap the rogue, if he gets you first then it will blind him. This macro also works for jumping down from your flying mount stealthed, which is a very usefull thing in many situations. In combat it also works as a default mouseover Blind macro but you can simply blind any1 with this as well. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... This is a simple vanish macro, probably most of you have something similar, it saves you from wasting your vanish when you would come out of combat anyway. ... Replace every man for himself to /use *your pvp trinket* and replace poisons on demand! This macro only makes sense if you put it somewhere else then the default action bar, if you do so it saves you 3 slots. When you are stealthed you would not use your trinket anyways so when you are stealthed and hit this macro it applies crippling poison to your mainhand, if you hold down shift it puts mind numbing on your offhand, and if you hold down alt it applies crippling poison on your thrown weapon. It also handles the pop up questions. When you are out of stealth it works as a simple pvp trinket. ... This is another 3 in 1 macro, if you target a friendly player in your group it casts Tricks of Trade on him, if you hold down shift it casts Slice and Dice otherwise its a simple Cheap Shot. ... This macro targets the nearest enemy player and ignores mobs and pets when you are in your pvp talent spec, and targets the nearest enemy no matter if its a mob or player when you are in your pve talent spec. Bind this to your tab key! Swap spec 1 and spec 2 if your pvp spec is on the first talent panel and pve on your second. I hope at least 1 or 2 of these macros were helpful for some1.Mawerrick176 27 Apr
28 Oct [Guide] Outlaw Rogue Guide 7.0 Legion Updated 4/716 Some of you may remember me from writing the currently stickied assassination guide or from YouTube. Welcome to the first ever guide for Outlaw rogue in the Legion expansion. With outlaw being a new spec in the game which seems to be a simpler version of rogues old Combat spec the rotation seems to be pretty straight forward. Notable changes to the spec:- 1. Shallow, Moderate and Deep insight has been removed from the game 2. Finishers no longer reduce cooldown times (See Talent Roll the Bones) 3. Sinister strike combo point builder has been changed to saberslash 4. Slice and dice is now a talent 5. Killing spree is now a talent 5. Revealing strike removed 6. Pistol shot is a ranged secondary combo point builder 7. Kidney shot is replaced with a ranged stun called between the eyes 8. Evasion name changed to riposte 9. We have no poisons 10. Need to use artifact so no weapon switching. Stat Priority (Subject to change) Stat priority: Single Target Preraid- Agi ~= Wdps ~= Vers > Haste ~= Crit > Mastery Heroic - Agi ~= Wdps ~= Vers > Crit ~= Mastery > Haste Mythic - Agi ~= Wdps ~= Vers > Crit > Mastery > Haste AOE - Agi ~= Wdps ~= Vers > Crit > Mastery > Haste Legendary - Insignia of Ravenholdt ring > Thraxis treads feet > Sinidaria of symbiot belt RELIC PRIORITY 1. Run Through Damage : Fates Thirst 2. Reduce Finisher Cost : Fate Bringer 3. Combat Potency : Fortune Strikes 4. Reduce Adrenaline Rush : Fortunes Boon Gemming (Subject to change) Prismatic : vers Enchant Neck: Mark of the claw Back: Agility Rings: Vers Food Food: Seed-battered Fish Flasks and Pots Flask: Flask of the seventh Demon Potion : Potion of the old wars Optimal Artifact Leveling path Here is the current optimal Path during Artifact Progression Notable Passive Talents Combat potency: Your off-hand attacks have a chance to generate 15 energy Fleet footed: Your movement speed is increased by 15% and you take reduced fall damage Mastery: Main Gauche: Your Main hand has a %chance to trigger and attack with your offhand (physical damage) Artifact Ability Curse of the Dread blades Instant (2 minute cooldown) one saberslash fills your combo points maximum (6 with deeper stratagem talent) Every finisher you spend will consume 5% of your HP Lasts 12 seconds Single Target Talents (Subject to change) T15: Ghost Strikes T30: Hit and Run (preference) T45: Deeper Strategem T60: Cheat death T75: Prey on the weak T90: Alacrity T100: Mark for Death Note: This is a single target build. I have not tested too much on single target bosses and will update with more findings and changes. AoE talent build T15: Ghost Strikes T30: Hit and Run (preference) T45: Deeper Strategem T60: Cheat death T75: Prey on the weak T90: Alacrity T100: Mark for Death The bases of the build revolves around fast paced flurry of finishers. The more finishers you do the more haste to obtain to do more finishers. Mark for Death and Blade Flurry really helps build momentum on AOE trash packs so use it as much as possible. The aim is to ramp up alacrity to 20 stacks (20% haste increase) as soon as possible. This is done quickly thanks to Adrenaline Rush and Artifact power. The more haste you have means more energy for cleaving and using finishers. . Mark for death low adds before they die for 5 point finishers to increase alacrity buff. see below. Tooltips Ghostly strikes: Increase damage to the target with ghostly strikes debuff Acrobatic strikes : melee attacks 3 yards further Deeper Strategem: Allows for 6 point finishers Alacrity: Your finishing moves have 20% chance per combo point to grant 1% haste for 20 seconds, [stacking 25 times Mark for death: marks a target, generating 5 points instantly. Cooldown reset if target dies Alacrity Notes: Maintaining 100% uptime on alacrity is very important. You must use a 5 point finisher before the full duration runs out every time or you will have to start stacking the haste increase from the start again. If there will be a period of time where you cannot use a finisher but you can mark for death a target. it's a good idea to mark for death and then use slice and dice when alacrity buff is low to ensure the buff doesn't reset. Roll The Bones ***AoE Build Lets speak a little on Roll the Bones before we go any further since it is the bread and butter of the spec. This is the new baseline ability that replaces slice and dice as it is now a talent. Slice and dice is a reliable talent in terms of you know what your going to have 100% of the fight and that is 100% attack speed buff 100% uptime on the fight. On the other hand we now have an RNG base line spell that we need to try and work around to gain maximum DPS output. This spell will either be really good to you or really bad. it really is a game of luck on the term it will give you insane damage buffs for 46 seconds or it will give you really bad buffs such as a heal. Note that when it does not play in your favour you do not have slice and dice up. When things go bad and it gives only a heal buff it's like playing without slice dice active and is a major dps drop. Roll the Bones 25 Energy / 1 Energy 100 yd range Instant Requires Rogue (Outlaw) Requires level 100 Finishing move that rolls the dice of fate, providing a random combat enhancement. Lasts longer per combo point: 1 point : 12 seconds 2 points: 18 seconds 3 points: 24 seconds 4 points: 30 seconds 5 points: 36 seconds Roll the bones buffs Jolly Roger: Has a 25% chance to for saberslash to strike twice Grand Melee: Increases auto attack speed for 50%+25% Leech Shark Infested Waters: Increases the critical strike chance for 25% True Bearing: Reduces the cooldown of your abilities 3 seconds per combo point spent (see below) Buried Treasure: Your base energy regeneration is increased by 25% Broadsides: Your combo point builders generate 1 additional combo point Note: Spells affected by true bearing Adrenaline Rush Sprint Between the eyes Vanish Blind Cloak of shadows Riposte Grappling Hook Cannonball Barrage Killing spree, Marked for Death Death from aboveAneuryzm58 28 Oct
43m Mythic+ aoe trinket Hey just wondering what trinket you guys use for trash? I'm currently using the arcano golem digit but im not sure if its so good.Maretu2 43m
2h Rate the Rogue Transmog Above You - Continued Previous thread reached it's limit. Continue here. Everyone knows what to do. For the uninitiated, Rate the transmog of the Rogue above you on a scale of 1 to 10.Xaero264 2h
4h Pickpocketing on Legion Hey community! I just bought Legion and among other questions that emerged within the few hours (I have a ton of them) the pickpocketing comes to my mind as the most puzzling. Is there any reason to pick pockets on Legion? So far I looted few copper pieces - that´s all and while I didn´t like the pickpocketing on Warlords, at least it had some purpose. So my question revolves around - are there any good rewards lying hidden in those filthy pockets of the npcs ? :DFredik2 4h
21h Draught of Souls; How to use it? Hey fellas (and in very rare cases, birds)! I just recently got my hands on a Draught of Souls and as a Assasination Rogue I was wondering what the best was of utilizing it was? How do I open up with it/use it in combat overall? I'll take any tips/tricks! Thanks again!Éxpress17 21h
21h AP Removal I genuinely dont like the removal of this ability, I find switching between deadly poison and agonising poison for ST or AOE fights is a bit of a skill cap which good rogue players can abuse to max dps. I find this not only a nerf to the class but a nerf to our skill cap and thought process when in Mythics and raids which I dont agree with what do you guys think? Im very well for the new toxic blade ability but I find switching between poisons fun.Sethroguen8 21h
1d Poison Bomb is a horrible mechanic The Poison Bomb trait (Bag of Tricks) is by far the worst class mechanic in the whole game. It sucks that a huge portion of our damage is so luck dependent. The damage of this trait is way too high for such an unreliable proc that stays on one location. On average it should deal 7-8%, but there are way too many fights where it only deals 2-4%. Either it procs 50% less than it should or it procs when the boss is moving. In my opinion this trait should deal less damage, proc more reliably and should be changed to an aoe DoT effect that isnt gimped by movement.Gorbalt10 1d
1d Subtetly Is this spec, viable for raiding?Oppressive21 1d
2d Looking for an Addon Greetings, I need an addon that appears on the screen as text and there is written something like Interrupted frost/disco/fire u get the idea or Eviscerate immuned I am not sure if that is exactly a rogue addon ^_^Georgebushez1 2d
2d New class fantasy for rogue! Hello guys, Below i will share my thoughts about our beloved class.These changes are not about rotation changes or mechanics but for active abilities and interesting passives.i didn't include any combo moves and didn't cover base abilities for all 3 specs but I hope you get the idea and sorry for any grammar mistakes. Wall of text incoming!!!! Three rogue specs:duelist,subtlety,assassin no cds or numbers just the idea DUELIST Expert at close combat WEAPONS:uses one hand swords,daggers,axes,hammers different bonuses for each weapon sword:parry dagger:crit axe:dot hammer:armor penetration SKILLS AND ABILITIES SUMMARY TRIP:you trip the enemy knocking his head on the floor and for 6 secs he is prone.Takes increased damage,miss chance,decreased damage done and reduces movement speed by 70%.replaces Kidney shot and cheapshot. DEADLY THROW:throws a dagger at the enemy's throat silencing him and immobilizing him for 3 secs.replaces gouge. HEADBUTT: melee range,does increased damage and incapacitates target. replaces blind GRABBLING HOOK:throw a hook and draw yourself there NUTCRACKER:you make a split on the ground and punch the enemie's privates damaging him and dropping all his weapons and shields for 3 sec BLURRED SPEED:increases your speed, removes slowing or rooting effects. PASSIVES Increased dodge,parry,stamina,speed SUBTLETY Lots of control,mobility and single target burst WEAPONS:daggers only SKILLS AND ABILITIES SUMMARY stuns:gouge,cheapshot,kidney shadow dance:allows the use of stealth abilities and increases your damage shadowstep:teleports behind your enemy and increases your critical chance and damage on your next attack shadow Dublicate:you create a shadow that looks exactly like you and appears behind your target.It mimics every move you make.Opponents lose target and have 50% miss chance against you with spells and abilities. expose weakness:your next finishing move does increased damage.consumes your find weakness. Smoke bomb:enemies cant target in or out of the gain increased damage and critical chance Preparation:resets all your cds PASSIVES SHADOW COVER:reduced vanish cd shadow recuparate:you get healed each second you remain in stealth Prowler:your abilities do increased damage while in stealth,increased speed find weakness:each time you use your combo generator moves you get a stuck of find weakness stacking up to 10 times.Each stuck increases the damage bonus you get from expose weakness blur:opponents have a miss chance against you with their spells and abilities ASSASSIN Dots,slows,poisons weapons:daggers only SKILLS AND ABILITIES SUMMARY poison bomb:throw a poison bomb at a target area damaging and slowing the enemies toxic breath: you blow toxic powder to targets in a cone in front of you,they take instant poison damage and for 10 seconds after flash bomb:throws a grenade that explodes at the targeted area,incapacitating enemies.replaces blind coated in poison:each melee attack against you damages the opponent mind numbing poison:A dangerous poison dealing increased damage on casting and incurring a 3 sec cd on abilities. wound poison:reduses healing received crippling poison:reduces targets speed by 10% stacking up to 7 times PASSIVES sadistic alchemist:your poisons deal increased damage every passing second twisted blades:each critical strike increases the damage and duration of your bleeds on the target. poison immunity:you are immune to poisons and similar nature effects mustard gas:vanish does poison damage on nearby targetsGlacious8 2d
2d Rogue comps Can someone give me a quick overview of all the viable comps for rogues in 3vs3 and 2vs2 Prefer sup, didn't find a updated listGambas4 2d
2d Look at this !@#$ This is a 871, 1.5k rated fury warriors damage. - My dots 905 ilvl, 48 traits, 2.4 exp player, 2.2 exp rogue; Garrote 20-40k Rupture 30-50k Evenom 100k - 200k crit Creeping venom - 6kSethroguen12 2d
2d Toxic Blade PTR O.o So i log into PTR. to see what the fuss is about. and agonizing poison is now gone and replace with Toxic Blade 100 yd range Instant Requires Rogue Requires Daggers Stab your enemy with a toxic blade, dealing 600% Nature damage. The critical strike chance of your Nature damage abilities against the target is increased by 40% for 8 sec. and i was trying out the new gear and vs old gear. i am not happy. as for pvp its a good talanet i am 907 on live and my Evem crits. are from 2.5 / 2.8 mil but on PTR i dont get a singel Evem crit over 1.8 noting if my poison bomb procs i get a better opener in before with the same procs but the spec are more RNG now what it was before. [Alacrity] seem for me to give more dps in Toxic blade. and the set 4 set bouns are just dumb tbh ofc this is all new. but right if people are on the test servers .. i like to hear from what other players are experience when it comes to Evem crits and dpsQuickstain19 2d
3d VoW Outlaw skin farming Hello, after some months of pause I startet playing rogue again and recovered enough sanity to start farming the outlaw hidden skin again. I know that the glider glitch with both dungeons got fixed and they are no longer usable in dungeons but is there another way to farm the bindings in VoW quicker than normal runs? If so, then how long does one run take and how is it executed? I would also like to find some sane rogues wo also try to farm the artefact skin and group upKurokâge0 3d
4d PvP LuLz LoL..... So i left PvP when i saw the nerfs came, i had noting to do this day, so i sad, i give it a go, and what a joke the Rogue class is. Item Level 904 AP level 43 I just get one shoted by warriors and slowed all the time. Stealth is bugged [Dense Concoction] 24% Dmg reduced What a joke... unbuffed AGI 31,624 in PVP 17k LULZ... PVP rogue have never been this bad as it is now, for Battle Grounds, a DPS warrior had 6.9 Mil HP and do the same dps as 2 people There is no reason to take you Rogue into BG and i am not talking about arena for i dont pvp in arenas, so i cant talk for arenas peace out ..Quickstain31 4d
4d The subtlety rogue ability sounds So, the almighty sound effects of the subtlety rogue. Okay I get it, they suck and no one likes them. However I know there is a way to change that, into old sounds. If you want to know how, just search for it on Google, they're everywhere. What I am asking of you guys is that I've been searching for the sound files of the abilities I want to change for all day and the only thing I've come up with is old threads from 2015 etc. and I can't get my hands on the sound files of the Legion Rogue abilities. Have anyone here got any clue? More specific abilities I want the sound files of; -Shadowstrike -Cheap shot -Backstab Thank you ^_^Aoela4 4d
5d Sap/Focus Sap Modifier macro Cannot work out for the life of me what I am doing wrong. I want a Sap macro that Sap's my target but with a Shift modifier will sap my focus. I've tried every site, every forum copied every Pro macro and i cannot get any to work properly. Every macro I try, for the Focus>Sap element I get "you do not have a target" when I very clearly DO have a focus target. Any ideas anyone? Taa.Söze9 5d
5d Spec for Random BG? Greetings! Recently started a Rogue, after a long struggle of deciding what to play, but i came to realize, its what i wanted to play in the first place anyway. So i rolled some random bg-s with my 103 mage, and see most Rogues play Sub...they actiually seem to have really good stats to, not only dmg (not just pressure, that is sort of pointless in randoms) but a lot of killing blows...meaning they do perform well. I personally always wanted and played combat-outlaw, because stealth is not my style...trough, you dont really stealth in this game anymore...shadow dance ect, are way to action oriented stealths so i guess i could get on with those more then i used to play sub in Vanilla. So my question is . What is the current really good spec for random bg-s for rogue. (aside from all viable...trough that would be good to hear to :D ) Not sure, but i guess i still gravitate towards Outlaw, not specifically because of gameplay , but more because of aesthetics of swords and animations that look cool. (gotta give assa-sub a chance to see how transmog can help it trough i assume). But sort of hear combat is not that good (never really was if i remember) anywhere and assa is more like Dungeon runner spec? Anyone first hand experiance?Endurion3 5d
6d Struggling with AoE as sub I'm not really keeping up with AoE in mythic pluses. Is there something I am missing? I am maintaining symbol of death on 4 packs, dotting 2-3 targets and just spamming evis.Partygrill26 6d
21 May What happened to sub? Hey, My main is a lock but currently im lvling a sub rogue (lvl 106). I played a lot of rogue between tbc - WoD, and even though WoD class design was bad, Legion is even worse... The only good thing about rogues at the moment (for me) was the return of shadow blades, wich i always liked. -Energy regeneration is horrific (even with Vigor Talent) -Symbols of Death is a worse design of slice and dice and its a "upkeep buff" (i know this is being changed but who the hell thought of this?) -No poisons (all of the sudden rogues dont know how to make poisons anymore?) -No bleeds and a really bad designed "rupture" aka Nightblade -No poisons means you actually have to spend energy AND Combo points to slow (no other melee has this penalty) -Ambush replaced by shadowstrike wich only gives one combo point (hmm ok) -No preparation (just the most iconic spell in sub along with shadowstep... no biggie) -No garrote ( :) ) -No smoke bomb (pvp talents dont count) -Shadow dance having 3 charges (hmm ok) -Backstab still a thing (untill when?), i think its time to allow sub rogues the use of swords/axes/maces and keep the "dagger" play for assassination (my opinion). The most used word in this thread is "NO", i think the guy who designed this spec and had the brilliant idea of Sub "Revamp" should go to Heroes of the Storm, heard you only play with 4 buttons there. Its simply horrific gameplay, ill finish leveling for the sake of it and wont touch it till next expansion.... if im still around.Jinsk11 21 May
21 May Bindings of the windlord So I have both the bindings but i still can't get the quest from Thrymjaris, He just says when I talk to him ''Speak with me when you have finished your business here, so we might leave this place'' HELP!Cindry1 21 May
21 May Outlaw Hidden Artifact messup:( Hi. So Yesterday I finally collected all the componants for the thunderfury appereance. Awesome. Meeting the dragon on top of the mountain to get the quest, i mess up and pick the wrong dialog - now the problem is, that she wont talk to me any more /sigh. And Its been 12 hours since my messup. I read somewhere that you can sign up for a skirmish arena, and that should do the trick - however thats not an option on Ragnaros EU, cause Im the only one signing up. Please help - any ideas?Pkoiu4 21 May
21 May Rupture damage, is this a joke? I didnt want to be that guy. But I am being that guy. With the pvp template I feel as if assassination is crippled and thats putting it lightly, maybe its not meant to be for fun, battle grounds and casually capping in arenas. I dunno but I feel as if its almost impossible to get any solo play out of the class without my stats either being butchered by a pvp template or relying on a abysmal heal. I play the game, frequently. Every day so its not inactivity and its not a L2P issue. The only reason I felt the urge to vent was when I saw finally a 5 combo point rupture in warsong gulch hit a player for 20k. Where as I've seen other classes global people??? I've not read any threads to see if anyone else has the same experience and im comfortably sitting at item level 890 with 910 weapons so its not a gear problem.Makarg12 21 May
21 May Making a rogue, what spec? Hello. I have decided to make myself a rogue, but i´m lost on which spec to play. Sub seems really fun, love the fantasy behind it, but i´m concerned about the aoe output for this spec as I enjoy mythic + quite a lot. Outlaw also seem pretty cool, but RtB and the pirate theme does not click entirely with me, but as long as the rotation is fun that´s what´s most important I guess. Sin also seems very cool, love the fantasy, but i´m not a huge fan of multi-doting, but maybe it´s a really fun spec nontheless? Why do you play the spec you play? Strictly speaking about PvE content.Elyviela6 21 May
20 May I only see that rogues are on the bottom of charts? I watch a lot of streams, pvp and pve. I play some 3s and 2s and mythic + too, and i very rarely meet rogues. But when they appear they are crushed by class like warrior, dh or dk. We have very few comps for rogues atm for 3s or 2s. I dont say they are unplayable but others comps (without rogues) are more effective and better. The same is in pve, when rogue (doesnt matter spec) wanna do 850-900 here comes warr or dh (etc) and do 1mln or more with the same ilvl or worst. I dont wanna cry here, but i want to find role for rogues in game. For some time the rogues actually hid in the sewer channel because other classes are just more useful, i think. Or maybe I can not meet these players and I might be wrong. I do not know, but for some time it seems strange to me.Fujis14 20 May
20 May How can I improve my logs? What am I doing wrong? I dont fully understand logs so help would be very appreciated. Thanks. p.s. here is the most recent log : 20 May
19 May This made me laugh Assassination 'Assassination has always had the Poison theme, but we think Bleeds pair well with Poisons here, both fantasy-wise and mechanically. The idea that you can apply a slew of Poison and Bleed damage over times to the target, dooming your enemy to certain death is one of our core fantasies for Assassination' Quote 'Dooming your enemy to certain death' ahahahah I had almost full vendetta with full rupture and garrote on my target who was 7%, I died and he passively out healed me. Fix these ****** 20-50k dot ticks that get passively outhealed!!!!!Sethroguen3 19 May
19 May Relics Hi :D I am a newbie assa rogue, hope to play pve in future, can u guys tell me which relics i should use ? cause i am really confused which one to pick ;/Vaenthres1 19 May
19 May Outlaw hidden appearence in 7.2? Hi guys, after quite some time I decided to unbench my rogue and was wondering what my chances are today to get that sweet thunderfury skin. What's your experience considering this farm atm? Does the skip path in neltharion's lair still work? (afaik the glitchy stuff in vault got fixed, but didn't hear about any changes in the lair) Cheers&thxTøøl3 19 May
18 May Flickering Shadows (Sublety Trait) Why in the world does this thing have to proc when carrying the flag or other objects of same effect ? Its really annoying trying to cap flag in WSG only to find out that you can't use Sprint because then this thing will vanish for you and you'll lose the flag. can we make this thing not proc when carrying flags or objects of same effect, that would be real niceAlauer5 18 May
18 May what legendary combo hey fellas i actually dont know what combination of legendaries a should wear to raids , duskwalkers footpads + the dreadlords deceit = +like 1000 mastery -passive aoe dmg duskwalkers footpads + isnignia of ravenholdt = +passive aoe dmg by ring -1000mastery what do you guys think??Neyli1 18 May
18 May Assassination Rogue - Bag of Tricks (Poison Bomb) The Assassination Rogue Golden Trait 'Bag of Tricks (Poison Bomb)' is currently completely dependent on Chance & it's causing much distress in Rogues. The Problem: Since the trait is purely dependant on chance, Reaching maximum DPS is impossible & the procs are very inconsistent. Sometimes it does not proc even if 20 envenoms/ruptures are cast. This is very bad because sometimes we have went without a single proc for entire bosses at a time. And in PvP, this is just ridiculous, when other classes can use their Burst skills with the click of a button and we have to depend on pure luck. Possible Solution: Make Bag of Tricks an 'Active button' ability with 1 minute cooldown. And every Envenom cast with 5-combo points has a chance of reducing the cooldown by 5 seconds. This will be really helpful as a Luck-dependent Golden trait is not something which we really want, especially since our Second Golden-trait (Blood of the Assassinated) is also based on chance.Xaero5 18 May
17 May Outlaw rogue dps problems Hi guys, I am 900 ilvl atm, got the shoulder legendary and the ring legendary and i really struggle to do more than 550k dps on a NH boss, i really dont know what i am doing wrong im going after every guide i've seen, always roll until you get TB or 2 buffs and got my rotation down got 12% vers, 30% crit, 45% mastery, 21% haste can you guys give me some tips on how to do more dps? i mean 550k is ridiculous lmaoOxitozin9 17 May
17 May Best combo of my legendaries (outlaw) Hi guys i dlike to ask you what combo of two legendaries is TOP for Outlaw nowdays?? tell me what is really best and whats best from my list of legendaries i have right now Thats - Sephuzs Secret-Ring- i really dont use it not good so much Will of Valera-Legs The Sentinels Eternal Refuge-Crafted Boots Insignia of Ravenholdt-Ring that i have equipeed right now Kiljaedens Burning Wish- trinket that i also have on me right now So u think combo of Kiljadens with Ravendholdt is good? or what is really most effective to have for outlaw thanks very much ;)Bodybuilder7 17 May
17 May New rogue on the block vs multiple, and small Ello folks! So I'm kind of new to this rogue bussines (played little in the last patch). Currently playing assassination spec hence it feels most comfortable in raid setting. However, I feel like my dps is really bad against low health enemies and general multiple target situation in questing etc. Any tips? It feels ligtly frustrating that i can dish out more dps on quest setting with outlaw that has weapon lvl 820 than assassin with 884 :S (Both using raid talents suggested by icy veins and "world of wargraphs". I like to keep it simple and not swap between activities) Which poisons to use? Should i skip rupture? How to engage properly when going mob to mob, one at the time? Should I roll for outlaw if spend time mainly doing dungeons and quest etc. non raid stuff?Colenn5 17 May
16 May Bindings of the windlord bug? Hey fellow rogues! I've been painstakingly farming for these bindings, and finally i got both! however I've recieved no quest and the Dragon (who's name i wont try to type) offers me no interaction. Have i missed anything? or am i just unlucky enough for it to bug on me? thankyou for any help!Taintedrogue7 16 May
15 May Outlaw Hidden Skin Is there an established guide on obtaining this? Rep required etc. Or is it literally just a case of running Nelth's Lair and Vaults, combining the bindings and thats it?Vazjin6 15 May
15 May So ... Legendaries ... Yeah ... So I since yesterday night I found myself in a situation where I have to choose between Duskwalker's Footpads, Mantle of the Master Assassin and Zoldyck Family Training Shackles. Any insight on the ideal combo till ToS comes out?Enthyr5 15 May
15 May Fun rogue spec? Hi Rogues Which spec is the most fun to play atm? Would be for both PvP and PvE, thanks for constructive replies. MokrukMokruk5 15 May
15 May Thunderfury farm Hi guys, im looking for team to farm Thunderfury (outlaw rouge hidden artifact skin). Well we can farm both of Vault Of The Wardens and Nelth Lair on normal difficulty. So when u are intrested add me on : DatBoi#21695. :)Thorguard3 15 May
13 May No eviscerate damage from DFA on sub. Hey! I just started to play sub, and i just realized sometimes (like 3/10), after my charatcer lands the mob does not get the eviscerate dmg from DFA. Even tested this a lot on dummy, and checked combat log and i only see the first damage from DFA, but not the eviscerate dmg. Anyone else have same experience?Seryldä0 13 May
13 May Honor Talent - Shiv. Hello guys. Today i was long time think about pvp talents and i noticed noone using shiv. Shiv Honor Talent 25 Energy Melee Range Instant 25 sec cooldown Requires Rogue (Assassination) Requires level 43 Requires honor level 43 Requires Daggers Stabs the target with your off-hand weapon, causing 100% Nature damage, and applies a deadly neurotoxin for 10 sec. The neurotoxin causes any ability used to incur a 3 sec cooldown. This sounds like pretty nice counter against classes who just spam abilities like dk frost strike, and another melee classess like demon hunter or warriors because they have melee abilities on instant. I also see in honor talents at this level of honor talents tree are really interesting. Dreadly brew for fighting against healers or vampires (kappa). And mind numbering poison against casters. There is my question why people never using Shiv? I understand on arenas reducing healing from deadly brew is very important but but... Shiv is really interesting. This skill can totally turn off enemy from spamming abilities and with good reflex (when duration of shiv end) combined with Evasion and and Crimson Vial can be really really awesome investment to won big ammount of health points. Tell me what you guys think about this ability and what are your impressions. Also i really sorry for my english i know its not perfect but i have hope everyone can understand me.Trajahh2 13 May
13 May Can only I see that rogues are... .Fujis0 13 May
12 May What am I doing wrong? inbe4 "playing sub". I'm like lowest dps from all pool of people in Nighthold. I'm trying to do rotation that I looked up on icyveins/shadowcraft. Can someone explain to my how properly rotate skills in raids? I barely can compete with all DPS classes with my 500+ dps now when all other people having 600-750k dps even when they have same-lower ilvl.Shadowfarts12 12 May
11 May Leg. Question For Oulaw Rogues (in Mythic+) My question is regarding the best legendary combination for outlaw rogues with an emphasis on Mythic+ dungeons (10 and above). Out of the combinations below, which seems to be performing the best at the moment in your experience? Mantle + Insignia Mantle + Gloves Insignia + GlovesCorvin2 11 May
11 May Lack of good versatility items? Hello I am an outlaw rogue and I seem to have a hard time finding good versatility items... is this just pure rng or they dident add that many good versa items this patch? because it seems every new drop I get has majority of haste on it (rogues worse stat) this is very annoying when you get a higher ilvl piece and find out the main off-stat is trash... because u would still use the lower ilvl versa item right?Atzi0 11 May