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16 Feb (Transmog) Weapons that won't show enchants I wanted to assemble some daggers and other weapons that have an intrinsic glow or effect thus won't display, amongst others, the oh so lovely Landslide enchant. (cough) This post has reached the character limit so see #5 for the rest of this list or click the links below. Contents 1. Daggers 2. Axes 3. Fist weapons 4. Swords 5. Maces ------------------------- 1. Daggers ------------------------- • • • Blue glow 1H Claw of the Netherwing Flight quest reward 1H Borak's Reminder quest reward 1H Glacial Blade faint glow, Horde PVP reward 1H Blade of Unquenched Thirst BOE MH Vicious Spellblade or Earthspike (exactly the same), quest rewards MH Infused Dragonbone Splinter quest reward MH Nathrezim Mindblade faint blue glow, Karazhan MH Jaded Crystal Dagger heroic Magister's Terrace MH Blade of Trapped Knowledge BOE MH The Lost Kris of Zedd very faint glow, BOE MH Talon of the Tempest faint glow, BOE • • • Green 1H Feltooth Eviscerator heroic Hellfire Ramparts 1H Darkmoon Dirk faint glow, BOE reward from Demons Deck MH Sorcerous Dagger faint glow, Molten Core • • • Orange 1H Ceremonial Warmaul Blood-Blade quest reward (Ring of Blood Nagrand) MH Searing Golden Blade BOE • • • Yellow 1H Perdition's Blade orange/yellow-ish, 1H, Molten Core MH Azure Lightblade same model as above only recolor, quest reward OH Searing Sunblade JP reward • • • Red 1H Dustbringer faint glow, BOE 1H Heartrazor faint glow, Tempest Keep 1H Tracker's Blade Battle for Mount Hyjal 1H Wastewalker Shiv subtle glow, heroic Slave Pens 1H Retainer's Blade exalted with the Scryers • • • Purple 1H Riftmaker exalted with Keepers of Time 1H Guile of Khoraazi subtle glow, exalted with the Consortium 1H Vileblade of the Betrayer heroic Arcatraz 1H Zulian Slicer faint glow, no longer obtainable 1H Mindfang(H)/Sageclaw(A) MH, PVP reward 1H Twinblade of the Hakkari and OH Twinblade of the Hakkari Zul'Gurub MH Ritualist's Bloodletter or MH Twisted Reflection quest rewards MH Sharpened Fang of the Mystics very faint, Onyxia's Lair • • • Silver/white 1H Twinblade of Mastery Heroic Mana Tombs 1H Electrified Dagger Alliance PVP reward 1H Twin-Bladed Ripper faint white-blueish, quest Netherstorm MH Time-Shifted Dagger Escape from Durnholde Keep • • • Black 1H The Night Blade BOE 1H The Dusk Blade BOE, same model as above 1H Ced's Carver BOE 1H Blade of Eternal Darkness very faint glow, Maraudon 1H Bloodsipper heroic ICC 1H The Lobotomizer PVP reward 1H Crystal-Infused Shiv created by combining 50 Apexis Shards with Depleted Dagger 1H Gutgore Ripper or Tarnished Gutgore Ripper or Rusted Gutgore Ripper nearly invisible glow • • • No glow but hides enchants Gutgore Ripper 1H, can be passed off as no glow, MC Tarnished Gutgore Ripper and Rusted Gutgore Ripper 1H, Onyxia's Lair -------------------- 2. Axes -------------------- • • • Green 1H Hate-Forged Cleaver slight nearly invisible green glow, Halls of Reflection Hc 1H Amani Venom-Axe green glow, Old Hillsbrad 1H Axe of the Sen'jin Protector (H) faint green effect, Argent Tournament 1H Bogreaver small green sparks fly off it, can pass as no-glow, Underbog • • • Orange 1H Axe of the Legion orange, BOE 1H Firebrand Battleaxe orange/red glow, Blood Furnace 1H Rising Tide faint orange glow on handle, no glow on blade, BT • • • Purple 1H Grom'tor's Charge green axe with faint purple, quest SMV 1H Breeching Comet MT or The Harvester of Souls Auchenai Crypts • • • Silver/white 1H Edge of Winter faint white, BS crafted 1H The Decapitator silver/white glow, Kara 1H Empowered Deathbringer very faint smokey white effect, Onyxia's Lair • • • No glow but hides enchants 1H Rising Tide faint orange glow on handle, no glow on blade, BT 1H Bogreaver small green sparks in core of blade, Underbog 1H The Brutalizer orange glow on handle, none on blade, BT ------------------------- 3. Fist weapons ------------------------- Reflex Blades and Stormreaver Warblades purple effect, Arcatraz/Botanica Merciless Gladiator's Ripper and Gladiator's Fleshslicer purple glow, PVP reward (Area 52)Töki97 16 Feb
30 Jul Interesting and useful rogue macros Hi there fellow rogues, I thought i share some of the macros i use, i developed them myself and found them extremely useful. ... ... These macros are for pvp, when you are spamming your main ability like mad and you lost target for some reason, (rogue vanished, mage turned invisible, hunter feigned death) these will cast fan of knives right away automaticaly. Update: As Mannmedkniv suggested I added the /startattack command to the backstab macro, that way when you cant manage to land a succesful backstab you will cause some dps at least. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... This is a spammable macro when you notice there is an enemy rogue nearby, it will target the rogue and sap him even if you are currently targetting a further enemy, it ignores pets as well. If you want to sap your current target you hold down shift or ctrl or alt no matter wich and it will sap your current target. Place this on your default action bar in stealth mode. ... Place this macro to the same bind as the previous one but in normal stance (no stealth), useful when you see a rogue while you are mounted. If you spam its key then you will turn stealthed then sap the rogue, if he gets you first then it will blind him. This macro also works for jumping down from your flying mount stealthed, which is a very usefull thing in many situations. In combat it also works as a default mouseover Blind macro but you can simply blind any1 with this as well. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... This is a simple vanish macro, probably most of you have something similar, it saves you from wasting your vanish when you would come out of combat anyway. ... Replace every man for himself to /use *your pvp trinket* and replace poisons on demand! This macro only makes sense if you put it somewhere else then the default action bar, if you do so it saves you 3 slots. When you are stealthed you would not use your trinket anyways so when you are stealthed and hit this macro it applies crippling poison to your mainhand, if you hold down shift it puts mind numbing on your offhand, and if you hold down alt it applies crippling poison on your thrown weapon. It also handles the pop up questions. When you are out of stealth it works as a simple pvp trinket. ... This is another 3 in 1 macro, if you target a friendly player in your group it casts Tricks of Trade on him, if you hold down shift it casts Slice and Dice otherwise its a simple Cheap Shot. ... This macro targets the nearest enemy player and ignores mobs and pets when you are in your pvp talent spec, and targets the nearest enemy no matter if its a mob or player when you are in your pve talent spec. Bind this to your tab key! Swap spec 1 and spec 2 if your pvp spec is on the first talent panel and pve on your second. I hope at least 1 or 2 of these macros were helpful for some1.Mawerrick179 30 Jul
06 Feb [Guide] Tumna's and Notter 7.2.5 Assassination Guide Hey guys, Tumna and I have been working on an updated Sin guide in the last few days We aim for it to answer as many questions as possible concerning Assassination so Here's our guide: Don't be shy to contact us with any questions!Notterr3 06 Feb
1h Outlaw healing If you take following: Iron stomach. Drink up me hearties Alchemist trinket. You basically have lay on hands on 1 min cooldown.Samsang1 1h
3h Eviscerate in shadow dance bug I can't eviscerate while in shadow dance. I'm within range and have enough energy but after pressing the skill I'll lose the combo points but won't damage the target. Also, the eviscerate wont show up in the combat log. Outside of shadow dance eviscerate works as intended. Anyone else have this issue. Maybe I'm overlooking something or doing something silly, dunno.Griplock0 3h
3h Rerf Nogues They are too strong. RtB needs to have a chance to have a debuff reducing haste by 10% to balance how strong it is. Plus too much survivability, nerf that also, maybe 30% reduced healing from all allied sources. And why not throw some damage nerfs to assassination and sub, they shouldn't be able to 1v1 anyone in PvP, even with full cooldowns.Reddan4 3h
5h Cold Blood question Does Nightblade and Symbols of death increase Cold blood damage ? and if not then why do people use cold blood after opening instead of before opening in pvp ?Zombified0 5h
9h Rate the Rogue Transmog Above You - Continued 2.0 Last thread: Making a new one due to the reached limit. Person who posted last in previous thread: Vanzoo <lmmortals> 110 Night Elf Rogue Rate 8/10, looks very rogue'ish and dark!Ariéla434 9h
9h Assassination PvP Hey I capped my assassination rogue and I'm looking for some PvP advice for 8.0 as I don't know how to PvP effectively as this class/spec. I'm basically looking for some example builds and an explanation of the various PvP talents, as well as recommendations for which ones to choose in BGs vs open world. Finally, would someone teach me how to "open" on someone? I tend to open with garrote -> mutilate -> cheap shot -> rupture -> vendetta -> mutilate -> mutilate -> envenom -> mark of death -> envenom If I'm against another melee I'll pop evasion, casters I'll focus on interrupts/neurotoxin and basically cc as much as possible, and vs hunters I just cry But I don't think this is ideal. Is stunlock still a thing too? I remember rogues cycling through cheap shot, blind and kidney shot (and vanish?) to murder their targets but I'm not sure how to do this.Jakdaw1 9h
11h What will you play in Bfa? Sup fellas What spec are u gonna play when the exp hits and why? For me it will be sub. Im mainly assa but im slowly falling in love with sub because the shadowyish playstyle is pretty cool and the burst is nice. Also sub is kinda complex (for me atleast) so thats a nice challenge. Keep ambushin my brothers and sistersSlipet4 11h
1d Rogue tallents Why are most rogue tallents so basic and being static buffs? Many other specs have quite a few tallents that. Change rotations or even the whole way you play a spec...Thundertoe0 1d
1d haha To all who laughed at that 1st rogue nerf, which didn't happen HahaLightdagger26 1d
1d NERFS live yet? Hi anyone know if the rogue NERFS are live yet ? :)Naviic8 1d
1d rework Subtlety energy flow Tell me what you think about that, guys. I think Sub is too much energy starving compared to OutlawGloomie2 1d
1d Legendary cloak + Hidden Blades stacking Is this intended? 1d
1d So is Rogue nerf done or still more to come? So is Rogue nerf done or still more to come? Because only nerfs live right now are the creeping venom 50%, subterfuge 20% nerf and 4% all abilities damage nerf. So what about poisen damage 20%, toxic blade 10%, Vendetta 10% and garotte 20% nerfs are they still to come?Nìnjo2 1d
1d Best Alliance Rogue PvP Arena Race for BfA Hello i recently tried out Rogue and i love all three specs. This class is absolutely amazing. But i wonder, which alliance race fits best in terms of minmax in arena. My XP is like 2.1k in Legion, so i doubt i will be push higher in future. So does the race really matter? Or does it make arena life easier? Cheers :)Seppel7 1d
1d Too op Today i was excited so much.Woke up check my pc did the scenario.Then I went to SW front gates(Where I duel).Asked a rogue if they really got a nerf and he said.Its not even counted as nerf its like %4 and not even effecting pvp.I told every1 blizzard re not gonna make rogues an average class after 14 years no one believed me...Just duel a rogue and u ll see what i mean, hope they do class fix right...Reiy15 1d
1d 4th rogue spec Like with most other classes i am missing a 4th spec on rogue.. Would love the see a more magical shadowthief kind of spec, with a little more ranged capabilities(like the survival hunter) Or maybe a tank spec to give access to another role in PvE content. Or maybe even a combination of both the above... I would love a lightarmored flashy dual sword wielding tank...Thundertoe18 1d
1d Underplayed? According to most statistics websites, rogues are one of the least played classes. Why? Because they can be a lot of fun...Thundertoe24 1d
1d Rogue glory days Patch 6.1 WoD 1d
1d Newb in Search of Help TBH I’m a newb when it comes to WoW. First time properly playing and looking for some tips as a starting player at lvl110 what to do in order to increase my damage output and have an enjoyable experience. I’ve done plenty of raids and dungeons to get me some knowledge but is there anything I’m missing? Looking forward to getting some proper advice and hope BFA will be great. Enjoy playing ^_^Weaklegsslut1 1d
2d Rogue damage :D So mained hunter for years and years but have always loved the rogue class. So thought is about time I leveled up a rogue. Now my hunter is at 226ilvl with all stats to the max for the spec BM. Now my rogue i have around 216 with most of the gear from the new Darkshore wq's. just did a test on simbot and my hunter scores 3.200 but my rogue is at 3.397. have to say even with the 4% damage nerf the damage on my rogue is really high for the ilvl. is this just cus rogues are less gear dependent or just that they are high damage low surivial class.Vorren1 2d
2d Dear developers. Здравствуйте уважаемые разработчики и фанаты разбойников специализации "Скрытность." Я хочу обратить ваше внимание на одну очень острую проблему этой специализации - нехватка энергии. Да, эта проблема отчасти решается талантами "Теневая концентрация," "Неутомимость," "Выстрел в темноте," "Расторопность" и "Мастер теней," однако стоит отметить что некоторые из этих талантов мало подходят для боев с другими игроками, в то время как другие ставят специализацию в проигрышную позицию перед другими специализациями разбойника. Например если взять "Теневая концентрация" и "Неутомимость," то бурст разбойника специализации "Скрытность" будет уступать бурсту специализации "Ликвидация." При этом стоит отметить что тоннельный урон специализации "Ликвидация" значительно превосходит аналогичный урон специализации "Скрытность," а бурст специализации "Ликвидация" длится целых 20 секунд против 5 секунд (10, если потратить два заряда "Танец теней") или 6 (12) секунд (с талантом "Увертка") специализации "Скрытность." Важно упомянуть что если разбойник специализации "Скрытность" захочет потратить два заряда "Танец теней" при выбранных талантах "Увертка," "Метка смерти," "Выживает сильнейший" и "Мастер теней," (единственный билд где он обходит "Ликвидацию" при бурсте), то на второй заряд "Танец теней" у него не хватит энергии даже в том случае если вовремя использовать "Символы смерти" (для восстановления энергии) и "Метка смерти" + завершающий прием (для отдаления момента просадки по энергии). Кроме того - разбойнику специализации "Скрытность" приходится долго копить энергию перед бурстом, на что мгновенно отреагирует любой опытный игрок, что мне кажется не честным (касательно рейтингового пвп). Я предлагаю несколько вариантов решения этой пррблемы: 1. Вернуть активную способность "Клыков пожирателя" - "Укус кровавой пасти." 2. Сделать базовое восстановление энергии равным 10 (как это и было раньше). 3. Включить "Удар тьмы" в талант "Выстрел в темноте" 4. Изменить талант "Мастер теней," например чтобы он восстанавливал не 25 ед. энергии за 3 секунды, а 40 ед. за 4 сек. Я играю данным классом около десяти лет и для меня проблема на лицо. Если ничего не сделать то в дополнении "Битва за Азерот" разбойниками специализации "Скрытность" в пвп будет играть мало игроков, поскольку в своей эффективности она будет уступать другим специализациям. Спасибо за внимание.Зэйл5 2d
2d Sap macro doesn't work So im running this sap macro: #showtooltip Sap /console targetNearestDistance 10.000000 /targetenemy [noharm][dead] /console targetNearestDistance 41.000000 /cast [harm,nodead] Sap It doesnt work in stealth enemies at all, i see them in stealth, im faced towards them and it just doesnt do anything so i need to sap them normally and its really annoying cuz another rogue just saps me faster.Qmrizu3 2d
2d Fragile outlaw When pulling groups of mobs to use my aoe power, they burn down my health pretty fast.... if leech does not proc from my dice, i am pretty much toast.. Now i have only like 200 item level gear, but nevertheless outlaw feels more fragile then the other 2 specs...Thundertoe4 2d
2d Appreciation for us rogues There's been a lot of salt about us rogues, and lots of that salt has rolled out into in game situations, So this goes out to all the rogues, who train hard and play hard keep being the stealthy ninjas you are!Sladin3 2d
3d Shadow Dance weakaura I need a weakaura that shows me whenever there is a charge of shadow dance available. Like something flashing in my screen to notify me. Does someone have or know one that i can use?Mørrigan3 3d
3d Stealth in Arenas Hey I've recently been maining a rogue on ally and I'd like to know how stealth works in arenas. I've been playing skirmishes while levelling and twice now I've found myself in a situation where my partner is a no-show and I'm face with a 2v1. My idea was to stealth and see if they forfeit (basically plain stubbornness) as I believed I could evade them forever if I'm smart. Now I've avoided the hunter traps, flare and any other ground AoE but twice in a row I've been targeted from afar and revealed. This is from about a 30yd range or more, as if I'm not even stealthed. Then of course they collapse on me and I die. The first was by an arcane shot (or similar) the second from a frost-something by a DK. What gives? Is there something I'm missing or is it as I suspect that effectiveness of stealth decays in arena such that my tactic of eternal evasion cannot work?Jakdaw1 3d
3d What happened to class fantasy? Poison sound effects? What the !@#$ happened in WoD? Why did blizzard decide to remove poison sound effects? And not add it later in Legion when they wanted more class fantasy? Why remove "the core" class fantasy mechanic for a spec (Assassination)? All i hear these days is my pathetic needles poking my enemies, im a class with poisons, yet i cant hear any poisons like we always used to up until WoD. And what the %^-* has happened with Subtetly throughout the years? Its the most clunkiest ugly looking spec in the game. Just the animation of Shadowstrike makes the smoothness go away in a second and it makes me puke. How can blizzard honestly be happy with Sub rogues these days compared to the earlier days? How can they be happy with the class fantasy for Assassination after they removed all the sound effects? I mean, its the opposite, theres no !@#$ing class fantasy anymore. The class fantasy has always been excellent for rogues up until WoD, when they decided to remove poison sound effects etc, the whole feeling and fantasy of, especially, assassination. And they removed it? Theres no logic behind it at all. All other classes has cool sound effects, but rogues only have squinty needle sounds. Im so curious about how they think when they alter the classes, specially rogues. Am i the only one thinking about this?Spektakulär4 3d
3d Coins of Air in BfA? Morning, now that the next reset will be BfA (*sqweeee!*), does anyone know what will be happening to our Coins of Air? I'm sitting on close to 250,000 on my main and while the repeatable quest only offers 50g it's better than them just becoming useless currency...Landerolin2 3d
4d Macros for pvp Hello everyone , recently returned to a game after 8 years of rest. Picked up combat spec for now, cause it seems more friendly for me right now, but would like to respec in muti/sub also. (Would appreciate some guides or videos for specs and rotations) So my main question is - macros. Never used them before. Can someone pvp experienced suggest some must have macros for pvp? In general , for combat and maybe for muti/sub. I would greatly appreciate responses, thanks.Жуткаяпьянь5 4d
4d RIP Combat 2004-2016 For 12 years you have been a stalwart of roguing. The rogue who didn't skulk around with daggers, hiding in the shadows, waiting to strike. You were the combat rogue, the rogue who stood in the thick of it, dodging blades and arrows, disarming your opponent, striking when the time was right. For 9, you were the standard by which all rogue raiders swore by- strong against bosses, and later, even when your single target days were over, the king of the cleave. Even at low levels you shone! Until Sinister strike became more expensive to satisfy one patch of bad decisions, only the foolhardy levelled without you! While it wasn't your forte, at times you even stood strong in pvp, Adrenaline rush builds have been classics, and who could forget killing spree? Who hasn't, as a combat rogue on a pvp server, blown someone in mid air? You had your funny ways over the years- Every shadowcraft using BC raider remembers how a BT offhand with a 1.5 swing speed was only barely better than loot from heroics- and the discussions when Main Gauche came out! There are still days where I miss the old "Fast offhand, slow mainhand rules"- Your weapons had specific roles! If we had a fast offhand, that meant we knew you! An expert could feel the difference between a 1.4 and a 1.6 offhand! And you still have ludicrous rules on which weapons to use during cleave today, teasing us to the end! Or what about the almost useless T5 set? 40 extra damage per combo point on eviscerate? That was... Maybe 4/3rd's of a dps, because Adrenaline rush was a 5 minute cooldown, and the only time we used eviscerate was under adrenaline rush? Man, I miss the days when rupture and SnD was the core part of our rotation. We really suffered for losing it. And how Blade flurry, now your calling card, the master of cleave, was as much a single target damage bonus as a cleaver! I still remember dying on Attumen because of you! And Killing spree! Your wicked ways... I remember when you first came out. So explosive, yet so dangerous. The mark of a true rogue was to handle your raid wiping ways on Thaddeus. Even still, you've killed me more times than I wish to remember. But I'd still never forsake you for that. You were fun! Weird, quirky! But our spec. Alas, you have suffered over the last few years. Despite being an easy spec (Well, since specs evolved past mousewheel up for shadowbolt, mousewheel down for life tap), you was still made easier and easier to manage until we had the tragedy of WoD- even I, the combat Diehard since Wrath, who first joined the party in 2008, was bored of you. Or, perhaps, because I'd played so long, and knew you when you were so much more than a three button mash. And now, in your most boring, feeble state, reduced to a three button Aoe spamfest, you are being put out of your misery.. Gone the glory days where you were the only raiding spec. Gone the glory days where your SnD and rupture management made the rogue, where balancing RvS and SS combo points defined you. The nimble warrior in leather, replaced by a sewer pirate. But not to me. I'll not entertain the Outlaw who murdered you. I'll miss you combat. I'll miss the adrenaline of your adrenaline rush. I'll miss dying countless times to your Killing spree, and killing countless times with your Killing spree. I'll miss knowing that I'd mastered you, when I could detect missing buffs by the way you played. I'll miss your swords, your sword and dagger. I'll miss your blade flurry. I'll light a candle in your honour, combat. Even after your last, dark days, I'll still miss you. When I see haste on my gear, and I'll still think of it as being meant for me, for you. And no, there aren't tears in my eyes. That's just some dust. Honest.Maievs27 4d
5d Best Rogue Race (Horde) What is the best rogue race lore wise and for looks in your guys opinion? I'm torn between belf and undead for now. Should I stick with my belf rogue or should I go for undead. I just wanted to hear all the different opinions before choosing.Høpëc32 5d
5d Recently returned what spec for pvp ? Hey guys the tittle says it all, i recently returned to wow prepping for BfA. What i mainly want to do is arena and pvp, i hope someone could shed some light on what spec is viable and the way to go. i honestly enjoy all 3 specs, but before i wanna spend some time mastering a specalization, i hope someone could tell me what spec to go for. thank you ! ;)Ùnsullied4 5d
5d Lvling spec Hey guys just a follow up thread from mmochampion just wanted to see what you guys will be running, im gonna be warmode through to 120, gonna go subelty because I enjoy it and think if will do well with world pvp, legendary shoulders and ring, what are you guys thinking ^.^Xxaya1 5d
5d Grand Melee vs Slice and Dice So I noticed Blizz has nerfed Slice and Dice to increase AS to modest 50%. The reasoning behind this was that most of the damage output will be coming from autoattack. I can understand that. But why then they kept Grand Melee buff from RtB untouched? The point for Slice and Dice was that it would be generally better than most single RtB buff, but now it has 5% smaller bonus than Grand Melee. I know that it has also small energy regen component, but that seems to be very little to compensate. If the question was already raised, I am sorry, but I was unable to find it.Sorgblad15 5d
5d Sound effects Is there *any* way to get the old sound effects back? Because all my abilities just sound like *whoosh* and it sounds absolutely awful. As if I'm not doing any damage to my enemies at all. There probably aren't any ways to get the old sound effects back so I probably only made this topic to complain about the new sound effects.Chugg1 5d
5d BfA Arena Rogue Videos Hey everyone ! I'm Shadenox ! I've come to retail for BfA after not having played it since Cataclysm on an account that didn't even belong to me. I've always been a PvP player and with BfA coming up I've decided to record arena games at a somehow decent MMR and put those on youtube for everyone to see. My goal is to try and share what I know with players who are not as succesful as I am while learning from the comments of better players who can survive watching me play. It would mean the world to me if my dear rogue colleagues checked those videos out here : And give me feedback ! The editing is not amazing, but I wanted to show the game before everything else, so I wasn't confortable with an overly edited video format. In order to make things clear : I came to retail 3 or 4 days before prepatch, so I couldn't do better than 2k3 2s in Legion, lack of time, lack of 3s teammates. Since I have only 7 days /played on retail on my account, I am well aware I'm far from being the best Rogue you can see. I'm just saying this to avoid unnecessary comments such as "ew another rogue who's spent 16 years of being bad at WoW and who suddenly wins because Assassination is broken in Prepatch". And I fully agree that Assa is a bit stupid in the Prepatch ;) The few videos I made are all Assa Rogue Disc Priest because Assa was above the two other specs so I naturally got better results. However I'm really really happy about the nerfs Blizzard published this morning, and when we'll get some balance in this game I'll try to have Outlaw and Sub videos as well. Outlaw looks very promising ! Of course I plan on making videos at decent MMR throughout all BfA even if Rogues get nerfed to the ground (as right now they deserve it), and I'll do my best to have 3s videos rolling as well! That's it for me, thanks for reading/watching !Shadenox5 5d
5d Weak Aura’s What weak aura setup are you guys using.. Which profile’s have most depth? Any user ones i definately should load from waio? I am playing all 3 specs for BFA... Fun, how leaving druids as a main, made me choose rogue.. While Ferral was my most disliked spec.. I think Rogues are just to much fun.. But then i love being in controll.. So hoping a good WA setup to start out with will smoothen my experience.. Instead of using the insta 110, i am currently leveling the rogue to get a better feeling at it before release.... works very well... love how there is a lot of synergy between the specs at start, but now at higher levels they all 3 perform very differnt.Thundertoe2 5d
5d bribe was there an explanation for the removal of this spell ? I don't buy rogues being complicated and needing prune with a 3 button rotation compared to demolock having something like 7 or 8 buttonsPixxel4 5d
6d Assassination nerfs Do you think that Blizzard exaggerated with the Assassination nerfs? I mean honestly I don't mind most of the nerfs (to garrote and dots in general) but why prey of the weak and vendetta nerfs? now with feint being on CD and rouges not having the tankiness they had before they will simply won't have a chance against other classes who have tons of defensives and damage and some of them not even mele.Rexi13 6d
6d Antorus set boots How do you obtain the boots for Antorus set on rogues? I can't see the boots in the appearance tab except for the normal tiered ones.Neckcrowgue2 6d
6d hunters mark and stealth I'm nowhere near a good pvper but I'm enjoying playing rogue and having fun in battlegrounds. Currently I'm playing in SS vs TM and a hunter placed mark on me and found me in stealth like 30 meters away and chased me. Is this working as intended or is this one of the many bugs I seem to be having with stealth and pvp at the minute?Pín6 6d
07 Aug Pick Pocket macros I have two pick pocket macros on my rogue: /cast Sap /cast Pick Pocket and /cast Pick Pocket /cast Mutilate The first is working just fine, as always. But the second fails with 8.0 at least, can not really tell if it worked with 7.3.5. What happens is that Mutilate is apparently executed first and then the dead body is looted. When I use the first macro twice I get: "Your target has already had its pockets picked" But when I use the first macro and then the second I do not get that message. What happens there and is there a way around this? Looks like Mutilate is executed first and then the Pick Pocket on the dead body is converted to a simple looting. I also tried adding a /cast SAP: /cast Pick Pocket /cast Sap /cast Mutilate This works just fine for the Pick Pocket and Sap part as long as I am out of meelee range. But within meelee range the NPC is just killed and looted with no pick-pocketing. I also tried /castsequence Pickt Pocket, Mutilate But I need to use it twice then which means I could just use the first macro and Mutilate directly. Any ideas to make it work like I intend it to? This does not work as I intend it to and never could have been because?Wartezeit2 07 Aug
07 Aug FIX THIS !! it's so annoying !! I've noticed it kicks me out of stealth when Warlock cast unstable affliction. 07 Aug
07 Aug Teaching my grandpa' how to play assa Hey guys! Im in the process of teaching my 86 year old grandpa how to play assa. How should we start? I was thinking of teaching him how to play this spec, as it requires an easy amount of about 10 keyboard clicks per minute. Do you think it's a good idea? I was thinking of combining all the spells into 1 macro. Any tips etc? ThanksHjarta4 07 Aug
06 Aug Consumables and other useful items. So, since world PVP will play major role in upcoming "Sylvanas's 4th Reich" I write to you to ask which ones are the most useful ones. Just recently I dicovered there is this item called Survivor's Bag of Coins and it\s very helpful in any situation. Do you know more of those wonders? One Shadow AveReinevar0 06 Aug