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16 Feb (Transmog) Weapons that won't show enchants I wanted to assemble some daggers and other weapons that have an intrinsic glow or effect thus won't display, amongst others, the oh so lovely Landslide enchant. (cough) This post has reached the character limit so see #5 for the rest of this list or click the links below. Contents 1. Daggers 2. Axes 3. Fist weapons 4. Swords 5. Maces ------------------------- 1. Daggers ------------------------- • • • Blue glow 1H Claw of the Netherwing Flight quest reward 1H Borak's Reminder quest reward 1H Glacial Blade faint glow, Horde PVP reward 1H Blade of Unquenched Thirst BOE MH Vicious Spellblade or Earthspike (exactly the same), quest rewards MH Infused Dragonbone Splinter quest reward MH Nathrezim Mindblade faint blue glow, Karazhan MH Jaded Crystal Dagger heroic Magister's Terrace MH Blade of Trapped Knowledge BOE MH The Lost Kris of Zedd very faint glow, BOE MH Talon of the Tempest faint glow, BOE • • • Green 1H Feltooth Eviscerator heroic Hellfire Ramparts 1H Darkmoon Dirk faint glow, BOE reward from Demons Deck MH Sorcerous Dagger faint glow, Molten Core • • • Orange 1H Ceremonial Warmaul Blood-Blade quest reward (Ring of Blood Nagrand) MH Searing Golden Blade BOE • • • Yellow 1H Perdition's Blade orange/yellow-ish, 1H, Molten Core MH Azure Lightblade same model as above only recolor, quest reward OH Searing Sunblade JP reward • • • Red 1H Dustbringer faint glow, BOE 1H Heartrazor faint glow, Tempest Keep 1H Tracker's Blade Battle for Mount Hyjal 1H Wastewalker Shiv subtle glow, heroic Slave Pens 1H Retainer's Blade exalted with the Scryers • • • Purple 1H Riftmaker exalted with Keepers of Time 1H Guile of Khoraazi subtle glow, exalted with the Consortium 1H Vileblade of the Betrayer heroic Arcatraz 1H Zulian Slicer faint glow, no longer obtainable 1H Mindfang(H)/Sageclaw(A) MH, PVP reward 1H Twinblade of the Hakkari and OH Twinblade of the Hakkari Zul'Gurub MH Ritualist's Bloodletter or MH Twisted Reflection quest rewards MH Sharpened Fang of the Mystics very faint, Onyxia's Lair • • • Silver/white 1H Twinblade of Mastery Heroic Mana Tombs 1H Electrified Dagger Alliance PVP reward 1H Twin-Bladed Ripper faint white-blueish, quest Netherstorm MH Time-Shifted Dagger Escape from Durnholde Keep • • • Black 1H The Night Blade BOE 1H The Dusk Blade BOE, same model as above 1H Ced's Carver BOE 1H Blade of Eternal Darkness very faint glow, Maraudon 1H Bloodsipper heroic ICC 1H The Lobotomizer PVP reward 1H Crystal-Infused Shiv created by combining 50 Apexis Shards with Depleted Dagger 1H Gutgore Ripper or Tarnished Gutgore Ripper or Rusted Gutgore Ripper nearly invisible glow • • • No glow but hides enchants Gutgore Ripper 1H, can be passed off as no glow, MC Tarnished Gutgore Ripper and Rusted Gutgore Ripper 1H, Onyxia's Lair -------------------- 2. Axes -------------------- • • • Green 1H Hate-Forged Cleaver slight nearly invisible green glow, Halls of Reflection Hc 1H Amani Venom-Axe green glow, Old Hillsbrad 1H Axe of the Sen'jin Protector (H) faint green effect, Argent Tournament 1H Bogreaver small green sparks fly off it, can pass as no-glow, Underbog • • • Orange 1H Axe of the Legion orange, BOE 1H Firebrand Battleaxe orange/red glow, Blood Furnace 1H Rising Tide faint orange glow on handle, no glow on blade, BT • • • Purple 1H Grom'tor's Charge green axe with faint purple, quest SMV 1H Breeching Comet MT or The Harvester of Souls Auchenai Crypts • • • Silver/white 1H Edge of Winter faint white, BS crafted 1H The Decapitator silver/white glow, Kara 1H Empowered Deathbringer very faint smokey white effect, Onyxia's Lair • • • No glow but hides enchants 1H Rising Tide faint orange glow on handle, no glow on blade, BT 1H Bogreaver small green sparks in core of blade, Underbog 1H The Brutalizer orange glow on handle, none on blade, BT ------------------------- 3. Fist weapons ------------------------- Reflex Blades and Stormreaver Warblades purple effect, Arcatraz/Botanica Merciless Gladiator's Ripper and Gladiator's Fleshslicer purple glow, PVP reward (Area 52)Töki97 16 Feb
17 Aug Interesting and useful rogue macros Hi there fellow rogues, I thought i share some of the macros i use, i developed them myself and found them extremely useful. ... ... These macros are for pvp, when you are spamming your main ability like mad and you lost target for some reason, (rogue vanished, mage turned invisible, hunter feigned death) these will cast fan of knives right away automaticaly. Update: As Mannmedkniv suggested I added the /startattack command to the backstab macro, that way when you cant manage to land a succesful backstab you will cause some dps at least. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... This is a spammable macro when you notice there is an enemy rogue nearby, it will target the rogue and sap him even if you are currently targetting a further enemy, it ignores pets as well. If you want to sap your current target you hold down shift or ctrl or alt no matter wich and it will sap your current target. Place this on your default action bar in stealth mode. ... Place this macro to the same bind as the previous one but in normal stance (no stealth), useful when you see a rogue while you are mounted. If you spam its key then you will turn stealthed then sap the rogue, if he gets you first then it will blind him. This macro also works for jumping down from your flying mount stealthed, which is a very usefull thing in many situations. In combat it also works as a default mouseover Blind macro but you can simply blind any1 with this as well. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... This is a simple vanish macro, probably most of you have something similar, it saves you from wasting your vanish when you would come out of combat anyway. ... Replace every man for himself to /use *your pvp trinket* and replace poisons on demand! This macro only makes sense if you put it somewhere else then the default action bar, if you do so it saves you 3 slots. When you are stealthed you would not use your trinket anyways so when you are stealthed and hit this macro it applies crippling poison to your mainhand, if you hold down shift it puts mind numbing on your offhand, and if you hold down alt it applies crippling poison on your thrown weapon. It also handles the pop up questions. When you are out of stealth it works as a simple pvp trinket. ... This is another 3 in 1 macro, if you target a friendly player in your group it casts Tricks of Trade on him, if you hold down shift it casts Slice and Dice otherwise its a simple Cheap Shot. ... This macro targets the nearest enemy player and ignores mobs and pets when you are in your pvp talent spec, and targets the nearest enemy no matter if its a mob or player when you are in your pve talent spec. Bind this to your tab key! Swap spec 1 and spec 2 if your pvp spec is on the first talent panel and pve on your second. I hope at least 1 or 2 of these macros were helpful for some1.Mawerrick177 17 Aug
06 Feb [Guide] Tumna's and Notter 7.2.5 Assassination Guide Hey guys, Tumna and I have been working on an updated Sin guide in the last few days We aim for it to answer as many questions as possible concerning Assassination so Here's our guide: Don't be shy to contact us with any questions!Notterr3 06 Feb
8h Rogue RBG Guides/Tips Hello my rogue friends :) I played rogue alot at Cata times and was on 2k rating in RBG (I know for some people this is not high, but for me it is :) ) Now I started to play again, but everything changed and I also forgot alot of the combos etc. I haven't found any good guides for sub rogue in RBG on the internet, now the question: Does someone of you have a good guide for sub rogue in RBG? Or general rogue in RBG about what you are responsible for, what you have to do in certain situations, good combos in battle etc. I just played a few games and failed pretty much and got flamed :( Thanks and regards, BâdabuumBâdabuum1 8h
8h Why is Sub so much better than sin in PvP? When Assassination Rogues try to kill my Resto Druid in BGs i feel no pressure at all. I can simply outheal their dmg just with HoTs, don't even need to shapeshift into bear most of the time. But when Sub is on me, i need to heal like crazy, run away, bear, frenzied regeneration x 2 times, use all my cds to keep myself alive. So i was wondering why such a huge difference between these two specs? While first one is doing less single target dmg then Fire Mage another one is a living beast + i can't run away from him: he has so many gap closers :D Have no idea about Outlaw, they are rarity. So it seems that sub can do like 300% more dmg (both burst and sustain) while also having way better mobility. I don't get it. I have only in mind casual PVP, so maybe assassins are better in Arenas? Cause they really sucks in BGs from my Resto point of view. I am asking this because i am leveling assassin rogue at the moment but if the spec stays that weak in PvP i might reconsider myself and respec to Sub ... Sorry for English ...Onu7 8h
15h Rotation and Cooldowns question I did my first raid on my rogue yesterday and it went pretty well. Got over 50th percentile on some fights, which I know isn't that good but i've done alot worse when raiding with a class for the first time. I popped the logs into WowAnalyzer and it gave me some useful tips. However it did tell me that I should be using my toxic blade and kingsbane a bit more. I've usually saved them to combo with eachother or a vendetta if its soon of CD. I did this mainly because another rogue I talked to told me to do so. Is this correct gameplay or should I just pop them on CD?Drautismo1 15h
23h Rate the Rogue Transmog Above You - Continued 2.0 Last thread: Making a new one due to the reached limit. Person who posted last in previous thread: Vanzoo <lmmortals> 110 Night Elf Rogue Rate 8/10, looks very rogue'ish and dark!Ariéla283 23h
2d Sub/Assa Hey guys, I've taken a break from the game and decided now to return. How is sub respectively assa doing right now in both PvE and PvP? I liked both specs before my break but would like to focus on one of them now. Which one would you suggest? Sincerely,Dadruy4 2d
2d rogues pvp and balance ... so yeah blizz when are you guys gonna you know get your !@#$ together and nerf the %^-* out of rogues in pvp? like get your people off there !@# and start working or kick them out of there cause wow they suck at there jobZeneder7 2d
2d Energy starved? So I started playing again and decided to switch from my monk and lvl up my rogue. Only problem I have is that I feel energy starved alot. Is this just a gear issue or is the class generally energy starved?Drautismo5 2d
2d Best Horde Race for Rogue I'm thinking of making a rogue for the first time and I wanna go Horde. I don't know which race to pick. I'm probably gonna do a bit of both PvE and PvP, but more PvE, and really more solo & exploring. Which class do you suggest? Preferrably, I'd like to make an undead or a goblin, but all suggestions appreciated & accepted.Tinyhavoc20 2d
2d Rogue guides for PVP Greetings. I was wondering if anyone would recommend any good rogue guides (not interested in skill capped)? Currently i'm Assassination rogue...wondering if i should keep this spec or go Sub. I recently jumped into PvP and i'm having so much fun but i always wonder if what i am doing is right or wrong and what i could do to improve.Dicer3 2d
2d Tricks Tricks of the trade wont work?Lênâ3 2d
2d Slice and dice outlaw Is it at all viable? Really hate roll the bones but I like outlaw. Can I slice and dice?Johnnystab3 2d
3d Mage Tower: challenge appearance (assassination) Not my guide all credits goes to Drugoth! Just thought i'll post it here for the people that dont read the US forums ... Link to original thread: 3d
3d Rogue AoE Hello all, i was wondering how you all handle AoE in open word content. Killing mutliple mobs. I have tried playing rogue and their AoE seems to be lacking allot or simply rather weak compared to a ww monk.Azzeriax4 3d
4d Mage tower: Subtlety challenge. Help please! Hi, I'm no good at sub spec, but I'm determined to get the last challenge appearance on my rogue (even if it looks crap). Problem is, I suck at sub spec. I can muddle through the first phase no problem, but I hit a wall when the adds spawn in phase 2. I'm not very familiar with the spec, so quickly rooting and bursting them down seems to be impossible for me. Applying nightblade while juggling shadowdance seems to be beyond me; I'm all thumbs when it comes to this bit. Has anyone got any basic tips for this part? Thanks.Zuruzan2 4d
4d Assassination / Poison bomb this is currently a really strong attack...when it decides to proc. I've found many times that when there are 5+ adds you dot everything...things die then you get a poison bomb proc when there is one left... I think that seeing this as an actual ability to use on cool down, kind of like a dk death & decay would be awesome. its such a strong ability and its so satisfying seeing how much damage it does when you do get that proc when those 5+ adds are up. What do you guys think?Dayvurd3 4d
6d Looking for a rogue with Thunderfury ...Lswindrunner1 6d
12 Apr Shoulders How do I play around the legendary shoulders as assa? Opener/Vanish mid fight etc, how do i utilize the shoulders in the best possible way?Wfwq5 12 Apr
11 Apr Lost: Gleaming Lamp of Al'Abas If found, please return to Twiddler on Azuremyst-EU. :) For the last couple of months I've not pickpocketed a single coin of air. My wife is very knowledgable about such matters and she said I need to have this item in my bag to find any. After a good search through all my bags, there were no lamps. Maybe I sold it by mistake. Who knows. Unfortunately I don't seem to be able to buy a new one or find any information from anybody else with the same problem. I can't find a way to open a ticket and the item doesn't show in the 'item restoration' self-service as I may have lost the wretched thing too long ago for it to still show there. Anyone have any suggestions please?Twiddler1 11 Apr
09 Apr Mutilate + Retribution 2x2 Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen! I used Google and the forum, but I did not find similar topics. How would you evaluate the prospects of this setup on a scale from "doomed to failure" to "there is a place to be"? I understand that in addition to knowledge of our classes, need to have direct hands and a keen eye, and very much depends on the opponents. But if you estimate the average results... At the time of writing, I have not tried such a setup, I'm planning to capture the galaxy after a day's work. Give a few tips to PvE-player with claws? :) P.S. Interested in playing two DDs. p.p.s. sorry for my English :)Джорт6 09 Apr
09 Apr Wow... They still haven't fixed pets attacking you through vanish? How can they not have?Sileani0 09 Apr
07 Apr Rogues, haste is useless ? rogue and haste Do you think that in the future a shift towards haste will happen again on rogues ? mostly in outlaw ? at the moment its the lowest stat in all specs which i find weird, am i the only one ?Maskymus21 07 Apr
06 Apr Class mount walking animation, pleeease! Blizzard, could you please make a simple walking animation for our raven mount? It really would make the mount about a thousand times cooler, thanks :DStabbitystab2 06 Apr
05 Apr Really annoying Stealth related bugs in PvP Hello everyone, I've somewhat recently leveled my Rogue here and have noticed a couple of really frustrating bugs that seem to only happen in PvP. Both in PvP World Quest areas as well as instanced PvP. The first bug happens ALL THE TIME. Almost every single time in fact. This is when you end combat with an enemy and it takes you upwards of 15 seconds to drop combat to re-stealth or mount up. Been playing a lot of random battlegrounds the past couple of days with my fiancée, she plays a Hunter. Whenever we kill the same target, she's already on her mount and riding across the map and I'm there just jumping around waiting for combat to drop so I can actually do something. The most recent instance of this for me was in a WSG we just played. I was at the Alliance tunnel entrance fighting some Mages with my team. Now, I wanted to re-stealth because they had a healer behind the Mages and wanted to go whack that Druid. So what happened is that I started to back off after my last Shuriken Toss and backed up all the way behind my whole team. I didn't get a single cast on me after that Shuriken Toss, and I didn't have any HoTs or DoTs rolling on me. I get behind my team and jump around, waiting, and waiting, and waiting.. I recorded this with Shadowplay and looked at the time it took for me to drop combat, it was 19 seconds after my last Shuriken Toss hit the enemy, which was my last sign of any combat. I know it's supposed to be possible to drop combat within a Blind as a Rogue, so you can Blind and wait for re-stealth. Blind lasts 8 seconds in PvP, and during that you're supposed to be out of combat. So why does it take me 19 seconds instead of 8? This 19 seconds is still relatively short compared to some of the instances this bug has happened to me. I've been in combat over half a minute sometimes before I force myself in to stealth with Vanish. I've had fights which are close calls for me, but I use Vanish to get the last Shadowstrikes in to get the kill, and then with Thief's Bargain I've already gotten Vanish some seconds off of cooldown before I end up using it just so I can stealth. This is EXTREMELY annoying and very limiting towards my gameplay since as a Subtlety Rogue I kind of do need to be able to stealth, and mounting is fairly important too in Battlegrounds. I've ended up having to waste Sprint and Shadowstep cooldowns time and time again just so I can reach places faster because can't mount up. For reference, my talents are 1232211 and Honor talents are 121122 (Though this has happened before I even unlocked any Honor talents, so likely not related to them) Then the second bug happens more rarely, but somewhat regularly still. I haven't got a clue why this happens, but sometimes my stealth just randomly drops. My most recent one happened yesterday on Deepwind Gorge. The middle mine was controlled by the Alliance and I was sitting there waiting to see if I could perhaps sneak the cap. I was opening and closing my map multiple times to look at the situation. On the last time I opened my map in this current example, I simultaneously unstealthed. I ended up getting DK gripped and killed due to this. Similarly to the first bug example, I recorded this case with Shadowplay and I went through the clip a few times to see if there was something that caused me to drop from Stealth. I didn't take any damage, I didn't get hit by any kind of a spell and I didn't hit any of my keybinds by accident either. The stealth just decided to not work anymore. The second bug isn't that big of a deal most of the time. It's a bit annoying that I sometimes randomly die because of it but it's maybe once every 5-10 Battlegrounds that it happens. But the first bug there is REALLY annoying because it severely hinders me as a Rogue. I'm constantly being screwed over by it :(Babycakes30 05 Apr
04 Apr Fix Me Hi guys, I've been out of the game for a few years. I was hoping for some advice on .... well everything. I have so many questions, I hope you don't mind. IcyVeins says I don't need pvp gear! WTH?? My rotation is about the same as it always was, with Vendetta, TB,and KB it does work.... but my dmg is terrible. I mean lower than healers in some bgs. Stat prio: is this a thing anymore? Set bonuses: are they active in pvp? I've powered up my weapon to max+18 I think and I still do terrible dmg. What am I doing wrong? I am missing something fundamental about this class now and it's just eating my brain trying to figure it out. I see other rogues utterly destroy opponents in seconds, while it takes me at least 30 secs to get a kill, while I know this isn't a "fix me" thread. I would not reject any advice given at this point. I was getting advice from a rogue outside SW and he destroyed me in 7 secs and left.Eirohir14 04 Apr
04 Apr (A) Defias guild rogues only Dear masters of the shadows, I am looking for rogues to join my new setup Guild. Focus: World PvP and PvP in general. All levels are allowed in. Most rogues are Lone wolves, now you can have a family of like minded people. Gank the Horde, corpse camp them, the lower their level the longer the corpse camp. Rules? We don't have any rules. Lone wolves don't need rules. Let's Lone wolf together. A pact of lone wolves combined, assassinate high priority targets due to a death list that gets updated every day. Simple: add a horde name to the guild notes and you are certain that this scum will get killed. Currently working on an addon where you can write down the names of scum you want as kill target. The addon will simply check the name when you target the person and gives you a signal if it's on the rogues Der Untergang guilds kill list. Like this idea? Drop down a comment or whisper me ingame. Let's rek them all. Destroy the Horde. Annoy them, disrupt their leveling, disrupt their questing. Disrupt their raiding while they are running towards Argus or any other dungeon. FOR THE ALLIANCE!Rektolele4 04 Apr
04 Apr Class fantasy It would add strong flavor to the class fantasy if you could steal quest items from humanoids instead of killing and looting, that would bring choice to how accomplish quest. Small but fun addition i think.Ugniavanagis14 04 Apr
03 Apr Rogue tier 21 Mythic No Boots I'm starting this discussion to express my total disgust of Blizzards laziness. Not adding mythic recolor shoes to the wonderful tier 21 rogue set. Normal boots drop from Invasion points, PvP ones also exist but don't match the color scheme. There is a model for the shoes but Blizzard was too lazy to make the Mythic 21 recolor. Rage comments are welcome. Blizz needs to see this thread and add the boots to the game.Baelshar5 03 Apr
03 Apr Vanilla Rogue Video Hello. I am searching for the first PvP video I ever saw, which was made by a rogue. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of the character, nor the name of the video. Here is what I remember: 1. The video started with the male Night Elf Rogue sitting right in front of the Ironforge main gate. You could see the dwarf statue as well. The rogue was wearing a Shadowcraft Helm as well. 2. The music in the beginning was Green day Boulevard of Broken Dreams. 3. His spec was one of the 4, or showed 2 of the following 4: 30/0/21, 31/0/20, 20/0/31, 21/0/30. 4. He was also PvPing in Orgrimmar, inside the old bank building, and some other towers within Orgrimmar. Please help, im really nostalgic.Inc5 03 Apr
31 Mar Roll the Bones into just Grand Melee Hi there, I've been rerolling RtB whenever I roll just Grand Melee, as Icy Veins has been telling me. On I found the following: -Reroll Roll the Bones when Loaded Dice is up if you have fewer than 2 buffs or fewer than 4 buffs with no True Bearing. -Refresh Roll the Bones with 3 seconds left for pandemic effect. Guessing here that Icy Veins is wrong and Ravenholdt is correct, is that true?Archigós0 31 Mar
30 Mar Greenskin's Waterlogged Wristcuffs usage Hi there, Was wondering if I am using this legendary the right what. What I do right now: -wait for a blunderbuss proc -use a 5 cp between the eyes -use blunderbuss Is this correct?Archigós3 30 Mar
30 Mar New Rogue, new spec. Some Questions. So this is the rogue I'm currently playing with. I boosted him a few days ago and started gearing up in assa spec for (always played combat rogue in past expansions) while doing some PvP on the side, and so far had a decent experience. My goal is to have decent gear (940+) so I can be decent in BG's. (915 atm) - to me it seems assa is relatively CD dependant, in both pve and pve. I do the most dps with my opener where I blow through all my CD's while also applying every bleed and poision effect I have. I'm using the opener rotation as stated on Icy Veins and Ravenholdt, slightly modified in PvP. While I can already nuke down another player with this opener, the damage after seems a bit subpar. - In PvE situations I'm struggling to have decent AoE DPS. Is this a spec thing or a playstyle thing? I know that I have to use fan of knives with +3 targets and have to keep applying rupture bleeds on 3 targets but to me it feels clunky to manually switch around to apply a debuff in melee range. When I reach the 3d target where I apply the bleed (3+ combo points) my debuff on the first is gone. Is this correct or is there another way? - Kingsbane should always be followed with Envenom, right? Does this have to allign with the use of Toxic Blade or only when available? Aside from the opener it's hard to make those three work together unless I delay some CD's.Devren5 30 Mar
29 Mar Are my spells correct? Hey all, just wondering what should be doing the most damage for me as an assassination rogue. Currently it is my deadly poison, is this correct or should it be a different spell doing the most damage? Thanks All :)Peanût2 29 Mar
29 Mar Pickpocket + autoloot = ?? So i've tried a few macros to get pickpocket + autoloot together. I've also tried to use autoloot (shift + skill) but no sucsess, sure i can use autoloot all the time i dont mind that at all but the thing is that i dont want to take up all the crap that drops. Since im doing this on a char im lvling i only got 10 slots bags and im not gonna use heirlooms / transfer stuff from other chars so im not lazy or so i just want an "old days" lvling experience.Krobor6 29 Mar
27 Mar Moroes as one of the followers Hello folks! I wanted to hear from somebody who has him active as follower what is the best equipment set up? Also how satisfied are you with Moroes? Thanks!Zlo0 27 Mar
26 Mar Track combo points addon Yo, does anybody know the name of the addon that plays a ”ping” sound whenever you reach five combo points?Euphrates3 26 Mar
26 Mar DPS to low? Hey, just started playing again recently after a few months break. Currently item level 930 and am putting up around 800k dps. This seems a bit low to me or is it normal? Thank You :)Peanût3 26 Mar
26 Mar Rogue pickpocketing quest not repeatable? Hi ninjaz, After starting legion content - I was pleasantly surprised with the money making quest that we got from Driftah guy for pickpocketing. The thing is, though, after completing the quest 2 times, I get the option to complete the quest for only 50g as reward. So you can imagine, as a fresh rogue, I can only wonder - were those coins of air just a 2 time money boost that we get as a fresh 100 rogue, or is it actually repeatable? Cheerz ;)Сццс2 26 Mar
26 Mar Tips on The Throves of the Thunder King I am trying to get the FOS in the Troves of the Thunderking mission. Can anyone offer me any pointers on how I can get 10 chests before time runs out.Eshebala1 26 Mar
26 Mar Outlaw for pvp? Outlaw viable for pvp? For arena and bg?Athênâ17 26 Mar
26 Mar Scrolling combat text for self - Combo points counter G'day fellow rogues, i have come back to the rogue class after many years of absence and have stumbled upon a few issues. the biggest one is my inabillity to keep up with my combo points. i remember playing rogue in vanilla, without addons i might add(on), and having the option of a combo point counter in text. example: <1 combo point> <2 combo point> etc.. etc.. i have tried to switch this option on again, but was unsuccesfull in doing so. basically i have searched through all the interface options switching various things on and off, but nothing seems to enable that specific combat text. so my question is, how do i get the "<x combo point>" counter text back, any help is appreciated.Wud0 26 Mar
26 Mar Max combo finisher How about do every single finisher with max cp and use fok to fill 1-2 cp gap. Personally i saw bombs goes off more often with this method. Lemme know what u think..Acë0 26 Mar
25 Mar Need advice! new lvl 110 I need some advice concerning rogues at lvl 110. I want to pvp at a decent level but I also want to do raids and m+. Is this possible with one spec? If so what spec? I've read that assa is pretty good these days but with rogues it's rarely the case that one specc shines in both pvp and pve. Anyone have any advice? Thanks in advance!Shandor4 25 Mar
27 Mar need help for a rogue macro hello guys, i want to put 2 skills in 1 button,but one of the ability has 25 seconds Cooldown,the other one no cd i want to use Toxic Blade and Mutilate at the same button,if Toxic Blade is on cooldown then it should keep hitting Mutilate,whenever Toxic Blade is avalible hit it and keep going on mutilate again toxic blade = mutilate = thnks for the answersSmilac3 27 Mar
23 Mar Insignia Every time Why is it that we have to talk to someone in the shops every time in order to access the order hall? Surely by now they would recognise us and we could just click on the secret knockers? Other class's can just click on their teleporters and be there. Just one of the little things that annoys me Rant overDemonaxx6 23 Mar
22 Mar Soloque Arena Skirmish as Assassination I know i am not a good pvp player but i just wonder if that is the standard? Since 2s are far more common (without healers), i will only talk about this. I have really bad winrate with this spec (tho i dont play the others). I don't know what is wrong... my problems: - I can't top dmg - During and after my sap+blind+stun we cant finish the otherone. And even if we do, my teammate or i is nearly dead - I use my defensive cds preemptively to kill a target but often need them for a reset. If i have long bleeds on me its basically over... - The second my defensive cds wears off, im being targeted and killed. I used to love stealthy dot spreader but this really breaks my heart... I can often win duels (about equal i lvl with or without legendaries) but i think rogues are just op in that matter and i want to know what can i do better as an assassin. I am really thinking about to switch to Monk.Celeana2 22 Mar