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16 Feb (Transmog) Weapons that won't show enchants I wanted to assemble some daggers and other weapons that have an intrinsic glow or effect thus won't display, amongst others, the oh so lovely Landslide enchant. (cough) This post has reached the character limit so see #5 for the rest of this list or click the links below. Contents 1. Daggers 2. Axes 3. Fist weapons 4. Swords 5. Maces ------------------------- 1. Daggers ------------------------- • • • Blue glow 1H Claw of the Netherwing Flight quest reward 1H Borak's Reminder quest reward 1H Glacial Blade faint glow, Horde PVP reward 1H Blade of Unquenched Thirst BOE MH Vicious Spellblade or Earthspike (exactly the same), quest rewards MH Infused Dragonbone Splinter quest reward MH Nathrezim Mindblade faint blue glow, Karazhan MH Jaded Crystal Dagger heroic Magister's Terrace MH Blade of Trapped Knowledge BOE MH The Lost Kris of Zedd very faint glow, BOE MH Talon of the Tempest faint glow, BOE • • • Green 1H Feltooth Eviscerator heroic Hellfire Ramparts 1H Darkmoon Dirk faint glow, BOE reward from Demons Deck MH Sorcerous Dagger faint glow, Molten Core • • • Orange 1H Ceremonial Warmaul Blood-Blade quest reward (Ring of Blood Nagrand) MH Searing Golden Blade BOE • • • Yellow 1H Perdition's Blade orange/yellow-ish, 1H, Molten Core MH Azure Lightblade same model as above only recolor, quest reward OH Searing Sunblade JP reward • • • Red 1H Dustbringer faint glow, BOE 1H Heartrazor faint glow, Tempest Keep 1H Tracker's Blade Battle for Mount Hyjal 1H Wastewalker Shiv subtle glow, heroic Slave Pens 1H Retainer's Blade exalted with the Scryers • • • Purple 1H Riftmaker exalted with Keepers of Time 1H Guile of Khoraazi subtle glow, exalted with the Consortium 1H Vileblade of the Betrayer heroic Arcatraz 1H Zulian Slicer faint glow, no longer obtainable 1H Mindfang(H)/Sageclaw(A) MH, PVP reward 1H Twinblade of the Hakkari and OH Twinblade of the Hakkari Zul'Gurub MH Ritualist's Bloodletter or MH Twisted Reflection quest rewards MH Sharpened Fang of the Mystics very faint, Onyxia's Lair • • • Silver/white 1H Twinblade of Mastery Heroic Mana Tombs 1H Electrified Dagger Alliance PVP reward 1H Twin-Bladed Ripper faint white-blueish, quest Netherstorm MH Time-Shifted Dagger Escape from Durnholde Keep • • • Black 1H The Night Blade BOE 1H The Dusk Blade BOE, same model as above 1H Ced's Carver BOE 1H Blade of Eternal Darkness very faint glow, Maraudon 1H Bloodsipper heroic ICC 1H The Lobotomizer PVP reward 1H Crystal-Infused Shiv created by combining 50 Apexis Shards with Depleted Dagger 1H Gutgore Ripper or Tarnished Gutgore Ripper or Rusted Gutgore Ripper nearly invisible glow • • • No glow but hides enchants Gutgore Ripper 1H, can be passed off as no glow, MC Tarnished Gutgore Ripper and Rusted Gutgore Ripper 1H, Onyxia's Lair -------------------- 2. Axes -------------------- • • • Green 1H Hate-Forged Cleaver slight nearly invisible green glow, Halls of Reflection Hc 1H Amani Venom-Axe green glow, Old Hillsbrad 1H Axe of the Sen'jin Protector (H) faint green effect, Argent Tournament 1H Bogreaver small green sparks fly off it, can pass as no-glow, Underbog • • • Orange 1H Axe of the Legion orange, BOE 1H Firebrand Battleaxe orange/red glow, Blood Furnace 1H Rising Tide faint orange glow on handle, no glow on blade, BT • • • Purple 1H Grom'tor's Charge green axe with faint purple, quest SMV 1H Breeching Comet MT or The Harvester of Souls Auchenai Crypts • • • Silver/white 1H Edge of Winter faint white, BS crafted 1H The Decapitator silver/white glow, Kara 1H Empowered Deathbringer very faint smokey white effect, Onyxia's Lair • • • No glow but hides enchants 1H Rising Tide faint orange glow on handle, no glow on blade, BT 1H Bogreaver small green sparks in core of blade, Underbog 1H The Brutalizer orange glow on handle, none on blade, BT ------------------------- 3. Fist weapons ------------------------- Reflex Blades and Stormreaver Warblades purple effect, Arcatraz/Botanica Merciless Gladiator's Ripper and Gladiator's Fleshslicer purple glow, PVP reward (Area 52)Töki97 16 Feb
01 Jun Interesting and useful rogue macros Hi there fellow rogues, I thought i share some of the macros i use, i developed them myself and found them extremely useful. ... ... These macros are for pvp, when you are spamming your main ability like mad and you lost target for some reason, (rogue vanished, mage turned invisible, hunter feigned death) these will cast fan of knives right away automaticaly. Update: As Mannmedkniv suggested I added the /startattack command to the backstab macro, that way when you cant manage to land a succesful backstab you will cause some dps at least. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... This is a spammable macro when you notice there is an enemy rogue nearby, it will target the rogue and sap him even if you are currently targetting a further enemy, it ignores pets as well. If you want to sap your current target you hold down shift or ctrl or alt no matter wich and it will sap your current target. Place this on your default action bar in stealth mode. ... Place this macro to the same bind as the previous one but in normal stance (no stealth), useful when you see a rogue while you are mounted. If you spam its key then you will turn stealthed then sap the rogue, if he gets you first then it will blind him. This macro also works for jumping down from your flying mount stealthed, which is a very usefull thing in many situations. In combat it also works as a default mouseover Blind macro but you can simply blind any1 with this as well. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... This is a simple vanish macro, probably most of you have something similar, it saves you from wasting your vanish when you would come out of combat anyway. ... Replace every man for himself to /use *your pvp trinket* and replace poisons on demand! This macro only makes sense if you put it somewhere else then the default action bar, if you do so it saves you 3 slots. When you are stealthed you would not use your trinket anyways so when you are stealthed and hit this macro it applies crippling poison to your mainhand, if you hold down shift it puts mind numbing on your offhand, and if you hold down alt it applies crippling poison on your thrown weapon. It also handles the pop up questions. When you are out of stealth it works as a simple pvp trinket. ... This is another 3 in 1 macro, if you target a friendly player in your group it casts Tricks of Trade on him, if you hold down shift it casts Slice and Dice otherwise its a simple Cheap Shot. ... This macro targets the nearest enemy player and ignores mobs and pets when you are in your pvp talent spec, and targets the nearest enemy no matter if its a mob or player when you are in your pve talent spec. Bind this to your tab key! Swap spec 1 and spec 2 if your pvp spec is on the first talent panel and pve on your second. I hope at least 1 or 2 of these macros were helpful for some1.Mawerrick178 01 Jun
06 Feb [Guide] Tumna's and Notter 7.2.5 Assassination Guide Hey guys, Tumna and I have been working on an updated Sin guide in the last few days We aim for it to answer as many questions as possible concerning Assassination so Here's our guide: Don't be shy to contact us with any questions!Notterr3 06 Feb
12h just got beta inv for those who dont have the beta is there any spec tallent combo you would like me to test and report back here so u know what its like. i for one am fed up of all these youtube vids only doing x spec x tallents and ignoring all the other combos available. and it will be a pve thingVilitrix1 12h
21h Best Rogue Race (Horde) What is the best rogue race lore wise and for looks in your guys opinion? I'm torn between belf and undead for now. Should I stick with my belf rogue or should I go for undead. I just wanted to hear all the different opinions before choosing.Høpëc4 21h
23h HEAVY JUNKBOX paying 350k gold (token price) on outland server for 1300xHeavy junkbox. if anyone wanna farm them , add me . Stormenson#2364Stormenson0 23h
23h Rate the Rogue Transmog Above You - Continued 2.0 Last thread: Making a new one due to the reached limit. Person who posted last in previous thread: Vanzoo <lmmortals> 110 Night Elf Rogue Rate 8/10, looks very rogue'ish and dark!Ariéla333 23h
1d Make sub and outlaw rogues good and fun in BfA So after wod sub/outlaw rogues have lost their poisons and how did you come to that idea?A rogue without poisons,what the hell? Sub is literally a 3 button spam spec. They have ZERO bleeds,that's so stupid. Sub is so easy to master and easy to play with. Make rogues good again,please.Esussb1 1d
1d outlaw hidden&mage tower appearances hi im new rogue player and i want to get mage tower appearance, i want advice for imp mother challenge ,i tryed many time on my druid but all failed my rogue 890 ilvl what is lowest ilvl to do it?Selveniya1 1d
1d Help me understand Hello, i have been having some fun with my rogue lately in BGs and really enjoy it but i keep getting the feeling that i just cant kill anything. When i play my Feral whenever i have full bleeds up i know if they let me hit them for 2-3 more seconds they are dead, period point blank, i do like 500k dps from bleeds alone, but with rogue whenever i open with full burst i barely get them under 60% HP. Am i doing something fundamentally wrong?Dreamkore0 1d
1d How strong will rogue be in war mode? Very excited about BFA world pvp! How will rogue's fair in war mode? I'm guessing the closest comparison to war mode would be battle grounds, since open world pvp is not a common activity anymore. Have any of you tried it out on the beta yet?Loremerchant7 1d
1d Outlaw Challenge impossible So i've tried this challnge, cheesing it with tons of potions, prepotting 910 ilvl, drums everything it's completely impossible since aoe is pure luck. Did it on Feral 904 ilvl, no elixir, no pots, no drums, 1 try. Do i need 950+ ilvl to complete it or something?Ulvdan4 1d
1d Outlaw advice in PvP Hi, I really enjoy Outlaw's gameplay but seem to be struggling in PvP with it.. unfortunately the damage is mediocre outside of burst with plunder armour, dreadblades/adr rush.. I've only been doing BGs as Outlaw.. do arenas favour Outlaw more? is there a particular way I should be playing Outlaw? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.Jhinjíe2 1d
2d Rogue comp Hey guys, what are the best mele dps going fine with a Subtlety Rogue in 3v? Thank youKanamsette6 2d
2d Spec for bgs? Heya. Which spec do you prefer for spamming bgs? Currently assass on this toon and don't even have relics to the other specs, which one is better you find? Cheers.Psiloxybin1 2d
2d Demon hunter Spectral sight in arena How do you counter it as a rogue? They can see me through pillars and stealth and just about everything, ruining my opener almost everytime. Just asking for an advice.Pumpisa12 2d
2d Fix vanish... Vanish and have a warrior keep running after me and hitting me until vanish buff broke and he destealthed me again... how is this even possible? how could he see me? no, he didn't aoe to hit me, he had me in target hitting me with single target abilitiesSileani5 2d
4d Question about racials Hey there rogues! Im trying to learn how to play rogue properly. I mostly do battlegrounds, but maybe arena aswell if I can get a decent comp with my current partner/partners. Currently I have one Nelf and one Human rogue. What do most of you prefer? EMFH or Shadowmeld for double vanish?Shamrock10 4d
4d Rogue or Dk Hey people! So i just started playing again from a almost 2 year absence and i got some doubts if i should stick to the rogue or finish lvling my DK in order to finish this expansion and to star BFA. Can you guys give me some feedback on the rogues atm?Losan4 4d
13 Jun 7.1 way to farm Thunderfury in Nelth lair Hello guys, I made a video for the ones that don't know the new way to farm in Neltharion's Lair since you can't use Goblin Glider anymore! Sorry for the !@#$ty quality.. :< my first video ever, I suck at youtubing! Cheers /MarwynMarwyn13 13 Jun
12 Jun Outlaw for pvp? Outlaw viable for pvp? For arena and bg?Athênâ19 12 Jun
11 Jun Mage tower: Subtlety challenge. Help please! Hi, I'm no good at sub spec, but I'm determined to get the last challenge appearance on my rogue (even if it looks crap). Problem is, I suck at sub spec. I can muddle through the first phase no problem, but I hit a wall when the adds spawn in phase 2. I'm not very familiar with the spec, so quickly rooting and bursting them down seems to be impossible for me. Applying nightblade while juggling shadowdance seems to be beyond me; I'm all thumbs when it comes to this bit. Has anyone got any basic tips for this part? Thanks.Zuruzan7 11 Jun
10 Jun DoTs and stealth...Really bad design. I love the idea of playing a rogue, but long lasting DoTs make it such a chore.. I shouldn't have to sit there and spam the stealth button while the tics keep knocking my stealth down. It is just annoying and a waste of time. If a DoT is applied, and a rogue enters stealth AFTER the application of the DoT, it should NOT knock stealth off. I get freshly applied damage knocking stealth off, that makes sense, but come on.. Every tic of a dot? That isn't fun. That is just annoying.. One dot essentially takes a rogue out of the game for it's duration, since to attack without stealth is suicide without a group behind you. I've played other games that have realized this very basic idea, and it just flows much better. Yes, i am aware of "cloak of shadows", but i'm referring to inbetween that obviously, and it doesn't work on non-magic dots. Stealth is the only real defense of a rogue, and it is way too fragile by comparison to other class's means of survival. One bleed ? Looks like you're not getting to escape this time! And what does that equal? Death.. If rogues are going to be squishy, you MUST make stealth less fragile to compensate. It'd be like a pala popping their bubble, but it breaks over a dot being on them beforehand.. Would that be fair? No? Then why do rogues, who are squishier than palas, have worse means of escape and survival? Come on, this is basic stuff, and a clear imbalance.Serpria17 10 Jun
10 Jun Why isn't vanish and stealth working? Hunter shooting at me, use vanish to make him stop shooting and close distance in vanish, vanish just creates some smoke. I activate sprint to run towards him, stun him with kidney shot and activate shadowmeld and go into stealth to garrote, what happens? My stealth breaks before I can hit the garrote button. I had no dots, I had no pet hitting me, nothing. Why did my vanish not work? Why did my stealth break after shadowmeld?Mindbox5 10 Jun
08 Jun Most legendary depended spec for MT I thought I made a topic about it already but I cannot find it so I will ask the question again: Which of the 3 rogue specs do you find it requires particular legendaries to be able to do its challenge? I want to know which spec to focus the loot specialization at it So far my legendaries at the Army ring, Kil'jaeden's wish, The ingsignia of ravenholdt and The first of the dead. Or am I at an ilvl where that does not matter for the challenges?Nrogara3 08 Jun
07 Jun dinged 110 now hey I'm veteran of wow but I miss the last 2/3 expantions so again a beginner lol... have to ask you guys: until now i played outlaw and put all my artifact point there but now that I reached 110 what spec i have to choose? i have 5 billions points to spend, but in what artifact? for instance I'm casual raid/dg guy! all helps are very appreciated!Aftersunset1 07 Jun
06 Jun Pvp Levelling I’m going to level a rogue in pvp only, any thoaughts in which spec is better without full talents/spells?Allíum1 06 Jun
06 Jun Rogue PvP Montage Just put out another PvP montage, would mean a great deal if you checked it out :) 06 Jun
04 Jun Sub vs Prot Pala 1v1 As the title suggests, I am looking for tips on this fight. I cannot seem to win against a prot pala in a 1v1 scenario. I cant get him down through all the heals and shields they have, eventually he just manages to take me down and he is still +50%. Any advise will be appreciated. For the sake of simplicity, i am not using any macros or any nifty tricks, I am a noobish player with basic pvp xp. cheersSinstar2 04 Jun
02 Jun Rogue Enchants (Assassination) hi guys, Do you recommend any specific enchants for rogues in Legion 7.3.5? I am looking for some guide or tips from pro rogues on which ones would fit best my gear. Thanks!Serenthil3 02 Jun
01 Jun Is Rogue #Worth? Hey everyone. So I wanted to make a Rogue, but I was wondering about how he is doing in both aspects, PvE and PvP. And which spec do you recommend me ?Rakor5 01 Jun
30 May Soloing Gold Elite Monsters Hello everyone, I'm really struggling as an Outlaw Rogue to solo gold elite monsters. Even now with my dread blades almost full, they just do too much damage too fast to me for me to kill them. I use all my cooldowns but I still can't take them down but seems other classes can with ease. I've tried killing Steelscale many times and the most I can get him down too is like 25-30% before he kills me. My usual rotation is Ambush - (Build up combo points) - RtB - Adrenaline Rush/Riposte - Saber Slash/Pistol Shot - Between the eyes (When off Cooldown)/Run Through. Crimson Vail when needed, even blind to get things off cooldown but I still die too quick to do damage. Any advice would be great. Thanks.Twìgs4 30 May
30 May Looking for a rogue with Thunderfury ...Lswindrunner11 30 May
29 May Weakauras + 1k kills Hey, a fairly new rogue here, got 2 things I'd like to ask you guys and wish you could help. First, can someone recommend me a weakaura as simple and minimal as possible for a sub rogue that contains CDs for Shadow blades, shadow dance and Symbols of Death and maybe buff duration as well? Would like to have it on the middle of the screen and a lot of the stuff I find on feel either too messy for me or lack stuff like CDs . I have a really good WA for the outlaw that I find great and can recommend, if you want to have an idea of what I'm looking for: My second question is less specific to the rogue but I really want to unlock the 4th skin of Thunderfury which requires 1k enemy kills, I used to get it somehow on my DH without playing pvp, I would like to know if there's any current meta to get it fast other than playing pvp? Thanks in advance!Taar5 29 May
29 May Cheap Shot's Sound Effect I miss the good and old Cheap Shot sound effect. Like biting something crunchy. Why did they remove it? Also, having recently returned after a long break (stopped at MoP) I find the new models just horrible. WTB my old human appearance.Serenthil3 29 May
29 May Best Horde Race for Rogue I'm thinking of making a rogue for the first time and I wanna go Horde. I don't know which race to pick. I'm probably gonna do a bit of both PvE and PvP, but more PvE, and really more solo & exploring. Which class do you suggest? Preferrably, I'd like to make an undead or a goblin, but all suggestions appreciated & accepted.Tinyhavoc24 29 May
29 May [Sub] Off - Opener Rota with The First of the Dead Hey Guys , quick question about the rotation with the legendary Hands wich I got today - The Opener is clear : prepot > SB > SS > NB > SoD > SD+SS > Evis > SS > SS > Vanish > Dfa+SD > SS > SS > Evis > SS. My question is now after the Opener I was used to do this (with Bracer/Shoulder) when Symbols got up and everything aligned : SoD > Dfa+SD >SS>SS>Evis>SS ...but when I do this my Benefit from the Hands are non existent cause the time of the 2 secs are wasted in the dfa animation . But when I do SoD>SD+SS>Evis>SS>SS>Dfa+SD>SS>SS>Evis>SS - first the dfa could not benefit from SoD and I need 2 stacks of SD everytime I want to do this wich is not possible with 25 sec cd on SoD. Any Suggestions or Help? Thanks for Answers and so far LaralyiaLaralyia1 29 May
28 May D Ninja JFire Looking For Rouge Guide Just bought a level 100 boost. Is rouge a good class to play in legion?Ninjapreist1 28 May
28 May Trying to learn Hello everyone! So, I've just used my BfA boost on this rogue because I had so much fun playing her in class trial. I want to get better at this class, I heard it's really rewarding once you've learned it. I will probably roll assa, I am having so much fun playing it (and that artifact questline... God it was so fun!). I am looking for someome who's experienced with rogues, or even better, assa rogues in particular. I am mosty interested in PvE, I rarely play PvP, although I might give it a try as a rogue. I would like to see your opinions about best talent builds, some tips nd tricks and things like that. Not some mega-detailed-novel-sized-guide (though if you write one I will read it xD), little tips and recommendations will do the trick :) Since I am completely new to the class, ANY kind of advice will be really appreciated. Thanks in advance advance! :)Jimneys5 28 May
28 May Sub bfa changed and nerf'd? Just been looking at the sub changes for bfa. Almost every ability has its %of attack power, extra dmg reduced and cd's are on the gcd.  "Shuriken Storm Sprays shurikens at all targets within 10 yards, dealing (120%) 18% of Attack power) Physical damage. Damage increased by (100%) 50% while Stealth or Shadow Dance is active. Awards 1 combo points per target hit." 50% reduction in dmg. That is insane and also now 18% of attack power, down from 120%. ............ "Shuriken Combo Shuriken Storm increases the damage of your next Eviscerate by (10%) 5% for each enemy hit beyond the first. Stacks up to 5 times." These two together and the loss of our artifact ability means our AoE is on par with a lettuce. Our single target is pathetic in comparrision with out sin brothers so i'm struggling to see where we fit in outside extreme control in pvp but that is not all a class is for surely. There are more nerfs but i'm not going to list them all. Anyone else worried about slow and clunky gameplay with long downtime (which sub should not have), meme like AoE and meh ST dmg?Aaeero6 28 May
27 May Best Enchants on Heirlooms Hey guys, could you tell me pls the best enchants to put on heirlooms (both on weapons and armors) in order to speed up the levelling process, especially from lvl 30 to 90, thank you very much!Shazhor1 27 May
27 May BFA Outlaw Rogue Discussion So I just saw some of the BFA beta rogue videos.. I have to say it is amazing, a lot of our wishes are being done. and a lot of insane things are happening. Outlaw looking to be an insane spec. So let's open up a discussion about what you like, dislike and what you wish. I don't want to create a huge wall of text so I'll just discuss outlaw for now. So starting with outlaw! First talent row :- I feel like weapon master is too weak in comparison with the other two talents at the first talent raw, and in fact it feels like ghostly strike is going to be overall superior. Second talent row :- I also feel like acrobatic strikes is going to be vastly superior if not unfair in many situations, it's way to strong and in the same time it can prove way to problematic, In the beta video it looks like he was able to cleave a little bigger than flamestrike radius of aoe around him, this can get too clunky and in the same time too op. way too op. Third talent row :- I don't like this talent row, it feels like it's just the pace talent row, and probably one talent is going to be picked and hardly ever changed after it gets simmed, it feels like its going to be like go A until you reach % stat then go B, as for C never ever touch it unless its for a certain boss/dungo. Please review this talent row and make it much more interactive and indicative of how you want to play. instead of 1 talent dominating the other two in every aspect, ST, pvp, aoe, cleave, burst etc etc. Fourth talent row :- Let's be honest, Cheat death is going to be the go to talent no matter what, and elusiveness might be picked for few situations, specifically few bosses, and maybe in pvp. I feel like Cheat death needs to be baked in as a baseline passive, with something replacing it, and having iron stomach reworked or buffed. Fifth talent row :- Prey on the weak is just way too strong on M+/bosses with stunnable adds. People will realise the potential of this talent and EVERYONE will pick it, this is effectively the useless talent row with one very good talent that everybody will pick, I feel like the other two talents should be buffed/reworked. because rightnow, they look they're going to be only useful in pvp and even in pvp prey on the weak feels stronger. Sixth talent row :- Loaded dice is too weak. its a double proc on RTB on a 2 min cooldown, once even thou Adrenaline rush will be less than 2 mins due to cdr, but a 1 time proc is negligible, I feel like a 20% increased chance to get more than 1 proc perma addition is going to be good, As for alacrity, it's very nice but it feels like it will fall in power at later power levels. It needs to be tweaked abit. As for Slice and Dice, It feels like a casual talent that might be strong in very rare situations, and I don't like it replacing RTB since RTb is obviously superior, SND should be a gameplay changing talent not a gameplay dumbing talent, Something along the Empower your passive talents ( ruthlessness / main gauche etc ), increase your attack speed by 50% and your energy costs by 25% Seventh Talent Row :- Dancing steel, Too boring of a talent and doesn't feel ultimate like, it is strong as one but really not flashing and fun, and will probably be picked a lot. however it just doesn't feel good. Blade rush is Amazing, Really amazing however I feel like the 25 Energy regen should be changed to % energy regen scaling on haste/mastery, 25 energy is undefined, and not that interactive, its too much for low geared chars, and way too little for high geared ones, % energy scale on haste mastery should make it valuable at low gear due to damage and at high gear to energy regenerated, but then again why is it energy regen, why not add a cool thing where you deal X damage for 5 seconds after using it! Killing spree, well killing spree has always been an awesome talent, I love it, I hope the glyph where you return back to your original position is still there thou. Now for theme. They all look good atm, however I have a few wishes. Maybe look to change pistol shot and between the eyes to more aesthetically pleasing names to people who hate the pirate theme. could be via glyph. Blade rush doesn't look that exciting. make our abilities look abit flashy please! I feel like their should be a glyph that changes our hook to maybe a cool step, you know a quick step. As for baseline abilities, I feel they're amazing as they are at the moment and I can't really judge unless I try them out with my own hands, I don't feel like the gcd will interrupt my rotation a lot. and infact I like the decision making. however I feel like the 15 seconds feint cooldown is a little bit too punishing, maybe make it 50 energy, out of gcd and 10 seconds cooldown ?Hínáta7 27 May
27 May Night elf Female rogue stealth animation Hello, So I submitted a ticket about this more of a appearance bug, but whenever I walk with my Night Elf female character in stealth, it seems the legs aren't moving as fast as a pace of character. It doesn't appear to be the issue with Male character model, but with female, walking in stealth feels more of a skating like experience, not "sneaking around". Any other races who are rogues have simillar issue?Catnipsniffa10 27 May
27 May Energy Help So I'm 20 levels on my Rogue and I'm really energy starving... I'm leveling with looms but still my energy goes down like crazy. Any tips ? Edit: This happens in both specs im playing, Outlaw and Subtlety.Snikwins3 27 May
26 May (A) Defias guild rogues only Dear masters of the shadows, I am looking for rogues to join my new setup Guild. Focus: World PvP and PvP in general. All levels are allowed in. Most rogues are Lone wolves, now you can have a family of like minded people. Gank the Horde, corpse camp them, the lower their level the longer the corpse camp. Rules? We don't have any rules. Lone wolves don't need rules. Let's Lone wolf together. A pact of lone wolves combined, assassinate high priority targets due to a death list that gets updated every day. Simple: add a horde name to the guild notes and you are certain that this scum will get killed. Currently working on an addon where you can write down the names of scum you want as kill target. The addon will simply check the name when you target the person and gives you a signal if it's on the rogues Der Untergang guilds kill list. Like this idea? Drop down a comment or whisper me ingame. Let's rek them all. Destroy the Horde. Annoy them, disrupt their leveling, disrupt their questing. Disrupt their raiding while they are running towards Argus or any other dungeon. FOR THE ALLIANCE!Rektolele8 26 May
26 May some help plz so can anyone plz tell me the name of the person who made cloak of shadow for rogues and where i can find him or her cause i've got baseball bat here that really would like to say hi to him or her you know face to face :)Zeneder1 26 May
25 May BFA Assassination Talents - PVE So the TL:DR is that I think its horrific, with current changes on beta I don't see how many if any of the talent changes being brought in will make much if any difference to the game. Theres some abilities on the talent rows which feel like by this point it should either be baseline or buffed to bring it competitive with the other talents on its tier. For me there is a lot to be desired, but I am one person and this class has been once more painfully simplified to a whole new level where feint now has a 15 second CD for a petite duration? this is the talent lay out of both specs (the one on live being the go to M+ build more or less. And this is also how I imagine it to be in BFA.) , I did make a post on beta forums but thought i'd make a smaller version here without the reasoning or thought process behind it. Any mathematician though however will know that most of the talents won't see use even with the "azerite armor coming". A quick run down to justify the talent choices in the image: Typically yes you can't stun bosses etc so there is 0 point trying to open with a stun or using kidney shot as usually there is somebody with better CC than you anyway so Iron wire is default choice cause of consistency and synergy with subterfuge + mastery which increases damage flat of poisons and bleeds. Toxic blade is easily going to run away with it as its once again flat damage for a duration, exanguinate got neutered in legion and venom rush got butchered with BFA changes. Vigor is must have due to being energy starved otherwise, master poisoner is too good as it scales with mastery and the % is much higher than elaborate planning's damage buff which won't have as much uptime, blind side is a low budget execute so thats a no-go. Despite it being RNG poison bomb when it procs will hit hard due to mastery being your primary stat while minimizing the number of buttons you need to press.Jaedun2 25 May
24 May Blizzard messed up Rogue Set So, for the first time in literally years Rogues have gotten the best set around for Argus. We've all seen the pictures from MMOChampion, and here I am logging on 8 am in the morning to hype about it and the first thing I do is Ctrl-click the Rogue pieces in the Adventure Guide. Guess what? the boots aren't in there! Druid boots are there, but no Rogue ones. The set is incomplete. I went into 'Sets' in the appearance menu, and again, no boots for any of the sets except for Normal which apparently you get from Invasion Point. So, no matter how amazing the Mythic/Heroic/LFR 'Regalia of the Dashing Scoundrel' sets look, we will not be able to look as dashing as we hoped to. TL,DR: Blizzard please add a way of getting the other difficulty recolors of the boots available, I was literally staying subbed and raiding this entire time SOLELY because I wanted this god damn set.Tom39 24 May