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1d (Transmog) Weapons that won't show enchants I wanted to assemble some daggers and other weapons that have an intrinsic glow or effect thus won't display, amongst others, the oh so lovely Landslide enchant. (cough) This post has reached the character limit so see #5 for the rest of this list or click the links below. Contents 1. Daggers 2. Axes 3. Fist weapons 4. Swords 5. Maces ------------------------- 1. Daggers ------------------------- • • • Blue glow 1H Claw of the Netherwing Flight quest reward 1H Borak's Reminder quest reward 1H Glacial Blade faint glow, Horde PVP reward 1H Blade of Unquenched Thirst BOE MH Vicious Spellblade or Earthspike (exactly the same), quest rewards MH Infused Dragonbone Splinter quest reward MH Nathrezim Mindblade faint blue glow, Karazhan MH Jaded Crystal Dagger heroic Magister's Terrace MH Blade of Trapped Knowledge BOE MH The Lost Kris of Zedd very faint glow, BOE MH Talon of the Tempest faint glow, BOE • • • Green 1H Feltooth Eviscerator heroic Hellfire Ramparts 1H Darkmoon Dirk faint glow, BOE reward from Demons Deck MH Sorcerous Dagger faint glow, Molten Core • • • Orange 1H Ceremonial Warmaul Blood-Blade quest reward (Ring of Blood Nagrand) MH Searing Golden Blade BOE • • • Yellow 1H Perdition's Blade orange/yellow-ish, 1H, Molten Core MH Azure Lightblade same model as above only recolor, quest reward OH Searing Sunblade JP reward • • • Red 1H Dustbringer faint glow, BOE 1H Heartrazor faint glow, Tempest Keep 1H Tracker's Blade Battle for Mount Hyjal 1H Wastewalker Shiv subtle glow, heroic Slave Pens 1H Retainer's Blade exalted with the Scryers • • • Purple 1H Riftmaker exalted with Keepers of Time 1H Guile of Khoraazi subtle glow, exalted with the Consortium 1H Vileblade of the Betrayer heroic Arcatraz 1H Zulian Slicer faint glow, no longer obtainable 1H Mindfang(H)/Sageclaw(A) MH, PVP reward 1H Twinblade of the Hakkari and OH Twinblade of the Hakkari Zul'Gurub MH Ritualist's Bloodletter or MH Twisted Reflection quest rewards MH Sharpened Fang of the Mystics very faint, Onyxia's Lair • • • Silver/white 1H Twinblade of Mastery Heroic Mana Tombs 1H Electrified Dagger Alliance PVP reward 1H Twin-Bladed Ripper faint white-blueish, quest Netherstorm MH Time-Shifted Dagger Escape from Durnholde Keep • • • Black 1H The Night Blade BOE 1H The Dusk Blade BOE, same model as above 1H Ced's Carver BOE 1H Blade of Eternal Darkness very faint glow, Maraudon 1H Bloodsipper heroic ICC 1H The Lobotomizer PVP reward 1H Crystal-Infused Shiv created by combining 50 Apexis Shards with Depleted Dagger 1H Gutgore Ripper or Tarnished Gutgore Ripper or Rusted Gutgore Ripper nearly invisible glow • • • No glow but hides enchants Gutgore Ripper 1H, can be passed off as no glow, MC Tarnished Gutgore Ripper and Rusted Gutgore Ripper 1H, Onyxia's Lair -------------------- 2. Axes -------------------- • • • Green 1H Hate-Forged Cleaver slight nearly invisible green glow, Halls of Reflection Hc 1H Amani Venom-Axe green glow, Old Hillsbrad 1H Axe of the Sen'jin Protector (H) faint green effect, Argent Tournament 1H Bogreaver small green sparks fly off it, can pass as no-glow, Underbog • • • Orange 1H Axe of the Legion orange, BOE 1H Firebrand Battleaxe orange/red glow, Blood Furnace 1H Rising Tide faint orange glow on handle, no glow on blade, BT • • • Purple 1H Grom'tor's Charge green axe with faint purple, quest SMV 1H Breeching Comet MT or The Harvester of Souls Auchenai Crypts • • • Silver/white 1H Edge of Winter faint white, BS crafted 1H The Decapitator silver/white glow, Kara 1H Empowered Deathbringer very faint smokey white effect, Onyxia's Lair • • • No glow but hides enchants 1H Rising Tide faint orange glow on handle, no glow on blade, BT 1H Bogreaver small green sparks in core of blade, Underbog 1H The Brutalizer orange glow on handle, none on blade, BT ------------------------- 3. Fist weapons ------------------------- Reflex Blades and Stormreaver Warblades purple effect, Arcatraz/Botanica Merciless Gladiator's Ripper and Gladiator's Fleshslicer purple glow, PVP reward (Area 52)Töki97 1d
17 Aug Interesting and useful rogue macros Hi there fellow rogues, I thought i share some of the macros i use, i developed them myself and found them extremely useful. ... ... These macros are for pvp, when you are spamming your main ability like mad and you lost target for some reason, (rogue vanished, mage turned invisible, hunter feigned death) these will cast fan of knives right away automaticaly. Update: As Mannmedkniv suggested I added the /startattack command to the backstab macro, that way when you cant manage to land a succesful backstab you will cause some dps at least. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... This is a spammable macro when you notice there is an enemy rogue nearby, it will target the rogue and sap him even if you are currently targetting a further enemy, it ignores pets as well. If you want to sap your current target you hold down shift or ctrl or alt no matter wich and it will sap your current target. Place this on your default action bar in stealth mode. ... Place this macro to the same bind as the previous one but in normal stance (no stealth), useful when you see a rogue while you are mounted. If you spam its key then you will turn stealthed then sap the rogue, if he gets you first then it will blind him. This macro also works for jumping down from your flying mount stealthed, which is a very usefull thing in many situations. In combat it also works as a default mouseover Blind macro but you can simply blind any1 with this as well. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ... This is a simple vanish macro, probably most of you have something similar, it saves you from wasting your vanish when you would come out of combat anyway. ... Replace every man for himself to /use *your pvp trinket* and replace poisons on demand! This macro only makes sense if you put it somewhere else then the default action bar, if you do so it saves you 3 slots. When you are stealthed you would not use your trinket anyways so when you are stealthed and hit this macro it applies crippling poison to your mainhand, if you hold down shift it puts mind numbing on your offhand, and if you hold down alt it applies crippling poison on your thrown weapon. It also handles the pop up questions. When you are out of stealth it works as a simple pvp trinket. ... This is another 3 in 1 macro, if you target a friendly player in your group it casts Tricks of Trade on him, if you hold down shift it casts Slice and Dice otherwise its a simple Cheap Shot. ... This macro targets the nearest enemy player and ignores mobs and pets when you are in your pvp talent spec, and targets the nearest enemy no matter if its a mob or player when you are in your pve talent spec. Bind this to your tab key! Swap spec 1 and spec 2 if your pvp spec is on the first talent panel and pve on your second. I hope at least 1 or 2 of these macros were helpful for some1.Mawerrick177 17 Aug
06 Feb [Guide] Tumna's and Notter 7.2.5 Assassination Guide Hey guys, Tumna and I have been working on an updated Sin guide in the last few days We aim for it to answer as many questions as possible concerning Assassination so Here's our guide: Don't be shy to contact us with any questions!Notterr3 06 Feb
8h Rotation help pvp Hi ! Can some rogue around 2k and above write down an regular opener rotation as assasin and a burst rotation. Kingsbane in opener or Save? Toxic blade on 9sec left on kingsbane or docent matter? Thx and see you in arena ! =)Lileana3 8h
20h I keep saying this: Don't sleep on the outlaw I am the outlaw Josey Wales!! This is a very enjoyable spec. People need to not base their choices on what people at 2.5k rating are playing, when they themselves will never reach that level. That's like picking up an olympic athlete's workout program, and starting it tomorrow. That just doesn't fit. The vast majority of players: 65%, 75%, 85%? will never reach a 2k rating in wowprogress or pvp rating. So, why base your choice on that? I am the Outlaw Josey Wales, and I endorse the Outlaw!Jalisco2 20h
20h Is the Legandary ring good? The ring that grants vigor talent. I just got it as my first legendary and I'm wondering if it's any good or complete trash...Welbert3 20h
21h About Rogue Class Mount Well, some may consider this as a complain post and i don't really mind i have just felt like posting this here. I was thinking on this for a while, and i am surprised it wasn't mentioned by someone else but, i think Rogue Class Hall Mount should flap its wings more oftenly while flying it flaps its wings like 2-3 times at most (maybe more sometimes it depends) and then its gliding mostly before doing the same loop. However when running to front and sideways at the same time it will always flap its wings continuously. Personally, i would like this to be changed whether it was intended or not, so it would flap its wings more oftenly so it looks more animated and lively instead of looking like a bird kite i like the mount its nice and all but this bothers me a bit. Thoughts?Alesta3 21h
1d Rate the Rogue Transmog Above You - Continued 2.0 Last thread: Making a new one due to the reached limit. Person who posted last in previous thread: Vanzoo <lmmortals> 110 Night Elf Rogue Rate 8/10, looks very rogue'ish and dark!Ariéla178 1d
1d Blizzard has gone too far Look at the rogue mount here: Look at a real raven here: WHAT IS THAT PURPLE THING ON IT'S HEAD???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? WHY BLIZZARD? WHY DID YOU DO THIS? FIRE THE PERSON RESPONSIBLE!Lunarstorm2 1d
1d Death from above Bugs (not inc damage) Post your most recent death from above bug. maybe blizz will fix them :P Was in a MoS +13 and death from aboved a destructer tentacle on helya. fell through the floor till i landed on what i can only assume was sand at the bottom of the oceanéad3 1d
1d Mage Tower I've recently earned the artifact skins for Subtlety and Assassination. Now i want to prepare for the hardest challenge: Outlaw. Do I totally need to replace my current gear to do so as it prioritizes Mastery? I know that stat is basically useless for Outlaw. Legendaries. Is Outlaw really that dependant on legendaries? I am planning to spec into Slice and Dice because I never trust my luck. Any advice is appreciated.Mkh5 1d
1d Please give me a reason.. Please give me reasons why I should love my rogue :( I’m just not happy with it. 944ilvl Assassination. LOVED Combat and I really dislike Outlaw so forced to play another spec. I have spent too much time on this character for me to put it a side and level another.. give me reasons why I should be happy with rogue.Valentine6 1d
1d Should SND be the default? ALmost every outlaw I see ingame these days are using SnD. I too enjoy that playstyle alot more then RtB. Should maybe SnD and RtB change places? So RtB is the talent option for people who doesnt like constistency? Just a thoughtGrimline15 1d
1d [outlaw] how to roll the bones Hello there, I've been playing outlaw for a while, and using the following rule to help decide if I should reroll my roll the bones: ... Is this what everyone else uses? When do you re-roll?Archigós0 1d
1d Loosing stealth in bgs Hi fellow rogues, I noticed i sometimes loose stealth in battlegrounds, no enemy around or anyone in stealth. It happens at random, no dots on me or anything. Lets say im waiting for the EFC to come and i suddenly loose stealth. Anyone else noticed this?Viktorija10 1d
2d Subtely Mage Tower. I have question how to kill this 3 summons on mage tower? I have really big problem with aoe there... And can't kill even one of these summons. And any ideas about talents? Any tips guys? :D btw. This forum is so bugged.. I tried many times but always see message about 'you need to have one character (created in game) to post in forums..' wtf.Trajahh6 2d
2d about rogues Hey there, i play a rogue. I had 2-3 years to play him and as i got back, i found myself getting disappointed with the class. I find it completely garbage, so i am losing my interest in playing it. I was playing subtetly all along so i will talk more about it compare to the other specs. Subtetly Abilities Nightblade = wtf name? (what is a nightblade? we are talking about a bleed) wtf icon?? (its a bleed, why did blizzard use a dark hood guy with a dagger?) it forces you to keep it on the enemy for its 15% damage increase. Before you applied it for the overall damage but now you are forced to use it for more. i don't like that way) Shadowstrike = wtf name? (hipster rogue) wtf icon? wtf execution (its not safe, i don't like that force to teleport behind the target automatically and not giving me the option to do it when i want, like shadowstep + ambush. that combo was ok) Symbols of death = what does this ability have to do with a rogue? are we a warlock or something? am i doing voodoo? or cursing? i don't like the usage of it and it feels like filler ability. Shadow blades = shadow fantasy can kiss my !@#. seems a filler ability to me. Backstab = i get the quality of life change but it doesn't force me to kidney shot anymore, and thats sub rogue all about. stun get behind and backstab. In leveling i don't recall any moment that i needed to use kidney shot. I do get the feeling but i don't like the change after all. Shuriken storm = rogues are not ninjas. he doesn't throw shurikens. he throw knives or poisons. Outlaw I feel this spec got more abilites/cooldowns than it needs to. i think it needs pruning. Assassination I feel the same here, but not so much as combat needs. I do count in abilities/cooldowns granted by talents/artifact weapon. So my thoughts/solution to these. from my perspective. Assasination is about poisons and bleeds. So fast hitting for applying. So it needs low cost abilities, mutilate with lets say 25energy or less. Keeping up bleeds and applying/procing poison's high damage on ability hit. very high damage poisons, very short duration of them. average disengage cd timers, average defensive cd timers. like vanish (1min cd) evasion(2min cd) Outlaw is about fighting openly with your swords,daggers,maces or whatever not fearing, running around, disangeging. So long disangage cd timers like vanish (2min cd), good defensive cd timers like evasion/riposte (1min cd), lower cost on feint. higher cooldown on stuns. Subtetly is about getting an opening to rage burst everything. So medium to high cost abilities, ultra high burst damage abilities, short disengage cooldown timers like vanish (45sec cd), average defensive cooldown timers like evasion (2min cd), low cost on stuns. symbols of death could be a potion like crimson vial and a rogue would drink it to get the same effects and give it a name like adrenaline pot. or make it a adrenaline shot. To me rogue isn't like he used to be. Sub sucks. Shadow fantasy sucks. Purple visuals, shadow icons and spooky names doesn't tell me $%^-. Old simple rogue was better than this. Bring back shadowstep ambush. Most new abilites especially in sub seems to me like fillers and not rogue abilities. Rogue is an every day person stealing, assasinating with tricks, poisons and working in shadow or if he choose openly fighting-fisting (combat). He is not a warlock casting symbols or voodoos neither using shadow damage like priests. Find something smart if you want to use shadow things on a rogue, or just keep him like he was, it was fine. I only play sub cause it deals a lot of damage in raiding. But still using all these abilities doesn't feel like a rogue, there is nothing special. Rogue main developer should quit this project as it seems he doesn't play a rogue, else he won't implement that *!@#, find someone else. This is mostly a topic about how i see rogues and not about how its gonna actually work in game. Just my thoughts as i am losing the interest in this class and new expansion doesn't seem to change that direction as for now.Pööl3 2d
2d Should I roll a rouge if I already play as feral? Hi, I play as a feral Druid, I really enjoy the stealth gameplay. This is my only maxed lvl character and am looking to level another. Rouge appeals to me but I'm wondering if I should level a different class as I'm not sure how similar feral and rouges are, therefore I might end up playing one and not the other. Do you think I should go for a completely different play style to feral/rouge? Or will I find them to be really different from each other and play them both? This is my first post so I hope I've put it under the right topic. Thanks : )Garsha12 2d
2d Thanks Blizzard for fun and diverse talent choices! As a sub rogue its soooo much fun to change around DS and Vigor it really changes the game play seriously legion sub rogue got the most diverse talent choices i have ever seen guys listen if you are leveling u choose vigor! if you are doing mythics or raid u choose DS! what a genius well thought out spec holy moly.Its not like we stuck with MoS NS DS DFA for eternity.Azzure0 2d
2d Outlaw opener Hi lads, Recently went from Death from Above to Marked for Death (mostly doing m+) and I'm wondering what the opener looks like. I've checked icy veins but there are some things that just don't feel quiet right. I play with Roll the Bones and not using Ghostly Strike in m+.Archigós0 2d
3d Please buff outlaw 20% more damage plsVasuuki30 3d
3d Question about envenom Helo people, can someone please explain to me how does envenom work? I am still new with rogue so consider that :) Explain like you are explaining to a child XD I understand that chance to poison target is increased from 50% to 80% but damage of my deadly poison is still the same after i apply envenom with 5 combo points... What am I doing wrong?Dabombz1 3d
3d FEMALE PANDAREN ROGUES EXIST? Hello is there some fem. pandaren rogue? i never see anyone and feel rare.Midory11 3d
4d The class hall won't open Hello :) I've recently came back after a long break and wanted to carry on on this rogue. Now, I only have a herbalism quest and an azsuna quest in my log. Since I wan to quest in another zone besides azsuna I wanted to go in class hall to do a map scouting, but in none of the 3 shops the door opens for me. Anyone maybe had the same issue, or can tell me what I am doing wrong?Fieroh1 4d
4d Blizzard messed up Rogue Set So, for the first time in literally years Rogues have gotten the best set around for Argus. We've all seen the pictures from MMOChampion, and here I am logging on 8 am in the morning to hype about it and the first thing I do is Ctrl-click the Rogue pieces in the Adventure Guide. Guess what? the boots aren't in there! Druid boots are there, but no Rogue ones. The set is incomplete. I went into 'Sets' in the appearance menu, and again, no boots for any of the sets except for Normal which apparently you get from Invasion Point. So, no matter how amazing the Mythic/Heroic/LFR 'Regalia of the Dashing Scoundrel' sets look, we will not be able to look as dashing as we hoped to. TL,DR: Blizzard please add a way of getting the other difficulty recolors of the boots available, I was literally staying subbed and raiding this entire time SOLELY because I wanted this god damn set.Tom32 4d
4d I feel super weak Assa Rogue was my main in prev expacs and just boosted him to 110. Besides my 110 DH, I have both a 110 DK and 110 Affli Lock at a lower ilvl than the boosted rogue, yet the rogue feels super weak. I have no problems doing argus on my Dk or lock, but my rogue struggles constantly. Are rogues that gear dependant? What should I do? How can I gear up asap as a boosted alt.Glaiver3 4d
4d Tier 21 boots Blizzard seem to have forgotten to add LFR/HC/Mythic versions of the tier 21 boots into the game. Unless I am mistaken, has this happend before and were the missing piece(s) ever added later in some regard?Erhardt3 4d
4d Rogue tier 21 Mythic No Boots I'm starting this discussion to express my total disgust of Blizzards laziness. Not adding mythic recolor shoes to the wonderful tier 21 rogue set. Normal boots drop from Invasion points, PvP ones also exist but don't match the color scheme. There is a model for the shoes but Blizzard was too lazy to make the Mythic 21 recolor. Rage comments are welcome. Blizz needs to see this thread and add the boots to the game.Baelshar1 4d
4d Missing Tier 21 Feet - Rogue set LFR/HC/Mythic I cannot complete my Tier 21 Transmogrification set for Rogues. The only available boots for said set, is obtainable on normal and nothing else.. They were listed on the PTR and even had a look but were implemented for LFR/HEROIC/MYTHIC.. Can you please add this to the game or give the notice to the developers? We're a bunch of Rogues out here that REALLY wants to complete the set.. It is really unfair, because every other Tier 21 has all the pieces, except for us.. PLEASE...Pzyho2 4d
4d Stealth to combat. When i enter combat from stealth my spells disapears.. ? And i dont have any addons that would do so..Dylessa7 4d
4d Belf or Nborne? Hello rogue community, i've decided to use my 110 boost on a rogue character, since i've never played rogues and want to give myself a bit of a challenge on mastering a new class. As far as i've seen, almost all rogues are belfs. Mostly cause of PVP but majority of them is still belf in PVE. I know they have Arcane Torrent and Increased Critical, but how would it compell against Nborne rogue? Would it be a really small difference in DPS between those 2 in pve or its a huge gap? -Would probably play sub since that Death From Above looks amazing. Thanks for your timeJintee6 4d
4d What to Level my new void elf rogue as I was wondering what spec is best suited to a decent speed levelling for my new void elf rogue i am thinking of making. obviously speed but also fun is an aspect. Also what spec is good for max level these days aswell? cheers guysBelsia1 4d
5d How can rogue even compete Nightborne was released so i created a nightborne rogue. It feels worse than Wotlk days when rogue was demoted to support. Rogue were always a high skill cap and for dedicated players who had a desire to twink their rogue. Now that gear is all the same and damage nerfed theres no point to play rogue. Lets look at other classes. Warlocks just have to 12tab, hunters spam their sidewinders, warriors just charge and destroy things, paladins stun bubble heal, DH and monks kite and healers have the power of 3 players. Just tell me im bad and i move on.Ðevilangel6 5d
5d Void elf rogue? I want to make 3 void elves: Demo lock Sp And rogue I heard that void elf fits to casters more , and that it will be rare to see mele void elves. Will it really matter so much if i will create void elf rogue? TyVerone6 5d
6d Best pvp spec I use the term "best" loosely, I know it depends on how well you know the class and how well you know other classes so you can adjust accordingly, but I'm kinda torn between sub and assasin, I pve but am not too worried about that, I mainly want to do casual bgs maybe some arenas, which spec would you recommend me playing? They're both very fun for me which makes it hard to choose I just want to do big damage and stun people to the point where it annoys them :Dßurn12 6d
10 Feb Sprint Visual Update I am sorry to bother with such trivial matters, but I've been bugged a lot by the Sprint animation for the rogue. It looks so outdated and it's honestly an eyesore everytime to look at that straight line coming out of your body. Would it be so hard to replace it with something better and more smoothing looking?Hadow3 10 Feb
10 Feb Shadowstep + failing to Sap = Out of stealth? Hello, I don't know if it's paranoia of mine but I've noticed sometimes when trying to shadowstep + sap people moving around mounted I find myself out of stealth. At first I thought something was taking me out of stealth because usually it's in, let's say, messy circumstances, but today i did it on a totally unsuspecting player outside instanced PvP, he happened to move just as I was shadowstepping and saw myself out of stealth and looking like an idiot. I don't even think Subterfuge was active, as if I had canceled stealth myself. Has this happened to anybody? I have no luck searching, and "stealth breaking" is too broad a subject. PS: Off-topic, it annoys me nowadays we sometimes get animations for abilities even when they fail because of out of range. I think my Cheap Shot has worked and then... oh, it didn't even go off...Kyph3 10 Feb
10 Feb Role in large scale PvP battles? I am well aware that rogue isn't the average class where you can rush in for a kill. During the BGs I spend my time by doing objectives, ninja capping, finding a poor sob alone etc... But what about large scale battles like SS vs TM? Or when big groups of alliance and horde clash in AV or World PvP? I thought of going for healers and stunlocking them, but as a rogue I am way to squishy to survive for a bit. How can I contribute to a group in those situations? Sometimes I prefer going on my DK for these kind of situations.Mkh2 10 Feb
09 Feb Tips on this spesific "fight" Just did a BG (which we lost, but thats ok) and they had 1 healer. A disc priest..With 4.2mill HP. And that makes him "undergeared" right? Anyway..... this priest basically just stood there....same spot....and did....penance.....shadowmend... I tried burst.....i tried CC.....i tried to sustain dmg over time on him.. He JUST DIDNT GO DOWN AT ALL! So i Wonder, how can this priest survive all the dmg With a penance and shadowmend (the ones i didnt interrupt) every now and then?? Im eating my socks here, cause sometimes, healers go Down like sheit, and most times they just seem protected by the hand of god and you end up just walking away from there.....even "!@#$ty" geared ones.... Basically same With shamans..... they dont cast ANYTHING, still they survive everything... I need serious help on this matter......just how? I try set up burst after kidneyshot With what i got available......but somehow i feel i gotta use some of the abilities in the start to get some pressure....Mjodnalin4 09 Feb
09 Feb Sub rogue PvP burst rotation So I've been using the 1st burst rotation on Xaryu's 7.3 sub rogue 'PvP guide'. It's Cheap Shot > Nightblade > Dance > Symbols > Shadowstrike x 2 > Cheap > Evis > Cheap but what then if target isn't dead? How long before using 2nd Dance?Yeshuagave1 09 Feb
09 Feb Guide - Assassination Mage Tower Yo, Late to the party I know, but if there's peepz out there just like me, than here it is: 09 Feb
09 Feb Bursty PvP Spec? So, which spec has the best burst damage in PVP? I've been doing some low level battlegrounds and arenas so far as Subtlety and I'm enjoying it, but I'm not sure if it changes drastically at max level or if I'm missing out and Assassination or Outlaw are better.Shivr4 09 Feb
08 Feb Come give feedback on Subtlety! i made a thread with some of my thoughts on the current design of subtlety in the class development forum. please consider writing a post with your opinion on the spec, what you like and what you do not like. if we get lucky we can have some impact on the way the spec plays in battle for azeroth.Retier0 08 Feb
08 Feb Sin? Sub? Help! Hi there, you dashing handsome people of the shadows. I'm contemplating joining you soon, seeing as I might have trouble staying motivated to keep playing Demon Hunter. So, I gave your specs a bit of a read, and found out that all of them are pretty niche as to what they can do damage-wise. I like Sin, but I don't want to be terrible as soon as I get into an AoE situation. I don't mind Sub, but I'm afraid that the mechanics of it don't 'click' with me like they do with the Sin spec. Not too interested in outlaw I'm afraid. I'd like to know if I can play Sin and still enjoy other areas of the game other then tunnelling a single-target boss. I'm mostly into Raiding, some casual PvP, M+ up to 16-17 (not extremely high), and soloing although I know that Rogues aren't really made to solo things other then healers. If it's a giant benefit for me to pick up Sub and force myself to get comfortable with it, then I will. Mind you I didn't play it very much at all, and I know that it's already a deal simpler then it was pre 7.0. Thanks in advance for any answers.Dêer7 08 Feb
08 Feb Vanish/Stealth broken? On the Broken Shore I got in to a fight with a Death Knight. I used Vanish, but for some reason the Vanish buff disappeared, and it took me right out of stealth again. A few seconds later I went back into stealth, was miles away, but the Death Knight was still able to use Death Grip on me. How is this possible? Luckily I had ShadowPlay on so I was able to look back at the recording to see what was happening. Here's the video: This is not the first time it happens, and I think it's a serious bug that needs to be fixed.Goocheldoos3 08 Feb
07 Feb Rogue bg pvp It seems to me that rogues have a nice niché in pvp. Basically, sneaking in and ninja capping a base from 1-2 defenders, if all goes well, defending a node/flag, etc. In additional to timely placing things in smoke bombs, or mass stealth. However, if you are stuck with a team full of rogues, you are probably gonna get rolled, they aren't as robust at the point of attack as say a DH, DK or Warrior. I guess said in a more direct way, it seems that Rogues are "balanced?" Or, not overpowered? At least, that is my experience, playing the various specs. It's not like before, when I could just kill someone every time vendetta came up =)Jalisco6 07 Feb
07 Feb Worgen Rogue name suggestions? Hi everyone. Thinking of race changing to worgen today, so bored of my human! As the title suggests, I am looking for some "creative" name suggestions... Something which actually relates to the worgen race lore and/or being a rogue =)Skillz48 07 Feb
07 Feb Need abit of help please. Hi everyone, i am certain this question has come up before but cant find a good answer. I was wondering which spec of Sin or Outlaw is Most fun, better in m+, and delivers most dps. Hope you will help a noob rouge.Rheynor1 07 Feb