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19 Feb Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 19 Feb
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1h Prototype Personnel Decimator - ELE I'have a Prototype Trinket (970) and other 3 trinkets: Norgannon (1000), Injector (945) and Arcanocrystal (915). I currently use Prototype + Injector for AoE SE&L does not have a nice opinion of Prototype but it hits hard. It does 8% of my damage. What is the best composition for Hight Command and Portal Keeper? Thanks!Jeroid0 1h
3h HONOR TALENTS SUGGESTIONS LINE 1 The first line is the same for all classes. GLADIATOR MEDALION 2 min cooldown Instant Removes all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control of your character while in PvP combat. ADAPTATION Passive Remove any loss of control effect with a duration of 5 sec or more. This effect can only occur once every 1 min. RELENTLESS Passive Duration of incoming crowd control effects reduced by 20%. Does not stack with similar effects. LINE 2 The second line is the same for all caster classes. INITIATION Passive Critical strike change of your damaging abilities and attacks increased by 30% on targets at or above 80% health. TRAIN OF THOUGHT Passive Damage increased by 15%. Being Attacked will cancel this effect for 8 sec. MIND QUICKNESS Passive Successfully applying a loss of control effect to an enemy, interrupting an enemy, or dispelling any target increases Haste by 20% for 10 sec. This increase may occur once every 30 sec. LINE 3 The third line is the same for all Shaman specializations. Addictional Totem. SKYFORY TOTEM 3% of base mana 40 sec cooldown Instant Summons a Fire totem with 5 healt at the feet of the caster for 15 sec that increases the critical effect of damage and healing spells of all nearby allies within 40 yards by 20% for 15 sec. GROUNDING TOTEM 6% of base mana 15 sec cooldown Instant Summons a Grounding Totem with 5 health at the feet of the caster that will redirect one harmful spell cast on a nearby party member to itself every 5 sec. Will not redirect area of effect spells. Lasts 45 sec. EARTHGRAB TOTEM 10% of base mana 30 sec cooldown 35 yd range Instant Summons a totem at the targhet location for 20 sec. The totem pulses every 2 sec, rooting all enemies within 8 yards for 8 sec. Enemies previous rooted by the totem instead suffer 50% movement speed rduction. LINE 4 The fourth line interacts with the Fire Spells. PATH OF FLAME Passive Lava Burst deals 10% more damage and Flame Shock has a 5% increased chance to trigger Lava Surge. LAVA TOMENT Passive The cooldown of Flame Shock has removed. CONTROL OF LAVA Passive Your Flame Shock damage over time has 20% change to reset the remaining cooldown on Lava Burst, and increase its damage by 25%. Stacking up 3 times. LINE 5 The fifth line improves the healing and defensive skills. SPECTRAL RECOVERY Passive While in Ghost Wolf, you heal 3% health every 2 sec. ROCK SHIELD Passive Now, when they take damage, Earth Shield consume 3 charges. This heal can only occur once every 10 sec. Earth Shield can only be placed on themselves. SHAMANISTIC RAGE Passive Replaces Astral Shift 1 min cooldown All damage taken reduced by 20% for 8 sec. It is also usable while stunned. LINE 6 The Sixth line outlines the style of combat. EARTHFURY Passive Casting a 75 Maelstrom Earth Shock will Stun the target for 2 sec FROSTY SPIRIT Passive Frost Shock stack on the target up to 5 times. Every stack increases damage to 3% for 8 sec. ELEMENTAL RAMPAGE 30 sec cooldown 30 yd range Instant An explosion of elemental powers, dealing elemental damage to the target and knocking him away from Shaman. For 8 sec the target’s movement speed is slowed by 50% and takes 20% more damage from Fire, Frost and Nature schools of damage. What are your ideas?Jeroid2 3h
3h Sundering not buffed by Earthen Spike So Earthspike increases physical and nature dmg by 30%, for 10 seconds. Sundering, just like stormstrike, is physical damage, except that Sundering doesnt seem to get the 30% damage buff. Is this a bug?Enjøy5 3h
13h Vers for restos Ey' fellow healers, I have a simple question regarding vers stat for us restos. I'm aware there might be other posts that are exactly the same as this, but some didn't give answers that I found clear. So I apologize for repetition in advance. Mainly focusing on mythic+ dungeon healing, how valued is versatility for us? I know most prio's involve mastery/crit, and that is the build I've focused on, but how high or low do you think vers should be? I try and keep mine around 10%, but sometimes if I get it down to 8% it can bump my crit to 37%+, which highly favours mythic affixes such as grevious, because we have to spam crit surges to get rid of bleed stack. But then again vers helps us do more general healing output, and also sometimes can make or break 1 one shot mechanic screw up, ye 5% dmg reduction isn't much, but combined with healing stream totem and even ghost in the mist, it CAN be useful. How low/high do you guys think I should base this stat? I'm currently sporting 35% crit, 105% mastery, ~10% vers, 13% haste [I know haste is low but decent crit chance procs queen's aces which helps my haste so I generally didn't stack too much]. What do guys think? Sorry for the long post and thank you, and btw constructive criticism is appreciated, please call me out if you think I've built something idiotically.Notoracism1 13h
13h What is my purpose as a restoration dwarf in PvP? Recently aimed to push for Glad title at the end of the season, but found out my race (and class aswell) sucks. Every single melee cleave/rmp above 2.4k+ can setup on me almost every 30s/60s and i literally die even when i pre-use my defensives. What is my purpose in PvP as a dwarf restoration now?Hexinprøøf8 13h
13h Shaman as new main ? Hello guys ! I'm coming back after 2 years, and i'm looking for new Main to play in BFA. How in your opinion looks Shaman right now ? Will be good choice to maining ? Im interested only in Ele / Enh, what should i pick ? ( What spec gives more fun, and will be more usefull in pve/pvp ? ) And last - How Shammy looks in BFA ? Will get good changes ? Or not ? Cheers !Mefistofil3 13h
15h !The Biggest Issue with Elemental! Hello, My name is Hashim and i'v joined Retail on Pre Legion, I've played on Wrath of the Lich King Private server for about a year in total, and so do i keep playing Elemental as my main class in legion and hopefully in BFA as well. When i first started leveling my first character in WOTLK, Elemental felt so strong, and it could deal massive sustained DPS, with great bursting tool and group buff on top of that, even tho i have pretty bad gear, i could compete with other fresh/bad geared players even if they had the upper hand, Death knights rogues and mages, didn't matter we were all rivals in DPS wise, but when i for the first time bought WoW Account and started playing in here, Elemental felt bad.. After Tons and Tons of testing around Current Elemental i'v discovered a Massive weakness in the class that holds the spec back, it's the way "Elemental Overload", It's the Elemental shaman's Mastery, now this is the only Mastery between all of the DPS specs that works in a unique way and it goes like this. Current Mastery: Your Lightning Bold, Chain Lightning, and Lava burst casts have a ( x% Based on the Amount of Mastery stat ) chance to trigger a second cast on the same target for x% of normal damage and x of the normal Mealstorm generation. How does it Effect Leveling:- As i were making my way to level 78 and unlocked Elemental Overload, i had 15% Chance to trigger my "Mastery", as other classes were getting their mastery passive guaranteed, Arms Fury Assassin Affliction and many others got massive damage increase on level 78. while elemental gets a small % to trigger additional damage and mealstorm generation, Elemental simply wont compete with other Dps specs while leveling because it simply it would't trigger so we deal some respected amount of damage and that's why shamans would rather level as Restoration or Enhancement. How does it Effect early Expansion:- Elemental feels good when you trigger it's Mastery, but you can't trigger it enough, because you will have to sacrifice the rest of the stats, you will lack of Haste Crit and versatility and that'd lead to negative Dps, once you manage to get around 75% chance which is not possible to get early expansion you would be weak either way. How does it Effect Late Expansion:- As we progressed through the last Raid of legion, our stats went very high up, now you will get to balance your stats easier and fix them, but the issue is, [Elemental Fury], this became far more important than ever, Elemental shamans now have to forget all about stacking mastery and focus on getting that Crit and Haste up there, as Earth shock hits about 15M Damage on a geared Character, stacking mastery would be a joke.. so again it's getting in the way once again and has to be ignored. How do we fix it:- Rework and Revamp it, Give Elemental some guaranteed Damage boost like every single Dps spec gets, that way Elemental will be very strong early levels and late expansion as we progress slowly through raids and mythic dungeons and get higher ilvl and stats, after getting enough Crit and Haste any Elemental shaman would be happy to stack that mastery some more! I do apology about the long test and the awful typing, Thank you very much for giving me 15min of your time and reading my thoughts !Elementxgodx31 15h
16h Rate the transmog above Last thread reached its cap - so new thread because I think I just won the mog game ;DCallìopee204 16h
19h To Elemental or not in BFA Ive been elemental main for many years now. I had ocassionally considered enhancement, but found it looked overly complex at the time. But when I started legion with this char, I went enhancement from 100-110 after it looked considerably more user friendly in 7.3. Then switching back to Elly. I wanted to get a feel for it and could play it decently. But I abandoned it and focused on elemental. Eventually got the magetower skin, antorus on normal and hc, and all was good. Though once hearing about the BFA changes, it so far feels like they are trying to turn us into even more of a static caster than we already are - with the loss of Gust of Wind. And the 6s cd on flame shock is seriously disappointing, ive suffered through that in the past and Im not looking forward to see it again. I feel Elemental has been on a downward slope since we peaked in MoP. Lightning bolt on the move and ancestral guidance was a potent backup heal that made shamans quite desirable. So I finally got motivated to set up a basic enhancement setup with my 962 elemental gear when seeing that the Mage Tower was active, and managed to complete God Queens Fury in 8 pulls. Such a gorgeous draenei themed hammer and offhand. So much more impressive than the underwhelming fist and shield thrown to ellys. So im planning to drop elemental for enhancement in 8.0, which is when every trait on the artifacts gets disabled. But relics stays.Karrak4 19h
20h what is this dumb legendary? i will insult you literally blizzard come at me you !@#$%^- shabronnies. i spend 2 weeks for woke essence and you give me meme legendary? what is this like make me look like *!@#, cant equip this my frienders will of bullyy me what fank. literal garbage like drake n n josuh Gotdamn.Atohoem3 20h
1d Anyone know a decent comp for enhancement 3v3? Tried everything, getting demolished by any caster comp.. really hard to progress in this bracket I feel asif i'm trying harder than any other class to no avail, soon as my one defensive is down (that's if I don't die whilst it's being used) I shortly die after. Need some helps, taSooty4 1d
2d Doomhammer appearance in BfA I really like the basic skin for doomhammer. Could you please tell me if we will be able to transmog it in BfA?Seekar7 2d
2d smoldering heart/akanu builds? been playing for quite some time with the akanu build and i've recently switched to smoldering gloves; even though they should be bis combined with t21 4piece, the damage seems to be a bit lower overall, and much lower in lucky burst situations is the akanu+eye actually the best option atm?Speedos2 2d
2d Repeat after me: E N H A N C E M E N T Too many illiterate players calling Enhancement in wrong ways, even shaman players themselves (which should be even more ashamed for being that illiterate) Stop the enchantment / ench / enchancemen / whatever nonsense, we are not Enchanting / enchanters .... it is E N H A N C E M E N T It comes from the english verb "TO ENHANCE"(I know it's shocking your vocabulary is so undeveloped) To Enhance = to improve You hear about it more around Olympic games when people talk about performance-ENHANCING drugs... So the logic behind this (another shocking moment when you guys realise there actually is a logic in naming the spec) is that we use the elements to enhance (Improve) our melee attacks. So there it is. You can thank me for being your friendly Shaman that educates you trying to enhance your intellect. PeaceSnaj14 2d
2d Agatha please help In the name of God can someone help me do this stupid boss ? I tried it 30 times in a day and i got wiped every time. I'm ilvl 840 and still can't finish it . It looks almost impossible . Please give me all the help and tips for doing this .Kagrath10 2d
3d gust of wind gone in bfa! how will we survive? title says it all.Unify21 3d
3d Shaman Tanks and why we should have them 1. Our current specs focus on Air (enh) Fire (ele) and water ( Resto) yet earth is often neglected. 2. Our entire order is called the earthern ring yet no one focuses on the earthern element 3. Our Dps specs are practical glass cannons for the most part where enh used to be a semi off tank its now a hitter but a glass jaw. 4. We have a litteral tank cooldown pet yet we dont use its element at all for ourself to defend outselves its just a hide behind a minion 5. Paladins which are the alliances equivalent get all 3 roles while we dont (yes I understand pallys dont have a ranged dps spec) 6. They are the leaders of their people, their guides, what good leader leads from the rear, and come on surely some tribes focus more on protecting allies more than crushing foes 7. We used to be a fairly decent off tank and we still have some good core abilities that would make a rather fun tank such as earthern shield totem baseline to mitigate damage and things like that 8. Most tank specs are rather bland, shammys by nature are flashy as hell, come one your art team is one of the best in the industry, let them go nuts, plus you're always low on the amount of people to tank 9.If that troll in the alliance Vs horde trailer was in a tank spec rather than the glass cannons we have now he might of kicked that school boys !@# instead of getting smacked to the ground <3 10. Tanks are typically the leaders of the group, shamans are the leader of tribes, come on you know it makes sense, plus I'd love to see you guys let your hair down, even if it isnt the best tank just make it the most fun, we've stuck through a ton of bad patches where all our specs were trash and we stuck through it just because shamans are awesome!Littleblood50 3d
3d Give Shamans a Tanking Specialization! Give Shamans a Tanking Specialization! I played this game from the very first day of release and i always played one class, the Shaman. I was THERE when Inner Sanctum and Nightmare Asylum was ruling Molten Core, i was THERE to fight in Tarren Mill when there was no pvp battelgrounds, i was THERE when shamans was only able to heal in raids, i was there million other times AND i must say that shamans deserve a tanking build and that's why: As an hybrid class, shamans was in the same position of druid in vanilla when it came to raids, they was ONLY able to heal cause there was only 1 viable build to pursue, but during the years Druids changed a lot and they have 4 damn builds, tank/melee/caster/healer, shamans instead struggled back and never changed in terms of roles. During Vanilla, one of the first blue set gave you "Defence" stats (when defence existed) abilitating you to offtank the first 3 bosses in MC as enhancement. The lore is perfect for the tanking role, shaman are defenders of elements, and the very first totem you was acquiring was the earth totem! Defenders you know!! Rockbiter once enhanced your weapon with flat damage and drastically increased your threath letting you overaggro everyone Shamans has a shield! Yea, and not only in vanilla! We've got Stoneclaw Totem once, that was taunting every creature allaround for a certain amount of time or until killed, the same way that monk statue works now As enhancement you was able to use a 2 hander BUT you could use a main hand and shield aswell and do TONS of damage! I personally own the video of me being second in dps with shield and dagger at Onyxia or other Molten Core bosses, in Vanilla! And last but not least, Shaman is the King of utility as everyone knows, and an utility tank seems a pretty fun and challanging build! You should give us the possibility to TANK, wear an earthen shield on ourself and mitigate damage with spells or totems. Hybrid tanking as the class demand I'm pretty sure that this idea came in mind of a lot of people, and i bet it would be very fun to play a Shaman Tank! A Shamank! Or whatever you can call it So i'm asking you, WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK? Let's raise our voices in favour of a shaman tank? Or just mock down this crazy guy asking for it? If you got ideas or suggestion or simple agree with what i said just write a line. Simply yours, Kefa.Kefa5 3d
4d ele shaman dmg How high of crit, does one need, to be decent as ele? I have a really high ilvl, mostly with mastery primarily, with less crit, as a primarily resto shaman. when I switch to ele, my damage is poo. suggests, for every build, crit is highest stat priority. my crit is 16%. =(Jalisco6 4d
4d big changes to elemental in latest build Some unusual changes: Earthquake is now instant, costs no maelstrom, and is instant to cast and doing damage over 6s, previously 12s. Epicenter charging it has been removed. Fulmination has been removed. No cd on earth shock. No mention of flame shock. Also earth shock consumes no maelstrom. so both of our spenders has been purged of maelstrom costs? Volcanic Rage is gone. Icefury is back. Elemental attunement talent that reduces cd of fire and storm elementals with 30s. Elemental is clearly a work in progress. Though I wonder what will be our spender now.Yuhuang40 4d
5d Why do Pandaren Shamans turn into a ghost wolf? There are no wolves on the Wandering Isle. Pandaren from the isle should not even know wolves exist, as Shen-Zin Su has not been to Pandaria for ~9000 years.Shinjao20 5d
5d How difficult is it to level a shaman? Hello, I've just returned to the game because the new level scaling system really appealed to me and I was getting the well known wow itch again. I'd like to try out a healer this time, preferably a resto shaman one but I'll level as elemental since I guess that will be a better idea and also easier. How are elemental shamans for leveling? I've heard people complain about their survivability, will it really be as frustrating as people claim it to be?Ardenaz3 5d
5d 3 options only 1 pick! the chosen one. Elemental Fusion vs Primal Elementalist vs Elemental Blast What would you pick if you have to pick between those 3? And why? pve/pvp explain please. trying to see what the head of the curve is thinking!Unify4 5d
6d So.Much.Fun! This was the first character i ever made when i started back when TBC was released and I've always been elemental. For reasons i can't remember i just kinda stopped playing and played different classes throughout the different expansions. Only occasionally touching upon resto for arena. Started using it again in legion and my gawd... It's insane how fun this spec is. Baring in mind my go to range classes was a warlock, might have a factor but.. Wow! Lightning shooting everywhere, lava spewing from my character, causing earthquakes and mini volcanos, elementals, thunderstorms... And of course, totems totems totems! *gasps for air* Anyway... I just had to make this pointless thread to gush over a spec that has reinvigorated my play on WoW. Don't mess the class up for BfA blizzard, we know you hate fun.Totanic0 6d
6d is elemental weak? i only played resto for a while and I decided switch to dps, my guild mates told me that ele is very weak compared to other casters. on the other hand enchantment looks fairly strong. but i don´t like melee that much. is it really that weak?Ognios14 6d
13 Mar Elemental - Mythic+ Legendaries So I don't really care for Mythic+, I always get my +15/16 and I am done for the week, didn't bother with gear much either, besides switching out the raid trinket, so I had gloves+boots. Yes, this is the best for bosses, but affixes like this week - teeming and fortified, made me think how I can maximize my AoE dmg and I tried out Sephuz, since Earthquake can proc it easily, however I did have my gloves on, I've always thought they are somewhat usable on AoE as well, because of Lava Beam. However, Al'Akir bracers are a thing, and with the low chance of procing Ascendance out of Earthquakes, it might prove to be better for dungeon trash. What do you guys think? What do you use for Mythic+? How does wrist vs. gloves compare in such situations?Chillg1 13 Mar
12 Mar legendaries If i change from gamble build to waist+twisting nether ring is it big dps loss? Im really sick of the massive RNG that is the gamble legendaries.Grigdut19 12 Mar
12 Mar Enhancement Shaman Rotation. on Icy-veins the rotation is listed as: Enhancement Shaman Opening Rotation Whilst the opener is very rarely a high impact point for Enhancement as most of your damage is tied to the sustained output over the course of the fight, a general sequence will look like the following: Use Potion of Prolonged Power before the pull. Cast Rockbiter to generate burst Maelstrom and activate Landslide. Activate Fury of Air if taken. Cast Flametongue. Cast Frostbrand with Hailstorm taken. Cast Feral Spirit. Cast Crash Lightning to activate Alpha Wolf. Cast Earthen Spike if taken. Activate Doom Winds and immediately cast Stormstrike. Cast Ascendance to reset the cooldown on Stormstrike, or if Stormbringer is active if taken. Cast Windstrike. Continue with single target rotation. Cast Rockbiter to generate Maelstrom and maintain Landslide. Cast Fury of Air if it is not active. Cast Flametongue if the buff is not active. Cast Feral Spirit on cooldown. Follow this immediately with a Crash Lightning cast to activate Alpha Wolf. Cast Earthen Spike. Cast Windstrike with or without Stormbringer active. Activate Doom Winds whenever available, try to have Stormstrike available, your on-hit buffs & the Earthen Spike debuff active with this. Cast Stormstrike with Stormbringer active. Cast Lightning Bolt if above 50 Maelstrom with Overcharge Cast Crash Lightning if the Tier 20 bonus Lightning Crash is not active. Cast Rockbiter with the Tier 21 bonus Force of the Mountain active. Cast Stormstrike. Cast Rockbiter. Cast Flametongue if the buff has less than 4.5 seconds remaining. Cast Lava Lash if you have more than 80 Maelstrom. Right this is indicating at all times to have uptime on Fury of Air?.. does this include ST FIghts, do I still use this ability?... a lot of AoE Abilities arnt used during a ST Rotation so I just wanted to ask. Also it involves all CDs.. should I be just continuously using these on CD?... even on trash (I'm mainly M+ Player) I don't have the boots to reduce the CD.. and Doomwinds seems like a good Rotation into the Boss Fight rather then used on trash continuously, Specially as Windfury is ST Damage. it puts AOE abilities mixed in such as Using crash Lightning after use of the Wolves.. but it'd only benefit in AoE as the Proc is for AoE Damage from the wolves.. in ST FIghts it wouldn't help and Crash Lightning would use up more maelstrom.. if someone could Direct me to the difference uses for ST and AOE Rotations as Icy-veins has nothing written up apart from that one rotation.Thargok2 12 Mar
12 Mar RSham BfA : some idea Level 15 Talents : • Undulation : Every third Healing Wave or Healing Surge you cast heals for an additional 50% • Unleash Life : When your target is below 30 % HP, Healing Stream Totem heal for an additionnal 300 % • Torrent : Increases the initial heal from Riptide by 30% Level 30 Talents : • Spirit Wolf : While transformed into a Ghost Wolf, you gain 5% increased movement speed and 5% damage reduction every 1 sec, stacking up to 4 times • Earth Shield : Protects the target with an earthen shield, healing them for (22% of Spell power) when they take damage and increasing by 20 % the effect of your direct heal on the target. 9 charges. This heal can only occur once every few seconds. Earth Shield can only be placed on one target at a time • Static Charge : Reduces the cooldown of Capacitor Totem by 5 sec for each enemy it stuns, up to a maximum reduction of 20 sec Level 45 Talents : • Gust of Wind : A gust of wind hurls you forward • Graceful Spirit : Reduces the cooldown of Spiritwalker's Grace by 60 sec and increases your movement speed by 20% while it is active, and increases your movement speed in Ghost Wolf by an additional 10% • Wind Rush Totem : Summons a totem at the target location for 15 sec, continually granting all allies who pass within 10 yards 60% increased movement speed for 5 sec Level 60 Talents : • Crashing Waves : Riptide grants an additional stack of Tidal Waves • Ancestral Guidance : For the next 10 sec, 20% of your damage and healing is converted to healing on up to 3 nearby injured party or raid members • Deluge : When you Chain Heal, you have a chance to also apply Riptide to the targets in your Healing Rain Level 75 Talents : • Ancestral Protection Totem : Summons a totem at the target location for 30 sec. All allies within 20 yards of the totem gain 10% increased health. If an ally dies, the totem will be consumed to allow them to Reincarnate with 20% health and mana. Cannot reincarnate an ally who dies to massive damage. • Earthen Wall Totem : Summons a totem with (100 * Total health / 100) health for 15 sec. (100 * Spell power / 100) damage from each attack against allies within 10 yards of the totem is redirected to the totem • Ancestral Vigor : Targets you heal with Healing Wave, Healing Surge, Chain Heal, or Riptide's initial heal gain 10% increased health for 10 sec Level 90 Talents : • Cloudburst Totem : Summons a totem at your feet for 15 sec that collects power from all of your healing spells. When the totem expires or dies, the stored power is released, healing all injured allies within 40 yards for 25% of all effective healing done while it was active, divided evenly among targets. Casting this spell a second time recalls the totem and releases the healing • Echo of the Elements : Riptide, Healing Stream Totem, and Lava Burst now have 2 remaining cooldown will instead grant 1 charge. In addition, when you consume a charge of Tidal Waves, you have a 10% chance to generate a charge of Riptide • Refreshing Currents : Increases mana refunded by Resurgence by 50% when Chain Heal critically heals Level 100 Talents : • High Tide : Chain Heal bounces to 1 additional target, and its falloff with each bounce is reduced by half • Wellspring : Replaces Chain Heal. Creates a surge of water that flows forward, healing friendly targets in a wide arc in front of you for (232.70% of Spell power) [Instant Cast – 6 secs CD] • Ascendance : Transform into a Water Ascendant for 15 sec, causing all healing you deal to be duplicated and distributed evenly among nearby alliesAdanï5 12 Mar
12 Mar how does highmountain racial stack up? Now that highmountain shamans are a thing, how does their +1% versatility stack up with the other racials?Karrak5 12 Mar
11 Mar What are shamans ? Hello, It's really simple, this class caught my interest and I would like to hear from you, what do you guys think about this class alongside it specs ? How do you play them, How fun is it ? What makes it unique ? and anything you could think about.. or simply think about it this way : What are shamans ?Shai6 11 Mar
11 Mar Enhancement Feedback I didn't like my horde shammy so I made a spacegoat. Been a while since I started a new char and here's what I noticed about the shammy, sticking to enhancement all the way: A) The old maelstorm mechanics were much better, were you get 5 stacks and each reduced the cast time and mana cost(?) of healing surge and chain lightning, which we also had. As well as all the shock spells. (Actually the new enhancement sucks. Especially how we are 99% melee now and even the sound effects are so luffy puffy without any umph or KAPOW or edge) B) The first major perk we need is instant heals, which we don't get till 66 when healing surge starts consuming 20 maelstrom for instant casting. C) The second perk is spirit walk, and though that's what we need the most, it's the VERY LAST skill we get, at lvl EIGHTY!! Are you kidding me?? Do you devs even play your own game? Do you have ANY IDEA how much you get sandbagged as melee in BG? You are snared and stunned ALL THE FRIKKIN TIME... And we get one 1min cd short speed buff antisnare, at lvl 80 and instaheals at 66? You are completely out of touch with your own game. Healing surge rank 2 should be available at lvl 30 and spirit walk at lvl 20. Also, spirit walk should be a 20sec cd spell lasting 5 sec. Even with "such op low cd" you would still get sandbagged to HELL with a 15 sec downtime. Enjoy being fully stunned and feared by, well, everyone... every rogue pala dk hunter warlock monk, especially monks... 15sec cd para + stun kicks, can't even get any dmg going on them. DO YOU EVEN PLAY YOUR OWN GAME is my question... Based on what I gathered from this and some other classes, the answer is no. Seems to me you just spin a wheel and throw some darts on mechanics, cooldowns, durations, lvl requirements and... see where it lands "GG boys, let's ship it, done and done, seems A-okay to me." Nicetrynoob17 11 Mar
09 Mar Shamans Feeling squishy? is it normal for enhancement shaman to feel really squishy during questing and stuff?... when I did argus on my monk I facerolled it, at pretty much the same ilevel as my shaman.. but my Shaman dies ALOT faster and easier... even my hunter could take more swings as a ranged class.. does these problems phase out.. or is this just as it is til you outlevel content? I find Broken isles Super easy now as I seem to kill anything ridiculously fast.. but argus everything lives a lot longer and seems to put out a lot of damage.Thargok11 09 Mar
09 Mar Looks like Dark iron shamans is a thing after all Color me suprised, but the existence of the totems is not something to deny. Gorgeous totems, though the DDorf totems are the better one.Karrak8 09 Mar
09 Mar Enhancement talent proposal Time for a serious talent proposal here. How much fun could the elemental spirits talent offer by buffing the pets to buff my abilities...Nahh.. For years this community, lets say half of it, asks for 2H enhancement shaman. Enough.. People want it back! It could easily become a soapopera... My idea is to create a talent that replaces elemental spirits and allows us to equip 2H weapons by also disabling lava lash and flametongue abilities. Since everything is gonna wrap around AP, buff the autoattack and stormstrike so it does the combined dmg of main and offhand and in replacement of lava lash loss buff windfury to 2x attacks of lets say 100% AP damage each or whatever keeps the numbers close to average dps with the dual wield with a bit higher proc chance. It is simple, it is convenient, the playstyle wont have to change alot and most important you make half the community happy and the other half even happier by not having to read another topic of people who want 2h back, and by also giving them a 2nd option when they get bored of dual wield. Thanks for your time to read.Breakeridis0 09 Mar
08 Mar Orc Racial Command - Shaman "Pets" Hello everyone, I have read some articles on that topic but some of them say the orc racial buffs the shaman "pets" and other say that it only works on Warlock and Hunter. I tried to submit a ticket but Blizzard does not allow this kind of stuff and they redirected me to some fan sites. And all I want is some reliable info. Anyone here know if there is some official info on the subject? Thanks in advance!Xanatos4 08 Mar
07 Mar first azerite abilities the latest ptr build showcases several tier 1 azerite abilities for many classes. Here is the two of ours that was present: Tier 1 Item - Proc Mastery Your harmful spells have a chance to grant 2,178 mastery for 20 sec. Resounding Protection Every 30 sec, gain an absorb shield for 0 for until cancelled. 6 sec.Karrak8 07 Mar
06 Mar What if Astral Recall... worked similar as spells Mark and Teleport from Ultima Online? That is, you could have 2 versions of it. One would mark a certain location where you are at the moment of casting, such as city, quest hub or dungeon entrance. The other would recall you to that exact spot when cast. You would be able to have one such location marked and available for recall until you "marked" a new one. It would make spell unique, and different from standard HS. It would fit the name very well too. What do you think?Headshock2 06 Mar
06 Mar Race Choice For a 101 Twink Horde Ele what would you roll and why. Just faction changed and yet to decide on it's race.Gatuk9 06 Mar
05 Mar Just switched to Ele, talent build question Guys I just switched from Enh to Ele and, obviously, the only two legendaries I can use are Roots of Shaladrassil and Soul of the Farseer. I'm reading several guides and there are these varied builds, "Icefury", "Gambler", "Lightning rod" and whatever. But they all assume you have specific legendaries. What would you use with 0 legendaries? (Or, well, the ones I have).Vargnatt12 05 Mar
04 Mar Rate shaman name above Rate name aboveGimbloid112 04 Mar
02 Mar Shaman Tier 3 set Average Price BMAH Hi, do you guys know the average cost of a t3 piece on bmah nowadays? I know this depends a lot from server to server but I'd like to still know your opinion. Today I saw a t3 head piece on bmah, half an hour before it expires I bidded 400k just for fun and went to Antorus... after the raid I check my mail and for my surprise I won the auction. I thought it would worth atleast 600-800k. Did I overpay? Lol. I don't mind spend 400k for each piece but I think shoulders and chest might cost a lot more.Poseidön2 02 Mar
02 Mar Shaman Spell Suggestions Do you have some spells you want to see in BFA? Here are mine: -A Earth pillar you call under your feet and it lifts you and everyone standing there some meters into the air. Maybe instant or with delay. Maybe destructible. -A earth wall you can call from the ground. Maybe destructible. I think this two would be good variation from the typical mechanics we see at all classes just with other skins.Dier1 02 Mar
02 Mar Please explain lightning Rod talent. Hello fellow shamans, Like the title reads, can anyone please explain lightning rod and it's best uses? At the moment I don't really know how to properly use the talent. Some of the questions I have are: - Should I just use it for fights with multiple targets? - In cleave situations, must I keep switching targets to make many lightning rods? - When is it better to stick with ascendance? Thank you in advance for the help!Styrion10 02 Mar
01 Mar About Shaman. I'm looking at new mains (I was a hunter, I'm really not liking the direction of the new expansion.. although I do like the survival Hunter, I find rolling a Pure DPS on the back of one Specc to maybe be unrealistic at best) the Shaman has a lot of options within it.. Melee and Ranged options a Decent healing Specc to boot too (I'm looking at PvE only really here.. I may dabble in a BG for fun but nothing serious).. my major question really is. as Someone targeting Mythic+.. is it fine to be either speccs?.. or am I gonna be required to play a Specific Specc?.. the 110 Boost only really offers me the ability to zoom one of the speccs to up to 875 so I wanna realistically pick the one which is going to allow me into groups. I prefer Enhancement, but I still do find Elemental Fun in itself, Enhancement seems to be more ST Faced with maybe alittle cleave.. where ELemental is all AoE/Cleave.Rythem3 01 Mar
28 Feb Shaman class campaign How do people have the final 2 champions already? I only missed 1 day of legion but im stuck all the way back on Return to the firelands, I really want all the champions lolUseyour31 28 Feb
28 Feb Ascendance viable for PvP? Hello, Ive taken a short break and have just came back.. I love PvPing on my Enh but noticed not many shammys run Ascendance? Is it not viable anymore? It was my favorite talent in the burst tier. Im not a highrated player by any stretch of the imagination.. But can i use ascendance for bgs and arenas up to 2k? Or am I gimping myself. ThanksPepitoz3 28 Feb