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17 Jul Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 17 Jul
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2h How viable are shamans? (DPS) I love my shaman. The visuals, the rotation, the flavor...everything is great. But I stopped maining him a while ago because I was frustrated about how blizzard consistently made us sub par and not good for progression. Are they worth coming back to? I mostly do mythic+ but I'm considering starting raiding as well as I'm getting a new PC that can actually handle it. Now, this brings the question: Which spec is better for mythic+ normal-heroic raiding? I have the % damage legendary ring and the lava burst belt but I can play enhancement as well.Naleadon11 2h
2h Why do people complain about shaman specs? Heey, first time posting on the forums and I'm just wondering why so many people are complaining and claiming that Ele/Ench is underpreforming in ToS? The wierd part is that those who post is doing nToS and hcToS which Ele/Ench is preforming without a doubt pretty OK. I mean both specs are pulling off more then 1m+ in singletarget and ele can dish out 2m+ on multitarget fights(Harajtan, Mistress, host) not sure what there is to complain about? ELEMENTAL IS FINE. ENCHANCEMENT IS FINE. RESTORATION IS FINE. Shaman is in a good state right now so why complain about the spec?Wennis43 2h
3h Elemental Shaman concern Hey, I am a resto/elemental shaman. I raid more than I do dungeons lately, and when I raid I am mostly doing restoration. Was doing some elemental DPS last weeking to do the 4 Mythic dungeons. What I noticed there was (I was with a 880-ish DH mate, and an enhancement shaman who was also a bit lower ilvl geared than me), and I was Ice Fury specced. I do save some crit/haste ring,necklace,wrist and whichever item drops that has these stats, since I am aware that most of my gear is enchanted with mastery. That being said, I was quite shocked to see how low my DPS was. This DH, managed to out DPS me quite highly on certain occasions. I don't know DHs very well, I do recall hearing that they have a few burst buttons they press for AoE occasions, it's possible he pressed those :-). At bosses I was quite higher than him. BUT....the enhancement shaman who I believe was 890-900-ish geared, was 150-200k higher every boss fight. Now I am aware, it was M0, and bosses and mob groups went down in very little time, but it did strike me as concerning. Now I am also aware, I am not playing elemental on a regular basis lately, but I believe I did press the right buttons. I recall Icefury was quite ok ST spec, I also saw Naesam's last video which was very depressive to be honest, not sure if he is right, but when someone who was staying quite positive throughout legion is basically saying, now even he went to play an alt as main, usually means that it's bad. I also am staying positive, but I admit I have been looking for alternatives as well. Is the current state that bad? And is it what Naesam was saying, do shamans have a dev team that are trying their hardest best to make us a crappy DPS spec? I honesly don't mind being middle pack, and ofc there has to be someone on the bottom too right? But if I am playing with lower ilvl people, I expect that at least I am not underperforming that much, right? or is enhancement now that good ST? haven't followed the spec that much, I admit.Kudir4 3h
5h Ascendance 7.3 So with the new casting animations for 7.3, this It seems is the perfect time to replace the Ascendance model. Elemental will have new casting animations that are going to be none-existent when used in the Ascendance form. Since it uses it's own skeleton, it's safe to say it will not be using new casting animations also. Not to mention the model is butt-ugly, he doesn't hold weapons correctly and if you're a Tauren, Orc or Draenei(male) you actually shrink about 3 x the size when Ascendance is popped. That doesn't feel cool. So, Blizzard, this placeholder model we've had since Cata, which doesn't even make sense lore wise(since we aren't Dark Shaman). Could we perhaps look into giving us a glyph that will just make us transparent or something? Rather than shrinking into this... thing. Or if you want to really make the effort, let's have him remodelled, resized and reanimated so that he's fitting in with the current day Warcraft.Ëlement7 5h
7h Rate transmog above Hey hey, since Armory is back up and running. Rate the transmog above you! Kind regards DrasqDrasq492 7h
9h Shaman looking for guild Hey everyone. I'm troll enh shaman with ilvl 905 on Silvermoon realm (yes,horde char on Silvermoon made big mistake by not looking at general population) looking for a good PVE guild that raids about once per weak. On a scale 1 to 10 i am about 8 experienced in raids, but a fast learner of tactics etc. I am good team player with maxed Alch/Herb, willing to help out guild as much as I can. I am also willing to swap to resto if its needed, but will take some time to gather some decent gear (hopefuly it will go faster when Argus patch comes). About my schedule, 1 raid per week is my minimum, usualy on weekend, but sometimes i do them more. My work time is from 07:00 to 16:00 and rest of the day is flexible, sometimes I'm able to play after but sometimes I'm not. My knowlege of english is pretty decent so that wont be a problem. That's about it, my battlenet acc name is BoomBam#21532 , so anyone willing to invite me to their guild can whisp me about details. All I ask for, is that's not a guild with god knows how many members like most of them that spam invitations, but a decent friendly community. Peace!Yandric0 9h
19h Gust of wind may have 2 charges i hope we all shaman has 2 charges of gust of wind :DVietgirl1 19h
1d Artifact Weapon Quest Chain Sorry if this has already been asked. I've learned all of the available traits for my weapon but I'm unable to find any available quests to unlock the section that eventually rewards Concordance and it hasn't become available automatically. I have recently switched from Alliance to Horde so don't know if that has created issues. Any help?Ámaryllis3 1d
1d Healing Rain I don't raid much, only LFR when I am in the mood. I have found over time, that healing rain works really well in raid environments, but when I have tried to extend it's usage to other areas (m+, pvp, etc), it doesn't seem worth it. I mean, almost anything else I could do: cast an offensive spell, purge someone, hex someone, twiddle my thumbs...all seem more worthwhile then throwing down a healing rain. But, it seems to work great in raids. Am I missing something, or is healing rain just really only useful for raids? Not complaining or anything, just asking =)Jalisco7 1d
1d Mage Tower challenge, help needed. Hello everyone. Currently, I'm stuck on the mage tower challenge at the final phase. From what I understand, you need to keep yourself at low health so that when you explode you don't kill your raid. However, you also have to dodge the fel pools created on the ground when the boss jumps on you, which deal a lot of damage. How do I keep myself at low HP and survive getting jumped on? I have an item level of about 920, with the legendary's Praetorian's Tidecallers, Elemental Rebalencers, Sephuz's Secret, Fire in the Deep, Nobundo's Redemption and Roots of Shaladrassil in my bags to pick from. My gear is oriented towards the stat priority int>mastery>crit>verst>haste, though I do have some crit heavy gear in my bags that I can also switch to if need be. Any tips and advice would be much appreciated :-)Káa4 1d
1d Human Shaman Please BlizzardOrkz17 1d
1d How did you settle on a race for your shaman? Right now I don't have anything to play I find interesting (maybe because 90% of my characters are male undeads and I got bored of them). So I'm looking to leveling a shaman, just can't decide what race to pick. Trolls have been my favourite race when I started playing up until WoD when I switched to alliance. My first character was a female troll, most of my horde characters where male trolls. So either a male or a female troll. But then there are those cute female pandaren. They just look so adorable and I want to have one because they make great cuddle buddies and I've always liked the pandaren/pandaria-lore. What I like about goblins is that they just use the elements as tools. It's kinda cool and badass, though goblins wouldn't be my first choice tbh. I really can't decide between female troll, male troll or female pandaren (while one of the voices in my head keeps yelling goblins). What did those of you that had similar problems do to decide on one?Chronixss17 1d
1d Two-Handed Stormstrike, Can we please have it back? I know enh shamans have been ment to use two weapons for most expansions, but we still had the ability to stormstrike with a two-hander up untill WoD. I get the fact that blizz wants to simplify everything to make it as streamline as possible, But messing around with 2h enh has been a fun project for me. A project that has kept me entertained when I've really burnt myself out on the game. I dont expect blizz to make it viable, I just want to be able to do it again. Sorry for the !@#$%y post, had to get it out of my system. -QuartermainLotad2 1d
3d Passive: Totem Mastery Was thinking last night whilst being very merry on my beers and thought: Why can't totem mastery be a passive or something that we can cast upon ourselves, bit like rogue's poisons that last for 1 hour and maybe give some kind of very small swirling totems around us when the buff is active. Reason i was thinking this was because i am a lazy bugger and throwing them down all the times makes me feel less lazy, plus once the beers kick in i forget to place them down a lot of the times;PJaylee18 3d
4d Ele Hard time in 2v2 Hi Shamans, So yesterday i did some 2v2. When they focused on my teammate we won. Because of my burst. But when they focused me, its like..... i have nothing to do? 2 x Melee focus on me feels like "Instant" dead... i can jump away with Gust of Wind and then root with Earthgrab Totem. But thaths all ?... I mean come on, almost every class in wow got Shield or a defense where they can retreat very fast. I feel like i have no way hiding???????????? Please help and also when i ask ele shamans with +2k in RBG "what to do in 2v2". They just say "Dont do 2v2 as ele" i mean come on?Rumsha6 4d
15 Aug Good allround shaman add-on Hey all, Been using this since it has been updated with all kinds of new features. Overall a good all in one good package: Maelstrom Tracker Weak Aura kinda thingy Cast Bar And loads more.....Check it out: Sweetsour's Shaman Auras 15 Aug
15 Aug Skyfury Totem Problem I think i found a bug of Skyfury Totem. Totem should increases the critical effect of damage and healing spells by 20% (last hotfix changed only dmg bonus from 30% to 20% - next bug?). I do some calculations: Resto Shaman - DMG Crit Lava Burst do 200% of normal DMG. Base Lava DMG is 467,125k (PvP Zone). All test and calculations is based on dmg and healing without proc buffs (trinkets/artifact). ... Now is the time for healing - should be 150% normal in PvP Resto Shaman - Healing ... Elemental Shaman - Healing ... Elemental Shaman - DMG Crit DMG for Ele Shaman is 260% (250% base i 10% from artifact). ... Can someone explain the method of calculating that bonus crit dmg/healing? In my opinion, there is something wrong with this totem.Falownik2 15 Aug
14 Aug Resto shaman for Mythic+? I'm a holy priest main but I want to try out some other healing classes too so I can enhance my experience. So far I have tried a druid but I don't really like the HoT mechanic and I like the way resto shaman looks. Can anyone give me some insight on how they perform in mythic + dungeons? I'm running 10-15 keys with my guild so it's important for me that I can perform well! ThanksCyrille11 14 Aug
14 Aug Restoration Shaman and Tomb of Sargeras Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, either talentwise, or stat wise, but in my guild I play next to a monk and holy priest. Not that is matters who's on top, for me, as long as people live....but last night on Goroth heroic, I noticed a bigger gap than before. Is that due to the nature of that fight? Big open field, casting e.g. Healing Rain feels kinda useless there. At the moment I got the legendary ring, and bracers....still hoping for the chest, but well....Rng, usually when i want something badly, it don't drop :-). Seeing the ToS set is based around Riptide and Healing Rain, should I just spec Echoe of the Elements always? I am trying to get used to cloudburst, and I do quite like it, but not sure if it's the best choice. Wellspring, is that viable? For example, in Goroth, that seems like a skill that can be useful in that fight, but that would go better with cloudburst as well. My mastery is 98%, that enough? I lost some due to a trink I got of Mistress (I believe). Any tips for ToS? Or are these other classes just doing better is general? From what I understood from them, they do both have 2 BiS legendaries, I don't think I have that. I do like the combination on the ring and bracers though. What I do though is, I save mana first part of the fight, usually up to 50%, ofc I heal when it is needed. For me, in the end it's not a fight to be on top of the healing meters. But I do watch the health bars closely, sometimes they hardly move, so what I do then? Is that because I'm too slow, and for whatever reason, other healing classes are doing their thing? Dunno, I just hardly see a health drop, and my (s)low mana cast is useless too, since obviously these other 2 healers I believe do have these easy hots they put onto people, and of course druids are the best in that. So does that mean, I would really need to spec echoes e.g., since having 1 HoT every 6 secs feels like it's not enough tbh....just need some guidance, I felt like I underperformed and I didn't know what I was doing wrong. or are fights like Goroth just not fights where we shine? EDIT: I read on that Ancestral Guidance is advised in raids, how best to use that then? I always go with Deluge, is that so bad? Since Ancestral Guidance does have a 2 min CD, which is quite long....Kudir11 14 Aug
13 Aug Static Overload Rework On PTR now Static Overload affects your first chain lightning after using stormkeeper, rather than being a proc. Y'all can tell me that this is a nerf all you like. This is so much better gameplay. Yeah, there's a partial revert to the EQ buff to go with it. Whatever. Static Overload isn't a frustrating low-chance proc that our entire AoE DPS is balanced around.Severax8 13 Aug
12 Aug Glyph of Ascendance? what gives? Why did they remove that glyph? It seems pointless too, majority of shamans enjoyed using that instead off the model that looks like it's broken its back... If they want us to use the normal Ascendance form then at least make it like it was in MoP (Visual wise) where it fired massive electric blasts from it's hand instead of wind!Pepitoz2 12 Aug
10 Aug Elemental Legendarys combo's Hi all, Please note this is based on Mythic+ not raiding as i don't raid. Out of the following legendary's what ones would be good combos for: AoE? Single Target? Have: Wrist: Al'Akir's Acrimony Boots: The Deceiver's Blood Pact Shoulders: Echoes of the Great Sundering Belt: Pristine Proto-Scale Girdle Trinket: Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish Legs: Roots of Shaladrassil Ring: Soul of the Farseer Head: Uncertain Reminder Don't Have: Ring: Eye of the Twisting Nether Neck: Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus Ring: Sephuz's Secret Hands :Smoldering Heart Hands: Vigilance Perch I know the ones i have ain't great but RNG is deffo not on my side:( JayleeJaylee4 10 Aug
10 Aug Elemental Shaman 0 potential for competition. It is about time Blizzard realise that the nature of the class, most precisely the Elemental specialization has 0 potential damage wise and survivability wise for Mythic raiding competition. I understand that the class once had been on its prime in Burning Crusade but that is a long time ago. The fact that no competitive guild which race for the first place choose to run with an Elemental shaman at least is just sad, while 5 rogues or 5 warriors or 5 warlocks is a viable choice of dps.Lavafrog13 10 Aug
09 Aug Elemental DPS, when to use Earthshock? So I have changed over to Elemental in the past month or so as a change from playing enhancement ( even though enhancement is arguably better anyway ) but I still find Elemental fun, and I am wondering when the best time to use Earthshock actually is during our rotation? Do we use it with as much maelstrom as possible or is there a sweet spot were supposed to 'aim' for? I know its a bit of a dumb question but I have never really known, thanks in advance!Hamjoint14 09 Aug
09 Aug Tome of Hex: Snake?! So I was looking around for the different Hex variants you can use just for fun, and I noticed there is still an undiscovered variant, according to wowhead this was added in 7.0.3, but does that necessarily mean that its in-game somewhere? and if it is then why has nobody found it yet? Could this be another un-discovered WoW secret, or do you think it's simply not in the game yet? It would be so cool if we had to figure out how to get it, like the other cool secrets that came along with Legion ( like the Sun Darter Hatchling ) just to let people know what I mean by 'secret'Hamjoint1 09 Aug
09 Aug Addon to track Maelstrom power? I'm not finding any GOOD addons that allow me to very easily see my Maelstrom amount. Tips?Flamefury5 09 Aug
09 Aug Elementarist addon Hey is anyone having a problem with this addon ? I can not see the bars. CheersArmanispree8 09 Aug
07 Aug New chain heal animation Hello, Is the new chain heal animation finished? Previous PTR version (yellowish) was very nice, now we got a kind of water animation which looks weird in my opinion. Otherwise, the new animations look great!Dizzela5 07 Aug
06 Aug Enhc T20 set bonuses Item - Shaman T20 Enhancement 2P Bonus (New) Crash Lightning increases your critical strike chance by 5% for 16 sec. Item - Shaman T20 Enhancement 4P Bonus (New) Stormstrike critical strikes increase the damage of your next Crash Lightning by 30%, stacking up to 10 times. 2pc - looks like theyr giving us back 5% crit from what they took from boulderfist. 4pc - trying to address our lack of aoe dmg in a tier set instead of actually fixing it. overall i think it looks pathetic and very bad design. to me T19 looks better. ur thoughts?Shamanase12 06 Aug
06 Aug Warrior tanks?! Before I start, I realize the kiddos wanna just say "oh you just suck" and I'm totally okay with that. I expect nothing less from the Community of WoW. :) So, warrior tanks.. I have a tough time healing them when I do keystone mythics, +10 up to +12(It's the highest I've healed). Is that a thing, because I love healing DK's and Druids, DH is also nice to heal. but warriors, doesn't work well. I can use healing surge and empty my mana on them. And it feels like I'm helping them to die even. So to me, they are completely useless. It could be the fact that I suck, ofcourse, but if I manage to heal others, why not warriors? Anyone else have the same experience. I'm not saying warriors are bad, this is no whine. It's just, am I alone in this and if so, I need some pointers.Suprano6 06 Aug
06 Aug Rotation and talents question So I recently got my second enhancement legendary which was the wrists, while I already had Smoldering Heart. I was doing a rotation with mainly stormstrike and crash lightning since i have 4-set, which was doing quite fine for me. But now with the wrist legendary I am not sure what talents are best and if I should focus more on a spec and rotation including lava lash. Do you guys have any suggestions on what might be good talents to be using in general and what rotation I should focus on? At the moment I try to maintain flametongue and frostbrand and focus on lava lash whenever ascendance isn't procced from Smoldering heart and I always use crash lightning whenever its not on cd. Thanks in advance :)Maricón3 06 Aug
05 Aug Last part in class hall campaign Hello Shamans :) I while ago I decided to lvl up a shaman for healing. I really enjoy this character. But now I think I go totally crazy. I have done the shaman quest line , and I have done all quests. I have Broken Shore ans Suramar left ( I work on those now) But now to my problem,,, I don't have the last part of "Shaman class order quest line" I have googled and googled this , and according to what I could find ... is that I should get this quest line in my order hall, but I don't have it. Is there anything I must do ( outside of quests) for receiving this quest line? I really hope someone can help me out,, because I not seam to find anything about this except that it should be a quest line in my orderhall.Celeztie0 05 Aug
04 Aug Spikes from the ground? So, yeah. I've been missing from the game for some months, but i'm slowly catching up with stuff. There's a thing that has been bugging me a lot, though. When in combat, sometimes, earth-ish spikes shoot out from the ground from me(or the follower?) towards the enemy. Kind of like the attack from that Zerg beastie that burrowed underground. I've tried looking around in the spellbook, in talents, in artifact traits and such without success. Am i missing something? Could any of you gentleshamans tell me what it is?Kortas5 04 Aug
03 Aug 7.2.5 Elementary problems Hey ho, I'm Bloodmallet(EU) from earthshrine discord. And I was asked to to translate and repost my german post regarding 7.2.5. Be aware that this is not a direct translation but has some changes for an improved readability. The content stayed the same. And like some in that thread already mentioned there exists a larger and probably better written post in the american forum: But now it's time to shine. Hey ho, after managing to write this post once and losing it to the electronic nether, I lost my patience to write everything in length and complexity again. Content - What the PTR already delivered - Why T20 is a bad idea - bad (too strong/too weak, badly designed) talents - special mentioning - what we need, what we have. The 7.2.5 PTR is up and running for quite some time now. Some spec already got some love from Blizzard and therefore some of you are quite curious what the elemental spec is going to get. - The range of all elemental summoning spells were increased from 30 yards to 40 yards. - The Earth Elemental got 600% instead of 400% armor and 150% instead of 100% life. - The Earth Elemental has a 6% reduced chance to be hit by a critical strike. Who'll be knocked out of their socks by this? Exactly. The T20 bonuses got no real changes. To repeat them: T20_2 75% damage increase for Flame Shock and 100% critical strike chance for the dot part of Flame Shock while Fire Elemental / Storm Elemental is active. T20_4 Each critical Flame Shock tick reduces the remaining cooldown of Fire Elemental / Storm Elemental by 2 seconds. The last ptr patch changed something at T20_4, but contained some errors which make it impossible to tell whether Blizzard did change the bonus or converted it to their normally used format for such data [seconds was saved as seconds while normally such timers are saved in milliseconds]. Will T20 make us a pet class? Yes and No. No, because the elemental won't deal the major part of our damage. Yes because the active time of our elementals increases. The bonus will make neither Primal Elementalist nor Storm Elemental outside of council fights great again (and even on those "good" fights they only become competitive). The true strength of these bonuses is their combination, therefore the dot damage of flame shock. What might make some excited, but is in reality pretty bad except for council fights. To get value out of these bonuses you have to spread Flame Shock to as many enemies as possible. But spawning adds want to be bursted down, and Flame Shock doesn't help with that. Especially because we have to spread one at a time. Either via direct application or via Lava Burst and Path of Flame. So the sole strong moment for the bonuses is when multiple enemies are active for a long time and are spread apart. Therefore these bonuses can be considered quite lackluster. In addition the bonuses can't be tuned for single target fights because that would make them insanly strong on predescribed council fights. Dilemma.Bloodmallet55 03 Aug
03 Aug Soul of the farseer This legendary really bugs me! If you have it and join a bg(which is started) can`t really change the spec to Echo for the elements and you are forced to play totem or something. This is really annoying :(Deleted1 03 Aug
03 Aug Ghost in the mists Make it more appealing please. Instead of building upwards to damage redcution, make it reduce it overtime instead. As a healer, you generally dont have time to sit and wait numerous seconds for the damage reduction to stack up due to pre-emptive healing and what-not. Having it tick down instead would make activating ghostwolf actual fun to use to reduce incoming bursts.Yakubyougami1 03 Aug
02 Aug Comments please on a few restospells What I dislike about resto in pve are how a few spells work. Healing rain. Tidal pools trait. Gift of the queen. I dont like how these work for pvp too btw :P, but lets limit the thread to pve. I would like to hear views from experienced pve players on the matter, as I am no such player. Healing rain. Healing rain is a stationary ground effect and it has a casttime (not a small one either). I think it is overkill if something has a stationary ground effect + a casttime. It should be one or the other. Not both imo. I would like to see healing rain being instant cast, or people receiving the benifit of the full rain, once they have been in the rain for 1 or 2 ticks. Meaning you would get a couple of ticks of healing rain while inside it and the remaining healing rain you would still get if you move out of it. Tidal pools. You cannot control this proc and when it procs, it could just as well be at a time when people move out of it. Wouldnt it be better if you received the benifit of the full tidal pools once you have been in the pools for a tick? Similar to the healing rain suggestion. Gift of the queen. The effect is a stationary groundish effect and on top of that it has a casttime. Gift of the queen has a heavy delay of 3 sec for the second proc. No mana cost is nice though. Cant the casttime be shorter? Like a 1.5 sec max or shorter than that, or something like everyone who received the first Gift of the queen, receives the delay proc too, even if they moved somewhere else? Wouldnt instant cast be fitting for an artifact spell? Shamans have enough left to cast anyway.Yashzhyl2 02 Aug
02 Aug Enhancement T20 4p Do you use the tier 20 4p in single target? I personally kept 2 piece from t19 for so long and still refrain from switching into full 4 set with crash lightning bonus, mainly because I'm not sure how to manage the stacks. Do you hold onto them until 15? If so how do you maintain the crit buff? If we cast crash lightning on CD then the stacks never get too high to deal meaningful damage, especially in single target. Any thoughts would be appreciated.Khagalat2 02 Aug
02 Aug Any Enh shamans here? I respec youStraight7 02 Aug
02 Aug What talents for PvP (Enhancememt) Hey shamans, basically I have a fix on what talents to take but Im confused with the 85 and 100 tiers, do I take Tempest or the 1500% damage lighting bolt and what 100 talent is better Ascendance or Earth spike, is boulderfist any good? Appreciate any help!Pepitoz1 02 Aug
31 Jul Elusive iron relics? Anyone else having absolutely horrid luck with iron relics? Admittedly I haven't done any group content besides world bosses, but I've been spending an insane amount of nethershards now and I seem to be getting storm relics 99% of the time. Got a good fire relic eventually, but my last ~15 relics have all been storm ones. Do nethershards give iron relics at all or do I need to try getting them somewhere else?Nylizzle1 31 Jul
31 Jul Smouldering Heart Legendary - Any good? I recently had Smouldering Heart drop for my Ele spec. After reading Icy Veins it is classed as BiS Legendary, but...that was before the stats dropped in half I assume? (Icy Veins still show pre nerf stats) The proc on it has gone from 0.20% to 0.10%. Does anyone know if this is still classed as a decent Legendary to use? Or what are the top two for Elemental now? thank youSweetstuff18 31 Jul
31 Jul Resto Shaman in ToS HC - Cant do well. Pls help me :) Hey there, im a fairly new resto shaman and i cant seem to do well in ToS HC. If i look at my logs they show that i do lower then 10% of the healing for my ilvl. I looked at my logs and think that i dont use my cd's correctly. Anyways, can some more experienced healers look at my logs and give me e few tips, because i really want to improve my healing. Thanks in advance. Greetings Bulfourim PS: Only the last Host fight and onwards im healing, the bosses before i was forced to play ele.Bulfourim2 31 Jul
31 Jul Enhancement defensives TLDR: Please give better survival tools to enhancement shaman in pvp. Possibly in exchange for a bit of dmg. Normal version: Enhance defensives seem really bad in pvp at least. Ethereal form makes you immune to physical dmg, but almost everyone does magical dmg or has a large part of magical dmg. Besides you are slowed and cant cast anything with it active. Without that you have Astral shift. Astral shift is kinda meh. A 40% dmg reduce for 8 sec and not useable while stunned on a 1.5min cd. Enhancement heals are low and no instant stun or imprison/paralysis (dh/monk) to stop some pressure and defend with. I would gladly exchange a bit of burst (still keeping it high, but less), in exchange for some tools to help survive better or that your burst goes down a bit if you pick those survival tools (keeping options this way for those who want to). Suggestions: 1.Elementalhealing trait happening over 8 sec instead of 15. Similar to Mmhunter turtle shell trait. Also increase healing. 2.Lightningsurge totem delay reduced to 1.5 sec and/or totem hp significantly increased (1mil at least). Making someone have to get away in time, rather than ''random attack lol gone''. 3.Ethereal form changed. Make Ethereal form immune melee attacks, instead of phsyical or make it combine Ethereal form and current astral shift. 4.Astral shift without Ethereal form talent. Dmg reduce to 60% + 2 charges or still at 40% 1 charge, but useable while stunned. 5.Survival passive. Some passive x% dmg reduce, reduced chance to be crit by melee attacks or reduced crit dmg taken from melee attacks. Could add it to Spectral recovery, so that you cant have it together with Ethereal form. 6.Better healing surge. The mealstrom cost reduced or healing increased. 7.Gust of wind baseline. But sharing cd with Feral lunge. Meaning using Gust of wind activates 15 sec cd on Gust of wind and 30 sec cd on Feral lunge and activating Feral lunge activates 30 sec cd on Feral lunge and 15 sec cd on Gust of wind. Questions: Are these suggestions reasonable? You cant have all at the same time and maybe not all changes should be done. Just throwing out some suggestions. What is your opinion on them?Yashzhyl2 31 Jul
31 Jul Enhance Doomhammer Hello folks, What you think of a quest chain implemented for enhance that would let you combine the Doomhammer with fury of the stonemother in a 2 hand doomhammer :). Would love some 2 hand pvp :) for oldies but goldies:DDeleted2 31 Jul
31 Jul So my 175 maelstrom es hits for 500k, really?Samsing5 31 Jul
30 Jul Rsham looking for advise Good day Shamans. I am here to ask for some advise. Firstly I like to say that I always liked shamans and I note that when I get grouped with shamans it makes me feel good. Also I think shamans could use some more love. But for some reason I always think people who play shamans are down to earth persons and do like their class. I really want a healer class and I think I want to try my new shaman. I've been a Paladin healer from classic till Wotlk and never touched a healer again. I'd like to know the state of restos. What do you like about them. How do they work out for PvP and PvE? What don't you like? Currently I'm playing mostly affliction warlock and I live the dott pressure in BG's. I notice as like everybody healers are a pain in the !@# and I like to be that healer who tops everybody's HP pools. Do you think shamans is viable for BG or do you feel like you get downed yourself too easily? I hope to see some comments and I'm curious about what you guys think!Silverbully6 30 Jul