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57m Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 57m
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1h 2 h doomhammer glyph Glyph of big hammer - change your doomhammer to 2 hand. - can be transmoged to 2h axes and hammers/maces No need to calculate dmg differently maybe show dmg numbers of main hand and offhand in one number. Also animations exists so no need of extra work for blizz. Opinions?Latexfear6 1h
8h [Guide] 2H Shaman in Legion (only for Fun-PvP) Hello! Yes I know since WoD there is no really solid way to play shaman with a two hander and especially in Legion it got even harder because of the artifact-weapon. But if you are bored and want to have some fun with a very small health-pool there is a good way to do good damage with a two hander in non-competitive PvP with some healers supporting you. Since in instanced-PvP scaling is the bread and butter you can easily equip a 2-hander from WoD and start melting people. The only thing what u will miss is the health-pool that your artifact weapon grants you and your traits. You will realize that the nature damage you deal is a little bit lower than with your artifact but the physical damage is pretty much the same or a little bit higher, depends on the ability. Sadly you have to play w/o Stormstrike and Lavalash. If Stormstrike would still work with 2-handers it would give us a ~25% damage (depends on itemlevel) increase because it scales with our weapon damage/speed. But that's only a dream. So what you are going to do is very simple: ───────────────────────────────────────── Talents: Level 15: Boulderfist Buffing our overall damage. Level 60: Hailstorm Gives us a huge buff to our weapon damage. Level 75: Overcharge Lightning bolt will be your finisher-spell in this build and has a well synergy with our Level 100 Talent. Level 90: Sundering Deals huge damage with our 2-hand weapon and has also a great synergy with our Level 100 Talent. Level 100: Earthern Spike Gives us a huge damage boost to Sundering and Lighting Bolt to burst people fast down. Honor-Talents: Tier 3: Skyfury Totem or Windfury Totem Take Sykfury Totem to boost our Lightning Bolt damage. Otherwise take Windfury Totem to increase our Windfury damage. Tier 6: Shamanism Obviously take this to burst people fast down. ───────────────────────────────────────── Gameplay First of all you have to make sure that you keep your Boulderfist-, Frostbrand- and Flametongue Buff up. Make sure that you used either your Windfury Totem or Skyfury Totem to deal extra damage. Always use your Earthern Spike on cooldown and then try to use Sundering into a Lighting Bolt too profit from the Earthern Spike Buff. If everything is on cooldown refresh your Buffs or spam Boulderfist. If all three abilities are ready again and Bloodlust too then use Bloodlust and start bursting people with the damage rotation! ───────────────────────────────────────── Tipps If you want to benefit from your Stormstrike Proccs or want to get a higher health pool again you should use a macro which allows you to swap around between both weapons: /equip Doomhammer /equip *insert your 2-handed weapon here* If you don't have any 2-handed weapon I recommend you to go to the PvP-Vendor from WoD S3 in Stormshield/Warspear near Ashran and buy a 710-weapon for 5 Marks of Honor. In addition I recommend you to transmog your weapon in something, otherwise this whole build is senseless and you can continue playing with your small dual-wield weapons. Video that shows burst rotation (sorry for lags, had trouble with recording): ───────────────────────────────────────── As I said: don't take it too serious, I never said that it's viable but it's definitely fun if you have some healers near you. Enjoy!Traut7 8h
8h Just lost 1v1 to backpeddling demo lock Playing as Ele sham. I kill his pet twice. She just stands there backing into the corner clueless as to what's going on. just spamming drain soul and putting dots up and I'm literally put under so much pressure that I can't do damage trying to outheal all that aids. She's literally just ROTTING me. I'm trying so hard to do damage, throwing icefurys, fulminations, frost shocks and lavabursts into her and her HP isn't moving. I don't mind losing in any game, but when you lose to somebody like this who clearly is not a good player whatsoever it just makes me physically sick. I was lining around the pillar for about 5 minutes and faking her stupid pet's CS.Shivkebab5 8h
8h shamans and wpvp hello a shaman that plays ele and enha(mostly ele)ive played that since november and currently am at 881 ilvl enha and 884 ele but i still cant figure a way to do anything on that a last resort i ask you guys if you found a way to cope in world pvp against anything tbh.Jackstine4 8h
8h "Totemic Warrior" Enhancement Recently I got bored with my Demon Hunter, so I decided to play on my Shaman alt! And what struck me as funny is how when you select "Enhancement" in the Specializations menu, you see this text "Totemic warrior who strikes foes with bla bla" but the thing is, you have three totems.... Am I missing something? We have Earthbind Totem, which is pretty much useless in PvE and two Talent options... I feel like I should be mad, really! But I just feel sad, this is pathetic.... If I remember correctly in the past Enhancement had like 20+ Totems? And sure, you might say "Well most of them were boring" yeah I won't lie a Shadow Resistance Totem wasn't particularly thrilling to put down but what the hell? A "Totemic Warrior" who has 3 Totems in total? One of which is not even a debuff for your foes, it's just a Wind Rush Totem?! And, like a cherry on the top we have Lightning Shield, as a Talent, LIGHTNING SHIELD, seriously?! What's next? Warriors have their Charge taken away and put up as a Talent? Paladins have Judgement taken away and put up as a Talent? Hell take away Fireball for the Mage, that's surely a Talent, right?Entaari38 8h
8h Why cant we cast waterwalking while mounted? :( This is one of the cool things I love about my deathknight, mounting up and running towards open water, pop Icy Path and boom youre now undead jesus. Why cant shaman? not even in wolf form..Kadreth7 8h
8h Are we squishy? I normally play a Frost DK, and its at 870 currently, and he can easily take on like 20 guys at once, but Shaman seems to just melt immediately with more than 3...Kohgar5 8h
13h [Suggestion] Surfing in the maelstrom! Make it possible for shamans to jump down into the order hall version of the maelstrom and do some surfing! Maybe even make it something competitive against other fellow shamans for some non-harmful fun. Could be a fun little idling thing to do while waiting for BG queues to pop or when you have nothing better to do, so when you jump into the maelstrom you instantly get a surfing board and a new action bar with some special abilities to increase your speed and to force other shamans off their surf boards and make them fall into the maelstrom, effectively sending them down somewhere into Deepholm. Add a portal down there for some easy access back to the order hall. Possible abilities while surfing: 1 - Wind push - Extremely short ranged spell for pushing your opponent off their board. 10 sec cooldown. 2 - Lightning Rod - Absorbs the next Wind push cast at you. 30 sec cooldown. 3 - Rush - Rush forwards with increased speed for 5 seconds. 15 sec cooldown. 4 - Recover - Try to get back on your board after being pushed off. 25% chance of success. 45 sec cooldown. 5 - Iceberg - Summon a small but easily avoidable iceberg that shatters the surf board of any player who crashes into it. This cannot be Recovered as your board is gone. The shaman ends up in the water and starts whirling down into the maelstrom. Iceberg lasts 30 seconds before being swallowed by the maelstrom. 1 minute cooldown. If a player is able to stay in the game for more than 5 minutes without getting sucked into Deepholm, they could be awarded a 30 minute buff called "Master of the Maelstrom" that gives 100% increased movement speed while in the class hall. Q/A: - Is this idea almost completely pointless and stupid? -Yes, yes it is. - Will adding this shaman exclusive mini game cost us a raid tier? -Probably. - Is it worth it? -Yes!Sibius8 13h
13h Earthen Rage or Totemic Mastery? Is totem mastery so much better that earthen rage is totally out of the question? cuz i kinda prefer using earthen rage..fits more with my own class-fantasy really.-Arvos2 13h
15h Auto-Totem? Is there a macro for automatically casting Totemic Mastery everytime I cast Flame Shock?Arvos0 15h
17h Do you enjoy playing Enhance? It is really boring to play enhance now, all you do is gaining maelstrom and waiting for stormstrike procs to do some damage. We make our classes so simple by choosing passive talents for more power. Enhance is literally one button class atm and i cant change that with talents cuz there is no good another option right now. Stormstrike is %40 maybe %50 of our overall damage. Do we have any offance cd as enhancement shaman? Like vendetta, recklessness, avenging wrath? I really cant feel the difference when i use doom winds and ferals they are just generating maelstrom. Enhance is my main class for 5 years and normally i dont write on forums but i just wanted to share my feelings about enhance shaman. What is your opinions about enhancement shaman play style?Successive9 17h
1d Elemental trinket/Ring Question So I have Burning Wish, but I also have Whispers in the Dark and Erratic Metranome. I can't decide if on single target fights I should swap out Burning Wish for the Metranome trinket and equip Sephuz's secret as my second legendary. If I drop Burning Wish I do lose a sizeable amount of intellect.Feirgan7 1d
1d So.. i made another Elemental World PvP Video So.. Since people down voted my last video(without giving me any feedback), i made a new one with a little bit different play style. More fair fights and less dirty tricks! Check it out! ... And don't forget to give me some feedback! thanks for watching!Touchthis4 1d
1d Enhancement Shaman Mastery VS Haste Hello. I'm looking at different guides for the stat weights for enhancement shaman. I used to be an elemental shaman (since wrath really), but this was the expansion for me to reroll to enhancement. Anyways, to get on with the main question. So far i've been dismissing any armour that has not got any mastery on it. Currently 865 ilvl with 78% unbuffed mastery, also have about 25% haste (mainly due to ancestral swiftness, but the simmed dps difference between that talent and hailstorm is currently for my gear about 2 k dps, so not worth putting an extra button in my rotation yet). Although icy-veins claim mastery is the highest secondary stat, and noxxic for instance claim haste is. What is the truth, aim for a lot of mastery, a lot of haste, or balance them out?Ahriku31 1d
1d Shaman Resto: Best race to play? (Horde) Whats the best race to play as with a resto shaman? taking into consideration Looks, Racial buffs and lore.Argroth16 1d
2d Pvp macros for Enh Shaman Hey fellow shamans . Im a new player who's looking for some help. As a person who adores pvp in each game ,i am facing some serious issues. Basically i cant click on each spell in a matter of seconds. So ,i'll really appreciate some one experienced with the years to forward to me some tips and macros that will help me. From what i know,i've never made a macro ,neither do i know HOW to make one. So could you guys help me with this?All i need from you is the exact text that i need to put in the macro for the spell combinations below. 1. Blood Fury + Doomhammer +Bloodlust =Need this . 2. Flametongue + Frostband =Both persist 20 seconds so it'll be easier. 3. Purge + Windshear-to slow down the enemy. 4.Astral shift + Cleanse Spirit . Any other macro texts will be appreciated. May the winds guide you!Oxidesama1 2d
2d 7.1.5 Enhancement Shaman Feedback Hi, i just played around a bit with enhancement on the PTR (7.1.5) and I am very displeased with how the spec currently plays with what is currently being played on live servers, most important talents being: Boulderfist Hailstorm Tempest Landslide I feel Frostbrand costs too much now. Not so much in terms of damage output or cost of the ability itself, but more as in how it plays. Especially the opening sequence can be very stuttery with me waiting for Maelstrom to generate to either use Frostbrand/Stormstrike. Frostbrand also makes up quite a large portion of the overall DPS. Additionally the increased recharge time on Boulderfist does not help. Enh is very reactionary to procs and maelstrom need. Boulderfist serves as response to this need and is also the only active response to this. If Stormbringer does proc but Boulderfiist is now on the extended cooldown, a waiting time is introduced for either Boulderfist recharge of Windfury Proc for Maelstrom generation. Always keeping a high amount on Maelstrom is in my opinion not an option as situations require you to increase your output as much as possible. The combination of increased Frostbrand cost and Increased Boulderfist recharge time hinders you in doing so and it becomes a bit of a waiting game. In essence, Boulderfist is what keeps the spec as fluid as it currently is. These two changes have quite a knock on effect on how the spec feels and its flexbility to react. On the PTR I found myself a quite a couple of times just waiting for Maelstrom for either Stormstrike or Frostbrand. This was not fun. I think this is also not something that can be simcrafted very well as it all depends when Stormbringer and Windfury Procs in combination with current Maelstrom level and time left on Frostbrand and Boulderfist cooldown. Either the Boulderfist change should be reversed or the maelstrom generation from it increased and/or Gathering the Maelstrom Trait increased to 2/4/6 instead of 1/2/3 (This trait is very underwhelming at the moment). Or some other solution Overall I strongly feel that other talents should be changed more to make them viable, rather than crippling (7.1.5) the current spec to force a change.Shaká58 2d
2d Picking a legendary item to equip I have Eye of Twisting Nether and Spiritual Journey equipped. Yesterday I got Emalon's charged core. Should i take the chest and replace the boots? I know that Uncertain reminder is BiS for Enh overall. but I still didn't get it yet sadly Any advice on my current situation?Kharimm1 2d
2d Shaman race~ Primarily Enhance. Wanting to make a shaman. Primarily Enhance. So, which race would be best for that PvP wise. or, just animation wise? Alliance side, please.Éndi9 2d
2d Rate transmog above Hey hey, since Armory is back up and running. Rate the transmog above you! Kind regards DrasqDrasq363 2d
2d T20 Bonus #dissapointment Is it just me being very dissapointed again? Most of us hate the pet as it takes dmg away from us. Makes us do less dmg overall. And now blizzard is again "inserting something in" us by giving bonuses to Fire Elemental and taking dmg away from shaman and giving to unreliable pet. Why I don't see a riot? want to hit like wet noodle again with T20?:D Seems so stupid giving us a way to stay relavant and don't rely on pet in 7.1.5 for damage and now making pet again the only way we will do damage.Dzestino6 2d
2d Enhance back in days.. Ahh.. i was really enjoing ascendance back in mop.. frying people with that animation... ;(Successive6 2d
2d Resto 4set Is the 4 set bonus for restoration shaman totally useless or does it just seem like that to me ?The totem itself doesn't do much from my point of view asides from losing me a GCD. Any feedback from a decent resto shammy would be helpful - specially on how you incorporate healing stream in your healing.Thanks beforehand.Ellethar7 2d
3d Loot issue: Versatility gear drops / rewards I don't know if it's just me, but lately my shaman (and also my BM hunter), get a LOT of VERSATILITY gear from chests in M+ and weekly rewards. I feel that wasn't the case before. Is it just unlucky, or people facing the same issue? I believe the only mail user that needs this stat is Survival Hunter, so I wonder why this high rate? Trying to promote SV hunters?Kudir2 3d
3d Rate shaman name above Rate name aboveGimbloid16 3d
4d Looking for alt Hello I was wondering of any of you could help me choose an alt. I really love the playstyle of enhancement shaman and I'm looking for a class that leans close to it to play as an alt. Any of you guys have some suggestions? thx in advanceGromulaen7 4d
5d Witchdoctors! I played with this idea in the past and thought it would be fun to have this worked out a little further. This is not a seperate class, but rather a voluntary change to troll's enhancement specialization, which is why I listed this in the Shaman topic. The idea is to have a series of quests, exclusively available to troll Shamans, giving us access to actual witchdoctors. The concept is, to prove your worth as an enhancement Shaman through series of quests, both single player and raid focused, challenging scenarios, some of which require several troll shamans. With help from Vol'jin's spirit, we can prove our worth to be ultimate wielders of the power of the loa. Think of it as a legendary questline, but instead of a legendary item, we get a legendary specialization. While in this specialization, we're no longer known as Shamans (so we lose our current shaman spells), but as Witchdoctors, and the loa we invoke are briefly visible as part of our abilities. This gives the specialization a truly unique feel as well as something awesome to work towards. You may recognize several abilities as core shaman abilities with a new, loa-induced touch. While I do think alliance players should have access to a similar legendary class specialization, hopefully for paladins, this post doesn't focus on that. As a final note, while I do think this concept is viable and reasonably balanced (I don't want this spec to be absurdly powerful, but rather relatively on par with enhancement shamans in their current state), abilities are obviously subject to change if they're too powerful and can't be downscaled accordingly. The same obviously applies to abilities that are potentially too weak.Ðéè10 5d
5d (PvE) Elemental needs advice I dusted my DH to do some NH lfr and I was amazed. With full 855 pvp gear, no enhants and BIS ring my DH was doing 350k dps. (it was my first pve gameplay besides lvling so I am a total nuub). I logged my shammy wich is 874ilvl. Switched to ele. With BIS legendary ring and 4 set lfr NH gear and with full cooldowns (no BL) on raiding target dummie i was doing 300k dps. I am nuub at elemental too. So my shammy has pve gear, gems and enhants and 4 piece set and i was doing 50k less dps than my pvp geared DH wich is nearly 20ilvs below?! I will test again in 3 days when I can equip my second legendary on shammy - BL helm. I guess then the dps will be equal to my trash geared DH... (and ilvl difference will be 25). Oh and my shammy fist is lvl 37 and my dh has just lvled his third golden trait... WTH is wrong with this imbalance? Yes DH has 5 buttons"rotation" with 3 dps cooldowns while elemental (icefury) is using like 10 spells but from gear and ilvl I expected at least 100k dps difference in favour of ele.... When I get 4 set ro my DH and i equip proper pve gear with good secondary stats dps difference will be huge... So tell me, as much as I love shammy why should I bother to play dps when dps is trash, rotation is complex and not that much rewarding (I made sure to use elemental blast asap and apply flame shock allways with buff. I never let lava burst get to two charges and I was making mistakes with only icefury and frost shocks). Enhansement is the same. Too much rng to even consider it. You can get 500k and you can as well do 300k dps... So how you guyz manage to be competative and be a part of a raid as dps? So far I am only pugging as resto and now I am really afraid to join NH with 880 ilvl ele shammy just ro do 300k dps... Obviously I need some advice :)Oogabooga23 5d
5d T20 enha Im just curious about how t20 4p will work in with ss. Since SS is a 2-hit attack will it proc 2 stacks if both crit or is it just the main hand crit that counts?Kinkycake0 5d
5d Lava burst and critical strike rating I thought i heard or read it somewhere, but does your critical strike chance % result in that % as extra damage on lava burst since it will always crit aslong as flame shock is on the target? I tried looking it up again and could not find it.Elnealio2 5d
6d Enh shaman mythic progression questions How do you guys handle it? I sim far lower than Retri, Fury, Frost, Asa and Havoc. By far lower, it's a range of 100-200k dps lower. Maybe all melee are overtuned? Nighthold doesn't drop best relics for us and most of the gear has undesirable stats. Do you guys actually farm myhic TOV and EN still to get gear with proper stats/relics? Do you think Emalon and headpiece are mandatory? Atm we have 4 items to optimize haste and mastery on. I don't feel like I will get a sudden burst of dps from something? People get 800k sims, I sit at 640k, everybody squashes me on burst fights in lower tiers and I have to fight hard for a spot in the middle of the pack. Could I get some advice, because I can't see what I am doing wrong? Thank you.Nuszka12 6d
6d Enha DPS on raid bosses Enha DPS on raid bosses.... So just a little advice really guys, im new to enhancement shaman's and I must say im really enjoying playing it! The only concern I have is I do between 300k and 350k on raid bosses, is this acceptable for a 879 equipped ilvl shaman? Any advice and comments are much appreciated :)Tpop37 6d
6d Resto shaman trinket question So I have 4 decent trinkets that I can choose from and I was wondering about other players' experience with them. 900 ilvl Naglfar Fare 900 ilvl Horn of Valor 890 Aluriel's Mirror 885 Perfectly Preserved Cake Pretty funny that all 4 of them give a different secondary stat lol. Anyway I find that the cake is simply irreplaceable specially in M+.It's just so good. Also Aluriel's Mirror seems a bit underwhelming rarely exceeding 3% of my total healing done. Horn of Valor should improve our burst healing a lot with that 5K int and its not a proc so you can decide when to use it. What are you thoughts about this fellow restogods ?Ellethar2 6d
16 Mar 2v2 Ele/WHO? Hi I play PvP mostly and i am stuck at 1,7-1,8k rating for 2s. My partner is a fury warrior, but we cant handle most of Melee Cleave comps and DH/feral + heal. If 2 melee dps sit me, i am just dead in less than 10 sec, even with CSTotem on i die so fast, just no way to survive, sometimes its able to run and hide to cast few heals but i still lose like 4/5 fights vs melees. Who do you suggest as partner for 2v2? I prefer to play double dps but playing with healer is fine also. I tried to play with disco priest, but we have to low pressure to kill another healer comps, especially melee + heal. Do you know any good guides for 2v2 ele shammy arena?Vixa2 16 Mar
15 Mar Enhance orange bracers and 7.2 Greetings peeps ! Latest wowhead post says that Akainu's Absolute Justice will recieve following change. Lava Lash deals 50% (was 30%) increased damage while your weapons are enhanced by both Flametongue and Frostbrand. Could this be a hint that we will have Frostbrand back or ?Outerspace12 15 Mar
15 Mar ele ? with artifact skins i can cast with both fist and shield out but once i transmog fist to other skin shaman starts to cast only with hands anyone have some tips to cast with other fists then artifact ones ? sorry for my englishLucifersight1 15 Mar
15 Mar [PVP] Do u use crash lightning ? And if u do, when, cause I feel like it's a waist of gcd and maelstrom but idk if I'm right ThanksAeralys7 15 Mar
14 Mar Elemental / Restoration Hi, I am mainly an elemental shaman, but I do a lot of restoration work as well. At the moment, I have 3 legendaries, and am trying to finally start with Nighthold. Those legendaries are NOT spec specific, so I wonder what is a better idea....2 shamans, or when I play resto I spec resto, and same for elemental? I'm trying to be good at elemental, but I'm struggling a lot. I need to walk, loose lots of DPS like that. 2 Days ago, I imported a weakaura for elemental, but I need to learn to play with that still. Need to learn applying elemental blast in time. But what is wise, 2 shamans, or keep playing one shaman with 2 specs? My other Panda shamans is 91 :-)Kudir10 14 Mar
14 Mar Ele / Enh Help Hi Guys, I recently rolled my Shamen and have pretty much been elemental since levelling. I play mostly PvP BG's. My item level is only 825 but hear me out. What is currently better in PvP? Ele or Enhancement because I feel my damage output is poor and keep getting ganked. (By mainly DK's & DH's) I have tried different talent specs and looked into rotations which I believe I'm doing ok with. Is enhancement better for survivability? I could never get my head round this spec but want to give it ago but unsure if I want to sink all my Artefact power into the Doomhammer. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time reading. KivonKivon2 14 Mar
13 Mar New Enh shammy gamestyle suck 1 we should get back lightning shield it wos your playstyle ability and yout take it from us ...(and No it isnt be OP if you will give it back tu us) 2 stormbringer i really dont like this, this is completly ramdom smg boost and without it wo do nothing so better meybe tampest should reducte stormstrike cd to like 9 or 10 sec and give us 2 charges of stormstrike and stormbringer will reset cd of 1 charge. and stormbringer totally crush our dmg becous it can proc like 3 times in a row so blizzard balance this for not one shot ppl with stormbringers but what if i dont get stormbringer ? stormstrike dmg suck and averything else too like lava lash ... when i see class like pala , dk or warr in bg or arena i thing what the !@#$ ? they have everyting a lot of mobility , dmg survi (yea dk and warr can do more healing than shammy ) 3 lava lash if i do not take hot hand i have no really reason to use lava lash. it wos our playstylle ability it didont do really big dmg but it can stack with searing totem to make really big dmg ... 4 heals becous of mealestorm now ew could heal self like 5 times in a row so i understand it can not heal really hard but it suck give us meybe buff witch can stack when we deal dmg and it will stack to 5 times and increase out 1 next heal for 20% for eatch charge 5 purge resto shammy can spam it if he need but enh no becous all mana we have we have to spend on healing or we will die in a sec so we can not really dispel anything 6 and there is a lot more thing why enh shmamy is dead , our dmg,mobility, survi and everyting suck and our gameplay is completly broken :(Ceresa12 13 Mar
13 Mar HELP WANTED: Guidance on Restoration Good Day Fellow Shamans, Before i get onto topic i have veen through the patch notes with regards to the effectiveness on [Chain Heal]. I am not creating this post to cry crocodile tears, i want insight and guidance on how restoration shaman works, i have played restoration from the start of legion (you would beable to armory inspect me for further details as to what i currently have, no i am not BiS, no i am not a HC raider) i would like to make the most of what i have what i am able to get and i want to function as a competent healer both raiding and not raiding i have no logs to sport sadly but when we come to raiding mostly HC EN and NM ToV| 2/3HC ToV i always feel like i am the one doing only the topping up and/or over healing rather than actually participating in helping with the bigger more important heals. i use less of chain heals and more on top of waves and surges i feel chain heal puts to much down and relies on closer formations or clusters (melee focused - such as Guarm) and i feel that is not all i can do. how do i take myself out of this spot of the "top upper" and actually show that i can do more? anyone who could give me some advise on how to play Resto to its optimal best? THanking in advanceWïndÿ9 13 Mar
12 Mar Earth Elem, Perma? Does this actually mean we have a perma earth elemental? Elemental Earth Elemental Calls forth a Greater Earth Elemental to protect you and your allies for 60 secs until cancelled. Shaman - Elemental Spec. 30 yd range. Instant. 5 min cooldown. Or maybe the meant for 60 secs OR until cancelledTrainstation8 12 Mar
12 Mar LF ELE SHAMAN WHERE R YOU Aurora is a PVE guild Situated on DefiasBrotherhood are open to most dps classes .But are particularly looking for a Mage/boomkin/lock/Spriest/Hunter! We have recently faction changed to horde in order to help pursue our PVE goals via the extended repository of racial's applicable to PVE that the horde provides. as such we are in the process of re building our raid team with the view of killing gul'dan mythic. Currently focusing our recruitment on healers and dps. Flippers are particularly valued as the nature of mythic boss fights favor a flexible team. Our officer team has over 50 years of combined guild management and raid management experience with many of our members having raided in the top 10 guilds eu at various points over the course of the games history. we were 3rd in Europe to kill the first 7 bosses in night hold only falling behind slightly with star auger! We believe that the key to success is fostering a close nit tightly integrated community of raiders that know one and other well and seek always to drive each other forwards into being the best person they can be. Most of our members are older people some of whom are married, have children or work strange hours so we don’t expect you attend every raid or every event. We understand that there are more important things in life than wow. That said our aim is to peruse pve end game while maintaining a fun and pleasant atmosphere competing at the highest level possible i will be honest with you. the move to horde has somewhat damaged our raid team and we are in the process of replacing key members that were not able to transfer. as a result i cant promise you an immediate sling shot into success, however our track record shows that we are a tenacious guild and we will purse our goals with an all encompassing intensity. Our Raid Time [Wednesday 8pm - 11:30 pm] [Saturday 8pm - 12:30/1:30 (this will vary depending on that raid team as we are aware that not everyone can raid until 1:30) Please Contact if you are interested: Umuda (Battle Tag alexis69#2392) Burninghate (Battle Tag Burninghate#2100) We are able to chat on discord or talk through any potential issues you may see, thanks for reading and enjoy your day =)Ollza0 12 Mar
11 Mar Enhance Dps on target dummy Hi all Im just over ilevel 855 and enhance spec. I was wondering what my dps should be on a target dummy. TBH i dont want to post what i get as it seems embarrassing low. I use the normal rotations as much as possible . Any advice is appreciated thanksGrumpaló2 11 Mar
10 Mar I made a World PvP Video with my Ele Shaman(bad gear) Hey again! so i made a new World PvP Video with my Elemental Shaman and thought i should share this video. Be aware that my gear is totally garbage. Link to the video: ... A trick i used: The Guards(npcs) at the towers with the World PvP quests have a mechanic/function that makes them attack a player you are in combat with. I used this to trick people into believing that its not problem to kill me because of my gear, while they end up with about 7 npcs attacking them. Hope you enjoy the video! and give me some feedback! //Cheers!Touchthis0 10 Mar
10 Mar Low Level Healing Hi all, I decided to give healing a try and sitting at low 30's and just wanted to check what I am doing is half correct so I don't fall into bad habits early on. I generally cast Riptide on tank just before boss pull and then anyone else who needs it, mainly melee. Then cast healing surge when people get to 80% health. Use the healing totem near me/ranged when needed. Is there anything else I should be aware of? If everyone takes DMV I'm using chain heal to top everyone upXyoto5 10 Mar
10 Mar Volcanic inferno loot bug! Anyone else have the annoying issue of not being able to loot a mob if volcanic inferno has affected the area where the mob died? It just constantly interrupts looting until the effect disappears. I know it's nothing major but it's sooooooo irritating! Please fix this Blizz!Gwangalump3 10 Mar