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21 Nov Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 21 Nov
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1h Lose the shield Anyone else like to see elemental lose the shield in bfa? I think if they continue down the path of fist weapons a much better option would be either dual fists or if they really want to push the boat out fist in one hand and allow a staff in the other.Ohmn8 1h
15h Spirit link totem question Hello shamans, I have question how exactly spirit link totem works. I know description of the spell but even if it recount hp every 1 second can we with good rng cheat wipe with it? Like if people stand inside with blood DK with purgatory talent or if there stand 1 guy who can survive with his hp pool can spirit link totem rescue other people who stand there with him? Thanks for answerThralala4 15h
18h Shamen fourth spec idea Well due to druids having 4 specs i don't think it is impossible to implement a forth spec but this would make sense due to there are four elements. Fire = Range DPS Wind = Melee DPS Earth = Tank Water = Healer Having shamen having access to tanking with the aspect of earth would be an interesting one having a meter that starts at X amount. When taking damage it would erode away the meter making you take more and more damage but you can reinforce your meter. Shamen would be the games first mail wearing tank so it would not effect the other tanks when it comes to gear gathering also it would bring back earth shield ability that shamans lost.Draklore52 18h
1d Rate the transmog above Last thread reached its cap - so new thread because I think I just won the mog game ;DCallìopee136 1d
1d Give us access to new chain heal holy appearance It's all in the title really: the animation work has already been done. We saw it on the PTR, this new holy chain heal looks awesome so why not give players the option to use it?Kralk21 1d
1d Soooo, Glyph of Deluge This glyph used to change our golden Chain Heal into a water-like stream. But now that Chain Heal is, by default, a water stream what does this glyph do? Nothing. 100% nothing. Shouldn't this be fixed soon? It'd be nice if it's changed to, I don't know, Glyph of Shining and gives Chain Heal its old appearance.Jaenney8 1d
1d A wish for a future Shaman race Hi, I love my Shaman but i wish me a shaman race on the horde site that looks more feminine. Maybe like the Nightbornes or Dryaden? The shaman races at the moment are all so fat and strong.Mailu21 1d
1d Enhancement Shaman in a 7.3.5 and future? So, is there any plans for him in a future? I heard many opinions about how squishy he is... And he really is... Im not going to burden you with my opinions, just asking if any1 know about him anything? The only thing I know right now is that nerf (totem stun) written in Wowhead...Gekhai5 1d
2d Mythic Elem PoV Hi everyone, I'm just starting a new YouTube channel with elem shamy pov in mythic raiding. Nothing spectacular, but if you wanna check it, the link is right below. I also stream on twitch my raid/mm+ Hope to see you there guys! Cya! o/Skeoliath0 2d
2d Shaman worst dps class in 7.1.5? With resent buffs to Mages/Hunter/Feral will shamans now be the bottomliner?Whalemental41 2d
3d Elemental is garbage Rotation? This spec actually has skills? It feels like you push unrelated buttons of other classes that do little to no damage, and are unrelated to anything in any way. Aside "skills", there are basically 0 damage and -100% survivability. Ive made my shamy long ago to play elemental, but this is just horrid piece of junk. So I had to switch to enchantment and now im far too deep into expac to reroll. If I knew Ill be playing melee, id play DH or monkfrom the start. Why is ele the worst caster every expansion?Crazystorm9 3d
3d Rate shaman name above Rate name aboveGimbloid92 3d
3d Resto PvP (Returning player) I havn't played the game since WoD and I recently dinged. I used to love playing resto shaman in PvP but that I've looked over the spec it feels way to weak in PvP, we have a lack of instants and our CDs seem more focused on raid healing. I mostly can't see how I can play this spec without stuff like grounding totem, earth shield, nature's swiftness, shield totem etc. Is there any use of this spec in PvP?Damphair2 3d
4d Best Healer For Shaman in 2s Hello. My Friend Started to play Shaman and we thought we'd like to play in arenas. I get to be a healer. Which Class would suit the shaman best ?Prall3 4d
4d Enhancement Addons Looking for some suggestions from experienced Shamans regarding PvE Addons to help with performance output Thanks :-)Wuds5 4d
4d Chain Heal - please bring back option for old effect Hello. I don't know if it's just me, but the new watery look of chain heal is terrible. I have tried to use the Glyph of Deluge, and chain heal looks the same, either way. So this is clearly a bug - is there any information if there will be an option for chain heal to turn back to the old version? Either the blue or the green beam, either one would be fine. The new water spell effect is too transparent and it's plain weird looking. I understand it comes down to personal taste, but: My main issue is that it now does not compete with any other spell effect, so I can't see it well. If you're in a group with a fire or frost mage for example, it's impossible to see whom you have healed now, as it just flashes up briefly but it is too transparent and faint. The old chain heal spell effects worked just fine. While I can see the healing done obviously on the health bars, the visual feedback was vital in helping me to determine positioning, and judging the range of chain heal. Without this visual feedback, it's frustrating. This isn't just nostalgia speaking. With this new watery transparent spell effect, it's literally impossible for me to see who got healed and who didn't in a group, during a fight with other effects going on. It makes it worse that the glyph does nothing - it'd be a huge help to be able to revert back to either the old green or blue version.Fewyn32 4d
5d How to get the 'holy' appearance on the new chain heal? Hey folks, Well the title pretty much says it all. I've always prefered the holy chain heal to the newer watery one, but with 7.3, seems like they made the default appearance watery. Is there a way to modify it? I've tried the Deluge Glyph, thinking it might work backwards but it doesn't. I also know Blizz did make a holy version of the new animation since until quite recently it was the default appearance on the PTR. So any ideas? CheersKralk7 5d
6d Enha rly that bad in pvp? Hi everyone! I'm planning to return to the game and level up this shaman however I heard Enha is extremely squishy and the maelstrom mechanism is poorly designed? Are Enha and Ele not worth leveling up for instanced pvp (random BGs) and WPVP (Argus)? Im playing solo I'd prefer a class that can dish out good dmg but also survive without relying on healers Any input is valued. ThanksWarkan17 6d
08 Dec Resto shamans M+ I really struggle starting from 10+ especially with certain affixes. Is it me or do shamans have it harder in M+ dungeons?Bullnakano1 08 Dec
08 Dec Shamans! Whats your alt? Hello. I have been having a hard time to choose an alt to play along with my shaman, but i really can't decide. Anyways i have been leveling a rogue that might become that alt i am still looking for. What is your alt?Xuto17 08 Dec
07 Dec Why is storm elemental so frowned upon? From what I can see by Primal elementalist, even Storm Elementals becomes 80% stronger. And storm ellys have half the cd of a standard fire elemental.Lucaan3 07 Dec
07 Dec low hps! help me! dont know what to do with my hps!?Yaryaya2 07 Dec
06 Dec Soul of the Farseer BUG? Why isn't this even fixed is beyond me yet If you have Echo of the Elements selected in your talent tree and you accidentally equip the ring and take it off, you lose the talent and obviously you do this in raids (where you're about to start) or mythic plus. Why isn't this fixed?Qesori7 06 Dec
05 Dec Order Hall Astral Recall? Considering classes such as Monks, Druids and DK's have had their respective teleports changed to their Order Halls, I'm curious as to why Shamans didn't get Astral Recall made to go to the Heart of Azeroth. I know people will say "But then we lose a second Hearth"; The DK's lost the ability to go to the EPL. Monks lost a quick Pandaria port. And Druids lost a Moonglade port. I'm also aware that these ports were changed for Lore Reasons, but honestly; of all the places on Azeroth, wouldn't the Heart of Azeroth be a good Recall of your Astral self? :P At this point, Shamans really don't need a second Hearth. We have Dalastone, Garristone, Admiral's Compass, Hearthstone. DK's have gate, Druid's have Dreamway and Monks have Zen. Add anymore teleports that people have... I know I'm likely gonna get the obligator "Why are you even asking" comment, but hopefully people have some interesting opinions and insight :PHesnarane9 05 Dec
05 Dec Shaman Restoration - BIS gear Hi peeps, I want to ask about gear of Antorus for Shammy healer. Do anybody knows where to see that BIS gear? Cause it seems Icy Veins don't have posted it yet.Svanir2 05 Dec
04 Dec Echoes of great sundering Just got this legendary is it any good at all?Balieza10 04 Dec
04 Dec Are ele shamans comparatively RNG reliant? Hello everyone, I am thinking about leveling an alt and Ele Shaman is what I'm most interested in, but I'm unsure about a few things, mainly the RNG components. TL:DR at bottom. I informed myself about the Ele rotation, stat priority etc. and tried them out by doing the level 100 class trial. While I generally like the playstyle, one thing that keeps popping into my head is how RNG reliant it seems to be, not counting the Lava Burst proc. It seems that RNG doesn't dictate your rotation heavily (you still hard-cast lava burst for maelstrom generation and maelstrom generation seems high enough without the mastery proc), but mainly your overall damage. I would be fine with this if it wasn't for two things: 1) The Mastery The question boils down to: How reliant are Ele Shamans on the mastery proc? Ive seen shamans mostly ignoring mastery, ending up at about 40% mastery. The proc does a lot (85% more damage and 75% more maelstrom) so it seems to have a pretty big impact. Is my assumption correct or do you not feel that big of a difference in terms of damage when leveling/raiding? 2) Smoldering Heart I absolutely hate this item. Ive been told its one you definitly want to use, but I despise it. Its a huge difference when it procs, but the chance is fairly low. Can I get away without using this abomination? I am aware of the "gambler" build and would avoid it like the plague. TL:DR How RNG reliant are ele shamans really compared to other ranged casters (mainly Frost Mage and Destruction Warlocks), especially when leveling, where it probably has the biggest impact?Maloonn6 04 Dec
03 Dec Shamanism talent not working 99% of the time NOT USABLE IN ARENAGrigdut0 03 Dec
03 Dec what would be the best ? I'm having a rough time with my enha shammy. I can't even do a decent dps on heroic raids (around 700k) what would be the best talent and legendary choices for me ? Leggys i have: - Akianu Bracers - Smoldering Heart Gloves - Shaldrassil Legs - Tempest Waist (i shouldn't even mention) - Prydaz NeckThreos1 03 Dec
02 Dec Are shaman too fragile? I've recently gotten back into my enhancement shaman and started the Argus content. I've found that compared to my other classes, it feels like he's made out of wet paper. Constantly having to spam Healing Surge and pop all my defensive CDs for more than two or three mobs. Is this an actual problem with shaman or just me needing to L2P?Aduun35 02 Dec
01 Dec roots of shaladrassil best leg for resto??? hi yesterday a new legendary dropped for me , roots of shaladrassil, normally i play chain heal style and my hps is just fine and i love the playstyle. but is cloudburst +roots the best combo for a resto shaman? and how much better is it?Madtotem8 01 Dec
29 Nov Is it really as bad as people say? Hello fellow shamans, So I dusted off my old elemental shaman main and want to pick it up again because the rotation is fun and the spells look great. However I enjoy doing world content such as world quests and the alike, but when I take a look at the forum I see a lot of people complaining about being fragile and having a difficult time in open world, is it really that bad? I'm still leveling but so far I'm not encountering any problems at all. I make good use of my slow and stun totem but so far everything has been pretty easy and fun. Will I be frustrated and disappointed when I reach level 110?Laeneya25 29 Nov
28 Nov Ele vs Resto dmg Hello, i've come up with a very strange thing when I change talents. Elemental build is a damage but my spells have less damage than when I'm in restoration, it's almost a half smaller. If it's ok, I do not understand it at all ... Thanks for some answers.Ywer11 28 Nov
28 Nov How are Ele Shamans in random BGs? Currently playing a Spriest, and while it’s definitely a strong BG class, I’m getting tired of the ‘dot everything up’ playstyle. Elemental Shamans have caught my eye as they seem to do very strong single-target damage right now. If left to free cast they always top the dmg and kill charts. Even more than Boomy’s and Arcane Mages.Pitler13 28 Nov
28 Nov Dps/long I'm wondering in long fights for enhancement is there anyway to keep my DPS up instead of keep bursting but dps hardly changing and keeps decreasing?Erah3 28 Nov
28 Nov Which Spec for Legion So i am a Shaman main since cata and really like playing every spec he has to offer as dps or even healer if needed. I stoped playing at some point in WoD and just got back into it since legion was on sale. Since i dont really care what spec i play i just wanted to ask which would be the best to join a pve guild or rather what spec a raid leader would be more likely to me pick up in. Do they prefer ele over enhancement or the other way around? Any tips for a upcoming shaman in legion would be very helpful. ThanksBroâk4 28 Nov
25 Nov Ascendence vs icefury Hello, i have a small question regarding talents I was just wondering which of the 2 performs best in pve ascendence or icefury?Rheynor7 25 Nov
24 Nov Shaman legendary weapon in Hearthstone is a polearm Like the title suggests, in the next hearthstone expansion all classes receive a Legendary Weapon card, with shamans getting a polearm called Runespear Considering that spears are among the first weapons used in history and that they can fit the tribal/primal theme of the shaman quite well, could it be a sign of thing to come in WoW? possibly for 2h enhancement?Cyanu3 24 Nov
24 Nov Thinking of rolling shaman Hi guys I used to play enhancement in wod and loved it and I am getting a urge to go back to shaman to mainly bg with would you say they are in a good spot? I find as a marksman hunter I just get instantly tunneled and its quite hard to deal with people am I just falling for the "grass is always greener" kind of logic and thinking i'd be better on a shaman when its not actually better? I am interested in either dps specs in pvp. Does anyone do bgs a lot on shaman and can give some honest feedback? Ive seen some eles and enhancement shamans just wrecking but shamans are quite rare.Draac7 24 Nov
23 Nov Possibility of a fourth spec for shamen? Well due to druids having 4 specs i don't think it is impossible to implement a forth spec but this would make sense due to there are four elements. Fire = Range DPS Wind = Melee DPS Earth = Tank Water = Healer Having shamen having access to tanking with the aspect of earth would be an interesting one having a meter that starts at X amount. When taking damage it would erode away the meter making you take more and more damage but you can reinforce your meter. Shamen would be the games first mail wearing tank so it would not effect the other tanks when it comes to gear gathering also it would bring back earth shield ability that shamans lost.Draklore3 23 Nov
22 Nov Patch 7.3.2 ELE Informations Where I can find information about patch 7.3.5 ??? Stat Priority, BiS Trinkets and Leggendaries, Build, ecc. I don't find anything :(Jeroid10 22 Nov
21 Nov Fist of Ra-Den Transmog for BFA Hello fello shammies... I have question about my Fist of Ra-Den: When the new xpac comes, will more fist weapons be rewarded for ele shamans? Cause I want Fist of Ra-Den to be a permanent mog for me through the xpac and will that be impossible if 0 fist weapons drop in BFA? Or will one-handed maces/axes be able to get mogged into Ra-Den? :>Juchon5 21 Nov
21 Nov Where to pickup Artifact quest now Thrall is gone? So I did the enhance artifact quest line first, now I want to do the ele one, but of course after the doomhammer quests thrall disappears, so who do we pickup the remaining artifact quests from?Primewíre4 21 Nov
20 Nov Dwarves vs orcs?? Would I lose big advantage in pvp If I go dwarf enh shamn instead of an orc?Grokthal5 20 Nov
19 Nov Mage Rogue openers vs Resto Sham So how the hell do you survive them? If they open on you, what do you trinket... the cheap shot/ the kidney... either way you're open to bind and your team mate dying. You can't predict the opener... so you can't pre-emptive earthern shield totem. Any tips would be appreciated... ty.Fufek2 19 Nov
18 Nov Two-Handed Stormstrike, Can we please have it back? I know enh shamans have been ment to use two weapons for most expansions, but we still had the ability to stormstrike with a two-hander up untill WoD. I get the fact that blizz wants to simplify everything to make it as streamline as possible, But messing around with 2h enh has been a fun project for me. A project that has kept me entertained when I've really burnt myself out on the game. I dont expect blizz to make it viable, I just want to be able to do it again. Sorry for the !@#$%y post, had to get it out of my system. -QuartermainLotad15 18 Nov
17 Nov Ele or Enh So I've gotten to 40 on enhancement so far...which is better for battlegrounds, PvE in late game though? Some ppl are saying enh. is too fragile.Zuojin8 17 Nov