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14 Jun Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 14 Jun
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58m I Demand my Gust of Wind Back This is absolutely insulting. I demand my favorite ability back.Draenik16 58m
3h Shield only? I'm kinda curious why in adventure guide with class filter for shammys is not visible any single Held in Off-Hand. So, are you forcing shammys to use shield? When they could use held in off-hand instead? I'm kinda sick of looking on shield in restoration after Legion. Yeah, now I can loot staves but for held in off-hand will I have to beg other classes?Aewyla3 3h
3h Mobility I was alright with the removal of GoW, cause I thought all melee would get their mobility nerfed. Unfortunatly, thats not the case. The are as mobile as they have been… So now, how can we deal with this ?Dahlzul3 3h
3h Elemental Defenses If I use together Astral Shift, Harden Skin and Spirit Wolf, do they stack? I will have a 40%+40%+(5%*stack) damage reduction? Thank youJeroid1 3h
3h Elemental Shaman Buff them. please. for the love of god. <edit> we need more mobility!Fatplatypus91 3h
4h What was all the fuzz about? (Enhancement) I haven't actively engaged in any discussion regarding Enhancement on beta since I didn't try it but I kept tabs of the community who cried out saying it was "unplayable", "unfinished" and "broken". Now when pre-patch hit I played around with it for a while, and I must say, I don't really understand what all this extreme criticism comes from. Sure we go down to 100 maelstrom again but with the talents I went with the maelstrom generation seems to be slightly more steady rather than as sporadic as it was before. I agree it's a bit !@# that we can't pool maelstrom anymore though but it's not the end of the world. The new talents are fun and it seems to fit the rotation nicely. Forceful winds and the new lighting shield made for some cool new gameplay and looked visually amazing. Cool to see sundering back in the rotation and it's a blast to use (it seems very overpowered in that talent row though). All in all I had a blast and it was as fun -if not more fun -than the previous version. Dps wise I felt that o was in pretty much the same place as before, maybe slightly above. Looking forward to playing this spec some more in bfa and if they promised even more improvement in 8.1, it'll be even more awesome :).Raynstorm18 4h
5h When do you use Tremor Totem (PvP) Newbie question, when do you use tremor totem in pvp? What would be good situations. I mostly play random BG's and might try some 2vs2 with my brother (Paladin). Thanks in advance! Oh, and I will mainly play enhance + resto.Onasha6 5h
5h Can we make earthgrab a PVP talent? The spec feels horrible without earthgrab, its actually really fun to play and "pump" people. But theres literally no way to kite anything with frostshock+Wolf. It's just not enough in this and the beta's meta. If we could just get earthgrab as a pvp talent, replaces Tremor or Capacitor totem, so you have to decide between mobility and utility - I would be in love with the changes. :(Wobz3 5h
9h Some suggestions to make ele more Interesting again to make ele more fun , baseline Elemental Blast , double lava burst damage , nerf earth shock by half ( noone likes its gameplay anyhow so unappealing wouldnt care if removed to be honest its all about lightning and lava and earthquakes) , surviability is fine, healing probs needs nerf if its anything like pre patch lvls at 120 , gust of wind has to come back or spiritwalkers grace , would love a Single target fire totem on same talent tree as magma totem . keep lightning bolt damage low but buff mealstrum generation , maybe add a new frost spell as we only have one and make it like a aoe slow (like 30% and does x damage for x amount of mealstrum) these are some suggestions as our dps is fine but it feels bad. In pvp we are awful (even unplayable after being amazing in legion) i think some of these changes would help and add more to gameplay i dont like most of our damage tied to earth shock for single target.Suidox2 9h
9h Elemental shaman community Hello everyone, I felt we elemental shaman lovers need our own community so I made one! Just for horde ;) Link: Here we can discuss everything elemental. Maybe you need help regarding talents , stats or even transmong come and chat about it. Iam myself an elemental player since early BC and manged to get a few gladiator titles since and would love to give advice or help regarding everything PvP.ßøömßôx3 9h
12h The Black Mountain 2 Thanks for watching!Diablous1 12h
13h Storm Elemental 30% Speed My Storm Elemental moves at like 1mph, my earth ele moves hella fast and so does my fire ele when i'm using it. why is this spec so horrible? Thanks. :)Tommydubz0 13h
14h Thanks for the ele changes. Before this prepatch, i needed about 3-4 lava bursts to take down a target on the elemental shaman i am leveling. Now i need about 15. And 6 second CD back to flameshock. That ticks for about 80 on a 10 000 Life target. The more i play on this prepatch the more i worry that BFA will have the same quality as WOD had when it got released.Ghazpeshi5 14h
15h types of clothing (transmog) Can i wear another type of clothing for mage? what would he, too, was made of cloth, but not like a robeSkrampy1 15h
16h Elemental Shaman and its flaws yet again is elemental shaman gets shafted of pretty much everything in BfA (bad f*****g addition), finaly at the end of legion elemental was in a great position rotation wise in both singletarget and AoE, altho lacking in the damage compartmen but hey, its atleast fun (was for about a couple of weeks at least), now in the prepatch its janky, lackluster, slow and boring af. stormkeeper is nerfed to the ground and is a talent (should be baseline and should do increased dmg), echo and ele.blast is on the same talent row (who the f**k thought that was a good idea(ele.blast should be baseline)), the nerf to Maelstrom generation is beyond horiffic and the changes to earthshock needing 60 maels is just totaly unnecessary. flameshock being on a 6sec CD AND having a 18sec duration is just dumb (should be no CD and at least 30 sec like it was before patch). having a max of 100 maelstrom and Earthquake costing 60 is just a massive kick in the teeth aoe rotation wise, either make it cost 100 and double the dmg or make it cost 50. the removal of gust of wind is laughable, now we have no escape what so ever (ghost wolf is a poor excuse) and even that spell was bad enough. the lack of mobility to do any dps while moving is gone (hello 60mael eathshock, you dont have enough resources to cast this at this time). these are my major gripes with bfa so far, there are smaller ones but cba listing them as i get more disheartened to play my beloved shaman the more i think about the patch/exp. and even if the so called amazing azerite neck is gonna fix these issues, who in their right mind wants to wait at minimum a year after the release to play a spec that just then gets playable? good job blizzard devs on making the most versitile class/spec (in theory) be at its worst since vanilla. now im of to figure out what my new main is gonna be this exp, because elementals in this state is a pure no go. /rant overPrimulá28 16h
1d Rate the transmog above Last thread reached its cap - so new thread because I think I just won the mog game ;DCallìopee274 1d
1d Ghost Wolf speed after Legion First of all, I know I am spoiled with ghost wolf speed by using Rehgar as a combat buddy, but damn, I'd really love to keep that speed from now on, regardless if Rehgar is with me or not. They've given druids a speed up on travelform and I really do hope we shaman get a speed upgrade for ghost wolf too. It's insta cast, looks good, saves time and should be on par with normal groundmount speed for sure. It makes sense a lot to have the speed upped to 100%.Cleftis11 1d
1d Ele Changes oO Don't normaly post as beta is beta but just lol Lava Burst (Elemental) Lava Burst will always critically strike the target. if the target is affected by Flame Shock. so LB crits require FS again and FS still has the same cd and logged in and tested that is the current build on beta.Rotgear6 1d
1d Help me improve my healing. Sadly my guild doensn't bother to log and we do Heroic runs with some added pugs while we wait for BFA. However. I started playing Legion over a month ago and started to clear Antorus HC with them. If anyone could check my armory and give some hints I would appriciate it. I have raided like on and off since vanilla and always been complimented for my healing on shaman. However, now I am almost bottom of the healers. Especially after the pre-patch. I bascially keep Healing Rain in the melee camp and Cloudburst on cooldown. Then I play whack-a-mole in the raid frames with healing wave with the occational healing surge. Thanks for help. I hope I can dig up a log. Just did a raid and I think no one logged it.Mussy0 1d
1d Tome of Hex: Spider Has anyone had this drop in Heroic Arcway is this purely mythic onlyRev3 1d
1d Gameplay and elemental :( So I have tested all specs in thes classes so far; DK, Paladin, Warrior Monk and Shaman. and from what i can see they all feel like they are missing allot of core. Played the ptr 120 and azorite armor even until the first raid tier wont fix anything in the gameplay. Its like legion but 50%. Blizz themselvs said that some classes are not wont get fixed in time for the 8.0 public releas and have to wait untill 8.1. But the only way i can see them fixing this is by going back to the core of the classes and making some changes. Because of teh nerf in second stats the general "gameplay" of the classes will stay the same from first raid tier untill the last so far. Any thoughts on this? yes my spelling !@#$ing sucks :D On the elemental shaman side. I REALLY dont like the talent rows atm. placing echo of the elements and elemental blast at the same row. when they both added so good gameplay :(. I hope blizzard go back and look how well done ele was in legion and change most stuff back :)Arbitèr7 1d
1d The only problem with lightning shield... ... is that the stacks still reset when I refresh the spell. Now I understand that this is what anyone would call a minor issue, but it's an easily fixed one and it doesn't change gameplay much or at all. Since I started playing enhancement shammies in Wotlk, I always had lightning shield keybound to the Z key. In wotlk the shield didn't have stacks and refreshing it meant nothing. So i started using the spell more often to f.e dismount or just prepare for an engage, before or during fights. This is something I've almost programmed myself to do... "Got nothing to do? Press Z for shield!". And I'm rippin' out my hair trying not to press the god damn Z key, because my stacks will reset with it. So in short, I'm an anxious pucker with slight OCD and I want Blizzard to change this feature so I don't have to adapt. You're asking too much from me and I can no longer tell myself whether this post turned in to a joke or not... ... but no seriously, i hate it. Make it stop. Now.Illith0 1d
1d Does Enhancement stay this amazing at 120? I'm new to playing a Shaman, but man is Enhancement amazing. It's melting every other class and spec down, at range, with great movement, crowd control and healing. It's also fun when you get blessed by good RNG, even though it's pretty much a one-button rotation at that point. My question is: does it stay this good? Especially the healing, which is our source of survivability, is much weaker at level 120, that makes a big difference. Right now I'm enjoying making a fool out of everyone else, but I want that to last for the next few years.Machias4 1d
1d I dont get it Why is elemental again complete garbage in PvP coming into BfA. Why does Icefury hit for 800 on a 30k hp pool. I like some of the changes but jesus christ, when you put flameshock on CD that means Lava burst is supposed to do some significant DAMAGE. literally every single ability is a piss in the face, ik its only a prepatch but its been same on beta. You took away gust of wind which is a solid defensive cooldown but you ve given nothing in compensation, where is spiritwalkers grace, healing totems, where is shamanistic rage, just anything that helps with survability, even the fokin movement speed from unleashed flame. i CBA another expansion of a Ghost Wolf simulator and waiting 4 seasons till my abilities starts doing some work.Imawhitemale6 1d
1d Elemental artifact xmog Will elemental shamans be able to just xmog the artifact shields and another wep or do you have to xmog both wep and shield if you want to xmog ur bfa wep to artifact ?Peanuttiez1 1d
1d High Voltage/Overload This is probably a drop in an ocean of only drops, however, I am currently leveling my Elemental Shaman and found something odd. I get my mastery: Elemental Overload, at lvl 78, right? Then why do I get a talent, High Voltage, that interacts with Elemental Overload at 60? Isn't this somewhat strange?Lamía1 1d
1d Gust of Wind, please stay with me Dear Blizzard I just rerolled to an ele shaman, after trying DKs, DHs, a paladin and a monk, on the monk I played most of legion. But now, as we are waiting for the new expansion, I decided to try a shaman. And I fell in love with it. I just hit 44lv. And I know I shouldnt take part in the class-balance discussion, but... As I hit level 30, and got that beautiful, beautiful talent the game just got lovely. That feel when u leap over slowed enemies and punch them with a crisp Lava Burst, just pure fun. I know Gust of Wind is similar to Blink, that the classes should differentiate from one another, but for the love of God if u have some love in your heart dont take it from elys .Vinvi13 1d
1d Removing Everything Lul Lul Like someone in Blizz getting paid for fcking Shamans even more? Pushing for a new world record or something? Removing Earthgrab and Gust like seriously? #logicVorag6 1d
1d Don't remove Gust of Wind in BfA Dear Blizzard, Gust of Wind is the only reason I have any chance surving in PvP (yes, I'm not a gladiator) and one of the most fun spells to use (just after Thunderstorm). Earth Grab as well being removed? This is my class fantasy: rooting people and jumping over them - not some snooze fests like Liquid Magma Totem or Earthen Rage or rest of the passive dmg talents. Never had so much fun in PvP on Elemental like during Legion, now Gust is only available only for Resto, this is heart breaking.Siddha23 1d
1d Gust of Wind for Elemental Since the early days of alpha people are divided about the Gust of Wind removal from elemental shaman. Some people believed that as long as we are tanky enough we don't need gust of wind in pvp. Even if we say that it's true what about pve? I cannot even remember all the times that GoW saved my !@# in Raids and mythic+ dungeons. I get what blizzard is trying to do with bfa and that they want the players to prepare ahead of them instead of who pressed that button faster(no matter if they succeed in doing that or not) but you also have to consider the fun aspect of the class. GoW made me feel like a god by being able to use my elemental powers to fly over people's heads and it was really usefull in soloing content outdoors or leveling and of course surviving from fall damage. Removing this talent was a mistake. You should make it baseline and nerf it to a 45s cd like Thunderstorm since we are a little more tanky now and we don't have to rely on GoW to survive as much as we did in legion. But we still need it.Shadyhorn3 1d
1d Horde race for Ele in BFA? Hey folks! Im looking to roll an Ele shaman for BFA and was wondering if there are any recommendations when it comes to horde race choice? Main focus PvE. Thanks in advance for your help!Dabozztheorc5 1d
1d enhancement and pvp After testing for straight 5 hours in bg's I must say....what they did to us?? We hit like wet noodle, I have more heals than dmg (and the numbers arent even that high-for heals). I am very very disappointed. You cant even burst anyone, healers just jump around me with full hp. (2200 stormstrike crit dmg, 400 crit windfury dmg, Lightning bolt crit 1300 dmg ....) our biggest dmg is Sundering with 5k crit. HAHAHA. While retribution doing 4x times more dmg and heal than we do, while boomkin is first in dmg everywhere(starsurge 8k, full moon 11k), chaos bolts 9k, ... My biggest mistake is preordering your expansion before this patch. (I am hearing ele is even worse)Denaya1 1d
2d My only cooldown Is acendance. Bit too far, aint it blizzard?Pondus2 2d
2d Shaman - Lost Healing Stream Totem After the Patch this morning I've completely lost the Healing Stream Totem. Every other Restoration Shaman I've spoken to still has it, but it's gone from my Spellbook.Shilan2 2d
2d Wellspring, sleeper OP? I heard Bay on FatbossTV:s resto shaman beta testing that wellspring changed from Legion. It's pretty well known that wellspring had a hidden 6 target cap and according to Bays testing, that cap might be removed. I just did a quick LFR and it seems this might be true. Wellspring did a whopping 10-15% of my healing and that's not counting the healing that went into my cloudburst totem. What do you think?Raynstorm4 2d
2d Lava Lash Why did blizzard nerf lava lash by adding a spin animation to it . Spinning isnt a shaman thing surely . >.> ion you ruined this specSilgryn0 2d
3d Kul Tiran shaman? Hi I’m going to make shaman for the next expansion and I have decided to go Alliance this time too. Do you think Kul Tirans will get shaman? I’m really hoping they will get them.Mythea3 3d
3d Ele + Resto Never played Shamy, not really... I had one leveled as Enh up to lv54. Now as BfA is aproaching I boosted him to 110 and am currently having fun in Legion build. but, BfA changes few things. I have both PtR and Beta - but first doesn't allow me to copy the character and other doesn't allow me to go back to Orgri without spoiling the content :) Guild is needing range dps & healers, which shammy seems to be covering, and I really love the elemental fantasy (dem chain lightnings). Question is, what is your opinion on upcoming changes? Is it worth investing time in learning the class, or should I stay with H.Pally?Volgrief8 3d
3d Where the heck is my Totems? Alot, has changed during the time I've been gone. Where is my Totems?... "Voodoo Totem, Earthgrab Totem, Lightning surge totem"?.. I have to chose between them? Remember back in Vanilla, tbc, wotlk where you could have 4 totems total as enhancement?... Why have they pruned it so much?... I miss my totems.. Searing totem, Windfury, Stoneskin, Tremor, Strength, Stoneclaw.. etc etc.. Blizzard... dear, dear Blizzard? Why? I feel more like a warrior without the tools of totems. Some people may find them annoying, but when you first began to design Shaman's you had a great idea... Now it's just choose between 3 totems in a talent tree?.. You're taking the fun outta the gameplay :p Each Totem had it's use. It helped other players in a group. Made people do more damage, heal over a long time, or decreased their damage with the help of the totems.. I donno about y'all but I miss those times. -.^Thyrán12 3d
3d Goblin shamans should not exist. Orcs are too badass to be priests. Taurens and draeneis cannot be rogues because they are too big to sneak up on people. Night elves, draeneis and taurens are too kind-hearted to be warlocks, they do not enjoy torturing. Logic. Goblins are evil. They destroy the enviroment, they love gambling and drinking. There's a reason why they are in charge of all Rings of blood. They should not be able to be shamans. Shamans are one with the earth. They are kind, Goblins are not. Anyone else been thinking about this?Flammer48 3d
4d [Super Urgent] The shammy healing challenge is bugged. Please fix. I've done ~30/36 appearances, I currently sit on 930 with all traits and it doesn't scale correctly, I cannot even attempt to heal it, my heals heal for maybe ~5% while my other characters don't even have to heal at all on the challenge. You have to hero and even then, it's incredibly hard.Trophee0 4d
4d Shaman order hall-Deepholm missing not showing I have completed the Windlord one but never got any follow-ups. I don’t think I have missed anything and have done this quest line before (in NA). Nothing else I need to do, right? Am level 110 and have had no order hall quests since the Windlord one at like 103.Enacea2 4d
4d CATA ELE = BEST ELE Cata Ele was so much fun. Lava burst took a decent chunk out of a players health. Spiritwalkers grace Elemental mastery (instant cast) Casting lightningbolt while moving And 2h enh was also really funDbz6 4d
4d Ench shammy, can't see off-hand? I was so excited to get my appearances on my shammy, but to my surprise, the off-hand just never shows. I'm wearing these appearances: 1) Mage Tower 2) Hidden ...and I'm missing their off-hand: but if I seathe my weapon, the spectral off-hand is there: Is this a known bug? Pretty underwhelming if it's intended. I've also tested with other appearances and they all behave the same, also, looked at other people and I can't see their off-hands. It seems that if transmog your off-hand to something else, it shows.Trophee4 4d
4d I lose mana so fast... I know many new healers have problem with this, but though I read some guide about resto shaman, my mana still goes so fast. Im 930 and I'm working on mage tower, but I cant get through firdt faze. In my rotation I use mostly chain of heal and Rain of heal, when somebody is low health I do rapitide + healing surge to keep him alive.Renaos8 4d
5d Water Walking I just noticed in beta that we finally are able to cast it in ghost wolf form without exiting the form.Shumensko2 5d
6d How it works: Enhancement hidden skin drop I did killed Ana Mouz also bonus rolled but didnt get the hidden skin, am I capped?Obvygasm3 6d