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1d Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 1d
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6h Rate the transmog above Last thread reached its cap - so new thread because I think I just won the mog game ;DCallìopee257 6h
7h Legion Enh. Shaman... So, I've just started leveling this shaman, first time playing a shaman in Legion and I must say: What the hell is this?! This feels nothing like the shaman playstyle I liked.. This reworked Enhancement playstyle feels clunky at best, and at least for now has a serious lack of lightning damage, why am I given some stupid earth and fire spells?!Alfaun19 7h
8h LF Arena partners/help Hi. So i am fairly new to arena and looking to play a resto shaman, i have played around with other classes but cant seem to get higher than around 1700, basically looking for arena partners to play consistently with, as apose to just trying to find randoms and then them leaving after one loss.. Any tips on shaman play style and arena healing also appreciated :)Achilleshéal1 8h
1d Rate shaman name above Rate name aboveGimbloid119 1d
1d New enhance shammy rotation help? Hey everyone... ive been leveling a shammy lately im only level 40 right now but my question is does it get better later on?? i mean i looked up on icy veins for the rotation but sometimes all my stuff is on cool down so i have no choice but to auto attack.. is this normal for enhance shammy does it get better?? for example like i do rockbite for the proc,then flametongue for the proc stormstrike and lavalash only if im close to capping maelstrom.. but now everything is on CD gotta auto attack 1-3 seconds ok rockbite is off cooldown another rockbite rince and repeat maybe throw in a crash skill for the aoe for the storm and lava skills... anyways gets better stick to it? or what :( other then that i love itBahrgrim5 1d
3d Ele Shaman BfA Feedback Hi together, I want to give some feedback for Ele Shaman in BFA. First, I unfortunately don’t have BFA Alpha access, so all my information is based on Wowhead and Youtube videos of Naesam. Let’s start with what i wish getting changed / included in BFA for Ele Shamans 1.survivability For the current state of high Mythic + we really need to have some on demand defensive or a second’s cooldown. It must be proactive rather than reactive since we must survive big hits (e.g. Hatecoil). The talent Spirit Wolf is absolutely solving the issue considering survivability, I’m happy seeing this talent! 2.standard changes Obviously like for every Expansion I wish for some changes to the playstyle of elemental to get some new experience. A fair amount of changes came In, I want to touch on those I dislike so far. -Earthen Rage I see the necessity of having passive ability’s (especially in the left talent row), nevertheless should Earthen Rage be replaced by exposed Elements. Earthen Rage was never taken in any scenario in whole Legion and without overturning it, the fact won’t change since the talent is more than boring. As a result, a T 15 Talent slot is freed which could be filled by Totem Mastery. As a result, a T 45 Talent slot is freed which could easily be filled by Lightning Rod. -Elemental Blast Elemental Blast is a core ability of elemental shaman and representing its hard hitter ability which should therefore be baseline. As a result, a T 15 Talent slot is freed which could be filled by an AOE ability like the one in an earlier alpha build. -Echo of the Elements Getting lava surge while Lava Burst´s cooldown is like 0,1s seconds doesn’t feel good for any player and should therefore be either baseline or the functionality of Lava Surge could be changed. As a result, a T 45 Talent slot is freed which could be filled by some passive like Elemental Focus (which I’ll miss too). -Wind Rush Totem competing with Nature´s Guardian Bringing utility for the raid (especially as shaman) feels awesome, at the cost of survivability it doesn’t. -Earthquake Costs for Earthquake feels weird. Positioning in Mythic+ or AOE Encounter (Portalkeeper Hasabel) with heavy movement already is challenging and even less rewarding in some situations. With increasing the Mahlstrom costs and reducing the generation of Mahlstrom it will not be challenging, but rather useless in most situations. I’m looking forward to a constructive and high-level discussion. See you aroundKosajalolz8 3d
4d Survivability Suggestion Elementals have problems in surviving. Particular high dmg abilities which are killing us almost instant and no healer can save us from them. Now I have the following idea which I want to present you. Thinking about Healing Surge. Pros -Healing Surge is a proactive and reactive defensive. -Being on max health on the right moment is something special hybrids can do. -Deciding whether to heal or to do dmg is added complexity. -Unlike a one button spell every 2 min, healing is more flexible. -I had many situations, where I have been the last standing dps, because I am my private healer. This felt good, I made the right decision and haven't been greedy for more dmg. Cons -Instant killing hits. If this hit does more than your max health, you are dead. -Also trading dmg for healing can put us at the bottom of making dmg, while others just had to spend one global for living. Suggestion Give us a shield for selfheals! To address survivability: [Earthshield: (Passive) A surge of water raised the mud under your feet and has covered your skin and armour with it. The Shaman can use the elements of earth to form a rock-solid layer to protect him. Healing Surge gives the Shaman a shield for 100% of healing or overhealing done. Lasting 10s. Maximal 40% of the Shamans health.] -With this, proactive healing would save our lives. -This is something different than the "one button, 2min cd, 40% dmg" reduction ability. -It fulfils the class fantasy hybrid. -It brings the potential for eager people, to be a dmg resistant class when needed. To address the dmg loss: Just buffing our dmg would result in to much dmg at not healing intensive encounters. Maybe a shield can handle this: [Lightning Shield: (Passive) A surge of water let your armour be drenched. The water enhances the ability to draw the elements of lightning to the Shaman. For each Healing Surge the Shaman get's one stack of Lightning Shield. Each attack of the Shaman triggers a Lightning Bolt with 50% of the dmg and consumes one stack. Lasts 10s. Maximal 3 stacks.] -Class fantasy fulfilled. -The Lightning Bolt is a bit weaker than casting Lightning Bolt. Therefore people which want to play on higher difficulties don't have to loose to much dmg for selfhealing and on the other hand the normal rotation is not affected, because Lightning Bolt still does more dmg. -Also we can bring back the amazing lighting orbs rotating around us. Maybe all this can be interesting for enhancement too. Best regards, DierDier0 4d
6d Shaman st/tank healer in BFA? Hi guys Do you think the resto shaman would be a good option to be a ST/tank healer with the BFA improvement added ? Earth shild; mastery and there are some azeritas try give a shild after a critic heal. What do you think? Would be nice to have again another option apart of the holy pallyEspiritual1 6d
15 May What's up with this class Playing my ilvl 895-ish monk, in DPS, at the Broken Shore, at the place of the Stand! WQ, where there are dozens of elite demons spawing all the time. I needed to kill 100 demons and went there, jumped into the fray, was being whacked by many demons at a time. On one occasion I had to use some defensive measures else it was flowing OK, almost like playing a tank. With that in mind I went in today with my ilvl 907 shaman, in elemental spec. I got whacked so badly and only by a few demons! I had to run to escape. I changed spec into enhancement thinking it would go better. This time I died almost instantly. What's up with the shaman anyway ???Shanama19 15 May
13 May Shamen fourth spec idea Well due to druids having 4 specs i don't think it is impossible to implement a forth spec but this would make sense due to there are four elements. Fire = Range DPS Wind = Melee DPS Earth = Tank Water = Healer Having shamen having access to tanking with the aspect of earth would be an interesting one having a meter that starts at X amount. When taking damage it would erode away the meter making you take more and more damage but you can reinforce your meter. Shamen would be the games first mail wearing tank so it would not effect the other tanks when it comes to gear gathering also it would bring back earth shield ability that shamans lost.Draklore55 13 May
12 May Increasing HP as shaman So recently i was struggling with a problem how to increase my health points in game. Do u guys have any good way to do it, because now i have something about 4000k and sometimes it's not enough to for ex. stay in a first fighting line in a dungeon.Talzir2 12 May
11 May Low dps? Hello. I have never mained shaman, but I really like the class anyway just always been busy with other classes / specs. I wanna try to main enhance, but idk if its just not for me. On practice dummies I do like around 1m dps.. but if i join lfr theres some dude who does like 1,5m + dps.. and that makes me think I am doing something very wrong or is my gear just not that good? I have no clue anymore how this game works (scaling) because i havent really played since mopIlikepizza7 11 May
11 May Ele Shaman Instant Cast issue Hi, I have problem with elemental shaman. Simple, it doesnt proc instant lava burst in pvp as it did. I dont know what happened. I am watching yt and setting talents as there is but dont works. Can anybody expalin me what i am doing wrong. few days ago everything was alright.Uzywka2 11 May
11 May Give us access to new chain heal holy appearance It's all in the title really: the animation work has already been done. We saw it on the PTR, this new holy chain heal looks awesome so why not give players the option to use it?Kralk24 11 May
10 May is elemental weak? i only played resto for a while and I decided switch to dps, my guild mates told me that ele is very weak compared to other casters. on the other hand enchantment looks fairly strong. but i don´t like melee that much. is it really that weak?Ognios26 10 May
10 May Elemental Shaman | Fundamental Issues in BFA Lavallamaon US touched on some of these issues in another post. And a special thanks to Barokoshama, a friend of mine that helped write this post. So I know this thread has a lot of constructive criticism in it but I do want to point out that we do like some of the changes. Coming into BFA we do appreciate the changes in our survivability and self preservation as a spec. Allowing us to be viable in high end mythic + content. Flame Shock Duration and Cooldown Issues: * The duration of Flame Shock doesn't compliment the duration of the ascendance buff. * Duration is almost impossible to keep up on 3 targets * Target switching is a pain like in Warlords. * Cant use it anymore as an "on the move" spell. * Makes PvP priority target switching even worse than PVE and the debuff can just be dispelled in PVP with no reproccusion Possible Solutions: * Have a interaction with lava surge LvB casts to have a Path of Flame Mechanic to spread flameshock. * Lower CD by 50%, Duration of Flame shock isn't as bad of an issue. * Have a reprocussion for Flame Shock Dispells in pvp. * Have 2 Stacks of FLame Shock | Maybe even have a simliar interaction to reset the CD of Flameshock like Lava Surge. Maelstrom Generation Issues Issues: * Forcing Cookie Cutter Build to fill the void of mealstrom gap with such talents: Echo of the Elements, Aftershock, Storm Elemental/High Voltage (If high voltage isn't bugged), Primal Elementalist cus (Icefury isn't worth the maelstrom cost of FrostShocks), Storm Keeper (To eliminate AOE build up). * Chain Lightning Generating low maelstrom, having to cast 4-6 times before earthquake can be casted. * Earthquake Costs too much maelstrom, causing 3 target situations to continue using Earthshock instead. Possible Solutions: * Increase Maelstrom generated by Chainlightning to eliminate slow build up for aoe. * Increase Maelstrom generation scaling from elemental overloads thus not overpowering Mastery proc chance. * Reduce cost of Earthquake to 50 so we can cast twice at full maelstrom. Eliminating aoe buildup. Start of Expansion and Late Expansion Scaling * Elemental Scaling has been an issue and a reputation with the class, we would prefer to be adjusted later in the expansion when the gear comes in then to start out weak and unviable in high end content for the first raid tier. Mobility issues Coming from Legion Issues: * Gust of wind Removed leaving us with low combat mobility and a sour taste in our mouths. And nothing in return for the removal of the talent. * We have no spells to use while moving aside from instant cast spells, though they are either gated behind maelstrom costs or long CD's. Outside of RNG with lava surge procs we don't have the "stutter step capabilities" like other casters do. Possible Solutions: * Gust of Wind was a "baseline talent" in which it was so good that we took it in almost every situation. So making it baseline would be preffered. Other casters have at least 2 mobility spells while we are stuck with ghost wolf. * Allow Lightning Bolt to be castable while moving, or give us back Spirit Walkers grace as a baseline ability. We know that numbers adjustments are still to come and we know that elemental still has some bugs to fix but we hope that these points will help or the existence of the said issues are already known.Raaden6 10 May
09 May Shaman Tanks and why we should have them 1. Our current specs focus on Air (enh) Fire (ele) and water ( Resto) yet earth is often neglected. 2. Our entire order is called the earthern ring yet no one focuses on the earthern element 3. Our Dps specs are practical glass cannons for the most part where enh used to be a semi off tank its now a hitter but a glass jaw. 4. We have a litteral tank cooldown pet yet we dont use its element at all for ourself to defend outselves its just a hide behind a minion 5. Paladins which are the alliances equivalent get all 3 roles while we dont (yes I understand pallys dont have a ranged dps spec) 6. They are the leaders of their people, their guides, what good leader leads from the rear, and come on surely some tribes focus more on protecting allies more than crushing foes 7. We used to be a fairly decent off tank and we still have some good core abilities that would make a rather fun tank such as earthern shield totem baseline to mitigate damage and things like that 8. Most tank specs are rather bland, shammys by nature are flashy as hell, come one your art team is one of the best in the industry, let them go nuts, plus you're always low on the amount of people to tank 9.If that troll in the alliance Vs horde trailer was in a tank spec rather than the glass cannons we have now he might of kicked that school boys !@# instead of getting smacked to the ground <3 10. Tanks are typically the leaders of the group, shamans are the leader of tribes, come on you know it makes sense, plus I'd love to see you guys let your hair down, even if it isnt the best tank just make it the most fun, we've stuck through a ton of bad patches where all our specs were trash and we stuck through it just because shamans are awesome!Littleblood59 09 May
09 May Please update our Fire and Earth Elemantal I think they are long over due. They don't need an overhaul but just a higher rez model would be great!Onasha1 09 May
08 May BFA Deluge/Downpour What is the deal with the interaction between BFA talents lvl 30 and 90? Is it just me or does Downpour appear valuable only in raids, but by taking that talent Deluge effectively becomes pointless. Not will you only not have Healing Rain to benefit from but you will also only have 1 Riptide charge to throw out. I.e. Downpour just looks clunky right now. Or am I missing something?Mwbd5 08 May
07 May Elemental Shaman Changes in BfA? I'm still pretty new to WoW (compared to other players), but I like the way the elemental shamans work right now. I don't know much about the new BfA changes, but I'm pretty sure Gust of Wind is being removed. I don't know about anyone else here, but I use it a lot for mobility since I'm not really the best shaman. This ability seems pretty useful to me and I don't understand why it's being removed. Also, do we have to pick between Spirit Wolf and the Earth Shield? What's that all about? I don't know if this is as bad as I think it is, so I just want to know other people's opinions. Thanks!Mintfrog5 07 May
07 May Sim question ST - yet again.. Hi guys, Currently im simming 1785k in raidbots. Im looking over the raw ability scheme and see that during the sim, if i read correctly, it uses crash Lightning on every earthen spike use once (14 numbers of spike, 14 numbers of crash Lightning). Every guide i read says crash Lightning is a loss ST. Why would the sim use it that often? Is it supposed to be a filler? But that maelstrom with my current lava-lash build would generate much lower damage than just a lavalash with the 50% buff from bracers without hot hand. What am I missing here? Someone said in an earlier thread that you would use crash Lightning to trigger feral alpha, and that would make sense but ferals even so, ferals are cast 3 times during sims and you only need to cast crash Lightning twice to keep the feral alpha buff up for their duration, so 14 will still net too many. Someone help me make sense of this madness please!!Grytkungen5 07 May
06 May BFA–Ascendance PLS change it. Ascendance in BFA it is the same as it is now i can't really believe it for players like me that only PVP it's pretty boring to be forced to only 1 choice i never used once Ascendance in PVP ever since the start of Legion. If you check on it has a 0% picking in PVP. and if you decide to chance pls also change the animation... that transformation it s from Cata lul.Raiden3 06 May
05 May Worth boosting Shaman? Thinking of boosting ally shaman. I did the elemental class trial which seemed kinda boring but I mostly want it for resto which I can't try out. Is it fun or should I just boost a pally?Infuria3 05 May
04 May Defensive CDs Hi everyone, Sorry if the topic has been treated other time but I couldn't find anything recent about it. Am I the only one the feels shamans specs (all of them) lacking a bit of defensive CDs? Especially Enhancement but every spec in general. I find astral shift a bare minimum and with a too high CD to be reliable. An idea could be to reduce Astral shift cd (1 min ?) or adding instant protection to the golf wolf form in BfA (not after 4 seconds). In my opinion, shamans need something to cope with errors or mechanics in high-level fights. There's no doubt that mistakes can be made and we have an almost non-existent toolkit for surviving them. ThanksRewasha1 04 May
04 May Unique speccs (elemental) So an idea of making unique speccs and the same time keeping the current animations. Why not keep Earthen Rage in bfa as a passive and remove it from talents. I think its a waste that this animation is not used enough and for that purpose I would make it a passive for the elemental shaman. How cool is it to throw boulders at your opponent and it would an elemental thing only controling the elements around you.Subfuria2 04 May
04 May Enhancement Shaman Haste cap 7.3.5 with T21 What's the haste cap of this strong dps?Rubing6 04 May
04 May fire earth elementals Hello. Does Fire Elemental and Earth elemental dont have any spells? all i can do is summon them and thats it, no spells for these pets :/Dexcore5 04 May
02 May [Glyph of Ascendance] comeback BFA Can we get some sort of alternative to the Glyph of Ascendance that was removed for BFA? surely the new Zandalari are not gonna transform into those ugly midget thingsShouju5 02 May
02 May Help, how do i get an atrifact weapon Hello, I have played The Legion expansion for a few days now. But i don't get how to get an atrifact weapon. the quest unbroken or something like that don't show up. I am lvl 102 shaman elemental. Also i can't go to the city hall. can some1 please help me or say what things i have to do first. Dont see thrall on dalaran. greetz FemkeZusterfemmy5 02 May
01 May Healing rain is fun - why removed? So just came back to this old shammy, playing Enhancement and having a blast! Just read about BFA and noticed they removed Healing rain, that's pretty sad. Really like the ability as it is now, it is a bit weak when it's only on my self but its kinda nice when on group. Small help for healers, some green numbers on my screen, very nice sound and animation... I really like it! Its a very small but fun group support. i really dont want it to my self, as i said its a big weak for 1 target. but i would love to see this coming back to BFA. Am i the only one in love with this ability?Xta5 01 May
30 Apr Why do Pandaren Shamans turn into a ghost wolf? There are no wolves on the Wandering Isle. Pandaren from the isle should not even know wolves exist, as Shen-Zin Su has not been to Pandaria for ~9000 years.Shinjao26 30 Apr
30 Apr Spectral owl: flight form Ok I have to say I hate being this guy, but I'm going to be that guy just now. XD I feel druids got hips of love during legion with tons of cool cosmetic skins and seeing Zandalari troll forms, it is safe to say they will get their fair share for bfa again. As a shaman, could we just settle with a spectral owl flight form as travel form? Just like with our stray dog model, the spectral owl model is already in game as a pet. It would be ace to have a flight form. my 2 cts.Voodoll2 30 Apr
29 Apr Shaman PETS It would be cool if the Shaman caster could summon a pet of every element, like Fire - Fast, Low Dmg Air - Medium speed, Medium Dmg Earth - Slow, Hight Dmg Water - Healing A healing pet would be something inovative, eh?Engcore9 29 Apr
29 Apr Enhancement Should be a tank spec. I'd totally main shamans like that.Tyrlak5 29 Apr
29 Apr Don't remove Gust of Wind in BfA Dear Blizzard, Gust of Wind is the only reason I have any chance surving in PvP (yes, I'm not a gladiator) and one of the most fun spells to use (just after Thunderstorm). Earth Grab as well being removed? This is my class fantasy: rooting people and jumping over them - not some snooze fests like Liquid Magma Totem or Earthen Rage or rest of the passive dmg talents. Never had so much fun in PvP on Elemental like during Legion, now Gust is only available only for Resto, this is heart breaking.Siddha15 29 Apr
28 Apr gust of wind gone in bfa! how will we survive? title says it all.Unify27 28 Apr
28 Apr Give Shamans a Tanking Specialization! Give Shamans a Tanking Specialization! I played this game from the very first day of release and i always played one class, the Shaman. I was THERE when Inner Sanctum and Nightmare Asylum was ruling Molten Core, i was THERE to fight in Tarren Mill when there was no pvp battelgrounds, i was THERE when shamans was only able to heal in raids, i was there million other times AND i must say that shamans deserve a tanking build and that's why: As an hybrid class, shamans was in the same position of druid in vanilla when it came to raids, they was ONLY able to heal cause there was only 1 viable build to pursue, but during the years Druids changed a lot and they have 4 damn builds, tank/melee/caster/healer, shamans instead struggled back and never changed in terms of roles. During Vanilla, one of the first blue set gave you "Defence" stats (when defence existed) abilitating you to offtank the first 3 bosses in MC as enhancement. The lore is perfect for the tanking role, shaman are defenders of elements, and the very first totem you was acquiring was the earth totem! Defenders you know!! Rockbiter once enhanced your weapon with flat damage and drastically increased your threath letting you overaggro everyone Shamans has a shield! Yea, and not only in vanilla! We've got Stoneclaw Totem once, that was taunting every creature allaround for a certain amount of time or until killed, the same way that monk statue works now As enhancement you was able to use a 2 hander BUT you could use a main hand and shield aswell and do TONS of damage! I personally own the video of me being second in dps with shield and dagger at Onyxia or other Molten Core bosses, in Vanilla! And last but not least, Shaman is the King of utility as everyone knows, and an utility tank seems a pretty fun and challanging build! You should give us the possibility to TANK, wear an earthen shield on ourself and mitigate damage with spells or totems. Hybrid tanking as the class demand I'm pretty sure that this idea came in mind of a lot of people, and i bet it would be very fun to play a Shaman Tank! A Shamank! Or whatever you can call it So i'm asking you, WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK? Let's raise our voices in favour of a shaman tank? Or just mock down this crazy guy asking for it? If you got ideas or suggestion or simple agree with what i said just write a line. Simply yours, Kefa.Kefa11 28 Apr
27 Apr Shaman Healer I was bored from the game and decided to finish the leveling of my shaman. I first went elem because I’m a caster player and then it bored me even more... No idea why I tried healer, I hated it on my Druid. This is incredibly fun. I hope they do not changed it too much in BFA I just love it. Yup just a random positivity thread!Tchot4 27 Apr
27 Apr Which Elemental legendaries should I use? Hi, I'm starting to get a sizable collection of Elemental legendaries on this shaman alt, but I'm not sure which ones I should use. I mostly play this char solo, but I'm looking to get a bit more into Mythic+ before Legion's end. Which one of the following would make the best combo for M+? Uncertain Reminder Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus Echoes of the Great Sundering Al'akir's Acrimony Smoldering Heart Sephuz's Secret Eye of the Twisting Nether Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish As a bonus question, do you think I should use different legendaries for different M+ weeks, depending on affix? (Like Tyrannical vs Fortified)Fargal7 27 Apr
25 Apr ALPHA BFA - BALANCE DRUID vs ELEMENTAL SHAMAN This is the situation: Starsurge (150% spell power) - (+20% damage) for next Lunar Strike and Solar Wrath Earthshock (125% spell power) Moonfire (22,5% spell power) - DoT (90% spell power in 16 sec) Sunfire (22,5% spell power) - DoT (67,5% spell power in 12 sec) to all enemies within 5 yards Flameshock (35% spell power) - DoT (157,5% spell power in 18 sec) Solar Wrath (60% spell power) Lightning Bolt (50% spell power) Lava Burst (53% spell power) - will always crit on Flame Shock targets Lunar Strike (85% spell power) and [(85% spell power) * 25/100)] to all enemies within 5 yards Chain Lightning (30% of spell power) to max 5 enemies Starfall [9* (9,25% of spell power)] for 8 sec - (+20% damage) to Moonfire and Sunfire DoT Earthquake (spell power * 0,125 * 6) for 6 sec - knocking down enemies NB: in Moonkin Form, Dudu increase the damage of all spell by 10% and armor by 125% Bear Form (Increase the armor by 220% and Stamina bt 6%) Barkskin (20% less damage for 12 sec every 1 min) - Usable while stunned, frozen, incapacitated, feared or asleep. Astral Shift (40% less damage for 8 sec every 1,5 min) Regrowth (restore 120% spell power health) and [(30% spell power) * 1] health over 12 sec Healing Surge (restores 119% spell power health) in 1.5 sec cast How is it possible Earthshock does less damage than Starsurge and does not have an effect that interacts with our other spells? Why can not we use Astral Shift while we are stunned, like when we had Shamanistic Rage? While the Druid can use his self-defense CD at will! There would be much more to complain about...Jeroid12 25 Apr
23 Apr [ele] Earth shock and 117 maelstrom Noob question incoming.. I have rebooted my elemental shaman which I haven't played since 7.1.5 and not played at high level since MoP. Icy Veins tells me I have to use earth shock at 117+ maelstrom. From Icy Veins' recommended rotation list (ascendance build): 5. Cast Earth Shock Icon Earth Shock if Maelstrom is 117 or greater, regardless of whether Ascendance Icon Ascendance is active or not. Prolly a dumb question. But as far as I can see maelstrom max is 100. I have looked around how to raise the maelstrom bar to 125 or 150, but cant find anything. What have I missed?Multiproc10 23 Apr
23 Apr Is Heal Shaman Hard to play for new Healers? Is Heal Shaman Hard to play for new Healers?Shiinex8 23 Apr
22 Apr Grounding for Enh and Ele Can we get it back in PvP talents and please rework Grounding and Spellreflect to ground only one spell so it will create window for more skillful plays.Isheartears0 22 Apr
22 Apr Gear & BiS Leges So I've been playing Restoration Shaman for awhile now and I've gotten quite abit of gear from Heroic Antorus but finding what gear is best to use out of it all within my bags is becoming a pain. It seems you can't Simulationcraft the Restoration spec as it doesn't work - Pawn doesn't help much either since my previous Sim was to an Assassination Rogue. From what I know gear stats for resto goes like: Intel > Crit > Mastery > Vers Is this right or wrong? If I go for ilvl my Crit is 33% Intellect 69K (ilvl961) Mastery 110% And if I go for more intellect and Crit, I'm looking at 43% Crit 73K intel (958ilvl) 83% Mastery Can anyone help me out which is best to go for? Also, if someone could help with a good guide since I can't simulate my gear from addons.Rínthil7 22 Apr
20 Apr One Shot One Kill (Alliance Quest). I have to kill 4 mobs in quick succession (furbolgs I think). Since the patch I can't complete it. Any tips? I am enh but will change if asked to, to try different tactics.Mayalla0 20 Apr
19 Apr Shaman as new main ? Hello guys ! I'm coming back after 2 years, and i'm looking for new Main to play in BFA. How in your opinion looks Shaman right now ? Will be good choice to maining ? Im interested only in Ele / Enh, what should i pick ? ( What spec gives more fun, and will be more usefull in pve/pvp ? ) And last - How Shammy looks in BFA ? Will get good changes ? Or not ? Cheers !Mefistofil14 19 Apr
17 Apr New to Shaman, question about a healing totem Hello, I'm trying to learn restoration shaman but can't seem to understand how to use the healing stream totem in an efficient way because when I put it it says its suppose to spawn under my feets but it spawns like 4-5m right of me, how am I suppose to use it in dungeons?Callmelexis2 17 Apr