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3d Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 3d
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1h T21 Resto In the new set T21 there will be a bonus from "Wave of Healing" and "Healing Burst" 30% of the base value. Question: Is it the basic value concidering a equipped character or a bare one?Юзбиздесь1 1h
1h Ele shaman stuff TL:DR Is there a way I can have a macro which Hexes Healer 1 and another which casts Lava Burst at Healer 2 in a bg? More detail I'm learning Ele Shaman. I only really do random bgs, apart from levelling up and it's bgs that I want to do even at max level also, but I have a problem. What I do at the moment is set focus on my kill target, dot everyone up with Flame Shock and then I have a macro which fires my Lava Burst instant procs at the focus. The problem with this is that if they have 2 healers I will set focus on the one I plan to try to kill, but this means I have to manually target the other one if I want to hex them, rather than using the keybind I have for Hexing Focus, so really I'd like to be able to have 2 foci, so that I can cc 1 and fire Lava Burst instant procs at the other without ever targetting either. Now in arena this wouldn't be a problem as I could use [@arena1] and [@arena2]. This is why I ask my question.Multishop5 1h
5h Void Stalker Contract trinket for enhancement Hello everyone. Did ye test Void Stalker Contract trinket as enhancement shaman ? I got relinquished 910 version and I am thinking of DE-ing it. thanks in advance.Outerspace2 5h
12h Wouldn´t it be logic If enhance got swelling waters. And ele got ethereal form?Samsing2 12h
12h Enh help Hey fellas, I need help. I have 920ilvl but i feel like i can do more dmg in raids, like I'm missing something. From legendaries i use Eye of Twisting Nether and Akainu's Absolute Justice, rest of the gear you can see on armory. I use poition of prolonged power and that demon thing poition that gives agility for 2h. As long as rotations go, I think im pretty decent with it, sometimes i miss it,but very rarely,since enha rotation aint that hard. All in all, I feel like I'm missing someting (except food buffs) and I need any kind of help. Feel free to give any advices!Yandric3 12h
13h Which Spec to play? Hello guys. I'm preparing to start play Shaman, I just don't know which one... I perceive all of them, all seems to be absolutely perfect and awsome... What I'm missing as Enha and Ele is totems.., especially as Enha... Any tips, advices, observations or experiences? Thanks for Your time and attention. Have nice evening.Guttri6 13h
1d Give us access to new chain heal holy appearance It's all in the title really: the animation work has already been done. We saw it on the PTR, this new holy chain heal looks awesome so why not give players the option to use it?Kralk2 1d
1d Ele survive and shamanistic healing trait-PVP Elemental survive in 3s is very bad, easyer way to boost his survive is boost trait Shamanistic healing (to aournd 700K heal).Zargh9 1d
1d Enha Shaman Dps ToS How much dps should a ilvl 923 enha Shaman be doing is ToS Raiding ? What I can do is around 800k, should it be higher coz of my ilvl? Here's my set up gear wise: 1d
1d Beads, please ! I really can't understand why there aren't more (recent/modern) shaman sets that lean towards the humble side. They're all so bombastic with effects, something that I usually love on sets, but I think a "rags and robes" type of set would be awesome as well. Haven't seen any kind of prayer beads which is super disappointing for a mega Thrall fan. Something like his clothing would be cool as an in-game set. Just look at what my monk is wearing. They gave the beads to monks, lol. I was semi-happy about that, but I think there's more that can be done. What's your take on this , fellow shamans?Dawgfu5 1d
2d Are shaman too fragile? I've recently gotten back into my enhancement shaman and started the Argus content. I've found that compared to my other classes, it feels like he's made out of wet paper. Constantly having to spam Healing Surge and pop all my defensive CDs for more than two or three mobs. Is this an actual problem with shaman or just me needing to L2P?Aduun21 2d
2d Astrall Recall unique animation Wouldn't you love it too if Blizzard gave us a unique animation for Astral Recall? I think it's a pity that it looks exactly like Hearthstone.Balfur4 2d
2d Rate the transmog above Last thread reached its cap - so new thread because I think I just won the mog game ;DCallìopee14 2d
2d Rate shaman name above Rate name aboveGimbloid54 2d
2d Hailstorm tooltip info-has it been changed ? Maybe it's been a reaaaaaallly long time since it was changed an i'm just being a shammy noob, but i was considering going back to hailstorm as a Tier 60 talent. Everywhere online- icyveins-wowdb-wowhead.. "Hailstorm" basically states the following: "Frostbrand now also enhances your weapon's damage, causing each of your weapon attacks to also deal 30% Frost damage" In game however it states: "Frostbrand now also enhances your weapon's damage, causing each of your weapons attacks to also deal 25,452 Frost damage" This seems like a huge, not mentioned in any patchnotes i've seen lately - nerfbat. What is the Tier 60 Hailstorm talent supposed to say and do currently pls.Noxlumina5 2d
2d Ele shamy t21 nerf... Ok... first of all, did someone tested out the t21 set in ptr, with the gambler build, and was it soo game breaking and beeing the next surrender to madness type of dmg? or why the hell did they nerfed the 4th piece by half? I can understand why for 2p they made it such that u dont have to cast 3 lava bursts to get the 30%, and instead u get directly 20% (10% nerf) from one usage of lava burst... but why that 50% nerf to the 4th p? I was actualy hoping with that 4th set ele shamy to be a lil bit more competitive in antorus but... oh wellRenjy0 2d
3d Ele pvp How's ele in random bgs atm?Yeshuagave3 3d
3d guides and such hey, so what is your favorite guide for elemental? stormearth? icey? wowhead? or perhaps something on the tube?Earthenmane1 3d
4d The skill all Enhance shamans want GUST OF WIND! <3 Hotfix it. asap. now. yeah. now :DHealiux18 4d
5d Shamans at MDI What are we thinking of the Mythic Dungeon Invitational so far? Do we expect a shaman in the future (heal or dd) and do we expect Blizzard to take the lack of some classes/speccs into account for balancing in 7.3.5? Curious about your thoughts on that topic.Salfial3 5d
5d Lava Burst fixed? Hey shamans, has anyone seen a difference in lava burst? People on US forums are saying the fix is live for them, basically there was a 25% reduced dmg in for lava burst and it's overload (pvp), but I don't see much of a difference, still hitting for 300k (no pof), which makes me think ours might go live later, probably on wednesday?Chillg1 5d
5d why everything we enjoy with .... should be nerfed to ashes ? -Control of lava -fire and ice -lightning rod and stormkeeper (pvp nerfed in around a year ago ) -swelling wave -Traveling storm (i know most of you dont even know it got nerfed,cant cast on totems after a few patches ago ) its really a question for me , none of these were OP or something ,they were only something that could let us have fun with . -Control of lava is bul!@#$ now who even takes it ? -fire and ice could let us have some MP regen , tho , idk new design is a nerf of a buff, i liked both old and new design . -swelling wave : WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY ????? this forced me pick that Spectral recovery bull%^-* ! -traveling storm : did you even know you could put your earthbind far away and cast Thunderstorm on it ? i lived it in eye of the storm ,arathi and other places ... but after a few patches ago , you cant do it anymore , just on heroes , worst ,,,, from beggining of expansion , you cant cast it while stunned ... ffs . -Lightning Rod : damage bonus from stormkeeper made it Overpowered really , so they nerfed Stormkeeper , thats ok , but why our chain lightning damage to pets doesnt contribute to lightning ROD ? this !@#$ Destroyes this talent . hell in area's you barely can find 5 targets (even with pets ) stacked , this was just a fun thing in bg and they took it away from us . Tuning number about SK was correct , but i swear for a talent that is already forsaken in pvp , this nerf was like Divine Justice (injustice in fact)Shamixure5 5d
5d All shaman content Hello everyone! A few shaman friends and I used to do all shaman content back in WoD and thought it would be good to start doing this again this expansion! If you are interested in doing all shaman content, please add my battletag or my friend Toklo's battletag (Rathril#2999 or Toklo#2255) We plan on recording/streaming the events so that other people can watch the madness even if they're not a shaman! Thanks ShamboShamborghini3 5d
6d Resto with Grevous... This is the most frustrating affix... You get those awkward moments after combat when your party is standing around you and it takes a lifetime to get them all 100%... I love our mastery and the way it works, but this affix really is a curse and not fun at all. I like some rest time to put out some dps but, this is constant, serious heals, no downtime or you really fall behind with stacks.Yeen10 6d
6d 7.3 shaman pvp Just curious what your guys takes are. Resto shaman, I feel decent--relatively. At least, as good as a healer can be in this current meta. I would say only really rivaled by priests atm. Other healers need buffs. MW are strange, buff them, and they are BEYOND godmode in RBGs, but atm, kind of marginal outside of that. We are kind of reverse of that, we are decent in smaller contexts, but not as useful as others in RBGs. All in all, resto shaman seems ok. ele shaman seems situationally decent. If i can stay at range, sometimes, it feels ok. but, doesn't feel overpowered at all, and I would say merely average--at best--overall. enh shaman feels broken as fcuk. I can't do any damage, or hardly anything useful, and I die in two shakes of a lambs tail. If I go toe-to-toe against any other melee, I have to blow every single cooldown, to make it competitive. Against others, even when I can sit on them, I still feel gimpy. All that said, it also parallels my personal time played in each spec. I have almost exclusively played resto shaman during Legion 92%, 6% ele, and 2% enh. So, it could just be, that I suck at playing the other specs? Also, I have other melee classes (I think most outside of WW) geared and at 110, and even though, I hardly play them, I feel like I just press buttons, and people die, without any real idea or clue of how things work. With Enh, I press buttons, do no damage, and I die. What do you guys think? Are my experiences just a learn to play thing?Jalisco11 6d
6d New healing rain animation Is so !@#$%^- sexy... I love it!Samsing1 6d
17 Sep Let's be real - Shaman has to suck It wouldn't be shaman otherwise, right? Shaman players are a bunch of masochists who like it when their class sucks. The endless amount of whining about everything that shamans aren't the absolute best at proves this. Shamans have no mobility. They should be given tools like Ghost Wolf, Feral Lunge or Gust of Wind to help them out a bit! Maybe they should be given some utility like Wind Rush Totem, CC totems, a self-resurrection or Heroism to help give them a place in a raid, too. Since they have really bad defensives, maybe giving them 40% damage reduction and a heal would improve the situation! Poor enhancement, having worse defensive abilities than Elemental. I've even heard that some enhancement shamans have to sit down and eat to heal! What a shame that they don't get healing surge. I guess, in the end, if Shamans had any tools to make them useful everyone would stop playing them. With the amount of absurd whining on this forum, I'm surprised that anybody does. After all, other classes have it so much better, right? Wouldn't you kill for the defensive abilities of a Holy or Discipline priest? A decaying 35% max HP buff or absolutely none whatsoever would be so much better.Gnomoresorro8 17 Sep
17 Sep T21 bugged for male Orcs & Tauren Hello, fellow Shamans. Today I stumbled across a minor yet annoying bug affecting all Orc (male) and Tauren (male) players amongst us. Take a look: As you can see, the headpieces of our T21 (LFR, normal, heroic & gladiator) are bugged for male Orcs and always show the same blueish color. The same goes for male Tauren. I know, this is not a topic worth much discussing. However, I wanted to reach as many people as possible in order to get this bug fixed (report the !@#$ out of it ingame! ;)). Have a nice day!Maelstrom1 17 Sep
16 Sep Raging Earth mobs Hi all, I am currently questing in the Broken Isles and I keep coming across rare mobs specifically for shaman but they don't seem to drop anything..? Is that normal? What are they for other than being a nice touch on class fantasy? :)Keldash2 16 Sep
15 Sep Rehgar's Legacy transmog? any good transmog to mix with it? currently only got the blue(standard) version?Earthenmane2 15 Sep
15 Sep low ele dps just curious if anyone else find them selfes doing lowish dps compared to what they sim?Earthenmane12 15 Sep
15 Sep Cloudburst totem Weakauras Hello. I'm having trouble with the CBT on Weakauras, I tried doing the nametemplate, cooldowns and selecting CBT, but it's not working. Anyone have any idea how to keep track of the timer left on the totem? ThanksVersiee3 15 Sep
15 Sep Sham pvp spec So I understand that resto is probably the best option to go for if I wanted to pvp on my shaman, but I was wondering which is better atm out of ele and enh for bgs/arena?Eluneá2 15 Sep
15 Sep Chain heal glyph?? Hey so the new chain heal animation is ok.. i guess but now the deluge glyph doesnt do anything... yet its still in the game.. maybe change the glyph so u can have that cool wc3 look u originally made on ptr? Cuz for now the glyph has no use it doesnt change the spell animation a single bit..Tuljan1 15 Sep
14 Sep Agatha Cant beat her... does her HP scale with ilevel or what? I have as much as hard time with 919 ilvl as i did with 903 ilvl.... wtfStailo4 14 Sep
14 Sep Resto shaman - legendary help Which combination of legendary would you choose? 1. Roots of shaladrassil + velen's future sight 2. Roots of shaladrassil + soul of the farseer 3. Velen's future sight + soul of the farseer ThxAntandra3 14 Sep
14 Sep Resto healer Hello. Can u tell me what you think about my shaman. my main spec is restoration. i have all basic traits on my artefact. What should i change? i have nice healing but i know that more mastery is better but i dont have luck on loot drops.Agjax6 14 Sep
14 Sep Opening Rotation for Gambling Build? I can't decide what's the most optimal way to open with for this build. I'm using whispers in the dark still and it tends to proc straight away so I'm hesitant to use things like stormkeeper and such. Could I get some opinions on what's the best way to open for it?Torvaar4 14 Sep
14 Sep Every time I resurrect someone with new anim I can't help but feel like I'm holding up some watery Simba and singing that song from the Lion King. My guildies don't appreciate the singing much, nor do my neighbours or family. I'm happy tho.Severax3 14 Sep
13 Sep Kor'kron Shaman's Treasure can Kor'kron Shaman's Treasure be farmed multiple times a week or once a week?Earthenmane1 13 Sep
13 Sep Is enchancement viable for pvp In the middle of leveling a shaman just wondering how enhancement is in PvP atmMurphy7 13 Sep
13 Sep Rehgar's Legacy Skin Dear Blizzard Team, Can we please have a Purple version for this awesome skin, instead of the second easy blue one? For Rehgar Earthfury Roleplaying for example he is using more purple things so none of them really fits. I managed somehow to get a nice red transmog with Kor kron set and red version of my current tranamog shoulders but its not like the original. Please have a look on this post. Thank you so much, please support! Doc.Docthar0 13 Sep
13 Sep Most traditional Shaman weapons? I'm a returning player, I left during TBC and was only a child back then, I never got higher than level 45 or something and played a Hunter. Now as an adult I returned to WoW this summer and am trying to get this Shaman to max level as I really enjoy the class fantasy, although I do not know much about it to be honest. I never played Warcraft III and I haven't read any books and like I said, I'm new to the Shaman. I want to create the perfect transmog look when I'm 110 so my question is, what is the most traditional Shaman-looking weapon? Currently I play Restoration but I think I will try Enhancement and Elemental too as all three specs sound interesting to me. Is it fist weapons, 1H mace + shield? Something else? Also, do the weapon choices, from a RP perspective, differ for the three specs? Or do you think all three specs should use the same type of weapon?Balfur3 13 Sep
10 Sep Noob question: does Windstrike spell exist? I'm trying to learn Enhancement rotation with my Resto Shaman and obviously looked up Icy Veins because everybody recommends it and there is a spell called WIndstrike. It is also on Wowhead. But it's not in my spellbook, although it is learned at level 26. How is that possible?Balfur3 10 Sep
10 Sep Summoning Primal Elementals Is there a reason that if you summon a Primal Elemental when you have one out not only does the Primal Elemental you already have out disappear but the one you summon never appears?Torvaar5 10 Sep
10 Sep Stop casting is not working Either macro or a direct Keybind, you cant stop cast as a resto shaman atm, can this get fixed please.Candunuffin5 10 Sep
10 Sep Thank you Blizz... I've been playing Elemental since launch back in 2005. There's been good times, and a lot of really bad times for the spec. So far in Legion, and think most would agree, that Elemental has been very lacklustre. With the changes in 7.3, I just wanted to say thank you to the devs. I've gone from feeling like my guild is carrying me, to feeling that I'm making a genuine contribution. I got so excited on patch day when we did Goroth (M) and I was in the top 3 dps in our raid. For the first time this expansion I'm feeling really positive about my class/spec again. I've no interest in being top, or FOTM OP, all I wanted was to pull my weight along with the rest of our guild. With 7.3 I feel that is now the case. Now if we could have a better defensive, that would be the icing on the cake :) Just wanted to share some positive vibes among the normal doom and gloom.Gorbagg1 10 Sep