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01 Nov [Guide] Level 100 Enhancement Shaman Patch 7.0.3 Hello fellow Shamans. Here is a little guide on some informations a picked up around to bring them out to the general public. The reason was the amount of Topic against the class in general. But let me tell you this Enhanced Shamans are fine not bad class to go with, not the most op neither. But as battlemages i feel versatility enough to have fun in pvp with this class. So let me guide you through those talent choice u should pick above others to make it definitely worth pvp'ing with. This is mainly for prepatch and lvl 100. Talents Tier 15: -Windsong: instant. Free. 45 sec CD. +35% attack speed/20 sec -Hot hand: Passive. Chance for Lava lash to be free of cost and 100% dmg boost. -Boulderfist:Replace Rockbiter. Instant. 4.69sec Recharge. +5% crit, +5%dmg/hit for 10 sec. 22.338 Nature damage per hit. Conclusion: The best talent choice for pvp is Boulderfist. Without gear adding secondary stats your best way to obtain them through legion will be through talents and gives a descent % in crits and dmg. Windsong looks good too if u really want to focus on a heavier burst instead. Hot hand i don't really see usage as I consider Lava Lash as a Maelstrom dumping spell something equivalent to a Heroic Strike of the warrior if you still remember it. Tier 30: -Rainfall: instant. 10 sec CD. Area of effect that heals for 8.990 up to 6 allies for 10 sec. Stormstrike and Lava lash extend the duration by 3 sec to a maximum of 30 sec. -Feral Lunge: instant. 30 sec CD. Lunge Lunge ... FREAKING CHAAAAARG... Lunge. Ok we get it. 11.985 dmg. U chaa.. Lunge towards a target. -Wind Rush Totem: instant. 2 min CD. totem with 10 yard radius that gives a 5 sec speed boost of 60% to all allies. Conclusion: I think it's an obvious choice to make in this tier and u all go for that freaking gap closer and kite tool that feral lunge is. We can all already fall in love with that spell as shamans. Even though it's only 30 sec. It's manageable as we have an active sprint that can follows on it. Wind Rush Totem can be cool in arena's against teams that will train your healer and Rainfall i find it hard to use as u need to kite again like back in BC. Tier 45: -Lightning Surge Totem: instant. 45 sec CD. after 2 sec stun for 5 sec all enemies in 10 yard radius. -Earthgrab Totem: instant. 30 sec CD. Last 20 sec. every 2 sec roots all target in 10 yard radius. 2nd pulse give 50% speed reduction for 5 sec on targets rooted before. -Voodoo Totem: instant. 30 sec CD. Last 10 sec. Hexes all enemies in a 8 yard radius. Conclusion: Very nice talents in this tier. One stun, one root, one hex. I would definitely pick Earthgrap the most i love roots and speed reductions as a shaman on my target so a very strong pick but we can agree that situational in some arena's Voodoo totem or Lightning Surge Totem also viable. Tier 60: -Lightning Shield: instant. 60 min buff. 5.361 damage mg when u deal or take melee damage. -Ancestral Swiftness: passive. +10% haste -Hailstrom: passive. Each of your weapon attacks also deal 2.885 frost damage. Conclusion: Like said at start, any boost in stats are welcome and specially haste so Ancestra Switness is the best talent out of those. The two others are fine but don't compete with the haste buff. Tier 75: -Tempest: Passive. Stormbringer now affects the next two Stormstrike. -Overcharge: Passive. +1500% dmg on Lightning Bolt and add a 7 sec CD on it. -Empowered Stormlash: Passive. 1 additional target and deals 35% additional damage. Conclusion: I would pick Overcharge over Tempest and ES. Although Tempest is ok, Overcharge is a massive boost to the damage of Lightning bolt that cost 60 maelstrom anyways. And becomes your best direct damaging spell with it. Tier 90: -Crashing Storm: Passive. Crash Lightning adds extra Aoe on ground that deals 7.512 Nature damage over 6 sec -Fury of the Air: Instant. 5 Maelstrom + 5/1 sec. Vortex of wind surrounding u and has 8y radius. 2.680 damage every 1 second to all enemies and slow them for 30% for 3 sec. -Sundering: Instant. 60 Maelstrom. 59.927 Physical damage and side knock them for 1 sec. Conclusion: Fury of the Air is a good tool doesn't cost much on Maelstrom can be a long snare of 30% as long as u keep them inside the vortex the 3 sec stays it only count down once they escape it. Is a good way to keep targets close deal aoe dmg every second. But Sundering is to me equally good to Fury of the Air. Having a spell that deals massive damage again for 60 Maelstrom which is not cheap though. But the side knock can be used to have like a 1 sec blanket stun that works wonderful against sticky rogues or even make casters reset their cast with it is very promising. I find both these worth in different situations. Not a rogue or lock in BG that are a pain? go Fury of the Air i would say. If they are present go for Sundering. In arenas both are viable tools. Tier 100: -Ascendance: Instant. 3min CD. 15 sed duration. Generates 10 Maelstrom/1 sec. Auto attacks and Stormstrike bypass armor and has a 30y range. -Landslide: Passive. +8% agility buff for 10 sec when u hit with Boulderfist. -Earthen Spike: Instant. 30 Maelstrom. 20 sec CD. Spike the target dealing 47941 physical damage and increase Nature dmg u deal by 10% for 10 sec. Conclusion: I really like Landslide a passive that gives descent agility boost that can stay constant on you as long as u hit things with Boulderfist. Ascendance looks good but long CD of 3min and Landslide already wins on damage output in that time by a large amount if u can apply those buffs and keep them going on. If u go Sundering no need for another expensive Maelstrom spender. Spell rotation and Burst: Basic Rotation: Open with Feral Lunge if u picked talent. Then go as follow -Boulderfist > Flametongue > Boulderfist -Frostbrand or Purge -If proc Stormstrike at that point use it otherwise use Lightning bolt. -Use Lava Lash only as Maelstrom dumping Boulderfist should be up with almost 2 stacks again. Repeat Burst Rotation: Always be above 60 Maelstrom, have your buffs from Boulderfist and Flametongue up. Use all your offensive CD's and have a proc of Stormstrike. Then do as follow - Stormstrike on proc > Stormstrike > Lightning Bolt.Deadrowz8 01 Nov
10h Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 10h
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
31m Elemental pvp Build Does anybody have a good template I can go off? Im mainly rest in pop, but would love to do some damage, but unsure where to maximise my talent tree. CheersFalbir0 31m
3h LF help from resto sham Hi I've been main priest healer for a long time but I decided recently to make an alt resto shammy which I'm loving. I've been reading up guides but I had a question I've not found the answer to yet. It seems that cloudburst totem is recommended as the best through put on that tier but and there is often talk of learning to "feed" into it properly. I can't find any specifics on what spells I should be casting to feed into it for max effect, or what is "feeding it properly". Also if I don't anticipate big damage coming should I use it on cd? Many thanksVoozul14 3h
4h Shaman worst dps class in 7.1.5? With resent buffs to Mages/Hunter/Feral will shamans now be the bottomliner?Whalemental33 4h
7h Upcoming Shamy & PvP Tuning - Feb 21 Elemental PvP Template Intellect and Stamina have been increased by 5%. Enhancement Stormstrike deals 20% less damage in PvP (was 15% less damage). PvP Template Agility has been increased by 10%. PvP Template Stamina has been increased by 5%. Restoration PvP Template Versatility has been increased by 30%.Raiden6 7h
7h Relics, need a how to! So started to gear my shaman now, really enjoy healing as one but .. I'm curious, how did you get your frost relics for a possible off spec dps build? I dont dare change my loot spec to elemental becuase of the potential legendary i really want for my resto spec. Is it all i can do to pray for titanforged ones from WQ's every now and again or hope a kind soul passes one along in m+? How do you go about getting decent ones if your not in an active raiding guild?Ramlor5 7h
8h shaman the worst class iv pvp we are atm the worst class in game enh have low dmg , normal dmg you have only when you pop everything and we have no survi very low mobility and enhsncment healing is ... probably fire mage can do more heal than we . ele dmg is ok but ele still can do nothing vs almost every class . we can do dmg only when we are not focused and our survi is like in enh the worst ... it is impossible to get more than 1500 rating playing shaman (meybe reto but i dont like play healers). you can see this here 8h
8h Order Hall Astral Recall? Considering classes such as Monks, Druids and DK's have had their respective teleports changed to their Order Halls, I'm curious as to why Shamans didn't get Astral Recall made to go to the Heart of Azeroth. I know people will say "But then we lose a second Hearth"; The DK's lost the ability to go to the EPL. Monks lost a quick Pandaria port. And Druids lost a Moonglade port. I'm also aware that these ports were changed for Lore Reasons, but honestly; of all the places on Azeroth, wouldn't the Heart of Azeroth be a good Recall of your Astral self? :P At this point, Shamans really don't need a second Hearth. We have Dalastone, Garristone, Admiral's Compass, Hearthstone. DK's have gate, Druid's have Dreamway and Monks have Zen. Add anymore teleports that people have... I know I'm likely gonna get the obligator "Why are you even asking" comment, but hopefully people have some interesting opinions and insight :PHesnarane5 8h
9h Where is our spiritual leader? In the beginning of the expansion, Thrall went to do some soul searching and left us in charge. While I understand that we are basically the leaders of the order now, it really feels crappy not to have such an important figure there. I thought it was really cool how Drek'Thar just rests his old bones in our order hall, they could've at least done something symbolic for Thrall. Has anyone been on PTR 7.2 ? Any word of him? Him having absolutely 0 contact with the Earthen Ring is in my opinion topped in terms of lame only by how Illidan seems to ignore the Illidari after his ressurection. Like not even a wink for his own people. Anyway, this isn't a rant or a FU Blizzard type of post. Just curious how other people feel about this and if they think we will see Thrall return in any capacity whatsoever. I love Legion so far (aside from this detail hehe) And yeah, he doesn't have Doomhammer anymore, but he could go full ElementalDawgstorm14 9h
9h Transmog to fist weapons - Enhancement Hey everyone I read (from Ghostcrawler, no less) that the best way to drive change in WoW is to try and clearly articulate your concerns in some public forum and hope that the developers take it seriously. So here it is: I would personally really, really like the option to allow Enhance to transmog their artifact weapons into fist weapons. Personal reasons are that I've always loved the look and feel of fist weapons and it played a big reason in me rolling Shaman originally. It's also intrinsic in the Shaman lore. It's therefore kind of disappointing that you can't do this with your artifact weapon when you do it with your levelling weapons 1-100! As a more general point, I really think that increasing the options for classes to transmog weapons is a really positive thing which increases engagement with that class (because you love their new visual look) and time spent playing (while you hunt for xmog gear). A possible counter-point is that certain classes being tied to certain weapons is part of their visual identity, and if - for example - all classes xmog to swords then this dilutes that. I'd still disagree and prefer all weapon choices to be open, but can appreciate that point of view. However this doesn't apply to Shamans since it's always been part of their class lore and WoW history to wield fist weapons! Did I once read there are technical issues with allowing certain specs to xmog to certain weapons? Either way this surely can't apply to Shamans since you can level Enhance with fist weapons! Any support for this idea would be welcomed to increase the chance Blizz notices this post. Please can we not include any negativity though (see paragraph 1) -Moonfist.Moonfist4 9h
9h Enhc T20 set bonuses Item - Shaman T20 Enhancement 2P Bonus (New) Crash Lightning increases your critical strike chance by 5% for 16 sec. Item - Shaman T20 Enhancement 4P Bonus (New) Stormstrike critical strikes increase the damage of your next Crash Lightning by 30%, stacking up to 10 times. 2pc - looks like theyr giving us back 5% crit from what they took from boulderfist. 4pc - trying to address our lack of aoe dmg in a tier set instead of actually fixing it. overall i think it looks pathetic and very bad design. to me T19 looks better. ur thoughts?Shamanase6 9h
9h Why many Shaman dislike the 7.2 mounts I've had plenty of discussions with guildies, both who play Shaman alts and not, about how the new Shaman mounts look and after finally having seen vids from 7.2 PTR, I'm dissappointed. First up, blizzard did one part of it right; you are literally carried by the elements to your destination. But a few things bother me ... a LOT. 1) The Elemental is hunched forward, as if forced to carry a heavy burden. 2) They have ornate bindings & collar, while their face is covered by a mask. 3) While flying, the character pose and mount movement instantly reminded me of the worm riders in Dune. (great movie btw) All that is missing is a leash. If you add all of the above (hunched, bindings & collar, ridden like a beast) together it feels very strongly as if the Elemental in question is enslaved into servitude, rather than providing its services willingly. According to the official Class description, Shamans are moderators among the elements and serve as a focal conduit to unleash the ever-present chaos among the elements to bring balance in the world. None of this indicates they can actually force the elements to do anything, unlike Warlocks, who do enslave demons. To me, this feels as wrong as the infamous Tracer butt pose. Why do the Elementals simply not envelop us? Being the most important Farseer in the history of Azeroth and the greatest Shaman Thrall has ever seen, the trust from both sides of being inside an Elemental would be a clear indication of the symbiotic bond the Shaman has built up with them. The Shaman trusts the Elemental to not instantly kill or harm them and bring them to their destination, while the Elemental trusts the Shaman not to kill him from the inside (using other elements) and brings him to his/her destination faster so they can focus all the elemental rage against the Burning Legion. For reference, the closest pic I could find of what I'm thinking of: Lacks an actual elemental, but you should get the point. Mount vid: So what do other Shamans think about this? Is the mount representative of what you feel Shaman are about? Or do you have issues with the poses and movement as well? TL;DR: Bolded for emphasis, but really, it's not THAT long a readAirowird8 9h
10h Rate transmog above Hey hey, since Armory is back up and running. Rate the transmog above you! Kind regards DrasqDrasq319 10h
11h Starting Ele Hi all and thanks for watching this :) let's just say that I want to reroll to elemental shaman today and study all the guides and forums about it from the Ele specialists My friendly question is from what build shall I start from the position I am now , and what build should I try to learn after :) thxArcanohn2 11h
20h Questions about the Shaman Class Hello, the guy behind the character "Skølldîr" is Johannes. I played back in the Wrath of the Lich King days and followed WoW during the Cataclysm times until MoP release and took a break from everything, until I decided to start playing again at the near end of Draenor. I have questions that I am in need of answering, since I want to be contributing to instances/raids and PvP. First thing I did was making a shaman right here, since shamans were always one of the classes that interested me, along with paladin, throughout the entire Warcraft series. And I remember how much fun shaman was back in WotLK and Cataclysm just by the looks of it. This however, since Draenor and Legion; It changed. I don't know why, but I find it less fun than before, since we don't get to work with alot of spells anymore. Am I the only one thinking this way? Another thing that came to my mind was definitely on how well shaman is preforming nowadays with these spells that are given to us. I was looking up for videos, seeing how some people stopped playing a certain spec or just completely stop playing Shaman. It gave me less hope to think that I may picked a right choice, when it comes down to preforming well in a team. Is shaman, how do you say it; No longer viable/in the meta? Lastly, before I post this, I want to say that I have some World of Warcraft experiences, from Classic up to Cataclysm, so I have no idea what to expect in the future when I suddenly hit 85 and move onto the Pandaria Expansion. I do welcome everyone's perspective and opinion, since they can help me on how to preform optimal in Warcraft. It just helps me. I not only post this due of wanting to just preform better, but also having fun with other classes and try those out. I do appreciate everything anyone has to say from their perspective and experience of anyone playing shaman, no matter if new or old. Thanks for your attention, I hope the questions get answered. :) For the once that don't bother reading; TL;DR: Is shaman underpreforming nowadays? Is shaman less fun than a few expansions ago?Skølldîr1 20h
1d Elemental shaman question talents 7.1 Hello, When patch 7.1 will be active on Legion. Elemental shaman have change on stormkeeper - now cast time 1.5 sec and can cast LB or CL 3x instant for 200 % dmg. My question is what talent will be better for ST on raid? LR or Ascendance. When we can 3x instant cast LB that will be fast chance to active LR effect. So what will be better to ST on dugeons and what better for raid. Ascendane still better for burt dmg on dungeons?Gerantin16 1d
1d 7.2 news? I saw the buffs mages were getting in 7.2 and i was baffled by it... WHAT THE HECK?! Are there any related news about shamans? Any buffs...?(nerfs? :()Cakeshock3 1d
1d Enha DPS on raid bosses Enha DPS on raid bosses.... So just a little advice really guys, im new to enhancement shaman's and I must say im really enjoying playing it! The only concern I have is I do between 300k and 350k on raid bosses, is this acceptable for a 879 equipped ilvl shaman? Any advice and comments are much appreciated :)Tpop12 1d
1d Enhancement PVP Hola amigos! I'm thinkin' of leveling a shammy for pvp, and enhancement always looked fun. But from what I'm reading here it seems total garbage? or? What are your inputs on Enhancement in pvp atm? Is it worth it? I'm gonna be quite casual on this one, do some bgs and maybe som 2s when I'm bored of my dk. That's pretty much it. Thanks in advanceSoilwork9 1d
1d question for enhancement Im very maelstrom starving due to not getting the procc on lava lash, my record is 14 lava lash in a row without procc. anyone else feeling the same. Im getting very often the situation boulderfist and stormstrike on CD and no maelstrom what so ever. anyone else feeling this?Uffe4 1d
1d Enhance Dps on target dummy Hi all Im just over ilevel 855 and enhance spec. I was wondering what my dps should be on a target dummy. TBH i dont want to post what i get as it seems embarrassing low. I use the normal rotations as much as possible . Any advice is appreciated thanksGrumpaló0 1d
1d Question about Elemental. Is Elemental Doing well currently due to the raid?.. or have Elemental actually been buffed to a Decent point?... Logs seem to show them well, but they seem to have fights where there bottom still?... Triliax High botanist and Krosus seem to be very bad fights for the Elemental shaman o.O.. Just a Random question really.Aithlyn7 1d
2d Ele shaman Just started playing my ele shaman again but the shield that accompanies the fist of ra-den has disappeared, it is not showing up in the off-hand slot. Am I missing something? (pun not intended) or do I need to submit a ticket.Arthust2 2d
2d Classes... Should i play shaman, warlock or mage (mostly PvE, Raids) And what specialization on them?Altorp3 2d
2d Shaman earth tanks Ok now let's talk about shaman and the 4 elements or 5. First we got fire and wich spec plays with fire Elemental of course and wich spec is the master of the wind enhancement of course and the master of water is of course restoration. I don't really know about storm because all specs mostly use it so i'm confused but never mind that. But wich spec is the master of earth the one who controls it? If we think about wich roll earth spec would fit in to it would not be healing becuse i don't think throwing rocks on your team would help that much, damage could happend because it would not be so weird because then you would crush your enemy by making the earth it self go agains your enemy but in my opinion it would just be stupid to add a third dps spec to shaman. Tank would be the best looking one because then you would use the earth to protect yourself by making it's build pillars protecting you by big punches or spells and it could even come out an ascendance that would give you damage reduction and make your attack give you an earth shield. If you are with me and want this to happend i could need your help by sharing with to everyone so blizzard could see this so please share this in the community so this dream can happend. Thank you for looking at my opinion about shaman :)Stormrizer19 2d
3d Enhancement 3s comps? Hi, has anyone had any consistent success with any comps for enhancement? I just cant find anything that works and I could see myself sticking to. I've tried fury turbo, destruction !@#/lsp, even tried with survival hunters but just cant seem to push as high as I would like to. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Jaime notice me senpai.ßennafflock0 3d
3d Weak Auras for Healing Stream Totem! So, does anyone have a weak auras for HST? One which would make a sound effect when HST is usable again (off cooldown). And also the same thing for Healing Rain? I've only found the kinds which show cooldown remaining.Tarjoilija1 3d
3d Nerf Elemental I'm always on top of the leaderboard. Everything we do does a !@#$load of damage, and if that isn't enough, with these days mastery is the way too go, so now everything does a %^-*load of damage twice. Could elemental pls get the nerfhammer, I feel like my guild is starting to dislike me, because I am better than everyone else. Also, could you give reincarnation a health reduction and a longer cooldown, I mean we can stand up from the death, that should be longer than half an hour. Oh and also, Astral Recall is way too OP. It's a free improved extra (!) heartstone. This is too much QoL, pls make it go to your character starting area, which makes more sense lorewise. Astral Shift could be nerfed too I guess, almost half our health is negated. Raids aren't fun anymore. Make it 10% or something, keeps raiding interesting. reverse psychology amirite guys?Kameltoetem4 3d
3d T20 for Enh shaman So i just saw set bonuses for Enh shaman in T20. I did some maths and (correct me if im wrong) im pretty excited to see if im right or not. So atm Crash Lightning hits for 67k dmg to targets in front of you + (if you got talent) 56k storm pool aoe dmg + 67k dmg to all enemies in front of you if you use stormstrike and lava lash. Thats from enchant that Crash Lighting gives if you hit 2 or more targets. With 4 set and all 10 stacks that will make 67k x 300% = 201k dmg from frist hit and 201k from enchant + 153k from that aoe storm pool talent. Im pretty sure all that can crit also. If bosses in ToS will have ads or will be aoe/cleave heavy fights, were pretty much set to be really strong, yes ? O.o Im only worried that from that point to make it work we would have to be mastery/crit focused not mastery/haste. :/Pysiek6 3d
4d Enhament pvp just putting this out there right away, i havent tried instanced pvp at all in legion, mainly because of what i am going to talk about. so judging only from world pvp (wich is broken as !@#$) enhancement cant really do jack %^-*. first thing first. our selfheal is abyssmal. unless i get super lucky with crits, i cant even heal myself fully without going oom, and ontop of that our defensive cooldown (our ONLY defensive cooldown) is one the worst defensive cooldowns in game from what i have gathered from playing other melee classes. ghostwolf doesnt break snares anymore, tremor totem is gone. glyphed shamanistic rage was great for breaking magic stuns, wich suprise suprise is also removed. so we cant counter any CC what so ever. and while we are on that topic, CC. oh boy this is something i have hated about shamans the last 7 years that i have played as one. we have no reliable CC at all. i have argued that hex is the worst CC in the game. it has cast time and a lenghty cooldown of 30 seconds. you cant even instacast it with maelstrom stacks anymore. and lightning surge totem. i mean come on blizzard, sure its easier to land it now. but its still extremely unrealiable against a decent player. and then the biggest issue right now i have with enhancement (or any shaman specc for that matter) its the only class that i run out of good keybinds. i currently have 21 spells keybound, sure i can add even more. but the issue is that the keybind should be easy to use, so if i have to contort my hands in uncomfortable ways to cast a important spell its not fun at all. and all this is exluding the added spells from honor talents. i cant really take away any spells from my keybinds because i need all of them. so here is the breakdown. to be able to pvp as enhancement you need to be a master piano player to be able to what every other class does even better. is there anyone else that feel like i do or am i simply way out of line with my thinking?Tomsboll0 4d
4d 7.1.5 Enhancement Shaman Feedback Hi, i just played around a bit with enhancement on the PTR (7.1.5) and I am very displeased with how the spec currently plays with what is currently being played on live servers, most important talents being: Boulderfist Hailstorm Tempest Landslide I feel Frostbrand costs too much now. Not so much in terms of damage output or cost of the ability itself, but more as in how it plays. Especially the opening sequence can be very stuttery with me waiting for Maelstrom to generate to either use Frostbrand/Stormstrike. Frostbrand also makes up quite a large portion of the overall DPS. Additionally the increased recharge time on Boulderfist does not help. Enh is very reactionary to procs and maelstrom need. Boulderfist serves as response to this need and is also the only active response to this. If Stormbringer does proc but Boulderfiist is now on the extended cooldown, a waiting time is introduced for either Boulderfist recharge of Windfury Proc for Maelstrom generation. Always keeping a high amount on Maelstrom is in my opinion not an option as situations require you to increase your output as much as possible. The combination of increased Frostbrand cost and Increased Boulderfist recharge time hinders you in doing so and it becomes a bit of a waiting game. In essence, Boulderfist is what keeps the spec as fluid as it currently is. These two changes have quite a knock on effect on how the spec feels and its flexbility to react. On the PTR I found myself a quite a couple of times just waiting for Maelstrom for either Stormstrike or Frostbrand. This was not fun. I think this is also not something that can be simcrafted very well as it all depends when Stormbringer and Windfury Procs in combination with current Maelstrom level and time left on Frostbrand and Boulderfist cooldown. Either the Boulderfist change should be reversed or the maelstrom generation from it increased and/or Gathering the Maelstrom Trait increased to 2/4/6 instead of 1/2/3 (This trait is very underwhelming at the moment). Or some other solution Overall I strongly feel that other talents should be changed more to make them viable, rather than crippling (7.1.5) the current spec to force a change.Shaká52 4d
4d Help with resto pls :( Can any of u help me? I'm having problem with my healing, got shaman in my guild who is less equiped, but he is way ahead of me on lists. Could some of u take a look at my character and logs and give some advice? 4d
4d Set stats are dropping my mastery I used to have a good amount of mastery but with the four piece set bonus I have I'm understand 60% now, I still want to use the ascendance build but I don't think my stats work well with it any more and icefury is a pain to get right.Feirgan3 4d
4d Restoration shaman tier set Does anyone use resto tier set? I have 3 pieces but stats are so dreadfull that its actually quite significant downgrade when i equip them, is anyone using them or have 4set piece already? What is your experience with them, is it worth equipping it if you compete on the meteres with resto druid and holy pala in your raiding group?Gorebash6 4d
4d Trinket Vial of Nightmare Fog (885) & Perfectly Preserved Cake? (875) Which one is better? :PNoemata7 4d
4d Mythic+ with elemental shaman. Can anyone be so kind to reccomend me proper talents(and rotation if possible) for m+? I know learned icefury isnt viable, but im still struggling a lot, especially with random lava that pops up, cant do any dmg, constantly interrupting me. Thank you in advance.Cakeshock5 4d
4d Shaman Healing Tweeking HI All, From reading all the guides and help and checking some of the top shaman healers out, it seems that i seem to be going a different way, and I'm wondering if im going the right way about it, I have ran several sims and it seems what i am doing does give me better healing stats. Please check my character out, and any thoughts would be nice please.Beanstrike14 4d
4d Elemental Shaman builds. Icy veins show three builds. Ascendence, Icefury and Lightning rod, however, it seem Lightning rod is the Recommended build to be using in mythic+ where the other two being for raiding depending on ur legendary. but lightning rod has a completely different stat priority list to the other two o.O... which makes gearing kinda difficult.. as i'd effectively need two sets?.. so which build should I be using?.. does it make a huge difference if I'm not using lightning rod for mythic+?Aithlyn3 4d
5d Enhance-worst pvp spec in game. Cba to be formal, cba with the pvp devs' failure to recognise enhancement is completely unviable and the worst spec in the game for pvp: Too reliant on RNG procs for its main source of damage: 0 skill, 0 fun, incredibly frustrating, makes outplaying your opponents for 10 minutes futile. General global pressure simply isn't good enough. Very weak survivability. Weak utility. Sign up for RBG: 'Ele?' 'No' = Declined. Sign up for 3s/make my own group: 'Ele?' 'No' = Declined/Cancelled. It's almost like they forget enhancement exists. Whoever designed this RNG !@#$show spec deserves to be fired. But nah, keep the trash specs trash and do nothing to the most broken comps and specs in the game :)Evatar3 5d
5d Another hotfix..again no enhance pvp fixes... Blizz please wake up, why are you not fixing enhance pvp?Redoc6 5d
6d Kor'kron Dark Shamans Set - Cross Char? Hey, A friend of mine wants a leveling buddy on another server (and faction). I already have all classes 100-110, so i decided to level another Shaman with him. My 'main shaman' has the Kor'kron Dark Shamans Set, and i wondered if the set is locked to the character that received it (like Challenge mode) or if it is shared across your account (like bog standard tmog items) I don't have two Shamans high enough level to check, and just wondered if anyone else has and/or knows if it's possible? Thanks!Icky2 6d
6d Upgrading legendary Hi guys, Should I upgrade my Eye of the Twisting Nether or Emalons Charged Core first?Thjex5 6d
6d Fist weapons and transmog for elemental shamans Since transmog became a thing, I've done everything I could to avoid getting fist weapons, because you would NEVER be able to see your new badass weapon. I would always be sad if i got an upgrade and it was a fist weapon, because I really like the transmog system. So now that every elemental shaman is stuck with a fist weapon for the rest of the expansion, why haven't they made them visible all the time, like swords, or made all fist weapons show up as you cast spells? Really lazy work of Blizzard, I must say. (I will give them credit for the nice looking artifact weapon and the visibility of it while casting, but it would be nice with some variation). Hope they will make some changes soon, because this should have been done when legion came out. Have a nice day and shoutout to ScrewFace!Arkiller5 6d
14 Feb Need help as Ele Shaman pls Hey guys, I would really like to improve my DPS as en elemental shaman. I can't get over 400k DPS singletarget with an Itemlevel of 891 on a fight like Krosus. I would really appreciate your help to improve my overall damage and performance, especally in singletarget fights. My logs: I am part of every raid in the last few weeks so feel free to choose if you decide to help me. Last but not least I want to thank everyone trying to help me improve. PS: English is not my native language so please don't blame me for mistakes.Ladaron7 14 Feb
14 Feb just a Question. If i was to reroll my SHaman Elemental, would It be worth relevelling a toon? it currently already has a legendary as enhancement making it useless?... Would u say its worth rerolling and trying to get that beginners Luck Stacking thing as a fresh 110 or not bother?..Aithlyn4 14 Feb
14 Feb Wanna get into Enh Shammy. How's PvP? Heyo. Got the itch for some WoW again and wanted to play a melee class this time around. Shammy looks like a lotta fun, but I've seen some mixed stuff about the PvP side of things. I'd be quite interested in doing some PvP, but if the class just isn't viable for it then should I start looking for somthing else? I just don't wanna ding 110 and find that I'm useless. CheersDootsha4 14 Feb
14 Feb How to make Shaman great again! I would love to see some kind of Qol update for shaman and atm in Ptr I am not seeing those. Like for starters could we have something like -Tremor totem back -Grouding totem back -Earthshield taken from honor talents to base ability This wouldn't be even a big thing considering how other healer/dps classes are atmRiidansointu5 14 Feb