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28 Dec Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 28 Dec
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26m Ele or enh. Awkward comp Posted this in the arena forums without much luck. Hopefully you guys can help. My buddy and I got 2k last season but we both feel like re-rolling due to the fact that we feel the rewards would be just the same sticking with mains. Altho - he wants to go feral and i want to go shammy. Now Im very aware of turbocat being like a C-comp but what would be better either way? Ele or Enh and why? I mean we can always try to go oneshotpowow speccs with BL/ascendance/incarn etc but is it clever ? Or should we stick with a better sustain with a sort of rot specced comp? Ideas and discussion please gurus. /FloppanFlopperino1 26m
2h some shaman fun utility suggestions this is a post i made in class development forum . let me know how it feels .i copy it here, : Here's some Suggestions about some shaman utility spells which are fun , important and not a usual Damaging spell which is only important for your Log numbers or Rotation . Reincarnation has been untouched for years , while it really deserves some update or QOF improvement .there are plenty of problems that ppl mention about ankh : developers assume it as a defensive with their specific argument .not to mention that you need to die to benefit from , worse of it , in many situations its not usable cause of environmental or occasional limits .as you know you respawn with so little Health , making you vulnerable to any damage which is quite often , like having a bit of NPCs or bosses around , having some AOE damage area beneath your feet(avatar fight phase 2) . Furthermore , in addition to a solution to such issues , i would like to get even more improvement which are not only supposed to fix previous issues . this is my suggestion for so called ankh ability : when you die , your spirit rises and can walk around within 30 yard of your Corpse location . you have a virtual health pool which you would Return to life with that amount of Health if you Resurrect yourself . starts from 20% of your Hp , and you can heal yourself (with your healing surge or ...) with your actual mana up to 50% of your maximum Health . -possible perk : you can cast Ancestral spirit(Usual Res) on another nearby Dead friendly player when in spirit form , but you will not be able to get back to life .(actually you choose between bringing your ally or yourself back to life) Astral Recall has the same story , however it got some improvement after Cataclysm Expansion , which let you Go to Faction Earth shrine . its removed nowaday anyway . here's few suggestions for Astral Recall : 1-when you talk to innkeeper , you have 2 different options to set your regular heartstone and for Astral recal . so you can bind yourself to 2 different locations. 2-your Astral Recall would send you to a famous elemental-thingy location based on shaman's choice ,like Faction Earthshrine , or some special location like "throne of the Elements" in Nagrand (ofc we need to make new Throne of elements in each Continent like one in each of Kalimdor,Northrend,Broken isle...) . 3- you can make your own earthshrine in anywhere you want , costing Elemental material depending on Continent to place your Earthshrine (like 100 Elemental Earth , fire,water,air for zones with level of 60 or lower , and so on).absolutely we should have some restricted area for this . Far sight has been unchanged too , you need to cast for getting the next location and each new location costs you 2 loadings on screen ,would be troubling and making a bit of dissatisfaction . i would suggest this : when you cast far sight , you send your spirit to the location(in fact) while channeling Far sight , your spirit can move around (like your own character movement) and even maybe fly ( can spirits fly ?:D ) -Possible perk : when you are in your far sight spirit form , astral recall can teleport you to your spirit location with lower cooldown ofcourse (like thrall teleporting behind mantids in siege of orgrimmar) . we absolutely need to limit this ability distance travel in PVP or PVE instances , giving the error of "its too far away" when the location is further than determined(lets say 100 yard) distance Water Walking : Just Make it Castable in Ghost wolf and while mounted ffs . Ghost Wolf : for two Expansions in a row , blizzard has made Out of Combat Perks for Ghost wolf , showing they are really interested in Ghost wolf having some extra out of Combat Perk , in Warlords of Draenor , they made the "Tablet of Ghost Wolf" which would let your ghost wolf have invisibility and mount speed when cast out of combat stayed out for a while . it really was one of the best none-combat improvement i've ever experienced. later in Legion Expansion , Rehgar ,the orcish Folower , could let your Ghost wolf have mount speed . if blizz really thinks this is a cool thing , why not making them baseline ? here's my suggestion : -After Casting Ghost Wolf , if you stay out of combat for 2 seconds(a bit more than mount Cast) , you will get the mounting speed while in Ghost Wolf . -Possible Perk : if you stay out of combat for 6 seconds , you will get invisible . just like ashran :) -side note : Invisibility Perk is Disabled in Arena (or maybe bg too ? ) these changes , wont affect anything but Fun of the Game , No number buff , no Game breaking thing , just let it happen plz . bump if you liked . ty .Shamixure7 2h
3h Hotfix Does anyone has any idea whether the hotfixes to HST and HTT are a nerf or a buff?Shumensko0 3h
1d Rate the transmog above Last thread reached its cap - so new thread because I think I just won the mog game ;DCallìopee159 1d
1d Why does it take too much... ...until they realize something needs to (or can be better with a ) change? -it took many years till they made totems castable on distance ,(earthbind) -it took about 4 years till they realized they need to make ghost wolf speed protection baseline . -it took since beginning of wow til Legion until they realized Summoned Elementals need to be unbound from a totem that is dead with 2 attacks . -it took 2 expansions till they realize Capacitor totem(known today as lightning surge totem) needs a faster cast time . -it took almost whole Legion Expansion till they Realized "shamanistic healing" needs a buff . -it took almost whole Legion Expansion till they realized its a wrong design making "Static overload " , such a huge burst , completely RNG , and they made it finally on Demand . seriously , these problems should have been solved much sooner . why do bliz needs a lot of time to understand something is not Ok ? while everyone is telling them ? and now .... -they still dont do anything in the remaining time of expansion (which im sure they wont) for useless pvp talents like : Purifying waters ,Elemental attunement ,Control of lava ,Traveling storm . and also some talents like Ancestral Guidance and wind rush totem(cause gust of winds is much more valuable) and voodoo totem and elemental mastery (which data shows less than 1% of ppl use them) -im sure you can list a bit of such things ... i just forgot a lot of things i had some kind of grievance about them , lol . plz dont be lazy devs . do it faster !Shamixure5 1d
1d M+ Enhancement aoe performance Hello, dear friends. The topic is related to the difficulties I've faced in m+ content, well tbh from the very beginning of the addon. I know, that some classes and specs are suitable only for special sets of affixes in m+, but... Enhancement aoe is total crap. It's not only weak, but it's completely inconvenient to use. In burst situations, when tanks pull a lot of mobs, high ilvl tanks often outdps me, which is absolutely frustrating. Enha has nice st. The cleave when hitting 2-3 targets is fine also. But a combo of 2 min cd wolfs+crushing storm and spamming ss or ll seems to give pathetic numbers in comparison to much simplier aoe mechanics of ALL other mdps (dh, warr, monk etc.) Enha is too far away from op or having utilities, that would make it a reasonable choice for m+ parties. And the main reason for this - burst aoe underperformance. What I'm leading to is that making enha aoe decent absolutely won't make the spec op. And the solution to this issue can be simple as hell. Make crushing lightning damage scale with the increasing of number of targets. For some reasonable %. I see rogues and warriors pull like 10-20 million dps on big pulls in high keys m+. No one seems to consider this op. Moreover their single target is the same as mine on enha. So, briefly: St of enha ~ all other mdps Aoe of enha <<<< all other mdps Why not you fix this?Раффти11 1d
1d What's up with this class Playing my ilvl 895-ish monk, in DPS, at the Broken Shore, at the place of the Stand! WQ, where there are dozens of elite demons spawing all the time. I needed to kill 100 demons and went there, jumped into the fray, was being whacked by many demons at a time. On one occasion I had to use some defensive measures else it was flowing OK, almost like playing a tank. With that in mind I went in today with my ilvl 907 shaman, in elemental spec. I got whacked so badly and only by a few demons! I had to run to escape. I changed spec into enhancement thinking it would go better. This time I died almost instantly. What's up with the shaman anyway ???Shanama11 1d
1d xmog suggestions! Hi guys! I just unlocked my Mage Tower skin for Enh but I'm struggling to find a good Wind themed transmog. Any idea on that regard?Vargnatt2 1d
1d Enh shaman Is it just me, or do enh shaman seem, at the moment, to be "nicely tuned?" I saw them all over the mythic+ leader board (behind mostly fury warriors), but really up in the mix for dps classes. I am just an alt, off-spec--and comparatively, in casual content, bgs, lower m+, etc, enh seems pretty good atm.Jalisco5 1d
1d Restoration shaman solo capability Hello fellow shamans! I'm a healer/support main and lately I've been enjoying my restoration shaman alot. Normally I play a resto druid and a holy priest and doing world content such as dailies and Argus has been quite a breeze. I'm thinking of focusing more on my shaman and wonder if I'll be capable, without getting frustrated all the time, of doing world content preferably on my own since my friends don't always play and some times I like to do stuff solo. Cheers!Alquiora6 1d
2d how is Infernal writ? how is Infernal writ trinket for ele shamans? anyone had the experience?Shamixure3 2d
2d Shaman Tanks and why we should have them 1. Our current specs focus on Air (enh) Fire (ele) and water ( Resto) yet earth is often neglected. 2. Our entire order is called the earthern ring yet no one focuses on the earthern element 3. Our Dps specs are practical glass cannons for the most part where enh used to be a semi off tank its now a hitter but a glass jaw. 4. We have a litteral tank cooldown pet yet we dont use its element at all for ourself to defend outselves its just a hide behind a minion 5. Paladins which are the alliances equivalent get all 3 roles while we dont (yes I understand pallys dont have a ranged dps spec) 6. They are the leaders of their people, their guides, what good leader leads from the rear, and come on surely some tribes focus more on protecting allies more than crushing foes 7. We used to be a fairly decent off tank and we still have some good core abilities that would make a rather fun tank such as earthern shield totem baseline to mitigate damage and things like that 8. Most tank specs are rather bland, shammys by nature are flashy as hell, come one your art team is one of the best in the industry, let them go nuts, plus you're always low on the amount of people to tank 9.If that troll in the alliance Vs horde trailer was in a tank spec rather than the glass cannons we have now he might of kicked that school boys !@# instead of getting smacked to the ground <3 10. Tanks are typically the leaders of the group, shamans are the leader of tribes, come on you know it makes sense, plus I'd love to see you guys let your hair down, even if it isnt the best tank just make it the most fun, we've stuck through a ton of bad patches where all our specs were trash and we stuck through it just because shamans are awesome!Littleblood32 2d
2d Doom Winds in bfa What happens to doom winds in bfa?Shanvar18 2d
3d Orc Ele Shaman Cooldown Confusion Hello, I am an elemental shaman using the ascendance build thanks to my belt right now. I did my gems and enchants critical in order to gain benefit from my trinket. Yet I don't have any tier bonuses yet. I have the ring which allows me to have echo of the elements and the storm elemental as well. I have a question concerning the cooldown usage. Should I stack all my cooldowns including ascendance, blood fury, storm elemental and trinket and use all of them when ascendance is up because ascendance has the most cooldown with 3 minutes. Or should I just use every dps boost when they are off cooldown in order to not to waste any valuable cooldown time?Thornwar1 3d
3d Enhancement in BFA Can we get another defensive cd or sustain mechanic?Zuojin6 3d
4d Do shaman need strength? :))))))))))Odward7 4d
4d Enhancement thoughts for BFA Enough! This joke goes on for years. Tons and tons of requests and the only thing you manage to do is to remove any uniquenesses from any class and make it similar to the others... Make us bursty again with few and good abilities not this thing that fills my screen with hits and i dont know what damage comes from what ability or proc or whatever... It offers no pleasure not knowing what came from where. One proc is enough and it is called windfury. Make it 2 hits not 3 as it is and make it hit hard. And also let me know when this happens. The new visual effect is hardly noticeable!!! Bring back fire totems and shocks to offer range to my attacks. Rockbitter is what? A joke? Spamming one ability over and over is fun? Remove that from the game... Windshear used to be a unique interrupt for shaman that had only 6 seconds cooldown but offered smaller lockout to the affected target. But for years now we have the classic mainstream interrupt that all the other classes have with 12 sec cooldown and higher lockout. And why don't i have a shamanistic rage ability that offers me resource and damage reduction over 15sec but i am stuck with astral shift with 8sec duration and 1.5 min cd. As if shaman have bubbles and immunities to melee dodging/ parring most of the attacks and we dont need that anymore... And last what is this joke with ascendance? It had the coolest visual effect a shaman's spell ever had when i was using stormstrike. I know that something special happened when i saw that been used by me or any other player. Now it is this windy visual that i struggle to even see it in my 27'' screen to realize that the spell was done even more to recognize the damage it did because the screen is full of similar numbers that time. I won't talk about 2H. Its a must and we should at least have the choice to use it and be viable for certain purposes pvp or pve wise... Turning lava lash to main hand ability would help.. Anyway i can go one and on with this list. This applies for most of the classes. Tons of numbers in my screen that there is no meaning where they come from because they are all small and the same... Proc of a proc that proced another proc from that thing that procs other things... Hope this ends in BFA. Always friendly. :) PS, making a class balanced among other classes in raids and viable in arenas which is a fact for enh right now is rewarding and kinda fun but the factor "fun out of gameplay" is more important to me and is the one that keeps you playing.Breakeridis14 4d
4d Ele Trinkets Just wondering what the BIS ones are. I got the homing missile one and I love it so much, cool trinkets like that are what I always use. But, what should I have in my other slot?Cesuna2 4d
5d Enhance Talents for pvp First things first, Enhancement rocks! Legion was kinda bad for us, but with Antorus we are finally getting the dps we deserve, both pve and pvp! Now what im having trouble with is certain talents for Pvp - arena and bgs. Please any advice is appreciated. Tier 15: i usually use Landslide for obvious reasons - permanent, passive dmg increase, requires no effort.. I tried Windsong a few times, nice burst but then its too many spells to keep an eye out for that eventually makes me play bad.. Hot Hand, never tried it in any context, anyone knows how this performs in pvp? i think it must be decent for arenas maybe, getting an extra high dmg hit.. Tier 75: Always used Tempest, but same with HH maybe Overcharge has a better use in arenas? we do need some ranged attacks.. Tier 100: Im so used to destroying people with Ascendance im having trouble changing it, but a 3min cd feels like a waste in pvp. That, plus if you get cc during Ascendance you lose it... i use ES sometimes since im used to it from pve, but im still not sure how it performs in pvp.. Boulderfist sounds good to me, but it's so ignored overall i never tried it. what do you guys think? any 2K+ enhancements out there that can share some wisdom? (2k+ is my goal)Neoptolemus1 5d
5d PVP Enhancment ability range is too short Hi I'm quite new to shaman and been playing enhancement a couple of months. I really enjoy it in pve and have no problems with it there. When it comes to pvp i have a couple of problems i want to address, and not the low survivability of enhancement shamans which seems to be a popular topic. The range of Stormstrike and Frostbrand trigger effect is too short. Frostbrand have a 10 yard range and costs 20 maelstrom. This range is ok but when the slow triggers on auto attack, it becomes a problem. Server lag and players lagging makes this effect really hard to keep active. It's a pretty big problem and escalated i guess since the servers for EU include russian servers also. Same issue occurs for stormstrike, where the range is 5 yards. Many times you're standing on your target but you're stormstrike doesn't activate. This seems to happen very often and i can't keep up to my target. In pvp, this is a very big deal (From my end i'm at 100 mbit/s download). I dont have any good otions for the frostbrand issue, except for bringing back frost chock since that's at least consistent? Most of the time i'm always too far away from my target. For stormstrike i think that increasing the range is quite necessary. "Honorable mention" i feel that earthbind totem's effect also is pretty inconsistent and i guess that due to laggy servers/players. Brgds,Antomadorf1 5d
5d 7.3.5 dont understanding this changes Shaman Liquid Magma Totem, Healing Stream Totem, and Healing Tide Totem slightly changed to inherit stats properly. what this really means ? buff ? nerf? doesnt change anything. can someone explain to me without be a retard?Zedosheals6 5d
6d sephuz and enhancement is there a way to optimize for this? im struggling to stay above 1mill consistant dps and maybe im using wrong legos. I have chest and trinket also but would still like to know if sephuz can be useful. sephuz timed with wolves for example?Ðwarf3 6d
15 Jan Resto t21 p4 worth or not? So guys what do you think of this p4?Noemata8 15 Jan
15 Jan Forgefiend's Fabricator for enhancement? I've recently obtained the heroic version of this trinket on my WW monk via the mythic dungeon event and I must say that even without its active ability its fire mines do a surprising amount of damage on raid bosses, especially mostly static ones, of which Antorus has quite a few. The trinket, since I can't actually link it: +1,397 Mastery Equip: Your melee and ranged attacks have a chance to plant Fire Mines at the enemy's feet. Fire Mines detonate after 15 sec, inflicting 72552 Fire damage to all enemies within 12 yds. Use: Detonate all Fire Mines. (30 Sec Cooldown) I was considering pursuing this trinket for enhancement, since Mastery is a good stat for us and I have enough haste to keep up the debuff from the current tier set pretty much permanently. I'd imagine the damage bonus would be pretty good, especially since fire is one of the damage types that scales with our mastery. I'd pair it with the Golganneth trinket. However, when I look at Icy Veins' trinket list, the Fabricator is quite far down on the list. Is the trinket worth pursuing and did the sims that list is based on miss something, or is it really that bad?Brenwan1 15 Jan
14 Jan Anyone know a decent comp for enhancement 3v3? Tried everything, getting demolished by any caster comp.. really hard to progress in this bracket I feel asif i'm trying harder than any other class to no avail, soon as my one defensive is down (that's if I don't die whilst it's being used) I shortly die after. Need some helps, taSooty2 14 Jan
14 Jan Shaman or Priest alt? Hi So Im looking for an alt to compliment along side my rogue. Im very ocd about it so i decided to take too here :) So my main will always be my rogue, and thata my melee dps. Im looking for a class that can do range dps and good healing if i wanna switch it up. Factors: My priest will require a faction and server change to accompany my rogue. I like the idea of shadow as i have a lock as a caster but find them so boring in legion and they cant heal. Its also enchant\tailor and got some good tcg items as i made it in tbc. Not a fan of the lore but im thinking troll priest since its abit different. Shaman was my first real character back in the day. Elemental is so much fun despite being quite weak with my current gear. The healing is fun but for some reason i really dont like the new animations. But strong heals. Also totems are cool. This can also be a caster dps and healer. Has enchanting/blacksmith. Lores okay, specially orc Tldr; im crap at decisions and need some input on alting a priest or shaman.Thieve4 14 Jan
14 Jan gambling build question Ive finally aquired the Decievers Blood Pact boots after pushing HARD this week, allowing me to play the gambling build. Having 4set and smoldering heart. I use the talent recommendations from Storm, Earth and Lava. Which is quite similar to Icy's Veins with one noticeable difference in using Primal Elementalist instead of Elemental Blast. So I am wondering which of the two that is in the right, or that it doesnt matter?Karrak2 14 Jan
14 Jan Low dps help Hello i am wonderıng about my !@#$ logs to put it frankly. Im loggıng gray to sometımes green and blue and have another elemental shaman doıng much better. I trıed analyzıng my logs but not really sure how to use thıs websıte. Could some kınd soul take a quıck look and say what ım doıng wrong. Would greatly apprecıate ıt. Also do ı need to lınk logs or somethıng my guıld ıs loggıng not sure ıf ıts publıc or not.Grigdut13 14 Jan
13 Jan Reroll? Looking for a new class to main in BfA and thought about the shaman because the fantasy really appeals to me. Was just wondering 2 things: 1. How is solo content? None of my irl friends play WoW so solo content is really important for me. I need a class that can handle it's own doing a couple world quests or old raids. 2. Mythic+ performance. I'll likely be pugging a lot (nothing too high of course) and getting declined to every group is not something I look forward to. Not saying I want the most op fotm class, just something respectable. Thanks.Akaeta9 13 Jan
13 Jan Lightning Rod not appearing on nameplates? I recently switched to a Lightning Rod build and was surprised to see that the debuff isn't being displayed on nameplates on top of mobs. I am using the Blizzard default nameplates (I have ElvUI, but disabled the nameplates, as I don't like how they look). It's super convenient to be able to just look at the mobs and see when I need to e.g. reapply Flame Shock, without needing to target them to check how much time is left. I was expecting it would be the same with the Rod. So why isn't Lightning Rod appearing on nameplates? Is it a bug for me, or is that how it's supposed to work? Is there a nameplates addon that would show it that you can recommend?Tinytotem4 13 Jan
13 Jan Newb need help: survivability shaman So have a 110 shaman. Still gearing the !@#$% up. But i would like some tip on survivability for enhancement shaman. Let me explain what i mean! My main is a AFF lock and oi NEVER die in solo gameplay. I use my dots and spam Drain soul. Targets die and health stays at a 100% But with my enhancement shaman thats a other story! I feel like every hit hurts while on my enhancement shaman. But while on my warlock its like: i did not even feel that. So is there any MLG-pro enhancement shaman, that can share wisdom? How is survivability for enhancement shaman?Scourgefury15 13 Jan
12 Jan Elemental issues A few days ago I got bored and levelled the shaman. I am trying to get to grips with Elemental. I have also used Simcraft. My gear is low at the 880 mark, nothing special yet. Another poster mentioned that the spells seem unrelated. I am not sure how much this is true, as there are Artifact abilities that might link what seem unrelated . However my observation so far is this. 1) Elemental Blast sims better than any other combination and it seems to be a requirement. But it is a silly spell, that comes out of nowhere, has no relation with anything else, but instead provides a +2000 buff which expires after 10 seconds and needs to be refreshed every 12 seconds. A little bit like the Mage's Rune of Power in that you need to slow cast a spell and get a buff out of it and need to refresh it all the time. 2) The Artifact weapon ability is even worse. Another slow cast, with 0 damage this time, which then boosts your Lightning Bolt. They left out Frost and Lava! 3) Icefury, again one of the same, works only on the Frost Shock, and is not affected by almost anything else. So the combos are: 1) Artifact followed by 3 Lightning Bolts 2) Icefury followed by 4 Frost Shocks 3) Flame Shock to fish for Lava Burst 4) Ascendance followed by Lava Bursts (if not Icefury) The rotation, so far seems clunky, it's like "have we done Icefury yet? Lets" . And then you can do procced Lava Bursts, which do not stack, and they should at least 2 or even 3, or the Artifact is ready - and you cannot choose between all those unrelated abilities. Having Frost, Lightning and Lava all in the same spec, and keeping them mostly unrelated, while the Artifact focuses on Lightning which is so incredibly weak... I do not know how this can be fixed so that the rotation appears cohesive and there are rewards for timing the synergies right. This is not about raw DPS, they could change a single spell tomorrow to make it top DPS in the game. But they need to fix the clunkiness.Shanama6 12 Jan
12 Jan Enh PvE Stat Prio 1 Haste = Mastery 2 Crit 3 Versatility Is there any caps for these?Wuds11 12 Jan
12 Jan Doomhammer appearance in BfA I really like the basic skin for doomhammer. Could you please tell me if we will be able to transmog it in BfA?Seekar5 12 Jan
12 Jan Sephuz's Secret for elemental Do we have anything that procs it that works on bosses without minions?Karrak4 12 Jan
12 Jan Elemental is garbage Rotation? This spec actually has skills? It feels like you push unrelated buttons of other classes that do little to no damage, and are unrelated to anything in any way. Aside "skills", there are basically 0 damage and -100% survivability. Ive made my shamy long ago to play elemental, but this is just horrid piece of junk. So I had to switch to enchantment and now im far too deep into expac to reroll. If I knew Ill be playing melee, id play DH or monkfrom the start. Why is ele the worst caster every expansion?Crazystorm25 12 Jan
02 Jan Shamanistic Healing mechanics Good evening, Shamanistic Healing shall heal me up if i drop below 35% - but what it does is triggering overheal. For example during the [M] Kin'garoth fight if an orb is triggered i'm getting ~2Mio dmg - Regarding the tooltip it shall be triggering if i'm hit below 2,2Mio life (35% of 6,3mio). Shamanistic healing triggers and heals me for around 3,4mio critical from which ~1 mio is overheal. but now the question: Does it trigger at wrong conditions or is it just bugged? Best regards.Wøl0 02 Jan
31 Dec Need help with choosing spec Hi there, im new wow player and i have a problem with choosing spec for shaman. Is shaman on elements able to deal as much damage as warrior or rouge in this patch?Or should i change my class and create a new character or start playing as healer? P.S. Don't have any group or guild.Talzir6 31 Dec
30 Dec If you are playing enhancement shaman... Don't make the same mistake i did, use fury of the air, not crashing storm or sundering, this talent alone gave me about 50 k st, god knows how much aoe this gives me over crashing storm, since it's not a ground aoe, and it also does more damage. And it's not even hard to use. Trust me, use this talent, you will have to manage your resources a bit more, but you don't have to use crash lightning in your st rotation anymore, so it;s not much harder to play.Ryura3 30 Dec
29 Dec Favored artifact skins? As I play elemental only, heres a quick review of the elemental skins. Stormkeeper. A fine lightning themed skin that seems to be matched to the ToS sets. The baseline blue tint is probably the most suited to our lightning spells. Earthspeaker. My favorite, a very versatile, great looking and noticeable fiery artifact. A fine match for our flamey sets like the Pandaria CM set which I use. The felly tint matches perfectly with the mythic living mountain from hellfire citadel. Fallen Shaman. Only one i cant say anything about as I dont pvp to any noticeable degree. But the colors seems off from our sets and themes. Prestige of the Amani. A gorgeous trolly artifact, probably the best designed and colored artifact. In particular the baseline tint which seems made for t21 mythic. Rehgar's Legacy. Our challenge skin, and an utterly disappointing one. Dull artifact with minimal animation, ie smoke from wolf's eyes. And a very plain shield. Only saving grace is that it fits thematically with the kor'kron dark shaman set and wolf mount. The yellow tint probably matches the best. Earthspeaker wins clearly in my book.Tianming3 29 Dec
28 Dec Enhancement Shaman in a 7.3.5 and future? So, is there any plans for him in a future? I heard many opinions about how squishy he is... And he really is... Im not going to burden you with my opinions, just asking if any1 know about him anything? The only thing I know right now is that nerf (totem stun) written in Wowhead...Gekhai7 28 Dec
28 Dec Neck enchant As a enhancement shaman i always went for the trained soldier enchant bc i love my mastery, is hidden satyr really better?Myllanis2 28 Dec
26 Dec [Weak Aura] Icefury stacks Hello my ele brothers, I've made a little WA stacks tracker for Icefury so i thought it could help some of you since i've searched for it and never found anything. It's nothing fancy, it's even pretty ugly to be honest but at least the job is done and it's pretty handy i couldnt get rid of it now that i'm used to it :p Here's the string : dqevLaakr5uI0QaLEfsLzrq3seTlss)IKOHjLCmIAzGQNjQAAejxJQ02KI6BsPgNuW5ic9oQcL7rvWbfbleu4HsryIufLlkfrzJIqFukICsQISssQzkfr1nLI0ork)eu0qrQYsPkKEkWujXxPkunwrfNvuP5ssyVq)vk0GvDyuTyIupMqtwQCzjBMaFMugnvLtdYQPkeVMQOA2u52sv7wOFly4KQLJ45OmDkxhjBhPQ(or04jcopvv7xzugvqahvqdbmeaxvVQkJGEe0HGoubbDqmpcvu0GOFHaUZHasPbfIk(1leOrcu6iGlAq0VuiqAAfPPHUcPLuUfckjOZJDvhcdeibykqaRmKwsVQMpF(8TLQf88sLVTxea1HapjwcOi(3PpeJcbSYjGEbOOHayatffy20M8MSevqGrG00kcQGaMVGKWmIaMVGKWmMGObr)cneeP6viqAAfHH0KrGFykqaRmmXKn0QvZsLVTxzVTYlvZ59Ics6vgbUaVdvqGXDv0GJkiONYzqOcAOHaJ7QOHkiONYzqOcAOHasWvOcc6PCgeQGgAiOdsGairkN5hvqqpLZGqf0qdbeUyHkiONYzqOcAOHaOOgjqPJkiONYzqOcAOHaD6RBCxfnubb9uodcvqdneiGlAqHiQGGEkNbHkOHgcOyvJIooJHsJgAiqevqAYOccedUabvqAYiTwin4yIn3GCB4Y596nV3gAaE7gqbj9MhPjfMyZTZdVzVELsk525Ly725rbj9Mhne0bX8iurrdI(fc4ohciLguiQ4xVqGvsWOifcK2vXUMg6keKGN5ziGlAq0VuiqAAfPPHUcPLuUfc8vqA(mKgCj2ac4rOEUbfIOccygNyOcc0jfRmeWCqDL0bZc9iW8RxiqNuSYqdb9COiQGaJWJmh3kf)6fcygHdP5Zui8iZXTcbuSQrsW4wHsJasW4wP4xVqaZiCinFgcedUaPjHj2woVxzzPA3kFBVEBULerbj9MhbuSQrMi3vO0iGjYDLeqAYQkfcOyvJgHhzoUvO0iGemUviTwiqNuSYqaZh3ZleWe5UsXVEHaDkhRqG5xVqGifZc9iGIvnkgCbccdeyeEK54wLivueb7777cOIIguiMPtcAKIXeUZmoXYr4oZ4elxH7DLZ45iCVRCgp30PEFFFFFNugfjUZmoXYzNU9mDsqJum2oS7DLZ45KkCNzCIL7oD7z6KGgPySDy37kNXZnDQ3333Ry3uVVJaMi3v(rATuTnc4oDFCKwleibKwsViWpsdUxeigCbIIF9cb6uow1ebxGGaMi3vjsffrW(((UaQOObfIz6KGgPymH7mJtSCeUZmoXYv4otK7QCeUZe5Uk30PEFFFFF3fe5UDEuZv7EyptNe0ifJTd7o8Dy375Mpv1Hs3tUN1ZnFQQdTRYD4Pt9(((((oPmksCNzCILZoD7zzz9CZNQmOygpQ5Q0D62Ltvj80Dy3ZyICxLZEYD50uH7mJtSC3PBpllRNB(uLbfZ4rnxLUt3UCQkHNUd7EgtK7QC3tUlNMo17777vSBQ33rGyWfiEuKwleigCbsIurreSVVVlGkkAqHyMojOrkgt4orw4UMSWDPLfUZLfUtGlCxdUWDPHlCNdpDQ333333DbrUBNh1C1Uh2Z0jbnsXy7WUdFh29EU5tvDO09K7z9CZNQ6q7QChE6uVVVVVV7cIC3ESKKEKGgPySDpSNL1ZnFQYGIz8OMRs3PBxovLWt9yt9(((((oPmksCNiVt3EwSKKEKGgPySDy3ZiW3tUtKttfo177777777777AY70TNfljPhjOrkgBh29mn47j31Kttfo177777777777slVt3EwSKKEKGgPySDy3ZKg(EYDPLttfo177777777777C5D62ZILK0Je0ifJTd7Egh(EYDUCA6uVVVVxXUPEFhbKGXTkrQOic2333fqffnOqmtNe0ifJjCNzCIjCVRCgpDQ333333jLrrI7mJtSD62Z0jbnsXy7WU3voJNo17777vSBQ33rGyWfiWaPjJaXGlqsaPjJgceafHy(qfeOtkwziG5G6klOJaZVEHaDsXkdn0qGvsWOifc8u0kIaUyPIe66crMk84f3ZtGIWzQGEbjlscueoRPvhexfjqr4mvKafHl3ske4hMceWkdPLu2RmcmcKMwrqfee59vJb9IWTabbEWdiiizeMrNFegiiY7lgQG0KrGNelbue)OHakw1yK3ximqafRAIav0qyGaXav0qGmcy(cscZicy(cscZycIge9lee59fc8KyjGI4hbm9Y58uhdvqAYin4YTAllfAiqaLZXe5regOHajH6mFinjMhbKGXnOqeP1mcG6qaKyjGI4hbrQEfcKMwryinzeibykqaRmmXKn02BB45Hl7Tbz58TLiCuqsPAabqriRrMXjw1H0KrGlW7qfeyCxfn4Occ6PCgeQGgAiW4UkAOcc6PCgeQGgAiOdsGairkN5hvqqpLZGqf0qdbeUyHkiONYzqOcAOHasWvOcc6PCgeQGgAiqN(6g3vrdvqqpLZGqf0qdbqrnsGshvqqpLZGqf0qdbc4IguiIkiONYzqOcAOHgAin4OccKamfiGvgslzdQ2QvRg8kLuseUCdT9IaXGlqqfKMmsRfsdoMyZni3gUCEVEZ7THgG3UbuqsV5rAsHj2C78WB2RxPKsUDEj2UDEuqsV5rdb(HPabSYqAjL9kJasPbfIk(1leyLemksHaPDvSRPHUcbj4zEgc4Ige9lfcKMwrAAORqAjLBHaFfKMpdPbxInGaEeQNBqHiQGaMXjgQGaDsXkdbmhuxjDWSqpcm)6fc0jfRm0qqphkIkiWi8iZXTsXVEHaMr4qA(mfcpYCCRqafRAKemUvO0iGIvnYe5UcLgbKGXTsXVEHaMr4qA(meigCbstctSTCEVYYs1Uv(2E92CljIcs6npcyICxjbKMSQsHakw1Or4rMJBfkncibJBfsRfcyICx5hP1s12iGjYDLIF9cb6uowHaZVEHarkMf6rafRAum4ceegiWi8iZXTkrQOic2333fqffnOqmtNe0ifJjCNzCILJWDMXjwUc37kNXZr4Ex5mEUPt9(((((oPmksCNzCILZoD7z6KGgPySDy37kNXZjv4oZ4el3D62Z0jbnsXy7WU3voJNB6uVVVVxXUPEFhb6KIvgcy(4EEHaUt3hhP1cbsaPL0lc8J0G7fbIbxGO4xVqGoLJvnrWfiiGjYDvIurreSVVVlGkkAqHyMojOrkgt4oZ4elhH7mJtSCfUZe5UkhH7mrURYnDQ333333DbrUBNh1C1Uh2Z0jbnsXy7WUdFh29EU5tvDO09K7z9CZNQ6q7QChE6uVVVVVVtkJIe3zgNy5St3Ewwwp38PkdkMXJAUkDNUD5uvcpDh29mMi3v5SNCxonv4oZ4el3D62ZYY65MpvzqXmEuZvP70TlNQs4P7WUNXe5Uk39K7YPPt9(((Ef7M69DeigCbIhfP1cbIbxGKivueb7777cOIIguiMPtcAKIXeUtKfURjlCxAzH7CzH7e4c31GlCxA4c35WtN699999DxqK725rnxT7H9mDsqJum2oS7W3HDVNB(uvhkDp5Ewp38PQo0Uk3HNo1777777UGi3ThljPhjOrkgB3d7zz9CZNQmOygpQ5Q0D62Ltvj8up2uVVVVVVtkJIe3jY70TNfljPhjOrkgBh29mc89K7e50uHt9((((((((((UM8oD7zXss6rcAKIX2HDptd(EYDn50uHt9((((((((((U0Y70TNfljPhjOrkgBh29mPHVNCxA50uHt9((((((((((oxENU9Syjj9ibnsXy7WUNXHVNCNlNMo17777vSBQ33rajyCRsKkkIG999DburrdkeZ0jbnsXyc3zgNyc37kNXtN699999DszuK4oZ4eBNU9mDsqJum2oS7DLZ4Pt9(((Ef7M69DeigCbcmqAYiqm4cKeqAYOHabqriMpubbMF9cb6KIvgc0jfRmeWCqDLf0rdneyLemksHapfTIiGlwQiHUUqKPcpEX98eOiCMkOxqYIKafHZAA1bXvrcueotfjqr4YTKcbsc1z(qAsmpcibJBqHisRzea1HaiXsafX)oCeyeinTIGkiiY7Rgd6fHBbcc8GhqqqYimJo)imqqK3xmubPjJapjwcOi(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)OHakw1yK3ximqafRAIav0qyGaME5CEQJHkinzKgC5wTLLcneW8fKeMreW8fKeMXeeni6xiiY7le4jXsafXpcedurdb5rGakNJjYJimqdbKGXnOqeP1mcG6qaKyjGI4Fppc4rOEUbfIOccygNyOccm)6fc0jfRmeOtkwziG5G6kPdMf6rdb9COiQGaJWJmh3kf)6fcygHdP5Zui8iZ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Looking like this : See ya !Vanloon0 26 Dec
26 Dec Resto shamans M+ I really struggle starting from 10+ especially with certain affixes. Is it me or do shamans have it harder in M+ dungeons?Bullnakano2 26 Dec
26 Dec Starting a shaman Hi shamans, I'm thinking about starting to play a shaman, since I really like the fantasy and the look of the class. My only question is how good is it for soloing/questing and is it a overall a good class for a newbie player?Timduncan4 26 Dec
25 Dec Please can u help me? Good evening dear friends, came to get your advice, I enhancement and love pvp, very rarely in pve, so the question is how do I fix the shaman's damage, in pve and pvp not to hang somewhere in 15-17 lines of the scada, now the spec is made, for instant damage, but as soon as the burst ends, the damage becomes very small, can you give any advice on the game? so sry for my english, i fom RussiaБегемоз1 25 Dec
24 Dec Tell me when string for Totemic Mastery I want to share a complicated icon Ive crafted for the shaman Totemic Mastery ability in the Tell Me When addon. When targetting something, it will show if the totems are missing and glow to warn you. If the totem buffs are present it will show a totem buff present icon, as well the time remaining on them. The buff icon will disappear if you go out of range or they expire, and being replaced with the missing buffs icon while still in combat. The missing totem bufficon will be visible if you have an enemy targetted while being out of combat, elsewhise not visible - except if you pop them while out of combat with not enemy targetted. Then the buff icon will be present and ticking down until you go out of range if still not in combat. It consists of 3 icons, two seperate hidden icons for the buffs and missing buffs respectively, as well a visible meta icon that collects them together. First hidden icon: ^1^T^SType^Sbuffcheck ^SName^SResonance~`Totem;~`Storm~`Totem;~`Ember~`Totem;~`Tailwind~`Totem ^SShowTimerText^B ^SConditions^T ^N1^T ^SType^SALIVE ^SUnit^Starget ^SPrtsBefore^N2 ^t^N2^T ^SType^SREACT ^SPrtsAfter^N1 ^SUnit^Starget ^SLevel^N1 ^t^N3^T ^SType^SINSTANCE2 ^SPrtsAfter^N1 ^SAndOr^SOR ^SBitFlags^N12843006 ^t^Sn^N3 ^t^SOnlyMine^B ^SGUID^STMW:icon:1Q9Ok8LiPU=Y ^SEvents^T ^N1^T ^SType^SAnimations ^SAnimation^SACTVTNGLOW ^SEvent^SOnShow ^SInfinite^B ^t^N2^T ^SType^SAnimations ^SAnimation^SICONCLEAR ^SEvent^SOnHide ^t^Sn^N2 ^t^SCustomTex^S170524 ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^SFakeHidden^B ^SEnabled^B ^t^N84201^S~`~| ^Sicon^^ Second hidden icon: ^1^T^SOnlyMine^B ^SType^Sbuff ^SShowTimerText^B ^SGUID^STMW:icon:1Q9Ok8L=M_sf ^SName^SResonance~`Totem;~`Storm~`Totem;~`Ember~`Totem;~`Tailwind~`Totem ^SEnabled^B ^SSettingsPerView^T ^Sicon^T ^STextLayout^STMW:textlayout:1QDyB=0AIFnx ^STexts^T ^N1^S[Duration(icon="TMW:icon:1QDxSrF69soC"):TMWFormatDuration] ^t^t^t^SCustomTex^S57658 ^SStates^T ^N1^T ^t^N3^T ^t^N4^T ^t^t^SFakeHidden^B ^t^N84201^S~`~| ^Sicon^^ ^1 ^T^N1^T ^SShadow^N0.8 ^SSkinAs^SHotKey ^SConstrainWidth^b ^SName^S2002~`Bold ^SStringName^SNumber ^SOutline^SOUTLINE ^SSize^N16 ^t^SGUID^STMW:textlayout:1QDyB=0AIFnx ^SName^STotemic~`Mastery ^t^N84201^S~`~| ^Stextlayout^STMW:textlayout:1QDyB=0AIFnx ^^ Collect both in a meta icon that points to the hidden icons. Buff present icon on top, Missing buff icon on bottom. Prioritize Normally. Nothing else is needed for the meta icon.Lucaan0 24 Dec