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6d Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 6d
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
2h Two-Handed Stormstrike, Can we please have it back? I know enh shamans have been ment to use two weapons for most expansions, but we still had the ability to stormstrike with a two-hander up untill WoD. I get the fact that blizz wants to simplify everything to make it as streamline as possible, But messing around with 2h enh has been a fun project for me. A project that has kept me entertained when I've really burnt myself out on the game. I dont expect blizz to make it viable, I just want to be able to do it again. Sorry for the !@#$%y post, had to get it out of my system. -QuartermainLotad6 2h
8h Shaman damage taken WTF. Unavoidable damage ability that hits everyone. First damage taken - fury warrior. Second, enh shaman. Can somebody explain why I take more damage than anyone else? Is there a secret to it? I take 10% more unavoidable damage than other members of the group. Am I enraged blizzard? Am I a mini fury warrior? Are you guys sure you did't put 10% damage taken more perk in shaman code somewhere? Explain please somebody.Nuszka7 8h
9h New lightning bolt/chain lightning animations Hello, I've been looking up the incoming changes in 7.3, one of them was the new casting animation for lb/ch which was available on ptr. Hoooowever the changes didn't come live yet. Is there any particular reason behind that ? Regards, meVhernon4 9h
12h Mastery balance hits the other side of the wall Since mastery has been balanced out we don't have to stack every bit of mastery anymore to maximize our characters potential, but instead every bit of mastery now is going to waste. The mastery from our weapon + the minimum amount of mastery from a 4piece is already too much mastery. It would be nice if there was a middle ground here. A mastery statsttick currently, no matter the big itemlevel it has, is a solid downgrade.Kameltoetem2 12h
13h Resto Shaman Addons Just want to see what people are using? Is there anything essential to you? Anything you think I could benefit from downloading? I'll get things started with what I currently use. -DEADLY BOSS MODS -OMNICC -MOVE ANYTHING -BARTENDER4 -QUARTZ -CHINCHILLA -BAGNON -RECOUNTShinôbi5 13h
18h Rate shaman name above Rate name aboveGimbloid66 18h
18h more ghost wolf glyphs Sooo, spectral talbuk and spectral gryphon or ram for Draenei and Dwarf flavour ? Spectral keg ful of alcoholic beverages or spectral dumpling for Pandas ?Shroomz2 18h
19h Enhance PVP issues Switched from my ele to enhance to try some bgs. Wow such a nightmare! Something must be done about our survivability and movement! Kited from zero to hero ! How are you guys doing in bgs pvp as enhance? Edit: Such a sad thing as i love enhance pvp, maybe if we would have more utility, dont know :(Flokì7 19h
1d Shamanism bugged Shamanism talent + bloodlust it trigger no spell cd on the animation. I dont know when it `s up or not. Also sometimes it triggers exhhaustion in bgs :( I dont know if its a bug om my char because i did a merc bg or it is a known bug. Discovered this mornning.Flokì1 1d
1d ZERO M+ Healer Class Balance Thanks alot Blizzard staff for amazing balance! 2400M+ Mythic Score Rshamy got declined by random players that doesnt have even 2.2k Score,just because im Rshamy.Never felt such a discrimination before.If you are not "balanced" Hpally,nor Rdruid you are doomed never to make a higher than 18+ keys with random groups.Thunderheadx4 1d
1d +15 a elemental At what ITEM LVL you did a +15? what talents you chose? thanks in advanceSalice2 1d
1d What´s the deal with air elemental It has aoe speed burst, but itself can´t move faster than 100%Samsing1 1d
2d Rate the transmog above Last thread reached its cap - so new thread because I think I just won the mog game ;DCallìopee54 2d
2d Floki - elemetanl shaman bgs Hello guys, going to publish some videos on youtube on my elemental :) Please check it out if you have the time: Had a bad start but finished ok :) ( also was paying attention to OBS and so on) As i see there are not so many videos on shaman pvp, i thought on making some videos. Comments regarding video quality and how is the video are much appreciated. Maybe i`ll improve in time :). Have a great day! FlokiFlokì0 2d
2d How are Ele Shamans in random BGs? Currently playing a Spriest, and while it’s definitely a strong BG class, I’m getting tired of the ‘dot everything up’ playstyle. Elemental Shamans have caught my eye as they seem to do very strong single-target damage right now. If left to free cast they always top the dmg and kill charts. Even more than Boomy’s and Arcane Mages.Pitler3 2d
2d Class Design 8.0 Just a few ideas i would find more fun than the current design Ele: Magmaquake, eq now is magmaquake and applies flame shock to targets hit replaces the lq magma totem Talent: flame shock now consumes 1-125 ms to increase dmg on the dot and the dot now works like ignite without the spreading. Duration reduced to 15 second replaces elemental fusion Enhc Stormstrike no longer has a cooldown but consumes 20-80 ms and class changes from a proc based ability to a build and spend one meaning you can spend as much as you generate. Which is almost impossible at this stage. (Could be a talent)Shamzero1 2d
2d Restoration Shaman M+ Hi guys Is here some resto shammy around, who is experienced in m+ healing? I need some advice about the rotation, talent build and stats. I looked up icey veins, but I just need more details, for example: What cast is good for which situation etc. Feel free to look up my shammy Malru here and tell what I could change. (I've been healing raids ALOT and I dunno if that raid leader was just a noob or a dork for teaching me that bull!@#$...) Anyway, I'm looking foward to learn from a few farseers out there :)Malru4 2d
4d Healing Rain!? Looks good, doesn't work.. The ground colors in wow are mostly way more brighter then this healing rain color.. We just cant see the visual any more when raiding and such.. Please change the brightness on this so people actually know where to stand in or are standing in it for that matter..Paiñ16 4d
5d Give us access to new chain heal holy appearance It's all in the title really: the animation work has already been done. We saw it on the PTR, this new holy chain heal looks awesome so why not give players the option to use it?Kralk11 5d
5d Ele DPS So I parse super-low on logs. My overall is ok but totally carried by ilvl. Here is a Goroth log: I have these to mention: >I did misclick frost shock one time during the fight. >I'm like 2 traits off of concordance since Ele is an offspec. I don't feel like these factors should be enough to make me parse grey on their own. Elemental Mastery sims higher than Ancestral Swiftness for me playing ascendance but super not sure about it. I'm also aware of Deteriorated Construct Core being bad but the ilvl is enough according to Storm Earth and Lava,Severax9 5d
5d Guidance - Stat Priority Hi - Thanks in advance I have just returned to my Ele Shammy, I leveled it to 100 in WoD, really did n't enjoy the play style compared to how it played ( or I played it ) in MoP, so I stopped playing it after getting a full set of honor gear for it. I leveled to 110 over the weekend, I'm wondering what the stat priority should be, and if that changes as I gear up? Sorry the armory appears to be behind where my gear currently is. It's bad but just not as bad as the armory shows :D I'm not aiming to raid - don't really enjoy the stress of it, but I'll probably do a few LFR though >.< ThanksGatuk4 5d
10 Oct (Pvp) List of Purge-buffs (+ curses) you should dispel Here is a List for your Weak Auras ////////// MAGIC BUFFS ////////// --------------------- Very important: Blessing of Protection [Paladin -> Target] (physical damage immune) 15 sek Divine Favor [Holy Paladin -> Himself] (double uninterruptable heal ) 1 time Temporal Shield [Mage -> Himself] ("shield" that sets hp back) Blazing Barrier [Fire Mage -> Himself](shield that deals damage) Ice Barrier [Frost Mage -> Himself](shield that slows) Power Word: Shield [Priest -> Target] (shield with benefits) .... -------------------- Situational: Blessing of Freedom [Paladin -> Target] (low/root immune) 8 sek Master's Call [Survival Hunter Pet -> Player](slow/root immune) 4 sek Wraith Walk [DK-> Himself] (Sprint + slow/root immune) 3 sek Displacement Beacon [Arcane Mage -> Himself] (Teleports back) 1 time Nether Ward [Warlock -> Himself] (Spell Reflect) 5 sek Enveloping Mist [Monk -> Target] (hot with extras) Ghost Wolf [Shaman -> Himself] ---------------------- Unwise: Lifebloom [Druid -> Target] (hot) Rejuvenation [Druid -> Target] (hot) Regrowth [Druid -> Target] (hot) ------------------- Immune: Anti-Magic Shell [Death Knight] Divine Shield [Paladin] Ice Block [Mage] ------------------- ////////// CURSE DEBUFFS ////////// ------------- Very Important: Hex ------------- Advisable: Curse of Tongues Curse of Weakness Curse of Shadows Curse of Fragility Agony ---------------------- Thx to Divistro Help me update this thingRaizzan6 10 Oct
09 Oct Really struggling with survivability at the moment Hi all, can anyone advise or help me please? since the new 7.3 content I cant seem to survive against the new mobs in Argus, Im gettting killed pretty easy at the moment, Im very low ilvl (863) at the moment as Im trying to catch up after having a lot of time out of the game, am I doing something wrong? Im a bit confused with the new content on what I should be doing and what I should be concentrating on, people keep saying to me its easy to gear up but I cant seem to manage it, I am a bit disabled so am a bit slow at times, but can still play the game ok. thanks in advace for any help and adviceStormtone4 09 Oct
08 Oct Counterstrike Totem damage Hey guys, I am actually wondering how does Counterstrike Totem (CT) actually work. So I was dueling with a friend and CT returned only about a maximum of 1 mil dmg back, so about 50% of his hp (even though the totem was still active and he still was doing damage). I'm curious if CT has a maximum of 1 mil damage that will return, or is it actually a percentage of the hp of the attacker? Also if there are many attackers, will the totem reflect a maximum of 1 mil damage (or percentage of hp) to every attacker, or after it did it's cap damage, it will stop reflecting? Any information would be helpful. Thanks!Amalteia7 08 Oct
07 Oct Cloudburst Totem in PvP Hey guys, So I really like the hole idea of Cloudburst Totem (CBT), it's really an awesome and unique spell. While it's usage is obvious in a raid setting, I was also wondering how it will go along in bg's? I mostly do normal bg's, usually paired with my roommate who is playing a resto druid. I'm playing with Crashing Waves and Echo of the Elements as everyone else, but I was wondering what's your opinion on going Crashing Waves and CBT in a normal bg setting? Thank you in advance!Amalteia5 07 Oct
06 Oct Earthquake is just boring This idea was sparked by a thread on MMO-Champion US thread that someone else made: Which inturn have made a thread on the US forums, i cannot post there. I'll post here to see the responses here. Slightly altered version here but, anyway the topic at hand. TL;DR I find that Earthquake kinda sucks, mechanically clunky and both visually and audio wise it's pretty lackluster. It could look, sound and feel much better to use the spell. And the longer version: I find Earthquake is mechanically clunky and visually+sounding pretty dull, by mechanically clunky i mean to use the spell effectivly, you're required to use the a macro containing ... Since current version of Earthquake doens't feel like a powerful move at all in any way, it feels like more like your enemy is experiences a slight breeze and the rumbeling of a train passing by a mile away. You have built up some resources, click the spell/hotkey. Then your character just stands there, doing nothing. You have to click again to choose where you want it to happen with the green targeting reticle, your character raise their hand into the sky and some rather dull looking cracks in the ground appears and some dust clouds and with a rather weak sounding effect which gets dulled by all of your other spells visuals and sounds. Take an example like Chain Lightning, CL is a much more appealing spell compared to EQ. When you cast CL you see a ligthning strike crackling through the air between you and your target and then jumping from target to target, it has a great sounding sizzeling soundeffect and it feels like you're delivering a real punch to whoever is on the recieving end of the spell. The new animations for (LB)Lava Bursts also reinforces this, while your character casts LB, it looks like they are pulling up the heat of slag and magma out of the ground into a ball which you then launch at the enemy. The feel of the sounds are amazing, feels like you're throwing sledgehammers onto your target. Nearly All of the Elemental Shaman spells have great sound effect and visuals. Earthshock feels heavy and "meaty". Icefury and Frost shock while they arn't very visually stunning, what they do have is a nice icy brittle sounding effect. Just to mention a few. What i think could be done to improve it, mechanically, visually and by sound. Remove the clunkyness of using the ability in your rotation. Either by making an option where you can make all spells with a target area(Earthquake, Blizzard, Death and Decay, etc) is either directly under your current target/focustarget or where the mouse is located, to remove the need to have the macro. Visually add a little more intensity, turn the knob to 11. Have the ground shake like in older versions of Earthquake visuals. Make it feel like Therazane herself is pissed your target and you violently shake the living crap out of the area.Eatmyshox0 06 Oct
05 Oct Resto Shaman help Hey guys. So I finally leveled a healer and choose a Shammy because I think they seemed pretty decent! I use Healing Stream Totem with CloudBurst totem together at all times, also Healing Rain. And Ancestral Guidance along with the legendary Trinket as they share the same duration for raid burst healing My question is, what do I use apart from the things mentioned? I use Riptide whenever possible for faster caster time and better effects from the heals. I have a bit of a problem with mana management though and seem to get outhealed by other classes. Many thanks.Versiee4 05 Oct
05 Oct Resto in mythic + Hello guys. Just a quick question. How are resto doing in mythic +?Suntem6 05 Oct
05 Oct Chain Heal - please bring back option for old effect Hello. I don't know if it's just me, but the new watery look of chain heal is terrible. I have tried to use the Glyph of Deluge, and chain heal looks the same, either way. So this is clearly a bug - is there any information if there will be an option for chain heal to turn back to the old version? Either the blue or the green beam, either one would be fine. The new water spell effect is too transparent and it's plain weird looking. I understand it comes down to personal taste, but: My main issue is that it now does not compete with any other spell effect, so I can't see it well. If you're in a group with a fire or frost mage for example, it's impossible to see whom you have healed now, as it just flashes up briefly but it is too transparent and faint. The old chain heal spell effects worked just fine. While I can see the healing done obviously on the health bars, the visual feedback was vital in helping me to determine positioning, and judging the range of chain heal. Without this visual feedback, it's frustrating. This isn't just nostalgia speaking. With this new watery transparent spell effect, it's literally impossible for me to see who got healed and who didn't in a group, during a fight with other effects going on. It makes it worse that the glyph does nothing - it'd be a huge help to be able to revert back to either the old green or blue version.Fewyn20 05 Oct
05 Oct Sheep is better than Hex and it's unfair So I know this is just a minor complaint and honestly, I'm tired of all the threads where people just blame Blizzard for making our class weak and everything is unfair and this and that - I'm just not this type of guy, I don't like to complain. But there is one minor thing that I noticed in battlegrounds recently. When I frog the enemy's healer and have competent teammates for a change who don't attack frogs and sheep I noticed that the hexed player can still move freely, he just can't do anything else, whereas sheeped players literally can't do anything, the sheep walks around mindlessly. If that healer is clever, he could just jump around in his frog form into an AoE and break the spell. And I have seen it countless times, mostly because of all the freakin' Warrior Whirlwinds. So I know Blizzard won't ever read this but I think I'd be fair if sheep and hex were basically the same spell with a different look, don't you think?Balfur11 05 Oct
04 Oct Hello! Hi! I just got back to the game because friend of mine wanted to play together and i was like hey why not! I still have my lvl 100 boost but i really cannot decide which class i want to play so i planned to ask some help from the forums. I've been playing melee classes forever and now i want to try some kind of caster. here are the classes i was thinking of : Ele shaman Boomie Lock and SP So my question is what do you guys recommend ? I'd like to do 2's,3's and Bg'sUntòuchable2 04 Oct
03 Oct Crashing Storm vs Fury of Air What are peoples thoughts? - Early on I was Maelstrom starved if I took Fury of Air now my mastery is high enough I find I sit topped out with maelstrom and no real dump time etc between stormstrike procs Whats the feeling here? As ilvl and gear rack up go for Fury of Air? ThanksSinjex1 03 Oct
03 Oct [Enhancement] Sundering in PvP rotation? I have looked up Icy Veins' guide for PvP rotation and it helped a lot indeed but I wanted to know from you guys - from real players - how do you implement Sundering in your rotation in BGs? Because I still suck at playing Shaman and I often times forget that I even have Sundering in my repertoire because I only got it so recently (I have it kebound of course, don't worry). In PvE it does tons of damage for me, it may even be my strongest hitting attack if I'm not mistaken, so I'm wondering - do you use it as a "big hit" single target damage attack or do you use it only when there are a couple of enemies in front of you (like Crash Lightning) or do you use it as an interrupt, or all of the above? I know there isn't one universal answer to this same as there isn't one universal rotation - everything depends on the situation and I'm aware of that. I'm not even looking for one specific answer, I'm more interested in your opinions and your style of play - in which situations do you use Sundering, how do you prioritise it?Balfur6 03 Oct
03 Oct Resto Shaman Stats Hi Shams. Was wondering what everyone considers the target threshold for stats? And what I should be aiming for. ie. Crit 30%, Haste 20%, Mastery 115% etc (These are made up of course). Also, is there any decent Resto Shaman forums/blogs etc out there, excluding Icy Veins and Noxxic. Thanks in advance.Pènguin1 03 Oct
02 Oct What have I missed since 7.15? (Enh) I ditched my sub after 7.15 destroyed the enhancement shaman (along with spontaneous appendages) and our rotation at the start of 2017. Anyone able to catch me up? We any good yet? At anything?Vexr5 02 Oct
01 Oct Pain suppression whilst stunned vs astral shift? Pain suppression can be cast whilst stunned, why can't astral shift? I guess the title says it all... Why can't we cast astral shift whilst stunned... Or are we forced to Trinket mage rogue openers.... Or die. Priests can cast pain suppression whilst stunned.Fufek5 01 Oct
01 Oct Solution of Hex I believe ench shaman is in really good spot right now, except.... its survivability. Solution? Make hex uninterruptible, undispellable and bit longer. Also, great idea would be increased damage reduction and increased heal income of all skills.Crazystorm4 01 Oct
01 Oct Windfury burst When 2 melees pop their cooldowns with windfury totem down, i think a caster dies in about 2.5 sec if he dont uses defensives. It´s quite spectacular.Samsing4 01 Oct
30 Sep new trinket terrbol idd relly new trinket not good eugh i mean suffer eugh already as it is now this blizz stop pls it good if trinket cen pop whit u own cooldown but this trinket not cool stop it dont want oter wod ringTuskhs4 30 Sep
30 Sep Are shaman too fragile? I've recently gotten back into my enhancement shaman and started the Argus content. I've found that compared to my other classes, it feels like he's made out of wet paper. Constantly having to spam Healing Surge and pop all my defensive CDs for more than two or three mobs. Is this an actual problem with shaman or just me needing to L2P?Aduun26 30 Sep
29 Sep Wouldn´t it be logic If enhance got swelling waters. And ele got ethereal form?Samsing7 29 Sep
29 Sep Mage Rogue openers vs Resto Sham So how the hell do you survive them? If they open on you, what do you trinket... the cheap shot/ the kidney... either way you're open to bind and your team mate dying. You can't predict the opener... so you can't pre-emptive earthern shield totem. Any tips would be appreciated... ty.Fufek1 29 Sep
28 Sep Relic Help I quickly scanned the topics and didn't see anything that could assist me, so here I am. I need advice on relics, I have in my Third slot ilvl910 and I got another one today ilvl 910 and was wondering if I should replace my ilvl910 which is in my first slot, with the second Felsoul Vortex or only run one? Any advice would be appreciated. link to toon : 28 Sep
28 Sep Enha Shaman Dps ToS How much dps should a ilvl 923 enha Shaman be doing is ToS Raiding ? What I can do is around 800k, should it be higher coz of my ilvl? Here's my set up gear wise: 28 Sep
27 Sep Mythic+ Leggy Combos question Hi all, First things first, i don't raid as you can tell by my progression, all i do is Mythic+ for fun. My questions are: I have all elemental legendary's now and was wondering what do you think are the best combo's for: AoE? Single Target? I know Se&L say : Smoldering Heart & Sephuz's Secret is "S" Tier but that is based on tier gear (i think) i don't have any tier gear i was wondering does that apply to me as i only do Mythic+? Reason i ask is i can imagine Smoldering Heart & Sephuz's Secret does great on long fights in raids but does this apply to Mythic+ aswell as the boss fights are much shorter? I don't mind carrying two sets, one for AoE and one for Single Target but for the hell of me i cannot decide of what leggy combos to use as most guides are based on raiding. Any help would be most welcome:) p.s I have simmed myself and the stats you see is what it gave best for me, do they look ok? All the best JayleeJaylee6 27 Sep
27 Sep Class mount Hey there I've got a question: I've been leveling my shaman and continued through the broken shore campaign. Recording to WoWhead the quest for the shaman class mount should be unlocked after the broken shore campaign. But it didn't.... Did I miss something else? Thanks in advance!Dacterius6 27 Sep
25 Sep The skill all Enhance shamans want GUST OF WIND! <3 Hotfix it. asap. now. yeah. now :DHealiux19 25 Sep