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01 Nov [Guide] Level 100 Enhancement Shaman Patch 7.0.3 Hello fellow Shamans. Here is a little guide on some informations a picked up around to bring them out to the general public. The reason was the amount of Topic against the class in general. But let me tell you this Enhanced Shamans are fine not bad class to go with, not the most op neither. But as battlemages i feel versatility enough to have fun in pvp with this class. So let me guide you through those talent choice u should pick above others to make it definitely worth pvp'ing with. This is mainly for prepatch and lvl 100. Talents Tier 15: -Windsong: instant. Free. 45 sec CD. +35% attack speed/20 sec -Hot hand: Passive. Chance for Lava lash to be free of cost and 100% dmg boost. -Boulderfist:Replace Rockbiter. Instant. 4.69sec Recharge. +5% crit, +5%dmg/hit for 10 sec. 22.338 Nature damage per hit. Conclusion: The best talent choice for pvp is Boulderfist. Without gear adding secondary stats your best way to obtain them through legion will be through talents and gives a descent % in crits and dmg. Windsong looks good too if u really want to focus on a heavier burst instead. Hot hand i don't really see usage as I consider Lava Lash as a Maelstrom dumping spell something equivalent to a Heroic Strike of the warrior if you still remember it. Tier 30: -Rainfall: instant. 10 sec CD. Area of effect that heals for 8.990 up to 6 allies for 10 sec. Stormstrike and Lava lash extend the duration by 3 sec to a maximum of 30 sec. -Feral Lunge: instant. 30 sec CD. Lunge Lunge ... FREAKING CHAAAAARG... Lunge. Ok we get it. 11.985 dmg. U chaa.. Lunge towards a target. -Wind Rush Totem: instant. 2 min CD. totem with 10 yard radius that gives a 5 sec speed boost of 60% to all allies. Conclusion: I think it's an obvious choice to make in this tier and u all go for that freaking gap closer and kite tool that feral lunge is. We can all already fall in love with that spell as shamans. Even though it's only 30 sec. It's manageable as we have an active sprint that can follows on it. Wind Rush Totem can be cool in arena's against teams that will train your healer and Rainfall i find it hard to use as u need to kite again like back in BC. Tier 45: -Lightning Surge Totem: instant. 45 sec CD. after 2 sec stun for 5 sec all enemies in 10 yard radius. -Earthgrab Totem: instant. 30 sec CD. Last 20 sec. every 2 sec roots all target in 10 yard radius. 2nd pulse give 50% speed reduction for 5 sec on targets rooted before. -Voodoo Totem: instant. 30 sec CD. Last 10 sec. Hexes all enemies in a 8 yard radius. Conclusion: Very nice talents in this tier. One stun, one root, one hex. I would definitely pick Earthgrap the most i love roots and speed reductions as a shaman on my target so a very strong pick but we can agree that situational in some arena's Voodoo totem or Lightning Surge Totem also viable. Tier 60: -Lightning Shield: instant. 60 min buff. 5.361 damage mg when u deal or take melee damage. -Ancestral Swiftness: passive. +10% haste -Hailstrom: passive. Each of your weapon attacks also deal 2.885 frost damage. Conclusion: Like said at start, any boost in stats are welcome and specially haste so Ancestra Switness is the best talent out of those. The two others are fine but don't compete with the haste buff. Tier 75: -Tempest: Passive. Stormbringer now affects the next two Stormstrike. -Overcharge: Passive. +1500% dmg on Lightning Bolt and add a 7 sec CD on it. -Empowered Stormlash: Passive. 1 additional target and deals 35% additional damage. Conclusion: I would pick Overcharge over Tempest and ES. Although Tempest is ok, Overcharge is a massive boost to the damage of Lightning bolt that cost 60 maelstrom anyways. And becomes your best direct damaging spell with it. Tier 90: -Crashing Storm: Passive. Crash Lightning adds extra Aoe on ground that deals 7.512 Nature damage over 6 sec -Fury of the Air: Instant. 5 Maelstrom + 5/1 sec. Vortex of wind surrounding u and has 8y radius. 2.680 damage every 1 second to all enemies and slow them for 30% for 3 sec. -Sundering: Instant. 60 Maelstrom. 59.927 Physical damage and side knock them for 1 sec. Conclusion: Fury of the Air is a good tool doesn't cost much on Maelstrom can be a long snare of 30% as long as u keep them inside the vortex the 3 sec stays it only count down once they escape it. Is a good way to keep targets close deal aoe dmg every second. But Sundering is to me equally good to Fury of the Air. Having a spell that deals massive damage again for 60 Maelstrom which is not cheap though. But the side knock can be used to have like a 1 sec blanket stun that works wonderful against sticky rogues or even make casters reset their cast with it is very promising. I find both these worth in different situations. Not a rogue or lock in BG that are a pain? go Fury of the Air i would say. If they are present go for Sundering. In arenas both are viable tools. Tier 100: -Ascendance: Instant. 3min CD. 15 sed duration. Generates 10 Maelstrom/1 sec. Auto attacks and Stormstrike bypass armor and has a 30y range. -Landslide: Passive. +8% agility buff for 10 sec when u hit with Boulderfist. -Earthen Spike: Instant. 30 Maelstrom. 20 sec CD. Spike the target dealing 47941 physical damage and increase Nature dmg u deal by 10% for 10 sec. Conclusion: I really like Landslide a passive that gives descent agility boost that can stay constant on you as long as u hit things with Boulderfist. Ascendance looks good but long CD of 3min and Landslide already wins on damage output in that time by a large amount if u can apply those buffs and keep them going on. If u go Sundering no need for another expensive Maelstrom spender. Spell rotation and Burst: Basic Rotation: Open with Feral Lunge if u picked talent. Then go as follow -Boulderfist > Flametongue > Boulderfist -Frostbrand or Purge -If proc Stormstrike at that point use it otherwise use Lightning bolt. -Use Lava Lash only as Maelstrom dumping Boulderfist should be up with almost 2 stacks again. Repeat Burst Rotation: Always be above 60 Maelstrom, have your buffs from Boulderfist and Flametongue up. Use all your offensive CD's and have a proc of Stormstrike. Then do as follow - Stormstrike on proc > Stormstrike > Lightning Bolt.Deadrowz8 01 Nov
6h Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 6h
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
15s Rate the Shaman name above you Lets see what ppl think about the name you chose for you shamanStormfury213 15s
20m Elemental Stat distribution I feel like i'm doing sub par dps in raids like Nighthold at current I have 34% crit and 41% mastery and 24% haste, I'm using pawn to choose my items and this is what it suggests however I really think I'm week on single target i do sub 300k dps and i'm constantly changing talents, can anyone else.Feirgan2 20m
51m List bis legend for elemental on Asendance build Hello , The best legendary from bis to worst on gear 890 is: 1. Pristine proto scale gidle( waist) - 590.581 dps 2. Urcantain Reminder(helm) - 589.733 3. Eye of the twisting nether (ring) - 588.969 dps 4. Kiljeaden burning wish( trinket) - 586.824 dps 5. Echoes of the great sundering( shoulders)- 583.491 dps 6. Prydaz xavarics magnum opus( neck)- 578.085 dps 7. The deceiver's blood pact( feet)- 577.091 dps Rest is not good for increase dps. Source is What do you think about this? The trinket kJBW is good for ST and bis for aoe ! For my opinion. But don't now what is synergy bettween feets and shoulders what dps been.Gerantin5 51m
1h Ele sham vs other classes (pvp) Okay so Ive started playing on this char as ele for the last few weeks and Ive got the same problem in almost every bg or if I try 2s...HOW TO GO 1v1 vs a freaking Lock Spriest Rogue or a DH?!!?!! really locks and spriests outheal me(I usually oom after the 4th HS) and rogues/dhs just burst my !@# down actually same goes for rets :<Luthaercho4 1h
1h Class mount I want my elemental class mount to come with fire/water/earth variation.Trainstation5 1h
1h spirit link honor talent What do u guys think? I have played the previous version (in preparation for current live version), and the live version now quite a bit. My impressions are as follow: 1. You really need all three arena members in the link, so the dmg is manageable to heal. If it's only two, and you are getting tunneled, it just means you will have to really struggle to keep both people up. 1a. also true in BGs. You really need 2 people near you to have 3 total members in the link. 2. In the end, it's nothing more than an "extension" of time allowing your team to peel. But, depending on the situation, they will still likely need to peel, but the windows are bigger. If you have to go out chasing team members, it will end badly usually. 3. I really like the talent, and use it exclusively. But, for it to work, you need competent teammates. I think I won like 80% of arena matches the other day in 2-3 hours of game play, with one other stable person, and a revolving door in the third spot (most people just wanted their ten wins). Of those 30+ games played, I really felt we should have won nearly every single one.Jalisco1 1h
2h Enh still lack power Hey so I tested our "buffed" enh properly. With my 2 friends (885 rouge assa, 885 paly retri, my ilvl - 892) we run trough VotW +12. Pally dmg was around 620k single 1,2kk+ aoe, rouge 590+ single and 1kk aoe and my dmg 530k single 1kk aoe. So yeah this is freakin pathetic not only Enhas are forced to fckin spam Rockbitter like fcktards we need to rely on RNG Stormstrike and Lava Lash and THIS FCKIN ULTRA GAY Lighting Bolt. I FCKIN HATE THIS ROTATION!!! Get your sh1t together blizz cuz Im fckin mad af. P.S. Yeah I know tier sets will change our rotation but we'r gonna be still far behind oder classes + enh in pvp sucks it was DESCENT before this 7.1.5 trash) We need smooth early rotation and more defensives!!!! CheersXeria1 2h
2h Legion Shaman Survivability Issues So before Legion, elemental had healing stream totem, rainfall, defensive talents like stone bulwark totem etc and healing surge didn't use up all of our mana after a couple of casts. Enhancement had healing from feral spirits and could increase their healing surge healing with the old maelstrom procs. Now however, both enhance and ele just have a 2 minute astral shift cooldown and a couple of useless healing surge casts and that's it. Why did they take away all of our survivability? I struggle to take on more than a couple of mobs now without having to spam healing surge until I run out of mana.Íllidén4 2h
5h Ranking for Legendary upgrade (910->940) Hi, was wondering if there existed any list/ranking for the enhancement shaman legendaries? I have Storm Tempest belt and Eye of the Twisting Nether ring to chose from right now and some help on which to chose would be swell. (I am leaning towards the ring as what I understand you as enhancement will go back to the pre 7.1.5 talents including HS)Powderedging0 5h
6h Elemental DPS (Talents need help) I simmed my elemental shaman and I noticed that Lightning Rod is doing 20-30k more dps than Ascendance and Icefury ST. This is a 7-8% damage increase in ST for a passive mythic + aoe talent... How can this be right? Is Ascendance and Icefury so undertuned?! The only thing I changed from the normal build was that I used Totem Mastery instead of Path of Flame and Lightning Rod instead of Ascendance. I sim 522k dps with ascendance build and 551 with Lightning Rod. If this really is true that ascendance and Icefury is this bad I understand how the shaman community must feel about this patch. Shaman is damn fun to play but the numbers just doesnt add for ST damage :/Whalemental5 6h
7h wanting to get into ele shaman I am originally a demon hunter but I get bored of melee sometimes and wanting a ranged alt to back me up I like casual bg's soloing doing dungeons mythic dungeons basically a bit off everything I'm not looking for an fotm class but rather a fun class I have heard good things about ele specificaly utility and a fun play style is the correct and is this class something for me?Celerith4 7h
16h Good news for enhancement Hello. As many of you I was quite smashed with 7.1.5 enhancement changes. Before I was doing on dummy (no bl, no flask, no food) about 420k dps in long lasting fight. After 7.1.5 I've learned new rotation, but it was hard for me to get 380-390k constans dps. Today I obtained 2nd part of set and here comes good news - this one god damn change, which is 2-set bonus changed everythig. I changed meh overcharge into tempest and stayed with windsong and FoA, coz BF is still meh. Without flask, without bl, without food I have 450-460k constans dps. It means 500k+ on raid with all buffs which imo is very, very good.. We still suck on aoe, but at least fun is back and ST is back. GL with your set pieces, I'm happy dwarf now :).Boowa8 16h
16h Is there any enhancement shaman left?? The Maelstorm used to be a home for enhancement shamans, then 7.1.5 came in like a wrecking ball. We got alot of nerf and some few "buffs" and one of them was stormstrike dmg buff 16% increase and then another 4% after "tuning". Do you feel the stormstrike buff? because i definitely cant feel anything at all, it hits for 300-520k (887ilvl). WHAT IS THIS?Jahziel12 16h
16h Why is my dps so bad? 880 ilvl Enhance. Hey guys, Im just wondering why I'm pulling such bad dps, I'm currently sitting at a 880 ilvl (though my stats are a bit !@#$). I've watched guides on how to play the class and I'm using weakauras but still at 880 ilvl I struggle to pull 300k dps on the dummy, what am I missing?Falstrad2 16h
1d What do I do if I regret my artifact quest? I Havent yet gotten my artifact, but thats only due to me being a horrible player and I cant for the life of me get through the Temple for elemental I thought bugger it, i'll go enhancement instead.. can i just abandon the quest and go back to the lady?Gaddek3 1d
1d Lightning shield All my sims are telling me that LS is netting higher results than AS. So far it's giving me around 25k dps. Is there anything bad with LS?Omaar1 1d
1d Elemental: class for me? Hey guys, I'm looking for a fun class, mainly for battlegrounds, dungeons and solo play. I don't really care about being top dps but i do care about bring a lot of utility to the group. Is Elemental shaman for me? Or do you recommend a different class? (I'm not into melee btw)Kolkir3 1d
1d 180k dps on 877 ilvl I dont know whats wrong with dev's but before 1 week i was doing 400k on the dummy with 874ilvl and before 5 minutes i try my shaman encha and did 180!!!!k on the dummy with 877 ilvl. Hey blizz whats wrong?Legionary6 1d
1d ST rotation Hi there and good morning I've read guides and topics about rotation but as a new shamy I'll like to discuss and learn more about ST fights and ways to do it according to talent choices :) thx.Arcanohn2 1d
1d Nice to heal again in pvp With the blanket nerf to damage classes (-5% primary stat). Was able to do quite well today with resto shaman. Now that we don't one-shot, we are pretty decent.Trickortreat2 1d
1d FIX ENHANCEMENT! Blizzard wtf have you done to this perfect spec? You ruined a fun and enjoyable spec and turned it into a clunky weak !@#$. First of all we were in no need of a nerf, we were good on single target and a bit worse on aoe. But it was all fun. Most of us have lost 50k-60k dps atleast. And have you seen how many of the enhan shamans have gone ele because of this %^-*? And the worst part isn't the bad dps, It's the rotation. You have messed that up completely and the most fun talents aren't viable anymore. This spec is now boring and worthless. THE best choice would be just to revert the changes, give us back the good spec we had before 7.1.5. Please take notice of our concerns and take action! All this expansion i have been trying to find a class/ spec to main and when i finally find that enhan is fun you mess it up so bad. I hope you make the right changes to this spec.Keldrath5 1d
1d Hailstorm and legionaries. This still needs a buff. Hailstorm + akinu and ring sims a tiny bit below a hot hand build without that plus this build is much harder to use in nighthold with switching to adds and moving around. Bringing Akinu to 40-50% and buffing hailstorm by additional 10% should fix that.Nuszka0 1d
1d Spontaneous Appendages after nerf? Hey guys i belive many of you allready got new trinkets from Nighthold. SA got nerfed and after alot of dummy testing i don't find it so great anymore. I got Entwined Elemental Foci ilvl 875. (my SA is 870) The EEF trinket do about 6-7k more damage than SA. I tried with diferent talents, and EEF was better all the time. Whats your experience with the new trinkets? Or what trinkets should ve aim for? NF from High Botanist may be the BiS one, but i'm not sure if SA is still our second choice.Brainiac6 1d
1d 2-hand to the people! I have been playing shaman since the beginning of it all. It has always been my go-to class, and what I have enjoyed to play the most. We did not have Dual Wield from the start, as it was added in patch 2.0.1, and the earliest enhancement shamans during this time went 2-hand, as well as for a period of time after 2.0.1 due to adjustment changes along the way, and we were slowly forced to accept our fate. My deepest wish for enhancement shamans is that we after Legion and its artifact weapons can bring parts of the enh shaman back to the beginning. Please make balance changes to how a 2H weapon in the hands of a shaman could give the same ammount of damage as dual wielders. A couple of my thoughts on how to do this, would be: - Add passive skill that boosts damage on 2H weapon by raising crit or base damage percentage or - Add extra windfury procs to 2H or - Give its own 2H weapon buff which needs to be maintained or a combination of the above. As the game is now, a shaman with a 2H weapon is not viable.Shorin3 1d
1d Volcanic Inferno Bug Anyone else getting a bit annoyed that you can't loot while Volcanic Inferno is on the corpse? Blizzard please fix this bug. :)Grizzlyz3 1d
2d Is enhacement bad now ? 7.15 Is enhacement shaman now the lowest dps in 7.15 ? What do you think ?Adivoroneanu9 2d
2d What is the Enhancement Rotation now? So what is the Enhancement rotation now? And build? For the noob shaman. ie : ME Hi thanks for taking the time to read this. With all the changes im confused at what i should be doing in my rotation? Is Frostband out? Is Rockbiter the new thing? Not forgetting , Windsong? Fury of air? Hailstorm? It seems theres a whole lot more abilities we have to use. Ive been messing about on the target dummies but meh i suck. So any help with a cookie cutter build that i can work on would be great . Thanks.Grumpalo2 2d
2d Elemental pvp IF/asc? Hey guys title says it. Are people pvping as ascendancy or icefury? Been playing icefury and can see the advantages of huge frost shock crits with the current state of melee. Would really appreciate others thoughts on current elemental pvp and the difference in specs/talents.Chícane6 2d
2d Elemental (low dps?) Hello shamans! I play elemental with 875 gear, have tryed both ascadense and icefury specc and love them both. Very happy with elemental playstyle. But I do have a dps problem, gonne focus this on single target. I can only put out 300k dps on single target, with 875 item level i think i should be able to do much more. Is this normal or do i make something really wrong? Ascandense and icefury make very similar with dps for me btw. Would be greatfull with some input and tips. Thanks you! / ChanticleerChantïcleer6 2d
2d Stats cap? Hi, i just wanna know if there are any stats cap as Enhancement and elemental Thanks in advanceThünder1 2d
2d Lightning rod - top single target dps Lightning rod - top single target dps (More so when set bonus comes) - after this weeks buff - from turret testing on dummy my lightning rod build (totems, elemental blast) is better than ice-fury and ascendance builds for single target dps. 380k v 400k tested on 5 minutes. this will be enhance when set bonus crit comes. thoughts?Irontrain2 2d
2d RIP Spontaneous Appendages You'll be missed, beloved trinket, you have given us so much Stormbringer procrates, making our gameplay feel crazy, powerful, dynamic. Now it's different.... With its procrate nerfed by much, do you think it is worth replacing it ? With a mastery stat stick for example ?Draenär10 2d
2d Enha shaman after hotfix Enha shaman damage buffed today. It will let us make more damage for sure but is it enough for to play enha? I will explain. Crash Lightning, Flametongue, Lava Lash, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Shield, Rockbiter, Stormstrike, Windfury, and Windsong damage increased by 4%. Hailstorm damage increased by 29%. Boulderfist damage increased by 15%. Fury of Air damage reduced by 12%. Doom Vortex damage increased by 33%. Frostbrand came back so wrist and ring legendary will work okay. Doom vortex buff? ..... Please don't make me laugh... Boulderfist buff? Hot hand is dead for nighthold Guarm mythic for this week 890-892 item level %90 percentile ( i mean if you are good and lucky) Average Enha dps is 500k With these buffs it will go around 540k and i am looking it optimistic. 540k makes us midcore single target dps between all dps specs. Is this solved our problem? Hell NO! Our main problem Enha floating playstyle gone. We need more proc. Our stats gone, SA nerfed etc etc. Playing enha not enjoyable anymore. I accepted being midcore single target dps okay... What can i do else? As an Enha Shaman I can't soak anything. I can't do AOE burst like a lot of specs. I can't do spread aoe. I can't stay in line when i have to move away from boss( NO dots) I have to do REALY GOOD SINGLE TARGET DPS so people have their reason to get me on raid setup. Hope blizzard can see the logic here for pve players.Kagitsume21 2d
2d Enhancement rotation simplified? Whats the usual single-target rotation for enhancment? coming from a firemage, where ive mostly got 3-4 buttons to press while it seems enhancement has like 20.. what do i do ;_;Trixanomi4 2d
2d Elemental? I've been gone for a while, as I really wanted to play Elemental at the start of Legion, Its been 6 months now..figured id check up on it.. Is it still as trash as it was early legion?Trixanomi14 2d
2d Shaman ele: Skorpyron I've been to the first nighthold boss (sneaky bliz for putting world boss in there) and I need help with aoe rotation's for the adds Skorpyron throws at you. My build was icyfury single target and it's loop for when it comes to tons of adds. Any ele help =p Thanks ^^Dämonbeißer5 2d
3d Enhancement for Nighthold - Ele will Destroy us? Hi, tomorrow i have raid with my guild. Question is can we do good dps? Enh after hotfixes have +few % to dps but can Ele outdps us? When i have 874 ilvl with 2 ENH legendaries good will be playing Ele (i have 2 Golden traits there). In future, will we back to our 7.0.3 dps? Sorry for my english. Thanks and GL ;)Naster3 3d
3d Enhancement Legendaries and HAILSTORM? I thought bracers and eye were considered our best legendaries. I managed to obtain the bracers today but that omg moment got ruined by thinking how I'm going to incorporate hailstorm in my rotation together with LB and hothand. Both our best legendaries require hailstorm which is a talent that has been nerfed to the ground. Also using maelstorm on LB, frostband, keeping up Fury of Air and using Stormbringer procs is such a DRAIN!!! I Am so confused any help would be appreciated. Blizzard really needs to either change the effects of these legendaries or make hailstorm a viable talent in all situations because it really isn't working.Khagalat20 3d
3d Why are you punishing us? (Current state of Enhancement Shamans) No, hotfix won't fix anything. (2-3% damage buff) Why are you punishing us? Why did you break and rape a class doing very well? What did shamans do to you?Bilgekhan8 3d
3d Enh after hotfix I was just reading the us forums today for changes after hotfix Judging by this guys observations, which i agree mostly, he is saying basically lightningbolt trumps all else.... which it really does in single target maybe but how is it even viable to go overcharge over tempest when almost all nighthold bosses are aoe fights? Like would it even work to go skorpyron with single target talents like lightning bolt.Khagalat2 3d
3d Chain heal Why does it seem that in raid the chain heal with jump large distances but if you do 5 man dungeons they almost have to stand together and hug before it actually jumps.Zagrax1 3d
3d HELP WANTED: Guidance on Restoration Good Day Fellow Shamans, Before i get onto topic i have veen through the patch notes with regards to the effectiveness on [Chain Heal]. I am not creating this post to cry crocodile tears, i want insight and guidance on how restoration shaman works, i have played restoration from the start of legion (you would beable to armory inspect me for further details as to what i currently have, no i am not BiS, no i am not a HC raider) i would like to make the most of what i have what i am able to get and i want to function as a competent healer both raiding and not raiding i have no logs to sport sadly but when we come to raiding mostly HC EN and NM ToV| 2/3HC ToV i always feel like i am the one doing only the topping up and/or over healing rather than actually participating in helping with the bigger more important heals. i use less of chain heals and more on top of waves and surges i feel chain heal puts to much down and relies on closer formations or clusters (melee focused - such as Guarm) and i feel that is not all i can do. how do i take myself out of this spot of the "top upper" and actually show that i can do more? anyone who could give me some advise on how to play Resto to its optimal best? THanking in advanceWïndÿ7 3d
4d Nighthold relics for elemental So Nighthold is getting released this week and I took a look at the relics for elemental shaman that drop there and they seem pretty ridiculous ? The most wanted trait for the Ascendance build (that most eles are currently using)is Lava Imbued and the second most wanted one is the other Lava Burst one.There are exactly 0 frost/storm relics in NH that have either of those traits. Instead we get CL/EQ/Nature dmg - all of them focusing on AoE. As I see it as these traits can compensate for a few ilvls in your weapon this is a huge problem - bigger so than tier items stats and stats on other items ? What are your thoughts on this fellow elegods ?Thelaari3 4d
4d New enhancement is not fun! I HAVE NO IDEA why they decided to change the spec that wasn't overpowered and was so much fun to play for he forst time since I can remember. We were having such a great time in Legion after our madness of being totally broken and unplayable for the last 2 years of WoD horror. Ofc in Legion we were far behind on aoe situations but that didn't matter that much since we still could bring solid single-target dps to the raid of EN and ToV. New build is such a clunky cluster!@#$ that I'm no longer having ANY fun playing my fav spec at all. Enha feel much more spammy and using every skill is much less rewarding now, which resoults in doing less ST dps comparing to other classes if we compare it to the situation before patch. I feel like they forced us to take other talents just to show us that there are more than 1 talent in every tier without even thinking that it is totally nonsense since everyone will still always pick the ones that are the best in their tier. Unfortunately, new "best" talents are less efective, more clunky, and just worse than the previous ones. I feel like this change just let us know that Blizzard have no idea how enhancement shaman works. They gave us 2 powerfull legendary items that forced us to use frostbrand just to make Hailstorm talent so bad, that there is no point in using FB anymore in the next patch. Seriously, whats the point in changing something that works well just to destroy that?Olej54 4d
4d Akainu's Absolute Justice need fixing Blizzard explained their ideology behind legendary changes as " always active legendaries should be less impactful whereas situational ones or activation required ones ( like sephuz ) should feel powerful when used correctly". I liked the idea and supported the nerft to Eye of the twisting nether.But this Akainu's has some problems. First. It requires frostbrand. We don't use frostbrand since the hailstrom is dead and using frostbrand only to activate akainu is a DPS loss. Second. Damage boost is negligable. %30 damage boost to a skill we don't use in core rotation does not fit to the ideology behind legendary changes. Suggestion; Make akainu NOT requiring use of Frostbrand so it can be integrated into different builds and finally be a worthy legendary. OR Increase it's damage boost to %75 or something along those lines to compensate for the usage of Hailstorm. It feels really terrible to wear a LEGENDARY item that actually make you lose DPS. It needs fixing.Mâlhatun3 4d
4d Enh: Upcoming hotfixes, back to fun? ... Source: Will go live on next weeks maintenance Simple Question: Enough to go back to Boulderfist, Hailstorm, Crashing Storm? (will still use Tempest over Overcharge because that talent has no right to be in the enhancement section imho and yes, i do not like the "rotation" a.k.a. alternate RB and LL and wait for proc and hope that i can go back to my favored playstyle)Heinschnotz23 4d