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2h Earthen spike & Sundering Does anyone play with them? Are they so much worse than Crashing storm and Ascendance? I enjoy very much using them, they look nice and I have more buttons to use, especially now that the game has been pruned to oblivion. Do you know if they are ok or utter trash?Clade3 2h
4h New Raptor Models please! Okay, seriously. I think it's time we finally get the new models of Raptors for our "Glyph of Spirit Raptors" as well as the Spirit Raptor (original: Ghost Wolf) form. I'm a Troll and I LOVE the idea of having Raptors instead of the wolves but seeing it makes me cringe a lot. It's so ugly, not to mention the way it freezes when you interact with stuff (like picking up herbs and loot). I KNOW some of you will say "Uuuh, they have more important things to worry about!" and yes, I agree. BUT I really doesn't seem like such a huge work effort to fix this. The new Raptor models already exist.Miajun6 4h
7h Doomhammer showing 1 weapon Anyone else is annoyed by how only the main hand weapon is visible when sheathed? Whoever at Blizz came up with that? It just looks silly when there is a weapon on one side while nothing on the other. I have to damn unsheath or be in combat to actually see the fiery(orwhatever skin is in use) version off-hand...even though i spend most time not doing that.Stormclash19 7h
11h Rate transmog above Hey hey, since Armory is back up and running. Rate the transmog above you! Kind regards DrasqDrasq450 11h
1d Ascendance glyph? Anything about a glyph on the horizon in legion, like the one we had for Ascendance in WoD? I liked the glyph that gave a transparent look of your own race when using Ascendance. The default Ascendance form feels odd to me. My shield also disappears in that form. Yeah with some imagination I can say that he absorbed the shield, but still...Yashzhyl2 1d
1d overload animation improvement request During ascendance , you use your right hand to launch lava bursts and it's overloads , I think it would be awesome animation improvement to use your main hand for launching lava burst , and use off hand for launching overloads . Btw , since blizz devs think ( and it actually is ) that elemental main weapon type is first weapon , why not giving elemental shaman the ability to dual wield first weapons , just like shamans in warcraft 3 , and all your off hand does , is to launch overload version of spells ? Or idk.maybe it can do something further . I know this is the era of enhancement , but it's just a visual thing , I don't think it'd be so much to ask , and of course that's awesome .Shamixure0 1d
1d Low Dps With Elemental I'm following my dps very carefully and can't get over 700k dps in any circumstances. Can you guys look at my character and tell me something. Is my stats are low or something than how they should be or is it something else ? AP is 52 btw.Ãstarin2 1d
1d Thunderstorm still bugged? Multiple times it doesn't go off in pvp, FIX THIS SPELL OMFGStailo1 1d
1d Ele or enh Tonight we gonna do this new raid and i still have no idea with what i should come with. I like my ele, the animations, the fact its a range and the damage is good (for me). But i am not the best at doing mechanics/ positioning. If i have to run i do 0 damage. Is this raid more melee friendly or should i stick to ele ?Drmojito6 1d
1d Which way to go? Hi all! I just came back to the game after a break of roughly three years. I leveled my shaman and I am really enjoying the game so far. I am solely interested in PvP content. I like the odd PvE evening and I don't have a problem doing daily/world quests. Yet - after playing 20-30 arena games I am not sure if investing all my AP tokens into "Sharas'dal, Scepter of Tides" was a good decision. I am not complaining about the game itself, yet I find it hard dealing with the current level of burst damage. I invested 44 points into "Sharas'dal, Scepter of Tides". Would it be a huge AP waste/loss to change my focus onto the "Doomhammer"? I m heavily pushing my AK for more AP and the tokens are becoming stronger and stronger. What would you guys suggest? Is it a loss/waste? Is it more fun to play Enhancement in PvP? I would appreciate your honest feedback. Cheers ZakkraZakkra3 1d
1d Enhancement: give cool spells and animations back Hey guys, despite of several things that are bad right now (wall not usable while stunned as well as too short duration and too long cooldown + bad mobility + cooldown of ascendance too long for what it's doing after the nerf in pvp) I'd love to see spell animations converted to what they were in MOP. Didn't developers say "every button you press should be fun"? Well - directly after saying this they made sith lord-ascendance look like glass noodles. And what about elemental blast? It was such an incredibly cool spell for enhancement shamans. It fixed the mobility issue by a fair amount, because it was a 40 yard hard hitter and buffed the next few melee attacks by a bit. Why don't you change overload into elemental blast? It could even give us a 50% sprint for 2 seconds instead of a random stat buff or so, just like unleash elements used to do. It wouldn't even be op since it wouldn't break roots or snares. You wouldn't even have to change the mechanics by a lot. Just make it consume maelstrom like overload does right now and keep it on a 12 second cooldown. Key fact is: it would look so much cooler! Elemental blast always was one of those "cool to press" buttons.Zÿse7 1d
1d Enh Shaman BL macro (help needed) Anyone know why this doesnt work for me? #showtooltip /use [@party1,nodead,exists][help,nodead,exists][@self]Bloodlust Supposed to cast BL on party member 1 and me (PvP). And if no party member, then just cast on me. But nothing happens when i press it. :(Garmoth2 1d
2d Poor Heals From Resto Shaman Hey, I main as a MW Monk and now that I'm playing my Shaman again, it pales in comparison. I have to spam Healing Wave or Healing Surge about 12 times to start making a difference to their health. I use Healing Rain, Riptide, and Healing Stream Totem and I can barely keep somebody alive. Is anyone else experiencing this or am I doing something wrong? This is the armoury for my Shaman: It's a shame because I mained as a Shaman since vanilla up until....Cata I think? Whenever it was they trimmed down the totems. Now they just feel like a squishy mess that does no damage (except when alliance play it in PvP, in which case they're unkillable lol)Frapuccino7 2d
2d Resto: legendary ring - talents/traits I received the Legendary Ring (Focuser of Jonat, the Elder) which give you a stack of max 5 to increase your chain heal by 15% per stack I wonder what talents i should take to take full advantage of this? I mainly heal mythic + (occasionally raid) Also should i focus on getting the artifacttrait "floodwaters" first, which give you a % crit on chain heal? thanks in advanceDutske7 2d
2d Fire and Ice Change makes Ele (Pvp) unplayable Anyform of concistant pressure vs Melee teams or vs anything that has lockdown mechanics that deny ele from casting made previous fire and ice amazing as you could atleast do something once u got out of cc or had to kite. Now with the redesign u do alot more dmg with ur frost shock (if you get icefury off) and u get ur slows up and ur full duration flameshock without any additional maelstorm used, but there is a major flaw to this design. u do NO dmg outside casting, (because you have no maelstrom generated to use on Earthquakes/Earth shocks) and that is the major problem with ele as its so easy to shut down. Ele is usually the target to train in arena and as you`re forced to cast now do to dmg this makes it almost unplayable as "outside of lava burst procs" u do nothing unless u find ur self in a situation to freecast which barely ever happens. This is My opinion and experience with the change and i hope fellow ele`s out there back me up on this.Sheka10 2d
3d Enhancement Changes Hi, could we please add Enhancement spec to the toybox collections page? I think it is confusing to new players otherwise, as they are not aware it is blizzard's joke spec.Rj8 3d
3d How to make Enh Shaman great again 7.2.5 update has been pretty ok I guess? Better than nothing? Cleave dps is better and single target dps is tied to Ascendance atm. Well at least for me. But still I am missing the some of the old features Enc Shaman used to have. Such as Feral Spirit use to heal, Ancestral Guidance talent was available for Enh and generally all specs had more totems such as Grounding and Tremor Totem. Plus never forget Wind Rush totem nerf to this expansion.Riidansointu18 3d
3d Ele shaman, ways to attract attention from blizzard? How can we finally make Blizzard understand that we are fed up and the class needs some serious rework? Buffing the overall damage by 3% instead of reworking/replacing some passives or talents to make the class more viable shows how poor knowledge there is in regards to the class. I haven't been active since the beginning of season 2 mythic plus or 7.2, since the class is underperforming so much i gave up on the game because Elemental Shaman is the ONLY class i want to main. Thank you for the great experience Blizzard! At the end of the day just buff or fix the proc chance of ''Power of the Maelstorm'' so the spec becomes more rewarding and fun. Kind regards, Lavafrog.Lavafrog13 3d
4d Elemental status. 7.2.5 Dear Blizzard. Please hire someone that plays elemental shaman in end game content, so you get some first hand feed back on the status of our class. The 3% buff, the eq nerf, a set where most pieces doesn`t give the most needed stat (as prio) and set bonuses that looks like a bad joke. A hopefully strong legendary that you nerfed in half befor we even got to play around with it. And then utterly silence about any thing positive to happen in the future. Would it be to much to ask for some proper feedback about your thoughts of our class in the future? It is still maybe the most entertaining class to play from my pov, with awsome spells, cool mechanics and sometimes insanly rewarding proc chains. But overall it`s subpair to anything, and last night we even joked about bringing 2 stronger dps players into the raid over elemental shamans, and going with a 3rd tank (DH) since it would be a overall damage increase in the raid squad. . .Figitout2 4d
5d Enhance PVP Enhancement PvP is a god damn joke, we can't hit ANYTHING Frost mages are giving me cancer, BM hunters hitting me from the other side of the map, MM hunters with so much CC i can't hex or anything, it is genuinely unplayable at this point, after being a keen enhancement shaman player for a very long time i think it is time to hang up my doomhammer and call it quits.Blastoíse19 5d
6d Resto Artifact Bug So doing the final part of the chain where you heal the 'party' of NPCs. Get to the end, my dungeon pops just after I pick up my resto artifact. Return to where I was prior to dungeon, get ported back to stage one again at the start, but still holding my artifact. OK well it happens. Redo it. Get to thr end.. err, it wants me to pick up the artifact again to complete it. But I can't. Because I'm already holding it. And I can't destroy it to re-pick it up. Can't submit a ticket either as page isn't loading, and it literally takes a day and a half to get hold of a GM these days anyway Come on, man. Was hoping to hit 110 today. Let down by such a small thing.Grimgar0 6d
6d Enh legendary combination I'm can't decide between Prydaz, Uncertain reminder and Smoldering Hands. Should I go 1 dps 1 def or 2 dps leggys? I'd really like to hear what you guys have to sayKharimm2 6d
6d Rate Transmog Rate transmog above.Daddyfatsack1 6d
18 Jun How does ppl feel about resto? How does ppl feel about resto in 7.2 and what do you think about the new set bonus?Noemata12 18 Jun
18 Jun Kor'kron Dark Shaman Set Hey, how to get Kor'kron Dark Shaman set? Is it still obtainable? Does it drop from the boss or the trash? What is the drop % chance? Is it normal or mythic only? ThanksDanrosh18 18 Jun
18 Jun Earth Shock not rewarding Does anyone else here feel that Earth Shock is a little bit unrewarding for a resource spender? It does ok damage if it lands a crit, but other than that the damage from it doesn't seem to be that good. It leads to the feeling that our maelstrom builders and other abilities (pretty much Elemental blast) are more rewarding than earth shock. For example, Lava burst will always crit on a target affected by flameshock, and it can overload which leads to some fun gameplay imo. Elemental Blast hits pretty hard and it can potentially give 2 buffs to your character. A suggestion could be to make Earth Shock always crit, or perhaps give some sort of buff like Elemental Blast does? I don't think this suggestion is far-fetched given that our single target damage is pretty low compared to other classes and specs. Do any other elemental shamans feel the same way?Samizus2 18 Jun
18 Jun Elemental Shamans So a couple of days ago I opened a thread discussing what Ele Shaman would be like in patch 7.2.5. I am overwhelmed with positivity. What is your thought so far?Caellin5 18 Jun
18 Jun Ascendance in pvp ? does anybody use ascendance in pvp ? before control of lava nerf it was a significant choice . however standing still and cast for whole 15 sec is impossible in pvp , specially in arena .Shamixure2 18 Jun
17 Jun Elemental: t20 (and 7.2.5 notes) Hi everyone! I play prot/fury, but missed my Druid main who could play all specs. So I thought I'd level a healer/ranged dps class. I never tried Shaman before, because I didn't like the idea of being a semi-petclass and manage the totems. But I read up on elemental, and saw how different it was now. And I've always loved the animations, and still do. And the mastery/crit stats fit perfectly, making double-casts and big numbers brighten up my screen with beautiful animations. I'm loving my ele/resto shaman so much I want to make it my main. But before making the decision I thought I'd take a look at what to come. 7.2.5, t20 and Tomb of Sargeras. I don't play shaman to top the meters, I play it because I love it. The animations, the lore, everything. So I'll leave the numbertuning to someone else, and focus on the playstyle. And to me everything looked fine in the patchnotes. No real changes? Perfect! 3 viable damage specs (hopefully) and the same masteryinteraction with crit still being good. But then I saw the t20 bonus, which will make everything about the Fire Elemental. Might also force us into talents to match the t20 (Primal Elementalist+Ascendance). It will also make haste synergize good enough to be preferred over mastery and crit. So, to summarize it basically removes some of the reasons I love elemental shaman so much. It takes the focus away from the awesome double-casts and beautiful animations, and puts more focus on haste, dot and pet. It will also probably make talents more forced. Like I said, this is not about the numbers. I've heard this might be broken damagewise, but that doesn't help me. It's not about the tuning. And it will probably scale horribly as fights get shorter and are mostly single-target in ToS. And will be really hard to balance I presume. But I trust the numbers will work out. What I want to make sure of is that the playstyle doesnt change and our talent options doesnt get limited because of a really boring tier bonus noone wants... I don't know if the Shaman community I hope to be a part of going forward shares my view of the elemental spec, but if you do, please speak up. Make the devs listen! Thanks for reading my first (and waaay too long) post! Kind regards, Gromh/KraakeGromh22 17 Jun
17 Jun Seal of Broken Fate from Order Hall Hi chaps I finished the Order Hall upgrade "Spirit Walk" a couple of days ago, but can't see which NPC to talk to to get my cheap Seal from? Help a blind fellow shaman out please ;)Hayze7 17 Jun
16 Jun New resto legendary chest Hey, What do u guys think about the new resto shaman legendary chest. I got them yesterday and did a few tests. First bossfight 2 proccs and second 1 procc. Way too much rng in my opinion! I had 5 legendarys left and got the worst i think...Ogrish2 16 Jun
16 Jun Elemental shaman struggling Hey peeps, So I'm now in the legion expansion and have been since 98. Thing is when I first started I found handling mobs easy my dps was really good and my damage intake was low (I'm guessing my heirlooms). Now I've hit 100 everything has reversed, I was almost killed by a mob of cave murlocks for crying out loud. So I'm wondering is it worth switching to enhancement for a little bit until I can get some half decent gear 850 etc then switch back to elemental?. What do you think. Many thanksShamehameha10 16 Jun
16 Jun Boulderfist / Landslide? Whats the point of this change? what actually changed? o.OArvos7 16 Jun
15 Jun Looking for a Chest piece So guys, I have been trying to get a good blue Tmog set, and I've decided on the Emerald Nightmare Heroic parts - it has the shoulders, gloves and waist, great, but no chest fits it! The chests from the set (well, its T19 I guess) drop in Nighthold, but! Raid finder drops purple, normal has white/golden, heroic is green and mythic is red. So I found the piece in Collections and it says it drops from Ana-Mouz, well guess what? It actually dropped for me today and its white/golden like the NH nm one! What the hell.. the piece is still grey in the collections tab though, but why was it not blue, does anyone know? The name is Crop Top Chain HauberkChillg12 15 Jun
15 Jun Ice and Fire change w t f??? Seriously wtf were they thinking with this change?? I'm so confused at how a team can think this change is any good. First of all I'm loving the fast paced matches so far, however ele is the MOST frustrating spec to play right now. Every single melee cleave or every single melee you face as an ele, you're the kill target, therefore you spend so much time running and kiting, keeping flame shocks up, frost shocks up and pressuring with lava bursts, earthshocks and earthquake...WE CANT DO THAT so easily now! We actually need to cast Icefury to generate a chunk of maelstrom which is hard unless 1) you're completely out of range, 2) their interrupts are out of the way, cus you know ranged melee interrupts make sense, lightning bolt, chain lightning, hard cast lava bursts and hope for Lava Burst procs to get ANYTHING done as the maelstrom generation is too weak now that we cant throw out earthshocks or earthquakes with the maelstrom generation we had last patch...our defensive cooldown is also weak! a 90 second cooldown for a wall we cant use in stuns...I miss sham rage.Evatar1 15 Jun
15 Jun Offspec for a healer? Greetings! Recently i listened to a lot of Indian flute music and it came to me...i want to play a shammy! Youtubed up some gameplays, and all that utility on bg seems so much fun, and i personally wanted to reroll my Dh anyway because Healing feels more "multiplayer" to me...i feel more usefull. But Disc priest feels boring (especially leveling) So my question is : How Are shaman right now? (i constantly hear bad) Used to main Enha in Wod, but didnt touch them since Legion. Animations look cool, but not sure what is more worth to play in Legion? (as offspec for leveling...going to main resto for sure) Or more like for Random Bg ing if i want to play dps. Used to play enha back in tbc to, and Ele felt boring in every expansion, but dont know a thing about Ele since Cata ...are they ...less boring? What spec brings the most utility to the table? (so i can feel usefull :D )Corvanna1 15 Jun
15 Jun End of the Shaman in PVP? Please see the following PvP changes to shaman mainly affecting ele and resto shaman. Without knowing what our increases are for the next seasos it is hard to give any cofirmation whether or not these are truly damaging for shamans. Shaman Purifying Waters healing reduced by 40%. The Healing Surge cast by Swelling Waves now heals for half its regular amount. Enhancement Gathering Storms no longer counts pets and guardians in PvP situations when increasing the damage of your next Stormstrike. Restoration Template Critical Strike increased from 50% to 120%. Template Versatility increased from 130 to 140%. Earth Shield will now heal when an attacker takes 4% of their max health in damage (was 8%). Earth Shield now has 4 charges (was 3). Healing Stream Totem now heals for an additional 40% in PvP situations (was 10%). Riptide heals for an additional 30% in PvP situations. Healing Wave heals for an additional 50% in PvP situations (was an additional 100%). I look at all of these at face value and think this is a massive nerf for us. Looking at it now i dont know how the shaman will ever recover and be useful in pvp again. But as i said i guess we have to see what it is like on wednesday.Whytea16 15 Jun
15 Jun Wind strikes weak now? Hello evryone. Is it just me or is maelstrom generation way lower as before bc of the nerf on Wind strikes? i never had any problem before with generation of mealstrom and now i sometimes have to wait for rockbiter to be up again. thoughts?Myllanis4 15 Jun
14 Jun Hows enhancement? Hey, I played enhancement a lot back in dreanor, and loved it! I've been seeing a lot of people talking about enhancement being in a bad spot at the moment. I've already for my shaman to level 110 but I am looking for a melee class, is it worth gearing up enhancement etc but in the end still be bad like I'm hearing from other people?Qeon17 14 Jun
14 Jun Stormbringer Bug Hello dear blizzard staff ,im reporting a Serius bug about Enhancement Shaman and it's been here for so long but now hurts alot more than before with this new talent stupe we use(i.e Ascendance) well this is how it goes: sometimes when i get Stormbringer proc it will stuck on cooldown this proc glowes on my screen and even gives wind strikes buff from artifact trait too yet you cant cast Stormstrike until it comes off cooldown or you get a new proc the worst part of this bug is when you are on ascendance and it goes on ~10-15 sec cooldown even with the 80% CD reduction on the ability and feels like your 3mins CD wasted to an anoying bug. I reported this bug 2 times , opened a ticket yet not a single response from blizzard i hope you guys fix this soon...Kràtós0 14 Jun
14 Jun BEST comp 2s for resto sham? what do you think?Befree0 14 Jun
14 Jun Enha pvp What do i go for now Hot hand or landslide?Joeyexe1 14 Jun
14 Jun Blizz please [Rant] So a week before 7.2.5 Elemental gets no changes, only an "in your face" nerf to our haste scaling, cos half a year into an expansion one genius blizz employee realised that dots ( earthquake is a dot in this regard), for more than ten years now, double dip from haste. Once making that amazing discovery he decides to remove haste scaling from eq alltogether, gives a horrible and seriously dumb explanation, and gets a promotion. So we have this: and the only change we get is a nerf, but they promise to "pay close attention" in case we dont hit rock bottom, so they might implement more nerfs. Meanwhile our class developer who is clearly a rocket scientist, doesnt feel like that our "big spender" (insert dramatic music here) hits like a wet noodle, and thats why earthquake can actually surpass it. A single, non-stormkeeper lightning bolt can easily hit harder than the average earthshock, while elemental blast clearly beats it. I assume his solution will be to rename earthschock to derpshock and earthquake to dirtcake so the names will reflect their functionality. [/Rant]Sírlancelot12 14 Jun
14 Jun Low DPS with ele shaman Hey fellows shamans, I am pretty new to PVE and recently joined a guild and started progression with nighthold heroic. My dps hovers around 450 most of the time and most of the dps are ahead of me. I use the ascension build and priortize ele blast > lava surge > lightning bolt. For single target I just use ascension with BL and ele blast then spam lava surge casting earth shock when I get to 100 maelstrom. I use the Ra'den when I get the multicast procs and for chain lightning in aoe situations. Are there any tips to increase my dps or am I doing anything wrong? Maybe it has to do with my gear? Help pls :PEdytia11 14 Jun
14 Jun Resto Shaman BIS Legendaries Hi, I was wondering if you guys could help me? What are the BIS legendaries for resto shaman? I have looked on many forums but information seems quite conflicted. Thanks in advance for your help.Bearheals3 14 Jun
13 Jun Elements guide me! Hi guys! I played pretty much every mmo out there and i found out that stability is golden and ended up in wow 3 months ago in Legion. I also play occasionally Hearthstone and my favorite char and class is Furion/Druid so naturally i made a druid class in wow,resto ilvl909 atm and its ok i don't complain.But almost from the beginning i heard the elements calling by day till now.Because when the elements are calling you for so stop f^&*ing around and listen...and that i did. So i intend on playing a shammy as resto mainly ,but i also like the other 2 specs of melee and ranged dps that shaman have to offer. I find tanking role to be boring for me and that's that. I do want to play this class and stick with it to better or worse ,i'm not an alt person and if things get tough i want to switch specs not classes. (note: i do not intend to top the meters or play a OP class,i just want enjoyment) I will make sometime soon a dwarf or a draenei(sorry horde i have friends on alliance ,otherwise it was orc or troll) because i like both their lore with titans and drama...but i will see what i like the most. Anyway i want to find out some things from you guys if you can help me a little bit. 1.Is there a big difference between 'mental and boomie in aoe dmg ? (pve) 2.How well is resto shaman performing in mythic + (10+) ? i see that rdruid and hpal are in a very solid place. 3.What trend do you guys feel the shaman (all specs) is going since the release of the class to both factions ? nerfing more , buffing more ? 4.What grade would you give to the enhancement performance regardless of player skill in the arenas and bg ? 5.How punishing are all 3 specs when it comes down to not making 100% well the dps skill rotations and respectively positioning (rshaman). Thank you for your time!Matium1 13 Jun
13 Jun Nerf Elemental mobility in pvp I'm sick and tired of chasing Ele Shamans in BGs and not being able to touch them. I'm not sure what abilities they are using but they have knockback + wolf form + slow + root + some jump ability. They do sick damage they don't need this much mobility coupled with slows and roots.Tomtànks19 13 Jun