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3d Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 3d
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45m Simc/Pawn telling me to take crit ring So I have these two rings, one has 2k crit and around 900 mastery the other ring has over 20k crit and more than 900 versatility, the first is 895 and the second is 910 , now I was always told to take mastery, atm with the 895 ring i have 83% mastery and 28% crit if i swap out the ring to the 910 one i drop below 80% mastery, should I just ignore it and stick with the 890?Feirgan2 45m
1h nothing change, so i change the game So i see nothing change form the begining of the legion , blizz still dont care about pvp at all and dont care about shamans so i can not play that !@#$ game anymore (hope blizz start do they work and fix that ) but for that time i need to find another game but this time with BALANCED PVP . so any sugestions ? games like wow but with good pvpPeedii2 1h
1h resto quest for artifact My resto quest is so bugged out its impossible to complete. When I enter the hallway after healing the first 2 naga's. Kralis and all those crab things come all at once and attack me. Im after some suggestions please :< :<Rhodesian2 1h
1h Shaman tanking spec So more of a poll I guess than anything. Would you fellow shaman players like the idea of Shamans getting a tanking focused spec or ney? I was thinking with the likes of boulderfist spell it could focus more on rock and perhaps air. All in all I think Blizzard could make a very cool spec personally.Moltak3 1h
10h Back after 7-8 months Hi How is Ele doing now regarding damage /DPS? ive had a break from wow for around 7 months and i know it struggled back thenMortisz8 10h
12h Doomhammer showing 1 weapon Anyone else is annoyed by how only the main hand weapon is visible when sheathed? Whoever at Blizz came up with that? It just looks silly when there is a weapon on one side while nothing on the other. I have to damn unsheath or be in combat to actually see the fiery(orwhatever skin is in use) version off-hand...even though i spend most time not doing that.Stormclash27 12h
14h 7.2.5 Elementary problems Hey ho, I'm Bloodmallet(EU) from earthshrine discord. And I was asked to to translate and repost my german post regarding 7.2.5. Be aware that this is not a direct translation but has some changes for an improved readability. The content stayed the same. And like some in that thread already mentioned there exists a larger and probably better written post in the american forum: But now it's time to shine. Hey ho, after managing to write this post once and losing it to the electronic nether, I lost my patience to write everything in length and complexity again. Content - What the PTR already delivered - Why T20 is a bad idea - bad (too strong/too weak, badly designed) talents - special mentioning - what we need, what we have. The 7.2.5 PTR is up and running for quite some time now. Some spec already got some love from Blizzard and therefore some of you are quite curious what the elemental spec is going to get. - The range of all elemental summoning spells were increased from 30 yards to 40 yards. - The Earth Elemental got 600% instead of 400% armor and 150% instead of 100% life. - The Earth Elemental has a 6% reduced chance to be hit by a critical strike. Who'll be knocked out of their socks by this? Exactly. The T20 bonuses got no real changes. To repeat them: T20_2 75% damage increase for Flame Shock and 100% critical strike chance for the dot part of Flame Shock while Fire Elemental / Storm Elemental is active. T20_4 Each critical Flame Shock tick reduces the remaining cooldown of Fire Elemental / Storm Elemental by 2 seconds. The last ptr patch changed something at T20_4, but contained some errors which make it impossible to tell whether Blizzard did change the bonus or converted it to their normally used format for such data [seconds was saved as seconds while normally such timers are saved in milliseconds]. Will T20 make us a pet class? Yes and No. No, because the elemental won't deal the major part of our damage. Yes because the active time of our elementals increases. The bonus will make neither Primal Elementalist nor Storm Elemental outside of council fights great again (and even on those "good" fights they only become competitive). The true strength of these bonuses is their combination, therefore the dot damage of flame shock. What might make some excited, but is in reality pretty bad except for council fights. To get value out of these bonuses you have to spread Flame Shock to as many enemies as possible. But spawning adds want to be bursted down, and Flame Shock doesn't help with that. Especially because we have to spread one at a time. Either via direct application or via Lava Burst and Path of Flame. So the sole strong moment for the bonuses is when multiple enemies are active for a long time and are spread apart. Therefore these bonuses can be considered quite lackluster. In addition the bonuses can't be tuned for single target fights because that would make them insanly strong on predescribed council fights. Dilemma.Bloodmallet53 14h
16h Elemental Shaman 0 potential for competition. It is about time Blizzard realise that the nature of the class, most precisely the Elemental specialization has 0 potential damage wise and survivability wise for Mythic raiding competition. I understand that the class once had been on its prime in Burning Crusade but that is a long time ago. The fact that no competitive guild which race for the first place choose to run with an Elemental shaman at least is just sad, while 5 rogues or 5 warriors or 5 warlocks is a viable choice of dps.Lavafrog9 16h
1d Smouldering Heart Legendary - Any good? I recently had Smouldering Heart drop for my Ele spec. After reading Icy Veins it is classed as BiS Legendary, but...that was before the stats dropped in half I assume? (Icy Veins still show pre nerf stats) The proc on it has gone from 0.20% to 0.10%. Does anyone know if this is still classed as a decent Legendary to use? Or what are the top two for Elemental now? thank youSweetstuff16 1d
1d Relic Dilemma Yo shaman peeps out there. Quick question. I got a dilemma whether to keep Fire relic 930 Molten Giant's Eye from Vault which gives Windfury dmg trait or to put Smoldering Thumb Screws 925 from Tomb what gives Wind Strikes trait. Opinions? If I replace the one I already got with lower ilvl relic i only lose 2 weapon item levels but get that trait that used to be best.Outerspace2 1d
1d Enhancement 2 handed weapon. I know here were lots of such topics since TBC and later. But I wish to have an opportunity using my Doomhammer as 2handed weapon. Like Thrall did in WoD cinematic. I believe developers should add a skin for Doomhammer that will make it looks like a 2handed weapon. If they did great job for Guardian druids and their new bear form and for BM hunters with a bow skin for their gun and let DH use Illidan's glavies for transmog they could easily do so for enhancement shamans that addicted to 2handed weapons. Actually they even don't need to make new animations for our spells. I've seen a stream in which a guy has played enh shaman with a program that can change appearance (such a race, gear even spells). He has transmoged Doomhammer with this program to Might of Menethil and it looks great. A bit silly coz he has hit a target with his empty fist when it supposed to be a hit with offhand weapon. But SS, lava lash, autoattacks with his main hand looks great like he using a proper 2 handed weapon. Other spells looks great too. So Dev team could add this opportunity in a legal maner with little fix hitting with empty left fist :)Бьёрнвар0 1d
1d Shaman tank possible sometime ? I dont play WoW for a long time. So i ask myself if it's possible that Blizz add some new Specialisations to some Classes. ...Or does the Druids always had four specialisations ? I realy would love to have a tank spec. for my Shaman !Drmojito7 1d
2d Rsham looking for advise Good day Shamans. I am here to ask for some advise. Firstly I like to say that I always liked shamans and I note that when I get grouped with shamans it makes me feel good. Also I think shamans could use some more love. But for some reason I always think people who play shamans are down to earth persons and do like their class. I really want a healer class and I think I want to try my new shaman. I've been a Paladin healer from classic till Wotlk and never touched a healer again. I'd like to know the state of restos. What do you like about them. How do they work out for PvP and PvE? What don't you like? Currently I'm playing mostly affliction warlock and I live the dott pressure in BG's. I notice as like everybody healers are a pain in the !@# and I like to be that healer who tops everybody's HP pools. Do you think shamans is viable for BG or do you feel like you get downed yourself too easily? I hope to see some comments and I'm curious about what you guys think!Silverbully4 2d
2d Rate transmog above Hey hey, since Armory is back up and running. Rate the transmog above you! Kind regards DrasqDrasq463 2d
2d should SS receive a buff? Hi guys, I recently start playing my enh shammy and so far I really enjoy it. I know my gear sux but SS is hitting for around 500 k. Do you guys think SS is fine or should it receive a buff? I also want to know your opinion about the 7.2.5 enh changes. Do you like it? cheers!Azmodus6 2d
2d Poor Heals From Resto Shaman Hey, I main as a MW Monk and now that I'm playing my Shaman again, it pales in comparison. I have to spam Healing Wave or Healing Surge about 12 times to start making a difference to their health. I use Healing Rain, Riptide, and Healing Stream Totem and I can barely keep somebody alive. Is anyone else experiencing this or am I doing something wrong? This is the armoury for my Shaman: It's a shame because I mained as a Shaman since vanilla up until....Cata I think? Whenever it was they trimmed down the totems. Now they just feel like a squishy mess that does no damage (except when alliance play it in PvP, in which case they're unkillable lol)Frapuccino13 2d
2d Ele or Enh Hi ;) Im considering to switch from mage. But i dont know what is better for pve enh or ele? Both seems fun , what do u think ?Natherzim6 2d
2d Enh DPS issue Hi there, I'm a 915ish enh shaman playing with aikainu + roots at the moment. My problem is that raibots sims ~950k with my setup (5 min. fight), while I can't do more than 850k on target dummy (still 5min. fight). Class Discord told me that I should be able to reach the simmed DPS, however I've trained my rotations a lot and I'm not doing huge mistakes, still I'm far behind it. How can I reach the simmed DPS? Other problem is that I have a lot of haste (~41% unbuffed) and can't follow the GCD during bloodlust. GCD seems to act weird, and I'm losing some pieces of GCD even when spamming and with a good spell queue window setting. Any advice please? :) Thanks in advance.Jazhe9 2d
2d Questions about the new stats The Trinkets rankings on SE&L are update with the Elemental’s “change of stat”? With the Elemental’s “change of stat” there is 3 type of Legendary set-up (ST Situation): > Belt + Ring > Gloves + Belt > Gloves + Boots I have all Legendary of my spec and I decide to use (Gloves + Belt). On SE&L, for Ascendance build, the stats priority are: Haste >> Mastery > Critical Strike >>> Versatility Now, my stats are: Haste -> 32% Mastery -> 80% Crit -> 20% Vers -> 1% 1) There is a cap for the Haste? 2) There is a soft-cap for Crit? Thank youJeroid1 2d
3d Rate shaman name above Rate name aboveGimbloid36 3d
3d [PvP] Healing Rotation Hi all. I know that the Rsham is really strong right now, yet - I need your help. I came back to the game 5 weeks ago (haven't played since WotLK) and I am massively struggling with my healing output during arena games, at least that's how I feel. I was able to push my rating (WMS comp) within the first couple of days to 1.650 rating quite easily, yet failed badly at healing a TSG just 5 minutes ago. Both of my partners claimed that my healing output was too low. Yet I can't find the crucial mistake. 7 games (mainly facing melee comps) started roughly the same: 1. Earth Shield on me. 2. Start. 3. Riptide DK. 4. Riptide Warrior. 5. Healing Stream Totem. 6. Riptide DK/Warr. (based on initial damage) 7. Healing Wave, Haling Wave. 8. Staying back at pillar. 9. DK/Warr keep pushing, second Healing Stream Totem. 10. I have got to follow them, looking for a pillar (sometimes I might be a bit too much open field.) 11. Massive damage inc = Earthen Shield, Earth Shield on CD. 12. Riptide on CD. (playing Torrent) 13. Healing Wave. I would say that that's my main opener. After my DK drops (even if I am pumping Healing Wave like a fool) below 50%, they might swap on me. I normally follow this pressure up by: Earth Shield, Riptide, Earthgrab - pillar hugging. Yet a comp like Arms/DH nukes me quite quickly. Warr kick (I try to fake), DH stun, Warr stun, DH kick. As soon as they swap on me I am popping Astral Shift. I try to kite them and heal myself with Spiritwalker ... to get away. That's just a rough example. What am I doing wrong? What's important to heal in the most efficient way? Cheers ZakkraZakkra1 3d
4d Enhancement: Earthen Spike bug? (pve) I've noticed that the Earthen Spike does 20% less damage, than the tooltip says. Does any one have an explanation, is it something known or i'm going insane?Londonkeys3 4d
4d Tidal Chains - Restoration Trait "Tidal Waves reduces cast time and increases critical effect chance by an additional 10%." Either the trait is bugged or Blizzard needs to l2english. I'm guessing it's the latter since at 4/4 ranks Tidal Waves should give 80% critical chance for Healing Surge. (according to the trait description)Alastor1 4d
4d Elementarist addon Hey is anyone having a problem with this addon ? I can not see the bars. CheersArmanispree3 4d
4d I came back already feel like quitting again I came back into the game this week after a break to finish studies and I am really dissapointed in what I am playing since I got really happy the time when ele shaman was atleast viable after the buff, well just for short period... Fix Ele, I love the class but I don't understand the logic of nerfing a class that isn't even op, Meanwhile warrior remains supreme and when they get a nerf people cry and threathen to quit, Blizzard instantly reverts the change and keeps them number 1... I guess we shamans doesn't cry enough so I will cry a bit now and maybe we can get atleast at the middle of the dps charts... Or maybe just delete the !@#$ing class so people like me doesn't fall in love with it and then gets %^-*ing angry when they realise they are useless in every singe !@#$ing way. No devs seems to care about shamans at all. Delete Shamans already and %^-*ing add restoration to mages because that is the only good spec shaman have, and why not give you another reason to play mage instead. Holy !@#$ I am triggered, Better go to bed now before I %^-*ing delete system32 and snap my neck.Grizzlyz5 4d
4d why the fists of ra-den ... becomes invisible while casting if transmoged? WTH ?Shamixure6 4d
6d Anyone having this bug with Stromstrike ? Hi sometimes when i rockbiter than Stromstrike than ascendance my cd on StromeStrike become 15 sec i cant even use 1 stromstrike even when stormbringer proc with me i cant use a global cooldownSlashi1 6d
6d Nobundo's Redemption or Intact Nazjatar Molting So far I have only bad legendary, so I wonder which one to use Nobundo's Redemption or Intact Nazjatar Molting ? This is my shaman - 6d
6d Glyph of the Spectral Wolf Hello Shamans. I'm kinda new to Shaman and I have a question. How can I "use" the Glyph of the Spectral Wolf? I not understand if there is a spell I must learn or what I need to do. I have searched around and can't really find a manual to follow for this. It's probably super easy things, but I have no idea. So if anyone would be able help me out with how, where or what I need to do I would be so happy. Or if you know a link to a manual that you can share with me.Celeztie4 6d
6d mythic plus dmg problem hello sorry for bad english come but i need to know wat this problem is well like mythic plus go lr built but dmg suck compare to frost mage and hunter i know great cleave but problem here is thet moment i do dungen i dont know why i try head around it problem here is like 2 add or 3 well i cen chain them but still dmg bit meh big tresh hunter mage beat me Always and tipsFiress4 6d
6d 2 pvp questions I've got a couple of questions about rotation. 1. Am I right to be hard casting Lava Burst whenever I can when I don't have any instant procs? 2. I've been dotting everyone and their pets up with Flame Shock, but it seems like by the time I've finished doing that it's time to redot everyone, so there doesn't seem to be any time to cast Chain Lightning. I have just noticed that I've been dotting people who are already dotted, since I forgot that Path of Flame spreads it to a nearby target, but just wondering if it's normal rarely or never to have time to cast Chain Lightning. Also is there an addon that makes it easier to keep track of whether a target has Flame Shock on them and if so how long is remaining, or should it be ok just to use the default Blizzard unit frames for this (I have been using them, but now there is the added factor of having to check players that I hadn't been checking until now because I'd forgotten that they might have been dotted due to Path of Flame).Multishop9 6d
14 Jul Elemental Shaman logs aren't showing the real values For the past few days i've been looking details of the logs of TOS. From general point of view, elementals do okay in single target fights. Some overtuned classes do around 1.6m dps for single target fights whereas elementals do between 1.2-1.4m dps. (Remember those numbers are taken from highest dps values) which looks okay at first place. WHY? Because elementals should rise at aoe fights and only 200k behind at single target is fantastic. BUT Firstly the biggest misleading fact is elementals being aoe masters. That's not a correct term. In order to shine in cleve fights we need to talent into it. So if we talent into single target we should be competetive in single target fights. SECOND BUT That's not my point actually. My point is we seem competetive in single target (as i mentioned above, seeming competetive shouldn't be an issue, we should be considered as single target if we talent into single target damage, anyways) Every shaman, EVERY SINGLE ELEMENTAL SHAMAN that does high damage in logs and put our overall value a little higher is 930-935 ilvl shamans. Check every log and there is no shaman below 930 ilvl in high parses whereas other classes are around 915-925. What does that mean? It means yes, we need tuning but by checking logs we are at bottom 10. The truth is the parses that put us bottom 10 are from players above 930 ilvl. The parses that put arms top 5 on single target fights came from players around 920-930. If we take all parses, we are bottom 11th at overall but if we take parses ilvls between 930-933 we'r bottom 8th. So the gap is even wider. Final notes: All datas are taken from heroic progression. Mythic datas for elemental is like finding Waldo. And another statistic, ww monks are bottom 4th in oveall data but around 930-933 they'r top 4th dps. So this is because there might be 50 monks that play their class well and 3000 mages that might play average on 935 ilvl but hope you get my point.Ravejn0 14 Jul
14 Jul Is Thundercharge working? Hello everyone. As the title says is that skill working? I dont notice any cooldown decrease or increased recharge rate. Thank you for your answers.Chaosdwarf0 14 Jul
13 Jul Warlord's Earthshaker and fist wepp Warlord's Earthshaker can we get to use this for transmog soon???? And how about giving fist wepp back to enhanc PLZZZZZZZZZZZAcooran1 13 Jul
13 Jul Are elemental shamans mainworthy? Greetings! I've just gotten back to the game and I'm totally loving how elemental shaman plays now. It's the most fun I've ever had on a caster. Although there is something that worries me a bit. I prefer to play solo, which means I'll mostly be doing world quests, old raids and that kind of stuff on my own. I have heard people say that elemental shaman is really squishy so this makes me doubt if maining one will be a good choice? Hope somebody can answer me :)Zekkora12 13 Jul
13 Jul Wtf Magatha? So I figured I would give Magatha a chance, even though in lore shes a total c-.. What I experienced was the worst "Guardian" ever, she supposedly pops up to help me during combat but what she actually does is, she pops up, aggroes everything onto me, dissapears and just leaves me with a horde of demons.. she even pulls those 112+ Elites when im just trying to kill trash for quests. Who designed this? why did they design it like this? ;_;Arvos8 13 Jul
13 Jul Returning Shaman, how do we do these days? Hi guys, So just trying my shaman again, did not played him in the past 3-4 years. I felt i need a change (played only melees until now), so Elemental and Enh' looks like good melee/caster specs to play (not interesting in healing). So, How do we do these days? pvp/pve... enh/ele.. ? I know its not the time to judge, but i just did few arenas and bg's as Enh' and i got my !@# kicked very hard. Melees killed me really fast in melee range, like they did much more damage or i took much more damage. Casters could kite me for just too long. felt kinda bad about it. How are we at 110? (performance and fun ofcourse) Thank you!Xta5 13 Jul
12 Jul Glyph to change the visuals of Lightning Bolt I just really hate the new looks of this spell in Legion, and just spam Chain Lightning instead whenever there is nothing to heal and Lava Burst is spent. I'd probably be happy with any alternative.Aperia1 12 Jul
12 Jul PvP Tuning (11th July) Patch 7.2.5 Hotfixes for July 11 Restoration # The absorb from Earthen Shield Totem is now affected by Dampening. # PvP template Mana regeneration reduced by 10%. # Earth Shield's internal cooldown increased to 1 second (was 0.5 seconds). # Earth Shield's cooldown increased to 6 seconds (was 5 seconds). What do you guys think about the tuning changes? What sort of an impact can we expect? Cheers ZakkraZakkra5 12 Jul
12 Jul A few questions. Recently i considered to reroll , and so i did, and started a rogue (its around 50) its ok, i guess leveling is super boring (spamming 3 skills), but still wonder if it gets any better endgame...also no off role to play scares me a bit. So i considered shaman and i have a few questions about it (dunno about meta right now, but i dont think i played Shammy since start of wod, so not even sure in anything in general) is Enha still kited to !@#$ in bg-s? Is mobility any better? Any viable gap closer or snare? Do i get 1 shot by most melee or Enha finally became atleast on par with most melee on survivability side? Any %^-*!@# chance to get killing blows finally? Last time i played my rogue or Enha shammy the dmg was really damn good, but didnt score any killing blows because of $%^-*!@ lack of execute. Whats the viable offspec to Enha? (that is actually wanted in pve) Are Shaman in general wanted? I hear a lot of BAD stuff, and i hate to admit but when i hear a class is not wanted because its underdog i dont touch it...had that for a whole expansion, had to moan and #$%^ around for weeks to get -*!@ done...i am not willing to do that anymore.Fehérszarvas2 12 Jul
12 Jul Help with resto grevious hello fellow shaman i suffer greatly with grevious mythic+ weeks on my shaman i have no problem doing +15 but when its grevious i suffer at +9. i dont know if im doing something wrong or maybe i should be speccing into some other talents to help me out. please if you know the solution help me out in the comments belowRokaro10 12 Jul
12 Jul New resto questions Hi , I'm new to healing and just wanted to ask a few questions. 1) I'm thinking of using vuhdo for raid frames and easy mouse over, is this a good idea 2) As a resto shaman which skills should I assign to my mouse and which should I leave to key binds, would really help me out if you could give me an insight into how you assign your skills 3) Would it be a good idea for me to assign my single target heals to left middle and right mouse click and then assign my aoe heals to shift l,m,r click while keeping my CDs and totems bound to my keyboard 4) I have just hit 110 and want to start practicing healing straightaway, would I be ok healing normal dungeons at about 785 Ilvl 5) As a healer what is the best way for me to start gearing up? WQs or dungeons ? Any help would be appreciatedWinterizcmin1 12 Jul
11 Jul Shaman Order Hall Campaign Stuck Hey everyone, i wanted to do the order hall camaign on my shaman, but at some point, i just didn't get any quests anymore. I have Avalanchion, Muln, Celestos, Hydraxis and Mylra as followers, so I have enough, that seemed to be the solution for many ppl .. I just don't know what to do anymoreDraenei2 11 Jul
11 Jul All shaman specs are broken in pvp All specs are over the top in pvp. They are too powerful in bgs. Remove earthshield from resto, tone down ele mobility and nerf enh insane burst by 15-20%. Really getting tired of this class now. No answers for shamans in pvp.Tomtànks41 11 Jul
10 Jul best comps in 3s? Are these 2 best arena comps in your opinion as well? :) 10 Jul
10 Jul Earthquake Deleted: well technically not deleted, as the delete option which is normally there isn't there.Multishop0 10 Jul
10 Jul Resto Shaman really desperate for help Hi all, As the title says I’m very new to Shaman and healing as this is alt I rolled to help with the raid heals. I find it really hard to put out more that 300-325k hps in raid healing and I would love some advice. Unfortunately I do not have much in the way of data to show what I do. Armory: Most recent log: I try to dump cloudburst totem>healing rain>gift of the queen Healing rain as much as I can. Healing surge/wave after riptide. Talents: • Torrent • Graceful Spirit • Lightning Surge Totem • Ancestral Guidance • Earth Shield Totem • Cloudburst Totem • High Tide I know my gear is good enough to do more hps, I just don’t know how to (I know it is something I am doing wrong through lack of knowledge). I have read icy veins and wowhead (chainheal doesn’t seem to be updated much) guides but still struggling  I know I should “always be casting” and I try as much as I can. I do find when I try to heal, another healer beats me to it (I’m sure that’s not the problem) Would love some help Thank you all so much in advance.Bearheals3 10 Jul