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19m I am so afraid (Enhancement post) So now they revealed ele changes coming up. That's a good thing, we are happy at least there will be changes. However, while i am reading those ele changes i saw a post on wowhead that says : "No shadow priest or enhancement shaman changes." and my heart started to beat very fast... I dont know what this means maybe it just means "no changes have revealed yet.. " etc. But even the possibility of this makes me so nervous, can it be true ? Can they leave enha unchanged and abandon us ?:sInferal3 19m
27m Ah ha ha haa "Elemental Lava Shock (Azerite Trait) effectiveness reduced by 35% when engaged in combat with enemy players. " Yes yes. More nerfs! I guess this nerf is in line with patch 8.1? How do you blizzard plan we can play this spec before patch comes out?Kutale7 27m
28m @Blizzard: Get Resto Shaman back in the game After playing Shaman since WotLK, I have come to a point where I am forced to switch to a different class. Patch after patch Shamans were nerfed, to an extent that today people don't even want Shamans in their raid and mythic plus groups. The situation is so bad that I could not able to get a single invite for Mythic+4 (and above) dungeon last week on my 352 Shaman. It gets little better in raids, but that probably because there is always a huge deficit of healers in raids. The class was not well tuned in the beginning of BFA and there are number of forums stating this same thing. Even on this forum you will find the same story. It seems Blizzard released Patch 8.0.1 in too much hurry without even thinking what it would do the community, if they leave such a huge gap between classes. There are some very noticeable difference in Restoration Shaman as compared to other healing classes which require almost immediate attention. #1. To start with, the current Restoration Shaman is highly focused on stacked healing which is too rare in today's world. We have too many talents (e.g., Healing Rain, Spirit Link, Downpour, Earthen Wall Totem) which are rarely useful in a spread group. Spells which were actually useful have been slowly taken away from us (e.g., Chain Heal hugely nurfed in terms of jump distant and require a lot of mana and cast time, Healing Stream Totem and Cloudburst Totem is combined for no good reason). #2. Shamans are the only class which has no tank CDs. Yes, the only class who cannot save a dying tank. If the tanks does not have a cool down to save himself, the healer just have to see him die and there is nothing he can do about it. #3. Shamans probably have the least number of spells which can be cast while moving. By far the least flexible class in terms of healing while moving. The only thing we have is Spiritwalker's Grace which has a 2 min cool down. You can make it 1 min but that comes at a cost of self servility. The only things Shamans have are "raid cool downs" which, by the way, is available to every healing class in some form, and there is nothing too differentiating for Shamans. The only reason Shamans healers are given some respect in raid groups is "Healing Tide Totem". You take away this one spell and we will be good for nothing. @Blizzard, if you are reading this, please do something for save this dying spec. If you don't trust me you can check and it will show you how Restoration Shamans have been maintaining their bottom most slot in every single raid tier.Woodoo16 28m
49m Elemental in 8.1 [Feedback] So there was a blue post in the US forums ... This shows to me that they have no clue what ele players want or need. The "buffing" of Lighnint Bolt will happen through the talent "Exposed Elements" that was removed but will surely become baseline. They already tried to sell us that !@#$ in early beta. Nerfing Earthshock seems pretty unnecessary. Its damage is not exactly great. Stormkeeper seems to be working on Lightning Bolt only which means they have to buff Chain Lightning damage and Maelstrom generation immensely. Flameshock now counts retroactive towards Lavaburst. I mean, its ok I guess. Did anybody ask for this ? Anyway. That post shows how they dont listen. Here is what ele players want since beta: Legion ele back. Or at least some of these things: Echo of the Elements baseline. Elemental Blast damage buffs. Viable Icefury. Mastery that is not worthless because all our damage comes from pets. Flame Shock CD. Remove it or remove the necessity for Flame Shock to be on the target for Lava Burst. %^-*ing hell. Every time you put your hopes in blizzard, they disappoint you.Xkrementor55 49m
7h Mythic +10 Based on Raider IO I see a lot of enchantment shamans dominating the ratings (from shaman class ratings). Some elemental's also doing +9, 10s even 11. Too many questions incoming. Any Elementals on here doing 10s? Maybe they can share their experience together with some tips for higher mythics. 10s depend so much on team synergy. What's the best comps accompanying an ele shaman? Besides mechanics of bosses and trash what talents are you focusing on? What stat ratios? I tried aftershock (for multiple EQs) on +7ish8ish but now I'm trying to avoid it since totem mastery is more sustainable (so much rng for aftershock). I'm thinking to also try Storm elemental instead of magma totem. Storm keeper is a must (wastefull on Single Target bosses). Prime ele I believe too. Icefury seems off and weak right now. Could have good synergy with Master of the elements but not sure. I'm trying to keep my mastery vers up but focusing more on haste then crit. The most difficult situations I find regarding dps is on packs with 3-2 mobs. Usually I avoid Stormkeeper/magma totem if I won't have it on CD for the next ''big'' pack. I end up flame shocking some lava bursts and earth shocks. EQ's not so much in the rotation, is it worth it? This kills my dps. Another annoyance I found is with Stormkeeper when I get 100 maelstrom instantly and I don't want to waste it for 1 EQ so I find my self Earth shocking a prio mob in a 6+ mob pack and losing some dps :( Earth shield for lvl 45 talent worth it? I know we are not in a good pos. for high mythics. And with pugs it seems impossible. But any tips/recommendations to try out is appreciated.Beeblebrox8 7h
7h Imagine Playing elemental in PvP after the earthshock nerf. I appreciate they buffed some other stuff jkPlayerLMJQLM1 7h
8h Which name is better for a Maghar shaman Ready to unlock Maghar in 3 days, already have the Frostwolves title for him so which name do you think sounds better? Ghostfang of The Frostwolves or Ghosthowl of The FrostwolvesBulltotem0 8h
8h Stop complaining about our class. People need to stop posting about ele/enh/resto shamans. We know we have a few issues. There are some posts that provide good criticism adding what needs to change. Those are fine. But people need to stop complaining. We are just damaging our class reputation in-game. If you don't like the class just re-roll. My opinion is chill and just try to find ways to improve your game either it's pve or pvp. I've done some pve and pvp. And as main elemental we are not that bad as many people point out. Yes I miss legion and yes I know we are not perfect. Things will just get better sooner or later.Beeblebrox34 8h
10h How to "fix" Enhancement the easy way This suggestion is based on the current iteration of enhancement shaman and if blizzard is planning a big rework then it is obsolete. BUT.. IMO there is some easy ways they could make enhance viable in most types of content and alot more fun to play just by shifting some talents around. With the right PVP talents enhancement actually feels pretty all right and more thematicly correct because of the wild nature of thunder. Makeing these talents baseline skills would go a long way IMO: -Ride the Lightning -Static Cling -Forked Lightning This coupled with something i personaly think would spice up the rotation and make our burst AoE pretty ok while also lessen our reliance on RNG a bit: -Earthen Spike, Baseline -Casting Earthen spike now has 100% chance to Proc Stormbringer -Sundering, replaceing old Earthen spike -Fury of the earth (new lvl 90 talent) -Earthen spike now hits enemies within x yards of the target. Oh and also: -Elemental Spirit should not be RNG and always spawn one lightning and one fire spirit. And remember, numbers can always be tuned if this would be to strong. BUT i belive it wouldent be and either way this would make things more interesting and engageing and not "as" RNG reliant while still maintaining the right feel. This is the version of Enhancement i would like to play!Jpeg12 10h
13h Elemental stats Hi what stat should I aim for for elemental? Icy veins says haste.. but when I look at the PvP leaderboards, all ele's have versa enchanted. Why is that? Or is haste for PvE, and versa for PvP?Mánik6 13h
16h Gust of Wind Please bring Gust of Wind back!, it was a really useful ability back in Legion.Khrayg2 16h
17h Thoughts on Bloodlust Bloodlust/Heroism always feel great when you cast it. For the seconds it's on you get to smash your dps buttons like crazy, but then you have to wait a stunning 10 minutes for the next one. I never liked long cooldown spells so I thought about how to change it. What if blizzard would make it a single target buff and get rid of the 10 minute CD? Instead you give it maybe a 30-60 second cooldown? What I hope it would achieve is that the spell could become more of a offensive support spell that you could slam on a team mate at the right time for some extra burst damage or simply use it on yourself. Now, I am aware that the duration and strength of the buff would need to be adjusted and perhaps 30-60 seconds CD is too short, but that is the discussion part. Also blizzard could just add it as a talent that changes bloodlust so that the players who enjoy the old design can keep it. So do you think it would be possible? To have a short CD bloodlust that still feels impactfull? Or any desire to change bloodlust in general?Hotbeard4 17h
23h What Shaman better at? Maybe it's just my level but here is what i noticed: Hunters can leap back and run+burst Rogues can cc to death Mages burst Warriors rush+high defense what do we as Shamans deliver to the battle? at higher level do we have a gap close? some evasion? oh and one more thing as ele we are some kind of mage and as resto we are healers what is with enhancement? half mage half melee? what are we?Royb18 23h
23h PvP enhancement talent build Hi shamans, I've been checking the build for high rated players and I'm a bit surprised from what I've been using. I used to play hot hand, landslide, overcharge and earthen spike. I played with two macros to deal with them, flametongue + HH and ES + LB, and try to manage properly the procs. So, it's difficult for me to see how lightning shield, forceful winds and searing assault overcome my choices. I guess with the high rated build you have a more sustained damage less dependent on procs, but after trying it a couple of days I feel less powerful, except during ascension. Also I feel that the choice can serve to reduce the number of active spells. Comments?Puncochar6 23h
1d Enhance Shaman and GROUNDING TOTEM GCD Posting this both on the arena forum and the shaman one in hopes that someone might see this. Please can you take Grounding Totem off the global cooldown for enhance shaman, I understand it's fine for ele/resto as they can stop casting and use it but if i'm hitting someone for example and i unfortunately time my attacks wrong and a mage/druid begins to cyclone I won't get it down in time. And this happens so much that I opt to not use it as I feel like the damage or sustainability from another talent would be more useful. Secondly can you please allow us to use astral shift in a stun, either me or my healer has to trinket to use defensive that make us vulnerable for the next go. I wouldn't see this as a massive issue if it wasn't possible to go from 100-0 in a single stun, but bfa is known for it's big dick damage numbers. Thirdly abit off topic but for everyone !@#$%ing about enh/ret/feral off heals, I suggest you play one before commenting on it, remove it and we'd have nothing.Volts1 1d
1d Talent to replace pets? Hey everybody, A quick idea/wish that I had for quite some time. I wonder if other shaman would be interested in such a talent. If enough are interested, maybe Blizzard would fancy the idea. The reason is simple really, I'm not fond of the pets. I've been playing shaman since vanilla (not on that toon, it was in the US), and we didnt have to bother with them before. I mean, not a huge deal, they are on CD, and we dont have to manage them all the time. Still, I'd rather go back to being pet-less. I rolled a shaman because I loved the units that inspired them back in w3. Having pets wasnt part of that So, what about a talent that turns them into a buff instead of a pet? We have one that makes them powerhouses, a talent to allow the opposite would be welcome in my mind. Something named "inner spirits" or something. They could turn into permanent buffs that you dont have to manage, or remain as CD, either way. Fire elemental would boost your fire damage in a way or another. Maybe no CD and increased damage on Flame shock for the duration? Lavaburst could do aoe damage around its initial target? Or during the duration, you can cast a new fire spell (scorch like) while moving? I mean, we just have to find a good idea. Earth elemental Would grant some powerful defensive buffs for the duration. Increased armor, health, and threat generation? Maybe a buffs to earth spells within that time frame, and added aggro on those (earth shock/earthquake/rockbiter/Sundering/earthen spike)? Protection against interrupts in that time? Storm elemental could grant the same exact buff it gives you right now, maybe with added ability to cast lighting bolt while moving? Well you get the drift. Those are changes that are more for the "theme" of being petless, rather than to fix the problems shaman have right now. But since we're being worked on, might as well think about it at the same time. Note : I'd like it to be a talent, because I'm sure a lot of shaman LOVE their elementals, and I wouldnt want to take that away from them, at all. I'm...just not one of those :/ Lastly, excuse my lacking English, not my native language.Ullrik4 1d
1d Rate the transmog above Last thread reached its cap - so new thread because I think I just won the mog game ;DCallìopee328 1d
1d Tier 1 talent Torrent bugged. As the title states: Tier 1 talent Torrent is bugged. Supposed to increase initial heal of riptide by 30%, my riptide before talent: 5395, my talent AFTER talent: 5395, please fix :D <3Gaêa0 1d
1d Instant healing wace Make healing wave an instant healing overtime spell with a minor cd. Cast animation looks bad anyway, the cast animation is much better suited for a major heal with cd.Gjhrtr2 1d
1d Earth elemental arena Has anyone tried stacking its azerite traits and used it in arena?Jeandenix0 1d
1d AI arenas I Would like to have ai arenas. Because its almost impossible to get arena group as a Elemental and no recent experience in arenas. I would like to play arenas and practice 3v3's. Now its just not possible.Kutale5 1d
1d Was fun my dear Shaman after 12 years rip wow Good afternoon Blizzard, I usually do not complain in hopes of better days or sake of my class and spec Shaman Enhancement. It's sad to release one more expansion and our problems continue. But it got worse after the post on mmoprogress on Shaman Class Balance. I can´t get a single key M + 8 in lfg. Normally I ask the reason to give me instant decline The answer is: to weak class no def. ability's or check mmoprogress ....... Do i have to reroll to have some spot on mythic raid progress or do M8+ .? OH .... I know I have to wait a few more months to have class balance !@#$ and then wait another 3 months for a fix . Oh.... tear is over next expansion and so on ...... You on that side receiving millions do not have time to look at all the classes? But you don´t forget to send me a email that my playing time is about to end .Cöld18 1d
1d Classic Blizzard How bad can you be to fail all three specs of a class? You really need to try hard for it.I wouldnt be mad if atleast 1 spec was working.Now if u are a semi hardcore player you gotta reroll cause shamans are not a priority in raids and when you get invited you feel sorry and angry cause you try your best just to be a few ranks above tanks.Skazzi0 1d
1d Shaman healers extinct? I was healing a raid and a guy says i was the first shaman healer he saw since the start. I understand why our heals are bad compared to other classes i am 349 and my chain heal hits primary target for 9k so useless now. healing surge in emergancy cases heals 30-40k with 57% mastery a joke. We have lost our position in aoe healing in the raid. we knew raiding was better for us than mythic + but now they are taking our raiding away too come on. if you take our chain heal away blizz increase the single heals aswel and not riptide with 6 % that will not do it !!!!!!!!!!!Pairls17 1d
1d Please give us back Windwalk Totem Its a necessary tool in the Turbo comp and the extra utility of being able to free snares and roots would go a long way for us as a class who are mostly utility based.Xyience0 1d
1d Elemental and Versatility Been reading that Versatility is our 3rd best stat ( after Int and Haste ) but cant figure out how it can be better than both Crit and Mastery? Should I look for items with Haste and Versatility or whats the case?Shocklet6 1d
1d Hybrid dps classes more viable Healing spells cost -50% (or more) less and generate 2 maelstrom per cast. That would add more value to our weak heals.Kutale0 1d
2d Hasta la polla (Spanish Expression) Hello, I'm an enhancement shaman of a Spanish server. I come here to ask the gentlemen moderators for when you plan to put a fix to the shaman, not the promised rework for the 8.1, if not a fix that allows us to be a playable class on mitic difficulty in the next two or three months that lie ahead . Since in my forums to the community of shamans (among others) we are being ignored, to see if we have more luck here. PS: sorry for my grammatical errorsKitsume0 2d
2d Lmaaaao rework I was expecting doubling the Lava burst damage for some decent Ascendance pump, getting rid of stupid Earth Shock damage, giving us Spirit walkers grace. Buffing earthquake. Taking damage away from Earthshock and giving it to the Lightning Bolt is gonna completely destroy elemental in PvP since you never find yourself casting Lightning bolts in arena, you're a proc and instant cast dependent caster. Just wanna let u know, that for the past 2 expansions, i've never casted a single Lightning bolt once in a arena. Absolute garbage,PlayerLMJQLM10 2d
2d My view on changes needed in 8.1 Just my personal opinion. Been maining a Shaman since TBC, mostly Resto. Totem buffs that makes Shamans "worth it" even in m+ The elpephant in the room for Enhancement is that there is way too many melee in the game. When you want to find a raid/m+ the melee spots are most of the time taken. So why were Enhancement brought to raids in earlier expansions like TBC and Wrath you ask? Because they brought something unique: Totems. These totems were sick in TBC and even though the Shaman himself did not do as much dmg as the Rogues, they buffed the damage the rogue dealt by so much it was definatly worth bringing. The core fantasy of Shaman in Vanilla and TBC was the TOTEMS. Where are they? Where is windfury totem? Where is Mana Tide Totem? We bring NOTHING unique to a raid. We bring Heroism you say? Cool story, both Hunters and Mages has it, and even if you don't have any of these 3 classes you can just use drums. Elemental Elemental dps in raids is OK. It's not as bad as people preach. You won't be on the bottom of any dps meter. People complain about Elemental being immobile but this is what they are about. I am perfectly fine (I actually like it) that Elemental deals bad dps when moving around. The issue is, that even on Patchwerk sims, we are STILL only middle of the pack. THIS is the issue. If we are the most immobile class in the game then we should TOP every single Patchwerk sim there is. It's that simple. I also think it is ridiculous that our other strength as Elemental is sustained AoE damage. Because the reality is, no raid encounters or mythics has AoE situations that lasts this long. I have to this date still not seen a single boss fight in the game where there is 5+ AoE alive for over 1 minute. So being strong in this area of the game is completely USELESS. Lava Burst does horrible damage in both PvP and PvE. Why? Well first of all because of Earthshock/Earthquake dmg. I am sorry but this whole maelstorm mechanic you made for Elemental is the core issue. When you have 60 maelstorm and cast your Earthshock button you character does a little wave with her hand and then you get some huge dmg. Great, now go back to casting no dmg LB and LB until you can wave your hand again. If you are fighting 2+ enemies you cast Earthquake instead of Earthshock and it's clunky to cast. Then your tank moves the mobs outside of your circle. Cool, waste. Else you cast it and 1 sec later all the mobs are dead before it has done any dmg. Suggestion: Remove Maelstorm. Seriously. It's not satisfying or engaging. Earthshock/Earthquake casting is unsatisfying. Find something better. Remove the Lava Burst reset mechanics. Make Lava Burst deal HUGE damage again. Like it did in Wrath. Enhancement In adittion to the Totem issues I mentioned earlier I think the spec itself is fairly smooth working. The only issue I have with Enhancement, personally, is the reset mechanics on Stormstrike. I want a Stormstrike with a long cooldown that hits HARD. It will help us a lot in PvP and feel better, maelstorm wise, in PvE. Now we no longer get "free stormstrike overload", and won't cap on maelstorm. Obviously the damage of Lava Lash etc. has to be adjusted too then. And without Stormstrike renewal, the AoE system probably need to be looked at again too. Restoration Make Earth Shield heal A LOT more. It is weak. If this heals better, we don't have to spend so much time maintank healing, and can focus on off/AoE healing more. Other than that, I don't really like Healing Rain. Why can't we focus on our signature AoE healing spell Chain Healing instead? Why do we need Healing Rain at all? It's just a Resto Druid copy. Outside this, it's just a number issue.Yukihyo3 2d
2d New player questions Hi guys I'm new to shaman I'm trying to figure out my specializations, armors, and weapons. 1. If i wear Mail armor how come i feel that my defense is so low? 2. Enhancement skill "Lava Lash" ask for melee weapon yet One-Handed Sword is not equipable, which melee weapon can we equip? and i assume the skill talks about offhand weapon right? 3. which specialization will be easier to level at? i feel like Restoration is stronger even tho its a healer, Ele feels very weak, and i didnt get to try Enhancement because i dont get the weapon thing.Royb7 2d
2d dmg problem last 2 boss uldir hey i only 1 who hes bit problem last 2 boss uldir dps just bit meh compare oter classKangss1 2d
2d Stormkeeper in 8.1 I'd like to point out some concerns I have regarding this ability - and Blizzard's design in general. 1 - The ability guarantees Overload, which devalues Mastery. Frost DK Killing Machine has a similar behavior with Crit, but it is compensated by the fact that you gain Killing Machine by critting with auto-attacks. There is no such compensation for Stormkeeper, or any reason for its absence. 2 - The ability has a set cooldown and instead of a duration, it affects the next 3 uses of certain abilities. This kind of design - any of the above, but specially both combined - inevitably leads to an ability or talent representing an ever smaller % of your damage. There are plenty of abilities and Talents in a similar situation, like Icefury (Elemental), Brutal Slash (Feral), Fury of Elune (Balance) or Wildfire Bomb (Survival), and I wonder if Blizzard doesn't see the glaring flaw - or worse - if somehow they think it's fine. Another problem is inconsistency, as Talents in that situation are usually paired with Talents that don't suffer from the same issue, at least in such a drastic way - in Stormkeeper's case, Ascendance and Unliminted Power. What I believe is missing in Stormkeeper, is something as simple as a) cooldown reduced by Maelstrom spent; or b) cooldown reduced by Haste + damage bonus scaling off Mastery and affecting Chain Lightning to a lesser degree, so that it scales properly as your gear improves.Basanda0 2d
2d Call the Thunder & Surge of Power there seems to be some delay on what these two abilities do but here goes : "Call the Thunder - Your maximum Maelstrom is increased by 30, and the Maelstrom cost of Earth Shock and Earthquake is reduced by 10. Surge of Power - Earth Shock also enhances your next spell: Flame Shock: The next cast does not incur a cooldown. Lightning Bolt: Your next 3 casts will cause an additional Elemental Overload. Lava Burst: Reduces the cooldown of your Fire (or Storm) Elemental by 6 sec. Frost Shock: Roots the target in place for 6 sec."Netherr17 2d
2d Endless rejections from m+ I am really having fun of playing an enhancement shaman., but it seems that this class cannot be compared at all with the rest of dps. The leaders that keep rejecting me to join their group for mythic + are doing right because why not inviting for example a second hunter that does 200k on his opener in less than 10 seconds, rather than having a poor shammy struggling with his build up opener and praying for some procs. I believe our opener is horrible, and we cannot keep a good stable dps, all of our show off is when we get some procs on stormstrike and thats it. Yesterday i went to Kings rest mythic, i felt that i am the worst player in the world, not only we are lacking of proper damage, but as a melee dps class we have to run all the time away from dangerous zones that an ability from any boss force us to stop dps and run out, whilst a hunter for example or any other ranged keep his good dps. The above is just my opinion as an ench shaman player, i am pleased to hear yours. :)Tonicgin11 2d
2d Ele changes welcome but what about Enhancement Enhancement has many of the same issues that elemental has. Lets note a few on here and see if we can get any official response 1. Downtime in the spec, For a spec that most of the time plays very fast there is weird gaps where you have nothing to press. ( 100% casued by poor RNG) in this situation you have forced to cast an instant cast Lighting bolt that does litterally 800 dmg at high gear levels for 1-2 globals. 2. RNG , RNG, RNG Oh my God is this spec RNG dependent, chain stormstrike procs and you look like a god, especially under ascendance or get none and essentially waste your 3min burst cds for just 2 SS procs ( though generally its so where in between these 2 extremes). recently i tested 5 runs on dummies for 1m dmg and had variances of 25% -30% in dps due to procing, a spec should not be this inconsistent. there needs to be options to increase the consistently on how SS Procs where it comes from azerite traits or talents this is a needed change 3. the Talent build is cookie cutter this is mostly just a number complaint, but currently the only real choice you have is in the 100 tier. and even then the choice is simple, you take Ascendance for ST and Spirits for Aoe What do you guys think, do you agree. lets try and keep the trolling out of this threadVilklad1 2d
2d RNG is killing all fun for Enhancement. Enhancement feels really bad at the moment, mainly in raids and longer fights. We have become even more RNG dependent and if we are a bit unlucky we have only RB and LL to press with barely any maelstrom regen. I don't get how people can defend this play-style as it's only somewhat engaging when we have SB procc streaks. Another problem with RNG are our cd's, if you line up wolves, the shield overcharge buff, forcefull winds and then get the wrong wolves or no Stormbringer procs you lost your entire burst in return for a huge setup, there is so much that can go wrong with it. This is enormously frustrating and just plain bad design.. A hotfix that gives us more haste is the only 'temporary' solution I see but this needs to be addressed ASAP.. I really hope we get good news in the Q&A this evening. PeaceBigtommy3 2d
2d Nice buffs.. BUT I think it just tells how big job they left undone. I mean tell other area of business this would go through just saying "Sorry got no time !@#$ happens". Three words Hire More People! Gaming industry clearly needs some kind of certificate to guarantee quality of the games.Kutale1 2d
2d 8.1 wishlist for Elemental Shaman I've 'mained' an Ele Shaman since late TBC, when I play WoW - I play shaman, it's the only class I really get excited to play. When shaman are in a good place, its a fun and rewarding spec. I understand the recently proposed changes are still to reach PTR however I thought I would leave a couple of quick thoughts for thing I would idealy like to see below: - Flame Shock I agree that flameshock should remain on a cooldown, especially now it is free to cast. I do however believe the duration should be extended to allow for the number or procs and priority casts when have to deal with. Having to stop 'rotaion' mid firework display to refresh flameshock is jarring and a little frustrating. **Edit addressing multi dotting** Personally I don't feel the cooldown on flameshock needs to be waived to enable more convenient multidotting. Flameshock ticks are pretty strong currently, plus for multidotting 4+ targets we're better off switching to CL + EQ rather than dotting and reacting to lava surge procs from 4 flame shocks. Maelstrom generation isn't an issue at this point either. - EarthShock NEEDS a worthy spell animation -End- -Lava Burst 1. Echo should be baseline 2. If echo isnt baseline, it should hit harder. Especially with lightning bolt being buffed. The damage gap between abilities should be reflected the cooldown. - Gust of wind I don't fully understand blizzards vision of Shaman being a less mobile spec and should have strengths which offset their 'static' (pun intended) nature. Gust of wind was a mediocre burst moment spell which helped more with positioning and surviving long falls. How am I supposed to spam Gravity Well to climb cliffs without gust of wind?? Seriously though, make it either 1. PvP Talent 2. Regular talent replacing an existing one perhaps... If it takes Spirit Wolf's place for example: Gust of Wind + Increases ghost wolf movement speed by 20% for 10 seconds after cast. Something like that.. Or even, make spirit wolf baseline and make gust of wind take its place in the talent tree! - Survivability For a lot of specs, survivability comes in movement. It's clear Blizzard are hesitant to grant us that, so, how about reducing mana cost of healing surge or increasing our mana pool? More importantly though, my next point: - TOTEMS Who else misses the totem bar? </3 The main reason I made a Shaman way back when, was due to seeing a multiboxer on Arathi Basin stood amongst a forest of wooden fire spitting friends. The totem bar was a little clunky, but being able to mix and match pretty powerful (compared to the totems we know today) effects. To aid in survivability, perhaps the Totem talent could include some form of customisation, granting us shield and resistance totems to trade off against offensive and damage buffing totems. I'd love to see the totem talent reworked to be more meaningful and provide potentially a "Totem Build" and a "Lightning Build" etc. All in all I'm excited to see the changes coming in 8.1, personally being able to cast Lava Burst > Flame Shock is something I've always felt should be natural, now it's a reality. Thanks Blizz :)Shampow3 2d
2d Shaman rework announced ... .. was about time ! :) ... THIS is so true, in it's current form you are almost NEVER happy to cast lightning bolt. ... Good quality of life, i can't count the number of time where i had to stop casting lava burst because i realised flame shock would be gone on the target by the time it launched. Not overwhelming but still nice. ... I am especially happy about the changes of stormkeeper. It is not clear to me if you have 2 total charge that you either spend on Lightning Bolts or Lightning Chain or if you have 2 charge or each, but either way it will finally make it worth it to cast Lightning Bolts during boss fight on cooldown. Elemental blast basically got his effects doubled ? Master of the Elements granting your Earthquake +20% dmg CAN be great, especially with stormkeeper buffed and more used. ... Surge of Power Make the spec a bit more diversified : it's an actif talent that give you choices to make during your spell rotation and i am ALWAYS for things like this. Reward flexibility and quick thinking. Only downsite : they seems to push Frost shock as a pvp ability ? ( root may be used in pve but..) Call the Thunder : More malestrom bar + less ressources required for Earthquake make a good combo for stormkeeper and burst AOE ( cast chain->earthquake->chain->earthquake felt clunky for me) But if you take master of the elements you may want to cast lava burst before each earthquake to improve dps... strange. To sum up : i am happy with the changes. They seems good for a beginning . Now let's see of far they are willing to put an effort during the PTR to change things even futher.Podvin5 2d
3d No other talents will be relevant until Echo is a thing Dear Blizzard, It is great to see some moves with moving talents around but to be honest, you are wasting your time, resources, and money you could have used on something else. Moving any talent in the same row with Echo of the Elements is like scrapping the talent. Ele shaman will never pick any different talent as Echo is too important for rotation flow and smooth gameplay. Spec without it becomes slow, and inconsistent. I am sure Ele shamans would be really happy if they could use the Elemental Blast (most amazing looking spell in game) or Earthen rage (personally I love the spikes flying around), but Echo is just too good and too important. We had the same situation in Legion. It was 100% go for talent there. Why can't we just have it baseline? Then in first row we could have exposed elements, elemental blast and earther rage, all viable choices which would have a slight impact on our choices and gameplay. Having 2 stacks on LvB won't make us OP. It doesn't increase our mobility, but it gives us area to make decisions if I want to use LvB now or for something that comes in 5s. If we don't choose Echo, we are forced to use LvB as soon as it is available. There is no planning, there is action-reaction chain. It is simply not fun nor rewarding. Tl;dr Echo is superior to any talent. And moving talents to the same row witg Echo kills the talentsHcls0 3d
3d Elemental shaman problems Hi guys, I play shaman for many years mostly ele and enh. I know that Blizzard stated that ele is not finished and it will be reworked but overall I don't see many problems in design but tuning of this spec: Part 1: damage/rotation design/tuning issues: -maelstorm builders don't build enough maelstorm/deal enough damage -maelstorm spenders cost too much/deal too much damage -Flame Shock doesn't allow us to swap targets smoothly To clarify the biggest problem is that to deal solid dps/damage elemental needs maelstorm. On single target ele builds it too slow and Lava Burst/Lightning Bolt deal not enough damage. In arena scenario I need to build my maelstorm for 20-30 sec unless my enemies stack and I can get nice Stormkeeper on them. In aoe dps scenario mobs usually die before I ramp up my damage. Ele aoe might be great but it needs enough mobs to build maelstorm fast with chain lightnings and overloads + these mobs must be tough enough so he can drop few Earthquakes. I feel that 60 maelstorm cost Earthquake is overkill. Lower it to 50 and lower it's damage. It will make playstyle a bit more smooth and our numbers in 5man aoe fights should be much better. About Earth Shock - it hits too hard. In PvP scenario when you stack 3 Lava Shock traits you can hit for 70-90 k. Even Chaos Bolt or Glacial Spike doesn't hit that hard and they are casted spells. Other thing is that we can deal such burst every 20-30 sec and it takes time to stack maelstorm and stacks. On the other hand Lavaburst hits for 7k. I know I can stack LB trait but it doesn't hit much harder and extra 18% proc chance doesn't stack. Last and probably biggest issue is Flame Shock. With new 5 sec cd it doesn't allow us to swap the targets smoothly as we have 100% crit only on targets affected with Flame Shock. Before someone will say that it worked the same in MoP and WoD I'd like to mention that our Lightning Bolt hit harder back then and we tend to build big Earth Shocks differently. By casting Lightning Bolts, Chain Lightnings or by getting damage we got stacks on Lightning Shield. We needed 7-9 to burst. Now when healer dispels Flame Shocks (mostly disc if speced into double dispel) we are shut down completely. To solve these issues I'd: -lower Earthquake Maelstorm cost and damage -increase Lavaburst, chain lightning and Lightning Bolt damage + maelstorm generation -lower Earth Shock damage -make Flame Shock proc instant Lavabursts but do not affect Lavaburst damage. It should always crit no matter if there is Flame Shock or not. It worked like this on beta for a short period of time and it was greatIsheartears21 3d
3d Ion Elemental Immoblity Working as intended "Elemental Shaman is intended to be a less mobile spec, for example, while Hunters overall have mobility as an explicit strength. So when we receive feedback that a less mobile spec wishes they were more mobile, frankly, that's working as intended" Guys relax the immoblity we have been complaining for years about is working as intended even tho hunters do way more dmg while being mobile and the fact that we used to have lightning bolt as a cast while moving ability and spiritwalker's grace to cast while moving for the whole duration of ascendance which they removed is all working as intended. Rejoice also shouldnt we technically beat every other class while standing still if we are intended to be immobile?Mälgus12 3d
3d Flame Shock frustrating, need some advice So if I flame shock a target who then dies before the cooldown is over, what do I do to my next target for a whole 2-3 GCDs? Lightning bolts? I don't wanna waste lava burst damage and if I have a proc waiting I feel pressured that I'm missing out on damage that could be applied to the target. Sometimes I self heal during that time but the spec is really nice except that flame shock cooldown. Why is it on cooldown? Bonus question - talent row 100 is not very interesting nor compelling gameplay changers, what do you like to use here? Thank you guysGazrog5 3d
3d My experience as a brand new Shaman player in BFA So I decided to play an Enhancement Shaman for the first time ever in all of Wow for BFA. I just wanted to say that I really feel bad for all of you guys that have been playing this class for a long time. I feel like Blizzard really screwed you all over. I also seriously hope this class gets the fixes it deserves in the upcoming patch. At the moment the dps numbers are low, the class feels clunky and broke and it’s just a giant hot mess. I don’t play Healer or pvp but I believe it’s riddled with problems too. Maybe in a few months time or at least after 8.1 we will all be laughing about these dark times, what do you think? Also is it worth at this point even sticking with the Shaman or should we all just play something else until we know for sure it’s worth coming back? At the moment nothing about this class is fun :/Xstademi4 3d
3d Songs for Shamans Whenever I hear this song, I think about shamans. - I’m a Mess What songs do you associate with the shaman? Keep your (elemental) spirits up!Caiz9 3d
3d Refund for shamans! I think for all the subscribers that have mained Shaman this expansion should be refunded from the beginning of the expansion and continue to play for free until 8.1. I'm a little confused of what I'm paying for here, I have zero end game progression or content apart from world quests and rep grinds. I do not get invited to any mythic+ or raids. PVP is just too unbalanced currently to participate in and if I did decide to participate in it, I would be confined to the 3v3 bracket running one comp. Don't tell me to rerollVolts12 3d