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5h M+ DPS as Enhance So I'm primarily a restoration shaman but I enjoy enhancement. In raids I feel like I can keep up at a reasonable level for it being my off-spec. I can pull some 650k sustained. In M+ however, I'm pretty much always below even the tank when it comes to overall DPS because I just can't seem to do the amount of AoE that other classes do. So I simmed this character and my other, and apparently on 5 targets both characters should be pulling some 1.5m DPS so CLEARLY I'm doing something wrong. Anyways... Is it worth trying to keep Flametongue/Frostbrand up in M+ outside of boss/miniboss fights? I'm using Akainus/Hot Hand. Would I be better served by AoE proc trinkets, and if so , which ones? Arcanogolem Digit seems to offer the least drop in ST DPS relative to the ones I'm using (which are not optimal). Feral Spirits seems to offer me more on trash than it does on bosses, so is it worth just using them on CD?Severax7 5h
7h Shaman in PvE in 7.2? So how are different specs doing currently in PvE? I just hitted 110 about week ago and mainly wanted to do some fun random bgs but might wanted to give this shaman a shot in PvE as well. Mainly M+ dungeons. I am mainly interested enha spec currently because my main is resto/balance druid so I rather would like to do content as melee dps.Uzul5 7h
8h Healing proc? You all know that riptide had a chance to spawn a small totem which heals allies in an area. How much proc this totem has and with what stat it's proc scales? Because I see it rarely spawn and after 10 riptides I proc 1 time.Shåmanos2 8h
9h New to Shammy (Resto) Hi All, So I decided to level a Resto Shammy. Could you please recommend any great guides, forums or websites that will help me to maximise my healing potential? thank you in advance, BearhealsHavocc2 9h
21h 7.2.5 new patch notes R.I.P Well back to the live version and some extra nerfs to mastery. Lightning Bolt Fires a bolt of lightning at the target, dealing [ 48% [ 56.25% of Spell Power ] Nature damage. Shaman - Enhancement Spec. 40 yd range. Instant. Mastery: Enhanced Elements Increases your chance to trigger Stormbringer and Windfury by 1.00% 0.64%, and increases all Fire, Frost, and Nature damage you deal by 16.00%. Shaman - Enhancement Spec. Stormbringer Each of your main hand attacks has a 8% Your weapon attacks have a 5.0% chance to reset the remaining cooldown on Stormstrike, and cause your next Stormstrike to cost 50% less Maelstrom and trigger no cooldown. Shaman - Enhancement Spec. And a trait nerf Wind Strikes (Rank 1) When Stormbringer resets the remaining cooldown on Stormstrike, you gain 10% attack speed for 3 sec. 3% attack speed for 6 sec. Wind Strikes (Rank 2) When Stormbringer resets the remaining cooldown on Stormstrike, you gain 20% attack speed for 3 sec. 6% attack speed for 6 sec. Wind Strikes (Rank 3) When Stormbringer resets the remaining cooldown on Stormstrike, you gain 30% attack speed for 3 sec. 9% attack speed for 6 sec. Wind Strikes (Rank 4) When Stormbringer resets the remaining cooldown on Stormstrike, you gain 40% attack speed for 3 sec. 12% attack speed for 6 sec. Wind Strikes (Rank 5) When Stormbringer resets the remaining cooldown on Stormstrike, you gain 50% attack speed for 3 sec. 15% attack speed for 6 sec. Wind Strikes (Rank 6) When Stormbringer resets the remaining cooldown on Stormstrike, you gain 60% attack speed for 3 sec. 18% attack speed for 6 sec. Wind Strikes (Rank 7) When Stormbringer resets the remaining cooldown on Stormstrike, you gain 70% attack speed for 3 sec. 21% attack speed for 6 sec. Wind Strikes (Rank 8) When Stormbringer resets the remaining cooldown on Stormstrike, you gain 80% attack speed for 3 sec. 24% attack speed for 6 sec. Even less chain procsChiio26 21h
21h Elemental T20 Set Why Elemental T20 Sucks: in 7.1.5 Blizzard actually managed to make a build next to Ascendance/Primal Elementalist viable. Nice! In 7.2.5 (Tier 20 release) Blizzard actually managed to make anything but Ascendance/Primal Elementalist !@#$. Let's look at the Tier 20 Bonuses: T20 Elemental 2P Bonus While Storm Elemental / Fire Elemental is active, your Flame Shock deals 75% increased damage over time and always critically strikes. T20 Elemental 4P Bonus Reduce the cooldown of Storm Elemental / Fire Elemental by 1.0 / 2.0 sec when Flame Shock periodic damage deals a critical strike. Both of those heavily rely on the most possible Flame Shock ticks / Fire Elemental updtime. Let's look at the stats: Haste: Increases Flame Shocks ticks Increases number of Lavabursts in Ascendance and in general (by proccing Lava Surge more often with more ticks) improves Fire Elemental DMG overall, because Haste works with itCrit: Increases Flame Shock crittical ticks (when Fire Elemental is not active) improves Fire Elemental DMG overall, because Crit works with itMastery: Has no effect on Flame Shock Has no effect on Fire ElementalWhere does that leave us? We HAVE to skill Ascendance and Primal Elementalist, effectively stealing us 3 viable insanely fun talents/spells out of our rotation. Icefury Frost Shock Elemental Blast Tier Bonuses should not work like that. They should not kill any viable spec and focus on one single option. Neither should legendaries. But that's not only a Shaman Problem, that's a Problem with Sets in general. Here are some suggestions (% values need tweaking, obviously): Lavaburst has an X% chance to grant 1 stormkeeper-empowered (Chain)Lightningbolt Earthshock has an X% chance to grant 1 stormkeeper-empowered (Chain)Lightningbolt Elemental Focus now increases the Overload DMG from 84% to 100%. Elemental Focus now also increases haste by X%. Elemental Focus now doesn't refresh itself, but stacks. (max 10 stacks) Mastery now increases you Frost/Fire/Earth-Shock DMG by Mastery/X% (Maybe let them Overload or a flat DMG Increase)Zudoku16 21h
1d How does ppl feel about resto? How does ppl feel about resto in 7.2 and what do you think about the new set bonus?Noemata9 1d
1d Enh pvp woes Hello all, After some advice ive recently started playing Enh Shammy in pvp, im enjoying the play style and it looks amazing throwing all that lightning around. However im concerned by how squishy i am. In bgs i seem to be first target and if a couple of warriors or rogues sit on me i cant do anything the whole match. Im not saying i should be able to tank 2 players ofc but on my warr or pally i can at least live long enough to contribute a bit to the battle. My shaman just dies so quickly, the wall skill we have is forever on CD and non of our survival pvp talents really seem to help. I am by new means a pro player but its really getting me down as i enjoy the shaman but getting murdered the whole bg just isn't fun. Is there something im missing? Any tips when being trained into the ground? ThanksPenarth8 1d
1d PvP Ele vs Enh Hi Currently leveling my shammy but I'm not sure if I should go Ele or Enh pvp wise. Which one excels better right now and why?Nashgane5 1d
1d Shaman tank spec Just seems it would be awesome to get one since back when wow was young alliance had pallys and horde had shamans. Theyre both about supporting the group and are typically the leaders of their fellow people. I also feel the earthen elements are being rather neglected, yes we can burn stuff to the ground, heal through soothing water, attack as fast as the wind, but earth has always been left alone, the element that takes the hits and supports the group. I just think now with the earth mother on our side (shes usually a cranky sod) i think it would be cool to see some support from the earth elementals bolster our strength a bit more. Plus come on who wouldnt want to be all avatar the last air bender, earth bending rock around you as armor and smashing big walls of stone at people or that stone hand death grip. Might just be me but damn i think it would be fun and it could be a tank spec with some insane animation flare behind it too, most tank specs have such tame animations XD Just seems blizzard is like how can we make it look like shamans are gods with every animation they have, to the point of over kill.Holycowpies18 1d
2d Rate transmog above Hey hey, since Armory is back up and running. Rate the transmog above you! Kind regards DrasqDrasq417 2d
2d Need trinket advice Should I switch my 875 nightblooming frond to an 880 entwined entwined elemental foci? I tried simming it on askmrrobot, got a slight dps increase with the 880 foci, but i'm not sure how accurate that is.Dinkur1 2d
3d Elemental: t20 (and 7.2.5 notes) Hi everyone! I play prot/fury, but missed my Druid main who could play all specs. So I thought I'd level a healer/ranged dps class. I never tried Shaman before, because I didn't like the idea of being a semi-petclass and manage the totems. But I read up on elemental, and saw how different it was now. And I've always loved the animations, and still do. And the mastery/crit stats fit perfectly, making double-casts and big numbers brighten up my screen with beautiful animations. I'm loving my ele/resto shaman so much I want to make it my main. But before making the decision I thought I'd take a look at what to come. 7.2.5, t20 and Tomb of Sargeras. I don't play shaman to top the meters, I play it because I love it. The animations, the lore, everything. So I'll leave the numbertuning to someone else, and focus on the playstyle. And to me everything looked fine in the patchnotes. No real changes? Perfect! 3 viable damage specs (hopefully) and the same masteryinteraction with crit still being good. But then I saw the t20 bonus, which will make everything about the Fire Elemental. Might also force us into talents to match the t20 (Primal Elementalist+Ascendance). It will also make haste synergize good enough to be preferred over mastery and crit. So, to summarize it basically removes some of the reasons I love elemental shaman so much. It takes the focus away from the awesome double-casts and beautiful animations, and puts more focus on haste, dot and pet. It will also probably make talents more forced. Like I said, this is not about the numbers. I've heard this might be broken damagewise, but that doesn't help me. It's not about the tuning. And it will probably scale horribly as fights get shorter and are mostly single-target in ToS. And will be really hard to balance I presume. But I trust the numbers will work out. What I want to make sure of is that the playstyle doesnt change and our talent options doesnt get limited because of a really boring tier bonus noone wants... I don't know if the Shaman community I hope to be a part of going forward shares my view of the elemental spec, but if you do, please speak up. Make the devs listen! Thanks for reading my first (and waaay too long) post! Kind regards, Gromh/KraakeGromh0 3d
3d Restoration Wellspring talent idea I have an idea for moving and slightly modifying the Wellspring talent. So, instead of trying to compete with High Tide, we could switch the places of Crashing Waves and Wellspring. So now we've got Wellspring competing with AG and Deluge, and Crashing Waves as a dungeon talent alternative to Ascendance, while keeping Ascendance and HT the options for raiding. In addition to this, we could make a couple modifications: - Make Crashing Waves increase your maximum TW stacks to 3 or 4, to allow you to store more of them for any panic situations in dungeons, and not wasting so many with Riptide giving so many stacks. - Change Wellspring so that every time you cast it, it will consume ALL of your Tidal Waves stacks to increase it's healing by, let's say, 10 to 15% per stack consumed. This would result in a more healthy choice between a constant HPS increase with Deluge and healing rain, a 2 minute healing cooldown, or a 15 second burst mini-cd. It would also result in much more spec interaction with Wellspring, and make it not compete with our No.1 main spell, Chain Heal. And then with Crashing Waves, it would give us a non-cooldown option for running dungeons, and could combo pretty decently with echo+CW, so you could cast 2 riptides and not waste lots of TW stacks in the process.Caleil3 3d
3d Elemental vs Enhancement DPS. WoWProgress lists Elemental above Enhancement for this patch, but how much better does it fare? DPS as Damage Per Second does have a falloff for casters vs melee since cast-times are thing obviously, so theres a lot of variables I guess..Arvos18 3d
4d how to cancel earth elemental Any of you lovely people know a macro to cancel your earth elemental so it stops its taunt rampage? :bZombiunicorn3 4d
4d Shamanistic healing trait feedback In my case it would heal for aproximatly 130K. Which is around 6-7% of my health. 1 healing surge heals double of that. I really think this needs to be increased by 200-300% to be even worth taking with a chance to crit perhaps. It feels really underwhelming to get a 130k heal while your are on your way to dying. Imo it should heal for 10-15% minimal. Or make it heal you for 30% and let it deplete 15% of the health gained after 20 seconds or so. What are your thoughts fellow breathren?Drasq25 4d
4d Enhancement talents 7.2.5 PTR Hello What the hell happened to our talent tree on the PTR?!?! They changed alot of the talents and to WAY worse? How is new rockbiter going to work? I suddenly feel very worried...Lillemus1 4d
4d Please help with legendaries. Hello awesome Shamans, i just have a quick question. My pal recently started to play an Enh shaman, and today he got his 4th legendary. He currently has: Storm Tempests (Waits), Eye of the Twisting Nether (Ring), Kil'jaeden's Burning Wish (Trinket) and just recently got Sepuz's Secret (the generic ring). He's been running with the RIng + trinket thus far, since the trink does provide some hefty stats, and also at times some burst damage. The ring is BiS, so that kinda goes without saying. Anyway, we are currently unsure as to what legendary would be best next to the Ring, the trinket, or the other ring (Sepuz) in this case. If he runs with Sepuz, he will open up a useful trinket slot, and sometimes be able to get 25% haste etc (also have 2% more haste free). But the Trinket does however contain alot of raw stats, which is always awesome. Anyway, my question is: Should he run with Kil'jaeden or Sepuz, and why should he run with that legendary over the other? Neither him or i are Shaman experts, and Icy veins don't even factor in Sepuz, which forced us to come here and ask. Anyway, would be greatful for answers, and happy hunting!Requiem0 4d
4d Is it worth playing Elemental I recently rolled my first shammy, with the idea that i would play elemental as I enjoy ranged casters. After running a few dungeons after I hit lvl 10, i felt that the cast times on my available spells were way to high, and i could get only a few hit in with each mob. Now I am not a top dps seeker, but it did feel like i was rather irrelevant in the instances. Enhancement just felt more helpful, from a dps stand point. Any thoughts on this?Dùsk11 4d
5d Resto stat balance? What should I be looking at if I want to heal? I just swapped to resto to heal a dungeon and had 102% mastery 18% crit and 6% haste, I can swap gear around but what should I be looking at?Feirgan6 5d
5d 7.2.5 Elementary problems Hey ho, I'm Bloodmallet(EU) from earthshrine discord. And I was asked to to translate and repost my german post regarding 7.2.5. Be aware that this is not a direct translation but has some changes for an improved readability. The content stayed the same. And like some in that thread already mentioned there exists a larger and probably better written post in the american forum: But now it's time to shine. Hey ho, after managing to write this post once and losing it to the electronic nether, I lost my patience to write everything in length and complexity again. Content - What the PTR already delivered - Why T20 is a bad idea - bad (too strong/too weak, badly designed) talents - special mentioning - what we need, what we have. The 7.2.5 PTR is up and running for quite some time now. Some spec already got some love from Blizzard and therefore some of you are quite curious what the elemental spec is going to get. - The range of all elemental summoning spells were increased from 30 yards to 40 yards. - The Earth Elemental got 600% instead of 400% armor and 150% instead of 100% life. - The Earth Elemental has a 6% reduced chance to be hit by a critical strike. Who'll be knocked out of their socks by this? Exactly. The T20 bonuses got no real changes. To repeat them: T20_2 75% damage increase for Flame Shock and 100% critical strike chance for the dot part of Flame Shock while Fire Elemental / Storm Elemental is active. T20_4 Each critical Flame Shock tick reduces the remaining cooldown of Fire Elemental / Storm Elemental by 2 seconds. The last ptr patch changed something at T20_4, but contained some errors which make it impossible to tell whether Blizzard did change the bonus or converted it to their normally used format for such data [seconds was saved as seconds while normally such timers are saved in milliseconds]. Will T20 make us a pet class? Yes and No. No, because the elemental won't deal the major part of our damage. Yes because the active time of our elementals increases. The bonus will make neither Primal Elementalist nor Storm Elemental outside of council fights great again (and even on those "good" fights they only become competitive). The true strength of these bonuses is their combination, therefore the dot damage of flame shock. What might make some excited, but is in reality pretty bad except for council fights. To get value out of these bonuses you have to spread Flame Shock to as many enemies as possible. But spawning adds want to be bursted down, and Flame Shock doesn't help with that. Especially because we have to spread one at a time. Either via direct application or via Lava Burst and Path of Flame. So the sole strong moment for the bonuses is when multiple enemies are active for a long time and are spread apart. Therefore these bonuses can be considered quite lackluster. In addition the bonuses can't be tuned for single target fights because that would make them insanly strong on predescribed council fights. Dilemma.Bloodmallet28 5d
5d Help me to shaman Hey peeps, So newish elemental shaman and I just need some advice, I keep getting overwhelmed by mobs (probably my fault attacking to many). Question is how do I keep them away is it a case of using the slow and stun totems, what do I do if they get to close I have thunderstorm which knocks them back the problem I have is moving away I can use gust of wind but it's not quit as good as a mages blink. Any help would be really appreciated. Many thanksShamehameha7 5d
6d Dungeon healing Is shaman good for legion healing and RAID healing? Sometimes its Hard when tank Rush Ing forward like warior or monk. Or when players Dont know mechanics from bosse. Using zero crowd control. I am in guild where ppl leveling or they leave it when they reach lvl 110.Agjax4 6d
6d Where am i going wrong? Hi all, Looking for some advice on my gear/talents/stats. First things first, i don't really raid but mainly just do mythics, so my build is based on mythics. My playstyle is as follows: For single target i use (not in this order): Flame shock/Elemental blast/Earth shock/Lavaburst For multiple targets i use (not in this order): Flame shock/Chain lightning/Earthquake And mainly save fire elemental for bosses..... But for the hell of me i seem to always be at the bottom of the dps charts, well not always but i would say atleast 70% of the time. I know i am not going to beat my son who plays a warlock plus he kicks my butt at playing the game (i am getting to the point of being prehistoric age wise)...hehe Anyway i will stop babbling on and was wondering if someone could maybe give me some advice on where you think i maybe going wrong? Is it my.....Stats?.....Talents?.....Enchants?......Skills being used?.....etc etc Stats: Critical Strike: 23% Haste: 21% Mastery: 76% Do i need more or less Crit? Haste? Mastery? Gear wise i am working on it, just switched over from resto too elemental, can't be doing resto anymore, way to stressful at my old age. I just maybe want to go from 70% to atleast 50% of the time. Link to my char: Any help would be most welcome All the best JayleeJaylee5 6d
6d Elemental Artifact - Shamanistic Healing Why is this even an artifact trait? It average heals for about 150k. It just seems very underwelming compared what other classes have.Windfury0 6d
15 May Lava surge won't cast Hey devs and mods and GMs, I have noticed that sometimes my lava surge buff proccs but I cannot cast it. I can see the standard gui prompt on my screen that the buff appeared, as well as the buff timer on the top right which states that next cast will be instant, but I can't insta cast it, I have to cast it completely. I suspect it's some kind of bug related to the honor talent "control of lava", problem is; it happens in raids too, and out of pvp combat. Maybe it's one of my addons ? looking forward to this being addressed :) nb : I will post this in the customer sub-forum too, please let me know what sections this is more appropriate to be in and I will delete accordingly. thanksGarynator1 15 May
14 May Going from Enh to Ele I LOVE the ehancement playstyle, actually so much i haven't even tried out resto or ele! But unfortunately I have realised what many others have done before me, that the Enh spec isn't super competitive atm. So I'm thinking about going Ele. So this is why I create this topic, what would you guys recommend for starter build - ascendant or lightning rod? Both look very viable! Any tips for making the transition is highly appreciated :-)Voltmeter10 14 May
14 May Shaman Campaign: FIRELANDS MISSIONS I have no "Return to the firelands mission" But I do have a quest mission, but that's in deepholm and mentions nothing of the firelands. Also a quest to complete 20 world quests except my log says 10. I don't want to do missions if I'm doing the wrong ones. Where is this FIRELANDS mission?Mileyycyrus6 14 May
14 May Shaman PvP Changes 7.2.5 Hello! Shamans got some PvP Changes in 7.2.5. If there are any new I will update this thread. This thread is meant for discussing about the following changes. Overall ... Think this will still be a lower-tier talent for elemental + restoration (because swelling waves is a very strong talent). Considering it as useful as an enhancement shaman when playing against comps where Etheral Form or Purifying Waters don't make sense. Elemental Shaman ... Good Change. Now we can easily focus on generating maelstrom for Earth Shock or Earth Quake. It's a small nerf to Frost Shock damage (20% damage loss) but you have a better uptime/more sustained damage. The 3 Maelstrom per Flameshock-tick was pretty good so I don't know how this will change our viability/playstyle. Maybe making a 2-3 Maelstrom per Flameshock-tick baseline would be a very good solution. Restoration Shaman ... I don't think that this will be worth picking (at least not for arena). This talent also should reduce mana cost by 30-50% because Chain Heal is wasting so much mana. What do you think?Traut17 14 May
13 May Shaman in pvp hi guys, I am planning bring back my shaman to life:) the question is how are shaman in pvp atm? What speec are best atm? Enhancement or elemental?Recco2 13 May
13 May Ele vs Fury Can someone teach me how to beat fury warriors as ele in pvp?Windfury4 13 May
13 May Over iLvl 880 w/o raiding? I'm at iLevel 880 currently. I'm in a social guild, and wouldn't have time with a full-time job and two kids to have it otherwise. The question is, just using LFG/LFR/WQs, can I improve upon this??Diet8 13 May
12 May Resto shaman BiS list for ToS BiS List ToS Resto Shaman By Raindrool Head: Demonic Inquisition(Haste/Mastery) >TIER 20< Neck: The Desolate Host(Crit/Mastery) Shoulders: Fallen Avatar(Crit/Mastery) >TIER 20< Back: The Desolate Host(Crit/Vers) >TIER 20< Chest: Harjatan(Crit/Mastery) OR >TIER 19< Wrist: Maiden of Vigilane(Haste/Mastery) Hands: Harjatan(Vers/Mastery) >TIER 20< Waist: Goroth(Crit/Mastery) Legs: Fallen Avatar(Crit/Mastery) OR >TIER 19< Boots: Kil'Jaeden(Crit/Mastery) Ring1: Harjatan(Haste/Mastery) Ring2: Focuser of Jonat, The Elder(+ChainHeal) LEGENDARY Trink1: Demonic Inquisiton(+Heals) Trink2: Velens future Insight(+Stats) LEGENDARY Relic Life: Sisters of the Moon(QA) Relic Life: Sisters of the Moon(QA) Relic Frost: Maiden of Vigilance(FloodWater) Summery: 2x BiS Legendarys 4 PC Tier 20 2 PC Tier 19 (Unless you go for offpieces with Crit/Mastery) Very good Balance of Stat weights Int>Mastery>Crit>Haste/Vers What do you guys think? //RainRaindrool0 12 May
12 May Enh shaman burst WTF is going on with enhance in the last couple of weeks? I just got bursted down in literally two global cooldowns by one in a BG (so not world pvp). I understand they are meant to have high burst to compensate for other stuff... but so is my Ret, and I can't do anything close to that. I used my Shield of Vengeance too, and still dead within 3 seconds. Absolutely disgusting burst. Anyway, I just wanted to come and complain. Done now.Orbie2 12 May
12 May how are enh shamans in pve? Hi guys, How is their ST/AoE damage? Do you guys think its a fun playstyle/rotation? I want to hear your opinion! cheersEvilforce17 12 May
12 May Shaman stats is haste important for dungeons? i have gear with mastery and critical and versetality.Agjax2 12 May
12 May Latest PTR (Enha) Item - Shaman T19 Enhancement 2P Stormstrike's damage is increased by 10% Empowered Stormlash Stormlash now spreads to 1 additional target and deals 25% additional damage. Enhancement Shaman - Level 75 Talent. Tempest Stormbringer increases the critical strike chance of your next Stormstrike by 40%. Enhancement Shaman - Level 75 Talent. "Aura Buff" 4%=>7% Flametongue 15.6%=>20% Lightning Bolt 56%=>48% Wind Surge (Windfury Damage) 5%=>8%.Severax8 12 May
12 May Restoration shaman PvE Hi all, There was no recent topic about this. What is the current state of Resto shammy for PvE? Is it struggling? I haven't seen many around anymore... How would it compare to MW monk in mythic+ and normal/heroic raids would you say? (in terms of output) Thanks!Hellothere4 12 May
11 May Ele or Enh for leveling/world quests? I will be going resto at 110, but which is the best for just leveling and doing world quests at 110?Executioner2 11 May
11 May New Enhancement, Feedback. This is how i wish Enhancement under the current model was designed. Please give Feedback. Make Earthen Spike a base skill. Make Earthen Spike proc stormbringer 100%. No mealtsrom cost. (like it is now) Make Lava lash have a chance to reset the CD of Earthen Spike. (as a replacement talent maybe) Make Frostbrand a passive skill. Maybe put it in the pvp talents so its not part of the pve rotation at all. This would make the class have a solid rotation and also have some more control the damage. And dual "buffs" to keep up is not fun and to slow both in pvp and pve IMO.Jpeg0 11 May
11 May Glyph of Critterhex unusable Made myself this glyph but I can't use it. Says it's "invalid for my Enhancement specialisation". No big deal, but it would be fun making little dinos and frogs all over Lolathil when the Nuts-quest is up for instance. (Not hexing the invading squirrels though, would be mean) I can hex just as good as any elemental, so I have to ask my colleagues if it's a bug or any reason why I can't? (Reported it as a bug)Styrka0 11 May
11 May Let ele shammy have a choice between fist and mace elemental shaman is the class and spec i love. But now now its all ruined because i am a guy that cares so much about looks that i cant be bound to use a weapon that i cant stand the look of. I get that ur able to transmog fist weapons into other fist weapons but i just cant stand any fist weapon tbh and the fact that with fist wepons u also cant have the shield on your back while fighting makes it even worse from my point of view. I know that alot of ppl out there dont share my opinions but i bet some may do aswell :) but it wouldent hurt to give us the choice to choose for ourselves right? so pls bliz let us transmog fist weapons into maces again so i can find peace ;)Thûndêr8 11 May
10 May Fire and Ice PTR - nerf or buff? ... Spending less maelstrom keeping Flame Shocks up - but have to hard cast to generate it. And from what I read the Frost Shock damage is nerfed?Molbert0 10 May
10 May We need some love in PvP Enjoy the shaman class? Enjoy pvp? Welll... DONT DO IT! Just do not play shaman in pvp, unless; - there are a lot of pillars around (go resto) - you enjoy getting kited around, - stunned to death, - 100 to 0 by for example an demon hunter or ww monk - enjoy feeling helpless tickeling the enemy while you die over and over again. To be fair this is such a great game and Blizzard make such great content, I obviously do not hate all of it otherwise I would not play it. But the current status of shamans in pvp just makes me want to cry and afk. This is the only class I actually enjoy playing all 3 specs and in pve it is all good. The reason why I am so upset is because I care about balance and making sure everybody can enjoy their beloved classes. Getting killed by a better player is all good, I need to improve and learn. But that is hard to do when before you realize what is going on you find yourself around 30%ish HP and you aint even got started. That beeing said in my eyes the main problem is survivability, damage is good! Getting to an enemy as enhancement makes it impossible to do any of it however. Same goes for elemental, it is so hard to get a good streak of casts off against melee. To many of our abilities are easy to counter, our stun totem is a great example. We have no point and click stun like so many other classes out there (pally, demon hunter, warriors etc). We have no real way of getting out of a sticky situation, and I mean really out of it not delay our deaths by a few meters cus of gust of wind, it doesn't really create a distance to escape. Of course you can place an earthgrab totem, ghost wolf and gust of wind but even this is not enough most of the times. And besides as a dps spec we need to do dps, so staying alive long enough in order to contribute to a fight would be lovely. Please give this amazing class some love, just go out and pvp as a shaman and feel how useless this current state feels, just because everybody else have so much more (reliable) ways of closing distance and survive an onslaught of attacks. I do not wish to become OP and I do not mind working for it, just give is a fair fighting chance. For example; - a point and click stun that cannot be avoided by simply moving away from it, - give lava burst proc's back in pvp, just make sure you cannot get more than 2 every 10-15 seconds or so (whatever is fair) - increase duration of hex, 7 seconds while the enemy can close the distance is just silly, - make astral shift include immunity to or decrease the duration of cc effects aswell, - give us less spells, combine a few like flametonque/frostband for example to name one, we have so many spells that we need to use that it takes us a while longer to have an effect on a situation. For example look at the amount of buttons a demon hunter has to press compaired to a shaman and you begin to understand why they faceroll all over us. Again please give this class a bit more love so that we become more effective in pvp, just by small simple tweaks no need for a complete overhaul. What do you other shaman players think of this and do you have any other suggestions, please let me and Blizzard know if you agree. Thank you for listening!Vinsò8 10 May
10 May Healing really tough Leveling up a restoration shaman to pvp in arena 2 v 2 with my brother. But i find healing role in dungeons extremely difficult. Never been healer before and i was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction. So what is my issue?... Well, during the entire dungeon i hardly look at anything but my party members frames, which also makes it impossible to enjoy the dungeon as you have to stare at their frames all the time. I got all my healing on mouseover. I barely manage to keep them alive, and sometimes i don't. During boss encounters i have no time to see what is going on, what the boss is doing etc i am too busy watching the party members frames to heal. I also forget to heal myself and when i realise someeone else is almost dead also. *sigh* dps is soo much easier, even tanking is easier. Hats off to healers out there, no idea how i am going to manage this.Mokara18 10 May
10 May Am I stupid? 33% of my rotation seems to be about building maelstrom so I can heal myself so as to not die from stumbing my toe into something.. Another 33% seems to be Stormstrike, and without it proccing Im a wet noodle. the last 33% is either Fury of Wind or luck.. I realize my Ilvl might not be "legion" quality, but wow.. :/Arvos5 10 May