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2d Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! On the 14th of March 2012 Valonia made the longest running topics on our beloved Healing boards. I don't think anyone could have imagined that at the present day, this topic would still be active. And since I can't decribe it better then Valonia did, I'm shamelessly going to copy / paste her welcome post as it describes the Lounge perfectly. ... Ladies and gentleman! I bid thee welcome to the new Therapy Lounge for Healers - The Legion Edition! Lets keep this awesome place going, and see how far we'll get this time :D. Previous lounges: Therapy Lounge for Healers Therapy Lounge for Healers - The WoD Edition 2d
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43m Preach Elemental Gameplay on Alpha I was sad when I read through the changes coming to Elemental Shaman, but I didn't really grasp how much was changing. I love the spec in it's current form. I love playing Elemental PvE and PvP. With all the changes so far on the Alpha I will 100% not main my favourite spec in BfA. Does anyone else have any idea why they are changing so much about elemental after they said that they were just making minor adjustments to classes? - Removing Earth Shock as a finishing move (on alpha it's just used to buff lightning bolt basically) - Removing Icefury (which is the most fun playstyle, and the only reason Elemental works in PvP) - Removing Stormkeeper (making it a talent. This is also more or less an essential spell in PvP, and makes us niche add-destroyers in PvE) - Making Lightning Bolt the focus of our rotation, but it's still our filler.. Idk, don't know how that works out - Making earthquake something you have to maintain, but even in one of the dungeons on alpha you have to permakite the adds, showcasing how ridiculous it is to put down one big, buffed earthquake that drains your maelstrom. What about mythic+ affixes like necrotic, sanguine, or other instances where you have to kite/move adds? - I don't know how much of a difference this makes, but why do our shocks suddenly have a CD? - What is our raid/group buff? Everyone (mages) and their grandmother (hunters) can Bloodlust these days, so that's nothing special. I don't know how you guys feel about this, but by the looks of it elemental will be BfA's survival hunter... /rantNtuko19 43m
2h Race Choice For a 101 Twink Horde Ele what would you roll and why. Just faction changed and yet to decide on it's race.Gatuk0 2h
3h Rate the transmog above Last thread reached its cap - so new thread because I think I just won the mog game ;DCallìopee183 3h
5h Orc Racial Command - Shaman "Pets" Hello everyone, I have read some articles on that topic but some of them say the orc racial buffs the shaman "pets" and other say that it only works on Warlock and Hunter. I tried to submit a ticket but Blizzard does not allow this kind of stuff and they redirected me to some fan sites. And all I want is some reliable info. Anyone here know if there is some official info on the subject? Thanks in advance!Xanatos0 5h
6h Rate shaman name above Rate name aboveGimbloid102 6h
6h legendaries If i change from gamble build to waist+twisting nether ring is it big dps loss? Im really sick of the massive RNG that is the gamble legendaries.Grigdut17 6h
11h Feral Lunge Hy, i just wondered what your thoughts are on Feral Lunge, and if maybe we can give this topic enough of a boost for Blizz to notice. Feral Lunge is THE talent for level 30 at the moment. Yes, sometimes you use Windwalk totem in the raid, but let's be honest it's not often (in my raid there's a guardian druid and he just roars or you got a Warlock with Portals) and Rainfall was used in the Magetower Challenge, but not anywhere else. Let's be honest in the end this talent row comes down to Raid, Personal, Raid and in 99% of all cases the personal one is just the best for me and most often even for the raid, because movement speed is nice, but there are classes SO much better than us (as explained above). I saw that (i think) Outlaw Rogues got heir Grappling Hook as Baselin in BfA, why not give enhancers Feral Lunge, since we would be one of very few (if not the only, I am not sure here) classes without a gapcloser elsewise. Make tier 30 a Raid benefit tier, and give us a real choice, something I am happy switching between encounters (and god knows Talent switching was not a big thing for enhancers this Expansion :P). Just my thought, maybe you have your own, would be happy to hear them. Have a nice Day and thanks for reading.Manriki7 11h
12h Gust of Wind, please stay with me Dear Blizzard I just rerolled to an ele shaman, after trying DKs, DHs, a paladin and a monk, on the monk I played most of legion. But now, as we are waiting for the new expansion, I decided to try a shaman. And I fell in love with it. I just hit 44lv. And I know I shouldnt take part in the class-balance discussion, but... As I hit level 30, and got that beautiful, beautiful talent the game just got lovely. That feel when u leap over slowed enemies and punch them with a crisp Lava Burst, just pure fun. I know Gust of Wind is similar to Blink, that the classes should differentiate from one another, but for the love of God if u have some love in your heart dont take it from elys .Vinvi11 12h
21h Rainfall and windstrike Hello guys, I know nobody uses this enhancement talent but it's actually not that bad on MM Varimathras so I've just noticed that Windstrikes (which are Stormstrikes under ascendance) don't extend the duration of Rainfall like Stromtrikes do. So hey Blizzard, could we get a fix on that please ? (like Lightning rod and lava beam months ago)Draenär3 21h
1d Shaman Tanks and why we should have them 1. Our current specs focus on Air (enh) Fire (ele) and water ( Resto) yet earth is often neglected. 2. Our entire order is called the earthern ring yet no one focuses on the earthern element 3. Our Dps specs are practical glass cannons for the most part where enh used to be a semi off tank its now a hitter but a glass jaw. 4. We have a litteral tank cooldown pet yet we dont use its element at all for ourself to defend outselves its just a hide behind a minion 5. Paladins which are the alliances equivalent get all 3 roles while we dont (yes I understand pallys dont have a ranged dps spec) 6. They are the leaders of their people, their guides, what good leader leads from the rear, and come on surely some tribes focus more on protecting allies more than crushing foes 7. We used to be a fairly decent off tank and we still have some good core abilities that would make a rather fun tank such as earthern shield totem baseline to mitigate damage and things like that 8. Most tank specs are rather bland, shammys by nature are flashy as hell, come one your art team is one of the best in the industry, let them go nuts, plus you're always low on the amount of people to tank 9.If that troll in the alliance Vs horde trailer was in a tank spec rather than the glass cannons we have now he might of kicked that school boys !@# instead of getting smacked to the ground <3 10. Tanks are typically the leaders of the group, shamans are the leader of tribes, come on you know it makes sense, plus I'd love to see you guys let your hair down, even if it isnt the best tank just make it the most fun, we've stuck through a ton of bad patches where all our specs were trash and we stuck through it just because shamans are awesome!Littleblood46 1d
1d Give me Unleash Flame in bfa :( Literally all i want.Zelmar21 1d
1d QQ Thread (but hear me out) So I know BfA is still in development and nothing we see so far is final. However, considering how Blizz is long to react it makes sense to speak as early as possible (still no fix on the fact that glyph of deluge is obsolete - even in BfA beta, chain heal is water but that's off topic). My complaint today is about pruning and yes, I'm a bit jealous. The reason for that is that I've seen Resto Druids will get their artifact ability (Essence of G'hanir) baked into their Flourish cooldown - making the whole new thing a 1.5 min (awesome) cooldown which combines the effect of both spells. Jealousy aside I'm glad for them but... Meanwhile, in the Resto Shaman world, we lose both Gift of the Queen and Ancestral Guidance... Guys I'm really really glad we get Earth Shield back in PvE, and once again I know this isn't final but that's also why we need to voice our concerns now and here's mine: right now we're getting robbed :( EDIT: I am specifically talking about Resto Shamans here, I know the deeps spec got Ancestral Guidance.Kralk1 1d
1d Kor'kron Shaman's Treasure droprate. Does anyone know the % of the Kor'kron Shaman's Treasure box dropping? is it high, medium or low?Hyôrinmaru3 1d
2d dear blizz, whats our raid buff in BFA? as the title implies, whats our raid buff? do we get one or are we the only class without one?Madtotem19 2d
2d Coven DPS issue Hey folks, Got back to WoW since I heard elemental shammies are doing really good, got to heroic Coven and got stuck there. Getting trouble to make decent DPS. AT 956 GS I'm usually somewhere within 1.1-1.3 kk range. Going Ascendance build + belt + gloves.Overloaded2 2d
3d Enhancement Legendarys Hey folks, just asking a quick question about legendarys. I'm currently rolling with gloves and Soul of the Farseer with Overcharge for the extra maelstrom dump for lightning bolt. would the flat damage increase from eye of the twisting nether be better than the extra damage from lightning bolt and the potential Ascendance procs from using extra maelstrom. I'm happy enoug with the numbers I put out but Im just curious what people like to roll with these daysRohnan3 3d
5d BFA Elemental shaman Utility i think BFA Utility talents can be much better for shaman , i list few of my thoughts on them , what do u guys think about them ? -Spirit Wolf : i think it should have less Ramp up time , 4 sec is too much for pvp , i think it should reach its max value at 2 sec , its fair . and btw it wont help at all if it doesnt increase the Snare Speed protection , like the pvp talent in legion that doesnt let your speed drop below 110% , i think it should also increase the minimum speed by 20%(you wont get slowed below 120% after max stacks of buffs) -Earth shield : it occurs once every few seconds , this makes this ability less powerful when engaging more than one target . i think it would be better to work like Earthen Shield Totem(resto talent) which reduces all damage taken by x% spell power , this way it would still work when taking damage from more enemies . (side note :they should take away charges really ) however i know many ppl dont agree with Earth shield being an ele talent , lets assume its going to stay and blizz will never take it back :( -static charge : making Capacitor totem baseline was a good move ,i support it . but this talent is a bit Disappointing . it had 45 sec cd and now it has 1 min cd which needs to get talented to be like its previous version . lets completely forget about this row of talent being something about stun . Capacitor should be baseline , and Static charge should be replaced . it can be any other utility (movement , root , External Movement on enemies (like thunderstorm things ) etc ..) -Nature's Guardian : even before Legion , i always thought why we have an ability , which is kinda like a self heal only ? its a good talent , dont get me wrong , but having a guardian trinket like ability , makes me feel like a warrior with last stand . after all we are not a pure-dps class , it can be some strong heal castable on both you and your alies . however its a good thing the way it is , after all . -Seismic Armor: most Ridiculous talent i've ever seen . not to mention EQ is terrible now , why should a defense be tied to an offensive Resource Spender? it wont be there when we really need it . i think they can attach this Damage reduction thing , to chain lightnings instead , or make a totem which lets you put it there "On Demand" and provide AOE damage reduction to allies , or reduce damage done by enemies within its range . -Ancestral Guidance : this talent never gets its own place . Legion proved it . but i dont want to talk about its tuning here . i think its much better to make talents like this , have both active (cd) and passive abilities . it can have a passive effect like this : 10% of your damage and healing is converted to healing on "an" injured party or raid members. (passive) this passive has half the healing the CD version does , and only heals one target . i think this would be fair . for a long time many ppl asked for a passive like warlock leech , i think having such thing with a talent , would make Ancestral Guidance a good talent to pick and let it compete. (note that it still will have the CD version attached) plz let me know what you think about these suggestions , and let me know yours . tyShamixure6 5d
6d How to disable shaman mail armor audio? How to mute or disabe Shaman mail armor noise. U get the armor noise when you move with your shaman character. In both forms Ghost Wolf and normal. This audio is so anoyng that makes me stop playing my shaman. Is there a addon that can fix that or is there a way changing some file in wow directory so i do not get that audio? Please assist.Nerzulisx10 6d
6d BFA–Ascendance PLS change it. Ascendance in BFA it is the same as it is now i can't really believe it for players like me that only PVP it's pretty boring to be forced to only 1 choice i never used once Ascendance in PVP ever since the start of Legion. If you check on it has a 0% picking in PVP. and if you decide to chance pls also change the animation... that transformation it s from Cata lul.Raiden1 6d
15 Feb Do shaman need strength? :))))))))))Odward9 15 Feb
15 Feb Don't remove Gust of Wind in BfA Dear Blizzard, Gust of Wind is the only reason I have any chance surving in PvP (yes, I'm not a gladiator) and one of the most fun spells to use (just after Thunderstorm). Earth Grab as well being removed? This is my class fantasy: rooting people and jumping over them - not some snooze fests like Liquid Magma Totem or Earthen Rage or rest of the passive dmg talents. Never had so much fun in PvP on Elemental like during Legion, now Gust is only available only for Resto, this is heart breaking.Siddha12 15 Feb
14 Feb Enhancement legion design is bad As an enhancement since the alpha of WoW I must say this new 10yd melee ability (rockbitter/frostbrand/flametongue) design is making our favourite spec feel like a spamy DK. Bring back long cooldown long range shocks please and revive our spec. The spec just doesn't feel right. We should be elemental warriors hitting hard with our weapons and also casting spells from afar, not just warriors with element imbued melee abilities. Who is with me?Pogromis14 14 Feb
14 Feb Kor'kron Dark Shaman Set Hey, how to get Kor'kron Dark Shaman set? Is it still obtainable? Does it drop from the boss or the trash? What is the drop % chance? Is it normal or mythic only? ThanksDanrosh19 14 Feb
14 Feb Elemental leveling Resto does at least twice the damage of Elemental with every spell, while leveling, ....can anyone give me any assurances that its not the case at lvl 110 ...or Legion content in general? o.o Just seems kinda lame, that a healer would be stronger than a damage dealer specializing in that field ;pHellborne9 14 Feb
11 Feb ICEFURY - Please dont remove I am sure there are many ele sham out there who agree! I only play sham because of Ice Fury, in both PVE and PVP.. if they remove I will have to reroll and I will be sad...Bmcg17 11 Feb
09 Feb Missing Stormblast animation! I'm missing the Stormblast animation. Those electrical arcs hitting your enemies in one massives beam. I'm sure there are some people who would love to this animation back, maybe an ameliorated version of it. As a minor glyph, for cosmetic. Anyone else wants to see it back?Arhyon3 09 Feb
09 Feb Ele shaman very slow? Hello there, I am trying to level up a shaman elemental but I don't know if it me or it is part of the ele shaman, but I found it very SLOOOOW casting etc, is it normal? or should I go for haste? (I am level 24) Do people usually level up as ele or what? ThanksEspiritual5 09 Feb
08 Feb Need advice resto specc Hi guys :) aim getting back to shaman and my question are: How is resto shaman these days? may i please have som help find the best healing specc for Mythic and off other tips if ya have :)? Cheers Salina :)Salina2 08 Feb
07 Feb [Enh] eye of the twisting nether /w Hailstorm Hi lads, Just got this eye of the twisting nether legendary, should I be switching talents to hailstorm now? If so, for both ST and AoE? If not, benefit from only the other 2 buffs? My other legendary is crash lightning chest and dps trinket.Forest1 07 Feb
07 Feb Elemental Shaman getting nerfed in PvP... err.. what? Shaman Elemental PvP template Intellect reduced by 1.5% Icefury increases the damage of Frost Shock by 250% in PvP situations, down from 300% I am lost for words, the current state of Ele Shamans in PvP is pretty average. Our damage output is alright only when not getting attacked by someone, But if we are getting attacked by anyone our damage output suddenly becomes pathetic and our ability to survive is a joke, especially if we have a melee DPS class on our !@#. Honestly I feel as though we are not exceptional in any PvP situation and a nerf really isn't suitable for this spec right now, I don't think a buff is needed either. I've not seen a single thread in the other class forums suggesting that ele shamans needed a nerf so why blizzard feels the need to is beyond me. What's even more insane is the fact that warriors and warlocks didn't get touched in this latest wave of tweaks. How...Shizah12 07 Feb
05 Feb Just switched to Ele, talent build question Guys I just switched from Enh to Ele and, obviously, the only two legendaries I can use are Roots of Shaladrassil and Soul of the Farseer. I'm reading several guides and there are these varied builds, "Icefury", "Gambler", "Lightning rod" and whatever. But they all assume you have specific legendaries. What would you use with 0 legendaries? (Or, well, the ones I have).Vargnatt5 05 Feb
05 Feb Resto Sham for Arena Hi all, I have decided to use the upcoming boost to get a Resto Shaman. I currently have only one healer across my chars, a Resto Druid, and I now play exclusively arena (also due to not have too much time). I think Shaman are the best healer and similar to rdruid they have many comps they can fit in. I would like to know what would be the best race arena-oriented and what are the best tips, addon and macro to perform well (class specific obviously).Floroz0 05 Feb
05 Feb Ele shaman weird animations So i just boosted this sweet shaman to 110 and i have to say that shamans are amazing but why is he holding his weapon an shield in her hands when casting? Playing resto has his shield and weap behind his backHålibél5 05 Feb
03 Feb Elemental Shaman Burst? Hey guys, can u help me about ele shaman burst rotation? Im using ascendance build, i have The Deceiver's Blood Pact. Many times i cant get the max dps at the beginning of the fight. What should I pay attention to? Thanks for the helpHexonyou5 03 Feb
02 Feb Shaman Tier 3 set Average Price BMAH Hi, do you guys know the average cost of a t3 piece on bmah nowadays? I know this depends a lot from server to server but I'd like to still know your opinion. Today I saw a t3 head piece on bmah, half an hour before it expires I bidded 400k just for fun and went to Antorus... after the raid I check my mail and for my surprise I won the auction. I thought it would worth atleast 600-800k. Did I overpay? Lol. I don't mind spend 400k for each piece but I think shoulders and chest might cost a lot more.Poseidön0 02 Feb
02 Feb Ancestral Swiftness and other talents Hi, I have already made a couple of posts about the changes to Elemental Shaman. Quickly summarized: make Elemental Blast baseline, don't make us a pet class with pet bar, stop focusing on our lamest spell (lightning bolt) and please don't go through with the earthquake changes. Some other things I've thought about that is not only in regards to the Elemental spec, but the Shaman and the game as a whole. Talents like Ancestral Swiftness (just a passive 6% haste increase) are incredibly lame. Passive talents like this exist for pretty much every class, and if they sim the best they are used, essentially removing a talent-row because it changes NOTHING. With the apparent removal of Gust of Wind, why not make something like Wind Rush Totem baseline for all Shamans? I hate that they have been removing baseline things, or implementing things should be baseline as artifact weapon traits. And the fact that these traits and the artifact ability, that are now basically baseline, are appearing as talents for a lot of classes makes me worried. Is the pruning going too far? Why can't we have increased Maelstrom (or Energy, Astral Power, you name it..) baseline? Why can't we have things like "6% haste" removed from the talents? Why can't things like Power of the Maelstrom be baseline? It worries me that the transition from artifact weapons are going to be a hidden prune to all classes. Returning Tremor Totem doesn't really justify anything for Shamans imo. Make the talent trees in BfA more interesting. Make more abilities baseline. Make WoW great again! :D (Btw, I've loved Legion, I just hope that BfA will be a step in the right direction. That's why I might read as a little whiny and making posts/comments about the changes that have been datamined and the LACK of changes that have been datamined :)Ntuko1 02 Feb
02 Feb Looks like no Dark Iron shamans In the future it's completely possible that some new race-class combos could become available if the story changes. There is some cool throwback to Alliance getting the only paladin allied race and the Horde getting the only shaman allied race. I kinda expected this one, as dark irons were more depicted as sorcerers: mages/warlocks. Whom bost can make use of fire, with no real shamanistic bent. Edit: Though I worry now that Zandalaris cant be shamans either due to the above comment. Since highmoofers have the shaman spot.Zumajin6 02 Feb
01 Feb Ele and overall sense in Legion The tittle says it all.The purpose is to indicate what we like and what we really dislike because BFA is coming.Every good willing and well justified reply is highly welcome. Obvioulsy thats my experience,my perspective etc etc.Meybe i am totally wrong in many things. I suppose when we say sense the real translation is overall performance in pvp and pve. About pvp little things to say.Great..just great..require skill and in return (finally)we are very effective.Sure in order to make it harder and more complex (but not unplayable)ele could use rework,some nerfs and buffs.But i have to say that i have seen many passives for BFA which in general its a bad sign both in terms pvp/pve. About pve what it really matters is mythic raiding and high lvl keys in m+ dungeons and its kinda bittersweat. Lets see the history of ele from classic till now.It was a spec that it was like a machine gun with strong active self healing (and not only self)abilities,with many buffs for the party-raid(purge-interrupt etc) with great aoe and strong st(with good gear)and the only real rng factor(if we pass by the critical strike which is for all specs)the flat 10% duplicate for lb and cl(with no cc,no real mobility and very fragile..which for me is part of ele charm-skill cap). And now its a rng based spec(more or less)still very fragile(prydaz becomes the best legendary)with the only really unique and real strong thing that brings is the synergy beetween the new stormkeeper and ancestral guidance.And ancestral guidance is a must have in m+ keys(it really shines bright like diamond with sk+eq+lm totem) and sadly noone really referring this.What really bothers me is the amount of rng because an rng based and a fragile one spec will never be a solid choice for high end activities. About earthquake im inlove with it for a strange reason..i love to have in my toolkit a spell with psychologically issues..i'm a channeling spell..nono i'm casting time...nono i'm a totem..i do dmg..nono i dont do dmg..i scale with haste..nono i dont scale with haste..whats my name ?who am i?where i'm going?..repeat.............(its not ironic.. i really love it..its so elemental:p)..if devs are still strangle with can always be a badass(must have) talent. About shocks changes im up for it(i would like to see them have more strong identity like before) and meybe just meybe since elemental focus is gone they sould look again the synergy beetween fs and lava burst because when a spell is always crits it lose it shines. What i also really dislike was the change of sk...if i understand correctly it has been change because of one boss in tomb of soak(Mistress Sassz'ine)like if that it was the real issues that ele has.ONE boss..right?ONE a result(based on my exp)our aoe became weaker(still very strong) and most important took away the best magic moment(and thats is one of the identity that ele always has)which it was proc on the proc...Because to put it was real friendly 10% proc in comparison with the very very very unfriendly 30% of lr proc..(i could say more like when there was a time when lb crits was hitting harder than lvb and the community saw it as a curse insteed of a gift...or when exorsus have the guldan world 1st with monk tank when everywhere the only thing you see it was that monk tank sucks...and lets say one fellow shaman ask you the 1st week of legion your opinion about sk what you possibly can say?the obvious and totally not accurate feeling.. good in pve not good for pvp..if they have insist in the original legion design i believe that everything it was going to be better) Remember devs you design you know you drive, i follow and i learn to drive..and at the end of the day we will see..if you hear me and instead of a port we found ourself hitting rocks its on you...(well we didnt hit a rock or something..but you know..) As for reicarnation it can always be a 60min-90min badass cd...meaning a meaningfull for the raid death that will make elements be happy with you and allow you to reicarnate (not for one man soak obviously).. So my overall sense is that legion is(was)good to great for ele with one real and serious participation in high end pve activities..because as i mention exorsus used a monk tank..ele is nowhere..right? And if someone says ok are right..why wont you reroll?i have two answers 1)its a steady argue to reroll(resto is art but i dont like healing so sub rogue is great choice) and at the same time a very cheap one because Blizzard show us that they are pro and charismatic and they can do fantastic things right? 2)after 11years maining only ele im ready to reroll..i will just wait a month after BFA released to see the state of becomes annoying in everyguild that i join.. and i mean every of the 1st things that i see is..why you bring an ele?(frankly my dear i dont give a damn but its annoying)Terraonfire0 01 Feb
01 Feb Lava Burst not critting? Hey guys, Returning player here starting a new character. I am playing ele right now and I just got Lava Burst. It says on the skill that if you have flame shock already applied it is a 100% crit. However, my Lava Burst is not critting even when flame shock is already applied to the target. What am I doing wrong?Khesta4 01 Feb
31 Jan BFA alpha talents Bah, the forum ate the long post I had made Elemental. Seems to be two paths now, fire and lightning. Frontloaded damage, vs sustained damage. Fire focusing on burst, wereas Lightning focuses on overloads. I like the lightning path as its not using ascendance which is still a talent and thusly no glyph of ascendance still. :( we get draenor earthquake back, a new spell in volcanic rage, utility in earth shield. Flame shock seems weaker due to no maelstrom cost and no maelstrom based extension and will require a lot more maintenance now. Tremor totem is also back, but im dubious if its castable while feared. Icefury is gone, probably too difficult to use for most. Enhancement seems so far to only having gotten small adjustments, but possibly more to come as the alpha progresses. I dont know enough about resto to tell there. MMOC list of deeper spellchanges 31 Jan
31 Jan Shaman tier 19 icy blue set Does anyone have this? I can't find the drop source of this set. Wowhead says NH HC but it's not true, that is green. Is it maybe PvP? Is it alliance only? Can anybody help?Bullnakano3 31 Jan
30 Jan The most important think for shamans in BFA i did post about class design take a look : what do you guys thing about that ? DO you wonna to shama again be skill base class ? and be class wich is fun , not just spaming resource gen and then spend it ?Peedii0 30 Jan
30 Jan Doom Winds in bfa What happens to doom winds in bfa?Shanvar23 30 Jan
30 Jan Far Sight Suggestion I've been leveling my shaman last week, and have been quite enjoying it. But one thing would be pretty cool; if we could talk to quest givers and the like while using Far Sight. Channeling our spirit to that place to do so, maybe allowing us to move around as well during the channel? Far Sight is a cool spell and you get it quite early, but it doesn't actually do anything yet, I think this would be a very valuable addition to the ability which would make questing a lot easier, and is pretty flavorful.Esru2 30 Jan
30 Jan Describe your class Hello fellow wow players, i want to switch my main in near or further future. So i came here to ask to describe your class (healer or dps) What are the major trait that describe the play style and what is the thing that makes you play this class and spec. Thank you for the time, and thank you already in advance for your opinions :)Lazykitty1 30 Jan
29 Jan What's up with this class Playing my ilvl 895-ish monk, in DPS, at the Broken Shore, at the place of the Stand! WQ, where there are dozens of elite demons spawing all the time. I needed to kill 100 demons and went there, jumped into the fray, was being whacked by many demons at a time. On one occasion I had to use some defensive measures else it was flowing OK, almost like playing a tank. With that in mind I went in today with my ilvl 907 shaman, in elemental spec. I got whacked so badly and only by a few demons! I had to run to escape. I changed spec into enhancement thinking it would go better. This time I died almost instantly. What's up with the shaman anyway ???Shanama16 29 Jan
29 Jan Enhancement Shaman in BfA? Morning guys. So, I just finished reading changes for my lovely, dear Enhancement Shaman and well.., that sounds so cool and actually Blizzard fulfilled almost all my dreams!!! There's just one more thing I care now about. Will be Earth Shield castable on myself? Or only on ally??? Pls answer if You know, cauz I don't :(... So that's it, and other Enha Shams, how do You guys feel about these changes? Of course, it's still just beta, but I'm very satisfied actually.Gekhai16 29 Jan