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6d EU warlock feedback thread Edit: This post has been updated to 7.2.5 ptr feedback. If there is anything you think should be mentioned here, please feel free to leave a comment. Hello fellow warlocks, I've seen the Q&A and the question about warlocks. The devs noticed that warlocks were clearly unhappy with their class and they said that they are trying to figure out what the exact problems are and they're watching the forums now. However, they noticed that most posts are about "Reroll, quit game, gj ruining it blizz" So now that the devs are looking for feedback, let's take this opportunity to give them clear feedback. I will summarize the feedback given below. Simple rules: - Tell us your main warlock spec - 3-4 things you don't like about the spec right now. - Be realistic and keep it short and simple - No cry or rage posts. - If someone writes something unrelated or makes a not appreciated post, click the dislike button so we can easily filter out those unwanted posts. Summarized Feedback starts here: WARLOCK IN GENERAL Demonic Circle The #1 mentioned thing about warlock in general is that Demonic Circle is a must as a baseline ability. Demonic circle feels very out of place in the CC talent row where we have to choose a... CC.. not a mobility spell. We are more tanky casters, so no, we don’t have to be mobile like mages, but we need to have at least 1(!!) gap maker ability. Demonic Circle was the perfect ability to fill this place. We need something to ‘’reset’’ the fight from time to time, especially in this meleeheavy meta. Demonic gateway is our only baseline mobility spell right now and is not a viable option. It has a 3 sec cast time, it feels clunky and is only available every 1.5 min. It only really works in arenas, is often called more of a a bother than a valuable in Raid & dungeon content, and it is also very clunky to use in bgs. Burning Rush should a baseline ability Locks have a hard time in M+ content because we don't have a mobility spell to keep up with the other classes who all have at least 1. This is problematic, because the group has to wait for us to catch up most of the time and in M+, losing time means losing chests (This might be a reason for locks to be rejected for M+ groups).Burning Rush is the only talent we have that can assist us in keeping up, but we have to sacrifice a defensive ability, which we might need in a phase that requires us to have one of these defensive talents. Also, this ability costs us a lot of health, if the hp cost could be reduced slightly, that'd be a great QOL update. Grimoire of Sacrifice The old GoSac allowed us to sacrifice our demon and gain one of it’s abilities. It would be really awesome to have this back again, because some locks want to play without a demon and feel forced to play with one, because we simply can't afford losing most of the pet utilities (Interrupt mostly). Bugs & Quality of life: - When 7.2 went live, the unique voicelines of the glyph demons disappeared, can this be fixed? - The Glyph of wrathguard bug was noticed and hotfixed, but this hotfix did not actually fix the problem. The wrathguard still seems to stand further away from raid bosss than the felguard. This is the cause for wrathguard not using mortal cleave, which results in a big dps loss. - The Green Fire cast visuals are not (yet) upgraded like the new normal fire visuals (around the hands). - Many locks love the old Malefic Grasp animation, perhaps this can be added when you pick the talent. Or maybe this could be made into a Glyph? - We used to have a glyph that allowed us to walk on water with our dreadstead, perhaps this could be reintroduced as a class book ability.Etainn406 6d
21 Apr [GUIDE] PvP Demonology Warlock 7.1.x Introduction Hello fellow Warlocks! My name is sosseri and i've been playing Demonology since cataclysm and been a "top" contending player in the PvP ladder since MoP. Many have asked me to make a guide for a long time and I finally thought it was time for me making one. This guide is mostly going to be made for the beginner's who want to get into Demonology in Arenas, but could also be useful for those who are familiar with the specialization, where i'll get into some tricks you could use to min max your performance. I'll do my best to cover everything up. I will also be editing this guide in the future for coming changes, so be sure to check in again. (Updated for 7.1.5, 2017-03-20) DISCLAIMER: Talent choices, artifact pathing, etc.. that I guide through are experiences of my own for best performance in Arenas. This doesn't necessarely mean that you might find this fit for your experiences in Arena or other aspects of PvP. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contents 1. Talents 2. PvP/Honor Talents 3. Artifact Priority 4. Damage "Rotation" 5. Race Choices 6. Macros/Addons 7. Tips/Tricks -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Talents Tier 1 Shadowy Inspiration: Not a bad talent either, but it offers much more gimmick compared to shadowflame for Arenas. Shadowflame: Probably the best talent choice. Deals good amount of damage and is much less gimmicky in PvP. Demonic Calling: Gimmicky compared to shadowflame, eventhough this talent isn't too bad, could be an option if dreadstalkers were stronger. Tier 2 Impending Doom: This talent is very handy in 3v3 Arenas when you play DOT/ROT composition in Arenas and have 3 targets you want to use Doom on for faster ticks or compositions where there are no curse dispellers. Improved Dreadstalkers: This talent is more of a choice in a matchup where you want to focus less on rotting and have more single target damage. I'd choose this where you want to play double DPS and you have a short amount of time to get your damage and where games last shorter. Implosion: Not as good after the nerf that hit implosion in 7.0.3 + synergy nerf. Tier 3 Demonic Circle: Good against enemy compositions where you think you will be targeted by enemey team (mainly cleaves), very effiicient in big maps like Tol'Vir and Blade's Edge Arena where you have the bridge as an advantage. Mortal Coil: Good against Compositions where you think u wont be attacked for most of the time and want to peel more or just get an easier setup for a kill or cc. Shadowfury: Good in compositions where you don't have an aoe stun or against melee cleaves that you need to peel of for your healer that lacks mobility to get them of for a moment. Tier 4 Hand of Doom: Best talent in the tier, good all around all comps. What I like to utilize this talent with is spending less gcds on casting doom and trying to hand of gul'dan each target to apply doom, where I basically room to spend my gcds on other abilities while i Power Trip: This talent is good for an additional chance too regenerate Soul Shards, good gameplay wise, fluid and consistent in Arenas, i'd recommend it against less cleavy setups and compositions where you think you will sit a lot of cc (Rogue/Mage/X) Soul Harvest: Not an ideal choice for arenas, but can work if you are playing something that is more setuped based. Hand of Doom and Power trip offer much more in the longer run. Tier 5 Demon Skin: Best talent choice overall for you and your pets survivability, mainly due to soul link. Burning Rush: I don't even know what to say, I can't see it being useful anywhere. Dark Pact: Not as good after the talent swap on demonic circle in 7.1, the amount of absorption is great, but this will eventually kill your demon and be very annoying. Tier 6 Grimoire of Supremacy: Not worth going for, losing felguard Pet stun, MS and its less damage uptime. Though, Doomguard and Infernal have great utility. Grimoire of Service: Great talent if you feel like u want an extra CC with felhunter or felguard in order to stop CC. Grimoire of Synergy: Great uptime for the damage bonus, good choice overall against all compositions. Tier 7 Darkglare: Best talent choice overall, great damage and is much less gimmicky compared to the other talents. Demon Bolt: Not an ideal choice for arenas, very gimmicky because it requiers a lot of setup with standing still. Soul Conduit: This is a good talent in combination of Implosion, but not an ideal choice in its current state since Implosion got nerfed.Sosseri40 21 Apr
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: CMTeamEU-WoW@Blizzard.com Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
45m Is the wrathguard glyph still bugged? Is it still doing less damage than the felguard?Zertharian0 45m
3h warlocks op talent demon skin is the talent I'm talking about its way to op and needs toning down, you can barely get past that shield to kill them and they just lol at you while you attack them its so stupidKironora63 3h
6h congrats bliz, you just made destro even worse through out legion destro has been ok but nothing amazing but now due to the !@#$ing oblivious soul shard changes its just takes even longer to build up shardsCucumberman0 6h
7h do u think destro is a fun spec to play? I want to hear ur opinion :) cheers guysBackfuk1 7h
8h New Affi after nerfs Hey guys :) Do you think, Affi after 5% nerf will be still top 5/10 single target DPS ? Or Won't be wanted on raids ;) ?Feris16 8h
9h Glyph of floating soul shards user locked So it seems the user of this glyph can only see the floating soul shards? Why..? The only reason I can think of is PvP?Cintel3 9h
10h New Warlock Affli need help Hey guys, I am pretty new Warlock Affli and I am worried about my DPS. It could be casued by my ilvl, stats , rotation idk thats why i am asking for your help. I have 872ilvl , 883 weapon ilvl (I now that i need to get legendary head) CR: 17% Haste: 20% Mastery: 95% https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/burning-legion/sferis Rotation: Before bosses i used Reap Souls + Berserking Next : Agony , Corruption, SL , if i have 2+ shards then 2x Unstable Affliction if 2 or less just 1 stack and then Drain Soul (I try do it 3 times before UA gone. Just cancel in the middle) after 3 times refresh dots and again the same. Sometimes i use PS . My Agony taking 430k over 18s I will be grateful for all the advice.Sferis9 10h
16h Can we get a demonology nerf? I just got 1 shot in arena by a demonology warlock https://gyazo.com/2fc46a232151b2b5a2885aaf5dfce45dTomtànks16 16h
1d Is the master harvester any good in demo? The question is in the title :)Benched1 1d
1d pvp, bg's + arena observation Eh, just a thought here guys and it's related to the melee thing. First off: What makes a warlock so hard to make work in arena? You need solid team mates and we have to hardcast everything. Our damage and bursts are stoppable, preventable, made nullable. Why are melee so very competitive? They have unstoppable damage, it's much harder to track their bursts without addons and if you manage to cc a burst they still get some of it out but even outside their burst they still have strong non-preventable damage. These guys can keep hitting and hitting and following you around until eventually it's over. It's even worse if there's two just tunneling you following you everywhere, swinging auto attacks and bursting every 45 sec. They have ways to shut down everything we have, reflect it and stop a cast at any moment, they just have to notice it. We should have that too, ways to stay at range from melee since we're ranged and ways to cast or do un-preventable strong damage at a moments notice. The more I try the more I realise I'll never get that rating so I can get the transmog gear I want because I need people significant more skilled than the average player just to stand a chance against people who are unskilled and just the average player. Have you seen them in arena? The hardest work and most effort they put in is running after a mage or another melee kiting the melee.. Edit: I don't want this to be misunderstood as a rant. It's just me seeing the reasons why we're such a tough class to progress pvp with. I think I'll stick to rated BG's and only them. As a lock we tend to work better being sneaky rogues and launching surprise big bangs.Abacabb4 1d
1d 5% Destro/afflic nerf June 20 Here`s the topic: https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20755796772 I think 5% is a bit overboard for affliction and certainly the timing is quite wrong. If they didn't want to create the illusion that they decided on the nerf going on NH logs they should have waited it out until the 27th with a week of Tomb logs. No opinion on destro as i don't play it but i do feel bad for them since they barely beat out survival huntards last tier.Groentensoep42 1d
2d The 3 Specs and their (new?) demons With the introduction of Legion, many new demons were introduced and many of those demons would make awesome pets. But every demon for every specs would be overload. Right now, all 3 specs can have the Imp, the Voidwalker, the Succubus and the Felhunter. Demonology gets the extra Felguard, we all know that. This here would be something for the next expansion. But how can we integrate the new demons into our warlock class? My suggestion goes away from the thought 'every demon for every spec', because in the end when it comes down to doing damage, every spec will use its best pet to get the job done. It is highly important that this post disregards the Grimoire talents for now (GoSup, GoSer, GoSac), but it leaves Summon Doomguard and Summon Infernal intact. So here we go: Every spec gets one single target ranged demon and one aoe/tank demon that are spec-specific! Ranged demons, because melee ones have to cover a certain distance for target swapping. For Affliction we have: -for ST: the Inquisitor -for AOE/tank: the Voidwalker or the Voidlord For Demonology we have: -for ST: the Jailor -for AOE/tank: the Felguard or Wrathguard or even the Fel Lord For Destruction we have: -for ST: the Imp or the Fel Imp -for AOE/tank: the Abyssal Now what about the Felhunter/Observer and the Succubus/Shivarra? They are open to every spec, they can be those niche demons for special occasions, maybe more useful in pvp, maybe special abilities for certain encounters. So this is it. Tell me what you think, constructive criticism is welcomed.Corthez0 2d
2d Warlock changes that need go ahead Demon Skin is now base-line for Destruction and Affliction. *Demon Armour* to replace Demon Skin - Reduce all physical damage taken by 15% "Burning Rush is now Base Line" "Fel Armour" to replace Burning Rush - Reduce all magical damage taken by 15% Dark Pact "Redesigned" - When a Warlock reaches 0 health, The Warlocks pet will sacrifice himself, healing the Warlock by 50% of his total life. Can only proc once every 2 minutes. Spell Lock removed from Fel Hunter and now a baseline Warlock ability. *Fel Hunter new ability: Devour Soul: Deals 5% of the targets total health and mana and restores 5% of the warlocks total health and mana. 30 second coold-won (Will return 20% health and mana when used on a target immune to % life taps) Grim Fel Hunter - now casts Devour Soul. Soul Conduit removed" "Soul Destruction" (Destruction) - Chaos Bolt is now twice as powerful and large. Cast Time and Soul Shard cost increased by 100%. Demonic Portal is now Base Line for all specializations Demonic Gateway now replaces Demonic Portal within the talents for all specializations. Gateway Mastery rename portal mastery. Causes the nearest friendly player to be teleported with the warlock to his demonic portal. Unstable Affliction damage increased by 200%, soul shard cost removed and now has a 20 second cool-down. Haunt is now base-line for Affliction, Cost 2 Soul Shards and increases the damage and duration of Unstable Affliction by 100%.Zyilus5 2d
2d Affli vs demo after nerf? Hi guys So I enjoy both specs equally (maybe leaning towards demo just a TINY bit) and I am wondering which one is better at dpsing in tomb of sargeras. Which would you chose and why? :D I have the master harvester lego btw...Benched2 2d
2d please fix the LFG arena LFG is a complete joke when it comes to pvp i have more ppl on ignore than on my friends list now and the fact what you sign up as 2600exp people are posting there 2700 botted achievement and are about as skillful as 1200 player the whole lfg thing is a joke for pvpAmnaeginja3 2d
3d 189247234 Warlocks in battleground since when is the warlock by FAR the most popular class in PVP? I don't understand. It's so weak compared to almost any melee and even worse than the shadowpriest, so why do so many people play it? Is it because they want to be cool playing with demons?Vasuuki9 3d
3d Goblin Transmog Greetings. I freak me out, that i rolled goblin. Warlocks do have nice tiers from TBC and overall cloth from TBC is awesome, but noone of them are looking as epic, as it would be on orc, troll, or even human. Any suggestions? I'm so disappointed ;(Xapakupu9 3d
3d Destro Help and Advice? Hey guys! Can any of you experienced destro locks help me out? I returned the game in February after an extended break from the game and decided to play my warlock. Since then I played affliction due to it being the optimal raid spec but i've always preferred playing destro and had done in previous expansions (since TBC). However, despite it being a strong spec now, I just can't seem to get my head around it and it just isn't "clicking" for me yet. Firstly, can anyone recommend a solid and updated guide for 7.25 Destro lock? Secondly, I know my gear is pretty mediocre and suboptimal but could you take a little look at it and make some reccommendations? I have no Destro legendaries yet as I refrained from playing the spec till 7.25 so that the legendaries I procced were 970ilvl. I Need to farm some decent relics too.. Much appreciated!Afflícted0 3d
3d Rate the Warlock transmog above you! As the previous topic reached it limit. Lets start over again!Darrandor131 3d
3d Affliction Trinket Choices Hey, I managed to get normal Charm of the Rising Tide last night. However, I am not sure if I should replace my current ones. Any idea which combo would be best for the 3 below trinkets - 900ilvl – Charm of the Rising Tide 900ilvl – Erratic Metronome 905ilvl – Chrono Shard Thanks TicTictosh1 3d
3d Is warlock a good idea for an alt? I'm looking for an alt and I'm currently planning on destro. With the recent rework of soul shards and overall buffs it looks pretty good to me. Would you recommend it? What are your experiences so far? Btw I'm mainly a mythic+ guy.Lángrén2 3d
3d hotfix Warlock •Affliction •The proc rate of Nightfall has been reduced by 40%.Nightmare1 3d
3d Grimoire of Synergy 21% or 25% Good Morning Somone can tell me why talent point Grimoire of Synergy sometimes looks 21% increase dmg Instead of 25% ? it is a visual bug or it is normal http://imgur.com/a/gqWOKÁndras1 3d
3d Bug wings T20 / s3-4 Warlock. WTF ? When i equipped first T20 on PTR, i saw a strange bug with the wings. Like it was not clipped well. I thought, well it's ok it's juste PTR, it will never make it to live. I just changed my transmog today into the PVP warlock set Season 3-4. Imagine my surprise when i saw this again : https://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/579009WoWScrnShot061917155744.jpg https://img15.hostingpics.net/pics/399423WoWScrnShot061917155756.jpgTwo sort of ugly spheres at the end of the wings, not clipping well, and not even in line with the rest of my Orc's body. Since it seems it has never been corrected, maybe it's not a bug ? So my question is : is this intended ? Is this how the wings should look ? Because it's freaking ugly and far from what we had with t6 : http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=172830WoWScrnShot061917160854.jpg http://www.hostingpics.net/viewer.php?id=994804WoWScrnShot061917160856.jpgAnuwiel8 3d
3d Affliction warlock is so balanced (sarcasm) Every class has to spend 30 seconds trying to kill a Warlock where the Warlock doesn't have to outplay you, he just has to outlast you with his skill soul shield and drain life+ UA spamming while 100k dots are ticking on you. People who play affliction warlock are those who pick easy mode in single player games. Pathetic.Tomtànks34 3d
3d Mastery>haste? Is it wise to stack mastery if haste is low around 17%? As afflictionXinwu6 3d
3d Any plan to do something about the pet size? As an Affliction warlock, one of the most annoying aspects about playing my Warlock is the size of the pets. They are so large they often block out spell effects I need to see, or just plain block my view. This can be very problematic when you need to see what is going on, example would be Black Rook Hold with Volcanic, when you fight in the small corridors and stairways. I would use the Felhunter, but Grimoire of Service/Sacrifice just doesnt seem worth to use for any scenario.Flexidia11 3d
4d Demonology undertuned in PVP feedback + discussion DEMONOLOGY IN PVP FEEDBACK Hey all :) I just wanna give you some feedback regarding demo in pvp situations. First off I'd like to let you know that with the typical pvp setup: Shadowflame - Implostion/ Improved Dreadstalkers - Service - Darkglare/ Demonbolt We are severely underperforming. I'm not joking when I'm telling you I'm doing my all in a battleground, apart from being shut down most of the time, my damage is only competing with healers' passive damage. Sure we have some pretty good CC's, however when my shadowbolt/ demonbolt only hits for 80k on a 1.5 sec cast which is a risk of locking me out of everything, Doom only ticking for 286k AFTER 14.5 sec - (which barely ever happens as it is usually dispelled immediately or never get's chance to even tick due to player dieing fast by others anyway or the damage being completely absorbed even by warriors passive healing) - and implosion dealing around 100-150k per target after much setup, there's absolutely no wonder. Even my big cooldown: Thal'Kiel isn't hitting anywhere near as hard as it should considering the effort we need to put in to make it hit decently enough, around on average this: http://i.imgur.com/esIi4cD.jpg ^ 259k hit (how, really how lol) and a very lucky 1.1mil crit. Consider the above evidence and also realise the 28 ticks of doom, I'm talented for hand of doom and I casted hand of Gul'Dan quite a lot so there's no surprise I had atleast 28 ticks, but then consider for a moment that an affliction or destro (my fave) has a dot that tick for between 100k and 200k per second and mine ticks once evry 14.5 sec and yet hits for 286k. We are severely undertuned and even as a CC lord we still have no way to win against warriors or most (if not ever from what I'm seeing) melee in the game because we melt within 4-6sec stuns easily. We're not even scary, we deal the short CC's hoping to get a cast off and barely ever do and when we do the damage is immensly underwhelming. players having 4.9-7mil health pools and I'm hitting for tiny 200k chips every other second or so. I'm melting by warriors passive autoattack damage. What is this? Why have you purposfully made sure we are this terrible? Please respond if you'd like much more detailed feedback. Playing as affliction or destro (my fave) I have no real issue getting them decent numbers, although I'm always focusing on the BG objectives here, as Demo I'm useful for slowing down flag carriers but that's about it, I can't defend a base myself, I can't 1v1 anyone really (melee mostly) and I feel so weak and the effort in the amount of setup I need to create is ridiculous for this level of damage which nobody notices :S This really isn't Hyperbole, I promise you we are terribly undertuned.Abacabb4 4d
4d Aff to Dest for ToS I currently have 3 legendaries on this warlock (dinged 110 about 3 weeks ago) All legendaries are for my Affliction spec - Head, Cloak and Bracers. However, with the buff to Destruction. Would it be worth focusing my loot on Destruction for legendaries and hope for the best in ToS? CheersTictosh2 4d
4d Talent ring a bit overtuned for destro? I mean, having empowered lifetap AND eradication.. Is this actually an item in the game?Luridim2 4d
5d Affli PvP unplayable or just me? Before patch the execute/burst was abit OP and needed a tweek. But now its way beyond fubar. I havent done well in any bg since 7.2.5. The dmg just isnt there. I can ofc spam dots all around the place but that doesnt help much (im not a scoreboard nerd) I just cant kill anything solo. I was thinking that maybe im just a bad player so i login on my other chars. But no....each affli lock i fought was a freekill. Theres just zero pressure from the class. Anyone out there having same problem? Regards, LuciLuciferana14 5d
5d One handed sword transmogs for Warlocks For years, as a Warlock, I have had the option of a one handed sword as my weapon. As a result I have built up quite a transmog collection of them but to my knowledge I am unable to transmog any of my artefact weapons to a sword. Don’t you think we should be able to transmog a sword onto at least one of our artefact weapons?Valsorren2 5d
5d Destro Overtuned? So my Destruction numbers have gone up by nearly 50% overnight due to the changes. Whlst I think this is excellent, as Demo main I am now finding that Destro is outperforming my mian specc by about 30-40k dps. Not a lot but with more practice in the specc and some minor gear alterations, I will surely be able to push ahead with destro even more. This concerns me as Destro is far stronger with both cleave and AoE now, too, which means that it seems to be the dominant warlock specc in every scenario. This is not new, speccs rise and fall all the time, but it is also the easiest specc to play and the least punishing. I'm glad it plays better now and glad it's not 200k behind the other 2 speccs but I think it needs to be toned down a little bit, or Demo needs to get that 2% imp damage back or something. Dunno, maybe ToS gear will change things, anyone else share my concerns?Yavwren6 5d
6d need help 3vs3 Hi guys, i'm trying to get back into 3s on warlock after a long while, and getting mercilessly cleaved by melee teams since 7.2.5. I'm playing as demo (aff seems to die too fast) with a havoc dh and the occasional healer friend (monk/druid). So a couple of questions, answers to any of these will be appreciated: 1)What do i do vs melee cleaves? they just train me and outdmg us. On demo its not quite as bad but still seems they have the advantage. 2)What are considered valuable comps for warlocks, namely demo/aff in this patch (7.2.5 as of time of writing)? 3)is there any other place to look for current strats for lock comps in 3vs3? Thanks in advance, a nub lock.Amirw1 6d
6d The Master Harvester and soul harvest talent? Hey Guys/Gals I just got the master harvester chest item, and was wondering.. Do I need to have the soul harvest talent to proc the legendary chest proc?Miffy1 6d
6d Affliction - Haste or Crit? Hi Guys, I have recently started playing my warlock again, after say 3 expansions! Haste used to be the go to stat when I last played Affliction. However, for this patch (and next) after mastery, which stat is more beneficial? Icyveins is saying Crit & Haste are the same. However, I would like to get some feedback to confirm which is more preferred. Thanks ShamonzShamonz12 6d
6d Buff Healthstones Any chance we can get a buff to the amount of health restored via healthstones? 380k is a measly little heal now. It's about 10% hp for me. :(Pickletusk1 6d
6d Legendaries is it this Tuesday we get the quest to upgrade our legendaries to 970?Zayle2 6d
18 Jun Soul flame and SoC So soulflame and SoC got a 20% nerf and it didn't really matter since we got a 20% damage increase to all spells which made it the same. Now that its back to 15% both those abilities deal 5% less than pre 7.2.5, stealth nerf?Mejren2 18 Jun
18 Jun Phantom Singularity not tagging mobs "WoC As the title says, Phantom Singularity damage doesnt count as the mob being tagged, meaning you won't gain WoC stacks from the targets hit by PS only.Falz0 18 Jun
18 Jun Destro is finally fixed :) Atleast the ST damage buff is very massive. Pulling 1m dps is easy even if you screw up like i did at xavius, forgot to use channel demonfire until very end and the dps is still 1.20m. Its so much better the difference is like a night and day and it feel alot less clunky, blizz did a good job. no longer at the bottom of the meter at 600-700k dps now we may not be the top dps but on par with other good damage dealers. Destro may be stronger now than affliction never were. The first tests exceed even my highest hopes i had for this patch. Destro is very destructive now :)Kridlock15 18 Jun
18 Jun Lightly-Padded Cage Helm anyone know how to get Lightly-Padded Cage Helm - google itCcii1 18 Jun
17 Jun afflic 3vs3 tips i 3vs3 with havoc dh and the occasional healer friends (monk/druid), melee cleave rape me fast. I try to use my demonic circle and gateway intelligently, sparse cooldowns and fear spam, but i'm not sure what to do better. Any tips appreciated.Amirw1 17 Jun
17 Jun Drain life + Health Stone worthless? As Destruction Drain Life and Health Stone are literally pointless in pve and pvp. Health Stone heals less then a potion and shares the same Cool-down, so is health stone just ment to be for poor warlocks that cannot afford a healing potion? Drain Life is a HUGE dps loss, and doesn't even heal anything worth while If it did 5% health every 1.5 seconds it would be worthwhile but it does like 50k lolZyilus1 17 Jun
17 Jun Just some general advice please. Hello fellow locks, i have a few questions i like to ask. I'm maining Affli currently, and ive been blessed with some good RNG when It comes to legendaries. I currently have the four strongest (Head, waist, ring and i got the chest today, which is currently on second place according to Icy-veins atm). And i was wondering, how should i proceed from here? I'm currently thinking about using the Chest + waist, and use Soul Conduit as the 100 talent, since the belt + conduit can potentially have some great synergi, If RNGesus smiles upon you. Obviously it's all about RNG at that point, and even the ToS 4-set throws in some more RNG, when you hope for some haste proccs. The head is currently the strongest legendary still, and gives both more damage and soulshards on a normal basis, and is not really reliant on RNG to kick in in order to do so. Since ive been at work almost constantly i can't really try everything out for myself, and Sims don't factor in RNG. And It hasen't gone long enough to have a clear answer on what's the strongest option. Before the chest i ran with the head + belt, since the head is a strong choice for more Soulshards and damage, and the belt did give plenty of free shards. The ring like the head is a safer option for guaranteed higher damage than the belt, but those free shards/UA's probably overshadowed the ring on 90-95% of the fights, maybe the ring would've been better on 5-10% when the RNG were horrendous. Anyway, It feels wierd to MAYBE bench the head for awhile, but the Chest + belt + Conduit combo could prove really strong If RNG smiles upon you, even more so If the 4-set + Chest proccs at the same time, giving you plenty of fast + hardhitting windows. Anyway, i just wanted to hear what you guys think of It. Maybe in a month or two we'll have the answer right infront of us, but right now it's still abit up for discussion, and i think It could prove quite strong with the right RNG, semi-strong with average RNG, but unfortunatly a poor choice with bad RNG. Please add your thoughts on this matter.Requiem0 17 Jun
17 Jun Demonology - and why its broken now I've started as demonology main spec since legion only because it was the most predictable spec, you knew when shards are coming and you knew how to spend them. With addition of Ritual shoulders, the rotation was flawless and incredibly fun to play. But as legion kept going on there was nothing but nerfs to demonology, all the time, and some meaningless buffs to "unused" things. Nerf to our tankiness, nerf to our HP, nerf to our synergy, nerf to imps, nerf to demon bolt, nerf to artifact traits... nerfs nerfs nerfs... which were uncalled for. This has now culminated with complete devastation of this spec, it is no longer a predictable smooth spec, it is now RNG garbage spec which is topped of by latest nerfs to imps and Ritual shoulders. Such a shame what you did to this spec, the endless potential you had, and you ruined it completely. The output number is still the same, but game play is utter unsatisfying garbage now. Sorry I had to be so blunt, but you somehow managed to ruin the most fun spec for me. Good thing though that destruction is ok now, so I guess I'm rerolling. Bye demonology, never forget.Beher14 17 Jun