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5d EU warlock feedback thread Edit: This post has been updated to 7.2.5 ptr feedback. If there is anything you think should be mentioned here, please feel free to leave a comment. Hello fellow warlocks, I've seen the Q&A and the question about warlocks. The devs noticed that warlocks were clearly unhappy with their class and they said that they are trying to figure out what the exact problems are and they're watching the forums now. However, they noticed that most posts are about "Reroll, quit game, gj ruining it blizz" So now that the devs are looking for feedback, let's take this opportunity to give them clear feedback. I will summarize the feedback given below. Simple rules: - Tell us your main warlock spec - 3-4 things you don't like about the spec right now. - Be realistic and keep it short and simple - No cry or rage posts. - If someone writes something unrelated or makes a not appreciated post, click the dislike button so we can easily filter out those unwanted posts. Summarized Feedback starts here: WARLOCK IN GENERAL Demonic Circle The #1 mentioned thing about warlock in general is that Demonic Circle is a must as a baseline ability. Demonic circle feels very out of place in the CC talent row where we have to choose a... CC.. not a mobility spell. We are more tanky casters, so no, we don’t have to be mobile like mages, but we need to have at least 1(!!) gap maker ability. Demonic Circle was the perfect ability to fill this place. We need something to ‘’reset’’ the fight from time to time, especially in this meleeheavy meta. Demonic gateway is our only baseline mobility spell right now and is not a viable option. It has a 3 sec cast time, it feels clunky and is only available every 1.5 min. It only really works in arenas, is often called more of a a bother than valuable in Raid & dungeon content. Burning Rush should a baseline ability Locks have a hard time in M+ content because we don't have a mobility spell to keep up with the other classes who all have at least 1. This is problematic, because the group has to wait for us to catch up most of the time and in M+, losing time means losing chests (This might be a reason for locks to be rejected for M+ groups).Burning Rush is the only talent we have that can assist us in keeping up, but we have to sacrifice a defensive ability, which we might need in a phase that requires us to have one of these defensive talents. Also, this ability costs us a lot of health, if the hp cost could be reduced slightly, that'd be a great QOL update. Grimoire of Sacrifice The old GoSac allowed us to sacrifice our demon and gain one of it’s abilities. It would be really awesome to have this back again, because some locks want to play without a demon and feel forced to play with one, because we simply can't afford losing most of the pet utilities (Interrupt mostly). Bugs & Quality of life: - When 7.2 went live, the unique voicelines of the glyph demons disappeared, can this be fixed? - The Glyph of wrathguard bug was noticed and hotfixed, but this hotfix did not actually fix the problem. The wrathguard still seems to stand further away from raid bosss than the felguard. This is the cause for wrathguard not using mortal cleave, which results in a big dps loss. - Many affliction locks loved the old Malefic Grasp animation, perhaps this can be added when you pick the talent. Or maybe this could be made into a Glyph? - We used to have a glyph that allowed us to walk on water with our dreadstead, perhaps this could be reintroduced as a class book ability.Etainn423 5d
21 Apr [GUIDE] PvP Demonology Warlock 7.1.x Introduction Hello fellow Warlocks! My name is sosseri and i've been playing Demonology since cataclysm and been a "top" contending player in the PvP ladder since MoP. Many have asked me to make a guide for a long time and I finally thought it was time for me making one. This guide is mostly going to be made for the beginner's who want to get into Demonology in Arenas, but could also be useful for those who are familiar with the specialization, where i'll get into some tricks you could use to min max your performance. I'll do my best to cover everything up. I will also be editing this guide in the future for coming changes, so be sure to check in again. (Updated for 7.1.5, 2017-03-20) DISCLAIMER: Talent choices, artifact pathing, etc.. that I guide through are experiences of my own for best performance in Arenas. This doesn't necessarely mean that you might find this fit for your experiences in Arena or other aspects of PvP. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contents 1. Talents 2. PvP/Honor Talents 3. Artifact Priority 4. Damage "Rotation" 5. Race Choices 6. Macros/Addons 7. Tips/Tricks -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Talents Tier 1 Shadowy Inspiration: Not a bad talent either, but it offers much more gimmick compared to shadowflame for Arenas. Shadowflame: Probably the best talent choice. Deals good amount of damage and is much less gimmicky in PvP. Demonic Calling: Gimmicky compared to shadowflame, eventhough this talent isn't too bad, could be an option if dreadstalkers were stronger. Tier 2 Impending Doom: This talent is very handy in 3v3 Arenas when you play DOT/ROT composition in Arenas and have 3 targets you want to use Doom on for faster ticks or compositions where there are no curse dispellers. Improved Dreadstalkers: This talent is more of a choice in a matchup where you want to focus less on rotting and have more single target damage. I'd choose this where you want to play double DPS and you have a short amount of time to get your damage and where games last shorter. Implosion: Not as good after the nerf that hit implosion in 7.0.3 + synergy nerf. Tier 3 Demonic Circle: Good against enemy compositions where you think you will be targeted by enemey team (mainly cleaves), very effiicient in big maps like Tol'Vir and Blade's Edge Arena where you have the bridge as an advantage. Mortal Coil: Good against Compositions where you think u wont be attacked for most of the time and want to peel more or just get an easier setup for a kill or cc. Shadowfury: Good in compositions where you don't have an aoe stun or against melee cleaves that you need to peel of for your healer that lacks mobility to get them of for a moment. Tier 4 Hand of Doom: Best talent in the tier, good all around all comps. What I like to utilize this talent with is spending less gcds on casting doom and trying to hand of gul'dan each target to apply doom, where I basically room to spend my gcds on other abilities while i Power Trip: This talent is good for an additional chance too regenerate Soul Shards, good gameplay wise, fluid and consistent in Arenas, i'd recommend it against less cleavy setups and compositions where you think you will sit a lot of cc (Rogue/Mage/X) Soul Harvest: Not an ideal choice for arenas, but can work if you are playing something that is more setuped based. Hand of Doom and Power trip offer much more in the longer run. Tier 5 Demon Skin: Best talent choice overall for you and your pets survivability, mainly due to soul link. Burning Rush: I don't even know what to say, I can't see it being useful anywhere. Dark Pact: Not as good after the talent swap on demonic circle in 7.1, the amount of absorption is great, but this will eventually kill your demon and be very annoying. Tier 6 Grimoire of Supremacy: Not worth going for, losing felguard Pet stun, MS and its less damage uptime. Though, Doomguard and Infernal have great utility. Grimoire of Service: Great talent if you feel like u want an extra CC with felhunter or felguard in order to stop CC. Grimoire of Synergy: Great uptime for the damage bonus, good choice overall against all compositions. Tier 7 Darkglare: Best talent choice overall, great damage and is much less gimmicky compared to the other talents. Demon Bolt: Not an ideal choice for arenas, very gimmicky because it requiers a lot of setup with standing still. Soul Conduit: This is a good talent in combination of Implosion, but not an ideal choice in its current state since Implosion got nerfed.Sosseri40 21 Apr
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: CMTeamEU-WoW@Blizzard.com Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
1h Concern of warlock aoe (Bfa) I've been watching bfa videoes on warlocks for bfa. And just wanted to get this out to Blizzard. Affliction: Sow the Seeds will now only go to one extra target, and there are no Soul flame. If there will be no soul flame and then nerfing Sow the Seeds will crush Affliction aoe. Not sure why this nerf happend. Destruction: The change to Fire and Brimstone was unnecessary in bfa alpha. Hits for 40% dmg to all enemies near your target. This is a huge nerf. On live it hits for 100% I would get 80%. 40% is just to much of a nerf. Cataclysm is fine if it was on a 20sec cd and not a 30 sec cd. Inferno talent: Rain of fire dmg have a 20% chance to generate a soul shard fragment. Thats just boring. Demonology: Seems fun but can't find the best videoes of this since Demon Commander are pulling mobs all over the place when he does aoe. My main concern is that Mage, Elemental, Balance and Hunter (Ranged) will have buffs for the hole group, and seems to have better aoe potential atm.Antino4 1h
3h Is there any point in eye of kilrogg? It used to be handy to use for teleports and stuff but now it cant see stealth, it cant be used to cast spells, it still stuns your current demon. I dont know if im missing something but i just cant see any use for it at all?Felmeupbaby7 3h
5h shadow locked shadow locked shadow locked shadow locked shadow locked shadow locked well now your game is locked at is rightful place, in the trash.Lalakna48 5h
1d Rate the Warlock transmog above you! As the previous topic reached it limit. Lets start over again!Darrandor469 1d
1d Shard Regen/ Reap Soul regen hi guys is it my play style or am i just unlucky. i start off with 3 shards and can never get back to 3 shards or even more my eps is struggling i feel due to that, and the artifact buff well god knows the purpose of it, because the regen on that is also pitiful, is there anything i can do to improve both because nothing sucks more than drain fouling because you can do anything because you do not have any shards.Zettler1 1d
1d BfA Affliction - no options in talents Multiple talent rows are designed with same purpose 1st Deathbolt and Haunt both work for mini burst with DoT stacking on single target 2nd WiA and Absolute Corruption are both for mulitdotting enemies 3rd Dark Pact becoming unplayable makes ppl go for Demon Skin... as it was even before Dark Pact was nerfed 4th we can assume keeping 3 dots on multiple targets will be nearly the same as keeping 2 faster dots on multiple targets... (Creeping Death, SL) it's an issue because one will always be better than other and there will be no reason then to ever pick the other this issue doesn't exist if talents for in different scenarios better, but when they work the same it's all only numbers Deathbolt does more burst than Haunt? no reason to pick Haunt Writhe in Agony deals more damage than AC? Why picking AC? Creeping Death deals more DPS than SL? Why picking SL?Whisperer4 1d
1d BRING BACK THE OLD DEMO LOCK! Me and many others have mained demonology warlock for a very very long time and spent ALOT of time playing it, and I can without doubt say that it was BY FAR the MOST enjoyable spec in the game, it took time to master and when you did, it became even better, and now it's just a stationary boring shadowbolt-spam spec which VERY few players truly enjoy, therefore I CAN'T understand why Blizzard changed the whole spec? Just because demon hunters came into the game and "needed" metamorphosis? In my opinion it's really ridiculous that they would change this spec that has been the way it has for such a long time just for an expansion-bound class, even sad. I've tried to find a new class/spec for myself to enjoy but my warlock feels way too close to my heart to let go, so all I can really do is try to reach out to the players that feel the same and to Blizzard, so we may, with all the luck in the world get our spec back. Please hear me out Blizzard, save me from quitting my favorite game just because of this spec-change, and please all who agree, just put your consent below, we need Blizzard to see that we don't accept this.Djezzick15 1d
1d Make Ritual of Summoning easier to use. Needing two players to get this started is too much, how about reducing it to +1 instead of +2? You shouldn't be able to start it alone but it's very often impractical to use with the current requirement. If lore dictates you need three (something I think should never go before gameplay) then just give demons a summoning animation that they start upon casting the spell.Rustyspoon5 1d
2d Argus ring legendary any good? It has the same stat stick as prydaz only less of them with the empowering of netherlight crucible traits, is it any good for dpsShyella8 2d
2d Demonology for BfA I've been toying around with all three specs during legion and my fav fantasy lies with the Demonology spec. It's a visually fun spec and the fantasy behind it is great but as many know it's an extremely spammy spec, relies increadibly much on haste and demonic empowerment is big issue. So I was sitting around thinking about how it could possibly change for BfA and it struck me that something the warlock class doesn't really make use of, except conflag, is charges for abilities which thematically might work nicely with demo. What if for instance we ran summons on charges for various demons, and those demons themselves caused us to generate resource, fel or otherwise, that would allow us to summon greater demons, up till a point where we need to clear our resource and restart the summonings. Idea being the more minor demons you summon, the quicker your fel builds until you can start summoning major demons and when you maximize your fel you can unleash an epic demon and it'll reset and you go back to building. And to add a skill level usage to this, if your charges haven't fully reset you can opt to spend fel to reduce the CD and gain a charge for that ability if you activate it before it's back up, making sure you don't spend fel summoning the wrong demons or never building to that epic summon. This gives you the ability to quickly unload some burst/aoe for shorter fights and work towards a big nuke during longer fights. Essentially making our builders our spenders and let it be up to the player to balance it and not just punch the button when the bar is full. Combine this with a double demon summon, like 2x felguard/wrathguard that will generate fel for you on their attacks. I've got no clue if this would be feasible but, in my head atleast, sounds like it could be quite a challenge to juggle charges and trying to build to that epic summon (*cough* pitlord/fel lord *cough*) If all else fails, can we pleases have the imps spawn at our feet from HoG - it'd be thematically sooo much better and rework the damage into Demonwrath by upping it's damage based on nr of pets around the felguard.Kenpo13 2d
3d How to use Soul of the netherlord Hi fellow warlocks. I am trying to understand the ring "Soul of the netherlord" but it seems the info on google is outdated. If I were it, should I skip the talent "death embrace" because I get it from the ring? Or should I choose the talent DE because the ring enhance it? Is SotN a good legendary to wear in mythic+ dungeons? Thanks!Mirabell2 3d
5d Succubus won't restealth. My Succubus no longer goes back into stealth outside of combat even when it's toggled. Is this a known bug which Blizzard are fixing or am I doing something wrong?Varjhon7 5d
5d Grimoire of Sacrifice? Hey there fellow warlocks! I was just wondering if any of you ever play with grimsac, is it a noticable dps loss? Is there any situation where it would be beneficial to use it?Nikki4 5d
5d High Command Mythic - Destruction - Sephuz' secret. I have been looking through logs of the best Destruction locks on Mythic high command, and notice they use their IMP to dispel something almost every 30 secs ( to procc sephuz'), but what are they dispelling? - Any help on this matter will be appreciated. Edit: Seems to be the chaos pulse.Nazrah1 5d
5d Battle for Azeroth Warlock pets! Hi there. I wanted to open up a topic about some changes/ideas for Warlock pets in the new expansion. I know they dont matter alot but still they bother me.Warlock have the same pets since vanilla! and yeah there are glyphs that change them but there aren't too many of them. Hunters always get new pets basically with every single patch. And I know warlock are not the same because they doesn't have that connection to theire pets since they only summon them as "slaves" but still. Me as a destruction main just abolutely hate that damn imp but still that is what I have to go with. Warlocks have grown in power over the years especially lore whise. Are these demons really the best they can do now? Just because we've been promoted as Netherlords pretty mutch the Head of warlocks...that should mean something. By this time Dreadlords and Pitlords should be basic. Not CD pets like penament pets along with Doom Guards and Infernals. Over there years so so many new Demons were added to the game our old demons are nothing compared to them. Pit lords and Dreadlords for exaple are considered as "High rank/more powerfull" demons, than the others or are they really? In Antorus the Shivara are like Elite torturer bosses but we can glyph our succubus and still summon them( the coven are empowered by Sargeras, sure but just looking at the race). Hunter pets have changed so much and reworked many times. Why would it be so hard to do the same with warlock pets? or not the same just give them some attention.Even some reskined Demons would be great and there are plenty of new Demons out there. Demonology as the master of summoning should summon very powerful demons by now.(maybe finally pit lords or permanent Demon Commanders). The lowly demons like Imps should be just a aftermath of skills like hand of guldan and not basic pets. Affliction should get a Inquisitor or Jailer.It would fit the spec pretty nicely in my opinion. For Destruction a Shatug kinda demon(or a remodeled version) would look great. Something that looks more "destructive" cause lets be real...you don't feel too destructive with a always laughing little ridiculous thing. There are so many variety of Demons at the time wouldn't be hard to do something with them.It would also be great for the class fantasy(kinda the main point)Lazur6 5d
12 Mar returning warlock, HALP also bbq? edit:short version demonology was fun and engaging seems too complected and has way way too much to track now, its almost like a second affliction with soul shard and all the pets (that might well be dots) to track is the an optimal spec with least amount of different things to track?Pixxel7 12 Mar
12 Mar Best warlock leveling spec? Hey guys, just wonder what would be considered the most optimal / fun warlock spec to level on. Thanks.Hakaishin19 12 Mar
10 Mar BFA Warlock Incinerate? Potential for a Glyph I really preferred this stylization (https://gfycat.com/AncientImmediateKob) of Incinerate to the newer BFA one (https://youtu.be/0qee4lCB_zM?t=9) which just looks dull and non-chaotic as the old one to me. I really hope Blizzard allows a glyph for us to change it back to what they were intending initially with the first version since Ive seen many people divided as to which one they prefer. For me the previous one was more smokey and sinister and gave a sense of style to the flame which to me really set in that demonic aspect well and I was considering Rolling back to Warlock since I liked the previous new animation.Furión4 10 Mar
09 Mar Demonology challenge: Help needed! Hello, I'm a bit of a noob, but for some reason I got it into my head to try the demo mage tower challenge. Now, I've completed it on my ret pala, so I know the fight, but I damned if I know how to pull it off as a demo lock. Basically, I just don't have time to dps anything. Like, at all. I'm too busy running around like a friggin' idiot trying to dodge valkyr, step on runes etc. Plus I can't seem to break the rune guys shield in time. I've checked out guides, but this one seems to be a bit of a roadblock, and I don't have any decent leggys to help. Any tips for an utter numpty like me? Thanks.Fenric4 09 Mar
08 Mar Demo - Dreadstalker & AoE for BFA How about our Dreadstalkers have a diseased bite witch spreads every 1 or 2 sec. More or less like the Unholy DK`S plague. we whould still have to build up shards + a cd on our dogs but, it would help out alot. And since Blizzard is aiming more for the Mythic + dungeons, this would give us a higher chanse to keep up in AoE. Anyway just a thought. For DemoVarookh9 08 Mar
07 Mar Demo/Destruction Are these specs really heavy dependent on Haste?? I don't play warlock very much, down on the alt list. I always just use the highest ilvl gear I gather, from random weekly world bosses. I am up to like ilvl 930! wow me! hah But, when I look up, now, I realize I have mostly MASTERY! That explains why my dmg is noodle damage in demo, and while better in destruction, it's not as high as it should be. Both middling around 700-800 dps, which is horrible. Both have Artifact level 75! I can do 700ish dps in affliction, even tho my artifact level is only 58. =( Is my rotation/talents/individual skill in a L2P area?? Or, does demo/destro really need high haste??Jalisco3 07 Mar
06 Mar Warlock Observer Glyph removed Devour Magic spell I bought the Observer glyph for my level 43 warlock and noticed that the Observer did not have the devour magic spell anymore. I dont want to remove the glyph since that would mean i wasted gold buying it from the AH. But the devour magic spell is one of the main reason why someone would summong a Fel hunter/Observer.Sttargg7 06 Mar
06 Mar Talents for Antorus Hi guys :) Im struggeling a bit with talents for Antorus. I have read on various sites, and watched youtube videos to try and find the right talents to use, but Im still unsure. The reason is that on evert source I check it says different talents for each boss. I can understand that as some are ST fights, some cleave, and some with adds. However, I cant afford buying multiple tomes of tranquil mind to change talents for each boss on every raid I do. Can you suggest a middleground of talents I can use for the entire raid? I only got the spesific affliction legendaries I have equipped. Thnx in advance :)Sàndra2 06 Mar
06 Mar No infernal in BfA? How it s supposed to stop that melee train? Not that Infernal stun gives much but you may have a chance. And they give Shadowfury baseline with 1,5 sec cast for 3 sec stun.Septicum7 06 Mar
05 Mar Necromancer Glyph? I know everyone has wanted a necromancer class since forever sooo.... How about a glyph that turns demon minions into undead and fire/chaos into frost/coldfire?Geráld10 05 Mar
05 Mar Spell lock behind pillar If anyone is wondering: Command demon spell lock requires you to be in line of sight of the person you want to lock out. Spell lock from the action bar of your pet requires your pet to be in line of sight of the person you want to lock out. Any healer trying to heal behind a pillar can be spell locked. If you didn't know, try it out. Pretty funny tbhPreodek1 05 Mar
05 Mar warlock question Ocassionally when comming by warlocks, I see them causing lots of small portals in the air. what causes that? Is it demonology spec?Karrak2 05 Mar
04 Mar Red version of channel demonfire So I just switched back to red fire after having green fire for all of legion...only to find out that channel demonfire does'nt have a red version. Blizz please make this happen!Excarian2 04 Mar
04 Mar PLEASE don't make us wait Blizz, I beg, please don't make us wait until BfA for the new animations. They breathe so much life into the Warlock and I'd love to see them implemented before launch and pre-patch. They look so good and I need that new Chaos Bolt in my life.Logora6 04 Mar
04 Mar looking to improve myself Hello guys, im now clearing like 6 weeks hc antorus and got allot of loot and do mythic + 15 all week got almost all lego i use simbot and my dps should be like 1m800 k at raid im slight below ofc with moving and stuff. can some good lock check my gear and give some tips and what lego to use cus now im most of the time starving with soulshards and hate it.. if i sim my lego it say i do less dps with head and waist combo. wowhead say bis is head and waist lego. so few tips and tricks to improve would be great maybe check logsDarkshàdow3 04 Mar
03 Mar Basic Affliction questions =Lazymoron0 03 Mar
02 Mar Leveling 1-110 I'm going to make a warlock from scratch. Should I just level as affliction all the way to 110 ?Kàtka1 02 Mar
02 Mar New Chaos Bolt Animation Normally, i'm known for making a controversial "hate posts" how i don't like anything... I saw a new chaos bolt animation. HOLY JESUS, IT'S A-W-E-S-O-M-E Incinerate could loook better, just hope demo will get something amazing as well. And what do you think ?Navysilan26 02 Mar
02 Mar [PVP] Help of a new coming Affli ?? So, i came back from WOTLK to Legion and i was trying to get back at the game. i have played hard this warlock for like 2 or 3 week as affli. But i've been wondering about something. 1) What is the good ilvl to you really start pvp ( this char is my main, you can look it up ) ?? 2) since i heard they remove resillience and that only the ilvl count, why the !@#$ do melee hit so %^-*ing hard at equivalent ilvl ?? i play a lot of skirmish and class like DH ( un-kiteable ), DK, rogue litteraly !@#$ me up, i litteraly wall the first second... that just tell me about the state of 2v2 without healer ( yuck... ) 3) where the hell do i get bg gear atleast if it still exist ? the gear i get are some random reward i gt frm winning skirm or bg... I thought there were gear you could get with only honnor point ( bg gear ), then other you could get with arena point. 4) i didnt see any guide for starter in the forum so do you know a good site for it ? where to farm gear etc... So many changes...Howtowarlock9 02 Mar
02 Mar Demonic Circle macro This is a very basic macro for all who want to place demonic circle without canceling the buff manually . With it you will get your 2 button demonic circle from before the patch . /cancelaura Demonic Circle /cast Demonic Circle When you press it , it will automatically remove your demonic circle buff and cast a new demonic circle at your location . (Note : Sometimes it appears to bug and you need to click it twice for no reason ) Use this macro to place the Circle.To teleport to your Circle simply use your normal spell from the spell-book . I know this is a basic macro , but it might help people who are not used to making macros . Cheers .Aprix7 02 Mar
02 Mar Affliction Gearing Hello everyone. As i know affliction warlock needs haste andd mastery. But this is the third week and i hit a wall in gearing. every raid and mythic+ gives me only versatility gear like versa + crit or versa + haste. Anyone know a good trick how to dodge these tons of versa gear? 19/20 drops gives only tons of versa. My loot spec is affliction. Sorry for my bad english.Cyprusheal4 02 Mar
02 Mar Demonology BfA Alpha Hype boissss... new demonology first draft is live: http://bfa.wowhead.com/talent-calc/warlock/demonology - no empower - soul fire / molten core is back - more new and interesting demons - witch doctor from D3 type spell on 60 tier, Bombardment - doom no longer baseline Looks very interesting imho. Opinions?Beher35 02 Mar
01 Mar Destro warlock gameplay 7.3.5. comment Intro: I am very happy with class development going from 7.1 to 7.3.5. fixing shard gen, havoc, etc. So this post is not about qq but giving feedback about things i´m not happy about. Everything not mentioned here is fine and i like it ( like questing and leveing experience, class fantasy,… ) Talents: you definitley don´t have any cookiecutter build. I see as a problematic especially tier 60 where you can choose aoe OR single target. Cannot do both is especially visible on encounters like high command or portal keeper. Well i hope for BFA we will receive one tier primarily of AoE and one tier of single target talents. Cataclysm is weak in endgame content. It´s casting time is too long, it´s cd is too long and does only moderate damage in a quite small radius ( boomkin <3 ) Mobility: endgame is all about speed ( M+ keys ), heroic and mythic raids are about constant moving out of harmful pools or soaking these. Destro have only 1 spell taht is castable while moving or on the run and that is conflagrate. I do understand classes should have strengths and weaknesses but destro´s gameplay on heavy movement encounters feels painful. Being immobile compared to other classes and very limited ability to do dmg while moving is rather frustrating then fun. Logs in general seems quite fine. Also there are many classes doing pretty much stable performance on different encounter types. For example fury warrior is doing like 1,8 mil DPS on unfriendly encounter and 2 mil DPS on friendly encouter so fury warr is universal spec viable on every encounter. While destro warlock is doing 2 mil DPS on friendly encounter but only like 1,4 mil on unfriendly encounter. This is not optimal design and destro always lack behind no matter how good or bad player you are ( Garothi mythic, high command mythic… ? ) Also i quite don´t get why are ranged dps always forced to deal with all the mechanics and melees have undisrupted fight for 95% of the fight ( and maybe have to kick 1 spell cast every 2 minutes ). PvP: well, play some other class or get used of being raped by melee in BGs. Sorry for my grammar and now discuss or insult me ;)Caerul3 01 Mar
28 Feb Tips for Destro PvP? Hey all, I'm starting PvP as Destro and I'd appreciate a few tips. I should say this is only for battlegrounds. Here are some questions: - How does Netherward work, do you need to activate it before the cast finishes or before the spell lands? Also, when do you use it, beside the obvious Chaos Bolt and Greater Pyro? Does it work against melees too (ret, dk, maybe sin rogue or ww monk?). - Do you sometimes use Demonic Circle or Mortal Coil all the way? Any tip for Circle use for particular battleground? - Any build recommandation would be welcome. For example do you use Service+Demon Skin or Sacrifice+Dark Pact, Fragility or Weakness/Tongue, Entranched in Flame or Fissure? Anyway, if you have any general tip for a beginner it would be greatly appreciated :)Gubble3 28 Feb
28 Feb BFA Baseline Doom for Demonology and Multidoting Greetings. What I enjoy most with warlock is the multidoting playstyle. Having to keep track of debuffs on multiple targets so you can benefit and be rewarded.This was something I always was enjoying on this game and will. Affliction is all about that ofc with all the dots, destruction has immolate and demonology has doom. In my opinion the way doom works feels like it needs some kind of tuning but making it a talent and not a baseline spell is pretty much going in the worst direction imo. I think warlock has to be that class that is always about multidoting, even if his damage is burst like destruction or with pets like demo, he should have a multidoting element in its rotation. Sorry for the grammar mistakes in advance.Cinx2 28 Feb
28 Feb Ritual of Doom Please let us solo Ritual of doomThughieyo3 28 Feb
27 Feb Nightborne or orc for pvp ? Hey guys, what do you see as the best race for pvp ? gonna transfer and im abit confused regarding that, thanks :)Nílócí11 27 Feb
27 Feb What do you like about warlocks ? Hello ! I am new to the game, and I thought I could feed myself with some knowledge about the classes, so : -what do you guys think about warlocks and their different specs ? -What do you like about them ? -How are they performing in this meta/Patch ? -What about PVP ? PVE ? -Do they have any pros and cons ? And all kind of question that would cross your mind, feel free to answer and share your opinions ! :)Tenshu12 27 Feb
26 Feb What's up with my Warlock In Affliction spec, simcraft with no Heroism/buffs/potions has me at 780K and on the target dummy I did 200 million damage and it was 780K too. Tweaking Sacrifice in gave me an extra 20K DPS, therefore 800K. Considering my ilvl is 928, I am finding 780K-800K way too low ! What's happening, I do not get it. Don't they test at Blizzard? My Monk can do over 1.1ml DPS, the Fury Warrior over 1.05ml DPS, my Frost Mage over 1ml DPS vs the Warlock's 800K. That's a 300K difference!Fidgety2 26 Feb
26 Feb Casted Shadowfury? Useless! [PvP and BfA] I really not get this, Warlock is very weak to melee, he cannot do pretty much anything and the only tool that could help him and he's going to get is Shadowfury (note: in BFA, 1min CD, 3 sec stun, 1.5 sec cast tieme), that is still being casted? It's so weak. You risk 3-6 second lockout and spend 1.5 sec cast time to get possible stun for 3 sec that enemy can see and either interrupt or simply walk out of the area. No other caster have casted stun, it's incredibly bad and Warlock is in huge need of some tool to deal with melee. Don't get me wrong, he'll still be weak against those, but it's nice to have some chance. What do you think? Do you like the fact that it's casted? For PvE I imagine it doesnt make much difference, but for PvP it does. Especially on immobile class, a casted ability is usually very weak.Whisperer18 26 Feb
25 Feb Warlock PvP in 7.3.5 So since 7.3.5 is going to stick with us until like September, I'd like to make a clear choice Note, I am going to be pretty critical here, but that's just because I need you to know what I don't like, for you to be able to tell me which of these problems I can overcome and which spec. should I choose. Even though I mention old Meta, this spec is not in any way meant to be a rant. I am not trying to say all specs are bad and I'd like to ask you, not to claim that here either, you might possibly be right, but that won't really help me. So to elaborate: Even though the Legion Demo rework was pretty poor, I carried is as my main spec from previous expansion. It was pretty ankward in pre-patch, but just before I bough Legion, I discovered Implosion, and it sure was a joy (though I admit pretty OP) the first two patches. Unfortunately later-on they nerfed the hell out of it and demo just wasn't doing it for me, so I switched to Afflock. I played Afflock up to this point and I was perfoming fairly well, but there were problems. First one, no animations made the spec uninspiring and the second, the rotation was pretty simple and there was no way to mess it up and the most important one: Was it really me, who outperformed everyone, or was it just the power and simplicity of the spec? Was I really the one required for the spec to work? And I found answer in simple: NO. So to the point then, I am now torn between choosing one of the specs. and since this is entirely subjective, I instead of just waiting for someone to tell me it was up to my preferences, I decided to list what I like and dislike about each of the specs. TL;DR: I need help with choosing spec, I know it's subjective, so here my thoughts, so you can analyze the problem and help me decide Affliction: -Well I already said, it can be satysfying sometimes, but the power of the specs comes from 90% from the spec itself and not from me, and I don't like that. -I very much enjoy I can cast while moving to help the Flag carrier, and I am not limited to one target, that's probably the biggest pro of the spec -DOTting up everything is very very satisfying but the damage of my DOTs to most target is inconsequntial and doesn't really hurt anyone (so basically it just makes my DPS look bigger, which is cool but not if my targets don't die) -It is really simple spec which has four buttons (God bless I took Siphon soul, otherwise I wouldn't even touch the spec) -The spells (apart from UA) are all insta casts and feel the same, and look the same, you also just put them on target, no synergy no order, nothing -I plan to push rating in summer and I'm afraid of dispells Demonology -Honestly this is probably the spec I am most leaning to, even though the problems really drive me away -I admit, this spec in terms of complexity back on the start of Legion wasn't the hardest thing ever but unlike affliction it had synergy and I enjoyed it a lot, however it was nerfed pretty heavily -The current spec is pretty dull, not as good as implosion (though yes I know it was op) and nowhere even close to old Demo with Meta -You have a lot of cast times, so you can't really catch anyone who has IQ high enough press his W key and LOS you, it also makes pretty vunerable to interrupts and melee damage (yes I know you can pull out astounding CC chain but at the risk of your demons expiring too soon) -The damage is very single-target focused, the imps are very satisyfing to watch, when bursting down your enemy. But it is pretty hard to AoE or cleave. -The spec is too burst-based. While imps and dreastalkers are both meant to be sustained damage abilities, I feel like spec is very highly based on burst, you can do amazing damage with the burst rotation but other than that you only have very few ways how to deal any real damage, though I admit this is not that much of an issue -The burst window. Might not be much of a problem for me but I still want to talk about it. Now I can pull out the burst settup (though I actually don't really know which one is correct) but my main problem is the window, the haste can solve this but the soul shards are pretty messy resource, the settup is noticable and you need to do everything quickly because nearly all of your abilities you need to burst (including the actually burst CD, Thal'kiels consumption) have cast time, now haste can solve this but when you slightly waste the cooldown or just don't press a button fast enough, you might loose your demons before you are able to one shot someone (but well again I admit I don't have that much of a problem with this and it is really a thing of skill than actuall gameplay problem) -To also mention, the burst is pretty noticeable, when people see your demons, they know what's coming -Actually pretty good defensives -I have to admit, I see everyone doing it differently, so if you decide Demo is the best spec, I'd very much like to know what the sucessful PvP rotation is for both burst and sustained damage Destro -Now I realise this one is pretty popular and strong atm so a lot of people gonna suggest it -My main problem is, before the Legion, I wasn't really interested in anything that wasn't demonology so I don't have any real PvP experience with the spec -Chaos Bolt, now I don't want Shadowburn spec back not by any means, but even though the ability is cool, it suffers the same problem as Demo, it simply isn't made to chase an enemy and people usually kill enemy player before my Chaos bolt is even able to land -Resource, I am honestly glad the burning embers are back but I feel like it takes too long to get them up all the way to be able to spam Chaos bolts and land kills -I don't honestly know what pet to use Ok, to everyone who read it, even if you don't really have an answer for me (and if you do, this is even more true) I apprectiate it a lot, thank you for taking your time, and please help me to decide, thanks.Sentarius4 25 Feb