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14 Mar EU warlock feedback thread Edit: This post has been updated to 7.2.5 ptr feedback. If there is anything you think should be mentioned here, please feel free to leave a comment. Hello fellow warlocks, I've seen the Q&A and the question about warlocks. The devs noticed that warlocks were clearly unhappy with their class and they said that they are trying to figure out what the exact problems are and they're watching the forums now. However, they noticed that most posts are about "Reroll, quit game, gj ruining it blizz" So now that the devs are looking for feedback, let's take this opportunity to give them clear feedback. I will summarize the feedback given below. Simple rules: - Tell us your main warlock spec - 3-4 things you don't like about the spec right now. - Be realistic and keep it short and simple - No cry or rage posts. - If someone writes something unrelated or makes a not appreciated post, click the dislike button so we can easily filter out those unwanted posts. Summarized Feedback starts here: WARLOCK IN GENERAL Demonic Circle The #1 mentioned thing about warlock in general is that Demonic Circle is missed as a baseline ability. Demonic circle feels out of place in the CC talent row where we have to choose between 2 CC talents and 1 mobility spell. We are tanky casters, so no, we don’t have to be mobile like mages, but we could use at least 1 gap maker ability. Demonic Circle was the perfect ability to fill this place as it didnt make locks too mobile without losing that ''tanky caster'' fantasy. Speaking purely from a PvP perspective: In this meleeheavy meta locks need something to ‘’reset’’ the fight from time to time. Demonic gateway is our only baseline mobility spell right now and is not a loved as a replacer to Demonic Circle to PvPers. It has a 3 sec cast time, it feels clunky and is only available every 1.5 min. It only really shines in arenas. Burning Rush should be a baseline ability Locks without burning rush have a hard time in M+ content because they lack a mobility spell to keep up with the other classes who usually have at least 1. Burning Rush is the only talent locks have that can assist them in keeping up, but they have to sacrifice a defensive talent, which is kinda sour and they might need it in a phase that requires them to have one of these defensive talents. Some argue that it should be considered to make baseline and that the talent spot should be replaced by a new defensive ability. Grimoire of Sacrifice The old GoSac allowed us to sacrifice our demon and gain one of it’s abilities. It would be really awesome to have this back again, because some locks want to play without a demon and feel forced to play with one, because we simply can't afford losing most of the pet utilities (Interrupt mostly). Bugs & Quality of life: - When 7.2 went live, the unique voicelines of the glyph demons disappeared. It would be great to see them return! - The Glyph of wrathguard bug was noticed and hotfixed, but this hotfix did not actually fix the problem. The wrathguard still seems to stand further away from raid bosss than the felguard. This is the cause for wrathguard not using mortal cleave, which results in a big dps loss. - Many affliction locks loved the old Malefic Grasp animation, perhaps this can be added when you pick the talent. Or maybe this could be made into a Glyph? - We used to have a glyph that allowed us to walk on water with our dreadstead, perhaps this could be reintroduced as a class book ability.Etainn423 14 Mar
21 Apr 2017 [GUIDE] PvP Demonology Warlock 7.1.x Introduction Hello fellow Warlocks! My name is sosseri and i've been playing Demonology since cataclysm and been a "top" contending player in the PvP ladder since MoP. Many have asked me to make a guide for a long time and I finally thought it was time for me making one. This guide is mostly going to be made for the beginner's who want to get into Demonology in Arenas, but could also be useful for those who are familiar with the specialization, where i'll get into some tricks you could use to min max your performance. I'll do my best to cover everything up. I will also be editing this guide in the future for coming changes, so be sure to check in again. (Updated for 7.1.5, 2017-03-20) DISCLAIMER: Talent choices, artifact pathing, etc.. that I guide through are experiences of my own for best performance in Arenas. This doesn't necessarely mean that you might find this fit for your experiences in Arena or other aspects of PvP. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contents 1. Talents 2. PvP/Honor Talents 3. Artifact Priority 4. Damage "Rotation" 5. Race Choices 6. Macros/Addons 7. Tips/Tricks -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Talents Tier 1 Shadowy Inspiration: Not a bad talent either, but it offers much more gimmick compared to shadowflame for Arenas. Shadowflame: Probably the best talent choice. Deals good amount of damage and is much less gimmicky in PvP. Demonic Calling: Gimmicky compared to shadowflame, eventhough this talent isn't too bad, could be an option if dreadstalkers were stronger. Tier 2 Impending Doom: This talent is very handy in 3v3 Arenas when you play DOT/ROT composition in Arenas and have 3 targets you want to use Doom on for faster ticks or compositions where there are no curse dispellers. Improved Dreadstalkers: This talent is more of a choice in a matchup where you want to focus less on rotting and have more single target damage. I'd choose this where you want to play double DPS and you have a short amount of time to get your damage and where games last shorter. Implosion: Not as good after the nerf that hit implosion in 7.0.3 + synergy nerf. Tier 3 Demonic Circle: Good against enemy compositions where you think you will be targeted by enemey team (mainly cleaves), very effiicient in big maps like Tol'Vir and Blade's Edge Arena where you have the bridge as an advantage. Mortal Coil: Good against Compositions where you think u wont be attacked for most of the time and want to peel more or just get an easier setup for a kill or cc. Shadowfury: Good in compositions where you don't have an aoe stun or against melee cleaves that you need to peel of for your healer that lacks mobility to get them of for a moment. Tier 4 Hand of Doom: Best talent in the tier, good all around all comps. What I like to utilize this talent with is spending less gcds on casting doom and trying to hand of gul'dan each target to apply doom, where I basically room to spend my gcds on other abilities while i Power Trip: This talent is good for an additional chance too regenerate Soul Shards, good gameplay wise, fluid and consistent in Arenas, i'd recommend it against less cleavy setups and compositions where you think you will sit a lot of cc (Rogue/Mage/X) Soul Harvest: Not an ideal choice for arenas, but can work if you are playing something that is more setuped based. Hand of Doom and Power trip offer much more in the longer run. Tier 5 Demon Skin: Best talent choice overall for you and your pets survivability, mainly due to soul link. Burning Rush: I don't even know what to say, I can't see it being useful anywhere. Dark Pact: Not as good after the talent swap on demonic circle in 7.1, the amount of absorption is great, but this will eventually kill your demon and be very annoying. Tier 6 Grimoire of Supremacy: Not worth going for, losing felguard Pet stun, MS and its less damage uptime. Though, Doomguard and Infernal have great utility. Grimoire of Service: Great talent if you feel like u want an extra CC with felhunter or felguard in order to stop CC. Grimoire of Synergy: Great uptime for the damage bonus, good choice overall against all compositions. Tier 7 Darkglare: Best talent choice overall, great damage and is much less gimmicky compared to the other talents. Demon Bolt: Not an ideal choice for arenas, very gimmicky because it requiers a lot of setup with standing still. Soul Conduit: This is a good talent in combination of Implosion, but not an ideal choice in its current state since Implosion got nerfed.Sosseri40 21 Apr 2017
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: CMTeamEU-WoW@Blizzard.com Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
12h Demons voices Hello, I haven't played warlock for a long time but I loved having a talkative demon. Following the arrival of the allied races I decided to level one for BFA. How disappointed I was, except for small noises they were so quiet. I looked over the net but couldn't find an answer to my question. (In fact, I found more people trying to mute them) Is there anyone who could help me to get thoses funny voices back? Thank you!Anarion2 12h
13h Best specs for Warlock/Rogue 2v2 PvP I've been playing warlock/rogue in 2s recently, and I was wondering what is the best spec to use for both warlock and rogue. Any ideas ?Blckovr0 13h
13h BFA - Drain Soul? I've been playing BFA alpha since launch and I have to say I'm not liking the removal of Drain Soul at all. It's still in the N tab, but greyed out. Is it going for good, or is there a chance it's staying? I love Drain Soul on live for the healing and makes me feel pretty indestructible. What's the deal blizz?Hádes76 13h
14h Grimoire of supremacy being removed? so as I am levelling my first lock I wished so badly I could have a Doomguard as a permanent pet and not just a 3min cd, and when I saw someone walking around with an infernal I asked him how and he linked me the talent in which I saw you could have a Doomguard aswell which made me really happy, then he demolished that happiness by informing me that the talent is getting removed in BfA, why? that was my carrot on a stick to level a lock for a couple of seconds...Shazzrah5 14h
15h Rate the Warlock transmog above you! *NEW* Since the last post reached it's limit. Start with me :)Elyshal45 15h
15h Tell Me When [Addon] help request Hello, I am trying to figure out how to setup a buff duration and its cooldown in the same icon in TMW. For example: I play demo lock and I have setup a convenient way to monitor my pet duration, but since their cooldowns differ in time, I can't always summon them at the same time. My question is: is there any way to have a guardian (grimoire: felguard for e.g) duration icon turn into a cd icon (remaining cooldown for grimoire: felguard) after the duration of the pet has finished (felguard expired)?Samagono4 15h
19h Healthstone works only one charge in arenas.. bug? Healthstone only works 1 time in arena?? Anyone having the same problem? After i use it, it doesent start the CD. Just stays greyed out until i die.... frustrating as hell!! Is this a bug? Any one else? In BG is the same except i can use it even it's greyed out, as long as the CD is over... this i have to guess or hope is over because the timer doesent show up. Wtf is this? I read somewhere that you can use healthstone 1 time every combat, and need to get out of combat for the cd to start again in arenas? This doesent make sence.. any info on this??Wishbone5 19h
1d Simple Macro request Currently using: #showtooltip /petattack /cast [mod:shift] Life Tap; Drain Life I want to add Cauterize Master [Command Demon] to the mod:shift Life Tap... so that it casts off together with Life Tap. How do I proceed doing that? Edit -- ah nm, figured out; #showtooltip /cast [mod:shift] Life Tap /cast [mod:shift] Cauterize Master /cast Drain Life :VHarlee0 1d
1d Afflication Reap Confusion Hi all So I did look on icy veins but I'm still pretty confused on the affliction reap usage. It says that I should use reap when I have 2 or more stacks of UA.. My question is: Why can't I just keep the reap buff up all the time? Why do I have to trigger it over and over again inline with UA? Any help would be appreciatedMawn6 1d
1d A few Warlock "cosmetic" things neglected by Blizzard 1. With codex of xerath the imp firebolt is low tecture compared to the non-green fire version, and the grimoire of servitude imp has a fiery red animation despite having codex of xerath (warlock green fire): Change it please to the updated fire bolt animation but with green tint instead. You have done it to all other spells, why not this one? It looks ugly and odd. Imagine having the old incinerate in BFA (which would be nice for some) when using the Codex of Xerath, but the new animation without. I don't mind a glyph for old animations but if Blizzard allows the player to obtain a different color variation of their spells they should also update them in the future. 2. When glyphed to summon a demon with different skin (aka. greater demon), you cannot change its name at the warlock demon name changer. You used to be able to do it back in Mists of Pandaria when those demons where a talent upgrade. Now if you go to the trainer and ask to change your demon name, your lesser demon name is changed instead: Please add dialog options to change those greater demon names as well (Fel Imp, Observer, Void lord, Shivvara, Wrathguard, Fel succubus, Shadow Succubus). I hate my fel succubus name and would really like to change it like with every other demon. Players shouldn't be punished for choosing a different model variation for their pet/demon. 3. Also i have noticed something worrying in BFA. I can see that (as planned) all the demons are doing about the same dps but provide different utility. The problem is that the Imp gives a raid-wide 5% hp increase. Since the warlocks job in raids usually isn't to interrupt, I would rather not play around with the imp on most fights as affliction. It ruins the class fantasy for me and perhaps, many others warlocks. The first two points are something that was ought to be corrected during legion alpha. My third point is personal preference, so i understand that it may not change. What do you fellow warlocks think? Remember if you want something changed you need to speak up. By myself i cannot fight for these changes. Give me your opinions. With enough discussion hopefully a blue will notice and answer (perhaps even forward to the devs).Baelshar3 1d
1d Warlock feedback bfa Affliction: Affliction is disappointing, its a caster spec with some dots. Nothing special and more or less Destuction spec just half the fun. In my mind they should have stayed with how it was in Legion, at least it felt different from all other caster specs. I loved how it felt like you where sucking the life out of your enemies. Its the most boring spec of the 3. Demonology: I have to say I have had a good time with this spec, I like how it plays and I love how it feels totaly different from the other 2 specs. Almost like another class. The main concern of this spec is the aoe potencial, after doing some dungeons it feels strange when it comes to aoe, singel target is good. Bilescourge Bombers (Talent) is a joke, it cost 2 shards and the dmg i laughable. This talent needs a buff or replace it with something else. Dreadlash (talent) seems ok, you send your Dreadstalker on a target and it dmg everyone in a 8 yard radius 20 sec cd. Implosion is fun but anoying at the same time. You have to build up an Imp army then launch them at your enemies, and then all your imps explode in an aoe. Seems ok but the ramp up and that you just killed of all your imps and have to get them back up to continue the fight is somewhat killing the fun for me. Destruction: I had a blast with this spec. The chaos bolt hits is so fun and the new look is cool. Love the syngergy with Grimore of Supremacy and Chaos bolt, I'm looking forward to everytime I can use my Infernal. (3 min cd) But I have a big complaint about this spec, and that's the talent choices. The lvl 60 talent row I just dont get. The insane nerf to Fire and Brimstone is so bad that they can just remove it, the dmg output of 40% is way to much of a nerf. Inferno I have to think is a placeholder or something to they can find something else because Inferno is terrible. Yet again there been made 2 talents in a row that will never get used, Cataclysm will be the only choice, and Im not in love with Cataclysm either. I hate the 30 sec cd, I would have understod a 25 sec cd so it could have better syngergy with Havoc. I also think that Soul fire will never get used (15 talent). Its more or less a Chaos bolt that cost 1 shard instead of 2 and have a litle more dmg but a 45 sec cd. The 2 other choices is better.Undertaker7 1d
2d [BFA] Deathbolt + Creeping death Hey there, I am looking for answers about creeping death. I was doing some testing on beta with an afflock to see the deathbolt damage increase with haste and then decide to see the difference with creeping death. To see deathbolt's damage différence I did always the same thing: corruption -> deathbolt And the results was approximately the same: 478.2 (no crit) 949.5 (crit) damage with creeping death and 482.6 (no crit) 938.4 (crit) without. So, isn't dreeping death supposed to be a pseudo haste increase ? It is possible that I misunderstand how it works as I'm not a warlock player (not yet at least).Jkervìel2 2d
2d Am i doing something wrong ? Hello everybody, So i've played this warlock since around september, i have about 7days of /played. I've tried the other specs but finally settled for destruction. I am wondering if i am playing the class right, from start to now i have only used incinerate and chaos bolt, i never really used any other spells other than these 2 and health funnel/life tap.. and it's starting to get really boring. I've almost never used immolate, fear and never used spells like fear, unending resolve, havoc. I would like your opinion on this and how can i improve as a warlock and keep it fun to play thanks!Morathai3 2d
2d Vile taint Anyone tried this talents in beta? Does it look cool? I can't seem to find anything about the animation or the actual spell in action Kind regardsNefarah2 2d
3d make haunt baseline god pleasePrunèd1 3d
3d What % of each stats should I have? ( Affliction ) Hi, So far I've been playing pretty casualy and mostly focused on upgrading my ilvl ( While still trying to prioritize mastery and haste ) so I could finally get accepted into higher level mythic+ dungeons and normal antorus. But as I progress I realise that even tough Im doing pretty good on the dps meter, it will only get harder and harder and just upgrading my ilvl with a vague idea of focusing on mastery/haste is not gonna cut it. So considering my actual gear, what should I be prioritizing and what % approx should I be looking for for each stats? Also do I have any piece of gear that's " bad " ( Aka bad secondary bonus stats ) for it's ilvl? Thanks in advance. Would also be nice to know what legendaries I should go for.Gohrem2 3d
3d soloing mythic Eye of Azshara started soloing Mythic Eye of Azshara. I have defeated Lady Hatecoil, Serpentrix and Deepbeard , but struggling to defeat Parjesh, any Aff Locks managed to solo him. would appreciate any tips they could offer.Poorsod3 3d
4d Whats the goal of demo in arenas? Hi, im new to warlock. I think I got the basic idea behind affli and destro. On affli you dot everything thats in sight, and drop UAs and drain when you want to get the kill. On destro you build soul shards, when you get a cc drop chaos bolts on target to get the kill. But what about demo? What I do? Ty.Wahior6 4d
4d Legion Demonology warlock LULAtriohm0 4d
4d Demonic Circle What do u guys think about Demonic Circle being a talent? In my opinion it should be baseline again as mobility adds fun to the game especialy in PVP. And if its so big problem for blizz, just make gateaway a talent and Demonic Circle baseline spell, warlock would be so much better with it!!!! PLS Blizz how u cant see it? DC is pretty big deal in PVP in my opinion!Darakas2 4d
5d How do you survive as affli in 2s? Hi, how are you supposed to survive more than 5 sec as affli in 2s? Lets say the enemies is fury war/dh. They jump on me, I die and I cant stop them. [Random guy]: its easy dude, lol, use gate and port. Re: Gate wont do s**t against 2 fel rushes, 2 charges, 2 leaps. Port also, I cant run from them. I mean, am I really stupid and bad or the spec is just garbage at 2s? Ty.Wahior4 5d
5d Destruction DPS question. WTH is going on? So I am kinda new to the class. Today on LFR there was this other warlock, same spec, worse gear then mine (about 90X lvls). Somehow he was doing massive DPS and I can't figure this out. Also, when inspected, he didn't have any mana replenish talents taken, yet he was able to pull off that amount of damage (about 1mil). He had following talents: 1) Backdraft, 2) Eradication, 3)whatever, 4) Harvest, 5)B Rush, 6) GO Service, 7) CD Fire Legendaries: Insignia otGA, and Feretory of Souls. Any ideas?Zafir12 5d
6d I dont understand pets Hi, I dont understand warlock's pets, it's my first warlock ever. The pet glyphs, the grimoire of service and the fact that you use different pets for each spec, you use different pets in pvp and pve is beyond me. 1. Whats the difference between succubus and shivarra? 2. Whats the difference between imp and fel imp? 3. Whats the difference between felhunter and observer? 4. Whats the difference between felguard and wrathguard? 5. Whats the difference between succubus and shadow succubus? 6. Do you ever use doomguard/infernal as permanent pets? 7. What spec affli uses in pvp? And why? Do you ever switch it? 8. What spec demo uses in pvp? And why? Do you ever switch it? 9. WHat spec destro uses in pvp? And why? Do you ever switch it? 10. Lets say you are playing destro and have imp summoned in an arena, its worth to cast grimoire: felhunter to interrupt a cast? Seems stupid to waste the dmg from grimoire: imp for a 6 sec lockout, on a 1,5min cd. .... 8237. What pet each spec uses in pve? And why? ty, rip english, god bless.Wahior1 6d
15 May 2 Talent in same line Hey guys . I see people having 2 talents in same line at 110 tales . How can I make this ? I have only 1 talent at 110 line . Ty for helpCaptcha2 15 May
15 May Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion So i have been trying to get the Sealed Tome of the Lost Legion for a long time now. Before i could get 2 of them in one run of rares but now i get none. I have basicly killed over 30 rares or even more on a class trial lock and i wonder if it even drops for class trials. Its not removed from the game but maybe it does'nt drop for class trials? They did before so maybe this is just about luck and RNG. Thankful for answers :D /Saravay :)Saravay3 15 May
15 May Felguard need some epic wepons So, been on the Beta for a few days. Not played a lot of demo before this, found it to be "un-fun" in Legion, and put my time split in Destro/Aff. Ran into the issue of; "what weapon should my felguard get to glyph/use? when we start BFA in a bit" I think my felguard should be able to obtain the mythic/HC or even LFR Agrammar 2handed sword- but with forced PL this I know of none that would give up this item to a poor warlock. What we do you want your felguard to wear? so I made a ticket... not a lot of information to gain in terms of insight, but ill link a grab of it https://gyazo.com/b612f69a25d361acae864753cf603a6eWiickêd9 15 May
15 May Drain Soul in BFA All i want for BFA is for Drain Soul to stay! Make it a talent, remove the healing, nerf it to the ground. I don't care! The reason i play affliction warlock instead of any other caster in the game is because how different they are. I love how mobile and active they are because of Drain Soul. However.... now with Shadow Bolt they feel like any other caster in the game... With Drain Soul I don't feel like I'm rooted to the ground watching cast bars and animations one after the other, and if i so happen to stand in AOE and have to move forcing me to cancel my cast just to have to recast Shadow Bolt a second later again is not fun at all! With Drain soul on the other hand i feel more active and don't mind taking a second to move out of the way and then simply continuing my channeling of Drain Soul. I don't feel as stationary as other casters with Drain Soul which is really fun and active. And also! Way to kill the the affliction fantasy! I Don't feel like I'm draining the life essence and the souls of my enemy with Shadow Bolt! Feels like I'm throwing a black bouncy ball at my enemies.... TL;DR I'm not playing warlock in BFA as my main unless they bring back what made affliction fun and active, Drain Soul. Don't care if they make it a talent, remove the healing or nerf it to the ground! All i want is my class fantasy and my active play style and not to be like the other generic casters in the game!.... *sigh*Nevoss16 15 May
13 May BFA pet priorities? Guys I don't know if this has been answered but are the pets still biased to certain specs in BFA? Imp = destro for 25% extra dmg type of bias. I really hope not, what do you think?Abacabb10 13 May
12 May BFA tallent row 45 and 75 Hello fellow warlocks . As you can see in the wowhead link bellow these rows will remain unchanged . http://bfa.wowhead.com/talent-calc/warlock/affliction These are the rows where demonic circle/burnign rush are slammed and at-least to me are out of place and this doesn't make sense . *If you think so ; *If you have any ideas to add how these rows should or shouldn`t be changed ; *If you would like to link your own thread with ideas in it ; Please join me on this thread in the Legion Class Development forum . https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17619182040 The talent trees are still not finished . Lets raise some voices before this goes live and we get stuck with the same nonsense for another 2 years . Thank you .Aprix0 12 May
11 May Demo players How this spec it os feeling at hight ilvl? I like this spec more then destro/affli .Captcha3 11 May
09 May Footage of an affli warlock at top level? Hi. So I've been hearing left and right " Affliction warlock is the !@#$!!! It's so op!!! ". And here I am, level 110 warlock with ilvl 895 doing normal anthorus the burning throne raids and almost always being at the bottom of dps with around 600-700k whereas other people at the top are at like 1.5-2M. So could anyone provide me with footage of a warlock affliction playing a top level to see how he actualy plays and his dps because Im really having a hard time grasping how I am supposed to be " so op " when I barely do a third of other people's DPS. I know that some people might be better geared but even so, I'd like to see how the " real pros " do it if possible.Gohrem8 09 May
09 May Affliction Warlock Keybinds? I've just started out a warlock with a boost, played warlock before but don't feel like lvling again. Any tips on keybinds since I dont find anything that's comfortable however I put them.Hslenux6 09 May
09 May Warlock PvP in 7.3.5 So since 7.3.5 is going to stick with us until like September, I'd like to make a clear choice Note, I am going to be pretty critical here, but that's just because I need you to know what I don't like, for you to be able to tell me which of these problems I can overcome and which spec. should I choose. Even though I mention old Meta, this spec is not in any way meant to be a rant. I am not trying to say all specs are bad and I'd like to ask you, not to claim that here either, you might possibly be right, but that won't really help me. So to elaborate: Even though the Legion Demo rework was pretty poor, I carried is as my main spec from previous expansion. It was pretty ankward in pre-patch, but just before I bough Legion, I discovered Implosion, and it sure was a joy (though I admit pretty OP) the first two patches. Unfortunately later-on they nerfed the hell out of it and demo just wasn't doing it for me, so I switched to Afflock. I played Afflock up to this point and I was perfoming fairly well, but there were problems. First one, no animations made the spec uninspiring and the second, the rotation was pretty simple and there was no way to mess it up and the most important one: Was it really me, who outperformed everyone, or was it just the power and simplicity of the spec? Was I really the one required for the spec to work? And I found answer in simple: NO. So to the point then, I am now torn between choosing one of the specs. and since this is entirely subjective, I instead of just waiting for someone to tell me it was up to my preferences, I decided to list what I like and dislike about each of the specs. TL;DR: I need help with choosing spec, I know it's subjective, so here my thoughts, so you can analyze the problem and help me decide Affliction: -Well I already said, it can be satysfying sometimes, but the power of the specs comes from 90% from the spec itself and not from me, and I don't like that. -I very much enjoy I can cast while moving to help the Flag carrier, and I am not limited to one target, that's probably the biggest pro of the spec -DOTting up everything is very very satisfying but the damage of my DOTs to most target is inconsequntial and doesn't really hurt anyone (so basically it just makes my DPS look bigger, which is cool but not if my targets don't die) -It is really simple spec which has four buttons (God bless I took Siphon soul, otherwise I wouldn't even touch the spec) -The spells (apart from UA) are all insta casts and feel the same, and look the same, you also just put them on target, no synergy no order, nothing -I plan to push rating in summer and I'm afraid of dispells Demonology -Honestly this is probably the spec I am most leaning to, even though the problems really drive me away -I admit, this spec in terms of complexity back on the start of Legion wasn't the hardest thing ever but unlike affliction it had synergy and I enjoyed it a lot, however it was nerfed pretty heavily -The current spec is pretty dull, not as good as implosion (though yes I know it was op) and nowhere even close to old Demo with Meta -You have a lot of cast times, so you can't really catch anyone who has IQ high enough press his W key and LOS you, it also makes pretty vunerable to interrupts and melee damage (yes I know you can pull out astounding CC chain but at the risk of your demons expiring too soon) -The damage is very single-target focused, the imps are very satisyfing to watch, when bursting down your enemy. But it is pretty hard to AoE or cleave. -The spec is too burst-based. While imps and dreastalkers are both meant to be sustained damage abilities, I feel like spec is very highly based on burst, you can do amazing damage with the burst rotation but other than that you only have very few ways how to deal any real damage, though I admit this is not that much of an issue -The burst window. Might not be much of a problem for me but I still want to talk about it. Now I can pull out the burst settup (though I actually don't really know which one is correct) but my main problem is the window, the haste can solve this but the soul shards are pretty messy resource, the settup is noticable and you need to do everything quickly because nearly all of your abilities you need to burst (including the actually burst CD, Thal'kiels consumption) have cast time, now haste can solve this but when you slightly waste the cooldown or just don't press a button fast enough, you might loose your demons before you are able to one shot someone (but well again I admit I don't have that much of a problem with this and it is really a thing of skill than actuall gameplay problem) -To also mention, the burst is pretty noticeable, when people see your demons, they know what's coming -Actually pretty good defensives -I have to admit, I see everyone doing it differently, so if you decide Demo is the best spec, I'd very much like to know what the sucessful PvP rotation is for both burst and sustained damage Destro -Now I realise this one is pretty popular and strong atm so a lot of people gonna suggest it -My main problem is, before the Legion, I wasn't really interested in anything that wasn't demonology so I don't have any real PvP experience with the spec -Chaos Bolt, now I don't want Shadowburn spec back not by any means, but even though the ability is cool, it suffers the same problem as Demo, it simply isn't made to chase an enemy and people usually kill enemy player before my Chaos bolt is even able to land -Resource, I am honestly glad the burning embers are back but I feel like it takes too long to get them up all the way to be able to spam Chaos bolts and land kills -I don't honestly know what pet to use Ok, to everyone who read it, even if you don't really have an answer for me (and if you do, this is even more true) I apprectiate it a lot, thank you for taking your time, and please help me to decide, thanks.Sentarius6 09 May
09 May Timewalking at lower levels. So I just got kicked from a group for doing next to no damage. Not the first time this happened either. Either I get lucky and people are somewhat willing to put up with my horrible dps or people aren't so patient and I get kicked. This time we had a tank who was toxic from the start, after 2 bosses were down, right before the last boss he decided he "didn't want to boost that scrub" and vote kicked me. Of course he was being toxic, but he also had a point, because whatever I do, I just underperform massively. AoE is somewhat alright, but single target I barely hit 2k dps in the TBC dungeons with everyone else pulling around between 5 and 10k. So I could use some advice. Gearing for dps is flat out not an option, especially in timewalking dungeons, definitely not until I'm done leveling. What should I do to perform even semi decent, aside from playing a different class? How do warlocks stomach TW dungeons at all?Mérda0 09 May
07 May BFA Meta Demo Petition If you want back Meta in BFA sign up for the petition we need to force Blizzard to change their minds now. Becuz they are going on the same way like in Legion development and we dont want another Legion Demo Lock. https://www.change.org/p/demonology-warlock-community-we-want-mop-demonology-warlock-with-the-meta?recruiter=528322907&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink&utm_campaign=share_petitionIcemanmage5 07 May
06 May Immolate Animation Hello! After the character model update in patch 6.0.2, the Immolate spell for Warlocks was changed from an Omni cast animation (same animation as fear), to a direct cast animation (same as Incinerate). Is there a reason for this? Personally I miss having Immolate as an omni cast animation as it created a certain "diversity" and gave a general feel of casting different spells, instead of spamming the same animation over and over again. (I also tried using old models, and apparently Immolate has been changed to a direct cast there aswell). Would appreciate some feedback :)Gorroth11 06 May
03 May "DOT and RUN" doesn't seem to work Hello guys, I've recently returned to the game after about a year - mind you i wasn't ever a serious wow player and last time i played seriously was WOTLK. I've always loved warlocks so that's all I've been playing - I keep reading that the "Best" way to level is affliction and you're meant to dot and run everything but my void keeps dying and then the monsters come after me. because of drain soul i dont die that easily but it doesn't seem to be as quick as people make it sound. Am I doing something wrong? I've always liked demonology so sometimes i try that - also my heirlooms all have crit (a friend gave me gold to buy them and i just bought them but idk if i got the right ones in hindsight lol). Does that suggest I should try levelling as destro / demo until I get some decent Haste items for affliction? All the threads i see are made by 100+ warlocks where the story is different I think so am I doing something wrong or do I have to just wait and level? What I do at the moment is go to a group of monsters (3-5 mobs) and I put curse of agony on them, then UA and Seed of Corruption. I also haunt low level mobs (although i've read haunt isn't all that great?). Sometimes I use infernal and that works well but atm it's on a 3-min cooldown so i often can't use itCristache8 03 May
03 May Overall best dps spec? I have recently returned to WoW and I havent really played my Warlock for like 6 years. Now every spec is changed so much that I dont regonize them anymore at all, but also I dont know which spec to pick in order to do as much dmg as possible?Manrikswife2 03 May
02 May Affliction - Returning player Hello all, I have returned back to play after three years break, was previously a mythic raider on my rogue and decided to main warlock again for this exp and poss next. Just curious for my IL what my dps should roughly be, hitting around 610k dps atm, but it can swing quite a bit, especially on single target, as I don't often get enough procs on artifact weapon to maintain 100% uptime on reap souls. Will this get better with gear, or just single target problems with the artifact in general? I know my itemization is sub par, but I have only been back playing for a few days :) Will look forward to the constructive feedback :) Many thanks, Smokeyegg!Fungiz3 02 May
01 May Gateway Aside from how clunky this is in pvp I find there are way to many places in old world I can't use it. I tried it in Thunder Bluff, Org and Silvermoon and in all these citis I was getting 'No path available'.Doominatrux1 01 May
01 May Destro Dps Any tips on this? I have the eradication ring which I think complicates the rotation. Until now I thought eradication was affected by the CB travel time and didn't realise you only need to finish casting while the buff is up, so I was struggling to land a chaos bolt to line up with the end of the 7 secs. My thinking is that since incinerate is faster than chaos bolt then as long as i don't cap soul shards it is better to use backdraft on chaos bolt, so I save some soul shards with incinerate (non backdraft) then spend on a chaos bolt and then use one or two conflags, channel demonfire if off cd then another chaos bolt, then spam incinerate. Would like any tips/pointers. Grimoire of service and the infernal/doomguard cooldown feel awkward and I get more dps on target dummy with supremacy. My thinking is supremacy is better on fights with high uptime where service is better on bosses with burst phases and/or downtime.Footdom4 01 May
30 Apr Warlock saved my wow sub I really haven't enjoyed playing any other class as much as I enjoy playing lock now. It reminds me of once in the day when i played it in TBC and never touched it again... I wish i never rerolled and had been an old school lock like some dudes. are the BFA changes looking bad? I know there are a lot of posts about this but can someone grind it up in a couple of words i suppose? bad or no?Elyshal3 30 Apr
30 Apr Hidden artifact Do Argus Rares drop affliction hidden artifact skulls?Ovyn0 30 Apr
30 Apr Leveling as Affliction, best talents? Hello fellow Warlocks, I'm levelling as Affliction but I would like to know the best talents to choose until 110 and some basic rotation for questing around and doing some old istances and some pvp, thank you very much!Darghor3 30 Apr
29 Apr Demo and Norgannon I have the Norgannon's Prowess trinket on my warlock, which is demo, and it seems like the stacks from the empowerment dont always interact the same way. Basically, my question is how do these stacks interact with summons and pets? Can a pet attack or a summoning spell trigger it and consume a stack? Or does it have to be a direct damaging spell, like shadow bolt or hand of guldan? If this is the case, is it worth it to just spam direct spells until all the stacks have been consumed?Xélía1 29 Apr
29 Apr Dark Apotheosis in WoD I hear it's gone from the beta. Can any betafriends confirm? If so, I am shaking my head.Friday21 29 Apr