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11 Oct EU warlock feedback thread Edit: This post has been updated to 7.2.5 ptr feedback. If there is anything you think should be mentioned here, please feel free to leave a comment. Hello fellow warlocks, I've seen the Q&A and the question about warlocks. The devs noticed that warlocks were clearly unhappy with their class and they said that they are trying to figure out what the exact problems are and they're watching the forums now. However, they noticed that most posts are about "Reroll, quit game, gj ruining it blizz" So now that the devs are looking for feedback, let's take this opportunity to give them clear feedback. I will summarize the feedback given below. Simple rules: - Tell us your main warlock spec - 3-4 things you don't like about the spec right now. - Be realistic and keep it short and simple - No cry or rage posts. - If someone writes something unrelated or makes a not appreciated post, click the dislike button so we can easily filter out those unwanted posts. Summarized Feedback starts here: WARLOCK IN GENERAL Demonic Circle The #1 mentioned thing about warlock in general is that Demonic Circle is a must as a baseline ability. Demonic circle feels very out of place in the CC talent row where we have to choose a... CC.. not a mobility spell. We are more tanky casters, so no, we don’t have to be mobile like mages, but we need to have at least 1(!!) gap maker ability. Demonic Circle was the perfect ability to fill this place. We need something to ‘’reset’’ the fight from time to time, especially in this meleeheavy meta. Demonic gateway is our only baseline mobility spell right now and is not a viable option. It has a 3 sec cast time, it feels clunky and is only available every 1.5 min. It only really works in arenas, is often called more of a a bother than a valuable in Raid & dungeon content, and it is also very clunky to use in bgs. Burning Rush should a baseline ability Locks have a hard time in M+ content because we don't have a mobility spell to keep up with the other classes who all have at least 1. This is problematic, because the group has to wait for us to catch up most of the time and in M+, losing time means losing chests (This might be a reason for locks to be rejected for M+ groups).Burning Rush is the only talent we have that can assist us in keeping up, but we have to sacrifice a defensive ability, which we might need in a phase that requires us to have one of these defensive talents. Also, this ability costs us a lot of health, if the hp cost could be reduced slightly, that'd be a great QOL update. Grimoire of Sacrifice The old GoSac allowed us to sacrifice our demon and gain one of it’s abilities. It would be really awesome to have this back again, because some locks want to play without a demon and feel forced to play with one, because we simply can't afford losing most of the pet utilities (Interrupt mostly). Bugs & Quality of life: - When 7.2 went live, the unique voicelines of the glyph demons disappeared, can this be fixed? - The Glyph of wrathguard bug was noticed and hotfixed, but this hotfix did not actually fix the problem. The wrathguard still seems to stand further away from raid bosss than the felguard. This is the cause for wrathguard not using mortal cleave, which results in a big dps loss. - The Green Fire cast visuals are not (yet) upgraded like the new normal fire visuals (around the hands). - Many locks love the old Malefic Grasp animation, perhaps this can be added when you pick the talent. Or maybe this could be made into a Glyph? - We used to have a glyph that allowed us to walk on water with our dreadstead, perhaps this could be reintroduced as a class book ability.Etainn416 11 Oct
21 Apr [GUIDE] PvP Demonology Warlock 7.1.x Introduction Hello fellow Warlocks! My name is sosseri and i've been playing Demonology since cataclysm and been a "top" contending player in the PvP ladder since MoP. Many have asked me to make a guide for a long time and I finally thought it was time for me making one. This guide is mostly going to be made for the beginner's who want to get into Demonology in Arenas, but could also be useful for those who are familiar with the specialization, where i'll get into some tricks you could use to min max your performance. I'll do my best to cover everything up. I will also be editing this guide in the future for coming changes, so be sure to check in again. (Updated for 7.1.5, 2017-03-20) DISCLAIMER: Talent choices, artifact pathing, etc.. that I guide through are experiences of my own for best performance in Arenas. This doesn't necessarely mean that you might find this fit for your experiences in Arena or other aspects of PvP. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contents 1. Talents 2. PvP/Honor Talents 3. Artifact Priority 4. Damage "Rotation" 5. Race Choices 6. Macros/Addons 7. Tips/Tricks -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Talents Tier 1 Shadowy Inspiration: Not a bad talent either, but it offers much more gimmick compared to shadowflame for Arenas. Shadowflame: Probably the best talent choice. Deals good amount of damage and is much less gimmicky in PvP. Demonic Calling: Gimmicky compared to shadowflame, eventhough this talent isn't too bad, could be an option if dreadstalkers were stronger. Tier 2 Impending Doom: This talent is very handy in 3v3 Arenas when you play DOT/ROT composition in Arenas and have 3 targets you want to use Doom on for faster ticks or compositions where there are no curse dispellers. Improved Dreadstalkers: This talent is more of a choice in a matchup where you want to focus less on rotting and have more single target damage. I'd choose this where you want to play double DPS and you have a short amount of time to get your damage and where games last shorter. Implosion: Not as good after the nerf that hit implosion in 7.0.3 + synergy nerf. Tier 3 Demonic Circle: Good against enemy compositions where you think you will be targeted by enemey team (mainly cleaves), very effiicient in big maps like Tol'Vir and Blade's Edge Arena where you have the bridge as an advantage. Mortal Coil: Good against Compositions where you think u wont be attacked for most of the time and want to peel more or just get an easier setup for a kill or cc. Shadowfury: Good in compositions where you don't have an aoe stun or against melee cleaves that you need to peel of for your healer that lacks mobility to get them of for a moment. Tier 4 Hand of Doom: Best talent in the tier, good all around all comps. What I like to utilize this talent with is spending less gcds on casting doom and trying to hand of gul'dan each target to apply doom, where I basically room to spend my gcds on other abilities while i Power Trip: This talent is good for an additional chance too regenerate Soul Shards, good gameplay wise, fluid and consistent in Arenas, i'd recommend it against less cleavy setups and compositions where you think you will sit a lot of cc (Rogue/Mage/X) Soul Harvest: Not an ideal choice for arenas, but can work if you are playing something that is more setuped based. Hand of Doom and Power trip offer much more in the longer run. Tier 5 Demon Skin: Best talent choice overall for you and your pets survivability, mainly due to soul link. Burning Rush: I don't even know what to say, I can't see it being useful anywhere. Dark Pact: Not as good after the talent swap on demonic circle in 7.1, the amount of absorption is great, but this will eventually kill your demon and be very annoying. Tier 6 Grimoire of Supremacy: Not worth going for, losing felguard Pet stun, MS and its less damage uptime. Though, Doomguard and Infernal have great utility. Grimoire of Service: Great talent if you feel like u want an extra CC with felhunter or felguard in order to stop CC. Grimoire of Synergy: Great uptime for the damage bonus, good choice overall against all compositions. Tier 7 Darkglare: Best talent choice overall, great damage and is much less gimmicky compared to the other talents. Demon Bolt: Not an ideal choice for arenas, very gimmicky because it requiers a lot of setup with standing still. Soul Conduit: This is a good talent in combination of Implosion, but not an ideal choice in its current state since Implosion got nerfed.Sosseri40 21 Apr
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: CMTeamEU-WoW@Blizzard.com Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
4m Make Burning Rush Instant Toggle FailFish Can we have Burning Rush off the Global Cooldown? The movement speed is nice ( even though it costs us our hp ) but can we not just have it instant-toggle on and off? it would be so nice to use without it making our rotations even more clunky than they already are and would be a great way to use mobility when we need it in a pinch, just a suggestion P.S - Did it used to be that way or am I remembering something different? EDIT: While you're at it can we PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GAMON have Life Tap useable while casting and also, of the god damn global cd, it would be such a big QoL change, cheersJitters5 4m
2h :thinking: Rain of Fire :thinking: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWYE5kRbs1sAccelero1 2h
19h Can warlock's... Hello dear Lock forum I want to know if the Warlock can take upon many target's and kill them all in a group? Wondering if they can finish WQ quickly?Theolian12 19h
1d 7.3.2 new animations Soooo will we finally get the new animations that have been promised to us warlocks in 7.3.2?. Im hopeful we will we got our infernal and we were promised we'd get them next patch.Mellisandrae26 1d
1d Best demon in mythic dungeons? I have been using infernal for a long time in Dungeons because it does good aoe to groups of mobs. Recently I have changed to Doomguard since it is not taunting and irritating the tanks. Now I have started doing mythic+ dungeons and I thought that maybe it is important that I interrupt spells. Should I use felhunter as pet instead? Is it worth it or should I continue with my Doomguard? Grateful for advice. Thanks.Mirabell10 1d
2d DoT Dispell Joke DoTs are the main DPS source of Afflication Warlocks and they can be removed easily, which is a joke regarding PvP. While melee can do insane unstoppable ST/burst or cleave damage, Afflication is so weak in Arenas since healers can remove their with 1 button. Compared the OPness of melee and Non-DoTing casters, Affli Lock is quite weak in Arenas. Solution is simple: Make DoTs undispellable.Aprion8 2d
2d Warlock state Hi! I'm wondering is Warlock fun and worth playing? I wish to reroll but I'm not sure about Warlock state. Thx for any advices.Fersila3 2d
2d Rate the Warlock transmog above you! As the previous topic reached it limit. Lets start over again!Darrandor278 2d
2d 3-Way Warlock Brawl - Who would win? Someone posed the question of who would win in a fight between an Affliction Warlock, Destruction Warlock and Demonology Warlock. https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17617044669 I would be interested in seeing the warlock forums' takes on this.Koshdrol2 2d
2d Warlock roles Most of the time I feel that as a demonology warlock I can to one thing: damage. But it feels really awkward that we have a high rampup time, so dealing adds that need to die fast isnt the best for us. We dont have any burst damage on reasonable cooldown, nor controllable damage. Like Avatars add where we have to focus maidens shield: untill we can build up TKC the shield is gone, unless you already used it, in that case you wont do enough damage, the best you can do there that you will be "carried" trough that part. Or when you dont need to damage her, your pets still dealing a reasonable damage on her, risking the 4th shield... Had the same problem with Botanist, rl asked me, why i dont focus adds. I tried to explain, that im swapping instanstly, but I need 12 second to build my dps up, where the adds should not even live for half the time. In dps trackers you can see warlocks dps: usually DH start with eyebeam, or a mage starts with 1.8M then they drop down. While we start at 350k, and goes up till 800k in 10 second, but thats just too bad for addhandling. A suggestion here would be a spell, even on a semilong cd to direct all your pets., but its till a dot, when we need burst. Demonbolt should be our option, but its damage is not enough with its spellcast. Most classes deal that damage with an instant spell. Second: wheres our interrupt?! Demolocks changed... There was a time when we had to swap between pets to use them for the situation. Imp could dispell, felhound to interrupt, void... it was inferior to felguard and succubus for cc. Now its felguard or nothing else. Because of this we just cant do much in serious scenerios. Interrupting Belacs spell, or anything... Even in Trium dungeon I either summon felhound for interrupt OR deal damage. Felhound is such a dps loss, but its better than a wipe. Still risking to go out of time. I know we have Service, but 90 sec cooldown is insanely long for fight where interrupt is mandatory. This remind me: What happened to the Felguards Axe trow stun? In cata if the enemy was immune to stun, it was considered as an interrupt spell at least. Why was it taken away from us? What about soak mechanic? Dark sacrifice could gice us some minor immunity so we can do at least mandatory soak mechanics. To summarise my issues we are only good for damage, but not even superior in damage dealing. Good, but not supreme to compensate the other problems. We dont have interrupt, so poeple would prefer other spellcasters for interrupts. We dont even have soak mechanics, so KJ or solosoak is again... out of the question. Its the "bring the player not the class" problem just not tanking/healing balance pov, its about interrupt, soak, cc issue.Kraivanah8 2d
3d About lifetap I dont have a big problem with lifetap really, but now that Ive gotten quite alot of haste, the set bonuses, it feels like im lifetapping every 15 seconds. The damn shadowbolt AND DE are 66k mana. I think lifetap is an allright tool to use, but I would prefer if u had to use it a bit less often. As destro I use it maybe like once every minute. Would like something like that for demo as well. Reduce SB mana cost to like 20K or something and DE like 30K. Ive played demo in many of the other expansions as well, but Ive never lifetapped as often as now, and it takes a global cooldown. Could they take it off the gcd maybe?Darkgrim8 3d
3d Pets aggro problems in mythic brf. Not sure where to put this. Tried to solo mythic BRF today, but stumbled on huge aggro problems on Gruul. After first inferno strike he just drops aggro on vw and goes on me and there isnt any way to drop aggro (soulshatter gg) or retaunt him with vw again. Tried to switch to affli with infernal - same thing. Here's screen. 4 seconds after taunt i still got waay more aggro than my pet. https://i.imgur.com/8OoThmN.jpg Previously soloed Beastlord Darmac, also noticed, that half of the time i was tanking with my face.Yöba5 3d
3d Pitlords! You can only pick one for next expac: Pitlords as class mount? Or pitlords as new demon pet? Personally I would choose both but that's against the rules..Rejis4 3d
3d Warlock Metamorphosis foreshadowing https://i.imgur.com/e31MsCA.jpg notAccelero1 3d
5d Can we get out pet bug fixed some day? So, our pet should be able to interrupt people behind of pillar if pet can see that person. But like 30% of times your pet is bugged and is not able to interrupt person unless that person is in line of sight with warlock. Resummoning pet fixes this bug, unless new pet is bugged as well, its like lottery. This happens in like 30% of arenas and when it does, its completely game breaking, it can make you miss kill or get your healer CCd because you wasn't able to interrupt when you should have been. Also, summoning new pet can be close to impossible when you are trained by melee cleave. When I first started playing warlock in season 3, it made it really confusing, because bug was happening so often that I had no idea how my pet is supposed to function. First I thought that I have to be in line of my pet and pet has to be in line of healer, so I kept microing my pets positioning, but it still kept failing, then I thought it bugs sometimes so i can interrupt behind of pillar. I had to ask rank 1 warlock how is my pet supposed to work, and he told me how to play around this bug. Best way to play around this is to interrupt nothing at start of game to check if pet is bugged and if its bugged, re summon pet. But for real blizzard, this cant be really complicated bug to fix and its really really really frustrating / game breaking when it happens. AlsoImabaredruid4 5d
5d Done playing warlock (PVP) So i've stuck with warlock for quite a while now i feel, through the ups and downs that has been in this expansion. But seeing the pattern that is that we are strong for or period only to get nerfed in hotfixes in a downward spiral manner, only ever plummeting further and further down. i am calling it quits now, it simply doesn't feel right to play warlock anymore, i mean what do we have left? A bunch of our abilities were more or less given to the creation of the Demon hunter, some where lazily made into talents, and at the end of it we're left with no worthwhile CC/Stun, we have fear which breaks on the tinniest amount of damage, and infernal which takes away our opportunity to use Doomguard, and we don't really have any real cooldowns outside of Doomguard / infernal, no good mobility, seeing as Demonic circle / Gateway is extremely predictable and burning rush is far to self-destructive, we have no baseline interrupt/silence which virtually every other class has. We're not even tanky really, which is supposedly one of the traits of warlock, we have one defensive that hardly ever helps as melee's easily chew through it. Chaos Bolt was meant to hit very hard, it was meant to instill fear in people, nowadays people just eat them, with the recent nerfs i feel like we're forced to play cremation which is somewhat reminiscent of the old Shadowburn spec of early Legion, a spec which i very much loathe. the shadowburn spec / cremation spec is very much just about making spread pressure, its not very good at killing people by itself, it feels weak, boring, and worst of all not very impactful. the destro i know has always been about chugging some hard asf chaos bolts, actually killing other players, now it just feels dead to me.Achrius19 5d
5d Affliction AOE rotation Hi guys, I read several articles and watch some videos about the AOE rotation and now i'm more confused than before :) I'm new player and I wish to know clearly what is exactly my rotation vs let's say 3+ monsters. If you can provide some explanations as well, I would appreciate it.Azzatoth5 5d
6d PvP Tuning Changes Coming Soon Affliction Warlock •Affliction •Corruption damage reduced by 15% in PvP situations. •Agony damage reduced by 15% in PvP situations. •Absolute Corruption now increases the duration of Corruption to 24 seconds in PvP situations (was 40 seconds). •Unstable Affliction damage increased by 10% in PvP situations. •Drain Soul damage increased by 15% in PvP situations. •Gateway Mastery now allows players to use your Demonic Gateway 15 seconds more often (was 30 seconds).Hèlp2 6d
15 Oct Do Demo locks suffer mana problems Hey I was wondering if Demo locks suffered mana problems?Versie9 15 Oct
14 Oct Soul leech visual? My apologies if this is a repost but are there any plans for this to happen? I often forget it's an active buff and seems like a cool but missed opportunity. Anyone else?Døts9 14 Oct
13 Oct Visage of the First Wakener Hey everyone, I still have none of the heads regardless of how many eredar I've killed . Can anyone give me some advice on how to get this apperence. Many thanksMellisandrae13 13 Oct
13 Oct Skull of the executed. Who and where? I got one skulle from Oubdob, then nothing from any other world quest boss or rare that I could find. Anyone that has gotten it from anyone else?Papalicious20 13 Oct
13 Oct Affli stats Hello people :) iam wondering about affliction. do i prefer lower itemlvels gear over gear with int since i did read that mastery stacking is the thing is there anyone that can tell me this also if you're wondering about my gear i just swaped from destro :) Kind regards.Rumpètroll6 13 Oct
12 Oct meta Everyone can have legendaries, everyone gets an Ashbringer, everyone gets a Scepter of Sargeras which can rip time & space, but God forbid 2 classes with completely different play styles have Metamorphosis! Accelero7 12 Oct
10 Oct Lock stream Hey guys, im gonna start streaming my games more consistently. Im currently playing aff lock in the 3 following comps: -WWLS -WLS -RLS I'll stop giving tips here but if you need any help hit me up at: https://www.twitch.tv/jinsktv , whenever im on. Vod from yday (2.1-2.3k mmr) WWLS: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/174032601Jinsk8 10 Oct
10 Oct Soulshatter 1. remove spell 2. bring it back after a while as an entirely different thing because you're out of original ideas and your class design sucks so much 3. ??? 4. profitAccelero2 10 Oct
09 Oct How to clear Fel pool animation Ok there is a bug where your pet after going into a pool in Argus keeps the splash sound and animation from the debuff. Got no help regarding the matter so thought I'd pass on a fix I found from others. Go to Hope's Landing. Go straight ahead to first pool. Send in pet using "Move to", but you stay out. Leave a little while. Bring pet out using "Follow". Should now be clear. Hopefully your sanity will now be restored. Like to thank the person on US forum who found the fix and a big shout out to Blizz CS and forum Mods for all their help directing me where to go. Bug reports have been submitted. So I expect a hotfix very soon.Mysticdude1 09 Oct
09 Oct Demo: mastery or crit?? Okey. Been stacking haste/crit, like icy veins and other guides says! But now I see most demos are haste/mastery, and do waaay more dmg then me. Wtf? I do more singletarget dmg with my crappy destro artifact now. Why are guides like icy veins saying crit -> mastery? Only better when going implosion in dungeons. Im at about 850k on singletarget btw.Darkgrim7 09 Oct
09 Oct Conflicted feelings about Warlock (PvP) Hey there people of the forums, First of, Let me get this out, I'm a casual players and Am looking mostly for fun in the game, this topic isn't about whinning or crying for an Up. I've started to play this class about 5-6 months ago, before that I was Playing a Rogue sub. I never tried a caster and it seemed like a good opportunity to try something new. The objective behind the new toon was just to have a bunch of fun focusing on the PvP aspect of the game. avoiding as much as possible the grind of HL PvE. What a surprise it was to discover the caster mechanics: The silence, lack of mobility, casting time and the constant stress of timing at the exact time to avoid a sneaky kick from an enemy, the struggles against a melee, the evil pleasure of seeing an enemy life bar shred to nothing. If i had to be honest this class is fun. Although I find it quite hard to play some of the specs or certain game modes. BG & RBG In my opinion, BG is the most fun for this class, I take an evil pleasure to DoT a bunch of enemies and focus my attention on one of the guy while the others are feared and charmed, the power of a x5 'Unstable affliction + Soul drain' is always a very nice damage income that can confuse a lot of healers in the middle of the fight and make you a really powerful glass canon. Or when you play demonology from a safe spot and you suceed to summon 15+ demons and use your combo with the artifact weapon for an incredible burst BG is all about map awareness, placement, and target focusing in my opinion, And i don't feel any problem playing in them. Arena and ranked arena Here's where i feel conflicted about this class,with the affliction spec (Which I'll take for exemple as it's my main) and in 2v2 - Preparation, opener and How to deal with a melee (or Two) My experience lead me to think of warlock as an opportunist class : prepare the gateway, Keep an eye on the enemy movement and never be the one to engage or be engaged first. My point is that as an Affli warlock, to make the best out of your class you relies on your DoT mechanic and the 'Rot and Decay' Talent which give you the insane amount of DPS, Although to get this far it takes time ! As an opener it takes me 5-6 seconds to put all of my DoT's before engaging with Soul drain. That's a considerable amount of time, knowing that a rogue/DH opener can burst me down in less time than that (Not even including if they CC) Most of my arenas against a melee ends up like this : >Being focused by both melee >Try to stay at a safe distance while DoT as much as possible >Use Curse of weakness + essence drain to reduce 50% of the incoming damages >Feels it's not enough, Activate all Defensive CD: Dark pact, Unending resolve >Try as much as possible to fearlock one of the enemy, hoping my ally will make the most of his 'unfocused' momentum That's generally how it goes for me, I even started to use double succubus to charm as much as possible. Fighting against a melee is always hard (and it should be IMO) But i'm actually looking for a way to do decent against them. Because all of these actions i just told you make me more of a support / tank type where i just try to survive as much as possible. - Mobility When i started to play as a caster, people warned me about staying out of reach of melee classes, and I find it quite hard when it comes to warlock. besides the gateway. warlock is fairly poor in mobility to escape a warrior or a paladin. The demonic circle is mostly not picked to choose Mortail coil which gives more survability. same goes for Burning rush which is more selfdestructive than helping. When i'm looking at other casters they have a few ways to get out of close quarter situations : Mage can blink, shaman have their tornado thingy, Druids can change form and cancel movement restrictions So I'm also looking on how to improve myself on this part as well. I would love to read some experiences of more veteran warlocks and how they deal with this kind of encounters Thanks a lot in advance, have a good game, And may your souls remains yours. Chips.Chýps5 09 Oct
09 Oct How can I be better? I know this is simcrafting on the high level, but still: http://www.noxxic.com/wow/dps-rankings/targets-1-ilvl-930-fight-real/ According to this I should be able to do 1.3M dps. Yet the best I can do on target dummy is 930k. In real fight with movement Im somewhere between 750k-850k. Halfdecent... Usually I'm in the 4-7th position in the dps ranking in raids. Usually with pugs, so I assume there are higher geared people as well. Still... Im doing 60% of the simulation? I'm asking this because I joined a mythic raiding guild, but after the friendly welcome I recieved the cold shower, that they wont giving raidspot for a dps below 1.1M. According to some of their addon I should do in my gear 970k dps. So that 930k on dummy without prepot and potion isnt that bad. Still... 20% under their target. The wrost thing that their advice was: 1) do normal?! ToS, NH, ToV, EN untill I get my bis legendaries... 2) learn the powertrip build (tried it, my dps dropped to 850k, its just not my playstyle) 3) retalent to affli, because... thats the fotm... \o/ I know I need better trinkets, but even trough I do weekly pug hc ToS, my drops arent that good. Last week 2 item dropped for me, both of them I gave someone else (versatility "ftw") Currently trying to get a good wrist, because I recieved Kazzak Final Curse. I still dont know whats the synergy will be like with Wilfred Summoning, since the lvl30 talent are against each other Either improved Dreastalkers to get guardians often maxing the Wilfred legendsary or Impending Doom to boost Kazzak legendary? Other advice to be closer to the simulation number?Kraivanah25 09 Oct
07 Oct bodyguard mount my bodyguard, Ritssyn flamescowl, uses that huge felfire hawk when i'm flying around, and because he flyes slightly behind me, he is very close to my ' point of view ' and i can barely see anything. can we give him a smaller fly mount? something like the headless horse man's ?Anseris13 07 Oct
04 Oct Why eradication? Why is Eradication better than Reverse Entropy? Reverse Entropy is a steady 10% damage increase of our hardest hitting spell and removes the need to lifetap and waste a GCD. Eradication debuff only lasts 7s, which is enough to make 2-3 spells benefit off it and I read that if you cast CB back to back, the 2nd CB won't benefit from it because of slow travel time. What's the deal then?Metalnutz5 04 Oct
04 Oct Hello! Hi! I just got back to the game because friend of mine wanted to play together and i was like hey why not! I still have my lvl 100 boost but i really cannot decide which class i want to play so i planned to ask some help from the forums. I've been playing melee classes forever and now i want to try some kind of caster. here are the classes i was thinking of : Ele shaman Boomie Lock and SP So my question is what do you guys recommend ? I'd like to do 2's,3's and Bg'sUntòuchable2 04 Oct
04 Oct at which point do i drop the 4 set bonus when does it become daft to keep the 4 set bonus just for the full mastery on the chaos bolts and can you then ignore it in place of say haste to hopefully carry the drop in masteryOosel1 04 Oct
03 Oct Sacrificial Pact Why was the ability's name changed to Dark Pact? Probably because Demon Hunters are apparently the only class that can sacrifice things and had to feel special. Name suggestions on what to change Grimoire of Sacrifice's name to? Let's help blizzard guys!Accelero3 03 Oct
03 Oct When to stop with haste? Ìm at 30% now, and 30% crit. Ive been at 42% haste, but honestly...the dmg is the same with 30% haste and 10% more crit. So any experienced demolocks who can answer?Darkgrim6 03 Oct
03 Oct DESTRO DPS PROBLEM Hello guys, I have a question, I did hc tos raid and some other raids and my dps sucks really hard. I'm always stuck in 500-700k dps and full burst around 1.1mill? Idk if I'm doing rotation wrong (what is the best rotation). Or is my gear bad or do I have bad stats, I do have the 4 set bonus and maybe need better legendary? Do you have some tips and tricks? idk what i'm doing wrongTooslickforu4 03 Oct
02 Oct Commander Texlaz drops demo hidden skin Killed it and just dropped Visage of the first wakener https://i.imgur.com/oNyHJMi.jpgMetalnutz3 02 Oct
02 Oct Demo Warlock doing so LITTLE DAMAGE! Hello everyone. According to Noxxic, Demo warlock is the 2nd best DPS spec at the moment. Yet, i still do !@#$! I die all the time, of random mobs. For example, demonbolt does around 2-3% of the targets health. It usually takes around 20 seconds to kill one NPC. I see people passing, doing 20% of the enemy health in just ONE hit. So what on earth am i doing wrong?! I have the recommended talent-tree, and i have closely followed guides on how to play a demonology warlock. PLEASE HELP! -Vallioth Bloodwood.Vallioth9 02 Oct
02 Oct Mage Tower: Rae(i)st(lin) One of my Demonic Gateways keeps despawning mid-fight. Thanks Blizzard.Mithilius0 02 Oct
01 Oct All I want for affliction PVP... is Sacrolash's Dark Strike (50% movement speed reduction from corruption) in instanced PVP. Please.Hanswurst7 01 Oct
01 Oct Warlock - which spec is competitive Hello, I was perfectly happy with my lock during mop and found myself drawn back to wow again (missed wod). Now my feelings are very mixed. Destruction lost much of its "edge"... we lost the freerunning while casting incinerate talent, our AOE abilities are absolutely no on par with many other classes in dungeon settings where packs of mobs die in seconds while we need to apply incinerate on everyone... Demonology... demon form is gone and its become a pet management spec. Bleh. Affliction... snapshotting is gone, but the spec still feels ok overall, and multidotting is still very efficient. My favorite spec was demo, but i liked the power of destruction for progression raiding (and farming too!). Overall, i feel that much of what i liked in the spec is gone, and i wonder how other warlocks feel about it ?Rÿme3 01 Oct
01 Oct Affliction or Destruction? Hey! I'm quite new to Warlocks. I have a level 91 and a level 101. At first, I found Destruction to be boring, but on higher levels I HAD to switch, because I found Affliction to be useless in low level content. However, I'm not sure which one would be more useful in raids. So, to all the Warlock players out there.... I found Destruction to be more fun but... Might want to switch. For level 110 content, do you prefer Affliction or Destruction, and why? What would you recommend?Priodom15 01 Oct
01 Oct New Animations So.. It became clear quite early that warlocks would not get new animations with the launch of 7.3. No point complaining about that now, but don't you think it's about time we at least get a teaser on what they're working at? Or at least some general ideas or just SOMETHING? At this rate, we'll be getting new animations next expac.Aliphera5 01 Oct
30 Sep Dreadscar Gateway not working I am a warlock player, on the server Stormscale. So ever since we were able to go to the Broken Shore, I have been wondering what the use of the 'Dreadscar Gateway' is. At first, I was sure it was a portal to the actual Dreadscar Rift, but that it was just bugged. But now it's been a long time, and I'm still not able to use it. So I was just wondering whether it actually just is a cosmetic gateway, or it actually is bugged. The gateway is located in 'Deliverance Point'. I've put a screenshot below of what Gateway I'm talking about Screenshot link: http://prntscr.com/grp932Dryrus0 30 Sep
30 Sep Casually low DPS My casual DK Blood with Frost offspec is around 850K DPS, whereas my Warlock is around the 550K mark. Both very similar ilvl 900-905. The numbers are for single target, longish fights and they match simcraft perfectly. What gives ?Fidgety5 30 Sep