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3h Time for outcry (?) : EU warlock feedback thread Edit: This post has been updated to the patch 7.1 PTR build, october 5. Hi warlock friends, Lately there have been a lot of posts about the fact that other classes (DH, SP, Ret Paladins) have had their nerfs reverted by massive outraging and threats to unsub. Ion talked about the lack of constructive feedback on forums, so I made this one for EU. But it seems no matter how much feedback is given on both EU and US forums, we keep being ignored and because of this and other reasons I decided to not renew my sub when it ended this week. A lot of warlocks are calling out for a massive outcry on social media (like tweeting the devs in big numbers, the same way the other classes did) so we may finally have a chance for our concerns to finally be heard and paid attention to. This is already going on on the US forums, where people are tired of all the constructive feedback being ignored, especially concerning Affliction and our "Tankiness" and lack of mobility. We have been kind enough, constructive enough. Perhaps this massive outcry might get us the attention we need. More posts about this: http://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17613783204 http://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17613763075 http://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20749154903 Original post starts here: Hello fellow warlocks, I'm not one for posting on forums, but the situation called for it. I've seen the Q&A about warlocks in which the devs noticed warlocks were clearly unhappy with their class right now and that they are trying to figure out what the exact problems are, but that we didnt give them clear feedback because a lot of the posts contained stuff like: reroll, quit game blabla. So let's take this opportunity to give them clear feedback. Simple rules: - Tell us your main warlock spec - 3-4 things you don't like about the spec right now. - Be realistic and keep it short and simple - No cry or rage posts. - If someone writes something unrelated or makes a not appreciated post, click the down-like button so we can easily filter out those unwanted posts. (Reposting from Reignylol to make sure this message spreads and I would like to have fun playing my favorite class again) Summarized Feedback starts here: The most requested and most problematic points are put on top. This thread is now updated to reflect the feedback regarding the changes to the 7.1 PTR build from october 5. You can find these changes on MMO champion: http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/6011-Withered-J-im-Emerald-Nightmare-LFR-World-Quest-Event-Patch-7-1-PTR-Build-22731 GENERAL Demonic Circle The #1 mentioned thing about warlock in general is that Demonic Circle is a must as a baseline ability. There is no problem in being a more tanky caster and we don’t have to be mobile like mages, and we never have been. But we need to have at least 1 mobility spell and Demonic Circle was the best ability to fill this place. We need something to ‘’reset’’ the fight from time to time. Besides, circle has a 30 second cooldown, so it wouldn’t even make us that mobile. Demonic gateway is our only baseline mobility spell right now and is not a viable option for mobility purposes. It has a 3 sec cast time, it feels clunky and is only available every 1.5 min. It only really works in arenas, is called a bother by other players in PvE situations, and it is also really clunky to use in bgs and 1v1 situations. Demon Skin A suggestion asked for by many: We’d rather see Demon Skin as a baseline passive for all specs and the talent spot should be replaced with something new. If we are to be tanky, we need this passive. Grimoire of Sacrifice The old Grimorie of Sacrifice allowed us to sacrifice our demon and gain one of it’s abilities. We really need to have that pet ability for utility (especially the interrupt) and it makes Grimoire of Sacrifice a talent not worth picking up, as we feel punished for not having that interrupt we need in M+ dungeons, raid and PvP content. Switching between talents for single target or aoe This is something some other classes seem to have as well. Perhaps we are now meant to switch talents per boss fight or area in a dungeon/raid. Some people commented about the fact that locks are more heavily effected by the choice between ST and AOE talents. What their concern is: We are either really good in ST dps and lose a lot of aoe damage (i.e destruction picks Eradication over Fire and Brimstone and loses a significant amount of aoe dps) or we choose for aoe talents, and our ST dps suffers from this (No Eradication for bosses / single target dps, but very high aoe dps). This issue mostly concerns Affliction and Destruction warlocks. Why is burning rush still a talent option This is self explanatory. It is never picked up, not worth it. It would be much better if it got a rework or it needs to be replaced with a new talent. Quality of life: - The green fire visuals are not (yet) upgraded like the new fire visuals. - Drain life could also use a visual upgrade (maybe like Gul'Dan in the movie) - Glyph of wrathguard is nowhere to be found, can it be added back? - We used to have a glyph that allowed us to walk on water with our dreadstead, maybe this could be reintroduced as a general thing or a class book ability.Etainn395 3h
03 Mar [GUIDE] PvP Demonology Warlock 7.1.x Introduction Hello fellow Warlocks! My name is sosseri and i've been playing Demonology since cataclysm and been a "top" contending player in the PvP ladder since MoP. Many have asked me to make a guide for a long time and I finally thought it was time for me making one. This guide is mostly going to be made for the beginner's who want to get into Demonology in Arenas, but could also be useful for those who are familiar with the specialization, where i'll get into some tricks you could use to min max your performance. I'll do my best to cover everything up. I will also be editing this guide in the future for coming changes, so be sure to check in again. (Updated for 7.1.5, 2017-03-20) DISCLAIMER: Talent choices, artifact pathing, etc.. that I guide through are experiences of my own for best performance in Arenas. This doesn't necessarely mean that you might find this fit for your experiences in Arena or other aspects of PvP. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Contents 1. Talents 2. PvP/Honor Talents 3. Artifact Priority 4. Damage "Rotation" 5. Race Choices 6. Macros/Addons 7. Tips/Tricks -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Talents Tier 1 Shadowy Inspiration: Not a bad talent either, but it offers much more gimmick compared to shadowflame for Arenas. Shadowflame: Probably the best talent choice. Deals good amount of damage and is much less gimmicky in PvP. Demonic Calling: Gimmicky compared to shadowflame, eventhough this talent isn't too bad, could be an option if dreadstalkers were stronger. Tier 2 Impending Doom: This talent is very handy in 3v3 Arenas when you play DOT/ROT composition in Arenas and have 3 targets you want to use Doom on for faster ticks or compositions where there are no curse dispellers. Improved Dreadstalkers: This talent is more of a choice in a matchup where you want to focus less on rotting and have more single target damage. I'd choose this where you want to play double DPS and you have a short amount of time to get your damage and where games last shorter. Implosion: Not as good after the nerf that hit implosion in 7.0.3 + synergy nerf. Tier 3 Demonic Circle: Good against enemy compositions where you think you will be targeted by enemey team (mainly cleaves), very effiicient in big maps like Tol'Vir and Blade's Edge Arena where you have the bridge as an advantage. Mortal Coil: Good against Compositions where you think u wont be attacked for most of the time and want to peel more or just get an easier setup for a kill or cc. Shadowfury: Good in compositions where you don't have an aoe stun or against melee cleaves that you need to peel of for your healer that lacks mobility to get them of for a moment. Tier 4 Hand of Doom: Best talent in the tier, good all around all comps. What I like to utilize this talent with is spending less gcds on casting doom and trying to hand of gul'dan each target to apply doom, where I basically room to spend my gcds on other abilities while i Power Trip: This talent is good for an additional chance too regenerate Soul Shards, good gameplay wise, fluid and consistent in Arenas, i'd recommend it against less cleavy setups and compositions where you think you will sit a lot of cc (Rogue/Mage/X) Soul Harvest: Not an ideal choice for arenas, but can work if you are playing something that is more setuped based. Hand of Doom and Power trip offer much more in the longer run. Tier 5 Demon Skin: Best talent choice overall for you and your pets survivability, mainly due to soul link. Burning Rush: I don't even know what to say, I can't see it being useful anywhere. Dark Pact: Not as good after the talent swap on demonic circle in 7.1, the amount of absorption is great, but this will eventually kill your demon and be very annoying. Tier 6 Grimoire of Supremacy: Not worth going for, losing felguard Pet stun, MS and its less damage uptime. Though, Doomguard and Infernal have great utility. Grimoire of Service: Great talent if you feel like u want an extra CC with felhunter or felguard in order to stop CC. Grimoire of Synergy: Great uptime for the damage bonus, good choice overall against all compositions. Tier 7 Darkglare: Best talent choice overall, great damage and is much less gimmicky compared to the other talents. Demon Bolt: Not an ideal choice for arenas, very gimmicky because it requiers a lot of setup with standing still. Soul Conduit: This is a good talent in combination of Implosion, but not an ideal choice in its current state since Implosion got nerfed.Sosseri39 03 Mar
21 Mar 2014 Making a Guide? Here in the class forums, players often put together awesome guides to help the rest of the community. However, due to the high number of sticky request we receive each day, these guides sometimes fall off the front page before we can sticky them. If you have just posted a guide or if you’d like to nominate a guide here on the European forums to be stickied, please send an email to the Community team, including a link to the guide you'd like stickied, at: CMTeamEU-WoW@Blizzard.com Alternatively, guide writers can help us spot their threads by putting [Guide] in the title :)Takralus0 21 Mar 2014
58m How I stopped casting CB and learned to love the ring There are those who say that these are dark times, that destruction warlock is falling behind. People claim that pruning destroyed destruction. But I say no! You cannot destroy destruction itself! In fact, I claim that Blizzard did not go far enough! Come, let me take you down the rabbit hole. Let's swallow the red pill, break the paradigm of legendaries and prune ourselves to victory. Stay a while and listen... First and foremost we must get the blatant heresy out of the way. I boldly state that the illustrious Gnomedeezy was wrong, the forum fencer Hotpwnsta was wrong and even the overlord that is Icy Veins was, in the famous words of Donald Trump, WRONG. Wrong about what you ask? The ring of power, Alythess's Pyrogenics. The most powerful legendary of them all. You're still with me? Excellent... Once upon a time I was a good pleb, rocking my Ferotory of Souls + Magistrike Restraints and later the revered Lessons of Space-Time, mindlessly hammering away them noodle bolts. When RNGsus blessed me with the ring of power I did not realize how that moment would eventually change everything. It sat there in my bag for some time, shunned and despised, as I had been told it should be by my betters. I was a good pleb and listened. There came a time when I partook in a shamanistic herb from the Elders of my tribe. That night I had a vision. I saw a future where destruction warlocks did not cast chaos bolts. I saw a future where warlocks used nothing but fire to sunder the world. In that future, the destruction warlocks had finished the job that Blizzard started; we had pruned ourselves of our main ability. We had climbed from the bottom of the logs to just below mediocrity! I had to spread the gospel. Was I alone in this? I went and told everyone I could find. I was ridiculed by my peers when I presented my thesis, turned in to a target for mockery and abuse like Gul'dan himself once was! To be honest I didn't believe in it myself. Surely I was nothing but a decrepit faliure with delusions of grandeur. Chaos bolt, the most iconic spell of destruction, pruned like so many other abilities? Even my trusted Imp laughed at the foolish notion. There was only one thing left to do... You must think I'm insane at this point. You may be right, but you must also remember that only the insane shall prosper. We're not done yet. Let's continue the story. Having lost what little respect I has accumulated in my days, I sat out in to the Twisting Nether to give my body and soul to the chaotic forces I calimed to command. I came at last to a great wall overlooking an endless chasm. I climbed to the top and as I stood at the parapet ready to end it all, demons in my mind calling for me to jump, I felt it. Most of my possessions were gone, but in my pocket it seems I forgot one thing. The ring of power, Alythess's Pyrogenics. Somehow it slipped onto my finger, as if it had a will of its own, linking with the Feretory of Souls and overpowering the demonic voices. I had been blind! How could I have missed the most important piece of the puzzle? The change was profound. No more long, hard casting noodle bolts. Instead an instant shard dump, boosting all my fire damage and turning my imps in to monsters. The mobility, the flexibility, the engaging rotation of placing rain of fire in the most optimal spots all contributed to a whole new experience. And the dps! Oh my, the dps. But it would become even more powerful with the correct gear. I set out in to the Nighthold to persue the Legazy of Azj'Aqir. With my set bonus and semi decent gear, I now stand before you to present the Fire Build. A build capable of performing at the highest level without casting a single chaos bolt. Note that I am a simple pleb who barely even plays. I dare not imagine the power this build can bring to a good or even great warlock. Here is my most recent logs after aquiring the 4-piece. I only started logging the past week, so don't hate because it's not heroic. In heroic the performance is just as good! https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/tKbYcHPC4f7ADakg/#fight=19&type=damage-done The secret is of course the Feretory of Souls we all love combined with the ring of power, Alythess's Pyrogenics. Worst legendary, not much use (Icy Veins)? I think not. Combine it with good use of Roaring Blaze and Channel Demonfire while making sure to boost RB-immolated targets with rain of fire as much as possible while weaving in demonfire and incinerates with the 10% buff to fire damage. ELT if of course mandatory. The rest is optional depending on the encounter. Let us abandon the noodle bolt and embrace the fire! Let us finish the job that Blizzard started! Let us prune ourselves to victory and lift ourselves from the bottom of the logs to just below average! Too long has the ring of power been held back by those who would misslead you! This concludes my story of how I stopped casting chaos bolt and learned to love the ring. Now I am become death, destroyer of worlds.Grottzug6 58m
1h They're changing it.... back? Reap Souls Resetting Thanks for all the feedback. Details will be forthcoming, but we do want to do something to help Tormented Soul generation near the start of encounters (wherever the new resetting takes place). It's still important that the resources at the start of an encounter be somewhat standardized, but we understand that starting at 0 and not being able to use Reap Soul during your opening burst isn't a timing that feels great for that ability. (Blue Tracker / Official Forums) From MMO-website http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/6461-Paladin-Class-Mount-Arena-World-Championships-Raid-Testing-Blue-Posts-Tweets-ArtKillimanjaro0 1h
1h Rate the Warlock transmog above you! I love mogging my gear so I wanna see some inventive mogs. GO!Demonyo456 1h
4h WARLOCK SPEC Was thinking to start playing my warlock again and was wondering which is the best all round spec atm? I am not just talking the best dps but a little in everything pve pvp.Evil4 4h
18h i miss Soul Fire / Shadowflame Given how absolutely awful some of the Destruction Warlock talents are (example would be shadowburn) - Any chance we could see the redesign and re-introduction of an Old School Soul Fire and Shadowflame spell. Shadowburn could easily be redesigned with Soul Fire and having a "Cataclysm" Type Soul-Fire which would be a cool-down based soul shard spender? Shadowflame could very easily replace with Shadowflame as a frontal cone ability like previously.Zyilus2 18h
20h Green Fire in Legion Quick question lads. Is it still possible to get green fire in legion? if so, how does one go about it?Maricapues10 20h
1d Black Voidwalker My voidwalker turned black with a fire effect on the base (a kind of fire trail in the ground), i dont know how it happened, its like this for some days now, anyone knows whats this about?Gurosann5 1d
1d Pleasure through pain Recently got to 110 on this warlock alt. I'm playing Demo in pvp and only at honor lvl 8 atm - so just got the Pleasure through pain honor talent. Until i can replace it with Call Felhunter is it worth using Succubus over Felguard for the 15% shadow dmg and 0.5 sec lower shadow bolt cast time? - Or is Felhunter simply better anyway? I use Zoo build (2,1,2,2,1,2,1) - sometimes with Improved Dreadstalkers and/or Soul Harvest.Lubeless7 1d
1d Some noob questions :)) Hi I want to switch to warlock and got some basic questions: 1. which spec is the best one to lvl with ( I am currently lvl 90 and using the affli spec) 2. which spec is the easiest to play in a raid (played BM hunter before :p try to find smth with a higher skillcap but not too high, tried shadow priest and didnt like it) 3. which spec is the strongest in NH right now I am glad about every reply and opinion :) Thank you and have a nice day!!Gôdlike8 1d
1d Fel Lord nerf a little too much? - Call Fel Lord now has a 15 second duration (was 30 seconds) and cooldown remains same. I could agree this nerf if Fel Lord was immune to CC's or maybe 4-5 increased yards but right now it looks like big nerf for our survival.Caemen19 1d
2d Lvled a warlock a few noob questions 1) how exactly does reap souls interact with normal traits (i assume golden ones dont get changed), do I really get double crit chance? Please explaine this in detail 2) what is the rate of soul generation, do i have to deal more damage to get more souls? are they reset at some point or randomly? Does it have to be a solo kill or can i just tag and always get soul / stack? 3) is there a weak aura that lets me track the buff time? default icon seems to be always at 12 stacks, no matter how many enemies were killed 4) Those purple things look like souls that you can pick up as Demon hunter but can't do that as warlock. Whats the deal with them Kinda wanna understand the basics before and when i get to dungeons, don't want to get kicked for low damage. Man, after void torrent this is so so confusing EDITED: added a question Also, please excuse my bad english, i tried my bestSteinunn8 2d
2d Not sure how much dps I should be doing Hey I was wondering if anyone knows how much dps I should be doing with my gear? on training dummys I can maintain around 130k but im pretty sure thats way too low.Krengoth1 2d
2d Affliction higher end Affliction at the higher end of gaming I need information on high to better my dps and help to progress myselfSkillzkillz0 2d
2d Aff/dest quality of life changes/buffs Hi blizzard and community, this is a list of easy (in my limited understanding) Warlock Legion quality of life/damage changes which do not require much balance tuning, combined with explanations of what problem they resolve and why it doesn't require much tuning. The hope is that blizz sees (and perhaps agrees) with this, and if they can respond even better, but not critical. But before I list the details, a note about their overall goal, which blizz may find the most useful part of the post, and the problems they are meant to resolve regardless of the individual changes: it is my belief that in a performance based MMO such as wow, the dps delta between specs should be as small as possible while maintaining their identity, which is mostly derived from their rotation. It's fine if, for example, certain specs do more sustained single target then Destruction, but not if the difference is overwhelmingly noticeable. Same with affliction/demonology and target switching, and similar cases. It's good for a difference to exist, but it shouldn't mean a specc is useless in certain fields. TLDR version: Affliction doesn't need to suck at target switching or maintaining multiple dots up to keep its identity, and Destruction doesn't need to only be good at cleave. On to suggestions: AFFLICTION -giving affliction a ramping Tormented Souls mechanic so they start with 3-4 instead of 0 after wipes. Those would not generate in-combat, only before, much like how soulshards function currently. This will allow Aff to not suck after wipes or in cases bloodlust/CDs are required at the start of the fight, but would change very little in overall dmg of an entire boss fight. While i was coming up with this boss blizz did a similar thing in the PTR, in that boss encounters are standardized to 0 souls. The logic is the same, but the implementation results in locks being gimped in fights that require bloodlust in the opening. I don't think this is the wise decision since aff dps isnt overwhelming even when they do have souls at the start, and this means they cannot really contribute meaningfully in common cases. Changes which do require tuning/testing but are relatively simple: AFFLICTION -a way to spread dots with less GCDs, somewhat similar to the now deleted Soul Swap pvp talent (though I think it should be baseline), with some cool down. This is just my uneducated estimation but i don't think it would be overpowered in any existing fight including botanist with current affliction tuning, at most it would just allow them to excel there, and no longer be abysmal on add swaps (but still not super at it). Another possibility is something like Outbreak for death Knights (or whatever the spell was which spread dots to nearby targets), something like void bolt to renew multiple applications, or making Haunt baseline in a weaker form, but soul swap seems most fitting for solving the problem of add swapping. DESTRUCTION -increase chaos bolt dmg by the amount you need for dest to be valuable single target. I don't know what that is, prolly an extra 30-60%, but make it the exciting nuke it was in MOP and warlords. -Delete Wreck Havoc OR bake some dmg reduction tuning into the talent. What I mean by that is something as simple as making Chaos Bolt hit weaker if you take the talent. I like the concept and I get that blizz likes it too, and honestly I don't think it would be game breaking to give dest good ST and just have them smash cleave fights, many specs already do... but it's current design seems destined to make dest a singular talent, 2 targets niche, which is an extremely narrow niche for a dps specc. If you bake some chaos bolt reduction into it, that plus the loss of Demonfire (a sweet talent btw, props), would allow blizz to tune dest valuably in single target while not making it an undefeatable God with 2 targets (though in all honesty I don't think they will become that even with chaos bolt buffs, other specs's cleave is already as strong). If for whatever reason this cannot be baked into Wreck Havoc, delete it and replace it with another talent, maybe a weaker version. Better we stay with normal Havoc and have powerful bolts and single target than be limited to a niche that barely exists. DEMONOLOGY Not well versed enough to say so will leave it to others, many ideas were already posted on the forums. But I think something as simple as making call felhunters or demonic empowerment instant would smoothen the rotation a great deal and make it less "stand or be useless", once more without making it overpowered. ---- Suggestions/flames welcome, though the thread is mostly directed at blizz. To reiterate, I don't think locks are in an awful place, but some tuning and/or quality of life problems make them far more niche then is healthy in a game like wow, and those should be, in my opinion, resolved.Amirw5 2d
3d Affliction PvP - Need some guidance! Hello all! I'm not new to Affliction Warlock playstyle and rotation. I never played rated PvP. Will be trying to climb the ladder as it seems more fun and challenging than casual ones. But, when I look into rankings, I saw almost all of the high rated Warlocks are preferring Demonology. I guess Demonology puts more damage pressure against melee compositions, don't know if anybody can confirm that. Anyways, my questions are: 1. Is there a huge damage and survivability between these two? 2. Which Grimoire talent comes handy often? If service, should I be using Felhunter and Succubus as standart or double interrupt? 3. Which secondary stat I should aim? Haste for GCD and shard generation, Mastery for more DoT damage combined with Drain Soul or Versatility for flat damage and more survivability? I saw these three focused on different high rated players. It seems like it's preference based. Thank you all for answering.Cemilmümtaz2 3d
4d Amplify Afflictions What can I say? I love this talent. Anyone else want to see it as a main talent and not just a PVP one?Lacion2 4d
5d [PvP] Aff lock Defensives +Talk About other lock Specs. This is a pvp discussion. I play myself affliction quite a lot and i find it quite interesting the fact that even with all the buffs affliction received, that the spec isn't viable anymore in pvp. By viable i mean played. But why ? Mainly because both demo and destro are better in the niche affliction has his only strengh ? which is spread pressure. Destruction in Mists of Pandaria was the one shot burst and demo was kinda the same ( not really viable ). Affliction was the most powerful because of it spread pressure with easy multi dotting and the snapshot mecanic with trinkets. ( Playing LSD2 melting kids in 30s opener was fun ) But i actually don't understand something. How can both demo and destruction be more viable when affliction is normally supposed to be the spread pressure spec ? Everyone will agree that it's because of defensives and cooldowns. Every comp the affliction is good in ( !@# for the most part ), take a destro or a demo lock at his place and the comps become a lot better. and that's a fact. ( LFG is the death of unviable specs. People are not searching for warlocks : They search for Dlock/Demo) Cooldowns : Destruction in PvP has a one minute cooldown wall + a portion of damage taken reduced by their mastery ( RNG ). Demonology has soul link + the trait that increase soul link up to 40% when below 35% HP. I still need to check if they both have more versatility also in PvP on their stat template but by just those 2 facts, affliction is taking the low blow in terms of defensives. 3 minute wall and one healthstone per game ( in most cases. Won't give a true number since i have no stats but for my personal experience, it's about 0.3/50 games. And usually i reset healthstone facing RM-X or some cleave in trouble hiding behind the pillar and we can't chase because we are in a dire situation too ). Basically 2 defensives. But you can say demon skin ! Yes, we have soul leech + demon skin which is quite the absorb. But both demonology and destruction have access to those talents. And they can generate the same, and maybe more absorb with their damage being higher that affliction at the moment with havoc or passive pet damage. Essence drain ? Got Gutted. Wasn't even that good for destro or demo since u almost never used drain life. But for affliction it was kinda what we needed all along. But pouf : In the trash can. Channeling for multiple seconds to have the same effect as Curse of Weakness. Do i find that normal ? Absolutely not. Having the spec with the most trouble dishing out damage and having no passive damage mitigation is beyong what i could call logic. In most cases, you have to play with Write in Agony and get spammed displled ( in 3v3 arena, not even talking about 2v2 ). Demonology gets dispelled too, but only classes with curses can dispel Doom. and doom isn't 100% or near 100% of their damage. Destruction has raw damage from incinerate and chaos bolt. Immolate getting dispelled ins't that big of a deal. And also dispelling like a maniac means no dispel on havoc ( if no decurse ). Havoc has no cooldown with WH and replicates spells and debuffs like Fel Fissure or Eradication which is pretty powerful. Agony has the same role as doom and immolate. Generate shards and is a good portion of damage ( Highest behind unstable affliction "if you can cast enough" which happens rarely with the fact that we only have the shadow school ). Thats also a factor to take : We only one school. Shutting us down is easy. Dispel and counterspell being two variables who are crutial vs affliction. But i don't find those variables that hard on the two other specs. You can still dish out a decent amount of damage as demo or destro even if you get locked out or spam dispel/decursed. For demo you can also generate shards with Shadowflame and you got powerful cooldowns to help you recover in some way. For destro, casting Chaos bolt will create fel fissures if you are specced into it, making you a hard target to stick on ( 50% MS around you is pretty powerful and need players to adjust their positionement etc ) But where is all this for affliction ? Having as mendatory aka best talent : 3 second increase on unstable affliction and 0.5s GCD on 3 or our 4 dots ( Siphon life not included even tho its damage gets increased by Mastery ). You basically get nothing compared to demo or destro. Buffing Intellect or dots won't change anything. Giving new damaging + haste talents or execute won't change anything either. We need utility not damage. We need to survive not damage. Affliction ramps up damage over time. Affliction at the moment is just the Tab 123 spec that players play when the others are not viable. and i find that very sad. Affliction also needs coordination with healthstone. Sure but every warlock spec needs coordination. Fel Lord is one good example. Everybody see what's a demo lock without a pet. ( I watched GCDTV today and that Chamyiam guy tried to cast his pet all game and loosing soul link was huge for them ). But imagine an affliction warlock who litteraly doesn't have the option. What does he do ? He dies, and that's pretty sad. PS : or i could play Rogue Sub Aff Lock and go full single target build. But rot and decay got nerfed to the ground. And what's the point of affliction if its for doing single target only ? Destro is a lot better in that way and you can cleave without having to worry about dispels and silences don't stop you from doing damage or letting down that huge ramp up dot who does 30% of your damage ( or more ) fall off.Abië23 5d
5d Aff Talent choises Hey everyone! I have been messing around with some different talent builds on target dummies. As our spec is so proc dependend, even with the same talents my dps can be 50k dps more or less, so for me it is kinda hard to tell wich once are the best. So here are two questions i would love to be awnsered. Looking at pure single target i'd expect Soul Effigy > Soul Conduit. But what dots do i put on the effigy. cor and ago or just ago? (i've seen locks do it both ways). My second question is about our lvl 60 talents. I basicly use Siphon life for any situation that doesn't call for Sow. But lately i have seen allot of locks using Soul harvest. Looking at single target fights, what is better? (concidering i am using the lvl 100 talent the way you guys awnser question 1. My stats right now are 20% crit /20% haste /120% mastery /2% vers with the 4-set bonus legendary cape and prydaz, any advice on stats would be welcome as well but my main question(s) are about the talent choises. Any advice or personal experiences are welcome. Thanks in advanceFacedot2 5d
5d NH 4 set for demo warlock YES or NO ? NH 4 set for demo warlock YES or NO ? as we know 4 sec increases our Dreadstalkers to 16 sec . but is it really worth to be 4set if you have [Recurrent Ritual] ? with talent combination of [Demonic Calling]&[Improved Dreadstalkers] + [Recurrent Ritual] effect , each call dreadstalkers will give u 2 imps and maybe 2 extra shards (this is almost every time if you manage to cast 5 demonbolt in 12 sec) so does it worth to longer your dreads time with set ? while without that u can gain 2 imp with 1 cast more & more + some free shards !!! this question will be more important when u have some better gear in set slots and u are ignoring them for being 4 set !Grandwarlock8 5d
5d Which gems to use in legendaries ? Mastery or Intellect ?Heykan2 5d
6d Reap Soul gonna get nerfed, worst idea ever! https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20753645765 We wanted to have few souls out of combat so dmg is more constant on each pull so now they are removing our souls before each encounter srly?Regulator9 6d
6d Domonology Weakauras I would a WA to know the number of Imp and Dreadstalkers I have on the field, and how long they will remain on the field. Thank you!Jeroid1 6d
16 Mar Legendary ring buff Sacrolash's Dark Strike Item Level 940 Binds when picked upUnique-Equipped: Legion Legendary (1)Finger+2,658 Stamina +1,816Critical Strike (12.11% at L101) +1,923 Mastery (12.82 at L101) Prismatic SocketEquip: Corruption deals 15% increased damage and slows enemy movement speed by 60%. if you got it im sure you going to use it next pacthGràvéyard3 16 Mar
15 Mar destro aoe ? well i got nice legendary drop for destro but when i compare destro aoe to affliction i do rly low dps :( anyone have some tips ? and wil destro get some aoe buffs in 7.2 ?Lucifersight3 15 Mar
15 Mar 7.1.5 Warlock guide Hey guys, I was thinking about what wonderful changes Blizzard is gonna do to Warlock in 7.1.5 when I came across this guide. http://www.wikihow.com/Tie-a-Noose Really helped me understand what it's like being a true Warlock in Legion.Remoras12 15 Mar
15 Mar Pet Selection for Leveling Hi All, so I've decided to level a warlock (Affliction) but I have no idea what pet to use. I see that the Felpup has been optimised to use with my spec so, should I just use the Felpup or is it still advisable to stick with Imp/Voidy for leveling from 1-110? Thanks allAnnadin9 15 Mar
15 Mar Need help form a knowledgeable lock I am going to lvl up this char to 110 and then go from there but i don't have much knowledge about Warlock. Can you help me? What professions? What talants? What specialization for PvE/Raids? Some general tips? What to think of when playing as a lock? Thanks in advance!Derfla16 15 Mar
15 Mar Affliction Warlock casual PvP Hello all, I'm leveling my Warlock and I have fun with it. I just spoke to a friend of mine and he said: Casters are sh!t in PvP My gameplay in PvP = casual BG's and casual arena's. Is it worth to level my Affliction Warlock or should i level another caster if I want to PvP with it? How are they in PvP? Please let me know.Unlocks4 15 Mar
14 Mar Demonology - Help required - Keybinds Hello! I recently made the switch from Affliction to Demonology as I decided to try it out primarily for my casual, low-rating 2 vs2 arenas. I read up on many guides and suggestions, rotations and speccs, etc. I ran into a big problem very quickly though. Holy crap there a lot of spells (Including Honor-talent spells) Frankly I find myself rather overwhelmed and I've tried to compress it however I can, change up my keybinds, use the extra 2 mouse buttons I have etc, but I cannot sort this out. As I think about this thread in my mind, I get the feeling that reading the following will probably be very dull - but if any more experienced Demo PvP'er than I, which should be about everyone, has an insight to offer about this issue then that'd be lovely! As Affliction, I got rather comfortable with the following key-bind setup: 1 - Unstable Affliction 2 - Corruption 3 - Agony 4 - Siphon Life 5 - Phantom S Shift-1 - Set Focus from mouse over target Shift 2 - Nether Ward Shift 3 - Banish Shift 4 - Command Demon Shift 5 - Seed of Corruption Shift 6 - Demonic Gateway Q - Dark Pact Shift Q - Unending resolve E - Drain Soul Shift E - Healthstone Shift R - Curse of Fragility/Weakness/Etc F - Every Man for Himself Shift-F - Gladiator's medalion when used V - Engineering Glider Cloak C - Mount X - Belt Nitro Boost T - Fear Shift T - Focus Fear F1 - Demonic Circle Those are a total of 24 Buttons I had conveniently within reach at all times. A few things were not keybound and I used the mouse for. We're talking the very rarely used spells. Hearthstones, Soulwell, Ritual of Summoning, Grimoire Sacrifice when used. As Demonology on the other hand I find myself completely overwhelmed. Depending on my talent choices, I have as much as up to 31 Spells I require within my immediate reach. After a day of fiddling, I find myself rather beaten and in need of insight should anyone have any to offer. Keybinding tips, heck even Macro tips that'd make the need for keybinds fewer in quantity?Vlakor5 14 Mar
14 Mar Itemization help needed Hey! I have arrived at an impasse with my itemization, and was hoping you guys can give me some help. Basically, I have the T19 set head, back, shoulder, chest, hands and legs. I can't wear the shoulders, because I own Recurrent Ritual, which is clearly better. I'm using the head, the hands, the back and legs currently, since they seem to be giving me more dps (best chest drops from Chronomatic Anomaly) but according to icy veins, best back for demo drops from Star Augur. However, if I replace my set back with Astromancer's greatcloak, I'll lose the 4 set bonus. I have the same problem with the legpiece and Pillars of the dark portal, but I'm not that worried about that, as my sims are actually worse with that legendary, looking to pick up Kazak's or Spite. So overall, do you guys think the 4 set bonus is worth maintaining, or should I just stick with 2 pieces if T19 with some upgrades wherever I can?Grothlugg3 14 Mar
14 Mar Build for myth+ Even I do not understand , which is better for the myth + in destric. I looked at the top-end destroys on the WoWprogress, and did not appreciate it. They choose harvest + GS, which looks weak in my opinion at AoE. What is more profitable: kata + GSac + dem fire or fire and sulfur + GSac + eternal chaos? I eventually get about 570k (in sum for carrying the same DHT on 10 key), but as for me for 899 the dessert is not enough ... Actually, your advice and suggestions?Сахакиэль9 14 Mar
13 Mar my warlock doomguard my warlock doomguard dmg saying it only doing 1 shadow dmg in lvl 110 if i mark over it im items lvl 885 it need to say 109,000Gràvéyard0 13 Mar
13 Mar Legion Pocket Portal This toy that's coming with 7.2 uses a superior portal effect than what Warlocks use, specifically Call Dreadstalkers portals. SAD! http://ptr.wowhead.com/item=130199/legion-pocket-portalJoculari7 13 Mar
13 Mar please buff destro why hasnt bliz buffed destro already. its completely useless in pvpCucumberman3 13 Mar
13 Mar Demo Lock - Teach me to DPS! So, I am looking to improve my Single-Target raid DPS and I'm interested in having advice. Currently I am hitting ~400-420k DPS per boss, but I still feel I can be doing more as my guild moves into Nighthold HC. So, any help or advice from well-experienced locks would be great. - - - - - GEAR/STATS - - - - - I'm aware you can get this info from the armoury, but I'll make life easy. ilevel - 889 INT: 26,977 STAM: 49,050 AR: 1875 Crit: 16% Haste: 24% Mastery: 51% Versatility: 4% Leech: 2% Avoidance: 6% Legendaries: Wilfred's Ring, Pillars Set: 3 pieces - - - - - TALENTS - - - - - Demonic Calling Improved Dreadstalkers Demonic Circle Hand of Doom Demon Skin Grimoire of Synergy (I am aware this is technically a DPS loss compared to Service, but without a bit of teaching from friendly folk I am not going to hit the "summon felguard" button at the right times - so currently I like that this has no extra micro-management) Demonbolt - - - - - STRATEGY - - - - - Generally speaking my tactic is... Opening Demonbolt to 5 shards Summon Doomguard Summon Imps (Applying doom) (If free) Summon Dreadstalkers Empower Demonbolt to 4 shards Imps (Applying doom) Empower Thal'kiel's Consumption General General rotation is just to demonbolt up shards, summon imps, stalkers w/e it's free, and make sure to empower any summon I am not immediately going to follow with another summon. I generally save Thal'kiel for when I have a few groups up, and will save it longer if I can make sure I have Doomguard up as well as a couple of summon groups. - - - - - SO... - - - - - ...How do I pump out more DPS than I am doing? What gear/secondaries do I need to prioritise, and am I right to be just stacking as many imps as possible?Koshdrol3 13 Mar
13 Mar LF BIG DPS LOCK Aurora is a PVE guild Situated on DefiasBrotherhood are open to most dps classes .But are particularly looking for a Mage/boomkin/lock/Spriest/Hunter! We have recently faction changed to horde in order to help pursue our PVE goals via the extended repository of racial's applicable to PVE that the horde provides. as such we are in the process of re building our raid team with the view of killing gul'dan mythic. Currently focusing our recruitment on healers and dps. Flippers are particularly valued as the nature of mythic boss fights favor a flexible team. Our officer team has over 50 years of combined guild management and raid management experience with many of our members having raided in the top 10 guilds eu at various points over the course of the games history. we were 3rd in Europe to kill the first 7 bosses in night hold only falling behind slightly with star auger! We believe that the key to success is fostering a close nit tightly integrated community of raiders that know one and other well and seek always to drive each other forwards into being the best person they can be. Most of our members are older people some of whom are married, have children or work strange hours so we don’t expect you attend every raid or every event. We understand that there are more important things in life than wow. That said our aim is to peruse pve end game while maintaining a fun and pleasant atmosphere competing at the highest level possible i will be honest with you. the move to horde has somewhat damaged our raid team and we are in the process of replacing key members that were not able to transfer. as a result i cant promise you an immediate sling shot into success, however our track record shows that we are a tenacious guild and we will purse our goals with an all encompassing intensity. Our Raid Time [Wednesday 8pm - 11:30 pm] [Saturday 8pm - 12:30/1:30 (this will vary depending on that raid team as we are aware that not everyone can raid until 1:30) Please Contact if you are interested: Umuda (Battle Tag alexis69#2392) Burninghate (Battle Tag Burninghate#2100) We are able to chat on discord or talk through any potential issues you may see, thanks for reading and enjoy your day =)Ollza2 13 Mar
12 Mar Warlocks state in PvE I`m thinking on rerolling my class! I am wondering if Affli Warlock is the way to go when i comes to PvE/Raiding? If i should go for something else tell me what and why, dps classes. Thanks. Gimbloid.Gimbloid8 12 Mar
12 Mar Summoned demons sounds I just feel scammed. A little while ago I spent almost 5k on the glyph that turns the felhunter into an observer (as when grimoire of supremacy did in other expansions) and I have bought the glyph because I love the sounds of this demon, Its voice was something halfway between comical and terrifying, well, I loved it. But by putting the glyph and summoning the demon I have tried to attack a training dummy and it doesn't emit any sound except for the bites or the phrase when you send it to attack. My question is if this sound is intentionally removed from the game, if so why have they done so? (If it's because it's annoying they might have put an option to disable it, like error messages) or if it's a bug I have, I thought that it's because I'm too low (lvl 45 yet). By the way, have the Shivarra and voidwalker deleted sounds? PS: Sorry for any grammatical or lexical mistake, english is not my native language.Gedexia2 12 Mar
12 Mar Destro popular in BG all of sudden, what happened? As title says,... Noticed that heavy increase of Destro locks in BG instead of Aff, any reason for the sudden Destro bloom that i don't know about?. Even in Arena i suddenly see top Locks running destro.Gthulhu6 12 Mar
12 Mar Demo DPS Struggle Hello, I recently joined the "dark army" of the Warlocks, and feel really comfortable playing a Demo Warlock. But there is an issue, I can't do more than 220k DPS on ST... Where is the problem? Do I need more haste? Do I need more mastery?Klepalow7 12 Mar
11 Mar Pet keeping you in combat? I dont know how many times i couldnt mount up because i was in combat because the imp decides to keep attacking a target at the other side of the map. Or somehow in pve realize the imp is gone for whatever reason. is there any way to deal with this? Something to keep the pet stick next to you instead of follow an enemy?Ràlph4 11 Mar
11 Mar Cobrak-The Fall of a Titan Just letting the warlock community and the world of Warcraft developers know that one of the longest serving members of the game is hanging up his keyboard, due to poor game design. I would like to thank Cobrak for all the great videos, gameplay tips and inspiration you have given me as a warlock. Best of luck with your future endeavors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOdM33JwXNcRukoe18 11 Mar
11 Mar Boost destro warlock or fire mage Hello, as the title says, i want a new main, dps. I always liked warlock theme, i have a level 83 mage and 17 destro warlock, i like both, but i dont know wich one should i keep playing. How is destro doing in pve? , is it fun?, is his rotation fun/rewarding.Mooguard4 11 Mar
10 Mar Auction House He, he just wanted to gratz guy who "messed" just a little bit with prices on several items :DVivenn4 10 Mar
10 Mar Best leveling demon for Demo I'm leveling a new warlock and played afflication till now. Used Grimoire of Supremacy for the Infernal pet to tank some big pulls. Gonna swap to Demo now just to try it and was wondering which demon is the better one for leveling. Can't test it until the weekend so figured i'd ask you guys in advance. So do i go Voidwalker or Felguard? I.e. does the Felguard have enough AoE threat generation for me to pull multiple mobs and not have them smash my face? Would obviously prefer if the Felguard is "good enough" since that's the demon i'd be using later on. Thanks guysLubeless5 10 Mar
10 Mar Lazzy Blizzard OK, Dear Blizzard Support, It is with great regret, that I'm posting this, I have been all over the place to make sure all facts are in place. Demo WARLOCK ..... Where the Hell is my 14,299 spell power gone ? or are we Warlocks being short changed a missing 14,299 intellect ?, because if you have removed spell power as its not detailed on any Armoury, Demo warlocks now have a missing Stat, that on the weapon it says its there, but no other place is it showing up, is your aim to kill of Demo build ?.... 99% sure that Blizzard know of this Error, but refuse to do anything but use smoke and mirrors to blind side us, .... now Delete the Spell power Stat all together, convert it to intellect. There is no facts of how this Number of spell power is listed, (I'm sure some of you will say its here or it works like that) well if its not listed any place not counted in any factual stat, and the only place you can see it is on a weapon, then its just empty words that might as well say " Here's the Damage you could have" ... Now Blzzard have a user base of over 1million that pay £9.99 pm, = £10,000,00 per month and you don't have any one to fix your cash cow? or did the Warcraft Budget get spent on Overwatch again ??Givin13 10 Mar