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15 Nov 2018 Warrior need something more.. We need something we can offer the group thats attractive for higher M+. Aoe stun or something, its feels like all other dps classes has so much more to offer right now then we do. I dont blame players for picking a rogue over a warrior. A rogue brings the whole fricking toolbox to complete mytics in great time.RillehBAF1C99 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 8.1 Prot, its even worse The changes are not enough , its not the stam or damage , we need to make HEALERS job easier in mythic + and Raids , we still take tons of damage , we still lack self healing ! Can you for once just listen to us BLIZZ ? Bring back Legion's Devastator's build with everything that came with it , although back in Legion we were the worst tanks in raids and in Mythic+ , but still the whole build WORKED ! It's clear that in BFA you CANNOT fix Warriors on PVE or PVP , and its even more clear you have more focus on Diablo Immortal that on 1 class in WOW Just , re roll us back , no one will complain :/Holykeg4 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 arm warrior dmg hi i want to know how to do good dmg im 366ilvl and do 8k dmg on raid and raidbots say i should do 12k dmg but cant do it and i cant understand icy veins rotation very well i do as close as i can to icy veins rotation bug mh dmg bad so pls any one help me and tell me how to do its rotationNelvya4 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 Tell me why I should roll a Warrior Im gonna level a melee alt and I can't really decide if I should go with Warrior or Rogue as they both appeal to me. Please let me know why I should level a Warrior over a Rogue. What about Warrior make you love playing it? Thanks :)Adhominem17 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 Make Prot warriors great again 8.1 Hi! I've been playing protection warrior since i started playing battle of azeroth, everything started good until i began getting closer to the raiding phase/higher M+ difficulties and to achieve anything as a prot warrior you have to do pretty much work on your own. You usually have to create your own raid groups unless your overgeared or have higher achivements on another character. I had to create my own NM/HC groups cause nobody wanted to invite a prot warrior. I obviously get that aswell, why would anyone want to invite the worst tanking role in the game.. This is the first expansion i've actually been the hated class and i have to say it really sucks, It's not that easy to just change class cause i've invested alot of time in this character and i also enjoy playing prot warrior. 378ilvl - 8/8 NM, 8/8 HC, 2/8M, 5/5 exalted with everything, neck level: 29 All this could probably be done in a month but i've actually been struggling to reach all this. My /played this level is 21 days, 3 hours Question! Please share your thoughts on the current protection warrior, what do you wanna see in Patch 8.1, what do you think prot warriors need and do you think they'll make prot warriors great again?Aserraseth1 15 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 Sweeping Strikes nerf when did sweeping strikes got nerfed from hiting 2 extra enemies to 1?Ungrîm6 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 Finishing off arms execute phase Why removed executioner precision from traits list at PTR, are developers totally crazy? They gave not it in Raid loot of Uldir and many people just have no one azerite piece with it (with actual ilvl) and even didn't see gameplay with it in hm/mythic difficulty. After legion arms executing really sucks (without lovely trait). I wait this azerite pieces from addon starting till today and i see this "substitution"... I think it over for me, thank you Blizzard. I don't love you anymore.Гонорэя0 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 Night elf or Blood elf warrior? 1% haste + 2% dodge + shadowmeld vs 1% crit + aoe dispell?Pewpewelf3 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 Warrior upgrade ideas Hi guys, hi Blizzard! :) I think we can make better the Warrior class. Here is my ideas: New Specialization: Gladiator. The 4. warrior spec, 1H+Shield DPS like in the WoD, but upgraded a full spec. Core abilitys: Heroic Strike, Shield Slam, Shield Bash (interrupt), Colossus Smash, Enrage, Shockewave, Revenge, Execute, One Man Army (Go berserk, increasing all Rage generation by 100% and granting your abilities 20% increased damage, and increased your armor 20%. Last 10 sec. 1,5 min cd.) 1-2 passiv talents: Punish (from Prot), Seismic Slam (Increase Shockwave radius and damage +20%), Gladiator Heart (+5% attack speed), etc... Optional talents/skill (for example): Avatar, Furious Slash, Dragons Roar, etc... I miss very much this 1H+Shield DPS style from WoW. Fury: Bring back the Single-Minded Fury option please. :) Arms and Protection basically is fine. Any have more ideas? Then write! Make the warrior great again :)Filavandrel6 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 Warrior Talents/Utility Remake Table of Content: 1. Disclamer/Introduction 2. Talents - Problems with Quality of Life 3. Talents - Suggestions 4. Bring back Second Wind 5. Bring back Shattering Throw 6. Overall class repolish 7. Thank you + YOUR IDEAS IN COMMENTS?? _____________________________________________________________________________ 1. Disclamer/Introduction: This post is not ment to be a post where I cry about other classes beating me in PvP, but a post to throw some ideas out and reflect on why and how Warriors can get more sustain and Quality of Life BOTH IN PvP AND PvE. Not a 10+ years of experience player, so this is a perspective from a "casual" warrior player. I feel like warriors are very lackluster, especially Arms in PvP. Quality of life as a whole class is below average, compared to other classes, and I feel like they are behind in the whole "remake/repolish" train. _____________________________________________________________________________ 2. Talents - Problems with Quality of Life Keep in mind that Arms warriors have close to 0 heals, and rely 100% on a healbot. -- LEVEL 30 TALENTS: Why do I have to choose between CC, mobility or a minor heal? - Many classes have baseline stuns and talents to enchance their CC further, as well as heals and multiple bubbles/shields. -- LEVEL 60 TALENTS: Why do I again have to choose between out of combat heal, mobility or damage mitigation? -- LEVEL 75 TALENTS: Why is Cleave a talent? You dont use anything else besides Warbreaker in this bracket. -- LEVEL 90 TALENTS: Deadly Calm is never used. -- LEVEL 100 TALENTS: Ravager is never used. _____________________________________________________________________________ 3. Talents - Suggestions -- LEVEL 30 TALENTS: Make the stun baseline, reduce range. Let us choose between mobility talents only. EXAMPLE: Double time, Bounding Stride, NEW TALENT. -- LEVEL 60 TALENTS: Let us only choose between healing talents and damage mitigation talents. Bring back second winds viability in PvP. This talent is only used when you level your warrior, after that it is never specced into. You never reset in combat for 5 seconds as a Warrior, and it should not be your purpose either to go for a reset as a Warrior in the first place. EXAMPLE: Second Wind, Impending Victory, Defensive Stance/War paint. Or maybe make Defensive stance a baseline stance and make a new talent? -- LEVEL 75-100 TALENTS: Remove Cleave or make it baseline. Maybe make Sweeping Strikes cleave more targets for less damage? Deadly Calm can be implemented into another cooldown, which makes you spend less rage (not 100% less) on your abilities, maybe Avatar? Remove Ravager and maybe bring back the "Make your sword glow like fire and deal additional fire/other damage? _____________________________________________________________________________ 4. Bring back Second Wind Now you might think - "This guy is a fool, that sh*t was OP. -- New Second Wind - when you fall below xx% HP, Second Wind will trigger and heal you for xx amount. This can only occure once every x minutes. New Second Wind2 - when you fall below xx% HP, Second Wind will trigger and heal you for 2% hp every 5 seconds untill you reach xx% HP. -- All of these things can be adjusted and that is just an example, it does not have to be OP. This way, you can rely on Second Wind to be there and heal you when you fall low on health, istead of not using it at all and have 0 healing as an Arms warrior. _____________________________________________________________________________ 5. Bring back Shattering Throw -- Shattering Throw - interruptible cast/instant cast removing any invulnerabilities. -- Instant cast? What? Well, if you dont want your warrior to feel like a mage, make it instant, and apply a debuff on the target with an invulnerability, to make him lose any sorts of those after x seconds(maybe the same time as the cast time?) IF NOT INSTANT: Shattering throw will give the opportunity to force the paladin into thinking: should I just damage him as the warrior tries to kite and run away, or should i go for healing and interrupt the Shattering Throw? Maybe the warrior will fake the Throw and force the paladin into wasting his kick? IF INSTANT: Great quality of life improvement + rely less on resets and kiting as a Warrior. _____________________________________________________________________________ 6. Overall class repolish -- Raw ideas for class repolish -- I see paladins getting their Goku mode wings in 8.1, where are our beast mode flashy cooldowns? I feel like arms and fury warriors need urgent refurbish of their animations and sounds. Many of the sounds are ctrl-c ctrl -v across the specs. What about Sweeping Strikes? These are vanilla animations. Avatar: Make it so you become a huge beast glowing with fire and red rage pouring out of your eyes, following you as a red trail as you run around? Other cooldowns for Fury, maybe Avatar for fury as well? Recklessness effects? Beast + fire + glow + rage? _____________________________________________________________________________ 7. Thank you + YOUR IDEAS IN COMMENTS?? Thank you for taking your time and reading this post. Feel free to add additional ideas in comments below for Blizzard to see!Cactusjackts8 14 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 HM Tauren or Mag'har Orc? Hey, First time I'm rolling a warrior and I wanted to know between the two races, which one would work best? I know racials at the end of the day don't mean much, but i'd still consider it if I can't decide based on looks. I've got an HM Hunter and a Mag'Har warrior but I think I want to swap them around since it makes more sense from a lore point of view and when looking at racials. I've always envisioned Taurens as Hunters but being a giant cow with a bow doesn't feel right and being a Mag'Har warrior, although cool, makes more sense as a hunter to me. At the end of the day I'm going based off looks. Any suggestions or mogs? or reason I should or should not switch? If Prot warrior gets a buff I'd consider tanking.Deysong3 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 Reckless Flurry nerf on 8.1?? So..i just downloaded the Ptr to test some stuff. While i was watching some gear i noticed that reckless flurry damage is scaled from 599 (live server) to 149 (PTR) on a 370 piece. Was this written somewhere or is just a bug?Sgaragarru2 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 One-Handed weapons disabled for fury in BFA When you equip one handed weapons instead of two handed you can't cast any of your damaging abilities. Is this intentional? I know 2H dual wield is more popular but I prefer 1H aestetic and because it's more realistic. What do you think, should fury only be able to use 2H weapons, be able to use both as well as one another or have it as it used to be before legion (2H scaling slightly better than 1H for the sake of scaling)?Marko26 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 ARMS WARRIOR SUCKS Arms Warriors suck in PvP unless they have a healbot, change my mind. Arms Warriors suck in PvE content due to lack of utility, change my mind. The class needs quality of life improvements, more self sustain and a baseline stun. My other more detailed post on what Arms and Fury needs. https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17624623698Cactusjackts0 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 fury does decent dmg right now? I tried my fury warrior once again and was surprised that my dmg output was pretty good. even with bad gearSpopovich2 13 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 Warrior unplayable in M+ There's no argument against warriors being below horrible for Mythic+. You'll have to go through tens of pages to find our class @ m+ leaderboards. Everything you do a Rogue, DH, Mage or WL does better. Damage is decent but doesn't justify the lack of CC. Others have noticed this and it's a mission impossible to find decent runs as a representative of our "mighty warlord." Facts: Lack of CC Bad survivability Bad damage outside WBStorm Suggestions: Bind Sweeping and RC to AM Bring back Shockwave for DPS Redesign 2nd Wind, e.g. 3% HPS after 2 seconds of not being damaged Quality of life as of now: 0Gouca28 12 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 New warrior utility We are all screaming for moar utility as a warrior. Both dps and tanks. Would it not be Nice if we got a new ability called tackle or ram or something? Shares cooldown and charges with charge / intercept but if used you knock the enemy back like 10 - 15 yards? Maybe even apply a stun if they collide with something(might me to Hard to implememt the stun part tho.)? Would give warrior a whole new level of gameplay. Arenas, knocking healers away from pillars or dps from your healer. Tanks can get mobs out of sanguine pools in m+. Dps can help push casters into aoe and help interrupt spells that is immune to normal interrupt. Leap and double charge a mob to push it 30 yards back into The rest of the pack. Would fit The fantasy of warriors being big, strong and athletic really well aswell. The double time tallent would be much more powerfull aswell then. Would it be to op or just pure fun or even maybe just right? Making shockwave baseline for warriors would be nice aswell since it feels like all you bring to a m+ as a warrior right now is just burst damage every 45 sec with bladestorm(as arms that is). What are your thoughts?Rawcore10 12 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 What's the best build for outdoor content as prot? Just wondering because I like mass pulling and killing everything so I'm looking for highest dps as prot. ThanksKorugar4 12 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 Arms Warrior - Optimization, Stat Priorities Fellow wielders of two-handed awesomeness, I am kinda struggling to understand Arms Warrior as I keep pushing and optimizing... when I look at guides, compare with other top Arms Warriors, and do simulations, I get no clear understanding. Interesting is that simulations seem to be totally off at the moment, at least for me... they always recommend me to push for more Haste, prioritize items with haste - while I see lots of other Arms Warriors push for more Crit and keep Haste lower (mostly at around 11%) - So I now adapted the gear and funny enough, suddenly all my simulations also show more dps than before, even though previously it was not recommend to swap any gear pieces. So either something is off or I am missing something :O Edit: Just checked again and did two sims, first with my "old gear" comparing the new gear, raidbots telling me this is my top gear: 14300 dps Then putting on the items manually, doing the exact same sim again: 15000 dps An increase of 700 dps just being ignored by raidbots... ?Gnartzch1 11 Nov 2018
10 Nov 2018 Rate the Warrior Transmog above YOU 2.0 The last topic reached posts limit so here we go again... @Mercer 8/10Xwe363 10 Nov 2018
10 Nov 2018 Hows everyone enjoying being the worst world pvp class? just curious?Gorejaws62 10 Nov 2018
09 Nov 2018 So, Fury>Arms now in both PvP and PvE? Tried Fury today and kapwned so much harder in both PvP and PvE. Kinda sad to see an iconic spec such as Arms being so trashy.Uschabuscha11 09 Nov 2018
08 Nov 2018 Arms Warriors unsatisfying in PvP Am I the only one who is unsatisfyed with current Arms Warrior state in PvP ? In fact, I just came after long time, last time playing WotLK as Arms - but now, i think Arms is missing main key component which is SELF HEALING - no Blood Craze, no true Second Wind (current talent is joke - imo useless in PvP/PvE, even during leveling the Bounding Stride is better), no Enraged Regeneration - only way to gain some self heal is via Azerite Items, which is laughable in arena.Bordeaux4 08 Nov 2018
08 Nov 2018 Issue with the Warrior Ulduar scenario from Legion I am doing the Legion campaign on my warrior to unlock the class mount. But my path is barred due to the Ulduar Scenario bugging out and locking me out of continuing. Stage 6 called "A feat of Battle" asks me to "Take the tunnel north to reach Thorim" I am killing spiders left and right and they stopped appearing and the door to Thorim is still locked. Have watched earlier issues of this and doesn't seem to be the first time this have happened. Since it happened even when this was current content. Please fix this scenario please.Valeesa1 08 Nov 2018
08 Nov 2018 Warrior worth? Heyo Guys, the rerolling circle continues. Currently I've switched my mind for rerolling towards warrior or rogue. Rogue for the obivious reasons: good in PvE and PvP. Warrior for the other Reasons like: can tank, has more style (in my opinion) So my questions are, is dps warrior viable for m+? Do you guys get often declined? And what about those tank changes on the PTR? Are they good so Warrior tanks will be more viable? I am thankful for every opinion on what to choose! Thanks :)Zlad15 08 Nov 2018
07 Nov 2018 Arms warrior even more nerf next patch? When blizzard stop nerf warrior?Noøne14 07 Nov 2018
05 Nov 2018 warrior stuck in defensive stance Hi gents, logged back in to my warrior to begin BFA on it and it is stuck in defensive stance in all specs? I dont have a stance bar to change it, i was just wondering if any one has any adviceExecuteqt1 05 Nov 2018
05 Nov 2018 Warrior Spec for 2v2 I'm currently playing a lot of arenas daily to increase my rating for this season. At first I started by playing Arms and went to about 1690, went pretty smooth as I was with a Rsham that had over 2.4k xp and he sorta carried me. I then went into Fury spec for PvE and decided to try in PvP, mainly arenas. Seems to be working fairly well, not as reliable as an Arms but still fun and can put quite some pressure. I now found a Hpal with same rating as me and we are playing arenas together to progress and climb back, have some ups and downs. My question is, what spec is better to actually get serious and push rating to 1800 and higher. I don't have any experience past 1800 since all the warrior BFA changes, so at my current elo both seem viable where Fury is more fun and has a burst, and Arms is more reliable and consistent. I'm pretty set on talents for both specs and play style as I have been a Warrior main since Vanilla, so its mostly about what spec will more likely get me to the higher ratings once meeting experienced opponents? Thanks for your answerTzorn9 05 Nov 2018
04 Nov 2018 Would prot work if ignore pain was passive? Heya, another prot complaint / fix post here. It just got me thinking, would it be good if ignore pain was a passive and shield block didnt cost rage? I got an idea that instead och poppin ip all the time make it passive and Evert hit you take costs rage instead. Make it so 10 rage is about 10k shield so its kind of a mix of monks stagger and dh:s high damage high heal game play. You want to keep doing max damage then as a tank to get your rage up and you get some "passive" mitigation. Warrior cooldowns aint bad. See if you die when you got both Sb and Ip up at the same time. Its that time window when your Sb is on cd and you dont have enough rage for ip !@#$ hits The fan. And so many times you have 35 - 39 rage and cant pop ip again. Or how man times dont you see that you use 40 rage to get a 40k shield, that is down to 3000 or complitly gone after one hit from certain mobs. I think ar least making ip passive would be a fun addition to warrior gameplay and make it easier to play for new playersRawcore12 04 Nov 2018
04 Nov 2018 Warriors and Mythic + Please if you find your self in same spot as i am every week post in this topic to support and maybe DEVS will stop being lazey and start actually to do there job : https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17624513303#1Dontkillhaha0 04 Nov 2018
03 Nov 2018 Warrior state in mythic+ dungeons Hello there I never posted on the forum before but with the incoming nerf on WarBreaker and Bladestorm plus the fact that DH are actually overpowered in m+ dungeons I have to. I think Blizzard has to do something. I'm 1k+ raider.io atm doin 12-13 with Friends. And yes I say friends because actually NO one wants a DD warrior for mythic key. We surely have strong damages. We have a good party buff and a powerful Heal cooldown. So what makes us useless compared to others ? CC effectiveness. If our fear would make the adds stay in place instead of going aggro the world If we had a decent stun like shockwave THEN we would be competitive. So Blizzard I beg you to do something. BRING SHOCKWAVE BACK, thanks you.Nagarosh3 03 Nov 2018
03 Nov 2018 Arms, Looking for help I have been playing arms for a bout 3 weeks and am looking to improve but really am not sure were am going wrong could a seasoned veteran of arms help me out :) https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/NDWV3BqMRkLAHt7F#boss=-2&difficulty=0&view=rankings Thanks in advice I know I CAN improve am just not sure WERE i can do better..Golengil2 03 Nov 2018
03 Nov 2018 arms warrior rotation hi when i play arms after few sec i spam (slam) for 3 time until i get mortal strike back is it correct?Nelvya1 03 Nov 2018
02 Nov 2018 Guide for arms Hello all, I have been leveling my arms warrior and having a lot of fun. As someone mentioned on the US forum, Arms is easy to play but difficult to master. As such, I am really loooking for a comprehensive guide that gets into those difficulties. Anyone have a suggestion? BestReazul8 02 Nov 2018
02 Nov 2018 Best Azerite traits (PVP) yo folks, since i got quite some azerite pieces: what are the BiS traits for: 2s fury ? 3s arms ? bg fun fury ? bg fun arms ? thanks!Laindog0 02 Nov 2018
02 Nov 2018 How to beat DHs as fury is 2s? I'm having a very hard time playing against DHs in 2s. They do a lot more damage than I can and I don't seem to be able to make any pressure against them. Is it only me and am I doing something wrong? any advises?Terrorbane2 02 Nov 2018
02 Nov 2018 Hope for Recklessness? "The team recognizes that pressing several abilities on the global cooldown that do nothing but buff your character is not good gameplay and plan to address it (such as with frost death knight). They want to further develop classes so that these abilities do more than just buff." source: https://www.forbes.com/sites/hnewman/2018/10/10/the-state-of-warcraft-ion-hazzikostas-post-mortem-on-the-battle-for-azeroth-launch/#2b85201ac194 Hoping they include Recklessness. While i still think it would be best to take it off the GCD (and lower it's duration to even it out) it sounds they might take a direction there it does more than just buffNoctus6 02 Nov 2018
02 Nov 2018 Fury > Arms... Mastery > Haste... Wait WHAT?! I've recently re-run simcraft program on my fury and arms builds, and it seems, that roughly equally-geared fury pulls more DPS then arms. Also, Pawn stat scales generated, gave the most weight to mastery (1.6 vs 1.53 on haste). Has something changed, or just simulation bugged-out?Agmar7 02 Nov 2018
02 Nov 2018 Macro for dynamic pvp talent? what would be the macro which casts disarm if it is a selected talent or spell reflection if this one is selected?Terrorbane0 02 Nov 2018
02 Nov 2018 Ignore Pain is now off the GCD https://www.wowhead.com/news=288111/patch-8-1-ptr-build-28202-achievements-professions-and-class-changes YES! FINALLY!Inspiration23 02 Nov 2018
01 Nov 2018 Big changes in 8.1 for other classes, prot still sucks though. Best wishes, ThousandaireThousandaire17 01 Nov 2018
01 Nov 2018 Changes 8.1 NERFS Modifies Damage/Healing Done Value: -5% Affected Spells: Bladestorm Execute: If your foe survives your Execute, 20% (down from 30%) of the Rage spent is refunded. Warbreaker: Smash the ground and shatter the armor of all enemies within 8 yds, dealing (150% of Attack power) Physical damage to your primary target and [(150% of Attack power) * 50 / 100] damage to all other targets, and increasing damage you deal to themall targets by 30% for 10 sec. BUFFS (PVP) Disarm: Disarm the enemy's weapons and shield for 6 (up from 4)sec. Disarmed creatures deal significantly reduced damage. Duel: You challenge the target to a duel. While challenged, all damage you and the target deal to all targets other than each other is reduced by 50%. Lasts 8 (up from 6) sec. Master and Commander: Cooldown of Commanding ShoutRallying Cry reduced by 2 min, and grants 15% additional health. Sharpen Blade: When activated, your next Mortal Strike will deal 15% increased damage and reduce healing taken by 50% for 6 (up form 4) sec.Roverstime7 01 Nov 2018
01 Nov 2018 Heroic throw suggestions Since we bring no actual utility to m+ (please do not compare our snare to Dh or rogue utility) can we make Heroic Throw into some form of breakable cc? Something like thrown object knocks out Enemy cold for 30 seconds (sleep mechanic) Also a transmog ability to change the spell into a bow or gun like in the old days would be great.Omar0 01 Nov 2018
31 Oct 2018 Void elf or Human? aesthetically speaking, which one? I know it's personal preference, but i'm having a hard time deciding. Especially 'cause all swords seem to clip with void elf's cape! D: otherwise it would be an easy choice for me. clipping is an issue and is making me torn between the two xD I know i can hide the cape but i have a mog i like that goes well with the it.Cóffee10 31 Oct 2018
31 Oct 2018 Execute Phase question arms warrior Hey guys! during the execute phase are you just spamming execute? or are you stacking over power x2 to use with mortal strike? thanks in advanceMasamunst13 31 Oct 2018
31 Oct 2018 Should Greeks be allowed to play Warrior ? I have been friends with a greek man for around 1 year and a half over the times I have raided with him on a mythic level he has changed from being a mage main, to a DK main before finally picking up the sword and maining his warrior. Throughout Antorus he picked up several rank 1 parses in normal and heroic but in mythic hit a wall where he could only get 99's but no 100's on warcraft logs it is due to this that the man kept running normal an heroic every week for titanforging just so he could maybe just maybe get the chance to be able to get a mythic rank one warrior kill. As time went on he never saw that cream colored number on his mythic log page, to this day he has never picked it up even in BFA he hasnt been the same since those days always playing other games and being on/off wow blaming he has studies and other games to do rather then play wow. I truly think not getting a rank one parse ruined is frame of mind leading to a late quit in BFA he won't speak to me anymore.Innz7 31 Oct 2018
31 Oct 2018 Fury Warrior dueling "guide" Hi guys, I am Brawx and I spend a lot of my free time in WoW outside Orgrimmar just dueling. I believe it helps me the most to learn about other classes without having to play them myself and therefore it teaches me a lot for actual rated PvP. I have spent a long time dueling in BFA and I managed to beat pretty much every spec in the game as Fury and wanted to share my strategies with you. Keep in mind there are some specs which are impossible to beat if they are played by a good player, such as Assassination rogue, Fire mage, Feral druid, BM hunter, Ret paladin, and Windwalker. Before we start I'd just mention that certain Azerite traits will help you a lot, especially in low iLvL. I run 2x Azerite veins which can heal you a decent amount especially if you get kited. Helps with cancer kiting matches like feral druids and hunters. The azerite fortification one that heals you when rooted/stunned can help against druids and mages, but mages are often not a problem anyway. Worth noting for future readers is that this is accurate as of BFA season 1. Let's start: Warrior - Arms In a Fury vs Arms duel, the first one who uses his defensive loses. His goal is to get you to use Enraged regen as early as possible so he can parry it and prevent healing. Your goal is to burst him as fast as possible to force his parry so you can then heal when parry is down. The proper way to duel this is to immediately open with Stun and then burst. Arms vs Fury duels are very short and quick so its vital you open with your stun because you will maybe get to use it again in the duel if you open with it. A good arms player will burst you really hard on the opener. Your advantage is that you can remove hamstring with bloodthirst and you can snare from ranged. If the Arms overgears you, you must kite him and let your 2xraging blow talent heal you. If you outgear the arms you will usually be able to burst him down and force parry really early, and even not be required to used regen at all. Mage - Fire This fight is a mind game. I usually mount up and stand on top of the mage. Right as the duel starts I immediately bladestorm to try and avoid the Dragon's Breath stun. What most Fire mages will try to do is to Poly you and then greater pyro you. You should trinket -> spell reflect right before the greater pyro cast is done. Spell reflect will reflect the greater pyro if its active when the cast finishes, not when the visual fireball hits you. You can also choose to save spell reflect to the combustion. Overall, remember that with Furious charge and Enraged regen you can heal 50%+ with 1 bloodthirst so if he managed to get a greater+burst on you, you always have a quick burst healing option. Most fire mages are an easy win, but some very good ones (the ones that don't even use the crappy greater pyro talent) will be able to completely melt you from 100-0% in 2 seconds and prevent all of your healing. They will know to Dragon's breath you when you charge them, unlike most bad mages who only waste it to try and get a poly off. General tip against all mages: If you are stuck inside a ring of frost with no way out, wait for him to cast something offensive, then touch the ring just as his cast finishes to make him instantly break the CC off of you. Mage - Frost A lot of melees think its impossible to win against a frost mage. It's actually fairly easy for a fury warrior. You have to bloodthirst as much as possible as it removes all slows. Bladestorm is mandatory to remove yourself from a root. Double time helps but Stormbolt is good enough as well. Spell reflect should be used when ray of frost is about to finish channeling as that is when the mage is going to get 2 instant procs which deal heavy damage and will usually spam them without thinking much. Overall, frost deals very little damage and even with the kiting you should be able to heal through all his cooldown. Remember to use the water elemental to clear your snares. Mage - Arcane A very hard fight without Double time, but doable. It's very easy to make the arcane mage burst his face down with spell reflect as after they use presence of mind they usually start blowing big dmg instantly without thinking much. Always start this fight mounted and on top of the enemy, don't waste your charge right at the start. You can get good value from mounting, making him waste a blink without you wasting anything. Paladin - Ret This fight takes practice, and you will be kiting a lot. Your main motive is to wait for his first Bubble/BoP to fall and then you have less than 30 seconds to burst him down and win. Start the fight ranged, if he is bad he will waste pony to try and reach you. If he slows you, clear it with bloodthirst then kite again with slows. When he uses wings you must stun him, if he trinkets it you can then fear him and let the wings fall. Always kite his cooldowns. Save heroic leap for a dire situation. Keep a mental track over when he last used his stun, you can reflect it if you are smart. If you think he has it up and you used a cooldown like burst, you should follow it up with a spell reflect about 1 second after. He will often stun himself. Rets also tend to stun you just to reach you if you're kiting. If you have a winged ret running to you with pony+freedom he will likely stun as soon as he connects 10/20 yards with you. Be ready with a reflect, dont use it too early as they can see the visual above your head. Druid - Balance This fight is easy if they don't take the ridiculously broken 8 second disarm on a 30 second cooldown talent. If they do take it, just make sure not to use your enraged regen if you think their disarm is up. A smart boomkin will want to use it only to prevent your healing, force it with your burst. Remember to spell reflect the Thorns. Druid - Feral If the feral plays with a certain cancer playstyle, you cannot win. That playstyle is spam moonfire from 40 yards. If warrior gets close, root/stun and run. If you duel a feral like that, don't reduel him :P Most ferals however who actually use buttons that are not moonfire you can win by proper trading of cooldowns. Firstly remember that when he uses Thorns you should do the following: Spell reflect -> rampage -> bladestorm. This will chomp up about 60% of his health is less than 3 seconds. You can trinket any stun you want against a feral, Some save it for bash, i don't think its wrong to trinket his opener stun either tbh. Just keep your hots up on you and keep spamming slow when he is shapeshifting. Use regen when you think his bash is off cooldown, unless you have trinket ready. Fear can be used to waste his incarn if you know he trinketed the stun, or you can fear him when he is rooting you and trying to run for healing. Shaman - Enha Fear the doggies, kill counterstrike totem, spell reflect ascendance. Outheal him. Easy. Shaman - elemental LoL. Priest - Shadow OmegaLuL. Warlock - Demo If he uses the big demon PvP talent which stuns people in the circle, target that demon and use fear to make the warlock run outside of it with fear, then when he is far enough away, re-engage him. Alternatively, you can use fear to reduce pet damage. Warlock - Affliction Try to spell reflect the unstable corruption spam. Prioritize your healing over your dmg. After he puts unstables on you wait for those unstables to go down then you can stop worrying about healing and just burst him down. If he starts with a succubus, use bladestorm about 0.5 seconds after the duel starts to immune the seduction. Warlock - Destro Spell reflect LuL. Death Knight - Unholy/Frost They don't do enough damage to kill you. They will usually not even duel you.Brawx5 31 Oct 2018