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1h Arms is bad again? In 7.2 I could do about 800-900k dps, start of 7.2.5 I could do about 1-1,1 mil. Now I'm down to 600k dps. Will arms ever be good for more than a few days?Launchme0 1h
3h Just got Timeless Stratagem Got this 'Legendary' and too be honest it was completely soul crushing the first thing I did was but it in my bank as it isn't possible to destroy it, all it is really is a wasted inventory slot. I now have almost all the utility legendry's and not a single decent one, On ToS release I did 9/9 nm and got no gear and 2/9 hc no gear inc 6 bonus rolls. At first I was like, it's fine it just adds to bad luck protection< if it exists. Then today I do my 4 world quest's and get Timeless Stratagem.... I mean seriously blizzard its a joke sure 970item level with good stats but if I replace my 885item level tier-19 set shoulders with it, it's just a massive dps loss. Legendary should feel like a reward for time spent and effort but instead its just a massive demoralising slap in the face.Åxel2 3h
5h New to Rated PVP - Arms Warrior tips & tricks? Hi guys, I'm new to Arms warrior pvp and would like to learn some new tricks. Last night i played some 3v3 together with a MW Monk and Unholy DK. The DK would frequently do twice and even thrice as much damage as me. I must be doing something horribly wrong. Can you offer up your best Arms warrior pvp tip to help this old warrior on his feet in the Arena, It would be greatly appreciated! My usual approach is to charge in, CS, Overpower, Rend, MS, MS, upkeep Rend and look for opportunities to land Intimidating Shout on enemy healer, peel off my healer with Stormbolt(or cc enemy healer), Hamstring or negate enemy cooldowns with Duel and Disarm. I'm pretty bad at interrupting and often fall for the jukes, trying to improve on that point..Grimpa1 5h
9h Rate the Warrior Transmog above YOU The Last thread reached it's limit. Everyone knows the drill. Rate the transmog of the person above you on a scale of 1 to 10.Goryx41 9h
13h Incoming buffs for ARMS! Just a very bad joke. SorryNodeal14 13h
1d how " wanted" is Protection Hello people.. I have been rolling prot war since wotlk.. even though at that time it was believed that it " isn't good " .. I loved the spec.. but i stopped playing after that and now i am back.. after rolling my warr as fury up until level 90.. i rolled into prot again.. and as always. its shield slamming awesome.. but then.. is it still the same old " prot warr is useless in raids. we want prot pala only " thing ? as it was in wotlk days ? should i invest my time with it.. or just keep rolling as a dps ( and then wait for 20+ mins in que for simple dungs because no tanks and heals ) side question :- in this whole warrior forum.. didn't see much question arising on prot spec.. are they that good now that there are no questions asked.. or it's the other way round ?Raavan7 1d
1d Weapons bug when mounting Hi, Ive been annoying my !@# of about this bug. When i mount uf he keeps the weapons infront of himself instead of on his back. When i did abit of searching on the net its been a bug for months and months. Why isnt this fixed allready ? Or is there anything i can do about it ?Botsmuts1 1d
1d Patch 7.2.5 • Vault Of The Wardens [Myth+ 18] • ProtWar Almost in time :) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTU1dtyDKewФазиус0 1d
1d Arms nerf 20th of June So as the title says we're getting nerfed next reset. Arms Trauma can no longer Critically Strike. Damage of all abilities reduced by 4%. Source: http://www.mmo-champion.com/content/ I'm not surprised and I was kinda expecting a nerf because the DPS/damage output was too good to be true. What do you guys think of this? Is it justified of them to nerf Arms Warriors? Opinions?Rhúnok16 1d
2d Arms or fury? I really liked fury this expansion. However since arms has gotten a massive change I was wondering which one I should main for tomb. Which one is better in terms of DPS and in raids/dungeons? Edit: Maybe it might be too early to decide?Burntwaffles6 2d
2d Should i do same as everyone? And reroll arms? Fury seems to be disappearing here, is fury still viable?Volksworgens7 2d
2d I need help Hi. I realised I didn't have a tank alt and decided to give it a shot. 15-58 I had no problems tanking. Tbc dgs is when the issues started. Impatient people would ninjapull whenever I try to wait for a charge or trash packs. Now, I can handle 5 elites but not 10+ because they will easily break through ignore pain(6k dmg), rage doesn't regenerate fast enough and I have cds. I tried a new method, heroic leap + charge which does actually work. But the 45 s cd:< An another annoying thing is that mobs constantly stun and disarms me. Then there's the hunters(Mostly bm). I tell them to remove taunt but they don't listen to me. It messes up the aggro pretty badly. I try to get back the aggro with thunderclap but the pets will once again taunt the mobs Could someone please help me with the issues I'm facing ;~;? ~Jeicé3 2d
3d DPS Difference ARMS Builds? Hello everyone, is the Trauma Build still playable after the nerf, or is the dps-loss to big in ToS etc.? How big is the DPS difference between rend build and trauma build? Thank you for your answers.Thugor13 3d
3d Warrior Protection Trait Hi All Maybe its stupid question but - Anyone know that weapon trait "Strenght of the Earth Aspect" is connected with talent "Devastator" ?Aseris0 3d
3d Stat weights for Arms 7.2.5 So I just ran a sim and noticed that it was more of a close call between the seoncdary stats than before. For instance Haste and Crit showed almost the same weight (which I dont really trust, but still). I have a strong feeling this sim did not give an accurate tell of the actuall weights. Could it be something to it, that the secondary stats are a bit closer to eachother in the ranks than before? Like, it could be worth taking a much higher ilvl item even if it has crit over haste, for example? Thought? Am I completly wrong her? This is the weights I got from the sim (I run the trauma/Fervor build: Mastery 20,83 Haste 18,18 Crit 17.65 Vers 17.34 Str 15.44 As you can see, crit has gotten a huge upswing which feels weird.Snoizer1 3d
3d Fury critik mastery build Hi All. Are There anyone tried critic mastery build. Bt critic give rb bonus damage Rampage kritik give rage bonus Rb critik give rage bonus So why do we use haste main still? Sorry for bad grammar.Zickler1 3d
3d Sitting in rage starvation in pvp Is there something I am doing wrong here, since the new patch I get no rage anymore from anything and often find myself not attacking for 3 seconds, both in pvp and pve I'm focused rage build so yeah Ah man, I edited this, guess I just picked the wrong talents.Jonaske0 3d
4d Quest line cancelled , help! - Fixed - Hey guys , by mistake I've cancelled the quest from Skyseer Ghrent that sends me in each zone in Broken Isles. I've managed to do Stormheim and Highmountain before that. If I click on the Eye of Odyn and then click Scouting Map i don't see the starting quests there. Any idea what I can do? Thx.Showmaker1 4d
4d Heroic Leap Bug I wonder when this will be fixed instead of lowering arms damage. Heroic leap CD triggers even if you can't perform heroic leap due something being in the way/no path avaiable.Murtysh6 4d
4d my dps issues hello there I am fury warrior item level 886. And I have problems with my dps. I don't understand why is my dps is low there a nothing wrong with my to rotation or telants I'm using rotation als been told here https://www.icy-veins.com/wow/fury-warrior-pve-dps-rotation-cooldowns-abilities here is my char http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kilrogg/Hactor/simple my dps is about 300k to 500k it isn't good enough. I have seen other warrior make about 1.mk dps on a single target I have a 2 friends who play fury warrior like me. Theres dps is 1.mk dps. And they told me that is kind a sad cus I used lots of time to gear my up my warrior and he makes !@#$y dps what a waste even my demon hunter do better dps then my warrior if u guys help me its fine but I cannot pinpoint the problem is maby it is glich in the game I don't know I have tryd every thing nowHactor20 4d
4d Arms pvp after the 20th june nerfs Just wondering how everyone thinks arms will be after the 4% damage nerf? Right now its really strong will it still be playable>?Supagucciboy7 4d
5d Fury Warrior 3's Best Classes To Play With New to Warrior class any help towards right direction much appreciated xWhisky1 5d
5d New nerf inc So, how do you feel about that ? http://blue.mmo-champion.com/topic/1064851-tuning-adjustments-for-21-june/ TLDR; -4% damage to all abitilies, trauma can't critic anymore.Dzqdqqzzd11 5d
6d Jumping from skyhold I've just started level my warrior up and I've noticed when I jump from skyhold, I don't coming down like a meteor just crushing the ground on my way. What happens is I have a loading screen and when that is finished I'm just standing on the ground. I was looking forward for the meteor landing.. Is it like this for you as well? :oCrode9 6d
6d Arms - How do you AOE? Hi Guys, just wonder, i'm playing with swiping strikes and my question is: In AOE fight, how many enemy does it take that you will prefer to cleave+ww over ms/execute with swiping strikes? Same question goes for bladestorm - how many enemies does it takes that bladestorm will be dps increase instead of just MS/Execute ? How is bladestorm vs cleave+ww anyway? I'm asking about BS because i dont feel like it is dps increase. And off question - Execute phase: CS > 2xExecute > MS repeat ? Do you skip Rend in execute phase? Thanks!Tbãg1 6d
6d Arms Colossus Smash Eh since when Colossus Smash stopped ignoring armor? Just a question cuz I don't play warrior that oftenRiidansointu1 6d
6d Heroic Leap bug? Has anybody else noticed that since 7.2.5 that Heroic Leap sometimes goes on cooldown without actually performing the leap? It has happened a few times to me in dungeons so far, but I haven't been able to reliably replicate it.Henduil4 6d
6d Help me find a 1h weapon to complete my mog. Title. :(Grimmrace4 6d
18 Jun just an idea for Neltharion's fury I play an alt warrior quite a lot, and i know there are others things people would like fixed first and are more important. But on thing i come across a lot is the play style of NF weapon traits. My idea is one ive been thinking about for a while and just wondering what you guys think. Instead of the flamethrower shield and no movment i propose this - Neltharion's Fury - Hunker down behind the WALL of shields (similar to what mages have to do on guldan, the warrior would be surrounded by 4 copies of our weapon, when this happens all attacks made against you have the same affect as current BUT instead of doing dmg by the flame, all attack are deflected back to the attackers at (x damage). Whilst in this wall you move 50% slower. In short some kinda of phalanx style play where you are protected but can still move (just incase you need to re-position) Its a rough idea but personally something i think that could be worked out. let me know your ideas for a different artifact/Neltharion's fury.Hakurenn1 18 Jun
18 Jun Protection Legendaries So, I've been pretty lucky with this char. I got 2 Legendary drops in just a month or so. Now I got 3 Legendaries and can't decide which two to equip. I have the [Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum Opus] [Soul of the Battlelord] [Rethu's Incessant Courage] http://imgur.com/a/fpwDy I'm thinking the ring and the Waist. Which would you guys go with?Ponnypojken1 18 Jun
18 Jun help with trinket! Hello guys!! Since the nerf was only 15%, still worth using DoS ( mine 895 ilvl) or should i just use Kil'jaeden burning wish? Since i just have 6 legendaries being the cape, wrist, waist, shoulders and the Ayala's ring wich one would be better with the trinket? thanks :)Kratuz4 18 Jun
18 Jun Could someone help me analyze my logs I've been trying some arms since the release of 7.2.5 and it seems to be impossible for me to reach my sim dps or to even get some decent numbers. 80% of the fight I can be on 600-700k dps and only gain a boost during execute phase. Either I'm the unluckiest warrior there is with my tactician procs or i'm just messing up my rotation. Some help would be appreciated. https://www.raidbots.com/simbot/report/HJ3c2KzXZ https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/3DgM8fvY17FtdZxq/#fight=6&view=analytical&type=damage-doneCrashlen1 18 Jun
18 Jun Holinka is gone . just to let you guys know ,who's next ?Garooda4 18 Jun
17 Jun Arms 7.2.5 are warriors really returning to arms next patch? :o, I hear some saying they're rerolling back to arms as it'll be overtaking fury?.. is this abit too quick to call? or are the changes that drastic?Zayle53 17 Jun
17 Jun 2s help pls i have a problem vs rsham/lock comp in 2s. no matter what i do they end up killing me and mana drain my healer. tried to play it safe but that dosnt work. any tips?Zarkhan0 17 Jun
16 Jun Arms back again? Or fury still rlz PVP Hi. I saw that arms got some buff on 7.2.5, so is it better for PvP now or fury is still on top? Im playing fury since legion started because arms was so boring and had no heals and dmg... but now i think im gonna try arms again. Is it worth ? What is better for 1v1? How about 2v2 and 3s? How about battlegrounds? Can some 1 who tried it already tell me how is arms atm. I don't wanna waste my time lvling the artifact if i can't kill anything without healer with me like on last patch.. I like fury now because i have sick burst and much more mobility and some healing while in arms i only had mortal strike and colossus smash... and 1 heroic leap + charge.. as arms i can't reach almost any class and i just jump around and wait to die.. :DBamzê8 16 Jun
16 Jun Me smash I'll start off by saying that I've changed to arms. It feels amazing!! Really really good numbers. It became the button smashing spin to win spec it's meant to be and I'm very rarely rage starved ( a I'm pretty sure that's my own fault for not doing the rotation perfectly )I'm really happy with the changes. However, having whirlwind as single target filler and not playing with avatar just feels...wrong. it would be really nice if they changed Frevor to be a purely AOE choice, say, increase the WW damage by 40% on all targets, or maybe buff the other two talents so that they'd be worth taking over Frevor for single target encounters. Also, the Heroic Leap going on cool down whenever you fail to jump, is it a bug or an intended change? Please tell me it's a bug and it'll get fixed eventually...Landstarex2 16 Jun
16 Jun How to kill Paladins ? Hi Guys, I have a warrior 110lvl. I can't kill paladin on 1v1. How to kill these rats ? It's very hard as a warrior.Tuulmok8 16 Jun
16 Jun 6/10 Fury Legendaries.. And still no helmet or cloak or ww belt! All I'm missing from the list of legendaries I don't want is Sephuz... Has anyone else been as unlucky as I am, can we share our pain? Edit: I've received WW belt and Sephuz, missing only the good ones now.. /played @110 is about 20ish days.Xtoned9 16 Jun
16 Jun avatar What do u guys think is better after the nerf on rend?Do u still prefer it or u think avatar is the better choice againTraciann2 16 Jun
16 Jun Account bugged :( (possibly) Hi to all... I have some problems that i cannot address myself (checked with other players RL friends, forums, comments on sites etc.) i think my account is bugged. Been playing warrior fury for a long time and athought i know in this expansion warriors are killing in DPS meters i can't see mine staying up after my CDs are off. Tried with guides , addons , specs, gear still no change. ie i was trying Agatha and in all vids and guides i see ppl doing tons of damage with WW mine is stuck at 20k. Sometimes i see 300k-600k others i see 3k. My problem is not with my warrior is also on my alts. Still not only my DPS is low (even when i wear 903 ilvl) also seem to have 23h for completing my artifact research notes on my main and 2 of my alts (after the change for 3h 36m). I checked with some RL friends and they were to 40 even thought i was 1-3 notes in front of them. Im making this topic since its very hard to find a GM these days in game and also to see if other players experiencing the same problems. Lastly i want to say that these problems are not because af the patch i have them for at least 2 months. Thanks in advance MarchociasMarchocias4 16 Jun
16 Jun Which Healer ....? ...makes you feel reassured when doing dungeons? I started tanking with an alt, and while leveling I noticed different healer classes to have different healing capabilities. Of course its a huge generalization (depending on items and the player themselves) and not accurate for 110 lvl dungeons, but I was reassured each time I was in a team with a Monk or Priest Healer...and a bit worried when i had a Druid as a healer (yes I know they rock at high lvl and out perform Priests according to many). Which healer makes you think... "he's got my back !"Healthregen0 16 Jun
16 Jun DoS nerf reverted (somewhat?) : yay or nay ? Hi, Latest blue states that DoS nerf will be reverted for fury. No numbers yet. Am I the only one to want to keep this trinket in my bank ? It is powerful but not fun. It removes the ability to really burst during BC by pressing keys. Would rather use a stat stick. Thoughts ?Muscadait7 16 Jun
16 Jun Female Dwarf Names Hi, was wondering if anyone had some good, funny female dwarf names suitable for any class, any spec. I've already used "Endangered", "Yousawnothin" and "Wedontexist" before just to give you and idea of where this is heading. A really helpful one would be for a warrior with arms spec that isn't "Lilsonja" or "Redsonja" related. Thanks in advance to all those brave enough to try.Spearwing0 16 Jun
15 Jun Trying arms - rage starved. Hi guys, Just trying to dps a dummy, i'm not that good in Arms. first playing in since 2010 maybe. Anyway, i find my self rage starve alot.. does it normal? sometimes it can be 2-3 seconds that i just auto attack. I took overpower + rend + Op' strikes My rotation is kinda: CS MS OP and keep rend up. if i have nothing to press have i have the rage i will slam. Tips will be welcome.Tbãg5 15 Jun
15 Jun Warrior Arms, enchancement focus? So, the Mastery got nerfed for arms by quite the number. Should we focus on a new specific one like Haste or Strength now or just go with Mastery still?Kungvith2 15 Jun
15 Jun Arms Relics What relic traits should I be looking out for in 7.2.5? My thoughts are that precise strikes is probably the best choice, outside of many will fall for people that don't use fervor of battle. I'm currently not bothering with FoB until I get the legendary ring to drop rend and take trauma. If anyone happens to have a link to an updated relic spreadsheet for 7.2.5 that would be great too. Thanks!Ryman0 15 Jun
15 Jun Arena vs Arms: 1.9mill MortalStrikes - 1mill+ executes Is this a !@#$ing joke blizzard? u hotfixed mortal strike aswell to do more dmg, %^-*ing patheticTertit8 15 Jun