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2h Prot warrior pre-patch discussion! So tried the pre-patch, everything is awesome, go on my warrior rotation feels super awesome in arms and fury. look at prot talents, all cool besides now having to choose between booming voice and devastator which I was pretty sure should've been backed into the spec as a passive. Anyway I look at todays affixes they're awesome for M+ mass pulls join a lower +14 and here is the results. Keep In mind I tanked this dungoe on +19 on many other occasions, times with fortified being the last affix and times with tyrannical being the last affix. First pack ( the banshees almost one shot me, I take too much damage ) Ignore pain is useless, it gives 10k damage reduction at max out of 50k hp which gets melted away by normal mob packs. Go to the high damage dealing ghost mobs, They always had high damage if you pulled 3-4 packs and didn't play your defensives right, then again this is +14 I could probably solo the dungeon alone. Pulled 2 packs, and yeah I got insta gibbed, 100% hp to 0% in 0.1 sec. Basically what happened is I took damage without having shield block up, With shield block Up I could tank 1-4 packs of mobs + having to use defensives, Without shield block up I die from any trash pack... infact our ret paladin was more tankier than me if I didn't pop shield block. I know active mitigation is important but you can't keep shield block up forever, and this probably means you'll be locked into the shield slam increase shield block duration talent since you're practically useless without it. Rest of dungeon went nice, but honestly prot warrior damage is waaaaaay overtuned, I was mostly top dps by leagues.... Conclusion :- -Ignore pain is useless, I do 1/20 out of healers healing with it, it's just a rage filler using ability atm that negates minimal damage amount and you can honestly tank without it. ( before I used to double healers healing or even more ) it's good to have healers contributing to healing the tank but having a useless ability you use just because of its rage consumption to lower other ability cds feels lame and not fun -Warrior damage is way overtuned -Demo shout as it is right now is basically a perma 20% dmg reduction to mobs, I know im wearing the belt but even without it 45 sec cooldown and affected by anger management usually meant I can use it twice on each pull and keep in mind each pull lasted 5-10 seconds, might aswell give warriors 20% dmg permanently or just rework this to be stronger it feels weird having demo shout on rotation instead of a defensive ability. -Magic damage completely melts warriors, Shared suffering one shout me on +14 with spell reflect, demo shout, shield wall and last stand, ( had to use commanding shout before ) -Rage generation is very low, im taking huge hits from 100% to 20% hp all the time and that fills like 60 rage.. On bosses im always out of rage and demo shout is actually my rage generator, I kind of am afraid of what would happen later if we don't have the lego belt to reduce demo cd. -Shield block is a must use now, without it ur just a dps player walking. if it falls down or mobs hit you from behind your dead, be it from a mob pack, 2 or 3 it doesn't matter, its like being out of bear form for guardian druids. -Way too many cooldowns for warrior... Waaaaaaaaaaay to many, and since nearly all of them are on gcd it feels clunky, Autumn using shared suffering went > demo > spell reflect > shield wall > last stand and I still got one shot ( by 37k overkill damage that means I was no way near living threshold ) -Defensives feel more like part of rotation now since you always have something up, and if you want to soak a big hit you will have to use them all and all of them combined don't do that much really. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So what do you guys think ? keep in mind this is only 1 dungeon I attempted but kind of wanted to share my results and see how everyone is doing and what everyone's thoughts are. Prot warrior always had short cds where mixed together means ur practically immortal, rage generation is awesome and kite potential in m+ is huge, shield block never really played a huge role for me in trash mobs unless the trash mob itself had an ability that needs a damage mitigation to counter it. Right now the whole style has been changed and it feels you're on a timer mobs are dying in 5-10 seconds and boss fights didn't last that long so shield block was always up, but what if the fight is 2 minutes long? what happends when trash packs are 30 seconds+ long? are we just going to die instantly ? or am I just overthinking here How did you feel about the rotation, to me it feels amazing besides having to use cds in between a lot makes it clunky and removes the value of it being a cd, specially now that they're involved in the gcd.Hínáta18 2h
3h Fury seems great in Arenas Today logged some arenas with MW monk as a healer. Gotta say, feels really awsome. Good dmg, just enough mobility, decent defensives. I really need to say: ,,Tho the class does seem a lot different then in the old days, the feel of the playflow in arenas is finaly comming back. Since end of pandaria the warrior gameplay kind of changed to just walking around, hoping to play the game, while somone was running away like nothing. Feels really great to be able to hit my targets again most of the game." Really good job Blizz, I love it. I hope you keep this good work up and dont get back to making warrs boring. :D I hope everyone else loves the new Warrior build aswell...Ereckthor1 3h
4h Defensive Stance - Ugly Shield? Can you treat this ugly shield, please? Just a few of all the topics: 1.) https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20762148007 2.) https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20762146304 3.) https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20761937127 4.) https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20761676913 5.) https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759567555 ... It's so disgusting! You can either remove it, give us a glyph or make it transmogable. Thank youBajlk5 4h
4h War Machine talent doesn't work? Hello, I just wanted to ask - does War Machine talent not work in "old content" as like "permanent speed increase" or is it just for me?Dartexwar2 4h
4h I'm having a good time as Arms in PVE. I'm actually enjoying these new talent changes, as someone who plays PVE. Especially after that small patch they added today. Maybe it's placebo, but after it I felt more powerful. It's kinda fun to figure out what build you are going for. Arms didn't used to have that good of an AoE in the Legion imo, you had couple of moves but it was very limited by the rage and such. I found the Cleave to be really good again. I was wondering what it is good for, but the deep wounds it adds to all of the mobs is pretty great! And Sweeping Strikes, I was skeptical of it at first, but it is pretty great. Because they didn't add that silly 5 hit limit they nerfed it with in the Vanilla. So that adds to it quite nicely. And having Bladestorm add Deep wounds makes it way better than it was in Legion. Rage doesn't seem to be an issue once you specc for it. I tried the Sudden Death for a bit, but felt it was lacking of rage and it didn't procc that often to be good. And I LOVE being able to use Battleshout again. I missed that ability! I wish they would restore couple of more of them to the Arms warrior as well, like Thunderclap and Demoshout, but whatever. :) And yeah, I think this class could use some more PVP love. But for PVE? It's fun!Nëstor2 4h
4h Defensive stance plus other stuff So I am a huge nerd and am going to rant about my favourite spec that I play in pvp. Firstly we can't slow targets sometimes due to charge and hamstring on gcd and no slow charge anymore, this is pointless and just leads to gimmicky kiting which is unfun and unskilled. We are trained too much I think so a small heal when stunned would be nice, ie bring back old second wind (baseline). Doesn't have to be huge heal. Maybe not dampened in arena (temp shield wasn't/isn't). Rend well I am worried about rend I find it's too rage expensive but now I have nothing to get rogues out of stealth really (they will easily wait for deep wounds to fall off). The main thing, for me: defensive stance. Make it baseline and make it legion version. 20% damage taken and done reduction. Then good warriors vs bad warriors could distinguish themselves by stance dancing properly (which should be off gcd but not usable in cc) to mitigate and deal damage. At the moment def stance is just a passive buff that nobody is going to spec out of. What's more arms is going to be balanced around it making the talent even more vital. Just give us Legion version baseline and let us pick a small mobility talent instead, bounding stride is pretty nice without being op, maybe the other option could be -3 sec cd on charge or something. Just don't make the meta so bursty we are forced to be in def 99% of the time again. Die by the sword 2 min cd maybe. Please take rallying cry off gcd otherwise it is almost totally useless. If you're insistent on keeping most spells on gcd then redesign it as it is hardly worth pressing currently.Cllbones1 4h
5h Charge occasionally not working in BFA I believe I've seen this thread somewhere, but since I can't find it, I'll post my own issue with it. It has occurred multiple times where I have activated Charge, the audio for it goes off, it activates the cooldown, but I don't charge. This is the only bug I've encountered so far, nothing horrible about it, just putting it here for anyone else experiencing the same thing.Elaviel3 5h
5h Arms Spells REWORK opinion. I'll be short, no waste of time, and no absurds asks, so: Mobility: Charge 12 Sec CD from 17. (We have the lowest melee mobility in the game) Defencive: Atleast 1 More CD ...Enraged Generation (30% HP restore, 1.5m CD) Offencive: It's OK for me not that bad atm,but maybe things may be improved. Talents: guys....i really wanna know if there's one single warrior that has used SECOND WIND in Legion , and why this absolutely nosense Talent is still there....really, why? Make it Passive and something like: Under 30% HP we gain 3% HP every 5sec. Shattering Throne back? Defencive Stance and Rend should be baseline. Thoughts?Jkz6 5h
5h Warrior in PvP pros and cons I made a similar post before, but that was on PTR and pre-nerf arms, so now that we have access to pre-patch on live the world has shifted a bit. This is regarding PvP exclusively btw. Arms Pros: * Very high damage * Mobility is better than Legion due to Massacre/Sudden Death + Death Sentence * Arms has supreme cleave damage over most melees now * Mortal strike effect + Sharpen Blade * Overall funnier to play than Legion arms Imo Cons: * Defense is still horrible. Often times people will focus the warrior over the rogue, monk, hunter etc. * No way of healing yourself * Too many utility spells are talents that requires a choice that sacrifices one for another * Charge is on GCD and provides no slow, so if you don't put a hamstring on immediately you won't stick to anyone * Fury has all of arms' tools except mortal strike If arms gets some selfhealing and tweaks to their mobility/sticking power this spec is actually really good and funny to play. But currently it is simply too weak without a pocket healer. ---------------------------- Fury Pros: * High pressure damage * Fast playstyle without downtime at any point * Selfhealing is extreme even outside of cooldowns * Has all of arms' tools if talented into it * Enraged Regen provides a good deal of damage reduction and large heals * Execute generates rage rather than spending * Overall fury can outduel, outlast and outdamage almost any spec currently Cons: * No mortal strike effect * Execute has a cooldown Fury is supreme currently and very versatile. I want to specify that while fury is overall better because of pressure damage and selfhealing, it does NOT provide more damage than arms does currently, especially in a cleave situation. ----------- Protection Pros: * Lots of CC with Shockwave, Warpath, Disarm, Dragon Charge, Storm Bolt and Intimidating Shout * Team utility through damage reduction and Oppressor adding damage * Semi-high mobility Cons: * No selfhealing * You get oneshot despite your tank spec * Building up defensives takes too long as rage costs have increased * Low damage output * Ignore Pain nerfed * Cannot 1v1 anyone with the slightest amount of selfhealing Currently picking prot warrior in PvP is trolling.Karanze19 5h
5h Transmogging 1 Handed Fury: Good Idea? Dear Blizzard, This old chestnut. I apologise for beating a dead horse. However... I don't want Titan's Grip removed. I don't necessarily want Single Minded Fury back. All I want is the ability to transmog One Handed Weapons onto Two Handed Weapons for Warriors. I find the inability to Transmog 1Hd weapons onto my Fury Warrior really meh. Titan's Grip may be iconic to some, but to me it was an expansion addition that I have never liked. For me personally the weapons are too big and just really limit my transmog options as I will NEVER take ANY of the new surf board sized weapons as 'one of my two'. I was able to use One Handers in my spec from Vanilla up until Legion. Please, let us do it again. It wouldn't be a great effort on your part and I think it'd draw wide support. I don't want to play Arms. I don't want to play Prot. I also don't think it's particularly fair to ask me to play a Death Knight, given how radically different the class fantasy is. I play a Fury Warrior and this was a change made long after I started. So please, please consider giving us a little leeway in this regard so that those of us who miss our old weapons, or want to use the smaller ones, can. And no, this doesn't mean you'd have to fix Two Handed Frost. It is easier to fix this for us than it is for Death Knights. Thanks, A player since Vanilla. -- if anyone else thinks this is a good idea, I'd appreciate support below.Konrad2 5h
7h One-Handed weapons disabled for fury in BFA When you equip one handed weapons instead of two handed you can't cast any of your damaging abilities. Is this intentional? I know 2H dual wield is more popular but I prefer 1H aestetic and because it's more realistic. What do you think, should fury only be able to use 2H weapons, be able to use both as well as one another or have it as it used to be before legion (2H scaling slightly better than 1H for the sake of scaling)?Marko19 7h
11h Fury Downtime 2x Raging Blow 6 sec CD Bloodthirst on 5 sec CD Although Raging Blow has a chance to reset the CD I am still finding myself filling with Whirlwind. Is this s intended if you don't talent Furious Slash? ThanksKrillsey3 11h
13h What talents in pvp? (Prot) What talents you found to have the most effect whilst in pvp? I have been using: -impending victory -bounding strides -unstopable force -bolster/never surrender (not sure which is better in bgs xD) -storm bolt -booming voice -anger mangement Pvp talents are glad medalion, thunderstruck sword and broad and morale killer. I have had fun with this build i sometimes wonder if punish and heavy repecussions with sword and broad would make a gladitor type style with meaty shield slams? Also retri pallies and assasin rouges overtuned atm? They obliterate me xD Im just guessing gear is unbalanced right now or numbers or something aha.Xinwi4 13h
14h Class hall tier display rack bug? Does anyone else have this bug with some tiers not displaying in the warrior hall tier display rack even when you have them collected? https://i.imgur.com/Em2dOeD.jpgMoocg0 14h
14h Arms vanilla vs now There ilterally isn´t any difference other than overpower, execute procs and slam doesn´t have a cast time. It´s like playing vanilla arms warrior without the utility. What the hell is this?!Pondus10 14h
14h Charge is bad in PVP situations The nerf on charge in prepatch I think was little bit over the line. Removing the slow from charge wouldnt be such a problem on its own, but previous legion nerfs putting our slows on GCDs and now nerf putting charge on GCD you can actualy really feel the pain in playstyle with that. It turns nice fluent playstyle into 3 painful as hell foreverlasting globals that you need to use pretty much every time you are trying to hit somebody... Not saying that warrior is bad or anythingm, I actualy do like most of it right now, but as a big class fan I need to say this is once again taking the nice feeling away from us...Ereckthor5 14h
14h Second wind ... useless? Well they didn't change it ... anyone planning on actually picking this talent in real fight ?Stansmash12 14h
14h Arms & War mode how to adapt? Hey All, This is not a “omg blizz fix spec wtf” thread. Im just curious how we adapt? Ive done a few bgs, duels and arenas and a consistant issue i find is that i have no way to recover health unless i: 1) Kill someone/something and use Victory rush 2) lose Stormbolt or double time which then means im easily kited. On occasion someone will stand there and go toe to toe and forget defensives and i have a chance 1v1 but most of the time they use a cd heal and im out of the fight and wait to lose. With a healer id be great but how do i adapt to compete in warmode levelling and such? Do we simply spec into the heal when solo and lose CC and would it improve this issue?Bulk8 14h
14h Arms cannot go live as is As posted in class development: It´s preposterous how you are trying to put away a expansion with so many flaws in class design, it´s bad business, and you will fill it in subs decrease when people notice BFA bring no actual contente compared to previous expansions. But i´m not going to speak about the other classes, there plenty of posts out there, i´m going to speak regarding arms warriors, wich you have been neglecting since WOD alpha. How can you let a class be so underpowered in solo pvp compared to the other dps classes? Zero selfheals, when all the other classes have one. Bad defensive cds, DBTS on a 3min cd makes us unable to compete in duelers guild. Giving our old skills to other classes, improved hamstring to ww monks, our old retaliation to rets and so forth. Not giving us a proper toolkit to deal with other classes, for exemple: Shattering throw: A must vs rets and mages. Demoralizing shout: Vs other melee opponents. Shield Wall: A cd that could be baked into defensive stance as it was in WOTLK. Charge Stun: Rooting isn´t cutting it since the adversary can easily avoid it and we don´t have good catch up mechanics altough the class fantasy states we are highly mobile (we aren´t). Enraged regen: Wotlk, cata version, to keep us alive and increase our survivability a bit more in solo situations. And i could go on and on, yet you reduced our class to a 2/3 button mash with our armor being comparable to cloth armor and no actual means to defend ourselves, it´s not a case of having a healing debuff, it´s a case of other classes having what we have, but better, and performing far better than us in solo content. Sorry but i´m not buying into a company that doesn´t cater to it´s community and turned a blind eye on us for so many years.Morgulin54 14h
14h BEST PVP TALENTS FOR ARMS WARRIOR need to know so I can dish out some beatings >:) (but really if anyone can tell me I will be very thankful)Phatomblade3 14h
15h Antorus set visual glitch Hey, I'm reposting this topic from technical support. I got blue response, ty. Topic closed but ongoing. Antorus warrior set belt is missing some 3D textures. There were plates on both sides of the legs, it looked like those masive pants with added 3D textures on each side. Normally its a part of pants but with this set it was kinda unique and it was part of the belt. This concerns belts of all levels: rf, normal, heroic, mythic and pvp ones too. The problem is they are gone - no side plates on belt (visually on legs).Nostromus0 15h
18h Gcd and why!? Was that Gcd for Charge really needed idk i think its useless....Rákar3 18h
23h Rate the Warrior Transmog above YOU 2.0 The last topic reached posts limit so here we go again... @Mercer 8/10Xwe112 23h
23h 8.0 Fury Warrior PVP Montage - SGSAMI :D Hiiii Guys a lot of you might not remember me... From a couple months ago but i am now back FULL Swing into Battle for Azeroth Pre Patch ! Expect many more HIGHLY Questionable Montages from me xD i know there not the best :( But thanks for your help !! Anyway i made a furry warrior montage for the first video back and idk i am not the best of gear but i feel like Fury Warriors are really weak now :( What you Think ? Link ---> https://youtu.be/Z8J7JY9MG3cYoutubsgsami2 23h
1d Just tried arms in a battleground... So I'm levelling a warrior. It's been great fun so far and mainly because bgs been a blast. Today something happened. I got killed really fast time and again. Other classes seemed to be way better one on one. Now, I dont claim that my experience is the truth, so I post this to get feedback from others. Do you feel pvp in bgs while levelling has turned into one shot heaven with arms warrior as a weak class?Taurenblues19 1d
1d bolster talent not blocking melee attacks i have just tried out the talent in a couple of normal mythic dungeons, it doesn't seem to block incoming melee attacks. Anyone else notice this?Lexxifox1 1d
1d GCD ON RECKLESSNESS IS EQUALLY FUNNY AS AMY SCHUMER remove global cooldown from recklessness it's probably a mistake you made and are not aware of it yet.rotation seems so slow with me having to wait 10 seconds to use abilities after I enhance them with super nerfed version of Battle Cry oh and 'Bloodthirst now has a consistent chance to Enrage you, instead of relying on critical strikes.' sounds like a huge buff but in reality it's bigger nerf than Russia losing 20 million people during ww2.So now even if I crit with recklessness up I'm still not enraged but I will get enraged randomly when I don't really care to bePilavpowa11 1d
1d Skullsplitter It deals low amount of dmg and gives 20 rage. What is it´s purpose in a arms rotatation?Pondus2 1d
1d Specs Hi! Just a quick question for more advanced players. So basically atm fury looks pretty good, but 2 other specs look bad am I right? Have a nice day :)Ladronn4 1d
1d Mastery Stat Weight as Arms Stat Weights Str 2.19 Haste 1.99 Crit 1.94 Vers 1.80 Mastery 0.32 Simmed weights for my char right now are an absolute joke, mastery is so underpowered that its basicly gimping ANY piece of gear its on as there might as wel be NO stats on there im pretty sure on lower gear the value of mastery is even lower even icyveins lists it as a 0.09 dps increase is that even a value? if we keep it like this any piece with mastery on it will be a downgrade/straight up disenchant I know its prepatch but come on, was this even tested? especially since most warriors have ONLY mastery gear right now as arms.Sephoraa6 1d
2d Raging blow not cleaving in pre-patch With the new whirlwind cleave buff that gives you 2 charges (basically it will cleave your next 2 single target abilities to 4 nearby targets with 50% the damage) the thing is , most abilities actually work with this cleave except Raging blow ! ive tried many times to get it to cleave , i simply dont see the numbers as i do with Bloodthirst Rampage or excute , can someone enlighten us if i understood the cleave tooltip wrong ?Ryyx1 2d
2d PvP arms on PTR Been doing a lot, and I mean a lot, of PvP on the PTR (despite that it sucks), and thought I'd fill you guys in what appears to have changed. First of all, and possibly the most important thing, Defensive Stance appears to have been changed to decrease damage taken by 20% and decrease damage dealt by 10%, rather than its old 20/20 tradeoff. Sweeping Strikes has made a return more powerful than ever. For 10 seconds all your abilities cleave 1 target, with full damage and effect, for free and on a short 25 sec CD. This means you can spread Colossus Smash (Arms offensive CD) and proceed to smack a fully buffed Mortal Strike+Execute onto 2 enemies at once. If you want to climb the 3v3 ladder, start planning on a cleave combo. As well as this, the most useful live honor talents remain. Death Sentence, Spell Reflect, Disarm, War Banner, Sharpen Blade etc. Only issue is that once again we're left with no selfhealing.Karanze27 2d
2d Commanding shout is useless? Well everyone is doing way more than 15% of our HP with one global ... why waste a global CD to use this at all I wonder ? To potentially save a teammate I guess ... why not roll a paladin and use hand of protection which is way better ?Stansmash5 2d
2d What is the point in having gcd on charge? Until today i used the same button for charge and some other melee skill. Now when it has gcd its impossible and while I understand putting some skills on gcd whats the point to put charge on it? Am I missing somethign or its just an useless change for the sake of change?Darkirek4 2d
2d Suddenly different animations on fury Ok so, the problem is that my main warrior has different animations for auto attacking and bloodthirst (these are the spells i know) compared to before. Ive noticed that my animations randomly changed, and i think i was going insane but its actually true. Ive made a video of this issue so you can watch it back and confirm that im not insane, i'll link it at the end of the post. I leveled a new warrior to 10 to get dual wield. Equipped 2 two handers and started attacking, and behold, i had different animations. I had the normal (AND CORRECT) dual wield auto attack animation and the correct round-swing bloodthirst animation. On my main i have some wierd upswing with my offhand attack, never seen it before. Bloodthirst is also this spin and then upswing strike instead of the normal round-swing strike. The auto attacks on my level 10 character is also smooth and consistant, on my main its wonky and all over the place with random time in between it feels like. There are also two other forum posts with similar issues, and these are over a year old with still no fix. https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17615691790 https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759116128 The video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_8zo9qd0Blk Does anyone else have something like this?Kyloren1 2d
2d Bored tanking...zzz Tanking Mythic Aggy on my prot war right now....SO bored, SO slow. eughMuserbravo5 2d
2d Guess I wont be a warrior in BFA either Warrior was my first char and my main for 10+ years. It was sad to see that ever since WotLK they dumbed down the class so much that now it resembles nothing to what it used to be. I feel like legion was the worst and it was the first time i changed my main and barely played this character at all. Today after pre-patch I log in to do some bg's and funnily enough Arms has gotten worse. I dont care about numbers or balance or fotm or not. There have been times where warrior was faceroll and times where it was garbage but it's all about gameplay and design. Spell reflect not baseline Recklessness removed 2 of the worst & most boring defenses Dog level mobility Only 1 stance baseline Plate armor means nothing But it's fine, they gave us sweeping strikes back. We have a better than average mortal strike effect (not baseline) and bladestorm is cool if you don't instantly die when you are in a good situation to use it. I logged into prepatch to see how warriors are going to be with hopes of playing one next expac, Guess I won't. Damage is nice, but you barely even get to do dmg in bg's since u get kited or die instantly.Nuwandagg3 2d
2d Tusk farming Question for all you tusk farmers. How many runs did it take you to get them. Im full time farming hc garrosh and have pulled in around 200 runs or so between this and my dk with 40 or so mythic runs. My most recent 100 runs ive seen everything drop off the loot table except the shoulders. Im expecting to hit 1k+ runs but hopeful it might be less. How many runs did it take you?Bulk15 2d
2d plz fix prot warr Hello, I made this character in preparation for BFA and now you've destroyed my life again just like you did with my marksman hunter in legion, and for you must be destroyed if you don't fix protection warrior. With slightly angered regards, Gerður.Gerður4 2d
2d whats the new best talents for arms warrior since legion has now ended I noticed that my old talents are gone so I was like "ah crap oh well off to the forums to ask this question that doesn't make me look like a huge idiot" so anyone know? some help would be nicePhatomblade3 2d
2d Suddenly different animations on fury The other day I noticed that my fury animations changed. My character was no longer doing the standard racial animations for autoattacks and bloodthirst and instead did some of the new legion animations like stormstrike and victory rush. I'm curious if anyone else has noticed a similar thing? The only thing I can correlate it to is that I got the prot challenge skin a couple weeks ago which seems to come with its own flail animation over the standard 1h animations. So I assumed it's some sort of bug of animations getting mixed up when I switch over to fury? But it makes no sense because I tried to pinpoint it and it's not consistent at all. If this is a bug I hope it's not fixed because the animation cycle I see on my char atm really looks cool, if anything these should become the new baseline.Highwínd3 2d
2d Charge bugged? Sometimes the character doesnt charge to the target. You get the CD on it, but you stay at the exact same position. Anyone else got that problem? Playing on a Highmountain Fury warriorFløh5 2d
2d Fury warriors STILL forced to use 2 handed weapons Just let us transmog them to 1 handers already, whats the problem???Tickettoride3 2d
2d What's wrong wtih alliance players? Ok hi there, firstly I want to greet you lads with happy new year, secondly it doesn't mean all alliance players are annoying! I know I play pvp server...but i have common sens not to gang or attack a fellow questing player even, hes from alliance side, I do it in battlegrounds. But at some particular way, only able to attack you wit cheap shots are frost mages and hunter. And it is very sweet they only attack you while you are engaged in fight. Why? quite strong classes and attack behind, is a very weak way. Got ganged today by a hunter twice, the first time I couldn't react before I droped dead, second time I was a bit aware, but as mentioned before, he attacked again, while in combat, so I charged him, got him to 50% of hes HP pool, but unfortunately I had 3 more lades behind me and he disengaded from combat with his ability. I just wanted to share my observation with you fellow warriors, they attack us from behind, because they know it is the only possible way to kill us :DMainijac21 2d
3d Current State of Arms in Beta BfA I am informing you, arms is very, very good. I am writing about PVP ofcourse. Rotation is far better, implemented traits into HoA, less rng, nice talents. It feels fresh. Only miss Heroic Strike to write: PERFECT! Ofcourse there are still 'numbers' scaling and corrections so We will see but calm down. I was thinking about new main on BfA but now... :)Vonhell14 3d
3d I know fury is changing soon, but Now even if fury had the simplest rotation in the world I wouldn't play it because I like arms spec fantasy more. However one of the things that puts me off fury is how complex the rotation seems. Of course people have worked out the optimal way to do damage but it's confusing, why do I have to press these buttons at this time? Why is it 'ABCDBCBCDA' and not 'BCDABCDABC' (example lol)? It's like a maths equation you are supposed to accept but you have no idea why it's true. I mostly pvp and I think the weirdness of the rotation would be distracting in that environment. No idea how it will play in BfA, probably different but still confusing.Cllbones4 3d
3d How weak arms in BfA is? I've just checked a few random stuff in WoWHead BfA talents and abilities: and what I've felt as an arms warrior is... emptiness, we practically have nothing at all. Everyone has so much tools, everyone has everything we have, just better, everything the other classes have are just a better version of the warriors toolkit and they also have more, that what a warrior has. Outlaw rogues have one of the best talent's that actually has no sense of 'reality' [acrobatic strikes] - gives +3 yard range for mele attacks... you jump around and because of that your daggers become longer or what the fk? If it would be renamed as [reach] or [2H weapon mastery] so your learn a way to actually use your larger weapons effectively for their entire reach, that would make sense. Now not only druids, but almost every other mele class will have some baseline passive or practically spammable active source of movespeed bonus, that also gives sow resistance for a time or has a way of at least removing slows/roots from themselfs. The arms spec will be the only one, that has absolutely nothing at all, even furry will have quite a few movespeed increasing and mobility tools. Rogues have a very specific auto attack based slow, that's fine, but even paladins will have 70% slow for 10 sec and another ability will provide it for 3 sec, monks have hamstring, that can root too, furry will have a spammable mini speedboost on top of barbarian for PvP. Arms warriors doesn't even have much of a combination of damage increasing tools, we have 2 big cd if we talent avatar, but that's all other than colossus, which is predictable and easy to handle... our base damage will solely rely on mortal strike and deep wounds, because all of the other abilitied do no damage at all, if you go for fervor, then your filler will do good damage then, but without that, you're hitting big every 6 sec and can even go afk for the rest, because slam is a joke. Massacre is an interesting thing, but everyone else has so much ways to dish out damage, and we're limited to 3 buttons practically, with no other things to do (since we have no utility at all) it will be truly unsatisfying to play arms... and I didn't even talked about our self defense and selfheal... oh yeah, because arms doesn't even have anything to compare with the others...Wearax31 3d
3d BFA ARMS - DO NOT MAIN THIS SPEC Hello guys, I've been playing beta for quite a while now and i have to strongly recommend not to main an arms warrior, if you are considering wpvp/rbg/arenas wait at the very least until 8.1 is around to even consider maining arms, here are my reasons: - Too much movility, dps, burst and/or selfheal; Almost every other class has either one of these aspects or all of them quite defined and they excell at it, arms warrior either lack utility given by the 3 pvp talents or if you get pure damage you lack your "support dps rol" that blizzard tried to implement in legion, the result being you are neither good at dps and burst on cds if you are choosing the all in talents nor good at survavility/self healing if you pick the defensive ones, since we dont have any kind of movility -Sudden Death nerf, after the nerf, sudden death almost never procs the spec feels very very clunky and unfinished. With the charge execute whenever this procced you could at least save the proc a little bit, bait them to use some movement skill and just execute proc/ charge to have uptime, now its an useless talent -Lack of a clear rol in pvp. I honestly do not know how is arms warrior supposed to play in pvp scenarios, we have 1 clear talent build with the rest being utterly trash and a little bit of options in terms of pvp talents but as i mentioned earlier, if you pick support pvp talents or suvavility pvp talents you severely lack in all other aspects (dps/burst, defensive cds) -Movility or lack there of and uptime. With the charge slow being non existant and with our 1sec root being the travel time of the charge, even warlocks with our hamstring gcd slow can kite us quite easily. It is almost impossible to play versus movile class such as monks/dhs and classes that have a lot of resources to cc/slow you can just kite your 20secs charge and heroic leap quite easily and burst you in the midtime. -We severly lack def cds; this is a HUGE problem, since disarm/spell reflect is on pvp talents and are not baseline, we are sacrificing to VERY VERY important talents to stay offensive and have any sort of pressure upon the enemy, and if you choose not to pick them, you have one defensive cd providing that you are 100% in def stance since if you are not you can just die on a stun like a cloth class. -Bladestorm nerf, i do not know if this is a bug or it is intended but whenever any class disarms you you cannot bladestorm out of it anymore, making it even easier to kite warriors. In conclusion and since blizzard has already said that they will not change core mechanics and just tweek numbers and we keep getting the nerf hammer, it seems like BFA will be a caster heavy expansion and warriors cannot tank their damage or have uptime and when you finally reach on stun, you have to spend 2 gcds on offensive cds and 2 gcds on actual habilities making our dmg a practical joke. I trully hope blizzard will do SOMETHING about the state of the spec since in pvp is actually trash tier in my opinion; if on launch / 120 this stays the same i'll have to quit the game.Âlgo29 3d