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1h Odd fury weapon placement Hello I have been leveling this warrior. I would like to play fury more since it feels quicker spec to level with. Only its weapon placement annoys me and makes me eventually switch to arms until I get bored of its slowness and switch back to fury. With weapon placement I mean that they dont get sheathed properly after fight. While I mount, for some reason my character wants to insert the huge weapons inside its mouth. Is my warrior sad? Is my warrior trying to commit a suicide each time I mount? Swords trough head. With maces attempt to stuff them inside the characters mouth. It goes away with manually sheathing weapons, but I forget to do it everytime before mounting. Is there a way to stop it from happening? Thanks.Mizziks0 1h
2h What do you hate as warrior? I’m making this thread because I’m a little bit dubitative about what I should do as a demolock in arenas when facing a warrior. I always have the feeling it’s an uphill battle, where warrior can afk me and cancel whatever I’m trying to do. In 3’s, it’s hard especially when they play with some casters I’m getting afk’d whole game and we usually loose. We keep destroying rmps and jungles but everytime there is a warrior it’s 90%+ of the time a loss. In 2’s? I stopped 2’s because of warriors especially when paired with a shaman. What do you guys feel when facing a demolock? How can the lock be dangerous for you (and your team since I care way more about 3s)? Friends on a break so just pugging right now, I will try stuffs advised here. This is not a rant every class has strength and weakness, but it feels here there is a “match”, like your class has for strength what mine hates the most. Note: talking about arm, no issue with fury. But arms tankiness and small cd paired with a burst able to kill me alone if my healer is cc unless I pop a cd or stone is.. discouraging.Tchot14 2h
10h Protection Mage Tower Post Revenge Nerf How are your tries dudes ? MY best try was 16 million left on Kruul , but i still wipe one first time cause of RNG :/ RNG + Nerfed DPS is always a bad idea Blizzard 150 Tries now .... starting to lose interest in WOW altogether :/Metalhoof13 10h
14h Slam sound Hello, could you change the sound of Slam to what it was before? It was great, and now it sounds like hitting enemies with leather strap on their bare skin. Maybe fetishists like it but I have synesthesia and because of it Arms Warrior is unplayable for me. :/Kharren1 14h
18h Arms vs Ret Looking for some help vs Rets in 1v1 PVP. I can never seem to beat them at all and its really annoying me! Duel Starts, they always wings and HOJ, i trink HOJ, Use fear, they trink and i stormbolt and run until wings are down, if i need to parry or disarm ill do this as well. Everything up until the point they bubble goes Pitch perfect but as soon as auto bubble hits they heal up and i cant out pace them for the 2nd half of the fight. Any tips here?Ircloudfx9 18h
1d Rate the Warrior Transmog above YOU 2.0 The last topic reached posts limit so here we go again... @Mercer 8/10Xwe79 1d
1d Fury battleground playstyle? I been mostly tanking on this toon but recently tried battlegrounds with fury spec. Can someone explain the playstyle. I was looking around and only found one place that says to "kite". So what does that mean for fury? I found out that just jumping into a large pack of enemies typically leaves me dead in less than 3 secs even when I pop defensive CDs. So I tried entering a battle late so that I'm less likely to be focused. This leaves me with the second challenge that the so called "burst" of fury (avatar, cry, rampage, nelth fury, bloodthirst, raging blow) usually doesn't take more than 20% of the targets HP unless I can find one who has already spent all CDs or one that luckily doesn't know when to use them.Bøllebank0 1d
3d Fury needs new animation As the title says Fury needs new combat idle animations especially Male Orcs, like literally, when your in combat idle Both weapons just blocks your face and your face is like half-way into your shoulders and transmogs and your shoulders is just also blocking everything... it looks so clunky and squished, lacklustre compared to other races. This is just my opinion. since orcs are now being able to stand upright why not let us have a better looking combat idle animation? just saying if your going to just stand upright and then go back to being hunched in combat what's the point? thanks.Goremash1 3d
3d In what sense is arms the mobile spec? The description of arms is hard hitting attacks and superior mobility, but when I compare the specs that's just not true at all. In what sense is arms more mobile than fury? They both have access to Double Time amd both can grab Bounding Stride. Hell, fury can even get 2 additional charges on their heroic leap in PvP, there is nothing that suggests arms is mobile at all.Karanze5 3d
4d Why blood elf warriors have different animations? Speaking for the Blood elf male Slam animation, why is every other race/gender combo using the new baseline slam animation (the swing) while we are still using the old blood elf special attack animation? It's nice and all but also a bit too flashy for a skill we are forced to spam every second...I am just puzzled, why we are using the only different slam animation?Incu1 4d
4d BFA :prot warrior nerf ( I am happy) I am really happy that finally prot warriors will be put where their place is : absorbing dmg but having 0 ( Yes I mean 0 ) self healing. Now currently they do have 0 self heal its just those legendary bracers "Mannoroth" which give them some hp/s. With BFA coming out we will have a very low chance of seeing the effect of those bracers being tuned into an ability/trait. Also Ignore pain has been changed in BFA. It now lasts 4 seconds has 12 sec CD and makes 60% of dmg taken to be absorbed by your rage. That is a straight forward nerf which is still welcome considering the overpoweredness of ignore pain throughout Legion. (especially Emerald Nightmare)Bornog10 4d
6d 2947 Warrior | Arena Montage Hello there, I have spent last few days editing and polishing this montage so I hope you enjoy it! :D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iKHZ2U4pke0&lc=z23rdpyjkzn1itov5acdp431mbds30eo535pmcgyrm5w03c010cChili0 6d
6d Devastate is still on GCD in BFA. WTB Sunder Speak out against this. Rage. make threads. Dont let this god awful idea reach final release in 4 months. Devastator is nerfed 50 % damage. Rage is removed and the shield slam proc chance is nerfed 10 %. Blizz want us to use Indominable again but that means a GCD locked devastate that clunks up the ideal rotation. If you actually like pressing that horrific button. Please tell me why as opposed to shield slam, revenge, thunderclap etc. If you dont, go in game and suggest blizzard to stop this. Whatever they do. Even if they dont remove deva, ask them to remove that terrible GCD lock. Personal suggestion as to what can replace Devastate == First of all, make Devastator a baseline passive so we maintain damage output via auto attack and proc rate on shield slam, without this ever clunking up rotation. Second, give us back Sunder Armor to give us some dot upkeep every 20-30 seconds thatll contribute with additional team damage on a boss. Making it a meaningful button to press that we can afford to apply without getting annoyed. Please speak up guys, if you agree with this. Otherwise apply for beta access and go try deva right now. Its horrendous and I cannot imagine how awful itll be to raid with this. Which again might potentially be necessary since Devastator is nerfed 50 % as well as its rage gain and proc chance. Edit: I realize I made a tiny mistake. It seems that Devastate is on GCD on legion atm. But I play with Devastator 99 % so I never realized. But my overall idea stands. The ability sucks and is clunky as hell.Hellscreãm7 6d
6d Rant thread about Arms and Colossus in BFA Just some QQ and otherwise venting towards the blizzard fun police. Last I checked one of the best things about Arms since we got Colossus smash was pressing....colossus smash. It was a fun, unique, cool ability with a nice animation and yeah. Here comes BFA and now Colossus smash is no longer a proc, its just a 45 second CD you barely see now. And outside of EVERYTHING else.... it just makes me wonder how out of touch Blizzard are with warriors. I recall a thread long ago about Warriors vs Fury and a guy commented that no matter how strong Fury is and epic in their 1 shot macros, Colossus smash was always the better feeling overhead badass swing. Dude was upvoted heavily. People enjoyed the unique feature to Arms. And whenever it procced it was fun to click although underwhelming in damage since legion. It was fun and cool. Unique. And now its just another CD on the GCD..... because pummel animations from Overpower is fun to watch ? because more slam spam animation is fun to watch? God forbid we actually have fun playing our classes anymore as warriors. If you are, more power to you, dear reader. I personally feel since MOP we're being !@#$ on. Why are you so hellbent, Blizzard, on making warrior so streamlined, linear, generic and simplistic to play. Why can't we have stance dancing back? Why can't all warriors get the big defensive cds of MOP back to help us survive? This class fantasy bull%^-*.... is destroying warriors. IMO, of course.Hellscreãm4 6d
6d Different gcd lengths Please stop this gcd nonsense. If you want something on gcd, fine do whatever makes your game worse. But don't have different length gcds, this is such major aids.Tungvint0 6d
15 May Zandalari Troll concerns... heard they use the same Model as N811, does that mean they have the same Walking/running/attacking/dancing animations?? i hope not..Silvanoshei3 15 May
15 May Protection: Initial Thoughts on mostly Shield Block In no peculiar extremely rambley order; 4 second shield block feels urggh, I much preferred the move to aiming to maintain shield block permanently and punishing those tanks who didn't. It felt good, intuitive, powerful,drove the itemization choices and buffed your damage via Earthen Scales, and heavy Repercussions. I feel you almost should take the Passive Armour buff from Defensive stance and roll it into Shield Block; make Shield block closer to how Bone Shield works for DK, keep it up or make your healers cry. I recall looking at the Heavy Repercussions talent for the first time in the Legion Beta, and being super excited, and then being super agonized when looking at Anger Management because it was going to be a super difficult choice. Now because shield block has such a low base duration it feel super finicky as I feel I need to manage the shield block widow either by delaying shield block for a Shield Slam CD or reset (which hurts your your suvivability) or delaying a shield slam for a shield block charge (which hurts your rage gen), either of which feel like a pain in the !@#, or just forgo it all and hope, which feels like a massive devaluation of Heavy Repercussions, goodbye interesting talent choice. Costwise I also feel something is a little off; Shield block costs 40 rage, Prot can intercept the boss for 15 rage, and shield slam the boss for another 15 rage, and then Thunderclap for an additional 5? i'm still short 5 rage and i'm 3 GCDs into fight. Is prot just expected to eat the first boss swing (for the the rage)? Am I meant to pre-pull Intercept a friendly (how dreary), is Vengeance just meant to be answer to that? Is taking Devastator and hoping to proc back to back Shield Slams? Feels like we might be in a similar place to where Blood DKs in Cata where they are fine once they've got Bone shield up, but until then, they needed to be pocketed and still occasionally went squish. It was not fun and the player base perception of that lingered for a long time, even after gear and buffs made it go away. 15 second CD on intercept - Thank you; I still miss our Wrath/Cata mobility so this is a change i'm very grateful for. Heroic Leap -Please go watch Infinity war, or Thor: Ragnarok, look at the lightning effect Thor has when he leaps into combat, https://youtu.be/g3iSfmYvX9U?t=255. Can we please have a lightning visual effect attached to Heroic leap (baseline, cosmetic glyph?). You could use the Spark of Ionar NPC (in halls of lightning), embed one in the character models head and and one in the chest for the duration of the leap ( maybe half a second after?) or use the Lightning Surge visual effect form the pillars in the Troves of the Thunder King. Port warriors have had Thunderclap for a decade, Stormbolt for 6 years, can we have a little bit more lightning?, maybe add some more thunder Shockwave? One handed Spears - Go watch 300, or Troy or just look at Finna Bjornsdottir. Spear and shield is a thing. Can it be a Prot warrior thing too? She's Literally one of the first followers we get in Legion, surely some Prot warriors seen the advantage of sword on a stick. Shortarse Goblin's are dying for longer handles! You wouldn't even need to make more animations since all the one-handed animations would work since the already work for fury warrior transmogs! And they dual wield spears, like who actually does that? Entire armies were built on spear and shield. Gungnir should have been Prot's artifact weapon. TLDR: Shield Block changes bad, intercept change good, more thunder and spears!Tengenstein3 15 May
13 May 300 movie Prot War Philosophy for BFA Prot warrior physical mitigation idea = https://youtu.be/HdNn5TZu6R8?t=88 Prot warrior Ranged damage mitigation idea: https://youtu.be/KbAjN8w-6mw?t=25 Have us toggle a Phalanx ability alike defensive stance for Arms that lowers our mobility a bit but lowers all frontal melee damage by 30-40 % Whenever we fight a spellcaster or ranged dps we will use a new version of Shield Block ability alike what we got now, except we form a fixed animation alike phalanx above, that lasts for 5-6 seconds where we lower all frontal ranged and magic DPS by 50 60 % whilst we advance or just hold our ground. For balance we will of course offshoot our DPS during this time because we are a tanking class. So whenever we pop these abilities in Phalanx Mode we deal 20 % less damage or more. And when using Shield Block versus ranged and magic we deal 30-40 % less damage. A tank is designed to take damage. Always was. The spartan Shields UP idea resides so deeply in the protection warrior. All the way back in vanilla. Blizzard. BFA is your chance to make us fun to play using these ideas. Prot on the beta is not feeling very good. Aside from the fact that we are extremely squishy, healer reliant, our mitigation is atrocious, unreliable, the cooldowns are too long and bolster is just press and forget. What kills it for me more than ever is the fact that you prioritze us on only dealing damage now instead of lowering it. And thats just not the prot warrior to me. Please listen to the feedback so many prot warrriors are giving you. And consider the 300 idea. Pressing bolster and forgetting it is really boring and bland. But to press an ability that gives you class fantasy and a sense of identity, unique feel is great. And honestly. Who doesn't love the spartan phalanx? After all, the phalanx existed in Warcraft 3 with the alliance Footman. Shield Block had the footman raise his shield in a defensive posture until cancelled and deflected all incoming ranged damage and lower melee damage ( if memory serves concerning the melee dps) Offshoot factor here as well was that footmen dealt less damage contrary to the grunt etc. TL:DR Prot BFA doesn't feel good. its clunky, its weak and unfun. And we feel more like we're dealing damage than reacting to lowering damage upon us. Revert to MOP or embrace new ideas with Leonidas as your guide. Please guys. make our spec fun to play. It hasn't been for a long time. No matter how it works from a technical point of view. Technically functional doesn't necessarily equal Fun to PlayHellscreãm0 13 May
13 May Good warrior names plz :) Hey. Im making Night Elf female warrior and i can't decide what name to choose so if you have some good names, tell me. :) Thanks!Rapatauski152 13 May
13 May Are warriors bad in PvP? Despite thunder/turbo/WLS and all that juicy stuff, I can't help but feel warriors seem to be bad in PvP when looking at the ladder. Don't get me wrong, I personally don't have any issues with the class on my level, where I often feel relevant and top the damage meters, but so far there are only 2 warriors in top 75 on both 2v2 and 3v3, and 0 warriors in RBG top 100. On the other hand I spot a large amount of druids, priests, paladins and shamans, which beckons the question. Are warriors bad in PvP? Is it a better choice to try and reach gladiator with a different class?Karanze3 13 May
13 May Bfa wants and needs Things I want to see as arms warr in bfa. Charge stun Hamstring off gcd and roots when applied while already slowed (same as ww) Stances Shield bash for d stance that inturupts Shield wall The old recklessness Old banners Baseline safeguard/intercept Spellreflect/shield bash/ shield wall / d stance to requireshields and 1h Thank you please Make warrior fun againOpa8 13 May
13 May Arms does way LESS damage than Fury in Battlegrounds? Is it just me or does Arms to significantly LESS damage than Fury in Battlegrounds? When playing as Arms it seems all my damage comes from: 1) Rend (ok, this one is useful damage) 2) Bladestorm (not really useful damage, just gets used on big groups) 3) Execute (this is from my team members lowering the enemy player's health and I just snipe the kill) Seems like arms can't actually kill anything on it's own, it can only snipe kills from the more useful team mates. Maybe I am wrong, but how?Paladdin9 13 May
13 May BFA : Arms warrior ? What's this arms warrior rework everyone is talking about ? could anyone give me a lead or explain to me how things are going to be please ?Basaker16 13 May
11 May Fury Warrior LOW DPS I did everything in my power and im currently doing about 200m dmg per boss in Antorus... Please help me.Aënar15 11 May
11 May How is Warrior? PvP / Solo DELETED - Managed to find my answer elsewhere :)Urgashak2 11 May
10 May One-Handed weapons disabled for fury in BFA When you equip one handed weapons instead of two handed you can't cast any of your damaging abilities. Is this intentional? I know 2H dual wield is more popular but I prefer 1H aestetic and because it's more realistic. What do you think, should fury only be able to use 2H weapons, be able to use both as well as one another or have it as it used to be before legion (2H scaling slightly better than 1H for the sake of scaling)?Marko7 10 May
10 May Why is arms so bad in PVP? See title. Fury is 10x more dmg and easier.Thunderized6 10 May
09 May Inner Rage Viable? so i've been wondering about Inner Rage and Bloodbath So can you play Inner Rage Everyone i ask just say bloodbath and ive tried it but i hate it so much its insane so can inner rage Be viable? (PVE)Darhling5 09 May
09 May Regarding BFA arms I see a ton of people talking positive about it, and it should apparently be somewhat like MoP arms (aka golden age arms), but I didn't play arms back then so can someone give their opinion on the changes?Karanze5 09 May
07 May Speed buff U know that talent which makes u mover faster for 15 sec if u kill a mob, for me it only works when I kill mobs in legion, I find it pretty annyoing that I dont get the buuff when I am farming mogs from old raids.Warsum2 07 May
04 May 7.1 new useful Heroic Leap macro /cast [@cursor] Heroic Leap It casts Heroic Leap at your cursor, saving you mousing there and then clicking. Although you won't see the area circle, you can still max range Leap by aiming beyond the radius (that came early on in Legion/end of WoD I believe). Sounds confusing but try it. P.s !@#$ the Hamstring change and give back Charge stunSaiyka7 04 May
04 May Important note from Loremaster Jalipeon This is my first forum post. I really like playing my Warrior and it feels like I'm the king of the mountain everytime I charge into an enemy. Long live Warriors. Be like me. Be brave. See you in Trade Chat. P.S. I actually like Horde alot more but that's okay. P.P.S. I'm not happy about my transmog :(Jalipeon5 04 May
01 May Last beta build Avatar? The new build bring alot of changes for prot warrior there are few that i dont really understend guess have to wait till tommorow to check it live. The thing about lvl 45 talents - Avatar , Unstoppable Force , Best served cold - Unstoppable Force (New) Avatar increases the damage of Thunder Clap by 100%, and reduces its cooldown by 50%. Protection Warrior - Level 45 Talent. Does it mean Avatar is baseline for Protection but the why does the notes still state him as lvl 45 talent? Could see Avatar replace Recklessness for protection but when iam checking the talents and new spells in beta it seems warrior could be good for m+ and bring some good things like lvl 30 talent Safeguard to transfer 30% of dmg taken in 6 sec when u intercept an ally.Buckyy2 01 May
30 Apr Night Elf or Human? Choose for me please! lol Returning; Going to main a warrior for BFA. Night Elf or Human? This is based purely on aesthetics and nothing else. Essentially a poll, I know people say play what you think looks coolest; I find them both equally as cool! Shadowmeld is extremely useful (although requires a high skillcap) Second trinket is always a sweet option. This is why it's difficult, so base it purely on cosmetics!Retcleave25 30 Apr
29 Apr Prot T21 Anyone else feel like the p2 bonus should have been baseline for the spec?Livía4 29 Apr
28 Apr Dps trouble (fury) Raiding wit my guild, im bottom doing 1mill dps sustained. I feel with my gear i should be doing much higher. Is fury very rotation senestive? (I do mess up on it a few times.) Should I put enchanting haste instead of mastery? Any tips or feedback will help thank you.Xinwi2 28 Apr
28 Apr I die a lot Started doing the invasion dailies. On one of them I died 5 times. Not looking for a tissue or sympathy (as if) but is this fairly normal for this level aka my dps feels like I'm trying to cut down a tree with a fish!Amuria5 28 Apr
27 Apr (Fury) Is there a build less reliant on Enrage? I really like fury spec but after playing the spec on and off for the expansion I still find it hard to time my skills with Enrage correctly. I never raid, I just play dungeons and open world content. Is there a build and certain stats I can get to make me less reliant on Enrage? Thank youKorugar1 27 Apr
26 Apr wanting to go warrior tank in BFA througout legion ive mostly played the brewmaster however i wanna switch it up for bfa . question is how is prot doing right now because id like to get the prot mage tower skin before the expansion ends and if there gonna be any fun in bfa.Wonguun13 26 Apr
25 Apr Fresh warrior inc! Hi all, Soon (when im able to get the last 1000 rep with Highmountain), i will use my 110 boost to get a 110 Highmountain Tauren Warrior - my first warrior ever. I am totally excited and look forward to playing the class - a class i have had no experience with what so ever (i have druid, monk, shaman, pala and priest at 110, hunter and DK at 100). What can you guys tell me about the class? What do you love about, what do you hate? Do you have any cool tricks? Tell me about warriors! Cheers!Tempyst2 25 Apr
24 Apr Bloodbath/Avatar Build Dps gaps. Hey I have been reading more and more about Fury as of late and cannot fathom the sustainability of the Bloodbath and Avatar build compared to Wrecking ball and Inner Rage alternatives. I have ran a few sim results and the Bloodbath build seems to show 1.5 million results partnered with the Legendary ring with massacre Soul of the blah blah, and also the beserker Legs. However when I came to trying out the build I found one minute my dps was 1.5 million next it was 600k..... So what am i doing wrong? Usual rotation is Charge in pop Avatar Battlecry and Bloodbath get rampage up and then Odins fury, whack a few Raging blows try to get a bloodthirst crit in at the end to then refresh Rampage... dps looks good and then......Flatlines..... So what do I do next? I have Convergence of Fates which I read helps with this build a lot however now i am finding that there is no line up of buffs after the initial burst pull. Battle cry may refresh 40 seconds after but everything else has cooldowns so....... Do I wait to use it which would render the Trinkets value as useless? and line up another Odins fury with it or? Pop it with just bloodbath. which then means I will end up with Odins fury off cooldown waiting for Battlecry and somewhere about a year later get Avatar off cooldown too? it just feels too heavily dependent on cooldowns to be of any use? or sustain a good dps. What am I doing wrong what should I be holding off on using and what should i ensure is partnered at all times. I hate staring at Odins fury off cooldown waiting for battlecry, and vice versa. because at the minute I just feel after the first burst I only manage to line up Battle cry with one other buff. Regards TonnkaTonnka4 24 Apr
24 Apr Warrior and rogues So I used to play rogue back in wotlk and I got angry how I die very quickly with no ability to heal and resist any damage. Sure, I had stealth and vanish and that somewhat increased my survivability but still, I realize that this is not the class for me. Then I switched to warrior. Since then I found my class and I've been playing it and probably will continue to play it in the future. Now, I started playing Arms but the lack of heals means doing world content was impossible and I died alot in raids while rogues (and paladins and some other classes) survived one shot mechanics due to second life(cheat death, auto buble). Nowdays when people do +15 with no healer players are EXPECTED to have self sustain and sure, I can equip the bracers but still that wouldn't be enough sometimes. I switched to fury and I am enjoying it a lot but now I realize that without defensive stance I am just like rogue with no stealth. And while rogues can stun / blind / sap etc, warriors can't. I switched from rogue to warrior especially to be more tanky and stay alive, instead this expansion I feel rogues are the more tanky DPS with evasion / cloak / vanish / cheat death ... My point here - warriors should have defensive stance to feel like warrior and not like rogue with no stealth / CC. Hopefully in BfA we can equip 1hander and shiled to switch to that defensive position when needed. P.S. Pruning was bad idea.Stansmash0 24 Apr
24 Apr How to cancel enrage I was just yolo experimenting with fury selfheal build in PVP as immortality yolo and I thought it would be great to be able to cancel enrage passivly just for the extra survival. The problem is casual /cancelaura macro doesnt work for this. Anyone got idea how to do it?Ereckthor3 24 Apr
23 Apr Arms vs Fury ( PvE and PvP) Hello, Which spec is better for PvE and PvP ? Both specs seems very fun, but cant to choose ;/ Any advice ?Soldii8 23 Apr
22 Apr Tier 21 fury I got the 4 set... should i be running bloodbath for max dps?Xinwi1 22 Apr
22 Apr Pain Train Unless you play warrior/dh or TSG don't take this ability it just sucks. Thank you.Isheartears0 22 Apr
20 Apr Mythic Performance As Arms Hey All, Just curious if its possible to consistantly perform well as Arms in mythic content. Raiding Mythic Antorus yesterday i found my DPS to be heavily RnG orientated. Sometimes i would go a full CS cd without a tactician proc or aylas meaning my DPS dropped like a stone. Pull by pull my dps was fluctuating by 300k+ and even at 965 equipped could not match other similarly geared classes. So my question is, are Arms warriors truely viable DPS wise when matched against other classes?Bulk5 20 Apr
19 Apr Recklessness(Battle Cry) on GCD - Warrior Animation It's the stupidest thing you've come up with yet. "Finally, while we wouldn't make a gameplay change solely for this reason, there is some additional upside to being able to better telegraph the activation of a major cooldown via animation and visuals. For example, Battle Cry/Recklessness has a warcry animation associated with it, but in practice that visual is virtually never seen, since it's usually overriden by an attack animation milliseconds later. When you're used to a specific ability being off the GCD, there is some learned muscle memory that will make for a jarring experience when that changes. Or abilities that have always been macroed together may now need to be split out into two separate keybinds. Thus, we realize that initial reactions to the change are likely to be mixed at best. But we're making these changes with an eye towards long-term improvement to the pacing and feel of combat, as outlined above." Speaking of Animations... Here's the list of Warrior abilities that uses the SAME warcry animation you want us to look at when popping BC/recklessness: Battle Cry Avatar Taunt Piercing Howl Enraged Regeneration Initimidating Shout Bloodbath Beserker Rage Commanding Shout Defensive Stance Die By The Sword Dragon Roar Death Wish(PvP) Demoralizing Shout Last Stand Ignore Pain "VIRTUALLY NEVER SEEN" The end.Jamesblond6 19 Apr