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1h Stop with the Crit!!! Why is there so much critical strike on the warrior tier gear. I barely use crit in my main specc as Prot, same with my off specc as fury. As far as I know Arms don't use much crit either, so why the insistence in putting so much on our tier gear? And it's not just the tier, all of the artifact weapons have it on them too. Surely blizzard can be smarter than to put warriors weakest stats on EVERY piece of our gear?Ráyven3 1h
2h Prot warrior rage generation nerf is too big. We are already starving on rage as it is. The CORE issue is that IP absorbs too much of the damage intake, not the rage generation. What will happen now is that we dont have anything to cast instead to mitigate our dmg intake. And since we don't have any means to heal ourselves in any way, we will literally just EAT the full dmg for the first 5-7 seconds after intercepting. On bosses like Ursoc, this can sadly mean we're not viable for bosses like these anymore. I really hope Blizzard read our feedback regarding prot warriors, because I fear that this will break prot warriors. Prot warriors need a nerf, but do not touch the rage generation, it's already ridicoulus how much you spam devastate. I hope sincerely they revert this rage generation nerf and nerf the actual issue instead. Sco's opinion regarding this change; https://www.facebook.com/methodsco/posts/791057957700505 Asmongold also said that this will definately be able to put us in a very bad position sadly.Rozmack19 2h
2h Convergence of fates So, this trinket has eluded me since NH came and now im not sure i want to spend more coins on elisande due to getting behinde on iLvl in heroic. So im wondering what im missing, how big of a dps increase is it for a furywarrior with ilvl 896+ with Dos? Cheers! /frustrated furyEinherier6 2h
2h Rate the Warrior transmog above you As the topic title states: rate that mog, last one already reached its limitWarmachine449 2h
3h Prot - dropping 4 piece in favor of a better item? i currently run with helm, shoulders, cloak, gloves, despite icy-veins saying the legs are bis but with those stats they are terrible, instead i have a socketed chrono-tempered legplates i got a 910 mastery-haste cloak from the weekly, so would it be advised to replace my 890 set cloak with this, losing 4 piece but gaining quite a bit of stats in the process? what do you other tanks think about this? given the make-up of nighthold bosses and magic damage vs physicalRamanu1 3h
12h Protection Warrior - Artifact Spell and HP pool I know that there is a clasic justification regarding the health pools of tanks. They say that leather cannot mitigate that much physical dmg so he needs more HP. This logic seems kinda broken. If you remove one variable(armor) just to replace it and balance it with some other variable(more hp) whats the point in having an advantage in armor or wearing a plate? In that logic, if there will ever be a cloth tank it should have 10 million hp? I mean WTF? If you check NH fights, its actually HP pool that matters most and not armor... More HP -> easier especially on magic dmg fights. Great logic! In sort I think prot warriors have to get a buff on base HP pool (same goes for prot paladins), and reduce the bonus hp of talent Indominable which is also kinda useless. Lets say you can buff 10% flat hp, and make the indominable talent with less +15% or +20% hp and Ignore pain maximum effect lets say 30-35% stronger instead of just 25%. Moreover, Neltharion's Fury also needs to be reworked. It only needs to have static channeling removed (forcing player to stand still while channeling). You have to make it work as Shield block, you know, being able to move etc... In addition, also out of topic here, Crackling Thunder needs a bit of buff, do it 75% instead of 50%. I am just sayin... Any thoughts?Fouskas5 12h
15h Those of you not using Inner Rage I'd love to know why. To me, it seems like this is the talent everyone takes on the row and I 100% understand why because that's why I do. But those of you that in most circumstances don't use Inner Rage, I really just want to know why. Is it more for to you? Do the other talents excel in certain situations? Do they really feel like they flow better than Inner Rage? ThanksTzaeroth4 15h
17h Skyhold Dropoff Bug So, whenever I choose a landing site from Skyhold, sometimes I DC, and end up in aszuna... when will this be fixedEmilïa0 17h
17h Warrior Fury and Dps Hi! I'm leveling a fury warrior and I think that will be my main (the DH has a little bored me), to damage as we are made? and above all I would like consocere the pros and cons of fury, I thank you in advance! Sorry for my english!Kuzeen0 17h
18h Approx how long did it take to get Prot hidden skin? i've been visiting this cave for the last 6 weeks and it hasn't spawned yet, seriously getting tired of coming here for this cool skin how long did it take you guys?Ramanu8 18h
20h Noob Questions got couple questions for you all timer warriors. Does Spell reflect work on DH rain from above? Does rampage benifit from Enrage effect if you using it while you already enraged or before you get enraged? or at all? does Piercing Howl break people stealth? i used it on rogue and he came out of stealth before but not sure if it was cos of it or something else made him break stealth. Thanks in advance.Mclothar2 20h
21h Challenge skin? No thanks Guess who's not doing the challenge appearance quest? Yours truly.....because as it has been tradition troughout legion, everything arms related has to be the worst, worst spec, worst order hall, wost looking artifact (yeh stromcrap), worst looking armors, worst class mount (retarded dragon with tiny hands) and now the worst looking challenge artifact design, looking like a piece of crap with lights.....seriously, can devs be more blatant on the hate?Morgulin4 21h
22h Need help with arms Hey all, I recently dinged 110 yesterday but i need help with the arms rotation. I am usign the FR build on icy veins but I have literally no idea when I should be using FR and when not. Because of this I always end up rage starving myself an looking like an idiot. (talents I have now are the ones i pvp with and leveled with) When I was in 790 gear I was doing about 105k dps with FR build and 90-105k dps with my current talent selection. So any tips on talent choices and help with the rotation would be much apprieciated. (My gear has wrong stats but I am just tryin to get ilevel so i can que heroic dungs.) And if anyone is able to could they tell me how much dps I should be doing at 820 ilevel and 840 ilevel? Thanks to anyone that took time out of their day to help me!Krengoth7 22h
22h Tier 20 piece bonuses feedback! Hello there! Time for some more feedback and this time about our new T20 set pieces which are coming along with the new raid after 7.2 hits :)! 2p set bonus: While Ravager or Bladestorm is active you cast a total of 4 Mortal strikes if you have chosen Ravager and 6 Mortal strikes if you have Bladestorm. Straight forward piece bonus, which makes BS useful on single target too. It is fine as it is and I think its really good. 4p set bonus: Colossus Smash reduces the cooldown of Ravager by 1.3 seconds and the cooldown of Bladestorm by 2 seconds. Pretty bad on this one! The reason is simple. We will all agree that the spec is heavily rng dependant so 1.3 seconds reductions and 2 respectively depending if you have chosen ravager doesnt really seem too good and you cant rely on it. We want to make as much use as we can on our 2piece bonus but these numbers on cd reductions are not good and probably can ruin the spec if RNG doesnt favour us. Suggestion for the 4p set bonus: The suggestion is pretty simple as well. Make the numbers better. For example the 1.3 seconds on ravager cd reduction should be 2 seconds and the 2 seconds on Bladestorm should be 3 seconds. A little better cd reduction numbers will ensure (not 100% though) that we wont be killed by bad RNG. Also a better suggestion (thanks a lot Sareck for this one) is that you can replace CS on the 4p bonus with Mortal strike. This will simply function the same way as CS and MS reset at the same time and also It will make Mortal combo a bit more competitive and finally give us the opportunity to chose! :) Cheers :)! I will try to update the post with any ideas or more suggestions that I will think of. Further suggestions to me are highly appreciated from all the fellow warrios :). Thanks.Honorfist5 22h
1d Furious Charge and Battle Trance switch i really think those 2 talents should be switched, Battle trance should be normal talent while Furious charge honor talent for fury warrior. or just give us Battle trance cos we really do need that in pve more than furious charge since no one run away from you basically it be more helpful. nothing game breaking and the situation will be exactly the same in pvp.Mclothar2 1d
1d warrior protection hidden artifact skin Alright. The warrior protection hidden artifact skin was not obtainable for some time, which is okay. Now we needed AK 5 for it, which of course, is also fine, you have to do something in order to get something. The thing is, i have watched countless of videos, read dozens of comments on wowhead and al this really depended on was rng by logging in and out in a specific location in highmountain... All i want now is some dam certainty.. even if i have to do every mithic dungeon 3 times, i still wouldn't care because i know i will get it at some point but this is just getting... Does anybody have some recent information on this? Preffered information AFTER the maintaince?Akumatr6 1d
1d Tusks of Mannoroth Farm Greetings to you, sons and daughters of the Horde! This is your friendly neighbourhood from Russia. For those of you who have an unstopabble wish for having those badass shoulders - http://www.wowhead.com/item=103785/tusks-of-mannoroth. Sign in right now, for forming a dream team that gonna get them for you. All you need is to have a 100lvl character for the Horde. decent gear and lots of those things - http://www.wowhead.com/currency=776/warforged-seal. Farm based on using your seal for an extra loot, when you're killing Garrosh in heroic mode (we have cd, don't worry). Commonly farming starts at 18:00 according to the The Moscow Standard Time Zone (It's 3 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time: GMT+3). My BattleTag: Ruiss#2392, just wait for me, when I start spamming about tusks. And yes - tusks still drops in WoD, but with the low drop rate as they were in MoP. Have a nice day!Грифтэр413 1d
1d Fury - too much haste? So atm my stats are sitting at 28% haste and 35% mastery with leg helm/cape and 4 set and dos/cof. But I kinda feel like I'm missing on some good damage because of low mastery. I know I can get away with like 24% haste if I can get 40%+ mastery. But I don't know what pieces to get that are better. Maybe I should even regem to mastery and use mastery food instead? Thoughts?Blademike9 1d
1d Ymiron model Everyone saw his model in Maw of Souls ,its a new model of Vrykul . Why he locks like in WTLK and not like in Legion content . They should renew his old model not to keep the older. I feel this is like a copy paste. What do you have to say about this models of our followers?Ileador2 1d
2d Arms or Fury? Give me your most subjective opinions. I dont care much about the numbers, theyre almost the same anyway on most rankings, but someone with experience would be able to tell me how both specs feel.Kadreth11 2d
2d What makes warriors be stuck at 1hp? I've seen plenty of warriors (mainly Fury?) get stuck at 1hp and unabled to be killed for some time. I've looked through warrior talents and abilitites but haven't found what exactly is the cause of this. So, can you warriors tell me what it is?Voldro3 2d
3d prot t19 4-piece bonus My problem concerns t19 4-piece set bonus. I simply cannot evaluate it properly. The problem is that i currently have the head and the back equipped which are both pretty solid stat wise. However not only all the rest set items have crit on them, but moreover i have other non-tier items with good stats and even higher ilvls. For example i got 900 ilvl legs with haste mastery, etc.... So i am in a situation that in order to go for the 4-set bonus, i lose at the same time good stats in favor of crit and ALSO ilvls. So i need a helpful responce on how i should evaluate that 4-piece bonus, which honestly, i dont really feel like i want to pursue.. EDIT. to be really specific, all the t19 items i have (NOT equipped :shoulders,chest,gloves,legs) are 10 ilvls or more below the non-set items that i have equipped in their place.Thorandir4 3d
3d Arms warrior dps Im currently 897 ilvl and I think I'm still doing pretty bad dps comparing to others. On krosus I had like 500k. Is it bad? What dps I should have with it? I dont know if I'm doing bad or its just pure rng with tactican passive.Connorj3 3d
3d Shoulder legendary viable after 7.2? Similar to prydaz, shoulders are getting roughly 730+ versatility meaning you will get 2200+ secondary stats + 2300 strength from shoulders, will this make shoulders like prydaz as a worthy stat stickLockvd8 3d
3d Jumping from Skyhold issue I am wondering if this happens to other people, when i go down from Skyhold by talking to a valajar, i sometimes DC and then i spawn in Azsuna in the middle of nowhere. Does this happen to anyone else?Rãgñar4 3d
4d LF advice from experienced PvP Warrior So what is the best comp for Fury Warriors in 2v2 Arena? Looking for advice from experienced player. thx peace out byeEuphrates4 4d
4d Issue with fury dps High gents, I recently reroll as a warrior from an enha. I made my 2nd raid with my guild aiming only for Heroïc as we are more or less casual. My first aim is not to top already the dps meter because I am late in term of gear compare to my team mates, nevertheless when I aim to be on the good half of the class meaning > 50% and in my raid above the tank that is the minimum until I reach the same gear level ;p You'll noticed by having a look at my 2nd raid that it is far to be satisfying!!!! Not to say Shame on me.... https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/rYKRf8A4XBPhnZ1g#view=rankings&boss=-2&difficulty=0 Could you please help to analyse what I am doing wrong? I know one of my relic is really lackluster but I really guess that the guys inbetween the mouse and the chair to be the main issue ;pLycaonwar4 4d
4d What do you think about the Fel lord Hi there, I'm trying to get some feedback. The fel Lord (giant felguard who guards an area in pvp talents) go nerfed. The duration have been reduced by 15 sec(was 30 sec for 1min30 cd). It's good news for melee ofc but did you think it was necessary? or did you manage to adapt your rythm of attacking whith his own? Have a good dayKhâmul2 4d
4d Bloodthirst + Battle cry not proccing enrage Hello, just checking to see if anyone else noticed this after the most recent hotix. Quite often I notice that I won't proc enrage even with battle cry up.Bolton5 4d
4d Skull of Shar'thos Hi, isn't Skull of Shar'thos a 100% drop chance? I didn't get it, killed the boss today as fury, with fury as loot spec.Deflected2 4d
5d Another week... ...of Draught of Souls not dropping for me. Not on normal, and not on heroic. And all bonus roll does for me is give me artifact power... Can only now wish for it to titanforge when I run LFR. sickeningDeyllo5 5d
5d Ayala´s Stone http://www.wowhead.com/item=137052/ayalas-stone-heart Right, so Im a filthy casual, but I just got this ring & Im looking for an addon that would show me on screen, when it procs. Like Rampage proc, but it doesnt have to be so fancy obviously. I just hate looking at my hotbar to see if it has procced or not. Also, I am a FAN of original UI, so... Anyway if anyone knows if there´s an addon to show the legendary proc clearly somewhere on my screen, I would be super happy! I´ve been googling the heck out of it :DIlluminatic5 5d
5d Favorite Warrior Whats your favorite iteration of the warrior? I personally enjoyed wotlk abit, but i feel like mop arms warrior is top for me. As for fury, i feel like legion is my favorite.Jovahkiin16 5d
6d Arms VS Fury PvE Hi guys so Arms VS Fury has ben going on in my guild full on. So after I left my Fury guild mate in the dust in the first 3 Mythic bosses, I decided to create a video of my experience when competing vs Fury warriors. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CEcmGr5HncM (Blizzard plz don't ban me)Lúcífer1 6d
6d Hide artifact skin - ARMS Hey everyone! Im tryin get a Hidden Appearance: Arcanite Bladebreaker. I know This quest has a daily chance to spawn in the Warrior Order Hall. Like one month almost every day im checkin ordel hall if that Q pop up, but im unlucky or.. I did try go to master as Arms as well any ideas? playin on Stormscale - EU thanks!Konhoota3 6d
6d Which trinkets other than DoS/CoF? Until I can get DoS/CoF which trinkets would be good to use/go for meanwhile?Swagexe3 6d
6d Why do warriors turn grey during avatar? They should just glow or something imo, just ranting cause it seems like lazy game designed. I dont even think its supposed to resemble stone since then it'd reduce damage taken too which avatar does notLockvd4 6d
15 Mar lost weapons on my furybwarrior Cleb my weapons have disappearedStandardit1 15 Mar
15 Mar I´ve tried and tried But i can´t create a mog which fits with Artifact models. Any got some input?Samsing13 15 Mar
15 Mar The clash of thunder stage 5 bugged? I'm doing the clash of thunder warrior campaign quest in Ulduar, but I'm stuck at stage 5. It says to speak to Hodir and follow him. But after I speak to him he just starts walking through a big block of ice that is blocking my path. Is this a known bug?Izalel4 15 Mar
15 Mar Disconnecting from the orderhall. Disconnecting when using the Warrior Orderhall lady that ports you. About 25% of the time I talk to her as I'm droped down no mather where I'm going I DC, when it is dalaran I've picked about half of the dc's I logg back in to being in the air above west aszuna.. Anyone else got this, I have bug reported it, just wondering if it's only me?Tee3 15 Mar
14 Mar Is arms bad for PvP right now and in 7.1.5? titleZaphirya22 14 Mar
14 Mar Fury Warrior Need Advice! https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/22608934/latest can someone please look into my logs? i cant figure our why my Damage is so low lol need help please!Xianshu4 14 Mar
14 Mar Choosing target in battlegrounds Greetings, When you are in random bgs, which specs you are targeting firstly? I mean besides execute range, healers etc. I am generally disarm melee and nuke shamans, spriests, rogues and leave retri, warriors and locks to end. Since it is much harder to bring them down. What is your opinion on this? Cheers,Alatoros3 14 Mar
14 Mar Rate The Name Above You!!! Simple, Rate the name above you /10 I was so lucky to get this name, Its on Draenor too so its a very high pop server :DJay31 14 Mar
14 Mar Playing a Tank Hey guys, i have decided to try out and play a tank for fun. i'm not sure what to go for if Warrior or Paladin i don't care about the others cos i want a Sword & Shield plate Knight Fantasy. i was going toward Warrior more but then no Self Healing or Self Purifying from poison and magic effects kinda threw me off cos i'm mostly gonna be playing Solo and soloing things if i had to fight a long fight boss without self healing this gonna be a problem. so just wanted your opinion and how do you manage without self healing.Microft9 14 Mar
13 Mar Prot warrior seeking advice Hello everyone I just started tanking on my warrior alt, although I have some questions that I really need help with. What stats should I focus on? I know that I need 30% haste for shield block, what % should I have for the other stats?. Tanking m+ with skittish seems to be a nightmare for me. I really would like some tips to help me with the aggro. I have created my own WeakAuras for the Shield block buff and CD charges. Are there any WeakAuras for warriors that may be helpful? I would really appreciate your replies and thank you in-advance.Lovewi20 13 Mar
13 Mar Does "Inspiring Presence" heal yourself? Hi, Does the Inspiring Presence talent heal the Warrior too? I tested it and it doesn't seem to be healing me, but I still have the Inspiring Presence buff active on myself, which says "Will be healed for 3% of all damage dealt." If it is not healing me, why do I have/see the buff on me? Just asking for clarification. Thanks.Eom2 13 Mar