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16h Arms artifact skin procced Who interested - currentle procced for me (EU-Outland).Азгардис0 16h
18h Void Elf Warrior So I need some guidance. I'm contemplating starting an alliance female Arms Warrior. I've tried the class trials to figure out which has the best animations and frankly most of the female alliance animations are bland and boring. Some are event just the same all through. But Void Elfs seems to have some really great and diverse once. My biggest concern are their racials. They are all spellcast centric and I'm unsure if this is going to have a huge impact on my character? I'm going to do both PvE and PvP. Hope someone can help me along to wether or not this is a good idea.Dynerys15 18h
19h Prot pvp Anyone got any expereince with them? Are they hard to kill?Xinwi5 19h
19h Rate the Warrior Transmog above YOU 2.0 The last topic reached posts limit so here we go again... @Mercer 8/10Xwe10 19h
21h Prot challenge- DPS relics? Is it better to go with DPS relics as people say its a DPS test rather than a tank testHuntmode1 21h
1d Let's rate each others names ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Spleenk7 1d
1d Legendary what are the best warrior legendaries for prot warrior?Grubling4 1d
1d Agatha bugged? After breaking her shield Pummel sometimes wont hit at all but still go on CD. Happens even after killing all the imps.Gerolak8 1d
2d Prot warrior Hello forum, my friends n I wanna start raiding. I just want to know, if prot warrior perform well in the raid scenario? Mythic + aswell as raids (and high end mythic raid)?? ThanksPoshspize3 2d
2d Shield block sound removed? Hello everyone. I'm curious. I started leveling a protection warrior in Legion and I noticed that I don't hear that sound when you block an attack anymore. That powerful and pleasant sound when you can actually feel that you block a hit. Was it really removed? Last time I played as prot warrior was like several years ago but I do remember that sound, especially after using the Shield Block spell. Thanks in advance!Slaveron2 2d
2d can warriors battleground without a pocket healer ? and how good are warriors in small scale fights and 1v1 ? ps : i'm playing solo , mostly care for pvp thanksOnecake37 2d
3d wanting to go warrior tank in BFA througout legion ive mostly played the brewmaster however i wanna switch it up for bfa . question is how is prot doing right now because id like to get the prot mage tower skin before the expansion ends and if there gonna be any fun in bfa.Wonguun4 3d
4d random BG fun on my alt arms warrior I have played my alt warrior throughout Legion, barely enough to have 923+ ilvl gear, simply doing random weekly world bosses -- if I felt like it this week, and the most basic amount (almost none) of other activities. In plain text, I don't really play the class, so my expectations are low in a semi-competitive environment. I also have equally played/geared alts that enjoy the same level of disinterest, like DH, DK, Rogue, etc. I mostly play healers, so I face them all as well, and know what they are "capable" of. I will say, though, that Warriors are not the "1, 2, 3" class as many other melee classes. I mean, I do really poor output as a warrior. I know I stink, but I mean, comparatively. I stink as a DK to, but I do massive, massive dmg as a Dk. As a warrior, it's more eh. I know warriors sometimes seem to do a lot of dmg (on my healers), so they can certainly do it, and maybe it's just me. Just wanted to comment, that Warriors are Ok, but they aren't some instant juggernaut as soon as you reach 110.Jalisco0 4d
4d Warrior Mobility BfA Is there any major changes to Warrior mobility in BfA? Is it worth rolling a warrior for PvP in the next xpac? Right now they seem super strong with with super gap closers, and if it stays that way I can see them wrecking people like they do right now.Zulizani2 4d
4d Incoming buffs for ARMS! Just a very bad joke. SorryNodeal22 4d
4d BFA Changes *ARMS* I love the changes, think the arms changes are great, heading in the right direction, still can't help miss thunderclap, i think it suits better than whirlwind, which has a berserker feel, would love it if arms AOE was a fat thunderclap.Jovahkiin13 4d
4d Night Elf or Human? Choose for me please! lol Returning; Going to main a warrior for BFA. Night Elf or Human? This is based purely on aesthetics and nothing else. Essentially a poll, I know people say play what you think looks coolest; I find them both equally as cool! Shadowmeld is extremely useful (although requires a high skillcap) Second trinket is always a sweet option. This is why it's difficult, so base it purely on cosmetics!Retcleave15 4d
4d Arms Warrior? Didint Mortal Strike use to create rage? Now every ability seems to consume it? Only charge and autoattacks increase rage, i mean dafuk? Is arms warrior broken?Damios3 4d
5d Arms or Fury, Which one is best for PVE/Questing? I've been playing Arms warrior for a while now, not sure what I should be playing or what is best atm. Any tips?Hlenix3 5d
5d Artifact weapons gone = Return of Glad Stance ? since with battle for azaroth are artifact weapons will be going away. Does this mean we can get back the wonderful Gladiator stance it was so fun during Wod i havent had as much fun with any spec since it was removed there was something so satisfying about chargeing and just going to Town slamming them with the shield over and over and wailing on them and not have to worry about tankingGemeni9 5d
5d First Aid being removed? Seen a few posts saying that in the PTR builds the first aid profession has been relegated to 'classic'. As a noobie warrior levelling up I use first aid to patch me up after a fight that has dropped my health. What options have we as warriors now then? Potions only? Not got dungeon or raid gear and warrior is so reliant on gear, that removing first aid might make it even harder at times. Mind you it may be getting replaced with something else useful?Swithern14 5d
5d Nightbourne Warriors? anyone playing a nightbourne warrior currently?Arvadus2 5d
6d fury or arms for pvp im lvling warrior atm and i want which better spec for 2v2/3v3/battleground arms or fury and which spec have better heal i like fury cuz it use 2 weapons and playstyleNelvya12 6d
12 Mar Tusks of Mannoroth Farm Greetings to you, sons and daughters of the Horde! This is your friendly neighbourhood from Russia. For those of you who have an unstopabble wish for having those badass shoulders - http://www.wowhead.com/item=103785/tusks-of-mannoroth. Sign in right now, for forming a dream team that gonna get them for you. All you need is to have a 100lvl character for the Horde. decent gear and lots of those things - http://www.wowhead.com/currency=776/warforged-seal. Farm based on using your seal for an extra loot, when you're killing Garrosh in heroic mode (we have cd, don't worry). Commonly farming starts at 18:00 according to the The Moscow Standard Time Zone (It's 3 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time: GMT+3). My BattleTag: Ruiss#2392, just wait for me, when I start spamming about tusks. And yes - tusks still drops in WoD, but with the low drop rate as they were in MoP. Have a nice day!Грифтэр435 12 Mar
12 Mar Warriors are so broken! Well, the title says it all. What has become of the mighty fun to play a warrior? The benchmark for the rest of the classes to follow? I just returned to wow after almost two years of having a real life. I started leveling my warrior from level 100 to 110. thinking This will be great. level => Gear => pvp. But oh was I wrong. Almost every other class in the game can do what the warrior dose but just better a lot better as a matter of a fact. I do Really love my warrior.I truly do but every time I play her I feel like its time to put her on hold and play something else just because how bad the class has become at this Point. NOTHING about the warrior makes me feel powerful or mighty anymore. you are basically forced to play Fury. because arms are just incredible bad without a pocket healer. and protection is like running around hitting people with a Wet noodle. i do understand that not everyone agree with me. and that's also okay. Those people probbably havent played warrior long enough to remember how warriors used to shine. im not asking anyone to make warriors Overpowered or anything but make them fun to play again, Make the class special, make the sword mighty. Make the other calsses envy the warrior for what it always have been.Wreakage33 12 Mar
10 Mar Warrior Legendarys Yesterday a shaman got the Legendary Ring that is best to him. Shaman Ring has 3.500 Haste Then i looked at my Ring to compare, because i had never seen such a big number before. And i saw my Warrior-Ring has 1200 Haste. Is that a joke? Why get shamans 3 times as much stats from legendaries? hahahaGérard1 10 Mar
09 Mar Heroic throw So.. what is this heroic throw good for as dps? when do I use it if at all?Zikiti9 09 Mar
08 Mar Warriors really that boring? or is it just me. Warrior feels boring... recently I have not been enjoying my warrior at all what so ever. I changed back to my old main, the rogue, and I'm having so much more fun, but the thing is my friends play alliance, but my rogue is horde, and £27 for a faction change is a big sting in the back, so I constantly try logging on my warrior every day and try do something fun, like a mythic+ or some raids, but doing mythics and raids as warrior also feels boring, not on the rogue however. Any suggestions? Am I just burnt out or is the warrior truly boring? I really don't know :(Tironwarrior10 08 Mar
08 Mar [help] Helya's Gaze? How can I unlock the first Heyla's Gaze appearance? The one that require's the "Imp mother challenge". I tried searching wowhead but I can only get information on how to complete it on alliance..Boywonder2 08 Mar
08 Mar How to progress from HC's onwards for a noob? A bit of back story, I havnt raided properly since Pandaria and the first couple of raids in the ep after that in which I also healed as a holy priest. Both classes were pretty smooth to me back then and id get by with ease with a bit of research, determination and a good team. After a break from wow ive come back to find I'm terrible at both! I tried raiding again once through LFR came out and got kicked, I knew the basic tacts (to a degree, does anyone else find it impossible to learn the tactics 100% just be reading them? I feel this impacts me quite a lot). Again I got kicked last week from my second return to lfr, my HPS wasn't high enough. In both instances I can comfortably run HCs and timewalking. I feel in part I'm more scared to do these things as a tank or healer for failure of rejection, I get anxious and my rotation ends up slightly off (the joys of PUGs!), I also I feel learn more by doing so its a catch 22. Id love to find a guild that focussed on such things but I'm to far away of the curve and cant seem to find one. Perhaps its a mental thing? What should I be looking at (perhaps my gear) and does anyone have some suggestions to improve and eventually do mythics and raids?Cloudwraith2 08 Mar
08 Mar Rate the Warrior Transmog above YOU The Last thread reached it's limit. Everyone knows the drill. Rate the transmog of the person above you on a scale of 1 to 10.Goryx500 08 Mar
05 Mar I want deep wounds back Hello, When I played arms warrior before few years ago with deep wounds it was fun the effect and stuff why did they even removed it? Is there no glyph for That would be great:DBonebreàker4 05 Mar
05 Mar Arms Warrior Mage tower zerge tactic if "geared" 7.3.5! Hello Everyone. i found out a new fun zerge tactic for arms warrior mage tower challange. i watched videos plenty of them i have around 935ilvl so easly doable but i got stuck plenety of time on the teleport phase when you have to find him relly quick with bacsily 1 chance with heroic leap. however i found out a new tactic after 20 tries my last time i was there and as soon as i confirmed it worked i went to buy flask drums pots food etc and 1 shotted it! so now to the tactic. You start the fight as usuall but in this tactic you wanna go full dps specc and gear you wanna do as mutch dps u possible can. and you start going all out in the start keep doing as mutch dmg u can at xylem at all time do the normal heroic leap over the ice or simly WW cleave them down for healing u got victory rush try to keep yourself topped at all time aswell ofc if possible you do this untill the teleport phase comes and for this just before he teleports place yourself more to the middle so u can see the whole platform you should be able to see where he teleports right before the shadow and the extra xylems pops up and stright away heroic leap to him . NOW comes the dps race just use everything you got and dps him as mutch as possible u will get the balls flight at you just avoid them dpsing him he will teleport once i think or twise no matter just get to him fast and keep dpsing him he should get pretty low at this time then he will start to channel to gain more power now DO NOT interuppt this keep on dpsing if your dps is good enough he will be in execute phase so just let him channel and dmg him cant remember if he channel 2 or 1 time but eitherway DO NOT interuppt him during this time with the right ammount of dps he will die and you will cut the fight down to half no more teleport phase and finding him. and you can now start working on p2 the void lord phase if you want too you can respecc and change to a more cleave build, ididnt tho becuse i didnt have a tome altho i had alredy shockway then its just a dps race again do as mutch dmg on the void lord as possible leap away when hes about to spawn the adds aoe them down however you will and keep on dpsing him asap you want max 2 of this add phase otherwise platform will be filled and you will die. on my kill when i found out this worked. i went and got flask pots food and drums got xylem down pretty fast and started drums as soon as void lord phase stared dps him as hard as u can keeping him on the edge remember to move him so u dont lose health in his void zone heroic leaped away and kill the adds got 2 of this phase then it was a hard dps race to the end almost didnt have place on the platform untill he died. but i did it and cutting the phase down by half like that relly helped me and i hope you can get help by this aswell. after killing him i wanted to make a video how to do it but you cant do it again after you killed him so made a post about it instead (if someone wanna make a video on this tactic pls do it greetings Nisse from frostwhisper) 1 side note this tactics did not work for others havent tried em all but i tried to do the same tactic on my DH but u cant be in a dps specc while doing this becuse the ice dmg it will kill you unless you have the eye beam and meta specc so u can go in to meta form after a eye beam and get your health so i guess its a bit diffrent depending on you class and its ability but it worked great for Arms warrior atlest. relly hope this help you guys that wanna do this before its gone! have a good one your friend NísseNísse2 05 Mar
04 Mar Arms PvP Hello Guys, Im fresh warrior. I want play pvp, mostly arenas, but RBG too in the future. Could you give me some advice what I have to do to make good dmg ? Now my dmg is low and I dont know what Im doing wrong. When I start arena, use charge, collosus smash, then Rend, mortal strike and trying hit by slam every time when is avaiable. Thank you in advanceSoldii6 04 Mar
04 Mar Dependence on CoF Hi warriors, I have been raiding mythic lately but I felt like I am stuck between 1.7mn dps in ST and around 2mn dps in aoe fights like mythic eonar with blue debuff. I feel like I should be able to do more with my current gear. I tried playing with BloodBath with 4 piece set with average item level of 962. I also tried playing with 2 set bonus with inner rage with average item level of 966. They don't show too much variance maybe around ~50k dps. Is it because I suck terrible or simply I don't have the CoF? I mean I am farming that !@#$ for 2 months and it does not drop even with bonus roll. I tried farming argus currency of 650 for random trinket but no luck so far. I mean what sort of a design is this? My other concern is: I am trying to survive in the fights instead of focusing too much on dps which results getting replaced by RL because a DH can just use eye beam and do the dps you can ever imagine. Dunno about this but I don't feel that this is a right approach. TLDR: I think this trinket should be removed or handed out to every player with guaranteed frop from mythic/heroic nighthold like pantheon trinkets.Penthésilea3 04 Mar
04 Mar [BfA] Weapon Specialist THIS. IS . AWESOME ! Weapon Specialist : One of your abilities is improved, based on the weapon you are wielding: Maces allow you to cast Victory Rush without killing an enemy, and killing an enemy will reset its cooldown. Arms (Level 36) Swords reduce the cooldown of Die by the Sword by 30 sec, and you will counterattack all melees against you while it is active Sword bonus unlocked at Level 36. Arms (Level 70) Axes and Polearms reduce the cooldown of Rallying Cry and Intimidating Shout by 20%, and increase their duration by 50% Axe and Polearm bonus unlocked at Level 70. Now a Arms level 30 Talent source: wowheadStansmash11 04 Mar
02 Mar I feel so weak My warrior alt is now level 107 and I just don't enjoy playing it because I feel so weak.. Leveling my DK, DH and Lock was way more fun because I could actually kill things and survive. Now on my warrior I hit like a wet noodle and die all the time. I can barely 1v2 legion inv mobs and need to run away constantly with second wind to survive. I leveled as fury from 100-106 and that was even worse imo. I feel pretty stupid, am I doing something wrong? I mean it's not the most difficult class and I did pretty well in MoP and WoD..Glaiver12 02 Mar
02 Mar Warrior or Paladin Hi all (posting on paladin and warrior forums as I want a good mix) I know there are 100s of threads but I was wondering in relation to playstyle. I really don't care about numbers/etc.. I'm more interested in enjoying the class, the lore of the class and the ability to get into mythic. I want to DPS mainly but have the ability to tank for dungeons and potentially in the future. I have tried healing but generally don't really enjoy this, I've not done it to a high level and its a nice addition but not a make or break. The things I want to do are.... - Mythic dungeons (Tank and DPS) - PvP - Solo content (just being able to do whatever I want and having a 'chance') Other nice things to do - Raiding - Awesome transmog collection - enjoy all 3 specs Could I have your thoughts on each spec of the class, how it plays, comparing DPS specs to tank specs, any negatives and your overall thoughts. I really want to make a decision and I don't have time to put 10 days into each class before I decide. Thanks allLóòp7 02 Mar
01 Mar Arms challenge: Phase 2 tips? 'ello. I've been on a roll with the challenge modes recently, so on a whim, I decided to try the arms challenge on this character. Problem is, I hit a bit of a wall. First phase was no problem. My dps was iffy (918 ilevel, prydaz and welfare ring legendarys), but I know the mechanics well by now, so I was able to beat him down. The problem came with phase 2. I stunned the first set of adds with shockwave, popped battle shout, warbreaker and bladestorm to deal with them. So far so good. But having used my cooldowns, my dps was so crap I had no hope of beating the boss, or the adds that came after. I know my gear is rubbish, and I only have two legendarys on this character, but there must be some way of doing this, right? Can anyone give me some tips on this? You know, talent build, rotation, dealing with adds? Thanks!Revanak3 01 Mar
01 Mar New to weak aura 2 , need help ! hello, so i'm new to weak aura and i'd like to know if its possible to show when my trinket http://www.wowhead.com/item=151964/seeping-scourgewing&bonus=3610:1472 proc , i tried everything and i dont understand how to do it t_tServëurup4 01 Mar
01 Mar Legion pvp vid Fury/Arms Salute fellow warriors! This is my first legion pvp vid. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fOw8e5IFThQ&t=3s What it contains: - Small RP elements - Bg zerker buff crits - Arena 2v2 games What it does not contain: - Healbots, i solo queue with my gf (she mains DH and Druid) - High rating play, mostly 1.8-2k mmr Hope you enjoy!Cräft1 01 Mar
28 Feb Current state of warrior I'm new to the game ( just bought the battlechest 1 week ago) and I'm trying out some classes to get the feel of them. I really like a warrior (lvl36 currently) but i've read that they are really gear dependant and lets face it i'm not going for x top in the world player. Also I'm only intrested in pve for now and not pvp. So this brings few questions to my mind: 1. I love tanking but also dmg, how is prot warrior for end game contect nowadays? And how are arms and fury compared to other dps classes 2. I've read that arms is super good for leveling but i'm prob doing it wrong since i feel so slow and useless if i don't kill the mob very fast. Should i pull more mobs and aoe them with arms or 1 by 1? i'm kinda lost 3. The other class i might be intrested in are paladins and DK. I tried paladin but it seems pretty boring compared to fury , how about DK? Thank you all, take careVelikouhati2 28 Feb
27 Feb Prot - No more rage from taking damage????? Latest PTR build has thrown up a change to defensive stance so it no longer generates rage when you take damage......seems a bit harsh to meRáyven2 27 Feb
25 Feb Warrior Or Warlock? looking to boost a warlock or a warrior but cant decide so any help with the pros and cons?Nelvarri4 25 Feb
25 Feb Legendaries for prot I know that my legendaries are bad but I have to pick 2 of them. So if u could tell me which of them are the best I would be thankful. Atm I have insignia of the grand army, destiny dirver and soul of the battlelord.Ladronn7 25 Feb
25 Feb Weapon Sheathing bug So, could we possibly get the Fury warrior weapon sheathe bug fixed? For those not familiar with it, in Fury (and only fury, tested it in other dw classes) when you exit combat, your character will keep the 2 2handers in its hands, however the game registers it as if they were sheathed on your back. The consequence of that is: if the character attempted to mount, craft, or emote it would keep the actual weapons in hand, resulting in a poor visual effect ingame. It is not gamebreaking but after a while it can annoy you to no end. The bug has been present throughout legion and still has not been fixed.Fryingdruid5 25 Feb
24 Feb Bring back some form of gladiator stance. Am i the only person who enjoys tanking in PVE but wants to get into PVP but cant because tanks are only viable as flag carriers? During WoD gladiator stance happened. I love sword and board. I would love it if somehow through the honor talents they could make tank specs into viable options maybe like some sort of gladiator stance but can only be used in pvp sort of like the ability changes through honor talents. I like playing Prot in BG's but id like to get into arena but i cant. anyone else feel the same way?Gorejaws8 24 Feb
23 Feb Tanks and rage Defensive Stance A tanking combat stance that increases Stamina by 30%, reduces damage taken by 10%.a̶n̶d̶ ̶g̶e̶n̶e̶r̶a̶t̶e̶s̶ ̶3̶ ̶R̶a̶g̶e̶ ̶w̶h̶e̶n̶e̶v̶e̶r̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶a̶r̶e̶ ̶h̶i̶t̶ ̶b̶y̶ ̶a̶ ̶m̶e̶l̶e̶e̶ ̶a̶t̶t̶a̶c̶k̶.̶ Cooldown changed from 1.5 sec cooldown to None This is from the latest BfA build (26095) regarding warriors. Apparently protection warriors only get rage from shield slam and thunder clap now? What is this even about anymore? I know this is just a test build, but can someone explain this to me?Ellieth0 23 Feb