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1h Teeming + Fortified So. Just did king's rest +4 as prot warrior.. Got absolutely destroyed on some packs, with shield wall up too. I know prot's in a really horrible place but at least last week I could do +6 without all too much care. Am I missing something? Or are this weeks affixes just the nail in prot warr's coffin?Naïve2 1h
1h archive of the titans Hello! Does the trait Archive of the titans of the titans stack?Lockyoudown1 1h
2h Leveling Warrior experience Came here to check for your opinions. In my experience: Arms is .... boring. Especially since on low levels both Smash and Mortal Strike hit like wet noodles (barely higher than autoattack). Fury feels like you're attacking like an insane mass murderer while doing almost no damage. Prot is... well, last time I played prot before making this character, Revenge used to be a single-target NUKE. Now it's a frontal cone tickle that deals less damage than Thunder Clap.. Don't get me wrong, it's nice to have another AoE as tank to hold aggro (something we STRUGGLE to do in dungeons since scaling is crappy and high level dps keep stealing aggro from you, unless you're hitting said target with everything you have and not just your AoEs). And I'm not entirely sure when and why did the Stances disappear (I miss the leveling prot warrior as dps... think it was called gladiator?). I don't like tanking much, but I feel like I have no other choice, because I'm SERIOUSLY ASHAMED of my dps as arms/fury. I mean, I'm also leveling 2 healers, and both the paladin and the monk (ESPECIALLY the monk) have double the dps WHILE HEALING (generally topping dps meter unless the boss fight is AoE heavy) than my warrior going all out on mobs. I keep seeing double digit damage numbers (40-90) where my monk, mage and paladin deal 200-300 with half their abilities (in arcane mage's case it's almost 4 digit crits by level 40). When you realize that a paladin does more damage cycling though Crusader Strike, Holy Shock and Judgement (very loosely as they all have CD) than fury warrior mercilessly smashing everything they have...Gweneryth4 2h
6h Prot warrior talents (raid) Ok so everyone agrees prot warr survivability is weak atm. "You can't keep shield block up 24/7" "Ignore pain is useless" "I don't have enough rage" "I can't hold aggro" etc. Has anyone tried playing around with talents instead of using the cookie cutter build? What about using: [Punish] instead of [Into the Fray] - extra 3% dmg reduction (I tried this on some fights but in the end it seems like Into the Fray is busted so yeah, would love to run Punish but first it needs a buff to make it more competitive with Into the Fray) [Never Surrender] instead of [Bolster] - buffs ignore pain (Personally I have been using Indomitable in Uldir. But considering we are often at low health, maybe Never Surrender is useful to buff up Ignore Pain? Bolster is mythic+ talent.) [Vengeance] instead of [Booming Voice] - reduce rage cost of ignore pain (Haven't tried this yet - Booming Voice obviously OP for mythic+ dungeons for the dmg increase, but maybe in raids in combination with Never Surrender, this becomes a viable choice? Does it significantly improve uptime of Ignore Pain? What about Devestator for more shield slam procs and more available GCD's for Ignore Pain?) [Heavy Repercussions] instead of [Anger Management] - improve shield block uptime and single target threat generation (I've been using Heavy Repercussions whole of BfA so far. Extra duration on Shield Block makes it much easier to keep up 24/7 when main tanking. Bonus dmg on Shield Slam is also nice for threat generation. Heavy Repercussions seems like mythic+ talent). tl;dr: Is it worth speccing in to Ignore Pain for raid content to improve survivability compared to cookie cutter builds? Or are the Ignore Pain talents straight up garbage? Are Punish / Devastator / Heavy Repercussions worth considering for single target boss fights?Sháke1 6h
7h Your Favourite Warr PvP Music? What it says in the title my bois Mine are these 2 right now: Elena Siegman - 115 Shell Shocked (Metal Cover)Cytherhoof22 7h
7h Buff Fury - Nerf Arms There is just no diversity in arenas atm. Everyone knows arms is OP, so that's all everyone is playing - Arms healer, Arms ret, Arms mage, Arms Arms Arms - the amount of fotm rerolling is embarrassing. If any of you have tried out healing an arms warrior atm, you know how difficult it is, it needs to be SLIGHTLY nerfed - not majorly, just enough to bring them in line with other melee specs. And then there's fury, the actual fun spec, where is the love? It's so trash tier and it's such a shame! Give them a little love. And before anyone starts crying about me being a rogue, remember that subtlety just got SAVAGED, forcing me to play assass, which I'm sure is something you fury warriors can relate to - it's not fun being boxed into a spec you'd rather not play, but have to in order to stay viable. And I'm also forecasting this, I know, in a 1v1 a rogue will almost always win, I'm not talking about 1v1, I'm talking about arena - thanks.Vialism18 7h
7h Reminder that Prot absolutely sucks. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/zone/statistics/19#metric=deaths&dataset=25 - Mythic Uldir https://www.warcraftlogs.com/zone/statistics/19#metric=deaths&dataset=25&difficulty=3 - Normal Uldir https://www.warcraftlogs.com/zone/statistics/20#metric=playerscore&class=Tanks - Mythic+ Dungeons Keep in mind that warriors have a massive class representation, which makes those stats that much worse.Humane7 7h
8h Hotfix Protection Warriors, Blizzard! Dear Blizzard. I was stubborn to pick the Protection Warrior as my main, even though they were supposedly one of the worst tanks around now a days. I thought you would fix this, but I guess you haven't. I get denied from nearly all mythic+ because of my class. I have 363 ilvl and a 600 raider IO score, but still I get declined like 19 out of 20 mythic+ runs above +5. And I get trashed talked all day long: "Delete trash warrior." "Only take DK or DH" "Hahahaha, a warrior?!" This is heartbreaking. But our ability to get aggro in mythic+ is redicouless as well. We only have thunder clap once in a while, and when avatar and taunt is on cd, we're !@#$'d. I have talented for intercept, but still I can't generate nearly enough threat. I use demoralizing shout all the time. Maybe buff the %^-* out of Revenge, or bring back a buffed Cleave? Also: Buff our hp?! Or give us self heal?! We got no magic mitigation and ignore pain is !@#$. Healers can't keep up.Aethelbjorn17 8h
8h Nothing in 8.1 for prot Warriors ? But why ? Again not wanting to balance Tanks in PVE content is so unfair to the player base ? As a Warrior main now , my gear on all 3 specs is at least 355+ and i do good damage , still i cannot join groups cause "there are better options" ! I cannot tank dungeons cause people don't want to heal a Prot Warrior ! BFA is so unfair for Warriors and Shamman mainsShadowheel10 8h
10h Arms is the worst solo PvP spec in game... ...and you will take away our dmg? :-((( In PvE its great. In arena its bearable with a good babysitter healer. But solo PvP - like on random bgs and in open world - it's horrible. Pretty much only thing Arms have atm is dmg. Take dmg away, and you'll practically destroy the spec.Corriel29 10h
12h Fury and Uldir raiding Just a quick question, how are you guys finding fury dps in Uldir? I feel like I'm putting in a lot of work to barely keep up with everyone else! Thoughts?Calothar20 12h
17h Rate the Warrior Transmog above YOU 2.0 The last topic reached posts limit so here we go again... @Mercer 8/10Xwe283 17h
17h I played fury.. switched to arms and... I need to say this spec is really awesome. Much better than fury. Biggest single and aoe dps. What you think guys?Vinessaa15 17h
19h Percentage of haste master vers for a prot Hi Appart of controversy around prot warrior, I'd like to know what percentage of haste/master/vers a prot should have for Uldir HM without anybuffs.Esc0 19h
1d Fury playstyle Does anyone else dislike how it plays? Yes its pretty bad damage wise, but the playstyle is pretty awful aswell. Charge up until rampage, then again and again and again. Feeling like a stoplightPanta15 1d
1d prot warrior before patch 8.1 So is there any chance prot is going to get a fix before patch 8.1, i mean, will people wanting to still play warrior, regardless of the horrendous state the class is, be able to progress through mythic uldir with a warrior, and if warriors are not invited for mythic plus most of the time how we suposed to get a group to gear us up ._.. should i open a gm ticket to ask for help to a gm to solve the warrior problem, since the class is broken and useless (not entirely but you all know what i mean) p.p ?Iagsagaha0 1d
1d Azerite traits (arms) since alot of talents were buffed and nerfed what should be the goto now? when im looking at bloodmallet it looks like titans archive is pulling the most dps, but what is your guys opinion on the traits? thanks in advance!Silverlocks0 1d
1d why gear when you're always naked I rarely post on the forums but at this point I just feel like I've had enough of the dev team and the teamwork they are struggling with. for BFA i decided to main my warrior as a tank and honestly I wish I rerolled a blood deathknight or paladin instead. As a prot warrior no matter what ilvl you have - you're naked taking a lot of damage through your defensives!! that's insane!!!!!!!!! You're also dependent on procs of your main rotation spells to get that little rage while spam pressing 123 and once you have the rage - YOU CAN'T DO !@#$ with it. You can either choose to use revenge and deal aoe damage, shield block and still feel all the damage taken being extreme..and ignore pain - lets not. ignore pain is LITERALLY 1 hit or 2-3 mob hits depending on pull, in a raid its less than a boss hit and on mythic + its 2 mob hits (autoattacks) Shield block is just ??? - you sometimes wonder if it even works because the amount of damage you take is ridicilous with it on or not. That leaves us with 2 defensives with a long cool down which is understandable but since you lack so much rage for your main rotation and once that rage is obtained no matter what you press - the dmg taken is still overwhelming. When the 2 defensives are on CD you're just dead - yes literally you're just dead! having a healer struggling to keep you above 50%hp 60% if you're lucky and when the healer struggles well you're just a dummy with a 1 hander and shield. Warriors have no selfhealing, victory rush is not worth the talent and seriously lowest HP of all tanks.. the 10% max hp talent.. 10% while others have 50%. As a prot warrior you're just trash - no matter how well you do your rotation As a prot warrior you're just trash - no matter how well you tank. As a prot warrior you're just trash - no matter how well you use cooldowns As a prot warrior you're just trash - no matter how well you do the mechanics. As a prot warrior you're just trash - yes you're so trash that even with 351+ item level normal raids and mythic plus above +5 (EVEN +4!!!) do not take you in. Not because of your skill, rating, ilvl,knowing mechanics & tactics.. but because you're a prot warrior. Yes players are pressing decline because of your class. I don't know what type of struggle blizzard is having with the dev teams but it's obvs since so many people complain about their class and content yet nothing is being done with it and postponed. Blizzard (You) need to take this as a high prio because there are warrior players out there excited for the new content and the loot - but that's not happening because they're being cucked in que waiting lists. Players that are being charged monthly, blizzard.Xántic5 1d
1d Arms warrior nerf 08.09.2018 Hi After yesterdays update: We have the following PvP hotfixes to Arms Warriors and Beast Mastery Hunters currently in test, and will be applied to live servers shortly: Warrior - Arms - Deep Wounds damage dealt to enemy players reduced by 25% - Sharpen Blade increases Mortal Strike damage by 15%, down from 30%. - Lord of War (Azerite Trait) effectiveness reduced by 40% when engaged in combat with enemy players. - Executioner's Precision (Azerite Trait) effectiveness reduced by 35% when engaged in combat with enemy players. - Test of Might (Azerite Trait) effectiveness reduced by 30% when engaged in combat with enemy players. my damage is still the same with warmode on and off, against players and npcs, dummys, mythics etc after alot of testing.. Mainly been eyeing the deep wounds. My overall damage is very low in mythic+ compared to what it was 2 days ago.. Im feeling alot weaker and i felt the same when the first warrior (14% damage nerf) nerf came out early during BFA release to make mastery a relevant stat. I dident know there was a patch then before i asked a guildie and i asked the same question today and he linked me the nerf that came today so im wondering if there is a bug or what going on?Hectar5 1d
2d D stance can you remove the ugly shield, i dont mind the floating ones around my char but the faction shield is disgusting. tySnake1 2d
2d 4th Specialization for Warriors (This is all my opinion so calm your !@#$ haters.) Just like Druids back in the day, where bear and cat was the same %^-*, I feel warrior is in need for a new spec. maybe something like a Gladiator spec. Polearm and Shield. lot of damage, and decent mitigation, hard to CC, but no self heal at all. (like warrior got that right now, lol) Or something, just something new for PvP since: -Arms is close to Arena only spec. -Fury doesn't feel strong enough at the moment. -Prot Warrior butter compared to other classes in PvP, good damage, but might as well go arms then And I still don't get the class that's all about rushing in, is so easy to keep crowd controlled, yet paladins, who are all about focusing on the light can't be CC'ed at all. Make Warriors fun again. and stop giving all those elf classes all the fun.Dawrath12 2d
2d Downtime? Hi folks. I've been levelling a warrior as you can see and loving it so far. Love Heroic Leap and Charge. Between Leap, Charge (Double Time), Heroic Throw and War Machine (talent) I can go from mob to mob with no problem. I'm levelling as Fury because I've always loved Titan's Grip ever since WotLK. Currently though it seems as though there's some downtime, which since I main a caster is something I'm not used to. I sometimes find myself Leaping and Charging during dungeon boss fights just for something to do. Do I get a spammable ability later on (Whirlwind looks spammable unless I read it wrong) or do I just have to accept sometimes I need to wait for CDs/auto attack rage before I can do something?Sharyll1 2d
2d Execute glowing early for fury????? Anyone know how i can disable this? its so annoying and ive had this issue since legion but cba to fix it until nowHosomaki6 2d
2d Reck worth the GCD? Feels to me that recklessness has lost its appeal? Discuss....Tonnka3 2d
2d Talent: Massacre bug!? If I take the Massacre talent in arms, and then change spec to Fury which hasn't taken the Massacre talent, my execute still lights up at 35% HP but is unusable until the enemy gets down to 20% health. To fix this I have to change back to arms, pick another talent and then go back to fury. This is the case vice versa too. Is anyone experiencing the same?Priam3 2d
2d Arms is OK, but how to make it Amazing? Title says how I feel. I play on my main warrior comfortably and really enjoy arms playstyle in BFA. It's great in both dungeons and pve, and it's OK in world pvp (though very bad in duels, as you can imagine), which is mainly because arms' whole design is for some reason based around 3v3, rather than all of the content (including dueling/world pvp). I also think that the rotation could be improved with a few minor tweaks, after which the spec'd be amazing. Here are my suggestions: - Defensive stance baseline (picked by 99% playerbase for pvp, should have been baseline since Legion). Also introduce a glyph that allows us to change the shield look. - Stun baseline, but not stormbolt! Make stormbolt a pvp talent option, that turns your melee stun "Throwdown" into a ranged stun. - Overpower now has 2 charges baseline, and in addition to having a chance to proc from tactician, now always procs if your abilities are dodged, blocked or parried. Overpower can only reset every 3 seconds from this effect. The reason why I feel overpower should have 2 charges baseline is that it's such an iconic ability for arms warrior, and is really the only ability in the game that counters hard defensive abilities such as evasion, blur and Dbts, which should be the case for a weaponmaster like arms warrior. It also doesn't hit that hard, but more importantly it doesn't cost rage and by allowing it to be used more often, we can beset some of the rage starving issues that the current low haste environment causes. New baseline ability: Throwdown. 30 second cooldown, no cost, melee range, instant. Knock your target down, stunning them for 4 seconds. New pvp talent: Stormbolt. 30 second cooldown, no cost, 30 yard range, instant. Replaces throwdown. Hurl your weapon at the target, dealing x amount of damage and stunning them for 4 seconds. - Rework level 30 and 60 talent rows entirely. Additionally, rework Dreadnaught to offer different playstyle for people. Level 30 row: Mobility row. Option 1: Bounding stride. Your heroic leap's cooldown is reduced by 25 seconds, and it also increases your movement speed by 30%. Option 2: Double time Charge now has 2 charges, and also reduces the cooldown of charge by 4 seconds. Option 3: Intervene. Intervene No cost, reguires a friendly target. 30 second cooldown, instant. 0-25 yard range. Generates 10 rage. Intervene, redirecting the next 3 attacks made against your ally to you for 5 seconds. Now this row makes absolute sense. It's 100% designed for mobility, with different abilities offering different things for the warrior. Intervene adds an additional button to mobility rotation, but also gives a bit of utility, especially useful in pvp. Double time incrases overall mobility when used in offensive context. Bounding Stride also increases overall mobility, with being the most versatile out of the three (you can use heroic leap both offensively and defensively!). Level 60 row: Survivability/sustain. Now, I have no interest in making arms have more sustain than fury warrior. That's not arms warriors fantasy. However, you should be more survivable (defensive stance, die by the sword, + ?). These talents offer different routes to that. Option 1: Call of battle. Passive. Every 10 rage you spend heals you for 1% of your maximum health. When below 35% hp, this healing is increased by 2% of your maximum health. This is 100% in line with warrior class fantasy, and a favorite of warriors from the bracers we had in Legion. You're supposed to be up-close and personal with the opponent, and your survivability should be rewarded for it. When you grow more desperate as the tables turn against you, you fight harder for your life. Additionally, this is not broken at all. 1% of hp is easily bursted through by others, especially if you are stunned (which was the problem with MoP second wind: Some had really hard time bursting through the healing, which was passive all the time). It's strong enough to make it an interesting talent option that plays well with the sustained damage style of arms, but balanced enough to not make warriors overtuned. Option 2: Blade ward. Instant cast. 2 charges. 30 second cooldown. 2 second duration. Replaces Die By the Sword. Ward attacks with your weapon for 2 seconds, deflecting all melee and ranged attacks for the duration. A really proactive, skill requiring ability that turns our parrying ability into a high skill-cap ability that when timed correctly can save your life and completely negate strong attacks/cooldowns like chaos bolt, DfA and alike. 30 second cooldown encourages you to use it sparingly, but if you wish, you can chain two blade wards together to make yourself survive a lot of punishment for up to 4 seconds, creating interesting and risky plays for both pve and pvp. Also plays well into the blademaster/weapon master theme of the spec. Option 3: Impending victory. Instant cast, no cost. 30 second cooldown. Strike your target, dealing x amount of damage and healing you for 20% of your max health. Cooldown of Impending victory is reset each time you score a killing blow on an opponent. The version we currently have. It's a solid choice, offering a burst of HP back on an ok cooldown. Level 100 talent tier: Dreadnaught. Increases the damage bonus of your overpower by 10% per charge, and the damage buff it grants for mortal strike now applies to execute as well. Why change it like this, you might ask? This way, people who like those big meaty hits from warrior can get those, which also increases the value of crit for the people who enjoy this sort of playstyle. This talent synergises really well with both sudden death and massacre, allowing people to really stack in big burst hits with their abilities, if they so wish, but they will have to do so at the cost of anger management, which offers more aoe focused damage + quicker type of gameplay. I'd really like some feedback on how you feel about these changes (Esp @Bigbazz), and I hope to post this analysis along with other class analysis later to the class development forums, as I feel that this issue is not only the case with arms warriors, but with a lot of other specs too. Every spec should feel amazing to play, not just "ok". Thanks!Shenshugoki20 2d
2d Mad Warrior.Blizzard class balance is a joke. its not like design team pays any attention to the forums but im wondering if blizzard knows what class balance means or why they actually call those patches as class tuning? i know i know im a butthurt for posting this and blah blah blah. But seriously it feels like some things and specs need a total rework like warrior for example... You nerf warrior arms to the ground while the spec has ZERO survivalability...running with my arms warrior and i cant solo a single rare mob even if i use all the CD's with 341 itemlevel..and in front of me there is an ally rogue that he is killing the same rare while being almost afk and his hp is like 95% ...like wtf?? HOW IS THAT balanced... At the same time you have disco priest who deals more dps than a pure dps class and heals a ton and he is basically immortal.. Do i need to mention ret pala duels? who are impossible to win? and many more examples... i m really curious to know what blizzard means with the term "balance" or "class tuning"Infernalwar44 2d
2d Warrior vs paladin Hey all, i'm making an alt for purley questing and achievements. I want a plate wearer and always loved paladin and warrior fantasy. Just wondering what the difference in playstyle is like? I like to get stuck in and see big crits and feel tanky aha.Ultroth12 2d
2d Prot war, keep getting declined * I que for premade mythic + Party leader: "Wait 1 minute please, incase another tank class is interested" Me: "?" Party leader "I rather not heal a warrior tank" ^ This happend me more than 5 times so far, Just an example of how the conv goes down. I have lowest HP out of all tanks with same gear, and worst gamestyle. I rolled a new character now, I refuse to play Prot warriors.Ponpai13 2d
3d Warrior self healing suggestions Hello warriors. One more thread like all those hundreds about our zero self healing capability. What I would like to suggest is Ignore Pain (arms warrior only): Zero rage cost tho a CD 30-40sec) To gives us a shield with X amount of our max hp, with 2 options : Either when we get hit when shield is up to take that absorb dmg as heal OR When we go out of combat and we still have a shield on, the amount remained to come as heal instead. Second wind: rework it totally to an active skill instead of a passive and now when we activate it to take like 30% of our max hp back over 5 sec when we being hit or a flat 30% hp when we are out of combat. Generally threads like this must keep going because is totally frustrating how blizzard keep ignoring us on this big issue. Seeing mages for example being able to absorb huge amount of dmg while they have the best CC capability with a very good dmg, or paladins/Rogues with insane toolkit. And generally all classes except warrior. Prot is the worst tank and one big reason is this. Blizzard please fix that, don’t force players to reroll or to quit because of this specific reasonIsenpaii3 3d
3d Second Wind Weak Aura (help) Hello my fellow warriors, in this week of bursting i am finding the talent Second Wind more and more useful for those quick hp top ups in between packs in higher keys. The issue is i dont seem to be able to find or create a weak aura to reliably track the 5 second no damage window and when second wind is active. Does anyone have a weak aura for this? 1st function to track not taking damage for 5 seconds 2nd function showing when Second Wind is active. Is this possible?Pantol0 3d
3d Rend serious opinion As title says, anyone using/playing with Rend? if so what's you opinion? (PvP and dps wise) Last days i was using it and it feels not that bad has everyone says: go Massacre!11xDx Rend sh!t ,pls baselinexddd Thougths about Rend?Jkz6 3d
3d Swapping specs Should i swap specs? I'm currently in a heroic raiding guild playing fury and i have played fury for multiple expansions but it feels awful right now. The playstyle is kinda decent in my opinion, wouldn't gush over it but it's not terrible. Damage is my problem, i have to try so hard in raids just to keep up and be in the top 5 on damage meters while other specs such as sub rogue have logs below 50% and somehow do same or more damage than me. I was pretty much thinking of swapping to arms but i don't know much about as i always turned to fury when it comes to warriors. Thoughts?Lynxwolf3 3d
3d "Overpower" deserves a new icon Like come on, it's current icon has been in the game since wc3, and is bland and unimpressive. It would be fine if it was a passive, but the spell itself is part of the core rotation from what I've seen.Thedraes7 3d
3d Thank you Blizzard for the fury changes (pve pov) Thank you Blizzard for giving fury good sustain and make us not feel Like paper Thank you Blizzard for making our rotation not so bursty and making our damage more significant outside of Reck Thank you Blizzard for making our rotation feel fluid and fun Thank you Blizzard for making our aoe more sustainable and not so rng I like fury now a whole lot more than what I liked it in LegionGoriel2 3d
3d Fury rebalance Pls consider upping ST dmg, i dont even care if u lower the aoe. Its cool and all till u hit that boss in an m+ and feel like a potato when playing with equally geared classes, when ur at the boss i dont even care trying to do good cuz i know i will do worse than the others, and when im playing havoc i can basicly roll my face on the keyboard while doing better. Its a fun specc, so it would be cool to be able to play it without the feeling of gimping urself. And no I will never play zzzarms. I know there will be guys coming here saying something about stat !@#$ and azerite traits and so on - Ive seen it on other posts and i dont care, a specc shouldnt become semi viable with perfect stats for the spec.Imillidan4 3d
3d How to be a good warrior. Can anyone help me out to be a good warrior in pve. Explain to me what makes a good warrior. Talking about arms spec.Guthrum7 3d
3d Charge occasionally not working in BFA I believe I've seen this thread somewhere, but since I can't find it, I'll post my own issue with it. It has occurred multiple times where I have activated Charge, the audio for it goes off, it activates the cooldown, but I don't charge. This is the only bug I've encountered so far, nothing horrible about it, just putting it here for anyone else experiencing the same thing.Elaviel13 3d
3d Prot warriors are too OP right now... https://www.warcraftlogs.com/zone/statistics/19#metric=deaths&dataset=25 - Mythic Uldir https://www.warcraftlogs.com/zone/statistics/19#metric=deaths&dataset=25&difficulty=3 - Normal Uldir https://www.warcraftlogs.com/zone/statistics/20#metric=playerscore&class=Tanks - DungeonsHumane6 3d
4d A slow worth having So as the most kitable melee class out there I wonder, and have wondered for many years, why is our slow the worst. I was playing arena today that led to me being alone vs a dk. The hp diffrence was all in my favour, I was set to win. Then what happend? He wasn't hiting me, he was running, and not only running getting away. I was slowly fading away at his pets and dots as I charged, hamstring, trying to get dmg through his absorbing sheild as he once more slowed and just ran, sometime with the help of his stun. And there you have it. Why there even are diffrent % slows these days is something I cannot understand.Rapidash2 4d
4d Massacre or Rend ? Especially since the Death Sentence and all the class specific traits on the outer ring were nerfed. Considering this, would a Rend / IFTK build work better if coupled with multiple Rezan's Fury traits (12 sec bleed) around haste gear ?Futopia3 4d
5d Deep Wounds Glyph Well ok, it's called "Glyph of Gushing wounds" or something. And yes this was originally designed for Prott. But I was wondering why can't you use it now for Arms? We have Deep Wounds after all. I wish Blizzard would fix this.Nëstor4 5d
5d Deathsentence nerf should have gone differently Latest change on Death Sentence talent is worng. I did agree the talent needs to be changed for Arms couse it was broken. But not in this way. All that you had to do was giving Arms like 6 sec CD on Execute in PVP combat and that would remove the Broken Part from the spell without making the talent completly useless. Now the talent is just too bad to really spec into it. I myself do not mind it that much since Fury has very good mobility without it, but I just think that the nerf could have been done better. Arms does lack mobility a lot and the talent would be ok if it was nerfed properly...Ereckthor14 5d
5d Protection warrior in numbers Just leaving this here: Death % - Tanks - Heroic Uldir (top 25%) https://www.warcraftlogs.com/zone/statistics/19#metric=deaths&class=Tanks ... Mythic+ unique tank population - Bracket: 10-14 https://raider.io/mythic-plus/season-bfa-1/all/world/leaderboards-strict#role=tank:mode=unique:minMythicLevel=10:maxMythicLevel=14 ... Really hoping the balance patch will at least bring some buffs to us.Zron18 5d
5d Prot Warrior : It feels like I am playing naked ..................... Yes, it dose NOT get better with gear ! At first i though i needed to stack haste and count on my Block + Cds and i will be ok . I was wrong ! no matter how high your haste ( to keep SB buff up ) this spec is useless ! Problems ? 1) Rage Regen is the wrost ! you killed Devastator talent when you made rage regen bad for prot warriors ! now with or without this talent warriors are just bad 2) Ignor Pain : Very High Cost for Very Little Benefit ! AND ITS ON GCD TOO ! 3) Unlike other tanks , we have NO other forum for self healing other than VR which requires kills and HEALS FOR WAY LESS THAN LEGION ! How to Fix this ? since you guys never go back even if you are wrong , redesign this spec to make it more dynamic and fun , its not fun playing Prot anymore cause i cannot be relaxed and no matter what you as a prot warrior will most likely die with the slightest mistakeShadowheel27 5d
5d BFA : Arms warrior ? What's this arms warrior rework everyone is talking about ? could anyone give me a lead or explain to me how things are going to be please ?Basaker20 5d
5d Arms Aoe- I dont get it Hi, So I recently switched from fury to arms spec.- While I think I got the ST rotation/priority down pretty good, I am still struggling with AOE. I think it might party because I dont really understand how we are surpose to make dmg? I understand Bladestorm and to use it with warbreaker. Similar I understand sweeping strikes. Well not entirely, as I dont understand how we can be competitive when our abilities only hit 2x targets?` But what should I do, when bladestorm and sweeping strike are on cooldown? Do I just damage 1 target with ST priority, and replace slam with WW? SOmebody please help me understand arms aoe mechanics, and some of the rotation. many thanks :)Chambolle2 5d
6d Ion's (Watcher) Reddit AMA in 40 minutes Gonna edit this post as the AMA has started. Full thread here https://www.reddit.com/r/wow/comments/9fv4tk/im_world_of_warcraft_game_director_ion/ My post: Warriors Q: What are your plans for Protection going forward? ​ Keeping in mind what happened to Ignore Pain during the beta, are the designers happy with where it is right now? Critique on IP is almost uniform ingame, on reddit and on your own forums - something needs to be done about it. As an example, Yazmas Skewer is a 1.5 sec cast we should use active mitigation on. If Shield Block is down and you do something else as she starts this cast, you cant use IP on it (gcd) opening up for massive damage. The ability just doesnt feel good at all. ​ Furthermore, starting a fight as Prot feels very bad with all the buttons that need pushing before something happens - while I almost constantly feel "behind" on what I should/need to do. Charge > Thunder Clap > Shield Block would be great but I dont have enough rage for that. Also need to hit/get hit a bit, or use Demo Shout with Booming Voice to get there. ​ Absolutely love Unstoppable Force and Bolster.Steele0 6d