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26m New warrior at 110 - need your help guys Hello everyone, So just came back to the game after a year or so out. A lot have changed so i kinda need a basic guidelines. I just hit 110 with my Fury Warrior and this is where i stand: - Artifact weapon - around 30 traits + level 15 AK. - Did not finished the Warrior quests - Ivl around 830 i think Which things should i do now to gear/improve myself? Dungeons? raids? arena/bg? Profession worth it? (lvl 600 blacksmith + mining) finish the quests? Go to the broken shore? (did not received the quest for some reason) Grind resources to increase my AK? So as you see i have alot to do - what should i start with? just looking for priority. Thanks!Poloturion5 26m
47m Upcoming Arms Changes Arms is getting some love finally, more or less. -All abilities damage increased by 10%, in addition to any damage changes below. -The effect of Mastery has been reduced by 20%. -Anger Management now spends 20 Rage per 1 second of cooldown reduction (was 10 Rage per 1 second), and now also reduces the cooldown of Bladestorm. -Cleave damage increased by 20%. -Colossus Smash cooldown reduced to 20 seconds (was 30 seconds), and damage increased by 10%. -Dauntless cost reduction is now 10% (was 20%). -Execute damage increased by 25%. -Fervor of Battle damage bonus increased to 80% (was 45%). -Focused Rage now costs 20 Rage (was 15 Rage). -In For The Kill now refunds 40 Rage (was 30 Rage). -Mortal Strike damage increased by 20%. -Overpower no longer costs Rage, no longer procs from auto-attacks, and may not proc itself. -Precise Strikes (Artifact trait) reduced to 10% cost reduction per rank (was 15%). -Rend cost increased to 20 Rage (was 10 Rage). -Rend’s first hit now deals 280% weapon damage. -Slam damage increased by 35%. -Titanic Might now increases the duration of Colossus Smash by 8 seconds (was 16 seconds), and now also reduces the cooldown of Colossus Smash by 8 seconds. -Void Cleave (Artifact trait) damage increased by 100%. -Whirlwind damage increased by 20%. -Will of the First King (Artifact trait) increased to 2 Rage per critical strike (was 1 Rage).Wartrond4 47m
1h Rate the Warrior transmog above you As the title says, rate the transmog above you on a scale from 1 to 10. Previous thread: ... Due to the fact that the last warrior that posted there didnt get his transmog rated, ill do it here: @Casairos Good mog, fits a warrior, altrough i have my doubts about the red swords and blue tabard - 8/10Traendithas17 1h
1h warrior furry of ret paladin hi people . 1 question. in 7.2 what is better furry warrior or ret paladin . and tell me please wheyMadrussian3 1h
3h Disconnecting from Skyhold Hi I'm disconnenting a whole lot when teleporting from Skyhold to any other zone. Each time I log back in, I spawn at at exact same spot it Azuna a bit up in the air and take some fall damage. Any other experiencing this?Pranel52 3h
5h New warrior ability/passive? I often see warriors in bgs sitting at what seems like 0 hp for a good while and seemingly not taking any dmg at all no matter what I throw at them and even with like 4 players on them. I'm just wondering how this is happening. Is it a new ability or passive they have? If so could you tell me its name please? It doesn't seem to be only prot warriors who have it. In fact I'm not sure prot warriors have it at all.Yeshuagave3 5h
16h Xylem, Arms Warrior Challenge, need help! Hey there, this is my best attempt on the encounter and I was just wondering what I was doing wrong here, obviously charging into the black stuff got me killed, what I refer to when I say doing wrong is killing the adds, which didn't work evidently, so how do I kill them the quickest? Overall pointers on how to improve my gameplay vs the encounter is also GREATLY appreciated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nD2GIqeIZlA Thank you for your time and best regards, -RhunokRhúnok15 16h
21h Arms vs fury Arms or fury for pve? I like both , but u know sometimes one spec is better than the other one so i wanna focus in one spec atm. Any help pls? Also wanna know why one is better than the other one.Raukø3 21h
23h Rate The Name Above You!!! Simple, Rate the name above you /10 I was so lucky to get this name, Its on Draenor too so its a very high pop server :DJay65 23h
23h Gladiator Stance Would love this option back, any body else miss it :(Jovahkiin10 23h
1d Stuck at 450k dps Help me pls.Grimmrace10 1d
1d Fury and Arms, PvE and PvP(?) Hello, Since Fury became a popular PvP spec I was searching around on the internet and found many people telling that "officially" the PvP spec is Arms and the PvE spec is Fury. By officially I mean by Blizzard's intentions. I greatly enjoy Fury both in PvP and PvE and always wondered what is this about. Is this true or just and old habit? I'd like to master Fury in PvP and put a lot of hours into it, but somewhat have a fear that with the patches rolling out, Fury will be less and less viable because of what I mentioned above. I was looking for video footage about Fury PvP in the past and saw many, but people still saying Fury is not for PvP for some reason. Can anyone please clarify and ease my mind on this?Lekro2 1d
1d Warriors comes back Hi guys, Just want to make it quick: Had a long WoW pause and consider to come back. I hope you can give me some precious hints if it's worth. 1) What's the current state of warriors in PvP/PvE? (maybe between 1-10? 10 = very good:D) 2) Which specc for PvE? 3) Which specc for PvP? Thank you in advance dudes and dudettes! Have a nice weekend. :) Edit: 4) Which specc is good for questing or does it even matter?Titanhoof9 1d
1d Increas my dps Need help to improve my dps and also a question about an relic. First my dps. i have issues having a good high sustain i can easily burst alot will link logs but then i drop down quite low for some reason and i need help finding out why. Armory:http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ravencrest/Trecdor/simple Logs:https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/11146361/latest# only have some kills on some bosses that have been logged.Trecdor0 1d
1d best team? wich champions should i have actives? thx ^^Raukø0 1d
2d Jumping down from warrior Order Hall causing DC Hello there. Is anyone else having trouble with the "quick travel" from the order hall? Every single time I'm QT'ing to for example Highmountain or Stormheim, the screen freezes as soon as I choose the location. It DC's me and when I log back in, I end up in Azsuna...Thezot19 2d
3d Is death and glory working right? So after testing on the dummy's in our order hall odin's fury enhanced by death and glory seems only work about half the time and when it doesn't work odin's fury is doing less damage than before I had taken the death and glory trait! Before taking the new trait, odin's fury with battle call would do between 250k-450k per tick now however when death and glory doesn't work it does half that each tick and I can find no reference to the first hit in the logs at all. Please tell me that it isnt an RNG skill now and when you get unlucky it does half the damage It did before you took the trait. If that's the case I wouldn't have taken it lol.Maxor0 3d
3d Soul of the Slaughter Soul of the Slaughter - it supposed to heal for 400k every once in a while when the rng is on our side. Sounds all good and fine but does it actually work in pvp? I've ran quite a few bgs after I purchased this trait and I haven't noticed it proc once. Is it just me or anyone else noticed this?Maradaar3 3d
3d Fury 4 piece worth it? I was stacking haste and mastery in all my gear to realize that it won't include a 4 piece, (gear guide from icy-veins). So I was just wondering if the 4 piece was actually worth having.Burntwaffles7 3d
4d Operation Felrage and Felbeard Has anyone managed to finish this quest? I've tried more than 5 times and I get destroyed in this fight through the unreal respawn rate of the adds and Felbeard.Kurumu1 4d
4d R1 Warr PoV: "Master the PvP!" Hi & hello! So in this new, (7.2) video I would like to cover few aspects I didn't have time for recently. That is: ✔ a general insight of the PvP aspect from my own PoV as well as ✔ give you a quick update on quite demanded topic regarding my UI (addons, macros) in addition to ✔ few "tips" at the end of the video which I hope some of you will find useful. If you are a "Gladiator" titled player already you may not find this guide too interesting, but for now... Sit back and enjoy the talk! As always, see you on the arenas! https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=Vts_MeqKDOwChili3 4d
4d Arms Warrior: Either focus raged or bad dps? Don't really like focused rage, but it seems from simulations that it's by far, the strongest talent for single target dps, and when i say by far, i mean 100 k + more dps from this talent then anything else, am i forced to take this talent if i wanna do some consistent damage?Jinmori8 4d
4d Warrior armor Why is our plate armor so pathetically weak?Marcusbrutus5 4d
4d Warrior Changes 7.2.5 Arms All abilities damage increased by 10%. The effect of Mastery has reduced by 20%. Protection Revenge damage reduced by 12%. ¿Huge nerf to arms warriors?Litherenne24 4d
5d Executioners Precision Why on earth is it a debuff? why isn't it like shattered defenses, unless its on a boss, you have literally executed it by the time you have stacks for MS...Jovahkiin2 5d
5d Bring back the option for 1-hand fury i miss this, anyone els?Accumulator21 5d
5d Fury weapons 1hand/2hands transmog The idea is this why not make 2 hands weapons able to transmog into 1handed weapons. From the time they introduced titan's grip fury warrior kind of had to use 2handed weapons since they had better stats and in legion the weapon that they gave us is a 2handed weapon leaving us no option to transmog or use our beloved 1handed weapons. I think that many of us fury warrior would like that to happen since there a probably more people that would like to play as a 1handed weapon users and it would add that extra flavor to the spec if fury warriors are able to transmog 2handed weapons into 1handed. Now for example some races would look much better with 1handed weapons for example dwarfs, trolls, bloodelves,gnomes, nightelves and dwarfs again. Plus it would be great to play as that fury warrior that uses 1handed weapons with all that attack speed and feeling like a raging beast that could slice everything really fast and it makes you feel like you are playing the fury as it is supposed to be, Fast and deadly with 1handed weapons. Many of us would like that I think and everyone would like to be able to transmog 2handed weapons into 1handed for fury so we can at least look or try to look as badass as our boy muradin. And in my opinion it would be much better for fury warriors to be able to transmog 2handed weapons into 1handed weapons instead of being able to transmog our weapon into staves. I think this would make the warrior class feel like the real master of all weapons.Zengoo0 5d
5d Best prot trinkets? Anybody know the best protection trinkets I should be aiming towards? Currently running Fang of Tichondrius (880 ilevel) and Horn of Valor (also 880 ilevel), I have a 900 ilevel Royal Dagger Haft, which I personally think sucks (STOP GIVING US CRIT!!!!), and Infernal Contract from Gul'Dan seems to falatter to decieve for me. I'm interested to see what other tanks think the BiS trinkets are (not counting legendaries) as I don't feel like there's much out there at the minute in the way of REALLY good tank trinketsRáyven2 5d
6d Skyhold Dissconnect I'm having a problem. When i jump from skyhold to lets say stormheim and i get dissconnected before i get to Stormheim and log back in, it puts me everytime on the same location in Azsuna. Is anyone else having these problems ? Or knows a way to fix this ? thanks in advance (srry if my english is bad im dutch)Abigaîl10 6d
6d How good is a Fury Warrior without Draught of Souls ? Hi, i want to finaly get into playing some alts. But i feel like the ones that i would like too play are kinda meh, without item X or just plain bad. The Melee spec's i would like too play are : All of them,just not Rogue or DH, i have a personal vendeta with the Demon Hunter class.^^ But Fury warrior would be my favorit, but everyone i ask says that fury is very bad without the Draught of Souls Trinket. So i went too check some Furry Warrior Logs and the Trinket does 14-17% of the total dmg in almost every fight. If i take that dmg away and add Stat Trinket X, it does not even compare... That i why i am asking how good/bad is a Fury warrior without the Draught of Souls Trinket ?Mingle3 6d
6d Switching from 4 tier bonus to non tier items Is it worth to wear 4 pieces of tier when you have a item piece which is 25 ilvl higher than tier piece item. I reckon I stay with 2 set pieces as the 2 set piece bonus is pretty good. But having in mind that I really don't have much rage problems atm, would you advise me to replace my 3rd and 4th piece with non tier pieces? Change in strength/stamina/stats is really drastical.Rasturacha9 6d
6d race change hey lads, wanna change the race/gender of my warrior but til which race/gender? i tried male troll and male orc, i find the troll ugly with plategear, and the orc is simply to bulky. ive looked at female orc which looks fairly good, and blood elf male aswell. but what do you lads think?Karuki15 6d
6d Rend Hey guys, I searched "rend" and the last topic I saw was 2015. Is it worth using rend in arena, or is it better to use Avatar to get free from slow/entangle effects? I am not sure how useful it is for pressure?Armageddón3 6d
6d Fury warrior - Great to play but feels weightless Hi, I play all 3 spec: mainly fury, prot for dungeons and elite mobs, arms for pvp. Arms plays meh but colossus smash sounds great. Prot plays well and sounds baddass because shield slam resonates. Fury on the other hand is unrewarding. Bloodthirst, raging blow and execute don't have a noticable sound. I barely hear them. I can hear rampage first and last strike, which is more or less understandable. Our less powerful ability (furious slash) is the one that you hear the loudest whereas our most powerful (Odyn's fury) barely makes a sound. Why ? Is there a way to have RB to make the sound of colossus smash ? Is there a way for bloodthirst to make more noise than an orange being squashed ? Edit : finished topic and typosMuscadait3 6d
6d Warrior Specific Reputation So it appears Warriors now have reputation with Yellow Neutral mobs, as they seem to bloody hate me since I started flying, everywhere I go they attack! Anyone else had a problem with this? Only happens on my warrior. Ps. If anyone knows how to gain rep with these critters please lemme know ;-) Update: Swapped out War Machine and seems to have stoppedKaelía3 6d
17 Apr Why isn't inner rage basesline? Title pretty self explanatory. Come on blizzard, this talent is pretty much required to do decent dps.Jinmori2 17 Apr
17 Apr Unrivaled strength best trait? Is unrivaled strength the best trait for fury warrior? i find it really hard to believe to be honest. To me wrath and fury, and raging berserker seems better.Jinmori2 17 Apr
16 Apr Current state of arms warrior First and foremost I want to elaborate on the content of this post and the topic. I've been playing arms warrior since release and have enjoyed the playstyle very much. The spec has a lot of different combos that fits different scenarios in various encounters and has been very fun up until 7.1.5. The current state of the spec leaves arms warriors ragestarved making the spec very lackluster. I'm dividing the topic into a few categories. 7.1.5 changes, itemization, legendaries and playstyle. 7.1.5 changes: As many warriors including myself have noticed, our procrate has been drastically decreased after the 7.1.5 patch. Whether this is due to our gloves getting butchered, haste being decreased or a stealth nerf to tactician I do not know, but as a result of this change, warriors easilly ragestarve and become very slow paced as opposed to 7.0. Fury does not have this problem, as their abilities do not spend rage but on the other hand regenerates rage which they dump into rampage leaving them with a lot of options during encounters. Whereas arms relies on Tactician procs and warbreaker in order to successfully target swap, fury does not, leaving arms in a state of "should I do the encounter properly or tunnelvision?" Arms has up until this point been known as the high single-target warrior spec that butchers patchwerk fights such as Krosus, but as of this patch, fury actually outperforms arms on single-target, so some changes has to be made. Obviously there will always be the pull at which the stars align and you get 15 tactician procs on pull, but those cases are very rare and that is really the only time where arms outshines fury - when you get lucky with tactician procs. Itemization: As of the current patch, Draught of souls is by far the best in slot item for fury and arms. The trinket is so overpowered combined with 4 set, that it even outshines execute damage (Unless you have exe ring obviously). Looking at the higher end logs, the only reason arms is even competative, is due to this trinket being so powerful for us. Now what does this mean? It means that if the trinket gets nerfed, so will the arms warrior (And somewhat fury). Legendaries: The current list of arms warrior legendaries is, mildly said, pitiful. The gloves which are supposed to be our go to legendary, is not even siming in top 3 in BiS gear due to its lackluster stats ontop of the nerf to the rage gain. This leaves us with the choice of going with either Aggramar's stride (2nd bis) and Mannoroth's Bloodletting Manacles (3rd bis). Even then, compared to other classes, our legendaries are still in the bottom of dps gains. Fury has the benefit of better legendaries over arms, which again, leaves arms somewhat in the dumpster. Playstyle: With the release of Nighthold it has become apparent that almost every fight is heavily AoE based. This means that arms warrior, which can basically only AoE properly once every 1 minute with warbreaker, has to resort to tunnelvisioning the boss and do the encounter inproperly or do their job and feel like an idiot. That being said, the arms warrior playstyle has taken a turn for the worse. Playing a spec which at times benefit more from doing nothing than actually pressing buttons is very lackluster and not very appealing. Where fury constantly has buttons to press, arms is ragestarving and lacks something from the previous patch. Our previous amount of procs made the spec fluent and fun to play, but in the current situation, we're just left with a feeling of "why am i playing arms anymore?". Whether this will become better with gear or not, only time will tell, but if the current playstyle persists I will not be playing arms anymore. Whether i decide to reroll to a spec I do not enjoy playing (fury), a different class or quit entirely only time will tell. Thanks for reading and have a nice day. TL;DR: Arms is lackluster and boring, legendaries suck, the spec relies on BiS items from Nighthold (Specifically Draught of Soul) and the playstyle of arms does not fit the fight requirements of Nighthold. Ideas for optional fixes: Give arms warriors a badluck protection such as the one of fire mages. (Fire ball applies a stacking crit buff on the mage on consecutive noncrit fireballs). For arms this could be a stacking buff on consecutive slams that increases the chances of proccing colossal smash. Change the stats on certain legendaries and/or buff certain legendaries for arms, in particular gloves and AoE legendaries. Give arms more consistent AoE by lowering CD on warbreaker and bladestorm. Give arms some way of resetting the CD on colossal smash on demand that doesn't force us to decide between AoE and single-target damage. It's really lackluster doing single-target dps without a colossal smash on the target well knowingly that you need to save warbreaker for an AoE pack coming up in 30 seconds. Lower the CD of colossal smash from 30 to 15. Enable our charge to reset colossal smash. Make it so that CS doesn't debuff the enemy but in turn buffs the warrior instead. Give us back some sort of reliable AoE that doesn't require us to mass-spread CS. Optionally that could be thunder clap + deep wounds spread. just a few thoughts, nothing major.Caustie86 16 Apr
16 Apr Question: Current state of Warriors? Hey guys So i have been looking for a class for my alt character, and i have finally settled for a warrior. The only main issue i now have, is that i have no idea how warriors are i Legion, since they seem to be doing pretty good DPS wise, but people are complaining in the forums and so on. So how are Fury and Arms? Please keep in mind, that i will mainly PvE Thanks in advanceFaerch1 16 Apr
16 Apr transmoging defensive stance shield will it ever be possible? the alliance one doesnt fit my mogLiándrin2 16 Apr
16 Apr warrior protection hidden artifact skin Alright. The warrior protection hidden artifact skin was not obtainable for some time, which is okay. Now we needed AK 5 for it, which of course, is also fine, you have to do something in order to get something. The thing is, i have watched countless of videos, read dozens of comments on wowhead and al this really depended on was rng by logging in and out in a specific location in highmountain... All i want now is some dam certainty.. even if i have to do every mithic dungeon 3 times, i still wouldn't care because i know i will get it at some point but this is just getting... Does anybody have some recent information on this? Preffered information AFTER the maintaince?Akumatr12 16 Apr
16 Apr Bloodcraze raaaaaaarrrgh Why are you making me farm AP for another rank in a totally pointless and completely useless talent? Why have you not changed it for something a little bit interesting or at least in some way slightly useful? Anything like "You have a 1% chance to make 1 silver" or "You will run 10% faster from your next (impending) death" or "you take a bit less extra damage than every other class" or even "Reduces the chance to disconnect when jumping from skyhold" Being at let's say 18% and bloodthirsting to 25% (fully talented) instead of 21% (untalented) is totally useless and pointless. The likelihood is, if you are down to 18% you are gonna die real soon. Even if you do survive sub 20% it's probably because your healer has just burned half a mana bar. Face it, there is already a flappy valkyrie hovering near by waiting to usher said warrior to a far away graveyard. TL;DR I don't want to spend about 250 million AP (and the time to get it) on this cruddy useless talent just to get to my paragon talent.Marcó1 16 Apr
16 Apr Arms Straw poll, just for interest. https://strawpoll.com/6dbrzb2Jovahkiin0 16 Apr
16 Apr Arms or Fury for 3s? Yo, which spec performs better in 3s? Currently I'm playing fury but want ot try Arms as well. What's the main rotation with Arms? What talents should I spec? What should I watch for?Stabbingpunk3 16 Apr
16 Apr Rate the Warrior transmog above you As the topic title states: rate that mog, last one already reached its limitWarmachine500 16 Apr
15 Apr An impossible foe - Fury challenge I FINALLY managed to kill her. My item level was 891 during the kill due to using the Gronntooth War Horn heirloom for the extra demon damage. It was an extremely tight fight, but at least it's possible without the healing bracers! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0A5TTlkTxSU Legendaries used: Helmet Whirlwind belt Sorry about the constant moving camera, it was quite nerve–racking ;DTeih4 15 Apr
15 Apr How do you like focused Rage? Well, for me it destroys the flow of the game and I always feel like im doing something wrong when im fighting someone in the arena face to face and find myself stacking up some sht as a WARRIOR, like some kind of magician who needs to speek the spells or whatever. Thats like completely missunderstood class-design for me. Or did anybody see a warrior chillin around and stacking his whatever, instead of taking his axe and run fearless into battle to chop everything like he has 50 lifes? Thats my point of view. I Wonder how people think about it. If Blizz keeps it that way, atleast logically, there has to be a mass who actlly enjoys it, right? So share your points with me fellas!Roktsok15 15 Apr
15 Apr New fury set bonuses Is it just me or does the 2P feel A LOT more powerful than the 4P. Or are they trying to make us drop Inner Rage ? And since the stats are garbage (again ?), going 2P only would be the right thing to do right ? Or mix T19 with T20 2P bonuses ? Since more crits on BT would mean more damage procs for RB. I would like to know what you think.Rah7 15 Apr