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1h Rate the Warrior Transmog above YOU The Last thread reached it's limit. Everyone knows the drill. Rate the transmog of the person above you on a scale of 1 to 10.Goryx372 1h
1h Was stance/weapon dancing really that great? I've started playing warrior in wotlk because of it, but was stance/weapon dancing really that great? Now when i think about it, i just remember that we macroed each and every ability with apropriate stance/weapon, and in the end it was like you didn't even have to stance/weapon dance at all - macros did everything for you :) For example: shield wall + 1hShield + def stance MS + 2h + battle stance Bladestrom + 2h + battle stance Intercept + bers stance Charge + battle stance disarm + def stance Shield block + 1hShield + def stance ( and then revenge spam mmm) etc. So it was hard to comprehend when i was new to the game, but now it feels like a rudiment which just needed a mmo mouse :) Correct me if there was more depth to stance dancing.Шатурас3 1h
8h The Dragonslayers Hi all, for looting items to craft the dragonslayers I still must have exalted with Valajar or not anymore?Nerrgal1 8h
9h Good Resource Site for Warriors? Heya, I recently swapped to Warrior to Tank and I DPS here and there as Fury too. I just wanted to know if there's a reliable resource site for Prot/Fury? I use Icyveins in these situations, but have found it tends to go long periods without being updated or in some cases was just wrong during Legion. I find sites dedicated to one class/spec to be much more reliable, such as Storm, Earth & Lava for Elemental Shamans. Thanks in advance.Helgreta2 9h
9h Rate my mog dont rate anyone else rate mine, this is my post !@#$%es, below you will find a list of acceptable answers. 10 out of 10 14 out of 10 58 out of 2 GOD DAMN out of an AWWW YEAH i also accept girls phone numbers as a response that is allMalroum1 9h
10h Fury is freaking WEAK!!! So honestly, i am probably going to switch to another class even tho i hate too be one of those people but i simply dont find the spec comptetive in antorus. Always in the lower mid, dont seem too be able too push out enough damage if you compare too arms. I dont even want too or have to mention the damage compare too other classes. For example. Killed argus(Hc) the other day, i was constantly on boss and ads and barely got bombs on me. I ended up around 700 Mill when boss was down and a freaking rogue landed around 960 Mill?! While arms are Always around 100-150 mill ahead aswell and its even the same class like wtf? I am doing the rotation correctly and yes i do have the gear, even tho i am missing lego helm i still got the pants. Ilvl 948- 37%haste and 43%mast with 4 set-bonus i still dont seem too be able to push up the damage. I have right gems/enchants etc etc but still just keep falling down on the damage meter constantly, its a disaster. Do People that play fury experience this or is it just me???Mánor6 10h
13h Warrior pvp Is it even worth playing pvp with a warrior?Dalirium11 13h
20h Focused Rage useless in PvP? Everytime i'm trying this talent in PvP i'm doing so much worse. My damage feels much more balanced with In For The Kill. Focused Rage doesn't even give you 30% more damage in PvP, right?Sigwar2 20h
23h Arms survivability arenas Hello! I have tried to play some arenas with my arms warrior. But if I go up against someone with strong self heals I almost always lose. With almost no def CD:s I find it hard to keep up with classes that have strong selfheal (warlocks, paladins, druids ex). Is it that im just bad and dont get the class or does more people have this issue?Wrathmaar0 23h
23h Give Arms Warrior some love. Now that Fury is now clearly more stronger and more played spec how about giving Arms some QoL changes. Current Arms gameplay is too RNG dependant(and especially when you can't keep 100% Colossus Smash uptime on Boss without Titanic Might talent) so I have and idea of little addition to Tactician passive. Tactician will work the same as before but with one additional thing: "After X rage spent without getting proc you get 100% guaranteed proc." I think it seems pretty self-explanatory, just a little bad luck protection especially for single target when you can't generate a lot of rage because of low% chance of Opportunity Strikes.Nirs5 23h
1d The best rotation for warrior Hello, I've got a question. What's the best rotation for arms warrior? Also what are the best talents and stats? You can look up my armory of course. Thanks for every reply!Toumhas9 1d
1d Rage Generation Is there an Addon that shows my Rage generation? It wont show in my combat log Since T21 requires more rage management I was wondering if the Bloodthirst proc also generates twice as much rage.Iriie1 1d
1d Specialization Hi I have a question. Which specialization is better. The fury or the arms? I mean, for pvp, pve etc.Felliix0 1d
1d leggos With the new t21 set what are the best leggos for arms ?I use aylas and helm atm .Do u think hands will be better than helm?Traciann9 1d
2d Tusks of Mannoroth Farm Greetings to you, sons and daughters of the Horde! This is your friendly neighbourhood from Russia. For those of you who have an unstopabble wish for having those badass shoulders - http://www.wowhead.com/item=103785/tusks-of-mannoroth. Sign in right now, for forming a dream team that gonna get them for you. All you need is to have a 100lvl character for the Horde. decent gear and lots of those things - http://www.wowhead.com/currency=776/warforged-seal. Farm based on using your seal for an extra loot, when you're killing Garrosh in heroic mode (we have cd, don't worry). Commonly farming starts at 18:00 according to the The Moscow Standard Time Zone (It's 3 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time: GMT+3). My BattleTag: Ruiss#2392, just wait for me, when I start spamming about tusks. And yes - tusks still drops in WoD, but with the low drop rate as they were in MoP. Have a nice day!Грифтэр433 2d
2d So, warrior is now a viking? I've just decided to pump my warrior from 90 to 110 after DK and Pala. I haven't spoiled anything to myself and it's actually quite a surprise that warrior is now a sort of a viking (valajar or smth like that). I always thought that warr was actually a skilled and decorated soldier or a mercenary of some sort. More like a classic fantasy warrior if you know what I mean. Do you think warrior is going in that direction from now on? I'm asking cos I'm actually not a fan of that nordic mythology, and I'd rather leave warr instead of seeing it bocome a vrykul. I'd rather have "boring" fortress and a legion of soldiers to command along with some existing/new great warriors. No offense here just my POV ofc. For honor and glory!Toramino32 2d
3d will BfA give back 1hand fury?? hello all warriors i have played warrior since classic and i remember having vanquisher blade & blade of omen from SM quests, i do enjoy the titan grip theme but some times i feel like going 2 one handers for classic/nostalgia feels in the past blizzard always suffered with the balance between TG and SMF so i think maybe a solution for that is to making the weapon cosmatic that warrior can transmog 2handers to 1 hander. in the past you can transmog 1 handers to fist weapons but was removed during legion, so i think its not that insane idea to give the warriors the option to choose which look they wana go for without harming/changing their dps outputRokaro15 3d
3d Arms Warrior Hidden Artifact As far as I'm aware the arms warrior hidden artifact is obtained purely through RNG by getting lucky and having the npc Master Smith Helgar say a dialog queue to you when you are at your artifact forge. I've heard it's shared for all warriors so everyone will get it on the same one day then the next day it will be unavailable for all. Does anyone have any idea if it has some kind of internal CD or spawn timetable and if so, when it was last up?Tom15 3d
4d secret arms artifact skin available now ! 5 minutes ago I found the quest for the hidden Arms artifact skin available in my class order hall ! Just wanted to share it with you fellow warriors :D Good luck hunting it !Vrignar0 4d
4d Are people happy with T21? Like Subject says. For arms, T20 vs T21. I find it really difficult deciding still, sim after sim.Bamtastic9 4d
5d Convergence of fates with Anger management So i have a quick question. Im arms with 942 ilvl. and one of my trinkets is a 935 convergence of fates. is it worth going Anger management over opportunity Strikes/ravager. Its worth mentioning i have 150 base rage.Koksbosse0 5d
6d Fury again on the bottom? Your balancing Team is a joke!!! Fury Warriors were struggling the hole expansion in single target situations and it looks like it will stay this way...... Only Draught of Souls changed that and you nerfed it to the ground...... for a ridiculous reason.... since you didnt touch COF for this long.... Wearing Convergence of Faits for 3 Raid Tier is totally fine? But Draught had to be nerfed into the ground? If your latest balance changes brought everything in line, HOW can your calculations be this far over the top? over and over again...... This nerf is exactly the same overcorrection like the Draught nerf..... This is getting ridiculous and Im loosing my patience......Iriie8 6d
6d Prot self sustain Hi guys! I'm currently gearing my alt warr. I want to run myth+ with my lads (up to +10, don't think we are able/need to push higher). I have a few questions if u don't mind. 1) Is warr able to do this w/o particular legos? I have crafted belt and got Sephus few days ago. I know that bracers and legs/belt/hands are awesome, but this random is just killing... I might spend weeks and months w/o proper drop. 2) Is warr able to finish some bosses when the party is dead? I managed to solo lots of bosses on my DK/Pala in +8-9 geared in 920-925 w/o proper stats and legos. War being dependent on healer (esp w/o bracers), with IP being pretty weak makes me doubt. Thank you!Mariar17 6d
6d Less buttons = more DPS It's funny how some passive talents give more dps than active. Dauntless>overpower In for the kill>focus rage Definitely want to see overpower and heroic strike baseline in BfAШатурас8 6d
6d Arms or Fury Hello Warriors, just got back after a break. Which one will be better? haven't got any lego yet so i was wondering which one shall i stick with? Thanks,Blackaxê7 6d
08 Dec Shattered Defenses in PvP Rotation Hi guys, so i read some PvP Guides about the general Rotation for the Arms Warrior. Basically it is like CS Debuff -> MS -> Slam, Slam, ... Apparently Colossus Smash is only used to maintain the +% dmg debuff. What i discovered is, that through Shattered Defenses, you gain 50% additional damage for the next MS or Execute. So should you be heading for CS as soon as MS will be up for the Shattered Defenses procs? At least in most PvE rotations it is explained that way. Just curious about Arena.Mikâsá3 08 Dec
07 Dec Can't make any sense of Fury If we ignore the fact that classes this expansion are balanced around artifacts for a moment. Although this guy is only 63, fury seems quite the mystery to me compared to arms, for one, abilities to very low damage...like what is the purpose of furious slash?It does completely tiny damage. So does raging blow. Rampage has a lot less damage than mortal strike, but has a ridiculous cost. I do hope the fury artifact has some big @ss traits to boost the damage, because as it stands at this point...the output is extremely poor. Sustained/burst is only half of what i can do with arms.Steelsnout2 07 Dec
07 Dec Tokens give Paladin Gear So this happens very often with the argus gear Tokens both from chests and the vendor on the Vindikar it says creates Item according to your spec (Protection), i click on the token and get an item with intelligence as highest value wtf?Mikey1 07 Dec
07 Dec 'BiS' simming lower than 2p Antorus? Title was too long. Trying to understand something; If I equip the Bladestorm Helm + the 4set bonus from ToS. (which are all ilvl 900ish) My Sim is 1.43m If I equip the Bladestorm Helm + 2set from Antorus and random other gear (925-940) My Sim is 1.50m I don't think that's right? How can the BS helm without the 4set be better than with it? They synergize so well. That is theoretically my highest sim. https://imgur.com/yaZroNy 2p Sim + Helm https://imgur.com/nvxI5g2 4p Sim + HelmAshisögi2 07 Dec
06 Dec Arms or Fury? What is the best one right now, Arms or Fury?Zinij1 06 Dec
06 Dec Is my rotation right? Doing poor DPS. Hi guys, I am ilvl 925 and I struggle to break 1 million dps, usually sitting at around 940k, dipping down to the 800k's at times with poor Warbringer procs. On AoE it's really easy, especially with my Legendary. I can do 4m AoE easy with enough adds, WarBringer BattleCry, Bladestorm. or Cleave + WW if BS is on CD. A few questions; 1) I have 17% haste, is that a problem? 2) Do I ever use slam if I am talented for 80% bonus WW? Because I never use Slam. 3) I took my talent build from Icy Veins. I assume it is good? My rotation is like this; Collosal Smash, Mortal Strike, Spam WW unless CS procs or is off CD. Use Warbringer to keep CS dmg bonus up. Single Target ofc. Execute Phase; Use Execute x2 Use CS Use MS Is that correct?Ashisögi14 06 Dec
06 Dec Fury T21+CoF change "Fury When both Convergence of Fates and Juggernaut Battlegear 4-piece are equipped, the value of the 4-piece set bonus will be reduced." source -- https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20759498054?page=1 So we'll pretty much still use CoF but just have a reduced 4-set? It obviously depends on the reduction. Why haven't Blizzard told us by how much? This is ridiculous and hamfisted. High ilvl T20 might actually be better with this nerf.Henduil9 06 Dec
05 Dec Antorus Prot tier bonus Interested to hear peoples opinions on the value of these. I like the 2-set bonus for burst rage generation, but I'm a bit lost as to how useful the 4-set bonus will be as I don't really know how ho many blocks per minute the average warrior gets etc on top of whether the average IP lasts long enough to gain any major benefit from it?Ráyven3 05 Dec
05 Dec Talents for the Highlord's return I almost never play prot, but I wanna get the challenge appearance since it looks awesome. I'm pretty decent and I know what the tactics for the fight are but I know very little about the spec's talents/builds. Most of the information and guides I can find are pretty outdated so I thought I'd ask on the forums. Which talents should I use for the Highlord's return? The legendaries I gotfor prot are soul of the Battlelord, Aggramar's and Timeless Stratagem.Regenboogje9 05 Dec
05 Dec fix heroic leap? still cant leap up bridges/ramps etc in arenasDrivehard9 05 Dec
05 Dec Wtf is this hot fix? Arms 2-piece bonus now increases your critical strike damage by 7% (was 10%) after using Colossus Smash. 4-piece bonus now increases the damage and critical strike chance of your next Whirlwind or Slam by 12% (was 15%), stacking up to three times. Fury 2-piece bonus now causes the target to bleed for an additional 18% (was 30%) of the direct damage dealt by Rampage, over 4 seconds. 4-piece bonus now increases the damage of your Rampage by 25% (was 75%) for 8 seconds. Fine 75% might have been to much, but bat it down to 25? are you even testing these things out?? the two set from Tomb is freaking more usefull then this piece of garbageRenvy5 05 Dec
04 Dec Fury or arms for rbgs? My question is which is the better one for rbgs?Grigdut0 04 Dec
04 Dec Arms vs fury warrior hp Why i have 1 mill less hp in arms then in fury if i have the same ilvl and only 7ilvl between the 2 weapon ?Imsayed2 04 Dec
03 Dec Healer 2s Whats the best healer for a warrior in 2s?Widerstand1 03 Dec
03 Dec Resto druids? Do warriors have some hidden ability or something against resto druids ? They seem to not take any damage while in bear form and heal for days and I can't find anything in my spellbook to counter it :\Stansmash3 03 Dec
02 Dec Class Order Champions Hi all! I really could use some advice to what champion I should have listed as my bodyguard, and what champions I should use for missions AND what gear I should put on them. Please do tell me what setup you have that gives really successful missions. Much appreciated! xxxBonita1 02 Dec
02 Dec What da Fuq . Warrior - Arms PvP Template Versatility reduced by 5%. But but ....but why !!Hmydani4 02 Dec
02 Dec Do warriors in PvP wear paper? I am a bad warrior n all but damn... without a pocket healer I feel like playing the squishiest class in the game with no mobility and lacking utility. Damage is fine tho ;3Zbir20 02 Dec
01 Dec Fury and Convergence of fate Seeing as the new raid is out and the fancy new legendary trinket combo is avaiable, i cant help but look at this Little hourglass in my pocket and pounder on if i will ever let it go. Clearly these end game trinket combo are inteded to be the new Bis stuff and al once uppgraded etc, but here comes the Catch for fury. We need convergence, al tests, videos guides, sims say the same. why? Fury surrounds one single ability, even more so now with the latest tier bonus, and that is Battle cry, we can dish out Heavy and fast burst single target and aoe with it, This is specialy inportant at fights like say portal keeper in Antorus if you are assigned for imp duty, with convergence on the go you can use that battle cry !@# combo with every intended imp spawn without problems. However without it, and this gose for more bosses in mythic pluss and other raids aswell, we wont have battle cry at al and it will alwyas be several seconds off depending on luck with other abilitys. this is not only extreamly frustrating but also it proves how dam dependend the spec has become for this trinket to feel like it flows properly with fights, atm i cant imagen fury without this trinket, even if you nerfed it from a 5 sec to a 4 sec. You cant nerf it to the ground it wont work, even if you made it a 3 second it would still be Worth it.. There has to be someway to either bake another or boost up the cd reduction in the current talent tree so we can finaly let this trinket go. and if it comes down to an issue of pvp with battle cry being to short there... not like it's the first time abilitys gets changed while entering a bgRenvy3 01 Dec
01 Dec [PvP] HELP! Arms Warrior Rotation "Houston, we have a problem!" ... I am doing very little damage. To cut things short: I leveled an Arms Warrior a couple of days ago and started playing arena immediately afterwards. I am an average-experienced arena player (1.980LXP) and played Arms Warrior already five years ago. Fact is: I must be doing something wrong, because my damage feels and sometimes is super low. Feral Druids double my damage, Frost Death Knights outperform me as well and killing an Afflication Warlock takes time too. Yet I can’t identify what I am doing wrong? My standard rotation is pretty simple… 1. Charge 2. Colossus Smash (or Rend) 3. Mortal Strike 4. Rend 5. Slam 6. Slam 7. Colossus Smash 8. Mortal Strike I need your help guys. What does your rotation look like? How do you use Slam? When do you use „Battle Cry“? How do you use „Sharpen Blade“? I am not here to complain about my class. I just want to get better and therefore I would much appreciate your feedback. Many thanks. Cheers RakkraRakkra2 01 Dec
30 Nov I got the Fury Hidden app without unlocking it? wtf I unlocked the third color, (complete 200 WQ after unlocking hidden artifact appearance), but I haven't unlocked the appearance, I haven't gotten the three parts, Valarjar rep is not revered. I'm happy af, grinning like an idiot for having the skin, but wtf has happened?Taístelíja1 30 Nov
30 Nov Which Trinket Combination is the best? Assuming I socket the one with a 200 Mastery Gem? http://i64.tinypic.com/335fx8z.jpgAshisögi1 30 Nov
30 Nov New PVP Warrior looking for Tips After not been accepted to do any arenas on my Ret and years of following the light I made the change, I have created a warrior and have thouroughly enjoyed smashing my two 2h axes into peoples faces in BGs, charging healers and topping the damage done! but I need more advice, on things my fellow warriors have learned about the class (I only play fury atm) and any useful macros if there are some key ones i will need!Holydread2 30 Nov