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5h Rate the Warrior Transmog above YOU The Last thread reached it's limit. Everyone knows the drill. Rate the transmog of the person above you on a scale of 1 to 10.Goryx246 5h
8h So, warrior is now a viking? I've just decided to pump my warrior from 90 to 110 after DK and Pala. I haven't spoiled anything to myself and it's actually quite a surprise that warrior is now a sort of a viking (valajar or smth like that). I always thought that warr was actually a skilled and decorated soldier or a mercenary of some sort. More like a classic fantasy warrior if you know what I mean. Do you think warrior is going in that direction from now on? I'm asking cos I'm actually not a fan of that nordic mythology, and I'd rather leave warr instead of seeing it bocome a vrykul. I'd rather have "boring" fortress and a legion of soldiers to command along with some existing/new great warriors. No offense here just my POV ofc. For honor and glory!Toramino18 8h
20h Baseline Bladestorm for Fury I think Fury is really fun these days. But it feels sad that having Bladestorm as a talent makes us super weak for oneshots and doesnt really give us any advantage. I would like to get it baseline not couse that much for a dmg, but just for the feel of it. It is really awsome to bladestorm a lot of players in BGs just for the lolz. The spell just looks awsome and its sad you need to spec to BAD talents just to be able to use something that just looks greatEreckthor0 20h
20h What Alliance race for prot warrior? I'm leaving "horde" and our new "warchief" to play with my friend. I just cant deice what race to pick..Fleshcarver2 20h
21h Considering warrior. Hi. I'm a tank person. I like to be THE TANK. I'm trying out different classes atm, got this druid above 930 and a DK above 930 il. Are warriors worth playing in terms of actual usefulnes? I've heard rumours that warrior tanks are being stomped in ToS and might be lower tier tank in Antorus. I'd like warrior tanks to post pro/cons and come with some insight. Thanks in advance!Kamûra1 21h
1d which does more damage arms or fury ^^Fizzacles6 1d
2d Ravager is worthy of some love . Make ravager give the targets 70%slow and let it be off cd . no draw backs , its already taking us a blade storm and opportunity strike .Hmydani7 2d
2d Member when Warrior was all about crit? I memberAlempa15 2d
3d Using Bladestorm as Fury. Is it really bad? Bladestorm is my favorite ability but atm it seems pretty poor on fury. I've always loved popping cds and then Bladestorm a bunch of adds. But it seems it's outclassed by other talents + odyns furyDeseximia1 3d
3d Arms mage tower challenge Hi guys How difficult is the mage tower challege for arms warriors? Coming from an affliction warlock, it was quite the pain without a particular legendary, so I had to wait to get an 915 itemlevel. What is required for arms warriors? I am only at 905 so far :(Roflcoptor4 3d
3d Prot leveling? Why do I have more survivability as fury? In the beginning I had ilvl 650ish and could barely survive 2 mobs as prot, granted very low ilvl but still. Then I bought legendary waist and two epics with extra gold. I thought I could pull everything as prot like I did with blood DK, but no... i die from like 6 mobs. (blood dk was even badly geared much worse than this) With fury I can spam and "tank" everything, and currently even tanking normal dungeons with it since bloodthirst heals for 4%, and by tanking i mean for example in HoV running all the way to hymdall and killing like 10 elite mobs at same time-tanking. Granted I have a crafted legendary, but still... shouldnt it only benefit prot more... ? Also, im top dpsing the whole group.Neoh4 3d
3d need help with stats as far as i'm concerned my stats are broken like 29% crit and only 14%haste can anyone help me idk how to fix that without going down like 30 ilvlsAlibab3 3d
4d How to beat DH+MW monk? I play fury and I have a difficulties to beat MW+DH in 2v2. Feels like both of them have too good controls and mobility together to beat them. I would like to ask some fellow warriors what would you recommend me to do against it to make my chances higher against them. (if this info helps, I was also playing with MW monk) Thx all...Ereckthor1 4d
4d Arms Warrior Hidden Artifact As far as I'm aware the arms warrior hidden artifact is obtained purely through RNG by getting lucky and having the npc Master Smith Helgar say a dialog queue to you when you are at your artifact forge. I've heard it's shared for all warriors so everyone will get it on the same one day then the next day it will be unavailable for all. Does anyone have any idea if it has some kind of internal CD or spawn timetable and if so, when it was last up?Tom1 4d
4d Bloodthirst/Raging blow macro? Any castsequence macro for these 2 abilities?Akiyuki0 4d
5d benched Benching this joke of a class... it aint doing no damageAellar9 5d
5d Pathetic Noob Absolutely new player here and I suck. So I've done some dungeons and its all just too fast and chaotic for me to work out what's happening, I understand the theory of what I'm supposed to be doing as a tank but have problems holding onto the monsters. So I decide to better myself - I read some guides and watch some you tubes and I try the proving grounds as I can do it at my own pace. The mobs simply ignore me, taunt grabs them for a few seconds but that's it. I have to be missing something here - something fundamental that the guides decide not to mention because its so obvious. Throw a guy a rope (or noose)........Underphants8 5d
5d Arms PVP Damage? What the hell happened to our damage? I haven't played my warrior since 7.2 but my highest crits in BGs are around 200k with MS and OP whilst under the effects of colossus smash. Going up against paladins and DKs and only getting them to about 80% before I'm done. Any advice? Is there something catastrophically wrong with how I am playing? Please help.Ghoroth19 5d
6d Rate(or roast) my xmog please. Made this mog recently. Just wanna know what you guys think about it. I'm going for a savage/barbaric vibe.Nvohn10 6d
6d Head vs Pants Fury Hello ! I saw on so many guides that Head is 1st Bis lege. Since i started to play fury and i got like 6 legendaries , but still only stuck with the pants , i wanna know what is the diff between rage regeneration from both and which lege is generating more rage. I prety much love the valajar pants they changed my playstyle and rotation, i wanna know if the head gonna do same effect. If there are people that have both legos , please give some info.Njorde2 6d
6d Tauren doesnt use new melee animations Such as Mortal Strike and Templars Verdict. However, if you use Gamon toy he uses the new ones. Why is it like that?Alempa1 6d
14 Oct Warrior in pvp needs to be fixed so bad. Guys really i never create topics like this...but my god this is so frustrating! arms is too !@#$ing slow and weak.... just go cs , ms , rend and waiting for someone else to dps down the enemy...fury is a lot better and a lot more fun but it's still imho not competitive. I see other classes and their utilities and i think blizzard should really fix the warrior on every aspect...survivability, mobility and a little more damage too.Glaadio28 14 Oct
14 Oct Worth downgrading lot of ilvl to use tomb set bonuses? and how muchTarzar3 14 Oct
14 Oct Prot Mage Tower: Advice Pls I would like some advice on the Prot MT. I can't even get to Kruul, is this challenge legit legendary dependent?Moopie4 14 Oct
14 Oct [PvP]low Damage Playing as Arms I have the feeling I am performing the worst from every class I ahve met in arena. Srsly every single arena my damage is the lowest... Why is that?Aellar5 14 Oct
13 Oct Arms or Fury in 7.3? They're both equally fun to me. Which is better? Edit: For PvERakvor9 13 Oct
13 Oct Night Elf male or Worgen male? Hello fellow Warriors :) So I am about to faction-change from Horde to Alliance and the two races that caught my attention are; Night Elf male and Worgen male, which one of these two do you think is coolest and why? I don't care about any other race or gender. The pros for Worgen imo is that I like the overall monstrosity look and that when you run around in Argus you can choose to do so on all four legs which to me is badass. Cons for Worgen imo are that, just like Taurens have boots that doesn't cover the entire feet(for understandable reasons) and it looks so ugly :( and the Colossus Smash animation when he flips in the air looks ridiculous... Pros for Night Elves is imo that they generally look more elegant with different armour sets and can transmog almost anything to that specific race and gender and it still looks good and their sabertoothed tiger looks awesome. Cons is that the bloody ears point out of helmets which looks ridiculous and they don't really look good without helmet either imo. Overall pale and boring to look at. So again, which one would you pick and why? I'm leaning towards Worgen male, but I need opinions here! Help! o.OMinimoo13 13 Oct
13 Oct 7.3.0 broke heroic leap in arenas we (warriors) cant leap up the bridge in Blade Edge and Dalaran sewers arena maps anymore. any clarifications?Antimelee3 13 Oct
13 Oct Arms DPS/Rotation Hello, So i have a bit of a problem on my arms war, with ilvl 921 i pull only 700 - 800k ish dps on single target. My rotation is as follows: Charge Battle cry Colossus smash Rend Ravager Moonglavies trinket Mortal strike, Colossus Smash when available and filling with Warbreaker and Slam Stats: Mastery: 38% Haste: 20% Crit: 25% Thanks for help!Hotdogseven13 13 Oct
13 Oct Fury or Arms for Antorus? Hello guys, the new raid will be here and I want to know which spec should be better for this raid? Fury or Arms? What do you mean? :)Wabank4 13 Oct
12 Oct Fury 927 low dps Guys i really need help! I am playing fury for a month now, and today i finally geard him with ok items and a 4 set. But the problem is i tought i will have higher dps when i get 4 set but no.. I mean i have higher dps but i am 927 eith 850k dps, which is really too low... I think i am everything doing correctly, i am pretty sure, i have around 30% haste (27 or 28), 51 or 52% mastery, so stats shouldnt be problem, only problem is that i have 2 worst legos for fury, shoulder(timeless) and neck(prydaz). I wonder could that be the problem, or am i really doing something so wrong i dont know anymore, but help me please!Deboxrz3 12 Oct
12 Oct Help a fellow (casual) warrior improve Hello there brothers and sisters in arms, I've been looking at guides on gear and I was wondering if you'd be so kind to look at my profile and tell me what would have to change to improve. Suffice to say I'm a casual player and the only raiding I can do right now is an odd normal PUG. I'm not doing too bad DPS-wise (never been one to do the whole logs thing; I don't even know what a "parse" is), but I'm certain I need better gear and some stat increases. I'm at a loss and unsure where to begin and was hoping you guys could help out with gear suggestions. Icy Veins was a bit confusing. Thanks in advance! Uz. P.S. I enjoy Fury - even if it's not the most competitive of specs right now (or so I've been told) - so I'd appreciate suggestions related to that spec first and foremost.Uzûlar2 12 Oct
11 Oct Whose idea was Warrior Tier 21? Who the hell at Blizzard thought tier 21 was a nice design? Who EVER thought they should let a set that looks this HORRIBLE live? The gloves and boots are GIGANTIC and looks just terrible, awful. https://gyazo.com/b75bae432912f787f0dd589c45dba9a4 How is this acceptable?....Leapin7 11 Oct
11 Oct Spell reflect doesen't reflect spells anymore... Posting here, because the post in general i've made doesen't seem to attract much attention... After 7,3 was launched, trying to get to kil'jaeden, i noticed that i dont reflect chaos bolts anymore, from the trash. Also questing on argus i found the same issue. Its kinda hard to tell if they get reflected or not, cause damage meters dont count that as damage. But the animation is DEFINETLY not there. Asking warriors for help in establishing if we can reflect bosses abilities anymore. Like first boss in maw of souls, last boss on neltharion's lair. Thanks in advance. https://us.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/20758677859#post-3 I found someone else with the same issue. See link aboveCrashandburn10 11 Oct
10 Oct :( 1 Warrior in top 100 2v2 and 5 in 3v3.. :(Nugug3 10 Oct
10 Oct Protection Warrior in PvP right now? Came back after very long break and just started play. I want to ask You, how Prot Warr going in PvP in Legion right now? U ended in WoD, where I pretty enjoyed world PvP and BGs. Had no problem in 1v1, 2v1 and sometimes even 3v1 and 4v1, so I'm curious, how is he doing now? Also little interest in others tanks how they doing in PvP.Rhokk0 10 Oct
09 Oct Fury secret artifact skin Hi. In regards to the new way you get the artifact skin i have been doing odyn in LFR and normal but i have yet to see it drop for any warrior. All i have to do is farm odyn while i'm reveredo to dreamweavers and valarjar right? Tyvm in advanceLeunamsilva6 09 Oct
08 Oct CoF farming? Which raids should I join to have best chance on droping cof?Iorund1 08 Oct
08 Oct ARMS ROTATION Hello people. i just wanted to try an arms warrior for the first time, i read much on web but could'nt find any good rotation after 7.3 for rent build. i'm using rent as lvl 45 talent and titanic might as lvl 75 one. i also have 40% mastery that is way too low and i know i need to upgrade it. But what i mainly would like to know is which is a good rotation to max. damage output. Thanks, regardsKepox3 08 Oct
06 Oct Prot Warrior state? Hi, May i ask ff Prot Warrior worth for ending content (Mythic Raiding, high M+)? Cause i am thinking to switch my DH to Warrior tank. thanksMolismeni12 06 Oct
06 Oct Dauntless - rage spent count I have a question about Dauntless talent. As an arms warrior one of the core mehcanics are spell procs on rage spent. My uestion is - if I take Dauntless talent, is rage spent calculated form actual (reduced) rage cost or from the original rage cost?Jaxir3 06 Oct
05 Oct Fury stat prio??? So i have not played since EN was released and have just come back two days ago trying to fill this massive item difference between me and all the other players. Getting back into it but im unsure what the stat prio is? Most sites say Haste > mastery which i get. but when i look at bis its mostly Vers gear? Some guidance would be great, thankyou :)Threatful5 05 Oct
05 Oct Helya gaze progress So i am trying to unlock a Helya gaze red color, the one for dungeons. It says I need to do 10 different legion dungeons. With all other unlocked artifact looks it always showed the progress. Like 7/10 done. This doesnt show any progress at all. So I want to ask if HC dungs are OK or if it needs mythics. Becouse I dont want to waste my time to find out by farming 10 wrong dungeons. Thx for all the help...Ereckthor1 05 Oct
03 Oct Warrior first world problem Should i use rampage or wait for execute, that is the question.Samsing1 03 Oct
03 Oct Lets talk about arms class fantasy in 8.0 Legions arms warrior class fantasy is all about the void, tentacles and old gods corruption. Just look at our artifact and its traits/abilities. Warbraker - causes corrupted spikes. Corrupted Blood of Zakajz - radiates shadowy energy. Void cleave - releases a burst of void energy. Artifact it self comes from killing a void creature. Spriests artifact comes from the exect source, if i remember correctly. I allways considered arms warrior to be a disciplined soldier or a blade master (like those orcs in warcraft 3), not an owner of a corrupted weapon. With 8.0 i expect those shadowy aspects to go a way and some soldier/leader/tacition aspect to come. So what do you think the true arms warrior class fantasy should be?Шатурас9 03 Oct
03 Oct Arms dps tips Ok so to begin with my arms warrior is 932 ilvl . With head lego and shoulders . no set bonus And i done alot of research on rotation etc and i seem to do evrything perfect . but still i dont get any good dps .And lots of ppl tell me its becuse i dont have lego ring (exicute ring) So my question is kinda will my singel target dps goes huge up when i get lego ring and set bonus ? . Or wont it make any big diferent ?. becuse i dont get it my rogue 932 ilvl aswell assasination he do have set bonus tho but that dps cant be compared with warrior at all . and also my DH 937 tho bis lego and set bonus is TOTALY out of league compared to my warriorLuciferø2 03 Oct
02 Oct Is it me or... My melee animations are bugged? Auto attacks use Raging blow or saber slash animation and bloothirst hit like saber slash aswell.Valtharíen2 02 Oct
02 Oct Protection Warrior for PVP? Does Protection spec make sense for PVP? What does Taunt for example do in a battleground? Is it useless?Soupahumble4 02 Oct