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1h Fury needs rework Hi all , After spending sometime doing Prot mage tower ( done ) and Arms ( done with few tries ) , now i am going for the last mage tower quest , the Fury one . According to my findings , the Fury challenge should be harder than Arms and easier than Protection , so i should learn the rotations and the rest is trial and Error . But the things that caught me was , Fury is sup to Arms in DPS , and the whole rotation feels like : BC is UP ! DPS DPS DPS DPS ... BC is on Cooldown Zzzzzzzzzzzz This is why , even as 7.3 is around the corner , the best in slot trinket for Fury is one from 7.1 ! I am talking about Convergence of Fates . What would make Fury a fun spec again ? I am thinking of the following: 1) Make Battle Cry a passive that gives us 35% crit base , the rest we should pick here and there ( 10% - 15 % ). 2) Remove Furious Slash , instead as filler we use Whirlwind. 3) Buff our damage to compensate for the low of 100% crit buff . Something along these lines , the idea is to make Fury a fun one to play instead of the whole 5 seconds of glory + 55 seconds of sleeping ( or less with trinket ) . What do you guys think ?Metalhoof4 1h
2h Fury DPS help/suggestions Hi First post on the forums for years, so please bare with me. I have been struggling of late with dps as a Fury warrior of late, and was hoping anyone could point me in a direction for improvement. I am iLvl 898 and am pulling around 450K dps (550k when flasked), but I am constantly being removed from raids for low DPS. I have read alot on issues like this, and also tried different rotations, but I am still falling short. (I even tried Arms but we won't talk about that experiment!!) Here is one of my latest raid log fights for anyone wanting to look at https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/QTmzWa731MdRPAGq#fight=5&view=analytical&type=damage-done&source=22 My common rotation is when charged > BC > (Avatar just taken now) > RB > BT > OF > BT, then fill the non-BC rotation with BC > BT > Rampage/FS I tend to look for Haste gear, but currently stuck at 28%, with Mastery at 40%. Would any one be able to offer any help, as I am struggling now in what to do and change - I have played the Warrior from vanilla as my main, but only last couple of expansions have I struggled with the DPS side. ThanksJay8 2h
2h Nithogg Spawn ALREADY ?!?!?!?!? Dear Blizzard, It is enough now ! For F*** Sake Spawn the Godda*n Nithogg Already! As a fury warrior myself, been waiting for !@#$%^- 3 months for that Nithogg named thing for my hidden appearence and you keep givin all others but Nithogg again and again for weeks! Give Nithogg next week so we can just complete our hidden appearences or just dont make a simple appearence thang too complicated by a requirement of a drop from a world boss that you never spawn.... Thanks for reading. Soz for Englisch. Have a nice week.Nirahl8 2h
2h Rate the Warrior Transmog above YOU The Last thread reached it's limit. Everyone knows the drill. Rate the transmog of the person above you on a scale of 1 to 10.Goryx105 2h
3h Macros changed Hi all, I've googled arms warrior macros and the suggested Execute/Slam one is the same as I had a few years back, but it doesn't work any more. Did they change something, or am I doing something wrong? #showtooltip /cast Execute /cast Slam Should cast Execute if it's up, otherwise Slam. Thank you.Clymidia0 3h
8h Arms a bit too powerful? Hi, i think Arms could use another kind of nerf. I know im not playing High rated PvP but in normal skirms and random BGs arms is way too powerful, casters simply dont stand a chance. Even in 3v3 Skirms. We have high mobility, high damage output, and insane Burst, survivability is questionable but there are other classes that struggle with that too. i think blizz should take away some damage in instanced PvP and give us some useful CC for example baseline Stormbolt. And yes this is my main and no i dont play Fury or prot.Pummeluff49 8h
9h Avatar in TOS? Cheers fellow Warriors, i am curious about how good Avatar is performing in TOS Encounters. at Kj hc it seems to be a strong dps plus due to lining up with the add spawn, but how about the other Bosses with adds like Harjatan Mythic? Looking at Warcraftlogs, there are a few ppl performing very well with it. any thoughts?Hìlde1 9h
1d Protection Mage Tower Post Revenge Nerf How are your tries dudes ? MY best try was 16 million left on Kruul , but i still wipe one first time cause of RNG :/ RNG + Nerfed DPS is always a bad idea Blizzard 150 Tries now .... starting to lose interest in WOW altogether :/Metalhoof11 1d
1d Rate The Name Above You!!! Simple, Rate the name above you /10 I was so lucky to get this name, Its on Draenor too so its a very high pop server :DJay123 1d
2d Fury AoE Doing KJ hc, so I'm not specced for AoE, I'm not going to take Wrecking ball when the adds are only up for 10 seconds, BUT... during the add phase, I'll drop from 2nd/4th to 14th, easily. Whats going on??? Why does AoE suck so much? WW - RB - BT - WW etc... is that not right? I dont get why its so bad.Boagreás7 2d
2d Protection warrior Hello, I just switched from a Paladin tank to a protection warrior, the question is, does protection warrior become more smooth with gear/talents ? Right now keeping IP up and shield block is a major pain an I am always rage starved. Doing dmg and keeping threat over staying alive... Is it always the same ? Br.Ellizà15 2d
3d What spec should i use in rbg? 1) Dauntless + Trauma + Fervor of Battle. 2) SS + rend + titanic might. 3) Some other combinations? Is sharpen still must have? What pvp-talents are also must have?Шатурас0 3d
3d 1H Transmogs for Fury. It is probably the 100th post, but come on! Let fury warriors transmog their DUAL-WIELDING TWO-HANDERS into more aesthetically pleasing, normal weapons. Why do u force me to look like an attention-seeking clown right out of an anime? It is really hard to find a good looking and proportionate weapon for my Fury Warrior, which also matches the race style and armor coloring. Come on! Is it so technically hard/limited to implement this change? Or is it just not worth your attention?Hordsax2 3d
3d Arms Mage Tower : Impossible without certain leggos ??? I am talking about the legendary execute ring Forget about the mage tower for 1 second , that ring is mandatory for Arms spec , and without it you will suffer DPS lose , now that's a flaw in the design :S I just did the Tanking Mage tower ( the hardest in the game ) after so many fails , but for arms piss easy i could have done it in my 8th try thanks to many youtubers our there , but once phase boss start casting the beam at me its over , i cannot kill those 3 adds in time , and i think its because the legendary ring . Can anyone correct me if i am wrong here , mage tower is about to go down and i am failing on each try at that same point !Metalhoof11 3d
4d Planning lvl up Warrior Hi, I have not played this char for ages. What speech is best for lvl up from 100 -110 Are warrior fun these days ? Thanks for advice :)Kjetta3 4d
5d Fury secret artifact skin Hi. In regards to the new way you get the artifact skin i have been doing odyn in LFR and normal but i have yet to see it drop for any warrior. All i have to do is farm odyn while i'm reveredo to dreamweavers and valarjar right? Tyvm in advanceLeunamsilva3 5d
5d Is warrior any good? Is warrior any good in pvp and worth of boosting to 100?Saliggaris4 5d
5d arms warrior help with dps so i have about 907ilvl and do 600k dps single target and thats probably not true... i have 59% masteryPanta1 5d
6d Arms Warrior, Class fantasy Greetings fellow warriors! I've recently been thinking about arms warriors in the game currently, and how I feel that there is a certain lack of in-depth gameplay for us, aswell as a lacking class fantasy. I understand that alot of people like the arms warrior as it is, and believe me I do to. But I certainly think that there could be some improvements to give us more choice in our gameplay. Just so everyone knows, I'd like to make sure that everyone knows that this is pretty much just me ranting and nerding out about what I personally would like to see in terms of changes to the arms warrior. Firstly, I think that focus rage was a step in the right direction in terms of fantasy, but I think it works poorly in practice and is overall quite boring (PERSONAL OPINION). If I could change the playstyle of the arms spec, I would make it so we had a 2nd resource, this would be act sort of like thunder focus tea in that you could consume it to enhance one of your following abilities. In my mind it would work on a resoruce system located under the rage bar with 3 Combo-point-ish icons that once all where filled, you could press a spell thats off the GCD in order to consume the 3 points o enhance your next ability. I think that the abilities who could be enhanced would be like, Colossus smash to make it apply the effect and deal damage to all enemies in a cone in-front of you (so It would act as the Warbreaker ability once the artifacts are gone) Mortal strike could be empovered to reduce healing further or apply a truama sort of dot. Hamstring could maybe slow for 90% etc.¨ As I stated this is purely me speculating about how I would want the arms warrior to play in the future to give us more choice and enhance our class fantasy as master tactician choosing how to approach the situation in the moment to devestate his enemies! I have some more ideas if anyone would be intressed in nerding out with me! <3Akelvar7 6d
6d Is Ayala's Stone Heart ever viable now? Will you ever use it now? Kinda feel like its a waste to use a legendary slot on a ring unless the equip-effect is really good, which its not anymore.Snoizer16 6d
6d Nithogg not seen Nithogg in a long time need the Skull of Nithogg to finish hidden Artifact were is he.Warblue13 6d
6d Any good looking transmogs? That match the green Wraths Edge?Panta2 6d
15 Aug Most fun casual warrior spec? My very first toon in WoW was a Warrior, many years ago. But I never really clicked with the class - I found the Rage mechanic clunky, standing around getting hit to build Rage so I could actually do something. However , I know a lot of changes have been made, so I'd like to give the class a second try (from scratch - I have no interest in resurrecting my L85 dorf). So - which is the best spec for just dropping in and playing really casually? I'm talking a 2-3 button rotation with occasional cooldowns kinda casual. This will be my 14th toon to take to max (so I have 3 Rogues, there's nothing wrong with that!), and all I really want is low downtime, decent killing speed, and as many fun tools as possible. Thanks for your suggestions!Landerolin7 15 Aug
15 Aug Wow new Arms is horrible Last time I played my Arms warrior was during Cata Firelands. Man it was so fun, now it's just horrible, so horrible: 1- CS: doesn't feel like a CD. It's almost up all the time and there is no feeling of satisfaction for managing it. 2-Rend/OP procs are gone. Rend ticks used to proc OP and you had a small window to use it before the next proc comes in. It was a nice mechanic that needed management for optimal use, you can actually delay your OP a bit so you can use both inside CS for instance. Now both are talents now with no interaction whatever. 3-HT off the GCD: now that was soo satisfying. It was a rage dump that was instant and hit quite a bit hard when you had those moments of extra rage that needed instant reaction to avoid capping. 4-Slam: I want old cast slam back. I want the animation, and the sound as well. This new slam is just another MS .. seriously how can you make a unique ability something so boring? Damn it even have the same animation for MS. I don't know how arms players can stand this class. It's just rubbish compared to what it used to be. The feel is also horrible. You spam "slam" and "MS" all day and it's disgusting how they are basically the same ability with the same animation. Yuk!Lanaiya6 15 Aug
14 Aug Fury pvp I'm about to do some arena's with friends (a frost mage and a destruction warlock/resto shaman). I'd like to know how good fury is in terms of viability and also if this comp would be okay at 3's. Though I'm guessing arms is better, I really have a blast playing this spec in pvp. Well non rated BG's are easy as !@#$ though even with little experience (I know it doesn't mean !@#$ hence this post) but I can pull out crazy burst and I wanna know if this can also happen in arena. Thanks in advance!Deadlÿ1 14 Aug
14 Aug Fury warrior Fury warrior need some nerfs watching fury 1vs1 any class while healing like a god(remember MOP second with ? well we have this back).For example check Pilav(yeye fanboys will /spit and say he is pro and i'm noob sure).This guy just pop burst and enemys die.And its not only Pilav this is for all Fury warriors.Pop burst kill enemy withing a global=GG.Averagebuble6 14 Aug
14 Aug Report bug;Bloodthirst bug Report bug ; Critical hit from Bloodthirst sometimes dont give enrage buff. I notice this like few months ago, but then never bothers me this bug a lot, but with new tier when critical hit from bloodthirst give chance to get 50% more dmg from raging blow, then i like get enrage in same time <ofc mostly u get it from rampage but not always, but this is not a point>. This bug is easy to detect thx to tier 20, sometimes u will get raging blow buff but u dont have enrage buff. I welcome all cultural ppl here to talk :). Sry for bad english btw :P.Anavârd4 14 Aug
13 Aug Noob warrior question Hello! So, I'm leveling my arms warrior atm and I'm in my 90s atm. I'm running trauma/fervor of battle build, as I read it's viable (over at icy veins and the arms compendium). I can't see any other warrior running it though, even though it's supposed to be just a bit lower than rend/titanic might. I would like to play the specc I'll be playing at level 110, to get used to it, would trauma/fervor of battle be a really bad choice? I intend to do mythic+ and raid, maybe a BG every now and then. Is trauma/fervor of battle somewhat competitive single target dps? Thank you - DipDipsmash2 13 Aug
13 Aug Timeless Stratagem (Legendary) https://gyazo.com/744e0e19c3af333f45c72d90a7d3e225 8)Teih15 13 Aug
12 Aug Not Warr Mogs Are there any full transmogs sets, that are not made for warriors but they can get them?Ereckthor2 12 Aug
12 Aug Prot warrior is so far behind If Blizz dont do something, some good hotfix, there will be no prot warriors doing ToS mythic. They so far behind, it's not even funny. Warriors are atm pushed into playing indom, which makes them beefier, with extra hp and stronger IPs, but leaving them with zero dps. I mean, if prots want to do any dps, they need to play devastator, which is pretty spiky atm. You dont feel rewarded playing devastator, which you should be actualy. So neither of two talent builds are good atm. Devastator needs more hp. Indom needs lil bit more dps, to make it in line with other tanks. You just cant leave it like it is at the moment.Biskup14 12 Aug
11 Aug Gems and stats Quite a simple one. With food, im assuming that 500 Str or even 400 Str wins over 375 Haste? But with gems, would a 200 Str beat a 150 Haste? Also... Pots: What do YOU use? Prolonged power, or Old War?Boagreás0 11 Aug
11 Aug To the guy who designed warriors I hate you. Whoever is responsible for the decisions behind my favourite class - you made alot of people dislike it. What were you thinking ?! We are not rogues, man, we don't have stealth like 50% of the melee classes ! We need to go there and actually FIGHT! Not die in the kidney shot of a rogue, no, No, NO ! We used to be fun, man, we used to be able to counter that! We used to go and charge into battle and actually fight! Right now people think of warriors like they are players who choose to die first. DUDE! I Choose warrior to be tankier than rogue, why do you think we have this awesome charge skill ? It's iconic ! I is what warriors do - CHARGE IN THERE and freaking fight! You see, WE are the ones who charge, not the freaking feral druids who have more stuns than a rogue, not the freaking rogues, who have stealth to actually assasinate key targets, not the freaking hunters who are the ones who provide support from the back rows. See all this is class fantasy that's been there for years. AND YOU RUINED IT ! As you can see I WANT to play warrios but you are just don't giving me the option to play them like I want them to. Like I am used to ! No wonder people want legacy servers back. You failed at your job. And I want you to know it. For me - you failed as a designer.Stans40 11 Aug
11 Aug Arms / Fury confusion (PvE) So... I play fury, always have, I love it. Even though I dont have the BiS Legendary items for fury (missing the cape), I'm not badly geared. Before ToS, I was doing pretty well, usually top 3 in hc pug raids, then came ToS and I was being slaughtered by Arms warriors. I had neglected my weapon so I couldnt switch right away, but started to get it sorted. Been away for 2 weeks and have come back to... well... I dont really know. My fury dps is better than my arms (I have no arms specific legendaries) and I find playing Fury waaaaaay more fun. what the hell is going on? Is it worth making the switch? and farming arms legendaries, or push on as fury? My Fury AoE is pretty sad, for sure. I think Arms wins that outright, but single target? Any (constructive) opinions / advice would be much appreciated. ThanksBoagreás15 11 Aug
11 Aug PVP: Endless Rage or Fresh Meat??? Just wanna be sure. Both seems kind of good lately. Since Fresh Meat got buffed to 60 percent I was using it a lot couse it seemed like a great way to keep targets in Arenas under 80 percent for a oneshot. I tryed to go back to endless rage a little bit and I have to say that the difference between it under 80 percent seems very significant. And since 7.2.5 it seems like the oneshot isnt really enough, so I thought I could get back to Endless Rage If there is any player that is around 2200 Legion expirienced, could you please confirm for me if I chose good to go back for ER?Ereckthor1 11 Aug
10 Aug Trying to help Fury Warrior friend with damage Hey there guys - sorry if i'm posting this in the wrong spot. - Just looking for some help for a friend with her logs on her fury warrior. She's around 910 ilvl but only doing 450k - 475k ish dps. Getting between 12-17% pars. Any help as to why she is so low would greatly be appreciated. This is normal ToS. Is it just a rotation/stats issue or a mixture of things? https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/wFcAdzJkVYyDqf2x#source=8&type=damage-done&fight=1 Here is her armory : https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/magtheridon/vhyranaBustabrew1 10 Aug
09 Aug Fury warrior set bonus suggestion Hi all! I thought that the t20 set bonus for fury was lackluster, as it didnt really have much of an impact on our gameplay aside from maybe making sure you have the raging blow buff going into battle cry and the t21 is also looking similar., so I came up with a suggestion for a set bonus that could be better. 2p: You have 2 charges of bloodthirst 4p: If you use rampage while already enraged, its damage is increased by X% This could create a gameplay style of saving bloodthirst charges for certain situations to replace furious slash to ensure you are enraged for your rampage. Love to hear your thoughts!Furixe2 09 Aug
08 Aug Doing really bad in pvp Hi Guys, So this warrior is my main and my most progressed toon (in terms of content/gear etc). I like warrior.. i like Arms in PVP, i like Fury as pve DPS and protection is the only tanking spec i like to play. Anyway - my problem is in PVP, esp' in arena. i'm doing SO bad as Arms (and fury). Played with a DK last night, he was doubling my damage every time. I allways was the first target and sometimes could not survive more than 10-15 seconds. Def' stance UP, using def' CD's - and still cannot survive the first 20 seconds. I switched to my Monk (WW) - and i could 2vs1 sometimes, my damage was allways higher, i surived long - buttom line i was 3 or 4 times better as WW than my Arms. Now this is now "buff arms" post - this is help me to understand what i am doing wrong? i hate the other specs of the WW and i really want to keep playing my War' but loosing is not an option.Tbãg15 08 Aug
08 Aug Furious slash sound? Just started levelling my warrior, and honestly I expected the "whipping" sound to be replaced with the melee animation remake. Is there a plan of replacing it? Cause it still sounds like !@#$ and doesnt match the attack animation at all.Grimline0 08 Aug
07 Aug Mortal Combo Revival Hi Ive been raiding ToS normal using titanic might and oppurtunity strikes. This has been giving me around 600k dps unbuffed, single target. Now that my Haste is over 20% i seem to be getting a lot more tactician procs, making titanic might a bit redundant, so have switched to Mortal Combo. Mortal combo, combined with Archavons Heavy Hand, and Anger Management alongside the T20 set bonus, is now putting out upwards of 700k dps regularly. Most of the time i can just spam Mortal Strike without a cooldown. Have i stumbled on something here? Everyone on the forums and websites bashes Mortal Combo as complete garbage. Am i missing something?Decimus5 07 Aug
06 Aug Ayalas Stone Heart Legendary Warrior Ring Please can you buff the proc rate just abit so it procs abit more often? the item is basicly !@#$ right now. 3-4 procs per boss ITS A JOkE blizzard entertainment, do so the legendary has something useful to do, its just like a regular ring with just high stats nothing more. no one use this item, rather use something other 3x leap shoulders or something its way more useful than this item. please buff it abit just abit so it has some usefulness. its a shame actually what u have done on this lolProbewhiskey5 06 Aug
05 Aug My warrior is doing bad dmg (tips appreciated) Hello :) So my friend plays arms warrior with me (frost dk). Hes on 50lvl of his artefact weapon and about 880 ilvl. Problem is hes doing half or even less dmg than me. I don't know how to help him but maybe you guys know. Heres video of our last arena vs 2 casters, we usually struggle the most vs something like that. Tips are very appreciated! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=auxmXUuWiQISelfish7 05 Aug
04 Aug Assistance with trinkets Would like some experienced players opinions on the following. I realise that my choice of trinkets will be situational, but in general, I'd like to know what you think would be a good combo. I have 3 (Potentially 4) trinkets that I would rotate: 925 CoA - (not great for high damage fights) 910 SoB - (Dont see a downside to this, other than it has replaced a 910 static Mastery trinket with a gem socket) 900 Umberal Moonglaives - (I would assume best saved for AoE fights ONLY) Lets just assume I want best combo for single target, say..... Avatar. Some simulations I have run gives me higher damage with SoB and Glaives. The 2 problems I have with this are: 1. When I ran the simulations, I didnt lose any hp, so the strength buff when equiping CoA, didnt fall off. I combined it with SoB 2. Not taking CoA, with all that haste, goes completely against everything I have read. My haste (Unbuffed) with CoA is 30% and without is 27% So my questions are: 1. Best single target combination? 2. Is Strength really not that important? ie. Would you take haste and mastery over Strength? 3. What Haste % is REALLY needed? Because I dont see much diffrence between 27% and 30% Thank you.Boagreás0 04 Aug
04 Aug Fury pve stat prio i decided to play with my warrior a bit more and i'm confused about the stats i should be aiming for , i know haste and mastery are the best but how much shouldi aim for haste ? thanksMuhinator1 04 Aug
04 Aug Furious Slash might not be that bad, after all... Hail, fellow Fury Warriors. I would like to share and discuss with you my idea regarding a Furious Slash build, so if you have the patience please read along. Now, I know (I've seen, read and also tried) that most Fury Warriors have replaced more or less Furious Slash with Whirlwind (and the Wrecking Ball talent) as a filler between the cooldown of Bloodthirst and Raging Blow (with the Inner Rage talent). it is true that the damage dealt by Wrecking Ball procs and the percentage increase of the damage of Raging Blow with the Inner Rage talent is undeniable, compared to the damage and effect of Furious Slash. However... I tried the following build, after giving it some thought and it seems to me that overall I can outperform the Whirlwind build I describes just above. As we know, Furious slash on its own increases the the chance of becoming enraged after using Bloodthirst, which unlocks the use of Raging Blow which you can spam almost 3-4 times, (with less damage per hit of course, compared to once every 4.5 seconds with Inner Rage). That we know, so far. Now, I have chosen the Talents: Endless Rage, Frenzy and Carnage. Frenzy makes Furious Slash increasing our Haste, which means more auto-attacks, which means fuelling us with more rage due to Endless Rage. Now, Carnage enters the game and in combination with the above, it allows us to use Rampage more often, since it decreases its Rage requirements + the faster rage we get from what I desrcibed just above. As a result we have the more frequent use of Rampage, which means we get the chance to be Enraged more often (as Rampage enrages us). Bottom line, we get a more frequent use of Raging Blows from either the Bloodthirst critical mechanic and/or the Rampage combo I just explained. If you add the PvP Endless Rage talent, then we can say that we are able to spam Raging Blow in an almost never-ending manner. Finally, constantly spamming Raging Blow fuels us with ticks of 5 rage again and again, leading us to the use of Rampage once more and the initial process continues in a loop. To conclude, I haven't tried the numbers ( so please if anyone of you does, let us know :) ) but do you think that the more frequent use of Raging Blow, Rampage, auto attacks and Bloodthirst crits are enough to Surpass the damage output of of Wrecking Ball procs and increased Raging Blow damage percentage every 4.5 seconds? Thank you, all!Thumak3 04 Aug
03 Aug Being a better tank I use icy veins for all my info, but I could use some help. I'm currently spec'd for Indomitable, but I'm wondering if I should switch over to devastator, I see alot of vids with people using it. Spec'd for Devastator, I have 5.7m HP. Do people change they're spec for different bosses? We're currently up to Fallen Avatar in ToS. Which flask is better to use, Ten Thousand Scars or Countless Armies? Should I be aiming for Strength or Stamina? Any tips for Krull? I'm watching vids where people are just soaking up Mind Rend, who have a lower ilvl then me, but Variss completely floors me!Kranon2 03 Aug
01 Aug Looking for arms competetive guide? Anyone has a link to a competetive arms guide for PvE? I tried icy veins but it still shows Spin to Win build as the best one for dungeons&raids even tho top tier raiders play other builds. I'm mainly looking for it because I feel like I'm underperforming (hitting around 650k-700k dps with current gear) and I kinda get lost during execute phase (got questions like "is refreshing Rend worth it sub 20%" etc). Yes I know that my gear isn't the best (or enchanted) but still I think I could use one to improve.Lilabelle3 01 Aug
01 Aug Arms still best? after all these nerfsPanta2 01 Aug