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15m Changes to Arms warrior. So i mained arms warrior since mop and i had tons of fun with it, but after the changes to warrior in WOD and Legion i've been really put off playing it, both protection and arms warrior is nearly completely reliant on procs with slam and overpower being completely useless. Is there any redeeming qualities about arms now? And if not, what would you recommend to switch to in terms of classes for a similar playstyle?Valdari4 15m
35m FURY Hello , warriors . I have few questions since im new in legion , only playing from 3 weeks.I play arms since i started and my main focus is arenas.The thing is that as arms i have to play as healer only in 2v2.I think of switching to fury and want to ask is there any viable 2v2 dps comps as fury and also is fury better than arms in instanced PvP?Traciann0 35m
4h Gear choice help needed So i just got my third legendary (The helm) from what ive heard the best single target DPS legendarys are the helm and back which i have got.. My problem is if i choose to wear the helm and back i lose out on the 890 NH HC tier set bonus (the 1.5 second enrage bonus).. Is it worth me using the helm with the legendary bracers and then equipping the NHHC tier back piece to keep my 4 set bonus OR go with the Legendary helm and back and lose the 4 set bonus? Hope you can make sense from all this, Its hard to explain in text lol ThanksRail2 4h
4h ilvl 882 and only 12% haste. Hi Guys, So i just came back to the game a month ago and geared my Warrior since than. I always see people talking that Fury (and Prot) needs around 25-30% haste. I just dont get why my haste is so low.. am i that unlucky that all the ilvl gear drops i get lack haste? do i miss something? Is it possible to shift stats like previous expansion? My gear: http://imgur.com/a/9l3SV Thank you.Tbãg8 4h
14h Rate the Warrior transmog above you As the title says, rate the transmog above you on a scale from 1 to 10. Previous thread: ... Due to the fact that the last warrior that posted there didnt get his transmog rated, ill do it here: @Casairos Good mog, fits a warrior, altrough i have my doubts about the red swords and blue tabard - 8/10Traendithas91 14h
14h Arms vs Fury PvP Hello, I have read through the forums a little and the conflicting ideas being thrown about has only confused me further. I am arms currently and have had many partners tell me Fury is better, so I went to the forums and heard people saying arms is better but has no burst, which is the opposite of what I found while playing. I find that playing 2v2 with healer I don't have enough dps where as with another dps I can get kill through my burst. So for 2v2 arena which is better and why, + what is an ideal comp ? So for 3v3 arena which is better and why, + what is an ideal comp ? So for RBG arena which is better and why, + what is an ideal comp ? Any and all feedback appreciated.Geezoo3 14h
14h BiS Legendarys for Fury Warriors Hello I recently got the shoulders Legendary, I currently have the head and sephuz. My question is, which one would be better? Sephuz or Timeless Stratagem?Versorius1 14h
14h Cant see my Logs.. Hey guys, I'm trying to look at my logs and after 7.2 when I'm going to the website it doesnt show the logs... it shows me just a black screen with nothing... What I need to do to watch my logs? I recently changed to fury because I resubed to the game after a while and I want to watch how am I doing and I cant see .. can some one help me ?.. thanks :)Roshkovv2 14h
21h Should I keep playing Arms or switch to Fury? I like playing Arms, playing it feels like it's meant for me....But Fury is way better for everything else than PvP, and I dislike playing it. My heart goes to arms but fury is better in dungeons and raids. It is hard to decide which one to play and upgrade.Turhaturpa7 21h
21h Prot PVP thoughts Hi, Been levelling this toon and wondering how's prot warr doing in Arena and RBG? ThanksAred0 21h
22h Rate The Name Above You!!! Simple, Rate the name above you /10 I was so lucky to get this name, Its on Draenor too so its a very high pop server :DJay94 22h
1d How do you like focused Rage? Well, for me it destroys the flow of the game and I always feel like im doing something wrong when im fighting someone in the arena face to face and find myself stacking up some sht as a WARRIOR, like some kind of magician who needs to speek the spells or whatever. Thats like completely missunderstood class-design for me. Or did anybody see a warrior chillin around and stacking his whatever, instead of taking his axe and run fearless into battle to chop everything like he has 50 lifes? Thats my point of view. I Wonder how people think about it. If Blizz keeps it that way, atleast logically, there has to be a mass who actlly enjoys it, right? So share your points with me fellas!Roktsok28 1d
1d give back shattering throw GIVE IT BACKJonaske4 1d
2d Return to The Broken Shore: Can't kill Malgalor Hello. So I am trying to aquire an artifact weapon, but during the Return to The Broken Shore quest I can't kill pit lord Malgalor. I can barely bring him to 40% of HP. I am arms warrior, 705 ilvl. Am I doing something wrong? EDIT: Okay, I managed to take him down. This time I used Pummel to interrupt every Fel Storm or whatever. That was the key.Nickbane20 2d
3d Haste level for Devastator Ok so I've been running indomitable for as long as I can remember, but now I've cleared Hc Nighthold comfortably I'd really like to give Devastator a try before the release of Tomb of Sargeras. Problem is, I've not been terribly lucky with drops. Icy-veins suggests upto 30% haste, but I've been struggling to get myself over the 20% mark, currently sat at 18% due to getting some high ilevel upgrades that removed some haste but were too good to turn down. So, what is the suggested MINIMUM haste people would recommend to make devastator viable?Ráyven3 3d
3d Arms warrior macros. Sup guys, As a title says can someone help me with pvp(arena). Pve macro? I have no clue how to start using macros or how to setup them. Could you share yours macros or could try to explain me how to setup them and etc. Big thanks.Cjeet14 3d
3d Prot Warr Myth Krosus Hello fellow tanks, Our guild has finally made it to myth krosus.We are still on recruiting so we are not so "expert" at mythic raiding.I am 910 ilvl,i have 50 traits on weapon,i DONT owe gloves-wrist-prydaz from legendaries and i find myself really really awkward at krosus.I run shockwave-IV-renewed fury-boun strikes-indomitable(MEH)-boom voice-AM.From legendaries i ran with belt and shoulders and i also have 890 medalion(EoA trink) and 905 scorpyron trink.I manage to pull myself with stam flask and 500 stamina food to 8.8mil HP.I cant outheal the damage from debuff,my IP vanishes the moment i cast it and i pop cds almost all times.I am feeling as useless as it can be tanking there. That is my story and i wanted to ask people that have done with warrior and with other tanks a)Does this feeling stays on myth NH or is it krosus and augur? b)If i get FINALLY wrists will it all be better? c)I got a VengDH alt 906 ilvl with the 4golden open and i lack prydaz and tank trinket,will it be worth to reroll there? d)shall i reroll also to bear or monk or w/e and get it done with it??Got really bored to play mediocre tank to everything Thanks for your timeAllyslicer5 3d
3d Mage vs Warrior pre 110 Greetings. Recently had to buy a new account, and started playing again like a week or so ago. Started a mage, and its sort of fun, the other 2 class i considered just by basing on the class trial FEEL of it, was Warrior and Rogue, but mage felt the most fun. Whell that was untill i started random bg-s and dungeon upto 103. As mage frost pve was ...ehh 3 mobs kill me unless you can kite them. (some are immune). As Prot i facemelted 15 mobs with full hp. Did a few bg as mage and felt really...low dmg, survivability felt lacking. Cc can be broken super ez. Switched to fire, as i originally wanted to, but no real change...maybe a bit more dmg. Nut sure as warrior, but they seem to top dmg...even as prot. My question is : does this change after 110? Does gear scale help? Or its actually worse? Didnt had to much time 15-25 hour gameplay so far, but getting more and more discuraged to play at all..cant really decide class because these sort of reasons.Endurion3 3d
3d [*] 8th Gul'Dan HC kill. Still no HC DoS / HC Tier. Light a candle for us, defeated by RNG [*]Cattlelyst2 3d
3d arms warrior hidden apearance never showing? so for the better part of a month ive been checking to see if the arms quest is up.. but in awe, am i missing something?Mearis2 3d
4d Arms spec Update: Why it's needed Hello warriors! I feel like it's time to talk about why Arms THEMATICALLY, as a fantasy, does not deliver and why Fury is much better (not talking dps, i'm talking abotu the general fantasy o the spec). What can blizz do to re ivnent arms? 1- Introduction: Why Arms need an update you say?Well let's put it this way: The 2 warrior dps spec are supposed to represent 2 opposite sides o the same coin. Fury shouldbe the "barbarian dude", the one that it's all about rage, violence, being in the middle of the fights all time, while Arms should be the more "swift" and "tactical", a master of weapons, someone who has learned the art of the sword, and is a master in duels and in general a super skilled dude to fight. Do you see any of the abov ein fury warriors? Yes (kinda, fury has some problems too) Do you see any of the above in Arms? ................ (crickets) Nope! I certainly don't. So from a fantasy prospective Arms fails hard in my opinion, but what about gameplay? As of right now the gameplay of arms to me is "general warrior dude". not that is bad, some liek it some not, and is "kinda" different from fury, but not too much. Overall i feel like it fails there too, because the kit of Fury is supported by a strong fantasy, while Arms doesn't. So this post is about re inventing Arms, with the collaboration of everyone, to see what we can suggest to Blizz, what to keep and what not. 2- The new Arms Warrior Now that we know what fantasy we should be aiming at let's start with the basic stuff: The Weapons. As i said Arms is supposed to be a master of weapons someone extremely skilled with a wide arrange of tools in combat, Unlike Fury who already has the peculiar trait of using 2 handed weapons with 1 hand. This means that Arms whould be having no problem choosing between using 2 1 h weapons or 2 h weapons (harder to balance but possible, kinda like the frost Dk could choose to use 1h or 2h). New resource: Efficiency The next step is giving Arms something peculiar as baseline (like the above fact about fury). And in my mind that is giving it a compeltly new feeling, changing the base resource. Rage doesn't really fit thematically with what we are going to do anyway, as we said, Arms whould be more tactical and analytical then fury: I would call this new resource Efficiency, and it would a bar that slowly fills automatically when in combat from 0 to 100, with some variance here and there given by your own abilities. At 100 Efficency some of your basic abilities are replaced by new ones for 10 sec (more on that later). After that the bar reset to 0 in this cycle. New Arms gameplay Now that we settled all that let's talk about the gameplay. With Efficiency in mind we can now be sure that Arms will have strong window of power at 100 efficiency, kinda like Colossus smash works now, but this doesn't mean that you can use Arms without that buff. Infact what i had in mind was to have some strong abilities normally too, but with some downsides (maybe blocking you Efficiency gaining for a while) and so on, making this resource very dynamic in the end and giving the players "different feeling" of the spec depending on what you are going to do. --------------------- Enough ramblings here are some basic abilities: Precise Slash: (instant , no CD) Hit for low physical damage. If used 3 times in a row you will lower the CD of Duelist by 5 sec. (Filler ability with an added twist) At 100 Efficiency Precise slash becomes Execute: instant no CD: Deals very high amount of damage. If used 3 times in a row the third hit will critically strike. Lethal Blow: instant: 5 second CD: A strong strike that deals high physical dmg. Generates 15 Efficency, or generate 30 Efficiency if the target is below 30% health At 100 Efficienncy Lethal Blow becomes Contusion: instant- 5 sec CD: Deals moderate amount of damage , and will cause the target to bleed for low damage for 10 sec. Autoattacks will increase the duration for 3 second, to a max of 22 seconds. Mortal Strike: Instant, 8 second CD: Deals very high physical damage and lower your efficiency by 20. At 100 Efficiency Mortal Strike becomes Colossus Smash: instant 15 sec cooldown: Deals high amount of damage and break the target armor increasing all dmg you deal to it by 30% for 7 seconds. Duelist instant,30 sec CD): for a very short amount o time allows the use of Execute, Contusion, Colossus Smash and Brutal Swing without requiring 100 Efficiency As you can see by these abilities you have a dinamic way to play Arms: You can go "traditional" and manage your basic rotation until you get 100 efficiency and unleash a high burst of power in that window. Or you can somewhat manage your bar dependings on your needs, for example you may choose to delay the 100% efficiency by using mortal strike, as maybe the target wasn't in a good position for you to use the empowered abilities. This is just a basic example but gives the idea. ---------------------- AoE abilities: Whirlwind: Still there. Too iconic to remove. Cleave: Instant. no CD: Hit frontal enemies for moderate physical damage. Hitting at least 4 enemies will gain you One versus All buff for 6 seconds, causing your Lethal Blow or Contusion to hit all enemies around you. Heavy Swing: 1.5 sec cast, 5 sec CD. Hit all enemies around you for high amount of damage and lower your efficiency by 10 At 100 Efficiency it becomes Brutal Swing: 2 sec cast, 8 sec CD: Hit for very high amount of damage all enemies around you in a large radius, and knocks them down. ---------------------- Defensive abilities: Veteran tactics: reduce damage taken by 30% and increase your movement speed by 30% 6 seconds -------------------- Passives: Weaponmaster: Differnt types weapons gives you different buffs: 2x 1h weapons: You got a chance to silence the target for 4 sec when autoattacking. 2h weapon: You have a chance to stun the target for 2 sec when autoattacking. Honorable Soldier: Killing an enemy that grants exp or honor heals you for little health. Veteran of the Sword: Mortal Strike and Lethal Blow have a chance to cause your next Precise Slash to do to 300% more damage and cause the target to bleed for heavy damage for 6 seconds. Iron Will: When you lose control of your character (stuns,etc..) your efficiency generation is doubled for that duration. ------------------- This si all for now tell me what you think! i'll write down more when i have the time!Zanzli2 4d
4d Thoughts on Fury Legendary Ring 7.2.5 Greetings fellow Warriors! I'd like to take a moment to pen my thoughts on the new legendary ring for Fury Warriors. First off I'd like to say that I do not believe that giving us Carnage is bad. To be honest, I do think it will benefit us in a rather substantial way - considering we are about to lose our T19 4P. Nevertheless I'd like to point out that by giving us Carnage instead of Frothing Berserker, the ring once more forces Fury Warriors into taking Frothing Berserker over Massacre, thusly rendering Massacre a dead talent once more. The developers do have the opportunity to create some flexibility for us with this new legendary. If they were to give us Frothing Berserker through the ring it would enable us to chose between Carnage and Massacre depending on what is needed for the fight. TL;DR: I'd love to see Frothing Berserker on the new ring instead of Carnage - for flexibilitys sake! I'd like to hear your thoughts on this, my fellow Warriors. :) Regards Outrageous P.S.: Please excuse my English. It's a second language.Outrageous0 4d
4d Viable shield class? Greetings Warriors! Been playing a lot of random bg with my mage (pre lv110) and its cool and all, teleport and portals make things so easy, and its sort of fresh for me play a dps only spec class, but recenly i started looking at shield using classes....they simply look cool. I am slightly new to the game (have experiance, but nut much especially with recent stuff). So my question is : is there a class that can dps or be viable in pvp with a shield? (by pvp i mean random bg) I hears a lot of things from guild mates, and other things from ppl on bg-s. And see other stuff on youtube again. Not sure about that swifty guy ppl keep talling me about...he looks a bit like a scam to me....anyway.Endurion2 4d
4d arms in pvp? Ive played some fury in pvp and i know what theyre like. But how are arms? Ive heard theyre strong but are they bursty like fury or does every arena go to like 10 min+? What is the playstyle/talents?Sellinggf8 4d
4d Artifact Points Hi, this may be a daft question, but I've just bought Titanic Fury on the Warswords of the Valarjar and was wondering if there's any need to save more points for this artifact, or spend the ones I have left on the other 2?Bloodnok1 4d
4d Problem with Spellblade on Mythic Hello Guys, I got a Problem. Since im doing the Mythic Content in the Nighthold. We're currently playing against Spellblade and we already killed her. But since yesterday I take a high amount of Damage with the first Annihilate. Its like the second one deals less damage than the first one. Thanks for the help Thanks :)Yomou0 4d
5d Fury warr in pvp ??? broken ?? How does fury warr heal more then his priest in arena ? Can you guys give me some info of this crap. Had 2 v 2 arenas and their fury healed more then his own healer and did tripled of my and my friends dmg. How ????!! and dampeding was something like 40% ????! Would like to get info tyFälder8 5d
5d "Best" Combat Ally in 7.2? Hi, I was wondering if there is a "best" Combat Ally for 7.2 for Warriors? Would be nice to know before I use my good gold/AP items on one specific follower. Thanks!Frostfoxi13 5d
5d Jumping down from warrior Order Hall causing DC Hello there. Is anyone else having trouble with the "quick travel" from the order hall? Every single time I'm QT'ing to for example Highmountain or Stormheim, the screen freezes as soon as I choose the location. It DC's me and when I log back in, I end up in Azsuna...Thezot28 5d
6d Draught of Souls - How to use it as a Fury Warrior? I've read some guides and watched some YouTube videos now, but I don't 100% get how to use this trinket correctly. Should I pop Battle Cry then Draught of Souls then Odyn's Fury? I can understand the most important thing is, that I am Enraged when using the trinket. Anyone who got a link or so to a nice guide?Icetea3 6d
6d Which spec for Legion Leveling? I'm standing in front of Odyn right now and don't know what to choose.Pwnjovi8 6d
6d Tips against mistweaver monks? That mobility is too much, especially that circle they can summon. What's the best go at a mistweaver monk?Jonaske3 6d
6d Warrior pvp question etc Hello guys, I would like to start pvp with my warrior when i reach 110 soon . Im interested what u think about the upcoming nerfs and fury or arms , i mostly preff arms yet but i dont have any max lvl xp. And finaly any youtubers who make good guides and tips you recomend? Thanks for you answers ! (Sorry for bad english im not native)Necrodin5 6d
15 May Skyhold Dissconnect I'm having a problem. When i jump from skyhold to lets say stormheim and i get dissconnected before i get to Stormheim and log back in, it puts me everytime on the same location in Azsuna. Is anyone else having these problems ? Or knows a way to fix this ? thanks in advance (srry if my english is bad im dutch)Abigaîl17 15 May
14 May Suddenly different animations on fury The other day I noticed that my fury animations changed. My character was no longer doing the standard racial animations for autoattacks and bloodthirst and instead did some of the new legion animations like stormstrike and victory rush. I'm curious if anyone else has noticed a similar thing? The only thing I can correlate it to is that I got the prot challenge skin a couple weeks ago which seems to come with its own flail animation over the standard 1h animations. So I assumed it's some sort of bug of animations getting mixed up when I switch over to fury? But it makes no sense because I tried to pinpoint it and it's not consistent at all. If this is a bug I hope it's not fixed because the animation cycle I see on my char atm really looks cool, if anything these should become the new baseline.Highwínd0 14 May
14 May Hidden Artifact skin for Prot and Arms? Hi, Just to make things clear, so I don't do this wrong, I hopefully can get some help here. As I can understand I can get Arms hidden Artifact skin with speccing to Arms and talk to the guy at the Artifact weapon talent table. If the quest is available at my server I can see him give me a task to go and talk to Saurfang? Prot: I need to be in Prot spec and set loot spec to Prot and then go to Path of Huln in Highmountain. When I enter the cave I should hear a sound from a horn. If I do hear the horn I should go down and turn left and then look in the small gold treasurepiles? None of these two requires any form for rep, like the hidden skin for Fury which req. Exalted with Valarjar. Am I right or wrong? Thanks :)Elihpodep3 14 May
14 May Tier 20 boots and lookalikes Not sure if i was the only one to notice this, but i searched everywhere and found no topic on this matter. The boots that match the tier 20 and lookalikes seem to be completly broken on worgen characters as it displays basicly a plain colored matching piece of metal, without any of the amazing 3d modeling that seems to display on every other character, which makes it look really awkward. I initially was led to believe it was due to the fact worgen are a digitigrade race and the model couldn't possibly fit this type of modeling, however after testing this teory on races (like draenei and tauren) which share a similar leg structure i noticed that the modeling on said boots does match the set. Is anyone aware of this too, and if so is there any response coming from blizz on this issue?Arahia0 14 May
14 May 2H weaps smaller? Just a question, why did blizzard make 2H weapons look smaller on some chars when you play fury... ...I thought having brutal looking 2 giant weapons was the whole point :DEreckthor0 14 May
14 May Arms vs fury Arms or fury for pve? I like both , but u know sometimes one spec is better than the other one so i wanna focus in one spec atm. Any help pls? Also wanna know why one is better than the other one.Raukø12 14 May
13 May Arms Warrior Mobility. Make Double Time baseline. Dear Blizzard. Not being able to catch your target is very tiresome. I feel when fighting mages that I'm getting more of a cardio workout in slow motion than working my arms (Pun intended) Please give us 2 charges baseline like prot has. This concerns arms primarily because thats what I play as. I dont know if fury needs it as well with the 3 heroic but those players can evaluate themselves. We're seemingly getting a small nerf in next patch, in regard to Disarm and Duel Talent. Alongside a 10 % DPS buff according to previous PTR notes. the 10 % DPS is definately welcome but that dont matter if I can't catch my target before I'm a frozen popsickle. Alternatively, tie charge's CD into Anger Management. More rage we spent, lower the CD becomes. Something. Its unfathomely tiresome to get kited by someone who keeps tossing stuff in your face and you're looking at your abilities are everything is used. I'm not saying nerf ranged DPS mobility, I'm saying give your melee DPS a chance to catch up. I'd love to hear what other warriors think our our mobility atm. Outside of arms as well.Grommashar13 13 May
13 May PvE Arms Warrior (7.2) [Guide] Hello, everyone! I frequently see a lot of people not getting the stuff about Arms right, so I thought I would make this VERY in-depth guide to help y'all out. Some background about me: I am Wolfie and have been maining Arms Warrior all of Legion. 3/10 Mythic and ilvl 904. Can pull around 700 - 800k DPS on HC Krosus. I will go through the following: Talents Stat priority Legendaries Rotation MacrosTalents Row 1: Dauntless, Overpower or Sweeping Strikes? For raiding I would pick Dauntless, except for fights like Botanist, where Sweeping Strikes is extremly powerful. Sweeping Strikes should be used for Mythic+. Overpower is too weak atm. Row 2: Shockwave, Stormbolt or Double Time? For raiding I would pick Double Time, unless you need more stuns for fights like HC Botanist or Mythic Krosus, then I would go Shockwave. Shockwave should be used for Mythic+. Stormbolt is too weak atm. Row 3: Fervor of Battle, Rend or Avatar? For any situation I would pick Avatar. The other ones simply doesn't match Avatar's strength at all. Row 4: Second Wind, Bounding Stride or Defensive Stance? In general I would pick Bounding Stride for any situation, but maybe Defensive Stance could be good if you are progressing with your guild, to make healers get a small break. Row 5: In For The Kill, Mortal Combo or Focused Rage? In this row there is no choice. If you have any hopes of doing damage as Arms, you HAVE to pick Focused Rage. Row 6: Deadly Calm, Trauma or Titanic Might? I have only played with Deadly Calm, and I think it is the best option. It gives you that 5 second (7 with 4set) burst window without having to think of Rage. Row 7: Anger Management, Opportunity Strikes or Ravager? I have only played with Anger Management, and I enjoy it a lot. It gives you a new Battle Cry every 25-30~ second. Stat priority *This is my personal preference* Mastery Haste Strength Versatility Critical StrikeExplanation: Mastery:More damage on Colossus Smash and increases the damage the target takes while Colossus Smash debuff is on the target, even more. Haste:Makes global cooldowns go faster, and makes the gameplay more fluid. Strength:More damage output. Versatility:More damage, more healing, less damage taken. Critical Strike:A chance for abilities to deal double damage Legendaries I will go through every legendary and I will say the 2 best for Arms. Ayala's Stone HeartThe best legendary for Arms. Should always be used. Archavon's Heavy HandUsed to be the best legenday for Arms, before it got nerfed. Not amazing anymore. Weight of the EarthCould see some use in Mythic+ and heavy AoE raid fights. Not an amazing choice though. Naj'entus's VertebraeCould see some use in Mythic+, but not very good. Aggramar's StrideDoes not provide any damage increase, only mobility. Avoid if you can. Mannoroth's Bloodletting ManaclesIs not damage increasing and should be avoided. Sephuz's SecretCan be good in some fights, where you have to interrupt an add, but it really can't compete against some of the other legendaries. Prydaz, Xavaric's Magnum OpusCould maybe be good for progression, since it gives your healers a break, but damage wise - avoid. Timeless StratagemShould not be considered for damage at all. Kil'jaeden's Burning WishIs the 2nd best legendary. It is extremly powerful, especially in Mythic+, but also very good for single target. Rethu's Incessant CourageAvoid, avoid, avoid. Rotation The Arms rotation is going on a priority system, due to procs. Opener Heroic Throw -> Charge + Focused Rage -> Colossus Smash + Focused Rage -> Avatar + Battle Cry -> Focused Rage + Mortal Strike When you have done your opener, you wanna continue on a sustained damage rotation. This part may get a bit complicated, so be ware! Sustained damage *Colossus Smash and Mortal Strike is on cooldown* Spam Slam and Focused Rage (Unless 3 stacks of Focused Rage) until you get a Tactician proc. When you get that proc, you wanna get maximum value out of it. Note that you always wanna have enough rage to cast Mortal Strike, when it either comes off cooldown or you get a proc. *Tactician procs and you don't have Shattered Defenses (Artifact trait) up* Colossus Smash -> Mortal Strike *Tactician procs and you do have Shattered Defenses up* Mortal Strike -> Colossus Smash The Arms rotation is really hard to explain because I can't just say what you have to do. You as the player have to make quick decisions on when to use what, and if something procs, be quick to get max value out of it. Macros I use the following macros #showtooltip Charge /cast Heroic Throw /cast Charge #showtooltip Battle Cry /cast Avatar /cast Battle Cry #showtooltip Heroic Leap /cast [@cursor] Heroic Leap #showtooltip Bladestorm /cast Bladestorm /cancelaura Bladestorm The Heroic Leap macro makes you cast Heroic Leap where your cursor is. The Bladestorm macro makes you cast Bladestorm, and then when you press the button again, it cancels Bladestorm, if for some reason you need to. I hope this guide helped everyone who wanted help. If you need further help, please say so in the comments. - WolfieSuperiordude13 13 May
13 May Solo play Fury or Arms? Hello all Warriors!! Warning bad Gramma and English! I loved play Warrior Before but it´s was in MoP and never played Warrior after it. But now it´s start itching and my inner warrior want smash some heads in, have dusted off my old MoP warrior, and now my Question it´s. How its Arms now to play? i remeber Arms was simple to play with not to much spells and ability to keep track on. It´s was a nice specc go solo play with. I playing most for fun and dont focus too run Dungeons,Raids and pvp. Simple enjoy the game.. So Arms still the "good simple" specc?Liramoo16 13 May
13 May Trinket Choice for Fury Challenge I am not sure which is best really, because while I need burst for the large amount of imps its good to have damage outside of that. I have an 865 arcanocrystal, a 885 claw of the crystalline scorpid (socket) 885 terrorbound nexus, gronntooth, and 895 draught of souls and Kil'jaeden's legendary. I probably will have the legendary because of my only other dps one being the execute ring, so I was wondering what was best? I could sim it but I don't have much experience nad its not just average damage that is important. Thanks.Furixe3 13 May
12 May Prot pve stats?? Can any1 help me with the stats priority? And with the cap also? Thx so much ^^Raukø0 12 May
12 May Fury vs Arms - 2v2 arena Hello everyone, I've been playing some 2's lately and my experience is that fury has no chance vs arms, unless the arms warrior or its healer make big mistakes. I've tried going for both healer and warrior, and even though it's usually a close match, it mostly ends up with the arms warrior killing one of us. They usually don't even time their use of disarm and use it on CD, and when I do use it to counter their burst they just use bladestorm and bye bye disarm. So, is there a way to beat arms as fury? If so, how? What talents should I be using? Any specific strategy? Thanks for your answers!Gilgam2 12 May
12 May Warrior M+ Sup, Wanted to ask you guys, what is the superior spec if I just want to do m+? It feels like, that prot warriors take more dmg compared to the other tanks. My question is now if I rather should stick to my prot spec or pushing my fury. The reason why I'm asking is I dont want to gear my prot just to be ignored at the end. So where do I have the bigger chances to get a safe spot in a m+ group? :)Tazj3 12 May
12 May Anyone else here misses stances? I actually liked it, warrior felt more different than retribution and death knight, now they all feel the sameJonaske4 12 May
11 May Rocket Jump & Heroic Leap Dear mr.Blizzard, Why does Rocket Jump give a 10 sec period when i cant use heroic leap (or any other similiar spells) but the other way around i can use them freely? Are you afraid that I might go to some place that outlaw rogues and demon hunters go?Pumpisa0 11 May