31 Oct Halloween joke from blizz? Anyone seen ptr changes to arms?? Wtf are these nerfs again... To all who say you get +2 sec on this and that just gtfo...Twofingerss2 31 Oct
31 Oct (Fury) Raging Blow isn't hitting multi-target Hi, I was practicing agaisnt some dummies in Orgrimmar, and noticed that Raging Blow is not hitting adjacent targets after casting Whirlwind, while the other spells are. Isn't it supposed to hit multi-target or am i missing something? It even consumes one of the stacks of the whirlwind buff. I've even tried toggling traits/talents that messed with Raging Blow/Whirlwind and it didn't change anything.Pmma5 31 Oct
31 Oct quitting cuz not getting m+ inv !@#$ you blizzard I don't get any inv so this week I missed the m+ chest, that's 25% of the money i pay per month being lost. I am 375 ilvl and i get no inv to +10 keys and now i am annoyed with it. I am top 1 on wow rating on my server for alliance on a site called wowheroes, i don't know !@#$ about what that means. but i am good enough to tank a m+ +10 but i literally only get laughed at and now i'm not going to pay you any more money blizzard. this post is to say fcuck you to the blizzard class designer for prot war and to blizzard for not fixingBoroborgeran3 31 Oct
30 Oct arms or fury for pvp? arms or fury for pvp?Tobiasfate3 30 Oct
30 Oct Fury Hidden Artifact Skin color locked ?! So I recently got my Fury hidden artifact skin. But when I check the Forge it just shows the blue version (200 WQ completed) and the yellow one is locked without any tooltip ?! The red and purple versions have regular tooltips like "complete xx dungeons" or "kill 1000 players" etc. Just the yellow one has no tooltip whatsoever: https://imgur.com/OWKBlaB Any help? :( EDIT: Now that I think about it, I didn't even get the items so I'm not sure why I have the blue skin unlocked... I'm not even exalted with the Valarjar... Mysterious.Tanjou3 30 Oct
30 Oct Gladiator Stance as Honor Talent? So how about we get Gladiator Stance from WoD back as an honor talent for protection warriors?Skaraton1 30 Oct
29 Oct Blue post on Prot Warrior status? Am I the only one that would like to hear Blizz actually confirming that they are looking into at least "trying to fix" Warrior before the end of BFA? Preferably with the next big patch? It seems like the ammount of feedback the Prot Warrior community is giving is starting to decay - either because they re-rolled already or stopped playing (Just like in Legion). Is this how issues are fixed now, ignore them till they rerol? Personally I would love to main Zandalari Prot Warrior in BFA, but I do not want to be the paper-tank, which both the main tank and healers constantley has to keep an eye on. Adding an extra layer of stress to the party/raid. ... I guess I will get a few, "warrior is fine posts" as a reply to this. But please do tell me what +8 mythic dungeons you 3 chested and/or if you have tanked Zek'Voz or Fetid on Mythic - and how you feel about this experience? I mostly feel its damage taken vs the selfsustain, which is the main issue. My effective healthpool over a 5 minute pull is just less than half that of other tanks at the same item level. Health (healthpool + health boost) + medigation (armor + reduction) + selfheal over the course of 5 minutes.Aizaz7 29 Oct
29 Oct Dissatisfying warrior sound effects To me, the slap, clap and whoosh type of sound effects sound like a 70s kung fu flick. I'd prefer meatier-sounding abilities that make me feel like I'm slaughtering enemies like Conan the Barbarian. I miss the juicy Rend (or was it Hamstring?) effect in vanilla. Also, a volume slider for footsteps would be amazing (I particularly love the exaggerated footstep sounds in Bloodborne and Dark Souls). What are your thoughts on this?Mjoldur12 29 Oct
29 Oct What would you like to see in the Prot Rework? Just curious to see what other Prot Tanks would like to see change for us. Personally, I'd like a few things mainly in the talents, where I feel there is very little choice. Starting from the top : Row 1 - Defensive Row that also deals damage. Into the Fray / Punish / Impending Victory This row is weird. All three aim to make you harder to kill. ITF is stronger than the other two if you can maintain 2-3 stacks. Punish can be stronger when you're 1 on 1 or against an enemy that has no blockable damage and that leave Impending Victory a little.. dead in the water. This leaves this row to more or less be stuck on ITF in 95% of situations. Personally, I would just removed Impending Victory as it does not fill any niche in our playstyle and change it to the Mannoroth's Bracers Passive to give us a nice sustain bonus but we would need to choose against the benefits of the Haste from ITF or the DR% of Punish. Row 2 - Utility Crackling Thunder / Bounding Leap / Safeguard This is one of the better rows we have. I personally stick with Bounding Leap but I know some Prot Warriors who swear by Crackling Thunder. Safeguard however is more niche but does have the potential to be used as an External Cooldown in some Raid Encounters. I would argue however that an old ability we used to have called Vigilance (Protect an ally for 12 sec, reducing damage they take by 30% and allowing you to use Taunt with no cooldown.) was a more realised concept for this ability and would be a better talent than Safeguard. Row 3 - AoE Damage Best Served Cold / Unstoppable Force / Dragon Roar This row is awful. Best Served Cold only increases AoE damage. Dragon Roar is a little better thanks to the Slow but in this row you will always be choosing Unstoppable Force as that also increases your survivablity as Thunder Clap actually generates Rage unlike the other two talents here. Both Best Served Cold and Dragon Roar need to be reworked here. Row 4 - Survivablity Never Surrender / Indomitable / Bolster This row is also terrible. Bolster is the go-to in 98% of situations where it bridges the gaps between Shield Block Active Mitigation. Indomitable has the potential to be used when you're taking high magic damage and need the raw health and Never Surrender is Never Going to be Taken. This row could really benefit from an overhaul. Indomitable could be changed to give us a third charge of shield block (more consistently bridging the gap between AM but not making Last Stand so powerful) and Never Surrender could give us the other half of Ararat's in a second Spell Reflect Charge (giving us a super useful niche ability for raiding). Row 5 - CC Utility Menace / Rumbling Earth / Storm Bolt This row is mostly ok except for Menace. I really can't find a situation to use this over Rumbling Earth or Storm Bolt. It could be interesting if they put another CC talent here. Perhaps they could give us Disrupting Shout back? It could replace Intimidating Shout, having to choose between a second, AoE interrupt (that doesn't make everything run away) against the other options could be interesting. Or heck, maybe we could get real crazy and give Shield Slam a Purge effect to help us out in M+ (though I feel we might just be stealing DHs thing). Tier 6 - Rage Gain Booming Voice / Vengeance / Devastator This row is terrible. Booming Voice is the default choice for this tier. Not only does it provides the most Rage in most situations, it also deals the most damage. There is no reason or situation to even consider Vengeance and Devastator, which is a real shame as they add more gameplay in Vengeance and more Fluidity to the Spec in Devastator. Devastator needs to give us rage on auto attack like it used to. Even just 1 rage would bring it more in line with Booming Voice than currently. Vengeance on the other hand, either needs Ignore Pain to cost 30 Rage or Revenge to Cost 20 as the current 30/40 split actually causes casting Revenge into Ignore Pain to be a survivability loss until a free revenge had proc'd. (It would cost 47 Rage casting both rather than just 40 for the Single Ignore Pain). Personally, I would scrap Vengeance and just give us a new rage gain talent. Sunder - Passive : Devastate now generate 2 rage per cast. (If they're gonna keep Devastator nerfed, they might as well let us use Devastate for something useful). Row 7 - Survivablity 2 Anger Management / Heavy Reprecussions / Ravager This row is ok but Anger Management pulls ahead of the others due to the strength of the Bolster Talent in row 4. This AM / Bolster combo helps fill the weakness in our Active Mitigation significantly. However, with previous talents I mentioned as ideas on that row, we could see HR being used more (particularly with a third charge of Shield Block). Ravager however is rather weak as it relies on the RNG nature of Parry and doesn't provide constant survivablity. Again, I believe changing this to another talent is warranted. Perhaps a talent which simply causes us to take 5% less damage at all times could be a strong choice here. Boring, yes but it would help against our weakness to Magic Damage or Unblockable damage massively. Now besides talents, I would like to see a small change to Devastate and Ignore Pain. Devastate simply doesn't feel good to use, it's a filler that does damage but doesn't help the Warrior in anyway. It could generate rage (as suggested as a talent above) or it could make an enemy deal 1% less damage to the warrior (stacking up to 3 times) like a mini-punish effect etc. Ignore Pain simply feels bad on the GCD and simply doesn't reduce the damage we take by enough. Now with that said, I've probably overloaded our kit a little bit with some of my suggestions but our talents really do feel lacking right now. I hope anyone who read to the end likes some of the ideas here / has more of their own to add.Physcoslayer15 29 Oct
26 Oct fury survive on pvp hi i tryed many times to learn playing fury warrior but failed i want to learn how to heal and survive on pvp perfectly i only die fast and cant do any thing i want to know fury warr rotation i read some guids but didnt understand any thingNelvya2 26 Oct
26 Oct why is my dmg so low in arena ? Warrios pls help me! i'm trying to play some arena with my warrior right here on this armory link. https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/outland/Warrona The problem in that my dmg is sooooo low when u compare it to any other player i play against. Yesterday i was dueling a warrior same spec same pvp talents. He was 363 ilvl and i was 369, i got some more in all secondarys so there was no differens in the stats otherwise that i got some more % in all of them. We poped avatar, he used a STR pvp trink and dark iron dwarf racial. charged, did OP, warbreaker, mortal and bladestorm and I was DEAD. i did the exactly same rotation as he did, used my vers trink insted cuz i dont have any str trink. same cooldowns and i got him to 50%... can any1 tell me some advice or is there anything i need to cahnge in my gear? i got 3x CA in my traits atm and the other warr got 1ca 1 semastic slam and 1 battlefield pres, THX for me!Warrona2 26 Oct
25 Oct Battle Trance messed up after using Whirlwind your Raging Blow becomes AOE and the target you hit if there is another enemy next to him you will hit both with Raging blow there for it wont count as you hit the same target twice to get Battle Trance. this need a fix when there is 2 or more targets you can't use Battle Trance it will never work unless you never use Whirlwind. also hitting another target with Raging Blow once shouldn't automaticaly cancel your Battle Trance.Mclothar1 25 Oct
25 Oct Glad stance for PvP arena That was funny to play and interesting tanky spec on arena. Why you don't do smth for prot wars pvp talents? Will there be a rework or smth?Кауа4 25 Oct
25 Oct Rampage question Hello Guys, 1 example: I have lets say 80 Rage (Carnage talented) and iam already enraged and lets say enrage goes 2 sec or 1 remaining Choice 1: should i press Rampage immediately or ///Choice 2:should i press for example a bloodthirst or raging blow before if both are ready to fill up to 88 Rage + Autoattack or 92 Rage plus Autoattack. So iam not at rage cap dont waste rage and dont overwrite the actual rampage. What is the correct choice to go 1 or 2? In my opinion 2 but iam not sureToskko11 25 Oct
25 Oct Help for beginner (arena) So i just started playing fury in arena and i must say it was a long time since i had this fun in this game.. There are some questions tho iam a bit uncertain on.. Honor talents firstly. What do i choose here? I mean every honor talent seems really great (almost) but if i wanna play like disarm or spell reflect, wich honor talent should i sacrifice for this? Is the bloodthirst freedom mandatory? Almost feels like it.. and what about battle trance? If someone could help me pick some talents against different comps that would be great since my ally warr is on stormscale its pretty dead and cant really ask someone there. Secondly, what differs a really good fury warr in arenas Than a warr who sits on 1800? Doesnt feel like u can do so much of plays other than doing insane ammount of dmg? Is there any in depth arena guide out there other than skill capped ?? Also wich class should i preferably play with in 2s? (Healer) Thanks in advanceIkerius2 25 Oct
24 Oct fury warrior heal hi i want to know how i can get maximum heal i can do alone i want to know all ways i can healSelvenia8 24 Oct
24 Oct Gladiator Warrior Hey there! For a short period of time in WoD, we had the Gladiator prot warrior DPS specc, and I found it to be very funny and something different, and I miss it. Anyone else feeling the same? Would you like to see it ( or something similar implemented again?)Edigail8 24 Oct
24 Oct Fury vs enh Both feel like dual weilding badasses, can't decide. Anyone got both? And give me some insight aha.Raghnai3 24 Oct
24 Oct 2v2 help agianst hunters hey guys, me and my friend play MW/fury in 2v2 no other comb really gives us any big problems, but Rdruid/hunter we cant beat here. Anyone got any tips how to beat it? We cant realy win due to mana issues, and cant land a fast enough kill against this comb+ the control seems just ridiculous...Ereckthor1 24 Oct
23 Oct Guys Try this ! ( PVP ) Warrior / Fire Mage / Healer Had the most fun today playing this , the best part about this comp is that you have no need to stay in Def Stance at all , just take the any other talent 1) You do more damage, specially on burst. 2) Enemy team ignore you are 3) Get carried by the Fire MageShadowheel0 23 Oct
23 Oct Fury pvp tips, anyone? Hello Warriors! Just a discussion/help thread...no whining. Currently playing fury/prot warrior, i don't play arms because the playstyle isn't for me. I love being a fury warrior and little to no complaints about prot warriors ( i like em...and they are viable..atleast that is my experience.) In pvp i am having some struggles, ao i wanted to ask around how you guys deal with the overwhelming amount of cc/lockdown currently in the battlegrounts. On every enemy team there are a ton of mages/hunters/rogues that keep me into place and nuke me down. A single pvp talent on a long cd and 3 gapclosers don't seem to do the trick. i get nuked down before i can get some serious damage off. How are you guys dealing with pvp atm?Angerous7 23 Oct
22 Oct Nothing in 8.1 for prot Warriors ? But why ? Again not wanting to balance Tanks in PVE content is so unfair to the player base ? As a Warrior main now , my gear on all 3 specs is at least 355+ and i do good damage , still i cannot join groups cause "there are better options" ! I cannot tank dungeons cause people don't want to heal a Prot Warrior ! BFA is so unfair for Warriors and Shamman mainsShadowheel24 22 Oct
22 Oct Darkmoon Deck: Fathoms PvP I realized that a lot of 2500+ rating warriors use Darkmoon Deck: Fathoms for PvP and especially in 2s. Can someone explain me why do they use it since Strength does not scale that good with Fury. So it got to be the effect of the trinket. Does it do that much damage on proc?Goshi2 22 Oct
21 Oct rampage question Hello guys.Need your help.For example if i have 90 rage and im able to use rampage,should i use bloodthirst before it and bless rng for enrage?Or i should use rampage as fast as im able to?Sorry for bad engFrostflre3 21 Oct
21 Oct Second wind just bad.. Anyone ever found this talent usefull now? Other choices just make more sense as they provide influence during combat. Running away from dmg and combat for a slow heal just doesnt go with warrior class fantasy. Both for pvp/pve aspects of the game its only after the fight ends that you would see this activate.Twofingerss7 21 Oct
21 Oct Ret Pala against Us ( You cannot live ) How is this even allowed ? Did you guys do arena this week and run into Rogue/Ret/healer ? I tried chain CC : Warstomb, fear , Stormbolt , disarm just to survive wings only to die to his crazy damage outside CDsShadowheel6 21 Oct
20 Oct Fury Arena Damage Stealth Nerf ??? How are you guys doing on Damage as Fury in Arena ??? I feel like we got stealth Nerfed , did not change gear or respec , wtf ?Shadowheel1 20 Oct
20 Oct opener as fury recklessness -> charge or charge -> recklessness? any experiences, guides or raw data guys and girls? :)Naldyr22 20 Oct
20 Oct Solving Prot problems in one go So Blizz wanna NERF prot again by lowering our AOE damage cause we make DPS look bad on trash right ? Ok , NP , take our AOE DAMAGE away by doing the following : Buff Devastator Talent back how it was in Legion + Remove Ignor Pain off GCD + SB has 3 stacks and each stack lasts 2 more seconds ( or even 3 ) How hard is this now blizz ????? Just do it :/ , it will not have any impact on PVP prot tbh , only on PVE levelShadowheel0 20 Oct
19 Oct Protection warriors in mythic+ So..is it the case I suddenly don't know how to play the class I've been maining since black temple(prot warr) or are warriors kinda...bad atm. I've been forced to play dps in mythic+ because healers always struggle to keep me alive or just aren't capable to keep me alive at all..even in low tier mythic like +4 this seems to be huge issue. Im 350 ilvl and prioritize haste/mastery in my gear...or did they bump the mythic difficulty so much you have to kite even in low !@#$ tier mythics like 4? Yes Im using cooldowns yes Im switching between spending rage on ignore pain/shield block depending on if the mobs are autoattackers or casters and I did check whats new on icy veins just in case but still. I just die like a fly whenever theres pull bigger than 2mobs. In comparison i've been observing other tanks like DH's ive had whilst playing dps and they don't seem to have any issues staying alive..they rarely even go low hp and these people rarely have significantly higher ilvl than I do..Rynath3 19 Oct
19 Oct My Proposed Protection Warrior Changes I've played protection warrior for a few expansions and in BfA I really agree with the community consensus that the spec has been utterly gutted and completely ruined, outshined by all the other tanks (with the exception of guardian druid). The spec feels boring, clunky and less fluid than it did in Legion due to both GCD changes and rage generation changes. Devastate and Devastator got bad changes and now it feels very unimpressive. I had few simple changes in mind - replacing Devastate with Whirlwind being the first. Why? It's simple - it looks better, and it has AoE which protection warrior really struggles with. The damage doesn't have to be insane - the same as the current iteration of Devastate if not just a bit lower to compensate for the AoE function. The second relates to the first - this new protection iteration of Whirlwind increases the rage generated by your next Thunderclap by 20% for each enemy struck, up to a cap of 5 stacks (100%). Boom, now you have a little bit more synergy between abilities and some extra rage generation if you're fighting multiple opponents. We all know we suffer from survival issues and rage starvation, so extra rage isn't something to scoff at. With the extra rage from this, you can get more ignore pains. And with the extra AoE from Whirlwind, you'll have less trouble with AoE situations since your filler is now a weak AoE that won't stop DPS from pulling aggro away if they go ham but makes pulls a little less ungodly painful. Good idea? Bad idea? Feedback and discussion on this would be great.Invader3 19 Oct
18 Oct 3x Archive of the Titans? According to https://bloodmallet.com/index.html#warrior_arms?data_view=azerite_traits&type=trait_stacking&tier=3 Archive of the Titans gives the most dps. Should should I aim to get 3x Archive of the Titans?Seducexecute2 18 Oct
17 Oct Arms PvP changes! Here is what I think would be good: -4% flat damage nerf. -Spell reflect BASELINE, it's a fun skill cap ability and vital vs most stuff, however make it 2 sec duration to increase skill cap. -Level 30 row: choose between shockwave, stormbolt and 2 sec charge stun (so more frequent stuns but less stun time overall) -Defensive stance baseline, nothing else is viable really. -Level 60 row: choose between double time, bounding stride and a new talent that increases speed 60% during bladestorm (I know an azerite power does this)[probably some niche uses like in 2s]. -Commanding shout off GCD. -Hamstring off GCD or charge snare, for the life of me I don't know why this was removed, all it does is make us clunkier and more vulnerable to issues due to latency. -Old TBC second wind for snares and stuns, I think it's unlikely we'll be given this as Blizzard is moving away from passives, however it would only be small buff except against stuff that roflstomps us like frost mage. 6% health over 3 secs, 10 sec internal cd. Basically, you can't simultaneously shut down the warrior and kill them. OR if people don't like this, some minor self heal alternative.Daddyghoul13 17 Oct
17 Oct What spec should I be using for PvP? Title. I mostly roleplay and use arms for it because the animations fit the best, but I dabble in PvP and wonder what I should be doing, since to put it simply I kind of suck at PvP.Lysándre2 17 Oct
16 Oct Prot warrior class fantasy Judging from the current state of protection warrior and how bad it actually feels to play it, there is probably a big chance that the spec will be reworked. If it is going to be reworked which prot warrior fantasy would you like it to be? Juggernaut : Insane amount of health/damage and takes very low damage but has almost no self sustain and little utility. Protector : A versatile tank, your iconic shieldsman has abit of everything and is good in every situation but excels at non. Agile : Think of Spartans and other type of warriors, they excel at parrying/dodging and mitigating all types of damage they have insane amount of utility and self sustain but are extremely vulnerable if they let their guard down or are caught of guard ( messed up rotation / being stunned / etc etc ) there are also many other types like gladiator and stuff post your ideas :PHínáta29 16 Oct
16 Oct Arms vs Fury Hey. I have been playing this game for over a decade now. The warrior has always been a favourite of mine. I mained one back in TBC and parts of WotLK (favourite warrior days, probably), but haven't played one in a very long time now. I am wondering what are the pros and cons of the warrior DPS specs? I'm talking both PvE and PvP here. I do enjoy how both specs feel at the moment, though, as you can see, this particular character is low level, so I can't comment on the max level gameplay. Basically, what I'm asking, is whether or not the DPS warriors are viable at max level in PvE and PvP, and which one performs better at what scenario, Arms or Fury. Thanks in advance!Kveldulf2 16 Oct
16 Oct still waiting for the ugly faction shield to be removed from d stance and to tmog 1h as fury thanksSnake16 16 Oct
16 Oct The issue with protection warriors Gaps in mitigation. A tanks job is to smooth and reduce incoming damage and warriors simply cannot compete to BrM's, Druids, and DK's. Shield block is a powerful mitigation however it will have consistent gaps from time to time in raid encounters which being inactive for 3seconds could lead to large spike panic and death. Prot paladins share this issue with their shield of the righteous. However, they can keep this up more consistently due to the cooldown reduction of judgement. With further progression and bigger haste pools, in time they will be able to keep mitigation up far more frequently. Warriors do not share this future. I propose increasing the duration / decreasing the cooldown of shield block, Making ignore pain another active mitigation, whilst removing critical block mastery as it is pure RNG. Replacing it with an ignore pain buff. As well as this, nerfing ignore pain to absorb 50%-75% less magic damage to stop warriors becoming the most spell proof tank.Tankermunch1 16 Oct
16 Oct Trinket Madness (355 > 395) Morning, this is driving me crazy, thus I'd like to ask for your opinion or maybe I'm doing something wrong in here and you guys could guide. Currently Playing with "Syringe of Bloodborne Informity (370)" (1) "Darmoon Deck: Fathoms (355)" (2). This combinations sims for about 14687 DPS. A couple of days ago I got "Merektha's Fang" in 395. The combination of "Syringe of Bloodborne Informity (370)" (1) "Merektha's Fang (395)" (3) sims for about 14435 DPS. So more than 200 DPS less than the previous combination of trinkets with 40 less iLvL. I know Merektha's Fang got nerfed hard end of August. But how can a trinket with 40 more iLvL perform so bad, compared to a trinket with 40 iLvL less? Any ideas what am I may be missing? (1) https://www.wowhead.com/item=160655/syringe-of-bloodborne-infirmity&bonus=4799:1492 (2) https://www.wowhead.com/item=159125/darkmoon-deck-fathoms (3) https://www.wowhead.com/item=158367/merekthas-fang&bonus=1567:4778Zenshi2 16 Oct
15 Oct Prot is unplayable I'm being dead serious when I say that you are equal to ANY other tanks that are 20 item levels lower. That's how bad warrior is. And reason why I'm quitting. It's just unforgivevable that they keep a class/spec down for multiple expansions. No I dont want to make alts, I want to play this character. Why even have the class in the game if it's useless?Jossu6 15 Oct
15 Oct 2018 Fury: Please help me Brothers, Sisters and fellow warriors. I come in my hour of need, there moments in life were you have to stop blaming the fact you haven't got a good wep coz they never drop, or the fact you haven't even seen a heroic Azurite item. You just have to hold you hands up and say am bad. like really bad! That moment as come for me. So I come before you my peers and throw myself at your mercy and say HELP ME ! I have heroic logs please any advice ( other than re roll ) would be most welcome https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/id/36294736#bybracket=1Golengil12 15 Oct 2018
15 Oct 2018 Help with damage in Arena as Arms I've been playing arena games in both 2v2 and 3v3 bracket and my teammates (as well as the damage meters) complain that my damage is really low compared to enemy players that even have similar gear as me. I've gone against other Warriors with just 3-5 ilvl higher than me and they do 50% more damage. And enemy dps with 15 ilvl higher do double my damage! I've looked up the optimal Warrior PVP rotation as well as spec/stat choices and I believe I'm in good shape but still no dramatic improvement. The only things I can think of at the moment is that either I have way lower uptime on my target, that my Azerite traits are !@#$ (1x Crushing Assault and 2x Test of Might) or that I play in Defensive Stance more than I should but again, that should show only 20ish% lower damage instead of 50+. My burst damage seems to be ok and we manage to grab wins but my overall low pressure brings us to OOM game faster and gives enemy healers the chance to CC more instead of forcing them to heal. I'm told that Warriors is the class that solo kills enemies but it seems to me I'm more of a glorified Hunter pet. Any ideas on what I should look out for apart from the things I mentioned? As for my rotation priorities: Normal: Sudden Death > MS > OP > Slam (at >60 rage or Crushing Assault) Burst: Avatar > Warbreaker > Crushing Assault > Sharpened MS (at 2xOP) > OP > Execute (at 40+ Rage) Note that at the moment I play with Dreadnaught talent giving me instant 2x Overpower.Pentakon7 15 Oct 2018
14 Oct 2018 arms warrior questions hi i have some questions about arm warr 1- how is it on pve? 2-how is it on pvp? 3- i want to know all ways/abilities to heal my self i can do good dmg on players but cant heal i die too fastNelvya3 14 Oct 2018
13 Oct 2018 Confused Tank Greetings fellow warriors, I'm a bit confused about the damage output as protection warrior. At my current level and gear, Shield Slam does about 500 critical damage, but on rare occasions its damage goes up to ~1500. I checked the spellbook and gear which could potentially increase my damage, or any applied debuffs on enemies but I couldn't find anything. The increase in damage happens for pretty much every spell/talent and I'm clueless as to why that is. CheersCakez2 13 Oct 2018
13 Oct 2018 Swepping+colossus Hey. I can't find any thread which is up to date. I want to ask about swepping strikes. It says it deals damage to target within 8yards. However problem is when you use SStrikes and than colossus smash. I see it only applies colossus smash's debuff when target stands infront of you or next to the mob you use smash on. Otherwise, when target will be behind you, it takes damage, but no debuff from colossus smash at all. Is it intended? Tooltip for SStrikes does not says anything about target positioning, only distance ( 8 yards ).Hegreen3 13 Oct 2018
13 Oct 2018 Can we just get rid of Ignore Pain? It's unfun, clunky, visually non-existing and more. You live or die by the ability and it feels like you're just hiding behind it, being a paper tank which doesn't fit the class fantasy at all while you're hoping you don't die. When I think of warrior tanks, I think of that big shield to hide behind, with their defenses being that sound of blocking. But there's something for everyone! So maybe it deserves to exist as a talent!Medera5 13 Oct 2018
13 Oct 2018 How are warrior tanks? Hey guys, thinking about making a prot warrior alt to fill in the time between my raiding days. How are they at the moment? They seem to be pretty good anyway. Also, are they fun? I know it's down to opinion, but i just want to know yours! Thanks:)Heaat10 13 Oct 2018
12 Oct 2018 Charge bug in BFA Nothing big, but was wondering if anybody else had this as well. Since BFA the bug is back where you cast charge, but because your toon is stuck behind a rock or something nothing happens. still charge goes on cooldown and you don't get the rage (and you're in for a nice walk to the mob). Doesn't happen often, but annoying when it does (had it in underrot a few times at least).Noctus6 12 Oct 2018
12 Oct 2018 Fury Warrior Tips Hello everyone! I hope you are all having a good day ;) I have a few questions i was hoping you could help me answer: I would like some help on what ability rotation i should use. I mainly fight normal mobs and elite mobs, the ones you would find on world quests. My current rotation is : Charge > Siegebreaker > Click on anything that is avaliable. I know this might come as a surprise, but this strategy does not seem to be so effective. Do you have an effective rotation you would recommend? Are there any "must have" talents that you would suggest i use? Thank you in advance. Take care and remember to clean your rooms.Khornath10 12 Oct 2018
11 Oct 2018 Macro stormbolt Can anyone tell me what's wrong in this macro ? #showtooltip /cast [mod:alt,@arena3][nomod,@arena1][mod:shift,@arena2] storm bolt cuz its working only for the arena1 but the modifiers doesn't worksGraalitox3 11 Oct 2018