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17 Feb 2015 Welcome to the Technical Support Forum! Welcome to the Technical Support forum! This forum provides players with a place to discuss technical issues with each other and official Blizzard representatives. While this forum is NOT intended to replace our support contact channels, players are encouraged to ask questions, share advice, and participate in on-going discussions here. Accordingly, it is of utmost importance that all players treat each other with courtesy and respect. For more information, please review the Forum Code of Conduct. Our MVPs are also here to help you: Ananda Cazzéh DeanX Nyshae Omachi Oussebon SanekoNatryndon2 17 Feb 2015
22 Jan Upcoming API / Hardware Support Changes Hi everyone, We have seen quite a few threads with people upset and confused about the new warnings in the Blizzard app. Warnings that tell you that your system will be unsupported soon. While this is true in some cases, we would like to provide some resources and advice on how to see if you will still be able to play. Here is a list of requirements and resources to help you find out the state of your computer. Operating System: Windows Users will need to be on the following OS builds, with the 64 bit version installed, and able to support DirectX 11. Windows 7 with Servicepack 1 (SP1) Windows 8.1 Windows 10 (latest version) How to check if you are on a 64 bit OS. 1. Hit Windows key 2. Type “my computer” 3. Right click this PC or the name you gave it 4. Select Properties 5. Look at System type ( You will want 64 bit Operating system listed here ) How to see if your Video card supports DirectX 11. This list is not up to date but if you have a card that is newer than the ones listed, it is likely okay. You can check on the manufacturer's website to be sure. Mac Users computers will need to support the Metal API. A list of Mac computers that can support Metal . Users should also be on a supported macOS. macOS 10.12.X macOS 10.13.x *macOS 10.14.x *(macOS may not be released by the time these changes go live )* Additional information - We have seen cases where having the in game settings changed to DirectX 9 or WoW set to launch in 32 bit mode will cause these errors. To check if World of Warcraft in 32-bit mode from the Blizzard App 1) Open the Blizzard App 2) Select World of Warcraft 3) Click Options 4) Select Game Settings on the left 5) Uncheck Launch 32-bit client (Instead of 64-bit) 6) Click Done How to disable DirectX 9 if you can. 1) Click Red Question mark in game 2) Go to system 3) Go to Advanced 4) Click Drop down by Graphics API 5) Select DirectX 11 6) Restart the game Hagut0 22 Jan
04 Oct COMMON CONNECTION AND LATENCY ISSUES - PC/MAC Greetings all, We've been working to improve some of the available troubleshooting resources for our games. Since connectivity problems are a common problem in gaming, we wanted to provide some information on what causes connection problems and what to do to resolve issues when you're having them. Table of Contents 1. Connection Troubleshooting Resources 2. FAQs 3. What to do if you need more helpTiogaradh5 04 Oct
17 Feb 2015 Legion 7.3.5 - Common tech issues ★ Patch Notes ★ Known issues list ★ Latest common issues ★ Hotfixes ★ Welcome to Patch 7.3.2! For the latest service issues and alerts, please check our Support page or follow us on Twitter: @BlizzardCSEU_EN Here's what you are contacting us about the most right now: Error #132 KNOWN ISSUE: This error can be caused by different issues with the client such as addons, outdated drivers or hardware issues like not enough power or overclocked graphic cards. Please check this article in order to solve it. Another cause could be the latest Windows 10 update which automatically activates the Xbox DVR feature. Check this guide in order to disable it. Incompatible realms If the realm list shows the realm names in red and with the error "incompatible", close the game so the Blizzard app updates it correctly. Interface issues Please reset your WoW User Interface (UI) following this guide. Common issues and solutions Click on the issue you're experiencing for the possible solutions:: Account security (Hacked account/Can't login/Authenticator/etc.) Installation and updates (Stuck/Slow download/Errors BLZXXXXX/etc.) Connection and Latency (Lag/Frequent disconnections/Can't connect/etc.) Performance and stability (Freezes and lockups/Low FPS/stuttering/etc.) If your issue persists after following the steps provided in these articles, please check this message to know how to write an effective post.Natryndon1 17 Feb 2015
1h cant play RP US servers i would like hi so i have friend on this RP server but its not appearing on my server search. does me being in the EU not alow me to play with friends. the server i'm trying to get on is Wyrmrest Accord. if you could help i would be very grateful. Lawrence xLawrencewolf1 1h
1h Latency issue with AH, Guild Bank, WQ, etc Hello devs, I would like to point out that the Auction House has been really (and I mean REALLY) slow for the past few months on Draenor-Horde. I won't mind waiting a bit longer but it takes several seconds between individual auctions created / bought. It's been like this for a few months, sure there've been some ups and downs but when I compare this to other realms I play on with near instant interactivity, this is not normal.Rezzuh313 1h
3h Weird sound issue So since a few weeks I have this weird issue. Sometimes the sound cuts off and the way to get it back is not by control-s or something but by clicking on the screen. It's almost as if the wow screen is disselected or tabbed out (like what you sometimes have if you have a popup from another program for example). It's really getting annoying as it happens quite a lot. I tried to clear my cache and also repair my WoW client but that didnt work. Anyone know a solution?Nikki1 3h
6h WoW crashes after loading screen Hi all! I got myself a new GPU, a Gigabyte GTX 1070. But as soon as i put the card in, i was not able to launch WoW anymore cause it gives me a error 132 "memory could not be read". Sometimes (1 in 20 times) it does launch and then the game runs flawlessly. All other, and more demanding, games do run perfectly without a hitch. Would anyone know what is going on? Already reset my interface, wiped my old GPU drivers and installes the new ones, rolled back on GPU drivers, complete reinstall of wow etc.. Thanks!Shiftshaper4 6h
6h Can't use my 110 level boost So i bought WoW Complete today and i've tried to use my 110 level boost but it wont work just says "internal error". I've restarted the game and everything. What could be the problem? Thank you.Patonkii0 6h
6h Pop-up windows flickering Hi guys, I have a minor issue, and I'm wondering if it's just me or if other people have it too. Some pop up windows sometimes flicker for me. See screenshot below for an example. It's mostly the window that pops up when you mouse-over the emissary icons on the bottom. Another pop-up window, when you mouse-over the purse icons in the reputation tab to view your exalted reputation with a faction. It's not like this makes the game unplayable, but I do notice it all the time, and it just bothers me a bit. :P I've tested this several ways; fullscreen, windowed, windowed fullscreen, all didn't change anything. Obviously tried without addons too. Here's a screenshot that shows what exactly is flickering for me. Can you guys test to see if it happens for you as well? Just keep your mouse on the emissary icon and see if the pop-up window starts flickering a bit. 6h
12h Disconnects.. and more disconnects Hello, I've been getting so many disconnects whilst playing. Can happen every 10-15 minutes at times, which is really frustrating particularly in M+ and raids. Strangely, it doesn't affect bnet voice chat so I don't think it's my connection that is the issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.Mishla6 12h
13h Blizzard Agent Security Certificate Issue? So apparently there's been an update to the bnet launcher/app, or an "allow access" prompt to the agent, that changes the way a certificate is handled and it's a security exploit of some description? I'm not fully clued up on what it is or what is going on, but supposedly this "certificate fix" thing can compromise accounts? It's supposed to be in the same vein as this; from Overwatch. I'm trying to settle a guildie down who is fearmongering amung my guildmates into running all types of scans and disabling processes on the launcher, and (quoting) "if Blizzard now gets hacked and/or a rogue employee gets their hands on the master keys, all TLS (https, imap, and more) traffic from your computer can be compromised. That's right, Blizzard installed a security flaw on your computer." Can I get some clarification on what this is so my guildmates can relax a bit?Neroska4 13h
14h Public test program I was trying to uninstall public test realm to make room on my pc, however it aint listed, but i still have the folder for the public test realm. Is it safe to delete the folder?Bullboybob1 14h
14h Help - Whoops! Looks like something broke. Hi everyone :) I'm an old player (Vanilla - Cata) looking to come back and start playing again. However, whenever I try to download the game, I get the same message: "Whoops! Looks like something broke. Give it another shot." I first started trying to re-install a couple of months ago, and got the above message. Forgot about it only to come back today and try again, and boom, same message. I've tried all of the recommended steps on Blizzard's page, and was not able to submit a Web Ticket to Customer Support because they required some odd things uploaded to allow me to issue the ticket. Basically my question is: have any of you faced this problem? If so, how did you get around it? Not sure if Blizzard staff also peruse these forums but would be great to get any kind of feedback, from Blizzard or from the community. Thanks guys.Futuresteak5 14h
14h Screen flicker and covered with pixel lines In window (fullscreen) and fullscreen mode, screen flickers constantly and covered with pixel line (like you playing on old CRT monitors). It goes away when you switch between game and game background FPS (when you click on second monitor and game goes for 30 FPS) so I guess it's something with refresh rate. But strangely - it doesn't happen in windowed mode. (I have two monitors 144-165 Hz rate) Also in fullscreen mode game is all gooey and laggy (input lag?) Happened today and persists through now. Yesterday all was fine. Restart of the computer doesn't help. Changing FPS limit also doesn't help. Update: it fixed itself. But still it was weird and I think it will return.Shadowfarts1 14h
14h Mouse Lag Hi, for the past 5-6 days I've been experiencing some quite bad mouse lag, making it quite difficult PvP'ing and just generally moving about as I do one tiny move and I end up spinning around in a circle and going in the complete wrong direction, it also lags when alt tabbed from the game on Facebook etc, but when the game isn't open at all it seems fine. Its happening both with my laptops mousepad and my USB wireless mouse. Any help would be much appreciated.Lillyqt6 14h
14h 51900319 disconnecting wow51900319 disconnecting does today anyone same me have problem with disconnecting. i disconnecting each 10 min from server .Peyman1 14h
1d Random crashes/freezes? So after the last maintenance I've started to get these random crashes/freezes. It does not matter where I am or what I am doing when my WoW just kind of disconnects. I can cast spells and move, but all the other characters including NPCs are just running still. I can logout and login normally which takes the problem away for the next 5 minutes or so until the same thing happens again. Worth noting is that I can talk to my friends in discord and browse the internet normally so it shouldn't be a problem with my internet. I have tried to disable all of my addons (Auctionator, Atlasloot, Omnibar and Gladius), checked my anti-virus and firewall from blocking WoW, but it hasn't helped so far. Any help please?Duessel29 1d
1d Can you give me wine instruction for noob? Hey guys, I'm pritty noob with Linux, but need to use it for work and don't want use 2 systems. Can you clearly explain me, how to use wine to play wow and hs? Somehow I installed wine 3.0 and (after some trables with autorisation it works). I tried to copy this 2 games from hard disk and just use it, but WoW saying "game installation faled", HS go to black screen, freeze for a minute, then crashed and trying to run application even if it was running. So I cant undestand the info nodes on official site . (Tryed to run it, doesnt help and saying that there is no some repositories Also I tried to read about wine and saw that there is some trouble with 32-64 version. I have Ubuntu x64, and wow are installing in program files (x86). Is it means that I already on the mistaken way? Also saw about Winetricks, but the latest version of the drivers here is 2013 year, cant find newer version of winetricks. All articles mentioning this dated about 2011 year. Please help :D I need realy clean instructionsОортаз3 1d
1d latency lag. Hi, I recently upgraded my graphics card, since the hardware change I have to delete my file every time before opening wow otherwise I have pings of 1k+ The latency is normal when I delete the config file before launching the game but the file has to be deleted before every restart or relaunch. This means I have to completely redo my graphics and settings each time. Please helpHaterofppl6 1d
1d Change of mobile phone and authenticator im planning to swap phones so just asking to make sure do i need to delete my Authenticator from my bnet account,then swap phones and add it again after? or is there a way to keep it? ive read about going to settings to write down serial number and restorationcode,then when you downloaded the app on your new phone you can enter them under "restoration" to go back to your old Authenticator - is that correct? i dont wanna lock myself out of my accountTriggs4 1d
16h Item level bug? So last night, we raided antorus normal on my paladin alt, Got 3 new relics all upgrades by quite alot hadnt been to the crucible to use the new traits yet used my dalaran hearthstone i was at just over 9m health and 951ivl. Got to the crucible Filled in all the relevent traits for the relics (ilvl upgrade and so on) And my health dropped to 8.6 and my item level dropped to 944 and i have no idea how or why its happened?, Why would i go from 951 item level to 944 after upgrading relicsGhostinside7 16h
1d Follower bodyguard Follower bodyguards no longer grant rewards from items (ex. Pouch of Wonder) after completing world quests using the class hall upgrade (ex. Might of Dalaran, Frost Wyrm).Skathì1 1d
1d Battle.Net Agent unresponsive So i Turned on my computer when i got home from work and as usual started agent, the games tab came up with a blank screen then a second error window popped up. Title of second window - Agent.exe - Application Error Text inside the window, (a big red X then) The application was unable to start correctly (0xc0000005). Click OK to close the application. After closing and restarting agen i got the standard oops something has gone wrong resart message, so restarted my computer restarted etc. i cant run the game repair tool as no games appear on the app so i decided to re-install, but nope i cant even uninstall the game as the same error window pops up.Foopandoo6 1d
1h Wow armory Hey, I've been using the wow armory for over a month now and everything was fine, but now all of a sudden the auction house in this app is gone. everything else still works but the auction is just vanished. How do i fix this? thanks in advance.Còffee3 1h
2d Blizzard Authenticator App stuck on 'Setting Up' screen Blizzard Authenticator App stuck on 'Setting Up' When I log on to the Blizzard Authenticator App, it gets stuck on the 'Setting Up' screen. I left it to wait but it has been a very long time now, and still nothing. I've checked other forums to try to fix this issue, but I have had no luck. I've tried clearing the Cache and Data, but it hasn't worked. I have a feeling that uninstalling it will also be very unsuccessful. Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong and how to fix this?Frostbiyte28 2d
2d Screen goes dark/flashes when I play! If I was to describe it the screen seems to lose a slight amount of brightness when I open my bag, hover over UI and randomly during gameplay. If it happens fast it makes me quite sick. Have tried many online fixes for similar "Screen flashing" issues and am used to troubleshooting my own PC but cannot find what is causing the issue. I can capture the "flashing" with bandicam so does this rule out a monitor issue?Palecleft2 2d
2d NPC Names bad from distance There is a major problem with the NPC Names. I cannot see them from a distance, they are blurry and it's like they are missing pixels. It seems like the ingame's UI scaling is bad. I have to stand really close to the NPCs to see their names clearly. If I change the Render Scale to 200 and the AntiAliasing to FSAA x4 + CMAA the NPC names seem more smooth but it doesn't fix the problem, also by changing these settings I get very low fps and the game becomes unplayable. Some add-ons do change and fix those NPC names as well as the Player nameplates, but what if I don't want to use those add-ons because they change a lot more stuff in the interface which I dont like? I have searched all over the internet for a fix, but there is nothing. I know that many players have this issue. and it's not my computer's problem because I use 3 different ones, and one of them is top gaming pc. Here are some screenshots uploaded at Lightshot: PS. I am trying to open a tehcnical ticket about this, but when I "submit" the ticket, and the uploading goes to 100% I get a site connection error, I dont know if the ticket is sent. I 've tried 4 times in the past 3 days.Nanos3 2d
2d I can't download the file (client) I got a brand new computer and I want to install my battlenet client along with all my blizzard games, but for some reason, the file stops at about 80 kB out of 3.7 MB. I haven't had any problems with anything else I've downloadet, except for the blizzard stuff. I also tried the WoW file, but it was the same issue. Doesn't seem to be behind a firewall either? Please helpToddlikesmen8 2d
2d FPS issues while raiding Hello! I was planning to get a better laptop since my fps in Antorus was getting really bad, usually around 5-10 during boss fights. I have looked at the minimum requirements for WoW Legion and my laptop seemed to meet most of these, so I am not sure what may be causing these fps drops as I usually have 50 out of raids. Here are some system details: Windows 10 64 bit Intel i7 CPU 16GB RAM SSD storage Intel HD graphics 3000 If you could tell me how I could improve, or if I have to buy a new laptop with better specs please tell me some details. Thanks!Microvolts5 2d
2d LFR tool I can't start a dungeon group. I set the description , title and item level requirement and the system somehow glitches for half a second and redirects me back. This used to happen to me a year ago but it turned out that it was some kind of problem which got fixed. I was wondering if the problem is in my addons or something.Eoghar3 2d
2d High world latency issues Hi, me and my wife both play wow, we have two computers both plugged into the same router via Ethernet cable. mine runs wow fine but hers keeps getting high world latency, anywhere from 600 to 1000+, it has no addons, I have tried turning router off and restarting it, didn't work, I have the correct LAN drivers installed, and then last night because of a usb 3 update I had to reinstall windows 10 anyway, and so wow is completely been reinstalled and basically all new. still having issues... Not sure what to try next tbh? I have ran speed tests and they are all normal and fine. seems to just be wow. Is it worth trying a wireless adaptor or buying a new Ethernet cable? (all though I doubt that's the problem since its only wow with issues)Naomé1 2d
2d PC Upgrade decision Hey folks. So I'm about to upgrade my PC, with a budget of roughly £500-700, but i'm not sure which direction to go in. I have a few options that are at least in my head atm. Bare in mind this is mainly for WoW BFA, but also play BF1, Skyrim, Overwatch, and some other things. Current PC: ASRock H81 PRO BTC i5-4460 16gb HyperX Savage DDR3 RAM Nvidia Geforce GTX 970 Samsung SSD 840 EVO 250gb 1TB SSHD 550W PSU So, one option is to upgrade the Motherboard to a new one, buy a modern CPU, and upgrade to DDR4 RAM. This would cost a fair amount, and leave me with my current GTX 970, at least for a little while to save more anyway. Another option is to keep the same Motherboard, keep the DDR3 RAM, but someone at work has offered me a i7-4790k for £150, used though ofc. This would mean I could grab that, and then slap my money on a new GPU, probably a GTX 1070 or a 1080 if I need naughty enough. This will more than likely need a new PSU as well. Those are the 2 options that I've been semi advised on so far, but there could be a better way to go, but I generally don't know much about hardware, I just turn it on and play. Any advise would be super appreciated!Aatròx5 2d
2d Weekly Chest I did my mythic+16 dungeon on saturday and logged on 10 mins ago to open my challengers bounty chest, but for some reason it said I already looted it? Please help meHaskyr2 2d
2d Play button is greyed out decided to play wow again, passed the "playable" area, started the game and then that stupid loud intro happened, pressed ESC to skip it, screen freezed for a bit then crashed to desktop, and now battle net resumes to download but without play button. Basically battle net still thinks I'm in game only because of that stupid cinematic intro, I tried to reinstall battlenet program , rebooted my computer did not help. What is helps is removing the game via battlenet, but then again its a loop stucks at that intro and same crap over and over again. I visited battlenet agent troubleshooter page but unfortunately good folks at blizzard removed that page. any suggestions? I almost lose my mind over a very simple errorDialupaol23 2d
2d Assault on the dark portal quest line broken I have no more quests that appear after I have done the 1 that gives you the task of burning down the huts and now I'm stuck. All the npc are there but non of them will give me a quest to continue the quest line. I've been told that I may have missed 2 quests and now it broken it with no where to go. So could you help me get around this?Skarredblade9 2d
2d Wow using too much data Hi all, I'm having a major issue with wow using too much data. I recently fully updated wow before starting to play again, however when I log on, it is using about 1MB per second. This will equate to 3.6GB per hour which I simply cannot afford as my internet package is capped and costs a lot to top-up. I do not have any other software running, and as stated, the game is completely up to date. Wow has never used anywhere remotely close to this amount of data, so does anyone have any advice as to why this might be happening? I simply cannot play with this incredible data usage. Thanks in advance for any assistance.Mattalica1 2d
2d elisandre time stop buff so another week lost cuze of this elisandre time stop buff debuff or wtf it is,RIP mount and now my char its stuck i cannot move or do anithing....Thanks blizzard.Wiglyworm1 2d
2d Пригласить друга.Где бонусы? ПРИГЛАСИТЬ ДРУГА Пригласил друга, он поиграл, купил ВОВ платит и играет в него, почему нет подарков за акцию "Пригласи друга" прошло уже больше 2 месяцев?Хеон1 2d
2d mage tower warlock glitched Hi i am trying to do the affliction warlock mage tower quest, the twins. Seems that the first twin is not tauntable by my pets and i end up being killed. This seems to be a glitch, and it would be nice if it was fixed so i can do the quest for the hidden artifact.Selendra1 2d
3d TDR, only in wow! Hey. I am having these TDR's, and have for a while. I only have them in WoW, no other titles. I have tried various settings and using low graphic settings. And they still happen. After killing Oondasta it happens a lot. my system is not the fault. So i will avoid posting my specs. GPU software is up to date. Using latest from nvidia, but i have tried downgrading to various versions in a attempt to eliminate the issue. I am not looking for random advice (delete cache, wtf, reinstall etc). But a cause of the problem. I use a lot of addons, and i suspect one of these to be the fault, but due to the number of addons i use, i am hoping that its either something else entirely, or somebody have a hint as what it could be. hope somebody has some insight, i seem to be lacking.. Figure i will get some; Have you done this... so ill post a list of what i have tried. Reinstall: -Windows 7 Ultimate -Nvidia Drivers, latest -Nvidia Drivers, downgrade(various) Monitor: -Swap cables -only use 1 monitor GPU: 660ti running stock Stress tested in various programs, games etc. -OCCT -Furmark -Games TDR disable etc.: -disable TDR in windows -different timeout values etc. PC: all running stock Everything is working as it should, and no overheating, dust etc. Have run various tools to test stability. (reminder, only happens in wow!) WoW: running custom low, only view distance is mid -changing various gpu settings Edit: I should add, that i never get the "windows have recovered.." msg, it just goes black with sound or total crash. Added screenshot of my wow settings..Heymom3 3d
3d BFA how to upgrade an account? hello I entered the code but did not upgrade my account. I wonder why. I don't have game time, that's the reason? or August 14th will be upgrade?Wanteds2 3d
3d 70 GB Installation? My WoW folder is 70 GB. Interface, WTF, Screenshots, combatlog and stuff like that is 200 MB. Why? I want to reduce the installation to it's minimum. Repairing did not work. Are there files I can identify & delete?Treenicillin6 3d
3d Mage tower Loading screen fail I'm trying to get inside the mage tower challenge but I'm just getting thrown out and saying "transfer aborted: instance not found" and they still charge me my shards. Come on blizzFeldara4 3d
3d Random DCs Hello. For the last half a year or so I've been getting random disconnects from my launcher. Recently I got hacked and robbed so I changed my password a few days ago. Still having that issue. Is it normal? For the record my internet connection is ok everytime it happens.Barthos1 3d
3d Cannot connect Hi When I try to log on world of warcraft it says: You have been disconnected (BLZ51900002) Is having problems or world server down? I cant get to my character screen. Edit: After several tries I got in but the game is VERY laggy, almost unplayable.Dorkus1 3d
3d Play with English client on RU realm? Greetings WoW Community, My name is RobiePAX. I used to play WoW during TBC, WOTLK, Cataclysm period and gave up on Pandas. Many years later now my girlfriend decided to give WoW a chance for the first time. And she wants me to try play it with her after she made a mistake of trying WoW Starter Client and got addicted to it :) The only problem, I'm English speaking player. She is Russian player. I can speak and read Russian but I have no orientation playing the WoW in RU. We already reached level 40 and I feel no enjoyment playing the game in Russian text at all. Game client allows me to keep game audio in English, but for some stupid reason not the text. By any chance is it possible to modify some game files to play on RU server with English text? I've read through some old threads. I know that back then RU servers were separated. But that's no longer the case. RU servers are now integrated with European servers. And payments is no longer a factor since players still pay based or where they natively are.Robieladin1 3d
3d Viewing previous posts tool I haven't been able to view previous posts since christmas eve 2k17. I first thought it's a small glitch and will be fixed, but now it's 4 months down the line and i'm still stuck trying to find the threads i've posted in. Soooo what's up? Can I fix it? or am I doomedLordofmagic1 3d
4d Lagging between +- 20h30-00h everyday Hey all. Quick question before massive and painstaking troubleshooting... Why would someone lag between more or less 20:30 - 23:30 everyday playing wow? That's local time, so add one hour at both limits for server time. I've been lagging on and off during this time lapse for what seems now 2-3 weeks. Sometimes worse and other times not, but there's always something *every night*: increased ms, split-second lag spikes which derail any attempt at group play, etc. Funny thing, there's absolutely no kind of lag whatsoever before or after this period of the day. Would this issue point more towards my ISP or to Blizzard? Playing from Portugal by the way. So far I've only followed these footsteps to no great avail: i) IP Release, Renew, and Flush DNS (as described here ii) Power Cycling Your Network Devices (as described here Any insight appreciated for now as, you've guessed it, I'm the proverbial layman in regards to internet stuff. Thanks in advance.Minivazza4 4d