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17 Feb 2015 Welcome to the Technical Support Forum! Welcome to the Technical Support forum! This forum provides players with a place to discuss technical issues with each other and official Blizzard representatives. While this forum is NOT intended to replace our support contact channels, players are encouraged to ask questions, share advice, and participate in on-going discussions here. Accordingly, it is of utmost importance that all players treat each other with courtesy and respect. For more information, please review the Forum Code of Conduct. Our MVPs are also here to help you: Ananda Cazzéh DeanX Nyshae Omachi Oussebon SanekoNatryndon2 17 Feb 2015
22 Jan Upcoming API / Hardware Support Changes Hi everyone, We have seen quite a few threads with people upset and confused about the new warnings in the Blizzard app. Warnings that tell you that your system will be unsupported soon. While this is true in some cases, we would like to provide some resources and advice on how to see if you will still be able to play. Here is a list of requirements and resources to help you find out the state of your computer. Operating System: Windows Users will need to be on the following OS builds, with the 64 bit version installed, and able to support DirectX 11. Windows 7 with Servicepack 1 (SP1) Windows 8.1 Windows 10 (latest version) How to check if you are on a 64 bit OS. 1. Hit Windows key 2. Type “my computer” 3. Right click this PC or the name you gave it 4. Select Properties 5. Look at System type ( You will want 64 bit Operating system listed here ) How to see if your Video card supports DirectX 11. This list is not up to date but if you have a card that is newer than the ones listed, it is likely okay. You can check on the manufacturer's website to be sure. Mac Users computers will need to support the Metal API. A list of Mac computers that can support Metal . Users should also be on a supported macOS. macOS 10.12.X macOS 10.13.x *macOS 10.14.x *(macOS may not be released by the time these changes go live )* Additional information - We have seen cases where having the in game settings changed to DirectX 9 or WoW set to launch in 32 bit mode will cause these errors. To check if World of Warcraft in 32-bit mode from the Blizzard App 1) Open the Blizzard App 2) Select World of Warcraft 3) Click Options 4) Select Game Settings on the left 5) Uncheck Launch 32-bit client (Instead of 64-bit) 6) Click Done How to disable DirectX 9 if you can. 1) Click Red Question mark in game 2) Go to system 3) Go to Advanced 4) Click Drop down by Graphics API 5) Select DirectX 11 6) Restart the game Hagut0 22 Jan
11 Jan CROWDS on Twitter - Season 7 Ep25: All Good Things About half a year ago, we've begun a little experiment to tap into the potential of the playerbase to help itself when it comes to a variety of issues that may not necessarily require contact with Blizzard customer support, such as technical issues or game-related questions. A number of volunteers, experienced at Blizzard games and interested in lending a helping hand to fellow players, have signed up over the months, contributing to our efforts in seeing our players' problems resolved. This CROWDS program was a player-based support initiative that allowed volunteers to help their fellow adventurers via Twitter, using an Android-based mobile app tied to our own social media channels. This app allowed participating helpers to see and respond to tweets that were asking Blizzard for help. You can find more detailed information on CROWDS and how to use the app on our support site article. Alas, the initiative has run its course and we are preparing to lay this program to rest as we proceed to look for other ways to improve the reach and efficiency of our support. Before this curtain will close, however, we wanted to run one last season in order to give everyone a chance to assemble one last time, to make use of this tool for a few more weeks, and to have a last shot at qualifying for our rewards. No matter whether you're a veteran CROWDS helper or want to give this a try before the opportunity fades, all are welcome to subscribe to the app and help their fellow gamers! These are the rewards from which you may pick, should you manage to outshine most of your fellow participants: Hearthstone: Card Packs (x7) Heroes of the Storm: Loot Chests (x12) Overwatch: Loot Boxes (x11) StarCraft II: Co-op Commanders (pick any 2 and/or share StarCraft II: Announcers (pick any 2 and/or share with a friend) with a friend) NOTE: Please be aware that using protected Tweets may prevent others from viewing your responses, disqualifying you from participation. Be sure to set your Tweets to public in order to remain visible and eligible for potential rewards!Hagut0 11 Jan
04 Oct COMMON CONNECTION AND LATENCY ISSUES - PC/MAC Greetings all, We've been working to improve some of the available troubleshooting resources for our games. Since connectivity problems are a common problem in gaming, we wanted to provide some information on what causes connection problems and what to do to resolve issues when you're having them. Table of Contents 1. Connection Troubleshooting Resources 2. FAQs 3. What to do if you need more helpTiogaradh5 04 Oct
30 Sep WoW crashes with AMD Ryzen Chips Hello, We’ve identified some crashes in WoW related to AMD’s new Ryzen chips, it is an issue we continue to track. AMD is also aware of the issue and have suggested the following: "The BIOS and chipset drivers are the links between your hardware and the operating system. Updating to the latest software ensures users have the latest performance and stability enhancements for the platform. To prevent World of Warcraft crashing on your Ryzen system, please update your BIOS to the latest version using the files and procedures found on the motherboard manufacture’s web site. Additionally, you will need to update your chipset drivers." If you are not familiar with bios updates or have never performed these updates, we recommend contacting the motherboard manufacturer for assistance. _____________________________________________________ Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Survey! 30 Sep
17 Feb 2015 Legion 7.3.5 - Common tech issues ★ Patch Notes ★ Known issues list ★ Latest common issues ★ Hotfixes ★ Welcome to Patch 7.3.2! For the latest service issues and alerts, please check our Support page or follow us on Twitter: @BlizzardCSEU_EN Here's what you are contacting us about the most right now: Error #132 KNOWN ISSUE: This error can be caused by different issues with the client such as addons, outdated drivers or hardware issues like not enough power or overclocked graphic cards. Please check this article in order to solve it. Another cause could be the latest Windows 10 update which automatically activates the Xbox DVR feature. Check this guide in order to disable it. Incompatible realms If the realm list shows the realm names in red and with the error "incompatible", close the game so the Blizzard app updates it correctly. Interface issues Please reset your WoW User Interface (UI) following this guide. Common issues and solutions Click on the issue you're experiencing for the possible solutions:: Account security (Hacked account/Can't login/Authenticator/etc.) Installation and updates (Stuck/Slow download/Errors BLZXXXXX/etc.) Connection and Latency (Lag/Frequent disconnections/Can't connect/etc.) Performance and stability (Freezes and lockups/Low FPS/stuttering/etc.) If your issue persists after following the steps provided in these articles, please check this message to know how to write an effective post.Natryndon1 17 Feb 2015
9m Bnet client crashing as of 16th Feb Since the 16th Feb 2018 my Bnet client keeps on crashing if ever I want to chat via the social tab or open up a chat window with a friend. The only thing that has changed since it last worked, was a windows update the details of which are ... Anyone else experiencing this ? I literally cannot use the social tab OR open a direct chat window with any friends no more.Healkicks1 9m
13m Застрял персонаж в трансфере Застрял персонаж в трансфере ,я ожидал трансфер и когда дело дошло до оплаты там не было нужного мне способа ,я отменил транфер но персонаж заблокирован .Что делатЬ?Фиилисити1 13m
20m Latency issue with AH, Guild Bank, WQ, etc Hello devs, I would like to point out that the Auction House has been really (and I mean REALLY) slow for the past few months on Draenor-Horde. I won't mind waiting a bit longer but it takes several seconds between individual auctions created / bought. It's been like this for a few months, sure there've been some ups and downs but when I compare this to other realms I play on with near instant interactivity, this is not normal.Rezzuh134 20m
22m WoW freezes/crashes lately Hello. My wow just seems to freeze up (and crash after i click my mouse etc) lately, and its frequency seems to increase. Copy pasted this from problem details: ... What could possibly cause this issue? Ty advance!Groentensoep2 22m
10h Really bad Framerate PC Specs i7 3820 16GB RAM GTX 680 Playing in low settings getting really bad fps by bad fps i get 20 but it feels like 5 fps... Tried the following. Virus Check Spyware Check Reinstall windows Check Reinstall Game Check updated all Drivers Check tried without addons check nothing works... Dxdiag Hopefully everything i've provided is enough info as i said tried everything above and thats my PC specs^^ even in lowest settings i get 20 fps but feels like 5... with stuttering fps etc and nope nothing running in the background either.Shárpz1 10h
10h Argus kills my monitors on phase 4 Not exactly sure what part of phase 4 does this but my monitors die out and lose connection or something on phase 4. as said i am not exactly sure what triggers it, but it has happened 2 times today while earlier there was no issues to be found in killing argus. has this happned before to any of you before? it would be quite annoying if this goes on from here on as i probably won't do argus as the only solution / fix i know of right now is a hard reboot which obviously isn't good for the machineCalioclya1 10h
10h Ultrawide Monitor Problem Need help please :/ so basicly i have a 2 ultrawide monitor setup.1 monitor for games 2 for streaming and other stuff. So when i play wow in fullscreen mode i can chose the resolution to what i want. i want to play at 1920x1080 for streaming and not 2560x1080 but in fullscreen mode i cant enter my other monitor without alt tabing. so i change to windowed (fullscreenmode) now i can enter my second monitor but the problem is it automaticaly changes to 2560x1080 resolution and i cant change it. cant change the resolution or refresh rate. when i chose windowed mode it changes to 1920x1080 and i can enter my second monitor but it looks really bad i see my windows and stuff... is it possible to get windowed (fullscreen) mode and change the resolution to 1920x1080 with the black bars on sides?Sphandi3 10h
13h Since 7.3.5 patch fps drained to 8 Till yesterday fps was always between 60-140. This morning after the patch is 8 fps. In dalaran, class hall, iron forge, darnassus, exodar, shattrah, stormshield, tol barad, argus, jade forest etc all the same low fps. GPU 10-20%. CPU 13-20 Mem 26% Latency 16ms EU-Emerald Dream EU-Bloodfeather EU-Moonglade EU-Dentarg Edit : oh even goes offline. Gues blizzard servers are not finished patching. hope on better for this evening.Emerlijn383 13h
13h Latency issues Me and my friend play on Stormscale EU. We use the same internet. She has been experiencing some crazy latency lately. I am not though. Even now she can't log in and sometimes the game even disconnects her. Same thing happens when she's using wifi and cable. Please help, because the game is unplayable.Felvengeance0 13h
19h Extreme world MS since network reset Hi support, Ever since I've reset my network to try and combat a different issue I was having with my internet provider I've been getting insane home and world ms whilst playing on my laptop. The issue with my internet provider is now resolved but the world ms remains. I have normal home and world ms while playing on my desktop. I probably messed something up with the network reset but I've no idea where to look. Any advice? Kind regards, QiQanluowang7 19h
19h Can't launch WoW Pressing Play in the launcher triggers the mouse cursor to load for a few seconds, and the launcher says the game is running, but it isn't. Not while the launcher's open at least. Having task manager open at the same time, when I close the launcher after having done the above, WoW will pop up, but only in the task manager and nothing else, with around 30% usage of my CPU, 4,2mb in memory, other slots are all 0%. The client in the launcher also tells me that it's Battle for Azeroth, if that helps? I have tried to run the scan and repair function, and deleting all my installed addons. No dice. My drivers are also up to date, and I use an Nvidia card. Running both the launcher and opening the game (64 version) seperately in moderator mode makes no difference either.Varus8 19h
19h Blizzard App didn't update after the BfA prepurchase? Hi, so I just saw someone else with "updated" version of WoW Blizzard app. I prepurchased BfA 2 weeks ago and my client is still legion themed + theres always an error BLZBNTBNA000001F4. Didnt' find anything related to this. Should I just reinstall the whole client or is there some easy fix I didn't notice? Thanks.Spikeroog2 19h
21h Still issues with invisible walls, running on the spot Patch 7.2.0 has come and has been replaced with patch 7.3.5, yet the problems that I've occured thanks to patch 7.2.0 still seem to be there. It's been almost a year ago, yet the invisible walls, running on the spot and 30 seconds waiting before you can see where you walk are still there. This game has turned unplayable for me and the latest patch made it even worse. But I guess it's not that important, since nothing has been done about it and the replies the past year have been nothing more then "reinstall your game" or "upgrade your computer". I have actually upgraded my computer, but the same sh*t still happens over and over. Last time I got stuck in my Garrison for over 15 min while I had to manouvre around using Heroic Leap. My character kept running on the spot, but didn't run anywhere. When I look at the latest blue posts I wonder what is actually more important, playing a forum game or actually helping those who have been crying out for help for almost a year.Bulldòzer5 21h
22h Can not download I have just got myself a brand new PC, and am looking to start fresh with everything. When I go to download the blizzard Launcher from the website It downloads about 80kb then stops and fails. I know it is not my connection to my internet provider as everything else has downloaded fine and as normal. This is the only problem I have, Is there a problem with the servers I am trying to download from? Or is there another way to download the launcher?Orthank1 22h
22h Camera turns super fast occasionally For some reason today all of a sudden the camera decides to start flipping me 180 degrees around or up and down depending on where I want to move with my mouse. Never happened before. This is not consistent, it happens when I move around a lot with my mouse. So if I decide to lets say look right and left super fast it decides to maybe turn camera super uncontrollable fast after 3-4 times I have done the action. Tried to delete cache and deleted the mouse drivers and reinstalled them. Edit: Tried other games too like OW, only happens in WoW.Kaisja72 22h
22h [BUG] Mobile AH deposit costs The deposit cost listed is in-correct. It's charging WAY more than it shows to list an item. I noticed it this morning after seeing huge drops from just deposits on a single character. My Rogue went from around 350g to 15g after 5-6 deposits. I'm currently waiting for my rogue's low level greens to come back to see if I get that deposit back or If I loose it, weather it sells or not. The worst one was the last one I did, and what made me notice. I lost upwards of 50 gold on a deposit shown as 3 silver +. Until this get's fixed, I won't be using the M-AH. Too big a risk. IF Anyone from Blizz see's this - Do we stand any chance of getting the gold back? I have lots tied up in the M-AH before I noticed this bug.Thanox2 22h
1d I need help to choose my graphic card. I think i need to change my graphic carda nd see if it helps my game time in wow. Can anyone help me ? ^^Salice13 1d
1d new computer for BFA help. Wondering if anyone can tell me if this sounds good for BFA? My current computer is not only a potato but its a broken potato and wont even start half the time. :( Looking at; intelcore i7 17-7700 16GB RAM NVIDIA GTX 1060 As its going to cost me the better part of a year to pay for it I really want one that will last me a good 5 years really. I know nothing about computers, so does this sound good for BFA?? thxStormhoof8 1d
1d Black screen at random times. Hi, Im getting black screens without any errors, well exept of Kernel, its when Im restarting the PC to fix the issue. WhoCrashed also doesnt show any reports. Here is dxdiag . I hope it works, first time making a pastebin link. And msinfo . This issue comes random, I can play 1-2 hours before I get black screen, If I reboot the system and enter the game I can get another black screen in the next 5-30 minutes. This has happened only in World of Warcraft, in dungeons, raids, dalaran in legion and argus area. I have tried to play other games like Witcher 3 and PUBG for a few hours, but I have never experienced black screen in those games. Before my screen goes black I dont experience any drops in fps or other problems. It just goes in to black screen and I can hear game sound and Im able to click on skills. Im having this issue since late december 2017 I think. What I have tried so far: Buying new PSU 650W gold, MB, CPU and ram. Tried two different video cards. Installed different versions of GPU drivers with DDU program. I have checked all the drivers I can for different devices. I have tried solutions with deleting folders of and reinstalling it. I have also repaired and reinstalled wow. I have played the game without any programs in background and with clean interface. I have tried prime95 for 9 hours and 3d furmark tests. HWinfo64 showed normal heat and voltages. I have probably forgot to mention something, I havent tried to run game with windows 7. I tried some solutions with power and other options in windows 10. Well, I have been sitting on this since december, so I have tried a lot of things I found in google.Баот3 1d
1d RX 580 Issue Hi there! I saw few posts in the forums like this, but dont get an answer. My problem is that i bought a MSI Radeon RX 580 Armor OC 8GB GPU. I used a GTX750Ti before and have no FPS issue on recommended settings "7". With my new card, the recommended setting is "5". I tried with earlier and with the latest driver too. My config: I5 6400 Skylake 16GB (2x8) HyperX Fury 2133 RAM (Dual channel) MSI M3 gaming MB Kingston 120GB ssd Zalman 500PSU Windows 10 Pro (x64) My settings ingame: "10", but disabled SSAO FPS: 25-30 outside (75-80 in buildings) Can you tell me why recommend "5" setting level for my machine? It really annoyin' cuz in every other games have good FPS on ultra/very high settings. Thanks in advance, gyilkiGyilki12 1d
1d Screen tearing with 100 hz G-Sync monitor? Heya, I was wondering if it's normal that I get excessive screen tearing on my AOC 100 hz ultrawide at 3440x1440? My framerate is consistently around 100 fps and I get very ugly tearing on the lower side of my screen. Specs are: I7 6700k GTX1070 16GB DDR4 Thx in advance!Dhakhan9 1d
1d races stuck as new models Hi tauren are now stuck as the new models even with new models turned off along with blood elves night elves and draenei i reported the tauren one on the 7.3.5 ptr and it was fixed but somehow it reappeared on live servers along with the destruction to leveling.Okaytre1 1d
1d Can't post anything from my mobile phone. I have an iPhone 6S and I noticed that I can't select a character and post anything on the forums from my mobile. How can I fix it?Kutsál1 1d
1d 30FPS lock in windows 10 1709 problems were still on insider versions. 1709 16299.19 all the same. FPS is limited to 30 for a while. (5-30 seconds) in Msi Afterburner - the drop in the frequencies of the GPU in these moments 1703 there were no problems. gtx 980, the latest driversЛеексер21 1d
1d Very Low FPS when in Appearances Collection I have a moderately strong computer with a GTX 970 - a semi modern i7 and 16 gigs of Ram. Enough to play wow with almost max at 60 FPS. The framerate is normally no problem at all because i set my quality settings so that i have a smooth experience but as soon as i switch into the appearances collection my fps drops considerably to about 15-20 fps. Very noticable stuttering. I checked and i have no addon active which may alter the Collections interface. What could that be and how could i fix this? Does anyone else have this problem?Éinherjar2 1d
1d Issues with spoken quest dialogue audio. ISSUE FIXED: The solution was to download the latest version of Realtek High Definition Audio. For a while I have had a strange issue when it comes to spoken dialogue by NPCs, I think it is caused by the latest patch. Previously such dialogue was loud and clear if my character stood even some distance away. Now this feels very broken and inconsistent. Often I stand near an NPC and the voice lines are incredibly low or missing entirely. Sometimes moving around the NPC (or standing inside their hitbox) makes the sound work properly. It is really bad when two or more characters speak and one cannot be heard at all. Sometimes even moving my camera around completely breaks the speech, cutting it halfway. I have turned off the option for distance filtering, but that didn't do anything. Sound channels are at the highest amount and my sound cache is set to large. Changes to either option had no effect. A guild mate even suggested I change the config file in the WTF folder by adding the line SET Sound_NumChannels "128". It had no effect at all. Finally, I have selected my Logitech headset as a default device. Changing that made no difference.Reven1 1d
1d Waning Crescent portal (Suramar) I have completed Suramar quest line, i am 11/11 and there is no new quests anywhere. Yet i have only 8/9 portals. I am missing Waning Crescent portal.Hecky0 1d
1d Problem with Monitor when playing WoW over the last few days i havent been able to play wow due to my monitor going in to sleep mode after 5 minutes when i logged wow i can keep the battle net app on and do anything else but i cant log wow i have rest my pc to go back to they way it was when i bought the pc i have re-downloaded wow but this all started after a few days of me buying the battle for azeroth and of course the update that came with it after im kinda miffed that i cant play i really thought it was an issue with my pc buy after reading an older thread from last year it proves its a blizzard problemLastat8 1d
2d Input lag on Wednesday evenings in raid instances. Good evening. I am posting this because, once again, we are experiencing SERVER-WIDE input lag during peak periods on wednesday evenings inside antorus. This was also an issue that was experienced during tomb of sargeras and has STILL (shame on you) not been fixed. It is certainly server wide because general chat erupts and everybody in our raid experience it. In addition, to add salt to the wound, when this has been complained about before, we get a standard copy-paste response such as : ... I am sure that you are well aware that the above is not a fix for server-wide (or instance server-wide) input lag which is becoming almost a weekly or at least fortnightly occurrence now, killing a good 45 minutes of our raid-time per pop. Frankly it's unacceptable. Myself (and i'm sure others) are not necessarily asking you to work miracles but some communication on the issue would be appreciated and not blanket statements such as those like the above. Rant over. Thank you.Scard6 2d
2d Severe in combat fps drops Hey all and thanks for reading, For the past few weeks I've been having absurd fps drops in combat situations. I used to be able to play on medium to high graphic settings on atleast 80+ fps with the occasional dip to 50 during raid mechanics however recently the out of combat fps has been the exact same with atleast 80 but in combat it drops down to 20 at most (with 10 fps on certain mythic bosses). This all occurs on all graphic settings with literally no performance gain when dropping down to the minimal settings. I've tried the suggestions found on the technical support forums but have yet to found any success. Short specs: i5-4690k @3.50GHz GTX970 8192 RAM DirectX12 Windows 10 pro 64 bit Any help would be appreciated :) DxDiag link MSinfo link 2d
2d Insane FPS drops in raid Got insane FPS drops in raid to 10 fps on fight and trash. Quite annoying if you know i had before 60-80 in raids with 20man. Outside raid i got about 140-160fps so that did not change. only game also where my fps drops. Playing bf1 and etc on ultra without any problems. Turning off addons did not work. optimization for full screen did not work. Hope there's fast a solution coz this way i cant raid and still paying for game that needs to work decent in all ways.Klojo13 2d
2d Post History not updating I wanted to post this in the Website Bug Report forums but only US has that, hopefully I am at the right place. Whenever I make a new reply or topic it never shows up in my Post History. The Post History hasn't updated for a few days now and refreshing doesn't help. I found that somebody has propably the same problem but I couldn't find the solution: 2d
2d Nothing is happening Zoning into the dungeon for timewalking but everything just stops my MS is fine, my framerate is fine it's like I'm disconnected but nothing is happening. I've twice been kicked now from doing them, I try relogging and everything but nothing is working.Zarisar2 2d
2d Queue for Battleground 'broken'? Hi all, I would like some info pls. Lately couple of days, I find myself having trouble for queueing up for random battlegrounds. Mutiple char-levels of mine from 93 - 106 are having this problem. On the queue-window of the BG, there is a big lock says: "this feature becomes available at level 110" ? I have checkedbox my role and press "join battle". The most frustrationpart is, that only sometimes, i manage to get through sorta say, by using the adventure guide. What am I doing wrong or do more ppl suffer from this? Its getting kinda annoying..Onorthodoxx2 2d
2d EU servers: Evenings and server lag There's loads of server lag in populated areas like Stormwind, Alterac Valley and the Southshore Brawl somewhere around ~18:00 - 24:00 server time. Shooting spells at target dummies gives 1-2 second delay; The brawl is borderline unplayable because it literally feels like we're playing on a private server with random, sometimes 4-10+ second delay due to the volume of people in the battleground. Same happening in AV during bigger clashes. Can you do something about the horrid amounts of delay on the EU servers in peak hours? It's not on my end, as areas with less people like Ironforge / PvE questing zones are fine. It's really making me question where my subscription money is going, given how US servers seem to have no problem handling those things.Silvaria11 2d
2d FPS Stuttering while inside buildings Posting on behalf of a friend. When he plays WoW, his FPS is usually at 100+ outdoors, but whenever he enters a building the FPS drops to around 40, then back up to 100 and then back down again and so on. Anyone found a fix to this? I dont think itsd a hardware problem with him playing on a brand new (and powerful) laptop.Dámnum1 2d
2d Severe FPS drop with UI showing Hey. My last thread disappeared unexpectedly, so trying this again. Ever since the release of 7.0 I've experienced mad fps drops while the User Interface is showing - game performs just fine with UI hidden using Alt+Z. I've tried resetting my UI, disabling all addons, reinstalling WoW and windows multiple times, changing internet connection, resetting cvars, disabling combat logging, turning down graphics to 1, unplugging 2nd monitor, upgrading my PC (twice) with a full clean reinstall of both Windows and WoW both times. CPU: Intel i5 6600k 3.50 GHz Storage: Samsung EVO 850 SSD 500GB RAM: DDR4 16GB, 2133 MHz GPU: GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Playing the game at 1920x1080 resolution. Average fps while in raids, all addons disabled: 21.4 Average fps while in raids with Alt+Z (hide UI): 89.2Emovoid3 2d
2d Legion - graphics settings and use of CPU/GPU Can somebody familiar with hardware/software IT things, explain me which of these WoW settings I list, use more of my CPU or GPU? Texture Resolution Texture Filtering Projected Textures (View Distance / Environment Detail / Ground Clutter) Shadow Quality Liquid Detail Sunshafts Particle Density SSAO Depth Effects Lightning Quality Outline Mode Resolution itselfGhosudaz35 2d
2d Pet battle: Core Hound Howl only lasts 1 turn Since I seem to be unable to post on the bug-report forum (it requires an us-account with an existing toon which I don't have): Both tooltip and the debuff info suggest the Howl is supposed to lasts 2 turns, it however only lasts 1 turn. Who - Navelpluis What - Core Hound Howl only lasts 1 turn Where - Burning Blade, EU Pvp, region irrelevant. When - At any time you trigger a pet battle and cast Howl. How - 1. Start pet battle. 2. Use Core Hound Howl ability. Tooltip will suggest it's 2 turns remaining. 3. After 1 single turn the debuff on enemy will have vanished instead of ticked down to 1 turn remaining. Expected result: 3. After 1 single turn the defuff on the enemy will say 1 turn remaining.Navelpluis2 2d
3d Mobile Armory Realm under maintenance Im getin this relm under maintenance on my wow armory phone application all the time for one week now I try reining deleting the application but still same happens evry time I click the action houses i get this relm under maintenance any one else have this issueCrakergg4 3d
3d LAtency probem Hey Tiogaradh MY problem is unbalanced and high world-home ms. This happens 2-3 times every months and lasts at least 2 days. While I am doing this tracert test home ms: 100 , world ms: 200 1 min later pathping test home : 157 world ms: 110. Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms 2 1 ms 1 ms * [] 3 4 ms 1 ms * 4 14 ms 17 ms * 5 16 ms 14 ms * 6 21 ms 16 ms * 7 16 ms 17 ms * 8 15 ms 15 ms * [] 9 56 ms 56 ms 55 ms [] 10 67 ms 67 ms 67 ms [] 11 51 ms 51 ms 51 ms [] 12 51 ms 55 ms 61 ms [] 13 51 ms 51 ms 50 ms [] 14 51 ms 51 ms 51 ms [] 15 59 ms 59 ms 59 ms [] 16 59 ms * * 17 59 ms 59 ms 59 ms #PATHPING Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops 0 DESKTOP-83TNNTK.home 1 2 [] 3 4 * 5 6 * 7 8 * [] 9 [] 10 [] 11 [] 12 [] 13 [] 14 [] 15 * [] 16 Computing statistics for 400 seconds... Source to Here This Node/Link Hop RTT Lost/Sent = Pct Lost/Sent = Pct Address 0 DESKTOP-83TNNTK.home [] 0/ 100 = 0% | 1 0ms 0/ 100 = 0% 0/ 100 = 0% 0/ 100 = 0% | 2 1ms 0/ 100 = 0% 0/ 100 = 0% [] 0/ 100 = 0% | 3 1ms 0/ 100 = 0% 0/ 100 = 0% 0/ 100 = 0% | 4 --- 100/ 100 =100% 100/ 100 =100% 0/ 100 = 0% | 5 --- 100/ 100 =100% 100/ 100 =100% 0/ 100 = 0% | 6 --- 100/ 100 =100% 100/ 100 =100% 0/ 100 = 0% | 7 15ms 0/ 100 = 0% 0/ 100 = 0% 0/ 100 = 0% | 8 15ms 0/ 100 = 0% 0/ 100 = 0% [] 0/ 100 = 0% | 9 55ms 0/ 100 = 0% 0/ 100 = 0% [] 0/ 100 = 0% | 10 66ms 0/ 100 = 0% 0/ 100 = 0% [] 0/ 100 = 0% | 11 51ms 0/ 100 = 0% 0/ 100 = 0% [] 0/ 100 = 0% | 12 53ms 0/ 100 = 0% 0/ 100 = 0% [] 0/ 100 = 0% | 13 50ms 5/ 100 = 5% 5/ 100 = 5% [] 0/ 100 = 0% | 14 51ms 0/ 100 = 0% 0/ 100 = 0% [] 13/ 100 = 13% | 15 --- 100/ 100 =100% 87/ 100 = 87% [] 0/ 100 = 0% | 16 58ms 13/ 100 = 13% 0/ 100 = 0% Trace complete.Fêardotcom4 3d
3d Error #132 Hello, i keep getting error this error, i have done a fresh install of windows and wow. All drivers are up to date. I've seen many posts regarding this issue followed most of them and still getting the error. my report number - AE61444E-48C2-45CC-8446-08723B7E5B21 ThanksDottíez2 3d
3d Companion app issue. I’m using the companion app and it logs in as normal but no characters are appearing so I’m unable to do anything. Is anyone else experiencing this and how did you fix it? I’ve tried downloading on my other half’s phone and have the same issue. Any suggestions?Asmodeon0 3d
3d "Alodi's Gems" Frost artifact weapon quest bugged. "Alodi's Gems" - Go to the Bank of Dalaran. I have previously completed the fire and arcane quests, with fire being the first. I've given in the two frost artifact weapon quests you receive from Meryl Felstorm in and after that picked up "Alodi's Gems" from Alodi. I was in fire spec throughout the quests, switched to fire right after the mandatory switch to frost when initiating the artifact quest. I have tried abandoning the quest, picking up the quest while spec'd in frost, slowly walking into the bank, standing in the bank for a long period of time, depositing felo'melorn in the bank and then entering, but non of it worked. If there's any more info you'd like I'd be happy to provide. Please help :(Osonny5 3d