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17 Feb 2015 Welcome to the Technical Support Forum! Welcome to the Technical Support forum! This forum provides players with a place to discuss technical issues with each other and official Blizzard representatives. While this forum is NOT intended to replace our support contact channels, players are encouraged to ask questions, share advice, and participate in on-going discussions here. Accordingly, it is of utmost importance that all players treat each other with courtesy and respect. For more information, please review the Forum Code of Conduct. Our MVPs are also here to help you: Ananda Cazzéh Celiby Danellos DeanX Nyshae Omachi Oussebon Saneko ShammozNatryndon2 17 Feb 2015
11 Jan CROWDS on Twitter - Season VI: Return of the Helpers To strengthen community-backed support for the upcoming World of Warcraft Patch 7.3.5, we're launching another season of our CROWDS initiative! If you have good knowledge of Blizzard games and services, in particular World of Warcraft, and enjoy helping other players ... by all means, keep reading, adventurer! CROWDS is a player-based support initiative that allows volunteers to help their fellow adventurers through Twitter, using an Android-based mobile app tied to our own social media channels. This app allows you to see and respond to tweets that are asking Blizzard for help. You can find more detailed information on CROWDS and how to use the app on our support site article. Regardless of whether you've participated in previous seasons or are considering to try it out for the first time, we're always happy to see more volunteers! Just like in the previous seasons, we've set aside a number of prizes to reward our best contributors. If you manage to outshine most of your fellow participants, you'll be able to choose from the following rewards: Hearthstone: Card Packs (x7) Heroes of the Storm: Loot Chests (x12) Overwatch: Loot Boxes (x11) StarCraft II: Co-op Commanders (pick any 2 and/or share StarCraft II: Announcers (pick any 2 and/or share with a friend) with a friend) NOTE: Please be aware that using protected Tweets may prevent others from viewing your responses, disqualifying you from participation. Be sure to set your Tweets to public in order to remain visible and eligible for potential rewards!Hagut0 11 Jan
06 Jan OS X 10.9 Support With our coming Desktop App update on January 8th, OS X 10.9 will be leaving our supported macOS versions. We do support the most recent operating systems, but we recommend updating your operating system for system security and game performance. If you’re currently running OS X 10.9, please refer to our updating your Operating System article.Vyraneer0 06 Jan
04 Oct COMMON CONNECTION AND LATENCY ISSUES - PC/MAC Greetings all, We've been working to improve some of the available troubleshooting resources for our games. Since connectivity problems are a common problem in gaming, we wanted to provide some information on what causes connection problems and what to do to resolve issues when you're having them. Table of Contents 1. Connection Troubleshooting Resources 2. FAQs 3. What to do if you need more helpTiogaradh5 04 Oct
30 Sep WoW crashes with AMD Ryzen Chips Hello, We’ve identified some crashes in WoW related to AMD’s new Ryzen chips, it is an issue we continue to track. AMD is also aware of the issue and have suggested the following: "The BIOS and chipset drivers are the links between your hardware and the operating system. Updating to the latest software ensures users have the latest performance and stability enhancements for the platform. To prevent World of Warcraft crashing on your Ryzen system, please update your BIOS to the latest version using the files and procedures found on the motherboard manufacture’s web site. Additionally, you will need to update your chipset drivers." If you are not familiar with bios updates or have never performed these updates, we recommend contacting the motherboard manufacturer for assistance. _____________________________________________________ Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Survey! 30 Sep
17 Feb 2015 Legion 7.3.2 - Common tech issues ★ Patch Notes ★ Known issues list ★ Latest common issues ★ Hotfixes ★ Welcome to Patch 7.3.2! For the latest service issues and alerts, please check our Support page or follow us on Twitter: @BlizzardCSEU_EN Here's what you are contacting us about the most right now: Error #132 KNOWN ISSUE: This error can be caused by different issues with the client such as addons, outdated drivers or hardware issues like not enough power or overclocked graphic cards. Please check this article in order to solve it. Another cause could be the latest Windows 10 update which automatically activates the Xbox DVR feature. Check this guide in order to disable it. Incompatible realms If the realm list shows the realm names in red and with the error "incompatible", close the game so the Blizzard app updates it correctly. Interface issues Please reset your WoW User Interface (UI) following this guide. Common issues and solutions Click on the issue you're experiencing for the possible solutions:: Account security (Hacked account/Can't login/Authenticator/etc.) Installation and updates (Stuck/Slow download/Errors BLZXXXXX/etc.) Connection and Latency (Lag/Frequent disconnections/Can't connect/etc.) Performance and stability (Freezes and lockups/Low FPS/stuttering/etc.) If your issue persists after following the steps provided in these articles, please check this message to know how to write an effective post.Natryndon1 17 Feb 2015
28m Argus bug Hi there 2 nights ago I joined a raid group to kill Argus HC. My screen locked frozen as I wasn't even getting 1 FPS, I couldn't press any key at all. So During the fight I died, and was forced to leave the party, by using CTRL ALT delete (yes I couldn't even log out) Once I logged back on, it says I killed Argus HC, but I didn't, as I left in the middle of the fight. How can I get my loot now? Thanks for the help.Suri0 28m
30m Afflication Warlock - Haunt talent bugged?? Hey there, first time leveling a warlock in a long time, I'm having some issues with the talent Haunt, it says in the tool tip, cooldown will reset upon death of target, but when using it cooldown refreshes everytime it hits, not sure if anyone else is experiencing this... I only just noticed it since I switched talents, and only noticed it in this zone Loch Modan as lvl 22 Human Warlock, I went in a dungeon queue, but it was working fine in the Dungeons I'll try to record it and get a clip upDeletia2 30m
33m Unbearable lag. It's been two days, I can't play, because of massive lag. I never had this massive world lag. I've done everything, deleted the wtf/cache, disabled the addons, my drivers are up to date and restarted the modem. Even I ran the repair tool. Nothing changed. I hope the saturday maintenance will help. I have no problems with other Blizzard games or other games, so it's not client side error.Nardhuur11 33m
34m Warrior Battlelord Scenario Bugged End of the normal warrior campaign ending with the battlelord title and unlocking the 3rd relic slot is bugged the Problem: the extra action button will not appear at all to leap on felbats tried this with and without addons and gotten the same result. you can relog to get the actionbutton to appear but then when you are done with the 6 warlocks the dive button wont appear. and if you relog then you spawn on the ground with the dive button beeing completely useless as it has a script to it that it has to be used while on a felbat. i am simply stuck and what i have managed to google this is something that has happened after the latest patch 7.3.5Beren7 34m
1h Since 7.3.5 patch fps drained to 8 Till yesterday fps was always between 60-140. This morning after the patch is 8 fps. In dalaran, class hall, iron forge, darnassus, exodar, shattrah, stormshield, tol barad, argus, jade forest etc all the same low fps. GPU 10-20%. CPU 13-20 Mem 26% Latency 16ms EU-Emerald Dream EU-Bloodfeather EU-Moonglade EU-Dentarg Edit : oh even goes offline. Gues blizzard servers are not finished patching. hope on better for this evening.Emerlijn225 1h
1h Fps issue Hey guys, on and off WoW player here, and now I'm back and gonna be staying for a while. Just wondering guys, is the game 'hard' to run for anyone? I'm sporting 2x 1080 TI, 16G DDR4 RAM, 4.4Ghz clocked I7 6700k cpu, and yet I can't even run the game on medium graphics without it dipping to 35 fps sometimes. I even tweaked my Nvidia settings to give it a little more performance but it isn't happening. Back in the day when the GTX 480 came out, I was running the game max graphics with easy 80+ fps, 40 when so many players are in one spot. But with this gear, which is a heck of alot stronger than my old gear, the game struggles at medium graphics. Any suggestions please? Thank youKhanzear0 1h
1h [Dargrul the Underking] So as tooltip says Molten Crash:Tanks not using their Shield of Righteous suffer an additional 1,2 million Nature damage and are knocked back. Even i use Shield of RItheous and have it UP i still get knocked back sometimes on Guardian of Ancient kings too i have to use Spellwarding,Ardent deffender and talented divine shild to not get knocked back so please FIX it.Leafá0 1h
1h Sound since patch Hey, anyone has problems with the in game sounds? Like it get's interrupted when multiple sounds effects are up at the same time?Talonzor6 1h
3h 02:18 everything wow related lag I had forums up, WoW and Launcher. Everything lagged. Youtube was fine. But the movement regarding anything Blizzard related I just mentioned lagged.. whats going on? Edit: When I had hovered over forums the mouse lagged.. When I clicked youtube tab everything was fine. I exited Youtube.. NOTHING changed..Ðwarf1 3h
5h Malware I don't know why but my anti virus setup detected a malware in the patch maintenance its called Win32 Malware.Gen just here to notify.Erah6 5h
5h Game gets fps and lag spikes whenever im indoors. Whenever i walk outside it runs smoothly and nothing is wrong, but when i enter a house, be it an Inn or a store in a capital city, i get like a ''freeze'' every 1 sec. I usually have around 100+ fps but it jumps down to 20 fps and then back to 100 and then back to 20... i think you get the picture. Anyways, i cant really find anyone else having this issue except one thread one mmo champion where they told them to disable bloom (which i cant find) or switch resolution, which didn't work. Any help would be appreciated.Cerms10 5h
7h Crazy high latency Hello! I'v logged in today, I couple of hourse ago (like around 1 PM EET), and since then I'm having insanse latency. (both home and world) I'v tested my internet, and it's working on crazy speed, so there is no problem with that. Also I'v tried other Blizzard games, like Overwatch or SC2, and they are working perfectly. No lag, nor nothing. I'v asked my brother, who's living in a nearby city, and the game is working perfectly for him, without lag. So it seems like the problem's at me. (Not related to my internet since that works just fine.) I'm really not trying to whine here or ask for any recompensation, because technical issues like this happen, so I can understant it. But I had like 24 hours left today, and I was really hoping to have some progress in a couple of my low lvl chars and some of my achievements, since I have a lot of work, and I won't be able to spend any ingame quality time in the next 1 month. And it kinda ruined my last day, because the game was literelly unplayeable for me. It's obviously not the and of the world and none of your fault, I'm just curious if there's any chance to fix it, so I can use up those couple of last hours tomorrow. Also, in any case, I wanted to report this problem, cuz it might help out others in similar situations like this. All the best! :)Bexz1 7h
7h Archaeology - Bugged dig sites Hey guys, Does anyone else have problems with some of the dig sites? Many of the sites look twisted on the mini map (the colored area), and sometimes I get the glowing showel over my head that indicates I can dig, but I can't. The error text says I can't use the survey there. This has happened a lot of times when I have been digging lately, and it is annoying. Basically the survey direct me places where I'm not allowed to dig, so I can't complete the dig site unless I leave and come back later.. I don't use any add-ons for archaeology, and I have tried to disable my add-ons to see if that would work, but it didn't..Gharakh1 7h
7h Macbook Pro High Sierra: Freezes, won't start, init... A few weeks ago, I started experiencing periodic freezes in-game in World of Warcraft. The spinner of death shows, can't Alt+Tab, and it lasts for 3+ seconds. Then suddenly, whenever I closed down World of Warcraft, an "update" would start. It seems like it just looks for the manifest (change list), but it takes a really long time. 30+ seconds. Promises were made that High Sierra would resolve a lot of issues. A guide for upgrading can be found here - - if you somehow missed one of the gazillion reminders OS X throws in your face. I upgraded to High Sierra (computer details further down), but the problems got worse. Yes, worse. Freezes now occur frequently, up to 3 times every 5 minutes, and they last longer, commonly 5+ seconds. World of Warcraft won't start and has to be force quit. I've tried both through the Blizzard/ App, and directly though /Application/World of Warcraft/World of I've tried waiting it out. One time I waited 12 minutes and nothing else happened. My "start-up-and-force-quit" record is 8 times, before the game actually started. The "Initializing..." in the App lasts ridiculously long and does seemingly nothing. Sometimes it just hangs there for 5 minutes. Closing the App works like a punishment, and "Initializing..." will on next App startup hang way past 5 minutes. So what happened? What is happening? I'm having a really hard time finding any Blizzard comments on these issues, even though the reports are plentiful on the US Mac Technical Support forum: There is no Mac Tech forum in EU, hence I'm posting this thread in this forum. --- Computer System Report: MacBook Pro (Retina, 15-inch, Mid 2015) Model Name: MacBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro11,4 Processor Name: Intel Core i7 Processor Speed: 2,2 GHz Number of Processors: 1 Total Number of Cores: 4 L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB L3 Cache: 6 MB Memory: 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 OS: High Sierra 10.13.2 (17C88) --- For the Mac haters: I have a PC. I prefer playing on PC, but with a Macbook I can sit in my couch playing WoW (levelling alts, World Quests, etc.) without having my thighs toasted or my very corpus die from a heat-stroke.Nighseer8 7h
8h Authenticator ? HI, I have a question about the Authenticator Can I use an Stracraft Authenticator for WOW ? thx, ExboerluckasExboerluckas4 8h
8h Camera Inverse Hi I have had really hard time with camera controls last few days. When I try to move mouse up camera goes down. When I try to move mouse down camera goes up. I have tired to restore default settings option on settings tab but It didn't work. Do you know how to bring back camera inverse settings?Cund0 8h
8h Characters don´t appear after logging in (Mac) Since the upgrade patch, when I start wow, there is something wrong, when I log in to the game server. My characters don´t appear. If I just try to start the game without waiting for the characters to appear it doesn´t load. When I quit the game it hangs. I did a scan and repair, nothing ... I play on a Macbook Air. OS High Sierra 10.13Funckywolf1 8h
9h Sudden drop in FPS I Always have a sudden big drop in FPS From 30+ to 1 or 2 in the begging of raid bosses fights and i used with that But from a week ago it's becoming worse more and more and now i can't even fly and do world quests in broken isles because the lag -_- that's not everything... i play some dungeons in my alt tank .. let's say 3 dungeons and when i return to orgrimmar i surprised by the lag ! it's orgrimmar ! i don't remember there was lag and when there is it will be just small but now it's annoying ! it's annoying now to play the game :/ and i am sure there is a way to fix it because it's can't happen without a reason :/ EDIT : Sometimes in broken isles my fps can go high to 60 and in old zones like orgrimmar it can go to 70+ and the ms home & world is lowWaygos3 9h
9h WoW auto changing desktop resolution Hello When wow starts it may or may not change the desktop resolution of my computer, whenever I change it back and then go back into the game, the game will change the desktop resolution back to its default again, is this feature something I can disable? This is in Fullscreen (windowed) mode mainly but also happens in Fullscreen. macOS 10.3.3Ohbenjamin0 9h
9h Class Hall Scouting Map I had a scouting map now its gone. can only select {followers} - {missions} where has the 3rd tab ? gone ?Pension1 9h
10h Insanely High World MS For last 2-3 hours,I'm experiencing very high world ms like 5K. I resetted my modem 2 or 3 times, renewed my IP and flushed my DNS and optimized my Internet Connection but nothing helped.Haraith22 10h
11h Wow was unable to start up 3D acceleration. Been getting this error on my laptop since yesterday. I've tried doing a reset of Windows, all updates have been installed and there seem to be no driver updates available anymore. Any help would be appreciated. I'd post my DxDiag file, but even when I quote it, the maximum character limit of 50000 gets exceeded.Évà11 11h
11h Camera turns super fast occasionally For some reason today all of a sudden the camera decides to start flipping me 180 degrees around or up and down depending on where I want to move with my mouse. Never happened before. This is not consistent, it happens when I move around a lot with my mouse. So if I decide to lets say look right and left super fast it decides to maybe turn camera super uncontrollable fast after 3-4 times I have done the action. Tried to delete cache and deleted the mouse drivers and reinstalled them. Edit: Tried other games too like OW, only happens in WoW.Kaisja57 11h
12h Antivirus detected an .exe in Wow PTR files as malware? So I booted my PC up to have Kaspersky tell me that C:\Program Files (x86)\World of Warcraft Public Test\WowT.exe is malware? Someone tell me this is an error with the antivirus or is this an actual problem, I downloaded the PTR through the Blizzard App.Yogí1 12h
12h Long loading screens are back Before 7.3 loading in Dalaran first time on a session became terribly long, 2-3 minutes at times then the problem went away on the latest patch. Today after the maintenance it is back. After the first time loading in the loading screen is just like any other, done in few seconds and again, from wednesday until now they were almost instant. Now i logged in and it took over 2 minutes again. I have done a fresh install during this period, logged without addons and lowest settings (normally play at recommended 7). My hardware is still above the recommended system specs of the game. I have had more than a handful of people complain about the same issue. What's being changed and why?Jayparade6 12h
12h Kill abilities not triggering in PVP As per title, skills like Victory rush are not working in PVP after the patch. Not sure if this is just for warriors, or other classes too.Ganosh0 12h
13h Weird Graphics in Fullscreen This happens if i choose "Fullscreen" and it works perfect in "Windowed Fullscreen" See images too see what i mean: Had to take the screenshots with my phone, since taking the screenshot ingame produces a image without flaws (which makes this even stranger) I've had this problem for around 6 months, i am using newest Nvidia driver, have disabled that Windows 10 is updating hardware drivers on its own. Have also run complete cleanup of drivers and reinstalled Nvidia driver without no effect. The graphics card is a MSI Aero GTX 1070, and the problem only occurs in WoW, no other games or applications.Drapsmann4 13h
13h High latency Hi there. Got a really high latency on eu realms. (sometimes ill play on ru servers also and latency there is pretty ok) got winmtr from both. ps. But on eu i got a main character and guild. EU |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | WinMTR statistics | | Host - % | Sent | Recv | Best | Avrg | Wrst | Last | |------------------------------------------------|------|------|------|------|------|------| | - 0 | 207 | 207 | 1 | 1 | 17 | 1 | | No response from host - 100 | 41 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | - 3 | 191 | 187 | 6 | 9 | 11 | 9 | | - 3 | 191 | 187 | 12 | 19 | 32 | 15 | | - 2 | 199 | 197 | 11 | 22 | 214 | 17 | | - 2 | 195 | 192 | 11 | 14 | 30 | 14 | | - 4 | 183 | 177 | 77 | 80 | 96 | 79 | | - 1 | 203 | 202 | 114 | 121 | 136 | 121 | | - 3 | 186 | 181 | 0 | 132 | 139 | 134 | | - 2 | 199 | 197 | 123 | 130 | 137 | 127 | | - 2 | 199 | 197 | 123 | 130 | 135 | 127 | | - 2 | 199 | 197 | 135 | 142 | 172 | 141 | | - 1 | 203 | 202 | 129 | 136 | 142 | 134 | | No response from host - 100 | 41 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | |________________________________________________|______|______|______|______|______|______| RU |------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | WinMTR statistics | | Host - % | Sent | Recv | Best | Avrg | Wrst | Last | |------------------------------------------------|------|------|------|------|------|------| | - 0 | 253 | 253 | 0 | 3 | 128 | 1 | | No response from host - 100 | 51 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | - 0 | 253 | 253 | 6 | 9 | 11 | 7 | | - 2 | 241 | 237 | 14 | 19 | 35 | 19 | | - 4 | 225 | 218 | 13 | 20 | 210 | 15 | | - 1 | 245 | 243 | 12 | 15 | 37 | 13 | | - 4 | 225 | 218 | 77 | 82 | 98 | 79 | | - 2 | 241 | 238 | 116 | 122 | 141 | 123 | | - 4 | 221 | 213 | 127 | 133 | 141 | 133 | | - 3 | 233 | 228 | 81 | 85 | 89 | 82 | | - 2 | 241 | 238 | 74 | 76 | 80 | 76 | | No response from host - 100 | 51 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | 0 | | - 0 | 253 | 253 | 75 | 78 | 83 | 79 | |________________________________________________|______|______|______|______|______|______|Lakrampa0 13h
13h What is up whit the servers? Trying to in the arenas, insane loading screens sometimes after the patch went live, and might dc. usually when it happends wont be in on the server again till 1-2 minutes. This hurts the motivation to do the arenas. can you please try to fix it?Tuffekaren0 13h
15h Characters Cannot see the characters on the site. every time I look for a character from the Aggra, its shows in the results but the details of the same doesn't encounter.Alarysa0 15h
15h Fix the fps drop please,... This is ruining raiding completely. almost half the raid have fps issues even without addons, and graphics turned down to 1. Don't wipe it off on us and our computers or connections. Just fix it, and fast.Ecka2 15h
15h FPS drop FPS drop in raids on bosser after the patch is all fine befor the patch and now after it sucks can it be fixNightmare1 15h
15h Can you please do something about SM lag?! Please do something about Silvermoon. This realm is always lagging and always incredibly slow! Interacting with the Auction House, your bank and your guild bank take ages. I'm not the only one with this problem. It's constantly being addressed in trade chat. Why have you stopped opening free transfers to other realms? Is there anything else you can do about this? The last raid of the expansion has been released, and some people are starting to play less. So if it is as bad as it is now, imagine how slow and how much Silvermoon is going to crash when the pre-patch and the next expansion is released. Why are people still free to migrate to this realm making it even more busy? I often see guild recruiters mentioning that they and their guild have transfered to Silvermoon. Please do something!Bozso0 15h
15h No remote auctions/armory app down Since the update to 7.3.5, all I'm seeing in the (iOS) armory app is "This realm is currently in maintenance". Companion app working fineFirenzepants1 15h
15h game crashes after starting eventlog says its a ntdll.dll error , please help me i already tried checking the game filesRikkusan1 15h
15h Can't download updates I paused my WoW updates a few minutes ago because I was downloading other stuff. When I tried to resumed my Updates on, none would work. It says "Waiting on another installation or update.." but nothing is updating or installing on my I checked every I game I have on Only WoW Live, WoW PTR and my HotS Live have updates, but they won't update. I tried to paused everything and run just 1 update, which was WoW Live, it is still stucked. When I log into the game, it starts to update the game, in-game but it rises my Latency. Is there anything I can do? I have already restarted my a couple of time and I have reset my connection and restarted my PC.Crisswyn2 15h
16h Companion App is downloaded in Chinese I tried to download the Companion App for Android from the PlayStorea few times now, but everytime it is downloading the Chinese Version. I was able to click through the app and log in to my account. However, I cant access the app any further, because I receive a supposed error message in chinese, which I can't read. I don't think the error is caused by my phone, nor by a wrong configuration of my PlayStore, as I downloaded other apps, including WoW Arsenal, which work fine.Brakebein0 16h
6h 2 hour AV queue. Wat? Working as intended?Ðwarf6 6h
16h Ulduar bug after killing Razorscale Pretty much this... => "Those NPCs seem to pop out of nowhere after I kill razorscale and move deeper into ulduar, keeping me in combat". Please Blizzard, fix this annoying bug!Sighuman4 16h
16h PC Restarting without warning Okay so here's a little history on my issue. A few months ago I was playing WoW when my PC suddenly restarted with no warning or error message and just booted up like normal so it wasn't a random update either. It didn't go through the shutdown screen either, just a black screen followed by the boot screen. This started to happen around once a day but ONLY when I played WoW and regardless of what zone I was in, old or new. So I gave WoW a rest for about a month and experienced only 3 restarts in that whole time playing games like Grand Theft Auto 5 but it never got so bad as when I played WoW. So I came back online today for the new patch and within 15 minutes, boom, restart. I've played tons of other, much more demanding, games but WoW is the consistent cause... My theories - PSU is dying Overheating, (getting liquid cooling in a few days) Bad luck Any advice or help would be appreciated, thank you :) EDIT: My PC got super hot playing WoW for that short period of time but its back to being pleasantly cool quite quickly. I'm still using a stock fan but as I said, new liquid cooling incoming soon...Eocaan5 16h
17h Minipets' nicknames disappear I frequently give my minipets nicknames, but ever since the latest update, the entirety of my pets lose their names either partially or entirely, whenever I attempt to use the search engine in my pet journal. Example: Even when attempting to search for a minipet's default name, the search engine doesn't seem to work correctly. Example: The nicknames are returned to normal if the game is reloaded, but the bug reoccurs as soon as the pet journal search engine is used anew. I've looked up the issue and found other players, who are experiencing the exact same thing. Collecting, training and battling with minipets are one of my favorite features of the game, so a glitch like this is particularly frustrating. Are anyone here familiar with the bug, and/or know if Blizzard has acknowledged it?Fao1 17h
17h Disconnected every time when i try to switch realms the game client completely shuts down my internet connection every time i try to change realms. Heres what happens > my main server is boulderfist, when i switch to trollbane and press "enter world" with any char, at 90% loading screen, the game disconnects me with error "WOW51900319". My internet goes completely off for 30 seconds then it comes back and i have to hope that it will eventually connect me with no problems. Im getting really frustrated because it happens for 4-5 months already and the last few weeks it gets me 30-40 mins just to be able to log in. It really pisses me off, can someone give me any solution to this?Dellamyr1 17h
19h Loading Screen Times Lately I've had many troubles when loading a character or simply using a portal/hearthstone, usually it takes me about 45s to go somewhere that isn't a Legion zone, but the Legion zones can take up to 3 minutes to load. I used to be able to load into zones in <15 seconds, which is normal. It's actually stupid when an LFR or BG queue popped and I would be unable to accept it because I went through a portal at a wrong time. Is there any way to fix this?Varien0 19h
19h Cannot update WoW client - "Game is running" Good evening everyone, I'm hoping someone here had the same issue I am having.. I can't seem to find anything about it on the forums so far. In case I missed a post; sorry for posting it again. I can't seem to update World of Warcraft to the latest patch. When I open the launcher it says "Game is running. An update is available and will be applied when the game closes." When I start the game, it's still on patch 7.3.2 and results in a list of servers that are shown as "incompatible" servers. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks in advance! :) PS. I also had this problem yesterday, but figured it was because of some patch issue. I've restarted my pc a few times already. I also tried to see if I can maybe repair my wow installation, but the button is greyed out.Boomy2 19h