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17 Feb 2015 Welcome to the Technical Support Forum! Welcome to the Technical Support forum! This forum provides players with a place to discuss technical issues with each other and official Blizzard representatives. While this forum is NOT intended to replace our support contact channels, players are encouraged to ask questions, share advice, and participate in on-going discussions here. Accordingly, it is of utmost importance that all players treat each other with courtesy and respect. For more information, please review the Forum Code of Conduct. Our MVPs are also here to help you: Ananda Cazzéh Celiby Danellos DeanX Nyshae Omachi Oussebon Saneko ShammozNatryndon2 17 Feb 2015
2h High latency in Nighthold Raid Hello. o/ We are aware that there are multiple reports about sudden latency increases during encounters in the (Mythic) Nighthold raid. To help us investigate these reports, we'd ask you to provide further details on the issue. But before you start to gather the information we require, please take the time to follow the steps of our latency troubleshooting. By doing this, we can rule out most of the possible local causes to connection issues. What realm do you play on? Should you play on more than one realm, does this issue show on all of them? If the latency increase happens at specific times of the day, please name the time frame. Do you have connection issues with any other game/online service? What internet service provider are you with? What type of connection do you use (DSL, Cable, etc.)? What city (or which is the next biggest city in your area) and country do you live in? We also need you to run four connection tests: A traceroute, created while this issue is happening. Another tracreoute, while the connection appears normal to you. Run a Looking-Glass test, while the latency is high. The same with the connecion being normal. We may alter this list during our investigation. Should we add new points to it, they will be marked with a *.Scrainzo24 2h
17 Feb End of Support for Windows XP and Vista Starting later this year, we will begin the process of ending support for Windows XP and Windows Vista in World of Warcraft, StarCraft II, Diablo III, Hearthstone, and Heroes of the Storm. Microsoft ceased mainstream support for these versions of Windows in 2009 and 2012, respectively, but since a decent portion of our audience was still using them at the time, we continued supporting them. However, there have been three major Windows releases since Vista, and at this point, the vast majority of our audience has upgraded to one of the newer versions. After these older operating systems are no longer supported, the games will not run on them, so we encourage any players who are still using one of the older OSes to upgrade to a newer version. We’ll be rolling out this change on a staggered schedule, and will post further notices as we get closer to making the change for each game.Radathryl0 17 Feb
05 Aug Error #132 after Windows 10 Creators Update Hello all! We have identified a potential issue which causes World of Warcraft to crash with Error #132 after the latest major update for Windows 10 was installed (April 2017, Windows 10 Creators Update). Many of those crashes may be caused by outdated or unsuitable graphic drivers. Before attempting further troubleshooting, please make sure you're using the latest graphic drivers for your graphic card. NVIDIA video cards AMD video cards Intel video cards If this does not resolve your issue, please follow those steps to disable Windows 10 Game DVR. Note: If you have disabled earlier, it is potentially turned back on due to the Windows Update. Click Start > Settings Select Gaming Click the slider to disable the Game Bar and turn off Game DVR If you're still experiencing Error #132 crashes after updating your drivers and disabling Game DVR, please create a new post or contact support with the following information: 1) The Errorlog of your specific Error #132. It can be found here: \World of Warcraft\Errors 2) DxDiagRadathryl0 05 Aug
17 Feb 2015 Legion 7.2 - Common tech issues [03/04] ★ Patch Notes ★ Known issues list ★ Latest common issues ★ Hotfixes ★ Welcome to Patch 7.2! For the latest service issues and alerts, please check our Support page or follow us on Twitter: @BlizzardCSEU_EN Here's what you are contacting us about the most right now: Error #132 KNOWN ISSUE: This error can be caused by different issues with the client such as addons, outdated drivers or hardware issues like not enough power or overclocked graphic cards. Please check this article in order to solve it. Another cause could be the latest Windows 10 update which automatically activates the Xbox DVR feature. Check this guide in order to disable it. Incompatible realms If the realm list shows the realm names in red and with the error "incompatible", close the game so the Blizzard app updates it correctly. Interface issues Please reset your WoW User Interface (UI) following this guide. Common issues and solutions Click on the issue you're experiencing for the possible solutions:: Account security (Hacked account/Can't login/Authenticator/etc.) Installation and updates (Stuck/Slow download/Errors BLZXXXXX/etc.) Connection and Latency (Lag/Frequent disconnections/Can't connect/etc.) Performance and stability (Freezes and lockups/Low FPS/stuttering/etc.) If your issue persists after following the steps provided in these articles, please check this message to know how to write an effective post.Natryndon1 17 Feb 2015
27m Graphics stutter/glitch So yesterday while doing WQs my screen turned black for 1 second and ever since my graphics in WoW are all stuttering and "jumpy". The FPS itself is fine tho. I tried updating graphic drivers, disabling addons, deleting the WTF folder, ran a Heaven benchmark (which turned out fine), cleaned my laptop with a can of compressed air. I also tried Wow-repair and afterwards re-installed the entire game. However, none of this seems to work. Overwatch and that games graphics work just as good as it have in the past, so my problem only seems to appear during WoW.Yoe3 27m
2h Why are these purple? Why do those lifts and totems looks purple down here.? Fine above. Here is a link: Thanks.Qxake4 2h
3h Companion App Hi all, I have the Legion companion app, but a strange issue with it. Everytime I open the app, it begins to download huge portions of data, to the point where I can't use the app anymore without the possibility of me going over my data allowance. Any ideas? Regards, Ara.Arausio33 3h
3h Long loading times since legion Heya, Ever since legion, I've experienced very long loading times. It's not just the loading screen either, after zoning in to say dalaran, the different forms won't load for a minute or so on my druid (shifting into the form earns their speed bonuses, but still displays the normal character). Anyone experienced the same, knows a cause/fix/whatever? ThanksKéày1096 3h
4h Suggestion for a South African Server I love blizzard and all of its games, but the latency and ping rates are so high most times it makes the games mostly unplayable. I was wondering if we have enough people for a local server cant Blizzard use it to solve this problem for us. There is a massive amount of people in SA that would really like to play they games as it is intended to be.Adlar1 4h
7h Problem with the Zeppelin from orgrimmar to undercity When I take the zeppelin from orgrimmar to Undercity I for some reason ends up by the Alliance enterence of Alterac valley.Kyerea0 7h
11h AMD Radeon HD 6670 - Random Artefact/Freeze Been away for a few months, came back yesterday and the game now artefacts and freezes after a random amount of time, usually close to 5 minutes, regardless of what I am doing in game - even if I'm just AFK. Tried uninstalling and reinstalling various Driver versions, clearing Cache but nothing changes. --- Never had issues like this before in the game, and I have no issues with other games at the present time.Avenjielde1 11h
18h Dungeon finder stuck on the same dungeons Been farming AP - but I am starting to get fatigue of the game fast.............again - is there a problem with HC Dungeon Randomization selection - there is only so many RtK lower/upper runs one can do in a 60 day period before the game becomes ultra boring. On a daily basis its the same dungeon over and over and over again -Upper Karazhan or Lower Karazhan, CoS or Arcway with Cathedral now and again thrown in to make you believe there is variety. Any one else exepriancing this ? Its like dungeon finder is a broken record stuck on the same songNeroxis3 18h
19h High latency problem high world latency, low home latency again. [IMG][/IMG] why i am having this problem. mornings its fine (one of 3 mornings it laggy) evenings like this... can someone tell me the problem. ****isp techs came today they couldnt find anything***** check the picture: you ll understand what i mean. my pc not burning gpu/cpu temp values normal everything updated game settings set for the max performance (they are all low) other games works fine using ethernet cable i can play the game in the mornings! mostly at least sometimes i cant ! what information do you want to know? and thanks blizzard i just needed to log off because of lag. and by the way picture lag not refers reality my lags goes too 500-2000 it starts like this first it goes 200 then bomb 2000Erratus2 19h
20h Random crashes Hi there, Recently I have been getting some wow and pc crashes. Even when being AFK at that point. Sometimes my pc just freezes aswell, followed by a BSOD. I made a screenshot of the most recent wow crash error: Hope someone can help me find the issue and prevent that from happening. Cheers.Heatmor0 20h
21h Web Auction House not working Been trying to use the Auction House on the website but when I finally found it it states the below: "The page you're viewing is not yet available on the new World of Warcraft website. Sorry for the inconvenience!" I couldn't find anything after a bit of research so I wondered if anyone could shine any light on this and perhaps when it may be resolved if it is a known issue? Thanks.Unicornpig3 21h
5h Recruit a Friend problem My friend isnt getting any emails i have sent him. Any idea?Magnì21 5h
1d Unusual latency lately Hello Recently I've been experiencing unusually high latency in WoW. Commonly both world and home latency for me are around 50-80ms. However on last two instances I've played for a longer period of time my latency has been more in the range of 150-500 for both world and home. Every speed test I've ran doesn't seem to indicate anything wrong with my internet connection, and only WoW seems affected. Issue first noticed on Thursday 18.5. from 20:30 CET to 0:30 CET Issue second noticed 20.5 around 10:00-11:00 CET Country: Finland ISP: DNA Traceroute A: Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms 2 86 ms * 13 ms [] 3 8 ms 9 ms 9 ms [] 4 11 ms 9 ms 28 ms [] 5 16 ms 18 ms 17 ms [] 6 22 ms 20 ms 17 ms [] 7 18 ms * 24 ms 8 50 ms 49 ms 47 ms [] 9 49 ms 51 ms 51 ms [] 10 48 ms 48 ms 49 ms 11 49 ms 50 ms 49 ms Trace complete. Traceroute B: Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms 2 10 ms 11 ms 8 ms [] 3 8 ms 8 ms 11 ms [] 4 10 ms 8 ms 9 ms [] 5 17 ms 18 ms 19 ms [] 6 25 ms 17 ms 15 ms [] 7 24 ms 20 ms 20 ms 8 * 48 ms 46 ms [] 9 49 ms 46 ms 49 ms [] 10 56 ms 56 ms 59 ms 11 * * * Request timed out. 12 55 ms 56 ms 57 ms Trace complete. Pathping A: Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops 0 Juuso-PC [] 1 2 [] 3 [] 4 [] 5 [] 6 [] 7 8 [] 9 [] 10 11 Computing statistics for 275 seconds... Source to Here This Node/Link Hop RTT Lost/Sent = Pct Lost/Sent = Pct Address 0 Juuso-PC [] 0/ 100 = 0% | 1 0ms 0/ 100 = 0% 0/ 100 = 0% 4/ 100 = 4% | 2 16ms 4/ 100 = 4% 0/ 100 = 0% [] 0/ 100 = 0% | 3 21ms 7/ 100 = 7% 3/ 100 = 3% [] 0/ 100 = 0% | 4 22ms 6/ 100 = 6% 2/ 100 = 2% [] 0/ 100 = 0% | 5 24ms 6/ 100 = 6% 2/ 100 = 2% [] 0/ 100 = 0% | 6 22ms 8/ 100 = 8% 4/ 100 = 4% [] 0/ 100 = 0% | 7 25ms 4/ 100 = 4% 0/ 100 = 0% 2/ 100 = 2% | 8 --- 100/ 100 =100% 94/ 100 = 94% [] 0/ 100 = 0% | 9 --- 100/ 100 =100% 94/ 100 = 94% [] 0/ 100 = 0% | 10 53ms 7/ 100 = 7% 1/ 100 = 1% 0/ 100 = 0% | 11 58ms 6/ 100 = 6% 0/ 100 = 0% Trace complete. Pathping B: Tracing route to over a maximum of 30 hops 0 Juuso-PC [] 1 2 [] 3 [] 4 * * [] 5 [] 6 [] 7 8 [] 9 [] 10 11 * * * Computing statistics for 250 seconds... Source to Here This Node/Link Hop RTT Lost/Sent = Pct Lost/Sent = Pct Address 0 Juuso-PC [] 0/ 100 = 0% | 1 0ms 0/ 100 = 0% 0/ 100 = 0% 4/ 100 = 4% | 2 16ms 7/ 100 = 7% 3/ 100 = 3% [] 0/ 100 = 0% | 3 14ms 6/ 100 = 6% 2/ 100 = 2% [] 0/ 100 = 0% | 4 18ms 9/ 100 = 9% 5/ 100 = 5% [] 0/ 100 = 0% | 5 25ms 4/ 100 = 4% 0/ 100 = 0% [] 1/ 100 = 1% | 6 25ms 11/ 100 = 11% 6/ 100 = 6% [] 0/ 100 = 0% | 7 30ms 7/ 100 = 7% 2/ 100 = 2% 0/ 100 = 0% | 8 --- 100/ 100 =100% 95/ 100 = 95% [] 0/ 100 = 0% | 9 --- 100/ 100 =100% 95/ 100 = 95% [] 0/ 100 = 0% | 10 59ms 5/ 100 = 5% 0/ 100 = 0% Trace complete. It would seem by the time pathpings were run the problem had somewhat normalized, still hoping to find out what is causing these issues.Usvá2 1d
1d stuck ! My charachter is stuck when i started to fly in pandaria. (Been like this for 25ish min now) seems like some nod is down on the way to your network. other internet stuff works fine Seems like relogging another toon for more then 5 min and then back got the toon unstuck :( Why does it happen ? C:\>tracert Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops: 1 <1 ms <1 ms <1 ms [] 2 1 ms 1 ms <1 ms [] 3 9 ms 9 ms 10 ms [] 4 8 ms 8 ms 7 ms [] 5 12 ms 11 ms 11 ms [] 6 20 ms 21 ms 20 ms [] 7 24 ms 20 ms 20 ms [] 8 20 ms 20 ms 20 ms [] 9 20 ms 20 ms 20 ms 10 * * * Request timed out. 11 30 ms 30 ms 30 ms 12 * * * Request timed out. 13 30 ms 30 ms 30 ms Trace complete.Grind1 1d
1d High World Ms and No one else is moving in game For the last few days i have been unable to play wow as after about a min of playing the whole game freezes and no one other than me is moving and after about 5 mins everyone starts moving again and i go from 16ms to about 3000 world ms. This is also sometimes triggered by me trying to mount or interact with an NPC. Can anyone offer any solutions as i cant seem to find the problem?Ghawl1 1d
1d The Smoldering Ember - Repeated drop This might be an intended feature but for as long as Timewalking has been a thing I've never had this happen to me before. Wrapping up my second Timewalking-dungeon of the day I recieved a second 500-badge intro quest, having turned one in already only an hour earlier, as I expect everyone does. I'm writing it here to see if there are more players experiencing the same thing to see if it is a rather unusual bug or if this actually is a feature. I can't for the life of me believe that it is, though!Gerrârd2 1d
1d WoW patch sizes? I have metered internet and am switching from a bricked laptop to a new one. As such I can't do the full 49gb download. However a friend of mine has the DVD, and having spoken to support I am told I can install WoW 7.0 without a new key, and just use my current details. However the kind support person couldn't tell me the sizes of the patches from 7.0 to where we are now. Does anyone have that info or happen to remember how big their patches have been? Many thanks.Lonecreek0 1d
1d Launcher stuck on update, wow.exe works tho Hi, I recently had an issue with windows 8, where the system would no longer boot up properly (BSOD, repair loop). Finally, I just decided to re-install the system. Before hand, I was able to mount the system as read-only (maybe important information), and copied all my files onto another drive. I reinstalled the system, and copied the files back over. Now, I can play the game fine, all my macros, addons, etc are all there (great!), but I have to play from wow.exe (or the 64 bit version). The launcher will NOT launch the game. It claims to need an update. When I press the update, I get an error message which leads me to a webpage -- I have tried everything recommended, even the advanced steps where I defragment my drive, running the repair tool, delete the folder from the hidden folder in the AppInfo section of the operating system. I have re-installed the launcher. Always the same results. I am at a loss. Can anyone give me an idea of what I could try? Eventually, if I don't find a solution, I will have to backup all my account specific infos, and re-download and re-install the game =/ which is my second question: what is my account specific infos? I know obviously the interface folder is important. But, I want to maintain all my macros as well. thank you in advance.Jalisco3 1d
1d FPS Issue in 7.2 So I'm currently getting 15-20FPS at graphics preset 1. This is after resetting my interface(as suggested on the help page), restarting PC, disabling all addons. Last night I was playing at graphics preset 8(with a few tweaks), at 60FPS, and other games are still running fine. Any help/advice would be appreciated.Henrik186 1d
1d Blizzard Launcher - Can't start it Hi, when I run launcher app it goes into mini tray and stays there. I can't double click/right click. I can't launch any games at all, even when I start as Admin. Tried to reinstall it, delete, run as admin, install elsewhere it doesn't simply work. Only way to quit is through task manager but it clearly says that is running. Any help will be greatTauburn0 1d
1d Changing spec removes all gear Whenever I change spec, all my gear will be removed and I will be naked. I do not use equipment sets and have no profiles. I have tried deleting cache, WTF and interface folders, so no addons with default settings. Problem is also on the US forums but I can't post there - Anyone else have this issue?Tuvar2 1d
1d Bug with my ilevel? So to start things off im 899 uneqiped, and i've been at that ilevel for a while, now i've done some nighthold raids and such recently but i've not gotten a uppgrade that made my ilv go high up. Well today when i logged in i saw that my ilv had gone from 899 to 905 uneqiped for no reason and i'm wondering why that is? The highest i can go for equiped ilv is 899 and im wondering if maybe they maybe removed the legendary counting towards your ilv or just a bug? I tried it with a friend and he also saw me as 905 in the looking for group.Albrutuo0 1d
1d Jump from skyhold disconnect Hi, I'm having this issue basically since the beginning of legion and it's getting annoying: every once in a while, after jumping to a location from skyhold, as a warrior, i get disconnected after trying to load the zone. It shows the ocean for a second, then disconnected, and when i log back in, it puts me every time at the exact same spot, near the arena zone of azsuna. I can tell that i'm not the only one it happens to because i sometimes see other warriors at this exact same spot. Don't know what else to give as info for fixing this; it just happens at random, and happens no matter where i jump to, but i hope this could be fixed in a near future. Thanks for reading, have a good oneAedrun26 1d
1d UI resets after reload/specchange Holy !@#$ this is an annoying bug. Sometimes when i log on my characters my ui have been completely reset (only a few spells on the bars). I change them back, takes a while, almost fill out every actionbar button. Then the same %^-* happens again. I swap specc and it resets, go back to original specc... and its reset. SUPER ANNOYING, almost unplayable as i get so angry when it resets i just alt f4, just takes too long to put everything back in place (im druid...). What is going on? btw using z-perl ui addon, not any other ui addon, just recount, sarena n !@#$.Gudden0 1d
1d Transmog set won't complete I was browsing through my sets in the appearances window when I noticed I almost had completed the Firelands paladin set. I only missed the shoulder piece. So I went to Stormwind and bought the Immolation Pauldrons then mogged them to get rid of the refund timer. But I didn't get the achievement associated with completing the set. Here are the pauldrons in my appearances collection: Here is the set in the appearances collection with the shoulder piece still missing: And here is the achievement still not triggered :( If anybody knows a solution I'd like to hear it!Gokaikunra2 1d
2d Game Crashes on AP token - mouse over Every now and then I pick up artifact power items, be it from a chest or from a mythic+ run, and as soon as i mouse over it, the game crashes... There is no system to it, except I've noticed that the small "dun morogh"-ones from the wyrm-chests on broken shore does it the most. Tonight, one mythic +8 AP token crashed my game 5 times. 3 times from checking what was going on, and 2 times from simply opening my mail with the item in it :( Anybody else experiencing this? Ive seen similar questions in game, but haven't been on forums lately. I suspect it to be addon-related, but I've seen and heard people try to clear all WTF/cache, full UI reset etc, without success. /TootArchtoot8 2d
2d Lag since wod launched i begun to experience annoying delays,i can use chat but i see all people around me walking in place and i press 1 spell and it just shows the animation and it goes on and on,to try and resolve it i have to close the game and open it again,but after a short while it just comes back,in raids is even worse,even if i open the game back again i get only 30 seconds before it comes back,my pc has an i5 4460 3.2 Ghz,Nvidia Gtx 1060 6gb ddr5,my download speed is 13mb/sec,overall the only game that has a problem for me is wowMurlocmaster0 2d
2d GTX 1070 performance issues Hi, Recently upgraded my graphics from a GTX 760 to a GTX 1070 and having shocking performance issues. My 760 would usually sit over 100 fps and never had any issues with combat, however I can't even say the 1070 has matched that, in fact, it's declined. On average I'm around 30-40 fps with the game optimized by GeForce Experience, dropping well below 10 fps into a stuttery, jump mess in combat. I have tested with other more intensive games and seem to be receiving more adequate frames of about 150-250 so I'm not sure why it's performing so poorly with WoW. Computer spec: CPU: Intel i5-4670 3.4GHz Mobo: Asus z87-A GFX: Nvidia GTX 1070 Founders Edition Ram: 16GB Kingston Hyper-X Savage 2400mHz (2x8gb) PSU: Corsair TX850M HD that WoW is installed: Hyper-X 240GB SSD Windows 7 64-bit Running 2 x 23" Asus VS239HV IPS monitors (as did the GTX 760) 1080 res Internet: 100MB Virgin Media No overclock of CPU or GPU. BIOS is up to date. Settings in game: Only settings that really changed between the two optimizations for each card was render scale, MSAA, Resample Quality, as far as I can remember. It's been a little disappointing up to now, so I'd appreciate any insight or potential fixes. For the record, I've reseated the card several times, the old drivers were completely uninstalled and new ones installed through Experience and I have even tried moving the card to the next PCI-E slot as I heard about 1080 performance issues pertaining to the motherboard slots. Cheers!Laorii55 2d
2d Unable to load wow Unable to open and load WOW error code is C0DB59DF-25B8-4F09-9218-C6BD5342BE66 running win 10 no other problems found with computerMikeart0 2d
2d Can't enter Timewalking dungeons According to the in-game calender, the Timewalking Dungeon Event should have started hours ago, yet for some reason I'm unable to enter any timewalking dungeons. When using Group Finder, the option to enter a timewalking dungeon simply isn't there. My only options are "Specific Dungeons" and "Random Legion Dungeon". Is anybody else having this issue?Fao5 2d
2d Invisible walls while flying hey team, some times while flying in the broken isle i face a problem. its like some invisible walls are blocking my path. i have to do a turn around or wait some time and then am able to go. this is most presitant in the floating island near Dalaran (where the DH order hall entrance is) usually when i glide, i am stopped on reaching the island and then not able to move forward and eventually fall in the Sea below. the same happens even if i try to fly using a mount. has anyone else faced such problem?Taxiservices14 2d
2d Sold by mistake in auction house Hey i just made a legendary item put it in the auction house gor 100 by mistake and i right clicked it to cansel it and it was gone. I really want it back caus it took me some time to farm everything. can you help me with that?Dikigorakos3 2d
2d Game Data Downloading whilst playing I've been trying to play but I keep getting freezes and disconnects whilst trying to do so, I keep getting a wheel in the middle of the screen saying game data / core game data is being downloaded even though I've only downloaded the game once years ago and always keep it up to date for every new patch.Teufél1 2d
2d I see no legion invasions Hi, I did a couple of legion invasion quests a couple of days ago upon re-subbing, but since then I have not seen any invasions on the map. Can anyone offer a solution other than deleting addons?Intenzity3 2d
2d Lag after updating Windows 10 Windows 10 updated yesterday and after that I have massive lag playing wow. It happens during fights, when I try to mount or using spells. Updated all of my drivers and it didn't solve anything. Anyone else experience this after updating windows 10 and might know what to do?Vanyxi2 2d
2d chest I can not see the veiled wyrmtongue chest. Is there a certain limit to open them and what is the problem only in this characterBrans3 2d
2d cant complete quest (last stand of the moon gaurd) hey guys can anyone help me pls im trying to complete the quest last stand of the moon guard as in finish it with the final NPC but everytime i try i get the errror sorry you cant do that right now this is made left feeling bad becuase i cant progress towards flying in the broken isles thanks guysLogham0 2d
2d Slow loading into Dalaran / disconnects Hi all, I'm having a problem with Legion Dalaran in general, logging in when my character is in Dalaran is incredibly slow and I'm also having issues exiting the Warlock class order hall and zoning into Dalaran, it's very slow and when I try to run out of the underbelly area up to the surface of Dalaran I often get disconnected (I assume this is to do with the server swap between class order hall / dalaran) I have tried disabling addons / completely resetting my UI (delete WTF, Cache etc). I have tried switching to Google DNS. Tried repairing game files. Tried completely reinstalling the game. Kyrel6 2d
2d Tex Vortacoil I am at the location where Tex Vortacoil should be (according to WoW Head) and he is not there. I am wondering if he is missing or if he has been removed from the game.Mcßane1 2d
2d camera wont follow characters the camera in game will not follow my characters new install of wow no addons have deleted wtf cache and interface (this is a temp fix) i deleted those three files and it works for one character after deleting them but after i logged on any of my others the issue came back is there any known fix for this or am i stuck with having to exit the game and delete files every time i want to change characters i have submitted bug reports about this but it has never been fixed (the one character it works on is not a specific character its just the first one i enter world with)Bokets13 2d
2d Game crash issues What is the most likely cause for WoW getting a VIDEO_SCHEDULER_INTERNAL_ERROR BSoD/crash...? The same rig has been stress tested w/ Prime95 for 12 hours with no issues; even Unigine tests don't cause the same problems - is there some combined load that WoW exerts that would cause a PC setup to crash? Core to the setup is the following; i5-4690K w/ 32GB RAM, 4GB GTX-660 GPU, Win-10 Home. Thank you, in advance for any assistance, even if (as I may suspect) this isn't the correct method of raising this issue.Eighjan1 2d
2d Login problem with apps Cant login on the app on my pc and wow app on my phoneJaarpo34 2d
3d Windows 10: Windowed (Fullscreen) Taskbar Behaviour Hi all, Some of you will have gotten a Windows 10 Creators Update in the last few days, and some of you will end up experiencing what I have experienced: Since the update, Windowed (Fullscreen) causes the taskbar to show over the top of the game, which can cause a lot of issues with accidentally clicking out of the game. There are a few solutions to this: Hit Ctrl +Alt + Del and select Task Manager (Or right click your taskbar > Task Manager, there's a number of ways to get there.) In that window, find World of Warcraft and right-click, then select "Always on Top"; Right-click your task bar and select "Taskbar Settings", here you can choose to show/hide your taskbar by checking on/off "Automatically hide the taskbar in desktop mode"; Right-click the World of Warcraft icon in your taskbar, and select "Pin to taskbar"Hope this helps!Hirame0 3d
3d Can't connect to world server Hey, Having problems connecting to connect to these wow servers: I get reply from: Firewall settings are set properly. Restarted router. Reset wow interface. Traceroute times out on the unresoponsive servers above. when i started client i got past authentication and retrieve realm list. at log in to world server it idled for a while and then responded with wow 51900328 and then get disconnected. Haven't been able to try login on any other chars. I'm on stormscale server. Tried reinstalling but since i can't get to the servers i can't download the client. Any tips are greatly appriciated! Kind Regards, EModelx4 3d
3d FPS Drops in Legion zones My FPS always seems to drop in Legion zones for unknown reasons from 100+ to below 70 for a second resulting in stuttery gameplay. I've tried limiting it to 60FPS, but even then it just drops to 25FPS so it does not seem performance related. To note, it does NOT occur when leveling my alt characters through old zones, so it seems almost completely Legion-content related. I have tried reducing viewing distance and many other factors but none of them seem to have a significant impact.Kaendor3 3d