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17 Oct 2014 Directional Sound Issues When my character is emoting/mining/flying unless the camera is in an exact position, I cannot hear it at all. It is really annoying when listening to NPC dialogue and I can't hear anything unless my camera is -perfectly- angled. Is there a setting to make sure I hear everything regardless of character positioning?Katsúmi0 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 bran new pc/memory full every half hour or so take me out of wow and says my memory is full when my hardrive is 1.54tb free space i dont understand why this is happening when i have more than enough space. it also says this in the messege" close programs to prevent info loss" thats the title and then says" you computer is low on memory save your files and close these programms world of warcraft"Falsemode1 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 character undelete Seriously blizz, why launch 6.0.2 if half the people wanting to play it can't. We can't use the undelete character button cuz its "temporarily down" and has ben for the past 3 days, and the world server goes down every time i log out so i can't get bk in for a good hour. Why bother putting out a new expansion if 90% of people r having problems with it? just don't waste ur timeJiffigus0 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 bad raid issues with ms spikes Hey just been kicked from a mythic soo again 3 times in 2 days because when i enter the raid everything is fine 30ms home and world as soon as boss is pulled my world ms spikes to 6k and i just stand spinning on the spot. Its going to cost me my raid spot on my main so any help would be great!Selji0 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Stuck on 0b/s Im patching WoW to 6.02 but the download stops at 2.22GB and downloads 0kb/s. Yesterday i could log in when it was on Playable, then i let it download for the night because my internet is slow. it was at Optimal the other day and it was at 2.22. now i can't log in and the Playable arrow has moved so i can't even click the Play button. I can't find any information on this anywhere else. i have sent a ticket to blizzard and i tried all they told me to do, but nothing works. anyone out there who can help?Kossmjölk1 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 FPS but new laptop! Old laptop was perfect before patch, then it went downto 2/3 fps, as it was out of date driver I have bought a basically new laptop, just installing on here and it still doing the same damn thing! Don't tell me I have wasted my money a, new laptop b, updating to WoD and time when its unplayableSimoril0 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 stuck at 90% part 2. Old thread is closed. My brother is unable to make Threads so i did. It is on Stormrage, on his way to Blackrock decent. Just ontop of blackrock mountain. Blizzard, I have rest Interface, DNS flus and nothing worked.Fyren0 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 WoW does not want to install from the disc. Hi everyone! I decided to go back to WoW, so yesterday I start the installation from the CD, but there is a problem. Whenever I installed WoW, installation were all from the disc. Now, from CD is installed only, and the rest is taken from the internet. For my links means a week of downloading. Can you help?Foxchan4 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Fixed skybox flickering.. Insane FPS drops and freezes. Hi i'm glad you guys fixed the skybox flickering, but now after the last server restart. I'm starting to have insane fps drops and sudden game freezes after casting spells, lasts for about 1-3 seconds. Anyone experiencing this?Glamiator2 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Random Crashes. Hi, Ever since the patch whilst I am playing WoW just keeps crashing with no rhyme or reason. It's completely unpredictable, it just happens. I then get the report crash box and reopen wow option. I was playing yesterday for a few hours and it must have happened 10 or 15 times. When the patch went live I deleted my WTF Cache and Interface folders because all my out of date add ons were causing WoW to run awfully, since then I have only installed the 6.0.2 version of recount but nothing else. Any ideas why this is and what I can do to sort it out? Thaaaaaanks!Gronmah1 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 instance not found ..lfr when we join to lfr cannot join the instance beause .. instance not found. Somebody have same problem?Simoonides0 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 [BUG] Dying on another server whilst the host disbands Didn't see a thread about it. What it does: Causes me to be in a "stunned" state. So I cannot move or do anything at all, not even while dead (in released spirit form) Happened to me twice now, and it's !@#$ing mindblowingly annoying. So, the thing I have done both times to make it happen is: Be in a group with someone from another realm (He's from a PvP realm and I'm from PvE). Then I have died from PvP combat both times , then either I or him leave the party for different reasons both times (unlucky timing) and that is when the bug happens. When I press release, I get into a "stunned" state, so I cannot move at all, except using the hotkey for sit. I can also exit or logout just fine, but I cannot go out from the stunned state. Relogging 4 times fixed it first time around, but relogging about 10 times didn't fix it the second time. Deleted the cache and it worked, however I want to report it both here and in a submit bug form as to make you aware. Also if anyone of you others experienced it, quickfix is to delete cache.Coolís0 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Not responding Everythime I start my WoW it says WoW Launcher and installer is not responding, same when i open the wow.exe fileAranox8 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Undelete Toon this service is not working which I was looking forward to most today being honest, any idea when this will be available and alternatives and ive been playing a different character on the ptr and want to restore a former toon so I can play the same on live thanksLavisa7 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Dungeon loadbar So I was farming stonecore and when I changed from normal -> heroic and went back in there, the loadbar just stays at 0%. Relogged my hunter and the same happened. So now chars are kinda stuck with a 0% loadbar, anyone else that has this problem?Emphi0 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Using launcher on multiple computers Gretings, I was a little frustrated earlier. I have one stationary computer, one new laptop and one older laptop. Today I decided to update my WoW installation on the older laptop and the stationary computer, however, as it turned out, doesn't like it. When I open the launcher from one computer, it says i've logged from another place and suggests me to change password if it's not me. The same things happens to the other computer when I open launcher.Koshayam0 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Strange Server Lag in Instanced Dungeons Hello, I'm not sure if I'm the only one, but I am getting some strange lag in instanced dungeons causing me to have to "Alt + F4" 3-4 times per dungeon... The whole game world freeze, apart from the my characters movement. The chat log still comes through fine and everyone can see me moving and using abilities. I get no feedback or animation from using my abilities though. Can't logout or anything either so have to Alt + F4. On a side note..I am also getting getting disconnected from quite regularly and I cannot retrieve my character list on Diablo 3.. it just times out. HALP :(Derox1 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Bug: Death knight Eyes The glow on dk eyes do sometimes disappear leaving only "flat" non glowing blue eyes that looks bad. This happens after loadscreens etc. With and without addons, and also on other peoples clients so its not just mine. Edit: And also opening and closing fullscreen map sometimes breaks them.Liinnzy1 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Stuck at Initilizing I am aware there are alot of post about patching issues. But i had to add one more... I've tried alot of things suggested here. And none of them works. I uninstalled the game. And trying to install it. But my installation stucks at "Initilizing..." right after i download "Fetching data indices (276/276)". Anyone else have this problem or is it only me? And anyone knows a way to fix it ? I cant even install the game and its so annoying. Been like this since yesterday. I am thinking of formatting pc. Thanks for anyone who read/try to help about this...Kindhearted17 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Stuck at initializing Hello I am trying to update to 6.0.2 but the battle net installer is not getting past initializing. Ive tryed to uninstall and tryed to scan and repair but it wont work. Ive left the pc open for the whole night and in the morning it still shows initializing. Is there a solution to solve this problem? ThxElegans4 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Game Not Responding on Startup- Whitescreen Hello, Yesterday after I downloaded patch 6.0.2, my game didn't want to launch. I was greeted by a lovely whitescreen and a heart-warming message which said: "World of Warcraft not responding." From that point on I've tried EVERYTHING that had the potential of helping me. Things I've tried are here: -Delete Cache, Interface, WTF -Uninstall and reinstall the client -Delete folder which was in ProgramData -Uninstall WoW and reinstall it (Which took a lot of time I tell you) -Update NVIDIA drivers -Update DirectX -Selective startup -Closing everything that could interfere with the client from Task manager -Repairing the game from the launcher -Launching the game with the commands such as -windowed -opengl etc. -Launching it as administrator -Launching an 32-bit client -Using CCleaner (was suggested somewhere) None worked. I really don't understand the issue here! It could be my graphics card which is pretty dated but it could run Warlords of Draenor Beta with good performance (around 30fps) I find it weird that this would happen with 6.0.2's arrival because I could run the beta just fine! Finally requesting Blizzard's help at this point. Thanks in advance. (I'll be posting my DxDiag down below)Mingji3 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Desktop Launcher and WoW refusing to start Trying to start app but nothing is happening. I tried to launch the game also straight via WoW button but it's not reacting either. What's up?Shivasana1 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Instance Lockout .. Not working properly? Hello there! The lockout of instances seems to be broken. I did the instance in total of 6 times, but i didnt get the message about entering too many instances. I know this message should only appear after ive done it 10 times within one hour of entering the first one. Insted im getting stuck at the loading screen at 0% for the dungeon/raid. Relogging doesnt make you get out of that loading screen. It will simply put you back into that loading screen. My character gets stuck in a perm loading screen and only able to get back online once i can actually enter a dungeon/raid again. I tried to test this by waiting a while and just entering, killing a few, resetting and repeat this. Got to 7 times before i had the issue again and i had to wait a total of 37 minutes (which means i did the test for 23 minutes to achieve the "seem to be bugged" limit) Please let blizzard know if this happened to you aswell by typing something below :) Maybe more information?Wôrldguard3 17 Oct 2014
29 Oct 2014 Sparkle effect on ore and herbs Can we PLEASE get the sparkle effect back on ore and herbs. The new outlining of the ore and herbs does not let them stand out to their surroundings at all.. My eyesight is not that great. With the sparkle effect on them I could find them easy but now with the outlining, I cant see them anymore.Missmizz12 29 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Instance cap loading screen bug still not fixed The previous thread was locked because the bug causing players who hit the instance cap of 10 per hour to be stuck on an instance loading screen loop was supposedly fixed. This doesn't seem to be true as I am experiencing it right now. I'm on Grim Batol Alliance.Trive2 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Character change problem Hello! I downloaded the new version! the computer does not work in the new character models, but on my laptop it works! What's the problem?Manoci0 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 heres a glitch Kerpele2 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Armory points Hey, In game and on all my alliance characters I have 16160 achievement points. In game on my horde characters I have 16160 points but on the armory this always drops to about 1k lower. Any reason for this? Kinda disappointing to not be showing correctly.Aestra0 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Framerate issues Macbook Pro Nvidia GT650 I have been having major framerate issues on my 2012 model Macbook Pro. The framerate sits around 40-60fps but if you leave a city or busy area and then return the framerate drops to 5 - 10 fps. You can hop of a flight path and when you land it drops down to 5 - 10 fps. Things I have tried. Removing the cache, interface and WTF folders. Deleting WoW and reinstalling. Changing the graphics so that they are not power managed The only thing that restores the framerate is a reboot. This gets the rates back up but again, leave an area and return and it dives down again. The framerate works fine in bootcamp mode and also on my 27" i5 2009 iMac. Macbook spec: Model Name: MacBook Pro Model Identifier: MacBookPro9,1 Processor Name: Intel Core i7 Processor Speed: 2.3 GHz Number of Processors: 1 Total Number of Cores: 4 L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB L3 Cache: 6 MB Memory: 16 GB Boot ROM Version: MBP91.00D3.B09 SMC Version (system): 2.1f173 NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M: Chipset Model: NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M Type: GPU Bus: PCIe PCIe Lane Width: x8 VRAM (Total): 512 MB Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de) Device ID: 0x0fd5 Revision ID: 0x00a2 ROM Revision: 3682 gMux Version: 1.9.23 I am running of of a 480GB Sata III SSD.Irnchriztina3 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Stuck at initializing problem pls can you help me about it im waiting so longer to initializingAeetes0 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Crazy FPS issues since 6.0 My frames have been cut in half since the new patch, and whilst idling in dead zones with nothing going on I still get about 20-25 FPS, down from the 70+ FPS I had during 5.4. I have tried everything including changing every available video option and a full UI reset. I have not been able to isolate any addons that are causing it. DxDiag: ...Elleia16 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 World of Warcraft not responding Since the new patch no matter what sever im on or what im doing (standing still in a city, in a bg or any instance) my wow freezes and i get the 'world of warcraft has stopped responding' message. I get it every 5-10 mins anyone else having this problem?Teaboy0 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Game freezing after downloading patch Hi guys after downloading the new patch the game is unplayable now for me. I get though all the loading screens but once I'm in control of my character The game just freezes my whole PC and i have to hold the power button to turn off my PC.Euthor1 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Cant logg on to servers I cant logg on to server i se realm list and then nada happens !!!!Shomari1 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Logging into game server.... forever 'Logging into game server' seems to be burning into my screen! Regardless of which realm i choose. high, medium or low i get the same message, but with no success, Also all servers are now in red =/Moyda5 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Cannot launch game Ever since the new patch I cannot launch the game, I will select play then battle net minimizes, but wow does not load up, I have tried uninstalling but that did nothing.Tom0 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Can't enter instances Playing on Stormrage but can't enter SoO. Everytime i enter i am stuck in the loading sreen. !!!!!Ddanger3 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Stuck on logging in to game server Well, as the title says. I just got disconnected from an instance and when I try to log back in, I'm stuck on "Logging in to game server". It fails and I have to try again and again. I've tried restarting the game etc etc. waddup?Jérouge6 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 ''Logging in to Game Server'' Today around 14:35 i got disconnected from the game, when i tryed to log back im stuck at '''Logging in to Game server'', happened on the Ragnaros server while i was in Siege of Orgrimmar. I tried to log in to different servers but that didnt work out either. Any fix whould be welcome.Arahoushi1 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Drop in FPS? I was questing in the Blasted Lands questline, then my FPS went down, WoW went down and crashed and since, my FPS has been from 1 to 7 or 9. What now? MalkaMalka0 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Unable to login on servers Getting a long 'Success' note, then nothing more. after that comes the manual selection of servers, and it just repeats. Thought i should put this up if anyone else gets it:sMirandra1 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Natryndon! problem not fixed and locked post! i STILL cant get into game! all chars DC at 90% loading throwing back to log in page. why has the post been locked when the problem is clearly not fixed? Realm: Maghteridon, Executus Where your char was/is: Orgrimar, Shrine of the two moons, durotar, valley of the four winds ISP: Virgin media Country: UK Cache, WTF, Interface all deleted, still the same issue. I can log in on my alliance characters, and horde that are not in/near the cities. Loads to 90% then disconnects me. Ran repair trough battle net client, still the same issue. Did IP release and DNS flush, still the same issue. This has been like it for 2 days. strangely i can log on to all chars from my husbands PC ?!?! i tried moving a char outside org but still couldnt log in from my PCYojojo0 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 stormwind, the cursed city well like many other players, I to have problems after the new patch was released. on patch day everything was fine, i was chilling around in Stormwind when the game suddenly froze. after 100 attempts to get into the game i gave up. i tryed to create a new char, and quess what? it worked. so i was running around, doing quests and lvl`ing up my new paladin, and there was absolutely no problems at all, until i got the Quest " the griphyn ride to stormwide" as soon as i landed in Stormwind, my game freeze, and everytime i attempt to connect, it now has the same problem as on my shaman. i just find it weird that on both char, it has been Stormwind that where the crashing site :) hope you can get a fix to it soon. kindly regards Beermaan.Beermaan0 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Technical issues Hi i just bought the game yesterday but when i tried to log in after ive downloader it today btw i have a character from trial but back to the problem i could log in but not update the game i've tried maybe 50 times now it just wont work is it server issues or?Conningham0 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 Arena bug: See stealthed enemies when dead I died in a skirmish match this afternoon, the remaining match was a 1v1 between the enemy rogue and my warrior partner. I died in the middle of blades edge bridge. When the rogue got a restealth and walked near my corpse i could see him. The detection range is the same as when i'm alive, the rogue disappeared when he walked halfway through the ramp to the side. I should not have been able to see the enemy rogue, because i could warn my teammate where the rogue is.Pidia1 17 Oct 2014
20 May 2015 Mobile armory keeps crashing! pls hlp! Hello. so here is my problem, I'm using mobile armory on samsung galaxy s5 and it keeps crashing while i try to post auctions, cancel auctions, while i try to log in guild chat or /w chat, i need to reenter my acc info like 10times before i can actually log in, and then i do 1 auction and it crashes, i also have authenticator on my mobile, i tried to reset my mobile, i tried to reinstal the application but nothing hlps... It can be really frustrating!! and i cant see my character picture where is the character portret in the bottom of the screen! why is that so and how can i fix it?? Please Help!Darconix5 20 May 2015
17 Oct 2014 It's a busy day for! Getting this error when opening the application, to be honest it used to do this when you first released it as a beta and i stopped using it because of it. It started off as 2 minutes to login, and has slowly been creeping up and is at 1 hour now to login??Ryan24 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 bug with daily pet quests hi i can no longer complete my daily fable book quests on panderia they are not reconising my kills on at least one in each of the books so havnt been able to do one hand in since patchAshenangel1 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 34 min ? 34 min queue to log into B-net ? what is going on?Baalina12 17 Oct 2014
17 Oct 2014 All servers down? :<Vircia133 17 Oct 2014