Twisting Nether

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1h |H| <We Were Alliance> Greek Guild Recruiting for BfA Ποιοι είμαστε Οι “We Were Alliance”, όπως λέει και το όνομα, είναι μια Guild που ξεκίνησε ως alliance στον Defias Brotherhood. Αλλά όταν σε στιγμές ενθουσιασμού σου ξεφεύγουμε διάφορα “Lok’tar Ogar”, “For the Banshee Queen”, ή όταν πιάνεις τον εαυτό σου να σκέφτεται ότι ο Garrosh did nothing wrong, τότε μάλλον η ψυχή σου είναι βαμμένη κόκκινη. Είμαστε λοιπόν μια ομάδα ανθρώπων που την ενώνει η αγάπη της για το WoW και την Horde, και περνάμε καλά κάνοντας content. Δραστηριότητες Ο κύριος τομέας δραστηριοτήτων μας είναι το PvE, δηλάδή Raiding, Mythic+ και με το νέο expansion Expeditions και Warfronts. Ο στόχος μας στο BfA είναι να κάνουμε Mythic Progression, το οποίο δε θα γίνει rush, θα μπούμε όταν είμαστε έτοιμοι και θα το κάνουμε clear χωρίς να φτάνουμε σε σημείο nerval breakdown, rage quits και αυτοκτονιών. Εξάλλου το WoW είναι παιχνίδι και επίσης ο Raid Leader δε θέλει να τον χωρίσει η γκόμενα του. Όσων αφορά το PvP, έχουμε μέλη που ασχολούνται και κανονίζουν events μια στο τόσο, χωρίς να είναι το main focus μας. Τι ψάχνουμε Εσενα! Ναι εσένα. Όλο αυτό το κείμενο για σένα μόνο. Ψάχνουμε άτομα που γουστάρουν να κάνουν content με παρέα, να μη σπάζονται απο χαζό humor και να μην ενοχλούνται από NSFW περιεχόμενο στο discord ή την κλασική θεσσαλονικιώτικη προφορα. Κάνοντας content βλέπουμε αν δένουμε σαν ομάδα και άτομα και προχωράμε για progression. Μεγαλύτερη ανάγκη αυτή τη στιγμή έχουμε από: Healers κυρίως Resto Shaman και Mistweaver Monk Ranged dps κυρίως Hunters. Ώρες και μέρες Το πρόγραμμα μας κατά τη διάρκεια του legion ήταν το παρακάτω, αλλά θα γίνει ένα guild meeting στις αρχές του epxansion για να δούμε ποιες μέρες βολεύει τους περισσότερους. Δευτέρα 21:30 - 00:00 (Progression) Τετάρτη 21:00 - 00:00 (Progression) Πέμπτη 21:00 - 00:00 (Optional day) Ώρες Ελλάδας Επικοινωνία Μπορείτε να μας βρείτε in-game ψάχνοντας το όνομα μας στο /who, στο discord να αράζουμε ή επικοινωνώντας με κάποιον από τους officers μας. CryoCore#2882 lexran#2220 akrogialias#2712 FOR THE HORDE!Raktarosh0 1h
1h Elysian is back! Hi there Elyisian is a guild created by two friends who wanted to push for mythic content. It was started at towards the end of Legion and having had a break before BFA, we are now back and ready to take the new expansion by storm. We are currently looking for people who want to push for mythic content in a non-hardcore fashion and want to have fun with their guildies. What we can offer you? Stable Officer Team. We have a team of four officers and 3 Co-GMs who will maintain and run events during the week to get members their gear. Random Events throughout the week. You don’t need to attend but it is high recommended as we will be doing mythic + nights to get those keys done and PvP nights if people are interested in attending, be that rated BGs and arenas. 3 Days Raiding. We are now increasing the amount of raids we are doing. We are now going to be raiding Wednesday, Thursday and Mondays. Tuesday will be an extra raid day if we are close to a kill. Raids will take place from 8PM till 11PM Server Time. What we expect off you? During your trial period which is around 3 weeks time, we expect 90% attendance, but we understand that real life and commitments get in the way. Just let us know and everything will be fine. Enchanted and gemmed gear. Ability to listen to others in raids and take any advice and criticism. If you have any queries then please message me or any of the other officers in the guild :) GM Team Spudy#2409 Bruzin#2308 Iyax#2678 Officer Team Stanrat Unawares Nosveratu SkarlettzSpúdy6 1h
1h [H] <Rival> NEED YOU! Hello there reader! Looking for a new guild are we? Recently returned to the game? Your old guild has died out? You're fed up of playing alone? Or you're simply looking to upgrade to some place with that little bit extra? Then boy do I have good news for you - you've already stumbled across the ideal guild for you, and you didn't even know it?! Fancy that! Rival originated in Cataclysm and have been a successful raiding guild on and off ever since. In Legion we strived for Cutting Edge, most recently in ABT, and saw great success, bringing together top-level players, fun-seeking casual players, and every other form of online escapist to form a thriving and hearty community. Now BfA fast approaches and Rival are looking for all men, women and children(?), to take arms, and join our ranks in a fierce battle to make YOUR World of Warcraft experience all that it could be. What we can offer to you: PvE: - a relaxed and fun, yet highly competent, raiding environment - not only one, but TWO, raid teams to cater to all skill levels - considerable progress at a top end raiding level in a push towards back-to-back Cutting Edge achievements throughout the expansion - regular and frequent mythic+ runs including competitive teams that are ever-growing in number PvP: - weekly RBG group events (potentially more frequently depending on demand) - regular arena groups for fun or for rating Social: - a patient and co-operative officer team with everyone's best interests as their main priority - achievement runs for the completionists amongst us - the opportunity to participate in organising guild groups and events - a hierarchy to climb if self-fulfilment is your goal - constructive criticism displayed in a professional manner - a monthly lottery for a chance to test your luck - a professional YouTube channel to celebrate our victories (to come) What we ask of you: - to be polite and considerate towards all fellow guild members - to have a laugh and have a generally light-hearted attitude (this is a game after all - enjoy it!) - to enjoy Azeroth as it was meant to be experienced, together, with friends and guild mates - to speak up if there's a guild matter that you don't agree with FAQ: What are your raid times? - We raid two nights a week: Team 1: Tuesday/Thursday // Team 2: Sunday/Monday - From 19:00-23:00 realm time, each night, with a break in-between. - On Wednesday we have optional runs, including boost runs to earn ourselves some much-needed gold, achievement runs, or HC/NM runs (when progressed on to mythic) amongst other reset activities. What if I'm unable to attend a raid? If it's a one-off occurrence, let the raid leader know in advance in order to allow preparations for your absence, considering we are only a 2-day raiding guild, near 100% attendance is expected with only unavoidable absences. What raid team should I apply to? Our first team: for the more experienced player - logs will be scrutinised and achievements will be compared to form the best roster possible in order to achieve Cutting Edge. Detailed knowledge of your class is expected, and you should be confident in vocalising your thoughts and opinions on how we can improve to make the fight easier. We will raid competitively but we'll have a laugh in the process, and enjoy the night together. Our second team: minimal experience is required, we'll give every player a shot provided they show a decent level of competency, however we do still want to make progress, at a more slower pace than the first team, but with the same goal in mind of Cutting Edge by the end of the tier, the best players will be kept on, as it'd be unfair for them to have to pick up the slack of an underperforming player. This is the better option for a more casual player, who may not yet have mastered their class but shows basic understanding of the game. What platform do you use for communication? We have an efficient and highly active Discord channel which we use during raids and other activities, as well as to chill or just have a chat. If you have any further questions feel free to add one of our recruitment officer's battletag and we'd be glad to answer any of your questions in-game: Turtle#2170 Tiardo#2275 Thank-you for reading, and I hope to hear from you soon!Stabby0 1h
11h [H] Rival 9/11M Recruiting for BFA <Rival> are recruiting semi hardcore/experienced players of all classes to help bolster our Mythic roster for progression in BFA. We're a 2-day raiding guild established in Cataclysm, raiding Tues/Thurs, with the addition of a Wednesday/Sunday for optional runs (e.g. HC). Our raid time is 8:00-12:00PM realm time. We started late into the last tier of legion with our new team and almost made it to 11/11, but with some internal issues we had to stop before being able to do so. In BFA we plan to be more competitive and thoughtful with the steps we take, to ensure the guild is in a stable position, and remains to be one of the best. What we're looking for? - Fluent English and willingness to communicate is essential. - Be able to maintain near 100% attendance with only unavoidable absences. - Your characters to be maxed with all consumables possible. - Stable internet connection. - Players who can carry their own weight but adapt well to a team environment. - Consistent playtime throughout the week to better your character, not only to attend raid nights. We are also accepting social players as we enjoy a sense of community, and think it brings more life to the guild. We also plan on hosting guild events for everyone to take part in and enjoy. And also if possible starting a second raid team, to allow a more competitive environment within the guild. Mythic+ and PvP are also in our sights as we move forward into BFA, we want everyone to have a place in the guild and feel like they belong here. The idea is to make this one of the best expansions possible, if you can help us do that then let us know. For more information reply to this forum or message me on my battletag Fluffymole#2737 or our GM Turtle#2170. Experience is a must, and Warcraft Logs must be available.Mole0 11h
1d [H] LF 2 day a week Raiding Guild BrewM/Paladin I am currently looking for a casual 2 day a week raiding guild for BFA. A guild that has people that like to joke around do other content on the off days ( M+, old raids, pvp) is a bonus I played Resto druid during legion. The classes I will be playing in BFA are Brewmaster Monk / Paladin any spec. Please PM in game or using my Btag Jack#28621 if you have any other questionsAltaro0 1d
1d PvE Boosts | Feedback thread Hello! I offer multiple raid boosts provided by guild <Embody-Drak'thul> 11/11M for Horde characters. Raid boosts: Full Heroic Antorus - Personal Loot - Done only once per week by 15 975+ UNSAVED boosters, rolling boosters' loot among customers at the end of the raid - Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker - A chance at the Antoran Charhound (Felhounds of Sargeras Mount) - Violet Spellwing (Argus Mount) - A chance at 945+/955+ items from each boss - A chance at the transmog weapons (from Aggramar & Argus) 9-11/11 Mythic Antorus - Up to 1 buyer per armor and set tier / Vanquisher, Protector, Conqueror - Buyers get all items up to 985ilvl - Possible to book only Argus for "Cutting Edge" achievement and "Titanslayer" title and mount as well. - Wednesday 19:20 Mythic Elisande + Gul’dan - "Vengeance Incarnate” title - Hellfire Infernal - Sunday evening (after 20:15), up to 5 runs Trial of Valor - "The Chosen" title ==> UNOBTAINABLE SINCE BFA PREPATCH - "the Chosen Dead" transmog set - max 8 buyers per week - Sunday evening (after 19:30) If you were interested in any of these boosts, you could contact me on battlenet, magicmaster#2541. Main thread with current feedback - 1d
1d [H]New 11/11M Mythic Guild for BFA is recruiting! Hi! We are an international group of 14 friends and acquaintances from various 11/11M raiding guilds, who have decided to come together for BFA and form a guild on Twisting Nether to efficiently clear all the content this game has to offer without committing to a hardcore schedule. We are looking for players with a serious mentality and an aim to clear content quickly and efficiently. What you can expect from us: 2 day/week raiding. 3rd day during the first two weeks of a raid tier(subject to change). Efficient and organized raids. Raid hours will never be extended. No split runs. No mandatory alt raids. No forced PTR tests. Memes and bad jokes. What do we expect from you: You are fluent in understanding and speaking English. You have a stable internet connection, low ping and a decent enough computer to run the game without lagging. You have previous experience in raiding cutting edge content and good logs to back that up. You are at least 18 years old (Most of the guild are in their twenties). You don’t mind harsh language, sarcasm and crude humour. Serious mentality during progress. You learn from your mistakes. You can take constructive criticism. 90%+ raid attendance. RL happens and that’s fine, but we do expect you to let us know beforehand if you will be missing a raid. Solid understanding of your class. Solid understanding of encounters we are progressing on. A fully optimized main character. Our planned raid schedule: Sunday: 19:30 – 23:00 ST. Monday: 19:30 – 23:00 ST. Wednesday (OPTIONAL): Boost run 20:00. We are currently looking for the following roles: DPS (any) If you want to apply or have any questions, contact Pattycake#2520 or go to our discord and fill out the application form there 1d
2d [H] <NoM> Boosting service: Gul'dan mount, Antorus HC Hello fellow Twisted Netherens! Abit about our history NoM is now opening up the boosting service once more! We've been boosting since MoP, confidently providing full Siege of Orgrimmar runs for many months, and also boosting throughout WoD ending HFC with lots of mount sales. Furthermore we boosted many people through the Emerald Nightmare You can have a look at the comments and feedback we recieved here: , and further on this thread What can we offer? When can we offer it? And what are the loot rules? Gul'dan Mythic mount Bosses: Elisande + Gul'dan Sunday at 20:00 Time: Approximately 30 min Antorus - Heroic: Loot method: Personal loot Bosses: All 11 Monday at 20:00 Time: Approximately 2 hours Antorus - Mythic: Coming soon! For prices whisp one of the battle-tags added below. Lindblad#2519 San#2583 Tankermanse#2817 Eth#21276 spongebob#21422 Best regards NoMXziou80 2d
2d [H] <Yazwa> is recruiting for BFA <Yazwa> is a reformed semi-hardcore guild recruiting raiders (LF all specs atm) to strengthen our roster for BFA, we aim to clear HC at launch and progress on mythic kills at a decent pace, our raid time 19:00 to 22:00 server time, Thursday, Sunday and Monday we do all PVE content from Mythics+ to Mythic Raids The majority of our members consists of arab speaking raiders who have been playing together for over 9 years, but we welcome everyone and anyone who is willing to raid and have fun with us. Please contact any officer if you are interested to join us.Gorelaz6 2d
3d Fury warr 10/11m LFG Hello i'm a 30 year old player who lives in Belgium and i'm looking for a new home what i'm looking for in a guild is to have a laugh and fun and ofc semi hard core raiding pref 3 nights a week . I just server changed so i'm willing to start over , my main was rogue in legion but now i wanna main warrior for bfa . I have 10/11 M exp in legion didn't killed 11/11 since my previous guild decided to stop raiding . So here i am and i hope to find a new stable home you can add my in game marling#21147 to have a chat etc :)Roofer0 3d
4d Macabre and Fabulous LFM (Horde) Macabre and Fabulous LFM LGBT friendly guild (most are from this community) looking for more players pref hybrid dps/tank or dps/heals for casual relaxed raid progression. We raid average 2 per week and are working on clearing the last of normal and into heroic fights. Hopefully leave me an in game mail or whisper ThanksRhewgell1 4d
5d <Exposed> - Boosting Service <Exposed> <World #31> Horde. Offers our services for gold. We are boosting since WOD (Draenor). We are always trying to satisfy our buyers We are currently offering: Full Mythic Antorus (11/11M) Master Looter - Set tier pieces + Items up to 975 ilvl (980 Argus) Cutting Edge Achievement Titanslayer title Garothi Worldbreaker to Coven (9/11M) Master Loot 1 buyer per set tier / Vanquisher, Protector, Conqueror Buyers get all items up to 975 ilvl Sunday 19:00 Server time Mythic Elisande + Gul’dan with guaranteed mount Sunday 18:00 / 18:20 / 18:40 Server time Full Heroic Antorus Master Loot 1 buyer per set tier / Vanquisher, Protector, Conqueror Chance on legendary trinket Pantheon's Blessing drop Buyers get all items up to 970 ilvl Monday 19:00 and 21:00 Server time If you want all armor pieces of your type (ex. plate) we have special offer "Special VIP", more info in DM Argus Heroic Personal Loot Mount drop M+ 15 weekly reward (960+) Mythic Trial of Valor + The Chosen achievement - Preorder [Mythic ToV clear, ", The Chosen" title, The Chosen feat of strength] Other forum posts: Should you be interested in buying any of our services, please contact: hottie#21554Imahottie13 5d
5d [H] O M E G A - 13/13 mythic to top ELLHNIKO guild! Καλησπερα μαγκες και μαγκισες! Η Ωμέγα ξεκινησε σαν μια ιδεα φιλων που παιζουμε καιρο μαζι, συνυπηρξαμε σε ελληνικα guild στο παρελθον, αλλα τα υπαρχοντα casual low progress guilds στον Twisting Nether δεν καλυπτουν το επιπεδο που εχουμε εδω και 10 χρονια συνηθισει να παιζουμε το παιχνιδι! Αυτο δε σημαινει οτι θελουμε να το παιξουμε hardcore και δεχομαστε μονο ατομα που θελουν να κανουν mythic! Ολοι ειναι ευπροσδεκτοι και επιζητουμε μαλιστα ενα μεγαλο community! Ενα community ομως μεσα στο οποιο εχουν θεση και αυτοι που θελουν να καθαριζουν το mythic content πριν το επομενο tier (Cutting Edge)! H εμπειρια του officer team μας περιλαμβανει τα παντα απο τοτε που το Blackrock Mountain ηταν 10αρι raid μεχρι και το παρον mythic content και ξερουμε πως να οδηγισουμε ενα group στην επιτυχια. Αν σας καλυπτουν οι στοχοι μας, επικοινωνηστε. Απαραιτητη προυποθεση ειναι να ξερετε να παιζετε το χαρακτηρα σας σε ψηλο επιπεδο και να δεχεστε την καλοπροαιρετη κρητικη χωρις καταθλιπτικες κρισεις! Επισης να δειξετε λιγο υπομονη τωρα στην αρχη ωσπου να οργανωθουμε και να ρολαρουμε! Τι δε θα δειτε στην ΩΜΕΓΑ: > Να ριχνουμε τα μισα boss του tier (τα ευκολα) και μετα να το ριχνουμε στο Diablo... > 1 μηνα διακοπες Χριστουγεννων, 1 Πασχα και 3 καλοκαιρι. Το guild συνεχιζει να λειτουργει ανεξαρτητως εποχης και οι mythic raiders κανουν τις επιλογες τους αν θελουν να παραμενουν mythic raiders... > Απροετοιμαστους officers σε επιπεδο τακτικων.... > Ανοχη στα επαναλαμβανομενα fails. ΟΛΟΙ failaρουμε! Αλλα αυτος που failarei αδικαιολογητα συνεχεια στο ιδιο πραγμα καθε βδομαδα θα πρεπει να αντιμετωπιστει. > Κακο κλιμα την ωρα του raiding, ειτε αυτο ειναι υπερβολικη χαλαροτητα και παπαρολογια, ειτε απο την αλλη αυστηρο κλιμα, ενταση και αγχωτικο raiding. Τα καναμε και τα δυο και δε μας αρεσαν... Σας περιμενουμε να γνωριστουμε online!!! Απευθυνθειτε στα εξης ατομα: Tassaros, Dudumaster, Mikrokouneli, Tidaldrainer, Inokishi Website: Recruiting Status: Οποιοδηποτε δυνατό application γίνεται δεκτό ανεξαρτήτως αν εχουμε ανοικτο το recruitment στη συγκεκριμένη κλάση! ΤΑ ΛΕΜΕ ΣΥΝΤΟΜΑ !Fusekis53 5d
5d [H] [Swe] <Alter> rekryterar för BfA Server: Twisting Nether Faction: Horde Language: Swedish Wowprogress: För tillfället raidar inte Alter, men vi söker spelare in till Battle for Azeroth! Om oss <Alter> är en comeback från <Alter Reality> som grundades mars 2016 av ett gäng som har high-end experience från tidigare raids. <Alter> siktar på att göra top content med erfarenheten och mindsetet av en topp guild men ändå med en casual approach till raiding. Vi lyckades med Cutting Edge i HFC och EN. Rekryter kommer att förväntas ha kunskap om sin klass och om mekaniker kring klassen. De nuvarande core spelarna är väldigt sammanknutna, och vi vill rekrytera flera som skulle passa bra med oss. Vi är alla mycket sällskapliga och utåtriktade, och lätta att prata med. Det finns en hel del humor och skämt runt omkring, men när det kommer till kritan, förväntar vi oss att alla skall steppa upp och ge det arbete och engagemang som krävs för att åstadkomma Cutting Edge. Det nuvarande teamet består av dedikerade spelare som tar raiding seriöst, som har spelat i andra tävlingsinriktade guilder innan. Eftersom de flesta av oss är studenter eller har ett heltidsjobb så förstår vi att folk lever ett upptaget liv. Därför raidar vi tre dagar i veckan. Mål för Battle for Azeroth Målen för BfA kommer vara att klara av Cutting Edge i alla kommande raids samt att skapa en rolig och skön stämning i och utanför raids. Raidtider Torsdag 19:00 - 22:30 Söndag 19:00 - 22:30 Måndag 19:00 - 22:30 Alla raiddagar inkluderar ett litet break på 10 minuter vid 21:00 tiden. Vad vi letar efter hos en spelare Det allra viktigaste vi letar efter är spelare som delar samma passion för progress raiding. Spelare som är pålitliga och som kan visa samma nivå av fokus och hängivenhet när content kräver det. Att behålla lugnet i stressiga situationer är ett måste i raiding. Vi vill inte ha folk som gnäller efter varje wipe, utan snarare ger tillbaka feedback om varför vi misslyckades med en specifik strategi. Vi vill ha raiders som vi kan lita på, som alltid kommer i tid och är redo för att raida. Raiders som behandlar varandra med respekt, men inte tvekar på att ge konstruktiv kritik om det behövs. Om du har tidigare erfarenheter av raiding så är det uppenbart ett stort plus. Alter kommer att kräva en hög attendance för att inte behöva reprogressa samt att skapa en stadig roster. Det är givet att alla members har Discord och kan kommunicera via det. Gällade specifika klasser som vi söker efter ska finnas på våran wowprogress sida (se ovan), men givetvis är det alltid intressant med exceptionella spelare så skicka in en application! Kontakta oss Quintozz#2936 - GM/RL Elon#1327 - GM/RL Ansök antingen via Battle ID:en ovanför eller via vårat Google formulär: 5d
6d [H] The Prophecy recruits! <TheProphecy> - PvE & PvP Guild on Twisting-Nether EU. The Prophecy was formerly created by Healingplsxd and Dasdudu on 26. June 2015 as a International PvE Guild on a Private Server called Ashran. We spend several years on Ashran. Not because of their quality (it was horrible , believe us), more like because our Guild existed there. We played to become a good guild, maybe the best on their servers. From time to time some of us went back to retail and we decided to re-create our Guild here on Twisting-Nether. And thats how we stranded here. With that said we are currently looking for new players to join our Guild. We aim to progress at mythic content in BfA, and offer stable raids and a friendly environment. Currently we are looking for anything (Tanks/DPS/Heals). Our Requirements are listed below Requirements: Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs Discord with a working microphone At least 18 years old Be willing to work with the guild to acomplish the same goalsWhat we offer you! 3day/week raiding. Clean and organized raids. No split runs. Memes and bad jokes and humor.For more questions and maybe applications add me here: Pyru#21456Healingplsxd2 6d
6d [H] <Innominatum> Antorus Mythic Boost and more Hey Twisting Nether <Innominatum> is one of the highest ranked 3 day raiding guilds in the world with 11/11 Antorus Mythic. As a guild we've been selling raid + loot boosts for over 3 years, with thousands of satisfied customers. We ONLY accept gold as payment and we accept gold on ALL servers! What we have to offer right now is: Mythic + Mythic +15 Dungeons for Weekly reward + Keystone Master achievmentMythic Raid Argus Mythic + Shackled Ur'zul Mount Antorus Mythic 11/11 + loot + Shackled Ur'zul Mount Antorus Mythic 11/11 + lootHeroic Raid Antorus 11/11 Heroic Personal loot Antorus 11/11 Heroic MasterlootMounts and Glory Gul'dan Mythic + Fiendish Hellfire Core mount The Chosen Title + Transmog set Glory of the Legion Raider Achievment + Mount Glory of the Tomb Raider Achievment + Title Glory of the Argus Raider Achievment + MountWe ONLY accept gold as payment[/b] and we accept gold on ALL servers! To book a spot add my battle-tag: Xheno#2560 We do our best to get our buyers as much loot as possible. We're always running with or close to a full 30 man group and none of our raiders are saved for any of the bosses, which means we'll get maximum amount of loot drops from every boss. We will trade all loot we can to the buyers in the run, if more than 1 buyer can use same item the item will be rolled on in raid chat. Boosting Thread from previous expansion can be found here: For more info or if u have any questions please add my battle-tag: Xheno#2560 or send me a whisper in-game.Xhéno111 6d
11 Jul [H] One Percent Wipe (10/11M), 3 days/week Greetings! One Percent Wipe is an International English speaking guild with players from all over Europe (England, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Greece, Republic of Cyprus, Russia and many more). All raiders have experience throughout previous and current content. The founders of our guild have been playing together since Vanilla. One Percent Wipe formed on Twisting Nether in January 2018. We have come a long way since then and our journey is only just beginning. We offer a friendly guild and a stable progressive raiding environment with like-minded players who respect others time spent in raids and a drama free atmosphere. Our aim is to finish Antorus the Burning Throne Mythic and conquer the upcoming expansion, Battle for Azeroth and beyond! Our goal is to finish Mythic raiding content amongst the top 1000 guilds while maintaining a semi-hardcore attitude with less than 10 hours per week overall raid time. We raid 3 nights a week: (server time) Wednesday, 20.00 – 22.30 Sunday, 20.00 – 22.30 Monday, 20.00 – 22.30 We use RC Loot Council System and communicate using Discord. We are looking for exceptional, reliable, passionate raiders with a good attitude towards end-game raiding who know how to play their classes well. We expect everyone to come prepared for raids. Recruiting: If you are interested, then please contact us and don't forget the link to your current logs! Fil#2512 Aura#2389 Take care and have a good day!Naikiri9 11 Jul
10 Jul Friends looking for guild Greetings, My friends and I are looking for a raiding guild for BFA, We are currently 5 people; 1 Rogue, 1 Warlock, 1 priest (healer/shadow), Druid (balance) and Mage. We are all exceptional raiders with experience going way back till TBC expansion. This includes Challenge Modes, Mythic+ High keys. We are looking for a raiding guild that raids 2 days, with a maximum of 3 days. What we are looking for is a guild that is serious towards raiding and mythic+. During legion we played casually with other friends, but for BFA we want to go for a bit more hardcore raiding while attaining just 2 max 3 days raid. This leaves us open to do mythic+ during off-days and push high keys. If you have any questions feel free to contact us at; Grylutz#2775Sixtuzzfear2 10 Jul
10 Jul [HORDE] Gallywix Boosting Community Gallywix Boosting Community Gallywix Boosting is a recently formed community with 100+ high-end 11/11 Mythic players from across Europe, most being active raiders within top 50 ranked guilds in the World. We bring reliable, quality boosts and accept payments on all realms in GOLD ONLY. Current Boost Schedule: ST = Server Time (CEST/GMT+1) Antorus Heroic Personal Loot - All unsaved boosters rolling out loot they don't need. - Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday @20:00ST & 20:30ST Mythic Gul'dan Mount - Can be accommodated on most days @18:00ST, 18:30ST & 23:00ST Mythic Elisande - Convergence of Fates trinket [905+ ilvl] - Can be accommodated on most days @18:00ST & 23:00ST Mythic Trial of Valor & 'The Chosen' Achievement - Every day @17:00ST, 17:30ST, 23:30ST and 00:00ST Glory Achievement Runs - Argus Raider, Legion Raider & Tomb Raider - We hold 1 of the 3 Glory runs each Thursday & Sunday on a rotation @ around 18:00ST Antorus Heroic Master Loot - You get full priority on Tier and Armor-Type for your class. Relics/Trinkets/Rings/Necks/Cloaks will be Main-Spec rolled out, max 3 buyers per run. - Can be accommodated on most days @20:30ST Want a boost on a day or at a time not listed? Contact us and we will try to accommodate you. - In the very rare event of a failed boost, you will receive a free rescheduled boost or a refund - To find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us by joining our Discord server or contacting me directly by using one of the methods below: Discord Invite Link: Discord - Xen#0798 Battletag - Executrix#2206 We hope to hear from you soon! :)Xenuk5 10 Jul
09 Jul Experienced player LF Mythic guild (H) -Experienced player looking for a mythic guild for BFA. -26 years old - located in Denmark - I work 37 hours a week, but besides that I have plenty of time for WoW, raiding and all it entails. I don't have many plans regarding raiding for the remainder of Legion. I'd rather spend my time leveling various characters and getting them on the PTR to try out different specs, as for what my main for BFA will be is still questionable. I have mained almost all specs in the past for atleast 1 raid tier. It's just a matter of what I find to be the most engaging but at the same time viable for cutting edge content. Right now I am leaning towards warlock, warrior, death knight or shaman, but with the way blizzard is addressing class balancing on the PTR right now I still feel anything is possible. Whatever happens balancing wise over the next weeks I plan on maintaining atleast 1 alt, but most likely more as BFA is looking to be much more alt friendly than the early stages of Legion were. Tl;dr: I'm willing to cater to a guild roster's needs. I understand from a guild management PoV that it's frustrating to have all your members undecided on what their mains for a new expansion will be, so therefor let me know your current roster's status and deadline and we'll figure something out. What I contribute with to a guild: -Positivity -High attendance -Dedication -Sense of humor -Passion for self improvement + team progression -loyalty What i expect from a guild: -Sense of humor -Well established and experienced leadership -Atleast 12 hours of PROGRESSION raiding a week, more is especially favorable when a new raid tier is released. -High quality + efficient raids. I don't have much tolerance for delayed raids due to tardy raiders or lots of downtime between pulls (unless that time is being used on something productive.) -Stable + balanced roster. Being benched during progression because of raid comp is fine, infact it's expected. -socializing, whether it be mythic+, transmog runs, HC clears, alt gearing, pvp or even just !@#$in around in goldshire. It's all desired as it's great for team building and i'm a sucker for actually enjoying my time with fellow guildies. My most recent logs if it should be of interest. (early legion) Feel free to hit me up for a chat and/or with any questions you may have. - Dreadmist#1986 Discord - Dreadmist#5826Demondread1 09 Jul
08 Jul A Casual Tale, Raid team for BFA <A Casual Tale> Is a newly formed raiding guild getting ready for the release of BFA! We are formed of ex hardcore mythic raiders looking to take a seat back and progress at a more relaxed pace. We currently are in need of; 1 Tank 2/3 Healers Ranged/Melee DPS Current raid day's will be Friday / Sunday - 20:00-23:00 realm time and a third day may be added later. Our goal is to enjoy current content and progress while having a fun atmosphere, being able to push mythic + to be ready for Uldir release. Some raiding experience is required and class knowledge but further progressing can be helped with class forum's or guild member's support. Have a lovely day! and hope to hear from you soon.Hídán0 08 Jul
08 Jul [H] Bella Horrida | PVE | Semi-Hardcore Formed in April 2016, Bella Horrida primarily focused on World PVP & PVP. We sought big (and small) fights out in the open world, fighting many guilds and individuals and we became one of the strongest World PVP guilds on the realm (Defias Brotherhood). With the launch of Legion and the implementation of many 'World-PVP' breaking technologies (sharding etc), we decided to switch our focus to PVE at the end of T20. We killed Kiljaeden with a small group of 11, however our guild roster tripled / quadrupled in T21 when we decided to start recruiting specifically for PVE. We hit 5/11M at the start of March and decided to transfer realm to Twisting Nether to seek players more suited to us. Raid Schedule Wednesday (Raid Progression) Sunday (Raid Progression) Saturday (OPTIONAL Lower Difficulty Raid - Farm) All of our events run from 20:30 - 23:00 (realm time). We are also planning to run RBGs once a week on Tuesdays (at our typical event time). We will be aiming to hit 2K in every single season as a guild, which is a relatively easy feat to achieve with the correct co-ordination and players. This is completely optional as not every player is interested in RBGs, and we can only take a max of 10 players each time. The first few weeks of each season will help us decide what kind of team (and more importantly, who) we will be pushing with to hit 2K+. Guild Standards We have a couple of requirements for all of our guild members, all of which contribute to maintaining a mature, constructive environment within the guild which directly benefits our raid progression. Discord with a working microphone Adequate knowledge of the English Language At least 18 years oldWe also ask that players who wish to join us, do so with an open mind to progression and the way we do things. Sometimes, personal sacrifice is needed in order to help the guild progress through content at a fast enough pace to ensure there is as much benefit to the guild as a whole with the content that has been completed. This means that players who are perhaps playing an already-stacked class or aren't pulling their own weight in a raid environment will be asked to sit out until that issue has been resolved. Something else that we also pride ourselves on is the vast class knowledge that the majority of us possess. Many of us enjoy re-rolling (when needed) and understand other classes and specs to the point of being able to guide other members in playing their classes better. Want to join us? If you are interested in joining, please get in touch with any of our members and you will be directed to an Officer or the GM. We will ask you several questions, making sure that the guild is a right fit for you and vice versa. You can also contact me through my directly, Throthnir#21518 Thanks!Thotnir0 08 Jul
08 Jul [H] Prot Warr looking for raiding guild Hi guys, just returned from a ~3 year hiatus, skipping all of Legion content and playing catch-up now to be ready for BfA. I'm looking for a guild who raids 3 (or 4, when needed) nights a week, who are serious about progression but have fun while doing it. You can expect 99% attendance, always prepared and ready to help out if other things need to be done as well. I have a lot of experience leading raids and guilds since Vanilla, but now looking to be part of a team instead of leading one. Are you in need of a tank, just let me know! Also, feel free to add me on Warstomper#2231Warstomper0 08 Jul
07 Jul WTS Best Character Names I decided to play my char for exp but got very good names and willing to sell to support your awesomeness. PYRO (hard casting...) HAND (think about it with of the horde, orgrimmar titles etc.) PO (imagine a pandaren monk) DO (you know rogues do it behind) BAM (an annoying hunter) PALA (oh no...) FELLBOY (dh) In-game gold only. 5m for each name, no bargaining. Hassansabbah#2142Do2 07 Jul
07 Jul Retri paladin looking for semi HC guild Hello there, I am 20 year old student living in Serbia. I'm looking for 1-2 days in week raiding guild that has done some mythic progress and wanting to do same in BFA. About my experience, I used to be a raid leader during Nighthold and led to 3/10M since we were more social than we were raiding guild. I am good listener and always up challenge. Atm. I got 11/11HC experience this character is my alt. Raid times preferable are at or after 8pm and NOT during Friday and Saturday You can add me at btag Makisa#2180Ahneasten0 07 Jul
07 Jul ---- ----Healingplsxd0 07 Jul
06 Jul <Oblivion> 11/11M Boosting Community Hello and Welcome to Oblivion's Boost Community, formed by top 11/11M Raiding Teams. We Provide our Boosting Services on Eu Horde Only. -If we fail to achieve a Boost run for you, you will get the full refund for the price you paid for the boost. -Once you become a regular buyer, you will also receive free boosts and discounts on certain occasions. We accept payment on Any realm, you can find a regularly updated list of prices on our Discord Server. Discord Link: What do we provide: Trials Of Valor Mythic + The Chosen Title : Days: Any Day Time: 16:30 - 00:30 Server Time (Runs every 30minutes) Extra Info: You will Receive 3 Achievements and The Chosen Title. Nighthold Mythic: Elisande Trinket (Convergence of Fate): Day: Any Day (6 runs per day) Time: 17:30/18:15/19:00/19:40/23:30 Server Time (Flexible with times) Guldan Mount: Day: Any Day (6 runs per day) Time: 17:30/18:15/19:00/19:40/23:30 Server Time (Flexible with times) Extra Info: You will get Guldan Mythic Achievement and Mount! Guldan Mount + Full Run: Day: Any Day Time: Custom Time (What Suits You) Extra Info: You will get Full loot priority from all 10 bosses and Guldan Mythic Mount! Antorus, The Burning Throne: Antorus Heroic Masterloot Full loot Priority: Day: Any Day (Have 1-2 runs per day) Time: 17:00/23:00 Server Time (Flexible with Times) Group Size: 20-25 all unsaved Extra Info: Full loot priority is basically you get all the loot you need for your spec. You will Roll on Rings/Necks/Cloaks. Antorus Heroic Personal Loot : Day: Everyday Time: 15:00/18:00/20:30/22:30 Server Time Extra Info: Boosters Roll out loot that they don't need! Boosters are unsaved! Antorus Heroic PL Special : Day: Custom Day (up to you!) Time: Custom Time (up to you!) Extra Info: We assign 3 unsaved players of the same class to trade all items to you. Argus Heroic Personal Loot : Day: Every Day except Wednesday Time: 17:00/20:00/22:30/00:30 Server Time Extra Info: Get your Curve, Mount and Chance on Legendary/Pantheon Trinket! Glory of Argus Raider : Day: Sunday Time: 20:30 Server Time Extra Info: Done via Normal difficulty, Get your Glory Mount and Lots of Achievements! Glory of Legion Raider : Day: Sunday Time: 20:30 Server Time Extra Info: Done via Normal difficulty, Get your Glory Mount and Lots of Achievements! Note: If you are interested in booking a spot for the services we provide, please join the discord and if the boost you are looking for is not listed then you can ask about it as well! Contact us Discord Invite Link:é2 06 Jul
06 Jul [H] LF Guild for casual player in BfA Hi. I am currently looking for a guild to play with in BfA. The guild I am looking for is has a friendly environment where people talk to and help each other. I want to be in a guild where I can enjoy content like doing Mythic+ dungeons and to some raiding. I have put casual in the title - and with that I mean that I want to be in a guild where I don't have so stick to a strict raiding schedule. But rather sign up when I got the time. But I do expect that the people that sign up for a raid come prepared with things like enchants, looked up strategy etc. Tbh, as a casual raider beeing prepared is very important as you got less time for raiding - so you need to make the most of it. I plan play as a shaman, and I want to play elemental main specc with resto off-spec. But I don't have any trouble with healing in raids and dungeons. Got any questions? Want to take a chat? Just message me ingame or leave a reply here. My shaman has the same name as my warrior: kashug.Kashug0 06 Jul
05 Jul <Mythic Ravers> boosts! <Mythic Ravers> 11/11M are offering the following boosts: POPULAR Mythic Gul'Dan kill + Loot + Hellfire Infernal mount Mythic Elisande kill + Loot (Except Convergence of Fates) Convergence of Fates (One-time payment, you get invited to our runs until it drops) Antorus HEROIC 11/11 PL/ML Antorus MYTHIC 11/11 PL/ML Mythic +15 (your key, or if you don't have one we will provide it for you) for weekly chest, and +15 in time for Keystone Master. Tomb of Sargeras Normal/Heroic/Mythic PL/ML Nighthold Normal/Heroic/Mythic PL/ML Trial of Valor Normal/Heroic/Mythic PL/ML Emerald Nightmare Normal/Heroic/Mythic PL/ML Glory of the Legion Raider Glory of the Tomb Raider Glory of the Argus Raider The team's average item level is 975+, to ensure a smooth and fast run. We only accept GOLD as payment and currently we are only taking gold on Twisting Nether. *We require a 20% deposit in advance in case you do not show up for the arranged date.* Add me on my btag: Nevermore#2191Nimbro26 05 Jul
04 Jul Pieces-Draenor Boosting Service <Pieces> [World Rank 6] are offering our raid boosts again, helping you to get your epic gear, achievements, mounts, titles or simply experiencing the highest level of raiding in person! We have a long history of successful boosting. On our Draenor thread you can find comments and recommendations from players we helped. We are currently offering: Mythic Argus with guaranteed Mount - 7.5m [includes ALL loot for your spec, Cutting Edge achievement, Shackled Ur'zul mount, ... the Titanslayer title] Mythic Argus - 3m [includes leftover loot only, Cutting Edge achievement, ... the Titanslayer title] Garothi + Aggramar added for above boosts - 0.5m We are switching to a one day schedule until the prepatch (Doing 3x Garothi>Aggramar>Argus). We might do some full runs when prepatch hit and will be able to take buyers here. We are no longer offering The Chosen and Guldan Mount but we can set you up with other trustworthy guilds if you contact us. We would also like to thank every buyer/boostee we had this expansion. You made a significant contribution to the guilds success by allowing us to buy the supplies and gear we require. We trully appreciate it and hope to see you return to our boosts in BFA. Discounts for multiboxers or people buying multiple runs can be discussed! Also while buying a combination of runs, we’re able to offer you a suitable discount. Should you be interested in buying any of our services, please contact: Penkek#2282 Our wowprogress is found below. Thanks and we hope to see you in game!Penkek4 04 Jul
04 Jul (Ravencrest) Weekend Raiding guild Ineffable is a newly formed guild that was created for the soul purpose of Raiding in bfa and having fun with a team to achieve goals. We are looking for Skilled,Dedicated,Social players to help create a team where we can enjoy raiding together to progress as far as possible while keeping the fun factor. Raid Days : -Saturday - 19:30-23:00 Server Time -Sunday - 19:30-23:00 Server Time We will be focusing on Mythic Plus in the week pushing the boundaries higher and higher each week. Socials will also be welcome to join the guild for such things like, Mythic Plus and PVP and the optional alt/social raid (still undecided) Contacts : Wolfzkíe - Wolfskie#2902 Ayeen - Ace#2950 Draugru - Rexon#2536Wolfzkíe0 04 Jul
04 Jul [H] LF Heroic clear guild. Hello. I'm looking for a guild on Horde that plans to raid heroic in BFA and clear every week. I consider myself a good player and I learn fast, I guess. I have three chars but I don't know which character I am going to play when we are going into BFA. I plan to play: Feral, wwMonk or Havoc DH. Looking to raid twice a week when we start progressing, and then hopefully only once a week when we have cleared it the first couple of weeks.Feralcat0 04 Jul
04 Jul [H] Solid Liquid-Twisting Nether (11/11M Antorus) About Solid Liquid is a Semi-Hardcore Horde guild on Twisting Nether, that was formed in September 2016. Our guild has grown quite a bit since then. It's core are members that played World of Warcraft many years ago and returned for legion. Goal Our current goal is to strengthen our raiding team and have a steady progress in Tomb of Sargeras. Schedule Wednesday: 19:00 - 23:00 (realm time) Thursday : 19:00 - 23:00 (realm time) Monday : 19:00 - 23:00 (realm time) -------------------------------------------------------- Sunday : 19:00 - 23:00 (optional Realm time) Alt raids/ HC runs for those that want. We are currently: 11/11M, 11/11 HC Antorus. Previous patch: 10/10 Mythic NH, 3/3 Mythic ToV, 8/9 M ToS 9/9 HC. Recruitment Since we are currently trying to strengthen our core we are looking for a squad that consists of roughly 25 active members. With a flexible number we are able to raid when some players can't make the raid or a progression boss asks for a certain setup. We expect an attendance close to 90%. Those that drop below without a clear reason will be penalized. Recruiting: Guardian Druid Brewmaster Monk Mistweaver Monk Holy/Discipline Priest Restoration Druid Windwalker Monk Feral Druid Havoc Demonhunter Enhancement Shaman Marksmanship/Beast Master Hunter Any exceptional players are always considered. Contact Crazyheal#2289, Erashnak#2943, or Zananni#2304 in game or Apply to our Website. 04 Jul
03 Jul LF GUILD FOR BFA - H OR A Hi i am 24 years old i am from the North-west of England and i have a small family and a full time job. With BFA on the horizon im trying to find a new home for myself for the future. HORDE OR ALLIANCE (I'm very willing to start fresh on a new server) What i am looking for - Friendly and welcoming environment Willing to help each other and actually play the game together Banter, i need good people to be able to have a laugh and a joke ACTIVE, i need a guild that is active. Caters for the people with real life comitments but still takes a serious stanced on raiding, depending on the days i can 2 raid nights a week in.If your guild fits my needs or you know a guild that does please let me know drop me a message on this post or add me on Bnet @ DaviidJH9519#2539 Thank you, David. :)Zelexia1 03 Jul
02 Jul ~The Gallywix Community~ PvE/PvP Selfplay gold boosts ~The Gallywix Community~ Note: All our boosts are for GOLD ONLY If you want to see a review of one of our boosts, check out BregVids vid here! ... Now offering multiple types of boost: PvP Done by players that can be seen on the very top of arena leaderboards like Wâllirikz, Illustrated, Xot, Dakkroth and others! ★ Rating ★ Saddle / Mount ★ Cap ★ Coaching M+ - Done by multiple teams from MDI and players like Fragnance, Gingi, Naowh, Adaque, Lepan, Childintime and others! ★ 15s to 25s in time ★ M+ Score PvE - Done by players from top guilds like Method, FatSharkYes, ScrubBusters, Innominatum and others! ★ Antorus Mythic/Heroic/Glory (PLs & MLs) ★ Nighthold Mythic/Hellfire Infernal Mount/Glory ★ Trial of Valor - The Chosen ★ Emerald Nightmare - Glory PvP Boosts Discord/Battletag - Bastu#2490 All our prices can be seen here: ... Raid Boosts - Discord - Xen#0798/Battletag - Executrix#2206 Antorus Heroic Personal Loot - Thursday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday @20:00ST Mythic Gul'dan Mount - Can be accommodated on most days @18:00ST and 23:00ST 'The Chosen' Achievement - Saturday & Sunday @17:00ST & 17:30ST (other days/times may be possible to arrange) Glory Achievement Runs - We hold 1 of the 3 Glory runs each Sunday on a rotation @20:00ST Antorus Heroic Master Loot - Can be accommodated on most days @18:00ST and 23:00ST time slots M+ Boosts Discord - Speed#1932/Battletag - Childintime#21882 20+ Completed In Time - 500k 21+ Completed In Time - 750k 22+ Completed In Time - 900k 23+ Completed In Time - 1,100k 24+ Completed In Time - 1,350k 25+ Completed In Time - 1,600k List of Streaming Boosters PvE PvP 02 Jul
02 Jul Ninth Order(11/11M) Mythic & Heroic boostruns Hello Twisting Nether, Ninth Order 11/11M is selling boosts for mythic related content. We are a recently transferred guild from Frostmane! (OG thread) With our history of successful boosts in previous expansions and great reputation as a guild you don't need to worry about a thing. Most of us have the experience of doing over a 1000+ boosts. Our group is made of officers and raiders from Ninth Order. If you ever have a complaint about any of our members do not hesitate to inform us and we will do our best to resolve any sort of misunderstandings. You will get exactly what you paid for, you will make friends, have a laugh and definitely come back again for either a run on your alt character or other boostruns. What are we boosting ? Guldan mount - 1.5M 10/11M antorus - 4M 11/11M antorus - 6.5M 11/11M+mount - negotiable and very limited, taking bids Argus M only - 3M Argus M only+mount - negotiable and very limited, taking bids *** ask ingame Talho#2887 if you want prices on full loot priority *** What will you be receiving from these boosts ? ALL 960, 965 loot that your class can use, this includes ALL the TIER tokens if they drop (1 per boss) ALL 970+ loot, that nobody wants. Our average ilvl is 978, you will have a chance for TF! If you paid for a full loot priority boost, you'll be getting EVERY 960-985 item for you class You get all achievements for killing the bosses A chance to get Antoran Charhound, Taeshalach and a RED Scythe of the UnmakerWhen are we boosting ? We are able to boost on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Our raids start around 19:45 and we finish at 23:30. A FULL mythic 11/11M boost can take 2 days (most of the time we're done in 3hours). Payment We accept gold on most servers. If it's a server we don't generally do, we ask the cost of 3 tokens more ! If you are buying multiple boosts, we will give you a cut ! Prices can and will be changed as the time goes by so feel free to poke me about them along the way. For additional information about the boost and scheduling whisper Talho#2887 and I will provide all the answers in game. Original feedback thread : Hope to see you soon! :)Talho1 02 Jul
30 Jun Please delete :) Please delete :)Aglaïs0 30 Jun
27 Jun <Cwtch> 9/11M Recruiting For Mythic Welcome to Cwtch! 9/11M guild currently in search of people with a good mindset to continue our progress now and in BFA. The expansion maybe coming to an end though it doesn't mean we'll stop trying to reach our goal of cutting-edge. As long as we have the numbers, we'll keep raiding. We're always looking to improve our roster so don't be afraid to contact an officer and apply! :) We are currently recruiting a couple RDPS. All applicants will be considered however. Language: English Raid Schedule (CET): - Wednesday: 20:00 - 23:00 - Thursday: 20:00 - 23:00 - Sunday: 20:00 - 23:00 INVITES GO OUT 15 MINS EARLY About Cwtch: - We were formed by a group of friends that stopped raiding for a while but are now back. - We strive to progress at a relatively decent rate while maintaining a friendly, non-toxic atmosphere. - We like to have fun but the main aim is to improve, progress and eventually get cutting-edge. - We raid 3 days a week and sometimes we throw in an optional raid for those who want. What we require from you: - We want people who are dedicated to World of Warcraft and that shows up to every raid. We need individuals who prioritise mechanics and teamwork over DPS and padding their logs. - Turn up on time to our raids and if you know you can do a mechanic then volunteer to do it. - We require reliable players. If you have frequent recurring absence or lateness then you will not be taken as a serious player and this guild is not the place for you. - Come prepared for every raid, meaning you know the boss, the strategy that we are using and make sure that your character and alt's are raid ready. Loot Distribution: We use RCLootCouncil to distribute loot. Choices are made item by item depending on: individual skill, attendance, the overall benefit to the raid, loot already received and any other variables deemed relevant at the time. How to apply: If you are interested in joining us, then feel free to add any of our officers on BNet Harper#2309(GM) Arkirian#2285(Recruitment Officer) Spinelash#2379(Raid Lead)Arkilock6 27 Jun
24 Jun About Nether Greetings. I was wondering if anyone here plays on Twisting Nether? Could anyone that play there tell me if the server has high pop and if there are any social guilds around?Dicer2 24 Jun
23 Jun [H] Ele shaman looking for guild Greetings, im posting from my previous main so you can see what raiding achieves etc ive gotten before. Ive been raiding on and off wow sience vanilla really, raided halfway through legion before work got hold of me and prevented me from keeping it up. Now im back and ive discovered that my previous guild has disbanded and are not really playing anymore and isnt planning on playing in BFA. So here i stand, guildless and alone. My initial plan is to reroll from warrior -> shaman My warcraft logs from when i actually was raiding back at Legion launch. Anyways, hope i hear from someone soon ^^ im currently gearing up Frexsha wich will be my new main so feel free to whisper ingame aswell. Or add me on Bnet. Frexima#2410 if ya want any more info.Frexie0 23 Jun
23 Jun [H] Sellrun Herald of the Titans Hello friends We, WotlK United, are selling the title „Herald of the Titans“ on Horde and Alliance side. For this feat of strenght/achievment u need to kill „Algalon the observer“ on 10-player mode with level 80. Also there is an itemlevel restriction to max 226 and weapons 232. So as a result you need a lvl 80 character to do this. Gear isn‘t needed because we‘re killing the boss for you. After the kill, you‘ll recieve the feat of strenght „Herald of the Titans“ and the title aswell. This title is accountwide for all characters above level 80. Our group is an experienced boosting group and started boosting Challenge Modes and Raids back in "MoP". Today we specialize ourself in "Herald of The Titans", because there are so many groups selling Mythic+ and Raids that aren't really special. FAQ: Prices: → All german realms: 150.000 Gold → Argent Dawn, Silvermoon, Quel‘thalas, Kazzak, Twisting Nether, Outland, Draenor -EU: 150.000 Gold → All other EU realms 200.000 Gold Our service: → Fast boost (10-15 min) → Going AFK infight possible What do you get? → The feat of strenght: „Herald of the Titans“ → The title „Herald of the Titans“ Procedure → Whisper me ingame: Issra (Argent Dawn-EU alliance)/ Wînters (Blackmoore-EU alliance) or add me on Winters#2786 → Date finding → 50% party payment → Get boosted → Pay the rest With best regards. Wînters For questions, just contact me.Wînters9 23 Jun
22 Jun [H] <Citizens of Dalaran> 4/11 M - RECRUITING for BfA! <Citizens of Dalaran> About Citizens: Laid-back guild built around a group of ex-tryhard friends trying to slow down a bit, but still achieve decent results on the raiding scene. Come join us in a solid and friendly group and make some great friends in the process! Currently in need of dps + offspec healers who are looking for a place to transform their commitment and enthusiasm into abilities. We'd like to share our experience with souls eager to learn. Before you apply: We take raiding seriously, but we also put great focus into M+ and trying to keep the guild as a community reaching outside of raiding. Members are expected to know when it is ok to goof around and when it is time to get down to business. Absurd, silly behaviour is omnipresent, as well as mildly offensive themes, so you must be open to that sort of humor. Citizens of Dalaran is strictly an 18 and older guild. Members are required to have a stable internet connection, a computer capable of raiding, Discord with a working microphone, an open mind, and a good attitude. Attendance Raid times: 19:45-23:00 realm time Wednesday, Thursday - Progression days Sunday - Running Normal or optionally progression Monday - Achievements for the lulz Loot Citizens distribute loot via loot council. The loot council prioritizes players and classes that will most benefit the raid to improve progression. Progress Antorus - 3/11M Tomb of Sargeras - 9/9HC Approach an officer/recruiter directly via BattleTag to chat today - Khaien#2241, Nietza#2850, Pietyr#2545, Keva12#2320 22 Jun
21 Jun <Oblivion> Boost Community Recruiting! Discord Link: Hello there and Welcome to Oblivion’s Boost Recruitment Forum. Interested in boosting or advertisement or both? Interested in making gold and being part of a community? Tired of sitting in dalaran not doing anything? Running low on gold? Have experience in boosting? Then we have the solution to your problems! Oblivion is not just a boosting community but also is considered as a second guild for people in which people hangout, play other games, boost and of course meet new people in the wow community. If you are interested in Boosting/Advertisement, then feel free and apply to our Boost Application Form. Horde Application: Alliance Application: Once you have applied, you will be approached by section leaders from horde/alliance section and get asked for a chat on teamspeak/discord. If you have more questions regarding the subject, you can always join our discord and ask the specific people incharge of specific sections. Discord Link: Advertisement: If you speak English and have questions regarding advertisement, please speak to our English Head Advertiser: Bobo/Visborg. If you speak German and have questions regarding advertisement, please speak to our German Head Advertiser: Absentix If you speak French and have questions regarding advertisement, please speak to our French Head Advertiser: Atomick Boosting: If you would like to inquire about your application or have certain questions that you would like answered, please speak to the assigned section leaders responsible of applications. 1- Lanai 2- Nome 3- Anitahead 4- Stybax Note: You will have to join the discord in order to reach our section leaders!Nctme1 21 Jun
21 Jun Experienced Mythic Holy Paladin LFG For BFA Hello! I'm currently looking for a guild that offers a progressive raiding environment 3 days a week (3 would probably be ideal, 4 is fine for early tier progress) beginning 20:00 PM server time or later. I would like to find a guild that has obtained Cutting Edge in most tiers in Legion, or at the very least a solid level of progress with a good team atmosphere, and who can continue to offer the same in BFA. Activity in the guild outside of raid times would be very welcome as well. I hit Cutting Edge in Tomb of Sargeras and took a break during Antorus (5/11M). I have been raiding mythic at a high level since back in early WoD and I am looking to continue to do so in BFA. I'm currently Horde on Draenor-EU and I would be willing to transfer realms for the right guild. I'm currently maining as a Holy Paladin and intend to continue doing so in BFA, but would be willing to consider playing a different healing class if absolutely necessary. My Paladin: Contact info: Battletag: Ferbian#2203 Discord: Ferbian#7185Alynarie0 21 Jun
20 Jun Türk Guild Arıyorum Sosyal Raider türk guildi arıyorum Düzenli heroic antorus ve m+ yapabilceğim güzel saygılı ortam arıyorum Discord veya teamspeak farketmez bulundurabilirimChiraqlady10 20 Jun
18 Jun Twisting Nether Türk Guildi Twisting Nether`da Türk guildi kuruyorum. Gelmek istiyen yazabilirPelageyá0 18 Jun
18 Jun [H] PRESTIGIOUS PvP GUILD <PRESTIGIOUS> is a newly formed PvP driven guild. If you enjoy PvP join us and play with other 2k+ players. You can take part in guild organised 5v5 1v1 wargame duels and of course premade 2s/3s and RBGs. Currently we are recruiting all players who are focused on PvP and socials are welcome too :) (Add me on for questions and more info EzPez#21294)Penii1 18 Jun
16 Jun Horde PvP guild =Honza1 16 Jun
16 Jun [H]Brothers in Arms(Emeriss) набира играчи за BfA Набираме играчи от всички класове за Battle for Azeroth. <Brothers in Arms> е Българскa PvE гилдия основана октомври 2006. От тогава досега никога не сме прекъсвали райдоветe преди да свалим последния бос на контента.Legion го завършваме c Antorus: The Burning Throne 11/11 Mythic и 4/5 Cutting Edge. Pайд дни : Понеделник,Сряда,Четвъртък и Неделя oт 20:30 до 24:00. Изискванията са ни играчите да са над 18 години,80% активност за райдоветe и Discord/TS плюс микрофон. Приемането в гилдията става единствено чрез подаването на апликация,а ние държим тя да е максимално точна и грамотно написана.Уверете се, че сте прочели правилата на Brothers in Arms, преди да подадете апликацията си. Какво можем да предложим ние: - Стабилна гилдия, която райдвa повече от 12 години. - Конкурентен прогрес c четири райдa седмично. - Справедливо ръководство без деление на хората. - Стабилен ръководен състав и опитен райд лидер. Какво очакваме от вас: - Подготовка с консумативи и познания за босовете. - Висока мотивация по време на прогреса и фарм райдовете. - Добро познаване на собствения герои. - Отношение "отбор на първо място" Не искаме хора, които просто влизат на фарм райдовете, да получат плячка и след това да изчезнат за прогреса.Имаме желание да вземем още няколко човека без значение от класовете,но най вече търсим стабилно задклавиатурно устройство. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- За да пуснете апликация,регистрирайте се в нашия форум 16 Jun