Twisting Nether

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2h LF Horde guild LF horde guild! I want to level this character to level 110, but to do that i want to have a guild so the experience gets better. When i get to 110 my plans is to raid hc not push for mythic if i dont make this my main character (my mains are on zenedar) comment if you are interested or just want more information about me! Have a nice day /AffehAffeh1 2h
2h LF Ally guild LF alliance guild (as an social player) comment if your are interested or want more info about me!Altootla1 2h
12h [H] Cowlorier 101 Twink - Selling boost! Cowlorier - 101 Twink Hello & Welcome! I am a balance druid twink selling dungeon boosts from 100-110 with a unique referral offer to all my new costumers. Before you chose me as your booster - Please read thru the thread and watch my youtube videos in order to get a better understanding how I do my pulls, this way you will know in advance how to avoid getting killed from overextending and also get more experience. Information about the referral system: For every 2 friends you recruit to buy a boost from me [5 levels or more] you earn a free 100-110 boost. This boost with heirloom gear will take a few hours to complete. If you do not have a character yourself that need the boost, you can chose to give that free boost to a friend of yours. In order for you and your friends to take part of this referral system I only require you to have full heirloom gear (Ring not included). * This referral system in Unique to Tarren Mill & Draenor realm ONLY! Requirements for the boost service: ilvl 680+ and Order hall Unlocked. Minimum of 40% Experience heirloom gear. No AFK at entrance - Stay in range for experience. Prices: 7.000g/level 65.000g/100-110 Accepting gold on: All realms and factions if you buy for more than 30 000g! Otherwise it's the following realms: - Tarren Mill - Draenor - Sylvanas (Alliance) More information & videos: YouTube: Twitch: If you have any questions or if you are intrested in getting your character boosted, with or witout the referal system please contact me in game. Battletag: Kaffekungen#21829Cowlorier0 12h
20h [H] O M E G A - 13/13 mythic to top ELLHNIKO guild! Καλησπερα μαγκες και μαγκισες! Η Ωμέγα ξεκινησε σαν μια ιδεα φιλων που παιζουμε καιρο μαζι, συνυπηρξαμε σε ελληνικα guild στο παρελθον, αλλα τα υπαρχοντα casual low progress guilds στον Twisting Nether δεν καλυπτουν το επιπεδο που εχουμε εδω και 10 χρονια συνηθισει να παιζουμε το παιχνιδι! Αυτο δε σημαινει οτι θελουμε να το παιξουμε hardcore και δεχομαστε μονο ατομα που θελουν να κανουν mythic! Ολοι ειναι ευπροσδεκτοι και επιζητουμε μαλιστα ενα μεγαλο community! Ενα community ομως μεσα στο οποιο εχουν θεση και αυτοι που θελουν να καθαριζουν το mythic content πριν το επομενο tier (Cutting Edge)! H εμπειρια του officer team μας περιλαμβανει τα παντα απο τοτε που το Blackrock Mountain ηταν 10αρι raid μεχρι και το παρον mythic content και ξερουμε πως να οδηγισουμε ενα group στην επιτυχια. Αν σας καλυπτουν οι στοχοι μας, επικοινωνηστε. Απαραιτητη προυποθεση ειναι να ξερετε να παιζετε το χαρακτηρα σας σε ψηλο επιπεδο και να δεχεστε την καλοπροαιρετη κρητικη χωρις καταθλιπτικες κρισεις! Επισης να δειξετε λιγο υπομονη τωρα στην αρχη ωσπου να οργανωθουμε και να ρολαρουμε! Τι δε θα δειτε στην ΩΜΕΓΑ: > Να ριχνουμε τα μισα boss του tier (τα ευκολα) και μετα να το ριχνουμε στο Diablo... > 1 μηνα διακοπες Χριστουγεννων, 1 Πασχα και 3 καλοκαιρι. Το guild συνεχιζει να λειτουργει ανεξαρτητως εποχης και οι mythic raiders κανουν τις επιλογες τους αν θελουν να παραμενουν mythic raiders... > Απροετοιμαστους officers σε επιπεδο τακτικων.... > Ανοχη στα επαναλαμβανομενα fails. ΟΛΟΙ failaρουμε! Αλλα αυτος που failarei αδικαιολογητα συνεχεια στο ιδιο πραγμα καθε βδομαδα θα πρεπει να αντιμετωπιστει. > Κακο κλιμα την ωρα του raiding, ειτε αυτο ειναι υπερβολικη χαλαροτητα και παπαρολογια, ειτε απο την αλλη αυστηρο κλιμα, ενταση και αγχωτικο raiding. Τα καναμε και τα δυο και δε μας αρεσαν... Σας περιμενουμε να γνωριστουμε online!!! Απευθυνθειτε στα εξης ατομα: Tassaros, Dudumaster, Mikrokouneli, Tidaldrainer, Inokishi Website: Recruiting Status: Οποιοδηποτε δυνατό application γίνεται δεκτό ανεξαρτήτως αν εχουμε ανοικτο το recruitment στη συγκεκριμένη κλάση! ΤΑ ΛΕΜΕ ΣΥΝΤΟΜΑ !Fusekis49 20h
1d [H] Casual raiding here. Hi, thanks for reading. We are Eternal Chaos 8/9 HC ToS we have a solid community of good regular players from all over Europe and UK. We raid every week without fail and are always looking to add to our raiding teams. All we ask is that your polite and can make at least one of the two days regularly and have read/watched tactics. If your looking for a decent chilled guild where you just want to play the game and test yourself in a Raiding environment then look no further, you'll find us relaxed and focused. We enjoy and want progress however we do not bite your head off for mistakes.To join there is no form filling or history taking. UPFRONT[u][/u] We like to be fair and honour loyalty so we now use loot council for gear. We don't just give away gear to new raiders as we do need to see some reliability however we do use our integrity in these moments to. We do provide pot's, food and the weekly experience of raiding with a guild. Current minimum item level we are asking for ToS HC is 900+ Days- Wednesday and Thursday 8-11pm realm time. Also Discord is a must. Any question's speak to Cowanbob #2522 Kirstycowan #2397 All players are welcome to join us, you don't have to be wanting to raid, we also have a strong social community which is continually expanding. To join just ask anyone in the guild for an invite. RANKS If your wanting to raid ask for Trial status from an Officer so you get the calendar invites. If you don't want to raid then please ask officer for Social rank.Maddag1 1d
1d Recruiting HC ready raiders. Hey! Are you looking for a new raiding guild? Are you geared and ready for heroic Tomb of Sargeras? Do you prefer smaller, more social guilds? Do you enjoy a relaxed and humorous atmosphere? Would you like, and contribute to, a drama free guild? Maybe your looking for something like Eternal Chaos! And we sure are looking for you!! We are a relatively small guild raiding ToS hc Wednesdays and Thursdays from 20.00 to 23.00. Last week we had 8/9 downed, and last boss on 2%... We have a steady group of 10-12 players most weeks, and are running 2-3-9(tanks-healers-dps), but would like to expand to 2-4-14. Which means we need more dps’ers first and foremost. Right now we have 4 healers Wednesdays and 3 Thursdays, and tank spots are mostly filled. Our group consist of people from 17 to 46 years of age and both genders, and anyone is welcome. We have quite a few socials in guild and are welcoming more. We speak English in guild and discord. Write me a message here, or talk to Silverwinds or Laeleez on Twisting Nether… Horde of course! Come join us!Silverwinds1 1d
1d <Asylum> - 7/9 M, 3 days/week. All applications will be reviewed and considered however if you are playing a class/spec combination we need then your chances of joining will be higher. A little bit of info about us: We are a group of friends and serious raiders on EU Twisting Nether looking to recruit skilled like-minded players into our roster for Mythic Legion raids and onwards. We will offer a sociable and fun raiding environment while maintaining a strong desire for progression. Our Discord is very active and we encourage all members to chat and play together not only for raids. The guild formed late March 2016 and fully cleared 13/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel pre nerf shortly after. We've since been improving our world ranking every tier. We currently raid 3 days per week on Mythic: Wednesday, Sunday and Tuesday 19:15-22:15 server time. While it is not a lot we try to make the most out of our time. We run optional heroic/normal/alt/previous tier raids during off days in which raiders are welcome to come to. Our members also play other games outside raid times together where anyone is welcome to join(LoL, PUBG, HotS, Overwatch etc.). Our loot system for Mythic is RC Loot Council. What we expect from you: - We are a raiding guild with only a 9 hour per week schedule so you are expected to attend and be ON TIME! However we understand things can come up sometimes but please let us know. - Be able to speak and understand the English language and not be afraid to communicate with other members during raids. - Actively doing dungeons/world quests to improve your gear and artifact weapon. - Have a strong understanding of the current raid tier and be able to play your class to it's potential. - Always come to raids prepared(i.e. bringing food and potions, etc). - Come fully gemmed and enchanted with the correct stats for your class and spec. - Access to Discord and a working microphone. - Have a computer that can handle 20 man raiding and a good, stable internet connection. - Exorsus Raid Tools, Weakauras2 and RC Loot Council addons installed. We may ask you to install others. If you have any further questions please contact us at battletags: Stjern#2802 or Azkey#21565 To apply please visit our guild website: __________________________________________________________________________ Requirements to be considered into current main raids: - 930~ ilvl - 62+ traits. - 6/9 in ToS. - Exceptions to the requirements may be made. _____________________________________________________________________________ We're currently looking for the classes below but may consider other classes as well. Death Knight: Blood/Unholy. Warrior: Arms. Monk: Brewmaster. Druid: Guardian. Hunter: MM/BM. Mage: Frost/Fire. Rogue: Assassination/Subtlety. Priest: Shadow. Warlock: Affliction/Destruction. Any and all applications will be considered.Stjerndruid0 1d
1d [H] <Outdated> 4/9M Recruiting For Mythic Who are we? <Outdated>is a guild formed by a group of friends whom all shares the same passion for raiding and the goal to clear heroic and continue with Mythic progression. As many other guilds, our guild consist of people throughout Europe. However, we all share the same goal of having fun while also raiding on a serious level and we aim to have a high roster for both Heroic and Mythic progression. During progression we highly appreciate all raiders to give their full attention during raids. Each week we make sure every single raider receives their weekly +15 chest. That being said, we also run multiple high Mythic+ Dungeons everyday for those interested. Our progress Emerald Nightmare: 5/7 Mythic Trial of Valor: 3/3 Heroic Nighthold: 6/10 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras: 4/9 Mythic Our raiding schedule - Server Time Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 Sunday: 20:30 - 23:30 With the optional normal runs on mondays and alt runs on tuesdays Currently In Need of -1 tank(Any class) -Shadow Priest -Balance Druid -Mage(Any spec) -Elemental Shaman -Warlock(Any spec) 1 Healer(Any class) If your class or spec is not listed above, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are always looking for exceptional players to strenghten our team. What can <Outdated> offer you -A place to stay and enjoy the game while also partipate in raiding on a serious level. -A fun and exiciting community with lots of different faces. -The option to clear and experience current tier on a 2 days raiding pace -Multiple High M+ on a daily basis What is required from you -Atleast 90% raid attendance, preferably 100% during important progress. -110% dedication to the raid and the guild - We highly praise loyalty. -Skill and knowledge of your class on a high enough level to carry your own weight Interested? If <Outdated>sounds like the place for you, please leave a reply or contact one of the officers below. Evza#2495 Forsaken#2107 Duke#2137 attacker#2397Geege13 1d
1d [H][Ad Interim] Recruiting for a stable 20M roster! Introduction Ad Interim is a newly formed guild of returning players looking to build a strong roster for 7.3 and beyond. Our current core consists of old guild members and friends from previous raid tiers. We have a wealth of experience raiding together and would like to continue this going into the next expansion. We are aiming to stick to a 2 day raid scheduled whilst still pushing to finish all current content. The guild was initially formed on Stormrage, although the server was challenging to recruit on; after achieving 9/9HC our core decided that a server transfer was necessary to progress. So here we are... Current Raid Time: Wednesday and Thursday - 20:00-23:00 Server. Additional Progress Raid: Sunday 20:00-23:00 Server Mythic +10 Weekly Chests: Saturday and Sunday - 20:00+ Current Recruitment: We have a high demand for healers, in particular a Holy Paladin, Priest and Resto Druid. We also require ranged DPS, and a potential Tank. This is just a guide and all exceptional applications are welcome! For more information you can add MrNobody#21960 or /w Rxzz in game. Thanks a lot, Rxzz and Officers.Rxzz2 1d
1d WTS Long-Forgotten Hippogryph Are you tired of camping those small tiny crystals across Azsuna? Just lazy? Spontaneous purchase? No problem. Whatever reason, I'll do it for you. PRICE: WoW-token price +5k on ALL realms. Countless of times done. 0 disappointed customers. Takes 5-15 minutes syphnix#2407 for questions/purchaseNellara8 1d
1d Archaic Order - 7/9M 3 day/Week Recruiting AO In a Nutshell. AO is about letting people with "Real Lives" experience the end-game content. We have a relatively light and structured raiding schedule but we take our raids and gaming seriously; the philosophy is quality over quantity. We value "nice people" who fit in with our social vibe as much as our gaming aspirations: we'd rather take a nice guy with good dps, than an !@#$%^- with amazing dps. "Raiding for grown-ups" would make a pretty good tagline for the guild. What we are looking for: - You're a grown-up (or at least act like one most of the time). - You must be able to communicate in English. - You have a stable ISP and a computer that can handle 20 man raids. - You have exceptional knowledge of your class and game mechanics. - You take raiding seriously and PvE progress is your primary goal. - You have good current and previous Mythic raiding experience - You have the gear to jump into Mythic encounters. Raid days Wednesday 20:00-23:30 Sunday 20:00-23:30 Tuesday 20:00-23:30 (With options to extend to 0:00 if close to kill) Application Process We ask those interested in joining to make an application on our website and we'll try to respond as quick as we can. If your class isn't listed as a high priority you can still apply, we are always looking for exceptional raiders High Priority: Rogue Hunter Mage Healing Priest Restoration Shaman Restoration Druid If you are just wanting a chat before making an application, or have any further questions don't hesitate to contact myself Alex#2303 or Oriental & Iots in-game Hope to hear from you soon! CephCephlun1 1d
1d NLK - Social Weekend 1 day raid team - 9/9 hc, 2/9 M Hello! Who are We? The NLK (No-Life-Krew) are a Weekend raid team within the established guild, Archaic Order. The name derives from the fact we raid on Saturdays, therefore have No life We are a friendly group of players who due to real life, can't afford the time to raid 3+ times a week so we squeeze all our progress into 1 raid on a Saturday. Don't misunderstand that we are Social in our approach/knowledge and skill, purely Social in the sense we raid only once each reset We've had a good first tier, clearing Heroic Emerald Nightmare and Heroic Trial of Valor, and having cleared heroic Nighthold and the first few Mythic bosses we want to get a few more numbers so we can push further into Tomb of Sargeras, similar to what we did in Hellfire Citadel at the end of WoD. And now having cleared Heroic ToS we want to get a few more members for our roster to push the first mythic bosses before the released of the next tier Our Progress this Expansion: 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare 3/3 Heroic Trial of Valor 10/10 Heroic Nighthold 3/10 Mythic Nighthold 9/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras 2/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras Previous: 13/13 hc Hellfire Citadel 5/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel Our Raid Time's are as follows Saturday - 20:00 - 23:30 What we Need Ranged DPS 2x Healer 1x Tank While we are searching specifically for these classes, we are always looking for exceptional candidates so don't hesitate to message me if our raid times and team are appealing Contact If what we describe sounds appealing then please contact myself through my Battletag: Alex#2303 and we can have a chat. I hope to hear from you soon! ThanksCephlun1 1d
1d <Too Drunk to Pull> LF potential raiders! <Too Drunk to Pull> Is a newly started casual guild by a team of experienced players. While the idea is to raid twice a week with a serious approach, we’re also a group of people who does not only have the best (worst) humour, but also have a great time outside of raids gearing, doing mythic+ etc. We like to think that we have a friendly, healthy and helpful community within our guild. We're looking for likeminded people to start clearing through Hc and Mythic encounters Wed & Sun 19-22. We expect people to meet prepared with flasks, foods and knowledge of the planned fights. Other than that just enjoy yourself while raiding - that is the main goal! Our main way of communication other than chat will be Discord, which is a requirement for raids. Currently we’re recruiting everything. We have 1 stable tank but would love 1-2 more. Any kind of healers and DPS is welcome to join! So if you could see yourself as either a social or a raider, feel free to add our battletags and lets have a chat! Umongous : Ibsenn#2987 Eletha : Lampeskærm#21912Eletha1 1d
1d [H] Paradigma 4/9M - Recruiting Hello and thank you in advance for your time to read this. About us: Paradigma is a long-established raiding guild consisted of helpful and friendly people, with a core that have been raiding together since vanilla/tbc. Our members are encouraged doing M+, alt runs and other fun stuff during our off nights. If you are looking for a solid progression along with a friendly atmosphere, then look no further. In case you have an elitist attitude, don’t even bother to knock on our door. Age is not an issue for us, but it might be for you. Maturity and family are two words that describe us in and out of the game, since most of us have families, jobs, and well into our 30s. If you are looking for a teenage environment you will be disappointed. Therefore, we do expect you to act maturely and responsibly as a member. Current Progression: Emerald Nightmare 7/7M Trial of Valor 2/3M Nighthold 7/10M Tomb of Sargeras 4/9M Raid Schedule: We're a 2 day/week, progression focused environment. Wednesday @ 20:00 - 23:30 CET (progression night) Sunday @ 20:00 - 23:30 CET (progression night) Friday @ 20:00 - 23:30 CET (split-alt-farm night). Invites @ 19:50 Requirements: In order to accomplish the progression goals we aim for, people need to be dedicated, and on top of their game. Awareness, survivability, and class knowledge/performance are things we expect from every potential recruit. Artifact Power (traits) need to be at minimum 60. Having available combat logs is a plus. Food is provided through feasts and players are required to provide mats for that, as well as to bring their own flasks/pots/Augment runes. We also use spirit cauldrons to increase flask yield as well. Boss Mods go without saying (pref BigWigs), and we require you to have Angry Assignments & RC LootCounsil installed. We Look For: With Antorus in mind but also current content, we aim to reinforce our roster to proceed on our mythic progress. This is where you come in. At the moment, we are looking for a Warrior for our melee DPS spot, and a few ranged DPS (with preference on Boomkin, Shadow Priest, or Affli Warlock). Exceptional players regardless of class will be considered. Ideally, we would prefer applicants to have gear relevant to our current progress but it is not essential, if you can show that you have mythic raiding experience (or Pre-WoD HC exp) and some gear, we could very well be interested in you. Also, having a similarly geared alt with a minimum artifact power of 5 levels below your main, will be considered a plus. Contact Info: We welcome everyone, that thinks that they have what it takes, to join us by adding our bnet tags and contacting either Brollgarth#2287, Decca#2940, or Dkay#2890. If you have any further questions or info, you can also PM Brollgarth on this website. We wish everyone the best in whatever you are looking for.Brollgarth2 1d
1d [H] - SALT - Recruiting 2/9 Mythic 9/9 HC ToS Hello everyone, SALT, is a guild formed in the start of Legion, and we are recruiting additional members for our main team to build a mythic roster (Socials are always welcome). Community is important to us and our goal is to provide a fun but progressive raiding environment, with a focus on clearing heroic and mythic content. We are always looking for players with a good understanding of their class/spec, and a good attitude to fit in our community. Website: Raid Days: Wednesday - 20:00 to 23:00 server time Thursday - 20:00 to 23:00 server time Sunday - 20:00 to 23:00 server time Progress: Tomb of Sargeras 2/9 Mythic 9/9 HC 9/9 N Nighthold 5/10 Mythic 10/10 Heroic 10/10 Normal Trial of Valor: 3/3 Normal 3/3 Heroic Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Heroic 1/7 Mythic We are looking to expand our roster, and have open raid spots for: RANGED DPS & 1 Holy pala Even if we are not currently recruiting your class/spec we are always open to take a look at exceptional players/applications. Check our website for more details and updated info. If this is something you'd be interested in, please visit our website for more information. Alternatively, please speak to one of our officers in game: Zherin, Zealom or Winzo. Casual/social players are always welcome :) We look forward to hearing from you.Zherin47 1d
1d [H] <Mythic Ravers> 9/9HC 6/9M <Mythic Ravers> is a newly formed semi-hardcore 3 day per week Horde raiding guild on TwistingNether-EU. Our leadership consists of oldschool hardcore players who played in top 100 world guilds, going all the way back to vanilla. Due to real-life commitments we cannot afford to raid 7 days a week as we used to, so we are tuning it down a bit. While 9 hours a week might seem causal, our mindset isn’t. Our Goals: Full mythic clear of all raid content while it is considered “current” (Cutting Edge). A strong drive to improve progress and rankings of the guild on the server through development and recruiting. Raiding Schedule: Wednesday 19:15-22:30 Thursday 19:15-22:30 Sunday 19:15-22:30 Optional alt raids during the weekend Invites start at 19:00! Loot System: Council Recruitment: All exceptional applicants will be considered. HIGH PRIORITY: HUNTER/ARMS What we expect of you: -Near 100% attendance, since we only raid 9 hours per week -Be mature ( we do not recruit people under 18 years of age, unless someone vouches for you) -Fluent in English and be vocal both ingame and on Discord -Keep your characters up to date with gems/enchants/flasks/potions/food -Respect towards your guildies While we try to form a strong core team for raiding we are also looking for people to bolster our social ranks. It is important to us that you feel at home and have fun, and not just raidlog. When you join us you will be given our discord, where we spend most of our time. If we are not raiding we enjoy playing other games such as DotA, LoL, HotS, Hearthstone, Battlerite, and so on. Thank you for reading this, and if you are considering joining our guild feel free to add me or any of the officers for a chat! Nevermore#2191 Purple#2117Nimbro2 1d
1d LF Mythic Raiding Guild (Multi-Class) Hello Twisting Nether! I'm on the lookout for a raiding guild, been raiding for about 14 years on and off. Lately I haven't been activly raiding due to new job and other things happening in real life that have taken all my time, but I feel like i'd be able to start raiding again and i'm really missing it. Currently looking for a guild raiding mythic tomb which doesn't raid later then 22:00 due to work this is my limit, which makes finding a suitable guild a pain in the !@#. I'm not looking for a guild purely raiding heroic, that's what i've been doing in PuG's for a couple months and are trying to get away from, sorry. My Characters: Brewmaster/Windwalker Monk: Protection/Arms Warrior: Marksmanship Hunter: Havoc/Vengeance Demon Hunter: (Haven't been played since before ToS) My amazing druid project: My Warlock: I'm open to play either of these characters, not in any role but that could be discussed. Only mythic i've done in this expansion is 7/7 EN and ToV 3/3, mainly been doing PuGs since NH came out. For more information add JMY#21999 and we'll have a chat.Chiraffe0 1d
2d [H] [FR] Délirium 4/9 HC Hello guys ! We are Délirium , french guild which is looking for players to completed our rooster. raid/week : Thursday and Monday. Add Kirino786#2561 for more informations or if you are interested !Mïø1 2d
2d Twisting nether population problem ... ... ... ... ... ... for a lot of people probably a " too long " didnt read, but basicly i want to" the decision to open up free migrations is that of our community team. To bring the urgency of the situation to their attention, you should post your thoughts on the matter on the forum." So i hope someone @ blizzard wakes up and notices that Twisting Nether has a serious problem with populationIstvan83 2d
2d [H] <Shield Angels> (4/9M) Recruiting for ToS <Shield Angels> Is recruiting people with a solid attitude towards progression and having fun in and outside of raids. We very much like people with a healthy social attitude. Our raiding days are: Wednesday/Sunday/Tuesday - 19:00-22:00 At this moment we are mainly looking for: Tanks: Monk Ranged DPS: Boomkin Elemental Melee DPS: Retribution Rogue Healers: Paladin Please add Faragi#2361 for more detailed information about the guild and our aims, or leave a message below.Shaestra100 2d
3d [DK] Slåskamp på Grillen søger nye folk! 6/9 Mythic TOS Kort info: Slåskamp på Grillen er en dansk, semi-hardcore social guild, hvor vi vægter at have det sjovt! Men samtidig ikke glemmer progression, når det handler om raiding. Vi består af experienced spillere, som har kendt hinanden længe (både in-game og IRL) og nu har brug for flere gode venner ;-) Vi er en blanding af alt fra hardcore/meget aktive spillere og casual spillere/ikke så aktive spillere. Vi er en moden og venlig flok mennesker, der alle har en fælles interesse i WoW og dét sociale. Derfor, er vi også meget interesseret i sociale spillere, som bare gerne vil finde et nyt hjem og flere venner :) Raiding dage: Onsdag - 19:30 -> 22:30 Søndag - 19:30 -> 22:30 Udover de officielle raiding dage, laver vi også de sædvanlige m+ runs, normal runs etc, optional raids etc. På nuværende tidspunkt er vores fokus i Tomb of Sargeras, hvor vi er 9/9 HC. Vi vil gerne i gang med mythic, men vi er desværre ikke nok folk til det. Så snart, vi har roster til at køre mythics, vil vi fokusere det, og HC vil så blive rykket til uofficielle/optional raiding dage. Vores målsætning er selvfølgelig at klare så meget content som muligt, på de 2 dage rading dage. Vi søger pt. ALLE DPS classes/specs! Men vi søger altid exceptionelle spillere til vores roster! Forventninger til raiders - Alder betyder ingenting, så længe du opfører dig pænt. - 910+ itemlevel og mindst 52 traits (concordance). Vi ser gerne, at folk er klar til at raide asap. - Stabilitet. Vi satser på at have en core group til mythic. - Fleksibilitet, progress kan være class-afhængig, eller vi har brug for dit off-specc. - Kom forberedt til raid (Læs op på taktiker, set en video og forstå boss mechanics, have de rigtige specs/talents samt food/flask/pots etc. - Har mulighed for at kommunikere via Discord - Stabilt internet/PC Vi har ingen hjemmeside, men du kan kontakte mig in-game (Paldinho) eller tilføj på, hvis du er interesseret akashi#2579 Vi kører en lukket facebook gruppe, til at håndtere alt info ang. raid, guild, social pjat, etc. :)Paldinho14 3d
3d Pokixd's Nemesis/Fight, Kill, Salute/The Last Of Us Hello I am selling Nemesis boost for both factions on any server! My Battle tag: Pokixd#2627 My 2nd Battle tag: Derko#21720 (Add this too in case my main account is full) Before paying any gold, make sure it is me! Looking for advertisers! Advertisers: Traut#21910 Rigesz#2988 Milosh#2840 ChantexProds#2925 Machista#2698 First of all, if you aren't sure about trusting me, feel free to check my older thread. You can see all my feedbacks about Bloody Coin boosting here: Other services: Gold transfer between realms(coming soon) Other boosts: of the Horde/Alliance(100k Honorable Kills) Bloodthirsty(250k Honorable Kills) 7200-57600 HK/Hour Add me for prices. The Boosts will be starting at: Horde: Aug 13. 15:00 CET Sunday Alliance: Aug 12. 15:00 CET Saturday Requirements for Nemesis: A level 2 Gladiator's Sanctum in your Garrison I Will help you get the first 20 broken bones quest and Human/Orc heart quest done! What you'll get: 7 Titles, for each race, which you can check at Achievements-Draenor Garrison-Buildings The Bone Collector achievement (required for level 3 Gladiator's Sanctum blueprint) Requirements for Fight, Kill, Salute!/The Last Of Us: LEVEL 100 character with a level 3 garrison and level 3 gladiator sanctrum. What you'll get: You can complete you meta achievement with 7/7 nemesis quests+Fight, Kill, Salute in order to get the Warlord of Draenor title! What you'll get for The Last Of Us: Same as Fight, Kill, Salute, but you will be the last man standing in the arena. You will recieve a toy (Warlord's Flag of Victory) and a title: Lord/Lady of War(IT IS NOT ACCOUNT WIDE!). toy's link: Kill order IF YOU'VE BURNT AN EFFIGY OTHER THAN ORC OR HUMAN, YOU HAVE TO COME ON ONE OF YOUR ALTS!!! HORDE Orc-Undead-Tauren-Troll-Blood Elf-Goblin-Pandaren ALLIANCE Human-Dwarf-Night Elf-Gnome-Draenei-Worgen-Pandaren Prices depend on your realm/faction: Currently I'm Only selling full Nemesis boosts! Nemesis: 150k-WoW Token Price (when i recieve 100% of the payment) Fight, Kill, Salute: 100k-150k (50k-100k if purchased along with 7/7 Nemesis) The Last Of Us: 50-75k on top o Fight, Kill, Salute I can only boost a limited amount of players each week. You can secure a spot by paying 25k upfront(which will be extracted from the full amount). I will refund the 25k if i can't boost you on the specified time. This 25k deposit will not be refounded if you can't attend on the boost's date! Feel free to add me and ask for the price on your realm/faction! I also boost on demand if at least 5 spots are paid(you can even come alone)! If anyone requests it i can make a google spreadsheet with factions and battle net IDs so you can arrange a boost whenever it is good for you! FAQ Are the achievements and titles account wide? Yes! You can use your titles, except Lord/Lady of War on any of you alts! However the achievements are faction specific! So if you'd like to get the titles on both faction you have to do the quest chain twice. How long does it take? On paper it should take approximately 3-10mins/race+quest turn in times, but it is highly recommended to bring at least 3-4 hours. How's the boost done? On my end I will kill each race from the opposite faction 500 times. On your end Turn in the completed quests and pick up the new ones, other than that sit back, relax and make sure you won't get AFK. What if i've already done one or more Nemesis quests? Sorry, but at the moment I only boost full runs and there isn't a way to drop(after you burnt an effigy) or pick up once more the nemesis quests, but you can come on your alt with a level 2 garrison. IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS FEEL FREE TO ADD ME! My Battle tag: Pokixd#2627 My 2nd Battle tag: Derko#21720 (Add this too in case my main account is full) Easy Street Website This website was created to help people with the exchange of their goods & promotion of their services. We do not promote illegal activities or the exchange of goods & services/boosts for real world trading (RWT). We bring multiple markets together, creating more awareness for eachother on This includes a TCG Market / Unobtainable Market / Mythic & Myth+ Boosts and unique services.Pokixd32 3d
3d [H] <Innominatum> Selling Tomb of Sargeras Heroic Boost Hey Twisting Nether <Innominatum> is one of the highest ranked 3 day raiding guilds in the world with 9/9 in ToS Mythic. As a guild we've been selling raid + loot boosts for over 3 years, with thousands of satisfied customers. What we have to offer right now is: Tomb of Sargeras Heroic 9/9 Elisande + Gul'dan Mythic + Hellfire Infernal Mount Mythic +10 or +15 DungeonsThe Heroic boost is done on Thursdays at 19:30 realm time. We ONLY accept gold as payment. All our raiders are 940+ ilvl, so the run is smooth and efficient. To book a spot add my battle-tag: Xheno#2560 We do our best to get our buyers as much loot as possible, this means no more than 1 buyer of a class. Full 30 man group and none of our raiders are saved for any of the bosses, which means we'll get maximum amount of loot drops from every boss. Boosting Thread from previous expansion can be found here: For more info or if u have any questions please add my battle-tag: Xheno#2560Xhéno63 3d
4d [H] <NoM> 7/9M Hello and welcome. Recruiting: - Demon Hunter (Havoc) - Druid (Balance) - Monk (Windwalker) - Paladin (Retribution) - Priest (Shadow) - Shaman (Elemental, Enhancement, Restoration) - Warrior (DPS) - Warlock - Mage We always take good players into consideration, so should your class not be here, dont be scared. Every exceptional application will get considered. Raiding schedule: Monday Wednesday Thursday from 19:30 to 23:15. These times can be extended during progress/close kills however. So you are expected to be able to stay at least 30 minnutes extra. As you can see we only raid roughly 11 hours a week, so this is where professionalism, motivation and effectiveness comes into the picture. NoM is a mythic raiding guild located on Twisting-Nether. We are a Horde guild as most of the server. Progress history: SoO: 14/14 Mythic Highmaul: 7/7 Mythic Blackrock Foundry: 10/10 Mythic Hellfire Citadel: 13/13 Mythic Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Mythic Trial of Valor: 3/3 Mythic The Nighthold: 10/10 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras 7/9 Mythic Stay updated on: We strongly value people that can attend to all given raid days without being interrupted too many times. We also value motivated raiders that know the responsibility of their actions, and that are at the same level of play as us. Furthermore, we do expect people to be completely sure about tactics on ANY given boss fight we might encounter, and to be 100% ready with the consumables it requires, as well as possible role changes. Should you see yourself fit well in our guild, then please don't hesitate to throw an application. ALL serious and exceptional players - regardless of class and spec - will always be taken in consideration. If you are interested or got any questions please contact either of our 4 officers: [Obiwancomi#2138] [Lindblad#2519] [Peacebewithu#2337] [San#2583] [Tankermanse#2817] Visit our website: where you can apply! and read more about us.Xziou28 4d
4d Athanatos Gaming 9/9 Normal 8/9 HC Many members with curve. Athanatos is a mature social guild with a gaming community attached. Having friends from the United Kingdom, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Turkey and more, we're a playing games, clearing content, and getting wasted. We've got an active Discord for hanging out on and using during raid times. All people are welcome to hang out, invite friends, and generally just meet new people. As well as World of Warcraft, we're also players on Overwatch, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, League of Legends, Playerunknown's Battleground, Counter Strike; Global Offensive and more. Fancy a break from WoW after raiding and keystoning? Just give a shout on Discord and have a group of people ready to try new things. Our raid nights are Wednesday for socials and alts to gear, Thursday is clearing, and Sunday is progression. All people are welcome into the raids, as long as you've got experience in the bosses we face. Raid times are 2030-2300 server time. We're currently looking for new members to expand our raid team as we're losing some members to work duties and studies. To see a full list of what we're looking for, check out our WoW Progress. If your role isn't listed, don't be afraid to chat as we'd still like to hear from you; For more information, drop a line below or feel free to contact me or one of my officers in game. Bread. BNet; RottenBread #2581Undeadbread0 4d
5d Delete Delete.Rexz0 5d
5d "Original"/Vanilla TN players? Or who you still rmbr? Just wondering how many of pre-TBC players are still around on this server? Or is there someone who you still remember (title was too long) from "classic" / "vanilla" times? Who am I? I myself migrated my undead mage (named Crasp) here from Ravencrest when TN opened up with the free migrates. Got it to 60lvl (my first 60lvl aswell). Also played rogue to 60lvl (named Crasputin) on this server aswell. After many rerolls, migrates and even faction tranfers i'm back on this server (migrated back here few weeks before cata release). Anyway - enough of that interesting stuff; here is who i remember, and why: - Mobywan TEH retri pala. Had great fun with him, until he joined IL (i think), got some raid gear and started 2 shotting me. - Inflamez Had great fun with him aswell in BGs and world PvP, most of the time Moby was there too! - Xristotoulos (spelling?) Undead priest who i spent alot of hours with! Includes both pve and pvp fun! He was leader of iO at some point i think, at least officer, i think. - Lilanda / Reise Friend of mine from other game that introduced me to WoW back in 2005. Stopped playing WoW just before TBC release, sadly. - Zikzak (spelling?) That evil gnome warrior! I think, or was he dwarf? Well anyway, he was the one who teached me that Ashkandi hurts! - Stgeorge The rogue i could always inspect on my own rogue and see gear i could never have! - Some (finnish) undead priest whos name started with Y (i think). Can't for some reason remember the name (sorry!). But i remember he was in finnish raiding guild that was doing BWL at the time i joined their guild. There was also undead mage called Rihmakallo in their guild. On my first ZG run with them i won the quest item (for the trinket) from Hakkar. And Rihmakallo got "bag of whammies" (there was some kind of inside joke going on around in ventrilo for rest of the run about that). - Spede TEH honor farmer :P While not players, i do remember these guilds aswell: IL NW iO Out of Range SUN Erm, i think that is all for now that beer can wash out of my brains, sorry for spelling errors and bad english!Wilu77 5d
5d ToS Heroic boosting <Invalid Target> Invalid Target <Ragnaros> is selling Heroic Tomb of Sargeras boosts on horde side with personal loot and rolling on unwanted items with the starting date of 29th of July every Friday/Saturday from 14:00 until midnight (the last run starts at 22:00), a run takes approximately 1,5- 2 hours ( 5 raids a day) , and we can boost 5-6 player in heroic. If you can't get in due the lack of spots we offer you a 10% discount on the next weekly run. We only accept GOLD as payment (we accept gold on other high pop realms as well). For prices, information and application feel free to add me on Arkhien#2198 or reach me out online on Ragnaros on the following characters: 5d
5d [H] Calamitous Intent 1/9M 2 Day Raiding Guild About Us Calamitous Intent is a semi-hardcore raiding guild. Our guild is made up of a group of friends who have been playing together since Wotlk. We class ourselves as a semi-hardcore raiding guild with the intent to clear content as fast as possible. At the same time, we feel that we have a strong social community where members can feel at ease. Our raid team is currently fully prepared for the legion expansion to raid competitively. We have updated our raiding days and times from previous expansions to suit the guilds needs. We are recruiting a few key classes to provide more options for progression. We're always recruiting EXCEPTIONAL raiders no matter recruitment status. Get in-touch if you feel you can outperform our current raiders! Raid Times -Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 -Tuesday: 20:00 - 23:00 -Friday optional boost run (lasts roughly one hour and pays for all raid consumables for the week if attented) Guild Requirements - Reliable - All of our raiders must be able to maintain as close to 100% attendance as possible. - Skill - All raiders must be competent within their class/role. This also includes being capable at playing your off-spec. You must also be able to move from fire and other not-so-enjoyable things on the ground. - Tactics- It is expected that you turn up to all raids full prepared. When it comes to progression raids, you are expected to have learnt as much about the encounter as possible and be able to help develop tactics. This includes having the correct spec and add-ons prepared and made for all bosses indivdually. - Humour - Members must have a strong sense of humour to be able to fit into the guild comfortably. - Communication - Access to Teamspeak and a working microphone is mandatory. What We Offer - Organised & structured raiding. - Fair loot distribution. We use a loot council. - Progression raid spots are based on performance and reliability. Farm boss raid spots will prioritize players that still need loot from a particular boss. - A fun atmosphere with a serious raiding environment. Current Recruitment Ranged DPS Boomkin! - Shadow Priest - Mage! Melee DPS Rogue! - Feral! - Arms Warrior Healers Holy Paladin For more information regarding recruitment, please contact one of our recruitment officers in-game: Durburz#2541 nicolé#2480 Thanks for readingDúrburz113 5d
6d The Addams Family[9/9]hc [5/9] Mythic ToS We are totally awesome and mature guild with twisted sense of humor. In core of our guild there is a bunch of members who have raided all the way through from vanilla sometimes in top guilds of the servers We are currently looking for experienced, dedicated and loot hungry players to fill healer and dps slots. If you are a looking for a guild that has been around and continues raiding over several expansions look no further. At the moment we are recruiting for all roles. We are currently progressing on mythic Mistress Sassz'ine and the fight is looking quite simple. Our raiding times are : Wed/Thur/Mon 20:00-23:30 server time. Apply at or whisper our members in game to get forwarded to our officers.Leijonamieli32 6d
19 Sep [H] Seventh Sin 7/9 Mythic recruiting Seventh Sin is a guild with a great history which spans all the way back to Wrath of the Lich King. The core of the guild, consists of real life friends and people who have been playing together for a long time. We see ourselves as a mature guild, with natural leaders. The average age in our guild is mid twenties. Our goal is to progress as far as we can in the current content as quickly as we can. We aim to clear current content while it is relevant while still keeping a fun and social atmosphere in our raids. We have the mindset that we make optimal use of our raidtime so that we progress as far and as fast as we are able to. Recruitment status: We are currently open for any DPS classes and a resto druid. In any case, exceptional applicants will always be considered. What we require from you: · You are age 18+ and have a mature attitude · You have a working mic + availability to use voice communication · You are able to speak and understand English · You are a team player whose individual skills stand out · You are dedicated to what you do and you make sure you do it well · A mythic raiding attitude which means you will do anything required to maximize your potential What we can offer you: · Friendly and fun community with people from all over the world · Focused and dedicated raiders · A social atmosphere · Homepage and forum · A well experienced raiding environment with focus on clearing new content · Experienced group of players who have been playing WoW and other games together for a long time Raid days: Wednesday 20.00-23.00 Sunday 20.00-23.00 Monday 20.00-23.00 Interested? Homepage: Contact us ingame by whispering: Connotatius, Vahle or Kéric. Alternatively, add abbo#21904 or kéric#2544 for a chat.Connotatius20 19 Sep
19 Sep Paradigma 3/9M DPS and exceptional players, please read Hello and thank you in advance for your time to read this. About us: Paradigma is a long-established raiding guild consisted of helpful and friendly people, with a core that have been raiding together since vanilla/tbc. Our members are encouraged doing M+, alt runs and other fun stuff during our off nights. If you are looking for a solid progression along with a friendly atmosphere, then look no further. In case you have an elitist attitude, don’t even bother to knock on our door. Age is not an issue for us, but it might be for you. Maturity and family are two words that describe us in and out of the game, since most of us have families, jobs, and well into our 30s. If you are looking for a teenage environment you will be disappointed. Therefore, we do expect you to act maturely and responsibly as a member. Current Progression: Emerald Nightmare 7/7M Trial of Valor 2/3M Nighthold 7/10M Tomb of Sargeras 3/9M Raid Schedule: We're a 2 day/week, progression focused environment. Wednesday @ 20:00 - 23:30 CET (progression night) Sunday @ 20:00 - 23:30 CET (progression night) Friday @ 20:00 - 23:30 CET (split-alt-farm night). Invites @ 19:50 Requirements: In order to accomplish the progression goals we aim for, people need to be dedicated, and on top of their game. Awareness, survivability, and class knowledge/performance are things we expect from every potential recruit. Artifact Power (traits) need to be at minimum 60. Having available combat logs is a plus. Food is provided through feasts and players are required to provide mats for that, as well as to bring their own flasks/pots/Augment runes. We also use spirit cauldrons to increase flask yield as well. Boss Mods go without saying (pref BigWigs), and we require you to have Angry Assignments & RC LootCounsil installed. We Look For: With Antorus in mind but also current content, we aim to reinforce our roster to proceed on our mythic progress. This is where you come in. At the moment, we are looking for a Warrior for our melee DPS spot, and a few ranged DPS (with preference on Boomkin, Shadow Priest, BM/MM Hunter, Frost/Fire Mage, or Affli Warlock). Exceptional players regardless of class will be considered. Ideally, we would prefer applicants to have gear relevant to our current progress but it is not essential, if you can show that you have mythic raiding experience (or Pre-WoD HC exp) and some gear, we could very well be interested in you. Also, having a similarly geared alt with a minimum artifact power of 5 levels below your main, will be considered a plus. Contact Info: We welcome everyone, that thinks that they have what it takes, to join us by adding our bnet tags and contacting either pablowafc#2181, Decca#2940, or Dkay#2890. If you have any further questions or info, you can also PM Brollgarth on this website. We wish everyone the best in whatever you are looking for.Wizzanoo3 19 Sep
18 Sep <Sacred Gold> Starting mythic - Need capable raiders Sacred Gold is now ready to start mythic raiding but we need to increase the size of our roster and are now recruiting every class and every spec. For more info add my btag nilco#2196Nilcó0 18 Sep
18 Sep [H} <Tilt Squad> - 6/9M Recruiting! Hello all! <Tilt Squad> are an international guild who reside on Twisting Nether. We raid three days a week with a total of 9 hours. Our raiding days are as follows; - Wednesday 20.00-23.00 - Thursday 20.00-23.00 - Sunday 20.00-23.00 *note: Invites start 15 mins prior to raid start* Recruitment is now OPEN. We are currently in need of DPS, both ranged and melee of any class! We are also willing to try out any healers that come our way. For any further information, feel free to add me; Krayze#2434 We look forward to hearing from you!Krayze5 18 Sep
18 Sep Looking for RAF Partner Hi all,I am looking for a partner to send RAF invitation.How does this work ? -Your account's creation date must not be more than 1 month. So if you'll start playing this game or you're a returning player with a fresh new account it's fine. -In a same party together,both of us get % 300 exp bonus(which Im interested about) -If you purchase gametime afterwards,I get rewards(1 month gametime for me if you buy 1 month gametime or exclusive ingame mount for me if you buy 2 months gametime) Again I'm only interested in exp bonus so don't bother if you have some ridiculous requests. I'll provide enough gold for heirlooms,mount skills and heirlooms upgrade. I play in Twisting Nether-Horde,keep this in mind when you contact. Add Schiz#2837 Btag for more details or questions.Sullimø0 18 Sep
18 Sep <Mythic Ravers> ToS N/HC and m+ boosts! <Mythic Ravers> are offering the following boosts: ToS Normal 9/9 both Personal Loot and Master Loot. ToS Heroic both Personal loot and Master Loot. The team's average item level is 930, to insure a smooth and fast run. (We reserve the right to keep an item if its an upgrade for our raiders) Mythic +15 (your key, or if you don't have one we will provide it for you) for weekly chest, and +15 in time for Keystone Master. We only accept GOLD as payment and currently we are only taking gold on Twisting Nether. So what are you waiting for, get your Deceiver's Fall, Ahead of the Curve: Kil'jaeden and Keystone Master today! Add me on my btag: Nevermore#2191Nimbro6 18 Sep
17 Sep [H] <illuminaughty> Weekend Mythic Guild! <illuminaughty> A weekend raiding mythic guild on Twisting Nether. We are a guild with goal to clear the current content before the release of the next one but with our pace. We have competent, skilled players, some of which have been playing and raiding since Vanilla. Progress: Tomb of Sargeras 3/9 Mythic Raid times: Friday 20:00-23:00, Saturday 20:00-23:00, Sunday 19:00-22:00 Recruitment: Recruitment priority:[Warrior/Rogue/Shaman(dps)] But we are always looking for exceptional from every class. We expect you to be able to maintain concentration through a full raid night of progression. Contact: If you are interested to join to <illuminaughty> add : PhoeNixOo#21973 -Auralyn ,GM <illuminaughty>Auralyn5 17 Sep
17 Sep [H]OurSickStory (6/9M) 2 Day / Week - LF Members! Basic Info: Faction: Horde Realm: Twisting Nether Progress: ToS: 6/9 Mythic Recruitment Status: Recruitment open for the following DPS Boomkin Hunter Mage Shadow Priest Warlock We are always looking for exceptional players so we would always consider extremely impressive applications from all classes. The main roles we are currently looking for and our current raid days are as follows: Raid Days (GameTime): Wednesday - 20:00 >23:00 Sunday - 19:30 > 23:00 About OSS Our Sick Story is a long-lasting, experienced guild currently playing Horde on Twisting Nether. We have been previously a one day raiding guild (getting 7/10M in NH) but have decided to create an extra day for tomb progress. We are a group of people who, over the last few years, have met throughout several games to learn and progress through PvE content. We have a vast range of MMO experience branching from some of the very top guilds in WoW and consider ourselves capable and dedicated to raiding. What can you expect from us? A stable raiding environment with raid leaders which have more than 8 years of experience in doing so. We have members which have been in top guilds of the world in other games who are now looking for a less hardcore raiding environment. You can expect quality raids, but not as many anymore. You can also expect a near definite raiding slot if you are up to our standards. Had enough of WoW for the day? We play other games too while having random chats on teamspeak such as Heroes of the Storm!. What we expect from you * Someone who is able to raid our raid day all of the time. We only raid once a week now, so being able to be here 100% if vital. * A Mature player who can take criticism when needed. * Someone who is willing to put in 100% effort during raid hours * English speaking * Able to use voice comms during raids * Have good knowledge of your class * Come to every raid prepared with pots / max enchants and so on Contact us Website: Officers: Phenner, Bicceh, UgMonk You can also contact myself on Bicceh#1830Bicceh49 17 Sep
17 Sep WTS Expert Goldminer's Helmet(Only Leather Mining hat) Hello Everyone, as the title says i am selling the Expert Goldminer's Helmet Send me a an ingame mail or post here if interested. Who knows it, will know its value, please don't send me unrelated offers. CheersMadstepzz1 17 Sep
17 Sep Selling Heavy Junkbox Hello. I am looking to sell Heavy Junkbox on Twisting Nether - Horde side You can use these for Ravenhold reputation, if you're hunting <name> the Insane title. You can also unlock them for a chance of reciving Teebu's Blazing Longsword (Super low drop chance) Boxes in stock: 13 Boxes ordered: 0 Price per box: 150-200g Stock & Price will be updated as i farm/sell them. Expect 24 hour Delivery Time for every 400 Lockboxes Sold: 16.903 Throw a post here and/or add me ingame if youre interrested! Guardian#2521 5 Boxes will give 75 reputation for one turn in. You can increase the amount of rep gained through Darkmoon buff, aswell as a few world event buffs. Neutral to Exalted: 2800 (2520 with 10% buff) Friendly to Exalted: 2600 (2340 with 10% buff) Honored to Exalted: 2200 (1980 with 10% buff) Revered to Exalted: 1400 (1260 with 10% buff)Worldguard9 17 Sep
17 Sep [H] <Animus> 2 day raiding guild recruiting for ToS Animus are a newly formed guild on Twisting Nether, who are lead by 9/9 HC GM&Officers, with long time game and raiding experience. We are looking for like-minded individuals of all classes and specs - as well as socials. We do expect you to have a general overview of your class, including an offspec that is up to scratch. We expect you to have a good, and friendly attitude. Minimum requirements for raiding include at least 52 traits in your main weapon and at least 905 item level. Knowing tactics is a must, and being prepared with the correct addons (DBM/BigWigs and RCLootCouncil). We will be raiding Monday and Wednesday, 20.45 - 23.45 ST - with optional/alt runs during the week. We expect you to be online 15 minutes before raid start, and notify an officer if you will be late/cannot attend. Even if we are not recruiting your class, please don't hesitate to contact us as we make exceptions. Recruitment Healers Priest Mistweaver Druid DPS All RDPS Rogue Paladin Our first raid will be 18th September. If you are interested, please contact Kerry#2560 or any of the officers, in game. We look forward to hearing from you.Furrlien3 17 Sep
16 Sep <The Next Step> - TOS / NH boosts! Not in charge of TNS boosting services anymore , so stop adding me ! Guess if you feel like getting boosted by them again add Lionwalker or Trakoray , experts at the game x)Fanatìk74 16 Sep
14 Sep 3/9 M Tough Crowd Recruiting Tough Crowd, We are a bunch of guys who know how to play the game and our class but like to have fun while raiding. 7/7 Mythic EN 9/10 Mythic Nighthold 3/9 Mythic ToS We are recruiting DPS( Range DPS Pref), Healers for our Mythic Team and aim for progress. What we expect as a raider: -Full knowledge of your class inc. off-specs. -Knowledge of the current tier. -Strong attendance 90%+. -Strong verbal and written English skills. -A stable computer and internet connection. -The ability to accept criticism without taking it personally. Loot We use Rclootcouncil addon and the loot council shares the items in a fair way. Raiding Schedule (Server Times) • Wednesday 20:30-23:30 • Sunday 20:30-23:30 • Monday 20:30-23:30 We have optional heroic main/alt raids weekly. For more or questions contact me or any officer in game Aídan Peepoó Joggue Barckalot Bnet: Barckalot#2860 (Barckalot) Bnet: Crowly#2489 (Aídan)Aídan1 14 Sep
14 Sep [H] Casual/Mature Guild LFM SERVER: Twisting Nether EU FACTION: Horde RAIDS: Wednesday & Sunday 8:30-12:00 iO is a mature guild that have been playing since classic WoW, with the core of the guild having played with/against each other for many years prior in other games. We used to be hardcore but as the years went by too many of us became parents etc so we now only raid twice a week. At the moment we're Heroic mode only but would love to have enough to poke Mythic. We will consider any good applicant but as things stand we would love to add the following to our team: Warlock Hunter Paladin Mage Druid (Balance/Feral) Shaman Demon Hunter Warrior If you are a mature person who is keen to raid to a good standard but without the pressures associated with Mythic focused level demands please get in touch via: H1ve#2648 MysticAngel#2249Hive14 14 Sep
14 Sep LF new home :) UH dk ilvl 932 with 2/9m LF new mythic raiding guild :) w me for more info! :)Specterie0 14 Sep
12 Sep BrM Monk looking to start Heroic Raiding BrM Monk looking to start Heroic Raiding HORDE Current ilvl 922 Looking for a friendly environment to learn HC raiding Message me ingame jamescameron#21634 Thank you :)Brooster0 12 Sep
12 Sep 1-4am Late Night Raids<Nocturnal Supremacy> 9/9hc 5/9m We are based on Twisting Nether! Raid days have been changed! We've dropped the Friday raid and now raid on Tuesday. Friday will now become a day for alt runs and quick heroic clears. Raiding days/hours are: (All in server time) • Thursday 1am - 4am • Monday 1am - 4am • Tuesday 1am - 4am Please note that the days listed can seem a bit confusing, for example, by Thursday 1-4am we mean Wednesday going into Thursday, not Thursday going into Friday. Alt raid is on Friday at the same hours. Recruiting: We'd absolutely love a good arms warrior right now but we can welcome most classes and specs that show enough potential. ------------ The Sell: Looking for very late night raiding to fit your work schedule? Maybe you're a night-owl or want raids that don't clash with your other guild raids? Perhaps you just live in America or somewhere similar where normal raiding hours don't work for you? Well, Nocturnal Supremacy are here! We're a friendly and relaxed bunch who can get things done at the same time. We have plenty of players from all over the world, even from Sweden, sadly. We merged from a group of three late night guilds in Warlords of Draenor during Blackrock Foundry and progressed up to Mythic Maidens before Hellfire Citadel came out. From there we cleared 11/13 bosses before the valor points patch came out and then fully cleared the place and farmed every raider an Archimonde mount before Legion was launched. Now in Legion we have cleared Emerald Nightmare Mythic, 2/3 Trial of Valor and have cleared 9/10 in Nighthold. We've cleared heroic Tomb and are charging into Mythic. If you have good past raid experience but feel you aren't currently showing your potential don't be afraid to apply, gear is a secondary concern next to other positive elements a guildmate and raider can bring us. Please come prepared for the content though, the fastest way to fail a trial is to fail a mechanic, or to be a horribly abrasive !@#. For more information contact: GM - Karnage#2229 Officer - Elessar#2801 Officer -Shemzy#2465 Officer -Shade#2779 or if you're desperate, me, lowly but long-standing recruitment peon Teezep#2487 <-note we've gone back to our old website!Tzep28 12 Sep
11 Sep [H] Solid Liquid-Twisting Nether (5/9M 9/9HC 10/10M) About Solid Liquid is a Semi-Hardcore Horde guild on Twisting Nether, that was formed in September 2016. Our guild has grown quite a bit since then. It's core are members that played World of Warcraft many years ago and returned for legion. Goal Our current goal is to strengthen our raiding team and have a steady progress in Tomb of Sargeras. Schedule Wednesday: 19:00 - 23:00 (realm time) Thursday : 19:00 - 23:00 (realm time) Monday : 19:00 - 23:00 (realm time) -------------------------------------------------------- Sunday : 19:00 - 23:00 (optional Realm time) Alt raids/ HC runs for those that want. We are currently: 5/9 M ToS 9/9 HC Previous patch: 10/10 Mythic NH, 3/3 Mythic ToV. Recruitment Since we are currently trying to strengthen our core we are looking for a squad that consists of roughly 25 active members. With a flexible number we are able to raid when some players can't make the raid or a progression boss asks for a certain setup. We expect an attendance close to 90%. Those that drop below without a clear reason will be penalized. Recruiting: Sublety/ Assassination Rogue Holy Paladin Havoc Demon Hunter Survival/MM/BM Hunter Unholy Death Knight Balance Druid Demo/Destro Warlock Mage Any exceptional players are always considered. Contact Crazyheal#2289, Erashnak#2943, Monkey#2116 or Zananni#2304 in game or Apply to our Website. 11 Sep
10 Sep [H] Mightythunder- 5/9M. Recruiting [H] Mightythunder- 5/9M. Recruiting geared & experienced raiders to Bolster our core roster for mythic raids. Raid days Thursdays and Sundays 19:45-23:00. prio, Dps and healers (no drood) /w for info or visit for appBopit0 10 Sep