Twisting Nether

23 Sep [H] Prairie Dogs recruiting for BFA Welcome! We are Prairie Dogs a guild formed 4 months before the end of legion. We are recruiting new people to fill out our core Raiding team to clear normal, heroic and push Mythic as much as we can. We finished legion with 5/11 mythic progress in Antorus but plan to push Uldir even more. What we provide: 2 raid days Mon/Wed . 3rd raid day will only be during the first month after a raid tier comes out, and it will be on Thursday 20:00-23:00 server time raid time Friendly environment with people who want to help Meme bois and meme gurls What we are looking for: 1 Tank (not DH) Shammy(Ele or Enh) Druid(Balance) DPS in general What we expect from you: Being nice to others 90% raid attendance. This is an issue we had in legion and it very important to us that we have everyone there on raid days. Real life events can happen but you can always let us know beforehand. Learning from your mistakes Being able to take constructive criticism Being able to withstand crap memes If you want to apply or have questions, contact me on bnet Reggnos#21107 or on discord Reggnos#5055.Delthana4 23 Sep
22 Sep [H] LF Social And Active Guild Hi there, My friend and I are looking for a social/levelling guild. We've both experience with WoW; I have experience up to WoTLK and my friend is pretty up-to-date with content excluding BfA, but we've both rolled new toons. I am based in the UK and my friend is based in the Netherlands. We're both 18+ and work full time jobs so we are playing casually in our free time. We're looking for a friendly, social and not so hardcore guild that doesn't mind taking on some new members. Thanks! Edit 22/09/2018 We're still looking. We're 3 now, as my boyfriend as joined us. To reiterate, we're looking for an active and social guild. Many thanks!Lunaë2 22 Sep
22 Sep Warfront Changeover Anyone know what's happening with our Warfront? I'm thinking it should have changed over by now but all I ever see is the Battle For Stromgard panel and a gold bar that says 6 days / some hours and the queue button is grayed out. We are still in control of Arathi Highlands and I can still TP to our main base there. Is there something fundamental about WFs that I'm missing? Can't find any info anywhere.Fokutoo1 22 Sep
22 Sep [H] Couple looking for casual guild Hiya! We're a couple in our mid-20s from UK looking for a casual guild to experience end-game content with. I play DH (veng/havoc) and the boyfriend plays a mage (primarily frost). I'm a relatively new-ish player - started in Legion but boyfriend have been playing for many years. Mainly looking to run Mythics and learning how to tank on my DH in dungeons. We have no raid experience but are chilled people who are willing to learn and listen to more experienced players and are happy to go on any alt-runs if any are willing to take us. Type of guild we are looking for: - Smallish, close knit guild - Chilled and are willing to accept that people are still learning the mechanics of the game - 18+ preferred as we both work and have limited number of hours to play in the evenings so prefer to have a drama free guild - Discord preferred Hit me up on Discord Aki#0284 for a chat if we look like the kind of people you want in your guild.Katlii1 22 Sep
21 Sep Omni5 Guild Recruitment Omni5 - Looking for more members to HC progress. Range DPS, healer (Mistweaver Monk is top prio for healer) is the top prio.Thrallsclâss1 21 Sep
21 Sep Hpala and DK(7/8HC) lf Mythic/M+ Raiding Guild Hey guys, we are currently stuck with pug 7/8HC and looking for a M/M+ raiding guild right now =) Armorylink Hpala: Armorylink DK: I can raid almost everyday from 19/7pm till 23:30/11:30pm (CEST) For further informations just add me: Strawbear#21553Ezpzpalasqz1 21 Sep
21 Sep Familiar with Drama Boosting <Familiar with Drama> [Legion World Rank 66] are now offering boosts in Battle for Azeroth. I will not write a wall of text, but simply state the information you need and the contacts to reach for. (Updated every week) WHERE/WHAT: Uldir Full Heroic Heroic G'huun only WHEN: Uldir HC Monday october 22, starting at 19:00 CEST PRICE: Uldir Full Heroic 900 000g (100 000g in deposit for booking the spot) Only Heroic G'huun 300 000g CONTACT: Lexii#0452 Tabulator#2965Táb3 21 Sep
21 Sep 123 1234Snailvonslow6 21 Sep
20 Sep 2018 [H] 364 Mage LF PvP Guild Looking for a guild that does pvp mainly, RGB/ARENA/WorldPvP/Zieera0 20 Sep 2018
19 Sep 2018 Wrongdoing (Player) Hey, will add Player name here from time to time. Lethalintent (Killing low lvl Player) 19 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 360arms warr 8/8nm 4/8hc xp LF Guild As the title says i am a 360 arms warr 8/8nm 4/8hc atm. LF a 2-3raiding guild with atleast 7/8HC got every single curve except Highmaul, also been doing a bit of mythic here and there, i am 27years old from sweden. please hit me up if you got futher questions. :) Youdiedlol#2125Smashnbashx3 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 [H] <Magister Dixit> Rekryterar We are a Swedish guild, the info below will be in that language. Raid: 2 kvällar i veckan 20-23. Onsdag, Söndag. Progress 7/7M, 2/3M, 4/10M, 5/9M, 3/11M Om oss Vi är ett svensktalande guild som grundades på Twisting Nether under Wrath of the Lich King och om man får tro WoWProgress så är vi serverns äldsta aktiva svensktalande raidingguild. Med över 200 unika guildmedlemmar är vi en levande guild som gör mer än bara raidar. Folk jagar achievements, pvpar, kör dungeons, M+, pet battlar, trollar och är aktiva i guildchat och på Discord. Raiding Vi har en fungerande roster och tar i detta skede endast emot enstaka ansökningar, det vi söker hålls uppdaterat på denna sida. Även om din klass inte finns med så kan det vara av intresse. Vi raidar onsdagar 20.00-23.00 och söndagar 20.00-23.00. Vi har även raids för alla medlemmar på fredagar, perfekt tillfälle om man vill prova på raiding eller bara ha lite kul en stund. Kontakta Mayiscratch#2662, Expería#2444 eller Grickey#21928 vid frågor.Hirindar24 18 Sep 2018
18 Sep 2018 [H] <Metal Overload> Looking for healers sChaoticévil0 18 Sep 2018
16 Sep 2018 [H] Casual Cheese RSA/UK Recruiting Hi there, Cheese with three ease is currently looking for members. We're ex-mythic raiders just taking things slow due to family and work, we play every night but raid once to twice a week and the majority of our members consists of South Africans and UK friends. We're looking to clear Normal and HC, with a bit of dabbling in Mythic. We do M+ runs as well. Our age group ranges from 23 - 32yrs old, majority of us are real life friends, work colleagues, etc. Raid nights: Flexible, depending on the majority's availability, currently Thursday nights. LF: Tanks. Small group of friends welcome to join. Reach me on battlenet: XaXas#1702Horuz0 16 Sep 2018
16 Sep 2018 Multi Tank/Healer LF S-H Mythic Uldir Raiding Guild Protection Paladin looking for raiding guild! I play Protection Paladin mainly but I can also play Brewmaster Monk, Discipline Priest and Protection Warrior. I have 4/8HC and 8/8NM experience in Uldir. I am an ex-hardcore raider returning to the fold! Leave a reply and I'll hit you back up!Deckx0 16 Sep 2018
16 Sep 2018 |H| <We Were Alliance> Greek Guild Recruiting for BfA Ποιοι είμαστε Οι “We Were Alliance”, όπως λέει και το όνομα, είναι μια Guild που ξεκίνησε ως alliance στον Defias Brotherhood. Αλλά όταν σε στιγμές ενθουσιασμού σου ξεφεύγουμε διάφορα “Lok’tar Ogar”, “For the Banshee Queen”, ή όταν πιάνεις τον εαυτό σου να σκέφτεται ότι ο Garrosh did nothing wrong, τότε μάλλον η ψυχή σου είναι βαμμένη κόκκινη. Είμαστε λοιπόν μια ομάδα ανθρώπων που την ενώνει η αγάπη της για το WoW και την Horde, και περνάμε καλά κάνοντας content. Δραστηριότητες Ο κύριος τομέας δραστηριοτήτων μας είναι το PvE, δηλάδή Raiding, Mythic+ και με το νέο expansion Expeditions και Warfronts. Ο στόχος μας στο BfA είναι να κάνουμε Mythic Progression, το οποίο δε θα γίνει rush, θα μπούμε όταν είμαστε έτοιμοι και θα το κάνουμε clear χωρίς να φτάνουμε σε σημείο nerval breakdown, rage quits και αυτοκτονιών. Εξάλλου το WoW είναι παιχνίδι και επίσης ο Raid Leader δε θέλει να τον χωρίσει η γκόμενα του. Όσων αφορά το PvP, έχουμε μέλη που ασχολούνται και κανονίζουν events μια στο τόσο, χωρίς να είναι το main focus μας. Τι ψάχνουμε Εσενα! Ναι εσένα. Όλο αυτό το κείμενο για σένα μόνο. Ψάχνουμε άτομα που γουστάρουν να κάνουν content με παρέα, να μη σπάζονται απο χαζό humor και να μην ενοχλούνται από NSFW περιεχόμενο στο discord ή την κλασική θεσσαλονικιώτικη προφορα. Κάνοντας content βλέπουμε αν δένουμε σαν ομάδα και άτομα και προχωράμε για progression. Μεγαλύτερη ανάγκη αυτή τη στιγμή έχουμε από: Healers κυρίως Resto Shaman και Mistweaver Monk Ranged dps κυρίως Hunters. Ώρες και μέρες Το πρόγραμμα μας κατά τη διάρκεια του legion ήταν το παρακάτω, αλλά θα γίνει ένα guild meeting στις αρχές του epxansion για να δούμε ποιες μέρες βολεύει τους περισσότερους. Δευτέρα 21:30 - 00:00 (Progression) Τετάρτη 21:00 - 00:00 (Progression) Πέμπτη 21:00 - 00:00 (Optional day) Ώρες Ελλάδας Επικοινωνία Μπορείτε να μας βρείτε in-game ψάχνοντας το όνομα μας στο /who, στο discord να αράζουμε ή επικοινωνώντας με κάποιον από τους officers μας. CryoCore#2882 lexran#2220 akrogialias#2712 FOR THE HORDE!Raktarosh1 16 Sep 2018
15 Sep 2018 closed closedEzpzpalasqz6 15 Sep 2018
15 Sep 2018 WTS ULDIR HEROIC/NORMAL Boost Run Start up a boosting service for Uldir HEROIC/NORMAL raids for new players or low geared characters in general. - Details: - IMPORTANT The boost run is personal loot and we do not guarantee any spesific loot drop. We kill the bosses and you get the loot if blizzard decides to reward you, similar to LFR system - Boost Runs every Saturday time 21:00 Server Time (can be delayed for special events) - Loot System; PERSONAL LOOT - You dont need anything just hit boss after Die.. - We don't care about how low your gear is. We don't have a condition for that. - Do not forget to get your weekly coins The payment will be done in front of first boss. Payment can do Servers Twisting Nether Horde -------------------------------------------- [b]More details;[u] in game Ruhban Btag: ruhban#2250Ruhban97 15 Sep 2018
15 Sep 2018 BFA Boosting services - Tack för Kaffet Hello there. We are selling both raidboosts & Mythic + Boosts for in-game gold. The team consists of Mythic raiders and highly experienced boosters. If you want to make a booking for a boost, you can head into our boosting discord: and/or add my b-tag down below. Services in BFA: [i] Mythic +0 Boosts (Week 1-3)[i] - Get your characters geared and ready easily in the new expansion. [i]Mythic +10 Keystone boost[i]: Get your weekly maximum key completed for a high weekly reward. [i]Uldir Normal/Heroic[i]: Clear the raid with us early on! Most of our raid boosts are done with unsaved main raiders, that offers the loot they get to the buyers. If you have any other boost inquirys, don't hesitate to contact us. Add my b-tag: Norrby#2356 if you want to buy a run or check the current pricing which is constantly a matter of change. Best regards, Emilia.Snyggemilia4 15 Sep 2018
15 Sep 2018 365 ilvl warr looking for serious m+ guild Hi I'm very interested in avoiding pugs at all costs, I'm looking for guilds that do m+ on discord with some coordination. Save me from the Russians in pugs please!Dinh0 15 Sep 2018
14 Sep 2018 <Crusader> Looking for players [DELETED]Kaeldrian0 14 Sep 2018
14 Sep 2018 Group of 4 IRL friends looking for guild Hello, since our last post had little success i will try again with some more detail of what we are looking for here. We are a group of 4 IRL friends from Norway that are age 21-22 that have played together pretty actively since Cata, and some of us have played from even earlier. In Legion we were in a semi casual hc raiding guild, that sadly died out towards the end of legion. So now we are on the hunt for a new one. We are looking for a guild that will raid 2-3 days a week, we prefer weekday raid days, but only friday and saturday are not possible due to work. The level of raiding are not super important to us as long as steady progress is being made in one way or another, even though we personally like to go over logs etc. to improve our own performance. The most important point to us is a good and fun attitude in the guild/voice chat. We also thoroughly enjoy doing Mythic+ runs and pushing high keys in M+. Our current composition of roles and classes is set up for doing mythic/M+ dungeons, which means we have 1 tank (DK/Monk/leveling warrior), 1 healer (HPriest/leveling shaman) and 2 dps (warlock/monk/druid and Rogue/DH) and are all at or close to 340 ilvl. Although we are open to leveling up new characters and switching over if the raid composition requires it (this also includes switching roles). We hope to hear from you and your guild, and if you have any more questions feel free to comment here or add me on BNet (Zeat#2364)Cukiez3 14 Sep 2018
13 Sep 2018 Looking for Guild (DH Tank/RShaman) Hi there looking for a guild that does regular mythic key runs. I have multiple chars but mainly a Shaman (Healer) and DH (Tank, DPS). Since I currently work in LATAM my time difference with EU is huge so raiding will not be an option. But I am very much interested in Mythic + Key Groups and potentially some PVP!Exerion1 13 Sep 2018
13 Sep 2018 LF Small Guild Hey guys I'm looking for a guild where people know each other and talk in ts or discord , i don't like this kind of guilds with 200 members where people join and quit everyday and talk only via text chat. I'm not a super experienced player as I did only leveling a couple of characters in BC and Legion but never played raids M+ Dungeon and stuff but BFA is really hooking me and I'm motivated to become a good tank , i got the expansion late just 6 days ago but I managed to reach a gear of 330. I hope to find a good guild that can teach me and in change I will give my loyalty as I'm a super active player !Vatotneas3 13 Sep 2018
11 Sep 2018 Disc Priest LFG Arenas/RBG/WPvP Disc Priest LF - Arena Teams ( Target 2.2k+) - RBG - WPvP Playing 8-10h/d 7days a week.Unpsøfable0 11 Sep 2018
11 Sep 2018 Healer and DD lf Mythic/Mythic+ Guild Hey guys, right now a friend of mine and myself are looking for a Mythic/ M+ Guild. We are not looking for a casual guild, neither do we want to raid more then 3 days a week. Armory Links: Hpala: Dpriest: Blood DK: Havoc: Rogue: For further informations: battle.tag Say#2618Say0 11 Sep 2018
11 Sep 2018 <Oblivion Boost Community> Recruiting Advertisers! We're recruiting Advertisers! Do you want to advertise for one of the largest and fastest growing boosting Communities in Europe? Why would you *want* to advertise? When booking a buyer in one of our PvE boosts there is a 10% booking fee required to secure the spot, you as an Advertiser get to keep that 10% booking fee as commission on every buyer you book! Oblivion Boosting only deals in and accepts in gold. This is non negotiable. Whatever our clients do with their in game currency is their choice and we only accept in game currency. Is advertising difficult? Generally it's quite simple and the rewards are worth the minimal effort it takes, on quieter days it can be frustrating but it all depends on the time of day you choose to advertise and the realm’s population. What is expected of an advertiser? Join a server, turn on an add-on that auto-posts your advert and respond to whispers in an accommodating and polite manner. Answer any questions they may have and explain accurately what our services are. Access to Discord is a must, this is where we communicate with each other the most, basic knowledge of Google Spreadsheets is desired but not essential. Fluency in German, French, Italian or Spanish a huge plus! Please apply here: 11 Sep 2018
11 Sep 2018 <Oblivion Boost Community> Oblivion Boosting Community About us: Oblivion Boosting Community is Europe's greatest boosting service provider. The services offered are executed by Top Players from several different European Servers which are experienced, dedicated and high end raiders throughout many expansions already Important Information: The only valid payment option is Ingame Gold! Please do not ask any further, if we accept any other payment option. If, in any case, a boost is failing we will reschedule to another date and time that fits you, for free, if however, we can’t find a solution that benefits both you and the community, we will fully refund you. These are the services we’re currently offering: ST = Server Time (CEST/GMT+1) Uldir Normal - Full Clear (Saved Boosters) Uldir Normal - Mythrax + G’huun Only/Heart of Corruption (Saved Boosters) Uldir Heroic - Full Clear (Saved Boosters) Uldir Heroic - G’huun Only/Ahead of the Curve (Saved Boosters) Mythic Armor-Specific Dungeons (+10) - You can choose the dungeon, the group will be unsaved, a minimum of 3 Boosters will have same armor-type as you and will trade you items - Can be accommodated every day, on request Heroic/Mythic Expeditions - From single Heroic/Mythic Expeditions to full weekly Azerite caps, available on request Glory of the Wartorn Hero - Can be accommodated every day, on request - In the very rare event of a failed boost, you will receive a free rescheduled boost or a refund - Please reach out to us via the contact details below to learn more about the prices, available spots and the date and times we offer those services. If you don’t find here what you need and would like to have a custom boost, please feel free to reach out to us. We will consider it and will try to make you an offer according to the effort needed. Contact details: Oblivion Discord Server: 11 Sep 2018
11 Sep 2018 Mature, experienced player LFG Good morning, I'm looking for a new guild to group with. Preferably sane people or if not sane not up their own backsides lol. I'm done with the PUG life and want a home where I can group with fellow guildies have a bit of banter. Don't have time for raiding but do enjoy 5 man content. About me, I'm a long time player, sensible and mature. Willing to learn and improve. Thanks in advanceWiped0 11 Sep 2018
11 Sep 2018 [H] Friendly Probes - Recruiting for Uldir <Friendly Probes> is a newly formed guild recruiting talented players of all classes and specs. We are currently focused on progressing through Uldir and Mythic+ dungeons, and will dive into Mythic raiding once the roster is complete. Our core is made up of a group of friends that have been playing many games together for years, and we are excited to continue adding to that community. Raids are held on Saturday and Sunday at 4 pm server time, with random groups for M+ and PvP happening frequently throughout the week. We are constantly running any challenging content we can find, and pushing each other to become better and better at our respective roles. If you don’t feel ready to make the leap to M+/Mythic raiding, we are also happy to add social members to the roster and help you in any way we can. We are now 8/8 N and 2/8 H as a guild, and will be focusing on HC raid content to continue developing our raiders and gearing them for mythic progression. We offer a guild Discord (, where you will find us pretty much all the time even when we aren't logged in, along with a TeamSpeak server. We also have a forum at, which you should visit if you'd like to fill out our brief application! If you have any questions, please contact me here on Reddit, via Discord, or an officer in-game! BetheNas#2169 (Guild Master) Cottonballs#2482 (Officer) Crowdedlight#2177 (Officer) xHiro#1476 (Officer)Tanktwo1 11 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018 [H][EU][Twisting Nether] The Sixth Gate Guild: <The Sixth Gate> Server: Twisting Nether (Horde) Progression: Uldir 7/8N, 2/8HC Raid Times: Thursday and Sunday - 19:45-23:00 server time (CET) Recruiting: We are looking for semi-experienced raiders to fill our roster, we are mainly looking for a holy paladin and som ranged caster DPS, mainly shadow priest / mage, elemental shaman but everyone is welcome About the guild: We are a somewhat newly started guild, we started in legion when antorus was already out :), we aim to raid here in BFA, we already have a lot of returning players, but you can always use more people :). We are a a casual and friendly raiding guild, we also do a lot of mythic dungeons and plan to do mythic+ here when it comes out. Reply here or add my battletag or some of the officers listed below :), if you want to know more / interesting in joining. battletag: Saph#2334 battletag: Hjorth#21369 battletag: Praylin#2325Plebgirl7 10 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018 [H] LF friendly heroic guild Hi! I’ve been playing WoW on and off for a few years but have never got to experience endgame due to raiding commitments in another MMO. However since “retiring” from the other MMO, I have been playing consistently for the last 2 1/2 months and I’m ready and looking for a guild to call home and people to do content with! I play Marksmanship hunter mainly but I’m also levelling a Mistweaver Monk. More info on me here: You can reach me on Bnet @ Shona#21313 or Discord @ urdnotshona#0991Mirrani1 10 Sep 2018
10 Sep 2018 [H] WTS Big Battle Bear TCG Mount Hello All, I'm selling the Big Battle Bear TCG mount for 4.5 million gold. It's currently going on the AH for 7 million. The mount has been selling on this server for between 4.9 and 9.3 million gold in the past year as seen below: Some info on the mount: TCG Expansion: Drums of War Card: The Red Bearon Rarity: 1/363 booster packs (speculative) There is much more info on it here: If you are interested, please send me a whisper or respond here and I'll contact you.Szyrex2 10 Sep 2018
09 Sep 2018 Mythic + Boosting Service ***Accepting gold on: Twisting Nether, Tarren Mill, Kazzak, Ragnaros, Draenor.*** We are now selling m+ boosts on multiply realms. We are a group of elite players whom done boost services throughout several expansions. We value our buyers and will always give premium experience on our boost runs. What you will get rewarded with after completing a m+ dungeon: Keystone Level:----End of Dungeon---Weekly Chest---Azerite Armor from Weekly Chest Mythic 2--------------------345-------------------355-------------------------340 Mythic 3--------------------345-------------------355-------------------------340 Mythic 4--------------------350-------------------360-------------------------355 Mythic 5--------------------355-------------------360-------------------------355 Mythic 6--------------------355-------------------365-------------------------355 Mythic 7--------------------360-------------------370-------------------------370 Mythic 8--------------------365-------------------370-------------------------370 Mythic 9--------------------365-------------------375-------------------------370 Mythic 10+---------------- 370-------------------380-------------------------385 _____________________________________________________________________________ We will provide key unless you have one yourself. Our current boosters are: Krewldøwn - The Bin Fem - Future Mongoanna - Competence Optional Tafflyy - Pure Battletags: AlexS#2428 Madtaff#2586 How do I get in contact with you?: If you are intrested in purchasing a boost from us, please contact us on either our battletags or by our main ingame nick names or comment here on this post. ***ATTENTION:*** We will NEVER EVER ask to play on your account. You will ALWAYS play on your own account.Lapdrø0 09 Sep 2018
09 Sep 2018 Alliance players? So I've recently got back into WoW with another 6 friends and picked Twisting Nether without thinking as that's where I have my Horde Characters. We are around level 60 now and it is only just dawning on me that this server is empty on the Alliance side. In regards to dungeons we are good, but it looks like we are going to struggle finding additional people for raids. Are we better off just transferring?Enaver1 09 Sep 2018
09 Sep 2018 Devouring Maggots There is currently an infestation of Devouring Maggots at Three Corners in Redridge Mountains , HOW and WHY ?? They are playing havoc with my lvl 20 Warrior :(Oldfartphil0 09 Sep 2018
07 Sep 2018 [H] <Redefined> Sunday Night Casual Raiding Guild LFM About Us We are a group of friends and family from the UK that have been playing the game together on & off since Vanilla. We're pretty decent players and have a ton of experience between us but welcoming and patient. If you're looking to have some high quality banter, whilst making good progress through the tiers of raiding Uldir and running plenty of M+ together, then you have no reason not to join up! What we're looking for We're currently sitting at around 8 members, 1 Tank, 1 Healer, and the Rest DPS. So we are really after the extra tank and healers, but will happily consider more DPS. We will be Raiding 1 Day a week on Sunday Nights from around 7 CET (might be changed +/- an hour) Our VOIP of choice is discord. Required Item Level: 340 (not a deal breaker) For The Horde! How do i join?! Hook me up in game or reply right here, Let me know if you have any more questions! /w Murburz, /w Skstowe, /w RizzleshotMurburz2 07 Sep 2018
07 Sep 2018 Looking For Greek Guild Ifeelnopain1 07 Sep 2018
06 Sep 2018 [H] <Favourite Sin> LFM (casual raiding) Hello :) Favourite Sin is recruiting for casual heroic raids, LF members who wants to raid without the mythic commitment. Our raid days are Thursday and Fri 20:00-23:00, currently looking for all classes. Drop me a message here and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. /BonîBonî3 06 Sep 2018
05 Sep 2018 [H] <Crippling depression inc> Rekrutere! Crippling Depression Inc mangler danskere, Gerne en Healer samt et par dpsere Vi er stortset 18+ med undtagelse af en. Vi raider 2 gange i ugen, hvor sunday is funday, hvilket menes med at hvis der er nok på til et raid om søndagen og folk har lyst så laver vi også der, dog ikke et krav. Vi raider Tirsdage og Torsdage fra 19-22, og har et mål med AotC:Uldir. MEN hvis rekrutteringen går galant så kan det være at mythic 25 man bliver en mulighed. Hvis i leder efter en stor guild med social ranks, så ikke forvent det for vores vedkommende. Vi er en noobvenlig guild, hvilket vil sige at man ikke behøves at have experience da mange er her for at lære alligevel. Krav: Sæt dig ind i dit spec, altså villig til at lære Kom forberedt, med flask, food, potions osv. SKAL KUNNE KLARE STØDENDE JOKES - vi kan have en ret sort humor, hvilket vil sige hvis du bliver nemt stødt er dette ikke noget for dig.Frannö2 05 Sep 2018
05 Sep 2018 Unity recruiting for Uldir and M+ (Horde) Hi! We are Unity, we started as a group of friends who pugged into Heroics. At the start of Legion we decided to make a guild and we cleared Emerald Nightmare. But After a whilr some of us stopped playing. But now in BFA we are back again! We are looking for members to join our raid team to clear Normal and Heroic uldir. We are also going to progress into Mythic. Add "Zorgan" if you want to he invited. See you soon Zorgan officer of UnityZorgan4 05 Sep 2018
05 Sep 2018 [H] Diagnosis Murloc LF Warlock for Mythic! Please Ignore, Warlock found!Mistmay0 05 Sep 2018
05 Sep 2018 [H] LF Guild for casual player in BfA Hi. I am currently looking for a guild to play with in BfA. The guild I am looking for is has a friendly environment where people talk to and help each other. I want to be in a guild where I can enjoy content like doing Mythic+ dungeons and to some raiding. I have put casual in the title - and with that I mean that I want to be in a guild where I don't have so stick to a strict raiding schedule. But rather sign up when I got the time. But I do expect that the people that sign up for a raid come prepared with things like enchants, looked up strategy etc. Tbh, as a casual raider beeing prepared is very important as you got less time for raiding - so you need to make the most of it. I plan play as a shaman, and I want to play elemental main specc with resto off-spec. But I don't have any trouble with healing in raids and dungeons. Got any questions? Want to take a chat? Just message me ingame or leave a reply here. My shaman has the same name as my warrior: kashug.Kashug2 05 Sep 2018
04 Sep 2018 Disc Priest LF PvP guild Hey guys, I am looking for a good pvp guild to join for arenas/rated BGs now that they are about to be released. I am a veteran pvper, 2300+ in 2s and 3s across multiple seasons ranging back to TBC. Hoping to find some serious pvpers to play with, aiming for upper ranks of arena! I am a shadow pri..... hahaha no ofc not. I play disc. Who wants bubbles?Jizabella0 04 Sep 2018
04 Sep 2018 selling [Mecha-Mogul Mk2] Selling [Mecha-Mogul Mk2] for 5 mill write here or /w me ingameSolaeriass0 04 Sep 2018
04 Sep 2018 Hi everyone! Hello, I am new on this realm, returned to WoW after skipping the last 2 expansions! I love you all, give me a /wave ingame =)Egorova0 04 Sep 2018
04 Sep 2018 4 Friends looking for new raiding guild Hello there! We are four people looking for a new HC Raiding Guild to start with in Legion, as our last Guild was semi-casual. Our roster is one Healer (Plipp - Holy Priest) one Tank (Dafuqz - Blood DK) and two DPS (Pølsebrø - Havoc Demon Hunter and Fitteladden - Destruction Warlock) We have been actively playing together since Cataclysm, and we all actively level alts aswell with the possibility to swap them to mains. We are aiming for 2 raid days a week, with the goal of steady progression, alongside like minded players. We do M+ runs aswell. Preferably not during Weekends. If you are interested in an almost full M+ group in you Guild and Raid, feel free to leave a comment, or message me on BNet (Storeide#2375) or (Zeat#2364)Fitteladden2 04 Sep 2018
04 Sep 2018 Guardian druid LF mythic raiding guild Hey! Here i am,one day before raid release. I have been playing and raiding on and off since vanilla and i really don't want to miss first raid of BFA. Guardian druid 342 ATM Wow Experience Well raided and played all expansion except MoP. Started to raid mythic in WoD on my prot warrior and continue to do so in Legion but in the end of the expansion i made a druid after a pause in middle of Nighthold. Emerald nightmare 7/7 mythic Trial of valor 2/3 mythic nighthold 5/10 mythic antorus 1/9 mythic I'm searching for a mature guild that raid 2-3 days/week and will go for cutting edge in all raids. I have no problem transfer my character to another server if i find the right guild but i will NOT change to Alliance. Add me for more info: NiklasQQ#2560Salkinqqd0 04 Sep 2018