Twisting Nether

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11h "Xenrindor" Recruiting for Mythic. Xenrindor: Tanks: 2/2 Healers: 4/4 Dps: 7/16 Our Days and times are Monday and Wednesday invites going out at 19:45 to be in the raid to start at 20:00 and we raid till 23:00-23:30 (depending on where we are pull wise) We are a bunch of ex mythic raiders who were taking it casual for a while and now wish to get back into mythic, we are all long time players who wish to find players similar to us, who want the challenge mythic brings as well as the loot. Please contact: GM - Xelorian Officer - Madeön Role Leaders - Teköne Or Làmoral Or worst case just ask an online member for a point of contact.Xelorian1 11h
11h Elysian [H] Hi there!! Elysian is new guild created by two friends who want to progress through Heroic and eventually onto mythic in the future!! And we want you! We are currently 2/11 Heroic as a guild due to our numbers. We raid two days a week which are Thursday and Monday 8PM till 11PM (Realm time). We do weekly normal clears to help those who need gear for Heroic! Currently recruiting - Ranged DPS - All Classes Healers - Holy Pala / Disc Priest If you need any more information I am happy to provide :) add me on iyax#2678Iyax4 11h
11h [H] Calamitous Intent 5/11M 2 Day Raiding Guild About Us Calamitous Intent is a semi-hardcore raiding guild. Our guild is made up of a group of friends who have been playing together since Wotlk. We class ourselves as a semi-hardcore raiding guild with the intent to clear content as fast as possible. At the same time, we feel that we have a strong social community where members can feel at ease. Our raid team is currently fully prepared for the legion expansion to raid competitively. We have updated our raiding days and times from previous expansions to suit the guilds needs. We are recruiting a few key classes to provide more options for progression. We're always recruiting EXCEPTIONAL raiders no matter recruitment status. Get in-touch if you feel you can outperform our current raiders! Raid Times -Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 -Tuesday: 20:00 - 23:00 -Friday optional (old farm content - hc/normal raids and boost runs) Guild Requirements - Reliable - All of our raiders must be able to maintain as close to 100% attendance as possible. - Skill - All raiders must be competent within their class/role. This also includes being capable at playing your off-spec. You must also be able to move from fire and other not-so-enjoyable things on the ground. - Tactics- It is expected that you turn up to all raids full prepared. When it comes to progression raids, you are expected to have learnt as much about the encounter as possible and be able to help develop tactics. This includes having the correct spec and add-ons prepared and made for all bosses indivdually. - Humour - Members must have a strong sense of humour to be able to fit into the guild comfortably. - Communication - Access to Teamspeak and a working microphone is mandatory. What We Offer - Organised & structured raiding. - Fair loot distribution. We use a loot council. - Progression raid spots are based on performance and reliability. Farm boss raid spots will prioritize players that still need loot from a particular boss. - A fun atmosphere with a serious raiding environment. Current Recruitment Ranged DPS Shadow Priest! - Boomkin - Warlock! - Hunter Healers Holy Paladin (ASAP) For more information regarding recruitment, please contact one of our recruitment officers in-game: Durburz#2541 Nicolé#2480 Thanks for readingDúrburz128 11h
18h [H] <Ironwood Inc> 3/11M are looking for members Do you want to experience mythic raiding but on a more casual level? We are after people with the right mindset. About us <Ironwood Inc> is a horde guild on the well populated server Twisting Nether. We consist of mostly mythic experienced raiders. Eager to continue our journey and down some new mythic bosses. Here to look for new talents to strengthen our ranks. We raid twice a week, Mondays and Wednesdays from 20.30 (20.20 invites) to 23.30 server time. In addition to raids we also run M+ keys, have a RBG team who runs on Thursdays and ’The Sunday Club’, a social/alt HC run on Sundays so that you don’t need to look for PUGs to get it done. If you, like us, have a rather busy life outside World of Warcraft this is a great opportunity for you. Not only do you get to see the hardest part of raiding that WoW got to offer, but you wil become part of an a community where you will meet some great people. We will try to get as far as we can without pushing it too hard. Social members without an interest in mythic raiding but still want to hangout or experience normal and heroic raids are always welcome with open arms. What can you expect from us? Transparency. A helpful mindset. Accountability. Taking your views into account. Consistent progress.What do we expect from you? An average of 70% attendance. Come to raids prepared. Effective communication. Contribute positively to the atmosphere. Be the best you can be. The ability to listen to Discord.We are currently looking for Shadowpriest, preferably with a healing OS. Havoc demon hunter.Social members who want a place to call home and maybe raid with us in The Sunday Club are super welcome! Contact details If you want to hear more about us you are welcome to contact us ingame or via Battlenet and Discord. Thalassarche (whyreddie#21634) / (Thalassarche#1309) Saple (Saple#2105) / (Saple#5708) Antahrax (flesh#2835) / (flesh#2835)Thalassarche48 18h
1d [H] <Shield Angels> (5/11M) Recruiting <Shield Angels> Is recruiting people with a solid attitude towards progression and having fun in and outside of raids. We very much like people with a healthy social attitude. Our raiding days are: Wednesday/Sunday/Tuesday - 19:00-22:00 At this moment we are mainly looking for: Tanks: - Ranged DPS: Boomkin+heal OS Melee DPS: - Healers: Priest Please add Faragi#2361 for more detailed information about the guild and our aims, or leave a message below.Shaestra124 1d
1d LF PVP GUILD WITH RBG TEAM Shaman enh LF PVP GUILD to push arena and to push RBG Need to have RBG group 2v2 1900cr 3v3 1700 cr RBG 1700 crGrosswiner0 1d
1d Perceptive 11/11M Boosting Services Hello and Welcome to Sham's Boost Community, formed by Perceptive's Guild Master / Management Team, which consists of a variety of boost teams of multiple top guilds on Tarren Mill Horde . In Sham's Boost Community, you can order which type of boost that you would like on discord or via , so if you cant find a boost team to do weekly M+15 for example and cant find one of our advertisers in game, you can now just order it on discord and get way faster responses and achieve the boost as soon as possible. -If we fail to achieve a Boost run for you, you will get the full refund for the price you paid for the boost. -Once you become a regular buyer, you will also receive free boosts and discounts on certain occasions. Prices: Nighthold Mythic: Elisande Trinket (Convergence of Fate): Tarren Mill : 200k Other Realms: 300k Guldan Trinket (Whispers of the Dark): Tarren Mill : 200k Other Realms: 300k Guldan Mount: Tarren Mill: 1200k Other Realms: 1800k Antorus, The Burning Throne: Antorus Heroic Masterloot Full loot Priority: Tarren Mill : 2000-2500k Other Realms: 3000k Extra Info: Full loot priority is basically you get all the loot you need for your spec. Antorus Heroic Personal Loot : Tarren Mill: 600k Other Realms: 900k Extra Info: Boosters Roll out loot that they don't need! Argus Heroic Personal Loot : Tarren Mill: 200k Other Realms: 300k Extra Info: Get your Curve, Mount and Chance on Legendary/Pantheon Trinket! Antorus Glory Run : Tarren Mill: 700k Other Realms: 900k Extra Info: Done via Normal difficulty, get your Glory Mount! Mythic + Boosting Services: Mythic + Level 15 for Weekly : Tarren Mill : 200k Other Realms: Price of a Wow Token Extra info: This type of boost is only for weekly Mythic + 15 for Cache Mythic + Level 15 Armor Loot : Tarren Mill: 300k Other Realms: 400k Extra Info: This Type of Boost is for Full Leather/Mail Group Etc for Extra loot for you! Mythic + Level 20 for Score/Loot Tarren Mill: 800k Other Realms: 900k Extra info: Get More loot Drop and High Mythic + Score Note: If one of the boost services you are looking for is not written, you can ask about it on discord or via Battle Tag. Contact us Discord Invite Link: Skype: Prinishivace321 Battle Tag: Sham#21832 and Prinishivace#2678Shamserk2 1d
1d (H)<Blood Rain> (Ragnaros) 5/11M is now Recruiting About us: Blood Rain was created on May 5th 2007 on Neptulon and is currently one of the oldest raiding guild in europe. Blood rain was fighting in the top 10 for a long time, after the server died, we moved to Ragnaros, early 2011. Since than we have accumulated a core group of mature members along with a tight-knit community and competitive nature. We have a strong PVE focus and our ambition is to fight for the top rankings on the server and clear all the content while it's current, But still maintain friendly and fun environment. We are an international guild with players from all across the globe, but the language we use in guild chat and on Discord is English. We have a small but active roster, so if we recruit you, than you will have a spot in progression! Progress: The Emerald Nightmare: Heroic: 7/7, Mythic: 7/7 Trial Of Valor: Heroic: 3/3, Mythic: 2/3 The Nighthold: Heroic: 10/10, Mythic: 6/10 Tomb of Sargeras: Heroic: 9/9, Mythic: 6/9 Antorus, the Burning Throne: Heroic: 11/11, Mythic: 5/11 Blood Rain is now Recruiting: Range DPS: # 1 Hunter - High Priority # 1 Mage - High Priority # 1 Warlock - High Priority # 1 Balance Druid - High Priority Melee DPS: # 1 Demon Hunter - High Priority # 1 Warrior - High Priority # 1 Retri Pala - High Priority # 1 Feral Druid - High Priority Healers: # 1 Holy Pala - High Priority As a minimum, we require you to have at least 950+ ilvl & 75+ traits on main spec weapon and perfect knowledge of all the fights. *** Exceptions can be made if you convince us that you are worth going for *** * Although our recruitment may be closed at times, we will always consider exceptional players who excel at their class and thrive on raid progression! Raiding Times: Raid Inv are always at: 19:45! Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 - mandatory Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 - mandatory Monday 20:00 - 23:00 - mandatory Tuesday 20:00 - 23:00 - optional/cleaning up day During times of progression or close to a boss kill we might extand the raid, but no longer than 30 min. Anyone wishing to join us must adhere to this. # During the weekend we host Optional Alt raids and Rated battlegrounds. What kind of player we are look for?: # Skilled: Top notch performance and and in-depth knowledge of your class on all specs while also be able to follow and carry out instructions to perfection. # Active: we have a small roster, so near 100% attendance is required. If you cant make it to the raid we will need to know in advanced. # Independent: The ability to learn from your mistakes and adapt to changes instantly. # Prepared: You study each encounter beforehand and always show up to raids with consumables and on time. # Vocal: Be able to understand and speak in English over Discord while also contribute to the discussions. # Reliable: Have stable internet connection, working microphone and a computer that can handle 20 man raiding. # Self-driven: You strive to improve yourself without needing external criticism. # Team player: You understand that the guild comes first. # Non-elitist: we expect you to maintain a mature and respectful attitude at all times. We expect from all our raiders to understand that learning new bosses entails wipes and we are looking for people to drive progress, not to farm that which is already easy. What you can expect from us: # A guild with a highly competitive nature # Friendly Atmosphere # A stable and successful raiding environment to the most competitive players # An extremely strong and stable community amongst experienced players Trial in the guild: Trial is usualy between 2-3 resets. during that time your actions, contributions to the guild and to the raids will determine your promotion. Addons we use: # Deadly Boss Mods/BigWigs Bossmods - Mandatory # Angry Assignments - Mandatory # RCLootCouncil - Mandatory Contact info: Please feel free to contact one of the officers in game for more info and to apply. Bengé (Benge#2295) - Guild Master & Raid Leader Higurashi (Higu#2717) - Officer Updated on: 23/02/2018Higudruid1 1d
2d [H] EU-Kazzak <HowMuchTheFish> semi-hardcore Hello all, <HowMuchTheFish> is a semi-hardcore progression Guild, located on Kazzak-EU server, which aims at playing at the topmost level possible in each tier, while still having fun and not totally losing out the focus on the thing called "Life". (Small Disclaimer incoming : The guild needs to be created, I am lacking three signatures on the guild charter sheet) I am actively looking for members, to begin forming a raid roster. Socials are welcome too !!! What i am looking for "character-wise" and "class-wise" : Ideally you are mature, reliable, interested in raiding in a progression guild, no matter the level (normal, hardcore, up to mythic) and willing to put in some time. I have a couple of Officer and Raid Leader spots to give away, too - practical experience in raid leading, a knack for administrative duties, good knowledge of the game and your class(es) in particular, are bonuses. Aiming at three to five raids a week, distributed among the difficulties. Class-wise, i am willing to accept all classes in the game, as we are still a couple of weeks away (at least) from being able to function as a "unit" and grab the mythic bull by the horns, so to speak. (You should know that - coming from Destiny 2, which i will leave behind in favor of WoW - i have recruited 80 members for my clan in the span of four weeks, so i am determined to make this work) Looking forward to hear from you - i am accepting players from other servers aswell, even if you cannot - for some reason - move to Kazzak-EU right now. If youre interested, contact me on battlenet (Näruxo#2882). Cheers, NäruxoNäruxo1 2d
2d <Skywatchers> is Recruiting. New guild. <Skywatchers> is looking for 2 tanks and some RDPS as well as 1 RDPS with healer OS to complete our roster. We are 11/11HC 2/11M players trying to push into mythic further and further, while still having a good time and keeping a friendly atmosphere. You can find out more and/or apply at: If you have any questions you can always whisper me or another officer in game. Ask someone online to find an officer if I'm not online. We hope to see you soon!Arkilock3 2d
2d [H][EU][Twisting Nether] The Sixth Gate 6/11H Guild: <The Sixth Gate> Server: Twisting Nether (Horde) Progression: Antorus the Burning Throne11/11N, 6/11HC Raid Times: Wednesday and Sunday - 19:45-23:00 server time (CET) Recruiting: We are looking for semi-experienced raiders to fill our roster, we are mainly looking for ranged DPS (pref someone with bloodlust / time warp :P) and healers, but everyone is welcome About the guild: We are a newly started guild, which aims to be a casual and friendly raiding guild reply here or add my battletag, if you want to know more / interesting in joining. battletag: saph#2334Plebgirl0 2d
2d Fury Warrior looking for raiding guild. Hello I´ve just rolled my warrior 2 months ago, and I´m beginning to get tired of pugging raids all the time, so I would love to find a guild that I can raid with the last bit of legion and also in BFA what I´m looking for is a guild that’s raiding 2 times a week. I´ve been playing the game since Vanilla raiding on and of with a few breaks, in the beginning of legion I´ve played a rogue and now rolled my warrior to get use to him before BFA hits. I´m 28 years old and from Denmark, would be great to join a community with likewise minded and aged people. (+18) I´m also a big fan of PvP and mythic +. Hit me up with a msg here, or I will just keep on looking around. :-) (I will transfer when I find a spot)Stunstation1 2d
2d [H] 960 Affi lock & 962 Frost Dk LF Mythic Raiding As the title suggests, we're looking for a mythic raiding guild for which we can progress through Antorus, We're both British and English speaking. We would like a raiding guild which raids 3 nights per week but not on a Friday or Saturday. Pref Raid time would be 8.00pm onwards. Although PvP and older content runs is not a must, it would be nice. Our Logs 2d
2d [H] <Citizens of Dalaran> 11/11HC - RECRUITING! <Citizens of Dalaran> About Citizens: Laid-back guild built around a group of ex-tryhard friends trying to slow down a bit, but still achieve decent results on the raiding scene. Come join us in a solid and friendly heroic focused group and make some great friends in the process! Currently looking dps + healers who are looking for a place to transform their commitment and enthusiasm into abilities. We'd like to share our experience with souls eager to learn. Before you apply: We take raiding seriously, but we also put great focus into M+ and trying to keep the guild as a community reaching outside of raiding. Members are expected to know when it is ok to goof around and when it is time to get down to business. Absurd, silly behaviour is omnipresent, as well as mildly offensive themes, so you must be open to that sort of humor. Citizens of Dalaran is strictly an 18 and older guild. Members are required to have a stable internet connection, a computer capable of raiding, Discord with a working microphone, an open mind, and a good attitude. Attendance Raid times: 19:45-23:00 realm time Wednesday, Thursday - Progression days Sunday - Running Normal/Achievements for the lulz Loot Citizens distribute loot via loot council. The loot council prioritizes players and classes that will most benefit the raid to improve progression. Progress Antorus - 1/11M Tomb of Sargeras - 9/9HC Approach an officer/recruiter directly via BattleTag to chat today - Khaien#2241, Kefe#2528, Sene#2489 Or hop over to our Discord and PM with one of the mods!íen3 2d
3d [H] <Paradigma> 5/11M Recruiting About us: Paradigma is a long-established raiding guild consisting of helpful and friendly people, with a core family that have been raiding together since Vanilla/TBC. Our members are active outside raids and encouraged to do M+, alt runs and other fun stuff during our off nights. We are a mature guild with many of us balancing our love for WoW with IRL stuff - families, jobs, drinking heavily etc but we're still killing mythic raid bosses as a 2 night raiding guild and having fun doing it. Progressing through end-game content is important to us - playing with like-minded people is even more so. If you are looking for solid progression along with a friendly and grown-up atmosphere, then look no further. If you have an elitist attitude or are just horny for your logs and your loot, you need to look elsewhere. Progression History & Current: - Emerald Nightmare 7/7M  - Trial of Valor 2/3M  - Nighthold 7/10M - Tomb of Sargeras 5/9M - Antorus 5/11M Raid Schedule: We're a 2 day/week, progression focused environment.  Sunday @ 20:00 - 23:30 Server time (progression night) Monday @ 20:00 - 23:30 Server time (progression night) Friday @ 20:00 - 23:30 Server time (Optional & chill HC farm night). Invites @ 19:50 Requirements: In order to accomplish the progression goals we aim for, people need to be dedicated and on top of their game. Awareness, survivability, and class knowledge/performance are things we expect from every potential recruit. As we raid only 2 nights a week, we also expect high (90% + ) attendance. Boss Mods go without saying (BigWigs/DBM) and we require you to have Angry Assignments RC LootCounsil, Exorsus raid tools, and Weak Auras installed. Being disappointed at our progression rate on ToS , we have pulled up our sleeves and reformed a lot of the team, and are looking for some more quality additions to push our progress in Antorus. This is where you come in. We will consider any candidate with mythic experience and who can demonstrate the sort of attitude towards raiding that we are looking for and we are especially in need of melee classes (who would have though it in Legion eh!). Ideally, we would prefer applicants to have gear relevant to our current progress, 75 traits and all important legos for their spec, but it is not essential. If you can show us that you would be a good fit then we may well be interested. Contact Info: We welcome everyone that thinks that they have what it takes. To chat more about joining add me on bnet: MysticAngel#2249 We wish everyone the best in whatever you are looking for.Simbrah0 3d
3d [H] Selling M+ & Raid Carries - 9/11M Guild We Inner Fury are a guild of experienced players. We are currently selling a wide variety of carry services. Our boosting team is consists of mostly 970+ players with a few being 965+. Which for you, means that our raiders need little to no items. If the services you're looking for is not on the list, dont hessitate to contact us anyway as we are always open to requests. _____________________________________________________________________________ Current Services: Full Heroic Antorus Clear - Master and Personal Loot Full Normal Antorus Clear - Master and Personal Loot Heroic Argus - Get your curve, mount or just a shot at your pantheon trinkets +15 M+ Keys - Get your some sweet 960+ ilvl loot in your weekly chest_____________________________________________________________________________ Information About the Services: The full antorus clears are done on thursdays. The runs starts at 20:00 Server time The +15 M+ Carries can be done at any given time. Contact on of the persons below to arrange times. A rule of thumb is that: You'll get all the gear our raiders is not needing._____________________________________________________________________________ Contact Info Raids Add Dablord#21821on btag or Ung Spiller #1502 through discord to schedule a spot for one of our raid services.M+ - Done through in-game /w Spankmedaddi Nêrve Cannaa Bigsmilé DeviiantNext open spots for raid carries are the 22th of February Feel free to post below your experience with us, postive or negative. We are looking forward to hear from you. Best Regards Inner FurySpankmedaddi0 3d
3d [H] Solid Liquid-Twisting Nether (9/11M Antorus) About Solid Liquid is a Semi-Hardcore Horde guild on Twisting Nether, that was formed in September 2016. Our guild has grown quite a bit since then. It's core are members that played World of Warcraft many years ago and returned for legion. Goal Our current goal is to strengthen our raiding team and have a steady progress in Tomb of Sargeras. Schedule Wednesday: 19:00 - 23:00 (realm time) Thursday : 19:00 - 23:00 (realm time) Monday : 19:00 - 23:00 (realm time) -------------------------------------------------------- Sunday : 19:00 - 23:00 (optional Realm time) Alt raids/ HC runs for those that want. We are currently: 9/11M, 11/11 HC Antorus. Previous patch: 10/10 Mythic NH, 3/3 Mythic ToV, 8/9 M ToS 9/9 HC. Recruitment Since we are currently trying to strengthen our core we are looking for a squad that consists of roughly 25 active members. With a flexible number we are able to raid when some players can't make the raid or a progression boss asks for a certain setup. We expect an attendance close to 90%. Those that drop below without a clear reason will be penalized. Recruiting: Holy Paladin Mistweaver Monk Holy/Discipline Priest Affliction/Destruction Warlock Frost/Unholy Death Knight Feral Druid Enhancement Shaman Any exceptional players are always considered. Contact Crazyheal#2289, Erashnak#2943, Angelicon#2522 or Zananni#2304 in game or Apply to our Website. 3d
3d [H] <HowMuchTheFish> and Guild Charter [H] <HowMuchTheFish> on Kazzak-EU is LF members to complete Guild Charter. We intend to form a decent Raid Group, progress as far as possible, and then concentrate on Battle for Azeroth. Message Näruxo#2882 for details.Näruxo0 3d
3d [H] <Outdated> 6/11M 2 Days Raiding Guild is Recruiting Who are we? <Outdated>is a guild formed by a group of friends whom all shares the same passion for raiding and are clearing heroic every week and progressing through mythic 2 days (6 hrs) a week. As many other guilds, our guild consist of people throughout Europe. However, we all share the same goal of having fun while also raiding on a serious level and we aim to have a high roster for both Heroic and Mythic progression. During progression we highly appreciate all raiders to give their full attention during raids. Each week we make sure every single raider receives their weekly +15 chest. That being said, we also run multiple high Mythic+ Dungeons everyday for those interested in pushing high keys. Our progress Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Mythic Trial of Valor: 3/3 Heroic Nighthold: 6/10 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras: 5/9 Mythic Antorus 6/11 Mythic Our raiding schedule - Server Time Mythic Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 Sunday: 20:30 - 23:30 With the optional Heroic clear on Mondays and alt/normal clear on Thursdays and Fridays. Currently In Need of -1 Tank (Any class) -Shadow Priest -Hunter(Any spec) -Shaman(Any spec) -Balance Druid with viable healing offspec -Warlock(Any spec) Classes marked with Bold are highly needed. If your class or spec is not listed above, please don't hesitate to contact us. We are always looking for exceptional players to strenghten our team. What can <Outdated> offer you -A place to stay and enjoy the game while also partipate in raiding on a serious level. -A fun and exiciting community with lots of different faces. -The option to clear and experience current tier on a 2 days raiding pace -Multiple High M+ on a daily basis What is required from you -Atleast 90% raid attendance, preferably 100% during important progress. -110% dedication to the raid and the guild - We highly praise loyalty. -Skill and knowledge of your class on a high enough level to carry your own weight Interested? If <Outdated> sounds like the place for you, please aply here or contact one of the officers below. Evza#2495 Forsaken#2107 Duke#2137 Gotwings#2507 attacker#2397Attackér8 3d
3d Contenance 1/11M Recruiting for Mythic and Hc Farm The guild `Contenance` - Twisting Nether (Started in Wotlk 2008) is recruiting for more consistent HC farm and start Mythic runs. We need more ranged dps that can raid with us regularly. Other then that we have all spots open for improvement( We have multiple people who can play a few chars, so we are a bit flexible on the recruitment). We are not hardcore raiding guild so we do not command you to be in every raid but most of them, most importantly you should sign ( Accept, tentative or decline on our raid calendar). Also we are friendly people, you will not see any shouting, rage quitting and things like that. We just want to have fun with more progress. We have a lot of people to help out, do mythic+ runs. Raiddays: Wednesday Thursday Monday 20:15 invites, 20:30 start, 23:00 the raid ends if we are not too excited We have a decent group for hc runs, but we focus on getting a consistent 20 ppl for mythic raiding without hurry and drama. We do our best to sponsor enchants, gems, food for the raiders. We might as well do cauldrons soon. If you are interested in joining us, please contact me: Onrcn#2171Aredhêl5 3d
4d 1-4am Late Night Raids<Nocturnal Supremacy> 6/11m We are based on Twisting Nether! Raid days have been changed! We've dropped the Friday raid and now raid on Tuesday. Friday will now become a day for alt runs and quick heroic clears. Raiding days/hours are: (All in server time) • Thursday 1am - 4am • Monday 1am - 4am • Tuesday 1am - 4am Please note that the days listed can seem a bit confusing, for example, by Thursday 1-4am we mean Wednesday going into Thursday, not Thursday going into Friday. Alt raid is on Friday at the same hours. Recruiting: Shaman/Paladin/Druid healers Ranged DPS Anyone commited to raiding late nights that can prove themselves worthy of a spot ------------ The Sell: Looking for very late night raiding to fit your work schedule? Maybe you're a night-owl or want raids that don't clash with your other guild raids? Perhaps you just live in America or somewhere similar where normal raiding hours don't work for you? Well, Nocturnal Supremacy are here! We're a friendly and relaxed bunch who can get things done at the same time. We have plenty of players from all over the world, even from Sweden, sadly. We merged from a group of three late night guilds in Warlords of Draenor during Blackrock Foundry and progressed up to Mythic Maidens before Hellfire Citadel came out. From there we cleared 11/13 bosses before the valor points patch came out and then fully cleared the place and farmed every raider an Archimonde mount before Legion was launched. Now in Legion we have cleared Emerald Nightmare Mythic, 2/3 Trial of Valor, 9/10 in Nighthold, 6/9 ToS and currently 6/11 in Antorus with a kill of Kin'garoth well within reach within the next reset. If you have good past raid experience but feel you aren't currently showing your potential don't be afraid to apply, gear is a secondary concern next to other positive elements a guildmate and raider can bring us. Please come prepared for the content though, the fastest way to fail a trial is to fail a mechanic, or to be a horribly abrasive !@#. For more information contact: GM - Karnage#2229 Officer -Shemzy#2465 or if you're desperate, me, lowly but long-standing recruitment peon Teezep#2487 4d
5d [H] One Percent Wipe (6/11M), 3 days/week Greetings! Guild "One Percent Wipe" is a newly formed international collective, gathered players with years of World of Warcraft experience from all over Europe (England, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Greece, Republic of Cyprus, Russia and many more). Founders of our guild are playing together since Vanilla. We are aiming to conquer mythical raid content, while maintaining semi-hardcore attitude with ~10 hours a week of overall raid time. Our goal is to finish this and upcoming expansions among the top 1000. Whom are we looking for: - a passionate raiders - players with good attitude towards end-game raiding, great at classes they are playing and basically the people on which our collective can rely while doing the progress raids. What we can offer: - a quality and stable raids with like-minded players on your side; - people who respects the time everyone had to spend in raid; - drama free atmosphere. Raiding Schedule (server time): Wednesday, 19:45 - 22:30 Friday, 19:45 - 22:30 Sunday, 19:45 - 22:30 Loot System: Loot Council Language and Communication: English, Discord Recruiting (prioritised, 19.02.2018): deathknight (dd) high demon hunter (dd) high druid (balance) high druid (restoration) high hunter medium mage medium monk (healer) high paladin (retribution) high priest (healer) high priest (dd) high rogue high shaman (elemental) high shaman (restoration) high warlock high warrior high If you are interested, then please contact us and don't forget the link to your current logs! Fil#2512 Nikeri#2208 Have a good day!Naikiri0 5d
5d [H] <Magister Dixit> Rekryterar We are a Swedish guild, the info below will be in that language. Raid: 2 kvällar i veckan 20-23. Onsdag, Söndag. Progress 7/7M, 2/3M, 4/10M, 5/9M, 3/11M Om oss Vi är ett svensktalande guild som grundades på Twisting Nether under Wrath of the Lich King och om man får tro WoWProgress så är vi serverns äldsta aktiva svensktalande raidingguild. Med över 200 unika guildmedlemmar är vi en levande guild som gör mer än bara raidar. Folk jagar achievements, pvpar, kör dungeons, M+, pet battlar, trollar och är aktiva i guildchat och på Discord. Raiding Vi har en fungerande roster och tar i detta skede endast emot enstaka ansökningar, det vi söker hålls uppdaterat på denna sida. Även om din klass inte finns med så kan det vara av intresse. Vi raidar onsdagar 20.00-23.00 och söndagar 20.00-23.00. Vi har även raids för alla medlemmar på fredagar, perfekt tillfälle om man vill prova på raiding eller bara ha lite kul en stund. Kontakta Mayiscratch#2662, Expería#2444 eller Grickey#21928 vid frågor.Hirindar23 5d
5d [H] Dead Weight is recruiting! 7/11 Mythic Dead Weight [H] is a guild on the server Bloodhoof/Khadgar-EU. We currently are 7/11 Mythic and we’re going strong for achieving Cutting Edge this, and upcoming raid tiers. Our goal is to clear Mythic Antorus in this tier, so we’re only considering players that are on par or better than our top players in the guild. We strive to develop as a guild. All applicants should have a good attitude towards raiding, please attend the raid prepared. We expect you to min/maxing your character and you should be able to handle constructive criticism if/when it’s directed at you. You’ll also be required to install Discord and have a working headset and microphone and also be able to understand the English language. We raid the following days and times: (SERVER TIME) Wednesdays 20:30-23:00 Thursdays 20:30-23:00 Sundays 20:30-23:00 We are currently looking for: -Shadow Priest -Frost/Unholy Death Knight -Fury/Arms Warrior -Balance Druid -MM Hunter -Affliction Warlock We are also taking exceptional players in consideration. Are you interested? Please contact Yva-Bloodhoof in-game or add Yva#21447 feel free to add any of the other officers too: -Azörius: Abobalypse#2387 -Discordiansz: Discordians#2834 -Ruxi: Miz7#2772 -Canine/Anubis/Coyote: TheKingEcho#1129 Team DWYva2 5d
5d [H] 5/11 M Slackers - Twisting Nether Hello! About Us <Slackers> have been around since Wrath however unfortunately our raid team disbanded back in Cataclysm due to various reasons, people taking breaks and what not. However, we are back! Since we disbanded before we went our separate ways staying in our small friendship groups keeping tabs on each other but we have now decided we want to raid again together and compete to be the best, again! We were previously realm top 5 (different server) and would like to continue clearing content just like we used to. Raiding times: Wednesday - 20:00 - 23:00 (Server Time) Sunday - 20:00 - 23:00 (Server Time) Current Progress Antorus Normal 11/11 Antorus Heroic 11/11 Antorus Mythic 6/11 Currently Recruiting We're currently recruiting ALL CLASSES/SPECS however are currently in HIGH need of: 1 Tank (DK/Druid/Monk pref) 1 Healer (Druid/Priest pref) ALL RANGED DPS Requirements for Joining Prior raid experience, whether that be Heroic or Mythic raiding A character that is geared ready for progression (955ilvl+ with 75+ traits) A willingness to progress due to our 2 day raiding schedule, knowing when to take it serious but also able to put up with our humour and have some yourself! Does this sound like something you're looking for? If so then let us know, we'd love to hear from you! Contacts: Sphinx365#2424 Raprock1337#2286Rexll13 5d
6d SCAMMER ALERT Petswths on this server is a scammer. He does not pay back for the services he buys (m+ boost), do not sell him anything. He'll play a naive and overall nice persona to fool you. Don't fall into this.Sereia0 6d
17 Feb Looking for raiding guild Hello, I have played wow in cata , MoP, WoD and now legion all on a very casual level but now I want to get into raiding. I have never raided before all I know is by watching streams. I'm looking for a guild to join that would help me get into raiding. Thank you in advance for your time.Akimon1 17 Feb
17 Feb DK/DH LF friendly raiding guild for N/HC Hey, I recently came back to WoW and wanted to find a friendly guild where I would be able to raid N/HC and do some M+ because playing alone in MMORPG just doesn't feel right. Just be active and have enough ppl for raids at raid times that's all I seek. I play mostly melee classes. I am 21 years old guy from czech republic able to raid any day 19:00-24:00. Thanks for all offers!Rauzje3 17 Feb
17 Feb Disc Priest LF Guild Hi, I'm looking for a guild I can join as social for now, but possibly raid in near future. I've played since BC and significant time spent raiding in WotLK, Cata and MoP. Since then only been doing LFR and PvP. I'm 30 and prefer a guild with either a good mix of ages or all adults. Thanks!Mindcircus4 17 Feb
17 Feb who is the biggest troll on this server? as the titleSkaskjutadig3 17 Feb
17 Feb M+15 Boost Service from Friendly Group Hello everyone, Wanted to announce that we are selling M+15 runs on Twisting Nether for 120k gold. If you have multiple characters, we can negotiate the price. We think it's more than unfair to ask for 200k for 20 mins of work, so we are going our way. We have completed around 50 boosts the last 2 weeks (all in-time, most +2 or +3) and customers tend to return. We can arrange at least two players in group for leather and plate; mail and cloth are up to negotiation right now. You can AFK or tag along during the run, whatever you like. If you are interested, whisper me or Dapain in game or add me on : penelopeia#21404Sereia0 17 Feb
16 Feb <Assailant> Casual Raiding Guild LF New Members! Greetings! We are Assailant, a horde guild in the Twisting Neather eu server and we're looking for casual raiders. So a little backstory on the guild. A friend of us raided with this guild in Warlords of Dreanor and when the prepatch of Legion hit. He offered me and the current GM to lead this guild when we started playing in Legion and we accepted. Most of the old members quit from Dreanor and so we had to recruit from scratch. Raiding A lot of new members have come and gone. This is also why we've had a bit of trouble with progressing though Anotus. At this moment the guild has cleared 8/11 in heroic, allthough a lot of the members who helped us do this unfortunately left the guild (for their own personal reasons). So at the moment we're still steadily clearing Antorus normal each week to help gear up new members. Also we're still aiming to do the first 3-4 bosses on heroic. Just for practice and loot, mainly setpieces. We aim to give out flasks and make feasts for raids as long as the gold allows us to. If you have any crafting or gathering profession you can support this too once you join the guild. The same thing goes for enchants and jewels. Raid days The raid days are as follows, time is servertime: Friday - 19:45-23:00 - normal Antorus Sunday - 19:45-22:30 - heroic Antorus Tuesday - 19:45-22:30 - heroic Antorus followup Keystones We also really like to do keystones from time to time with the guild. To gear eachother up. Mostly we do keys ranging from +2-+15 Mentality We really like to help gear up and improve. This guild isn't too picky on performance, but likes to improve. If you need help learning tactics we're here for you. Voice Chat Preferably we get everyone on discord, a voice chat service, for the raids. You do not need to talk, since we find it really important that we can just call things out. You can also use this service as a chat with your fellow guildies :). Roles we seek Currently we have tanks and mostly need healers (can also be offspec) and DPS (preferably mostly ranged, but melee is also welcome). Joining us? If you want to join the guild just leave a message on this post. You can add a little introduction message too if you'd like (for example your class/spec, ilvl), but you don't have to. Or you can add me on discord (not my name is MysticalZelda#1345. I will check this post at least once a day and also my discord is on my phone. If you want we can also voice chat or just normally chat on there if you have any further questions.Mystfoxy0 16 Feb
16 Feb [H] <Ironwood INC> Recruiting for RBG team <Ironwood INC> is now recruiting more players to our RBG team! We recently started the team and are in need for few players to make it complete! Our experience ranges from players who are new to PvP to 2K+ RBG and Arenas You don't need much exp to join us, but you will need to know your class well while also being able to put in the work to improve between the runs. On the other side you will need a decent attitude and be able to handle a few losses without quitting as we want a good social environment in the guild and during the runs. We are currently going each Thursday at 20:30 and we are using discord. You will need a working mic and be able to use it. We take all classes, but at the moment we are in need of, and prefer: Healers Paladin / Priest / Shaman DPS DK / Lock / Mage / Ele Shaman/ Hunter If you're interested in joining our team, please add us on Bnet for a chat :) Terafus @ BackYard#2460 [RBG leader] Vapor @ HGR#21239Vapor2 16 Feb
14 Feb 15 Mythic+ Boosting for Weekly Chest Hey, Interested in a quick session of 15 Mythic+ Dungeon? Then drop a whisper to me or one of my friends:Yatocuk,Katututi,Jkarinziku. Feel free to add me on my BTag for further questions:Deniz#2107 -Additional Info- >We provide the key.(We can boost your key if you want aswell.) >If you lose connection or something unfortunate happens,we will boost you until it is done. >We complete the dungeon in time of course. >You may stay AFK throughout the whole dungeon.Hakael10 14 Feb
13 Feb <Mythic Ravers> boosts! <Mythic Ravers> 9/9M 10/11M are offering the following boosts: Antorus 11/11N PL/ML Antorus 11/11HC PL/ML Antorus Ahead of the Curve PL + Violet Spellwing mount Mythic +15 (your key, or if you don't have one we will provide it for you) for weekly chest, and +15 in time for Keystone Master. Tomb of Sargeras Normal/Heroic/Mythic PL/ML Nighthold Normal/Heroic/Mythic PL/ML Trial of Valor Normal/Heroic/Mythic PL/ML Emerald Nightmare Normal/Heroic/Mythic PL/ML Glory of the Legion Raider Glory of the Tomb Raider Glory of the Argus Raider The team's average item level is 970+, to insure a smooth and fast run. We only accept GOLD as payment and currently we are only taking gold on Twisting Nether. So what are you waiting for, get your Seat of the Pantheon, Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker + Violet Spellwing mount and Keystone Master today! Add me on my btag: Nevermore#2191Nimbro16 13 Feb
12 Feb <Rival> Recruiting All Classes 6/11M raid lead <Rival> has recently moved to Twisting Nether (Horde) and we're recruiting experienced players of all classes for Heroic and then Mythic progression. We're a 2-day raiding guild established in Cataclysm, raiding Tues/Thurs, with the addition of a Sunday when pushing for ranking. Our raid time is 8:00-11:00 realm time. What we're looking for? - Fluent English and willingness to communicate is essential. - Be able to maintain near 100% attendance with only unavoidable absences. - Your characters to be maxed with all consumables possible. - Stable internet connection. - Players who can carry their own weight but adapt well to a team environment. - Consistent playtime throughout the week to better your character, not only to attend raid nights. For more information reply to this forum or message me on my battletag Turtle#2170. Experience is a must, and Warcraft Logs must be available.Turtoa8 12 Feb
12 Feb <Rival> (6/11M LEAD) recruiting for HC FARM & MYTHIC! <Rival> (6/11M LEAD) are a 2-day raiding guild recruiting for weekly HC and future Mythic progression. We are currently looking for all classes to build the numbers for our new roster. <Rival> was recently formed by newly-transfered premades that have an extensive raiding log that are looking to settle a raid-capable roster ready to take on Mythic progression both this expansion and in BFA! Note that we also do weekly TOS clears for the players that need T20 set-piece bonuses. We are also very active on the mythic+ field and we do key pushing grinds often. Whisper Stabby - Twisting Nether or Mole - Twisting Nether in-game for invites, or reply to this post! Note: Experience is required.Tiardo6 12 Feb
11 Feb [H]OurSickStory (7/11M) 2 Day / Week - LF Members! Basic Info: Faction: Horde Realm: Twisting Nether Progress: Antorus: 7/11M Recruitment Status: Recruitment open for the following DPS Boomkin DeathKnight Monk Rogue Healer Paladin Monk We are always looking for exceptional players so we would always consider extremely impressive applications from all classes. The main roles we are currently looking for and our current raid days are as follows: Raid Days (GameTime): Wednesday - 20:00 >23:00 Sunday - 19:30 > 23:00 About OSS Our Sick Story is a long-lasting, experienced guild currently playing Horde on Twisting Nether. We have been previously a one day raiding guild (getting 7/10M in NH) but have decided to create an extra day for tomb progress. We are a group of people who, over the last few years, have met throughout several games to learn and progress through PvE content. We have a vast range of MMO experience branching from some of the very top guilds in WoW and consider ourselves capable and dedicated to raiding. What can you expect from us? A stable raiding environment with raid leaders which have more than 8 years of experience in doing so. We have members which have been in top guilds of the world in other games who are now looking for a less hardcore raiding environment. You can expect quality raids, but not as many anymore. You can also expect a near definite raiding slot if you are up to our standards. Had enough of WoW for the day? We play other games too while having random chats on teamspeak such as Heroes of the Storm!. What we expect from you * Someone who is able to raid our raid day all of the time. We only raid once a week now, so being able to be here 100% if vital. * A Mature player who can take criticism when needed. * Someone who is willing to put in 100% effort during raid hours * English speaking * Able to use voice comms during raids * Have good knowledge of your class * Come to every raid prepared with pots / max enchants and so on Contact us Website: Officers: Phenner, Bicceh, UgMonk You can also contact myself on Bicceh#1830Bicceh59 11 Feb
11 Feb Archaic Order - 9/11M 3 day/Week Recruiting AO In a Nutshell. AO is about letting people with "Real Lives" experience the end-game content. We have a relatively light and structured raiding schedule but we take our raids and gaming seriously; the philosophy is quality over quantity. We value "nice people" who fit in with our social vibe as much as our gaming aspirations: we'd rather take a nice guy with good dps, than an !@#$%^- with amazing dps. "Raiding for grown-ups" would make a pretty good tagline for the guild. What we are looking for: - You're a grown-up (or at least act like one most of the time). - You must be able to communicate in English. - You have a stable ISP and a computer that can handle 20 man raids. - You have exceptional knowledge of your class and game mechanics. - You take raiding seriously and PvE progress is your primary goal. - You have good current and previous Mythic raiding experience - You have the gear to jump into Mythic encounters. Raid days Wednesday 20:00-23:30 Sunday 20:00-23:30 Tuesday 20:00-23:30 (With options to extend to 0:00 if close to kill) History this Expansion: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7M Trial of Valor: 3/3M Nighthold: 10/10M Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9M Antorus: 9/11M Application Process We ask those interested in joining to make an application on our website and we'll try to respond as quick as we can. If your class isn't listed as a high priority you can still apply, we are always looking for exceptional raiders High Priority: Rogue Hunter Warrior Elemental Shaman Restoration Druid If you are just wanting a chat before making an application, or have any further questions don't hesitate to contact myself Alex#2303 or Oriental & Iots in-game Hope to hear from you soon! CephCephlun3 11 Feb
11 Feb NLK - Social Saturday 1 day raid team - 11/11hc & 3/11M Hello! Who are We? The NLK (No-Life-Krew) are a Weekend raid team within the established guild, Archaic Order. The name derives from the fact we raid on Saturdays, therefore have No life We are a friendly group of players who due to real life, can't afford the time to raid 3+ times a week so we squeeze all our progress into 1 raid on a Saturday. Don't misunderstand that we are Social in our approach/knowledge and skill, purely Social in the sense we raid only once each reset We had a good first tier, clearing Heroic Emerald Nightmare and Heroic Trial of Valor, and having cleared heroic Nighthold and Tomb of Sargeras along with the first few Mythic bosses we want to get a few more numbers so we can push further into Antorus. We're just cleared Heroic Antorus and plan to farm for a couple more weeks, and then push into Mythic. We're looking for a few extra reliable players to fill the roster Our Progress this Expansion: 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare 3/3 Heroic Trial of Valor 10/10 Heroic Nighthold 3/10 Mythic Nighthold 9/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras 4/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras 11/11 Heroic Antorus 3/11 Mythic Antorus Our Raid Time's are as follows Saturday - 20:00 - 23:30 What we Need Balance Druid Elemental Shaman Hunter Shadow Priest 1x Healer While we are searching specifically for these classes, we are always looking for exceptional candidates so don't hesitate to message me if our raid times and team are appealing Contact If what we describe sounds appealing then please contact myself through my Battletag: Alex#2303 and we can have a chat. I hope to hear from you soon! ThanksCephlun3 11 Feb
10 Feb [H] <NoM> 8/11M Hello and welcome. Recruiting: - Druid (Balance) - Monk (Windwalker) - Priest (Shadow) - Shaman (Elemental, Enhancement) - Warrior (DPS) We always take good players into consideration, so should your class not be here, dont be scared. Every exceptional application will get considered. Raiding schedule: Monday Wednesday Thursday from 19:30 to 23:15. These times can be extended during progress/close kills however. So you are expected to be able to stay at least 30 minnutes extra. As you can see we only raid roughly 11 hours a week, so this is where professionalism, motivation and effectiveness comes into the picture. NoM is a mythic raiding guild located on Twisting-Nether. We are a Horde guild as most of the server. Progress history: SoO: 14/14 Mythic Highmaul: 7/7 Mythic Blackrock Foundry: 10/10 Mythic Hellfire Citadel: 13/13 Mythic Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Mythic Trial of Valor: 3/3 Mythic The Nighthold: 10/10 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras: 8/9 Mythic Antorus: 8/11 Mythic Stay updated on: We strongly value people that can attend to all given raid days without being interrupted too many times. We also value motivated raiders that know the responsibility of their actions, and that are at the same level of play as us. Furthermore, we do expect people to be completely sure about tactics on ANY given boss fight we might encounter, and to be 100% ready with the consumables it requires, as well as possible role changes. Should you see yourself fit well in our guild, then please don't hesitate to throw an application. ALL serious and exceptional players - regardless of class and spec - will always be taken in consideration. If you are interested or got any questions please contact either of our 4 officers: [Obiwancomi#2138] [Lindblad#2519] [Peacebewithu#2337] [San#2583] [Tankermanse#2817] Visit our website: where you can apply! and read more about us.Xziou43 10 Feb
10 Feb WTS Cheap +15 Mythic Boost 120k Hello Friends, We re a small group who is willing to boost ppl for +15 weekly cache for a cheap price. We believe 15min of work should not cost 200k. If you are interested feel free to add me on my btag Evael#2143Dapain0 10 Feb
10 Feb [H] [FR] Délirium 7/11 HC Antorus Hello guys ! We are Délirium , french guild which is looking for players to completed our rooster. raid/week : Thursday and Monday. Add Kirino786#2561 for more informations or if you are interested !Mïø4 10 Feb
10 Feb Paradigma 5/11M LF DH and Warrior We have 3 spots left to fill and in need of a DH x 2 and 1 warrior dd About us: Paradigma is a long-established raiding guild consisted of helpful and friendly people, with a core that have been raiding together since vanilla/tbc. Our members are encouraged doing M+, alt runs and other fun stuff during our off nights. If you are looking for a solid progression along with a friendly atmosphere, then look no further. In case you have an elitist attitude, don’t even bother to knock on our door. Age is not an issue for us, but it might be for you. Maturity and family are two words that describe us in and out of the game, since most of us have families, jobs, and well into our 30s. If you are looking for a teenage environment you will be disappointed. Therefore, we do expect you to act maturely and responsibly as a member. Current Progression: Emerald Nightmare 7/7M Trial of Valor 2/3M Nighthold 7/10M Tomb of Sargeras 5/9M Antorus 5/11M Raid Schedule: We're a 2 day/week, progression focused environment. Sunday @ 20:00 - 23:30 CET (progression night) Monday @ 20:00 - 23:30 CET (progression night) Friday @ 20:00 - 23:30 CET (split-alt-farm night). Invites @ 19:45 Requirements: In order to accomplish the progression goals we aim for, people need to be dedicated, and on top of their game. Awareness, survivability, and class knowledge/performance are things we expect from every potential recruit. Artifact Power (traits) need to be at minimum 65. Having available combat logs is a plus. Food is provided through feasts and players are required to provide mats for that, as well as to bring their own flasks/pots/Augment runes. We also use spirit cauldrons to increase flask yield as well. Boss Mods go without saying (pref BigWigs), and we require you to have Angry Assignments RC LootCounsil, Exorsus raid tools, and Weak Auras installed. We Look For: Progressing through Antorus, we aim to reinforce our roster to proceed on our mythic progress. Being disappointed at our progression rate on ToS , we have pulled up our sleeves and we are reforming the entire team This is where you come in. We are looking for a Shadow Priest, Boomy for our ranged spots and a Warrior, DH for our melee spots and we do require you to be @ 75 Traits min in your MS spec and a min of 940 ilvl. (those numbers will change as we progress through Antorus) Ideally, we would prefer applicants to have gear relevant to our current progress but it is not essential, if you can show that you have mythic raiding experience and some gear we could very well be interested in you. Also, having a similarly geared alt with a minimum artifact power 5 levels below your main will be considered a plus as well for our split runs. Contact Info: We welcome everyone, that thinks that they have what it takes, to join us by adding our bnet tags and contacting either Decca#2940, or Dkay#2890. If you have any further questions or info. We wish everyone the best in whatever you are looking for.Corvár0 10 Feb
09 Feb Twink Dungeon Boost 841 ilvl Windwalker Monk 41% Critical Strike 33% Haste 88% Mastery 18% Versatility Requirements for the boost service: ilvl 680+ and Order hall Unlocked. Minimum of 40% Experience heirloom gear. 100-110 Boost will take approximately 3.5-4 hours Prices: 2.000g/run or 10.000g/level or 80.000g/100-110 (Discount for full 10 levels) If you have any questions or if you are intrested in getting your character boosted, with or witout the referal system please contact me in game.Deyseemeroll1 09 Feb
09 Feb [H] O M E G A - 13/13 mythic to top ELLHNIKO guild! Καλησπερα μαγκες και μαγκισες! Η Ωμέγα ξεκινησε σαν μια ιδεα φιλων που παιζουμε καιρο μαζι, συνυπηρξαμε σε ελληνικα guild στο παρελθον, αλλα τα υπαρχοντα casual low progress guilds στον Twisting Nether δεν καλυπτουν το επιπεδο που εχουμε εδω και 10 χρονια συνηθισει να παιζουμε το παιχνιδι! Αυτο δε σημαινει οτι θελουμε να το παιξουμε hardcore και δεχομαστε μονο ατομα που θελουν να κανουν mythic! Ολοι ειναι ευπροσδεκτοι και επιζητουμε μαλιστα ενα μεγαλο community! Ενα community ομως μεσα στο οποιο εχουν θεση και αυτοι που θελουν να καθαριζουν το mythic content πριν το επομενο tier (Cutting Edge)! H εμπειρια του officer team μας περιλαμβανει τα παντα απο τοτε που το Blackrock Mountain ηταν 10αρι raid μεχρι και το παρον mythic content και ξερουμε πως να οδηγισουμε ενα group στην επιτυχια. Αν σας καλυπτουν οι στοχοι μας, επικοινωνηστε. Απαραιτητη προυποθεση ειναι να ξερετε να παιζετε το χαρακτηρα σας σε ψηλο επιπεδο και να δεχεστε την καλοπροαιρετη κρητικη χωρις καταθλιπτικες κρισεις! Επισης να δειξετε λιγο υπομονη τωρα στην αρχη ωσπου να οργανωθουμε και να ρολαρουμε! Τι δε θα δειτε στην ΩΜΕΓΑ: > Να ριχνουμε τα μισα boss του tier (τα ευκολα) και μετα να το ριχνουμε στο Diablo... > 1 μηνα διακοπες Χριστουγεννων, 1 Πασχα και 3 καλοκαιρι. Το guild συνεχιζει να λειτουργει ανεξαρτητως εποχης και οι mythic raiders κανουν τις επιλογες τους αν θελουν να παραμενουν mythic raiders... > Απροετοιμαστους officers σε επιπεδο τακτικων.... > Ανοχη στα επαναλαμβανομενα fails. ΟΛΟΙ failaρουμε! Αλλα αυτος που failarei αδικαιολογητα συνεχεια στο ιδιο πραγμα καθε βδομαδα θα πρεπει να αντιμετωπιστει. > Κακο κλιμα την ωρα του raiding, ειτε αυτο ειναι υπερβολικη χαλαροτητα και παπαρολογια, ειτε απο την αλλη αυστηρο κλιμα, ενταση και αγχωτικο raiding. Τα καναμε και τα δυο και δε μας αρεσαν... Σας περιμενουμε να γνωριστουμε online!!! Απευθυνθειτε στα εξης ατομα: Tassaros, Dudumaster, Mikrokouneli, Tidaldrainer, Inokishi Website: Recruiting Status: Οποιοδηποτε δυνατό application γίνεται δεκτό ανεξαρτήτως αν εχουμε ανοικτο το recruitment στη συγκεκριμένη κλάση! ΤΑ ΛΕΜΕ ΣΥΝΤΟΜΑ !Fusekis50 09 Feb
09 Feb Sitheroth Twisting Nether EU - RECRUITMENT Sitheroth is a social and friendly guild aimed at bringing people together with like-minded interests to play as a group. We are not focused on progression or strict raiding, however we do do most activities available within the game. We are a mixed level guild that does not tolerate elitism and idiocy such as that. We accept players of any level, everyone is welcome to join the guild and look for others who share common ground and interests in WoW. If anyone is interested them leave a message and contact details below or contact me Darthsídíous ingame.Darthsídíous1 09 Feb
09 Feb Elysian wants you!!!! Hi there!! Elysian is new guild created by two friends who want to progress through Heroic and eventually onto mythic in the future!! And we want you! We are currently 2/11 Heroic as a guild! We raid two days a week which are Thursday and Monday 8PM till 11PM. We do weekly normal clears to help those who need gear for Heroic! Currently recruiting - Melee DPS - All Classes Ranged DPS - All Classes Healers - All classes If you need any more information I am happy to provide :) Add me on Spudy#2409Spudmuffin1 09 Feb
09 Feb [H] Never Lucky Recruiting Hi folks! We're <Never Lucky>. Our aim is to bring some people together twice a week to have an awesome time raiding, while still actually killing bosses! We raid on Mondays and Wednesdays, 20:00 - 23:00 pm server time. Were looking for more raiders to progress further into Antorus Mythic. Were only looking for DPS with decent off-specs(tank , healer) Be 940+ geared as we dont want to do boost runs anymore. What are we offering? A great raid environment. Discord is full of jokes, not shouting. Wisecracks, not grumbling. Support and help, not blame. We like to sit on Discord outside of raids too and chat with each other. What are we looking for? Someone who's awesome to raid with! Chat with us on Discord, tell awful jokes, be patient on wipes. Skill. Hardcore "server first" level skill not required, but we can only progress because everyone on the team is an experienced raider. Maturity. You need to be 18+, and act it :-) This isn't "maturity" in the sense of "strictly no childish behaviour" - where would the fun be in that? - but there needs to be respect underneath the piss-taking, you need to know where the line is, etc! For more info add readyzz#2630 or spook#2837Chewbaccã0 09 Feb