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6m [WTS] <Anomalous> selling ANTORUS HC & Gul'dan mount Hello everyone, <Anomalous> 10/10M, 9/9M is now starting Antorus sellruns/boostruns from this upcoming Monday (4th december). We have been consistently boosting NH (Gul'dan mounts) and ToS HC runs ever since the tiers came out. Currently we only accept gold on Sylvanas only. Prices Antorus HC Personal loot - All 11 bosses included - 1,500,000g Antorus HC Master loot - All 11 bosses included - Not yet available. [Hellfire Infernal] Mythic Gul'dan mount - 1,500,000g Date & Time: We run these once a week on a Monday or Friday at 20:00 (CET) server time. Duration: Antorus runs are usually around 3h or less. Gul'dan usually takes around half an hour and is dead on 1st or second pull. We are currently not selling ToS. ML Loot: In case you purchase a ML run, we use Master Looter to ensure all agreed items go to you. Payment: We ask for a 20% deposit to reserve a spot with the rest payable upfront when inside the raid. Once you reserve the slot you will be invited to the sellrun calendar and automatically invited once the raid is started. If you have made a purchase please do not be afk (except for boss fights) because time is precious! Arrange a Boost Contact Èxo ingame by whisper if you are interested and want to reserve a spot. For easier contact please add the following Battletag: indiron#2742 FAQ What loot is gained via Master Looter ToS run? (currently unavailable - Antorus coming soon.) Every item that fits your class will be awarded to you when you request it. Please note that some 930+ Titanforged items are not included in these boost runs. (This means that if some high TF item drops, you still have the chance to get it if none of our regular raiders needs it). Other than that, every 930 item and under - goes to you. Is it your main raid team doing these boosts? Yes, we are not running with alts or inexperienced guild members. These boosts are designed to be swift for both parties. What is the pricing for Antorus based on? Since Antorus is a freshly released tier, prices are currently very high as this is the very first week. We are getting our calculations based on previous early tier boostrun prices and comparisons to various third party boosting websites (DISCLAIMER: We do not in any way advertise the use of any of those illegal services and advise you to stay away from them as they are dangerous to use and against WoW Terms of Services). We encourage you to use your in-game gold or buy tokens via Blizzard store in order to buy boosts from us or any other reputable guilds. What is the pricing of the Gul'dan mount based on? It is reasonably hard to pug Gul'dan in a mythic setting simply because his punishing mechanics are still there; the fight needs a bit of coordination and can't be bruteforced. Inexperienced raiders will have a hard time clearing Gul'dan mythic and the mount drops only once per run. Gul'dan loot does not bring much to the table for the current ToS tier so motivating raiders to go there is harder to begin with. The pricing is adjusted based on these factors. If you have any questions, please pm ingame or via btag. Thank you!Èxo6 6m
1h LGBT Guild Sylvanas ? Well as the title states... Im looking for an ACTIVE lgbt guild, cause so far the ones Ive read about have all been pretty much dead in the activity department.Raldreath13 1h
1d [A] <Immortality> - Your friendly Mythic raiding! Who are we ? We are a well established raiding guild, that raid progress two days per reset, on Sylvanas EU (Alliance) and two official optional farm/alt raids. Our main raid times are Thursday and Monday 20:30 - 23:00 CET (also game time). Otherwise we have frequent alt / HC runs on Saturdays and Tuesdays. Same times as main raid. Our core members have extensive experience in all aspects of the game, especially in raiding. That said, we are always open to new blood and are committed to mentor newer players who are showing potential. What are our goals ? Above all we value our time spent well within the game. We strive to have fun and progression with our characters and community. That said our focus as a group is to do raid content progression and fill in the gap between the raids with fun, interactive and engaging guild activities. What can you expect from us ? Established guild with friendly and fun atmosphere. Guild crafter system - You never need to look for crafter outside the guild (This is work in progress as so far we are not covering all professions). Dedicated Discord (primary) and TS (backup) communication channels. Active roster with all kinds of activities besides raids. Continuous evolvement and progression as guild and with it the benefit list growing. Who are we looking for ? Dedicated and reliable players to enrich our roster and have fun as well as serious moments while progressing the raid content in Legion. We are not allergic to memes, however we are also pro-mature environment. What do we expect from our members ? Solid raid attendance - It does not have to be 100%, however reliability and solid team is mandatory in any well progressing team. Sense of humor when it comes to jokes and laughs. Seriousness and dedication to current guild goals (see above). Respect and tolerance towards everyone in the game, after all you as member carry our guild's name. Visit us at and if you have any further questions or concerns, please address any of following members: GM: Kayama#2550 and her little helpers: ThePowerOfDK#2370, Mashuma#2985 Have a wonderful day and we hope to see you soon! Best regards, Immortality's recruitment!Failkin4 1d
1d [A] Minerva, social raiding guild looking for healers Minerva is a guild that started back on Ravenholdt in the days of early Burning Crusade, but its main raiding adventures began in the WotLK days, our core ethos has been more about the people than anything hardcore. We also do Mythics and M+ Dungeons, PvP, old content for fun and transmogs, basically whatever takes our fancy. The majority of us have been together since WOTLK :) However We do like to progress in raids but with a relaxed attitude, and we are looking for like minded players to boost our raiding roster. I would say our main requirement is Healers and Ranged DPS but we will consider any applicants who can contribute in the raiding and fun departments. Also social members who just want to chat, and join in on the other activities are more than welcome Our raiding days/times are Monday's and Wednesday's 8pm to 11pm Realm Times Currently looking for 2 healers, but all are more than welcome :) We don't expect a lot other than a good liberal approach to life and join in the banter, and also contribute the best they can to the raids. Obviously we need damage dealers to do the minimum required damage, and healers to be able to effectively heal and tanks to be able to keep aggro and understand mechanics, but we don't require you to be on the UBERPRO side, and we will help you as much as we can if needed. On raid days, be on time, bring flasks and buff food, do your best and have fun... If you are interested contact either Zellisa (Zeldina#2821), Borimir, Muppeh, Naidiana, Lifeblind or Moonbolt in game or go to (which is currently under construction) and apply online when it is up. If this is your thing, I hope to see you in game soon!Zellisa1 1d
1d <Lemmings> 8/11H LF RDPS 2 Raid Nights <Lemmings> is a guild formed during SoO and are looking for players who want to raid two nights a week, 3 hours a raid, with an experienced team and who like to have fun while progressing. We are currently recruiting: Ranged DPS and other good players Raid times: 20:00 - 23:00 server time Wednesday 20:30 - 23:30 server time Friday. What we expect: You raid relaxed, but focused and prepared when other people depend on your presence and performance, and you know that loot is for the benefit of the raid and not the individual. What we can offer: A fun and experienced raid team that provides a relaxed environment for experienced as well as returning or new players. Plenty of banter to be had during raids. If any of the above interests you then please add me or Gambi on battletag Gambi#2274 Blackcheese#2336Blackcheese0 1d
3d [A] Novana Gaming - 8/11HC Guild Information Recruiting: - 3x DPS (Range + Melee) Website Application form can be found at our website. You can find at our website a *fresh updated* class list that we are recruiting to the guild. Information about Novana Gaming - World of Warcraft Server: Sylvanas - EU PvP Server (Alliance) We are a PvE heavy focused guild that loves to Raid. Though we don't mind doing PvP aswell in our spare time. We are an international guild, so English speaking in the guild chat & on Teamspeak is a must, unless told otherwise. We have a leader, classleaders and officers who manages the guild. Everyone has a saying, we are all equal, so we are open minded for critiques, opinions, ideas or whatever people wants or has to say. Raiding We raid Monday + Thursday + Sunday - 19.00-22.15 EU Timezone/Server Time. We take raiding seriously, so that means that we expect people to do their best when we raid, keep a good tone with the other members and work well together. Potions, food, any kinds of buffs is mandatory. Everyone has to make sure they come well prepared to the raids. The guild bank will sometimes provide with material and/or potions etc for raiders. Though this is not a guarantee and members still have to prepare their own stash for raiding. Trials We expect you to have some past experience with End-Content and/or from other expansion's/mmo's. We are all new to Legion, but some common knowledge is expected. Activity has A LOT to say as a Trial, this is where you prove yourself that you are one of us and show us that you are actively contributing to the guild, which helping others (dungeons, answers, tips & what-not) You got accepted to the guild because you agreed to our rules and requirement (Raiding times, activity, experience etc), so that means you are to keep your word. You are at least 18+ in age, so you know all about respect and how to treat other fellow members in the guild. We take jokes, but overdoing it might not be such a good idea. We use Teamspeak, make sure you got a microphone and use Teamspeak whenever we do stuff together. History We were called "Cold Dominance" in the old times, when we were one of the top guilds in Lightning's Blade server @ World of Warcraft. We have existed since 2005, and done most raiding content. We took a break for a few years due to World of Warcraft simply got boring, so we just wanted to try something new, like Wildstar, but now that Legion is out, it seems promising. And so this means Novana Gaming is expanding to Legion and is gonna do end-content there. All of us are from all around the world, we make sure to have a good time, do things together and build a good community for the players. We do focus a lot on the members, make sure they feel they got a good place to be, feel comfortable, have what they need and help each other out. Our guild has long history, ups and downs, but most of all, success. We are aiming to be one of the top guilds in the server, so each of you that are members of Novana Gaming are important, you make the guild, you represent us, you are what keeps us alive, you are the key. Keep it up, do you best and in the end you'll be rewarded with a lot of epics and good friends. Any more questions about us, the guild or whatever that comes into your mind, direct them to the leaders/officers or even at our forum. We'll help you as much as we can.Keriko88 3d
4d WTS Heroic Argus the Unmaker, 11/11 HC Antorus and +15. we are a team of elite players raiding in world top 50 guilds, we have done more than 4000 high level keystone dungeon together and many raids across all of our mains and alts characters . -Buying the boost from us will give you: keystone +15 you will get: 1-the best weekly chest loot you can get which is item level 960 atm. 2-keystone master achievement. 3-the keystone master artifact weapon skin. 4-the best amount of AP you can get in your weekly chest in your class order hall and a good chance on 940 or higher from the chest at the end of the dungeon, if we can trade our loot to you, we will ofc. -Antorus Heroic you will get: 1- [Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker] achievement. 2-a very decent chance on 940 loot or higher, up to 985. 3-if you join our Master loot runs, you will get 100% if the loot that drops for your class and spec. we always try to make our raids 20-25 man, to make sure you will get as much loot as possible. 4-if you join our Personal Loot runs, we will always bring characters that can share loot with you, to help you gearing up and we will share our loot with you. 5-a very decent chance to get the Antoran Charhound Mount from Felhounds of Sargeras -it does not matter what class or spec you play all you need is to be level 110 and it does not matter at all what kinda gear you have . -time: for keystone +15 or higher , you need 40 min max. for Heroic Argus the Unmaker you need 20 to 30 min. for Full Antorus heroic run you need about 2 hours and half . -Contact Information: add my skype its vivi.craft1 or my Btag: Vïvicraft#2452 price: you can pay us on any realm, horde or ally. -keystone +15 not in time for weekly chest is 225k. -keystone +15 in time is 400k. Master Loot runs: -Heroic Argus the Unmaker is 500k. -full Tomb of Sargeras heroic is 2.5 million gold. -9/10 heroic night hold is 2 million gold. Personal Loot runs: -Heroic Argus the Unmaker is 400k. -full Antorus heroic is 1 million and 500k gold. IMPORTANT NOTE : Price goes lower by 50k-100k every week on all raid runs but for mythic keystone runs its fixed.Vivicraftt0 4d
4d [A] – <Emerald Weapons> 1/11M recruiting! ABOUT: <Emerald Weapons> is a guild looking to do semi-hardcore raiding. We are mainly Norwegians, although we have now converted to an international guild and have players from all over Europe. Some of us have played this game since release, while others started this expansion. As long as you are willing to communicate in English, you’re welcome to join! RAIDS: Raids are on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 20:00 - 23:00(CET). Wednesdays are optional heroic clears(might do a couple mythic bosses if we’re enough). Thursday and Sunday are for mythic progression. Invites at 19:45. RECRUITMENT: At this moment we are in need of DPS and a healer. We are lacking: * Ele Shammy * Mages * Any healer Note: These are preferred, however, all dedicated players and roles will be considered. We expect all of our raiders to know their class well. It's your own responsibility to learn how to play your own class in the best way possible. This means that you also need to have a viable offspec, or atleast be willing to learn to play an offspec for your class. REQUIREMENT: We understand that everyone have a life outside of wow and that different stuff can show up in real life, but we do require you to be dedicated getting to raids. We expect all our raiders to come prepared to all raids they have signed for. This means that you have to bring consumables to raids, read up on tactics and mechanics for new raids, and bring your A-game. Previous raid experience is a requirement, and we expect you to attach logs while contacting us. SOCIAL: We’re often running old raids, m+ and PVP, so if you’re not into raiding you’re still welcome to join! CONTACT: For more information and further questions, please contact me or one of my fellow officers and we'll have a chat. Liiland#2561 - Fairychild Edmid#2797 - Konstantia Tutepaa#2213 - Tutegødx Best regards, FairychildFairychild1 4d
4d Anyone recruiting healers for heroic content? If so, /w me in-game. 950 priest LFG.Tigecycline0 4d
09 Dec <Ashes> 11/11 N, 4/11 HC; 2D/W are Recruiting! Greetings! We are... Ashes! Forged from the guilds Burn and OLD on January 29th 2017 we're here to continue what we as two separate guilds could not: Raid content, Dungeoneer and having fun together. We're a friendly and mature bunch from allover Europe who are pursuing quality raids over quantity. With two main raid evenings a week there isn't a lot of room to slack about when it comes to that and are making as effective use of our time as possible. Outside of raids you can expect regular M+ dungeon runs and sometimes even a bit of PvP (BG & World) but our main focus is PvE Raiding. Currently our progression is as follows: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Mythic Trial of Valor: 2/3 Mythic The Nighthold: 1/10 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras: 1/9 Mythic Antorus, The Burning Throne: 4/11 HeroicRaid Times: Our current Raid schedule looks as follows: Wednesday: 2045-2300h Sunday: 2000-2300hAs a proposed raider, you should be able to make both days on a regular basis. We also have an optional day which we use for alts/offspecs or achievements: Thursday: 2045-2300h Why are we recruiting? Our goal for Antorus is to kill more bosses on Mythic than we've done before and would like at least half the instance cleared and on farm on Mythic. What are we looking for? We are expanding our roster for progression in Antorus, The Burning Throne! Therefore we're looking for the following classes/roles to bolster the ranks: 1 Mage 1 DPS Warrior 1 Retribution Paladinnote: Is your class/role not listed? Give it a shot anyway if you feel we're the place for you! Good applicants will always be considered =) Non raiders/Social/PvP members, are always welcome to join the community if you feel like this is the place for you. What do we expect: We expect all of our members to be over the age of 21 when joining due to the nature of the guild as most of us are not in school/Uni anymore, have a full time job during the day and a family to look after when work's finished. Therefor you can expect a mature approach on things. We communicate in English during raids. As such, it's mandatory to have decent knowledge of the language in order to join, even if it's not your main language. For voice communication we use Discord and for loot distribution we use the EPGP system. Aside from that, it's nice to have experience in the raiding scene of WoW be it from previous expansions or current. As such, and item level of 925 (or close to it) is mandatory as we're not halting on progression nights to gear you up. The higher the gear, the better :) It speaks for itself you should be knowledgeable of your class and willing to learn where needed. Applying and Contact info: If you feel like this guild is the right place for you, please visit our website at and fill in an application form. Should you have any questions feel free to contact any of our members, or look for the guild's High Council in-game: Aerden Nollana Jirrayan Larraine LeeanderShould you wish to contact myself, please find me in-game or add me on Blizzard App at Dawn#2999. We're looking forward in meeting you! On behalf of the High Council Larraine Priestess of AshesLarraine33 09 Dec
09 Dec New guy looking for fun guild I'm looking for a casual fun guild, I don't plan on doing raids and dungeons, mostly pvp.Zeppin0 09 Dec
07 Dec Looking for casual raiding guild! :) I'm a mainly Vengeance Demon Hunter with good experience in raiding, as I have been playing on and off (mostly on though) from late vanilla. I'm currently looking for a social guild that does a bit of casual raiding. Does not have to be mythic or anything, and preferably only 1-2 days a week. :) If anyone knows of a guild that hosts an active and fun atmosphere or is a member of a guild that's looking for a laid back and lone Demon Hunter, please do not hesitate to reply here or in-game. :)Niagh1 07 Dec
07 Dec New Guy Looking For A Guild - Sylvanas Realm Hi there i'm a new player and looking for a friendly guild to join whilst i level my way to 110. Currently playing on the Sylvanas realm as a Nelf Druid.Çyn1 07 Dec
06 Dec <Maelstrom> 8/11HC is Recruiting. <Maelstrom> is looking for new recruits to build a strong and stable core for mythic Antorus. It's a long time guild that has been around since 2005 and has had a variety of different members with different experience levels. Some of which have remained throughout the years so have no fear, we're not going anywhere! In need of an Off-tank, Ranged/Melee DPS and Healers atm. (More info below) We strive to progress at a healthy rate as a 3 night a week raid guild while maintaining a positive and friendly atmosphere, having fun and knuckling down when needed. Our Progress in Legion: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 (HC) Trial of Valor: 3/3 (NM) Nighthold: 10/10 (HC) Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9 (HC) 4/9 (M) Antorus, the Burning Throne: 8/11 (HC) Classes We're Currently Recruiting: Healers: Resto Sham, Resto Druid, Mistweaver Monk. Ranged DPS: Balance Druid, Ele Sham. Melee DPS: Warrior, Monk, Demonhunter. Tanks: Guardian Druid, Brewmaster Monk. Other applications will also be considered. These are just the classes we're in dire need of. Socials are also welcome. What we expect of our raiders: 1. Be patient and keep trying until goals are met. 2. Know the ins and outs of your class. 3. Have some experience raiding and follow instructions. 4. Bring consumables to raid. (Guild may provide when deemed necessary) 5. Be fully gemmed and enchanted. 6. Be able to attend 90% of raids. Real life issues will be accounted for. Just make sure to let someone know. 7. Have Discord installed. 8. Plan to stick it out even when morale is low. 9. Don't get easily offended and have a sense of humour. 10. Be mature. (Preferably 17+) Our Raid Days and Times: Tuesday: 19:30-23:00 Thursday: 19:30-23:00 Sunday: 19:30-23:00 M+ runs are actively ongoing outside of raid times as well. We use RCLootCouncil to distribute loot fairly. If you have any questions or you are interested in joining, then be sure to /w Arkidk, Talvalin, Sàìnt, Illiamo or Facekeyboard in-game. We hope to see you soon. Thanks.Arkidk8 06 Dec
05 Dec SteadFast - HC/M progres raid team is recruiting! Hi there! we are a brand new guild and raiding team! we would like to create a fun and progressive raid enviroment to go and tackle mythic raiding as soon as we have enough people on our roster! What do we offer you? we offer you an fun and progressive raid enviroment to up your skills and knowledge of the game. what do we expect of you? we expect that you bring atleast an 930+ character for the progression raids, on alt runs we are a litle softer on the ilvl cap. we also expect you to come prepared, bring your own flask, food and certrain knowledge about the fights to come. we also want you to have at least 5 runes in your inventory to be used in case were stuck on a boss at the last 10% at that times do we raid? we raid on monday and friday from 20:00 to 23:00 (exceeds 30min if we see that we almost got the boss down) if you would like more info or to join please contact one of our raid leaders: finnah#21349 - infinity#2615 - godclaw#2689Emphazed1 05 Dec
04 Dec [A] - <The Brigadiers> - TOS 3/9M - Recruiting <The Brigadiers> are looking for new active members for our raid roster. The Brigadiers have been actively raiding and recruiting throughout since Nighthold with big success. Our stable officer team have gathered a lot of social and raiding members that all enjoy a laugh but also focus during raids. We strive to maintain a healthy raiding environment with a good balance of fun, laughter and focus. Besides raiding we are very social guild who enjoy Mythic+ dungeons and having a laugh on Discord. We don't expect you to be have raided mythic already just be willing and able to improve and be part of our progress!! Our Progress in Legion: Nighthold: 10/10 (HC) - 2/10 (M) Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9 (HC) 5/9 (M) Antorus: 9/11 (HC) Classes We're Currently Recruiting: Healers: Not specific. MDPS: Warrior RDPS: Warlock / Mage / Hunter. Tanks: Not specific. All other applications will also be considered though. These are just the classes we're in dire need of. Socials are also welcome. What we expect of our raiders: 1. Know your class ( we can provided tips of course ) 2. Have some experience raiding and be able to follow instructions. 3. Bring consumables to raid. (Guild may provide when deemed necessary) 4. Be gear gemmed and enchanted. 5. Be able to attend 80% of raids. ( ofcourse IRL comes first so just let us know if you can't make it ) 6. Have Discord. 7. Be mature / Able to have a laugh 8. Don't easily get offended and have a sense of humour. 9. Plan to stick out a raid even when morale is low. Our Raid Days currently are and Times: Wednesday: 20:00-23:00 - ( Progress ) Sunday: 20:00-23:00 - ( Progress ) Monday - 20:00-23:00 - ( Social ) We use Master loot, but are looking at RC Loot Council. If the above suits you and your looking for a fun social guild that are progressing then be sure to get in contact with us in game or on battle net Paltous (mshreeves#2758) / Jayyk (Jayy#2441) or alternatively you can reply to this post. Many thanks, Palotus.Palotus2 04 Dec
02 Dec [A] < Isentropy >, 8/9M 9/9Hc ToS, Recruiting Isentropy is a fairly new guild formed from experienced members up to 10/10 Mythic NH, and Cutting edge obtained in various Legion tiers so far. In Isentropy we pride ourselves in creating a guild that aims to achieve steady progression with focus on raid preparation and time efficiency . With raid members that have played for over 12 years and possess high experience in Mythic raiding, but stepped down from hardcore raiding, we strive to maintain one of our favourite activities, even with busy IRL commitments, through a structured, and mostly importantly fun and enjoyable environment. The most important aspect of Isentropy is the community and social aspect. Even though we all share the same mindset and strive for the same goal, clearing the content in a timely fashion, whilst being able to maintain our IRL schedules, we also like spending time doing additional things outside of raiding, such as Mythic +! Raid days are Wednesday / Thursday / Monday 20:00-23:00 Realm time and invites go out 15 minutes prior to raid time. We are currently looking to add a few strong and committed people into our roster for ToS Mythic and specifically we are looking for ranged(especially warlock/spriest/boomy), melee dps (warr/ww/unholy dk)and 1healer (Rdruid/Mistweaver monk ) and any other exceptional dps will be considered. feel free to contact regardless if interested! As always, also recruiting socials. Feel free to contact koscy#2268/ lefkiosm#2369/ kavlelolz#2265/ LavtheLock#2749 or Antrikoscy/Sabretøøth/Kavlentinos(in-game) for any questions!Braindêd21 02 Dec
02 Dec [Horde] Pally LF Guild - PvE Semi/Hard-Core Raiding [Horde] Paladin iLvL 930+ 72Ap-Tank, 67Ap-Dps, 66Ap-Heal LF Semi/Hard-Core PvE Raiding Guild. I am interesting in clearing latest content but not only. I am experienced with raiding and even thou I don't have many achievements as I haven't played in a long time... I am a quick learner. If interested you can find me on Server: Sylvanas - Char: Sisteria.Sisteria0 02 Dec
02 Dec [H] Calling All DPS, we need you! [H] We Raid For Cookies is recruiting. 9/9 HC. We are a social Horde Guild on Doomhammer/Turalyon, we haven't been Raiding very long but have cleared Heroic TOS and have aims to do the same come Antorus and beyond. ---------------------------------------------------------------- We are casual but with only 2 days to raid we are looking for people who want to push themselves and work as a unit to progress at a steady pace as well as having free time for that dreaded irl. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Guild Info. We aim to do mythic+'s as much as possible and when people are online its easy to organize and get groups going. The guild is full of like minded people and many understand WoW is a game not a lifestyle choice so even if you cannot raid social members are welcome and then if you want to join in the experience of raiding there is no barrier to stop you. We aim to help gear up and introduce people to the raiding scene as most of us have raided since vanilla but as life does weve got less time to dedicate to it, but that itch is hard to scratch so when we do raid we put 100% effort in, we are happy to help and teach people this area of the game and welcome anyone who wants to join us in this endeavor. ---------------------------------------------------------------- We Are Recruiting. Melee DPS: All classes Range DPS: All classes We take the player not the class, so we leave that decision to you as in the end your enjoyment of the game benefits us in the long run, Offspec Healers and Tanks are also welcome as things can go wrong or people will be unavailable but are not mandatory. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Raiding Schedule. We Raid Thursdays and Sundays 20:30 Server time -23:00 ST Off raids are also planned but these are done by members as a set day dosnt benefit everyone, we also organize mythic+ nights and even old raids for transmog or just to take other members there to see older content and have a night of laughing rather than screaming boss tactics. Any additional info needed please feel free to contact me ingame or add me on bnet bigbrownie#2993, thank youChuggnorris1 02 Dec
29 Nov [A] <Euphorians> LF Raiders 10/11(N) - 2 raid days <Euphorians> is a guild that was formed on Sylvanas at the end of Cataclysm from the remains of an old guild on a dead server. We currently have a steady group of people and would like to add a few more to solidify our core raiding group. We are looking for mature(+18) and friendly people who know their classes well, have an ilvl of around 920+ and can attend our raid times. We are currently 9/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras, and 10/11 N Antorus. We use Teamspeak3 for communication. We consider communication key to raiding and we encourage people to talk and have a good time. Currently Recruiting: Mainly lacking ranged DPS, but all applications are welcome. Raid times: 19:30 - 22:30 Server time Monday 19:30 - 22:30 Server time Wednesday What we expect: You are a relaxed raider, but focused and prepared when other people depend on your presence and performance, and you know that loot is for the benefit of the raid and not the individual. What we can offer: A fun and experienced raid team that provides a relaxed environment for returning or new players. We encourage and help people be the best they can. Our Goals: We want to kill the current end boss on Heroics before the next tier is released. If any of the above interests you then please add one or both of us and send a message or write a reply in this thread. Paradox#2702 Proserpine#2742Frostskägg12 29 Nov
28 Nov LF Blacksmith - Enchanted Thorium Breastplate LF Blacksmith - Enchanted Thorium Breastplate Have the mats got 10k to pay. Ability to learn recipe was removed after cata. So I cannot craft myself. If anyone has this please send me a reply. Ty in advance.Dythene0 28 Nov
25 Nov <Odd Squad> 2 day/week Heroic Raiding <Odd Squad> on Sylvanas was created in late tier 18 (Hellfire Citadel) by a few in game friends, and we have since formed a solid new core to take us forward. While we have some dedicated WoW players, our raiding is pretty casual. We will clear heroic, but won't step into Mythic at all. Most of us are somewhere in the 20's, going to uni or working and raid to have a laugh. Raid Schedule Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 Times are in server time (CET) On Sundays from 20:00 - 23:00 we sometimes like to do random events, usually in some form of raiding. (alt runs, achievements, older tiers). These are optional. Who we are looking for: DPS > Healers > Tanks Any damage classes with Healer/Tank off-spec for flexibility are especially welcome! We are always looking for players that share the mindset we do. What is required: Beer We are an international guild and sound English skills will be necessary. The ability to listen and speak!!! on Discord - to have fun. We usually have people on Discord everyday to have a laugh and do random stuff. Raiding experience is not very important, we will try to help you improve if you are willing to learn. We are mainly interested in having fun, and as such are looking for fun, mature personalities. The guild's great atmosphere comes from friendships that were born in World of Warcarft, and we are always looking for more friends! If you've made it this far (or just skimmed through the "important" bits) and are interested in having a little chat, feel free to contact: Fabian#2817 (Exälted) Keglen#2467 (Camcam) Taz#2384 (Fuur)Exälted0 25 Nov
25 Nov The Usual Suspects - Sylvanas (A) 2 nights /w heroic Hi and welcome! If you’re reading this it means you’re interested in a friendly, relaxed and pretty amazing atmosphere to call your home. We’re the Usual Suspects and we reside on Sylvanas EU Alliance side! A little about The Usual Suspects: individually we’ve been running guilds and raiding separately since TBC and Wrath, and as a group since late Cata. From the beginning of Mists we ran raids twice a week for 5 hours as a whole and did pretty bloody well for a casual team, if we do say so. We then bumped up our difficulty and number of raiders and pushed at Mythics for WoD, but as we’d all gotten a little older, with more responsibilities, we wanted to have a quieter life and went mega casual. However with the launch of Legion our raiding interests have been peaked again and we’ve decided to get the gang back together. Since Legion has launched we have cleared EN HC and ToV HC and are currently working on NH HC. What you can expect from us: We will be raiding two nights a week every Monday and Thursday from 21.00-23.30 server time. However, we’ll be having a strict focus on Normal and Heroic modes (if you’re interested in raiding Mythic I’m afraid that isn’t part of our plan, see above!) We all enjoy the relaxed life and can usually be found running some alt or main through some old raids, dungeons, M+, PvP or just chilling out and having a laugh. We are looking for social members and raiders alike of all classes to fill a few DPS spots. If you have any questions or concerns, or fancy a chat about things, don’t hesitate to get in touch via RealID: Hunnibunny#1374 or Dazz #2882Hunníbunní48 25 Nov
24 Nov Alliance casual raiding guild seeking new blood [Jinxed] Alliance EU is a raiding/pvp guild looking to recruit raiders to fill our roster for future raid content including Antorus the burning throne, of course all socials are welcome as we like to have a friendly environment and we aim to have something to offer for everyone and anyone. We are currently 9/9 Normal and 9/9 HC for Tomb of Sargeras and are hoping to continue that level of content push through into the next expansion, hopefully with some mythic fun thrown in. We class ourselves as a casual raid progress guild but we dabble in a wide array of content including Rated Battle Grounds, BG's, Arenas, Mythic pluses and more. Our main focus may be on PVE raiding but we try to accommodate as much as possible We are a bunch of friends who have come from all over the globe who enjoy raids, PVP and PVE content and of course, just having fun in a nice social environment. We are a friendly bunch who have been established on the server since about 2015 and we are hoping to add more like minded players to our group to make the push into harder content. Our raid schedule is Mon, Thurs, Sun 19.30 - 22.30 server time, we often do mythic plus events or old content events on other days so there is almost always someone online We are Currently looking for the following Geared classes/specs for our core raid team :- Subtley or Assassination rogue BM or Marksman Hunter Shadow Priest Unholy DK Holy Paladin Restoration Shaman Guardian Druid What if your class / spec isn't needed - Well if you join us as a class that we already have in our core team then you are more than welcome to join as a social or as a casual player, we are always happy to add more friendly faces. What we expect from you - We expect good manners and a good sense of humour , a good knowledge of your class (current spec and all others) and the ability to listen and communicate with us in an in-game situation, and most importantly we expect you to be reliable and on time and have a working mic and teamspeak 3 and DBM (or equivalent) installed, we wont donkey punch you if you sign up one night and cant show up due to irl issues or something but all we ask is for a heads up before hand so we can plan around it. As for us, well we don't bite! (mostly) , things get crazy sometimes but we are a friendly bunch of people and will always find or make time to help anyone out , we do love to have a laugh together and take the game a little less serious at times, but when its raid time the team manages to knuckle down and focus up , enabling us to get the bosses down in good time and in good order. TLDR :- We are a casual raiding guild who are looking to bulk out our core raid team for future content and to make new friends, however we are also open to PVP players, casuals and socials. For anything else you may need to know or if you have any questions simply reply here or log into game and /who Jinxed ,we usually have at least an officer online so fire away at them with the questions or contact the guild master. Sorry for the long read guys , We hope to hear from you soon and again as stated Everyone is welcome whatever your interests may be :)Tyrellá0 24 Nov
23 Nov [H] LF RBG / Arenas and chillaxed mature guild. Hey bros and broads. I'm looking for a guild with chill and relaxed people to do PvP stuff with. Been playing for a while and knows my way around. I don't need nothing too serious, mostly for fun and killing time. A big plus if it's a social and talkative guild with mature peeps. I'm currently gearing up but I can't seem to find a decent guild who hang around with. Are there any on horde side? Any takers? Much peace, Goraka.Goraka3 23 Nov
18 Nov Casualty - Looking for players CASUALTY DISCLAIMER This is NOT a guild for anyone new to raiding. We raid Mythic exclusively and do not care about clearing lower difficulties for the sake of clearing. The vision Our vision is to push mythic raiding as much as we can, within the limited hours we have available. We play because we enjoy progress and that is the #1 priority. Quick word about us We're a core of 8-9 of cutting edge raiders who have always cleared content when i was current. After we've all, either been taking it easy in tier 20, or havn't played at all since T19, we're returning to form a new guild with players of equal skill. We're all coming from top mythic raiding backgrounds like Danish Terrace and Rebels, #1 and #2 on Sylvanas previously (top 10 and 100 world). As none of us have as much time on hour hands we want to create a group of people who can give it their all, just a few times a week and enjoy it. Times available & time zone We are yet to decide on times, but here's our proposed schedual so far: Days: Monday, Wedensday, Saturday Days are yet to be decided, these are the possibilities at the moment. We are planning to raid a maximum of 3 days, and a minimum of 2 days during a raid reset. Times are also yet to be decided, but you should expect them to be longer than 3 hours. Times are in GMT+1. We raid on Sylvanas, Alliance. Requirements We require you to... - Skillful at your class and mythic encounters. - Be able to speak clear and understandable English. - Not be a pain in the neck. Contact info Dialla#21855 Hakk#2681 Charix#2864Diallá1 18 Nov
17 Nov [H] BM Hunter looking for raiding guild [H] 936 BM Hunter looking for a social raiding guild. Got ToS 9/9 on heroic and looking for a guild to progress in mythic and antorus normal/hc in the future. As a player I Am always up for M+ between raids and helping each other out in gearing up and improving our skills Look me up at the armory - Flater 110 hunter sylvanas Or give me an pmXenation0 17 Nov
17 Nov Idea, stop the cross realm Couldnt find a section for suggestions changes, ( i don't even know if you accept ideas from players ), im sorry if you don't. Okay i play on Sylvanas and i been talking to a few friends and we find the old social aspect is really low now days in world of warcraft, you rarely play with the same players as when you join a group you either go with some from russia, portugal or europe or other servers, extreamly rare you will find a player from your own realm to play with, (unless you form a guild or spam generel chat for people to play with, but people basicly don't do that now days ) What im talking about is the old feel where you knew multiple people on the server, both horde and alliance, becourse you encountered them severel times, im dungeons, randomly in the world, in battlegrounds, that was alot of fun for me. Now its hard to find randoly new friends, ofc it's "easyer" to play wow just join lfg and your in a group nearly instantly, (Thought the keystone finder sucks, 80% is gold sellers or boosts other people for gold, are you ever gonna do something about gold sellers or did it become legal? :P ) and the invasion groups are horrible too, i just used one for the first time the other day usually we are 2-5 players doing an invasion really a hard fight, but join LFG system and you are 40 people and it dies in matter of seconds ( the boss ) Anyway back to topic, there must be more then me and my friends that enjoying running around in the world meeting new friends, old friends or people from the other faction that you had a few pvp rounds with :), Sorry again that i couldnt find the correct section feel free to move the topic there.Yukimo1 17 Nov
17 Nov Argus questing- horde Aliance vs horde. How I can play in Argus if there are no horde almost at all?. I cannot do quests,ally are so much around,like mobs. I have played for years in Sylvanas and I have to pay to transfer all my characters,to play game? I dunno how big disbalance are there,but normaly Im 1 vs 20 or smth like that. Its okey,just keep going?:dFonfreeze3 17 Nov
16 Nov [A] 101 Twink Cówlorier Dungeon Booster Currently not boosting, focusing on learning Overwatch! Not playing World of Warcraft currently. [OFFICIAL FORUM POST] [BattleID: Kaffekungen#21829] [ALSO BOOSTING HORDE] 840 ILVL Enhancement Shaman 19% Leech 63% Haste 144% Mastery 2400+ boostruns completed! Requirements for the boost service: ilvl 680+ and Order hall Unlocked. Minimum of 40% Experience heirloom gear. Prices: 10.000g/level (Horde) 6.000g/level (Alliance) Accepting gold on: - Tarren Mill (Horde) - Stormscale (Horde) - Sylvanas (Alliance) - Outland (Alliance) More information & videos: YouTube: Twitch: If you have any questions or if you are intrested in getting your character boosted, with or witout the referal system please contact me in game. Battletag: Kaffekungen#21829Cówlorier0 16 Nov
15 Nov [A] - <Cold Fusion> Recruiting for Antorus Mythic Cold Fusion (EU Sylvanas) is currently recruiting dps to bolster our raid to venture into Antorus Mythic. Recruiting: 5x Ranged DPS 1x Melee DPSRaid schedule: Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00. Sunday 20:00 - 23:00. During the first weeks of content release we have OPTIONAL extra raids in lower difficulty.What do we offer: A mature and serious raiding environment among friends. We always strive to progress harder content with the time we have. A semi-hardcore progression with a laid back attitude.Guild information: Realm: Sylvanas - EU PvP Server (Alliance). International guild (mostly from Denmark, United Kingdom, Sweden, Finland). Only English in guild chat and teamspeak. Teamspeak is a requirement. High attendance is a must as we only raid 2 times a week. Sign ups for raids required. Consumables (flasks, pots, food) required. The guild will sometimes provide consumables for raiders. Though this is not a guarantee and raid members still need to bring their own.Player requirement Character with 920+ And Artifact level 66. Good class knowledge. Staying up to date with class changes. Experience in raid environment. Able to perform at raids in multiple roles is a bonus but not required.Wowprogress: Cold Fusion has been around since the merge of two guilds in TBC. The core of our guild has remained ever since and while we have had our breaks we have always came back to fight our way through new content. During the last two patches our attitude towards the game has been more laid back and we stepped down to heroic progression but as the content lacked difficulty our goal is to make our way back into mythic raiding. If you are looking for a guild with a friendly environment but still get to progress the hardest content the game has to offer, without sacrificing too much of your spare time. Cold Fusion might be for you. For more information please contact one of our officers ingame or leave a post here. (Boxcarracer, Meratazza, Khoigan, Nemila or Atty)Loze0 15 Nov
14 Nov disc looking for a myhic raiding guild hello i am new to the server, and looking for a new raiding guild for myhic progress. have exp in myhic raiding from before. Can raid all days from 7:00-23:00 pass (up to 3 days) W for more info! Btag: soyrkmar#1721Guck0 14 Nov
11 Nov Sprint - 100-110 Dungeon Booster [Fast, Reliable] Hello, I'm Sprint; a fast experienced dungeon booster! Sprint Level 101 Horde Balance Druid 200% Movement Speed 101% Mastery 68% Haste 19% Leech ★Service Requirements★ ► ilvl 680+ and Order hall Unlocked. ► 100-110 Boost will take approximately 3.5-4 hours depending on heirlooms ★Service Information★ ► Boosts are done in normal dungeons and you will be playing your own character. ► You can AFK at the entrance or follow me, no need to dps or heal. ► 1 level takes approximately 4-6 dungeons, depending on your rested exp and heirlooms. ► Price: 2500g/dungeon ► 100-110 Price can be discussed! -I accept gold on horde, every server on EU. How ever, I prefer payments on Draenor. ★Contact me★ If you want to schedule a run or have any questions, feel free to add me and I'll get back to you within moments! Add Rawrasaurus#21427 or Elliot#21367 if you are interested. Thanks!Sprint0 11 Nov
11 Nov Below Average Recruiting for Antorus! We are Below Average; literally. We are 6/9M and looking for members to boost our rosta for Antorus, which we will be pushing for CE. We are looking for dedicated, reliable and skilled players to make our raid-team as strong as possible. We are a friendly and welcoming Guild who run M+ and weekly heroics. Even if you dont wish to raid you are more than welcome to join in on other activites. Do not be afraid to apply. We are constantly looking for better players to join our team so we can progress as quickly as possible. Raid times (Realm Time) Monday - 20:30 - 23:00 Wednesday - 20:30 - 23:00 Thursday - 20:30 - 23:00 Requirements for Joining 925 ilvl as a minimum basis. Experience with raiding at a Mythic level. All players must be 18+ with a mature demeanor English speaking preferred. We also want our players to be constantly trying to improve as a whole. Obtaining better gear and gaining AP at a good rate. Contact Apply online at - You can also whisper one of our officers in game. You can also contact me directly if one of the officers isn't online, - Randy#2543 Officers Kaslea-Guild Master Reportname FirepantsKaslea2 11 Nov
09 Nov Security @ Frostmane Legion Store Hello Sylvanas! Security @ Frostmane EU have now opened up our boosting services for raid content. Please read the notes for each type of boosts that we offer, since some is only offered with payment on Frostmane. ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ ★We do not accept any other type of currency other than gold★ ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Nighthold (Gold is accepted only on Frostmane): Gul'dan Mount ( 1.5m----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mythic Tomb of Sargeras We currently offer full package deals and single bosses. We only accept gold for Mythic difficulty bosses on Frostmane. Any loot that we might want (as in Titanforged or tier pieces) are reserved unless specified otherwise. Single bosses- 350k each: Goroth Demonic Inquisition Harjatan Mistress Sassz'ine Sisters of the Moon The Desolate Host Maiden of VigilanceThe Fallen Avatar and Kil'Jaeden The Fallen Avatar - 550k Kil'Jaeden - 3mFull package: 9/9 package: 6m(Loot we want is reserved) Premium 9/9 package: 10m (this includes all the loot you can use, Titanforged and Tier Pieces INCLUDED) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heroic Tomb of Sargeras (Gold is accepted on this realm): Full clear with PL: 600k Kil'Jaeden only: 250k----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Raids: Our raid days and invites are on Wednesday at around 19:30 CET and boss is pulled around 19:45 CET. We raid until 23:00 CET, and if we don't clear everything in one night we will continue from where we left off on Thursday or Sunday, same hours. We expect you to be able to make both days if you buy a full package. You're welcome to raid naked due to the fact that we will ask you to die on every boss. Payment: Part of the payment (15%) is paid as reservation deposit when we set up a date. The remaining full payment is expected upon entering the raid unless otherwise noted. We accept only in-game currency and only Alliance on Frostmane unless specified otherwise. Contact: If you are interested in purchasing from us or you have any questions, please contact me on btag or ask someone in the guild to poke me: Kapaya#2705 Previous services and feedback: 09 Nov
08 Nov warrior looking for casual guild. Hello! I'm Doingitnow and im looking for a guild to raid normal/heroic ToS and Antorus with! As it stands I am not looking to enter the mythic scene, but holding at normal/heroic casual stuff :3 Currently raiding in <Out of Mana> but have way more spare time than I know what to fill it with for the next year, so looking to increase my number of raiding nights per week. Avaliable times I can commit to raiding; 15.00-24.00 Avaliable days I can commit to raiding; Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday Saturday Unavaliable days; Wednesday Sunday Previous raid experience; Legion ToS - 9/9 HC NH - 10/10 HC ToV - 3/3 HC (during NH patch, returned in 7.1.5) EN - 7/7 HC (during NH patch, returned in 7.1.5) Warlords HFC - 13/13 Mythic BRF - 10/10 HC HM - 5/7 HC Further experience can be provided if neccessary, this post is starting to be quite long so shorted this part to the latest expansions. If you have any questions or want to have a chat, leave a comment or add my Btag addict#2353 and lets talk! Thank you for reading!Doingitnow0 08 Nov
08 Nov 933 Affliction lock LF new raiding guild 933 Affliction lock LF new raiding guild currently 8/9HC with multiple 10 % pull attemps on KJ, LF a new raiding guild on sylvanas for the remainder of ToS and antorusCàssie1 08 Nov
07 Nov (A)<Tomb Raiders> Looking for people to progress! <Tomb Raiders> is looking for people willing to do Heroic (8/9) progress. We've only been around since July but we have a different amount of experienced players. We raid 3 nights a week - Which are Tuesday/Wednesday/Sunday, 20:00 - 23:00. We have a positive and friendly atmosphere. We don't really need you to have heroic experience, We will guide you through. Classes we are recruiting: Healers: Resto shamans, Resto druids, MW monks. Ranged DPS: Elemental shaman, Hunters and Mages. Tanks: Blood DK, Guardian druid and Prot Paladin. Melee DPS: All of them! Other classes are more than welcome, these are just the classes we're mostly interested in :) Our progress: ToS Norm: 9/9 Heroic: 9/9 Mythic: Freshly starting mythic! What we want from people that join: 1. Attend the raids, and sign up on the calendar beforehand. 2. Have discord installed. 3. Bring food and flasks (Very important) 4. Know your class, Its no use joining the raid if you're going to die instantly. 5. Plan to success even when the morale is low. 6. RcLootCouncil - Very important aswell. 7. Have a sense of humor 8. And finally and most importantly, Be mature! If you're interested - Please message Musicon#21998 Dont be shy :D Thank you.Musicplaying0 07 Nov
07 Nov [A] <Tomb Raiders> 9/9 hc is Recruiting Semi-casual Raiding guild with three raid days a week: Wed/Sun/Tuesday. Starting 8pm to 11pm. We have an active Guild chat with a lot of bantering. Our aim is to raid Heroic Difficulty raids with a stable raiding team. We currently need a few ranged dps, and later entering Antorus the burning throne, where our goal is to clear normal quickly to head in to HC. Feel free to give, Rashella or Buferian a whisper if you have any further questions. We are looking forward to having you with us!Buferian0 07 Nov
07 Nov <Nemetos Order> is reforming! Nemetos Order, one of the oldest standing guilds in Sylvanas is returning back to action for Antorus! Our guild has achieved multiple cutting edges in the past tiers and has been one of the most stable communities in our server for years. Right now we got a strong core of experienced and mature players that we are looking to expand to go hard into the new raid. Requirements is being a reliable raider who has had mythic experience in the past and is willing to push his performance while maintaining a fun and relaxed atmosphere during raids. No toxicity is welcome here, but at the same time we are all about progression. In the current tier, we run a weekly group consisted of raiders/pugs which has achieved 6/9m for the time being. Our main focus is the upcoming raid tho and that's what we're recruiting for! Right now, we're mainly looking for ranged dps and a hpala but everyone is considered! Poke me ingame, or reply here and i will have an answer for you. Tiny- Nkonsta95#2911Tinydotz2 07 Nov
06 Nov <Noxious> - Recruiting ALL classes in prep for Antorus <Noxious> are recruiting for our raid team, we are looking for like minded people to join us in the upcoming raid of Antorus. We raid Wednesday and Sunday (8:30 PM - 11:30 PM Server Time). Upon joining us you will enter a trial period -This will last for two weeks and whether or not you pass the trial and join our core team will be based on a number of factors. We expect you to have some past experience with End-Content, whether that be in WoW or other MMOs Attendance and activity within the guild are key as a trial member, this is where you prove yourself that you are one of us and show us that you are actively contributing to the guild, such as helping others (dungeons, assisting with keeping the guild bank stocked or replenishing stock that is taken etc..) If you have been accepted into the guild it is because you have read our rules and requirements (such as the raiding times, attendance, addons required to raid with us.) which means you are to play at the highest standard that you can, once your 2 week trial is up. The officers and myself will deem if you join our core raid team. If you are interested in joining us please pop in an application on If you would like to chat and find out more about us prior to applying add my btag for more info (Varothian#2221) or one of our officers (RULE#2272) Hope to see you in game soon!Rhysand34 06 Nov
06 Nov (A) <Honolulu>9/9M Realm Rank 2 - Antorus Recruitment Updated October, 24th- Special UPDATE: Pre-Nerf KJ is down, we !@#$ing did it boys! Now recruiting for Antorus, everybody is welcome to join the hype train Btw we are the best guild on Sylvanas tbh LATEST VIDEOs: KJ Mythic (EPIC STUFF) Avatar Mythic Maiden Mythic Mistress Mythic Desolate Host Mythic The most Retarded Guild on Sylvanas since 2009 Raid - Schedule: Wednesday 18-21h** Thursday 18-21h** Sunday 18-21h** Mon/Tue are Bonus Raids (Mostly casual HC farm, or extra mythic progress)18-21h *server time **some raids might get extended till 22-23h based players vote(close to kill and so) No attendance rules (scroll down to read more about this) send us a message for more infos In-game Contacts : /w Purke > Medvjedic > Binomial > Sesha > Elinahui [B]Bnet contact[/b] : Purke#2620 - Protein#21308 - Mentai#1894 Please feel free to apply even if your class is currently listed as ‘Closed’. We will always consider exceptional applications and can also hold your application for future consideration when a vacancy arises.(we kicked somebody cause he went mental...his cat died..seriously this happened) Wanna know more? Owkey, keep reading then Who the f*** is Honolulu? - We are a guild that was created from leftovers(people who didn't get a raiding spot) in a top10 Sylvanas guild back in Cata. It took us(so called "3rd Squad") 2,5 weeks to overtake the main squad in progress, after which we got kicked cause we didn't want to mix with them. The name <Honolulu> was created by writing "random retarded name" on google (dunno why Honolulu popped out) Since then, the guild was in the top10 for the most Patches/Exp (except WoD) cause wtf was WoD anyway? What makes us so different/retarded? This is very hard to explain, the core of the guild goes very deep Jogurac mom type of deep(check video below) Seriously its hard to explain... we are just a bunch of idiots with no limits, and very weird taste in humor We act like a family, and have are own "Guild Language", we accept new people with open hands(and asses) and hope u will link your small *** sometimes in Discord Some of the Guild features - No attendance rules Raiding should not feel like a job, we do not force our players to come to every raid and to apply weeks in-front > Just apply for any raid u wanna attend (Ofc more active players will be always preferred, but we do not hate u if u slack - Simple loot rules Loot is not a reward, its a tool needed to overcome certain obstacles in the raids > Our players just /roll on loot that they want, or talk it out between each other, but other then that, there is no forced rule One thing to note here, is that Core players always have the advantage over New players, but once we start to love u (In a nohomo way) u can get ur shiny pink boots - Crazy videos We Record most of our progress, or random mythic+ runs, or just a late night Discord talk > u can check our youtube channel to understand what i mean :P - Special Raids Karaoke, Jogurac mom raid, ICC teleport(if u join the guild, wont take long till u understand what ICC RAID IS) and many other smaller events that happen very randomly and frequently in this guild - Discord fun Stuck at work, bored to death? Got a phone? install the mobile discord app and u will feel like u have friends again(or for the first time) since our discord is so full of shiiiii* Custom Emojis > "Pictures" > Links... srsly we seen crazy !@#$ on our discord :D What are the requirements to join us? Overall the most important thing is that you fit i said, this guild is very different from every guild you have ever raided with (100% guaranteed) Be a chill, open minded person, that can have loads of fun, and be serious when necessary(mythic bosses wont just drop dead) You have to understand that with all the fun, and f**k the rules attitude... we still manage to compete on a high lvl ( be among top10 guilds @Sylvanas most of the time) so we expect you to have a certain gear&skill level! Take your chances, and give it a try with <Honolulu> ..."No Ragrets" style Youtube Channel > Jogurac mom raid > EN Karaoke raid > 06 Nov
05 Nov Dragon Order 6/9m is recruiting! Like black humor? How about !@#$ty jokes? Well, how does it sound raiding with 19 idiots and laughing to a fat chicken running around when he is explaining tactics? Dragon Order could be the place for you. Our goal is to improve as raiders, progress through raids, achieve Cutting Edge, and most of all, have fun doing it. We are a friendly and active guild with a great community, in our spare time we do mythic+, RBGs, or achievement runs together. We are currently looking for DPS & healers for Tomb of Sargeras progress, but all exceptional applications will be considered. We raid on Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday 20.00 - 23.30. The most needed classes currently are: Druid (DPS) Priest (shadow/disc) Monk (DPS) Rogue Warlock Hunter but EVERY exceptional spec or class is more than welcome to apply. WE EXPECT FROM YOU: A good attitude going into raids, preparation, at least 2/3 attendance to raids and willingness to improve as both a raider and a guild member. Also a sense of humor is important! Come and toss me a whisper in game if you are interested. Ojapeikko#2174Kulya19 05 Nov
05 Nov | Hinausyhtiö | 8/9 M ToS | Looking for raiders! [ We are only recruiting <Finnish> players so thank you for viewing the thread if you cant speak finnish fluently :). (Tavoitteet tehdä tulosta Arguksessa, nyt Tombissa ei ole tarkoitus puskea rankkia ollenkaan vaan clearata raidia niin pitkälle kuin mahdollista. Harkinnassa myös raidiaikoihin pieni muutos Arguksessa (Muutos olisi: Perjantain raidi siirtyisi Torstaille!), mutta mitään ei todellakaan ole vielä päätetty.) Hinausyhtiö on syyskuussa 2014 perustettu suomalainen raidi kilta Sylvanaksella, joka sijoittuu alliancen puolelle. Raidaamme pääasiassa 3 kertaa viikossa (ke, pe ja su 18-21) ja alttiraidi on kerran viikossa (la 18-21). Odotamme myös hakijoiltamme oma alotteisuutta asioissa kuten poissaolojen ilmoituksessa, oman pelaamisen parantamisessa raidien ulkopuolella, consujen hommaamisessa/ostamisessa ENNEN raidia sekä ajoissa paikalle saapumisen suhteen. Killalla on kyllä käytössä whatsapp ryhmä jonne voi ilmoittaa halutessaan poissaolot yms liittyessään (tai facebookin kautta/ennen tahi raidin jälkeen). Mielellään attendance raidaajilla tulisi olla 100%, mutta me kaikki tiedämme että se on mahdotonta. Aina tulee juhlia, hautajaisia sun muuta estettä, mutta niiden ulkopuolella tulisi olla paikalla (Ei nukuta pommiin...). Yksi tärkeimmistä asioista mitä toivoisimme hakevien pelaajien omistavan on raidi taustaa. Siitä on hyvä mainita hakemuslomakkeessa jonka löydät alempaa. Joka ikinen raidikokemus Vanilla-Legion välillä kannattaa mainita! Tämän hetkisia raidiaikoja: Keskiviikkona 18.00-21.00 Perjantaina 18.00-21.00 Lauantaina 18.00-21.00 (Alttiraidi/heroic clear päivä) Sunnuntaina 18.00-21.00 Yhteystiedot ----------------- Applyt: Sinuun otetaan yhteyttä applyn lähettämisen jälkeen Btagilla (Pablo#21401 tai Aamunkajo#2965). Meitä voi myös kuulustella pelin sisällä. Ottakaa siellä yhteyttä henkilöihin nimeltä: Elementelist tai Siirappi (Ensisijaisesti Siirappiin)Elementelist37 05 Nov
05 Nov Nemetos Order 5/9 mythic ToS LFM Nemetos Order welcomes anyone who wants to participate in a fun, open and constructive WoW community. Our raidteam aims for progress while having a lighthearted, NSFW chat environment. Progress: 5/9 mythic ToS Raidtimes: Wednesday, Thursday and Monday 20:30-23:30 server time Please only apply if you can attend 100% and be online 15minutes before raidstart. Especially recruiting 1 healer (any class) and ranged DPS or 1 of DH / rogue / retri pala, other exceptional dps that have the gear and experience to jump in mythic progression are welcome to apply. Dedication and attendance are important for us. Ambition: A progress oriented, yet friendly environment. The goal is to all work together to being the best group. This includes swapping people out, constructive criticism and attendance expectations. The frontpage of our website is always up to date with current recruitment needs & you can find an application form there as well: Exceptional application of experienced progress raiders will always be considered. Talk ingame with Eolyxia, Caldaren, Alphastep, Brons, Winklewonder or Droolpatrol History: Nemetos Order was founded Feb 11th 2005 on the server Agamaggan and moved to Kor’Gall where the first raid Molten Core (tactics) was cleared. There are rumors of server-first Jeklik and Kurinaxx kills. The epic hardcore raidleader Orlanna came and went. Ulduar HC was cleared before ICC got released, Lich King went down before the second nerf. Cataclysm saw several 10mans and after a move to the server Sylvanas, a 25man team at the end of Dragon Soul. When Pandaria finally came out of the mists, many were lost and the raidteam went to Perplexity. After splitting ways, Garrosh heroic got killed before the nerf and there were multiple 10man raidteams in the guild. WOD had up to 3 20man teams (server 7th Blackhand kill) which finally formed one great team so Archimonde went down as 10th on the server on March 10th 2016. Legion was a big succes with so far all raids cleared cutting edge.Angeronia99 05 Nov
01 Nov [H] Holy/Ret Paladin LF PVP guild / RBG Team Hi everyone. I’m a recent faction-changer here on Sylvanas and I’m looking for a PvP guild and/or RBG Team. I’ve been playing Paladin since late TBC and before that I played Mage. Cheers [H]Bruttone [A]VathranisBruttone0 01 Nov
01 Nov Boosting Your Weekly M+10! Heyo! A small group from <HinausYhtiö> has decided to once more offer boosting services for gold. Need your M+10 done on an alt? We've got you covered - be it self-play or complete nonparticipation. You get all items the boosters do not need for their main specs. Current prices; Boost using your own key: 100,000 gold. Boost with boosters' key: 120,000 gold. Alliance only, payments beforehand and only on Sylvanas - boosted character can be on any server. For inquiries, contact one of the following on Bnet; Dalynnia#2672, Pummer#2430, Makke#2416 or jannets#21411Dalanna2 01 Nov
31 Oct [A] <SWPD> Recruitment Thread <SWPD> - Stormwind Police Department is a brand NEW casual PVP guild. We aim to be a social guild with a focus on casual PVP, world PVP, groups BGs and RBGs. There will also be a small group that clears PVE content for guild achievements and to get gear, nothing too serious though! HISTORY I started playing WoW during early TBC and played up until MoP. I played on Outland EU and was the guild master of the second largest wPvP guild on the EU servers (also called SWPD). I left in MoP after getting burnt out and after a few years break I'm back and want to get a similar guild up and running. You can see our old guild content, events and videos by searching 'SWPD Outland' on YouTube. What we can offer you: * Discord * War Games * City Raids/Defending * RBGs (Casual, we're more about wPvP) * Active and updated YouTube Channel and FaceBook Group * Casual & Optional Raiding and PVE Content * Premades * A mature community, drama free, with a laid back approach but ensuring a civil and friendly atmosphere at all times. * Clear ranks and opportunity to progress for constable up to superintendent. * Very casual none serious PVE and Raids on an irregular basis. What we expect from you: * A willingness to learn and improve (If you think you're so pro and know it all we're probably not for you we're a guild based around constantly improving skills) * Mature and sensible attitude * Active play, anyone with an unexplained absence of 1 week or more will be removed from the guild. * 16+ years of age * Discord + Mic (Try and be on Discord as much as possible) * An effort to come along to all or as many guild events as you can We pride ourselves on being friendly and well run we don't like drama and try and avoid it but it's inevitable that some drama follows us it comes hand in hand with being a wPvP guild but we expect our players to be mature and friendly at all times and promote our morals and ethos and we strive to uphold this as much as we can. If your a guild leader we'd love to do some war games with you and a few of your guildies so please contact me in game if your interested. We allow anyone to join and don't turn our backs on players simply because of rating or experience like some other guilds do we believe the new players of today can be the pros of tomorrow with the correct encouragement, training and experience. Whisper any of the following ingame to join: * Rickeo * Reeko * Whitworth * Papacy Or simply post here. For the Alliance! Signed, Stormwind Police Department - <SWPD>Mottram4 31 Oct
26 Oct [H] Ragnaros (Echelon) - 7/9M Looking for DPS [H] Echelon - 7/9M are looking for more skilled players to join a strong core family of raiders who are stepping into Fallen Avatar & Kil'Jaeden. Priority on DPS (DK, Feral, Hunter & Rogues) but all great players welcomed. We have been around in a couple iterations for over a year, we currently have a solid team of active players, plenty of M+ pushing, Leggo runs and all sorts of shenanigans. If you're looking for not just well organised raiding, but a new home, new friends and a great atmosphere then lets talk more! Add me on: Lukey#21204 or post below to get in touch. 26 Oct