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32m [A] Warlock looking for active normal/heroic guild Hey, i`m currently playing as warlock ( 362 item level) and i`m looking semi-casual raiding guild that does normal/heroic clearing. In legion i did all raids on heroic and now in BFA i have done uldir on normal mode completly. Since we all have irl-stuff to do preferable raid times would be 2-3 per week. BNET-tag zypphon#1101 Hope someone is need for warlock who knows what to do and is willing to learn new stuff and not give up! :)Zappinari1 32m
2h [H]Brothers in Arms(Emeriss) набира играчи за BfA Набираме играчи от всички класове за Battle for Azeroth. <Brothers in Arms> е Българскa PvE гилдия основана октомври 2006. От тогава досега никога не сме прекъсвали райдоветe преди да свалим последния бос на контента.Legion го завършваме c Antorus: The Burning Throne 11/11 Mythic и 4/5 Cutting Edge. Pайд дни : Понеделник,Сряда,Четвъртък и Неделя oт 20:30 до 24:00. Изискванията са ни играчите да са над 18 години,80% активност за райдоветe и Discord/TS плюс микрофон. Приемането в гилдията става единствено чрез подаването на апликация,а ние държим тя да е максимално точна и грамотно написана.Уверете се, че сте прочели правилата на Brothers in Arms, преди да подадете апликацията си. Какво можем да предложим ние: - Стабилна гилдия, която райдвa повече от 12 години. - Конкурентен прогрес c четири райдa седмично. - Справедливо ръководство без деление на хората. - Стабилен ръководен състав и опитен райд лидер. Какво очакваме от вас: - Подготовка с консумативи и познания за босовете. - Висока мотивация по време на прогреса и фарм райдовете. - Добро познаване на собствения герои. - Отношение "отбор на първо място" Не искаме хора, които просто влизат на фарм райдовете, да получат плячка и след това да изчезнат за прогреса.Имаме желание да вземем още няколко човека без значение от класовете,но най вече търсим стабилно задклавиатурно устройство. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- За да пуснете апликация,регистрирайте се в нашия форум 2h
7h Brand New Player - Looking for guild & friendships Hi all, I'm Whitethorn. I started playing WoW a couple of days ago and so far I am really enjoying it, however the one thing that's bothering me is that I haven't really had any social interaction with other players. Everybody seems to be too busy, fair enough I suppose. I was wondering if there are any guilds or groups willing to accommodate me as I learn the game and progress my character whilst levelling up? Currently I am a level 27 priest and i'm on the alliance side on Sylvanas. Thanks for reading =)Whitethorn1 7h
1d Lock LF Guild heroic raid & M+ Warlock lf guild for casual heroic mode raiding and mythic+ in between. i am leaving my current guild simply because between raid time twice a week the guild chat is dead an no one wants to run any content with me. Ahead of the curve during Antoris & 7/8 uldir normal modePaladel2 1d
1d [A] Priest LF Guild for M+/Raid Hello, I'm playing with some friends of mine and we want to join a guild. Our goal is to have some progress on M+ and Raid. Our ilvl is ~350 (345-360). Although raiding with pugs has its moments, we think it's time to join a guild and just keep it rolling. For more info just pm me here or IG.Renar2 1d
1d Returning Player LF PVP Guild Hey guys, im a returning player who rolled (boosted .. ) a priest (disc) looking for a pvp guild since thats where the gameplay is at xD I have not played WoW seriously since vanilla really so consider me very rusty :/ as such the fact im a bit unwashed shall we say is certainly a factor (not that i do too bad in pvp's usually) Im also leveling my old rogue and possibly my monk too the rogue is 101 and the monk is 110 Hopefully someone is interested ^^ let me know here or ingame! Thanks!Sinhua0 1d
2d [A] Priest LF Decent guild that raids 2-3d per week Hello, I am looking for decent guild with older lads with 2-3d per week. Raid time from 7-10:30PM server time, until 11PM manageable. I used to play shadow for raiding until this point, while healing in 5 men. I would prefer to play disc as it is far more fun that shadow at current state of game. I can play shadow probably at better level than disc. So it comes to mutual agreement what spec I will play. Progress wise guild should be at least mid HC progress now with further going for mythic difficulty. Also there should be healthy and active player base for M+ and Mythic difficulty. For progress from past xpacks check wowprogress. I also use to do a lot of M+. Feel free to post here in topic or better ingame for chat/talk if you have questions or offers.Adannel2 2d
2d Rogue LF Progressive Raiding Guild Hey All, I'm a 358 rogue looking to join a progressive raiding guild, My current guild which I am in with friends does not raid often and I am starving to find a team to raid more. Ive currentley been pugging normal and Heroic Uldir and last week did 4/8 on HC. I played since late WOTLK raided a bit in cata and legion but its only since bfa my interest in raiding has been peeking. - AdamKindlykys1 2d
2d Looking for a new home =) Hi there. Im looking for a nice server that is not overpopulated but still active. And also that there is more Alliance than horde. Have i come to the right place? ;) Take careStryas1 2d
2d [A] Broken 5/8HC LF DPS/Heal Broken was created as a project between a close group of friends that has progressed over the last few expansions and tiers. With the release of Battle for Azeroth many of our players, along with new and old friends, have come back together with a shared determination to reach Cutting Edge. Our focus is on maintaining a consistent and positive progression throughout the expansion as we look to improve the guild, it's team and our community. We have a strict stance on our players approach and attitude to progression raiding. We feel that hard-work and dedication is important for any raider who is looking to progress through mythic. We want to promote an efficient and proactive raiding experience and as such all of our raiders are expected to come prepared with a deep level of understanding about their specializations, foreknowledge of all fights and equipped with all consumables they might possibly need. Our raiding schedule is as follows: Wednesday: 20:00 – 23:00 Thursday: 20:00 – 23:00 Sunday: 20:00 – 23:00 We are currently looking to recruit a few of the following, though do bear in mind that some spots are shared; if we recruit a resto shaman then we likely will not need a resto druid, etc. Obviously exceptions will be made for exceptional players: Balance Druid Hunters Resto Druid Resto Shaman Rogues Shadow Priest Windwalker If you are interested in applying, or wish to know more, then feel free to contact any of the following: GM: Winny Bnet:Winny#2254 Discord:Winny#3809 Raidleader: Wolf Bnet: Wolf#26112 Discord: Wolf#8482 Officer: Janna Bnet: Kayotic#2532 Discord: Janna#1899Jãnnã2 2d
2d (A) <Honolulu>3/8M Realm Rank 1 - Limited Spots open Recruitment OPEN: DPS: Rogues/Balance/Locks/DK TANK: Dk/Monk Healer: Priest/Druid/Pally follow us on Raid and casual gaming streams Latest News: The most retarded guild in Europe is officially back for Bfa! We are aiming to continue where we left of > Top 100 World, Realm 1st and best kill videos u will ever watch! Apply now for spicy memes, epic nights and Jogurac mom genital area! What we did in Legion: <Honolulu> Started Legion as a "yo lets raid heroic a bit and go play Overwatch when we get bored guild" We were 4 friends in total... The Whole guild got created of /2 Trade chat and we went from realm rank 50 trash guild nobody wants to join to World top 200 guild everyone and theyr moms now want to join.. Id like to note tho, that we nearly landed top50 World Kill on Argus... but due to small patch release the boss got bugged in the 1 week we were going for the kill and full tryhard... We raged so hard cause it took nearly 2 resets to fix the buggs, that we rage quited the game but after we cooled of 2-3 weeks later we came back and finished the boss. Contact: Sesha#21890 - Purke#2620 - Swoop#2389 You can also join our discord and find us there Facebook will be back soon ...and go watch Argus kill video .!. The most Retarded Guild on Sylvanas since 2009 Raid - Schedule: NOTE: Times are not set in stone for Bfa, this is just aprox. Wednesday 18-21h** Thursday 18-21h** Sunday 18-21h** Mon/Tue are Bonus Raids (Mostly casual HC farm, or extra mythic progress)18-21h *server time **some raids might get extended till 22-23h based players vote(close to kill and so) No attendance rules (scroll down to read more about this) send us a message for more infos Please feel free to apply even if your class is currently listed as ‘Closed’. We will always consider exceptional applications and can also hold your application for future consideration when a vacancy arises.(we kicked somebody cause he went mental...his cat died..seriously this happened) Wanna know more? Owkey, keep reading then Who the f*** is Honolulu? - We are a guild that was created from leftovers(people who didn't get a raiding spot) in a top10 Sylvanas guild back in Cata. It took us(so called "3rd Squad") 2,5 weeks to overtake the main squad in progress, after which we got kicked cause we didn't want to mix with them. The name <Honolulu> was created by writing "random retarded name" on google (dunno why Honolulu popped out) What makes us so different/retarded? This is very hard to explain, the core of the guild goes very deep Jogurac mom type of deep(check video below) Seriously its hard to explain... we are just a bunch of idiots with no limits, and very awkward taste in Humor.. We act like a family, and have are own "Guild Language", we accept new people with open hands(and asses) and hope u will link your small *** sometimes in Discord Some of the Guild features - No attendance rules Raiding should not feel like a job, we do not force our players to come to every raid and to apply weeks in-front > Just apply for any raid u wanna attend (Ofc more active players will be always preferred, but we do not hate u if u slack - Crazy videos We Record most of our progress, or random mythic+ runs, or just a late night Discord talk > u can check our youtube channel to understand what i mean :P - Special Raids Karaoke, Jogurac mom raid, ICC teleport(if u join the guild, wont take long till u understand what ICC RAID IS) and many other smaller events that happen very randomly and frequently in this guild - Discord fun Stuck at work, bored to death? Got a phone? install the mobile discord app and u will feel like u have friends again(or for the first time) since our discord is so full of shiiiii* Custom Emojis > "Pictures" > Links... srsly we seen crazy !@#$ on our discord :D What are the requirements to join us? Overall the most important thing is that you fit i said, this guild is very different from every guild you have ever raided with (100% guaranteed) Be a chill, open minded person, that can have loads of fun, and be serious when necessary(mythic bosses wont just drop dead) You have to understand that with all the fun, and f**k the rules attitude... we still manage to compete on a high lvl ( be among top10 guilds @Sylvanas most of the time) so we expect you to have a certain gear&skill level! Take your chances, and give it a try with <Honolulu> ..."No Ragrets" style Youtube Channel > Jogurac mom raid > 2d
3d [A] Magic Scum 2 day/week raiding (1/8 M) Magic Scum is a raiding guild recruiting for raiding in an adult and friendly enviroment. Who We Are? Magic Scum is a newly formed guild that started raiding in a May of 2018 with a goal of having fun and progressing as much as we can in Antorus. We like the social aspect of the game and the atmosphere in the guild is something we are proud of. Most of the guild members are in the mid to late 20s and early 30s therefore we would prefer to recruit people with a similar age range since we can have a lot of adult humor over discord and guild chat. BFA We want to progress on from our raiding experience in Legion (2/11 mythic) and offer our raiders a minimum of mythic progression in the upcoming expac with the possibility of moving into higher mythic as time progresses. Our Raid Times are as follows (server time): Wednesday 20.00 – 23.00 Saturdays 19.00 – 23.00 Invites go out at 15 minnutes before the raid time. We also have a farm raid for alts and lower geared mains of the lower tier (in Legion it was normal Antorus for us) that we do on Fridays at 19:00 till we finish the raid. In between these core raids we run M+ a lot and have a couple of people with higher scores in M+. Note: We are not raiding atm and are waiting for new raids in BFA. The type of players we are looking for are: - People who can commit to a 2 day per week raiding schedule, showing up 15 minutes before hand with all the relevant pots and enchants. - People that can contribute to a friendly but focused atmosphere both in and out of raid. - A mature outlook to wiping in progression, whilst having fun is the main aim patience is a must. - Understand your class and your role in the raid. Utilise the many resources online to understand these aspects of the game as well as boss fights. Overall If you are raider, with a positive attitude, an enthusiasm for the game and an eagerness to raid, we would love to hear from you. At the moment we are recruiting for ALL CLASSES & ALL SPECS as we move into the new expac. If you think we are the guild for you contact is: Bnet - Silthrax#2667 Discord - Silthrax/Selverak#2306Selverak12 3d
3d Tank LF weekend raiding guild Hello there, I am looking for a raiding guild that raids in During weekends. mainly because I created my account when I was outside the U.S but I moved here cause of college. Obviously I'm not in this server but I am looking around all the servers and will transfer the moment I am contacted by a guild that needs me. You can contact me in game or in discord or reply to this post ^_^. boogieface#2948 Discord: Boogieface101#1069 In game: Brutality - RunetotemBrutality1 3d
5d Ghilda romaneasca pe Sylvanas <Pajura> recruteaza Salutare dragi colegi de joc, suntem o ghilda romaneasca 100%, activa, serioasa, semi-hardcore, pe realmul Sylvanas EU, alianta! Revenim dupa o pauza de cateva luni si avem nevoie de forte proaspete pentru a curata noile raiduri din BFA si pentru a izbi impotriva fortelor inamice (horde). Pt detalii si aplicatii va invit pe site-ul nostru, unde va asteptam cu drag! FOR THE ALLIANCE!Inspirescu3 5d
6d [A] Looking for PvP Guild. 'Sup boys. I'm a WoW Veteran since late TBC. Done a fair share of Raiding, but I always had my eye for PvP. In MoP I grinded the Vicious War Horse, got to 1600 Rating and stopped when I got the mount. Wish I had pressed on but it was purely through PuGing so I had enough. For BfA I wish to push into higher ratings but at this moment I'm no PvP expert, so I'd love to join a Guild where I can learn and improve, and especially where there's structure. In summary, a Guild that's laid back, doing everything from some Mythic+ to BGs and WQs together but still doing/planning on doing Rated content. Got a Paladin on Sylvanas atm but I'd like to bring my Warrior. Can play all specs however Arms is not my shtick. I'm looking for a Guild before I go ahead and transfer, so any reply is appreciated. Currently sitting at 316 Ilvl but this weekend I'mma go hard on Heroics to hopefully bump it up to 330-ish. Of course voice chat is no issue to me. Thanks for reading and have an exciting BfA PvP Season 1!Isaac2 6d
13 Sep <Oblivion Boost Community Services> Oblivion Boosting Community About us: Oblivion Boosting Community is Europe's greatest boosting service provider. The services offered are executed by Top Players from several different European Servers which are experienced, dedicated and high end raiders throughout many expansions already Important Information: The only valid payment option is Ingame Gold! Please do not ask any further, if we accept any other payment option. If, in any case, a boost is failing we will reschedule to another date and time that fits you, for free, if however, we can’t find a solution that benefits both you and the community, we will fully refund you. These are the services we’re currently offering: ST = Server Time (CEST/GMT+1) Uldir Normal - Full Clear (Saved Boosters) Uldir Normal - Mythrax + G’huun Only/Heart of Corruption (Saved Boosters) Uldir Heroic - Full Clear (Saved Boosters) Uldir Heroic - G’huun Only/Ahead of the Curve (Saved Boosters) Mythic Armor-Specific Dungeons (+10) - You can choose the dungeon, the group will be unsaved, a minimum of 3 Boosters will have same armor-type as you and will trade you items - Can be accommodated every day, on request Heroic/Mythic Expeditions - From single Heroic/Mythic Expeditions to full weekly Azerite caps, available on request Glory of the Wartorn Hero - Can be accommodated every day, on request - In the very rare event of a failed boost, you will receive a free rescheduled boost or a refund - Please reach out to us via the contact details below to learn more about the prices, available spots and the date and times we offer those services. If you don’t find here what you need and would like to have a custom boost, please feel free to reach out to us. We will consider it and will try to make you an offer according to the effort needed. Contact details: Oblivion Discord Server: 13 Sep
13 Sep <Oblivion Boost Community> Recruiting Advertisers! We're recruiting Advertisers! Do you want to advertise for one of the largest and fastest growing boosting Communities in Europe? Why would you *want* to advertise? When booking a buyer in one of our PvE boosts there is a 10% booking fee required to secure the spot, you as an Advertiser get to keep that 10% booking fee as commission on every buyer you book! Is advertising difficult? Generally it's quite simple and the rewards are worth the minimal effort it takes, on quieter days it can be frustrating but it all depends on the time of day you choose to advertise and the realm’s population. What is expected of an advertiser? Join a server, turn on an add-on that auto-posts your advert and respond to whispers in an accommodating and polite manner. Answer any questions they may have and explain accurately what our services are. Access to Discord is a must, this is where we communicate with each other the most, basic knowledge of Google Spreadsheets is desired but not essential. Fluency in German, French, Italian or Spanish a huge plus! Please apply here: 13 Sep
12 Sep [A] Ravencrest - <Be Humble> Recruiting! Hello! About us <Be Humble> is a semi hardcore progression raiding guild on Ravencrest [A] freshly formed for Battle for Azeroth. Brought together by the interests of gaming, a group of cutting edge experienced friends from many different guilds have banded together to conquer the many challenges World of Waracraft has to face. From pushing high mythic + keys to clearing all content at a good pace, we're sure to welcome you and provide a fun raiding environment for you to take part in. What seperates us from most guilds is that we don't enforce a robotic roster. We consider ourselves to raid as friends rather than the known norm of having a guild enforce the roster of that of a workplace. However, we still aim to be the best we can be and progress at a rate in which we're all happy with, while still maintaining a friendly atmosphere and defeating challenging content. We are currently 8/8 Normal at the time of this post, however we will be continuing into Heroic Uldir this Sunday and forwards. What do we expect of you? - Be online, prepared with appropriate flasks, food buffs, potions and consumables 15-30 minutes before raid invites are sent out. - A pretty solid attendance record around the 95-100%. - A thrive to learn, commit, experience and progress. - The ability to take onboard constructive criticism when necessary. - To be social. This is one of the main reasons we have made this guild. We don't communicate only when we have too, but when we want too. We want every member of our guild to be comfortable to log on, join discord, and have fun; regardless of the game. - Knowledgeable about your class, spec, rotations, gems, consumables, stat priorities, BIS, and any other features about your class that should be mandatory to a player looking to perform at a high level. - Doing things your asked to do in preperation for raid; researching boss tactics, looking through logs, etc. - Have the eagerness and drive to perform well on an alt instead of just one main character. This is not a must, but being confident in multiple specs/classes gives us more options for raid setups. Also, it's more fun! Raid Times Wednesday - 19:00-23:00 Sunday - 19:00-23:00 Monday - 19:00-23:00 (All times are in server time, and as stated before, you are expected to be online 15-30 minutes before this time as invites will be going out). Aims for the beginning of BFA - Cutting Edge Uldir before the release of patch 8.1. - Mythic + keystone boosting. - Mythic + keystone pushing. - To be well established, have a core raid team, and have an experienced team to see through the remainder of BFA, going into the next expansion. Classes we're currently in need of Tanks: FULL Healers: OPEN. Any exceptional applicants will be considered regardless of current guild members. DPS: OPEN. Any exceptional applicants will be considered regardless of current guild members. Any questions, enquiries, or for a chat/application requirement, please contact Andrew#21611 (BTAG) Sierraa#1130 (Discord)Jokewood1 12 Sep
12 Sep Exp Sub rogue LF adult raiding guild Hi I mostly did my hard-core raiding during TBC and wrath. Although I don't have much bfa experience I'm a dedicated player and am really keen to join a a friendly adult community. I am English with a mic and available on weekday evenings and weekends. I write on this forum as haven't managed to find the sort of home I'm looking for in game. Best wishes, RyanWerffy0 12 Sep
12 Sep [H] Rogue with years of raiding exp LF guild Hey, I mostly raided during wotlk, cleared all content there and have experience as guild- and raidleader. I'm looking for a serious raiding guild for bfa with good leadership and recruitment, to have fun progressing through the content together, currently 340ilvl. Got a lot of time available, will gear up fast. Feel free to ask any questions :) Crito#2792Sertralìne0 12 Sep
10 Sep Looking for active guild Hey guyz, I just decided to come back to WoW, so I continued leveling my char in Legion. But unfortunately whole my guils is offline for like a year or at least couple of months on average. Id like to join new one, friendly, casual friendly.. Id like to play both PvP and PvE content, would like to raid, but casually. Im fresh dad, since December so my schedule can change and therefor I cant promise anything up until exact time. Realm is Sylvanas ofc. Thanks for understanding, feel free to add me on battlenet.Foorley6 10 Sep
10 Sep Looking for active guild Looking for an active and good guild, I am an experienced healer and would like to join an active and experienced guild that does raids at least 1/week. Please contact me, my name tag is arya7#2306 thank you!Cynnderella0 10 Sep
10 Sep Guild rebuilding to raid "Last of the Dunedain",a semi casual raiding guild. The guild begun on Burning Legion "Vanilla timeline",transfered on Sylvanas at "Mists of Pandaria"!We have a small core of heroic/mythic experienced members on our roster!While we had a more layed-back approach in Legion,we are looking for easy going ppl /funny to chill and raid with us,but still do progress when the raids open.Therefor we are looking to fill our ranks with healers and range dps.Even though we are looking for healers/ Dps all applicants roles will be given a look! We also have people who enjoy doing m+ of all keystone levels so if raiding isn’t for you then you can still join for the m+ aspect of it! If you have any questions please feel free to speak for any info etc with Banehallowgr.Banehallowgr16 10 Sep
09 Sep [A][8/8N, 5/8HC]2d/w Mythic Guild LF WW/Ele (Heal OS) Who are we? We are Insanity, a newly founded 2-day/week raiding guild consisting of a fun, mature and dedicated bunch of lunatics, most of which ranging between their mid 20s and mid 30s, many of which have prior experience within a top 100 level of raiding. We put heavy emphasis on efficiency and quality during our limited amount of raiding hours per week, as our goal is to clear the highest level of content available as quickly as possible. Raiding Hours Our raiding hours are split into two mandatory raid days, and one optional raid day for farm content. During the mandatory raid days, we focus more on progression than we focus on farming beaten content. Primary Raid Days: ● Wednesday 19.30 - 22.30 ● Sunday 19.30 - 22.30 Optional Raid Day: ● To Be Determined Note: We have put Normal on farm for our optional raid day as of the 5th of September, and will focus strictly on Heroic and Mythic in the time to come. What we are looking for: We are always open for any exceptional player, but as of right now we are primary looking for a Windwalker Monk or Elemental Shaman with a strong, healing off-spec. This is in preparation of Mythic raiding, which we expect to jump head first into as soon as we have downed at least 7/8 Heroic. For recruitment inquiries or additional information, you may contact the following; ● Celacia, Guild Master, Celacia#1859 (Btag) or ∁εℓ ღ#2177 (Discord) ● Keonkwai, Raid Leader, Keon#21219 (Btag) or Keonkwai#0001 (Discord)Honkwai2 09 Sep
09 Sep holy/ret pala looking for PVP/PVE guild hi i'm holy/ret paladin LF a pvp/pve guild, i got experience in RBG and arena's as a healer got 1900 rating in RBG, i want to heal raids and mythics aswell PM in game battletag is fangoron#1924Fangoron1 09 Sep
06 Sep [A] Looking for a chill raiding guild. Edit: Due to not finding a guild in time and my subscription coming to an end, I feel like I should take a break from wow for a while. So I won't be looking for any guilds for a while.Cavalrydemon10 06 Sep
06 Sep NA .Ninthgodx2 06 Sep
05 Sep [A] Looking for A Guild As stated looking for a guild that has room for a Tank ( option to respec Frost or UnHoly) and a BM hunter friend looking for a Weekend Raiding guild to do BFA content with. Respond here or send me a message in game if you have a spot.Ozith0 05 Sep
05 Sep [A] The Next Step - recruiting Hello, We are ~The Next Step~ a PVE orientated guild from Sylvanas. We recently reformed after a 1 year break from the raiding scene (last recorded progress was ToS Hc cleared), and are looking for active pve orientated players to fill the gaps in our team. We are going to raid 2 days/week (Friday 21:30-00:30 & Saturday 17:00-20:00) and also planning to add a 3rd farm run day. Mostly interested in the following: - Healers ( Holy Paladin, Restoration Druid ) - Ranged DPS ( Hunter, Mage, Shadow Priest ) - Melee DPS ( Enhancement Shaman, Rogue ) To any and all players that are interested and that match our raiding days/hours we encourage you to apply on our website ( ) and one of the officers will get in touch with you as soon as possible. Or contact one of our officers, the contacts are : Leneka - Leneka#2750 Regards on behalf of the guild, BubiBubimachoman2 05 Sep
05 Sep Just want to tank. Hello, I'm looking for a guild(A) for mythic raiding. I've been playing wow since late TBC and high end raiding since early WotLK. Started out on a ret pally and realised i hated being a dps so switched to prot then made a dk tank when they were released, unholy tank at first till blood was made tanking spec, switched up a bit for different expansions, monk healer for MoP and WoD. I want to tank mythic raids this expansion, thats literally all im interested in doing in BfA. Im not the sort of person who jumps guilds easily, the guild im in now ive been in since first week of MoP but everybody wants to tank so i need a guild that needs me, i dont want to leave this guild for a chance at a tank spot on certain nights or to have to go dps because there are too many tanksCoagulate0 05 Sep
04 Sep [A] VDH (main) HDH (off) LF Normal/Heroic Guild Hello, I am VDH main who came back from long hiatus at the end of Legion and I am currently searching for a guild.Aline1 04 Sep
04 Sep In Latvian Meklejam aktivu gildi kur mums ar chomiem pievienoties. Ja ir kads Letinsh ludzu atsaucas ;) Butu feini paiet kadas dungas kopa ;)Ricrock1 04 Sep
04 Sep Tank/Healer/3DPS looking for a raiding guild Vengence DH Discipline Priest Rogue Mage Hunter are looking for a fun raiding guild focused on progression. Raiding 2 days a weekDasmos6 04 Sep
03 Sep Looking for a good PvP guild My last guild just quit raiding and I have always loved to play pvp. So i'm going to move on to pvp instead of pve. I Have played WoW since the beginning of Mop and I have been over 2000 rating and i have always loved to play PvP. I'm looking for a serius guild that is active and does Battlegrounds & Arena. I can do world pvp aswell. I preffer a 2k+ guild. I currently play all the classes in the game and I know how to play them. I mostly play Druid and paladin at the moment. Add me on bnet if you are interested in inviting me to a PvP guild. My bnet is Rekyl#2366Acêé0 03 Sep
03 Sep [A] LF a Heroic/Mythic raiding guild Hello, I am returning for BFA and looking for a NM/HM raiding guild. I have mythic raiding experience but for this expansion I am just looking for Norm/Heroic progression. I have been playing since Vanilla and started raiding in BC upto MoP and WoD where I stepped away from the game. I will be a prot warrior in BFA, I am available any evening for whatever the raid nights are. Please feel free to contact me ingame Savage#2674Savagenight3 03 Sep
03 Sep <Alagavats Guild> Recruiting Champions! Hello all! As Alagavats; we are planning to form a friendly, competetive and fun guild. I'll explain about ourselves and what we are looking for with different sections! WHO ARE WE ? Alagavats is a "friend" guild that we are started as few friends coming together. Besides that, we are 3 brothers who actually started this guild in BFA: Me, Pandaloon and Duktak. We are very friendly and understanding people in real life as same as in game. However, we like to bring our game to next level and love always try more. We like to play the games that we play in a competetive level. But this doesn't mean our avid personality leads our actions to toxicity. We are against toxicity, abuse and etc. in games and we really hate it. WHAT WE ARE AIMING FOR ? We are planning to raid 3 days in a week for now. Starting this week, we are planning to follow the content: Normal, Heroic and Mythic. We want to try our best and always aim for better in the raiding times. This doesn't mean we are not looking for any fun while raiding, we are looking of balance between those :) Also we are having actually "fun" while "trying hard". WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR? Actually we are not looking for any experience on mythics or any fancy achievements. If you read everything until this and said "Yes! this is me! I am a competetive and fun person at the same time!" that means you are the raider we are looking for! But we are also looking for socials who will make our face smile :) Offensive Racism, Toxicity, Abuse, Offensive Sexism are FORBIDDEN, so we are looking for people without these. For now we need every role for our raiding team! Please dont mind to join our discord channel and we will arrange roles and other stuff. And we are planning of a short interview with you! We will inform you about the stuff from there. Alagavats Discord Channel: 03 Sep
02 Sep When Alliance Fights Back! So yeah, we were a group of friends who set out to bring some much needed justice to the foul horde gank squads, preying on innocent unexpecting alliance players, and I just thought I wanted to share one of our moments in here. Pay in mind, that I am in no way claiming to be a big shot at pvp. In fact I'm pretty damn bad, but we had a hell of a time, and I just really wanted to share this moment with the world! I hope everyone is enjoying this expansion as much as we are. It's great how world pvp seems to have been rekindled this time around :) WARNING: Loud voices will be heard, so please be prepared to tune down the volumes, and please understand that we were all super hyped with the fun we had ^_^ 02 Sep
02 Sep Wanting to server change, but... Hello. I'm thinking of moving to Sylvanas - Alliance. Could you please tell me of your experience in this server after BFA lags, login Q..etc. Thank youZoli2 02 Sep
02 Sep Any guilds recruiting noobs? Hey, I started wow about 2 days ago after my boyfriend bought me an account, I've used a 110 boost but I'm still learning the interface etc. Was wondering if there were any friendly guilds that don't mind noobies joining? Thanks c: (I'm a demonology warlock if that matters)Cosmie4 02 Sep
02 Sep [A - Sylvanas - EU] <Decently Normal> Recruiting! Decently Normal is a newly formed guild that wants to progress in heroic difficulty raids and Mythic +. We are looking for : - People who understand their class and their role in the raid. - Pople who are well prepared before a raid with flasks & food. Raid Times: 20:00 - 23:00 Raid Schedule: Wednesday & Saturday If you have any questions or want to join add : Aeer #21103 LeToucan#2604Lúnáe4 02 Sep
02 Sep Night Guard - Returning Champions [H] Night Guard is back and recruiting active WPvPers/PvPers! Expectations: - Be able to understand and speak English quite well. - Be able to listen and follow orders. - Respect others. - Discord. What we offer: - Banter on Discord - Premades - Ganking - Competitions - WPvP - Rated Battlegrounds - Mythic + Community: We have a nice community with Discord which is used daily, we sit in there and the nice banter and chill out and doing activities such as dungeons and arenas battlegrounds and ofc ganking. PvP: As you can tell we are a very pvp focused guild, we do pve for gear to advance us in pvp. last season we had an rated battleground team at around 2100 rating. we are looking to continue that this season. we also enjoy to take part in all other aspects of pvp another of our main focuses being world pvp. Our Experience: Our core has a wide range of experience in RBGs, Arenas, PVE and World PVP. In the past we were well known on Sylvanas as a force to be reckoned with fighting off guilds such as Vengeful Dawn. We have now returned and are looking to carry on from where we left off. How to Join: If you are interested in joining Night Guard please whisper one of the following for more info or add my battletag: - GM Conan - Officer Troublex - Officer Executioner/Roastham - Officer Veloces/Veloces#21587 Thank you for your time and happy ganking, see you out there on the battlefield!Velóces0 02 Sep
01 Sep [A] Hunter ilvl 345 looking for raiding guild Hi, i'm in search of a raiding guild which aimes to clear hc/mythic and is in search of a hunter (ilvl345). I do also have a discipline priest alt with ilvl340. I will bring in a lot of commitment to the raiding (performance, consumables andsoon). My main focus is a guild which during the weekdays raids up to 10 pm servertime maximum since i've to get up early for work. Friday and Saturday i can raid open end. You can add me or reply in here Savageaxe#2603Doomshaper1 01 Sep
31 Aug LF UK Based Social / PVP / Raiding Guild Hello Sylvanas, I am looking for a UK based social, PVP and raiding guild that preferably use Discord. I have recently started playing again since 2015 and my main character is currently a Vengeance specced Demon Hunter with an approximate item level of 260 and looking to gear. My tag is Scarice#2980 and my Discord handle is Scarice#7798. I am available most days and also weekends if you would like to send me an invite, thanks!Skarice2 31 Aug
31 Aug Tank LF raiding guild :) Hi, Returning tank looking for a good raiding guild, progressing to Mythic. Will be offline until Sunday so best to message me on here :)Razmann0 31 Aug
31 Aug LF Similar Players I've recently come back to the game since WOTLK, and most people who I used to play with don't anymore. I wanted to know if anyone fancies teaming up? I'm a casual player, enjoy PVP, some light raiding and dungeons, whilst being an achievement nut. Ideally looking for people of a similar age, I'm 29 and hopefully we can have some fun in-game. I have a few low level characters and a few who are over level 100 also, plus alot has changed in game so looking forward to someone pointing me in the right direction. Thanks :)Jooze5 31 Aug
30 Aug Boost Service Mythic+ / Nightbane Mount [ALL REALMS] Hello, Our group wants to help you finish any M+(+15-23) in time. We are strong team [975ilvl] and will finish the run 100% in time with all loots for you. We have done more than 450 runs all over the realms! With our boost you get the following rewards: 1. You get Keystone Master Achieve. (It's better to get it now because on BFA will become harder and u need to complete a BFA dungeon in time) 2. You get Color Transmog for your Artifact Weapon. 3. You get from weekly class hall chest, gear 960+. (100% chance) 4. You get all loots from the chest of mythic+ dungeon we run. 5. You can stay afk while we are doing the Dungeon. We are also selling Nightbane Run Mount (100%)! Contact: Whisper or Maill letter: Venomax [for Sylvanas] Btags: Retrial#2359 [for Sylvanas and for ALL REALMS]Venomax28 30 Aug
30 Aug [A] LF Social / Raiding Guild Hey, I've been playing since 2006 on and off, with my main raiding days in Wrath. I don't have time anymore to dedicate myself to a raiding guild but I really want to get back into the game for BfA. Wondering if there's any mature(ish) guilds recruiting players to join as a sub-raider or casual raider. Would be nice to be in that community environment again like the good ol' days. I'm a Boomkin with lots of (outdated) raid experience. Btag: benny#22601 Thanks!Chickin2 30 Aug
30 Aug Im interested in a guild :) Hello fellow azerothians, my name is Viachislav. I am in a look for a guild in Sylvanas Alliance! Firstly about me: I am switcing from horde to alliance so im leveling fresh characters, ill main either a mage or uh/frost dk logically i shall inflict the deeps Experience: Ive started playing since legion start and started raiding during ToS. Mainly on ele shamy/spriest. Ive done 4/9 tos and 2/11. If logs are of interest: Attendence: Due my work (i work a rolling 3x3 schedule with some nightshifts) i would not be able to attend all the raids, thus i understad if i had to sit out raids if the 20 man core were there and im the 21st man :) Looking for: Im fine with anything that clears hc easily and goes into mythic :) In conclusion the pros of hiring me are: I speak russian and engles I dont speak french I have two hands and am capable of clicking my dps buttons capable of going full davai blyatCons: Attendence Questionable skill due to mediocre logs Another player who wants to be a dps legendIf you are interested in hiring me contact me in discord preferably: Viachislav#9375 or btag: EnhaL#2583Nikollet2 30 Aug
30 Aug Low experienced healer lf guild for late-Legion/BfA Hey. Not to make it super long, I'm rather low experienced, but confident and definitely willing to learn/play/improve healer. Been playing healer classes most of my life and while I didn't like healers during very begging on my WoW experience, as time passed, I started to enjoy and understand much more about them. What I'm looking for is a small casual/semi-hardcore guild for last few days/weeks of Legion and entire BfA and a chance to play as a regular healer in raiding team (after some trial naturally). I'm capable of playing following healing specs -> holy paladin, resto druid, holy priest. I have lvled up shammy to 110, so Resto Shaman is definetly an option, but toon is almost gearless. Monk is in progress, but I'm not sure whether I'll want to play it full tine. I can perform as DPS as-well on Retri/Feral/Balance, but toons are mostly geared for healing and I don't feel confident as DPS, but I can play it and be somewhere in the middle. But I'm also willing to learn other off-specs, keeping in mind that healer is main role for me. I don't have communication problems and performed as a co-leader in the past within my Lineage 2 group (around ~100 ppl). During weekdays I'm available daily (ofc, apart from some random situations that can happen to anyone) after 6.30 PM till late night (let's say 11.30 PM). During weekends I'm sometimes out on Saturdays, sometimes on Sundays, so can't guarantee availability during those days. Been using TS3/Mumble/Discord/anything else and can use any of based on guild choice. Feel free to reach out to me on Glaeran#2987 (BNet) or Glaeran#1494 (Discord) so we can talk and discuss options.Glaeran3 30 Aug