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1h Im interested in a guild :) Hello fellow azerothians, my name is Viachislav. I am in a look for a guild in Sylvanas Alliance! Firstly about me: I am switcing from horde to alliance so im leveling fresh characters, ill main either a mage or uh/frost dk logically i shall inflict the deeps Experience: Ive started playing since legion start and started raiding during ToS. Mainly on ele shamy/spriest. Ive done 4/9 tos and 2/11. If logs are of interest: Attendence: Due my work (i work a rolling 3x3 schedule with some nightshifts) i would not be able to attend all the raids, thus i understad if i had to sit out raids if the 20 man core were there and im the 21st man :) Looking for: Im fine with anything that clears hc easily and goes into mythic :) In conclusion the pros of hiring me are: I speak russian and engles I dont speak french I have two hands and am capable of clicking my dps buttons capable of going full davai blyatCons: Attendence Questionable skill due to mediocre logs Another player who wants to be a dps legendIf you are interested in hiring me contact me in discord preferably: Viachislav#9375 or btag: EnhaL#2583Nikollet0 1h
1d [A] Boosting Service <ES> Gul'dan, Argus Mount <Eternal Shadows> 11/11M offers raid boosts for gold. We have been boosting since WOD (Draenor). We always try to satisfy our buyers! We are currently offering: Mythic Elisande + Gul’dan with guaranteed mount - 1.2m any realm Mythic Argus Mount - 8m any realm Shackled Ur'zul Mount Discounts for multiboxers or people buying multiple runs can be discussed! Also while buying a combination of runs, we’re able to offer you a suitable discount. our main threat: If you get interested in buying some of our services, please contact: pifta#21130 ahaaferos#2255Pifta0 1d
2d <Silly Hats> New casual raiding guild - Alliance <Silly Hats> Newly formed raiding guild looking for individuals with silly hats. Have you got a silly hat that you wish to raid with? Been turned down by other guilds because of your outrageous hat? Been laughed at because of the way your hat looks? Look no further, at <Silly Hats> we don't judge you because of the way your silly hat looks, we welcome it. We at <Silly Hats> are looking to create a raiding guild to end Legion on a high note and start strong on BFA...but in silly hats. Currently looking for everything at the moment, from hard hats to soft hats, from the fez that ocassionally stands in fire to the helmet who pops his cooldowns a bit too early. Requirements for raiding: Silly Hat (looking up tactics, flasking up, knowing your class, the usual dribble). Bunch of friends have made the guild looking to create a stable raiding guild and have a bit of fun doing so. This guild isn't too picky on performance, but likes to improve. More than happy to help guildies learn the tactics. Raiding days and times: Thursday and Sundays, 21:00-23:00 server time. Only going to be raiding Normal/Heroic. Fancy more info? Leave a post in this forum post or contact us in gameSybarus10 2d
2d LF Friends Hi guys and gals, I've just recently realm swapped from Draenor due to it being to overcrowded. I've returned to play ready for BfA and was wondering if anyone wants to have a chat or play together? None of my friends play anymore and no one seems to talk in dungeons etc so would be nice to meet some people. Give me a whisper in game! Kind Regards, ArcotuArcotu1 2d
4d Need 2 people for blood infusion quest paying 10k each as the title said i need 2 people to help me for the blood infusion quest and willing to pay 10k gold each for the help if you want to help just add me on battlenet (lazos#2304)Sorazal2 4d
4d [A] 2-day/week Raiding Guild LF Mythic Raiders for BFA. Disclaimer: We are no longer raiding mythic for this expansion. We have multiple members with high mythic experience in the current tier, but considering we formed just a few months ago - our goal was never to clear Antorus on mythic, it was merely to prepare a high-end team for BFA. We do still clear heroic on a weekly basis, however. Who are we? We're "Insanity", a fresh off the bat raiding guild - who focuses on providing their members with a calm, focused and mature raiding environment. We put great emphasis on enjoying ourselves in eachother's company, both in and out of raids - as the social aspects of our guild is something we value highly. However, we'd like to stress that we are still striving to be a high-end raiding team that are able to clear an entire tier on mythic prior to the release of the next tier, despite only raiding two days per week. As a guild, we want to bring back the good old feeling of being in a Guild - where each and every individual felt meaningful and valued, where social interraction within the guild was significantly more frequent than it is in today's guilds. To achieve such a social interraction, we're quite an active bunch - both in-game and through our discord channel, which sees frequent usage throughout the entirety of the day - despite the fact that we're at such a late stage of the current expansion. What can we offer as a guild? As mentioned above, we can offer a competitive, calm and collected raid group consisting of civil and mature adults. Most of us are ranging from our mid 20s to our early 30s, which we believe gives us an edge in terms of maintaining a healthy guild environment - also during raids. We are open to adapt and improve based on constructive criticism/feedback from our members, and we are willing to walk the extra mile for our raiders to help them achieve success, both as raiders and as individuals in a guild environment. We have got a strong, mature roster of Officers - lead by a just and unbiased Guild Master in their early 30s, who has played this game back to back for years. Additionally, our Raid Leader has experience within the Top 100 spectrum on a worldwide basis through multiple tiers in past expansions. Together, we like to believe we're setting our members up for success, and we're excited to see where our team and our guild will take us in the time to come. Lastly, as mentioned previously, we can offer an active guild roster, both in-game and on discord - whom like to spend time together outside of raids through doing stuff such as leveling, mythic dungeouns, playing other games together and so on. Which days do we raid? - Wednesday, 7.30PM to 10.30PM CEST - Sundays, 7.30PM to 10.30PM CEST What are we in need of? We are currently looking for any player of any class, as we are open to consider any exceptional player of any role/class - as we believe it is crucial to maintain a healthy and competitive raid environment, and having the drive to be the best you can be is a necessity in achieving that. How do I begin the process of joining your guild? It is very simple. Unlike numerous other Guilds, we do not require you to fill in an application - as we feel like they do not give an accurate representation of the people's personality, at least not compared to how a live chat with them is. All you have to do is to present yourself and leave a battle.tag or discord username - and we'll take it from there. Note: We're not looking for social members at this moment, and will only accept people looking to try out for our raiding roster. We're looking forward to hear from you!Celacia1 4d
5d Low experienced healer lf guild for late-Legion/BfA Hey. Not to make it super long, I'm rather low experienced, but confident and definitely willing to learn/play/improve healer. Been playing healer classes most of my life and while I didn't like healers during very begging on my WoW experience, as time passed, I started to enjoy and understand much more about them. What I'm looking for is a small casual/semi-hardcore guild for last few days/weeks of Legion and entire BfA and a chance to play as a regular healer in raiding team (after some trial naturally). I'm capable of playing following healing specs -> holy paladin, resto druid, holy priest. I have lvled up shammy to 110, so Resto Shaman is definetly an option, but toon is almost gearless. Monk is in progress, but I'm not sure whether I'll want to play it full tine. I can perform as DPS as-well on Retri/Feral/Balance, but toons are mostly geared for healing and I don't feel confident as DPS, but I can play it and be somewhere in the middle. But I'm also willing to learn other off-specs, keeping in mind that healer is main role for me. I don't have communication problems and performed as a co-leader in the past within my Lineage 2 group (around ~100 ppl). During weekdays I'm available daily (ofc, apart from some random situations that can happen to anyone) after 6.30 PM till late night (let's say 11.30 PM). During weekends I'm sometimes out on Saturdays, sometimes on Sundays, so can't guarantee availability during those days. Been using TS3/Mumble/Discord/anything else and can use any of based on guild choice. Feel free to reach out to me on Glaeran#2987 (BNet) or Glaeran#1494 (Discord) so we can talk and discuss options.Glaeran1 5d
6d LF Raiding Guild - 4 People Hello Sylvanas, We are 4 people looking to join a semi-harcore raiding guild for BFA mainly, but dont mind doing some content before expansion hits. Most of us are mythic experienced raiders from current and previous expansions with experience from high M+ and MOP/WOD challenge modes etc. We want to join the potential guild together and raid together. We understand we might sit out sometimes based on performance as is required in higher tier raiding. Priest - Healer, Healer, DPS Hunter/Warlock - DPS, DPS Death Knight - Tank, DPS Warlock - DPS All are fluent in English and various other languages.Sljivos1 6d
6d ~Group Therapy~ Ravencrest-Selling Alliance Services ~Group Therapy~ World 55 Guild Selling Alliance Services Bastu#2490 - Bnet Note: All our boosts are for GOLD ONLY Now offering multiple types of boost: Antorus ★ Masterloot 9/11M - 5m ★ Masterloot 10/11M - 6m ★ Masterloot 11/11M - 9m ★ Masterloot 11/11M + Argus Mount(Shackled Ur'zul) - 12m ★ Argus - 4m ★ Argus Mount(Shackled Ur'zul) - 9m Nighthold ★ Gu'dan Mount (Fiendish Hellfire Core) - 1.5m ★ Chance at CoF - 200k Trial of Valor ★ 'The Chosen' title + Transmog set! - 1m List of Streaming Boosters 6d
11 Jul Looking for friends? Look no further! Inspired by a thread like this in Defias Brotherhood / Ravenholdt et al. section I thought I'd make one here. All credit goes to Kelsten. The idea is you add either your Battletag or character names, Alliance or Horde, and a brief description of what you'd like to achieve from this. The rules: The internet can be a strange, scary place filled with odd folk who like nothing better than to upset each other. Sometimes people think that adding you as a friend automatically means you owe them something, or that you can demand things of them. We're having none of that, so here are some ground rules for partaking in this little experiment: - If you add someone from the thread and they don't add you back straight away, don't spam them with whispers asking why - Be polite, be friendly - If someone says they are too busy, can't speak right now or otherwise don't want to chat, please respect that - If someone can't group with you, can't help you out with anything or is otherwise unwilling etc, please respect that - No begging. Do not beg people for gold, gear, boosts, help, free stuff or anything else. Have some self-respect! - No weirdness. If you discover you're talking to a real, actual woman, don't go all creepy on her - I can pretty much guarantee the only thing you'll be 'getting' is put on ignore - Don't be an !@#$. Don't whisper people spoilers for TV shows or movies, don't harass and don't start arguments - Keep it clean! No whispering vulgarities, nothing kinky or sexually explicit To sum it up: be polite, be respectful, be friendly and play nice. I'll go first. About me: Slashianist#2195 I'm David, 26yo. I've gotten back into WoW about a week ago after a long time. I'm not a complete noob, but there's still a lot that I don't understand about the game or that I've never tried. I plan to main a demon hunter. I'm interested in the story and the lore, I like to read all the quest dialogue and understand what's going on around me. What I want from this: The main thing I'm looking for in people is for them to be nice and friendly, I don't care about skill, experience etc. all that much. I'm not looking for someone to get me from point A to point B, but rather for an actual friend or friends that I can chat, hang out and enjoy the game with at a chill pace. Additional rant: I've probably played hundreds of hours of WoW on private servers when I was younger, almost all of that time alone, mostly due to social anxiety. Apart form that my main problem is that everyone just wants to rush everything. I would love to do more dungeons, more PvP and try out raids, but anytime I happen to join a group I don't even get the chance to take a second to take in everything that's happening. Being in discords etc. with a lot of people just overwhelms me. I would much prefer having a tighter, smaller group of friends.Gordan0 11 Jul
11 Jul Boost Service Mythic+ / Nightbane Mount [ALL REALMS] Hello, Our group wants to help you finish any M+(+15-23) in time. We are strong team [975ilvl] and will finish the run 100% in time with all loots for you. We have done more than 450 runs all over the realms! With our boost you get the following rewards: 1. You get Keystone Master Achieve. (It's better to get it now because on BFA will become harder and u need to complete a BFA dungeon in time) 2. You get Color Transmog for your Artifact Weapon. 3. You get from weekly class hall chest, gear 960+. (100% chance) 4. You get all loots from the chest of mythic+ dungeon we run. 5. You can stay afk while we are doing the Dungeon. We are also selling Nightbane Run Mount (100%)! Contact: Whisper or Maill letter: Venomax [for Sylvanas] Btags: Retrial#2359 [for Sylvanas and for ALL REALMS]Venomax27 11 Jul
10 Jul [A] 5 players returning for BFA, LF NM/HC guild Hi, We are a group of (roughly) 5 friends who are returning to the game and looking for a new home in BFA. We are hoping to find a guild of adults with a positive atmosphere, with which we can experience and progress new raids as they are released. Our hopes and expectations of the guild and ourselves: A group of people with which we can experience and progress the latest raids (NM/HC), M+ dungeons and other content A laid back, social and positive atmosphere where bants can be had. We are all quite laid back ourselves, and we hope to find a guild matching our temperament :-) A guild of adults Some expectations of players (including us) being prepared and carrying their own weight in raids, but not too strict to the point where the game feels like a job Most of us have previous raid experience at a decently high level, and we all aim to learn and improve as needed while raiding, even if its "only" a Normal raid :-) To counter the previous point, we have no delusion of either ourselves or whoever we join being grandmaster WoW players. We do not expect one shotting new raids during the first run, and we know wipe fests will happen from time to time :-) As a lot of long time WoW players, we have no desire (or even the possibility) of putting in the mental effort and time required to aim for Mythic raiding, the reason being jobs, family and life in general. If it happens without making the raiding schedule or requirements more strict, it happens. But we have no expectations what so ever Our players' characters are: Warrior/Paladin/Warlock (DPS or can tank as warr/pala if needed) Shaman (DPS or healer) Paladin (DPS) Mage Rogue Some of us may be conviced to play different classes/specs if needed, but some discussions would have to be had if that's the case. It's not always easy to find someone willing to accept 5 members at the same time, but we hope someone out there with room for all of us believe we can be a match for their guild. :-) Anyone interested can contact me using the BattleTag Serenic#1593.Otto0 10 Jul
08 Jul Broken - Recruiting for BfA Hello, We are a newly formed guild on Sylvanas called “Broken”. We have a small core of mythic experienced members who transfered over from Twisting-Nether to start our own guild in a new environment! While we had a more layed-back approach in Legion we are looking to go for a more semi-hardcore approach in BfA aiming for CE in each raid-tier. Therefor we are looking for like-minded people to fill up our last core-raid spots as DPS'ers! Even though we are looking for DPS'ers you can apply as any role since all applicants will be given a look! We also have people who enjoy doing m+ of all keystone levels so if raiding isn’t for you then you can still join for the m+ aspect of it! If you have any questions please add one of the following officers on the btag or ask away here and we'll answer as soon as possible. Winzo - winny#2254 Talardaghman - Mwahi#2728Talardaghman10 08 Jul
08 Jul [A] Lf heroic Kil'jaeden boost As the title says I am looking for a group boosting heroic KJ kill for gold. If you are offering KJ boost please add my btag Kubik#2137 Thx <3Kubhan0 08 Jul
08 Jul [H] Bella Horrida | PVE | Semi-Hardcore Formed in April 2016, Bella Horrida primarily focused on World PVP & PVP. We sought big (and small) fights out in the open world, fighting many guilds and individuals and we became one of the strongest World PVP guilds on the realm (Defias Brotherhood). With the launch of Legion and the implementation of many 'World-PVP' breaking technologies (sharding etc), we decided to switch our focus to PVE at the end of T20. We killed Kiljaeden with a small group of 11, however our guild roster tripled / quadrupled in T21 when we decided to start recruiting specifically for PVE. We hit 5/11M at the start of March and decided to transfer realm to Twisting Nether to seek players more suited to us. Raid Schedule Wednesday (Raid Progression) Sunday (Raid Progression) Saturday (OPTIONAL Lower Difficulty Raid - Farm) All of our events run from 20:30 - 23:00 (realm time). We are also planning to run RBGs once a week on Tuesdays (at our typical event time). We will be aiming to hit 2K in every single season as a guild, which is a relatively easy feat to achieve with the correct co-ordination and players. This is completely optional as not every player is interested in RBGs, and we can only take a max of 10 players each time. The first few weeks of each season will help us decide what kind of team (and more importantly, who) we will be pushing with to hit 2K+. Guild Standards We have a couple of requirements for all of our guild members, all of which contribute to maintaining a mature, constructive environment within the guild which directly benefits our raid progression. Discord with a working microphone Adequate knowledge of the English Language At least 18 years oldWe also ask that players who wish to join us, do so with an open mind to progression and the way we do things. Sometimes, personal sacrifice is needed in order to help the guild progress through content at a fast enough pace to ensure there is as much benefit to the guild as a whole with the content that has been completed. This means that players who are perhaps playing an already-stacked class or aren't pulling their own weight in a raid environment will be asked to sit out until that issue has been resolved. Something else that we also pride ourselves on is the vast class knowledge that the majority of us possess. Many of us enjoy re-rolling (when needed) and understand other classes and specs to the point of being able to guide other members in playing their classes better. Want to join us? If you are interested in joining, please get in touch with any of our members and you will be directed to an Officer or the GM. We will ask you several questions, making sure that the guild is a right fit for you and vice versa. You can also contact me through my directly, sirekern#2137Fabjab0 08 Jul
08 Jul [A] <Whatever-Auchindoun> selling Argus Mythic Hello Sylvanas! <Whatever-Auchindoun> (World 193) is now boosting once more! ★ Argus Mythic mount - 7m gold What you get: Shackled Ur'zul mount Mythic: Argus the Unmaker achievement + Titanslayer title If before prepatch: Cutting Edge: Argus the Unmaker Feat of Strength Chance for Scythe of the Unmaker (red or blue) Any equipment drops you might want from Argus Payment The only form of payment we accept is gold. We prefer taking gold on Auchindoun, Sylvanas or some of the big Alliance realms, but feel free to contact us to discuss paying on other realms. When? Our boosts generally happen on Wednesday around- or after 20:00 server time, but boosts on Thursdays or Mondays at that time can usually be arranged as well. Contact If you are interested in buying a boost, or have any further questions for us, you can get in touch either on (Miles#2416) or Discord (Versaya#9508) Lastly, as a reference, this is our wowprogress page: 08 Jul
07 Jul [A] Looking for heroic guild in preparation for BfA After a long 5 month break i am looking for a casual heroic raiding level guild that is also interested in trying to beat the first few mythic raid bosses sometime after heroic is cleared. Preferably a small or new guild, will most likely be maining destruction warlock once I return which will probably be around the 16-17th of July. Regarding myself: -Will be online a lot, getting gear, grinding, crafting, questing, casual pvping so most likely will be pretty geared/progressed outside of raids. That also means I ll most likely be always available for raids. (Due to the nature of my contract based job I ll probably be playing a lot all day for 4-5 months and then being unable to for the next 4-5 months and the cycle repeats) -Casual person, pretty relaxed since I am used to heroic pugs :p, very hyped and like to keep going when there’s visible improvement at a boss/raid and like to try different strategies but repeatedly wiping when it is clear we are not ready for a boss is not fun. (Remember some mythic level people do it to get used to mechanics for next time, nope.jpg) -Dps is usually ok, definitely not mythic level, for some example you can check my legion main: My level/experience is around heroic during wod/legion, started with a guild in legion and later moved on to pugs until the end of the expansion due to guild dying/changing region. (Though I did manage to kill nynthendra mythic once, literally my only mythic experience after wiping endlessly at spider xd) -Usually good with mechanics, though this was made really easy with mage’s shimmer in legion, this time I ll have less mobility as a lock D: -I also enjoy casual pvp like bgs, specifically hiding and trying to burst healers to death cuz healers must die! Depending on my mood and balance I might try some arenas as well so definitely up for some fun guild group pvp activities. - Also very old, I just realized by seeing some guild requiring 25+ age, thinking it is dumb because it is way too high and remembering I am 26 D: -Interests outside of wow: Overwatch, b8ing angry/hateful people online, quality furry husbandos, star wars/marvel/dc/fantasy movies/tv series and tasty food. Things I dislike: -Bossy attitude, this is neither a job nor some kind of military. -Too strict guilds, I prefer more casual attitude, there’s a plan for a raid/mythic+?, just ask people if they want to join early so they sign up on the calendar on that date. -Being told to play something I don’t like, I always try to have good dps but I won’t use the most optimal build if I don’t enjoy it. (Fire mage bracers being the biggest example for this)(The only thing I ll be doing that I dislike is mythic+, the reward is just far too big to not do >.>) -Too much negativity and hate, there’s a big difference between “Affl locks getting their dots dispelled with little drawback is dumb in pvp” and “Le wow is ruined forever, !@#$ing devs reeeee’, which is what you usually see on the forums since some people apparently keep playing what they don’t enjoy lul :PRàlph0 07 Jul
06 Jul Ninth Order(11/11M) Mythic & Heroic boostruns Hello Sylvanas, Ninth Order 11/11M is selling boosts for mythic related content. With our history of successful boosts in previous expansions and great reputation as a guild you don't need to worry about a thing. Most of us have the experience of doing over a 1000+ boosts. Our group is made of officers and raiders from Ninth Order. If you ever have a complaint about any of our members do not hesitate to inform us and we will do our best to resolve any sort of misunderstandings. You will get exactly what you paid for, you will make friends, have a laugh and definitely come back again for either a run on your alt character or other boostruns. What are we boosting ? Argus HC only - 100k (Every Fri, Sat & Tuesday 22:15) Full HC - 400k (boosters unsaved, Every Fri, Sat & Tuesday 20:00) Guldan mount - 1.6M (only on horde) 9/11M antorus - 4M (only on horde) 10/11M antorus - 5M (only on horde) 11/11M antorus - 8.5M (only on horde) Argus M only - 4.25M (only on horde) Argus M only + mount - 9.5M (only on horde) *** ask ingame Talho#2887 if you want prices on full loot priority *** *** 10-15% cut on mythic boosts if you pay Draenor Horde *** What will you be receiving from these boosts ? ALL 960, 965 loot that your class can use, this includes ALL the TIER tokens if they drop (1 per boss) ALL 970+ loot, that nobody wants. Our average ilvl is 978, you will have a chance for TF! If you paid for a full loot priority boost, you'll be getting EVERY 960-985 item for you class You get all achievements for killing the bosses A chance to get Antoran Charhound, Taeshalach and a RED Scythe of the UnmakerWhen are we boosting ? We are able to boost on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Our raids start around 19:45 and we finish at 23:30. A FULL mythic 11/11M boost can take 2 days (mostly about 1 day + 1 hour next raid day). Payment We accept gold on most big servers. If you are able to pay on Draenor Horde we can provide a 10-15% cut on mythic boosts. Prices can and will be changed as the time goes by so feel free to poke me about them along the way. For additional information about the boost and scheduling whisper Talho#2887 and I will provide all the answers in game. Original feedback thread : Hope to see you soon! :)Talho14 06 Jul
06 Jul NoM 11/11M Boosting Service (Horde) NoM 11/11M is now opening up the boosting service once more! We have been boosting since Mop, confidently providing full Siege of Orgrimmar runs for many months and also boosting throughout WOD ending HFC with lots of mount sales. Furthermore we boosted many people through The Emerald Nightmare. You can have a look at the comments and feedback we receieved here: and here :) Now, we are offering the below runs, with your choice of the loots. Nighthold Mythic : Elisande and/or Guldan with mount and/or without mount. Antorus Heroic: Full run PL We accept gold in any realm. Please get in touch with the below people for more info. Linblad#2519 Eth#21276 San#2583 Tankermanse#2817 Laiyaaa#2606Aliné1 06 Jul
04 Jul LF Mythic Raid Guild BFA Hello, my Name is Ellie (30), and I am a wow Gamer since Classic. I raided a lot in classic (Progress) and also in bc, wotlk and cata. I didn´t play MoP and WoD, but restarted on a new account with Legion. I did raid mythic with my Demonhunter and after the last Guild did break apart, I rerolled for my hunter (logs for early/mid Antorus at worldoflogs - Elisandre - Blackmoore). Since I enjoy playing with Guild-Friends most, I did stop playing intensively after the break. Currently I am on a german server, but I want to transfer to an english speaking one, cause I started streaming in english a few months ago. Mostly warhammer total war 2 and WoW. My main for bfa is not set yet, but will be a hunter/rogue/windwalker/warrior. Depending on fun of the spec and needs of my future guild. I am looking for a guild with 2 raiding days, up to max of 3 or 4 in progress. Obviously I have mic, ts, discord etc, I know how to play and I am very reliable. In exchange I am looking for a permanent raid spot. Best regards, EllieElisandre2 04 Jul
03 Jul Balkan Guild recruitment pvp sylvanas Welcome to Amnesia. Guild was created with the aim of playing pvp (Rtb, Arena, Bg, World pvp ...). All those who are great fans of the pvp and the friendly are always welcome. Guild is a new and every member who makes every effort and puts on some of his friends will be rewarded. I would also ask that any new member enter the discord channel that is required to use. Those who do not have a microphone are enough to listen. Link:öom0 03 Jul
03 Jul <Honolulu> Realm 1st - Limited spots open (high demand) Updated 03.07.18 Attention: new players that want to apply, please contact us on our discord if possible, cause we are getting spammed af on our realid so its hard to keep track(link below) You can also visit our fb page! Latest News: The most retarded guild in Europe is officially back for Bfa! We are aiming to continue where we left of > Top 100 World, Realm 1st and best kill videos u will ever watch! Apply now for spicy memes, epic nights and Jogurac mom genital area! What we did in Legion: <Honolulu> Started Legion as a "yo lets raid heroic a bit and go play Overwatch when we get bored guild" We were 4 friends in total... The Whole guild got created of /2 Trade chat and we went from realm rank 50 trash guild nobody wants to join to World top 200 guild everyone and theyr moms now want to join.. Id like to note tho, that we nearly landed top50 World Kill on Argus... but due to small patch release the boss got bugged in the 1 week we were going for the kill and full tryhard... We raged so hard cause it took nearly 2 resets to fix the buggs, that we rage quited the game but after we cooled of 2-3 weeks later we came back and finished the boss. Contact: Sesha#21890 - Purke#2620 - Swoop#2389 You can also join our discord and find us there Facebook will be back soon ...and go watch Argus kill video .!. The most Retarded Guild on Sylvanas since 2009 Raid - Schedule: NOTE: Times are not set in stone for Bfa, this is just aprox. Wednesday 18-21h** Thursday 18-21h** Sunday 18-21h** Mon/Tue are Bonus Raids (Mostly casual HC farm, or extra mythic progress)18-21h *server time **some raids might get extended till 22-23h based players vote(close to kill and so) No attendance rules (scroll down to read more about this) send us a message for more infos Please feel free to apply even if your class is currently listed as ‘Closed’. We will always consider exceptional applications and can also hold your application for future consideration when a vacancy arises.(we kicked somebody cause he went mental...his cat died..seriously this happened) Wanna know more? Owkey, keep reading then Who the f*** is Honolulu? - We are a guild that was created from leftovers(people who didn't get a raiding spot) in a top10 Sylvanas guild back in Cata. It took us(so called "3rd Squad") 2,5 weeks to overtake the main squad in progress, after which we got kicked cause we didn't want to mix with them. The name <Honolulu> was created by writing "random retarded name" on google (dunno why Honolulu popped out) What makes us so different/retarded? This is very hard to explain, the core of the guild goes very deep Jogurac mom type of deep(check video below) Seriously its hard to explain... we are just a bunch of idiots with no limits, and very awkward taste in Humor.. We act like a family, and have are own "Guild Language", we accept new people with open hands(and asses) and hope u will link your small *** sometimes in Discord Some of the Guild features - No attendance rules Raiding should not feel like a job, we do not force our players to come to every raid and to apply weeks in-front > Just apply for any raid u wanna attend (Ofc more active players will be always preferred, but we do not hate u if u slack - Crazy videos We Record most of our progress, or random mythic+ runs, or just a late night Discord talk > u can check our youtube channel to understand what i mean :P - Special Raids Karaoke, Jogurac mom raid, ICC teleport(if u join the guild, wont take long till u understand what ICC RAID IS) and many other smaller events that happen very randomly and frequently in this guild - Discord fun Stuck at work, bored to death? Got a phone? install the mobile discord app and u will feel like u have friends again(or for the first time) since our discord is so full of shiiiii* Custom Emojis > "Pictures" > Links... srsly we seen crazy !@#$ on our discord :D What are the requirements to join us? Overall the most important thing is that you fit i said, this guild is very different from every guild you have ever raided with (100% guaranteed) Be a chill, open minded person, that can have loads of fun, and be serious when necessary(mythic bosses wont just drop dead) You have to understand that with all the fun, and f**k the rules attitude... we still manage to compete on a high lvl ( be among top10 guilds @Sylvanas most of the time) so we expect you to have a certain gear&skill level! Take your chances, and give it a try with <Honolulu> ..."No Ragrets" style Youtube Channel > Jogurac mom raid > 03 Jul
03 Jul Depthcore [11/11M] - Boosting Antorus and Nighthold *********************************************************************** With Curve and Cutting Edge being unobtainable with the coming prepatch, as well as upcoming changes to how mount distribution works with personal loot we are no longer offering our legion boosting services until further notice. *********************************************************************** Services we offer: - Heroic Argus only for curve/trinkets/spellwing (no loot prio) (100k gold) - Mythic Nighthold Guldan + mount with ML (1,2 million gold) - Mythic Elisande CoF farming (one time fee, weekly kills until you get it) (350k gold) - Mythic Argus - Cutting Edge only - no mount (4 million gold) When * Elisande/Guldan mount boosts will be held on Wednesday at 19.45 ST. * Mythic Argus - Cutting Edge - will be held on Wednesday after our Guldan boosts and Garothi/Aggramar kill. What can you expect?: When you buy a mythic Guldan service, the mount will be given to you through master loot. When you buy Elisande boosts, we will use personal loot with our raiders lootspeccing into a role that can receive the trinket to drastically increase chances of it dropping. For Mythic Argus, you will be taken for the last boss only and you will receive the Cutting Edge feat of strength. You are NOT eligible to win any loot or the mythic only mount. Payment: Payment for Mythic Argus is done on Ravencrest. Payment for Gul'dan/Elisande is done on Ravencrest/Silvermoon/Outland/Sylvanas. For the above we require a 20% deposit fee to lock in your spot and discourage no-shows, with the remaining 80% paid right before the first boss pull. Payment for Argus heroic is on ANY SERVER with no deposits. Guarantees and no-shows: If for any reason on our side the boost runs don't go through, you will receive a full reimbursement of any payment you have already made. You will be given a chance to reschedule if interested. People who no-show without fair warning will not be refunded their deposit fee. Contact: If you're interested in any of these options, or have additional questions you would like answered, feel free to add me on Gogeta#2138.Gogeta4 03 Jul
30 Jun No Scarab Lord on Sylvanas? I just wanted to check the characters that obtained the "Scarab Lord" title back in the days and I couldn't find Sylvanas realm on the list from wowwiki ( Is there actually no Scarab Lord on our realm or it wasn't added to that list from wowwiki?Kojáck0 30 Jun
30 Jun Çok yalnızım hiç Türk yok mu Şu server da hiç Türk yok mu Silvermoon a geçmem pek mantıklı gelmiyorSeytantilki0 30 Jun
30 Jun Türk Guild Arıyorum İyi günler Aktif Türk guild arıyorum özellikle Rogue Ler hakkında bilgisi olan 110 lvl Sub Rogue charımaDevilhawk0 30 Jun
26 Jun Argus Mythic kill + mount = 8mil golds! Hello have one spot for boosting argus mythic mount. get it b4 next patch and Bfa! Im top seller on silvermoon realm full population. check accept golds on all realms ! Battle Tag: Sparklystars#21949 Skype - twinkeuSaintelf0 26 Jun
25 Jun Wiping Insurance Greek Guild <Wiping Insurance> Ελληνική Guild 11/11HC & 2/11M στο ATBT, ψάχνουμε άτομα για progress στο Mythic, με εμπειρία στο mythic raiding, όλο το Heroic του υπάρχοντος Tier και φυσικά γνώση του main class/spec σας. Ημέρες raid: Τετάρτη/Πέμπτη/Κυριακή 21:00.Εκτός του raid παρέχουμε mythic+/BGs/Transmog Runs/Mount farming.Όποιος ενδιαφέρεται whisper in game : Deathrail, Mamaswillcry, Piperitsa, KotlightMamaswillcry1 25 Jun
24 Jun [A] - Sylvanas - Immortality Who are we ? We are a well established raiding guild, that raid progress three days per reset, on Sylvanas EU (Alliance) and two official optional farm/alt raids. Our main raid times are Wednesday 20.30 - 23.00 mythic run ( optional ) and progress mythic raiding on Thursday and Monday 20.30 - 23.00 CET ( also game time) Otherwise we have frequent alt / HC runs on Saturdays and Tuesdays. Same times as main raid. Our core members have extensive experience in all aspects of the game, especially in raiding. That said, we are always open to new blood and are committed to mentor newer players who are showing potential. What are our goals ? Above all we value our time spent well within the game. We strive to have fun and progression with our characters and community. That said our focus as a group is to do raid content progression and fill in the gap between the raids with fun, interactive and engaging guild activities. What can you expect from us ? Established guild with friendly and fun atmosphere. Guild crafter system - You never need to look for crafter outside the guild (This is work in progress as so far we are not covering all professions). Dedicated Discord (primary) and TS (backup) communication channels. Active roster with all kinds of activities besides raids. Continuous evolvement and progression as guild and with it the benefit list growing. Who are we looking for ? Dedicated and reliable players to enrich our roster and have fun as well as serious moments while progressing the raid content in Legion. We are not allergic to memes, however we are also pro-mature environment. Update April 19th: Right now we are looking for an experienced tank for our progression mythic team. We would prefer a monk or druid tank, but everything will be considered. What do we expect from our members ? Solid raid attendance - It does not have to be 100%, however reliability and solid team is mandatory in any well progressing team. Sense of humor when it comes to jokes and laughs. Seriousness and dedication to current guild goals (see above). Respect and tolerance towards everyone in the game, after all you as member carry our guild's name. Visit us at and if you have any further questions or concerns, please address any of following members: GM: Kayshia (Kayama#2550) Have a wonderful day and we hope to see you soon! Best regards, Immortality's recruitment!Kayshia7 24 Jun
20 Jun gone all goneCement0 20 Jun
17 Jun Returning player lf guild Hey everyone. I'm returning Legion player and I'm looking for a guild/group to prepare myself into BFA and later on progress into BFA. I'm willing to play following toons: 1) Warlock - Affi/Demon my main most of the expansion, currently sitting in 951 ilvl 2) Paladin - relatively new toon, sitting at 930 ilvl, if needed I can learn how to play all 3 specs, but I feel Holy to be one to go for me here and most likely my toon for BFA. 3) Priest - fresh 110, Holy would be spec-to-go for me on here, low ilvl though. Hit me up on Glaeran#2987. I'm avaialble daily with maybe some exceptions.Anossed1 17 Jun
17 Jun Calling all Vanilla 2004-2007 players So its official patch 1.12 will be the foundation for WoW Classic and this may cause a flood of players back. So if your a old skool veteran player reply and jog everyones memories. This may Jog your memory. Fusion, Method, Relog, SEVEN, Anointed .... Kendo, Vurtne, Zeuzo, Minimadness, Reborn, Sco and the Black Sheep of Method Sil .... Misspiggy and Roblina .... yes I still remember you and sorry for being a headcase. And your infamous ninja looting drama starter .... Whoopy (note wasn't really a ninja looter just loved winding people up so used the most offending word). Remember that old times. If you where part of that community list all the players you remember, all the guilds you can remember and all the fun old times we had. .... I remember Fusion with people like Darkwitch, Svinja, Punish ... best friends I ever had and they put up with my rubbish that I spouted. I miss you guys/gals.Whoopy0 17 Jun
14 Jun Is it me or has Sylvanas died down a bit? I haven't played in a few months due to being very busy and I remember that the population felt reduced but now it feels even worse? Did people migrate somewhere in huge waves? I can't speak much for this expansion but before WOD this was a super active realm with a ton of people. Am I crazy? If no, are there any plans to merge us?Limerin3 14 Jun
07 Jun WTB Heavy Junkbox Hey, I'm interested in buying Heavy Junkboxes at 50g/piece. Please COD Bloodshed or whisper / mail me in game if you want to discuss further.Bloodshed0 07 Jun
04 Jun <Night Guard> Come join the fun! For any new Alliance World PVP players on Sylvanas looking for a guild, the Night Guard are looking for you! That's why today, I made a lil video to get your bodily juices flowing. Enjoy ~ 04 Jun
03 Jun Returning player LF weekend raiding. Any weekend raiding guilds about looking for members? Had to stop playing due to a job change, but now (finally!) got some time to spare over the weekends for raiding.Addict0 03 Jun
25 May [WTS] <Anomalous> selling ANTORUS HC & Gul'dan mount Hello everyone, <Anomalous> 10/11M selling Antorus sellruns/boostruns. We have been consistently boosting Antorus, NH (Gul'dan mounts) and ToS HC runs ever since the tiers came out. Currently we only accept gold on Sylvanas only. Prices Antorus HC Personal loot - All 11 bosses included - 600k Antorus HC Master loot - All 11 bosses included - 1,500,000g (Not always available) [Hellfire Infernal] Mythic Gul'dan mount - 1,500,000g Date & Time: We run these once a week on a Monday or Friday at 20:00 (CET) server time. Duration: Antorus runs are usually around 1h. Gul'dan usually takes around half an hour and is dead on 1st or second pull. We are currently not selling ToS. ML Loot: In case you purchase a ML run, we use Master Looter to ensure all agreed items go to you. Payment: We ask for a 20% deposit to reserve a spot with the rest payable upfront when inside the raid. Once you reserve the slot you will be invited to the sellrun calendar(if character located on Sylv) or added to our list and automatically invited once the raid is started. If you have made a purchase please do not be afk (except for boss fights if you wish) because time is precious! Arrange a Boost Contact Èxo ingame by whisper if you are interested and want to reserve a spot. For easier contact please add the following Battletag: indiron#2742 FAQ What loot is gained via Master Looter Antorus run? Every item that fits your class will be awarded to you when you request it. Please note that some 960+ Titanforged items are not included in these boost runs. (This means that if some high TF item drops, you still have the chance to get it if none of our regular raiders needs it). Other than that, every 955 item and under - goes to you. Is it your main raid team doing these boosts? Yes, we are not running with alts or inexperienced guild members. These boosts are designed to be swift for both parties. What is the pricing for Antorus based on? We are getting our calculations based on previous early tier boostrun prices and comparisons to various third party boosting websites (DISCLAIMER: We do not in any way advertise the use of any of those illegal services and advise you to stay away from them as they are dangerous to use and against WoW Terms of Services). We encourage you to use your in-game gold or buy tokens via Blizzard store in order to buy boosts from us or any other reputable guilds. What is the pricing of the Gul'dan mount based on? It is reasonably hard to pug Gul'dan in a mythic setting simply because his punishing mechanics are still there; the fight needs a bit of coordination and can't be bruteforced. Inexperienced raiders will have a hard time clearing Gul'dan mythic and the mount drops only once per run. Gul'dan loot does not bring much to the table for the current ToS tier so motivating raiders to go there is harder to begin with. The pricing is adjusted based on these factors. If you have any questions, please pm ingame or via btag. Thank you!Èxo14 25 May
24 May LF Similar Players I've recently come back to the game since WOTLK, and most people who I used to play with don't anymore. I wanted to know if anyone fancies teaming up? I'm a casual player, enjoy PVP, some light raiding and dungeons, whilst being an achievement nut. Ideally looking for people of a similar age, I'm 29 and hopefully we can have some fun in-game. I have a few low level characters and a few who are over level 100 also, plus alot has changed in game so looking forward to someone pointing me in the right direction. Thanks :)Jooze1 24 May
20 May CAUT UN GUILD DE ROMANI !!! Caut un Guild de romani mai maricel unde ma pot simnti in largul meu :) Am comunicat destul in engleza si vreau sa ma joc si sa vorbesc in stil romanesc :)) Astept un invite ... momentan am aplicat pt. ELEMENTS sper ca cnv sa ma ia in custodie :)))Tanya1 20 May
20 May Mythic + boosting service!(any realm) Herrow there! Dragon Order-Sylvanas mythic+ team is selling Mythic plus boosts! We raid In Dragon Order (10/11M) and have a lot of experience both pushing keys and boosting keys. In our boost you will get: - Keystone Master (if you don't have it)! - Artifact Appearance for completing a +15 dungeon in time! - All the loot we can give you from the end of the dungeon (940+)! - Tons of AP in the weekly cache! - 960+ loot in the weekly cache! Our runs are done with our own keys are guaranteed to be done in time. You can participate in the run if you wish, but you can also AFK, whatever you feel like! We are selling a +15 key for 160k gold on Sylvanas or 260k gold on any other EU realm! We are also open to any other requests you might have, such as higher-level boosts or specific key boosts, just ask! Feel free to add mushroozard#2705 for any further information!Mv29 20 May
20 May Trading gold on Outland, need on Sylvanas I will be moving to Sylvanas on one of my alts and can trade gold on Outland, need it on Sylvanas Boomslang#2881 ingameClóud0 20 May
15 May <Exception> Mythic Antorus Boosting Services <Exception> is offering multiple types of boosts please see below for the different types of runs we offer. What we have to offer right now is: Mythic +15 Dungeons for Weekly reward + Keystone Master achievment Argus Mythic + Shackled Ur'zul Mount Antorus Mythic 11/11 + loot + Shackled Ur'zul Mount Antorus Mythic 11/11 + loot We ONLY accept gold as payment. If you can pay on Shattered Hand and connected realms you will get the cheapest prices. However we do accept gold on most servers. Antorus Mythic run is on Wednesdays at 19:30 server time. All our raiders are 965+ ilvl, so the run is smooth and efficient. To book a spot add my battle-tag: smithy#2925 We do our best to get our buyers as much loot as possible, this means no more than 1 buyer each armor and token type. For more info or if u have any questions please add my battle-tag: smithy#2925 or send me a whisper in-game. These runs are HORDE ONLYßíó0 15 May
09 May looking for people to play with Yo people, iv recently come back to this game, but iv got noone to play with ( the reason why i quit in the first place) anyone wanne play make some fun. hit me up - #Thaticegamer2644 Have a nice day, -Thaticegamer :)Braxeta0 09 May
01 May CZ/SK guild on Sylvanas EU Hi all, I just wanted to know if there is any CZ/SK guild on Sylvanas, cause i would like to join. But if not, I am willing to help start some CZ/SK (mainly) guild on Sylvanas. I hope this wont bother you at all and someone will answer Thank youMetelatas13 01 May
30 Apr I AM NOT GIVING UP! I AM NOT GIVING UP! This realm is mostly Alianse. I think 90% : 10% maybe more right now! I mean cmon Horde!!! Name of this realm is Sylvanas! In reality Sylvanas is our Warchieft you remember? We are going toward BFA and all war against Aliance! This realm should be our bastion in next expansion! I would like if people can see this and do something about it like level up some alts on this realm Horde-side, move some chars here and inv some friends! We can make this realm for the Horde great again! I alone have 4 - 110lvl with 940+ ilvl here and if i can play right now here, you can to! If you love Horde OFC :D Lets do something about it, we have time!Greksa1 30 Apr
20 Apr (A) <The Imperial Guard> Sylvanas looking for players TL;DR: The Imperial Guard (A - Sylvanas - EU) is looking for more players for future BFA raids. We're mainly looking for DPS, any class/role will be considered. Raids are Thursday and Tuesday for HC, Friday for normal from 19:15-22:00 server time. Whisper anyone in the guild if interested. About us: We are The Imperial Guard or TIGers for short. We play on Alliance side, Sylvanas-EU. The Imperial Guard is an old guild that used to be PVP, but now we do everything from M+, bgs, arena, old raids,.. We're a social guild (but not over sized), and on a first name basis with everyone that is willing to tell us their name. We have players from all over Europe, Africa and even a Canadian between 20 and 50 years old. Raid times: Heroic: Thursday & Tuesday from 19:15-22:00 ST Normal: Friday from 19:15-22:00 ST Heroic ATBT raiding is currently on hold until BFA hits, instead we are doing achievement runs for Legion raids and dungeons instead. I still run it on a weekly basis with a few guildies that are interested. Progress: We are currently 8/11HC ATBT with the guild. Even though many of us have curve. Wish list: We're looking for all kinds of DPS, melee preferred but any class/role will be considered. A viable tanking/healing offspec is a plus. You can look us up on wowprogress to see a more detailed list of what we need. Comms: We use Discord for raiding, or hanging out. There is also a Facebook group which we use for news, fun videos etc. If interested, whisper anyone in game for a guild invite or add my battletag: Freya#21330 Social players are always welcome, because we will always be a social guild.Iamthenight0 20 Apr
15 Apr Boosting M+ Mythic+ Team offering Boosting service in M+ for your character. Our goals during the dungeon are: - Keystone Master! - Artifact Appearance for completing a +15 dungeon in time! - All the loot we can give you from the end of the dungeon (940+)! - Tons of AP in the weekly cache! - 960+ loot in the weekly cache! The price of the key is 160k Sylvanas ( special discounts during events in-game) or current WoW Token Price(200k during Easter) (special discounts during events in-game). Payment is done before we start the dungeon. For more info, add Tzucustar#2757 , Blinkie#2499 or Andrei1121#2607 . Have a nice day :)Littletzu16 15 Apr
14 Apr Perceptive 11/11M now boosting Alliance !! Perceptive 11/11M: Alliance : We are now boosting on Alliance !! Looking for Boosters to join our ranks !! You can now apply through here: Antorus the Burning Throne Heroic Personal on Fridays 20:00 Server Time Argus the Unmaker(Last boss) Heroic Personal Loot Fridays 22:30 Server Time Guldan Mythic Kill and Mount will be scheduled on demand Mythic +15 Average item level of boosters are 970+ ! Horde: Antorus the Burning Throne Heroic Personal Loot on Thursdays,Fridays,Saturdays,Sundays,Mondays and Tuesdays @ 20:30 Server Time Argus the Unmaker(Last boss) Heroic Personal Loot on Thursdays,Fridays,Saturdays,Sundays,Mondays and Tuesdays 22:30 Server Time Antorus the Burning Throne Glory Run Guldan Mythic Kill + Mount Wednesdays @ 18:00ST Thursdays,Fridays,Saturdays,Sundays,Mondays and Tuesdays @19:00 Server Time Trials of Valor The Chosen Title on Saturdays @ 16:30Server Time ,Sundays @ 16:30Server Time and 17:00Server Time Tomb of Sargeras Mythic on Sundays @17:30Server Time Mythic +15 Average item level of boosters are 970+ ! You can find a List of regularly updated prices on our Discord server It is possible to roll out/trade unwanted loot to buyers in Personal Loot and M+ boosts Only Tier trade is guaranteed on drop during Master Loot boosts, other shared loot (Relics,trinkets,rings.. etc) Will be raid rolled , unless researved specifically in advance for an extra gold fee.(None-refundable if said loot does not drop)Due to high Demand , a deposit of 10% is required in advance, to book a spot. We Accept payments on Any Realm !! Contact us Battletag:Chilltax#2421 and Sham#21832Ziizi0 14 Apr