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49m Twisted Empire Recruiting Stormscale Twisted Empire STORMSCALE is a guild created by people that are 25 years old. It has been around for a little while but recently over the last year has been taken over by new GM and has had a massive impact and different approach. We have very experienced players but not over packed as we are selective on who we take. We don’t like to see many members go, we like to see them stay. The above means that we want a grownup fun environment without all the !@#$ that other guilds have to put up with from mass invitations. We use our Discord channel for communication and it is a must for events apart from that we don’t expect nothing of you. Same goes for raiding. If you want to sign up that’s wicked, If not that’s no problem. We run RBGS have one team at the moment and will be looking to increase this depending on how quickly we want to recruit. Our focus will be PVP arena, RBGS, BGS and of course we do like some small scale wpvp. We are all exp in PVP as well as PVE as said above however our recruitment process will go mainly on your loyalty and the person you are (with of course a little bit of skill that you may carry. Please don’t be offended but the guild does have an age limit of 23 exceptions may be made through the recruitment process. The recruitment process is not formal at all it is a way for us to gather a little bit of information about yourself and what your interests are. Please send me an in-game friend request Sormentz#2228 for an inv or message back on the forums. Looking forward to seeing you guys.Sormentz1 49m
1h [H] Fury/Prot Lf Raid/Mythic+ Guild Hello there, I'm a Fury/Prot Warrior with 354/353 GS I'm looking for a PvE Guild which is going for Mythic+ and raiding Sadly i dont have much raiding experience except from LFR and random Groups but im willing to learn and give it my all! I have Uldir NHC 6/8 cleared Greetings :D Bnet tag: Emin#2775Roshijiro0 1h
2h [Absolution] Now Recruiting Raiders Hello All, Absolution are in the progress of filling our raid team to progress with Mythic in BfA. We are looking both experienced and/or players with the drive to succeed and willing to learn. The entire guild is 360+ at the moment but we will look lower if needs be. Our plan is to raid 2 days a week with an optional 3rd day, probably Weds, Thurs & Sun. Our current team are experienced in a serious environment and we want to do the best we can and prepare for the next tier where we will go hard! We are currently 8/8HC and 1/8M so we're recruiting to continue our push. Don't hesitate to contact me in-game or add me on Locke#2604 for a chat! Hopefully we get to hear from potential new raiders! -LockeLøcke0 2h
3h Horde Afternoon Raiding Community (HARM) Community: Horde Afternoon Raiding and M+ Community (HARM) Language: English Leader: Snailvonslow Community Link: Community for those that wish to Raid/M+ in the afternoons, HORDE side! For a while I've noticed a niche that there are very few day raiding guilds, a few on the Alliance side however even less Horde side. This community is intended for those that wish to do organised content in the afternoons. Yes LFG raids work, but you don't ever get to know those that you raid with, no one is really that bothered about tactics upto a certain point. And they are toxic on the whole! Horrible! I'd like this community to be the middle ground, not a guild but a place where all have the same aims and don't expect to be dragged through content. Enjoy yourself have fun, but want to see the content, wether it be to gear up alts, or for those that have things to do in the evenings etc this might just be the place for you! The aim will be to clear HC raiding. Also if you are on Draenor feel free to join my guild, give one of us a /w online! Wed, Thurs, Mon 2pm to 4:30pm Please do join and pass on the link to your friends, welcome! PdX0npU5rSnailvonslow6 3h
14h [H][PVE] Untold Legacy recruiting! [1/8M][5/8H] Hi there. Untold legacy are a long lived guild that transferred from a poor population and progress server where despite this hinderence we achieved mythic raid kills whilst they were relevent, sometimes even with less than 20 players. We now go into BFA with the aim of progressing further into mythic raids than we ever have before. If you are looking to raid in a friendly atmosphere whilst still progressing content at a reasonable rate we may well be the guild for you! Currently we are seeking healers and ranged dps who can commit to the majority of raids at the following times: - 20:00-23:00 Wednesday ST. - 20:00-23:00 Thursday ST. - 20:00-23:00 Sunday ST. Additionally the use of discord is required as this is where we conduct polls and announce things to the guild, as well as being the voice communication tool of choice. It is not required for you to have a microphone and talk (though being vocal is encouraged), but it is required to be able to hear. We also have numerous members wishing to push very high M+ keys as opposed to just doing the weekly chest. If you are interested please don't hesitate to contact either myself (Jitter), or Vêrox in game for a chat.Jitter5 14h
15h Night Guard - Returning Champions [H] Night Guard is back and recruiting active WPvPers/PvPers! Expectations: - Be able to understand and speak English quite well. - Be able to listen and follow orders. - Respect others. - Discord. What we offer: - Banter on Discord - Premades - Ganking - Competitions - WPvP - Rated Battlegrounds - Mythic + Community: We have a nice community with Discord which is used daily, we sit in there and the nice banter and chill out and doing activities such as dungeons and arenas battlegrounds and ofc ganking. PvP: As you can tell we are a very pvp focused guild, we do pve for gear to advance us in pvp. last season we had an rated battleground team at around 2100 rating. we are looking to continue that this season. we also enjoy to take part in all other aspects of pvp another of our main focuses being world pvp. Our Experience: Our core has a wide range of experience in RBGs, Arenas, PVE and World PVP. In the past we were well known on Sylvanas as a force to be reckoned with fighting off guilds such as Vengeful Dawn. We have now returned and are looking to carry on from where we left off. How to Join: If you are interested in joining Night Guard please whisper one of the following for more info or add my battletag: - GM Conan - Officer Troublex - Officer Executioner/Roastham - Officer Veloces/Veloces#21587 Thank you for your time and happy ganking, see you out there on the battlefield!Velóces2 15h
17h GOWILLA HANDS Recruiting 3/8 HC Bunch of twitch memers with edgelord humour sound like something for you? (probably not) Well, we are recruiting seeing as barely anybody showed up for raids this week. We did 8/8 normal Uldir and 2/8 hc last week and we are in dire need of warlocks, ranged dps in general, a tank, healers, and whatnot for our HC progression. We are a semi-casual guild looking for mature players that can raid Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursday from 19:00-23:00 (ST) . for a quick interview whisper either, Crackbone, Ninetimes, Akaro or Hanninewds.Crackbone7 17h
19h <H> <Hundratio procent Burst> SWEDISH/SVENSK TIGER <H> <Hundratio procent Burst> (SWEDISH/SVENSK TIGER) 6/8 HC Looking for a small merry bunch or single player to join us in order to clear heroic and eventually Mythic content. We strive to make fast clean raids and expect our members to come prepared for future and current content with appopriate flasks/buffs etc. Discord is required. Current raid schedule Tisdag and Söndag 19-23. All classes are welcome during our trial period, alts are also aprpeciated in order to build a balanced raid for future more difficult content. Contact Stringbrud, Dodge, Hyperbol, Äpple or Ewilzn if you are interested or join our discord: ZwMaCx Väl mött och en svensk tigerStringbrud0 19h
19h [H] Method to Madness [H] are Recruiting! 7/8 HC [H] Method to Madness are recruiting! We are guild founded by mythic raiders with alot of experience going all the way back to Vanilla, we wish to make a guild for people who can only raid a few times a week consistantly, and make the most out that time. We are aiming to get relevant in Battle for Azeroth. We are currently trying to find reliable people to compliment the core, it will be a given that you are ready for mythic progression. Our Goals: To reach and maintain a spot among the top 10 of the realm To have a decent, relaxed, mature atmosphere (Socially) To be flexible to adjust around so that players can enjoy the game Our expectations: That you are efficient with your class/role That you are a social person, not timid, not rude That you are self-sufficient in and out of raids That you attend the two days we are raiding Raiding Hours: Mon/wed 19-23:00 server time. Healers: Paladin Damage Dealers: Demon Hunter Death Knight Hunter We could also concider a well geared and experienced tank Add Fluffybadger#2771 for an ingame chat, or reply to this post NB: Created a new topic, because it would not allow me to change the header of the previous one.Misfelstress0 19h
19h Looking For Night Time Raiding Guild Looking to join a guild who are extremely dedicated into raiding, I am a busy man so only really have time to play at night, normally around 10pm-2am weekdays and then 10pm-??am weekends. I have experience in end-game raiding with top guilds and never fail to shine on the meters. If you want to have a chat to me, add me on battlenet under "YumolaYT#2218" and we can talk about previous experience etc. I've barely any experience currently on this content as I've had to deal with pugs as haven't had time to find a proper guild who can raid when I do, however I know every encounter, Normal, HC & Mythic as I've studied hard on them for when I had to pug. I'm a 24 y/o Scotsman so banter will be provided as well as maturity when needed. Thanks!Yúmola1 19h
1d LF PVP Guild Horde Hey, I am looking for a pvp guild that focuses on bgs rbgs and arenas. No elitist stuff but that have clear goals and help players. Btag is : Spaceotic#2415Gámble0 1d
1d [H] <I M P A C T> is recruiting 25+ player. [H] <I M P A C T> is a guild created by people that are 25+ years old. We have very experienced players but dont want to take the game TO serious anymore. We still want to clear harder content like high mythic plus dungeons but without to much commitment. Basicly this just means that we want a mature envirement without all the drama. We use our Discord channel for a chat but nothing is required ofcourse. Same goes for raiding. If you want to sign up thats cool! If not that fine as well. Our main focus will be mythic plus but with enough people we will start a raid group for atleast HC to. We also like to pvp! Pretty much all kinds of pvp! Most of us are atleast 2k xp. Please send me an ingame friend request Jeckaa#21524 for a chat or any questions! You can post here as well if you want and ill answer. I hope to see you later ! greetings, Jeckaa Found a raidleader ! Started raiding 20/09 and cleared 5/8 normal. Still need some dps !!Jeckaadin28 1d
2d 353 hunter with 3/8 hc lf raiding guild Add me on bnet if you are interested Ironside#21873Oricus0 2d
2d Paladin Tank looking for raid guild Looking to join a raiding guild Lots of experience raiding in all expansions. Willing to re-role spec to suit raid/guild requirements. Message me on Sabe#2774Thalain0 2d
2d [H] is <Internet Superheroes> right for you? Hello, Vorlof here Do you find that you are consistently average? I personally could play 1000 arena games and win exactly 500. I could run 250 bosses and get exactly 50 items. I could roll a dice 100 times and can guarantee I would lose them every single time, only for them to turn up a couple of days later and to have rolled average. If this is literally you on a daily basis then I have some great news. Internet Superheroes has opened up from being the number 173rd bank guild on Stormscale and is now recruiting casual players for pressure-less activities; if and when you choose to do them! Join thousands (Like 20 people atm) of like-minded individuals who may or may not want to do things such as battlegrounds, arenas, and dungeons. (we don't really plan to do rbgs or raids as this requires a little more setup, but if you are ever going to pug i'm sure others would love to join you) Like a bad innuendo I am struggling to keep this up, so to summarize; if you are a casual player and would like to join a casual atmosphere with casual people doing casual things come give us a shot. If after a week it doesn't feel right you can return your guild for a 100% refund. So how do you join? Whisper any member of Internet Superheroes and just ask for an invite, find us through the guild finder, contact me (gl finding me), or join our discord's lobby at We will get back to you as soon as somebody is awake.Vorlof0 2d
2d [H] <Only in Kenya> Casual raiding guild recruiting Greetings everyone, I am Engill of <Only in Kenya>, a relatively new guild on this server with a heavy focus on quality raiding in a friendly environment. We are seeking additional ranged dps, casters preferred and healers (pala/shaman mostly) but we consider anyone who is interested in joining us as we have players who are flexible. All socials and pvpers are welcome within our ranks as well. We transferred to this server at the end of Legion to make a guild here to raid as Horde, we heard the war drums once again and heeded the call. Our core consists of veteran raiders and players dating back to vanilla. In Legion we raided mythic in all raid tiers and were for a time #1 on our faction on the server. Our raids are from 7:30 till 10:30 PM server time on Wednesdays and Sundays, we might add Tuesdays later when another tier comes or if Uldir demands it. You can reach me here on the forums or in-game at bnet: Húnbogi#2903 Thank youEngill5 2d
2d 361ilvl Arms Warrior Looking For Heroic Guild Eng/Nor Hi there! Going to go straight to the point and say I'm not overly interested in MYTHIC raiding! I'll do normal & heroic, and I have a huge love for Mythic+. I'm looking for an environment that's relaxed, friendly, but also maintains a focus on getting the job done. What i can offer is a 361 and growing everyday warrior, capable to play both arms and fury (alt holy/ret pala 360). I'm willing to discuss my past experience with raids, anything via discord. Feel free to find me by adding PMONGE#21585. Thanks for reading, and I hope to hear from people soon!Blosky2 2d
2d <UNDIVIDED> NEW STORMSCALE GUILD LOOKING FOR MEMBERS <Undivided> is a newly formed guild that is looking to build a raid team and an active guild! The guild is looking for all sorts of DPS, Tanks and Healers that either want to do Heroic raiding (possibly mythic), Mythic + dungeons. Since the guild is newly formed we haven't got a many members or raid leaders. So if you would like to be apart of this guild and form something great than be sure to add me or any of the other officers on If you are looking for a fun guild with no drama, while also a good focus and motivation for raiding and mythic + dungeons then this is the guild for you! Contact info: HiImArmin#2244 Elite#2187 Tzelik#1276 Our Discord:êdic0 2d
2d LF Mythic+ Guild. Hello. Im looking for a Guild who do Mythic + High keys or a Raiding Guild that raids at weekends. My btag is Paratchev#2350Astarøth1 2d
2d Please any guild mount Looking for a guild that has unlocked any guild mount like Thundering Jade Cloud Serpent, Dark Phoenix, or any other guild achievement mounts. After I have bought the Mounts then I would in return be able to give whoever invited me a decently large piece of gold.Mozzarello0 2d
3d LFG for raiding, Havoc DPS Hi guys, I know I'm a little late but is there a raiding guild who has a place for a DH DPS , please? I am currently ilvl 334Grandael1 3d
3d delete this .Qixs0 3d
4d selling the name "Weeaboo" no offers under 1millWeeaboo0 4d
4d <Sonkei> LF dedicated raiders !! <-Sonkei-> LF dedicated raiders! We are looking for dedicated raiders for our late night raiding guild Whisper us ingame so we can have a nice conversation! -Currently looking for a shadow priest-holy priest-range dps and melee dps with a good tank off spec -Raiding days and times: Tuesday-Thursday-Sunday from 22:00-01:00u SERVER TIME -Current progress 2/8 HC -Whisper: Bellatje-Churchill-Insäniac *Our community: - Mature guild *Expectations: -Instal discord -Be on Time -Attendancy -Respect eachother Friendly greetz BellatjeBellatje6 4d
4d LAMMERHAJ REKRYTERAR! <Lammerhaj> (18+) Svensk semi-hardcore guild som rekryterar för mythic i Uldir!. Raidar tors, sön & tis 19-22. Söker dig som kan spela din klass, samt ha bra närvaro på raids!Pizzamackan0 4d
4d Svenskt gäng söker svensk guild för raiding! Vi är ett gäng på cirka 7 svenskar som alla har runt 350 i ilvl och söker just nu en guild att kunna raida med då vi själva inte lyckas få ihop till fulla raids och är trötta på att pugga. Alla kan spelet och de flesta har spelat sedan vanilla. Vi siktar på att raida 2-3 dagar i veckan och progressa i Heroic/mythic.Zódíac1 4d
4d Still trying to delete this. Trying to figure out how to delete this.Ru1 4d
6d <New Divide> lf dedicated raiders! <New Divide> Is currently looking for new members! Were a semi-hardcore raiding guild 5/8 HC! Were looking for dpsers and healers to fill our ranks! Socials are also more then welcome! We are really looking for a good mw monk to join our healing team! Wisper me in game or add me on battle-tag! AQueen#21998Quëenpattië0 6d
14 Sep delete this delete thisRefuted2 14 Sep
14 Sep Lookin for friends and guildies I want my achievement points to hit 10k as soon as possible. And I want my guild to have the most achievements. So im looking for upto 10 new guildies who want to be my friend, comdrado, partner, etc. The guild <Monkeys United> has over 600 members but they dont socialize much, I want to make the social aspect of my guild flourish. Do you wana be friends? (leave your battletag here and ill add you) STORMSCALE ONLY, thanks.Gf0 14 Sep
13 Sep [H][Isolation] Is looking for you! Hey there. I'm her on behalf of my guild, Isolation, and I've come looking for you. We're a new guild, that are looking for mature players, to bolster our ranks. Right now, we're recruiting everything. If you just want a place to chill, come join us. Having future plans of raiding Uldir? Come join us. Our goal is to form a nice, mature and fun raiding invorement. And we need everything for that. As we're only in the very early stages of the guilds, hopefully long life, we do not have any special requirements, so everyone is welcome. Nothing is set in stone in this guild yet, so if you feel like you want to be part of this new family, and maybe have something to say about our raid, m+ farms, socials, cooking? Feel free to msg me. Discord: MrPickle#1031 - Bnet: Ike#2745Hugsalot0 13 Sep
13 Sep [H] <Pure Blind> SWE Semi-Hardcore Raiding guild <Pure Blind> rekryterar Healers ev. någon DPS! Overview: Guild som skapades i början av Legion, som nu starts upp på nytt. Söker Fler Healers som kan svenska. Dem flesta i guilden är mellan 25-30 år gamla. Simcraft, warcraftlogs och wowprogress för att hålla oss uppdaterade. Hjälper såklart dom som är ovana att komma in i att min-maxa sin klass och spec. Vad är målet med guilden? ⦁ En spelar vänlig miljö som hjälper varandra att geara upp för inkommande content. ⦁ Planer på både HC och Mythic rading. Semi-Hardcore ⦁ 2-3 gånger i veckan. Vi får se hur det kommer se ut. Vi kommer såklart rösta fram bästa dagar och bästa antalet raiddagar gentemot vad som passar spelar-basen. Recruitment: Svara här på forumet eller lägg till mig på battlenet eller skriv ingame. BraveBarry#2772Halonine2 13 Sep
13 Sep DH/Warlock Looking for Guild Hi so me and my friend are looking for a guild to pvp and raid with this expansion. I play Havoc Dh and Affliction warlock at the moment and he plays Blood Dk. we both have some pvp experience and I did some heroic raids in legion and I also did +15 dungeons. My friend however is pretty new to the game so we are just looking for something that isn't hardcore but still active with raiding and pvp content. You can contact me with my battletag or my discord Brandon#7191 (DISCORD) Ɓrandon#2487 (BATTLETAG)Thralladin0 13 Sep
13 Sep <Wing It> is recruiting chill players for things! We don't believe in stress - we like calm and chill :) We are a currently small guild looking for more players to do mythics, PVP, raiding, and whatever we feel like. The end goal is the higher tier mythic+ and raids, but we're not going to play hardcore to get there; we're not expecting perfection, just a willingness to learn without drama and shouting. Looking for like minded players - pretty much all are welcome - to gear up together and reach appropriate numbers to run content in an enjoyable manner. Founders are myself and my fiancé, we just like to do things friendly - we're not hardcore raiders, but want to do some runs with a guild group that we can have a laugh with. To get in touch or ask questions you can reply here, add MightyPants#2598, or in game as splatface / pawfeatures / forstbolt.Splatface2 13 Sep
12 Sep Enha Shammy main LF social raiding guild. Looking for social Finnish/English casual/semi-hardcore progressive raiding guild. Stopped raiding in Cataclysm, but have been playing the game on and off since 2010. Did 7/7 N & 3/7 HC Firelands and 8/8 N & 4/8 HC Dragon Soul back in the day.Vipej0 12 Sep
12 Sep DK Tank LF Guild 350 LF Guild Pve 8/8 Uldir Normal and 3/8 HC Languages Spanish or EnglishAgustindk0 12 Sep
11 Sep Group of 5 looking for guild (H) Hey guys, me and a group of friends are currently looking for a raiding guild on stormscale, horde. Their is currently 5 of us that consists of :- Mage 354 ilvl Warrior (dps) 355 ilvl Protection paladin 352 ilvl Mistweaver/windwalker monk 348 ilvl Enhance shaman 350 ilvl We're a bunch of friendly guys who have raided the passed 2 expantions together looking for a casual guild that can clear content. We're currently 3/8Hc and 8/8Nm please drop me a comment if you think we would fit into your guild, thanks :)Serbs2 11 Sep
11 Sep 355 Havoc Demon hunter LF friendly guild. Hey fellow stormscale players, I am looking for a raiding guild that I can progress with, become part of the community and enjoy the social side of the game too. Looking for a guild keen to clear heroic and eventually get stuck into mythic. English speaking only. If you are looking for a dedicated and committed havoc demon hunter to join your team I would love to hear from you. Thank you RekaraRekara2 11 Sep
08 Sep [H] Method to Madness [H] are Recruiting! 3/8 HC [H] Method to Madness are recruiting! We are guild founded by mythic raiders with alot of experience going all the way back to Vanilla, we wish to make a guild for people who can only raid a few times a week consistantly, and make the most out that time. We are aiming to get relevant in Battle for Azeroth. We are currently trying to find reliable people to compliment the core, it will be a given that you are ready for mythic progression for the 5th when Uldir hits. Our Goals: To reach and maintain a spot among the top 10 of the realm To have a decent, relaxed, mature atmosphere (Socially) To be flexible to adjust around so that players can enjoy the game Our expectations: That you are efficient with your class/role That you are a social person, not timid, not rude That you are self-sufficient in and out of raids That you attend the two days we are raiding Raiding Hours: Mon/wed 19-23:00 server time. Healers: Shaman Priest Damage Dealers Mage Paladin/DK with tank OS Add Fluffybadger#2771 for an ingame chat, or reply to this postMisfelstress7 08 Sep
08 Sep EXP? Ok something i've notice in the official, is that loads of players use the term "exp" when looking for an arena team or a pvp guild who does rated bgs, eg.: "Lf arena partner 2k exp arena" or something like that. my question is, wtf does it mean? i though it was expertise but lol really? i've seen hunters use it and expertise on hunter?, experience, lol how in the hell do you see that? - so I came to the conclusion that it has to be something else. if I am wrong pls explain it in details so that I can understand it.Crackerjoker9 08 Sep
08 Sep WTS any 300 pet charm pet 300k Add me in game - whitecismale#2202 Open to negotiation. I just want gold on this realm.Kasia0 08 Sep
07 Sep [H] Rat Pack - 3 day mythic raiding guild <Rat Pack> was formed at the end of MoP and we started raiding in the weeks leading up to WoD. Our goal has been to clear current content. We are a three day raiding guild located on Stormscale-EU. Our team consists of veteran and experienced players, many who wanted a more relaxed environment or simply don't have the time required for hardcore raiding anymore. We are a group of passionate gamers that are always looking forward to the next challenge this game throws at us and with that, the opportunity to improve. What can we offer you? * A friendly environment where everyone is welcome and where there is time to fool around but also to be serious to get some good progress going. * A bunch of friendly, fun guildmates who are keen on helping eachother out and running lots of dungeons/bgs and other fun activities together. * A place to call home. There are many people who have been in Rat Pack for years, meaning that we have a strong and stable core of players. * A good balance between WoW and RL. * A great place to swapblast people off ledges etc (preferably not during progressraids tho ;P). Raid Times: Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8-11pm server time. Voice communication: Discord Minumum requirements when applying: * Extensive knowledge of the class that you are applying with. * The ability to keep up your focus during the rough parts of progress. * Being able to take constructive criticism (and to give it too) in a positive way. * Being able to use Discord and be vocal, especially where it's needed. Huge plus when applying: * Mythic raid experience in any previous tiers. * Being able to show good logs * Having an off-spec that you are able to perform well with Any application will be taken into consideration, but we are especially in need of healers. Contact us: If this sounds like you and you're interested in joining, then please whisper or add : Alyxiå - Woosa#2348 Ilirune - Xormios#2143 Aahchuu - AaahChu#2719 Thank you for your time.Ilirune1 07 Sep
06 Sep <Depeche> Late-night BFA guild <Depeche> was founded early January 2017, founded to maintain a healthy casual-progressive environment as a guild. Actively raided throughout Legion expansion with great success, having achieved 9/11M during Antorus tier. Now its time for BFA, and our endgame goal is to be playing Mythic mode, we are not a tryhard guild, but surely progressing together should be a common goal for everyone in the guild :) Raiding nights on Friday, and Saturday from 23:15st - 02:00st. We will talk about a third day later in the expansion after we are familiar with the main roster guys so we can adjust the day to their availability :) If you like what you hear,or have any additional questions, feel free to add me on Bnet, Afterspace#1547 or find me ingame:)Dèxterr34 06 Sep
06 Sep [A] Despirately looking for a HC/Mythic raid guild Hi guys, i've raided in wow forever across different accounts. I had a break away from wow through legion and came back as antorus came out which I joined a mythic guild immediately. Unfortunately my job role changed irl and I had to leave as I couldn't commit the hours . Since then I rolled alliance and im looking for a heroic or mythic raiding guild that can suit me. Ive healed raids for the last 12 years , so this time im playing hunter DPS for a change, but would also be happy playing priest as holy/disc or shadow, mage or DH. I have been an endgame raider for the majority of my wow life. What im looking for I guess is: -Progression guild ( i love wiping and improving) -A friendly guild without drama -I can raid any day and any night EXCEPT one week in every 3, I work lates and so wont be able to raid at all that week (I always know a month in advance what I can and cant do) -sociable guild, people on discord to chat with when i'm chilling Please message me in game (Gecko#21135) so we can talk moreGeckohxo0 06 Sep
06 Sep Solid Tank/DPS lf proper Guild Hello there, and thanks for checking out this post. I've checked a few guilds over the recent years, since I used to lead a HC Raiding guild myself pre-Mythic, but they have always fallen short of my expectations. As many other people out there can probably recognize, there's a lot of guilds that are either quite toxic or too "carebear". I'm looking for a guild with a good social atmosphere, preferably not very clique-ish, while also not struggling to do basic M+ keys or need 50 wipes to wrap their head around boss tactics in a HC raid. The members don't have to be cutting edge, and I don't mind people learning the game either (as long as there's an actual learning process happening). I essentially just want a fun and relaxed environment, with both bants and high keys, preferably with an active raid team looking to clear at least heroic. What can I bring to the table? 1) I'm a flexible player, and I can play pretty much whatever is needed. Currently got a Druid (Tank), DH (either) and my Paladin (DPS/Tank) sitting at around 340 iLvl, with the remaining classes at 110 ready to be leveled based on needs. 2) Fast learner. I usually don't spend more than 1-3 times in an encounter before I get it. I'm usually the one calling out everything in most of my runs to make sure they go smooth - I'd love to NOT have to do this all the time however, which is why I'm looking for a guild so not every low key stone or normal Raid has to feel like progression. 3) Can do some of the heavylifting for the guild if needed. Running an efficient raiding guild was taxing, as it was typically a one man job despite us having multiple raid teams. Beyond these practical chores, there's often a lot of fluff to deal with along the way in any active guild, as is to be expected when lots of (at least initially) strangers get together. Putting my prior expertise managing everything by myself to use, and helping out wherever needed, is definetely an option. Finally, I just want to state, that I'm looking for a serious community. Fun and bants are preferable, but when we pull I always prefer people playing well and doing their best. Even asking for tactics if they are new or clueless, is preferable. Not looking to join a guild that wipes 30 times on a progression boss in normal mode. I'm not too biased on age groups or particular rules of conduct, but I'm weary of friends-run guilds. These can work, and they can be amazing, but not looking to join a guild where friends are regularly invited for carries on progression if they are not contributing etc. If I sound like someone who might fit into your roster, feel free to chat me up and tell me a bit about your guild, your goals, etc. at Aldorin#2812, reach me in-game, or simply reply here. That being said, I'd like to have more of a personal pitch of your guild, than a standard forum copy + paste response. Thanks for the read if you made it this far!Aldorin0 06 Sep
05 Sep Looking for mature guild Hi I am 40+ and like a mature guild. Some leveling, dungeons and scenarios. Might even be one or two raids.Nafar0 05 Sep
05 Sep [H] <Palmegruppen> (SE) lookings for members <Palmegruppen> Is looking for swedish members to fill up our roster. our goal is to clear current content on HC difficulty. Currently looking for all classes and specs. we are a warm and welcoming guild with a fun and casual guild environment but takes raiding pretty serious when progressing. Raiding two days a week at 19.30 - 22.30 Everyone is welcome. Add Pts#2824 if you have any questionsProtmetheus0 05 Sep
04 Sep Guardian druid LF mythic raiding guild Hey! Here i am,one day before raid release. I have been playing and raiding on and off since vanilla and i really don't want to miss first raid of BFA. Guardian druid 342 ATM Wow Experience Well raided and played all expansion except MoP. Started to raid mythic in WoD on my prot warrior and continue to do so in Legion but in the end of the expansion i made a druid after a pause in middle of Nighthold. Emerald nightmare 7/7 mythic Trial of valor 2/3 mythic nighthold 5/10 mythic antorus 1/9 mythic I'm searching for a mature guild that raid 2-3 days/week and will go for cutting edge in all raids. I have no problem transfer my character to another server if i find the right guild but i will NOT change to Alliance. Add me for more info: NiklasQQ#2560Salkinqqd0 04 Sep
03 Sep <Oblivion Boost Community Recruiting!> <Oblivion Boost Community> Recruiting Advertisers! We're recruiting Advertisers! Do you want to advertise for one of the largest and fastest growing boosting Communities in Europe? Why would you *want* to advertise? When booking a buyer in one of our PvE boosts there is a 10% booking fee required to secure the spot, you as an Advertiser get to keep that 10% booking fee as commission on every buyer you book! Is advertising difficult? Generally it's quite simple and the rewards are worth the minimal effort it takes, on quieter days it can be frustrating but it all depends on the time of day you choose to advertise and the realm’s population. What is expected of an advertiser? Join a server, turn on an add-on that auto-posts your advert and respond to whispers in an accommodating and polite manner. Answer any questions they may have and explain accurately what our services are. Access to Discord is a must, this is where we communicate with each other the most, basic knowledge of Google Spreadsheets is desired but not essential. Fluency in German, French, Italian or Spanish a huge plus! Please apply here: 03 Sep