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2h <Depeche> Late-night BFA guild <Depeche> was founded early January 2017, founded to maintain a healthy casual-progressive environment as a guild. Actively raided throughout Legion expansion with great success, having achieved 9/11M during Antorus tier. Now its time for BFA, and our endgame goal is to be playing Mythic mode, we are not a tryhard guild, but surely progressing together should be a common goal for everyone in the guild :) Raiding nights on Friday, and Saturday from 23:15st - 02:00st. We will talk about a third day later in the expansion after we are familiar with the main roster guys so we can adjust the day to their availability :) If you like what you hear,or have any additional questions, feel free to add me on Bnet, Afterspace#1547 or find me ingame:)Dèxterr27 2h
2d [H]<Lonca> is Looking for PvP Guilds to do Wargames Lonca is a RBG oriented PvP guild. We're expanding and getting ready for BFA. During pre-patch (which is probably off season) we want to do some 10v10 wargames for shaping our RBG team. If you're (or your guild) interested please /w us ingame or write under this topic and we find you. Hémi (Guild Leader) Unhemi (GL alt) Hëmi (GL alt) CryoCryo0 2d
2d [H]<Lonca> PvP Guild Recruiting Lonca is a 5 years old small scale RBG guild which is moved from Defias Brotherhood for BFA. Now, before pre-patch, we're regrouping, renewing our subscriptons and looking for more pvp minded people to play with. What we do: Primarily, RBGs. We have 2k experienced RBG leaders, target callers, tacticians and skilled players. Arenas. Not as serious as rbgs but we're open to hard core arena players. Wpvp. Hell yeah baby. Maybe you think it's dead already but no! If we have any experience more than RBG, it's wpvp. We have a lot of alliance blood on our hands.What we expect: Able to attend events (on time) Have a working microphone Able to use Discord Know your characterWhat we're looking for: Especially Healers and Tanks (Flag Carriers) All socials and dps players are also welcome. Contact for more information (ingame): Hémi (Guild Leader) Unhemi (GL alt) Hëmi (GL alt) Cryo SosoCryo5 2d
3d [H] LF raiding guild BFA We are 3 guys who are looking for a new guild in BFA to start our raiding experience with on Stormscale - Horde. We are all mature players between the age of 20-22. We also played together in the start of Legion. Then we were in a guild of 13 guys from the same city in Norway who tried to raid together. But it didnt work out since there was to big of a difference in terms of raiding goals between the players and we unfortunately had to disband. Now 3 of us who have about the same goals in terms of raiding decided to try to find a guild to progress through the new expansion with. For our new guild we are looking for a friendly community with a casual raiding environment. We want a guild who raids 2-4 days a week and have raid times around 7-11pm server time. Our goal is to get the Ahead of the curve achievments for every raid tier and hopefully mythic progressioin after if that is a possibilty. We also like to do Mythic+ dungeons, Pvp and other things as a community. We Havent 100% decided what to play in BFA yet but currently it's between these classes/specs: Player 1: Unholy dk or Hunter. Player 2: Shadow priest or Rogue PLayer 3: Fury warrior or warlock If there is a guild out there who has room for us please reach out to us in this post or add Nyz#21694 on battle net. We look forward to meeting you!Paman0 3d
4d <Stun Me Harder Daddy> PvP Guild Recruiting Howdy fellas. <Stun Me Harder Daddy> is a brand spanking new PvP guild looking for passionate PvP players, both new and veteran. Formed on 24/01/2018, we are hoping to bring PvP back to life on Stormscale by actively organising weekly Rated BG, Arena and World PvP events. As Guildfounder, my current goal is to build our roster with like-minded players who enjoy winning, but know to learn and move on when losing (am I asking too much?). This is in order to jump right into the thicc of things when Battle For Azeroth is released. Please feel free to add me in-game, or message me here on the forum, or privately for more information, and let me know if I've left out any important info. Thanks, and I look forward to meeting you!Mushivag7 4d
6d <CyaThursday> Boosting Services Who are CyaThursday? We are a group of highly experienced players, who have been playing together for multiple years and want to progress at a high level, but don’t have the time to play 7 days a week anymore. CyaThursday was formed on 08/11/16 (ToV release day) on Stormscale, and has improved in world rankings every raid since without fail. Our achievements to date: Mythic Helya - World 159 Mythic Gul'dan - World 68 Mythic Kil'Jaeden - World 57 Mythic Argus - World 43 We have been selling mythic mount boosts on Stormscale for the past year and counting. WE ARE CURRENTLY ACCEPTING GOLD ON ANY REALM What we are currently selling: Last Updated: 14th July Nighthold Mythic: Gul'dan Mythic Kill + Mount - 1.2M Elisande Mythic Kill + Loot - 400k Convergence of Fate - 500k (1 time payment, and invite every reset until drop) CONTACT: - SEoR#2154 Discord - SEoR#8218Spazpriest75 6d
6d [H]<Dusk to Dawn> Late Night Raiding * Faction: Horde * Server: Stormscale * Guild Name: <Dusk to Dawn> * Contact: Murney#2906 // Brixz#21118 * Guild Size: Mythic * Guild type: Semi-Hardcore * Raid times: Wednesday, Friday & Saturday - 23:30-02:00 * Other information: We are forming for BFA for people who cannot raid normal hours due to work / studying. Our aim is to get cutting edge within a reasonable time margin, Heroic content will be down asap. For more information please add the btags provided.Murneh0 6d
11 Jul [H] Disc Priest LF raiding guild Hey fellow Stormscalers! I recently started playing again, and find that i would like to raid more in BFA. My scheduele just doesnt allow me to raid before 9pm server time, and hope to find a semi hardcore guild who is up for mythic raiding. I played since vanilla, and did back then the long grind to rank 14, raided alot in TBC and Wrath, burned out a bit in Cata, and played the xpacs after that casual. I always try to get better at my class, and i have been playing other games at a decent high level. As im a bit older now, and have kids, the scheduele just doesnt fit with most guilds. I would describe myself as a hardcore gamer, who all of a sudden had kids.. :) Im up for pretty much anything.. progression wipes.. m+.. arenas.. rbgs.. pretty social guy, who likes to game late! Add me ingame, sgu#2111 and lemme know if you wanna know more!Bvadr0 11 Jul
10 Jul <Megalomania> Social Raiding Guild {11/11M} About us: Megalomania was formed on the 22nd of august of 2010 on Trollbane by 2 swedish twins. We've raided through the last few months of WotLK and the beginning of cataclysm. When we returned to Trollbane, our lovely server had transformed into a ghost town. A few months fast forward and we're on Stormscale, getting our guild back together. In cataslysm we raided all raids. At the end of cataclysm we were 6/8HC on Dragon Soul. In Mop we have cleared MSV HC, HoF HC, ToES HC, and was working on ToT HC 11/13 and SoO Mythic 8/14. In WoD, we have cleared all the current content here, but left HFC with 11/13 M. Currently in Legion, we've seen some changes in management, and we have managed to have 7/7M (Before NH), 2/3M, 8/10M, 6/9M and currently 8/11M and steadily climbing. We're currently only recruiting equally experienced raiders as well as socials. What can we offer you? As a guild, we can offer you a chance to play in a mature community with an equal treatment, and a safe haven from all the pugging and frustration that it brings. Other than that we've got a few pointers that we intend to complete in the remainder of the Legion expansion (and beyond). - PvE progression: As any PvE guild, our main goal is to make progression in raids and clear them at their top difficulty before the release of new content. While we are realistic in this, it will be hard to clear bosses on mythic before next tiers, we do intend to get as far as we can. Right now we are recruiting for Legion, and for the challenges ahead of us. You need to have the patience and the right attitude as we are not a hardcore raiding guild. We had many teams come and go, but due to unfortunate events we are slowly building a steady, trusty team for this. - Mythic + dungeons: We've had a lot of fun in the previous challenge mode dungeons and intend to keep doing the new style of dungeon, so that as many of our guildies as possible can get their transmog gear before it retires. THIS WILL NOT BE A BOOST IN ANY WAY. We expect our guildmembers to do their best and it is a nice way for us to know what someone is made off. - Achievement runs: We intend to get some achievements from the previous tiers from the expansion. This is, however, the last bulletpoint here so it will be the last thing on our list aswell. How to Join us: You can apply @ and fill in an application, just follow the instructions there. Or add me in-game for a chat: SamMihyar #2980 Thank you for considering MegalomaniaMysticalsam32 10 Jul
09 Jul [A] PvP/PvE Guild looking for members Recently started a new guild on Ally Stormscale, we do PvP (World, Arenas and BGs) Dungeons, M+ Dungeons and soon enough raids. Also looking to do some old content achievements ^^ Guild's name is Wolves of the Storm. No specific level requirements just active player requirements.Skáljöl0 09 Jul
09 Jul [A] Any Alliance PvP guild at Stormscale? Playing holy priest, casual BG\Arenas player Ready to communicate via Discord.Nåomi2 09 Jul
09 Jul LF 3v3 Carrying/boost for ingame gold. LF for a good 3v3 team, im not inexperienced in pvp or 3v3s but i just cant be bothered to convincing someone that im not worthless. So, i want to pay someone skilled. Preferably someone that can back it up with achievments. Add Frozenfart#2799Donqeso0 09 Jul
09 Jul LF Guild Good morning, i’m looking for a pve guild Raiding twice a week from 10 pm server time. I’m Also a pvp player. Ty for your attanctionFlareys0 09 Jul
07 Jul Looking for a PvP guild. [H] Any active PvP focused on RBGs guilds?Nazgrok0 07 Jul
07 Jul [H]Disposition-Stormscale 11/11Mythic, Recruiting. Hello, Disposition on Stormscale are now recruiting to strengthen the roster for upcoming content and BFA. Even if we do not recruit the class you play, doesnt mean we dont want you. If you think you got what it takes to be a hardcore player, feel free to check us out. You'll find the info about us @: If we are interested in you and the other way around, we are also available for a chat on voice, if you'd like to have a abit more in dept talk about the guild and whatnot. Drop by wowprogress, read about us, check us out. And feel free to add me or any other officer for a chat if interested. Moofasa#21490 Zelvah#2198 Nightmyst#2562Zelvah1 07 Jul
03 Jul Final Stand EU Stormscale Now Recruiting! EU Stormscale Horde Current Progression: 11/11 Hc some have 2-7M exp Raid Times: Thurs/Sun/Mon 19:30 p.m - 22:30 p.m Server time. *Wednesdays may be added as Alt/normal Clears.* Recruitment Needs: DPS: we currently have open spots for both Meele and Ranged Dps roles Reliable and consistent DPS Healers: None Tanks: Blood DK Guardian Druid Vengeance DH Protection Warrior Must have a strong Dps Off spec Minimum Requirements: 940+ ilvl if you are intending to join us and come straight into HC 920+ ilvl if you are wanting to join us and gear up in normal runs 75+ traits in MS. Current Raiding Experience and knowledge of mechanics. Contacts: Raid Leader - Switch#22338 or simply type /who Final Stand and speak to an officer. About us: >FinalStand< is a semi-hardcore Raid guild residing on EU Stormscale Horde. Our guild consists of people of all ages with different raiding backgrounds. Our roots were established back in Siege of Orgrimmar. We strive on our strength to help each other and grow as not just a community but as a team, we are very social during raid nights and every day gaming weather it be on discord or in guild chat. We are very ambitious of what we want to achieve as a team and although we all have a great sense of humour we do collectively have a strong ability to knuckle down and focus up when its needed. our goals for now are to finish getting our 20m Roster ready and hopefully get through some Antorus Mythic before BFA arrives on august 14th , however crucially we want a strong well built and prepared team for once BFA has hit and we are ready to raid it . We are fun loving people who love to help each other improve where we can and try to push ourselves as players, however wow is a game and we play it for fun , it can and must be taken seriously but a great seance of humour blended with a great sense of achievement is what we aim for so we are looking for similar minded people. We are more than happy to take players who do not yet have the gear to raid just yet as we do run mythic+ 's to help gear people during the week (normally Tuesdays and weekends) and normal runs on Wednesdays. We also Cap Rated Battlegrounds as a guild group on Saturday evenings if that is something of interest. As mentioned above we also would like some nice friendly social players who maybe do not have the time to raid as well :) What we look for in our raiders: Great attendance Dedication and loyalty Friendliness Openness to improvement Knowledge of your class, specs, and gearing choices Enthusiasm about raiding We require an attendance rate of at least 90%. We understand things do come up, but we expect you to respect us enough to post out through the forums! What we provide to our raiders: Discord Repairs Mature and constructive criticism from our Officers A relaxed and social raiding environment A place to call ''Home'' Trial period: Trial period will last roughly 2-3 weeks. In this time, we will be analysing and gauging how you are doing within the group. Based on this information, trial periods may be increased or decreased depending on how the Officers believe you are doing. During your trial period, we expect you to be on at least 15 minutes before raid with your food, flasks, and other consumables all ready to go. The most important thing we look at is your attendance; if you are constantly showing up late or are missing each week, expect your trial to be terminated. Loot: Loot will be distributed based on several factors including Attendance, Performance, and Raid Status (Trial vs. Raider). As a trial, do not expect to be getting every piece you have voted for. It may take a few weeks for you to actually get a piece, depending on whether Raiders need the gear or not. Required Addons and Programs: Discord RC Loot Council WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR CONSISTENT AND RELIABLE PLAYERS If you are interested, even if your class is not listed, please contact me either by replying to this thread (which is checked Daily) , or via the in game real id posted above We look forward too hearing from you soon!Nîlex5 03 Jul
01 Jul Night Guard - Social Community About us: We are a group of long time friends been playing the game for a very long time, we have deiced to come together and form a guild to expand our group. We want to create a community, to chill and find like minded players to enjoy all aspects of wow and other games. What can we offer you? We are planning to put together a Rated Battle Ground Team, and a Raid Team to clear through the current content and gather up some loot! We also have an interest in playing other games and sitting in discord having a laugh. Our main focus here is to build a community of players that enjoy chilling and playing games with each other. We are looking to create: 10 man Rated Battle Ground group. 20 man Raid Team. An active social environment. How to Join us: If you are interested in joining feel free to contact myself or any member in game and they will point you in the direction of an officer. You can also add my Tag : Veloces:21587Veloces22 01 Jul
28 Jun Methic Horde Recruiting Methic is a new, semi-hardcore raiding guild looking for active members to raid in BFA. We desire players who can be serious, dedicated and can also have fun and take a joke. Raid times are Wed and Thurs from 19:00-23:00 ST We are a horde guild with experience from all expansions Message myself or Nevermon in game for any further queriesShifttycent0 28 Jun
27 Jun (H) Ret pala LF raiding guild ilvl967-970 Ret pala LF PvE guild. I've been playing since vanilla, and have decent achievements both in PvP and PvE, although I intend to focus on PvE and raiding. I'm a very active player and have raiding experience from every expansion, but I barely played in WoD so I'm missing some of those curve-achies. IRL I'm a 26 year old male from Sweden who loves gaming and computers, overall nerd. Ideally I'm looking for a guild that raids 2-3 times per week, I'm of course willing to change realm or faction, please drop a reply here if your guild is recruiting and you could use a ret pala.Dipeley0 27 Jun
26 Jun H/EU/Stormscale<A Merry Band Of Casuals> is recruiting Hello There! We’re a relatively new guild (created on Legion Launch) based on Stormscale (EU) looking for semi-casual raiders to join our 14-man team. All of us returned at Legion's launch and have little raid experience beforehand, we are preferably looking for plays of a similar standing. We have ToS N cleared and have begun to push HC progression. We will be raiding one night a week (Monday 8-11pm Server time) and our goal to push Heroic raiding, Mythic raiding is not a plan at the moment. Whether you’re a serious or casual raider, we’ll have a sport for you, all we ask is that you have a friendly attitude and work well as a team. We are currently recruiting Ranged DPS and a Healer. If you would like to have a chat please contact either myself (Arluin (Artarion#2479)) or my Officer (Breadloaf (Nells#2154)), or simply reply to the post. Thanks!Arluin13 26 Jun
20 Jun LF PvP Guild LF PvP Guild Prefer one that has reached 2k in rbgs as that is my goal, im a older player played since wrath , but only focus pvp in legion season 1 but then stopped playing for a long while , i am a ele shaman 1800 exp rbg and 1746 exp in threes(want to get that higher too but hard to find a comp + only been back a week). i play a decent amount so /w me ingame if you want to chat for more information.Suidox2 20 Jun
19 Jun Seraphim vs Aggramar Mythic Yo everyone, We killed aggramar quite a while ago (pre-nerf), but I was a bit late on making the video. Better late than never and with this we're currently on a break before BFA. Currently we're giving ourselves a well deserved break, but wwe'll be taking another look at opening applications for BFA, so keep an eye on our wowprogress.Yggdrassíll0 19 Jun
17 Jun (EU)(Stormscale)(H) <Versatile> 8/11 (EU)(Stormscale)(H) <Versatile> We’re a raiding guild looking to start progressing into the later parts of Antorus Mythic. We’re going to start off with having 3 raid Days, Monday 20-22:00, Wednesdays and Sundays between 19.30 - 23.30 s. And clearing HC on fridays at 19.30 - 22.30 (Usually doesn't even come close to taking that long). Our goal is to progress mythic with a semi-casual mindset, and to have a very strong start into BFA. Most players will be considered, but currently we’re in need off: -Dps -A healer or two will always do wonders -Any Exceptional players To be accepted into our core you need to be: -Reliable in terms of signups and raid attendance. -Listening -Adapting well to different situations -Making the best of yourself and your char. (Always being Ahead Of The Curve) Guild is now 7/11 with officer XP at 10/11. For any inquiries, Add: Onlinegamer#2576 - Robe - GM, Devada#2446 – Detvada Officer. For more info or if you have any questionDetvadå12 17 Jun
10 Jun [H]Method to Madness 11/11HC is recruiting! [H] Method to Madness are recruiting! We are a semi-newly founded guild by mythic raiders with alot of experience going all the way back to Vanilla, we wish to make a guild for people who can only raid a few times a week consistantly, and make the most out that time. We are aiming to get relevant in Battle for Azeroth, But we will build and raid as much as we can to make a team before release. We are currently trying to find reliable people to compliment the core, it will be a given that you are ready for mythic progression. Our Goals: To maintain a spot among the top 10 of the realm To have a decent, relaxed, mature atmosphere (Socially) To be flexible to adjust around so that players can enjoy the game Our expectations: That you are efficient with your class/role That you are a social person, not timid, not rude That you are self-sufficient in and out of raids That you attend the two days we are raiding Raiding Hours: Mon/wed 19-23:00 server time. Recruiting: RDPS (Lock/SP/Mage) Tank (Druid/DK, to succed a current tank) Healer with a good DPS OS Add Fluffybadger#2771 ingame for a chat, I do not tend to read the forums alot.Deathfog0 10 Jun
04 Jun [LFG] [EU] [H] [Stormscale] Hello all! I'm first and mostly looking for a socially active guild with a nice community that also do mythic+ dungeons together. It would also a plus (but not necessary) if the guild did raids on atleast heroic difficulty, without any specific raid times, since I can't commit to a set time every week because of different work times going into BfA. Below you can find my 2 main characters that I play and my logs. If there's anything else you'd like to know just throw me a comment or contact me on Ozolz#2247. Thanks for reading! Havoc DH: Balance Druid: 04 Jun
01 Jun [H] Selling M+ Boost 20-25 We are a group of highly experienced M+ players, several players from the MDI and have been boosting M+ for several weeks now. Our players are all ranked above 6k on raiderio and most of them above 6.5k. Dont hesitate no more and boost your raiderio score with us :) ! WHAT WE ARE OFFERING * A fast and clean boost of keys between +20 and +25. * Garanteed result. If the key is failed for an unfortunate reason, you will get a refund or we can offer a discount on another key at your convenience. * Tourism options. If you wish to not participate in the key, sit back and relax, it is an option up to a certain level of key. * We will provide the key if you dont have one of the level you need. We can also boost your own key if you wish. * All classes and spec accepted. BONUS * 940+ piece of gear * Keystone master achievement * Get that raiderio score ! Our prices range from 400k to 2M depending on the level of key and the dungeon needed. (For example, Seat keys are priced higher) CURRENTLY ACCEPTING GOLD ON ALL SERVERS - horde. Contact info : BNET : undëe#2686 or toL#2635 DISCORD : undëe#8698 (prefer discord)Undëe0 01 Jun
30 May [H] Method to Madness (New) Are recruiting! Method to Madness are recruiting! We are a newly founded guild by mythic raiders with alot of experience going all the way back to the beginning. We wish to make a guild for people who can only raid a few times a week consistantly, and make the most out that without getting too serious. We are aiming to get relevant in Battle for Azeroth, But we will build and raid as much as we can to make a team before release. Our goals are as such: - To maintain a spot among the top 10 of the realm - To have a decent, relaxed, mature atmosphere (Socially) - To be flexible to adjust around so that players can enjoy the game Our expectations of you: - That you are efficient with your class/role - That you are a social person, not timid, not rude - That you are self-sufficient outside of raids, so you can make the most out of our limited raid times Raiding Hours: Monday 19-23 Wednesday 19-23 Currently recruiting about everything, Mostly DPS actually. And are willing to accept rerolling characters for the build-up phase as long as you show initiative to get relevant. Contact Fluffybadger#2771 for a little chat.Fluffÿ9 30 May
28 May Ñílêscråñè vs. Mirlòl (Rogue vs. Rogue) Just dueled Mirlòl He is by far the best player I have dueled so far on stormscale, i'll give him that. He is also, though, by far(by far) the most foul-mouthed player I have ever met. He rarely finished a sentence without being offensive. This could be justified though, as I play troll, have horrible 2s rating, dinged 3 weeks ago and type like a mong. I think fame has made him slightly stuck up and getting outplayed by someone that appear like I do just lights his fire. If i reported him, i'm pretty sure he'd end up getting a 3 hour suspension. I won majority of the duels. It ended like 8-5 or something to me, even though he has the best gear in the game while im geared like John Ericsen the football player who plays WoW 1 hour a day at the weekends before he goes to have sexual intercourse with his hot girlfriend. Dueling him was quite enjoyable because he's quite entustiastic about it. He constantly rewards you by swearing like a mad old woman. removed screenshots cus it was lewdÑílêscråñè39 28 May
27 May WTB Heavy Junkboxes! As the title says.. Whisper me in-game for a discussion around the magnitude of the mission and payment. Sham-yakShamyak1 27 May
23 May PVE Guild Hello, I'm looking for a PvE Guild here on Stormscale for the remainder of Legion and into BFA. I am looking for a Guild of mornings.Frère0 23 May
20 May Are there any active pvp guilds? Hello, My name is gekkehuiss. I have a pretty much experience in pvp and i am looking for a pvp guild. On my current realm (Frostwhisper) are none (active) pvp guilds. So my question is are they any active pvp guilds on this realm? Please add me or let a reaction underneath here if you have any suggestions.Gekkehuiss2 20 May
20 May Horde PvP Guild Hello, I'm looking for a PvP Guild here on Stormscale for the remainder of Legion and into BFA. It does not have to be a very serious guild by all means, hopefully one with semi-active Arena and RBG players at least. I've been doing PvP since vanilla, but never on a very serious note considering arena partners and finding rbg team. With that said, I've done some fair share of Arena/RBGs and the only thing I've achieved is 1800 in 2s season 4 Legion, and 1600 rbg rating during MOP. All in all, pretty !@#$ty achievements to be frank, but I'd like to improve, and improve within a community that helps each other grow to become better players.Chubbz2 20 May
12 May <Not toxic btw> 5/11M Stormscale <Not toxic btw> 5/11M is now recruiting motivated individuals who want to take a semi-hardcore approach to Antorus. About us <Not toxic btw> was made at the end of December and is a guild consisting of the highest RBG/Arena players that wanted to experience PVE for the first time this expansion, but didn't want to look and apply for new guilds in teams where they didn't know anybody. We started the tier pretty late, didn't have the proper legendaries and raiding in PVP gear, but after a month or so the weak people who couldn't handle the commitment and effort into gearing/attending raids are gone and the players who are still raiding are the guys that are determined to progress and push themselves abit more. Why us? We are not a guild that turns up to the raid 3 times a week. We are ALWAYS doing something, if its not raiding, its RBG, Mythic Plus, 2s, 3s, roleplaying in goldshire, you name it, there is always people on Teamspeak to socialise with. Requirements 11/11HC - Mythic Kills are much more likely to be approved, but not mandatory to join. 955+ preferred with BiS legos Not to be sensitive, there will be jokes and banter thrown around all the time, you need to have a sense of humour to survive! If you are still interested after this, feel free to add us to talk more. Killy#21464 - GM Boomex#21902 - OfficerKillyx2 12 May
12 May LFG social, pve, pvp etc... Hey, what's good!?! Have 1 fury warrior ilvl 929 and my rogue at lvl 54. Just looking for an active laid back guild with no super high requirements <3 tytyty Edit: u can prolly reach me on my rogue easisest: Doyouwantme also I'm pretty much up for anything I can partake inDoyouwantme1 12 May
10 May pls delete soz .Doyouwantme0 10 May
08 May Tank LF new home. Mythic progression I'm playing Guardian druid 967. Looking for new home cause of lack of interest in mythic raiding in my currently guild. My progression atm is 1/11M. Fast learner with alot of experience of mythic in past content. NiklasQQ#2560Smackd1 08 May
07 May LF Guild 954 Ilvl Resto druid Lf ally PVE Guild! Any available?Skyee0 07 May
06 May Holy Pally 950 LF Guild Hello, I am looking for a new guild to call my home after the fall of the guild I have just left. They, understandably, have decided to call it a day. If any one from my previous guild reads this, thank you for everything, My time there will not be forgotten :). Anyway, I am a holy paladin looking for a guild that does late night raiding (Pref 21:00 or later ST). I am not just looking to raid, but looking for a fun loving social guild that enjoys wow, fun and understands the difference between RL and WOW. 11/11 HC ant is my best progress current. Chat to me ingame (Sqwelch#2272) or post a link for me to apply below. -- Previous post over a year ago if you search for me. ThanksSqwelch3 06 May
04 May <Bless> Recruiting PvP players! 04 May
01 May LF Horde Guild - Stormscale. Hey all, Currently looking for a Horde guild on the Stormscale server. Doesn't need to be bleeding edge progression but would be looking for somewhere the is clearing at least Heroic repeatedly (although Mythic is nice too!) It wouldn't be only myself but probably at least another 3/4 other players with me. We can fill most , if not all roles, and we are all Heroic geared at least 960+ ilvl (this is an alt in case you wondered!) All of us have been playing at least since WOTLK but a couple of us including myself have been playing since Vanilla so we all know how not to stand in the fire , even green fire doesnt fool us! We would be looking for a guild that raids between 20:30 UK and 00:00 UK time and between 2 to 3 times a week. Coming from the "Old School" of raiding all of our gear is always enchanted / gemmed and min maxed where possible so were not slack, also we like to have a laugh and a joke on comms when appropriate so hope you have a sense of humour :) Please feel free to reply here or catch me in game on CynicalB#2359 Look forward to speaking to you soon.Gobbled2 01 May
28 Apr Are there any active alliance wpvp guilds? Hey, I'm moving servers and looking for a new wpvp home. Are there any active alliance wpvp guilds? Defias Brotherhood is dead.Germlin0 28 Apr
26 Apr Want to join a very social PvE and PvP guild? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: I am opening up Cordial to take some new members into our community :) Cordial- 'warm and friendly'- creating the right type of atmosphere we believe makes a great guild. Hi! My name is Rebecca and I am the GM of the guild Cordial on Stormscale. A little bit about me- I was an officer in a guild previously and have both raiding and PvP experience but decided I wanted to build a community of people where being social was right at the very core. I'm really about the 'casual' WoW experience, however I truly believe that if you have a group of like-minded individuals, you end up progressing in content quickly anyway. So, I set up 'Cordial' and let me tell you a little bit about what we're about: - We're about a community of friends, playing all kinds of content and games together. We're not limited to WoW, we hang out in discord and play a bunch of games- HoTS, Hearthstone, Diablo, League. Within WoW, we do PvE (raids, mythic keystones, quests) as well as PvP (BGs, Arenas) and we just switch and swap according to what people wanna do and are feeling! - We are definitely casual in our mindset. We clear raid content (Normal, Heroic, Mythic (hopefully!)) but we do so with the idea that if you can't make it, that is no problem at all. It means sometimes we have to fill with PUGs, but it keeps everyone relaxed and means you do what you need to do, when you need to do it. We just set events and you sign up- simple. - We are all on a level playing field. We don't have any officers actually, just me as GM at the moment. And honestly, all I do is put events together and make sure you have food and flasks from the guild fund for our content runs, as well as recruiting and hanging out- nothing more. If you wanna run a raid one day- go for it. It's the perfect opportunity for you to join us if you want to be part of something where you have the opportunity just to try stuff- no pressure at all. And, what I've found from the above is that you end up with such a solid set of friends who like to do all kinds of things- and the level of respect makes everything so much easier. I take my time with the recruitment stage, as getting the right people in the guild is absolutely paramount for us. So, if you want to be part of our community, please add me on Battlenet (Bexsie#2588) and I'll be more than happy to chat with you. Take care of yourselves :) Rebecca Cordial- 'A pleasant-tasting medicine'- even when it gets tough, we're here to make it better again. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bexey50 26 Apr
24 Apr found it Hi! Im a 33years old guy from Sweden. I just migrated to Stormscale from Genjuros where i have been playing since vanilla, with a couple of years off. I have two small children at home and can't do hardcore raiding anymore. I really enjoy playing and looking for some ingame friends to play with. I moved this resto druid and a havoc demon hunter. Hope to see you ingame!Tibia1 24 Apr
24 Apr hi Hi there everyone,Iký2 24 Apr
22 Apr Horde <Reddit> LF Mythic Greetings active and returners for BFA! Reddit is in need of raiders from Heroic to Mythic - Gear and Xp players on main and alt to have a common goal on organized raiding for the farm - progress & fun. We raid 3days a week + optional raid`s & Keys. Our current X-realm Mythic need a Stronghold to our Heroic farm clear! Reddit aid your time to our raids! We do the favor to progress together! Reddit dosent play one, we are together. Any questions? ask a member or my self. poke us ;) no regrets!!! ► About us : We only raid 3 nights a week, meaning we offer alot of room for real-life, next to being in a steady progressing guild. We consider 20 man raiding to be the most sociable and enjoyable raiding experience, raiding aside we are all very sociable and friendly individuals that know each other on first name terms. In many situations this may vary, but normally the schedule will be like this. Make sure you can attend all of these though! We like to keep our setup small, so attendance is very important to us. ► Guild: Reddit @ & ► Realm: Stormscale (EU-PvP). ► Faction: Horde. ► Language: English. ► OpenRaid: Reddit @ ► Facebook: Reddit @ Our Raid days are: * Wednesday - 20:00-23:00 * Thursday - 20:00-23:00 * Monday - 20:00-23:00 All times are server time. What can We offer you? Raiding: We give you the opportunity to be the first to witness, participate in, and down new raid bosses as they are released. We provide equal opportunities for both old and new players, if you prove yourself to be better than an already existing member of your respective role/class. Keystone: We give you the opportunity to witness and participate in, and down new key challenges as they are released. We provide equal opportunities for both old and new players, if you prove yourself to be better than an already existing member of your respective role/class. Community: We as a community has growing these last couple of years and started branching out to other games and/or aspects of World of Warcraft itself. As the guild itself we offer stability and people with the same mindset as yourself - raiding Semi-hardcore and down bosses cleanest than any other guild. Outside of raiding there are always members playing other games during downtime - we have a couple of people playing blizzard and other games. Needless to say you will always find people to join your games with Reddit. Requirements: Commitment: All applicants should have a good attitude towards raiding. You will be required to dedicate yourself to min/maxing not only your main character, but also maintain and prepare multiple alts. Applicants must also have the time and drive to raid the amount needed for clearing the content. Criticism: You should be able to handle constuctive criticism if/when it's directed your way. Attendance: During progress raids our schedule is really demanding: we raid 3 day`s and it's really important you understand this before even thinking about applying or poaching an officer in-game in order for us not to waste yours/ours time. Farm raids: Once down to a 1 day farm we raid Wednesdays at 20:00 CET. Immediately after progress we raid more than the 1 day a week if it is required to clear. Communication: World of Warcraft is a team game and communication is the utterly most important thing when raiding. Therefore you will be required to install TS and have a working headset and microphone and also be able to understand English. Contact: Applications should be submitted via our website. If you would like to contact us in game, no problem! Svenni-Stormscale (Sv3nn1#2293) Zurez-StormscaleSvenni0 22 Apr
18 Apr <Them Bones> Raiding Guild Recuirtment <Them Bones> of Stormscale-EU,We are currently recuirting to complete our roster for the Mythic team in atorus progression we come back from the times of WotlK and TBC raiding!, and we’re hoping to clear mythic antorus in this guild with slightly more logical raiding hours. Given that we are fairly new (11/11HC) Raid schedule(Server time): Wednesday: 20:30 - 23:30 Sunday : 18:30 - 22:30 Aside from these raids, we also raid slight more on new content release. These are both optional and if you can remain competitive without doing so, it’s your wish to do so! If you think you’d belong with us, please feel free to add me on bn-et to talk some more! Xavee#2387Gyzer0 18 Apr
15 Apr Lemonade Mythic Progression <Lemonade> Is now looking for more people to start of their mythic progression we are currently 1/11 and we are looking for ranged dps and healers. We are raiding tuesdays and thursdays if you have any further questions feel free to whisper me!Eleanie0 15 Apr
15 Apr Ice Cloud LF new people for M progression Hello there guys! Ice Cloud new guild on Stormscale is now looking for new people for raiding and m+ runs. Our goal is to make raid group asap so we can start with Mythic progression before the new expansion. Our goal is to get 11/11 Mythic and make some great and strong m+ teams at the same time. We are looking for social, friendly and trustworthy people for our guild. We are using Discord for communication and language of our guild is English. The only requirement is at least Normal 11/11 or better. If you feel like you want to try it with us, please feel free to sign the app (link is at the end) and we will be looking forward to you. Right now we don't have many members, so you have to be patient while I am forming the guild rooster :) Link to the application: PS: I am sure you are asking why do we need to sign the application for you when we are new guild? The answer is simple. I won't be using any addon for inviting random people, because that actually gives you only people who are not really serious and you just get the random number of people with no interest in anything. If you think you are so good you don't have to sign the app, please contact me ,) Tictac#21383Ekkyee0 15 Apr
12 Apr [H] Dead Weight is recruiting! 7/11 Mythic Dead Weight [H] is a guild on the server Stormscale-EU. We recently moved from the realm Bloodhoof/Khadgar-EU to Stormscale-EU. Currently we are 7/11 Mythic and we’re going strong for achieving Cutting Edge this, and upcoming raid tiers. Our goal is to clear Mythic Antorus in this tier, so we’re only considering players that are on par or better than our top players in the guild. We strive to develop as a guild. All applicants should have a good attitude towards raiding and a good social mentality during raids in order to created a pleasant environment we can enjoy as well as being able to progress raids at a reasonable pace also you will be needed to attend the raid prepared. We expect you to min/max your character and you should be able to handle constructive criticism if/when it’s directed at you. You’ll also be required to install Discord and have a working headset and microphone and also be able to understand the English language. We raid the following days and times: (SERVER TIME) Wednesdays 20:30-23:00 Thursdays 20:30-23:00 Sundays 20:30-23:00 We are currently looking for: -Blood Death Knight -Fury/Arms Warrior -MM Hunter -Affliction Warlock -Frost/Fire Mage We are also taking exceptional players in consideration. Are you interested? Please contact Yvafourtwenty-Stormscale in-game or add Yva#21447 feel free to add any of the other officers too: -Azörius: Abobalypse#2387 -Discordiansz: Discordians#2834 -Ruxi: Miz7#2772 -Canine/Anubis/Coyote: TheKingEcho#1129 Team DWYva5 12 Apr