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19m [A]WTB Argus heroic boost I'm looking to buy an Argus the Unmaker heroic boost add me Vas#2363Stormybeast0 19m
2h Antorus Heroic Boosting Hello, Following our success with boosting during Warlords of Draenor we are back and now boosting for the end of Legion! We are open to payments on all realms Horde and Alliance. The prices listed below are for Stormscale specific and will vary depending on your realm. Please contact me to discuss other realms/services. Currently we are selling: Antorus HC 11/11 Master Looter Price - 1.1m (Will vary on other realms & will also vary based on loot included etc, price listed is base price for top level, all loot) -Any/all 945+ loot (955+ Argus) for your class/loot spec. Multispec items (jewellery etc) will be rolled. You will be the only buyer of your tier token (Vanquisher, Conqueror, Protector) & armour type (Cloth, Leather, Mail, Plate) - Other spots are available for no loot (Bonus rolls only) excess drops, specific items/bosses at request. Please contact for full info! - Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker - Violet Spellwing (Argus Mount) - A chance at the Antoran Charhound (Felhounds of Sargeras Mount) - A chance at the following transmog weapons (Aggramar & Argus) - Aggramar - Taeshalach Argus - Scythe of the Unmaker - A chance at a Pantheon trinket/legendary trinket Aman'Thul's Vision (Argus) Antorus HC 11/11 Personal Loot Price - 450K (Will vary on other realms) With this boost you will receive: - Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker - Violet Spellwing (Argus Mount) - A chance at the Antoran Charhound (Felhounds of Sargeras Mount) - A chance at 945+ loot (first 10 bosses) & 955+ loot (Argus) - A chance at the following transmog weapons (Aggramar & Argus) - Aggramar - Taeshalach Argus - Scythe of the Unmaker - A chance at a Pantheon trinket/legendary trinket Aman'Thul's Vision (Argus) Argus Heroic (Personal Loot) - 120K With this boost you will receive: - Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker - Violet Spellwing (Mount) - ( - A chance at 955+ loot - A chance at a Pantheon trinket/legendary trinket Aman'Thul's Vision We also hope to begin offering Gul'dan Mythic mount kills with this. If you are interested in a service that has not been listed on this page please feel free to contact me regardless as I am likely able to help you with anything you may need. M+ boosting: If you are interested in purchasing a service from us please contact us at one of the following: Battlenet: Maz#2672 Asuna#2517 Jack#2958 Discord: 2h
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1d Horde Rising needs you! Horde Rising is a newly formed guild on Stormscale. Created by 4 friends with years and years of raiding exp (from vanilla to legion). After a long time on the alliance side, we decided to start over and play on the horde side. Ofcourse it is not easy to create and start up a new guild, so why are we so different with other guilds? We all love the game, and we want to see everything of it with other players whom share the same love! What do we give you? We will give you a place in our ranks. There you will find mature, fun and verry social players. We are all open to help each other and make sure everyone can see the end content of the game. What do we do? Atm we do Antorus Normal (our goal is hc and mythic, therefore we need you for it) We also do M+15 and beyond. When do we all of this? The raiding times are friday & sunday from 21pm until... M+ are done when some players are online. What is our main goal? To be a verry good and stable guild in the remaining time of Legion and also in Battle for Azertoth! Where the players are happy and dedicated! Are you interested, please contact me: Wow name: Lifê Battlenet: Krios#1861Lifê0 1d
2d Holy Pally 950 LF Guild Hello, I am looking for a new guild to call my home after the fall of the guild I have just left. They, understandably, have decided to call it a day. If any one from my previous guild reads this, thank you for everything, My time there will not be forgotten :). Anyway, I am a holy paladin looking for a guild that does late night raiding (Pref 21:00 or later ST). I am not just looking to raid, but looking for a fun loving social guild that enjoys wow, fun and understands the difference between RL and WOW. 11/11 HC ant is my best progress current. Chat to me ingame (Sqwelch#2272) or post a link for me to apply below. -- Previous post over a year ago if you search for me. ThanksSqwelch1 2d
2d Horde Rising Horde Rising, new formed guild aiming to be a semi-hardcore raiding guild. We only inv mature people with youre heart on the right place! Question? Feel free to ask. Gz LifeLifê0 2d
3d <Megalomania> Social Raiding Guild {8/11M} About us: Megalomania was formed on the 22nd of august of 2010 on Trollbane by 2 swedish twins. We've raided through the last few months of WotLK and the beginning of cataclysm. When we returned to Trollbane, our lovely server had transformed into a ghost town. A few months fast forward and we're on Stormscale, getting our guild back together. In cataslysm we raided all raids. At the end of cataclysm we were 6/8HC on Dragon Soul. In Mop we have cleared MSV HC, HoF HC, ToES HC, and was working on ToT HC 11/13 and SoO Mythic 8/14. In WoD, we have cleared all the current content here, but left HFC with 11/13 M. Currently in Legion, we've seen some changes in management, and we have managed to have 7/7M (Before NH), 2/3M, 8/10M, 6/9M and currently 8/11M and steadily climbing. We're currently only recruiting equally experienced raiders as well as socials. What can we offer you? As a guild, we can offer you a chance to play in a mature community with an equal treatment, and a safe haven from all the pugging and frustration that it brings. Other than that we've got a few pointers that we intend to complete in the remainder of the Legion expansion (and beyond). - PvE progression: As any PvE guild, our main goal is to make progression in raids and clear them at their top difficulty before the release of new content. While we are realistic in this, it will be hard to clear bosses on mythic before next tiers, we do intend to get as far as we can. Right now we are recruiting for Legion, and for the challenges ahead of us. You need to have the patience and the right attitude as we are not a hardcore raiding guild. We had many teams come and go, but due to unfortunate events we are slowly building a steady, trusty team for this. - Mythic + dungeons: We've had a lot of fun in the previous challenge mode dungeons and intend to keep doing the new style of dungeon, so that as many of our guildies as possible can get their transmog gear before it retires. THIS WILL NOT BE A BOOST IN ANY WAY. We expect our guildmembers to do their best and it is a nice way for us to know what someone is made off. - Achievement runs: We intend to get some achievements from the previous tiers from the expansion. This is, however, the last bulletpoint here so it will be the last thing on our list aswell. How to Join us: You can apply @ and fill in an application, just follow the instructions there. Or add me in-game for a chat: SamMihyar #2980 Thank you for considering MegalomaniaMysticalsam22 3d
3d Perceptive 11/11M Boosting Services Hello and Welcome to Sham's Boost Community, formed by Perceptive's Guild Master / Management Team, which consists of a variety of boost teams of multiple top guilds on Tarren Mill Horde . In Sham's Boost Community, you can order which type of boost that you would like on discord or via , so if you cant find a boost team to do weekly M+15 for example and cant find one of our advertisers in game, you can now just order it on discord and get way faster responses and achieve the boost as soon as possible. -If we fail to achieve a Boost run for you, you will get the full refund for the price you paid for the boost. -Once you become a regular buyer, you will also receive free boosts and discounts on certain occasions. Prices: Trials Of Valor Mythic + The Chosen Title : Tarren Mill: 900k Other Realms: 1200k Day: Any Day/Time Extra Info: You will Receive 3 Achievements and The Chosen Title Nighthold Mythic: Elisande Trinket (Convergence of Fate): Tarren Mill : 200k Other Realms: 300k Day: Any Day/Time Guldan Trinket (Whispers of the Dark): Tarren Mill : 200k Other Realms: 300k Day: Any Day/Time Guldan Mount: Tarren Mill: 1200k Other Realms: 1800k Day: Any Day/Time Extra Info: You will get Guldan Mythic Achievement and Mount! Tomb Of Sargeras : Tos Mythic First 6 Package: Tarren Mill: 900k Other Realms: 1200k Day: Any Day/Time Extra Info: You will receive 6 Achievements and Full Loot Priority for your Class and Spec! Tos Mythic Full Clear Package : Tarren Mill: 2500k Other Realms: 3000k Day: Any Day/Time Extra Info: You will receive 9 Achievements , Full Loot Priority for your Class/Spec and The Darkener Title! Antorus, The Burning Throne: Antorus Heroic Masterloot Full loot Priority: Tarren Mill : 2000k Other Realms: 2500k Day: Friday/Saturday Time: 20:00 Server Time Extra Info: Full loot priority is basically you get all the loot you need for your spec. Antorus Heroic Personal Loot : Tarren Mill: 500k Other Realms: 600k Day: Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Tuesday Time: 20:00 Server Time Extra Info: Boosters Roll out loot that they don't need! Argus Heroic Personal Loot : Tarren Mill: 150k Other Realms: 300k Day: Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Tuesday Time: 22:15 Server Time Extra Info: Get your Curve, Mount and Chance on Legendary/Pantheon Trinket! Antorus Glory Run : Tarren Mill: 700k Other Realms: 900k Day: Any Day/Time Extra Info: Done via Normal difficulty, Get your Glory Mount and Lots of Achievements! Mythic + Boosting Services: Mythic + Level 15 for Weekly : Tarren Mill : 150k Other Realms: 300k Day: Any Day/Time Extra info: This type of boost is only for weekly Mythic + 15 for Cache! Mythic + Level 15 Armor Loot : Tarren Mill: 225k Other Realms: 300k Day: Any Day/Time Extra Info: This Type of Boost is for Full Leather/Mail/Plate/Cloth Group for Extra loot for you! Mythic + Level 20 for Score/Loot Tarren Mill: 800k Other Realms: 900k Day: Any Day/Time Extra info: Get More loot Drop and High Mythic + Score Note: If you are interested in booking a spot for the services we provide, please add one of the battle tags or Skype or Join the Discord, and if the boost you are looking for is not listed then you can ask about it aswell! Contact us Discord Invite Link: Skype: Prinishivace321 Battle Tag: Vyndon#2654 and Sham#21832Shamserk2 3d
3d [DUTCH guild] Optimus Pruim - Bloodhoof[H] Casual LFM This post is in English but we’re a DUTCH speaking guild. Optimus Pruim is a guild on Bloodhoof/Khadgar with members from Belgium and the Netherlands. We’re a CASUAL guild and we value the SOCIAL aspect. We're not a raiding guild! We're a social bunch who enjoy different aspects in WoW, raiding happen to be one off those. We have a strong active core at the moment with guildies and a bunch off friends outside off the guild. Together we’re venturing into Antorus HC. Our progress: We’re very pleased with the direction the guild is going, and we want to continue this way in BfA. That’s why we’re on the lookout for like minded dutchies/belgians (18+) to expand our dutch/belgian WoW community. If you want to know more check out our forum post with more details: or add my battletag: Stougmeister#2832 Remember, we’re a DUTCH speaking guild. Groet en misschien tot later, PuikPuik0 3d
3d Looking for mature eng or swe guild. Hi. I am looking for a mature english or swedish guild. Im not a hardcore raider but i like raiding. Im 32 years old and recently started playing again after a 10 years break. I played vanilla up to wotlk, im currently rollin my alt mage because i played healer in vanilla and got bored so now its dps all the way. ThanksJerimy0 3d
4d <CyaThursday> STORMSCALE Boosting Services Who are CyaThursday? We are a group of highly experienced players, who have been playing together for multiple years and want to progress at a high level, but don’t have the time to play 7 days a week anymore. CyaThursday was formed on 08/11/16 (ToV release day) on Stormscale, and has improved in world rankings every raid since without fail. Our achievements to date: Mythic Helya - World 159 Mythic Gul'dan - World 68 Mythic Kil'Jaeden - World 57 Mythic Argus - World 44 We have been selling mythic mount boosts on Stormscale for the past year and counting. WE ARE CURRENTLY ONLY ACCEPTING GOLD ON STORMSCALE What we are currently selling: Nighthold Mythic: Guld'dan Mythic Kill + Mount - 1000k (1M) Elisande Mythic Kill + Loot - 400k Antorus Mythic: 10/11 with loot - 4000k (4M) 10/11 without loot - 2000k (2M) 11/11 with loot + mount - 8000k (8M) 11/11 with loot (no mount) - 60000k (6M) Argus with mount only - 4000k (4M) Argus with mount + loot - 5000k (5M) *This does include tier drops *This does NOT include item drops that are +15 item level titanforged or above For more information or to book spots for MYTHIC boosts contact: Stuart#22164 or Sacu#21303 Spazsham or Tigerozy ingame We are also selling Antorus Heroic boost runs. Antorus Heroic Personal loot: 250k Antorus Heroic Master loot: 800k Argus only Heroic: 150k For more information or to book spots for Antorus HEROIC please contact: Smoky#2351 or SEoR#2154 Guidanze or Seor IngameSpazpriest21 4d
07 Mar Antorus Heroic boosting <Invalid Target> Invalid Target <Ragnaros> is selling Normal and Heroic !Antorus the Burning Throne! boosts on horde side with personal loot and rolling on unwanted items with the starting date of 2th of December every Saturday. We can boost 4-5 player in heroic. If you can't get in due the lack of spots we offer you a 10% discount on the next weekly run. We only accept GOLD as payment (we accept gold on other high pop realms as well). For prices, information and application feel free to add me on Arkhien#2198 or reach me out online on Ragnaros on the following character: 07 Mar
06 Mar <Stun Me Harder Daddy> PvP Guild Recruiting Howdy fellas. <Stun Me Harder Daddy> is a brand spanking new PvP guild looking for passionate PvP players, both new and veteran. Formed on 24/01/2018, we are hoping to bring PvP back to life on Stormscale by actively organising weekly Rated BG, Arena and World PvP events. As Guildfounder, my current goal is to build our roster with like-minded players who enjoy winning, but know to learn and move on when losing (am I asking too much?). This is in order to jump right into the thicc of things when Battle For Azeroth is released. Please feel free to add me in-game, or message me here on the forum, or privately for more information, and let me know if I've left out any important info. Thanks, and I look forward to meeting you!Mushivag3 06 Mar
05 Mar [H] Dead Weight is recruiting! 7/11 Mythic Dead Weight [H] is a guild on the server Stormscale-EU. We recently moved from the realm Bloodhoof/Khadgar-EU to Stormscale-EU. Currently we are 7/11 Mythic and we’re going strong for achieving Cutting Edge this, and upcoming raid tiers. Our goal is to clear Mythic Antorus in this tier, so we’re only considering players that are on par or better than our top players in the guild. We strive to develop as a guild. All applicants should have a good attitude towards raiding and a good social mentality during raids in order to created a pleasant environment we can enjoy as well as being able to progress raids at a reasonable pace also you will be needed to attend the raid prepared. We expect you to min/max your character and you should be able to handle constructive criticism if/when it’s directed at you. You’ll also be required to install Discord and have a working headset and microphone and also be able to understand the English language. We raid the following days and times: (SERVER TIME) Wednesdays 20:30-23:00 Thursdays 20:30-23:00 Sundays 20:30-23:00 We are currently looking for: -Blood Death Knight -Fury/Arms Warrior -MM Hunter -Affliction Warlock -Frost/Fire Mage We are also taking exceptional players in consideration. Are you interested? Please contact Yvafourtwenty-Stormscale in-game or add Yva#21447 feel free to add any of the other officers too: -Azörius: Abobalypse#2387 -Discordiansz: Discordians#2834 -Ruxi: Miz7#2772 -Canine/Anubis/Coyote: TheKingEcho#1129 Team DWYva3 05 Mar
04 Mar Herald of the titans Forming a group for herald of the titans! Will make the run in 2 weeks as horde on Stormscale! Need everything at the moment. Add my battletag --> Adihash#2418 if you wanna come.Nickydee0 04 Mar
03 Mar WTB Ashelia's Adorned Waistguard Wtb Ashelia's Adorned Waistguard for 50k.It is a WoD boe that drops on any mob,so if you loot it while leveling/farming or if you have it in your bank lying around give me a whisper please or add me mdh#2629.Thank you !è0 03 Mar
03 Mar WTS TCG MOUNT WTS Wooly White Rhino Add me either on : Cendawyth#2175 Or on facebook : Anis Ali-khodjaKeseleth0 03 Mar
27 Feb [H]Brothers in Arms(Emeriss) recruiting for BfA Recruitment is currently open for all classes. <Brothers in Arms> is Bulgarian PvE guild established in October 2006. So far in Legion we are 7/7M, 3/3M and finished 10/10M in Nighthold as well.We are currently 9 / 11M in Antorus and recruiting Bulgarian players for Battle for Azeroth. Raid Days: Monday: 20:00-23:00 (ST) Wednesday: 20:00-23:00 (ST) Thursday: 20:00-23:00 (ST) Sunday: 20:00-23:00 (ST) Requirements: - Over 18 - Can communicate in Bulgarian - Discord/TS + microphone - 60% attendance - Former raiding experience is highly desirable We advise you to take your time in writing your application. Remember that first impression lasts. Make sure you have read the rules and policy of Brothers in Arms before you make your application. What we can offer: - A stable guild that has been raiding for 11+ years - Competitive progress with 4 raids per week - Fair leadership - no A or B teams, we don't recruit for the bench - Experienced guild management and raid leading What we are expecting from you: - Coming prepared with consumables and knowledge of the bosses you are about to face - High Motivation during progress and farm raids - Know your class and min-max your character - A "team first" attitude Attitude and commitment are the most important. We do not want people who just log on to farm raids to get loot and then disappear for progression nights! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To post an application, register to our forums at 27 Feb
27 Feb Looking for something fresh, new, exciting ??? Hello fellow WoW´ers ! My name is Näruxo (Battletag: Näruxo#2882) and I am the Guildmaster of a brand-new Horde Guild on the EU-Kazzak Server, called <HowMuchTheFish>. We just started out a few days ago, and are now happily recruiting for our Raid Roster in an effort to tackle Normal/Heroic and later Mythic, both in Legion, Battle for Azeroth, and beyond. Our raid days will be wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday - starting on 20:00 p.m each. You could be either a new player aswell, or a veteran, who took some time off of playing or someone who wanted to tone done his hardcore raiding schedule a bit. Currently recruiting all classes - this is YOUR chance ! I promise a nice guild and raiding enviroment, fair loot, and hopefully getting back all the excitement, that you felt, when you were in your first guild, ready to gear up your main for raiding or doing some M+ ! Would love to hear from you ! Sincerrely, Näruxo#2882Täntrum0 27 Feb
26 Feb Lemonade Recruiting Lemonade is a new quick-growing guild that is created by old high-end players and is now looking for players that don't have the time for a strict schedule. We're doing M+ and HC clear each week and the goal is to have a good time! Everyone is more than welcome and we will try to help each and everyone of you as much as possible! If you have any questions whisper me ingame or send me a mail!Eleanie0 26 Feb
25 Feb (EU)(Stormscale)(H) <Versatile> (EU)(Stormscale)(H) <Versatile> We’re a newly formed raiding guild looking to head into mythic Antorus as soon as possible. We’re going to start off with having 2 raids/week on Wednesdays and Sundays between 19-23 Realm Time. Our goal is to progress mythic with a semi-casual mindset, and to have a very strong start into BFA. Most players will be considered, but currently we’re in need off: -Dps, mostly ranged. -A healer or two will always do wonders -Any Exceptional players To be accepted into our core you need to be: -Reliable in terms of signups and raid attendance. -Listening -Adapting well to different situations -Making the best of yourself and your char. (Always being Ahead Of The Curve) Most raiders in the guild have 4/11 mythic XP and the officer XP is 7/11. For any inquiries, Add: Onlinegamer#2576 - Robe - GM, Devada#2446 – Detvada - Officer, or Emelie#2513 – Amicus - Officer for more info or if you have any questions!Detvadå0 25 Feb
25 Feb Guardian Druid & Holy Priest LF PvE Guild Guardian Druid 935 and 940 Holy Priest LF PvE Guild to progress content !Énd1 25 Feb
25 Feb [H] EU-Kazzak <HowMuchTheFish> LFM Hi all, <HowMuchTheFish> is a brand-new progression Guild on the EU-Kazzak Server, which aims at a semi-hardcore approach when it comes to raiding. Our goal is to eventually do Mystic and progress through BfA and beyond. To do this, we are recruiting for our 25 man Raid Roster (for Normal/Heroic). We will raid on wednesdays, thursdays, fridays, saturdays, from 20:00 CET each. Right now we are looking for the following classes to build up our Raid Roster : 1 Tank (any class) 1 Retribution Paladin 1 Havoc Demon Hunter 1 Fury Warrior 1 Feral Druic or Frost Deathknight 2 Assassination Rogue 2 Affliction Warlock 2 Mage (Frost/Fire) 2 Hunter (multi-spec) 2 Shadow Priest 1 Holy Paladin 1 Discipline Priest 1 Restoration Druid 1 Restoration Shaman We accept socials aswell !!! Additionally, we are in need of dedicated Raid Leaders/Officers. If you would like such a role, please approach me :-) Here is our website, where you can file your application : Alternatively, whisper Näruxo#2882 ingame. Cheers, Näruxo, GM of <HowMuchTheFish>Näruxom0 25 Feb
22 Feb [H] EU-Kazzak <HowMuchTheFish> semi-hardcore Hello all, <HowMuchTheFish> is a semi-hardcore progression Guild, located on Kazzak-EU server, which aims at playing at the topmost level possible in each tier, while still having fun and not totally losing out the focus on the thing called "Life". (Small Disclaimer incoming : The guild needs to be created, I am lacking three signatures on the guild charter sheet) I am actively looking for members, to begin forming a raid roster. Socials are welcome too !!! What i am looking for "character-wise" and "class-wise" : Ideally you are mature, reliable, interested in raiding in a progression guild, no matter the level (normal, hardcore, up to mythic) and willing to put in some time. I have a couple of Officer and Raid Leader spots to give away, too - practical experience in raid leading, a knack for administrative duties, good knowledge of the game and your class(es) in particular, are bonuses. Aiming at three to five raids a week, distributed among the difficulties. Class-wise, i am willing to accept all classes in the game, as we are still a couple of weeks away (at least) from being able to function as a "unit" and grab the mythic bull by the horns, so to speak. (You should know that - coming from Destiny 2, which i will leave behind in favor of WoW - i have recruited 80 members for my clan in the span of four weeks, so i am determined to make this work) Looking forward to hear from you - i am accepting players from other servers aswell, even if you cannot - for some reason - move to Kazzak-EU right now. If youre interested, contact me on battlenet (Näruxo#2882). Cheers, NäruxoNäruxo0 22 Feb
21 Feb [H] <HowMuchTheFish> and Guild Charter [H] <HowMuchTheFish> on Kazzak-EU is LF members to complete Guild Charter. We intend to form a decent Raid Group, progress as far as possible, and then concentrate on Battle for Azeroth. Message Näruxo#2882 for details.Näruxo0 21 Feb
21 Feb Nederlandstalige Guild <Adire> NEDERLANDSE PVP/PVE guild is op zoek naar getalenteerde en ervaren spelers die hun class kennen! Zoeken nog elke spec voor onze main raid groep oa Warlock, Tank & Melees! Onze progress is nu 11/11 Normal en 4/11 HC Heb je intresse of wil je meer informatie? Laat het zeker weten hier onder! [Stormscale Horde] [PVP] Zoeken nog een FC -> Demon Hunter Groetjes :)!Tressort0 21 Feb
21 Feb Looking for a fun an active guild Looking for a fun and active guild, I've just resubbed after 2 years away from wow, looking for casual RBG and Raids. Main is a Resto Druid (Learning Guardian) Levelling a rogue too.Vortarr0 21 Feb
19 Feb Antorus Mythic on Thursday 22nd. Hello Stormscale people. We are <Depeche> 5/11M currently. We will be raiding Antorus Mythic on Thursday 22nd with consecutive runs after it for progression on Sunday and Tuesday from 19:35st - 22:30st If you have an alt ready for mythic, 960 ilvl, 75+ traits, and minimum 3/11M kills progress on you, feel free to join our Discord and let us know you're coming with a Warcraftlogs link to the character you are coming on. Right now there are 5 Spots available. 1 Healer, 4 DPS. I can promise that 5 mythic kills will be ez mode and quick. We are progressing Imonar right now,best try 35% :) If you'd rather talk ingame before or have any questions, you can ask here, or via Bnet: Afterspace#1547 Kayoxie#2746Dèxterr0 19 Feb
19 Feb [H]<Rat Pack> 5/11 M Recruiting Are you looking for a friendly environment that is going to help you kill the next boss on your list ? Are you looking for a place to compete with same minded players towards the same goal ? Are you looking for pushing higher keys with a team of dedicated players ? Then search no more . <Rat Pack> is the place for you . We are a guild aiming to clear each tier of progress in a pace that befits players with real life and real issues . What we are offering you is a friendly environment with a focus on efficient raiding . A fair chance to a raid spot and a lot of mythic + , if you are into that . What we expect from you : - Be mythic ready ( gear at least 955 with 75 traits ) - Be friendly and open to criticism , to help you ( and us ) improve . - Be able to attend at least 80% of the raids . We are raiding Wed - Thu - Mon from 20:00 to 23:00 ( invites start 15 mins earlier). We are currently looking for a resto Druid and a few Dps , be it ranged or melee . For more information contact Mikururu / Marko / Faroth on whispers . Or Realid Tsila#2404 & Thomsne#2429Mikururu2 19 Feb
18 Feb <Not toxic btw> 5/11M Stormscale <Not toxic btw> 5/11M is now recruiting motivated individuals who want to take a semi-hardcore approach to Antorus. About us <Not toxic btw> was made at the end of December and is a guild consisting of the highest RBG/Arena players that wanted to experience PVE for the first time this expansion, but didn't want to look and apply for new guilds in teams where they didn't know anybody. We started the tier pretty late, didn't have the proper legendaries and raiding in PVP gear, but after a month or so the weak people who couldn't handle the commitment and effort into gearing/attending raids are gone and the players who are still raiding are the guys that are determined to progress and push themselves abit more. Why us? We are not a guild that turns up to the raid 3 times a week. We are ALWAYS doing something, if its not raiding, its RBG, Mythic Plus, 2s, 3s, roleplaying in goldshire, you name it, there is always people on Teamspeak to socialise with. Requirements 11/11HC - Mythic Kills are much more likely to be approved, but not mandatory to join. 955+ preferred with BiS legos Not to be sensitive, there will be jokes and banter thrown around all the time, you need to have a sense of humour to survive! If you are still interested after this, feel free to add us to talk more. Killy#21464 - GM Boomex#21902 - OfficerKillyx1 18 Feb
17 Feb LFM Consistent M+ group, looking to push past 20+ Greetings! We're a group of four players; A tank, a Healer and a Mage/WW, looking to get one or two more people joining to form a consistent M+ group for pushing high keys. We're all sitting at 2k+ score on, but feel fairly down about most of our runs being butchered by randoms who either ragequit on wipes, contribute with little to nothing, or all out cause us to chain wipe. With the gear inflation, our best bet is to go by recorded scores, though we've seen that to fall short too, time and time again. As such, I figured I'd give the forum a shot, to see if we could find another DPS or two amongst you potential readers, and resolve our pug situation to push for keys we find challenging for the right reasons. What we're looking for: We're looking for a consistent player, both in terms of performance and schedule. That is to say, that you don't just log in once a week, but is fairly accessible and enjoy doing this kind of content. As we're looking to push high keys and at least as a starting goal clear +20 in every dungeon before moving on from there, we expect you to have similar ambitions. While it should go without saying, I'll say it anyway. You need to understand your spec(s), the encounters (and trash in between them) and the affixes. You'll need to be geared enough for the content, but most importantly, having the common sense to not cause wipes left and right, make good use of interrupts, etc. Lastly, we're typically on voice comm. We don't by any means think it's a must for +15 range keys and such, as we're currently doing with randoms, however it's so much easier to address errors as they occur - or better yet, before! - when everyone are talking. Besides that, the atmosphere is great and we'd be happy to welcome a new friend or two to join us for our M+ shenanigans and everything else we might be up to. If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, feel free to leave a response either here, or contact me in-game through Aldorin#2812. Thanks for reading!Harbinger1 17 Feb
16 Feb [H] LF PvP / PvE guild Greetings. My name is Peter. Due to recent events my old guild is no longer active and I'm looking for a new home for some of my characters. Déathscream - Arms warr - 953 ilvl 76 traits Furiataurus - Vengeance DH - 951 ilvl 76 traits Inbound - Resto Druid - 950 ilvl 74 traitsDéathscream0 16 Feb
11 Feb Guardian 965 LF Guild Helo there guys again. So here we are again, I am looking for PVE guild with goal of Progressing Mythic. I dont have problém with starting with 0/11 Mythic since as you can see I am 0/11 M as Well. I would love some social guild with Discord ready, ppl who are doing keys as well and 3 raiding days would be awesome. I also have some alts which can be used. Affli lock, Holý Paladin, Holý Priest and gearing my Blood DK. My goal tho is to raid with my main Dudu Tank :) Hope to find some nice groop of people here on Stormscale so let mě know if you are interested guys :) TicTac#21383 for quicker com :)Ekkyee8 11 Feb
11 Feb <Depeche> Push for Cutting Edge. <DEPECHE> is pushing for Cutting Edge before BfA release ... Trial recruit spots open Contact us on Bnet Afterspace#1547 Kayoxie#2746Dèxterr0 11 Feb
08 Feb <Dankstorm> | 3/11 M Antorus | Recruiting all classes <Dankstorm> is a Horde PvE Guild located on Stormscale-EU recruiting dedicated and knowledgeable players to progress into Antorus the Burning Throne Our main goal is to fill out our raid team for Mythic progress, we currently have a core of very skilled players but were still lacking a few strong additions. We are mainly in need RDPS for our Mythic roster. Don't worry though, if you feel that you are an exceptional player, we would gladly have you onboard. You will be a good fit in Dankstorm if you: Are looking for a guild to push you to the edge of your capabilities Are looking for a competitive guild with room for selv improvement Are looking for community with a good social atmosphere During progress we raid: Wednesday (19:45-23:00) Thursday (19:45-23:00) Monday (19:45-23:00) *Boss pull at 20:00 If you have any questions or need any additional information, contact Swipe via whisper or add Swipe#2526 to your battle.netSwipe0 08 Feb
08 Feb [H]Mystic Raiders (On Kazzak!) We need all classes/roles atm, 1 tank, 1 healer and a few dps to continue in mythic progress We are now a full english speaking guild(previously swedish) Who are we? Mystic raiders is a newly(couple of weeks before Antorus) casual/semi-hardcore guild on kazzak. Our goal is to down every single mythic boss before the next expansion comes! Raiding days: -Wednesday 18.00-21.00 Server time -Thursday 18.00-21.00 Server time -Might add sunday/monday for an alt raid if people are interested What we look for in you! -Because we only raid 2 days a week we require near 100% attendance on raids -75 traits in your main weapon -11/11 Heroic antorus, can make exceptions here if you have previous raiding experience -Come to the raid prepared with knowledge about the bosses, flask, food and runes -You should know your class very well, like what talents/legendaries to use on what fights and so on. -Addons: RcLootCouncil, Exorsus Raid Tools Loot System We have a Loot Council that consists of 3 officers and 2 lootcouncil members Contact Ask for an officer ingame or add paddy#2713Paddywan1 08 Feb
08 Feb [A] Any Alliance PvP guild at Stormscale? Playing holy priest, casual BG\Arenas player Ready to communicate via Discord.Nåomi0 08 Feb
06 Feb Recruitment New formed guild lf people to join for chill raids and mythic plus runs .Everybody welcome .Raiding days wednesday @20:00 server time plus an other scheduled day !Shazane0 06 Feb
31 Jan LF TWINK BOOST 102-110 LF TWINK BOOST 102-110 Add me drtyk#2572Manonfirè0 31 Jan
31 Jan LF twink boost Lf twink booster 102-110! Pst me ingame at devada#2446Detvadå3 31 Jan
29 Jan [H] Sellrun Herald of the Titans Hello friends We, WotlK United, are selling the title „Herald of the Titans“ on Horde and Alliance side. For this feat of strenght/achievment u need to kill „Algalon the observer“ on 10-player mode with level 80. Also there is an itemlevel restriction to max 226 and weapons 232. So as a result you need a lvl 80 character to do this. Gear isn‘t needed because we‘re killing the boss for you. After the kill, you‘ll recieve the feat of strenght „Herald of the Titans“ and the title aswell. This title is accountwide for all characters above level 80. Our group is an experienced boosting group and started boosting Challenge Modes and Raids back in "MoP". Today we specialize ourself in "Herald of The Titans", because there are so many groups selling Mythic+ and Raids that aren't really special. FAQ: Prices: → All german realms: 100.000 Gold → Argent Dawn, Silvermoon, Quel‘thalas, Kazzak, Twisting Nether -EU: 100.000 Gold → All other EU realms 150.000 Gold Our service: → Fast boost (10-15 min) → Going AFK infight possible What do you get? → The feat of strenght: „Herald of the Titans“ → The title „Herald of the Titans“ Procedure → Whisper me ingame: Issra (Argent Dawn-EU alliance)/ Wînters (Blackmoore-EU alliance) or add me on Winters#2786 → Date finding → 50% party payment → Get boosted → Pay the rest With best regards. Wînters For questions, just contact me.Wìnters2 29 Jan
29 Jan Want to join a very social PvE and PvP guild? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EDIT: Building a community is paramount for me, and therefore the guild is taking a large recruitment break. I will be posting on here again once we're looking to bring some new people into the family :D Cordial- 'warm and friendly'- creating the right type of atmosphere we believe makes a great guild. Hi! My name is Rebecca and I am the GM of the guild Cordial on Stormscale. A little bit about me- I was an officer in a guild previously and have both raiding and PvP experience but decided I wanted to build a community of people where being social was right at the very core. I'm really about the 'casual' WoW experience, however I truly believe that if you have a group of like-minded individuals, you end up progressing in content quickly anyway. So, I set up 'Cordial' and let me tell you a little bit about what we're about: - We're about a community of friends, playing all kinds of content and games together. We're not limited to WoW, we hang out in discord and play a bunch of games- HoTS, Hearthstone, Diablo, League. Within WoW, we do PvE (raids, mythic keystones, quests) as well as PvP (BGs, Arenas) and we just switch and swap according to what people wanna do and are feeling! - We are definitely casual in our mindset. We clear raid content (Normal, Heroic, Mythic (hopefully!)) but we do so with the idea that if you can't make it, that is no problem at all. It means sometimes we have to fill with PUGs, but it keeps everyone relaxed and means you do what you need to do, when you need to do it. We just set events and you sign up- simple. - We are all on a level playing field. We don't have any officers actually, just me as GM at the moment. And honestly, all I do is put events together and make sure you have food and flasks from the guild fund for our content runs, as well as recruiting and hanging out- nothing more. If you wanna run a raid one day- go for it. It's the perfect opportunity for you to join us if you want to be part of something where you have the opportunity just to try stuff- no pressure at all. And, what I've found from the above is that you end up with such a solid set of friends who like to do all kinds of things- and the level of respect makes everything so much easier. I take my time with the recruitment stage, as getting the right people in the guild is absolutely paramount for us. So, if you want to be part of our community, please add me on Battlenet (Bexsie#2588) and I'll be more than happy to chat with you. Take care of yourselves :) Rebecca Cordial- 'A pleasant-tasting medicine'- even when it gets tough, we're here to make it better again. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Bexey47 29 Jan
29 Jan Blood elf DK looking for a guild Hi, I main a death knight and used to do lots of PVP and WPVP back in WoD with my guild, unfortunately my guild has slowly ceased to exist over time and now we're lucky to have 3/4 members on at any one time. So my question is, is there another guild out there that could give me a sense of community again while we absolutely smash the alliance where it hurts? my guild used to have weekly events and i got to know a bunch of great people through it. I want that again, I feel like i'll truly enjoy WoW again if I can find a guild that fits the bill. Cheers and i hope you guys can recommend a guild for me :PAshmaker0 29 Jan
29 Jan Havoc DH looking for m+ guild Hello, Yes currently i am on alliance, but if i find what i am looking for then i will transfer with no problem on horde side :) So what am i looking for? At the moment my life doesnt let me to be mythic raider, so i started enjoy in higher lvl keystones. My currently score is arround 2.2k, but i want to improve it with a premade ofcourse. So i am looking for nice PvE guild on horde side, who push mythic keystones, do some raids, and to have fun at its best. I am nice english speaking person (with russian accent :D), who doesnt wants drama, who loves playing wow and enjoys in it every minute. If u guys seeking for a nice DPS, then i think i am the right choice for you :) Please let me know! GreetingsAmamon1 29 Jan
29 Jan [H] Resto druid LF pve guild Hello, I've played wow for over the years but stopped for the last few months because of work. Now i have time to play again, and leveled a druid. I did heroic Nighthold on my Holy priest but i don't like priest healing anymore. Dinged last week 110 and ilvl 921 now. I'm looking for a active raiding guild to do normal, heroic and maybe eventually mythic Antorus. I also like doing mythic+. CheersUbear1 29 Jan
29 Jan <Mystic Raiders> På KAZZAK 2/11M söker dps! Vi är i STORT behov av alla dps klasser just nu! Vilka är vi? Mystic raiders är casual/semi-hardcore guild som är en relativt nystartad guild på kazzak. Vi startade guilden några veckor innnan releasen av Antorus och vårat mål är att få ner alla bossar i mythic innan nästa expansion kommer. Vi är ett trevligt gäng som gör nästan allt tillsammans, mythic +. PvP, lirar på alts och annat. Raiddagar? -Onsdag 18.00-21.00 -Torsdag 18.00-21.00 -Kanske slänger in en raid söndag/måndag vid intresse eller kanske något alt-run om folk är intresserade Vad kräver vi av dig? Eftersom vi bara raidar 2 dagar kräver vi 100% närvaro på raids 75 traits i ditt vapen 11/11 Heroic i Antorus, kan göra undantag om du har tidigare raiderfarenhet Komma till raid påläst om fightsen, ha med flask, pot, mat etc. Goda kunskaper om din klass, veta vilka legendaries som är bäst till vilka fights, talents, rotation osv. Addons: RcLootCouncil, Exorsus Raid Tools Lootsystem Vi använder oss utav lootcouncil, där vi är 5 officers / lootcouncil medlemmar som röstar. Kontakt Adda paddy#2713 eller gå in på För applyPaddywan1 29 Jan
29 Jan Outland is now Linked to Stormscale I have noticed a drastic increase in alliance peeps in all areas. Never did I suffer so much to get dailies done as post the legion pre-patch and it seems to be due to blizzard linking the mostly Horde realm Stormscale with the mostly Alliance realm Outland. What are your views on this and it's impact you think? From my end I don't mind more alliance, but in most cases so far, alliance have far more numbers than the horde and are making it hard to do anything.Turvak14 29 Jan
28 Jan LF Social, Active, Populated Guild Afternoon, I'm looking for an active and social leveling guild, will be taking this character to end game and will want to do guild dungeon runs and PVP etc. I have a 110 demon Hunter, end game experience with several other classes on other realms etc. Want to mainly DPS but could tank or heal. From UK, work shifts so play all sorts of times. MrHammondsBonsai0 28 Jan
25 Jan Seraphim vs Kin'Garoth mythic Good luck watching this fiesta:íll0 25 Jan