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11h [A] <Classified>, 8/11M Weekend PvE Guild (2days/week) Classified as a guild has been around on Silvermoon for more than 5 years. The founders of the guild, have played on Silvermoon for more than 10 years. After a break we are now returning and reforming the guild. The leaders of the guild are longtime heroic/mythic raiders (currently 11/11 Mythic ABT) and have previously led Guilds, Weekly groups and Alt groups with great succes, both on this server and others. We are looking to build a solid raidteam for the coming expansion. This post will mainly focus on recruitment for our raidteam, however casual/social players who enjoy casual raiding/mythic+/PvP/PvE or just to hang out in guildchat are very welcome aswell, just whisper a member of the guild for invite :) Raidteam: We are looking for players to build a strong team before next expansion, while in the process of doing so, we will of course aim to clear remaining content of the current one. We are fairly serious when it comes to raiding, due to limited raidtime. We only raid 8 hours a week. This means people who join are there to raid and not afk'ing around wasting other peoples time. We only have those 8 hours to get stuff done. Goal: Our goal is mythic raiding and clearing current content. Our longterm goal is to build a strong team for next expansion and become the best 2 days/week guild on Silvermoon. Raidtime: Friday: 20.00 - 00.00. (4 hours) Saturday: 20.00 - 00.00. (4 hours) Might be some optional raids during the week aswell. Current Progress: 8/11 Mythic ABT Recruiting: Healer (Pala preferred) Dps (Both Range and Melee welcome) Awesome applicants always welcome :) What we expect from you: Knowledge of your class/spec. Knowledge of the current content (This means researching tactics beforehand). Optimizing your character (Enchants/Gems/Flask/Food/Potions ect.). Decent attendance. Use of voice communication and able to understand/speak English (Discord). That you are 18+ years old. What can we offer you: Foundation of veteran players, with many years of heroic/mythic raiding. A relaxed raiding environment where we can talk and have fun, while raiding on a semi serious level. People who are like-minded (As in wanting to clear content). Hopefully to come a social environment in the guild, where we hang out, help eachother, play other games ect. As we are building a new team pretty much from scratch, a lot of trials will be tested in the beginning to get a good team going (Also dont expect to be doing mythic the first week!). You can also apply to become Officer or Raidleader, but this comes with huge responsibility. We will be very picky on these, so this is only if it is something you are talented at, as we dont have any problem doing these jobs ourselves. Just mention it in your apply. Apply: Mail your apply to: or contact us ingame. Include relevant information in your apply (Like yourself, character, raidhistory, logs ect.) You will get a response when the Officers have come to a decision on your apply. If you have any questions or would like more information feel free to contact us ingame. Thanks for reading. Officers of Classified. Bondë - Btag: Bonde#2731 Xevustronk HappydacksBondë59 11h
19h Simple questions, community. Hello, I'm gonna transfer 1-2 characters of mine to Silvermoon since I'm tired of playing solo at Darksorrow after my friends quit and the emptiness in the capital cities. I just wanted to ask how the community and A-H is at this realm? I'd love to start raiding since I've heard there's plentiful guilds for progress and casual guilds. Is it worth it? I can understand the queue times will be high at times but I can manage with that. Hopefully the majority isn't toxic but it all depends with which people it is I presume. Thanks in advance, PelumbrekDeliriuma2 19h
20h >>Ancient Tempest<< Mythic Raiding 11/11M Antorus Ancient Tempest is 3 days raiding guild on EU-Silvermoon that is competing for mythic progression on the server. Many of our raiders have raided in high-end raiding environment in the previous expansions as well. We are looking to compete with less hours and friendly environment to the top of the charts, however that does not mean we do not take seriously our raid time investment or preparations. WoWProgress: Our goal as a guild is to have a continuous and stable raid progress on the high-end spectrum of raiding. Raid Times: (server times) --Wednesday 20-23 --Thursday 20-23 --Monday 20-23 What we expect from you: --A mature player in attitude --Stable internet connection --Looking for a ways to improve your performance as player --Able to commit to our raiding schedule --Decent understanding of spoken and written English --Able to accept criticism as harsh as it may seem --Highly motivated to play WoW and do well continuously, if you plan on quitting anytime soon do not bother applying. --Not be too serious of a character and can take light heart jokes What we offer: --A stable and ever growing guild --A chance to raid in high-end structure --A group of dedicated progression driven players Loot Distribution: We are distributing the loot via Loot Council which is fair and considerate towards the raid members and trials as well. For Contacts: MakiShinichi#1239(recruiting officer) Rohn#2329(raid leader) sumo#1468(healing officer) emlydrlng#2438(social officer) Causamortis#2960(veteran member)Kastarko15 20h
21h [A] Paragons of Asgard recruiting Freshly made guild Paragons of Asgard is looking for members to fill our ranks. We are a chill guild looking to just have fun with the game. We aim to be a 2-3 raiding guild doing atleast HC and possibly mythic, while also doing some occasional Arena/RBG and Mythic+ for banter. Come talk to us ingame and lets have a chat and see if you fit into our family. Catch us on Btag Lundberg#21196 Awaith#2512Lundberg0 21h
1d [A] <Tranquil Mind> - 1 Day Heroic Raiding Guild About Tranquil Mind is a mature and friendly guild with a relaxed and positive atmosphere. A guild formed of like-minded people who love the game and everything it has to offer but who also have work, studies and/or family commitments. To support this, one of the aspects that sets us apart from other guilds is that we only raid one night a week currently. To us, having less time doesn't mean less focus, we're still clearing content up to and including heroic level. We're not all about the raiding either, we're looking for players who enjoy all the game has to offer, including weekly regular mythic+ runs on mondays and other group content. Your attitude and love of the game are more important to us than your gear and elite DPS logs. We love World of Warcraft and want to play with others who feel the same. Recruitment We are currently recruiting to increase our raid size and to look for new members to accompany us into Battle for Azeroth when the time comes. For current content we are looking for the following classes and specs: Tanks Full. However, tanks with an alternative DPS spec are welcome. Healers All healer classes are welcome to join! DPS All DPS classes are welcome to join! We're always looking for great players, so if you feel that you're a good fit for us please get in touch even if your class isn't listed. Raiding is not mandatory, so if you want to join to only be a part of the social community of the guild, you are more than welcome as well. Current Raid Times Fridays 20:45-00:00 server time. Raid attendance - If you have signed up for the raid, be on time, come prepared with consumables and know your tactics. We understand that real life comes first so missing the odd raid isn't an issue as long as you let us know what's going on. What we expect * Be a part of our community - Join in and group up as often as possible * Know your class - Be prepared to learn and improve to do your best * Communication - Be able and ready to join our Discord server * Positive attitude - Treat each other with respect Contact us Any questions or requests to join can be directed to: Vizzie (Ice#23651) Ceare (Ceare#2353)Vizzie7 1d
1d <PPC> (11/11HC) is recruiting for mythic progress! Are you a prospective raider looking to join a core raid team? Do you want to enjoy raiding without the hardcore hassle tied to it? Do you enjoy egg puns and A+ banter? If you’re still with me then you might be a great fit for the Pyscho Pink Chihuahua raiding team! We are a newly created casual raiding guild looking to expand our raid team to continue raiding Antorus. We recently migrated from a different guild so we could focus on mythic. The main goal is to get a core raiding team together for Battle for Azeroth and do some mythic progress. Our current raiders are 11/11 HC. We’re quite the laid-back group, so if you join us you can expect a lot of jokes (with the occasional roast) during raid time, and a relaxed environment that doesn’t rage out on people for making mistakes. Although, this does not mean we don’t take the raid seriously, as our aim is to clear the raid in one evening. We also enjoy doing mythic+, old raids for transmog, and the occasional PvP. We are also accepting any socials who wish to join. Currently we only have DPS slots open, however we are glad to speak to any class or spec that wishes to join. Having prior raiding experience is seen as an asset, however it is not a requirement, all we ask is that you know tactics and listen to the raid leader. Raid time: Wednesday 19:45 - 23:00 Realm time. Heroic Antorus run - or Mythic once we get a team together We are currently discussing which day to be put as the 2nd day, it's Sunday for now. Currently recruiting: - Restoration Shaman - High Priority - Holy Priest or Mistweaver Monk - Mage - High Priority - Hunter - Frost DK We will also consider other classes. Our goals: Our main focus is to clear heroic content for every new raid that comes out. Once we get a core team together we do plan on trying out mythic, just for fun! What we expect from you: If you plan to raid heroic, have at least 940 ilvl on the spec you plan to raid as. For normal we ask for 930 ilvl. Know tactics! If you have never raided in Antorus before, please look up some video guides or text guides before coming into the raid. This makes it easier for us to know that you understand what abilities are called and what they do. Know your class. Bring any pots, flasks, consumables and runes that you need. Have discord. Please be over 18. As a raider we expect you to at least come to most of the raids. We understand that people don't just play wow all day and things can come up, but let us know beforehand if that’s the case. And that’s about it for what we require from you! Again, you don’t have to have any prior raiding experience. However, for heroic raids we do like it if you have at least done normal. If you have any questions please contact me in game, on Battlenet at Candycorn#2408 or discord at Candycorn#6356. Don’t hesitate to ask, there are no stupid questions (unless you ask me if water is wet, then I might have to school you).Athara0 1d
1d Eat The Stacks - recruiting! <Eat The Stacks> is a new all purpose guild founded by a group of fun loving individuals. We're seeking like-minded players who have the desire to play the game at a casual progression level all the while experiencing a joyous ride! Anyone is welcome! One of our main requirements is that you play to enjoy the game and not bring any negativity with you. We aim to offer: - Raid progression (very soon) - Mythic plus (aim for 15s but can push if group is able) - Group levelling - PvP (though most of us are novices xD) - Social games and scenarios - An active voice channel for your social cravings - A learner-friendly environment As a new guild we will obviously face some difficulty with arranging events to begin with. However, we will aim to do our best to keep regular with what we have so that our members have something to get involved in. Being social oriented we do hope that players make use of our discord and engage in delightful conversations with each other. If you think this is a guild environment you would feel comfortable in then get in touch. :) B-tag Tibbity#2707Rilym1 1d
1d <Anathema> (10/11M Antorus ) Recruiting ! Mature Mythic raiding guild, One of the oldest guilds on Silvermoon transferred from Terenas in 2008, we are a 18+ years old guild to maintain a common state of mind. Raid Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 20:15-23:30 (8.15pm-11.30pm) What we expect of you: - 100% attendance, and giving us notice when something special pops up - Know your class and all your specs inside out - Be a mature respectful social team player - Don't worry about loot trust us to be fair - Know how to have fun - [b930+ Item Level and Mythic experience in this tier ![/b] - We do give chances for players who see potential in, and doesn't meet the official requirements, but you'll have to try and convince us you have it. What you can expect from us: - Good progress - Experienced raid leading - Fun casual atmosphere raiding - Maintain an active real life while seeing end game content Recruitment Please visit our website to see the current openings Invites start at 20:15 (8:15pm) "server time" which means CET. If you have any questions feel free to contact us in game: Nir Peritus Jeniawarlord Numzen For Recruitment information or application sign-up visit our website : 1d
1d LF Disc Priest/Ranged dps Geometry 9/11m Hi, As the title suggests we are looking for a Ranged Dps preferably with os heals. We are 9/11m progress and looking to push more in coming weeks, We raid mon/wed/thurs 19:45 > 23:00 ST About us <Geometry> was born on the 29th of January 2018. The core of the guild comes from Frostmane EU in the guild Enigmatic. We all decided to transfer to Silvermoon due to being on a dead realm made recruiting very challenging. Why join us? <Geometry> can provide you with: A serious yet fun raiding experience (We take raiding seriously) Free raid materials (Flasks, Food, Pots etc...) A committed raiding team Mega bants and dank memes A friendly social space where you can make friends What do we require from you? A serious and committed attitude to raiding (We have a no tolerance policy to toxicity) Be able to attend at least 85% of our raids You know your class to a very high level and keep you self up to date Come prepared for raids (Don't expect to turn up not knowing what's going on) Sign up to all calendar events and post in the AFK channel in discord if you cannot make a raid Have a working microphone Raiding Schedule <Geometry> currently raid on: Monday Wednesday Thursday 20:00-23:00ST Invites go out at 19:45 To apply, please visit: Any questions? Feel free to add me on battletag: Boddhisatva#21675 or catch me online if you can.. patchesu-silvermoon dalaifarmer-silvermoonDalaifarmer0 1d
1d alliance BfA Hi Silvermoon, i used to place ally when i started in wrath but moved to horde toward the end with a friend (currently i play on a low pop horde realm). i was looking to come back to alliance for BfA as i love the look of Tiragarde Sound! my old realm Blade's edge is pretty much dead so was looking for a new home, i just wondered what it's like over here on Silvermoon?. Being the biggest ally pop i'm looking forward to going through all the old zones and seeing other players out in the world, thank youSylâr0 1d
2d Veterans! we need you Hi there! Veterans is the name of the guild by the way and we have been around for 11 years!! How I here you say, well its down to a lot of arguments, disagreements and a mature outlook on wow. Its a game that we all enjoy, we disagree but we have far more fun. I would love to bore you all with the typical "join us in mythic farm progress!! looking for all!!" but we are just not that guild. If you are looking for somewhere to make friends and progress Heroic at the same time as ripping the @*$% out of each other then we are the place for you. come and make your wow experience great again!! (apologies for the trump reference) contact Grukthor#1460 Thanks for readingKellaar0 2d
2d Mythic Raider Looking for guild. Hi Guys, I am currently putting the feelers out as I am looking for a mythic raiding guild. I am very social and not shy spend most of my time on comms talking to other players and helping with M+ and in any other way that I can. I currently have 4 geared characters. My Characters are as follows. 972 guardian Druidéàrgrylls 972 Holy Priest - I am currently Gearing. 966 Brewmaster Monkówjâb 960 Fire Mage What type of guild am I looking for? I am looking for a guild I can call home my guild before last I was in for 12 years. So I want to find another guild I can be for as long, I want a guild I can have some good banter in and is not afraid to tell others when they make a mistake. I want to push hard and clear content while its relevant. I am defo up for transfering but it must be on a high population server. The server I am currently on is dead and I dont want to stay on a server like that any more. I am not looking for a guild that is struggling for numbers to do mythic if this is you please do not contact me and I will ask to see your guild logs to prove you are raiding mythic each week. I am very talkative as ive already said so hit me up on discord or battle net and we can have a chat. Raid Times I currently raid these times & days, I would like to keep this the same if possible but I am a little flexible as long as its in the evenings. Wednesday: 20:00 – 23:00 Server Time Thursday: 20:30 – 23:00 Server Time Sunday: 20:00 – 23:00 Server Time Monday: 20:00 – 23:00 Server Time As a side note as my job I work in website design so I have built and hosted my last two guild websites: Battle Net: majordefect#2451 Discord: MageTank#8560Béàrgrylls0 2d
2d Recruiting dps - Geometry 8/11m Hi, As the title suggests we are looking for Ranged dps, although exceptional melee will also be considered. We are 8/11m progress and looking to push more in coming weeks, We raid mon/wed/thurs 19:45 > 23:00 ST About us <Geometry> was born on the 29th of January 2018. The core of the guild comes from Frostmane EU in the guild Enigmatic. We all decided to transfer to Silvermoon due to being on a dead realm made recruiting very challenging. Why join us? <Geometry> can provide you with: A serious yet fun raiding experience (We take raiding seriously) Free raid materials (Flasks, Food, Pots etc...) A committed raiding team Mega bants and dank memes A friendly social space where you can make friends What do we require from you? A serious and committed attitude to raiding (We have a no tolerance policy to toxicity) Be able to attend at least 85% of our raids You know your class to a very high level and keep you self up to date Come prepared for raids (Don't expect to turn up not knowing what's going on) Sign up to all calendar events and post in the AFK channel in discord if you cannot make a raid Have a working microphone Raiding Schedule <Geometry> currently raid on: Monday Wednesday Thursday 20:00-23:00ST Invites go out at 19:45 To apply, please visit: Any questions? Feel free to add me on battletag: Boddhisatva#21675 or catch me online if you can.. patchesu-silvermoon dalaifarmer-silvermoonDalaifarmer41 2d
2d "The Chosen" Boost (Silvermoon) Any guild boosting for the "Chosen" achievement ? ThanksBaltic1 2d
2d <Celerity> 4/11M is recruiting all exceptional players Hello reader, We are <Celerity>, a raiding guild on the Silvermoon server. We're a relatively new guild, started in the beginning of May 2018. However, the founders of this guild have experience in World of Warcraft, dating back to the days of Molten Core in the original game. <Celerity> is created by a group of close in-game friends coming from the same background: a Mythic guild (4/11 M AtBT) created mid-Legion which collapsed under the pressure of conflicting interests, elitism and anti-social behavior in general. This brings me immediately to the philosophy of what <Celerity> stands for: No-nonsense, we're a PvE orientated guild with Cutting Edge ambition. Communication and transparency; you may expect from us that we share insights and reasoning, we expect from you to be open to constructive criticism (both ways, voice your opinion/insight!) and that you can put under words how you enhance the class (and spec) you play and why. We raid 3 nights a week: Monday 19:30 - 22:30 Wednesday 19:30 - 22:30 Thursday 19:30 - 22:30 Besides the above mentioned philosophy of the guild we are progress minded players. As a result, we like our potential recruits to: - Have passion for the game and raiding in general: Come prepared, be interested in tactics, think together how we can/could improve as a collective. - Competent in communicating: Can't make a raid? No problem! Inform the officers in advance tho (preferably 2 days before a raid)! We have our own Discord server and we set up raids using the in-game calendar: Accept or decline these invites so we know what we're facing on raid days. Something happening IRL on the spot? No problem, use your discord app to leave a message via your phone. - Character optimization: Gemmed and enchanted characters only WITH 75 traits in your weapon for your raiding spec! Also, due to the nature of our raids and our future mythic prospect, be around 960 item-level. Experience in raiding (contemporary content is a must, previous content is a pré) and showing up for the raids at 19:15, prepared is a must! Note: We encourage everyone to approach us, even if your class/spec isn't represented by our recruitment status. Ultimately we'd love our recruits to, naturally, be in the guild together with all of us on the Silvermoon server. We do also understand that a price-tag of €55 (in the worst case) is not something that we can automatically demand from everyone. For this reason we propose the following to all our new recruits: We will invite you to join one or two of our Heroic/Mythic-crossrealm runs and we will invite you to our Discord so that you yourself can decide if we are the group of people/guild for you. Additionally you can also join a M+ run we tend to run often. This way you don't have to immediately make the decision to transfer and/or faction change! To conclude. Should you be interested in our guild/community feel free to comment on this post below (this thread is being checked regularly), contact us via battle-net/in-game and apply via You can also contact one of our officers in-game: Officers Sish: Sish#21795 Anunit: Limir#2964 Månepigenqtx: Bøllebob#2935 Quickdab: Znoopy#2515 We hope that we've caught your attention, because we would love to hear from YOU!Anunith0 2d
3d Magyar guild - Hungarian guild Sziasztok! Lehetőleg Silvermoon realmen (nem gond ha nem ott), magyar guildet keresnék. Nem vagyok teljesen kezdő, pár hónapot játszottam tört szerveren. Human mage karaktert vinnék, raidekre, dungeonokra, és minden egyébre nyitott vagyok, tanácsot elfogadom.:) Ha tudtok ilyet, kérlek jelezzetek! ^^ Köszönöm! ^^ Hey guys! I just now joined (2 weeks ago) to the original WoW, but I played since 4 month in an unofficial server (I'm not fully starter) I would like to get a HUNGARIAN guild. If it's possible, at Silvermoon realm, but that's not a problem if there's somewhere else. I would like to play as a Human Mage, I'm open for raids, dungeons, and others, I can handle advices. If you can help me, please comment! Thanks! ^^Rienyan0 3d
3d [A] <Fury of Redemption> Recruiting! :) Hi everyone, Fury of Redemption is seeking some extra, skilled raiders to join our friendly guild. We were formed in 2007 and are looking to add to our raiding team by finding players with a similar mindset to us regarding how we see the game and what we want from this expansion and future ones. We are looking to increase our numbers for Battle for Azeroth so that we can enjoy leveling and playing together and hit the ground running with the new expansions raids. In previous expansions we were successful with end-game raiding but after 'The Burning Crusade' settled happily with a core team of 13-15 people. When Mythic-20 was introduced we expanded and were successful with Mythic progression. In Legion however we have made the decision not to pursue Mythic raiding because of the strains of needing a solid 20 we experienced in the last expansion sapping the fun for us...and after all we play the game to have fun and we maintain that standpoint. We now have a fun smaller, skilled group and until we have gradually grown enough to 'perhaps' consider it realistically, we are not aiming for Mythic, only Heroic whilst enjoying ourselves and having fun. That said we still have a high standard for applicants because we want everyone to be of a similar skill level to avoid frustrations for all. We are looking for skilled and reliable members that take pride in their class and strive to be the best they can - whilst maintaining a relaxed and fun attitude towards raiding. Loyalty and willingness to make friends is also a pre-requisite to joining our small and social group. We require our raiders to know their class inside out and have a strong knowledge of game mechanics in order to be able to give their best performance while not taking that dreaded avoidable damage. What we can offer to you is a strong and reliable Guild and team that has weathered every expansion to date. Good and funny people from all over Europe who help each other and play together and who are willing to welcome new members. Raiders who take pride in their class and performing well. A raiding team that, for the most part has played together for a number of years. We are looking especially for Healers and DPS at the moment, able to make room for all clases besides monk. We are a more mature guild so require our raiders to be 21+. We raid Wednesdays and Mondays 19:45-23:00 game time, run M+ weekly and have occasional casual alt raids. For more information about us, please visit or whisper Asta#2730 for a chat or with any questions. Thanks for taking the time to read and if we are not for you, the very best of luck in finding an 'in game home'!Astarriassa10 3d
3d <Concerted> 8/11M ATBT LF Range Dps and a possible Tank Hello everyone, As the title says we are a guild located on Silvermoon EU. We have lots of experience in raiding going back all the way to wotlk, We achieved 7/7M EN before NH was released and aiming to get as far as possible into ATBT Mythic as we can and same with future raids aswell. Bit about our raids: We like to push ourself but at a steady pace enjoying the content as we go, we dont race against other guilds and just want to kill bosses and enjoy the company of fellow raid team members. We dont do split runs as we know a lot of people got real lifes and just dont have time for that, all we require is one char up to mythic standard, fully enchanted and always prepared for raids. We are currently recruiting a holy paladin or Holy priest ( be good if got offspec dps) and two dps ( any except hunters) To push as far into mythic ToS but to enable a strong core team for Antorus. Our raiding days are: Thursdays 7.45 - 10.45 - Heroic Farm Sundays 7.45 - 10.45 - Progression Mondays 7.45 - 10.45 - Progession As loot goes we expect everyone to know whats an actual upgrade for them, We are using RClootcouncil to decide who gets the loot that is dropped, to make it as fair as possible for everyone. We also encourage everyone to do mythic + outside of raids, either with guildies or themself as it can give good items and decent AP. If this got your interest or you have more questions feel free to leave a reply or contact us Thanks for reading and hope to see some of you in guild :) Socials also welcome :) Website: Bnets: Hexanda: KriffKraff#2974 Nellenzie: Suzie#2347Nellina73 3d
3d Looking for leveling buddy in silvermoon! Hey guys i just switched realms to silvermoon and i'm looking for a leveling buddy.Feel free to leave your battletag here so i can add you!Arkozs0 3d
3d (A) *The Vigil* 7/7 HC are now recruiting. The Vigil is a friendly and relaxed progression raiding guild. Our core consists out of ex-hardcore raiders who had to cut back on their gametime. Yet we still want to do all the current content. We are looking for like-minded players of all classes and specs to move into Mythic Raiding. Raiding Days and Times: Tuesday: 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time Thursday: 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time Current progress: Team 1: Emerald Nightmare N: 7/7 Emerald Nightmarce HC: 7/7 Team 2: Emerald Nightmare N: 7/7 Emerald Nightmare HC: 7/7 We not only raid, but we also do Mythic + Dungeon's , weekly optional events such as Normal run's for Alt's and soon to dedicated groups for new content in 7.1 Our guild site is Feel free to apply on our website or contact our officers in game. Our officers are: Cyadea Wulfhilde Alléssia Élusion Saintsforce Felblàde Shroob Ydrator Many Thanks!Saintsforce4 3d
3d Stay clear from guild <unstoppable> Hello friends, just a heads up, if you encounter any groups under leadership of this guild, i would advise to stay away, doing heroic antorus, upon reaching the final boss they will remove all non guild members to sell the final boss as boost service.Secretboss0 3d
3d <Just Awful> 6/11M Late Night EU Guild Silvermoon EU <Just Awful> 6/11M Late Night EU Guild Silvermoon EU Under new management! - Building a fresh roster with new leadership aiming to clear the tier and move onwards into BFA together. - Offering Mythic progression, regular HC raids, and M+ groups, we're currently recruiting skilled players to finish up our team and always looking for active members to be part of our growing late night community. - Highest activity period 21:00-03:00 - Raiding 23:30-02:00 Thursday/Sunday/Monday. We are seeking Ranged dps Tank Also seeking casual players Discord required Exceptional applicants are always considered so please get in touch if our raid times suit your play time. We also recruit socials so if you find our raid times suit you please get in touch, socials are able to raid in our none progression raids unless stated otherwise. Very active discord server with a sociable member base. Heres a little more information about our Late night gaming community Just Awful was formed to give a place for new and returning players whose lives might not allow for the traditional schedules of most guilds a chance to experience high level endgame content at an accessible time. Many of us are experienced and dedicated raid leaders with a history of competitive play across many genres, and love helping people experience raiding without the elitist attitude. While we focus heavily on successful raid progression, it's not all we do. We have a thriving and diverse social scene, and a busy /g channel filled with helpful and friendly guild members who run Mythic+ pushes, alt raid runs and weekly quest completion etc. Even if you are looking to just be sociable while you get on with your day to day play, Just Awful could be the place for you! What we want from you Respect your fellow guild mates Be on time and be prepared. Invites go out fifteen minutes before raid time, with everyone gemmed and enchanted with flasks and food ready. Listen, learn and understand. We value hard work and a willingness to get involved with other guildies. We will always offer constructive advice in an aid to improve your play. Thanks for reading Züü - Silvermoon - zugames#282 In Game Pogia Djjiin ZüüZüü0 3d
3d 3/11 Aiur Silvermoon LFM & Preparing For BFA Aiur Guild has been held up since TBC launched back in the day, when a couple of real life friends started the guild together with some ideals that are still being held to this date, after experience in raiding Vanilla WOW. In Sept 2017 we decided to make a shift in scenario were we left the horde side to venture and keep building the guild on alliance side. We grew nicley since we started and now we are also working into the Mythic side of things with only 2 days/week. Needless to say we value Quality > Qty. Now with 24+ in our roster, and Mythic raiding is being held every week, we are looking to get ourselves a couple of LIKE MINDED folks to stick with us and move forward in Mythic ANT, and beyond obviously in a couple of months when BFA hits. Our main goal is to venture deeper into Mythic for the simple fact that we love progress and we want to get some experience under the belt with our new constructed team. As said our top priority is to get like minded players. our average age is 38+, with real life jobs and families to attend to. So if your an impatient student which is online 24/7 and want to raid 6/7 nights, this most probably is not the place for you. Progress this exp: 7/7 HC EN 3/3 Normal TOV 1/3 HC TOV 10/10 NH normal. 10/10 NH HC 1/9 NH Mythic 9/9 TOS HC 1/9 TOS Mythic 11/11 ANT normal 11/11 ANT HC 3/11 ANT M Guild requirements: At least 950+ilvl and 75+ traits Active with great attitude Eager to be on board and help the guild move forward. Raiding: 2 nights Monday and Thur 19.45 - 22.45 server time sharp personal Loot Roles still in need: Classes open: Ele/Ench shaman with resto OS Rogue Boomkin with resto OS WW Monk with resto OS Unholy Dk Please visit our new web page fro more information about classes needed: Hit us up for a chat in Discord for more information. Kartor#2203, Missloo#210, roronoa#2243, mindworx#2635Kartessa15 3d
3d [A] Seismic | Mythic+ Focused Friendly Guild! Seismic is an Alliance guild on Silvermoon focused on mythic+! About us Seismic is a highly active guild with a primary focus on mythic+. Our goal is to continue growing our highly active and friendly community who have a big interest in the mythic+ aspect of the game. We welcome beginners and experienced players at Seismic, having the right mind set is what matters the most to us. As Legion is ending we want to keep enjoying what mythic+ has to offer whilst looking forward to BFA and what it will bring for mythic+! Casual Keystones We want members to be able to log in and find a group for their keystone or find a group to join whether they are looking for just a few keystones a week or many. Seismic is a guild where you can enjoy joining keystones in a relaxed environment and most importantly have a lot of fun whilst doing so! We are beginner friendly with helpful, patient & experienced members. We also want our members to feel that they have the option to learn and improve how they preform in mythic+ so they can start their own keystone progressions if they should wish to. Keystone Pushing We have dedicated days for experienced players who are looking to build their own keystone pushing teams within the guild. Getting to know other members within Seismic and forming your own team allows for the best progression as you can build up your team synergy and methods/tactics for pushing your keys as high as you can go. We really encourage this and enjoy seeing our members progress! Our keystone pushing evenings: Thursday - 8 PM to late Sunday - 8 PM to late Guild Discord We have an active discord that is full of our guild membrs. As well as being social on there we also have a page dedicated to mythic+ information such as helpful Weak Auras / general information / useful links to various websites where lots of detail can be found on pathing, each dungeon encounter etc / addons. BFA Our plans for BFA are to have as many set teams and active members as possible to begin progressing within mythic+ ! It will be great fun to experience each dungeon as a guild group and have a community to discuss and learn dungeon tactics with right from the start! FAQ Are there any requirements to be able to join Seismic? We have no strong requirements to join us! All we ask is that you are a friendly and positive minded player who is reasonable active. Does Seismic have any guild rules? Our guild rules are very simple and the following 3 things will not be tolerated: Negative/toxic attitudes. Abandoning a guild members keystone without their agreement. Griefing/purposefully ruining a guild members keystone. Does Seismic raid or have any plans to in the future? We do not raid and currently but have plans to begin raiding with a core team in BFA. Does Seismic sell keystone boosts? Yes we do! We have set guild groups who run +15 keystone boosts in time. Full information about this can be found on our discord or by using the contact information below! If you have any questions then please feel free to comment below or add either the GM or an officer via their battletags. Guild Master Peachelle - Peachelle#2142 Officer(s) Giari - Croz#2542 Samosval - Mihnov#2208Peachelle23 3d
3d [A]Fragmented : 5/11 M - Recruiting <Fragmented> 5/11M 11/11 H is a raiding guild with a friendly and crazy social atmosphere ! We are a social group of people aiming to progress through the mythic difficulty, most current raid tier available in the game. Raiding days : Wed, Sun and Mo 19:45-23:00 ST With the Wednesday raid being a hc clear and Sun/Mon are mythic raid days. Currently recruiting : for the mythic we are looking for : ILVL 955+ Weapon :75 RANGE DPS players. We are not looking for melee players . LF experienced Holy Priest and Resto Druid. We have also opened up recruitment for BFA for range dps. If your only interest is to do hc raids then dont worry as we do take in hc raiders also ILVL 940+ so if you tend or raid in BFA but are on raid brake from now you still can apply with us. Socials always welcome. While we call ourselves social, it’s important to understand that we are not super casual in the sense that we accept endless fooling around during our raids and expect members who join to want to progress through bosses and aim to improve themselves and the team as a whole consistently. Aside raiding we also aim to have a nice (sometimes a bit crazy ;) ) lively social atmosphere where we have fun runs on Fridays (normal Antorus runs) and m15 runs on Tuesdays as well as crazy competitions sometimes :D ! Want to know more ? You can either whisper me in game on Sarasif or Laduni add my btag : Creek#2258 Laduni :Shopaholic#1537 and poke us for a chat! Want to apply for the raiding team ? Please visit : Kind regards, Isardia/SarasifIsardia18 3d
3d Seeking people to play with =) Hello everyone, my name is Sven. I live in Sweden and Warcraft is my hobby. I always was a casual player but recently I decided to change that. I have Strong desire to become a better player and I want to meet with dedicated people who take raiding seriously. Currently, my progress is 3/11 mythic, 971 item lvl (i play as an unholy DK, blood is off-spec. I have headphones and microphone. I consider myself as a friendly and polite person. I have a lot of free time, i can play from 13.00 to 23.00. pm. I can speak English, Russian and a little bit of Swedish. Feel free to contact me. =) My battle tag is HappyPaladin#2848, here is a link to my Facebook page , i also have an instagram I am planing to do a transfer to Silvermoon in couple of days.Лостиан0 3d
4d <dragon world> recruiting for 3/11 Mythic Progress! dragon world is a 11-year-old guild based on Silvermoon. We are moderately casual core guild that is currently progressing through Mythic Antorus. We are primarily looking for ranged dpsers and a healer to fill out our mythic raid team, but everyone is welcome to apply. We have downed three bosses (Garothi, Hounds and Eonar) on mythic and these are on farm. Our raid schedule is as follows: Friday, Sunday and Tuesday: 19:45-23:00 server time. We try to raid Mythic as often as possible, however we have been having problems filling the groups lately. Requirements: The willpower to wipe for an entire evening with little more than repair bills to show. Good mechanical knowledge for at least heroic Antorus. High attendance and good punctuality. Fairly well geared character (960+ with good legendaries), as we don’t do much heroic, so there will not be many chances to gear up from scratch with the guild. We use Teamspeak 3, so you will be required to join us there. (No mic required, though you have to be there listening.) We like the mythic difficulty, but the strict 20-man size is ruining things. If you want to be part of a friendly gang that just wants to raid and get some bosses down, please do consider applying. If this interests you, do contact one of the following: Negunk#2374 (officer) Doedeloer#2884 (guild master)Negunk0 4d
4d Versatile Ex Top 20/2day 9/11 Mythic Welcome To *Versatile* - Silvermoon - Alliance - EU About Us With a long history of high end raiding behind us, Versatile has come together again to carve out yet another path with the lofty intentions of obtaining more than we previously have! Our guild experience varies from server firsts and current content hard-modes ( Cutting Edge ), as well as older content, from Ahn’Qiraj to Sunwell, from Ulduar to A tribute to Insanity to Heroic Lich King, so on and so forth. As a guild, Versatile is looking for like-minded individuals, who have nothing but perfection in mind when it comes to raiding. We have no time, patience or energy to carry, we want each member to play to the very best of their abilities as you will also be playing with the best. As long as you have previous experience of high end raiding from any other expansion, you may have a place here at Versatile. Though current experience is just as important, we know that every great player starts somewhere, being good is all we really ask for. This more or less sums up our kind of philosophy, we strive for perfection, while we understand mistakes are made we do not have the time and patience to put up with carries and slackers. What We Expect Of You - Maturity: Be mature! Age requirement is 18. - Attendance: 95% Attendance. - Language: Speak and understand English Fluently. - Preparation: Always come to raids fully prepared. - Consistency: Be consistent in and out of raids. - Respect: Respect others, as you'd expect to be respected. What You Can Expect Of Us - Dedicated Leadership - Respect - Rewarded For Greatness - Reliable Progress - Raiding On A Relaxed Schedule ( 2 Days A Week ) - Good community Schedule Raid Days: Wednesday + Sunday - Thursday ( Optional Farm Raid ) Raid Times: 20:00 - 23:00 ( Server Time ) Invites Start: 19:45 Exceptions: On release of new content we may add extra days the first week to get through the content as soon as possible. What Are We Recruiting? All Videos of previous progress Below: Apply At: For Anything Guild Related, Free Free To Contact: Lukosta#21996 Atzid#2443 SnippZen#2388 Phi#21409 Kleszczu#2489Lukostamonk86 4d
4d [A] <Crown> LF active members Good day to you. We are a new guild in Silvermoon which was created by a close group of friends. We are looking for members who would like to join us in our adventures in the current expansion and in the coming expansion. Currently anyone and everyone is welcome, we don't ask much but rudeness and trolling of any sort will not be tolerated. We are atm lf people who are interested in raiding and have experience with it. Our goal in BFA is doing Mythic raids with anyone who is able to raid and has the time and skill to invest in doing so As for the Legion raids, we have not much experience with the Antorus raid but we are working towards possible mythic progression in it aswell. If ure interested in joining /w me in game or leave a message here on the forums. Much ObligedNàzanin1 4d
4d << F A D E >> 2 day raiding 7/11 Mythic LFM ! Hi guys, We're a few players who have played together through the entire series, from Lightnings blade alliance in vanilla to auchidoun horde in cata - and now into Legion! We're looking for the older player who has work and family commitments and a player who wants to experience the game for more than just raiding, be it raiding old content for transmorg or just generally helping other guys in the guild out in dungeons or pvp. We dont mind what level or class you are, we hope your aims in the game align with ours: We plan to raid 2 nights a week Thur + Sun 20.00-23.00 ST Run old raids for transmog gear Help players level up in old dungeons when we can Help gear up our alts in dungeons, heroic dungeons and finally in raids Build a team of good friends to lead the guild Have a laugh on Discord even when there are no raids on If interested give me a shout in game or any character online, we would love to get you on board. Lortsos#2438 to have a chat ! Thx again and cu online ! ;)Aranwrath53 4d
4d (A) Divergents Recruiting,(A) Divergents Recruiting Divergents is a guild that was created by a group of friends. We are friendly and social and always try to help members in the guild. Most of us started playing back in Vanilla and have a lot of experience from hardcore raiding in the past but, as life goes on, almost everyone in the guild has settled in real life, has a family and kids to look after. Above all real life comes first! We raid two nights a week Monday/Wednesday (21:00 - 23:30 server time), run Mythic+, farm old content raids for gearing alts or mains if they still need loot and, whenever we can, we also do some pvp for fun. Events up on calendar every week. We are currently looking for more members to complete our core raid team. Socials are most welcome! All we ask is for players to be polite in chat/disc, respect each other and to understand that we are a progress guild that keeps trying to push content. Wiping is part of it, so make sure you accept that! Current Progress EN Normal-Heroic 7/7 - Mythic 7/7 ToV Normal-Heroic 3/3 - Mythic 3/3 NH Normal-Heroic 10/10 - Mythic 5/10 ToS Normal-Heroic 9/9 - Mythic 5/9 AtBT Normal 11/11 - Heroic 11/11 - Mythic 6/11 Why join Divergents? Everyone is welcome to choose what they want to do in the guild. We don't only offer you a place in our raid team, we give you the chance to play with people that love progressing together, that work hard but at the same time have fun while going through old and new content! We are currently looking for: DPS , preferably a moonkin, shadowpriest and possibly a dk and/or dh. Any other classes will also be considered. Crossrealm Mythic raid to get to know us can be discussed. Requirements : 3/11M 965 ilvl & 75 traits Social players also have the chance to raid if they are up to it and if a raiding spot is available on our off nights. We use Discord on raid nights and to socialize with each other, guild bank repairs and consumables are also available for everyone that participates in raids. If interested in joining or if you need more information /w in game. Battlenet : Slaxx#2919 or Hopeless#21721 There's always an officer online to chat with! You can also apply to join by the following link!Adkj7gdxj9 Hope you all enjoy your day and your gaming! Have funHazabel178 4d
4d Inner Sanctum Boost Runs In short add MrT#22655 or Angel#2789 for full details Inner Sanctum is one of the most long standing and successful guilds on Silvermoon. We are currently a top guild on the realm and are now in a position to offer boosts as follows: Mythic Antorus Please contact the battle tags given for more info Heroic Argus - Wednesday 21:30 - 140k Personal Loot Ahead of the Curve Stormcrow Mount Pantheon Trinket Upgrade Chance at Legendary Trinket Full Heroic Antorus - Personal Loot (LOOT PRIORITY) - Wednesday 21:00 - 700k This includes all the rewards from Heroic Argus plus every boss in the instance on personal loot. All gear that raiders receive and don't need will also be traded to you. If the item is an off piece i.e. ring/neck/relic all boostees that can use the item will roll. To ensure you get the most items, we only bring one cloth/leather/mail and plate user. With raiders trading you gear you will typically get a lot more items than a master looter run. Full Heroic Antorus Clear - Personal Loot - Wednesday 21:00 - 400k Same as above except you wont be given priority on loot that raiders get. However this still includes every boss on personal loot. Mythic Guldan Mount - Wednesday 20:30 - 1.2m In this boost we will kill both Elisande and Gul'dan on Master looter. You will receive the Living Infernal Core The Chosen Title - Monday 20:00 - 1m This includes all of mythic ToV and the title, assuming you don't die. This will likely be made unobtainable in BFA. Mythic+ 15 Boost - 150k Mythic Antorus Please contact the battletags given at the beginning and end for details. Prices Prices will always be changing and we aim to be as competitive as possible. We will be able to give you a price once we have discussed the boost you wish to purchase. All payments will be made with in-game gold on Silvermoon EU. Once again you can add MrT#22655 or Angel#2789 for any queries. Thanks for reading and best of luck.Enisee25 4d
5d [A] <Parallax> 6/11M is LF a Healer & DPS ★★ Recruiting 2 DPS (Open to any specs atm!) and 1 Healer for Antorus Mythic progress! ★★ Hello Raider, <Parallax> 6/11M is a Semi-hardcore raiding guild on Silvermoon, founded in may 2017 with the goal of building a raidteam for Antorus Mythic. The guild was created by friends whom previously played in a handful of top 100 world guilds. Most of our raiders are in their late 20s and 30s and the core of the guild has played together for several years. If you want to clear the hardest content at a casual pace with the mindset of a hardcore guild, then Parallax is the guild for you! Raiding Schedule: Untill BFA goes live we are raiding on a 2 night schedule instead of 3. Wednesday 20:00-23:00 Mythic farm/progression Thursday 20:00-23:00 Mythic progression (Sunday 20:00-23:00 Heroic offnight) Invites start at 19:45 and first boss pull is at 20:00 Silvermoon server time. Currently we are recruiting: Healer - Resto Druid - Resto Shaman - Disc Priest However other classes will also be considered. 2 DPS (open to all specs atm) We are always looking for exceptional players, but keep a tight roster. We do not recruit for the bench and we use (from now on) personal loot for loot distribution during raids. For up-to-date recruitment information and raid rules take a look at our website General info We value guild loyalty and community very highly. We are a welcoming guild to new people and have a very inclusive culture with no cliques. During raids it's important you can take criticism without getting offended, stand for some friendly banter, stay mature, but also know when it's time to put on your raid face and focus. If you wanna be part of something new, with a great community of dedicated, experienced and mature raiders, this is your chance! What you can expect from US: - Clear all the hardest content while it’s the current tier - Experienced leadership - Mature guild with no drama - Social aspects, during raids, and outside of raids What we expect from YOU: - Full knowledge of your class, including all specs - Maximum performance every raid by knowing tactics and by having consumables, enchants and gems - We expect you to be mature and able to handle constructive criticism - Do not be afraid to ask questions! - Maintain 80% or higher attendance - Have discord installed - Fluent in English How to apply? If you want to be part of something new and are looking for a longterm home together with other like-minded people! Fill out our application form on the website: We also welcome socials. If you have any questions feel free to add an officer in-game: GM/RL: Bawls – SphericalCow#2799 Officer: Datenshi – Officer: Surelars – Surelars#2180 Officer: Steron – Steron#2964 Officer: Jás – Jas#21543 Thank you for reading!Jás19 5d
5d (A) 11/11M Four Oh Four recruitment Open Four Oh Four is a semi-hardcore raiding guild looking for players to join our Mythic roster going into BfA. Important. You dont need any prior Mythic progress to apply for BFA roster, altho its nice if you have some its not needed. For antorus Reclears we do prefer some mythic progress, but again not needed. ( If you dont have prior mythic progress, its important that you show us you can play your class, in your App. ) About Us We are on Silvermoon server, one of the highly populated Alliance servers in the EU realms, and have existed since Cataclysm. The officer team and some of our raiders have been together since the beginning of MoP and we added a few more regular players from a guild merger during Siege. We have solid progress in the top difficulty raids, and looking for more player to help us continue to do so. We also accept socials. What we're looking for We don't run a large roster so look for our players to have high attendance to our raids with advance notice if they cannot make it on certain days. We have an in game calendar event setup to let players decline the days they cannot make so we can know who/what is missing. We try to have fun during raids but still require players to know tactics beforehand and to know how to get the best out of their class on any given fight. We do not expect perfection from players, just that you know what you need to do and can perform the task given to you. We do expect players that sign up to turn up to raids, listen on voice coms and to come prepared with food, flasks and potions for the night. As stated, since we dont like to run a huge roster, we need you to turn up for raids as much as possible, but being on the bench is possible for all. We try to keep a fair bench system rotating players out on bosses they don't need or if they haven't sat out for a while. Progress bosses may result in the same players being brought if required to avoid repeating any changes in tactics, but next kill we would try to make sure players that missed it got in. Progress in the current Mythic tier would be preffered but is not essential. We want good players and we know not everyone has had a chance to get into mythic even if they might have wanted to. Raid Times We raid 3 nights per week: Wednesday, Thursday and Monday, during the hours of 19.15 to 22.15 game time. On new raid release we may add a Tuesday if raiders wish to add to initial progress but this is not mandatory. Raids may occasionally extend beyound 22.15 but again not by much. If you cannot make all these days and times on a regualr basis please do not apply. We run an optional alt. raid on Saturday nights for raiders, socials and friends to join as well. Trials We run a trial period for a minimum of 3 weeks. During that time we will take you to farm nights to see what you can do and if needed progress bosses. We want to see how well you can do, but understand if you dont have the same current progress or did the fight a different way you will not do your top performance, and thats the reason why its 3 weeks at least. It can go more than 3 weeks (rarely), depending on how you did, how much we used you, for example farm bosses took one night and then it was progress bosses from then on and a raider was prioritised over you. We try to be reasonable with everything. If you have questions or concerns we want to hear them. How to Apply If your interested in joing us, please go to our website and fill out an application. You'll find the button on the left side under Recruitment. Officers will discuss it and if there is any questions we will reply to you with them. Applications are usually quick to look at and get you an answer as soon as possible. We try to keep the website and WoWProgress up-to-date with our recruitment needs, but if you don't see your class listed, we can make exceptions in certain situations. Currently Recruiting 1 Tank [Any class] 1-2 Healers [Not Priests] 4-5 Ranged DPS [Any class] 0 Melee [Currently a full melee team] Thank you for reading this, and we hope to hear from you soon. Our Website: 5d
5d [A] Purify is recruiting! Hey there, We are are a newly formed guild currently looking to build up a mythic core team for Battle For Azeroth. At the moment we need every class and every spec. Our raid days will be Wednesdays, Thursdays and Sundays from 20:30 until 23:30. Socials are also welcome! For more information, add Daugen#21566Daugen0 5d
5d Ignore this ^Daugen0 5d
5d NoM 11/11M Boosting Service (Horde) NoM 11/11M is now opening up the boosting service once more! We have been boosting since Mop, confidently providing full Siege of Orgrimmar runs for many months and also boosting throughout WOD ending HFC with lots of mount sales. Furthermore we boosted many people through The Emerald Nightmare. You can have a look at the comments and feedback we receieved here: and here :) Now, we are offering the below runs, with your choice of the loots. Nighthold Mythic : Elisande and/or Guldan with mount and/or without mount. Antorus Heroic: Full run PL or ML We accept gold in any realm. Please get in touch with the below people for more info. Linblad#2519 Eth#21276 San#2583 Tankermanse#2817 Laiyaaa#2606Aliné2 5d
5d (A) JUDGE 9/11M - lf Players Hi there ^^ Judge is looking for some new blood to join our mythic team in progressing towards cutting edge. Currently 8/11M with coven down to 19 percent. Currently looking for : Ranged dps or ranged dps with a healer offspec Our goals are to be a stable, progressive and proficient guild, who are capable of clearing the content Blizzard has to offer within our relatively relaxed raiding schedule, but before the content receives severe nerfs. Therefore we expect our raiders to possess a high standard of performance, attendance, and a strong focus together with a passion for teamwork. Below you can find information about our raid schedule and raid requirements. We are always on the lookout for exceptional players, regardless of our recruitment status. Raiding Schedule Wednesday: 20:00 - 23:00 Thursday: 20:00 - 23:00 Sunday: 20:00 - 23:00 Application Process The trial period normally lasts for about two weeks with the option of being extended. During the trial you will be evaluated on your performance in raids, and your general contribution to the guild as a whole. We are very specific about who we recruit, and we are only interested in players that will help the guild progress and develop. What we expect of you Attendance: We try and keep a reasonably tight raid roster and expect all raiders to keep high attendance. There is not a large number of backup raiders. We prefer a smaller committed raid group and don't recruit people to sit outside. Dedication You must have a positive and passionate attitude towards raiding, and even more so with progression raiding. You should have a competitive nature seeking to maximise your classes full potential, utilising the best gems, enchants etc! Being able to help develop strategies and theorycraft would also be an advantage. You are also expected to be able to accept and learn from constructive criticism in order to maximise your performance in raids. Connection and communication Having a stable internet connection is extremely important. Having lag spikes is unhelpful and detrimental to the outcome of raids. Working microphone are required. Being able to communicate information effectively in English and knowing when to keep quiet is very important. **Please note that applications from exceptional players will always be considered regardless of recruitment status** If you have any questions feel free to poke one of the following officers in-game or via forum PM: Nyxiara : DarkBlaze#2661Nyxiara2 5d
5d Depthcore [11/11M] - Boosting Antorus and Nighthold Depthcore (Ravencrest-Alliance) is now offering different boosting formulas for Antorus and Nighthold! Services we offer: - Heroic Antorus, full clear with PL (450k gold) DISCONTINUED - Heroic Antorus, full clear with ML (600k gold) DISCONTINUED - Heroic Argus only for curve/trinkets/spellwing mount (no loot) (100k gold) DISCONTINUED - Mythic Nighthold Guldan + mount with ML (1,5M gold) - Mythic Antorus 9/11 with ML (4,5M gold) NEW When * Guldan mount boosts will be held on Wednesday at 19.45. * Antorus runs will follow right after and start at 20.15. If you buy the "only Argus" option, we should reach the final boss somewhere between 21.15 and 21.30. What can you expect?: When you buy a mythic Guldan service, the mount will be given to you through master loot. Elisande kills can be thrown in as a bonus if you're after CoF. For Antorus heroic boosting through PL, we will take up to 10 people per run. The bosses will be speed-cleared with Personal Loot. In addition to your own gear rewards, ALL ITEMS that are looted by our raiders will also be rolled out among our buyers. For Antorus heroic boosting through ML, we take up to 3 people per run and will make sure there is as little loot competition as possible between buyers. This includes armor type, tier pieces, trinkets and relics. Armor type and tier pieces have priority on this when we accept specs for boost runs, meaning you might still need to roll against 1-2 other people for trinkets and relics. Cloaks and rings will be rolled between all buyers. For Antorus mythic boosting through ML, we take 1 buyer per run. You will receive all armor (cloth/leather/mail/plate), all cloaks/necks/rings, 1 tier token per boss, all relics and all trinkets matching your main spec. Raiders preserve the right for priority on major upgrades (generally applies to 980-985 loot only) Payment: All payment is done on Ravencrest/Silvermoon/Outland/Sylvanas. We require a 20% deposit fee to lock in your spot and discourage no-shows, with the remaining 80% paid right before the first boss pull. Guarantees and no-shows: If for any reason on our side the boost runs don't go through, you will receive a full reimbursement of any payment you have already made. You will be given a chance to reschedule if interested. People who no-show without fair warning will not be refunded their deposit fee. Contact: If you're interested in any of these options, or have additional questions you would like answered, feel free to add me on Gogeta#2138.Gogeta0 5d
5d Building a team up for BfA mythic raiding! We've cleared heroic multiple times and are recruiting to build an unstoppable mythic team for BfA raiding! Fur fun we do all kinds of content like achievement runs and PVP. We raid on thursdays and sundays 20:30-23:30 server time. We expect everyone to be on discord during raid times. We are searching for committed players that want to become a part of our team and don’t just want to grab a quick curve. So please have either already cleared heroic or at least multikills on other bosses. Right now we are looking for a tank (since one of our healers is tanking for us until we find a new tank), more healers and ranged dps (especially a shaman). We do consider all classes and specs though. Minimum itemlevel 945. If you’re interested feel free to add me on (Vefreas#2920) or contact me on discord (Vefreas#9038).Talethiel0 5d
5d Any arena boosters about? Playing ele shaman, looking for a 2v2 boost to 2k only. Send me a mail if you are interested!Zeragon0 5d
5d [A] Boosting Service <ES> Ant HC/M + Guldan <Eternal Shadows> 11/11M offers raid boosts for gold. We have been boosting since WOD (Draenor). We always try to satisfy our buyers! We are currently offering: Mythic Elisande + Gul’dan with guaranteed mount - 1.2m or 4 tokens on every realm Mythic Garothi Worldbreaker to Coven of Shivarra (9/11m) - 4.5m - Master loot - includes 960 loot and leftover 965+ - 1 buyer per tier / vanq, protector, conq (If token will drop twice we will keep one token) Full Heroic Antorus 11/11 HC 1m or 4 tokens on every server - Master loot - 1 buyer per tier / vanq, protector, conq (If token will drop twice we will keep one token) - Chance on legendary trinket - Pantheon's Blessing drop - Buyer gets all items, except item is warforged at least +15 ilvl and will be huge boost for one of boosting raiders Mythic Trial of Valor + The Chosen achievement - 1m or 4 tokens on every realm - Mythic ToV clear - The Chosen" title - Transmog set If you wanna all piece of your type (ex. plate), we have for you a special offer: "Special VIP"; more info in DM. M+ 15 weekly reward (960+) Mythic Trial of Valor + The Chosen achievement - Preorder [Mythic ToV clear, ", The Chosen" title, The Chosen feat of strength] Discounts for multiboxers or people buying multiple runs can be discussed! Also while buying a combination of runs, we’re able to offer you a suitable discount. If you get interested in buying some of our services, please contact: pifta#21130 We have boosting service on Horde too! 5d
6d Any guilds recruiting older players? Hi there, Just looking for something casual, can only play evenings really, damn adulting! looking for somewhere social, not really bothered about raiding, just somewhere to chill with other oldies. Thanks! :)Elenarin2 6d
6d [A] Healer & Tank LF Chilled HC Guild Hello all, Myself and my friend are returning to the game from a break around 7.3, and we are looking for a heroic raiding guild to join in preparation for BFA. We're idealling looking for a guild that raids around 2 nights a week, but still has other stuff going on in the form of M+ or, god maybe warfronts, that'd be a !@#$ter. Enjoying the night for us is more important than progression, but we obviously do want to clear the content. We do play other games and have other IRL commitments of course (one of us anyway aha), and don't intend on going hardcore into anything, and expect that to be cool with the people we play with. We do however both play a lot, so it's not as if we're not around. With class changes coming in, who knows where we'll be when 8.0 drops, but throughout Legion we have mained a Discipline Priest and Prot Paladin, and generally enjoy Healing and Tanking more than everyhing else. We mostly PUGed throughout Legion, which obviously had its pitfalls, so we really want to get into a more organised group so we can actually do the content reliably, not playing raid group roulette ;D If we don't sound like %^-*s, hit us up on that battleswag, or just leave a comment here Jonny#23435 NiceGuyAaron#2913Shydel2 6d
19 May StoneHood - newly founded guild Stone Hood is a newly founded guild who is looking for active members to have fun, raid and do some mythic+ with. We are a small close-knit group who plan to raid weekly and do high mythic+. Socials are also welcome. For more information add btag: Cass#21871 - Fhuz#21413Fhuz0 19 May
19 May Weekend Raiding Guild Who we are: Me and my wife, founded this guild 8 years ago, in the hope of creating a good, steady and healthy drama free environment, which we succeded until the present. What we look for: We are recruiting players that want, beside raiding, to be part of a close family of people, that can be doing together all the activities that WoW have to offer, in a drama free environment, but with the Professional mind that raids must have. We accept as well Back-up raiders, people that cant for different reasons, not able to compromise them self with schedules. What we can offer: Commitment to be able to clear all expansion content in at least Normal and Heroic, Mythic will be will be pushed as much as we can if we have the numbers, and for that we need you. Full preparation for raids, with knowledge of the fights ( wich you can use youtube and guides etc..), and full preparation in raid consumables (Potions,Flasks,Food etc...), both are mandatory. Raid Schedule: Saturday 15h00 - 18h00 Server Time Sunday 15h00 - 18h00 Server Time Any info or application will have to be thru me, so please add Øko#2774 or apply at Best regards, Øko.Økoblink14 19 May
18 May (H) LF Guild Hiya! Im a Protection Warrior ilvl 965. im 11/11 HC and 1/11 mythic. Looking for a horde raiding guild. Finding a horde raiding guild is a bit hard so i thought i would take to the forums to get help. Thanks. Add my b-tag or reply here :D Psychokill9#2414Bigbeefymac0 18 May
18 May Searching Guild Hello, just swaped to silvermoon(alliance) and looking for a raiding guild, I´m feral spec atm but are up to change to resto/boomkin if i get some help to get my artifacts up, im 944ilvl and searching for a normal difficulty raiding guild that are aiming for heroic/mytich before next xpac comming out, add me on B-net or write here if you want to know more about me or give info ps: cant write from my main because all is not updated yet btag: ZiM#21801 Regards ZimonShadowdmg2 18 May
18 May Halo on Fire -> BfA Train is NOW! Are you joining? HALO ON FIRE - ALLIANCE - SILVERMOON --What is Halo on Fire?-- Halo on Fire is a project that we've started recently with the aim of raiding Heroic, but mostly Mythic content. The major goal is to start raiding seriously in Battle for Azeroth and use this last raid tier as a testing ground for everyone. --Who can apply?-- At the moment anyone can apply. We are looking to create a solid base of at least 20-30 people so that we can tackle Heroic content and then Mythic (with a core team of 20 people). However, socials are also more than welcome, because a healthy social aspect is the most important thing in a guild. So bring your dankest memes! --When do we raid?-- Monday: 19:30 - 22:00 Server Time Saturday: 18:00 - 21:00 Server Time Wednesday: 19:30 - 22:00 Server Time Do not be afraid to contact us to ask anything you like related to the guild. --CONTACTS-- Discord: Sagif#1663 // Eren#4941 Sagif#2771 // Eren#22406Stormcloack0 18 May