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1h [A] <Suit and Tie> Silvermoon TOS 9/9N, 8/9 HC <Suit and Tie> TOS 9/9N, 8/9 HC , Is a Semi-Hardcore raiding guild that focuses on heroic and mythic progress. We've currently opened our doors to all the mages, hunters, rogues and priests (shadow) interested in joining our raiding team in order to finish the progression on Tomb of Sargeras Heroic. The minimum requirement to join our raiding team is to have a character with at least item level 910, Concordance of the Legionfall and experience raiding TOS normal. Our raiding days are Thursdays, Sundays and Tuesdays from 20:30 to 23:30 server time. The main goal of our team is to get the "ahead of the curve" achievement before the end of each patch and also to progress as much as possible on mythic raiding after the heroic progression is done. If you're looking for a nice raiding enviroment and a new place that you can call home , then look no more you came to the right guild. The next step is to add my battle tag and let's have a chat. Salutations Nahtanoj#2263 (if I don't accept the invitation straight away , I promise that i will do itonce I get home after work) Please check our progress on: 1h
10h [A] The Golden Age - 2 Night Raiding The Golden Age is a relax and mature guild. We have a great balance of people and are looking to add dedicated players to our core raiding team. Must be 18+ and 900ilvl + We raid twice a week using TeamSpeak for comms - This is a requirement (You don't need to speak but able to listen) Wednesday: - 9:00pm Server Time Until 11:30pm Server Time Saturday:- 8:30pm Server Time Until 11:30pm Server Time Currently in need of: DPS - (Mage - Hunter - Pally - DH) Priority Progression so far 9/9 Normal - 3/9 Heroic Like stated above we are a really relaxed, positive group, looking for like minded people. If interested please drop me a friend request Paul4275#2830Nightsinna0 10h
12h Havoc DH 915 ilvl lf raiding guild Hey there, I took a break from raiding for a month because i had some real life things to solve and now i want to start raiding again and would like to join a hc raiding guild and get back to progressing Tomb HC . I don't have much experience in HC ToS because as i said i had some RL stuff to solve and didn't have time to progress HC anymore. I'm 9/9 N and only 2/9 HC but I've watched a lot of HC boss guides on youtube and i know most of the encounters. I have a flexible schedule, able to raid any day and any time. If any of you would be interested in recruiting me either post here or /w me in-game Zburatoru or add me on b-net Crossless#2341.Zburatoru0 12h
14h Alliance social/raiding guild looking for members [EU] [A] [Silvermoon] [Social/Raiding] <Mythical Right> - We are currently a casual social guild looking to get into raiding progression. On top of raiding we also do a lot of Mythic + and have a keen interest in PVP. Currently we have our main tanks and healers filled for the raid team, but tanking/healing on off spec is welcome for when others cant make it or we do alt raids. Currently we are on Emerald Nightmare Mytic, with our sights set on Tomb of Sargeras eventually. Discord is required for raiding, but you do not need a mic, though it is preferable. We will start raiding initially just on Thursdays between 2000 and 2300 server time. To talk to our raid leader, add TokiPawtooth#2901 on Bnet or you can contact me for more info on Tharg#2785 on Bnet. Or join our Discord 14h
18h LF Someone to play with i can refer a friend you (i can refer a friend since my acc is new)Hey so im looking for someone to lvl up a few characters to 110 Im looking for someone who can play alot and really wants to lvl his characters not someone who quits midway cz its boring or something :) We can use discord/ts or something if you want toTiniponi0 18h
20h [A] Rome in a Day (9/9HC) 2 nights/week LF Tank About Rome in a Day is a mature, friendly raiding guild on Silvermoon who raids two nights a week. We have consistently been one of the better performing 2 night raiding guilds on our server. Our goal is to kill as many bosses as possible in our limited schedule whilst having fun. The guild was formed in 2009 and has raided consistently since then with several members still with us since the start. Whilst skill and independence are valued we also appreciate a friendly and positive attitude. This being the main reason Rome has maintained it's core roster for so long. Successful applicants will find themselves welcomed into our community. Recruitment Even if your class is not listed we will still consider your application. We are currently interested in: Tank (preferably non-vanq) Shadow Priest Ranged Hunter Elemental Shaman Raid Times Raid nights: Monday, Thursday Raid time: 20:30 - 00:00 Server Time Our raid nights have been the same since WotLK and are not likely to change. We appreciate that people have real lives and do not mind people missing the occasional raid so long as warning is given in advance. To ensure that we always have enough people to do Mythic the raid team will consist of more than 20 people. This allows us to adjust to absences. As we can only take 20 people into a Mythic raid, when we are doing Mythic content, we will occasionally ask you to sit out. This is done in a fair manner such that no one person is forced to sit out each week. Recently we have been organising an extra, non-mandatory night for clearing HC where alts are welcome. Loot System We use a loot system known as Suicide Kings. What this means is that every person is given a random position in a list at the start of the tier. When a piece of loot drops it will be first opened up for bidding. Any player who's main spec is eligible for the piece of loot can bid. The successful bidder is the person who's highest on the list. They are then moved to the bottom of the list. If no players choose to bid then the piece of loot is opened up to rolls. Any player who can use that piece of loot, be it for OS or MS, can then roll on that piece of loot. Contact Info Slaqua - Lerp#2814 Website: If you add me on Real ID please send me a message rather than waiting for me to message you. I get a lot of people adding me and I cannot keep looking at my friends list to see if any of the 10 people have come online. Progress WowProgress: Legion Tier 20 ToS: 8/9 HC Tier 19 NH: 7/10 M ToV: 3/3 HC EN: 7/7 M Warlords of Draenor Tier 18 HFC: 13/13 M Tier 17 BRF: 10/10 HC HM: 1/7 M Mists of Pandaria Tier 16 SoO: 12/14 HC Tier 15 ToT: 4/13 HC Tier 14 ToES: 4/4 N HoF: 6/6 N MSV: 1/6 HC Cataclysm Tier 13 DS: 8/8 HC Tier 12 FL: 6/7 HC Tier 11 TotFW: 2/2 N BoT: 1/5 HC BD: 2/6 HC Wrath of the Lich King Tier 10 ICC: 9/12 HC Slaqua88 20h
20h (A) Divergents Recruiting,(A) Divergents Recruiting Divergents is a guild that was created by a group of friends. We are friendly and social and always try to help members in the guild. Most of us started playing back in Vanilla and have a lot of experience from hardcore raiding in the past but, as life goes on, almost everyone in the guild has settled in real life, has a family and kids to look after. Above all real life comes first! We raid two nights a week Monday/Wednesday (21gmt-23:30), run Mythic+, farm old content raids for gearing alts or mains if they still need loot and, whenever we can, we also do some pvp for fun. Events up on calendar every week. We are currently looking for more members to complete our core raid team. Socials are most welcome! All we ask is for players to be polite in chat/disc, respect each other and to understand that we are a progress guild that keeps trying to push content. Wiping is part of it, so make sure you accept that! Current Progress EN Normal and Heroic 7/7 - Mythic 7/7 ToV Normal 3/3 and Heroic 3/3 NH Normal 10/10 - Heroic 10/10 - Mythic 5/10 currently in progress. ToS Normal 9/9 - Heroic 9/9 Why join Divergents? Everyone is welcome to choose what they want to do in the guild. We don't only offer you a place in our raid team, we give you the chance to play with people that love progressing together, that work hard but at the same time have fun while going through old and new content! We are currently looking for: 2 x Melee DPS (DH/Rogue/monk/DK 1 x Boomkin 1 x Hunter 1 x Shadow Priest Social players also have the chance to raid if they are up to it and if a raiding spot is available. We use DIscord on raid nights and to socialize with each other, guild bank repairs and consumables are also available for everyone that participates in raids. If interested in joining or if you need more information /w in game. There's always an officer online to chat with! Hope you all enjoy your day and your gaming! Have fun!Hazabel93 20h
21h [A] -=|Knights Legion|=- Normal & Heroic Raiding Guild! Hello all =) We are currently looking for: 2/3+ Reliable DPS: 1 Support Healer or 50/50 Healz/Dps. What we want (in brief) LF competent raiders with heroic and normal raiding experience, returning or new players are also welcome to join in our raids, we all have to start somewhere!! Mainly people who are up for some fun and some banter! Once we start that boss fight though its on like donkey kong baby! What you get (in brief) Knights Legion has been around since 2007, we are old school in a lot of ways but are with the trend as well, we dont use dkp or loot council, we have a ranking system based on fairness, once you rank up from the trail period which is 1-2 weeks you roll like anyone else in the raid team. No favoritism, No reserved loot! just your rolls vs other rolls. Simple as that. Your also be part of a team and guild that are very friendly and a leadership that is outgoing, organized and has the teams best interest at heart, none of this clickly clicky nonsense! we are a mature guild! ( most of the time ^^ ) Our current raid progress (3rd of August 2017) EN (N): 7/7 EN (H): 7/7 (Alt runs) TOV (N): 3/3 TOV (H): 3/3 NH (N): 10/10 (Alt runs) NH (H): 10/10 TOS (N): 9/9 (Farming/Alts) TOS (H): 5/9 Our raid evening times Wednesday: 20:15 - 23:15 Friday: Alt Runs from 20:30 Sunday: 20:15 - 23:15 Just a quick note on our raid times and evenings, we are very flexible for people who may have work shift rotations or other real life commitments! so no problem if you can only raid 1 or every other week for example, we got you covered! ^^ We are a normal/heroic pve progression guild, you get to choose which one you want to be a part in (or both), in some cases we may be slow in the progress then others but one thing is for sure we get the job done! its not a secret though that the heroic raids may ask a little more of you in terms of performance but nothing is impossible. (learning the dance with Heigan..that felt impossible) If we tickle your fancey drop me a pm in game or add me for a chat =) Btag @ Raz#2760 Website - Facebook @knightslegion Very best regards Razorgon GM of Knights LegionRazorgon102 21h
22h [A] <Try to Keep Up> 8/9 HC recruiting We're a guild looking for people who want to have a great time, hanging out with each other, laughing and having fun while killing stuff in raids! If you're tired of drama and power games, and just want to relax and enjoy yourself then you'll fit right in! We raid twice a week in the evenings with optional extra runs appearing as requested. Social member also welcome! Currently raiding: Tomb of Sargeras Heroic 8/9 ​ Raid Days: Monday & Friday 19:30 ST Please read the website for more information about us, our raiding requirements and goals. You can also complete a very short application to join here: We do everything from Transmog runs, PVP, Mythic+ and whatever else you can think of, with our main focus on raiding. ​ We are aiming for a relaxed yet skilled raiding environment where people can fill in for each other, having not to worry about always attending since people can fill in for you, focusing on laughing and having fun rather than worrying about letting anyone down. We do care about people following tactics and knowing what they're doing so we may actually get some stuff done as well, that's why we're looking mainly for experienced raiders that want a more flexible environment. If you are new to raiding we're more than happy to take you along as well and guide you in our runs. We're patient people that care more for people's attitude and having a fun atmosphere rather than how well you perform. ​ Everyone was new at some point, and we’ll gladly have you experience that with us. Let's have a good time together and kill stuff, do the stabby stabby! Officers: Maxiloss, Choronius & AhdraAhdra3 22h
22h [A]<Economists> The Trading Community Major Announcement: Please note the guild is no longer accepting novice members. I. Introduction <Economists> is one of the very few (if not only) gold-making focused guilds in World of Warcraft looking for traders and auctioneers to join its’ team. Join a group of highly knowledgeable members on a quest of profit maximisation. The Alliance guild founded on Silvermoon, one of the busiest PVE servers in Europe, has clear goals and is inviting like-minded individuals to join the team. Novice traders or Elite established traders, we would like to thank you for your interest and hoping to see you with us soon!. i. Our Crest: Here beginneth the topic proper. II. The Rules While we are flexible, the rules do not bend and every member of the guild from the Guild Master to Novice traders must follow the following set of rules: i. Under no circumstance will a member of the guild be involved in selling or buying gold for real money through third parties. Any member that gets caught doing so will be kicked out of the guild and will be reported to Blizzard. You are supposed to be an example of trading genius. The buying and selling of WoW Tokens and TCG loot cards is allowed. Blizzard introduced this, we really cannot oppose them. ii. While organised and beneficial debates are allowed and encouraged in guild chat, drama is not nor is flaming or shaming. We do not tolerate, racism or sexism. This is not the place to share your hatred against a certain group of people or religion. Any member that is caught involved in any of what was mentioned will be reported to Blizzard and kicked from the guild immediately. Political and religious discussions are not allowed in the guild chat. iii. Asking for gold is forbidden in the guild and will result in being kicked from the guild immediately. III. What Happens inside Economists? We discuss current prices, availability and profitability of the various items we intend to sell or buy. We also work collaboratively to make the maximum profit out of items by avoiding under-cutting each other, buying under-valued items and controlling market prices. IV. Who Can Join? Previously, the guild was wide-open to all those genuinely interested and welcomed top traders as well as novice traders. We are still the same however, we are no longer able to accept any more new novice members. We believe in quality over quantity and developing a tight-knit community. We maintain high-standards and expect the same from new applicants as well as current members. The guild also, periodically remove inactive members that did not log-in for a while and did not leave a reason. We understand that some of you are already involved in guilds where you raid, PVP or both. We welcome bank alts as well as main characters. V. Our Ranks In a typical guild, classes are based on your role in the guild, so you get raiders, PVPers, filthy casuals (jk we <3 casuals) and in this very community, your rank will be based on your wealth. i. Master Traders Gold-cap reached on three or more characters or its' equivalent in trade-able items on Silvermoon. ii. Elite Traders Gold-cap reached on a single character or its' equivalent in trade-able items on Silvermoon. iii. Advanced Traders One million gold reached on Silvermoon iv. Novice Traders Default user class for new joiners and for those with less than 1 million gold on Silvermoon. Please note that this position will no longer be rewarded and the guild is now only accepting Advanced Traders and beyond. Once you have hit the required gold amount to advance, you can ask the Guild Master for promotion. Note that you do not need to retain the gold to retain the rank. VI. Get in Touch! Contact us in-game for more information or if you would like to request an invitation. If we were not online, feel free to leave us a mail to the following members: i. Xwe [Guild Master] ii. Kaljan [First Officer] iii. Trinexur [Second Officer] iv. Iámbroke [Third Officer] v. Swisshh [Discord Officer] VII. Concluding Thought Gold can buy you better gear, better mounts, better pets, better boosts. Gold can buy you a better life. Revision: 1.42 - 17 / August /2017 _____________________________________________________________________________ All Powers in the Heights, All Powers in the Depths, All Powers of the Horizon, Ye Watchers and ye Spirits all, I bind ye all unto the One Circle of the Arte Magical. Attend and bear witness the formulation of our gathering, And help us reach the highest heights of Might.Xwe28 22h
1d [A] <Elucidate> Recruiting DPS for Heroic Team Who are elucidate? Elucidate are a guild formed in WoD with the goal of clearing heroic each tier. In 2 months we had built from 4 members to a roster of 20+ with 13/13HC and 5/13M HFC under our belts. Having recently reformed, we currently have the same goal again, we had our first raid and cleared 9/9N on our first night, so next up is getting started on the heroic progress. What do we offer? Experienced management, with prior success in building a mythic raid team from scratch. Organised PVE content, including raids and mythic+. A place to socialise and meet new people. Who are we looking for? We're looking for people who have a good mindset about the game and hanging out with other people. This doesn't mean that when it comes to trialing for raids that we will take people with consistently poor performance, but rather that we will see how people respond to feedback and criticism and see if there is improvement. Alongside how they interact with others in the guild. Ideally, members looking to join the raid team should be 905+ ilvl and have either 9/9N cleared or previous heroic experience. Recruitment We're currently recruiting dps primarily. Notably warlock/DH/priest/paladin. Other classes are also welcome, as well as socials. If interested, add Kritya#21648 on, or Kritya#6422 on discord (the best way of getting hold of me), or apply at Raid times Raid days will be Wednesday and Friday, 7:00pm-10:30pm UK time, which is usually 8:00pm-11:30pm server time (daylight savings can make this untrue). Monday is also in the rotation during progression.Krityä14 1d
1d [A] [Silvermoon] <Call of the Void> 9/9 NM 5/9 HC Call of the Void Recruitment Post Hello fellow players, below will tell you a little about our guild and what we aim to achieve. About the Guild Call of the Void is a young guild which was created on the 01/07/2017. In our short time we have managed to clear content up to 5/9 HC ToS. Our aim as a guild is to clear heroic content whilst current. We have a laid back approach to raiding with a friendly environment. We currently raid 2 days a week and we are looking for more members to join our team. As mentioned our main goal is to clear heroic content however if we kill all heroic content within raiding hours we will work on some mythic bosses but this will not be our prime focus. The average age of our guild is 25+ however this does not restrict our recruitment to this age we just ask you have a mature attitude wanting to enjoy the game. We use Discord to communicate in and out of raid hours as well as in-game chat functions, currently we are using personal loot as we find this is a system which awards loot quite fairly with little stress and also makes it so we can focus on bosses because the assignment of loot is quick. Guild Warcraft Logs/Progress Wow Progress: Warcraft Logs: Raid Times Monday:- 20:00-23:00 Server Time Tuesday:- 20:00-23:00 Server Time If our guild sounds like it might suite you and you want find out a little more information or trial with us please contact us below using our Bnet tags/Discord or replying to this thread. Thanks for reading, Sythe Bnet Tags: -Sythescar#2850 -Apeth#2344 Discord: -Sythescar#5729Sythescar5 1d
1d [A] <Goldshire Bowling Club> ToS 4/9M - Recruiting <Goldshire Bowling Club> (A) We want you! GBC formed earlier on this year with a small core of previous guildies, since then we have expanded and many other people have joined and made GBC their WoW home. The guild has experienced leadership with many raid tiers of mythic content under our belts. We are recruiting 1-2 healers (hpala, disc priest or a rshaman) and some exceptional dps for our core mythic roster. After obtaining 4/9 Mythic ToS we experienced Tank issues and general roster issues, after some changes we are back and ready to restart our progress. Our aim as a guild is to clear all the contect on Mythic while it is current and to have fun while we play. We also do alt runs and mythic+ content as there is plenty of interest for them. We try to promote a friendly environment that likes to help its' members out. Our members also play other games with each other and use the guild discord actively. The guild expects raiders to bring their own flasks, knowledge of the boss mechanics and a will to improve, food buffs will be provided. If you like the above and are interested in joining the GBC family and progressing through ToS then get in touch! Raid Schedule Monday 20 - 23:00 Wednesday 20 - 23:00 Thursday 20- 23:00 Raid invites start at 19:30. Trash pulls generally begin shortly after. You can find a bit more about us at: Loot System We use Loot Council to distribute loot. Factors at play in loot decisions include but are not limited to raid performance, attendance, previous loot received and significance of upgrade. Requirements 1. Discord & working mic. 2. Extensive raiding experience, high skill level, extensive knowledge of raiding and class mechanics, high raid awareness. 3. Able to maintain close to 100 % raid attendance, obviously real life happens. 4. Research every boss fight BEFORE stepping foot into it. Boss strategies will be posted in our member forums. 5. We expect you to be a member of our guild. We don't expect you to spend all of your time on WoW. That's not what we are about. However, checking the guild website regularly is required, and we would prefer you make an effort to get to know your fellow guildies. The closer we are with each other, the better team we will be. 6. The desire to be the best. How to Apply: - Go to - Click on the button "Applications" in the top lefthand corner (next to Goldshire Bowling Club) - Provide us with a detailed application, and do not leave any fields blank. Officer Btags; Lazy#2852 Melexia01#2639 Tyrean#2853 Blubberbal#2445Devaneh3 1d
1d [A] <Shroud> 3/9 Mythic ToS are recruiting! Shroud – EU – Silvermoon [A] <Shroud> are currently looking for anyone interested in mythic progression with a semi-hardcore guild. We enjoy having a laugh while also pushing for progression as hard as possible in our two-day raiding week. Our experienced leaders have led guilds since TBC, and can guarantee a competitive mythic raid team. Raid Experience 3/9 Mythic ToS. 9/9 Heroic ToS. 9/9 Normal ToS. 4/10 Nighthold Mythic. 10/10 Nighthold Heroic. 10/10 Nighthold Normal. What we will give to you: A well-organized guild A friendly and fun atmosphere A progressive raid team, working through mythic A fun community to play games with, not just wow! Raiding days/times (Server Time): Wednesday – 20:30 till 23:30 Sunday – 20:30 till 23:30 Tuesday - 20:30 till 23:30 (Optional) Recruitment We are currently looking for: - MM (pref) / BM Hunter. - Rogue. - Mage - A DPS with healer OS / Healer with DPS OS. However all exceptional applications will be considered. Voice: Discord What we expect from you: - That you are prepared for every raid and ready on time. - Know your class and be dedicated to keeping up-to-date on the class. - Able to take criticism and progress from it. - Always bring flasks, pots, and food. - Don't stand in the fire. If interested, please contact any of our officers (Nèff, Necrotizim, Absólution or Nornwell) or message myself in game or on Battle net: Crispina (Quavers#2121). Or visit our website: Thanks for reading - Shroud TeamCrispina15 1d
1d Not just another recruitment post I know, I know… You see these posts everywhere on the forums, specially now with Legion coming in the oh-so-near future! What am I talking about? I am ofc talking about guild-recruitment posts and why you should join their guild. But ofc you should not join THEIR guild. You should join OUR guild! Because even if we value progress, we value fun, friendship and real life more. We do not call people retards / idiots if they do mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. We should know it. How we know? Well well well... a few examples coming up. This is a very good example, where our dps-warrior is falling off the edge at Iskar because he got a call from a random girl that have been looking at his a-s-s (damn language filter! :p) during spinning-class, and somehow got hold of his number. It totally blew him off –on all levels. ;) It is one of our funniest moments, and here is a clip of him telling us the story on TS: Other things that you should be aware of is that (one of) our Swedes LOVES to sing. She is especially fond of Christmas-songs, but she is open for suggestions. Like this time, her and “the Babe” singing a tune from Lion King: And sometimes this is our level of humor: (low, I know :d) Sometimes pulls go so slowly that even Jerry the snail gets impatient: And this might happen if you place warlock-portals at strategic positions before fight and people in raid get too curious: Ok, that was all fun and games, now over to things you are likely to hear in raids/guildchat etc: -Anyone saying something that can slightly be interpreted as an innuendo will hear “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!” A lot. -Dogs barking in the background ( -DPS-warrior: “omg, I taunted! TAUNT IT BACK, TAUNT IT BACK!!!!!” (with panic in the voice) -Our feral: "Why am I out of catform? Why am I out of CATFORM!!" -Game-notification: “Pir has died” -Babe talking about his a-s-s. Now, some more about what we are doing and what we are especially looking for: We are currently setting up new days and times for raiding, join now and have a saying in it! The aim is 2 to 3 days raiding, and on off-nights things like transmog-runs, petbattle-nights (Mia will cry and try to talk you out of petbattles, cruelty towards animals and all that ;)), dungeon runs and possibly even some PvP (if its red, its dead etc)! Raid days are Thursday and Tuesday 20:00-23:00 server time. With Sunday as the social event day for now till we start using it for the alt raid night again soon :). We do not have any specific recruitment classes; anything goes! Play what you want to play, we all play to be having fun, and not playing a class/spec you don’t like… life is too short to play something you don’t really like!  We are progressing in ToS 8/9 HC at the moment and looking to start on Mythic progress soon. What we would ideally want to join us and help balance us out more going forward is; Chicken(S) one with OS Resto WW with OS MW SP(s) one with OS Healing Ele shaman with OS Resto Rogue(s) Mage Lock Does this sound interesting? Well then, do not hesitate! Contact our lovely GM Azrél on Azrél#2374, or our super raid leaders Sar and Deckathelock , officers Naf, Skady and Tintee :) Or contact us via our website Thanks for reading and hope to see you in guildchat soon!Azrél80 1d
1d **CARNAGE INC** - 1wk back 4/9M Nearly 5.. OVERVIEW Server: SIlvermoon EU Faction: Alliance Category: Mythic Guild Created: March 2009 Guild Leader: Shell Raid Leader/Recruitment: Tapps (Battletag: tapps#2758) Officers: Mourtous Website: SUMMARY We are currently formed of some top ranking players from multiple top 50 world guilds and returning players from over the years who wish to create an efficient 3 day top tier raiding guild. This means we are currently looking for players of a similar caliber to help us reach our goal of a 3 day guild that gets cutting edge kills with minimal time spent in raid. Our first week back and fully cleared 9/9 Heroic 4/9 Mythic nearly 5/9....... We all play the game because we enjoy it and because of that we have a strict ‘No A%^-*!@e’ policy. TD:LR A%^-*!@s need not apply! We do expect you to know your class and always striving to improve. The raid team is only as good as it’s raiders…. so we need you to be pretty damn good!! The average age range in the guild is between 20-40 and the language is colorful… so if you find swearing and banter offensive then this is most definitely not the guild for you. WHAT CAN WE OFFER? Well aside from cookies and late night laughs…. - A very experienced leadership team. - A dedicated team with preparation in all beta and ptr testing - Cutting Edge progression with a multitude of early kills. - A fair loot distribution system - All based on your personal performance and what benefits the raid the most for progression - Mythic experienced raiders who are committed to growing the team. - A kick #$% website with busy forums. Did I mention cookies…. triple chocolate chip? Yummy. WHAT ARE WE LOOKING FOR? - Like minded people with an exceptional knowledge of their class and a higher than average level of play. - Current or previous end game raid experience. - Solid logs or proven past in a cutting edge raid enviroment - Reliability, we expect 95% attendance - Punctuality, keeping the team waiting is not cool. - The ability to listen. A microphone is a MUST. - Be able to take criticism and learn from it. CURRENT RECRUITMENT NEEDS We are specifically looking for one more healer.... Healers - Shaman - Holy Paladin DPS we are interested in... - Rogue - Warlock - Hunter - Mage Strong players are always considered and welcome to apply no matter what class. THE IMPORTANT STUFF We operate a limited raid schedule of just nine hours, spread over three nights per week: 20.15-23.30 (Server Time) on Wed, Thur & Mon. We feel that balancing progression with home life while still remaining competitive is very important, therefore we do not schedule progression raids at the weekends. WHAT ELSE DO WE HAVE TO OFFER? - Alt runs - Annual IRL meetings - Guild comps - including guild lottery, secret santa, jolly ho...ho...holidays. - A thriving website community; active forums, gallery, media, news posts and more. - Raid-a-thon; our annual charity event: On behalf of everyone in Carnage Inc we would like to wish you all the very best of luck in game. SAVE PREVIEW CANCEL Shiftsay <Carnage Inc> 110 Human Monk 7675 4 posts 2 hours ago Still looking for a healer QUOTE Join the Conversation Shiftsay <Carnage Inc> 110 Human Monk 7675 3 posts CHANGE CHARACTER Code of Conduct ADD REPLY PREVIEW RETURN TO FORUM Thanks for visiting the Blizzard Forums (2.17.18) · Patch Notes English (EU) CAREERSABOUTSUPPORTFEEDBACKPRESSAPI ©2017 BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT, INC. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. PRIVACYTERMS en-GBShiftsay0 1d
1d <Whispers of the Mountain>Casual/Social Guild Whispers of the Mountain is a new guild on Silvermoon founded by family and friends. What we offer: We want to create a social and friendly atmosphere where you feel that you log on to the game to meet your friends(or get to know a new friend). We aim to be a closely-knit community, and this means that we will start out a small guild and grow it from there,slowly and together. Play the game your way.There will be no pressure,no requirements and no obligations. As such,we will not be a hardcore guild in any specific part of the game (PvP, raiding, etc). We like doing transmog runs,crafting,farming stuff and dungeons and even an occasional pet battle.We also enjoy low level content and dungeons with our alts. What we are looking for: You are a social person, you like to talk in guildchat,you are mature and you are interested in making new friends. You are not looking for any hardcore end game things,but want to enjoy the game at your own pace. Newbies and returning players are more than welcome. For more info or questions you might have,contact me in-game. My battle-tag is: Yulivee#2678 P.S.: We have Cookies :DBrînna7 1d
1d <Just Awful> Late Night Raiding guild is LFM! <Just Awful> Late Night Raiding Guild - EU Silvermoon Just Awful is a late night raiding guild with a friendly mature atmosphere and a competitive attitude, and we are currently looking for a few new members to bolster our ranks as we continue to progress through the Tomb of Sargeras. Raid schedule. Thursday - 2300 to 0200 (Server Time GMT+1) Sunday - 2300 to 0200 (Server Time GMT +1) Monday - 2300 to 0200 (Server Time GMT +1) We are currently progressing nicely on Heroic ToS (8/9) with Normal ToS on regular farm. We are looking for the following to solidify for the rest of tier progression through Mythic. 1-2 Mages 1 DH 1 Paladin/Druid Healer Other classes than those specified will be considered, so don't be afraid to get in touch! About the guild. Just Awful was formed to give a place for new and returning players whose lives might not allow for the traditional schedules of most guilds a chance to experience high level endgame content at an accessible time. Many of us are experienced and dedicated raid leaders with a history of competitive play across many genres, and love helping people experience raiding without the elitist attitude. While we focus heavily on successful raid progression, it's not all we do. We have a thriving and diverse social scene, and a busy /g channel filled with helpful and friendly guild members who run Mythic+ pushes, Timewalking and weekly quest completion etc. Even if you are looking to just be sociable while you get on with your day to day play, Just Awful could be the place for you! What we want from you. Respect your fellow guildmates - Don't be a jerk! Be on time and be prepared. Invites go out fifteen minutes before raid time, with everyone gemmed and enchanted with flasks and food ready. Listen, learn and understand. We value hard work and a willingness to improve your play. We will always offer constructive advice firmly but fairly. Contacts In game: Azurein-Silvermoon, Taycess-Silvermoon, Fireraider-Silvermoon, Celania-Silvermoon, Dragonchain-Silvermoon Discord: Azurein#9986  Taycess#9305  Dragon#4954  Celania#3376  tempus02#4076 Greph#4086Azurein12 1d
1d <A> <Tormented> 1/9M Recruiting Healers and DPS! Hey there. Currently the most skilled, and most beautiful Monk to ever grace World of Warcraft is making this post to advertise myself. That's obviously a joke! Some of it. Tormented was formed in April 2013 with the intention of running a casual guild, who likes to progress content at a steady pace. A lot of the members have been here since the beginning of the guild, with others who have been together since long before the guild was formed. Currently 7/7M EN, 6/10NH M, 1/9ToS M Below is a list of what we both expect, and offer in return when joining the guild: Reliability When it comes to raiding, we know people have real life commitments they have to attend to, all we ask if you join with the intention to raid, to be able to attend at least 2/3 of the raids per week. If you sign up, we expect you to be online at least 15 minutes before the raid to prepare yourself (Food, flasks, Discord are all mandatory), and of course, if you are unable to raid, to be able to change your raid status a few hours beforehand if possible, or speak to an office in advance if you may, for example, be late, or have the chance of not being able to make it. Patience The guild is casual, of course we want to progress, but we don't want people to feel like it is a burden, that they must execute everything perfectly, or do DPS on the level of top end raiders. We just ask that you do your best to keep up-to-date with your class, rotation and boss tactics. Not every boss will die on the first pull, especially during progress runs, so keeping a cool head, and keeping calm will benefit everyone and yourself. What we offer you in return The guild is casual, with a relaxed atmosphere. So when you log, and want to chill, or have a laugh and discuss your class or anything else with fellow guildies, you can do so, we are very welcoming in that way. Loot is also done via RCLootcouncil, and is distributed as fairly as possibly. Raiders will have priority over trials, but the trial period is quite short. We do alt runs for raids, if you want a chilled night playing a character other than your main and there are always people, including myself, up for doing other content, or just farming some M+ for the sephuz ring. In short, you will be in a welcoming, relaxed guild. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now, onto what we are currently looking for; Melee DPS - Currently only looking for 1 additonal DK/rogue Ranged - Highly Prefer Mage/Priest/Exceptional Boomy with Resto OS Healers - Prefer Restoration Druid, but will consider all. The above recruitment is for our mythic progress. So we are expecting any applications for these positions to be at least 910 ilvl, with raiding experience, preferably at our current progression (9/9HC+) All applications are considered. Of course, if you are just looking for a spot as a social, you are more than welcome to apply with the added note that you want to be social. Check us out at: You can either apply on this thread, via, or add me #KDSDavid#2196 so we can discuss your application/any questions further.Dunwich4 1d
2d -Endless Possibilities- 9/9 N 9/9 HC ToS recruting "Endless Possibilities" (English Speaking) 9/9N 9/9 HC ToS are RECRUITING! Range DPS ! Melee dps(arms warr, sub rogue, unholy dk)! Healer(holy priest/resto shaman) For Mythic PROGRESS! Raid Times, Wed&Sun&Mon 19:00 - 22:00. Be Commited, Skilled, Mature & Friendly 910+ ilvl /w me LESI#2571 or leave a msg hereDisviturci12 2d
2d Ret pally 9/9 Heroic looking for mythic oriented guild! Hello! I know i don't have any experience in mythic ToS yet or any other previous expansion as i started playing roughly a month after Legion came out. I have 9/9 heroic ToS experience. Really wanting to progress more further into mythic and enjoy raiding to the fullest. Currently i am still missing some items (4-set and couple of better trinkets) and bis legendaries(ring and cloak) for retribution paladin which are pretty vital in terms of dps, but i'm working on it. Still this hasn't stopped me from performing well for my class :). I'm fully aware of all the mechanics for heroic and mythic, am patient, social, friendly and reliable person. I'm also 24 years old. So if you think that you guild needs a dedicated and friendly ret, my battletag is niQuin#2569 and i will be happy to contribute everything i can for the success of the guild. Thank you for your attention! Best of all!Niquinke1 2d
2d Looney Toons - Recruiting <3 Hey there :) Im the Guild leader of " Looney Toons " We are recruiting Ranged Dps, 1 or 2 Melee and Tank for Progression 8/9NM ToS and will be pushing Heroic! Raid Days are Wednesday, Friday and sometmes on Tuesday! we will also love social players to join in aswell! /w Cianohd or /w Stítchz or /Jóanofarc for more info Get in contact on Battle Net with raid leader: CianoHD#2430 Second Guild Leader: Tazytoad#2118 We use Discord as comms <3Stítchz0 2d
2d Looking for a raiding guild, ilvl 901 Hi there, I'm new to the game and really enjoying it. I've recently reached 110 and my friend has been helping me gear up my toon. I've done a few Nighthold raids and been trying to gear up as well as I can since reaching cap 2 weeks ago and am currently 901 item lvl and I really want to get into raiding. Before WoW I played a lot of CS: GO and made it to the top rank Global Elite (top 0.7ish%) and after watching a load of progression raiding videos it looks really fun and something I really want to do. I'm eager to learn and put in the work and dedication and learn what's needed for progression raiding, I always like working to be the best I can and looking guides/videos on how to improve at the game. Also, would like to get into doing M+s as they look fun. A Little bit about me, 18-year-old games developer, I'm free every evening other than Wednesday and Happy chatting on discord etc. Hope to hear you :)Johnnyl2 2d
2d <Last Judgement> Recruiting Last Judgement is a guild based on the Silvermoon EU realm. We have a casual atmosphere with a dedecated approach to progression. We are looking for like-minded individuals that want to progress at a steady pace on a 2 day schedule with people they enjoy playing the game with. We expect our raiders to fully maintain their main character to their highest ability and attend as many raids a possible with a positive mindset that will allow us to progress well through current content. Current Progression: 9/9 Normal ToS 3/9 Heroic ToS We are looking for Ranged dps, tanks and healers to bolster the roster Emphasis on: Mage (all specs) Demon Hunter (Vengeance) Monk (Brewmaster/Mistweaver) Death Knight (Blood) Priest (Shadow/Holy/Discipline) Warlock (all specs) Druid (Balance/Guardian) Shaman (Elemental/Restoration) Hunter (Beast Masery/Markmanship) We are looking to expand our roster and create a strong raid team for current content. Despite keeping it casual outside of raids, we do have some basic Requirements: -890+ ilvl -EPGP Lootmaster -Have good knowlege of your class. -Be gemed and Enchanted before raids start -Have TS ready with mic (if you do not currently have a mic but intend to get one soon, this is acceptable) For more info you can give me a wisper over Btag: dexer87#2415 or viste the guild webside http://lj.enjin.comRomard0 2d
2d [A] The Logical Cube 9/9N 7/9HC ToS Recruiting! Everyone looks for that fine balance between a hardcore raiding guild, a casual content guild, and those who are purely there for entertainment and socializing. Never before have I seen a group of people who gets every single one of those things perfectly right than this group . Our group is full of some amazing personalities who value our teamwork and treating others with respect. We are a group of friends that have raided for many years (7+ in most cases) together in the past. The Logical Cube aims to maintain a small, but active, membership of around 30 people. As we do 3 raids of 3 hours each week, we aim for skilled play while having a lot of fun on Discord during trash. What does The Logical Cube offer? - High quality, progression-oriented PvE - Raiding with a group of competent, friendly, like-minded players - Not having to sacrifice your real life, job, marriage, and sanity - Mythic+ Dungeon runs with guildies -Food and Flasks during raids What does The Logical Cube look for? - Maturity and intelligence - Ability to communicate well in English - Skilled game-play - Understanding of your chosen class/spec/role - Respect for each other - Using more than 4 letters to type out the sentence: "Wait for me, please." - Being able to get on and use Discord. Recruitment is open for the following: Demon Hunter: Havoc Druid: Boomkin Deathknight:Frost/Unholy Dps of other classes will be considered. All raiders with previous experience will also be considered. Current progress: 9/9N 7/9 HC ToS Wednesday: 20:30 - 23:30 ST Thursday: 20:30 - 23:30 ST Sunday: 20:30 - 23:30 ST Loot distribution will be done using RC Loot Council. If you’re interested contact: Meelaí, Nikolatesla, Karrigin, Soláz, Xarva or Grompot. Alternatively leave a reply here.Nikolatesla23 2d
2d <Anathema> (10/10 NH 3/9 ToS Mythic) Recruiting ! Mature Mythic raiding guild, One of the oldest guilds on Silvermoon transferred from Terenas in 2008, we are a 18+ years old guild to maintain a common state of mind. Raid Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 20:15-23:30 (8.15pm-11.30pm) * Until Legion hits we're probably going to raid less What we expect of you: - 100% attendance, and giving us notice when something special pops up - Know your class and all your specs inside out - Be a mature respectful social team player - Don't worry about loot trust us to be fair - Know how to have fun - Have a strong PC with a good connection, with TS, a working Mic - [b900+ Item Level and Mythic experience in this tier ![/b] What you can expect from us: - Good progress - Experienced raid leading - Fun casual atmosphere raiding - Maintain an active real life while seeing end game content Recruitment Please visit our website to see the current openings Invites start at 20:15 (8:15pm) "server time" which means CET. If you have any questions feel free to contact us in game: Nir Peritus Jeniawarlord Numzen Twid Zydec For Recruitment information or application sign-up visit our website : 2d
2d [A] <Paltkoma> Is Looking for new faces! [A] <Paltkoma> Is recruiting Paltkoma is a social raiding guild, and we are looking for people to progress in Heroic ToS. To make a few things clear at the very start, yes our name is Swedish but the guild is international. We say social raiding guild because our focus is on the social aspect of the game, as in having fun while playing together as friends, and we are looking to increase the group of friends and progress through the game now and in the future. Our core teams experience in Legion is 7/7 Heroic EN, 3/3 Heroic ToV, 10/10 Heroic NH, and are curently at 8/9 Heroic ToS So who are we and what are we looking for? We aim to be more than a place where you come to get loot. We value the guild as a community of friends and work hard to make everyone feel included and have a great time experiencing the game together. We are a guild focused around having fun, being social, and when raid times comes around we try to do our very best. This means that raids in general have a calm atmosphere, but with the expectation of people knowing their class, role and have the will to help improve the overall performance of the group. All this with room for some fooling around and being goofballs outside of pulls and preparation. We are looking for people who fits this mentality of having fun, but doing their best. But this doesn’t mean we are only looking for people completely decked out in the best gear available from the start, we don’t kick you for making one or two mistakes, we welcome mistakes as long as you learn from them and improve. We do have the expectation that people come prepared and if wanting to be part of the progression team from the get go, some decent gear is required and some prior experience. We believe in healthy competition and that shows during our pulls, everyone fights to do the absolute best they can, and we encourage this behaviour, as long as it doesn’t go too far and becomes toxic. With all this talk about raiding, if the guild sounds like a place for you, but you don’t aim to raid, we are also open to socials fitting our mentality. What are we looking for more of? We are currently looking for Warlocks and anyone who would like to switch around as both heal and dps depending on the group Raid times: Monday and Wednesday: 19.30 - 22.00 (invites at 19.15) mon/wed are for HC wedensday we clear the bosses on "farm" and Monday is progress. Sunday: 19.30 - 22.00 (invites at 19.15) Sunday is the "open" raid this is mostly used for clearing normal Night Hold but can also be for achivments or other stuff - depending on the guilds wishes. TL:DR We are a guild looking for calm, mature people who want to raid, have fun and chill together. Does this sound like a guild for you, socials and raiders alike, give us a whisper or reply to this thread and we will answer as quickly and as best we can. People to contact: Tifdan - Tiftan#2343 Shantir - Fakian#2548 Iberico - Bakke#21897Tifdan35 2d
2d << F A D E >> Hi guys, We're a few players who have played together through the entire series, from Lightnings blade alliance in vanilla to auchidoun horde in cata - and now into Legion! We're looking for the older player who has work and family commitments and a player who wants to experience the game for more than just raiding, be it raiding old content for transmorg or just generally helping other guys in the guild out in dungeons or pvp. We dont mind what level or class you are, we hope your aims in the game align with ours: We plan to raid 2 nights a week Thur + Sun 20.00-23.00 ST Run old raids for transmog gear Help players level up in old dungeons when we can Help gear up our alts in dungeons, heroic dungeons and finally in raids Build a team of good friends to lead the guild Have a laugh on Discord even when there are no raids on If interested give me a shout in game or any character online, we would love to get you on board. Lortsos#2438 to have a chat ! Thx again and cu online ! ;)Aranwrath24 2d
2d [A] Forevér Young New Guild Recruiting 8/9N <Forever Young> - Silvermoon are a newly re-formed guild comprised of players who raided together in Cataclysm and Mists of Pandaria. We are looking to combine a fun atmosphere with quality raiding on a 3 day schedule. Currently recruiting: Any DPS Healer (palladin, shaman, druid) 1Tank Raiding Schedule: 20:30 - 23:30 Server time every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Invites will go out 15 minutes before the raid is due to begin with the view of beginning the first boss pull between 20:30 and 20:40. A 10 minute break will be taken 22:00. Aims The aim of this guild is to clear the currently relevant mythic content before it becomes obsolete. In order to achieve this goal, we will first be required to clear both normal and heroic. As we are a newly re-formed guild many members are still gearing up. Until we have enough members to be able to begin clearing mythic content, normal, and then heroic will be cleared. Loot system We use loot council for looting, this is to ensure that each piece of loot will be given to the player which will most help speed progression. Guild progression comes first and ilevel comes secondary to this. Before mythic progression (during normal and heroic progression) we will use personal loot. How to Apply Please complete our application form, we will aim to reply to your application within 48 hours of the application being sent. Our reply will come via a message through battletag if one is provided, or if not through in game mail. Contact us If you have any questions regarding the guild or the application process then please contact any of the below in PM or mail. Cassíe - GM(Cersei#21733); Zerazine - Officer(timmeh#2335); Vodooshaman - Raider (Titanix#21387)Vodooshaman0 2d
2d [A] Remnant - 9/9 HC, 5/9 M Semi-Hardcore Recruiting Hey there! About us: Remnant is a freshly made semi-hardcore guild on Silvermoon. We started off as a group of friends on Defias Brotherhood raiding in Wipe Material until it came to a point where a lot of people were burning out, including the officers, which resulted in us looking to transfer to a new server and start fresh leading us to where we are right now. All of us have experience in raiding in world top 100-600 ranked guilds and/or Gladiator or higher PvP experience and are looking for players with roughly the same experience as us. Past Progress: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Mythic as of 24/11/2016 Trials of Valor: 2/3 Mythic as of 5/1/2017 The Nighthold: 4/10 Mythic as of 16/2/17 ending at rank 540 - after that point, our old guild stopped raiding. Current Recruitment: Classes we are recruiting Ranged DPS (Hunters pref) Healers (Resto Shaman/Holy Paladin Pref) We do, however, have these requirements for new players looking to join: Have good past/current PvE/PvP Experience. The reason for why we say PvP as well is because we feel if one person is doing really well in PvP, there is no reason for them to not be able to perform just as well in PvE. Be 18+ Be of at least 905+ ilvl. Exceptions can be made, of course, depending on experience if a returning player etc. If that is the case, you’d be welcomed as a social and at a later point put to a trial position after having obtained good enough gear. The way we handle loot: Loot Council with changes of Loot Council every week between people that are interested in being on the Loot Council. There is always 1 officer there. What you can expect from us: Dedicated officers that are online quite often and always looking to improve the guild/help out its members. A good raiding/guild atmosphere that does not tolerate excessive arrogance or drama. Proper handling of loot where if there's any arguments, they're quickly resolved. What we expect from you: To be a dedicated and motivated raider that is always prepared for a raid and looking for ways to improve their play. To have read up on every boss that we’re progressing on. We want to make the most out of the time that we’re raiding and it would save us a lot of time when everyone has read up on the tactics beforehand. To be a mature person and be able to handle constructive criticism as well as not cause any type of drama inside or outside of raids. Raiding times: Tuesday - 20:00 - 23:00 Thursday - 20:00 - 23:00 Sunday - 20:00 - 23:00 We may sometimes extend the raid by half an hour at most if we’re very close to a progress kill. For contacts, you can add: Virent#2155 - Vintre/Virent Garwal#2350 - Meldoria Lhissae#2695 - Scholastia Or you can also check our website and apply on 2d
3d <Devious> ToS 1/9 Mythic Guild Recruiting Devious is an old guild originally founded in 2006 at the release of The Burning Crusade on Silvermoon EU. The guild was founded with a desire to create a raiding-oriented guild with the priority being progress. Our progress in The Burning Crusade ranked us amongst the top 4 guilds on the server. During the following expansions we have progressed through the content at a steady pace gaining us a good reputation on server. We are now looking to recruit new members to complete our core raiding team which has been with us since the establishment of the guild. Our members have raided together for so long that we have become like family. We are not looking for bench warmers, we firmly believe that it is always quality over quantity. What we are looking for: At least 95% attendance (excluding pre-planned holidays or other pre-arranged absences) 100% dedication to the raid and the guild. LOYALTY is a big deal to us. You to be fully prepared for raids. You are willing to wipe, if you don’t like wiping you need not apply. We're looking for motivated players, we will help you if you need help but full knowledge of your class/spec is required. Have a proper connection/PC, everyone has tech issues but we expect you to be online and raid ready at all times. Classes open for recruitment: All DPS especially Ranged. Current Raid Schedule: Sun: 8pm-11pm CET Wed: 8pm-11pm CET Thu: 8pm-11pm CET Raid invites start 15 minutes prior to the time mentioned above. Apply via: Or Email us at Or Contact members listed: Ash#23955 (Guild Master) Vizzy#2821 (Raid Leader & Recruitment) Psah#1302Vizzeh9 3d
3d [A] WITB (9/9HC) - Mythic focused but not hardcore! Hello, My name is Kesandri and I founded Whats in the boX, a guild who has just recently moved to Silvermoon after 8 wonderful years on the realm of Dragonblight. It was with a very heavy heart that we took the decision to rebuild on a new home but a decision we felt we had to make nonetheless to keep the WITB history going. Over the past 8 years we have consistently achieved a level of raiding in heroic/mythic, sometimes clearing a tier, sometimes not. The one thing we have prided ourselves on is that we never give up, we keep going until the bell rings! After some successful recruitment in preparation for ToS we now require just a handful of dps (and maybe a healer!) to join us in our exciting rebuild project! What to expect from us: - 2-3 Raids per week (Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 8PM ST - 11PM ST). - A stable leadership team and raid leader (most of our officers have been in the guild since its inception!). - A guild that had a very good reputation and is well recognised, something we want to build again! What we would like from you: - Mature players who are patient and will not shy away from wiping. - Players who have a good understanding of their class and spec, and if not are willing to learn! - To give 100% effort, we cant ask for anymore. - People who are willing to make Box a home. We have always had a strong community spirit! If any of the above has interested you PLEASE contact us, we would love to have a chat with you! Thank you very much for taking the time to read this post :) Officer Team: MooBie#2962 Sagira#2373 Chalet#2263Kesandri17 3d
3d >Synthesis< are looking for dedicated Raiders Hi all, and for any new joiners; welcome! Raid days : Monday, Wedensday and Sundays 20.00 - 23.00 (altruns thursdays 20.00-23.00) we are looking for : Tanks - Full DPS - Enhanncement shaman, Balance Druid, Rogue, Mage! But all who apply will be concidered. Healers - Full Progress : 9/9NM - 8/9HC : Currently progessing on Kill-Jay HC, and then we start mythic! Recently reformed and back on track! Synthesis was originally formed in 2010 and ran for several years with some great successes before we decided to disband. Since then We have raided at every level, from casual all the way to some players finishing 54 in the world with a hardcore guild. A great deal has been learnt along the way, and we are coming back much older and wiser. Now looking into the future. Our mission statement is to be as competitive as possible with a comfortable three day raid schedule. We want to be in a position to clear all available PvE content while it is still relevant. This is certainly achievable, but only with a capable and well-managed roster. We want our raids to be a fun, yet focused and competitive environment, where everyone is performing to the best of their ability and extracting the most from their class, spec and gear. Due to the limited amount of raid time that we have, each raid will be run as efficiently as possible and will require performance from all. The first months which is ultimately the guild’s gestation period is the most unstable and unpredictable. It’s completely normal for a new guild to have high attrition and above average turnover of players. Don’t be alarmed to see people come and go, the ground will settle. An intensive recruitment strategy will be implemented to get us off the ground. Though we are new, we have been busy and cleared NM and 8/9 HC, but had to rely on some pugs along the way. We have a completely open door, please if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns We will always listen and do everything We can to help. Equally if you have class or role specific questions we can help; rotation, talents or gear deficiencies can all be solved, just ask :). We look forward to raiding with you all. Br GM and Officers Contact Slípperhat#2269, Celvan#2896, Versatile#1986 for a more in depth talk! Or any online members so that we may direct you to the right person.Koydai10 3d
3d [A] Silvermoon - FTC - Recruiting For The Cake is Recruiting to bolster our Raid team to further progress in Tomb Of Sargeras Heroic. Current progress sits at, 9/9 - Normal and 4/9 Heroic. Current Raid days are Wednesday and Sunday 19:45(st) - 23:00(st) with talks of adding an additional day in the near future to further push progress. We are looking for Raiders who aren't looking for a hardcore raiding team but want to progress at a steady pace in a friendly an fun environment. Who like to have fun when raiding but take it a bit more serious when it comes time. We ask that people have a decent knowledge of their class and are willing to meet the general criteria that most raiders are expected to fulfill in their role. Standard things like coming to raid on time and being fully prepared with Potions, Flasks and fully gemmed/enchanted. We also welcome socials to chat among the already numerous socials within the guild. Sometimes even take part in random events that are commonly set up, Drunk raids, alt runs etc. We currently use Discord as a voice comms and require anyone interested in joining the raid team to have an active Microphone and access to the discord app. We are currently looking for : Ranged DPS - Mages / Hunters / Elemental Shaman Healer - Restoration Shaman / druid - ( All classes will be considered ) If the guild interests you in any capacity, please feel free to contact one of the officers and have a chat Léafless, Lilcrow or Shadowdesire. Alternatively you can add One of ourReal ID's and chat there if you prefer. - Kerstez#2669 - champen82#2353 - kaay#2802Léafless7 3d
3d [A][EU][Silvermoon] <FiLTH> <3/9M> FiLTH, a friendly progressive guild looking for more skilled players to add to our team. We are currently 3/9 Mythic and looking for additional players for to progress HC and Mythic when the time comes. Raids are Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at 8:45PM - 11:45PM Server time (+1 GMT) What we offer you: Progressive raids with a serious but not aggressive atmosphere M+ guild groups up to +15 and above Teamspeak 3, logs after every raid, glossy forums/website, Streams, Guild whatsapp group and so much more. Friendly environment and some good times. Always people online to join you in adventures till late in the night Event nights: Games consisting of naked brawls, scavenger hunts, team relays and many more activities with some great give aways of gold, mounts and so much more. FiLTH is a fun place to be and most who join love calling it their home and family. To apply visit: Reply to this thread Or message me on Macros#2937 or MrRoboto#2229Fozzmistrèss11 3d
3d Slovakians looking for guild SVK / CZ Hello, i and my friends looking SVK / CZ guild on Silvermoon, if you have free space please send me message, or reply on this post.Cholinko1 3d
3d 914 BM hunter looking for a guild I'm looking for a new guild that has heroic on farm and are progressing into Mythic preferebly 2 nights a week raiding 3 at a push (8GT-11GT) Also I like doing M+ on non raid nights if I'm around which is also a big plus Currently got 55 traits. Current raiding experience 10/10 heroic 4/10 mythic. 9/9 heroic and 1/9 mythic.Trápstar3 3d
4d [A] Peculiar - (9/9HC) LFM Players Heya Fellas! About us Most of our group is about 25+ yo. That means we have jobs and we coming to the game to Relax and Have Fun. We have very good players and we raid together since Emerald Nightmare. We moved to Silvermoon from other realms some time ago and we are still looking for Players everywhere ^_^. What we are looking for We looking for people who have sense of humor and able to have fun and play well their class. We talking about purple logs. You need to be 8/9 HC to join us. We not looking to boost people. We need People to be useful to our team. Raid Time Wed/Thu/Mon - 20:00-23:00 server time. Who we need Healers x 2: Druid / Paladin / Holy Priest TANK x 1: Druid / DK DPS x 5: Mage / Arms / DH / DK Best way to Contact us Join Discord and Talk to us : OR add me as friend Lephisto#2932Lephisto0 4d
4d WSD? World server down?Góudje2 4d
4d <FALSE GODS> 8/9 HC Recruiting DPS. So, False Gods. From our humble beginnings on our first server Wildhammer where we were conceived as Men of Honour, we have consistently raided to a progressed yet not hardcore standard. We have a strong core group that have held together through the years and now we've all ended up on Silvermoon. Our Mythic progress somewhat slowed towards the end of NH due to people losing interest in the game and real life commitments. From small setbacks we managed to put together a strong, regular roster of around 22-25 raiders that are all vying for a place in our mythic 20 man roster for ToS. However we are always looking to bolster our ranks. We are an active guild outside of raids that like to push Mythic+ and other content (we have a couple of pvpers). As with most guilds raid nights are fun yet focused. We wont send you packing for talking during trash pulls, but during boss fights we do expect 100% concentration. Raid Days Tuesday 2045 - 0000 ST Friday 2045 - 0000 ST What we're looking for Priority: Rogue Mage Retribution Paladin (Holy OS not required but preferred) Hunter  (MM or BM) Warrior Or just anyone who thinks they will be a good fit for our guild, will consider most classes. What we ask from you At least 9/9 Normal ToS (HC Exp preferred) Food, Flask and Pots Minimum 905+ iLvl Turn up on time Thorough understanding of your class/spec If you like what you have read then give one of the Officers a whisper Ashdamage Apocryphon Azilise Øy Thordru Xuèna Iefty Surrender visit our website or add Blightspark#2320 for a chat. Cheers!Apocryphon2 4d
4d <Ignite> 2/9 Mythic Dutch speaking guild Sorry but from here on I will be using Dutch instead of Englsih Dag vriendjes & vriendinnetjes, Ignite (EU-Silvermoon - Alliance) is één van de betere Nederlandstalige guilds qua progress en is op zoek naar nieuwe spelers om verder te pushen in mythic content! Momenteel 2/9 Mythic (link naar Harjatan Kill onderaan) We raiden 2 dagen in de week (woensdag en zondag van 21:00 tot 00:00) met optionele raids op maandag en donderdag waar we normal&HC clearen. Socials mogen hier ook op aansluiten. We zijn actief (lees dringend) op zoek naar een Tank en Heals Opties uit: - Resto shaman/MW Monk/Resto Druid/Holy Paladin - Guardian Druid/Brewmaster Monk Uitzonderlijke spelers worden altijd overwogen (pref. ranged dps) Wat verwachten we van jou? - Je bent Nederlandstalig - Je kent je class en de fights zéér goed. - Je bent minstens itemlevel 915. - Je kan wel wat raidervaring voorleggen. Wat bieden we? Een relaxte en uitsluitend Nederlandstalige omgeving waar zowel in- als outgame wat afgelachen en georganiseerd wordt. Je krijgt de kans om een onderdeel te worden van een hechte groep die vriendschap en progress combineert binnen een beperkt tijdsbestek. We hebben een zéér actieve Whatsapp group, Discord Channel en Facebook group. Vanuit de leiding van de guild, reiken we je alle tactics en WeakAura's aan... Jij moet nog enkel de uitvoering doen! Ben je geïnteresseerd (zelfs als je niet één van bovenstaande classes speelt) om te raiden of om te joinen als social? Stuur ons dan zeker ingame een bericht of laat hier een reactie achter. 4d
4d <Ancient Sentinels LF ranged DPS> <Ancient Sentinels> We are a social raiding guild who are 8/9 HC and we are in need of ranged dps for our KJ progression, we are also looking to expand our guild and are looking to recruit socials and casual players to join us as well :) Guild Information Ancient Sentinels is a guild formed from an old guild, and we have all been playing together since the start of EN. We have a very active guild discord server where there's always someone to chat to, and we have events running in the guild everyday. From keyruns to PVP to our ToS normal fun runs, and our old content. There's always something going on :) Raid Times HC progression is Wednesday and Sunday 9-11 server time Classes We are looking for ranged dps, preferably hunter/boomy/ele shaman if interested please message me via discord, at chelsey#3833 or my character in game is Fiasha :)Fiasha0 4d
4d Looking for a raiding guild, ilvl 901, silvermoon Hi there, I'm new to the game and really enjoying it. I've recently reached 110 and my friend has been helping me gear up my toon. I've done a few Nighthold raids and been trying to gear up as well as I can since reaching cap 2 weeks ago and am currently 901 item lvl and I really want to get into raiding. Before WoW I played a lot of CS: GO and made it to the top rank Global Elite (top 0.7ish%) and after watching a load of progression raiding videos it looks really fun and something I really want to do. I'm eager to learn and put in the work and dedication and learn what's needed for progression raiding, I always like working to be the best I can and looking guides/videos on how to improve at the game. Also, would like to get into doing M+s as they look fun. A Little bit about me, 18-year-old games developer, I'm free every evening other than Wednesday and Happy chatting on discord etc. My Battlenet ID is: JohnnyO#21930 Hope to hear you :)Johnnyl0 4d
4d Mythic ToS PUG on Silvermoon, Tuesday August 15, 19:15 Raidleaders from a disbanded mythic raiding guild (<Dreamstate> 4/9) are gonna organize a Mythic ToS PuG on Tuesday the 15th of August, invites going out on 19:15, pull @ 19:30. Aiming to kill atleast first 3 bosses, and possibly Sisters if we have enough players with a sisters achievement. What? Mythic ToS PUG on Silvermoon, Tuesday 15th of August, 19:15 realm time Requirements? Achievement of all the first 3 Mythic ToS Bosses (goroth/harjatan/demonic) and a decent item level (lets say around 925~ish or higher ofc) Why <Dreamstate> basically disbanded and for this week a couple of the raiders still wants to bonusroll and kill the first 3 bosses using personal loot and inviting players that do have the requirement achievements so that it won’t be a wipe fiesta Contact info (Battlenet+Discord) -Kooij#2586 - Will keep an updated roster of players that so far signed up on that discord channel Sharsy2 4d
4d <Hyperia> 1 night raid guild - 9/9 nm and 6/9 hc <Hyperia> is a raiding guild that has formed from a core of friends, and people who have raided together in the past. Most of us have focused on Mythic progress in the past, but due to other obligations we are now playing the game with a more casual approach. This is why we only raid on Sunday evenings from 20:00 til 23:00 server time. There is however more going on outside of raiding such as mythic dungeons, normal clears, and runs through older content. Be aware: we are causal in the time that we raid now, not in terms of the effort that we put in. We are always open to applications from people that have past experience and share the same mind-set as us. We know that we are limited on time, so we do expect people to focus up. We are not averse to extending a lock out where needed, however this is not a usual occurrence. What we can offer you: - Friendly environment with a no-drama policy. - Some joking around, while maintaining a progress minded attitude. - Decent amount of progress for the time invested. - Some stuff to do outside of raids. - Tabard with a bunny! - A nice place to call home. What we want from you: - Heroic/Mythic raid experience in any previous tiers. - The ability to keep up your focus during raids. - Usual crap, like bringing flasks, pots, food, optimisation etc. - Being able to take constructive criticism. - Being able to use discord and be vocal when it's needed. - Being able to attend raids on a regular basis. If you are interested in making an application, please do so using the application form. We look forward to hearing from you! Add someone for a chat : infernity#2168 Jones#1839 4d
4d A: New guild looking for members Hi ppl We are a bunch of old vanilla players, and some of us has had a break from wow for 1-3 years. Since we missed it so much.. *sigh* We all started again, but a lot of old wow friends and guildies stopped playing. What to do next. Well we figured, new server, and new friends. What we are looking for is mature players, that wanna have some fun. We have no intensions raiding regular 4 days a week - but ofcourse we wanna progress. The main thing for us is to have some fun, have a good skype/TS chitchat - and enjoy the game. Since we all think wow is only fun when u play with others - please let me know if "The Veterans" sounds like a place for you RegardsLavazz2 4d
5d Alliance of Azjol <2/9M> LF 1 Tank 1 Heals and DD Alliance of Azjol is a semi hardcore raiding guild which has recently reformed on Silvermoon from Azjol-Nerub. We have a passion for progress without turning the game into a job or a chore, we want to compete at the highest level but aim to keep the fun in each and every raid. We are looking for like minded players who want to help us achieve our goals, we are looking for exceptional players and players who can commit to most raid days (90% attendance). We will consider all classes and specs, however players below the minimum requirements for mythic will need to prove they are ready within farm nights and must show willingness by gearing in and out of guild runs (nevertheless we will assist whenever possible). We are aiming to achieve cutting edge mythic progression and are looking for mythic experienced players to help bolster and improve the flexibility of our current raid team. What you can expect from us - A stable raiding environment in which you can play both competitively and enjoy yourself in a 20 man raid content. - Banter during farm raids that never makes a raid boring and guarantees a laugh or two. - Progress at a steady, consistent and high end rate. - Raid prep deals (flasks and potions) What we expect from you - Knowledge about your class and spec and to be updated on changes. - Full preparation for encounters relating to your own spec. - Willingness to learn, adapt and improve to be the best you can be as a raider. What is required - A stable connection/PC - 90% Attendance - iLvl 920+ - 55 Traits - Mythic experience in NH/ToS - Voice communication through discord Raid times (server time) Wednesday 20:00 - 23:30 Thursday 20:00 - 23:30 Sunday 20:00 - 23:30 We are currently considering ALL CLASSES AND SPECS Specifically in need of a Guardian Druid, a Resto Shaman, and all dps. Contact Drízzít for more info or apply at Drízzít's Bnet: Joshua0405 #2964 Discord: Drizzit#5780Erismorn2 5d
5d <Shinra Inc> 8/10 M NH & 9/9 HC 3/9 M ToS 2 day week Shinra Inc. (18+) [EU - Alliance] Background Shinra Inc. is a mature (18+) EU guild consisting of a close-knit group of friends that have broad raiding experience ranging from Vanilla to Legion with the goal of progressing quickly through Heroic content to put a dent into Mythic content. Current Progress We are re-forming our old guild that was in full flow in Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor - why? Due to real life circumstances and restricted time we have joined several guilds since the start of Legion with the promise of our goals, however we have consistently been the top performing players of said guilds with too much skill separation to progress into Mythic. Now we are in a better position to run our old guild as a group and wish to recruit and thrive again! Don’t worry though, we’re (mostly) not elitists - we enjoy raiding and want to perform to our best during raids but we do have a good sense of humour - almost to the point where I’d say, if you get offended easily it’s probably not for you! We feel if you can’t laugh at yourself, then you’re taking the game too seriously. Current Legion Content Progress:- Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 N & 7/7 HC Trial of Valor - 3/3 N & 3/3 HC Nighthold - 10/10 N & 10/10 HC & 08/10 M Tomb of Sargaras – 09/09 N & 09/09 HC / 03/09 M Preferably around the same progress would be desired for all applicants. Raid Days (Server Times) Wednesday: 8PM – 11PM Monday: 8PM – 11PM What do we want? Self-sufficient players with good class knowledge that want to progress as a team in a focused but non-hostile environment. In return you will have reliable raiders to play with and enjoy current content together – We enjoy doing Mythic+ and playing alts outside of raids also. We like to look at logs to improve and have friendly competition between roles to keep the game fun and challenging. Recruitment Recruiting: 3 DPS Any anyone on the vanquisher token :P _____________________________________________________________________________________ If you are interested send a message to either: Dan – DanSeed#2783 Simon - hubbah#2706 Soren - CykelKim#2169 Jay - Jay#21447 John - Gildian#21440 Cheers!Siimoonn20 5d
5d (A) 2 Day HC recruitment for split raids - no Mythic Hi Silvermoon guys, First things first, I have all 12 classes on max level and I love playing my alts. I am playing WoW since Vanilla and have been Raid leading in the past on a HC level. Doing the same content with the same character and progressing Mythic wipe by wipe for 15 item level higher loot is boring and frustrating. The Mythic mechanic is so much less forgiving and the 20 player limitation makes things really unpredictable (disconnect, lag etc.). Almost any mistake is automatically a wipe. With the Warforged/Titanforged system I would rather do 2-3 HC clear runs and equip my alt characters with nice gear and learn the encounter from a different perspective (Tank, Healer etc.), than progressing % by % in Mythic content. Is anybody else interested in establishing a guild, with 2 raiding days per week, where we rush through HC content in 90-180 minutes? I have absolutely no interest in Mythic, as the effort is exponentially higher than clearing HC in a timely manner. We can discuss the possibility of organizing split runs and gathering a core membership with the required classes for flex raiding. Tanks Healers Dps 2 2 6 10 2 3 10 15 2 4 14 20 2 5 18 25 2 6 22 30 If anybody else is interested in this concept of HC split alt char raiding on a 2 day basis, please give me a shout so we can have some fun with our main and alt characters. Cheers, Aironic BattleTag: Baljko#2359Aironic0 5d