12 Nov [A] Ruthless 8/8 HC 2/8 M LF RDPS & Healer Ruthless, Silvermoon EU Alliance We are looking for experienced players that know their specs well and can contribute to our mythic progression team. Raid times are Thursday and Sunday 20:30-23:00 server time. Our current progression is 8/8 HC 2/8 Mythic. Right now we are looking for: Monk, Shaman Healer RDPS Additionally we are looking for social players of all kinds that want to push mythic plus keys or just hang out. For more information feel free to add me on (Vefreas#2920) or contact me on discord (Vefreas#9038). You can also contact our Raidlead on (Achlyss#21351) or discord (Achlyss#4193).Talethiel9 12 Nov
11 Nov [A]<Shroud> 4/8 Mythic Uldir are recruiting! Shroud – EU – Silvermoon [A] <Shroud> are currently looking for anyone interested in mythic progression with a semi-hardcore guild. We enjoy having a laugh while also pushing for progression as hard as possible in our two-day raiding week. Our experienced leaders have led guilds since TBC, and can guarantee a competitive mythic raid team. Raid Experience 4/8 Mythic Uldir 8/8 Heroic & Normal Uldir 9/11 Mythic Antorus 11/11 Heroic & Normal Antorus 6/9 Mythic ToS 9/9 Heroic & Normal ToS 4/10 Mythic Nighthold 10/10 Heroic & Normal Nighthold What we will give to you: A well-organized guild A friendly and fun atmosphere A progressive raid team, working through mythic A fun community to play games with, not just wow! Raiding days/times (Server Time): Wednesday – 20:30 till 23:30 Sunday – 20:30 till 23:30 Thursday - 20:30 till 23:30 (Optional Heroic) Recruitment We are currently looking for: - Resto Druid - Rogue - Wind-walker - Havoc DH - MM/BM Hunter - Warlock - Elemental Shaman - Fire/Arcane Mage However all exceptional applications will be considered. Voice: Discord What we expect from you: - That you are prepared for every raid and ready on time. - Know your class and be dedicated to keeping up-to-date on the class. - Able to take criticism and progress from it. - Always bring flasks, pots, and food. - Don't stand in the fire. If interested, please contact any of our officers (Nèff (Nef#22913), Absólution (Absolution#2145)) or message myself in game or on Battle net: Crispina (Quavers#2121). Or visit our website: Thanks for reading - Shroud TeamCrispina7 11 Nov
11 Nov Dark Entity Recruitment <Dark Entity > are recruiting members. We are a guild looking for players to join our community! We will be Raiding and Socials are always welcome. Raiding will be on Thurs/Sun 8:30PM -11PM ST. If you are interested feel free to /whisper me. We are on silvermoon. Server Link - Battlenet - DemonicSouls#21626Demonicartem1 11 Nov
11 Nov [A]Fragmented : 4/8 M- Recruiting <Fragmented> 4/8 M Fragmented is a raiding guild on the Silvermoon (EU) realm. We are a social group of people aiming to progress through the mythic difficulty, most current raid tier available in the game. While we call ourselves social, it’s important to understand that we are not super casual in the sense that we accept endless fooling around during our raids and expect members who join to want to progress through bosses and aim to improve themselves and the team as a whole consistently. We will aim for full mythic clear for every raid tier. What we expect of our raiders : - 18+ age - To join our team you will need make application : - nce a new member joins the raid team, they will remain in trial status until they have attended 6 consecutive raids (normally 2 weeks of raiding). - Attendance: We require 80% raid attendance from raiders, counted on a rolling 1 month window. -Sign up (or sign off) for raids on the in-game calendar one week in advance. If you fail on doing so you forfit your spot for that raid . - We expect raiders to keep us informed if they can't attend a raid. - All raiders must be willing to use voice chat and speak English. - A good attitude towards raiding - Show up with your own consumables and a fresh mindset. Progress is repetitive and tiring, try to make it a good experience. We do not condone any form of harassment or whining unless it is clearly banter. - A strive to improve. - Guides will get you halfway. Trial and error will get you further. Look up logs, check your class discord, and consult with other people in the same boat as you. Just because something “works”, it does not mean you cannot improve it. - Read up on boss fight before hand. Raid Schedule Days: Wednesday, Sunday and Monday - All Mythic raiders are expected to attend. Be on time as we will start at raid invite time that means have everything sorted before invites go out! Times: Invites at 19:45- 23:00. A single break around 21:30. All times specified in realm time. Make the apply at : Raid needs : We are not taking any : Classes that don't have OPEN listed Range DPS : 360 ilvl Neck rank :20 Healers - Closed unless for exceptional healers Range DPS - OPEN unless Warlocks /BM hunters Melee - OPEN to all unless Monks Tank - Closed and will be closed do to tanks we have have 100% show up Make the apply at : We accept socials and do HC fun runs on Fridays If you have any questions add Shopaholic#1537 (Laduni ) Kind regards, Isardia/CreekieIsardia42 11 Nov
11 Nov Group of 5 looking for raiding guild! We're a group of 5 friends, who recently lost a guild (people moved to horde) and we have nowhere to go :( We're looking for a 2 (preferably) or 3 days raiding guild doing HC/Myth progress, casual/semi-hardcore with a nice environment. We can raid everyday except for Friday and Saturday. Our group: Guardian Druid - Lilanya Holy Priest - Laaqueel Assassination/Subtlety/Outlaw Rogue - Riendell Frost DK - Touchmè Balance Druid/Shadow Priest - Cinderrise/Elluria (returning in 8.1) [Edit] We've found our new home :) Thank you very much for all of your propositions :)Laaqueel6 11 Nov
11 Nov [H][Kazzak] <Potential> 7/8m late night raiding [H][Kazzak] <Potential> is a late night raiding guild located on Kazzak that achieves cutting edge each tier. Our current progression is currently 7/8M. Our raid times are 22-01 ST on Wednesday, Thursday and Monday, with an optional raid for running easier content on Sunday. We are currently recruiting exceptional players to farm and progress in Uldir and onward into the next raid in BFA. Our core team is formed out of people who have reached cutting edge in all raids in Legion, and bring good understanding of their classes, knowledge of the encounters, and motivation to raid at a high level on a short 9 hour schedule. To progress as fast as possible we expect people to turn up to raids promptly and ready to kill bosses. We want to foster an environment that is enjoyable to be a part of, whilst giving people the opportunities to improve in WoW and make friends online. Several members play other games as well such as Overwatch and League of Legends. In order to raid with us, we require you to have a working microphone so you can communicate with the rest of the raid. To apply please visit our forums at To get in touch with us about joining the guild, please contact one of our officers: Hana#21710 (recruitment/healing) or Percy#2598 (GM), Jme#2422Wessél0 11 Nov
11 Nov [A] Fool Moon recruiting (3/8M) [A] Fool Moon recruiting (3/8M) Are you our next mythic raider? Fool Moon is recruiting for our Mythic raiding team (3/8). Raid times: 3 days/week: We raid Thursdays, Sundays and Mondays, invites usually start at 19:45, we pull at 20:00 and we call the raid 23:00 (GMT+1(Server time)). We also have a Heroic Fun-run on Fridays where socials (and alts) are welcome if they carry their own weight. We are currently seeking: Holy Priest And exeptional dps. If your preferred spec/playstyle isn’t what we are currently seeking, please don’t be disheartened. We will accept all applications regardless of recruitment status. Above all we are looking for the right person rather than the right class or spec. About Fool Moon: While Fool Moon is a new guild our player base consists of mature players and we enjoy a solid core of WOW veterans that has been around since Vanilla or TBC and with Mythic-raiding experience. Most of us have played together for the past few years or longer. Fool Moon was originally reformed as a Heroic guild with emphasize on the social aspect during the last year of Legion but we desired more, a proper challenge. And thus, with Battle for Azeroth our new direction was clear. We got back to our Mythic ways while still maintaining Fool Moons greatest strength: Our friendship and can-do attitude. It’s the people that make Fool Moon and Fool Moon is nothing without its people. We now look to expand on that to bring more good people into our fold. We only have 1 raid team and we do not recruit for our bench. However, we do have one. Outside of raids we are an active guild that run keystones, a Fun-run on Fridays and every now and then we host guild events. E.g. For Halloween we host a transmog contest in Duskwood Graveyard with grand prices for the different categories as well as runners up prices. During raids, Cauldrons and Feasts will be provided for you but you are expected to bring your own battle-potions and battle runes. Lastly, Fool Moon is a safe zone. Regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race or creed, we are all in this together. Minimum requirements for a raider-trial: You’re a nice person generally. You play well with others and consider yourself a decent team player. You’re a good raider. This means that you come prepared, you have read up and understood the tactics employed. You use the addons required and you spec and gear for the fight. You understand that raiding mythic means progress raid. Progress means that we wipe. You understand what this means and that you keep any criticism constructive. There’s nothing sweeter than getting that kill but seeing the team progress is also a reward unto itself. You understand that raiding mythic means you’ll also have to work on your gear outside of raids. You have Discord, a microphone and a computer that can run WoW. Cookies, crumpets, crackers or cakes. Current Progression: Uldir: 3/8 mythic, 8/8 heroic Interested contact Furiosu#2889Lôken3 11 Nov
10 Nov Pandion Knights Casual Guild The Pandion Knights Community was formed in 2000 and is based in the UK however we have members from all over the world. We have already got a community set up for horde on the Draenor server but a few of us want to switch to play alliance so we are now recruiting on Silvermoon to get an awesome community together on alliance. We are just starting up so at the beginning it might be a challenge to get raids going but that is what we are aiming for. We are not and will never be a hardcore raiding guild, we are a casual/social guild who likes to have a laugh and a joke while raiding so if this appeals to you you're more than welcome to join us. We of course do 5 mans and world bosses etc aswell as old school instances for anyone that fancies updating your transmog gear! If you fancy joining a laid back guild with no pressure to raid but you do fancy dabbling in some raiding every now and again we are the guild for you. Of course we do have to put some form of restrictions on gear for entering a raid but we do help as much as we can with gearing up. We do have a discord server set up for our raids but you don't have to talk if you don't want to, it just makes it a little easier to communicate about boss mechanics etc. On non raid nights though some of us still log onto voice chat to chat while we play. If you are interested in joining us or have any questions then please feel free to add us on bnet or discord for a chat; Bnet: Snipergod#2599 - Praxedes#2936 Discord: Tilly#8335 - Praxedes#6845Snipertilion0 10 Nov
09 Nov [A] Normal/Heroic raiding guild is recruiting! Well hello there, First off just a little introduction: Call of the Void is an Alliance guild based on the highly populated server of Silvermoon, we are a friendly and mature guild who like to enjoy the game and the people whom we raid with. We were formed at the time that Nighthold was the current content and since then we cleared all heroic content with adequate comfort. We are by no means a Hardcore guild, by this I mean that we do not push to raid mythic. Instead, we clear the Normal and Heroic content. Having fun in a relaxed social environment is our main goal, however, we still like to clear the content and receive that shiny shiny loot. So what is Call of the Voids progression? This is our current progress: Uldir (8/8 Heroic, 8/8 Normal) I will also list all the progress we managed since the guild was formed: Antorus, the Burning Throne (11/11 Heroic, 11/11 Normal) Tomb of Sargeras (9/9 Heroic, 9/9 Normal) Nighthold (10/10 Heroic, 10/10 Normal) Our raiding schedule is: Monday 20:00 - 23:00 Tuesday 20:00 - 23:00 Okay, but what does Call of the Void need for it's raid team? Here is a list of the classes we are currently looking for, this list is subject to change at any given time. The below classes are ones that we are proactively trying to find, applications from all classes are however welcome of course: Mistweaver Monk Disc/Holy Priest Windwalker Monk Enhancement Shaman Elemental Shaman HunterSo now I know a little bit about Call of the Void, but what should I expect when I join?[/u] We are a fairly laid back guild however when it comes to it we want to progress and so will focus and push for the kill. In a raid environment there is always a bit of chatter as we like to have happy raiders that are at the same time, focused on killing the bosses at hand - this is the key to our success. Therefore, there is no bad atmosphere during our raids, but instead, a relaxed, calm and focused environment. We don't like shouting at people for doing something wrong, instead we try and advise them on how to improve and try to guide them if needed. Most (if not all) of our members will offer help out where possible (if you ask for it!). This can help people fit in and feel wanted. By joining us you won't just be joining a raid guild - you will be joining a community. This sounds great, what does Call of the Void want from me though? Call of the Void is looking for focused, friendly and mature people to join its raid team. We expect you to turn up to raids prepared with flasks, potions and food, we also ask that you try to attend as many raids as possibly: at least 80% attendance is requested. We also expect you to know at least the next 3/4 progress bosses that we will be going for; not knowing this will cause a problem; you will waste time and basically cause more wipes than necessary - wiping is a part of progress but if you are not prepared by watching tactics then it takes longer. Now I know all of this, what if I get taken on as a trial? The most important thing to note is that you should just be yourself! What we hate to see is that someone behaves like an angel during their trial and then their commitment drops dramatically or they turn into this strange person we have never seen before and show their true colours - DO NOT LET THIS BE YOU PLEASE! Be yourself, relax, and we will get a better understanding of whether or not you fit in (this works the other way round too). If you think you are interested in what we have to offer and if you also think we may be interested in you, please do not hesitate to add my battle-tag or discord tag (I'm available 24/7 on discord): Ilanoar#3210 - Discord Ilanoar#2296 - Hope to hear from you soon :)Ilanoar12 09 Nov
09 Nov Retri paladin looking for mythic group Greetings, I am a retribution paladin with 2/8 M and very high performance currently looking for a group to clear Mythic Uldir in a fast manner. I am looking for a like-minded group with mythic raiding mindset, equal or better progression, that is actively raiding and not on a constant stand-by mode due to recruitments (that results in cancelling raids because there are not enough people). My logs can be found here: You can expect high performance, commitment and a responsible and serious mindset when it comes to progression. Raiding times and days are negotiable. Leave a message below if interested and I will contact you as soon as possible so we can have a discussion. Thank you very much for your time.Hommer2 09 Nov
09 Nov Duo LF Guild (8/8 HC & 2/8M) Hi all, We are looking for a guild. Currently 8/8HC, 2/8M. We're UK based, with mythic experience during Legion. WW Monk: BM Hunter: I'm currently considering rerolling, but weighing up my options. I'm flexible and have healed and DPS'd in Mythic raid settings, and with all classes at 110. I don't mind rolling into something a guild might need. We'd like to join a guild that's progressing Mythic at a steady rate, with active M+ and a friendly atmosphere. Ideally 2 nights a week, 2000 - 2300 ST. Cheers for reading! Saikho & Meluinis :)Saikho3 09 Nov
09 Nov [A] <Alteration> is recruiting! <Alteration> is a newly formed guild on Silvermoon EU looking to bolster it ranks going further into the expansion. The core team consists of a group of 2/8M players have been raiding together previously. Goals Our goal in 8.1 will be to clear Mythic content while it is current while keeping the atmosphere enjoyable for all. To achieve this goal we aim to recruit like-minded people who are willing to put the time into the game needed to perform. Outside of raiding we hope to create a social and enjoyable environment and would like to see guild members running M+ dungeons, transmog runs or even Battlegrounds together. What we need As we are currently building a new team of core raiders we are in need of some healers (Mistweaver, Druid/Shaman) and DPS (Rogues, Mages, Hunters, Arms warrior). As our main goal is to get a solid raid team together going further into the expansion we are looking to recruit players by merit and not by iLvl. Your personality and skill will be a deciding factor. Raiding When we are raiding we expect people to arrive prepared. This boils down to bringing food/flasks/pots and knowing the mechanics of the fights we will be facing that night. We expect you to be able to help your fellow raiders; you will have to be able to both give and receive criticism. As we currently do not have a full team together to raid Mythic without pugs the progression part of the schedule below can be considered tentative up until that point. Raid times: Wednesday: 20:00 - 23:00 ST (Heroic Clear) Thursday: 20:00 - 23:00 ST (Mythic Clear + Progression) Sunday: 20:00 - 23:00 ST (Mythic Progression) If you are interested, want to know more or simply have some questions feel free to post here or contact one of the people below. Nonoyes#2638 Cythix#21222 Kuludrios#2324Scrubbledk1 09 Nov
09 Nov <Old God Radio> [A] 7/8H 1/8M Casual Progression Guild Old God Radio is Casual Raid guild recently formed by some friends.. We are currently looking for DPS (any class) and Healers for our core raid team We raid 2 progression nights a week Tues and Thurs 8 till 11pm. A 3rd Optional night for drunk raiding and alts on Sun 8 till 11pm. We are making steady progress through 8.0 currently.. 7/8 H 1/8 M.. In 8.1 our aim is to be competitive in Mythic content. We are an adult guild and we enjoy a laugh on discord.. So a sense of humor is needed! Knowing your class is a must with an ilvl that can step right into Heroic Uldir (though experience will be considered) If your interested please contact: MewZilla#2388 Dejahm#2323Starscreám5 09 Nov
09 Nov [A]Sweet Justice Reroll project Silvermoon Sweet Justice is a new reroll project to start from Vanilla content and level lock to complete Dungeons/Raids all the way upto BFA content. We are looking for everyone who wants to be part of this inclusive community. There are no real restrictions on Races/Classes just level locking at cap. Send a /w to Yunao on Silvermoon for more information or an invite to the guildYunao0 09 Nov
09 Nov Ancient man LFG Hi all, I'm originally a vanilla/BC player back for BFA. I'm looking for a semi casual guild that raids a couple of nights a week. I'm currently pretty low ilvl at 325 frost mage, I'm not looking for a boost, I'll put the work in etc. If you have a spot for ranged dps and don't mind an old man creaking along behind you then shoot me a message. Btag: Dnzbnz#2882Humagi2 09 Nov
09 Nov LF friendly guild I was wondering if there was any nice friendly helping guild out there on Eu silvermoon who would like to help me get started back into wow again i recently returned and everything looks overwhelming for me i'd like to get started up on the game again If anyone is interested to help me feel free to add my discord Shuu ♡#4307 and battlenet NightRaven#283923Rantola3 09 Nov
09 Nov <Augmented> 6/8m - Recruiting <Augmented> Augmented is a mythic raiding guild focusing on building a cutting-edge guild on Silvermoon EU (Alliance) we are aiming for top world ranks! We are a very strong core, trying to fill the last few main raider spots. Our main goal is progression, for us progression is king. We need our players to be able to work as a team, take constructive criticism and play to our standards. We also would like our players to be able to take responsibility for their mistake and be willing to work on or fix them. Recruitment: Tanks - Not currently looking for any tanks. Healers - Not actively looking for any healers. DPS - We are looking for ALL DPS! (Especially ranged DPS!) Even if your class isn't listed here, we consider all exceptional players. Here is a list of requirements: -Have a high attendance (inform an officer if you cannot attend a raid) -Understand the English language. -Have very strong knowledge of your game as well as your class -Join the guild discord during raids and be able to listen and talk if it is needed. -install add-ons and things that we me require you to have for raids such as Weakauras. -Experience in Mythic raiding Raid Times: Monday - 20:00-23:00 SERVER TIME - Main Raid. Wednesday - 20:00-23:00 SERVER TIME - Main Raid. Thursday - 20:00-23:00 SERVER TIME - Main Raid. Saturday - Starts at 20:00 SERVER TIME - Optional Raid/Alt Raid. If you are interested in our guild then feel free to submit an application on our website - For questions about our guild or joining as trial, please message: Shay (Shay#21823) - GM.Loompz21 09 Nov
09 Nov Mythic duo LF team Hey, We are looking to step up our progression please feel free to check our IO/WCL; We're both very experienced and dedicated players having played for many years now. We were hardcore raiders in a top guild on Wildhammer during MoP but we have been raiding with friends on Silvermoon since mid Legionand are currently 2/8m but are really looking for some harder progression now. We're both UK based and would be looking to raid around 8:00 server time prefereably Friday/Sat but this is negotiable. Thanks for your time Laina & Jak :)Fruitbat4 09 Nov
09 Nov - -Flúttershy4 09 Nov
08 Nov [A] <Jynx> 3/8 M 3 Nights a week LFM Greetings! First of all thanks for stopping by and reading our post! We are the Guild <Jynx@Silvermoon> and currently we are looking for more enthusiastic players to join our friendly team for Mythic Uldir. About us : We migrated to Silvermoon at the end of January 2018 and have been building a Raid group ever since. Prior to the release of BFA we cleared ABT HC (11/11HC) and 2/11 Mythic and look to continue raiding and push progress in further BFA content. Originally founded back in 2008 and have had steady progression threw out all available content. What we offer: ⋆ A fun and family feel guild, suitable for full time raiders and casuals players. ⋆ Weekly raiding events for Heroic and Mythic raiding. ⋆ Mythic plus farming. ⋆ Full time raiding spots | No benching. ⋆ Drama free environment. What we expect from our raiders. ⋆ Able too commitment to our day's and times. ⋆ To be punctual. ⋆ Able to be on discord | Talking desired but not essential. ⋆ To have consumables for raids. ⋆ Have a good scene of humour | As we do like to have fun! Our progression: ⋆⋆Uldir:⋆⋆ Normal - 8 / 8 Heroic - 8 / 8 Mthic - 3/8 ⋆Raid day's & Time's: ⋆ Main raid nights: Wednesday 20:30 - 23:00 Server Time Sunday 20:30 - 22:00 Server Time Monday 20:00-22:00 Server Time We also offer a more casual raid team for players that just can't commit to full time raiding. This raid team will currently only be running once a week, unless players wish to raid maximum of two days. ⋆⋆ Social raid night: tue & Thur 20:30-22:30 ST Opportunities may arise for players of this team to join in on the main raiding days if they are interested and dedicated raiders. CURRENTLY RECRUITING FOR MAIN TEAM ONLY Currently we are looking for: ⋆⋆ Melee Dps: n/a ⋆⋆ Range Dps: Shadow priest Mage Hunter We encourage all applications from other specialisations not listed! We also welcome players interested in M+ and social members of all classes and levels! Thank you for reading this far!, if you have any questions just hit me up on this Post or contact us via b-net at GM: Battlenet: Emmi2014#2825 Discord: Airiain#4406 Council : Raid Leader - Astro#21726Luairna9 08 Nov
08 Nov Clarify recruiting (A) Hello all, Clarify is a new formed guild and is looking for members to form a raiding group. We aiming to clean HC and go mytic after. We will go raiding thursday and sunday from 20.00 till 22.30. We are in a starting progress so come and build something together!Fritsìe0 08 Nov
08 Nov A - Tank LF guild A - Tank LF guild I'm looking for a guild to raid with pref HC (and M if applicable) progression. I wanna attend all the raids, and am available on tuesdays, wensdays, fridays and sundays. My Bnet is karmalgend#2369 discord Vatradox#2046Temperdt4 08 Nov
08 Nov Holy priest LF guild Hello, I'm currently gearing (348 ilvl) my holy priest and I'm already looking for a guild to do some raiding with. I'm looking for a raiding guild that has raid days during the week as it's not option for me to raid during the weekends. I'm looking for a friendly environment and a group to tackle heroic raids with. As of now I'm 8/8N and 2/8H. I'm an experieced healer that just swapped characters. I used to play my resto druid but as it wasn't as fun in raiding as I would've though (rejuv spam), I swapped to my priest. Please contact me in-game: SlayerAges#2838 if you'd think I would be a good addition to your guild. Thanks in advance! EDIT: ilvlJudixa4 08 Nov
08 Nov Warlock LF Guild Being a little bit late to the BFA party, I am currently looking for a guild to continue my enjoyment in WoW. I am an active player, this am looking for an active guild - nothing worse than being the only person online! I have raided varying difficulties in the past, and am looking to continue the challenges of raiding. Happy to plug away at heroic, but would like a guild who has ultimate aims of pushing a few mythic bosses too. I also like to run M+ on offdays and would be looking to push keys as and when possible. I am available every day but Saturdays, but raid times from 9PM-1PM server time (family commitments mean I can't guarantee I can raid earlier than 9pm).Deezul4 08 Nov
08 Nov Frost mage looking for social (raiding) guild Hey there! I'm looking for a social (raiding) guild. Anyone that can help me out? I'm a casual player. My WoW activities are mainly doing dungeons, island expeditions, getting exalted with the turtles, obtaining mounts and some LfR. I want to do normal raids in the near future. I work 30 hours a week, each week on different days and sometimes on the weekends, thats why i'm not into raiding that much. I'm looking for a guild with a friendly atmosphere that wants to get me into normal raiding when i'm free of work :)Snowbyow3 08 Nov
08 Nov [A] Experienced tank LF raid guild Experienced tank with years of WoW raiding looking for Alliance Silvermoon raiding guild. Can bring 366 BDK or 355 BRM, both 8/8N and 5/8HC. Good listener, good communicator, always flasked/enchanted/fed, 100% attendance. Tanked WoD and Legion mythic raids too. Prefer two nights a week but would be open to three, around 8pm ST. Looking for mature guild folks with a focus on progression but not cutting-edge, for example 2/8M. Message Haematology, Idolatry or Brak#2120. Thanks!Haematology1 08 Nov
08 Nov Arms warrior LF Heroic guild going in to mythic Hello, Recently rerolled to EU servers after being on NA since WoW beta as i want to raid more. Currently done 8/8 normal uldir and 4/8 Heroic Uldir Looking for a guild that is progressing in heroic or starting mythic. Linked below is my main on NA Looking to raid on weekdays after 8pm and anytime weekend. The guild must be social, as i don't want to join a guild that literally join voice for raid then disappears after.Soulshox4 08 Nov
08 Nov Grumpy Old Fart Looking For Guild. I'm looking for a social raiding guild that welcomes the older player. My previous guild (lovely people) are pushing mythic and I'm not comfortable with mythic raiding, preferring the slower pace of normal/heroic raiding and a more relaxed social aspect of the game. I'm not interested in being in a guild that only shows up for raids or has drama around every corner. As I suffer with anxiety I struggle with pugging; as more often than not pugs descend into poo throwing contests. I struggle in high stress situations therefor mythic raiding and very high mythic+ dungeons are not something I'm comfortable doing, unless in an understanding and very patent group and not something I can dive straight into. I tend to prefer to play specs and classes that I enjoy rather than FOTM classes that are top of the meters. My main is a demo lock so if you need a dps turret that does mediocre damage then I'm your man! What I offer: The ability to occasionally walk into a room and forget what I went in there for The ability to forget to sign up for raids and social events (I can be reminded of these events via fax, pager, or hand written letter) Going for naps Being proud of still having all my own teeth Being Scottish and randomly swearing What I'm looking for: Relaxed environment Social Raiding (once or twice a week) Dungeon groups Guild events. e.g. Old content runs, T-mog events Slower pace A guild that undertands that life can sometimes get in the way of things Most importantly I'm looking for new friends and (as I suffer from mental illness) an understanding environment. Mental illness is still a difficult subject to broach for some people and I feel it is only fair that I mention mine in this post. Are there any old fart guilds out there?Azzumuth7 08 Nov
08 Nov [A] 8/8 7/8 Warlock, Looking for Raid / Mythic+ guild Hello! I'm a 25 year old Swedish Guy with a passion to complain about Warlocks and why Soul Shards should be a item again. I play all 3 specs, always have. During Legion, i was Demo/Destruction main, with affliction as off spec for those fights that needed it. This expansion i'm Affliction. Currently Affliction since Balance. Current ilvl: 368 ( Can't find a god dame ring uppgrade...) Give me logs and i give you love <3 I ended my Raiding in legion with like 3-4 bosses on mythic into Argus, Obviously Argus dead on HC. PM me in-game at Nollfakultet or on bnet Bellerofon#2642 / Discord Bellerofon/Istfire#7519 for more raid details, exp, logs etc..Nollfakultet10 08 Nov
08 Nov LF social raiding guild Hey guys, my self and my friend are looking for mature friendly social raiding guild, raiding twice or 3 times a week.. Current progress is 8/8N 6/8HC 1/8M Bnet(Moe#2516) Deadsol: Frost DK iL 368 Bnet (Stango#2404) Deathsol: Rogue iL 375 Note Suitable raiding timings will be around 8:00pm Server timeDeadsol9 08 Nov
08 Nov Group of 2 IRL friends LF Guild Hello, Returning veteran players, my friend (365 Prot/Retro Pally) and i (360 Resto/Enh Shaman) are currently looking for a social, mature and semi-casual guild to mostly push M+ with and have a laugh while doing so. Raid progress is also welcome but not necessary. Both of us have no issue using Discord. Please feel free to add me in game Ezergecerus#21630 if you want to have a talk and learn more about us.Ezergecerus4 08 Nov
08 Nov LF HC Raiding guild Hey there, I'm looking for a Heroic/Casual Mythic raiding guild, I'm holy priest 370 ilvl, 8/8 HC 1/8 M, don't have any preferences for raid time, able to raid whenever is necessary. Would like a guild with similar progress as mine, at least 8/8 HC .Crosslessina6 08 Nov
08 Nov DH DPS LF HC/M Raiding Hello! I am looking for a HC/M raiding guild. I am currently 7/8HC due to a combination of collapsing guilds and pugs not knowing their rear from their elbow. Preferred times are 20:30ST onward and I'd rather raid week days, but i'm willing to raid Sunday if it comes to it. I am committed, communicate well, know tactics and know my class. I bring consumables and am the guy who pre-pots during farm raids. I really just want a stable place to kill bosses and have a good time. Add me on Jaikon#2435 if you have any questions. Cheers!Jaikón4 08 Nov
08 Nov Second Founding LF Recruits or Merge Hi Guys As the title states second founding is a 2/8M guild that is looking for recruits or a merge. Recruiting has been rather troublesome as a lot of our members decided to quit the game, some of boredom and some due to real life commitments. We had good progress on Zek mythic but couldn't get it lower than 32%. We have got atleast few very good core players , but progression is at a stand still or going really slowly because we are struggling with attendance as every time we recruit 1 or 2 people decide to quit the game or take a break from WoW. We prefer to raid Weds Thurs and Sundays 8pm ST - 11pm ST. Core group currently is: BM monk Or MW or Warlock DK tank or MW healer 2xholy/Disc priests ( one wants to re role resto shaman) 2xmages 1xwarlock 2x demon hunters 1xWarrior 1xRet 1xEle Sham If you want to join and feel like we need your class or if you have a struggling guild with more or less the same progression as us and want to merge please contact me on LuckyTiger#16475. We are looking to reach at least a 25-man roster so we will never have to worry about pugging or not being able to do mythic. Thanks NevneNevne2 08 Nov
08 Nov Dutch guild <The Final Verdict> recruiting! <The Final Verdict> is een nieuwe Nederlandstalige social raiding guild op Silvermoon, opzoek naar socials én casual raiders. Wie zijn wij en waar willen we heen: Onze vaste core speelt al samen vanaf The Burning Crusade. Vanaf deze expansion zijn wij continue samen betrokken geweest in raids, dungeons en andere events. Vanaf de introductie van ‘ahead of the curve’ is het altijd ons streven geweest om deze te behalen op een gestructureerde wijze (en dit is tot nu toe altijd gelukt). Daarbij vinden we een gezonde balans in plezier hebben en serieus zijn belangrijk. Na een periode te hebben gesluimerd wil deze vaste groep spelers zijn core aanvullen om de hierboven genoemde ambitie voort te zetten. Wij zoeken: Volwassen Nederlandssprekende socials. Voor ons raidteam zoeken wij mensen met raidervaring. Wij zijn momenteel opzoek naar alle classes, met een voorkeur voor hybride classes. Verder kijken wij naar de mogelijkheid om gestructureerd mythic+ te doen. Momenteel doen wij dit met een aantal, maar niet op vaste momenten. Wij bieden: 1. Stabiele contactmomenten om te raiden. Dit zijn woensdag- en zondagavonden van 20:00-23:00; 2. Een kritische blik op performance van onze experienced raiders. D.w.z.: Wij schromen niet om feedback te geven over dingen die beter kunnen, met als doel een betere persoonlijke en overall performance; 3. Tekst en uitleg in hulpmiddelen zoals raidbots, warcraftlogs, class discords en log-reviews, gold making om te kunnen voorzien in consumables, gems, enchants; 3. Real-life events. Van tijd tot tijd spreken wij ergens af voor een hapje en een drankje. Dit is natuurlijk optioneel! spreekt dit bericht jou aan, of wil je meer weten? Wij kijken uit naar een bericht in ons recruitmentkanaal!élíon1 08 Nov
07 Nov <Eternal Shadows> Uldir heroic Boost and more! Hello! <Eternal Shadows> is guild on Burning Blade which exists since WoD. We are currently rank 97 Alliance guild and we just reopened our boosting services, we are experienced players which have been boosting since WoD. We did alot of Gul'dan mount runs in Legion aswell as M+ and Anthorus runs. We accept ONLY gold as payment on any realm. Our Current offers: M+10 weekly 250K Uldir Heroic loot run 600K Ahead of the Curve: G'huun 200k For more information feel free to contact me on Ahaaferos#2255 Now you can get 20% discount for leaving your feedback here!Ahaaferos3 07 Nov
07 Nov [A] 7/8 Heroic Guild looking for Ranged dps/Healers We are a small casual raiding guild on Silvermoon Alliance. Currently we are 7/8 Heroic. We have a steady raid group where the members have known each other for a few years now. Raid Times Monday 9.00pm -12.00pm server time Wednesday 9.00pm -12.00pm server time QUICK INFO Primary Goal to clear all Normal/Heroic content in the current tier Organised Guild with friendly relaxed atmosphere WE'RE RECRUITING Ranged classes - Hunter - Moonkin - Warlock - Shadow Priest Healer - Druid - Paladin Other classes will be considered. Raiders that have a viable Tank/Healing Off spec are also desirable What is important to us: - Atmosphere - We take pride in our great guild atmosphere and our ability to raid in a serious way without blaming, flaming, swearing and (loot)drama. No matter how skilled and experienced a player is, we don't settle for less then repsectfull, mature and friendly members. - Commitment - We are a small guild and rely on each other to sign in, show up and give a 100%. We offer: Organized raids with dedicated raid leaders. Progress in a guild that has mature and respectful players. Discord server. Some information about us We're a pretty laid back bunch of people. There is some friendly banter, as well as some dry humour. We're all friends so nothing is personal and we dont take ourselves too seriously. We all learn from our strengths and weaknesses. The Big NO's - Don't have an outburst during a raid encounter in either voice chat nor raid chat. If you are upset please message an officer or the Guild Master after the raid. - Don't blurt out encounter suggestions. If you have a suggestion on the encounter and how we are doing it message the raid leader privately or request we have a discussion in guild chat following the raid. - Don't insult or provoke conflict with other members of the guild, regardless of rank. We do not tolerate drama and if there is an issue that needs to be handled contact an Officer or the Guild Master. All prospective members will be exposed to a 2-3 week trial period Please whisper one of the officers or the GM for more information. Thank you for your interest Guild Master: Meiàko Co-Guild Master: Aedor/Kamalie Raid Leader: Aedor/KamalieMeiàko1 07 Nov
07 Nov Inner Sanctum Boost Runs We only accept gold on Silvermoon In short add Angel#2789 for full details Inner Sanctum is one of the most long standing and successful guilds on Silvermoon. We are currently a top guild on the realm and are now in a position to offer boosts as follows: FULL CLEAR (PRIO ON LOOT) - Uldir Heroic - 500k This boost will be every boss in the instance on Heroic difficulty. Items that are not needed by raiders will be traded as well. FULL CLEAR (NO LOOT PRIO) - Uldir Heroic - 350k This boost will be every boss in the instance on Heroic difficulty. Items that are not needed by raiders and others being boosted will be traded as well. HEROIC G'HUUN - 150k Only the last boss of the instance which will get you Ahead of the Curve. M+10 - 200k Price is negotiable based on experience and if you are bringing your own key. Contact from more info. Prices Prices will always be changing and we aim to be as competitive as possible. We will be able to give you a price once we have discussed the boost you wish to purchase. All payments will be made with in-game gold on Silvermoon EU. Once again you can add Angel#2789 for any queries. Thanks for reading and best of luck.Enisee37 07 Nov
07 Nov [A] 2 players LF Guild Hello, Me and my brother are currently looking for a guild to join. We are looking for a raiding guild that raids twice a week and does mythic raids. We are decent players and are always looking to improve. We can raid Sunday-Thursday anytime from 6pm-9pm or earlier at 1pm-4pm server time. I am also looking to pvp so thats a plus whether its arena or rbgs. We will server transfer upon finding a guild. Thanks and please contact me ingame or leave a message here and ill get in touch with you.Smashr6 07 Nov
07 Nov ⋆ ReaperCrew ⋆ is LF loyal, dedicated Raiders Greetings great heroes of Azeroth, My name is Repruer, friends call me Rep, and i'm the head of ⋆ ReaperCrew ⋆ ReaperCrew’s recruitment is open - looking for dedicated raiders, who are competent in raid, and focus on pushing their characters both inside and outside of raid. You can apply for a position in our raiding / main raiding team via Application Form: Server: Silvermoon - EU If your class is not listed, it does not mean we will not accept your application. We will accept all exceptional applicants, as our goal is to bring the best 20 into heroic and mythic raiding. We are NOT elitists. Social people are welcomed, we encourage the guild meme's :) Raiding Times: Tuesday: 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM - progression raids Thursday: 7:30 PM - 10:30 PM - progression raids Will usually not raid later than 10:30 PM, unless something is close to dying, 11:00 ST the most. Guild Events: M+, Dungeons, PvP, BG's - TBD as a fixed event. Guild Goals: Our primary goal is to have fun in the game! Beat every encounter in the game - our goals are almost always progress-oriented. Stay competitive and stay one of the best guilds of the server. Maintain the friendly atmosphere in the guild: -There is no QQ, no drama, no scams and no loot arguments. -We don't scream on discord for people's mistakes. -People are welcome to invite their friends in the guild to join our social ranks. -We expect mature and adult behavior from all our guildies. Don't over-recruit, even if it means we sometimes are a bit short on people, we keep our numbers reasonable. Do guild achievements. (although our main goal is always progress) Requirements: If you wish to join our main raiding team, you will need: - To know your class very well (stats, rotations, etc.) - Around 370+ ilvl, at least 25+ HoA artifact power. - Be able to cover at least 2 roles/specs, with decent gear. - Be able to attend 2 of 2 raid days every week. - Show up to raids/events in time. - Be prepared for raids/events (flasks, consumables, etc.) - Be able to accept positive criticism. - A positive, progressive mindset. Required Addons for our Main team: DBM or Bigwigs WeakAuras 2 Exorsus Raid Tools Angry Assignments Discord software is mandatory for every raid, so make sure you have the voice application installed before attending raids. What we expect from recruits: ⋆ Knowledge/Skills: -We expect very good performance on every level -Learn from your mistakes, but also from other people's mistakes -Adapt to new situations and new tactics quickly -Know all the mechanics of your class and how to use them to their fullest as part of a team -Know about the encounters beforehand and how your abilities will fit into it and when ⋆ Dedication/Reliability: -We only raid 2 nights (progression), which don't give much room for standby or for over-recruit, so we expect as close to 2/2 as possible from everyone. -Have a good PC and solid Internet connection. Don't waste our time and yours if you have 5 FPS and d/c at every pull. -Be ready for every encounter in terms of knowledge, consumables and extra gear sets if needed ⋆ Personal Traits: -Team attitude. We are happy when you try to be as good as possible but you should always value the "good of the team" more then your personal achievements/gear -Mature people only (not age related) -Raiding experience. We don't expect you to have killed every boss out there, but you should have some good hard mode raiding experience -Order of importance: Attitude>Skill>Gear. If you fail on the first two, you will fail your trial. -Able to communicate clearly in English, both in speaking and in writing (we use discord, having a microphone is a big plus but not obligatory - although it is 100% required for tanks) -Mature attitude towards raiding. Wiping is part of the learning process in besting an encounter. If you don't like wiping, you are probably playing the wrong game. Be a decent human being and have fun with the people you play with. We want members who want to be with us for a long time. If you are interested in joining a multi-culture family and wish to enjoy the game in a new home, please add JohnnyofRC#2216 on battlenet.Repruer12 07 Nov
06 Nov LFM Trivial Content 4/8 Mythic Hello there! |<Trivial Content>| Became a guild built from old members and new at the end of legion with the mentality to clear mythic as a band of friends. We are currently 4/8M and progressing steadily into Uldir. Raiding days are as follows. Raid Schedule - Wednesday - Thursday - Sunday All our Raids are 2000-2300 Server Time. Classes on high demand are : Shadow Priest (Possible Holy/Disc Offspec) BM/MM Hunter Warlock Affliction/Destro Druid Balance (possible Restro Offspec) All other classes will be considered We use Discord to communicate so please make sure you have that installed. If you're interested then apply on our website! Officers: Gazli (innimini#2553) Waifubeater (Nechrion#2400) ShazAnsonit1 06 Nov
06 Nov Island Expedition boost I need a boost from 113-120 today from hopefully a well geared twink player. I can pay the price of a WoW token on Twisting Nether realm. #shadowphax#21555 if anyone is able to help. Thanks!Místy0 06 Nov
05 Nov [A] <Res Novae> LF Hunters, Warlocks, WW Monk Res Novae is a raiding guild founded in 2007 with mythic raiding experience. We transfered to Silvermoon-EU at the beginning of BFA. Our Progress in Uldir is 1/8 M & 7/8 HC atm. We are a guild that likes to have a laugh while raiding but at the same time we are focused during progression. Looking for: - Hunters (BM) - Warlocks - WW Monk (Any other Dps can be considered.) Our raiddays are: - Wednesday 19:30-22:30 - Sunday 19:30-22:30 - Tuesday 19:30-22:30 (Raid invites start at 19:15. The raid can last till 23:00, it depends on how close we are to a progression kill.) For more info: Battlenet: Odin#2808, Cairnsy#2846Dornar1 05 Nov
05 Nov <Nowhere Fast> Recruiting for Uldir HC+Myth <Nowhere Fast> is recruiting sociable and drama free raiders. A very active guild, you won't have far to look to find people willing to join dungeon runs, raids, and WQs. We live by the rules of real life comes first, and in game fun and keeping the guild drama free are top priorities. We are UK based so run by UK times. Raiding days are Wednesday and Monday 21:00 Server time, plus an additional day (to be decided) once Mythic difficulty goes live. We recruit for both our Mythic team, and for our Norm/HC only teams. All classes and specs are welcome, but we have a special interest in the following: Monk - All 3 specs Priest - All 3 specs Death Knight - Blood & Unholy Demon Hunter - Both specs Druid - Boomkin Hunter - Beast Master Warlock - Affliction Please feel free to message myself in game or add my battlenet tag Pathosis#2514 If you wish to reply here please let us know your spec and the level of content you are interested in. Thank you for reading, and thank you for your time.Lojong29 05 Nov
05 Nov ★ <Alternatives> The Weekend Raiding Guild ★ Hi Silvermoon, <Alternatives> is recruiting players for our weekend raids . A few things about us: The idea of the guild is to facilitate organised raids to players who can't or don't want to make raid times during the week due to real life commitments. We aim to be a casual guild. In our case this means that we are happy with clearing a raid instance on normal mode in a fun and relaxed way, rather then beating our heads against heroic bosses. For us being casual does NOT mean we don't care about our progression or attendance, but that we have more important things happening in our lifes. It is our intension to bring back the guild feeling that you could experience during Karazahn in The Burning Crusade or in normal mode guilds during Wrath of the Lich King. Good company is important to us and we consider guild members our friends. This also means we try to minimise the number of players that have to sit out at the raid weekend. We do not believe in over-recruiting players for personal gain / progression. Our raid times: Fridays : 20:00 to 23:30 Saturdays : 20:00 to 23:30 Loot System: Main raid : personal Alt run : personal A few things you should bring: You should be over 21 years of age You should be friendly, polite, mature and reliable You should be OK with being "a Casual" You should be able to communicate in English Current vacancies Tanks none DPS Moonkin, Warlock, Elemental Shaman (2-3) Demon Hunter, Rogue, Enhancement Shaman, DK, Paladin (1) Healer none ... Progression Battle for Azeroth Raiding 5/8 Uldir (heroic) 8/8 Uldir (normal) Legion Raiding (ahead of the curve) 11/11Antorus, The Burning Throne (heroic) 9/9 Tomb of Sargeras (heroic) 10/10 Nighthold (heroic) 3/3 Trial of Valor (heroic) 7/7 The Emerald Nightmare (heroic) Social members are of course always welcome. You should however posses the same qualities as mentioned above. If you are interested feel free to contact any officer, use the in-game guild recruitment tool or apply on our website. For additional information please visit us : follow us @Alternatives_EU We are looking forward to see the one or other of you in our guild list soon! Thanks for reading this and rock on good people! -FinFinsternis383 05 Nov
04 Nov [A] Casual, Chilled and Social Raiding? Click Here! <Eternal Order> Is a newly founded guild made up of experienced but relaxed casual players. We are looking to grow our community and make it a welcoming place for new players and seasoned vets alike. We've all been there before. Wanting the social aspect so joined a guild that claims a great social community, only to find there's 50+ people online but no one says a word. Or you've been burnt out by the every increasing demands of mythic (or even heroic) raid guilds that required your blood sweat and tears and 24/7 gaming for a raid spot. These days raiding and progress is everything and there's no time for jokes and banter. We are looking to break the mould! Formed by a group of friends tired of the 'mythic mentality', where you are just seen as a number. Be it ilvl, your raider i.o score or log parses. We are looking for like minded people to join our fun and relaxed raid team that is aiming for ahead of the curve each tier (at our own pace ofc!) but not looking to enter into mythic progressive raiding. Some guilds demand you to be proficient in your class/spec and to know the tactics before even setting foot into a raid. We instead will help guide and advise you in a relaxed and friendly manner without the added stress of worrying that you may be removed from raid teams for not performing to particular standards. We aim for our raiding atmosphere to be fun, friendly and laid back where everyone can feel welcome and included. We understand that people have families, jobs and other commitments outside of the game and don't want raiding to turn into an extra job. We won't demand raid attendance, all we ask is if you say you'll be there and unexpectedly can't make it, just give us a heads up on discord if that changes. Current Progress: 8/8 Normal Uldir 8/8 Heroic Uldir Raid days: Thursday and Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 ST We also do Mythic + runs as a guild Currently recruiting: Tanks: Closed Healers: Open : No Priests Melee DPS: Open : No Warriors or Rogues Ranged DPS: Open : No DruidsWhile this is a progression based raid guild, the social aspect of the guild is our main focus, this means that even if you do not wish to raid, social members are very much welcomed. So if you are looking for a relaxed and friendly place to raid, level or start fresh or if you'd like more information contact one of our officers in game for a chat Arí#2357 Katrin#21331Vitori8 04 Nov
04 Nov Affliction, warlock Hey, a summon and healthstone mule that spreads pestilence with 347 iLvl are looking for a guild where he can call it a family. Hope to find a guild that's pretty swell and let strangers join among the guildmemebers. (Would love to do Uldir raids and mythic+ keystones, might aswell check my character since I've done most uldir bosses except for two) Kindest regards, XeliXeliriuma1 04 Nov
03 Nov Trivial Content (4/8m) LF Ranged Dps Hello there! |<Trivial Content>| Became a guild built from old members and new at the end of legion with the mentality to clear mythic as a band of friends. We are currently 4/8M and progressing steadily into Uldir. Raiding days are as follows. Raid Schedule - Wednesday - Thursday - Sunday All our Raids are 2000-2300 Server Time. Classes on high demand for our team are : Ranged Dps: Priest (Shadow, Disc/holy os) Hunters Warlock We use Discord to communicate so please make sure you have that installed. If you're interested then apply on our website! Officers: Gazli (innimini#2553) Waifubeater (Nechrion#2400) Shazbop (Shazbot#2793)Shazbop1 03 Nov