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50m [A] <Augmented> Looking for raiders! 5/9 Mythic <Augmented> We are looking for raiders who are looking to make progression on Mythic Tomb Of Sargeras. This means that you have to be dedicated to the raid times of the guild and be prepared before showing up to the raids. Current Progression: Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 Heroic, 7/7 Mythic Trials Of Valor - 3/3 Heroic The Nighthold - 10/10 Heroic, 5/10 Mythic Tomb Of Sargeras - 9/9 Heroic, 5/9 Mythic Raid times: We raid 3 days a week, but one of the raids are optional as we use it to clear the Tomb on Heroic, where as the other two days we use to make progression in Mythic. Monday 20:00-00:00 server time Wednesday 20:00-00:00 server time Saturday starts at 20:00 server time (this raid is optional and is used to clear the Tomb on Heroic) What we need for our team: We are currently searching for: Tanks - We are NOT currently looking for tanks. Healers - We are NOT currently looking for healers. DPS - We are looking for all Shadow Priest, Mages, Warlocks and Balance Druids but are willing to consider all other DPS specs. More Info: We like to encourage members of the guild to do Mythic+ Keystones together for loot and artifact power. We also use teamspeak 3 while raiding but encourage members to come on and talk outside of raids as well. Guild Website: Contact us: You can add the guild master on Shay#21823 or contact the officers in-game: Officers - Loompz, Vallgor, Lucernea, Mahalathia.Gotoi30 50m
3h Looking for a mythic raider guild. 945ilvl You can leave a message here if ur interested in 3-9m 945 ilvl 72 traits monk tank. ( Only tank player and i got only another prot warrior 936/68 as well) Char will get transferred soon.Kaiying26 3h
3h Mythic progression guild looking for dedicated members Hello Everyone! Hope you're all having a great time playing wow :) We are Cataclysm Of Tomorrow - 9/9 HC 4/9 Mythic We are recruiting dedicated members to reinforce our raidteam for Mythic progress. We are setting up a stable core team consisting of good raiders, to have a stable progression during raids, while stil having fun doing it. At the moment we are in need of a few good raiders to join our ranks, so that we can get a stable 20 man team for raiding. Currently we are around 18 stable members, having fun both during raid time and off raid time. We do mythic+, pvp and other social stuff in the guild. We also do use discord a lot to talk and have fun! Our goal is to clear the whole of Antorus on mythic. Raid days; Tue, Thur & Sun - 19:30 - 22:30. If this sound like something for you, please contact me and we can have a talk :D Information:õ0 3h
4h [A] Hardcore Raider looking to settle down. Hello there lads , As the title states I am a ex hardcore raider that is looking to settle down in a less hardcore guild. My priorities are clearing heroic version of the new content but not bothering with mythic as that content is not for me , I've been there , done that , It is clearly not my cup of tea , not due to the difficulty but more due to the stress it gives me combined with my personal life. About me I'm a 19 year old average guy from Belgium who works at a DIY store with shifts that change each week hence finding a guild right for me is a huge pain in the backside. One week I have to work from 6:30 to 14:00 and the other I work from 12:30 to 19:00 ( both of them are server time) So late night raiding is nice for one week but horrible for the others , and normal raiding ( like at 8PM ) is nice for the early week but bad for the late one ( I get home at about 8:00 and still have to eat) . As you notice my schedule is thus very messed up , but it's always the same so It wont suddenly switch weeks. I am currently 941 ilvl and don't really have that much care for gear , my desirers are a bit more unconventional , I am a transmog / mount / pet / achievement hunter. ( During progression I wont even roll for something for transmog I understand that progression comes first ). Worth to note I play every single class , or atleast I try to. So I got plenty of alts to call upon if you need to altough I am working on transfering most of them to alliance now and leveling the others ( so leveling is definetly a thing I enjoy with friends). What I am looking for ( you probably skipped to this) A guild that raids between 20:30 ish and not past 24:00. A guild that completes heroic current content eventually ( so even if you are a 1/9 NM right now don't worry you can still contact me :) ) A guild that knows how to bant. A guild that has options to promotion ( not that I remain trial raider for 6 months and when I am about to leave I get promoted 'cause they do not wish to lose me ) A place I can call home and log in to every day with a smile on my face. What I offer. A metric ton of bants daily. Fresh memes for you to enjoy. A good dps/tank/heal whatever you want , I'm like Ditto. A person that wont fail and if he does knows how to admit it. A very special type of potato ( If you get this +5 points ) A fashionable person. Punctuality. If you like dogs / cats / animals in general, you are definetly going to like me. With friendly greetings and bants. Inserted. ( PS : I do not mind to server transfer if you can convince me to)Inserted7 4h
4h <Perfugas> 3/9M recruiting 1 Resto Shaman [EU - Silvermoon - Alliance] <Perfugas> 9/9HC 3/9M Perfugas is a 2 day raiding guild on silvermoon that has reformed from our previous guild, The Lore. We still retain many of our members from the previous guild, but in a more condensed, focused way. This means we can welcome new members while also retaining our core older members, some who have vanilla experience. Currently we are recruiting people to push Mythic progression within Tomb of Sargeras and Antorus. There, we will try to push as high as we can for a two days a week raiding guild. Mainly for Achievements, and personal goals. we are in need of exceptional ranged DPS and 1 experienced Resto Shaman. Raiding times We raid on wednesdays and mondays from 19.45 to 23.00 and have an optional HC clear on thursday 19.45-23.00. What we want from raiders. * We expect a regular attendance to raids (we understand real life can and should take priority, but try your best, and plan ahead). * Research/simming of your class to optimise your stats/talents. * Aquire knowledge/tactics for bosses PRIOR to raid times. * and ofcourse to have fun! What you can expect from us. * Professionality in raids and on what we do. * A fair loot distribution (RCLootCouncil). * A fairly decent progression within current and upcomming raids. * To administer certain events to help out in gearing alts or doing high end mythic+. If you agree to all of this feel free to apply and we'll take a look at your application. For any more information, you can contact one of our officers below. Drexigar in-game or Bnet Elpierro#2379. Vishus/Baguetté in-game or Bnet !@#$oloid#2205.Drexigar7 4h
4h [A]: Aiur 8/9 HC looking for more Aiur was reassembled in Nov 2016 on Draenor horde, were we started as a casual guild doing M+ and Pugging some raids here and there. After we grew consistently, a 2 day raiding roster was set and we took a more raiding approach type of a guild. Before legion and the summer holidays, the guild split for the simple reason that, a good number of our core did not want to move to Mitic raiding after we were clearing HC NH under 2 hrs. After the summer brake, those who stayed loyal to the cause and myself started a new project on Silvermoon alliance. Now with a raid roster settled and 2 days raiding is back on a weekly schedule, we are striving forward. We are looking for like minded players who value quality over QTY. Progress this exp: 7/7 HC EN 3/3 Normal TOV 1/3 HC TOV 10/10 NH normal. 10/10 NH HC 1/9 NH Mitic 9/9 TOS N 8/9 TOS HC Guild requirements: At least 910ilvl and 62 traits Active with great attitude Eager to be on board and help the guild move forward. Raiding: 2 nights Monday and Thur 20.00 - 11.00 sharp no 30min ext personal Loot until we hit Mitic raiding. Then we will include EPGP or some other system Roles still in need: 1 possible tank spot for the right candidate 1 Healer dps roles are up for grabs. Classes open: Warlock Mistweaver Ele shaman Resto Druid Mage Warrior Keep in mind that all classes will be considered, these above are the most classes desired. If you think that you have what it takes and this sounds like it suits you, please don't hesitate to contact one of us. Kartor#2203,roronoa#2243Mizzarr29 4h
5h <Concerted> 9/9 HC Recruiting 1 healer for progress Hello everyone, As the title says we are a guild located on Silvermoon EU, we moved here a few months ago and been building up a stable raiding team since for the now released ToS. We have lots of experience in raiding going back all the way to wotlk, We achieved 7/7M EN before NH was released and aiming to get as far as possible into ToS M as we can and same with future raids aswell. Bit about our raids: We like to push ourself but at a steady pace enjoying the content as we go, we dont race against other guilds and just want to kill bosses and enjoy the company of fellow raid team members. We dont do split runs as we know a lot of people got real lifes and just dont have time for that, all we require is one char up to mythic standard, fully enchanted and always prepared for raids. We are currently recruiting a holy paladin or Holy priest ( be good if got offspec dps) and two dps ( any except hunters) To push as far into mythic ToS but to enable a strong core team for Antorus. Our raiding days are: Thursdays 7.45 - 10.45 - Heroic Farm Sundays 7.45 - 10.45 - Progression Mondays 7.45 - 10.45 - Progession As loot goes we expect everyone to know whats an actual upgrade for them, We are using RClootcouncil to decide who gets the loot that is dropped, to make it as fair as possible for everyone. We also encourage everyone to do mythic + outside of raids, either with guildies or themself as it can give good items and decent AP. If this got your interest or you have more questions feel free to leave a reply or contact us Thanks for reading and hope to see some of you in guild :) Socials also welcome :) Website: Bnets: Hexanda: KriffKraff#2974 Nellenzie: Suzie#2347Nellina2 5h
6h [A] <New Found Glory> 7/9 HC Are Recruiting! We are New Found Glory. After only forming at the start of the month we one shot our way to 9/9N & 2/9 HC in a couple of hours on hour first day! Since then we have progressed to 7/9 HC while having a blast along the way. We are primarily formed from old school players and boast a wealth of raiding experience between us, including our raid leader who has been involved in many server first kills. However, we also have a few young Mist, WoD, and even a legion baby! Making our roster one of the most diverse around. Well, we're currently looking for more great people who're enthusiastic, reliable and looking to have fun and come play with us! We want to make progress, but the main goal here is to have fun and enjoy each other's company. So our raids are a more relaxed environment, however, our primary focus is the reliability of players, those who attend raids consistently will be noticed and rewarded. Right now, we're looking for the below roles and classes, 910+ ilvl is required for those joining the heroic runs, normal can be joined at lower ilvls. We're also happily accepting socials who want to do other activities with us too! We raid Wednesday & Sunday 20:00 -23:00 Server Time. Currently recruiting: Mage Warlock Elemental Shaman Balance Druid Beast Mastery Hunter Disc Priest Resto Druid Main Roster Requirements: Be punctual to both raid days Discord and functional Mic Accepting of loot rules Summary of what we are looking for in a raider: Reliability and punctuality with raid attendance Willingness to learn and improve Eagerness to progress Enthusiastic about getting to know your guild mates[/li]What we can offer you: A relaxed environment in which you can progress Active Guild Mates to partake in your endeavors Warcraft Logs analysis and help Discord and Website to stay in touch Raid livestreams Alt raids We hope you're interested in joining us! If so then please head over to our website at and apply via Recruitment. Alternatively get in contact with me at WoWBae#2305Zaccuda2 6h
7h Contemplating Salad 9/9HC LFM Hello and thank you in advance for reading this post! Let me start off with a bit of trade chat action and say that we are a mature guild that reached 9/9HC ToS and is looking for more people to go into Antorus, the burning throne with. Now i say mature guild but we still enjoy having our laughs and bants so if you don't like that stuff then i'm not sure if you would want to join us. CS just switched realms from magtheridon because recruiting there was hell incarnate and we're hoping to have more succes on Silvermoon. Our raid times and days are as followed: wednesday and sunday from 20:00 till 23:00 and we start forming the group about 15 minutes early to give us the chance to catch up with each other but also to discuss tactics etc. Next to raiding we do mythic (+'s) and like to help people get either geared or better gear, this does include socials. Now if you are interested in joining us as a social feel free to whisper me in game. If you are interested to join us as a raider be sure to go to our website and sign up @ this makes it very time efficient for us to see who you are, what you play and what you would like to achieve. (it sounds like allot but it takes about 5 minutes to fill out). If you have more questions about anything feel free to whisper me in game Thank you for reading.Sneakystick1 7h
7h (A) Divergents Recruiting,(A) Divergents Recruiting Divergents is a guild that was created by a group of friends. We are friendly and social and always try to help members in the guild. Most of us started playing back in Vanilla and have a lot of experience from hardcore raiding in the past but, as life goes on, almost everyone in the guild has settled in real life, has a family and kids to look after. Above all real life comes first! We raid two nights a week Monday/Wednesday (21gmt-23:30), run Mythic+, farm old content raids for gearing alts or mains if they still need loot and, whenever we can, we also do some pvp for fun. Events up on calendar every week. We are currently looking for more members to complete our core raid team. Socials are most welcome! All we ask is for players to be polite in chat/disc, respect each other and to understand that we are a progress guild that keeps trying to push content. Wiping is part of it, so make sure you accept that! Current Progress EN Normal and Heroic 7/7 - Mythic 7/7 ToV Normal 3/3 and Heroic 3/3 NH Normal 10/10 - Heroic 10/10 - Mythic 5/10 currently in progress. ToS Normal-Heroic 9/9 - Mythic 2/9 Why join Divergents? Everyone is welcome to choose what they want to do in the guild. We don't only offer you a place in our raid team, we give you the chance to play with people that love progressing together, that work hard but at the same time have fun while going through old and new content! We are currently looking for: 2 x Melee DPS (DH/Rogue/monk/DK 1 x Boomkin 1 x Hunter 1 x Shadow Priest Social players also have the chance to raid if they are up to it and if a raiding spot is available. We use DIscord on raid nights and to socialize with each other, guild bank repairs and consumables are also available for everyone that participates in raids. If interested in joining or if you need more information /w in game. There's always an officer online to chat with! Hope you all enjoy your day and your gaming! Have fun!Hazabel123 7h
8h <The Kingdom Hearts> ACTIVE FRIENDLY FUN Heroic raiding guild looking for healers and dps to fill out roster to start doing mythic for next raid. pref looking for: Healers - shaman or monk DPS - warrior or rouge All classes are welcome not just the ones we are looking for Raid Times - Wed/Sun - 9pm - 11pm realm time Alt Raid - Sat - 9pm-11pm realm time For more msg dansiles dansiles#2273Bearsiles1 8h
9h [A] Incrementum 6/9M Looking for Fresh Meat We raid in a relaxed atmosphere, full of jokes and banter, but that being said we are serious when it comes to progression, attendance and raid preparation. Our aim is to achieve Cutting Edge in Tomb of Sargeras,and strengthen our roster for the upcoming raid,and for that we are looking to expand our roster. We are always looking for mythic experienced players to bolster our ranks! Raid times: 3 days/week schedule. Progression: WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY/MONDAY 19:45-22:45 server time + Optional Alt/Social runs on Saturdays/Sundays. What we expect from our raiders: ★ 90% Attendance ★ Good attitude ★ Able to take constructive criticism to improve your play ★ Working microphone and be able to communicate and be vocal What raiders can expect from the guild ★ Fair loot council system ★ Friendly, family-like atmosphere during raids and outside of the game ★ Progression-focused team of like-minded players ★ Steady progress through the current mythic tier ★ Bank full of enchants, gems, potions, flasks and herbs for our raiders (we also provide feasts and cauldrons each raid/wipe) For additional information please contact in game: ★ Kintharas (DoctorK#21891)Kintharas2 9h
10h <Just Awful> 3/9M Late Night Raid guild is LFM! <Just Awful> Late Night Raiding Guild - EU Silvermoon Just Awful is a late night raiding guild with a friendly mature atmosphere and a competitive attitude, and we are currently looking for a few new members to bolster our ranks as we continue to progress through the Tomb of Sargeras. Raid schedule. Thursday - 2300 to 0200 (Server Time GMT+1) HC clear/alt run Sunday - 2300 to 0200 (Server Time GMT +1) Monday - 2300 to 0200 (Server Time GMT +1) We are currently progressing on Mythic ToS (3/9), with Heroic ToS on regular farm. We are looking for the following to solidify for Mythic progression. 1 - Havoc Demon Hunter 1 - Warlock 1 - SPriest 1 - Hunter Other classes than those specified will be considered, so don't be afraid to get in touch! About the guild. Just Awful was formed to give a place for new and returning players whose lives might not allow for the traditional schedules of most guilds a chance to experience high level endgame content at an accessible time. Many of us are experienced and dedicated raid leaders with a history of competitive play across many genres, and love helping people experience raiding without the elitist attitude. While we focus heavily on successful raid progression, it's not all we do. We have a thriving and diverse social scene, and a busy /g channel filled with helpful and friendly guild members who run Mythic+ pushes, Timewalking and weekly quest completion etc. Even if you are looking to just be sociable while you get on with your day to day play, Just Awful could be the place for you! What we want from you. Respect your fellow guildmates - Don't be a jerk! Be on time and be prepared. Invites go out fifteen minutes before raid time, with everyone gemmed and enchanted with flasks and food ready. Listen, learn and understand. We value hard work and a willingness to improve your play. We will always offer constructive advice firmly but fairly. Contacts In game: Azurein-Silvermoon, Taycess-Silvermoon, Fireraider-Silvermoon, Celania-Silvermoon, Dragonchain-Silvermoon Discord: Azurein#9986  Taycess#9305  Dragon#4954  Celania#3376  tempus02#4076 Greph#4086Azurein20 10h
10h [A] Rome in a Day (5/9M) 2 nights/week LF RDPS About Rome in a Day is a mature, friendly raiding guild on Silvermoon who raids two nights a week. We have consistently been one of the better performing 2 night raiding guilds on our server. Our goal is to kill as many bosses as possible in our limited schedule whilst having fun. The guild was formed in 2009 and has raided consistently since then with several members still with us since the start. Whilst skill and independence are valued we also appreciate a friendly and positive attitude. This being the main reason Rome has maintained it's core roster for so long. Successful applicants will find themselves welcomed into our community. Recruitment Even if your class is not listed we will still consider your application. We are currently interested in: Shadow Priest Ranged Hunter Warlock Mage Balance Druid Raid Times Raid nights: Monday, Thursday Raid time: 20:30 - 00:00 Server Time Our raid nights have been the same since WotLK and are not likely to change. We appreciate that people have real lives and do not mind people missing the occasional raid so long as warning is given in advance. To ensure that we always have enough people to do Mythic the raid team will consist of more than 20 people. This allows us to adjust to absences. As we can only take 20 people into a Mythic raid, when we are doing Mythic content, we will occasionally ask you to sit out. This is done in a fair manner such that no one person is forced to sit out each week. Recently we have been organising an extra, non-mandatory night for clearing HC where alts are welcome. Loot System We use a loot system known as Suicide Kings. What this means is that every person is given a random position in a list at the start of the tier. When a piece of loot drops it will be first opened up for bidding. Any player who's main spec is eligible for the piece of loot can bid. The successful bidder is the person who's highest on the list. They are then moved to the bottom of the list. If no players choose to bid then the piece of loot is opened up to rolls. Any player who can use that piece of loot, be it for OS or MS, can then roll on that piece of loot. Contact Info Slaqua - Lerp#2814 Website: If you add me on Real ID please send me a message rather than waiting for me to message you. I get a lot of people adding me and I cannot keep looking at my friends list to see if any of the 10 people have come online. Progress WowProgress: Legion Tier 20 ToS: 5/9 M Tier 19 NH: 7/10 M ToV: 3/3 HC EN: 7/7 M Warlords of Draenor Tier 18 HFC: 13/13 M Tier 17 BRF: 10/10 HC HM: 1/7 M Mists of Pandaria Tier 16 SoO: 12/14 HC Tier 15 ToT: 4/13 HC Tier 14 ToES: 4/4 N HoF: 6/6 N MSV: 1/6 HC Cataclysm Tier 13 DS: 8/8 HC Tier 12 FL: 6/7 HC Tier 11 TotFW: 2/2 N BoT: 1/5 HC BD: 2/6 HC Wrath of the Lich King Tier 10 ICC: 9/12 HC Slaqua127 10h
12h Silvermoon = World of Lagcraft Peak times and busy servers are naturally going to cause a bit of latancy but for the server to go down regularly, perma lags and 100+ MS IDLE?? I am currently sat in dalaran on a high spec pc with 441MS and 30FPS. Without addons enabled. So far my whole guild (alt guilds also) and most people I have spoken to via trade / generally are experiencing the same and have been for the past few weeks. Can you not tho blizz? Tl;dr sort your lagfest outRot6 12h
12h SPriest Looking for a [A] Mythic guild Hi, I'm looking to transfer this character to this server but I need a suitable guild first. The raid days don't really matter to me as long as it's from 9pm server time. I'm 1/10 Mythic.Sersha14 12h
12h Mature player looking for Social Guild Hi. This may seem like a desperate post but I am a long time veteran player who has not raided or even done many Dungeons since Diablo iii came out and stole my guild mates. I belong to a guild and if anything I am loyal to the point I have spent 5 years hoping my guild will come back and do stuff together again. We were an active guild who raided and did dungeons and challenges together up until cataclysm and then Diablo made an appearance and everyone went over to that and I am guessing since then to ventures new. It is getting quite lonely with the few alts left in the guild who come online now and then but most of those that were left went over to other guilds to continue raiding. Due to personal life commitments I am very rarely online in the evenings therefore I am not available to raid, and I have not really raided or done a dungeon in a very long time. On setting myself a recent challenge to get legion pathfinder I realise dungeons and raids are needed, I hate dungeon finder because since it came out there is no communication, people assume you know what your doing and where you are going and therefore you get left behind unable to complete and forced to leave. Gone are the days of shouting in Dalaran for extras to run dungeons therefore making acquaintances in game and actually knowing people. So I am at the point where I think its time to move on and find a guild who has a social aspect about it. Preferably a mature guild. Somewhere that maybe does some dungeons, challenges, older raids, etc. I don't mind if they have a raid team I am not looking to take peoples places in raids but happy if available to participate in alt runs. I am a female and an adult with children. I have played since burning crusade, I have been a long time council member on my current guild and raid leader. I work evenings so very rarely available past 5pm. Just looking for a social guild or raiding guild with a social aspect to it. To make some new friends who enjoy doing in game stuff. I am a big achievement collector so enjoy doing as much as I can. Thank you if you took the time to read this.Síénna0 12h
14h [A] <Raid Cat> 9/9 HC recruiting DPS We're a guild looking for people who want to have a great time, hang out with each other, laugh and have fun while killing stuff in raids! We raid twice a week in the evenings with optional extra runs appearing as requested. Social member also welcome! Currently raiding: Tomb of Sargeras Heroic 9/9 ​ Raid Days: Monday & Friday 19:30 ST Please read the website for more information about us, our raiding requirements and goals. You can also complete a very short application to join here: Looking for: DPS. 1 Healer position open but it will help to have a DPS off spec. We do everything from Transmog runs, PVP, Mythic+ and whatever else you can think of, with our main focus on raiding. ​ We are aiming for a relaxed yet skilled raiding environment where people can fill in for each other, having not to worry about always attending since people can fill in for you, focusing on laughing and having fun rather than worrying about letting anyone down. We do care about people following tactics and knowing what they're doing so we may actually get some stuff done as well, that's why we're looking mainly for experienced raiders that want a more flexible environment (if you are new to raiding you are still welcome) Officers: Maxilloss, Ahdra & MistuhfredAhdra26 14h
15h [A] Buying 1000+ Heavy Junkboxes Well, after so many years I'm finally wrapping up The Insane title. I will be needing 1170 more boxes as I have pickpockted some myself already. I'm thinking 150g per box sounds fair and I would prefer to get them before or sometime during the upcoming Hallows End event so I can take advantage of the bonus reputation buff. Contact me in-game or C.O.D them to Amadee on Silvermoon. *NOTE* I may or may not still be farming them myself so before you go and get 1k + of them please do contact me in advanceAmadee1 15h
17h Boomkin 1/9 M lf prog guild. I am looking for a semi-hardcore guild for further progression in tomb. I left my other guild becouse the lack of exp from players and a trash raidleader. I speak english and swedish. You will find me ingame if you want to speak to me.Numá6 17h
17h <Tortam Fatum> - Looking for DPS 3/9 M Hi there We are a small but social guild that raid casual but duning great. Raid days is Wednesday Sunday and Monday from 19:30 - 22:00 server time. We are looking for more players and there is a tryout on around 14 days. Gear is not something we look at more attitude and will to play :D IF you think this is something you like then contact me here or ingame Igame : Móradots / Malbu Be ready for a interview if you are interested. Thanks for your time and have a great day :P Over and Out Móradots / MalbuMóradots0 17h
18h <Hyperia> 1 night raid guild - 3/9 mythic and 9/9 hc <Hyperia> is a raiding guild that has formed from a core of friends, and people who have raided together in the past. Most of us have focused on Mythic progress in the past, but due to other obligations we are now playing the game with a more casual approach. This is why we only raid on Sunday evenings from 20:00 til 23:00 server time. There is however more going on outside of raiding such as mythic dungeons, normal clears, and runs through older content. Be aware: we are casual in the time that we raid now, not in terms of the effort that we put in. We're currently looking for boomkin, spriest, rogue, lock and dps DK. If you don't play one of these classes but have relevant exp and decent gear, let us know :) We are always open to applications from people that have past experience and share the same mind-set as us. We know that we are limited on time, so we do expect people to focus up. We are not averse to extending a lock out where needed, however this is not a usual occurrence. What we can offer you: - Friendly environment with a no-drama policy. - Some joking around, while maintaining a progress minded attitude. - Decent amount of progress for the time invested. - Some stuff to do outside of raids. - Tabard with a bunny! - A nice place to call home. What we want from you: - Heroic/Mythic raid experience in any previous tiers. - The ability to keep up your focus during raids. - Usual crap, like bringing flasks, pots, food, optimisation etc. - Being able to take constructive criticism. - Being able to use discord and be vocal when it's needed. - Being able to attend raids on a regular basis. If you are interested in making an application, please do so using the application form. We look forward to hearing from you! Add someone for a chat : infernity#2168 Jones#1839 Dylan#22297 Lemin#2217 18h
1d [A] <Suit and Tie> Silvermoon TOS 9/9HC, 2/9M <Suit and Tie> TOS 9/9 HC, 2/9M is a Heroic raiding guild that focuses on heroic and mythic progression. Looking forward to the upcoming raid content and to aid us in our mythic progression, we're looking for the following classes for our roster: - Warlock (Destruction or Affliction) - Warrior (Fury or Arms) - An active tank offspec is a plus. - Druid (Balance or Feral) - Mage (preferably frost) The minimum requirement to join our raiding team is to have a character with at least item level 920 (which should include tier 20 pieces) and experience raiding TOS Heroic (preferably a full clear). Please note that preferably this is what we're aiming for when searching for a new player, but we will always accept new players and give them a chance to prove themselves on a fair trial even if they are slightly bellow the minimum requirement. Our raiding days are: Thursdays, Sundays and Tuesdays from 20:30 to 23:30 server time. The main goal of our team is to get the "ahead of the curve" achievement before the end of each patch and also to progress as much as possible on mythic raiding after the heroic progression is done. If you're looking for a nice raiding environment and a new place that you can call home, then look no more you came to the right guild. The next step is to add my battle tag and let's have a chat. Salutations (GM) Drivon#21237 (if I don't accept the invitation straight away, I promise that I will do it once I get home after work) Please check our progress on: 1d
1d Project Horizon 3/9 Myth / 9/9 Heroic Looking for one healer and one or two DPS. Ideal healer would be priest or paly but open to all. Currently raid Sunday and Wednesday 9-12 server time, first try on mythic last night and got goroth down and DI down to 23% so will hopefully have 2 or 3 down this week. Please whisper any officer in Project Horizon or myself Archgordie for more details.Archgordie7 1d
1d 911ilvl Hunter LF Active Raiding Guild *update* please ignore I've accepted a trialCrit0 1d
1d Ares 9/9Hc 2/9M Recruiting for Antorus! Are you looking for a team to progress in Tomb Of Sargeras? A welcoming environment were you can feel at home? Look no more,Ares (9/9HC 1/9M) a newly created guild is recruting willing raiders to bolster our ranks. We are an international guild in the European server Silvermoon. Our main focus is towards the PvE environment specially Raiding and clearing as much content as possible while it remains relevant. We are a new guild consisting by veterans of the game. Our goal is to progress steadily to Mythic raiding while maintaining a relaxed and fun environment, this being said we will always be looking to get the most of each player and expect everyone to put the same level of effort. This is what we have to offer: 3 raid nights a week - Wednesday,Thursday and Sunday from 20:00 to 23:00 server time; A dedicated raiding team that will be pushing themselves to get better after each wipe; A Discord server for group content or just to hang out; Sense of community among the guild that will help you, make you feel welcome and part of something or that will be there just to listen to you. This is what we expect from you: Be eager to raid; Be proactive in and outside the game; Be a team player; Be willing to learn. Recruiting We are currently bolstering our ranks for Antorus! Tanks: Full Healers: Looking for 1 Disc or Holy Priest & a resto druid Damage Dealers: Good Damage dealers are always considered. Especially interested in Ranged Classes. Contact information: Magicismight Enina ChipheerMinasithil14 1d
1d LF 2 Healers Mythic Harjatan tonight 9pm-12am. LF 2 Healers Mythic Harjatan progression tonight 9pm-12 RealmTime. (Pref Resto Druid or Mistweaver), Ideally English speaking. /w in-game Wilberdorf discord: Wilberforce#8140 bnet: Wilberf0rce#2391 Our guild: 1d
1d [A] <Volatile> [5/9M ToS] Recruiting Who are we? Volatile is a mythic raiding guild with a slightly more casual approach. We raid 2 nights a week, sometimes 3, and only require you to have one geared character. Who are we looking for? We're primarily looking for ranged DPS and a healer to fill out the roster. Even though your class isn't listed below, don't be afraid of getting in contact with us. Tanks - Low Healers - High (One Holy Paladin) Ranged DPS - High Melee DPS - Medium Overall we're looking for people with a good knowledge of their class/spec who know how to improve their gameplay. Being fairly thick skinned and being able to accept constructive criticism, as well as the occasional jab from some of our more 'outspoken' members, is a big plus too. When do we raid? We raid two times a week as standard, we often have an additional raid day if necessary. See raid times below. Thursday: 8pm - 11pm (Server time) Monday: 8pm - 11pm (Server time) Tuesday: 8pm - 11pm (Additional day) Application process: We believe the best way to get to know if someone is right for the guild is just to have a chat, rather than go through a long application process. So we'll have a chat, look at logs and possibly run some M+ to get to know each other. If you're interested in joining our mythic raid team, contact any of the following: Contact us: GM: Xadel#2609, Xadel (ingame) Passive#2900, Malenky (ingame) Council: Ohajay#2606, Draconem (ingame) Hjp#21650, Phynn (ingame)Phynn37 1d
1d (A) Orion Needs You ! HUNTERS AND LOCKS ! 9/9 ToS HC Orion is a small guild which are currently sat at 9/9 heroic ToS, after a rubbish summer break and some people taking breaks and such we are looking to replace the stragglers, we are currently looking to reinforce our core team with Ranged dps (mainly needed) Healer prefer pala or shaman and will consider some good melee dps our raid nights are wednesday 20:00-23:00 sunday 20:00-23:00 times given are game time so please get in contact with me on aiyame#2499 and lets have a little chat and see where it takes us and hope for some good timesAiyame13 1d
1d <Go Defensive> 2 Night Raiding. 6/9M LF MT Go Defensive is an Alliance guild created for WotLK in September 2008 and was one of the servers top 3 night a week guilds. The guild was created by a core of extremely experienced raiders, with a guild pedigree including ex Praetorians, Nevermore, Inner Sanctum, Numen and Genesis amongst illustrious others going right back to release on this server, to take on the 25 man WotLK ladder. Most of the core is still with us today. Notable achievements were the server's 9th 3 Drake Sartharion kill and finishing the Heroic: Glory of the Raider meta-achievement for our Black Proto-Drakes. As the content moved on we celebrated the server's 7th Anub kill in ToGC25 and got to 9/12hc ICC25 in the server 7th position before Shadowmourne horniness restricted further progress for the expansion ( though we still ofc managed 11/12hc ). Cataclysm saw us maintain our excellent progress and ranking though we got caught short working on Ragnaros HC at the end and didn't quite get the big guy down while it was still relevant. By the time MoP came around a lot of us had had enough of 3+ nights a week raiding nonstop for 8 years and so we became a 2 night a week guild. Since then we have maintained our position as the top, or one of the top, genuine ( i.e. not alts of people who raid 5 nights elsewhere ) 2 night a week guilds on the server and somewhere in the world top 200 2 night guilds ( and no doubt higher if we're talking genuine 2 nights a week! ) We are looking for exceptional players who consider themselves at the top of their game with their class and wish to compete with other top guilds on Silvermoon for progress whilst maintaining a 2 day a week schedule. Excellence with alts is highly desirable and allows for some flexibility in the squad. We currently have openings for the following classes/roles: - 1x MT - Must be looking for a long term home and be a truly experienced Main Tank. Of course, Go Defensive are never closed to truly exceptional individuals of any class. And we would encourage you to apply if you feel you can benefit the guild. Interested players should have a suitable gear level. Raiding quite a short schedule means we must make the most of our time in raids, we are looking for skilled players who can pick new encounters up quickly and learn from their mistakes, and who are also willing to take advice (and give it) on how to improve their game, or that of others, in a friendly manner. Current Raid Schedule: Thursday: 20:00 - 00:00 Monday: 20:00 - 00:00 To apply please head over to If you have any questions don't hesitate to add Anlorian#2788 for a chat.Drezlari22 1d
1d [A] <Retro> (9/9 HC) LF DPS for raid roster!! Hello! About Us: <Retro> was originally founded in 2011 during Cataclysm's "Rage of the Firelands" patch. Having recently reformed and steamrolled our way through heroic Tomb of Sargeras, we are currently recruiting to expand the raid team and strengthen the overall core. The guild is also active outside of raiding, our Discord chat is regularly populated on nights when we have nothing planned, and we regularly try to clear Mythic+ dungeons together in an attempt to gather a bit more gear all-round. Even if raiding isn’t your fancy, social members are also very welcome! Raid Information: Currently seeking the following to fill in the last few gaps of our raid roster: - One Healer (Holy Priest/Restoration Shaman preferable) - Shaman (Elemental) - Hunter - Warlock - Ranged DPS in general (excluding Druid and Mage) We will also consider exceptional applicants from classes that aren't excluded above. We raid every Wednesday and Thursday 22:00-01:00 (server time). It is possible we may add a further raid day as we reach reach our goal of Mythic raiding. We run alt / new member runs every Monday to help existing members gear up and potentially move them into a trial period for our raid team, as well as a way to help get folks acquainted with us! Raid Requirements: - Have at least 915+ ilvl and similar raiding experience to the guild’s. - Be willing to use Discord for voice communications, a microphone is not an absolute must, but it is necessary that you are able to listen and remain engaged with the raid leader’s instructions. - Ensure you turn up to raids as prepared as possible (flasks, tactics, potions, seals, etc.). Feasts are usually supplied, however we do not have an infinite supply of them; try to bring back-up food if possible. - Good attendance, please ensure that you are able to attend the raid times specified above. If your circumstances change and you are unable to attend, please make sure you let an officer know or otherwise get a message passed onto us. If you are interested or have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to message me in-game or add my Battletag: Soot#21965 or the guild leader's Battletag: JaackD#2461 so that we can have a quick chat with you. Alternatively you can contact me on Discord at Soot#2165 if you prefer. Thank you for reading!Ofra5 1d
1d (A) Almost Heroes 7/9M Recruiting! Hello everyone! About Us: Almost Heroes is a Alliance semi-hardcore raiding guild based on EU-Silvermoon. We're looking to expand our current roster of very experienced and adept players. We are a group of friends starting anew come Legion. All of us have been raiding since the TBC-WotLK era at a high/very high level and therefore wanted to create something for ourselves. Almost everyone currently in the team knows each other in some way, shape, or form. Most of us are additionally very good friends, which in turn creates a healthy and friendly atmosphere. Regardless of our relations to each other, we still have a very competitive mindset when it comes to clearing current content. With all of that in mind, we aim to create a friendly and long-lasting home for anyone that wants to be a part of it, a steady raiding schedule and lots of progressing. Recruitment: The following list is what we would prefer, even if your class is not listed, we really recommend you to apply if you believe this guild is for you. If you can prove it, you'll get a spot. We are mostly after any DPS classes except for mage, warlock and Ret PaladinSchedule: Tuesday 20:00-23:00 Wednesday 20:00-23:00 Sunday 20:00-23:00 General info: We are using Discord as our way of communicating. We're also using a Loot Council to gear our members fairly. Raid Invites go out at 19:30-19:45.What you can expect as a Trial: Our Trial period usually lasts around 2-3 weeks. General feedback on how you're doing. A very friendly and social community. Experienced players to give you any help you'd like.What we expect from you: In-depth knowledge of your class, and raid encounter tactics. Come prepared to raids, Flasks, Pots etc.. but also AddOns. A good mindset, wanting to improve and not be afraid to share suggestions. Do not be afraid to ask questions! Friendly and mature, we like to joke around a lot tho.So with all that out of the way, please send an application our way if you think you have what it takes and if our guild seems like an enjoyable place to spend your time. How to apply! Applications are done via our website If you have any questions or just want to chat about anything then you can message one of the officers in game: Veliqueww - Silvermoon Thinlízzy - Silvermoon Sembrah - Silvermoon Cenoroid - Silvermoon DreeaMz - SilvermoonDreeamz15 1d
1d <Nocturnalis> Late night raiding guild recruiting! We are a newly formed guild with a core of experienced raiders both in this and previous tiers. Our raid times are Wed / Thurs 22:30 - 01:30 server time and we also run a lot of m+ and alt / normal runs during the rest of the week. We are currently looking for a few more DPS and a couple of healers to join our ranks as we look towards Antourus. All classes are welcome but we are particularly looking for the following: Holy paladin Resto shaman Mage Shadow priest DK Please whisper Gíblets, Aethria, Páthogen or Teke in game or apply at www.nocturnalis.shivtr.comGíblets1 1d
1d Warlock lf raiding guild. Hello I am popiie and Im looking for a guild. I want to start raiding again on a more normal level like I used to (I dont mean normal diff). For some time I've played on a more casual lvl beacuse I wanted a bit of a break and I was unsure if I would have time for raiding when school started again. So a bit about me then. I'm popiie, a Swedish man in his best years (18). Most ppl think Im older tho if thats any comfort for ppl who are wary of my age. I've had quite the raiding experience in this expansion and I've had a great time. If theres one thing I need in a guild its that ppl are social. If you want to look at my logs, best thing would be to look at when I was in a guild called bad alts if they are still there. That was when I was kind of in my prime ish. Anyways if you want to have a chat on discord you can add me "popiie#4628" or bnet "popiie#2789" Regards popiie \o/Popíie5 1d
1d [A] <Ashes to Ashes> Turkish Guild LFM Ashes to Ashes (1/7M, 2/3HC) is a semi-casual, Turkish-only guild looking for new players to bolster its ranks into mythic progression and trying to build a strong core for the Nighthold. We are currently in need of all roles and classes, our raiding times are Wednesday, Thursday and Monday 19.00-21.00 ST. Rest of this post will be in Turkish, since we are aiming to recruit Turkish players. Silvermoon'da yer alan <Ashes to Ashes> uzun süredir birlikte oynayan, gerçek hayatta da arkadaş olan bir grup tarafından kuruldu. Bugün büyümeye ve Nighthold'da mythic raid'de ilerleyebilecek bir kadro kurmaya çalışıyoruz. Şimdiye kadarki progressimiz 1/7M ve 2/3HC. Yeni content'e çıktığı anda başlamayı, normal ve heroic temizledikten sonra mythic'te ilerlemeyi planlıyoruz. Şu an önceliğimiz mythic kadromuza dahil edebileceğimiz oyuncular olmakla birlikte, casual/social oyuncuları da her zaman bekleriz. Şu an mythic progression için her role ve class'a ihtiyacımız var, öncelikleri şu şekilde; Tank (yüksek) - tercihen paladin dışında Healer (orta) - shaman, druid ya da monk MDPS (orta) RDPS (yüksek) Haftada genelde 2, yeni content zamanı ise 3 gün raid yapıyoruz. Raid günlerimiz Çarşamba, Perşembe ve Pazartesi olup Türkiye saatiyle 21.00-23.00 arası sürmektedir. Postu daha fazla uaztmayacağım. <Ashes to Ashes>a katılmakla ilgileniyorsanız, siz de Türk olmayan guild'lerin geç raid saatlerini idare etmekte zorlanıyorsanız, yeni arkadaşlar arıyorsanız ve sorularınız varsa ekleyip iletişime geçmekten çekinmeyin. Evael#2143 İyi oyunlar.Evael3 1d
2d <Militarum> Lf people for a strong raid team. <Militarum> Is a fresh new raiding guild looking for members to make a solid raid team. Have you ever wanted to get in to raiding with a guild? This might be the place for you. since we are so new we are not so picky on player, we like to give everyone a chance. Our hope is to get a team in time to get ToS on farm before the lanch of Antorus The Burning Throne. We are currently looking for all type of classes and specs, since we are still a small guild. Socials are also welcome What we offer: - Raid experience - Friendly environment with people willing to help with anything - Frequent raiding - All kinds of events are planned - Mythic groups What we expect: - Respect to superiors and others - Willingness to make new friends and learn new things. - Show up to raid days on time or tell someone if you cant CURRENT raid days are Wednesday and Saturday at 8pmST If this looks like somthing for you please contact me with in game mail or with my battletag Essem21939.Steinsholt1 2d
2d Server Queues? Hi, I'm wondering if myself and another friend gonna start on silvermoon soon. But, noticed the seriver is listed as "high". Does that mean queues occures often? Thanks in advance :)Asheena2 2d
2d Blood DK LF Heroic + Guild Hey im looking for a Heroic + Guild pref progressing 7/9 but aslong as your in heroic I dont mind Im 929 Ilvl and know all the tacts for heroic bosses been in a few guilds but they just dont know mechanics and Its becoming a task to find a guild recruiting a tank as most already have two and we are not in demand whisper me ingame or on Btag Tood913#2506 Or comment on the post I will get back to youChaossmash0 2d
2d Looking for a guild Hello, I am looking for a guild to have fun and raid with. I prefer casual raiding guilds (normal+heroic level is perfect). I can also be a social in a mythic raiding guild which does social/alt runs in heroic level raids. Raiding times around 19-22ST (might be +-1hour). Can attend all days. I was a mythic raider back in MoP/WoD, but wasn't raiding for 2 years now, only playing casually (which I want to continue). Mainspec - BM hunter (922ilvl, but this is a small detail in my opinion). If someone has a place in their guild - I would be happy to join someone :) I was playing alone for 2 years, but it's a social game after all. Cheers.Pvpdxnx1 2d
2d WTT Hello, I want to trade my gold on Silvermoon (A), for your gold on Lightbringer (H). I don't have a lot of gold but I started playing there and would like some of my gold there. Add my battletag if interested: NeoMatrix#21827Vérún0 2d
2d WTB/WTS TCG Mounts - Also 9/9M ToS WTS - Big Battle Bear - Amani Dragonhawk - Feldrake - Blazing Hippogryph - Magic Rooster - X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME - Ghastly Charger Accepting gold (or TCG Mounts / Guardian Cubs / Spectral Tiger Cubs) on all medium/high pop realms (Horde and Alliance). Lucrative offers on low pop realms are considered. The buying party trades first. If not, I will use ciyn as MM. MM Thread: Own Thread: Ready for business? Contact me here: DiscoStick#2737 WTB - Every TCG Mount for the right price - Savage Raptor - 3m +/- - Wooly White Rhino - 1.75m +/- - Swift Shorestrider - 6m +/- - White Riding Camel - 6m +/- - Mottled Drake - 6m +/- - X-51 Nether-Rocket (Rare) - 6m +/- - Corrupted Hippogryph - 6.5m-7m +/- - Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger - 17m +/- - Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger swap for magic rooster + 4m gold Got gold on Argent Dawn / Outlands / Ravencrest / Silvermoon / Twisting Nether / Kazzak / Stormscale / Stormreaver / Ragnaros / Antonidas / Defias Brotherhood /frostwolf - Alliance & Horde. TCG Mount(s) + Gold and/or Pets is also possible. Other Buy/Sell Thread (TCG/Unobtainables/Rares - Chromatic Swords / Mo'grosh / Recipes / Frozen Runes / Lvl 60 Naxx Sets. I have a spreadsheet available for those who collect): Easy Street Use our website to buy/sell TCG Items / rare items and promote your services (Boosts / Farming & Other alternative services) - For Gold. Build up a reputation and let others know you are trustworthy. Now available: Full 9/9 Mythic ToS clear for 6m.Jindai0 2d
2d [A] <Shroud> 5/9 Mythic ToS are recruiting! Shroud – EU – Silvermoon [A] <Shroud> are currently looking for anyone interested in mythic progression with a semi-hardcore guild. We enjoy having a laugh while also pushing for progression as hard as possible in our two-day raiding week. Our experienced leaders have led guilds since TBC, and can guarantee a competitive mythic raid team. Raid Experience 5/9 Mythic ToS. 9/9 Heroic ToS. 9/9 Normal ToS. 4/10 Nighthold Mythic. 10/10 Nighthold Heroic. 10/10 Nighthold Normal. What we will give to you: A well-organized guild A friendly and fun atmosphere A progressive raid team, working through mythic A fun community to play games with, not just wow! Raiding days/times (Server Time): Wednesday – 20:30 till 23:30 Sunday – 20:30 till 23:30 Tuesday - 20:30 till 23:30 (Optional) Recruitment We are currently looking for: - MM (pref) / BM Hunter. - Feral Druid - Warlock - Boomkin - Havoc Demon Hunter - MM Hunter. However all exceptional applications will be considered. Voice: Discord What we expect from you: - That you are prepared for every raid and ready on time. - Know your class and be dedicated to keeping up-to-date on the class. - Able to take criticism and progress from it. - Always bring flasks, pots, and food. - Don't stand in the fire. If interested, please contact any of our officers (Nèff (Nef#22913), Absólution (Absolution#2145)) or message myself in game or on Battle net: Crispina (Quavers#2121). Or visit our website: Thanks for reading - Shroud TeamCrispina25 2d
2d [A] LF PvP Guild Hi good folk of Silvermoon. Two friends and I (all mid 30s) have recently re-rolled fresh characters on Silvermoon and are currently leveling via BGs. We are loving the server and the people on it as it's been very refreshing to see bustling Cities and friendly people. We are now looking for an awesome PvP focused guild (not to say we don't raid as I was once Guild and Raid leader in a previous life on another server) to call home with nice folks that I hope someday we may be able to call friends. We don't take the game too seriously and are always up to do anything for a laugh whilst also trying to do the best we possibly can for the team and guild we are playing with. If your guild sounds like a fit for us then please, please let me know as I would love to meet you. Yours with Thanks Liyonidas (AKA Krill)Liyonidas1 2d
2d [A] <Polar> Boosting services - ToS/M+/NH Polar is a guild formed at the start of Tomb of Sargaras. We have recently killed the final Mythic boss Kil'Jaeden and have therefore locked in our realm second spot for this tier. We have been boosting since the start of Tomb of Sargaras but we want to bring our boosting services to a wider audience than just trade chat. Eventually this thread should contain comments by the people we boosted to validate the legitimacy of our services. Below I will keep an updated list with the currently available PvE services. If something is not listed do not hesitate to add me or ask if can provide that service for you. Services we provide: Ahead of the Curve = 250k. ToS heroic - Personal Loot = 550k. ToS heroic - Masterloot = 1M. Weekly mythic 10+ = 150k. Keystone Master = 500k. (price can change depending on current week's affixes) Fiendish Hellfire Core - NH mythic mount = 2.2M. If there are any individual bosses you want or any PvE-related service not listed above, do not hesitate to contact and I hope we can work something out. We ONLY accept gold on Silvermoon Alliance. Times All raid boosts will be held on Monday 20.00 ST with the exception of the NH mythic mount which we can schedule on Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday - depending on your availability. The M+ boosts can be whenever you have time. Rules Prior to booking a run we will ask for a 10 % deposit fee to ensure you show up. The remainder will be paid prior to the start of the boost. For the Masterloot runs we take one person of each armor type: Conquerer - Vanquisher - Protector. Depending on interest we will try to make sure there is only one user of each armor type. All tier will be given to you with no exceptions. For all other loot we reserve the right to keep any item that is 930+ as it may still be an upgrade to our main raiding roster. However, chances of this happening are slim so don't let that hold you back!For further information feel free too add Saturn#2973 (Fidonlol).Fidonlol0 2d
3d [A] <Elucidate> 1/9M 9/9HC Recruiting DPS and Healers After reforming our team a month ago, Elucidate has progressed rapidly to 9/9HC and 1/9M. This isn't our first success story like this, our original team formed in HFC and progressed to 5/13M in just 2 months from forming the team, carrying on to 7/7M in EN. Well, we're currently looking for more great people who're enthusiastic, reliable and looking to have fun and come play with us! We want to make progress, but the main goal here is to have fun and enjoy each other's company. So our raids are a more relaxed environment, however our primary focus is the reliability of players, those who attend raids consistently will be noticed when the time comes to pick 20 to enter the instance on mythic. Right now, we're looking for the below roles and classes, 915+ ilvl is required for those joining the heroic (and 920+ for mythic) runs, normal can be joined at lower ilvls. We're also happily accepting socials who want to do other activities with us too! Summary of what we are looking for in a raider: Reliability with raid attendance Willingness to learn and improve Eagerness to progress Our raid team are specifically looking for: Mage Shadow Priest Rogue DPS Death Knight DPS Warrior Havoc Demon Hunter Boomkin Elemental Shaman Our raid days are Wednesday, Friday and Monday. From 20:00-23:00 realm time. If all this sounds great, then be sure to get in touch with us! Here are our contacts: Krityâ: Kritya#21648 on BattleNet Kritya#6422 on Discord Gigsey: Gigsey#11775 on BattleNet Gigsey#0556 on Discord Shavocfist: Karnivore#21543 on BattleNet Shavoc#4570 on DiscordKrityä21 3d
3d Limited Edition 9/9H 4/9M Looking For Recruitments. Hey there! |<Limited Edition>|Has been raiding since TBC and we like to think we get the job done in a fun environment! We're currently 9/9 Heroic 4/9Mythic ToS! In our core mythic raiding team we are currently looking for these classes in specific! -Paladin(Ret) -Hunter(BM,MM) -Shaman(Elemental) -Druid(Balance) We will consider any role applicants to help bolster our team and improve our Progression! Raid Schedule(Changed at 20.09.2017): - Wednesday - Guild Heroic - Friday - Mythic - Sunday - Mythic All our Raids are 2000-2300 Realm Time. We use Discord to communicate, if you have any questions come on and have a chat with an Officer. To attract their attention type @Officer in the #recruitment text channel. If you're interested either reply to this post, send one of us a message on one of the BTAGs below. Officers: Abersyth - Abersyth#2525 Ansonia - VitoTorrano#1643 Plingplang - Crazymind#2906Plingplang9 3d
3d Hyperactive (A) 5/9 M are recruiting Hyperactive on Silvermoon EU is recruiting! We are currently looking for healers and ranged DPS although exceptional players of any class are always welcome to apply. Mostly we are looking for a Resto Shaman, Holy Paladin for our healing roster, and Mages and MM/BM Hunters for our DPS, but as stated above, exceptional players of any class will be considered. About Us Hyperactive are a guild who consists of raiders with previous Mythic experience through the course of WoW's raiding tiers. Many of the players have played several years with the same core players.We are a 2 day raiding guild with the goal to clear the content whilst still keeping it casual and fun. What we can offer is a relaxed and fun raiding environment with steady progress and a lot of things happening outside raids. We believe that the key to success is having fun while doing it. What do we value - We value team play and dedication in this guild above everything else. If you are a player who only cares about your own progress and do not value team play. Stop reading. We are not interested in self centred people. - Having an appropriate attitude, but we also value banter. If you are a player who's toxic, and have no patient for progression then you will not be a fit in this guild. We only raid 6 hours per week and every hour counts. Toxicity has not place within this guild. - We value punctuality and preparations. As we only raid two days/week we expect you to be there, prepared for raids (farming consumables, knowing the tactics of the boss encounter and knowing how YOU can maximize your performance so we can progress faster). We understand that might not always be the case because of real-life stuff. But we do expect you to let us know in advance. Unreliable players won’t last long here. - Recruitment If we accept you we believe there is a spot you can have, you are your own boss, if you want a spot you earn it. We will trial you for (+-) 6 raids, it can be shorter or longer depending on you. To apply simply fill out the form on our website and you will be contacted by a Officer. Raid days Wednesday 19:45-23:00 CEST Thursday 19:45-23:00 CEST Sunday - 19:45-23:00 CEST (Alt/Social Raid) Loot system Loot Council consisting of 3 raid members Contact Kaylèa - Kaylée#2112 GM & Raidleader Mcqt - Mcguyver#2751 Officer Shadowxmorn - Lightcaller#2366 Recruitment Officer Nishkawolf - #Wolfdiver#2623 Recruitment Officer Kordeity - Hespeon#2706 Healing OfficerKordeity0 3d
3d [A][EU][Silvermoon] <FiLTH> <6/9M> <9/9HC> FiLTH, a friendly progressive guild looking for more skilled players to add to BOTH our teams. DiRTY Raiders and FiLTHY Raiders. FiLTHY Raid team: - Push Mythic progress - 3 mandatory raids a week, 3 hours each (Optional extra raid nights) - Must complete M+ 10 each week - 61 minimum traits - 925+ ilvl - 2 BiS legendaries Raids are: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at 8:45PM - 11:45PM Server time (+1 GMT) DiRTY Raid team (Lead by Mythic raiders): - HC progress (More relaxed atmosphere) - Attend any 0-3 raids a week (3 hours each) - M+ 10 each week (OPTIONAL) - 56 minimum traits - 900+ ilvl - Any 2 legendaries - Potential promotion to FiLTHY Raid team (If the person wants) Raids are: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday at 8:45PM - 11:45PM Server time (+1 GMT) What WE can offer YOU: - Great and friendly community - Always people around to join in - Teamspeak 3 server - M+ guild groups up to +15 and above - Raid Logs after every raid - Website forums - Raid livestreams - Guild Whatsapp groups - Special event nights - Alt raids - Merch (selling like a god church) FiLTH is a fun place to be and most who join call it their home and family. Wowprogress: APPLY AT: OR Reply to this thread Message me on MrRoboto#2229 or Fozzy#2286Kelíg20 3d
3d [A] -=|Knights Legion|=- Active, Friendly, Drama Free ...~ What we look for ~ We pretty much look for all types of players, mostly like minded people who share the same philosophy as we do which is to enjoy the game to its fullest, be part of a friendly community and to remember there is a human being behind every avatar! Raid wise we look for mainly one thing....reliability, in this term we mean if u can only make a raid once a week or 2 times a month, to us this is reliable...i little bit on the filthy casual side but we know when u can and cant join us on the raid front! Ofc we would prefer full time raiders above all as this makes for a stronger team, however we understand rl is rl. ~ What we can offer ~ Knights Legion has been around since 2007, we are old school in a lot of ways but are with the trend as well. For raiding we don't use DKP or Loot Council, we have a ranking system based on fairness, once you rank up from the trail period which is 1-2 weeks you roll like anyone else in the raid team. No favoritism, No reserved loot! just your rolls vs other rolls. Simple as that. Your also be part of a team and guild that are very friendly and a leadership that is outgoing, organised and has the teams best interest at heart, none of this clickly clicky nonsense! we are a mature guild! ( most of the time ^^ ) Social players are very very welcome to our guild as well, we host none raid guild events fro everyone to be involved in! Mythic + runs is ongoing each week, we are very active! (evenings mainly) ~ Legion raid progress ~ (Updated: 3/10/17) Antorus the Burning Throne (H): 0/11 ( Preping ) (N): 0/11 ( Preping ) Tomb of Sargeras (H): 9/9 ( Gear farm ) (N): 9/9 ( Alt/AP farm ) Trial of Valor (H): 3/3 (N): 3/3 Emerald Nightmare (H): 7/7 (N): 7/7 ~ Raid times ~ Wednesdays & Sundays ( Main ) 20:15 - 23:15 server time Fridays ( Alt/farm Runs ) 20:30 server, 2hrs+ ...Raid wise you get to choose which team you want to be a part in as in our normal or heroic team (or both), in some cases we may be slow in the progress then others but one thing is for sure we get the job done! Nothing is impossible! (learning the dance with Heigan..that felt impossible) If we tickle your fancy drop me a pm in game or add me for a chat =) Btag @ Raz#2760 Website - Discord - ( Join us for a chat ) Very best regards Razorgon GM of Knights LegionRazorgon6 3d