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1h [A] Tired of Mythic? Missing the social aspect? New to the game or returning from a break? Thinking of re-rolling for a fresh start? Mythic progress not your thing? Miss the social aspect of the game? Looking for a friendly, helpful place to call home? We may be the guild you are looking for! <TBG> is a casual and social raiding guild Alliance Guild on Silvermoon. We are looking for players from all walks of life to join our community as we raise the banners for the Alliance in the upcoming Battle for Azeroth We've all been there before. Wanting the social aspect so joined a large guild that claims a great social community, only to find there's 50+ people online but no one says a word. Or you've been burnt out by the every increasing demands of mythic raid teams that required your blood sweat and tears for a raid spot. These days raiding and progress is everything and there's no time for jokes and banter, We are looking to break the mold. Formed by a group of friends tired of the mythic play-style, We are looking for like minded people to join our progressive raid team that is aiming for ahead of the curve each tier, but not looking to enter into mythic raiding. We understand that people have families, jobs and other commitments outside of the game and don't want raiding to turn into an extra job. We won't demand raid attendance, all we ask is if you say you'll be there you gives us a heads up on discord if that changes. Raid days: Thursday and Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 ST with alt runs planned as well on other days. We also do Mythic + runs as a guild. Our current progress in Antorus is 11/11 Normal and 11/11 Heroic Currently recruiting: Tanks: Closed Healers: Closed Damage Dealers : Elemental Shamans, Rogues and Hunters - High Priority All other classes/spec welcome as well So if you are looking for a relaxed and friendly place to raid, level or start fresh or if you'd like more information contact one of our officers in game for a chat Officer Battle-tags: (Liviticuz#2841) (Arí#2357) (Clotexl#2415) (Pooky#2966)Vitori2 1h
8h <Concerted> 9/11M ATBT Hello everyone, As the title says we are a guild located on Silvermoon EU. We have lots of experience in raiding going back all the way to wotlk, We achieved 7/7M EN before NH was released and aiming to get as far as possible into ATBT Mythic as we can and same with future raids aswell. Bit about our raids: We like to push ourself but at a steady pace enjoying the content as we go, we dont race against other guilds and just want to kill bosses and enjoy the company of fellow raid team members. We dont do split runs as we know a lot of people got real lifes and just dont have time for that, all we require is one char up to mythic standard, fully enchanted and always prepared for raids. We are currently recruiting a holy paladin or Holy priest ( be good if got offspec dps) and two dps ( any except hunters) To push as far into mythic ToS but to enable a strong core team for Antorus. Our raiding days are: Thursdays 7.45 - 10.45 - Heroic Farm Sundays 7.45 - 10.45 - Progression Mondays 7.45 - 10.45 - Progession As loot goes we expect everyone to know whats an actual upgrade for them, We are using RClootcouncil to decide who gets the loot that is dropped, to make it as fair as possible for everyone. We also encourage everyone to do mythic + outside of raids, either with guildies or themself as it can give good items and decent AP. If this got your interest or you have more questions feel free to leave a reply or contact us Thanks for reading and hope to see some of you in guild :) Socials also welcome :) Website: Bnets: Hexanda: KriffKraff#2974 Nellenzie: Suzie#2347Nellina84 8h
9h <Om Nom Nom> (A) is recruiting. All are welcome :) Greetings fellow adventures :) <Om Nom Nom> is a newly formed social guild with a relaxed atmosphere. Our goal is to start raiding in Battle for Azeroth, once we have enough that are intrested in raiding. We are not gonna make a raid team and we are not gonna make raider ranks. Everyone is welcome to raid with us as long as you have the required ilvl for the current raid. If we don't have enough people for a full group we will PUG the rest. In <Om Nom Nom> everyone is equal - but since someone has to hold the keys to the fort, I am the GM and when my brother comes back to WoW again in the next expansion, he will be my only Officer and we will run the guild together. He will also be the Raid Leader once we start raiding. So if you miss a place to call home, a place where everyone is welcome and just wants to chill out and have fun while doing quests, dungeons, raids, pvp or just hang out on Discord, <Om Nom Nom> is the place to be. It is important for me and my brother that this is a casal guild, where there is room for new people, wipes (I swear, we will even laugh), laughs, drunk-raids (yes, this is a thing.. Or at least it could become, haha), questions, PvP, talks about everything and nothing, roleplaying or whatever YOU wish to do while you are online. The only rules we will have are really simple. 1) Treat eachother with the same respect and curtesy you would want in return. 2) Be on time (when raiding starts). It sucks having to sit and wait around for others. Of course everyone can get delayed for various RL reasons, don't worry about it. RL stuff happens after all :) 3) We don't have trial periods. However, if you don't behave or you start making drama for no valid reason, don't expect to continue being in the guild. 4) All final descisions will come down to myself and my brother. We want everyone to state their opinions, worries or issues, if any, but if it's a matter of final call, and me or my brother, feel like something is the right thing to do, we will go with our guts and decide what needs to be done in the current situation. Most importantly... We just want you to have fun and enjoy your stay in <Om Nom Nom> See you ingame! :D Sincerely, Zeldrica* *Contact anyone online in <Om Nom Nom> or add me on Bnet for an invite to the guild. Jordbaer#21522Zeldrica8 9h
9h LF Guild that focusses primarily on M+ dungeons in BfA Hi folks, After playing Horde for the last couple of expansions, me and some friends went Alliance for a change, and we found Silvermoon to be a cool place to start. Currently leveling this toon to be my new main in BfA (always had a Disc priest as main), and we are looking forward to do M+ dungeons in BfA. As such we are looking for a guild that focusses primarily on M+ dungeons. It's something we actually wanted to try in Legion but we never got to the point where we would actually try and do some M+ dungeons because of [reasons]. I'm not sure yet what spec I'll be maining, maybe feral DPS, maybe guardian, maybe resto (definately not balance). One friend plays Demon Hunter and the other has a paladin where the spec is also to-be-decided. Why M+ dungeons and not raids? Because I think (correct me if I'm wrong) M+ dungeons are more accessible than (M+) raids. I'm not saying that I expect M+ dungeons to be a cakewalk, but planning/organising-wise I think M+ dungeons are better suited to us than raids. But who knows, maybe a nice guild will know how to convice us :PSolidivus2 9h
10h Looking for a new home alliance players looking for a new home on this realm, me and one other player are looking for a social guild which we can raid if we want and just a nice play to do events like mythic+ etc I have raided heroic level and killed argus many times so looking for some raids in new expansion. feel free to get in contact if their is a social guild for me and my friendBluehunter0 10h
13h WTS Mythic+15 boost service Hey there! As the title is alrdy saying, my 3 buddies and I are selling mythic +15 boosts on Silvermoon EU. With tons of runs alrdy completed and being the cheapest on the realm we are 1 off the most wanted teams to run your Mythic +15 with. We sell a Mythic+15 run for 130k/run there where others are asking 150k/run. All loot is guaranteed to be yours! This means you'll get 3x940(+) items from the run itself AND the 960(+) item from your weekly chest. We also do X-realm boosting on request. We will give you 2 runs for the price off a WoW token. These 2 runs can be completed on 2 different characters ofcourse. What we offer you? *You can pick one out off the four keys we be running for you. * We be able to swap SOME classes around to optimize your gear gaining. * easy and steady runs by experienced players. Our team setup is: Zygedk - Tank (dk) Trekpopje - healer (druid) Fkrajer - dps (warlock) Voé - dps (hunter) These are our main characters that we be playing the most. IF you are intrested in a cheap Mythic+15 boosts by experienced players please contact Krinkel#2631 (Trekpopje), Matt#25525 (Zygedk), Riba#21788 (Voé) or Jdot21949 (Maxlevel) and we will Schedule you in in our roster. Yours, Trekpopje, Zygedk, Maxlevel and VoéTrekpopje13 13h
17h [A]Fragmented : 6/11 M - Recruiting <Fragmented> 6/11M 11/11 H is a raiding guild with a friendly and crazy social atmosphere ! We are a social group of people aiming to progress through the mythic difficulty, most current raid tier available in the game. Raiding days : Wed, Sun and Mo 19:45-23:00 ST With the Wednesday raid being a hc clear and Sun/Mon are mythic raid days. Currently recruiting : for the mythic we are looking for : ILVL 960+ As we are progressing we wont be taking in lower ilvl or none experienced raiders. Weapon :75 Range DPS players : We ARE not taking in any Warlocks or Hunters Elemental shaman Mage any spec Shadow priest Melee : Any melee While we call ourselves social, it’s important to understand that we are not super casual in the sense that we accept endless fooling around during our raids and expect members who join to want to progress through bosses and aim to improve themselves and the team as a whole consistently. Aside raiding we also aim to have a nice (sometimes a bit crazy ;) ) lively social atmosphere where we have fun runs on Fridays (normal Antorus runs) and m15 runs on Tuesdays as well as crazy competitions sometimes :D ! Want to know more ? You can either whisper me in game on Sarasif or Laduni add my btag : Creek#2258 Laduni :Shopaholic#1537 and poke us for a chat! Want to apply for the raiding team ? Please visit : Kind regards, Isardia/SarasifIsardia22 17h
1d [A] Sellrun Herald of the Titans Hello friends We, WotlK United, are selling the title „Herald of the Titans“ on Horde and Alliance side. For this feat of strenght/achievment u need to kill „Algalon the observer“ on 10-player mode with level 80. Also there is an itemlevel restriction to max 226 and weapons 232. So as a result you need a lvl 80 character to do this. Gear isn‘t needed because we‘re killing the boss for you. After the kill, you‘ll recieve the feat of strenght „Herald of the Titans“ and the title aswell. This title is accountwide for all characters above level 80. Our group is an experienced boosting group and started boosting Challenge Modes and Raids back in "MoP". Today we specialize ourself in "Herald of The Titans", because there are so many groups selling Mythic+ and Raids that aren't really special. FAQ: Prices: → All german realms: 150.000 Gold → Argent Dawn, Silvermoon, Quel‘thalas, Kazzak, Twisting Nether, Outland, Draenor -EU: 150.000 Gold → All other EU realms 200.000 Gold Our service: → Fast boost (10-15 min) → Going AFK infight possible What do you get? → The feat of strenght: „Herald of the Titans“ → The title „Herald of the Titans“ Procedure → Whisper me ingame: Issra (Argent Dawn-EU alliance)/ Wînters (Blackmoore-EU alliance) or add me on Winters#2786 → Date finding → 50% party payment → Get boosted → Pay the rest With best regards. Wînters For questions, just contact me.Wînters9 1d
1d Any Horde guilds recruiting Hiya So I am looking to main demon hunter in the next expansion and I am looking for a guild to continue to do fun things such as M+ and possibly some raiding before the next expansion. I have plenty of experience playing wow but now I have 2 kids its time to chill out a bit so I am looking for a guild that is active later at night. I would welcome a chat with anyone. FlabbsFlabbs0 1d
1d Ninth Order(11/11M) Mythic & Heroic boostruns Hello Silvermoon, Ninth Order 11/11M is selling boosts for mythic related content. With our history of successful boosts in previous expansions and great reputation as a guild you don't need to worry about a thing. Most of us have the experience of doing over a 1000+ boosts. Our group is made of officers and raiders from Ninth Order. If you ever have a complaint about any of our members do not hesitate to inform us and we will do our best to resolve any sort of misunderstandings. You will get exactly what you paid for, you will make friends, have a laugh and definitely come back again for either a run on your alt character or other boostruns. What are we boosting ? Argus HC only - 100k (Every Fri, Sat & Tuesday 22:15) Full HC - 400k (boosters unsaved, Every Fri, Sat & Tuesday 20:00) Guldan mount - 1.6M (only on horde) 9/11M antorus - 4M (only on horde) 10/11M antorus - 5M (only on horde) 11/11M antorus - 8.5M (only on horde) Argus M only - 4.25M (only on horde) Argus M only + mount - 9.5M (only on horde) *** ask ingame Talho#2887 if you want prices on full loot priority *** *** 10-15% cut on mythic boosts if you pay Draenor Horde *** What will you be receiving from these boosts ? ALL 960, 965 loot that your class can use, this includes ALL the TIER tokens if they drop (1 per boss) ALL 970+ loot, that nobody wants. Our average ilvl is 978, you will have a chance for TF! If you paid for a full loot priority boost, you'll be getting EVERY 960-985 item for you class You get all achievements for killing the bosses A chance to get Antoran Charhound, Taeshalach and a RED Scythe of the UnmakerWhen are we boosting ? We are able to boost on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. Our raids start around 19:45 and we finish at 23:30. A FULL mythic 11/11M boost can take 2 days (mostly about 1 day + 1 hour next raid day). Payment We accept gold on most big servers. If you are able to pay on Draenor Horde we can provide a 10-15% cut on mythic boosts. Prices can and will be changed as the time goes by so feel free to poke me about them along the way. For additional information about the boost and scheduling whisper Talho#2887 and I will provide all the answers in game. Original feedback thread : Hope to see you soon! :)Talho13 1d
1d [A] <Anathema> (10/11M Antorus ) Recruiting! Mature Mythic raiding guild. One of the oldest guilds on Silvermoon transferred from Terenas in 2008. We are a 20+ years old guild to maintain a common state of mind. Raid Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 20:10-23:30 (8:10pm-11:30pm) What we expect of you: 100% attendance, and giving us notice when something special pops up Know your class and all your specs inside out Be a mature respectful social team player Don't worry about loot trust us to be fair Know how to have fun 965+ Item Level and Mythic experience in this tier ! We do give chances for players who see potential in, and doesn't meet the official requirements, but you'll have to try and convince us you have it. What you can expect from us: Good progress Experienced raid leading Fun casual atmosphere raiding Maintain an active real life while seeing end game content Recruitment Please visit our website to see the current openings Invites start at 20:10 (8:10pm) "server time" which means CET. If you have any questions feel free to contact us in game: Jeniawarlord Numsaa Dragoony Nelvie For Recruitment information or application sign-up visit our website : 1d
1d Hello, is it me you're looking for? Mok'ra! I'm in search of a new home for my dirty, traitorous, scum-of-the-earth Alliance alts. Just joking. Totally not joking. My play time these days is pretty limited because life. That being said, the small amount of time that I do get to play I'd like to be surrounded by some decent folk! If your guild is in desperate need of a filthy casual that disappears for days at a time and comes back reeking of [Dwarven Stout] then count me in. RelikRelik0 1d
1d [A] <Flat Azeroth Society> Recruiting <Flat Azeroth Society> Is a newly formed raiding guild with mythic experience looking for new members of every roll to make a strong push for cutting edge next expansion. Raid Schedule: -Wedsnesday -Thursaday -Monday All our Raid times are 20:30-23:30 Server time We use Discord to communicate, if you have any questions come and have a chat with an Officer. Discord link: If you're interested either reply to this post if not send one of us a message on either ingame or one of the Battletags below. Earlwiggles/ Mrwiggles#21440 Tÿ/ Tygonesexual#2794Tÿ3 1d
1d ... LF a healer Geometry 10/11m ... Hi, As the title suggests we are looking for a healer or exceptional Dps preferably with os heals although if you are good enough in any spec we can consider. We are 10/11m progress and looking to push for CE in coming weeks, We raid mon/wed/thurs 19:45 > 23:00 ST About us <Geometry> was born on the 29th of January 2018. The core of the guild comes from Frostmane EU in the guild Enigmatic. We all decided to transfer to Silvermoon due to being on a dead realm made recruiting very challenging. Why join us? <Geometry> can provide you with: A serious yet fun raiding experience (We take raiding seriously) Free raid materials (Flasks, Food, Pots etc...) A committed raiding team Mega bants and dank memes A friendly social space where you can make friends What do we require from you? A serious and committed attitude to raiding (We have a no tolerance policy to toxicity) Be able to attend at least 85% of our raids You know your class to a very high level and keep you self up to date Come prepared for raids (Don't expect to turn up not knowing what's going on) Sign up to all calendar events and post in the AFK channel in discord if you cannot make a raid Have a working microphone Raiding Schedule <Geometry> currently raid on: Monday Wednesday Thursday 20:00-23:00ST Invites go out at 19:45 To apply, please visit: Any questions? Feel free to add me on battletag: Boddhisatva#21675 or catch me online if you can.. patchesu-silvermoon dalaifarmer-silvermoonDalaifarmer10 1d
1d Augmented - 10/11 M - Recruiting Augmented is a mythic raiding guild focusing on building a cutting-edge guild on Silvermoon EU (Alliance) to compete for realm first! We are a very strong core, trying to fill the last few main raider spots. Our main goal is progression, for us progression is king. We need our players to be able to work as a team, take constructive criticism and play to our standards. We also would like our players to be able to take responsibility for their mistake and be willing to work on or fix them. Recruitment: Tanks - Full Healers - Full DPS - We can use any dps class. Even if your class isn't listed here, we consider all exceptional players. Here is a list of requirements: -Have a high attendance (inform an officer if you cannot attend a raid) -Understand the English language. -Have very strong knowledge of your game as well as your class -Join the guild discord during raids and be able to listen and talk if it is needed. -install add-ons and things that we me require you to have for raids such as Weakauras. -Experience in Mythic raiding Raid Times: Monday - 20:00-23:00 SERVER TIME - Main Raid. Wednesday - 20:00-23:00 SERVER TIME - Main Raid. Thursday - 20:00-23:00 SERVER TIME - Main Raid. Saturday - Starts at 20:00 SERVER TIME - Optional Raid/Alt Raid. For questions about our guild or joining as trial, please message: Aelyza (RianneH#2411) Shay (Shay#21823)Aelyza1 1d
2d [A]<Raining Blades> Recruiting We are looking for players of all roles and skill levels to join our Heroic/Mythic Raiding roster going into bfa. Atm we are accepting almost every class expect Rogue and Warrior. We believe that any player can be brought up to Mythic skill level if they are willing to improve and we aim to provide that environment. Our top priority is to enjoy ourselves and have fun in a tight knit community while clearing tghe hardest pve content in the game. We also do casual m+ for gear and some lower level rated pvp for fun. Add: kkaarriimm#2172 or Lundberg#21196 on battle tag for a little chat and we'll see if you fit in :DLundberg0 2d
2d << F A D E >> 2 day raiding 8/11 Mythic LFM ! Hi guys, We're a few players who have played together through the entire series, from Lightnings blade alliance in vanilla to auchidoun horde in cata - and now into Legion! We're looking for the older player who has work and family commitments and a player who wants to experience the game for more than just raiding, be it raiding old content for transmorg or just generally helping other guys in the guild out in dungeons or pvp. We dont mind what level or class you are, we hope your aims in the game align with ours: We plan to raid 2 nights a week Thur + Sun 20.00-23.00 ST Run old raids for transmog gear Help players level up in old dungeons when we can Help gear up our alts in dungeons, heroic dungeons and finally in raids Build a team of good friends to lead the guild Have a laugh on Discord even when there are no raids on If interested give me a shout in game or any character online, we would love to get you on board. Lortsos#2438 to have a chat ! Thx again and cu online ! ;)Aranwrath56 2d
2d <Polar> PvE Boosting services - Mythic Antorus and more Polar is a guild formed at the start of Tomb of Sargaras. We have killed the final Mythic boss Argus a while ago and are currently the highest ranked guild on the realm. NEW: We are now boosting MYTHIC Antorus. We have been boosting since before Tomb of Sargaras but we want to bring our boosting services to a wider audience than just trade chat. Eventually this thread should contain comments by the people we boosted to validate the legitimacy of our services. Below I will keep an updated list with the currently available PvE services. If something is not listed do not hesitate to add me or ask if we can provide that service for you. Services we provide: Mythic Antorus Master Loot : Titanslayer/Cutting Edge (Argus Mythic kill): 5 mil Shackled Ur'zul mount: 10 mil Full mythic antorus + mount: 13 mil Full mythic antorus - no mount: 8 mil 10/11 mythic antorus: 6 mil 9/11 mythic antorus: 4mil Disclaimer: all of the above offers are without loot, the same offers are available in which we also will give you all the loot you want with Masterloot. The price for the loot is a flat 2mil - regardless of the above offer. We reserve the right to keep high titanforges for ourselves (but obviously that change is pretty low. [/b] Other raid boosts : Antorus heroic personal loot clear: 500k Antorus heroic master loot clear: 1600k The Chosen: Price undetermined, depends on player skill level and gear. Please contact for the price Hellfire Infernal (Gul'dan mythic mount): 1 mil Nightghold mythic specific items/bosses: 250k ToS mythic 6/9: 600k ToS mythic specific boss/item first 6: 200k ToS mythic later bosses: Price undetermined. Contact me for an offer. M+ boosts Mythic +15: 150k - Regular buyers will be given discounts Mythic +15 Armor group: 225k Mythic +20: 800k Mythic + score (up to ~2800 wowprogress): Price can be determined later. If there are any individual bosses you want or any PvE-related service not listed above, do not hesitate to contact and I hope we can work something out. We ONLY accept gold on Silvermoon Alliance. Times All mythic antorus boosts will be held on Wednesday 20.00 ST. Other boosts we can schedule onThursday or Sunday - depending on your availability. M+ boosts can be scheduled any day. Rules Prior to booking a run we will ask for a 10 % deposit fee to ensure you show up. The remainder will be paid prior to the start of the boost. For the Masterloot runs we take one person of each armor type: Conquerer - Vanquisher - Protector. For mythic antorus boosts we only take one person so this does not apply for that. Depending on interest we will try to make sure there is only one user of each armor type. All tier will be given to you with no exceptions. For all other loot we reserve the right to keep any item that is an upgrade for our main raiding roster. However, chances of this happening are slim so don't let that hold you back!For further information feel free to add Saturn#2973 (Fidonlol).Fidonlol47 2d
2d Secure your Mythic Raid Spot in BfA /w New Found Glory Guild Name: New Found Glory Faction: Alliance Server: Silvermoon EU Days: Wednesday, Thursday & Sunday Times: 7:45pm - 11pm Server Time Raiding Level: Mythic Recruitment Officers: Joshh#7913 and Rekoning#1978 on Discord Guild Discord: ----------- Highest Priority: - Resto Druid & Disc/Holy Priest - Mage & Other Ranged DPS (Although we are accepting and taking into consideration all applications at this time) ----------- New Found Glory are coming into BfA high on confidence following a successful Legion campaign despite adversity. We formed in late Tomb and quickly progressed to AotC KJ while getting to know one another, moulding and forming as a group. This meant we once Antorus opened we had a Mythic in our sights, however unforeseen, personal issues caused a lose of personal and set us back somewhat. Despite this, we clawed our way to AotC Argus quicker than most and had an absolute blast along the way! We decided to break until BfA once this happened to allow us to come back stronger than ever! And here we are! Ready for Mythic BfA and looking for like minded players to join our ranks! So if you think you have what it takes to be a Mythic raider I would love to hear from you! Don't hesitate to jump in the Discord and and ask for me or Rekoning or PM us. We look forward to hearing from you all! xPriestßae0 2d
2d [A] <Classified>, 8/11M Weekend PvE Guild (2days/week) Classified as a guild has been around on Silvermoon for more than 5 years. The founders of the guild, have played on Silvermoon for more than 10 years. After a break we are now returning and reforming the guild. The leaders of the guild are longtime heroic/mythic raiders (currently 11/11 Mythic ABT) and have previously led Guilds, Weekly groups and Alt groups with great succes, both on this server and others. We are looking to build a solid raidteam for the coming expansion. This post will mainly focus on recruitment for our raidteam, however casual/social players who enjoy casual raiding/mythic+/PvP/PvE or just to hang out in guildchat are very welcome aswell, just whisper a member of the guild for invite :) Raidteam: We are looking for players to build a strong team before next expansion, while in the process of doing so, we will of course aim to clear remaining content of the current one. We are fairly serious when it comes to raiding, due to limited raidtime. We only raid 8 hours a week. This means people who join are there to raid and not afk'ing around wasting other peoples time. We only have those 8 hours to get stuff done. Goal: Our goal is mythic raiding and clearing current content. Our longterm goal is to build a strong team for next expansion and become the best 2 days/week guild on Silvermoon. Raidtime: Friday: 20.00 - 00.00. (4 hours) Saturday: 20.00 - 00.00. (4 hours) Might be some optional raids during the week aswell. Current Progress: 8/11 Mythic ABT Recruiting: Tank (Any class) Healer (Pala/Priest preferred) Dps (Both Range and Melee welcome) Awesome applicants always welcome :) What we expect from you: Knowledge of your class/spec. Knowledge of the current content (This means researching tactics beforehand). Optimizing your character (Enchants/Gems/Flask/Food/Potions ect.). Decent attendance. Use of voice communication and able to understand/speak English (Discord). That you are 18+ years old. What can we offer you: Foundation of veteran players, with many years of heroic/mythic raiding. A relaxed raiding environment where we can talk and have fun, while raiding on a semi serious level. People who are like-minded (As in wanting to clear content). Hopefully to come a social environment in the guild, where we hang out, help eachother, play other games ect. As we are building a new team pretty much from scratch, a lot of trials will be tested in the beginning to get a good team going (Also dont expect to be doing mythic the first week!). You can also apply to become Officer or Raidleader, but this comes with huge responsibility. We will be very picky on these, so this is only if it is something you are talented at, as we dont have any problem doing these jobs ourselves. Just mention it in your apply. Apply: Mail your apply to: or contact us ingame. Include relevant information in your apply (Like yourself, character, raidhistory, logs ect.) You will get a response when the Officers have come to a decision on your apply. If you have any questions or would like more information feel free to contact us ingame. Thanks for reading. Officers of Classified. Bondë - Btag: Bonde#2731 Xevustronk HappydacksBondë66 2d
2d Saintelf Boosting ARGUS HC/MYTHIC,Guldan,Heyla Welcome to Saintelf Boosting Services -If we fail to achieve a Boost run for you, you will get the full refund for the price you paid for the boost. Argus Heroic Personal Loot : + Feats + Violet Mount - 100k Argus Mythic BEST PRICES with mount 9mil , without 4mil Days:Wednesday - 19.00 Trials Of Valor Mythic + The Chosen Title : 1 mil Days: Saturday/Sunday Time: 16:30/17:00 Server Time Extra Info: You will Receive 3 Achievements and The Chosen Title Nighthold Mythic Gul Dan Mount - 1 mil Days - Monday Time - 19.00 If you are interested in booking a spot for the services we provide, please add one of the battle tags or Skype Battle Tag: Sparklystars#21949 Skype - twinkeuSaintelf32 2d
2d [A] <Parallax> 6/11M is recruiting for BFA ★★ We are recruiting raiders and socials for BFA! Our raidteam is on a summer break atm. ★★ Hello Raider, <Parallax> 6/11M is a Semi-hardcore raiding guild on Silvermoon, founded in may 2017. The guild was created by friends whom previously played in a handful of top 100 world guilds. Most of our raiders are in their late 20s and 30s and the core of the guild has played together for several years. If you want to clear the hardest content at a casual pace with the mindset of a hardcore guild, then Parallax is the guild for you! Raiding Schedule: The raidteam is on a summer break untill BFA. Wednesday 20:00-23:00 Thursday 20:00-23:00 Sunday 20:00-23:00 Invites start at 19:45 and first boss pull is at 20:00 Silvermoon server time. Currently we are recruiting: For BFA we are looking for a tank, a healer and dps (open to all specs atm) We will start trials in BFA. We are always looking for exceptional players, but keep a tight roster. We do not recruit for the bench and we use personal loot for loot distribution during raids. Our application form: General info We value guild loyalty and community very highly. We are a welcoming guild to new people and have a very inclusive culture with no cliques. During raids it's important you can take criticism without getting offended, stand for some friendly banter, stay mature, but also know when it's time to put on your raid face and focus. If you wanna be part of something new, with a great community of dedicated, experienced and mature raiders, this is your chance! What you can expect from US: - Clear all the hardest content while it’s the current tier - Experienced leadership - Mature guild with no drama - Social aspects, during raids, and outside of raids What we expect from YOU: - Full knowledge of your class, including all specs - Maximum performance every raid by knowing tactics and by having consumables, enchants and gems - Be a teamplayer and dedicated to the raidteam, be on time and help out other raiders when necessary. - We expect you to be mature and able to handle constructive criticism - Do not be afraid to ask questions! - Maintain 80% or higher attendance - Have discord installed - Fluent in English How to apply? If you want to be part of something new and are looking for a longterm home together with other like-minded people! Fill out our application form: We also welcome socials. If you have any questions feel free to add an officer in-game: GM/RL: Bawls – SphericalCow#2799 Officer: Jás – Jas#21543 Officer: Surelars – Surelars#2180 Officer: Datenshi – Thank you for reading!Jás23 2d
2d RDruid LF Weekend Raiding Guild I currently raid on my paladin during mon/wed/thurs. However, I'd also like to raid on my druid during the days I do not raid on my main. I'm 11/11m, looking for any guild that is progressing at any point in Antorus Mythic. Feel free to contact me on kdsdavid#2196Dünwich0 2d
3d Selling M+ carries & more - Done by former CM boosters Hello Silvermoon people! After our big success boosting Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor challenge modes, we are now back in business for Legion! We're offering a full array of boosts that will be done quickly and profesionally. We are a very experienced team with thousands of challenge mode and mythic+ runs completed between us. We have even competed in the MDI! ( We used to hold 8/8 realm best timers (on several realms) and some region best timers. _________________________________________________________________________________ We are currently boosting on any realm - Alliance and Horde. Price will be depending on the realm, and any questions or scheduling will be discussed in-game. We only accept gold - No exceptions. We can offer these boosts: ★ M+ - Any key up to 20. ★ Raids - Every tier from Normal to HC/Mythic, even Antorus. ★ Awesome mount runs. ★ 100-110 Dungeon boost (done by 101 twink with BiS gear). ★ PvE coaching. _________________________________________________________________________________ Requirements: ★ Attunement to whatever content we will be doing (we can help out with that). ★ Have a dps spec as we run with a dedicated tank and healer. ★ We will sort out consumables when that's needed. ★ Have Discord downloaded if we agreed to use it. You don't need a mic and you are not required to speak if you don't wish to do so. If you can hear what is said, you'll be more than fine. _________________________________________________________________________________ Contact us: To get in contact with us about payment, scheduling or any other questions you have; ★ Skype: cmboost420 ★ Bnet: SalamiMaster#21396 (alliance lead) / Zeepy#21583 (horde lead) If you want to talk in-game just whisper and we can have a chat. Thanks in advance, looking forward to hearing from you!Sxpølràkrådz23 3d
3d [A][EU][Silvermoon]Order of Entropy Raiders & Socials Hey all, I am a leader of the gaming clan Fever and a part of The Order of Entropy, a progression focus raid guild on Silvermoon(EU) Alliance Side. We are a multi-game community with over 1000 ACTIVE members among all our titles, with all levels of skill of play. We are looking for mature, non-toxic players to fill our ranks, regardless of level of skill. For those who just want an awesome community to play WoW with, or maybe are interested in raiding we have an environment for that as well. We have a 4 day a week raiding schedule, Order of Entropy dedicates 3 of the 4 days to progression raiding between the hours or 8-11 server time. On Thursdays alt runs are hosted between the hours of 8-11 server time socials and trials can interact and show what they've got if interested in raiding . Mythic progress on bosses not downed yet are High command down to 35% Best attempt . Sought after classes are Ranged dps Mage/Boomkin/ShadowPriest/Elemental Shaman & melee Warrior/Paladin. Accepting all skilled players and casual players as well. If a guild like this sounds awesome to you, we would love to hear from you. We also play D3, OW, SC2, PUBG, and other titles, so even when the raid is over and your character is maxed on weekly activities you can always find someone to chill and play games with. Potential members applying to Fever must be at least 18 years or older. You can become a member by registering, submitting an application, and then completing an interview on our Discord server. The interview is quick and nothing to worry about! This is something we can discuss after you raid with us if you prefer. Register here: Submit application: Interviews: Conducted on our Discord server Questions? Want to talk or play some? Add me Thundernut#2182 on Bnet or Thundernut#7508 on Discord. See you on Azeroth! ThundernutThundernut8 3d
3d Versatile Ex Top 20/2day 10/11 Mythic Welcome To *Versatile* - Silvermoon - Alliance - EU About Us With a long history of high end raiding behind us, Versatile has come together again to carve out yet another path with the lofty intentions of obtaining more than we previously have! Our guild experience varies from server firsts and current content hard-modes ( Cutting Edge ), as well as older content, from Ahn’Qiraj to Sunwell, from Ulduar to A tribute to Insanity to Heroic Lich King, so on and so forth. As a guild, Versatile is looking for like-minded individuals, who have nothing but perfection in mind when it comes to raiding. We have no time, patience or energy to carry, we want each member to play to the very best of their abilities as you will also be playing with the best. As long as you have previous experience of high end raiding from any other expansion, you may have a place here at Versatile. Though current experience is just as important, we know that every great player starts somewhere, being good is all we really ask for. This more or less sums up our kind of philosophy, we strive for perfection, while we understand mistakes are made we do not have the time and patience to put up with carries and slackers. What We Expect Of You - Maturity: Be mature! Age requirement is 18. - Attendance: 95% Attendance. - Language: Speak and understand English Fluently. - Preparation: Always come to raids fully prepared. - Consistency: Be consistent in and out of raids. - Respect: Respect others, as you'd expect to be respected. What You Can Expect Of Us - Dedicated Leadership - Respect - Rewarded For Greatness - Reliable Progress - Raiding On A Relaxed Schedule ( 2 Days A Week ) - Good community Schedule Raid Days: Wednesday + Sunday - Thursday ( Optional Farm Raid ) Raid Times: 20:00 - 23:00 ( Server Time ) Invites Start: 19:45 Exceptions: On release of new content we may add extra days the first week to get through the content as soon as possible. What Are We Recruiting? All Videos of previous progress Below: Apply At: For Anything Guild Related, Free Free To Contact: Lukosta#21996 Atzid#2443 SnippZen#2388 Kleszczu#2489 MarcusPi#2842 Kyra#22825Lukostamonk97 3d
3d Depthcore [11/11M] - Boosting Antorus and Nighthold Depthcore is now offering different boosting formulas for Antorus and Nighthold! Services we offer: - Heroic Antorus, full clear with PL (450k gold) - Heroic Antorus, full clear with ML (600k gold) DISCONTINUED - Heroic Argus only for curve/trinkets/spellwing PL (no loot prio) (100k gold) - Mythic Nighthold Guldan + mount with ML (1,2M on ravencrest, 4 tokens on other servers) - Mythic Elisande CoF farming (one time fee, weekly kills until you get it) (350k gold) When * Elisande/Guldan mount boosts will be held on Wednesday at 19.45 ST. * Antorus heroic runs will happen on Sunday at 20.00 ST. If you buy the "only Argus" option, we should reach the final boss somewhere around 22.00. What can you expect?: When you buy a mythic Guldan service, the mount will be given to you through master loot. When you buy Elisande boosts, we will use personal loot with our raiders lootspeccing into a role that can receive the trinket to drastically increase chances of it dropping. For Antorus heroic boosting through PL, we will take up to 10 people per run. The bosses will be speed-cleared with Personal Loot. In addition to your own gear rewards, ALL ITEMS that are looted by our raiders will also be rolled out among our buyers. If you come for Argus only, people who buy a full run will have loot priority over you. For Antorus heroic boosting through ML, we take up to 3 people per run and will make sure there is as little loot competition as possible between buyers. This includes armor type, tier pieces, trinkets and relics. Armor type and tier pieces have priority on this when we accept specs for boost runs, meaning you might still need to roll against 1-2 other people for trinkets and relics. Cloaks and rings will be rolled between all buyers. For Antorus mythic boosting through ML, we take 1 buyer per run. You will receive all armor (cloth/leather/mail/plate), all cloaks/necks/rings, 1 tier token per boss, all relics and all trinkets matching your main spec. Raiders preserve the right for priority on major upgrades (generally applies to 980-985 loot only) Payment: Payment for Gul'dan/Elisande is done on Ravencrest/Silvermoon/Outland/Sylvanas. We require a 20% deposit fee to lock in your spot and discourage no-shows, with the remaining 80% paid right before the first boss pull. Payment for Antorus/Argus heroic is on ANY SERVER with a 10% deposit fee. Guarantees and no-shows: If for any reason on our side the boost runs don't go through, you will receive a full reimbursement of any payment you have already made. You will be given a chance to reschedule if interested. People who no-show without fair warning will not be refunded their deposit fee. Contact: If you're interested in any of these options, or have additional questions you would like answered, feel free to add me on Gogeta#2138.Gogeta4 3d
3d returning player hi everyone im Andrew from uk and i started playing wow on tbc release back with my friend who now no longer play so i also took a break a few years back made some friends through a random guild invite but sadly the guild collapsed shortly after i get quite lonely in game s im trying my best to help others and would also like others to help me as im a pretty noobish person since i haven't played in a while did manage to clear quit bit of content i am looking to re roll fresh for this so ong grind ahead of me TBC: up to ssc Wotlk: up to ulduar (never got my yogg kill) WOD : all content cleared took a break during cata and mop and just before legion hit returning now eager to get going with bfa upcoming Raid time anyway really from 20.30 onward server time Mmo's are better with friends after all i don't play with anyone on wow and its really getting me down its such a great game i want to experience it with other gamer's and make memories please im quite sociable person and love hanging out on discord etc not looking to be another number just in roster if anyone would like to play or even just chat Battlenet: Andrew#25731Dulen2 3d
3d Any guilds recruiting older players? Hi there, Just looking for something casual, can only play evenings really, damn adulting! looking for somewhere social, not really bothered about raiding, just somewhere to chill with other oldies. Thanks! :)Elenarin5 3d
3d 3/11 Aiur Silvermoon LFM & Preparing For BFA Aiur Guild has been held up since TBC launched back in the day, when a couple of real life friends started the guild together with some ideals that are still being held to this date, after experience in raiding Vanilla WOW. In Sept 2017 we decided to make a shift in scenario were we left the horde side to venture and keep building the guild on alliance side. We grew nicley since we started and now we are also working into the Mythic side of things with only 2 days/week. Needless to say we value Quality > Qty. Now with 24+ in our roster, and Mythic raiding is being held every week, we are looking to get ourselves a couple of LIKE MINDED folks to stick with us and move forward in Mythic ANT, and beyond obviously in a couple of months when BFA hits. Our main goal is to venture deeper into Mythic for the simple fact that we love progress and we want to get some experience under the belt with our new constructed team. As said our top priority is to get like minded players. our average age is 38+, with real life jobs and families to attend to. So if your an impatient student which is online 24/7 and want to raid 6/7 nights, this most probably is not the place for you. Progress this exp: 7/7 HC EN 3/3 Normal TOV 1/3 HC TOV 10/10 NH normal. 10/10 NH HC 1/9 NH Mythic 9/9 TOS HC 1/9 TOS Mythic 11/11 ANT normal 11/11 ANT HC 3/11 ANT M Guild requirements: At least 950+ilvl and 75+ traits Active with great attitude Eager to be on board and help the guild move forward. Raiding: 2 nights Monday and Thur 19.45 - 22.45 server time sharp personal Loot Roles still in need: Classes open: Ele/Ench shaman with resto OS Rogue Boomkin with resto OS WW Monk with resto OS Unholy Dk Please visit our new web page fro more information about classes needed: Hit us up for a chat in Discord for more information. Kartor#2203, Missloo#210, roronoa#2243, mindworx#2635Kartessa26 3d
4d [A] Seismic | Mythic+ Focused Friendly Guild! Seismic is an Alliance guild on Silvermoon focused on mythic+! About us Seismic is a highly active guild with a primary focus on mythic+. Our goal is to continue growing our highly active and friendly community who have a big interest in the mythic+ aspect of the game. We welcome beginners and experienced players at Seismic, having the right mind set is what matters the most to us. As Legion is ending we want to keep enjoying what mythic+ has to offer whilst looking forward to BFA and what it will bring for mythic+! Casual Keystones We want members to be able to log in and find a group for their keystone or find a group to join whether they are looking for just a few keystones a week or many. Seismic is a guild where you can enjoy joining keystones in a relaxed environment and most importantly have a lot of fun whilst doing so! We are beginner friendly with helpful, patient & experienced members. We also want our members to feel that they have the option to learn and improve how they preform in mythic+ so they can start their own keystone progressions if they should wish to. Keystone Pushing We have dedicated days for experienced players who are looking to build their own keystone pushing teams within the guild. Getting to know other members within Seismic and forming your own team allows for the best progression as you can build up your team synergy and methods/tactics for pushing your keys as high as you can go. We really encourage this and enjoy seeing our members progress! Our keystone pushing evenings: Thursday - 8 PM to late Sunday - 8 PM to late Guild Discord We have an active discord that is full of our guild membrs. As well as being social on there we also have a page dedicated to mythic+ information such as helpful Weak Auras / general information / useful links to various websites where lots of detail can be found on pathing, each dungeon encounter etc / addons. BFA Our plans for BFA are to have as many set teams and active members as possible to begin progressing within mythic+ ! It will be great fun to experience each dungeon as a guild group and have a community to discuss and learn dungeon tactics with right from the start! FAQ Are there any requirements to be able to join Seismic? We have no strong requirements to join us! All we ask is that you are a friendly and positive minded player who is reasonable active. Does Seismic have any guild rules? Our guild rules are very simple and the following 3 things will not be tolerated: Negative/toxic attitudes. Abandoning a guild members keystone without their agreement. Griefing/purposefully ruining a guild members keystone. Does Seismic raid or have any plans to in the future? We do not raid and currently but have plans to begin raiding with a core team in BFA. Does Seismic sell keystone boosts? Yes we do! We have set guild groups who run +15 keystone boosts in time. Full information about this can be found on our discord or by using the contact information below! If you have any questions then please feel free to comment below or add either the GM or an officer via their battletags. Guild Master Peachelle - Peachelle#2142 Officer(s) Giari - Croz#2542 Samosval - Mihnov#2208Peachelle27 4d
4d Trivial Content looking for socials. |<Trivial Content>|Is a newly formed guild with old mythic members preparing for BFA Raiding where we will go straight into Heroic and Mythic content. We require members of all kind to bolster our team coming into BFA! Raid Schedule: - Wednesday - Thursday - Sunday All our Raids are 2000-2300 Server Time. We use Discord to communicate, if you have any questions come on and have a chat with an Officer. If you're interested either reply to this post if not send one of us a message on either ingame or one of the BTAGs below. Officers: Plingplang (Crazymind#2906) Gazli(innimini#2553) Waifubeater(Nechrion#2400)Plingplang3 4d
4d Balance Druid LF guild Hi I have been playing World of Warcraft for almost 11 years and started raiding in WoD. Back then it was mostly just pugs but I wanted to do something more serious then Pug raiding in Legion and so in ToS i found a guild and raided HC. We never got far as the guild disbanded but i did finally down KJ on my adventur to finding another group off people to play with. I took a small break after ToS as i got screwed over by the leggo system in WoW but i returned just recently. I am looking for a guild that raids preferably 2-3 days a week and is somewhere around HC-Mythic progress. Im not looking for some uber serious raiding guild as i dont have time for that type of playing but i still want to raid "semi-hardcore". If you have any further questions, please hmu on bnet or write a comment on this post. Yours truly, Noclue bnet: SnyggaArmin#2148Nocluë1 4d
4d LF guild I'm looking for a late night raiding guild. Starting 9pm UK time, as have a young child to put to bed first. I currently play rogue in PUG normal 11/11 And heroic 6/11 would like to find a guild running heroic with maybe pushing into mythic so that I can develop as a player. A nice friendly environment where we can do other group content together like mythic + would be nice. Iv struggled to find a guild that I feel at home.Luciusblood1 4d
5d Finnish guild recruitment (A) Guild is only for people from finland, so the rest in finnish.. :> <Make love not warcraft> @silvermoon Alliance (11/11 HC) Etsii täytettä raidirosteriin bfa:ta varten. Casuaalisti HC:ta menoa, tavoitteena curve joka tieristä, ei aikomusta edetä mythiciin. Hakusessa tällä hetkellä ensisijaisesti depsuja ja hiiluja, toki jos offspeckinä löytyy tankki, on se aina plussaa. Aiempi raidikokemus ei välttämätöntä, pääasia että motivaatiota riittää opetella takut ja oma classi, ja aikaa raidaamiselle löytyy muutamana iltana viikossa. Raidipäiviä ei vielä päätetty seuraavaan lisäriin. Killassa myös muutamia innokkaita pvp:n harrastajia, joten siihen löytyy varmasti seuraa myös. M+ juoksuja vedetään kun jaksetaan, kunhan nyt jokaiselle halukkaalle sen +15 saadaan juostua (osa toki vetää isompaakin..) Sossut ja chillaajat myös tervetuloa! Lisää tietoa ja invit pelissä whispaamalla; Jaaska, Lamaxi tai pirttihirmuPirttihirmu0 5d
5d (A) Nowhere Fast Recruiting for BFA With Legion coming to its end its time to fill the ranks and be ready for Bfa. I can make a serious post about how social we are and that we have a lot of events at the calendar and a steady raid group going with all the rules etc. But reality is we are a bunch of unorganized crazy people that like to have a laugh, talk on discord and don’t take wow life that seriously. We see our self as 1 crazy family and we like it. That being said, we do mytics(+) and we do raid and in BFA we definitely want to make progress. So time for us to build a steady raid team and since a lot of people are on break that means recruiting again. At the moment we are looking for dps mainly ranged. Raid experience is not important for us, since we all have to start fresh in BFA Questions contact me ingame: inimini#21945Ìniminimini3 5d
5d [A] [Resto Druid] LF Semi-Hardcore Guild for BfA Hello, As in a topic - I am looking for new home on Silvermoon server from Battle of Azeroth release. I have a boosted Worgen druid character there, and I would like for it to be my main in the upcoming expansion. I would like to get into some guild that wants to do some Mythic raiding, but without too much pressure - 2-3 raids per week, preferable during week days. I don't expect us to clear the content in first month - but it would be nice to get close to clearing it before next patch ;) My progress should be visible on the character with which this post is being created, as I played on it for the last 9 years. My best spec is Resto, as this was my main spec for the last four expansions - but if it would be necessary I can invest my time in other specs as well - but preferably I would like to stay in Restoration, as for this spec I am most confident in my skills. If you think that I could be an asset for you and your guild - please reply! :)Azkel1 5d
5d 965 Ele LF Guild 965 retard ele shammy that will no doubt stand in fire and blame someone else is looking for a guild! Offspec - Resto Looking at coming back after a break away from wow and enjoying a few other games! Will no doubt play casual (unless i get addicted again) until BFA is released where i will be going at it hardcore once again. Peace Allahu AkbarLovesaban5 5d
5d [A] Türk Guildi <The Usual Suspects> Silvermoon-EU Merhaba Azeroth'un Türk savunucuları, Legion'a karşı kazandığımız sayısız zaferleri geride bıraktık, Azeroth'u kurtarmak için birçok kahraman feda ettik ve uzun yıllardır ertelediğimiz savaş geldi kapımıza dayandı. Biz bu savaşta Alliance tarafı olarak yerimizi aldık ve hazırlıklarımızı yapıyoruz. EU-Silvermoon Ally Tarafında Haftada 2 gün raid yapan, Heroic raid contentini çıktığı hafta tamamlayacak kadar iyi oyunculardan kurulu, m+ contentine ağırlık veren, mythic raidde wipe yemekten bıkıp bu zamanı daha eğlenceli şeylere ayırmak isteyen, PvP yapmaktan korkmayan cesur kahramanların olduğu bir guild kurmaya karar verdim arkadaşlar. Oyun içi ve dışı KARAKTERİNE hakim, saygılı, dürüst ve yetenekli insanları bekliyorum. Gelin hep beraber internetin o kavurucu ahlaksızlıklarından uzak kaliteli bir ortam kuralım ve uzun yıllar eşlerimizle, çocuklarımızla, küçük kardeşlerimizle beraber keyif ve huzurla oynayalım. Guild Kuralları Şimdilik Şöyle: 1- Her ne koşulda olursa olsun, siyaset yapmak yasak. 2- Bütün guild üyeleri eşit haklara sahip olacak ve guilde eşit oranda katkı sağlamak için çalışacak. Loot önceliği diye bir uygulama ya da loot council olmayacak. 3- Oyunu eğlenmek için oynayacağız fakat raidlere gereken önem verilip, hazırlıklı geleceğiz. 4- Guild chatte asla hakaret içerikli yazılar olmayacak. Yabancı dilde dahi olsa. 5- Discordda asla hakaret içerikli ya da ahlaksız paylaşımlar yapılmayacak. 6- Guild içi yardımlaşmaya önem vereceğiz. Hiçbir üyemiz kendisini oyunda yalnız ve zayıf hissetmeyecek. Kimilerine göre gereksiz, kimilerine göre aşırı, kimilerine göre de saçma gelebilir; ancak bu kurallar üyelerimizin çoğunluğu istediği takdirde değiştirilebilir veya yenileri eklenebilir. Ortak paydada buluşabileceğimiz herkesi bekliyorum arkadaşlar. Buradan ya da oyun içinde battle tagden ekleyip iletişime geçerseniz sevinirim. İyi forumlar. Battle Tag : Kaisersöze#2223Gulyabâni1 5d
6d [A] 3 Dudes LF Raiding Guild For BFA Hello all, Myself and my two friends are looking for a preferably heroic, relatively casual raiding guild to join in preparation for BFA. We are a Discipline Priest, a Protection Paladin, and a Havoc Demon Hunter. We're ideally looking for a guild that raids around 2 nights a week, but ideally still has other stuff going on in the form of M+ or, god maybe warfronts, that'd be a !@#$ter. Enjoying the night for us is more important than progression, but we obviously do want to clear the content. We do play other games and have other IRL commitments of course, and therefore don't intend on going hardcore into anything, and expect that to be cool with the people we play with. We do however all play games a lot, with two of us playing WoW daily right now even in the content drought, so it's not as if we're not around. We mostly PUGed throughout Legion, which obviously had its pitfalls, so we really want to get into a more organised group so we can actually do the content reliably, not playing raid group roulette ;D If we don't sound like %^-*s, hit us up on that battleswag, or just leave a comment here. We're down to change server for the right guild. Quick synopsis of each of us for those interested in us more specifically: Discipline Priest - Shydel-Argent Dawn (Jonny#23435) That’s me, I love Disc currently in but am considering a different healer main for BFA as I haven’t enjoyed Disc in dungeons in Legion, but 100% want to play healer regularly in raid. Not been on as much as I’d like to be since 7.3, but I’m sure I’ll turn into a small sweaty nerd when BFA drops. Protection Paladin - Lillyade-Silvermoon (NiceGuyAaron#2913) “I hate myself” was what Aaron said when I asked him what to put in this bit… Put it this way, he likes being hit by big blue men with scythes as long as he gets a trinket at the end. Every one of his alts is a tank, so, I’d like to suggest that if you’re a sadist (or a PvPer), don’t go too close. Most experienced out of the three of us. Havoc Demon Hunter - Desimura-Silvermoon (Freeze#22964) New to WoW, only started playing in the past month or so but learning very fast. His logs are bad, his voice is sad, but he’s very active and willing to put in the time. Oli really enjoys M+ right now, and is thinking about boosting a Fury Warrior in BFA, so I’d say he’s pretty set on looking at bosses feet for all of BFA.Shydel0 6d
6d Sarcasticly New guild Silvermoon Hey guys! Sarcasticly - Silvermoon (Alliance) is recruiting people for the upcoming BFA expansion. We are 2 friends who played together since WothLK and recently we decided to move from our old guilds where we had 10/11 mythic progression. We want to continue this on Silvermoon on a 2 day raiding week. Raid times will be between 20:00-23:00 server time on - Thursday - Monday - Wednesday (optional). If you are interested in raiding with a group of friendly & professional players or if you want more details feel free to add me on Coinin#2449 or Decibell#2549 my Co-GM. You can find us on discord as well:úla1 6d
16 Jun New Player LF Social Guild (Alliance UK Based) Hi I’m looking for a guild who’s happy to take on new players. I’ve only just started playing this week and loving it but playing with mainly random people I meet and looking for a friendly guild. I play a Fury Warrior on Alliance and mainly interested in PVE. Ideally I’d love an active guild that has voice commas on Team Speak and/or Discord. My is Parrot86#2998Isthistaken0 16 Jun
16 Jun (A) Divergents Recruiting,(A) Divergents Recruiting Divergents is a guild that was created by a group of friends. We are friendly and social and always try to help members in the guild. Most of us started playing back in Vanilla and have a lot of experience from hardcore raiding in the past but, as life goes on, almost everyone in the guild has settled in real life, has a family and kids to look after. Above all real life comes first! We raid two nights a week Monday/Wednesday (21:00 - 23:30 server time), run Mythic+, farm old content raids for gearing alts or mains if they still need loot and, whenever we can, we also do some pvp for fun. Events up on calendar every week. We are currently looking for more members to complete our core raid team. Socials are most welcome! All we ask is for players to be polite in chat/disc, respect each other and to understand that we are a progress guild that keeps trying to push content. Wiping is part of it, so make sure you accept that! Current Progress EN Normal-Heroic 7/7 - Mythic 7/7 ToV Normal-Heroic 3/3 - Mythic 3/3 NH Normal-Heroic 10/10 - Mythic 5/10 ToS Normal-Heroic 9/9 - Mythic 5/9 AtBT Normal 11/11 - Heroic 11/11 - Mythic 7/11 Why join Divergents? Everyone is welcome to choose what they want to do in the guild. We don't only offer you a place in our raid team, we give you the chance to play with people that love progressing together, that work hard but at the same time have fun while going through old and new content! We are currently looking for: DPS , preferably a moonkin, shadowpriest and possibly a dk and/or dh. Any other classes will also be considered. Crossrealm Mythic raid to get to know us can be discussed. Requirements : 3/11M 965 ilvl & 75 traits Social players also have the chance to raid if they are up to it and if a raiding spot is available on our off nights. We use Discord on raid nights and to socialize with each other, guild bank repairs and consumables are also available for everyone that participates in raids. If interested in joining or if you need more information /w in game. Battlenet : Slaxx#2919 or Hopeless#21721 There's always an officer online to chat with! You can also apply to join by the following link!Adkj7gdxj9 Hope you all enjoy your day and your gaming! Have funHazabel184 16 Jun
16 Jun [A] Holy priest LF home (guild). Hello Silvermoon!! I have been thinking a lots of move to this server and change faction to alliance. The reason I chose Silvermoon is because of it's activity. I tried to get a guild going myself, but I just don't have the time to do so. I have been playing WoW since 2016. My main is this priest. I main holy and my healing are pretty fine. Around 968 ilvl. I have legos for shadow and disc but never really a big fan of the specs. I have cleared both antorus heroic and normal. If you think I would be a good fit for your guild hit me up in game or respond here. With BFA not to far out I would love to get in some where now and get to know a group of people. My BTAG is Sophia#22188 and is the best way to contact me in game.. Thanks again and look forward to hearing from you!Sophiã0 16 Jun
15 Jun <PPC> (11/11HC) is recruiting for mythic progress! Are you a prospective raider looking to join a core raid team? Do you want to enjoy raiding without the hardcore hassle tied to it? Do you enjoy egg puns and A+ banter? If you’re still with me then you might be a great fit for the Pyscho Pink Chihuahua raiding team! We are a newly created raiding guild looking to expand our raid team to continue raiding Antorus. We recently migrated from a different guild so we could focus on mythic. The main goal is to get a core raiding team together for Battle for Azeroth and do some mythic progress. Our current raiders are 11/11 HC. We’re quite the laid-back group, so if you join us you can expect a lot of jokes (with the occasional roast) during raid time, and a relaxed environment that doesn’t rage out on people for making mistakes. Although, this does not mean we don’t take the raid seriously, as our aim is to clear the raid in one evening. We also enjoy doing mythic+, old raids for transmog, and the occasional PvP. We are also accepting any socials who wish to join. Currently we only have DPS slots open, however we are glad to speak to any class or spec that wishes to join. Having prior raiding experience is seen as an asset, however it is not a requirement, all we ask is that you know tactics and listen to the raid leader. Raid time: Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 Realm time. Heroic Antorus run - or Mythic once we get a team together Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 HC ATBT Farm Currently recruiting: - Guardian druid or vengeance demon hunter - Holy Priest High Priority - Mage - High Priority - Hunter - Balance Druid We will also consider other classes. Our goals: Our main focus is to clear heroic content for every new raid that comes out. Once we get a core team together we do plan on trying out mythic, just for fun! What we expect from you: If you plan to raid heroic, have at least 940 ilvl on the spec you plan to raid as. For normal we ask for 930 ilvl. Know tactics! If you have never raided in Antorus before, please look up some video guides or text guides before coming into the raid. This makes it easier for us to know that you understand what abilities are called and what they do. Know your class. Bring any pots, flasks, consumables and runes that you need. Have discord. Please be over 18. As a raider we expect you to at least come to most of the raids. We understand that people don't just play wow all day and things can come up, but let us know beforehand if that’s the case. And that’s about it for what we require from you! Again, you don’t have to have any prior raiding experience. However, for heroic raids we do like it if you have at least done normal. If you have any questions please contact me in game, on Battlenet at Candycorn#2408 or discord at Candycorn#6356. Don’t hesitate to ask, there are no stupid questions (unless you ask me if water is wet, then I might have to school you).Athara5 15 Jun
15 Jun [A] <Tranquil Mind> - 1 Day Heroic Raiding Guild About Tranquil Mind is a mature and friendly guild with a relaxed and positive atmosphere. A guild formed of like-minded people who love the game and everything it has to offer but who also have work, studies and/or family commitments. To support this, one of the aspects that sets us apart from other guilds is that we only raid one night a week currently. To us, having less time doesn't mean less focus, we're still clearing content up to and including heroic level. We're not all about the raiding either, we're looking for players who enjoy all the game has to offer, including weekly regular mythic+ runs on mondays and other group content. Your attitude and love of the game are more important to us than your gear and elite DPS logs. We love World of Warcraft and want to play with others who feel the same. Recruitment We are currently recruiting to increase our raid size and to look for new members to accompany us into Battle for Azeroth when the time comes. For current content we are looking for the following classes and specs: Tanks Full. However, tanks with an alternative DPS spec are welcome. Healers All healer classes are welcome to join! DPS All DPS classes are welcome to join! We're always looking for great players, so if you feel that you're a good fit for us please get in touch even if your class isn't listed. Raiding is not mandatory, so if you want to join to only be a part of the social community of the guild, you are more than welcome as well. Current Raid Times Fridays 20:45-00:00 server time. Raid attendance - If you have signed up for the raid, be on time, come prepared with consumables and know your tactics. We understand that real life comes first so missing the odd raid isn't an issue as long as you let us know what's going on. What we expect * Be a part of our community - Join in and group up as often as possible * Know your class - Be prepared to learn and improve to do your best * Communication - Be able and ready to join our Discord server * Positive attitude - Treat each other with respect Contact us Any questions or requests to join can be directed to: Vizzie (Ice#23651) Ceare (Ceare#2353) Other officers you can contact in case none of the above are online: Nichee BarkiVizzie10 15 Jun
15 Jun Inner Sanctum Boost Runs In short add MrT#22655 or Angel#2789 for full details Inner Sanctum is one of the most long standing and successful guilds on Silvermoon. We are currently a top guild on the realm and are now in a position to offer boosts as follows: Mythic Antorus Please contact the battle tags given for more info Heroic Argus - Wednesday 21:30 - 100k Personal Loot Ahead of the Curve Stormcrow Mount Pantheon Trinket Upgrade Chance at Legendary Trinket Full Heroic Antorus - Personal Loot (LOOT PRIORITY) - Wednesday 21:00 - 700k This includes all the rewards from Heroic Argus plus every boss in the instance on personal loot. All gear that raiders receive and don't need will also be traded to you. If the item is an off piece i.e. ring/neck/relic all boostees that can use the item will roll. To ensure you get the most items, we only bring one cloth/leather/mail and plate user. With raiders trading you gear you will typically get a lot more items than a master looter run. Full Heroic Antorus Clear - Personal Loot - Wednesday 21:00 - 400k Same as above except you wont be given priority on loot that raiders get. However this still includes every boss on personal loot. Mythic Guldan Mount - Wednesday 20:30 - 1.2m In this boost we will kill both Elisande and Gul'dan on Master looter. You will receive the Living Infernal Core The Chosen Title - Monday 20:00 - 1m This includes all of mythic ToV and the title, assuming you don't die. This will likely be made unobtainable in BFA. Mythic+ 15 Boost - 150k Mythic Antorus Please contact the battletags given at the beginning and end for details. Prices Prices will always be changing and we aim to be as competitive as possible. We will be able to give you a price once we have discussed the boost you wish to purchase. All payments will be made with in-game gold on Silvermoon EU. Once again you can add MrT#22655 or Angel#2789 for any queries. Thanks for reading and best of luck.Enisee28 15 Jun
15 Jun <State of Mind> recruiting for BfA mythic(ALLY) Hello friends! I am the GM of <State of Mind>, here to inform you that we are currently recruiting any class to fill out our roster for BfA. We also take in socials if you just want a place to call home. PLANS FOR THE FUTURE ( BfA ) With Battle for Azeroth coming up in 2 months, we are looking to fill out our roster to prepare for raiding. We are going to be raiding mythic on a semi-hardcore level. RAIDING DAYS & TIMES Thursday and Sunday Times: 20:00 - 23:00 This will be decided once the roster has expanded a bit, but keep these days and times in mind. GUILD PHILOSOPHY In State of Mind, we want to maintain a good atmosphere, aswell as a decent level of maturity. Therefore, elitist behaviour etc is not acceptable. If this sounds interesting to you, don't hesitate to add me on and we can have a chat! Btag: Huntling14#2955Nytindra2 15 Jun
14 Jun Looking for an unused Mythic Argus save! Hey guys, we just got our first Mythic Argus kill and were hoping to get to it again, and because of that we are looking for an argus mythic save, only if you aren't using it of course. If we don't get one we will reclear everything but also hoping to get it done again before the pre-patch, whenever that hits! That's why I'm asking, reply here if you have one :)Khirasa0 14 Jun