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7m A former raider looking for a place called home. I've raided a lot in my days, not on this toon, i was horde back then. And always wanted to test an alliance, as that is more in line of the lore for me. So?.. All i see these days is guilds looking for ppl to join there raids, so my question is this, is there any guild left that dont take raiding to seroius and actually do quest and farm rep and all other stuff that not invol raidning 24/7 as those guild is not for me anymore, i have burned the candle in both end to many times raiding and i dont want to be a hardcore anymore. yes as many others i was there when wow started some years ago, i've had wow break for nerly 2 years now, and desiced to come back and play wow the way i never done it before, explore as much as possible, quest, dungeon, lfr, for regulare raiding, i'm not that kean anymore. I'm looking for a guild that have bean around for years and have a desent amount of player, not a small guild. So far this was what i wanted, what can i offer? not much, but im loyal to the guild i join, i am helpful when help is needed, i will try to be a part of the event that is goin on. laugh and have fun, just like ordinare life :) So, is there any guild that is not hardcore but social and casual? Thank you for reading.Meropely6 7m
8m [A] <Volatile> 4/10M recruiting for Mythic Who are we? Volatile are a group of mostly ex-mythic raiders, looking to get back into mythic raiding. We cleared through Nighthold heroic a number of months ago and need some more people in order to jump into mythic. Besides raiding our friendly bunch of members enjoy running mythic+ on daily basis, helping out with world quests among other things. Our discord is usually filled with members for daily banter and weekly fun. If you enjoy all that, you most certainly will enjoy your stay in Volatile. Who are we looking for? We're primarily looking for both melee and ranged DPS to fill out the roster. At this time we are both full on tanks and healers. Tanks - Closed Healers - Closed Ranged DPS - Pref MM Hunter, Warlock and a Shadow Priest Melee DPS - Ret Paladin Overall we're looking for people with a good knowledge of their class/spec who know how to improve their gameplay. Being fairly thick skinned and being able to accept constructive criticism, as well as the occasional jab from some of our more 'outspoken' members, is a big plus too. When do we raid? We raid two times a week as standard, we often have an additional raid day if necessary. See raid times below. Thursday: 8pm - 11pm (Server time) Sunday: 8pm - 11pm (Server time) Tuesday: 8pm - 11pm (Additional day) Application process: We believe the best way to get to know if someone is right for the guild is just to have a chat, rather than go through a long application process. So we'll have a chat, look at logs and possibly run some M+ to get to know each other. If you're interested in joining our mythic raid team, contact any of the following: Contact us: GM: Xadel#2609, Xadel (ingame) Council: Òops#2597, Drainphase (ingame) Passive#2900, Malenky (ingame) Ohajay#2606, Draconem (ingame) Hjp#21650, Phynn (ingame)Phynn9 8m
1h [Old] Mythic. Late night, twice a week. Greetings, champions! The resistance against the Burning Legion has been going full force for a few weeks now, and soon we will be facing even greater foes that threaten our world with obliteration. That is why we are recruiting capable heroes to fight for our cause, and bring the Legion's invasion on Azeroth to a definitive end. Who are we? We are <Old>, a raiding guild that's been around for a while. We've had a very successful campaign during Warlords of Draenor, where we've been very competitive at progression in our timeslot. Our core has stuck together ever since the start of that expansion, and we're looking to bolster our ranks once more with likeminded people that--above all--fit our style of play and character. We're very laidback, sociable, cheerful and focused on our goals, a mix that has worked very well for us in the past. What do we offer? We raid two days a week, on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 21:30 until 00:30 server time. Within this timeslot, we are looking to progress towards Mythic in a steady and competitive manner. Raids are fun, and we like to celebrate that by being laidback, have a laugh, and make it a very social experience, while also putting in the effort each pull to be consistent and learn from mistakes. Your input is always valued, be it related to the encounter or just being social. Loot is distributed via loot council. What are we looking for? We are currently recruiting people that can pull their weight during the cutting edge of progression, within a focused and limited timeslot. Recruitment is currently open for: Melee: Rogue, Plate Melee Ranged: Warlock, Hunter Healer: Resto Druid, Priest, Holy Paladin Exceptional applicants will always be considered. You should be able to speak English, have access to TeamSpeak and Discord, and a stable internet connection. We can't stress enough that, due to our limiting timeslot, attendance and punctuality are very important. As a character, be raid ready in terms of gear and personal progression (35 Artifact traits) . We are not asking for ridiculous item levels (we never do), but be sure to pull your weight on day one! Contact Interested? Want to know more? Make an application at Or contact us through Fernie#2599 Rezandy#2873 gvandur#2502 Thank you for your time!Fernie32 1h
2h [Mythic+] group selling boosts for gold Experienced guild group, with a lot of time running over a thousand of mythic+ runs and raids with each other selling mythic+ dungeon boosts for ingame gold. Price list : Keystone 2-9: 40k* (single run). Keystone boost starting at lvl 2 to lvl 10 (including competition of +10): 300k* Keystone lvl 10 (using your key): 200k* Keystone lvl 10 (using our key): 300k* *Prices may vary depending on how deep in the expansion and content we are. *(During weeks that affixes allows us to boost you faster and more efficiently there will be a discount) Tank: Protection Warrior Healer: Mistweaver Monk (me) Dps: Havoc Demon Hunter Dps: Marksmanship / Beast Master Hunter Runs starts daily (except Wednesday) at 8pm realm time. We accept payments on Silvermoon(EU) and Frostmane(EU). For any other information or reservation add me by my realID: Xristoforos#2932 or whisper me at Healingpot-Silvermoon.Healingpot0 2h
2h [A] <Inquisitîon> NH 10/10 (H) 3/10 (M) Recruiting DPS About Us: Inquisitîon have been around since Burning Crusade and as such have a great atmosphere in the guild with many of the original founding members still playing. Everyone here loves some aspect of the game and our mutual interest in the game and other things is what makes the atmosphere great. We are serious about our progression and always aim to clear mythic content before the next tier is released. We highly value attitude above all else whilst raiding, we like to keep things calm, fun and most of all stress free. Current Raid Times: Monday 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time Friday 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time (Optional / Progress Raid) Recruitment: We are looking to finish off our team roster, as is always a case with such a big server, rosters change quite frequently as people move on to pastures new. Here are the following classes/specs we are interested in. ***Please note we will always consider any application*** Tanks Full Healers Full DPS Elemental Shaman MM Hunter Mage Boomkin Warrior Monk Death Knight Rogue Shadow Priest We use a loot council system to distribute loot as we find it the fairest and quickest way to help with player and guild progression. Contact Us: If you feel that you would be a great addition to our ranks feel free to drop a message here or contact a few of our officers ingame (Battletags Below). Dewhine#2800 or CanarUk#2329Babehcakes5 2h
4h <Anathema> (7/7 EN 3/3 ToV 7/10 NH) Recruiting ! Mature Mythic raiding guild, One of the oldest guilds on Silvermoon transferred from Terenas in 2008, we are a 18+ years old guild to maintain a common state of mind. Raid Days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 20:15-23:30 (8.15pm-11.30pm) * Until Legion hits we're probably going to raid less What we expect of you: - 100% attendance, and giving us notice when something special pops up - Know your class and all your specs inside out - Be a mature respectful social team player - Don't worry about loot trust us to be fair - Know how to have fun - Have a strong PC with a good connection, with TS, a working Mic - [b900+ Item Level and Mythic experience in this tier ![/b] What you can expect from us: - Good progress - Experienced raid leading - Fun casual atmosphere raiding - Maintain an active real life while seeing end game content Recruitment Please visit our website to see the current openings Invites start at 20:15 (8:15pm) "server time" which means CET. If you have any questions feel free to contact us in game: Nir Peritus Jeniawarlord Numzen Twid Zydec For Recruitment information or application sign-up visit our website : 4h
4h [A]<Concerted> is recruiting for ToS Concerted is a reformed guild located on Silvermoon, We moved here couple months ago and is now looking to build a stable raiding team for Tomb of Sargeras. The leaders managed to clear 7/7M in Emerald Nightmare and got plenty of experience in raiding going back all the way to Wrath of the Lich King, We both enjoy doing guild activitys such as raids dungeons achievement runs etc. We got a whooping 2645 Guild achievement points if thats something that caters to your needs, and we always looking to get more achievements! Since ToS is sometime away (no release day yet) we looking for people that is interested in raiding two days a week with a possible extra day if we feel like its needed during progression. This will most likely be Thursdays and Sundays 20.00 to 23.00 servertime with extra day on monday, but its not set in stone. Our goals are to reach as far as possible in each tier but taking it in our own pace and enjoy the content as we progress it, so we would never require anyone to play 24/7 but simply have their main as good as they can get and always be prepared during raids. If you feel like you want to start raiding or you are coming back from a break and want to pick raiding back up again this will be your perfect chance, currently we do not have any requirements to join as said ToS is sometime away still and we more then gladly help people get prepared and ready for the release We will also run more casual raids for alts and people who just wants to raid on a casual level, anyone who meets requirements for these raids will be able to join us. If you are interested in join or looking more information please contact either me or Nellenzie in game or post a reply here and we'll get back to you as soon as possible Thanks for taking the time reading this and hope to see some of you in guild :) Hexanda Bnet: KriffKraff#2974 Nellenzie Bnet: Suzie#2347Hexanda1 4h
5h [A] Devious 6/7M 3/3H 4/10M Silvermoon EU Devious is an old guild originally founded in 2006 at the release of The Burning Crusade on Silvermoon EU. The guild was founded with a desire to create a raiding-oriented guild with the priority being progress. Our progress in The Burning Crusade ranked us amongst the top 4 guilds on the server. During the following expansions we have progressed through the content at a steady pace gaining us a good reputation on server. We are now looking to recruit new members to complete our core raiding team which has been with us since the establishment of the guild. Our members have raided together for so long that we have become like family. We are not looking for bench warmers, we firmly believe that it is always quality over quantity. What we are looking for: 100% attendance (excluding pre-planned holidays or other pre-arranged absences) As we only raid 3 days a week we expect our members to always be online for raids and on time. 100% dedication to the raid and the guild. LOYALTY is a big deal to us. You to be fully prepared for raids. You are willing to wipe, if you don’t like wiping you need not apply. You will need to be able to handle constructive criticism. We're looking for motivated players, we will help you if you need help but full knowledge of your class/spec is required. Have a proper connection/PC, everyone has tech issues but we expect you to be online and raid ready at all times. Classes open for recruitment: All classes. Current Raid Schedule: Sun: 8pm-11pm CET Wed: 8pm-11pm CET Thu: 8pm-11pm CET Raid invites start 15 minutes prior to the time mentioned above. To apply please Apply via: or Email us at Or Contact members listed: Ash#23955 (Guild Master), Vizzy#2821 (Raid Leader), Sythur#2347 (Recruitment).Hellaphime65 5h
6h Awarewolves Weekend Raiding Guild 10/10 HC Guild founded in 2010. What we look for: We are recruiting players that want, beside raiding, to be part of a close family of people, that can be doing together all the activities that WoW have to offer, in a drama free environment, but with the Professional mind that raids must have. What we can offer: Commitment to be able to clear all expansion content in at least Normal and Heroic, Mythic will be considered if the Heroic clearness comes with much time in between the launch of next content, but the Goal will be Heroic full clear. What we ask from members: Full prepare for raids, with knowledge of the fights ( which you can use youtube and guides etc..), and full prepare in raid consumables (Potions,Flasks,Food etc...), both are mandatory. Raid Schedule: Saturday 21h00 - 00h00 Server Time Sunday 20h00 - 23h00 Server Time Current Progress: 10/10 Heroic - Nighthold For Info add: SCK4878#2344 To apply go to: Best regards, -DhalsinDhalsin3 6h
6h [A] Remnant - New M Guild with experienced players Hey there! About us: Remnant is a freshly made semi-hardcore guild on Silvermoon. We started off as a group of friends on Defias Brotherhood raiding in Wipe Material until it came to a point where a lot of people were burning out, including the officers, which resulted in us looking to transfer to a new server and start fresh leading us to where we are right now. All of us have experience in raiding in world top 100-600 ranked guilds and/or Gladiator or higher PvP experience and are looking for players with roughly the same experience as us. Our plans currently are to set up a good raiding team for Tomb of Sargeras mainly. We'll try to set up a stable raiding roster for Nighthold, but we do not want to rush things just for the sake of it and want to do it proper. Meanwhile we will be setting up Nighthold Mythic Pug Runs as a guild. Current Progress: Currently, we've not progressed as a guild, but the core has a current expansion raiding experience of: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Mythic as of 24/11/2016 Trials of Valor: 2/3 Mythic as of 5/1/2017 The Nighthold: 4/10 Mythic as of 16/2/17 - after that point, our old guild stopped raiding. Current Recruitment: We’re currently recruiting mostly everything as we’re a freshly started guild. We do, however, have these requirements for new players looking to join: Have good past/current PvE/PvP Experience. The reason for why we say PvP as well is because we feel if one person is doing really well in PvP, there is no reason for them to not be able to perform just as well in PvE. Be 18+ Be of at least 890+ ilvl. Exceptions can be made, of course, depending on experience if a returning player etc. If that is the case, you’d be welcomed as a social and at a later point put to a trial position after having obtained good enough gear. The way we handle loot: Loot Council between 1 officer(regardless of role), 1 tank, 1 healer and 1 dps. The raiders/officers are changed every week to keep it so that there is no bias in the loot council. People are, of course, able to say if they do not want to be on the Loot Council. What you can expect from us: Dedicated officers that are online quite often and always looking to improve the guild/help out its members. A good raiding/guild atmosphere that does not tolerate excessive arrogance or drama. Proper handling of loot where if there's any arguments, they're quickly resolved. What we expect from you: To be a dedicated and motivated raider that is always prepared for a raid and looking for ways to improve their play. To have read up on every boss that we’re progressing on. We want to make the most out of the time that we’re raiding and it would save us a lot of time when everyone has read up on the tactics beforehand. To be a mature person and be able to handle constructive criticism as well as not cause any type of drama inside or outside of raids. Raiding times: Tuesday - 20:00 - 23:00 Thursday - 20:00 - 23:00 Sunday - 20:00 - 23:00 We may sometimes extend the raid by half an hour at most if we’re very close to a progress kill. For contacts, you can add: Virent#2155 - Vintre/Virent Drarion#2827 - Reckebo Garwal#2350 - Meldoria Lhissae#2695 - Scholastia Or you can also check our website on https://remnant.apexmega.comReckebo8 6h
6h [A] Eternal Unity [7/7 M, 2/3 M, 7/10 M] - Weekends "Eternal Unity" is currently recruiting skilled and dedicated raiders to complete our weekend raiding team! We're a serious semi-hardcore raiding guild and our main aim is to progress current content at a Mythic level. Many weekend raiding guilds are extremely casual even though they say that they are serious, we're here to offer the serious weekend progression! Therefore we are looking for people with the similiar mindset and who actually have what it takes to progress! About us: "Eternal Unity" is as stated above a weekend raiding guild, formed in the start of April 2016. Don't get beaten down by this! Even though we haven't been around for that long, we've made huge progress and earned some feats already. We consider ourselves a semi-hardcore raiding guild. We emphasize to still have a great atmosphere in raids with laughs included, yet to ensure progression everyone msut make sacrifices for the greater good. Afterall we're here to progress Mythic content! We're a weekend raiding guild that is breaking the standard of many other weekend raiding guilds. We'd like to clarify that we are taking raiding seriously, we want to progress, but we simply don't have the time to invest this time during the weekdays and here we are - A solid, progressive and dedicated weekend raiding guild. Do you feel that you want to spend time with players who can’t commit enough time to raid during the weekdays, but still want to progress high-end Mythic content? Or are you simply wanting to get a bunch of friends, while doing the previously stated, in the resistance against the Burning Legion? Then this is the guild for you! If you join us you can expect a friendly guild atmosphere, with the perks and benefits of raiding. The key to success is teamwork, loyality, dedication, motivation and hardwork from everyone in the team! We are looking for people who can uphold these standards! Recruitment status: DPS (high prio on DPS with a strong healing OS) - Mage - Windwalker monk - Balance druid - Shadow priest Other classes are welcome to apply as well if you believe you'll perform your role very well. We will still consider every application. Progression: Tier 19 The Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Normal 7/7 Heroic 7/7 Mythic Trial of Valor: 3/3 Normal 3/3 Heroic 2/3 Mythic Nighthold: 10/10 Normal 10/10 Heroic 7/10 Mythic Tier 18 Hellfire Citadel: 13/13 Normal 13/13 Heroic 6/13 Mythic Raiding schedule: Main Raids (mandatory): Fridays: 20.00-24.00 (ST) Saturdays: 20.00-24.00 (ST). Invites are going out 19.45 (ST)! Alt raids (Optional): Sundays: 19.00-21.00 (ST) What we expect from you: As we're a Mythic raiding guild we're expecting our applications and future raiders to have some sort of previous raiding experience. You'll be expected to have some sort of previous high-end progression. Don't get beaten down by this though, if you can show us in other factors, such as logs or by your application form then you still have a good chance to be accepted for a trial! Class knowledge is something we also expect. You are not expected to push 90-percentiles on every fight, but you need to know your class inside and out. We're expecting you to perform at a high standard while doing tactics properly. This includes that you know your strenghts and weaknessess and try to work around them. We're also expecting the following from our raiders: If you join us then we expect you to stay loyal to the guild. You are a raider of Eternal Unity and you should act like one aswell. Guild > individual. You are expected to be a reliable raider. You sign up to be a raider, therefore you should also attend the raids at a high rate (preferbly 100%). Which brings us to the next point: Attendance. Our attendance requirement is currently set to a minimum of 80% monthly attendance and if you miss more then you will most likely see yourself removed from the team, we're expectint our core to remain at 100% (apart from during vacations etc). You are also expected to be a dedicated and motivated raider. You need to show that you actually want to raid and improve to make the guild's progress as smooth as possible. Without motivation you and the guild won't get anywhere. We're offering progression and team mates to build this motivation up to build ones' dedication, but you need to put your fair deal into it aswell! As voice communication we're using Teamspeak3 and you are expected to have it installed and ready for use before your first raid with us. Also a working microphone is a big plus! Our website is active with information and all event sign-ups will happen there aswell. You are required to use the website frequently to make sure you are up-to-date with guild information and that you are signed up to events well in advance (at least 24 hours in advance). We're also requiring our raiders to come prepared to the raids, with knowledge of tactics of the bosses we are going to progress and with flasks/pots/food for 4 hours of raiding. What you can expect from us: Apart from being a friendly and relaxed guild where you can have a chill, do dungeons or have fun with our members outside of raiding hours, "Eternal Unity" will offer you the following: - A serious raiding guild with progress as one of the main priorities! - Steady progression in Mythic content in a serious raiding atmosphere, with a Raid Leader with many years of experience. - Friendly players who enjoy raiding and always strive to improve as individuals and as a team. - Guild officers with years of raid- and guild leading and who possess the will to make the Guild as good as possible! - We'll always strive to help anyone in need! If you struggle in any way then contact your fellow guild members and they will try to help you out! We're a guild afterall! - We're also offering different activies during the weeks - such as Mythic dungeon groups and alt raids (on Sundays). - A fair loot system (Loot Council) where we look at the team above the individual. - And last but not least a place that you can call home! Loot System: We'll distribute loot with the help of a Loot Council addon, which cosists of the officers in the Guild and a random raider from the guild, being rotated in and out every week. We will always take the Guild's best motives in mind and award loot accordingly! We look at several different factors, such as where the item is best put out of a progression point of view. Other than that: BiS, overall item upgrade, performance, attendance etc. Application Process and Trial Period: All of our possible recruits will have to fill in an application on our website and if your application gets approved you'll have a two weeks trial period, where you'll be able to show us everything there is to know about you in a raiding enviroment. During this period you'll be able to see if you find our Guild to be the right for you and we'll see if you are the right raider for the Guild! And we're sure you'll be the right one for us! Dare to take the chance? Then head over to our website: and drop an application or contact one of the officers below: Contact us: Guild Master/Ranged Team Leader - MarcusPi#2842 Recruitment Officer/Melee Team Leader - Shadi#2223 Healer Team Leader - Endure#2913 Officer - Kyra#22825Arahny129 6h
7h Dreamstate - 7/10M - 19.15-22.30 Who are Dreamstate? We’re a semi-hardcore Raiding Guild, aiming to clear all of the Mythic content within each tier. So far we’ve managed to kill 7/10 Mythic. Our team has experienced raiders who like the have a laugh. We have fun on our clear nights but are serious when it comes down to progression. Our Officer Team is comprised of people with a plethora of experience and more than enough experience to see this guild through every Mythic encounter Blizzard will throw at us! What is our Raiding Schedule? We raid on Sunday, Monday and Wednesday from 19:15 – 22:30 Server Time. We require close to 100% attendance, but if irl happens, it happens. :) Who are we looking for? As with just about any guild these days, the words exceptional or amazing crop up, but what we’re looking for are those willing to learn, adapt and improve, and those that are adamant about being the best they can be. We do of course have a few minimum requirements, but these can of course be bent a little depending on the person we’re dealing with;  iLevel 905+  A minimum of 4/10 M  45 artifact traits  95%+ Raid Attendance  A progression orientated mindset At the moment we are recruiting any exceptional DPS or healer. Interested? If you’re interested in joining us, or learning more, please do get in touch. Don’t be shy, we’re willing to consider all applications, and answer all questions. Goldwarr (RianneH#2411)Goldwarr0 7h
7h [A] <Irithyll> NH 5/10M recruiting! Who are Irithyll? <Irithyll> is a newly formed mythic progression guild looking for reliable, and experienced raiders who will be joining our core team. We are a semi-hardcore guild, and aim to progress in every raid. If you take raiding seriously, but have a good sense of humor, you'll fit right in. Besides raiding, we do a lot of Mythic+ runs as a guild. What we want to achieve: We want to create a core team of competent raiders to push progression and finish mythic NH before ToS is released. Raid days/times: Wednesday 20:00 ST - 23:00 ST Thursday 20:00 ST - 23:00 ST Sunday 20:00 ST - 23:00 ST What we need: DPS: All We'd prefer a minimum ilvl of 900+, and experience of 3/10M, but will consider players with a lower ilvl who can provide logs. **Logs are highly beneficial and increase your chances of success** Contact us: Feel like you match the above? Or have further questions? Feel free to add one of the officers below and we'll be more than happy to have a chat with you via IM or Discord. LeeSniperMk3#2996 Th3Rabb1t#2878 Waffle#22365 Lhox#1953 Maja#2682Verstov14 7h
8h [A]<Colour Crew>Weekend Raiding Guild: 7/7M 3/3H 4/10M About us: <Colour Crew> are a weekend raiding guild based on <Silvermoon> Alliance side. We raid Friday and Saturday: 20:00-24:00 Server time. We try to maintain a relaxed yet serious atmosphere, with the aim to clear all mythic content before the release of the next tier. We're currently seeking new weekend raiders to help clear Nighthold. Current Progression! Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Mythic Trial of valor: 3/3 Heroic Nighthold: 10/10 Heroic 4/10 Mythic Currently Seeking: DPS (2 Ranged) - Druid (Balance) - Mage (Arcane, Fire, Frost) - Shadow priest Healer (1 Spot) - Paladin ( Holy) We're also open to any other classes, so don't be shy to contact us or throw an application on the website. Socials are also welcome to join the atmosphere. What we expect from our Raiders: 1. Communication - We expect our raiders to be able to communicate vocally and to help out / give their opinion from time to time, as such having a functioning microphone and grasp of the English language is a must. 2. Reliability - We expect our players to be punctual, showing up at least 5 minutes before raid time, with enough consumables to last the night. 3. Patience & perseverance - We expect our raiders to be patient and able to handle constructive criticism. How to contact us: Jake (Guild master) Jakebryan#2529 Zepharyth (Raid Leader) unusualNord#2106 Huruk (Recruitment Officer) HurukPT#2112 Angeltra (Officer) christopher#2686 8h
8h Plan B | 2 day Mythic raiding guild | 7.2 recruitment 22 Jan (Edited) Raid smarter, not harder. General Information Guild name: Plan B Server: Silvermoon Faction: Alliance Progress: EN: 7/7 Mythic TOV: 3/3 Heroic NH: 10/10 Heroic 1/10 Mythic About <Plan B> is a reformed mythic raiding guild for Legion consisting of old raiding veterans who have returned to slay some demons! We also like to do Mythic+ and PvP together, and many members play games outside of WoW together too! We are made up of skilled players that have been around for a long while, both individuals joining us recently from the vast World (of Warcraft), and former guild groups from <Cause and Effect> and also, <Quality>, Eonar’s #1 Horde guild during past expansions. We came together with the desire to progress through the game’s content with less time commitment, but with the right amount of challenge, and we are now a fabulous crew of folks that offer a pleasant, entertaining guild environment. We are all sociable, laid back-though not so much so that we're falling over: we know how to step up when the content demands it! We deliver discounts on PC hardware and software due our good relationship with two well-known PC shops located in Belgium/NL. Moreover, we can occasionally offer our guild members Activion Blizzard free goodies, beta keys and such due our good relationship with Activion Blizzard. We are opening recruitment to add dedicated members to our ranks who are mature, amiable and understand family commitments and good fun! Raid Times Wednesday 20:30-23:00 Server time (GMT+1) Thursday 20:30-23:00 Server time (GMT+1) (Optional sunday run for alts) Our Goals for Legion We want to experience all the raiding content while still feeling that we can live a life outside the game, and to do this in a competitive but relaxed raiding environment, two nights a week and establish ourselves on the server as a friendly, successful progressive raiding guild. We are competent raiders that do our homework, look out for each other and have the utmost confidence we can clear all current content guided by our skilled raidleaders. Who we are looking for! We seek to recruit people who no longer wish to raid 3+ nights a week and are willing to put in the effort required in order to progress without a huge time commitment. We are looking for folks that have similar attitudes to us: those that are analytical, possess good knowledge of their class, consistently do their research, show up prepared and possess some previous experience in a competitive raid environment. We encourage raiders to ask if they are unsure of anything before raid times begin, and so appreciate fellow guild chums to lend a hand now and then. We expect members to keep calm and maintain focus even when things go pear-shaped; volatility, drama, harassment, elitism, constant whining and rage quitting are not tolerated. We wish to play the game for fun, and as such, will only accept players that are reliable and respectful to fellow guild members. Most importantly, we want folks who have fun raiding and enjoy the game! Most Interested in Recruiting: TANK 1 spot Druid Warrior DK DH DPS 5 spots Druid Priest Rogue Shaman Mage DH HEALING 3 spots Priest Paladin Shaman Are you up for it? We will always consider applications from exceptional players that share our attitudes; even if your class is not listed above we would still like to hear from you, we will try to cater to your needs as best as we are able. We are also always happy to receive applications from social members too, they keep us all sane! Do contact us on BNET or in-game if you have any questions. Vonstroke#2626Vonstroke2 8h
9h [A] The Logical Cube 1/10M 10/10(HC) NH Everyone looks for that fine balance between a hardcore raiding guild, a casual content guild, and those who are purely there for entertainment and socializing. Never before have I seen a group of people who gets every single one of those things perfectly right than this group . Our group is full of some amazing personalities who value our teamwork and treating others with respect. We are a group of friends that have raided for many years (7+ in most cases) together in the past. The Logical Cube aims to maintain a small, but active, membership of around 30 people. As we do 3 raids of 3 hours each week, we aim for skilled play while having a lot of fun on Discord during trash. What does The Logical Cube offer? - High quality, progression-oriented PvE - Raiding with a group of competent, friendly, like-minded players - Not having to sacrifice your real life, job, marriage, and sanity - Mythic+ Dungeon runs with guildies -Food and Flasks during raids What does The Logical Cube look for? - Maturity and intelligence - Ability to communicate well in English - Skilled game-play - Understanding of your chosen class/spec/role - Respect for each other - Using more than 4 letters to type out the sentence: "Wait for me, please." - Being able to get on and use Discord. Recruitment is open for a few good Ranged DPS and a Healer! (Prefer Resto Shaman) All good raiders will be considered! Current progress: 10/10HC NH wanting to push Mythic Wednesday: 20:30 - 23:30 ST Thursday: 20:30 - 23:30 ST Sunday: 20:30 - 23:30 ST Monday: 20:30 - 23:30 ST (optional farm/alt/casual raid) Loot distribution will be done using RC Loot Council. If you’re interested contact: Meelaí, Nikolatesla, Karrigin, Solaz, Xarva or Illidanbruv or leave a reply here.Nikolatesla10 9h
14h DH 907 LF progressive myth raiding Greetings, mates LF good raiding guild, which has RT since 21.00+ to 00.00(02.00 max) Server time. Prefer 2/7 or 3/7. I'd like to make myth progress, so looking for myth progress guild. About me: Exp: 2/10 Myth Logs: Have brains, hands, all voices except Discord. Also had some actual myth(and heroic earlier) progress. Prefer ENG speaking guildObliviony4 14h
15h 884 ret paladin LFG (Horde[EU Silvermoon]) Hello! I am 884 iLvl retribution paladin. I am good at adapting the situations that may come front of me while raiding. I am 18 years old and I understand english spoken and writen.Kilppari0 15h
21h Ret Pally LF Guild/Raid Team Hi Having recently moved to EU servers from the US where I’ve played WoW on and off for about 7 years, I am now looking to get back into organised raiding. (US Main: ) I am looking for a Guild that raids between about 2200 - 0200 server time any days of the week and needs a Ret Paladin. Please feel free to add my Battletag TheWeng#2359 if you’d like any more information. I look forward to hearing from you!Manipeth0 21h
22h [A] Veterans is recruiting! Are you over the age of 18 and prefer a raiding guild with a progressive yet social aspect to it? Then Veterans might be for you! Background Veterans is a longstanding raiding guild within the World of Warcraft that was created during TBC on Nordrassil EU, however located to the Silvermoon server near the end of Pandaria. The guild is comprised of players from around Europe with a mixture of professional backgrounds. Many of us have been around since the days of 'vanilla' and have extensive raiding knowledge. We have also met a number of times in real life as there is at least one guild meet a year! We consider ourselves a casual raiding guild and accept all skill levels. That being said we do have a minimum expectation and this will be explained when you join such as bringing your own consumables to raid. What are you looking for? - DPS of all classes and specs - We are also on the lookout for a DK dps with a well geared tanking offspec and the same with a feral druid with well geared guardian offspec should we be down a tank for the evening. What is your Legion Progression? - Emerald Nightmare - 7/7N & 7/7HC - Trial of Valor - 3/3N & 2/3HC - Nighthold - 10/10N & 10/10HC Raid nights are Monday, Tuesday (optional raid night), Wednesday and Thursday from 22:00-01:00 server time. If you are someone that enjoys late raiding, over the age of 18+ and think you may be a fit for our ever expanding team send us a message in game and lets have a chat! You can contact one of our Guild Leadership team;: Elúrin, Trianette, Daemonjaeger, Kizadora Or reach out to Séclya the Guild's personally recruiter! You can reach us via our website or even Facebook page!éclya2 22h
22h [A] -=|Knights Legion|=- LF long term members 21+ Hello all =) We are currently looking for: 2 DPS (Healing offspec an advantage) We have had some of our main raiders quit wow and are looking to fill the slots! What we want (in brief) LF competent raiders with heroic raiding experience but also accepting raiders with normal difficulty experience as well, we all started somewhere!! But mainly people who are up for some fun and some banter! Once we start that boss fight though its on like donkey kong baby! What you get (in brief) Knights Legion has been around since 2007, we are old school in a lot of ways but are with the trend as well, we dont use dkp or loot council, we have a ranking system based on fairness, once you rank up from the trail period which is 1-2 weeks you roll like anyone else in the raid team. No favoritism, No reserved loot! just your rolls vs other rolls. Simple as that. Your also be part of a team and guild that are very friendly and a leadership that is outgoing, organized and has the teams best interest at heart, none of this clickly clicky nonsense! we are a mature guild! ( most of the time ^^ ) Our current raid progress (25th of April 2017) EN (N): 7/7 EN (H): 7/7 (Alt runs) TOV (N): 3/3 TOV (H): 3/3 (Alt runs) NH (N): 10/10 (on farm) NH (H): 9/10 (Progress) TOS (N): Preping TOS (H): Preping Our raid evening times Wednesday: 20:15 - 23:15 Thursday: 20:15 - 22:15 (bonus raid) Friday: Alt Runs from 20:30 Sunday: 20:15 - 23:15 Just a quick note on our raid times and evenings, we are very flexible for people who may have work shift rotations or other real life commitments! so no problem if you may be a casual raider, we got you covered! ^^ We are mainly a normal/heroic pve progression guild, you get to choose which one or both you want to be a part in, in some cases we may be slow in the progress in others we might be fast but one thing is for sure we get the job done! its not a secret though that the heroic raids may ask a little more of you in terms of performance but nothing is impossible. (learning the dance with Heigan..that felt impossible) If we tickle your fancey drop me a pm in game or add me for a chat =) Btag @ Raz#2760 KL logs - World of Logs search Knights Legion. Very best regards Razorgon GM of Knights LegionRazorgon51 22h
23h [A] <Message Deleted> (3/10M) LF DPS Our Background The Guild was formed shortly after Legion released, comprised of a small group of like-minded people who like to have fun with progressing through the game's raid and Mythic+ content. After progressing through Nighthold Heroic and having it on farm for a while (with alt runs on our other raid days) we've now moved on to progress 3/10M, we only lack dedicated raiders who have the time and the energy to put into progression raiding to continue further. We're also looking to fill up our raid team in preparation of Tomb of Sargeras releasing. The Guild is currently 6/7M EN, 3/3H ToV and 3/10M NH and we're almost prepared to move onto progressing through NH M. What We Offer A relaxed and social Guild environment for everyone Fun! We don't take ourselves too seriously and we don't expect you to either A patient and understanding approach; have a question? feel free to ask it Help with progressing Mythic+ Keystones to a high level A fair and balanced method of dividing loot from raids using the EPGP addon What We're Looking For We're currently looking for a all DPS roles for raid progression. We would prefer one of the following ranged DPS (but are open to all): Warlock (any spec) Shadow Priest We expect all new members who want to do progression content to have a thorough understanding of their class and spec in order to put out good damage/healing, as well as some experience with the current raid content. We also expect all members to be both reliable and determined. This means that if you sign up for raids via the calendar then we expect you to turn up and be ready to go at the given date/time. We don't, however, expect everyone to sign up for every event; we understand that real life comes first and that not every player plays the game every day. As a Guild who loves to have fun with the game and the progression experience, we also look for positivity and a good attitude in our members. Current Raiding Schedule Wednesday: 8pm-11pm ST Friday: 8pm-11pm ST Sunday: 8pm-11pm ST This schedule isn't set in stone and may be adjusted in the future if the Guild collectively decides that a different schedule would be more suitable for the majority. We currently don't have a set schedule for Mythic+ content; there will typically be a number of people online to help out with progressing each other's keys at peak hours (after school/work, weekends etc.), just ask using the in-game Guild chat. Contact Us If you'd like to request a Guild invite or you simply require more info about us you can: Join our Discord at: Send us a message on Bnet: Kreach#2630 or Steyn#2125 Leave a post on this thread and we'll try to reply ASAP. :)Nelvie37 23h
23h [A] <Non Phixion> 5/10M Recruiting. Hey there! Thanks for showing interest in our guild, lets cut to the chase, we're currently on a recruitment drive to further our mythic progression. Things to know: We aim too be a friendly, yet focused guild that raid 2 nights a week (Weds/Sun 20:30-23:30) and aim to do our best with the time we have. We understand that not all of our players can maintain “hardcore” raiding schedules anymore and aim to produce the standards and quality of raiding within this 2 day window to allow people to still achieve their in-game goals. In short, we aim too kill as many bosses and content we can while keeping things friendly, enjoyable and focused. Non Phixion is above all a community of players and our core will focus on having fun while enjoying the game together. Guild Requirements: What we expect from you - 90% attendance - A positive and mature attitude - Preparation for raid days (I.E flasks, pots etc) - If available read up on raid mechanics/tactics - Enthusiasm for raiding and gaming in general - Stable internet connection - Not afraid to speak when required What you can expect from us - A community of friends that are passionate about gaming - Gamers that are equally skilled in raiding - Clearing content without the hardcore feel or time requirement - Activities on non raid days (I.E Mythic+ dungeons, bgs etc) What we're currently looking for - Warlock: Any specialization - Monk: Mistweaver - Paladin: Holy - Priest: Discipline - Druid: Restortation or Guardian - Mage: Any specialization Our doors are always open to exceptional players so please dont be put off if you're interested. How to apply Easy. Go to or contact the following people in game; - inkish#1111 - jamhatts#2174 Thanks for taking your time to read our thread and if you have any questions then please do not hesitate to get in touch!Nuikk2 23h
23h [A] Sentinels 3/7M - 3/3H - 1/10M - 7.2 Recruitment Raiders of Silvermoon! We're a band of awesome long time no-lifers raiding together since TBC and we'd like to continue doing so into 7.2. We have the following opportunities to expand into Mythic as we are a team of 21 at the moment and we need more sexy raiders. You basically. Of course all the other stuff on recruitment thread. Pots, Food, prepare to wipe, don't be a jackass, don't be racist, etc. etc. You know the drill. Looking for (we are also up to absorbing a group of friends or a small 8-10 sized guild): 2 Shadow Priests 2 Mages 1 DPS Death Knight 1 Resto Shaman 1 More Healer (Either Paladin/Druid) 18+ is required along with Offspecs so you can enjoy yourself when we're overbooked. We use Discord and Raid Wed/Sun from 8 to 11 server time. You're also welcome whatever gender/binary you follow. One big happy family! As long as you don't suck !@# in raids. Mythic+ teams are available too. Find us at: 23h
1d BraGnugg Recruiting. 8/10M NH Recruiting DPS Bra Gnugg is a raiding guild that raids in english, but are mostly swedish. We raid because it is fun, but take the actual time spent in raids seriously. We aim to provide a fun environment in which to satisfy your progression raiding needs, and are currently at 7/7 Mythic EN and 2/3 Mythic ToV and 10/10hc NH 1/10 M NH We raid three days a week, form 19:00 to 22:00 and on new raid releases we will go 4 days and and from 18.30-22.30. Our normal raid days are Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 19.00-22.00 (GMT+1). The extra raid day is usually a monday or tuesday. If you are interested in progressing through Mythic with us we expect you to be able to have at thge very least 80% attendance. This is so that we can maintain a reasonably small roster, so lots of people do not ahve to sit out on raid nights. Currently we are mainly recruiting ranged DPS, and any DPS with a functional tank offspec. We do have a spot for a healer also (no paladin). All other applications are still very welcome, since a good player is always invaluable. If you are interested apply here: or add me on battlenet: dettle#2282Fragey7 1d
1d Warlock drugdealer looking for crack hungry raiders LFG Hello! Gona cut to the case, looking for a raiding guild that does Heroic progression and have plans for ToS. I'm Currently 9/10 HC and obviously 10/10N NH. I'm mainly a destruction Warlock with plans for Demo in ToS since it's going ballistic there ( Probably nerfed withing 24 hours again thou #RIPWARLOCKS ) Anyway. i'm 24, Swedish, Stabel job, can raid almost every night ( Weekends might be a issue depending ) but Weekdays i normaly set a time limit to 00:00, but can push it to 01:00 ( Server time ) if really needed. Overly social, so if the guild have active voice / g chat that is a plus. Love PvP on the side, that is my OG love for the game but recently found raiding to be pretty chill since RIP pvp gear. Anyway whisper me if you need a overly confident/social warlock that loves to summon and hand out crack to all the babies. Bellerofon #2642Nollfakultet4 1d
1d [A] Awarewolves Weekend raiding Guild Guild founded in 2010. What we look for: We are recruiting players that want, beside raiding, to be part of a close family of people, that can be doing together all the activities that WoW have to offer, in a drama free environment, but with the Professional mind that raids must have. What we can offer: Commitment to be able to clear all expansion content in at least Normal and Heroic, Mythic will be considered if the Heroic clearness comes with much time in between the launch of next content, but the Goal will be Heroic full clear. What we ask from members: Full prepare for raids, with knowledge of the fights ( which you can use youtube and guides etc..), and full prepare in raid consumables (Potions,Flasks,Food etc...), both are mandatory. Raid Schedule: Saturday 21h00 - 00h00 Server Time Sunday 20h00 - 23h00 Server Time Current Progress: 9/10 Heroic - Nighthold For Info add: Silver#24373 To apply go to: Best regards, Silver.Silverfreeze9 1d
1d Not just another recruitment post I know, I know… You see these posts everywhere on the forums, specially now with Legion coming in the oh-so-near future! What am I talking about? I am ofc talking about guild-recruitment posts and why you should join their guild. But ofc you should not join THEIR guild. You should join OUR guild! Because even if we value progress, we value fun, friendship and real life more. We do not call people retards / idiots if they do mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. We should know it. How we know? Well well well... a few examples coming up. This is a very good example, where our dps-warrior is falling off the edge at Iskar because he got a call from a random girl that have been looking at his a-s-s (damn language filter! :p) during spinning-class, and somehow got hold of his number. It totally blew him off –on all levels. ;) It is one of our funniest moments, and here is a clip of him telling us the story on TS: Other things that you should be aware of is that (one of) our Swedes LOVES to sing. She is especially fond of Christmas-songs, but she is open for suggestions. Like this time, her and “the Babe” singing a tune from Lion King: And sometimes this is our level of humor: (low, I know :d) Sometimes pulls go so slowly that even Jerry the snail gets impatient: And this might happen if you place warlock-portals at strategic positions before fight and people in raid get too curious: Ok, that was all fun and games, now over to things you are likely to hear in raids/guildchat etc: -Anyone saying something that can slightly be interpreted as an innuendo will hear “THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!” A lot. -Dogs barking in the background ( -DPS-warrior: “omg, I taunted! TAUNT IT BACK, TAUNT IT BACK!!!!!” (with panic in the voice) -Our feral: "Why am I out of catform? Why am I out of CATFORM!!" -Game-notification: “Pir has died” -Babe talking about his a-s-s. Now, some more about what we are doing and what we are especially looking for: We are currently setting up new days and times for raiding, join now and have a saying in it! The aim is 2 to 3 days raiding, and on off-nights things like transmog-runs, petbattle-nights (Mia will cry and try to talk you out of petbattles, cruelty towards animals and all that ;)), dungeon runs and possibly even some PvP (if its red, its dead etc)! Raid days are Thursday and Tuesday 20:00-23:00 server time. With Sunday as the social event day for now till we start using it for the alt raid night again soon :). We do not have any specific recruitment classes; anything goes! Play what you want to play, we all play to be having fun, and not playing a class/spec you don’t like… life is too short to play something you don’t really like!  Does this sound interesting? Well then, do not hesitate! Contact our lovely GM Azrél on Azrél#2374, or our super RL Numeri on Glitzh# , officer Skahdy on Skady# , officer Rel on Rel#2697, officer Naf on TheDwemerNO# , or officer Sushidk on Sushi#22330 :) Or contact us via our website Thanks for reading and hope to see you in guildchat soon!Azrél61 1d
1d You can Recruit a Friend me! Read for more info... Dear readers, I made a mistake. I started a new WoW account on Argent Dawn. I bought 200k gold for 20 euros. Now I decided to play with my "old" account that has a lot of characters on Silvermoon (level 90 max). What I want: I want ~150k gold on Silvermoon What I can offer: All my gold on Argent Dawn (highest populated RP server), which is: 154.694 gold You can Recruit a Friend my "old" account, meaning you get a month free of playtime and other benefits! I'm completely trustable so I'm up for any way of communication you feel comfortable. Now, I did check the Code of conduct and this post seems to be fine (not trading any account or characters).. So I'm hoping that the mods here will see this is legit and don't block my attempt to find a solution for my stupidity! Feel free to contact me here or on e-mail: My old account that I want activated is JuulJuup#1114 by the way. But, keep in mind I want to communicate with you first before sending me a RaF. Thanks a lot for reading and I hope that you can help me! With kind regards, JuliusSjaakafhaak3 1d
1d Nox Arcana-Silvermoon Late Night Raiding 22:00-01:00 Welcome to Nox Arcana-Silvermoon EU Wednesday + Thursdays (22:00 -0100) Nox Arcana is a newly reformed guild with very experienced players at the reins of its control. Our aim is to give people the chance to raid at later hours who find it most suitable for themselves. This could be because of work or just purely because of your time zone. We have our sights set on mythic raiding in the very near future. Myself and other core members in this guild are currently 3/10M with progress on other bosses. If you want a relaxed environment with an approach to complete or partake in all content available, then I guess this is the place for you! We are recruiting heavily and will take all applicants into consideration. We expect you to have previous raiding experience and have capabilities that are known to yourself. The owners of this guild are mythic raiders, we are very experienced and have very high knowledge on handling mechanics. You will be in very good hands! We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions at all, feel free to comment below or add Basscannon#2825Émmanuel17 1d
1d <Shinra Inc> 2days 10/10 (H) 04/10 (M) - Recruiting! Shinra Inc. (18+) [EU - Alliance] Background Shinra Inc. is a mature (18+) EU guild consisting of a close-knit group of friends that have broad raiding experience ranging from Vanilla to Legion with the goal of progressing quickly through Heroic content to put a dent into Mythic content. Current Progress We are re-forming our old guild that was in full flow in Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor - why? Due to real life circumstances and restricted time we have joined several guilds since the start of Legion with the promise of our goals, however we have consistently been the top performing players of said guilds with too much skill separation to progress into Mythic. Now we are in a better position to run our old guild as a group and wish to recruit and thrive again! Don’t worry though, we’re (mostly) not elitists - we enjoy raiding and want to perform to our best during raids but we do have a good sense of humour - almost to the point where I’d say, if you get offended easily it’s probably not for you! We feel if you can’t laugh at yourself, then you’re taking the game too seriously. Current Legion Content Progress:- Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 N & 7/7 HC Trial of Valor - 3/3 N & 3/3 HC Nighthold - 10/10 N & 10/10 HC & 04/10 Mythic Preferably around the same progress would be desired for all applicants. Raid Days (Server Times) Wednesday: 8PM – 11PM Monday: 8PM – 11PM What do we want? Self-sufficient players with good class knowledge that want to progress as a team in a focused but non-hostile environment. In return you will have reliable raiders to play with and enjoy current content together – We enjoy doing Mythic+ and playing alts outside of raids also. We like to look at logs to improve and have friendly competition between roles to keep the game fun and challenging. Recruitment Recruiting: Warlock x2 Balance druid Holy pally _____________________________________________________________________________________ If you are interested send a message to either: Dan – DanSeed#2783 Simon - hubbah#2706 Cheers!Hubbah88 1d
1d My Australian friend. Short and simple. I'm on Silvermoon EU and my Australian friend wants to play. Can he play With me on an EU server?Alanawisp1 1d
1d Website Closure - Silent Light After more than 10 years our “old” website will go offline on the 18th of May 2017. With the ever-changing social media platforms and other solutions, a standard website now seems a bit obsolete. We have therefore decided to discontinue running the live website and created a forum/community on Facebook (, feel free to invite yourselves and former members to follow us there. A special thank you to everyone who over the years have contributed to fun posts and moments on our site.Ada1 1d
1d [A] Asymmetry - We need YOU! (4/10HC) Howdy folks, If you don't want to know about us, and want to get straight to the point, then here it is. We are currently 10/10 NM and 4/10 HC within Nighthold. Our raid days and requirements are as follows for prospective raiders: - Available Tue/Thur/Sun 20:00-23:00 (Realm Time) - Willing to read up on tactics etc prior to the encounters - Can understand English and follow instructions given - Is able to be on Teamspeak 3 (even if only to listen) throughout the entire duration of the raid Open Positions: - 1x Tank -Ranged DPS -Melee DPS -1x Ranged DPS with viable Healer OS If you want to know a little more about us, and about what we practice in Asymmetry, please read on. Asymmetry is a guild formed on the ideas of real life being far more important than pixels, we're not casual but we aren't going to scream at you if you're 5 minutes late because your child needed a hug before bed. So on a more real note, what can we offer you? What makes Asymmetry worth joining? I know that's what you're thinking and with Silvermoon having as many guilds as they do... it's hard to make a decision. Give me a moment to try and help you see why you should give us a chance. Despite being newly formed, we have a core of long time friends with the same goals in mind. We want to bring back a fun, social environment where you enjoy logging in and raiding doesn't feel like a chore. This doesn't mean we don't take our raids serious... we love progression and we definitely do what it takes to get that sweet loot. However, we aren't clicky. Whether you're in the guild for 1 day, or 1 year... you're always welcome to come and chat with us and be treated like you've been here forever. "I want to raid but my iLvl isn't good enough, I only just (re)started WoW... no-one wants me :("You're WRONG! We even have Saturday night Nighthold set up to get you caught up and transitioned into our "main" team ASAP, as well as M+ boosting for even lower geared players on a Monday. It's a busy calendar with many events that a variety of people can partake in. Not to mention the lively Teamspeak atmosphere (moreso in evenings due to work etc). Long story short, we love you all. We're definitely rated M for mature. Our chat (specifically Teamspeak) can be crude, rude and downright obnoxious... but at least we're not fake. So if you want to bring the social aspect back into your MMORPG... we might just be the guild for you. Come chat about random stuff whilst we figure out how we'll progress and who knows? With your support we might just make it through Mythic content in one piece. We're wanting to promote a healthy and friendly environment in which you can relax after a stressful day and live life like it's those "good old days" back when Guilds were more than just a name tag. Whilst we do promote a somewhat mature environment that could be unsuitable for minors, I would like to stress that if cursing offends you then let us know in advance. Social positions are available for anyone just wanting to sit around and have a chat whilst doing their own thing. If you're looking for more information either respond here or add me on BTAG (CaptDaddy#2820) and I'll answer all questions :) I look forward to hearing from you all. Daddy xoCaptdaddy17 1d
1d 896 Equipped Guardian Druid looking for Raiding Guild I've cleared all of the heroic raiding content in legion and trying to find half decent pugs to progress with mythic (imagine how much fun I'm having) i'm looking for a guild I can enjoy mythic raiding and mythic+ with and just have an all round good gaming time with! During week days I can only start raiding at 9:30pm UK time (1 hour behind server time) Weekends I can raid 8:30pm onwards. I look forward to hearing from you! Add me on Btag if there's anything more you wish to know about me! Snowy#2455Snôwey0 1d
1d Asylum reborn 1/10 HC LF raiders Goodday We are a new guild on silvermoon recruiting from fresh as we changed servers from a low population. we are recruiting healers and DPS and a tank we have a discord channel for our raids and any social interaction! We were 7/7 H, 3/3 N and 10/10 N. We on raid Wednesday,Thursday 19:00-23:00 sv time, we also raid some other days depending on whether we want to complete a previous run or a different raid. we are a semi serious raiding guild but have fun to! Helping each other,whether it may be mythic + dungeons or anything else we have a discord channel and a mumble server for raids and social playing. If you would like more information or like to join us add me on Bnet AznVortex#2854 or whisper Ginchiyö, Deathlicíous or Shamattack in game Thank you for your time i look forward hearing from YOU!Ginchiyö1 1d
1d [A] <The Alternative> [7/10M] recruiting! Hiya all, Another recruitment post. Bear with me. Who are we? We at <The Alternative> are a serious, but social raiding guild with a 2-nights a week raiding schedule. While we profile as a raiding guild, the social aspect of playing is important to us. Our guild chat is usually active with banter and/or discussions about mechanical keyboards and/or each others sisters. Most of us are fairly busy in real life, thus raiding is kept to two days a week. Aside from the raids we run mythic(+)s together and sometimes mess around in old content. tl;dr: We are laid back but take raiding/dungeons seriously. Who are you? As a prospective recruit, you are a capable player with an interest in raiding and/or mythic+ dungeons. You don't just play the game for hardcore raiding, but want a guild you can chill out with and chat a bit. tl;dr: You want to raid in a relaxed atmosphere. Raid times: Tuesday/Thursday; 7:45 - 23:00ish server time Open recruitment: We will currently consider all DPS. Some numbers: You can find our WoWprogress at Interested, now what? If you are interested in joining, you can respond here with your contact details, contact me ingame on Valtuda or add me on as Valtuda#2321, or add Chipindip#2709 if you prefer angry Brits. Cya around, ValValtuda15 1d
2d Last Judgement is Recruiting Last Judgement is Recruiting Raiders – NH 4/10 (H) – must have cleared normal NH, Looking for tank, healer and dps 875+ Raid Wed/Sun 8:30 with alt gear runs Fri/Sat – Active TS – Active Socials Welcome. if you are interested /w me!Romard0 2d
2d <UK Gaming> new guild Hello! i have decided to start a community of gamers from the uk!! it will start small but hopefully we will grown into a decent community! if your interested and live in the uk message me! :) bnet skatty#21462Imagìnatìon0 2d
2d [A]Purified 9/10M - 3 days Recruiting DPS Purified (formerly Tainted-Draenor) was reformed for Legion with the view of Mythic Raiding. We are transferring from Outland to Silvermoon due to the realm having a low population of raiders. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild with having cleared tiers while current with ranks in the top 500. ( WowProgress currently isn't showing our rank as it should (mess up with the Realm Transfer). To see our actual progress please look at We are currently approximately World Rank 190 3-day guild (some above us say they raid 3, but add 1-2 more days at start of mythic, we do not). Currently Recruiting 2 Ranged DPS (Hunter, Priest, Druid, Warlock, Mage) 1 Melee DPS (depending on experience) However, we will consider all exceptional applications even if your class isn't listed above. Raid Times Wednesday 20.00-23.30 Sunday 20.00-23.30 Monday 20.00-23.30 We only extend raids if we are extremely close to a kill and EVERYONE in the raid agrees with it. We do not raid a lot, and as such we go for quality over quantity. What we expect from you With only raiding 3 days per week, we expect all raiders to be able to attend all raids. Real-life does happen and that's perfectly fine if something comes up. Be able to communicate in English and having a working microphone. Keep up to date with your class. You're at least 18 years of age. Stable Computer and Connection. What we can offer Good progression, all of us are returning Hardcore/Semi-Hardcore players and we know what it takes. Loot Council, we give loot to whoever needs it the most, we upgrade the raid not the player. obviously its Mainspec>Trial>Offspec prio. Small roster, we don't recruit for the bench. If you think we are the guild for you, please fill out an application at Contact info. Polpe#2693 Riofette#2149Riofette2 2d
2d (a) <Apathia> Mature Casual guild (21+) Hello, <Apathia> is a newly formed social guild aimed for mature players (21+) who may not have the time or desire to commit to a full time progression raid schedule or are just looking for a home with like minded folk to tackle content at their own pace. Our core members have been playing together for many years some at a high level for who now, the days of 4 night raiding and all the extra commitment that comes with it are past us with Wives/Husbands, Kids, Work etc to consider we are happy just playing with like minded folk tackling M+ and organising raids that fit around everyone's schedule. What we can offer: - Mature friendly enviroment - Inclusive, everyone is encouraged to get involved regardless of ability - No pressure raiding, Tackling content at our own pace - Ask questions! a problem with some of the "higher end" guilds is a reluctance to ask for help. What we CAN'T offer: - Cutting edge raiding - 3-4 night Raiding We are currently recruiting players of all classes the only commitment being you are friendly, welcoming, get involved socially and manage your expectations whilst we recruit. If you have any questions or want to know more please contact me in game or add me on bnet Terry84#21715 Thanks :) RoxxiiRoxxii4 2d
2d Rohnin recruiting for 2 teams and Guild Rohnin is looking for new players for both our teams! Team RES and Team ART are looking for dedicated players to show up with everything ready for raiding and show up on time, with calendar invites accepted. Team RES is looking to start Mythic asap! We are a strong dedicated team with 4/7M which would be 7/7M if we had the numbers to deal with certain mechanics. we are also 10/10HC which we clear every wed in 2½ hours max. We raid every Wed/Mon 7:45pm-11pmST. So if you are looking to join a team of 900+ gear score and previous Mythic progression and enjoy raiding then Team RES is for you! Team ART is also looking for players to push forward in HC. They are currently 6/10HC and they raid with a more relaxed/social/fun environment but with a mind-set to push further and progress. So if you are a player that wants progression but at a more relaxed pace and more social environment then this team is for you! Rohnin guild has been founded around 8-9 years ago and started as a social guild that evolved into a raiding team for 2 types of players. We have our serious players wanted to push Mythic asap and we have our more relaxed players wanting to push progress in their pace and style. Rohnin is also a very social guild, that thrives in making every guildie happy in anyway we can. So if you want to run Achievement, Mythic+, Transmog runs or you love killing other players in PVP, then here you will be able to set it up and get it started. If you have any further questions about our guild then feel free to contact me "GM" in game Stylerstar, or our recruitment officer Jupzz (Jewpiter#2163) Thank you for your time reading this and if you do not decided to join us, then i wish you all the best and hope you find the right guild that you want :) Rohnin.Stylerstar1 2d
2d Horde LF enchanter Horde LF enchanter. ingame name is CaparErde0 2d
2d 880 Havoc DH LF Semi-casual Guild. I'm looking to raid heroic and maybe some mythic, nothing too serious. I've been on hiatus since early WoD, but I still know how to do mechanics and how to play. I'm not looking for a second job, I'm looking for fun. Back in WotLK, Cata and WoD I had the time to spend days upon days on raiding, but that time has passed. Despite all this, I do still take my performance seriously, and I will not disappoint in your raiding team. Times available: Every evening EU time except tuesday and friday.Sindrysta3 2d
2d (A) Divergents Recruiting,(A) Divergents Recruiting Divergents is a guild that was created by a group of friends. We are friendly and social and always try to help members in the guild. Most of us started playing back in Vanilla and have a lot of experience from hardcore raiding in the past but, as life goes on, almost everyone in the guild has settled in real life, has a family and kids to look after. Above all real life comes first! We raid two nights a week (21gmt), run Mythic+, Karazhan (timed n full runs), farm old content raids for gearing alts or mains if they still need loot and, whenever we can, we also do some pvp for fun. Events up on calendar every week. We are currently looking for more members to complete our core raid team. Socials are most welcome too! All we ask is for players to be polite in chat/TS, respect each other and to understand that we are a progress guild that keeps trying to push content. Wiping is part of it, so make sure you accept that! Current Progress EN Normal and Heroic 7/7 - Mythic 2/7 (still in progress) ToV Normal 3/3 and Heroic 3/3 NH Normal 10/10 and Heroic 10/10 NH Mythic 3/10 currently in progress Why join Divergents? Everyone is welcome to choose what they want to do in the guild. We don't only offer you a place in our raid team, we give you the chance to play with people that love progressing together, that work hard but at the same time have fun while going through old and new content! We are currently looking for: Ranged and Melee DPS 1 x Mage/Warlock/Hunter 1 x Monk/DK Healers 1 x Priest (pref) Social players also have the chance to raid if they are up to it and if a raiding spot is available. We use DIscord on raid nights and to socialize with each other, guild bank repairs and consumables are also available for everyone that participates in raids and mythic+ runs. If interested in joining or if you need more information /w in game. There's always an officer online to chat with! Hope you all enjoy your day and your gaming! Have fun!Hazabel38 2d
2d BS for Enchanted Thorium Breastplate. Looking for Blacksmiths with the recipe for Enchanted thorium breastplate. Can provide mats. :)Frøyà0 2d
2d [A] 4/10 [M] Non-Phixion 2 Night Raiding Guild We are currently looking for exceptional DPS for Mythic progress: We are currently 4/10 [M] Ranged DPS (OPEN) Healers (OPEN) Tank (OPEN) Non Phixion is a group of friends, who are like minded mythic-raid-skilled players that share a passion for playing games together. Founded in 2011 on Defias Brotherhood, Non Phixion has grown in a community over the years and brought together some really talented players. After taking a year away from the game the community decided to come together to reform the guild for legion under the old banner with reduced raiding hours to accommodate our change in lifestyles as we have grown older. Guild Aim: We aim too be a friendly, yet focused guild that raid 2 nights a week (Weds/Sun 20:30-23:30) and aim to do our best with the time we have. We understand that not all of our players can maintain “hardcore” raiding schedules anymore and aim to produce the standards and quality of raiding within this 2 day window to allow people to still achieve their in-game goals. In short, we aim too kill as many bosses and content we can while keeping things friendly, enjoyable and focused. Non Phixion is above all a community of players and our core will focus on having fun while enjoying the game together. Guild Requirements: What we expect from you - 90% attendance (we do not recruit for the bench) - A positive and mature attitude - Preparation for raid days (I.E flasks, pots etc) - If available read up on raid mechanics/tactics - Enthusiasm for raiding and gaming in general - Stable internet connection What you can expect from us - A community of friends that are passionate about gaming - Gamers that are equally skilled in raiding - Clearing content without the hardcore feel or time requirement - Activities on non raid days (I.E Mythic+ dungeons, bgs etc) Away from raiding you can expect an active community of experienced players with backgrounds in challenge mode realm best times, CM boosting, raid boosting and high level pvp/arena and RBG’s. Also active participation in other competitive games. As the content progresses so will our experience within the game and our members will always find a way to push the game to the next level or find a way to keep things interesting. Like what you see? We welcome anyone looking for a long term home surrounded by strong and able team mates and friends who want to have fun with world of Warcraft and raiding – without surrendering every night to achieve it. If this is something you are interested in you should apply here and join this amazing community! Visit, reply here or contact an officer ingame.Phìxìön4 2d
2d LF healers and dps Ancient Tempest 7/7m 6/10m Ancient Tempest is 3 days raiding guild on EU-Silvermoon that is competing for mythic progression on the server. Many of our raiders have raided in high-end raiding environment in the previous expansions as well. We are looking to compete with less hours and friendly environment to the top of the charts, however that does not mean we do not take seriously our raid time investment or preparations. Our goal as a guild is to have a continuous and stable raid progress on the high-end spectrum of raiding. Raid Times: (server times) --Wednesday 20-23 --Thursday 20-23 --Monday 20-23 What we expect from you: --A mature player in attitude --Stable internet connection --Looking for a ways to improve your performance as player --Able to commit to our raiding schedule --Decent understanding of spoken and written English --Able to accept criticism as harsh as it may seem --Highly motivated to play WoW and do well continuously, if you plan on quitting anytime soon do not bother applying. --Not be too serious of a character and can take light heart jokes What we offer: --A stable and ever growing guild --A chance to raid in high-end structure --A group of dedicated progression driven players Loot Distribution: We are distributing the loot via Loot Council which is fair and considerate towards the raid members and trials as well. For Contacts: MakiShinichi#1239 Rohn#2329 Chumbu#2941 Sumo#1468Hopachaii23 2d
2d Raiding academy Hi I,v setup a guild on Silvermoon called Raiding academy as the name suggests it's goal is to provide a raiding environment for all raiders off any skill level a place to raid in a positive raid environment. So if you new to wow and like to see what raiding like or a old timer like myself who has raided 10+ years and would like to pass on your experience to the next generation of raiders then pls feel free to post your name here and I will contact you in-game asap or add me on battlenet Ultimatewolf #2709 Social are welcome to.Fúrywólf0 2d