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1h <Fracture> 5/11M LF A HEALER <Fracture> Newly cerated guild comprising a close-knit group of friends, who decided to band together for the upcoming raid and other adventures ahead. Altough the guild itself is new, all of our members are no strangers to Mythic raiding - our raiders achieved Cutting Edges in Emerald Nightmare and Tomb of Sargeras. We enjoy spending time together in and outside of the raids/game, but most importantly we strive to create a competetive raiding enviroment with the Antorus' Cutting Edge as the main goal for now. We are driven, motivated and ready to kick !@# in The Burning Throne! As of now, we are currently at 4/11M ✦ Currently we are in need of mainly healers: DRUIDS, DISCIPLINE PRIESTS, PALADINS. Shamans will also be taken into consideration, but with a lesser priority. What you can expect from us: ✦ Progress-driven team ✦ Friendly atmosphere in and outside of the game ✦ Experienced officer team ✦ Fair, transparent loot council system Our raiding times: ✦ PROGRESSION: THURSDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY 20:30-23:30 ✦ FARM/ALT RAIDS: SATURDAY/SUNDAY 20:30-23:30 unless cleared faster We are currently in need of various DPS classes and specs. If you feel like you share our goals and have a necessary experience to join us in Antorus, please add us on or whisper in game: ✦ Therelaz (Sparky24#2197) ✦ Lítt (Toblakai#1624) ✦ Belleteyn (mayHeart#2735) ✦ Ratlabs (Labrats#21914)Belleteyn4 1h
3h [A] <Raid Cat> Recruiting Tank & DPS, Antorus 11/11 HC We're a guild looking for people who want to have a great time, hang out with each other, laugh and have fun while killing stuff in raids! We have a strong roster of regular players and if you would like to join us for Antorus and beyond you are welcome to apply. We raid twice a week in the evenings with optional extra runs appearing as requested. Social member also welcome! Antorus 11/11 Heroic ​ Raid Days: Monday & Friday 19:30 ST With an extra day on Wednesday as optional attendance. Please read the website for more information about us, our raiding requirements and goals. You can also complete a very short application to join here: Looking for: Range DPS & Death Knight (any spec) Position also open for an experienced Tank. We do everything from Transmog runs, PVP, Mythic+ and whatever else you can think of, with our main focus on raiding. ​ We are aiming for a relaxed yet skilled raiding environment where people can fill in for each other, having not to worry about always attending since people can fill in for you, focusing on laughing and having fun rather than worrying about letting anyone down. We do care about people following tactics and knowing what they're doing so we may actually get some stuff done as well, that's why we're looking mainly for experienced raiders that want a more flexible environment (if you are new to raiding you are still welcome) Officers: Maxilloss, Ahdra & TorcianaAhdra71 3h
4h [A]<Just Awful> | Late Night 23-02 | 5/11M <Just Awful> Late Night Raiding Guild - EU Silvermoon Just Awful is a late night raiding guild with a friendly mature atmosphere and a competitive attitude, and we are currently looking for a few new members to bolster our ranks as we continue to progress through Mythic Antorus! Raid schedule. Thursday - 2300 to 0200 (Server Time GMT+1) HC clear Sunday - 2300 to 0200 (Server Time GMT +1) Monday - 2300 to 0200 (Server Time GMT +1) We are currently 11/11 HC and 5/11 on Mythic. We are looking for a few more player to bolster our Mythic team. We are looking for: 1 Ranged DPS - MM Hunter or Shadow Priest 1 Healer - Druid with off-spec preferred but not necessary Other classes than those specified will be considered, so don't be afraid to get in touch! We are always happy to have more social players and Normal & HC raids though :) About the guild. Just Awful was formed to give a place for new and returning players whose lives might not allow for the traditional schedules of most guilds a chance to experience high level endgame content at an accessible time. Many of us are experienced and dedicated raid leaders with a history of competitive play across many genres, and love helping people experience raiding without the elitist attitude. While we focus heavily on successful raid progression, it's not all we do. We have a thriving and diverse social scene, and a busy /g channel filled with helpful and friendly guild members who run Mythic+ pushes, alt raid runs and weekly quest completion etc. Even if you are looking to just be sociable while you get on with your day to day play, Just Awful could be the place for you! What we want from you. Respect your fellow guild mates - Don't be a jerk! Be on time and be prepared. Invites go out fifteen minutes before raid time, with everyone gemmed and enchanted with flasks and food ready. Listen, learn and understand. We value hard work and a willingness to improve your play. We will always offer constructive advice firmly but fairly. Contacts In game: Taycess-Silvermoon, Klàra-silvermoon, Darnias-silvermoon, Pogia-silvermoon Discord: - Preferred Taycess#9305, Integ#5515, Seb#3028, MaD-.^#3160Taycess6 4h
5h [A] <Classified>, Reforming PvE Guild (2days/week) Classified as a guild has been around on Silvermoon for more than 5 years. The founders of the guild, have played on Silvermoon for more than 10 years. After a break we are now returning and reforming the guild. The leaders of the guild are longtime heroic/mythic raiders (currently 10/11 Mythic ABT) and have previously led Guilds, Weekly groups and Alt groups with great succes, both on this server and others. We are looking to build a solid raidteam for the coming expansion. This post will mainly focus on recruitment for our raidteam, however casual/social players who enjoy casual raiding/mythic+/PvP/PvE or just to hang out in guildchat are very welcome aswell, just whisper a member of the guild for invite :) Raidteam: We are looking for players to build a strong team before next expansion, while in the process of doing so, we will of course aim to clear remaining content of the current one. We are fairly serious when it comes to raiding, due to limited raidtime. We only raid 8 hours a week. This means people who join are there to raid and not afk'ing around wasting other peoples time. We only have those 8 hours to get stuff done. Goal: Our goal is mythic raiding and clearing current content. Our longterm goal is to build a strong team for next expansion and become the best 2 days/week guild on Silvermoon. Raidtime: Friday: 20.00 - 00.00. (4 hours) Saturday: 20.00 - 00.00. (4 hours) Might be some optional raids during the week aswell. Current Progress: 11/11 HC (Still missing a few people for Mythic) What we expect from you: Knowledge of your class/spec. Knowledge of the current content (This means researching tactics beforehand). Optimizing your character (Enchants/Gems/Flask/Food/Potions ect.). Decent attendance. Use of voice communication and able to understand/speak English (Discord). That you are 18+ years old. What can we offer you: Foundation of veteran players, with many years of heroic/mythic raiding. A relaxed raiding environment where we can talk and have fun, while raiding on a semi serious level. People who are like-minded (As in wanting to clear content). Hopefully to come a social environment in the guild, where we hang out, help eachother, play other games ect. As we are building a new team pretty much from scratch, a lot of trials will be tested in the beginning to get a good team going (Also dont expect to be doing mythic the first week!). You can also apply to become Officer or Raidleader, but this comes with huge responsibility. We will be very picky on these, so this is only if it is something you are talented at, as we dont have any problem doing these jobs ourselves. Just mention it in your apply. Apply: Mail your apply to: Include relevant information in your apply (Like yourself, character, raidhistory, logs ect.) You will get a response when the Officers have come to a decision on your apply. If you have any questions or would like more information feel free to contact us ingame. Thanks for reading. Officers of Classified. Bondë Xevustronk HappydacksBondë20 5h
7h <Concerted> 2/11M ATBT 2dps for mythic Hello everyone, As the title says we are a guild located on Silvermoon EU. We have lots of experience in raiding going back all the way to wotlk, We achieved 7/7M EN before NH was released and aiming to get as far as possible into ATBT Mythic as we can and same with future raids aswell. Bit about our raids: We like to push ourself but at a steady pace enjoying the content as we go, we dont race against other guilds and just want to kill bosses and enjoy the company of fellow raid team members. We dont do split runs as we know a lot of people got real lifes and just dont have time for that, all we require is one char up to mythic standard, fully enchanted and always prepared for raids. We are currently recruiting a holy paladin or Holy priest ( be good if got offspec dps) and two dps ( any except hunters) To push as far into mythic ToS but to enable a strong core team for Antorus. Our raiding days are: Thursdays 7.45 - 10.45 - Heroic Farm Sundays 7.45 - 10.45 - Progression Mondays 7.45 - 10.45 - Progession As loot goes we expect everyone to know whats an actual upgrade for them, We are using RClootcouncil to decide who gets the loot that is dropped, to make it as fair as possible for everyone. We also encourage everyone to do mythic + outside of raids, either with guildies or themself as it can give good items and decent AP. If this got your interest or you have more questions feel free to leave a reply or contact us Thanks for reading and hope to see some of you in guild :) Socials also welcome :) Website: Bnets: Hexanda: KriffKraff#2974 Nellenzie: Suzie#2347Nellina42 7h
9h Looking for a guild to raid in BfA Hi there, i am kind of a new player, i've been playing since cata but only one month each exp to get to max lvl. Now i want to start playing more seriously. Originally I played in a spanish realm but i joined this one to start a new adventure. I am looking for a friendly guild with discord that can teach me the basics of raiding so when BfA starts i can join their rosters. I can fill any positions (since I have a boost) and i am willing to play a healer, but if not DK, retry, shaman or warlock are some options. If you are looking for a new player that really wants to improve and join your roaster I am a good option. Thank youTanquetôr0 9h
12h [A] Seismic | Mythic+ Focused Friendly Guild! Seismic is an Alliance guild on Silvermoon focused on mythic+! About us Seismic is a newly started fresh guild that is primarily focused on mythic+. Our goal is to build a highly active and friendly community who have a big interest in the mythic+ aspect of the game. We welcome beginners and experienced players at Seismic, having the right mindset is what matters the most to us. As Legion is ending we want to keep enjoying what mythic+ has to offer whilst looking forward to BFA and what it will bring for mythic+! Casual Keystones We want members to be able to log in and find a group for their keystone or find a group to join whether they are looking for just a few keystones a week or many. Seismic is a guild where you can enjoy joining keystones in a relaxed environment and most importantly have a lot of fun whilst doing so! We are beginner friendly with helpful, patient & experienced members. We also want our members to feel that they have the option to learn and improve how they preform in mythic+ so they can start their own keystone progressions if they should wish to. Keystone Pushing We have dedicated days for experienced players who are looking to push their keystones as high as possible. Although you are of course free to push your keystone any day of the week also having set days allows members to know there will be high keystones available at these particular times with a progression focused mindset. Wednesday - 7 PM to late Sunday - 7 PM to late *Very possible for more progression days to be added as the guild roster begins to grow* Guild Discord We have an active discord that already has it's own small community of players from other realms/raiding guilds who are very interested in mythic+ in their free time. As well as being social on there we also have a page dedicated to mythic+ information such as helpful Weak Auras / general information / useful links to various websites where lots of detail can be found on pathing, each dungeon encounter etc / addons. To summarise we are a brand new guild who is here to stay ready to build a strong community for BFA and future expansions! It is worth keeping in mind that a little patience is necessary whilst the guild is still in its early stages but very soon we will be thriving! FAQ Are there any requirements to be able to join Seismic? We have no requirements to join us! All we ask is that you are a friendly and positive minded player. Does Seismic have any guild rules? Our guild rules are very simple and the following 3 things will not be tolerated: Negative/toxic attitudes. Abandoning a guild members keystone without their agreement. Griefing/purposefully ruining a guild members keystone. Does Seismic raid or have any plans to in the future? We do not raid and currently have no plans to begin raiding in the near future. Does Seismic sell keystone boosts? We currently do not but are very likely to in the near future! If you have any questions then please feel free to comment below or add either the GM or an officer via their battletags. Guild Master Peachelle - Peachelle#2142 Officer(s) Giari - Croz#2542Peachelle0 12h
12h Guilds that raid between 15-21 CET? Are there such early raiding guilds on Silvermoon? Alliance of course.Mirtle2 12h
13h [A] Parallel are recruiting! Parallel on Silvermoon are currently recruiting! We are in need of a healer, a chicken, warlock and Shadow Priest but other classes are considered as well. We are 3/11 Mythic in Antorus but would love to see some new members who can strengthen us, so we can push even further into the Burning Throne. Our raiding days are Monday 20-23, Thursday 20-23 and Saturday 20-24 Server Time. If you are interested, contact me in-game on Anknara or add Sreias#2131 to your battle-tag. You can apply on 13h
14h [A] <Contemplating Salad> 5/11M recruiting DPS Hello! Contemplating Salad is transitioning into Mythic and we're looking for people with decent knowledge and understanding of their class with ability to perform good while also following raid mechanics. We're a 2 day raiding guild that focuses on having fun but at the same time keeping a good pace in progression. Since we only raid 2 days, we require high attendance but understand that emergencies/other responsibilities sometimes happen and as long as that's communicated in advance, there won't be a problem. We're looking for mature, communicative and reliable people and require having at least Heroic Antorus cleared in order to be able to raid Mythic with us but having Mythic experience in Antorus is favorable. Raid Schedule Wednesday and Sunday 8 - 11 PM CET for Mythic Recruitment Our main priority at the moment is MW Monk/Resto Shaman/Disc Priest with decent DPS spec. Other than that, we're looking for, preferably, any Melee DPS but every class/spec will be considered. If you want to apply, use the application form found here: There are multiple ways to get in touch with us: You can use our website: or join our Discord Or contact our recruitment officers on Orvos#21852 Vkay#21338 slt#2165 WoWProgress page: 14h
1d Serpentis - Mythic Raiding Guild. Hi Silvermoon o/ Serpentis is a newly made guild, made from mythic raiders who was in a casual guild before but broke away to raid more hardcore! We're getting there quite fast with recruitment however we are looking for more players to solidify our raid team and get pushing straight back into Mythic. What are we looking for in a player? Looking for someone who's always trying to improve, willing to contribute to tactics and maintain a positive behaviour - even after hours of wiping. Having a positive attitude still after being benched for a raid - We all need to rotate and "share" the raid spots, that's what Mythic is all about. No-one is entitled to a raid spot so if your that sort of person then this is not the guild for you. Someone that would run M+ each week and get that +15 key. It's free loot so why not do it? We need people who are also reliable and able to make the raid days. Around 90% attendance is required as we do know some people may have to miss a raid for work etc. In terms of healing recruitment we are looking for two healers to make sure we have a stable heal team - Currently looking for a monk/priest healer to fill those spots. We are looking for all DPS currently apart from mages as we are full on mages currently so all DPS applications are going to be considered - other than mages. We look forward to your applications and hopefully raiding with you guys - You can apply at Good luck! o/Tintu12 1d
1d [A] <Tranquil Mind> - 1 Day Heroic Raiding Guild About Tranquil Mind is a mature and friendly guild with a relaxed and positive atmosphere. A guild formed of like-minded people who love the game and everything it has to offer but who also have work, studies and/or family commitments. To support this, one of the aspects that sets us apart from other guilds is that we only raid one night a week currently. To us, having less time doesn't mean less focus, we're still clearing content up to and including heroic level. We're not all about the raiding either, we're looking for players who enjoy all the game has to offer, including weekly regular mythic+ runs on mondays and other group content. Your attitude and love of the game are more important to us than your gear and elite DPS logs. We love World of Warcraft and want to play with others who feel the same. Recruitment We are currently recruiting to increase our raid size and to look for new members to accompany us into Battle for Azeroth when the time comes. For current content we are looking for the following classes and specs: Tanks Full. However, tanks with an alternative DPS spec are welcome. Healers All healer classes are welcome to join! DPS All DPS classes are welcome to join! We're always looking for great players, so if you feel that you're a good fit for us please get in touch even if your class isn't listed. Raiding is not mandatory, so if you want to join to only be a part of the social community of the guild, you are more than welcome as well. Current Raid Times Fridays 20:45-00:00 server time. Raid attendance - If you have signed up for the raid, be on time, come prepared with consumables and know your tactics. We understand that real life comes first so missing the odd raid isn't an issue as long as you let us know what's going on. What we expect * Be a part of our community - Join in and group up as often as possible * Know your class - Be prepared to learn and improve to do your best * Communication - Be able and ready to join our Discord server * Positive attitude - Treat each other with respect Contact us Any questions or requests to join can be directed to: Vizzie (Ice#23651) Ceare (Ceare#2353)Vizzie0 1d
1d Recruiting Hpriest or Rdruid for Mythic progress 4/11m Geometry Whisper some one online or apply @ more details @ 1d
1d (A) Four oh Four Antorus Boosting Saturdays Between 20.00 and 22.00 We will be selling Antorus Heroic Boosts, every saturday. 20.00-22.00 Server time. Since its still early into the new tier. we might still need some gear. if we dont, we will pass it to the buyers. Personal Loot Only. Full Heroic Antorus. Includes --> Curve, Mount and the chance to get legendary trinket, Aman Thul. and +945 Gear with the chance of Titan/warforging.. Price 1.000.000 Gold. To reserve a spot . we require the following: 10% deposit is required to book a spot rest is due before we pull the first boss. ( if you dont show up or decide you dont want it, you forfeit the deposite.) If our team isnt ready or cant do the boost, all gold deposits will be returned. Payment on silvermoon EU only. Vouches from previus boosts can be found here. If you want to buy a boost. please add me. Sentron#2265 Thanks for your time. and Good luck with your game.Ajento12 1d
1d [A] <Geometry> 4/11M Who are we? <Geometry> was born on the 29th of January 2018. The core of the guild comes from Frostmane EU in the guild Enigmatic. We all decided to transfer to Silvermoon due to being on a dead realm made recruiting very challenging. Until we get our selves back on our feet I will include our old WoW progress page so you can get an idea of where we were in terms of progression: Why join us? <Geometry> can provide you with: A serious yet fun raiding experience (We take raiding seriously) Free raid materials (Flasks, Food, Pots etc...) A committed raiding team Mega bants and dank memes A friendly social space where you can make friends What do we require from you? A serious and committed attitude to raiding (We have a no tolerance policy to toxicity) Be able to attend at least 85% of our raids You know your class to a very high level and keep you self up to date Come prepared for raids (Don't expect to turn up not knowing what's going on) Sign up to all calendar events and post in the AFK channel in discord if you cannot make a raid Have a working microphone Raiding Schedule <Geometry> currently raid on: Monday Wednesday Thursday 20:00-23:00ST Invites go out at 19:45 To apply, please visit: Any questions? Feel free to add me on battletag: Martinwonder#2294Edgemistress12 1d
1d Contemplating (Alliance), recruiting Hi We’re Contemplating, a casual raiding guild composed of friends and weirdos looking for more members to join our community The foundation of the guild is aimed at providing a fun and organized raiding experience with a friendly atmosphere. Our main raid night is Friday 8pm till 11pm server time, but we have a Tuesday night raid at the same time too, usually for Normal runs or whatever we feel like doing at the time. We've also started progressing through heroic! One of our main aims is to build a fun and close-knit community rather than mindlessly collecting roster numbers, so we do have a 2 alt per person limit. So, if that sounds like something you’re interested in, you can get in touch via: Joining our discord server: Commenting below Or adding and speaking to any of our officers: RedPancake#2190 Chanceraps#2494 Rogan#2298Elfadrus35 1d
1d <Echoes of Divinity> 5/11M Recruiting! Echoes of Divinity, a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Silvermoon PVE with raiders who have raiding experience since Vanilla, TBC and Wrath. We are aiming for a casual raiding schedule while still being competitive and also having fun! Currently Looking for: Blood Death Knight Holy Paladin If you do not play one of these classes/roles however don't hesitate to get in touch if you think the guild would be a fit for you anyway! What We Expect From You: -Required to have 95% - 100% attendance (We run a small roster to maximise effectiveness) -Raiders are required to know their class and encounters before the raid begins. -Attitude. We ask players to be respectful and mindful of one another. Clarifications of raid strategy are encouraged if you are confused about what to do and when. Above all, respect your officers and fellow raid members. We are looking for similarly experienced players that have put in the effort to gear themselves, though we aren’t afraid to help someone gear who has proven to be a boon to our team. While we will try to provide feasts and other consumables, we expect you to always to come prepared in that regard and in researching the fights. Raid Times: WEDNESDAY: 20:00-23:00 SUNDAY:20:00-23:00 MONDAY:20:00-23:00 (Server time) Required Addons: *Weak Auras *RCLootCouncil *Deadly Boss Mods or BigWigs *Exorsus Raid Tools Loot System: Loot is determined by a council of officers, with a focus on level of upgrade, attendance, and performance. How To Apply: If this sounds like something you would like to be a part of, or if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a comment on this forum, or by adding TwistedFrezy#2851 or Meggot#2757 on 1d
1d (A) Friends looking for a new Home! Hello! Me and my friends are looking for a guild to team up with, I have lots of raiding experience and my main is on Horde, but I have always been fan of the Alliance so I decided to leave "hardcore" raiding and team up with my IRL friends on Alliance. My friends are pretty new to end game wow but they are getting better each day! Now we are looking for a home to do a couple raids and mythic+ :)Kotomà3 1d
1d LF Social / Heavy M+ Guild Im looking for a very social guild who do a lot of M+ and things like that since its a struggle to find one since everyone is raiding and I really dont want to do it but I can however mainly looking for a social guild and that people use discord / Teamspeak a lot and make sure you have a lot of players on line is what im looking forElwarrior2 1d
1d [A]: Aiur 10/11H LF like minded players With the XMAS holidays over, Aiur is looking to bolster its ranks to venture forward in the HC and mythic ATBT. Our Progress is a bit low atm for the simple reason that we did not increases any raid days for extra clears and we cleared normal within our official raid days, and that basically burnt almost 3hrs for a full normal clear for gearing ourselves ofc and to get everyone a pantheon trinket. Now with the core coming back from the holidays we are going to spend our full 6hrs/week in the HC and we are missing our last few spots which we would like to add to our roster. Progress this exp: 7/7 HC EN 3/3 Normal TOV 1/3 HC TOV 10/10 NH normal. 10/10 NH HC 1/9 NH Mythic 9/9 TOS HC 1/9 TOS Mythic 11/11 ANT normal 10/11 ANT HC Guild requirements: At least 930ilvl and 70+ traits Active with great attitude Eager to be on board and help the guild move forward. Raiding: 2 nights Monday and Thur 19.45 - 22.45 server time sharp personal Loot and ML on Tier Bosses Roles still in need: dps roles are up for grabs. possible healer spot for the right candidate Classes open: Warlock Ele/Ench shaman Rogue WW monk Boomkin Keep in mind that all classes will be considered, these above are the most classes desired. Please visit our new web page fro more information about classes needed: Hit us up for a chat in Discord for more information. Kartor#2203,roronoa#2243Kartessa18 1d
1d (A) Orion Needs You ! Ranged ! 10/11 HC ABT ! Orion is a small guild which are currently sat at 11/11 normal 10/11 heroic ABT looking to progress as far as we can. we are a small guild that originally started life on stormrage and after a really bad summer decided to move here to start our raid team back up and up to press have been pretty successful we are a nice bunch of people that like to have a joke and a good laugh while raiding but take our time somewhat serious but not to the hardcore levels, so given our past can you be the people to reinforce our core team. so back to the point we are looking to fill some dps spots and maybe a healing spot with 1 hunter 1 rogue slot available 1 shadow priest slot available 1 mage slot available 1 retadin slot available looking for people around 935 ilvl any and all are considered if your the right person :) our raid nights are wednesday 20:00-23:00 sunday 20:00-23:00 times given are game time so please get in contact with me on aiyame#2499 and lets have a little chat and see where it takes us and hope for some good timesAiyame34 1d
2d (A) Divergents Recruiting,(A) Divergents Recruiting Divergents is a guild that was created by a group of friends. We are friendly and social and always try to help members in the guild. Most of us started playing back in Vanilla and have a lot of experience from hardcore raiding in the past but, as life goes on, almost everyone in the guild has settled in real life, has a family and kids to look after. Above all real life comes first! We raid two nights a week Monday/Wednesday (21gmt-23:30), run Mythic+, farm old content raids for gearing alts or mains if they still need loot and, whenever we can, we also do some pvp for fun. Events up on calendar every week. We are currently looking for more members to complete our core raid team. Socials are most welcome! All we ask is for players to be polite in chat/disc, respect each other and to understand that we are a progress guild that keeps trying to push content. Wiping is part of it, so make sure you accept that! Current Progress EN Normal-Heroic 7/7 - Mythic 7/7 ToV Normal-Heroic 3/3 - Mythic 3/3 NH Normal-Heroic 10/10 - Mythic 5/10 ToS Normal-Heroic 9/9 - Mythic 5/9 AtBT Normal 11/11 - Heroic 11/11 - Mythic 2/11 Why join Divergents? Everyone is welcome to choose what they want to do in the guild. We don't only offer you a place in our raid team, we give you the chance to play with people that love progressing together, that work hard but at the same time have fun while going through old and new content! We are currently looking for: 2 x Melee DPS (Rogue/monk) 1 x Boomkin 1 x Hunter 1 x Shadow Priest/Mage 1 x Healer (pref Monk) Social players also have the chance to raid if they are up to it and if a raiding spot is available on our off nights. We use DIscord on raid nights and to socialize with each other, guild bank repairs and consumables are also available for everyone that participates in raids. If interested in joining or if you need more information /w in game. There's always an officer online to chat with! Hope you all enjoy your day and your gaming! Have fun!Hazabel150 2d
2d [11/11 HC] ⋆ ReaperCrew ⋆ is LF mythic Raiders Greetings great heroes of Azeroth, My name is Repruer, friends call me Rep, and i'm the head of ⋆ ReaperCrew ⋆ ReaperCrew’s recruitment is open - looking for dedicated raiders, who are competent in raid, and focus on pushing their characters both inside and outside of raid. You can apply for a position in our raiding / main raiding team via Application Form: Server: Silvermoon - EU If your class is not listed, it does not mean we will not accept your application. We will accept all exceptional applicants, as our goal is to bring the best 20 into heroic and mythic raiding. We are NOT elitists. Social people are welcomed, we encourage the guild meme's :) Raiding Times: Monday: 7:30 PM - 11:00 PM - progression raids Wednesday: 7:30 PM - 11:00 PM - progression raids Thursday: 7:30 PM - 11:00 PM - progression raids Saturday: 7:30 PM - 11:00 PM - normal raids Sunday: 7:30 PM - 11:00 PM - normal raids Will usually not raid later than 11:00 PM, unless something is close to dying. Guild Events: Tuesday: 7:30 - 11:00 PM - Mythic+ keys, hall of the Champions Friday: 7:30 - 11:00 PM - PvP All Stars Guild Goals: Our primary goal is to have fun in the game! Beat every encounter in the game - our goals are almost always progress-oriented. Stay competitive and stay one of the best guilds of the server. Maintain the friendly atmosphere in the guild: -There is no QQ, no drama, no scams and no loot arguments. -We don't scream on discord for people's mistakes. -People are welcome to invite their friends in the guild to join our social ranks. -We expect mature and adult behavior from all our guildies. Don't over-recruit, even if it means we sometimes are a bit short on people, we keep our numbers reasonable. Do guild achievements. (although our main goal is always progress) Requirements: If you wish to join our main raiding team, you will need: - To know your class very well (stats, rotations, etc.) - Around 955+ ilvl, at least 75+ artifact level. - Be able to cover at least 2 roles/specs with 70+ lvl on both weapons. - Be able to attend at least 3/5 raid days every week. - Show up to raids/events in time. - Be prepared for raids/events (flasks, consumables, etc.) - Be able to accept criticism. - A positive, progressive mindset. Required Addons for our Main team: RC Loot Council DBM or Bigwigs WeakAuras 2 Exorsus Raid Tools Discord software is mandatory for every raid, so make sure you have the voice application installed before attending raids. What we expect from recruits: ⋆ Knowledge/Skills: -We expect very good performance on every level -Learn from your mistakes, but also from other people's mistakes -Adapt to new situations and new tactics quickly -Know all the mechanics of your class and how to use them to their fullest as part of a team -Know about the encounters beforehand and how your abilities will fit into it and when ⋆ Dedication/Reliability: -We only raid 3 nights (progression), which don't give much room for standby or for over-recruit, so we expect as close to 3/3 as possible from everyone. -Have a good PC and solid Internet connection. Don't waste our time and yours if you have 5 FPS and d/c at every pull. -Be ready for every encounter in terms of knowledge, consumables and extra gear sets if needed ⋆ Personal Traits: -Team attitude. We are happy when you try to be as good as possible but you should always value the "good of the team" more then your personal achievements/gear -Mature people only (not age related) -Raiding experience. We don't expect you to have killed every boss out there, but you should have some good hard mode raiding experience -Order of importance: Attitude>Skill>Gear. If you fail on the first two, you will fail your trial. -Able to communicate clearly in English, both in speaking and in writing (we use discord, having a microphone is a big plus but not obligatory - although it is 100% required for tanks) -Mature attitude towards raiding. Wiping is part of the learning process in besting an encounter. If you don't like wiping, you are probably playing the wrong game. Be a decent human being and have fun with the people you play with. We want members who want to be with us for a long time. If you are interested in joining a multi-culture family and wish to enjoy the game in a new home, please add JohnnyofRC#2216 on battlenet.Repruer5 2d
2d [A] 958 warrior looking for N/HC raids. Looking for guild to do weekly normal/heroic clears X-realm with until BFA launches. Not looking for mythic raiding, just some casual fun stuff and good company. Avaliable times I can commit to raiding; 15.00-24.00 Avaliable days I can commit to raiding; Friday Saturday Sunday Tuesday Previous raid experience; Legion Antorus - 11/11 HC ToS - 9/9 HC NH - 10/10 HC Warlords HFC - 13/13 Mythic BRF - 10/10 HC HM - 7/7 HC For those of you who want to look at logs and the link, link below.ìct1 2d
2d (A) 3 Players Looking For a Guild Hello I'm part of a group of 3 players that have returned from a break from WoW, we have numerous classes levelled and have come back to WoW to see which classes we intend to play from now and into the new expansion, currently we are playing Prot Warrior, Holy Priest, Hunter. I do know one of us will be a tank, one will be a healer, and one will be ranged DPS, for now we are just seeking a semi hardcore guild that want to progress but also mix element of fun into raiding and don't whine when the wiping happens, but rather picks up dusts off and gets on with it. I am currently levelling a Druid healer on Silvermoon so if you are interested in all 3 of us and can provide raid spots please feel free to contact me on the name Healthful, in return we offer loyalty to who ever is interested as long as guild is a good match for us and vica versa.Healthful4 2d
2d ★ <Alternatives> The Weekend Raiding Guild ★ Hi Silvermoon, <Alternatives> is recruiting players for our weekend raids . A few things about us: The idea of the guild is to facilitate organised raids to players who can't or don't want to make raid times during the week due to real life commitments. We aim to be a casual guild. In our case this means that we are happy with clearing a raid instance on normal mode in a fun and relaxed way, rather then beating our heads against heroic bosses. For us being casual does NOT mean we don't care about our progression or attendance, but that we have more important things happening in our lifes. It is our intension to bring back the guild feeling that you could experience during Karazahn in The Burning Crusade or in normal mode guilds during Wrath of the Lich King. Good company is important to us and we consider guild members our friends. This also means we try to minimise the number of players that have to sit out at the raid weekend. We do not believe in over-recruiting players for personal gain / progression. Our raid times: Fridays : 20:00 to 23:30 Saturdays : 20:00 to 23:30 Loot System: Main raid : Suicide Kings Alt run : MS > OS A few things you should bring: You should be over 21 years of age You should be friendly, polite, mature and reliable You should be OK with being "a Casual" You should be able to communicate in English Current vacancies Tanks none DPS Moonkin, Warlock, Mage (2-3) Demon Hunter, Rogue (1) Healer none ... Progression [Patch 7.3] 11/11Antorus, The Burning Throne (heroic) 11/11Antorus, The Burning Throne (normal) [Patch 7.2.5] 9/9 Tomb of Sargeras (heroic) [Patch 7.2] 10/10 Nighthold (heroic) [Patch 7.1] 3/3 Trial of Valor (heroic) 7/7 The Emerald Nightmare (heroic) Social members are of course always welcome. You should however posses the same qualities as mentioned above. If you are interested feel free to contact any officer, use the in-game guild recruitment tool or apply on our website. For additional information please visit us : follow us @Alternatives_EU We are looking forward to see the one or other of you in our guild list soon! Thanks for reading this and rock on good people! -FinFinsternis374 2d
2d [A][Alonsus<Judge> 9/11M Recruiting <Judge> on Alonsus is recruiting for Antorus and beyond. We've been on Alonsus as a raiding guild since The Burning Crusade, and most of our members have raided at a high level in past expansions, but are now looking to get content done with less of a time commitment. During Nighthold we raided 2 nights a week with an optional heroic clear, but we moved to a 3-night raid schedule for Tomb: Wednesday, Sunday & Tuesday. In addition to the raid nights, the guild is active on non-raid nights doing Mythic+, PvP, and levelling/gearing alts, as well as alt/social raids. Raid times: Wednesday - 20.00-00.00 Server Time. Sunday - 20.00-00.00 Server Time. Tuesday - 20.00-00.00 Server Time. We also have additional raids for those interested in gearing alts, as well as for social members to attend subject to gear and expertise. Saturday - 20.00-22.00 Server Time: Antorus Normal Monday - 20.00-23.00 Server Time: Antorus Heroic Legion Raid Stats: Kiljaeden M - Realm #2, World #698 Gul'dan M - Realm #2, World #1144 Helya M - Realm #1, World #818 Xavius M - Realm #4, World #2892 Recruitment We're currently recruiting Ranged DPS players, with a strong preference for a mage or a hunter as well as a healer with preference for Holy Paladin or Priest. If the above sounds like it could be interesting for you, please fill in this form and we will contact you shortly For additional information you can check our wowprogress profile. Hope to see you soon.Niemesis0 2d
2d 955 DK LF a Raiding Guild Morning all, I'm currently looking for a raiding guild as mine has taken a break from the game for the foreseeable future. I've cleared 2/6 M on my lock however, having played it for a significant time I'm looking to change class to my DK. I've cleared HC on this character, have 4 set will shortly have 75 traits on both frost and blood. I'd prefer to DPS but am happy to be an offspec tank (and take care of all your M+ tanking needs). I'm pretty experienced, have been raiding since vanilla and have always been in the mythic scene, if not necessarily Cutting Edge. I'd prefer a 2 night a week guild, though it's not a dealbreaker. Preferably having done HC and looking to move to Mythic shortly. Lock's profile:áka6 2d
2d Project Horizon 3/11 Mythic Recruiting 1 or 2 DPS Project Horizon, recruiting 1 or 2 DPS to strengthen our mythic team, shadow priest, boomie, rogue, ele shammy would be great but open to any good players except hunters as we have 3 already. We raid Wednesday and Sunday night from 9-12 server time and then do an optional run for heroic on Thursdays open to all in guild. Were a chilled group and don’t have time for drama or ranters so please don’t apply if you have a short temper, dont like an hour of wipes or are expecting an elitist group. We have only just stepped into Mythic but are currently 3/11 our first night got us GWB down and Dogs to 0.1% (don’t ask) our second night got GWB down and 1 shot on Dogs and Eonar down to last phase, Eonar took an extra night so were now on High Command our best shot 20% we had about 2 hours on it. We also run mythic plus upto +20 or so and were open to any casuals who would like to join. If it sounds interesting give any officer at Project Horizon a shout or add the below and whisper in game. Thanks Archgordie! Battlenet Gordie#2423 (Co-Owner) vpangel#2722 (Owner/GM) Wilberf0rce#2391 (Officer)Archgordie2 2d
3d [A] Dispello 11/11HC New to Silvermoon casual We are a group of player that have played on Khadgar for a very long time. We have recently all played together under Emissary of war We have decided to move due to not being able to get a consistent 20 man raid for mythic, made harder by being on a low pop server such as Khadgar. We take a pretty casual approach to raiding, however still a expect a level of skill, class knowledge awareness and boss tactics as we still like to achieve a consistent level of progression. We raid Monday 20:30-23:00 Wednesday 20:30-23:00 Thursday 20:30-23:00 Server Time We understand their is a sun out their somewhere and a real life so we don't operate a strict 100% raid attendance, however turning up for a Wednesday farm run only is frowned upon. The more you put in more you will get in return For any other info please contact my self (Strafelord#2344) or any other officer. Thanks StrafeStrafe5 3d
3d Inner Sanctum Boost Runs In short add Angel#2789 or Markster#2440 for full details Inner Sanctum is one of the most long standing and successful guilds on Silvermoon. We are currently a top guild on the realm and are now in a position to offer boosts as follows: Heroic Argus Personal Loot Ahead of the Curve Stormcrow Mount Pantheon Trinket Upgrade Chance at Legendary Trinket Full Heroic Antorus Clear - Personal Loot This would include all the rewards from Heroic Argus plus every boss in the instance on personal loot. All gear that raiders receive and don't need will also be traded to you. If the item is an off piece i.e. ring/neck/relic all boostees will roll for the item. Mythic Guldan Mount In this boost we will kill both Elisande and Gul'dan on Master looter. You will receive the Living Infernal Core Mythic Antorus and Mythic+ Please contact the battletags given at the beginning and end for details. Prices Prices will always be changing and we aim to be as competitive as possible. We will be able to give you a price once we have discussed the boost you wish to purchase. All payments will be made with in-game gold on Silvermoon EU. Once again you can add Angel#2789 or Markster#2440 for any queries. Thanks for reading and best of luck.Enisee4 3d
3d [A] -=|Knights Legion|=- Normal & Heroic Raiding Guild ...~ What we look for ~ We pretty much look for all types of players, mostly like minded people who share the same philosophy as we do which is to enjoy the game to its fullest, be part of a friendly community and to remember there is a human being behind every avatar! Raid wise we look for mainly one thing....reliability, in this term we mean if u can only make a raid once a week or 2 times a month, to us this is reliable...i little bit on the filthy casual side but we know when u can and cant join us on the raid front! Ofc we would prefer full time raiders above all as this makes for a stronger team, however we understand rl is rl. ~ What we can offer ~ Knights Legion has been around since 2007, we are old school in a lot of ways but are with the trend as well. For raiding we don't use DKP or Loot Council, we have a ranking system based on fairness, once you rank up from the trial period which is 1-2 weeks you roll like anyone else in the raid team. No favoritism, No reserved loot! just your rolls vs other rolls. Simple as that. Your also be part of a team and guild that are very friendly and a leadership that is outgoing, organised and has the teams best interest at heart, none of this clickly clicky nonsense! we are a mature guild! ( most of the time ^^ ) Social players are very very welcome to our guild as well, we host none raid guild events for everyone to be involved in! Mythic + runs is ongoing each week, we are very active! (evenings mainly) ~ Legion raid progress ~ (Updated: 11/02/18) Antorus the Burning Throne (H): 11/11 (Farming) (N): 11/11 (Farming) Tomb of Sargeras (H): 9/9 (N): 9/9 Trial of Valor (H): 3/3 (N): 3/3 Emerald Nightmare (H): 7/7 (N): 7/7 ~ Raid times ~ Wednesdays & Sundays ( Main ) 20:15 - 23:15 server time Fridays ( Alt/farm Runs ) 20:30 server, 2hrs+ ...Raid wise you get to choose which team you want to be a part in as in our normal or heroic team (or both), in some cases we may be slow in the progress then others but one thing is for sure we get the job done! Nothing is impossible! (learning the dance with Heigan..that felt impossible) If we tickle your fancy drop me a pm in game or add me for a chat =) Btag @ Raz#2760 Website - Discord - (community channel) Very best regards Razorgon GM of Knights LegionRazorgon36 3d
3d <A> <Retro> 5/11m [Late Night] Hello! About Us: <Retro> was originally founded in 2011 during Cataclysm's "Rage of the Firelands" patch. Having reformed this expansion and steamrolled our way through Heroic Tomb of Sargeras, we are currently recruiting to expand the raid team for Antorus with players who show a good attitude and raid awareness. Though as a guild we don't take ourselves too seriously; we still know when to get our heads down and focus on mechanics. If your ideal raid setting involves a mix of humour, bad puns and decent progression, then you've found the right guild for you! The guild is also active outside of raiding, our Discord chat is regularly populated on nights when we have nothing planned, and we regularly try to clear Mythic+ dungeons together in an attempt to gather a bit more gear all-round. Even if raiding isn’t your fancy, social members are also very welcome! Raid Information: Currently seeking the following to fill in the last few gaps of our raid roster: 2 Ranged DPS (Mage / Shadow Priest / Warlock / Elemental Shaman) We will also consider exceptional applicants from other classes and specs. On the look out for a standout Demon Hunter. We raid every Wednesday and Thursday 22:00-01:00 (server time). We run full Heroic clears every Monday for Heroic Team members to impress the Officer team as well as gear up accordingly. Raid Requirements: Have at least 945+ ilvl and similar raiding experience to the guild’s. We are willing to accept slightly lower mythic progression for players who stand out. Be willing to use Discord for voice communications and have a good command of the English language. Be responsible for yourself in terms of turning up to raids as prepared as possible. Good attendance, please ensure that you are able to attend the raid times specified above. If your circumstances change and you are unable to attend one night, please ensure you let an officer know or otherwise get a message passed onto us! If you are interested or have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to message get in touch via the following: Officer In-game: Vanlith Battletag: Jack#2475 We look forward to hearing from you.Vanlith0 3d
3d Delete please, remake inc! Delete please, need a remake!Gaddzingo0 3d
4d [A] Blades For Azeroth 11/11 HC LF Heroic DPS Blades for Azeroth is Casual but Performance focused Raid Guild with it's roots in Sweden but have since left those roots and gone international. We are rebuilding our current team and setting up for Battle for Azeroth. So are you looking for a guild where you can raid Normal and Heroic without having the pressure of Mythic level? Are you a person that like to improve yourself and get better at your class? Are you a person that like to kill bosses while looking glorius as hell in your transmog? If any of those apply to you then you should check us out. BFA comes from another acient Silvermoon guild called Wings of Icarus. The raid portion of that guild decided to create a international guild. RAID SCHEDULE: Wednesday - Thursday - Sunday ( Sunday being more relaxed ) at 19:00 PM ( UTC+01:00) We have a solid core group and is now looking to expand on our DPS group and maybe 1 exeptional TANK. The classes we are looking for the most right now is: Boomkin Shadow priest Mage Rogue WW Monk The classes we are NOT looking for right now is: Hunters If this is something that catches your eye and you want more information feel free to send me a message ingame to Nollfakultet or Bellerofon#2642Nollfakultet5 4d
5d LF weekend raiding guild for BFA Hey , i am mature former hardcore mythic raider in all expansions so far , stopped wow after Guldan mythic , and now planning to come back to game for new exp . looking for mature raiding end game guild , with raids sat - sun as prio . i ll be happy to rape the new raids in BfA with my !@# rogue , if any1 interested , feel free to contact me here , or discord :Pidd#3322; or email : see you in BFA :PPidd2 5d
5d Holy priest looking for raiding guild! Hii people! :) I just transfered my priest to alliance and looking after a raiding guild to join. 934 ilvl equipped atm. Ive cleared through normal and heroic in Antorus. Have exp in all raids and I'm ready to move to another server if needed.Althea2 5d
5d Looking for Guild for BFA Pretty much title, I'll be mostly levelling alts until BFA but I'm looking for a HC level maybe a couple of mythics level guild that is looking for recruit for BFA. I currently play: Holy Priest Resto Shaman Prot Warrior Feral Druid Frost Mage And I'm happy to play any of them depending on the requirements of the guild. I'm pretty much done with legion and I'm mostly focused on levelling the new allied races. About me, I'm a past HC/Mythic raider since late TBC, I finished playing Legion after the Emerald Nightmare only returning to get the new allied races. I have ahead of the curves and proudest moment of HC 10 man Lich King back on Hellscream back in the day. Thanks for reading my post.Santíago4 5d
5d Nova Inc - lf mythic players Hello raiders! Newly migrated "Nova Inc" (Silvermoon-EU) is bolstering the ranks for further mythic progression and future content. We are a working on our 7th year as a raiding guild. As a guild we prioritize maturity, respect and having fun! If those keywords match to you, keep reading. In our scheduled mainraids, whether it is farm content or progression, we approach content with a serious mindset. During trash mobs theres room for a chat and a laugh. Besides our raiding, we are very socially active guild. There is basicly people to chat and/or play with on Discord around the clock. Common things we do together outside scheduled raids, are Alt raids, Mythic+, Group questing, or just chatting on Discord. We are looking for people, that both have knowledge of their class and who can integrate nicely into the guild, and not only become a raider, but a guild member. Our raiding days are: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 19.30 – 23 With a 15 min break around 21.00 Our progression in the current expansion is: 7/7 Mythic EN 2/3 Mythic ToV 6/10 Mythic NH 1/9 Mythic ToS 2/11 Mythic ANT If all the above information fits you, please don't hesitate to contact us for a chat. Or visit for more information about the guild and our raiding. We hope to hear from you soon! GM: Knotah (Ludden#2682) Officer: Ourez (Ourez#2338) Officer: Animation (Burgershift#2867) Officer: Sixtuzzy (Grylutz#2775) Officer: Dro (DroZu#2153) Officer: Amanthy (Amergin#2133)Knotah2 5d
5d Looking for Russian guild. Hello ! We are two Russian players playing here for a half of the year. Anybody knows something about ru-guilds here?Burzarion1 5d
5d Mature casual player looking for guild Hi. This may seem like a desperate post but I am a long time veteran player who has not raided or even done many Dungeons since Diablo iii came out and stole my guild mates. I belong to a guild and if anything I am loyal to the point I have spent 5 years hoping my guild will come back and do stuff together again. We were an active guild who raided and did dungeons and challenges together up until cataclysm and then Diablo made an appearance and everyone went over to that and I am guessing since then to ventures new. It is getting quite lonely with the few alts left in the guild who come online now and then but most of those that were left went over to other guilds to continue raiding. Due to personal life commitments I am very rarely online in the evenings therefore I am not available to raid, and I have not really raided or done a dungeon in a very long time. So I am at the point where I think its time to move on and find a guild who has a social aspect about it. Preferably a mature guild. Somewhere that maybe does some dungeons, challenges, older raids, etc. I don't mind if they have a raid team I am not looking to take peoples places in raids but happy if available to participate in alt runs. I am a female and an adult with children. I have played since burning crusade, I have been a long time council member on my current guild and raid leader. I work evenings so very rarely available past 5pm. Just looking for a social guild or raiding guild with a social aspect to it. To make some new friends who enjoy doing in game stuff. I am a big achievement collector so enjoy doing as much as I can. Thank you if you took the time to read this.Khaléési8 5d
5d [A] The Right People - Looking for a few more! Hello all! We're The Right People and we're aiming to be a small, tight-knit team. Currently, we're half-done with recruitment. Our goal is to socialize, gallivant, and eventually raid. The idea is to do some of the old raids while we're preparing for Antorus. We currently have no level or gear requirements - but as we're aiming to be that small tight-knit guild, we want dedicated players who will make the most of Legion and BfA with us. So yes, if you are new, old, or veteran - part of the ship, part of the crew! If you're looking for a place to call home - get over here! If you're looking for people who will stay around as we build this place together - well, we're waiting! See you around :) Contacts: Seal - Discord (Seal#4960), (Seal#21398) Guilded - Discord - 5d
5d [A] <Parallax> 3/11M is recruiting! Hello Raider, <Parallax> 3/11M is a Semi-hardcore raiding guild on Silvermoon, founded in may 2017 with the goal of building a raidteam for Antorus Mythic and clearing it while it's current and pre nerfs. If you wanna be part of something new, with a great community of dedicated, experienced and mature raiders, this is your chance! Raiding Schedule: Wednesday 20:00-23:00 Heroic/Mythic Farm Thursday 20:00-23:00 Mythic progression Sunday 20:00-23:00 Mythic progression Invites start at 19:45 and first boss pull is at 20:00 Silvermoon server time. Currently we are recruiting: 2 DPS (Open to any spec atm!) We are always looking for exceptional players, but keep a tight roster. We do not recruit for the bench and use a loot council for fair loot distribution. For up-to-date recruitment information and raid rules take a look at our website General info <Parallax> is a guild created by friends whom previously played in a handful of top 100 world guilds. The core of the guild has played together for several years. If you want to clear the hardest content at a casual pace with the mindset of a hardcore guild, then Parallax is the guild for you. We value guild loyalty and community very highly. We are a welcoming guild to new people and have a very inclusive culture with no cliques. During raids it's important you can take criticism without getting offended, stand for some friendly banter, stay mature, but also know when it's time to put on your raid face and focus. What you can expect from US: - Clear all the hardest content while it’s the current tier - Experienced leadership - Mature guild with no drama - Social aspects, during raids, and outside of raids What we expect from YOU: - Full knowledge of your class, including all specs - Maximum performance every raid by knowing tactics and by having consumables, enchants and gems - We expect you to be mature and able to handle constructive criticism - Do not be afraid to ask questions! - Maintain 80% or higher attendance - Have discord installed - Fluent in English How to apply? If you want to be part of something new and are looking for a longterm home together with other like-minded people! Fill out our application form on the website: We also welcome socials. If you have any questions feel free to add an officer in-game: GM/RL: Gigapuddi – SphericalCow#2799 Officer: Datenshi – Officer: Surelars – Surelars#2180 Officer: Steron – Steron#2964 Officer: Jás – Jas#21543Jás1 5d
5d [A] Lazy Peon Tavern recruiting (2/11M) Recruiting for mythic raiding. (2/11 M) Raidtimes: 3 days/week: Thursday, Sunday & Monday. 20.30 - 23.30 servertime (GMT +1). Currently seeking: 1 healer: Paladin preferably. (Monk, shaman or druid can also work) 1 plate dps: DK or Warrior. 2-3 ranged dps: Any class. All applications are however considered. About us: Lazy Peon Tavern was formed in 2007 as a 10 man guild, raiding Karazhan and Zul'Aman. After a less successful attempt to go 25 man, WotLK arrived and we decided to stay 10 man. We stayed this way until Warlords of Draenor when we expanded to a 20 man raiding guild. We're a stable guild in the sense that we've never been dead, reformed or had a big change of players. We have raided every tier since 2007, and we have kept a lot of the same people in the guild and have the same guildleader and raidleader. One of the reasons for this is that we decided early on to only recruit people we liked. Over the years we have tried to find good raiders who are also nice people, and to not make exceptions on that policy. We feel this is the reason we have a relaxed atmosphere in the guild with a friendly and humorous mood. We have one raiding team where every raider is equal. Some guilds have two or more teams and perhaps a bench, where some people get to sit out more than others. We have never had any of that, and we're only recruiting for our main team. Current progression: Antorus the Burning Throne: 2/11 mythic, 11/11 heroic Tomb of Sargeras: 5/9 mythic Summary of what we are: Stable guild with long raiding history on Silvermoon. Raiding current content 3 nights a week. Relaxed atmosphere in raids, without losing focus or interest in progression. Friendly humorous people. Fantastic art-department (see website news). Minimum requirements for a raider-trial: You're a decent raider. If your gear or experience is lacking as compared to our current progression, you have to be willing to make an extra effort to catch up. You will generally be available to raid with us at least 2 raids a week. You're age 18+. If you are very "youthful" you just won't fit into the group. Most of us are in our late 20s to mid 30s. You're a nice person generally. We don't want to recruit drama. You're interested in joining our "community". We don't recruit alts. To read more about us, to apply, or watch amazingly cool artwork!: To contact us to ask questions: Luria#2538 Bottoms up!Luria260 5d
6d Wurf-Gaming Recruiting We are a small gaming community that speak mainly English but we are international, join us on discord and have a blast, we accept all kind gears! we currently look for members to our team with different roles, so please read guild site, we mainly play Wow and we also got a league of legend team. Right now we have cleared 11/11 on Antorus normal, as a guild We have also a couple of the raid members who has Curved achievement. We grow little every week, and recruitment had a stall, but now we are back on track! we wish we could find 2 more healers, Resto Druid specific, and we also could need a off tank for our raids, so we don't have to borrow our friend Patrick, every time. Also the ranged dps's is missing a few spots, on DISCORD we aren't really too active as a guild right now outside of raids. oh well not everyone that is, some of you are very active and that's good. The week from 12th of February till 18th is winter vacation for some of the core raid members, therefor this week is a "off" week for us, We gather those we got online and do a pug on rest!Aluidari0 6d
6d Priest Healer looking for a raiding guild! Hey! As the titles says, I'm a healer priest that is looking for a raiding guild, casual one for that so only heroic/normal runs. Little bit about me. I am a professor of history, 30 years old, avid gamer. Been playing WoW for a long long time. Mostly Tanked but in Legion I started to ease into healing more. Atm my exp is: everything cleared on both HC and Normal, Mythic EN 4/7, NH 3/10, ToS 4/9 and 0/11 AtBT. So if someone finds me interesting and willing to give me a shot give me whisper in game or add on btag for a chat: Valhalla#2193 Oh and only days I can't raid is friday/saturday. Thnx for reading and hope to hear from you soon!Wholyman3 6d
6d looking for new players new or old Hi guys, We're a few players who have played together for a long time :D We're looking for fun and help players who wants to experience the game for more than just raiding, be it raiding old content for transmorg or just generally helping other guys in the guild out in dungeons or pvp...HAHAHA We dont mind what level or class you are, we hope your aims in the game align with ours: We plan to raid 2 nights a week TUS + Sun 20.00-23.00 ST Run old raids for transmog gear Help players level up in old dungeons when we can Help gear up our alts in dungeons, heroic dungeons and finally in raids Build a team of good friends to lead the guild ... ALL WELCOMENicódemus1 6d
6d Silvermoon Guild Recruitment 8/11 Hc <Accidentally Innovated> 8/11 HC 2 Day heroic raiding guild is looking for more people! We are in need of Rangeddps but we will consider others!! Wed+Sun 20:00-22:30 ST. Add me on if you are interested Ramzy#2146Supriest0 6d
6d [A] <Arbitrary> are now recruiting for Mythic Antorus! Arbitrary A TL;DR is at the bottom of this post, aswell as contact information, so if you are just here for a quick look and don't want to read through this wall of text thats fine - if you want to know more about our guild we highly encourage you to read through it though! About Us We are a guild consisting of people coming from Defias Brotherhood to Silvermoon in the hope of a better environment for Mythic-Raiding. On our old Server we had attendance issues and the smaller server-size made it hard to recruit new people for Mythic. What we can offer: • GM and Officers with experience in leading a established guild (We were a well-known guild on our old server) • Fair loot distribution - our experienced officers will prepare a BiS-List for each spec and make sure everyone gets what's best for the guild and our progression. Loot priority goes to people that are committed to the guild and show up regularly for raids (real life always goes first and if you have to step down for a few evenings that's not an issue, it won't result in any disadvantages!) • A competitive but fun environment - what we mean by this is that you don't have to play perfect all the time, everyone has bad days. You won't be yelled at, especially during progression, and we will work on the problem together and try to find a solution. If it comes to some tension we will try to keep it out of the guild and have a private conversation with that person in a friendly and open discussion. • Advice - many of our Officers play multiple classes and specs so if you need any advice on how to improve your class or general playstyle you can always contact us! Or even the other way around, if you think we could improve our play feel free to let us know - we encourage an open discussion culture! • Activities outside of raids - most people in the guild play the game outside of raids, as shocking as it sounds, so if you want to push high Mythic+ keys or finish your weekly chest, play some RBG or Arena or even go for some transmog runs or just hang out in a capital city and have a chat we would love you to join us! • Discord - we are using Discord for raids and other stuff, and most importantly for memes. Progression on our old server/guild: - 7/7 Emerald Nightmare Mythic - 7/10 Nighthold Mythic with some us of 10/10 - 5/9 Tomb of Sargeras Mythic Current Progression: - 11/11 Antorus Normal - 11/11 Antorus Heroic - 5/11 Antorus Mythic Our Portalkeeper Hasabel Mythic Kill! Shows a bit of our in-fight atmosphere aswell. Eonar the Life-Binder! A timely Ahead of the Curve-Achievement was also always the case. Our Goal: Most importantly we want to establish a stable guild roster once again like we did have it on our old server. All of us left there with a heavy heart and it wasn't an easy decision but ultimately we all thought it's for the best to satisfy our expectations we had towards the game and our community. Since this post was made we are currently very happy with how things are turning out, our community keeps growing and growing, and we hope you might find a new home in our guild aswell! That being said, our goal for Antorus: The Burning Throne is to step even further into Mythic and achieve as many kills as possible - with this probably being the last raid of Legion, Cutting Edge isn't completely out of the game but it won't be something we actively aim for to avoid being burnt out too fast, this is supposed to be a "casual" Mythic raiding guild after all - if there is even such a thing as casual Mythic! Raidtimes: We raid on Thursdays from 19:30 - 22:00, Fridays/Saturdays from 20:00 - 23:00. An optional HC raid is Wednesdays 19:00 open end! (Our goal is to work through Normal and Heroic first, then drop Normal once the effort isn't worth it anymore and switch to Herioc/Mythic and maybe even drop Heroic once we achieve Curve to focus solely on Mythic progression - that being said we will still have Alt-/Legendary/-Memeforge runs, just outside of the required raiddays.) Update: Currently progressing through Mythic so this is a bit outdated, the Alt-/Legendary/-Memeforge runs are still going! What we are looking for: Currently we need people to adjust our 20-Man roster, most importantly thought DPS, a plus if you have a healing OS but not required at all. We are fine on healers and tanks for now but if you think you could make a difference CONTACT US ANYWAY - we don't turn anyone down and take the time to talk to every person that is interested in joining. If you made it through this wall of text and think "Hey, this sounds like a cool guild to be in but I don't have the time or simply don't want to raid on this level" then feel free to join us as social! TRIAL PERIOD: We currently have a trial period of around 1-2 weeks where we just want to get to know you a bit better and watch your performance in raids, the first raid you do with us will be a chill Heroic run on our Wednesday raid just to get a first glimpse at you - after that you will be invited to Mythic to see how it goes if we were happy with what we saw in HC. We run Masterloot for our Mythic raids (personal on HC) and the rules are simple: Fair game for everyone, even Trials. If you do really well you might take over a permanent Mythic spot pretty fast, so show your best! (We don't have any "set" requirements like Itemlevel, experience in previous Tiers or anything like that since it's pretty hard to judge a players performance by that alone in Legion so just contact us if you feel like you fit into our guild!) UPDATE 2: This bit is outdated, since we currently have enough people to fill our raids we can only consider people for now that can provide good logs and preferably (not required) previous Mythic XP! You can still apply for only HC and help out in Mythic from time to time but a core spot without good logs is currently not possible because of our raid size - don't be afraid to apply! CONTACT: To apply or talk to us about more information just whisper/add the following Officers: Broshi#21232 (or /w Broshi, Broshy - main recruiting) m1l#2415 (or /w Tosany - if I'm not available) Other officers to whisper if none of us are available: Hikaryu, Swooshiboo, Myshloverng) Looking forward to hearing from you! But remember, in the end it's all arbitrary anyway... TL;DR quick and dirty: • Fairly new guild coming from another server due to lack of people • Experienced raidleader and officers • Active Discord • Raid hours: Thursday 19:30 - 22:00 - Friday/Saturday 20:00 - 23:00 for progress • Optional HC Raid on Wednesday 19:00 open-end, NOT required! • Fun raids, open discussion is encouraged, progression is our goal • In need of DPS that can do mechanics while still keeping good performance • Healing OS a plus but not a requirement! • Good logs are requiered to be considered for Mythic • Previous Mythic XP prefered • Always considering applicants so apply if you feel this is the right guild for you! • Masterloot for Mythic with a lootcouncil, Personal Loot for HC • Trial period of 1 - 2 weeks (for more information see wall of text :P) • Contact Broshi#21232 on or /w Broshi ingame if you are interested, I take a lot of my free time to talk to people as long as they want so feel free to add me! Just checking in this thread from time to time so posts on here usually will have a delayed response, sorry about that!Broshi18 6d