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33m [A] Grey Area, the new guild EVERYONE'S heard about Hey. How long's it been since you had stability in WoW with regards to group content and who you're doing it with? My sole purpose in creating a guild is to gather like-minded individuals for Mythic+ , PvP, raids, among other things. People who actually like each other and want to be part of a brand new guild in its infancy. Your voice will be heard, and it is guaranteed to influence the guild, especially now in the early stages of its existence. I say this because I personally wanted to be heard, only I wasn't, and I believe that resonates in a lot of people. I don't want this to be yet another dull, cookie-cutter guild that promises and promises, only to fade. It is ambitious, but I want it to be akin to family - where you get excited about logging in to overcome hurdles together in whatever content you want to play, or maybe just to chat. Me myself, I want to orchestrate Mythic+, RBG and casual raid groups for fresh content. What you want, I don't know, but let's hear it. It's a democracy, everyone has a say and can make events of their own in the guild calendar. Besides that, all ages are welcome as I believe it holds no actual meaning in regards to the person behind the monitor. I, for one, am 22 and live in Denmark, if you were curious. Without further ado, let's have a chat in-game and make this happen, or die trying: DarnYankees#2408 Thanks for reading, lads Edit: I think I owe it to whoever's reading, to prevent feelings of false hope, that the guild was created the evening of 19/7, and thus has very few members as of now. I can respect if that's not for you, and wish you luck in your WoW endeavours.Sovos5 33m
1h [A]<Esoteric>2/11M is Recruiting <Esoteric> is seeking more players to strengthen our roster to continue Mythic raiding in Antorus and looking forward to Battle for Azeroth. Esoteric was founded at the beginning of Legion and had a successful Cutting Edge: Emerald Nightmare and Nighthold raid tier before having a brief hiatus due to roster isssues. The officers and core of the guild consist mainly of mature players that enjoy having a laugh but are serious about raiding, with experience of raiding in top 50 world guilds and bleeding edge M+ amongst some of the officers. We currently have a very strong core and looking to strengthen this before BfA release. Raid Times: 19:45 - 23:00 Monday & Wednesday (Optional Sunday heroic raid that will be returning with the release of BfA.) If you're a returning player or looking to make the step-up to Mythic, then we could be the guild for you! Currently recruiting exceptional ranged DPS and a reliable Tank, preferably a Brewmaster. Contact Monty#2548, Whiplash#2680 or Beachy#2592 for recruitment information. http://www.esoteric-guild.comKandifloss42 1h
1h (Recruiting)Outlaws - M+ Team Outlaws are a new team, built for pushing for each season of MDI, we're looking for players who are willing to give it their all and put the time and dedicate in to push for MDI (in bfa) Training days : Monday : 19:45-23:30 Tuesday : 19:45-23:30 Thursday : 19:45-23:30 Friday : 19:45-21:00 We are looking for Team Players who, have experience in team work in and out the game, players will need to keep level heads, and not speak to other team members out of term. Players that are openly willing improve and take constructive criticism seriously is a must ! Pushing mythic+ in bfa will be a goal for most but achieved by few, lets be one of the few and achieve the goals we set out as a team ! Contact info : Battle Net : Wolfskie#2902 Discord : Wolfskie#0519 Discord Server Link : https://discord.gg/GwxKx8HWolfskíe0 1h
1h Warmode population Hey guys! I'm thinking on moving this character since my current server is dead with warmode on. How does it look on this server? Are there actually players with it enabled or is it a ghost town?Flameable0 1h
3h [A] Mage LF Friends for BfA! (PvP/PvE) Hiya! With the launch of a new expansion looming, I am back in the saddle, and looking for friends to play with here on Ravencrest. The guild of IRL friends I was with at the start of Legion died out just before the Karazhan patch, and with them my excitement for the game admittedly vaned as well. Now I'm back though, and I'm ready to make some new friends! At the moment I'm casually playing whenever I have time off work, but come August I'll be getting increasingly active as my schedule frees up! I've grown increasingly fond of PvP in the times I've checked in on Legion, and there have been times where I've really been having a blast in random BGs. I've not had anyone to play with though, and the thought of being in a guild that does PvP, be it RBGs, arenas, even just queueing up for random BGs together, sounds like it could be a really good time to me. Raiding and M+ is also interesting, but I've been out of the loop for so long in that department that I think I'd just embarass myself in anything beyond LFR at this point. I'd rather wait for BfA to actually launch and learn the PvE content along with the rest when that time comes. Most Importantly Though: Friendliness! I've been in guilds where people have taken everything extremely seriously, and the result has invariably been a rather toxic atmosphere. I'm really just looking to have fun with the game. I try my best to win, and I expect the same from others, but I don't think it's the end of the world if we don't. I'd rather lose a match with a bunch of friends that can laugh about it than win because people know they'll be yelled at otherwise, y'know? If there is such a guild out there that'd welcome a sorta-casual PvP/PvE enthusiast, hit me up! Thanks thanks!Prissy4 3h
3h [A] Looking for Social/Raiding/PvP guild Good day to you :), I am currently looking to join a social/raiding/PvP guild. Although not the most experienced player in all of these aspects I am looking for somewhere where I can grow and learn. I have only recently come back to WoW after a break and am looking to get my Paladin up in the ranks! Currently maining Retribution Paladin but looking to expand my repertoire to tanking and healing in the future; for me I want to master my entire class so hopefully in the future I can fill spots for dungeons/raids if needs be. Casual/hardcore gamer depending on real life situation, sometimes you will see me on for 8 hours a day but no less than 3-4 hours. Usually Saturdays I am out with family/seeing the girlfriend but Sundays I am on all day. Thank you!Zerké2 3h
3h (all?) servers are down EU Anyone know why all servers are down? And I can't see my toons on the servers that are online :'/Onsdag0 3h
10h [HORDE] The Gallywix Boosting Community Gallywix Boosting Community Gallywix Boosting is a community with 175+ high-end 11/11 Mythic players from across Europe, most being active raiders within top 50 ranked guilds in the World. We bring reliable, quality boosts and accept payments on all realms in GOLD ONLY. Current Boost Schedule: ST = Server Time (CEST/GMT+1) Antorus Heroic Personal Loot - All unsaved boosters rolling out loot they don't need. - Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday @20:00ST & 21:00ST Mythic Gul'dan Mount - Can be accommodated on most days @18:00ST, 18:30ST, 23:00ST & 23:30ST Mythic Elisande - Convergence of Fates trinket - Can be accommodated on most days @18:00ST & 23:00ST Full Mythic Nighthold + Gul'dan Mount - Can be accommodated on most days @18:00ST & 23:00ST 9/10 Mythic Nighthold (without Gul'dan) - Can be accommodated on most days @18:00ST & 23:00ST Heroic Kil'jaeden [Tomb of Sargeras] - Available Monday's @21:00ST & 21:30ST Mythic Tomb of Sargeras - Options ranging from a full run to individual bosses, Thursday & Saturday @23:59ST Mythic Trial of Valor - Available most days on request @17:00ST or 23:59ST (The Chosen is no longer available) Glory Achievement Runs - Argus Raider, Legion Raider & Tomb Raider - We hold 2 Argus and 1 of each Legion & Tomb per week Want a boost on a day or at a time not listed? Contact us and we will try to accommodate you. - In the very rare event of a failed boost, you will receive a free rescheduled boost or a refund - To find out more, please don’t hesitate to contact us by joining our Discord server or contacting me directly by using one of the methods below: Discord Invite Link: https://discord.gg/MRJEgcd Discord - Xen#0798 Battletag - Executrix#2206 We hope to hear from you soon! :)Xenuk3 10h
18h Former Top 200 Raider LF PVP Guild I'm a former top 200 raider LF a PVP guild for BFA. My work and school schedule will no longer allow me to raid, and as such I'm looking to pvp more seriously. I have no RGB or arena experience, but am eager to learn and get started in a proper pvp guild. I can play Hunter, Priest, Paladin, Demon Hunter, Warrior, and Shaman, and am focusing on Hunter, Priest, and Warrior for BFA. Otherwise, I'm happy to level and use any class if needed for the guild.Niviem0 18h
20h MW monk and Prot Pala looking mythic raiding guild add socioou #2457 or Grewah#21164 if you have anything to ask or get into contact with us.Socioou0 20h
21h <Simply The Best> |Casual 2 day guild| 9/11M http://simply-the-best-ravencrest.enjin.com/ Rebuilding for legion, previously 11/13 mythic with mannoroth at 10% before going on a break. Contact us if interested.Tínaturner55 21h
23h Two Returning Players LF BFA Guild Hello, My friend are I are looking to return back to World of Warcraft for Battle of Azeroth after taking a few years from the game. Prior to this we have both been playing since vanilla and have experience of consistently been part of top world 1000 guilds over the years. We are looking for a mature tribe (18+ only tribes please) that have been around for this whole expansion and have cleared all the content. Ideally we would like a 3 day a week raiding tribe with a tribe that matches our ambition etc. We can offer: 1 Ranged DPS and 1 Melee DPS Player Have Microphones Previous Raid Leader Experience Know how to use World of Logs Capable Works well within a team Dedicated 100% attendance What we are looking for is: A group of adults A guild that has cleared all the content (not necessarily first but before the nerfs came) 3 Day a week raiding A certain expectation to perform Master Looter (Loot Council) or demonstration of a decent system Stability If anyone is interested in chatting then please add me on battle.net - Prid#1609 *** At this moment we are not looking to faction change or transfer from Ravencrest ***Pridmage0 23h
1d 4 irl buddies with extensive raid XP lfg Hi! I and 3 irl buddies are looking for a raiding guild for BfA. We are 1 holy pala, 1 Holy priest, 1 Brewmaster monk & 1 MM hunter. All but one of us have extensive raid experience, meaning mythic nowadays, that goes all the way back to vanilla. We are all 25-27 years old and from Sweden. For BfA we are looking for a raiding guild that aims to clear HC and raid 2 times a week. Raid times that we are looking for: 19/20-23/24 weekdays & Sunday. If your guild is recruiting and our little squad sounds interesting plz let me know. /BalorBalór1 1d
1d [A] <Poetic Justice> BfA recruitment! Greetings raiders, adventurers and dungeon delvers! <Poetic Justice> are recruiting to fill out social and raid rosters for Battle for Azeroth! Are you a friendly oddball or jovial misfit? Well then we might be the guild for you to call home! We are a fun loving group of oddballs who don't like to take ourselves too seriously. Our focus and goals span all aspects of the game, so long as we can have a laugh along the way with friends new and old! We are a relaxed bunch who's aim is to vanquish foes and make armour from their hides. We hope for a chilled out drama free environment where we can all enjoy this vast and varied game together as a guild and friends! There are always members online in-game and on Discord doing all types of content, and also playing other games together over VoIP. The Discord server is guilty of having some bad (terrible) humour and even worse memes, so if that's your thing you'll be right at home. Our Discord has become a guild away from home for a lot of us allowing us to chat to each other and hang out regardless of what were doing be it at work or just playing other games. Raiding Info We're currently recruiting for our raid team to pad out our currently roster being carried over from Antorus. We're looking to recruit mostly DPS and a TANK at the moment but given the uncertainty of a new expansion we will look into anyone who is interested in joining the team. During Legion we started late, 2 weeks after Tomb of Sargeras opened but we accomplished our raid goals of clearing HC, achieving Ahead of The Curve of both Tomb and Antorus quickly and doing several mythic bosses after that. But most importantly, we did it with a great bunch of people while having a laugh and joke along the way. Schedule: We raid two days a week with an ALT raid at the end of the week (also open to socials). Thursday @ 7:45 PM - 11 PM Sunday @ 7:45 PM - 11 PM (OPTIONAL raid for ALTs and non-raidteam) Monday @ 7:45 PM - 11 PM Guild History Here's a little of our story if you're interested! <Poetic Justice> was created on Terenas EU in 2010 by GM Thoradin (originally Thóradin). Terenas was a small and, sad to say, dying realm in terms of possible raiders for the guild, so the guild later migrated to a larger, more populated realm and Ravencrest became home. The guild has been raiding together through every expansion since 2010 up until Blackrock foundry in Warlords of Draenor. However, due to the raid lockout changes of Warlords we soon started to lose raiders because of the preference to PuG the content, to down it faster than than the guild was able to progress as a team. The raid team soon disbanded, leaving but a few close friends. We have made loyal companions on Ravencrest and those of us that call Poetic Justice home all share the same, simple and ultimate goal, to have fun. These days we are very much a social guild with a focus on raiding and looking for like-minded players to have a good time and a laugh with along the way. After our revival in Legion we have made many fond new friends who are now a part of our wonderfully bizarre guild as well as reforming a strong, core raid team which has great chemistry and knows how to work as one unit. How to get in touch If you're interested in joining or would like further information please get in touch either by messaging Thoradin (GM), Raric (RL) or just whisper someone online in the guild and ask for an officer! We hope to hear from you soon!Thoradin2 1d
1d [A] Defenders of Valor is recruiting Hello, "Defenders of Valor" is open to everyone who seeks a relaxed gaming adventure in a friendly atmosphere. Our main aim is clearing up to date raid content on hc difficulty in a reasonable time. If we have a raid roster of 20+ stable and interested players we are also trying mythic raids, but that has no priority to us. People who are interested in the guild are welcome to join as raiders or socials. Raiders will become trials at first and we will see how you do in raids. Socials may get invited directly. However unfriendly and rude people will get removed. Our usual raid times are Wed, Thu and Mon from 20:00 - 23:00 server time. If you are interested to join the guild for a raid spot or as social, feel free to talk to an officer ingame or leave a message at our website: http://dov.shivtr.com/ Thanks for your time.Goldnspirit0 1d
2d [A] <Just> is recruiting for BFA! <Just>, Ravencrest EU-Alliance, now recruiting a strong roster for BFA! About us We're a new Mythic guild formed by a couple of friends playing together for more than a decade. We have raiding experience dating back to Vanilla (highly competitive in WotLK/Cata, sat out WoD) and we came back to find Heroic and seldom Mythic raiding unfulfilling. We're hungry for real raiding and our goal for BFA is clearing every tier in a Cutting Edge fashion. The one thing that always separated us from other guilds is the raiding atmosphere - we don't enforce workplace social rules that make us robots. Consider us as long time friends with whom you can mess around with instead of colleagues while maintaining competitive environment in which everyone thrives to perform at their best. Raider expectations Since the guild only raids two days a week, we expect raiders to perform at a level that allows the guild to progress within an appropriate timeline. What we're looking for are heroic players (as well as experienced Mythic raiders) who perform exceptionally well and wish to taste the challenges of Mythic raiding. We want to keep a relaxed atmosphere in raids where we can all have fun and banter without unnecessary totalitarian regime dictating your every move, so we expect everyone to pull their own weight - be able to play your class to it's fullest potential and research the fights beforehand - so that we can all progress effectively while keeping the atmosphere unchanged. Raid times Wednesday 20:00-23:30 Sunday 20:00-23:30, invites start at 19:45 Currently looking for Healers: Resto Druids, MW Monks Melee DPS: Demon Hunters, Feral Druids, WW Monks, Warriors Ranged DPS: Hunters, Mages, Warlocks *note: a spot can be found for any exceptional player Contact us on Discord Senna#4979 Verdy#1752 kithon#5009 or in-game if you preferSennie0 2d
2d found a guild, delete the post Irrelevant :)Mubirubi0 2d
3d Active PvP guild? As the title says, are there any active, friendly, vocal and skilled PvP guilds on Ravencrest that also pursue PvE content. Like 55-45. If so I'd like to join, 970 FDK (don't think ilvl will matter soon) 2kxp in 2s/3s LF active PvP guild to faceroll RBGs to 2k+ next xpac! Please let me kno if you know of any! EDIT : preferably large and good discord community :))Alfie1 3d
3d DELETED POST .Socioou1 3d
4d "Random Encounters" is looking for people Hey! I'm Max, GM of the new guild called "Random Encounters". Our goal for the BFA is CE in every raid within 2 raiding days (tuesday and thursday). We're looking for great players with previous raiding experience (at least AOTC achieved before summer), willing to play and improve their skills. If you have mythic progression experience - we want you! Raid times are: Tuesday and Thursday 8-11pm (20:00-23:00) As for the needed roles, we could really use those classes: 1. Resto shaman. We really-really need one of those because of how great they are at the progression raids thanks to the spirit-link totem in the first place. 2. Hunter. They look really strong on beta and i could really use 1-2 hunters in the raid (we have 0 right now, makes me sad). 3. Mage. Mages always were good, from the start of the expansion till it's end, and in BFA they will have Arcane Intelligence back, isn't it awesome? 4. Tanks: prot pally, dh, monk. We just need decent tanks of those classes (preferably). I will also consider taking exceptional players of all classes, but those listed above are my most wanted. If you're interested, you can contact me via: Bnet: MaxYomka#2975 Discord: MaxYomka#8748Maxyomka0 4d
4d [A]Brothers of the Naaru - 2 days Mythic - BfA Rec Guild Website link: http://botn-ravencrest.enjin.com/home WoWProgress link: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ravencrest/Brothers+of+the+Naaru ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Summary Brothers of the Naaru is now recruiting for Battle for Azeroth, as we have ended raiding for the Legion expansion. We are currently recruiting all classes for DPS and healer spots. For an up to date list on classes we are prioritising, see the sidebar on our website. Raid days : Sunday 20:00 ST - 23:00 ST Tuesday 20:00 ST- 23:00 ST Optional heroic/normal clear on Wednesday/Thursday 20:00 ST - 23:00 ST. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Recruitment Info: At this moment we're recruiting all classes to complete our roster for BfA. Every application will be considered as it is the start of a new expansion. If you are interested, please click the "Apply" link on our website and complete the google form. The officers will respond as soon as possible, and you can expect a decision within a few days. Socials are always welcome! What are we expecting from our raiders: You have a sense of humor! You have a mature and tolerant attitude. We use Discord for voice comms so require you to be able to use it. You have good class knowledge. You are able to come to the majority of raid days without problems ( Sunday and Tuesday from 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time ). You come online on time ( at least 15 minutes before the raid starts). You always have enough flasks / potions / food with you. What can you expect from us: A serious but fun atmosphere during progression raids. A stable raiding team. A wide range of guild activities including PvP and Mythic+ dungeon runs. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Guild Information: Brothers of the Naaru is a 20 man PvE raiding guild, established on Nagrand - EU. We transferred to Ravencrest - EU in 2013, because Nagrand was a low population realm and finding people to raid with was becoming difficult. Brothers of the Naaru was founded in the middle of 2012, with people who wanted to raid in a fun atmosphere, but were serious about killing bosses. In 2014 we changed from a 10 man guild to a 25 man, because we wanted a bigger challenge. When Warlords of Draenor was released we were working on getting a 20 man team ready for Mythic Raiding. We have been fairly successful throughout Legion gaining 2 cutting edge achievements in Nighthold and Emerald Nightmare. We are now going into Battle for Azeroth with the intention of gaining even more cutting edge achievements on only 2 days raiding a week. History raid progression (everything listed below is pre-nerf): Firelands 7/7 Dragon Soul 8/8 Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults 2/6 Heroic. Heart of Fear 6/6 Normal. Terrace of endless Spring 4/4 Normal. Throne of Thunder 2/13 Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar 11/14 Mythic Highmaul 2/7 Mythic Blackrock Foundry 9/10 Heroic Hellfire Citidal 9/13 Mythic The Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Mythic Trial of Valor: 3/3 Heroic Nighthold: 10/10 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras: 6/9 Mythic Antorus Burning Throne: 9/11 Mythic ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more information on how to apply, please go to our website : http://botn-ravencrest.enjin.com/home Or contact us on battle.net: DanielRieske#2728, Nition#2706, McNice#2392, Rlwarrior#2834Nition5 4d
4d [A] Boosting Service <ES> Gul'dan, Argus Mount <Eternal Shadows> 11/11M offers raid boosts for gold. We have been boosting since WOD (Draenor). We always try to satisfy our buyers! We are currently offering: Mythic Elisande + Gul’dan with guaranteed mount - 1.2m any realm Mythic Argus Mount - 8m any realm Shackled Ur'zul Mount Discounts for multiboxers or people buying multiple runs can be discussed! Also while buying a combination of runs, we’re able to offer you a suitable discount. our main threat: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17618243568?page=1 If you get interested in buying some of our services, please contact: pifta#21130 ahaaferos#2255Pifta1 4d
4d [A] <Loot FTW> 2 day 11/11M - Recruiting *NOTE* Unfortunately our site is experiencing some techinical issues. If you are interested in applying please contact Nyantekw/Nyantek in game. Loot FTW is a European Alliance-guild founded on Twilight's Hammer (PvP) in June 2005. Formerly a hardcore raiding guild; now raiding two days a week. We are currently residing on Ravencrest-EU. Recruiting for BfA and always on the look out for exceptional players Raid Times Monday - 19:30 - 23:30 (CET) Tuesday - 19:30 - 23:30 (CET) WoW Classic and the Burning Crusade - World #5 - C'Thun - World #5 - Thaddius in Naxxramas 40 - World #10 - Lady Vashj - World #15 - Illidan - World #15 - Archimonde - World #11 - Kil'jaeden Wrath of the Lich King - World #15 - Clear of Naxx/Malygos/Sarth3D - World #8 - the Immortal - EU #1 - Hodir kill - World #11 - Yogg-Saron - World #22 - Firefighter - World #29 - Halion (25HC) Cataclysm - World #28 - Tier 11 Final Rank (25HC) - World #30 - Tier 12 Final Rank (25HC) - World #26 - Tier 13 Final Rank (25HC) Legion - World #230 - Tier 19 (2 day raiding) - World #189 - Tier 20 (2 day raiding) - World #294 - Tier 21 (2 day raiding) Recruitment Information We are a group of people that comprises of several old Loot FTW members who have raided hardcore in the past. Many of our members have known each other for years. Our members combined experience spans all expansions. While we cannot commit to 40+ hour raid weeks anymore we still share the same lust for progress. If you enjoy progress raiding, but cannot put in the time that a full blown hardcore raiding schedule requires, Loot FTW may be the guild for you. Requirements - Near 100% attendance on Monday and Tuesday. - The ability to speak on discord is mandatory. We do not recruit mutes. - Be critical of your own performance and be able to take criticism. - Have enough time outside the raid days to make sure that your character is in top notch condition. Contact http://www.lootftw.com/recruitment.php Feel free to contact us in game outside of our raid times. Alternatively send Talz a PM on our forums. Application Waiting Times Depending on the amount of applications we get a response may take up to two weeks. If it is obvious that no effort was put into the application it is likely that you will not get a response.Izilar57 4d
4d Selling Argus HC & Mythic + Selling Argus the Unmaker Heroic! Price: 150k gold(300.000gold) Realms we sell on:Ravencrest; Silvermoon; Argent Dawn; Outland; Antonidas; What you get: -Ahead of the Curve Achievement. -Violet Spellwing mount -Chance for 955+ ilvl loot -Chance for Class/Spell trinket(Pantheon Trinket) -Chance for Aman'thul trinket(Legendary 1000ilvl) We are also selling Gul'dan Mythic mount! Price: 1.2Milion gold(1.200.000gold) Realms we sell on: Ravencrest; Argent Dawn; Silvermoon; Antonidas; Outland; What you get: -Fiendish Hellfire Core - MYTHIC ONLY mount -Mythic Gul'dan Achievement -Tittle: "Vengeance Incarnate" -All the loot you can use(905-910+ ilvl) Contacts: NenTV#2255 DHChroma#2827 You can check our stream and vods at: https://www.twitch.tv/pattysaurus_/Nenarino29 4d
4d Losers Incorporated -newly formed- We do what we love <Losers Incorporated> -newly formed- We do what we love; PVP and Mythic dungeons with the aim for top spots. Currently we are recruiting new people to our rosters. Whisper me in-game to hear more.Azø1 4d
5d <United Shadows> Guild recruitment United Shadows consists of experienced players that are working together to create a social environment with the aim to clear Mythic PvE content in BFA. We're currently looking for active PvE'rs with the mindset to do Mythic raid content in BFA to strengthen our team. We're willing to invest in players with this mindset, helping out in Mythic + and providing the opportunity to sharpen your skills as a player by providing you with raiding logs, an in-depth insight of multiple players, and if requested specific addons suggestions to aid you. Our priority and requirement are that people are able to take constructive criticism and that people understand that United Shadows advances as a whole. Raid Days/Times We raid Wednesday / Thursday / Sunday at 20:00-23:00 Optional Raids are also available Monday from 20:00-23:00 If you decide to sign up for a raid day we expect you to attend for the full required time unless providing a valid reason as to why you cant. If you are selected to join the main raid team you are required to attend the main raiding days with exception of a valid reason. Contact us by whispering Tinyserenity or Blushes ingame, through battlenet @Tíny#2799 or simply apply at our website https://unitedshadowseu.enjin.com/Tinyserenity6 5d
5d Looking for an guild Hey, i have been playing wow 8 years now on horde, and because of my last guild died by drama between gm and officers i was thinking about trying out alliance. I have been raiding mostly heroic and little bit of mythic on horde. Now im looking for an alliance progression guild for bfa. Preferably an active chat and an diacord/ts. Thank you.Notthelock2 5d
5d (A)Looking For Casual PvP or Raiding Guild I'm fairly new to WoW (BFA being the first expansion I'll own at launch to play, although I've been playing on and off since mists) but would say I'm aware of how to play the new demonology spec well enough. Frankly I'd be happy to join any guild but a World PvP centric or a Raiding guild would be ideal. I'll be available on most weekdays for the next month or so without issue.Valduz2 5d
5d <Seven Years> [A] LFM BFA Hello, We at Seven Years are recruiting players of all walks for BFA. We have been around for years mixing friendships and enjoyable raid experiences! We value the fact that people have lives outside of WoW and approach this with a two day a week raid schedule. We encourage a positive experience in and out of raids! We are currently open to the following # Guardian Druid # Resto Druid # MW Monk # Mage # Lock # Boomkin/ Feral # Shaman ele/enh # Death Knight Frost/ UH # WW Monk (Full on hunters/warriors and Priests, sorry) We are always in need of socials and back up raiders too. Our proposed raid schedule is Wednesday/Sunday 19.30-23.30 Server time. We are an English speaking guild, Mic is not necessary. Discord is a requirement. Please do not hesitate to /w me in game. Thank You, LesyooLesyoo0 5d
5d [A] Daytime Raiding Guild - Meridies Meridies on Silvermoon, a Daytime Raiding guild recruiting people from across the globe! Recruitment: Death Knight Enha Shaman Shadow Priest Hunter Elemental Shaman Mage Balance Druid Healers! Exceptional players of any kind is always sought after! Raiding times are 1300 - 1600ST Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. What we offer you: Steady progression on new content A fair loot system, currently we use loot council A small, friendly and close knit raid team We are based on a highly ranked PvE server with a thriving economy. What we require from you: High level of attendance High degree of personal ability, in both your mainspec and your offspec Ability to theorise on your feet on how to adapt to new content The ability to understand spoken and written English to a good degree A working headset with microphone To be active and contribute to the forum discussions. Able to join the guild on Silvermoon, help us, help you. Atleast Concordance in Main Weapon Aims and objectives of the guild: We simply aim to create a relaxed but focused raid environment that clears all content offered by Blizzard to its gamers. If you are looking for a raid team that ensures your time spent in game is spent seeing content, a guild that aims for high standards of practice, and where each individual is a valued raid member, then please apply. If you wish to trial with us and see if you fit in here simply whisper Stinkefedt#21943 in game for more information. Alternatively you can go to: www.meridies-wow.com and fill out an application form. We hope to hear from you soon.Lifeuk0 5d
5d |A| <Nerve> Recruitment For information regarding the Guild and its history please visit our website: http://www.nerve-guild.net After one tier break (Antorus) due to some unfortunate events, we are back. We are back to finish the job and properly compete for the 100 - 200 bracket in BFA. At the moment we are in, what we call, "Selective recruitment", we are in the talks with players we used to play for long time and we know for what they are capable of. Amount of players we currently have is 14 to 16 (2 of them said that might want to play horde, thus cant give a definite number). Once we are done with "selective recruitment" we will determine exactly our recruitment needs and we will widely open our doors to new players. Sadly one thing we are sure of, is that we need 2 exceptional tanks, 2 players that have extensive tanking experience and understand the importance of the role. Thank you for reading this and stay tuned for more information For any questions do not hesitate to contact me: Audacity#21362 Damn feels good to be backAudassity15 5d
5d [A] Nox Terra (10/11M) recruiting for BfA (last spots!) Nox Terra is a raiding guild residing on EU-Ravenrest. It's been established by players with experience since day one vanilla. We understand the ethics of raiding and all the effort and dedication required to do so. Since BfA is about to launch we are looking for the last few players to get our Mythic roster raid ready for every coming encounter. We are raiding 3 days a week while progress is ongoing and expect near 100% attendance. In our first competitive tier as a team we managed to get 10/11M in Antorus and we are aiming to get Cutting Edge every tier in BfA. Schedule for the Mythic team Wed: 20:45 - 23:30 ST Sun: 19:45 - 23:30 ST Mon: 20:45 - 23:30 ST We are aiming to progress every raid. To achieve this we need a dynamic core of raiders being able to switch our setup when certain roles/classes aren't available to attend a raid. If you can perform to our required standards we can guarantee a solid spot in our raiding group. What we expect from you: Be on time when you sign up. Always be polite and have a positive mindset. Be able to communicate in English. Communicate during raids. Be able to play both main and offspec to their full potential. Theorycrafting and reading up on additional information. We are a friendly guild with plenty of banter and we are growing steadily day by day. We use Discord as our main communication tool. Our goals as a team are both progress and our community. That's why we have one golden rule: You get toxic, you get booted out. Simple as that. For more information or any questions please do not hesitate to contact us via B-Net: Nyx#2709 Fab#22151 Blitzelf#2699 Mepala#2574 (or Rhany#9488 for a Discord chat) Or just talk to any member of the guild ingame to point you to the first available officer. For a direct application you can visit our website: http://www.noxterra.eu/Rhany0 5d
5d - -Sennie12 5d
13 Jul LF LEVEL BODY Anyone up for level a toon from 1 with me? Borring alone, but 2 and 2 its more fun - and faster ;) .. On Ravencrest EU Alliance ;)Alekimenilem0 13 Jul
13 Jul [A] Mage looking for guild: BFA HC/Mythic content Hello potential recruiters, I'm returning after a long break with the intent to focus on raiding 2/3 nights a week and some casual PvP on the days I'm not raiding. I currently have a 110 mage which I boosted on Ravencrest, I am flexible with raid times/days and I will give my best. My battle tag: Quinn#2282 Thanks QuinnQuïnn1 13 Jul
13 Jul Seven Years - Alliance PvE LFM for BFA Hello, We at Seven Years are recruiting players of all walks for BFA. We have been around for years mixing friendships and enjoyable raid experiences! We value the fact that people have lives outside of WoW and approach this with a two day a week raid schedule. We encourage a positive experience in and out of raids! We are currently open to the following # Guardian Druid # Resto Druid # MW Monk # Mage # Lock # Boomkin/ Feral # Shaman ele/enh # Death Knight Frost/ UH # WW Monk (Full on hunters/warriors and Priests, sorry) We are always in need of socials and back up raiders too. Our proposed raid schedule is Wednesday/Sunday 19.30-23.30 Server time. We are an English speaking guild, Mic is not necessary. Discord is a requirement. Please do not hesitate to /w me in game. Thank You, LesyooLesyoo0 13 Jul
13 Jul [A] <Whatever-Auchindoun> selling Mythic Argus Hello Ravencrest! <Whatever-Auchindoun> (World 193) is now boosting once more! ★ Argus Mythic mount - 7m gold What you get: Shackled Ur'zul mount Mythic: Argus the Unmaker achievement + Titanslayer title If before prepatch: Cutting Edge: Argus the Unmaker Feat of Strength Chance for Scythe of the Unmaker (red or blue) Any equipment drops you might want from Argus Payment The only form of payment we accept is gold. We prefer taking gold on Auchindoun or Ravencrest, but feel free to contact us to discuss paying on another realm. When? Our boosts generally happen on Wednesday around- or after 20:00 server time, but boosts on Thursdays or Mondays at that time can usually be arranged as well. Contact If you are interested in buying a boost, or have any further questions for us, you can get in touch either on Battle.net (Miles#2416) or Discord (Versaya#9508) Lastly, as a reference, this is our wowprogress page: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/auchindoun/WhateverVersaya2 13 Jul
13 Jul [A] Blood DK (tank) - LF mythic raiding group i'm a returning player for BfA and want to join a raiding guild in the hopes of progressing through mythic raids i'm 25 years old, I may be inexperienced but I understand the time, effort and dedication I need to give in-order to deliver results battletag Juzy#21327 discord Juzy#0730 not sure why it still says i'm in a guild but currently i'm guildlessJuzy0 13 Jul
13 Jul "Random Encounters" looking for players Hey and welcome! I am GM of the newly formed guild called "Random Encounters". Guild was made to find players that want to raid 2 days per week for 3-4 hours (a matter to discuss) while making decent progress. Raid time is 20pm realm time. As for the raid days, they will be a bit random (they will be determined for each month depending on my schedule (i have a job where i get home at 12-01am and don't have common days off)). It will be 2 days from Monday till Thursday. We're currently in need of decent players of all specs and classes. If you have some mythic progress in Legion or earlier - welcome. If you don't have tons of experience but you can play your class on a decent level - welcome. Socials are also welcome! If you're interested, you can contact me by the ways below: Bnet: MaxYomka#2975 Discord: MaxYomka#8748Nartalie2 13 Jul
12 Jul Selling boosting services [alliance] We are here to provide quality and swift boosting services of all kinds. We have done hundreds of boosts and runs in the specific boosts we are selling, resulting in a quality run for you as a buyer. RULES If we fail, you get money back. The agreements of the sale is ALWAYS posted in either official forum post (here) or in party/whispers, so Blizzard can track the trade. This is for protection from both sides, you as buyer but also us as providers. GOLD AND PAYMENT We accept gold on all servers in Europe region, but only Alliance gold. If you have horde gold, we MIGHT accept it if it's on a good server for us. This means you as a buyer don't have to think about how you are transferring gold between the servers, we got that part covered. SERVICES (the good part!) - THE CHOSEN - Boosting The Chosen-achievement (mythic ToV) on Fridays at 19:00 CET. Our group has experience of 155+ chosen titles already, and now searching for more titles to boost. Price is currently 1mil on any server. - MYTHIC GULDAN MOUNT- Mythic Guldan mount becomes 1% droprate once BfA hits, so we are selling the mount at least twice each week - Fridays at 20:00 CET and Saturdays at 20:00 CET (estimated times). Price is currently 1.3mil on any server. -MYTHIC KILJADEN- Grab that achievement and become the Darkener! Current price is 1mil - but negotiable. M+15 FOR WEEKLY CHEST PAYMENT ONLY ON RAVENCREST Selling a high quality m+15 for weekly chest / achievement - you get all the loot and you are allowed to AFK during the run. Price is 120k - ONLY on Ravencrest. Price on any other server - 175k. -GNOMERGAN TOY- Vial of Green Goo - why do I post it here as boost? This toy requires you to beat a secret boss in Gnomergan - gear and experience is required. Price for this is currently 250k. You guessed it, any server and alliance gold. -NIGHTBANE MOUNT- Selling Karazhan Nightbane mount for 100k - can do over 10 runs per week. Poke me on Battlenet (Enimas#2872) or via Discord DM's (DISCORD TAG Enimas#0198 THIS IS NOT BNET TAG)Enimas16 12 Jul
12 Jul HORDE - LF PVP GUILD Looking to join a pvp guild in order to start playing RBG etc. Any recommendations would be appreciated.Grimium0 12 Jul
12 Jul [A] <Nox Terra> recruiting for BfA Mythic! Update: Filling last spots for BfA, if you are looking for stable guild to hit Mythic with in BfA hit us up and fill in app on www.noxterra.eu Our Heroic team is looking for range DPS. For direct application go to our site: http://www.noxterra.eu also you can always hit us up ingame or via bnet @ Nyx#2709 or @ Blitzelf#2699 Nox Terra is raiding guild residing on Ravencrest Alliance EU. It's been established by players with experience since day one vanilla. We understand the ethics of raiding and all the effort and dedication required to do so. While we don't have time to fully commit to raiding on hardcore level as before we still strive to push all content while maintaining 2-3 days a week schedule. In cases of Mythic progress we introduce raid on Wed from 21:00 to 23:00 ST for farm content on Mythic. We run 2 teams inside guild, one is pushing Mythic progression while other is focusing on Heroic in a more laid back environment. Schedule for Mythic Team: Wed: 21:00 - 23:30 ST (Mythic farm night) Sun: 20:00 - 23:30 ST (Progress night) Mon: 21:00 - 23:30 ST (Progress night) Schedule for Heroic Team: Wed:20:00 - 23:00 ST Sun: 20:00 - 23:00 ST We are aiming to progress every raid. To achieve this we need a dynamic core of raiders being able to switch our setup when certain roles/classes aren't available to attend a raid. If you can perform to our required standards we can guarantee a solid spot in our raiding group. This involves you: * Being on time when you sign up. * Always being polite and having a positive mind set. * Being able to communicate in English. * Communicating during raids. * Being able to play both main and offspec to their full potential. * Theorycrafting and reading up on additional information. We are a friendly guild but with plenty of banter and we are growing steadily day by day. We use Discord as our main communication tool. Our aim is also community around guild so we have one golden rule: You get toxic, you get booted out. Simple as that. For more information or any questions please do not hesitate to contact us ingame; Mythic team leaders: Genndrick, Lyth, Fabedicta & Baarus Heroic team leaders: Barrow & Bellætrix Or just search Nox Terra and poke any of members to point you to first officer. Recruitment; Our recruitment needs are listed fully on; https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ravencrest/Nox+Terra Take in mind even if your class isn't listed if you have what it takes we will consider your application, we will always pick player over class. For direct application go to our site: http://www.noxterra.euLyth47 12 Jul
12 Jul 11/11M Guild Selling HC Antorus and +15 Boost Runs <Arctic Avengers> [11/11 Mythic] Is now selling Full Heroic Antorus, the Burning Throne Runs on Personal Loot! The services we currently offer: - Heroic 11/11 Antorus Personal Loot (Price 300k Gold) - Heroic Argus the Unmaker Personal Loot (Price 100k Gold) - Heroic Specific Bosses Personal Loot (Price 20k Gold) - Mythic +15 Dungeon In Time (Price 100k gold) - Mythic +16 to +20 Dungeon In Time (Price discussed) - Nightbane Mount from Return to Karazhan (Price 80k gold) When: - The Full 11/11 Heroic Antorus Boost Runs are held each Thursday at 20:00 ST - Heroic Argus the Unmaker will be held during the same run as the full Heroic - Mythic +15 Runs are done Daily, just contact one of us on battle net - Mythic +16 to +20 Runs are done by our main group and have to be discussed Gear & Loot System: - Antorus: Every item dropped from each boss will be rolled out, unless one of our raiders can use it as an upgrade! In that case we will keep the item. Each run is done with Personal Loot! - Mythic+ Dungeons: All gear will be traded to the buyer. Unless the item procs a high titanforge and we can use it as an upgrade. Payment: The full amount will be paid at the start of the dungeon or raid unless otherwise noted. We currently only accept gold on: Ravencrest (In the future we might also accept gold on other servers) Guarantee: If under any circumstances the boost does not go through, we will return the whole amount of gold payed by the buyer. Contact: If you are interested in purchasing from us or you have any questions, please add one of these battletags. Forsaken#21326 / Roliath#2510 / Tankzorx#2410Shredbull86 12 Jul
12 Jul (A)!Player looking for heroic/ mythic raiding guild I have returned from a break after clearing EN mythic and ToV and Nighthold heroic, I am now looking for a raiding guild for bfa that has the intent of raiding mythic and raid 2/3 days a week Message me on discord Add Launs#6829Launs0 12 Jul
12 Jul ~Group Therapy~ Ravencrest-Selling Alliance Services ~Group Therapy~ World 55 Guild Selling Alliance Services Bastu#2490 - Bnet http://www.gt-guild.com/ https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ravencrest/Group+Therapy Note: All our boosts are for GOLD ONLY Now offering multiple types of boost: Antorus ★ Masterloot 9/11M - 5m ★ Masterloot 10/11M - 6m ★ Masterloot 11/11M - 9m ★ Masterloot 11/11M + Argus Mount(Shackled Ur'zul) - 12m ★ Argus - 4m ★ Argus Mount(Shackled Ur'zul) - 9m Nighthold ★ Gu'dan Mount (Fiendish Hellfire Core) - 1.5m ★ Chance at CoF - 200k Trial of Valor ★ 'The Chosen' title + Transmog set! - 1m List of Streaming Boosters https://www.twitch.tv/polihanna https://www.twitch.tv/bastulol https://www.twitch.tv/wallirikz https://www.twitch.tv/hyuru https://www.twitch.tv/jokerdtv https://www.twitch.tv/anoreal https://www.twitch.tv/ashineeBastu4 12 Jul
10 Jul +15 boost scams As my previous posts show, I've been buying +15 boosts for quite some time and typically from the same people that I trust. Recently and with the new expansion looming, I've changed it up a bit. Whilst I have absolutely no qualms with the job that Arctic Avengers do, I am looking for a cheaper option, which granted, is not always best. Tonight I was approached by a player, a DH by the name of **ål (screen shots upon request) who at first, offered to pay me 50k to join his boost run, which he was charging 70k per player for. His offer then changed from paying me 50k to charging me 70k! Not looking to cause grief but folks, please be very wary of who you give your cash to. always use a trusted source, especially due to how close the expansion is.Dairyproduce0 10 Jul
10 Jul <Deadly Blade> PvP Guild is recruiting! <Deadly Blade>, an Alliance guild on Ravencrest is currently looking to expand our team for RBG and Arenas. We are a PvP guild and do RBG's on thuesday and thursday and Arenas on the other days. We are a fun, mature and social guild that is looking for experienced PvPers. We don't ask of you to have a high rating or fancy achievement, we only ask of you to know your class in a PvP setting. Make yourself available for RBG's and Arenas. As long as you are patient we can build a great team. We love doing PvP and love to meet new people that enjoy them just as much. If you want more information about us or if you are interested in joining us you can whisper our officers; Deathmind and Soires. We use a Facebook group to connect with eachother and share updates. We require you to join this group if you want to sign up for RBGs. ,Guildies of <Deadly Blade>Deathmìnd13 10 Jul
10 Jul 3-4 friends looking for 2-3 day raiding guild So yeah as it says we are a group of friends looking for a raiding guild, we got experience raiding since TBC. Consists of 1 tank either prot pala or Guardian druid 1 flexible player willing to play pretty much any role and one friend that hasnt decided yet. (these are the ones that are guaranteed) We are currently looking for a guild that is friendly and fun, but during raiding will get !@#$ done as we like to be efficient when we raid as its so few times per week. Please contact me if you know of a guild that can take in our little group of friends and we will hopefully have a great time beating bosses in BFA. Regards Froggy contact via battletag : Froelich#2839Froggymcbae0 10 Jul
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