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3h [A] [Heresy] Mythic Team Recruitment <Heresy is recruiting the following for its mythic progression team.> Death Knight - Unholy/Frost. Mage - All specs considered. Priest - Shadow. All DPS specs will be considered and not limited to the above list. Progression - 7/7M - 3/3HC - 3/10M About us: Heresy moved to Ravencrest for legion in hopes of building a community of like minded players to enjoy end-game content. Since doing so we have gained members and experience and wish to continue growing. Our other Teams are also recruiting and a post about them can be found here. Team 1’s goal is to build a raiding roster to be able to consistently raid mythic difficulty 2-3 times per week whilst keeping the roster adaptable if encounters require so. Raiding Times:- Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday. 8pm-11pm server time. New raiders are put on trial for a minimum of 2 weeks, to be moved to main roster you will need to prove and earn the spot. What do we expect from you? * Players who can commit to a raiding schedule of at least 2 nights per week. Attendance is king. * If you sign up for a Raid, you turn up on time and prepared. * Be a team player, understand your class / spec might not be needed for every raid / fight. * Strive to improve, a team is only as strong as it weakest player. * Be patient, mythic progression will result in wipes. * Be able to communicate in english. We are a friendly guild but with plenty of banter that is growing steadily. The guild uses discord full of useful information and links. We are committed to making the Guild that is fun and friendly whilst maintaining raiding standards and progression. For more information or any questions please do not hesitate to contact one of the Officers listed below. Contacts - Xàos, Inriss, Soddit Socials always welcome to the guild. Thanks for reading and look forward to hearing from you!Whistlar25 3h
6h [A] Heresy Guild recruiting for Teams 2&3! Hello citizens of Azeroth! Heresy is filling rooster for Team 2 & Team 3! Also we always have open spots for people that want to hang out and chill as socials in guild. What do we need: For Team 2 we need people that aim to gear up doing Full normal clears + some HC Nighthold and get ready for progress and hitting Tombs, recruitment is open for all classes. For Team 3 we need people aiming to do regular clear on 10/10 NH HC every week get decked and prepare full team to tackle Tombs once it is out. Team 3 is in need of healer class; Druid, Shaman preferred, and some DPS spots are open: Warlock, Hunter, DK, DH or Warrior preferred. Take in mind we will always take person over class so don't be affraid to poke us! What we are looking for: We are looking for people with tight schedules that still have spark for raiding and progressing further but maintaining it to maximum 2 days a week. People that are prepared to take criticism and learn quickly from their mistakes. People that have an ambition and willingness to learn and raid atleast 2 days a week.Schedule: Team 2; Wed: 20:00 - 23:00 ST Sun: 20:00 - 23:00 ST Team 3; Mon: 21:00 - 00:00 ST Tue: 21:00 - 01:00 ST More info: We use Discord as our raid tool so having proper mic and headphones is must. Loot is distributed via Loot Council and we use RCLootCouncil for it. For further information and how to get in please feel free to contact us in-game: Just search Heresy and poke any of members to point you to first officer or add me directly via Battle net @ Nyx#2709 May the gods of RNG be with you. Nyx out.Nyx0 6h
11h [A]<Esoteric> is recruiting 5/10M NH <Esoteric> is currently recruiting the following classes for Nighthold progression: Shaman - Restoration Paladin - Holy Druid - Restoration Warlock Hunter - Marksman/Beast Mastery Druid - Balance About us: Esoteric was a guild formed with Mythic progression at the forefront of all. Members of a previous guild which have demonstrated the ability to perform at the highest level have banded together to achieve their ambition. We pride ourselves on our determination to achieve big goals and the positive atmosphere that comes naturally to us. Our aim is to establish ourselves within the top 20 guilds on Ravencrest and as such as become the top 2-day-a-week guild on the server. We offer a friendly environment that is serious about progression. We provide support to our players and give feedback via observations in raids and through warcraftlogs analysis. We also offer a good Mythic+ community in which we currently have some of the best players on the server competing in the top 10 for M+ score. Schedule: We are a 2-night-a-week guild, raiding Monday & Thursday 19:45 - 23:00 Server (CET). Additional, non-compulsory raids, are added to the calendar frequently for new content release and weekends. What we are looking for: Players with experience of the raiding scene, with a minimum of Heroic under their belt. Players that are prepared to take criticism upon analysis of mechanics/logs and learn quickly from their mistakes. Players that have an ambition to clear Mythic content, whilst doing so in the confines of 2 raid nights. Active players that contribute to the positive atmosphere of the guildApplying: To apply, please sign-up on http://www.esoteric-guild.com and post an application. Applications can also be conducted via a quick informal chat on our discord also. For further information, please feel free to contact us in-game: Kandifloss (Monty#2548) - Guild Master & Raid Leader Bóndil (Beachy#2592) - Officer Surhval (Whiplash#2680) - OfficerKandifloss57 11h
14h <Wheelchair Drifters> Recruiting Most Classes!!! Wheelchair Drifters - Ravencrest was founded on April 16th when a group of friends returning to the game with a single goal of raiding and killing !@#$. All of our core members are already 10/10 Heroic, 4/10M. We're chilled out players who enjoy raiding and discussing random subjects over discord. We're on the hunt for people like us and who have the similar goals as ourselves. Raiding Times We plan to keep our 2 day schedule with the aim to build a competent roster capable of clearing ToS HC before mythic release and then progress mythic . All Raiding times listed are server time based. Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 Discord We use discord for communications during raiding, and also chilling!!!! Recruitment - These spots are open DPS: - Frost/Arcane Mage x 2 - Outlaw/Assassination Rougue x 1 - Warlock Demo x 1 - Balanace Druid x 1 - Feral Druid x 1 Healer - Restro Druid x 1 For other classes not listed feel free to contact us if you think your are a wannabe drifter. All socials no matter what level you are also welcome to join us! Contact Info If you have any further questions feel free to contact our GM and Officers. Théíon (Bnet - murdoch1991#2596) - GuildmasterMófohunt1 14h
21h [A] Ronin, Heroic Guild recruiting! (10/10 HC NH) Who are we? Ronin as a guild has been around since vanilla, at the end of WoD it became clear that our original server, Ragnaros, was no longer a suitable environment for an Alliance raiding guild so we moved here, to Ravencrest. During Mists of Pandaria the guild went largely on hiatus, but since WoD now we've been back, and we've been a sturdy raiding guild since a month or so before BRF came out. We have a solid core of players but we need to expand our roster to reach the more suitable group sizes with greater frequency. As a guild we've been through it all, we've raided for 4 hours a night 4 times a week plus an additional day time raid on a Sunday, with alt runs in between! Now as most of us are older, we no longer want to push for the very bleeding edge as we no longer wish for WoW to dominate our lives. What this does not mean is that we are "casual" in our approach to raiding. We would expect anyone to turn up with flasks, food and potions, and the best gems and enchants for their spec. We would expect Stones to be available for use on progression content when called for by the raid leaders. What these things mean though is that we can clear content at our level at a reasonable pace without raiding having to dominate your life inside or outside of WoW. We don't want to burn through content so fast that it gets boring, or so slow that it feels like we're not moving forward. Due to only raiding twice a week, we do not really want to deal with the politics of Mythic, as we feel getting benched for potentially 50% of a raiding week would be unfair, though with that said we wouldn't necessarily shy away from it if the circumstance presented itself. We raid twice a week, Thursdays and Sundays, 20:00-23:00. We have found that this is more than enough time to clear up to heroic content while it remains current. Since resurrecting the guild, we have always achieved Ahead of the Curve. Our view is that progress, fun, and a relaxed environment don't have to be mutually exclusive to each other. Ronin has a strong social aspect with an active discord server acting as our central hub. There are often people looking to form up for invasions, do world quests together or push through a few mythic+ dungeons. Even though we're an international guild, I like to think that everyone in Ronin considers anyone else in Ronin their friend. Loot is masterlooted out and goes by EPGP. Tier is prioritized to completion of bonuses. So, if this sounds good to you then please consider applying! We are currently looking for 1 healer 1 RDPS (ideally a Warlock) These classes or specs above are in particular interest to balance out our roster, though anyone is welcome to apply and would be given fair consideration. Any applicants should be able to provide good attendance and as said above, be able to turn up with full enchants, gems and all necessary consumables. Item level is not an absolute priority, but given the recently introduced catch up mechanics, any applicants should at least be able to demonstrate that they are attempting to obtain gear via other means if 880 or lower. Anyone interested please either add - HiddenGecko#2289 Incurus#2478 or leave a post with your details here and we can talk. Thanks for reading!Thordelar0 21h
1d <Simply The Best> || Casual 2 day guild || 4/10M http://simply-the-best-ravencrest.enjin.com/ Rebuilding for legion, previously 11/13 mythic with mannoroth at 10% before going on a break. Contact us if interested.Tínaturner8 1d
1d [A]<Blood Money> 7/7M 2/3M 6/10M 2 days recruiting! Blood Money is forged from the merger of two guilds, Lion Guard and Outerspace, with the goal of providing a stable raid environment for its members. Together we bring a lot of experience to the table as the player core is formed by retired hardcore raiders who have been playing together for years. We do take raiding very seriously since our time is limited and we want to make the most of it. Our raid days are: Wednesday: 19.30-23.30st Sunday: 19.30-23.30st Monday: 20.00st - optional raid for alts/legendaries/ap/wf gear Our immediate goal is to build a reliable team to get the best progression we can in NH and to prepare for a strong start in Tomb of Sargeras. Our current progression is: 7/7M EN, 2/3M ToV, 6/10M NH What are we looking for: - Frost Death Knight - Havoc Demon Hunter - Retribution Paladin - Warlock - MM or BM Hunter - Restoration Druid All exceptional applications will be considered regardless of recruitment status. What do we require: * Attendance: We require at least 90% attendance. We do understand that real life will take priority, but we do require you to notify an officer if you are going to miss a raid. * Punctuality: Raid invites will always start 10 mins before the raid start time. We expect everyone to be ready and prepared. This means you must have all the flasks, foods, potions (and any other item necessary for the raid) ready before you come to the raid. * Communication: We expect you to be able to understand and speak English well enough to communicate with the guild or at least to understand when things are explained in Discord. * Know your class: Whether you are a tank, healer or dps you must know how to play it, know the strengths and weaknesses, master the rotation and have the ability to adapt on the fly in order to put out the best performance possible. * Be a team player: You are expected to do the mechanics accordingly and perform any other tasks assigned to you by the Raid Leader. We do not tolerate boss tunneling, meter whoring or selfish behavior. You are part of a team and everyone needs to do his/her part for all to benefit. * Be able to take criticism: Nobody is perfect and we know that but we expect all our members to be able to take the advice and constructive criticism given in order to improve their performance. Outbursts during the raid, openly flaming fellow raid members or repeatedly ignoring the advice from the raid leader will result in immediate removal from the raid or even the guild. We do not tolerate drama, if you have a problem take it in private to an officer after the raid. * Know the current raid tier inside and out: With our limited schedule it is very important for everyone in the raid to know all of the boss’s abilities and how to deal with them before we even face that boss. You should understand that when you join a raiding guild the guild and raid progression will always be the first priority. What are we offering: * Fair and committed leadership and a stable organization * Strong raid leading from mature players that have been around since Vanilla/TBC days * A friendly atmosphere during the raids * Good progression within a limited amount of time * Help and advice with bettering yourself within the game * Various activities from PVP to M+ runs How to apply: You can apply directly on our website: http://bloodmoney.shivtr.com/ Or you can contact any of our Officers: Btag: Teddytree - Lectobud1990#2164 Ryzhor - RockMeUp#2776Rhyzhunt13 1d
1d Omnicide Ravencrest 7/7M,3/3M&9/10M LF RANGED Hello there... Omnicide-Ravencrest EU is a semi-hardcore guild that was created by mature and experienced raiders that decided to start a new journey. The guild was created in June 2014 and started raiding in SOO but most of our raiders go a long way back into raiding. Our goal is to progress into end game Mythic content, while keeping a friendly atmosphere inside the guild.One of our primary goals for our raids, is to always keep a serious and mature environment.If you are interested in joining our community and raid with us, please visit our site and apply to us. Raiding Progress (while current content) Mists of Pandaria: Siege of Orgrimmar 14/14 HC (before prepatch nerf) We ended this expansion on realm rank 20 & world rank 2002.. Warlords of Draenor: Highmaul 7/7 HC & 3/7 M Blackrock Foundry 10/10 HC & 5/10 M Hellfire Citadel 13/13 HC & 13/13 M We ended this expansion on realm rank 14 & world rank 1121.. Legion: The Emerald Nightmare 7/7 HC (first reset) & 7/7 M (before ToV release) Trial of Valor 3/3 HC & 3/3 M The Nighthold 10/ 10HC & 9/10 M (up to now) Recruitment Status: Exceptional players who feel like they can complement our quality of raiding are encouraged to apply regardless of class/spec. For specific classes/roles more in need though you can check the recruitment status below... Atm we are recruiting SOME EXCEPTIONAL RANGED DPS. What we expect from you as a player: - You are someone that loves raiding and want to progress in Mythic mode. - You are an independent and communicative player (that means you prepare yourself for new encounters, buy appropriate gems, enchants etc and ask from guildies for any help you might need). - Raiding experience and skills. - Near 100% attendance is expected (we understand real life comes first though). - Complaining about spots and loot is not acceptable. Rage quitting a raid equals to an instant demote. - Your English is good enough for clear communication. - You have a stable connection. - Being able to listen to and actively speak on Teamspeak is required. What you should expect to get from us: - A guild that raids and tries to clear content in Mythic while still current - A very fun community - Great raiding environment (both serious and relaxed at the same time) - Lots of fun with guildies in Mythic+, Alt runs, Boost Runs etc... - Active TS (most of the time) - Very helpful guild members and officer's team -Lots of trolling on Guild Chat and TS Raiding Schedule: Wednesday: 2000-2330 EU Server Time Thursday: 2000-2330 EU Server Time Monday: 2000-2330 EU Server Time Sunday: 2000-2330 (Not mandatory Normal/Heroic/Boost Run) For more information feel free to contact the GM Daènerys(G1ak1#2235), any officer in-game or visit our website... Website: http://omnicide-guild.enjin.com/ Have fun all Best Regards, Daenerys, Omnicide's Guild MasterDaènerys10 1d
1d [A] Stasis 2d/w - 7/10M is recruiting! Stasis is a guild with a long history on Ravencrest, EU. We started on the server back in the Burning Crusade and raided all the way until WoD, clearing content as it was current. Draenor was quiet time for us, but as interest in Legion grew, we decided to get back into action! Our goal for this expansion is to clear all the relevant raid content on heroic difficulty and progress on mythic difficulty. Current progress: 7/7 Mythic EN, 2/3 Mythic ToV, 7/10 Mythic Nighthold. Soon more! Raid times: We raid 2 times per week, Mondays and Wednesdays 20-23 server time. Due to only raiding 6 hours per week, we want people who are able to focus fully for that time. Recruitment: At the moment we're mainly looking for: Warlock Balance Druid Fury Warrior DPS Death Knight Feel free to apply even if your class/role is not listed, exceptional applicants are always welcome. So what is Stasis looking for?: Active and stable raider with experience at end game bosses. Previous experience at endgame in other expansions is a plus. A player who knows his class well, preferably it's been your main for a long time. You're mature and friendly. Closing: Should you have any questions feel free to contact us in-game for more information. Lithian (Isalith) - Officer Lithian#2207 Sakanade - Officer Saka#2160 To apply submit your application at: https://stasis.apexmega.com/Tagliatelle31 1d
2d <The Dedicated Few> 8/10 Mythic Recruiting We are a guild that was formed in December after splitting from another. We managed to rebuild pretty fast and have enjoyed continuing progress and improvement throughout the whole tier. At the moment we just need a few players to complete our roster. What applicants can expect from us A serious, and welcoming, guild that values progress over farm. We want to clear content as quickly as possible. Furthermore, we will also provide plenty of opportunities for farming m+ content, and alt runs. since we are striving to play a lot outside the raiding hours. Recruitment We are currently looking for: 1 Melee DPS (Rogue) 1 Ranged DPS (Balance Druid or Shadow Priest) 1 Healer (preferrably a Holy Priest or a Holy Paladin) What we expect from the applicants - High attendance. - Give, and take, criticism. - Be respectful towards each other. Raid times Current raid days are: Thursday: 19.30-23.00 Sunday: 19.30-23.00 Tuesday: 19.30-23.00 For more info do not hesitate to contact us Murzi#2759 (GM) Ekray#1780 (Recruitment Officer) You can apply at: http://thededicatedfew.shivtr.com/ We hope to hear from you! Best regards; The Dedicated Few teamEkray3 2d
2d [A]<Random Two> 3/10M Recruiting Attentive RDPS <Random Two> is a 2 night per week Alliance raiding guild on Ravencrest (EU-PVP) comprised of fun and mature people. Its a continuation of a former #1 guild in Vanila-TBC, with server first kills on Vanilla and TBC, known as <Random> on Silvermoon (EU-PVE) and later on Kul'tiras (EU-PVE). It has been around for over 10 years, although inactive after WorLK, and we are currently looking for people who are serious about raid progression. If you want to be a casual, semi-hardcore core raider on the most competitive, high-populated server of the Alliance, we have what you're looking for. We raid a comfortable 2 nights a week and a optional 3rd day for heroic clear, leaving plenty of time for our members to pursue outside interests. When it comes raid time, we work hard and make good use of our time. We come to boss fights prepared, and we take down new content on a consistent basis, at least on the heroic. If you join <Random Two>, you will be among skilled players. All like-minded raiders, working toward a common goal. We are all polite and friendly so you wont have to worry about imature behaviors. Socials and PvPers are also welcomed for off-raid runs. We help each other if possible. We are currently farming Heroic Nighthold, trying to push Mythic NH on Krosus and mythic dungeons +10. We may raid additional days if guildies want to (Democratic system), usually when new raid content is released. Our goal is to have a full and dedicated core group of 2/4/14 setup (maybe more than 20-22 people and a dps that can go heal spec for 2/5/13 fights) for fast weekly Nighthold heroic runs and mythic NH progress. Past Progression: Vanila (lvl 60): T1 - Molten Core - 10/10 T2 - Blackwing Lair/Onyxia's Lair - 8/8, 1/1 T2,5 - Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj/Ahn'Qiraj Temple - 6/6, 9/9 T3 - Naxxramas 13/15 The Burning Crusade (lvl 70): T4 - Gruul's Lair/Magtheridon's Lair/Karazhan - 2/2, 1/1, 11/11 T5 - Serpentshrine Cavern/Tempest Keep - 4/4, 6/6 T6 - The Battle for Mount Hyjal/Black Temple/The Sunwell - 5/5, 9/9, 6/6 Wrath of the Lich King (lvl 80): T7 - Naxxramas/The Obsidian Sanctum 15/15 (25/10) T8 - Ulduar - Yogg/Algalon 14/14 (25/10) T9 - ToTC - 5/5 heroic T10 - Icecrown Citadel 12/12 heroic After the end of Wotlk, some of us carried on playing sporadically with no significant progress, doing mostly pug raiding/LFR/PvP in Cataclysm/MoP. Same for WoD where few of us were able to clear content on Heroic difficulty. Warlords of Draenor(lvl 100): T17 - Highmaul/Blackrock Foundry - 7/7, 10/10 normal/heroic T18 - Hellfire Citadel - 13/13 normal/heroic Legion (lvl 110): Emerald Nightmare 7/7normal/heroic/mythic(puged) Trial of Valor 3/3normal/heroic T19 - Nighthold 10/10normal/heroic 3/10 Mythic (fast heroic farm 1-shot since 2nd week) Recruitment: We are always recruiting skilled and dedicated players. We also accept applicants as social and/or friends or PvP oriented people. As a main raider you will have a fair opportunity to show us what you have. Our trial period generally lasts 2-3 weeks, depending on performance. During this period, we evaluate trial raiders based on their attitude, attendance, skill level, situational awareness, and cohesiveness with the guild as a whole. Raid Schedule: Wednesday 9:00PM - 00:00PM MST Thursday 9:00PM - 00:00PM MST Sunday 9:00PM - 00:00PM MST (Optional-Heroic Raid) All times are MST (server time). Raid invites start at 8:45 PM. Trash pulls generally begin shortly after. Off-raid activities include mythic+, Emerald Nightmare and Trial of valor runs, classic transmog runs and Random battlegrounds. Loot System: For now we use Personal Loot to distribute loot. We will probably use group-master looter with council for mythic raiding progress. Factors that would probably affect loot decisions include, but are not limited to raid performance, attendance, previous loot received and significance of upgrade. Raiding consumables: We help each others with all consumables (flasks, feasts, potions, enchants, gems, etc). You may have for example to farm your herbs but we make them for you for free. Same for enchants, usually its free. Requirements: 1. English-Greek language, Discord & working mic. 2. Able to attend both scheduled raiding days (Wed-Thurs). 3. Eager to wipe and learn the fights especially in the mythic raid progress. 4. Bring your flasks/food/pots for EVERY fight, especially for mythic raids. 5. Be 24+ years old (average guildies' age range is around 26-34). 6. Know your class, how to optimize your gear and which gear to roll for. 7. Extensive raiding experience and high raid awareness. 8. Research every boss fight BEFORE stepping foot into it. 9. We expect you to be a member of our guild and we don't expect you to spend all of your time on WoW. That's not what we are about but we expect you to at least follow the general guidelines of our guild. How to Apply: - Provide us with some information about you. Why do you want to join us and what are your expectations in Legion. You can link wowprogress, warcraftlogs etc. For additional information and/or if you want to talk to someone before applying, you can add on battletag or send an in-game whisper to: BugShot#2536 (Fouskas-Ravencrest), Vaughan#2333 (Boufina-Ravencrest), Qourel#2767 (Vegie-Ravencrest), (Arathol-Ravencrest), (Druidoga-Ravencrest), (Tommas-Ravencrest), (Allariel-Ravencrest), (Lunsastraa-Ravencrest). Cheers!Fouskas1 2d
2d Casual raiding guild reqruiting! Hello there. We are Warriors of Wrath, 6 year old casual raiding guild at Ravencrest! Currently we are at 4/7 M, 3/3 hc and 10/10 hc. 1/10 M. We are looking for mature and relaxed ppl to join us, also old hardcore raiders who dont have time for hardcore gaming anymore. We are looking for ppl who respect real life issues, respect each other, their guild m8s and the community.Ppl who dont forget that this is a game and want to have fun with it , but ofc also make some decent runs/ rpogress r.days : Wednsday-Sunday-Tuesday 830-12 Thursday is the normal run for our new ppl. alts etc we use ep/gp for loots(no drama, very fair) and curse voice Attendance is up to you and your real life obligations. We also do keystones, guild challenges and old content for fun /achies. Currently we are looking for healer( pref priest) and dps (boomkin/priest/shamy), but all roles and charactes are welcome to join our runs.Since we are reforming our group every1 is welcome. If you are looking for a new place to call home and you value firendships and fun over progress and recount , add me for a chat fourfouri#2785 Ty for your time and have fun!Vanthw2 2d
2d <Familiar with Drama> 9/10M Nighthold Recruitment Heya! <Familiar with Drama> is an international guild with the goal of becoming one of the absolute best 3-day raiding guilds in the world, while not doing alt-funnel raids/forced PTR. Basically maximizing our raid-times while playing the absolute minimum time required. Familiar with Drama since 2009: http://i.imgur.com/N08snfk.jpg (Since 2009, four members are still actively raiding to this day within FWD) We've existed in many forms since 2009, but not until just before the release of Warlords of Draenor has the guild stabilized into what it is today. Main reason we've stabilized as a guild is that we've decided to stick to the 3-day raiding schedule, never to extend raids, or add extra raids during new patch-releases. "We raid three days a week, but for the first X IDs of a new tier, we also raid either Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Saturday and/or add +1 hour" - 95% of all "3-day guilds". This is not us, during mythic raiding, we only raid three days a week/four hours those days and that's final. We've kept this schedule for almost 4 years and it hasn't been an issue. We raid throughout the entire year, only to take a one month break during July(Vacation) Classes were specifically looking to recruit: - Restoration Druid - Holy/Discipline Priest - Restoration Shaman - Mistweaver Monk What we want from you: ★ Above 95-100% Attendance through entire progression. ★ You know your boundaries. Were not accepting trials with the thought of them just filling another spot on the bench. ★ Be able to take criticism, be it constructive or just plain hate. Things get heated up during progress, and this cannot be an issue. ★ Be able to handle a somewhat harsh and vocal environment(if you cant handle people joking about where you're from, or your religion -> Don't bother applying) ★ Be able to have fun (thus can cope with retarded humor) ★ Be able to handle wiping (Lots of it) What you will get from us: ★ One of the best 3-day a week guilds the alliance has to offer, and a guild that clears content while its still relevant. ★ Overwhelming swenglish and danglish. ★ No forced PTR. ★ No forced funnel-raids(Although we do form alt-runs, just not for progress) ★ Alot of dank memes Achievements: ★T17: #408 ★T18: #282 ★EN : #210 ★ToV : #215 Raiding times: Wednesday -> 19:00 -> 23:00 Thursday -> 19:00 -> 23:00 Sunday -> 19:00 -> 23:00 If you have any specific questions and want to come in contact directly with an officer you can add any one of them on battle.net Cybele: Cybele#2453 (Guildmaster/Recruitment) Aghanym: Aghanym#2460 (Raidleader/Boosts) Táb: Tabulator#2965 (Healingofficer/Recruitment) Motozzì: Motozzi#2908 (Recruitment/Raidleader) Bootywizard: CptJellyFish#2364 (Recruitment/Raidleader) Website: www.fwd.shivtr.com Media: www.youtube.com/oldfwdstuff Thanks for reading!Aghaním418 2d
2d [A]<Ruin> 7/7M 6/10M LF Raiders Who are Ruin? We're a fairly new guild with the current expansion. With that being said, most of our members have several years of endgame experience, from the early days of vanilla to present date. We are the home to many different types of players, from former hardcore members to the casual Joe, from a lot of different countries. Our goal The shared vision of the guild is to clear all current content, and with 2 days a week and a total of 8 hours of raiding, we require a certain quality of our members. What can Ruin offer me? - Guild repairs for raiders and above - An active roster, our members are active and indulge in mythic plus as well as pvp & legacy raids. - Serious and dedicated officers - A good laugh. We're serious when progressing, but we also like to joke around, after all it is infact a game What does Ruin expect of you? - Able to attend the majority of raids: With 2 days a week, we're looking for reliable and dedicated members. - Class Knowledge: You know your class, the pros, cons, specialisation and talents needed to maximize your performance. - Being Prepared: You come prepared to raids, knowing the mechanics of the relevant encounters and you've got the necessary consumables worthy a mythic guild. - Headstrong: You are able to thrive off constructive criticism and not take it personal Additional information: Raid days: Wednesday & Thursday - 20:00-24:00 Realm: Ravencrest EU Progress: 7/7M EN - 3/3H ToV, 9/10H Classes currently in high demand: Hunter, Mage/Warlock, A Plate dps with Tank OS & a resto Druid Although all applicants will be considered. Head over to www.ruin-eu.shivtr.com if any of the above sounds interesting. For any further questions add one of our officers for a chat: Nymme - Gromtor#2887 Shadowzade - Reaper#2889 Bizket - Bizket#2741 Thank you for reading!Nymme12 2d
2d [A] <Kin> 2 Day 3/10M 10/10HC Recruiting for Mythic “a group of persons descended from a common ancestor or constituting a people, clan, tribe, or family.” General Information Guild name: Kin Faction: Alliance Server: Ravencrest-EU Website: www.kinguild.com About us Kin is a new guild with some old heads looking to go through the latest content at a reasonable pace. A lot of us have played together through a variety of different games with the main one being World of Warcraft. What we're looking for in a member We’re looking for solid players who while raiding 2 nights a week are also interested in running mythic + on off nights as there will be an expectation that your gear is up to par. With our schedule being as it is we are looking for a consistent group who would be there for most raids, of course we do understand that real life can come up, we would just appreciate some advanced warning! Activity on Discord would be nice, a requirement is that you to have a PC able to handle WoW comfortably and an internet connection that is up to the task. A willingness to learn will also be greatly appreciated. Casual/Social players are also welcome to apply, regardless of their choice of class. Roles Available Ranged Mage - High Priority Elemental Shaman Exceptional Players Considered Melee Fury/Arms Warrior Enhancement Shaman Feral Druid Havoc Demon Hunter Retribution Paladin Windwalker Monk Healers Restoration Shaman Restoration Druid Discipline Priest Exceptional Players Considered Raid Schedule Thursday 20:00-23:00 GMT +1 Sunday 20:00-23:00 GMT +1 Contact us Keez#1283 Velking#2969Keeznog45 2d
3d |A|<Illumity> 7/7M 3/3H 1/10M recruiting Hey! <Illumity> Is a small guild looking for a couple more players to complete our raiding team. We would like to do mythic Nighthold until the Tomb of Sargeras release, and we still need a couple of active raiders for that. We are a bit more relaxed and forgiving than most guilds are, so even if you are a newer player, feel free to contact us :) Wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ravencrest/Illumity Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/reportslist/208634/ Spots are open for: *1 main healer and a couple dps Raid times: *Wed/Thurs/Sun 20-23 realm time Since the Nighthold release is kind of awkward for newer players, we have a small, but important minimum gear requirement to join the HC farm raids. Be: *885+ equipped *Artifact level 36(We average at 900 and 40ish) What we expect from you: *Reliability and high attendance *Good understanding of your class and spec of choice *Willingness to learn and improve your own, and the team's play *Be ready for the raids with consumables, weakauras (if you use them) and whatever you need to perform better *Ability to take some criticism. Noone is perfect, but you always want to aim for that What you can expect from us: *A friendly atmosphere where you can enjoy the game *Helpful leaders who will assist you with anything (or i'll kick their !@# :P) *Fairness in deciding raidspots, everyone deserves a chance. We are not an elitist guild who will only take the best of the best. If you can play a bit above the average, and execute the tactics properly, you have a good chance on being accepted. If you are interested in joining us, feel free to contact the following people: Battle.net: Mav3ricK#2151 (GM), Papoos#1491 (Officer) In game: Keelina-Ravencrest (GM), Moardoth-Ravencrest (Officer)Keelina8 3d
3d Disorganized (A) - 2days - Mythic Disorganized is a mythic raiding guild on Ravencrest, alliance. The guild was founded by five real life friends going into Legion, with the clear goal of overcoming mythic content while relevant on a 2 raid/week basis. We have played since vanilla, most of us clearing all of the content while it was current and achieving titles such as 'Immortal', 'Hand of A'dal', 'Hellscream's Downfall' etc. Given the nature of the guilds leadership being real life friends it is safe to say that we have a very stable guild management. Beyond the officers we have added several players from our past raiding to the roster so a great deal of the core have known each other and raided together for many years. We have established a strong core in the guild by now, but are still building roster in a few spots. Currently these are… Dps – All classes Healer – Preferably Mistweaver Monk,Holy/disc priest or Resto Shaman Exceptional Applications will be considered. Our progression so far is… Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 M Trial of Valor: 2/3 M Nighthold : 7/10 M We raid Wednesday and Sunday at 20:00 - 23:00 server time, with possible extension of 20ish minutes if close to an important kill. Outside of raids we have an active player base that are participating in varies activities such as Mythic+ runs, occasional alt/social raids that are optional of course and then a lot of social banter in guild chat and on Discord. Make sure to visit our guild website, which also holds our application form at http://do-guild.enjin.com For more information feel free to contact one of our Co-GMs in game - Elessi (Hawkins#2424) or Kanyeah (Riggs#2962).Elessi57 3d
4d Hypothermia(A) 7/7+3/3M+8/10M Norwegian guild! In order to comply to the forum guidelines the following post will be in English. but please note that we are interested in Norwegian people only. Hypothermia was created September 2013. The roster consisted of a mix of good friends who had played together since Vanilla, and some new faces. Our goal was to have good progress, while having fun doing it. Three years later, that is exactly what we've had. We have managed to establish ourselves as a successfull single-nationality guild, we were the leading all-norwegian guild in Highmaul and BRF, and also the first to get 7/7M in Emerald Nightmare. We are looking forward to doing the same in Nighthold! With the release of Legion we have seen some new faces join our ranks and we now consist of people from all over the country. Our guild also put emphasis on the social part of gaming and for the last 4 easter vacations we have hosted a week of guild-LAN at one of our guild master's house. We were happy to see that almost our whole roster joined the party! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ About our raids: We are currently raiding three days a week. - Wednesday 19:30-23.30 - Thursday 19:30-23:30 - Monday 19:30-23.30 We never extend beyond this schedule We use Loot Council to distribute loot. This ensures the guild progression over single-player progression. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recruitment: We are currently recruiting 2 or 3 more DPS for mythic Nighthold progression We are currently looking for: Melee dps: 2 spots open, not warrior or WW monk Ranged dps: 3 spots, open for most, but preferably SP, frost mage or affli lock Tanks: Guardian druid/BM monk who can keep up a DPS off-spec Healer: Holy priest, Resto druid Don't be afraid to leave an apply even if your class is not listed here. Exceptional players with something to offer are always welcome to apply regardless of current needs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements: - A working microphone and Teamspeak 3. - Knowledge of your class/spec.q - Age 18+ - Preferably (not required) experience on par with our current progress. - Good artifact progress! - no specific ilvl is required at the moment, but we will not boost your character ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to be a part of one of the most successful Norwegian raiding communities there is, please contact one of the officers in-game: Deadeyez, Shikamaru or Sheiila, with their respective battle-tags teekay#2300, shikamaru#2938 or Guden#2360 with any questions you may have. Best Regards Thomas / Deadeyez - Hypothermia officer teamDeadeyez6 4d
4d <Eversio> 9/10M, 3/3M, 7/7M Recruiting We are a semi-hardcore guild. We are raiding a standard of 3 days per week. Mon, Wed, Sun, 20:00-00:00. As of this week (22/2/2017), we are adding 1 extra raid day, being Monday. New recruits MUST be able to raid at raid Mondays! Our team comprises of skilled players who aim at raiding at a high level. At the same time, though, we dont feel like raiding hardcore. We enjoy other games aswell and most of us cant raid 5-7 times per week for more than 5 hours, but we still want to progress and make the best out of our raids. All of our core players have had high end competitive raiding experience at least once varying from rank 2 and rank 14 world, to top 500. Loot: loot is distributed via a loot council. Consistent attendance and high performance is awarded with loot, and we invest in the players that will help us progress the most. We go with the philosophy that loot is a tool, not a reward. Attitude: above all we’re looking for mature and sociable highly skilled players. Egocentric attitudes in regards to raiding are not condoned and we do not tolerate ‘loot-whoring’, trash-talking, or mindless padding at expense of progress. You as a player: it goes without saying that you’re expected to know your class inside and out, and that you are able to play all relevant specs extremely well and you know how to min-max on each and every encounter we engage. You show up to each raid fully optimised in terms of gear, enchants, flasks, foods, potions. Criticism: It is extremely important that you are able to constructively handle criticism. If you make a mistake and do not immediately admit it is your fault, you will be called out on it. We expect all our raiders to immediately claim blame for their own mistakes, otherwise strategies and progress are compromised at the expense of personal ego and errors. Communication: you are expected to communicate proficiently in English. Being vocal on TS is a huge plus. This does not mean you have to blabber your head off, but being able to say ‘ads loose’ on TS can make or break a pull. Contact us Website: www.eversio.shivtr.com Wowprogress: www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ravencrest/Eversio Contact one of our officers ingame in Ravencrest EU Alliance or add me on Battle.net: Jimbo#2714Pøpe34 4d
4d [A] Newly made <Degenerates> 10/10HC Foundation! Degenerates-Ravencrest was founded on April 8th when a group of raiders reformed in this guild. Most of our current members are already 10/10 Heroic. Raiding Times We plan to keep our 2 day schedual with hope to achieve curve every tier, while also dipping our toes into mythic a few times. (All Raiding times listed are servertime based). Wednesday 19:00 - 22:00 Sunday 19:00 - 22:00 Discord We use discord for raiding and anyone may use it during daytime aswell for Socialising/banter and such. Recruitment - These spots are open - Warlock - Hunter For other classes not listed feel free to contact us if you think you are exceptional. We do also have a social raider rank where it's not mandatory for you to show up for raids, however if you feel like raiding and there is a spot available that night then you can raid. All socials no matter what level you are also welcome to join us! Contact Info If you have any further questions feel free to contact me or any of my officers ingame. Bonesawdibz (Bnet - Alex95#2917) - Guildmaster Calquendai - Officer Pridstab - OfficerBonesawdibz6 4d
4d [H] Ink - 2/10 M recruiting! Who we are: Ink are a new guild founded a month after the release of legion. We’re a semi-hardcore raiding guild consisting of former hardcore raiders and social newcomers ready to learn. We are currently on Ragnaros! What is expected of raiders? To be prepared in both general and role specific tactics for fights prior to raids. Gem and enchant all gear available. To be continuously motivated to improve and better themselves as a player and member of the team. Raid days: Wednesday, Thursday and Monday (Occasionally carry out alt runs on Sunday) Raid time: 22:00 - 1:00 Realm time Current recruitment needs: Ranged dps: Balance Druid, BM/MM Hunter, Frost/Fire Mage Melee dps: Windwalker Monk Tank: Guardian Druid, Protection Paladin, Brewmaster Monk Healer: Holy Paladin Exceptional players are always considered even if your class isn't listed on our recruitment list! Contacts: [GM] Zime#21104, [Council] Wigglles#2584, Munazaga#2776Rampager1 4d
5d Demon Hunter DPS Looking for Guild Greetings, I am a 908 eq dps / 911 eq tank demon hunter, with 7/10 legendaries ( got all best in slots ). Recently due to personal reasons I decided to leave the guild i was in and i am looking for a new mythic raiding guild on Ravencrest. My current progress is 4/10 M with 60% on spellblade. For more information feel free to add me on bnet : Morviuz#2461. I preffer a chat rather than a copy paste recruitment, since i can fully check your guild in less than a minute ^^Syrdanna0 5d
5d [A] <Loot FTW> 3/3M ToV 9/10M NH - Recruiting for NH! We are currently recruiting! Looking for a warlock, however, all classes and specs are welcome to apply. Loot FTW is a European Alliance-guild founded on Twilight's Hammer (PvP) in June 2005. Formerly a hardcore raiding guild; now raiding two days a week. The Guild Many of our members have known each other for years. While we cannot commit to 40+ hour raid weeks anymore, we still share the same lust for progress. If you enjoy progress raiding, but cannot put in the time that a full blown hardcore raiding schedule requires, Loot FTW may be the guild for you. Raid Times Monday - 19:30 - 23:30(CET) Tuesday - 19:30 - 23:30 (CET) Depending on need and interest we will be organising an optional day, usually on Wednesday (same raiding times) for farm or on the day of a new raid release. A trial will last several weeks during which we will evaluate your performance. It is important for you that you show us you have the following skill/ mind set: - Near 100% attendance on Monday and Tuesday - The ability to speak on Discord is mandatory. We do not recruit mutes. - Be critical of your own performance and be able to take criticism. - Have enough time outside of the raid days to make sure that your character is in top notch condition. - Active participation in solving encounter based problems. - Be passionate about progression raiding. Gear itself is not important as long as you have it in the best state possible. For more information and to apply visit our website: http://www.lootftw.com/recruitment.php Wowprogress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ravencrest/Loot+FTW If you want to have a chat feel free to contact Nyantik#2874 or Talz#2511Izilar39 5d
5d 897 warrior tank looking for alliance guild Hello! As the title says i am looking for a guild that raids 2 days a week for roughly 3 hours each. I am available every evening after 7:30 pm(ST) except for thursday evening. Since i am looking for an alliance guild, i will ofcourse faction and realmchange. Currently i am 5/10 hc because of a casual guild that i am currently in, they are all great people but I want more then they can offer. I always come prepared whether it be; tactics, potions, food/flasks and I am willing to give/take constructive critisicm. Furthermore, I am in the process of gearing a protection paladin, but i prefer to remain tanking on my warrior. I do have warcraftlogs of mainly NH normal and the first few bosses on HC. If you want to see them or anything else, feel free to message me here or add me on battlenet: Syoss#2324 Hopefully there is a guild out there looking for me. Cheers, EbbiwarriorEbbiwarrior0 5d
5d Northstar [4/10] recruiting! NORTHSTAR [4/10 Mythic] WEBSITE: http://northstar.shivtr.com/ WE'RE CURRENTLY RECRUITING: 1: Tank 2: DPS (Ranged pref) 3: Healer WHO ARE WE? Northstar is an international guild, consisting of 80% danes, 10% swedes and a bunch of other nationalities. We use TS/discord for communications, which is required. RAIDING: We raid wednesday and sunday from 19:50 to 23:00. We're aim to start raiding thursdays too asap. Same hours. For progression raiding you bring pots, flasks, food and runes, so you're decently prepared. Other than that we do a ton of keystone-runs and hang out on discord or teamspeak - as a guildie you are welcome to hang out :) CONTACT: Fill out an application form via our website: http://northstar.shivtr.com/ OR contact: vicvega#2607 parri#1221Vícvega0 5d
5d <Rekt Homme> - A - 3/10 M <Rekt Homme> is actively recruiting for now and further into Legion! Exceptional players are welcome, and we are recruiting the following roles: 1 x MDPS - Assination - Rogue 1 x RDPS - Elemental - Shaman About Rekt Homme: We are a newly set up guild, who are looking to progress through heroic and mythic content. We raid Nighthold PROGRESSION Raid times (CET): Sunday - 19:00 to 22:00 Wednesday - 20:00 to 23:00 We also have additional Alt/Social run: Monday - 20:00 to 23:00 What you can expect from us: A reliable guild to put time into. Good social and raiding atmosphere. Cutting edge progression. Non-boring farm raids. What we expect from applicants: -High attendance is key not only for moral, but for basic progression. -A team player, allowing us to progress through raids via teamwork. -You are always optimized with the best enchants, gems and come prepared with consumables. -You always optimize your character understanding via reading forms, or watching video guide, tips, or PoV's. -For the encounters, you should prepared to do everything it takes to maximize your characters effectiveness. -You have a working microphone and are willing to use it. -You must have a mature attitude, so preferably 18+ *You be able to handle any criticism directed your way so keep your insecurities outside of the guild. This means not throwing a sulk when called out and/or not admitting your mistake(s). This part is key for player development. If you are interested in talking with the officers, you can find our battletags below: Aquinaz - Sam#26259 Mecarismatik - mecavity#2862Aquina7 5d
5d [A] <Disarray> [10/10HC] Recruiting for Mythic Disarray-Ravencrest are now recruiting all classes and specs to start our raiding journey! About Us Disarray is a newly formed guild, created on 20/03/2017 by a team of veteran raiders, having experience in top guilds and high end mythic raiding, wanting to drop the intensity down a bit so there is more time for real life, whilst still seeing all available content. We are pushing to recruit and clear heroic content fast, with the final goal to be mythic progression. We are making the guild with the aim to progress content at a reasonable pace, while still maintaining a casual and fun atmosphere for everyone. Raiding Times We are planning to raid 3 days per week when we push onto mythic content, however whilst raiding heroic we will be raiding 1-2 days per week. The days are planned to be: (All listed times are Server Time). Wednesday: 20:00-23:00 Thursday: 20:00-23:00 Sunday: 20:00-23:00 (Potentially added when hitting Mythic) Voice We have our own guild discord server, that anyone is welcome and encouraged to use for any activities, be it WoW or any other games that members are playing together. Loot System We are planning on using a Loot Council to hand out loot, consisting of both officers and raid members to keep it fair and non-biased. The majority of the loot will most likely go off highest roll, however if the loot council see a piece that may greatly alter the performance of one player over another we may call a vote to make the final decision. Loot is a great tool and can make the game more fun, however the guild's best intentions will be in mind over anything and whining over not winning a piece will not be tolerated. Further Info If you have any further questions, feel free to contact one of us on battlenet. Zyy#2518 - Guild Master AlexA#21217 - Healing Officer Beatdownqt#2125 - Melee Officer FCar#2556 - Ranged Officer Or message Adrenz, Agns, Getswung or Massivetruck in-game.Adrenz5 5d
6d [A] Iron Clan casual 2 day raiding guild Iron Clan @ Ravencrest eu Alliance is currently searching for members to expand the casual raiding team. We raid 2 evenings a week ; Wednesday and Friday from 20:30 till 23:30. Currently we are working on our progress in HC Nighthold and are searching for the following ; Several dps : all classes are welcome ''HIGH PRIO ON"" ; Rogue , Monk , Deathknight and Hunter PM me for more info or contact Ashynna [ Ashynna#2278] or Darkain ingame via wisper or a ingame mail to get in contactAshynna4 6d
15 Apr [A] Be Cool - Late Night Greetings Ravencrest, Be Cool is a late night guild. The guild was founded in WoD, towards the end of BRF. We managed to kill 11/13 bosses in Mythic HFC before the pre-patch and killed the last 2 before Legion launched. We are currently 7/7 HC in Emerald Nightmare. As a guild we value raiding atmosphere and enjoying ourselves more than progression. That being said we are aiming to clear Mythic Emerald Nightmare at a steady pace. For a more detailed look at the philosophy of our guild please visit this forum post: http://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17611992070 Requirements to join: - Know your class (not specc, class) as well as an alt that you can main if required. - Research the fights before joining the raid - Be there 15 minutes before the raid starts and have 90% attendance - Have the drive to improve - Listen carefully to order you are given - Have adequate raid awareness - No raging (the main goal is to enjoy ourselves) Raid Nights: Thursday, Sunday, Monday; 22.00-1.00 with Wednesday optional raid. We are currently looking for: -Shadow Priest -Hunter These classes are the main priority but all classes will be considered. Thank you very much for your time and hope to talk to you soon. Stay cool. Co-Guild Master of Be Cool Funky FunkyG#21566 Further contacts: k0mbaineek#2738Yknuf33 15 Apr
15 Apr [A] Dutch/Belgium guild [APEX] is recruiting Âpex invites Dutch/Belgium raiders and social players to join the Terenas/Emerald Dream realm and our guild with a new char and/or with a leveled char. Âpex is a Dutch raiding guild localized on Terenas/Emerald Dream (NH 10/10N, 10/10 HC), with raid days/times Monday and Thursday 20:30-23:00 hours (CEST). Currently our raid team consist of approximately 20 mature gamers (female/male), with ages between 20 and 45 years. The individual experience combined with a high performance team culture drive the progression success of our team. To enable Mythic raiding we require a raiding group of at least 25 players. Although the current group size allows us to progress to mythic raiding we need more players to ensure we have enough people to avoid skipping raids because of lack of people or classes. We are searching for experienced players who would like to be part of a successful raiding group who balance real life and progression raiding. It is worth pointing out that we are a Dutch speaking guild! For that reason we only recruit people that are familiar with the Dutch language. Âpex is searching for the following classes: Ranged: Mage, Warlock, Boomkin, Ele Shaman, MM hunter, Healers, Tanks and Melee can apply if you think you deserve a spot in our team. Social gamers are welcome to join Âpex (need to speak Dutch). There is a weekly social/alt run where NH is cleared on normal level and some bosses on HC level. Besides raiding there are plenty of other activities that are done within our guild, like mythic + dungeons and achievement runs. If you are searching for a social, mature Dutch speaking guild we invite you to join Terenas/Emerald Dream realm and make an apply on our webpage. http://apex-raiding.enjin.comFledder0 15 Apr
15 Apr [A]<Postal>Aszune 7/10M is looking for warlock Recruitment We are currently looking to recruit the following for The Nighthold progression: Ranged: Warlock NOTE: We expect you to have at least 900ilvl and to be able to show us that you are making an effort to better your character. Exceptional players of any class/spec are always welcome to apply. To apply visit our guild’s website on http://postal-guild.enjin.com/apply , or if you have any additional questions contact red#25218, LordEos#2255 or BobTheGoat#2765. The Guild http://postal-guild.enjin.com/home http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/aszune/Postal https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/59860 <Postal> is a long-standing (est. 2007) semi-hardcore guild that went casual during MoP. When WoD hit we merged with Rimfrost, however it didn't work out and near the end of BRF content we decided to go back to being just Postal. We got most of our core raiders back and ventured into HFC determined to get our top server position back. We finished WoD as server 2nd / ally 1st. Our goal in Legion is to keep our server 2nd and ally 1st position. Our Atmosphere and Raiding Environment We are a group of unique individuals that love to raid competitively and have fun while doing so. We are extremely focused during progression bosses and tend to keep the chit-chat on TS to a minimum. During farm bosses we are quite chatty and relaxed, but not so much that you'll want to rip your ears off and smash your face in with the keyboard. Outside of raids one can always find other guildies to do various activities with...be it mythic+ dungeons, WQs, old raids xmog farm etc. Our Progress 7/10 Mythic The Nighthold 2/3 Mythic Trial of Valor 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare Our Raid Times We raid Wednesday (19:30 - 23:30 ST), Thursday and Sunday 20:00 – 23:00 ST. Additional day may be added during early tier progression. Our Loot Rules Everyone has an equal chance at a raid spot and we rotate people based on what classes are needed for the boss, and on farm bosses who needs gear. We use the Loot Council loot rules. We use this over EPGP (and obviously DKP) as we do not want members passing on items just because it is a small upgrade. We don’t prioritise officers or long term members over others and simply hand loot out on the basis of who needs it the most. If a BIS trinket drops for example, we may of course give that one specific item to a stable member who has been with us a long time for the sake of the guild. Of course usual rule applies Member > Trial. Our Guild Rules 1. 90% attendance is required. 2. Stable internet connection. 3. Be able to communicate on TS3. 4. Come to raids prepared. 5. Be able to take criticism. 6. Have a sense of humour. 7. Don't be rude to other players.Eostrâ18 15 Apr
15 Apr Questions about Ravencrest EU Heya, just recently came back to WoW since I've missed the game and wanted to experience the Legion expansion. For the moment I'm trying to look after a server since my IRL friends have quitted playing WoW for good and we were established at Outland (Where my characters is at now) I'm intrested in Ravencrest for the moment since I've heard loads that it's purely PvE content even if it's a PvP server. (Which is what I'm looking for since I enjoy it way more than I do with PvP) So my question comes to this, how's the community there since it's a PvE server? Does it mainly focus on PvE or does it occur that there's decent queue in PvP. How's the economy, guilds (Both raiding casual/hardcore and social with slight PvE) Other than that, I'm still thinking about to which server I'd like to transfer my main character and Ravencrest is the one that have piqed my interest mostly. Thanks in advance!Pelumbrek2 15 Apr
14 Apr <Muju> 3/3M 8/10M - 2 day/w Recruiting for Mythic NH Recruitment: A holy paladin in addition to a mix of ranged and melee dps are in high demand. Short about us: Muju is an international guild started just before the launch of legion. We are a bunch of people who due to various in real life commitments are either not willing or able to commit to more than 2 days per week but still want to raid in an environment that fosters competition and progression. Goals: Despite the fact that we only raid twice per week, we’re serious about raiding. We’re more towards the hardcore side of the spectrum and we strive to be as efficient as possible and get the most out of the two days that we raid. The guild was born just before legion and building a team from scratch is not something you accomplish over night and it is still a work in progress. Despite that, we’re currently just short of top 300 world and for Nighthold we’re looking to push into top 200 and beyond. While progression is our foremost objective, we’re keen to have and maintain a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. There is a lot of banter, bad memes and puns going around in here without sacrificing focus during raids. What you can expect from us: An organized and dedicated officer team The clearing of all content at a competitive pace with only two days A fun and enjoyable raiding environment Applicant expectations: To put it simply, be good. We’re looking to establish ourselves as one of the best 2 days per week guilds in the world, mediocrity won’t cut it. This includes class knowledge, research, preparation before raids, consumables etc. Able to take constructive criticism in a professional manner More than just good players, we’re looking for good people, ones who we will enjoy playing with. Humour, maturity and being easy going are important qualities in this guild Atleast 95% attendance. Don’t waste our time if this is not something you can deliver on. Activity. We are a 2 days per week guild, but we still expect you to keep your character in top shape and keep up in artifact power etc. General information: Realm: Ravencrest EU Faction: Alliance Raid times: Tuesday and Thursday, 19:45-23:30 CET. Where to apply: Mujuguild.com Got a question?: Powh#2656 or letterb#2740Mythera25 14 Apr
14 Apr [H] <Atom> on Ragnaros | 2-day raiding guild ★ Atom ★ Progress: 7/7M 1/3M 4/10M Wed 21:00 - 00:00 server time Mon 21:00 - 00:00 server time • Ragnaros EU - Horde. • Light raiding schedule with short hours. • Professional and relaxed atmosphere. • Experienced leadership. • Loot council. We are a new raid team with experienced leadership. This is the ideal guild for those wanting light commitment and meaningful progress from heroic to mythic. ★ Current needs ★ We are interested in any outstanding DPS regardless of spec (above average with logs). At the moment we are specifically looking for: - Balance Druid - Mage - Elemental Shaman - Warlock ★ Contact ★ Battle.net: Ferbian#2203 Website: www.atom.team Discord: www.atom.team/discordAlynarie7 14 Apr
14 Apr [A] Raiders for Mythic NH Progression 3/10 M We are Angeli Mortem Ravencrest EU Alliance. We have been around for two years as this guild, but many have been together longer than that. We are a Mythic progression raiding guild 3/10 M 9/10 HC NH, 5/7 Mythic EN, 3/3 TOV HC (pre-nerf) We have a "slightly" more casual approach to raiding, but this does not mean that we are casual about guild progress. Progression is very important to us. We are very active on TeamSpeak having a chat and a laugh, creating groups for dungeons , Mythic+ and helping guildies out. There is a lot of experience within the guild and our aim is to have a decent size raid team so it allows people to swap in and out and we still continue with mythic progress. We will definitely consider any players with similar experience so please whisper if you are interested. High on our requirements is a Boomkin and warlock We have a great raiding and guild environment, we have a lot of fun, support and help. 3/10 M 9/10 HC NH 5/7M EN 3/3 HC TOV (pre-nerf) Currently recruiting skilled players for Nighthold Mythic. Raid days Mon, Tue, Thu 20:00 - 23:00 ST Gearing run Sun 20:00 - 23;00 ST If you would like to join as a raider or social check out the forum http://angelimortem.enjin.com/ Reply on here or add me HOCKSTER#2290Loobylu25 14 Apr
13 Apr (A) Prot paladin LF Mythic raiding guild! Hello, i have recently transfered to ravencrest and i'm looking for a new guild i can call home! :) I'm 908EQ Prot paladin ex- mythic raider 7/7M EN 2/3M ToV 10/10HC NH , LF Mythic raiding guild! prefer 4 or 5/10M but open for options! Link to my main: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ravencrest/Omarious/advanced Link to my alt (Aka Chaosblade): http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ravencrest/Ragnar/advanced My name is Omego, from Norway and i'm going to turn 27y this summer. i can raid mostly everyday after 20.00 ST. i got an alt i used to main back in ToV (prot warr) and here is a link to my old logs. https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/3839498/10/ You can also check my mythic kills on my stream or click the link downbelow. https://www.twitch.tv/om3go/videos/all If you are in need for a tank willing to learn and love mythic progress you can contact me ingame or add me Om3go#2303.Omarious0 13 Apr
13 Apr [A] <Nightshift> Late night raiding guild recruiting Hello First things first: Raid days: Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday Raid times: 22:30 - 01:00 ST A bit about us (or you can skip down to class recruitment): <Nightshift> it's a 4 year old guild created in our old mother realm of "The Maelstrom", some of our players raid together for as long as those 4 years (even more actually), so we are a tight bunch, unfortunatelly and due to IRL circumstances many of our players had to stop, and being in a low pop server with such unusual raid times, recruitment proved extremelly hard, therefore we decided to move and here we are. We are a casual yet serious raiding guild, we enjoy to fool around but we demand concentration on boss fights, we were at 1/10M with 4% wipes on mythic anomally before we lost a good bunch of members. After that we tried a small merge with another guild on this server but unfortunatelly things didn't work out. Therefore, we are now recruiting for Tomb of Sargeras (and ofc we will run NH meanwhile and try to net some more Myth kills). What do we need: 1 Guardian druid/Prot warr/Prot pala 1 Resto shaman/Holy pala Ranged dps Our roster is short at the moment since not everyone was ready to embark with us in this adventure and transfer to a new server, so, we are in need of quite a few people. What do we expect from you: Attendance, you have a spot, everyone is counting on you, show up! 100% is not required because everyone has something important sometimes, but you should warn when you can't make it. Dedication and preparation, read tactics, know the fight, know your class, bring consumables, and very important, listen to discord and what it's said there. You must have installed: Exorsus raid tools, RC loot council, Dbm/big wigs, discord. You must have functioning headphones (micro is also recomended but not a 100% necessity unless you are a tank). What you can expect from us: Dedication and preparation just like we demand from you! A relaxed environment outside boss fights, we have a couple of "jokers" and the raid environment is very relaxed during trash clearing and on normal daily activities. We like doing group activities aswell like M+ and *shiver* nethershards farming. If you are interested, leave me a reply here, or contact one of our officers. Dephnei#2790, Waniek#2145, Dimi#2176, Xended#2980, Serhat#2588Dephnei2 13 Apr
13 Apr Raid spot open for a HEALER Do you have I level of over 895? do you want to raid current mythic content? Well you have come to the right place. Angeli mortem has 1 raid spot open for a healer, previous raiding is a must at least heroic level.Spankyfranki1 13 Apr
13 Apr <tactical sudoku> 3/10 M recruiting RANGED DPS After having roster problems for several months on a server which really struggled to keep its raiding guilds intact, we've decided to swap over to Ravencrest and start fresh. We've got a core lineup consisting of 15 capable and dedicated raiders, and are now looking to further build upon this. Our goal is to progress as fast as possible in mythic, and hopefully clear the content before the next tier released. We believe in a casual approach outside of raids, but when the pull starts it's all 100% focus. Furthermore, we believe in having competition amongst raiders. This pushes everyone to top performance which will further increase our rate of progression. Having the drive and passion for raiding and to always strive to improve is something which we value very much. Without rambling on too much here's the short version what we're looking for: DPS who can pull big D numbers What we like to see in our raiders are the following qualities: Dedication Passion for raiding Able to take criticism No purple tinted glasses Reliable Our raid times are set to Wed/Thur/Sun 19.20 - 22.50. If you'd like more info reply here or contact any officer in-game!Doctahbear1 13 Apr
12 Apr [S] lvling boost for gold Selling Lvl dungeon boost 100-110 5k pr dungeon 22k pr level we are 2 101 twinks. we are taking gold on all Horde servers add Stagsted#21633 or Dildojohn133#2414 for more contactStágstéd0 12 Apr
12 Apr [A] <Basic> 7/7M EN, 3/3M ToV, 7/10M NH [2days] Brief description -Basic is a guild created by friends who previously played in a handful of top 100 world guilds. The core of the guild has played together for several years.If you want to clear the hardest content at a casual pace with the mindset of a hardcore guild, then Basic is the guild for you. What you can expect from Basic -Clear all the hardest content while it’s the current tier. -Mature guild with no drama. -Social aspects, during raids, and outside of raids. What we expect from you -Full knowledge of you class, including all specs. -Maximum performance every raid by knowing tactics and by having consumables, enchants and gems. -We expect you to be mature and able to handle constructive criticism. -Maintain 90% or higher attendance. -Fluent in English. Raiding hours -2 raids per week Wednesday 19.00 - 23.00 Sunday 19.00 - 23.00 Apply http://basic.wowlaunch.com/ Exceptional players are always welcome to apply, even if it says closed. If you want to discuss the guild before applying, contact anyone below: Krokolina - Guild Master - Krokodille#2740 Astrays - Raid Leader - Madz#2815 Styggflicka- Recruitment - styggflicka#2726 Numbé - Recruitment - baangdsmra#1381Krokolina27 12 Apr
12 Apr TERA Gaming recruiting for NH Progression 5/10 M With the launch of Legion highly anticipated and just around the corner, Rataz was hoping for the best after the disappointment of WoD, he reached out to friends returning to the game and in the summer of August 2016, “TERA” was formed. Six months later, a name change and a surge in membership, “TERA Gaming” is a semi-hardcore PVP/RBG & raiding community on Ravencrest, 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare with Cutting-Edge, Rank 1810 world kill on Mythic Skypoyron. With multi-glad PVP Officers and experienced Raid Leaders The foundations have been laid for a successful gaming community and organisation to continue well into the future. We pride ourselves on the values of community, to set an example, to maintain traditions kept from respectable guilds all the way back from the fiery depths of Molten Core. A basic code-of-conduct is expected, we do not tolerate toxic attitudes, loot !@#$%s, or general muppets. Our core has remained since the early months of Legion with players often returning, we have the ingredients for “TERA Gaming” to become a successful multi-platform gaming community. Our current raid progression is 7/7 EN M 2/3 TOV 5/10 NH M Raid times; Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday - 19:30 - 23:30. Desired player values; We are looking for people that have what it takes to clear mythic content in a time efficient fashion. The community in our guild is critical, we believe progress is easier when people can have a good time. Therefore, we have a very low tolerance to toxic players. Values we look for in core raiders are; Perseverance - Be motivated by difficult content. Contribution - In the form of raid tactics, or social input to the community we have built. Attendance - We expect people to sign up for at least two of the three raids a week. (We are all human and ^-*! happens, exceptions will be made, however we operate on a sign-up, turn up basis.) Skill - Clearing mythic content requires a certain level of skill, as a player you are only valuable if you can avoid mechanics and stay alive tunnel vision DPS/HPS is not enough. Experience - Some form of end game experience is required. The closer to our guilds current progress, the better. We will analyze the experience of a player in their trials, as opposed to persons past experience. That said, an equipped ilvl of 890+ and 35+ ranks in artifact weapon is required as it shows a certain level of commitment. You will also be expected to provide your own raid consumables (Food, flasks, potions and runes) and come along fully enchanted and gemmed appropriately for you spec. We are recruiting: HEALERS; - Shaman Ranged DPS; - Druid - Hunter - Priest - Warlock Melee DPS; - Demon Hunter - Ret Paladin Exceptional applications will also be considered. If you would like to discuss applying, please post below, or feel free to message and chat with any of our PVE or PVP officers. http://teragaming.shivtr.com PVE Officers: Evíee, Ashflash, Psychotria, Wicky, Rataz. PVP Officers: BurstisdeadEvíee7 12 Apr
12 Apr Looking For Guild Recently transfered to Ravencrest and am looking for a friendly guild mainly just for fun as i have only been playing the game for about 2months now. Due to working an akward shift pattern not looking to fully commit to a raid schedule but am more than happy to raid on a casual basis and enjoy running mythic +. Recently also started dipping into the PvP side of things enjoying it but not ready for rated. My main is an affliction Warlock with 43 traits on my artifact and an iLvl of 890. If you think iam suitable for your guild please get in touchSpudnike2 12 Apr
12 Apr Alliance balkan? <The Challenge> regrutira balkance koji bi igrali i brljali na svom jeziku po guildu...nemamo kekse, al barem imamo svoj zeleni guild chat i tabard :)Bradex1 12 Apr
12 Apr [A] <Rejected Anomalies> 3/w LF dps for M progress Rejected Anomalies is a PvE raiding guild on Ravencrest-EU Alliance. Most of us have been around since vanilla and cleared majority of the raids in all difficulties up to MoP. We have now returned in Legion to continue our journey through raiding. We're currently recruiting for our core progression group to clear mythic. We're a semi-hardcore group of players who enjoy raiding in a good and friendly environment. Progress Emerald Nightmare: 7/7hc, 2/7M ToV: 3/3hc Nighthold 10/10N, 10/10hc, 1/10M (Chrono @10%) Raiding Schedule Raid time is in CEST (Server time) Invites starts 10 minutes before. Tuesday 1900 - 2300 Thursday 1900 - 2300 Sunday 1900 - 2300 We're currently looking for: 4 DPS (Warlock,Mage, Shadow Priest preferred) 1 healer (resto shaman preffered) We nearly have enough players to start progression in mythic NH, we just need a few more solid players to make it work. We thank you for your time and consideration. Contact us and we'll discuss the future more vividly. In-game: Marre#2145Marregheriti4 12 Apr
12 Apr [A] Nerve - Progressive Oriented Guild - Recruitment Nerve is a progressive oriented Guild, sole purpose of the Guild is to experience all contentwhile it is current and moreover to compete worldwide so to become one of the best guilds on the 3 raiding days bracket. In order to achieve our goals we emphasize a lot on recruitment, it is exactly what makes or breaks a Guild. Knowing that we always seek exceptional players to challenge our current raiding team and claim a spot within our ranks. By joining Nerve you get the chance to play among raiders that know what it takes to progress. Raiding environment is healthy and toxic free but pretty competitive and demanding, so I can't tell it is suitable for sensitive players that can't accept criticism. In order for you to join you must: - Know your class exceptionally well - Have a working microphone and use it if needed - Be able to attend our raiding schedule for all 3 days - Have time to play outside raiding so to further improve you character - Be able to accept criticism Useful information Number of Raiding days: 3 Raiding Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (There is a chance that Monday will change with Thursday, we will update when we have news) Raiding times: 19:45 to 23:00 Server Time Guild Site: www.nerve-guild.net Guild Master: Redgal (Real id thrastorm7#2686) Healing responsible officer: Houlo Tanking responsible officer: Plakata Dpsing responsible officer: Thegifted Thank you for readingRedgal37 12 Apr
11 Apr <Necro> - Ravencrest - Alliance 9/10m <Necro> was created 8/3/2017, and is a new guild with 6/10m GM and officers and a 9/10m raid leader. Our goals: Cutting edge progression and a top ranking on Ravencrest, and therefore a top 200 world ranking. Our raid times: Wed + Sun + Tues: 20-24 (never extending) Central Europe time. What we expect from you: ONE top tuned character, simcrafted and all. Cutting edge mentality, be ready to critique others, accept critique from others, and always be ready with consumables and other mandatory raid stuff. We have a clear plan for what classes we want in our roster, so we have perfect composition for clearing all relevant content, while ensuring that we have versatility enough for future content. In short, we stack up on classes that historically are strong mechanically, and combind it with stacking up on some meta classes. We believe that you should bring the player, not the class. We also will never settle for having bad players in our guild, and will send them off to help us from being dragged down, and help them find a more suitable guild. Contact: Website: https://necro.enjin.com/ Guild Master: Executor#11124Volitale22 11 Apr
11 Apr [A] Looking for a social and casual guild The guild which I have been a social member of for quite some time now (most of Legion) has moved to another realm. I'm not part of their raiding team and therefore see no reason to spend money on following them. So I am looking for another guild to call "home" on Ravencrest, Alliance side. I have switched realms and faction before, and would rather not have to "start over" again. My game history I played the game casually for some years during Vanilla, but went off it until Cataclysm came around. At that time I took the game more seriously and became a semi-hard core HC raider during T12-T16. When WoD hit, our 10m raiding team transitioned to a 20m Mythic team, but by that time I was somewhat burned out and lost interest in the game. I've been back since Legion, and have been enjoying this expansion so far, but as a much more casual player. I joined the guild of some of my former raid pals, and they let me tag along for some alt raids and farm nights. I enjoy seeing raid content, but I won't be going back to filling a set raiding spot. I currently just enjoy lvling alts and doing transmog runs, achievments and gearing a bit whenever I feel like it. My current "main" is this druid (resto/balance), but I'm also thoroughly enjoying my mage these days (primarily arcane). I have a couple other max levels (paladin and demon hunter), a pair of 100's (hunter and priest), and I intermittently level the rest of my alts when I feel like it. What makes me an asset? I'm easy-going, have a fair amount of knowledge of the game and the different classes and roles, I can be very active in some periods, and I'm almost always up for lending a helping hand with whatever in-game. I prefer to speak plainly and honestly, and I can't stand !@#$fits and drama. If I find a guild I like being in, I will grow to become quite loyal to it. Less stellar features: I tend to curse. Quite a bit. Which is not likely to change anytime soon. My humor can be a bit dark/rough around the edges. However, I don't want to put up with racist/misogynistic/homophobic bull%^-*. Be a decent human being, the bar ain't that high. Please reply to this post if there's room for me in your guild. I'll answer any questions you might have best as I can.Aysdriel1 11 Apr
11 Apr RECKONERS - Recruiting for raid team Hey there, Reckoners is a new social raiding guild on ravencrest, we are beginning to raid NH normal and are currently recruiting further for our raid team. Mainly looking for tanks and healers at the minute but all will be made welcome and will try to accomodate everyone regardless of spec. Ilvl is not an issue as we will help you with gearing up if needs be. For further info or if you would like to join, reply to this post, add my battletag of gerard3003#2166 or whisper/mail me in game! Take Care!Helenkiller0 11 Apr