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6h (A)<Poetic Justice> Recruiting raiders 9/9/9HC <Poetic Justice> is recruiting dedicated raiders (RDPS; but all are considered) and socials! We are a fun loving bunch of oddballs, who don't like to take ourselves too seriously. We focus on all aspects of the game, so long as we have a laugh along the way. Sound like fun? Tired of being guildless or fancy a change? Want to have a laugh in /g or over VoIP? Maybe PJ is the guild for you! Leave a comment or whisper Thoradin, Raric, Bellumgladio or Delicena in-game for an invite! Raiding Info We are recruiting RDPS of all kinds for our relaxed, two days a week (Thursday + Sunday 8PM - 11PM server time) raid team. Currently 9/9HC in Tomb and are looking to expand the roster ready for the release of Antorus. We are a relaxed bunch who's aim is to vanquish foes, make armour from their hides and to have a good time. We aim for a drama-free and relaxed environment. We also run a NM raid for non-raider guildies on a Monday. All welcome to join as long as you meet the low ilevel requirements. ANTORUS, THE BURNING THRONE: We aim to strengthen our core team and rely less on people who can sometimes/sometimes-not make the schedule. This being said, we still offer a fun, relaxed and drama-free environment. Guild History Poetic Justice was originally created on Terenas EU in 2010 by GM Thoradin (originally Thóradin). Terenas was a small and, sad to say, dying realm in terms of possible raiders for the guild, so the guild later migrated to a larger, more populated realm and Ravencrest became home. The guild has been raiding together through every expansion since 2010 up until Blackrock foundry in Warlords of Draenor. However, due to the raid lockout changes of Warlords we soon started to lose raiders because of the preference to PUG the content, to down it faster than than the guild was able to progress as a team. The raid team soon disbanded, leaving but a few close friends. We have made loyal companions on Ravencrest and those of us that call Poetic Justice home all share the same, simple and ultimate goal, to have fun. These days we are very much a social guild looking for like-minded players to have a good time and a laugh with. If you have made it this far through this block of text, well done. Have a cookie (>^^)>o We hope to hear from you soon! For the King! For the Alliance! For Azeroth!Bofric20 6h
6h [A] Heresy <Hyperion Division> Recruiting for Mythic Hello citizens of Azeroth! Heresy guild is filling spots for our Hyperion Division. Hyperion Division is Mythic+ and HC team filled with odd bunch of ppl, we don't recruit for bench so near 100% attendance required. Currently we are on 1 day farm doing HC clear on Sunday and doing Mythic+ remainder of week. Expanding roster for Mythic raiding so we actually have something to do after clear on Sunday and atm free day on Monday. Also we always have open spots for people that want to hang out and chill as socials in guild. What do we need: Recruitment for Hyperion Division is open, if you are interested you really need to be special snowflake to join us and directly talk to either Lyth or Linnella in game. (@Nyx#2709 or @Quantin#2485). What we are looking for: We are looking for people with tight schedules that still have spark for raiding and progressing further but maintaining it to maximum 2 days a week. People that are prepared to take criticism and learn quickly from their mistakes. People that have an ambition and willingness to learn and raid atleast 2 days a week. Schedule: Hyperion Division; Sun: 20:00 - 00:00 ST Mon: 21:00 - 00:00 ST More info: We use Discord as our raid tool so having proper mic and headphones is must. Loot is distributed via Loot Council and we use RCLootCouncil for it. For further information and how to get in please feel free to contact us in-game: Just search Heresy and poke any of members to point you to first officer or add us directly via Battle net @Nyx#2709 or @Quantin#2485 Or apply directly at: http://www.heresygaming.eu May the gods of RNG be with you. Lyth out.Lyth7 6h
8h <Arctic Avengers> Selling HC ToS/HC Kil'Jaeden! <Arctic Avengers> [9/9M] is now selling Full Heroic Tomb of Sargeras Clears / Heroic Kil'Jaeden! Both on Personal loot! And M+ 10 / M+ 15 In Time! The services we currently offer: Heroic ToS 9/9 Personal Loot (Price 400k gold) Heroic Kil'Jaeden Personal Loot (Price 150k gold) Specific Heroic ToS Bosses Personal Loot (Price 25k gold) Mythic +10 In Time (Price 100k gold) Mythic +15 In Time (Price 200k gold) The heroic boosts will be held each Thursday at 19:00 Server Time (We will ask the buyer to be online 15 minutes in advance for preparation). Kil'Jaeden only kills will be held during the same run! If youre interested in one of these boosts feel free to add me on battletag and we can sort something out! Forsaken#21326 If under any circumstances the boost does not go through then we will return the whole amount of gold payed by the buyer.` Gear / Loot System: The loot throughout the run will be on Personal Loot, which means you have a chance of getting a drop from the boss. If our raiders will get an item you need then you will be able to receive that item unless 2 buyers want the item, in that case you will both perform a /roll for the item and the highest roller wins. We cannot guarantee you will be getting each single item for your class. Payment: Part of the payment (10%) is paid as reservation deposit! The remaining payment is expected upon entering the raid unless otherwise noted. We currently only accept gold on: Ravencrest (In the future we might also accept gold on other servers) Contact: If you are interested in purchasing from us or you have any questions, please contact Shredbull-Ravencrest ingame or ask a guild member so he can refer you to me! Forsaken#21326Shredbull32 8h
11h [A] <The University> 3/9 M Recruiting all roles The University is looking for more people to complete our raiding team. We have cleared Tomb of Sargeras Heroic and our aim is to start mythic progression as soon as we have a good setup. Our guild is based on friendship, enjoyment and passion for the game. We raid two days per week and our goal is to experience the current raid content while having fun and progressing in our own pace. Raid times: Wednesday: 20-23 Sundays: 20-23 (relaxed alt raids) Monday: 20-23 *Server Time We are currently looking for raiders to Mythic raiding, - Elemental Shaman - Balance Druid - Frost Mage - Warlock (all specs) - Demon Hunter - Retibution Paladin - Rogue - Resto Druid - Tank (all classes considered) Even if your class is not listed for recruiting do not hesitate to chat with us. We always consider every exceptional player both when it comes to game experience and personality. We want you to have: - A friendly attitude. - Knowledge of your class. - Previous raiding experience is a plus. - High attendance. - A polite attitude and treat others with respect. We offer you: - A friendly and social and relaxed guild. - A reliable guild. - A raid environment that is serious, relaxed and fun. - A raid on sundays to relax and even bring alts. If you are interested in joining us contact any officer ingame for a chat: Chacal, Highdaway, Shamella or Lasthopes.Chacal1 11h
11h [A] <thx> 5/9M Recruiting for Antorus Note: Looking for a variety of classes! <thx> was founded back in 2012 by a tight group of friends who raided together throughout T12 to T15 achieving respectful rankings in the process, most notably World 80th Elegon HC on Ravencrest. We've decided to reform on Ravencrest after a few of us raided together on Defias Brotherhood in Animosity for the last few years, bringing over half of Animosity with us. We're a semi-hardcore guild raiding 3 times a week, but we're still aiming to maintain a good realm rank. Summary of recent history (As Animosity): Warlords of Draenor: T17 - Imperator Mar'gok - World 1103 / EU 599 T17 - Blackhand - World 594 / EU 300 T18 - Archimonde - World 750 / EU 414 Legion: T19 - Xavius - World 553 / EU 350 T19 - Helya - World 1037 / EU 685 T19 - Spellblade Aluriel (Latest NH kill) - World 754 / EU 453 Please note, since we've just moved over to Ravencrest from Defias Brotherhood, we will be having a period of down-time where we're recruiting members to fill the raid team for Mythic - we don't believe this will take too long as we're already generating a lot of interest. If you want to join us, be aware that you may not be raiding for a couple of weeks until the roster is finalised. As a guild, our aim is simple: to clear Mythic modes prior to nerfs whilst raiding in a ‘fun’ environment. We like to keep a relatively small roster as we don’t like benching people, so naturally, high attendance is paramount. For more information, please contact one of the Officers for a chat on our Discord or on Bnet - a written application is not required at this stage. (Discord & Bnet tags are at the bottom of this post) Recruitment We will always consider somebody regardless of their class and/or spec! In order to give you a higher chance of approval, you should meet the following requirements: - have relevant raiding experience - able to maintain 100% attendance - competent in the class/role you play - have a working microphone alongside Discord Healers: ANY (Needing 3-4) DPS: Death Knight x1 Demon Hunter x1 Warrior x1 Rogue x2 Mage x2 Boomkin x1 Priest x1 Elemental Shaman x1 When do you raid? Monday, Wednesday and Thursday We raid from 19:30 until 23:00 ST during progression During progression, these hours/days may be extended where possible in order to achieve a kill where necessary, depending on whether or not the majority of the raid can attend. Who can I contact? Battle Tag: Dathran (Michael#23334) Merkzs (Merke#2379) Teelor (Shaun#2102) Discord: Dathran (Dathran#2016) Merkzs (Merke#4957) Teelor (Teelor#4882) Alternatively, visit our website for more information - https://thxwow.net/Dathran2 11h
14h Legacy Reroll Guild @Ravencrest Horde Greetings! Growing frustrated by the AP grind? Looking for a change? Desire to try something new? Feeling nostalgic all the sudden? Then <Back In Time> Might be just what you are looking for! A few friends and I have decided to start a so called reroll 'legacy' guild - with the mindset that we'll be leveling to 60 (with no heirlooms obviously) then start raiding Vanilla content, spend about a month per tier and after we've cleared every raid per expansion we level up to next expansion. We have a strong desire for creating a tight knit community filled with banter & friendship! We are not elitists so we are very open to bringing in people who are new to the game who would like to experience old content - Basicly: Anyone is welcome! We will be raiding Wednesdays & Sundays 20:00 - 24:00 - No raid extending. Until we get to spesific expansions such as Wrath of the Lich King/ Mists of Pandaria we won't allow Death Knight's or Monks. To make Vanilla/TBC content a bit harder than it is currently we'll hopefully be running a 10-15 man roster to make it as real as we can, considering a 40man team in a 40man raid will just faceroll the raids. Server: Ravencrest Faction: Horde Start date: 16/10 - 2017, however lvling needs to be done so raiding won't start on first week obviously. If you are interested and decide that this is something you'd like to participate in then please don't hesitate to contact an officer on discord; Lalochezia#9183 Edolwa#3640 Beeq01#7532Lalochezia5 14h
1d [A] <The Dalaran Tavern> 5/9M Recruiting ALL! The Dalaran Tavern is currently looking for skilled players to join our raiding team for progression in Tomb of Sargeras (Mythic) and beyond! About us: We're a group of guys and girls from all over Europe. We are looking to clear ToS on Mythic and looking forward to Antorus with end game progression in our minds. We do take raiding very seriously, but we all have in common that we love Wow and play this game because we LIKE playing it in our spare time. This means that although we want to progress (obviously), we do this by positive, constructive comments, not by negative blaming comment when things go wrong. We work together to find out where things go wrong and try to do it better next time! This way we have already progressed to 3/9 Mythic ToS. We raid 2 times a week as a raid team on Myrhic and a heroic clear with optional Normal runs get organised by several officers, so people have a chance of getting familiar with the content and have some more chance on loot on their alts etc. We also have a day for Rated Battlegrounds, for players that are interested in Pvp!^^ In short: We are a guild that wants to have fun and aim for solid progression. We raid 2 days a week (Wednesday/Thursday) from 20:30 till 23:00 server time. What are we currently looking for? Currently progressing on Sisters (down to 48%) our recruitment priority is listed below: 1- Healers : Any exceptional application would be considered. 2- DPS/RDPS : Currently RDPS has a slightly higher priority, but we can take any exceptional DPS/RDPS we can get our hands on. We are mainly after people with a mindset that fits with ours. This means a positive vibe, room for fun and games, but focused when need be. What we ask of you: - You are reliable and on time. Signing up for a raid, means you are there and in time. You come with enough flasks, food and potions to last through the 3 hours of raiding, preferably with spare. - You are aware that the most important thing is knowing tactics, not your place on the DPS meter. - You are patient and positive, even if we keep wiping on a boss during progression raids. - You know your own class but you're also open to feedback from anyone, not just officers. - You have a decent pc to play on and don't hold back the raid because you are playing with 1 fps. - You can commit to the raidschedule and have decent attendance. We are well aware that real life comes first and this is not a problem if mentioned up front. For progression however it's important to us to know how many people we can count on weekly. - You can have a laugh, can take a joke, but know when to focus. What we offer: - A group of friends with a lot of fun both on guild chat and Discord. - Additional raids and events in-game (aside from the raiding schedule) and out-game (think: karaokenight) - Progression together in a postive way, working together to achieve our goals. - Help to newer players, but also tips to older players - A safe enviroment - Possibilities to grow within the guild Loot in progress raids is distributed by Loot Council. Want to know more? If you are interested or have any questions and want to know more, feel free to whisper Frodessa, Vallenz, Vellenaz, Seraphs in game, or write a comment here on the forums. Applications from small groups of players will be considered. Hope to hear from you soon! Thanks, Fro.Frodessa7 1d
1d 934 VDH with 930 Ele Sham alt LF guild Evening all, As per the title, I'm looking for a guild primarily to prepare for and then clear the upcoming raid. My current chars are as per the title, this one I'm on and "Øxø" (https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/ravencrest/Øxø). I'm a Brit, 30 years old and up for a chuckle. I play most aspects of WoW, including indulging in raiding/dungeons/arena and (r)bgs. I'd like to say I'm fairly good at learning fights and quite aware of what's going on, however the DH style is something I'm still getting used to. Ideal for me would be a 2-day guild who have cleared heroic and have either got some basic progress in mythic or are about to start. Having PvP'ers in the guild would be a massive bonus too! I'm more than happy to be on discord and such, and usually one of the more chatty ones. Any questions, give me a shout! Edit: By the way, I'm more than happy to play either of my characters on any spec as my main.Nuffsaid1 1d
1d Selling TCG mount Hello, I'm selling the X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME mount cheaper than AH price. Add my btag Tormnok#2674 for further information.Tormnok0 1d
1d <Deadly Blade> PvP Guild is recruiting! <Deadly Blade>, an Alliance guild on Ravencrest is currently looking to expand our team for RBG and Arenas. We are a PvP guild and do RBG's on thuesday and thursday and Arenas on the other days. We are a fun, mature and social guild that is looking for experienced PvPers. We don't ask of you to have a high rating or fancy achievement, we only ask of you to know your class in a PvP setting. Make yourself available for RBG's and Arenas. As long as you are patient we can build a great team. We love doing PvP and love to meet new people that enjoy them just as much. If you want more information about us or if you are interested in joining us you can whisper our officers; Deathmind and Soires. We use a Facebook group to connect with eachother and share updates. We require you to join this group if you want to sign up for RBGs. ,Guildies of <Deadly Blade>Deathmìnd4 1d
1d Blacksmith with no longer obtainable / rare plans. Hello, I created a list of items I can craft - they are either taught by no longer obtainable plans or plans with low drop chance (0.1% - 8%, according to Wowhead). If you're interested, contact me in-game or via this thread. Taught by plans no longer obtainable: Golden Scale Gauntlets Ornate Mithril Gloves Ornate Mithril Pants Ornate Mithril Breastplate Ornate Mithril Shoulder Ornate Mithril Boots Truesilver Gauntlets Truesilver Breastplate The Shatterer Blight Truesilver Champion Masterwork Stormhammer Taught by rare plans: Phantom Blade Jade Serpentblade Shadow Crescent Axe Blue Glittering Axe Dazzling Mithril Rapier Heartseeker Khorium Champion Fel Edged Battleaxe Khorium Pants Earthpeace Breastplate Ragesteel ShouldersTopór1 1d
1d (A) Defective 2 day recruting <Defective> 9/9HC (7/7 1/3 5/10) är en svensk guild som söker folk för att förstärka vårt roster inför mythic progress i ToS. Vi raidar Ons och Sön, klockan 20.00 till 23.00. Vi söker för tillfället Rogue, enhance / elemental shaman, warlock, balance druid och hunter. Så om ni söker en guild med riktigt skönt flow tveka inte att skriva till nån av oss officers ingame. Eirelav Mynonaster Shadowsophia Shîkari Ilúvitar Healingbleid Socials är alltid välkomna och det är bara att pokea nån i guilden.Shîkari12 1d
2d Omnicide Ravencrest 8/9M Recruitment open Hello there... Omnicide-Ravencrest EU is a semi-hardcore guild that was created by mature and experienced raiders that decided to start a new journey. The guild was created in June 2014 and started raiding in SOO but most of our raiders go a long way back into raiding. Our goal is to progress into end game Mythic content, while keeping a friendly atmosphere inside the guild.One of our primary goals for our raids, is to always keep a serious and mature environment.If you are interested in joining our community and raid with us, please visit our site and apply to us. Raiding Progress (while current content) Mists of Pandaria: Siege of Orgrimmar 14/14 HC (before prepatch nerf) We ended this expansion on realm rank 20 & world rank 2002.. Warlords of Draenor: Highmaul 7/7 HC & 3/7 M Blackrock Foundry 10/10 HC & 5/10 M Hellfire Citadel 13/13 HC & 13/13 M We ended this expansion on realm rank 14 & world rank 1121.. Legion: The Emerald Nightmare 7/7 HC (first reset) & 7/7 M (before ToV release) Trial of Valor 3/3 HC & 3/3 M The Nighthold 10/ 10HC & 10/10 M (before ToS release) Server Rank: 16 World Rank:469 Tomb of Sargeras 9/9HC & 8/9M (up to now) Recruitment Status: Exceptional players who feel like they can complement our quality of raiding are encouraged to apply regardless of class/spec. For specific classes/roles more in need though you can check the recruitment status below... Atm we recruitment is very limited to exceptionally good players (you can see class/spec specifics on our wowporgress page) but feel free to talk to us if you are interested.Also if any guild/group of people is interested in joining forces with us we would discuss it..! What we expect from you as a player: - You are someone that loves raiding and want to progress in Mythic mode. - You are an independent and communicative player (that means you prepare yourself for new encounters, buy appropriate gems, enchants etc and ask from guildies for any help you might need). - Raiding experience and skills. - Near 100% attendance is expected (we understand real life comes first though). - Complaining about spots and loot is not acceptable. Rage quitting a raid equals to an instant demote. - Your English is good enough for clear communication. - You have a stable connection. - Being able to listen to and actively speak on Teamspeak is required. What you should expect to get from us: - A guild that raids and tries to clear content in Mythic while still current - A very fun community - Great raiding environment (both serious and relaxed at the same time) - Lots of fun with guildies in Mythic+, Alt runs, Boost Runs etc... - Active TS (most of the time) - Very helpful guild members and officer's team -Lots of trolling on Guild Chat and TS Raiding Schedule: Wednesday: 2000-2330 EU Server Time Thursday: 2000-2330 EU Server Time Monday: 2000-2330 EU Server Time Sunday: 2000-2330 (Not mandatory Normal/Heroic/Boost Run) For more information feel free to contact the GM Daènerys(G1ak1#2235), any officer in-game or visit our website... Website: http://omnicide-guild.enjin.com/ Have fun all Best Regards, Daenerys, Omnicide's Guild MasterDaènerys27 2d
2d Forged Legacy 1 night a week Looking to raid in a fun atmosphere where you know people will help you rather than flame you? Then we are the guild for you! Forged Legacy are setting up a raid team to run Heroic raids once a week! Thursday 8:30-11 server time! Who are we? We are a guild which prides itself on the bonds between guildies while aiming for decent progression. We have had a break and are now reforming. We ran our first raid this week and went 9/9 normal with some people seeing the fights for first time. Going heroic next week! What type of player are we after? If you have never raided before but are looking to get started, we can help you out, everyone has to learn to raid at some point, as proof of this one of our officers started raiding with us and now is helping to run the guild! Looking for ranged dps, especially a lock because summon stones! :P How much fun do we have? https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3_F3WchA-SmgK5rm6OP1Bw Feel free to browse some of the old videos we have If you interested then please add poiples#2916Poiples12 2d
2d <A> Legio Invictus Casual weekend raiding guild <A> Legio Invictus are a newly formed casual weekend raiding guild on Ravencrest with the aim of building a small friendly guild with the objective of doing all current content together as a team. Currently we have no Item level or experience requirements as we will help our members gear up where necessary. The only thing we ask of you is that you have a sense of humour and a willingness to contribute to the conversation. If you're interested or would like anymore information please feel free to contact us in game or add our battletags - Mrwildcard#2811 , Vladirian#21772 We look forward to hearing from you.Bestinslot3 2d
2d [A] New EU Player LF Casual PvP/PvE Guild Hello, I moved to Europe last year and switched to EU servers, i was really down for having to start from scratch, so i really didn't put an effort until now. I'm looking for a friendly guild to have some fun while i level, and then be able to join them on casual PvE and PvP. I'm married with 2 daughters and a full time job, so i only play some nights for 1 or 2 hours top, and on Sundays for 5 or 6 hours, so that's why i'm looking for something casual, as it's hard for me to meet scheduled activities and right now i'm just trying to have some fun and forget about grownups things for a while. I'm starting with a Rogue just for the fun of it, but my main has always been a Healer, so i think i will also level up either a Priest or a Shammy in parallel.Digdug1 2d
2d 5/9M FuryWarr LF guild Ravencrest Alliance 5/9M Fury Warr LF guild (higher progress than me)Odyssea0 2d
3d [A] <Pure Chaos> New Raiding Guild <Pure Chaos> EU Ravencrest Alliance Pure Chaos is a reincarnation of "Catalyst" which peaked mid Nighthold at world 413th Spellblade. Unfortunately Catalyst disbanded. Now back and wanting to get back to a excellent quality of raiding (Aiming for 500-800 world) whilst keeping a nice friendly, social and non toxic atmosphere! Raid Days: Thursday 19:30 - 23:00 Sunday 19:30 - 23:00 Monday 19:30 - 23:00 Recruitment: Currently recruiting all classes/specs. Previous Raiding Achievements: 7/7 Mythic EN Xavius World 765 3/3 Mythic ToV Helya World 762 6/10 Mythic NH peaking World 413th Spellblade. Currently the leadership is 4-6/9 mythic ToS. What we expect from you: You must uphold a 95% attendance to raids. Emergencies happen and we understand this. You must know your class in and out and keep up to date with any upcoming changes. You must have at least 52 Traits in the spec you desire to raid with. You must be able to take and give constructive criticism without taking it personally and raging or flaming others you see not performing to standard. You must turn up to raids fully prepared knowing tactics and having the correct consumables. What you can expect from us: You can expect a competitive but friendly raiding atmosphere. You can expect guild repairs for raiders. You can expect solid and fair leadership that will be searching for the best way to get ahead of the competition. You can expect mature guild members with absolutely no drama. This is a guild currently re-forming and for the moment will only be clearing heroic on a weekly basis until the core team is to standard for mythic raiding. Still interested? Contact Starkerz#2111 or tedt#2494 for more information.Starkjizzle6 3d
3d Wheres ma Horde at? Any horde pvp’ers that wanna do a PvP guild? or already has? :PKhyrlx1 3d
3d Looking for a active social guild :) Greetings, I am looking for a nice active social guild. 1 with an actual community where people just talk random in guild chat. Its nice to be chatting whilst doing mythic+ and such :)Dennyhuntard1 3d
3d [A] <Kin> 2 Day 3/9 M Recruiting for Mythic “a group of persons descended from a common ancestor or constituting a people, clan, tribe, or family.” General Information Guild name: Kin Faction: Alliance Server: Ravencrest-EU Website: www.kinguild.com About us Kin is a new guild with some old heads looking to go through the latest content at a reasonable pace. A lot of us have played together through a variety of different games with the main one being World of Warcraft. What we're looking for in a member We’re looking for solid players who while raiding 2 nights a week are also interested in running mythic + on off nights as there will be an expectation that your gear is up to par. With our schedule being as it is we are looking for a consistent group who would be there for most raids, of course we do understand that real life can come up, we would just appreciate some advanced warning! Activity on Discord would be nice, a requirement is that you to have a PC able to handle WoW comfortably and an internet connection that is up to the task. A willingness to learn will also be greatly appreciated. Casual/Social players are also welcome to apply, regardless of their choice of class. Roles Available Melee DPS Demon Hunter Warrior Paladin Ranged DPS Mage Hunter Exceptional Players Considered Raid Schedule Thursday 20:00-23:00 GMT +1 Sunday 20:00-23:00 GMT +1 Contact us Keez#1283 Velking#2969 Soul#2142Keeznog65 3d
4d <Simply The Best> |Casual 2 day guild| 5/9 M http://simply-the-best-ravencrest.enjin.com/ Rebuilding for legion, previously 11/13 mythic with mannoroth at 10% before going on a break. Contact us if interested.Tínaturner38 4d
4d [A] The Hallowed - Recruiting The Hallowed The Hallowed is a very recent guild created by a group of friends on September 2017. We are aiming towards mythic raiding in a relaxed and stable environment. This will be a late night raiding group. Raiding days are Wednesdays & Sundays 22:00-01:00. Progress: 9/9HC Recruitment: Currently Looking for; Balance Druid Elemental Shaman Rogue We expect you to have atleast full Heroic Clear and be above 930iL. What we expect from you: -Full gems and enchants -Knowledge of your own class -Understanding Bosses mechanics before we engage into progression -Be able to accept criticism -Possitive thinking and a good mood -Be able to use Discord -DBM or BigWigs user What you can expect from us: -Friendly group of people to raid and play with -No guild drama -Relaxed raid environment -Opportunities to progress Be aware this is a mature guild if you can't take jokes or are easily offended this might not be the guild for you. You can always apply to the guild on our website or contact the following officers in game for further infomation. Mrfish#2173 Shrouds#2360 Website: www.thehallowed.shivtr.com ***Disclaimer: We will never raid 3 days a week except if the current group accepts to try that complete boss kill during progression. No longer than 2 hours*Tlika1 4d
4d 3/9 Mythic raiding guild Lf ppl The University <ravencrest> is looking for a few raiders to raid 2 nights per week. Ideal classes would be tank<not pala> ret pala,ele shammy,hunter and resto druid ,but most classes will be considered. Also groups of friends or even a small guild struggling to find people who want regular raids would also be considered. Raid night:- Wed Mon 20st-23st with an alt/social raid Sun which is hc atm. For the right candidates we can offer a relaxed raiding enviroment with good progress and absolutely no stress or attitudes. We require u can show up for the main raid nights have around 925 gear and have a good knowledge of your class with some previous raiding exp<alt/social raid is optional> We are a well established raid all with end game exp who just want some mythic raiding without the attitude or pressure. If this sounds like what you are after contact me ingame for a chat darrren#2490<3 r's> or highdaway on ravencrest server.Highdaway0 4d
4d Regular Mythic Plus Group Looking for regular Mythic Plus group doing keys from 14-19. I am 935 BM Hunter searching for experienced players to run high keys. Add me on Bnet if interested: Baljko#2359Aironic0 4d
4d [A] <Aeonic> 2/Week 7/9M ToS Aeonic is a Mythic Raiding Guild on Ravencrest comprising of former core members of Hibility (EU-Kazzak). We are used to high raiding standards from our more hardcore raiding days in the past (top 400 - see Hibility on Kazzak history), incorporating these standards into our raiding mentality today. Aeonic has a strong focus on quality raiding, acchieving as much as possible in only 2 raids/week. We wish to do the absolute best we can in the given timeframe available to all of our members. That being said, we strongly value a friendly atmosphere within the guild, aknowledging that our members have a life outside of wow, coping with various sorts of challenges on a daily basis. Aware of this we nonetheless expect our members to come to raids punctually and well prepared (a matter of respect towards the other members). Whilst the atmosphere is fun and casual on a daily basis, with members being akin to different jokes, raids will always take place in a very focused and concentrated environment. We are seeking highly capable players who seek to raid only 2 times per week, however on a very competitive level. We are looking for people that are motivated, have the desire to improve permanently and analyse min/max their rotation on a regular basis (check logs, see where they can improve/where they failed). Our intent is most certainly in finding suitable members on a long term basis (we seek the player, not the class). Members that wish to grow with us, seeking a place they can call home and colleagues they can rely on. Raiding Times: Thursday, Sunday - Raid starts at 19:30 (CET) - Raid ends at 23:00 (CET) Past Raiding History: Tier 14 | Rank 326 (10man) - Sha of Fear (3 days/week raiding) Tier 15 | Rank 295 (10man) - Lei Shen (3 days/week raiding) Tier 16 | Rank 325 (10man) - Garrosh Hellscream (3 days/week raiding) Tier 17 | Rank 445 (20man) - Mar'gok (3 days/week raiding) Future Plans – Legion and Beyond: As can be regarded in the past raiding history, a break was taken after MOP. We are now back and running, henceforth currently fine-tuning our roster for Mythic raiding. Our plans are to be fully operational with the Nighthold coming out early next year. Until then we plan to clear as much Mythic EN as is possible. Being a 2 days/week guild, we are certain that this time schedule can be very well incorporated into RL (and sustained) and hence lead to a very long lasting Guild Lifetime. What YOU can expect from US: - Very high quality raiding in only 2 days/week - Progress raiding as efficiently as possible - A strong and experienced guild and raid leader - Healthy social guild environment - We seek the player, not the class. If you‘re good, we want you (long term) and not the FOTM class you may be playing. What WE expect from YOU: - High raid attendance (90%+) - High level of reliability - Can talk, partake in conversations and are open for constructive feedback - High level of maturity (respect others, think before talking) - Teamplayer, accept to sit out an encounter, no drama about loot going to somoene else - You wish to be your absolute best (know roration, can play other specs and are willing to respec if need be) - You come to raids prepared (you know encounter mechanics, bring flasks, pots, enchants etc.) - Are willing to progress and know what that means Interested? Questions? We are currently seeking DPS that not only know their class but also manage to not stand in stuff the whole time. Further information on what we are currently looking for (in detail) can be seen in the recruitment section on our homepage. Please visit our homepage and apply/send me a message (Application takes only a few minutes, very fast process): www.aeonic-eu.enjin.comKerno81 4d
5d [A] DIW 3/9 Mythic - Recruiting Hello there potential [DIW] Raider !! Doing it Wrong is a part social part progress guild, with Mythic raiders from previous tiers and expansions - indentifying as a semi-hardcore guild raiding twice a week. We aim to do Mythic content, but in a timely manner (not rushing it), trying to out gearing content but stil aiming for both an early Curve and late Cutting Edge. We will be expecting you to be both vocal and semi-social on Discord (NO MUTES). Also, as a guild, we also do alot of mythic keystones in the range 10-18+. Everyone makes mistakes! Our guild slogan and name is Doing it Wrong, because we do NOT come down hard on mistakes - we know every raider makes mistakes! However we do require every raider, to be rather open about the mistakes they do; to be able to figure out what went wrong and or get help to figuring out what they did wrong, and how we can improve! We really want to avoid digging through logs! We are all here to have fun and help one another! Everyone will be heard! We have an open door policy regarding our officers. We listen and act upon all of our raiders ideas and or problems - guild or personal. Our officers are here to help, it is not just a glorified title (as most guilds have it). Our current progress is 9/9 Normal, 9/9 Heroic and 3/9 Mythic. https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ravencrest/Doing+it+Wrong Priorities for what we need : --------------------- shaman (resto) high shaman (ele) medium warlock (affl) medium priest (dd) medium demon hunter (dd) low paladin (ret) low mage (frost) low warrior (dd) low rogue (dd) low --------------------- But in general, all DD's are welcome to whisper us for a status - Updated 09-10-2017 On a side note, we always have room for casuals, who want's to do some mythic+ or normal runs and or mabye sign on as raider later in the expansion :) On Raids we expect you : To be online and in the raid, 15 min before raid start. Having done tactics on normal and watched Mythic (fatboss). Checked for news in our Raid discord channel. Listen to feedback (critisism) on your performance with a smile. Having at least 60 traits and 920 ilevel. (if you are a bit below the above expected, give us a whisper and we can talk it over!) Raidtimes : Wednesday : 20.00 ~ (servertime) (Optional, bring an alt if you want) Thursday : 20.00 - 23.0 (servertime) (Mytic) Sunday : 20.00 - 23.00 (servertime) (Mytic) Contact : Join discord on : https://discord.gg/FuJNQrP and check out the channel "applications" read the pinned messages, and/Or contact : Budapést - Rivieta#2870 Adellund - Adellund#2208 Azrioz - Azrio#2475 Healintank - sdfsdv#2231Nystiaela0 5d
5d [A] Iron Clan casual 2 day raiding guild Iron Clan @ Ravencrest eu Alliance is currently searching for members to expand the casual raiding team. Iron Clan Ravencrest Alliance --------------------------------- Raid Times ------------- Wednesday: 20.30 - 23.30 Sunday : 20.30 - 23.30 Current Progress -------------------- ToS Normal Cleared ToS Heroic 8/9 What we Recruit -------------------- Ranged DPS ONLY About us ---------- Casual 2 day raiding guild with a relaxed but stil progres focused vibe. Fun and giggles are always happening but when the fight starts we ask the full attention to be at the current boss we face. Got more questions then PM me for more info or contact Ashynna ( ashynna#2278), Despacíto (Deathenox#2302) , Karaway or Darkain with a ingame wisper or a ingame mail to get in contactAshynna36 5d
5d [A] Forsaken Bloodline 6/9 M recruiting A place where fun and progression go hand in hand. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild with a healthy mixture of purposefulness and fun. The guild is mainly built up on having people with character; people who like to enjoy the company of others, at the same time have progression in mind. This is a guild that houses friendships, enjoyment and passion for the game itself. A brief history: Forsaken Bloodline was founded on Kul Tiras back in July 2010 during WotLK by a group of friends who raided together in another guild. With the arrival of Cataclysm, most people went on break and Renesmea and Fiur moved to top realm guilds. After which they had a long break and came back in December 2011. They decided it was time to get Forsaken Bloodline back on track. In a matter of a couple of months, we have become socially one of the biggest and most popular guilds on Kul Tiras and established ourselves among top guilds clearing high end content and ranking among the top 5 guilds in realm. During MoP, Forsaken Bloodline packed its luggage and moved to Ravencrest, followed by all raiders and most devoted socials. With the arrival of WoD, we have transitioned from a 10-man to a 20-man. What can we offer you? - A very strong social community that loves every aspect of the game. We organise old content raids, achievement runs and fun social events and parties. In this guild you will find a vast range of players – the ones that are all about numbers and tactics to others who are all about achievements, mounts and pets. This is what gives the right balance to the guild. - A very stable and solid guild – its core members have been in the guild for over 3 years. It is a drama free environment accepting only 18+ year old socials and 20+ year old raiders. The community is mature, strong and unified sharing the same goals. You will also find some of the nicest persons you will ever meet - helpful, team-oriented, selfless, skillful, competent, dedicated, loyal and always up for some fun :) - Forsaken Bloodline provides you with the opportunity to raid with highly intelligent and competitive people with excellent knowledge of their class/spec. Our raids are very organized, structured and disciplined granting satisfying results and achievements. Whilst our raiding environment is fun and positive with frequent banter exchange and humorous remarks, we take raiding very seriously. What do we expect from you? - Attendance: We raid on rotation and each player gets a minimum of 2 raids a week during Mythic progress. Please find below our raiding days and times: Thursday: 20:00 to 23:00 Sunday: 20:00 to 23:00 Monday: 20:00 to 23:00 We occasionally add an extra progress raid on Wednesdays. Kindly note that during the first two weeks of progression we raid 5 times a week. - Attitude: We expect everyone to push their limits, overcome weaknesses, maximize their skills and strive to constantly improve themselves. Respect comes before everything - we expect all our raiders to behave adequately and professionally. We value every individual, but the team comes before you – we work together (regardless of personal feelings) to improve the guild and not your ilvl. Be able to take constructive criticism and own your mistakes. - Dedication: Be fully prepared for every boss fight which means – research tactics, know the best talents/glyphs and also make sure you understand how you can contribute to each fight through your role. Raiding is based on teamwork, therefore communication is a key factor. You do not have to tell us the story of your life, but you are required to get vocal and communicate in English via Mumble when needed during fights. - General: The guild provides a high quality environment, therefore we are highly selective of who joins the guild – being the best at what you do is not enough to impress us, we seek very loyal people with lovely personalities. Upon recruiting you, you will undergo a short period of trial – if you fail to impress us during this time your trial will be terminated. We trust all our members to behave and maintain a good reputation within ourselves and with our fellow WoW players, even on pugs we expect our members to leave a good impression on others. We are actively seeking to recruit exceptional players so you are encouraged to approach us if you think you have what it takes to impress us. If you fit the above criteria, feel free to contact Dènim (dénim#2292) ingame to initiate the recruitment process. Thank you for considering Forsaken Bloodline! :) You can apply here: Forsakenbloodline.enjin.com Please follow the instructions properly. Like our Facebook Page and follow our mischievous adventures: https://www.facebook.com/ForsakenBloodlineEU Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/fbloodlineeu Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ForsakenBloodlineEU Follow our streams on Twitch: Hunter PoV http://www.twitch.tv/jurdyvdl Hunter PoV https://www.twitch.tv/jananders93 Monk Healer PoV http://www.twitch.tv/soveringg Guild motto: Every wipe is a step closer to a kill. The Forsaken Bloodline TeamDènim10 5d
5d [A] <Valor> 2 Day Mythic Raiding 7/9M LF Dps & Rdruid Recruitment We are currently looking to recruit DPS (ranged preferred) & a Restoration Druid. To apply, please visit http://valor-wow.enjin.com/. For more information, please add Elithia#2451 for a chat or visit us at: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ravencrest/Valor Valor Valor is a new 2-day guild composed of existing 5/9 M ToS raiders aiming to clear Mythic content beginning with Antorus the Burning Throne. We have a relaxed schedule of only 2 days a week, while maintaining the drive to clear the current raiding tier. Our members consist of a variety of hardcore raiders that still love the game, and want to raid the highest level available in the game, but do not have the time to raid the usual 5-7 days a week. We aim to use our time as efficiently as possible, so we look for raiders that share our goals. Raiding Information: • Raid days: Monday & Wednesday, 20:00 - 00:00 Server Time. • Due to this strict schedule, we expect our raiders to plan their life around our 2 raids. We expect a 95% attendance rate. • We will have one optional raid day on Thursday/Friday for fun – including alt runs, old content clears and mini guild events. What Can You Expect From Valor? • Mythic progression. The guild is founded with the goal that we will always clear the current tier at the highest difficulty level. • Raiding. We will not recruit players to be backups or bench warmers. If you join as a raider, you will be actively taken to raids. • Like-Minded players. We offer a solid core roster of raiders who have raided together for years, and are looking for more friendly, mythic-level members seeking a permanent raid team to call their own. • A fun, social community. Our raids are serious, and we aim for them to be productive. However, we also aim to have a positive atmosphere, and for people to genuinely enjoy their time in the guild, both in and out of raids. We promise world class memes. What Do We Expect From You? • Respectful. You respect other guild members and the guild's boundaries. • English-speaking. We expect you to be understandable, and able to use a microphone and Discord. • A team player. Killing bosses is the guild’s goal, it should be yours too. Loot, meters, achievements etc. should be secondary. • A quick learner. Someone who can adapt to mistakes made and handle constructive criticism maturely. • Self-motivated. You’re here because you want to kill mythic bosses and you also have the motivation to push your character further by: ...Elithia3 5d
5d Want buy Gladiator mount Boost Hi, buying Gladiator mount boost offering GoldCap. Reply of send mail in-game if you offer.Snek0 5d
6d Casual looking for Casual Introverts United now welcomes new members. We are so casual that casuals compares as hardcore! Today the Guild holds about 20 Chars devided between two accounts and two good friends. We do not Raid, we do not PvP (well, 50% of us does, the other 50% does not), but we do like to level and chill out. We are looking for likeminded awesome people, if you feel the call - make the call!Huntermahan0 6d
6d WTB/WTS TCG Mounts - Also 9/9M ToS WTS - Big Battle Bear - Amani Dragonhawk - Feldrake - Blazing Hippogryph - Magic Rooster - X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME - Ghastly Charger Accepting gold (or TCG Mounts / Guardian Cubs / Spectral Tiger Cubs) on all medium/high pop realms (Horde and Alliance). Lucrative offers on low pop realms are considered. The buying party trades first. If not, I will use ciyn as MM. MM Thread: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17614622126?page=1 Own Thread: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17614733034?page=1 Ready for business? Contact me here: DiscoStick#2737 WTB - Every TCG Mount for the right price - Savage Raptor - 3m +/- - Wooly White Rhino - 1.75m +/- - Swift Shorestrider - 6m +/- - White Riding Camel - 6m +/- - Mottled Drake - 6m +/- - X-51 Nether-Rocket (Rare) - 6m +/- - Corrupted Hippogryph - 6.5m-7m +/- - Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger - 17m +/- - Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger swap for magic rooster + 4m gold Got gold on Argent Dawn / Outlands / Ravencrest / Silvermoon / Twisting Nether / Kazzak / Stormscale / Stormreaver / Ragnaros / Antonidas / Defias Brotherhood /frostwolf - Alliance & Horde. TCG Mount(s) + Gold and/or Pets is also possible. Other Buy/Sell Thread (TCG/Unobtainables/Rares - Chromatic Swords / Mo'grosh / Recipes / Frozen Runes / Lvl 60 Naxx Sets. I have a spreadsheet available for those who collect): https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17614733034?page=1 Easy Street Use our website easy-street.eu to buy/sell TCG Items / rare items and promote your services (Boosts / Farming & Other alternative services) - For Gold. Build up a reputation and let others know you are trustworthy. Now available: Full 9/9 Mythic ToS clear for 6m.Jindai0 6d
6d LF guild Lf guild recently started playing warrior again after playing my ret paladin for the whole expansion 9/9n 9/9hc would love to raid 2 times a week if possible add me in game gunny7 #2234Colossus0 6d
14 Oct BM @ 2300 LF/forming m+ team hello BM hunter here at 2300 score. i want to form a team for some seriouse key pushing. main days for pushing would be friday/saturday between 10:00-21:00. would also be up for some runs other days, but not weds/tues/sundays. Could also join a team if any needs a BM hunter, your team should be no less than 2200 Contact me at ravencrest EU or send me a letter ingame with ur battletagSivaria0 14 Oct
13 Oct [A] <Intrusion> 1 day a week raid guild recruiting Hello all, Intrusion is a guild that raids just 1 day a week on a Sunday 19:30 - 23:00. We are on the look out for some good reliable people that simply don't have the time to commit to these 2-3 day raid guilds. We know we will never be able to compete with guilds raiding 3 days a week so we want to try and get the most out of our 1 night! Currently 3/9Mythic. We want people with a mature attitude and strong English. At the moment we need more DPS and 1 Tank. Contact me ingame @ Aurah#2893 for a chat if you are interested.Auurah13 13 Oct
12 Oct Looking for a 1 night a week raiding guild Hi ive recently returned after a years break been back about a week and im looking for a 1 night a week HC raiding guild. im still trying to learn the raids so far 9/9 Normal , 5/9 hc. Im still learning but have done hc raiding before. I only wish to progress HC mostly because i have other things to do with my time and 1 night a week would be great. Playing on my Fury warrior ilvl 923Ryvor1 12 Oct
12 Oct LF (A) guild Hi I am looking for a friendly social guild that will do mythic+ dungeons I can only do low ones at the moment as I am still gearing my main my ilvl right now is 871 blood dk plz /w me if you have a guild I can join or reply to me on here thanksValdore0 12 Oct
12 Oct Heroic ToS & Kil'jaeden Boosting Service! Alterac Deviants and Dedicated Few are now boosting HC ToS together The services we currently offer: 9/9HC Personal Loot (Price 400k gold) Heroic Kil'Jaeden Personal Loot (Price 125K gold) Mythic +10 in Time (Price 100k gold) The heroic boost will be on Saturday 14:30 or 16:00 we will prefer if you can be on 15 min before we start. Kil'jaeden only will be after 2nd run. To secure your spot we will take a deposit of 5% of the total cost of whatever package you are purchasing for "security" reasons this is primarily to ensure we have a full list of buyers when we begin the service. All of our boosts will be streamed on Twitch.tv @ http://www.twitch.tv/namix1 & http://www.twitch.tv/murzzii If you have any problems or issues during the boost you will be refunded the full amount you paid including the deposit. If you are curious to why the price is significantly lower than the others on our server, it is because we are a new group of players that have come together to provide this service. For further information about the boosting service we'll provide contact us on Reeke#21909 & Namix#2795Reeke5 12 Oct
11 Oct WTB Spectral Tiger Mount! Hey! I am in search for a RARE OR EPIC Spectral Tiger mount! If you got one OR if you know someone that is willing to sell his/her tiger, contact me! Ingame by whispering: Tablet-Ravencrest This is the only character I use. Also! if the mount is on a other realm, you can still contact me! Thanks!Tablet0 11 Oct
10 Oct [A] <Loot FTW> 2 day 9/9M - Recruiting Loot FTW is a European Alliance-guild founded on Twilight's Hammer (PvP) in June 2005. Formerly a hardcore raiding guild; now raiding two days a week. We are currently residing on Ravencrest-EU. Recruiting for Tomb of Sargeras and always on the look out for exceptional players Raid Times Monday - 19:30 - 23:30 (CET) Tuesday - 19:30 - 23:30 (CET) WoW Classic and the Burning Crusade - World #5 - C'Thun - World #5 - Thaddius in Naxxramas 40 - World #10 - Lady Vashj - World #15 - Illidan - World #15 - Archimonde - World #11 - Kil'jaeden Wrath of the Lich King - World #15 - Clear of Naxx/Malygos/Sarth3D - World #8 - the Immortal - EU #1 - Hodir kill - World #11 - Yogg-Saron - World #22 - Firefighter - World #29 - Halion (25HC) Cataclysm - World #28 - Tier 11 Final Rank (25HC) - World #30 - Tier 12 Final Rank (25HC) - World #26 - Tier 13 Final Rank (25HC) Legion - World #230 - Tier 19 (2 day raiding) Recruitment Information We are a group of people that comprises of several old Loot FTW members who have raided hardcore in the past. Many of our members have known each other for years. Our members combined experience spans all expansions. While we cannot commit to 40+ hour raid weeks anymore we still share the same lust for progress. If you enjoy progress raiding, but cannot put in the time that a full blown hardcore raiding schedule requires, Loot FTW may be the guild for you. Requirements - Near 100% attendance on Monday and Tuesday. - The ability to speak on discord is mandatory. We do not recruit mutes. - Be critical of your own performance and be able to take criticism. - Have enough time outside the raid days to make sure that your character is in top notch condition. Contact http://www.lootftw.com/recruitment.php Feel free to contact us in game outside of our raid times. Alternatively send Talz a PM on our forums. Application Waiting Times Depending on the amount of applications we get a response may take up to two weeks. If it is obvious that no effort was put into the application it is likely that you will not get a response.Izilar52 10 Oct
10 Oct <Hero> 9/9 HC recruiting DPS for mythic :) Hey guys ! Recruiting all dps classes, need people who will be able to turn up to both raid days. We use Discord for comms ! We raid Tuesday 19:45 - 22:45 Tuesdays and Thursdays! Please contact Wolfuu#2665 Sorren#2739 PurplePain#21871 Spood#2165 in game for more info or an invite! We are also recruiting social players, or those who can't make regular raiding times and would like to be a substitute for Mythic :)Hoku0 10 Oct
10 Oct [A]Two players looking for a social guild Hello there Ravencrest Guild Leaders, We are looking for a social/casual/raiding guild here on Ravencrest , with a big empathy on the word social. Who are we? Well... its me Kìri (Miyo) currently a level 106 Rogue living currently in germany but born and raised in Japan. I played WoW back in the WotLk days quite active but then stopped due to time reasons. And Ennvy(Jimmy) a level 110 Dark Knight, born and raised in poland studied and worked for a while in the Uk and now lives in germany aswell. We both have been active Final Fantasy 14 players and are both looking now for new friends here on Ravencrest to play with and have fun with. :-) So if anyone knows a guild for us , reply in this thread or hit me up ingame to let me know where i need to apply. Thank you and have a wonderfull day! :) -K & EKìri1 10 Oct
09 Oct 9/9H 1/9M 7 year old casual raiding guild Hello there. We are Warriors of Wrath, 7 year old casual raiding guild at Ravencrest! Currently we are at 4/10 M NH,and 9/9 H and 1/9M TOS. Right now we are reforming our group to farm heroic and get some Mythic kills and also prepare our team for Antorus.Ppl with low ilvl/exp are also welcome since we are doing keystones and we help each other a lot. We are looking for mature and relaxed ppl to join us, also old hardcore raiders who dont have time for hardcore gaming anymore. We are looking for ppl who respect real life issues, respect each other, their guild m8s and the community.Ppl who dont forget that this is a game and want to have fun with it , but ofc also make some decent runs/ progress r.days : Wednsday-Thursday-Sunday-Monday 830-12.00 we use ep/gp for loots(no drama, very fair) and twich Attendance is up to you and your real life obligations. We also do keystones, guild challenges and old content for fun /achies. Currently we are looking for dps(mainly dk,priest,boomie,rogue), Healers ( shamy/monk) and 1 tank. If you are looking for a new place to call home and you value friendships and fun over progress and recount , add me for a chat fourfouri#2785 Ty for your time and have fun!Vanthw0 09 Oct
09 Oct Securty @ Frostmane Legion Store Hello Ravencrest! Security @ Frostmane EU have now opened up our boosting services for raid content. Please read the notes for each type of boosts that we offer, since some is only offered with payment on Frostmane. ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ ★We do not accept any other type of currency other than gold★ ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Nighthold (Gold is accepted only on Frostmane): Gul'dan Mount (http://www.wowhead.com/item=137575): 1.5m----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mythic Tomb of Sargeras We currently offer full package deals and single bosses. We only accept gold for Mythic difficulty bosses on Frostmane. Any loot that we might want (as in Titanforged or tier pieces) are reserved unless specified otherwise. Single bosses- 350k each: Goroth Demonic Inquisition Harjatan Mistress Sassz'ine Sisters of the Moon The Desolate Host Maiden of VigilanceThe Fallen Avatar and Kil'Jaeden The Fallen Avatar - 550k Kil'Jaeden - 3mFull package: 9/9 package: 6m(Loot we want is reserved) Premium 9/9 package: 10m (this includes all the loot you can use, Titanforged and Tier Pieces INCLUDED) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heroic Tomb of Sargeras (Gold is accepted on this realm): Full clear with PL: 600k Kil'Jaeden only: 250k----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Raids: Our raid days and invites are on Wednesday at around 19:30 CET and boss is pulled around 19:45 CET. We raid until 23:00 CET, and if we don't clear everything in one night we will continue from where we left off on Thursday or Sunday, same hours. We expect you to be able to make both days if you buy a full package. You're welcome to raid naked due to the fact that we will ask you to die on every boss. Payment: Part of the payment (15%) is paid as reservation deposit when we set up a date. The remaining full payment is expected upon entering the raid unless otherwise noted. We accept only in-game currency and only Alliance on Frostmane unless specified otherwise. Contact: If you are interested in purchasing from us or you have any questions, please contact me on btag or ask someone in the guild to poke me: Kapaya#2705 Previous services and feedback: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/16742874657#post-1 https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17615114686#post-1Kapaya0 09 Oct
09 Oct [A] DIW 9/9 HC, 2/9 Mythic - Recruiting Hello there potential [DIW] Raider !! Doing it Wrong is a part social part progress guild, with Mythic raiders from previous tiers and expansions - indentifying as a semi-hardcore guild raiding twice a week. We aim to do Mythic content, but in a timely manner (not rushing it), trying to out gearing content but stil aiming for both an early Curve and late Cutting Edge. We will be expecting you to be both vocal and semi-social on Discord (NO MUTES). Also, as a guild, we also do alot of mythic keystones in the range 10-18+. Everyone makes mistakes! Our guild slogan and name is Doing it Wrong, because we do NOT come down hard on mistakes - we know every raider makes mistakes! However we do require every raider, to be rather open about the mistakes they do; to be able to figure out what went wrong and or get help to figuring out what they did wrong, and how we can improve! We really want to avoid digging through logs! We are all here to have fun and help one another! Everyone will be heard! We have an open door policy regarding our officers. We listen and act upon all of our raiders ideas and or problems - guild or personal. Our officers are here to help, it is not just a glorified title (as most guilds have it). Our current progress is 9/9 Normal, 9/9 Heroic and 2/9 Mythic. https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ravencrest/Doing+it+Wrong Priorities for what we need : --------------------- shaman (resto) high shaman (ele) medium warlock (affl) medium priest (dd) medium demon hunter (dd) low paladin (ret) low mage (frost) low warrior (dd) low rogue (dd) low --------------------- But in general, all DD's are welcome to whisper us for a status - Updated 09-10-2017 On a side note, we always have room for casuals, who want's to do some mythic+ or normal runs and or mabye sign on as raider later in the expansion :) On Raids we expect you : To be online and in the raid, 15 min before raid start. Having done tactics on normal and watched Mythic (fatboss). Checked for news in our Raid discord channel. Listen to feedback (critisism) on your performance with a smile. Having at least 60 traits and 920 ilevel. (if you are a bit below the above expected, give us a whisper and we can talk it over!) Raidtimes : Wednesday : 20.00 ~ (servertime) (Optional, bring an alt if you want) Thursday : 20.00 - 23.0 (servertime) (Mytic) Sunday : 20.00 - 23.00 (servertime) (Mytic) Contact : Join discord on : https://discord.gg/FuJNQrP and check out the channel "applications" read the pinned messages, and/Or contact : Budapést - Rivieta#2870 Adellund - Adellund#2208 Azrioz - Azrio#2475Azrioz9 09 Oct
09 Oct <Virgins in Denial> recruiting for Mythic progress <Virgins in Denial> is a 2 day raiding guild which is currently looking to boost our rooster into Mythic raiding. We raid Wednesday and Sunday from 20.00 - 23.00. Our current progress is 9/9 HC ToS and 2/9 Mythic ToS. We started Mythic 4th of October. Our goal is to clear heroic each tier (which we now do every week) and then venture into Mythic and get as far as possible. We are looking for players that have experience in raiding and know their class well. Raiding should be fun, but also focused in order to progress. So bring your A-game :-) The guild is mainly Danish, but we welcome any nordic players, as long as you can understand Danish, since raidleading is in Danish. As it is we are around 20 players, and is aiming to have a rooster consisting of around 25 players to be able to have a steady team and get raids going all the time. We are a quite friendly and mature bunch of players. Several people know eachother irl in different groups within the guild and we have had guild gatherings as well. The social aspect of this game is important and you are more than welcome to be a part of it, if you want to! Let me point out, that we would like a good attendance, since it is really hard to build a raidteam and get progress when consisting of players only able to join every now and then at their convenience. It is perfectly okay to design, but be able to join around 3/4 raids in general. We are currently looking for: Healers: Druid Dps: Warrior Warlock Hunter Enhancement shaman Tank: We do have tanks, but should you be an exceptionally good tank, we would really like to hear from you anyway. Same goes to any class not listed above. We would (as any guild would) ofcourse like to hear from you if your are a really good player, even though your class and spec is not listed above. If you are interested, you can contact: Lillepus (Stormy#22861) Xhakros Indí ( remember the "´" over the i )Lillepus1 09 Oct
09 Oct [A] <Order> - Recruiting Who we are Order is a newly founded guild on Alliance Ravencrest built with a core of Semi-Hardcore raiders who have been playing together for about 3 years. We want to create and maintain a progress orientented environment. Legion has brought us some good quality and well paced content which we were able to clear in a decent timetable so far. We took Cutting edge on Emerald Nightmare and Trial of Valor and we got to 8/10M in Nighthold. After reformation we managed 5/9 this wednesday on our second mythic raid. We are looking for ranged DPS classes. What do we expect We are looking for reliable players who are willing and able to prepare well for the raids. This means putting in some effort; - Knowing your class in dept and keep your knowledge and skill level up to date. - Use every optimization available to you, food, flasks, potions, runes, gems, enchants and glyphs. - We expect our raiders to have extensive knowledge of the fights at hand, read up, watch kill videos and participate in tactic preparations and evaluation. - A positive attitude, during progress we may be wiping for extended periods of time and you need to be able to stay focussed and keep performing and improve. - You have to be able to speak English, communication is one of the most important factors of a successful raiding guild. You will need to be able to hear us and speak to us, thus have a working mic and be willing to use it. - You need to be able to take criticism, everyone can make mistakes but what defines a person is the way they handle these mistakes. Previous experience and logs to show performance will greatly increase your chances of being accepted as a trial. What you can expect - A fun and active guild where you will be able to meet new and fun people - A stable guild leadership - High end raiding with a relaxed atmosphere. - No unnecessary chatter during fights, we know when to have a laugh and when to focus. - We are all adults and we act accordingly. - Highly competitive players, if you're looking for some meter competition we'll be sure to offer you plenty but not at the expense of encounter mechanics. - An active teamspeak server to keep people connected outside raids as well. Lootrules We use a loot council for all loot distribution in main raids, loot will be handed out to people based on whats best for the team. Performance, upgrade percentage and best in slot items will be taken into consideration. This does mean that as a general rule mainraiders have priority over trials, but we do not fully exclude trials from loot either. Raiding times We progress on a 2 day schedule, invites start 15 min before the raid. Wednesday 20:00-23:00 progression Sunday 20:00-23:00 progression We also have an optional heroic farm raid at Thursdays 20:00. You are expected to be able to attend the raid days with at least a 95% attendence. If you have any more questions or wish to join us then feel free to talk with one of our officers in game. Siewen - Sywen#2553 Scharrelkip - Engel#22891 -EditedSiewen3 09 Oct
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