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8h <Necro> - Ravencrest - Alliance 6/10m <Necro> was created 8/3/2017, and is a new guild with 6/10m GM and officers and a 9/10m raid leader. Our goals: Cutting edge progression and a top ranking on Ravencrest, and therefore a top 200 world ranking. Our raid times: Wed + Sun + Tues: 20-24 (never extending) Central Europe time. What we expect from you: ONE top tuned character, simcrafted and all. Cutting edge mentality, be ready to critique others, accept critique from others, and always be ready with consumables and other mandatory raid stuff. We have a clear plan for what classes we want in our roster, so we have perfect composition for clearing all relevant content, while ensuring that we have versatility enough for future content. In short, we stack up on classes that historically are strong mechanically, and combind it with stacking up on some meta classes. We believe that you should bring the player, not the class. We also will never settle for having bad players in our guild, and will send them off to help us from being dragged down, and help them find a more suitable guild. Contact: Website: https://necro.enjin.com/ Guild Master: Executor#11124 Officer: Hstanius#2743Volitale8 8h
9h Warriors of Wrath 10/10 hc reqruiting! Hello there. We are Warriors of Wrath, 6 year old casual raiding guild at Ravencrest! Currently we are at 4/7 M, 3/3 hc and 10/10 hc. We are looking for mature and relaxed ppl to join us, laso old hardcore raiders who dont have time for hardcore gaming anymore. We are looking for ppl who respect real life issues, respect each other, their guild m8s and the community.Ppl who dont forget that this is a game and want to have fun with it , but ofc also make some decent runs/ rpogress r.days : Wednsday-Sunday-Tuesday 830-12 Thursday is the normal run for our new ppl. alts etc we use ep/gp for loots(no drama, very fair) and curse voice Attendance is up to you and your real life obligations. We also do keystones, guild challenges and old content for fun /achies. Currently we are looking for 1 tank and dps , for our progress runs , but all roles and charactes are welcome to join our runs. If you are looking for a new place to call home and you value firendships and fun over progress and recount , add me for a chat fourfouri#2785 Ty for your time and have fun!Vanthw1 9h
12h <Eversio 7/10M> is Boosting NH HC + 3 first M Master or personal loot, quick, guaranteed, quality run for BiS loot, tier pieces and Gul' Dan Ahead of the Curve, while you sit back and relax! EVERY WEDNESDAY at 18:00 ST - MASTER LOOT EVERY TUESDAY at 20:00 ST - PERSONAL LOOT Contact one of our officers to sign up now! Limited spots every week.Pøpe3 12h
14h Disorganized (A) - 2days - Mythic Disorganized is a mythic raiding guild on Ravencrest, alliance. The guild was founded by five real life friends going into Legion, with the clear goal of overcoming mythic content while relevant on a 2 raid/week basis. We have played since vanilla, most of us clearing all of the content while it was current and achieving titles such as 'Immortal', 'Hand of A'dal', 'Hellscream's Downfall' etc. Given the nature of the guilds leadership being real life friends it is safe to say that we have a very stable guild management. Beyond the officers we have added several players from our past raiding to the roster so a great deal of the core have known each other and raided together for many years. We have established a strong core in the guild by now, but are still building roster in a few spots. Currently these are… Ranged DPS – preferably Warlock, Shadow Priest, Balance Druid or Hunter Healer – preferably Holy Paladin, Mistweaver Monk or Restoration Shaman Exceptional Applications will be considered. Our progression so far is… Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 M Trial of Valor: 3/3 HC* Nighthold : 3/10 M * As we had to first build up our numbers in Legion before we could start mythic progression we have not had any pulls in ToV mythic simply because of time constraints which is why this sits idle at 3/3 HC for the time being. We raid Wednesday and Sunday at 20:00 - 23:00 server time, with possible extension of 20ish minutes if close to an important kill. Outside of raids we have an active player base that are participating in varies activities such as Mythic+ runs, occasional alt/social raids that are optional of course and then a lot of social banter in guild chat and on Discord. Make sure to visit our guild website, which also holds our application form at http://do-guild.enjin.com For more information feel free to contact one of our Co-GMs in game - Elessi (Hawkins#2424) or Kanyeah (Riggs#2962).Elessi49 14h
15h <Time Lost Heroes> 1/10Mythic - Priest/Mage/lock/hunter Greetings! <Time Lost Heroes> Ravencrest is a 3 day a week raiding guild looking to recruit ranged dps to continue farming HC Nighthold and move onto mythic. We are currently 1/10 Mythic10/10HC Nighthold, (Previously 10/10nm, 7/7HC EN 4/7Mythic, and 3/3HC) We raid Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday19:00-22:00 ST. We are recruiting 890+ players for our mythic roster! Warlock Mage Shadow Priest Hunter Boomkin Please note that even if you are below 890 and need help gearing, we do weekly normal nh runs to gear everyones alts up for herioc. We use RC Loot Council for raids, so that we make sure the correct people get the loot which is best for them. Socials are also welcome, we do alot of mythic+ with the guild, aswell as karazhan and nightbane runes. Rules can be found here: http://timelostheroes.shivtr.com/pages/Rules Interested in joining? Apply via our guild website: http://timelostheroes.shivtr.com/ If you have any questions please contact an officer; Aethorien, Percuna, Raphaelir or Pysiek Thank you for taking your time to read :)Valaeryon35 15h
16h [A] Looking for active daytime guild! Greetings, My name is Alex! ~895ilvl equipped Affliction Warlock looking for casual daytime guild with playtime around 11:00-18:00 ST. Armory link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/ru/character/blackscar/%D0%9D%D0%B5%D1%84%D0%B5%D1%80%D0%BE/simple I'm 10/10 HL and 9/10 in HC Nighthold. (Without Spellblade) Hope I can find here a suitable guild. For more info Senkaru#2955 or /w Necrophero-RavencrestНеферо4 16h
17h New Raid Guild <Midnight Order> Recruiting We are the <Midnight Order> a group of gamers that are looking for like minded people to join us on our quest for a friendly raiding guild. We are looking for: 1: Mature and respectful attitude in guild and raids. 2: Experience at least some form of raiding. "Not a Must" but preferred. 3: Ability to show up and stay throughout designated raid times. 4: Turn up prepared to the raid. Food buffs and flasks will be mandatory during progression. 5: Must be able to at least listen to our voice chat (mic and communication preferred.) 6: Keep in mind we are at a progress state now, so wipes will happen. 7: Being able to handle wipes, and dont rage quit. So if you now sit there and thinking, that sounds like something i want to try out, then let us hear from you, and lets take it from there. We are at the moment raiding Nighthold Normal and Heroic. We are looking for; 1: ranged Dps "any class" 2: Healers " any class" We need you to be: Level: 110. Item Level: 860+ For more info or an invite, contact and Officer or Guildmaster Ingame.Highteck0 17h
18h [A] <Inhaler Buddies>(7/7M 3/3M 7/10M) recruiting <Inhaler Buddies> is a newly formed guild on Ravencrest EU since this expansion. Our core roster consists of players that have mostly focused on PVP but for Legion we have decided to focus more on the PVE side of the game. We are looking to bring in exceptional players that are dedicated to raid progression and are able to maintain a high raid attendance. Raid Times Wed/Fri/Sun- 20:00 to 23:30 server time. Recruiting Needs: (all exceptional players considered regardless) Ranged DPS: MM Hunter, Warlock, Boomkin Melee DPS: Rogue Tank: / Healer: / Need to Join: - Mature and respectful attitude in guild and raids. - Experience at least up through Heroic level raiding. - Ability to show up and stay throughout designated raid times. - Turn up prepared to the raid. Food buffs and flasks will be mandatory during progression. - Must be able to at least listen to our voice chat (mic and communication preferred.) Extra Information: - New members will be given a 1week 'trial' - We will be using Loot Council(RCLootCouncil). - English language in guild and raids - Alts and friends welcome to join If you are interested please make an application on http://inhalerbuddies.enjin.com/recruitment or add Umoraki - Ravencrest - SynaZe#1225 Riworra - Ravencrest - TheNerfer#2466 Hydrakus - Ravencrest - Hydrakus#2650 Chroniz - Ravencrest - Chreaker#2870 Voidlethal - Ravencrest - Lethalg#2126 Regards UmorakiUmoraki36 18h
18h <Simply The Best> || Casual 2 day guild || 3/10M http://simply-the-best-ravencrest.enjin.com/ Rebuilding for legion, previously 11/13 mythic with mannoroth at 10% before going on a break. Contact us if interested.Tínaturner3 18h
19h <Brothers of the Naaru> - 7/7M 3/3H 3/10M - 2 Days Guild Website link: http://botn-ravencrest.enjin.com/home WoWProgress link: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ravencrest/Brothers+of+the+Naaru ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TLDR Version: 3/10 mythic, 10/10 heroic Nighthold Cleared. Raid Days: Sunday and Tuesday from 20:00 ST to 23:00 ST. Thursday optional Heroic clear's + boosts. Currently we are recruiting: All ranged DPS Rogue DPS Warrior Healer with an aim to have a strong roster to clear mythic Nighthold. However we encourage that exceptional players always apply! Contact us at DanielRieske#2728 or Nition#2706 for more information! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Guild Information: Brothers of the Naaru is a 20 man PvE raiding guild, established on Nagrand - EU. We transferred to Ravencrest - EU in 2013, because Nagrand was a low populated server with not many people who want to raid on it. Brothers of the Naaru was established in the middle of 2012, with people who wanted to raid in a fun atmosphere, but were serious about killing bosses. In 2014 we changed from a 10 man guild to a 25 man, because we wanted a bigger challenge. When Warlords of Draenor was released we were working on getting a 20 man team ready for Mythic Raiding. In July 2015 our guild decided to go on a break for half a year because of personal reasons. We decided in February 2016 to revive our raiding team. Now with Legion we are aiming to clear mythic content on a 2 day a week schedule. History raid progression (everything listed below is pre-nerf): Firelands 7/7 Dragon Soul 8/8 Heroic Mogu'shan Vaults 2/6 Heroic. Heart of Fear 6/6 Normal. Terrace of endless Spring 4/4 Normal. Throne of Thunder 2/13 Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar 11/14 Mythic Highmaul 2/7 Mythic Blackrock Foundry 9/10 Heroic Hellfire Citidal 9/13 Mythic The Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Mythic Trial of Valor: 3/3 Heroic Nighthold: 3/10 Mythic ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recruitment Info: At this moment we're recruiting the following classes to complete our roster: 4 DPS: Rogue Hunter Mage Ele Shaman Shadow Priest Warlock Warrior 1 Healer(s): Druid Paladin Priest 0 Tank(s): Nevertheless exceptional applications will always be considered. Make sure to make an application at our website http://botn-ravencrest.enjin.com/forum Copy the template in " RAIDING APPLICATION TEMPLATE - Read the Raiding Rules first! " Make a thread in " Applications " , and fill in the questions. The officers will respond as soon as possible, and you can expect a decision within 3 days. Socials are always welcome! What are we expecting from our raiders: You have a sense of humor! You have a mature and tolerant attitude. We're using Discord, and we expect you to use it and talk on it. You know your class inside out. You are able to come on all of our raid days without problems ( Sunday and Tuesday from 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time ). You come online on time ( at least 15 minutes before the raid starts ). You always have enough flasks / potions / food with you. At-least item level 880+. Artifact Trait Level > 40. What can you expect from us: A serious but fun atmosphere during progression raids. A stable raiding team For more information on how to apply, please go to our website : http://botn-ravencrest.enjin.com/home Or contact us on battle.net: DanielRieske#2728, Nition#2706Boogytime7 19h
1d LF Raiding guild Guardian tank with full HC guldan clear with a WW monk DPS http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ravencrest/Brannypwa/simple Looking for a raid guild to clear HC weekly and try to progress in mythic [Cannot do mondays-wednesdays] Thanks.Penlid3 1d
1d [A] <Kin> 2 Day / 10/10HC Recruiting for Mythic “a group of persons descended from a common ancestor or constituting a people, clan, tribe, or family.” General Information Guild name: Kin Faction: Alliance Server: Ravencrest-EU Website: www.kinguild.com About us Kin is a new guild with some old heads looking to go through the latest content at a reasonable pace. A lot of us have played together through a variety of different games with the main one being World of Warcraft. What we're looking for in a member We’re looking for solid players who while raiding 2 nights a week are also interested in running mythic + on off nights as there will be an expectation that your gear is up to par. With our schedule being as it is we are looking for a consistent group who would be there for most raids, of course we do understand that real life can come up, we would just appreciate some advanced warning! Activity on Discord would be nice, a requirement is that you to have a PC able to handle WoW comfortably and an internet connection that is up to the task. A willingness to learn will also be greatly appreciated. Casual/Social players are also welcome to apply, regardless of their choice of class. Roles Available Ranged Mage Warlock Melee Rogues - High Demand Exceptional Players Considered Healer Resto Shaman Resto Druid Exceptional Players Considered Raid Schedule Thursday 20:00-23:30 GMT +1 Sunday 20:00-23:30 GMT +1 Contact us Keez#1283 Velking#2969Keeznog40 1d
1d 60 legacy raids Hey all! Me and some IRL friends have made some characters with the intention of raiding 60 raids on live realms. As of now we are 5 people, but atleast 10-15 should be needed in order to clear all the raids available at 60. Because of that we are now looking for more people to join us raiding. The raiding would be pretty casual, just a few times a week. If you are interested be sure to post as I am not online more then when we're raiding. Any class is welcome. :)Pönnukaka1 1d
1d <Vengeful> [3/10 M] søger danske raiders! <Vengeful> [3/10 M] er en dansk raiding guild, der søger engagerede 18+ danske raiders til vores semi-hardcore Mythic progression roster, som ledes af velerfarne Mythic spillere. Vi stræber efter at opbygge et solidt Mythic raiding team, og har fokus på at vedligeholde et seriøst raiding-, samt afslappet socialt miljø, der rummer en behagelig balance mellem professionalitet og sjov. Derudover, har vi et minimumskrav på 90% attendance til raids. Dette er en nødvendighed, da vi ønsker et fast og stabilt core team. Et fungerende headset er et absolut krav, så man kan kommunikere på Discord under raids! Vi raider to gange om ugen: Onsdag & Søndag 19 - 23 Derudover har vi et HC clear/boost torsdag fra kl. 19, som ikke er obligatorisk. Vi søger på nuværende tidspunkt: DPS: Ranged - Alle (ikke mage) Melee - Alle (ikke DK & Warrior) Healers: Resto Shaman Vi forventer som udgangspunkt, at man har 900+ ilvl equipped og 50+ traits. Derudover så forventer vi, at man er komfortabel med sin nuværende class og rolle, og kan spille den på et fyldestgørende niveau. De classes vi søger er dem med den højeste prioritet, men udelukker ikke ansøgninger, og kigger dem alle igennem. Inkludér gerne svar på følgende: Fortæl gerne lidt om dig selv. Hvor gammel er du, og hvad laver du til dagligt? Hvad er dine tidligere erfaringer med raiding, og hvad er du mest stolt af at have opnået inden for raiding? Hvor længe har du spillet din nuværende class og rolle? Hvad er dit ilvl og artifact lvl? Nuværende NH experience? Hvad synes du ellers vi skal vide om dig? Vi ser gerne, at I sender logs og et screenshot af UI (fokus på WeakAuras) med en ansøgning, men det er ikke et krav. Kontakt: Fapkanden - Vandkanden#2552 Wickedwizard - Cloosen#2328 Mesz - Frederik#2513Fapkanden0 1d
1d |A|<Illumity> 7/7M 3/3H 10/10H recruiting Hey! <Illumity> Is a small guild looking for a couple more players to complete our raiding team. We would like to start mythic Nighthold as soon as we finish HC (and have the 20 man setup, ofc), and we still need a couple of active raiders for that. We are a bit more relaxed and forgiving than most guilds are, so even if you are a newer player, feel free to contact us :) Wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ravencrest/Illumity Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/reportslist/208634/ Spots are open for: *Any DPS Raid times: *Wed/Thurs/Sun 20-23 *(Optional) Fri 20-23 (Usually a NH normal clear with whoever is online) Since the Nighthold release is kind of awkward for newer players, we have a small, but important minimum gear requirement. Be: *880+ equipped *Artifact level 35(We average at 895 and 45ish) What we expect from you: *Reliability and high attendance *Good understanding of your class and spec of choice *Willingness to learn and improve your own, and the team's play *Be ready for the raids with consumables, weakauras (if you use them) and whatever you need to perform better *Ability to take some criticism. Noone is perfect, but you always want to aim for that What you can expect from us: *A friendly atmosphere where you can enjoy the game *Helpful leaders who will assist you with anything (or i'll kick their !@# :P) *Fairness in deciding raidspots, everyone deserves a chance. We are not an elitist guild who will only take the best of the best. If you can play a bit above the average, and execute the tactics properly, you have a good chance on being accepted. If you are interested in joining us, feel free to contact the following people: Battle.net: Mav3ricK#2151 (GM), Papoos#1491 (Officer) In game: Keelina-Ravencrest (GM), Moardoth-Ravencrest (Officer)Keelina4 1d
1d <One of Us> Boosting Nighthold & Mythic+ Hi There Everyone! One of Us is currently selling multiple boosting services for dungeons and raids, offers listed below. Raids: Nighthold Heroic 10/10: 700k - Personal Loot Only! (Thursday)Dungeons: +10-14 in time with 2-3 chests: 200k +15 in time with 1-2 chests: 350k You're always welcome to contact with a specific key! For further information whisper Bábzen-Ravencrest or add Babz#2439 //BábzenBábzen10 1d
1d [A] <Rejected Anomalies> 3/w LF dps for M progress Rejected Anomalies is a PvE raiding guild on Ravencrest-EU Alliance. Most of us have been around since vanilla and cleared majority of the raids in all difficulties up to MoP. We have now returned in Legion to continue our journey through raiding. We're currently recruiting for our core progression group to clear mythic. We're a semi-hardcore group of players who enjoy raiding in a good and friendly environment. Progress Emerald Nightmare: 7/7hc, 2/7M ToV: 3/3hc Nighthold 10/10N, 10/10hc Raiding Schedule Raid time is in CEST (Server time) Invites starts 10 minutes before. Tuesday 1900 - 2300 Thursday 1900 - 2300 Sunday 1900 - 2300 We're currently looking for: 4 DPS (Warlock,Mage, Shadow Priest preferred) 1 healer (resto shaman preffered) We nearly have enough players to start progression in mythic NH, we just need a few more solid players to make it work. We thank you for your time and consideration. Contact us and we'll discuss the future more vividly. In-game: Sonho#2179 Marre#2145Marregheriti2 1d
1d [A][EU][Ravencrest]<Grymkin> LFM 7.2 progress Greetings traveller! We are the <Grymkin> a group of friends looking for like minded people to join our quest for a friendly and laid back raiding guild. Unable to find what we were looking for we have taken it upon ourselves to forge our own guild on Ravencrest-EU. Applications We are looking for all roles and classes. DO NOT FEAR! Have you missed the start of Legion? Did you take a break and now you've found yourself a bit behind and unable to raid? We could be just what you're searching for. We are looking for; holydin resto shammy mage/ele shammy Melee DPS Behold our extensive raider application requirements: Level 110 Item level 860+ and 34 traits Active in and out of raids 18+ Previous raiding experience is not important to us. Your attitude, attendance, and ability to listen and communicate are. We raid: Thursday/Sunday/Monday 20:00-23:00 server time. Contact Us richards2507#21686 ginnbee33#2774 Apply at http://grymkin.enjin.com/Aruthis4 1d
1d Blood DK is looking for a Mythic Raiding Guild Hello , First of all thanks for taking the time to read the post. I am looking for a new guild for mythic progression. I am currently 10/10hc 3/10M and happy to server transfer (my current server is low pop and with small opportunity for raiding guilds). I am friendly, mature player who are eager to raid and can take constructive criticism as and when needed. Open to all raid schedules ideally 2 or 3 nights a week. Few Details about me: Primary Spec: Blood(Tank) Gear: 906 Equipped Traits:54 Secondary Spec:Frost(Dps) Gear:900 Equipped Traits: 40 Best Mythic Plus: +19 For more info bump me or you can contact me though game. Battle tag: Onimusha#21818Myrìam2 1d
1d <Loot FTW> Boosting Nighthold Heroic & Normal <Loot FTW> 7/10 Mythic, is now boosting Nighthold on Heroic as well as Normal. Nighthold boosts - Heroic, Personal Loot Thursdays at 19.30 PRICE: 650k - Normal, Personal Loot Thursdays at 21.45 PRICE: 300k All loot recieved by or raiders, that is tradeable, will be available for you to roll on. No extra cost! WE ONLY ACCEPT GOLD & ONLY ON RAVENCREST Feel free to contact at: Hiuhime#1190 or Ybn in-game.Ybn0 1d
2d Forsaken Bloodline 7/7M 2/3M 5/10M recruiting A place where fun and progression go hand in hand. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild with a healthy mixture of purposefulness and fun. The guild is mainly built up on having people with character; people who like to enjoy the company of others, at the same time have progression in mind. This is a guild that houses friendships, enjoyment and passion for the game itself. A brief history: Forsaken Bloodline was founded on Kul Tiras back in July 2010 during WotLK by a group of friends who raided together in another guild. With the arrival of Cataclysm, most people went on break and Renesmea and Fiur moved to top realm guilds. After which they had a long break and came back in December 2011. They decided it was time to get Forsaken Bloodline back on track. In a matter of a couple of months, we have become socially one of the biggest and most popular guilds on Kul Tiras and established ourselves among top guilds clearing high end content and ranking among the top 5 guilds in realm. During MoP, Forsaken Bloodline packed its luggage and moved to Ravencrest, followed by all raiders and most devoted socials. With the arrival of WoD, we have transitioned from a 10-man to a 20-man. What can we offer you? - A very strong social community that loves every aspect of the game. We organise old content raids, achievement runs and fun social events and parties. In this guild you will find a vast range of players – the ones that are all about numbers and tactics to others who are all about achievements, mounts and pets. This is what gives the right balance to the guild. - A very stable and solid guild – its core members have been in the guild for over 3 years. It is a drama free environment accepting only 18+ year old socials and 20+ year old raiders. The community is mature, strong and unified sharing the same goals. You will also find some of the nicest persons you will ever meet - helpful, team-oriented, selfless, skillful, competent, dedicated, loyal and always up for some fun :) - Forsaken Bloodline provides you with the opportunity to raid with highly intelligent and competitive people with excellent knowledge of their class/spec. Our raids are very organized, structured and disciplined granting satisfying results and achievements. Whilst our raiding environment is fun and positive with frequent banter exchange and humorous remarks, we take raiding very seriously. What do we expect from you? - Attendance: We raid on rotation and each player gets a minimum of 2 raids a week during Mythic progress. Please find below our raiding days and times: Thursday: 20:00 to 23:00 Sunday: 20:00 to 23:00 Monday: 20:00 to 23:00 We occasionally add an extra progress raid on Wednesdays. Kindly note that during the first two weeks of progression we raid 5 times a week. - Attitude: We expect everyone to push their limits, overcome weaknesses, maximize their skills and strive to constantly improve themselves. Respect comes before everything - we expect all our raiders to behave adequately and professionally. We value every individual, but the team comes before you – we work together (regardless of personal feelings) to improve the guild and not your ilvl. Be able to take constructive criticism and own your mistakes. - Dedication: Be fully prepared for every boss fight which means – research tactics, know the best talents/glyphs and also make sure you understand how you can contribute to each fight through your role. Raiding is based on teamwork, therefore communication is a key factor. You do not have to tell us the story of your life, but you are required to get vocal and communicate in English via Mumble when needed during fights. - General: The guild provides a high quality environment, therefore we are highly selective of who joins the guild – being the best at what you do is not enough to impress us, we seek very loyal people with lovely personalities. Upon recruiting you, you will undergo a short period of trial – if you fail to impress us during this time your trial will be terminated. We trust all our members to behave and maintain a good reputation within ourselves and with our fellow WoW players, even on pugs we expect our members to leave a good impression on others. We are actively seeking to recruit exceptional players so you are encouraged to approach us if you think you have what it takes to impress us. If you fit the above criteria, feel free to contact Renesmea (Renesmea#2322) ingame to initiate the recruitment process. Kindly refrain from applying if you are lazy, selfish and/or disloyal. Thank you for considering Forsaken Bloodline! :) You can apply here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/forsaken-bloodline/forsaken-bloodline-guild-application/1585751908335753 Please follow the instructions properly. Like our Facebook Page and follow our mischievous adventures: https://www.facebook.com/ForsakenBloodlineEU Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/fbloodlineeu Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ForsakenBloodlineEU Follow our streams on Twitch: Hunter PoV http://www.twitch.tv/jurdyvdl Hunter PoV https://www.twitch.tv/jananders93 Rogue PoV http://www.twitch.tv/growean Monk Healer PoV http://www.twitch.tv/soveringg Druid Healer PoV https://www.twitch.tv/greatgreen Priest Healer PoV https://www.twitch.tv/neryaf Fun movie in Blackrock Foundry: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SdJjj6LBT5s Guild motto: Every wipe is a step closer to a kill. The Forsaken Bloodline TeamRenesmea9 2d
2d [A] Stasis 2d/w - 4/10M is recruiting! Stasis is a guild with a long history on Ravencrest, EU. We started on the server back in the Burning Crusade and raided all the way until WoD, clearing content as it was current. Draenor was quiet time for us, but as interest in Legion grew, we decided to get back into action! Our goal for this expansion is to clear all the relevant raid content on heroic difficulty and progress on mythic difficulty. Current progress: 7/7 Mythic EN, 2/3 Mythic ToV, 3/10 Mythic Nighthold. Soon more! Raid times: We raid 2 times per week, Mondays and Wednesdays 20-23 server time. Due to only raiding 6 hours per week, we want people who are able to focus fully for that time. Recruitment: At the moment we're mainly looking for: Havoc Demon Hunter Windwalker Monk Warlock Balance Druid Feel free to apply even if your class/role is not listed, exceptional applicants are always welcome. So what is Stasis looking for?: Active and stable raider with experience at end game bosses. Previous experience at endgame in other expansions is a plus. A player who knows his class well, preferably it's been your main for a long time. You're mature and friendly. Closing: Should you have any questions feel free to contact us in-game for more information. Lithian (Isalith) - Officer Lithian#2207 Sakanade - Officer Saka#2160 To apply submit your application at: https://stasis.apexmega.com/Tagliatelle26 2d
2d [A]<Esoteric> is recruiting 3/10M NH <Esoteric> is currently recruiting the following classes for Nighthold progression: Demon Hunter - Havoc Death Knight - Frost Warrior - Arms/Fury Shaman - Enhancement/Elemental About us: Esoteric was a guild formed with Mythic progression at the forefront of all. Members of a previous guild which have demonstrated the ability to perform at the highest level have banded together to achieve their ambition. We pride ourselves on our determination to achieve big goals and the positive atmosphere that comes naturally to us. Our aim is to establish ourselves within the top 20 guilds on Ravencrest and as such as become the top 2-day-a-week guild on the server. Practically all of our current roster are frequently and consistently demonstrating logs above the 80th percentile. Logs can be provided upon request. Schedule: We are a 2-night-a-week guild, raiding Monday & Thursday 19:45 - 23:00 Server (CET). Additional, non-compulsory raids, are added to the calendar frequently for new content release and weekends. What we are looking for: Players with experience of the raiding scene, with a minimum of Heroic under their belt. Players that are prepared to take criticism upon analysis of mechanics/logs and learn quickly from their mistakes. Players that have an ambition to clear Mythic content, whilst doing so in the confines of 2 raid nights. Active players that contribute to the positive atmosphere of the guildApplying: To apply, please sign-up on http://www.esoteric-guild.com and post an application. For further information, please feel free to contact us in-game: Kandifloss (Monty#2548) - Guild Master & Healing Leader Palahingst (Hingsten101#2402) - Raid Leader Bòndil (Beachy#2592) - Ranged DPS Leader Surhval (Whiplash#2680) - Melee DPS LeaderKandifloss50 2d
2d [NOR] 2d<Premature Pullers> 4/10M Recruitment open We're looking for Norwegian players only, so the rest of this post will be in norwegian. Vi er en guild på Ravencrest EU som søker etter et par nye rekrutter Guilden består av en kjerne av spillere som har spilt sammen lenge, som har erfaring fra highend raiding i tidligere expansions. Nå som vi har blitt litt eldre så ønsker å raide på et høyt nivå i et casualt miljø. De fleste i guildet er fra 20-30år. Vi har et veldig godt og inkluderende miljø, med mye uhøytydelig og til tider svært lite politisk korrekt humor. Vi har mainraids to dager i uka. Onsdager fra 19.00 til 23.00, og Søndager fra 19.00 til 23.00, og altruns(koseraid) på fredager ca. klokka 20.00 til vi ikke orker mer/har mer content å cleare. Oppdatert progress finnes på: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ravencrest/Premature+Pullers Vi søker primært etter et par solide healers, en holy paladin og en shaman, druid, og eller en monk. Solid dps er alltid in demand, og er du klar for å kunne bidra i et mythic progress-miljø er vi interessert i å høre fra deg. Det er også ønskelig at du har, og kan spille en offspec ved behov i raids. Ingen krav her, men det er et stort pluss om du kan stille opp i flere roller enn bare en. Ta kontakt med Týrone, Zahard, Kvalross eller Mistrasza ingame, evt. send en ingame mail om ingen er online så tar vi kontakt for en liten prat. Battlenet tag Tord#21972 http://prematurepullers.shivtr.com/Týrone8 2d
2d <Disarray-Ravencrest> New Raiding Guild Recruiting Disarray-Ravencrest are now recruiting all classes and specs to start our raiding journey! About Us Disarray is a newly formed guild, created on 20/03/2017 by a team of veteran raiders, having experience in top guilds and high end mythic raiding, wanting to drop the intensity down a bit so there is more time for real life, while'st still seeing all available content. We are pushing to form a casual raid team to start on heroic content, and with the final goal to be mythic progression. We are making the guild with the aim to progress content at a reasonable pace, while still maintaining a casual and fun atmosphere for everyone. Raiding Times We are planning to raid 3 days per week when we push onto mythic content, however while'st raiding heroic we will be raiding 1-2 days per week. The days are planned to be: (All listed times are Server Time). Wednesday: 20:00-23:00 Thursday: 20:00-23:00 Sunday: 20:00-23:00 Voice We have our own guild discord server, that anyone is welcome and encouraged to use for any activities, be it WoW or any other games that members are playing together. Loot System We are planning on using a Loot Council to hand out loot, consisting of both officers and raid members to keep it fair and non-bias. The majority of the loot will most likely go off highest roll, however if the loot council see a piece that may greatly alter the performance of one player over another we may call a vote to make the final decision. Loot is a great tool and can make the game more fun, however the guilds' best intentions will be in mind over anything and whining over not winning a piece will not be tolerated. Further Info If you have any further questions, feel free to contact one of us on battlenet. Zyy#2518 - Guild Master AlexA#21217 - Recruitment Officer Beatdownqt#2125 - DPS Officer Or message Adrenz, Getswung or Massivetruck in-game.Adrenz0 2d
2d Omnicide Ravencrest 7/7M,3/3M&6/10M LF RANGED Hello there... Omnicide-Ravencrest EU is a semi-hardcore guild that was created by mature and experienced raiders that decided to start a new journey. The guild was created in June 2014 and started raiding in SOO but most of our raiders go a long way back into raiding. Our goal is to progress into end game Mythic content, while keeping a friendly atmosphere inside the guild.One of our primary goals for our raids, is to always keep a serious and mature environment.If you are interested in joining our community and raid with us, please visit our site and apply to us. Raiding Progress (while current content) Mists of Pandaria: Siege of Orgrimmar 14/14 HC (before prepatch nerf) We ended this expansion on realm rank 20 & world rank 2002.. Warlords of Draenor: Highmaul 7/7 HC & 3/7 M Blackrock Foundry 10/10 HC & 5/10 M Hellfire Citadel 13/13 HC & 13/13 M We ended this expansion on realm rank 14 & world rank 1121.. Legion: The Emerald Nightmare 7/7 HC (first reset) & 7/7 M (before ToV release) Trial of Valor 3/3 HC & 3/3 M The Nighthold 10/ 10HC & 6/10 M (up to now) Recruitment Status: Exceptional players who feel like they can complement our quality of raiding are encouraged to apply regardless of class/spec. For specific classes/roles more in need though you can check the recruitment status below... Atm we are recruiting SOME EXCEPTIONAL RANGED DPS. What we expect from you as a player: - You are someone that loves raiding and want to progress in Mythic mode. - You are an independent and communicative player (that means you prepare yourself for new encounters, buy appropriate gems, enchants etc and ask from guildies for any help you might need). - Raiding experience and skills. - Near 100% attendance is expected (we understand real life comes first though). - Complaining about spots and loot is not acceptable. Rage quitting a raid equals to an instant demote. - Your English is good enough for clear communication. - You have a stable connection. - Being able to listen to and actively speak on Teamspeak is required. What you should expect to get from us: - A guild that raids and tries to clear content in Mythic while still current - A very fun community - Great raiding environment (both serious and relaxed at the same time) - Lots of fun with guildies in Mythic+, Alt runs, Boost Runs etc... - Active TS (most of the time) - Very helpful guild members and officer's team -Lots of trolling on Guild Chat and TS Raiding Schedule: Wednesday: 2000-2330 EU Server Time Thursday: 2000-2330 EU Server Time Monday: 2000-2330 EU Server Time Sunday: 2000-2330 (Not mandatory Normal/Heroic/Boost Run) For more information feel free to contact the GM Daènerys(G1ak1#2235), any officer in-game or visit our website... Website: http://omnicide-guild.enjin.com/ Have fun all Best Regards, Daenerys, Omnicide's Guild MasterDaènerys8 2d
2d Civitas 7/7m 2/3m 6/10m Civitas is a semi-hardcore mythic raiding guild, reformed for Legion expansion to kick some demonic !@#. We raid 3 days a week and aim to do as much progress as we can in those raids. Don't mistake - even though we are semi-hardcore, we still expect our raiders to be heavily invested into their character progression and come for raids fully prepared with appropriate AP traits, enchants, sockets, consumables and fight knowledge. We are in particular looking for the classes and specs as listed, but we will consider ANY applications. Recruiting Healers: High Priority Restro Druid Restro shaman Dps High Priority Balance Druid Warlock Shadow Priest Hunter Mage Medium Elemental Shaman Rouge Low Priority Warrior Monk What we expect from our raiders and applicants: - Capable of maintaining a High Attendance (90% at minimum) - Good knowledge about your Class & Role - Capable of reading up on, and understanding encounters on your own - Good communication skills that are actively used during raiding - Healthy deal of self criticism and desire to improve - Capable of handling criticism (EVEN when it gets very harsh!) - Ability to work with team, and as a team - Dedication. If you are not interested in doing the generally expected things that is required for mythic raiding you should not apply. General information Nationality: International. Everything we do is in english. Loot: Loot is considered a tool and is distributed by a loot council. For further information about how we distribute loot see our website. Progession: 7/7M - 2/3M - 6/10M Raid schedule (Server time GMT+1): Wednesday - 19:30-23:30 Thursday - 19:30-23:30 Sunday - 19:30-23:30 Contact us! Battlenet: thomas#2620 For more detailed information about who we are, what we do, the requirements we have and how and where to apply visit our website: http://civitas.guildlaunch.com/Sucré7 2d
2d Flawless 5/10 Mythic Recruiting. Flawless is looking for new members for our progress in Mythic Nighthold! We are an old elite PvP-guild that turned its attention to PvE. We have seasoned and experienced players among our ranks and are always looking for more likeminded players to join us. We are currently looking for: - Any DPS - Any healer - If your class is not listed, please apply anyway, as we will always consider applications from exceptional players. Raid times are: Wednesday: 19:30-23:00 Server Time Thursday: 19:30-23:00 Server time Sunday: 19:30-23:00 Server Time We're currently on darkspear, we will be moving to ravencrest on monday the 27th. Your raid attendance is expected to be 90%+ (RL happens, we get it) For any further questions, concerns or information add: schelen#2701, MaDDii#2496, http://flawless-darkspear.com/Batard0 2d
2d eXample Selling different boost services Hey Ravencrest! We from eXample are offering different boost services. We are a skilled core of players and have done over a 1000 m+ boosts and are all 7/7 EN M 3/3 TOV M and 5/10 NH M. All our boosts are smooth runs and we don’t troll or wipe unnecessarily while boosting. Below you can find all our current offers with their specific prices. Note: Prices may not be up to date, feel free to contact me for our most recent offers! Dungeons: Any 2-9 keystone dungeon all in time with 3 chests: 100k +10 in time with 2-3 chests = 150k +12 in time with 2-3 chests = 200k +15 in time with 1-2 chests = 400K +15 depleted key = 250k (you will get 900ilvl weekly loot) Full Keystone boost run from 2-15 = 800k Karazhan + Nightbane 150k (full Karazhan clear) Raids: Emerald Nightmare mythic 7/7 = 800k Trial of Valor mythic 3/3 = 2m Nighthold Heroic 10/10 = 1m (master loot) FAQ: 1. We do not accept any other payment apart from in game gold. Don’t bother asking for anything else. 2. You will always have to pay up front. 3. If you buy a raid spot, you will be asked to pay 20% when booking your spot. This is just for us so we can be sure you will take the spot. 4. For raids, we will be using Master loot and you will receive all the loot we do not need.(e.g. items that titanforge high, tier tokens and trinkets are saved for us) Contact: If you have any questions, feel free to whisper me ingame or add me Daffbeer#2114Daffbeer6 2d
2d [A] <Aeonic> 2/Week LF Mythic Raiders 7/7M 3/3M 5/10M Aeonic is a Mythic Raiding Guild on Ravencrest comprising of former core members of Hibility (EU-Kazzak). We are used to high raiding standards from our more hardcore raiding days in the past (top 400 - see Hibility on Kazzak history), incorporating these standards into our raiding mentality today. Aeonic has a strong focus on quality raiding, acchieving as much as possible in only 2 raids/week. We wish to do the absolute best we can in the given timeframe available to all of our members. That being said, we strongly value a friendly atmosphere within the guild, aknowledging that our members have a life outside of wow, coping with various sorts of challenges on a daily basis. Aware of this we nonetheless expect our members to come to raids punctually and well prepared (a matter of respect towards the other members). Whilst the atmosphere is fun and casual on a daily basis, with members being akin to different jokes, raids will always take place in a very focused and concentrated environment. We are seeking highly capable players who seek to raid only 2 times per week, however on a very competitive level. We are looking for people that are motivated, have the desire to improve permanently and analyse min/max their rotation on a regular basis (check logs, see where they can improve/where they failed). Our intent is most certainly in finding suitable members on a long term basis (we seek the player, not the class). Members that wish to grow with us, seeking a place they can call home and colleagues they can rely on. Raiding Times: Thursday, Sunday - Raid starts at 19:30 (CET) - Raid ends at 23:00 (CET) Past Raiding History: Tier 14 | Rank 326 (10man) - Sha of Fear (3 days/week raiding) Tier 15 | Rank 295 (10man) - Lei Shen (3 days/week raiding) Tier 16 | Rank 325 (10man) - Garrosh Hellscream (3 days/week raiding) Tier 17 | Rank 445 (20man) - Mar'gok (3 days/week raiding) Future Plans – Legion and Beyond: As can be regarded in the past raiding history, a break was taken after MOP. We are now back and running, henceforth currently fine-tuning our roster for Mythic raiding. Our plans are to be fully operational with the Nighthold coming out early next year. Until then we plan to clear as much Mythic EN as is possible. Being a 2 days/week guild, we are certain that this time schedule can be very well incorporated into RL (and sustained) and hence lead to a very long lasting Guild Lifetime. What YOU can expect from US: - Very high quality raiding in only 2 days/week - Progress raiding as efficiently as possible - A strong and experienced guild and raid leader - Healthy social guild environment - We seek the player, not the class. If you‘re good, we want you (long term) and not the FOTM class you may be playing. What WE expect from YOU: - High raid attendance (90%+) - High level of reliability - Can talk, partake in conversations and are open for constructive feedback - High level of maturity (respect others, think before talking) - Teamplayer, accept to sit out an encounter, no drama about loot going to somoene else - You wish to be your absolute best (know roration, can play other specs and are willing to respec if need be) - You come to raids prepared (you know encounter mechanics, bring flasks, pots, enchants etc.) - Are willing to progress and know what that means Interested? Questions? We are currently seeking DPS that not only know their class but also manage to not stand in stuff the whole time. Further information on what we are currently looking for (in detail) can be seen in the recruitment section on our homepage. Please visit our homepage and apply/send me a message (Application takes only a few minutes, very fast process): www.aeonic-eu.enjin.comKerno52 2d
2d [A] [Heresy] Looking for Raiders and Socials. Hello! Heresy moved to Ravencrest for legion in hopes of building a community of like minded players to enjoy end-game content. We are not a hardcore guild but we do raid at least twice every week clearing Heroic content with hopes to move into Mythic raids after we build a structured raid team. The goal of the guild is to build up two raid teams, one for Mythic and one for Heroic whilst at the same time keeping a good social community for all to be involved. Raiding Times:- Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday. 8pm-11pm server time. (currently we are using Wednesday as main farm night, Thursday nights as a Mythic + / Kara farm night and Sunday as a Progress / Alt raid night) What do we expect from you? * If your looking to raid, put some time into learning the fights and your class/spec. With all the information available there is no reason not to be able to build a good working knowledge of Raid and Dungeon encounters. * If you sign up for a Raid, turn up on time and prepared. * When we set up the Mythic team and if you make it in, be prepared to commit to a regular raiding schedule. * Don't be disrespectful to your fellow Guild mates, there is a difference between banter and being a douche bag. We are a friendly and laid back guild that is growing steadily every week, we have a Guild discord full of useful information and links to all kinds of WoW related things. We are committed to making a Guild that is fun and friendly with a place for all types of players. Yes even clickers! If this sounds like the kind of Guild you would like to call home or want to know more contact me or one of my officers listed below! Contacts - Whistlebrew Inriss Nadita Thanks for reading and look forward to hearing from you!Whistlar23 2d
2d [A] Be Cool - Late Night Greetings Ravencrest, Be Cool is a late night guild. The guild was founded in WoD, towards the end of BRF. We managed to kill 11/13 bosses in Mythic HFC before the pre-patch and killed the last 2 before Legion launched. We are currently 7/7 HC in Emerald Nightmare. As a guild we value raiding atmosphere and enjoying ourselves more than progression. That being said we are aiming to clear Mythic Emerald Nightmare at a steady pace. For a more detailed look at the philosophy of our guild please visit this forum post: http://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17611992070 Requirements to join: - Know your class (not specc, class) as well as an alt that you can main if required. - Research the fights before joining the raid - Be there 15 minutes before the raid starts and have 90% attendance - Have the drive to improve - Listen carefully to order you are given - Have adequate raid awareness - No raging (the main goal is to enjoy ourselves) Raid Nights: Thursday, Sunday, Monday; 22.00-1.00 with Wednesday optional raid. We are currently looking for: -Shadow Priest -Hunter These classes are the main priority but all classes will be considered. Thank you very much for your time and hope to talk to you soon. Stay cool. Co-Guild Master of Be Cool Funky FunkyG#21566 Further contacts: k0mbaineek#2738Yknuf28 2d
3d (A) Obsidius LF Raiders Hey! Obsidius is a relatively new guild who are about to start raiding - from the bottom up. We will be starting EN N tonight (17/03/17) and see where we go from there! So if you are a little late to the raiding game, or want to start gearing up an ALT, drop either myself or our GM a message (Máthew) in-game :)Elibac1 3d
3d <Rekt Homme> - A - 10/10 HC <Rekt Homme> is actively recruiting for now and further into Legion! Exceptional players are welcome, and we are recruiting the following roles: 1 x MDPS - Assination - Rogue 1 x RDPS - Frost/Fire - Mage - Hunter - Elemental - Shaman About Rekt Homme: We are a newly set up guild, who are looking to progress through heroic and mythic content. We raid Nighthold PROGRESSION Raid times (CET): Sunday - 18:00 to 22:00 Monday - 20:00 to 23:00 We also have additional Alt/Social run: Wednesday - 20:00 to 23:00 What you can expect from us: A reliable guild to put time into. Good social and raiding atmosphere. Cutting edge progression. Non-boring farm raids. What we expect from applicants: -High attendance is key not only for moral, but for basic progression. -A team player, allowing us to progress through raids via teamwork. -You are always optimized with the best enchants, gems and come prepared with consumables. -You always optimize your character understanding via reading forms, or watching video guide, tips, or PoV's. -For the encounters, you should prepared to do everything it takes to maximize your characters effectiveness. -You have a working microphone and are willing to use it. -You must have a mature attitude, so preferably 18+ *You be able to handle any criticism directed your way so keep your insecurities outside of the guild. This means not throwing a sulk when called out and/or not admitting your mistake(s). This part is key for player development. If you are interested in talking with the officers, you can find our battletags below: Aquinaz - Sam#26259 Mecarismatik - mecavity#2862Aquina4 3d
3d LF danish guild / leder efter en dansk guild Tja som topic siger leder jeg efter en dansk guild, og har søgt mig frem til at det skulle være bedst her.. er en old timer i spillet dog med nogle lange pauser "alderdom børn og familie :D" Men savner aspektet af at raide/pvp og i det hele taget være social med nogen i det spil vi alle nu nyder.. Har de fleste af mine chars på Sylvanas Ally side, men er begyndt så småt at flytte rundt "dyrt som ind i" og 3 befinder sig lige pt. på defias brotherhood.. Så hvis der er nogen der kender de danske eller den danske guild her, må i gerne lige formidle kontakt eller smide deres guild navn i comment :) På forhånd tak Well as the topic states im in search of a danish guild, and heard that this server should be the best for it.. Im a old time wow player though with time away from the game "old age children and family" But i really miss the aspeckt of raiding and doing pvp and to socialise with others in a guild doing the stuff we like the most playing this game.. Most of my charcetrs are on Sylvanas atm "ally side" but started moving some of them around in search for a nice guild "exspensive like ..... :D" and currently 3 are horde side on Defias brotherhood. So if there are anyone out there of the danish guilds reading this or anyone who knows the name, please refer them to this post or throw their name in a comment in this post so i can get in touch with them myslef.. thanks in advance :)Hellscar15 3d
3d <Eversio> 7/10M, 3/3M, 7/7M Recruiting We are a semi-hardcore guild. We are raiding a standard of 3 days per week. Mon, Wed, Sun, 20:00-00:00. As of this week (22/2/2017), we are adding 1 extra raid day, being Monday. New recruits MUST be able to raid at raid Mondays! Our team comprises of skilled players who aim at raiding at a high level. At the same time, though, we dont feel like raiding hardcore. We enjoy other games aswell and most of us cant raid 5-7 times per week for more than 5 hours, but we still want to progress and make the best out of our raids. All of our core players have had high end competitive raiding experience at least once varying from rank 2 and rank 14 world, to top 500. Loot: loot is distributed via a loot council. Consistent attendance and high performance is awarded with loot, and we invest in the players that will help us progress the most. We go with the philosophy that loot is a tool, not a reward. Attitude: above all we’re looking for mature and sociable highly skilled players. Egocentric attitudes in regards to raiding are not condoned and we do not tolerate ‘loot-whoring’, trash-talking, or mindless padding at expense of progress. You as a player: it goes without saying that you’re expected to know your class inside and out, and that you are able to play all relevant specs extremely well and you know how to min-max on each and every encounter we engage. You show up to each raid fully optimised in terms of gear, enchants, flasks, foods, potions. Criticism: It is extremely important that you are able to constructively handle criticism. If you make a mistake and do not immediately admit it is your fault, you will be called out on it. We expect all our raiders to immediately claim blame for their own mistakes, otherwise strategies and progress are compromised at the expense of personal ego and errors. Communication: you are expected to communicate proficiently in English. Being vocal on TS is a huge plus. This does not mean you have to blabber your head off, but being able to say ‘ads loose’ on TS can make or break a pull. Contact us Website: www.eversio.shivtr.com Wowprogress: www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ravencrest/Eversio Contact one of our officers ingame in Ravencrest EU Alliance or add me on Battle.net: Jimbo#2714Pøpe30 3d
3d 3/10M guild recruiting DPS for Mythic roster As the title says. Lost and Abandoned is looking for more DPS to progress in Nighthold Mythic We are not to fussed about which classes apply. We just want you to be a dedicated raider with knowledge of your class. We raid Wed/thur/sun 20-23 You can apply on. http://laa.shivtr.com/site_applications or add philthebest#2131 if you have questionsLirale0 3d
3d Frost DK for raiding guild. Hi, i'm a frost death knight, 864 ilvl equipped so far. (rerolled from druid) i started patch late and i'm trying to gear up as best and fast as i can, i was in a guild called 'Descendants of darkness' - Horde, Terokkar EU as a raider for a while before i transferred to Ravencrest a while back, i would like to join a raiding guild for the remainder of Nighthold and maybe even raid in ToS when its released, i don't have much exp (only 3/10 HC on my druid) but i'm a fast learner. Feel free to ask me questions. Thanks for taking the time to read this :)Néphílim2 3d
3d Recruiting DH,Hunter,Lock,Shammy. The University is looking for more people to complete our raiding team. We have cleared Nighthold Heroic and our aim is to start mythic progression as soon as we have a good setup. Our guild is based on friendship, enjoyment and passion for the game. We raid two days per week and our goal is to experience the current raid content while having fun and progressing in our own pace. We are currently looking for: * Dh,Lock,Hunter,shammydps Raid times: * Wednesday: 20-23 * Monday: 20-23 Even if we think a relaxed atmosphere and fun while raiding is important we still have a minimum requirement for gear: * 870+ equipped. * Artifact level 35 We want you to have: - A friendly attitude. - Knowledge of your class. - Previous raiding experience is a +. - High attendance. - A polite attitude and treat others with respect. We offer you: - A friendly and social and relaxed guild. - A reliable guild. - A raid environment that is relaxed and fun. Even if your class is not listed for recruiting do not hesitate to chat with us. We always consider every exceptional player both when it comes to game experience and personality. If you are interested in joining us contact any officer ingame for a chat: Highdaway, Shamella, Suldrun.Highdaway0 3d
3d LF good community / small group! As the post suggests, I'm hoping to find an active community on Ravencrest to be a part of. I'm started in vanilla so plenty of experience with the game, but have been missing out on the community for some time. Please let me know if anyone is in the same situation, or has an already established guild that I might join! Quality over quantity is always preferred, so even if you're a small group looking for fresh faces.. let me know! CheersFarengatt2 3d
3d 896 Resto Shaman LF Raiding Guild 9/10 HC, with enough P3 experience of Gul'Dan to write a novel! Looking for a NON-ELITIST guild who want to get HC on farm and make a start on mythic progression. Already have 4-set bonus (all 890 HC pieces). Had experience in some EN mythic fights with current guild (Eye and Dragons). 7/7 HC & 2/7 M 3/3 HC 9/10 HC Also have some experience tackling Chronomatic Anomoly mythic. Weekdays are a struggle for me due to other commitments, so hoping to find a weekend raiding guild. Also have a DH tank alt with ilvl 877, which i would like to take on some alt runs where possible, and would happily consider gearing up to be my main if it became necessary for the guild's raiding comp.Shandorath3 3d
3d [A] <Defenders of Valor> is recruiting Hello, we are recruiting player for more raid progress in Nighthold. Our raid times are: Mon, Wed and Thu 20:00 - 23:00 server time. What we can offer is a friendly and mature raid atmosphere in a guild with quite some history in WoW and all of it's raids (DoV was founded on Al'Akir at day 1 of WoW). What we expect in return is, that people are prepared for raids tactic- and gearwise (enchanted and gemed, consumables etc). We are looking for the following classes: Druid: Owl Hunter Mage Priest: DPS Shaman: ranged DPS Warrior: DPS If you are interested in making an application, please check out http://dov.shivtr.com/ or contact one of our officers ingame. Thanks for your time.Goldnspirit6 3d
3d [A] Reforgedheroes recruiting Hello fellow WoW players. Reforgedheroes has opened recruitment. Late Night Raid Team Raiddays: Tuesday - Thursday - Sunday Raidtimes: 22.00 - 01.00 Requirements: Have AP 45 - bring flask and consumables to the raid - fully enchanted and gemmed gear - close to 100% attendance Attitude: Progress Mindset, ready to wipe and dont cry about it Progression: 1/10 M Nighthold Recruitment: Healer (any class), ranged dps (any class) For more info feel free to visit our website www.reforgedheroes.com https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ravencrest/ReforgedHeroes Contact Xefy#2978 for a chat if you require more info.Xefy2 3d
4d [A] <Twilight> Swe/Nordic Recruiting Who we are: Twilight is an allianceguild that have been on Ravencrest since launch, we started out as 2 diffrent guilds(mecha and gaidin) but we merged july 2005(and we totally missed that a new book just had been released in the US with the same name, much to our dismay :) During vanilla we raided rather hardcore and stayed a top 3-5 guild on the server until 2.0 was released. Since then we have had a more casual approach to the game as most of us nowadays have families and/or work that interfere. However we make the best of the time we have, we are all skilled players and raid 2 days a week. Our raids hold high quality with experienced players most having played since vanilla with a hardcore mindset, but without the time to play 24/7. Movies from our earlier escapades can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSi7TXy5_P7RsDbR3ee9j9pqFtvF15Mmd Since we are looking for swedishspeaking players the rest will be in swedish. (Norsker är välkommna med) I legion har vi nu haft ca 16-18 spelare per raid och söker därför fler för att utöka inför nighthold och även kunna börja med mythicraid med enbart guild. Vi är en stabil grupp raidare som är inspelta tillsammans. Skulle tippa på att vi är ett av de äldsta guilden på servern där dessutom merparten av spelarna spelet tillsammans hela tiden. Har inte rekryterat sedan Lich King därför börjar bli lite få kvar, för mythicraids. Vad erbjuder vi ? Erbjuder ett stabilt och flexibelt raidande. Då många nu har barn familj och jobb så har vi ett lungt och moget raidklimat. Kan man inte vara med på alla raids är inte det hela världen. Man förväntas dock kunna sin klass och vara förberedd med pots/flasks inför raidande. Våra raider håller hög kvalite med erfarna och mogna spelare (medelålder 30+). Spelas en hel del Mythic+ ( själv uppe i 400+st ). Har en social och trevlig miljö på mumble där det pratas om allt mellan himmel och jord. Spelas även en del andra spel som BF one, hots, lol etc Raidtider Oftast Tisdag och Torsdag 19.30 – 22.00. Dock kan dagar variera lite beroende på när personer kan. Nu har det mesta rensats på en dag då vi bara kört HC. Nuvarande progression 7/7 HC EN några av oss har puggat 7/7 mythic men ingen hel guildraid. 3/3 HC ToV 10/10 Normal NH 10/10 Heroic NH 1/10 Mythic NH Lootregler Kör med Personal Loot. Det som någon inte behöver rollas ut. ( Alla får rolla inklusive nya guildmedlemmar ) Vad söker vi ? Just nu söker vi i stort sett allt. Viktigast att få in bra och trevliga spelare. Ser gärna att man har en offspecc om man är healer/tank. Gear får gärna vara redo för nighthold med 35+ poäng i vapen. En grupp som söker guild tillsammans skulle vara mycket intressant. Är du intresserad kontaka görna mig ( Gregor#2326 ) ingame eller Durnak. Annars messa bara någon i guildet och hänvisa till denna post.Gregor8 4d
4d [A] Iron Clan casual 2 day raiding guild Iron Clan @ Ravencrest eu Alliance is currently searching for members to expand the casual raiding team. We raid 2 evenings a week ; Wednesday and Friday from 20:30 till 23:30. Currently we are working on our progress in HC Nighthold and are searching for the following ; Several dps : all classes are welcome ''HIGH PRIO ON"" ; Rogue , Monk , Deathknight and Hunter PM me for more info or contact Ashynna [ Ashynna#2278] or Darkain ingame via wisper or a ingame mail to get in contactAshynna0 4d
4d WARNING PLAYERS FORCY AND MEGANFOKS on this realm are making groups to boost mythic+ and then they leave and deplete the keys so beware of them.Shodowferal0 4d
4d [A]<Random Two> 2/10M NH Recruiting Range DD/Healers <Random Two> is a 2-3 night per week (casual/semi-hardcore) Alliance raiding guild on Ravencrest (EU-PVP) comprised of fun and mature people. Its a continuation of a former #1 guild in Vanila-TBC guild known as <Random> on Silvermoon (EU-PVE) and, later on TBC, on Kul'tiras (EU-PVE), with many server firsts especially on vanilla. It has been around for over 10 years, although inactive after WorLK, and we are currently looking for people who are serious about raid progression. If you want to be a casual, semi-hardcore core raider on the most competitive, high-populated server of the Alliance, we have what you're looking for. We raid a comfortable 2-3 nights a week, leaving plenty of time for our members to pursue outside interests. When it comes raid time, we work hard and make good use of our time. We spend less time wiping than the average progression guild. We come to boss fights prepared, and we take down new content on a consistent basis. If you join <Random Two>, you will be among skilled players. All like-minded raiders, working toward a common goal. We are all polite and friendly so you wont have to worry about imature behaviors. Socials and PvPers are also welcomed for off-raid runs. We help each other if possible. We are currently farming Heroic Nighthold, trying to push Mythic NH on 2nd boss and mythic dungeons +15. We may raid additional days if guildies want to (Democratic system), usually when new raid content is released. Our goal is to have a full and dedicated core group of 2/4/14 setup (maybe more than 20-22 people and a dps that can go heal spec for 2/5/13 fights) for fast weekly Nighthold heroic runs and mythic NH. Note: If you are on Ravencrest but you are on the same battlegroup with Ravencrest server, (Battlegroup EU Cyclone/Wirbelsturm) http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Battlegroup_EU_Cyclone/Wirbelsturm you can also join us for Heroic progress and maybe EN-mythic runs. However, doing mythic NH requires everyone to be on the same server. Past Progression: Vanila (lvl 60): T1 - Molten Core - 10/10 T2 - Blackwing Lair/Onyxia's Lair - 8/8, 1/1 T2,5 - Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj/Ahn'Qiraj Temple - 6/6, 9/9 T3 - Naxxramas 13/15 The Burning Crusade (lvl 70): T4 - Gruul's Lair/Magtheridon's Lair/Karazhan - 2/2, 1/1, 11/11 T5 - Serpentshrine Cavern/Tempest Keep - 4/4, 6/6 T6 - The Battle for Mount Hyjal/Black Temple/The Sunwell - 5/5, 9/9, 6/6 Wrath of the Lich King (lvl 80): T7 - Naxxramas/The Obsidian Sanctum 15/15 (25/10) T8 - Ulduar - Yogg/Algalon 14/14 (25/10) T9 - ToTC - 5/5 heroic T10 - Icecrown Citadel 12/12 heroic After the end of Wotlk, some of us carried on playing sporadically with no significant progress, doing mostly pug raiding/LFR/PvP in Cataclysm/MoP. Same for WoD where few of us were able to clear content on Heroic difficulty. Warlords of Draenor(lvl 100): T17 - Highmaul/Blackrock Foundry - 7/7, 10/10 normal/heroic T18 - Hellfire Citadel - 13/13 normal/heroic Legion (lvl 110): Emerald Nightmare 7/7normal/heroic/mythic(puged) Trial of Valor 3/3normal/heroic T19 - Nighthold 10/10normal/heroic 2/10 Mythic (fast heroic farm 1-shot since 2nd week) Recruitment: We are always recruiting skilled and dedicated players. We also accept applicants as social and/or friends or PvP oriented people. As a main raider you will have a fair opportunity to show us what you have. Our trial period generally lasts 2-3 weeks, depending on performance. During this period, we evaluate trial raiders based on their attitude, attendance, skill level, situational awareness, and cohesiveness with the guild as a whole. Raid Schedule: Wednesday 9:00PM - 00:00PM MST Thursday 9:00PM - 00:00PM MST Sunday 9:00PM - 00:00PM MST (Optional-Occasional Raiding day) All times are MST (server time). Raid invites start at 8:45 PM. Trash pulls generally begin shortly after. Off-raid activities include mythic+, Emerald Nightmare and Trial of valor runs, classic transmog runs and Random battlegrounds. Loot System: For now we use Personal Loot to distribute loot. We will probably use group-master looter with council for mythic raiding progress. Factors that would probably affect loot decisions include, but are not limited to raid performance, attendance, previous loot received and significance of upgrade. Raiding consumables: We help each others with all consumables (flasks, feasts, potions, enchants, gems, etc). You may have for example to farm your herbs but we make them for you for free. Same for enchants, usually its free. Requirements: 1. English-Greek Language 2. Have at least ~885 item lvl equipped and all 3 major traits unlocked. 3. Be 24+ years old (average guildies' age range is around 26-34). 4. Discord & working mic. 5. Extensive raiding experience, above-average skill level, good knowledge of raiding and class mechanics, high raid awareness. 6. Research every boss fight BEFORE stepping foot into it. 7. We expect you to be a member of our guild and we don't expect you to spend all of your time on WoW. That's not what we are about but we expect you to at least follow the general guidelines of our guild. Updated "Currently recruiting classes". Mage (high) Priest holy-shadow (high) Warlock (high) Hunter (low) Monk mistweaver(high) Death Knight Frost (medium) How to Apply: - Provide us with some information about you. Why do you want to join us and what are your expectations in Legion. You can link wowprogress, warcraftlogs etc. For additional information and/or if you want to talk to someone before applying, you can add me on battletag or send an in-game mail to BugShot#2536 (Fouskas-Ravencrest), or to some officers: Vaughan#2333 (Boufina-Ravencrest) Qourel#2767 (Vegie-Ravencrest), (Arathol-Ravencrest), (Druidoga-Ravencrest), (Tommas-Ravencrest), (Allariel-Ravencrest), (Lunsastraa-Ravencrest). Cheers!Fouskas5 4d
5d DH tank lf guild for ToS progress Hello there, I'm 899eq, 7/7HC, 3/3HC,9/10 HC(KilledGuldan but not Elisande), looking for a cozy raid team to clear some NH mythics and start on ToS in new patch. Best option would be a 2 days per week raiding schedule but will gladly hear any other offers. Feel free to ask me any questions here or in game. Have a great day!Coranicus0 5d
5d Ethic Ravencrest Boosts Hey there! We are a guild called Ethic from Ravencrest. We spent last 6 months of WoD boosting HFC on various levels. Anything from normal to mythic. And the time has come to offer boosting services once again! Currently we are selling: Nighthold Normal 10/10 full clear with Personal Loot - what do you get: Fast and professional clear + all loot we get(the boosters - Ethic) if we are able to trade put it in /raid chat and let your /roll for it. Highest roller wins. Best price around. Discount for regular buyers. Please leave us a review for future buyers to see. See you in game! For more information you can contact us: NenTV#2255 Garrh#2124Nenesis9 5d