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24m Mark of Honor, Gone from World Quests? Heya folks. Did I miss something, or did Marks of Honor disappear entirely from PvP World Quests. I haven't seen a PvP World Quest with a Mark of Honor reward since the latest patch, and none of my friends know anything about it, infact they havent even noticed it themselves :OCeldrassil0 24m
11h <A> HC Boost Buyers Beware of <Alkaline> Title, bought a 9/9 boost from them. Thought things were a little dodgy when I was the only boostee, but they were charging 1M so I thought I'd be loot-flush. Stipulation was that Titanforged loot reserved for guild members if they need, pretty standard and agreed to. MANY wipes and 3 bosses later, and I'm watching base 915 loot go to guildies for offspec, as they've all far better items equipped than the base 915 that is dropping. I ask for my gold back minus the amount for the bosses we've already killed and they refuse. Flat out scam for what was essentially a coin run despite saying otherwise. GM says it's not his decision to return my gold to me, guy I traded it to refuses. Guess it's a "Guild Decision" which means this guild advocates scamming. Avoid like the plague.Nyata0 11h
11h Seriously 3/9 is recruiting! We are currently recruiting 1 healer (Priest mainly), 1 off tank (Not warrior or Paladin) and a random assortment of ranged dps with only strong melee dps applicant being considered. We are a close group of friends that moved here from Aerie Peak and are looking for like minded individuals who can progress and have a life at the same time. We raid Thursdays, Mondays and Tuesdays at 20:00 to 23:00 server time. If you think we are the guild for you then please either make an application on our website here http://seriously-ravencrest.enjin.com/ or whisper one of our officers for a trial.Ebrola0 11h
20h [A] Nerve - Recruitment: Rogue and Warrior (dd) Nerve is a progressive oriented Guild, sole purpose of the Guild is to experience all contentwhile it is current and moreover to compete worldwide so to become one of the best guilds on the 3 raiding days bracket. In order to achieve our goals we emphasize a lot on recruitment, it is exactly what makes or breaks a Guild. Knowing that we always seek exceptional players to challenge our current raiding team and claim a spot within our ranks. By joining Nerve you get the chance to play among raiders that know what it takes to progress. Raiding environment is healthy and toxic free but pretty competitive and demanding, so I can't tell it is suitable for sensitive players that can't accept criticism. In order for you to join you must: - Know your class exceptionally well - Have a working microphone and use it if needed - Be able to attend our raiding schedule for all 3 days - Have time to play outside raiding so to further improve you character - Be able to accept criticism Useful information Number of Raiding days: 3 Raiding Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday (There is a chance that Monday will change with Thursday, we will update when we have news) Raiding times: 19:45 to 23:00 Server Time Guild Site: www.nerve-guild.net Guild Master: Redgal (Real id thrastorm7#2686) Healing responsible officer: Houlo Tanking responsible officer: Plakata Dpsing responsible officer: Thegifted Thank you for readingRedgal55 20h
21h [A] <Kin> 2 Day 9/9 HC Recruiting for Mythic “a group of persons descended from a common ancestor or constituting a people, clan, tribe, or family.” General Information Guild name: Kin Faction: Alliance Server: Ravencrest-EU Website: www.kinguild.com About us Kin is a new guild with some old heads looking to go through the latest content at a reasonable pace. A lot of us have played together through a variety of different games with the main one being World of Warcraft. What we're looking for in a member We’re looking for solid players who while raiding 2 nights a week are also interested in running mythic + on off nights as there will be an expectation that your gear is up to par. With our schedule being as it is we are looking for a consistent group who would be there for most raids, of course we do understand that real life can come up, we would just appreciate some advanced warning! Activity on Discord would be nice, a requirement is that you to have a PC able to handle WoW comfortably and an internet connection that is up to the task. A willingness to learn will also be greatly appreciated. Casual/Social players are also welcome to apply, regardless of their choice of class. Roles Available Healers and Warrior DPS High Prio Exceptional Players Considered Raid Schedule Thursday 20:00-23:00 GMT +1 Sunday 20:00-23:00 GMT +1 Contact us Keez#1283 Velking#2969Keeznog55 21h
1d <Alliance> The Dalaran Tavern - Looking for members Hey you all! The Dalaran Tavern is currently looking for skilled players to join our raiding team for progression in Tomb of Sargeras and beyond! About us: We're a group of guys and girls from all over Europe. There are long-time players among us, but also some players that only joined Wow recently. So don't be afraid to apply if you're new to the game! We're happy to help you on your way, as long as you are willing to learn :) We also definitely welcome experienced players, since we are looking to clear ToS on Heroic and then move on to Mythic. We do take raiding seriously, but we all have in common that we love Wow and play this game because we LIKE playing it in our spare time. This means that although we want to progress (obviously), we do this by positive, constructive comments, not by negative blaming comment when things go wrong. We work together to find out where things go wrong and try to do it better next time! This way we have already progressed to 9/9 normal ToS and 4/9 heroic ToS (with mistress down to 9% on the last try). We raid 2 times a week as a raidteam on Heroic, but optional Normal runs get organised by several officers, so people have a chance of getting familiar with the content and have some more chance on loot. We also have a day for Rated Battlegrounds, for players that are interested in Pvp!^^ In short: We are a guild that wants to have fun and aim for solid progression. We raid 2 days a week from 20:00 till 23:00 server time. What are we currently looking for? At the moment we are looking for DPS, Healers and Tanks that are keen to raid. Obviously socials are welcome too, because let's be honest: our guild is quite a fun and social guild. But purely from a raiding aspect we're looking for DPS that are willing to put the time and patience into progressing on ToS heroic and later mythic. We are mainly after people with a mindset that fits with ours. This means a positive vibe, room for fun and games, but focused when need be. If you're a newer player, we ask of you to be willing to learn a lot in a short amount of time. What we ask of you: - You are reliable and on time. Signing up for a raid, means you are there and in time. You come with enough flasks, food and potions to last through the 3 hours of raiding, preferably with spare. - You are aware that the most important thing is knowing tactics, not your place on the DPS meter. - You are patient and positive, even if we keep wiping on a boss during progression raids. - You know your own class but you're also open to feedback from anyone, not just officers. - You have a decent pc to play on and don't hold back the raid because you are playing with 1 fps. - You can commit to the raidschedule and have decent attendance. We are well aware that real life comes first and this is not a problem if mentioned up front. For progression however it's important to us to know how many people we can count on weekly. - You can have a laugh, can take a joke, but know when to focus. What we offer: - A group of friends with a lot of fun both on guildchat and Discord. - Additional raids and events in-game (aside from the raiding schedule) and out-game (think: karaokenight) - Progression together in a postive way, working together to achieve our goals. - Help to newer players, but also tips to older players - A safe enviroment - Possibilities to grow within the guild Loot in progress raids is distributed by Loot Council. Want to know more? If you are interested or have any questions and want to know more, feel free to whisper Demix or Vallenz in game, or write a comment here on the forums. Applications from small groups of players will be considered. Hope to hear from you soon! Love, LexaraeLexarae19 1d
1d [A]<Virgins in Denial>9/9HC DANISH! LF Mythic Raiders Virgins in Denial is a Danish guild here on Ravencrest, which consist of players in the age 18+. We have a lot of players represented in the twenties and thirties. We are of the opinion, that there should be room for studies, work etc. next to the raid progression we aim for, and as such we see ourselves as a semi-hardcore raiding guild, and raiding is due two times a week, Wednesday and Sunday from 19.00 – 23.00 server time. The goal of this guild is to progress as far as possible within each raid tier. We have now cleared 9/9 heroic in ToS and is preparing for Mythic progress. We are in that regard missing some players in our raid rooster before we can start on Mythic raiding in ToS. Our raids are both enjoyable and serious at the same time. We have a good time during trash pulls, but on boss pulls we are focused. If you find the above interesting, then take a look at the requirements below, to see if you can fulfill these. We are at the moment a Danish only guild, and as such we are only looking to recruit Danish players. 1. You need to be at least 18 years old. We don’t need your mother to break in the door at 22.15 and shut the internet down, because she thinks its bedtime. 2. You need to know your class well. Its not enough to excel in the damage or healing meters. The use of your class’ specific abilities like immunities and defensive CD’s is often an important key success factor at difficult encounters. 3. We need you to be able to obtain a 75% attendance during a month, meaning attending approx. 6/8 raids. 4. It is expected that you have the skills to setup and use important addons to your user interface, so you are able to track timers and warnings for important boss abilities, class specific CD’s etc. 5. You’ll need 915+ Ilvl and have cleared heroic ToS. We would however like to hear from exceptional good and returning players, who can support this by linking previous hard raid achivements. 6. You need to be patient. Progress in hard raid content means wiping a lot on the bosses. Make yourself clear that will happen, and not every encounter is a one-shot and loot experience. I should mention that we are using a loot council to distribute loot. We think this is fair, and things like who the item can benefit the most, which player gets the bigger upgrade and how much loot you have gotten lately etc. are all things that we consider when distributing the loot. The loot-council use an addon to keep track on these factors. Now to what we're looking for: - Tank! One of our tank made a douche move and just left after our last raid this wedensday. - Healer! Resto druid, Shaman or Monk! - DPS! Frost Mages (ofc), Arms Warrior, Shamans and Death Knights! Should the guild be of interest to you, contact Xhakros (TimmJensen#2616), Lillepus, Greentreé or Aleriia We are looking forward to hearing from you :-)Xhakros0 1d
1d <Hero> Recruiting Raiders Starting at Normal! Hi guys we're Hero! We're a group of friends who are looking for more to start raiding at normal and progress further in to content together. Gear isn't an issue, and neither is raiding experience - as long as you come on time and prepared. Raiding times are Tuesday & Thursday 19:30 - 22 :30 server. We will be using discord :) We'll be pugging extra members until we're full ! Please contact Wolfuu#2665 or Spood#2165 or Sorren#2739 to join !Hoku3 1d
1d [A] <Aeonic> 2/Week 10/10M NH & 5/9M ToS Aeonic is a Mythic Raiding Guild on Ravencrest comprising of former core members of Hibility (EU-Kazzak). We are used to high raiding standards from our more hardcore raiding days in the past (top 400 - see Hibility on Kazzak history), incorporating these standards into our raiding mentality today. Aeonic has a strong focus on quality raiding, acchieving as much as possible in only 2 raids/week. We wish to do the absolute best we can in the given timeframe available to all of our members. That being said, we strongly value a friendly atmosphere within the guild, aknowledging that our members have a life outside of wow, coping with various sorts of challenges on a daily basis. Aware of this we nonetheless expect our members to come to raids punctually and well prepared (a matter of respect towards the other members). Whilst the atmosphere is fun and casual on a daily basis, with members being akin to different jokes, raids will always take place in a very focused and concentrated environment. We are seeking highly capable players who seek to raid only 2 times per week, however on a very competitive level. We are looking for people that are motivated, have the desire to improve permanently and analyse min/max their rotation on a regular basis (check logs, see where they can improve/where they failed). Our intent is most certainly in finding suitable members on a long term basis (we seek the player, not the class). Members that wish to grow with us, seeking a place they can call home and colleagues they can rely on. Raiding Times: Thursday, Sunday - Raid starts at 19:30 (CET) - Raid ends at 23:00 (CET) Past Raiding History: Tier 14 | Rank 326 (10man) - Sha of Fear (3 days/week raiding) Tier 15 | Rank 295 (10man) - Lei Shen (3 days/week raiding) Tier 16 | Rank 325 (10man) - Garrosh Hellscream (3 days/week raiding) Tier 17 | Rank 445 (20man) - Mar'gok (3 days/week raiding) Future Plans – Legion and Beyond: As can be regarded in the past raiding history, a break was taken after MOP. We are now back and running, henceforth currently fine-tuning our roster for Mythic raiding. Our plans are to be fully operational with the Nighthold coming out early next year. Until then we plan to clear as much Mythic EN as is possible. Being a 2 days/week guild, we are certain that this time schedule can be very well incorporated into RL (and sustained) and hence lead to a very long lasting Guild Lifetime. What YOU can expect from US: - Very high quality raiding in only 2 days/week - Progress raiding as efficiently as possible - A strong and experienced guild and raid leader - Healthy social guild environment - We seek the player, not the class. If you‘re good, we want you (long term) and not the FOTM class you may be playing. What WE expect from YOU: - High raid attendance (90%+) - High level of reliability - Can talk, partake in conversations and are open for constructive feedback - High level of maturity (respect others, think before talking) - Teamplayer, accept to sit out an encounter, no drama about loot going to somoene else - You wish to be your absolute best (know roration, can play other specs and are willing to respec if need be) - You come to raids prepared (you know encounter mechanics, bring flasks, pots, enchants etc.) - Are willing to progress and know what that means Interested? Questions? We are currently seeking DPS that not only know their class but also manage to not stand in stuff the whole time. Further information on what we are currently looking for (in detail) can be seen in the recruitment section on our homepage. Please visit our homepage and apply/send me a message (Application takes only a few minutes, very fast process): www.aeonic-eu.enjin.comKerno68 1d
2d Heresy <A> Recruiting HEROIC raiders Hello Ravencrest Heresy is an Alliance guild which is currently running THREE raid teams. If you've come here looking for mythic raiding, then you'll find Information about our mythic teams at the end of this post. Right, now that's out of the way, on to telling you about our awesome Heroic raiding team. The team is made up of a mix of both very experienced and relatively new raiders, all of whom want to get together and have some fun, while killing some bosses at the same time. Our goal for ToS is simple : form a strong team who can clear heroic and be ready for whatever Argus has in store. That said, onto the juicy bit. We're currently recruiting for all roles, except for tanks. We need a few melee dps (pref not paladins- sorry!), a couple of range - particularly a hunter, and one or two healers (a paladin would be nice there, just to confuse matters). We raid Wednesday and Sunday 8pm - 11pm realm time, and we use discord for voice comms. If you're interested, you can either reply to this topic, or add myself (Cattington#21994) or Volfram (WhatsUpDoc#2711) for a chat on blizz app. Failing that, you can /w someone in game and they'll point you in our direction. The TL;DR Raid times Weds 20:00-23:00 server time Sun 20:00-23:00 server time Looking for pretty much anything except tanks and ret paladins (sorry again lovely rets) and people who want to raid heroic Tomb of Sargeras with a great bunch of people. (oh, and the mythic teams can be found here : https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17615372969?page=2 https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17614791668?page=3 )Téssitura25 2d
2d <Simply The Best> |Casual 2 day guild| 9/9 HC http://simply-the-best-ravencrest.enjin.com/ Rebuilding for legion, previously 11/13 mythic with mannoroth at 10% before going on a break. Contact us if interested.Tínaturner30 2d
2d [A] DIW 9/9 HC Recruiting healer/dps Hello there potential DIW Raider !! Doing it Wrong is a part social part progress guild, with Mythic raiders from previous tiers and expansions. We aim to do Mythic content but in a timeley manner (not rushing it). We will be gearing (even outgearing) content but stil aiming for both an early Curve and late Cutting Edge. We are always and will be expecting you to be both vocal and social on Discord. As a guild we also do alot of mythic keystones in the range 12-16+ Our current progress is 9/9 Normal and 9/9 Heroic. https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ravencrest/Doing+it+Wrong Druid (balance) - high Druid (resto) - high Deathknight - medium Demon Hunter - high Hunter - high Mage - high Ele Shaman - medium Warlock - high Warrior (dd) - high (but in general, all DD's are welcome to whisper us for a status) Updated 18-08-2017 On Raids we expect you : To be online and in raid, 15 min before raid start. Have 5 flasks, 30x (your best food), 10 runes and 20 prepots. Having done tactics on normal and watched Heroic (fatboss). Having at least 52 (concordence). Raidtimes : Thursday : 20.00 - 23.0 (servertime) Sunday : 20.00 - 23.00 (servertime) Budapést - Rivieta#2870 Adellund - Adellund#2208 Azrioz - Azrio#2475Azrioz11 2d
2d [A] <Pros N Cons> 9/9 HC 1/9 Myth Heya! <Pros N Cons> is a semi-hardcore PvE guild, with a lively social aspect. Our goal is to experience and clear relevant content, and still have fun while doing it. To further achieve our goals, we wish to recruit competent players with a positive, progressive mindset. If raiding isn't your cup of tea yet, or if you don't have strong enough gear, we also accept members as socials. Currently we are looking for: - Healers (Monk, disc priest, any other healers will be considered.) - Dps (Shadow priest, Lock, Mage, other classes will also be considered.) We could always need more of every class, so feel free to sign up anyway! Requirements: If you wish to join our raiding team, you will need: - To know your class very well (stats, rotations, etc.) - Around 915 ilvl, atleast 52+ artifact lvl. - Be able to cover atleast 2 roles/specs with 52+ lvl on both weapons. - Be able to attend atleast 2/3 raid days every week. - Show up to raids/events in time. - Be prepared for raids/events (flasks, consumables, etc.) - Discord, voice communication. - Be able to accept criticism. - A positive, progressive mindset. PS! We will be checking armory on everyone interested. Guild info: Raid days: 3 days of raid; Monday, Wednesday and Sunday. Raid times: 20:30 to 23:00 Servertime. Progress: Tomb of Sargeras 9/9 NM, 9/9 HC, 1/9 Myth Guild master: Maudred Officers: Bloominheck, Proddy, Jungleby, Froot, Luleth, Pawnser Ranks, highest to lowest: - Officer - Officer alts - Core raiders - Raiders - Trials - Socials/alts Recruitment process: If you wish to join the guilds raid team, you will first have a chat with one of our members, and they will also do a thorough check of your armory. As you join the guild, you will start out as a Trial member, and you will likely get asked to join raids. During your trial, members will pay attention to your gameplay and attitude. In order to get a raider promotion, signing up for raids, joining, and doing well will be required. If you do not show up for raids without a valid reason, or without notifying an officer - you will likely stay as a trial for a longer period of time. Having a bad attitude, and/or underperforming during raids will also likely extend your trial. If we see you as a viable member, congrats! You're now a part of our raid team! If our guild appeals to you, feel free to contact us ingame or by leaving a reply below! Contact info: - Maudred, Edsoph - Bloominheck, Goldielockz, Xiphonic - Proddy - Jungleby, Minereth, Harate - Pawnser, Sporex - Luleth - Froot, Sverg, Lykkelig (Froot#2557 on b.net.) You can also fill out an application under the recruitment channel on our Discord: https://discord.gg/eAwYWXZ Thank you. :)Froot7 2d
2d [A] <Loot FTW> 2 day 7/9M - Recruiting for ToS! Loot FTW is a European Alliance-guild founded on Twilight's Hammer (PvP) in June 2005. Formerly a hardcore raiding guild; now raiding two days a week. We are currently residing on Ravencrest-EU. Recruiting for Tomb of Sargeras and always on the look out for exceptional players Raid Times Monday - 19:30 - 23:30 (CET) Tuesday - 19:30 - 23:30 (CET) WoW Classic and the Burning Crusade - World #5 - C'Thun - World #5 - Thaddius in Naxxramas 40 - World #10 - Lady Vashj - World #15 - Illidan - World #15 - Archimonde - World #11 - Kil'jaeden Wrath of the Lich King - World #15 - Clear of Naxx/Malygos/Sarth3D - World #8 - the Immortal - EU #1 - Hodir kill - World #11 - Yogg-Saron - World #22 - Firefighter - World #29 - Halion (25HC) Cataclysm - World #28 - Tier 11 Final Rank (25HC) - World #30 - Tier 12 Final Rank (25HC) - World #26 - Tier 13 Final Rank (25HC) Legion - World #230 - Tier 19 (2 day raiding) Recruitment Information We are a group of people that comprises of several old Loot FTW members who have raided hardcore in the past. Many of our members have known each other for years. Our members combined experience spans all expansions. While we cannot commit to 40+ hour raid weeks anymore we still share the same lust for progress. If you enjoy progress raiding, but cannot put in the time that a full blown hardcore raiding schedule requires, Loot FTW may be the guild for you. Requirements - Near 100% attendance on Monday and Tuesday. - The ability to speak on discord is mandatory. We do not recruit mutes. - Be critical of your own performance and be able to take criticism. - Have enough time outside the raid days to make sure that your character is in top notch condition. Contact http://www.lootftw.com/recruitment.php Feel free to contact us in game outside of our raid times. Alternatively send Talz a PM on our forums. Application Waiting Times Depending on the amount of applications we get a response may take up to two weeks. If it is obvious that no effort was put into the application it is likely that you will not get a response.Izilar51 2d
2d [A] <Intrusion> 1 day raid guild recruiting Hello all, Intrusion is a guild that raids just 1 day a week on a Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 (though we have an extra optional night for lower difficulty raid clears - currently normal ToS). We are on the look out for some good reliable people that simply don't have the time to commit to these 2-3 day raid guilds. We currently raid in HC while we grow our roster (8/9HC) and would likely to eventually progress into Mythic. We know we will never be able to compete with guilds raiding 3 days a week so we want to try and get the most out of our 1 night! We want people with a mature attitude and strong English. At the moment we primarily just need more DPS. Most classes are open for the right person. Contact me ingame @ Aurah#2893 for a chat if you are interested.Auurah2 2d
3d LF Friendly social guild Yoooo, Thinking of changing realm and faction, I've messed around with this character here and there but looking to actually get on with it now. So I'm looking for a non-serious, friendly guild with some chatty people that enjoy a laugh :D Let me know, cheers!Forð5 3d
3d [A] LF Late night raiding guild Hi, I'm looking for a guild that is raiding at or after 9 p.m. realm time. https://www.wowprogress.com/character/eu/ravencrest/D%C3%A1rkseekerDárkseeker3 3d
3d Hardcore late night raiding guild 920 ilvl destruction lock with shiny dps, logs, with multi clears on heroic tos, i'm looking for late night raiding guild who's ready to progress mythic, or already progressing, any options on the table?Emolock0 3d
3d Levelling guild with later plans <FAKE NEWS> Hi all, We’re a bunch of WoW vanilla players that have returned for a bit of legion with an eye for PVP once we hit 110. Just wondering if anyone would like to join, currently need one more signature for our charter (waiting on more players to create their accounts!) But if you fancy joining, we’re a friendly bunch and THE more the merrier. All alliance are KoS and we fancy having a bit pvp fun whilst we’re levelling! (anyone else remember the days where Stranglethorn Vale was pretty much its own battleground!?) Give me a whisper in game if you fancy joining us. The guilds called <FAKE NEWS> Cheers.Peá0 3d
4d [A] Defenders of Valor is recruiting for HC raids Hello, we are looking for more people for upcoming content of 7.3 and it's new raid which will open some weeks later in 7.3.5. Our main aim in raids is to clear it on HC in a reasonable time. And not to forget having lots of fun in raids. Everything beyond is a bonus :) Our raid times are: Mon, Wed and Thu 20:00 - 23:00 server time. Atm every class is welcome, cause our roster got a bit thin over the summer. What we can offer is a friendly and mature raid atmosphere in a guild with quite some history in WoW and all of it's raids (DoV was founded on Al'Akir at day 1 of WoW). What we expect in return is, that people are prepared for raids tactic- and gearwise (enchanted and gemed, consumables etc). Just contact an officer online, or check out http://dov.shivtr.com/ and don't hesitate making a short application. Thanks for your time.Goldnspirit0 4d
4d looking for guild hi, So after 10months hiatus of wow after the birth of my first child, im looking to join a guild 2-3 night raiding, times flexible for me!. As im not the best geared yet im also looking to join social runs or anything to help me gear!. TLDR: babys and warcraft dont mix! whisper me or write here open to chat! thxRáina2 4d
4d [A] 3/9 M TOS recruiting Raiders for Mythic progress We are Angeli Mortem Ravencrest EU Alliance. We have been around for two years as this guild, but many have been together longer than that. We are a Mythic progression raiding guild 3/9 Mythic TOS 6/10 M NH. We have a "slightly" more casual approach to raiding, (allowing Real life alongside raiding) but this does not mean that we are casual about guild progress. Progression is very important to us. We are very active on TeamSpeak having a chat and a laugh, creating groups for dungeons , Mythic+ and helping guildies out. There is a lot of experience within the guild and our aim is to have a decent size raid team so it allows people to swap in and out and we still continue with mythic progress. We will definitely consider any players with similar experience so please whisper if you are interested. We have a great raiding and guild environment, we have a lot of fun, support and help. 3/9 Mythic TOS 6/10 M NH Currently recruiting skilled players for Mythic raiding. Warrior, MW Monk, rogue, ele shamen, dk dd, Raid days Mon, Tue, Thu 20:00 - 23:00 ST Gearing run Sun 20:00 - 23:00 ST If you would like to join as a raider or social check out the forum http://angelimortem.enjin.com Reply on here or add me HOCKSTER#2290Loobylu8 4d
4d [A][3/9] <Outcasts> Recruiting for ToS and beyond. Hey there! <Outcasts> (Alliance)(Ravencrest) Is currently recruiting any class/role for our mythic roster going into Nighthold. Current progress: 3/9 Mythic ToS Our raid times: - Monday - Wednesday - Sunday 8:00 PM - 11:00 PM Server Time What we require: - A mature manner, sense of humor and a good communicator with a team minded attitude. - Good attendance. - 920+ Item level and some past raiding experience. Exceptions regarding ilvl can always be made if you have good understanding of your class, show us some good logs. Our website: http://www.outcasts.eu/recruitment If you have any questions feel free to contact us in-game or add us on battle tag. - Whodagod#2655 - Faeyurae#2875 - Kerel#2519Kuntbolt0 4d
4d 920 Holy Priest LF Guild (7/9HC) Hi all - as per title - I'm looking for a decent raiding guild that will actually be able to consistently pull the required numbers to each raid and not disband after several weeks. Don't want to join anywhere super serious but not super casual either, just a chilled atmosphere with a good community and decent raiders. I'm from UK, 26, will never show up to a raid without knowing tactics and know what I'm doing. Can raid any nights but won't be able to commit to more than 2-3 nights a week, preferably Wednesdays/Thursdays/Sundays. Please drop a reply or /w me if interested. Thanks/Drakøn2 4d
4d [A] Forsaken Bloodline 3/9 M recruiting A place where fun and progression go hand in hand. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild with a healthy mixture of purposefulness and fun. The guild is mainly built up on having people with character; people who like to enjoy the company of others, at the same time have progression in mind. This is a guild that houses friendships, enjoyment and passion for the game itself. A brief history: Forsaken Bloodline was founded on Kul Tiras back in July 2010 during WotLK by a group of friends who raided together in another guild. With the arrival of Cataclysm, most people went on break and Renesmea and Fiur moved to top realm guilds. After which they had a long break and came back in December 2011. They decided it was time to get Forsaken Bloodline back on track. In a matter of a couple of months, we have become socially one of the biggest and most popular guilds on Kul Tiras and established ourselves among top guilds clearing high end content and ranking among the top 5 guilds in realm. During MoP, Forsaken Bloodline packed its luggage and moved to Ravencrest, followed by all raiders and most devoted socials. With the arrival of WoD, we have transitioned from a 10-man to a 20-man. What can we offer you? - A very strong social community that loves every aspect of the game. We organise old content raids, achievement runs and fun social events and parties. In this guild you will find a vast range of players – the ones that are all about numbers and tactics to others who are all about achievements, mounts and pets. This is what gives the right balance to the guild. - A very stable and solid guild – its core members have been in the guild for over 3 years. It is a drama free environment accepting only 18+ year old socials and 20+ year old raiders. The community is mature, strong and unified sharing the same goals. You will also find some of the nicest persons you will ever meet - helpful, team-oriented, selfless, skillful, competent, dedicated, loyal and always up for some fun :) - Forsaken Bloodline provides you with the opportunity to raid with highly intelligent and competitive people with excellent knowledge of their class/spec. Our raids are very organized, structured and disciplined granting satisfying results and achievements. Whilst our raiding environment is fun and positive with frequent banter exchange and humorous remarks, we take raiding very seriously. What do we expect from you? - Attendance: We raid on rotation and each player gets a minimum of 2 raids a week during Mythic progress. Please find below our raiding days and times: Thursday: 20:00 to 23:00 Sunday: 20:00 to 23:00 Monday: 20:00 to 23:00 We occasionally add an extra progress raid on Wednesdays. Kindly note that during the first two weeks of progression we raid 5 times a week. - Attitude: We expect everyone to push their limits, overcome weaknesses, maximize their skills and strive to constantly improve themselves. Respect comes before everything - we expect all our raiders to behave adequately and professionally. We value every individual, but the team comes before you – we work together (regardless of personal feelings) to improve the guild and not your ilvl. Be able to take constructive criticism and own your mistakes. - Dedication: Be fully prepared for every boss fight which means – research tactics, know the best talents/glyphs and also make sure you understand how you can contribute to each fight through your role. Raiding is based on teamwork, therefore communication is a key factor. You do not have to tell us the story of your life, but you are required to get vocal and communicate in English via Mumble when needed during fights. - General: The guild provides a high quality environment, therefore we are highly selective of who joins the guild – being the best at what you do is not enough to impress us, we seek very loyal people with lovely personalities. Upon recruiting you, you will undergo a short period of trial – if you fail to impress us during this time your trial will be terminated. We trust all our members to behave and maintain a good reputation within ourselves and with our fellow WoW players, even on pugs we expect our members to leave a good impression on others. We are actively seeking to recruit exceptional players so you are encouraged to approach us if you think you have what it takes to impress us. If you fit the above criteria, feel free to contact Dènim (dénim#2292) ingame to initiate the recruitment process. Thank you for considering Forsaken Bloodline! :) You can apply here: https://www.facebook.com/notes/forsaken-bloodline/forsaken-bloodline-guild-application/1585751908335753 Please follow the instructions properly. Like our Facebook Page and follow our mischievous adventures: https://www.facebook.com/ForsakenBloodlineEU Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/fbloodlineeu Subscribe to our Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ForsakenBloodlineEU Follow our streams on Twitch: Hunter PoV http://www.twitch.tv/jurdyvdl Hunter PoV https://www.twitch.tv/jananders93 Monk Healer PoV http://www.twitch.tv/soveringg Guild motto: Every wipe is a step closer to a kill. The Forsaken Bloodline TeamDènim6 4d
5d (A) 2 Day HC recruitment for split raids - no Mythic Hi Ravencrest guys, First things first, I have all 12 classes on max level and I love playing my alts. I am playing WoW since Vanilla and have been Raid leading in the past on a HC level. Doing the same content with the same character and progressing Mythic wipe by wipe for 15 item level higher loot is boring and frustrating. The Mythic mechanic is so much less forgiving and the 20 player limitation makes things really unpredictable (disconnect, lag etc.). Almost any mistake is automatically a wipe. With the Warforged/Titanforged system I would rather do 2-3 HC clear runs and equip my alt characters with nice gear and learn the encounter from a different perspective (Tank, Healer etc.), than progressing % by % in Mythic content. Is anybody else interested in establishing a guild, with 2 raiding days per week, where we rush through HC content in 90-180 minutes? I have absolutely no interest in Mythic, as the effort is exponentially higher than clearing HC in a timely manner. We can discuss the possibility of organizing split runs and gathering a core membership with the required classes for flex raiding. Tanks Healers Dps 2 2 6 10 2 3 10 15 2 4 14 20 2 5 18 25 2 6 22 30 If anybody else is interested in this concept of HC split alt char raiding on a 2 day basis, please give me a shout so we can have some fun with our main and alt characters. Cheers, Aironic BattleTag: Baljko#2359Aironic2 5d
5d <Rejection> Mythic team recruitment Rejection is a newly founded guild on Ravencrest (EU) of a group of people that raided hardcore in the past. All our members come from Rejects guild from Grim Batol (EU) and they combine experience which spans all expansions. If you enjoy progress raiding, but cannot put in the time that a full blown hardcore raiding schedule requires, Rejection may be the guild for you. Aim We are aiming on finding people who share the same passion in raiding and progressing like we do. After clearing 9/9 on Tomb of Sargeras HC, we are currently working on building a Mythic roster and progressing towards Mythic Tomb of Sargeras for at least a 6/9 bosses. With our experienced and dedicated leaders we are planning to move as far in as possible. What are we looking for? - Solid raiding experience. - Back up your performance through logs. - Good knowledge of the English language both spoken and written. - You are always able to listen and ready to be vocal if needed! - You are a genuinely nice guy and not a douche! - Available and motivated to raid during farm and progression during our raid hours. - Be on and stay on during raid hours (19.00 - 23.00 Wednesday / Thursday) - Attendance the closer to 100% the better. - Come prepared to raids having studied the fights and bringing your own consumables. - Stable internet connection / Quality PC that will not hinder your performance/attendance. - You play for the team, which is the guild. If you CAN'T maintain these basic requirements do not waste our nor your time applying. What do we offer? - Friendly and cosy environment - Mature but fun players to be around - Dedicated and experienced players always aiming for the best - Semi-hardcore raiding experience Raid Times Wednesday - 19:00 - 23:00 (CET) Thursday - 19:00 - 23:00 (CET) Monday OR Tuesday (if needed) - 19:00 - 23:00 (CET) Applying If you are interested in applying or asking a question please contact in game: Kobaloi#2130 Azurer#2852 Cecell#2330 Alternatively if you are on Ravencrest contact: Emô / Tisok Àzurer Cecell Or fill in the application form -> https://goo.gl/forms/DheeEwWttSbfXhlE3 Keep in mind that the more we know about you the better idea we have if you're the right person for our guild.Disok1 5d
5d [A] Deathsworn Verdict, 9/9H, 5/9M 3 Day Raiding Deathsworn Verdict are looking for Ranged DPS & Healers (pref Priest/Druid) to join our raid team for Tomb Of Sargeras progression! Raid times are Wed/Thu/Sun 20.45-00.00. Current Progress: 10/10M NH, 3/3 TOV, 9/9HC Tos, 5/9M Tos Apply at http://deathswornverdict.enjin.com Or whisper an officer for more information: Elithia, Tylleal, Maderas, Emmilia. Alternatively contact me on Battletag at: Elithia#2451 Deathsworn Verdict – Who Are We? Deathsworn Verdict (Ravencrest) has been an active raiding guild since 2011 and over the years, we have always worked hard to progress through high-end content as a cohesive team. Raiding is only one side of the story for us, though. No day in Deathsworn Verdict goes without jokes and laughter, and we are immensely proud of the unique, inclusive guild atmosphere that we have cultivated. What Can You Expect From Us? · A humorous, unique social atmosphere that extends outside of raid times and outside of WoW. · Solid, focused mythic progression. · A range of off-raid activities, such as mythic+ groups and alt runs. What Do We Expect From You? · Full preparation for each raid. This includes knowledge of the fight, correct gems and enchants as well as bringing consumables. · To have the drive to improve and be mature enough to handle constructive criticism. · To be able to communicate in English using a microphone + Discord. · We do not tolerate homophobia, sexism or racism in any form.Elithia7 5d
6d [A] Legally Blind - Recruiting for ToS Progress Legally Blind is a newly found guild that has been built from the remnants of an old guild. The guild itself has a clear goal of progressing through all content all the way up to mythic even while on a 2 day raiding basis. The structure of the guild has been built up from many Hardcore experienced raiders. The majority of our current raiders are players from our old guild that have therefore known and raided with each other for quite a while now, insuring a stable raiding environment. While raiding we want to have a good time and therefore ask that people be positive and respectful towards other players, but you will need to be able to take on some constructive criticism when it is due. Bad and childish behaviour will not be tolerated. We are currently recruiting DPS and a Tank, all specs will be welcome Healer - None DPS - Hunter/Lock/Warrior/Boomkin/Enhance/Rogue DPS If you wish to apply please contact one of our Officers in game@ Rubmytotêms, Parudx, Ðeadpool, Or apply via Battle.net @spo0kymike#2160 Our Raid times are likely to be Wed/Sun/Tues 20:00-23:00 (server time) (Will be decided once we have a few more people ready to raid) Our Current progress is: 9/9 NM TOS, 9/9 HC TOS What we expect of you? - We expect that you will be able to turn up to every raid day on time and prepared (flasks,pots etc.) - Willing to communicate with the group via Guild Discord - Show a willingness to learn but to also improve as a player and not take anything like criticism to heart as know-one is perfect and everyone has the ability to improve What should you expect from us? - Solid progression schedule, all the way up to Mythic - Constant Mythic+ Group runs and old content clearing - A humorous and social guild that also likes to just have a laugh at the best of timesParudx8 6d
6d (A)<Poetic Justice> Recruiting raiders 9/9N & 3/9HC <Poetic Justice> is recruiting dedicated raiders and socials! We are a fun loving bunch of oddballs, who don't like to take ourselves too seriously. We focus on all aspects of the game, so long as we have a laugh along the way. Sound like fun? Tired of being guildless or fancy a change? Want to have a laugh in /g or over VoIP? Maybe PJ is the guild for you! Leave a comment or whisper Thoradin, Raric, Bofric, Bellumgladio or Delicena in-game for an invite! Raiding Info We are recruiting DPS of all kinds, pref with healer OS for our relaxed, two days a week (Thursday + Sunday 8PM - 11PM server time) raid team. Currently 9/9N & 3/9HC. We are a relaxed bunch who's aim is to vanquish foes, make armour from their hides and to have a good time. We aim for a drama-free and relaxed environment. Since we have now killed Kil'Jaeden on NM we will soon be focusing more on guild HC progress as the weeks follow. If you're looking for a home send one of the officers previously mentioned a /whisper in-game. As we progress through HC we have to look to strengthen our core team and rely less on people who can sometimes/sometimes-not make the schedule. This being said, we still offer a fun, relaxed and drama-free environment. Guild History Poetic Justice was originally created on Terenas EU in 2010 by GM Thoradin (originally Thóradin). Terenas was a small and, sad to say, dying realm in terms of possible raiders for the guild, so the guild later migrated to a larger, more populated realm and Ravencrest became home. The guild has been raiding together through every expansion since 2010 up until Blackrock foundry in Warlords of Draenor. However, due to the raid lockout changes of Warlords we soon started to lose raiders because of the preference to PUG the content, to down it faster than than the guild was able to progress as a team. The raid team soon disbanded, leaving but a few close friends. We have made loyal companions on Ravencrest and those of us that call Poetic Justice home all share the same, simple and ultimate goal, to have fun. These days we are very much a social guild looking for like-minded players to have a good time and a laugh with. If you have made it this far through this block of text, well done. Have a cookie (>^^)>o We hope to hear from you soon! For the King! For the Alliance! For Azeroth!Bofric14 6d
6d (A) Defective 2 day recruting <Defective> 9/9HC (7/7 1/3 5/10) är en svensk guild som söker folk för att förstärka vårt roster inför mythic progress i ToS. Vi raidar Ons och Sön, klockan 20.00 till 23.00. Vi söker för tillfället Rogue, enhance / elemental shaman, warlock, balance druid och hunter. Så om ni söker en guild med riktigt skönt flow tveka inte att skriva till nån av oss officers ingame. Eirelav Mynonaster Shadowsophia Shîkari Ilúvitar Healingbleid Socials är alltid välkomna och det är bara att pokea nån i guilden.Shîkari5 6d
6d Retri + RDruid 8/9 HC LF ToS HC/Mythic Guild We are currently looking for a guild for ToS HC / Mythic. We play since WoW Vanilla with multiple classes and have cleared many raids already with larger breaks in between. Quick facts: Druid Heal: ilvl 922 http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/nazjatar/Rip/ Paladin DD: ilvl 922 https://worldofwarcraft.com/de-de/character/blackrock/defke 8/9 hc down with randoms thus far We are looking for: A Raidguild with 2 raids a week (not Wed/Fr/Sa) relaxed atmosphere with exp. players 8/9 HC should be down Contact: YIMBO#2367 - or simply leave your BattleTag Cheers!Rip11 6d
12 Aug <Keepers of the Oath> Recruiting RDPS and Hpala General Information Guild name: Keeper of the Oath Faction: Alliance Server: Ravencrest-EU Voice communication: TeamSpeak3 Progress: ENm 7/7, ToVm 2/3, NHm 7/10, ToS 9/9hc, ToS 2/9m Lootsystem: DKP/Lootcouncil Raid time: Wednesday st 20:00-23:00 Thursday st 20:00-23:00 (optional HC/norm raid) Friday st 20:00-23:00 (optional RBG) Sunday st 20:00-23:00 Monday st 20:00-23:00 Who are we? KotO has been around since vanilla with the same Guild Master. We are a group of older gamers that want a nice and friendly guild to progress with. We are always looking for new members and your age isn't important as long as you share our values. We see WoW as a game and we want to have fun with it. We are a drama free guild and want to keep it in that way. Any unnecessary drama is gotten rid of ,so everyone can enjoy their time online ?? What we offer: Strong leadership with good values and a friendly attitude. Our marshalls (officers) is working hard to keep a good atmosfere in the guild and make sure that everyone is having a nice time here. When it comes to rading we want to progress and kill all the bosses on mythic. And that means that we need to take our best team for our progress raid. But that doesnt mean that lesser geared players will be left out, we will do our best to rotate players so everyone can feel the progression. For our farm raids we will take players that need gear over a strong team, so we will have a lot of geared players so we can rotate our raid roster for different bosses. We see it as we're gearing the guild and not the players, and to make it fair. What are we looking for? We are looking for people that share our values and are willing to dedicate a part of their time to this guild. We want ppl that we can trust and relay on, ppl that will show up on time for the raid and come prepered for them. What we want from you is that u know all the boss tactics and what item is BIS for ur class and spec. Roles we want: demon (hunter) druid (balance) druid (restoration) druid (feral-tank) monk (dd) monk (tank) paladin (protection) paladin (retribution) priest (healer) priest (dd) rogue shaman (elemental) shaman (restoration) warlock How to apply: If you feel that this is the guild for you, whisper some of our marshalls in game and have a chat with them :) Kutai Grand marshall Ellatar Marshall Bigheal Marshall Profectus Marshall Zlimex MarshallEllatar9 12 Aug
12 Aug <Redshift> Recruiting 9/9 HC Looking to prog Mythic. Hello people! I am leader of a Guild named <Redshift> Ravencrest EU. We have recently cleared 9/9 HC ToS and are now looking to expand our roster to start raiding Mythic :) we are friendly guild who likes to have a bit on banter and share memes whilst maintaining focus on our objectives. People also like to push M+ keys in the guild and just do random stuff together. Most people in the guild are based in the UK, Sweden and Denmark. If you are interested in a casual/semi-hardcore guild please get in contact :) we raid Wednesday and Thursday 20:00-23:00 Server time! We are looking for most dps (Rogue would be great) Thankyou :). Please feel free to contact me on here in this post. Alternatively you can add FearrMe#2952 to your Blizzard App. Thankyou :)Faerrme2 12 Aug
11 Aug [H] <Legio Pro Fennia - Draenor> LF Finnish Raiders As titled.. Since this is solely meant for Finnish people only, the following will be in finnish. <Legio pro Fennia> (Draenor serverillä) Tier 20 - 9/9HC, 1/9M (Tier 19 - 7/7M, 2/3M, 7/10M) etsii kesän lomailun ja rauhallisen pelailun myötä pelaajia Legion raideille. Kil'jaeden hc-kaadon myötä etsimme lisää rosteria myös mythic raideja ajatellen. Kesän aiheuttamat lomailut kun tekevät sen että osallistujia on yleensä juuri ja juuri tarvittava 20 pelaajan määrä. Mikä ihmeen Legio pro Fennia? Legio pro Fennia on ollut olemassa aikojen alusta... oikeastaan jo ennen World of Warcraftin euroopan launchia. Laughing Skull-serverillä jo WoWin betassa juostiin samalla porukalla (Nordic Horde) joka sittemmin muodosti Legio pro Fennian alunperin Agamaggan-serverille. Kor'gallille koko kilta siirtyi 3.6.2005, josta matka jatkui 9.3.2013 Draenorille. Legio pro Fennia ei ole kilta, joka yksi kaunis päivä vain lakkaisi olemasta vaan sen ydinjäsenillä on pitkä kokemus killasta ja kilta pysyy varmasti pystyssä vielä pitkään. Kaikesta tästä huolimatta haluammekin riveihimme myös uutta verta. Mitä sinulta vaaditaan: - Ymmärrät allaolevan tekstin - 18-vuoden ikä, enemmänkin toki saa olla - killan raid-päivät sopivat VÄHINTÄÄN kahtena päivänä kolmesta: to ja ma-ti klo 19:00-22:00 - ei ongelmia tietokoneen tai internetyhteyden kanssa - raid-addonit kunnossa - oma-aloitteisuutta itselle uusien pomojen taktiikoiden selvityksessä - osaa tehdä hakemuksen, jota lukiessa eivät silmät ala vuotamaan verta Mitä sinulle tarjotaan: - Mahdollisuus päästä raidaamaan suomalaisessa täysi-ikäisessä porukassa - Suuria tunteita, niin hyvässä kuin pahassakin - Olla osa yhtä vanhimmista yhä pystyssä olevista (suomi)killoista. Legio pro Fennia perustettiin jo WoWin betan aikana kauan ennen virallista julkaisua! Mitä tarvitaan? Tällä hetkellä tankki/heal osasto on aika hyvin kasassa mutta otamme kaikki hakemukset harkintaan. Ennenkaikkea järkevä ja asian osaava pelaaja on aina tervetullut. Aina kannattaa kokeilla kepillä jäätä, mutta muista - Sherlockmaiset analysaattorit tutkivat hakemuksesi kamman ja suurennuslasin kanssa :-) WWW-sivut ja mahdollisuuden hakea kiltaan löydät osoitteesta http://www.legioprofennia.net/ Tervetuloa mukaan!Nazshak1 11 Aug
11 Aug [A]<Deus Tyrannis>7/9 ToS HC-Recruiting DPS and Healer Hello! I'm Dalaila, Recruitment Officer of Deus Tyrannis, a mediocore raiding guild which is currently 9/9 ToS normal and 7/9 ToS HC. A Bit About Us Deus Tyrannis is a fairly new guild with experienced members who aim to keep things fresh & fun whilst still focusing on Mythic progression. What our Goals are -Enjoying Raids, Dungeons and the expansion! -Progression. We hope to clear raids on mythic difficulty before the next tier of content is released. -Getting the best person for the job. We realize that not everyone has insane raiding experience but if you're willing to learn and have fun, then look this way. -Become a top 10 guild on our server (Ravencrest). Raiding Schedule Our schedule is quite typical, we have three raiding days: Server Time (GMT+1): Wednesday 19:45 - 23:00 Thursday 19:45 - 23:00 Monday 19:45 - 23:00 Our Expectations of You: -Have knowledge of your class, appropriate gear, stat weights and bring the necessary flasks & food to Raids. -Bring a smile and good attitude. No one wants to play with anyone who doesn't want to be there. Don't be that guy! -Able to take criticisms and also not to be shy to offer criticism. Improvements to individuals will help the entire Guild. Current Recruitment Healers - All classes. DPS - Ranged DPS is high prio atm. With that being said we are still in need of a few melee DPS for our Mythic raiding roster. If you don't see your class / spec being on the list above don't worry, we can always use dedicated and skilled players! If you feel intrigued or want to know some more, add me on Bnet Keanon#2571 or apply at www.deustyrannis.wowalliances.com. PS. You must be Alliance and play on Ravencrest in order to join. Looking forward to reading your application! Best regards Dalaila Recruitment Officer - Deus TyrannisDalaila12 11 Aug
11 Aug Dansk Guild søger Sociale Folk! <Valhal Bloodline> Hej Folkens! Valhal Bloodline søger flere sociale folk ! Lidt info. Vi er en guild der stammer tilbage fra TBC, faktisk spillede vi sammen i vanilla. Men begrund af uenigheder blev guildet splittet og vi hedder nu <Valhal Bloodline> siden TBC. Vi søger dig ! Vi søger flere danske sociale spillere som: Måske har brug for hjælp? Søger selv en social guild? Er ny til WoW Spiller PvE Spiller PvP Værtfald !, vi elsker både PvE & PvP. Vi har dog ikke noget Pro Raid hold. Men du er velkommen til at joine og måske når vi har nok kan man prøve og raide!.. Håber på at se flere :-) #Dansk #Danish #GuildRumsha0 11 Aug
11 Aug look for mythic guild feed hunger for progress 925 Ele shaman 2/9 M 5+ years raid exp LF stable raid guild pushing thorugh tomb /w me for more info-will reroll if need be i want this hunger to be fill and kill boss enjoh wowFiress0 11 Aug
10 Aug Looking for home Hello, Looking for a new home and was wondering how is this realm? Is it good for pvp and pve? Friendly? can you find groups? etc. All info is welcome.Bankasvega2 10 Aug
10 Aug WTB Mythic Guldan Mount & More Looking to buy a few mounts. You can post price here or find me in-game. Djuntas#2390 http://www.wowhead.com/item=137575/fiendish-hellfire-core Camel Mount from Uldum Long-Forgotten Hippogryph from Azuna If you have other fun mounts feel free to say so :)Djuntas1 10 Aug
10 Aug 925 Tank LF Guild Discord 8-12pm Server time x5 solo 8/9hc 12% kj hc solo Wednesday at least raiding guild Will join any 6-8/9 hc guilds Will do keystones (1500 M+ score) 19 years old 600k dps off-spec Began 7.2.5 on 08/07 Don't mind casuals if they aren't awful Not looking for a super hardcore guild, I haven't got the time or mythic exp.Diäna1 10 Aug
09 Aug [A] Iron Clan casual 2 day raiding guild Iron Clan @ Ravencrest eu Alliance is currently searching for members to expand the casual raiding team. Iron Clan Ravencrest Alliance --------------------------------- Raid Times ------------- Wednesday: 20.30 - 23.30 Sunday : 20.30 - 23.30 Current Progress -------------------- ToS Normal Cleared ToS Heroic 4/9 What we Recruit -------------------- 1 Healer , Shaman prefered ( no Druid ) Several DPS ( open to all classes ) About us ---------- Casual 2 day raiding guild with a relaxed but stil progres focused vibe. Fun and giggles are always happening but when the fight starts we ask the full attention to be at the current boss we face. Got more questions then PM me for more info or contact Ashynna ( ashynna#2278 ), Alurith , Claíreabell or Darkain with a ingame wisper or a ingame mail to get in contactAshynna27 09 Aug
09 Aug (A) < Hyped > DanskGuild Søger! <Hyped> Vi har nu tyndet ud i rosteren, derfor søger vi nye spillere for at fortsætte med Hurtigt at genoptage Progress i ToS (3/9M), vi raider onsdag og søndag (+en ekstra kommende raid dag) Det vil sige vi kommer til raid 3 dage i ugen. fra 19.45-23.00! alle 3 dage! Vi søger pt Hunter, Boomkin, Spriest, rogue, Holy paladin / Priest Ellers prøv whisper os hvad du har at tilbyde. Vi tiltyder en meget socialt guild, der er ingen alders grænse! nu svinger den fra 18 - 30+ , Vi køre en del m+ i løbet af ugen, Ellers har vi det bare pis sjovt på discorden ;) Hvis det kunne have interesse - Kontakt os på battlenet Vi ses :) #Swichz2377 - Strussmann#21208Swichz0 09 Aug
08 Aug 904 arms LF PVE Guild Edit: No more LF a guild thanks pplVannéssa1 08 Aug
08 Aug Raider LF 2 Night/Week, After 22:00 ST Raiding Guild Hello! This is just a brief post to see if I can find a guild that is right for me. What I’m Looking For - As the title says 2 night a week guild that raids after 22:00 Server Time. - Social guild that uses discord so I can keep up with the guild memes when AFK. - A guild that will allow me to re-roll as finances mean I cannot transfer a DPS character (and currently my characters on Ravencrest are Tanks) - Semi Established (been around since at least the start of legion) - On a server that isn’t dead, I’d prefer to stay on Ravencrest Alliance, but I would be willing to move to similar servers on either faction. What I Can Offer - I’m a well-researched player who would, once capped/semi- geared, go on to be very reliable member of the team. - I love theory crafting tactics so if/when asked can assist with ideas etc. - Banter & Memes - Choice with what I roll, I personally have narrowed it down to Rogue/Hunter/Mage/Ele Sham/WW/Warrior, All of which I have had experience playing, in this or previous expansions and most I have played this expansion as well, but also that I know I enjoy. Let’s have a chat to discuss more, I’m a big believer in first impressions and having open/honest conversations as I think you can quickly assess if the guild is right for you, so add me and we can chat!! Bent: mellowz#2407 Discord: Xalty#6468Xaltie1 08 Aug
08 Aug <Tokidoki> 5/9M Recruiting a Healer Tokidoki is a mythic raiding guild which strives to be the best it can be in every tier. We are aiming to achieve great things in a stable and friendly environment with people who also have the desire and enthusiasm to go far. The guild was founded in 2010 and we began raiding in Firelands. We have consistently raided in every tier without ever having taken a break, and over time we have built up a strong core of experienced raiders from all over the world, and enjoy the vibrancy that this brings to an international raid team! We made the jump with our core raid team and those who have been long term social members of the guild from our old home of Auchindoun to Ravencrest in August 2015 in order to search for more players for Mythic progress. We’re an adult guild, with most members being in their mid 20’s-30’s who take raiding seriously and are able to set time aside for doing what we enjoy, so we're looking for people who match our commitments. Our door is always open to anyone who thinks that they may fit in with what we're about, and what we aim to achieve. We raid for nine hours a week, Thursday, Sunday & Monday from 19:30-22:30 server time. We also provide an extra Wednesday raid in order to clear Heroic or Normal during progress. Invites start at 19:15 so we can be ready to pull at 19:30. Our recruitment needs can be found on our wowprogress page: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ravencrest/Tokidoki We have certain expectations of you when it comes to being a part of our team, and these are as follows: You should have a positive attitude and be team spirited, thinking of others as well as yourself and working well together. Your understanding should be that this is a multiplayer game and to be respectful of others, both in the guild and outside of it. You have a good sense of humour and the ability to stay calm and cool during progression raiding. The inability to talk to others respectfully and kindly will not be tolerated. If you have an anger management issue, please refrain from applying! You are able to accept criticism and admit if you made a mistake, learn from it and move onwards and upwards! You are mature and motivated to raid, making as much effort as you can with what you bring to the raid. You should have complete knowledge of your class, including your off spec. You should be able to read and use logs as well as other sources of information in order to analyze and improve your performance. You should be clued up on the relevant raiding content and be prepared for each new boss ahead of the raid. We like to keep a fairly tight roster so that all of our raiders get a chance to raid as we do not like having to bench our players, and we never cancel our raids. This naturally requires that you have very high attendance levels so you must be in control of your own life and willing and ready to commit to our schedule. Obviously we understand that sometimes unexpected situations IRL may occur but we ask that you will communicate with us and let us know as much in advance as possible. You need to be able to understand and communicate well in English on Discord during our raids. A properly functioning and clear mic is required so that we can work together with you when it comes to discussing tactics or your role in the boss fight. We want you to be able to show that you are invested in what we are working on, rather than watching your favourite anime or talking to your pet goldfish. You accept that you are not solely in the raid to obtain loot, but because you enjoy raiding and want to down bosses as part of a team. Your gear is fully gemmed and enchanted to the best level. You bring consumables with you to the raid. In return for this we offer: Steady progression with a view to clearing the content Stability in finding a new home where many of our guild members, both raiders and social have been in the guild for a great number of years Laughter and enjoyment during our raids, with focus when the time is right as well A pleasant and friendly guild environment with people who enjoy congregating on Discord for a vast number of activities Other group activity organised for other days of the week to work on achievements or other social events to get involved with A chance to meet like-minded people who also enjoy playing other games together outside of WoW, such as CS:GO, Minecraft or MS Paint contests A number of people who enjoy running mythic+ content together for fun! We are also interested in and happy to accommodate social members who are unable to commit to a raiding schedule but enjoy challenging themselves by running mythic+ dungeons as we have a number of players on our roster who currently do this. We are simply looking for genuine, honest and reliable players with the thirst to achieve. If this grabs your attention and makes you want to click the apply button, do it! http://www.tokidoki.info Please note that we much prefer to read applications in which time and effort has been spent in completing the questions asked - in other words, you show your enthusiasm for both your own class and for potentially joining us as well. If you have any further questions, please feel free to add us for a chat in game or on Discord. Looking forward to hearing from you! Nausikaä - fantisera#2403 Molnfri - andreas#2682Molnfri6 08 Aug
06 Aug look for guild 925 Ele shaman 2/9 M 5+ years raid exp LF stable raid guild pushing thorugh tomb /w me for more infoFiress1 06 Aug
06 Aug d dStraussmann0 06 Aug
06 Aug [A] <Clemency> 6/9M - 4 days / week CLEMENCY Clemency as a guild originates from early WoW, achieving high world ranking kills and hard mode achievements before ceasing raiding at the end of WotLK. The guild reformed at the tail-end of Draenor with a goal to resume efficient and competitive raiding in Legion. Clearing HFC Mythic was an added bonus to our recruitment efforts and gave chance to form a raiding team in preparation for Legion. PROGRESS Our current progress is 7/7M 3/3M 10/10M 6/9M The Emerald Nightmare - World #347 Trial of Valor - World #206 The Nighthold - World #100 Tomb of Sargeras - # SCHEDULE Wednesday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday - 19.15 - 23.00h. Farm schedule is greatly reduced or moved to off days. RECRUITMENT If you are one of the classes specified below, or you are an exceptional player with the logs and experience to prove it, we are interested in hearing from you. Mage Rogue Warrior Warlock Please find more information and apply on our guild site: http://www.clemency-guild.com Or contact an officer directly: Whiskey - Overpower#2331 Blake - Constant#21956 Zwei - Veile#2409 Fyrboo - Fyrbo#1234Blakélively3 06 Aug