20 Oct [WTS] Raid Lockouts for Mounts & Empty Realm invitation Citizens of Azeroth, raise your eyes to the skies and bserve! Dragonseller is selling Raid Saves Lockouts for Mount collectors. Q: What does this mean? A: You enter a Raid and skip all the Bosses (as well as trash) that you do not want to kill and jump straight to the boss you desire. Example: Icecrown Citadel 11/12 Bosses defeated at Lich King who drops Invincible's Reins Q: Why buy a Save when it is possible create a group and Clear the whole raid? A: The prices are designed so it is significantly quicker to acquire the small gold fee than doing all the other Bosses, Trash packs, and unskippable cutscene roleplays. List of mounts: Yogg-Saron Helicopter Mimiron's Head 144g Al'Akir Reins of the Drake of the South Wind 144g Ragnaros Smoldering Egg of Millagazor Sulfuras, the Extinguished Hand 144g Druids also get Fire-Cat Costume (lootable from ground without any fight) Burning Seed Ultraxion Pink Dragon Experiment 12-B 144g Elegon Reins of the Astral Cloud Serpent 144g Horridon Spawn of Horridon 144g Ji-Kun Phoenix Clutch of Ji-Kun 144g Garrosh Hellscream N Tusks of Mannoroth 144g Lich King Invincible's Reins144g Madness of Deathwing Reins of the Blazing Drake 144g This Mount is required to get Reins of the Emerald Drake HEROIC Madness of Deathwing Normal Mode Mount + Life-Binder's Handmaiden 1,4k In General, all Raids are available Heroic and cost 1,4k. They have usually higher drop Chances for Mounts and award Titles (such as Firelord Title for Ragnaros) Classic and Burning Crusade Raids such as Illidan in Black Temple Warglaive of Azzinoth will be available after Warlods of Draenor Launch. All cost 774g with a few Exceptions: Blackwing Lair: +400g Battle for Mount Hyjal: +800g In general, Lockouts for all Bosses who drop Mounts in Warlords of Draenor as well as future Expansions will be available when the next Raid Tier is released. Example: Mount-dropping Bosses of Blackrock Foundry and Highmaul Raids will be available when WoD's final Raid to kill Grom Hellscream is released. The Lockout Save for Grom Hellscream will be available when Expansion 7 is released and so forth. Also offering: Low Population Server Invite (Available after Warlords of Draenor release): Q. What does this mean? A: You get invited to a group, and "teleported" to my low populated realm and see the things that you would see if you played on this realm. There are significantly fewer people than on Ravencrest, it is practically empty. How empty you ask? Well, sometimes Blizzard opens free character Migrations FROM Ravencrest TO this Realm: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/5575027820 Q. What are the benefits of doing this and what can I do on this server? A: Lots of otherwise dead mobs on this server are alive and waiting to be looted by you. Due to it's low player population, on Timeless Isle you'll be alone most of the time. You can farm rare Mounts such as Reins of Poseidus Worth ~~100 000Gold on the Auction House! Reins of the Time-Lost Proto-Drake Reins of the Amber Primordial Direhorn Reins of the Jade Primordial Direhorn Reins of the Slate Primordial Direhorn from Zandalari Warbringers. They also drop Bags of expensive crafting Materials and Tokens to raise reputation with Pandaland faction or sell for profit Reins of the Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent Mr. Smite's Brass Compass Black Tauren Costume, with a big Size Unborn Val'Kyr + Undisturbed Mining/Herbalism/Questing at Expansion launch or Content Patches. Hunters can tame all the rare Pets they wish. Price: 221g Stay as long as you wish. >>>> 100% Risk-free. Try it out once at no cost!. <<<< Contact In-game mail to Character DragonseLLer-Ravencrest with your Battletag or WoW email Love customer feedback - keep it coming :) Please comment&rate this Topic in the Forums what you think of the Service.Warnerstar62 20 Oct
20 Oct Rogue lf RBG group/guild hey, inspect me, looking for good rbg group, i can transfer from silvermoonRentel0 20 Oct
20 Oct Mythic Plus Guild raid team recruitment Mythic Plus guild is now recruting players for our mythic roster. Timetable: Thursday 20-23, saturday 19-23. We are now strongly looking for: (1) resto shaman (4) ranged dps. Roles not listed are welcome in the guild, we are building strong, friendly and vocal community thats willing to progress on any area we focus on. Requirements for joining mythic raiding: 1k+ rio score past experience in raiding Attending the raids 2 days a week There are no requirements for joining the guild for m+ content For any question dont hesitate to ask Bronzehamer (Wombat#2325)Bronzeszield0 20 Oct
19 Oct No Longer Hey, we are four swedes looking for a guild to raid with. We've all been playing WoW back and forth since the launch of the game. While we've all raided previously it has never been together until now in BFA. We are now looking for a guild where we can raid on a weekly basis. We have up untill this point in BFA mainly played M+ but now getting the raid itch. Who we are: Tank: Orcbasher (BDK) DPS: Weizenbier (fury) and Oddsnaus (mage) Healer: Barnpillare (priest) Weizenbier: Raided since MOP and to various degree mythic each tier. Mostly tanked as Warrior but some tiers as DPS (HFC 12/13m and Antorus) XP in Legion (while current): EN: 7/7m TOV: 2/3m NH: 4/10m (quit after I killed krosus mythic as prot warrior) Antorus: 6/11m (returned briefly) https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/ravencrest/Weizenbier http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ravencrest/Monkusbonkus/ Oddsnaus: Skilled Altoholic that currently has three characters in 370+ ilvl. Has raided back and forth for several expansions. XP in Legion: EN: 7/7m TOV: 1/3M TOS: 3/9m ANT: 6/11m Main (374): https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/ravencrest/Oddsnaus DH: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ravencrest/Kronan/ Rogue: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ravencrest/Snausei/ Orcbasher: A player who due to IRL commitments rarely raided but when he got some free time during NH in Legion and quickly got Cutting Edge. Now he has free time again and ready to raid this time as Tank but perhaps as DPS. Main(369): http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ravencrest/Orcbasher/ Lock alt (371): http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ravencrest/Kontagi%C3%B6s/ Barnpillare: Our inhouse healer has since he started playing video games always opted to play as a healer. He had his raiding moment in Cata where he had his own guild and was RL while clearing Firelands. Priest (367): http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ravencrest/Barnpillare/ Alt Monk (367): http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/ravencrest/Kioskmonko/ What we are looking for: 2 night raiding guild Cleared HC Uldir Somewhat Mature (we are all in our early 20s) What you get: People who take their raiding and class seriously Always come prepared Vocal on discord But still quite laidback Hope to hear from you, Weizenbier: DasNabu#2512Weizenbier0 19 Oct
18 Oct [A] MYTHIC Divergence looking for raiders 4/8M Currently recruiting a Boomkin with a healing offspec and a hunter Hello, my name is Luke and I am the guild Leader of Divergence; an Alliance 3 days raiding guild on Ravencrest EU. I have been playing World of Warcraft since the release of Vanilla. We are a group of players from all over Europe that strive for progress and playing at highest level we can. Most of us are Cutting Edge players in Legion and are going to be pushing that. Our goal is to clear content as quickly as possible, so to minimise the feeling of obligation of logging in at set times during the week. By doing so, we expect our players will not experience fatigue and burnout, something that will help the guild's existence in the long run. All in all, our goal is to create and maintain a healthy and competitive environment where we all do our best to progress together - Rankings will follow. We maintain a healthy and fun environment within the guild and in Discord. RECRUITMENT POLICY Currently we are on the look out for exceptional DPS with an Item Level of 370+ and 8/8 hc progress, Mythic kills will also be desirable (See above list for recruitment). - Exceptional knowledge of your class - 95% attendance (Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 20.00-23.00) - Able to accept criticism (Constructive but bluntly put in some cases) If you have any interest in joining, or any further questions, please PM Lukeyswrench#6297 or Ailscena#0535 on Discord or add Lukeyswrench#2471 on Bnet.Lukeyswrench3 18 Oct
18 Oct A Brewmaster , Stuck without people to play with I been playing wow since day 1 vanilla, a new expansion came out so i gave this expansion a try (like i do with all expansions). Now 2 months in the expansion i am a ilvl 343 brewmaster and i am stuck, i get to play each character 1 hour a week after reset. I can do the world boss and once a month there is a chance to get a 370 piece from a warfronts quest and i am out of content. Normal and heroic dungeon queues no longer give gear upgrades. Mythic/Mythic+ dungeons and raiding needs a guild. People keep telling me join a guild but i feel guilds are going to have me sit on standby? because my gear is not considered good enough? A raid must consist of exactly 20 players? so they always want some spare players but getting to play will be really rare if you are not the highest ranked players in the guild. It would be nice if guilds exist that have room for people that are a bit less geared, guilds that would do some normal uldir and organised mythic dungeons together i would be happy already.Innerdriven6 18 Oct
18 Oct [A] Holy Priest LF guild for Mythic+ Hello. I have been doing Mythic+ but keep having trouble getting into groups that work, most of the time I am declined from groups because of raider.io even though I am a perfectly capable healer and know my class. So I am looking for a guild that does mythic+ that needs a healer, I won't be able to play at set times so I am looking for a guild I can drop in to and see if anyone wants to run mythics when I am playing. I am only looking for a friendly guild so if anything goes wrong on a run nobody gets upset, I get enough of that in pugs. I am currently 354 item level so won't be able to jump straight into 10+ keys but with a guild I should be able to gear up to be able to soon enough. Any Mythic+ guild interested in taking me?Candyheart1 18 Oct
18 Oct 3x Transferring Players LF Mythic Raiding Guild Hi, Myself and two friends are looking for a solid home for Mythic raiding, after not having much luck consistently raiding with our quite casual raiding guild. We've managed to snag 8/8N 8/8H 1/8M, but due to numbers and lack of recruitment we can't get close to the numbers required for Mythic and haven't been able to progress further. We are as follows; Mistweaver (Off-Spec Windwalker/Brewmaster) 370/371 Ilvl. Beastmaster Hunter (372 Ilvl) Beastmaster Hunter (370 Ilvl) Even though I main, and have mained Mistweaver for a long while, this expansion i've mostly played Windwalker, but also don't mind playing Brewmaster either, have managed to pick up a whole bunch of Azerite from Uldir so I don't have to spend 10000000k reforging prior to any spec changes. We'd ideally like a 3 day a week raiding guild (any days) from 8:30 Server time onward) Happy to share warcraft logs pages, my battletag is Maisey#21132 & my discord is Laurelith#7106 Look forward to hearing back from people!Laurelith0 18 Oct
17 Oct United Shadows Recruitment (8/8HC - 1/8M) United Shadows consists of experienced players that are working together to create a social environment with the aim to clear Mythic PvE content in BFA. We're currently looking for active PvE'rs with the mindset to do Mythic raid content in BFA to strengthen our core team. We're willing to invest in players with this mindset, helping out in Mythic + and providing the opportunity to sharpen your skills as a player by providing you with raiding logs, an in-depth insight of multiple players, and if requested specific addons suggestions to aid you. Our priority and requirement are that people are able to take constructive criticism and that people understand that United Shadows advances as a whole. Raid Days/Times: We raid Wednesday / Thursday / Sunday at 20:00-23:00 Optional Raids are also available Monday from 20:00-23:00 If you decide to sign up for a raid day we expect you to attend for the full required time unless providing a valid reason as to why you cant. If you are selected to join the main raid team you are required to attend the main raiding days with exception of a valid reason. Requirements: Keeping up to date with your class and strive to be the best you possibly can be in any situation whether its farm or progression should be something of your interest. You should also be able to play all your specs on a reasonable level. Come prepared for raids! Meaning: bring consumables, well informed of the upcoming bossfights and YOUR role in it. Discord installed, having a functional microphone & computer/net. High attendance to raids (close to 100%)Recruitment: The classes we are currently in need of are: Druid (Balance) Priest (Shadow) Rogue Shaman (Elemental) All classes will be considered of course A updated version of this is posted at the bottom of the forum post Contact us by whispering Tinyserenity, Ezlooseezlif, Shadedsoul or Frostox ingame or through battlenet @Tíny#2799Tinyserenity11 17 Oct
17 Oct [A] New Pvp Guild Recruiting Paradigum completely new guild focused on PvP. With enough members we hope to create arena and battleground teams, for casual and competetive play or practice. 1.8kExp in any Bracket Preferred /w me for More InfoStridèr1 17 Oct
17 Oct [A] <The Revered> Progress Raiding | M+ | PVP We are <The Revered> a relaxed Casual guild who are trying to bring more of a casual environment to focus on doing a bit of everything from Progression raiding to PVP & M+. Firstly if you are looking for just a casual social guild to just log on make a group and have a laugh then you are welcome to do so. We have over 500 active players within our guild with 70 online players during peak hours. Progress Raiding As of 17/10/18 |2/8M | 8/8H| We are currently recruiting raiders to push our progression team. we raid 2 days per week and very close to finalizing our raid team to properly progress raid. Raid days are Tuesdays & Thursdays 20:30 - 23:30 Realm time. To see a basic overview on what we are recruiting check out our public overview spreadsheet. http://bit.do/TheReveredRoster Guild Social Raiding Currently we are focusing on progress raiding but we have an optional wednesday raid for the raiders who still want to go for heroic titanforges, because this is optional some of our raiders do not come and we fill the empty spots with guild socials. A dedicated raid day most likely at the weekend will happen for social guild members in the near future. Rated Battlegrounds We have plans to create a competitive RBG in the future but as we are trying to find leaders for other areas of the guild first this won't be happening just yet but there is no reason guild members can't host their own groups. Mythic Plus There is nothing organised for Mythic Plus but we do have guild members asking in chat to do m+ all the time so if this is something that interests you then we have space for you! As you can see we intend to tackle all types of content where me the guild master & all assistant guild masters will oversee the guild to ensure we have a fun social environment for players to learn, have fun and expand their knowledge with that little bit more serious progress raiding on top. Hope to see you around. <The Revered> Guild Master BerxBerx3 17 Oct
16 Oct [A] <Substandard> Recruiting Ranged DPS/Healer 7/8 HC Hello all, welcome to the recruitment thread for the Alliance guild <Substandard> based on EU Ravencrest. We are recruiting people who want to play in a more laid-back raiding environment but still progress adequately within each raid tier. TL;DR Alliance raiding guild on Ravencrest EU Focused on Heroic raiding only 20:00-23:00 server time Friday and Saturday night Looking for more DPS spots to fill out our roster for progression Details about us Alliance guild based on the EU realm Ravencrest who raid each week at 20:00-23:00 server time on a Friday and Saturday night. We are 8/8 HC currently and we are sfarming heroic Uldir each week for now. We have no intentions of stepping into mythic as of right now so if that’s something you’re interested currently in this is not the guild for you. P.S. You will require a thick skin when joining our guild as we have minimal boundaries when it comes to jokes. It’s all friendly banter within our guild however playful jabs do occur, however don’t worry no forms of bullying are allowed within our guild as were all here to be friendly and have fun playing WoW. Who are we? <Substandard> is a guild formed from members that do not have time to raid or play the game as much during the week, from all kinds of different nationalities. We prize having a relaxed, friendly, and fun raiding environment that focuses on enjoying the game at our own pace over hardcore progression, however we expect all our members to pull their own weight when it comes to their respective class and attendance. We are also not limited to playing WoW when it comes to downtime, our discord is full of people who play other games together outside of raid times. As you might have guessed, we use Discord as our primary means of communication, news updates regarding the guild, and to chat with each other every day. Discord is mandatory when we are raiding, you don’t have to speak if you don’t want to but please do as it’s all good to join in on the bants. What we do Our primary focus is on progressing heroic raiding which we do at a steady pace as to not burn out during and between raid tiers. However, we are not limited to just raiding within WoW as we also try and push keystone dungeons each week to try and get the best loot from our caches. Some members of the guilds are also into PvP, so PvP groups for expeditions, arenas and possibly RBGs are a regular occurence. Who we are looking for As stated above we are looking primarily at recruiting some DPS, specifically ranged DPS to fill out our roster to progress further in Uldir. We have no experience requirement, but we expect you to be able to play your class and be geared for heroic, and keep up to date on your gear, and class mechanics. We are happy to help you out in this manner as we have many people who play near all classes in the game and can help you gear up if you are lagging behind. We also only accept people who are 18 years old or older to maintain a sense of maturity within the guild A final note on attendance is we do not expect 100% attendance, many of us only have Friday and Saturday evenings free to do what they want, and it’s alright if you want to miss a raid night occasionally to do something else. However, we do expect around an 85% attendance rate as there are many people relying on you to create a full raid group to clear the content. If you do have issues with attendance you can feel free to bring it up with one of the officers. Contact us There's more to tell, but we won't build this text wall too high. If you are interested in trying out a place with us, or simply wish to know more, post here and leave us your Btag, or add our GM on Battlenet: GRNfish#2889. You can also whisper the GM on Osiriim, or one of the officers: Lolkitty or Diddlebru. Thank you for reading, and we hope to hear from you soon. WinkyfaceDiddlebru13 16 Oct
16 Oct [A] <Monday to monday> Recruiting! <Monday to monday > is a newly formed guild on ravencrest EU looking to progress on bfa content both heroic and mythic. Our goal is to establish a solid 20 man core raid group to do mythic raiding. Currently at the time posting this we are 8/8 N and 7/8 HC. we are close to getting a full team going but there are some spots that still need to be filled and that is where you come in! What we expect: To sign up for raids on the calendar 24 hour before the raid. To come online 15 min before raid and to be ready 5 min before the raid(flask,food and pots) Joining discord and have a working mic. The ability to speak/read english at a sufficient level to understand raid tactics. Able to raid 2,5 hours 3 days a week and having atleast 90% attendance. That you are able to handle criticism if its directed for you. Raid days: All times are listed in CET (server time) monday: 20:00 till 22:30 wednesday: 20:00 till 22:30 thursday:20:00 till 22:30 Currently recruiting: Ranged dps: Warlocks,Balance druid,mage and hunter Also looking for a dps that has off-spec tank to be as backup. As listed above or on our wowprogress page those are the classes that will get prio. But still everyone can apply to our application form on the guild website, based on that we will decide if you can join or not. Guild website: https://mondaytomonday.shivtr.com/ https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ravencrest/Monday+to+Monday If you have anymore questions you can always add me on btag Vremox#2563 or add me Vremox on ravencrest. We hope to hear from you soon!!Vremox3 16 Oct
16 Oct [A] <Endgame Prolific> 3/8M 2 Days/wk Raiding Guild About us: Endgame Prolific was formed on Alliance Ravencrest-EU towards the end of the Legion expansion by a group of returning players who have been playing at the highest end of progression in the past. The goal for the guild is maintain a high level of progression and competitive edge. Our aim is to clear mythic content while it is still relevant and push our progression each tier. Current Progress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ravencrest/Endgame+Prolific Raid days & times: Wednesday & Monday: 19.30-23.00 (Mythic Raiding) During the first 3 weeks of the first tier raid we will also be adding an extra raid day to help reach our goals more easily. This would be optional but highly desirable to have players able to make this temporary schedule. After the 3 weeks we revert back to 2 day mythic raiding and an optional 3rd day for heroic content. What we expect from you? A player who has a thorough understanding of his/her class/spec(s), and is able to analyse logs without being asked to. Someone who does strive for min/max and wants to top the charts and has that hunger A person who wants to be part of the clan and not solely in it for his/her gain. A player who is as adept at taking praise as he/she is taking criticism. Goes without saying but, a punctual and professional player who will attend almost all our raids. A player who understands the basic addon requirements for raiding. What you can expect from us? Raid leaders that have in depth knowledge of encounters at first pull. Tactical knowledge of and execution to achieve maximum efficiency out of our raiding hours. A guild with real metal and a solid foundation in its administrators, ensuring it runs like clockwork. What are we recruiting? High priority ranged dps and resto shaman Always looking for exceptional player who wants a competitive environment with a relaxed raiding schedule. Interested in applying? Please fill in our application form https://www.endgameprolific.com You can reach us also on Mixo#21568 CollieDoc#2634 Tristhar#2775 Leddhedd#2797 Megabeard#2968 Mixolydian3 16 Oct
16 Oct [A] LF GUILD - 3 transferring players Dear Ravencrest, Currently based on Burning Blade which raiding wise is basically dead. After some research we decided that Ravencrest would be a perfect candidate. But before transferring we would like to know if there is a spot for us somewhere! ;-) Classes: - Holy paladin - Ret paladin - Demon hunter (DPS / Tank) How to contact us in game: - Sloeberke - Burning Blade (Magicos#21806) - Shongen (The ret dude) - Kalthes (The holy dude - Shengon#2675) Have a nice day!Sloeberke6 16 Oct
14 Oct <Just> Two-day 3/8 Mythic Guild Recruiting! About us The one thing that always separated us from other guilds is the raiding atmosphere - we don't enforce workplace social rules that make us robots. Consider us as long time friends with whom you can mess around with instead of colleagues while maintaining competitive environment in which everyone thrives to perform at their best. Bullying the one dude roleplaying as a floormat included. Raider expectations We want to keep a relaxed atmosphere in raids where we can all have fun and banter without unnecessary totalitarian regime dictating your every move, so we expect everyone to pull their own weight - be able to play your class to it's fullest potential and research the fights beforehand - so that we can all progress effectively while keeping the atmosphere unchanged. Raid times Wednesday 20:00-23:30 Sunday 20:00-23:30 Progress Uldir Heroic: 8/8 Uldir Mythic: 3/8 Currently looking for: DPS: Practically any suitable applicant, slight preference on Warlocks Contact us on Discord: Senna#4979 Verdy#1752 *or in-game if you preferSennie9 14 Oct
14 Oct <Yositivity> (A) Recruiting DH and Locks 7/8 HC <Yositivity> is recruiting members for our progression raiding team. We are interested in recruiting members for our raiding team.Our current progress is 8/8 normal (on farm) and ⅞ HC, thus we are actively looking for players with heroic experience (preferably ⅞) to complete heroic with and potentially touch upon mythic. To see what we are currently recruiting see our recruitment page @ https://forums.yositivity.eu/app.php/recruitment . We have a Discord server which is mandatory for participating in the raid team as well as a website which is used for important announcements, discussions, and votes. You should be able to understand spoken and written English to a good degree. You should also have a headset with a working microphone, as we place a great value upon communicating with our members. Raiding days+hours: Thursday and Saturday 8pm to 11pm server time Are you interested to fight in the battles to come? Just contact any of us in-game (BattleTags: DeadEllie#2890 Ryder#2277 NishBash#2826 Kaiser#23205) or visit our website yositivity.eu.Sleepykaiser2 14 Oct
14 Oct LF mage for RMP Looking for a mage to go rmp and climb the ladder. Attitude goes way above experience. We’re willing to play a volume of games to get used to each other. Ts/ingame voice works best Let me know in game or on hereOblivíonz0 14 Oct
13 Oct [A] mDPS LF M+ guild Hey been doing m+ since legion and looking for a group to do high keys with. My current guild is inactive sadly. I currently play Havoc (363/4) and Assa (348). I also have rDruid xp from legion but I would prefer to slot into a mDPS spot is possible. I have a decent mic/pc and am efficient with comms. I know dungeons and not afraid to help plan routes. Im 29 and english speaking. I may have some other guildies willing to join as well. Thanks for reading, you can message me ingame or on sleazyduck#2165 DuckyDuckylove0 13 Oct
13 Oct Mythic+ boost group! we are forming an active boost group on Ravencrest and we are in need of few dps/tank. gold will be split evenly at the end of the dung between the participating members.Read and fill the following form if you are interested! https://goo.gl/forms/83xNJ3FypNtMaykE2Soshiko0 13 Oct
13 Oct [A] 371 Dual-Spec DH LF Raiding guild Greetings, i am a recent transfer from Chamber Of Aspects in hopes of finding a guild to start on mythic Uldir progression, (CoA Isn't somewhere i can do that) and above all else just to find a guild that will take me and my friend (Who has transferred with me). (367 Sub/Assa Rogue) We're looking for Tuesday and Friday for raid days idealy. Thanks for taking the time to read this, please Message me at Sebiix in-game or add me on B.net with 'Sebiix#2476' Have a fantastic Morning, After-noon or Evening.Sebiix0 13 Oct
12 Oct Arms warrior lf a home i374 arms warrior, been only pugging it. Have a level 28 heart around my neck lf a home, moved here last night. pref 3/8 m or above and atleast 3 raids per week. I can raid pretty much every day, and I am from Sweden, have 100mbit and a good computer.Oldschoolog0 12 Oct
12 Oct WTS mythic +10 Get your weekly 380+ loot here! - Fast and smooth run. - Done by experienced boosters. - You will get any tradeable loot. - Whole group 1k+ raider.io score and 370+ ilvl. Mythic +10 = 400k (These runs are GUARANTEED in time!) For more info add Bloch#21256 / Fronk#21462Jéssíé0 12 Oct
11 Oct <Its Not Rocket Surgery> 2 nights a week 8/8HC 1/8M <Its Not Rocket Surgery>, formerly <Raid Cleaning Service> moved to Ravencrest from Sylvanas earlier this year and are looking to fill our roster for some casual mythic progress. What we aim for: Progress! Banter! Loot! All on a 2 day a week schedule - Wednesday + Thursday 8-11pm Server time. What we're looking for: Healer: We are presently looking for a raid healer, preferably either a Resto Druid or Holy Priest DPS: We are currently looking for a good Mage with a high priority. We are also potentially interested in a Shaman, especially with Healing OS. Other classes may be considered. Please Note: We are not currently looking for any more melee DPS. We require focus, an interest in improving your skills and an ability to commit to a 2 day a week schedule. To make an application please drop me a message on Discord (Galerath#4391) or on Bnet (Galerath#2448), alternative you can talk to any member of the raid team in game.Galerath17 11 Oct
11 Oct Disc looking for arena Pvp pals Hi all I’m looking for a few pvp related things but mostly to expand my FL with pvp minded people. 1. Any class/people who’re willing to put the time and games into 2s to climb the rankings. 2. Any rogue mage looking for a disc for rmp. Or junglecleave/php. 3. Any guild needing a disc for rbgs or just the general crack/ease of jumping into bgs/arenas and trying our hand. I’ve been getting back into the swing of things this season with RL friends, so only got up to 1600 in 2s so far. Have previous 2k exp as disc in wrath and 1.8k in mop. Voice chat/ts/discord are all good for me as long as you don’t mind an English accent. Message here or ingame and we can sort something out MikeOblivíonz0 11 Oct
11 Oct HC Uldir boostruns 13/10/18 at 13:00 server time Hello all, This saturday 13 october we are selling: ----------- HC Uldir boosts ----------- Price is set 600k, personal loot, 4 spots are open Leather/Cloth/Plate/Mail. Run will take around 1hr30-2hours. The group consists of mythic raiders from this current expansion +370 from ravencrest. Gold is accepted from all realms. For booking a spot or more information please add Druix#2552. ----------- Normal Uldir ----------- runs will happen at 17:00 PM after we finished the HC runs - 100k per spot.Bookz0 11 Oct
11 Oct 367 Mage LF raiding guild! 367 mage LF 2 day a week raiding guild preferably wed/sun. Previous experience includes 5/9M ToS and 5/11M ATBT. Bnet is Tiny#21389Tomjonesy3 11 Oct
10 Oct Looking for a guild! Interested in Mythic+, Mythic, Raids etc. First account so still learning a LOT! Could and willing to make alts for the guild if needed (Have a 110 token ready for a new character)Greylocke1 10 Oct
10 Oct Looking for an N/H raiding guild. Hello, im 17 years old guy from Finland, and im looking for guild to start raiding with, preferably N/H, MAYBE mythic after I get hang of it. I speak english decently, and I am willing to learn from my mistakes. I can take constructive feedback. My previous guild got disbanded just before raid :/. If you are interested, contact me here on forums, thank you.Naggi1 10 Oct
10 Oct [A] Who'd be in for a daytime raiding guild? Hello fellow Azerothians! ╰(◡‿◡✿╰) I have been on a recent journey to find a guild that raids during daytime, but I just can't seem to find one. Surely there must be others that are looking for such a guild? We all have our different reasons as for why we'd like to raid during the day. Some people work in the evening, some might just not have the time or prioritizing for it and some simply just prefer to raid during the day. Due to the lack of daytime raiding guilds, I am now looking to establish one. This guild will find it's place on Alliance at the Ravencrest realm. It's a highly populated Alliance realm and the chances of finding competent raiders should be decent enough if there happens to be people looking to raid during daytime. I am absolutely aware of what I am committing myself to if this guild will happen to find place. A lot of planning will have to be made, a lot of patience has to be needed and not having too high expectations is the key to making this work. All guilds have to start somewhere, and this guild will most likely start small and expand gradually, hopefully somewhere to the top some day. All this depends on how many raiders we're able to get into the roster, and as time goes we will find out what works and what doesn't. Recruiting isn't easy, and cause this will be an entirely new guild with no history or rankings, that will make it a less interesting guild and getting high end raiders into the roster will probably not happen at first. Hopefully, it being a daytime raiding guild and depending on the demand for it, it can expand faster than expected but I will not hold my expectations high and rather just rely on my patience and keep going until it succeed. Nothing special has been planned yet. No raiding days, no raiding hours. The only plan made is making this guild happen at one point, and when that is done, more planning will take place. I guess it's reasonable to throw in a bit of information about myself as well. =) I am 25 years old from Norway and I am super dedicated about what I do. I've played since the start of WoW. I have previous guildleading experience back in Cataclysm with a group of tight-knit friends, as well as various raiding experience from different expansions. But. I am asking here on the forums, amongst friends and other places to see who can be interested in a guild like this. Do you want to raid during daytime, and would you be interested in joining such a guild? Do you have the patience to wait for the roster to fill up so you can participate in raiding? From the start on we might not have a roster big enough to fill a raidteam, we'll of course fill up those empty days running M+ together. =) I am also looking for one person who can take on the role as a raidleader, and preferably helping me a bit out recruiting for the roster. Experience as RL is highly preferred, but if you have what it takes and do the required planning for it, then you're absolutely considered. Thank yooou for reading! If you have any questions, or just want to have a chat with me, add Rebzi#2128 or leave a message underneath! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧Liliya0 10 Oct
10 Oct Moonkin and Disc Priest looking for Guild 360+ Moonkin and Disc priest looking for a raid guild progressing in mythic (1-3 nights a week) Moonkin ( Kafei) currently; 367 IL 8/8 HC 1/8M Disc priest (Malfestio); 364 IL 8/8 HC 0/8MKafei1 10 Oct
09 Oct Warlock 5/8HC LF Raid guild Hello, I'm a old school player who rerolled Warlock in end of legion. i have been raiding since vanilla all tiers up untill end of Cata then stopped playing, tho other classes. Now and days i don't have the time to raid have grown up have job and limited time to raid. As it is now i'm getting pretty tierd of the server i'm on atm. and ready to move on. I'm looking for a raiding guild that raids 2 days a week Wed/Sun. What u can expect from me! A Person that is social loves talking/having a !@#$ ton of fun, making new friends in game A Player that is allways on time flask/food/pot for raids. A Guy that loves to do both M+ and PvP when not raiding, Allways try to be the best on the class i play on. If u are intressted give me a add on B.net Phix#21363 Best RegardsPhix3 09 Oct
09 Oct LF Guild/merge Hey all, We are a bunch of casual idiots that are having problems keeping a healthy roster. We been raiding together for legion and the start of BFA but with dwindling interest and attendance, therefore we want to find a new home so we can keep raiding (max 2 days a week) and also a dose of Mythic + (well, some of us do). Current roster has : 2 tanks 4 healers 10-12 dps some socials Outside of raids there is not that much activity, which we want to change as some of us enjoy mythic+ pushing. I don't expect everyone to get a raid spot if we would join someone and that's cool. Hit me up on bnet, valentir#1964Valentir1 09 Oct
09 Oct [A] <Shorty> Looking for a.... Hi guys, will try to keep this short and sweet, we are a bunch of fairly old school players who have been around for probably to long. Shorty moved to Ravencrest about 2 expansion's ago due to our server (Hellscream) not being so active. The guild is not super hardcore but we still like to progress. We have and always will get curve, but we would also like a stable 20 raiders to progress into mythics. General mix of ages, ranging from our 20's to 40's. No kids, No egos, No drama... Raid days are: Wednesday/Thursday/Monday - 20:00 till 23:00 server time Goes without saying we run mythic +'s, alt runs etc on off days. Current progression - 8/8 normal - 5/8 hc We are preferably looking for ranged dps and possibly one more healer. Message me here or in game (Steptoe#2536). Regards, StepyStepy7 09 Oct
09 Oct The search for a morning guild. Hello! My name is Bizorond and I'm looking for a guild! I recently moved to Ravencrest in search of more people to play with. I usually play during the hours of 9:00 to 16:00 due to my work schedule. Sadly I´ve been having a pretty dull time with Battle for Azeroth so far, mostly due to the fact that most of the content I´ve been doing has been alone or in Pugs – were everyone leaves right after the last boss has been killed. I feel like my attempts of being social in Pugs has been cast of as "That weird guy in the raid that wants to talk". I really miss the social part of the game and most guilds I´ve come across so far play during the afternoons/late evenings, so as you can imagine I´ve been having a hard time finding my place here at Ravencrest. I haven´t really had any luck using the in game guild finder. Even if I do like the competitive element of the game Im not really looking for super hardcore stuff, just a social guild that plays during mornings/daytime and perhaps do a little raiding/battlegrounds together. I have been playing on and off since Vanilla and the game has changed so much but I would like to think that the social part still exists in BFA, if Im wrong about this I do have high hopes for the Classic server. If you´d like to know more about me as a person or a player, hit me up in game! Kind Regards, BizorondBizorond1 09 Oct
09 Oct (A) Havoc DH LF semi-casual raid guild Hi there, Just recently returned from a break (since Wotlk) and I'm now looking for an active and social guild that does raiding a couple of nights per week that needs DPS as soon as I've geared up enough. Did a lot of raiding in Vanilla through Wotlk but then took a long break and now I'm back and the realm I'm on seem to have gone completely empty and therefore I will be moving here and want to start raiding again. Contact info: - Elsueco - Ravencrest (GrimFandango#2808) Cheers!Cruroar1 09 Oct
09 Oct Spriest/disc looking for raid team Hey all, Looking for a 2 night raid team going forward which is aiming to do mythic. I have a long history in raiding going back to TBC, in this tier I have 7/8 HC and 1/8 M on another character but that was as tanking and I am looking to re-roll to this. Obviously got lots of work to do on this but going to spam run mythics to get myself gearing up all this week. Ideally I wish to play shadow and keep disc as my offspec!Evangell2 09 Oct
05 Oct Bag End - PvP Guild - Recruitment Hello everyone. <Bag End> is a newly founded PvP guild. We aim to create a thriving community for PvP-players of all experiences. We’re currently looking to fill our roster with all players who are interested in PvP, and we’re also looking for experienced players to lead RBGs. The guild is also a place to find Arena partners and do mythics together. Raids will not be scheduled, but if someone wants to, they are free to lead them. So if you are at all interested in PvP, and you wish to share, discuss and play with like-minded people, join us! Thank you all.Sanguinemoon0 05 Oct
05 Oct [A] Disc Priest LF Raid Guild at Specific Days I'm available for raid monday, tuesday, friday and saturday. Been trying to find a guild that raids any combination of those days, so far without any luck, and now hoping this post might find me one. This post is mainly to see if there even are any guilds that fit my days. For more info you can add me on bnet, Spjuthok#2473.Staalis0 05 Oct
05 Oct Help Guys i need help i boost my druid to 110 and i finish first artifact weapon but for strange reason i cant activate anything not even skinform or any abilities? pls helpHeribertthor3 05 Oct
04 Oct guild closed Hello! We at Seven Years are recruiting players of all walks for BFA. We have been around for years mixing friendships and enjoyable raid experiences! We value the fact that people have lives outside of WoW and approach this with a two day a week raid schedule. We encourage a positive experience in and out of raids! We are currently looking for some dps to fill our mythic roster, Pref Arms warrior,Balance druid and BM hunter. With busy work schedules and real life commitments things change.Give us a whisper on Bnet or ingame! Our raid schedule is Wednesday/Sunday 21.00-00.00 Server time. We are currently 6/8 Heroic in Uldir We are an English speaking guild, Mic is not necessary. Discord is a requirement. Please do not hesitate to /w me in game. Thank You, Lessel lesyo#2249Lessel1 04 Oct
04 Oct CLOSED CLOSEDPeb1 04 Oct
04 Oct (H) New Guild recruitment for effective players! Hello ladies and gents, Are you tired of Mythic Raid progressions, time and materials invested only to get four items with 15 item levels more? Are you tired of playing only one class for two days a week and wait until the next ID reset to have fun? If you answered both questions with yes, please continue reading. :) First things first, I have all 12 classes on max level and I love playing my alts. I am playing WoW since Vanilla and have been Raid leading in the past on a Heroic level. I managed to provide a lot of players with "The Chosen" achievement in Legion and I acquired all 36 Artifact challenge appearances, before the introduction of the maximum Concordance level. This small introduction is not to boast or anything, but to explain that I have a lot of experience and I am not a bad player. For me personally, the Legion spell reduction has massively decreased the fun to play only one class. The lack of variety compared to back in Wotlk, Cata etc. has removed a lot of fun and variety for me, which makes me a bit frustrating. I suspect the merger with Activision made this game very low complexity, in order to keep stakeholders happy by high subscription numbers. Anyhow; for me, doing the same content with the same character and progressing Mythic wipe by wipe for 15 item level higher loot is very boring and quite frustrating, due to lack of appropriate rewards. The Mythic mechanic is so much less forgiving and the 20 player limitation makes things really unpredictable (disconnect, lag etc.). Almost any mistake is automatically a wipe, which does not give me a feeling of progressing but rather relying on good "rng" to be successful. If I want to gamble, I play poker. On top of that, with the Warforged/Titanforged system I would rather do 2-3 HC clear runs and equip my alt characters with nice gear and learn the encounter from a different perspective (Tank, Healer etc.), than progressing % by % in Mythic content. If anybody else agrees with me and is interested in establishing a guild, with 2 raiding days per week, where we rush through HC content in 90-180 minutes? I have absolutely no interest in Mythic, as the effort is exponentially higher than clearing HC in a timely manner for a much lesser reward. We can discuss the possibility of organizing split runs and gathering a core member base with the required classes for flex raiding. Possible combinations: Tanks/Healers/Dps/Total 2/6/22 30 - most loot due to Heroic flex system 2/5/18 25 2/4/14 20 2/3/10 15 2/2/6 10 If anybody else is interested in this concept of Heroic split alt character raiding on a two-day basis, please give me a shout so we can have some fun with our main and alt characters. Cheers, Boellor BattleTag: Baljko#2359Boellor2 04 Oct
03 Oct [A] Ravencrest - <Be Humble> Recruiting! Hello! About us <Be Humble> is a semi hardcore progression raiding guild on Ravencrest [A] freshly formed for Battle for Azeroth. Brought together by the interests of gaming, a group of cutting edge experienced friends from many different guilds have banded together to conquer the many challenges World of Waracraft has to face. From pushing high mythic + keys to clearing all content at a good pace, we're sure to welcome you and provide a fun raiding environment for you to take part in. What seperates us from most guilds is that we don't enforce a robotic roster. We consider ourselves to raid as friends rather than the known norm of having a guild enforce the roster of that of a workplace. However, we still aim to be the best we can be and progress at a rate in which we're all happy with, while still maintaining a friendly atmosphere and defeating challenging content. We are currently 8/8 Normal and 5/8 Heroic at the time of this post, however we will be continuing into Heroic Uldir this Sunday and forwards. What do we expect of you? - Be online, prepared with appropriate flasks, food buffs, potions and consumables 15-30 minutes before raid invites are sent out. - A pretty solid attendance record around the 95-100%. We understand that 100% attendance is near enough impossible, so if for any reason you won't be present for a raid, speak to an officer beforehand. However, if no reason, we except everyone to attend as many raids as possible for the max amount of flexibility in terms of raid setup. - A thrive to learn, commit, experience and progress. - The ability to take onboard constructive criticism when necessary. - To be social. This is one of the main reasons we have made this guild. We don't communicate only when we have too, but when we want too. We want every member of our guild to be comfortable to log on, join discord, and have fun; regardless of the game. - Knowledgeable about your class, spec, rotations, gems, consumables, stat priorities, BIS, and any other features about your class that should be mandatory to a player looking to perform at a high level. - Doing things your asked to do in preperation for raid; researching boss tactics, looking through logs, etc. - Have the eagerness and drive to perform well on an alt instead of just one main character. This is not a must, but being confident in multiple specs/classes gives us more options for raid setups. Also, it's more fun! Raid Times Wednesday - 20:00-00:00 Thursday - 20:00-00:00 (Optional, non-mandatory farm raid for re clears e.g Heroic) Sunday - 20:00-00:00 Monday - 20:00-00:00 (All times are in server time, and as stated before, you are expected to be online 15-30 minutes before this time as invites will be going out). Aims for the beginning of BFA - Cutting Edge Uldir before the release of patch 8.1. - Mythic + keystone boosting. - Mythic + keystone pushing. - To be well established, have a core raid team, and have an experienced team to see through the remainder of BFA, going into the next expansion. Classes we're currently in need of Tanks: FULL Healers: OPEN. Any exceptional applicants will be considered regardless of current guild members. DPS: OPEN. Any exceptional applicants will be considered regardless of current guild members. Any questions, enquiries, or for a chat/application requirement, please contact Andrew#21611 (BTAG) Sierraa#1130 (Discord)Jokewood5 03 Oct
03 Oct [A] <In Mana Veritas> 5/8 HC is recruiting. Hello! <In Mana Veritas> is recruiting friendly and mature members for its core raiding group! We started as a group of friends, but have since expanded to include people from all over the world (some of them good ol' grizzled raiders from long lost times). First, I'm going to start off with a bit of our history! <In Mana Veritas> has been around since late Legion, generally doing Mythic+, some casual PvP and up to "standard" WoW shenanigans. Now that we have expanded our roster, our members have expressed their desire to start raiding again, but we are missing a few spots for the core group! As most of our players are quite flexible - we are in need of people of all roles with an emphasis on healers, the only expectations we have of you are as following: A discord client - as do most guilds, we have our own server. Of course along with discord - even if you are shy - give us a chance, we don't bite :) Be mature and friendly! If you can't make it in time for the raid, we would like to be notified in advance. And that's it! I hope the expectations aren't too much *winks*.Oh, our current raid times are Wednesday and Monday (with optional weekends if enough people are interested) 20:00-23:00. If you are interested in applying, please contact any of the following members in-game: - Aralae (Guild Master) - BattleTag (Enfyss#2664) - preferred contact - Teerecks (Officer) - BattleTag (TeeRecks #2412) - Taalia (Officer) - BattleTag (ThePriest909#2834) Those are the character names. And that would be pretty much it! I hope it wasn't too scary! P.S. We are not elitist, I believe there is a room for nearly everyone with us :)Inasha5 03 Oct
03 Oct [A]<Momentum> 3/8M CE raid guild LF DPS players. We are a three day raiding guild that raids on Wednesday, Sunday and Tuesday from 20:30 to 23:30. We want you to be dedicated enough to raiding to attend 90%+ of our raids. <Momentum> is a relatively new guild formed in the beginning of the Nighthold. After a merger of two guilds struggling in low mythic we quickly found ourselves with a team rapidly progressing on a two day schedule. In later raid tiers we expanded to three days to push ourselves further and becoming a cutting edge guild, which we did in Antorus. Sadly our old realm did not provide a good environment to sustain or improve our roster so we have transferred to Ravencrest for BfA. Our goal now is to fill out our roster and go for cutting edge in every raid tier in BfA. What we expect from you: - A high level of preparation to ensure an efficient raid environment. This includes many aspects such as class knowledge, understanding of fight mechanics, UI customization etc. - A progression oriented attitude. We want youto be critical of your own performance and open minded towards feedback. At all times you should be aware of your performance within the raid and within your class, which also requires the ability to interpret logs. - That you play the game outside of raids to keep your character’s strength at a relevant level. We will always try to communicate the minimum effort that we find reasonable but generally speaking only showing up for raids is not going to be enough. Our requirements for trials are not set in stone but realistically you will need some form of high end raiding experience to be able to perform at a cutting edge level. Logs from high end raiding will go a long way towards showing us you are up to the task. We are currently looking for a holy paladin specifically, along with some ranged dps classes. However we are open to exceptional applications from other classes and roles. If you are interested in joining post something here or feel free to contact one of our officers below: Terrathaw (Babadiboopy#1179) Qubit (Oillamp#2645) Phaei (Zagarusa#2110) Territum (Territum#2325)Terrathaw4 03 Oct
03 Oct Selling Heavy Junkboxes! Hello there. I am offering to farm and sell heavy junkboxes for you. The minimum price is 300 per box. The higher you pay the bigger your priority is. If I have more clients whoever pays more will be the first I will gather for. The time it will take for you to get all your ordered boxes also depends on how much you pay (though it won't take that long to gather). Add me to place an order: kompis#21455Smygsvamp0 03 Oct
02 Oct [A] <Feral Power> new Druid WPvP guild Feral Power is a new Druid only WPvP Alliance guild on Ravencrest, with two WPvP communities for all EU realms - one for Druids and another for any class. I have a dream... Alliance domination. I will never have enough WPvPers available for what I really want to do! Or will I? Guild Invite If you play any Druid spec and are interested in joining Feral Power, characters on Ravencrest can join the guild. Best way to join the guild is to join the Feral Power community first, then request guild invite when I'm on. Or whisper GM Vaëyn for invite. Characters on any EU realm can join the communities. Communities Alliance Defence Force is for any class and is active. Feral Power is Druids only, very niche, and will take time to build up members. If I had even one other player willing to skulk around with me in Feral form, that would make my day lol. But a pack of Ferals hunting Horde? Doesn't that sound cool? Alliance Defence Force World PvP community. If you play on any EU realm and enjoy World PvP, click the link below to join. https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/WqGoYOUV0a?region=EU&faction=Alliance Feral Power World PvP community just for Druids. Click the link below to join. https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/7aEGbZi5Na?region=EU&faction=Alliance If you have any feedback or questions, leave a comment or whisper me in-game.Vaëyn0 02 Oct
02 Oct Unwilling is recruiting! [Unwilling] was formed by a group of friends that used to play horde and were looking for a change in scenery. We are not a politically correct guild. We have a very dark sense of humour and we like to joke around. Our goal is to clear mythic content while the content is relevant. The classes we need, are: EVERYTHING What can you expect? Mature, relaxed environment. A lot of jokes. A lot of raiding and mythic+. What do we expect from you? To show up on time for raids. To know tactics. To have food and flasks. Have a positive attitude. We raid 3 times a week: Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday 20:30 - 23:00 server time, invites start going out 15 mins prior so we can pull the boss at 20:30. Please contact us on: sloth#21572 HoogOrigins#2108 MiniNinja#222620Mídóri11 02 Oct