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13h [H]Realm-Draenor 7/10M LF DPS - Revival Hello, Realm - Draenor <Revival> is a semi-harcore raiding guild who likes to get progress done while having a laugh when we are doing so. We are currently progressing through mythic Nighthold. Recruiting several DPS Our raid days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday between 20:30 and 23:30 ST. Nighthold: 10/10 N, 10/10 H & 7/10 M. High priority DPS spots are: Mage (all specs) Arms/Fury Warrior Elemental Shaman However all exceptional applicants will be considered as we like to take into account the player's skill before the class in most cases! For more information visit our website: http://revival-draenor.enjin.com/ Or contact any of our officers in game: Skruttis / Tchaiba#21764 Dreadan / Dreaden#2610 Sandgirl / granite7#2127 Battlehawky / Battle#2509 Bóbafettish / Gez#2185 Vulna / Vulna#2767Vulna0 13h
14h Casual PVP´er LF guild Im on the lookout for a PVP-minded guild. The last one i was in "Eat my crit" suddenly died out, but people did different kinds of stuff there and most importantly, there was a lively guild chat. So anyone out there in a fairly decent sized guild who has got room for another player? :) I bring Pala, Mage, Shaman and Warrior so far.Delaluz0 14h
1d <Panopticon> Are Recruiting! Hey Forum! <Panopticon> are recruiting! :) Who are we? Prior to release of Legion, a bunch of us who worked together decided to resubscribe to WoW. Started off around 12-15 playing on a regular basis from a variety of different experience backgrounds. Some of us have played in Mythic Raiding guilds, while some of us haven’t raided since the days of Molten Core and Vanilla. But we’ve resubscribed and although some of us are blowing off the dust on our keyboards, we’ve still got it. We’re now opening the guild to everyone that want a relaxed atmosphere, a good community and an active Discord team too. We’ve all done the hardcore raiding and gone through the fun/pressures that brings. We’re now looking for casual progression and on nights when aren’t raiding, clearing Keystones. Currently with our UK core we play most evenings after working hours, but with a few new faces the community is becoming more active all day round. We're still clearing content, but we do it with a smile on our face and having a laugh along the way. Progress? EN HC -> Cleared TOV Norm -> Cleared TOV Heroic -> Some of us have cleared this. The Nighthold (N) -> Cleared The Nighthold (H) - Cleared Future? NH Heroic and farming. 2 Heroic Raid Nights per week, Wednesdays & Sundays. We're also thinking about having some fun content to do as a guild too. So looking at some fun PVP, world adventures and what not too! We're now running Normal runs for Alts and Titanforge farms on Saturday for those interested Raid Times? Wednesday & Sunday - 21:00 Server Time to 23:30. Alt Run Normal Runs: 21:00 Sever Times on Saturday What do you want from me? UPDATE: DPS's that have a tanking/healing off-spec would be ideal and a priority. But we are still recruiting nice, friendly players that are interested in raiding and joining a great community! We're not too fussed about experience or skill, because that can be gained and taught. Just have the commitment to raid when you can, friendly outlook and patience :) We're open to taking any classes/roles right now too. We're a very flexible guild, so we encourage our members to play the class/role that they simply enjoy the most. It would be great to recruit some players who dual spec (DPS with tank/heal option too that they are happy to play) Feel free to drop me a mail in game or add me for a guild invite when I’m online :) Alternatively, whisper any of our officers: - Tinycabbage - Milikin - Perkins - Absentia - Anathemae - Unknownxiv - Monkicide - Soggylemon Look forward to hearing from you :) Take it easy guys and girls.Móófasá31 1d
1d [H] Renascentia 2/3M & 8/10M recruiting for Nighthold. Renascentia on Ragnaros EU are looking for excellent team-players to progress throughout Legion and beyond. *We will always look at exceptional applicants in any class. If you want a home for the rest of your WoW career, then we encourage you to apply.  You apply on our website at: http://renascentia.ragnaros.shivtr.com/ About us: Formed December 10th, 2015, we are a new raiding guild on Ragnaros with a lot of experienced players. We want to be viewed as a closely-bonded mythic guild. Members in the guild have a long history of raiding and have achieved numerous kills. Some of us have been raiding together since Icecrown Citadel. Our vision is not only to build a raiding guild but rather a raiding family. Raiding Schedule: We raid 2 days a week, with the option for 3: Monday: 19:45 - 23:00 (if needed to push forward during progression.) Thursday: 19:45 - 23:30 Sunday: 19:45 - 23:30 Progression: Currently at 7/10M Nighthold, looking to advance our mythic progression. What we offer you: - A stable guild with a clear vision. We want to be around for a very long time. - A guild where you will be treated with respect where your voice will be heard. We always welcome thoughts, ideas, and strategies. - A raid team where spots are given out based on merit and not on favoritism. - A social rank available for those that reach member status and would like a friend or family member to experience our atmosphere. - A guild in which you will get as much back as you put in. - A guild where players have both the mindset and ability to complete new goals. We are proud of the level of raiding we have to offer. What we want: - We are all social people that enjoy each others' company. We are a guild of team players. - We want each and every one of our members to enjoy raiding here with each other and we recruit like-minded individuals. - Dedication: You must have a positive and passionate attitude towards raiding and progression raiding. You should have a competitive nature seeking to maximize the full potential of your class by using the most optimal talent setup and stat priority for any given boss. - Players driven to be the best of their class and spec. - People looking to be part of a team for the long term. We are looking for players that want to spend the rest of their raiding career here. Application Process: The trial period normally lasts for about four weeks with the option of being extended. During this trial you will be evaluated on your performance in raids, and your general contribution to the guild. We are only interested in players that will help the guild progress and develop. Contact: For more information you are welcome to visit our website at http://renascentia.ragnaros.shivtr.com . Should you have any questions, feel free to add: - Wrenom (Wrenom#2817) - Guild Master - Undeadwomans (Buggeh#1507) - Healing - Blastó (Scottokemon#2946) - Ranged - Draxen (Draxen#2736) - Melee - Suspectedd (Suspected#1228) - General We wish you the best in your guild search!Wrenom49 1d
1d [H] <Atom> | 2-day mythic raiding guild [7/10M] ★ Atom ★ Progress: 7/7M 2/3M 7/10M Wed 21:00 - 00:00 server time Mon 21:00 - 00:00 server time • Ragnaros EU - Horde. • Light raiding schedule with short hours. • Professional and relaxed atmosphere. • Experienced leadership. • Loot council. We are a proven and serious raid team with experienced leadership. <Atom> is the ideal guild for those wanting light commitment but meaningful progress in Mythic content. Our aim is to be a hard-working team in a compact time-frame. ★ Current needs ★ We are always interested in DPS players regardless of spec; any player applying should be confident in their own ability and comfortable raiding at Mythic level. As we are a low time commitment guild, we don't expect a lengthy application process; however, logs are mandatory. At the moment we are specifically looking for: - Elemental Shaman - Hunter We're also looking for a DPS with an experienced and adequately geared healing off-spec. ★ Contact ★ Battle.net: Ferbian#2203 Website: www.atom.team Discord: www.atom.team/discordAlynarie0 1d
1d [H] Real Raiders Have Curves [7/10M NH] <Real Raiders Have Curves> Information about the guild We are a group of players who enjoy progressing through Nighthold at a relaxed manner. However please note that this does not mean we do not strive to get the best out of ourselfs with the time we have to play. Raiding is the very essence of what makes us enjoy WoW and most of what we do outside of raiding is a way to prepare for the raids. May it be keystones or farming old raids and even farming those worldquests if we feel like it. To have good and fun raids, where there is a relaxed atmosphere the players of the guild are what makes that happen. Our guildies enjoy playing together or just having bants in guildchat with each other. Our raid experience Seeing we are playing legion, most of our raiders have raided in previous expansions with some dating back to the early days of WoW. However we are always willing to take in new players if they show they have learning capability and if they are willing to gear themself(with help of the guild ofcourse) before we take them into mythic. Raiddays Wednesday, Thursday, Monday from 19.50-23.00 servertime. We aim for high attendance, however we do understand work sheduling and we can always look at what is possible in your IRL situation Recruiting Tanks: Brewmaster monk, Guardian druid. Healers: Mistweaver monk, Resto shaman, Resto druid. Ranged dps: Mage, Warlock, Hunter, Boomkin, Shadowpriest, Shaman. Melee dps: Rogue If you are a other class that is not on the list, but would still like to apply we will consider it. The above classes are simply prefered. Contact You can contact us ingame by asking if any officers are online for more information or if you fail to catch us online you can add us on battletag. Helmine#2131 Gereius#2561 We hope to have peaked your interest and would love to meet you online. Greetings, Helmine, Babyjeebus, Gereius, Shinozuka, WînduHelmine6 1d
2d Semi-Casual Mythic Guild RECRUITING Good day! <Gelu Angelus> is a semi-casual mythic guild, formed many many years ago with an established group of very friendly and welcoming players. We are currently RECRUITING exceptional outgoing raiders to join our core group. We're currently on 4/10M NH, though our primary focus is now on the ToS fights. Mostly in need of a Healer and RDPS. Raids 20h-23h Mon/Wed + Sun (optional). My battletag is #Conzor2695 - hit me up in-game for more infoScelia1 2d
2d Warlock looking for a home/Raiding guild Hi! My name is Dennis, and i play a Warlock. I'm looking for a new home when it comes to raiding. I have been away from raiding and wow in general for sometime becuse of work Schedule and so on. But now I'm back, and wanna go endgame raiding and i wonder if it's any Guild who wanna take me in. I have cleared Heroic Nighthold once with a Guild, and normal with a Guild but now I have rerolled to a warlock. I know I'm behind miles but i will put in the effort and time to Catch up. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. Best wishes, FûbukiFûbuki1 2d
2d (H) Echelon (7/7M 2/3M 7/10M 2 Day Raiding Guild) About Us We are Echelon located on Ragnaros Horde, we're a group of experienced and dedicated raiders and IRL friends. We raid two nights a week in which we cleared 7/7M and 2/3M We aim to clear Mythic content when its relevant and before the release of newer raids. Current progression ... What to expect from us Determination on making the best core team possible, weeding out players without the right attitude, willingness or preparedness to make the two nights we raid ultra efficient and rewarding. A friendly, welcoming atmosphere with a leadership team who is easy to talk to and get to know. To provide a culture of constructive criticism, where you can be expected to be called out on mistakes, offered help and advice from experienced raiders and commended on owning up to your own actions. What we expect from you Punctuality, preparedness and a willingness to make the most of a two night raid schedule Ability to communicate appropriately i.e Working microphone, no issues talking/responding in a raiding environment Forethought i.e Giving advanced notice of any issues which will or may affect your attendance or ability to be an effective team member A sense of humour, a certain degree of maturity and the ability to be honest and accept feedback when necessary Raid Schedule ... WarcraftLogs/Trial Process Provide relevant performance logs from ToV or higher Informal questions and answers chat on discord Short trial period (One week/2 raid nights) Raider rank will be given to members who show great attitude and dedication to the guild and consistently perform to their best ability in raids Interested? Got any questions or need clarification please add: Tunka#21736Tunkka37 2d
3d Blood Rain is now recruiting! 6/10M About us: Blood Rain was created on May 5th 2007 on Neptulon and is currently one of the oldest raiding guild in europe. We have a strong PVE focus with a core group of mature members along with a tight-knit community and competitive nature and our ambition is to clear all the content while it's current as quick and efficient as possible while maintain friendly and fun environment. We are an international guild with players from all across the globe, but the language we use in guild chat and on Teamspeak is English. On the 09/05/2017 we opened a second raiding team. Blood Rain is now recruiting the following: For Team 1: Ranged DPS: - 1 hunter - High Priority - 1 warlock - High Priority - 1 mage - High Priority - 1 Elemental Shaman - High Priority - 1 Balance Druid - High Priority Melee DPS: - 1 warrior - High Priority - 1 DK - High Priority - 2 Rogues - High Priority - 2 Demon Hunters - High Priority - 1 Monk - High Priority Healers: - 1 Holy Pala - High Priority For Team 2: Ranged DPS: - 1-2 hunters - High Priority - 1 Balance Druid - High Priority - 1 Warlock - High Priority - 1 Elemental Shaman - High Priority Melee DPS: - 1 Enhance Shaman - High Priority - 1 Demon Hunter - High Priority - 1 Deathknight - High Priority - 1 Windwalker Monk - High Priority - 1 Rogue - High Priority Healers: - 1 Disc/Holy Priest/Restoration Shaman - High Priority - 1 Mistweaver Monk - High Priority Tanks: - 1 Guardian Druid/Brewmaster Monk - High Priority As a minimum, we require you to have at least 910+ ilvl, 48+ traits(after 7.2 change) on main spec weapon and perfect knowledge of all the fights. *** Exceptions can be made if you convince us that you are worth going for *** * Although our recruitment may be closed at times, we will always consider exceptional players who excel at their class and thrive on raid progression! Raiding Times: Team 1: Raid Inv are always at: 19:45! Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 - mandatory Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 - mandatory Monday 20:00 - 23:00 - mandatory Tuesday 20:00 - 23:00 - optional/cleaning up day Team 2: Raid Inv are always at: 20:45! Wednesday 21:00 - 00:00 - mandatory Thursday 21:00 - 00:00 - mandatory Monday 21:00 - 00:00 - mandatory During times of progression or close to a boss kill these times and days may be adjusted to fit in with guild progression. Anyone wishing to join us must adhere to this. During the weekend we host Optional Alt runs and Rated battleground runs. Progress: Team 1: The Emerald Nightmare: Heroic:7/7, Mythic:7/7 Trial Of Valor: Heroic:3/3, Mythic:2/3 The Nighthold: Heroic:10/10, Mythic:6/10 Tomb of Sargeras: Heroic:0/9, Mythic:0/9 Team 2: The Emerald Nightmare: Heroic:7/7, Mythic:7/7 Trial Of Valor: Heroic:3/3 The Nighthold: Heroic:10/10, Mythic 3/10 Tomb of Sargeras: Heroic:0/9, Mythic:0/9 What we expect from you: # Top notch performance and and in-depth knowledge of your class on all specs! # A high level of attendance for all raids and heads-up when you cant make it. # The ability to learn from your mistakes and adapt to encounters instantly. # Always show up to raids armed with consumables and on time. # Follow and carry out instructions to perfection. # Be able to understand and speak in English over Teamspeak. # Have stable internet connection, working microphone and computer that can handle 20 man raiding! We expect from all our raiders to understand that learning new bosses entails wipes and we are looking for people to drive progress, not to farm that which is already easy. A high level of attendance for all raids goes without saying. While we understand not everyone can make absolutely all of our raids, the best geared and most proficient at their role tend to be people with close to 100% attendance. What you can expect from us: # A guild with a highly competitive nature # Friendly Atmosphere # A stable and successful raiding environment to the most competitive players # An extremely strong and stable community amongst experienced players # Full guild support during raids from the guild bank Addons we use: # Deadly Boss Mods/BigWigs Bossmods # RCLootCouncil # BestInSlot # Exorsus Raid Tools # Angry Assignments # NameplateAuras # Omen Threat Meter Contact info: Please feel free to contact one of the officers in game for more info and to apply. Bengé (Benge#2295) - Guild Master & Raid Leader Higurashi (Higu#2717) - Officer Aralanna (Wigglles#2584)- Team 2 Officer Updated on: 22/05/2017Higudruid8 3d
4d <Metanoia> - Ravencrest. Looking for serious raiders <Metanoia> - Ravencrest - Alliance Introduction We are a group of older players who enjoy the game the most when we are pushing hard for Mythic boss kills whilst they are still relevant, unfortunately, we have been unable to find a guild that matches those ambitions/raids at the times we are able to raid. The Plan The aim is to have a solid roster of 20+ players who all want to get cutting edge pre-nerf in a drama free environment, and understand what is required in raids and outside to achieve that. Requirements • Age 18+ (will be reviewed case by case if not met) • Able to raid Weds/Thurs/Mon 22:00-01:00 (server-time) • 100% attendance barring unforeseen circumstances or reasonable notice. • Able to speak English and have a working mic you can use • Always prepared for raids, food/flask/pots/runes • Able to take constructive criticism and feedback. • Preferably have provable experience in raiding at a high end (will be reviewed case by case) • Able to commit the time required to min/max (and expect the same of others) • In depth knowledge of class and upcoming changes. • Able to read/watch/listen to raid tactics and have a thorough understanding of the boss and mechanics before stepping into any raid. • The mindset that loot is a means to an end and the “teams” progress > personal logs. • Mechanically strong The mentality of the guild may seem strict but this is because we would prefer not to have our or your time wasted if you are not prepared to commit. (if you do not meet 1 of the requirements then still feel free to submit an application form, if you are not prepared to meet 1 of the requirements then this is likely not the place for you) Classes/Roles Required Currently, we are in need of 3 Healers (preferably not shaman mains), and Ranged + Melee DPS. It is possible we have a tank spot open for outstanding candidates. What we will offer you A serious, drama-free raiding environment, with players that will commit to putting in the required time and effort. • Cutting Edge on every raid, anything less is failure • Eventually, raiding flasks/pots/feasts • Committed, consistent, and experienced leadership • High standards expected of everyone equally, no exceptions. • Researched and prepared raid leading If this is of interest to you and you want to apply visit: http://www.metanoia-eu.shivtr.com/ If you would like some more information, add mellowz#2407, zime#21104, entail#2216, AuQia#2343, InSAne#23753Pollitburo0 4d
4d <Metanoia> - Ravencrest. Looking for serious raiders <Metanoia> - Ravencrest - Alliance Introduction We are a group of older players who enjoy the game the most when we are pushing hard for Mythic boss kills whilst they are still relevant, unfortunately, we have been unable to find a guild that matches those ambitions/raids at the times we are able to raid. The Plan The aim is to have a solid roster of 20+ players who all want to get cutting edge pre-nerf in a drama free environment, and understand what is required in raids and outside to achieve that. Requirements • Age 18+ (will be reviewed case by case if not met) • Able to raid Weds/Thurs/Mon 22:00-01:00 (server-time) • 100% attendance barring unforeseen circumstances or reasonable notice. • Able to speak English and have a working mic you can use • Always prepared for raids, food/flask/pots/runes • Able to take constructive criticism and feedback. • Preferably have provable experience in raiding at a high end (will be reviewed case by case) • Able to commit the time required to min/max (and expect the same of others) • In depth knowledge of class and upcoming changes. • Able to read/watch/listen to raid tactics and have a thorough understanding of the boss and mechanics before stepping into any raid. • The mindset that loot is a means to an end and the “teams” progress > personal logs. • Mechanically strong The mentality of the guild may seem strict but this is because we would prefer not to have our or your time wasted if you are not prepared to commit. (if you do not meet 1 of the requirements then still feel free to submit an application form, if you are not prepared to meet 1 of the requirements then this is likely not the place for you) Classes/Roles Required Currently, we are in need of 3 Healers (preferably not shaman mains), and Ranged + Melee DPS. It is possible we have a tank spot open for outstanding candidates. What we will offer you A serious, drama-free raiding environment, with players that will commit to putting in the required time and effort. • Cutting Edge on every raid, anything less is failure • Eventually, raiding flasks/pots/feasts • Committed, consistent, and experienced leadership • High standards expected of everyone equally, no exceptions. • Researched and prepared raid leading If this is of interest to you and you want to apply visit: http://www.metanoia-eu.shivtr.com/ If you would like some more information, add mellowz#2407, zime#21104, entail#2216, AuQia#2343, InSAne#23753Pollitburo0 4d
4d Collision is now recruiting DPS (8/10 Mythic) Who are Collision? Collision is home to numerous core raiders, PVP players and social ranks. Raiding team has a good track record of PVE progress clearing. We raid three days a week (Wednesday, Sunday and Monday). Our approach to raiding is to have fun while progressing quickly and we expect raiders to know the classes and tactics so that we can clear content in a timely manner. Outside of raids we look to promote a friendly environment where members can enjoy all aspects of the game with our members interested in PVP and achievement farming among the many other game features. Raid Times: Wednesday, Sunday and Monday- 20:00h - 23:00h. FAQ: What is your Loot sistem? Our loot system is Loot Council. It helps us gear the group, not individuals. It will help us filter loot horny people from those who feel like a part of a team and care for the group. Most of guilds and Guild Masters I know and respect are using this system and their opinion and experience with it is more than excellent. What is the most special thing you can offer to new people? What makes you different than other guild with same progress? We have nice tabard. :) Well, most of guilds are focused only on raids and players are active only during raid times. We are always trying to be active and socialize outside of raid times over Discord, playing other games or just hanging out and chatting. Besides that, our raid atmosphere is very friendly and supportive. We are focused but aware that mistakes happen. We care for people same as we care for game and progress. What are minimum requirements we should have for joining? Two hands :) 900-905+ iLvl High knowledge of fights and tactics High raid attendance Working microphone Acceptable logs What counts as a bonus: Third hand, maybe Gold you can put in guild bank if you're rich :) Can my alts or social friends join also? Yes, they can. All though not for raiding, but we accept all kind of social and casual players. ... You can also check us on: ...Papee0 4d
5d [H] Destruction Crew looking for a new members Destruction Crew guild is PvE guild aiming for progress raids as quick and good as possible. We want to progress with fun and knowledge, rather than overgear bosses and be happy with that Skill>Gear What we're currently looking for ? Check updates What is required to join guild? - You Need to be mature player (18+) - Minimum of 80% Attendance in raids , and in case of absence you need to write about it - Have a working mic and headset. - Do not come into raids completley clueless of tactics. - Know your class If you want to join us, /w me in game: Navysilan-> Guild Master Rosser -> Officer Yinoko -> Officer Apatchi -> Officer Evilwithin -> Officer Thesepi -> Officer Few reasons why you should join us? - We have own Team Speak, with own ranks - We have own guild site, as well as Facebook funpage - We're guild which fusing progressing with fun - And last, most important- We have girls and cookies in the guild For what are you waiting for? Join us :) Visit our website: http://destructioncrew-eu.shivtr.com/Navysilan63 5d
6d Hypothermia(A)@Ravencrest, 3/3M+10/10M Norwegian guild! In order to comply to the forum guidelines the following post will be in English. but please note that we are interested in Norwegian people only. Hypothermia was created September 2013. The roster consisted of a mix of good friends who had played together since Vanilla, and some new faces. Our goal was to have good progress, while having fun doing it. Three years later, that is exactly what we've had. We have managed to establish ourselves as a successfull single-nationality guild, we were the leading all-norwegian guild in Highmaul and BRF, and also the first to get 7/7M in Emerald Nightmare. In NH we were hit by roster issues as a group of friends quit the game within a few days of each other, however, we persevered and ended up grabbing #2 for Norwegian guilds. With the release of Legion we have seen some new faces join our ranks and we now consist of people from all over the country. Our guild also put emphasis on the social part of gaming and for the last 4 easter vacations we have hosted a week of guild-LAN at one of our guild master's house. We were happy to see that almost our whole roster joined the party! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ About our raids: We are currently raiding three days a week. - Wednesday 19:30-23.30 - Thursday 19:30-23:30 - Monday 19:30-23.30 We never extend beyond this schedule We use Loot Council to distribute loot. This ensures the guild progression over single-player progression. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recruitment: We are currently recruiting for TOS progression, and as such, we might be more lenient to accept classes outside the ones listed below! We are currently looking for: Melee dps: Might have room for DH, Rogue or WW monk, possible also a warrior/DK, depending on rerolls Ranged dps: Open for most except Hunters! a Mage and SP would be ace! Tanks: Closed Healer: Closed Don't be afraid to leave an apply even if your class is not listed here. Exceptional players with something to offer are always welcome to apply regardless of current needs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements: - A working microphone and Teamspeak 3. - Good knowledge of your class/spec - Age 18+ - Preferably (not required) experience on par with our current progress. - Good artifact progress! - no specific ilvl is required at the moment, but we will not boost your character ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to be a part of one of the most successful Norwegian raiding communities there is, please contact one of the officers in-game: Deadeyez, Shikamaru or Sheiila, with their respective battle-tags teekay#2300, shikamaru#2938 or Guden#2360 with any questions you may have. I will not be checking this post outside updating progress or recruitment, so please add one of us in-game! :) Best Regards Thomas / Deadeyez - Hypothermia officer teamDeadeyez8 6d
6d LF A MYTHIC RAIDING GUILD Hello everyone, been playing the game alone so far without a guild so i am getting bored. I am lf a hardcore raiding guild 7/7 EN HC 3/3 H HC 10/10 NH HC 3/7 EM M 1/10 NH M Hope someone is interested in a Frost mage to add to their raiding team :)Einzenheim2 6d
17 May LF Casual raiding guild (H) Hey all, Just going to be blunt with exactly what I'm looking for no point doing a massive post if you have any questions just ask :) Looking to join a casual guild for ToS I've swapped mains to a MM Hunter from my Fury Warrior currently gearing it up.. I work late at night so I need a guild that will let me attend to raids when I can, I can accept / decline raids for the month so you know exactly when I can and can't attend. I'm fine with loot being given to the core raiders over me no big deal. I'm online every day running M+ Bgs ECT before work. 7/7 HC 3/3 HC 10/10 NM 4/10 HC Guldan Scorp Krosus and Tich. Won't ever be able to raid Thursday or Friday so need a guild that raids any days besides these :) Thanks all Flumsy#21931Dragorei0 17 May
16 May Inner Fury - 5/10 M 3d raiding guild - Twisting Nether Inner Fury Who are we? Inner Fury is a horde guild on Twisting Nether, which recently moved from Silvermoon [A], with high hopes of finding strong and even more engaged players for our mythic roster in Nighthold and future raids. We are currently rebuilding the guild on Twisting Nether and we are therefore considering all exceptional players. The guild management consists of former cutting edge experienced raiders including bosses as Archimonde and Xavius. We bring 5/10 M experience. We consider ourselves as a semi-hardcore raiding guild, which strives to achive Cutting in edge in up coming raids! We therefore expect you to have the same level of ambition as us. HWhat are we looking for? DPS: We are currently looking for all exceptional players of any kind of DPS spec, so dont hesitate to contact us. Healers: We are specifically looking looking for a Holy Priest and a Resto Shaman. Besides these two classes, we are also looking for one raid healer of the following spec: Resto druid, Holy priest or a Mistweaver Monk Raid Schedule We are raiding thursday, sunday and monday 20:00 - 23:00. Invites are starting at 19:45 and we expect you to be outside of the raid at 19:55. If we feel like a kill is within range, we might extende the raid with 30 minutes. We expect our raiders to maintain a attendance at 90% or above. What do we offer you You'll get the chance to experince the end game content of pve. A friendly and mature raiding team that shares the same dream and goals. An active community during raids and free time. We do run a lot of mythic+'s and other stuff together. What do we expect of you? First of all we expect you to be able to communicate in english both verbally and in writing. An essential part of raiding is communication, we therefore expect you to be able to answer when you're asked to do something during boss encounters. Even in stressful situations. We ask you to feel 100% comfortable in your calss, role and function on the raid team. We require you to optimize your character 110% for raids. This means that you keep yourself updated on relevant news regarding your class and spec. You show up with the right enchants, flasks, food and gems etc. We hope you have some sense of postive competition gene and are always doing everything you can to be best in your spot. Lastly we ask you to prioritize your time around our raiding schedule. Ofcourse real life stuff can always get in the way of a raid and we completly understand that, but we'd like to see you participate in as many raids as possible. Addons We require all of our raiders to have installed BigWigs/DBM, Exorsus Raid Tools, RCLootcouncil and Weak Auras. This is required by all of our raiders. Vi kræver af alle vores raiders, at de har installeret BigWigs/DBM, Exorsus Raid Tools, RCLootcouncil og Weak Auras. Dette er et must for alle raiders. Loot System While we raid we use Loot Council. The council consists of 2-3 officers and 1 raider. This loot systems ensure us that we get the best optimizations of our raid and makes the team ready for the next challenge we'll encounter. "We see loot as tool. Not as a reward." Trial Periode Your trial period runs in the time frame of two weeks. In these two weeks we are looking at both your performance in raids and your activity outside of raids. But also how you socially interact with the other guild members. We do allow ourselves to terminate a trial periode before the two week marker or even extend the period if we feel like we need to see more. In your trial period you won't have as high priority as raiders have in our loot distribution. When your trial period ends you'll be promoted to raider. Do you want more information? Feel free to contact a officer in-game or add us to battle tag. Molliyo - dablord#21821 Diggiyo - Turtlezz#2457 Humleskurken - Skurken#21512 We are looking forward to hear from you!Molliyo2 16 May
16 May <Unbound Energy> 10/10hc (dansk) Draenor H The guild is a danish speaking guild so the rest of the post will be in danish Unbound Energy er en nyopstartet Dansk guild som leder efter Flere members Vores Progress er lige pt 10/10HC vores raiding team er 2 uger gammelt Vores mål er et mythic stabilt raiding team med meget få raiding timer om ugen men samtidigt Præstere godt i raiding Vi er ikke hardcore overhoved. vi kan også lide at sidde på Guildens Discord channel og have det sjovt Så socials er også velkommen Hver torsdag er der et alt socialt fun raid der handler om at have det sjovt Vores raid dage og tider er Man/ons/søn 20:00 til 23:00 Lige pt mangler vi 2 Healers (Paladin/priest/) Melee DPS //Warrior/Deathknight/paladin) Ranged dps (Mages/shadowpriest) Officer Team i UE (Minsham/Gréénié/blinkfloyd/revshuntard)Minsham0 16 May
16 May . . delete!Drsnúggels2 16 May
14 May [H] - The High Council - 7/7M, 3/3M, 8/10M The High Council is an World of warcraft guild that has come back for the expansion Legion. The High council has it roots in "High Council" that orginated from EU-Xavius, EU-Boulderfist, and is now located on EU-Ragnaros. Several(~10) old core members have decided to come back and raid on a casual semi-hardcore level. We are currently looking for more quality players to bolster our ranks for Mythics. We are currently 8/10M and looking for more people to do Mythics. We aim to have as a high quality as possible of the raids we are doing, but at the same time have have time for real life activities. Our raid times (based on server time): Wednesday ~19.15-23.00 Thursday ~19.15-23.00 Sunday ~19.15-23.00 Recruitment: We are very interested in the following: * Mage * Shadow-Priest * Warrior(Fury / Arms) Any exceptional player(s) who feel like they can complement our quality of raiding regardless of class/spec. What we are looking for in you as a player: * You love raiding and want to progress in Mythic mode. * You're an independent and communicative player (that means you actively prepare yourself for new encounters, know about their mechanics and ask when you don't). * You wanna have fun and have good progress * Your English is good enough for clear communication. * You have a stable connection. * Being able to listen to and actively speak when required. What can we offer you? * We give you the opportunity to clear content at a fast pace with lots of fun. * A stable environment with few to none players leaving. * Members with several years of experience with guild- and raid-leadership. * A social guild with lots of laughs. * Casual raids on Saturday(NH Normal,ToV, EM NM Mythic etc). * Several Mythic+ groups How to join? 1. Contact Swix#2683 or apply at highcouncil.eu Some Old achievements: * pre-nerf M'uru/KJ in Sunwell * World 48 Yogg-Saron * World 16 A Tribute to Dedicated Insanity * World 61 LK 10 * Realm first from Mid-TBC to start of Cataclysm.Swixie11 14 May
14 May Nordrassil Refugees [H] 10/10 NH HC - Looking for more! Hi all, We are looking to expand our raiding team to take on Mythic raids. We currently have Nighthold Heroic on farm and are keen to get started! We are in need of DPS players, particularly ranged, and one healer (preferably shaman). However - we would be interested in inviting anyone who is talented and enjoys the game, and would be willing to help people gear up to advance. Our raid times are Wednesday and Sunday evenings from 6pm till 10pm. If you're interested, send a whisper to either Naradahr or Amazoth in-game, or post in this thread.Naradahr0 14 May
14 May <Jolly Rogers> recruiting for Nighthold heroic 2d/week Greetings, We are a casual guild that used to raid competitively but no longer have the time to do so, we now focus on doing heroic raids steadily and many M+ and have a great time. We are 7/7 EN HC & 3/3 ToV HC, Nighthold 10/10 N, 8/10 Nighthold HC and in need for all roles as we are rebuilding a core raiding group for Night hold heroic. We ask that you know your class and come prepared to raids. Raid Schedule: Thursdays and Sundays from 19:00-22:00 If you are interested, you can contact any of the following in-game: Pokey#21334 tahmu#2211 Nikolai#2899Pokeyourface11 14 May
14 May Huge pet sale I got 332 pets listed on AH, ranging from common to incredibly rare ones. Examples: Guardian Cub Spineclaw Crab Darkmoon Rabbit Hatespark the Tiny Searing Scorchling Spire Darter Hatchling Crawling Claw And over 300 others. If you are looking for a pet, maybe more than one, I will give interesting trade chat discounts. Just /w me, mail me in-game or reply here with the name of the pets you would like to buy and I will get to you with an irresistible offer!Bankatov0 14 May
13 May LF Blacksmith oldschool recipe. Hello, On my paladin I am looking for Darksoul shoulders, they can still be made by Blacksmith, but it's hard to find one since they removed the recipe in cata. So if any oldschool blacksmithers out there would like to help me on Ragnaras horde you would be my hero<3 Hope to hear from any one soon! pm me on Akir or Alanar.Alanar2 13 May
12 May <Daylight Raiding Time> Daytime/Afternoon Raiding Guild Daylight Raiding Time is a guild formed of people who are unable to work during normal raid times due to work & Time Zones. We were formed at the start of legion with an aim to clear all Mythic content. We are a Semi-Hardcore guild based on Draenor - Horde. Most of our guild activity is based around late morning & early afternoon. About the Guild We are a friendly bunch of people who try to keep things friendly during raids and make sure to have a laugh during farm content. We are generally found online most a few hours either side of raid time where we will be running M+'s or anything that takes a fancy. Current Progress: Emerald Nightmare - 7/7M Cutting Edge Nighthold 10/10 HC & 4/10 Mythic What to expect from us. Within Raids. A friendly and confident raid team who are willing to put down their time and effort to push past barriers and complete encounters to best of our abilities. We are adaptable and willing to listen to ideas from any members to help improve ourselves in any way. Outside of Raids We maintain a fairly active discord channel outside of raid times and run Mythic+ after raids and on off-days. What we expect from you. 90% Attendance Rate Online 10-15 minutes before raid time for invites. Come fully prepared with Flask/Potions/Health Potions & Buff Food. Understand the fights to the best of your ability. Have a complete understanding of your class and how to perform well with it. Have a basic understanding of all classes and specs to help understand the Limits & Strengths of your raid team. Working Microphone, Isn’t 100% essential however, having and using a microphone helps create an enjoyable atmosphere for all. Our Raid Schedule Monday 13:00 - 16:00 ST Wednesday 13:00 - 16:00 ST Thursday 13:00 - 16:00 ST Friday 13:00 up to 16:00 ST - This is an optional run for heroic clears to focus our raid times on clearing Mythic What we are currently looking for. Various Ranged DPS A couple of Melee, Warrior, Monk, Ret Paladin Willing to talk with any class & Spec who is interested in joining. Add me on battle.net for a discussion. How to Join: http://daylightraiding.enjin.com/ Please Contact any of the Officers below to discuss your application Shadowian - Battle.net - Shadowian#2895 Shadowian -Discord - Shadowian#1322 - Most consistent way to contact me We are most likely to be found online a few hours before and after raid times (13-16:00 ST) we will be available for a chat.Kadirz0 12 May
12 May [H] <Fearless> Boosting Service (IN-GAME GOLD ONLY!) We recently starting boosting people as a Guild. Fearless run boost runs (Nighthold) on Mondays, Wednesdays or Thursdays, we might consider boosting EN/ToV aswell. Mythic+ Runs can be planned for other days. Our Boosters are 900+ ilvl and got high experience when it comes to Challenge Modes in the past and M+ in current expansion. Our current prices are: NH (N) Full Clear, Personal Loot - 50k Gold NH (HC) Full Clear, Personal Loot - 240k Gold Gul'dan (HC), Personal Loot - 100k Gold Mythic+ +2/+3 - 20k Gold +4/+5/+6 - 30k Gold +7/+8/+9 - 60k Gold +10 - 80k Gold Any higher keys will be considered and price will be discussed. We promise that the runs are in time and if they are not you will get your gold back. The prices are static, so if it is a 3 chest the price will still be the same. Also all loot dropped during Raid/M+ (Which the raid team does not need). Will be traded to the people we boost. For all our runs you will be able to join us on discord and have a chat with us while getting boosted. PS: Prices are subject to change Hope to hear from you soon! Contact me by /whisper in-game or by adding Knutrex#21333Knutrex2 12 May
11 May The redridge ganker. If you're a low level alliance, stay out of redridge and lakeshire while I'm conducting my buisness there. You have been warned. Ask about me, see if you ain't heard// the redridge ganker.Undalus0 11 May
11 May The Ministry 7/10M - Urgent Need of a Raid Leader We are an international guild mostly consisting of mature players, both boys and girls, that have tons of fun while raiding and outside of raids. Our Discord server is usually occupied with people playing various games and posting all kinds of guild related and random stuff. Should be noted that several of our officers / core members have been raiding together on and off since early TBC and cleared end game content almost each patch, even got some server first kills. But as time goes by, some of the members have drifted away from us, so an active recruitment is a must for every guild that wants to stay healthy and flourish in future content. Raiding here is almost free! We are providing our raiders with flasks, feasts and vantus runes. _____________________________________________ Our raid times are: 20 - 23:00h CET / 10 min break around 21:30 on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday. During progression, we may sometimes slightly extend the raid from normal raiding hours, if we have enough people willing to stay. We are also running optional ALT runs on off days. _____________________________________________ Requirements to join: * RCLootCouncil, Weak Auras and Exorsus Raid Tools addons; * Discord - have a working microphone and don't be afraid to use it when needed; * 90% attendance in raids; * Have a computer that is capable of handling 25-30 players in raid environment; * Don't bring negative attitude, especially during wipes; * Don't complain about the gear, mounts and such, we always make sure that all our players get everything they need. _____________________________________________ Currently looking for an experienced raid leader who also has patience and a level head when needed, our raid leader is currently unable to raid lead due to IRL commitments, we have a really promising group of players and we feel like we're really struggling to fill the void left by our previous raid leader, we're more than willing to listen/speak to anyone who feels like they're up to the task, our officers are friendly experienced players who are more than ready to help with the workload whether it is discussing strategies and helping you feel more welcome within the guild, we understand that it's not everyday that a guild is asking someone to join a community without knowing anyone and making clearcut decisions, but this guild and community have been around since TBC and it's important that we keep the guild together rather than splitting up, we really hope that there's someone out there reading this who has the confidence to step up and message one of the leaders/officers and fill the hole in the guild that's been holding us back for a while now, if you're a raid leader who's guild has just disbanded and maybe have a few friends or previous raiders with you we're more than prepared to make changes where necessary to make sure everyone is happy and in a healthy environment. High Hunter Warlock Fury Warrior Medium Mage If your class is not listed in the recruitment section above, do not hesitate to apply - the doors are always open for skillful and dedicated players regardless of class, as we have members able to perform on different roles. You are expected to have a lot of experience in the end game content and decent logs. If you're interested in joining us you can fill the application form below: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfC3roBj3_2_ffFBUxAuAnIYigBzbZJkLiA0xi3GNSso8APnA/viewform Or contact the following players in game: Progdk - Progh#21265 Skyah - Skyah#219 Zyrinee - Cyssa#21124 Dirup Thank you for considering <The Ministry>!Skyah1 11 May
10 May WTS Sack of Starfish (TCG Toy) Hi, I'm currently selling Sack of Starfish http://www.wowhead.com/item=71628/sack-of-starfish on Earthen Ring / Darkmoon Fair. This is one of the few TCG Toys you can't buy from BMAH. Feel free to add me on TomJensen#1612 if you're interested of buying it I'm accepting offers on both Horde and Alliance and also different servers if the offer is suitable. You can also leave a bid + your battle ID as well in the thread. Kindest Regards,Lillybabtist0 10 May
10 May [H] <crab shack> 4/10M (2days/week) LF Ranged + Heals! Are you a crab, a crustaceous creature, or simply a fan of those hard-shelled cheeky chappies? If so, <crab shack> is for you. If not, well, we may still be for you (V);_;(V). We also raid, hang out, and share shell-related good times. We are recruiting ~2 ranged DPS (Pref Mage, Lock, Hunter) and ~2 heals to bolster our raiding squad, though please bear in mind all exceptional applications are considered. Who we are: We are mostly a collection of various IRL and ingame friends, who have who raided together in various combinations from Burning Crusade up until ICC, though many have played for longer. We try to raid in a relaxed environment, where everyone can input ideas, feedback, approaches, and good times. We are built from a group of players who are interested at raiding at a high and efficient level, but cannot commit more than twice a week. We raid Wed and Mon, 19:45 - 11:00 GMT +1. This is why we are looking to bolster our numbers, to give us flexibility regarding irl and ingame commitments, to ensure those precious mythic runs will never be missed. What we are looking for: We are now looking for raid-experienced members, ready to progress through Mythic with us. We have however created a group of friends who enjoy many aspects of gaming together, whether it be Mythic dungeons, raiding, PvP or running old content, or other games entirely... so friendliness, chattiness, and an eagerness to hang out is always encouraged. If you are interested or would like to know more either reply below, whisper Covalence, Lenrod, Stranimus, MikeyPala (or indeed any crab shack member) in game for a chat, or check out our website:http://crabshack.enjin.com/ We welcome both singular applications and additional groups of friends to build up our family! Thanks for reading xLenrod16 10 May
09 May Nova selling Nighthold Mythic Hi guys, As we are clearing this abit easier week by week now we are starting to sell boosts for certain bosskills & Mount. ATM loot will NOT be sold as we need it ourselves for rerolls for ToS. The options currently are: 10/10 Mythic All Kills + FoS from Gul'dan on Mythic 10/10 Mythic All Kills + FoS + Mount from Gul'dan on Mythic (Hellfire Infernal) Gul'dan Mythic FoS + Mount (Hellfire Infernal) Feel free to contact me ingame on either this or Jimdechamp. You can also add me on realid if you prefer that or if I'm offline Narub#2401Narub0 09 May
09 May 907+ Assa/Sub rogue LF guild Hey! https://www.wowprogress.com/character/eu/ragnaros/Supercilious I'm looking for a relaxed but still competetive guild that intends to raid mythic content if not already doing so. I'm interested in a 2 day raid week, preferably between 21:00 - 01.00 due to me working late sometimes. I've not been able to do any mythic NH yet apart from a tichondrius kill, due to work interfering with my current guilds raid times, and thus my reason to want a change. I have no problem transfering servers and/or faction changing if so be. I'm hyped for ToS and be able to push mythic when the time is right, so if your guild is currently recrutiting you can get back to me at Skgn#2206 /SuperSupercilious2 09 May
09 May WTS AFK LEVELING BOOST 85-90 As the title implies I want to start selling leveling boosts for alts. I will take half of the money for a level before starting and the other half after u dinged. This way there is no way that we can scam each other. I'd prefer it if you where in a guild with the 10% Xp bonus, and it would be even greater if u had a guildbanner for even more xp. Being rested will also greatly increase the speed of the boosting service. Prices: 1 level = 6k 85-87 = 11k 87-90 = 16k 85-90 = 18k RESTED DISCOUNT = 25% OFF! If u're interested hit me up in game, mail me or add Btag: Ronin#2232. I can boost on other realms but I want the money on ragnaros.Elrydor2 09 May
09 May <Numbers Mate>7/7M - 2/3M - 7/10M Ragnaros EU [2D/W] <Numbers Mate> of Ragnaros EU are recruiting for Legion and beyond. We will be raiding on a casual schedule - Wednesday and Thursday evenings from 20:00-23:30 with a farm raid on sunday. We will aim for quality over quantity and try to provide an enjoyable raid environment with some fun and laughs along the way. Also we provide flasks food and vantus runes. Many of our members have a history of raiding in competitive guilds but no longer want to commit as much time to the game. We ask that you have an in depth knowledge of your class with a viable offspec (or alt) and of course a solid raiding history is a big plus. If you are looking for a hardcore progress guild then this is not the guild for you. If you are looking for a guild that will clear mythic content efficiently and on a casual schedule then we want to hear from you! We are always on the lookout for new players to join our mythic roster as we value competition for the raid spots. You can contact Nonstrex (Wheelie#21229), Epicfull ( Epicful#2600 )Edz (Straightedge#2273), Fenners, or any other officer/member in game for more information. Socials are also welcome as we often run many dungeons, alt raids, and play other games etc. http://numbersmate.enjin.com/Zaichi73 09 May
08 May Lakeshire shutdown From 15.00 to 17.00 I want the whole town cleared out. This will be a hostile takeover Any low level player caught questing during these hours will experience my daggers to the face until you log out. Trying to flee will only make it worse. You have been warned.Undalus0 08 May
06 May [H] Raiding/Social Guild - <Crimson Syndicate> About Us: Crimson Syndicate is a social/raiding guild on Ragnaros Horde. Our guild mostly consists of experienced and social raiders as well as IRL friends (we try to keep a friendly and non-toxic atmosphere). The guild has been fairly casual since day one but now we aim to build a new team of dedicated players and to clear content on the highest difficulty. For now, we plan on raiding twice a week (Wednesday: 19h00-22h30 ST and Sunday: 18h00-21h30 ST) and depending on progress and the performance of the players, potentially a third raiding day could be added during the week. In the mean time during the recruitments, we'll continue clearing Normal/Heroic NH in order to familiarize ourself with the new players. What you can expect from us: We're a small and patient group of players who are determined to make it eventually through many of the mythic fights. We're more vocal than anything else and we spend most of our time on Discord. We try to maintain a fun yet serious atmosphere (it's just a game after all). What we're looking for: We don't expect to recruit top-end raiders, that said, we're looking to recruit skilful and motivated players. We're a helpful bunch who can provide the necessary tools to prepare for Legion raiding. However, as said before, we're a new guild so we must ask of you to be patient as things are set in motion and as we fill up the roster (don't expect hard mythic progress within a week of joining...). Aside from that, we're in need of DPS (prefer range) and healers. Some prerequisites that we ask for to create a sort of "filter": -860+ IL -18+ years old -Working microphone (vocal activity isn't 100% obligatory but it'd be preferable) -An open mindset (open to suggestions, constructive criticism and advice to increase your own player skill and to benefit everyone) For more questions: -Contact us via Btag: Nelliel#11166, DarkOzone911#2971, AlphaBlitz#2101, Krícke#2353, Stawle#2191 -Contact us in-game: Neltu, Teenwitch, Miyazu, Casualf, EssìcaNeltu0 06 May
05 May <Never Easy> Recruiting <Never Easy> is a raid guild with the aim to clear Mythic content efficiently with a relaxed 2-3 days per week schedule. Right now we are running 3 HC Runs per week. One of these Raids are for main specs only where the officers will use Loot Council to decide who needs gear the most to enable everybody to raid more efficiently. Raid Times - Thursday (20:00 – 23.00) - Sunday (20:00 – 23.00) - Tuesday (20:00 – 23.00) What we will require from you - Know your main spec, actively learning an offspec is also appreciated - A mature attitude inside and outside of raids, along with respect for your fellow guild mates - You prioritise the performance of the raid team over yourself, this means no "Log Whoring" on progress or getting upset over pieces of loot - You can effectively prepare for a raid fight, seeking out as much information beforehand as possible and coming with the relevant flasks, food and potions What you can expect from Never Easy - A very social and outgoing guild, with alt raids - A guild that understands not everything in life is game related - Outgoing and friendly leadership - A stable raiding environment Right now we're looking for: DPS 1 Tank Please contact 1 of the below Officers: Nëcrò Giocatrice MakronMakron1 05 May
03 May [H] Order of Thrall, 10/10HC, 2D a Week Hello! Intro We're a semi casual (social) raiding guild who raid two nights a week, Monday and Thursday from 20:30 - 23:30 server time. Within raids we aim to keep a chilled atmosphere while also getting the job done. Out of raids we're rather chatty and run a variety of other content. Our Social Aspect We don't tolerate toxic people, which, overall has put us a in a great position! Our guild has a great group of people. I don't always log on for the content, I log on to chat with them, to run stuff with them - cos their fun to hang out with. Our Discord usually has about 5, or so, people on it during evenings and weekends. We're multinational, we have people from all over Europe, I've never met these guys but a fair few of them I'd call good friends. What we're currently up to We killed Gul'dan Heroic about a month or so ago. So since then, on Thursdays, we've had Heroic on farm - which makes it a great time to gear up new guys. Then on the Monday we run Normal, for AP/Lego/Alts/Achievements. Throughout the week we do other content, Wednesday evenings and the weekend are when we usually farm Mythic+'s. And currently a number of people are back into Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm, so feel free to come play that also with us. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - What we're looking for from you - Reliable (Can make raid times with 90%(ish) attendance - Non-toxic - Understanding of Class/Spec - 36 traits min - Understand English - Being able to talk is a plus but not mandatory - Currently No min ilvl - Have Gems/Enchants You don't need to have cleared the content yet as long as you understand your class and you're willing to look up tactics - we are patient and are happy to help if you're going to stick with us. Roles currently open DPS - Frost/Arcane Mage - Balance Druid - Hunter - Fury Warrior - Shadow Priest - Warlock Even if your class isn't listed here still feel free to contact me. These are just what we would prefer. If you have any more questions or want to contact me add me on Twilightsky#2695 Hope to hear from you CloudShyiiri45 03 May
01 May [H] Gelu Angelus recruiting for Mythic NH/ToS Gelu Angelus is a semi-serious raiding guild with lots of other things to offer. The guild is a friendly community of active and skillful players who raid at designated raid times. We aim to reach PvE end-game content as soon as we’re able to and, in the meantime, have a laugh or two. Our guild has been progressing on current content since 2007 with notable achievements such as Ahead of the Curve and Cutting Edge from every tier since. Our main focus is still clearing mythic difficulty raiding content. We occasionally run legacy raids and try to enjoy the overall PvE environment as well. Our guild members come from all across Europe, so the main language is English. Most are in their twenties, early thirties and therefore we like to think we have somewhat of a mature attitude while gaming. Most of us consider each other friends - in game and sometimes even IRL - and we have a lot of fun together. What we expect from our raiders: - You need to be able to understand and speak English. - You need to be prepared for the specific raid/encounter by watching videos, reading guides or by other means. - You need to be fully enchanted/gemmed and have the best flasks/pots available to your class/spec. - You need to be able to communicate via VoIP (Discord). Currently we would like to add some new members to our mythic raid team. We are specifically looking for: - Balance Druid - Feral Druid - Holy Druid - Holy Priest - Any DPS who thinks he/she has what it takes and fits in our group (no demon hunters and shadow priests though) Current Progress: 4/10 Mythic NH Raiding Days: Sun 20:00-23.00 ST (farm raid) Mon 20:00-23.00 ST Wed 20:00-23.00 ST (Invites start 15 minutes prior to a raid.) If there is anything else you would like to know about either joining us or about Gelu Angelus in general, feel free to ask any of the officers in game. For an impression of our guild's endeavours you might wanna check out our website http://gelu-angelus.enjin.com. Thanks for checking us out and we hope to see you around! The officers of Gelu Angelus Seditiar (GM) Shaiza (RL) LinoreLinore0 01 May
01 May [H]<Twilight Souls> 3/10M Weekend Raiding LF Ret/SP About Us [TwSL] Twilight Souls are a former hardcore raiding guild who was top 500 back in the TBC-Cataclysm days. However since then real life has hit, and people now work overtime/have kids etc. so we just don’t have the time to raid on a 4-5 day schedule anymore. We aim to still be competitive and clear all Mythic content while it is relevant while only raiding on a 2 day weekend schedule. We aim to be efficient with our limited raiding time and still maintain a very competitive raiding environment. The guild is still active during the week with people regularly logging on to do mythic+, old raids and arena as they please, while we also maintain a discord server for communication out of game (or at work ;) ) We are currently looking to expand the raid team with 1-2 more strong people to complete our Mythic Raiding Roster. We are located on horde side on the Ragnaros-EU server. Recruitment At the moment we're in need of a Prot Paladin Tank and strong DPS classes who log well for their ILVL (SPriest/Ret Pally/Ele Shaman especially). Higher item level is of course better but anything above 870 to start out is fine. We are looking for potential, people who log well for their ilevel who we can gear to become good mythic raiders. Old school raiders preferred, but not required! If we are not currently looking for you class do not let that discourage you, we will always consider exceptional applications from all classes! Raid Times (Server) Friday 20:30 - 00:00 Sunday 20:00 – 00:00 Progression Status 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare 3/3 Heroic Trial of Valor 3/10 Mythic Nighthold Misc Loot: Master Loot via Loot Council Voice: Discord http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/ragnaros/Twilight+Souls Contact Apply here: http://twilight-souls.co.uk/recruitment Darkxblade#2173 Lupercal#2976Darkxblade3 01 May
01 May (H) Feral druid & Holy priest LFG deleteGiocatrice3 01 May
30 Apr Sham/dk lf weekend raiding guild Looking for a guild raiding on friday/saturday perferably, got this ele shaman which is considered an alt and Unholy/frost DK with 902ilvl+, but gearing this toon atm. From Sweden and have been raiding on and off since classic WoW, got headset and speak english fluently.Linqs2 30 Apr
30 Apr [H] < Unity > 7/10M NH Weekend Raiding Who are we? Hi and thank you for reading. Unity is a merged guild on Ragnaros EU with an emphasis on clearing all end-game content while it's current. We are currently looking for more dps to bolster our team and have set our sights to clear Mythic raiding. We come from all walks of life. Some are studying, others are working but the culture of the guild remains cordial and friendly with lots of laughter. We don't take ourselves too seriously, but are very passionate about gaming and games and therefore our progression reflects our attitude towards the game. I'd like to emphasise that we are a very friendly guild and are close. We don't like elitists, nor do we enjoy playing with individuals who whine or cry. Progression should be a passion, and understanding your class is crucial. No bigotry, immaturity or rudeness will be tolerated. We're very team-orientated and therefore anyone who gets a trial with us is expected to be able to become a part of such an environment. Attitude is above everything, and from Day One the aim should be to focus on being a member of a team. When do we raid and what is our current progression? Main Team: Saturday and Sunday: 15:00 - 19:00. We're currently 10/10HC, 7/10M Nighthold What are we recruiting? We are looking for the following roles to join our team. - Ranged DPS - Resto Shaman The following roles are of great interest: - Ranged DPS with healing offspecs Even if your class isn't listed above please feel free to drop us an application! Interested? PM us at karokk#2441, Qelix2729, Retribution#22143 for questions or alternatively, go straight to our website and apply unity-ragnaros.comRetribution35 30 Apr
29 Apr A <Lionheart> Recruiting Players. <Lionheart> is a guild and community aspiring to be great one day. Though, while most guilds only interested in your experience with the game and skill, we are different. We appreciate the person, the friendships and companionships forming in our midst, which all makes mutual raiding/pvp events more enjoyable in the future. We are brand new with a very small playerbase in the guild, but we are determined to find people to fill spots that will make Lionheart the guild to be in. Whether you are new to the game, a dedicated raider/pvp'er or a casual player, we would welcome you with open arms into what will hopefully be, a great guild in time to come. We have a guild discord channel. If you are interested in signing up, please whisper myself or Eshilan. My Btag is Castiel#22336 - if you struggle with the äê in my name. Hoping to hear from those of you interested soon, For Azeroth ~SSämmäêl2 29 Apr
28 Apr <The Nameless Legion> 6/10M Ragnaros EU [3D/W] The Nameless Legion is a guild formed at the start of warlords of draenor from vanilla players . We have merged with 3 more guilds and we are a solid international team of friendly and skilled players who has been in the game since the very beggining . The leading team has Cleared Naxx 40 at 20th position of europe on grim batol server with a guild named " balance " . We are doing every day many activities like Mythic + , PvP and other stuff . Our goal is to have fun together and make a strong team on mythic raiding . We are willing to boost people and help them in order to be a part of our Team - Familly . We are not elitists or jerks and we believe that everyone can play on a top level . We are looking for people that are active and loyal to fill our ranks . Socials are also welcome . Our Raiding Schedule : Thersday 19:00 - 23:00 Sunday 19:00 - 23:00 Tuesday 19:00 - 23:00 Our Requirements : * You have to be polite. (This is one of our main priorities to keep the guild friendly to everyone) * You have to be active. (80% attendance) * You should be able to communicate through Discord. Contact For more info about anything please contact with : Demian#2764Magistric1 28 Apr
27 Apr [H] <Ready Check> Dansk Guild. 3D/W. 7/10M <Ready Check> Dansk Guild dannet af erfarne raiders som ønsker at rekruttere ambitiøse spillere til vores mythic roster. Nuværende progress: 7/10 Mythic. Om os: Guilden blev startet d.4/3-2017 med et ønske om at samle konkurrencedygtige danske spillere under samme fane, som i fællesskab skal skubbe grænserne for dansk raiding på Ragnaros. Vores nuværende medlemmer er nøje udvalgt, ligeledes vores fremtidige. Vores raid-calender er således: Onsdag 19:30-23:00. (OPTIONAL): HC Clear. Torsdag: 19:30-23:00. Søndag: 19:30-23:00 Vi forventer minimum 90% attendance til torsdag/søndags raids af vores members. Kan du ikke opretholde sådan et niveau, er vi ikke interesseret. Vi går op i alle vores spilleres performance, derfor vil logs blive checket flittigt igennem. Er der noget, som du er i tvivl om, vil vi gøre vores bedste for at hjælpe dig med at improve, men vi har en forventning om, at du allerede i forvejen er yderst komfortabel i din rolle. Vi forventer desuden, at du møder op til raid fuldt enchanted, med rigeligt af flasks/pots/food til rådighed. Kræves yderligere performance af raidet, vil augment runes også være et krav. DET MANGLER VI: Tank: Lukket. Healer: Monk (En healer som er komfortabel i sit dps off-specc er + prioritet) Melee Dps: Rogue/DK/Fury Warrior/Retri Paladin Ranged Dps: Elemental Shaman/MM Hunter/Shadow priest. Står din class ikke på listen, men mener du, at du kan outperforme én af vores nuværende members, så skriv alligevel. Vi er altid på udkig efter exceptionelle spillere. Har du, hvad det kræver at være en del af en progress-minded dansk guild? Whisper én af vores følgende officere for en uforpligtende snak. Didgedelik#21136 Visgaard#2868 Laursens#2533Didgedelik11 27 Apr
27 Apr [H] They Shall not Pass casual raiding guild They Shall Not Pass: We are named after the Spanish war cry ¡No Pasarán!, which was a slogan used to express determination to defend a position against an enemy. This guild, originally on Nordrassil and remade on Ragnaros two years ago, was formed to foster an environment of communication and cooperation. We want to enjoy ourselves, and manage a space where other people can enjoy themselves too. Our focus is on an ENTIRE LACK of guild drama, animosity and stress. And we think this works. After being together for a long time now, we’re still going strong. We’re a guild where most people come home after work/ school and log on to relax and have fun with friends. A positive attitude is strongly advise, because hey, we all have enough stress in our lives in any event, and no one wants to log onto WoW to deal with yet another negative nancy, drama mamma or whinging willy. We’re Raiders who are social. We’re friendly and like to have fun in Guild chat, but on Raid nights (Thurs and Sunday, 20:00 Server time) we take things reasonably seriously. We focus on the raid and kill the bosses, or atleast try to . Our main focus is to clear normal and heroic is extra for us. We are always looking for more people with the same mind set as ours. Thank you for reading this and if you are interested in joining please feel free to contact a Guildie or register on our website : http://theyshallnotpass.enjin.com/home If u want too contact us ingame whisper: -Gloigan -Rachimo -FnurckGloigan17 27 Apr
26 Apr [H] First Blood 9/10M recruiting DPS We are recruiting more DPS for Nighthold and Tomb of Sargeras! Currently looking for Boomkin, Hunter, Mage, Warrior, Monk, Ele shaman! First Blood is a semi-hc raiding guild formed by bunch of old SlayStation members from Twisting Nether. Most of us have been playing WoW for many years, and we have long history of heroic (now Mythic) raiding. We have been raiding together as a guild since MoP and have a solid core of players, but we are always looking for new members to make our core raiding team better! If you want to become a part of that core and you know how to push buttons on your keyboard really well you should consider joining us! We raid 3 nights a week, from 19:30 to 23:30 server time every Wednesday, Sunday and Monday. However if we are close to a kill we might extend raid hours by 30 minutes to 1 hour. Right now we are looking to for couple more DPS and healer for remaining bosses in Nighthold and for Tomb of Sargeras! Even if your class or spec is not mentioned on the recruitment you should still consider applying! We welcome all talented players. For applications go to our website: http://firstblood.enjin.com/ Feel free to contact us ingame for more info! type /who "First Blood" in game to check who is online and whisper anyone. Theres almost always someone online either on WoW, TeamSpeak or Skype Guildmaster is Pópcorn/Hótdog and officers: Runaetus, Deeksy and TurjanTurjan2 26 Apr