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1d Outland EU - Guild list As Jonner is gone I'll be in charge of the Guild list, and keep it updated as much as I can. Some websites has been removed due to "inactivity". If I have deleted some that is not, just post it here again and I'll add it. ALLIANCE: ATT * www.att-outland.com Azeroth Security * azerothsecurity.rdocorp.com Ancient Storm * www.ancientstorm.guildlaunch.com Champions of the hall * www.coth-guild.com Considerably Superior * www.considerably-superior.guildzilla.com Dilemma * www.dilemmaeu.webs.com Divine Retribution * www.divine-retribution-guild.wowstead.com Elation * www.elationguild.wowstead.com Elude * www.eludeguild.wowstead.com Entourage * www.entourage-outland.blogspot.com Euphoric * www.euphoric.guildomatic.com Fatalis * www.fatalis.wowstead.com Hüljatud * www.huljatud.com iNfiniti * www.infiniti-outland.com I Stab Your Face * www.infamousguild.com Infamous * www.infamousguild.com Innervate * www.innervateonline.com Immortal Dawn * www.immortaldawn.guildzilla.com Level and Socialize * www.las.wowstead.com Mary Moo Cows * www.marymoocows.com Nightwatchers * www.nightwatchers.eu Ominous * www.ominousoutland.enjin.com Pech und Schwefel * www.pechundschwefel.org Peanuts * www.peanutseu.guildlaunch.com P h o e n i x * www.guildphoenix.com PvP Inc * www.outland-pvpinc.com Reckoning * reckoning.gportal.org S e v e n t h * unknown Sigil * www.sigil-outland.com Simplicity * Simp.co.nr Sinisters * www.sinisters-guild.net Terra Nova Alliance PvP * www.theterranova.mmoguildsites.com The Gits * www.wowgits.co.uk The Exiled * www.the-exiled-outland.wowstead.com Union - www.union-guild.eu Vengeancé PVP * unknown Whats a Darnassus * unknown Xeon * www.xeon.wowstead.com Zeus * www.zeus-gaming.net Pech und Schwefel * www.pechundschwefel.org HORDE: A Bunch Of Gankers * www.gankers.co.uk Aberrant * www.aberrant.wowstead.com Absit Invidia * www.absit-invidia.enjin.com Ace óf Spades * www.aosguild.wowstead.com Apathy * www.apathywow.com Anthemic * www.anthemic.eu Artifacts * artifactsguild.enjin.com Da VooDoo Shuffle * www.davoodooshuffle.guildlaunch.com Dark Carnival * www.darkcarnival.guildomatic.com E n v y * www.wowenvy.co.uk Fantastic Ten * www.fantastic-ten.enjin.com Fenimo * www.fenimo.com Fifth Sin * www.fifth-sin.com Glads N Dropouts * www.gnd.guildlaunch.com Hardcore Casuals * www.hardcorecasuals.eu Head Hunters * www.hhguild.co.uk Honourbound * www.honourbound.wowstead.com Justice For All * www.justiceforall.wowstead.com Kindred * www.kindred.openu2.com Malice in Wonderland * www.malicewonderland.wowstead.com MARINE MARAUDER MANABURN * www.mmm-gaming.eu Masculine Valkyries * www.masculine-valkyries.wowstead.com Northen Ice storm * www.northernicestorm.wowstead.com Not For Hire * nfh.rajraj.net Prima Terra * www.primaterra.mmoguildsites.com Slicing Smurfs * slicingsmurfs.dyndns.org Solidarity * www.solidarity-wow.co.uk The Dark Vengeance * www.tdvguild.org The Squirtle Squad * www.thesquirtlesquad.wowstead.com Undefeatable * www.undefeatable.net The Uprising * www.wss.guildomatic.com Vesperia * www.vesperia-outland.enjin.com Zylos Hand *www.zyloshand.globalcontrol.biz Ättestupan * blomgren.com/forumsMeät279 1d
46m [A] Niemeyer - 8/10M - is recruiting for ToS [A] Niemeyer - 8/10M - is recruiting for Tomb of Sargeras At the moment we're especially looking for 1 Healer and 2 Ranged DPS to strengthen our core mythic raiding team, but we will always welcome all classes/roles/players who think they have what it takes to improve our roster. If you show your worth, you will most definitely be rewarded :) Niemeyer is a relatively new semi-hardcore Faroese, turned international guild, which aims to clear all content, while it is relevant. Niemeyer can offer you a welcoming and friendly, yet very competitive environment, where we strive to better ourselves. We only started raiding Nighhold mythic around mid March (6 weeks after it was released) with a small core of dedicated veteran players, but have since been steadily growing our roster with good and competitive people. Our mythic Nighthold progression has been going pretty well, and so far every boss that we've killed has gone down without too many problems. But since we started so late we've now simply run out of time to get Elisande and Gul'dan down before ToS will be released. Raid times: Monday 20-23 Wednesday 20-23 Sunday 20-23 What we expect from you: You read tactics before progress. You know your class. Being able to handle criticism. Always have flasks, food, pre-pots and runes before raid. Strive to become a better player. High attendance during progression. A stable internet connection during raids. If you want to send a request or have any questions at all, please do contact one of our officers. We're all a friendly bunch, we don't bite :) Officer contacts: Mythasiá - Ske3l#2382 Zèez - Jonesy#22174 Fredburzt - Naxoz#2346 Alué - Defiler#2447Fredburzt2 46m
1h [A] <Tilted> An ex-raiding guild reformed. 9/9 Normal Greetings fellow raiders! 9/9 NORMAL Guild Information <Titled> is a recently reformed ex-raiding guild which peaked at Top 800 during Nighthold progression. With a well established, strong core and a tight knit community we are looking for passionate, skilled and dedicated raiders with previous experience. We are primarily recruiting skilled Healers and DPS to progress into Tomb of Sargeras and becoming one of the best guilds. Requirements Punctuality along with a 90%+ attendance Extensive knowledge of your class and raid mechanics Whilst not required, previous raid experience is preferable 900+ Item Level Be able to use Discord (Microphone is not required) Raiding Times 2 nights a week: Thursday and Sunday, 19-23 Realm time. This is subject to change and will most likely include 1 extra day during release week. Contact Information If you are interested in joining on our adventure to Mythic progression message me in game at "Dudehond" or you can also add me on Battlenet "Dudehond#2757"Dudehond5 1h
21h 912 Blood DK and 915 Guardian Druid (eq) LF GUILD Hello! Me and my druid friend have decided to look for another guild to raid on a regular basis due to the fact that we are not happy with our current guild anymore. We are both 10/10 HC and 9/9 NM and have been tanking together since day 1 of nighthold (i have rerolled since). Currently looking for a guild with similar progress that raids 2-3 days a week starting at 20:30. You can find us at: SvenKuber#2375Pricus0 21h
1d [A] <Guardian of Tirisfal> Social Guild [Guardian of Tirisfal] is a Social International Guild (PvE/PvP) made by some ITA Friends a pair of months ago. Our point is to have fun exploring all WoW's contents while keeping a decent level of progression. Between, We got pizza.. Tons of pizza! --- Basic Guild Rules: * Be always respectful to your Guildies (and non-Guildies too, as It reflects badly on the Guild). In a few words: "Don't be a j@#k". * When offering Item in Guild Chat, offer for free. When asking for Items in Guild Chat, don't expect to receive them for free. * Don't ask repeatedly for boosts through Dungeons on your low-level Characters (or Alts). * Try to return favors without being asked. Guild Bank & Repair: * Gold Donation are not required, but every contribute will be appreciated. * Don't withdraw Items just to sell them to the AH. * Guild Repair is open to all Guildans. Guild Events (Old Contents / Dungeon / Istance / Raid / PvP): * Tuesday from 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM (Server Time). * Thursday from 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM (Server Time). > Guild Events are always set by the Guild Leader (or Officers) on the Calendar. Requirements: * It doesn't matter about Char LvL, ILvL, In-Game Experience or whatever similar. If You're friendly and like minded, You'll be welcome here! Vocal Chat: * Discord (/w or mail the Guild Leader in Game to receive Your "Invite Link") --- If You are interested (or You'll ask for more info) please /w (or mail) Babbano in Game OR send a request to [Guardian of Tirisfal] from LF Guild (J)! Have a nice day! :DBabbano8 1d
1d [A] Looking for a guild Hello I just returned to wow and looking for an active guild described in title. with the possibility which Bllizard made in recent major patch all I looking for is gold. this can allow me to bring all my characters in 1 realm and change themm al to my desired faction which is Alliance. I have all classes among realms except rogue, hunter and priest. for this purpose Im willing to do anything as the guild desires and go as it's schedual to get what i can assure you about knowing good gameplay combos and many other things which can allow me to play a proper game in PVE and PVP. I am 25 years old persian boy, English is my 2nd language and there will be no worries about my undrestanding of your instructions/spech in game. right now i have a lock/warr and dh in outland and as i said its only a matter of gold to bring any character to this realm for the guild. My free time for the guild is from 19:00 to 24:00 realm time Please do not hesitate to ask your furture questions, and please, only answer to this thread if you are from a serious GuildGollakh2 1d
1d [A] WTS Bloody Coin Boost Hello there! I am selling Bloody Coin boost! Time: 500 coins takes around 20 mins. 2000 coins takes around ~60 mins. Rewards: 500 Bloody Coins: Blazebinder achievement + Reins of the Ashhide Mushan Beast 1000 Bloody Coins: Kilnmaster achievement 2000 Bloody Coins: Fire-Watcher achievement + Title: Fire-Watcher <name> Prices depend on your realm/faction: 500 Bloody Coins = 25-35k 10-15mins 1000 Bloody Coins = 45-55k 20-30mins 2000 Bloody Coins = 80-100k 40min-1h 20min Before we start, you will need The Fire Watcher's Oath from Speaker Gulan. How to get it: Go to The Timeless Isle Kill a few mobs until you get 100 Timeless Coins Buy The Fire Watcher's Oath from Speaker Gulan(http://www.wowhead.com/npc=73307/speaker-gulan) If you are interested add me on : Zizipus#2885 ...Zizipus0 1d
2d [A] Summer RBGs *Deleted Post*Halioz0 2d
2d Outland alli oldalon van e magyar guild? Azért kérdezem mert akkor szívesen belépnék meg én nem találtam egyet se.Aftale18 2d
2d PVP Elitism... Please help! Hi, I'm somewhat miffed. I loved PVPing on my Holy priest till a few days ago, when I realised that I will never have the opportunity to really push myself. Why? Because apparently, you cannot PVP unless you have a combat rating. This is so frustrating to me. I look at the custom groups, and most of them require experience at the top level, however, I stand no chance of getting there because the only groups I am able to join are incompetant. These are the kinds of groups where people think holding mid in every match is the key to success. So I lose. Again. And again. This frustrates me because I know I am competant. In every single match I've been in, I've been top healer in probs 95% of them. In the other 5%, I'm still Top 3. In the odd group I sneak into with my experienced friend, I am outhealing healers with a CR of 2k+. Now, before you start talking about numbers telling half the story, I know this. I know if you're defending a fc, you probably won't be as high as someone healing the group. And there in lies my point. I KNOW THIS. I don't just chuck out numbers, but I also know how to play the actual bg. You will not find me camping mid at random, nor sneaking off to cap some random base. I play to win, not to get the most kills or farm points. I am beyond annoyed that I am now being held back in playing with (and against) some genuinely good players because I don't have a numerical value attatched to my skill, and I currently have no real way to obtain said numerical value. This leads to my next point. PVP guilds. WHERE ARE THEY? I've googled PVP guilds on Outland, and so far the only one I saw that's active appears to be ran by a crazy person. I don't want to go there... So tell me. What does a holy priest wanting to get a good rating and play some RBG's with some competant folk have to do in order to get a good rating and play with some competant folk? Please help! TIA!Temperancé4 2d
2d [A] <Förbannad> Swedish/Scandinavian guild recruiting! <Förbannad>Söker just nu spelare till vårat rooster för mythic progress och inför Tomb of Sargeras. Vi rekryterar skandinavisk folk ( Norsk, Dansk och Finsk ). Vi har flera core raiders i teamet som har spelat sedan början av Legion och som har raidat i tidigare expansioner. Vi har 4/10 Mythic NH och är mycket väl villiga att progressa hårt. Rekrytering: Det vi värdesätter och förväntar oss av våra spelare är följande: Vi vill att du ska ha förmågan att arbeta i team, viljan att förbättra sig, ta emot konstruktiv kritik samt en positiv attityd. Du ska också vara väl förberedd innan raid, det vill säga du ska ha egna enchants på ditt gear samt flask och mat redo. Vi vill också att du ska ha en ilvl runt 900 samt minst 45 traits i ditt artifact, och att du har clearat Nighthold på Heroic svårighetsgrad (Om du har logs och har möjligheten att dela med dig av de så är uppskattat). Attendance: Vi förväntar oss att du har en attendance på minst 70%. Om du inte kan komma till raids i tid så vill vi att du meddelar officers i lagom tid innan raiden. Vad kan du förvänta dig av Förbannad?: En tillbakalutad Guild fast ändå seriös, Vi gör ofta Mythic+ och har många aktiva spelare, Och att vi är riktigt Förbannade ;) Raiding tider är Onsdagar, Torsdagar, Söndagar 19-22. Adda lallee#2603, Alex#23382, Eragrim#2971 eller Raven#23129 för mer info. Ha en bra dag! Maila gärna: forbannad.outland@gmail.com eller kontakta en officer in game Hoppas på att höra från dig!Eragrim1 2d
2d "The Journey" is recruiting! Adventurers! A new guild for Outland has been formed and is now actively looking for more like minded people. Its purpose is to relive the enjoyment of leveling while clearing content throughout the experience, both dungeons and raids alike. End game content is on the list among other things planned. It would be awesome if you would like to join in on the experience and contribute to an even better one. Discord server is up and will be our main form of communication outside the game. Website is still in development. Any questions or concerns? Let me know! I would be more than happy to clarify :) MiniVanHelsing MiniVHelsing#2765Faughn3 2d
3d <Purgamentum> Recruiting for raiding! <Purgamentum> Is a newly formed casual raiding guild in search for players to start progression in Tomb of Sargeras! Recruitment. Recruitment is open for all classes! We are currently in need of healers and dps so dont hesitate to contact us. <Purgamentum> We have an experienced raiding core that have raided since vanilla/tbc. The guild was previously on the server Shattered Hand as horde but due to low pop and people wanting a fresh start we decided to start as alliance on Outland. Our goals are to progress in raids but also to have fun while doing it. Raids. We raid two days a week: Wednesday and Sunday 20:00-23:00 UCT+1 If you have any questions dont hesitate to speak with our officers! Crippe#2986 Tackeo#2830 Tíltur#2641Crippelele0 3d
3d [A]Windfury 9/9 NM 10/10HC Recruiting! Greetings! Windfury is a casual guild with a laid-back attitude. Our aim is clearing the current tier on Heroic while also dabbling in Mythic for loot and glory once we are geared enough. The current rooster is formed of well geared players (ages 18-25) with a solid raiding history, and we do our best to ensure we stay like that by doing all content needed (from raiding or M+, you will find someone willing to help out at any time). In Windfury we value gear and experience but we cherish open minded people and that is why we are looking for folks with the right attitude, that are focused and performing when needed but also up for some banter whenever we are just hanging out in discord or guild chat. Due to that we are looking for people that have a good understanding of their class (and other classes for that matter) that are willing to have fun with like-minded people while also downing bosses. In the previous tier we managed to: Clear 7/7 HC EN while it was current and 5/7M Clear 3/3 HC ToV Clear 10/10 HC NHCurrently we are recruiting any exceptional players, but we prioritize healers and damage dealers (ranged) in order to finalize our rooster. We are currently raiding Wednesday/Friday 20:00-23:00 server time (CET) with Sunday as an optional day. You can contact us at the following: SvenKuber#2375 Aspects#2600 Whafro#2893 Looking forward to raiding with you!Traendithas2 3d
3d [A] Until The End - 5/10M - Casual raiding with results Hi everyone, Welcome to Until The End Until the end is a casual raiding guild with a laid back attitude. Casual in the sense that we are mostly retired raiders that want to raid on a more casual level but still see the content. We aim to clear normal and heroic and eventually move the guild to mythic raiding. In Until The End we don't force high rankings, you are allowed to do lower dps and work on it, we won’t shout at you we help you!. Most of us have raided on a high level and we are simple done with that. We aim to kill bosses in a professional way, but we are not punishing as hard as guilds that strive to be number 1, instead we help you to become better and have patience with you avoiding the fact of you becoming stressed. Raiding needs to be fun and a way to release stress while trying to become a better player. We are a mature guild with most of us having kids, jobs and basically settled in life. Therefore our raids start at 20.30 server time and end at 23.00/23.30 server time. Our raiding days are Wed/Thur/Mon. If you feel this is exactly what you are looking for, than please contact one of the following officers: Ðreamz, Ròotz, Lucasz, Lazérx, Felicitý or make an application here: http://goo.gl/XkPvXT 10/10 NH normal 10/10 NH heroic and 5/10 Mythic Recruiting: druid (balance) priest (healer) priest (dd) shaman (restoration) Hope to cu you soon! Add me to battlenet if your interested rootz#2950 https://discord.gg/RWy4k2URòotz47 3d
3d [A]Honor-Capped-WPvP/PvP! Recruiting! Honor Capped-Outland-PvP™ Hello everyone as most of you know a introduction is rarely needed for our guild! Made in 2011 Honor Capped has always had a place on Outland in the WPvP scene and PvP scene in general! We celebrated our 5th year as a guild in 2016 and we know many more birthdays are to come! Legion has been one of the toughest expansions to deal with considering the amount of PVE you need to do to World PvP how ever it never stopped us in Honor Capped we do both. We take World PvP very seriously its important to be co ordinated and professional. We work in a fight group abit like the SAS to achieve victorys each person has a role in RBGs or World PvP. <em/> Teamspeak 3 is required with a mic for RBGS and WPvP.We are a English speaking guild so we want people who can understand and communicate in English. We have always maintained a close core of people that love to socialize and chillax on teamspeak 3.This is very important for team work events such as WPvP ganking etc! Very important everyone gets to know each other. WPvP Our WPVP is the highest possible standard we have created and developed our own tactics in VS other guilds in battles.As ever we WPvP most nights in defending or attacking.We have personally developed our own tactics that really does take our guild to another level. Server Events As the guild master i feel its important to include everyone in the community on outland EU to join in on some of the PvP events,these events could take place any where on the lands of WOW .We have done some amazing PvP events and we are on the best server for them.Everyone is welcome!If you play on french,German,Spanish or Russian server then please get in contact with me (Destinite) Honor Capped! WPvP weekend! 3 days! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWWtMLlm0Ro&list=TLqhtfxKVZ8p2dnwUmXh4J8j6D8fy7px6_ We are looking for dedicated World PvPers for: - Server events - RBG's - Arena - City Raids - Bg premades - Planned (20v20)(40v40) - Open combat - Fun events - Ganking - Tournaments - Death matches - Old PvE raids for transmog - Also to be a part of our outstanding PvP videos All we require from you is: - Teamspeak 3 (With a mic) - Most importantly we want your mains,and the best character that you can play. - Take part in discussions and be social on TS3 - Outstanding PvP standards - Attend calendar events - ilvl850+ - Be aged 16 and over. You must be mature and respect others - Listen when Guild leader and also the Officers - Be able to think for yourself, and come up with suggestions - Full PvP gear/ PVE gear with gems and enchants for your class and spec. - If you have legendarys then that is perfect. - ilvl 880+ You Tube https://www.youtube.com/user/manston94 with 300 playlist all PvP events ever recorded! Honor Capped V Swifty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-2NES8Zzjo&t=1s Twitch http://www.twitch.tv/destinite So if you are interested in us contact us ingame or on here! Guild master: Destinite Officers/Assistants -Whixe -Sjeka -Naizhon -Nicanne -Shazarr -Dorrislol Regards Destinite!Destilord25 3d
3d LFG Worrior Prot 910 ilvl Hello,I'm looking for guild that friendly and chill, It's my first time looking for guild and try one. I know everything about my class,have good exp about raiding. I didn't do mythic NH,yet. I'm learning English now,it's not that good or so bad,but I'm pretty sure that I will learn from you many things guys. My Battle account is : SaudKsa#1106 Thank youDrsaud0 3d
3d [A] <Annex> 8/10 M; 4/9 H is recruiting! About us Annex is an English speaking, raiding guild on Outland EU focused on mythic raiding on a 2 days per week schedule. Most of us come from the same guild that decided to go more casual but we didn't want to stop the progress, so we started our own guild in March 2017. The majority of our raiding roster plays for at least a decade and are veteran raiders who always strive to get the most out of their raiding experience. Our raiding times may be casual, but we’re a guild focused on efficiency - we strive to achieve the max amount of (relevant) progress in the least amount of time. We will always aim to clear all content on mythic difficulty. ​Raiding days: Tuesday (20:30-23:30) Wednesday (20:30-23:30) *Monday/Thursday (will be used if we are very close to that kill!) Guild requirements: Attendance As we raid only two days per week, we require everyone to be able to attend 95% of the raids (5% left for urgent real life matters) Performance We expect you to know your class in and out and have an understanding of basic and reoccurring raid mechanics. Maturity We don’t want anyone to be immature when it comes to accepting criticism/feedback. Everyone helps each other to improve so you should be able to adapt to the situation. Also when it comes to progression, we want people to be patient and accepting without any unnecessary drama. Communication We use Discord as our main communication platform and you are expected to communicate during raids. Contact us For further details and questions you can contact: Guild Master Yuena (Faedo#21708) Officer Evangeleena (Autumnsoul#2857) Officer Kussens (Kussensloop#2134) Check our website for recruitment status and an application form: www.annex-outland.comEvangeleena10 3d
4d WTB Vial of the Sands Just finished Broken shore-pathfinder and have friend who didnt yet. So i need dual mount for him. Problem is we dont have gold ( 80k AH ). Have cheaper?Paaliaq0 4d
4d 10/10 World 280 M hunter is lf a new guild! Hello everyone My name is Mike and I´m currently on the hunt for a new guild. I was previously Guildmaster of a guild on Kazzak Called Infusion, 10/10 Mythic and world 280. i found everything was changed in my guild, the ruling, the people, the mindset of everyone, we had this group of 20 year olds salty swedish people, who thinks way ahead of themselves, and think that they are the best of the best in the world, i suddenly then realised that i did not build a guild based on such a thing, so i rather go from top 250 down to even world 800 rank, and have fun while raiding, rather than be stressed out, around headless chickens MY Own Cutting Edges are as follows: Pandaria: Cutting Edge: Ra_Den / 28/07/2013. I was having a break for Lei Shen, due to going to the Army. Cutting Edge: Garrosh HellScrem / 9/06/2014 Warlords of Draenor: Cutting Edge: Imperators Fall / 13/5/2015 We did not manage to get BlackHand, due to Guild Tank issues! Cutting Edge: The Black Gate / 27/03/2016. Legion: Cuting Edge Xavius: 3/11/2016 Cutting Edge Helya (World 240) / 10/11/2016 Cutting Edge GulDan: (World 280) / 6/05/2017... This is where i decided to disband the guild, and make my own way once again, after i made Infusion 10 years ago in 2007, i need something new! MY current Logs is not up to date, as i´ve been gone most of Nighthold, my first break was after Trilliax, due to finishing my Bachelor, my next break was after Star Augar, due to moving to a new City, and then after i finished that, i managed to stick around till after GulDan, and disbanded the guild then, so everyone could manage to get a kill. I am swapping to BM. The Ideal Guild, would need to recruit a 2nd hunter, not a 3rd or 4th. Raiding days does not matter to me, and Rading Hours does not matter to me either. My current Marksman is the specc that i am geared for. My current Beastmastery is the specc that i want to play, and im currently farming both AP and Legendaries for this. I just want a fresh start, where people is actually social and likes to talk on Discord or whichever App you use in the guild. I would like the raiding environment to be a fun place, and not filled with toxic attitude heads. I do not care much for gear, but i find it reasonable that it does have a fair distribution. I created my guild Infusion 10 years back, in 2007, with a bunch of irl friends who all by this moment are socials or quit wow entirely. If you would like an conversation with me then hit me up Btag: Koukaiian#2509 Skype: Mike KoukaiianBeafie0 4d
6d Alliance Holy Pally looking for casual raiding guild Hey all - I'm an 900+ ilvl Hpally with a good deal of heroic and some mythic experience (and BIS legendaries if that stuff matters to you). I'm looking for a casual, but active guild for ToS progression. I'm a very chill 29 y/o from Scotland, who tends to play very late at night/early morning. I can also tank reasonably well if required for an OS roll. Happy to be on discord/ts etc. Reply here or add me in game btag: Seraph#2394 Peace :)Ragnárøk2 6d
6d A group of 4, looking for a new home Hello everyone! We are a group of friends, that looking for a new home. We are all from Denmark, and in the age of 25-27, we all have alot of sparetime and we primary all use it on playing WoW and other games. We are all focused when we start an encounter, and all with humor during thrash, and when we got bosses on farm. We all have alot of experience in the game, and 3 of us have been playing since Vanilla on/off. We all started from a fresh, when Legion was launched, and were fast into Mythic Emerald Nightmare, and 10/10 HC Nighthold. Currently 2 of us have 1/10M with Chromo on 2% and the last 2 have 10/10 HC, with their first Mythic raid tonight. 2 of us have raided mythic in the past contents aswell, so we know the deal, and the focus required and gear optimized to be mythic raiders. Currently we are playing mage, fury warr, hunter and DK Frost/blood, with a few alts, but we all wanna stay with our current class. We are all above +893-900 ilvl equipped, and still farming m+ and raids for further optimizing, and we will be atleast +900 ilvl equipped for the release of ToS. We all know our class, and stat weight etc. and keeping up to date, with new patches and changes coming. We will prefer raid starts at 20.30, and ends around 23.30-00.00. We will be able to raid 2/3 days a week, with close to 100% attendance. Please respect this, and dont waste our and your time, adding me when you are raiding other times. The days of raiding doenst matter, but sunday will be to be prefer. We want to stay alliance, and are willing to server transfer, but a guild on Ravencrest will already be ahead. :) Looking forward to hear from you. You can add me on, #asy1673 Greetings Kuna, Ravencrest.Kuna1 6d
6d WTB Timeworn Shadowtooth Shoulderpads If somebody has them message meBigbruh0 6d
6d [A]<Eximius> (10/10M) is recruiting! Eximius is a semi-hardcore raiding guild created with the opening of Legion. The guild has been created from players that have been raiding since vanilla that wanted to bring back the core feeling from back in the days. We are a fast growing guild that has quickly picked up progression and we currently reside within the top 10 on Outland. We created a relax and serious environment for people to be able to progress and work as a team towards achieving progression. About Eximius We are a professional yet chill guild. We raid for progression not for loot. Our members are friendly, respectful, and are willing to help you. We are a core team of which you can become a part. When we don't raid we spam M+, play different video games such as Overwatch, and hang out on Discord. Raiding days: Monday from 19:30 untill 23:30 Wednesday from 19:30 untill 23:30 Thursday from 19:30 untill 23:30 Requirements: Our age requirement is 18+. We would like to see promising logs. Decent item level. (905+) What we are looking for: Currently looking for: - 1 additional healer - hunters, mages, warlocks, shadow priests - rogues, demon hunters, retribution paladins, warriors But we will consider all classes and specs! You can whisper any officer in-game: Gaebril Torylon SnuitTorylon17 6d
6d [A] Vengeance DH LF PvP guild for RBG Hey there. I came back to WoW a few months ago and was thrilled to see RBGs active. For now I'm making my own RBG pugs (1k6 CR) but I'd like to find a guild that can allow me to reach higher levels. I have good strats knowledge thanks to several years of bg on previous account. I'm also up for arenas or any pvp event. Can have voice. I'd like to do some tryouts as a "foreigner" and if it goes well I'll transfer to Outland. Hit me up if you're interested in adding a DH tank to your rbg roster ! Thanks for your time.Renzia0 6d
17 Jun Remember this forum back in Cata? Remember how active it was back in Cata? With all the World PvP going on, all the drama, Tol Barad, and all that !@#$. Rest in Peace, Outland.Tomtànks3 17 Jun
17 Jun Want to trade gold to Horde side Hi if anyone willing to help me to trade gold on my another character on horde side i have 420k on this i want to trade 400k and 20k im willing to give to you for helping battletag AdasT#21432Lorbok0 17 Jun
13 Jun [A] < IN BAGUETTE WE TRUST > French Community. UK : Hello everyone. <IN BAGUETTE WE TRUST> was created to bring together the Francophone community in the Kingdom of Outland, if you are alone and you are tired of playing alone and the barrier of Language prevents you from doing certain activities this guild is done for you. For the moment we try to bring together as many people as possible to create a dignified and effective roster, our goal now and take care of our members (this is for the less stuffs) and evolve with the more advanced. We aim in the future if the members as well as the motivation of some allows it to evolve in mythical raid. (Some players are formerly stiff MM) We also have the goal of creating a PVP roster to be able to make RBG as well as the 2c2 / 3c3 arena, in joy and good humor. We have MM + / + 10 to + 15 evenings to be able to farm a little equipment and beyond +15 for the weekly chest and for the challenges. So to summarize, if you are francophone and the guild gives you the envy! You can contact IG: Rwandral / Selàh / Wiloufete to discuss your recruitment. Let the light protect you. Selah.Selàh10 13 Jun
12 Jun @[Unlucky]Mythic+ Boosting group Customer feedback topic. In this topic you should find all the information you need regarding our mythic dungeon boost service at DefiasBrotherhood EU.(Horde) //----------------- General Information //----------------- Personal loot system. * - Payment is accepted on the following realms: Defias Brotherhood, The Venture Co, Kazzak, Twisting Nether, Outland realms. * - You can talk to any /Unlucky/ guild officers regarding your spot. * - The team's primary goal is to provide effortless, safe and pleasant atmosphere during the run. * - You can either follow a player /AFK/ or take part in the run, we won't let you die :). * - Customer satisfaction is as important as the speed of the run. We would like to provide you a fast and pleasant experience from beginning to the end. * - Customers will always be summoned to each dungeons. //------------------------ Frequently Asked Questions //------------------------ *Boost Alliance faction? Unfortunately no. Currently only horde side is available. *Is AFK mode supported? Absolutely, just hit follow at the beginning of the instance. *How can I contact you? Contact the Unlucky guild on Defias Brotherhood realm ask for Joffie or just add me via battle tag: Toxine#2958 *How long does a full clear take? Depend of the boost.Our goal is to provide a fast and confortable runs with a friendly atmosphere:) *Are there any discounts? Yes: regular customers and customers with an extra person will get a discount:) Mythic+ boost services: We will use your Key here. +2-3 Key: 5k/Chest so 15k total for 3 Chests +4-6 Key: 10k/Chest so 30k total for 3 Chests +7-9 Key: 20k/Chest so 60k total for 3 Chests +10-12 Key: 35k/Chest so 105k total for 3 Chests(weekly cache 905+) +13-14 Key: 40k/Chest so 120k total for 3 Chests +15 in time: 160k gold, guaranteed one chest (possible for more for free). Special offers: +2-3 key to +15 in time: 400k gold +4-6 key to +15 in time: 350k gold +7-9 key to +15 in time: 300k gold +10-12 key to +15 in time: 250k gold +13-14 key to +15 in time: 200k gold We can negotiate any other offer you might need. We also offer to use one of our own keys, but this adds 50k on top. As this means preparing the key in advance. Karazhan: Nightbane: Including mount + personal loot - 60k Full Kara run (includes Nightbane perks): 110k Regular Mythic Dungeons 10/10 Normal Mythic: 5k per dungeon Normal Mythic: 45k - 10/10 weakly fast clear. *840 ilvl loot which can be extremely helpful for a fresh 110 character. *A TON of artifact power and gear depending on how many dungeons you get! *Last but not least.. chance at a LEGENDARY item! Payment: Mythic+ : We require 50% of the payment before the run, and 50% at the end. Small fee might be required to reserve your spot, so we are not left hanging Most important is that you can be part of our friendly and dedicated team and experience the adrenaline and fun your self. Contact us: Battle Tag: Toxine#2958 Discord: Joffie#0918Jöf1 12 Jun
11 Jun LF semi-hardcore guild Twisting-nether H Just came back from a break after my guild disbanded 2 weeks after NH came out. Started playing seriously wow this expansion and got with me Cutting edge EN. Hc and 1 boss M in NH, with my former guild until it disbanded. I would prefer a guild that has a 2 day raid schedule, as i feel 3 days a week would burn me out and i would loose interest faster, would like a guild that has good progress. If you are interested add me on btag Runar#2427Runii0 11 Jun
07 Jun [A] <NeiGjengen> 7/7M 3/3M 10/10M Norsk Guild Hei! Neigjengen er en helnorsk guild på outland som ble laget av en vennegjeng fra sørlandet i legion release. Etter å ha gått fra en venneguild, har vi tatt opp flere gode norske spillere og fokusert litt mer på mythic raiding. I nighthold økte vi nivået enda mer og greide 10/10 før release med en andreplass på outland og tredjeplass i norge. Vi er en semi-hardcore guild med veldig godt miljø. Vi ser alltid etter nye gode spillere, men mythic rosteren er allerede klar for ToS. Hvis du er interessert i å bli med i mythic rosteren må du ha noe å vise i form av logs og progress. Tidligere var vi casual, og vi er fortsatt ganske laidback. Miljøet i guilden er bra, og vi spiller bare for å ha det gøy. Vi endte opp med 10/10 mythic i NH med en veldig behagelig progress hastighet, og har lyst å fokusere hardere inn i ToS for en bedre rank. 100% attendance er ikke nødvendig, men veldig positivt mottatt. Vi prøver å være overrecruited for å la folk få den fritiden de trenger. (forventer 2 av 3 raids med unntak av et ekstra raid i mnd). Dette er for å tilby en raiding guild til gode skiftarbeidere som ikke har andre muligheter. Vi har ingen faste rading dager, men 80% av tiden raider vi onsdag/torsdag/søndag (alternativet er mandag/tirsdag). raiding tidene er alltid den samme 19:00 - 23:00. Vi raider aldri fredag/lørdag og prøver så godt vi kan å opprettholde 3 raiding dager. Guilden er demokratisk styrt hvor medlemmene er med på alle avgjørelser og jeg har siste ordet. All informasjon går gjennom meg og jeg er også raidleader. Recruitment: interessert i 1 healer uavhengig av class Mulighet for 1 tank uavhengig av class. Dps er forsåvidt lukket med unntak av eksepsjonelle spillere. Hvis dette høres ut som noe som interesserer deg, ta kontakt med Traxygirl på outland - Traxy#1899. - Null toleranse for elitist oppførsel; Det betyr at du får ikke lov til å herse med noen av medlemmene mine. Samarbeid er eneste mulighet framover. Alle interne problemer blir løst av undertegnende.Traxygirl45 07 Jun
06 Jun skilled 910 resto shaman lf mythic guild So as said i am currently looking for a new raiding guild with propper NH mythic progress and a stable team, to go strong into ToS.. What i offer is. *stable player. *always up to date with My class through theroycrafting and reading about my class. *a skilled and long time heroic / mythic player. *always been healer so have the right mindset to go into fights and take control if needed. *and generally just a funny and nice guy to be around. * a player running on his now 11 year with playing wow. saying i know abit after all these years. in former guild i have been class officer once that was a thing. also guild master, officer and last but not least raid leader. Been playing healer always and have been in top guild (56 world best one teir) in my younger years but took way to much time tbh so now i´m just looking for a just semi casual raiding guild. if you contact me i can present you with my logs for fights in NH mythic and more. for contact add my Btag alluxia#2523 . willing to server hop ofc. :Ûnknown0 06 Jun
05 Jun [H]<Fluffy Toxic Pandas>(draenor) Rebuilding for ToS! Who are we? We're a raiding guild with a focus on progressing through mythic content. We're currently rebuilding our team and looking for all classes and specs to join us. The officers are 7/10M exp and have 8-9 years experience leading a successful raiding guild/team. Our raid times: Wed - 8:30pm-11:00pm ST Thurs - 8:30pm-11:00pm ST Sun - 8:00pm-11:30pm ST What are we looking for? - Raiders with about an average ilevel of 900 and have cleared Nighthold Heroic. We're looking to progress through mythic NH as much as possible before the release of ToS. - Socials are free to join. On non-raid days we organise alt/social raids. What else can we offer you? One of the things we find very important for the core of our guild is being very active social wise. Most of us are used to sit in Discord from the moment we turn on our PC. Actively using the voice channels is highly valued. We like to keep it old school style and we hope to find more people that do so too. If you're interested, have any further questions, contact Doomy#21989 or Sweetem#2600 for more information! Thank you and we hope to hear from you soon!Zykodoom0 05 Jun
02 Jun Tank with exp looking for guild Hey guys:) After having a burnout in legion i decided to come back and start fresh on alliance. At the moment i have a brewmaster monk (907) geared up in 2weeks. I have years of "hardcore" raiding exp and have been in high end guilds. Since i want to change my "playstyle" to something where i could have some more fun im looking for a social yet semi-hardcore guild to raid with or even be a reserve tank and only come for m+! (whatever suits you guys best) Im 26 and dutch and pretty laid back. If you have any more questions please contact mePlebfist2 02 Jun
01 Jun 869ilvl twink boosting levels free Hello! I'm helping people level up for free from 98-110 via dungeons. As long as you're active and social in chat while running. Contact me in-game or have a lookout in premade groups finder (i) If you're interested in the clear times they can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlqrY_xiIFI - eye of azshara https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b8GXSPYu08k - Darkheart thicket https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlXADHn_AFE - Neltharion's lair https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-MWu3xrduE - Halls of valor Boosting anyone as long as you are on alliance. You join via LookingForGroup (i) Premade groups tool, usually with a note. Runs are done almost daily.Otisbear1 01 Jun
01 Jun Any PvP guild who is willing to accept an outsider? Hello. I play on Silvermoon but I want to do RBGs regularly. You can understand that it is quite hard and unfun with pugs. I'm only looking for casual RBG runs, nothing super serious, if any guild is ok with me playing with them on their casual RBG runs, plase let me know. Frost DK, 902 equipped, currently 1.6k cr, have all honor talents, can use discord. Add me on bnet if you want, wyn#2763.Rhodri1 01 Jun
30 May Outland server is down It says that Outland is down/offline and can't play on It, all My characters are There. So does anyone know how long this could take?Babyygiirl14 30 May
30 May blank character select screen blank character select screen when trying to log into the game is anyone else having this issueNightbinder9 30 May
30 May Balkanski guild <SAM PROTIV SVIH> Bucomonster0 30 May
29 May Guild LFM LVL 60 Raiders Molten Core and Beyond Cup of Tea is a new social levelling guild and we are currently looking for more members for our level 60 raiding team. At the moment we have around 15 players interested in joining us in the raids who are currently at lvl 60 or on their way to lvl 60. We are at the point where we are currently starting to set raid dates for the runs. If playing through the old raid content of wow is something you are interested in please let us know and we will be more than happy to give you an invite, everyone in the guild can invite. We are currently looking for all roles to be filled in the raid team so we are accepting Tanks, DPS and healers at the moment and all classes and specs. We are also a social levelling guild for players going to lvl 110 so again if anyone is interested in joining a new community as they level then you are more than welcome too. We Guild is situated on Twisting Nether. Well hope to hear from you soon.Nituna0 29 May
29 May [A+H]Nemesis 7/7 Quest ,Warlord of Draenor achievement Let me introduce myself, I've been selling raid locks on my server for 9 months so i have earned a legitimate reputation, to view this check out http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/15060807122 and or add me https://www.facebook.com/roahana.causeandeffect I'm online a lot and i don't mind sharing my Battletag as long as it is for legitimate business, Kazzie#2600. Right then I am starting a new venture within the game, Nemesis boosting. This is for the Gladiator Sactum, that requires you to kill 500 of a specific race. I can provide it for either Horde or Alliance. Our standard rate is 20k gold per race. Once I have arranged a date with you I ask for a deposit 5k which will secure your place on that boost, with the outstanding 15k payable at the end of the boost. How it works; You contact me in-game or via Roahana's Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/roahana.causeandeffect) and tell me which race(s) you want to boost. Currently I am unable to add people to my Battle.tag as it is full so contacting me via Facebook can be easier. I will contact when the race you are interested in will be boosted next. I will always try to get a full group as this speeds up the process. It will take roughly 20 minutes if done with 5 people on the quest. Please note; If you have a nemesis quest in progress and you need only a few kills, please abandon the quest and pick it up again. It is important that you have 0/500 kills for the rest of the group. If you are on the first step of the Nemesis quest line and still need to collect a heart before being able to start the 500 kills quest, don't worry, you can collect this at the start of the boosting process. For those that don't know me, FAQ; Q: Is nemesis boosting allows, will I not get banned? A: Yes, it is perfectly legal, you will not get banned for receiving a nemesis boost. Q: What happens if I don't turn up? A: If you do not turn up on the date arranged with out letting me know, then you will loose your deposit. This is because when people don't turn up, it makes it take longer for everyone else. If you let me know in advance I am happy to rearrange it. Q: What happens if I disconnect? A: Try to log back on as soon as you can. We will pause to see if you are coming straight back but will then continue. If you make it back on but have fallen behind by a fair amount and we have not yet passed the halfway point then we will often reset everyones quest to 0 and start again as with a full group it goes much faster. This does depend on people in the group being happy to do so (it means more bones and honour for them but of course will take slightly longer) For more information you can contact Roahana-ShatteredHalls (Horde), Bimmeela-Chromagus (Alliance), Roahana Causeandeffect on Facebook or leave a post here.Roahana19 29 May
29 May (H) Dark Brotherhood pvp/pve guild is now recruiting Really struggling to find/attract players via General/Trade chat atm so here goes.. A newly formed wpvp guild is recruiting for mass wpvp battles,Arena's and hoping to start RBG's. So what we need ? *Healers *Tanks *dps And also people who are dedicated to the PvP side of the game afterall this is a PvP server and we are ready to do battle weather it be open world combat or In a battleground..WE NEED YOU HORDE PLAYERS,come and give it a shot and make a close nit family together.Lyrílla23 29 May
28 May [Horde] <Wild Call> is looking for members! <Wild Call> is a new english speaking guild looking for members who enjoy the social part of WoW. We are currently doing semi - guild runs and want to find more people to fill our roster. Lok`tar ogar!Caidra0 28 May
28 May [A]Two Friends LF PvE-Raid-Guild Hey, me and my compadre Bollwérk are looking for a PvE Raid Guild. About us: We are both born in Austria and Speak German/English. I´m 19y old and hes 23. We are friendly and are willing to join Teamspeak or other VOIP. Bollwérk is playing as DK Frost and I´m a Protection Warrior. We are looking for a Guild wich is Raiding Heroic/Mythic. http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/outland/Seractil/ iL@901 TANK https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/outland/bollw%C3%A9rk iL@905 DD Our uptimes are: 18:00 - 30 till 24:00 Monday - Tuesday 16:00 - Open End Friday 13:00 - Open End Saturday 13:00 - 24:00 or even 01:00 Sunday We wont play the whole time but this is a small overview about possible times. Feel free to ama. BT: Seractil#2658 BT: Raz0r#2604Seractil0 28 May
27 May Returning wow player looking for a guild to raid with Hello. I've just returned to wow after a long break, loved the legion content the whole way through compared to WoD. I'm a long time raider and have done most content up untill Cataclysm including heroic. Mists of Pandaria and WoD (wasn't really my cop of tea but Legion really got me back into the game. Since my IRL job requires a lot from me and i have to get up early in the morning and have a hard time sticking to a Schedule that raids till 11pm My question is if there by any chance is a raiding guild on the server that stops raiding around 9-9:30pm? I've been looking everywhere but with no luck. I can gear up and get ready to roll quickly once i find a guild to stick with :)Mowski0 27 May
26 May [A] Genetics Recruiting! Genetics started out as a hardcore RBG guild achieving TOP results by dominating the RBG scene. In 2014 it was decided to start doing PvE and by doing so Realm First Hellscreem 25man achieved! *************************** Current Content: Emerald Nightmare Mythic 7/7 Trials of Valor Heroic 3/3 The Nighthold Heroic 10/10 Previous achievements: Tier 16 Realm 1st SoO (25man Mythic) Tier 17: Highmaul Mythic 7/7 BRF Mythic 10/10 Tier 18 HFC Mythic 13/13 *************************** We are looking for exceptional players of most classes & specs! All applications will be read and considered even if we are currently full on a specific class. So do not hesitate to apply, if it's good we will take you in! Currently looking for: Mage Frost/Fire/Arcane Warlock Affli/Destro/Demo Warrior Fury/Arms Demon Hunter Havoc Paladin Holy/Retri Death Knight Frost/Unholy Druid Feral Rogue Sub/Assa Priest Shadow Shaman Elemental Monk Mist/Wind Hunter Surv As you can see we are lacking most classes due to a slow tier 19 for us, but we are aiming for a fast recovery for tier 20 so come be a part of the raid team!. Requirements: -Be friendly in general, the social aspect is HIGH here. -Be able to take constructive criticism and improve as a player from it. -Raid attendance around 90-95%+. -Attend raid fully prepared! -Be atleast 885-890 ilvl, have main weapon with all 3 relics and atleast a trait level of 38(With the new traits!). -Discord for voice communications and to be able to talk & understand raid commands. What do we expect from you? We expect the very best from all our players. We only recruit players with a great understanding of the class they play. We expect that players try to keep up to date with the current theorycrafting and can fully answer any questions we have regarding the choices you have made on your character. If you have geared alts which you can play well, this is a bonus to any application. Raid times: We will be raiding Wednesday Thursday & Monday (20:00 - 00:00), we have an optional alt raid on Sundays which players applying as mythic+ are welcome to join. Sometimes raids can go slightly over our raid times, but usually our raid times start at 20:00 and end at 00:00. As a raid team we are very sociable but competitive at the same time which means we have a laugh among the guild but want to push ranks in upcoming raids. Simply apply via our website : http://genetics.wowlaunch.com/ If you need more information, please contact: Msg ingame; Officer: Andelora Officer: Juubilee Officer: Shadowstorm Guild Master: Iridessaa P.S. If you join here you will never leave cause you just love the social aspect here ;)Juubilee2 26 May
23 May For Sale ! X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME TCG MOUNT ! For Sale ! X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME TCG MOUNT ! Selling This mount on Anachronos Server for 1.85m Accepting Gold on Outland or Anachronos or any High Poppulated Realms ! Also Accepting Part Payment in TCG Pets aswell. Contact me to Discuss a deal Thanks ! Battle Tag : Jimmyreece#2186Scythé0 23 May
22 May Recruiting - Ravencrest 9/10M Deathsworn Verdict are looking for a Tank (Dps OS) + DPS for Nighthold and Tomb of Sargeras progress! Raid times are Wed/Thu/Sun 20.45-00.00. Apply at http://deathswornverdict.enjin.com/ Or whisper an officer for more information: Elithia, Tylleal, Maderas, Emmilia. Alternatively contact me on Battletag at: Elithia#2451 Deathsworn Verdict – Who Are We? Deathsworn Verdict (Ravencrest) has been an active raiding guild since 2011 and over the years, we have always worked hard to progress through high-end content as a cohesive team. Raiding is only one side of the story for us, though. No day in Deathsworn Verdict goes without jokes and laughter, and we are immensely proud of the unique, inclusive guild atmosphere that we have cultivated. What Can You Expect From Us? · A humorous, unique social atmosphere that extends outside of raid times and outside of WoW. · Solid, focused mythic progression. · A range of off-raid activities, such as mythic+ groups and alt runs. What Do We Expect From You? · Full preparation for each raid. This includes knowledge of the fight, correct gems and enchants as well as bringing consumables. · To have the drive to improve and be mature enough to handle constructive criticism. · To be able to communicate in English using a microphone + Discord. · We do not tolerate homophobia, sexism or racism in any form.Dafie0 22 May
21 May LF Guild 890 Havoc and 895 BM/MW Monk HORDE Looking for a PvE guild that is active. Monk: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/outland/paskamunkkiPolylax1 21 May