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10 Oct Outland EU - Guild list As Jonner is gone I'll be in charge of the Guild list, and keep it updated as much as I can. Some websites has been removed due to "inactivity". If I have deleted some that is not, just post it here again and I'll add it. ALLIANCE: ATT * www.att-outland.com Azeroth Security * azerothsecurity.rdocorp.com Ancient Storm * www.ancientstorm.guildlaunch.com Champions of the hall * www.coth-guild.com Considerably Superior * www.considerably-superior.guildzilla.com Dilemma * www.dilemmaeu.webs.com Divine Retribution * www.divine-retribution-guild.wowstead.com Elation * www.elationguild.wowstead.com Elude * www.eludeguild.wowstead.com Entourage * www.entourage-outland.blogspot.com Euphoric * www.euphoric.guildomatic.com Fatalis * www.fatalis.wowstead.com Hüljatud * www.huljatud.com iNfiniti * www.infiniti-outland.com I Stab Your Face * www.infamousguild.com Infamous * www.infamousguild.com Innervate * www.innervateonline.com Immortal Dawn * www.immortaldawn.guildzilla.com Level and Socialize * www.las.wowstead.com Mary Moo Cows * www.marymoocows.com Nightwatchers * www.nightwatchers.eu Ominous * www.ominousoutland.enjin.com Pech und Schwefel * www.pechundschwefel.org Peanuts * www.peanutseu.guildlaunch.com P h o e n i x * www.guildphoenix.com PvP Inc * www.outland-pvpinc.com Reckoning * reckoning.gportal.org S e v e n t h * unknown Sigil * www.sigil-outland.com Simplicity * Simp.co.nr Sinisters * www.sinisters-guild.net Terra Nova Alliance PvP * www.theterranova.mmoguildsites.com The Gits * www.wowgits.co.uk The Exiled * www.the-exiled-outland.wowstead.com Union - www.union-guild.eu Vengeancé PVP * unknown Whats a Darnassus * unknown Xeon * www.xeon.wowstead.com Zeus * www.zeus-gaming.net Pech und Schwefel * www.pechundschwefel.org HORDE: A Bunch Of Gankers * www.gankers.co.uk Aberrant * www.aberrant.wowstead.com Absit Invidia * www.absit-invidia.enjin.com Ace óf Spades * www.aosguild.wowstead.com Apathy * www.apathywow.com Anthemic * www.anthemic.eu Artifacts * artifactsguild.enjin.com Da VooDoo Shuffle * www.davoodooshuffle.guildlaunch.com Dark Carnival * www.darkcarnival.guildomatic.com E n v y * www.wowenvy.co.uk Fantastic Ten * www.fantastic-ten.enjin.com Fenimo * www.fenimo.com Fifth Sin * www.fifth-sin.com Glads N Dropouts * www.gnd.guildlaunch.com Hardcore Casuals * www.hardcorecasuals.eu Head Hunters * www.hhguild.co.uk Honourbound * www.honourbound.wowstead.com Justice For All * www.justiceforall.wowstead.com Kindred * www.kindred.openu2.com Malice in Wonderland * www.malicewonderland.wowstead.com MARINE MARAUDER MANABURN * www.mmm-gaming.eu Masculine Valkyries * www.masculine-valkyries.wowstead.com Northen Ice storm * www.northernicestorm.wowstead.com Not For Hire * nfh.rajraj.net Prima Terra * www.primaterra.mmoguildsites.com Slicing Smurfs * slicingsmurfs.dyndns.org Solidarity * www.solidarity-wow.co.uk The Dark Vengeance * www.tdvguild.org The Squirtle Squad * www.thesquirtlesquad.wowstead.com Undefeatable * www.undefeatable.net The Uprising * www.wss.guildomatic.com Vesperia * www.vesperia-outland.enjin.com Zylos Hand *www.zyloshand.globalcontrol.biz Ättestupan * blomgren.com/forumsMeät282 10 Oct
1h [A] Until The End - 2/11M Antorus - 1 healer Hi everyone, Welcome to Until The End Until the end is a casual raiding guild with a laid back attitude. Casual in the sense that we are mostly retired raiders that want to raid on a more casual level but still see the content. We aim to clear Mythic Raiding. Unlike other guilds on the realm, we raid 3 days and 3 days official only no matter if we are on progression. We do not pull extra raids for ranking, that would just mean we need to compensate for being bad :) In Until The End we won’t shout at you we help you!. Most of us have raided on a high level and we are simple done with that. We aim to kill bosses in a professional way, but we are not punishing as hard as guilds that strive to be number 1, instead we help you to become better and have patience with you avoiding the fact of you becoming stressed. Raiding needs to be fun and a way to release stress while trying to become a better player. We are a mature guild with most of us having kids, jobs and basically settled in life. Therefore our raids start at 20.30 server time and end at 23.00/23.30 server time. Our raiding days are Wed/Thur/Mon. If you feel this is exactly what you are looking for, than please contact one of the following officers: Ðreamz, Ròótz, Felicitý, Flosera, Vöíd or make an application here: http://goo.gl/XkPvXT 11/11H 2/11M Antorus Recruiting: ilevel 945 Resto Shaman Mistweaver Resto druid Low - Holy pala Hope to cu you soon! Add me to battlenet if your interested rootz#2950 https://discord.gg/RWy4k2URòotz115 1h
1h Buy/Sell OG Names Full copy of the thread on Illidan US: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/8873798172 But it seems like a great idea. ToS & Buying/Selling Names Please note that trading in game items for other in game items is not against the ToS. (This is a question that I get asked a lot.) So, an in-game name for in-game gold is not a ban-able offense. Please note, however; it's also not "supported" by Blizzard. This means if you do get scammed you'll be dealing with Blizzard on a case-by-case basis on whether or not your gold or name can be restored. Please also note that, that also means trading names for anything outside of the "game" (IE: game time, store mounts / pets, etc) IS against the ToS and is ban-able. Beating "The Scam" Personally I plan on using Mint's wonderful post for my name selling purposes. You can check out the awesomeness here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/6573697810 Basically, create an in-game 'agreement' to track progress of the transaction as much as possible (including you deleting the name). Using this Thread If you have any level 1 alts with interesting names (we all do it) or characters you no longer use, why not get some gold for them. Post on here names you want or want to sell/trade.Traexy35 1h
14h >Who Pulled That< (A) >Who Pulled That< Are a social guild on outland eu we are friendly and always chatty on discord we have members from all walks of life and we raid twice a week currently tackling Antorus Hc with aims to hit mythic this tier if this sounds like the guild for you contact ingame Bowmistress (GM) Willberr (officer) or add WillSmith#2979 on btagWillberr0 14h
22h Guild Recruiting, Come Join! - Reign of Blood - [Outland-EU] We're a few players left since the majority of our roster has studies and work currently. At this moment we're only recruiting people for casual mythic + runs, bgs, arenas, or whatever you fancy doing with your guildmateds, perhaps the odd semi guild pug but nothing organized for the time being. For the time being my aspiration is to make a close community guild (no mass invite, we dont want our roster to become a cesspool) so players can easily find others to play with, and hopefully make good friends. We use a discord channel for VOIP, link will be given after an invite has been sent. Feel free to come, although we only want mains, since alts tend to be abandoned.Akelvar0 22h
1d Looking for PL guild J.w.Fujin0 1d
1d LF weekend raiding guild Are there any ? :) Alliance side ofcCriticism0 1d
1d "The Journey" is recruiting! Adventurers! A new guild for Outland has been formed and is now actively looking for more like minded people. Its purpose is to relive the enjoyment of leveling while clearing content throughout the experience, both dungeons and raids alike. End game content is on the list among other things planned. It would be awesome if you would like to join in on the experience and contribute to an even better one. Discord server is up and will be our main form of communication outside the game. Website is still in development. Any questions or concerns? Let me know! I would be more than happy to clarify :) MiniVanHelsing MiniVHelsing#2765Faughn37 1d
1d (A) Under Reprisal - Recruiting now! Hello fellow Outlanders! Under Reprisal is a 20 Man Mythic Raiding Guild. We focus on strong progression, fun banter filled raids along with an active, friendly, exciting (borderline psychotic) community. We currently raid 3 times a week, Wednesday. Thursday and Sunday. Raid times are 20:30 - 23:30. Current Progression Emerald Nightmare - 7/7M Trial of Valor - 3/3M Nighthold - 9/10M Tomb of Sargeras - 7/9M We are currently recruiting the following: Ranged DPS - No preference 1 Melee DPS - Rogue preferably. As always, we welcome exceptional applications from any class/spec and encourage you to apply. If your interested in applying, please whisper any of our officers: Saudus, Jurroz, Attic, Elftits and Chocokush Applications and further information about Under Reprisal can be found at our website: http://under-reprisal.enjin.com Many thanks, and hope to see you soon!Restobear3 1d
1d Outland 2011 Union and Solidarity Took some pictures while we fought for high ranks, enjoy a lovely pic of too many rare birds in one sight (in 2011) :D https://imgur.com/a/S6xV6Spiticia0 1d
2d LF PVP/ PVE Guild War Arms 925ilevel Hi, I'm looking for a guild with a lot of members to do PVP arena/ RBG and some raids. I Can play a lot, have a mic. Valentin#2375Elheddad0 2d
2d Offering Free 100-110 boost Offering Free 100-110 boost, lets crash those pesky boost sellers. Also looking for active social guild.Verjnuarmu1 2d
3d WTS Heroic Argus the Unmaker, 11/11 HC Antorus and +15. we are a team of elite players raiding in world top 50 guilds, we have done more than 4000 high level keystone dungeon together and many raids across all of our mains and alts characters . -Buying the boost from us will give you: keystone +15 you will get: 1-the best weekly chest loot you can get which is item level 960 atm. 2-keystone master achievement. 3-the keystone master artifact weapon skin. 4-the best amount of AP you can get in your weekly chest in your class order hall and a good chance on 940 or higher from the chest at the end of the dungeon, if we can trade our loot to you, we will ofc. -Antorus Heroic you will get: 1- [Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker] achievement. 2-a very decent chance on 940 loot or higher, up to 985. 3-if you join our Master loot runs, you will get 100% if the loot that drops for your class and spec. we always try to make our raids 20-25 man, to make sure you will get as much loot as possible. 4-if you join our Personal Loot runs, we will always bring characters that can share loot with you, to help you gearing up and we will share our loot with you. 5-a very decent chance to get the Antoran Charhound Mount from Felhounds of Sargeras -it does not matter what class or spec you play all you need is to be level 110 and it does not matter at all what kinda gear you have . -time: for keystone +15 or higher , you need 40 min max. for Heroic Argus the Unmaker you need 20 to 30 min. for Full Antorus heroic run you need about 2 hours and half . -Contact Information: add my skype its vivi.craft1 or my Btag: Vïvicraft#2452 price: you can pay us on any realm, horde or ally. -keystone +15 not in time for weekly chest is 225k. -keystone +15 in time is 400k. Master Loot runs: -Heroic Argus the Unmaker is 500k. -full Tomb of Sargeras heroic is 2.5 million gold. -9/10 heroic night hold is 2 million gold. Personal Loot runs: -Heroic Argus the Unmaker is 400k. -full Antorus heroic is 1 million and 500k gold. IMPORTANT NOTE : Price goes lower by 50k-100k every week on all raid runs but for mythic keystone runs its fixed.Vivicraftt0 3d
4d [A] "Forsaken Dawn" Recruiting. Forsaken Dawn, <Forsaken Dawn> is a semi-hardcore PvE which was formed in 2015. Initially set up to be a Mythic+ as well as a casual Raiding guild, our roster contains members from all walks of life. Quite a few of our members have been hardcore progression raiders at some point in their WoW "career". We have members who have been playing since Vanilla as well as those who started playing WoW relatively recently. Some of us have played WoW and other MMOs together for many years and know each other in real life, some had not known each other until Legion came out, but we have all come together and achieved success, whilst having fun on the way. In the past few months we progressed through Legion's Raids content (both Heroic and Mythic) quite easily to the point we had being clearing with alts even and had it on farm status essentially. One thing we realized while progressing through Mythic content was that we had an absolute blast doing it and are ready for our next challenge. This is where you, hopefully, come into play. In order to progress further through Mythic Raid content, we need more skilled members. We currently raid Wednesdays Fridays and Sundays from 20:00-23:30 Server time.(High attendance is required) We achieved to clear on the previous patches : Emerald Nightmare : 7/7 Normal, 7/7 Heroic, 7/7 Mythic. Trial of Valor : 3/3 Normal, 3/3 Heroic 2/3 Mythic The Nighthold : 10/10 Normal, 10/10 Heroic, 4/10 Mythic(That was the moment we took a break from raiding). Tomb of Sargeras : 9/9 Heroic Antorus the Burning Throne : 11/11 Normal, 5/11 Heroic Specifically we need: [2/2] Tanks: None [3/4] Healers: Holy Paladin [7/8] Ranged DPS: Elemental Shamman [6/6] Melee None Exceptional applications will always be considered! What do we offer you? Being a semi-hardcore guild, we believe we can offer the best of both worlds: Mythic Progression as well as a relaxed, fun atmosphere. We are a mature guild, all of our members are 18+ and that is the player base we are looking for. We are open minded, non-elitist and very inclusive. Content wise you can expect daily Mythic and Mythic+ groups as well as PvP activities (if you are interested in PvP). Also we are very active with doing mythic+ as guild groups and there for we accept any player who likes to join the guild to do so. This way we have more players to play Mythic+ with and get a bigger community to spam those. If you like to raid with us aswell, the Mythic+ can be a nice way to show yourself to the guild so we know what you are capable off. If you are interested in Mythic progression, please contact either or Yatamoon (jackdaniel#2766 / Guild Master) ,Lerkarious (lerkarious#2932 / Second in Command) Looking forward to meeting you! Kind regards, Forsaken DawnYatamoon7 4d
6d [A] <Annex> 6/9M 11/11HC is recruiting! About us Annex is a semi-hardcore raiding guild on Outland EU focused on mythic raiding on a 2 days per week schedule. Most of us come from the same guild that decided to go more casual but we didn't want to stop the progress, so we started our own guild in March 2017. The majority of our raiding roster plays for at least a decade and are veteran raiders who always strive to get the most out of their raiding experience. Our raiding times may be casual, but we’re a guild focused on efficiency - we strive to achieve the max amount of (relevant) progress in the least amount of time. We will always aim to clear all content on mythic difficulty. ​Raiding days: Tuesday (20:30-23:30) mandatory Wednesday (20:30-23:30) mandatory Guild requirements: Attendance As we raid only two days per week, we require everyone to be able to attend 95% of the raids (5% left for urgent real life matters) Performance We expect you to know your class in and out and have an understanding of basic and reoccurring raid mechanics. Maturity We don’t want anyone to be immature when it comes to accepting criticism/feedback. Everyone helps each other to improve so you should be able to adapt to the situation. Also when it comes to progression, we want people to be patient and accepting without any unnecessary drama. Communication We use Discord as our main communication platform and you are expected to communicate during raids. Contact us For further details and questions you can contact: Guild master: Qussen (Kussensloop#2134) Officer: Pareidolic (KABUUUM#2124) Check our website for recruitment status and an application form: www.annex-outland.comEvangeleena16 6d
07 Dec <Perceptive> World 41 Gold xRealm,Cheaper WoWTokens! <Perceptive> Exchanging Gold Cross Realm! We have gold on other realms we are willing to trade in exchange for gold on Tarren Mill Horde. We offer you more gold than we will receive! In the case of gold to gold trades we have Available gold in the following realms : Arathor Azuremyst Blackrock Blackhand Blackmoore Bloodfeather Bloodscalp Defias Brotherhood Draenor Drak'Thul Eredar Hyjal Illidan Outland Pozzo Ragnaros Ravencrest Sargeras Stormreaver Stormscale Terenas .....and more! We also Boost Argus the unmaker on heroic difficulty DAILY and we accept payments on any realm Contact us Battletag:Chilltax#2421 Skype: Perceptive.boost Discord:Perceptiveboost#6880Ziizi1 07 Dec
07 Dec [A] 953 Unh DK LF Mythic Antorus Prog Mythic ToS experience Curved for both Argus & ToS WoW Logs can be found at the bottom of post (please forgive AHC score) Active on Discord One of the higher ranked DKs on Outland last season for WowProgress (13th) Looking to start progressing into Mythic Antorus, please feel free to get in touch if you are in need of a plate MDPS WoW Logs https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/outland/decaydog Mccrazy#21635Decaydog0 07 Dec
07 Dec [A]<Sempiternal> 7/9Mythic +11/11 HC is recruiting! Sempiternal is currently NOT recruiting! We are a laid back and friendly guild, with a tight knit group of good friends(some irl) that enjoy playing together outside of our raid times, doing plenty of Mythic +, singing and trolling on Discord, and helping out other members. Some are playing other games together such as Heroes of the Storm, Diablo, etc. Currently recruiting as high priority: - We will accept others of course, but these are what we are lacking on, so if you aren't one of them, still feel free to reply! Raid days: Thursday from 19.30 until 22.30 Sunday from 19.30 until 22.30 Sometimes we do extend the raid if people are able to, or we will add another raid day if we are close to a kill or really want to push progression. This will mostly be on Monday, 19.30 until 22.30, but it is not mandatory and will only happen on occasion. Requirement: 930+ ilvl. Preferably some Mythic ToS experience. Discord. Willingness to be a part of not just the raiding team, but the guild as a whole! Be friendly and helpful! If you're interested in joining, or want to know more info, you can add me on Battlenet, or message: Pookzz#2283 Valendil, Grocx, Pablopanda, Yelzel, Nimfiel Cheers!Valendil29 07 Dec
06 Dec [A] Legio Mortis - casual PvE -2/11 Heroic progress Welcome! About us: Legio Mortis - We are social, active and friendly guild, made of ex-hardcore raiders and PvPrs, tired of full-pressure gameplay, but still want to earn fame and glory. Main of our goals is to progress in current content (PvE mostly) while still preserve casual guild type. We are pretty talkative too and always eager to help in anything in game (and outside too!). For now, progressing on Antorus! Current progress: Antorus The Burning Throne HC - 2/11 Antorus The Burning Throne N - 11/11 on first week after release date! Tomb of Sargeras N - 9/9 first week (49# KJ kill on Outland) Tomb of Sargeras HC - 9/9 - Curve done Nighthold N - 10/10 first week (fastest run 10/10 N in less than 2h) Nighthold HC - 10/10 EN Normal 7/7 - did first week (<100 Outland guilds in 1st week) EN HC 7/7 - we try to clear it every week ToV Hc 3/3 We use Discord on everything that needs communication. We use RC Loot Council on guild raids to distrubute loot. Also we use our own DKP (GP + EP) system. We mostly raid Wed and Sun 20-23 ST. What we do besides current content: In the meantime of fighting Legion, we enjoy game, doing plenty of old-content raids and dungeons. Transmo, achievs, mount runs aren't something rare amongs us, so if you like that kind of stuff, you are one of us then! Requirements: For normal member, only important requirement is in-game chat with one of officers. If you're active, want to progress or just looking for someone to play with, you met rest of our requirements. For more information, feel free to contact us in game! High council: Shandril - Guild Master (B-tag : Lasti#2393) Grzesznik - Officer Diyanie - Officer Werdant - Officer Sayano - Officer Nabwae/Sodanoobin - Guild Advisor Ponnytails - Guild Advisor WoW Progress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/outland/Legio+MortisShandril18 06 Dec
02 Dec LF PvE Guild Outland LF guild for rading and suchGenétic0 02 Dec
02 Dec [H/A] Sellrun Herald of the Titans Hello friends We, WotlK United, are selling the title „Herald of the Titans“ on Horde and Alliance side. For this feat of strenght/achievment u need to kill „Algalon the observer“ on 10-player mode with level 80. Also there is an itemlevel restriction to max 226 and weapons 232. So as a result you need a lvl 80 character to do this. Gear isn‘t needed because we‘re killing the boss for you. After the kill, you‘ll recieve the feat of strenght „Herald of the Titans“ and the title aswell. This title is accountwide for all characters above level 80. Our group is an experienced boosting group and started boosting Challenge Modes and Raids back in "MoP". Today we specialize ourself in "Herald of The Titans", because there are so many groups selling Mythic+ and Raids that aren't really special. FAQ: Prices: → All german realms: 100.000 Gold → Argent Dawn, Silvermoon, Quel‘thalas, Kazzak, Twisting Nether -EU: 100.000 Gold → All other EU realms 150.000 Gold Our service: → Fast boost (10-15 min) → Going AFK infight possible What do you get? → The feat of strenght: „Herald of the Titans“ → The title „Herald of the Titans“ Procedure → Whisper me ingame: Issra (Argent Dawn-EU alliance)/ Wînters (Blackmoore-EU alliance) or add me on Winters#2786 → Date finding → 50% party payment → Get boosted → Pay the rest With best regards. Wînters For questions, just contact me.Wìnters0 02 Dec
30 Nov Anyone selling Gul'dan mount? Hai. Curious to see if any guild happen to be selling Gul'dan myth mount. Write here or contact Mesra in-game. Hugs etcSpiticia1 30 Nov
28 Nov LF Guild/ alliance I have two chars one Is item level 867 (DH) the other is DK slightly lower Item level am Alliance faction Blizz name - Blank#2141 Could add me on discord too, Blank#7287Zayiah1 28 Nov
28 Nov LF raiding guild for Antorus Hi, like the title says im looking currently for a raiding guild for the new Raid. Got a healer (hpally) and melee dps (rogue) which im currenlty about to equip. Missed the whole nighthold raid, cause i quit playing till patch 7.3.2 Im available every Monday, Wensday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 19:00 to 23:00. I just wanna have some people around me with whom i can clear the actual content and since my current guild is dead im lookin for some new people i can raid with. If you got an further questions contact me on: Somebody#2509 or write your question in this threat.Haselhof1 28 Nov
28 Nov Server issues Hello everyone I was wondering if i'm the only one unable to login to my characters on Outland. Every other server seems to work just fine. Thank you in advancePeitho14 28 Nov
26 Nov Playing as Horde on Outland ? Hello, Is it worth playing as horde on Outland server? What is real ratio of horde / aliance players ? I play primarily PVP and WPVP.Supanda5 26 Nov
24 Nov Recruitment: Special Needs Program ABOUT US Special Needs Program (SNP) was founded in 2017 and was initially created for the social aspect of the game. The founder and most of the key officers/ members are experienced mythic (prev. HC) raiders that have played World of Warcraft since release. As we have been playing since release, the players of SNP got older and within their busy schedule there is limited space to play World of Warcraft. Nothing much has changed, however SNP is eager to raid and clear the content from time to time. Besides the social aspect, SNP therefore created a relaxed and flexible raiding schedule. Recruitment is now open for all classes and for the following positions: Socials Members Raiders Recruitment Officers General Officers Raid Leader For more information, contact an officer ingame. Thanks and best regards, SNPVierklauw0 24 Nov
23 Nov Guilds PvPing on Outland?! Are there any guilds on outland that do any pvp (wpvp,rbg,arena) etc ? coz i barely see ANYONE doing pvp this xpac everyone is like grinding ap and stopping the "legion" from invading the world by killing dungeons mobs .. rlyCud3 23 Nov
21 Nov Kil Jaeden HC kill Hi guys, Antorus coming, I'd like to kill Kil Jaeden HC before. Tell me your price! CheersArktis0 21 Nov
21 Nov Help - Seeking ROGUE for HEAVY JUNKBOX ! Hi guys ! If you're a rogue and you want golds ! I have a job for you. Send me your heavy box in my mailbox by 12 for 475G. What's is it ? : http://www.wowhead.com/item=16885/heavy-junkbox Trick : http://www.wowhead.com/item=16885/heavy-junkbox#comments You can use macro for be quickly. Thanks you i wait your mail !Sonnenblume0 21 Nov
20 Nov Discord Trade Channel, Looking for a Swift Tiger? If you can't find an item you really want, then your best chance is to join our Discord Channel; filled with (TCG) traders and players known from the Trading Scene. * TCG Items (Mounts/Toys/Tabards) - Incl. Blizzcon * Unobtainable/Rare Items * Boosts (Mythic/101/Arena etc) * Gold Swapping between Realms This Discord Channel is meant for players to advertise what they want to buy or sell. It is moderated, but all business deals are dealt with privately among traders. Use this link to join: https://discord.gg/yUq4etFJindai0 20 Nov
20 Nov [A] <Guardian of Tirisfal> ITA Guild La Gilda è stata chiusa. This Guild has been definitely closed.Babbano7 20 Nov
20 Nov 840 Balance Druid, Selling Dungeon Boosts Selling 100-110 boost through legion dungeons. add: falc0ne#21957 or whisper me ingame Hornywolfy.Hornywolfy1 20 Nov
17 Nov Naxxramas 1:1 in Minecraft Hey. I figgured I'd share this with you, I know you'll enjoy it. I shared it a few months ago but why not again. Hugs etc <3 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95yvbetezW0Spiticia0 17 Nov
16 Nov WTS TCG MOUNTS for GOLD WTS Wooly White Rhino: 2.5-3.5m X-51 X-TREME rocket: 2.5-3.5m Big Battle Bear: Offer Ghastly Charger: 9-10m Accepting gold on ALL eu realms, price may vary depending on your realm! ORIGINAL THREAD: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/16463356183?page=1 https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/16463356183?page=1 https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/16463356183?page=1Magicuz0 16 Nov
14 Nov Looking for CZ/SK Guild. Čau, hledám Česky mluvicí guildu, která má v malíku normal a heroic většinu progressu, a očuchávaj mythic, tzn. žádnej hardcore tryhard, jelikož zas tolik nehraju, ale chci mít i tak kolem sebe fajn lidi. Jsem TS/Discord schopný s mikrofonem je mi 20 let, wow hraji snad ještě déle než žiju. Pokud požadujete performance podívejte se na logy z Nightholdu a Trial of Valor jinak jsem moc neraidoval, když by se něco takovýho našlo, dejte vědět. Dík!Lenos0 14 Nov
13 Nov Blizzard is awesome So had some trouble getting my weekly 895+ gear in ranked 2v2 arena. So i ended up making a ticket. And i waited about 8 hours and i got a message from a GM. He was so polite and very nice. Blizzard should really get more cred for what they do, i mean he said that my account was old so he decided to give me "something extra" And he gave me lil'kt. Gotta love blizzard man<3Tickletackle3 13 Nov
13 Nov For Loot and Glory. 5/9 Mythic, Guild Recruiting. Guild: FOR LOOT AND GLORY Faction: ALLIANCE (EU - OUTLAND) Raid Times/Days: Wednesday/Sunday 7.45 - 23. 00 PM realm time Cleared: Full HC 5/9 Mythic Recruitment Contacts: Myself Caleb at CalebBrennan#2693 or Stevo at Headwires#2991 Needs: Looking for DPS and a dedicated tank Guild Info: For Loot and Glory is an established, laidback, social raiding guild. FLAG is a fun enviorment full of good players who are willing to put themselves forward to push the best content WoW has to offer. Mythic+ and Raids are a key aspect of our guild and you will find both here. As well as charming people and memes, and a good sense of mature comedy. We are looking for dedicated DPS for our Heroic and Mythic Team for Antorus the Burning Throne. We raid twice a week (Monday and Sunday) between 7.45 - 23.00. Socials are welcome as always.Réaux0 13 Nov
13 Nov For Loot and Glory, 5/9 Mythic. Guild Recruitment. Guild: FOR LOOT AND GLORY Faction: ALLIANCE (EU - OUTLAND) Raid Times/Days: Wednesday/Sunday 7.45 - 23. 00 PM realm time Cleared: Full HC 5/9 Mythic Recruitment Contacts: Myself Caleb at CalebBrennan#2693 or Stevo at Headwires#2991 Needs: Looking for DPS and a dedicated tank Guild Info: For Loot and Glory is an established, laidback, social raiding guild. FLAG is a fun enviorment full of good players who are willing to put themselves forward to push the best content WoW has to offer. Mythic+ and Raids are a key aspect of our guild and you will find both here. As well as charming people and memes, and a good sense of mature comedy. We are looking for dedicated DPS for our Heroic and Mythic Team for Antorus the Burning Throne. We raid twice a week (Monday and Sunday) between 7.45 - 23.00. Socials are welcome as always.Réaux0 13 Nov
11 Nov Sprint - 100-110 Dungeon Booster [Fast, Reliable] Hello, I'm Sprint; a fast experienced dungeon booster! Sprint Level 101 Horde Balance Druid 200% Movement Speed 101% Mastery 68% Haste 19% Leech ★Service Requirements★ ► ilvl 680+ and Order hall Unlocked. ► 100-110 Boost will take approximately 3.5-4 hours depending on heirlooms ★Service Information★ ► Boosts are done in normal dungeons and you will be playing your own character. ► You can AFK at the entrance or follow me, no need to dps or heal. ► 1 level takes approximately 4-6 dungeons, depending on your rested exp and heirlooms. ► Price: 2500g/dungeon ► 100-110 Price can be discussed! -I accept gold on horde, every server on EU. How ever, I prefer payments on Draenor. ★Contact me★ If you want to schedule a run or have any questions, feel free to add me and I'll get back to you within moments! Add Rawrasaurus#21427 or Elliot#21367 if you are interested. Thanks!Sprint0 11 Nov
10 Nov [A]Honor-Capped-WPvP/PvP! Recruiting! Honor Capped-Outland-PvP™ Hello everyone as most of you know a introduction is rarely needed for our guild! Made in 2011 Honor Capped has always had a place on Outland in the WPvP scene and PvP scene in general! We celebrated our 5th year as a guild in 2016 and we know many more birthdays are to come! Legion has been one of the toughest expansions to deal with considering the amount of PVE you need to do to World PvP how ever it never stopped us in Honor Capped we do both. We take World PvP very seriously its important to be co ordinated and professional. We work in a fight group abit like the SAS to achieve victorys each person has a role in RBGs or World PvP. <em/> Teamspeak 3 is required with a mic for RBGS and WPvP.We are a English speaking guild so we want people who can understand and communicate in English. We have always maintained a close core of people that love to socialize and chillax on teamspeak 3.This is very important for team work events such as WPvP ganking etc! Very important everyone gets to know each other. WPvP Our WPVP is the highest possible standard we have created and developed our own tactics in VS other guilds in battles.As ever we WPvP most nights in defending or attacking.We have personally developed our own tactics that really does take our guild to another level. Server Events As the guild master i feel its important to include everyone in the community on outland EU to join in on some of the PvP events,these events could take place any where on the lands of WOW .We have done some amazing PvP events and we are on the best server for them.Everyone is welcome!If you play on french,German,Spanish or Russian server then please get in contact with me (Destinite) Honor Capped! WPvP weekend! 3 days! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWWtMLlm0Ro&list=TLqhtfxKVZ8p2dnwUmXh4J8j6D8fy7px6_ We are looking for dedicated World PvPers for: - Server events - RBG's - Arena - City Raids - Bg premades - Planned (20v20)(40v40) - Open combat - Fun events - Ganking - Tournaments - Death matches - Old PvE raids for transmog - Also to be a part of our outstanding PvP videos All we require from you is: - Teamspeak 3 (With a mic) - Most importantly we want your mains,and the best character that you can play. - Take part in discussions and be social on TS3 - Outstanding PvP standards - Attend calendar events - ilvl850+ - Be aged 16 and over. You must be mature and respect others - Listen when Guild leader and also the Officers - Be able to think for yourself, and come up with suggestions - Full PvP gear/ PVE gear with gems and enchants for your class and spec. - If you have legendarys then that is perfect. - ilvl 880+ You Tube https://www.youtube.com/user/manston94 with 300 playlist all PvP events ever recorded! Honor Capped V Swifty https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-2NES8Zzjo&t=1s Twitch http://www.twitch.tv/destinite So if you are interested in us contact us ingame or on here! Guild master: Destinite Officers/Assistants -Whixe -Sjeka -Naizhon -Nicanne -Shazarr -Dorrislol Regards Destinite!Destilord52 10 Nov
09 Nov Security @ Frostmane Legion Store Hello Outland! Security @ Frostmane EU have now opened up our boosting services for raid content. Please read the notes for each type of boosts that we offer, since some is only offered with payment on Frostmane. ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ ★We do not accept any other type of currency other than gold★ ↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑↑ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Nighthold (Gold is accepted only on Frostmane): Gul'dan Mount (http://www.wowhead.com/item=137575): 1.5m----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mythic Tomb of Sargeras We currently offer full package deals and single bosses. We only accept gold for Mythic difficulty bosses on Frostmane. Any loot that we might want (as in Titanforged or tier pieces) are reserved unless specified otherwise. Single bosses- 350k each: Goroth Demonic Inquisition Harjatan Mistress Sassz'ine Sisters of the Moon The Desolate Host Maiden of VigilanceThe Fallen Avatar and Kil'Jaeden The Fallen Avatar - 550k Kil'Jaeden - 3mFull package: 9/9 package: 6m(Loot we want is reserved) Premium 9/9 package: 10m (this includes all the loot you can use, Titanforged and Tier Pieces INCLUDED) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Heroic Tomb of Sargeras (Gold is accepted on this realm): Full clear with PL: 600k Kil'Jaeden only: 250k----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Raids: Our raid days and invites are on Wednesday at around 19:30 CET and boss is pulled around 19:45 CET. We raid until 23:00 CET, and if we don't clear everything in one night we will continue from where we left off on Thursday or Sunday, same hours. We expect you to be able to make both days if you buy a full package. You're welcome to raid naked due to the fact that we will ask you to die on every boss. Payment: Part of the payment (15%) is paid as reservation deposit when we set up a date. The remaining full payment is expected upon entering the raid unless otherwise noted. We accept only in-game currency and only Alliance on Frostmane unless specified otherwise. Contact: If you are interested in purchasing from us or you have any questions, please contact me on btag or ask someone in the guild to poke me: Kapaya#2705 Previous services and feedback: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/16742874657#post-1 https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17615114686#post-1Kapaya2 09 Nov
07 Nov LEGACY RAIDING GUILD RECCRUITING Hello! I am making a legacy raiding guild. Level to 60 and stop xp. We will raid one day per week so people still have time to play main characters etc. We will be Alliance on the Aggramar Server. Rules and info: All professions allowed up to lvl 300. We will check if you use any proffesion items that requires over lvl 300 skill. Transmog and hierlooms are optional. Hierlooms are not allowed in raids. Loot will be rolled for. Toxic, immature, or generally bad behaviour will be punished. (Loot ban, guild kick, rank lowered.) Good behaviour will be rewarded. (Gold, raised rank) Not more than 2 of each class. Our raid team will be 12 players. 2 tanks, 3 healers, 7 dps. Must have Discord and a working microphone. Auction house is allowed. Do you think this is something you would enjoy being apart of? Send me a message! Abekebbab#2640 Currently need no Tanks, 1healers and 5dps.Dolthrun1 07 Nov
07 Nov <We Win Or We Learn> LF members! Hey everyone, I've recently formed a guild with a goal of gathering true people for one sole reason - enjoying the game together. Whether thats PvE,PvP or just social interaction you enjoy most feel free to PM me (Hastehax) and jump on board of a community where there is no space for negativity and bad vibes. I must note that I am not doing any mass recruitment as I really prefer quality over quantity. If you are seeking for a guild that feels like a wolfpack, We Win Or We Learn is a place for you! Anyone that has the following qualities: manners, sense of humour, willingness to improve, loyalty, positive approach to game/life and just a decent skillset of being a nice person in general, do not hesitate, and lets create something special together :) PM Hastehax (Outland) for Your invitation! Or leave your char nickname below and ill invite you :) Many thanks,and see you soon comrades!Hastehax0 07 Nov
06 Nov [A] Recruiting for Antorus raid <Dream Entity> is a newly formed guild recruiting all specs and classes. We want to build a solid raid team for antorus with mythic progression in plans. The guild is formed by a bunch of people that merged together from Grim Batol wanting too make our own guild with raid in focus. All the people that went to outland together have 6/9M and 5/9 experience. If you have any questions or are just intersting in joing the guild then please add me in battle.net with AcaBaka#2595 ,contact me ingame at Fistingnator or any other officers which is Tindranu, Jåsball and Healkeeper. Socials are also very much welcome :D!Fistingnator0 06 Nov
04 Nov Spanish Guild (Hermandad Española) OCB Rolling Team Recién llegados a este server, se decidió abrir una hermandad con la intención de reunir a la comunidad Hispana. Sabemos que muchos de vosotros no domináis (ni dominamos) el Inglés lo suficiente como para participar en una RBG o Raids, por lo que hacemos una invitación general a toda persona que quiera unirse y disfrutar de este juego. Como planes para la hermandad tenemos: - Pasar un rato agradable entre los compañeros. - Montar Rbg's sin seriedad ninguna. Lo primero es aprender a hacer las cosas. (El único requisito para esto será tener ganas de hacer las cosas bien y no buscar competitividad. No tomamos como un trabajo el juego) - Reunir grupos para mazmorras/bandas y aligerar el tiempo que pasamos en cola - En la próxima expansión (Legión) se tiene previsto raidear en función al tamaño del rooster que se alcance. (Aquí nos pondremos un poco más serios, se necesitará un equipo mínimo, un Dps/Healing/Aguante de daño mínimo y conocimientos de los jefes. Con mirarse las guías de internet y saber donde deben estar tus pies será suficiente ^-^) No necesitas ser nivel 100, no necesitas ser una clase en concreto. Tan solo se quedarán fuera aquellas personas que no conozca el significado de "Buen Rollo" y de "Respeto" Hæh8 04 Nov
04 Nov [H] Calling All DPS, we need you! [H] We Raid For Cookies is recruiting. 9/9 HC. We are a social Horde Guild on Doomhammer/Turalyon, we haven't been Raiding very long but have cleared Heroic TOS and have aims to do the same come Antorus and beyond. ---------------------------------------------------------------- We are casual but with only 2 days to raid we are looking for people who want to push themselves and work as a unit to progress at a steady pace as well as having free time for that dreaded irl. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Guild Info. We aim to do mythic+'s as much as possible and when people are online its easy to organize and get groups going. The guild is full of like minded people and many understand WoW is a game not a lifestyle choice so even if you cannot raid social members are welcome and then if you want to join in the experience of raiding there is no barrier to stop you. We aim to help gear up and introduce people to the raiding scene as most of us have raided since vanilla but as life does weve got less time to dedicate to it, but that itch is hard to scratch so when we do raid we put 100% effort in, we are happy to help and teach people this area of the game and welcome anyone who wants to join us in this endeavor. ---------------------------------------------------------------- We Are Recruiting. Melee DPS: All classes Range DPS: All classes We take the player not the class, so we leave that decision to you as in the end your enjoyment of the game benefits us in the long run, Offspec Healers and Tanks are also welcome as things can go wrong or people will be unavailable but are not mandatory. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Raiding Schedule. We Raid Thursdays and Sundays 20:30 Server time -23:00 ST Off raids are also planned but these are done by members as a set day dosnt benefit everyone, we also organize mythic+ nights and even old raids for transmog or just to take other members there to see older content and have a night of laughing rather than screaming boss tactics. Any additional info needed please feel free to contact me ingame or add me on bnet bigbrownie#2993, thank youChuggnorris0 04 Nov
03 Nov WTT Gold Stormscale Horde to Outland Alliance Hi All, i am looking to give around 60-70k gold on Stormscale Horde and receive the same amount on Outland Alliance. If anyone is interested, please Bnet add me. We can trade small amounts at a time in order to avoid issues. Bnet tag is Emanuele#2203.Warbarg0 03 Nov
03 Nov Join <Honor Capped> please we need noobs.. Do you suck @ WoW? then why not join <Honor Capped>, and we can suck together! Guild guidelines: - Must be immature and rude - Must be ready to gank horde levelers because i said so - Must not choose to play a Pala (only i get to be one) - In WPVP everyone must not play to have fun ONLY heal, protect and take my target - Must be ready to make fun of other people for not accepting my guild invite - Must like Ke$ha's musicDestinight11 03 Nov