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19 Feb Outland EU - Guild list As Jonner is gone I'll be in charge of the Guild list, and keep it updated as much as I can. Some websites has been removed due to "inactivity". If I have deleted some that is not, just post it here again and I'll add it. ALLIANCE: ATT * www.att-outland.com Azeroth Security * azerothsecurity.rdocorp.com Ancient Storm * www.ancientstorm.guildlaunch.com Champions of the hall * www.coth-guild.com Considerably Superior * www.considerably-superior.guildzilla.com Dilemma * www.dilemmaeu.webs.com Divine Retribution * www.divine-retribution-guild.wowstead.com Elation * www.elationguild.wowstead.com Elude * www.eludeguild.wowstead.com Entourage * www.entourage-outland.blogspot.com Euphoric * www.euphoric.guildomatic.com Fatalis * www.fatalis.wowstead.com Hüljatud * www.huljatud.com iNfiniti * www.infiniti-outland.com I Stab Your Face * www.infamousguild.com Infamous * www.infamousguild.com Innervate * www.innervateonline.com Immortal Dawn * www.immortaldawn.guildzilla.com Level and Socialize * www.las.wowstead.com Mary Moo Cows * www.marymoocows.com Nightwatchers * www.nightwatchers.eu Ominous * www.ominousoutland.enjin.com Pech und Schwefel * www.pechundschwefel.org Peanuts * www.peanutseu.guildlaunch.com P h o e n i x * www.guildphoenix.com PvP Inc * www.outland-pvpinc.com Reckoning * reckoning.gportal.org S e v e n t h * unknown Sigil * www.sigil-outland.com Simplicity * Simp.co.nr Sinisters * www.sinisters-guild.net Terra Nova Alliance PvP * www.theterranova.mmoguildsites.com The Gits * www.wowgits.co.uk The Exiled * www.the-exiled-outland.wowstead.com Union - www.union-guild.eu Vengeancé PVP * unknown Whats a Darnassus * unknown Xeon * www.xeon.wowstead.com Zeus * www.zeus-gaming.net Pech und Schwefel * www.pechundschwefel.org HORDE: A Bunch Of Gankers * www.gankers.co.uk Aberrant * www.aberrant.wowstead.com Absit Invidia * www.absit-invidia.enjin.com Ace óf Spades * www.aosguild.wowstead.com Apathy * www.apathywow.com Anthemic * www.anthemic.eu Artifacts * artifactsguild.enjin.com Da VooDoo Shuffle * www.davoodooshuffle.guildlaunch.com Dark Carnival * www.darkcarnival.guildomatic.com E n v y * www.wowenvy.co.uk Fantastic Ten * www.fantastic-ten.enjin.com Fenimo * www.fenimo.com Fifth Sin * www.fifth-sin.com Glads N Dropouts * www.gnd.guildlaunch.com Hardcore Casuals * www.hardcorecasuals.eu Head Hunters * www.hhguild.co.uk Honourbound * www.honourbound.wowstead.com Justice For All * www.justiceforall.wowstead.com Kindred * www.kindred.openu2.com Malice in Wonderland * www.malicewonderland.wowstead.com MARINE MARAUDER MANABURN * www.mmm-gaming.eu Masculine Valkyries * www.masculine-valkyries.wowstead.com Northen Ice storm * www.northernicestorm.wowstead.com Not For Hire * nfh.rajraj.net Prima Terra * www.primaterra.mmoguildsites.com Slicing Smurfs * slicingsmurfs.dyndns.org Solidarity * www.solidarity-wow.co.uk The Dark Vengeance * www.tdvguild.org The Squirtle Squad * www.thesquirtlesquad.wowstead.com Undefeatable * www.undefeatable.net The Uprising * www.wss.guildomatic.com Vesperia * www.vesperia-outland.enjin.com Zylos Hand *www.zyloshand.globalcontrol.biz Ättestupan * blomgren.com/forumsMeät276 19 Feb
9h [A] <Annex> reformed guild is recruiting! About us We are a group of dedicated and experienced players who want a fresh and clean start. Our team consists of players ranging from veterans who started on day 1 to people who came back to jump into serious raiding. We seek to reform and create a strong core which aims to clear as much as possible in the least amount of time. Info Raiding days: Wednesday (20:30-23:30) Thursday (20:30-23:30) *Monday (will be used if we are very close to that kill!) Until we grow, we will be clearing NH heroic weekly and once we fill our rosters, we will set into NH mythic to keep us entertained until ToS. At the moment we are short on many classes/specs so every application will be considered. Requirements -Attendance – As we raid only two days per week, we require everyone to be able to attend 95% of the raids (5% left for urgent real life matters) -Performance – we expect you to know your class in and out and have an understanding of basic and reoccurring raid mechanics. -Maturity – we don’t want anyone to be immature when it comes to accepting criticism/feedback. Everyone helps each other to improve so you should be able to adapt to the situation. Also when it comes to progression, we want people to be patient and accepting without any unnecessary drama. -We use Discord as our main communication platform and you are expected to communicate during raids. Contact us For further details and questions you can contact our Guild Master Yuena (Faedo#21708) or officers Evangeleena (Autumnsoul#2857) and Kussens (Kussensloop#2134) P.S. Guild website is on its way so there will be an additional way to apply.Evangeleena0 9h
1d [H] 7/10 HC Guild recruting FOR THOSE THAT ARE NOT CURRENTLY ON DRAENOR; YOU WILL BE INVITED TO NORMAL/HEROIC FARM FOR YOUR TRIAL (MAYBE PROGRESS DEPENDING ON YOUR ILVL/EXPERIENCE), ONCE YOUR TRIAL HAS ENDED, YOU WILL BE EXPECTED TO REALM CHANGE TO DRAENOR. Good day, as the title suggests we -Moonshine Bunnies- are looking for raiders in all roles to complete our mythic raiding team. A little backstory of the core of the guild: We have raided together through the expansions, a very close knit group of friends who are experienced in running a guild and raiding at a high level. We had issues with our previous guild causing us to form a new guild. Expectations of you: Communicate. I cannot stress enough how important this is, above all else. Commit to our schedule. The raiding schedule is as follows; (CET) Wednesday 20:15-00:00 (farm night, no progression will take place) Monday 20:15-00:00 Sunday 20:15-00:00 You will have 100% attendance with few exceptions, which you will inform an officer in as much advance possible. Be completely prepared for every raid. This includes being on time (15 mins early), having all consumables and having knowledge of the fights. We are currently recruiting all roles and classes, but with a higher focus on ranged in terms of DPS, though EVERYONE will be trialed, and all exceptional players will be considered, regardless of your experience/ilvl. What you can expect from us: High quality raiding. This means very little downtime, a serious raiding environment, and little room for mistakes. A huge amount of activity outside of raids. This includes mythic+, Achievements, and other general shenanigans. RClootcouncil will be used to hand out loot. Your trial: A trial can take anywhere from one raid night to weeks. Based on your ilvl/experience you will be invited to the next 'appropriate' raid, whether this is farm or progress depends on you. If you are still here after the wall of text above, or you have simply scrolled down, the way to organise your trial is simple, add my battletag (Tymoa#2145) and contact me. I hope to speak to you soon.Noodlejuice2 1d
1d [A]<Eximius> (4/10M) is recruiting 1 healer! Eximius is a semi-hardcore raiding guild created with the opening of Legion. The guild has been created from players that have been raiding since vanilla that wanted to bring back the core feeling from back in the days. We are a fast growing guild that has quickly picked up progression and we currently reside within the top 10 on Outland. We created a relax and serious environment for people to be able to progress and work as a team towards achieving progression. About Eximius We are a professional yet chill guild. We raid for progression not for loot. Our members are friendly, respectful, and are willing to help you. We are a core team of which you can become a part. When we don't raid we spam M+, play different video games such as Overwatch, and hang out on Discord. Raiding days: Monday from 19:30 untill 23:30 Wednesday from 19:30 untill 23:30 Thursday from 19:30 untill 23:30 Requirements: Our age requirement is 18+. We would like to see promising logs. Decent item level. (895+) Minimum of 50 artifact traits. What we are looking for: - Currently one healer to complete our healing roster. You will become the 5th healer and therefore you will not be able to join every raid (a couple of mythic progression fights ask for 3-4 healers). You can whisper any officer in-game: Gaebril Torylon Snuit RaynáTorylon6 1d
1d Mythic NH Alt run Hey fellow Outlanders! I'm Hoochi from the guild Innervate and I'm considering setting up a Mythic NH alt run on Tuesdays (for example 20.00 - 23.00 server time) and I'm looking for people that are interested. The goal is to clear 3/10 atleast and later in the expac go even further. I've ran several alt runs in earlier expansions, especially back in WotLK, and I believe it's a very fun way to meet people from other guilds and restoring the great Outland Community we once had. As this is mythic difficulty the requirements will be quite strict. The requirements are as follows: Atleast 3/10M clear on Main. Multiple Gul'dan HC clears on Alt that you want to bring. 45+ traits and decent gear. (with 7.2 around the corner this might change) Good knowledge of your alts spec Apply by writing your Alt name and Main name. Add Erran#1557 for further questions! We will go with 2/4(+1)/13(+1) Tanks: Droochi Feralbox Healers: Superiorityx Lithien Arjunna DPS: Execoochi/Droochi Pvpbritt Tâtâ Nèwbie Daddyprang I will send out Calendar invites if we can get enough players. If we cant get a raid going this week we will start next week.Hoochi8 1d
1d Outland Cross Server Players Outland lately is not much fun and that is because Cross Server Realm has become worse! Lately I have spotted players from Stormscale and other realms I did not see before. The trouble is that now Alliance when showing up for WQ's or World bosses are outnumbered 10 to 2 most of the time. We have to stand a save distance from the boss tap him with a spell so we can get the loot as if we join the fight as melee we die! The reason why a lot of us choose a server is because we like a strong faction. Cross Server Realm has messed this all up and to what benefit? We have Cross Server Raids and questing and I see no reason why we should share the same space by default!Cùrsé6 1d
2d [Alliance] Defqon 10/10 HC & 3/10 Mythic NH Recruitment Hello everyone, Defqon is a guild formed in the earlier days on the server Outland. Since the creation of Defqon the guild grew larger and larger over time. While growing the social appearance between members increased a lot, with a lot of events taking place regularly. Currently we are 10/10 Heroic Nighthold & progressing 3/10 Mythic Nighthold! Currently looking for: * Ranged DPS(Hunter/Shadow Priest/Shaman/Druid) * Healer (Druid/Priest/Shaman) * Exceptional Players are always welcome to apply Defqon isn't focused on hardcore progression but as semi-Core guild we do think it's important to not lose track of commitment. Our raiding days and times are: * Tuesday: 20.30 till 23.30 * Thursday: 20.30 till 23.40 * Wednesday (Old Content/Achievements/Optional run): 20.00 till 23.00 * Sunday: 20.30 till 23.30 What you get when entering Defqon is a very social and friendly guild where the atmosphere between our members is an important priority. Defqon isn't focused on progression but we do think it's important to safeguard quality and commitment for a fun raiding environment. As last word exceptional and social players are always more to welcome to apply, even if your class ain't the one we're highly looking for. For more information or joining visit & apply at http://www.defqonguild.eu or whisper me ingame. To add me: Spartex#2423Spartex70 2d
3d Looking for Horde PVP Guild Hey, long story short am a big PvP and simply looking for people to PvP with. Be it wPvP, BGs or RBGs. So yeah if there are any PvP oriented guilds out there please message me :) PS: I dont mind a little Pve #Zezu2047Kunuckles0 3d
3d [A] Legio Mortis - casual PvE - FORMING 2ND RAID GROUP Welcome! About us: Legio Mortis - We are quite fresh but active and friendly guild, made of ex-hardcore raiders and PvPrs, tired of full-pressure gameplay, but still want to earn fame and glory. Main of our goals is to progress in current content (PvE mostly) while still preserve casual guild type. We are pretty talkative too and always eager to help in anything in game (and outside too!). For now, we are close to perfect Nighthold N. After that, we want to step into NH Heroic ASAP and start EN Mythic. Also we progress in Mythic+ dungeons, running Nightbane runs and other hi-content stuff. Current progress: Nighthold N - 10/10 fist week (fastest run 10/10 N in less than 2h) Nighthold HC - 10/10 EN Normal 7/7 - did first week (<100 Outland guilds in 1st week) EN HC 7/7 - we try to clear it every week ToV Hc 3/3 We use Discord on everything that needs communication. What we do besides current content: In the meantime of fighting Legion, we enjoy game, doing plenty of old-content raids and dungeons. Transmo, achievs, mount runs aren't something rare amongs us, so if you like that kind of stuff, you are one of us then! Requirements: For normal member, only important requirement is in-game chat with one of officers. If you're active, want to progress or just looking for someone to play with, you met rest of our requirements. For Heroic Raid group - Ranged DPS. Overall requirements of hc raider is 880+ ilvl is minimum. For DPS - minimum 400k and 10/10 N exp wit HC exp ofc. Raidtimes: Wednesdays - 20:00 - 23:00 (NH N) Thursday - 20:00 - 23:00 (NH HC) Sundays - 19:00 - 22:00 (NH HC) In progressing like now: Tuesdays - 20:00 - 23:00 (depends) For more information, feel free to contact us in game! High council: Shandril - Guild Master (B-tag : Lasti#2393) Grzesznik - Officer Tyriur - Officer Regem - Officer Pandypander - Officer Warchilld - Raid Council Diyanie - Raid Council WoW Progress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/outland/Legio+MortisShandril7 3d
3d Looking for casual raid guild I just started playing wow and now i have 828 ilvl so i have unlocked raids. I am looking for a casual guild that also runs emerald nightmare raid for loot.Turtledemon0 3d
3d WPvP is Dead Is anyone on outland willing to engage in wpvp these day's ?Lyrílla55 3d
3d [A] Until The End - Laid back raiding Hi everyone, Welcome to Until The End Until the end is a casual raiding guild with a laid back attitude. Casual in the sense that we are mostly retired raiders that want to raid on a more casual level but still see the content. We aim to clear normal and heroic and eventually move the guild to mythic raiding. In Until The End we don't force high rankings, you are allowed to do lower dps and you are allowed to !@#$ up. Most of us have raided on a high level and we are simple done with that. We aim to kill bosses in a professional way, but we are not punishing as hard as guilds that strive to be number 1, instead we help you to become better and have patience with you avoiding the fact of you becoming stressed. Raiding needs to be fun and a way to release stress while trying to become a better player. We are a mature guild with most of us having kids, jobs and basically settled in life. Therefore our raids start at 20.30 server time and end at 23.00/23.30 server time. Our raiding days are Wed/Sun/Mon. If you feel this is exactly what you are looking for, than please contact one of the following officers: Ðreamz, Ninjakoe, Néxó, Vöíd, Ròotz, Lucasz 10/10 NH normal 10/10 NH heroic, and moving into Mythic raiding. Hope to cu you soon! Add me to battlenet if your interested rootz#2950 https://discord.gg/RWy4k2URòotz23 3d
4d [A] Looking for an active daytime guild! Greetings, My name is Alex! I'm Affliction warlock ~895 ilvl, soon wanna transfer to this realm and now I'm looking for a daytime guild, my playtime is 11:00 - 17:00 ST. Armory link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/ru/character/blackscar/%D0%9D%D0%B5%D1%84%D0%B5%D1%80%D0%BE/simple (Will change after transfer) I'm 10/10 HL and 9/10 in HC Nighthold. Hope I can find here a suitable guild. For more info Senkaru#2955Неферо3 4d
5d TCG Toy and vanity item sales Hello all, As a fan of original WoW TCG (Trading Card Game) I have access to many in-game loot cards, for example TCG battle pets, toys and other vanity items. From time to time i sell these codes to people across Warcraft universe. This thread is made to collect feedback from previous sales to build a reputation from selling items that are bind on pickup. If you would like to make some deals or find your desired toy/vanity item feel free to add me Flunk#2435 Sold: Paper Flying Machine Kit 5x Goblin Gumbo Kettle 2x Sack of Starfish 1x Dark Portal 1x Below you can find the feedback and other relevant info about the trades.Skeek8 5d
5d [A]Windfury 10/10HC Recruiting! Greetings! Windfury is a casual guild with a laid-back attitude. Our aim is clearing the current tier on Heroic while also dabbling in Mythic for loot and glory once we are geared enough. The current rooster is formed of well geared players (ages 18-25) with a solid raiding history, and we do our best to ensure we stay like that by doing all content needed (from raiding or M+, you will find someone willing to help out at any time). In Windfury we value gear and experience but we cherish open minded people and that is why we are looking for folks with the right attitude, that are focused and performing when needed but also up for some banter whenever we are just hanging out in discord or guild chat. Due to that we are looking for people that have a good understanding of their class (and other classes for that matter) that are willing to have fun with like-minded people while also downing bosses. Currently we are recruiting any exceptional players, but we prioritize healers and damage dealers in order to finalize our rooster and start progressing Mythic as soon as possible. We are currently raiding Wednesday/Friday 20:00-23:00 server time (CET) with Sunday as an optional day. You can contact us at the following: SvenKuber#2375 Aspects#2600 Whafro#2893 Looking forward to raiding with you!Traendithas0 5d
5d Looking for gold exchange from Defias to Outland I am looking for an honest person to move 170k g from Defias brotherhood to Outdland . I know it is difficult to trust somebody in this situation, that's why I thought about first exchanging low cuantities. One first, then the other one. Only serious people, without bad intentions. Thank you.Stridêr0 5d
6d <Affinity>'s second team! A QUICK NOTE BEFORE YOU START READING: Progress team is currently full, as they started doing Mythic NH, so me and few other players from the guild (and alts from main team) decided to make second one, which has the same goals as the main one. Raids are going to be: Tuesday 20:30-23:30 Thursday 20:30-23:30 Our History & Philosophy We are an active, friendly, community-driven guild with focus on PVE content, catering to a wide spectrum of players. Founded in October of 2016 as 'The Golden Turtle Cult' by a group of old friends who have played WoW since TBC, the guild was originally made with no serious expectations but quickly grew into a thriving community of players and we rebranded as 'Affinity' in February of 2017. We run weekly open raids where any member of required ilvl can sign up on calendar and we run a more serious, organised progress team where we expect quality and commitment to ensure constant progress. While it is a light two-day schedule we take raiding seriously and expect steady progression from quality, active players. All progress raiders are expected to remain up to date with their class/spec and complete all content outside of raiding which is relevant to their performance. Log analysis is used to track performance. That said we focus on team comraderie and prefer not to bench committed players. Only when progress slows will be begin to look at underperforming players and we will try to help them improve as much as possible before looking to the bench. Recruitment We are always accepting social players who are looking for an active community in which they can find players to experience casual raid and small-group content. All members can be considered for progress team if they are interested in that. We analyze performance logs for all open raids to determine who may be suitable. Those who join the guild specifically for progress team membership undergo a trial period of varying length in which they participate in progress raids with a lowered loot priority. If you're willing to join add me on btag : Gladdoscovek#2115Leicha0 6d
15 Mar Hypothermia(A) @Ravencrest,7/7+6/10M Norwegian guild! In order to comply to the forum guidelines the following post will be in English. but please note that we are interested in Norwegian people only. Hypothermia was created September 2013. The roster consisted of a mix of good friends who had played together since Vanilla, and some new faces. Our goal was to have good progress, while having fun doing it. Three years later, that is exactly what we've had. We have managed to establish ourselves as a successfull single-nationality guild, we were the leading all-norwegian guild in Highmaul and BRF, and also the first to get 7/7M in Emerald Nightmare. We are looking forward to doing the same in Nighthold! With the release of Legion we have seen some new faces join our ranks and we now consist of people from all over the country. Our guild also put emphasis on the social part of gaming and for the last 3 easter vacations we have hosted a week of guild-LAN at one of our guild master's house. We were happy to see that almost our whole roster joined the party! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ About our raids: We are currently raiding three days a week. - Wednesday 19:30-23.30 - Thursday 19:30-23:30 - Monday 19:30-23.30 We never extend beyond this schedule We use Loot Council to distribute loot. This ensures the guild progression over single-player progression. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recruitment: We are currently recruiting 2 or 3 more DPS for mythic Nighthold progression We are currently looking for: Melee dps: Closed Ranged dps: Open for most, but pref Boomkin, ele shaman or mage Tanks: Closed Healer: Disc/holy priest, resto druid, resto shaman Don't be afraid to leave an apply even if your class is not listed here. Exceptional players with something to offer are always welcome to apply regardless of current needs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements: - A working microphone and Teamspeak 3. - Complete knowledge of your class/spec. - Age 18+ - Preferably (not required) experience on par with our current progress. - Good artifact progress, preferably 54 - no specific ilvl is required at the moment, but we will not boost your character ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to be a part of one of the most successfull Norwegian raiding communities there is, please contact one of the officers in-game: Deadeyez, Shikamaru or Sheiila, with their respective battle-tags teekay#2300, shikamaru#2938 or Guden#2360 with any questions you may have. Best Regards Thomas / Deadeyez - Hypothermia officer teamDeadeyez4 15 Mar
15 Mar Polish Guild/ Polska Gildia Siema, szukam polskiej gildii Outland. Gram głównie pvp. RDruid battle: zyng#2259Nightiam0 15 Mar
14 Mar Hermandad española en Outland Hermandad española en Outland!! Hola a todos! después de buscar varias hermandades españolas en outland y ver que ya no existen ya que están todas abandonadas yo y unos amigos hemos decidido crear una guild española se llama Selección Natural, agregarme in game como Hytøn alianza. La hermandad estará enfocada en pvp como en pve hay buen rollo de momento somos pocos pero va ir creciendo!Hytøn1 14 Mar
14 Mar <Alliance Task Force> 1/7m Hey everyone! Alliance Task Force has opened recruitment for new members and to push us further into mythic NH. Raiding Schedule: Wednesday 20:30-23:00 Thursday 20:30-23:30 *times may vary if needed; end of raid is mandatory, the extra time is variable. most of us play since TBC/vanilla , and have been raiding very active back in the days up untill the end of Cataclysm/pandaria. Are you looking for a relaxed raiding environment but still with serious progress, this is the right guild for you! What we are looking for are skilled players, who understand their class(or other classes for that matter) and are willing to join in on the fun and get the most out of the raids while still taking it easy. Gear does not impress, neither do achievements. We'd love to hear about your experience in raiding, and you are more then welcome to show us that you are capable of raiding at a high level, with a relaxed attitude. At the moment we are recruiting any exceptional players, but we are mainly looking for the following: Guardian druid(with balance or resto spec) Warrior ( tank with a dps offspec would be great) Mage (preferably frost) Warlock If you might be interested, please add me on Kabuuum#2124 so we can have a chat.Drastikk1 14 Mar
14 Mar [A]<Postal>Aszune 4/10M is recruiting Recruitment We are currently looking to recruit a few more skilled players for The Nighthold progression: Melee: Warrior Ranged: Warlock, Hunter NOTE: We expect you to have at least 895ilvl and to be able to show us that you are making an effort to better your character (best enchants, gems, high AP artifact weapon). Exceptional players of any class/spec are always welcome to apply. To apply visit our guild’s website on http://postal-guild.enjin.com/apply , or if you have any additional questions contact red#25218, LordEos#2255 or BobTheGoat#2765. The Guild http://postal-guild.enjin.com/home http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/aszune/Postal https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/59860 <Postal> is a long-standing (est. 2007) semi-hardcore guild that went casual during MoP. When WoD hit we merged with Rimfrost, however it didn't work out and near the end of BRF content we decided to go back to being just Postal. We got most of our core raiders back and ventured into HFC determined to get our top server position back. We finished WoD as server 2nd / ally 1st. Our goal in Legion is to keep our server 2nd and ally 1st position. Our Atmosphere and Raiding Environment We are a group of unique individuals that love to raid competitively and have fun while doing so. We are extremely focused during progression bosses and tend to keep the chit-chat on TS to a minimum. During farm bosses we are quite chatty and relaxed, but not so much that you'll want to rip your ears off and smash your face in with the keyboard. Outside of raids one can always find other guildies to do various activities with...be it mythic+ dungeons, WQs, old raids xmog farm etc. Our Progress 4/10 Mythic The Nighthold 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare Our Raid Times We raid Wednesday (19:30 - 23:30 ST), Thursday and Sunday 20:00 – 23:00 ST. Additional day may be added during early tier progression. Our Loot Rules Everyone has an equal chance at a raid spot and we rotate people based on what classes are needed for the boss, and on farm bosses who needs gear. We use the Loot Council loot rules. We use this over EPGP (and obviously DKP) as we do not want members passing on items just because it is a small upgrade. We don’t prioritise officers or long term members over others and simply hand loot out on the basis of who needs it the most. If a BIS trinket drops for example, we may of course give that one specific item to a stable member who has been with us a long time for the sake of the guild. Of course usual rule applies Member > Trial. Our Guild Rules 1. 90% attendance is required. 2. Stable internet connection. 3. Be able to communicate on TS3. 4. Come to raids prepared. 5. Be able to take criticism. 6. Have a sense of humour. 7. Don't be rude to other players.Eostrâ16 14 Mar
14 Mar Friendly tree looking for guild Hi all! I'm a guy who's been out of the loop for a while, looking to do a comeback now, as I've been playing on and off since launch and really enjoy the current state of the game. I've been raiding on various levels since Wrath of the Lich King. I have a very good knowledge of my class (and a lot of other classes) with about 300 days played on the druid. (Total about 500 days spread across the account.) I'm looking to get back into the raiding scene with a friendly and social guild, progress doesn't really matter as I do not have any relevant progress in Legion. I'm enjoying the Mythic+ as well, so a guild who runs that frequently would not harm a bit. I'm available for playing every single day of the week, as I work from home and choose my own schedule. I'm originally from Sweden and speak both Swedish and English fluently. (I can even toss a bit of Norwegian in!) If you have any questions or would like to have a small chat with me please add me on battle.net - Joachim#2716 I wish you stable connection and good loot.Clearance2 14 Mar
14 Mar LF nye norske medlemmer i guild Vi er en norsk guild som ønsker flere medlemmer. Guilden heter Skipsfjord, si fra hvis du/dere ønsker å bli med.Theiana0 14 Mar
13 Mar <Forsaken Dawn> 7/7M 2/3M 3/10M Forsaken Dawn, <Forsaken Dawn> is a semi-hardcore PvE and PvP Guild which was formed in 2015. Initially set up to be a RBG and Mythic+ as well as a casual Raid guild, our roster contains members from all walks of life. Quite a few of our members have been hardcore progression raiders at some point in their WoW "career". We have members who have been playing since Vanilla as well as those who started playing WoW relatively recently. Some of us have played WoW and other MMOs together for many years and know each other in real life, some had not known each other until Legion came out, but we have all come together and achieved success, whilst having fun on the way. In the past few weeks we progressed through Legion's Heroic Raid content quite easily to the point where it is now cleared with alts even and have it on farm status essentially. One thing we realized while progressing through Heroic EN was that we had an absolute blast doing it and are ready for our next challenge. This is where you, hopefully, come into play. In order to progress through Mythic Raid content, we need more skilled members because right now, we are not enough to seriously start progressing on Mythic difficulty. We currently raid Mondays and Wednesdays from 20:30-0:00 Server time. We are currently on: Emerald Nightmare 7/7 Normal, 7/7 Heroic, 7/7 Mythic. Trial of Valor 3/3 Normal, 3/3 Heroic 2/3 Mythic The Nighthold 10/10 Normal, 10/10 Heroic, 3/10 Mythic Specifically we need: Healers: - Ranged DPS: Elemental Shaman, Mage Melee DPS: Rogue Exeptional applications will always be considered! What do we offer you? Being a semi-hardcore guild, we believe we can offer the best of both worlds: Mythic Progression as well as a relaxed, fun atmosphere. We are a mature guild, all of our members are 18+ and that is the player base we are looking for. We are open minded, non-elitist and very inclusive. Content wise you can expect daily Mythic and Mythic+ groups as well as PvP activities (if you are interested in PvP). Also we are very active with doing mythic+ as guild groups and there for we accept any player who likes to join the guild to do so. This way we have more players to play mythic+ with and get a bigger community to spam those. If you like to raid with us aswell the mythic+ can be a nice way to show yourself to the guild so we know what you are capable off. If you are interested in Mythic progression, please contact either or Yatamoon (jackdaniel#2766 / Yatamoon), Trekpopje (Krinkel#2631 / Trekpopje), Healovedit (healovedit#2958 / Healovedit) Looking forward to meeting you! Kind regards, Forsaken DawnMesthoop29 13 Mar
13 Mar Internet Warriors looking for active PvP players! <Internet Warriors> is a newly formed PvP guild on Outland. We are looking for active PvP players to join our guild. We started up the guild again about a week ago and have been recruiting people ever since, we are currently over 60 members in the guild and we are growing every day. As of right now we are working on our first RBG team, the requirement is 2k exp to join this one. We are in need of a Targer Caller!. There will be more than one RBG team once we have more members and officers. Finding arena partners shouldn't be that difficult either. As time goes on and we are at the point where we have things under control we will start hosting events with gold rewards! Here are some of the events we will be doing: Free for all & Last man standing in the Gurubashi Arena Wargames - 2v2 - 3v3 World PvP Cards against humanity and much more! If this sounds interesting and fun then you are more than welcome to join us! There are no requirements in joining the guild everyone is welcome. We also have a guild discord where you can come and chill out. If you are simply just looking for an invite you can also message anyone in the guild and they can invite you. Let's build this guild together! For more information please add: Belrath#2119 Flintch#2149Bèlrath2 13 Mar
13 Mar (H) Dark Brotherhood WPvP guild Really struggling to find/attract players via General/Trade chat atm so here goes.. A newly formed wpvp guild is recruiting for mass wpvp battles,Arena's and hoping to start RBG's. So what we need ? *Healers *Tanks *dps And also people who are dedicated to the PvP side of the game afterall this is a PvP server and we are ready to do battle weather it be open world combat or In a battleground..WE NEED YOU HORDE PLAYERS,come and give it a shot and make a close nit family together.Lyrílla16 13 Mar
13 Mar WTS NH, Mythic+ and Dungeon Meta Achievement! <Angels of Ares> 7/7M, 3/3M, 5/10M friendly and experienced raiders are currently hosting boosts for: Mythic Plus Dungeons: +15 key (1-2 chests) - 275k (900 ilvl loot from weekly chest, artifact skin unlock and achievement). +10-14 key (2-3 chests) - 150k +7-9 key (3 chests) - 75k +2-6 key (3 chests) - 50k +2 key boosted to +15 key in time - 700k We can arrange for at least 1 of your loot type to be in the group at your request, possibly more. Legion Dungeon Meta Achievement: - Full run 600k including: + necessary re-runs for Violet Hold on other resets that have the bosses needed active. + necessary re-runs of Blackrook Hold for the fel tomes. Nighthold: - Normal Nighthold PL(Wednesday and Friday this next reset week (beginning 15/03), but can be arranged on Saturday in the future) - 100k - Not doing boosts for NH heroic atm, but may change in the future. Can accept gold on any realm. To arrange a boost please add Aria#2259! For reviews from previous buyers, please refer to our original post here: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17614932481Littlearia0 13 Mar
12 Mar Looking for active daytime guild! Boomie/resto, fire mage LF active daytime guild! Both toons are about 870ilvl. I want to progress, tho can play just daytime. Raids/M+/any pvp.Kerplow1 12 Mar
12 Mar LF PvP guild I am a Resto druid LF an active PvP guild im 2.1exp in 3s and have atlease 2kexp in each bracket. Have exp in leading RBGs, and am willing to lead them look me up here - http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/outland/Trickkyy/simpleTrickkyy0 12 Mar
12 Mar [A] <NeiGjengen> 7/7M 2/3M 6/10M Norsk Guild Hei! <NeiGjengen> er en norsk guild på Outland som søker etter et par nye folk for å fullføre mythic rosteren vår. Foreløpig har vi 7/7 mythic og 2/3 mythic tov og 10/10 HC + 3/10 mythic. Vi har også progresset krosus ned til 11%. Fikk han dessvere ikke ned denne uken. krav for å bli med i guilden er å ha 900+ ilvl og kunne classen din. Det hjelper hvis du har mythic progress men er ikke nødvendig. Hvis du har fått gear fra keystones og ikke har funnet en guild enda så kan vi hjelpe deg med det. Vi pleier å raide 2-3 ganger i uka. Vi kjører som regel HC clear på onsdag og Mythic på torsdag. Så progresser vi mythic på Søndag. Så i prinsippet raider vi bare mythic 2 dager i uken for å beholde casual stilen og ikke bli brent ut. Det kan hende vi tar et ekstra raid hvis guilden vil det, men det er sjeldent. Så raiding dager pleier å være Onsdag/Torsdag/Søndag. Men vi har mange som jobber skift i guilden inkludert meg selv så det er 1 uke i løpet av måneden vi endrer raid dagene. Vi recruiter: Healers = 1 resto shaman DPS = bare ranged dps, med mindre du er big dick dps. Vi trenger noen syke folk til krosus. Tanks = 1 guardian druid Vi bruker også discord. Mikrofon er ikke nødvendig men anbefalt. Hvis du er interessert så kan du kontakte Traxygirl på outland, Traxy#1899 på battle net. Vi snakker gjerne med dere på discord, eller ingame, om hva vi ønsker og hva dere ønsker av å bli med i guilden.Traxygirl37 12 Mar
10 Mar Que times Hi Outland, What is the bg que times like please . was thinking of rolling an alliance toon ?Kelex0 10 Mar
10 Mar +900 equipped lock + DH lf mythic guild Hey everyone We are two players from Denmark, that are looking for a new home. Our current progress is 1/10M (Chrono on 2%) and 10/10 HC. We are both stabile and social players, which always comes to alt/social raids/mythic+ and always keeping ourself up with nerfs/buffs/enchants/gems etc. We both raided back in the days, with severals contents cleared on mythic and HC (when mythic wasent here). The warlock, has previous raidleading experience, if needed i could help out with that aswell. We left our prev. guild due to inactivity, and people slacking when they came to raid. Therefore we req. that this new guild always are prepared for the raid, 100 % focused, and got their mind on progress. We are searching for a guild with atleast 1/10M (more will be better, we know tacs for the next 3 bosses aswell). Both of us are on 44 Traits, but within the weekend, we will be around 50, maybe above, since we are planning to farm alot. Our raid times will be tuesday/thursday/sunday and from 21.15 - XX.XX, the reason for this is our work schedule, and we will not be able to participate earlier than this. Warlock armory link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/the-maelstrom/Madsinhoone/simple DH armory link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/the-maelstrom/Bestboytoy/simple Atm we are alliance, but we could be convience to go horde aswell, same for rerolling will also be an oppertunity, we got various of alts, that we can both can play well, so apply beneath! Tell us abit about your guild and environment, and we will have a look at it. :) -Madsinhoone - battletag asy#1673, add for a talkMadsinhoone2 10 Mar
09 Mar (A) <Decerto> PvE guild <Decerto> is a newly formed guild created by experienced raiders. We have done all heroic content and require more members to help us push through the mythic content. We're a council run guild, no single person has complete authority. At the moment we are searching for a TANK and ranged DPS though all roles are welcome. Raid days: Wednesday 20:00-23:00 Sunday 18:00-22:00 Monday 20:00-23:00 Requirements: 890 Ilevel 45 traits Discord, no exceptions. Microphone is optional but listening in a must. Mature (No racism, no sexism, get on well with others, team player, take constructive criticism) If this interests you, please whisper a Decerto member.Psykerdoom0 09 Mar
09 Mar [A] Vicious Vitality - SWEDISH 2/10 Mythic NH Hej! Vi är ett svenskt guild på Outland (Alliance) som letar efter exceptionella spelare som är villigare att progressa mythic NH och även Tomb of Sargeras i framtiden. Raidtider: ons/tors 19:00-22:00, på söndagar så kör vi gammal content för titanforged/legendary farm. I dagsläget söker vi främst efter healers (Paladin/Priest/Monk) och ranged dps (Mage/Warlock/Elemental) men alla förslag är såklart välkommna! Guilden är ganska nyskapad (nuvarande expansion) som tidigare har rensat EN mythic och 2/3 ToV mythic innan 7.1.5. Vicious Vitality är ett gött gäng med många lojala spelare och vi siktar främst på att ha en skön atmosfär under våra raidtillfällen, vårt mål är att ha kul samtidigt som vi såklart vill rensa allt content! :) Vi ser helst att du som söker har 900+ ilvl och har raidat mythic vid tidigare tillfällen. För att komma i kontakt med oss kan du antingen viska till mig (Kaius) eller lägga till mig eller någon av de andra officerarna på Battle Tag: Lokomotivet#1472 Liiliiz#2331 Frenzie#21927 Neskjh#2845 Bananraket#2288 Ni kan även fråga någon som är online i guilden efter en officer. Ser fram emot att höra från er! Med vänlig hälsning, Vicious VitalityKaius0 09 Mar
07 Mar LF Guilde FR PVE Yop/bonjour, Tout est dit dans le titre, nous sommes plusieurs a chercher une guilde francophone ou francophone/anglophone dans l’idée d’intégrer un rooster pve. Actuellement nous sommes dans une guilde fr mais orienté Pvp. Vous allez me dire pourquoi Outland ? Tout simplement car le niveaux est présent partout, que ça soit en pvp ou pve, ainsi que une meilleur mentalité ! A bientôt Ony.Onysius4 07 Mar
07 Mar Des français sur Outland Bonjour amis francophones, Il y a quelques mois, je me suis retrouvé sur Outland (longue histoire...) J'aurais souhaité savoir si il y avait une communauté (guilde) FR sur ce serveur, et si oui, si elle serait prête à m'accueillir parmi elle. Merci et bon jeuSheryno1 07 Mar
07 Mar <Get to my level> [Rated PvP] Hey there! We are <Get to my level> [Rated PvP] Information The guild transferred from Horde onto Alliance, we changed the name, renewed the crest logo, ready for a clean and propper start! Our main interest is in [Rated PvP]. Our goal and ambition is to become the #1 Alliance Rated PvP community. We will never stop trying to achieve our goals! Recruiting At the moment we started recruiting with a requirements of: 2.1cr+ in any bracket(2s/3s/RBG), or 2.2k+ Last season experience. We handle these requirements since we want to build a community which all at least have the same minimum skill cap. Guild Website Currently we're also working on a website for the guild. On this website people will be able to post their Twitch/Youtube links for those with regular uploads/streams. We'll also make a part where we can have open discussion with guildies about certain comps/tactics to play against others. RBG Team We also have the aim to put down our own RBG team. So far we got a few people we regurarely play with 2.2cr+ . Our aim is HOTA in S3 with a guild team. Arena We also have the Arena part of the guild. For this side of Rated PvPing we are gonna organise multiple tournaments for 2s/3s within the guild. The team (2s/3s) which eventually is the last one standing after knockout series of matches. Will be getting a nice Gold/Mount reward! Communication programs We have a guild discord server! We're also viable to get a guild Teamspeak server but the most of us prefer discord. Ranking system We have a ranking system in the guild based on cr's in 2s/3s/RBG. We will check all these ratings every wednesday to keep it as updated as we can! What to do if interested If you are interested in joining our ranks. We do have a procedure, First of all we will check the character on armory, making sure we're on the same page depending requirements. For those with older than 1 season ago experience we'll handle a 1-2 week trial for the person to get 2.1cr+ if not we'll be sorry to see you leave :). We're always open for a chat about our ambitions and aims we'll put out as guild. Feel free to poke either one of our Guildmasters. We're the ones that control the incoming of members! Guild management We have 3 shared Guild Masters. Guild Master - Guildpapa-Outland (Contact for a chat if you're interested) Guild Master - Élirana-Outland (Contact for a chat if you're interested) Guild Master - Chaví-Outland Officer - Shredster-OutlandÉlirana4 07 Mar
07 Mar Looking for guild. I'm newbie in WoW, so I looking for guild who accept me.Hetzå0 07 Mar
06 Mar [A] Defqon - 3/10M 2/3M is recruiting Dps! Defqon is a mythic raiding guild focoused on quality and progression raiding with a social aspect to the game. The Group consists of mature and active players who are presuing a raid enviroment where progression and fun is at the front. We prefer to Kill bosses in the smallest amount of pulls possible. The core group raids on Tuesdays, thursdays and sundays from 20.30 till 23.30 Server Time. Currently our core team is looking for: - Exceptional DPS - we are on the high lookout for DPS classes. Exceptional players are always welcome to apply. Please go to http://defqonguild.eu/ to make an application. Feel free to whisper (beechy#2487)Beechie1 06 Mar
06 Mar [A]<Lion Guard>Ravencrest 2 Days 1/10M NH recruiting! About us: Lion Guard is a guild formed during the Legion pre-patch. Though it is a new guild, the player core is not - it's made out of retired hardcore Mythic raiders who went to search for a more relaxed approach to the game. Now we do not aim for pushing hardcore progression but will rather take it on our own pace to enjoy the game and have fun raiding while still trying to achieve the best progress we can. Our current progress is now 7/7 M EN, 3/3 H ToV, 10/10 H, 1/10M NH so far. We raid Wednesday & Monday 20-23h Realm Time with an optional social/fun/alt raid on Sundays at 20.00st What are we currently recruiting? People willing to raid with some previous experience are welcome with a prio for ranged DPS. We will offer you a chance and a glimpse of the raiding world in a nice atmosphere where we kill bosses and have fun doing it! However since our raiding time is limited (6h/week) we do want to make the most of it and we take it quite seriously. Therefore we expect all raiders to be fully prepared and on time for raids, this includes food/flasks/runes and proper gems and enchants. Classes we need right now: - HUNTER (High Prio) - Moonkin - Enhancement/Elemental Shaman - Death Knight All players are of course welcome to apply, even if your class is not listed above What do we require? - A friendly attitude - Deep class knowledge - Previous raiding experience is a plus - High raid attendance (90%+) - You have to enjoy the game - Ability to listen and understand when tactics are explained - A decent internet connection and of course a working headset and mic - Have at least some heroic (mythic would be even better) experience in Legion. What can we offer? - A friendly atmosphere (raging is not our style) - Good progression with just 2 raid nights - Help with bettering yourself in the game - Strong leadership and raid leading - A strong community that exists outside of WoW - A reliable guild (The core members of this guild have been together for a few years now and we hope for many more years to come) - Curse guild groupRhyzhunt1 06 Mar
05 Mar Looking for guild Hi all, Looking for a fun, active, matur and friendly guild to welcome me back to wow. After having a long break of 4 years I am looking to get back into it and having a fresh start on this server. I enjoy all aspects of the game PvE, PVP ect. I have a young family so can not always be on every day but when I get some free time I like to play. If anyone has a guild like this please send me a message here thank you.Halista0 05 Mar
03 Mar <She Gave Me Harpies> (A) Recruiting Healers/Range DPS She Gave Me Harpies @ Outland - 7/7M 2/3M 3/10M Currently in need of top class healers and range DPS for Mythic progression. We care more about skill than ilvl. If you can perform well with your class then that is more important to us. Raid days are Wed/Thur/Mon 7PM - 11PM with off raids on off days (EN Mythic etc). If this sounds of interest, add me on battle tag Calpol#2298 and we can have a chat.Basicgodx0 03 Mar
02 Mar <Channel Four News> [A] New Serious Raiding Guild Greetings! <Channel Four News> Is a new raiding guild comprised of experienced raiders interested in clearing all content including Mythic. With Officers having a lot of experience in running an organised core team in past expansions we are back to kickass and take names. Our ethos remains with a fun, social experience as well as being efficient, organised and serious when it comes to raiding. Our aims are to eventually be a competitive guild on Outland whilst retaining the fun, family-like qualities that everyone loves about being in a guild! At the moment we are compiling a core team of raiders that show up every week as to prepare eventually for Mythic. We raid Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday (Optional day) from 8:00 - 10:30 Server time. We expect players to be, fully enchanted, with enough food, flasks and pots to last the raid duration. We also expect raiders to have an understanding of fights, their class, rotation and interest in always getting better. We are currently in need of Ranged DPS and Healers, but we are considering exceptional players of all roles. If you wish to apply, reply below or add our battletags. Biaggio#2686 Alkima#2353 Chaotix#2913 Offspring#21761Blemlord0 02 Mar
02 Mar <Salty Murlocs> LF Mythic Raiders Salty Murlocs @ Outland - EU PvP Server (Alliance) Salty Murlocs is a fun and dedicated group people who like to clear heroic/mythic bosses while also having fun. We are looking for reliable and skilled players to fill our ranks for the Nighthold mythic, upcoming contend and more. --- Progression --- Emerald Nightmare: - 7/7 Normal - 7/7 Heroic - 7/7 Mythic Trial of Valor: - 3/3 Normal - 3/3 Heroic - 1/3 Mythic The Nighthold: - 10/10 Normal - 10/10 Heroic - 3/10 Mythic --- Recruiting --- Melee DPS: Warrior Ranged DPS: Warlock Mage Hunter Priest Druid Healers: Shaman - Resto/preferred Elemental offspec Exceptional players are always welcome of course. --- Raid Schedule --- The 3 main raid days are: Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday (20:00 – 23:00) and we also plan extra days to push progress on the Nighthold or just for fun and a possibility of good procs. Mythic + dungeons are frequently done when we are not raiding. We like open discussions on decisions so everyone can voice his/her critiques, opinions, ideas or whatever people want or have to say. The guild is international, so English is the language used on Discord and in the Guild chat. Tough we like to have fun raid nights, we take raiding seriously, so that means that we expect people to be prepared and do their best when we raid. Therefore, Flasks, Potions and Food are required and you should be on time. If you are interested or like to know more about us, you can contact Malpurcio, Jelax, Preduces, Gѐnjí or Mercïless(Forrestlady#2692) in game, or leave your application in our recruitment discord channel (https://discord.gg/mVC2qBD).Mercïless2 02 Mar
02 Mar [A] <We Dont Die We Wipe> NH HC 8/10 - RDPS + Healer We are looking for further raiders to fill our roster. We're currently in need of a healer + more Ranged DPS. (Pref SP, Mage, Warlock). Other dps will be considered. We're building a few more DPS for the MYTHIC team that's about to hit after gul'dan kill. Days: Tues 20-22.30 & Thurs 19-22.30 Feel free to add me on BT for a friendly talk. As i've said, other DPS will be considered as well, depending on experience etc. BT: Catix#2431Copynic0 02 Mar
01 Mar WTS Guldan HC, +15 or higher keystone and Full HC NH. we are a team of an elite players than have done more than 4000 high level keystone dungeon together and many night hold raids across all of our characters . -Buying the boost from us will give you: keystone +15 or higher you will get: 1-the best weekly chest loot you can get which is item level 900 atm. 2-keystone master achievement. 3-the keystone master artifact weapon skin. 4-the best amount of AP you can get from Mythic plus and a good chance on 885 or higher from the chests, every chest drops exactly 2 items and its random who gets those items from the 5 players , if we can trade our loot to you, we will ofc. Night Hold Heroic you will get: 1- [Ahead of the Curve: Gul'dan] achievement. 2-a very decent chance on 890 loot or higher, up to 920. we will always bring characters that can share loot with you, to help you gearing up and we will share our loot with you if we can trade the items, since its going to be personal loot . 3-a very low chance to get Guldan [Felblaze Infernal] mount . -it does not matter what class or spec you play all you need is to be level 110 and it does not matter at all what kinda gear you have . -time: for keystone +15 or higher , you need 40 min max. for Guldan heroic you need 20 to 30 min. for Full Night Hold heroic run you need about 2 hours. -Contact Information: add my skype its vivi.craft1 or my Btag: Vïvicraft#2452 or whisper me in game Vivicraftt-Draenor price: you can pay us on any realm. -keystone +15 not in time for weekly chest is 165k. -keystone +15 one chest in time is 245k. -keystone +15 2 chests is 365k. -Guldan heroic is 245k. -full night hold heroic is 700k. -9/10 heroic night hold is 500k.Vivicraftt0 01 Mar
01 Mar [A] <Remnant> (NH 1/10 mythic - NEED 1 TANK + RANGED) <Remnant> NH 1/10 mythic is a newly formed guild (January 2017), our core members originate from some of the best guilds on outland in TBC & WOTLK. Please provide some kind of representation of your performance, preferably warcraftlogs. We are looking for: 3-4 ranged dps to complete our mythic roster Outside of raid times we farm high M+ groups and can easily get your +15 chest for the week. We have a bunch of active members that are usually doing something! If you are sociable, you are guaranteed to have a good time on our Discord. Our raid days are wednesday, thursday and sunday from 20:30 - 23:30 server time. If enough people show up then we might raid on additional days. Some requirements: - 21 and over (exceptions can be made) - Able to use discord - Do your research prior to an encounter - Be willing to use the best flasks, food and pots during progression Please whisper either Avii, Emiirex, Ellay or Emmalynn in game for more info. Or apply on our web-site: www.remnant-eu.comAvii4 01 Mar
28 Feb Greek Alliance Guild The following text is in Greek ------------------------------------------------ Καλησπέρα. Μαζί με έναν φίλο μου ξεκινήσαμε ελληνική guild στον Outland Alliance <<TheVersus>> . Όποιος ενδιαφέρετε για PvE / PvP ακόμα και για casual καταστάσεις μπορέιτε να κάνετε join. Διαθέτουμε και δικό μας teamspeak server. Το btag μου είναι : efthgr#2635Gradics8 28 Feb