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04 Apr Outland EU - Guild list As Jonner is gone I'll be in charge of the Guild list, and keep it updated as much as I can. Some websites has been removed due to "inactivity". If I have deleted some that is not, just post it here again and I'll add it. ALLIANCE: ATT * www.att-outland.com Azeroth Security * azerothsecurity.rdocorp.com Ancient Storm * www.ancientstorm.guildlaunch.com Champions of the hall * www.coth-guild.com Considerably Superior * www.considerably-superior.guildzilla.com Dilemma * www.dilemmaeu.webs.com Divine Retribution * www.divine-retribution-guild.wowstead.com Elation * www.elationguild.wowstead.com Elude * www.eludeguild.wowstead.com Entourage * www.entourage-outland.blogspot.com Euphoric * www.euphoric.guildomatic.com Fatalis * www.fatalis.wowstead.com Hüljatud * www.huljatud.com iNfiniti * www.infiniti-outland.com I Stab Your Face * www.infamousguild.com Infamous * www.infamousguild.com Innervate * www.innervateonline.com Immortal Dawn * www.immortaldawn.guildzilla.com Level and Socialize * www.las.wowstead.com Mary Moo Cows * www.marymoocows.com Nightwatchers * www.nightwatchers.eu Ominous * www.ominousoutland.enjin.com Pech und Schwefel * www.pechundschwefel.org Peanuts * www.peanutseu.guildlaunch.com P h o e n i x * www.guildphoenix.com PvP Inc * www.outland-pvpinc.com Reckoning * reckoning.gportal.org S e v e n t h * unknown Sigil * www.sigil-outland.com Simplicity * Simp.co.nr Sinisters * www.sinisters-guild.net Terra Nova Alliance PvP * www.theterranova.mmoguildsites.com The Gits * www.wowgits.co.uk The Exiled * www.the-exiled-outland.wowstead.com Union - www.union-guild.eu Vengeancé PVP * unknown Whats a Darnassus * unknown Xeon * www.xeon.wowstead.com Zeus * www.zeus-gaming.net Pech und Schwefel * www.pechundschwefel.org HORDE: A Bunch Of Gankers * www.gankers.co.uk Aberrant * www.aberrant.wowstead.com Absit Invidia * www.absit-invidia.enjin.com Ace óf Spades * www.aosguild.wowstead.com Apathy * www.apathywow.com Anthemic * www.anthemic.eu Artifacts * artifactsguild.enjin.com Da VooDoo Shuffle * www.davoodooshuffle.guildlaunch.com Dark Carnival * www.darkcarnival.guildomatic.com E n v y * www.wowenvy.co.uk Fantastic Ten * www.fantastic-ten.enjin.com Fenimo * www.fenimo.com Fifth Sin * www.fifth-sin.com Glads N Dropouts * www.gnd.guildlaunch.com Hardcore Casuals * www.hardcorecasuals.eu Head Hunters * www.hhguild.co.uk Honourbound * www.honourbound.wowstead.com Justice For All * www.justiceforall.wowstead.com Kindred * www.kindred.openu2.com Malice in Wonderland * www.malicewonderland.wowstead.com MARINE MARAUDER MANABURN * www.mmm-gaming.eu Masculine Valkyries * www.masculine-valkyries.wowstead.com Northen Ice storm * www.northernicestorm.wowstead.com Not For Hire * nfh.rajraj.net Prima Terra * www.primaterra.mmoguildsites.com Slicing Smurfs * slicingsmurfs.dyndns.org Solidarity * www.solidarity-wow.co.uk The Dark Vengeance * www.tdvguild.org The Squirtle Squad * www.thesquirtlesquad.wowstead.com Undefeatable * www.undefeatable.net The Uprising * www.wss.guildomatic.com Vesperia * www.vesperia-outland.enjin.com Zylos Hand *www.zyloshand.globalcontrol.biz Ättestupan * blomgren.com/forumsMeät278 04 Apr
15h [A] Until The End - Laid back raiding! 3/10M Hi everyone, Welcome to Until The End Until the end is a casual raiding guild with a laid back attitude. Casual in the sense that we are mostly retired raiders that want to raid on a more casual level but still see the content. We aim to clear normal and heroic and eventually move the guild to mythic raiding. In Until The End we don't force high rankings, you are allowed to do lower dps and you are allowed to !@#$ up. Most of us have raided on a high level and we are simple done with that. We aim to kill bosses in a professional way, but we are not punishing as hard as guilds that strive to be number 1, instead we help you to become better and have patience with you avoiding the fact of you becoming stressed. Raiding needs to be fun and a way to release stress while trying to become a better player. We are a mature guild with most of us having kids, jobs and basically settled in life. Therefore our raids start at 20.30 server time and end at 23.00/23.30 server time. Our raiding days are Wed/Sun/Mon. If you feel this is exactly what you are looking for, than please contact one of the following officers: Ðreamz, Ninjakoe, Néxó, Vöíd, Ròotz, Lucasz 10/10 NH normal 10/10 NH heroic and 3/10 Mythic Recruiting: Tank: Any class except DH Ranged: Any class pref Mages Healers: any class (exceptional) Hope to cu you soon! Add me to battlenet if your interested rootz#2950 https://discord.gg/RWy4k2URòotz35 15h
19h [Alliance] Defqon 10/10 HC & 6/10 Mythic NH Recruitment Hello everyone, Defqon is a guild formed in the earlier days on the server Outland. Since the creation of Defqon the guild grew larger and larger over time. While growing the social appearance between members increased a lot, with a lot of events taking place regularly. Currently we are 10/10 Heroic Nighthold & progressing 5/10 Mythic Nighthold! Currently looking for: * 2 Healer (Restoration Shaman & Druid preference) * 1 Ranged DPS (Shadow Priest preference) * 2 Melee DPS (Paladin/Druid preference) * Exceptional Players are always welcome to apply Defqon isn't focused on hardcore progression but as semi-Core guild we do think it's important to not lose track of commitment. Our raiding days and times are: * Tuesday: 20.30 till 23.30 * Thursday: 20.30 till 23.40 * Wednesday (Old Content/Achievements/Optional run): 20.00 till 23.00 * Sunday: 20.30 till 23.30 What you get when entering Defqon is a very social and friendly guild where the atmosphere between our members is an important priority. Defqon isn't focused on progression but we do think it's important to safeguard quality and commitment for a fun raiding environment. As last word exceptional and social players are always more to welcome to apply, even if your class ain't the one we're highly looking for. For more information or joining visit & apply at http://www.defqonguild.eu or whisper me ingame. To add me: Spartex#2423Spartex76 19h
2d [A] Figuratively Rank One NEW! PvP Guild! Figuratively Rank One! We are a new pvp guild on Outland Alliance looking for more members focused on pvp progression! And for some general pvp based fun! With our [H] kazzak sister guild hitting over 280+ members and our RBG team hitting 1800+ rating playing at 2k-2.1k MMR (Last Season). We want to achieve the same community and progression in our Alliance guild!! Currently Recruiting all Classes / Roles / Levels! Currently looking for Officers! We are looking for players with a above average knowledge of PvP and the mechanics of the game. Please have: *Good English *Level 110 on Outland [A] *2.2k in either 2s/3s/RBGs, you dont need to have 2.2k in all but some decent exp would be ideal! *Working Mic and Discord (I will need to speak to you.) *Be mature *Play for at least 3-4 hours a day *Be willing to help others(Probably the most important one) *Be able to manage players within the guild (inviting, promoting, putting Spec's in note, putting Exp in officer note.) Bonus: *Decent RBG Exp and willing to either lead or target call. *Prior officer exp in a pvp guild *Be able to manage events in the calendar Please get in touch via here. Thanks for having a look!Lupins3 2d
4d [A]<Eximius> (8/10M) is recruiting! Eximius is a semi-hardcore raiding guild created with the opening of Legion. The guild has been created from players that have been raiding since vanilla that wanted to bring back the core feeling from back in the days. We are a fast growing guild that has quickly picked up progression and we currently reside within the top 10 on Outland. We created a relax and serious environment for people to be able to progress and work as a team towards achieving progression. About Eximius We are a professional yet chill guild. We raid for progression not for loot. Our members are friendly, respectful, and are willing to help you. We are a core team of which you can become a part. When we don't raid we spam M+, play different video games such as Overwatch, and hang out on Discord. Raiding days: Monday from 19:30 untill 23:30 Wednesday from 19:30 untill 23:30 Thursday from 19:30 untill 23:30 Requirements: Our age requirement is 18+. We would like to see promising logs. Decent item level. (900+) What we are looking for: - Currently one healer to complete our healing roster. You will become the 5th healer and therefore you will not be able to join every raid (a couple of mythic progression fights ask for 3-4 healers). - Various DPS classes. You can whisper any officer in-game: Gaebril Torylon SnuitTorylon11 4d
5d How to sell leather ? So I just started my DK character in this realm and of course picked skinning as my first profession because i thought that leather well sells and i need to get gold for my upcoming flying license at lvl 60. But the thing i noticed that leather doesn't sell very good in AH. Actually nobody buys it even when i did put it for way cheaper than others. So the question is do people just don't buy leather (light and medium) or is there just another more efficient way to sell it than AH?Trokax1 5d
5d [A] < IN BAGUETTE WE TRUST > French Community. UK : Hello everyone. <IN BAGUETTE WE TRUST> was created to bring together the Francophone community in the Kingdom of Outland, if you are alone and you are tired of playing alone and the barrier of Language prevents you from doing certain activities this guild is done for you. For the moment we try to bring together as many people as possible to create a dignified and effective roster, our goal now and take care of our members (this is for the less stuffs) and evolve with the more advanced. We aim in the future if the members as well as the motivation of some allows it to evolve in mythical raid. (Some players are formerly stiff MM) We also have the goal of creating a PVP roster to be able to make RBG as well as the 2c2 / 3c3 arena, in joy and good humor. We have MM + / + 10 to + 15 evenings to be able to farm a little equipment and beyond +15 for the weekly chest and for the challenges. So to summarize, if you are francophone and the guild gives you the envy! You can contact IG: Rwandral / Selàh / Wiloufete to discuss your recruitment. Let the light protect you. Selah.Selàh5 5d
5d Social in a raiding guild Hey everyone, I am 870 fury warrior and I am looking to be social in a raiding guild just do a few mythic+ here and there. Are there any guilds recruiting ppl like me? THanks!Umraic0 5d
6d Hypothermia(A)@Ravencrest, 3/3M+8/10M Norwegian guild! In order to comply to the forum guidelines the following post will be in English. but please note that we are interested in Norwegian people only. Hypothermia was created September 2013. The roster consisted of a mix of good friends who had played together since Vanilla, and some new faces. Our goal was to have good progress, while having fun doing it. Three years later, that is exactly what we've had. We have managed to establish ourselves as a successfull single-nationality guild, we were the leading all-norwegian guild in Highmaul and BRF, and also the first to get 7/7M in Emerald Nightmare. We are looking forward to doing the same in Nighthold! With the release of Legion we have seen some new faces join our ranks and we now consist of people from all over the country. Our guild also put emphasis on the social part of gaming and for the last 4 easter vacations we have hosted a week of guild-LAN at one of our guild master's house. We were happy to see that almost our whole roster joined the party! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ About our raids: We are currently raiding three days a week. - Wednesday 19:30-23.30 - Thursday 19:30-23:30 - Monday 19:30-23.30 We never extend beyond this schedule We use Loot Council to distribute loot. This ensures the guild progression over single-player progression. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recruitment: We are currently recruiting 2 or 3 more DPS for mythic Nighthold progression We are currently looking for: Melee dps: 2 spots open, not warrior or WW monk Ranged dps: 3 spots, open for most, but preferably SP, frost mage or affli lock Tanks: Guardian druid/BM monk who can keep up a DPS off-spec Healer: Holy priest, Resto druid Don't be afraid to leave an apply even if your class is not listed here. Exceptional players with something to offer are always welcome to apply regardless of current needs. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements: - A working microphone and Teamspeak 3. - Knowledge of your class/spec.q - Age 18+ - Preferably (not required) experience on par with our current progress. - Good artifact progress! - no specific ilvl is required at the moment, but we will not boost your character ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you want to be a part of one of the most successful Norwegian raiding communities there is, please contact one of the officers in-game: Deadeyez, Shikamaru or Sheiila, with their respective battle-tags teekay#2300, shikamaru#2938 or Guden#2360 with any questions you may have. Best Regards Thomas / Deadeyez - Hypothermia officer teamDeadeyez6 6d
6d [A] <NeiGjengen> 7/7M 2/3M 8/10M Norsk Guild Hei! <NeiGjengen> er en norsk guild på Outland som søker etter et par nye folk for å fullføre mythic rosteren vår. Foreløpig har vi 7/10 mythic NH. krav for å bli med i guilden er å ha 905 ilvl equipped, og kunne classen din. Du må ha noe mythic progress eller erfaring fra før av. I tillegg er det et krav om å ha minst 10% dps trait. Vi raider 3 dager i uka. Vi har ingen faste raiding dager, men vi raider som regel onsdag/torsdag/søndag. Raid tidene er alltid 19:00 > 23:00. 100% attendance er ikke nødvendig, vi er litt overrecruited for å raide med variert roster, da flere jobber skift i guilden. Vi recruiter: Healers = Full DPS = Alle gode dps vil bli vurdert, melee eller ranged. Vi foretrekker ranged. Tanks = 1 guardian druid/brew monk Vi bruker også discord. Mikrofon er ikke nødvendig men anbefalt. Hvis du er interessert så kan du kontakte Traxygirl på outland, Traxy#1899 på battle net. Vi snakker gjerne med dere på discord, eller ingame, om hva vi ønsker og hva dere ønsker av å bli med i guilden.Traxygirl41 6d
6d [H] Ink - 2/10 M recruiting! Who we are: Ink are a new guild founded a month after the release of legion. We’re a semi-hardcore raiding guild consisting of former hardcore raiders and social newcomers ready to learn. We are currently on Ragnaros! What is expected of raiders? To be prepared in both general and role specific tactics for fights prior to raids. Gem and enchant all gear available. To be continuously motivated to improve and better themselves as a player and member of the team. Raid days: Wednesday, Thursday and Monday (Occasionally carry out alt runs on Sunday) Raid time: 22:00 - 1:00 Realm time Current recruitment needs: Ranged dps: Balance Druid, BM/MM Hunter, Frost/Fire Mage Melee dps: Windwalker Monk Tank: Guardian Druid, Protection Paladin, Brewmaster Monk Healer: Holy Paladin Exceptional players are always considered even if your class isn't listed on our recruitment list! Contacts: [GM] Zime#21104, [Council] Wigglles#2584, Munazaga#2776Rampager1 6d
16 Apr Unique BMAH service (Tier 3, Tabards, Toys, Mounts!) Attention fellow Collectors and Goblins of Azeroth, Did you always wanted that kickass Dreaghtnaught set for your Plate wearer, but you did not bother with prices over a million on your server? Maybe you always wanted a TCG Tabard or TCG Toy such as Tabard of the Frost or The Flag of Ownership, but they never spawned on your BMAH and the last time it did it went well over your budget. Or perhaps a Ashes of Al'ar you always wanted, but never dropped. With my unqiue BMAH service you can get your beloved items for 10-50% of the price on your server, but more importantly 30 times faster! BMAH items overview: http://www.wowhead.com/npc=83867/madam-goya#comments:id=2066561 (credit: Brutalluz @wowhead) Backstory: I currently own all Tier 3 sets for all 9 classes (72/72), TCG mounts (17/17), TCG Tabards (8/8), TCG Toys (BMAH 9/9) and Pets. I started this adventure back in MoP when the BMAH was first released. As a collector I wanted to get my hands on all (obtainable and unobtainable) items in-game. I finally got them all, and it’s time to help my fellow WoW-players obtaining them. I currently have helped 8 people/friends obtaining their beloved items and have 3 more people on my list requesting them. I helped them save 50-90% of the cost and usually (RNG) getting them 90% faster than they would obtain them on their own realm. Process and Time-investment: Minimal. I update you daily with items, u choose to buy or not. If you want an item, we trade gold on both realms. I update you when you need to bid, u check back at certain points and bid. Fairly simple (see breakdown below). Delivery: You choose which items you want and I will help you get them!Most Tier 3 sets are delivered (depending on BMAH RNG) within a month (full 8/8). They can be delivered within a shorter period if you choose to skip some pieces (already owned). Payment (gold realm transfer): Gold on your realm Service and auction fee Payment upfront in Stormwind or Orgrimmar, will trade you back right after. And of course If the price gets too high, u can get all the gold refunded! Service: Daily update on your wanted items Step-by-step guide on how this works Full price indication window (what u can expect to pay) Many BMAH tips and tricks I learned over the past 4 years. Don't hesitate and add me on BNET: Serenity#21443 First come, first serve. I am online most of the time, especially after 6 P.M. CET (when the auctions are up and running). Edit: formattingSerenity11 16 Apr
15 Apr [A] Dutch/Belgium guild [APEX] is recruiting Âpex invites Dutch/Belgium raiders and social players to join the Terenas/Emerald Dream realm and our guild with a new char and/or with a leveled char. Âpex is a Dutch raiding guild localized on Terenas/Emerald Dream (NH 10/10N, 10/10 HC), with raid days/times Monday and Thursday 20:30-23:00 hours (CEST). Currently our raid team consist of approximately 20 mature gamers (female/male), with ages between 20 and 45 years. The individual experience combined with a high performance team culture drive the progression success of our team. To enable Mythic raiding we require a raiding group of at least 25 players. Although the current group size allows us to progress to mythic raiding we need more players to ensure we have enough people to avoid skipping raids because of lack of people or classes. We are searching for experienced players who would like to be part of a successful raiding group who balance real life and progression raiding. It is worth pointing out that we are a Dutch speaking guild! For that reason we only recruit people that are familiar with the Dutch language. Âpex is searching for the following classes: Ranged: Mage, Warlock, Boomkin, Ele Shaman, MM hunter, Healers, Tanks and Melee can apply if you think you deserve a spot in our team. Social gamers are welcome to join Âpex (need to speak Dutch). There is a weekly social/alt run where NH is cleared on normal level and some bosses on HC level. Besides raiding there are plenty of other activities that are done within our guild, like mythic + dungeons and achievement runs. If you are searching for a social, mature Dutch speaking guild we invite you to join Terenas/Emerald Dream realm and make an apply on our webpage. http://apex-raiding.enjin.comFledder0 15 Apr
12 Apr [A] <Annex> 3/10 M is recruiting About us Annex is an English speaking, raiding guild on Outland EU focused on mythic raiding on a 2 days per week schedule. Most of us come from the same guild that decided to go more casual but we want more, so we started our own guild in March 2017. The majority of our raiding roster plays for at least a decade and are veteran raiders who always strive to get the most out of their raiding experience. Our raiding times may be casual, but we’re a guild focused on efficiency - we strive to achieve the max amount of (relevant) progress in the least amount of time. We will always aim to clear all content on mythic difficulty. ​Raiding days: Tuesday (20:30-23:30) Wednesday (20:30-23:30) *Monday/Thursday (will be used if we are very close to that kill!) Guild requirements: Attendance As we raid only two days per week, we require everyone to be able to attend 95% of the raids (5% left for urgent real life matters) Performance We expect you to know your class in and out and have an understanding of basic and reoccurring raid mechanics. Maturity We don’t want anyone to be immature when it comes to accepting criticism/feedback. Everyone helps each other to improve so you should be able to adapt to the situation. Also when it comes to progression, we want people to be patient and accepting without any unnecessary drama. Communication We use Discord as our main communication platform and you are expected to communicate during raids. Contact us For further details and questions you can contact: Guild Master Yuena (Faedo#21708) Officer Evangeleena (Autumnsoul#2857) Officer Kussens (Kussensloop#2134) Check our website for recruitment status and an application form: www.annex-outland.comEvangeleena4 12 Apr
11 Apr Recruit a friend I want to lvl some alts If you are interested respond Be lvl 22+Mawaa1 11 Apr
10 Apr [A] Genetics Recruiting! Genetics started out as a hardcore RBG guild achieving TOP results by dominating the RBG scene. In 2014 it was decided to start doing PvE and by doing so Realm First Hellscreem 25man achieved! *************************** Current Content: Emerald Nightmare Mythic 7/7 Trials of Valor Heroic 3/3 The Nighthold Heroic 10/10 Previous achievements: Tier 16 Realm 1st SoO (25man Mythic) Tier 17: Highmaul Mythic 7/7 BRF Mythic 10/10 Tier 18 HFC Mythic 13/13 *************************** We are looking for exceptional players of most classes & specs! All applications will be read and considered even if we are currently full on a specific class. So do not hesitate to apply, if it's good we will take you in! Currently looking for: Mage Frost/Fire/Arcane Warlock Affli/Destro/Demo Warrior Fury/Arms Demon Hunter Havoc Paladin Holy/Retri Death Knight Frost/Unholy Druid Feral Rogue Sub/Assa Priest Shadow Shaman Elemental Monk Mist/Wind Hunter Surv As you can see we are lacking most classes due to a slow tier 19 for us, but we are aiming for a fast recovery for tier 20 so come be a part of the raid team!. Requirements: -Be friendly in general, the social aspect is HIGH here. -Be able to take constructive criticism and improve as a player from it. -Raid attendance around 90-95%+. -Attend raid fully prepared! -Be atleast 885-890 ilvl, have main weapon with all 3 relics and atleast a trait level of 38(With the new traits!). -Discord for voice communications and to be able to talk & understand raid commands. What do we expect from you? We expect the very best from all our players. We only recruit players with a great understanding of the class they play. We expect that players try to keep up to date with the current theorycrafting and can fully answer any questions we have regarding the choices you have made on your character. If you have geared alts which you can play well, this is a bonus to any application. Raid times: We will be raiding Wednesday Thursday & Monday (20:00 - 00:00), we have an optional alt raid on Sundays which players applying as mythic+ are welcome to join. Sometimes raids can go slightly over our raid times, but usually our raid times start at 20:00 and end at 00:00. As a raid team we are very sociable but competitive at the same time which means we have a laugh among the guild but want to push ranks in upcoming raids. Simply apply via our website : http://genetics.wowlaunch.com/ If you need more information, please contact: Msg ingame; Officer: Andelora Officer: Juubilee Officer: Shadowstorm Guild Master: Iridessaa P.S. If you join here you will never leave cause you just love the social aspect here ;)Juubilee1 10 Apr
10 Apr For Loot and Glory [A] @OUTLAND For Loot and Glory is a PVE raiding guild. We are currently looking for more players to bolster our raid team, current progression 7/7HC EN and 3/3NM TOV. We are not a hardcore guild but the nights we raid you are expected to attend or be back up - if your unable to attend we expect to be told before hand, theres no issues with this we just need to know. We have a lot of fun in and out of raids but during boss fights High focus is a requirement. Main Raid times (realm time) are:- Wed - 7:45pm - 11pm <Farm> Sun - 7:45pm - 11pm <Progress> These days are a must as we're looking to build a large team. Alt/Social Raid Fri - 7:45pm - 11pm If this sounds right for you then we'd love to hear from you!. We are currently looking for DPS and DPS with Healing off spec. We have an active discord Channel and we tend to do most of our socialising while gaming on there. We are an international guild, chat both spoken and written must be in English. We are an adult guild - Although we may not act it all of the time, we pref players aged 18+, and the need to be able to take a joke, is an absolute must. We will laugh with you as much as we will at you. Be thick skinned. Raiders are expected to know their class well, and be open to suggestions depending on encounter mechanics. A need to be able to take constructive criticism is an absolute must. It is a requirement to maintain fully gemmed (if your gear allows it) and enchanted, once settled we'll assist you with getting it right. We have officer roles which include "Gear checking" not to shout if you get it wrong but to correct and assist. Applications can be made in game by contacting one of our officers and you can check out our progress on the following website. http://flag.wowalliances.com/ We look forward to hearing from you, if you have any questions please dont hesitate to contact us. Crix In Game Contacts Guild Masters Críxùs - Pendrágon Officers Galgo - Thorbald - Crimsonia - Mâlä - NecrromanceCríxùs6 10 Apr
10 Apr Mythic NH Alt run Hey fellow Outlanders! I'm Hoochi from the guild Innervate and I'm considering setting up a Mythic NH alt run on Tuesdays (for example 20.00 - 23.00 server time) and I'm looking for people that are interested. The goal is to clear 3/10 atleast and later in the expac go even further. I've ran several alt runs in earlier expansions, especially back in WotLK, and I believe it's a very fun way to meet people from other guilds and restoring the great Outland Community we once had. As this is mythic difficulty the requirements will be quite strict. The requirements are as follows: Atleast 3/10M clear on Main. Multiple Gul'dan HC clears on Alt that you want to bring. 45+ traits and decent gear. (with 7.2 around the corner this might change) Good knowledge of your alts spec Apply by writing your Alt name and Main name. Add Erran#1557 for further questions! We will go with 2/4(+1)/13(+1) Tanks: Droochi Feralbox Healers: Superiorityx Lithien Arjunna DPS: Execoochi/Droochi Pvpbritt Tâtâ Nèwbie Daddyprang I will send out Calendar invites if we can get enough players. If we cant get a raid going this week we will start next week.Hoochi10 10 Apr
10 Apr [A]Honor Capped WPvP/PVP! Recruiting! Honor Capped-Outland-PvP™ Made in 2011 Honor Capped has always had a place on Outland in the WPvP scene and PvP scene in general! We celebrate our 5th year as a guild! Legion has been one of the toughest expansions to deal with considering the amount of PVE you need to do to World PvP how ever it never stopped us in Honor Capped we do both. We take World PvP very seriously its important to be co ordinated and professional Teamspeak 3 is required with a mic for RBGS and WPvP.We are a English speaking guild so we want people who can understand and communicate in English. We have always maintained a close core of people that love to socialize and chillax on teamspeak 3.This is very important for team work events such as WPvP ganking etc! Very important everyone gets to know each other. WPvP Our WPVP is the highest possible standard we have created and developed our own tactics in VS other guilds in battles.As ever we WPvP most nights in defending or attacking.We have personally developed our own tactics that really does take our guild to another level. Server Events As the guild master i feel its important to include everyone in the community on outland EU to join in on some of the PvP events,these events could take place any where on the lands of WOW .We have done some amazing PvP events and we are on the best server for them.Everyone is welcome!If you play on french,German,Spanish or Russian server then please get in contact with me (Destinite) Honor Capped! WPvP weekend! 3 days! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xWWtMLlm0Ro&list=TLqhtfxKVZ8p2dnwUmXh4J8j6D8fy7px6_ We are looking for dedicated World PvPers for: - Server events - RBG's - Arena - City Raids - Bg premades - Planned (20v20)(40v40) - Open combat - Fun events - Ganking - Tournaments - Death matches - Old PvE raids for transmog - Also to be a part of our outstanding PvP videos All we require from you is: - Teamspeak 3 (With a mic) - Most importantly we want your mains,and the best character that you can play. - Take part in discussions and be social on TS3 - Outstanding PvP standards - Attend calendar events - ilvl850+ - Be aged 16 and over. You must be mature and respect others - Listen when Guild leader and also the Officers - Be able to think for yourself, and come up with suggestions - Full PvP gear with gems and enchants for your class and spec. - If you have legendarys then that is perfect. You Tube https://www.youtube.com/user/manston94 with 300 playlist all PvP events ever recorded! Twitch http://www.twitch.tv/destinite So if you are interested in us contact us ingame or on here! Guild master: Destinite Officers/Assistants -Sjeka -Naizhon -Nicanne -Sicko -Victus -RiofeaDestilord76 10 Apr
07 Apr Looking for Raiding Guild DH LF RAIDING GUILD DH Looking for a Raiding guild can adapt at raiding schedule anytime!Sarkozz2 07 Apr
07 Apr wtb Eli and gul hc boost Alliance any guild doing this? i am 897 dps dhMarinalis0 07 Apr
07 Apr French PVP guild ? English : Well, You will see i'm baguette and my english such like 70% of french people. So i'm looking for PvP guild (Arena/RBG/ World pvp) I don't want guild 50/50 with PvE (I hate hitting IA for 30min without using brain just spam my keyboard like a retard) So if you know french guild thanks to tell me their name or the way for contact them. Again i'm sorry for my frenglish and hope you will understand me :D French : Bonjour à tous. Pour aller dans le vif du sujet. Je recherche une guilde PvP (Et uniquement du pvp) active, Que ce soit pour RBG, Arêne, de temps en temps sauvage (pour le fun de tuer des PvE Boys et du backped). Peut importe le royaume et la faction, je suis prêt à m'investir à fond dans mon future perso qui sera mon main. Avec de grosse horaires de jeu. Je recherche avant tout à m'améliorer donc je ne demanderai pas une grosse guilde de 2k5 exp rbg/arene. Je tourne aux alentours des 1500-1600rating. Seulement fait de l'arêne en groupe prédéfini sans vocal. Et des rbg... pareil sans vocal donc au final c'etait un BG avec des mecs qui strat en face. Si jamais une guilde est intéressé ou si vous connaissez une guilde qui accepte des joueurs novices je suis prenneur. Pour les classes qui m'intéresse : Dps : Rogue /Mage / Druide équilibre / peut être démo Heal : Tout sauf druide (Je sais c'est fort mais j'ai pas assez de doigt), petite préférence pour un monk. Si vous avez besoin de plus d'info ou de conseil/critique je répondrai. Mon Bnet : Narken#1641 Merci de vos éventuelles réponsesAnulingus2 07 Apr
05 Apr Rekrytering för Mythic Barnen i Bullerbyn är ett helsvenskt guild på Silvermoon EU Alliance. Vi är en guild med ambitionen att progressa i mythic men ändå ha kul under raids. Kärnan består av erfarna raiders, våran nuvarande progress är 2/10M NH. Vi raidar Onsdag, Torsdag 19:30-23:00 Söndag 18:30-22:00. Vi har en vänlig inställning och roligt när vi spelar, ett ganska stort guild med många sociala spelare. Just nu behöver vi både healers och dps för vidare progress i Mythic NH. Vill du provspela med oss så kan vi köra crossrealm på hc. Vill du komma i kontakt med Barnen i Bullerbyn så logga in på Silvermoon EU och skicka ett in game mail till îdor, Kufie eller adda idasvard#2431. Joina oss så vi kan ha roligt i mythic!Castáh0 05 Apr
05 Apr Outland Cross Server Players Outland lately is not much fun and that is because Cross Server Realm has become worse! Lately I have spotted players from Stormscale and other realms I did not see before. The trouble is that now Alliance when showing up for WQ's or World bosses are outnumbered 10 to 2 most of the time. We have to stand a save distance from the boss tap him with a spell so we can get the loot as if we join the fight as melee we die! The reason why a lot of us choose a server is because we like a strong faction. Cross Server Realm has messed this all up and to what benefit? We have Cross Server Raids and questing and I see no reason why we should share the same space by default!Cùrsé11 05 Apr
05 Apr Upcomming PvP Guild! So here i am again, tired of pugging. Sick of random super heroes, so i have decided to form another RBG guild! Even tho the guild dont exist yet, it will be created any day now. Atm we will obviously need everyone but at the same time there will be req for a invite. The goal is to play 3+ times per week around (start)19.00 server time, i will mainly play as a rogue and go trough tacts aswell as adjustments before and during games, i will be needing 1-2 guys that helps me with the small things like looking for active members, TC'ing etc etc. The only thing that i would like to see from the players is a good attitude, a will to improve and a mind set to win and work as a team. All flamers will be thrown away asap, our goal will be to develope and function well as a team. Any player with atleast 2k xp will be very welcome to join! Leave your btag if this might be something for you!Mánor0 05 Apr
05 Apr LF Guilde FR PVE Yop/bonjour, Tout est dit dans le titre, nous sommes plusieurs a chercher une guilde francophone ou francophone/anglophone dans l’idée d’intégrer un rooster pve. Actuellement nous sommes dans une guilde fr mais orienté Pvp. Vous allez me dire pourquoi Outland ? Tout simplement car le niveaux est présent partout, que ça soit en pvp ou pve, ainsi que une meilleur mentalité ! A bientôt Ony.Onysius5 05 Apr
04 Apr Prot paladin lf serious raiding guild! Hello fellow players! I am a prot paladin Main who is looking for a serious raiding guild. I have played wow since launch but now I have no irl friends who are playing anymore. I am Always theorycrafting and trying to learn new things about the game and my class, I have played all classes through the years, but lately I have only played on my protpaladin, currently il 892. I am fluent in Swedish and English and Eager to get to know new People. If your guild needs a tank, please consider me. Have an awesome dag!Pyromaz0 04 Apr
04 Apr WPvP is Dead Is anyone on outland willing to engage in wpvp these day's ?Lyrílla59 04 Apr
03 Apr Must be nice to get boosted Hey Deepfister, how much did you pay that russian demon hunter ?Katieminx0 03 Apr
03 Apr lf social(some mythics, wod mog runs etc) guild 1+2+3+4+...=-1/12Crazydrinker0 03 Apr
03 Apr (H) Dark Brotherhood WPvP guild Really struggling to find/attract players via General/Trade chat atm so here goes.. A newly formed wpvp guild is recruiting for mass wpvp battles,Arena's and hoping to start RBG's. So what we need ? *Healers *Tanks *dps And also people who are dedicated to the PvP side of the game afterall this is a PvP server and we are ready to do battle weather it be open world combat or In a battleground..WE NEED YOU HORDE PLAYERS,come and give it a shot and make a close nit family together.Lyrílla17 03 Apr
02 Apr (H) ImatmyMax 6/10M Recruiting Rshaman & 2nd team Hello I am the GM of imatmymax currently recruiting a Resto shaman for the core team to progress towards Gul'dan The 2nd team is already 10/10HC and 42% wipe on first mythic attempt. The 2nd team is missing core members. The 2nd team raid days will be Wed to clear all HC and then Monday/Tuesday for Mythic Progression. Core members will be there on those days on 900+ geared alts to help push and Raid lead the mythic content. The reason why we are pushing a 2nd team on these days is so core members that miss the raid that week can join for gear AP and help push 2nd team. Tanks/Healers/DPS are needed. We are not looking to boost so at least 10/10N and 7/10HC. We will judge then how the team holds up and push forward Thanks for reading and hit us up For the Horde!!Ireceive0 02 Apr
01 Apr Getting Dced Today ! Anyone else getting this : disconnected and then for 2 minutes battlenet app will not reconnect and then somehow magically it does. Also my internet is flawless just to mention. This started today and is happening like once per hour.Aibhe0 01 Apr
01 Apr Login Server Down? I entered a mythic + about 30 minutes ago, and I was unable to exit the dungeon portal at the start, and one of my 4 other party members had the same problem, while the other 3 party members were able to exit the dungeon. I logged out from Outland-EU, and now I cannot log back into the game on this server, I cannot see my characters, I've tried multiple other realms, and they work properly - meaning I can see my/create character. If you're logged into Outland EU, don't log out - as you will not be able to log back into the server, assuming this is a server-wide issue, and not only a problem with my client/account. Any information would be appreciated.Spenolt27 01 Apr
30 Mar [A] Purified - Mythic - 3days - 7/7M, 3/3M, 8/10M Purified (formerly Tainted-Draenor) has been reformed for Legion with the view of Mythic Raiding. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild with having cleared tiers while current with ranks in the top 500. (http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/draenor/Tainted) Currently Recruiting Ranged DPS (Druid, Priest, Hunter) However, we will consider all exceptional players even if your class/role isn't listed above. Raid Times Wednesday 20.00-23.30 Sunday 20.00-23.30 Monday 20.00-23.30 We only extend raids if we are extremely close to a kill and EVERYONE in the raid agrees with it. What we expect from you High Attendance 90%+. Be able to communicate in English and having a working microphone. Keep up to date with your class. You're at least 18 years of age. Stable Computer and Connection. What we can offer Good progression, all of us are returning Hardcore/Semi-Hardcore players and we know what it takes. Loot Council, we give loot to whoever needs it the most, we upgrade the raid not the player. obviously its Mainspec>Trial>Offspec prio. Small roster, we don't recruit for the bench. If you think we are the guild for you, please fill out an application at www.purified-guild.eu Contact info. Polpe#2693 Riofette#2149Riofette21 30 Mar
28 Mar [A]Innervate 5/10M Recruiting! Innervate is one of the oldest guilds on Outland, founded on the 27th of April 2006. Throughout the years Innervate has been a social hub, raiding at a casual level and developing a very strong community. As time has passed, Innervate has expanded to become a mythic progression guild determined to maintain great progress while not compromising the original social aspect that has thrived for over a decade. We are currently recruiting one exceptional healer with a progress-oriented mindset and awesome attitude to strengthen our roster for further progression into Nighthold Mythic. We are currently 5/10 and have solid progress on Botanist who we expect to kill next reset. We raid Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays 20-23. Requirements: Immaculate knowledge of your class and role. 110% dedication to progress. Close to 100% attendance. Keeping up with artifact traits. Contact Hoochi, Droochi or Execoochi (Erran#1557) or read more about us on wowprogress as our homemade website is under construction. PeaceHoochi0 28 Mar
27 Mar Serching italian guild Any italian pvp guid ?Tarck0 27 Mar
27 Mar LF raiding guild for inexperienced players! Hello, I've been player WoW for many years. Since Vanilla, actually, if you take into account when I played into a friend's account. :) Yet, I've never been able to find a guild that would take people that have never raided before on raids. I understand why, when you're doing progression, you would rather have experienced people with you. But these days is hard to find people that would even consider alt runs with players that have never done the content at a normal or higher level. I've had some luck with pugs ( I did EN on Heroic) but what I'm really looking for is the friendly and determined environment that a guild provides: I think that I'm a good player for someone that has almost no raiding experience and I'd love to develop that experience so that one day I could even do current patch content! And I'd love to have a guild to call home and never leave. I really just want to be able to raid current content and to know that the place I'm at shares the same objectives as I do! As long as we always try to go as far as we can, in a calm and friendly environment, I'm happy. I'd want nothing else other than to contribute in any way I can. Thus, I'm here looking for pointers! Does anyone know a guild that would take someone that is trying to leave the "need experience to have job, need job to have experience " situation? I apologise for my lousy English and for the wall of text. Thank you for taking your time to read this! Have a great weekend everyone!Cnaeus1 27 Mar
25 Mar Herald Of The Titans Boost Runs (Horde&Alliance) Hello, Me and my team is boosting for Herald Of the Titans. We did many happy runs during Wod and happy to continue on Horde and start on Ally too. Details are as below. Please do not hesitate to contact me in game or via tag for more info. Battle tag : Laiyaaa#2606 Char:Aliné Herald Of the Titans is a fos achi and get you the same title which can be obtainable by defeating Algalon in 10 player mode at level 80 without anyone in the raid wearing any equipment no higher than 226 (for weapons 232) We are mostly available on Tuesdays but on request, it can be arranged for Sundays also. Timing is at 7pm by realm time but again, on request It may be changed too. Requirements: All you need is a lvl 80 HORDE character, gear doesn't matter as long as all items are below 226 ilvl, you can also use your heirlooms. Payment Details: Payments can be done in any realm; but for high population realms; price is 180K (Outland/Dreanor/Stormscale/Kazzak/Silvermoon) For any other realm; price will be 210K (may change on token price) We ask for 50K deposit when you book the spot; and the rest should be before the pull. Here some of the feedbacks we got from our happy customers :) Kazzak : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/17611361727 Silvermoon : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/17611361728 Twisting Nether : http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/17611311715?page=2Körpé1 25 Mar
23 Mar Keyrush Alliance EU (Mythic+ Discord) Dear everyone, It is my pleasure to announce Keyrush Alliance Europe, a Discord server dedicated to Mythic+ dungeons for Alliance, EU. The initiative and server are run by Hamtheman and Ehra, officers of Legion V, Ravencrest, EU, with other officers and guild members assisting as staff. The goal of the initiative is to facilitate running Mythic+ dungeons of any level by bringing together as many friendly and communicative players as possible who are interested in this fantastic part of end-game content. The server is divided into multiple chat channels dedicated to searching for groups based on brackets, and all users upon joining are encouraged to introduce themselves in the Role Assignment channel, after which they will be set to specific classes and roles for easier search. There are also many voice channels for groups to use when doing content, and more can be added if the need arises. We hope to provide people with a place where they can get together to share information, tips and tricks, and to find other people interested in doing the content they like or need. Communication is key here, something that is often not possible to properly have using only the in-game group finder. When looking for groups, feel free to specify your desired group composition, required experience, and whatever else you feel is relevant for your group. With the desire to have a peaceful and positive online experience in mind, we urge users to abide by common sense standards. No form of abuse will be tolerated on the server or by our users within the game, and any negative experiences with other players should be reported to a Staff member as soon as possible via private message, preferably with screenshots and a detailed account of what happened, and they will respond and take action as appropriate. The initiative is 100% non-profit. The staff are all purely driven by a gaming desire to improve and assist, and they will never ask for any non-character information. If someone asks you for private information or demands transactions, make sure to report it immediately. If all of this (or at least most of it) sounds awesome to you, the team welcomes you to the server: https://discord.gg/rmsh7p7 Have a nice stay and pleasant Mythic Keystone experience.Shangalar0 23 Mar
23 Mar [A] ZerG is recruiting Russian speaking players. Привет! ZerG - русскоязычная гильдия на Outland. Мы ищем теплый и душевный состав для совместного времяпрепровождения в рейдах, на аренах и рбг. Кто нам нужен: - активные, адеквантные, неконфликтные игроки, с чувством юмора. - 18+ Что мы не приветвуем: - мат, разговоры о религии, политике, интимной сфере. Мы регулярно закрываем М+ 15 и выше. Гильд статик в процессе формирования, однако в гильдии достаточно много героик-рейдеров с фул 10/10 ХМ. Наш скромный прогресс: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/outland/ZerG Для связи пишите Xrn или в дискорд-канал: https://discord.gg/M7vbBft Мы ждем вас!Xrn0 23 Mar
22 Mar [H] 7/10 HC Guild recruting FOR THOSE THAT ARE NOT CURRENTLY ON DRAENOR; YOU WILL BE INVITED TO NORMAL/HEROIC FARM FOR YOUR TRIAL (MAYBE PROGRESS DEPENDING ON YOUR ILVL/EXPERIENCE), ONCE YOUR TRIAL HAS ENDED, YOU WILL BE EXPECTED TO REALM CHANGE TO DRAENOR. Good day, as the title suggests we -Moonshine Bunnies- are looking for raiders in all roles to complete our mythic raiding team. A little backstory of the core of the guild: We have raided together through the expansions, a very close knit group of friends who are experienced in running a guild and raiding at a high level. We had issues with our previous guild causing us to form a new guild. Expectations of you: Communicate. I cannot stress enough how important this is, above all else. Commit to our schedule. The raiding schedule is as follows; (CET) Wednesday 20:15-00:00 (farm night, no progression will take place) Monday 20:15-00:00 Sunday 20:15-00:00 You will have 100% attendance with few exceptions, which you will inform an officer in as much advance possible. Be completely prepared for every raid. This includes being on time (15 mins early), having all consumables and having knowledge of the fights. We are currently recruiting all roles and classes, but with a higher focus on ranged in terms of DPS, though EVERYONE will be trialed, and all exceptional players will be considered, regardless of your experience/ilvl. What you can expect from us: High quality raiding. This means very little downtime, a serious raiding environment, and little room for mistakes. A huge amount of activity outside of raids. This includes mythic+, Achievements, and other general shenanigans. RClootcouncil will be used to hand out loot. Your trial: A trial can take anywhere from one raid night to weeks. Based on your ilvl/experience you will be invited to the next 'appropriate' raid, whether this is farm or progress depends on you. If you are still here after the wall of text above, or you have simply scrolled down, the way to organise your trial is simple, add my battletag (Tymoa#2145) and contact me. I hope to speak to you soon.Noodlejuice2 22 Mar
20 Mar Looking for Horde PVP Guild Hey, long story short am a big PvP and simply looking for people to PvP with. Be it wPvP, BGs or RBGs. So yeah if there are any PvP oriented guilds out there please message me :) PS: I dont mind a little Pve #Zezu2047Kunuckles0 20 Mar
19 Mar [A] Legio Mortis - casual PvE - FORMING 2ND RAID GROUP Welcome! About us: Legio Mortis - We are quite fresh but active and friendly guild, made of ex-hardcore raiders and PvPrs, tired of full-pressure gameplay, but still want to earn fame and glory. Main of our goals is to progress in current content (PvE mostly) while still preserve casual guild type. We are pretty talkative too and always eager to help in anything in game (and outside too!). outside too!). For now, we are stepping into 7.2, unlocking most of it content asap. Also we progress in Mythic+ dungeons, running Nightbane runs and other hi-content stuff. Current progress: Nighthold N - 10/10 fist week (fastest run 10/10 N in less than 2h) Nighthold HC - 10/10 EN Normal 7/7 - did first week (<100 Outland guilds in 1st week) EN HC 7/7 - we try to clear it every week ToV Hc 3/3 We use Discord on everything that needs communication. What we do besides current content: In the meantime of fighting Legion, we enjoy game, doing plenty of old-content raids and dungeons. Transmo, achievs, mount runs aren't something rare amongs us, so if you like that kind of stuff, you are one of us then! Requirements: For normal member, only important requirement is in-game chat with one of officers. If you're active, want to progress or just looking for someone to play with, you met rest of our requirements. Raidtimes: Thursday - 20:00 - 23:00 (NH HC) Sundays - 19:00 - 22:00 (NH HC) For more information, feel free to contact us in game! High council: Shandril - Guild Master (B-tag : Lasti#2393) Grzesznik - Officer Tyriur - Officer Pandypander - Officer Warchilld - Raid Council Diyanie - Raid Council WoW Progress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/outland/Legio+MortisShandril7 19 Mar
19 Mar Looking for casual raid guild I just started playing wow and now i have 828 ilvl so i have unlocked raids. I am looking for a casual guild that also runs emerald nightmare raid for loot.Turtledemon0 19 Mar
19 Mar [A] Looking for an active daytime guild! Greetings, My name is Alex! I'm Affliction warlock ~895 ilvl, soon wanna transfer to this realm and now I'm looking for a daytime guild, my playtime is 11:00 - 17:00 ST. Armory link: http://eu.battle.net/wow/ru/character/blackscar/%D0%9D%D0%B5%D1%84%D0%B5%D1%80%D0%BE/simple (Will change after transfer) I'm 10/10 HL and 9/10 in HC Nighthold. Hope I can find here a suitable guild. For more info Senkaru#2955Неферо3 19 Mar
18 Mar TCG Toy and vanity item sales Hello all, As a fan of original WoW TCG (Trading Card Game) I have access to many in-game loot cards, for example TCG battle pets, toys and other vanity items. From time to time i sell these codes to people across Warcraft universe. This thread is made to collect feedback from previous sales to build a reputation from selling items that are bind on pickup. If you would like to make some deals or find your desired toy/vanity item feel free to add me Flunk#2435 Sold: Paper Flying Machine Kit 5x Goblin Gumbo Kettle 2x Sack of Starfish 1x Dark Portal 1x Below you can find the feedback and other relevant info about the trades.Skeek8 18 Mar
17 Mar [A]Windfury 10/10HC Recruiting! Greetings! Windfury is a casual guild with a laid-back attitude. Our aim is clearing the current tier on Heroic while also dabbling in Mythic for loot and glory once we are geared enough. The current rooster is formed of well geared players (ages 18-25) with a solid raiding history, and we do our best to ensure we stay like that by doing all content needed (from raiding or M+, you will find someone willing to help out at any time). In Windfury we value gear and experience but we cherish open minded people and that is why we are looking for folks with the right attitude, that are focused and performing when needed but also up for some banter whenever we are just hanging out in discord or guild chat. Due to that we are looking for people that have a good understanding of their class (and other classes for that matter) that are willing to have fun with like-minded people while also downing bosses. Currently we are recruiting any exceptional players, but we prioritize healers and damage dealers in order to finalize our rooster and start progressing Mythic as soon as possible. We are currently raiding Wednesday/Friday 20:00-23:00 server time (CET) with Sunday as an optional day. You can contact us at the following: SvenKuber#2375 Aspects#2600 Whafro#2893 Looking forward to raiding with you!Traendithas0 17 Mar
17 Mar Looking for gold exchange from Defias to Outland I am looking for an honest person to move 170k g from Defias brotherhood to Outdland . I know it is difficult to trust somebody in this situation, that's why I thought about first exchanging low cuantities. One first, then the other one. Only serious people, without bad intentions. Thank you.Stridêr0 17 Mar