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12 Jan Magtheridon Guild Website & Discord Offline due to lack of time to maintain. My apologies! FluffyFluffydots140 12 Jan
4h [H] <Inglorious Blasters> are recruiting Inglorious Blasters is an established social raiding guild, who are looking to recruit players into our core team, to give you a little insite into who we are and what we have accomplished previously during the Legion expansion we cleared all of the raid instances on both normal and heroic mode which allowed us to get all of our members the ahead of the curve achievements "Our Target as a guild being to be as inclusive as possible whilst striving for heroic level raid encounters, we would very much like to see a repeat of our Legion success in this new expansion Battle for Azeroth, we look forward to hearing from those of you who have an interest in joining us. We do other guild activities together such as mythic plus and the occasional battlegrounds/arenas, we chill out on discord and enjoy light hearted banter. Our raid nights are Friday and Saturday 7pm UK until 10pm. Feel free to message me on discord: PrivateSniper#5076Snipersmash0 4h
10h (H) 2 Hunters looking for a guild Hey, Looking for a guild that can take 2 hunters we are not long 120 with GS only about 325 so not quite ready to raid, we have raided in the past and always come prepared. Looking for English speaking guild as we are both UK leave a message here or #Fluid2455Fluidiz0 10h
13h (A)The Brotherhood Of Might looking for players for BFA The Brotherhood of Might is casual raiding guild with a good social flow . We have people from all ages, experience and countries. Singles and Couples. We are all Mature players. We respect eachother and we help eachother where needed. We have fun and we are serious when needed. We are doing mythic+ guild runs up to raiding. We currently are looking for new members for the upcomming "Battle For Azeroth" We are looking for: Priority 1 : Healers Priority 2 : DPS Do you wanna be part of a guild that is fun,friendly, relaxed team and play the BFA content? Are you active and dedicated? Than you are more than welcome here. Contact Me ingame. Raiding (game time): Wednesday: 19:45 - 21:00 (First Boss and last 2 bosses on HC until BFA) Sunday: 19:45- 23:00 Alot Mythic+ in between Add me to Bnet: Tostie#2772Malak22 13h
15h [A] <Crimson> Recruiting! Hello and welcome to the <Crimson> recruitment post! <Crimson> is a guild born out of a joint love of the hatred towards toxicity, as well as the love for clearing raids ahead of the curve. A small (but growing) guild of casual players who understand that sometimes the real world comes first. We have a very dedicated core of members that love to raid and run m+ and the time has come to expand for more progress runs. We are currently looking to introduce non-toxic players that can fill multiple roles. We do have a need for Ranged DPS as well as a couple more Tanks - however everyone is welcome. There is a unique opportunity at <Crimson> for a tank being able to pick up the "main tank role" - as we have had last expansions tanks re-roll to DPS. Our current raiding schedule is as follows: Monday - 20:00-23:00 server time (15 minutes break halfway through) Thursday - 20:00-23:00 server time (15 minutes break halfway through) [optional] Saturday - 20:00-23:00 server time (15 minutes break halfway through) [will begin once alt runs/farm raids commence] We operate a Discord that is in use frequently, most commonly during raid times. There is also a guild WhatsApp group for those interested. We do not have our own guild website, as this is something we feel causes more stress than enjoyment. Here is our 'wow progress link' In short, <Crimson> offer a casual home from home that is perfect for new players and experienced players alike. We have our core of no-lifers (myself included) and also a group of social raiders who do what they can to contribute. Our members come from all over, we have a bunch from Sweden, Britain, Malta, Norway and Germany and most range from early 20's to **. When I mention that we would like "non-toxic" players - please let me inform you that this does not make for no 'banter' within the guild. I can guarantee you will spend half of your time with us in fits of laughter, and being able to give as good as you get will come in handy :) If you find any of this of interest, please do not hesitate to get in touch with any of our members. Coming to me through this post, in game on Saptix or Aeyrix - via @ DrGrumpz#2227 - is also an option. We look forward to meeting any prospective new members. While you may chose to join us, or not - please remember to always enjoy your time in game. Regards, Saptix/Aeyrix DrGrumpz#2227 Officer @ <Crimson> (Magtheridon EU)Saptix3 15h
1d [H]<Slightly Salted> 7/8 Heroic 1/8 Mythic, Recruiting. Who are we? We are a group of raiders that aspire to be better Mythic raiders. In Legion we progressed through Antorus with a raid team that were largely inexperienced with raiding Mythic. We got curve in the third week after the raid released and achieved 4/11 Antorus Mythic. Our intent is to continue our growth in BFA as our lust for progress has not been sated! The guild has kept close-knit due to the raid enviourment that is fun and talkative on trash while being determined on bosses. We are still new to Mythic and therefore we are all still learning. We are looking for raiders that are willing to learn and have a desire for progressing on a higher difficulty. That means it's essential for raiders to be able to take constructive feedback and show dedication through knowledge and execution of their class. Socials are welcome to apply aswell! Practical information -The raid schedule is 3 days a week Wednesday,Thursday and Sunday from 8 PM to 11 PM sever time. Wednesday is mainly a Heroic day with Thursday and Sunday being Mythic progress days. If there is time after Heroic we move onto Mythic on Wednesdays. On Saturdays we have an optional raid were we clear Normal or Heroic depending our current progress from 8 PM to 11 PM. -At raids, food is provided by the guild. However you must bring your own flasks and pots. -We expect every raider to meet up enchanted and gemed. -Trial period is 2 weeks of raiding. Trials will come with us on Heroic first to see if they are able to do Mythic. -The raid team consists of 22 Raiders, with 2 trials on going. How this works is that there will be a DPS rotation each week where 2 DPS will be swapped out. These included the trials if they have passed their Heroic run. The purpose for this is to have a larger roster, an allow players to get a week off from raiding. Classes we are looking for -DPS Frost Death Knight, Rogue any spec, Warrior any spec. -Healer --- -Tank --- Application and Contact info This is a link is for our recruitment form, it gets checked 9 PM sever time every day. If you have any questions feel free to contact one of these fine gentlemen and myself! Guildmaster/Raidleader Zira (Mrblackdevil#2499) Strats and stats officer Banzai (Vandari#2355) Food and mats officer Wonder (Wondernado#2687) Recruitment officer Steel (Makeka#21460)Steelbear10 1d
1d [H]<The Demons Within>3/8 HC are recruiting! Updated Hey everyone! Our guild <The Demons Within> are welcoming all those looking for a home for BFA! We are a social raiding guild which can provide an active guild and discord channel with plenty of random conversations to keep you entertained! We take part in mythic+ dungeons, old raiding content for tmogs and guild achievements and we even take part in guild RBGs and other social guild events. Also for all those that are new to the game, we can offer help and guidance be it through gearing or even join you as you lvl your characters! When it comes to the raiding side of things, We are 11/11 HC Antorus and are looking for more to bolster our ranks for the upcoming raids in BFA. We raid monday, wednesday and sunday (20:00 -23:00 st) We provide a chill raiding enviroment where everyone can enjoy the game with good friendly company! If you are interested please feel free to whisper any member in game or feel free to add my :- Nekochi#2301 Thanks all :)Chiiernu58 1d
1d Looking for Guild Hey. Would like to join a guild. I'm a sort of new WoW player who just wants to see what guilds are all about ^_^.Reyshakk0 1d
1d Looking for Alliance Guild Looking for a good guild to join in alliance. New-ish player who would just like to see what its all about ^_^.Reyshakk0 1d
2d Parabellum [A] [Magtheridon] HC/MYTHIC ULDIR Parabellum is a semi hardcore guild and is recruiting ranged dps and healers. We raid 3/4 times per week (subject to change) 3 hrs per session. We are currently 8/8 NM 1/8 HC after 1 night of raiding We have a solid lineup with highly skilled players which are well versed and experienced in all aspects of the game. HEALERS: ALL RANGED DPS: ALL MELEE DPS: DEMON HUNTER Add bearclaw#2992 or noxy#2131 Or comment hereNøxy1 2d
2d [H] Critz and Giggles (6/8N; 2/8H) recruiting! Hello there! Critz and Giggles is a group of friends that has transfered from Silvermoon! We are looking for new players to join us in our quest in Battle for Azeroth! We will form a new raid team in BfA, so bring your best skill and banter! Raidtimes are wednesday and sunday, from 8.30PM ST - 11PM ST. We also will do M+ runs most evenings and weekends. We are open to all players who understand their class and are willing to learn raid mechanics and that can take constructive criticism when making a mistake :). We do take raiding and progression serious, but we like having fun aswell! We also have a discord server where there is always someone online to have a chat with. If you have any questions or are interested in joining, you can contact me on bnet (Alao#2312), or whisper ingame: Alao Allyssi Paranoidlink Thanks for your time and we'll see you ingame!Alao20 2d
2d [H] GSR Gaming Looking for more raiders! 5/8 HC Who are we? We are a group of friends that have played wow together for many years. A lot of us started back in vanilla. We have many funny people, we have social people, we have strict people, all mixed together makes a pretty good group to be in when it comes to raiding. We are in need of more dedicated DPS to expand our rooser for our raids, especially ranged & monk/rogue (5/8HC). Raidtimes Thursday & Sunday 20:00-23:00. Also a offraid for socials + easy clear for raiders on wednesday (full clear normal). Our Goals 1. To offer our raiders a good raid enviroment. 2. To raid with skilled players. 3. To be competative towards the top guilds of the server. 4. To enjoy the company of our little maniacs. Add me Kenanchi#2440Tsukisin0 2d
3d [H] Heptagram is recruiting 1 HPala DH Rogue Ret 5/8 Hc Heptagram is an established progression raiding guild that aims at clearing end game content at a competitive pace while maintaining a fun, social, and friendly environment. Current Progression: 5/8 Hc 8/8 N Previous progress on content level: 5/11 M 5/9 M 5/10 M 4/7M EN 3/3 Hc ToV Current raid times: 7:45 - 10:45 pm server time Wed and Mon. Currently recruiting: Rogue Ret Paladin 1 Healer (Paladin/Disc priest preferred) Nevertheless, other classes/specs feel free to message us in-game for further discussion. It is important to highlight that applicants for Raider spots must fit the following profile: Attend all raids on time. Research the fights and what your role/class/spec can add to the raid. Open to criticism and to sit out if you're performing less than what's required. With that being said, if you'd like to be part of a mature, tight-knit family-close environment that balances between serious raid progression and having a good time, this is where you want to be. Feel free to check out our Youtube Channel for some of our kill videos. :) For more info and to claim your free koala bear visit or message me in-game. Thank you.. Kursive#1305 www.heptagram.euKursive75 3d
4d [A] Darkmoon Dodgers Hello All, We are a new guild made from a good core of friends that want to get back into raiding for the first time in a few expansions. We will be starting with heroics and then when we have enough will be starting mythics. We will also be focused a lot on mythic plus keystones pretty much every day. We are looking for mature people that would be able to have fun but be focused on the current boss and be able to take constructive feedback and a lot of banter. We are recruiting all classes but the following are a priority 1 Tank pref Warrior or Pally 2/3 Range Dps 1 Healer If you would like to join to raid the most current content please reply here or contact one of the officers below. Officers Filthy Maryjane Nad Shapeydave Droverson Thank youDroverson4 4d
4d <Sedition> (H) 2/10M are recruiting! Introduction and Tier report Greetings! We are Sedition, a guild of Heroic raiders that aspire to do Mythic raiding with a team of tightknit people. In the Nighthold Tier we attempted to get into Mythic going 2/10. We intended to have achieved more, however we ran into bumps along the road. The two primary lessons we have learned from that tier is the management requirements for having 20 people show up on the same day at the same time twice a week is not easy. Further to this, that it is vital that there is no disparity in the ambition level among the guilds’ raiders. We have taken these experiences and decided that with the coming of ToS to reform our guild rules and recruitment requirements to build a Mythic team of likeminded individuals ideally BEFORE we have finished clearing Heroic ToS. Our ambition Our motivations to do Mythic raiding is NOT to reach high on the scoreboard on WoW progress neither in terms of regional or server standing. We are not trying to get in on the Raid Race in any way shape or form, though we definitely use it as a measurement of how far we have come as a group! Our motivation for raiding is to experience the hardest, and in our opinion, the best gameplay content this game has to offer, together with a group of people that it is enjoyable to be with socially. We want the guild to be a more community than business. We share the goal of raid progress and commitment within raids, but want to ensure the group is a friendly community across all games - not just log-in and slay raid bosses. For us, the hardships and successes you experience with a guild made up of friends on raid progression is what ignites our passion for this game. This is the foundation of our guild. Some of us have raided extremely hardcore before, only to realise later on that the collective nerd-scream of downing that boss with your friends is almost identical to the nerd-scream you feel when you land a prestigious boss kill in a guild of anonymous skilled players. Collective hardship is what builds the enjoyment of a boss kill. However, it is important not to mistake this for being super casual. We want to do things well without obligating our guildies to bash content endlessly. We value knowledge and ability as a player, but social interaction comes first. Before considering applying to us, please firstly consider if our ambition aligns with your own. We do not wish to recruit people that feel like they are wasting their time in a guild that in their opinion is either too ambitious or not ambitious enough. Why Sedition? So, you’ve heard what we are looking for, and what we strive to be in this game. However, what you may not know is that we have consistently cleared heroic tiers at a strong pace. Under a former guild name, we cleared Xavius heroic within 4 weeks despite starting from 2 members at Legion launch. Further to this, we consistently kill heroic bosses at a strong pace relative to the server. Our only real hiccups have been organizational aspects of getting into mythic. Your application is a potential step toward not having any of these issues for Tomb of Sargeras. As a guild, we accept mistakes. Whilst we always talk about what can be improved openly and clearly - we do not demonise gameplay errors. Frequent errors are obviously not ideal for the type of player we want, but don't be discouraged if you tend to mess some progression pulls up, that's fine. We learn and adapt as a raid group. Finally, gear is not a heavy requirement. We do not need 910+ equipped characters. We want the right profile and gameplay from you; gear is not a requirement. Simply having the same ambitions, and the time to catch up – if needed. Given that our focus is on 7.2.5 now, we can help gear you up if you fit with the guild. We want to push properly as a collective and perhaps snag some top 20 server kills. Most importantly for us however, is that our usual strong heroic clear pace, is not delayed with issues getting a mythic raid team together. Practical Information Raid days: - Wednesdays 20:00 – 23:00 ST Progress Day - Tuesdays 21:00 – 00:00 ST Progress Day - Friday 8:30-11:30 ST Optional raid day for easily clearable content, like previous legion raid tiers and ToS Heroic when we have it on farm. Raider practical necessities: - We expect 100% attendance from our raiders, we of course understand that sometimes life just gets in the way of things. The absolute minimum attendance requirement is 75% before we cannot consider you any longer for raids. - Raiders must be online 10 minutes before raid start. - If you work a demanding job, some exceptions can be made. However, we will always prioritise those who can be relied upon more often. - All raiders are required to be on Teamspeak during progress raids. You are not required to talk, but expected to listen. We do very much welcome sociable talkative individuals, however idle chatter on TS in the middle of the raid leader speaking are an obstruction to healthy raids. - Raiders are expected to bring their own consumable items in the form of flasks, pots, tomes and food for their own needs. However, in the event of WoW gold difficulties, the guild will provide these. Though this must be discussed well in advance of the raid start. - Raiders are expected to research their spec and optimize their play and gear accordingly. It’s heavily encouraged to use more than just one source of information regarding your spec. - Raiders are required to have installed either DBM or BigWigs for boss encounter and RCLootCoucil. Social information There is zero tolerance for discrimination of any kind. Be it gender, race, religion, political, nationality and so on. Any serious social problems between raiders will resolved with the help of an officer in private outside of guild chat and Teamspeak causal chat room. Other than these broad rules, we are very active on TeamSpeak and encourage banter – especially outside raids. We play most Blizzard games across our community on a casual basis (compared to WoW) at least, but these games are also encouraged between members. For example, HOTS 2.0 is pretty popular at the time of writing! Application and Trial period: If this sounds like a place you’d like to be a part of, you can apply via: As a newly recruited, your skill as a player and your social behavior as person will be measured, and within a maximum 3-week period you will be approached by an officer that will tell you whether you have passed or not. It’s important to note that while the skill of a players is important, just we value the social side of our raiders just as much if not more. We are not saying to have to be super outgoing and chatty, but we expect you to at least get along with the people you encounter in the guild and contribute with a focus on collective progression. If you pass your trial, you will be asked two questions. Firstly, your first impressions of the guild on a general level and secondly if you want to become a member. Closing If you have further questions you can contact our officers below with these battlenet tags. Thank you for reading! Knot#21788 Bigdickdps#2792 Moodycow#2186Vylori49 4d
4d [H] GEMS Horde Guild (New...ish) Hi Everyone, I’ll break this into sections for easy reads :) Background: So, back in the vanilla days... (Noooo... How do you know someone played vanilla? They’ll tell you!) I had a guild, played horde, lost the account and never thought about recovering when I returned. When I did return (in late wrath) we set up a new guild (alliance unfortunately :) to match my friends) and then I didn’t play again until late legion (around 2 months ago actually). My old guild-mates no longer play as they cannot balance WoW with work so... Now I’ve caught up with gameplay, done the majority of things to do around the isles and have 3x 110 toons, collected the purble birb etc. And want our little cheerful community back. Our Guild: So, we called it GEMS (an old reference to former guilds on other games, don’t worry about it, it’s just pretty stone themed). I have me (obviously) and my partner to run the guild. We are looking to expand our roster for like minded people to play with. We do not care what level you are or how new you are, I have a dedicated tab in the guild bank already set up with 1-60 items anyhow :) Nor do we mind what classes you are. We want people to help build it from the ground up and form our little community. I invest a fair amount of items and others bits and pieces into the guild as I had a small amount of legacy stuffs on the horde side from back in the day. Our goals: To have fun. Getting the highest ilvl and running those mythics is great but arguing and mud slinging with others is not great. I run raids occasionally, just getting back into the swing of leading them. Atm doing the weekly mythic+ dungeons too. Occasional legacy runs for transmogs and mounts. World quests together and general mucking around and helping each other towards goals. Everything really! The sad stuff: We are UK based so our times are GMT. This means: Afternoon/evenings weekdays (anytime weekends). We only speak English :( We are only on the Magtheridon server (obviously) Don’t be alarmed if we don’t immediately slam you to the top rank in the guild, we need to trust people before super epic awesome all time access... Also: I will not put up with sexist, racist or any other insults. Just be careful with your jokes, try not to be offensive etc. TL;DR: Rather talk it over in game? Cool too. My new main is my profile character, that’s my name, hit me up :) UPDATE: Guild raiding times are flexible but often: Weds 21:00 Fri 21:00 Optional Mon 21:00 catchups (Times are realm times ofc)Painite35 4d
4d Tank LF weekend raiding guild Hello there, I am looking for a raiding guild that raids in During weekends. mainly because I created my account when I was outside the U.S but I moved here cause of college. Obviously I'm not in this server but I am looking around all the servers and will transfer the moment I am contacted by a guild that needs me. You can contact me in game or in discord or reply to this post ^_^. boogieface#2948 Discord: Boogieface101#1069 In game: Brutality - RunetotemBrutality1 4d
6d [A]<Slick and Sassy> Hello there folks. We are New Guild with Plans to Mythic raid in BFA(starting out normals-hc for 1st tier) Looking for like-minded folks who want to play as a team rather than solo(because lets be honest wow is pretty dull solo). timetable is up if you want more info just message me ingame raid days are going to be Wednesday -Monday -Tuesday (thats right so you can go get pissed up at weekend :) ) we got some good folks already but really need some more Dps. Hit me up ingame if you want or Add Xodius#2198 <3Suidox3 6d
12 Sep [H]Blind Recruiting for BFA. Blind: Blind was created Last expansion by friends changing to this server. We are a Casual guild who treats wow and our fellow guildies as famely. We raid with both expierenced raiders as players who are willing to learn to raid. We cleared heroic fully in all raids last expansion. but we lacked the members to try mythic. We will however Always try to reach this lvl. We Value respect/ Frienship and fun before all That said we won't Just Carry for no reason or wipe on bosses if our total dps meters are an issue. Guild Objectives - Our Three Primary Aims: 1:Provide an Unmatched Community Blind serves first and foremost as a home for all friendly players interested in exploring WoW together. And we value our member's ideas and opinions in all areas. Yes even u there. 2:Master the Art of PvE And PvP We want to help you delve into every dungeon, discover every secret, and see every raid boss. We want to show the server who is the best Faction. We will do our best to help support you via Guild resources, infrastructure and opportunities in pursuit of this aim. -FOR THE HORDE- 3:Enjoy Ourselves Most of all we want our members to savor the experience of playing WoW in good company. It's our goal to provide relaxed yet organized gameplay which always tips Fate’s hand in your favor. I can preach all i want here... but Actions speak louder then words. so come cheack us out. Looking foreward to meet ya. Progression: Uldir Normal: 7/8 Uldir Heroic:: 2/8 Uldir mythic: 0/8 Recruitment: Read please before trying to join us. We ask u to consider the folowing: -Be respectful of others. to officers, felow raiders and socials alike. -Be patient and calm with all players. We are not a cut-throat PvP guild, nor a PvE sweatshop. Relax and enjoy dungeon and raid crawling with your guildmates. -Our community is based on a mutual sense of responsibility. We are committed to learn from and teach each other to be better players and better gaming. All in all, Always come preparred with potions/flasks and stuff. We can and will help providing these. Class needs: Note: "High" means that there's an immediate position available for the class/spec mentioned. "Low" means that while we’re happy with the class currently on our roster, we would still consider someone who could pull competitive numbers. Our roster is very flexible, so even if your class is listed as "Low” don't let it deter you from submitting an application with us. also note that for mythic dungeons outside raids everything is welcome Last edited: 18/09 Tanks: Atm we have a spot for a second main tank. Condition is that u almost never miss a raid. Warrior: High Druid: High Death Knight: High Monk: High Pally: CLOSED Demon Hunter: High We can use another tank or someone with of spec to tank DPS: Death Knight:Low Paladin: Low Druid: Boomkin: High Feral: Medium Warrior: Medium Monk: Low Rogue: Closed Shaman: Ele: High-- Enhance: High Warlock: CLOSED Mage: Medium Priest: Medium Hunter: High Demon hunter: Low Healers: we can Always use someone with of spec healing Druid: Closed Paladin: High Monk: High Priest: CLOSED Shaman: CLOSED Raid Schedule: We raid on the following nights (server time): Wendsday: 20:30 - 23:00 Thursday: 20:30 - 23:00 Monday 20.30- 22.00 Monday is a progression push. How to apply: Feel free to contact an officer or add me on battle tag Swordai#2538 Gl finding a place that suits ur needs.Swordai8 12 Sep
12 Sep [H] INANIMATUM RECRUITING M+/PVP HORDE GUILD INANIMATUM is recruiting all sorts of (mature) players! Formed in late Legion, we started out as a close group of friends mostly for Arena/M+ play but we are looking to expand the ranks, form a solid community and start raiding/doing RBg's and potentially some internal fun guild events! Mythic+ push and PvP is our main goal at the time We are a semi-hardcore guild of very dedicated players who seek to help everyone dedicated to the guild! We're friendly, helpful and politically incorrect (what else can you ask for!?) RULES: 1) Don't be (too) rude! 2) Be dedicated to helping fellow guildies! 3) Be dedicated to guild events! 3) Be prepared for heavy banter! PS: in need of healers! Feel free to contact me or any officer!Jákhal0 12 Sep
11 Sep WTS VANILLA ITENS WTS Crippling Poison, Empty Poison Vial, Flash Powder and Mind-numbing Poison III WHISPER ME OR ADD BNET: UmQualquer#21459Duelfear0 11 Sep
11 Sep [H] TheBlackCompany Recruitment Raid/Mythic/PvP guild The Black Company is recruiting new members into its ranks. We aim to mainly be focusing on Mythics and Raids the raiding days being Sundays and Thursdays when we get the Members for it. We are a newly formed guild hoping to make a community for people to play together. Since its so hard joining a old guild with already established friendships and groups among groups i found that it would be nice to start fresh. So this is it. If this seems like something you would like feel free to add me in game or on battlenet LordEpicName#1330 if you want more infomation and join the fun :).Avinar1 11 Sep
09 Sep Resto Druid LF Raid Spot Uldir and Mythics Hey there! This Dutch 34 year old is looking for a raid spot in bfA raids. 3 day raiding would be ideal but I can settle for 2 as well if people also do Mythics. I love challenges. I have recently posted here for my Priest but switched back to Druid since I played that for 7 years and it is just what I am best at. I have been around since the very beginning and have a lot of raiding experience. Right now I have killed all bosses on Normal except for G'huun. I was forced to leave my former guild because they were not helpful to say the least and I did not feel happy there. I like progress raids a lot and always bring the best of my abilities. Right now I am IL 345 and can cook my own food and make my own flasks. I also leveled Enchanting on my Priest. If interested please let me know and let's have a chat :-) Kind regards, RonFuuin0 09 Sep
06 Sep (H) No longer important Me and a friend are looking for a raiding guild for BFA we both have quite alot of experiance with mythic + and have done a decent amount of raiding before. Im loooking for a guild that can do raiding on Either Thursday Saturday or Sunday or more than one of those days. Whisper me in game to talk to me or add me on battle net LordEpicName#1330Avinar0 06 Sep
04 Sep <Team Two btw>[A] currently recruiting Ranged dps! Who are we? We are a group of raiders that formed this new guild together. After finding out that our past guild werent a good match with alot of players, myself and a couple of other players decided to create this guild. All of us is expirienced within raiding and most of the guild is very familiar aswell. We love to have fun and chit chat during trash mobs and on "farm" raids while being very determined on bosses and progress. At the end of the day we're having our eyes set on mythic and see that you do too. We are looking for raiders that are willing to learn and have a desire for progressing on a higher difficulty. That means it's essential for raiders to be able to take constructive feedback and show dedication through knowledge and execution of their class. Practical information - The raid schedule is 3 days a week Wednesday,Thursday and Sunday from 20:00 - 23:00. For starters we're looking at clearing normal and heroic fully untill we've set a certain baseline for Ilvl in order to skip normal completely. - At raids, food is provided by the guild, and sometimes a cauldron will be placed on progress. However you must bring your own flasks and pots. Given that we're a faily new guild and personal loot we're not looking to set any type of trial rank. However we still believe that you(and everyone else) aspire to continuously to prove themselves and show up. Classes we are looking for -----------> Ranged DPS <---------- Application and Contact info GM/recruitment Officer Freisk ingame or Frisk#21922 bnet Raidleader/Officer Frostpaws Officer LessasFreisk0 04 Sep
04 Sep Oblivion Boost Community Recruiting! We're recruiting Advertisers! Do you want to advertise for one of the largest and fastest growing boosting Communities in Europe? Why would you *want* to advertise? When booking a buyer in one of our PvE boosts there is a 10% booking fee required to secure the spot, you as an Advertiser get to keep that 10% booking fee as commission on every buyer you book! Is advertising difficult? Generally it's quite simple and the rewards are worth the minimal effort it takes, on quieter days it can be frustrating but it all depends on the time of day you choose to advertise and the realm’s population. What is expected of an advertiser? Join a server, turn on an add-on that auto-posts your advert and respond to whispers in an accommodating and polite manner. Answer any questions they may have and explain accurately what our services are. Access to Discord is a must, this is where we communicate with each other the most, basic knowledge of Google Spreadsheets is desired but not essential. Fluency in German, French, Italian or Spanish a huge plus! Please apply here: 04 Sep
03 Sep [A] <Parabellum> is back ... Ye, wont take much words as its not needed at all. As some old school players back to the raiding, we reactivated Parabellum. As a lot old people know about this guild and its achievements i wont spend too much words just simple facts that matters now. Raiding time: Monday -Thursday 21:00-00:00 CLasses that we need currently: Healers: -Druid -Shaman -Priest DPS: -Any kind more or less. For more info, apply trough in game Guild recruitment UI or /w Bearclaw /w Strayder See you around.Strayder5 03 Sep
03 Sep Parabellum [A] MYTHIC RAIDING Parabellum is a semi-hardcore guild looking to recruit players who share our mindset. We aim to raid 12 hours per week. Our core group of players are arguably of the highest skill level on Magtheridon; clearing PvE content since WoTLK / Cata as well as achieving the highest PvP rating (on the realm) 2600++. Our focus is to clear all Normal, Heroic and Mythic content at our own pace. We are confident in our ability to be one of the top guilds on the realm, and we are looking for players who share our goals. We are currently SPECIFICALLY looking for (ranged dps mostly): - Demon Hunter - Warlock - Hunter - Mage - Shadow priest Any serious applications regardless of class will be looked into. If you are interested feel free to comment here, add me on btag Noxy#2131 or contact me in-game at Nøxy on Magtheridon Alliance.Nøxy0 03 Sep
03 Sep [H] Looking for guild (Pve) Hey guys, Haven't played retail for a few years. Used to play on this server back in wod. Looking to come back, just wanted to know about guild activity. With my old guild we managed to down mythic archimonde, before I had go to military. I’m a 22 year old guy from the Finland. I have a full life outside of gaming and as such I’m interested in a guild which is active as when I do play I’d like people to play with. Looking for raid team and active guild for mythic+. I can keep up with schedule. mostly looking for a group of friendly people I can game with, who understand this is just a game and meant to be fun while achieving something along the way.Motikala0 03 Sep
03 Sep [H] LFG OK, I have only one stipulation, the guild must actually use guild chat! Discord is all well and good but, cutting a long story short, I can't be on it in the evenings so an active guild chat is a must. Just a filthy casual, looking for a sociable guild to call home : )Aurgra1 03 Sep
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03 Sep Holy/Disc Priest lf bfA Raiding Guild Hey there! This Dutch 34 year old is looking for a raid spot in the upcoming bfA raids. I have been enjoying the game a lot again and can't wait to see more of the content. Raiding 2 or 3 days a week sounds ideal. I have been around since the very beginning and have a lot of raiding experience. I have mostly played Druid on Trollbane for the past 7 years but currently playing Priest. I can play both specs but I feel like I am much better at Holy. Would have no problem with it if I need to switch back to Druid. I like progress raids a lot and always try to bring the best of my abilities. Right now I am IL 323 and can cook my own food and make my own flasks. If interested please let me know and let's have a chat :-) Kind regards, RonDarthron2 03 Sep
02 Sep (H) Knights of The Capri Sun Knights of The Capri Sun is a newly formed English speaking guild predominantly focusing on raiding HC/M with a dash of M+ of course. Raid Days(sever time): Wednesday 7:30pm - 10:00pm Sunday 7:30pm - 10:00pm Potential third day to be added depending on progress. Current recruiting prioty: Healers - Resto druid > Resto Sham > Holy paladin DPS - Mage > Assas Rogue > Demon Hunter > DK If your class isnt on this list or you'd just like to join as a social still feel free to message me, all will be considered and M+ will be running constantly if thats your poison. Add me if your interested Elliot#2170Artoriia8 02 Sep
31 Aug Looking for guild Hey guys, Not played this game for a good 7/8 months. Used to play on this server back in the day. Looking to come back, just wanted to know about guild activity. Don’t mind playing alliance or horde. I’m a 27 year old guy from the U.K. I have a full life outside of gaming and as such I’m interested in a guild which is active as when I do play I’d like people to play with. looking for a bit of everything really, mostly into pvp BGs, RBGs, arena, wpvp etc. However, I’d also like to raid, do dungeons, mythics etc and can dedicate 2/3 nights per week max. mostly looking for a group of friendly people I can game with, who understand this is just a game and meant to be fun while achieving something along the way. Even if that means being world last :)Darkshanks4 31 Aug
28 Aug [H] <No Hordenary Clique> Recruiting for BfA Magtheridon-EU <No Hordenary Clique> are looking for like minded players to fill up our raid team with a couple more people. We raid on Fridays and Saturdays 20:30 ST. We will require some communication from you as a must. Although we aim to raid twice a week we do require you to attend both raids if you can make BUT if you are unable to attend all we ask is that you let us know with some warning that you cant make it so at least so we can plan the raid. We are currently looking for a couple some DPS. We are full on Tanks and Healers but we are open to anyone who would like to join us We raid on: Friday - 19:30 UK/20:00 Server time Saturday - 19:30 UK/20:00 Server time We aim to raid 2 hours a raid night, but if people feel like keep going after the set time we might raid for longer. WoW Progress; If you have questions or are interested reach out to us iRScottay#2507; Prolox#2886; Haemotoxic#2580, Kniknaks#2135 or Kay#2514 on Battle.netPapaemerítus9 28 Aug
27 Aug LFM For raids and M+ Boosting Team in BFA AGB is now recruiting on Horde and Alliance! AGB is a team of high end raiders which provide a smooth and enjoyable boosting service in Heroic,Mythic raids and Mythic +. With numerous successful runs we are looking forward to having a great start in Battle of Azeroth. For this quality service we are demanding the absolute best in terms of dedication,commitment ,professionalism and the highest level of performance. our team provides fair cuts and flexiable scheduale. Are you interested in making a nice amount of gold hassle free while surrounded by individuals with same mentality? Do you meet our requirements? Feel free to contact one of the leaders for more info (further details including your character's armory page,warcraftlogs and any source you seem to see fit will definitely speed up the process.Being able to perform at multiple specs and roles is a plus and will be taken into account). any attempts of try to pouch any of our customers will not be tolerated. Battlenet : Sinkronyzer#2299 Discord: Sinkronyzer#1775Merlinii0 27 Aug
27 Aug (A) <Average> Recruiting a core dedicated team for BfA Hello everyone, <Average> is a team of mythic players recruiting for a core team in BfA, looking for dedicated and passionate players! Dps highly preferred, raiding days still being discussed (but two days per week) We're looking to start HC asap and moving into mythic if we have a consistent strong team. If you're looking for sensibility with a bit of humour thrown in whilst getting bosses down then this is the guild for you.Othrím1 27 Aug
27 Aug [H] Looking for a semi-casual guild Hi. I'm looking for a smallish, active guild with my spouse to do dungeons and occasional normal/hc raiding. I've played WoW since the launch, taking breaks here and there. On my last one I skipped almost the entire Legion. So I'm really looking forward to Mythic+ dungeons. I'd probably like to raid too, but I'm not interested in mythic or 3+ raids per week with high attendance requirements. I'm a reliable and active player, but I've done my share of hardcore raiding, and would like to enjoy the game in a bit more relaxed atmosphere. I'm looking for the sweet spot where there's no huge amounts of work or yelling, but people still bother to play properly and learn. I have this little guild of mine but all the old friends are pretty much gone, so I really need new ones. I prefer smaller communities where it's actually possible to get to know my guildmates. I also prefer smaller raid groups. This resto druid is my first and current main, but I've also played priest and shaman a lot. Mostly healing, but I've dabbled with dps and tanking too. My spouse currently has a windwalker monk. He's quite new to WoW but not to gaming. Since I've been gone for a while, I have no idea what's going on in Magtheridon. Any suggestions for friendly and mature guilds?Selenka1 27 Aug
27 Aug [H]Looking for guild You know that guy who loves to do em all? :) Well I'm one of em, raided all the expansions starting from WoTLK. Now I'm back (my ex guild already has a raid team) so I figured i want something else. I'm an easy going guy, love to kill mobs or Alliance scums (lawl) if your the guild that raids (not 24/7) does dungeons and some PVP here and there hit me up ingame ! :D lets chat and rule em all.Potyike2 27 Aug
23 Aug [A] Sanguine Dawn is recruiting Heroic raiders! World of Warcraft is a special game. That's the underlying theme that binds our guild together. We just love WoW, and we understand that an integral part of the WoW experience is sharing it with other people. Raids, dungeons, old raids for transmog, late-night pun trains in chat or verbally abusing our summoning stone (or 'Warlock', as he likes to be called for some reason)... these are all things that get so much better when you're doing them with reliable people week after week. < Sanguine Dawn > has been around for a while, and we don't pretend to reinvent the wheel. We are a stereotypical guild that promotes good times with good people. I can't point to a single thing that makes us 'special' to outsiders, but to us the guild is special - because it's ours. So, if you're looking for a raiding guild (and don't have the time or inclination for serious mythic raiding), feel free to give us a shout. We fit firmly within the casual tryhards label - heroic raiding may not be on par with world first mythic raiding, but we still like to take it seriously and work together to take it on! A quick overview of what we offer: > Guild website and Discord server (*yawn* of course) > Heroic raiding 2 nights a week: Weds 20:30-23:00 / Sun 20:30-23:00 > An adult atmosphere - keep it chill and keep the banter friendly > Sweet, lovely people to do dungeons and stuff with (yada yada boilerplate) > Special guild activities (forum mafia, transmog theme weeks, lit af innit) What we're looking for: > Players to fill out our Heroic raid team (incl. those with Tank/Healer offspecs - if you are a main spec Tank/Healer then we might be able to work something out if you have a DPS offspec) > Classes: We're currently open to all classes. > Social members who don't want to raid (or even just do the odd normal run) are welcome too! UPDATE: Due to a huge amount of interest and many new recruits, we can no longer guarantee raid spots at the moment! Once interest dies down we will be able to actively recruits raiders once more. Additional Info: Our website can be found at - For more information, please contact one of our officers or guild assistants - Zansho (GM), Timmok, Shammyloss, Evylill, Qel, Ajire, Gel, AgroZansho14 23 Aug
23 Aug LF Active PVP guild As the title says im looking for people to do bgs rbgs arenas etc with. I have a bunch of experience in pvp and im in my friends guild rn but he wants to do pve so im looking for something more my style. This also a boosted char that i boosted for this expansion.Gamblé0 23 Aug
23 Aug [Fake Zeppelin - UK] LFM [Fake Zeppelin - UK] LFM We are looking for more members, spawned from a group of friends from the UK, we are hoping to find more players. We put an emphasis on a solid core of players, humor and patience. All of us are used to running regular mythic plus groups, have raided in the past and hoping to tackle normal and heroic raids at least. If you're looking for a home and a good bunch of people this expansion look no further. Toxic players need not apply, we're serious but patient. We haven't scheduled raid days just yet but most of our core work 9-5, we are aiming to suit our core members and will try and be flexible with this. Whisper Mecnn or Defnot for an invite, or reply here :) Looking forward to raiding with you in BFA Thanks, MecnnMecnn1 23 Aug
22 Aug [A] Exile @ Magtheridon (9/11 Mythic) are recruiting Exile was founded on Draenor-EU and has been raiding since Classic WOW, but in December 2013 we transferred server to Magtheridon to escape the faction imbalance, lag and server queues. We are a guild for raiders, PVP'ers and their friends. We run two raiding teams. One semi-hardcore Mythic raiding team, which raids 3 evenings a week for 3 hours a raid and a more casual Heroic raiding team which raids 2 evenings a week for 2.5 hours a raid. We prefer to raid less but more focused since most of our members are not kids in school,but rather working professionals or university students, who have other other things to do than waste time online when it comes to progression. We are skilled players who are mature, highly motivated and competitive in the approach to the game,while at the same time remaining patient and humble. Our Mythic Team raids Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 20:00-23:00 server time. Our Heroic Team raids Wednesday and Sunday 20:30-22:30 server time. Mythic Team progress: LEGION 7/7 EN, 2/3 Tov, 9/10 NH, 4/9TOS & 9/11ANT Recruiting for both our Mythic and Heroic teams. Mythic Team: Looking for the following atm [Healing]; disc priest (with holy os) [Tanking]; closed [DPS]; In need off a warrior, warlock and spriest atm. Exceptional players are allways considered though regardless off your spec. For mythic questions you can ask true our battletags: Recruitement officer; >>> GreyWarrior#2772 GM; >>> Menion#1844 Heroic Team: Recruiting DPS - any classes Applications can be made on our website http://www.exileguild.euMenion14 22 Aug
21 Aug [A] Looking For Guild I'm a guardian / resto druid and looking for a Social / Casual guild. Most of all I just want a place to hang and make a fool of myself but besides that I'd like to do mythic + and raids on normal or heroic. I've got plenty of alts if there is no room for a tank/healer in the raid group which I can level up with ease. My battle tag on which you can contact me is Fallenangel#2690Fallénangel0 21 Aug
21 Aug Creating new pve guild. Hi i'm just being curious, how many people are interested in joining new pve progress focused guild. A bit info about posible future guild; Raiding 3 days/week wed/fri/sun with posible older tiers for ach or current tier for progress on mon/tue. Possible pvp when current tier is on farm. Strict military type guild leadership when it comes to raids / drama artist show and laid back /beer drinking atmosphere once raid is on farm guild events ate being done. About me (this is new acc as old one is lost somewhere in the nether); Started playing wow in tbc and did few entry lvl raids (kara/magi), Did almost every boss in wotlk on 25 man hc in icc and toc, was still learning to play in nax/uld and as such hc bosses in ulduar dont count as they where done with togc/icc gear. Close to end of wotlk guild suffered heavy drama and have fractured into 3 10 man guilds. I was "forced" to be officer in one and when guild leader abondoned us i took lead and led guild into clearing every normal mod boss in cata (we whe raiding only on sunday so progress in hc was not time possible and bosses like the hound master in firelands don't count as true progres. We stoped playing in early mop but came back as start of soo. Unfortunatly i had car accident and when i returned to wow i found guild abomdoned and people scattered across many realm. There i ended my wow but i came back now hungry for raids with my life leaving me open to raid amost every evening. If you are interested pm in gameNiruvius1 21 Aug
19 Aug LF PvP Guild Recently came back to WoW after quitting in cata, and im looking for a friendly pvp guild that does arenas.Çlownfiesta0 19 Aug
19 Aug French player seek guild Hey I'm french player and i seek a guild for play majority in MM or PVP, my english is not really nice And I would like to improve has your contact. I play pal in heal or tank spé. Send me See you byeEternité0 19 Aug
18 Aug [H] Premonition is looking for Raiders HC/Mythic About us Premonition is a tight knit group of players with a core team that have been raiding and playing together since wrath of the lich king. We view ourselves as a semi hardcore guild looking to push into mythic when we can. We try to have some fun while we raid and encourage everyone to play the way they want to play. We normally find ourselves clearing the current tier on heroic with time to spare before the next patch and are looking to recruit new members to the team to help us take that step into mythic so we can try out the harder level of content. Progress: Antorus 11/11 Normal 11/11 Heroic ToS 9/9 Normal 9/9 Heroic 3/9 Mythic What we are looking for Currently we are recruitings the following roles: DPS Healers We will however consider all players as we have some flexibility in the team to adjust if we need to. We don't have requirements around having to have killed so many bosses or have so much gear. The kind of people we are looking for are people who want to have a laugh and get some progress done. A person who will try and improve and take feedback well. We are happy to help but only if you are willing to listen. Raid info We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Monday between 20:30 and 23:00 server time. We ask that players try and get to the raid 15 minutes early to help us arrange the group and get an idea of what we can achieve on a particular day. We would ask that raiders bring food, flasks and pots to cover them for the night. We use Discord for voice. How to get in touch There are three ways you can reach out to us if you are interested in joining us. Firstly, the obvious one, you can respond to this post and we will get in touch either through the forums or in game. Secondly, you can reach out to the following people in game and they will be happy to assist: Nirithsu#2454 Talus#2495 Zabac#2182 Drakium#2288 knr#2147 You can also get in touch with anyone else in the guild if the above aren’t online and ask them any questions. Thanks and hope to hear from you soonZushakon18 18 Aug
17 Aug LF Mature fun guild Destro Lock and Arcane Mage LF Guild on Magtheridon, Alliance. LF Mature, casual friendly active guild that dips their toes into raiding, guild events, fun etc.Darkpórk0 17 Aug