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18 Apr Magtheridon Guild Website & Discord To keep a clean look and to make it easier for me to update, I created a small website containing a filterable server guild list. Want to add/update your guild, just reply with the info here or on the website. Join our discord channel at : For more information feel free to ask or contact me in game : azantrox#2122Fluffydots137 18 Apr
5h [H] <Civil Disobedience> Recruiting! <Civil Disobedience> is looking for more players (18+) to join our casual guild. We are currently forming a nice, core group of players, and are intending to begin raiding ASAP. We are not a hardcore raiding guild, and as such, there is a lot of flexibility in tackling Mythic dungeons and raids together. Eventually we would like to form a competent raiding team, with set weekly times, but for now, it's all just a bunch of fun and games! We are recruiting all classes - ilvl, artifact progession, playtime availability are not currently a concern. If you're looking for a casual place to hang out and play with people who, generally, talk a lot of nonsense to each other, with plenty of laughs, then feel free to /w me in-game, or contact me on the below. Thanks for looking. BattleTag: Aloysious#2611Aloheal0 5h
19h [H] Heptagram is recruiting DPS and 1 Healer 9/9 Hc Heptagram is an established progression raiding guild that aims at clearing end game content at a competitive pace while maintaining a fun, social, and friendly environment. Current Progression: 9/9 Hc Previous progress on content level: 5/10 M 4/7M EN 3/3 Hc ToV Current raid times: 7:45 - 10:45 pm server time Wed, Thurs, and Mon. For Legion Hc/Mythic Progression we are currently recruiting: 1 Healer (pref. Holy Paladin or Mistweaver) DPS (Atm all classes are welcome) Nevertheless, other classes/specs feel free to message us in-game for further discussion. It is important to highlight that applicants for Raider spots must fit the following profile: Attend all raids on time. Research the fights and what your role/class/spec can add to the raid. Open to criticism and to sit out if you're performing less than what's required. With that being said, if you'd like to be part of a mature, tight-knit family-close environment that balances between serious raid progression and having a good time, this is where you want to be. Feel free to check out our Youtube Channel for some of our kill videos. :) For more info and to claim your free koala bear visit or message me in-game. Thank you.. Kursive#1305 www.heptagram.euKursive51 19h
20h Sten Saks Papir (A) Recruting <Sten Saks Papir> is a new startet Danish Raiding guild with alot of experienced players. We are recruting players for our raid team. Tos Progress: Normal 9/9. Hc 8/9. semi guild run 9/9 hc Mythic -> We are recruting dps to start progressing. Raid times and days: Raid start and end at 1945 to 2200. Raid days: Tuesday - Thursday - Sunday. We are recruting following classes: Range dps: - Warlock. - Spriest (offspec Disc (holy is ofc okay to)). - Ele shaman. Melee dps: - Warrior Requriments: - ilvl 915+. - Trait 52+ in main weapon. If you are interested in our guild or got any questions feel free to /w me or any officers: Officers: Icyveins. Trexhotwing. Picklelicker. Hítbít.Trexhotwing2 20h
23h [A] Contemplating Salad is recruiting Hey there, thanks for stopping by. Contemplating Salad a new guild. Myself and a bunch of friends transferred to alliance and just wanted to make a guild that's for everyone and anyone, that just wants to have a chill time with WoW, playing with others, meeting new people, helping each other out and what have you. We understand that not everyone has time to be on WoW at all hours of the day so we want to provide a community where people from all time-zones can get together can mingle through-out the day and do stuff together if you wanted to and when there's a lot of people on and good for a couple of hours, then we could arrange a raid, be it Normal or Heroic version ( if the players are geared to do so ). We're also helping players by boosting them through mythics/Mythic+'s 2 - 5 to get geared so that they can raid or do other things. :) We want to try and cover all areas of the game so PvPers, RPers, Raiders, casuals/socials. You're all welcome to join. We just want to provide a community that is fun and active. Raiding 9/9 Normal ToS Currently recruiting all Healers and Ranged DPS but others are welcome to apply! We raid once a week, every wednesday. We're still looking for Ranged DPS to be part of the raiding team and more healers wouldn't hurt either. We're pushing into heroic ToS content now too which is very good for us. Once we have our Raid team fully assembled we will be pushing for mythic ToS in due time. We do have a discord also where people are welcome to come onto, chat, chill, you name it. So if this sounds like a place for you, just send a whisper to myself(Vooshi)/Kroatic, Malgoz/Benniborg or Sneakyheals/Fairshot But you can also just leave a message on here and i'll get back to you asap. :) Have a good day and stay saucy.Vooshi18 23h
1d <H> Summon Inc 3/9 M are recruiting! Hey all. Summon Inc are currently looking for reliable and strong players to fill out a complete raid team. We currently have numbers and push Mythic progress but need more reliable turn outs and dedicated players ready to fill roles and push for progress. About the Guild Formed not too long ago, Summon inc are a horde side guild always ready for fun, laughs, wipes and wins. Full of friendly and easy going people who are happy to run content with anyone and help others. We take an easy attitude to things and push ourselves when the time needs it. Currently filled with great people who play themselves well. We currently run with a good guild format of members and social players along with our core raid team. We are currently 7/7 Mythic Nightmare. 2/3 Mythic ToV. 8/10 Mythic NH. 9/9 HC ToS Our aim is to clear full ToS and achieve Cutting Edge in a good time, really putting our skills to the test. We raid three nights a week. Wednesday - (Farm Day. 20:00 - 23:00 Wednesday is the day we run HC and whatever mythic bosses are currently on farm. We sell boosts to players looking to get their HC achievement while gearing up our own characters. We also bring people along to the mythic bosses we have on farm for AP and better gear potential . (Note: Once we're into mythic progression at a time deemed acceptable we will swap this night over to pure mythic farm to ensure our progress nights are always focussed on the bosses we're currently progressing.) Sunday - Monday. (Progression) 20:00 - 23:00 These are the days we get together to push ourselves on whatever boss we're currently progressing on mythic. Tactics should be research, raid prep done. We push ourselves for 3 hours to down as much as we can and make as much progress we can as a team. Loot We currently use the addon RCLootCouncil for loot distribution on progression runs. It allows us to distribute everything fairly to those who need it most. In all the time we've been using it, its not been a problem. People aren't greedy and everyone gets loot in the end. For farm runs we will usually adopt a Personal Loot system but occasionally we may use Lootcouncil for tier bosses or if something is particularly needed by someone. Communication We use Discord for all commucation, its super easy to use and allows us to have effective voice coms during raid and provides a place for people to chat while doing dungeons or anything else. Mythic + There are no set rules or teams regarding M+, we have a range of talented and skilled players that are always happy to run content. Simply link your key in guild chat and chances are you'll have a choice of people happy to help you. We often aim to get everyone at least a +10 each week and aim to get the best out of our keystones possible. What we need: Healers. Our healing set up is currently very strong with a good diversity avaliable to us. That said we'd be happy to trial those looking to push for higher content and give us a potential boost in healing when needed. Classes we'd have a particular interest in: Shaman Dps Our current dps team is very strong with people putting out consistent high numbers that we're proud of. We look for people who have a particular eye for tactics who can reliably make every raid night. Classes we'd have a particular interest in: Paladins. Shadow Priest, Elemental Shaman. We do have a particular interest in a few ranged dps, so if you think you're up for mythic then please get in touch. Thats about it. If you have any questions or are interesting in joining up with us, please feel free to content either me or one of our officers ingame through the names below. We look forward to hearing from you. Varketh - CableZ#2410 Brosii - brosi#2192 Céph - ceph#2178Varketh4 1d
2d [A] <Blackfield> Recruiting 900+ for ToS Heroic Dear Magtheridon community, Blackfield is a progressive guild that targets each raid tier on Heroic difficulty. Current Progress: We look forward to expand our raiding roster with new members. Raiding days are Wednesdays, Sundays and (occasionally) Mondays between 19:45 and 22:30 server time. What you can expect from us: Respect. Feedback is always provided with the best intentions in mind. We boost you in Mythic+ if needed. A progressive focus. Everyone is required to bring high item level, consumables (flood, flasks, pots, etc) as well as know boss mechanics prior to the raid event. An absolutely fun environment during trash pulls and farm raids. Attention and focus in required during progress raids. What we expect from you (a Raider): Respect. Don't be late for raids and never get involved in flame wars or drama. Be appropriately geared for raid content. For example, we expect 900+ item level and Concordance (on Mainspec weapon) for all Raiders joining ToS Normal. Perform well and constantly reflect by looking at our parses. ( Thank you for your time. For any questions, feel free to contact us (Policer/Lolatheb#2958, Darkkz/Dark#21855, Haiduchi/Queerpank#2318, Zuruini/Zuruga#1290) in-game.Policer4 2d
2d Wanting to create a high M+ team 930+ 2kmscore+ Hi, i am a 1992 mscore balance druid, and i really really really like mythic plus. My highest keys have only been 18+'s, but i think we could have done higher if we were all 5 in a group and coordinating on voice chat. Currently i am mostly looking for a: -> HOLY PALADIN / RESTO SHAMAN / RESTO DRUID ( in this order) -> BLOOD / GUARDIAN / PROTECTION PALADIN ( in this order) DPS wise, i am looking for at least 1 arms warrior or subtlety rogue due to their capabillity of aoe bursting and access to fast interrupts, and with rogue being able to dodge a lot of mechanics with cloak of shadows, and the warrior for his commanding shout. I am NOT looking for another caster such as a shadowpriest,boomkin,affliction lock, however i will take elemental shamans or frost / arcane mages. Also a hunter would be nice. Honestly, any dps class will work as long as you know what you are doing Requirements: -> 930+ item level , at least 925+ equipped -> Preferably have Prydaz for tyrannical weeks ( for dps and healer) -> Around 2k mythic+ score ( NO EXCEPTIONS) -> Being free for a few hours a few days of the week, it can be 1 day or it can be more days, we will see when we recruit the people -> Don't rage, and be chill about it, we will be able to easily clear +20's if we make a plan before the dungeon, and managing cooldowns Reply on this post, or add me on BNET , Godola2k#2803Dekara2 2d
3d Wanting to create a high M+ team 930+ 2kmscore+ Hi, i am a 1980 mscore balance druid, and i really really really like mythic plus. My highest keys have only been 18+'s, but i think we could have done higher if we were all 5 in a group and coordinating which will use cooldowns on what set of trash ads. Currently i am mostly looking for a: -> HOLY PALADIN / RESTO SHAMAN / RESTO DRUID ( in this order) -> BLOOD / GUARDIAN / PROTECTION PALADIN ( in this order) DPS wise, i am looking for at least 1 arms warrior or subtlety rogue due to their capabillity of aoe bursting and access to fast interrupts, and with rogue being able to dodge a lot of mechanics with cloak of shadows, and the warrior for his commanding shout. I am NOT looking for another caster such as a shadowpriest,boomkin,affliction lock, however i will take elemental shamans or frost / arcane mages. Also a hunter would be nice. Honestly, any dps class will work as long as you know what you are doing Requirements: -> Preferably have Prydaz for tyrannical weeks ( for dps and healer) -> Around 2k mythic+ score ( NO EXCEPTIONS) -> Being free for a few hours a few days of the week, it can be 1 day or it can be more days, we will see when we recruit the people -> Don't rage, and be chill about it, we will be able to easily clear +20's if we make a plan before the dungeon, and managing cooldowns Reply on this post, or add me on BNET , Godola2k#2803Dekara0 3d
4d [H] 8/9Hc LF heals/dps, age 25+ for mythic prog. <Ancient History> sets itself apart from other guilds by the age of the members, being a bit older and more seasoned than the average WoW players. This ensures a stable core of players, without any drama, and a relaxed mature atmosphere. Our members are generally age 25+, but we do make exceptions for nice people :) As far as recruitment needs go, we currently need 2-3 strong DPS that can fill core spots on our upcoming Mythic raiding team - and we also need a healer or two to fill permanent spots on the team. Our primary focus is on raid progression, and we expect all applicants to have a deep understanding of their class and the game content. A strong performance is required, and we would like to see a raid attendance of 75% or better, or minimum 2 raids per week, on average. We use a mix of masterloot/lootcouncil in our raids, and Discord for voice comms. Raid times are Mon-Thur-Sun from 21:00 to 24:00. Do do not hesitate to contact us, either in-game or add battletag Qritical#2227.Qritical0 4d
4d <H> Bloodsworn 8/9HC - recruiting We are a WoW guild on Maghteridon - EU Horde made out of mostly friends and people from a previous guild. We're currently looking for new members for our guild, to bolster our raiding team. We raid 2 times a week and we aim for as much progression as we can. We're looking for mature, friendly and dedicated raiders with some raid experience. We give and take criticism and communicate our goals with each other in a collaborative, professional, and open minded way. Meanwhile we are looking for ranged DPS to fill in the roles! Our raiding days are Monday and Thursday from 19:30 to 22:30. With the occasional Tuesday, when we are close to killing a boss. If you are interested in joining us, please apply on: P.S. If by any chance you have something important popping up IRL, and you cannot come to a raid in the future, do tell someone in the guild about your absence. We value issues IRL before WoW. For more questions do not hesitate and contact me Limir#2964 or any other officer.Laylay6 4d
5d (A) The Brotherhood of Might is looking for raiders The Brotherhood of Might is social raiding guild. We are a guild with people from all ages, experience and countries. Singles and Couples. We are all Mature players. We respect eachother and we help eachother where needed. We have fun and we are serious when needed. We are doing normal instances up to raiding. We currently are looking for new members for our progress team to raid the for Tomb of Sargeras. Do you wanna be part of a guild that is fun,friendly, relaxed team and play the legion content? Are you active and dedicated? Than you are more than welcome here. Contact Me or Clouzzer ingame. Progress: EN Mythic 2/7 - ToV Heroic 3/3 - NH Heroic 10/10 - ToS Heroic 2/9 Raiding (game time): Wednesday: 20:00 - 23:00 Sunday: 20:00- 23:00 Monday (Mythic+ day): 20:00 ----> Add me to Bnet: Tostie#2772Malak3 5d
5d Disc Priest Looking For Guild. Hello! 895 disc priest looking for guild. Can't offer too much because I work really unsociable hours. Mainly looking for a friendly group to run dungeons and PVP with. ThanksLuxous2 5d
6d ToS Heroic boosting <Invalid Target> Invalid Target <Ragnaros> is selling Heroic Tomb of Sargeras boosts on horde side with personal loot and rolling on unwanted items with the starting date of 29th of July every Friday/Saturday from 14:00 until midnight (the last run starts at 22:00), a run takes approximately 1,5- 2 hours ( 5 raids a day) , and we can boost 5-6 player in heroic. If you can't get in due the lack of spots we offer you a 10% discount on the next weekly run. We only accept GOLD as payment (we accept gold on other high pop realms as well). For prices, information and application feel free to add me on Arkhien#2198 or reach me out online on Ragnaros on the following characters: 6d
6d [H] Premonition is looking for members About us Premonition is a tight knit group of players with a core team that have been raiding and playing together since wrath of the lich king. We view ourselves as a semi hardcore guild looking to push into mythic when we can. We try to have some fun while we raid and encourage everyone to play the way they want to play. We normally find ourselves clearing the current tier on heroic with time to spare before the next patch and are looking to recruit new members to the team to help us take that step into mythic so we can try out the harder level of content. Current Progress: 9/9N ToS 8/9HC ToS What we are looking for Currently we are recruitings the following roles: Ranged DPS We will however consider all players as we have some flexibility in the team to adjust if we need to. We don't have requirements around having to have killed so many bosses or have so much gear. The kind of people we are looking for are people who want to have a laugh and get some progress done. A person who will try and improve and take feedback well. We are happy to help but only if you are willing to listen. Raid info We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Monday between 20:30 and 23:00 server time. We ask that players try and get to the raid 15 minutes early to help us arrange the group and get an idea of what we can achieve on a particular day. We use Personal Loot generally as it helps make the raid flow faster and gets the group more loot. We would ask that raiders bring food, flasks and pots to cover them for the night and rune as and when we are stuck on a boss. We use Discord for voice. How to get in touch There are three ways you can reach out to us if you are interested in joining us. Firstly, the obvious one, you can respond to this post and we will get in touch either through the forums or in game. Secondly, you can reach out to the following people in game and they will be happy to assist: Nirithsu#2454 Talus#2495 Zabac#2182 You can also get in touch with anyone else in the guild if the above aren’t online and ask them any questions. Finally, you can head on over to our forums at where you can apply to join the guild with a very simple set of questions. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon NirithsuNirithsu7 6d
15 Aug [H]Paranoid is boosting Heroic ToS and Mythic+. Hello Magtheridon, I am Excitar of Paranoid, formerly known as Adult Swim. I am here to inform you, that we are opening up our services and will be offering boost in current Raid and Dungeon content. Further below you will find a list of our services and all the information you will need to reserve yourself a spot. Who we are We are Paranoid, we formed after we spilt off from Adult Swim, former #1 guild on the server. We had most of the old members join us, which means we have been able to stay at the top here on Magtheridon. Currently with progression going through Nighthold, we are again ranked #1. In the previous expansions starting at Blackrock Foundry in WoD we have been a top contender on Magtheridon for server 1st, but while we only got 2nd back then, we are content to keep our spot as the #1 raiding guild on Magtheridon. Regarding our current progress in Mythic we are at: 7/7M EN, 3/3M ToV and 10/10M NH, giving us a spot just outside the Top 400 best PvE guilds in the world. Services we offer Raids Heroic Tomb of Sargeras: Full Clear 750k with Masterloot*. The run will be Thursday at 20:00pm. 3 spots available. *We will be using Masterloot on bosses that drops tier pieces, as some Raiders still need to upgrade a few normal pieces. On any Non-tier boss we will be using Personal Loot. Dungeons Full Karazhan with mount - 100k Normal Mythic dungeons(Non keystone) can be done upon request. Mythic+ Dungeons We will supply a key for +15 runs, for lower runs we can also supply a key on request, but we are happy to use your own key if you want to. +2-14, contact Excitar for prices. +15 for weekly chest(not in time), 250k ... Who do I contact to book a spot for a boost? Add Otkjaer#1973 or whisper Excitar ingame. F.A.Q The service I want is not on your list/currently unavailble, why is that? The services we have listed are the most popular boosts that we expect to sell on a regular basis. We might be able to accommodate a special request if you get in touch with us. How can I trust you to not run off with my gold? While Paranoid is a new name, we were all a part of Adult Swim and have been pushing for top ranks on Magtheridon, and we do not wish to destroy our image by running off with a few hundred thousands gold. As we get more boosts under our belt we will hopefully be able to show some great reviews from satisfied customers. "Insert random guild name" offers the same boost but at a cheaper price, will you match it? It depends, if you can show us proof that they do indeed offer what we got cheaper here on Magtheridon, then we might be able to work something out. Payment We only accept GOLD (No pets/mounts, real life money or what else you might have) on Magtheridon-EU. For full clears you are required to pay the full amount when we enter the raid/dungeon. For particular bosses you will pay the full amount when we are infront of the boss. In case of multiple boss purchases you will pay for all bosses at once, unless another arrangement have been made. Upon reserving a boost you will be required to pay 20% of the total cost of the service you have chosen to buy. The reason for this is to avoid anyone trying to troll or change their mind in the last minute and cause us to have empty spots in our runs. For repeat buyers that have been with us for multiple runs this may not be needed, but it will be decided on a case by case basis. Loot Rules Mythic Raids will usually be run with Masterloot, but unless an item is a good upgrade for a Main Raider, we will be happy to trade it to any buyer that can use it for their main spec. For Heroic/Normal Raids we will use Personal Loot, unless it is specified otherwise. For Personal Loot any loot a buyer get they can keep. If a buyer is able to use something that dropped for one of us, you are free to ask if they need it, if not you might be able to get it. If several buyers are interested in the same piece of loot they will get to roll for it among those interested.Excitar20 15 Aug
14 Aug [A] Panic Room (3/10M)(9/9HC) is recruiting! Looking for your new home in Legion? Want to progress in a chill and fun environment? Well, look no further! Panic Room is an alliance guild on Magtheridon, recruiting to add to its raid core! We are currently looking to add members to our ranks who wish to raid with less pressure than a hardcore guild but still want a challenge and to progress. Our aim in Legion is to experience the entire content, including Mythic raiding, but to do so in a fun and relaxed environment. Raid Times are currently: Monday & Thursdays 8pm-11pm Server time - 7pm to 10pm UK. What can we offer you: -Friendly and stress-free atmosphere -Teamwork - we often help each other while questing, doing dailies and dungeons, so if you have any problems with anything or just feeling lonely, there is always someone out there to join you -High Discord activity - there are always people chatting on our Discord channel, and it is very easy to set up events/activities with other guildies. -Raid Progression -Flasks, pots and other raid consumables. What we expect from you: -Be an active player - nothing is more discouraging than seeing a bunch of members being AFK for weeks without any notice. -Be sociable - we do not expect you to talk in guild chat or hang out on Discord all the time, some of our members are very open and talkative, others are more quiet and that is okay. However we would highly encourage you to take part in the guild life in some way as the social element of the guild is a key focus for us. -If you decide to raid with us we would like you to follow some obvious and general rules that apply to all raiding groups: *Know your class well, and chosen main and off-specs. We do expect above average performance from all of our raiders. *Be punctual - No one likes to wait and waste time waiting around for people. We do take scheduled breaks during raids. *Prepare for raids - bringing flasks, elixirs, food etc. is mandatory for all raid members. *Further to the above, read guides and watch videos to at least know what is required from you and your role. CURRENT NEEDS: HPala/Hpriest and DPS: preferably a rogue/boomkin/spriest/warlock although we are always looking to recruit exceptional players. Please check out our website: and if you are interested please apply and fill out the recruitment questionnaire. Contact us at tetramaster#2865, Kheala#2159 or Halcyon#2584 if you wish to speak further. Thanks for reading!Shoddun15 14 Aug
14 Aug - to delete nothing to see hereBosonn0 14 Aug
14 Aug [A] Sanguine Dawn is recruiting Heroic raiders! World of Warcraft is a special game. That's the underlying theme that binds our guild together. We just love WoW, and we understand that an integral part of the WoW experience is sharing it with other people. Raids, dungeons, old raids for transmog, late-night pun trains in chat or verbally abusing our summoning stone (or 'Warlock', as he likes to be called for some reason)... these are all things that get so much better when you're doing them with reliable people week after week. < Sanguine Dawn > has been around for a while, and we don't pretend to reinvent the wheel. We are a stereotypical guild that promotes good times with good people. I can't point to a single thing that makes us 'special' to outsiders, but to us the guild is special - because it's ours. So, if you're looking for a raiding guild (and don't have the time or inclination for serious mythic raiding), feel free to give us a shout. We fit firmly within the casual tryhards label - heroic raiding may not be on par with world first mythic raiding, but we still like to take it seriously and work together to take it on! A quick overview of what we offer: > Guild website and Discord server (*yawn* of course) > Heroic raiding 2 nights a week: Weds 20:30-23:00 / Sun 20:30-23:00 > An adult atmosphere - keep it chill and keep the banter friendly > Sweet, lovely people to do dungeons and stuff with (yada yada boilerplate) > Special guild activities (forum mafia, transmog theme weeks, lit af innit) What we're looking for: > DPS to fill out our Heroic raid team (incl. those with Tank/Healer offspecs - if you are a main spec Tank/Healer then we might be able to work something out if you have a DPS offspec) > Classes: Druid, Death Knight, Mage, Rogue, Demon Hunter, Paladin, Priest, Warlock, Hunter preferred > Social members who don't want to raid (or even just do the odd normal run) are welcome too! Additional Info: Our website can be found at - For more information, please contact one of our officers or guild assistants - Zansho (GM), Timmok, Shammyloss, Evylill, Qel, Ajire, FeytalleZansho2 14 Aug
13 Aug (A) Highborne - New Raiding Guild Recruitment As the title suggests, I've opened up recruitment for Highborne So about us, At the moment, were extremely small, only few of us, but all very experienced in various raid tiers, aka Norm - HC *pre-mythic*, we've about 7-8 years of raiding / raid leading experience and are hoping to create a strong reliable friendly team for Legion and beyond. So as of now, its basically who wants to join for ToS and our adventures on Argus :D We're currently planing on running ToS Norm and Heroic :) We'll be mainly a Friday - Sunday raiding guild about 3 - 3 and a half hour nights and will be running RC Loot Council system, so that everyone who raids will get gear in the fairest possible way. So if you think you'd like to join and give us a try, or even just to chat more about our plans for the future, don't hesitate to contact me with me. battle.tag: Marathag#21975 Hope to hear from you soon, Good hunting :)Marathag4 13 Aug
13 Aug Ungrateful Dead [H] 9/9Hc - LF Ranged DPS [H] - Ungrateful Dead We are a guild who have recently transferred to this server. Our guild has been around for a very long time and has been steadily raiding 3 nights a week since early TBC. We have cleared pretty much everything when it was current content and pride ourselves on having a mature and friendly environment. We are searching for like minded, committed and dedicated players who are seeking a guild to settle down in and become one of the family. Our current progress is: 9/9Hc ToS Past progress is: 7/10m NH 2/3m ToV 7/7m EN We are looking for a few more strong DPS, classes not particularly important as long as you are a decent player and can stay alive while performing well. Our raid times are: Wed: 20:30 - 23:30 Thurs: 20:30 - 23:30 Sun: 20:00 - 23:00 If you are a bit behind in gear but a good player then we can assist with that. If you are interested in joining our raid team our guild site is: and my btag is Musserbravo#2883 or come chat to us on Discord: 13 Aug
12 Aug Forming a new Casual Guild? I used to be part of a raiding guild but was unfortunately forced to quit because I didn't have enough time to turn up to every raid on time, 3 days a week. Since I no longer have the time to hardcore progression raid, but I still want to raid in a casual way where there are no serious requirements and restrictions. This is why I am thinking of forming a new casual guild to put together for this kind of environment. Depending on how much such a guild will grow, other things could also be organised (also with a casual attitude) such as battlegrounds, mythic+ etc. So if, like me, you wish to be in a casual environment where you can organise events and you can play the game your own way, without the restrictions of a hardcore raiding guild, I would be more than happy to form such a guild. If you have any interest add/message me on SamHyprVx#2546 Happy Playing :)Samhyprdx0 12 Aug
11 Aug [H] <Legio Pro Fennia - Draenor> LF Finnish Raiders As titled.. Since this is solely meant for Finnish people only, the following will be in finnish. <Legio pro Fennia> (Draenor serverillä) Tier 20 - 9/9HC, 1/9M (Tier 19 - 7/7M, 2/3M, 7/10M) etsii kesän lomailun ja rauhallisen pelailun myötä pelaajia Legion raideille. Kil'jaeden hc-kaadon myötä etsimme lisää rosteria myös mythic raideja ajatellen. Kesän aiheuttamat lomailut kun tekevät sen että osallistujia on yleensä juuri ja juuri tarvittava 20 pelaajan määrä. Mikä ihmeen Legio pro Fennia? Legio pro Fennia on ollut olemassa aikojen alusta... oikeastaan jo ennen World of Warcraftin euroopan launchia. Laughing Skull-serverillä jo WoWin betassa juostiin samalla porukalla (Nordic Horde) joka sittemmin muodosti Legio pro Fennian alunperin Agamaggan-serverille. Kor'gallille koko kilta siirtyi 3.6.2005, josta matka jatkui 9.3.2013 Draenorille. Legio pro Fennia ei ole kilta, joka yksi kaunis päivä vain lakkaisi olemasta vaan sen ydinjäsenillä on pitkä kokemus killasta ja kilta pysyy varmasti pystyssä vielä pitkään. Kaikesta tästä huolimatta haluammekin riveihimme myös uutta verta. Mitä sinulta vaaditaan: - Ymmärrät allaolevan tekstin - 18-vuoden ikä, enemmänkin toki saa olla - killan raid-päivät sopivat VÄHINTÄÄN kahtena päivänä kolmesta: to ja ma-ti klo 19:00-22:00 - ei ongelmia tietokoneen tai internetyhteyden kanssa - raid-addonit kunnossa - oma-aloitteisuutta itselle uusien pomojen taktiikoiden selvityksessä - osaa tehdä hakemuksen, jota lukiessa eivät silmät ala vuotamaan verta Mitä sinulle tarjotaan: - Mahdollisuus päästä raidaamaan suomalaisessa täysi-ikäisessä porukassa - Suuria tunteita, niin hyvässä kuin pahassakin - Olla osa yhtä vanhimmista yhä pystyssä olevista (suomi)killoista. Legio pro Fennia perustettiin jo WoWin betan aikana kauan ennen virallista julkaisua! Mitä tarvitaan? Tällä hetkellä tankki/heal osasto on aika hyvin kasassa mutta otamme kaikki hakemukset harkintaan. Ennenkaikkea järkevä ja asian osaava pelaaja on aina tervetullut. Aina kannattaa kokeilla kepillä jäätä, mutta muista - Sherlockmaiset analysaattorit tutkivat hakemuksesi kamman ja suurennuslasin kanssa :-) WWW-sivut ja mahdollisuuden hakea kiltaan löydät osoitteesta Tervetuloa mukaan!Nazshak1 11 Aug
11 Aug [A] <Inconsistent> (10/10M NH, 5/9M ToS) recruiting General Information: <Inconsistent> is a semi hardcore Mythic guild based on Magtheridon EU. As a guild we've been around since 2007 but we're reasonably new to Magtheridon as a realm. We've been here less than a year but despite a realm transfer and a full rebuild of our roster for Legion we've remained competitive on the realm rankings and done fairly ok on the world rankings, finishing the first tier in Legion as world #754. For ToS we're looking more than ready to improve on that. Legion progress: Emerald Nightmare: Mythic 7/7 realm #7 Xavius. Trial of Valor: Mythic 3/3 realm #2 Helya, Alliance first. Nighthold: Mythic 10/10 realm #3 Gul'dan. Tomb of Sargeras: Mythic 5/9. What we can offer you: A long standing guild, with an existing internal community. Experienced leadership who have done this for a very long time. Progress as close as possible to the best level the realm can offer. What we expect from you: A high attendance. (We know one can't always make it every single time, but we ask you to keep it to a minimum) Being prepared every raid night, showing up ill prepared won't get you very far. Bringing consumables, the guild does help out but you are ultimately responsible to have them. Knowing your class. A willingness to study encounters beforehand. Bringing a positive attitude. Currently we're recruiting: Druid (Restoration): Medium Priest (Holy or Disc): Medium Druid (Balance): High Mage: Medium Monk (Tank): Low Shaman (Elemental): Medium Shaman (Enhancement): Medium Warlock: Medium Warrior (Arms / Fury): Medium Demon Hunter (Havoc): Low Hunter (Marksman): Medium Raid schedules etc: Wednesday: 19:30 - 23:00 Thursday 19:30 - 23:00 Sunday 19:30 - 23:00 Saturday (optional alt raid): 19:30 - 23:00 You are expected to be able to attend at least 85% of the main raids over each 4 week period, failure to meet said attendance will most likely see you removed from the raiding team. Contact us: If you wish for a chat feel free to add my battletag: Fliida#2841 Or simply drop a quick application below: 11 Aug
10 Aug LF guild raids 2 hours an night LF guild raids 2 hours an night on any day preferable on horde but would consider faction change 56 points in boomkin and 52 in resto and feral happy to play any spec but guardian should also mention times that would suit 2100 server time onwards would be idealDèck3 10 Aug
10 Aug 924 Mistweaver Monk LF Raiding Guild Hiya! I'm currently a 924 MW with 8/9 Heroic Progress in Tomb of Sargeras. Whilst I do have a preference for raiding 2 days a week, I am happy to raid 3 days. Here are my logs - If anyone would like any more information my battle tag is AidanC#21126 edit: Spelt my Btag wrong... TeeheeSprigtea1 10 Aug
09 Aug [H] Awesome INC is recruiting Awesome Inc is a casual raiding guild and is looking for more raiders to join our raid team, please feel free to apply on our website, or get in contact with one of our officers in game for more information. We are recruiting the following dps classes Shadow Priest Shaman Druid Rogue Mage WarriorRaid days and times Thursday 21.00 - 23.00 realm time Monday and Tuesday from 20.30 - 23.00 realm time Progress Emerald Nightmare [7/7 Heroic] Trial of Valor [3/3 Heroic] Nighthold [10/10 Heroic] ToS [2/9 Heroic] Officers Tidus kaeil#2999 (main whisper target) Tellarian autarch#2316 (main whisper target) Icus Dinosarius#21889 Hàrmony Challe#2931 website 09 Aug
08 Aug [A] Wrath of Heaven recruiting General We are a relatively small but active community of mostly raiders. We have a few social members and social members are always welcome. Our aim is to start mythic progression as soon as possible, but we're short a few players. Fun is very important and we like to keep a relaxed atmosphere, even when we're doing hard progression content. Raid information Raid nights are (all server time): Tuesday 20:00 - 23:00 - progression/farm Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 - progression/farm Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 - Alt raid night (completely optional) We expect you to bring your own raid consumables and that you make sure you have gems and enchants. If you have trouble getting hold of these, we can help sort you out. We use personal loot right now and share what we don't need. We're thinking of changing to master loot with a loot system, but we haven't worked this out yet. Current progression Emerald nightmare 7/7 normal 7/7 heroic Halls of Valor 3/3 normal 3/3 heroic The Nighthold 10/10 normal 10/10 heroic Tomb of Sargeras 9/9 normal 9/9 heroic Recruitment If you want to join us, leave a message here or try to contact Yxiomel, Zemfira or Ashtaru in-game. We'll have a chat with you and see if there is a match. The first few raid nights, we'll see how well you fare in our guild. You don't need to be amazing, but we do ask you to learn the fights, follow tactics and learn from your mistakes. Item level and experience requirements We do not have any requirements for experience or your item level. However, if you are inexperienced or have a low item level, we do expect you to remain loyal to our guild. If you're going to just use us to get your character geared up just to jump ship to another guild, you don't need to apply. If you are inexperienced, we will help you learn how fights work and we can even help you out with your role/class. We have quite a lot of people in our guild who are very knowledgeable on their role and class and are always willing to give you advice and help you out. Also check out your class discord channel, they have a lot of information there! Experienced players do have a leg up though, as they will require less work to get them mythic ready. If you have a geared off-spec as healer or tank that you can play, please tell us. Extra off-spec healers and tanks are always welcome. We are looking for the following: Tanks: We are looking for 1 tank with a good DPS offspec. Healers: We are looking for 1 healer with a good dps off-spec. Prefer: Druid Ranged DPS: We need 3 more ranged dps Prefer: Mage Druid Hunter Melee DPS: We are currently full on melee dps. If you would still like to apply, you can certainly come for heroic and normal runs, but you'll be a reserve for mythic raiding. N.B. If your role is not currently open for recruitment, still toss us a message. Everyone is willing to adapt and we're most likely able to sort something out.Ashtaru41 08 Aug
08 Aug (H)Blind:New guild looking for all rolls/classes. Blind: Blind is a Founded in patch 7.2.5. We are a guild that wants Aim high. We don't wanna be too hardcore, yet we want to raid mythic with respect and friendly ppl. Guild Objectives - Our Three Primary Aims: Provide an Unmatched Community Blind serves first and foremost as a home for all friendly players interested in exploring WoW together. We aim to provide a mature, relaxed and proactive community where you can game with like minded people. The Guild will always function via majority democracy and we value our member's ideas and opinions in all areas. Master the Art of PvE And PvP We want to help you delve into every dungeon, discover every secret, and see every raid boss. We want to show the server who is the best Faction. We will do our best to help support you via Guild resources, infrastructure and opportunities in pursuit of this aim. Enjoy Ourselves Most of all we want our members to savor the experience of playing WoW in good company. It's our goal to provide relaxed yet organized gameplay which always tips Fate’s hand in your favor. We also aim to provide regular events, competitions and tournaments with exclusive prizes for our members. We appoint proactive community officers to help us out with this aim. Our Values - Respect, Calm, Duty Blind strives to cultivate a relaxed and mature atmosphere for our members, both in-game and outside of it. To that end we expect our members to always conduct themselves in line with our core Guild values, especially when interacting with other Guilds andWoW players whilst wearing our tag. Members of the Alliance however... Respect Be respectful of others. Though you may differ in opinion you should respect other people's right to hold a view different from your own. Be tactful when pointing out other people's mistakes and errors. Lowering yourself by displays of immaturity and petty behavior will only reflect poorly on you.And u might need to find urself looking for a new Guild to play in... Calm Be patient and calm with all players. We are not a cut-throat PvP guild, nor a PvE sweatshop. Relax and enjoy dungeon and raid crawling with your guildmates and others. Take part in PvE in a polite, calm or at least mysteriously aloof manner. Let immature players earn the disdain of their peers without drawing you down to their level. Duty Our community is based on a mutual sense of responsibility. We are committed to learn from and teach each other to be better players and better gaming I can preach all i want here... but Actions speak louder then words. so come cheack us out. Looking foreward to meet ya. Progression: Tomb of sargaras N: 9/9 CLEARED Tomb of sargaras H: 3/9 Tomb of sargaras M: LFM raiders Class needs: Note: "High" means that there's an immediate position available for the class/spec mentioned. "Low" means that while we’re happy with the class currently on our roster, we would still consider someone who could pull competitive numbers. Our roster is very flexible, so even if your class is listed as "Low” don't let it deter you from submitting an application with us. also note that for mythic dungeons outside raids everything is welcome Tanks Warrior: high Druid: High Death Knight: High Monk: High Pally: low Demon Hunter: High DPS Death Knight:High Paladin: Medium Druid: Boomkin: High Feral: Medium Warrior: Low Monk: High Rogue: Low Shaman: Ele: High-- Enhance: High Warlock: Medium Mage: Low Priest: Medium Hunter: Medium Demon hunter: Low Healers Druid: High Paladin: Low Monk: Low Priest: High Shaman: Low We ask a minimum ilvl of 890 for the last three N and 910for heroic progression because we don't wanna carry too much so that it makes us not progress as fast as we can in heroic. We would love abbit of mythic raiding in this patch. or defo in the argus one. Raid Schedule: We raid on the following nights (server time): Wendsday: 20:30 - 23:00 Thursday: 20:30 - 23:00 This leaves all other days open for u to pug whatever u want. currently discussing a raid day for alts to clear Tomb N How to apply: 1: If u want to join the raid team then apply at our forum: Forum: i prefer u fill out an apply form there. 2:If u are not into that add me on battle net Swordai#2538 Gl finding a place that suits ur needs.Aldrachi2 08 Aug
08 Aug Deadly Intent <A> Looking for more players Deadly Intent <Alliance> <Magtheridon> are looking for more players for our guild. We are putting together a core 10-15 people for our normal mode raid team and looking for more people to run Mythic dungeons/Mythic +. PVP is optional if that is your thing feel free to start your own PVP groups and arena teams. /w someone online for more info and/or invite. We put an emphasis on fun rather than high item levels and high skill requirements. This is a guild where we hope everyone will be welcome and do some content regardless of their skill level or item levelDuidal1 08 Aug
06 Aug [H] Champions of the Sunwell recruiting Champions of the Sunwell is a raiding guild currently looking for new members to fill our raid roster. Brief History Champions of the Sunwell was created during the Mists of Pandaria as a guild of friends, doing dungeons, LFR, PVP, and transmog runs. during the Warlords of Draenor expansion, we started to try and do more of the end game content, by doing mythic dungeons and tagging along with other guilds. It wasn't until legion where we decided we wanted to get our foot into proper raiding, with a dedicated team. Our guild is also part of a greater 15 year gaming community, based on Star Trek. Although the UFP is a Star Trek gaming community, many people are here simply to game with like-minded people. In the UFP we also organize and host all sorts of events for plenty of different games. Our community is divided into the different divisions to give people the ability to find a nice place within our community. What we look for Patience, who has no issues with wiping on progress bosses, and is always ready to overcome new challenges. Whilst you do not have to be the greatest player in the world, we do expect players to have a good understanding on how their class kit works, and have a basic understanding on how fights work (We do explain the fights pre-pull). And most important of all, have a friendly attitude. We’re not looking for someone that will create drama over insignificant things like loot distribution. What we offer A fun raid experience for everyone, with plenty of banter and laughs. A large selection of our finest foods and drinks free of charge whilst raiding. An active teamspeak server with plenty of people to talk to, and have fun with. Schedule Saturday 8:30(20:30) - 11:30 (23:30) Sunday 8:30(20:30) - 11:30 (23:30) Missing raids is 100% fine, but we would like to be alerted beforehand if you cannot make it for the raid, so we can adjust. Recruitment We're currently looking for Ranged, Melee, Healers, and an extra tank. General info We have a website with an active forum base. For voice coms, we utilize our own TS3 server, which you can find on our website or connect to Our guild logs are uploaded to Warcraftlogs here Wowprogress Contact You can reach me ingame Sammygm#2950 UFP Website: SammygmThrilathien9 06 Aug
04 Aug [H] Kontraband - New guild recruiting Ok, so all we really want to do is raid. And have some fun while doing it. With people that aren’t A-holes. That’s not too much to ask is it? :) Kontraband is a guild created with the aim of a friendly, forgiving, and casual but still effective raiding environment. We are all "old in the game" with extensive raiding experience from vanilla and onwards. Our aim is to build a raiding team of 15-20 people, keeping the atmosphere relaxed but focused. We expect our members to know what to do when to do it as we don't want to spend 10-15 minutes before a boss having to explain tactics. We apply the same thinking to gearing and buffing, running around with ungemmed or unenchanted gear will not be accepted. Likewise, showing up for raids without food, flasks and runes. Our raid days are set for mondays and wednesdays between 20.30 - 23.30 server time. We all have lives outside of the game, but aim for an active roster outside of raids for M+ runs and alt runs if need be. As it is the middle of summer, we aim to start raiding at the start of August. The guild is run by four very experienced people that can all adress any questions and grievances you might have. At the moment we're searching for every class and role. We're all flexible in what we play, but are looking forwards to settling in to a role. The only class we lack at the moment is a Death Knight, be it tank or DPS. Other than that, you are all welcome to talk with us and see if we get along. Alot of focus will be on you as a person, as we will not tolerate immature behaviour such as raging, deflecting constructive critisism, publicly singling out people who mess up (if any such things happen, take it up with the raid leader or assistants in a private message) or not showing up when you're supposed to, however geared you are. We are predominately Swedish but with a few international members, hence our official language is English. We use Discord during the raids and we expect everyone to be on it. To get in touch with us, whisper Avskrap / Refined, Facedrummer / Safetyword , Ezilius / Ezilium or Mezrih / Ruthoc. If none of those characters are online, do a /who Kontraband and whisper someone online. They will direct you to whomever you should speak to.Avskrap1 04 Aug
03 Aug [A] <Decorum> recruiting fresh raiding blood for ToS! Heya! We, <Decorum>, are looking to bolster our main roster to continue with our ToS progression! We're a relaxed but progress-oriented raiding guild and are looking to clear heroic and mythic ToS to the best of our ability while providing an enjoyable experience for all members. And we're hiring! What we offer: Scheduled progression raids Friday and Sunday 8 - 11pm server time A stable core roster that you could find a permanent reserved spot in Frequent (optional) additional events - AP runs, normal diff clears, ... Daily Mythic+ for gear, weekly cache and glory Pre-organized cauldrons, feasts and runes for progression raids A friendly, helpful and lovable bunch ;)What we're looking for: Dedication - while we're far from hardcore, we expect a certain degree of competitive spirit. Always be looking to learn, to improve on your gameplay and raid performance. Strive for greatness! Activity - no fixed requirements, but we'd be happy if you showed your face often! Involvement and dedication even outside raid times are very welcome. Feel free to be vocal in guild chat and teamspeak, we'd love more people to chat with. Memes permitted. Reliability - members of our main roster are expected to attend at least around three out of four progress raids on average. Exceptions are expected and absolutely fine, but significant drops in attendance can lead to your spot no longer being reserved. Raids are planned through calendar events and we'd like you to be dependable when you do sign up for something. Preparation - do your research for raid content you're not experienced with. Nobody's expected to know all the ins and outs immediately; questions are frequent and absolutely welcome; but don't come fully blind. Keep a backup of potions, flasks and food for when no feast or cauldron is used. A DBM- or BigWigs-esque addon is recommended, RCLootcouncil and TS3 are required for official raids. A permanent guild-owned server is supplied by us which you are free to use as you wish.Currently recruiting: In high demand as of 14/07/2017: HPala Rogue or DH However, we're open for applications from any class and spec, especially from exceptional and reliable DPS! _________________________________________________________________________ If you're interested in joining us or would first like to chat a little more about what we're all about, you can throw a message towards any one of us ingame: Sakaroth ( or add sakaroth#2844 ) Shioba ( or add shioba#2296 ) Arlox ( or add karano#2727 ) _________________________________________________________________________ Hope I could spark someone's interest! ArloxArlox5 03 Aug
31 Jul [A] Mad Murlocs Recruiting. Aaaaaughibbrgubugbugrguburgle Mglrmglmglmgl... We are recruiting players to add to our raid team, all levels of experience are considered. We're not super hardcore and enjoy chilled progression most of all we playing for fun. We are currently 9/9n, 1/9hc. All we ask is that you turn up on time with consumables, it's not the end of the world if you're late just be considerate of others in the raid team. All classes and specs welcome, we encourage people to play what they enjoy. Raiding Wednesday & Friday, with the odd drunken event. w/ for more info. Socials welcomeRãven1 31 Jul
30 Jul Looking for players for old MoP raids Hello! Is anyone interested in doing old MoP raids with me for the Glory of the Pandaria Raider achievement? I'm struggling on the achievements: [Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better...], [Sorry, Were You Looking for This?] and [I Heard You Like Amber...] I've soloed all the other achievements required for it and would be happy to help anyone who is struggling with them.Redsteal0 30 Jul
29 Jul Rogue looking for horde guild Hi im a rogue wanting a trial in a raiding guild to see if im what you want. I would prefer raiding twice a week. My dps is 830795.5 my item level 903. My battletag is GORLAXE#2351 thanks for your timeKrytt0 29 Jul
28 Jul (H) rogue il 902 Hi im an assasination rogue recently back after a break, looking for a raiding guild. My item level is 902 and i know my class pretty well. Just wanting a trial. ThanksKrytt3 28 Jul
26 Jul Heavy knothide leather quest request Need to get my hands on 4 heavy knothide leather to finish my outland quest achievements (It's a requirement of the 'Additional Materials' quest), can anyone assist me?Meridaea0 26 Jul
26 Jul Looking for guild horde or alliance Hi! I am currently looking for a casual raiding/mythic+ guild with active friendly members. I have just come back from a 6 month break so trying to play catch up. I have 2 110 tanks on this realm, BrM monk at 868ilvl and a Guardian Druid at 848ilvl. Looking for a guild that will help me learn to be the best tank I can be and also help me gear up to start raiding heroic or even start mythic. I play most days between 1900ish to 2200ish realm times after work. Willing to do a faction change for the right guild but would prefer to stay horde if I can :) If anyone can give me a home then please add me on bnet thrall#22495. Many thanks :D P.s. it shows that I am in a guild but left that guild do to a player causing racial problems in guild.Azlan0 26 Jul
25 Jul [H] Looking for daytime activity/raiding guild Hi Magtheridon, I've recently come back from a long WoW break and I've picked up this toon. I was wondering if there is a daytime raiding guild around here that I may refer to.Cobraduck1 25 Jul
25 Jul In search of a guild :) (H) Yo, leveling a new character on maghteridon and i would like to find a active social guild. Would be nice if the guild has dungeon runs, social people and stuff like that! HMU! -Trevor, Troll warrior, maghteridon H EUEnimat0 25 Jul
23 Jul 928 resto/balance 9/9 heroic LF guild Hi, i am a 928 balance /resto druid LF a guild that has at least 9/9 heroic and is raiding 3 or more days a week. Willing to play either balance or resto, but got better gear suited for balance. I have no resto druid logs , and here are my balance druid logs: godola2k#2803 I will not be available for around 2 weeks starting from the 26th of July so keep that in mind, meaning i will be able to raid on the 9th of august.Dekara0 23 Jul
22 Jul Holy priest looking for guild Hello there! A holy priest is looking for a spot in a HC/mythic raid team. I'm dedicated and almost never miss a raid. Able to raid at least 2 days per week except friday and saturday. At the moment, I'm at 5/9 in HC ToS. My Nighthold HC and ToS HC performance: Contact here or at MightyMouse#2897 Cheers!Míghty0 22 Jul
21 Jul WTS all TCG Pets Hi, I Want to sell My all TCG Pets collection (15 TCG Pets) for 2 M : Ect..Taliõn0 21 Jul
20 Jul Roll up! [H] <The Inheritance Cycle> is recruiting! The hardest part of recruitment is making your guild appeal to the right people... basically we're a bunch of slightly eccentric players who enjoy the game and we're looking for like minded loonies. We're looking for Socials and raiders. Whether you've been playing since Vanilla (yawn ;) ) or new to the game, if you've found that you don't really fit in with other guilds (maybe you're a bit shy to start with or just a bit of an introvert) then we might be the right kind of place for you. We've got the start of a reasonable raid team but could do with some more ranged dps and one or two healers. We raid on Friday and Saturday nights from 20:30 until 23:00, all we ask is that you show up and are willing to learn. At the moment we're 9/9 Norm and 3/9 HC but we've had to do it pugging players, we'd like to increase our team so we don't have to pug (unless we want to). We're a mature group but that doesn't mean that there isn't the occasional Dick joke, oh and if you can confuse people in a variety of languages you'll fit in well ;) If you're interested or have any questions, feel free to message me in game or add me on Btag: CursedDark#2264Baconblitz2 20 Jul
19 Jul [H] Nestehukka - Magtheridon. Finnish guild [H] Nestehukka - Magtheridon. Finnish guild'' Rekryää muutaman ranged dps mytik raideja varten KJ HCsta viellä hengissä mutta kaatunee tällä viikolla. Viime raidilla 18 äijää mukana joten ylimäärästä tilaa ei välttämättä hirveästi ole. NHssa painettiin mytikillä 6/10. Ja pidettiin noin 2kuukautta taukoa ennen ToS Vedetään tosin vaan 2 kertaa viikossa näin kesänkunniaksi Raidi päivät ollaan votettu raidin lopuksi ja osunut joko Ke/To tai Su/ma miten porukka päässyt. Oitio#2159.Pétteri0 19 Jul
18 Jul Later in the evening raids? Howdy Simple question...., any guilds with a light but more importantly for me a later in the evening raid schedule? Looking for 21:00 or later server start time. That would the need to sort the kids before game time! >.< Currently playing a Resto Druid. Could be tempted over to the alliance although never played that side :DFinlo1 18 Jul
17 Jul [A] Fepix - Newly formed guild! Hello everyone. Our guild is Fepix-Magtheridon, me and a few friends decided to give running a guild a go. We have a few experienced members ready to help out anyone who is new to the game or even just returning. We accept all kinds of players from social to raiding. We eventually want to get a raiding team together for casual raiding. We also plan on doing battlegrounds, Mythic+ dungeons and any guild activities we can! If this is the kind of guild that you are looking for then please feel free to add me in game as Yuzzea or on bnet - Syconix#2181. Also feel free to ask any questions below if you need more information. Thanks for taking your time to read this and happy adventures! Hope to see you in game.Yuzzea0 17 Jul
17 Jul [A][Polish]<Apocalypse Riders> are recruiting! Hello, We are a group of friends who used to play together during WotLK and Cata. Now we came back after break and we want to go back to active raiding in Tomb of Sargeras. We are a Polish guild and we are looking for any Polish players to join us! Obviously we don't have any raiding achievements in Legion - hopefully not for too much longer :). We are looking mostly for people open and communicative, eager to spend time with guild during raids, and between them. For now we are interested in all specs and classes. We plan to raid 2-3 times a week, between 20-22:30 depending on our group capabilities. We expect casual atmosphere but we also hope to progress HC ToS. If you are a casual player who want to raid in a nice atmosphere - don't hesiatate to join us! This post in in English due to forum rules - if you want more information in Polish: For in game contact: Gajopanda/Gajvious, Krzychh, Lucyferys. Cheers, GajopandaGajopanda1 17 Jul