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1h Cerebral are a 7/7M EN & ToV 3/3M, NH 8/10M Guild. About Us Cerebral has been a successful raiding guild since TBC with a core membership that has been together for many years. <more history to follow> We are generally a bunch of extremely friendly and helpful people. We have a very active Discord server with lots of banter outside Wow. If you're interested in joining you're welcome to hop in and have a chat and get to know the guild. Find the contact information at the end of this post for more information. Current Progress Emerald Nightmare 7/7M Trial of Valor 3/3M Nighthold 8/10M Exceptional geared and skilled players considered Regardless of class to help us continue our success and future in Legion. Raiding Schedule Wed 20:00 - 23:15 Thu 20:00 - 23:15 Sun 19:30 - 23:15 Tue 20:00 - 23:15 We will drop to 1-2 nights per week on farm. We also run optional alt and sale runs on a regular basis. Requirements You must be ready-for-raiding. What does this mean? You must know and understand your class well as well as being equipped appropriately. Before applying we Expect you to be uptodate with your Artifact weapon and atleast 890+ ilvl Equipped also 4/10M down bear in mind we are a Mythic level progress guild. You need to be able to familiarise yourself with raid encounters quickly and efficiently, as well as be able to understand instruction well and adapt quickly to changing situations. With the advent of Legion, doing content outside raids is also required. You need to ensure you are keeping up with your artifact weapon and research, as well as doing your weekly M+ 10 for gear upgrades. You must provide the majority of your own supplies for raids. The guild will help out here-and-there with consumables but you must be ready to bring potions, flasks, food and runes as required for any encounter. Please do not add me to battletag if the below requirements arent reached as it's a waste of yours and my time. Requirements. 890+ ilvl NH 4/10M How to apply You can add one of our officers in game for more information on how to apply. Primary recruitment contact (Main Recruitment Officers) DaveHunt#21165 Other contacts Celestraza - Kittycatus#2509 (CO-GM) Crabby - Ady#2689 (CO-GM)Ikskwizit47 1h
7h [H]<The Royal Army> 5/10M Currently Recruiting <The Royal Army> (est. 2007) is a gaming community, residing on the server Kazzak since the start of MoP. Originally created on the server Deathwing and migrated to Kazzak since our original server was becoming more of a “ghost server”. The guild has been clearing all content that Blizzard has released, always aiming high, while maintaining a very relaxed and fun atmosphere for all guildies. Our guild members come from all over Europe (England, Denmark, Sweden, Greece, Poland, Germany, Russia, Norway, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria ... just to mention a few), making our roster very diverse and extremely fun to be around. Our goal: We raid 3x days per reset, 3x hours per run focusing on Mythic difficulty. During progress we expect very high attendance from all our raiders. ***RECRUITING*** Warrior (dps) high Rogue high We're also considering exceptional applications from any dps class (that means very good experience and high ilvl , max or near max traits for current content) Raiding Schedule (Server time) -Wednesday (20:00 - 23:00) -Thursday (20:00 - 23:00) -Sunday (20:00 - 23:00) What are we looking for: -Gamers who enjoy the game of World of Warcraft for what it is overall. We are social creatures who enjoy the game outside raids as well. -Gamers who are passionate for the class and role they represent while in a raiding team. -Gamers who understand not only their class, but also the importance of team play and how they can contribute to defeating/completing a common goal. -Gamers who will always look into how to squeeze every single additional statistic that will help their character contribute the maximum during raid encounters. -Gamers who contribute in discussions during but most importantly outside raids in order to plan future attempts on new encounters. -Gamers who while maintaining a very serious and focused mind on progress, they can also be a lot of fun to have around and enjoy every aspect of the game as a community. What we can offer: -Veteran gamers who have been playing the game since the guild was established and always contribute in making the guild a better community for new members. -A very relaxed environment where you can enjoy every aspect of the game. (PvE, PvP, leveling, social aspect etc) -Passionate raiders who focus on clearing content while having a great time while doing it. -Mature and helpful members who are always ready to lend a hand when needed. -Guild repairs and consumables during raids. -Guild events for all members to participate (PvE, PvP and social events). -Alt runs after we clear each raid content. -Drama FREE environment. If this sounds like a place where you want to become a big part of, then please contact us and join us in our future adventures. Become a valued member of a great gaming community in the game of World of Warcraft. Contact us: In-game: Sidonié (Respawn17#2233) Website: www.theroyalarmy.netSidonié37 7h
9h Ret paladin LF mature raiding guild. I'm 905 eq current progress 6/7 EN 2/10 NH M. 45 Traits. LF mature raiding guild. I'm 28 years old. So i don't like any type of dramas. I realy want to clear Nighthold Mythic before Tombs it's my main goal. What can you expect from me! * Prepared with food, flasks, potions, enchants, runes * Progression minded player * Allways trying to improve * Will know latest tactics for my spec What do I look for in a guild! * Progression minded * raid times between 19.00 - 23.00 preferred * 2 - 3 raid days * nice atmosphere * Solid guild * Spot for Mythic progression If you have any more questions add me Martynas#2121 or contact me in game NympukeNympuke3 9h
9h <Fallen Kings> recruiting. Hello everyone! We are Fallen Kings on the Kazzak server recruiting raiders to join our ranks. As a guild we are currently 5/10 HC NH but we would like to go 10/10 as soon as possible. We use discord for not just raids, but also M+, random wow stuff or even other games. For lootdistribution we use RClootcouncil. Raid days are wednesday and sunday from 19:45-23:00 server time. Right now we are looking for several dps that are 885 ilvl or more. Preferably we would like; Any melee except for demon hunters. Any ranged except for hunters. If you have any questions, feel free to add me ingame or on realID: Syoss#2324 Hope to hear from you guys. Kind regards, Fallen KingsEbbiwarrior5 9h
11h Sentinax [H] LF Experienced Officers. Who we are : Sentinax is a guild with outstanding reputation and perseverance on Kazzak . We were originally a bunch of friends , We are mainly a PVE guild but we might PVP sometimes since many of our members do both. Our guild is friendly and has a helpful environment where players help out each other in various ways. We are an endgame raiding guild. This means most of our raids will be HCs and Mythics . Raid Times : We currently raid at 6-9 PM ST on Wednesday/Saturday/Monday . We won't make a fuss about you not being online for raids. We'll most likely have replacements. I don't like the idea of forcing people to come. After all, RL > WoW..... or is it? :p Another thing, if you can't make it for most of the raids or eventually get to raid with us, there's no point in being in the guild. Sure, you can join and hang around as a social but eventually you might just get bored since people might not be online at your time and you find yourself the only one online at certain times. What we looking for? : What we do care about is your ability to pull decent amount of DPS(Damage) or HPS(Healing) or be able to tank properly with sufficient gear for Heroic and Mythic encounters. We aren't looking for drama or problems. A small problem may get you removed from the guild. In addition, we don't like to boast. We are nice and friendly with outsiders and respect everyone who respects us. About raids, we need everyone to be fully aware of what's going on during boss encounters. We look for people who can react instantly if something gets out of hand and not just do the usual thing or tactic. In heroics, many things can go wrong at any point. Since this is an endgame raiding guild, you obviously must be well geared and pull sufficient amount of dps and healing. We aren't really recruiting people to train them. Everyone must be at the top of their game in order to join. Furthermore, we need everyone to have the DBM addon installed for raids. Also, we use Discord during raids. Understanding English as well as speaking it is important and will most likely increase your chances of getting accepted into the guild. You won't have to speak but just listen. Guild Rules : This section is really important. It applies to all guild members and newcomers must read this. I will not tolerate any kind of drama happening inside the guild. So please, make sure to read this next paragraph: First of all, I don't want to see any drama in /g or /raid. Depending on the situation and topic, it will either be raid kick or guild kick. If any two or more members have problems, take it to whispers (/w) or you're at risk of getting kicked. In fact, I'd rather not even bring it up at all and tell me about it instead. Not everyone in the guild needs to know what's going on so please think before you act! I do not want all the guild to see what you two or three or four, etc... are complaining about. This is really important and is applied to everyone in the guild. Also, if two are complaining and a third or fourth member joins in, then that member or two will also equally share the same outcome as of the original members. So I recommend staying OUT of drama. You have been warned so don't come back to me if anything happens. You failed against a certain boss? : No problem. As long as you don't repeat it. I understand that HCs and Mythics are intense and many problems may occur. Also, do not deny not failing if you truly know that you failed. Further blaming about failing is strictly forbidden and might get you penalized as well if you do it. If you are not happy with another member's performance, feel free to whisper an officer or GM about it. How to join Sentinax? : Search for Sentinax on /who and ask for either a GM or an officer , you can also add me at Regroot#1711 and ask for it. *More info may be added. Sorry if it's too much to read but I think it's essential to know about the guild before joining. Good luck :)Kochamcie9 11h
13h Late Night [H] Insomnia recruiting[ Kazzak] It’s all in the name! ~Insomnia~ was created for the sole purpose of providing those whom can't attend the traditional raiding schedule with an environment focused on progression raiding.We enjoy a manageable raid schedule that - while unique - works well for busy students, those with difficult work schedules, and anyone that enjoys staying up a bit later than usual. We pride ourselves on not sacrificing a friendly, enjoyable raid atmosphere while progressing through current content. With this in mind, we classify ourselves as a "Semi-Hardcore" late night guild providing a niche for players who wish to experience this game at a competitive level while also having competitive professional and family lives out of game…….We want to have fun while expecting the best out of every player! After a period of inactivity we are back in business doing what we love most: clearing PVE content with a close-knit stable core of players. However, we are always looking to meet new players who fit our profile and will potentially become our next core raiders. While our raiding times or community may not be ideal for many, we're a guild with personality, that pride ourselves on our unique atmosphere. With each passing tier we've not only improved as individuals, but as a team. We've proven our ability to weather the storm, and not fall victim to the common difficulties faced by others. Our guilds' mindset is to not only survive the tier, but thrive in them. Our raiding times are: Thursday 23:00 – 01:00 Sunday 23:00 – 01:00 Tuesday 23:00-01:00 What can we offer you? A warm friendly guild where being efficient and competent goes hand in hand with active lively banter…… And the fun goes on all night long! We enjoy playing the game and spending time with the people we play it with! What you can expect from ~Insomnia~ : *Guild leadership focused on progression *Reliable and skilled players *A friendly, social atmosphere not commonly found in progression guilds What we expect from you : *Raid awareness *Experience and knowledge to play and excel at your respective class *Consistency [showing up every night, and on time is a MUST]. *Desire to progress and push yourself every night, and to always strive to achieve better results! * Maturity: Over 18 with a healthy gaming attitude that can fit into a group environment * Short but intense hours of dedication: Punctuality and preparation for raids * Passion for your class and for wow: knowing your spec, PVE tactics… * Good social and communication skills: good sense of humour required * And good “movement out of fire” skills Join us! If you want to join this late night family, we look forward to hearing from you .Sweetheart1 13h
14h [H] <Guilty Casual> looking for more ambitious casuals! Hello all, <Guilty Casual>, THE place to be for the modern, fashionable casual, are looking to complete our progression raiding team roster to get a stable group that allows us to further succeed in raiding. Our current raiding progress is: 7/7 EN HC // 2/3 ToV HC // 9/10 NH HC. We currently have 2 raid days (Wednesday & Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 server time), with an additional, optional Alt raid (Tuesday 20:00, NH normal): Wednesday is open to everyone who can pull his own weight (no carry raid) and we start with NH HC currently. Sunday is the raid day for our progression raiders where we get to the actual content we are progressing on (NH HC) We are in need of: - DPS but we generally welcome all applications - even if you are just looking for a nice casual place to be. Why would you want to be raiding with us? You think that it’s fun to maximize your output and value progress over personal gain. You like when things run smooth and when you play with others who know what it takes and invest accordingly. And most importantly you enjoy a stable, drama less environment. You’re tired of passive aggression and not having room for mistakes. Do you want to be part of a friendly community that does not shy away from helping each other out? Then you have come to the right place! We will fight the Legion back united and we will leave no Orc (Tauren, Undead, Troll, Goblin and even Bloodelf) behind. We organize regular Mythic(+) runs as well as other activities such as achievement runs etc. We do expect a certain participation when a player is online since we are not particularly interested in people who are not willing to engage with the guild and the surrounding activities. If you are now considering the only logical thing there is to do - then add me on Battle.net: Aline#2126 or apply on our website: https://guiltycasual.com/applicantAenimas32 14h
15h Konvict gaming [large multi-gaming community] Are you tired of playing solo? Are you bored of pugging raids and similar activities in trade? Would you like to be part of a large gaming community? Would you like to meet and play with mature and like minded people? If you answered yes to the above, then look no further, Konvict gaming is a large international multi-gaming community, we play a wide selection of games: Black Desert Online CS:GO DayZ Diablo 3 Dota 2 FF-XIV ISS League of Legends Minecraft, Path of Exile Smite Heroes of the storm Rocket League Tom Clancy's: The Division Plus many more! Our wow section is ever growing, we have our own teamspeak and forums section, we have a horde guild on the real Kazzak which now has a stable player base, we have now freshly opened an alliance guild on Outland and are looking for some lovely new members to fill it and make it thier home! We are mainly a social community and just like to be a part of a group of people that enjoy playing wow together, we do run raids in our horde guild and once our alliance guild grows in numbers we hope to also run raids there. A few requirements to join Be mature (represent kg in a positive way) Be respectful Be active Have a mic and teamspeak Speak English Be 16 years older or more. Still interested? Then pop on over to our homepage at konvictgaming.com Once there hit the register button! Apply to our wow section Wait for a moderator to contact you. If you would like any more information beforehand please add me on battlenet twiglet#2151 Hope to see you soon and welcome you to an awesome communityTwíglet213 15h
17h Legio getica (1/10M) (4/7M) Hello everyone, Legio getica (18+) is a long lasting raiding guild established in 2007. We are a social raiding guild that raids only 2 days a week but still aims to progress through the content nicely. Because some of our raiders have gotten real life commitments that took them from the game we are looking for some new players. What can you expect from us? Good progress with a bit of banter on the side. We like to have fun in between pulls but during the fights we are focussed and have our main goal to kill it. We also have a funrun on each sunday so you can gear up alts or take some friends who have less time. What do we expect from you? As we try to keep a small roster, we expect everyone to have near 100% attendance (set aside from emergencies ofc). Be on time (10 minutes before raid), bring consumables, be enchanted, be patient and be prepared tacticwise. We also expect people to put in a bit of effort outside raids (meaning you won't only log on for raids, you are prepared artifactwise etc.). What are we looking for at the moment? Currently we are looking for some dps to fill the roster more comfortably for mythic mode. High priority on a Hpally, a dps that has a decent healing offspec, Boomkins and warlocks (any exceptional apply will be considered). As said before we raid 2 days a week, Monday and wednesday from 20.00-23.00 servertime. We use discord as voicecom. If you are interested you can always /w me in game (Sanura#21716) or apply on our website www.legiogetica.com. Thanks for your time, SanuraSanura2 17h
18h [H] <Somewhat Normal> 8/10M currently recruiting Somewhat Normal is a raiding guild that strives for end game content. We aim to clear all current content available with a lot of success in previous expansions. We can provide a relaxing atmosphere, complete with foul language and lots of laughs all while maintaining steady progress. This expansion(when current): Emerald Nightmare - 7/7M ToV - 2/3M The Nighthold - 8/10M Our raiding schedule: Wednesday - 21:00 - 00:30 ST Thursday - 21:00 - 00:30 ST Monday - 21:00 - 00:30 ST Recruiting: We'd like to recruit another 2 healers and several ranged dps. All applicants will be considered, regardless of class (spec) demand. What do you want? What do we want? Lets get real. We all want to raid and progress. To do this you need to be aware, good, prepared and willing to pull together as a team. We all contribute to our progression and we all reap its bounty! What we expect from you: - Respectable raiding experience / history - Able to use Discord - Strong knowledge of your class - Adequate consumables to see you through every raiding night - Well looked after gear (gemmed and enchanted appropriately relevant to your stat weights) What we can give you: - We can give you good progress in relaxed and fun environment - We spend a lot of time on Discord as a guild, not just playing World of Warcraft but other games as well, providing a fun, social environment - We can provide opportunities to play other characters in alt runs Want to Apply? Fill in an application at http://www.somewhatnormal.co.uk/ or Contact me in-game or Battle.net (Qivv#2591, GreavPhx#21737) if you are interested and we can have a chat!Greav17 18h
19h [H] Ret Paladin 906ilvl(equipped) LF raiding guild Hello there. I'm looking for a new guild to progress through the mythic content of the game and hopefully in ToS. The reason I'm leaving my current guild is due to lack of attendance and raid sign ups. As far as raid experience in the current expansion I did 7/7M with Cutting Edge: Xavius on my ex-main which was Shadow Priest. After Nighthold came I cleared 10/10hc in the first couple of weeks with him and took a little break from WoW. After I came back I rerolled to retribution paladin and here I am. What can I offer: Retribution paladin with 906ilvl equipped (907max) 46 traits Decent legendaries Player since late Vanilla, started raiding in TBC Always prepared with tactics and consumables Mature player (mid 20s) Not always topping the dps, but prioritising on mechanics and tactics If that is any kind of achievement I did the Retribution artifact challange on the first day after Mage Tower was first built ^^ What am I looking for: Stable guild Reasonable raid times (I'm not interested in late night guilds) 2-3 raid days Relaxed atmosphere Understanding that real life comes first If you are interested and I'm what you are looking for feel free to replay here or whisper me in game for more information - BattleTag: Cr1ms0nStraY#2496 (with zero).Roarshach3 19h
20h [H] Selling Any Mythic + Boost We have a Very Exprienced Team in Kazzak (Dìsconnect Guild) doing over 1.2k Mythic+ in time and a very good Background boost since MoP and WoD . Mythic + Completing Mythic +10-15 awards you with: -865 - 925 gear for your character depends on lvl of key -Chance for legendary item -Artifact power -At the start of next week you will be able to loot your class hall chest for a piece of 905+ gear. -[Keystone Master] Achievement Karazhan Full run include Nightbane run + 100% Mount [Smoldering Ember Wyrm] BONUS -you will receive every piece of loot that we don't need in this run, through the new system you can trade same or lower iLvl to any player in your group Whats expected of you: Literally nothing but the gold and yourself and a key If you don't have key we can provide one just let us know what lvl you need. We accept all realm gold, we boost all dungeons. Have a dps spec and hit a few buttons your dps doesn't matter much at all. How much does it cost / How can I contact you? Pricing is to be discussed with us directly due to the competitive nature of key lvl and your activity We accept almost all realms gold. Price for Xrealms is usualy higher than kazzak . Skype ; omid.lasthope Whisper In-game : Mêrciless Lasthopê Artìst Battle Tag lasthope#2805 merciless#2565 Artist#2273Kràtós73 20h
21h -Rivstart- 3/10M NH Rekryterar DPS Rivstart en Casual Raiding guild som ändå vill bibehålla en hög nivå av raiding under de få dagar vi raidar. Raidtiderna är onsdagar 19-22 och söndagar 19-22. Många i Guilden har spelat ihop sen Början av TBC och raidat på hög nivå under många år, vi har nu behov av 1-2 dps till forsatt Progress i Mythic NH, vi har extra behov av Shadowpriest & Elemental Shaman, men alla klasser är intressanta. Adda gärna min battletag för mer info Celwin#2286Econ1 21h
1d [H] <Send Noots> - 2/week raiding. 4/10M. <Send Noots> is a small group of experienced friends that moved to Kazzak Horde on February 12th 2017 to take a step back from longer-schedule raiding, and from the monotonous grinds that come along with it. We're a laid-back bunch, but we take our raiding seriously. Currently, we're focusing on efficient progression in Nighthold Mythic as we work on solidifying our core raiding roster for ToS and beyond as much as possible. In the future, we'll be aiming to set up regular raid boosting in as many difficulties as our team can manage. We're looking for more exceptional players to continue improving our Mythic roster for Nighthold and beyond. Additionally, don't bring !@#$ty attitudes or egos, we're all equals here. Our current progress is: 4/10 NH Mythic. Our raiding schedule is: Friday: 19:30 to 23:30 Sunday: 19:00 to 23:00 These are server time. We'll be using Loot Council to distribute upgrades, and in boost runs, when they occur, we'll be using Personal Loot. If this interests you, you can contact us at the following BattleTags: Fyurie#2454 Khargillian#2477 Th3Spud#2229 You can also reach us on our Discord server at: https://discord.gg/9MeM4ws Please have log parses available if you contact us, it helps us speed things up greatly! Thanks for reading. Noot noot.Fyurie19 1d
1d 3/10M BM hunt LF guild i am a Beast mastery hunter , 903 equiped and 41 new traits , 3/10 M and 6/10M experience , i've been in a guild called Overcharged and i've left it cause of the timing issues , i've started working on early time and the raiding time and schedule is so bad for me ,soo you can add me at Regroot#1711 if you have any questions or if you want to make interview with me :) P.S i've got 900+ MW monk with over 40 traits and Prot/Holy paladin 900+ with over 40 traits aswell experienced.Conerya0 1d
1d (H) 8/10 M 912 Equipped Warlock LF Guild. Warlock 8/10 M LF semi hardcore (HORDE) English Speaking guild with atleast 8/10 down to continue mythic nighthold and TOS in the future - 3 Days Raiding Guild from 8 PM Server time till 12 Max Ilvl/traits and legendaries: -Affliction 47 traits, 912 ilvl equipped (Cloak and wrist/waist/Sacrolash legendary) -Demonology 45 traits, 912 ilvl equipped (shoulders and waist/ring legendary) -Destruction 42 traits, 912 ilvl equipped (Wrist and waist legendary) battletag: insomnia#1759Alphã2 1d
1d We want YOU to join <The Disadvantage> TL&DR: Hello! We at <The Disadvantage> are looking to expand our roster and raid group! Our goal is to make a nice community while also having a core group of raiders who wish to clear Normal and Heroic content. While experienced players are most welcome, our doors are open to newer or returning players as long as they have the will and patience to learn and improve! Raiding Info We have cleared Nighthold on both, normal and Heroic and are farming them at the moment. Our raid nights take place on Thursday and Sunday from 19.00 to 22.00 PM server time. Additionally, there might be more raids if members wish so. None of them are mandatory though. Recruitment Currently, we seem to be ok on key roles, therefore people joining us should be either DPS or versatile in their specs. We require you to be geared for current raiding content (+/- 870ilvl) or to catch up individually as we cannot guarantee boosts. To apply either leave a comment here and we'll contact you or message Sarchristic, Brainzz or Mooneater ingame! In case you wish to learn more about us: The general thought behind <The Disadvantage> is to provide a common ground for mature, open minded players who are willing to help others, share their wisdom and can do so in a relaxed manner. What we seek is to enjoy the time spent with others, to educate rather than to blame. We are building a community rather than a raid group. The requirements for new recruits are very simple. Firstly, we seek active players, not an alt who will log on once a month. Secondly, we want folks who wish to work on their toon - improve and progress through content. Hand in hand with this goes active participation in event. And if you are even willing to initiate a thing or two, even better! You don't need to know everything or be super geared when you join us. We are happy to explain a lot of things as long as you stick with us and play! Last but far from least, we want people with positive attitude; elitists and go-go players tend to leave us early. To shed a little bit more light on non-raiding activities - we do mythic+ dungeons of all levels, be it smaller with more chests, or really tough ones for weekly chests. Some of us are Keystone Masters if that's your cup of tea. Others also enjoy occassional PvP in form of arenas or random Bgs. Whatever your heart desires!Sarchristic12 1d
1d 2 day late night weekend raiding guild lf members Hi all! The dreaming vigil is a guild consisting of friends who want to enjoy a casual, social and mature atmosphere while raiding 2 nights a week. We have a great deal of experience raiding in WoW and have decided that we want to take it to the next level and make steady progress. We all have full time jobs and other commitments but we still want to find time to raid. We are currently pushing through Nighthold 6/10HC We currently need more members.  Our raid times are: Friday 22:00 - 01:00 server time. Saturday 22:00 - 01:00 server time. What we can offer you: A friendly and relaxed atmosphere where you can chill out after a long day at work, stable rate of progress through the Legion endgame PvE content.Guild comms for you to kick back and have a laugh! What we expect from you: We have no set age requirement however maturity is key. As close to 100% raid attendance as you can.Know your class and role.Use relevant raid addons. Maintain a friendly, sociable attitude at all times. You must have a working microphone and be able to communicate in English on discord to a decent standard. If you feel like you would be a good fit for us, please add my real id: Flexo#2117 in game for a chat or poke me here. See you all in game!Howlinghat3 1d
1d Disc Priest looking for raiding guild Hola! As the topic suggest, i'm a disc priest looking for a semi-casual raiding guild. What I am looking for: A guild that has mythic progression and raids with a serious attitude but also has a laid back attitude when off raid times. My preferred days for raiding are Tuesdays Thursdays Sundays What you'll get: I moved over to main disc in 7.2 from resto shaman because of its interesting and fun mechanics. I've been raiding since vanilla and for the legion exp i got curve for both EN and NH within the 2-3 weeks. Also got cutting edge for Mythic EN - here's my old main http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Ba%C3%A1rk/simple My disc logs are decent and I'm top 10 on 7/10 bosses in the world for my ilvl for disc priests https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/11#metric=hps&difficulty=4&class=Priest&spec=Discipline&bracket=16 Also my general profile: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/19581154/latest#metric=hps Add me in-game or on bnet for a chat :) Bark#2955 <3Baarklul2 1d
1d 901 Spriest letar raiding guild 901 Spriest med lång rading experience letar efter en svensk raiding guild att köra med. Har just nu endast clearat 10/10 HC Nighthold men är redo att börja proggresa mythic med ny guild. Nuvarande guild lämnar jag för att jag vill raida mer seriöst än i denna guild. Kan spela alla dagar mellan 16:00 - 22:45. Kommer endast spela på kazzak.Kalimor3 1d
1d Returning player looking for a fun social guild Hey guys and gals, After 7 years i have returned to play and created a new character on this server. I´m looking for a guild that has an active guild chat and fun vibe. My current guild, although the name is amazing, is not doing the trick. Hope to hear from you! Vid.Vidrian0 1d
2d BM Hunter LF Mythic raiding guild i am a Beast mastery hunter , 903 equiped and 41 new traits , 3/10 M and 6/10M experience , i've been in a guild called Overcharged and i've left it cause of the timing issues , i've started working on early time and the raiding time and schedule is so bad for me ,soo you can add me at Regroot#1711 if you have any questions or if you want to make interview with me :) P.S i've got 900+ MW monk with over 40 traits and Prot/Holy paladin 900+ with over 40 traits aswell experienced.Conerya2 2d
2d Dispossessed 7/10 recruiting RESTO SHAMAN Curently recruiting : Frost mage Frost dk Boomkin Resto shaman Rogue If you're not one of the classes mentioned above but you think you have what it takes to shine in our mature, friendly but focussed guild please apply anyway. If you're committed and solid we will definitely have fun clearing content together! Our raid nights are: Wed 20-22:00 Thur 20-22:00 Sun 19:22:00 Please contact Mikileee#2804 on Battle net for a chat (Cripz in Game) or check out our website dispossessed.gamerlaunch.com Good Luck,Cripz6 2d
2d (Horde) <Promise> Newly created guild on Kazzak! <Promise> are recruting some pve players! 1/10 mythic proggress so far with only 2 weeks of raiding. We still looking to have the same team for Tomb of sargeras! In need of all classes because ppl will quit, stop play etc etc but for most part if u are 900+ u can get spots! So /w me ingame for info and spotsDamoches11 2d
2d [EU][H]<Takeover> looking for players to start Mythic Hello there! Our progress in Nighthold is 10/10HC. We have not had a chance to go Mythic, even if we are prepared for that gear wise, because we are missing 20 players for our roster. We had, as I guess many guild, roster problems, with people quiting the game after 7.2, with AP grinds, or even before that. We still have many people online everyday, but we are missing few people to start the Mythic raiding. We raid two days a week. Raiding schedule is: Wednesday and Sunday 7-10PM ST Main Raid, Thursday 7-10PM ST non-mandatory raid (PvP, Transmog farming). Takeover is an English speaking guild from European server Kazzak. We are non hardcore guild, focused on progressing raids while still having fun and keeping social aspects of the guild. Joining the guild you can expect to make new friends, do transmog runs, run mythic plus with other people, have some laugh on Discord, all of that on top of progressing content. Currently we are recruiting people, who are willing to put their time into the game, to get more traits, improve theirselves on their class and commit to raiding. If you are a friendly person, that would like to progress raids while having some fun, you like to socialize and you just love the game as we do, this guild is just for you :) We are looking for: - Tank - DPS classes If you want to apply or want more information about the guild, messege me or add me on b.net Protek#1639.Protèk0 2d
2d 10/10M guild <Ecology> selling MYTHIC and HEROIC boost! Hi there Kazzak players! 10/10 Mythic NIGHTHOLD guild <Ecology> is now selling Mythic and Heroic NIGHTHOLD boosts. Prices are as follows and are negotionable a little bit: Prices for single Mythic bosses, master loot with all non-warforged, non-thunderforged and non-socket items included: ★ Skorpyon / Chronomatic Anonaly / Spellblade Aluriel / High Botanist Tel'arn – 700k gold each ★★ Trilliax / Tichondrius / Krosus / Star Augur Etraeus – 1m gold each ★★★ Grand Magistrix Elisande – 3m gold ★★★★ Gul'dan – 4m gold ★★★★★ Gul'dan with Hellfire Infernal mount – 15m gold Price for 10/10 Mythic clear, master loot with all non-warforged, non-thunderforged and non-socket items included: ★★★★★★ 10/10 mythic (gear + mount) – 20m gold ★★★★★★ 10/10 mythic (gear only) – 10m gold We also sell heroic 10/10 NIGHTHOLD boost on master loot on Sundays. Price: 1,2m gold. Raids: Our Mythic raid starts on Wednesday at around 19:50 CET and raid starts at 20:00 CET. The raid lasts till midnight (24:00 CET). Full 10/10 Mythic clear usually takes around 3 hours on Wednseday however you should have a free time till midnight just in case. We can ask you to die in the beggining of the encounter on some bosses where we see the risk is being too high. Payment: Part of the payment (15%) is paid as reservation deposit before at least 5 days before the set date. The remaining full payment is expected upon entering the raid unless otherwise noted. We accept ONLY in-game currency and ONLY on Kazzak-EU by horde side. Contact: If you are interested in purchasing from us or you have any questions, please contact our boostmanager: Orionepíc - btag Orionepic#2693 >>ALL OF OUR BOOSTS ARE MADE ON SELFPLAY! TREAT WELL YOUR ACCOUNT AND DON'T SHARE IT WITH ANYONE ELSE<<Orionepíc1 2d
3d [H]<I Win> 6/10M LF Raiders Pve Progression Guild <I Win> Looking for Dedicated Raiders for Our progression through Legion Content. . We are currently 7/7M Emerald Nightmare, 2/3M TOV, 10/10 HC 6/10M Nighthold and are looking for Raiders to progress through our mythic raids . SOCIALS ALSO WELCOMED We are a friendly fun bunch of people who are looking to progress and improve all the time, all our players our mature and therefore we have a very chill atmosphere but we are willing to push further and clear mythic content asap. Class/specs Required: Resto Druid Resto Shaman Hunter Shadow Priest Rogue Death Knight Enhance Shaman Windwalker Mage Warlock If you feel your an exceptional player and not on the required list feel free to /w ingame /w Ingame - Demirage-Kazzak / fumez#2695 or reply to forum post. Raid Schedule - Wed/Thur/Sunday : 20:00 - 23:00 Be Active & friendly Have TS Be 18+ (age) pref Ilvl 900(eq) + Weapon Trait level : 42+ Apply at : https://i-win.enjin.com/Demirage0 3d
3d Destro/Demo Lock and Fury Warrior looking for guild Hi all Currently looking for a 2 night a week mythic raiding guild. Prefer Tues/Thurs/Fri/Sunday as days for raiding. Current progress 10/10 HC. 899 ilvlVreygor0 3d
3d Frozen Wrath - 9/10 HC NH Frozen Wrath - Kazzak Formally a social guild we have now decided to take the step into raiding but are missing a few good players to help us progress. Progress: 9/10 Nighthold Heroic Raid Days: Wednesday - 20:00-23:30 Monday - 20:00-23:30 What we can offer you: *Raiding in a relaxed but progressive atmosphere *An active player-base where people are always willing to help and run Mythic+ as well as levelling alts etc. *Friendly players who hang out on Discord and always welcome you online. What we ask of you: *Know your class! We expect you to keep on top of your class' changes and updates and put effort into getting the best you can out of it. *Showing up prepared for raids - repaired, flasks, food etc. *Know tactics and make sure you have the correct addons. On progress we expect wipes, everyone makes mistakes but we expect people to learn from them. The raid leaders have the say on which tactics we go with for each fight - suggestions are always welcome before or after a pull (not during a fight). We do enjoy having fun and joking in raid, but on boss fights (especially progression) we expect people to be serious and pay attention. Currently recruiting: Tank All DPS classes considered All applications will be considered even if your class is not listed above. To apply to our guild please visit: http://frozenwrath.shivtr.com/ or you can contact us over b-net: Saetharia#2998 / Deyllo#2451 / BossKanarie#2914 alternatively you can whisper any of these officers in-game if you have any questions: Saetharia or Bosskanarie Socials always welcome! Thanks for your time! Good luck and have fun!Saetharia13 3d
3d Drunk as a Skunk is LFM! Hai! We are looking for a few more people to fill our roster, and continue mythic Nighthold progress! First raid 1/10 bois in only 10 attempts! Kill video on wowprogress if you're interested. Primarily looking for ALL DPS classes. High preference on those with a viable healing/tanking offspec. We raid on tuesdays, thursdays and sundays between 20:45 and 0:00 servertime. Relaxed raids, with joking about on trash, spicy home-brewed memes and whatnot is what we enjoy. Whilst still being focused on progress. If you have any questions you can Blacksmíth, Foxsix, Peth or Ningi ingame. We handle applications through our forum located at : http://drunkasaskunk.enjin.com/ Hope to hear from you!Ningi7 3d
3d Demo Lock 5/10M and 906 ilvl Hi, 906 demo lock is looking for a new raiding home. My current guild has announced to quit raiding after cancled raids for 3 weeks. So looking at what options Kazzak has to offer. I have raiding experience since TBC. Sometimes casual and other tiers more hardcore. I even was raidleader for 3-4 years in our own guild. What can you expect from me! * Exerienced player ( raiding since TBC ) * Prepared with food, flasks, potions, enchants, runes * Progression minded player * Mature player ( maybe a bit old even ) What do I look for in a guild! * Progression minded * raid times between 19.00 - 23.00 preferred * 2 - 3 raid days * nice atmosphere * Solid guild Armory http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Lunax/simple If interrested or you want more information. Leave a comment or add me on my battletag. ( Lunax#1463 )Lunax1 3d
3d Duality 10/10hc 8/10M LFM <Kazzak> Duality 7/7M 3/3HC 2/3M 10/10HC 8/10M is looking for additional members to strenghten our mythic progress team (Healer,Tank,Range DPS). Raiding days are Wen,Thur,Sun 19.30-23. Apply at http://www.duality-guild.eu/recruitment We are Legion formed guild of old and experienced players. Most of the core have raided since TBC, some of us even before that. Our goal is to clear HC Nighthold asap and jump into mythic progression. High activity and performance is expected. For further info, contact me Abigel#2946Ressist19 3d
4d 7/10M Guardian+R-Druid+Rogue lf guild Hey all, We are an Assassination Rogue, a Resto Druid and a Guardian Druid that have played their classes for years. Current progress from the rogue and Guardian is 7/10M, the resto druid is 4/10M. We are looking for a serious mythic raiding guild, with a pleasant raiding environment and community, to progress and clear mythic content with. We can raid 3-4 days a week and can attend most days (pref not Fri/Sat), except the rogue who can’t attend Mondays for the next several months due to work commitments. Would preferably like to stay alliance but are willing to transfer to any realm/faction for the right guild. Links: For the Guardian druid: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/the-maelstrom/Showergèl/simple https://www.wowprogress.com/character/eu/the-maelstrom/Showergèl For the Resto Druid: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/the-maelstrom/Katalystj/simple https://www.wowprogress.com/character/eu/the-maelstrom/Katalystj For the Rogue: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/the-maelstrom/Rathenau/simple https://www.wowprogress.com/character/eu/the-maelstrom/Rathenau If interested, please leave a comment or add our btag: Grene13#2981 or Katalyst#1912Showergèl0 4d
4d [H]-[Figuratively Rank One] Horde PvP Guild LF Members Firstly thank you for having a look. With players doing 2s/3s/ BGs daily you wont struggle to find a buddy in our solid pvp comunity which encourages ranked progression. We are the most active pvp guild on Kazzak! We do have a RBG core team so if you would like to apply for that please speak to a officer. We are also in need of another Target caller and RBG leader! To join the guild please /w TØm, Aphrodîte, Masakazu, Tharazon. As they will be able to give you any more info you might be after. Thanks Figuratively Rank OneNuji6 4d
4d [H] Ink - 2/10 M recruiting! Who we are: Ink are a new guild founded a month after the release of legion. We’re a semi-hardcore raiding guild consisting of former hardcore raiders and social newcomers ready to learn. We are currently on Ragnaros! What is expected of raiders? To be prepared in both general and role specific tactics for fights prior to raids. Gem and enchant all gear available. To be continuously motivated to improve and better themselves as a player and member of the team. Raid days: Wednesday, Thursday and Monday (Occasionally carry out alt runs on Sunday) Raid time: 22:00 - 1:00 Realm time Current recruitment needs: Ranged dps: Balance Druid, BM/MM Hunter, Frost/Fire Mage Melee dps: Windwalker Monk Tank: Guardian Druid, Protection Paladin, Brewmaster Monk Healer: Holy Paladin Exceptional players are always considered even if your class isn't listed on our recruitment list! Contacts: [GM] Zime#21104, [Council] Wigglles#2584, Munazaga#2776Rampager1 4d
4d [A]AnV@Frostmane [22-00, 3/week] is looking for you! AnV was formed way back in 2007 (@Dunemaul, guild and all of its members moved to Frostmane in Jan 2013.) and has been running successful 25 man raids ever since (transitioning to 20 man Mythic raiding, obviously). We are a friendly, mature late night raiding guild with a casual approach to progression raiding. We recognize that real life takes precedence over the game and we will do our utmost to cater to individual requirements. We have a good core team but we are always looking to add some skilled players who could bring improvements to our progress raiding. We prioritize a fun and healthy guild atmosphere over pushing for immediate progression. As such, we use our guild forums for scheduling people for the raids and rotate the squad with the intent of everyone having a chance to raid at least once/week. Raiding goals in every content: - Clear Heroic content and hit some Mythic, as far as possible while it's comfortable for all. Raiding time: 22:00 -00:00 Raiding days: Weds, Thu, Mon Progression: NH 1/10 M; EN 5/7 M; ToV 3/3 HC In case you'd like to have a chat before applying feel free to send a request to: Norris#21962, Goneril#2442, Xandina#2394, Velvetgeisha#1124 and/or Snow#23454 ***More on guild itself here: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/13606460652?page=5#post-86 or here: actaguild.orgFeanorris1 4d
4d Fury Warrior 5/10 M ( 907ilvl , 46 traits) As my current guild stopped raiding I am looking for new home here on Kazzak. I am looking for semi-hardcore raiding guild that raids 2-4 times a week( all days except Saturday , hours: 19 30-01 00 ST ) with similar or better progress . Raiding experience: I started playing in TBC , was raiding till mid Cataclysm , then due to RL stuff took a break from WoW and returned in Legion. In Legion: EN 7/7 M , ToV 3/3 H , NH 5/10 M What you will gain: -Mature experienced , dedicated raider -100% everytime ( missed only 2 raids due to Holiday since Legion launch) -Punctual -Prepared and focused on maxing character -Reliable and loyal -Good knowledge of class What I am looking for: -firenldy raiding guild which raids 2-4 times every week -you are serious when it comes to raiding -you have a spot in raiding team -Previous progress -Stable core and guild Link to armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Lewyone/advanced If you have any more questions pls whisper me ingame.Lewyone#2724Lewyone0 4d
5d <Against The Odds> [H] 2 day raiding guild Raidtimes: Wednesday 19:00 - 22:00 Sunday 19:00 - 22:00 Usually alt runs are organized on thursday/friday/saturday but these are 100% optional and full of banter on discord. Current Progress: 3/10 M NH Looking for: We look for good players, not class-specifics. Dual-specs for flexibility is always great. Who are we? Strange bunch of guys mostly in our mid-20s who still somehow enjoys World of Warcraft after 10 years. We are not the best players, nor the most hardcore, but we enjoy raiding and see how far we can push things with limited time. We try to keep the guild compact and the raidteam as small as possible. Therefore close to 100% attendence is preferd. How do I contact you guys? Add battletags: Fingerpin#1548 Isthatadeer#2625 See you in game.Temposlash0 5d
5d Elysian 5/10M - Recruiting Elysian are currently 5 out of 10 in Mythic Nighthold. And obtained 7/7M in Emerald nightmare prior to the opening of the Nighthold We raid 3 days a week - Wednesday, Thursday and Monday. From 21.00 to 24.00 server time. Currently searching for a few ranged dps and a non paladin healer. But all exceptional applications will be considered We use rclootcouncil for loot distribution, with officers voting based on current gear and performance/attendance. If you're looking for a light-hearted but dedicated raiding guild, look no further! If you have any questions feel free to whisper me or any other member in-game and we'll be more than happy to answer them. Go apply at www.elysian-kazzak.enjin.com now or add me on bnet (Rhan#2585) if you have any questions.Rindoh41 5d
5d Tank LF home Hello buds! Just came back to the game after some months break, old guild is pretty dead and im looking for a new home. Obviously im lacking abit of gear and traits, no worries I got alot of time on my hands and playing constantly. Im 25 years old, living in sweden, pref id like a more casual guild to play with. Hc is enough for me. Previous exp in legion is sad enough only EN full hc and 2M before i took a break, but i wont dissapoint in new content! Are you lacking a tank for your guild? well contact me : Thetrojanexe#2230 or Titswithfur ingame Cheers!Titswithfur1 5d
5d [H] [Shock and Awe] 7/7M 3/10M Recruitment We are currently looking for the following: Any exceptional DPS. We are close to having a full roster setup. And are now looking for the last specific classes/spec listed above. Altough every exceptional dps will be considered. About Shock and Awe The guild was officially started just before the release of Legion. Our goal as a guild is to be raiding at higher end raiding. To complete the ongoing raid tiers prior to the next release. And ofcourse, to enjoy eachothers company! What are our goals? Our goals for current and for future expansion is to: - Create a guild with a friendly community amongst all ranks and have a great time together. - Create a serious raiding team with intention to progress in a semi-hardcore way. - Create a raiding team who will finish off the on-going Tiers while they are current. - To have a strong raiding roster, with the progress minded & focused people, who will be able to take down future challenges. Raiding Schedule Monday: 19:30pm - 22:30pm. Wednesday: 19:30pm - 22:30pm. Sunday: 19:30pm - 22:30pm. What are we looking for in a raider? - We require every raider to be able to attend a minimum of 80% of our monthly raids, and expecting players to do all thats possible to attend 100%. When signing for a raid, you are expected to meet up. We are aware of certain situations that will prevent you from meeting up, but only to a certain limit. - Know your class completely, as we don't want to teach. Being up to date with the latest theorycrafting for your class is crucial. We need our raiders to aim for perfection. - As a raider you must be able to adapt to mechanics and tactics in a fairly fast way, we wont bother to keep wiping during progression due to continuesly misunderstandings or lack of ability. - Learn from your mistakes and use it to improve yourself. - You will be asked to speak up on Discord, for when a specific situation happens, and we do require you to actually speak up. - We have low tolerence with causing drama, and we hit hard on people creating it and it can result in a guild kick. Everybody has their personal opinion about everything, but either you keep it to yourself, or inform the Guild Master or an Officer about it. - Raiding is teamplay, if you only think about yourself do not expect to stay in Shock and Awe. The team comes before any individual. Contacting us If you want more information about Shock and Awe, feel free to add Battletag: Avidima#2450 or contact any officer ingame Or, head directly to our website http://saa.shivtr.red to drop an application.Celés15 5d
5d 5 Friends Looking For Raiding Guild! Hello all! we are a 5 friends that consist of : Frost DK, Prot Paly with OS Heal, Destro/Affli lock, Fury War, and Resto Druid with OS Boomk. Current Progress 10/10 HC NH, 3/3HC ToV, 7/7 HC EN, and 7/7 Myth EN We were all maxed on traits and now most of us sit between 42-44 traits. Reason for leaving current guild : We are the core raiding team and officers/GM of guild, however due to low attendance/interest of other players and workload we decided to join another raiding guild and be raiders. We also want to progress and attempt mythic bosses. What we are after : A 2 night raiding guild that adds maybe another day for progress week of new content. Preferably not raiding weekends since our attendance will be low in Sat/Sun. Anything after 8 ST mon-frid will be amazing. What we offer : Geared players that ALWAYS come prepared with flask food runes pots etc. Simulation craft knowledge and perfect understanding of our classes and off specs. Knowledge of tactics before new and current content. Friendly guys that love this game too much. We are all over 900ilvl with leges for all scenarios. Some of us also have geared alts with ilvl fluctuating between 885-895 (DH veng/havoc, Heal/Feral Drood, Prot/Retro Paly) What we ask for : Spot for all of us in raiding team, since we play this game together and like to play with each other (no pun intended) Not looking for a hardcore environment that has to raid more than 2-3 days a week, and not longer than 4 hours raiding. Also full clear of mythic content is not of interest due to our real life obligations. We are all mature grown ups with hectic work schedule and families. My logs : https://www.warcraftlogs.com/rankings/character/18983619/latest in my logs you can find all my other friends as well but they will link their logs as well in a reply. Thank you for your time! Pwnage13#2573 is my ID, add if u want to w in game or w Alcapwnage-Kazzak Hellio-Kazzak Vreygor-Kazzak Moseskotane-Kazzak Zivalio-KazzakAlcapwnage5 5d
5d [H] Colei 3/10 M Need DPS for Mythic Progress WHO ARE WE? ---------------------------------------------- <Colei> 3/10M - A guild made up of ex hardcore raiders looking to establish a more stable core roster to progress in Mythic NH and be ready to hit the ground running once ToS launches. HOW DO WE DO THINGS? ---------------------------------------------- The guild is lead by a Guild Master together with a team of Officers. These share responsibilities like raid leading, recruitment etc. and work together in a very democratical fashion, towards what is believed to be the best for the guild's raid team and its progression. New recruits will be trialed until a promotion or demotion is decided on. All of our raids will be logged and analyzed afterwards. This information will be used and taken into consideration. Should you be interested in applying to join us but prefer to do the whole application process over voice, that's fine too. WHAT'S OUR GOAL? ---------------------------------------------- Our goal is to obtain and maintain a steady progression through the Mythic Mode difficulty in Legion raids. We want to create a fun, comfortable and enjoyable raiding environment where progression is still the main focus. A team with fun people who can put their serious face on whenever this is required of them. WHO ARE WE LOOKING FOR? ---------------------------------------------- We want players who are serious about raiding, players who know what they're doing and why they do it, players who communicate and work together with their team. You need to be in control of when you sit down and play and you need to be able to attend to our schedule without showing up late, showing up unprepared or missing raids. Ranged: - Boomkin - Ele Sham Melee: - Rogue All classes and exceptional applications will be considered. WHAT'S OUR SCHEDULE? ---------------------------------------------- We raid Wednesday & Sunday @ 20:00 - 00:00 Kazzak Server Time (CET - Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm). If you are interested please apply online @http://colei.shivtr.com/, comment on this post or /w Swagkage, Nagató or Doc for more informationSwagkage10 5d
5d [H] <Peon> 5/10M Rekryterar skandinaviska spelare Peon rekryterar för fortsatt progress i mythic raiding (5/10M, 7/7M cutting edge samt 2/3M). Peon är en semi-casual guild som söker spelare för forsatt progress i nuvarande content, och för framtida raids. Vi raidar tre dagar i veckan och en av dessa är en farm raid vilket är en valfri. Med semi-casual menar vi enbart att vi raidar få dagar i veckan, men utöver det så lutar det mer åt hardcore hållet. Vi är ett gäng som spelat väldigt länge tillsammans på olika håll i olika grupper, med det utgör vi en bra grundpelare för guilden. Det flesta utav oss har också spelat väldigt länge individuellt och har en hardcore raid bakgrund som sträcker sig ända bak till 2005. Vi är väldigt mån om att göra så bra ifrån oss som möjligt under våra två progress kvällar, då vi inte avsätter mer dagar pågrund av det liv vi har utanför spelet. Detta betyder dock inte att vi inte sätter ribban högt, utan vi vill klara av så mycket som förmågan tillåter oss. Vi kommer pålästa inför varje raid, förberedda med det vi kan och gör vad vi kan för utveckla våra karaktärer utanför raid. Raidtider: Onsdag farmraid 19:30 och fram tills vi är klara, ca 1 till 2 timmar. Torsdag progress 19:30 – 22:30 Söndag progress 19:00 – 22:00 Vi kan erbjuda en seriös och fokuserad raiding miljö utan någon drama som siktar högt. Ett socialt och vänligt gäng som bidrar till en bra atmosfär samt en aktiv guild utanför raidtider. Vi söker Dig som naturligtvis dyker upp till våra raids, försöker göra ditt bästa för att bära din egna vikt i progress, läser på om din klass och försöker förbättra dig så gott det går. Du har tidigare raiding erfarenhet och en mogen personlighet. Avslutningsvis och det uppenbara att du kan kommunicera på det svenska språket. För tillfället söker vi ytterligare 1 eller 2 DPS/Healer för fortsatt progress att knyta ihop säcken med. Du ska ha minst 900 item level och minst 42 traits i vapnet. Vi söker alltid kvalitativa spelare. För apply http://peon.enjin.com/ eller kontakta Wolthura#2290 alt. Basron#2226 för frågor.Dreamsi2 5d
6d Ret Pally 903 eq LF Raiding guild Current progress 10/10 HC NH, 6/7EN Mythic. 43 Traits. Raiding Times doesn't matter. Looking for mature raiding guild, with good atmosphere.28 years old. If you have more questions just pm. Or add Martynas#2121Nympuke2 6d
6d [H] Selling Mythic + up to Level 20 Our team has experience selling thousands of Gold Challenge Modes between Mist of Pandaria and Draenor.,already done over 2000 Cm's in "Pandaria" and more than 1500 Cm's in "Draenor" including server firsts. Receive your rewards running with players of top calibur without being discouraged or stressed about your participation Completing Mythic +7-10 awards you with: -865 - 925 gear for your character depends on lvl of key -Chance for legendary item -Artifact power -At the start of next week you will be able to loot your class hall chest for a piece of 905+ gear. (After 7.2 up the item level of the reward from the weekly chest has gone up to905+ and a 10+ run is required for attaining the max loot, 18+ and and 19+ dungs will yeild higher item level than 895 as well,at 5 item levels per difficulty level) -[Keystone Master] Achievement BONUS -you will receive every piece of loot that we don't need in this run, through the new system you can trade same or lower iLvl to any player in your group Whats expected of you: Literally nothing but the gold and yourself and a key If you don't have key we can provide one just let us know what lvl you need. We accept all realm gold, we boost all dungeons. Have a dps spec and hit a few buttons your dps doesn't matter much at all. How much does it cost / How can I contact you? Pricing is to be discussed with us directly due to the competitive nature of key lvl and your activity ,contact me if you're interested in a run and i'll give you a price. We accept all realm gold almost all Skype ; sajad.eslahi@live.com Whisper In-game : Supernova Icefury Battle Tag super#2686 Assa30nam#2372 icefury#21254Supernova51 6d
6d [H] Speedwagon looking for raiders for NH progression <Speedwagon> is a casual raiding guild that is looking for dedicated players to raid with us. We are currently 10/10 HC and progressing through mythic Nighthold (2/10). Raid days are wen/sun 20:00-23:00. We are in need RDPSers shaman/hunter but all classes will be considered. If you're interested, want to know more and/or have any questions, feel free to whisper me ingame (BattleTag: TheKing#1797) or contact an officer from the guild. Best regards, Ceriz on behalf of <Speedwagon>Ceriz3 6d
6d Looking for a guild Hey all. I have moved here and i'm looking for a guild. I whould like to have a guild that are nice and freindly meture and understandable. I like to do PvE and some PvP. PvP like: Rbg, arena and so on. i have done EN HC, ToV HC 1 of 3 and NH HC 7 of 10. my armory: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Keryla/advanced i have a warlock i play too and im at NH HC 9 of 10 so look at her too to get the full exp i get, thanks: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/argent-dawn/Trinali/advanced you can contact me ingame, but its easier to add me Bnet for i still play on my alliance warlock aswell, Bnet: DokuroChan#2240 have a good day, and hope to see to you in game:)Keryla2 6d
6d Guardian druid LF raiding guild Hello! This is me: My name is Nerini, a Guardian druid with a resto/balance off spec, and I am looking for a stable and established raiding guild :) I am a 29 year old fermale from Holland. Been playing WoW since the end of TBC, and it was not long until I fell in love with healing. Then I noticed tanking and the responsibility that comes with it, and I was convinced that this was the right role for me. No dmg/healing meter competition and only 1 other person to talk to about tacts and when (on how many stacks of a certain debuff to) to taunt on :p My characters: -Nerini: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/draenor/Nerini/advanced Item level equipped: 906 Guardian: 54 traits 6 legendaries Resto: 54 traits - no legendaries Balance: 36 traits - no legendaries -Tillie: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Tillie/advanced Item level equipped: 877 Protection: 28 traits - 1 legendary Holy: 23 traits - 1 legendary My experience: Let's keep it to recent experience. -Siege of Orgrimmar: 13/14 mythic (old heroic) pre-WoD. -Highmaul: 3/7 mythic -Blackrock Foundry: 9/10 mythic -Hellfire Citadel: 13/13 mythic -Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 mythic -Trial of Valor: 2/3 mythic -The Nighthold: 4/10 mythic (6/10 exp) My search: What I am looking for is a (semi) hardcore raiding guild with preferably times between 20:00 and 23:30 and around the same progress I have (pref more) :) I am quite flexible when it comes to raid days, though would love to keep the weekends free! And last but not least, I would want a guild that has high mythic goals, preferably a guild that won't fall apart when I get in :p The reason I am looking for a new guild is because my guild stopped raiding until ToS. My goals: I would love to finish NH on mythic and make a good start in ToS :) Aside from that, I would like to find nice people again to socialize with and do all sort of activities, mainly M+ (I love pushing keys). I have alts that I would be able to get ready for possible split runs. Hope to hear from you soon! :) Nerini (starbuck#21734)Nerini5 6d