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3h [H] Equanimity - Looking for Raiders 2/dw *** ABOUT US *** Equanimity is a twice a week high end PvE guild designed for dedicated and mature raiders to progress through Legion raid content with current progress at 6/9HC ToS, 9/10M NH, 2/3M ToV We wish to perform at a high level and clear all content without exhausting raid times while on a relaxed and friendly raiding environment. Always recruiting exceptional players. What we're looking for from you, You're a grown-up (or at least act like one most of the time). You have TeamSpeak 3 installed and can communicate in English. You have a stable ISP and a computer that can handle 20 man raids. You have exceptional knowledge of your class and game mechanics. You take raiding seriously and PvE progress is your primary goal. You have good current and previous raiding experience. Application Process If you are interested please contact Leelos#2142, Revanthas#2277, Obié#2703, Chris#210429, Adrian#24144. If none are available then feel free to contact another member of the guild. Raid times are 19.00pm-22.30pm (Server Time) Wednesday, Sunday. Guild website: Website: http://equanimity-kazzak.enjin.com/Pigot11 3h
17h [H] Lucid 10/10M, Recruiting for ToS. About Us Lucid is a newly formed guild on Kazzak, Founded 01-05-17. Our core consists of heavily experienced and seasoned raiders from a variety of backgrounds. We are former hardcore raiders that wish to raid with a more relaxed environment and schedule, whilst maintaining the standards of a conventional hardcore guild. We are primarily English speaking. Our raiders are generally very active outside of raiding hours, either completing in-game content or socialising amongst our other members, so being able to communicate is a must! Lucid has been formed for Mythic Tomb of Sargeras progression, however we will be clearing Mythic Nighthold content as the roster is built. With 9/10M experienced leadership and core raiders, this is to be expected. Requirements - Be consistent, reliable and motivated. A positive attitude goes a long way, this is important when progressing raid content. - Maintain your character to a high standard. This includes artifact traits, gearing efficiently and keeping up-to-date with class changes. - Bring knowledge of relevant raid encounters. We expect players to have researched each encounter extensively before attending raids. - Be able to communicate. Communication is an integral part of progression. You must have a working microphone and be comfortable with using your voice. Schedule Wednesday: 19:30 - 23:30 Thursday: 19:30 - 23:30 Sunday: 19:30 - 23:30 Applying to the Guild Currently we focus on the use of an interview process to assess applicants. Other than this, there is no prior application. If you have any questions, or you are interested in applying to our guild - then please feel free to contact one of our Officers ingame or add Grene13#2981, Rath#21763. Even if your class is not listed, we will consinder every class. Thanks - RathRathenau5 17h
17h [SWE] [H] <Lika Barn Leka Bäst> rekryterar! <Lika Barn Leka Bäst> är ett svenskt gaming community som nu rekryterar för vår WoW guild här på Kazzak. Vi vill få ihop ett stabilt, trevligt core som kan börja raida inom snar framtid, Torsdag & Söndag @ 19:00 - 22:00. Adda mig vid intresse; Plebster#21739 Eller hoppa in på vår community Discord; https://discord.gg/BvY3T2u Tjululu! - LajjanAegyth0 17h
18h More chilled than your freezer? Join <The Disadvantage> TL&DR: Hello! We at <The Disadvantage> are looking to expand our roster for Tomb of Sargeras! Our goal is to make a nice community while also having a core group of raiders who primarily wish to clear Heroic raid content. While experienced veterans are most welcome, our doors are open to newer or returning players as long as they have the will and patience to learn and improve! Members are expected to perform adequately to the content they wish to do. Raiding Info We have cleared Nighthold on both, Normal and Heroic and are farming them at the moment. As soon as Tomb opens, we plan to start Normal progress. Our raid nights take place on Thursday and Sunday from 19.00 to 22.00 PM server time. Additionally, there might be more raids if members wish so. None of them are mandatory though. On top of that, members usually do self-organized M+ (or sometimes there are M+ evenings). Recruitment Currently, we are recruiting all roles to get some fresh blood. We require you to be geared for upcoming raiding content (+/- 890ilvl) or to catch up individually as we cannot guarantee boosts (even though we will likely help). To apply either leave a comment here and we'll contact you or message Sarchristic (Sawien), Brainzz (Frankenbill) or Mooneater (Lunareclipse) ingame! In case you wish to learn more about us: The general thought behind <The Disadvantage> is to provide a common ground for mature, open minded players who are willing to help others, share their joy/wisdom and who can do so in a relaxed manner. What we seek is to enjoy the time spent with others, to educate rather than to blame. We are building a community rather than a raid group. That being said, we are not carrying people; members are expected to be performing well enough for content they seek to do. The requirements for new recruits are very simple. First, we seek active players, not an alt who will log on once a month (no worries, we can accommodate all your alts). Second, we want folk who wish to work on their toon - improve and progress through content. Hand in hand with this goes active participation in events. And if you are even willing to initiate a thing or two, even better! You don't need to know everything or be super geared when you join us. We are happy to explain a lot of things as long as you stick with us and play! Last but far from least, we want people with positive attitude; elitists and go-go players tend to leave us early. To shed a little bit more light on non-raiding activities - we do mythic+ dungeons of all levels, be it smaller with more chests, or really tough ones. Some of us are Keystone Masters and have Challenging Look if that's your cup of tea. Others also enjoy occasional PvP in form of arenas or random Bgs. Whatever your heart desires!Sarchristic7 18h
1d Looking for early time raiding guild Hey guys! I'm really eager to join a raiding guild but my problem is that most guilds do not fit my time schedule! due to my job limiting my time I cant play past 7:00 pm. but most guilds start +7:00 pm so I cant join any of them. after long days of spamming in general and trade chats I never found any guild with early hours of raiding. so this made me think I need to open a forum topic. so what I want now is a progressive pve guild with early raid time schedule! by early I mean morning, noon or early afternoon (1:00 pm to 5:00 pm is ideal). although I know this kind of guild is very rare and odd but I'm trying my last way of finding one! I really appreciate anyone who already in such a guild or know any to tell me what to do! I suppose some of those guilds may exist! thanks everyone reading this. TL;DR: I'm looking for early raid time guild that raids during evening and ends the raid time by 7:00 pmRezydruid2 1d
1d - -Rajuba0 1d
1d [H] Selling Any Mythic +& Raids Boost Include NH Mythic We have a Very Exprienced Team in Kazzak (Dìsconnect Guild) doing over 1.2k Mythic+ in time and a very good Background boost since MoP and WoD . Mythic + Completing Mythic + 2 - 20 awards you with: -865 - 925 gear for your character depends on lvl of key -Chance for legendary item -Artifact power -At the start of next week you will be able to loot your class hall chest for a piece of 905+ gear. -[Keystone Master] Achievement Raids - Emerald Nightmare Mythic 7/7 - Trial of Valor Mythic 3/3 - NIghthold Hc 10/10 - We also sell Nighthold Mythic Boosts , Loot and prices will be discussed with us . Whats expected of you: Literally nothing but the gold and yourself and a key If you don't have key we can provide one just let us know what lvl you need. We accept all realm gold. Have a dps spec and hit a few buttons your dps doesn't matter much at all. How much does it cost / How can I contact you? Pricing is to be discussed with us directly due to the competitive nature of key lvl and your activity We accept almost all realms gold. Price for Xrealms is usualy higher than kazzak . Skype ; omid.lasthope Whisper In-game : Mêrciless Lasthopê Artìst Battle Tag lasthope#2805 merciless#2565 Artist#2273Kràtós117 1d
1d [H] <LUNA WOLVES> 8/10M Luna Wolves is an established, experienced guild which has been active in the PvE community for around the past 4 years. We have a very relaxed and friendly atmosphere and enjoy playing together outside of raiding, doing Mythic+, Mog runs etc as well as being socially active on voice comms (Discord). Our main roster is currently full, but we are always happy to accept fun, social members to join in with us outside of Core raids! You will need a sense of humour to join this guild as there is a LOT of banter. If you're easily offended, this guild probably isn't for you, hence we only recruit members aged 18+. If you are interested, please contact Xsadia(Xsadia#2165) Thanks! :)Xsadia4 1d
1d <Fallen Kings> recruiting. Hello everyone! We are Fallen Kings on the Kazzak server recruiting raiders to join our ranks for NH and TOS. As a guild we are currently 10/10 HC NH and 2/10 mythic. Our main focus is HEROIC, but that does not mean we wont try mythic bosses in either NH or TOS. We use discord for not just raids, but also M+, random wow stuff or even other games. For lootdistribution we use RClootcouncil. Raid days are wednesday and sunday from 19:45-23:00 server time. Right now we are looking for people that are 895 ilvl or more. Preferably we would like; ANY ranged dps(pref balance druid/mage). If your class/spec is not listed above, dont hestitate to contact me anyway. If you have any questions, feel free to add me ingame or on realID: Syoss#2324. Socials are welcome to join us. Hope to hear from you guys. Kind regards, Fallen KingsEbbiwarrior45 1d
1d 900 Fury warr with 49 traits LF HC/Mythic guild About me: My name's Calle and im 17 years old. I'm a fun and social person Current proggres: Been raiding since MoP, only played LFR tho to learn the basics of raiding. I've got 7/7 N HM, 6/7 HC HM, 4/10 BRF, 4/13 N HFCand curve on HFC (wasen't really intrested in the pve in WoD so was more sticking to the PvP) In legion i've got 7/7 HC EN and 6/7 M (didn't get curve since i went on holiday and when i was back cutting was gone), Tov 3/3 HC, 3/3 M, 10/10 NH HC. Me as a raider: I'm a really patient person and i wont give up until we've finished the damn raid. I take advices from others and do the same to others if i feel to do it and if they really need it. What my in wow is: Get as far as possible in raiding, try to get as good gear as possible with the right stats which is Haste and mastery for Fury warrior at the moment.Zlizee0 1d
1d [H] Brothers in Arms - 7/7M, 3/3M, 10/10M (Emeriss) Recruitment is currently open for all classes. <Brothers in Arms> is Bulgarian PvE guild established in October 2006. So far in Legion we are 7/7M, 3/3M and finished 10/10M in Nighthold as well. We are currently recruiting Bulgarian players for Tomb of Sargeras. Raid Days: Monday: 20:00-23:00 (ST) Wednesday: 20:00-23:00 (ST) Thursday: 20:00-23:00 (ST) Sunday: 20:00-23:00 (ST) Requirements: - Over 18 - Can communicate in Bulgarian - Discord/TS + microphone - 60% attendance - Former raiding experience is highly desirable We advise you to take your time in writing your application. Remember that first impression lasts. Make sure you have read the rules and policy of Brothers in Arms before you make your application. What we can offer: - A stable guild that has been raiding for 11+ years - Competitive progress with 4 raids per week - Fair leadership - no A or B teams, we don't recruit for the bench - Experienced guild management and raid leading What we are expecting from you: - Coming prepared with consumables and knowledge of the bosses you are about to face - High Motivation during progress and farm raids - Know your class and min-max your character - A "team first" attitude Attitude and commitment are the most important. We do not want people who just log on to farm raids to get loot and then disappear for progression nights! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- To post an application, register to our forums at bia-emeriss.com. You can also roll an alt on our server and contact Daten (Daten#2257), through bnet.Daten2 1d
1d [H] [SWE] <Lika Barn Leka Bäst> recruiting! När hade du som roligast i WoW? Personligen var det när jag hade ett gäng riktigt trevliga människor jag spelade tillsammans med, i en svensktalande guild, på Kazzak i Cataclysm. Själva expansionet spelade inte så stor roll - Cataclysm hade sina ups and downs, precis som alla andra expansions. Det var snarare känslan av tillhörighet och den trevliga atmosfären som skapades, när någon alltid satt i voice chat när man loggade in, och man bara kunde hoppa in och hojta. Jag saknar verkligen den tiden. Jag har spelat i flera år sedan dess men aldrig upplevt samma sociala umgänge. Därför har jag skapat <Lika Barn Leka Bäst>, ett svensktalande gaming community skapat i just detta syfte! Vi håller till och hänger på en Discord-server och vårt första steg blev att skapa en guild i WoW på servern Kazzak. Så småningom, när vi har folk för det, kommer vi att dra igång med raids och andra aktiviteter, mestadels PVE men även lite PVP om intresset finns bland våra members. (Raids planeras ligga på Måndag & Torsdag @ 19:00 - 23:00). Är du intresserad av att joina eller har frågor dykt upp när du läst detta? Kommentera gärna inlägget eller adda Plebster#21739 så kan vi snacka lite där om du vill. :)Aegyth2 1d
1d < Shock and Awe > 7/7M 2/3M 8/10M Recruitment We are currently recruiting any exceptional dps to strengthen our raid team for ToS. About Shock and Awe The guild was officially started just before the release of Legion. Our goal as a guild is to be raiding at higher end raiding. To complete the ongoing raid tiers prior to the next release. And ofcourse, to enjoy eachothers company! What are our goals? Our goals for current and for future expansion is to: - Create a guild with a friendly community amongst all ranks and have a great time together. - Create a serious raiding team with intention to progress in a semi-hardcore way. - Create a raiding team who will finish off the on-going Tiers while they are current. - To have a strong raiding roster, with the progress minded & focused people, who will be able to take down future challenges. Raiding Schedule Tuesday: 19:30pm - 22:30pm. Wednesday: 19:30pm - 22:30pm. Sunday: 19:30pm - 22:30pm. What are we looking for in a raider? - We require every raider to be able to attend a minimum of 80% of our monthly raids, and expecting players to do all thats possible to attend 100%. When signing for a raid, you are expected to meet up. We are aware of certain situations that will prevent you from meeting up, but only to a certain limit. - Know your class completely, as we don't want to teach. Being up to date with the latest theorycrafting for your class is crucial. We need our raiders to aim for perfection. - As a raider you must be able to adapt to mechanics and tactics in a fairly fast way, we wont bother to keep wiping during progression due to continuesly misunderstandings or lack of ability. - Learn from your mistakes and use it to improve yourself. - You will be asked to speak up on Discord, for when a specific situation happens, and we do require you to actually speak up. - We have low tolerence with causing drama, and we hit hard on people creating it and it can result in a guild kick. Everybody has their personal opinion about everything, but either you keep it to yourself, or inform the Guild Master or an Officer about it. - Raiding is teamplay, if you only think about yourself do not expect to stay in Shock and Awe. The team comes before any individual. Contacting us If you want more information about Shock and Awe, feel free to add Battletag: Avidima#2450 or contact any officer ingame Or, head directly to our website http://saa.enjin.com to drop an application.Celés33 1d
1d 893/895 looking for raiding guild. I have been 2 guilds this expansion which was Reign and some guild i dont remember. I got curve but not cutting since i went on holiday to Maldives the last weeks. So i got 5/7 Mythic. After i came home from my holiday i took a brake from wow, but im back on track once again. Started playing for 1 week ago and i have already got 8/10 HC(with pugs). I was also raiding in MoP and WoD, but i dont remember any experince more than i got Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry normal. I'm a guy that won't give up so easily. I really like raiding and i have always loved the proggressing and experince with other people. I like to challange myself, by aiming for the best result like coming so far as i can in mythic raiding and the best stats and ilvl.Zlizee2 1d
1d Frost DK looking for normal/HC raiding guild Hey I am looking for a friendly raiding guild on kazzak to progress through ToS i play most evenings around 20:30st would like a guild with a raid start around then or later. i haven't raided in a guild environment since January previous exp 7/7 HC EN 5/1/17 2/3 HC ToV 10/10 N NH most recent just in a pug MS 901 Frost - 48 traits - 40 AK OS 901 Unholy - 41 traits I enjoy PvP will mess about in arena and bgs most nightsDeathó2 1d
1d Selling any Mythic + boost We are an experienced international boosting team with over 1k Mythic + boost. Mythic + Completing Mythic +10-15 awards you with: -865 - 925 gear for your character depends on lvl of key -Chance for legendary item -Artifact power -At the start of next week you will be able to loot your class hall chest for a piece of 905+ gear. -[Keystone Master] Achievement we also boost higher mythic+ for score and higher AP reward Karazhan Full normal mythic run including time run for mount BONUS -you will receive every piece of loot that we don't need in this run, through the new system you can trade same or lower iLvl to any player in your group Whats expected of you: Nothing but the gold and your presence in dungeon. How much does it cost / How can I contact you? Pricing is to be discussed with us directly due to the competitive nature of key lvl and realm you are on, mentioning that we accept gold on all eu realms. How to contact us: Skype: blood_2444 schumi3891 yaneza. (recommended for germans) darkmasacre Ingame whisper: axestolen-kazzak unforrgiven-kazzak Ártemìs-TwistingNether niamii-blackhand (recommended for germans) eledriwe-twisting nether Btag axe#2444 schumi#1768 niath#21243 themassacre#2780Axestolen6 1d
2d Superbia looking for tank for Tomb and beyond! Superbia er et dansk 2dags mythic raiding guild (10/10M). Vi ligger pt placeret som flg: 2. bedste Danske guild. 1. plads af 2. dags Danske guilds. Vi søger et par stærke Danske spillere, til at styrke vores core-roster! I særdeleshed en erfaren tank til et fast raidspot på raidholdet. Hvad ønsker vi fra dig? For det første kræver vi brug af dansk i både skriftlige og verbale former, da vi raider på dansk. At kende din class, din rolle, og din funktion på hver encounter vi kæmper i mod. Samtidig er modenhed et must. Tidligere erfaring i PvE er også påkrævet, helst akkumuleret i flere high-end raiding tilfælde. Vi kræver maksimal indsats lagt i din karakter, såsom reputation med de korrekte faktions og brug af ordentlige enchants og gems, flask, pots osv. Vores mål er at blive en af de bedste danske raiding guilds - og en af de bedste 2day/week raiding guilds i verden - hvis du på forhånd ved, at du ikke har niveauet til det, kan du ligeså godt spare din apply - ellers er vi altid imødekommende overfor applies og alle exceptionelle applies vil blive taget i betragtning, også selvom du måske spiller en class, vi ikke pt har mangel på. Naturlig/positiv konkurrence er godt for de fleste elementer ift raiding, og derfor sørger vi også for at holde vores raidere "I ilden", så man ikke hviler på laurbærene, med et 120% sikkert raidspot. Som noget sidste, forlanger vi 90% attendance fra alle vores raidere. Vi operere med en tight roster, for at give mest muligt spilletid til alle, på de 2 dage/ugen vi raider og derfor er det også vigtigt, at du prioritere din tid omkring at kunne være med til raiding hver gang. Selvfølgelig kan der komme IRL i vejen, og det er vi 110% overbærende med, men herudover, ser vi gerne at du prioritere således, at du næsten altid kan deltage i raids. Overordnet set, når det kommer til din class og spillet, forventer vi at: 1. Din class er tuned 2tm + du er 120% inde i alt omkring denne. 2. Dit spil (adaption/optimering/evnen til at se frem og sætte ting i perspektiv i en kamp - ligeledes tage imod input og tilpasse disse i dit spil, alt imens du til stadighed optimere andre punkter. 3. Din evne til at deltage på et hold; og i det hele taget socialt. Dette er noget vi vægter rigtigt højt i Superbia. Passer du ikke ind og/eller falder udenfor vores øvrige cores normer, vil du nok ikke finde dig til rette i guilden. 4. Du er ikke bleg for at modtage kritik (det sker for alle, men vil altid være konstruktiv kritik!) 5. Vi forventer du er MEGET komfortable med at din role. VI har ikke plads til en oplæring eller gearing op periode. Legion er på trapperne om 2-3 uger, og vi kører på med fuld skrald, fra day 1. Er du ikke up to date omkring spillet, din class og i første omgang alle de forskellige heroic bosser (herefter mythic), ser vi hellere du lader være med at smide en apply. Vi er nød til at være på samme niveau allesammen, og de folk vi allerede har i core-rosteren, er altid up2date! Addons: forventer vi at raiders og trials har downloadet Bigwigs/DBM, Exorsus, RClootcouncil og Weak Aura, Angry assignment. - Til fordeling af loot bruger vi RClootcouncil så vi officere kan beslutte hvem vi syntes der for det første performer bedst, men også hvem der overall får den største upgrade ud af et givent stykke loot. Classes/roles vi søger pt: Tank - class er ligemeget. Melee - gerne monk, warr, DK eller ret Palla. Ranged - gerne ele sham, boomer, mage. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vi raider Man/Tir 19-23! /w Hasufer, Alduin, SevaerX eller Balolski ingame for en chat og mere info! Hjemmeside: Superbia-eu.com Wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/kazzak/SuperbiaHasufer0 2d
2d [H] Edge of Sanity - 1-Day - Ex-Progressraiders Do you want to raid on a really high standard, even though on one day? Are you an exceptional player, but only want to play seriously casual? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We are recruiting for 7.2.5! - Looking for: Any exceptional dps/healer ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ We raid 19:00 - 23:00 on Wednesdays. The majority of us is residing in Germany, but our main language in raids will be English. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Edge of Sanity is a ambitious and motivated community by former top players. Our goal is to create a 1-day raiding group with as much success as possible with the least amount of time. The most of us raided hardcore in the past, but with Legion we wanted to take a step back. After forming families and working in real-life, we figured we still want to raid, but in a more casual way. That’s why we want to establish a very strong group, so that we can manage to clear heroic in one day, and progress mythic after that. We have no intention to raid hardcore again, but as we still have the ambition to raid on a high performance, we are looking for likeminded people. What do we need? We are searching for people who have mastered their class and are able to adapt fast, progress experience is helpful. We want to do the most we can in our short time playing the game weekly and we expect the same from you! We are looking for players, who have the same mindset as us, on a game basis, but also on a personal basis. You are playing for the team! Always keep that in mind. What can we offer? Overall we are very ambitious players, in our ranks are ex-raiders from top guilds, gladiators etc. Although we have high expectations, we are not as snooty as you might think. We are equally serious and chill in raids. In addition to performing on a high standard, we also dislike drama and care for each other. Showing a helpful attitude is something we value highly. No one will get kicked after a few mistakes. You just have to have the same mindset as we do. If you just wanna hang, play some pvp or do some mythic+ dungeons, we are the right call as well. As many of us are real-life friends, you can expect lots of laughter and trolling outside of raids. If you are someone, who can’t take jokes, we are probably not the right choice for you. All in all you could call us a pleasant-natured group. If you are interested come and get to know us yourselves. We are excited to hear from you! The best part is that we don’t have a requirement for attendance. It means that if you don’t feel like it, you don’t have to play. Still attendance helps for becoming a core-member. If you have any questions please feel free to aim them at any member of our raid team and they'll be more than happy to assist you. Contact Ingame: Azzin#2183, Nookii#2887, Tilman#2787, Praey#2363 Discord: https://discord.gg/CG22aH5 E-Mail: Xeon-@gmx.netSunscar2 2d
2d (A) Sakaru's Nemesis Boosting (A) Hello everyone! I am boosting people through the Nemesis Quest lines situated within the Gladiators Sanctum inside of your garrisons. I can boost you to receive the preliminary quest item (E.g. Pandaren Heart) alongside with the 500 required kills in the follow up quest. Individual race boosts can begin at any agreed time, however full boost runs involving all races start at 20.30 Server Time. I am selling for Alliance players to kill Horde races for the Warlords of Draenor related achievements and questlines. I am charging 20k (20,000) gold per person per race. - Alternatively should you wish to buy ALL seven races, we will discount the final race so you only pay 120k (120,000) gold - One race comes free! Note, I accept gold on both Alliance AND Horde side, and I am willing to knock 10% off the cost of your boost if paid on HORDE side, this is regardless of however many races are bought - it is a flat % discount. [/b] NOTE: ALL payments must be made on Kazzak EU realm. I am currently selling ALL Horde races, these include: Horde Orcs ----> Trolls ----> Tauren -----> Undead -----> Blood Elves -----> Goblin ----> Pandaren This is also our kill orders on the FULL boost runs. Add and speak to me in-game if you need multiple races but have chosen the wrong race in line with our kill order - there may be a solution! Or, scroll down to our FAQ. Also, check out mine and my old friends Nemesis Boosting forum topic from when we played on Tarren Mill, alongside all the feedback from other players: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17610531464 Add my battle-tag below for further details - alternatively reply to this thread for any queries. Sakaru#2690 Leave the technical business to me. Contact us, set a date, and be on time, and expect swift and professional boosting. With a full group of 5 (so the multiplier is 5, it takes on average 20-30 minutes per race) FAQ: Q: What is the Nemesis questlines and achievement? A: Please see the below links: http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=9738/warlord-of-draenor http://www.wowhead.com/achievement=9508/warlord-of-draenor These are questlines obtained from your Level 2 Gladiators Sanctum in your Garrison. They require you to collect the heart of a specific race, turn in the quest, to receive a follow up requiring 500 kills to the specific race. Q: How long does the boost take? A: For one Nemesis quest, it will take around 20-30 minutes depending on technical issues. We ask for players who are buying all races, or multiple, to set aside around 3.5 to 5 hours AT MINIMUM for us to complete this on time. This can be affected by slow payments, being paid race by race, drop outs, or late comers, or even phasing issues! Q: I need all races, but I am on a different Nemesis quest than the race you begin with, what can I do? A: If this is the case, please have an alt levelled, with a Level 2 Gladiators Sanctum, and reach the questline to burn an effigy. Please choose it in our kill order. Unfortunately there is no way for a player to dismiss a Nemesis Questline on a character that has already burnt an effigy, so choose carefully! Please speak to us in-game if you have chosen a race not in line with our order - there is always a work around! Q: I am on a different realm to yourselves, how do I go about paying for this boost? A: Though we can boost characters on another realm, we cannot accept gold from any realm. It is strictly Kazzak EUSakaru1 2d
2d [H] Tank 7/10M (All Classes 900+) LF raiding guild Hey, So a bit of background, I've raided with Defiance Gaming on Kazzak since January this year or so, our progression is 7/10M (Star-Eli-Gul'dan not downed) and looking to find a new guild. Just want to move on because we are 3 tanks in the guild now since April/May and there's not room for all 3, and I don't really want to roll DPS. I have every tank class at 900+ ilvl, this druid is my main tank and has been since I started raiding with my current guild, so he's the best geared one and the one I'm most comfortable with, armory is showing feral spec but equipped ilvl is 911. I can bring any tank class, though my preference would be Druid > DH/DK > Paladin/Warrior/Monk Here are 2 armories to give you an idea, contact me if interested for rest: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/kazzak/thr%C3%A1wn https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/kazzak/than%C3%A2tos I'm looking for a 2-3 day raiding guild with similar progress and a nice atmosphere. Zayne#2678 if interested, or reply here, or if I'm not answering ingame just add me on Discord Adrian | Thrawn#3877 (userID 278184158424072193) Hopefully this looks interesting to some of you recruiters :)Thráwn0 2d
2d <Innominatum>[H] Selling Nighthold Heroic Boost Hey Kazzak <Innominatum> is the highest ranked 3 day raiding guild in the world with 7/7 in EN Mythic, 3/3 in ToV Mythic and 10/10 in NH Mythic. As a guild we've been selling raid + loot boosts for over 3 years, with thousands of satisfied customers. What we have to offer right now is: Nighthold Heroic 10/10 Gul'dan HeroicThe Heroic boost is done on Mondays at 19:30 realm time. We ONLY accept gold as payment. We accept gold on the following servers (small extra fee on x-realm payments): Twsting Nether (prefered) Kazzak Tarren Mill DraenorFor payment on other servers, contact me through btag and I'll see if we can make something work. All our raiders are 905+ ilvl, so the run is smooth and efficient. To book a spot add my battle-tag: Xheno#2560 We do our best to get our buyers as much loot as possible, this means no more than 1 buyer of a class. Full 30 man group and none of our raiders are saved for any of the bosses, which means we'll get maximum amount of loot drops from every boss. Our main Boosting Thread can be found here: https://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/17613611194#post-1 Boosting Thread from previous expansion can be found here: http://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/13987279927#post-1 For more info or if u have any questions please add my battle-tag: Xheno#2560Xhéno5 2d
2d Fel Empire Recruiting for ToS Fel Empire is a semi-hardcore raiding guild looking to fill our roster to develop a team for mythic. Most of our team has been raiding together since the start of WoD, and consists of people from all over Europe and other more eastern nations. We have members of varying skill levels, from former realm first raiders to relatively new players. We have a fairly large social community too, and Discord is generally an active and humorous environment! We raid on Wednesdays & Thursdays from 19:00 to 23:00 server time at the latest. We do optional alt runs (or other events) on Sundays at the same time. We run Mythic+ dungeons very actively, and several in our team have Keystone Master. What we are looking for: - Healers and DPS (ranged and melee) - Ability to take initiative & optimize your own gameplay - Consistent above-average parses - Attentive on Discord - being vocal is a big bonus! - 895+ ilvl with 45 traits, though all players will be considered - ~80%+ attendance rate - will to stick with the team so we can improve together is the most important factor! Committed players can benefit from Guild Bank funds (consumables, enchants) and a strong core community. If you are interested in joining, contact me or any other officers: invader#2194Screwball1 2d
2d [H] Worldstorm | NH 1/10M As Tomb of Sargeras is closing in, We're now opening up our recruitment once again. Aiming to have a finalized, stable roster by the time we'll be heading into mythics. As a group of experienced people, we aim to progress and get as far into mythics as possible while still holding a friendly atmosphere in-between everyone in the guild. Therefore we're looking after likeminded people that want to be apart of something great! a Guild that is active outside of raid hours. That do events such as Mythic Keystones, old content or even relevant content on alternative characters. Classes/Specc we're in most need of: Restoration Shaman [High] Restoration Druid [High] Mistweaver Monk [High] Holy Paladin [Medium] Priest Holy/Medium [Medium] Ele/Enhancement Shaman [High] Shadow Priest [High] Hunter [High] If your class/specc is not listed above, contact us anyways! There is a big chance we'll give it a go anyways. What we're looking after when it comes to a new Trial: - An active player that doesn't just log on five minutes before the raids start. We want our future raiders to be active outside of raidshours, mainly to keep your character up-to-date without us having to nag you about it on a daily basis. - Someone that always strive to get better by each raid. We want people that learn from their mistakes, that can adapt after each wipe without having too many issues with it and that can keep up with the rest of the guild when it comes to performance. - Someone that always come prepared. As we only raid 9 hours a week we want our players to be on time. Possibly fifteen minutes before the raid starts outside the instance, so we can pull the boss as soon as the clock hits 7/8.30 PM. - Always have enough consumables for the entire duration of the raid. As we find it rude for people to make others wait, just cause they didn't commit to being ready on time. this will be crucial and it will also be mandatory to use Potions/Food/Flasks for progress raids. - To have a microphone and be able to call out stuff whenever it's needed. We understand people can be shy, though for us to be able to push our progress as much as possible communication between the entire raid will be needed. - Be able to take criticism. As some things have to be said, rather than kept in and talked about behind peoples back. We will be as forward as we can with everyone. weather it's negative or just constructive criticism. Nothing will be kept in the dark if it benefits the guild. We use the Addon RClootcouncil to distribute the loot as fair as possible. Where things such as performance, how big of an upgrade the item is and more will be taken into consideration when given to players. For communication in raids we use Discord, make sure you have it installed! We are currently raiding three days a week: Wednesday 20.30-23.00 ST Thursday 20.30-23.00 ST Sunday 19.00-23.00 ST And for offdays, nothing is set in stone. Most of the events outside of raid hours usally just happen but will be announced on our Discord. If this sounds like a guild you would like to be apart of, add either of us on Battle-tag and we'll take it from there! Syn#2401 | Guild Master Rhymzter#2407 | Recruitment Officer TheDobster#2200 | Officer Peetson#2356 | OfficerRhymzter2 2d
3d LF Achievement buddy! Hey guys, so I started playing quite recently and apart from legion content, I also like doing random achievements as well as getting unusual vanities such as cool looking mounts, pets, toys etc. The few people that I know don't share my interests or have already gotten these things, so I have no one to do them with which kinda kills the experience. If anyone wants to do them with me, give me a whisper in-game!Frightful0 3d
3d NH M Players looking for Guild Hello all recruiters, We are a Holy Paladin (Holymari), Enhancement Shaman (Proffiterol) and a Shadow Priest looking for a raiding guild to progress into tomb. We looking for a Guild that raids mostly around 21.30ST Wednesday and Sunday, we might be able to squeeze a third day too. Guild needs to be an International (English Speaking with Discord) or Greek Guild.Korraxx0 3d
3d [H] ENDLESS - Nighthold HC/Mythic Boosting Hello fellow gamer! We in Endless are now offering Heroic Nighthold boosts on Kazzak. We only accept gold as payment, and all our services are with selfplay. There are no requirements to book your spot in our runs! We also provide x-realm boosts, but the gold payment must be done on Kazzak. What we offer: All services with Master Loot guarantee all loot for your armor type, and your tier token!!! There is a 15% deposit to reserve your spot in our runs. The remaining 85% of the payment is made when entering the instance. Nighthold Heroic 10 bosses = 1m - Master Loot Nighthold Heroic 10 bosses = 250k - Personal Loot Nighthold Mythic = Price is still under discussion (COMING SOON!) When? We boost on Sunday evenings. The Nighthold Heroic clear starts at 20.30 server time. Gul'Dan Heroic runs start at 22.00 Server time. Contact either below to book your spot: Our Boost Manager - Emveekay [Vinge#2805] Or Guild Master - Shimara [Shim#21424]Shimara80 3d
3d <H> Frozen Wrath - Kazzak - 3/10 M 10/10 HC NH Frozen Wrath - Kazzak Formally a social guild we have now decided to take the step into raiding. We are now looking for players to help us progress through ToS! Progress: 3/10 Nighthold Mythic 10/10 Nighthold Heroic Raid Days: Wednesday - 20:00-23:00 Monday - 20:00-23:00 What we can offer you: *Raiding in a relaxed but progressive atmosphere *An active player-base where people are always willing to help and run Mythic+ as well as levelling alts etc. *Friendly players who hang out on Discord and always welcome you online. What we ask of you: *Know your class! We expect you to keep on top of your class' changes and updates and put effort into getting the best you can out of it. *Showing up prepared for raids - repaired, flasks, food etc. *Know tactics and make sure you have the correct addons. On progress we expect wipes, everyone makes mistakes but we expect people to learn from them. The raid leaders have the say on which tactics we go with for each fight - suggestions are always welcome before or after a pull (not during a fight). We do enjoy having fun and joking in raid, but on boss fights (especially progression) we expect people to be serious and pay attention. Currently recruiting: DPS: classes considered - Especially ranged! All applications will be considered even if your class is not listed above. To apply to our guild please visit: http://frozenwrath.shivtr.com/ or you can contact us over b-net: Saetharia#2998 / Deyllo#2451. Socials always welcome! /S <3Saetharia40 3d
4d "Herald of the Titans" boost Dear achievements lovers!!!:D As you know this is a very old achievement, defeat Algalon the Observer in 10-player mode with a full group of 80's wearing equipment with an item level not higher than 226: available in 10-player Ulduar. (Weapons can be 232 IL obtained in LK expansion). This achievement reward the BOA title "HERALD OF THE TITANS" for all your level 80 toons or higher. At this point we think is hard to achieve as Legion talents and changes make the fight much harder than before and you need actually a proper team and the best set-up. We have a team ready to help you: Mysti: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Shinybubbles/simple http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Shammystique/simple Vokar: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/tarren-mill/Unigo/simple http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/twisting-nether/Vokar/simple Cupa: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Sol%C3%A1ire/simple http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Fishfishbull/simple Lagg: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Imnotadk/simple http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Oneleaf/simple Soopi: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Soopiknight/simple Inm: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Inmywar/simple Hanh battle.net/wow/en/character/kazzak/Winnowil/simple Requirements: All you need is a lvl 80 HORDE character, gear doesn't matter as long is below 226 IL and obtained in LK content, no invasions gear, world events like "love is in the air". Also be sure that you freezed your experience, to be sure that you will not level unfortunatelly during the process:D<strong/> Details: Price for a run is 300k, payment on Kazzak, 50% when u booking the spot, the rest will be done before the pull. We can also consider other servers, we can discuss. We doing this run every Tuesday at 19.30 - 20.00 server time. Boost will not take more than 15 minutes. For more information add my Battletag: Myst#2893Mystkitty87 4d
4d [Didn't Stand a Chance] LF alliance for the achievment [Didn't Stand a Chance] at wintergrasp i hope i can find any 1Wingér1 4d
5d Dungeon boost 100-110 I'm currently only boosting horde side. - One dungeon run goes for 3k gold and takes around 5-10 minutes. - One level takes around 4-7 dungeons depending on your rested XP, Heirlooms or other XP buffs. One dungeon 3k OR one level 20k Accepting golds on [H] Kazzak & Tarren Mill or [A] Frostmane. fiskmauwz#21208Fiskdk0 5d
5d [H] <Hellheim> recruiting players Hellheim is a social raiding guild on Kazzak. The core of the guild is set up with people that work or study during office hours and who have experienced a lot of different types of guilds and social environments. We added all our positive ideas on how a social gaming community should be and started Hellheim. We aim to be a social guild that focuses on Heroic raiding with Normal off-raids. If we have time during each tier we will try to progress in mythic. Our vision is to give our members a joyful feeling every time they log on to their characters and that there’s always friends to talk to or go on honorable adventures with. By being a member of Hellheim you’ll not be getting world first kills, but you will get kills. You will also have a haven - a calm oasis in the stress of normal life - where you’ll always have friends online to explore, discuss and achieve things with. Raid times Mon 7PM-11PM (Server time) Wed 7PM-11PM (Server time) Off-day: Sat 8PM-10PM (Server time) Progress 4/10 Mythic What we’re looking for Hellheim aims to be a guild for everyone - no matter your history in World of Warcraft or in real life. You are welcome to be a part of Hellheim as long as you are friendly and enjoy achieving things together with others. All exceptional applicants will be considered regardless of class, assuming you fit the role we're currently recruiting. Contact and recruitment If you share our view we encourage you to join us! Talk to one of our officers in-game: Bínnx, Totenlieber, Kamidogu or Oskarmonk or ask a guild member to get in contact with us. You can also add Bínnx or Totenlieber or Kamidogu: Binnx#21536 or Totenlieber#2806 Kamidogu#2473 For more information, contact and recruitment, visit our website: http://hellheim.enjin.com.Kamidogu0 5d
5d Eat My Crit Cross realm raid team! Currently looking for healers and dps for our Cross Realm raid team! We raid Thursdays and Mondays.Quikfixgeoff0 5d
5d [H]Insignificant Kazzak-EU SWE Insignificánt Kazzak-EU Först och främst, tack för att ni tittar in här och visar intresse! Vi är en nyskapad guild på Kazzak, vi har en core som består av vänner, varav majoriteten av oss har raidat sedan dagarna av TBC och andra av oss har lirat under många år i World Top100. Vi söker nu fler personer för att fylla ut våran roster inför kommande ToS Release. Just nu är vi i en uppbyggnads fas där vi kommer att testa MÅNGA spelare för att skapa något fint tillsammans! Vi kommer att raida 2 dagar i veckan med risk för en extend dag eller lite extendad tid under raid beroende på hur vi alla känner om vi är nära en kill eller inte. Tider kommer att vara: Ons&Sön 19:00-22.30 Då vi inte har många raid timmar i veckan så satsar vi på att dem timmarna vi raidar kommer vara kvalitésfyllda för att nå våra mål. Vi har ingen brådska utan vi kommer att bygga denna guild steg-för-steg. Känner du att du vill vara med och bygga en framtida svensk casual guild? Känner du att du är en person med raid erfarenhet och kan använda dina timmar raidandes effektivt för att uppnå en hyfsad progress? Kolla in våran hemsida, släng in en apply! Vi kommer att vara väldigt aktiva med att läsa applys osv nu i början så svar kan komma väldigt fort! http://insignificantwow.shivtr.com Frantixx#2326 [GM] Statíc#2763 [Officer]Wizco6 5d
6d Any ally twink guilds around? Trying to find a guild for my 19 twink but not having much luck. Are there any?Oddbolt0 6d
6d Kazzak as a server. Hi everyone! I'm back to WoW after 2 years and I'm looking for a good realm to start as Horde again. I've been looking around for more then an hour but i cant pick. Why? There are alot of Low pop servers around that have a kind of balanced H/A ratio, but since I've played on a Low realm for several years on and off I realy would love to see a High/Med pop realm again (was on a full realm @ vanilla). When i look around all those High realms seem to have no balanced H/A at all, in my eyes thats a huge problem. Why join a PVP realm if there are max 200 Alliance players compared to thousands of Horde, or visa versa. That would mean you would never ever run into one while leveling thus making the PVP status of the realm useless. At this point i just don't know what to do anymore and im weirded out that Blizzard hasnt adjusted this. What realm would you guys recommend? ATM I'm in the Mealstrom BG, but Kazzak is a contender because of the pop. Thanks in advance!Rajna3 6d
15 Jun <WipeInc> 5/10M NH recruiting DPS NH+ToS Hey everyone, we recently killed Krosus and Spellblade, going to focus on Tichondrius now before the ToS. Looking for players to complete our ToS roster and also progress further in NH. We are currently looking for DPS so we can do full guild runs. We raid 3 times a week on Wed, Sun, Mon; 7pm - 10pm server time (CEST). We use Discord for communication and also do HC and N runs, M+... In case you're interested and fit the criteria below, please fill in an application form on www.wipeinc.shivtr.blue or contact me personally, in Blizz app: Makita#2399, in-game: Makitka, Muhelka. 1. You are RDPS, especially lock, spriest, hunter, boomkin or even other class but still think you could fit in, 2. you know the tactics, learn from mistakes and have quick reflexes, 3. you have decent equip and pull at least 600K stable dps, 4. you are active outside of raid times to keep up with your artifact weapon. If I'm not online you can contact GuM Flameemperor, Blizz app: Fatamor#21659. Cheers!Makitka8 15 Jun
15 Jun Anyone for a Pint - LF Mythic ToS Anyone for a Pint is a chill guild composed by friends that enjoy playing together. We have been playing since Wrath and took a break on Warlords of Draenor. We managed to achieve some high end raiding content clears having some Cutting Edges to our curriculum's. We are atm looking for players to transition from Heroic to Mythic on the following raid, Tomb of Sargeras. Our raid days are Wed and Sunday from 19h00 to 23h00 server time. While our tank and healer rooster is stable we aim to increase our Dps Rooster of players. If you are interested in building a strong progression where you wont be left in the bench, and start from scratch, throw me a whisper! We can talk more. Cya in Azeroth. FairchildFairchild0 15 Jun
14 Jun [H] <I Win> 9/10M LF Raiders FOR TOS Pve Progression Guild <I Win> Looking for Dedicated Raiders for Our progression through Legion Content. . We are currently 7/7M Emerald Nightmare, 2/3M TOV, 10/10 HC 9/10M Nighthold and are looking for Raiders to progress through our mythic raids . SOCIALS ALSO WELCOMED We are a friendly fun bunch of people who are looking to progress and improve all the time, all our players our mature and therefore we have a very chill atmosphere but we are willing to push further and clear mythic content asap. Class/specs Required: Resto Druid Resto Shaman Hunter Shadow Priest Rogue Death Knight Enhance Shaman Windwalker Mage Warlock If you feel your an exceptional player and not on the required list feel free to /w ingame /w Ingame - Demirage-Kazzak / fumez#2695 or reply to forum post. Raid Schedule - Wed/Thur/Sunday : 20:00 - 23:00 Be Active & friendly Have TS Be 18+ (age) pref Ilvl 900(eq) + Weapon Trait level : 50+ Apply at : https://i-win.enjin.com/Demirage1 14 Jun
14 Jun [H] <Fel Empire> 4/10M Recruiting DPS & Tank Fel Empire is a semi-hardcore raiding guild looking to fill our roster to develop a team for mythic. Most of our team has been raiding together since the start of WoD, and consists of people from all over Europe and other more eastern nations. We have members of varying skill levels, from former realm first raiders to relatively new players. We have a fairly large social community too, and Discord is generally an active and humorous environment! We raid on Wednesdays & Thursdays from 19:00 to 23:00 server time at the latest. We do optional alt runs (or other events) on Sundays at the same time. We run Mythic+ dungeons very actively, and several in our team have Keystone Master. What we are looking for: - Healers and DPS (ranged and melee), also an offspec tank - Ability to take initiative & optimize your own gameplay - Consistent above-average parses - Attentive on Discord - being vocal is a big bonus! - 885+ ilvl with 35 traits, though all players will be considered - ~80%+ attendance rate - will to stick with the team so we can improve together is the most important factor! We are currently using Personal Loot in raids as we do not have a full roster but are looking to move towards a loot council in the future. Committed players can benefit from Guild Bank funds (consumables, enchants et al.) and a strong core community. If you are interested in joining, contact me or any other officers: Devan#2691 invader#2194 Frugs#21602 We look forward to meeting you!Pathocend15 14 Jun
14 Jun Ultima Invasione - Recruiting for ToS 8/10 M Hello! Ultima Invasione are currently open for recruitment! To clear through mythic Nighthold and later on Tomb of Sargeras! Who are we? Ultima invasione are a guild based on Terenas/Emerald Dream. Who have now moved to Kazzak. UI was founded in Warlords of Draenor it is a guild full of old school players, new players and friends! Current Progression: 7/7 Mythic Emerald Nightmare. 2/3 Mythic Trial of Valor. 8/10 Mythic Nighthold Raid Schedule [server time] Wednesday - 2000-2300 Thursday - 2000-2300 Sunday - 2000-2300 Saturday - 1930-2330 for 3-4 weeks when Tomb of sargeras is released. What can we offer you? - Fun raiding guild, a close group of friends - Progress and end game raiding content - Easy raid schedule - Fun! What do we expect from you? - High attendance - Mature and reliable - Keeping yourself updated on your class and tactics - Food, flasks, gems and enchants We are currently looking for: Melee: Rogue Shaman Ranged: Druid Healer: Shaman We are also looking for exceptional dps, dont hesitate to contact me if you think this guild will suit you! Where to find us? you can apply to us at: ultimainvasione.enjin.com or add one of us on battle.net: Martine#21908 - Wolpitz ingame Mattyboy#2112 - Retrapally ingame Nathan#22830 - Boriak ingame Thank you for taking time reading through!Wolpitz3 14 Jun
14 Jun RET IS !@#$ED why O WHY blizzard have you !@#$ed up rets dmg??! i just dont get the massive nerf. ruined our game play and literally feels like no point in having it for PvE! 2 set > nerf divine hammer > NERF im literally lost for words and im clueless as to what i have to obtain for BiS legendaries now.................................!!Édea1 14 Jun
14 Jun [H] Skandinaviska <Peon> 8/10M Rekryterar för ToS Peon rekryterar spelare för mythic raiding i Tomb of Sargeras! (8/10M, 7/7M cutting edge samt 2/3M). Peon är en semi-casual guild som söker spelare för kommande raid tier(ToS). Vi raidar tre dagar i veckan och en av dessa är en HC farm raid vilket är en valfri. Med semi-casual menar vi enbart att vi raidar få dagar i veckan, men utöver det så lutar det mer åt hardcore hållet. Hur vi lägger upp våra dagar under början av ToS är oklart just nu, men antalet dagar i veckan består och de satta dagarna. Vi är ett gäng som spelat väldigt länge tillsammans på olika håll i olika grupper, med det utgör vi en bra grundpelare för guilden. Det flesta utav oss har också spelat väldigt länge individuellt och har en hardcore raid bakgrund som sträcker sig ända bak till 2005. Vi är väldigt mån om att göra så bra ifrån oss som möjligt under våra två progress kvällar, då vi inte avsätter mer dagar pågrund av det liv vi har utanför spelet. Detta betyder dock inte att vi inte sätter ribban högt, utan vi vill klara av så mycket som förmågan tillåter oss. Vi kommer pålästa inför varje raid, förberedda med det vi kan och gör vad vi kan för utveckla våra karaktärer utanför raid. Raidtider: Onsdag HC farmraid 19:30 och fram tills vi är klara, ca 1 till 2 timmar. Torsdag progress 19:30 – 22:30 Söndag progress 19:00 – 22:00 Vi kan erbjuda en seriös och fokuserad raiding miljö utan någon drama som siktar högt. Ett socialt och vänligt gäng som bidrar till en bra atmosfär samt en aktiv guild utanför raidtider. Vi söker Dig som naturligtvis dyker upp till våra raids, försöker göra ditt bästa för att bära din egna vikt i progress, läser på om din klass och försöker förbättra dig så gott det går. Du har tidigare raiding erfarenhet och en mogen personlighet. Avslutningsvis och det uppenbara att du kan kommunicera på det svenska språket. Vi söker ytterligare ranged DPS och en utmärkt resto druid. Du ska ha minst 900+ item level och 52 traits i vapnet. Vi söker alltid kvalitativa spelare. För apply http://peon.enjin.com/ eller kontakta Wolthura#2290 alt. Basron#2226 för frågor.Dreamsi17 14 Jun
14 Jun Bearly Functional - PVE Guild Bearly Functional, is a newly formed PVE Guild, focusing on Mythic+ Weekly Clears, Normal, and Heroic Raiding. We are looking to get a raid team together for TOS. Currently recruiting Healers and DPS, but all applicants are welcome. Raid nights are Wednesday and Sunday/Monday, depending on which days the most people are available that week, 20:00 to 23:00 server time. We will be using Discord and RCLootCouncil during raids. Officers and Raiders all have 10/10 Nighthold Normal and Heroic experience.Druidpeps2 14 Jun
14 Jun [H]<The Royal Army> 9/10M Currently Recruiting <The Royal Army> (est. 2007) is a gaming community, residing on the server Kazzak since the start of MoP. Originally created on the server Deathwing and migrated to Kazzak since our original server was becoming more of a “ghost server”. The guild has been clearing all content that Blizzard has released, always aiming high, while maintaining a very relaxed and fun atmosphere for all guildies. Our guild members come from all over Europe (England, Denmark, Sweden, Greece, Poland, Germany, Russia, Norway, Spain, Turkey, Bulgaria ... just to mention a few), making our roster very diverse and extremely fun to be around. Our goal: We raid 3x days per reset, 3x hours per run focusing on Mythic difficulty. During progress we expect very high attendance from all our raiders. ***RECRUITING*** (Updated 07-06-17) demon hunter (havoc) druid (balance) druid (restoration) druid (feral-dd) mage paladin (holy) paladin (retribution) rogue shaman (elemental) warlock We're also considering exceptional applications from any dps class (that means good experience and decent ilvl and traits for current content) Raiding Schedule (Server time) -Wednesday (20:00 - 23:00) -Thursday (20:00 - 23:00) -Sunday (20:00 - 23:00) What are we looking for: -Gamers who enjoy the game of World of Warcraft for what it is overall. We are social creatures who enjoy the game outside raids as well. -Gamers who are passionate for the class and role they represent while in a raiding team. -Gamers who understand not only their class, but also the importance of team play and how they can contribute to defeating/completing a common goal. -Gamers who will always look into how to squeeze every single additional statistic that will help their character contribute the maximum during raid encounters. -Gamers who contribute in discussions during but most importantly outside raids in order to plan future attempts on new encounters. -Gamers who while maintaining a very serious and focused mind on progress, they can also be a lot of fun to have around and enjoy every aspect of the game as a community. What we can offer: -Veteran gamers who have been playing the game since the guild was established and always contribute in making the guild a better community for new members. -A very relaxed environment where you can enjoy every aspect of the game. (PvE, PvP, leveling, social aspect etc) -Passionate raiders who focus on clearing content while having a great time while doing it. -Mature and helpful members who are always ready to lend a hand when needed. -Guild repairs and consumables during raids. -Guild events for all members to participate (PvE, PvP and social events). -Alt runs after we clear each raid content. -Drama FREE environment. If this sounds like a place where you want to become a big part of, then please contact us and join us in our future adventures. Become a valued member of a great gaming community in the game of World of Warcraft. Contact us: In-game: Sidonié (Respawn17#2233) Website: www.theroyalarmy.netSidonié51 14 Jun
13 Jun [H] <Somewhat Normal> 10/10M currently recruiting Somewhat Normal is a raiding guild that strives for end game content. We aim to clear all current content available with a lot of success in previous expansions. We can provide a relaxing atmosphere, complete with foul language and lots of laughs all while maintaining steady progress. This expansion(when current): Emerald Nightmare - 7/7M ToV - 2/3M The Nighthold - 10/10M Our raiding schedule: Wednesday - 21:00 - 00:30 ST Thursday - 21:00 - 00:30 ST Monday - 21:00 - 00:30 ST Recruiting: We'd like to recruit another 2 healers and several ranged dps. All applicants will be considered, regardless of class (spec) demand. What do you want? What do we want? Lets get real. We all want to raid and progress. To do this you need to be aware, good, prepared and willing to pull together as a team. We all contribute to our progression and we all reap its bounty! What we expect from you: - Respectable raiding experience / history - Able to use Discord - Strong knowledge of your class - Adequate consumables to see you through every raiding night - Well looked after gear (gemmed and enchanted appropriately relevant to your stat weights) What we can give you: - We can give you good progress in relaxed and fun environment - We spend a lot of time on Discord as a guild, not just playing World of Warcraft but other games as well, providing a fun, social environment - We can provide opportunities to play other characters in alt runs Want to Apply? Fill in an application at http://www.somewhatnormal.co.uk/ or Contact me in-game or Battle.net (Qivv#2591, InsertName#21765) if you are interested and we can have a chat!Greav31 13 Jun
12 Jun [H] <Fading Light> Recruiting Arabs for ToS. Fading Light is a newly formed guild who looks into semi-causal raiding , we aim to finish heroic raids and hopefully mythic raids before the next tier , meaning we are not in a hurry. We are recruiting Arabs that are friendly and relaxed for our core raiding team , but that does not mean that we are limited to WoW , we play other games as well and are active on voice coms constantly. Raid timing(GMT) -Tuesday(18:00-21:00) -Friday(18:00-21:00) -Sunday(18:00-21:00) Looting system: Loot council Prio goes to Tanks and Healers and then for whoever needs to complete his 2-set /4set. Events The officers will organize events such as T-mog runs, PVP, T-mog competition so on and so forth. Currently , all classes will be considered for recruitment. For recruitment visit https://fadinglight.enjin.com ( the site is still WiP so head directly to the recruitment page , we want to recruit people as quick as possible ). For additional info /w Blackhand#21224Bläckhand1 12 Jun
12 Jun [H] <Against The Odds> - 2/week raiding. ToS LETS GOOO Against The Odds - Horde - Kazzak Guild was formed about 7 months ago created by a group of guys who wanted to create a relaxed raid environment as a 2-day raiding guild / 6 hours a week. We're looking for new fresh blood with ToS launching and a great chance to become a part of this awesome guild. Progress: 5/10 Nighthold Mythic (with botanist on 6 %, FeelsBadMan) Raid Days: Wednesday - 19:00-22:00 Monday - 19:00-22:00 Throw Fingerpin#1548 or Movvgli#2925 for a chat.Temposlash0 12 Jun
12 Jun @[Joffie]Mythic+ Boosting group Customer feedback topic. In this topic you should find all the information you need regarding our mythic dungeon boost service at DefiasBrotherhood EU.(Horde) //----------------- General Information //----------------- Personal loot system. * - Payment is accepted on the following realms: Defias Brotherhood, The Venture Co, Kazzak, Twisting Nether, Outland realms. * - You can talk to any /Unlucky/ guild officers regarding your spot. * - The team's primary goal is to provide effortless, safe and pleasant atmosphere during the run. * - You can either follow a player /AFK/ or take part in the run, we won't let you die :). * - Customer satisfaction is as important as the speed of the run. We would like to provide you a fast and pleasant experience from beginning to the end. * - Customers will always be summoned to each dungeons. //------------------------ Frequently Asked Questions //------------------------ *Boost Alliance faction? Unfortunately no. Currently only horde side is available. *Is AFK mode supported? Absolutely, just hit follow at the beginning of the instance. *How can I contact you? Contact the Unlucky guild on Defias Brotherhood realm ask for Joffie or just add me via battle tag: Toxine#2958 *How long does a full clear take? Depend of the boost.Our goal is to provide a fast and confortable runs with a friendly atmosphere:) *Are there any discounts? Yes: regular customers and customers with an extra person will get a discount:) Mythic+ boost services: We will use your Key here. +2-3 Key: 5k/Chest so 15k total for 3 Chests +4-6 Key: 10k/Chest so 30k total for 3 Chests +7-9 Key: 20k/Chest so 60k total for 3 Chests +10-12 Key: 35k/Chest so 105k total for 3 Chests(weekly cache 905+) +13-14 Key: 40k/Chest so 120k total for 3 Chests +15 in time: 160k gold, guaranteed one chest (possible for more for free). Special offers: +2-3 key to +15 in time: 400k gold +4-6 key to +15 in time: 350k gold +7-9 key to +15 in time: 300k gold +10-12 key to +15 in time: 250k gold +13-14 key to +15 in time: 200k gold We can negotiate any other offer you might need. We also offer to use one of our own keys, but this adds 50k on top. As this means preparing the key in advance. Karazhan: Nightbane: Including mount + personal loot - 60k Full Kara run (includes Nightbane perks): 110k Regular Mythic Dungeons 10/10 Normal Mythic: 5k per dungeon Normal Mythic: 45k - 10/10 weakly fast clear. *840 ilvl loot which can be extremely helpful for a fresh 110 character. *A TON of artifact power and gear depending on how many dungeons you get! *Last but not least.. chance at a LEGENDARY item! Payment: Mythic+ : We require 50% of the payment before the run, and 50% at the end. Small fee might be required to reserve your spot, so we are not left hanging Most important is that you can be part of our friendly and dedicated team and experience the adrenaline and fun your self. Contact us: Battle Tag: Toxine#2958 Discord: Joffie#0918Jöf1 12 Jun
12 Jun Me and three friends are planning to join Kazzak We wonder if the population means a problem for certain things, we would like to meet as much people as possible over the world. Has a populated server any con btw? Also, looking at the Alliance/Horde ratio, I have to ask if the fact that the Horde overwhelms the Alliance greatly affects the gaming experience. I know it is a pretty dumb question, but I really wish there were more servers with an equal ratio, which would make it more "immersive". Should I give up looking for a good server with an equal ratio? Now the most important, is the PVP/PVE (overall PVE) good? I refer to quality and quantity, and if there are many trolls. We will behave like educated and respectful people, but I suppose in a populated server such as Kazzak there will be way more trolls, but is it something that can be held here? Thanks, hope to be part of this big family soon. Pd: Sorry for my English, I understand it perfectly, but still have problems writing. >.<Blacarde0 12 Jun