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1m [H] <Rhinestones> Casual Heroic Raiding Guild LFM Hello! Rhinestones was formed during wotlk and was mostly active during cata but has now decided to revive: Therefore we are looking for people to fill our roster. REQUIREMENTS Decently geared for heroic content(355+). SCHEDULE Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday 19:30-21:30 CET We are still searching for these roles: - Restoration Druid - Holy Paladin - Balance Druid - Windwalker Monk /w or send a letter for any questions or to request an invite, to any of these players: Xhajin, Demonslusa, Anooc or Toruhk.Xhajin0 1m
22m [H][SWE] Semi-hardcore mythic guild, 3 days 20-23! Hej! Braccae Asinae är en semi hard-core guild som raidar 3 dagar i veckan, Onsdag, Torsdag samt söndag 20.00-23.00. Vi har funnits på Kazzak sedan Emerald Nightmare (legion) och har clearat hc samt ganska långt i mythic i varje tier, dock har intresset dött ut lite under raidens gång därav söker vi dedikerade spelare som vill vara med oss och cleara mythic! Rekrytering kommer ske via Discord, antingen skriver du en ansökan i våran rekryterings kanal eller så fixar vi en muntlig intervju. Det vi rekryterar för tillfället är: Range DPS Dps med tank offspec Holy Paladin Men vi tar gärna emot alla ansökningar då exceptionella spelare alltid är intressant! Länk till discord för att skriva ansökan : https://discord.gg/PZPYSNN Har ni några övriga frågor så kan ni kontakta någon av oss officerare på bnet Virvel#21786 Namsolo#2143 Hoppas vi hörs snart!Virvelmonk8 22m
1h <Fallen Kings> recruiting. Hello everyone! We are the Fallen Kings on the Kazzak server recruiting raiders to join our ranks for Uldir. Our main focus is HEROIC, but that does not mean we wont spend time downing mythic bosses in Uldir. Currently at 8/8 heroic and 2/8 mythic. We use discord for not just raids, but also M+, random wow stuff or even other games. Raid days are wednesday and sunday from 20:00-23:00 server time. Right now we have a solid roster for mythic but we are looking for people who want to compete with our current raiders. That is why we have opened up our recruitment for ANY healer or DPS. Healers: ALL HEALERS DPS: ALL DPS If you have any questions, feel free to add me ingame or on realID: Syoss#2324. Hope to hear from you guys. Fallen KingsEbbiwarrior138 1h
1h [H] 356 Affi lock and 357 Holy Priest Lf heroic guild Hey! Just a Affi lock and Holy priest looking for a guild thats progressing heroic both have past experance with raiding and looking to progress properly this expantion :) Any questions add Liori#2319Lydor0 1h
1h [H] Equinox Equinox is a 2 day raiding guild made up of a group of raiders who met mid-legion. We have raided together for over a year and have a very active social aspect to the guild as well as the semi-hardcore raiding side. We are currently looking to expand our raiding roster for BFA. Progress: Uldir: 2/8 Mythic 8/8 Heroic 8/8 Normal Recruiting: All DPS classes considered Raiding Schedule: Wednesday & Monday: 20:00 - 23:00 server time Optional Friday (Normal/Heroic): 20:00-23:00 server time Raid invites go out 15mins before raid time and we expect people to be prepared and ready for the first pull. Our aim for BFA is to clear as much of the content as possible and continue our progress into Mythic Social: As we were originally a social guild we do like to keep our social side active and do try to incorporate our socials into our normal/heroic farm runs and would sometimes look at the socials for recruitment into our mythic team. So whether you are looking for a social raiding guild or just a social guild we have something that suites everyone. To apply or see what other classes we may require please visit: www.equinoxwow.comKaeley26 1h
2h Boomkin LF guild [ilvl 358] Hey! So after a short break i'm back at playing World of Warcraft and would like to find a guild to play with! Most of my in-game friends have quit playing so looking for a fresh start. What i'll bring to the table: *A reliable player that will commit even if the raid gets cancelled at the last minute. *Always come prepared with tactics and consumables even if it means we'll wipe an entire night. *Always try to min-max both in raids and outside. Havn't put as much effort on my characters until now due to work and me and my girlfriend moving etc but now it's on! *Used to playing several characters at once due to some hardcore flashbacks from MoP, so will always have alts ready to jump in if it makes the difference between an earlier kill or not. *A very vocal player that will do anything for progress. What i'm looking for *Looking after a guild that put progress quite high in their priority list. I speak fluent swedish and english so don't mind either. *As i'm active during the day aswell as offdays i would like to find a guild thats quite active outside of raids. *What progress you have today doesn't matter much to me as long as you know what you're aiming for as a guild and will stop at nothing to archieve it! Add me on B-tag for a chat if you're interested! Won't be looking at the forums daily so that's the quickest way to contact me! Rhymzter#2407Rhymz0 2h
2h [H] Selling Mythic+10 and Uldir Normal-Hc 8/8 We have a Very Exprienced Team in Kazzak (Dìsconnect Guild) doing many Mythic+ in time and a very good Background boost since MoP - WoD and Legion . Mythic + Completing Mythic + 2 - 10 awards you with: -340 - 385 Azerite gear and 345- 395 Normal Gear for your character depends on lvl of key -Artifact power Raids - Uldir 8/8 Normal - Uldir 8/8 Heroic Whats expected of you: Literally nothing but the gold and yourself and a key If you don't have key we can provide one just let us know what lvl you need. We accept all realm gold. Have a dps spec and hit a few buttons your dps doesn't matter much at all. How much does it cost / How can I contact you? Pricing is to be discussed with us directly due to the competitive nature of key lvl and your activity We accept almost all realms gold. Price for Xrealms is usualy higher than kazzak . Skype ; omid.lasthope Whisper In-game : Lasthopê Demnesia Ef Chubbylord Battle Tag Lasthope#2805 Moeinster#2718Kràtós271 2h
4h BE/NL [H] <GENETÍCS> 8/8HC-1/8M. GENETICS, Wij zijn nieuw gevormde guild op kazzak Eu Horde. 8/8HC-1/8M De meeste van onze members bestaan uit ervaren raiders en mythic plussers. Deze guild is ontstaan , omdat we allemaal in onze eigen guild niet kregen wat we zochten. We zijn deze guild net opgestart , en op zoek naar mensen die mythic willen raiden in een relaxte nl/be sfeer 2 Raid days per week , woensdag en zondag van 20.00 - 23.00 Ons Doel: Omdat meeste van onze core members , experienced mythic / heroic raiders zijn, willen we ons vooral focussen op mythic raiding. We willen elke expansion mythic content clearen , voor de andere gereleased wordt. dit willen we doen , stap per stap , in een relaxte omgeving. Op deze manier willen we een sterk roster maken voor alle upcoming mythic content die nog gereleased moet worden. Wat wij zoeken: - Kennis van de class die je speelt. - Prepared opdagen voor raids ( tactics,flasks,food) - Kunnen omgaan met kritiek ,op een goede manier,kritiek is voor verbetering , en niet voor mensen af te breken. - Een mooie percentage van attendance in de raid , we raiden uiteindelijk maar 2 dagen per week. Welke classes wij zoeken momenteel: staat je class niet tussen de lijst ? we staan altijd open voor exceptionele applicaties. Death knight Medium Mage HIGH Hunter HIGH Boomie HIGH Contact: Trixerz#2523 Goez#2470 Wolf666#21590Nêcrotic9 4h
4h [H] Cruoris - Svensk helgguild 8/8 HC 2/8 M Cruoris - Svensk helgguild 8/8 NM 8/8 HC 2/8 M Tjena! Vi är ett trevligt IRL gäng som kört Heroic raiding på helger sedan slutet av Catalysm. Flertal av oss är gamla hardcore raiders och erfarenhet av Mythic raiding sedan tidigare vid sidan av. Vi vill nu satsa och komma igång med Mythic raiding ordentligt tillsammans och söker därför fler människor där ute i Sverige som vill hoppa på tåget och följa med på en resa fylld med skratt, svett och tårar! Då vi i Cruoris jobbar skift/natt och liknande blir det svårt att få till en raid på vardagar och raidar under helger! Därför är vi en perfekt guild för dig som har en liknande vardag men ändå vill kunna köra high endgame content! Alla sökningar är välkomna men stort plus för Healers: Resto Shaman DPS: Shaman Warlocks WW monk Krav: Ilvl 370+ HoA 22+ Våra raidtider är: Fredagar: 21:00-00:00 Söndagar: 15:00-18:00 Tveka inte att skicka ett PM vid intresse Gärna med länk till armory, lite om dig, samt lite av din erfarenhet av raiding. adda AnTn#21603 så pratar vi mer! Alla socials är välkomna! MvHEmberlína3 4h
5h [H] <Vehemence> Recruiting for Cutting Edge [3/8m] Guild: Vehemence Server: Kazzak-Eu Info: <Vehemence> is a newly formed guild based on a large group of players formerly from a long standing guild on Kazzak, all with long term high end raiding experience. At our core, we are a laid back gaming community of mature (18+) players, with the aim of achieving cutting edge through all tiers in BFA and beyond. Progression and Logs https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/kazzak/Vehemence Current progress at time of writing: Uldir 8/8 Normal 8/8 Heroic 3/8 Mythic Recruitment We are currently looking for Healers and ranged dps with emphasis on Hunters. However, we are also constantly on the lookout for exceptional players, so feel free to contact us for a chat. If you are not interested in raiding but would still join us as a social member, you are also very welcome to join. Our Requirements Be willing to learn and accept constructive criticism in order to improve yourself. Expect witty banter during our raids. It’s our way of enjoying ourselves while raiding. However, toxic behavior is severely frowned upon. Be prepared and on time for raids. Raiding Schedule Thursday, Sunday, Monday from 8:00pm to 11:00pm with a potential extension of 30 minutes if we are closing in on a kill During non-raiding days, we like to engage in Mythic Keystone Dungeons and various other activities in-game. Contact Information Feel free to send a whisper in-game or add one of our recruitment officers below: Souldead#2930 Sieburg#2938Duskhammer5 5h
5h Mythic Guild LF Merge - Kazzak Hi, We are a 2 day raiding guild with 3/8 current progress. <THINK> We have had a big drop off in players who quit playing the game. Our solid core is to low and we lack to many players to recruit and keep moving towards that cutting edge. We have decided to try find a guild with similar problems who would be interested in a Merge. If you have a guild with a similar problem and think that a merge could solve it. please add me ingame and lets chat! synthpopper#2343Synth1 5h
6h WTS 7k of each legacy glyph ink. Dont know if this is the right place,but I am trying to sell legacy inks,all before legion.I have over 7k of each ink,selling them very cheap.Only condition is you buy in bulk.Thornling0 6h
10h [H] <Basement Dwellers> (3/8M) Recruiting! Hey all, Our guild <Basement Dwellers> is looking for more members to join us in our mythic progression! Progress: 8/8 Heroic 3/8 Mythic Raid Times: Wed 19.30 - 23.00 server time Sun 19.30. - 23.00 server time (invites start at 19.15) We killed mythic Zek'voz two weeks ago but have lost a couple of players since then. We need a couple more ranged DPS and a healer to guarantee we have a solid roster for both nights. As we only raid for two nights a week, we value attendance and performance very highly. We also expect all raiders to come fully prepared with all consumables and with strategies learned in advance. Current Requirements: Warlock (affliction preferred) Balance Druid Holy Paladin or Resto Druid If you are interested and wish to know more, please contact Plastslev#2458 or Movvgli#2925 (or Aventa in game) for more details!Aventa1 10h
1d RBG Team Recruiting, pvp RBG team is looking for a few classes to join in on fridays and sundays 20:00ish server time. Be vocal, know your class. Min xp on rbg 1.7, pref have some 2's and 3's, 355+ ilvl. (will keep updating this post) LF -Affli Warlock Contact me ingame at evenigns Matami/Sputnik or / Discord msg matami#5473Matami4 1d
1d [H] <Ruojat> (Fin) is recruiting for Mythic <Ruojat> is a finnish semi-casual-hardcore guild. "Raideja aikuiseen makuun." ™ Etsitään mythic rosteriin paria osaavaa nahkaista depsuttajaa. Muutkin tervetulleita HC raideille. To 18.50-22.00 ja Su 18.50-22.00 Todista taitosi osiossa mahdollisuus päästä mythic rosteriin. Altti raideja randomisti viikottain. /w in-game Jormamurskaa, Krosan, Kylmämolotin & RánkaJormamurskaa3 1d
1d Paladin looking for Heroic guild. I am experienced in all the 3 specs but mostly play retribution. After going through normal Uldir I have stagnated in progressing due to this being a new account and not having ahead of the curve. I am looking for a guild where I can raid Uldir on Heroic and do higher level m+ dungeons.Yandhii0 1d
1d Frost mage LF m+ guild Hello there, as i'm currently guildless i'm looking for a m+ guild. Due to rl my play times are kind of random so nothing too hardcore. I consider myself a pretty good player. Been playing wow on and off since 2004 and played in several high end raiding guilds. Anyway if your looking for a mature no nonsense player to reinforce your m+ guild then id love to hear from you. https://raider.io/characters/eu/kazzak/Netherandax RegardsNetherandax0 1d
1d <Delicate Thugs> Recruiting - 2 days/w - 2/8 M Delicate Thugs is a newly formed semi-hardcore guild on Kazzak EU. Some of our core members have been playing since TBC/WotLK. After being in several guilds, we have decided to create something which is not only an efficient, high performing, but also a place where its members can call it home. We understand that this is a game that needs to be taken seriously, but we believe this can also be done with a relaxed, laid back attitude with 2 days a week raiding schedule. What is our goals Since the core members are mostly high end mythic raiders, we will definitely want to clear mythic content before the new content unlocks, but we're also taking it one step at a time, and as this is a new beginning for all of us, we are busy in the building phase and want to be well prepared with a solid roster going into 8.1 What We Need We need you to be; -Knowledgeable about your main class -Prepare for raids beforehand (tactics,consumables etc.) -Be able to receive and direct criticism in a constructive manner -Have no problems with attendance as it's only 2 days per week. What we are looking for currently We will always consider exceptional players if your spec is not included in the below list. Mage Extremely High Deathknight (DPS) high druid (balance) high warlock Medium Shadow Priest high Raid Times Wednesday and Sunday and times between 19:00-23:00 (CET) or ST For more info, and to apply, please contact Hightotem#7850, Gylgamesh#2553 or Kavranzade#0403 on Discord.Monkatonk8 1d
1d [H]<Deadly Wombats> For raiding, m+ and shenanigans. Deadly Wombats We're a small group of dedicated players from all walks of life. With many years of experience in many different mmos. We're a mature guild, with a chill atmosphere, crude jokes, stupid ideas and with some immature players, but with a good balance to things. We also use Discord as our main voice comms for both raiding and shenanigans/random stuff. What we want We're looking for more players to form a core raid group with a similar mindset as ours. Pushing it to the best of our abilities and having a blast while doing it while also having a flexible schedule in mind. So in other words, someone that clicks with the group as much as they can bring skills to the table and of 18 years or older. Classes we are looking for 1 Extra healer,shaman or drood works well! 2-3 dps, with lock, mage and retribution paladin on the wishlist, rest can be a bit random. Contact Info You can pm me here, or some of us ingame on Stoltostark, Eriarna and ofc I Moleros! if you have any questions or are interested in joining us. You can also toss me a message over discord on Biggs#5974Moleros1 1d
1d [H][2Day]<Mana Curve > 4/8M - LF 2 Ranged DPS Hi Hello, Mana Curve is a 2 Day Mythic raiding guild located on Kazzak. ABOUT US The guild was formed by a few real life friends in WoD and later merged with players who have strong ties to each other from a different gaming community. We are a broad mix of people in our late 20's and early 30's, from many nationalities and all walks of life. Our aim is to enjoy mythic content, play well and clear mythic raids without hardcore schedule commitments. We are looking for chill people who share the goal of getting cutting edge, want to hang out on Discord with us and enjoy a bit of friendly banter. Overall, we have a friendly adult atmosphere with a humorous edge. We enjoy doing other in-game activities along side a consistent raiding schedule such as Arena and Mythic+, and we give you the breathing room to manage your real life. RECRUITMENT We are currently recruiting the following for Mythic Uldir Progression; ... However, we will consider any ranged DPS class with recent Mythic experience and decent logs. OUR RAIDING SCHEDULE ... We require everyone to maintain at least 75% attendance for Mythic raids so that we can prepare our roster consistently, that means we need you to attend at least 6 out of 8 raids a month. HOW TO JOIN ... CONTACT US ... More detailed information regarding requirements and loot can be found in our wowprogress description https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/kazzak/Mana+CurveKôz3 1d
1d [H] <OCD> 5/8HC, 1/8M 20:00-23:00 LFM Hiya, we are a very friendly and mature(18+) semi-hardcore Horde raiding guild with several groups doing M+ between raids and other fun activities. The raid times are 20:00-23:00 with invites going out at 19:45. We will supply feasts and cauldrons, and everyone brings their own potions. We are in need of DPS, but any class/spec will be considered, so contact me or another officer if you have questions (We also accept socials). Battletag: MyMainMan#2214Spendrups2 1d
1d [H][3/8M]<Leap and Rend> 2 Night Mythic About Us We are a long standing guild formed by a group of friends who have raided together for years. We are currently progressing through mythic Uldir. - English Speaking We are looking for people who - Share our goal of mythic progression - Prepare themselves and their characters for the raid - Can maintain high attendance - Have good raiding experience Current Positions Available - DK DPS - Warlock - Monk DPS - Disc Priest All exceptional players are considered Raid Days: (Server Time GMT+1) Thursday 20:00 - 22:30 Sunday 19:30 - 22:30 More Info: If you'd like to know more about us or are interested in joining, please join our guild discord and follow the instructions in the recruitment channel. https://discord.gg/Jhsn7rY If you have any questions/problems please message an officer on the discord or add Rifter#21153 on bnetRiftèr16 1d
1d [H] <Quit> 2 days/week 4/8M Welcome to the Quit! We are a 2 day raiding guild with the goal to have as much success as possible with the least amount of time. We are looking for players for our roster in order to advance in BfA, clearing every mythic raiding content and compete while having IRL-friendly raiding times. What should you know about our guild? Quit was founded in Legion by players who have raided hardcore in the past, we still want to play on high performance with a rather casual raiding schedule. Antorus : 11/11 mythic Uldir : 4/8 mythic Raid times Wednesday 19:30 - 22:30 Sunday 19:30 - 22:30 Invites/Trash clearing will start 15 minutes prior. Optional day: (no progress) Thursday: 19:30 - w/e (Normal/Heroic/Alt runs) What do we need? Range DPS Even if your class is not listed above we are always looking for exceptional players that can push our raid team, so feel free to apply if you think you would fit and add something to the team. Please do not rush your application We look for people that: - mastered their class - are able to adapt fast - are coming prepared to a raid (guides, consumables, etc.) - possess proper english skills and are understandable in voice - have considerable experience in the game - can work with feedback - don't need to get their hands hold - are loyal and looking for a long time home - always try to improve - have high attendance Applying to the guild You can apply to us via an application on our website [url]http://www.guilded.gg/r/AdyjKkxaqj[/url] Expect trialtime to be around three weeks before we make a clear judgment on you. Discord ID Guild Master: Xnine#7169 Officer: Azzyn#2862Azzyn14 1d
1d [H]Brothers in Arms(Emeriss) набира играчи за BfA Набираме играчи от всички класове за Battle for Azeroth. <Brothers in Arms> е Българскa PvE гилдия основана октомври 2006. От тогава досега никога не сме прекъсвали райдоветe преди да свалим последния бос на контента.Legion го завършваме c Antorus: The Burning Throne 11/11 Mythic и 4/5 Cutting Edge. Pайд дни : Понеделник,Сряда,Четвъртък и Неделя oт 20:30 до 24:00. Изискванията са ни играчите да са над 18 години,80% активност за райдоветe и Discord/TS плюс микрофон. Приемането в гилдията става единствено чрез подаването на апликация,а ние държим тя да е максимално точна и грамотно написана.Уверете се, че сте прочели правилата на Brothers in Arms, преди да подадете апликацията си. Какво можем да предложим ние: - Стабилна гилдия, която райдвa повече от 12 години. - Конкурентен прогрес c четири райдa седмично. - Справедливо ръководство без деление на хората. - Стабилен ръководен състав и опитен райд лидер. Какво очакваме от вас: - Подготовка с консумативи и познания за босовете. - Висока мотивация по време на прогреса и фарм райдовете. - Добро познаване на собствения герои. - Отношение "отбор на първо място" Не искаме хора, които просто влизат на фарм райдовете, да получат плячка и след това да изчезнат за прогреса.Имаме желание да вземем още няколко човека без значение от класовете,но най вече търсим стабилно задклавиатурно устройство. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- За да пуснете апликация,регистрирайте се в нашия форум bia-emeriss.com.Baxur2 1d
2d <Iron Edge> - Weekend Raid recruitment! <Iron Edge> is one of the oldest communities in World of Warcraft, at 13 years active and still going strong. At the end of 2014 I’ve started a second team within the guild. Its target audience were the people that still wanted to push themselves and raid at the highest level of content, but couldn’t spend too much time in game. In Legion we’ve pushed 5/11 Mythic, with only 4 hours per week. Right now we're 2/8 Mythic and we're looking to strengthen our team! If you think you can commit to a 1 raid/week team, every Sunday (18:30-22:30 ST), you can apply on our forum @ www.iron-edge.co.uk Currently we're looking for healers with decent DPS offspecs, but any exceptional application (for ranged DPS) will be considered! You will find more information there or you can poke one of the following people: Weekend Raid leader: Xorm/Xormfu Main Raid leader: Rash Guild Master: Gaeios Good day, Xorm.Xormfu2 2d
2d Holy priest 3/8m LF late night guild [H] Holy Priest looking for late night mythic raiding ilvl 374 equipped but 376 in bags (archive traits stopping me quipping highest ilvl gear. looking to raid around 3 times a week on progress or even 2 progress 1 day hc farm or something along those lines. feel free to hit me up @ wiggerlywoo#1828Gábrielle0 2d
2d LF casual pvp guild Hi, I have been a pve player for many years. But the last few days I have been pvping a bit with a friend and I actually really enjoyed it and I would love to focus more on the pvp content this expansion. I have been looking around for pvp guilds but unfortunatly most of them require a pvp rating that I dont have yet. I'm a fresh pvper so I'm still in the learning curve. So basicly looking for a pvp guild where an average pvp player like me gets the chance to play , practice and grow.Elunja0 2d
2d [H] *PVP* <The Big D Club> LFM! *PVP* Hello everyone! <The Big D Club> was formed as a last resort, to find same minded people who wish to have, both fun and progress included in their WoW gametime. The main focus of the guild will be as follows: - Arena spaming - WPVP - RBGS - PVE (if people will want it) Requirements to join our ranks are as following: - Either 1,9k rbg xp or 2k 3s, 2s - At least a 25 honor lvl, if you wanna be super socal and still a part of the guild - Understand english - Have a mic & the skill to speak up when needed - 18+ of age. - Have downloaded BattleGroundEnemies addon. - To allways keep in you mind: "If its red, its dead" - Be active and respond to guild events, and random events thats may happen - Must have a sense of humor. (The Darker, the Better) - Can analyze errors, adapt to changes, and develop strategies. - Is able to discuss, argue and express their opinions. - The ability to understand Sarcasm / Banter. - The ability to understand the needs of others before themselves.. - No Narcissism, Ego, Raid Rambos, Show Boat or Fame Search. (Pride belongs to your Guild) - Understanding others just plays casual, we will never raid daily. The guild will strongly support WPVP, and is planning to do organised warmodes against other competative guilds. Regarding the RBG team. It will take some time to build up a guild only RBG team, so be patient regarding that. Until we have a full roster for the RBGS, we will pug. As this is a newly formed guild, please have patience, while the guild is building its roster. If you cant stand of beeing in a small scale guild, this is not a guild for you. So, do you got what it takes? 14 inch unbuffed is what is needed! Cya in game boiz (girls will have privileges, and are strongly wanted). CONTACT (Btag): Makaveli#2663Wassaap1 2d
2d CAUT GUILD DE ROMANI !!! Caut un guild de romani pe Kazzak !! M-ar interesa sa aiba playeri activiZukyle0 2d
2d Hunter 360ilvl LFG Kazzak(H) Hi, I am a mature dedicated fun player who is looking for a for a casual/semi raiding guild for my hunter(alt). I have a mage(main), that is already farming hc with good guild. Pugs suck so I just wanna clear HC in a systematic manner each week with this hunter as well for a few weeks while my gear gets better and then progress on to mythic when gear is appropriate. Account: bouncyspline#2547 Raider io: https://raider.io/characters/eu/kazzak/Galeine Wow armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/kazzak/Galeine Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/kazzak/GaleineGaleine1 2d
2d Small core looking to help fill Hi peeps Me and some of my friends (around 6/7 of us) are looking for a guild that would like to do some joint raids or activities in the near future. The guys/girls in our group are all around 370+ and can offer heals, tanks, rDPS and mDPS to fill any raid group. We have cleared HC and would be willing to help others as well. We would love to help out a guild by joining for your progress nights, or even when you need a fill. The current guild we are in is a large and very good multi-game guild full of guys and girls mostly playing other games like OW and Ark. We are not asking anyone to join us or anything.. just to see where the raiding takes us. If anyone is interested in us helping out we would love to hear from other guilds. I know loads of guilds on the server are in the same place as us having lost members to the larger guilds. Together I am hoping we can really push to where we want to be :) Add me on - uNeak#2111 for a chat! Thanks for your time!Uneek1 2d
2d [H, PVP]Looking for KFC team 1.8k+ CR Hi boys I'm looking for a KFC team to push rating in 3s with. I can play almost any time of the day/night About me: My name is Brian, 29 years of age with a lot of free time on my hands by the looks of it. I'll be quite vocal in coms with that in mind I'd like my teammates to be as well. Currently sitting at 1815 CR and looking to get 2k or above this season. You can message me here or add me on KoliBrian#2195Cykelskur0 2d
3d Resto LF casual Mythic guild Hi all! I'm a resto druid who've been around in the magical World of Warcraft since i was a kid ~roughly 14 years. I am currently guildless since i just transferred to Kazzak. (I have recently rerolled to this druid from my old main rogue) wich can explain the lack of champions reputation, currently honored. I am at your service from 20:00-00:00. 2-3days/week. If your looking for a PvE dedicated dude to push it in your raids and be social with I'm probably the one. Current progress : 8/8HC 1/8M Add my bnet tag Timmo#2478 if you have any interest in recruiting me. / MakalìMakalì0 3d
3d [H] <Kimchi> are recruiting! Hi! Kimchi is a guild consisting of friends who want to enjoy a casual, social and mature atmosphere. We raid two nights per week and have a great deal of experience raiding in WoW. We are currently pushing through HC Uldir (7/8) with a view to progress on through to Mythic (1/8). We are currently looking to recruit some competent ranged DPS players to complete our roster. We are particularly interested in hearing from an Affliction Warlock. Unfortunately our melee DPS spots are currently full but exceptional players will be considered. Our raid times are: Wednesday 20:00 - 23:00 server time. Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 server time. What we can offer you: A friendly, relaxed atmosphere where you can chill out after a long day. A stable rate of progress through the BFA endgame PvE content. Guild comms/Discord for you to kick back and have a laugh! Weekly in house M+ runs. What we expect from you: Maintain a mature, friendly and sociable attitude at all times. Maintain a high standard of raid attendance. Where possible, make raid leaders aware of any absences in advance so we can plan around you. Know your class, spec and role. Use all relevant raid addons: We expect all members to use DBM and Angry Assignments. You must have a working microphone and be able to communicate in English to a decent standard. If you feel like you would be a good fit for Kimchi, please whisper Seranis, Ualak, Quakehorn or Axzòó in game for a chat! See you all in game! Ualak.Ualak14 3d
3d [H] <Archetype> [8/8N] Fun players needed! Hello everybody! Archetype started out as a small community of real life friends and online friends joining together, to try out raiding once again, after some of us had longer breaks from both raiding and the game. Many of us have even played and raided since Vanilla. With great success of the raids we've done so far, we decided to create a guild together and continue the great fun and laughs. But.. We need a few more fun players to fill the missing spots to the raid team. And yes, FUN and laughable players is what we are looking for. We don't care if you got no past experience, as long you can improve from your mistakes and have a laugh while doing so. Having general knowledge of your class and the surroundings is required though. Having a dark humor is a big, big plus! We do alot of M+ during the week, so there will always be something going on when we are not raiding. What we need to continue progressing on heroic: High priority DPSLow Priority HealersWe emphasize ALOT in having fun and a great laugh and less of killing bosses. Are you a hardcore player who wants to get everything down in one evening and on first try, please find another guild. Especially if you're an elitist, just stay away. We mainly raid Saturdays 20:00-23:00 (At 23:00 we will vote if the raid wants to continue for another hour to 00:00), a second raid in the week is still being discussed. After reading all of this and you're still interested, please, go ahead and contact us. Dáu / Cheilo - Raigdar # 2590 Braxler - Wheldrake # 2486 Ryokin - Engholm # 21595Dáu1 3d
3d [H][BE/NL] -Shab Sinnekloas- 7/8HC 1/8M ABOUT SHAB SINNEKLOAS Shab Sinnekloas is a guild founded a year ago by real life friends who have hardcore raiding experience and just wanted to raid in a casual raiding environment. Since we are belgians we only search for belgians or dutch people. The only language allowed is dutch! At our core we are a raiding guild, but we highly value raid-life balance. Our goals are to progress at a decend level but we believe that maintaining a fun atmosphere is imperative to the longevity of any progressive-raiding team. This means that we progress at our own speed and facilitate strict raid times. We expect people to be on time and prepared to progress efficiently as a team. However, we take into account our real-life emergencies and are understanding if something should come up that would prevent anyone from attending. We are looking for dedicated, skilled players that are proactive in looking for ways to maximize their character’s potential, no matter what role they fulfill in the raid. RAID TIMES Wednesday - 8:00pm to 11pm EST Sunday - 8:00pm to 11pm EST We do offer optional raid nights as well! Our mission is to be as efficient as possible in our 6 hour per week raid schedule. PROGRESSION 1/8 Mythic Uldir 7/8 Heroic Uldir RECRUITMENT NEEDS Warlock Balance Druid Resto Shaman Shadow/Disc Priest Mage Will look at all exceptional raider applicants! WHAT SHAB SINNEKLOAS HAS TO OFFER • Progression raiding with strict raid times. • Relaxed raid schedule. • Fun, drama-free, raid atmosphere and an active Discord community with a wide variety of gamers. HOW TO JOIN Whisper the guildmaster or officers for invites Hetookmyjob - ReHooKYU#2734 (Bnet) or Zappaxa#1035 (Discord) Arkmeisje - StepOnALego#2413 (Bnet) or BillyBaraki#8805 (Discord) Racnar - Racnar#2514 (Bnet) or Racnar#8212 (Discord) (If you add us on Real ID - Please PM us with who you are from the forums Class/Role/iLvl)Zappaxa0 3d
4d RBG Guild Recruiting Hey Guys, <Legio Getica> are recruiting for RBGs. We currently play at 2.1k MMR, our playing days are Tuesday and Thursday 20:00-23:00. We are in need of an experienced and vocal Tank (Druid or DH) that can play a DPS off-spec and a Boomkin or Rogue. You will need good experience in rated PvP in order to be considered and must also be very vocal over Discord. We also have a 2nd RBG Team for more Social players, playing 1/2 times a week on random days. Attendance is not mandatory for this team. Everyone is welcome to this team and there are no rating requirements. If you are interested in a spot please add Sandycheekz#2680 on Battle.Net for a chat.Sandycheekz5 4d
4d [H] Melee player looking for guild Hello I am looking for a guild to progress further into Heroic. DPS Warrior (363 ilvl) I am an experienced WoW player, I have been playing on/off since vanilla. I'm looking for a home as well to have fun and do some m+/alt raids etc. My current progression: 7/8 Heroic Alts Rogue (360 ilvl) DH (345 ilvl) I can raid 2 or 3 times a week. - From Netherlands - 33y old - always prepared with flasks etc. Please contact me for further information. Thanks Broeswillems#2445Vijftig0 4d
4d [KAZZAK - H] The Silmarillion 2/8 m recruiting Hello there We have just opened our doors again to recruitment. What we are looking for is people who think when they raid and able to adjust and adapt to mechanics during boss fights, Things dont go smooth all the time so being able to see past the mistakes and reset for the next try is a plus We cleared up to and killed Aggramar mythic in antorus and some of them members never logged back on :D so we recruiting the hungry raiders who want to progress. What we currently need - MM/BM hunter Holy Pala Lock [able to play all specs] boomkin That being said we will consider other with high exp and good logs Our raid days - wed - 1930 - 2300 thurs - 1930 - 2300 sun - 1930 - 2300 If your intrested pop any of these guys on to bnet and they will sort you out Leetaimin#2595,Gaardelid#2142,Sparxz#2852Hotwheels1 4d
4d <Eyecandy>8/8HC 3/8M Letar DPS och Holy Paladin. Eyecandy är en svensk raiding guild på Kazzak-EU - Vi är en guild som grundats av ett gäng polare som spelat ihop sedan vanilla. Allt från gamla hardcore raiders till lite mer casual spelare. Eftersom vi blivit äldre och inte har lika mycket tid att spela längre har vi valt att skapa denna guild för spelare som inte har möjligheten att hardcore raida fem dagar i veckan men ändå vill progressa i Mythic content. Vårt mål är att cleara så mycket PvE content som möjligt under de få raidtimmar vi har varje vecka med en trevlig och skön guild atmosfär. - När vi väl raidar spelar vi dock på allvar. Våra raidtider just nu är Onsdag, Torsdag och Söndag 19-22. Känner du att detta kan vara en guild för dig, tveka inte att slänga en apply. Skutta bara iväg till forumet för att ansöka. https://eyecandy-kazzak.shivtr.com/Emylía2 4d
4d 375 Frost/Blood DK LF good guild with good people. Im good dk. k? Looking for mythic guild with 3/8+ need more info? add me poot#2886Tonpa0 4d
4d H<Booty 2/8> Mythic guild looking for more Hello all We are currently recruiting raiders of all shapes and sizes to continue our progress. Booty, a guild made up of ex-mythic raiders and brand new players, has been raiding for the past several years together. After a brief merger, the majority of the core players decided leave the hardcore scene behind and reform Booty raiding. The aim of our team is to have fun whilst witnessing all content. Our raid times: 19:00 - 22:00 (UK Time) Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday Although attendance is preferred we understand that everyone has a life outside of the game - we just like a heads up! If this is something that could interest you please get in touch in game with myself, Chibbins, Snusano or Supabowjob.Zoldo2 4d
4d [H] 374 Frost Mage and 366 Resto druid LF Guild We are looking to start progressing Mythic Uldir. We both have curve, i'm 1/8M and he's 2/8M. Experienced and eager to push high into Mythic raiding. If we sound like we may benefit your guild please get in touch.Kìlluminati1 4d
4d [H] <Wiping Syndicate> 2/8 M Arab Guild <Wiping Syndicate> 2/8 M Arab guild looking to improve its current roster with dedicated raiders. Recruiting 3 Dps & 1 Healer. Raid times Wed & Sun 19:00-22:30 server time. We are a group of friends raiding together since Cataclysm with multiple cutting edge achievements, but our current roster needs some improvements to complete Uldir with CE. For more info, do not hesitate in contacting me. Bujaber#2131shalashaska0 4d
4d SSC Crew 4/8M We currently require 2 Solid fulltime healers. 1 Raid healer (pref Rdruid) 1 Tank healer (pref Hpala) We are also taking exceptional ranged DPS pref lock Raid times (gametime) and days. Wednesday : 1900 - 2300 Thursday : 1900 - 2300 Sunday : 1800 - 2200 Having formed, we are slowly perfecting our roster. We are looking for any exceptional application, if you feel you can out perform our members do not hesitate to apply. Please at least have the following - Close to 100% attendance - Be prepared (pots, food, flasks and videos) - Have a raiding history with decent kills - Provide some proof of the above Currently we are relaxed pushing Mythic content, preparing for our real push in the second tier. If you are interested, please contact Dankura#1604 face#2850 Caoz#2982 Blinkk#21915Blinkkxo8 4d
4d Alliance player LF hardcore guild + M+ Team First of all hello. I am currently raiding as part of an alliance guild 3 days a week. I take this game very seriously and strive to the best I can, therefore I am looking to continue progression with a horde guild (those racials... ) and looking to join a serious mythic+ team and i'm willing to start from the bottom. I can playing 10+ hours a day most days (I work a job that allows me to do so) and put full effort into theory crafting and simming my character to maximise its potential. Here are my logs for the current raid tier: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/sylvanas/sil%C3%A9nte#difficulty=4 If you wish to contact me in game please add me I would be happy to chat with you :) ZakAttack#21314Silénte1 4d
4d [H]<Mythic Nut> Recruiting DPS & Healers Hello and welcome. Recruiting: DPS& Healers We are currently 8/8 NM, 7/8 Heroic, 1/8 Mythic Uldir. Raiding schedule: Monday Wednesday Sunday (Flexible) from 20.00 - 23.00. We expect people to be prepared and ready at 20.00 to start clearing trash. Depending on the mood and the willingness of the players, the raid can extend to later, but is not a necessity. Stay updated on: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/kazzak/Mythic+Nut We strongly value people that can attend to all given raid days without being interrupted too many times. We also value motivated raiders that know the responsibility of their actions, and that are at the same level of play as us. Furthermore, we do expect people to be completely sure about tactics on ANY given boss fight we might encounter, and to be 100% ready with the consumables it requires, as well as possible role changes. Should you see yourself fit well in our guild, then please don't hesitate to throw an application. ALL serious and exceptional players - regardless of class and spec - will always be taken in consideration. If you are interested or got any questions please contact either of our 4 officers: [ChoosingOwl#2270] [Bearcareing#2125] [NotTom#2130] [Cybernetechs#2947] Visit our website: https://mythicnut.enjin.com/ where you can apply! and read more about us.Chellu10 4d
4d (H) 373 ilvl Ret 8/8HC (Multi-kills) 3/8M I'm 373 ilvl Retribution paladin who is looking for a Mythic raiding guild which seeks to push uldir progression. Always active when it comes to raiding. Prog: 8/8 HC (multi-kills) 3/8 M For any questions please leave a message... Tadexexer-KazzakArqwe1 4d
4d Havoc 376ilvl LFG Hi, Looking to fill a roster on a mythic progression guild. I am 8/8HC and 2/8M (50% progress at Zek'Voz) right now through pugs, at 374/376ilvl. I can raid couple of times a week as most guilds do usual times 19/20+ PM. I am tired of puging, and I want real progress as soon as possible. Contact me on whisper or here Account: #Godfather21810 Raider io: https://raider.io/characters/eu/kazzak/Meblind Wow armory: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/kazzak/Meblind Logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/character/eu/kazzak/MeblindMeblind3 4d