30 May LF guild see description i came back to wow.. i was always more of pvp so im interested in doing rbgs but i also want to start raiding so im looking for a guild who does both:) see youPerførmance0 30 May
29 May Rhinestone Sunglasses (Looking, not selling) as the title says, i'm looking for someone who's able to craft -Rhinestone Sunglasses-Super0 29 May
29 May LF A gold trade from TN To Kazzak. I am looking for someone who plays on Kazzak & Twisting nether. I am trying to find someone who needs gold on twisting nether and is willing to trade on kazzak. add arki#2370Jónbjört0 29 May
28 May LF Booster LF a good DPS to join CM boosting team.We need hunter,monk or shaman,maybe kick !@# warr.multi 8/8,fully bis geared (OS is an advantage but not necessary). We don't do tons of boosts per day.Sometimes 3-4 times a week,sometimes less,sometimes more but never more than once a day.Boosting times are usually at around 8-9 pm server time. If you think you have what it takes,add me: icetea2#2711Naguziteljka4 28 May
27 May WTB Archimonde Mythic Mount Boost Anyone selling the boost with the mount? paying on stormscale.Paratchev0 27 May
27 May LFG <Kazzak Raiding Guild> Looking for a raiding guild in Kazzak that helps there new fellows members in progressing there gear / experience in the following expansion of draenor or even the next Legion mainly looking for a fun environment raiding guild that brings there life before the game, i am a very experienced rogue i have been playing wow since The burning crusade i got into PvE since Wrath of the lich king and so on i enjoyed the experience of playing wow with alot of people cross the world. if you think you got the guild i want in my mind please don't forget to communicate with me ingame, W / Locododododo.Locododododo0 27 May
26 May To be continued... .Tillie37 26 May
26 May [H] (X-realm) Cult of the Doomed 13/13M (LF All roles) Cult of the Doomed (Horde) – 13/13 Mythic is recruiting all roles! Cotd is a mature, thriving guild that hasn't stopped raiding since 2008. We call home the connected realms of Emeriss, Hakkar, Crushridge, Agamaggan, Bloodscalp and Twilight's Hammer - EU We are looking for exceptional raiders that are driven and patient and are able to maintain over 90% raid-attendance per month. Our raiding schedule is Wed/Sun/Mon 19:45-23:00. (CET, UTC +01:00) As it happens at the end of every expansion, we are in need to expand our roster and replace those who got bored or felt they achieved their in game goals and decided to go afk. Our goal is to continue farming Upper Spire - Mannoroth and Archimonde Mythic for WF gear and mounts until Legion hits. Additionally we are looking for a strong start in Legion with a 26 man roster. Recruitment Details: Tanks: Urgent Need for a Non-DK tank (recruiting 1 tank) DPS: All RDPS application will be considered (recruiting 2-3 dps) Heals: No spot for HPaladins and Monks (recruiting 2 healers) If you are thinking about applying on a healer, consider that a functional DPS OS is highly appreciated and will guarantee you a raidspot since flexibility is highly valued and the number of healers in the raid decreases over the course of the raiding tier. What you need to apply: • Be over 18 y.o. • Respectful Attitude towards everyone (from trade chat to pugs) • Working mic and ability to communicate • Mythic experience at least 10/13 M, with logs. • 4 set and 795 ring • Punctuality, patience and consistency is what we value the most! Additional info: • We use loot council (officers vote) • You can trial from your home server and if we mutually like each other, you will need to server transfer to get the mythic raider status. • Highly diversified international community. • English is our main language. • Alt/social raids (optional) • Active Guild forums. • Guild activity in other Steam/Blizzard games. • We make sure to keep having fun even during the worst progress wipefests ! In case you have questions or want to apply, check the website: http://www.cultofthedoomed.net and/or whisper any officer in game. Or contact me at bnet: GintoniQ#2540 Thanks!Gintoniq0 26 May
26 May Selling TCG item(s) and rare items Hi there, As the title says, I'm selling TCG items as well as other rares. Items may change from time to time. Currently in stock: Paper Flying Machine Kit x 10 (6 remaining) Chromatic Sword Only taking offers at the moment - no buyoutshttp://i.imgur.com/lJyq5VM.jpg If interested, feel free to add my Btag: Bagger#21725Skilluminati3 26 May
25 May Smexigyxa, warrior on kazzak this evening i got invited from this player for brf hc, few minutes later that took me to get there without any notice he decided to disband raid and kick all his guild members from guild. after that i was informed its a 12 year old thinking he owns the game....im making this post just to inform other players about this person, no mather if he applys to new guild, groups with u or anything its just a toxic player who abuses game grouping mechanics without any concern about commnity and this is way to isolate toxic player like that so he ends up playing alone or with players like him if he dont work on his behaviorNarcreaper1 25 May
25 May DW Selling Glory of HFC <Death Wish> Hello There, We've Have been selling about everything, new we are including Glories achievements This Thursday 23/6/2016 We are selling Hellfire Citadel Glory Price is 100k Contact info Koyjin#2916Koyjin11 25 May
25 May BRF mythic+Ironhoof boost Like the title says: WTB a BRF mythic+Ironhoof boost. Got gold on Kazzak, boosted toon is Magtheridon. Don't really need gear from BRF, just after the achievments+title.Guldendraak0 25 May
24 May Resto druid A/H LF CM boosting team for DOUBLE CARRY. Hello i'm interest in a hardcore CM boosting ( even 3 boost per day ) so i'm looking for a spot in a team or a good Hunter/Shaman and a DK. Players needs to have at least 100 CM Dungeons Complete and have a friendly attitude. If u are interest ad forgetmenot#2664Forgetless0 24 May
23 May "Nine Inches Unbuffed" - Naxx 40 & Pre Nerf Raiders "Nine Inches Unbuffed" Is a Reformed guild that started back in Cataclysm, with Naxx 40, Sunwell Pre Nerf experienced leaders and core members. The guild was created During DS and manged to clear Full HC in 6 weeks during the 5% Buff with no hesitation, we where playing as a 4 day raiding hardcore guild back then, although for the time being we are more laid back into a 2 day Hardcore raiding guild. Most of our hardcore raiders just started playing again after a long break. We are Currently recruiting All Classes & Specs for a full Mythic clear & for the upcoming expansion "Legion", we expect top skills, dedication & previous experience to clear the mythic content as soon as possible. The recruitment is open to all skilled players although you have to meet the requirements in which we are very strict with as follows: -Previous End Game Experience is Mandatory -Being able to Maximize your class outcome meanwhile maintaining high standards on tactics. -Being able to have an attendance of 90-100% -Acceptable gear for the current content * We have no time to carry - one person makes a difference * ** Our Guild is on EU-Kazzak Horde ** Raiding Days: Wednesday: 18:00 - 22:00 ST Sunday: 18:00 - 22:00 ST Feel free to add me for more information: Posative#2456 7/13 Mythic Within 4 raids Recruitment Open: Classes Needed :- 1 Mage 2 Warlocks 1 Rogue 1 Enhance-Ele Shaman / Resto Offspec 1 Boomie Druid 1 Ret Pala - Perferably with Holy Offspec 1 WW Monk - Perferably with MW Offspec All healers are Open "Disc Priest(Closed). Recruitment is also open for all classes with Exceptions and Dedication.Mayo0 23 May
22 May s sMonoxídé2 22 May
20 May [H] LF a friendly raiding guild Hello! My name is Quarie and i'm a 21 year old swedish guy. Looking for a semi hardcore raiding guild for late wod content and enjoying legion with on a friendly level. When i started working full time i stopped with the raiding for awhile, tried some other games and did some pugs every now and then for fun. Cleared HFC normal and touched heroic as a brew monk. Now when legion is getting closer i want to get back into the raiding scene with a friendly guild that have a mind for progress but doesn't see wow as top 1 priority in life. Been playing WoW since late Wotlk and been raiding as tank for the most part. That being said i can play both tank and dps depending what the guild needs. In legion i've decided to main a DK and put my monk on the shelf. So if you are looking for a tank, melee dps or just a friendly member don't hesitate to add me or write something about you guild in the thread Quarie#2613 Thx for taking you time reading this and take care Best regards QuarieZanic0 20 May
20 May "Nine Inches Unbuffed" - Naxx 40 & Pre Nerf Raiders. "Nine Inches Unbuffed" Is a Reformed guild that started back in Cataclysm, with Naxx 40, Sunwell Pre Nerf experienced leaders and core members. The guild was created During DS and manged to clear Full HC in 6 weeks during the 5% Buff with no hesitation, we where playing as a 4 day raiding hardcore guild back then, although for the time being we are more laid back into a 2 day Hardcore raiding guild. Most of our hardcore raiders just started playing again after a long break. We are Currently recruiting All Classes & Specs for a full Mythic clear & for the upcoming expansion "Legion", we expect top skills, dedication & previous experience to clear the mythic content as soon as possible. The recruitment is open to all skilled players although you have to meet the requirements in which we are very strict with as follows: -Previous End Game Experience is Mandatory -Being able to Maximize your class outcome meanwhile maintaining high standards on tactics. -Being able to have an attendance of 90-100% -Acceptable gear for the current content * We have no time to carry - one person makes a difference * Raiding Days: Wednesday: 18:00 - 22:00 ST Sunday: 18:00 - 22:00 ST Feel free to add me for more information: Posative#2456Mayo7 20 May
20 May [H] LF Raiding Guild Looking for a raiding guild i stopped wow when HFC released and i came back now im looking for a decent guild too raid with if you want to speak more in game more then welcome if your interested in this post add me Loco#2804Locododododo0 20 May
20 May WTB hfc hc boost on kazzak horde As the topic says, serching for full run hfc boost. want the boost Asap Pm me offers bois jollis#2745Kastad0 20 May
20 May WTB Windwool Cloth/Bolts Hey guys If anyone got some windwool cloth's laying around you can cod them to me or my Alt Fialisá. Doesn't matter how much you got just cod it. 160G for a stack of Windwool Cloth's (200) 800G for a stack of Bolt of Windwool Cloth's (200) Add my B-tag if you like Likmask #2507Líkmask0 20 May
19 May Free Arena Cap Boost Every Night This Week! Hello friends! I'm doing a FREE arena cap boost for as many people as I can fit into my busy schedule, starting from 20:00 ST every single night! Horde or Alliance it doesn't matter! Please add my battletag tas#1404 and make sure to keep whispering me, remember this is a very popular event so you're going to need to be super dedicated to make sure I see your whispers instead of somebody else's! Good luck and have fun!Fabuloso4 19 May
17 May [H] Disc Priest 10/13M looking for guild hi im looking for a guild for my alt im 10/13M Disc priest i cant raid on thursdays. feel free to add me on bnet Unreserved#2892Megaisme3 17 May
17 May [WTS] Raid Lockouts Hey Kazzak! I'm selling raid lockouts Some might wonder, what do you mean sell lockouts?! Well, for those who are chasing that one special mount, and possibly doing so on many characters each week, I provide the alternative of simply buying the lockout with only the needed boss alive, saving a huge amount of time. Notice: this is for Horde only Selection and Prices Lich King - Invincible's Reins 500g Yogg-Saron - Mimiron's Head 500g Elegon - Reins of the Astral Cloud Serpent 700g Ragnaros - Smoldering Egg of Millagazor 500g Madness of Deathwing - Reins of the Blazing Drake 500g Ji-Kun - Clutch of Ji-Kun 800g *If you want something not listed here, I do take requests* ____________________________________________________________________ Battletag Lockouts#2722 Service available on the following realms: Ragnaros Draenor Kazzak Twisting-Nether Stormscale Tarren-Mill ____________________________________________________________________ Customer feedback is much appreciated!Lockouts0 17 May
17 May LF Dondarian from /cry Hello everyone. I am looking for my friend :P He was playing a character named Dondarion or Dondarian, always a male warrior.... During TBC he was playing in Slashcry, here. Then he migrated to Bloodfeather where we met and after that he came back to Kazzak. Ever since the end of wotlk ,I lost track of him and I was wondering if anyone knows his whereabouts and can help me out so I can contact him... Thank you for your time and sorry to bother you with my post if I did so.Zøkath7 17 May
17 May Late Night Guild Coach 13/13M Greetings Everyone, < Coach > Is a long standing late night guild been around on kazzak since 2010. We are a diverse guild which evolve around a friendly atmosphere. we are semi-casual guild we raid two-days a week. Thursday 22:00 PM - 1:30 AM Server time and Friday 21:00 PM - 1:00 AM and sometimes we extend on Sunday if we are progressing and close to a kill. Our current progressions IN WOD High-maul : 3/7M Black-rock Foundry : 7/10M Hellfire Citadel : 13/13M and P3 Progression on Archimonde. Loot System We use /roll on as a loot System however raiders have priority on loot than trials and on Archimonde mount we use effort points, What it mean it give points to people who attend raids and who got high points get to roll on the mount. As I said we are a semi-Casual guild however we are very ambitions to clear the current expansion. If you have any more question or looking to join the guild Please whisper me in-game. Contact Info Coach#2298Coach1 17 May
16 May 12/13 mythic warrior looking for competetive guild!! Contact me ingame at TinyTauren#22873Margots1 16 May
16 May Looking for raiding guild Hey all I'm looking for a friendly raiding guild I am available most nights of the week and have had experience from when I used to play in cataclysm and would like to get into raiding again ready for legion.Lioshed0 16 May
15 May Glory of the Hellfire Raider - Boosting by <Fang> Fang are now selling the full Hellfire Citadel meta achievement every Sunday at 19:00 realm time. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This boost contains - Infernal Direwolf All 13 Meta achievements required for the Glory of the Hellfire Achievement. A full 13/13 Normal Mode HFC clear with Personal Loot. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A 10% Deposit is required when booking your boost and gold should ONLY be traded to myself or another <Fang> member when explicitly told to. All gold must be on Kazzak-EU horde side. <Fang> are a trusted boosting guild and have many reviews and supporters over on our 13/13 Mythic Boost thread. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you are interested in getting a boost or to discuss prices, please add me on Naetic#2157 Many thanks! GizbyGizby13 15 May
15 May Death Wish Selling Glory of Hellfire Boost Death Wish Selling HFC Glory This Wednesday At 20:30 ST. Smooth And quick run Price is 100k Contact Info Koyjin#2916Koyjen0 15 May
14 May Looking for raiding guild (Heroic) Hello, I am 23 years old guy from Sweden. I can raid: Mondays: 17-02 Tuesdays: 17-02 Wednesdays: 17-02 Thursdays: 17-02 Fridays: -- Saturdays: -- Sundays: 17-02 I prefer 2 days per week. All my current progress is only from PUGS through raid finder and I'm kinda bored about doing pugs all the times, so I decide that I should come back to raiding instead, but it's hard to find a guild with low progress now adays because all guilds are in mythic raiding.. ofc after this long time.. HFC progress: 13/13 normal 9/13 hc Item level: 715 working mic & all voice programs My only worth mention experience is my 6/7 firelands hc pre-nerf back in the days. Other than that I have just cleared full hc before next raid was released back in cataSimpro0 14 May
14 May [A] Nova Blackout, Frostmane lf mythic raider Hello Raider! We are currently looking for a warlock, a mistweaver or resto shaman and a dk tank for the rest of wod and for legion. We are: Nova Blackout on Frostmane, Alliance. If you are a dedicated player with teamspirit, guildspirit and want to become a part of a coreteam and a guild, maybe this is for you. Nova Blackout started 2011. We are a focused progress raiding guild. The goal is to combine endcontent raiding with a respectful, fun and social atmosphere. Its an active, mature guild both inside raids and outside. Teamspeak is open for all guildies and there so almost always someone there to have a chat and a laugh with. Raidingdays: Wednesday 19.15 - 23 Thursday 19.15 - 23 Monday 19.15 – 23 Around 21.00 there is a 15 min break. Progresson in HFC mythic: 11/13 If you want to know more about us contact the guildmaster or any officer www.nova-blackout.guildlaunch.com /Vaala Ludden#2683 Ourez#2338 Gotinho#1526 Pennaa#2146Vaala0 14 May
13 May Seeking guild (H) Hello everyone. Just resubbed to the game after a short absense. Was just gonna see if there is any casual raiding guild out there, maybe still pushing HFC normal? Gimme a heads up if that is the case.Mick1 13 May
12 May [H] Consanguineus Boosting Service | HFC Mythic About consanguineus: “Consanguineus is an old guild originally founded in 2007 on the Shadowsong realm, which moved to Kazzak for the MoP expansion. Our main goal is to experience and master the high-end content in WoW that is only achievable with a highly skilled and motivated group of players working together. We have been clearing HFC Mythic consistenly and successfully for many months and subsequently have opened up a boosting service for other players.” What you can Expect from us: Friendly, helpful and skilled players A consistent and steady boost of very high quality The Boost We are currently only boosting the 6 bosses in mythic lower (Hellfire Assault -> Gorefiend) Boost Time & Dates Every Sunday @ 19:45-23:00 server time Price & Payment 400k with payment only accepted in gold. With Mythic Hellfire Citadel being cross realm it is not a requirement for you to be from Kazzak, We do only accept the gold on the server kazzak-EU, Horde side. We require you to pay 25% upfront when booking the boost, this is to reserve your sport and ensuring u will show up. The other 75% of the payment will be done before the first boss will be pulled. Interested? If you are interested in booking a boost or want further details please add our BattleTags: Mike#24594 Walkytalkie#2735 Stanley#2176 Or check out our website: http://consanguineus.eu/boosting-service/Stànley11 12 May
11 May [H] <Into The Flame> {Late-night} - HFC Mythic & Legion Into The Flame Into The Flame is a reformed late-night raiding guild consisting of experienced raiders, we're looking to finish Mythic HFC before legion and need a few more to bolster our roster. We are currently 1/13M but most of us have 4/13+ mythic exp. Raid Times: Wednesday - 23:45 - 02:15 Thursday - 23:45 - 02:15 Into The Flame is a mature and banter-full guild and we ask that players be over the age of 16. We use TS3 and also use RClootcouncil for the fair distribution of loot. We are looking for 715iLvl+ Legendary Ring (or close to obtaining) High attendance rate Versatile with off spec if applicable Willing to take criticism and learn We are recruiting all classes except Warlocks, Monks and Protection Warriors.Khova0 11 May
11 May Looking for a DK Tank for a CM Boost team The team currently consists of an Enhancement Shaman~Combat/Subtlety Rogue and a Restoration Druid with over 400 CMs completed this expansion between the two of us and extensive boosting experience. We are looking for a DK Tank to complete the team so we can proceed doing CM boosts. Ideally, we are looking for a person who has previous experience with boosting players in CMs (especially for this expansion), of course a good set of a CM gear, which is greatly optimized and the skill to play your class and be vocal, and also - availability, which has to be the most important attribute you should have. If you are interested or have any questions, please post below and leave your battletag here and I'll try and contact you as soon as possible.Perplexity1 11 May
11 May [H] Unstable Experiment 10/13 Mythic ! ! ! WE ARE LOOKING FOR A TANK ! ! ! Who are we? Unstable Experiment is a newly started guild on kazzak. The guild was created and formed by experienced World of Warcraft player. What are we recruiting? Warrior / DK / Paladin TANK Monk Healer Druid Dps (Feral & Boomkin) Mage Warlock Paladin Dps What about our goals? The rest of WoD: The goals for the rest of this expantion is to get everything down on mythic as soon as possible (Blackhand & Archimonde). We are raiding 2 times a week (Wend & Thurs 20-23 servertime). Also we have a big focus on building a strong core for Legion, with good a good raid environment, structure and dynamics. Legion: Our goals for Legion is simple. We are going to be one of the top guilds on Kazzak. We want to be seen on the first page of wow-progress. We are going to be a guild people want to play in, becuse our nice raid-environment and progress. The raid times and days is going to be Tue, Wend & Thur 20:00 - 23:00 servertime, and we expect our members to keep up with good attendance. Website? http://www.unstable-experiment.eu/ Who are you? You are a player who is experienced in the game of World of Warcraft OR a person who is a fast lerner and would like to get experience. You are looking for a guild with good leadership and structure, with mature and awsum raids to come. You also have the ability to keep up with attendence. You have clear goals in WoW what you like to do. You always bring your best in the raids, and comes prepered with flasks/food/etc and updated on the latest tactics. You also have a mindset to be the best you can be with your class / classes. You have atleast 1 playable alt, to make sure we always have best setup for each boss. Fast info: - Leadership of the guild has 13/13 Mythic & oldschool players - 2 raid days a week rest of WoD then 3 days in Legion - Our raid times 20-23 servertime - Top guild on kazzak in Legion - Mature and nice raid environment - Current progress 10/13 Mythic HFC 10/10 Mythic BRF Who to contact for more information? Please add on of the following people on B-net: Neterulina (GM): neterulina#2723 Futacow (O): rockapotamus#2803 Iceray (O): Fireray#2869 Fobian (O): allterry#2662Neterogue13 11 May
11 May [SWE][H] Uranium på Kazzak 11/13 Mythic Rekryterar! Backstory Uranium är en guild som grundades 27 September 2015. Vi har sedan clearat HFC Heroic och progressar just nu i Mythic 9/13. Vi kommer att satsa mycket hårdare i Legion än vad vi gjort i Warlords of Draenor då vi tagit det lugnare nu i WoD, pga att vi grundades några månader efter HFC kom ut. När Legion släpps kommer vi att snabbt slänga oss rakt in i raidingen så fort vi kan! Generel Information <Uranium> Faction: Horde Server: Kazzak http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/kazzak/Uranium Vi söker efter exceptionella spelare av alla klasser Kontakt Information Metzern "Guildmaster" Metzern#2662 Raid dagar (Kan ändras inför Legion) Onsdag : 18:45 - 22:00 Torsdag : 18:45 - 22:00 Måndag : 18:45 - 22:00 Mål för Legion - Vara helt redo för Legion - Satsa 100% på raiding i Legion och ranka så bra som möjligt Krav på dig som spelare - Motiverade spelare - Över 85% Närvaro (Vi tar hänsyn till IRL problem som kan uppstå) - Kunna taktikerna för ALLA bossar - Kunna din klass och vara villig att lära sig nya saker hela tiden - Fullt uppgraderad, gemmad och enchantad gear - Vi letar efter mogna människor som kan hantera konstruktiv kritik. - Vi använder TS3 och förväntar oss att du kan använda en mikrofon Information om rekrytering och guilden http://uraniumeu.enjin.com Information och Regler http://uraniumeu.enjin.com/forum/m/35322400/viewthread/26142665-regler-och-mlPiffzy12 11 May
10 May "Heima" (1/13 Mythic) Recruiting Greetings, my fellow Kazzakians. Our guild is looking to progress further into mythic before the end of the expansion, and to strengthen the roster for Legion. Who are we? Heima is a social guild with active members, and we have lot of fun both within and in between raidtimes. We have a good core of loyal members who all make an effort to strengthen the guild and further its progression, and you never need to look far for help with anything (though I would buy a Neural Silencer for raid nights). Right now we are hovering on the brink of mythic. Our raidteam consists of strong players, but due to some players taking a break from the game and so on, our roster has not been big enough to get a steady mythic team up running. We are currently smashing through heroic with little resistance, and the last time we had a poke at mythic with a full guild group we downed assault and got Reaver to 32%. Who are we looking for? We are recruiting mythic-ready players. Our core team is more or less fully heroic geared, and we want to continue with our mythic progression as soon as possible. This means that you have: - heroic 4-set - legendary ring - 720+ iLvl - mythic experience, or good knowledge about the mythic encounters It also means that you show up to every raid with 125 food, potions, flasks and healing tonics, and that you make an effort to have a complete understanding of tactics and mastery of your class. Primarily we are looking for a Resto shaman/MW monk and a Shadow Priest/Warlock/Rogue/Boomie, but good players will be considered regardless of class. In the end we are most interested in you, the person behind the character. We want positive players who make an effort for the team, and, most importantly; someone its fun and enjoyable to raid with :) What can we offer? - A consistant raid team - Frequent alt runs - Events between raid nights - A will to always progress further - A good home for this expansion, and a strong start for Legion - A coordinated guild with good leadership - "!@#$s and giggles" If you are interested, contact me or any of the other officers in game for a chat! Mckoll (gm, raid leader) - Nhymis#2101 Pheonixstar (co-gm) - Pheo#2671 Neospawnstab (officer) - NunoDRKS#2610 Reek (junior officer) - abmiram#2575 Lichsbane (junior officer) - Argentus#2981Reek1 10 May
09 May Watch out for poaching guild Unstable Experiment Trying to poach, and steal members. Do not get near theese people, they only feast on stealing members from others guilds.Stalliona3 09 May
09 May LF a HFC boost team (guild) I'm currently looking for a team to join for HFC - manno / archi and even loot runs. I've been boosting glory of the hellfire raider before and manno / archi. If any team / guild needs an extra dps in their team please contact me Sanity#2167Speedzdance0 09 May
09 May WTB Tcg mounts As the title says im looking for tcg mounts: Amani Dragonhawk Big Battle Bear Blazing Hippogryph Corrupted Hippogryph Feldrake Ghastly Charger's Skull Mottled Drake Add me sanity#2167 if you have any for sale Speedzdance0 09 May
09 May <Squishy> @ Kazzak-EU (11/13M) LF DPS Squishy is looking for a DPS preferably atleast 8/13M Exp and 725 Ilvl Progression: 11/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel! Raiding Hours: Wednesday 19:30-23:30 CET Monday 19:30-23:30 CET Loot system: MS > OS rolls, will change in legion Our history: Squishy is a relaxed Mythic guild on EU-Kazzak, that also has branches of off-raids for other members that raid both Normal and Heroic. The guild was started by a core group of friends who have been playing together for many years. Our vision: Further progression/kills on mythic bosses and preparation for Legion! What can Squishy offer you? Squishy gives you the opportunity to combine social life with quality gaming. We all love raiding and we like having tons of fun together with everyone on Teamspeak and we hope you will too! What does Squishy expect from you? We want you to raid with us, whether it is in our mythic team, our B-team or our alt-runs. Because of this diversity, we will take anyone that fits our guild, but it is up to you to prove what raids you are ready for. For our Mythic team, we expect you to know your class and the tactics of any boss that we are going kill. We also expect you to either bring your own consumables or to donate materials to our guild bank in return for free consumables that we restock for raid! World of Warcraft is a team game and communication is a big part of raid encounters. Teamspeak is required during raids and you should be able to write and preferably speak English at a decent level. For more information you are welcome to contact any of our officers, as our website is currently under reconstruction. Thugnificant#2746 Ichirou#2734 Ebonvoid#2501 Selenas#2668Syreas1 09 May
08 May LF highly active community Mythic raiding guild Dear reader, Disclaimer: if you do not like walls of texts, better skip this thread. That's a demanding title ain't it? I've started to think maybe my demands are too high. Maybe some combinations of guild types are not common anymore after 12 years of WoW? I'm a 37 year old Dutch gamer that's played WoW since vanilla. I've raided from hardcore to casual, had my breaks, but never lost love for this game. For me, this game is made by the communities. For me, being part of a team that shares the same highly active love for the game as me, is the absolute most important factor in this MMO. If all I wanted to do, is login at 20:00, do raid content till 23:00 and logoff again, I'd personally go and play a single player game. Finding these types of guilds is hard. I can look at WoWprogress and it will tell me how many mythic raiding guilds there are, what classes they're recruiting and I can read a basic story to promote that guild in the best possible way. It can tell me how many raiding characters a server has. However, what WoWprogress doesn't tell me is how a guild is in a social way. Makes it really difficult to find the right ones. So what I decided to do, is write down how I feel and what I'm after, post it on several forums. Not with the intention to get myself recruited, but at least hopefully get some responses with pointers to guilds for me to check out. So what am I really after?I'm after a guild that's more like a family/community. With plenty of people being online outside raids and interact with eachother. Not where you open the guildpage and see 12 people online. You know plenty of those guilds where the majority of your guildies logon 10 minutes before raid, and logout after the raid. You barely see them on offdays either, nor do you have the slightest clue who that guy is that healed you about an hour again while wiping on Mannorath. No, I'm not after your average guild. I want to logon onto team,speak on a fridaynight and enter a channel where part of a raidteam is doing some banter while playing the game. Where people know eachother and value others. Maybe that's just really old school WoW, maybe those days are gone. Maybe I'm sentimental. But I dont care. I'll try and find a guild like that, and I'm pretty sure I'll fit right in. And ofcourse I'm in for progress, my main is 10/13M, and I do take raiding serious for a few nights per week. So neither am I after your average 900 member "social" guild. Do you know a guild that fits that description? Or do you happen to be in that kind of guild? Please, leave a post here with the guildname. I'll be sure to check it out. I'm sorry for the long post, I just want this to work. And thanks in advance for reading and maybe helping out!Mcheckler3 08 May
08 May LF Late night guild Hallo everyone im looking for a guild that starts raiding around 22:00 realm time and currently proggresing on mythic.My expirience is 5/13M Hfc Btag:SleepLesS#2713 E-mail:SleeplesS94666@yahoo.comSatanisths1 08 May
06 May 738 Resto Druid 10/13 M LF Mythic Raiding Guild Any HFC Mythic Raiding guilds out there looking for a Resto Druid for mythic raiding now and into Legion? http://www.wowprogress.com/character/eu/bloodhoof/Daffi Been playing and raiding since early vanilla, currently 10/13 mythic HFC. Cleared all previous content. Used to raid lead and officer in previous guilds prior to current. Willing to server and faction change, obviously. Currently raid 3 nights a week Weds/Thurs/Sun, have near 100% attendance. Can raid any nights. Logs on Warcraftlogs Bloodhoof The Hidden Circle. Looking for a good stable guild with decent progression planned for Legion expansion, and at a level of at least 10/13 Mythic HFC and still raiding.Daffi3 06 May
06 May WTB Full HFC HC Boost for my Warlock Buying a full HFC HC boost run on my Warlock for tonight (Friday). All gear I need reserved for me. Add my btag Rob#21421 and let me know a price.Northláne0 06 May
05 May WTB HC HFC BOOST paying 200k gold! WTB HC HFC BOOST paying 200k gold!Mokkalokka0 05 May
05 May WTB HC HFC BOOST paying 200k gold! Boomkkin <----- topicMokkalokka0 05 May
05 May Hello there! I just recently created this toon on Kazzak, thinking I'd do something new. So I'm trying to level this toon without using heirlooms or doing dungeons, questing all the way. Nothing special, nothing new, nothing even hard. But as you can imagine starting all over with no bags is a !@#$%. So I'm here asking if anyone is willing to trade me 100-500 gold on Kazzak and I'll return the favor on Ravencrest (Alliance) or Tarren Mill (Horde), or donate bags of any quantity. Thanks upfront and see you ingame. -YchioneYchione2 05 May
05 May Mythic HFC boosting service! Hello dear members of Kazzak! <Innominatum> is the best ranked international 3 day raiding guild in the world - with 13 bosses down on mythic difficulty. We are located on Twisting Nether - Horde. We accept gold payments cross realm and therefore are offering our mythic boost services! This includes alliance. Twisting Nether feedback boosting thread: http://eu.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/13987279927 Every Wednesday at 19:30 we are selling HFC Mythic boosts! We have very limited spots every week so pre-booking is available for weeks ahead. We are very reliable to deliver what you pay for and we have had many boosts both in this tier and the previous with a lot of satisfied customers. You can reach me in game by my real ID - Vola#1421 or with an in game email. Do not hesitate to contact me if you are interested. Mythic We are selling full runs every Wednesday at 19:30 realm time. All the runs include all the available loot for your main- and off spec. The two types of Mythic runs we sell are the following: 1) Full HFC run + Gear (Including all warforged and socketed gear). 2) Full HFC run + Gear + Mythic mount (Including all warforged and socketed gear and the Felsteel Annihilator mount). FAQ: Are you using Master Looter or Personal Loot? We are using Master Looter. Can I watch the boosts somewhere? Yes, several raiders from the guild will be streaming. Link: http://innominatum.enjin.com/stream What is the Item level of the raiders? In our mythic runs the average ilvl is 744 ilvl of the people that boost. Can I only buy few bosses? We are only offering full clears as of now. Can I find any additional information for your guild? Absolutely, the best will be to check our WoWprogress page: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/twisting-nether/Innominatum Here you can also find several youtube video’s with our progression kills! How about price and payment? We only accept gold as a viable payment option. Discussing price will only happen via adding Volathor to real ID (Vola#1421). Our terms are that you will need to pay deposit to book with us, and pay the rest of the payment before we pull the first boss. These terms are NOT negotiable. Why should I buy from you? We are one of the best guilds on the realm without doubt our players are very strong, not only realm wise, but worldwide. Other than boosting, we are very open to give you advice on your class. With us you will feel like a valued customer and not just a gold provider. We have customers that have been with us for more than 3 years now and we provide a good service with each boost we sell. Having any other questions? Do not hesitate to contact us in game! Vola#1421 Looking forward to hearing from you!Volathor3 05 May