29 Dec Kazzak merge? When are blizzard going to make it official that Frostmane and Kazzak are connected realms? When I run around in the world in legion, I see more people from Kazzak than people from Frostmane.Bodgay1 29 Dec
28 Dec Been stuck in graveyard for over an hour What. The. !@#$. There's a million hordes on Frostmane all of a sudden. I haven't been able to even move my character for the past hour. The ratio is 100:1 Horde atm... wat?Slask0 28 Dec
27 Dec Nightbane, (Mythic Raids) Want to do Nightbane, (Mythic Raids). If u looking for a Elemental Shaman, /w Boltthrower :D.Boltthrower0 27 Dec
27 Dec Nightbane, (Mythic Raids) Want to do Nightbane, or Mythic Trial. If u looking for a Elemental Shaman, /w Boltthrower :D.Boltthrower0 27 Dec
22 Dec Riptide 4/7M 3/3HC Nederlandse Guild zoekt mensen Wij zijn een Nederlands/Belgische guild genaamd Riptide, spelen op Frostmane (Alliance) en zijn dringend op zoek naar goede spelers die ons kunnen helpen met progressen op mythic! Op dit moment is onze progress 4/7 mythic op EN en 3/3 heroic op ToV. Het belangrijkste tijdens raid avonden en wat betreft sfeer in het algemeen is gezelligheid (en af en toe een flinke portie gekkigheid :D). Echter wanneer het tijdens progression nodig is kunnen we de knop omzetten en met volle focus een fight in gaan. We raiden over het algemeen vast op woensdag en zondag van 19:45 - 23:00. Ben je geïnteresseerd en zit je uiteraard ook op Frostmane of ben je bereid om te transferen? Neem dan contact op Arzial, Extreal, Drantar, Hellhoeâh of Teringjantje. Daarnaast hebben wij een website ( en kun je hier ook direct een application insturen ( Ook als je niet geïnteresseerd bent om te joinen, maar wel bereid bent om te komen puggen: graag! Wij zijn regelmatig op zoek naar extra mensen tijdens raids.Hellhoeâh0 22 Dec
20 Dec <Runic> 5/7M LF Competitive DPS <Runic> Runic is a semi-hardcore guild reformed at the start of legion! We are an ambitious guild that is driven by end content progression. We are looking to clear content before the next one arrives. We are also aiming to be within the top 20/25 guilds on the realm for this tier, with long terms aims to be in the Top 15 guilds! Our core have been raiding together since early cata so we have plenty of raiding experience at hand! We raid 3 days a week Wed, Sun, Mon 20:00 - 23:00 We pull the boss at 20:00 so require you to be in the raid clearing trash at 19:45! What you can expect from us? 1. Friendly and helpful players inside and outside of the raiding environment. We log all of our fights so if you would like a brake down or anything, our players are always willing to help 2. End content progression. We are aiming to clear content as quick as possible 3. Banter. Guild chat, teamspeak, casual raids, there is plenty of banter flying about outside of our progress raids. Once we are in a raiding environment we are focused and serious. What we Expect from you ? 1. Reliable. We dont want to have a team of 30+ players like some other guilds, but to be successful we require you to turn up 3 times a week. This means we dont need to waste "standbys" time. 2. Optimised character. Speaks for itself, gemmed, enchanted, tactics known etc... 3. Communication. We use teamspeak so a working mic and is needed 4. A fun and focused attitude. Knowing when its time to focus is key to us, but knowing when to switch off is just as important. We require someone with the same personality If you would like some more information then please add me on battletag or speak to me in game Zoomar - Dfzoom#2514 ThanksZoomar2 20 Dec
19 Dec [A] 870 Resto Druid with 6/7M 3/3 HC ToV EXP Hey! I am a 870 resto druid currently looking for an raiding guild. I am 18 years old and i can raid any nights of the week. I have currently killed 6/7 EN M (Need Eye) 3/3 HC ToV And i was ~6% Away from a Mythic Odyn kill. I did all this on my 880 Monk healer. I grew tired of him and i rerolled druid instead. My old guild is only looking for a monk healer so there was no room for another resto druid. If this sounds interesting or you have questions, hit me up Bleyez#2953Maeralya0 19 Dec
16 Dec Prepull rekryterar [Prepull]7/7M & 3/3HC ToV. Söker dig som vill raida 2/d veckan med bra progress! Tors/sön 19.00-23.00. Vi söker förtillfället Ranged dps & healer, Intresserad? Battle-net: Blaiis#2257 eller besök oss på prepull.comGalenfar2 16 Dec
15 Dec NOVA BLACKOUT :RECRUITING Hello everyone. I am an officer from the alliance guild Nova Blackout. Currently we are recruiting new players for our progression team. We are a six year old guild with great tradition and raiding experience . We started raiding in Cataclysm and we cleared all contents up to the Legion expansion. We are a serious raiding guild with big aspects of social / casual play. As a raider we can provide a nice experience during raids and clearing of content. Gear will come in time! What we expect from you as a raider is full commitment to raid on the raiding days, knowledge of guild rules and respectable behaviour towards other guild members no matter rank. What you can expect from us is great social experience ,progress on weekly basis ,great raiding experience. If you want to become a Nova Blackout member and part of the raiding team, you need to sign up on[u][/u] I suggest that you read guild rules before you fill out and application. Our current progression is : Emerald nightmare:Normal 7/7, Heroic 7/7, Mythic 4/7 ( Progression boss : 15 % @ illgyanoth ) Trial of Valor: Normal 3/3, Heroic 2/3 (Progression boss : 10 % @ Helya ) Important note : We are going to clear full Emerald Nightmare before any serious trys on Trial of Valor Our raid days are : Monday , wednesday and thursday ( 19:00 Raid INV , 19:20 recuring start , 19:30 Raid Start - 23:00 End of Raid ) Currently we are recruiting these class / roles : ALL classes and specs for raiding and social aspect of game :). For more information you can contacted us in game: Guild Master : Ludden#2682 (Doora) Raid Leader : Ourez#2338 (Oures) co - Raid Leader : Speedy#2930 (Malacrnka) Officer : Mastern#2239 (Tyven) You can always poke us in game for more info THANKS for your time !Malacrnka1 15 Dec
14 Dec [A] Pandora The Social Raiding Guild needs more souls! Goodday reader Pandora! For Pony and Glory! What do we offer: Pandora has been a social easy going guild for over 9 years on Frostmane EU. We value the social and fun aspect over any other part of the game. By creating a kind and fun and sometimes crazy game enviroment we love to get to know the people behind the characters. A few examples: We speak to each other in the guildchat using reallife names. A private facebook group to share all kinds of stuff with fellow members. And even real life meetings! We are raiding every fridaynight @ 19:30 till around 23:00 or untill we are just done wiping :) We are a casual guild so progressing isn't really the key element in our raids. Its more about having a good time with the guildies and try and get some loot. We got as far as 13/13 HFC 12/13 HFC HC (skipped fel lord for some reason but killed Archimonde) For now we are gearing up and waiting for the new raids to unlock :) What do we look for? We are looking for like minded people. Play the game for fun with fellow gamers. Hangout, chit chat and small talk should be high on your list. Raiding should be a fun relaxing activity and not a must to get your epics. We don't require any kind of entry level. Even if your not looking for raiding but just a social place you are more then welcome to join us! If your intrested in joining Pandora add me to your friends list, leave a response here or contact any member online for an available officer. We no longer use a website for recruiting but a simple ingame chat will do. You are free to use the guildfinder but if you do please leave some text in there so I know your worth adding ;) With kind regards and hope to see you soon in Pandora! Veromor aka ErikVeromor14 14 Dec
12 Dec Three experienced raiders looking for a guild, Three friends looking for a Mythic progression guild. Restoration druid, Mw Monk, Fury warrior with OS protection/Protection paladin. We're looking for an evening-late night raiding guild preferably 3 raiding days per week possibly more, excluding Friday and Saturday. The reason for leaving our current guild is due to it disbanding. We are looking to join a guild together after having raided with each other for some time, we are looking for a stable mythic progression guild with a similar mindset towards raiding, we are looking for mature players that can focus and kill bosses. We would like to all be in the same raid team but regarding benching, for optimal team compositions we wouldn't mind being benched for specific fights ect if it benifitted the team. We are all 5/7 Mythic for EN and have logs that we are willing to provide, we also do Mythic+12s for the weekly chests, if you need them or anything else please contact any of us in game. Resto druid: Shalarissa#2811 Has 34 traits, Boomkin offspec but only wants to raid mythic as resto .Mained disc priest from Mogushan vaults to Hellfire Citadel, rerolled during prepatch to Druid. started playing in cataclysm, cleared normal Siege of Orgrimmar got up to Nazgrim heroic before the prepatch, Heroic Highmaul, Heroic BRF, Mythic Hellfire citadel, currently 5/7 Mythic for EN and 3/3 Heroic for Trials of Valor. MW monk: Farmer#21576 I rerolled priest for a part of Emerald Nightmare so the few kills that are missing are on my priest, I am wanting to begin to play my monk again being as I thoroughly enjoy it. Below is the link to my Holy priest’s Armory. Willing to play either priest preferred. Started playing in TBC and raiding in TBC. Previous raiding experience, I have cleared BT/Sunwell, cleared all of WOTLK in the hardest difficulty, Cleared everything in Cataclysm except Bastion of Twilight which I cleared up to Sinestra on the hardest difficulty, Cleared everything on the hardest difficulty in MOP and did HM/BRF Heroic and HFC full 13/13 M. Currently 5/7 Mythic for EN and 3/3Heroic for Trials of Valor. Fury with protection OS Warrior or Protection Paladin: wolfskie#2902 Has offspec protection, preferring to play Arms in Mythic raids, started playing in vanilla and raiding in vanilla. Cleared Classic/TBC/WOTLK/CATA/MOP/on the hardest difficulty until Mythic was released, cleared Heroic HM/BRF and 11/13Mythic HFC. Currently 5/7 Mythic for EN and 3/3Heroic for Trials of Valor.Fáppy1 12 Dec
12 Dec 5 Players looking for Mythic raiding guild Hello Realm, We are a bunch of 5 irl friends that has been playing every expansion together since vanilla and continue to play on legion. At the moment are for a guild that could fit the 5 of us into their core team. For a brief about us, we were in guild on ravencrest alliance and were able to do 1/7 mythic EN and some tries on spider mythic. Due to the lack of players and guild intention of being more social than progressive, we decided to move to another guild in ragnaros horde. We were promised that the guild will be ready for mythic progression as soon as we come in but sadly it wasn't and never will. People are more committed to their irl and we respect that. Be it short, they didn't have much time for wow but we did and hence we decided to move again. A list of the 5 players: Relax (Elemental shaman ilvl 877) Alianor (Assassination rogue ilvl 879) Smoken (Frost mage ilvl 872) Tbain (Fire mage ilvl 874) Gaea (Hunter Marksmanship ilvl 872) Now what we guarantee: 1. Attend each and every raid 100% attendance and be in time both in game and voice communication, 2. Come prepared every raid whether from reading/watch fights, bring elixirs, flasks, pots, etc... 3. Read every raid log and understand what mistakes happened and how to mitigate then. Read about our classes and understand them fully. 4. We are all grown ups, we welcome any criticism and take nothing personal. What we require: 1. A guild that could fit the 5 of us into their core team and that with us the guild is ready or is already venturing into mythics. Due to the experience we faced with previous guild promises, we ask that the guild if we are to join is full roster and everyone is committed to our commitment as in be on time, and ready for the raid. A guild that decide raid events ahead of time and not decide upon raid time. Due to the time difference and as we are based in the Middle east, we are looking for a guild that is raiding or can raid from 17:00 ST to 21:00 ST. We are flexible for any days from Sunday-Thursday. To communicate further please add me on bnet: Omar#2335 or Alianor#21490 Thanks for your time and for reading.Alîânôr0 12 Dec
10 Dec I just want to thank a kind player from your server... So, i got and invite from this player Darazor (ally side) from Frostmane for a Kara run. He acted all nice and kind untill Moroes died, then he disbanded the group and stated "Take care scrubs" "clearly you got boosted here" after 3 bosses done and no wipes btw. In eight+ years of WoW ive seen such a toxic behavior, and im not exaggerating here. i dont think anyone will actually see this, but still, avoid this player, its not worth your time and efforts.Naraxy2 10 Dec
09 Dec [A] <The Moose Hunt> Silvermoon EU recruiting! PLEASE NOTE: We are looking for Nordic players only to come join us on Silvermoon. ABOUT: <The Moose Hunt> is a newly established guild, looking to do semi-hardcore raiding. We are a bunch of Norwegians with a few Swedes and Danes. You have to understand Norwegian, however there is no requirement to speak it. Our endgame goal is to clear current content on Mythic difficulty. We have just started raiding together to see where we are at, and cleared EN HC on our first run. Several players in our roster also have experience from EN Mythic bosses. We are going to move on to mythic progression raiding as soon as we got a stable and dedicated core raiding group. RAIDS: Raids will be on Thursday, Sunday and Tuesday from 20:00 - 23:00. Raid days will most likely stay as it is. However, the hours might change to raidstart from 20:30 or 21:00 in the future. We will be doing alt runs or heroic clear for mains that still need the gear on Tuesdays. This basically means that you aren't required to sign for this raid unless you actually are in dire need of a drop on your main or you feel like gearing up an alt. RECRUITMENT: At this moment we are only in need of DPS to fulfill our mythic roster. Currently in need of ranged DPS, however, all dedicated players and roles will be considered. We are lacking: *Hunters (MM / BM) *Priests (Shadow) *Shamans (Enha / Ele) *Warlocks (Demo / Affli / Destro) *Warriors (Fury / Arms) We expect all of our raiders to know their class well. It's your own responsibility to learn how to play your own class in the best way possible. This means that you also need to have a viable offspec. Or atleast be willing to learn to play an offspec for your class. REQUIREMENT: We understand that everyone have a life outside of wow and that different stuff can show up in real life, but we do require you to make it to atleast a 90% raid attendance. We expect all our raiders to come prepared to all raids they have signed for. Which basically means that you have to bring consumeables to raids, read up on tactics and mechanics for new raids, be focused throughout the raid and bring your A-game. Previous raid experience is preferred, although not a requirement. But we do require, as stated earlier, that you know your class well and to be the best you possibly can be. SOCIAL: We want a community more than anything else, to be a home for people to go to with clear and fair rules. Therefore we are also recruiting socials and PvP-ers, with little to no requirement other than being norwegian. CONTACT: For more information and further questions, please contact me, or one of my two fellow officers and we'll have a talk. Braxius#2171 - Eovina, Restoration Druid. Liiland#2561 - Phillyberg, Discipline Priest. Monument#2896 - Monumênt, Protection Paladin.Eovina0 09 Dec
07 Dec <Spaceship> is recruiting for Legion! Spaceship on Frostmane EU is a progression raiding guild wich is now looking for Raiders! What we are: We are a HC progression raiding guild with a laid back attitude where fun in raiding is number 1 prio ! We see ourself as a big family/friends who share the same passion wich is raiding and the game World of Warcraft itself. Ofc we expect people to bring the max out of there classes and to focus 100% while doing progression! There is a time of fun , but there is a time of focus and slaying dragons to! What we need: Healers: All healing classes are welcome! DPS: Ranged DPS What we as guild provide to Raiders: *3 raiddays : Wednesday, Thursday, Monday *Houres: 20:00/23:00 Server time *Guildrepairs for raiders *Being a part of a small but friendly community Spaceship may be a hc progression raiding guild but we as a guild look out for our socials aswell, or as we like to call them Spacebabys! We are open for socials , people who cant commit to a raiding guild because work/RL/... What we as guild provide to Spacebabies *Social events This is a big part for us and we like doing these runs whatever it may be. It can go to BG's in the weekends to guild achievement runs on a tuesday to HFC HC runs on a sunday. We have a seperate officer hosting these activities! Our long term social event at this moment is getting the title Herald of the Titan from Ulduar! Just to give you guys an idea! *Guildchat who is alive! Having questions about a quest? Having second thoughts about ur spec? Our guildchat is always willing to help! As said we have friendly people who are most of time just chatting away or trolling one of the officers ! Interested? Post here and add me on Real id: Scalar#2855 Thanks for reading! Hope to see you soon in Azeroth!Scalär30 07 Dec
07 Dec Rogue looking for guild Assassin rogue for guild that raids. tired of the immature kiddie guilds so hoping for a mature good guild. I've done hardcore raiding up until cataclysm where I went social but started again a few weeks ago. Question is, any guild want a rogue ?:) My il is 866 but my experience over shines that if a guild is willing to help me get higher Item level. The time investment will be worth it as I'm loyal to a guild once I'm in. ps: I do have a priest max level too, but she's only 820 il. Best regards.Tillan1 07 Dec
05 Dec Legio Excisio , old members from Vanilla! Hello Just wondering if any of you are still out there! I know that Asgard and some are still playing but is there anyone else? :) Best wishes, Old LucrionSofta36 05 Dec
04 Dec Anger Management - Tarren Mill EU - Alliance <Anger Management> are now recruiting! [A] [EU] [Tarren Mill] Raid times (server) Wednesday - 20:00 - 22:00 Friday - 20:00 - 23:00 Sunday - 19:00 - 22:00 We are a small guild of raiding/progression focused individuals who seek like minded people to join us! Despite the name, we are a friendly and mature guild. Our members have varied backgrounds, from Vanilla raiders, to people who started playing in Legion. We are currently 6/7 HC and we are pushing for Heroic HOV and eventually Nighthold in the next 1 to 2 weeks. Our immediate requirements are as follows: • Ranged DPS – 850+ • Healers – 850+ • Exceptional DPS. However we are open to all applications, also Anger Management and our team are happy to help any people who are wanting to progress into raiding. We have our own Discord channel which we use to communicate whilst raiding therefore a working headset and microphone is required. We also do Transmog runs, Mythic+ dungeons and PvP. So, if you're interested in becoming Angry with us, add me on (Dab#21625) and I'll have a chat with you in game.Jush0 04 Dec
03 Dec LF PVP Guild Looking for a guild that actively does rbg's/arenas with communication software (teamspeak e.t.c.). I'm currently 862 frost but i can also do blood spec.Garthain0 03 Dec
03 Dec Kazzak | <Limit> | 7/7M | 1/3M | LF Healers & DPS Yo, We're a relatively new guild, founded during the 3rd week for EN Mythic. Now with experienced leadership and a solid member foundation, we're looking to finalise and polish our raiding roster. We are currently offering free realm transfers for exceptional applicants. Relevant links at the bottom. Our raiding times WED | 19.30 - 23.00 | Farm/Reclear Day THU | 19.30 - 23.00 | Progress Day #1 SUN | 19.30 - 23.00 | Progress Day #2 Recruitment We are currently actively looking for two healers for our progress team: |o Restoration Shaman |o Holy Paladin or Holy/Disc Priest We are also looking to add the finishing touch to our DPS team with any class as long as they pull numbers & play well. What we look for in our raiders: You love to push yourself to the Limit and to progress through current Mythic content. You take initiative and prepare yourself for encounters. You are communicative and not afraid to shout from the top of your lungs important calls that need to be made in specific situations. Previous raiding experience & being prevalent in your chosen class. Near 100% attendance is expected. Proper grasp of the English language You are willing to stay up to date and active on our Discord. How to join & relevant links To apply to our guild, please visit - and press the "apply" button at the bottom of our page. For more relevant information, feel free to visit the following links: WarcraftLogs: Wowprogress: Discord: My battle-tag: Hideki#21219 Thank you for reading.Hidekigge0 03 Dec
02 Dec [A] Origin - 4/7MC+3/3HC - 1 Day Progression! Foreword Just because we only aim to raid 1 progress day per week, doesn't mean we are here to provide training sessions for how to raid Mythic. If your character isn't ready for Mythic raiding, you don't know how logs work, you don't have a fully optimised character or you don't know how to look up and adequately prepare for new progression content, then please do not apply here! We are looking for players that can get online for 1-2 evenings per week, consistently on time and ready to progress through difficult content in an efficient, effective and enjoyable environment. Guild Information Origin is now a 1 day casual raiding guild, raiding on Wednesday night from 20:00-24:00ST. We are very active throughout the week in other pursuits and have a large number of social only players as well. The guild was formed during patch 4.2 as a 10-man raiding guild, primarily consisting of ex-hardcore raiders wanting to raid less but still progress at a decent rate in current content. Since then our aim was to maintain our position as the #1 10-man raiding guild on Alonsus. After achieving Realm First: Garrosh Hellscream Heroic 10-man, we moved to Frostmane to upsize to a 25-man team ahead of Mythic content. Since then, we shut down our 3-day progression team upon reaching Blast Furnace on Mythic difficulty and are now just casual players - that said, we are still looking to play at a high level, but with low regular time commitment. Our guild currently encompasses 1 raid team for Heroic content farming and Mythic progression. At our peak on Alonsus, we had 4 raid teams ranging from 2 semi-hardcore 10-man Heroic teams right down to a couple of casual once or twice per week normal teams. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Team Information Wednesday - 20:00-24:00ST - Mythic Progress Thursday - 20:00-24:00ST - Optional Progress Team Farm Raid Monday - 20:00-24:00ST - Optional Main/Alt/Social Raid Currently looking to recruit: 3 ranged DPS, but preferably Warlock, Spriest, Mage or Boomkin. 1 exceptional melee, preferably Ret, Arms, Rogue or DH. 1 exceptional healer of any class, but preferably Shaman. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Guild Accomplishments as Current Content ---Progression--- 7/7 Heroic - Firelands 8/8 Heroic - Dragon Soul 6/6 Heroic - Mogu'Shan Vaults 6/6 Heroic - Heart of Fear 4/4 Heroic - Terrace of Endless Spring 13/13 Heroic - Throne of Thunder 14/14 Heroic - Siege of Orgrimmar 7/7 Mythic - Highmaul 8/10 Mythic - Blackrock Foundry 4/7 Mythic - Emerald Nightmare 3/3 Heroic - Trials of Valor ---Feats of Strength--- Cutting Edge: Will of the Emperor Cutting Edge: Grand Empress Shek'zeer Cutting Edge: Sha of Fear Cutting Edge: Lei Shen Cutting Edge: Ra-Den Cutting Edge: Garrosh Hellscream (10-player) Cutting Edge: Garrosh Hellscream (25-player) Realm First: Garrosh Hellscream (10-player) Cutting Edge: Imperator Mar'gok Ahead of the Curve: Blackhand's Crucible Ahead of the Curve: Xavius Ahead of the Curve: Helya ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Requirements Attitude > Skill > Experience > Gear Ideal candidates have a positive and constructive attitude towards raiding and problem solving, are highly skilled and well experienced in end game progression raid content, with a suitable set of gear for relevant content. However, we have been known to make exceptions with regards to players with less experience and/or gear, providing they have said positive and constructive attitude and are appropriately skilled - as well as making the effort to maximise their character upon joining the guild! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For information on any aspect of the guild, feel free to contact any member and you'll be forwarded to the appropriate people! Alternatively, get in touch with us directly: Guild Master and Raid Leader - Zabuzan - Zabuzan#1702 Officer - Teodorh - Teodorh#2167 Officer - Smacktickle Officer - MalathaarZabuzan11 02 Dec
29 Nov [H] Draenor Defiance Hello Guys, Defiance on Realm Draenor is in the process of looking for skilled motivated raiders that want to progress through mythic raiding. We are currently 3/7M and 2/3HC. If you are a player that understands tactics of bosses after 5 wipes we are potentially looking for you. Apply at: We are also always in for a chat on discord: Raid Days: Wed/ Thurs/ Sunday 19:30 23:00 Server Time Before applying to 'Defiance' please make sure that you have read and understood our guild policies & loot distribution system. We encourage you to provide as many details possible in the application. - We require every raider to be able to attend a minimum of 80% of our monthly raids, and expecting players to do all thats possible to attend 100%. When signing for a raid, you are expected to meet up- We are aware of certain situation that will prevent meeting up, but only to a certain limit. - Know your class completely, as we don't want to teach. Being up to date with the latest theorycrafting about your class is crucial. We need our raiders to aim for perfection. - As a raider you must be able to adapt to mechanics and tactics in a fairly fast way, we wont bother to keep wiping during progression due to continuesly misunderstandings or lack of ability. - Learn from your mistakes and use it to improve yourself. - You will be asked to speak up on Discord, for when a specific situation happens, and we do require you actually speak up. - We have low tolerence with causing drama, and we hit hard on people creating it and it can result in guild kick. Everybody has their opinion about everything, but either you keep it to yourself, or inform any Council Member about it. - Raiding is teamplay, if you only think about yourself do not expect to stay in 'Defiance'. The team comes before any individual.Buffalowíngz1 29 Nov
28 Nov [A] LENG SQUAD - OUTLAND 7/7M 3/3HC LENG SQUAD LENG SQUAD, based on Outland EU are looking for exceptional players to join our raid teams. We currently have two raid teams, please see below for information regarding both teams. You must be vocal and willing to progress with the team. Team South We raid 2 days a week, with an optional 3rd day for HC Wednesday 19:30 ST - 23:00 ST Friday 19:00 ST - 22:00 ST (Optional HC EN & TOV Day for Alts) Sunday 19:30 ST - 23:00 ST Our current progression is 7/7M and 3/3HC. The South Team is actively recruiting a Shadow Priest. Team North We raid 2 days a week Wednesday 20:00 ST - 00.00 ST Monday 20:00 ST - 00.00 ST Our current progression is 3/7M and 7/7HC. The North Team is actively recruiting healers and ranged DPS'ers but all applicants will be considered. Please contact me in-game via my ID listed below or apply at Xela#2174Xela0 28 Nov
28 Nov lozi Mythic EN runs and more 'm looking for more skilled raiders for our weekly Saturday run 19.30. till 00.01 we are a very experienced group of raiders that need 5 or 6 more to get our mythic team underway. Most of us are 7/7 Mythic so we will be far better than your average pug.and progress quite quickly I feel. we currently clear 7/7 EN HC and normal and TOV 3/3 HC and normal in one night. We are a close group that like to have a drink (alcoholic) and kill bosses on alts/mains, we have cleared the last 2 expansions ahead of the curve as a group and hope to continue this We have a guild on frostmane also but there is no requirement to join it in order to raid with us. All our raids are run though Openraid here's a link to one of our runs The main aim of this run is Fun. And listening to drunk people try to explain the failings. oh and killing stuff Find me on openraid or Add me @ lozi#2377[i][/i]Løzi0 28 Nov
25 Nov Nederlandse Guilds? Zijn er hier Nederlandse guilds of zijn er überhaupt Nederlanders op frostmane Alliance?Terminatôr5 25 Nov
25 Nov Dude where s my mount NL/BE Guild 3/7 mythic Dude is op zoek naar ervaren nederlands sprekende raiders ter aanvulling van onze raid team. We zoeken: Mage's en Resto Druids Exceptionele apply's worden altijd behandeld. Raid dagen en tijden: Woensdag 19.45 - 23.00 Zondag 19.45- 23.00 Huidige progress EN 7/7 hc En 3/7 Mythic Voor meer informatie: Of Btag: Ronny#2162Balranton3 25 Nov
24 Nov [A] <The Golf Club> SWE 7/7HC 3/3N recruiting! To not break the forum rules this post will be in English, but have in mind that this is a swedish speaking guild, and we're going to stay that way. However, do not feel shy to apply if you're for example norweigan and understand swedish. <The Golf Club> is currently recruiting all classes. We're a group of friends which some of us has been together since Vanilla/TBC and others is quite new to the game. Our main focus is to enjoy the content, atm without mythic raiding, but if we get a solid 20+ raid team we'll try that out aswell. Currently our members is working uneven shifts, has kids, families and whatnot and therefore we only raid once a week, but at that moment it's 100% quality-time. If we get enough people we'll eventually start raiding one extra evening during the week. We raid sundays 16.00-20.30 swedish local time. We have our own TS3 server and a guild website. What you'll get from us is a very relaxed raiding enviroment filled with jokes, a solid raidteam who knows what to do and ofcourse the freedom of not being tied to raiding all the time. Does this sound sweet to you? Feel free to make an apply at (it only takes a couple of minutes) and we'll see you in Azeroth!Primalen0 24 Nov
24 Nov [A] The Harpers - Polish guild recruits Hello, Polish speaking guild after a long break begins his adventure again. This time bearing a different approach we would like to create a small community of friends with whom you can have fun during joint raids on raids, mythic and mythic+ dungeons, PVP, etc. Guild assumed to be intimate, we are not interested in the number of people they manage to collect. The most important is the atmosphere. We do not play from today, we are ambitious and we want to do something. Mainly we are interested in PVE. Despite the shortcomings of the people, for now we are able to make use players outside the guild. We are a great alternative for gamers who can not complain about the excess of free time. They possess a family, work and other classes after the game. Mainly we are active in the evenings and on weekends. What is there more to write us need to know, write in the game, talk, given below link to the website of our guild is slowly trying to update: I greet Aragourn Cześć, Polsko języczna gildia po długiej przerwie rozpoczyna swoja przygodę na nowo. Tym razem mając inne podejście chcielibyśmy stworzyć mala społeczność znajomych z którymi można się dobrze bawić podczas wspólnych wypadów na raidy, mithic oraz mythic+ lochy, PvP itp. Gildia z założenia ma być kameralna, nie interesuje nas ilość ludzi jaką uda się zebrać. Najważniejsza jest atmosfera. Nie gramy od dziś, jesteśmy ambitni i chcemy coś robić. Głównie interesuje nas PvE. Pomimo braków w ludziach, póki co jesteśmy w stanie posiłkować się graczami spoza gildii. Jesteśmy świetną alternatywa dla graczy którzy nie mogą narzekać na nadmiar wolnego czasu. Posiadają rodziny, prace oraz inne zajęcia po za gra. Głównie jesteśmy aktywni wieczorami oraz w weekendy. Co tu więcej pisać trzeba Nas poznać, napisać w grze, porozmawiać, podaje poniżej link do strony www naszej gildii która powoli staramy się aktualizować Pozdrawiam AragournAragourn0 24 Nov
24 Nov [A] Fortunate Endings - 2 raiddays 7/7 HC 3/3 N Fortunate Endings is a relatively new guild on Frostmane Alliance, founded at the end of warlords in preperation for Legion. All members are a bunch of fun people that used to raid in a more hardcore environment but don't have time for that anymore. Still wanting to enjoy the raiding aspect of the game, we raid 2 days a week in a fun and relaxed atmosphere while still trying to get as much progress as we can. Raid days: Wednesdays 20:00 - 23:30 (ST). Sundays, 20:00 - 23:30 (ST). Fortunate Endings what? While we all love progress, and we do believe we have the skills to get quite far in the game, fun comes first for us. We have a pretty relaxed atmosphere where you can have a laugh or two in between pulls. We're all friendly people willing to help out other guildies, do some mythics + or kara and we won't scream at you if you make a mistake. That being said, we do expect you to know your class and learn from your mistakes so we can keep aiming higher. What do we expect from players? - 18+ of age. - Be able to join Discord for communication. - Previous experience is always a bonus, but it's not as important as motivation and your willingness to learn. Current Progress 7/7 HC Emerald Nightmare 3/3 N ToV Still in high need of additional dps (preferably ranged) to be able to continue progression. Mainly after: - Shadowpriest - Mage - Warlock - Elemental shaman - Hunter - Balance druid We hope to welcome you soon :) For more information contact us: Akiresu #2853 goat #2164 saphirre#2845 sarto#2559Kaikou2 24 Nov
24 Nov <Trygdekontoret> - Norwegian guild recruiting <Trygdekontoret> er en alliance guild på Frostmane, med 7/7 hc & 2/3 hc, som søker etter nye norske spillere. Vi er på utkikk ett flere raiders til Mythic teamet. Healer: - Paladin DPS: - Warrior - Druid - Monk - Warlock - Hunter - Paladin Selv om din klasse ikke er nevnt, så er det fortsatt bare å søke! Vi har også behov for reserve i alle roller. Som en raider må du være i stand til å ta imot konstruktiv kritikk, og vi forventer at du kan din klasse og gjør det du kan for å utnytte den på best mulig måte. Raiding skal være gøy, men når pulltimeren er ferdig, så er det fokus på bossen. Socials er alltid hjertelig velkommen, så det er bare å slenge inn en søknad. Vi har også et sterkt fokus på et godt sosialt miljø. Kjører månedtlige lotterier, transmog-run, achievement jakt og andre sosiale eventer. Hva forventer vi av deg? Du skal være norsk. Du bør være over 18, med moden oppførsel. Du må møte opp forberedt og i tide til raids. Vi bruker Discord, så mikrofon er et must. Vi forventer så nærme 100% oppmøte som mulig. Raid-tider: Raiding dager er Onsdag, Torsdag og Mandag. Fra klokken 18.45 - 22. Er du interessert, legg igjen en søknad på Ta gjerne kontakt med en offiser etter du har sendt søknaden. Tazzad#2673, Sigmund#2929 eller DannyD#21955Tazzad0 24 Nov
23 Nov [A] Firestorm 7/7HC 3/3N About the guild: Firestorm is a guild that is made up of friends, we either know each other irl, or we have met in game and have raided together in other guilds before. We are currently looking at clearing the current content on at least Heroic difficulty, if we are able to get enough good raiders then we could progress onto Mythic. Raid information We currently raid on Thursday and Sunday at 20:00 - 00:00 server time. So far we are 7/7 Heroic for Emerald Nightmare and are 3/3 Normal for Trials of Valor. We are able to clear normal/heroic Emerald Nightmare on Thursday, which will be changing to EN HC and ToV N clears so we can progress ToV HC on Sunday. What we are looking for: Ranged dps (except hunters) as we currently have more melee and are looking to balance out our ranged/melee dps. 1 healer, our current setup for healers is 1 Holy Paladin, 1 Holy Priest and 1 Resto Shaman. We use Discord for voice communication. You can put in an application by creating an account at this website: Greyya#2857 is my battletag.Greyya0 23 Nov
23 Nov Frostmane is infested with Horde Normaly I hardly ever se a horde and when i do its usually just one or two. But some days, like to day the server is infested with hordes. Where ever I go there´s loads and loads of hordes. Usuelly im at work at this hour so I dont know if its like this during the day or if i has got to do with the fact that it is reset day to day. Some Wq´s is just impossible to do. I know im on a PvP server so not crying bout geting rekt, im more cuirous as to why suddenly there is an infestasion of horde on Frostmame wich usually is Ally dominated. =)Zorieke1 23 Nov
23 Nov [A] Lejon 7/7HC Lejon är en kompis guild som börjat tappa aktiva spelare. Just nu är vi 7-8 Aktiva 865+ gearade killar som får pugga de mesta av vad vi behöver. Vi är alla Svenska grabbar över 20år som har raidat det mesta från Vanilla till nu. Vi spelar även andra spel tillsammans så har bra kommunikation med varandra. Vi söker en annan guild eller några spelare att köra raid content med. Siktar inte på Mythic men hade varit kul att få ösa vidare där då det andra varit en "Walk in the Park" för oss som fortfarande är aktiva. Till våran lilla grupp behöver vi 1 Tank, 1-2 Healers samt några DPS. Jag känner att de lättaste hade varit en Merge med en annan guild eller ett raidschema med en annan guild då man aldrig vet vad som kommer hända. /whisper mig ingame för ett litet snack.Kungstalle2 23 Nov
23 Nov Recruit Hello, Frostmane * Ursinhos Carinhosos* guild that just went international, is looking for active raiders for mythic progress ,current progress 7/7HC EN 3/3N ToV.Piladop0 23 Nov
23 Nov [A]Egocentric Bias söker till mythic (2dagars) <Egocentric Bias> är en guild som startades av ett gäng irl vänner runt 23åldern som är gamla mythic raiders med god erfarenhet av spelet. Guilden startades i WoD och raidade ett litet tag sen lades ner pga majoriteten slutade men nu när blizzard släppt ett bra spel så är vi beredda att satsa igen! Vi raidar två dagar i veckan Onsdagar 18.00-22.00 Tisdagar 18.00-22.00 Vi söker många DPS men också någon healer Just nu har vi ingen stabil 20manna core och kommer börja med att geara upp folk i heroic men planerar att kunna börja progressa Nighthold vid dess realease. Vi söker dig som är engagerad och har tålamod med att inte hoppa in och raida mythic ögonabums. Är du intresserad? Triple#2826 Schum#2950Jonatan0 23 Nov
23 Nov Close the thread please =) Close the thread please =)Pusdeviix0 23 Nov
22 Nov Any people from CARE guild (ex-chromaggus-EU) here? Just checking....hic!Valilor1 22 Nov
22 Nov Nova Blackout : Recruiting for CORE team ! Hello everyone. I am an officer from the alliance guild Nova Blackout. Currently we are recruiting new players for our progression team. We are a six year old guild with great tradition and raiding experience . We started raiding in Cataclysm and we cleared all contents up to the Legion expansion. We are a serious raiding guild with big aspects of social / casual play. As a raider we can provide a nice experience during raids and clearing of content. Gear will come in time! What we expect from you as a raider is full commitment to raid on the raiding days, knowledge of guild rules and respectable behaviour towards other guild members no matter rank. What you can expect from us is great social experience ,progress on weekly basis ,great raiding experience. If you want to become a Nova Blackout member and part of the raiding team, you need to sign up on[u][/u] I suggest that you read guild rules before you fill out and application. Our current progression is : Emerald nightmare:Normal 7/7, Heroic 7/7, Mythic 4/7 ( Progression boss : 50 % @ illgyanoth ) Trial of Valor: Normal 3/3, Heroic 2/3 (Progression boss : 60 % @ Helya ) Important note : We are going to clear full Emerald Nightmare before any serious trys on Trial of Valor Our raid days are : Monday , wednesday and thursday ( 19:00 Raid INV , 19:20 recuring start , 19:30 Raid Start - 23:00 End of Raid ) Currently we are recruiting these class / roles : Warlock : ALL specs Shaman : Elemental / Resto Hunter : Marksman , Beast Mastery Priest : ALL specs Druid : Balance For more information you can contacted us in game: Guild Master : Ludden#2682 (Doora) Raid Leader : Ourez#2338 (Oures) co - Raid Leader : Speedy#2930 (Malacrnka) Officer : Mastern#2239 (Tyven) You can always poke us in game for more info THANKS for your time !Malacrnka0 22 Nov
20 Nov Druid Tank LF Raiding Guild. Hello, Sorry for this huge wall of text. I am interested in raiding, nothing hardcore. I would like to find a laid back guild with older players who don't find their self worth in how many bosses they've killed or how huge their DPS/Healing is. I have no interest in a guild whose raid leader(s) and/or officers spend their time in chat and voice chat cursing, belittling and screaming at a person(s) over a wipe or mistake. it's a game after all, something supposed to be fun and relaxing. I am only looking for a guild that needs a tank, I have no interest in playing another spec. I prefer to raid 2 days a week at or after 20:25 server time. Any other info, you can just ask me about. I think what I have written gives a pretty good detail of my WoW history and relationships. Currently playing Alliance on Wildhammer/Thunderhorn. Willing to transfer. For how long have you played World of Warcraft in total? 12 years (since beta) And how long have you played your current class? 9 years (since TBC) Guilds and Raiding: 2004-2006 Guild: Infernal Legion, which split off to a 2nd guild for end game raiders called The Infernals. Guild Master: Stryker or Striker. it's been so long I can't remember now. Server: Emerald Dream. Played: Horde UD Warlock named Flatline Raids Completed: All Left: IRL issues had come up with raid leaders and GM so raiding had died off. Guild Relationship: Great, please feel free to contact any orginal member and ask about me, not sure if there's any left though. 2006-2009 Guild: Shadow Wolves Guild Master: Wroar Server: Dragonblight Played: Horde Holy UD Priest named Samhain. Raids Completed: All Left: Personal Guild Relationship: Great, please feel free to contact any original member and ask about me. (Golgoth and Gromgol I believe still play). 2009-2009 Guild: No Lifers Guild Master: I don't recall his name. Server: Hakkar Played: Alliance Druid Tank named Amaris Raids: Occasionaly raided TBC Left: was an italian guild, with all italian speaking players (but me) and it disbanded as GM and officers ideas differed in raids on how things should be done so I transfered to Neptulon with a new name. (Artio) 2009 to 2010 Guild: Unrated Guild Master: Thacrill Server: Neptulon Played: Alliance Druid Tank named Artio. Raids Completed: All Left: GM's IRL friend started playing again and replaced me, then GM disbanded guild and formed another with IRL friends. Guild Relationship: Great although I can't say ask any members as the guild is gone. after a few weeks of remaining guildless, left realm Neptulon to realm Twisting Nether joining Bad Kittys with Druid changing name again, this time to Shadowsmyst, then guild decided to move to a higher populated server, migrated once again and name changed to Snowpaw, renamed to Somber upon changing race to worgen, then renamed again back to Snowpaw. 2010-2013 Guild: Bad Kittys Guild Master: Peeter Server: Ravencrest Played: Druid Tank named Snowpaw Left: Guild had died so I remained in Guild and pugged. I then joined Flawless, under the impression that people from my guild that came with me could form a 3rd group with those who they had on standby, but they didn't have enough to form 3rd team even with us. if anyone wants to chat with the officer there, his name is Zolrac. please feel free to contact him. 2013-2013 Guild: Basement Survivors Guild Master: Eowain Server: Ravencrest Played: Druid Tank named Snowpaw Left: Guild Disbanded. Guild Relationship: Great, feel free to contact GM or Officer: Eowain, Chatturgha or any member. 2013-2014 Guild: Red Moon II Guild Master: Prawnqwacker Server: Ravencrest Played: Druid Tank named Snowpaw Left: Guild merged and other team wanted to use their tanks. Guild Relationship: Great, feel free to contact GM, Officers or any Member. 2014-2016 Guild: Eye of the Panther Guild Master: Cazian Server: WIldhammer/Thunderhorn Played: Druid Tank named Sidian Left: Had gone on vacation and missed expac launch etc, was a few weeks behind with leveling and all. I was unable to meet raid requirements as far as flasks and legion enchants on all gear due to not having the gold as I had spent it on the previous raid week to buy neck enchant and flasks or else anyone missing legion enchants was to be kicked from the raid. I didn't have the time to farm gold or proffs as I only logged into raid and then off again to do some work as I work from home and I don't get paid vacations. anyway in total I raided I believe only 3 weeks in EN getting 7/7 normal and 2HC and then I had stopped playing for over a month so I could catch up on work. Guild Relationship: Fine. Bnet ID: Snowpaw #21754 Thanks for reading. :) -Skye AKA Sidian/SnowpawSidian0 20 Nov
20 Nov <Kult> 4/7 Mythic LFM Kult rekryterar just nu raiders för mythic progress! Vi saknar framförallt ranged dps/DK men alla exceptionella spelare är välkomna. Vi raidar onsdagar, torsdagar och söndagar 19:30-23:00. Skön och avslappnad stämning, men med viljan att komma någon vart. Vill du börja raida? Tveka inte att skriva in-game.Trasmatta0 20 Nov
20 Nov [A] Selling Warlord of Draenor Achievement Hello! As the title explains, we are a tight group of 4 people selling the Warlord of Draenor Achievement. We are currently selling on any server, but preferably on: Frostmane, Sylvannas, Ravencrest, SIlvermoon, Outland, Defias Brotherhood Unfortunately only on alliance for now. OVER 300 happy clients! How it works, Sundays at 14:00 ST the raid assemble on a certain spot where we will go though all the Niemesis Quests. We start of by killing Goblins -> Panda -> Taurens -> Trolls -> Bloods -> Undead -> Orcs The whole shebang takes between 3-4 hours. Semi-AFKable, every 25-30min you have to hand in quest and start next race. People who are starting with a full run should make sure you have the Goblin quest since thats where we start, if you already begun another quest before reading about this boost, there is 4 solutions. a) Start of where you are, finish the remaining next coming week. b) Since this is account-wide you can start of on a ALT then come back on the one Main c) Finish current race before boost d) If possible build a gladiator's sanctum on an ALT and start over. What you are buying: Title : Orcslayer Title : The Death Stalker Title : Slayer of Sin´dorei Title : Troll Hunter Title : The Butcher Title : Huojin´s Fall Title : Killer of Kezan Part of Title : Warlord of Draenor (requires all of the titles above) + one solo quest Prices: 20k for each quest. 120k for 7/7 20k discount for every friend you bring. Either you pay in bulk or before each quest part. If you are interested or have any questions, feel free to add my btag and ask. Dani#21435 Dani#21435 Dani#21435 PS, Currently Selling the [The Last of Us] Feat of Strenght achivement (Lady/Lord of War) title. For more info.Niemesis20 20 Nov
19 Nov [A] Relativity (3/7M) 3 day Mythic Progression Guild Relativity is a new guild created at the start of legion raiding. We have always had the goal of mythic progression and are looking to recruit some more ranged damage dealers in order to complete our roster. Our goal and mindset this expansion is to progress through mythic content at a steady pace and have an enjoyable time raiding the hardest content. We like to foster a friendly and enjoyable atmosphere within our raids. Whilst we do like to take the raiding seriously we also know that people play WoW in order to have fun. Recruiting: Mage Shadow Priest Hunter Warlock Balance Druid Elemental Shaman We also are looking for a 5th Healer who has a competitive ranged dps spec, and is a skilled player in both roles. We will consider applications on all of the above, and may make exceptions for very skilled players. Raid Days: Wednesday: 19:45-23:00 Friday: 19:45-24:00 Sunday: 19:45-23:00 All times are server time (Paris Time) Expectations: We expect our raiders to be using resources in order to better themselves as players, this means using class specific websites such as Altered-Time and more general websites such as Icy Veins in order to keep their play at a competitive level. In terms of in-raid expectations we use Flasks and 375 buff food every raid, with some bosses (Ursoc for example) requiring Vantus runes and Augment runes. Players should be able to hold an 80% attendance over a period of time. This equates to missing 1 raid every 2 weeks. We want our players to be consistent and be there when we need them the most. Loot distribution: We use a loot council system in order to distribute loot. We have a council of 5 members (officers) that vote on who receives loot after each boss kill. This is influenced by various variables but mostly the stat quality and upgrade amount. We do not exclude trial raiders from receiving loot however we generally won't gear players until after their first raid with us, this is due to a few bad experiences in the past. Rank plays a minor role in terms of loot and officers do not receive a priority over Raiders in the guild. We understand loot is an integral part of raiding and we wish to have everyone enjoy a fair share. We require the raiders in the guild have the RCLootcouncil addon, this allows us to quickly assign loot after each boss kill. Progress: EN 3/7 Mythic. ToV 2/3N. Apply now! If you are interested in our guild then head over to to apply! Or speak to one of our officers for more information: Jataai (Bnet Jataai#1975) Greenshift Jordaina Zatrap KaldorielJataai1 19 Nov
18 Nov [A] LF Casual guild for mythic plus Hay, am looking for an active Casual guild to run mythic + dungeons with. I do not have loads of time to play hence me looking for a casual guild but what time I do have I spend in mythic dungeons. I havnt raided in some time but was a progression raider back in wotlk in the top guild on my realm (Dragonmaw, Dominium). I figure nows a good time to find some sort of community in the game again since I have been playing most of this expansion solo Age:25 Class: Blood DK Ilvl:870Lëgiön0 18 Nov
17 Nov <Mana Flaska> 7/7m Swedish raid guild on Kazzak <Mana Flaska> 7/7m söker efter en warr/dk Tank + range dps (no mage/hunter) till framtida Nighthold progress. Läs gärna mer om oss på: Vid intresse skicka gärna in en välskriven apply till: Vid övriga frågor/funderingar adda cloud#23502Cloudwings0 17 Nov
15 Nov [A]Comfy Casuals 7/7hc behöver tank/healz och lite dips Mainly want people who speak nordic since we are too casual to write in english Wanna be part of the most casual guild EU? We consist of several former hardcore raiders who became adults and moved out of the basement. You can be a NEET (one of our officers is NEETking) but we welcome people with real life responsibilities. Leave your five page application here with atleast fifteen logs attached and links to your UI. It should look something like this: Or you can just pm anyone online /who comfy casuals if you want some information/want to "apply" (no 3 month trial period needed) Need tank(not pally), dps and healer (pref not rdruid)Furzona23 15 Nov
10 Nov [A] Vestige LF DPS! Hey you and thank you for coming by! Vestige was created October 2015 with bunch of people who have raided together in the past, in previous expansions or guilds. We cleared 13/13 mythic in Hellfire Citadel and are hoping to clear content in Legion as well. We are especially interested in: - Shadow priest - Warlock - Hunter - Balance Druid Do not be shy even if your class or spec is not listed above, we consider them all! :) What we expect from you: -Teamspeak with working mic; willingness to speak up is a plus in this chatty group of ours! -Stable internet connection/computer -Consistent raid attendance (we raid 3 days a week) -Good attitude and patience -Online and prepared 15-30 minutes before raid. -A mindset to progress and kill bosses; You want progress above everything else but with fun atmosphere! As loot system we use loot council at the moment. Meaning that loot is a means to an end in Vestige, and not the goal, so we focus on allocating loot in a way to best progress the raid. We are always open minded for other options, but this has been working for us this far when other ways (EPGP n such) have not. When do we raid you might wonder? Well, our raid days and times are these: Tuesday 20.30-23.00 ST Wednesday 20.30-23.00 ST Thursday 20.30-23.00 ST How to contact us with questions? Where to fill up a application? Our website is found here: Our battletags for you to add for questions: Guild Master: Wowqwop#2502 Officer: Meleamee#2212Hyunmi1 10 Nov
09 Nov WTS Mythic+ Boosts Add Addy#2184 or Juni#2427 to book your boost run. We're a long term group of frends experienced with boosting, and we are now boosting Mythic+ Dungeons! We have completed hundreds of Mythic+ dungeons, and several members of the team have experience from boosting challengemodes in Mists of Pandaria and Warlords of Draenor. We also have experience boosting Heroic Archimonde in one of the fastest boosting groups in the world. Members of our group also have experience completing several top-world challenge mode times in Warlords of Draenor. We aim to provide the smoothest boosting service we can, and wish to maintain the best possible reputation on Frostmane and other servers we sell on. We are currently selling package boosts. If you're interested in a single dungeon boost, please add Addy or Juni on the battletags listed above. The package prices are as follows: Package Prices: 2-9 - This package has your keystone starting at level 2 or 3 and we will upgrade it to get you a level 9 completion, which guarantees a 875 piece in your orderhall chest at the end of the week - 150k 4-9 - This package has your keystone starting at level 4, 5, or 6 and we will upgrade it to get you a level 9 completion, which guarantees a 875 piece in your orderhall chest at the end of the week - 125k 7-10 - This package has your keystone starting at level 7 or 8 and we will upgrade it to get you a level 10 completion, which guarantees a 880 piece in your orderhall chest at the end of the week - 175k The achievement Keystone Conqueror will be available soon What rewards can you expect? Completing a level 10 dungeon will reward ilvl 880 loot in your Order hall chest at the end of the week. Completing a level 9 will reward 875 loot. This loot is generated for your current loot specialization from any legion dungeon excluding Violet hold and Kharazan. You will also receive any loot we can trade to you from the chests. If you wish to book a boost, please add Addy#2184 or Juni#2427 to battletag, and we will be happy to help. Armory links: 09 Nov
09 Nov Questions about horde on frostmane It seems hard to get a post going in this forum so I try again. Since alliance generally lose more bgs than win this xpac me and my bf was thinking about faction changing to horde. So I wonder: ¤ How is it to do World quests as horde on this server? I sometimes see a lot of horde on the server, for example Hellheim, but otherwise it's little to no horde around. Do you as a horde on frostmane end up in CRZ with other horde or you end up with mostly alliance and get overrun? Would be a shame if WQs started to take double or triple the time because of lots of alliance. ¤ Same with herb/mining, how is that as being a horde? ¤ What are the average bg queues as a horde? Would really like some help with this!Pinksparkle2 09 Nov
07 Nov 866 DH - 840 Mage LF guild Hello people of Frostmane My name is Glenn 20 years old and i come from the Netherlands Im currently in a guild thats a bit to casual for my liking and i would like to join a more serious guild My first experience with WoW was in late TBC which i was leveling a Gnome warlock i did enjoy the game but as a young kid didn't play that much In high school once i went ill for quite some time i started playing WoW again which was at late Cata early pandaria i mostly pvped on my Pandaren monk in the expansion then came WoD and as you all know the content of that Exp was so low and not enjoyable for me so i decided to stop playing Now in Legion i have never been excited to play alot of PvE content and start doing it on a more serious level At this moment im trying to reroll to mage to increase my consistency in raids What i can offer - i play alot of hours every day so raid schedules should'nt be a problem - im willing to improve and dont mind criticism - a chill attitude during raids and dungeons - I try and learn as much as i can from Videos/Streams/other players What i'm looking for in a guild - an good atmosphere in the guild - Guild members who don't mind boosting alt characters - Guilds that have more than 1 day of raiding If i've managed to get your interest or if you want any more info feel free to add me on bnet D3menTr0x#2490 Or whisper me in-game Thanks in advanceGrimgoriron1 07 Nov