12 Sep (A) 845 Prot Warrior LF Raiding Guild (A) 845 Prot Warrior LF Exp. Raiding Guild As the raid is coming closer, how more hyped I am to raid.. But still don't have a good raiding guild to raid with.. I am 20 years old. Im from Belgium. Your Class / Spec Warrior Protection OS Fury iLVL 845 in Prot.844 in Fury Dual#21335 Willing to do transfer I'm a calm person I don't get angry alot I'm loyal Feedback/Critics are all okay for me, I take them as motivation to work/improve Fast learner Detailed raiding experience for all expansion. Started WoW since 2007, but got serious in raiding in WOTLK Did ICC back then with a casual guild with some irl friends, later when I got better I joined Last Judgement and did normal/hc's. Firelands, did normal with a softcore raiding guild, joined Raven and cleared firelands heroic Dragon Soul, also with Last Judgement, can't really remember the progress there. MoP, only did Mogushan Vaults because I was done with WoW.. Havent raid the rest of MoP or Draenor because i had a break I obviously did also the other raids back in WOTLK or Cataclysm but mentioning the big ones. Detailed information about your previous guilds history. Orange Alliance - wotlk - Guild fell apart - Holy pala Last Judgement - wotlk - I really can't remember :( - Holy Pala Die vindictae - cataclysm - Left because I joined Raven, one of the top guilds back then - Fury warr Raven - cataclysm - Guild wen't inactive and joined Last Judgement again. - Fury warr Viva hollandia - Legion - Left because I want to get serious in raiding, it was more a casual guild. And they couldn't provide me a spot in raiding. Prot warrior Why pick me ? I really want to raid with a good decent guild who takes raiding seriously and ofcourse fun which is needed! :) I expect some fun in there and no drama, I want to have a guild where I can feel myself 'home'(Yeah maybe a big word but you understand me :D) And i want to have progression with new friends and a new guild. A good listener/learner who will do his utmost best to keep on track. PC Spec Intel Core i5 4670k @ 3.40GHz 8GB RAM DDR3 MSI Z87-G45 GAMING 3072MB ATI ASUS R9 280 SERIES 1863GB SeagateSensez0 12 Sep
11 Sep A Bunch of Gankers Video Greetings fellow vermin. I am here on behalf of my guild to encourage or perhaps incite a healthy rivalry/hatred from the cattle on this server in preparation for Legion. We have been hard at work for the past month and would like to offer you a brief glimpse at a possible future for all of you come market day. As you may be blissfully unaware the Alliance to Horde ration on this server is a healthy 64 - 1 (at level 100). This means that although we may not be able to control the flow of death we will however be very, very busy during Legion. As some salty tea smelling gnome corpse has questioned elsewhere that we are no prepared for this sheer weight of meat we are here to remind you that the push back has begun and we look forward to murdering and slaughtering every last one of you, ALL year round. That glorious feeling you had of dominating a server with no Horde, of questing and doing dailies without a care or fear in the world is over. You ungrateful wretches have accused us of many things, hidden behind far superior gear, legendary rings, hard hitting guards and sheer weight of numbers but what you can't know is just how dedicated we are to WPvP and how good we are at it. Servers rise and fall on a whim and that isn't even a far fetched statement. And when you no longer have these... advantages, we will obliterate you and ever other peasant/peon on this filthy realm. A Bunch of Gankers is here to prevent you doing everything you take for granted and as our success grows other eyes will join the banquet. And together we will make a pretty feast of this server. We offer you a token of good will: This does not come even remotely close to the amount of footage left for other videos but as you can see we are very much thriving and here to stay. We invented the old school WPvP in Europe and we'll be the ones to to rebuild it for the next Gen. TL:DR - Read more books so you can read the above. TL:DRII - Click the link, Rage, Comment and Dislike TL:DRIII - No Flying mounts... I wonder how popular the summoning stones will be?Káijin25 11 Sep
11 Sep LF a new guild for pve! Hi there, I'm a long term player who played in every expansion (bar the end of WoD), i'm back for legion and looking for a guild on frostmane to eventually complete mythic dungeons with and perhaps raid. I'm playing feral, fairly active and looking for a nice guild environment. Currently level 102, getting back into the game and want to get to know a new group of people before raiding :) -Durdy -Ino#2916Durdy1 11 Sep
09 Sep Guardian Druid - LFG Hey, I'm a long time player, basically looking for a raiding/mythic/challenge mode guild. Currently sat on Silvermoon which is dire, so willing to migrate. PvP isn't something I'm big on, haven't got back into that for a while. So looking for strictly a PvE guild. I have raid awareness, I bring flasks, I bring food buffs, I look up my class on Icy Veins, I use any voice comms that the guild uses. Willing to do a trial running through Mythic Dungeons with the guild if they wanna see me in action, that's no problem, I'm confident in my ability to do well. Currently more focused on Guardian than Balance, my Scythe of Elune needs a bit of TLC but if you require a Balance Druid > Guardian Druid then I'm happy to skill it up. Thanks for reading, looking forward to all possible responses. If you'd like to PM me in game my battle tag is: FFSDanny#2767 - BrekenBreken0 09 Sep
09 Sep [A] WTB ORES! WTB [Leystone Ore] 20g each and [Felslate] 50g each! Cod me any time!Cenedrà0 09 Sep
08 Sep Ganking Where are all the hordes on this server ?:( I see alliance players everywhere, but no hordes and i am getting ganked every 10 min. After Blizz ruined my ele shaman, and now this on top of it all, I am tempted to quit.Grimbadur2 08 Sep
08 Sep WTS [Reins of Poseidus] Mount SOLD! (PLS delete) Selling [Reins of Poseidus] mount on Frostmane EU - price is 580K gold. If you are interested please contact me on my warr Prepared, DH Memos or rogue Stabat. EDIT: SOLD ! Thread can be deleted.Prepared0 08 Sep
06 Sep Looking for a PVE guild Hi everyone, I'm from Nemesis italian server, i came back playing wow after a long period and i want to start raiding once again as i used to do in tbc-wotlk. I'm a TANK with actually 833 ilvl and i'd say very dedicated atm. I'm looking for a PVE guild to start playing with and progressing through the new content. I'm not very hardcore anymore in terms of raiding since i don't have enough time anymore ( university and irl stuff ), so i'm looking for a semi-hardcore or normal guild with like 3 raid times per week or maximum 4 during progression. My raid time is around 20.15-20.30 till i don't know.. 0.00 or something like that, not a big deal, the problem is just the start time, then i don't have a lot of problems going on. Let me know if you are interested, of course with questions about me and my raid history, i'm not gonna write it all here. Thanks for your time ! Cya around Battletag ingame : Italydevil#2156Italidevil0 06 Sep
05 Sep LF a fun PVE guild Hi Guildmasters, My name is McGoose, a 110 Fury Warrior! I've played every expansion since vanilla, although I have always been pretty casual. Now I'm up for some more serious PVE stuff! If you have a nice guild who wants to do some good PVE and looking for another soul to share the experience HIT ME UP! If you want to know more, ask away! Kind Regards, McGooseMcgoose0 05 Sep
05 Sep [A] Pandora The Social Raiding Guild needs more souls! Goodday reader Pandora! For Pony and Glory! What do we offer: Pandora has been a social easy going guild for over 9 years on Frostmane EU. We value the social and fun aspect over any other part of the game. By creating a kind and fun and sometimes crazy game enviroment we love to get to know the people behind the characters. A few examples: We speak to each other in the guildchat using reallife names. A private facebook group to share all kinds of stuff with fellow members. And even real life meetings! We are raiding every fridaynight @ 19:30 till around 23:00 or untill we are just done wiping :) We are a casual guild so progressing isn't really the key element in our raids. Its more about having a good time with the guildies and try and get some loot. We got as far as 13/13 HFC 12/13 HFC HC (skipped fel lord for some reason but killed Archimonde) For now we are gearing up and waiting for the new raids to unlock :) What do we look for? We are looking for like minded people. Play the game for fun with fellow gamers. Hangout, chit chat and small talk should be high on your list. Raiding should be a fun relaxing activity and not a must to get your epics. We don't require any kind of entry level. Even if your not looking for raiding but just a social place you are more then welcome to join us! If your intrested in joining Pandora add me to your friends list, leave a response here or contact any member online for an available officer. We no longer use a website for recruiting but a simple ingame chat will do. You are free to use the guildfinder but if you do please leave some text in there so I know your worth adding ;) With kind regards and hope to see you soon in Pandora! Veromor aka ErikVeromor13 05 Sep
01 Sep WTS WoW game time tokens, cheaper than AH First of all, I know you can not trade these, that is not how this works. How does it work then? Simple. I give you gold on Ravencrest EU alliance to buy one from the AH there your self. the procedure works as such: I will give you my real id, you then make a lvl 1 human on Ravencrest and run to Stormwind (If any of my mates are online at the time of trade i will get them to pick you up and fly you to Stormwind) I trade you whatever the current ah price of the token is, in gold, you then buy it yourself from the AH and use it. After this is done you will then trade me 5k less gold than what i gave to you, on Frostmane. (For example lets say the token costs 69k, you will trade me 64k on Frostmane. FAQ Why am I doing this? Simply put i need gold on Frostmane, yes I know i am losing 5k per trade but that is a price I am willing to pay to transfer the gold to Frostmane. Is this illegal, against EULA? No, I have spoken to multiple GM's regarding this and since we are using in game currency to buy an in game item from the AH it breaks no rules. It is merely a gold trade but since you are intending to buy a token with the gold, the realm you take it on doesn't matter, making it easier to find a trade than if i was to flat out trade someone 500k on Ravencrest for 500k on Frostmane for example. the person trading would specifically need to want gold on Ravencrest. If you have any more questions feel free to message me in game. Real id = sk1ppy#2971 my alt on Frostmane is called Neverknow, and this is the char that will be spamming trade. EDIT = fixed some spelling mistakes.Viper0 01 Sep
31 Aug Delete this .Dominka0 31 Aug
30 Aug Server status Anyone else experience login issues? Best PlingePlinge4 30 Aug
29 Aug Gnome Hunters on Frostmane ("fun" topic) So yea, prepatch has been out for like at least 2 weeks now, and I have seen like a whole 5 Gnome Hunters so far. So either you are all hiding, afraid of me (don't worry my transmog isn't as bad as the armory shows), or you're not a Gnome (yet). My twitter feed needs more of you, get yourself to Stormshield or your own favorite place in WoW so we can immortalize your ticket on the Gnomish Hypetrain** in style! (You don't NEED to be a hunter specifically) *(Fun depends on what you think is fun, so if you're not one for meeting other Gnome players or you don't want your character's name on twitter, this might not be for you. All the cool Gnomes do it though!) **(Gnomish Hypetrain may or may not self-destruct, Goblin engineers may or may not have been involved) Joking aside, I'm doing this to give the people on Frostmane that are either new to the realm, or don't have any real in-game friends on the realm (yet) a chance to meet some of the players who maybe are just like them (maybe they're both Gnome fanatics, maybe they just all enjoy playing hunter, and maybe some other stuff!). I got this idea after reading the recent "Why did Frostmane die?" Post. Maybe it'll bring back a small sense of community within Frostmane's playerbase (after all, we're about to break out of our garrisons). And I want to do just that. To bring back the community, nothing more. So if you're out there Hunters, or just new players to Frostmane, let yourself be heard!Inuchiyo12 29 Aug
28 Aug Looking for friendly and casual players. Me and a few friends run a guild called the Finger Puppet Mafia, we're based in the UK and we're looking for more people to have fun doing dungeons and eventually raids in Legion. We're all welcoming and play fairly frequently, voice communication is a must and we would prefer you speak English. Come and make friends and explore the Broken Isles together :) To join add me in game or find the guild through recruitment. See you in legion :) Raichmeister#2476Admirålkünkå0 28 Aug
28 Aug Resto druid and hunter looking for a guild We are looking for a rading guild to raid with in legion. We took a break when mop was released but we are now back and are looking for a guild. Have previously cleared most of the wotlk raid including hcs. All cata raids cleared. Prefer to join a guild that raids from 19:30/20:00 to 22:00/23:00.Eyylmaó1 28 Aug
28 Aug DK Tank looking for a Guild for Legion Content Hello, I play DK Tank & I'm currently looking for an English speaking/mature 20+ yrs/friendly Alliance guild that takes PVE content seriously and has a similar raiding Schedule to the below: 1. Schedule Option one: Once per week raid. Duration 5h max. 2. Schedule Option two: Twice per week raid. Duration of each raid 3.5h max. Echonight#2812Echosoul1 28 Aug
27 Aug (A) Enso a discord based gaming community. Enso has decided to branch out to legion! We are a discord based gaming community that has people from several games and is making Legion one of them. All of us are casual pvp and pvers that focus on having fun and exploring games together rather than worlds firsts and tons of salt. There are a couple of requirements that are mostly around to keep people on the same page. -Age 18+ -English speaking and writing only. -Discord app. Now if a casual friendly community focused on making friends and laughter is something that appeals to you then please head over to our discord server BUT, before you do let me warn you, most of us.. ok, all of us are royally messed up. With that said please don't be afraid, no matter how messed up we are, we have hearts of gold! Discord invite link: If you have any questions you can ask in discord or add us in game. Macke#2799 Slothful#21825 Bluexin#2997Hh0 27 Aug
27 Aug Wanting to buy an item for transmog paying big Okay, the mythic BOE Plate belt from Highmaul haven't been on the AH for months now. Not even through countless of hours of trash farming in HM have I seen it. If anyone is sitting on The Mythic BOE Plate belt from Highmaul and is willing to sell it to me for 30k I will be the happiest kid in the world.Dharradin0 27 Aug
26 Aug [A] Algorithm - Frostmane Algorithm is a newly created guild on Frostmane, started by a group of friends, whom after some time apart have once again come together. The leadership and its core consists of experienced and determined players with several years in the raiding scene. Our previous raiding environments may not be the same but we all have and share the same vision and we are seeking players to join us and be a part of this project. Algorithm is humbly put just another guild on the raiding scene and claiming anything different would be a lie. We as a guild haven't historically accomplished anything yet, so therefore this post will be focused on the future. Warlords of Draenor is behind us and our eyes are set on Legion and the upcoming challenges it has to offer. The raiding scene on Frostmane at its current state is nowhere near where it used to be and we are here with the hopes of changing that. We are confident that there are hungry players out there, whom are eager to find a "raiding home" and that is exactly what we are offering. Our goal is to keep a motivated and versatile roster that's always striving for improvement. To achieve this we are looking for like-minded people who UNDERSTANDS raiding and what it is like to be a team player. Attributes like these are highly valued here and they will always be prioritized. By adding a healthy raiding schedule, the progression will hopefully turn out to be extremely effective and enjoyable. Enough rambling, here follows some hard facts on raiding times and what not. Thursday 19:45-23:00 Sunday 19:45-23:00 Tuesday 19:45-23:00 (This day will be added at the start of a new patch and will be in effect until we are satisfied while still keeping the same motivation.) If we are close to a kill, or an important checkpoint, and everyone is keen to progress for another half hour we will obviously do that. We expect you to come prepared, particularly with your situation IRL. This is all common sense and if you have a hard time committing to this you most likely won't last long. Currently we are primarily interested in, although not limited to: Enhancement Warlock SP Retri Sounds interesting? Send us your application now! ( Any question(s)? Don't hesitate to add our BattleTags! Albh#2773 Caun#2183 Celesteh#2553 Thank you for your interest, looking forward to see your applications!Caun3 26 Aug
25 Aug <Security> WoD store [CLOSED] Update 22/8: We have now concluded our services for HFC with the last two Archimonde Mounts and Blackhand mounts being reserved this coming Wednesday the 24th. Since this is the last week the mounts will be a 100% drop, we want to thank everyone who has used our services and hope to see some of you again for Legion! Until then, this thread is now officially closed. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- It's time for one of these threads again! Prices are as follows and are somewhat negotionable: Prices for single Mythic bosses, master loot with all non-warforged and non-socket items included for all of your speccs(whatever we don't need that are warforged or socketed is yours): Edit 02/22: WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT BOOSTING SINGLE BOSSES. EXCEPTIONS CAN BE MADE BUT CONTACT AN OFFICER FIRST FOR MORE INFO Non-tier bosses - 75k each: Hellfire Assault Iron Reaver Hellfire High-Council Killrogg Deadeye Shadow-Lord Iskarr Tyrant Velhari Fel Lord Zakuun Tier bosses - 150k each: Kromok Gorefiend Socrethar the Eternal Xhul'horac Mannoroth and Archimonde Mannoroth - 200k Archimonde (loot only) - 500k Archimonde (the mount <a href="/wow/en/item/123890" class="bml-link-item color-q4"><span class="icon-frame frame-10"><img height="10" width="10" src="" alt=""/></span>Felsteel Annihilator</a>) - 1.2m 12/13 package (excluding Archimonde) - 1m Full package: 1.5m (excluding Archimonde mount) Other: The Shipyard Bundle! - 500k (250k Discount) First eight bosses which will unlock the mythic Hellfire Citadel cache mission from the shipyard. This does NOT include loot. Price for loot can be discussed. Reason for not having a price for Archimonde mount: We are unsure at the current time what we should price the mount due to the ammount of interest and economy of Frostmane and hence have decided that for now, the mount goes to the highest bid. Contact either me (Kapaya#2705), Grimzie or Hayle for more information or to make a bid. Raids: Our raid days and invites are on Wednesday at around 19:30 CET and boss is pulled around 19:45 CET. We raid until 23:00 CET, and if we don't clear everything in one night we will continue from where we left off on Thursday, same hours. We expect you to be able to make both days if you buy a full package. So far, we've spared over 30 minutes each week so it will be very rare for you to see a Thursday raid. You're welcome to raid naked due to the fact that we will ask you to die on every boss. Payment: Part of the payment (15%) is paid as reservation deposit when we set up a date. The remaining full payment is expected upon entering the raid unless otherwise noted. We accept only in-game currency and only Alliance on Frostmane. Contact: If you are interested in purchasing from us or you have any questions, please contact me on btag or ask someone in the guild to poke me: Kapaya#2705 Other services: Blackhand Mythic (Loot + Mount) 250kKapaya67 25 Aug
25 Aug WTS Dark Portal HS WTS: Dark Portal Hearthstone (TOY) Accepting gold on Frostmane (A) Price: 3m Battletag: Caillou#2321 Proof of the card:øu0 25 Aug
24 Aug WTB Engineering (1-700) leveling pack Hi, as title says. Post with your price or contact me ingame on DKB#2468 Thanks!Elleryss0 24 Aug
24 Aug WTS Big Battle Bear WTS Big Battle Bear Mount is on Thunderhorn (H), is tagged Taking gold on any High pop realm Battletag: Thunderfoot#2881Vendetta1 24 Aug
24 Aug Swedish guild looking for recruits for raiding/pvp who are we? none of your businesses! no but really we are a newly started guild by the name of "epic drum solo" pact of burning souls. and are looking for more swedes (preferably) to join us we are going to pvp and raid mainly so if you are interested in ether please send us a massage. we are think of raiding mainly on Thursday and Sunday dates are not set yet so we are flex-able to change if it don't fit all. we are mainly looking for tanks and 1 or 2 healers also some dps spots are left. we are not too experienced with raiding and are fairly new too wow over all. also we are mainly irl friends. pvp: we want to push some rating in arena (some of us at least) and maybe some rated bgs later but raiding will take priority first. we respect your choice of class/spec but we want to be some what flex-able so if you are able to and needed too for example tank a boss we some what expect you too do it. of course are we going too be flex-able too other wise why should you need too be flex-able? also we expect you too be able too take some criticism if we are going too do some progress in raiding if you are sarcastic and have a bad sense of humor you should fit in perfectly if you are interested in joining please massage one of us championsan#2128 GM Thunqvist#2475 Officer fågel#21400 OfficerKrelhon0 24 Aug
23 Aug <Adept> Are selling the Final Archie Mythic Mount Hi - Does what it says on the tin, we're selling the last Archimonde mythic mount (Felsteel Annihilator). The raid will take place on Wednesday the 24th of August @ 21.00 server. Please contact Roonie#2471 or enii#2645 for pricing info. Just to filter out silly offers, and being this is the final non-rare mount, it will be in excess of 1million gold. You will be expected to pay a deposit of 10% and the remaining 90% upon entering the raid. Your job will be to insta-die at the pull :D Cheers and see you all in Legion.Roonié2 23 Aug
22 Aug SHOOT BOYZ (H) Casual PvP guild looking for members. As the title reads we are looking for new members to join our forces and crush some Alliance skulls! A bit about us, The core team of the group have been around since Frostmane opened up back in vanilla and during vanilla, TBC and WoTLK we have mainly focused on PvE. But as we get older time to play the game has become limited due to jobs having kids and other grown up stuff. We formed SHOOT BOYZ at the start of WoD and thoroughly enjoyed nuking Highmaul summoning stone on Wednesday evenings, but due to WoD being a bit of a disappointment we stopped playing. But now with Legion just around the corner and how promising it looks we've decided to return and strike fear into the Alliance! So if you don't have time to play as much and looking for a friendly environment this could be the guild for you! Requirements, -Must be able to speak and understand English -Must have a microphone -Must bring me 20 alliance scalps on a daily basis. If you'd like to know more about the guild or have any questions feel free to post down below or contact me in-game! I look forward to hearing from you!Bondurant0 22 Aug
22 Aug Warcraft Planet TV on Youtube Hi there I am from Warcraft PlanetTV on YouTube; What we do is record gameplay and make it into a YouTube Video for Viewers to watch! This involves Transmogs, RPing, Random Events e.g a Parade! If you are interested in getting involved, please contact me! Reason Why I have made this thread to to represent WoW Players on EU on YouTube if that is By Transmogs Pvp Pve or Role Playing events ,Including Class Transmogs You can Contact me Via Game or Direct Message on the YouTube Channel hope to hear from use all soon! The Link : 22 Aug
21 Aug 3x Vanilla Players LFGuild ---Nuggan1 21 Aug
20 Aug LF raiding guild for legion Hello there, Im looking for a guild to raid with in Legion. Due to my work im able to raid starting from 21.30 RT to 00.00 RT Hoping to find a guild where i can play my shaman, i can transfer my character to the realm where the guild is located if needed. Got shaman on alliance(Frostmane) and on horde(Kazzak) so no need for faction change (yay the money saved from that). Ive been plannin to play resto shaman or enhancement, what ever suits the guild best. And something about my raiding experience; cleared Naxx 40man back in vanilla skipped pve in burning crusade and focused on pvp in wotlk cleared ICC on heroic in cata wasnt so active on pve or pvp, didnt think the expansion was that good to focus on, played randomly lfr and pugs on DS skipped mop, leveled to 90 and didnt like the game on its current form after playing few months on max lvl in wod did 7/13M before my new job that im currently at so had to stop raiding for the time being Now that im established in my job and in new city i can start looking forward to Legion and raiding after work. If your guild has intrest or more to ask add my bnet tag Nekkeeh#2407 trying to be online much as i can :)Karphon0 20 Aug
20 Aug Returning Mythic raider LF a guild for Legion! Hi there. So as the title suggests I'm posting here is because I'm a returning player and hoping to come back into raiding with the launch of Legion. Last year I had a couple of health problems where I was taken into hospital and had an operation, but I'm a lot better now and ready to get back into the game. For Legion I am looking to be maining Feral converting over from Restoration which I played during the WoD raids, ( I'd be willing to use Restoration as an offspec if need be, giving my experience in that role! ) WoD was my first expansion in which I raided pretty successfully! I've managed to progress through the entire Normal and Heroic HFC raids and gotten the Hellfire Assault and Kilrogg down on Mythic. I am open for server changing and faction changing. ( I was thinking of heading to Horde for Legion but if a suitable guild had just what I needed I would be willing to remain Alliance. ) I'm hoping to join a raiding team where it is a friendly environment, who are prepared to progress. I would love to at least complete both Normal and Heroic raids if not Mythic. ( Which would be a bonus to me. ) So guilds that are not going to progress into Mythic content please do not feel discouraged to not approach! I'd prefer a guild who are willing to get to know their members, especially the more established guilds, since being new is always a daunting experience. Also if any of you will be levelling in a group for Legion, I would totally be down to join you! I'm a 23 year old female and I come from the UK, currently I am pretty flexible with raid times, I'm available pretty much all week. But if I had to say a preference, I wouldn't mind late night/afternoon. ( But as I said, I'm available all week, all day. ) So that's about it from me for now. I hope to hear from you soon! =]Aymethyst0 20 Aug
20 Aug [A] [SWEDISH ONLY] Unity 13/13 Mythic HFC @ Frostmane Unity is a Swedish guild that was created in WoD. We have a friendly atmosphere and aim to have fun during raids but we also want to have quality at the same time. Many of our players don't have the time required for hardcore raiding so our goal is to clear everything in a relaxed timeframe and before new content is out. We are not casual, the time we put in to the game means something. We don't raid just too pass the time. Planing your time around raids, and some time sacrificing IRL so that you can make it to raids. By doing that, it shows respect for the ones in the guild and that we can count on you. We raid 3 days/week and our raidtimes are: Wednesday 19:00 - 23:00 Thursdays 19:00- 23:00 Sundays 19:00 - 23:00 We're currently in need of: Ranged DPS Big need of hunters All applications will be considered regardless of class and role so you are welcome to throw an application even if you class aren't listed above Make your apply at: For more information or questions please contact any of our officers ingame: Inzomnia, Chezie or GnomieGnomie13 20 Aug
19 Aug [A] rshaman/ hpally LF mythic raiding guild SILVERMOON hello everyone, for legion raiding i, shabbus am currently looking for a new guild. I had to leave my current guild because i could not make the raiding times and therefor they needed to replace me on my order. As for my experience: i started raiding in wod with doing some normal/heroic highmaul and brf and started mythic raiding with my current guild in hfc, we cleared till tyrant before prepatch, where we needed to stop raiding because off lack of dps. in that guild i was the healing coördinator/officer and made the healer tacts and cd rotations. i am currently looking for a guild that raids on any day (except monday/saturday) after 21:00 (maybe 20:30 is doable), also i'd like to be in a guild that is friendly and social, and 3 raid days is ideal. i hope to hear from some guilds soon friendly regards shabbus ps. you can hit me up at my btag: shabbus#2882 pps. shabbus (shaman): paladin: -wow progress guild: -warcraft logs guild -warcraft logs personal willing to realm transferShabbus0 19 Aug
19 Aug Fortunate Endings 2/13 Mythic Fortunate Endings are a casual raiding guild and we welcome any player to trial with us! Recruiting has been challenging to say the least but we are hoping that more people will be looking for a guild to raid with since pre-patch. Great atmosphere in the guild, very relaxed raids! We do love to down bosses and it's great that we are able to get mythic kills but really the guild is all about having fun whether we kill the boss or not! So be skilled but just remember it's a game! Raid times: Wednesday and Sunday - 20:00-23:30 Server time. In Search of Healers (no priests) and Dps (no DK) We are done with WoD progress and are looking forward to Legion! If interested please reply on here or message me in game at 'Watchtower#21370'Leyga2 19 Aug
18 Aug [H] Megalomania is recruiting for Legion! Hello everyone. Megalomania is a mature PvE guild on Stormscale. We intend to keep going and currently clearing raids for the 6th year we're around now. We currently have 11/13 HFC M, but due to unfortunate events, we are now rebuilding our roster again. We are recruiting for our raiding team to start raiding progression and other, mainly PvE, activities. In the following wall of text, I will introduce you to our guild and what we're about, what we have to offer to you, and lastly, how you can join us. Current OPENINGS: I am going to be a bit different here, than what you are used to read about. We are rather looking for PLAYERS, rather then characters, as we want long-term commitment and a trusty community, so we can play with the same people without the hassle of constantly losing and replacing them. We are open to and encourage play different roles, or even alts if there's a need, instead of recruiting new people for the job each time. In the long run, this way you will always have people to raid with good people that you trust and a much better atmosphere to raid with, without the pesky requirements of elitist behaviours. Good people are ALWAYS welcome in our community. We firmly believe that a good organisation is of great importance to a guild. We put a lot of effort in our organisation and ask of our members to abide by the rules that we set up. You can learn Rules and further INFORMATION by contacting Goyim-stormscale ingame for further information. Understanding our values in our community We have rules and other information we need members to agree with, this shows us that you are willing to commit to our guild. People who can't be bothered with this, aren't welcome in our community. This may seem harsh but we want to draw a very clear line here. We don't have a minimum item-level for people to join us; we organize gearing-up raids for the newcomers so they can catch-up with our current progression, and join us in our main raids quickly. How to Join us: Joining our guild is done by contacting an officer currently ingame, this should be Goyim or Dentorro or Pienscute so we can have an understanding who you are, before an invite is made. You can also go to our recruitment forums - and fill in an application, just follow the instructions there. You can also reach me here at btag kidneyxt#2328 or goyim#2965. What can we offer you? As a guild, we can offer you a chance to play in a mature community with an equal treatment, and a safe haven from all the pugging and frustration that it brings. Other than that we've got a few pointers that we intend to complete in the remainder of the Legion expansion (and beyond). PvE progression: As any PvE guild, our main goal is to make progression in raids and clear them at their top difficulty before the release of new content. While we are realistic in this, it will be hard to clear bosses on mythic before next tiers, we do intend to get as far as we can. Right now we are recruiting for Legion, and preparing a new roster for the challenges ahead of us. As of right now there is only a few of us. You need to have the patience and the right attitude The reason for this is that we need to fill the requirements of 20m people. We had many teams come and go, but due to unfortunate events we are slowly building a steady, trusty team for this. Challenge mode dungeons: We've had a lot of fun in the challenge mode dungeons and intend to keep doing them, so that as many of our guildies as possible can get their transmog gear before it retires. THIS WILL NOT BE A BOOST IN ANY WAY. We expect our guildmembers to do their best and it is a nice way for us to know what someone is made off. Achievement runs: We intend to get some achievements from the previous tiers from the expansion. This is, however, the last bulletpoint here so it will be the last thing on our list aswell. About us: Megalomania was formed on the 22nd of august of 2010 on Trollbane. Right now our leader team is based upon two swedish twins, and one very loveable dane. We've raided through the last few months of WotLK and the beginning of cataclysm. When we returned to Trollbane, our lovely server had transformed into a ghost town. A few months fast forward and we're on Stormscale, getting our guild back together. In cataslysm we raided all raids. At the end of cataclysm we were 6/8HC on Dragon Soul. In Mop we have cleared MSV HC, HoF HC, ToES HC, and was working on ToT HC 11/13 and Soo Mythic 8/14. Currently in WoD, we have cleared all the current content here, HM/BRF/HFC on heroic, and all except the last 2 on mythic. Thank you for reading and thank you for considering Megalomania.Pienscute1 18 Aug
17 Aug [A] Aspire - New semi hardcore raiding guild Hello everyone. Info: Faction: Alliance Server: Frostmane Website: Description Aspire was made a year ago and we did plan to raid, but we decided not to, now we are in buisness again and ready for Legion with the aim for mythic. We are currently looking for more members but its going foward, we wanna be a semi hardcore raiding guild but still a nice and fun atmosphere where we can laugh and have fun but still serious when progressing. Raiding Schedule: Server time! Tuesday 20:00 - 23:00 Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 Sunday: 20:00 - 23:00 Recruitment We currently need casters casters and uhm caster, no im joking but yes casters and 1-2 healers but even some melee could work, socials are always welcome, and in some cases socials are potential raiders, even if you aren't that good and you come to our heroic runs and such and we see you are trying hard and you learn and improve then you could more then likely become a raider, skills and effort are more important than gear. For more info go to our website listed on at the top or contact: Pixxan:2285 wallaalex#2548 more coming later.....Piixxan2 17 Aug
17 Aug WTS X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME (Red) WTS X-51 Nether-Rocket X-TREME - Accepting Gold on Sylvanas/Silvermoon/Frostmane The Rocket is on Dragonblight (H) - Requires level 20 to learn it. btag: berbeq#2222Berbeq0 17 Aug
17 Aug <unworthy> Recruiting for Legion .Ilenwen1 17 Aug
15 Aug [A] <ID> Selling Mounts & Lootruns <ID> is looking to sell the last few resets worth of mounts and loot prior to the Legion launch. The mounts will be dropping from a 100% guaranteed drop chance, to 1% in Legion, similar to other rare drop mounts. It may be your last chance to get these easily so be sure not to miss out! Time and Date We normally raid on Wednesdays and Sundays between 19.00-23.00 CEST (server time) and are prepared to work with potential buyers inside of these times and days. Prices: Mounts Felsteel Annihilator (Archimonde Mythic mount) - 1.500.000 Ironhoof Destroyer (Blackhand Mythic mount, usable loot included) - 300.000 Prices: Loot Hellfire Citadel Mythic, 12/13, All loot for your class/spec - 750.000 Hellfire Citadel Mythic, 13/13, All loot for your class/spec - 1.000.000 Anything outside of what is listed - Contact Moonie (Moonie#2350) or any of the others listed below. Payments: We only accept gold on alliance and on Frostmane (EU). To ensure serious buyers we require a 15% deposit upon reserving a date. The remaining 85% of payment will be paid in full prior to boss pull. Contact: For more information, questions or reserving a time and date, feel free to reach out to any of: Moonie (Moonie#2350) Duzell (Gillyan#2524) Tophatz (Tophatz #2118) Traby (Traby#21775) Akuranuko (Udanul#2425)Moonie2 15 Aug
15 Aug WTT Gold from Outland to Silvermoon/Sylvanas/Frostmane Trading Gold from Outland to Sylvanas or Frostmane or Silvermoon We're talking about more than 500k gold. add berbeq#2222 if you want to tradeBerbeq0 15 Aug
15 Aug Looking for guild Hello, My name is Xithianina and i am looking for a PvE guild. I was a very ACTIVE raider back in WotlK. I Mained a holy/prot paladin back then, and i ended up being on the 3th best guild on burning blade Wich i belive was Damage Control (Raided ICC 25 HC Farm and obsidium sanctum 25 hc) And since legion is coming out aswell, i really wanna start going back to raiding.. Gold farming and PVP is getting ridiculus boring for me and i want something that i know i can archive. I've been playing since 2006 (26/1/2006 N/A Free Month Expired) Wich was my first free game time. I got alot of experience in raiding up to WOTLK. I stopped raiding when cataclysm came out after the game went abit.. bad.. But i cant lie to anyone, im still addicted and it's the only game i enjoy to this day. I am not an Roleplayer. Some information about me: I am 24 years old, mature and calm guy. (BOY) I live alone, I do not work. I can raid 14-19 hours a day, even more if needed. I will buy my own flask, potion, enchant what ever is needed. (Can contribute with gold aswell) Aswell i gotta admit that i'm pretty rusty. Healing has changed alot since WotlK, and im gonna be totally honest, i cant do it. Healing for me right now is the worst thing, obviously i could practise, but im just tired of healing. 6 years of healing do get boring after a while. Right now im looking forward to DPS. So here is what i am looking for right now: A guild that raid frequently 4-5 days a week (Do not need to be elitest in any way shape of form) Reasonable people, not !@#$%y or being imature. You guys are helpful, maybe teach me a few things about the class you want me to play. You don't give up after 2 attempts and call it a night, i want progression. . What i can provide: Loyality and dedication! Hopefully someone will take this serious. Just take this in to your mind: "I haven't raided for a very long time, and my gear isnt the best." If someone is willing to help me maybe going through HFC Normal just so i can get some experience until legion, i would kindly appreciate it! I'm here to learn and master it. Thanks, (Class that i got available rigth now: Monk (Do not got alot of experience) Druid (balance or feral , whatever you want me as) Hunter Warrior Mage(Boosted to 100) Rogue(Just boosted to 100) Keep in mind i have been playing every class since the start of vanilla, but I'm not good at rotation. Best Regards, Xithianina. Contact me ingame on argent dawn EU Alliance (Xithianina) I got a human mage on frostmane(Played him aswell since vanilla)Xithianina1 15 Aug
14 Aug Lord/Lady of war, cheapest out there! Hello Frostmane, I would like to offer my boosting service for the Feast of Strength achievement The Last of Us and Fight, Kill, Salute! As I am able to solo this my price is low as 50k gold. Upon completing this achievement you will receive: Warlord's Flag of Victory Alliance Flag of Victory Unleashed Mania ( not 100% drop ) A title Lord/Lady of War Requirements: Level 100 character Level 3 Gladiator Sanctum 50.000 golden coins Feel free to add me Luka#1495 or whisper me in-gameQotro28 14 Aug
14 Aug Ashran Can anyone tell me if the Ashran servers are dead or broken or something? Seriously 3 hours Queues for Ashran and even then not getting in, waited like 3 hour and 20 minutes on my Alliance char while doing invasion in the meanwhile. On this char the same but been in queue for nearly 4 hours and not even getting in, yesterday it was like 10-15 minutes. Actually need 41 more Panda's on my horde :( but yeah can't get in Ashran, and none on the world of Draenor either :/ Why did blizz turn it into a BG anyway? Yesterday all day long played against a Russian Premade, was good for some 50 Panda's but not being able to get in at all is just ridiculous :(Darkphoenix1 14 Aug
14 Aug wow datorspel 10/10 mythic I hear that salt mining is good money so security can make loads of fat cash if they open one, kapapapapaapapapap datorspel gz gz gzPoojar284 14 Aug
14 Aug Why did Frostmane die? It's always at Low now and the AH sucks. Where did all the swedes go?Naydie43 14 Aug
13 Aug WTB Heroic HFC boost WTB Heroic HFC boost with pl, today Whisper me ingame at Mordremoth or add me at Randomizeee#2202Mordremoth0 13 Aug
13 Aug [Brawler's Harness] Selling [Brawler's Harness]Astronautzor0 13 Aug
12 Aug Selling NEMESIS boost. 7/7 or individual. Nemesis boosts are now available What you need: level 2 Gladiator's Sanctum in your Garrison. What you get: Achievements + Titles: If you are Horde: Worgen Hunter Terror of the Tushui Manslayer Dwarfstalker Scourge of the Kaldorei Gnomebane Draenei Destroyer How long will this take?: Around 3 hours What order will we do: Draenei>Pandas>Gnomes>Worgen>Dwarf>Night Elf>Humans When will we do this: Full runs on Saturdayday at 13.00 server time How much does it cost: Full runs 120k. Individual Nemesis 20k Accepting gold on: Kazzak Stormscale Draenor Tarren Mill Twisting Nether If you have any questions, Feel free to ask. Reply to this post or add me Shadowshaker#2941Báneblade1 12 Aug
11 Aug Crime Syndicate Recruitment Message Its been almost 6 days since the Vapours of Death itself appeared across the werld. These Grim Effigies, which took the combined dribs of the entire game to do nothing to us, were locked and magically sealed within a Portal in the bowels of Mudflaps underpants only to be released again by the energy known as g force. Not since the Other day has A Bunch of Crime Syndicate, the most Ruthless, Feared and Despised, Incarnation of Chaos, been unleashed. However, while these fiends were nurtured by the bosom of the Void, deep within the MIDDLE of the Twisting Nether, the World of Azeroth went to War and Craft, you know, because the game is called world of warcraft. with foe upon foe, consuming more than just the Lives of the Elements in the world around. Like a Cosmic hammer, infinite in its reach, whatever that means. The world was beaten like an Anvil, by the hammer. Until all of its Leaders, Heroes, Guardians and Inhabitants were broken, out of shape. And as these... Saviours, weakened and fell in vain, deep within the Past... came a new Future... or something along those lines. The incantations upon the Dungeon door began to Rot and Erode because nobody does them anymore, just like all that Live and Build. And as the Nether spins its Web further beyond, to consume and construct the Void, a macabre spectre, with a thousand eyes and a gaping maw, hungers... in the deep... called mudflap before he orders a kebab with your money. ABOUT US: A Bunch of Crime Syndicate is an normal guild full of normal people and normal guild experience. We've existed in many different forms on 1 server, forever forced to roam the universe out of shear boredom., looking for alternative dribs we can devour. Once we invade a world, we quickly establish ourselves as the Arena Master. Although our reign has always been long term, our impact has echoed out across the infinite hill in the background, reaching ever into Tomorrow. With guile, discipline, dedication and a decade of experience and no arena experience we offer you a journey like no other. However, if you want to join. Don't be a turd. The memories we give you, will last longer than your temper can endure and even after your name has withered and your War Crafting over, you will remember us, you will remember yourself. Normal people usually do remember themselves. I think it's easy. ABoCrime Syndicate is not just a Guild, it is an Experience. And you do not gain it, without the Arena Achievement [Just the Two of Us: 2200]. Our apostles are not martyrs, they need to succumb to their narcissism. If you choose to walk the path of a Ganker, you do so for the glory of yourself. We will guide you into the Nether and replace your eyes with a lust for the waking dark. For within the Void, there is nothing but the victories you carry with you. We will Conquer. We will Devour. And we will rule the Void. [/li] REQUIREMENTS: • Must be able to Speak and Communicate in Indian. • Must have a Microphone and Headset and Capable of Using it while juggling bottles on a unicycle. • Must be Dedicated to One Guild and Faction. (Usa) • Must have a Sense of Humour. (The Darker, the Better)NO ARENA INSULTS OR GKICK • Must be able to take Direction, Commands, Criticism and Insults.NO ARENA INSULTS • Capable of Drinking a deepholm potion. • Capable of Debating, Arguing and Adequately Expressing one's Opinions on the level of a 5 year old. • • • • No Political Correctness. • No Communication with the Alliance Faction on Our Server. (Forums included) • Narcissism, Ego, Raid Rambos, Show Boating or Fame Seeking. • You Must Love WPvP. CRIME SYNDICATE For the time is upon you all. When Our Future will become your Past. TL, DR Website: Whisper or in-game mail <Faylum> whatever server that guild is on Interviews may take 1-2000 Hours. Do NOT Lie. You will Regret it if you do. I will record you and hide the data on the hard drive under my bedRotflap11 11 Aug
08 Aug [A] Runic - Recruiting Runic are now recruiting new members for our Legion Campaign Starting off as a group of friends with a lot of experience raiding and even leading together and picking up contacts along the way, we are now well set to finalize our core roster and complete preparation for Legion. We are currently looking for ambitious players who thrive in a competitive atmosphere. All classes and specs currently being considered. Raid times: Wednesday//Sunday//Monday 20:00 - 24:00 Server time For more information please feel free to get in touch on BNET: Obajin#2982Cassibot1 08 Aug