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23s Number 1 in queue I am number 1 in the queue on my server (Dreanor), my mate is also number 1 and has been for 20 minutes! Why is that?Mograul14 23s
3m Draenor Realm LOCKED This is shocking. This realm has been marked as full for a long time now. New game launch and many people who have played on this realm for years now cannot log in. From 'Full' to 'Locked'. Totally unacceptable. This was predicatable and could have been planned for.Yanelf40 3m
33m Blizz You made me do the washing up! I'm even contemplating hoovering, not quite what I had planned this evening. Thanks blizz! Least the mrs is happy.Jahsonix2 33m
42m DRAENOR-Been in 2 Position for more then 25 minutes Been in 2 Position for more then 25 minutes So Blizzard, WTF this is retarded, we are paying for this game. been sitting in this Queue for more then 2 hours.Fadertony21 42m
43m 2h + Q time on Draenor I came hope to play. I can't. There are also 4k+ players that also want to. Is it possible to get a free realm transfer for my characters because I already payed for the expansion and the game time, I would REALLY like to PLAY THE GAME! This is inexcusable.Djspider49 43m
49m Enable free transfers from Draenor Its obviously not fit for purpose.Nüll40 49m
50m The official 5th in Q club Only 5th in Q members allowed because I can bet my Rogue coin purse I ain't the only one stuck at this position.Smisse3 50m
54m If you are stuck at ETA < 1 Min - Read This! Though it may be daunting, your queue slot is available but the transition to the Character Screen is bugged. Select "Change Realm" and "Draenor" and it will let you straight in. Can confirm this has just worked for myself and numerous guild members alike, thanks. Please note: This will only work if you have been sat at the ETA < 1 min for more than 10 minutes! Otherwise you will forfeit your queue position and will be returned to the back.Otrinnah1 54m
58m Hey Blizz, quick question. Back in the days of Vanilla, whenever there were server issues like this, you'd give us some free subscription days to balance those issues. Going to do the same again now, aye? Thanks, "5th in queue"Saibhir0 58m
1h Lets stay positive :)Rabb29 1h
1h Transfer from Draenor Could we get a free transfer from Draenor to anywhere else really? all my 110's are there... literally can't log in stuck in 4k+ queue for more than a hour. It's been 14 years... how much more to you need to deliver a smooth launch?Ezroller1 1h
1h 14 years later and this is what we get... Position in queue: 5 Est. time <1 min. ... FOR 45 MINUTES! This can not be real! I can't believe I spend money on this... Huge middle finger to a % of players who play on this poor excuse of a server! 14 years later and this is what we get...Xyyz10 1h
1h Queue position 2 , 20 mins and counting Position in queue: 2. For 20 mins... after being in queue for over 1.5 Hours. Please upgrade server or move people for free Server is draenor .. And id like to know how i can be nr2 in queue for so longJeericho0 1h
1h Great.. The Que has began! Waiting for 2 people to log off for 10+ Mins lol, good luck y'all!Paracandir238 1h
1h WOW BFA Draenor Realm !!! Hello all and especially you Blizzard ! i cant log in to the game now day and a half i play in the Draenor realm and when i try the system says that there are 7450 people in the queue waiting ????? and that i will need to waith for 128 minuts to log in and play the game that i have payed for and that i am paying a mount for !!!??? Blizzard is probbly one if not the biggest company for games and you are making most of youre games pay to play ? so... if i pay for a game thats ok but if i pay every mounth in order to play the olready both game i expect for the proper service and customer expiriance especially from a huge company like Blizzard !!!!! this is crazy and ithink a lot of people think the same way so i think that taking care of the problem is necessery and repaying us all the people that waisted there time and mony for something that cant be consumed !!!!!!!!Elundrin1 1h
2h Blizzard !! G-I-V-E U-S F-R-E-E M-I-G-R-A-T-I-O-N Thanks. Yeah I know there are other posts about this, but this needs to be said.Kadotuss1 2h
2h Good Job! Expansion number 6 and you still can't run a launch where everyone can play. 1 hour in a queue and it's only just halved in position. Surely there could be something done about this? There are plenty of servers with a small population - can't we borrow some space or something? Although I can see the this post just getting ignored... Like everything which requires them to do something... Maybe if I post something offensive someone important will see this.Tunt2 2h
2h Dear Blizzard Dear Blizzard, Would you please get better Servers :) iv been in Queue for 2 Hours and 45 Mins at the time of writing this the estimated time is till 30+ Mins :) Very Fun Experience :)Jépópó0 2h
2h Too long queue for Draenor Blizzard Been in queue for hours now for Draenor. I'm not asking for a fix as I understand that this is not an easy thing to do. But I'm done with populated servers as a whole. Why can't we have free character migration for frustrated players like me and the other 6000 people in queue?Warcryhorde2 2h
2h Can we please have free migration from Draenor. 45min Queue to get on server and its the only server that is so full its locked, can we please have free migration up so people can spread a bit and actually enjoy the game? <3Rocnar7 2h
2h Realm queue Been in a queue now for nearly 1 hour 20 minutes which is annoying but i have now been 3rd in the queue for 20 of those minutes. I dare not relog as guildies are 4+ in realm queue. totally unacceptable.Tummybug14 2h
2h Dreanor locked Why is dreanor locked? ... time is money...Stratt17 2h
3h Dear Blizzard Dear Blizzard, I write to inform you that my next monthly payments will be delayed. This is due to the fact that the outgoing queue of my bank account is currently FULL. There's 50000 bills in the queue before you, and you will have to wait about three months before it's your turn. I could invest in better bank account infrastructure, but I prefer not to do that. Sincerely, DraenorChipstocks1 3h
3h pls communicate blizz plsBowjoemojo2 3h
4h Split Draenor Simple topic. Split draenor if no free char transfer... that way we get to stay part of draenor and we dont have the hassle of waiting for queue times. After all, we pay to play our mains and alts on mainly 1 realm.Rokhon0 4h
4h (H) Flaming Kittens - For all social players (No Raids) Hello everyone :) Flaming Kittens is a social/leveling guild that was created over 5 years ago. We are a purely social guild, this means we won't be organizing any guild raids at all. We provide a friendly and relaxed guild atmosphere for people, without the "peer-"pressure of raiding. Everyone is welcome to join us, we only ask of people to be respectful towards others and be mature. We have unlocked all guild heirlooms (Heads, Cloaks and Legs) and most of the guild pets and mounts. We also have our own Discord server (for text and voice chat). If you are interested in joining us or have anymore questions, whisper any of our members or sent a pm in-game to me, Jinxta or Twisterase. (type */who flaming kittens* in chat to find online guild members) You can also check out our website: FlamingKittens.enjin.comRuatha17 4h
5h (H) -Clown Fiesta- 2 nights/week mythic raiding guild We are a bunch of old HC & mythic raiders from varying backgrounds coming together for bfa. We are going to raid 2 nights a week. Even though our raiding schedule is going to be casual, our mindset when it comes to raiding and improvement will be hardcore. We want to achive cutting edges and to do so everyone needs to know their classes and roles as their own pockets. We require everyone to have understanding how to analyze their logs and have some level of social skills. Being well prepared for the raids does not only mean that your character is ready for it as we aim to plan alot beforehand to ensure that when we raid, we can spend that time to get down some bad guys. As our roster is almost complete now we are also looking for some serious m+ pushers, casual hc raiders and pvp players to have fun outside of our raiding times. We are still looking for these classes to our mythic roster: Shadow Priest Hunter When we start progressing you must be able to commit to the raiding schelude.The raid-days and -times are listed below. Sunday 20:30-23:30 ST Monday 20:30-23:30 ST This is a game and playing it is supposed to be fun, but we expect a certain seriousness when it comes to raiding. We expect everyone to be prepared and know the raid’s tactics/mechanics and their role in the fight when the raid starts. I can not put too much emphasis on this. Despite the fact that we take our progression seriously we want to create a warm and humorous community! Some of us have played years together and we go back to vanilla and TBC since we first started to play. We play other games aswell and tend to hang in discord around the clock. With most of us the thing is that when we started to play we were young and had all the time in the world, now we have jobs and families. We use discord for communication. Feel free to add me on Discord (Absenent#7270) Bnet (Absenent#2162) to have a chat!Bóbs9 5h
5h (H) Old School (25) - 6 years - 3 n/w - 14/14 hc SoO **Recruitment is now OPEN** (Actively reviewing applications for all classes) Actively reviewing applications for T14 and next tiers. Appropriate candidates are at a gear level able to contribute in current raiding content. Ideal candidates maintain an enviable level of knowledge in regards to their class with a proactive attitude towards progression. Dependable & appropriate levels of attendance are expected. A stable internet connection and machine capable of running necessary add-ons during graphically intensive 25 man encounters is required. Ventrilo & a working microphone if you have, with an understanding of how to communicate pertinent information is also required. ABOUT OLD SCHOOL The guild was officially created on Nagrand (PvE) server on July 6, 2007. Progressed through TBC content with some horde and realm firsts; however due to poor horde population and recruitment difficulties on Nagrand guild had to transfer to its current realm, Draenor on August 10, 2009. Old School has been around for a long time & doesn't plan on going anywhere. If you're looking for a home for MoP and beyond, this may be the guild for you. RECRUITMENT PROCESS Old School is always looking for exceptional players to add to the team. We value performance, commitment, and a low-drama attitude over all else. If you're good, regardless of your class or role, we'll find room for you. We do not consider anyone for recruitment without a complete and detailed application. If you're interested in joining, you'll need to fill one out. It should be posted in the recruitment forum or sent via PM to the appropriate officer if you'd rather keep things private. Should you be invited to the guild, understand that you will be at the bottom of the totem pole. We try to work new recruits in where possible, but in most cases you won't be getting a regular raid spot from the get go. That doesn't mean you wont get to raid you will raid and a lot since we dont recruit back ups what it means is that there are no guaranteed raid spots. You'll need to prove yourself where you can and we ll make sure to give you the opportunity. We maintain open recruitment under those terms for all classes and specs. RAID SCHEDULE 25-man Mandatory Raid Schedule. Times are given in GMT +1, which is server time on Draenor. Raid schedule is lighter during farm periods. Wed: 7pm - 11pm Thu: 7pm - 11pm Sun: 7pm - 11pm CURRENT CLASS NEEDS Tanks: Warrior, Monk Dps'ers: Warrior, Mage, Hunter, Moonkin, Death Knight Healers: Priest, Shaman, Paladin Any exceptional player is encouraged to apply regardless of role. OTHER INFORMATION -If you want to join OS to get loot, you're not who we're looking for. We raid because we enjoy raiding, not because we like epics. Chances are very high you won't be receiving much, if any, loot for the first few weeks you're in the guild. If that's not acceptable, save yourself and us some time and don't bother applying. -If you want to join OS to get carried through content, you're not who we're looking for. -If you don't think researching your spec is important, you're not who we're looking for. -If you don't have the best possible gems and enchants on all of your gear, you're not who we're looking for. -If you don't feel like working for your raid spot, you're not who we're looking for. -If you think showing up on time, repairing your gear, and having proper consumables are optional, you're not who we're looking for. For more info visit our website osguild.guildlaunch.com/Hrista323 5h
12h [H] <Mithra> Recruiting for Mythic team, Normal/HC team 11/11M guild in Antorus, https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/draenor/Mithra http://www.mithra-wow.com/ Apply to join the guild through our website. We started our Mythic raiding journey in Antorus and are committed to becoming a Cutting Edge guild in every tier in BFA. We are currently recruiting for BFA. The guild has two teams, Team Covenant (Mythic team) and Team Harvest (Normal/HC team). About Mithra: The guild was reformed in winter 2018 on Draenor-EU. The guild previously existed on Kazzak-EU and transferred to Draenor-EU looking to become a CE guild in BFA. We have a strong focus of becoming one of the top 50 guilds on Draenor in BFA. Team Covenant info: We are interested in recruiting people with Mythic raiding experience but such experience is not absolutely necessary. While we do not expect you to have 11/11 M in Antorus, we do expect you to be knowledgeable of your class and decently geared. Requirements You are an exceptional player with patience and a good attitude. We want team-players, not solo-players. We expect our raiders to use Discord and the add-ons that our raidleader deems necessary and/or useful. Currently Recruiting: • exceptional players What we offer: • steady progression and a strict three-day schedule • dedicated leadership • friendship and memes What we are looking for in applicants: • you are a team-player, a person that puts the team’s needs over your own • you are an experienced and dependable player with a high raid attendance (90%+) • you learn quickly and do not repeat the same mistakes over and over • you can listen and contribute during raids, meaning that you have a decent grasp of spoken English • you have the access to Discord, preferably with a working microphone that you can and will use if necessary Current raid times: We raid three (3) times a week (Thursday, Sunday, Monday) from 19:45 to 23:00 server time. During the first two weeks of BfA (5th-12th and 12th-19th) we are going to be raiding five (5) days a week. The additional days are Tuesdays/Wednesdays, following our standard raid times. On Wednesday the 12th of September, which is the Mythic Uldir release day, we have discussed doing a full day raid (11:00-23:00). This has not been fully decided yet, but is likely to happen, and therefore we would prefer people being able to set the day aside for that. It is always a possibility that you are benched for some fights. If you cannot handle being benched, please do not apply. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact (on Discord): GM/raidleader – Kinety#8560 Officer (Recruitment) – Olorindh#1240 Officer (Recruitment) – Yekk#7457 Team Harvest info: Team Harvest is interested in recruiting players who want to raid in a casual, friendly environment where fun is the priority over constant progress. The team starts with raiding Normal and then moves on to Heroic. Our goal is to get as far as possible in Heroic and aim to the Ahead of the Curve on each raid-tier. Currently Recruiting: • tanks • healers • melee DPS • ranged DPS All classes and specs welcome. The team has some requirements: Discord and a good attitude. Raid times: Saturdays at 20:00 - 22:00 server time. For more information, contact Sedra#6612 on Discord.Shingadwyin11 12h
13h How long is the server shutdown? Are we talking an hour, or longer?Graxios6 13h
20h Server restart Server restart incomming! fingers crossedShaiya5 20h
20h PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE FIX DREANOR Been trying to log in all night and keep getting disconnected at the log in screen, I know your trying to fix it but please let us know whats going on :)Leork11 20h
20h any info on draenor? seriously the lack of info coming from blizz is tilting me even more than ours being the only server thats down. seeing everyone else having fun while im sat here spamming the log inChookitypop3 20h
20h I saw my character! For all of about 15 seconds I was in game and saw my Druid!..... It felt like such an achievement after 150 minutes of failure to log inPoobkin1 20h
20h Draenor is doomed Thanks blizzard for the amazing smooth BFA release ^^!Sweezey0 20h
20h Are you guys REEEEEEEEEE...? Nvm cant log in.Moowild0 20h
20h draenor is offline now that is just great...Argsnickare4 20h
20h Login Temporary Fix DISCLAIMER: This fix doesn't work for everyone. If you're having problems logging into Draenor-EU you might want to try this. Launch the game and cancel the first login attempt which should get you stuck at "Logging in to realm servers", go to Settings > Network > Enable IPv6 > Restart the client > Log back in.Exura14 20h
20h draenor Title :)Torquees0 20h
21h Server lag. It has begun Due to mass horde migration to this realm it is now unplayable. Well done, monsters and murderers of server stability.Retributor6 21h
21h How about telling us whats up? How many epic hrs are we losing?Incèndo0 21h
21h EU DRAENOR will be DOWN for Hours!! EU DRAENOR will be DOWN for Hours!! This was going on for almost months and they 100% neglected it! Funny thing is when it goes live they wont do anything for us to make us feel any better. The dream turned into nightmare.... BLIZZARD!!!Nikolatesla30 21h
21h (H) <Violence Reborn> Social Heroic Guild Is Recruiting Violence Reborn is recruiting. Violence Reborn is a social guild that raids whenever possible. The average age in Violence Reborn is closing in on 30 but we accept anyone over 18. Even if we have careers, children and families, we still raid, pvp, quest and do dungeons together in World of Warcraft on a nearly daily basis. Violence Reborn has been around since 2005, which Is quite a feat. We intend to continue to stick around. If you are looking for a quick boost then this isn't the place for you. VR is not just any guild where you join and possibly share a bank but never really play with anyone. VR encourages you to interact, socialize and simply spend time with your fellow guildies. Even if we seem to always have projects going on (gearing up, acquiring transmog gear, farming rep etc) we try our best to find the time to help each other out. We raid three times a week. Monday,Thursday and Sunday 20.30-22.30. Raiding is not compulsory, we are a social guild. However when we do raid, we do it seriously. Our aim is always to clear HC content whilst it's still relevant. We will never go onto Mythic as that's not what we are about. BFA is coming and we are looking for fresh blood to sacrifice on the altar! Current progress EN Heroic 7/7 ToV 3/3 Heroic NH 10/10 Heroic ATBT 11/11 Heroic Check out our forum to apply: http://forum.violence-reborn.infoBloodyníne189 21h
21h ETA Please Blizzard we urge a response. Any chance of a ETA!!! Please Blizzard. Just something so have an idea of when?? People are level 112+ on other servers. it's been over a hour grrr! Nothing from you this is pretty disgusting! :-( We should get a Bonus BUFF! i think that is very fare. by time we get to play guarantee we will be last to get 120 at this point.Tubbytum8 21h
21h Login Simulator 2018 Who else is enjoying Login Simulator 2018?Dreá9 21h
21h Be patient lads.. For the night is dark and full of terrors..Sabanthia1 21h
21h [H] <Swarm> Friendly, chill, casual guild Hello all! I'm part of a small friendly guild called <Swarm>, on the Draenor server and we're looking for new members to join us! We're casual, relaxed and play the game for fun. Of course this doesn't mean we don't organize things together! We try it all! From raiding, mythic dungeons, old mog runs and even battlegrounds! We try to enjoy all aspects of the game. Join us if you're looking for some chill social interaction, a way to make a few pals, and have a helping hand in game! We allow alts and new members to WoW, (good for teens, families who play together. Preferably 16-18 +). Like all guilds, we have a discord and chat regularly. If interested in joining us, find me in-game on my Tauren Priest (yup, you read that right): Sunlonghorn, or the guild leader himself: Tomov Cheers!Sunlonghorn0 21h
22h RIP DRAENOR no surprises here every time!! .......... 13 year old game still can't fix a serverBubblevoid19 22h