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32m <Fair Enough> (H) 3/9M guild LF DPS Fair Enough - Currently 3/9 Mythic, raiding 2 nights a week (weds 2030-2230 and sunday 1930-2230) We are based on Draenor horde and consider ourselves a casual raid guild. We are mostly from the UK and a few weirdos from other countries. We all love each other a bit too much (beard ruffling and feet fetish incl) - We put a strong emphasis on having nice, active people that enjoy some pretty horrific banter. Raid Times Wednesday 20:30 - 22:30 Sunday 19:30 - 22:30 Friday & Saturday are optional raid days as we generally run alt runs those days. Raid Expectations All raiders are expected to attend both main raid days. If you are unable to attend we expect you to inform an officer or post on the discord. Invites will be sent out approx. 15 minutes before raid time. If you are running late, you should also inform an officer or post on the discord. Feasts are provided, and vantus runes when required. All raiders must come equipped with appropriate flasks, food and pots, be enchanted & gemmed. You should also have an understanding of boss mechanics. As a mythic progressing guild, people will be required to be on stand by or sit out. This will be done very fairly and with regards to the bosses we are progressing. Loot Rules Personal Loot will primarily be used for normal/heroic raids. We use RC Loot Council for Mythic and expect players to know their BiS to add it to notes when rolling. It is important that all members have a very good attitude towards gear, many players do already pass and offer out to those who need it more. Off Day Raids Off Day Raids will be put on the calendar. Please sign up if you would like to attend. Social members and Alts are welcome to attend raids on off days. However, if underperforming in either tactics or roles for the required boss, you will be asked to sit out or switch to your main. Contacts for recruitment are: Jammster / Eucliffe (James#24721) Giz / Riz (Giz#2318) Hope to hear from you soon :)Izuil1 32m
1h [H] Fifth Sin [3/9M] recruiting Warlock/Mage/SP/Elm! Fifth Sin - Raiding Guild on EU-Draenor, formerly of EU-Outland. Fifth Sin was one of the oldest guilds on Outland where we raided for over 7 years. As that server went downhill faster and faster over the last couple of expansions we felt it was time to move to a server where the focus lies firmly with PvE, rather than PvP as is the case on outland. This is why we transferred the guild to Draenor towards the end of MoP, and have been raiding on Draenor ever since. We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild that values a good guild environment as well as progression in raids. We are looking for more players to join our team for Legion raiding, for more details on which classes and specs take a look at our recruitment posts either on our website or at our wowprogess site (both are linked below). Current progression can be found here: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/draenor/Fifth+sin We are a mature guild with members from all over Europe, this means that in order to apply you must be 18 years or older. You must also be able to attend our raid schedule; we raid on Wednesday and Monday from 20:00 until 23:00 server time. (With an optional 3rd day to be used when the need is great (Thursday, Sunday or Tuesday, depending on what works for our raiders). We’re an English speaking guild, and expect you to be able to understand and express yourself in fluent English. Exceptional applications are always considered, even if we are not actively recruiting for that particular class or spec. For people to fit into our guild, you must have a sense of humour and be able to take criticism. We expect applicants to understand their class completely and all of its mechanics. Contributing to the guild whether through the forums or in game is important to us and in return the guild will do our best provide you with free repairs, flasks and pots as well as an enjoyable environment and steady progression. New recruits are placed on a try-out period. This is not only so that we can see what you are like and how you perform, but will also give you the opportunity to decide whether we are the right guild for you. So if you are interested and think we might be the right guild for you or for further information please feel free to visit us at www.fifth-sin.com For more details, here is our recruitment list on our forum: http://www.fifth-sin.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=12915 To apply, have a look at our recruitment post. This should tell you what we generally look for in a player, as well as what you can expect of the guild and how we do things: http://www.fifth-sin.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=477 You can also contact our Recruitment Officer Goonier (Xenon45#2817), or our Guildmaster Alyssia (FreddieK#2983) directly if you have any questions or if you just prefer talking to someone before applying. Then if you think Fifth Sin is the guild for you, sign up to our forum (preferably with your ingame name) and fill out our application template - http://www.fifth-sin.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=380 - You'll usually get a quick reply or questions fired back at you so check back often! Alternatively, you can apply privately by PM'ing Alyssia on the FS forums - http://forums.fifth-sin.com/ucp.php?i=pm&mode=compose&action=quotepost&p=1917 - and no-one but the officers in Fifth Sin will see your application. Look forward to hearing from you!Alyssia218 1h
9h Paradise Lost Recruiting Paradise Lost (EU) is a raiding guild formed in August 2010 with the goal for a smaller and less intense raiding environment. As we move into the later stages of the Legion expansion, the core team has blasted through heroic encounters and is aiming to do mythic come 7.3 and beyond. We're looking for likeminded individuals who want a piece of the action! Quick info: Server: Draenor EU Primary Language: English Voice communication: Discord Raiding times: Wed: 20:30 - 23:30* Sun: 20:30 - 23:30* *Note : We use server time aka GMT +1. Trial period: 2 raids You must be over the age of 18, parental permission with exceptional applicants may be considered. Gear distribution: RCLootcouncil Currently recruiting: 3x ranged dps 1x healer 2x melee dps 1x tank Who are we? Paradise lost is a group of core raiders from all the way back in Wrath of the Lich King who broke off from a highly ranked raiding guild to form a tight-knit community that has spanned for over a decade. As time has gone on we've picked up some great people and lost some as well, however our core values remain the same: RAIDING SHOULD BE FUN. The raiding environment is as you would expect, general consumables will be provided. Raid leaders are experienced and dedicated, having pushed progression to it's absolute limits expansion after expansion. While we are a light raiding guild (6 hours/week) we make great progression as we have a talented roster of players who are dedicated to their classes and always want to be at peak performance, we expect anyone we invite to be equally as motivated! If you're looking into getting into Mythic and you're not too keen on putting too much time into raiding then we might be the place for you! Please contact anyone on the list below if you would like any more information or to set up a trial: Officers available on bnet : Zhongjie#2671 Tammz#2233 Ralox#2100 Mohawkkiller#2295 Rahxt#2882 website : paradiselost.wowlaunch.comHypnosz3 9h
10h (H) Potato Pirates, 9/9 HC recruiting healer&RDPS! Evening folks. Potato Pirates is a small guild, made up of 12 strangers who've become incredibly good friends over the last year. We're currently recruiting 1 healer (RDruid, HPriest, RShaman, MWMonk) and two ranged DPS for heroic progression/farming and the next raid tier. We raid on Monday nights from 8PM-11PM server time, and progress at a fairly leisurely pace. If you've got a dark sense of humour, have a microphone, aren't a weirdo when around women during raids and parse somewhat well on Warcraft logs consistently then we might just be the guild for you! It doesn't necessarily stop at WoW though, as many of us play other games together outside of raid time. As well as this we do weekly alt runs of the current content and mythics together. If any of the above sounds interesting to you, please shoot me a whisper in game or leave a comment in this thread. We'd love to hear from you, and grab a few new additions for our team! -- ShrektharShrekthar3 10h
11h Pieces Boosting Service Pieces [World Rank 23] are offering our raid boosts again, helping you to get your epic gear, achievements, mounts, titles or simply experiencing the highest level of raiding in person! We have a long history of successful boosting. On our old thread you can find comments and recommendations from players we helped since we transferred to horde here on Draenor: http://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/16070117404?page=1 We are currently offering: Heroic Kil'Jaeden - 225k [includes personal loot, Ahead of the Curve achievement] Full Heroic Tomb of Sargeras - 475k [includes personal loot, Ahead of the Curve achievement, chance on Mistress mount] Mythic Gul’dan with guaranteed mount - 2.5M [Cutting Edge achievement, “, Vengeance Incarnate” title, Felblaze Infernal] Discounts for multiboxers or people buying multiple runs can be discussed! Also while buying a combination of runs, we’re able to offer you a suitable discount. Should you be interested in buying any of our services, please contact: Penkek#2282 Our wowprogress is found below. https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/draenor/Pieces Thanks and we hope to see you in game!Luml89 11h
12h Guild looking for new members Altered Time is a social raiding guild on Draenor full of friendly and dedicated players! We're looking for committed and exceptional Tanks, DPS and healers to fill the final spots in our raid team and Raid Leader!:D We raid tusedays and thursday form 20.30 pm (server time) About us: Our guild was formed by THREE friends who were tired of raiding guilds that only had members who got online at raid time and weren't concerned with progressing as far as possible. It is our personal goal to provide an environment where every person feels like a valued member of a team all focused on a common end goal - kicking virtual !@#. We are looking for more members to re-bolster and stabilize our roster to continue progression!Aurayaa3 12h
13h Sat and Sun evening weekend raiding guild Hiya! We are looking for more members to join us so we can push through heroic difficulty. We have cleared normal and are 2/9 heroic ToS. Mostly dpsers are needed as well as some offspec heals/tanks. We raid Sat and Sun from 21.00 until 00.00 server time. We often finish a little earlier on Sunday due to early risers on Monday. Looting is personal and we use discord for voice chat. If this sounds like something you are interested in then please add me on Zennia#2843 or catch me in game :) Thanks xFerzy2 13h
13h Ex-Inferis recruiting!! Ex inferis is a guild established in February 2007. Ex inferis aims to combine a stable raiding progression with a strong social community. A guild where you can join an enjoyable raiding team environment with like-minded players who, over time, you will consider friends, and with whom you will clear the latest raid content. We aren't a hardcore raiding guild. We don't massively ramp up our raiding when new content is released. We raid two nights a week consistently throughout the expansion, and outside of raiding doing Mythic+ with the guild. So if you're looking for a mature, social guild with a relaxed atmosphere but also a place where you can progress and clear end game content, then look no further! To apply, please use the apply to guild button under the membership tab to the left and don't forget to read the "READ THIS BEFORE POSTING YOUR APPLICATION" post in the forum tab to find out more about the guild, the structure and loot systems. Official Raid Days: Thursday - 19:45 - 23:00st Tuesday - 19:45 - 23:00st Progression this Expansion: Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Heroic (4/7 Mythic) Trial of Valor: 3/3 Heroic The Nighthold: 10/10 Heroic (1/10 Mythic) Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9 Heroic We look forward to hearing from you!Morphlíng0 13h
13h 'Cynical' 1/9M recruiting Dps for mythic The release date of Argus is now set in stone, we can expect Antorus to be released for late November(ish). Because of recent changes within our guild, we have decided to change our raid times to once a week (Wednesday 20:00-23:00) in the run up to Argus, we will accept low geared players as we also clear Normal (Thursday 20:00). We consist of mythic raiders that have recently come back from a break from the game. We will raid on a high level, though we don't expect to be realm first, nor is that our goal. Our atmosphere is laid-back but also focused on progression. The only goal for the guild is Cutting Edge for Antorus, or at least as far as we can go whilst keeping steady progress. What you can expect upon release of Antorus the Burning Throne: - A two night a week schedule(Wed/Sun 20:00-23:00): Real life gets in the way, hence the raid times. We all have jobs, though we will be active most evenings. - A community that is active, playing games other than WoW aswell. - Fair loot distribution: We care about progress and fun, not loot. (RClootcouncil will be used) - Solid gameplay, and a push to progress. - A solid 22-25 man roster with an eye for competition, EVERYONE will be involved in farm bosses, but for progress the best 20 players will be taken for mythic. For heroic, the best raid comp that is suitable for the boss will be taken. - Last but not least, no drama. What we expect from you: - Reliability, we are a two night raiding guild, if you cannot make both nights every week we won't put up with you for very long. Provided you tell me in advance if you are going to miss a raid/be late, I can overlook absences. - Preparation (Class knowledge, fight knowledge, consumables) - A friendly and committed attitude towards raiding. - A working, decent microphone. What we are recruiting: 1 tank (any class) 1 healer (Shaman pref, priest considered) All dps classes (no mage) Now I will briefly give you some information about what our plans are PRE-ANTORUS. -We will be clearing heroic on Wednesday 20:00-23:00, as this is our only main raid of the week I expect 100% focus so it is as smooth as possible. -Thursday normal clear. Starting at 20:00 this generally takes around two hours, alts will be switched in (in an organised fashion) just so we don't waste loot, I.e one low geared mail user, one low geared plate user, and so on. I personally will organise who gets the attend on alts, speak to me or an officer if you want to bring your alt (your main must be 920+ to even consider playing an alt) -Mythic+ Sundays. As this will be our future raid night, we expect most people will be online at raid time on a Sunday, therefor we will have organised mythic+ groups to get EVERYONES +10 weekly chest each week. -PVP Mondays, mostly consisting of Rated Battlegrounds, if we have less than 6 people attend, we will just do normal BGs. -IF we manage to scrape together 20 'geared' raiders, we will consider going back into Mythic Tomb on Sundays. Lastly, I need everyone that is joining pre-Antorus to appreciate that we currently on a rocky path, the more help the guild gets from every member regardless of rank, the easier the road to Antorus will be. That's as much as i'll put here, if you want more information contact me with my battletag (Tymoa#2145) or join our discord server. https://discord.gg/7ZJHZ4N Speak to you soon!Tymoa61 13h
14h <Laddercoins> 9/9hc LF Relaxed Raiders & Social players Greetings, <Laddercoins> raid with a relaxed atmosphere as we are all past the days of pressure raiding, so while we do push for kills and raid with a serious intent, we still have a lot of laughs along the way. We are currently recruiting some DPS to fill out our ToS raids and feed our healer team with more health bars to save. We aim to clear Normal and HC content while it is relevant and usually have a few members running mythic+'s most evenings. Recruiting: 1x Healer Melee DPS If you are not one of these but are still interested, give us a shout anyway. :) We are also recruiting all social players. Our main raid nights are Mondays & Thursdays, with an off-night on Wednesday (currently not used), all from 20-23 servertime. Our complete progress is: ToS N 9/9 HC 9/9 NH 10/10 N+HC ToV N 3/3 EN 7/7 N+HC A little more info & history about us below. Laddercoins was re-formed mid-September '16 by 3 friends who moved to Draenor for a fresh start. The name <Laddercoins> has been around for many years now, originally formed towards the end of Vanilla, we raided during TBC and LK but since that time the guild has been inactive. We decided to migrate back in September and re-form the old guild and it has been doing very well since. We have a very solid base of members who entertain us non stop in guild chat and a dedicated set of officers to keep things in check. Hope to speak with you soon, Árchy (Wiseguy#21145), Shujìn, Evidar, Angïe, Mojozen & Legendary.Árchy59 14h
15h [H] Balance Druid LF 1-2 raid day guild Hey I am looking for a raiding guild that will be able to fit in a balance druid. Ideally I would like a guild at least clearing heroic each week, so doing 1-2 nights per week max. My gear isn't amazing (around 910 ilvl with concordance), but the new 910 gear on Argus is helping with that. Leave a message here if at all interested and I will contact you. Thanks and happy recruiting :)Zuhrae4 15h
17h <Arctic Penguins> 4/9M 8/10M WEEKEND raiding guild The weekend raiding guild on Draenor EU. This is a guild for the people who can't raid during the weekdays or prefer to raid weekends. Progress 4/9 Mythic ToS 8/10 Mythic NH 2/3 Mythic ToV 7/7 Mythic EN Raid hours We raid Saturday 20-23 Server time and Sunday 19:30-22:30 ST What to expect When new content comes out we focus on clearing Heroic first, we make sure we are prepared both gear, skill and setup wise before moving into Mythic. We don't aim to clear or push mythic content hardcore, but instead a steady progression while enjoying the raid content. Even tho we are laid-back we take our raids and preparation itself serious and ask for high attendance to our raids. Aside from raiding we enjoy doing other content together such as Mythic+, achievements, alt/social raids and even other games. We are often active on Discord both chat and voice chat Generally, we like to have fun, joke around and pick on each other, while still keeping it serious in raids and preparing, so if you can't take a joke this is probably not the guild for you :) Recruitment Ranged dps: Ele shaman, Balance druid, Rogue The classes listed above are on high need, we still consider any other active/reliable ranged dps class. We welcome socials and think they are an important part of the guild, to make the guild feel more alive and play together on different levels of content. We do social/alt raids on Tue and Thu, we are 9/9 hc with no intent of doing Mythic. Contact Applications can either be send on ap.guildlaunch.com or be done online by adding us for a chat: Shinbou#2536 Ardaion#2241 Kerghan#21641Shinbou174 17h
20h [H] Hug My Pug 9/9 HC - Casual Raiding. [H] Draenor -EU - Hug My Pug - Casual Raiding Guild With Tomb of Sargeras at our doorstep, Hug My Pug is currently looking for additional members to fill our rooster. We are raiding 2 times a week, Thursday and Sunday 19-22 server time. Who are Hug My Pug? We are a guild who migrated from Bloodhoof PVE to Draenor March 2017, to seek addition members to our rooster, since our previous server died out. We started out as a small group within a guild called Cold Turkey and grew from there to where we are now. We still believe in a balance between raids being fun and enjoyable without being too hardcore, however do do acknowledge that the current game content requires abit more than the casual play we used to expect from our members. While we try to keep a relaxed attitude, the content we attempt is difficult and needs a level of focus and commitment. We raid in a pretty civil fashion, we’re a diverse bunch and we more than appreciate that real life comes first. If this sounds interesting, have a quick look at our website. The next step is to apply, don't worry. It's not a 10 page application form, but we hope you take the opportunity to actually tell us a bit about yourself. Current Progression Raid: 9/9HC | 9/9N Past Progression: 2/10M NH | 10/10HC NH | 10/10N NH | 7/7HC EN | 7/7M EN | 3/3HC ToV | Loot: EPGP Tanks: Closed Healer: Open RDPS: Open (Any) MDPS: Open Raiding times: Thursday 19-22 Sunday 19-22 Website: http://hugmypug.enjin.com If you have any additional questions, contact me on battlenet: - NightY#2194Bruceleäfs63 20h
21h The Origin Recruitment is Open 9/9NM 9/9HC TOS http://originkt.enjin.com/ Hello All The Origin have opened recruitment for all , We pride ourselves on being a very close friendly guild and helping out each other when we can ,yet making sure people turn up for raid days , we have been going for over 12+ years now having originally transferred from kul tiras 8 years ago. We currently raid 2 days per week Monday/Wednesday 20.30-23.30 server time. - This allows people to have a good balance of wow and a social life. We use Discord as our voice comms. We have open recruitment to all classes and are looking for like minded people who like to have a laugh whilst enjoying some fun raiding! We will take your application seriously feel free to chat with any of our members if you have any questions. If you feel you would like to be part of The Origin and join us in our further adventures and have a good laugh on Discord , Please use the apply button on our Website on the link below and make a short application or Please /w a The Origin Member who will pass on your details to Me or a Recruitment officer. http://originkt.enjin.com/ Regards Ted.Theevildead12 21h
23h <H> The Unique ToS 9/9 HC 1/9 M <The Unique> on Draenor [Horde] ToS 9/9 HC 1/9 M We are currently progressing in Tomb of Sageras now and we are looking for new people to fill up our roster, we are a active guild that has been running for many years now. We aim to do more things then just raid, we do alt/social raids during offdays. Have mythic + groups going aswell and our community is really great, if you just want to hang on discord and talk with the rest of the guild. We are a fairly laid back guild and we understand that everyone makes mistakes, we do not condone verbal abuse to any of our members nor do we allow 'calling out' if someone messes up, we simply shrug it off and pick ourselves back up and go again. Everyone is treated equal and with respect. Raid days and time: Monday - 19:30 - 22:30 Wednesday - 19:30 - 22:30 Thursday - 19:30 - 22:30 Looking for: 1 Tank Few DPS Application: http://unique-guild.com/ Applicants must be 18+ (guild average is 25+), able to listen (speaking is optional) on Discord and understand the English language. Contact the officers in game, or on our forum if you have any questions or would like to chat. Othillia#2460 Aks#2727Otillia42 23h
1d [H][5/9M] Decade Old Guild LFM **Seren** of Draenor are looking for players of all shapes and sizes to join us for Legion. If you're looking for a longterm stable guild, we have you covered. Seren was created in January 2007 and has kept going strong ever since. We are currently accepting anyone who wishes to join us as a social member, as long as you have the maturity and good nature expected of everyone within the guild. **Legion Progression;** EN - 7/7M ToV - 2/3M NH - 8/10M ToS - 4/9M ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Raid Times;** Monday & Thursday 20:30 - 23:30 Server Time ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Current Recruitment Needs;** DPS; Open to all strong DPS applications with an emphasis on Rogue. Healer; Not currently recruiting mainspec healers. Tank; Interested in a Guardian/Blood DK. Our main focus is on recruiting skilled players who are willing to put in the effort required to be part of a successful raid team. This also requires you to have the correct mindset and attitude to fit into the social aspect of the guild. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ **What We Can Offer You:** - A stable guild which has lasted 10 years and counting. - A guild where everyone is treated with respect and is allowed to have a voice within the raid. - A friendly group of players who know how to balance having fun with progression. - A raid where mistakes are accepted, as long as you are willing to learn from them. - A new group of friends to socialise with, whether it be within WoW or playing other games together. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ **What We Expect In Return:** - A player who will be prepared to the best of their ability for raids, with both knowledge of the fights and proper consumables. - Someone with the drive to perform to the best of their ability. - Players who are looking for a new home and new friends to keep well into the future. - Someone who understands the fine balance between having fun and the focus required for clean progression. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ If Seren seems like the right guild for you, please don't hesitate to fill out an application at https://goo.gl/forms/KZmdKA9dZ9doAkny2 If you have further questions feel free to contact any of our Officers, either ingame or through the following BattleTags; Raid Leader - Dei#21784 Officer - Juiceyo#2205 **We wish you the best of luck with your guild search.**Deï90 1d
1d Latinus Namus 4/9M Are you sick of guilds with pretentious Latin names who sound like they're a bunch of old men in robes from the Da Vinci Code? Do you think Carpe Diem means something about fish? If you answered "yes" to either of these questions then Latinus Namus could be the guild for you! About Us Latinus Namus is an English-speaking guild committed to raid 3 nights a week to beat the latest PvE content that Blizzard provides. Formed by players with previous hard-core experience, our aim is to create an enjoyable but focused atmosphere where we can maintain steady progression whilst having fun. Current Progress: Emerald Nightmare 7/7 Mythic / 2/3 ToV Mythic / The Nighthold 8/10 Mythic We formed in Warlords of Draenor post patch 6.1 and achieved a respectable 5/10 Mythic Blackrock Foundry and 10/10 Heroic Blackrock Foundry. We ended the expansion with a full 13/13 Mythic and 13/13 HC Hellfire Citadel clear and continued raiding through til the end until Legion was released. We are now looking forward to the Emerald Nightmare and The Nighthold and will consider likeminded players to join us. Raiding Schedule Our raid nights are currently set as follows:- Thursday 20:30 - 23:30 ST Sunday 20:30 - 23:30 ST Tuesday 20:30 - 23:30 ST Recruitment Status We are interested in the following classes for our raid team, bonus points if you have a viable off spec you are comfortable with:- Tanks: CLOSED Healers: Priest/Paladin/Shaman Melee DPS: Currently full but will consider exceptional players Ranged DPS: Hunter/Spriest/Balance Druid ilevel 900+ minimum (additional requirements may be added) although we will consider exceptional players. We expect that you fully optimize your character or be willing to work towards this. Even if your class is not listed we would be happy to consider exceptional applicants. For more information you can visit http://latinusnamus.enjin.com. Here you can complete our application form or if you would prefer we can chat on the guilds Discord channel. Alternatively you can chat to one of the officer’s in-game for information: QQmyShortz#2790 Officer Team Devilísh Nalor XiphiazNekage4 1d
1d <Possession> Draenor-EU Recruiting for ToS Possession Draenor-EU Recruiting for ToS Join Possession NOW! We are recruiting for Tomb of Sargeras Progression, Clearing all difficulties as fast as possible, all classes and speccs/roles will be considered equally, even though we are practically sorted for now, we are certain spots will open when progression hits the raid-team hard, and irl-stuff etc calls for the substitute players. Raid Times: Set dates: Wednesday 19:45 - 23:00 (roughly) Thursday 19:45 - 23:00 (roughly) Sunday 19:45 - 23:00 (roughly) During Progression (added raiddays wherever necessary if possible for the majority of the raidteam (+substitutes to fill gaps) Friday: 20:00-23:00 Saturday: 20:00-23:00 Dates for Farm/Clear (free for all) Friday/Saturday/Monday 20:00-23:00 (usually done faster) Special Request: From the 25th of June to the 18th of July it is possible to raid in Possession's Main Team as a tank, which would after that period open up the possibility of staying as a tank, discussion based on performance, a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get into a functioning team as a tank, instead of having to build/help building a raidteam to secure your spot for said role. All mythic+ teams are run seperately, heroic and normal raids, as well as past content is run weekly. We are currently forming up, 25+ highly active players with experience between world top 200 and world top 10'000, meeting under the banner of WoW Legion, all hail Concordance of the Legionfall for there is always stuff to do together! the majority of the guilds guys n gals is in their twenties, so we do crack open the occasional cold one with the boys mid raid and are generally (still) very hungry for progression. Sign up now via the 20-30min application on www.possessioneu.com if your time is too precious to fill out an app for a home in wow, you are not worth our time. All applications will be reviewed within 48h, an interview is likely to take place, before the applicants are invited and given the role (social, trial, substitute, raider) we agreed on in the interview (player caters towards the guild, and vice versa). Regards, PossessionStoics9 1d
1d <Era> 5/9M Recruiting Recruitment We are currently taking applications for DPS and Healers. Era We recently transferred from Sylvanas to Draenor, this is our old guild: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/sylvanas/Pillowfort Era is a semi-hardcore and progress oriented guild that raids 3 days a week. We are a group of friends that have as a goal to kill the final boss of the raid tier, while having good time doing it. We are currently looking for excellent players, who are social and involved but also determined to improve! Raid Times: Wed/Sun/Mon - 20:00 - 23:00 ST Optional HC raid on Thur - 20:00 - 23:00 ST What we can offer: We do not recruit for the bench Be part of a community of friends A transparent leadership Be a part of rebuilding our guild on this new realm A good raid environment where we focus on learning by doing People to push high Mythic+ with People you can play other games with like Dota and PUBG What do we expect from you: Mythic raiding experience Logs to backup your performance Good knowledge of English Motivated to raid during farm and progression Attendance the closer to 100% the better Come prepared to raids having studied the fights and having the provided WA's You play for the guild and its success rather than your own Be a friendly and fun personIf you want to join our guild or have some questions you can contact: Dire#2227 Zeka#2612 NaH2PO4aq#2542 Or fill our application form: https://goo.gl/forms/mOeyv5YSlWP3Sw253Ðiré2 1d
1d Midway 10/10M 3/9M recruiting! Midway is a reformed guild formally known as Last Command which has had 7 years experience raiding with each other with a few odd few guys coming and going. English speaking guild but we have players from all over the EU. We have recently come back off a month break and have recovered most of our raid team and are ready to go at it again and try make up for lost time! We're going to be a 2 day raiding with as much determination as before to push for boss kills. What do we expect from a player? - Be prepared for the fights we're going for. And to have a basic understanding of what happens during them. Flask food are a must but we don't tend to say use augment runes till we're close to kills. - We like to have a laugh but when it comes down to boss attempts you need to be able to focus and keep up to a standard of a mythic raider. - You need to have a good understanding of how your class works and show you've got what it takes whilst on trial. - A working mic, Discord and the correct addons for raids! etc DBM, weakauras etc. Guild Progress 7/7 EN M 3/3 ToV M 10/10 Mythic NH 3/9 Mythic TOS We're currently looking for - One tank 2-3 healers DPS! Raid Times Wednesday - 20:00-24:00 Sunday - 20:00-24:00 To apply to the guild go check out our website : http://midwayguild.enjin.com/ Our page on WoWProg : https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/draenor/Last+Command Ingame Contact - Beastblood#2685 - Zilre Blockwell#2723 - Iraerus Sam#26970 - ShuaiIraerus10 1d
1d Boyo Town 4/9M Recruiting! Boyo Town is a newly formed Semi-Hardcore guild looking at decent 2 night a week progression through mythic Tomb of Sargeras which we are currently 4/9M. We are looking to continue progression through ToS until Antorus and hopefully have a strong roster willing to take on the challenge. We are currently looking for healers as well as ranged DPS. Exceptional players will be considered no matter the classes we are recruiting. We raid Thursday and Sunday from 20:00-23:00. We also have an optional raid on Wednesday in the same time slot (Non-Progression) If you think you have what it takes to join us please apply at http://boyotown.shivtr.com/ You can also contact Saidar#1876 for any queries.Valyyne3 1d
1d (H) 5/9M <Weekend Warriors> Recruiting Weekend Daytime Mythic Raiding!!! Do you work too hard or too late to raid in the week? Is your evening taken up with family or TV time that you can’t miss without aggroing your IRL raid boss? Are you tired of sometimes on, sometimes off raiding with casual guilds that don’t get you very far? Are you a veteran WoW player who despite feeling jaded can’t quit as the desire for raiding is what keeps you going? If the answer to any of these is yes, you should apply to join Weekend Warriors! We raid every weekend afternoon to keep that important lunch and evening time open for those all important social activities. Our aim is to clear all relevant content on Heroic and Mythic difficulty.. With a long history from Wrath of the Lich King to date without a single guild break-down or raiding break, Weekend Warriors has the proven strength and character to guarantee you raiding continuity for as long as you want to continue to play WoW. So, if you’re done with travelling and the 4 night per week hardcore scene then don’t quit! Come on over to Weekend Warriors and keep raiding with a guild that makes raiding fit RL and not the other way around. We currently have a strong and stable roster of players, but we are looking for a few more exceptional, mature players to enrich our Legion Mythic raiding roster. Our current official raid times are Saturday 16:00 – 19:00 and Sunday 16:00 - 19:00 server time (one hour later in the summer months) unless otherwise stated in the calendar invite. We also run flex mode normal/heroic raids for socials, alts and flex team members on Friday night from 20.00. What do we expect from you? • To preferably be aged 25+ (we will consider younger applicants on a case by case basis). • To know your class, know Boss tactics (Heroic and Mythic) and to be at a relevant item level. • Have a real life, work, family and or other commitments that come first yet still able to set aside 6 hours a week regularly to raid with your team mates (75% minimum attendance ratio required). • Enjoy and care about the social aspect of the game, playing with friends and family, helping and being helped out or just chewing the fat in chat or on Discord whilst grinding. • And last, but by no means least, you should be a stable and mature individual with a sense of humour and friendly disposition towards others and the ability to take constructive criticism and guidance. We also gladly accept social and casual members to enrich the important social experience in guild, all of whom are welcome in our flex runs. For further information on our guild or to fill out our recruitment form, please visit www.weekend-warriors.net or poke Scabbrox (GM&RL), Samious (Melee), Necroaxe (Tanking), Zarfen (Healing), Amajar (tactical) or Impliyed (Ranged) if you have any further questions.Scabbrox71 1d
1d <Iron Bro> is recruiting a dps and healer! Hello, darlings you. "Iron Bro", a 6/9 mythic raiding guild on Draenor EU is looking for more awesomeness to join our crew. We're in need of dps, of all sorts and a healer - monkerinos, where are you? - any class will however be looked into and considered. What we seek is quite simple, a dedicated raider who doesn't go through five keyboards. eight mouses and nine screens a week due rage, we like to keep the positive attitude. :) You would be needing; Discord, a working mic and headphones. RClootcouncil. Exorsus raid tools, for assignments etc. Steady internet connection. A computer who won't blow up during the raid. Good attitude and behaviour. Willing to set your mind on things, wipe, rise, eat, flask and rince and repeat. Do things til stuff gets done. We raid; Wednesday; 19:45pm-11pm ST Thursday; 19:45pm-11pm ST Sunday; 19:45pm-11pm ST Food and flask shall be delivered before your feet. Perked your interest? visit us at; http://ironbro.net/Or~ contact one of the officers online; Guild master; Horseyy Guild mom; Jemí Guild Officers; Pingudk and Saltysenpai Contacting anyone in the guild to get in touch with any of the above is perfectly fine! My btag; Happyfeet#218690Bimbolotta1 1d
1d <Misfit> [6/9 Mythic] Recruiting! <Misfit> is a focused Raiding Guild on Draenor with an extremely active player base. As it currently stands, we are looking for more DPS for our Mythic progression roster. Raid times are Wednesday+ Monday 19:45pm - 23:00pm server time. What can we offer you as a raider and a player? If you want to join a team of players who are able to have a laugh and clear content at a good pace, then by all means keep reading. We are very much a progression focused guild but aim to keep our raid atmosphere relatively relaxed (aside from on pulls, of course). As late comers to Mythic tier raiding this patch, and several reforms, we ended Nighthold with 8/10 Mythic and have blasted through Tomb of Sargeras as we are currently 9/9 HC 6/9 ToS Mythic. Aside from the main raids each week, there are countless old tier Legion raids going on, Normal, HC and mythic tiers (EN, ToV now Nighthold), as well as Keystone runs daily, Tomb Of Sageras normal runs on mains and alts. Most of these are not calendar scheduled so being active helps. What we want from you The two most important things i can ask for are: 1) A good attitude to the game and raiding in general, everyone in the guild is friendly and our discord is usually a place we all go if we just fancy hanging out during the day, i dont want any bad apples ruining the atmosphere. 2) A good understanding of your class and a flawless understanding of the fights we are going in to, this all comes under a good raid mentality. Should always be prepared for raids, and always pull your weight on your class to the best of your ability. What Are We Recruiting? Balance Druid Elemental Shaman Warlock (Any spec) Hunters Having a suitable off spec would be nice though it is not mandatory All classes will be considered. Our Wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/draenor/Misfit If you want to know more add my Btag @ VIIIRyanIIIV#2399 or Ganondorf#21113 for a chat. Our website where you can read more and apply can be found here: http://misfit.webnode.com/ Or apply you can apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfEw7Y6izsY_HWJwHstWf6vrkw1qGjVBo2r3EBbAIm8-RjA9g/viewformVaanquished26 1d
1d <Northern Wind> 5/9M 9/9HC Recruiting for Mythic ToS! Hello! Welcome to our recruitment page. Here you will find information about the guild, and the things are are looking for. If you have any questions, dont hesitate to pm us or ask in the thread. About Northern Wind: The guild itself rose during Hellfire Citadel, completing the Heroic content and one boss on Mythic before Legion arrived. After this the guild died off for awhile, being ressurected late Nighthold. We are now a solid core of 15-20 Raiders, with several social members who is looking to expand our team, and to bring in new friends. The social aspect is almoast equally important to the Raiding aspect, and it would be nice if you were to partake in both. Progress: 9/9HC ToS 5/9M ToS 10/10HC Nighthold and 4/10M Nighthold These are our raid times 1900-2200 Server time (GMT+1) Wednesday 1900-2200 Server time (GMT+1) Thursday. 1900-2200 Server Time (GMT+1) Sunday Currently looking after: - Hunters (BM/MM) - Rogues (Any spec) - Elemental Shaman - Death Knight (Unholy, Frost) - Holy Priest - But any interested dps should message us. Raid related things: We do require logs from new raiders wishing to join us, preferably from current content (ToS, Nighthold). If you dont have these, then we can try you out on a dry-run. We use RCLootCouncil to give out loot, where the biggest priority is mainly getting everyone to roughly the same gear level. We raid 3 hours every Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday, and a high attendance is required. Being away is also fine, aslong as you are able to let us know that you will be gone. If you still think this is a guild you would like to join, or have more questions dont hesitate to ask us on pm (look below) or in the thread! Contact info: Pengu#21997 (GM) Ariathax#2169 (Officer) Abwattam#2877(Officer)Pengukappa32 1d
1d <Disconnected> 9/9 Recruiting For Mythic <Disconnected> We are a friendly/family guild and we run our guild on respect and loyalty. We all have the same mind set and aims. We are now building the team for mythic progression since we just got 9/9 hc done. Still looking for certain classes for our main team such as: Druid (Feral/boomkin) Mage (Fire/Frost/Arcane) Shaman (Enhancement/Elemental) Monk (Windwalker) Priest (Shadow) Paladin (Retribution) Demon Hunter (Havoc) Accepting exceptional applicants outside of these classes! Raid Schedule: - Monday: 20:00 - 23:00(Server Time)(Raid) - Wednesday: 20:00 - 23:00(Server Time)(Raid) - Thursday: 20:00 - 23:00(Server Time)(Raid) - Sunday: 20:00 - 23:00(Server Time)(Alt Run's) Current Progression: - 9/9 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras - 10/10 Heroic The Nighthold - 3/3 Heroic Trial of Valor - 7/7 Heroic Emerald Nightmare What We Offer: - A stable roster and constructive raid environment - Leadership with years of progression-oriented hard-core experience - Guild repairs for mains and alts - Alt raids and Mythic+ Groups - Optional off-night events with friends & family; Many of us play other games together. - Active Chat on Discord - Feast aslong as Steve doesn't think its too expensive Our Expectations: - High attendance - Intimate knowledge of your class, spec, and role - Passionate, mature attitude and willingness to take/give constructive criticism - Willingness to work collaboratively and promote a culture of continuous self-improvement Contact: Fayluxia-Draenor (Raid Officer) Faylyn#2221(Battletag) Rahtahr-Draenor (Raid Officer) Söder#2683 (Battletag) Bigbeefy-Draenor(Guild Master) - Grantmac#2476(Battletag)Fayluxia2 1d
1d 9/9 HC guild looking for merger Hello there, We are 9/9 ToS HC guild (with several KJ kills, our last kill was with 10 members) and we looking for similar size guilds that have about the same number of members and same experience as our guild (at least 8/9 with many KJ attempts) to focus on HC content and do some mythics often. Our core team consist of 11 members as follows: - 2 tanks (1 tank with dps OS - druid and dk) - 4 Healers (2 healers with dps OS - disc. priest, monk, shaman, and paladin) - 5 DPS (2 DH, 1 Warlock, 1 BM Hunter, 1 mage) Our raiding days and time are as follows: - Thursday 19:30 to 22:30 ST - Sunday 19:30 to 22:30 ST - Tuesday 19:30 to 22:30 ST The merge doesn't mean that any members have move in our guild, its more like a partnership between the 2 guilds to clear HC and mythics if we are capable. If any guilds out there are interested in this (rather its on draenor or any other servers), kindly reply to this post or PM me here or add me in wow to have a little chat (#Donobi1700 or #Zicon2721). More information will be provided for interested guilds upon requesting. Thanks,Exoursia0 1d
1d Empyrean (3/9 M) Mature, friendly guild recruiting DPS Empyrean Realm: Draenor (Horde) Raid Schedule: Tues, Thurs, Sun: 21.00-00.00 CET Progress 9/9 HC and 3/9 Mythic https://empyrean-draenor.enjin.com. Empyrean is a semi hard-core raiding guild consisting of mature and friendly players who share the long term goal of aspiring to be a competitive guild on our realm. We aim to do this without compromising our raiding atmosphere. ∞∞About us∞∞ We are a group of mature, ambitious players who enjoy raiding at a high level in a non-toxic environment. We offer a drama free raiding environment where there may be banter but there will always be respect. At the moment we are achieving ahead of the curve each raid tier and aim to extend this to cutting edge. We have experienced leaders, dedicated raiders and a raid team where there is no place for favouritism and all spots are earned. We are all adults, we all respect each other and we are actually pretty nice people – the raid leader doesn’t have power trips and people strive to help each other out. We rarely have anyone leave the guild and all ended up here and never looked back because we were sick of paying good money to not enjoy our leisure time and finally found a place that delivered on everything that was promised. Please do not be put off that we have only killed three Mythic bosses so far, this is our first raid tier as a guild and we have specifically focussed on only recruiting people who share our long term progression goals. We could take the easy way out and accept anyone who has a decent ilvl to fill raid spots but would rather hold out for people who are in it for the long haul so that we don’t have to re-recruit every time the novelty of the patch wears off. We value the person behind the pixels above all. ∞∞About you∞∞ You will be looking for a competitive environment where you can play to the best of your ability safe in the knowledge that everyone else is doing the same. You always check your attitude at the front door; are independent; research your class and encounters for yourself and a willing to play your offspec . In addition you know when it is time to listen and when it is time to contribute. We have an age policy of 20 + Our core group’s average age is mid 30s so older players tend to fit in better socially. We don’t recruit for the bench but at the same time there will always be occasions where we need to take the best composition to a progression fight to enable us to get the kill. If you aren’t able to see the benefit of this then we will not be a good fit for each other. **Please do not apply if you cannot make our attendance requirement of 85%** ∞∞Classes needed∞∞ We are looking for a few dps to strengthen our team. We can be flexible with the classes as our roster is evenly mixed so far. We are full on healers with no dps offspecs at the moment however. Please contact the GM, Demise on Minininja#26903 for a chat or apply on the website https://empyrean-draenor.enjin.com/ We look forward to hearing from you.Freyìa3 1d
1d <Vibe> 3/9M Looking for dps and healers for mythic ToS <Vibe> We are a guild of mythic raiders looking to add to our team for Tomb. Within our ranks we have a wealth of experience of raiding at the top end, including a Cutting Edge or two over the years. We are looking to get back to that level in Tomb after a slow start on a dying server in Legion has meant we've had a limited roster and as a result haven't pushed mythic as hard as we would have liked. Our raid nights are Mon/Wed/Thu 20:00 - 23:00 ST. We have a fantastic atmosphere in the guild as most of us have played together for several years, we have a lot going on most nights outside of raid nights including drunken shenanigans on a Saturday night. If you are interested contact me on Gerggles#2654 or our raid leader on irenz#2510 We are currently looking for competent dps (preference for ranged) and a couple of healers (pref Druid/Shaman).Gerggles0 1d
1d [H]Questionable Council 2/9 M - Recruiting! As an ever-growing gaming community, we offer many activities from social events to semi-hardcore raiding 2-3 days a week. We welcome members of all classes, levels, and play-styles! While our guild is social and casual friendly, we take raiding seriously and do not expect to carry anyone on progression days. We pride ourselves in lifting together, and do not let people drag the whole group down by their lack of participation. Our raid times are as follows: - Wednesday 19:30 - 23:00 Server time - Monday 19:30 - 23:00 Server time We have a third raid slot on Thursdays, from 20:00 server time, when we want extra progression or otherwise for casual/alt friendly raids, to gear everybody up. Due to popular demand within the guild, we have now started progressing mythic raids. For ToS and beyond we are looking at recruiting another healer (preferably with a decent DPS offspec) and a few DPS. Other roles/specs are still very welcome to join the community, but keep in mind that raid spots for melee DPS and tanks will be limited. Our current progress in mythic is 1/9. At the moment our main goal is consitently getting 20 people for mythic and taking it from there. If interested, please contact Jid#2770 or Felixu#21706.Kirumi7 1d
1d WTS some rare tcg mounts currently have the following mounts for sale , feel free to make me offers or add my btag junkkie#2427 to make one (i wont name a price , you have to make a bid) * CORUPTED HIPPOGRYPH * WOOLY WHITE RHINO * REINS OF THE SPECTRAL TIGER * REINS OF THE SWIFT SPECTRAL TIGER * GHASTLY CHARGER * NETHER ROCKET X-51 XTREME * BATTLE BEARKehli0 1d
1d [H] Nefarious - Casual Raiding Guild 1/9M ToS About Us: Nefarious is a guild made by friends for friends. We're casual raiding guild looking to enjoy the content in our slow but solid pace progression. Our goal is to have a laugh while playing! What do we need: We're looking for new people to expand our roster and all we expect is willingness to have fun and improve in various aspects of the game. If you're just leveling or your Ilvl is still low, that's not a problem! We're here to help as long as you enjoy yourself. When we do stuff: We raid on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday (being an off day) from 8:15 to 11:00 server time. Our legion progress is 4/7M EN 3/3 TOV HC 3/10 NH M 9/9HC ToS What class/role: Recruitment is closed. If you're interested or have more questions feel free to whisper any of our members in game. Or directly thru our Officers Asmodena;Sineath;Ágró;Azíra;Holymel or on our website www.nefarious-guild.euHolymel55 1d
1d Returning player LF a semi-hardcore raiding guild Hi there players of the Draenor Realm! I'm currently in the search for a raiding guild on a high population realm with a massive horde population and Draenor seems to be the perfect fit. Before the two most recent patches (7.3 and 7.2), I used to play on Silvermoon (https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/silvermoon/basilikum) with fairly good results in terms of raid progression. I returned to the game on this character 1 week ago and got it to 110 and got it geared up rather quickly in terms of doing non-raid content (mythic+, LFR, relinquished gear tokens etc.) I would like to trial in a guild whose main raid days are on mon-, sun- and possibly thursdays. Please feel free to contact me if you are interested in putting me up for trial in your raid guild and we may come to an agreement. Currently my character is on Al'Akir (dead realm) and I want to switch - but before I do that, I want to find a friendly raiding-guild with lots of member activity! WoWProgress: https://www.wowprogress.com/character/eu/al-akir/Zacbal Add me at Battle.net: FLUX#11707 Best Regards Zacbal.Zacbal2 1d
1d Savagés 3/9Mythic are recruiting! Hey guys Savagés are recently formed by a bunch of friends that wanted to raid together again, we have decided to go on a more casual basis rather then hardcore which we used to do so by doing that we have decided to raid 2 days a week Wednesday/Monday. 20:00-23:00 we believe this will be enough time to give us decent enough progress to see bosses on all difficulties if we handle things the right way. We are currently recruiting all players new and old as we are trying to build our roster up, we are 3/9Mythic we are looking to strengthen our raid team with skilled players! The officers have all raided Mythic this expansion and in previous expansions so we know our stuff and will be willing to help teach players who need some help, We wont be raging at people 24/7 as you will find in some guilds however when needed we will have a talk with people if we feel like its required to help them improve there game for themselves and the rest of the group! We will also do alt runs and so on during the week/weekends so feel free to come along to those too, there is always mythic+ runs going during the day and evenings when there aren't raids going ahead so feel free to join in with those we will try to get everyone in groups and we will have more groups then one going anyway so there should be spots for most people if you want to join. If you would like anymore information about our guild and our goals feel free to add my battle tag Discustin#2970 or Luciifera#2167 i will be more then willing to have a chat with you, if you want a ginvite whisper this character ingame or do the same with the battletag Currently recruiting all dps apart from Hunters and Warriors, and one healer preferably a Resto shaman! no tanks needed! Thank you for reading the wall of text and i hope to see you guys in game soon :)Shamaanz14 1d
1d BrM Monk & Holy Priest LF Raiding Guild Hey there, We are looking for a casual to semi-hardcore Mythic raiding guild that has a laid back style, while maintaining the discipline to make gradual progress in a friendly atmosphere. What can you expect from us: - Punctual and fully prepared (Consumables, Enchants, etc) - Very competitive in our respective roles (Tank & Heal) - Respectful of others and always willing to help - Sociable and eager to join guild activities - We welcome and encourage constructive criticism Available for raiding from 19:00 ST to 23:00 ST. Brewmaster Monk : https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/draenor/kixcyted - Item Level: 928 - Artifact Level: 64 - ToS Experience: 9/9 HC Holy Priest : https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/draenor/madenn -Item Level: 930 - Artifact Level: 63 - ToS Experience: 9/9 HC Add me on BattleNet: Xcyted#2294 Best Regards KixcytedKixcyted1 1d
2d BM Hunter + Fire Mage LFG 5/9 ToS M BM Hunter and Fire Mage here looking for a long-term home. We are recent transfers from (A) Silvermoon. Gone back to Horde. Current Progress - ToS 5/9 M We have a couple of hours on Mistress as well, so we've gotten pretty good at dealing with the puffer fish :) Misdirecting - Draenor (previous name Vitalblow - Silvermoon) 940 (933 equipped) Beast Master/MM Hunter, previous tier 7/10 NH (M) Myka - Draenor (previous name Voonda - Silvermoon) 943 (935 equipped) Fire Mage, previous experience 7/7 EN (M) Cutting Edge 3/3 ToV (hc) 7/10 NH (M) Links to logs and other pertinent information below. http://lfg2017.blogspot.se If you're interested, hit me up on btag or discord. Otherwise, best of luck in your search! - Leah btag: kyllandra#2625 Discord: Leah(Myka)#5136Curious0 2d
2d [H] <Law> [5/9m] - Two Days Per Week Avast yer scurvy loot dogs! Our Guild <Law> are now recruiting budding brothers and sisters to join our crew of mad men and women. We are a mature guild with the average age between 25-26 years old but we appreciate that younger folk can be equally as skilled and mature so would welcome most people! We raid 2 days per week on a Wednesday and Sunday 7:30-11:30pm server time (6:30-10:30pm UK time). Our Story & Goals Although we only raid 2 days a week, we have a strong core of mythic experienced raiders who have known each other since vanilla for the most part. This means you will have a strong leadership who know how to direct you and get the most out of you. We also pride ourselves on the strong bond we have with each other but also miss meeting new people which is why we are making a drive on our recruitment. We aim clear all the content on a tight schedule, so we need people that come ready to be focused during raiding hours and have the drive to push themselves during those hours too. 20/06-2017 - Cutting edge: Gul'dan 08/01-2017 - Cutting edge: Xavius What we are looking for: Any exceptional dps although we prefer a Ranged dps and a Sub Rogue, Ret Pala or DPS Warrior You can apply at lawdraenor.shivtr.com (WITHOUT CREATING AN ACCOUNT AT THE FORUMS), whisper me in game or contact me at my battletag ~ Ujio#21559 Thanks!Georgelad16 2d
2d [H] Bad Karma (3/9M ToS) Bad Karma are currently 9/9 Normal ToS, 9/9 Heroic ToS and 3/9 Mythic ToS. DPS vacancies: Low demand Healer vacancies: closed atm NB: All other classes not listed above will be given consideration based on skill and ilvl. We raid Thurs, Sun and Tuesday between the hours of 8pm and 11pm server time. At present we use an Individual looting system as we believe this yields the most loot overall for our raiders and any loot not wanted is rolled on and given out to whomever wanted and won the roll. Outside of raids we regularly run M+ dungeons and we also run an Alt raid on a Saturday evening for anyone who wishes to come along. What can I tell you about our members? ....Well we are an English speaking guild, whose members come from all over the world. Some of us have been together for before Vanilla wow, and we have played many MMO's together, SWTOR, Wildstar, Aion are but a few to name. The actual Bad Kamra tag has been going for almost 11 years now, setting out on Bronzebeard as Horde. And we've been Horde ever since! Long live Silvanos! (our GM has a vendetta to turn us all undead...lol). We are not without a sense of humour, and we hang out in Discord whether we raid, M+ or just to generally be online together. You can expect lots of bad jokes, but one thing you can expect is a no-drama policy and a general level of respect for one another. We are a very supportful community and always happy to lend advice and support. For any other information please contact me in game, my battle-net id is: Qetesh#2786. Thankyou for reading.Lantesh18 2d
2d [H] Myth 1/9 M ToS Current Recruitment Status We are currently looking for 2 RDPS. We are full on hunters. 2 MDPS. 1 Paladinhealer We are looking for dps with valid tank offspec. Current raid clear status Emerald nightmare 7/7 Heroic 7/7 Mythic Trial of valor 3/3 Heroic The Nighthold 10/10 Heroic 5/10 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras 9/9 Normal 9/9 Heroic 1/9 Mythic Who are we? Myth has been around since Cataclysm and has a few ex-mythic Raiders. We promote calm and fun raid enviroment above anything else. At our raids you will not hear shouting or namecalling. You will however be expected to do your best regardless. Our plan in legion Our plan is to explore the Heroic and Mythic content of Legion. Raid times, servertime Wednesday 20:30 - 23:00 Thursday 20:30 - 23:00 Sunday 20:30 - 23:00 What we expect from you Having some experience with the game Knowing what is your best stats and gear are is a must. Contributing to a good raidingenvironmentWe use Discord as a form of voice communication and it's a must for any raid we will do. Since we only raid 3 days a week we expect our raid members to be there. If you can't make it, there are many ways to contact a leader or officer. If you want more info or to have a chat, contact our recruitmentofficers Furtaus#2507 or Jamet. You can also fill in the very short application at discord.gg/JtrUz9U and we will get back to you. If you want to check into raid and want to see how it is like you can always check the streams https://www.twitch.tv/jeeeees and https://www.twitch.tv/shuggzFurtaus6 2d
2d Frost Mage LF Mythic Guild LF stable, well established semi-hardcore guild that raids at or after 9pm realm time. 934 equipped, simmed and optimised gear with 64 traits and perfect stat balance at time of posting. 9/9HC with early KJ curve; no mythic prog due to being GM of a non-mythic guild but solid understanding of all fights. Hit me up if you have mythic progress, raid at or after 9 and are recruiting for a half-decent frost mage!Frozenstiff2 2d
2d Premortem [H] 3/9M ToS LF Tank/Dps Greetings traveler, Premortem is a newly founded PVE Progression guild on Draenor. We currently hold a progression of 10/10NH HC and 4/10 NH M. ToS progression currently 3/9M. We strive to have fun and Progress through latest content at a steady pace. At Premortem we honor the social aspect of the game and want our raidteam and socials within the guild to keep a good atmosphere helping each other through content, including Dungeons and past raiding content. Our raid times are (all server time), and we expect raiders to log on 15 minutes prior to raid start: Wednesday: 20:30 – 23:00 Thursday: 20:30 – 23:00 Sunday: 20:30 – 23:00 Raiders are expected to be able to attend almost all raids, as we maintain a tight roster. At the moment we are looking to recruit the following classes: 1 Tank - Druid would be awesome, but others considered :) 2 Dps: - Hunter - Ele Shaman Exceptional applicants will always be taken into consideration. If you are looking to know more about the guild or want to talk about recruitment feel free to contact one of our Officers, Alanassori/Ayshane (Ayshane#2225), Stèalz/Stealidan (Stealz#2192), Chaotic/Crìsis or myself Trillbane (Trillbane#2953). Hope the above sparked your interest and you will help Premortem be a huge success.Trillbane22 2d
2d (H) T H U N D E R - Late evening raiders THUNDER is looking for more raiders on the Horde side of Draenor. We raid on: Wednesday 21:00-24:00 Friday 21:00-24:00 Sunday 21:00-23:30 With a couple of random raids tossed in here and there, to accommodate as many schedules as possible. Currently 1/9 Mythic and recruiting to solidify the team. We aim to raid Mythic. Not to clear it day one but to work at it over time. Most of us come from a Nightmare level progression guild in SWTOR and we are quite happy to throw new people into the fray ;) We always welcome social members, future raiders, friends and family of all levels and interests. THUNDER is a mature raiding guild, founded back in '11, in a galaxy far far away. This gives our members the benefit of a broad community for all types of players from all over the world and a very experienced leadership. The atmosphere in THUNDER is chatty, helpful and friendly. We make a lot of use of Discord, both in raids and just to talk in between times. While we do not have a lot of organized PvP events, many of our players partake in it and we do have "unofficial" guild nights whenever possible. In order to fit with our players other responsibilities, all of THUNDER's play-times are later in the evening. Raiders are not required to raid any specific number of days, but are encouraged to sign-up as often as they can. None of that 90% attendance requirement nonsense here. Gear and experience on current raids is not required, as we will be providing both through our frequent farm nights. Experience in progression raiding in general for those members looking to tackle Heroic and Mythic raiding is highly preferred, but also not essential. If you would like to know more please visit our website at http://thunderguild.eu or whisper some of our members on the Horde side of Draenor any of whom will be happy to answer your questions. To name but a few Kelsair, Jomoon, Judest, Rannasha and myself, Grguch.Grguch31 2d
2d [H]{Exhausted}Serious weekend raiding guild <Exhausted> Greetings! Exhausted is weekend raiding guild on Draenor(EU horde). Formed by a small group of players, who have previously raided together during "Warlords of Draenor" with a friendly mix of people from all over the world. Our raid times are geared towards mature people with real life commitments during the week. Our core team all get along very well and we bring a vibrant, competitive and “bants” filled atmosphere. Raid Schedule (EU Server Time): -Saturday: 14:00 - 18:00 -Sunday: 14:00 - 18:00 With wednesday as our off day for alts or some fun. What do we offer? -Consistent raid schedule. -Log analysis and support for improvement. -Great guild atmosphere. -Active community. -TeamSpeak availability 24/7. -Guild activates (Mythic+ / older raid tier runs / world content). What do we expect? -Good attendance, 80% or higher. -Family attitude when it comes to the guild, be yourself. -Class knowledge. -Good performance. -Loyalty to the guild. Current Progression: Tomb Of Sargeras 9/9 NM 9/9 HC Nighthold 10/10 HC / 3/10 M Trial of valor 3/3 HC 1/3 M Emerald nightmare 7/7 M Currently Recruiting: Dps: Boonkin, Elemental Shaman, Mage and Warlock Any exceptional players will always be considered. Socials are welcome to join for high mythic+ and the social raid on Wednesday. If you are interested please apply at: http://www.exhausted.pro/home If you are looking for more information please contact: Scripture(Officer)-Scripture#2384 Koppycatt(Officer)-koppycat#2408 Jingerale(officer)-Jinger#21651Jingerale3 2d
2d   Kixcyted0 2d
3d [H] Horde Against Humanity - 3/9M LF DPS & Heal Horde Against Humanity (HAH) is a friendly little guild looking for more friends! yay! We're a cheeky bunch with a rather relaxed view on raiding; we want to clear the heroic content for each tier. After doing so we intend do dip our toes into Mythic as we see fit, and when we are able. To clarify: we do not view ourselves as a Mythic guild, as we are comfortable with our chilled raids with loads of fun and teases. However, we do expect our raiders to come prepared, perform appropriately, and be respectful of other people. Raiding schedule: Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 ST Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 ST Alt/social raid: Tuesday 20:00 - 23:00 ST (optional) Who are we looking for? HAH is looking for individuals with a friendly attitude, dedication to both teammates & class, and roughly 80-90% monthly raid attendance. We encourage everyone to chime in to create a nice atmosphere. Since we are not aiming for full mythic progression we usually raid 1x HC + 1x Mythic per week, after clearing the content on HC. We use Discord for all communication and it acts as our 2nd gchat. We welcome a constant stream of fun banter outside raid-hours. Current progress: EN: 7/7 N, 7/7 HC, 4/7 Mythic ToV: 3/3 N, 3/3 HC NH: 10/10 N, 10/10 HC, 4/10 Mythic ToS: 9/9 N, 9/9 HC, 3/9 Mythic Recruitment status: At the moment we're mainly looking for 1 dps to ensure a steady roster for further progress in ToS. Send us a message or make an application on our site if you're interested in joining - an officer will contact you for further chats. Horde Against Humanity aim for a mature and friendly environment, thus we prefer our applicants to share this view. Together we hope to create a tight-knit community of raiders dedicated to their team, that also login for some fun non-raid times. Visit us and submit your application at: http://hordeagainsthumanity.enjin.com/ alternatively, you can contact the recruitment officer Mläm in-game or on btag: Zaeld#1337 \:D/Mläm65 3d
3d [H] A Touch Of Corruption Hello we are A Touch Of Corruption a U.K. based raiding guild that's currently doing heroic ToS and normal weekly clears, While in the meantime we continue to focus on building strong team for the next upcoming raid. Raid days and times: Thursday 9pm-12am server time (8pm-11pm uk time) Sunday 9pm-12am server time (8pm-11pm uk time) Who are we looking for? We're looking for good dedicated players with consistent raid performance and attendance that are online ready to raid before invites go out with enough flasks, pots and runes and by having a good knowledge of your class, spec and raid tactics. Being active and vocal on discord as we normaly are having fun, banter and chatting while are clearing trash but once the pull timer starts we focus until the boss is dead. What you can expect from us: A mature, friendly and banter filled environment of adult players without drama. Most of us are normally on discord chatting and running keystones. We supply food for progression and the guild repairs. We also run older content for transmog and achievements. Currently recruiting: Damage: Paladin (Retribution) Rogue (Subtlety) Warrior (Arms/Fury) Demon Hunter (Havoc) Shaman (Elemental/Enhancement) Druid (Balance) Warlock (Destruction/Demonology) Hunter (Marksman) Healer: Priest (Discipline) But other exceptional players and specs will be considered. For any questions or if you are interested pm one of us ingame or post a reply on here. Zérofear (RL/Officer) Tízz (Officer) Jucie (Officer)Zérofear12 3d
4d Selling Full TOMB OF SARGARAS HEROIC Boost Runs. Selling full TOMB OF SARGARAS HEROIC PERSONAL runs on Dreanor. The team is made up of 20 to 22 Mythic geared players and 7 or 8 buyers (different classes). HEROIC PERSONAL LOOT Every Thursday at 19:00 SERVER Time we do PERSONAL Loot runs for 650-700k (depending on the class) within 1,5 hours. We require 100k deposit to reserve a spot and the rest of the gold traded at the first boss. The deposit and the early gold trade requirements are due the fast tempo of the run and also to protect our self against scams. Please make sure you have the time and you don't have to AFK and have a stable internet connection so you don't DC. We don't hold the raid for these thing since we have other buyers in the raid. Gold needs to be traded on draenor. If you have any questions please contact me in game Moonies#2238 or Asteroth#2969Asterot88 4d
4d (H) AVAM - Draenor Recruiting DPS for HC Progression AVAM: Seeks Melee and Ranged DPS ilvl 910+ (Tomb raid progressions (5/9) Thurs & Sun 20:50ST - 11:30ST. Established friendly guild /w me to chat if interested.Spottswoode1 4d
4d [H] Reawaken - Draenor -Rekrutacja Witam, Gildia Reawaken poszukuje graczy obeznanych z własną klasą i z odpowiednim gearem do progresu ToS HC/Mythic oraz nadchodzących konwentów, jak również wspólnej zabawy na rożnego rodzaju eventach jak gildyjne wypady na Mtyhic + czy PVP. Poszukujemy głównie: DPS Heal opcjonalnie Tanków z offspecem DPS Coś o nas: "Reawaken" to nowa gildia na serwerze Draenor-Eu, powstała na bazie grupy doświadczonych graczy którzy przenieśli się z innego serwera z nadzieja na nowe wyzwania oraz większe możliwości. Poszukujemy graczy, którzy podobnie jak my myślą o progresie na najwyższym poziomie a jednocześnie chcieliby się przy tym dobrze bawić w miłym i dojrzałym gronie osób. Jako gildia będziemy mierzyć w zrównoważenie postępów oraz dobrej zabawy poprzez liczne wspólne eventy nie tylko PvE. Jeśli chcesz dołączyć lub masz jakieś dodatkowe pytania pisz: W grze /w Shaien Regolasek Alduric lub Battletag: Tiago#22889 Alduric#21880 Regolasek#2868 Zapraszamy :)Iterael0 4d