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10m (H) Insomnia 2/8M Recruiting! Hello everyone! About Us: Insomnia is a Horde semi-hardcore raiding guild based on EU-Draenor coming from Silvermoon Alliance where we raided in Legion and were competing for top of the server. We're looking to expand our current roster of very experienced and adept players for mythic progression in BFA. All of us have been raiding since the TBC-WotLK era at a high/very high level and therefore wanted to create something for ourselves. Almost everyone currently in the team knows each other in some way, shape, or form. Most of us are additionally very good friends, which in turn creates a healthy and friendly atmosphere. Regardless of our relations to each other, we still have a very competitive mindset when it comes to clearing current content. With all of that in mind, we aim to create a friendly and long-lasting home for anyone that wants to be a part of it, a steady raiding schedule and lots of progressing. Recruitment: The following list is what we would prefer, even if your class is not listed, we really recommend you to apply if you believe this guild is for you. If you can prove it, you'll get a spot. We are currently looking for healers (Mostly Holy Paladin and a Resto Druid) and range dps (Preferably Boomkin/Lock/Mage) Schedule: As stated feel free to apply even if your class is not listed! Tuesday 20:00-23:00 Wednesday 20:00-23:00 Sunday 20:00-23:00 General info: We are using Discord as our way of communicating. Raid Invites go out at 19:30-19:45.What you can expect as a Trial: Our Trial period usually lasts around 2-3 weeks. General feedback on how you're doing. A very friendly and social community. Experienced players to give you any help you'd like.What we expect from you: In-depth knowledge of your class, and raid encounter tactics. Come prepared to raids, Flasks, Pots etc.. but also AddOns. A good mindset, wanting to improve and not be afraid to share suggestions. Do not be afraid to ask questions! Friendly and mature, we like to joke around a lot tho.So with all that out of the way, please send an application our way if you think you have what it takes and if our guild seems like an enjoyable place to spend your time. How to apply! Applications are done via our website http://www.insomniaguild.eu/ If you have any questions or just want to chat about anything then you can message one of the officers in game: Veli - Draenor Spootin - Draenor Lekend - Draenor DreaMz - DraenorDreâmz2 10m
30m (H) 2 night Semi hardcore Wed/Mon Thank you for taking the time to view our recruitment post. Appetite for Destruction are currently 6/8 heroic and aim to clear mythic content whilst current. During the expansion mists of pandaria we were ranked the top 10 on Draenor! This is a big achievement considering it is the most populated server. We are looking for mature players who can play at a high level and also attend both days. Having a good background gives you a strong advantage but those who are new at the game will be considered also. We are not a standard guild who clear heroic only, if you cannot handle the stress of mythic mode then this will not be the guild for you. Tanks: Full Healers: Holy paladin DPS: WW Monk, Warlock, Shadow priest. I appreciate your time reading this and hope we can speak soon. Please contact me via Graffiti#21187.Graffitii14 30m
1h (H) Flaming Kittens - For all social players (No Raids) Hello everyone :) Flaming Kittens is a social/leveling guild that was created over 5 years ago. We are a purely social guild, this means we won't be organizing any guild raids at all. We provide a friendly and relaxed guild atmosphere for people, without the "peer-"pressure of raiding. Everyone is welcome to join us, we only ask of people to be respectful towards others and be mature. We have unlocked all guild heirlooms (Heads, Cloaks and Legs) and most of the guild pets and mounts. We also have our own Discord server (for text and voice chat). If you are interested in joining us or have anymore questions, whisper any of our members or sent a pm in-game to me, Jinxta or Twisterase. (type */who flaming kittens* in chat to find online guild members) You can also check out our website: FlamingKittens.enjin.comRuatha25 1h
1h [H] Salt Powered Robots Recruiting! Recruiting as many socials as possible, a tank and dps (2 ranged 1 melee) Who are we? We are a guild created by 5 friends who have been playing since TBC/WOTLK. We are experienced players that finally decided to stop guild hopping and create our own guild so we could all comfortably raid together and form a raiding team looking to clear content at our own pace and help each other out. ​ What we are looking for: We are currently looking for a lot more socials who wish to join an active community that we are trying to build from the ground up. We are also looking for raiders looking to clear normal and hc on each new content patch. ​ What we offer: A relaxed atmosphere for learning and clearing new content and a fun social environment. Requirements: Be able to play your class Be able to learn and listen to tactics How to Apply: add TastyLemon#2228 and I'll get you in :)Lemonwizard3 1h
2h [H] - <Bloody Miracle> - Draenor Raiding Guild <Bloody Miracle> Is looking for future raiders for BFA (Uldir 8/8 norm, 3/8 HC, and Mythic in mind)! We have plans of raiding Wed’s & Thur's 8 PM-11 PM with Sunday as farm day. Currently need a couple of experienced dps / healers! All classes will be considered! Also do pvp/rated! Whisper me for more in game or respond to this thread! High Demand: DPS Mage Warlock Boomkin Shadow Priest Windwalker Monk Healers Holy/Discipline Priest Holy PaladinKegspear1 2h
3h [H]LF Raiding Guild - urgent! :D We are BM/MW monk, Meme Lord Resto shammy and DK. We have 7/8 N & 2/8 HC. We are working ppl so we are looking for guild with raid times to 10pm. We can raid any day ;) u can check us on armory we are all 350+ ilvl - Tashka, Ponoshky, Svartcrown. weeeeeeeeeeeeeeTashka1 3h
3h [H] <Flames of Honor> is recruiting! About Us: We are a recently formed raid guild with our mind set on progressing through the PvE content as quickly as possible. We see our guild as a family where the main principle is: All for one and one for all. We help and support each other with the idea of progress being for people, not the other way around. Having fun in a mature, stress-free environment is paramount to us. Our core players have experience in raiding since Vanilla and TBC, so we know exactly what we are doing and how to achieve our goals. Recruitment: For our Main raid team (Uldir normal, current progress: 5/8) we are currently recruiting ranged dps and healers only: DPS: Mage, Hunter, Balance Druid, Shadow Priest Healers: Discipline Priest, Shaman, Paladin If you are not into raiding, we also do mythics (as well as mythic+) with guild groups throughout the week, for which we will accept any class/role including tanks. Of course, social members are always welcome. What we ask of you: You have to be of legal age (18+), due to our guild’s mature environment. A friendly disposition (aka don’t be a jerk). Helping your guildies. Being a team player, not a solo star. Regular activity (anyone offline for more than a month without warning will be removed). For raid team members: Regular attendance to raids. Enough stubbornness to persevere. Being prepared for the raids (knowing our suggested tactics, being gemmed, enchanted, and having your raid buffs. The guild can provide these). Capablity of following instructions and using common sense during raid. You should NOT apply if: You think that more dps solves all problems. You never follow tactics or think they can/should be avoided. You have issues with mature jokes. You think real life should never interfere with gaming and sharing your experience with guildies is drama. Raid Schedule (Server time): Wednesday: 21.00 - 00.00 Thursday: 21.00 - 00.00 Raid invites go out at 20.45 BFA progress: N: 5/8. H: 0/8. M: 0/8. Contact and application: If you are interested to join our family, drop a whisper or an ingame mail to Raynie-Draenor or Nushilock-Draenor, and we will get back to you as soon as we can.Raynie0 3h
3h <Detox> Uldir 8/8N 2/8HC is recruiting for 2d/w raiding With a long history of raiding behind us, <Detox> has come to Draenor to carve out yet a new path with the intentions of going through the difficulty levels of raiding in an environment where maturity, fun and mutual respect are the key motivators. We have a strong and dedicated core team and are looking for new people to expand our group. We are a socially active guild who outside raiding love to go achievement hunting and running M+dungeons as a team. We are always in for a good laugh but when it comes to raiding we take things seriously and expect you to do the same. Consequently, we have an absolute aversion towards any form of guild drama. What we expect of you - Be mature! Age requirement is 18. - 75% raid attendance. - Speak and understand English fluently. - Always come to raids fully prepared (know your role, the boss fights, be enchanted, have consumables). - Be consistent in and out of raids. - Respect others, as you'd expect to be respected. What you can expect of us - Dedicated strong leadership - Respectful raiding environment - Reliable Progress - Raiding On A Relaxed Schedule Monday and Wednesday 20 20:00 23:00 Server time - We will be adding a 3rd raiding day in the beginning on Friday 20:00-23:00 Server time - A place you can call home and love to come online for We are currently recruiting: - MDPS : Dk Frost/Unholy -Healers : Resto shaman We will always consider exceptional applications regardless of recruitment status. Additionally to raiders we also welcome social members to enjoy the good laughs and outside-raid content. We will also invite them to altruns if they are interested. You can reach our officer team for recruitment with the following bnet tags: -mortaugh#2362 -nertemis#2216 -kheela#2310Thrap4 3h
5h <GOT BEEF> Recruiting for Mythic Progression <GOT BEEF> [H] - Heroic / Mythic progression guild looking for dedicated players to join the raiding core. 8/8 Normal - 5/8 Heroic Recruiting Range DPS - Mage - Warlock - Balance Druid Attendance Raiding days - Wed / Sun 20:00 - 00:00 Server Time. High attendance (85-90%) Is required. Guild Info iLvl 355+ base line requirement with mythic knowledge and experience. Current core consists of progression raiding players with top 200 world experience looking to clear all content at mythic level in good time at a slower 2-day pace. Expectations - Mythic raiding knowledge - A good attitude towards raiding and progressing - Active and willing to participate in guild activity's such as competitive mythic+ Loot rules - Personal loot. - Duplicated items will be traded within the guild. - BoE items if they are not needed then they will fund the guild bank for flasks/feast/pots. Ambitions We aim to build a solid raiding roster to progress into heroic clears. Once our heroic team is set we will progress into mythic with a strong competent roster. We aim to clear all content at mythic difficulty. Battletags Guild Master: Ryan#22555 Raider Leader: Tjmedsy#2221/Tjmedsy#2478Tjae1 5h
5h [H]Shinra Incorporated 1/8M - LF Warlock Shinra Incorporated. (18+) (Draenor EU - Horde) Background: Shinra Incorporated. is a mature (18+) EU guild consisting of a close-knit group of friends that have broad raiding experience ranging from Vanilla to Legion with the goal of progressing quickly through Heroic content in BfA and to follow up with achieving Cutting Edge. We’re (mostly) not elitists - we enjoy raiding and want to perform to our best during raids. We do have a good sense of humor and are often having a good laugh on Discord. Current Progress:- We're missing a lot of older Mythic kills in the earlier content of Legion due to us only pursuing Mythic when Nighthold and ToS was in the spotlight. The Nighthold - 10/10 N, 10/10 H & 8/10 M Tomb of Sargeras - 9/9 N, 9/9 HC & 5/9 M Antorus the Burning Throne - 11/11N, 11/11 HC, 9/11M Uldir - 8/8N, 7/8HC, 1/8M Preferably around the same experience would be desired for all applicants. Raid Days (Server Times) Wednesday: 8PM – 11PM Monday: 8PM – 11PM (A third optional day is usually on the calendar for a quick run through of “lower-content”) What Do We Want? Self-sufficient players with a good class knowledge that want to progress as a team in a focused but non-hostile environment. In return you will have reliable raiders to play with and enjoy current content together – We enjoy doing competitive Mythic+ (pushing high keys) and playing alts outside of raids also. We like to look at logs to improve and have a friendly competition between roles to keep the game fun and challenging. Recruitment: RDPS: Warlock We are open to all exceptional players, so feel free to Apply even if your class is not on the bord. (Disclaimer – A fair few of us have geared alts containing various roles and do not mind switching if it will aid the raid composition. We wont accept any under geared alts for the main raid but if you are happy maintain a few characters to the same level as your main we can see if this will assist the main raid group) If you're interested then please add one of the below for a chat! Be prepared to go over what your progress within Legion is and also WoW Logs when talking to one of the Officers. _____________________________________________________________________________________ If you are interested feel free to send a message to either: Jay – Jay#21447 Adam - Adman#21697 Jonas - Arwyn#21298 Andy - Loadout#2792 In the event that an Officer isn't online, please use our short application process on the link provided below: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSevMIZW0iCuT2mIdZBsoppOne2SFLrVw_X3KOz_H2Dba3QFrg/viewform This provides us with the basics so we have some background about the applicant until we're back online! Cheers!Àrwèn1 5h
7h LF friendly PVP/PVE guild That's it basically. Just LF a guild that does PvP (BGs, arenas) and run mythic keys sometimes, nothing hardcore, just chill :) Friendly evironment, must be English or Dutch or both.Mánik1 7h
7h <The Etternity> looking for M+, PvP, Social players Hello all! Now that the Guild finished making the raid team, we now start recruitment to build up the M+, PvP, Social community's of the guild.We accept all who are looking to take part in this aspects of the game. We do social activity (Social raids on weekends,Timewalks,Achvment runs,Xmog far, etc.). We have discord,website,twich,youtube.The discord is mandatory to have for the social aspect of the guild. If you want to join us plz make an application on the guild site and you will be contacted as soon as possible ( Guild Site : https://etternitywowguild.shivtr.com/). For more info plz contact me on Bnet: FDI#21926, Discord: FDi#1534 , Ingame: Fdi. Have a good day!Fdi4 7h
12h [H] - <Magic Mushroom> Recruiting for BFA Raiding <Magic Mushroom> Is recruiting. We are a group of friends that started the guild got a nice team together, so we are looking to fill the last few spots in our roster. We are raiding and doing m+ as a guild. We focus on community rather than being the best, we want a chill and fun raid group, where we can joke and have fun, and still bring it when we need to. We are raiding two times per week. Our main focus will be to fully clear HC raids and then dip into Mythic and see how far we can make it. We are an English speaking guild, so we do require that you speak English at an understandable level. Raid days and times are Wednesday and Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 Server Time, invites 15min before start time. We are currently: 7/8 in Uldir Normal 3/8 in Uldir Heroic We are currently recruiting the following: Ranged DPS. 1 Healer. Add us and lets have a chat :) Bendiix#2857 Traniz#2979 Pallerize#2458Digitalacid33 12h
13h [H] <Voljins Army> Recruiting Raiders Hello! Voljins Army is a newly formed raiding guild created by friends. The guild holds experienced raiders who are aiming for Cutting Edge in BFA, along with Mythic+ content. What we expect from you: Be a nice and understanding person who should take praise alongside criticism. No drama or ego problems whatsoever. Mistakes will be made , no cursing or shouting at people. Be open minded, if there's something that could use improvement in your opinion, feel free to talk to staff. Make sure to aim for the best but have fun during it. 18+ What you can expect from us: A place to learn! : We understand if you're new to the game or you're returning from a long break, you might need help with certain things and we hope to provide that, But only if you are willing to learn Variety of content and player. You will find people of different backgrounds and personalities. We don't just raid but also do Mythic+ content and Achievement/Transmog Runs. A fun and semi-relaxed environment. (once pull timers starts, we focus) No Flaming, Blaming or Yelling. A good place to call home. Discord Schedule: Raiding Days: Wendesday - Friday Raid Times: 1900-2200 (Server Time) Recruitment: Anyone who wants to join is more than welcome, but some roles are more needed than others. DPS Healers -- If there's any questions you have feel free to contact me Psychokill9#2414 - BigBeefyMac | PrjHorz (in game) ProjectJesus#3169 (Discord) Hope to see you in Azeroth :)Prjhorz8 13h
15h Late night weekend mythic raiding guild recruiting Last Night is a late night weekend raiding guild formed by retired and current (on alts) high end raiders (top 20-300 Argus mythic & more) with previous leading experience. We strive to clear mythic content before it's outdated on a light real live friendly schedule: Friday & Saturday: 22:00h - 01:00h server time. To be clear our goal is to get mythic cleared before the next raid releases, we are not interested in pushing our world rank. Last Night is all about efficiency. Both the council and the members are to partake in this. The council will provide structure and efficient systems that speed up the organisation process of raids, it's up to raiders to participate properly. An example is a farm spreadsheet where everyone fills out what bosses they need so we can preamptively sort out groups and assignments. It goes without saying we expect people to be prepared for bosses and have optimized characters. Late Night is a community where you can enjoy your time playing World of Warcraft at a solid level regardless of your busy work or school schedule. This place was created by and meant for players in that environment, ofcourse other kind of players are also welcome, that includes alts from people who would like to raid in a second guild. For more information add Paranor#21379 on Battle.net. To apply click on the link below. https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/draenor/Last+NightParanor32 15h
16h Vin La Cvicek <VLC> eu - draenor 1/8M Need Dps VLC is searching for players to boost our roster in BFA. We aim to clear Mythic when the content is current. Feel free to check us out. At this current moment in time we're looking for a few specific classes (see list below) however, we always consider exceptional applications: Shadowpriest, elemental shaman, boomcin, mage, Warrior and hunter Dps and a for our mythic roster Be aware that we are recruiting for mythic progression so your gear and raiding experience has to be adequate for it unless you are very exceptional player. Just to be clear, we are not interested in bringing tunnel DPS into our roster. The core of our DPS is quite strong, and what we are looking for are players that: - Listen to instructions and follow fights mechanics. - Are receptive to constructive criticism - Communicate with others of the same class, and show a willingness to constantly improve themselves and stay up-to-date with class knowledge We expect and demand the very best from all of our players. Before you Contact us, make sure you have great understanding of the class you will be playing, that you are up to date with the current theorycrafting and can fully answer any questions we have regarding the choices you have made with your character. Make sure you have the dedication and motivation to keep pushing it. Players should also be mature enough to take criticism when it is deserved. Raid spots are earned, not given. If you think you have what it takes, in return you can expect to become part of a guild which loves raiding, a strong community of like-minded individuals all working toward the same goal. What we can offer you: 1. A raiding environment that is focused and determined to ensure that all content is cleared within a good time frame. 2. Our raids are also a social thing, we're all really good friends and all have a really good time during all of our raids. 3. A reliable raid position. We make sure that we don't over-recruit, while this means that everyone must show almost impeccable attendance it ensures that every player that is performing to an expected standard and is deserving retains their raid spot. VLC has been around since 2005 and we pride ourselves on being one of the oldest guilds. We used to be Slovenian only, but are now international and our roster includes players from all nationalities Loot System: When an item is not need from a player this system goes to action: To distribute loot we currently use Loot Council. Loot is a necessary tool that controls how well your raid can progress, as so we treat it like such. We hand out loot based on a couple of factors. How big of an upgrade it is, what the persons attendance is like, and whether the item is BiS or not. We then weigh all of these factors and hand out loot to who ever we feel will receive the greatest benefit. Raiding schedule: Monday: 19:00 – 22:30 Wednesday: 19:00 – 22:30 Thursday: 19:00 – 22:30 Addons needed: RCLootCouncil WeakAuras 2 BigWigs Bossmods / DBM Exorsus Raid Tools Contact one of us for your trial: Officer team: deftalus/tantalus/,Takanør,Frostmaster And BwerolTantalus58 16h
16h [H] Freedom Fighters - Sat/Mon HC Raiding & Mythic+ Freedom Fighters Faction: Horde Status: 6/8N 3/8HC Raid days: Saturday & Monday. Raid times: 19:45-23:00 Server Recruiting for Mythic+, Heroic Progression. Our aim is to progress while having fun in a laid-back atmosphere and we want members to have a positive and friendly attitude. Curve is the primary goal of every raid tier, followed by mythic+ keys. Mythic progression only if desire and numbers permit all while still maintaining a life outside the game. Raid nights are Saturday and Monday evenings with other nights open to guild members to create their own events. We are active on discord and friendly banter is always welcome. Current members are located in the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia and we have a few socials from other servers present in our discord and community which we use for raid numbers as needed or to find people for mythic+ runs. If you feel you might be a good fit for the guild and are looking to get in touch leave a reply or contact us in-game. Reload (Load#2999) Ashcor (Ashkor#1298)Reload10 16h
16h [H] <Aeternum Noctis> is recruiting! Aeternum Noctis is a Horde guild recently revived due to our former guild having some issues. Since the start of BfA we we have gotten very close and decided to start anew with all the best players. We are a semi/hardcore guild who's goal is to clear Mythic. So we're looking for active players with a Mythic background. We are also accepting socials for other PvE content (Keystones) and PvP. Joining as a social will not exclude you from raiding completely, if you show us commitment and dedication we will certainly give you a chance. While we are very competitive, we strongly agree that a guild should be a friendly and long-lasting home to everyone in it. That's why we will treat you like a person and if you need help with anything, we will gladly help. Communication Besides the in-game functions we have a Discord server. Schedule Mon, Wed, Sun 19.45 - 23.00 (server time) Progress N 7/8 H 6/8 M 1/8 What you can expect from us: A very friendly community Experienced players to give you any help or feedback you need. Provide you with raiding supplies What we expect from you: A friendly attitude (We have banter, but don't be toxic) Contribute to the guild (Supplies) Recent Mythic background A good mindset, a will to improve and be the best you can Recruitment If you want to apply or have any questions, feel free to contact us or leave a comment below. starpaladin#2511 HarryHipster#2730Fierywinaxe1 16h
17h [H] Gordian Knot - Draenor Recruiting! Guild Information: Guild name: Gordian Knot Faction: Horde Realm: Draenor (EU) Realm Type: Normal - PVE Current progress: Antorus 9/11M Raid days: Wednesday, Sunday, Monday Raid times: 20.00-23.00 CET Website: https://gordian-knot.eu/ (Full application details on website) Recruiting for BFA Raiding: High Demand: None at the moment Medium Demand: Druid: Balance Hunter: All specs Mage: Fire & Frost Priest: Shadow & Discipline Shaman: Elemental Warlock: Affliction & Destruction Also, in order to be able to join our main team straight away, you need to meet the requirements for our current progress, which are around 335+ item level equiped and around 17+ levels on your necklace. Any social and friendly person who wants to join us for kicks and giggles is welcome. Just poke any of our officers online and you will get an invite for a social spot (no raiding spot). About us: Gordian Knot is a 20-man semi-hardcore raiding guild that consists of experienced raiders with some of them having raiding experience as far back as Vanilla. We are a friendly group who enjoys World of Warcraft and loves raiding. We have fun and joke around but when bosses need to go down then all is serious! We wish for all our members to enjoy the game as much as we do and we expect raiders to maintain a 80% attendance per month. We also enjoy a variety of other activities such as running a lot of Mythic+ dungeons doing alt-runs, achievement runs etc. There are a few things we hold in high value but above else we value friendliness and politeness towards guildies and other players and skillfulness when it comes to the more serious parts of the game. Currently: We raid 3 nights a week, Wednesdays, Sundays and Mondays, from 20:00 till 23:00 server time. Although we are a 20-man guild, we usually run an extra group in order to get more people to experience the joys of raiding, help new raiders learn the Knot's way to down bosses and gearing up. Usually, these runs happen on Thursdays. Also, every Friday and sometimes Saturdays too, we're on RBGs killing alliance scums! Saturdays are generally left for those RBGs or older content runs for fun and drinking! Our current guild progress is 9/11 in Antorus mythic, and we're focusing on getting further Mythic progress. Our aim is to always progress as much as possible but also to have a relaxed and fun atmosphere at the same time! If you're interested in joining Gordian Knot, please fill in our application form, located at https://gordian-knot.eu/apply/ , alternatively please whisper one of our officers: On Bnet: Leleko - Leleko#2235 Narweena - Sephyra#2517 Messenii - Georgina#2806 Zerolimitz - Zerolimitz#2590 Deatrix - Jasmina#2457 On Discord: Leleko#7934 Narweena#7029 Georgina#7575 Zerolimitz - Zerolimitz#0023 Deatrix - Deatrix#1576 PS. We're always open to group applications. We are also open and welcome social applications.Athlioss174 17h
17h Holy paladin 8/8 hc looking for a m+, raiding guild!! Hello, I am an experienced holy paladin(healing since wrath) who is looking for a mythic raiding guild!! I am 8/8hc !! I always study mechanics and I love m+!!! I am an active member of the holy paladin discord and i always try to improve my performance !! I accept criticism !!! If you are interested , you can contact me on battlenet!!! andrew#24396 Thank you for your time!Hardtoshot25 17h
17h [H] <The Warborn> - New Weekend Raiding Guild <The Warborn> SATURDAY/SUNDAY 8PM - 11PM SERVER TIME About Us The Warborn is a newly formed raiding guild, by a few mythic raiders who couldn't find a guild that fit their schedule. We're a bunch of friends who want to create a community that achieves good progression as well as having fun, and not being overly serious. We will be aiming to clear heroic raids, and push mythic difficulty if we manage to get the numbers. As well as raiding, we will be actively doing weekly mythic+ also! We also accept social players, so if you're looking for a friendly new home, feel free to poke one of us in-game! What We Expect We expect our raiders to maintain a high attendance. Of course, real life comes first, and always throws unexpected curve-balls now and then, so we don't expect every raider to attend 100% of the time. We will be using Discord during our raids, so the ability to communicate over voice comms in English is required. Since progression is our goal, we expect that our raiders be raid ready before the raid starts (food, flasks, pots, gems, enchants). Also having the required addons installed and up-to-date (DBM/BigWigs, Angry Assignments, RCLootCouncil). Being active and social is also something that we ask, as we want a good environment for everyone. We ask that our raiders be 18+, but we can make exceptions in certain situations._____________________________________________________________________________ APPLICATIONS HEALERS: We're currently taking all healer applications other than Priests. DPS: RANGED IS PRIORITY This link will take you to our application form. https://goo.gl/forms/5vCQPJWmH2lNEY2j2 Any questions or queries? Feel free to add one of us on bnet and we will get back to you asap! Ardaion#2241 Kerghan#21641 Noirova#2612Aetherlight22 17h
20h [H] <Retaliate> Ohai there, And welcome to our (probably lame compared to others) recruitment post! Before diving into the details of who we are and who we want to be, let me thank you for your interest in us, it's truly appreciated! So, without any further ado, let me present to you, Retaliate! PS: As I was writing this, I didn't expect a wall of text, so if you don't feel like reading through pages of silly stuff, look for the bold text! :) A couple of words about the guild.... We are a brand new, close-knit guild, created by a couple of buddies recently transferred to Draenor. We've known each other for a while now and managed to build a nice and friendly (although occasionally NSFW in terms of language) environment. Coming to Draenor and creating Retaliate, we're hoping to find like-minded people, who, just like us, want to push their limits and move forward, both, in terms of progression and personal skill. We're looking to find a nice balance between steady, consistent progression and coming to terms with it once we've hit a wall, while at the same time poking ways around it together as a team. Retaliate consists of veterans and newbies alike; we don't discriminate in terms of experience and skill, but we do expect that everyone will be striving to achieve more and always help move forward. If you are behind the pack, we'll do our best to help you get to the same level; If you are ahead of the pack, we'll do our best for everyone to catch up. We want to define the game and make it fun, not let the game define us and lead to eventual disappointment. Whoa, I'm good at spewing nonsense! If you're still reading this (I honestly wonder how you manage), then let's jump into how we do what we do and who do we look for! Raiding As I've mentioned before, we'll be pushing for as far as we can get, therefore all of us live with the idea of having a solid roster ready to venture through Mythic. We're planning to keep an optimal rotation of the team where everyone will be included in the roster and will participate in our progression, needless to say, it will mean the world to us when people keep high attendance and availability during raid times. We have two different kinds of raid days - main raid and off raid. Our main raid days are, obviously, focused on progressing, while our off raid is mainly aimed at gearing our alts, boosting guild buddies or collecting mogs/achievements, in some occasions. And before I contribute even more to this wall of text, the days are as follows: - Tuesday, 20:00-23:00 Server Time - Off-raid day; - Friday, 20:00-23:00 Server Time - Sunday, 20:00-23:00 Server Time Recruitment As of right now, we have a solid core of people for our raiding roster, in order to fill in the holes, we're looking for the following classes and roles: Fury/Arms Warrior Frost/Unholy Death Knight Affliction Warlock Shadow Priest Balance Druid BM Hunter Holy Paladin Needless to say, even if your favourite class and spec isn't listed here, don't hesitate to get in touch, the more, the merrier! Of course, raiding isn't everything. In case you're looking for a place to call home and a place where you can find people for various content, our doors are always open. :) We expect our members to be mature, reasonable human beings (that's right, no bots allowed!), who are able to not only pull their weight, but also help out when needed. We also want to stress on the fact of how important it is that you are not only able to receive feedback and criticism, if the need arises, but also provide the same back! Communication is a two way street and if we want to go far, we have to be open with each other. As everyone knows, not everything revolves around killing bosses, getting loot and measuring your e-peen. If you'd like to just have a place to call home, kick back and relax after the long work or school day, we'd be more than happy to welcome you. :) Contacts and further questions If you'd like to get in touch or have any questions about us, please feel free to post a reply to this message, or contact us in game, either by messaging myself (usually on my main - Winterchillz (Discord: Winter#7428)) or one of our officers: Aurelliea Tubbyz Mskx In case none of those slackers are online, feel free to just type out "/who retaliate" in chat and contact any of the names that came up. They should be able to direct you to an officer. :) Finally, the end! Well, that was a lot of reading, wasn't it! If you've really made it so far and haven't died of boredom yet, then I want to thank you and invite you to get in touch, anyone who manages to get through this is as champ and deserves a spot among our ranks!Aphelìon15 20h
20h [H] <Belan Shi> Recruitment Open again! Greetings! We're a laid back community of nice and respectful people with good humor, background noises of angry wives and hungry kids, cats jumping on the keyboard and most importantly with no drama. Guild's main focus is to have a nice and steady group/groups for running Mythic+ and trying our luck in current Normal & Heroic raids at steady pace and to have fun while doing it. We are, chilled, relaxed and Casual and that's exactly the type of people we are looking for to bolster our ranks. Let it be home to group of friends once more. WHAT'S NEXT Once we cleared Heroic Antorus we decided to chill out a bit and we are currently doing all sorts of fun achievements (EN, NH, ToS, Antorus), meaning we are not farming Heroic Antorus anymore but we still do M+ runs for everyone, whether it is a new leveled or boosted alt that needs a gear or pushing a +15 and beyond for those who like the challenge. Once BfA comes, we will get back to our old ways of chill & casual raiding aiming for Normal & Heroic content with regular M+ runs along the way. Currently 7/8 [N] Uldir. Whether you are a player looking for a steady raiding progression in a friendly environment (btw we have Raid Leader with the most calming voice ever) or a new/social player enjoying the social aspect of this game or a dedicated M+ player, we can offer all this. CONTACT Visit our Discord: https://discord.gg/tk6hTU3 or contact me directly: Lirath81#2752Hupo13 20h
22h [H][Draenor] Staring at the Sun needs ranged! Hey everyone, Staring at the Sun is guild that reformed with some of it's old members at the start of BfA. We're mostly looking for more dps, preferably ranged because the melees are already fighting for space on certain bosses. We're mostly aimed at normal and heroic and have always gotten curve whenever we raided. A lot of us are working class people so most activity in the guild and on discord is in the evenings. Our raid days are tuesdays and thursdays from 20:00 - 23:00 CE(S)T. We're not just interested in raiding of course, mythic+ will always be on the menu. We do a bit of everything like transmogging and we all play other games on the side when there's nothing to do on wow. Socials are also welcome! If you are interested and have any questions, comment below or add me on Battle.net: Cyrregar#2682Issaris0 22h
22h Néfarious Looking for a few more Néfarious recruitment is open and we're looking for a healer to complete our heroic progression --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Who are we? Néfarious is a raiding guild of friends with a relaxed atmosphere. On progress we try to focus it up a bit, but you will not be expected to put your life on hold to get a spot with us. We started out on Chamber of Aspects in the beginning of Legion but after the first raid tier we realized that the server was a bit too small for us to achieve Mythic, so we made our way over to Draenor. Raiding times: Our progress raids take place on Wednesday 8.15 - 11 Server Time (ST), as well as Thursday 8.15 - 11 ST and Sunday 8.15-11 the Sunday raid will turn into a alt raid once we have things on farm. Our legion progress: 4/7M EN 3/3HC TOV 3/10M NH 4/9M ToS 5/11M AtBt 4/8 Hc We are pushing through Normal/Heroic we would like to get back into Mythic if we can pull together a solid 20/25 person core. Atm we are around 15 regular players --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We offer memes, good times, and a bit of stability in raiding. The focus is more on enjoying yourself and the game and less so on hardcore progression. It's been rumored that some discord whippage may or may not occur but it is yet to be confirmed. If you're interested feel free to contact us there is normally someone online who will point you in the right direction. Or you can add our Gm /Rl on rawrosaurus#2527Dök10 22h
22h Bloodlust On Trash - Draenor - Recruiting Introduction: Bloodlust On Trash is a freshly formed guild on draenor made in late april 2018, by a group of friends, that has been raiding with each other for a while. We are looking for mature and experienced players, that is progress minded to build up our roster. The guild was created 28. april 2018 in late legion, and we began our mythic progression in mid-may. We had alot of roster problems during the antorus tier and didnt had our first full guild run in Legion. But now, it is looking better and we are slowly building up our roster, where we want 25 raiders for our main team, and keep a high attendance, while not having too many to sit outside every raid, but if there is more then 20 signups, we need to rotate. Our goals is to get cutting edges in the future, but right now we have our focus to build up a solid team that are able to reach those goals we have, with cutting edge in every tier, and we are also planning to raid throughout the whole expansion, and the other expansions to come. We are not a dead serious progression guild, where we aim for world top 50 and where you have to maintain multiple alts. And to us, it doesn't really matter if we get cutting edge the last day of the tier, or the first day of the tier. Recruitment: Warlock, mage, hunter, rogue, FROST DK and a DPS with heal OS (Preferably a boomkin druid) Also 1x WW monk But everything is considered, so even if your class is not on the recruitment list. Don't let this hold you back from applying, if you think you have what is needed. Progression overview: Antorus, the burning throne - 6/11M Uldir - 6/8 HC (So far) Raid schedule: Tuesday 20:00 - 22:30 ST Thursday 20:00 - 22:30 ST Sunday 20:00 - 22:30 ST What we expect of you: Preparation: Preparation materials will always be posted on our discord, where you are expected to know and what to do with X mechanic before first pull. So it is not during the raids, you have to find out, what to do. You can poach an officer and ask questions about mechanics you didn't understood in a video you have seen before the raid. Attendance: We require a monthly attendance of 85%, so when you apply to the guild, we are expecting that you can attend for all of the mandatory raids. We understand that real life can get in the way, and we will respect that, as long as you poach an officer on discord or in-game. Invites will always start 15 min before raid start, so everyone is expected to be online at that time. Able to handle constructive criticism: You must be able to handle constructive criticism when its directed at you and learn from it, and here nothing is meant personally. But we are actually telling you, what you have to do better, because you might not even know yourself, what you are doing wrong. This is only something we are telling, to help you. But sometimes you also have to know yourself, what you have to do better. Willingly to improve: We know a player that is 100% perfect doesn't exist, but all we ask is that our raiders are searching about their class/spec and searching for the most optimal talent build for the given boss, and they are willing to improve their class skills. Good attitude: Everyone should have a good attitude towards raiding, and even more so, with progression raids. We are not interested in players, that isn't in for every boss, or those who cant handle multiple wipes. Another things is, we dont tolerate griefing, and telling officers who should be on the raid team and who shouldn't. Trust your leaders. Addons: For sharing strats we use angry assignments, so its really important you have this addon. Other addons we are expecting you to have is DBM/Bigswigs (Whatever you prefer). And also weakauras, for boss encounters. Trials: We are keeping new members on trial for atleast 3-4 weeks. During your trial, we will be looking at your ability to take criticism, how you perform in our raids runs, both farm runs and progression runs, attitude, attendance, and see how much prepared you are for the raids. Apply to the guild: If you are interested joining our guild, please apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfrSz51zqoIWuS5-Y_KJ1tMhDXnoXk08Imt2ihtacyrij36Yw/viewform?c=0&w=1Izyro10 22h
22h LF a friendly Guild Hi there! So i consider myself a new player. I played wow a little bit in Burning Crusade, but never to the end game, so i'm kinda new to WoW. I always loved the game and now i want to go to end game, and grow in this game. 1. Times available & time zone: GMT / GMT +1 Summer time. 2. Faction preference: Horde or Alliance (I'm currently Horde, but i have a 110 level boost, so i can use that on Alliance). 3. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Casual or Semi-Hardcore 4. PvP/PvE/RP: Both PvE and PvP 5. Hours per day: Normally 4/5 hours per day, from 23h:00pm to 4h:00am GMT. 6. Contact info: bluewolfxD#2936. 7. Anything else: I'm from Portugal, 26 years old, currently working (Full-time Job), but in a month i'm going to college (changing to a Part-time Job) so i will have more time to play.Bluewolfx2 22h
23h [H] Wannabe Raiders - Recruiting Hello Draenor! Our guild is currently looking for new people to join our main Raid roster. We are in need of any (good) dps. About ourselves Currently we are a rather small guild with an even smaller raiding roster. Besides raiding we do enjoy every aspect of the game. We have some people who play arena on the regular and we also do a lot of Mythic+ runs. We are a rather social guild and most of our members know each other from real life, so you could say we are sorta familiar. It would be cool if we could keep this up. We use a discord where we are rather active and socialize with each other. You shouldnt be foreing to the internet phenomenom called memes, and also dont take everything all too serious. Yes, we all wanna progress but we still want to have fun. Current progress/Goals We are currently 8/8 on normal and 3/8 on Heroic Our goal is to definitely clear heroic and maybe even clear some mythic bosses. We aint no method though. Its a good mix between fun and progression. Requirements itemlevel 340 or higher Some experience would be desirable Dont be a douche Know the basic rules of the English language If you're interested you can hit me up on either discord (Rayjyn#3197) or battle.net(Rayjyn#2487) You can also contact our guild leader; Discord(Kortrell#7475), battle.net(Kortrell#21513) or another officer; Discord(AkitoPulse#3085), battle.net(AkitoPulse#2693)Sekari5 23h
1d H] [Draenor] <Flair> LFM Want to be part of something new? Maybe create a legacy of your own? Maybe Flair is for you. Flair – born 20th September 2018, And we need you! You don't need to be the best player in the world, just a little can do attitude. We aim to have a broad range of people here, from social players who just log in to do their dailies, to the hardcore, show up for everything lets play World of Warcraft 24/7 type of players. There's room for you in Flair. If you've found the raider in you, we will be looking to raid 3 days a week. If you've found the Mythic Plus player in you, we always look to do keys. If this sounds right to you, and would like to speak further, then contact me on Ford#21400 One final note, please be aware this is a new guild and it may take a little bit of time to get up and running.Ooflungdung0 1d
1d Perpetua [H][1/8M] - Recruiting DPS Perpetua is a Horde Guild on Draenor whose core group has raided together since the Legion launch. We are currently progressing in mythic, and are recruiting a few DPS to provide some flexibility in our roster. Recruitment Tanks: Full Healers: Resto Shaman Ranged DPS: Boomkin, (Afflock) Melee DPS: Warrior If your class is not listed here, please still get in touch - all competitive players are welcome, regardless of class. Raids & Raid Times We raid twice a week: Wednesday: 20:30-23:00 ST Sunday: 20:30-23:00 ST We have an optional Alt raid on Saturday: 20:30-23:00 ST Our Expectations We expect new raiders to have atleast heroic raiding experience, to be active and attend regularly, to get involved with mythic+ either with other guildies or on their own, and to turn up to raids on time with flasks and food. We use Discord and expect raiders to join for raids. We'd also prefer people who are active on Voice Comms, but it's not a requirement by any means so long as you jump in for raid nights. About us We're a laid back bunch of guys, mostly UK based. We chat a lot of !@#$, post a lot of memes, and have a pretty sick sense of humour, but then who doesn't? We run a lot of mythic+ outside of raid times, do old content/transmog runs regularly, and sometimes even crack open a cold one while doing so. We also play other games like Overwatch, GTAV, FIFA, LoL, and Destiny 2. Congratulations on making it this far! If you're interested in applying head to our website to apply: www.perpetuaguild.co.uk (If you fill out an application, it makes it really easy for us to see what you're about instead of pinging armoury pages and logs across discord so, go on, make our life easy.) Or contact one of our officers for a chat: Sanguine#2533 PastorJ#2679 Darathon#2931 RyanNT1#2777 RikTarded#2872 Feel free to drop in and join us for some mythic+ or something, come hang out!Durabull1 1d
1d The Garrison Recruiting For Night Raiding Uldir Norm/HC The Garisson a Horde guild on Draenor EU . We are a late night raiding team and we look for some like minded raiders to start our progression raids, we aim for Mythic raiding 2-3 days per week. Requirements : * You need to be able to play at night - Wednesday 00:00-03:00 - Thursday 00:00-03:00 - Monday 00:00-03:00 * At least able to raid 2/3 ( prefered 3/3 ) * Hang out with us on Discord which we use to communicate Feel fit for our team ? Then signup right now. See you soon. http://www.guilded.gg/r/AdMld9DgMEGonnarer1 1d
1d [H][Draenor EU] <House of Trinity> Casual Guild House of Trinity European, Casual, Mature Focus on PvE & PvP Horde .................... We don’t have a large number of rules or guidelines: Our members are 21 years of age, or older We try to be excellent to each other Real life is more important than in-game Nobody’s expected to do anything but have a good time We describe ourselves as “a Mature Gamers Guild“ as one of our main rules is our age limit for new members. However, our most important rule is that Real Life comes first, as we are here to enjoy our time in game and we understand that there are other more pressing things such as families and/or work. We consider ourselves a casual guild and above all would like to keep a friendly, family like atmosphere within the guild. However, casual does not mean disorganized, as when it comes to guild group activities we always strive to be highly organized and disciplined, but will still try to enjoy our gaming and not have it become a second job. We prefer and highly encourage guild group play, but we understand that our members cannot take part in every group event. We expect from our Members to show respect to others, as well as, to act as mature persons. By mature we mean relaxed and laid back, yet serious and willing to help others when required. We encourage and expect from our members to use both guild voice comms and guild forum as much as possible. We strive to be drama free, but from our experience we know that unfortunately sometimes drama is unavoidable. However, when it does occur we will get the facts straight and swiftly resolve all issues, leaving no loose ends. So if you are looking for a small, relaxed community of veteran players, no need to look any further, just apply via link below: https://www.guilded.gg/HoTBáine9 1d
1d Antisocial Elitists 2/8 Mythic 2 day Guild Recruiting Antisocial Elitists is a new guild formed by returning players at the tail-end of Legion, with the aim to clear any and all current content in a shorter schedule starting in BFA. With a strong core of experienced Mythic raiders achieving Cutting Edge throughout Legion, we are looking for quality players to compliment and fill out our roster. We share a mindset of always wanting to improve as players and as a guild; we will always strive to progress as quickly as possible and with as few wipes as possible. If you feel as if you share this mindset, feel free to contact an officer to talk about applying. We are currently looking for the following spots, but any exceptional applicants will always be considered. Holy Paladin Resto Shaman (with a relevant DPS offspec either enhance or ele) Boomkin Frost/Unholy DK Affliction Warlock If you are a player who has Mythic experience or has the drive to always improve but doesn't have the time to commit towards a 3-day guild then this may be the guild for you. Raid Days & Times: Wednesday : 21:00 to 00:00. Thursday : 21:00 to 00:00. Alt / Social Raid 21:00 to 00:00 alternating between Sunday and Monday (with no obligation to attend) Please note that all times are Server Time Outside of raids, the guild consists of very active players of all ages and nationalities, predominantly UK based, who are almost always doing content within the game such as Mythic +, Battlegrounds, Arenas and Alt/Social raid runs. Outside of the game, Discord is a big part of the guild with people being social or playing other games such as PUBG, Fortnite, League of Legends etc. Social players are welcome within the guild. We advise anyone wanting to apply is 18+ due to potential mature language often used within the guild If interested, please add one of the officers on Battlenet or Discord below: Kez: Bnet: Kezibo23#2299 - Discord: Kezi#7519 George: Bnet: - Filthy#6228 Adam: Bnet: - Adz#1110Kezae1 1d
1d [H] The Silent Majority, 2/8 HC - are recruiting. «The Silent Majority» (TSM) - 2/8 HC and 8/8 N - are recruiting. We focus on efficient and fun raids, in a mature setting - therefore we are also strictly 18+. Banter is usually plentiful, but when it is go-time, we focus on the task at hand. Continuous progress is a goal, but only at a pace we are capable of as a team. Our current raider group is around 13-15 people, and we see multiple benefits in adding to that number - both for community and raiding. Current recruitment: Tanks: 1 (not DH) Melee: 1-2 (pref. warrior, paladin or monk) Ranged: 4-5 (any class) Healers: 1-2 (any, but pref. paladin, monk or priest) Our raid days are Thursday and Tuesday, 20:30 – 23:00 (server time). As we only have 2 raid days, and 2,5 hr raids, we value efficiency and consistent execution – they are important tools for us to all have fun and progress, during the limited raid time we have available. If this sounds like something you would enjoy just as much as we are, then check out our contact info at the bottom of the post. We look forward to hearing from you. PS: We are also open to Social members that want to run M+, expeditions, warfronts and other content. If you are interested in joining us, then please post us a message on our Discord (link below) or message an officer in-game. ---------------------------- Who are we: TSM is a new guild on Draenor – we moved over from alliance, primarily on ED/Terenas, in preparation for BfA. The majority of our roster raided together through most of Legion, clearing all HC, and some Mythic content. This is however our first tier as a dedicated raiding guild with our current team – and we’re excited for the journey that lies ahead. Please note that we are a strictly 18+ guild, and we will not compromise on that rule. We also put heavy emphasis on maintaining a drama-free environment within the guild, and we expect all our members to actively support that goal. Being low-maintenance is a virtue. Our members span from 18-50+ years of age, and are primarily from the UK. Guild language is English, and we expect all our members to be able to communicate in text and voice chat. ---------------------------- Who are you: Obviously 18+ (if you read the above, as you should have), and acting like you are. An experienced raider – understanding what is required to be prepared in terms of raid tactics, class knowledge, gear and character progression. Eager to join and mesh with our current member group, and willing to share any knowledge and strengths you have. Able to fend for yourself during banter bashing, and have fun – but knowing when to focus and kill stuff. We expect a fairly high attendance rate, and that you are able to plan and sign for raids ahead of time. If real-life throws you a curve ball, and you can’t make it, we expect you to make an effort to let us know. Being on-time and ready for raid start is a given. ---------------------------- How to contact us: Head over to our Discord https://discord.gg/YUXHnUr and post in our recruitment channel - and we'll reply as soon as we can, or add me on bNet (Ulterion#2538) or message any officer in-game.Ultymate3 1d
1d Hpala and DK(7/8HC) lf Mythic/M+ Raiding Guild Hey guys, we are currently stuck with pug 7/8HC and looking for a M/M+ raiding guild right now =) Armorylink Hpala: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/blackhand/Ezpzpalasqz Armorylink DK: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/blackhand/Say I can raid almost everyday from 19/7pm till 23:30/11:30pm (CEST) For further informations just add me: Strawbear#21553Ezpzpalasqz3 1d
1d Always Sunny In Azeroth is looking for members! Always Sunny in Azeroth is a semi casual raiding guild who are looking for a few players to fill out the remainder of our roster for BFA. We are friendly bunch of guys who like to have a laugh and a bit of banter while we raid. we were a more hardcore guild in Legion pushing onto Mythic content but out goal for BFA is just to comfortably clear HC as stress free as possible. We are currently looking for: - A few DPS (priority on a Druid or Warlock) Our raid days will be Wednesday and Friday from 20:30 to 23:00 EU Realm Time. We are currently 5/8 NM and 2/8 HC. If you're interested in joining us drop me a reply below!Tharrisa0 1d
1d [H] Forsaken Empire looking for all kinds of people Our guild, The Forsaken Empire, is currently undergoing raid team recruitment for the roles listed below; pushing forward into heroic Uldir, we hope to construct a strong and reliable roster for BFA, and we want you to join our sociable guild, to help us with this challenge. Desired Roles: Demon Hunter (Havoc) Hunter (Beast Mastery) Druid (Spec Optional) Shaman (DPS Specs) Death Knight (Frost/Unholy) Tank (Warrior/Paladin/Druid) Reassurance: Many of our current members tackled 11/11 mythic content in Antorus and TOS. The guild consists of a plethera of players who have been active since 2010 onward, and are well seasoned with progressive raiding. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. FOR THE HORDE! Contact: To get in contact, whisper our officers, or join our discord: (Officer) Saxon#21246 (Officer) mosegos#2129 (Guild Lead) Asbonia#21709 (Discord) https://discord.gg/r3BDc5WSmunkie2 1d
1d H<<Seekers Of Juice>> (N)7/8N 3/8 HC Recruiting Greeting fellow seekers of juice! Looking for a new guild? Well i have good news for you <Seekers of juice> are looking for you! We are going to be primarily a HC raiding guild and(hopefully)moving into mythic raiding eventually as a long term goal. Please be mature and 18+. We will be using English as our main language of communication. Aswel as discord being the primary use of communication. Socials are very welcome!! Currently recruiting: Tanks : N/A, Exceptions can be made Healers : N/A, Exceptions can be made Dps : Ranged high, no mages. Locks high prio, melee welcome Raiding times are Thursday ,Sunday, Tuesday 9 pm st till 12 pm st schedule. Please feel free to hop into our discord to have a quick chat with us to see if we are the guild for you. link is as follows https://discord.gg/nYgrndw or leave a message here and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Seek that juice!Shádds26 1d
1d 352 ilvl MW monk LF guild Ello.. Im listeposen. and im 25 years old monk with 352 ilvl im looking for a 2 days raiding guild 7-22 server time. current exp in bfa, is 7/8 on normal, 2/8 hc. Im current on Draenor eu. just moved from Ravencrest A. i have played wow in like 10 years. Thanks for reading this. (im not that good to write english) bt; sødfyr#2668. PS.Jeg er dansk..Listeposen4 1d
1d [H]<Futile>(1/8M,7/8HC) Recruiting! Hallo all, Futile is recruiting new players for their core team. We are searching for dedicated players. Recruiting: Melee Dps (everything) Range Dps (everything except boomkins) - High prior on Locks! Healers - High Prior on Priest! Tanks (closed) Requirements: You are an exceptional player with patience and a good attitude. We want team-players, not solo-players. We expect our raiders to use Discord and the add-ons that our raidleader deems necessary and/or useful. We expect players to have a close to 95% attendance. Listen to the raid leader. We don't need lone wolfs in this guild or ppl that cba to follow tactics! What do we offer? - Steady progression in a 2 day progress guild. (We clear normals on off days) - Dedicated Leadership - A lot of norwegian players (still international guild) Current raid times: We raid two times a week. (Wednesday and Sunday) From 20:00-23:00. We expect players to be on at 19:45 for clearing and inv. We do often clear normals on Thursday but it isnt necessary to join this raid For more information please add me on Battle.net: Pewpewpwnage#2712 or add on me on discord: General#5662 Ty for reading this and hope to hear from you all soon.Moópy1 1d
1d [H] - Sentinet Art - 5/8 HC Recruiting RDPS Recruiting for HC progression Server : Draenor Recruiting socials for BFA. We would like to become more than just a guild but a community. We would like this to be a place where you can do M+, social PvP , Achievement runs & much more! What do we expect from you? - Be mature - No discriminating - Decent raid experience - To be able to attend all raids unless given notice, if unavailable to raid - No drama, no one wants it or likes it , people causing drama will be instant kicked by the GM Raid recruitment - LF 2 ranged dps classes needed: - No Healers currently needed - No Tanks currently needed - 2 RDPS - Hunter , Mage or Lock Raid Days - Wednesday/Friday/Sunday (Sunday would be a clean up day or alt runs) Raid Times - 7.30pm-10.30pm (GMT+1)/ 8:30pm-11:30pm (CET) Goals - Become a semi hardcore HC raiding guild to clear Heroic as quickly as possible and progress through to Mythic. We will be using Discord for our voice coms ( with a TS as backup). PTT is mandatory. (PTT = Push to talk) ​ If you are interested in joining our ranks or you want more information, feel free to contact us in-game or connect to our discord. https://discord.gg/PrYC96W Guild Master - Shappywoo Officers - Aphrikelle, Grunksy Above names are the same in-game and on DiscordAphrikelle44 1d
1d - Trygdekontoret - Norwegian/English guild LF members Hi. We are a small team of 8 Norwegians looking for more members to engage heroic raid content for starters and to later see if Mythic content is something for us. We are pretty laidback, but not quite casual either and not hardcore in any sense or form. All of us are over 30 years of age and have a long history in WoW dating all the way back to Vanilla. Our team have all ready cleared several M+ 10 keys and cleared Uldir on Normal and with 5 bosses down in heroic. As we wanted to start something on our own we are currently looking for: - healers - tank - 8 different types of dps ( both ranged and melee ) We don´t have any guild page other than a FB group ( Trygdekontoret - Draenor ) nor do we intend to make one, so all questions and requests will be handled in game. Raid days are Thursday and Sunday from 19:30 to 22:30 due to most of us have family and some even kids. If you find this interesting, look us up in game and just talk to anyone within the guild. We will be happy to give you any information about joining us. Best Regards BowlowBowlow1 1d
1d [H] Latinus Namus (1/8M & 5/8HC) - 2 days - LF DPS Latinus Namus are recruiting! Are you sick of guilds with pretentious Latin names who sound like they're a bunch of old men in robes from the Da Vinci Code? Do you think Carpe Diem means something about fish? If you answered "yes" to either of these questions then Latinus Namus could be the guild for you! About Us Latinus Namus is a Horde raiding guild on Draenor-EU. Formed by players with previous hardcore experience, our aim is to create an enjoyable but focused atmosphere where we can maintain long term Mythic progression whilst having fun on a 2 day a week schedule. Raiding Schedule Sunday 20.30 - 23:30 ST Tuesday 20.45 - 23:30 ST Current Progress Uldir - 1/8M and 5/8 HC Recruitment Status We are currently recruiting the below roles: Tanks: CLOSED Healers: CLOSED Melee DPS: OPEN (Rogue / DK) Ranged DPS: OPEN (Boomkin / SPriest but will consider all classes) Even if your class is not listed we will consider all exceptional applications. We would expect you to know your class and have your character optimised for current content, as well as an understanding of raid mechanics in order to go as far as we possibly can in the allotted time. For more information or to apply, please visit: https://www.guilded.gg/Latinus-Namus Alternatively you can chat to an officer: Rouxa, Qqmyhootz or Awesomedin or add BNET Roux#21919.Rouxy10 1d
1d <Sedition> Draenor Raiding Guild Recruiting For BFA. <Sedition> We are long-standing, friendly, Social, Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild with a various amount of achievements on the account from the previous expansions. A decent amount of members are raiding with each other in this guild since the beginning of Legion and are always helpful and social to new people who want to be a part of our Team. Our primary aim for now is to recruit for our missing raid spots so we could start with the Mythic progression. We are looking for dedicated people to do Mythic progression with. We are aiming towards 8/8 Mythic but we need ofcourse our full dedication for that. Our progression till now: We have cleared full 8/8 NM & 5/8 HC Uldir. Previous progression in legion was 4/10 Mythic Nighthold, 4/9 mythic Tomb and 2/11 mythic Antorus with all of them cleared full HC. Raid Schedule: Wednesday 20.00 -22.30 (will be more like a NM or HC run later for getting other classes to gear up) Progression day: Thursday 20.00 - 22.30 Sunday 20.00 - 22.30 Tuesday 20:00 - 22:30 Recruitment for the Raiding team: DPS needed (DH / Warlock Prefered). 1 Healer (Monk or Shaman Prefered). Social players: We also welcome any social players that want to have fun and get a chance to join the casual events that are being organized or maybe organize themselves. Joining as a social will not exclude you from raiding completely, anyone who shows commitment and potential will be allowed to join the main raiding team, however we might require you to be geared to a certain level as to not slow the progress. Warcraftlogs: Our logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/277686/ For more information or an invite to the guild please contact one of our contacts that you see below: Ghøstknight - Ghost#210211 Mimikiyu - Delegates#2234 Melff - Dopster#2694 Whitesheepz - Zeephox#1470 Busujima - Busujima#2102 Taz - Taz#22479 Zeri - Zarge#2957Mimikiyu12 1d
1d HORDE recruiting for casual raids, m+ and more... Hi there! <Horde> is recruiting for our new raid team. We have just started raiding after a long break from legion. We are looking for any races/classes/genders to fill our rosters. Raids are on wednesday and thursday 20:00-23:00. You can join in whenever you feel like to. We want to make everyone feel at home in our guild. Do you want to start raiding? It's simple, join us. We accept all players and encourage new raiders that need and want to learn. We are also eager to do m+ together. Not interested in raiding or m+? You can also join us as a social. We hang out daily in Discord and help each other out when we can. Contact me here, or in-game and we'll get you invited! Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!Gannaf0 1d
2d ClapClinic - Family run guild from England! ClapClinic Derbyshire, England based family and friends guild. Only a small team at the moment, consisting on a father and his two young sons, backed up by three of his drinking mates. The adults in the group have played Warcraft since the very beginning, experiencing everything the game has to offer. This guild is our attempt at firstly introducing the next generation of our families into the game and then secondly giving them a safe, friendly environment to play. That's not to say we are all angels, the banter on discord is 'real'. As you can see with the guild name, the children in the group aren't shielded from adult humor - but they are expected to chill on occassion, us oldies come of here to relax too. Ideally we'd like to see if any other like minded people would be interested in joining to flesh out the numbers. We've dabbled with raids knocking over a couple of bosses but are already experiencing the toxic nature of random pick ups. As a group we are up for anything Battlegrounds, leveling, Mythics, Uldir and now Warfronts, we play to win but not at any cost. Friendship is the core value. The only thing holding us back from completing more of the content is the guild membership numbers. It doesn't matter about classes, skill or experience, we are inviting people into a close knit group, so its more important to us that you can try to help and fit in. In return, you'll find us folks from Derbyshire to be very funny, friendly and loyal. Message me twobob#2341 or Norv#2601 All the best, SimonAllreet5 2d
2d Want to be part of something new? Want to be part of something new? Maybe create a legacy of your own? Maybe Flair is for you. Flair – born 20th September 2018, And we need you! You don't need to be the best player in the world, just a little can do attitude. We aim to have a broad range of people here, from social players who just log in to do their dailies, to the hardcore, show up for everything lets play World of Warcraft 24/7 type of players. There's room for you in Flair. If you've found the raider in you, we will be looking to raid 3 days a week. If you've found the Mythic Plus player in you, we always look to do keys. If this sounds right to you, and would like to speak further, then contact me on Ford#21400 One final note, please be aware this is a new guild and it may take a little bit of time to get up and running.Ooflungdung0 2d
2d [H] <Flux> - is now recruiting! Who the Flux? Flux is situated on Draenor. We are an 18+ guild, which does not mean you need to be 18+ but you need to be able to handle mature content appropriately. Flux offers a determined professional raid environment. We have a never-give-up mentality, without losing its social and lighthearted approach on troubles and having a good time. We raid for progression and prestige of the kill, not brainless gearing. Raiding times 19:45 to 23:00, with invite times starting at 19:30. Our raiding nights are Thursday and Monday. We want you to attend both raids. What the Flux? Flux is looking for bold men and cheeky ladies that know how to rock 'n' roll. We are looking for involved socialites that know how to play and are not afraid to get their digital hands dirty. We currently have high demand for the following classes: Warrior (DPS) Paladin (DPS) Monk (DPS) All applicants will be discussed and replied to asap, please be patient. If you are an outgoing competent man, boy, lady, girl or androgyne and feel that you can display some serious style and oomph, please visit http://flux-wow.eu/ to apply and see how deep the rabbit hole really goes.Myris4 2d
2d [2D/W] <Va Va Voom> 5/8HC Recruiting MWMonk/Hpala <Designed to Wipe> A semi-hardcore horde based guild on Draenor. Our aim is to sufficiently clear mythic content in a relaxed 2 day schedule, looking to progress and achieve around a top 50 server status. We are looking for players who can pull their own weight, knuckle down during raids yet add to our friendly and social atmosphere. Outside of raid nights, and simultaneous to playing other games together, we regularly run keystones and are looking for more people interested in pushing higher keys. Schedule: Monday/Thu 21:00 - 00:00 ST Recruitment: DPS: 1-2 spots for only exceptional applicants. Healer: Monk Paladin Requirements: Due to our more relaxed approach we do not micro-manage players and thus we require players to be punctual, well informed and understanding of their class. Secondly we require our players to have a working microphone and to not be too shy to use it. This is for the benefit of communication during a pull and the fact that ultimately we are a guild that places value on the social element and banter if often thrown around, thus we prefer players who will join in. We will expect logs with a request to join, barring special circumstances. Contact Kryso#2275Kryso2 2d