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1h Exhausted [H] 3/11M Weekend Daytime Raiding LF tank/dps Greetings! Want to raid ? No time during Week ? Still want to have a Social life during Weekend evening ? Exhausted is a weekend raiding guild on Draenor(EU horde). Formed by a small group of players, who have previously raided together during "Warlords of Draenor" with a friendly mix of people from all over the world. Our raid times are geared towards mature people with real life commitments during the week. Our core team all get along very well and we bring a vibrant, competitive and “bants” filled atmosphere. Raid Schedule (EU Server Time): -Saturday: 14:00 - 18:00 -Sunday: 14:00 - 18:00 With Friday as our off day for alts or some fun. What do we offer? -Consistent raid schedule. -Log analysis and support for improvement. -Great guild atmosphere. -Active community. -Discord availability 24/7. -Guild activates (Mythic+ / older raid tier runs / world content). What do we expect? -Good attendance, 80% or higher. -Family attitude when it comes to the guild, be yourself. -Class knowledge. -Good performance. -Loyalty to the guild. Current Progression: Antorus the burning throne 3/11 M Tomb Of Sargeras 3/9M Nighthold 10/10 HC / 3/10 M Trial of valor 3/3 HC 1/3 M Emerald nightmare 7/7 M Currently Recruiting: Tank: Druid/Monk/DK Dps: All kinds but especially Boonkin/ Mage Any exceptional players will always be considered. Socials are welcome to join for high mythic+ and the social raid on Wednesday. If you are interested please apply at: https://exhausted.enjin.com/ If you are looking for more information please contact: Koppycatt(GM)-koppycat#2408 Scotophobia(Officer)-Scripture#2384 Jingerale(Officer)-Jinger#21651 Discord : https://discord.gg/PnVWQ6eJingerale3 1h
4h (H) <Operation Trash Panda> 4/11M 7/9M Although the majority of the guild members has played together for quite some time, Operation Trash Panda is a new guild - created in the hope of bringing something new to the table. Team effort is one of the key phrases to the guild. Simply put you're expected to pull your weight, both when it comes to creating a social atmosphere that other players wants to be in, but also when performance is required. However, a chain is only as good as its weakest link, and in order to be as good as we possibly can there is a heavy emphasis on positive criticism. Everybody makes mistakes, the main thing is to understand what went wrong - and to not repeat it. We realise that people have things they want to do outside raids, and as such we have a slightly different raid schedule compared to most other guilds, with only 7 ½ hours of planned raid time. Our focus is set to having quality raids with little explanations and tactical walk throughs. Instead, every member is required to have a great knowledge of the fights ahead, before getting there. The goal is to see the content whilst it is current, before major nerfs and new raid releases, and still having time to do other things that we enjoy. Our current roster has a mixed player base with experiences that reaches all the way back to pre-Vanilla, up to 7/9 Mythic Tomb of Sargeras before patch 7.3.2, and 11/11 HC from the first week of Antorus, the Burning Throne. This is however nothing that we are happy about. The 7/9 should have been 9/9, and we do not intend to repeat that mistake with Mythic Antorus. Important information: • Raid days are currently Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 20.00 - 22.30 ST • Attendance requirement is set to 80% • Loot system: Loot Council, we are using the addon RCLootCouncil to hand out loot. The council is a set group formed by one officer, one ranged DPS, one healer, one melee DPS, as well as one "wild card" player, chosen randomly for one week at a time. • Attendance: You are expected to have at least 80% attendance. We track this by using the addon "Guild Raid Attendance". • The addon "Exorsus Raid Tools" is mandatory • Discord is being used as our main source of communication • Raid invites are handled through the ingame calendar In order to reach our goal we are looking to strengthen our roster with the following classes (although we are always looking for exceptional players!): • Holy Paladin • Balance Druid • Hunter • Warlock • Rogue If there's any questions or if you'd like to apply, please contact one of the following officers: Booker#2374 Slauka#1596Slauka19 4h
6h WTS Gul'dan, weekly M+, Tier 21 HC Hello, <Fel Fidget Spinner> 9/11M semi-hardcore guild is offering boost for gold. We are boosting since WOD (Draenor). Our offer: - Gul'dan Mythic + mount - Antorus N/HC - M+ 15 weekly reward (960+) When we got too much clients, we have prepared another guild group from our realm which is in TOP 5 guilds on Drak'thul, according to wowprogress Antorus Normal Master loot: - Loot Master - Buyer gets all items - Only 1 buyer per token (Vanquisher, Conqueror, Protector) Antorus HC Master Loot - Loot Master - Buyer gets all items, except item is warforged at least +15 ilvl and will be huge boost for one of boosting raiders - Only 1 buyer per token (Vanquisher, Conqueror, Protector) If you have further question, please contact me on battle tag: Pifta#21130Pifta33 6h
10h <Fall of Mortality> recruiting players for Antorus We are starting a new raiding team in Antorus and are looking for 2 healers and 2 dps. Raid times are Monday/Wednesday 20:00 - 00:00 server time. The first raid will be on the 22nd and we will start by clearing NM Antorus, most people we have recruited already cleared it at least once before in a pug so there are chances that Wednesday on the 24th we will delve into HC Antorus. As we raid only 2 times a week we expect people to come prepared and with the tactics learned. We aim to have raid sessions where we have as least as possible tactic walkthroughs and make the most of our time in order to clear bosses and progress through the raid. Of course you won't have your head cut off if you fail, but we expect you to learn from those mistakes and not observe a tendecy to repeat the same mistake over and over. All in all, we are looking for people who are able to attend regularly and not drag the teams overall progress down. The loot will be set on personal at the beginning, however, once the team is fully formed we will switch to using RC Loot Council. During raids we will communicate by using the guilds discord server. Feel free to contact me as well as my friend on discord at usernames: Dra5ke#6224, Missileboy#7998Harafrost0 10h
12h (H) <Plague> Looking to get into (Heroic) raiding? We started out roughly a month ago as a small, social guild that looks to provide a laid-back environment for everyone involved. We've grown steadily over this short time spawn, and we've now formed a nice little community of like-minded people. As of now, the guild consists of around 100 members, and a discord community of about 30. With growth come new expectations however and we've started working towards a normal and heroic Antorus roster. Therefore, we are looking for everyone that wants to raid on a (semi) casual basis. (We are currently working towards Heroic progression) Please feel free to apply when you're English speaking. You know how to act mature, and you do not have any unrealistic expectations. I'm looking forward to hearing from you! To contact me directly on discord : Kairo#6506Kairo0 12h
13h [H] <Slightly Vexed> 2/11 M Recruiting! Hey , We are currently aiming to recruit a tank, a few more DPS and healer or two to strengthen our team to continue our progression in Mythic Antorus. We are 2/11 M at the moment with a sub 2% wipe on High Command! 300 mil! Raid Schedule: Wednesday 21:30-12:30 Thursday 21:30-12:30 Sunday 21:30-12:30 We are a very active guild running multiple Alt runs a week as well as M+ and only ask for you to commit to what you can and not to leave us hanging! If you have any questions or would like to discuss anything else with us feel free to drop me a line in game or speak to one of my officers. We are open to a potential guild merge which could be discussed. Angiru - Foordy#2292 Annihilation - Tom#1858 Oshift - noliGht#2229 Maaz - maz#21546Angiru0 13h
14h Antorus Heroic boosting <Invalid Target> Invalid Target <Ragnaros> is selling Normal and Heroic !Antorus the Burning Throne! boosts on horde side with personal loot and rolling on unwanted items with the starting date of 2th of December every Saturday. We can boost 4-5 player in heroic. If you can't get in due the lack of spots we offer you a 10% discount on the next weekly run. We only accept GOLD as payment (we accept gold on other high pop realms as well). For prices, information and application feel free to add me on Arkhien#2198 or reach me out online on Ragnaros on the following character: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/ragnaros/ArkhienArkhien26 14h
15h Fluffy Toxic Pandas - Draenor (H) Fluffy Toxic Pandas - Recruiting Raiders! We're a fun, social and active guild, and we have succesfully ran the guild for over 9 years! We are looking for a few raiders to join us so we can finish Heroic and progress into mythic! ( current progress 7/11hc) We are currently recruiting Tanks for the main team and some ranged dps however, all exceptional players will be considered and welcome to join. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our raid times: Wed - 9pm-11:30pm ST Thurs - 9pm-11:30pm ST Sun - 9pm-11:30pm ST --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- We are looking for raiders with an average ilvl of 940 and at least some HC exp. We're looking to progress through the rest of HC and progress through Mythic! Our guild is actively social and we always have a healthy green chat. Discord channel for all members to use. Leaders are always on to chat to everyone Message Doomy#21989 or Sweetem#2600 or Suzu#2933 for more information or to join. Feel free to drop a message and we will get back to you. Hope to hear from you!Udonbear4 15h
15h (H) Memento Vivere - Casual Raid Guild Eyo peeps! Memento Vivere is a casual raid guild focusing on heroic progression at a calm pace in a playful environment. Our main goal in each tier is Ahead of the Curve. The guild as a whole has been around since Wotlk. We are a friendly, albeit slightly crazy group of people who play for fun, we raid two times/week. Wednesdays and Sundays 20.00-23.00 Game Time. We are at 8/11 HC atm, and we are currently looking for DPS and a really stable Healer to fill our roster. For further info please feel free to whisper me or Gwynbaldr ingame or add my real id: Dargate#1893Noriamis0 15h
16h [H] - All Female/NB Guild recruiting LGBT and Allies Hey lovely people of Draenor, <Discover Peculiarity> is a fairly new social guild, founded by Dazariyah and myself. While our guild is steadily growing, we're always looking for more women (trans and cis) and non-binary people to join our ranks. We have a strong focus on LGBT/Queer members, but it's no requirement to join. You certainly have to be an ally, though! :) Our goals: - to have fun together and enjoy all the little things the game has to offer - to create and maintain a safe environment for all members - to leave DPS meters and toxic competition behind We have people that have reached level cap and run mythics, we have low level people questing and leveling, we have altoholics that enjoy having all kinds of characters. We're a casual bunch that's friendly and passionate about Azeroth. We're not currently raiding, but we're looking to change that in the future. If anyone is interested in joining our guild, please look us up on Facebook (search for Discover Peculiarity) and say hello! :) If you have any more questions about the guild, you can also reach out to us in-game via Dazariyah, Yanthyri, Feline.Yanthyri0 16h
17h [H] Hug My Pug 11/11HC - Casual Raiding. [H] Draenor -EU - Hug My Pug - Casual Raiding Guild With Antorus, the Burning Throne at our doorstep, Hug My Pug is currently looking for additional members to fill our rooster. We are raiding 2 times a week, Thursday and Sunday 19:00 - 22:30 server time. Who are Hug My Pug? We are a guild who migrated from Bloodhoof PVE to Draenor March 2017, to seek addition members to our rooster, since our previous server died out. We started out as a small group within a guild called Cold Turkey and grew from there to where we are now. We still believe in a balance between raids being fun and enjoyable without being too hardcore, however do do acknowledge that the current game content requires abit more than the casual play we used to expect from our members. While we try to keep a relaxed attitude, the content we attempt is difficult and needs a level of focus and commitment. We raid in a pretty civil fashion, we’re a diverse bunch and we more than appreciate that real life comes first. If this sounds interesting, have a quick look at our website. The next step is to apply, don't worry. It's not a 10 page application form, but we hope you take the opportunity to actually tell us a bit about yourself. Current Progression Raid: 11/11HC Antorus | 11/11N Antorus Past Progression: 9/9HC ToS | 9/9N ToS | 5/10M NH | 10/10HC NH | 10/10N NH | 7/7HC EN | 7/7M EN | 3/3HC ToV | Loot: RCLootCouncil + EPGP Tanks: Closed Healer: Closed RDPS: Open (Any) MDPS: Closed Raiding times: Thursday 19:00 - 22:30 Sunday 19:00 - 22:30 Website: http://hugmypug.enjin.com If you have any additional questions, contact me on battlenet: - NightY#2194Bruceleäfs112 17h
21h Pieces Boosting Service Pieces [World Rank 6] are offering our raid boosts again, helping you to get your epic gear, achievements, mounts, titles or simply experiencing the highest level of raiding in person! We have a long history of successful boosting. On our old thread you can find comments and recommendations from players we helped since we transferred to horde here on Draenor: http://eu.battle.net/forums/en/wow/topic/16070117404?page=1 Mythic Argus with guaranteed Mount - 11m [includes leftover 970+ loot, Cutting Edge achievement, Shackled Ur'zul mount, ... the Titanslayer title] Mythic Argus - 7m [includes leftover 970+ loot, Cutting Edge achievement, ... the Titanslayer title Mythic Kil'Jaeden - 4m [includes leftover 940+ loot, Cutting Edge achievement, ... the Darkener title] Heroic Argus - 275k [includes personal loot, Ahead of the Curve achievement, Pantheon's Blessing drop, chance on legendary trinket] Full Heroic Antorus - 700k [includes personal loot, Ahead of the Curve achievement, chance on Antoran Charhound, Pantheon's Blessing drop, chance on legendary trinket] Mythic Elisande + Gul’dan - 300k [Mythic Elisande/Gul'dan Achievement, “, Vengeance Incarnate” title] Mythic Elisande + Gul’dan with guaranteed mount - 1.2m [Mythic Elisande/Gul'dan Achievement, ", Vengeance Incarnate" title, Felblaze Infernal] Discounts for multiboxers or people buying multiple runs can be discussed! Also while buying a combination of runs, we’re able to offer you a suitable discount. Should you be interested in buying any of our services, please contact: Penkek#2282 Our wowprogress is found below. https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/draenor/Pieces Thanks and we hope to see you in game!Luml150 21h
21h [H] Returning mage LF casual raid - social guild! Hi all! As the title suggests, I'm looking for a home. I recently returned to wow after taking a break for about 3 years. I'm 29 years old, looking for a casual raiding guild that I could raid in when I get to max level and gear. I can play in the evenings on most days. Yep I am not max level but I am not a newbie. I have played since BC. I have raided everything since wotlk apart from WOD raids. The last one I did was Highmaul. Ive done some hard modes but not many. I used to play a priest but i'm really enjoying setting things on fire at the moment. A guild that has voice chat for banter would be great.Valgas1 21h
22h (H) Rehab Inc founded 2006, heroic raiding. 9/11 Greetings, Rehab Inc is a casual heroic raiding guild that was formed on Kor'Gall in 2006. We are a group of people who most know each other in real life and have raided together for many years. We consist of mostly British but there are many Finns within our ranks. We run a relaxed schedule of two days a week and our main goal is to get ahead of the curve in all heroic content. We have a mature playerbase and most people are in the 25-40 age range. As such the minimum age requirement is 18. Currently we are recruiting for heroic raids which we are currently 7/11 and we also run regular mythic+. We are looking for DPS and 1 healer to complete our roster, specifically; - Mistweaver monk - Moonkin - Elemental shaman Raid days are currently Wednesday and Sunday 20:30 - 23:30 server time. Please visit http://www.rehab-ftw.org/index.php to apply. Please note that we are strictly a HEROIC raiding guild. If you are looking for a guild that progresses into mythic. This is not the guild for you.Ashix21 22h
1d Tank Lf Mythic raiding Guild Lf raiding Guild since my Guild stopped raiding mythic, I am 11/11hc Ant 1/11 mythic Ant. I can raid Mondays and Thursdays . https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/draenor/swipee Add my real id tag for Contact. Gtx#2576Swipee0 1d
1d [H]Swedish speaking guild 2/11M Recruiting <Konfluens> Hello! We are a swedish speaking guild that is recruiting swedish speaking players for our mythic progression roster. (Blizzard forces me to write in English) Nordic people who understands Swedish is fine aswell. We have had a break since ToS came out and we are starting up again, we started up in another guild and now we want some more done so we are starting up here again. Thus the progress. If you are hungry for some new content and want to start fresh in a guild here is your chans. Our raid times Monday, Thursday, Sunday 19:00-22:00 server time. Optional raids: Tuesday (alt raid/HC/Normal clear) and Wednesday (Usally raid off, but might sometimes be an extra raid if a boss is really close to die). Recruiting Ranged DPS Healers Melee DPS (pref with tank OS)But of course we concider all players that feel exeptional and make well written applications. You can also see on our website what we are in need of. A little info about us We have raided since Vanilla, we are a stable guild with a hungry progress team. We are currently the best swedish guild on the server and our server rank is around 10-15. Our current progression is EN - 7/7M ToV - 3/3M NH - 10/10M ToS - BREAK Antorus - 11/11 HC, 2/11M. If you want a friendly environment with alot of friendly batter we are definitely the guild for you, so do not hesitate to apply. Websites Apply @: http://konfluens.shivtr.com Wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/draenor/Konfluens You can also add and talk to our officers. Battletag eXo#2453 Bokaka#2777 Odengard#2334Tajní54 1d
1d [H]Critical Experiment - late night guild Critical Experiment of Draenor EU Current progression: -Antorus 11/11 Heroic 1/11 Mythic -Tomb of Sargeras 9/9 Heroic -The Nighthold 1/10 Mythic 10/10 Heroic -The Emerald Nightmare 3/7 Mythic -Trial of Valor 3/3 Heroic Current Recruitment can be found at : http://critexp.enjin.com/recruitment -note: We will consider all good applications -socials are welcome to join. Critical Experiment is based on the Horde side of Draenor - est 2007. We are a late night raiding guild. We are looking for mature players with good knowledge of their class and role within a raid environment. We raid after the usual hours (22.30-01.00 server time sometimes to 01:30) 2+1 days per week (Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday as a progress night). We are mature players who have other commitments at 'normal' raid times, so we take the opportunity to get together and play at a later hour. What you can expect to get from us? * We aim to clear all content atleast on Heroic difficulty. When we can, on top of that we try getting some Mythic kills too. * A relaxed but firm raiding atmosphere. * A group of skilled raiders who enjoy seeking progression in PvE raiding. * A friendly home. Our members are sociable players and enjoy raiding old content, doing challenge mode, achievement runs and alts runs wherever possible. As such, a raiders friends/family are welcome in CE * A semi-hardcore raiding guild whose aim is to use our limited hours in the best way that we can, maintaining progress with a decent atmosphere. * We provide all "raiders" with free repairs from the Guild Bank 24/7. Members can also make use of the extensive mats available in the Guild Bank, all of which are provided for raiding. What do we expect from you if you raid with us? * Maturity in both age and attitude towards your fellow team mates (Don’t bother applying if you’re under the age of 17, we will most likely decline,) * A solid internet connection and a solid gaming rig to raid on (You’re useless to us if your connection drops out every encounter or your system cannot handle the FPS) * A high level of skill and sensible raiding. Know your role, class and the encounters. * Punctuality - Showing up for raids in good time and being well prepared with flasks, food buffs, etc (though supplied by gb better be safe then sorry). * Be active on the Guild forums. Engage in tactics discussion and socialise with the Guild. * Able to attend minimum 2/3 of raids scheduled raids per week (If not, we will remove your raider status or fail your trial if accepted to CE; progress night attendance is really important for the core) * You’re able to take constructive criticism during raids and subsequently able to use that criticism to improve your level of skill, and play. * We expect all members to be able to connect to "Discord". Mic is optional. For questions, feel free to contact one of the current Officers of Crit exp in game or on our forums (Where you can also apply to Critical Experiment) To make your apply go to "http://critexp.enjin.com/recruitment". Joni(GM)(T1000#2743) ** www.critexp.enjin.com **Burnursoul52 1d
1d [H] <Misfit> 6/11M, 9/9M ToS LF healers “Misfit” is a two night a week Mythic raiding guild currently 6/11M in Antorus and 9/9M ToS. We are looking to recruit an extra healer to round out our healing roster. Our raid times are Wednesday & Monday 19:45 – 23:30 server time. We are currently recruiting with high priority: Mistweaver monk Discipline priest Other healing classes will be considered in the case of exceptional players. We are looking for players who are ready to step into the later parts of mythic raiding; we are not looking to gear boost. What type of guild are we? We are a sociable and welcoming group of friends who have raided together for most of Legion, with both raiders and social-only members welcome in our guild. We have players active on discord throughout the day and regularly run mythic+ as a guild. This is shown by some of our players having the highest mythic+ score on the server for their spec. There is a mixture of nationalities within the guild but British is the largest segment. Everyone in the guild is over 18, and although we do not restrict guild invites based on age we do expect a level of maturity from our raiders. Ultimately, we are all choosing to play the game we love together during our spare time, guildies should respect that in each other. What is the atmosphere like in our raids? Being a two night a week raiding guild means we should be efficient with our time. Lateness or missing raids must be communicated to an officer beforehand, we generally set the roster a few days before a raid day. In raids, there is a jovial and relaxed atmosphere between pulls. However, during pulls, and when discussing fights we require everyone to pay complete attention and keep noise levels low to allow concentration. There is no raging at people in raid, all performance issues are dealt with outside of raids or by whispers from an officer. We distribute loot via a loot council. Gear is a tool for killing bosses: we hope our raiders trust us enough to know the difference between someone underperforming and someone lacking gear. What do we want from you? The two most important things we ask of you are: 1) An exceptional understanding of your class and a flawless understanding of the fights we are going in to, this all comes under a good raid mentality. Should always be prepared for raids, and always pull your weight on your class to the best of your ability. Keeping up to date with your class’s theory crafting is an important aspect of your approach to raiding and is something that we encourage all of our raiders to do for themselves. 2) A good attitude to the game and raiding in general. Everyone in the guild is friendly and our discord is usually a place we all go if we just fancy hanging out during the day. Morale in raids is always high regardless of the difficulty of the fight, and genuinely being friends with each other is a great basis to go into raids. If you believe you would fit into our raid team, add me on Real ID – Clood#2721, or our GM Semarrius#2199. Looking forward to hearing from you.Mairón0 1d
1d [H] Horde Against Humanity - 11/11HC LF DPS+Healer Horde Against Humanity (HAH) is a friendly little guild looking for more friends! yay! We're a cheeky bunch with a rather relaxed view on raiding; we want to clear the heroic content for each tier. After doing so we intend do dip our toes into Mythic as we see fit, and when we are able. To clarify: we do not view ourselves as a Mythic guild, as we are comfortable with our chilled raids with loads of fun and teases. However, we do expect our raiders to come prepared, perform appropriately, and be respectful of other people. Raiding schedule: Thursday 20:00 - 23:00 ST Sunday 20:00 - 23:00 ST Alt/social raid: Tuesday 20:00 - 23:00 ST (optional) Who are we looking for? HAH is looking for individuals with a friendly attitude, dedication to both teammates & class, and roughly 80-90% monthly raid attendance. We encourage everyone to chime in to create a nice atmosphere. Since we are not aiming for full mythic progression we usually raid 1x HC + 1x Mythic per week, after clearing the content on HC. We use Discord for all communication and it acts as our 2nd gchat. We welcome a constant stream of fun banter outside raid-hours. Current progress: EN: 7/7 N, 7/7 HC, 4/7 Mythic ToV: 3/3 N, 3/3 HC NH: 10/10 N, 10/10 HC, 4/10 Mythic ToS: 9/9 N, 9/9 HC, 5/9 Mythic AtBT: 11/11 N, 11/11 HC Recruitment status: At the moment we're mainly looking for 1 dps with healing OS and 1 healer with DPS OS (priests or druids preferably), to ensure a steady roster for further progress in ToS. Send us a message or make an application on our site if you're interested in joining - an officer will contact you for further chats. Horde Against Humanity aim for a mature and friendly environment, thus we prefer our applicants to share this view. Together we hope to create a tight-knit community of raiders dedicated to their team, that also login for some fun non-raid times. Visit us and submit your application at: http://hordeagainsthumanity.enjin.com/ alternatively, you can contact the recruitment officer Mläm in-game or on btag: Zaeld#1337 \:D/Mläm76 1d
1d (H)Flaming Kittens, for all social players (No Raids) Hello everyone :) Flaming Kittens is a social/leveling guild that was created 4 years ago. We are a purely social guild, this means we won't be organizing any guild raids at all. We provide a friendly and relaxed guild atmosphere for people, without the "peer-"pressure of raiding. Everyone is welcome to join us, we only ask of people to be respectful towards others and be mature. We have unlocked all guild heirlooms (Heads, Cloaks and Legs) and most of the guild pets and mounts. We also have our own Discord server (for text and voice chat). If you are interested in joining us or have anymore questions, whisper any of our members or sent a pm in-game to me, Jinxta or Twisterase. (type */who flaming kittens* in chat to find online guild members) You can also check out our website: FlamingKittens.enjin.comRuatha6 1d
1d [H] <Cradle of Anguish> - recruiting for HC Antorus Greetings fellow denizens of Draenor! Well, not LITERAL denizens anymore since the Garrisons aren't relevant these days (huzzah!). Cradle of Anguish (Horde, Draenor) are currently recruiting some lucky individuals to join our Heroic Antorus progression team. We are currently 8/11 with only Coven, Aggramar and Argus to go. We are a HC guild only, so if you are looking to progress to Mythic at a later date we aren't for you, I'm afraid. Our raid times are Weds (20:30 ST to 23:00 ST) and Sun (20:00 ST to 23:00 ST). We start a little earlier on Sun so we have more time for progression. We also use Tuesdays as a day to run Garothi/Aggramar/Argus Normal to get the Pantheon trinket and chase some lucky titanforged gear drops. We are currently looking for 2 MELEE dps (warrior, rogue and enh shaman preferred) and 2 RANGED dps (lock/ele shaman preferred), along with another HEALER (priest/paladin preferred) to bring our raid team members up. We ask that your artifact be at least level 70, and your ilvl at least 930 so even if you aren't quite geared enough to join the HC team immediately we can get you the items you need to join us. We try our best to have a fun and stress-free attitude while we raid, even during multiple wipes while we progress. There is no worry of being yelled at for a small mistake, and every wipe is analysed and discussed so we can improve on every attempt. The guild itself is comprised of friends who are always willing to help out with content. This extends outside the raid into regular M+ runs, PvP or just chatting and having some excellent banter. We are also preparing for BfA where we hope to have a core group of guildies ready to tackle fresh content and slaughter some Allys! If this sounds like the guild for you, feel free to drop us a whisper in-game. We will have a brief interview on our dedicated discord where we talk about your commitment times, your previous raiding experience, and what you feel you can bring to the guild. The ones to talk to are: Represaille (GM and interim Melee DPS officer), Xinthun (Raid Leader), Holyxaroula (Recruitment Officer) or Yunglava (Ranged Officer). Thanks for reading, we hope to hear from you soon! For the Horde!Yungskeltal5 1d
1d [H] Perpetua [11/11HC Antorus] - Now Recruiting Perpetua is a Horde Guild on Draenor whose core group has raided together since the Legion launch. We're a new guild on the block, having formed mid-way through Tomb of Sargeras, however we've made strong progress in ATB Heroic, and will be moving into Mythic once the roster is complete. Recruitment We currently have a great main raid team, and we're looking for a strong healer to finish off the roster for Mythic. Tanks: Currently full Healers: Holy Priest Ranged DPS: Open Melee DPS: Currently Full If your class is not listed here, please still get in touch - all competitive players are welcome, regardless of class. Furthermore, we are happy to take socials regardless of class and role. Raids & Raid Times We raid twice a week: Wednesday: 20:30-23:00 ST Sunday: 20:30-23:00 ST Our Expectations We expect new raiders to have heroic raiding experience, to be active and attend regularly, to get involved with mythic+ either with other guildies or on their own, and to turn up to raids on time with flasks and food. We use Discord and expect raiders to join for raids. We'd also prefer people who are active on Voice Comms, but it's not a requirement by any means so long as you jump in for raid nights. About us We're a laid back bunch of guys, mostly UK based. We chat a lot of !@#$, post a lot of memes, and have a pretty sick sense of humour, but then who doesn't? We run a lot of mythic+ outside of raid times, do old content/transmog runs regularly, and sometimes even crack open a cold one while doing so. We also play other games like Overwatch, GTAV, FIFA, LoL, and Destiny 2. Congratulations on making it this far! If you're interested, please fill out a quick recruitment post here: ... Alternatively, if you just want more info, chat to me or one of our officers: Sanguine#2533 RyanNT1#2777 TotalChaos#2204 Téase#2119 RikTarded#2872 Feel free to drop in and join us for some mythic+ or something, come hang out!Durabull36 1d
1d Tank LF Mythic progression guild Hey Im looking for a mythic progression guild on my DK (or monk but prefered DK) Previous tiers i have played Mage/Rogue (DPS SUB rogue and Frost/fire mage) So currently looking for a mythic progression guild as a tank (unless you have a very good offer) My BNET: Ashyka#21630 Looking forward to see the offers -ashAshyda0 1d
1d Rogue + Warrior looking for Mythic/HC raiding guild. Hi, my gf and i decided to look for a raiding guild recently so thought i would make a post here aswell with our info. We want a guild with a minimum of 11/11HC progress but will prefer a guild with some mythic progress. Rogue Experience: https://www.wowprogress.com/character/eu/draenor/M%C3%ADsja Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker Ahead of the Curve: Kil'Jaedan Warrior Experience: https://www.wowprogress.com/character/eu/draenor/Kh%C3%A3nz Ahead of the Curve: Argus the Unmaker Cutting Edge: Kil'jaeden Cutting Edge: Gul'dan Cutting Edge: Helya Cutting Edge: Xavius Cutting Edge: The Black Gate Cutting Edge: Blackhand's Crucible (Old acc) Cutting Edge: Imperator's Fall (Old acc) Stopped raiding after first mythic boss in ATBT due to irl. Was playing main rogue before (Khãñ-Draenor) We are both players that like raiding while having fun at the same time. We can only raid on weekdays and would like our raid to end at around 23. We want to raid around 2-3days pr week. FYI: Our wowprogress profiles are slow at updating. If you would like a chat then you can add: Khan#21626Khãñ4 1d
1d 'Cynical' 4/11M Recruiting WARLOCK/Ele/Boomkin We consist of mythic raiders that have recently come back from a break from the game. We will raid on a high level, though we don't expect to be realm first, nor is that our goal. Our atmosphere is laid-back but also focused on progression. The only goal for the guild is Cutting Edge for Antorus, or at least as far as we can go whilst keeping steady progress. What you can expect from us: - A two night a week schedule(Wed/Sun 20:00-23:00): Real life gets in the way, hence the raid times. We all have jobs, though we will be active most evenings. - A third optional raid night on Thursday starting at 20:00 (It is recommended that you join just for loot, titanforge, w/e) - A community that is active, playing games other than WoW aswell. - Fair loot distribution: We care about progress and fun, not loot. (RClootcouncil will be used) - Solid gameplay, and a push to progress. - A solid 22-25 man roster with an eye for competition, EVERYONE will be involved in farm bosses, but for progress the best 20 players will be taken for mythic. For heroic, the best raid comp that is suitable for the boss will be taken. - Last but not least, no drama. What we expect from you: - Reliability, we are a two night raiding guild, if you cannot make both nights every week we won't put up with you for very long. Provided you tell me in advance if you are going to miss a raid/be late, I can overlook absences. - Preparation (Class knowledge, fight knowledge, consumables) - A friendly and committed attitude towards raiding. - A working, decent microphone. See the most recent comment on this thread for what we currently recruiting, all exceptional players will be considered. Lastly, I need everyone that is joining pre-Antorus to appreciate that we currently working on the roster and have more casual feelings towards raiding, the more help the guild gets from every member regardless of rank, the easier the road to Antorus will be. That's as much as i'll put here, if you want more information contact me with my battletag (Tymoa#2145) or join our discord server. https://discord.gg/7ZJHZ4N Speak to you soon!Tymoa90 1d
1d <Instinctive> 1/11M Raiding Guild LFM <Instinctive> is a newly formed guild looking to recruit more into our Mythic roster to finish up Antorus and progress into the next expansion as a team. We are looking for dedicated, passionate and fun individuals in order to build a close, but strong roster in order to tackle WoW's most difficult content whilst also having fun! At the moment we are mainly looking out for Healers and Damage dealers, however all individuals will be considered and are willing to trial. Raid times and days: Wednesday, Thursday (Mythic Progress) 20:00 - 23:00 Sunday (Heroic farm) 20:00 - 22:30 We use RC Loot council in order to fairly distribute loot to those who need it most, and our choice of communication software is Discord. We also log all of our fights, however it is simply to see that all mechanics are being executed correctly, we will never bench someone unless action is needed. Our members also play a variety of different games and we have a Mythic + team within the guild, so whatever your choice of content may be there will be something for you within Instinctive. If you wish to apply contact me or Neoxy in game with the following battletags. Vantality#2240, Neox#22636. Thanks for reading and I hope to see you soon!Cirillia1 1d
1d <Sentenced>(10/11 H) recruiting dps and healers We are a semi-hardcore raiding guild aiming to do every raid on mythic difficulty. We aim to do progression and raiding in a friendly environment. During boss fights we expect everyone to listen on Discord (Mandatory voice-comm channel) besides that we like to banter around during raiding hours Current positions we are looking for are: * Healer: >resto Shaman >any * DPS: > rouge > any Our raiding days are Wednesday/Thursday/Monday from 20;30 to 23;30 ST if you are interested sand a application to this website http://sentenced-wow.shivtr.com/site_applications/newHolyamakiir17 1d
1d 933 Holy Priest LF Guild Ex NA-Raider based in EU with lots of mythic experience in legion. Very committed and open-minded with a healthy mindset when it comes to raiding. Looking to make some progress in Antorus. WoWProg: https://www.wowprogress.com/character/eu/draenor/Sturzy Previous experience (NA Priest): 7/7M Emerald Nightmare (CE) 3/3M Trials of Valor (CE) 10/10M Nighthold (CE) - Healing Officer 9/9M Tomb of Sargeras (CE) - Healing Officer Contact: Bnet - Sturzy#1762 Discord - Sturzy#1489 Post your guild recruitment messages below or feel free to add me for more information.Sturzy0 1d
1d Horde <Cannon Fodder> 9/11 HC <Cannon Fodder> About us: Our goal is to clear HC and progress in our own pace. Most of our members are old mythic raiders who don't have time to raid 4+ times a week. So we are an experienced bunch of people. We are going to clear heroic, do mythic plus and other activities as a group of friends. There are no rushing into content and no wiping all night with our group. If we find out a boss is to hard for us at the moment, we switch our attention to other activities (achievement runs, normal raid etc), until we feel comfortable killing that boss. We have also had several guild meetings irl with members from all over Europe. History: The core in this guild is group friends that have played together since vanilla. Cannon Fodder was started in Wrath. We moved over to Draenor in 2012, and have been here ever since. Some of our achievements: Wrath: We managed to clear full HC ICC as a guild after the nerfs. Cata: which we cleared most of DS on HC (last boss left) MoP: we cleared up to HC/Mythic Thok. WOD: Most of the members took a break in WoD, but those who didn't, raided with another guild ending up clearing HFC on mythic. Legion: We cleared 4 bosses on Mythic in Emerald Nightmare, Full HC ToV and full HC Nighthold. Some of our old members just recently came back, having cleared 9/10 Mythic in Nighthold and 8/9 Mythic in ToS. At the moment we have cleared 9 bosses in HC Antorus and full normal clear. What we want: We are more after the player than the class, meaning that we would like to add members to our roster that fits us We want players who like having a laugh while playing Players that enjoy clearing content New friends DPS What we can offer: We can offer a steady raid team with good players and a pretty casual approach to raids. Active people, not just in wow. We also play other games together Normal and heroic clears Guild IRL meetingsContact and raid information: Raid days are Wed 1930-2300 and Sunday 2030-2300. We are currently recruiting a few more dpsers and a tank. Feel free to whisper me ingame Hogan#21205 or reply to this post if you are interested in joining our ranks.Leaothora5 1d
1d Cainin Balance druid 959 ilvl LF guild Cainin https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/draenor/cainin Draenor EU Horde Balance Druid 957 ilvl BTAG: Coinin#2449 Progress EN Mythic: 7/7 ToV Mythic: 2/3 Nighthold Mythic: 10/10 ToS Mythic 5/9 Antorus HC 11/11 Antorus M 1/11 Days i can raid: Thursday and Monday. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (Willing to Transfer to another server) At the moment i am looking for a new guild since my guild stopped raiding mythic as i said up here i am willing to transfer to any server. I am looking for a strong guild that has started mythic progression or is at the same level of progression as me. (if there are guilds that are 7/7 already and you would like to have me give me a PM on Facebook) I am doing everything i can myself to get the best out of my characther by doing alot of Mythic+ i am farming every AP world quest at the moment for my 35th trait damage increase plus im looking on sites like: - Wowhead - Icy-veins - MMO Champion to see what happens in every patch or current patch with my stat changes or characther changes. If you are interested in my services then do indeed PM me or add me ingame and ask everything you want my BTAG is Coinin#2449.Cainin0 1d
1d <Sedition> Draenor 2/11M Raiding Guild LF People <Sedition> is looking for more players to fill our raid team for the Antorus, The Burning Throne Raid . We are long-standing guild with a various achievements on the account from the previous expansions. Our primary aim is to clear mythic Antorus content. We are currently 2/11 Mythic and surely looking towards doing more :) . We took a small Break at the end of ToS. This was because of some people having to deal with some stuff irl. This sadly staggered our raid progression at the later stages of ToS and we stopped at 4/9 Mythic. This is something we wanna aviod the next time and we are looking towards smooth progression into Antorus. What we expect from you As much as we do not require to have a 100% attendance to the raids, we ask that you commit to the raid team and attend all the raids regularly. Any repeating patterns in missed raids can lose you raid spot. In terms of DPS we are expecting that your performance is adequate to the level of the content you are attending. We do not want to imply any hard caps on people, however under-performing members will get ask to sit out some of the raids. What can you expect from us We will do our best to provide you with a friendly and enjoyable raid environment, guidance with your class, and a decent progression. We have a wide group of people continuously doing Mythic+ dungeons almost every day and plenty of other content such as legacy raids, achievement hunting, sometinmes PvP, etc. so you will always be able to find something to do with others. Raid Schedule Sunday 20.00 - 22.30 Tuesday 20.00 - 22.30 Thursday 20.00 - 22.30 Wednesday 20.00 -22.30 (Not Mandatory) Recruitment for the Raiding team: Tanks: Full Healers: Prefer Resto Shaman, Mistweaver Monk, Resto druid. Ranged DPS: All DPS is welcome but we specially look for : Warlocks, Hunters, Boomkins Melee DPS: All Dps Classes. Exceptional players are always welcome despite their class, however certain roles might be filled up. Our logs: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/guilds/277686/ We also welcome any social players that want to have fun and a get a chance to join the casual events that are being organised on Thursday. Joining as a social will not exclude you from raiding completely, anyone who shows commitment and potential will be allowed to join the main raiding team, however we might require you to be geared to a certain level as to not slow the progress. For anymore information or an invite to the guild please contact one of our officers: Mimikiyu - Delegates#2234 Whitesheepz Busujima Qualitas melmerin Kvazimodas - Egidijus#2976Mimikiyu7 1d
1d [H] <OrderoftheSilverflame> Recruiting DPS Order of the Silverflame (OSF) has been around since Vanilla despite the fact we had a short break during the Burning Crusade. We are a friendly group who enjoy WoW and raiding. We have fun and joke around, we share precious memories in game and outside game, but when bosses need to go down then it is all serious! We expect members of the guild to enjoy the game as much as we do and to take part in our raids and maintain a good level of attendance per month. Are you a Ranged Dps? Are you looking for a raiding atmosphere that is somewhere between casual and semi-hardcore? While we have this mentality, we are still have progressed further than other guilds that state they are semi hardcore Do you want to raid with a group of people who are always looking to improve and kill bosses for epic purple stuff? Then you should keep reading... About us: 01/11 (M) 11/11 (HC) ABT Raid Times: Mon/Wed/Sun 8:00PM-11:00PM ST Server: Draenor - Horde Side (Pve) Trials: So you got an invite eh? Congrats! You'll have a trial period where we'll evaluate you and your performance and most of all how you fit in with the group. Gear is obtainable and if you're a good listener and someone who likes to learn you'll inherently get better over time. Finally, if you get a spot on the team the honeymoon isn't over. We expect you to continue to play at a level that will be beneficial to the group. Expectations: 1. Know your class - we don't need world #1's but we certainly appreciate and value someone who knows how to play their toon over someone who is mindlessly clicking buttons with little to no success. 2. Mechanics. Over your big d**k DPS we want you to make sure you know mechanics of fights. Making the same mistakes over and over doesn't do the team or you any good. 3. Be prepared. Food, Flasks and most of all be at the instance. Just because there is a summoning stone doesn't mean you should expect a summon every night. Show some initiative and be ready when raid invites go out. 4. Communication is important. If you are not gonna make a raid let us know, we do value real life over this fun game we all love. If all of this sounds pretty good to you and you'd like to chat more then shoot us a message: Kravspants#2663 or Zelest#2444 and let's have a chat about getting you into our raid team. Alternatively you can make an application on our website below! Exceptional applications of any class and spec will be considered. http://www.silverflame.org If you wanna be social in our guild and get to know us, come join the party. Contact us and we can have a chat.Taurosmon12 1d
2d <Decay> are recruiting! 3/11M < Decay > Current Progress: 11/11HC // 3/11M Who are we? We are a freshly made guild for Antorus. We started the tier off strong with 14 members for HC and cleared 11/11HC in the first night. Our first night into Mythic as a fully formed team led to us being 3/11M quickly. We are in search of more flexibility with our Mythic team so we need you! Raids 3 day raiding, Wed-Thu-Mon 8-11pm ST. Alt raid Sun 8-11pm ST. What are we looking for? Raiders with at least HC raiding experience and preferably a foot into mythic raiding. We're willing to offer less-experienced players a spot to grow along with us, if you believe you are up to this task and have something to show for this confidence. Classes Currently looking for all DPS to fill our current roster for Mythic. Contact: decay-guild.com/apply Anthony#21547 Nomm#21463 Cøllinzpløs#2833 Ben#21407Nomm1 2d
2d <Collaborators Inc> Late night Guild recuits <Collaborators Inc> We want to kill bosses, How about you? we are a late night raiding guild, and we are recruiting, we raid from 00:00 to 02:00 Wed, Thurs Monday, If you want to kill bosses too /w me and we will have a chatSickntwistet0 2d
2d <High Council>11/11N 4/11HC is recruiting. High Council is a social and mature guild based on the idea that the game should be fun for everyone - meaning we want to create a atmosphere for both younger and older players, for casual and more active players. To make sure we offer a place for everyone, we ask members to keep everyone mind. We are also looking for players to join our current raid team. We are currently on 4/11 HC. We hold various social events like: transmog ,mount, and achievement runs. Our main raid times (based on server time): Tuesday 20.30-23.00 (Alt runs) progression if must. Thursday 20.30-23.00 Sunday 20.30-23.00 Alt runs on tuesday and any day of the week based on when we want or feel like it. Recruitment: Exceptional players who feel like they can complement our quality of raiding and be apart of a very social environment are encouraged to apply regardless of class/spec. Currently looking for: 1-2 Melee= Fury/Arm Warrior, Frost/Uh Dk. 2-3 Ranged= Affliction Warlock,Frost/Fire Mage, any other classes are welcome to apply. 1 Healer= Holy/Disc Priest,Holy Paladin,Resto shaman,Mw Monk. How to join? Contact Berno#2357 SubRogue23#21555 or any other officers. What we are looking for in you as a player: * You love raiding and want to progress in Hc and into Mythic mode. * You're an independent and communicative player. * You wanna have fun and have good progress * Your English is good enough for clear communication. * You have a stable internet connection. * Being able to listen to and actively speak on Discord is required. What can we offer you? * We give you the opportunity to clear content with lots of fun. * A stable environment with few to none players leaving. * Members with several years of experience with guild- and raid-leadership. * A social guild with lots of laughs. * Casual raids whenever suits us * Several Mythic+ groups.Malavazi0 2d
2d Paradise Lost Recruiting for mythic team Paradise Lost (EU) is a raiding guild formed in August 2010 with the goal for a smaller and less intense raiding environment. As we move into the later stages of the Legion expansion, the core team has blasted through heroic encounters and is aiming to do mythic come 7.3 and beyond. We're looking for likeminded individuals who want a piece of the action! Quick info: Server: Draenor EU Primary Language: English Voice communication: Discord Raiding times: Wed: 20:30 - 23:30* Sun: 20:30 - 23:30* *Note : We use server time aka GMT +1. Trial period: 2 raids You must be over the age of 18, parental permission with exceptional applicants may be considered. Gear distribution: RCLootcouncil Currently recruiting: 2x ranged dps 1x healer 1x tank Who are we? Paradise lost is a group of core raiders from all the way back in Wrath of the Lich King who broke off from a highly ranked raiding guild to form a tight-knit community that has spanned for over a decade. As time has gone on we've picked up some great people and lost some as well, however our core values remain the same: RAIDING SHOULD BE FUN. The raiding environment is as you would expect, general consumables will be provided. Raid leaders are experienced and dedicated, having pushed progression to it's absolute limits expansion after expansion. While we are a light raiding guild (6 hours/week) we make great progression as we have a talented roster of players who are dedicated to their classes and always want to be at peak performance, we expect anyone we invite to be equally as motivated! If you're looking into getting into Mythic and you're not too keen on putting too much time into raiding then we might be the place for you! Please contact anyone on the list below if you would like any more information or to set up a trial: Officers available on bnet : Zhongjie#2671 Tammz#2233 Ralox#2100 Mohawkkiller#2295 website : paradiselost.wowlaunch.comHypnosz28 2d
2d The Wind Blows How much cost The Wind Blows in auction house ?Alogelicz0 2d
2d [H] BadKarma 3/11M LF DPS to join Mythic team Bad Karma are currently 11/11H and 3/11M Antorus the Burning Throne. DPS vacancies: Mage, Warlock, Balance/Feral Druid, Elemental/Enhancement Shaman, Hunter, Havoc DH, Arms/Fury Warrior, Shadow Priest Healer vacancies: Low Tank Vacancies: Low NB: All other classes not listed above will be given consideration based on skill and ilvl. (Note: anyone considering of applying to raid MUST have minimum 75 traits in their main spec weapon as well as an ilvl of 940+) We raid Thurs, Sun and Tuesday between the hours of 8pm and 11pm server time. We use RCLoot council as we believe this is the best and fairest way to gear up those who are dedicated to raiding. Outside of raids we regularly run M+ dungeons and we also run an Heroic Antorus Alt raid on a Saturday evening for anyone who wishes to come along. What can I tell you about our members? ....Well we are an English speaking guild, whose members come from all over the world. Some of us have been together for before Vanilla wow, and we have played many MMO's together, SWTOR, Wildstar, Aion are but a few to name. The actual Bad Kamra tag has been going for almost 11 years now, setting out on Bronzebeard as Horde. And we've been Horde ever since! Long live Silvanos! (our GM has a vendetta to turn us all undead...lol). We are not without a sense of humour, and we hang out in Discord whether we raid, M+ or just to generally be online together. You can expect lots of bad jokes, but one thing you can expect is a no-drama policy and a general level of respect for one another. We are a very supportful community and always happy to lend advice and support. For any other information please contact me in game, my battle-net id is: Qetesh#2786. Thankyou for reading.Ketesh9 2d
2d <Solenya> 2/11M (H) is recruiting!  Well met! <Solenya> is a semi-hardcore guild aiming to clearing high end content in a relaxed and competitive environment. We are looking for players that can pull their own weight without being a douche. Elitism will be dealt with swiftly. We are currently progressing in Mythic Antorus! Loot is distributed in an efficient and reasonable manner through a Loot Council with a dedicated officer. Main raids are on Wednesday and Sunday at 20:00-23:00 and we have an optional/alt raid on Tuesdays at the same times. We really enjoy hanging out in our discord outside of raiding doing m+ or other content. Recruitment is always being updated so feel free to contact us with our tags below if you think you have what it takes! Recruitment Contacts Recruitment Manager: Servillas#2359 Guild Master: dotdash#2330 Wowprogress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/draenor/SolenyaXiaozheng0 2d
2d < Nihilism > (1/11 Mythic) is recruiting all DPS! Hello everybody! Nihilism is a guild that stems from another mmo, Wildstar, where we were a semi hardcore guild that liked to progress but still maintaining a friendly and casual atmosphere. After the game more or less died out, some of the members decided to try out WoW and have ever since started up the Nihilism guild here. We recently cleared 11/11 HC and went 1/11 Mythic on our first Mythic raid! Is the guild currently recruiting? Nihilism is OPEN for new raiders applications. We have a preference for Warlocks, Hunters and Death Knights, although everyone will be considered regardless of class. What are Nihilism's raiding times/days? We raid 3 progression days: Wednesday: 9pm - 12pm CET Thursday: 9pm - 12pm CET Monday: 9pm - 12pm CET We also organise a fun raid every week on Saturday where guildies can vote for next week's event. We've done Antorus achievements for the mount, and EN+ToV achievements in the past and look forward to many more ideas. How can I apply? If you are interested then fill out the following application form (it's only short) and we'll get back to you within 24 hours: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1hiORFI-YCVn8JWY80cSWTvM9vbm3-VbURqHTP5iOZ1w What if I have more questions? Our Guild Discord is: https://discord.gg/h9FubMp You can whisper CasualNinja, Keron or Cadria for more informationCasualninja1 2d
2d LFG - Newish Hey Looking for a guild that will help me learn wow I know the basics / some raids and willing to learn I play windwalker monk looking to be able to join a raid team currently have an ilevel of 832 getting that up as fast as I can i'm very social and have discord/ voice chat also. I'm also from the Uk so hopefully find some people from the Uk to play with.Tomtomsatnav1 2d
2d 2/11M 11/11HC <Loyal to Garrosh> recruiting I N T R O D U C T I O N <Loyal to Garrosh> is a semi hardcore raiding community of skilled players that likes to always push its players towards improvement. To learn about us read our posts on https://loyalg.enjin.com/ , and check out our wowprogress page linked below. In short our raid days are Wednesday, Sunday, Tuesday from 20 00 to 23 00 CET. We require raiders and trials to have more than 80% monthly attendance. You can check what we are currently looking for on our website. Contact: Mihajlosrb#2826 - Battnenet ID Kajmak#0619 - Discord ID https://discord.gg/jz8ucyg - Discord ServerKajmak39 2d
2d [H] The Many Few casual raiding/ social guild Hello friend! Life is too short for spending it with pugs! We are "The Many Few“ – a social and casual raiding guild and we are looking for YOU! In our guild we want to be the place to enjoy leisure time, meet people from all over europe and expierence game-life in a friendly and social environment. What we offer: - Guildraids on Wednesday and Sunday from 8 to 11 pm Servertime, currently Antorus HC - A friendly and active community who supports eachother - Mythic+ dungeons in a guild group - PvP nights What we are looking for: - Friendly, active social-members who are interested in building a steady guildcore - Healer and range-dps for the raidgroup - It would be also nice to have people around who enjoy having talks on discord, because most of our guildlife is taking place there (voice-chat and written-chat) Our raid-requirements : - Weapon Artifact Level 70 - Ilevel: 940 Equipped - 4 pieces of current tier (from any kind of raiding) set or BiS - At least 1 legendary item - Full enchants and gems If you like what you just read, then contact us and you are on the way to enjoy the game a little more ! Have a nice day and we hopefully hear from you soon ! Contacts : Slackerina (BT : Cetlana#2584) Angelreeper (BT : Angelreeper #21136) Mattalan (BT: Mjtaylor93#2456)Slackerina1 2d
2d [H] 11/11NM 9/11HC - Omnius Gaming - Recruiting Omnius Gaming is a multi gaming organisation that is currently moving into WoW, with the hopes to get on the raiding train as soon as possible. The founding members are ex-Mythic raiders who wants a more casual and alt friendly approach to raiding. Be part of the core group, help and build this guild from the ground up and establish a legacy, have fun, while being focused on the goal at hand. We are only recruiting mature individuals as our Discord chat might not be for the young. LUL - All classes and specs are OPEN for recruitment Two main runs - Wednesday and Sunday - 20:00 - 23:00 Alt run - Monday 20:00 - 22:00 (bring any alt with decent ilvl) We are not too fussed about re-rolling, but it is expected of you to be a certain level(ilvl and weapon traits) with your new char before taking part in the main raid. Add me on oblivion#2293 Or just drop me a message here if you have any questions,Soujiroz16 2d
2d (H) <Laddercoins>11/11 8/11 LF HC Raiders and Socials Greetings, <Laddercoins> raid with a relaxed atmosphere as we are all past the days of pressure raiding, so while we do push for kills and raid with a serious intent, we still have a lot of laughs along the way. Recruitment: - DPS & Heals who are ready to step into HC can contact us. - Casual players who are looking for a friendly place to hang out and perhaps become a raider in the future are welcome to apply aswell. Experience and gear is a plus. A mindset similar to that of the guild is a must. Our Goals: We aim to clear Normal and HC content while it is relevant and usually have a few members running mythic+'s most evenings. Raiddays: Our main raid nights are Mondays & Thursdays, with an off-night on Wednesday (currently being used to farm Antorus Normal), all from 20-23 servertime. Our complete progress is: Antorus: 11/11 Normal + 8/11 Heroic Tomb of Sargeras: 9/9 Normal + Heroic Nighthold: 10/10 Normal + Heroic Trial of Valor: 3/3 Normal Emerald Nightmare: 7/7 Normal + Heroic A little more info & history about us below. Laddercoins was re-formed mid-September '16 by 3 friends who moved to Draenor for a fresh start. The name <Laddercoins> has been around for many years now, originally formed towards the end of Vanilla, we raided during TBC and LK but since that time the guild has been inactive. We decided to migrate back in September and re-form the old guild and it has been doing very well since. We have a very solid base of members who entertain us non stop in guild chat and a dedicated set of officers to keep things in check. Hope to speak with you soon, Shujìn (Shujin#2960), Evidar, Angïe & Mojozen.Shujìn12 2d
2d (H) <Plague> Want to get into raiding? We want you! We started out roughly three weeks ago as a small, social guild that looks to provide a laid-back environment for everyone involved. We've grown steadily over this short time spawn, and we've now formed a nice little community of like-minded people. As of now, the guild consists of around 100 members, and a discord community of about 30. With growth come new expectations however and we've started working towards a normal and heroic Antorus roster. Therefore, we are looking for everyone that wants to raid on a (semi) casual basis. Please feel free to apply when you're English speaking. You know how to act mature, and you do not have any unrealistic expectations. I'm looking forward to hearing from you! To contact me directly on discord : Kairo#6506Vanna10 2d
2d <Ethereal> 5/11[M] LFM <Ethereal> Quick info. Currently 5/11 [M] Imonar progress just started We are looking for DPS to bolster our team, preferred are ranged.( not mages & hunters) Melee & any dps is always considered even if they are not of prio. We require that you have a working microphone and know how to use it. Days: Wed,Thu,Sun 19-22 and we require 80 % attendence. No longer running heroic clears on schedule but it happens on off - days This is just the most needed info short and concise if you would like more info or poke us about joining hit me up on battletag:NautroN#2583Nautrón0 2d
2d [H] Crazy Clan are recruiting! Hello Adventurers. My name is Gaazy and I'm leading the recruitment for < Crazy Clan > ! We recently came back from a break from raiding over Christmas, we curved on our first week back. We are currently (at the time of this post) doing 2-3 weeks of clearing HC to set everyone up for Mythic. We want to expand our raid team for Mythic! We are a more casual guild compared to many raiding guilds on the server, we have a raid team of people of all ages so general life/work commitments can cause people to not raid, and we are fine with that. If that is what you want then this is the guild for you! All we ask is that you take care of your character, keeping it enchanted and with correct stat priorities. We raid on: Wednesday 20:00 - 23:30 Realm time Monday 20:00 - 23:30 Realm time Friday < Fun/Alt raid > Timings change week by week ( You do not need to attend these raid nights) We are currently looking for rogues and priests to join the group. All healers are welcome as our healing team is very flexible, geared and willing to DPS if required. You're not a rogue or a priest? You're a tank or a different spec? That's fine! You are welcome to join us! but sadly I am not the guild master and can not promise you a place... But our officer team are lovely and helpful. They will help you with any questions you have! We are also major fans of Keystones, even if you don't want to raid but love doing keys then we can also accommodate you! Even if you want a guild to spend time with while you do solo content, our discord will always have people on to talk to. Do you have any questions? Ask them here or contact me in-game @ <kGaazy#2201> I am sure we can find a place for you here! Thank you for reading this and I hope we are the guild for you.Gaazy0 2d
3d [H]<Shinra Incorporated> (18+) 4/11M AtBT Shinra Incorporated. (18+) (Draenor EU - Horde) Background: Shinra Incorporated. is a mature (18+) EU guild consisting of a close-knit group of friends that have broad raiding experience ranging from Vanilla to Legion with the goal of progressing quickly through Heroic content to put a dent into Mythic content. The guild has recently transferred from Silvermoon (alliance) to Draenor to reform its mythic roster for Antorus the Burning Throne. We have brought over the main core of the old guild, but are still looking for a few more good and experienced players. We’re (mostly) not elitists - we enjoy raiding and want to perform to our best during raids. We do have a good sense of humor and are often having a good laugh on Discord. Current Legion Content Progress:- We're missing a lot of older Mythic kills in the earlier content of Legion due to us only pursuing Mythic when Nighthold and ToS was in the spotlight. Emerald Nightmare - 7/7 N, 7/7 HC & 3/7 M Trial of Valor - 3/3 N & 3/3 HC The Nighthold - 10/10 N, 10/10 HC & 8/10 M Tomb of Sargeras - 9/9 N, 9/9 HC & 5/9 M Antorus the Burning Throne - 11/11 HC, 4/11M Preferably around the same progress would be desired for all applicants. Raid Days (Server Times) Wednesday: 8 PM – 11 PM Monday: 8 PM – 11 PM (A third optional day is usually on the calendar for a quick run through of “lower-content”) What Do We Want? Self-sufficient players with a good class knowledge that want to progress as a team in a focused but non-hostile environment. In return you will have reliable raiders to play with and enjoy current content together – We enjoy doing Mythic+ and playing alts outside of raids also. We like to look at logs to improve and have a friendly competition between roles to keep the game fun and challenging. Recruitment We are open to all exceptional players but preferably DPS/Healers at the moment. (Disclaimer – The roles below are not set in stone, a fair few of us have geared alts of various roles and do not mind switching if it will aid the raid composition, so feel free to speak to us) What do We need? DPS (Warlock / Elemental Shaman / Rogue HIGH PRIORITY) If you're interested then please add one of the below for a chat! Be prepared to go over what your progress within Legion is and also WoW Logs when talking to one of the Officers. _____________________________________________________________________________________ If you are interested feel free to send a message to either: Jay – Jay#21447 Jon - Gildian#21440 Jonas - Arwyn#21298 In the event that an Officer isn't online, please use our short application process on the link provided below: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSevMIZW0iCuT2mIdZBsoppOne2SFLrVw_X3KOz_H2Dba3QFrg/viewform This provides us with the basics so we have some background about the applicant until we're back online! Cheers!Àrwèn2 3d