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6m [H] <Flux> - is now recruiting! Who the Flux? Flux is situated on Draenor. We are an 18+ guild, which does not mean you need to be 18+ but you need to be able to handle mature content appropriately. Flux offers a determined professional raid environment. We have a never-give-up mentality, without losing its social and lighthearted approach on troubles and having a good time. We raid for progression and prestige of the kill, not brainless gearing. Raiding times 19:45 to 23:00, with invite times starting at 19:30. Our raiding nights are Thursday and Monday. We want you to attend both raids. What the Flux? Flux is looking for bold men and cheeky ladies that know how to rock 'n' roll. We are looking for involved socialites that know how to play and are not afraid to get their digital hands dirty. We currently have high demand for the following classes: Warrior (DPS) Paladin (DPS) Monk (DPS) All applicants will be discussed and replied to asap, please be patient. If you are an outgoing competent man, boy, lady, girl or androgyne and feel that you can display some serious style and oomph, please visit http://flux-wow.eu/ to apply and see how deep the rabbit hole really goes.Myris4 6m
38m <Va Va Voom> 5/11HC Recruiting Healers/DPS. <Va Va Voom> A semi-hardcore horde based guild on Draenor. Our aim is to sufficiently clear mythic content in a relaxed 2 day schedule, looking to progress and achieve around a top 50 server status. We are looking for players who can pull their own weight, knuckle down during raids yet add to our friendly and social atmosphere. Outside of raid nights, and simultaneous to playing other games together, we regularly run keystones and are looking for more people interested in pushing higher keys. Schedule: Monday/Thu 21:00 - 00:00 ST Recruitment: DPS: 1-2 spots for only exceptional applicants. DK (High Prio) Moonkin Healer: Monk (High prio) Paladin (High prio) Disc Priest Resto Druid (Only exceptional applicants) Requirements: Due to our more relaxed schedule we require players to be punctual. Secondly we require our players to have a working microphone and to not be too shy to use it. This is for the benefit of communication during a pull and the fact that ultimately we are a guild that places value on the social element and banter if often thrown around, thus we prefer players who will join in. Players should bring logs to support their request to join. Contact Kryso#2275Kryso2 38m
1h Resto Druid - Arms Warrior LF Raiding Guild Hi all, My names Mark I'm from the UK and I am 31 years old currently unemployed at the moment searching for a job I play computer games in my spare time and watch movies/tv programmes and socialise with my friends. I've had some decision making on what class I wanted to play in BFA and I played my DK 351ilvl 8/8 Norm Uldir 20lvl neck and I leveled a few classes to 120 and warrior shined abit more for me in the end hes currently 330 once I put my 370 shoulders on but waiting for my neck to get to level 18 before that I am gearing as much as possible at a good pace and will be leveling my blacksmithing to get the crafted pieces made. I am 8/8 Norm Uldir Experience + heroic and mythic experience in previous raids. 332ilvl - 16level neck - working on gearing but shouldnt take to long. https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/draenor/Ex%C3%B4diac Alt: Arms Warrior 332ilvl - 17 level neck https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/draenor/Er%C3%AAmus I have played the game since vanilla, raided since TBC I've raided most raids over the past expansions been in various types of guilds from semi hardcore to casual. Raid Days /Times: Any day besides saturday and times no earlier then 19:30pm game time but would prefer 20:00pm start time. I've a total of 20 characters both horde/ally combined and I've played decent amount on them over the years. there all ranging around the 90-120 mark. I've got all communication programs such as discord, vent, ts3, mumble and I have a fully functioning microphone and can speak and understand english. I come prepared to all raids with flasks, pots, food and have a full understanding of the tactics I do my research. If you have any questions then feel free to contact me below and I'll be happy to anwser them and if you want me to speak to you on discord or what ever program you use then i don't mind doing so. BTAG: Eremus#21771Erêmus3 1h
2h Late night weekend mythic raiding guild recruiting CURRENTLY RECRUITING 1x Balance Druid 1x Warlock 1x Holy Paladin Last Night is a late night weekend raiding guild formed by retired and current (on alts) high end raiders (top 20-300 Argus mythic & more) with previous leading experience. We strive to clear mythic content before it's outdated on a light real live friendly schedule: Friday & Saturday: 22:00h - 01:00h server time. To be clear our goal is to get mythic cleared before the next raid releases, we are not interested in pushing our world rank. Last Night is all about efficiency. Both the council and the members are to partake in this. The council will provide structure and efficient systems that speed up the organisation process of raids, it's up to raiders to participate properly. An example is a farm spreadsheet where everyone fills out what bosses they need so we can preamptively sort out groups and assignments. It goes without saying we expect people to be prepared for bosses and have optimized characters. Late Night is a community where you can enjoy your time playing World of Warcraft at a solid level regardless of your busy work or school schedule. This place was created by and meant for players in that environment, ofcourse other kind of players are also welcome, that includes alts from people who would like to raid in a second guild. For more information add Paranor#21379 on Battle.net. To apply click on the link below. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdAmyDzZx8_MTZAgtvHEYkfbgVJ3wHx2ZIE8iPvr38oJpRuVg/viewformParanor30 2h
2h [H] <Apostles> Social Community with a view to Raid <Apostles> are recruiting! Apostles are a adult only, English speaking guild born 7 years ago in Star Wars:TOR. We've since prided ourselves on our ability to maintain a relaxed, friendly and funny atmosphere whilst delivering group content at all levels - pressure free. Profile As a community we've hopped around games with varying success ever since we joint-left TOR. Come Legion launch we threw ourselves into WoW, becoming a established Social & Heroic Raid guild - and now here we are again for BFA. Since, the oldies of the community returned and new friends have been found, leading to a guild working the content at our own pace and having a good time while doing so. We're a Drama-free guild, putting social, fun and banter first, a lot of us are now ex-hardcore raiders who've got older and settled down a little. With that comes raider mindset, with a relaxed attitude - the perfect combo! We're strictly adult-only (As we love beer and drunken Saturday nights) with probably an average age range of 25-35 (Some in their 50's :D) from all over the world. Made up of a majority of British and Scandinavians, with others from all over Europe, America, South Africa and more. A large portion of guys are always on Teamspeak socially when they're online, leading to a active voice comms all the time, if you're into that. For chilling, grouping or just banter! More vocal, TS Heavy people are always welcome! There is also a community aspect to Apostles, with members over the 7 years all playing different games also! So if on the side you'd be interested in people to play other games such as Black Desert Online, Destiny 2, Overwatch, Rocket League, PUBG, Battlefield with Weekend events like Trouble in Terrorist town, GTA V Race nights and other shenanigans then we certainly cater to that too! With this also comes other optional community platforms such as Guild Facebook & Steam groups. We also have a successful 2 year old Node war guild in BDO. We're a pretty small tight-knit group currently finding our feet back in WoW, but will be looking to get back into laid-back raiding ASAP, so if you wanna join the family and be a part of us becoming a successful guild again in yet another game/expansion, then hit us up below. Guild Information Realm: Draenor EU Faction: Horde How to contact us If you're interested in joining or hearing more information about Apostles, then you can apply at our website: www.apostles.online - Or contact officers in game. Feel free to whisper Korrìban, Komasachi in game. We look forward to hearing from you!Korrìban0 2h
2h Hpala and DK(7/8HC) lf Mythic/M+ Raiding Guild Hey guys, we are currently stuck with pug 7/8HC and looking for a M/M+ raiding guild right now =) Armorylink Hpala: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/blackhand/Ezpzpalasqz Armorylink DK: https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/blackhand/Say I can raid almost everyday from 19/7pm till 23:30/11:30pm (CEST) For further informations just add me: Strawbear#21553Ezpzpalasqz2 2h
3h (H) Team Casual 5/8HC are now recruiting Hey everybody, Team Casual are now recruiting for laid back heroic and mythic progression in BFA. We are a small community formed by a group of RL friends. Early in 2014 we decided to transfer from our own realms to create a guild together on Draenor. We are a friendly, relaxed and social but progression focused raiding guild. We know what it means to wipe all night to make the smallest progression on a raid and we are here to help each other get the most out of our time spent raiding. While we aren't raiding we like to run old content, hunt achievements and even play some PVP. We also accept social members, so if raiding isn't your thing don't panic, we'd still love to have you. If you like the sound of our guild or aren't sure whether or not you'd fit in please don't hesitate to get in touch. We can have a chat about what you expect from a guild and what we expect from you, and we can offer a trial period to allow you to give us a try, if we're not for you then that's fine, we wish you well in the future. We're currently accepting: DPS Death Knight Ranged DPS Healer Our raid schedule is currently Wednesday,Thursday, Sunday 21:00 - 00:00 server time REQUIREMENTS Some experience raiding current tier content. We're not looking for the best raiders in the world here, we just ask you know the way around your class and how to move out of the fire. The ability to adapt quickly. We want players who can learn from wipes and take advice on the fly, ultimately we want raiders who won't repeat mistakes, and stay on the lookout for other people's. We don't want anyone to feel like they can't criticise others, as long as it's constructive. By giving and taking advice from others we can quickly eliminate the problems preventing boss progression. A fun and friendly personality. Personally, we believe that community is at the heart of any successful guild. Even though raid progression is the goal, we want every member of our guild to feel included and comfortable being a part of Team Casual. CONTACTS If you've made it this far, thank you for bearing with us. To get in touch with Team Casual please message one of the following in game or hop into our Discord for a chat. We love alts, so if none of the characters below are available then don't hesitate to contact any of our online guild members and they will be happy to direct you to an officer. Throlia Lillysatou Azazel Fhurzam Thanks again from everyone here, and we hope to see you in game! Web: www.teamcasual.co.uk Discord: https://discord.gg/EKUSAd2Throlia69 3h
3h (H)The Many Few - Raiding & Social Guild Recruiting DPS Availability Priority for Hunter, Mage, Shadow Priest and potentially a Warlock. Still looking for a place to call home ? Im not going to bore you with a sales pitch offer, my guild has be active for nearly 2 years and we are looking for well rounded primiarly ranged players (other classes concidered) to join the family. We are semi hardcore and raid 2 nights a week wed & Sun st 20:00-23:00 currently 3/8HC 8/8N we do in house M+ & quite social on DC. My vision is to go back to the love of the game, the reason we all started in the begining and enjoy playing online with like minded people not let it become a chore. We are quite a active guild with someone online most evenings & as some of us have young families i understand daily duties and responsibilities & we try accommodate around you. If you would like more info or we tick some of you box's give me a shout or add me on btag Angelreeper#21136 Kind Regards Phil For more Info check out our website https://themanyfewhorde.enjin.com/ Socials are always welcome and do not need to apply just give me a shout ingame or on Bnet for inviteAngelreeper0 3h
3h Removed....Closed Availability Priority for Hunter, Mage, Shadow Priest and potentially a Warlock. Still looking for a place to call home ? Im not going to bore you with a sales pitch offer, my guild has be active for nearly 2 years and we are looking for well rounded primiarly ranged players other classes concidered to join the family. We are semi hardcore and raid 2 nights a week wed & Sun st 20:00-23:00 currently 3/8HC 8/8N we do in house M+ and social content. My vision is to enjoy and love playing online with like minded people & not let it become a chore. We are quite a active guild with someone online most evenings & as i have a young family i understand daily duties and responsibilities if you would like more info or we tick some of you box's give me a shout or add me on btag Angelreeper#21136 Kind Regards Phil For more Info check out our website https://themanyfewhorde.enjin.com/ Socials are always welcome and do not need to apply just give me a shout ingame or on Bnet for inviteAngelreeper18 3h
3h Heroic/Mythic Progression Guild LF Ranged DPS <GOT BEEF> [H] - Heroic / Mythic progression guild looking for dedicated players to join the raiding core. 8/8 Normal - 5/8 Heroic Recruiting Range DPS - Mage - Warlock - Balance Druid Attendance Raiding days - Wed / Sun 20:00 - 00:00 Server Time. High attendance (85-90%) Is required. Guild Info iLvl 355+ base line requirement with mythic knowledge and experience. Current core consists of progression raiding players with top 200 world experience looking to clear all content at mythic level in good time at a slower 2-day pace. Expectations - Mythic raiding knowledge - A good attitude towards raiding and progressing - Active and willing to participate in guild activity's such as competitive mythic+ Loot rules - Personal loot. - Duplicated items will be traded within the guild. - BoE items if they are not needed then they will fund the guild bank for flasks/feast/pots. Ambitions We aim to build a solid raiding roster to progress into heroic clears. Once our heroic team is set we will progress into mythic with a strong competent roster. We aim to clear all content at mythic difficulty. Battletags Guild Master: Ryan#22555 Raider Leader: Tjmedsy#2221/Tjmedsy#2478Tjae2 3h
4h [H] <Waifu Appreciation Inc> 5/8HC LFM <Waifu appreciation inc> of Draenor are looking for excellent players to push Mythic content through Battle of Azeroth. Current progress is 5/8HC. Our reserved days/hours for raiding are Wednesday & Thursday(20:00pm-23:00pm ST). Optional activities on Monday, where Friday to Sunday are always reserved as off days ***************************************************** Currently Recruiting: Mage Boomkin Ele shammy ***************************************************** We will always look at exceptional applicants in any class. If you want a home for rest of BFA and feel like you can push content, then we encourage you to apply. About us: We were formed toward the end of the WoD expansion and quickly developed a uniquely friendly social dynamic while still being very efficient in clearing heroic content. It is our goal to Make Raiding Great Again by bringing new blood into our guild which has excelled at being friendly without being casual and bringing out the best in our members both socially and in terms of their raiding potential. What we expect our raiders to have: A good attitude towards raiding - Show up with your own food and a fresh mindset. Progress is repetitive and can be stressful. We do not accept any form of harassment or whining unless it is clearly banter. A high attendance - We know life sometimes gets in the way, and we are understanding of this fact. An active social player. - We expect people to make an effort on the social side. Do Mythic+, pvp, chill in the Discord and chat. Since WoW is a social game and we usually don’t bite. A thirst for improvement. - Guides will get you halfway. Trial and error will get you further. Look up logs, check your class discord and consult with other people in the same boat as you. Trials: You will have a 2 week trial from the first raid you attend. This is to judge your ability to the team. - Although we might provide feasts and cauldrons, Raiders are expected to have extra food/flasks/runes etc. - 1/2 Raids are required to be attended per week. Breaks are allowed, but please give us a heads-up. - Loot which is not needed by a player will be given to Raid-leader to distribute. - We use Angry-Assignments for shared notes of tactics and assigned players. If you have any questions, feel free to message any officer below: Btag; Netharian #21161 Dimmo #21892 We wish you the best in your guild search!Tzuyomi36 4h
5h [H] Freedom Fighters - Saturday/Monday Raiding Guild Freedom Fighters Faction: Horde Status: 6/8N 1/8HC Raid days: Saturday & Monday. Raid times: 19:45-23:00 Server Recruiting for Mythic+, Heroic Progression. Our aim is to progress while having fun in a laid-back atmosphere and we want members to have a positive and friendly attitude. Curve is the primary goal of every raid tier, followed by mythic+ keys. Mythic progression only if desire and numbers permit all while still maintaining a life outside the game. Raid nights are Saturday and Monday evenings with other nights open to guild members to create their own events. We are active on discord and friendly banter is always welcome. Current members are located in the UK, Ireland and Scandinavia and we have a few socials from other servers present in our discord and community which we use for raid numbers as needed or to find people for mythic+ runs. If you feel you might be a good fit for the guild and are looking to get in touch leave a reply or contact us in-game. Reload (Load#2999) Ashcor (Ashkor#1298)Reload8 5h
6h [H] <Cannon Fodder> 2 day 6/8 HC <Cannon Fodder> About us: Our current goal is to continue in heroic, and progress in mythic in our own pace. Most of our members are old mythic raiders who don't have time to raid 4+ times a week and have family duties, difficult work schedule and so on. So we are an experienced bunch of people. We are going to clear heroic, do mythic plus and other activities as a guild. There are no rushing into content and no wiping all night with our group. If we find out a boss is to hard for us at the moment, we switch our attention to other activities (achievement runs, normal raid etc), until we feel comfortable killing that boss. Our guild feels a lot like a second home to many of our members, and we treat each other as a family. We have also had several guild meetings irl with members from all over Europe. History: The core in this guild is group friends that have played together since vanilla. Cannon Fodder was started in Wrath. We moved over to Draenor in 2012, and have been here ever since. Some of our achievements: Wrath: We managed to clear full HC ICC as a guild after the nerfs. Cata: which we cleared most of DS on HC (last boss left) MoP: we cleared up to HC/Mythic Thok. WOD: Most of the members took a break in WoD, but those who didn't, raided with another guild ending up clearing HFC on mythic. Legion: We cleared 4 bosses on Mythic in Emerald Nightmare, Full HC ToV and full HC Nighthold. Some of our old members just recently came back, having cleared 9/10 Mythic in Nighthold and 8/9 Mythic in ToS. In Antorus we cleared full HC and full normal. What we want: We are more after the player than the class, meaning that we would like to add members to our roster that fits us. We want players who like having a laugh while playing Players that enjoy clearing content New friends What we can offer: We can offer a steady raid team with good players and a pretty casual approach to raids. Active people, not just in wow. We also play other games together Normal and heroic clears Guild IRL meetingsContact and raid information: Raid days are Wed 1930-2300 and Sunday 1930-2300. We are currently recruiting a few more dpsers and a tank. Feel free to whisper me ingame Hogan#21205 or reply to this post if you are interested in joining our ranks. While waiting for the release of Uldir raid we run Heroic/Mythic dungs daily - Making sure everyone will be geared 5. september.Leaothora12 6h
8h Mage LF raiding Guild. Hi im LF a HC and maybe even mythic guild if the guild fits! Im older 30+ and there for LF a mature guild that pref raid 3 days a week. I got alot raiding experience from Wotlk and cataclysm where I raided HC and played resto shaman. In mop and wod I played PVP mostly and on my monk and warrior. In Legion I raided EN HC and some Mythic as well and antorus HC at latest raid. Is there any social, mature and hopefully progressive guild that need a Mage? and I play frost atm and Ilvl 348. You can add me on battle net Tidin#21917 or leave a comment below. Peace.Tiidin3 8h
8h 4 Curved Irls LF 2 Day/week raiding guild Hi there! We are 4 Irls: Mage,Warr(DPS),DK(DPS),Rogue! LF for a new home that raids twice a week! 3 of us have curve already 1 have 6/8 HC prog. Feel free to write here or add me on b.net Kimoe#2604 https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/draenor/Kímóe https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/draenor/Salle https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/draenor/Nasalkola https://worldofwarcraft.com/en-gb/character/draenor/BrittmarieeKímóe3 8h
8h [H]Mage & Paladin looking for heroic raiding guild! Hello! Me and my paladin friend(idontmind#2971) are looking for a progress raiding guild on Thursday and Saturday evenings(from 7pm server time). I as a ranged dps mainly play frost mage but can switch specs if needed(also got a balance almost raid ready)with experience in heroic raids since MoP. My paladin friend has mythic&heroic experience as a Healer but can also play as tank(also raid ready warrior character). Please contact me if you are interested on Discord-Sensually#7522 or Sensually#2776 ingame.Sensually2 8h
8h 362 Havoc DH looking for a semi-serious raiding guild Hey! Due to my current guild recently disbanding, I’m looking for a new group to raid with. Although I do want to progress through heroic and eventually mythic, I would prefer for it to be in a friendly, social environment rather than a stressfully serious one. I’d like to raid 2-3 times a week on any days except for Fridays and Saturdays. Drop me a message in-game if you’d like to talk. Thanks for reading!Toffeecrisp3 8h
11h The Garrison Recruiting For Night Raiding Uldir Norm/HC The Garisson a Horde guild on Draenor EU . We are a late night raiding team and we look for some like minded raiders to start our progression raids, we aim for Mythic raiding 2-3 days per week. Requirements : * You need to be able to play at night - Wednesday 00:00-03:00 - Thursday 00:00-03:00 - Monday 00:00-03:00 * At least able to raid 2/3 ( prefered 3/3 ) * Hang out with us on Discord which we use to communicate Feel fit for our team ? Then signup right now. See you soon. http://www.guilded.gg/r/AdMld9DgMEGonnarer0 11h
12h [H] <Raider Academy> Come and play with us Raider Academy is a newly formed guild on Draenor, Horde side. Since we formed in April we have grown into a not so small group of people with mixed levels of experience in the game, but we are still looking for more people who want to play with us. Some of us are veterans with mythic raiding experience, while others are players who started in Legion, or returned to the game after a break and fresh for BFA. In Raider Academy we want to teach and develop people in (mythic) raids and mythic plus dungeons. We believe there are many people who have the potential to start raiding and be a better player, but never got the opportunity, or don't know where all the resources are. We will teach you. Our goals for BFA are to raid mythic on a two day raiding schedule. Currently we are 6/8HC and are finalizing our roster to start Mythic. If you sign up for our mythic roster we don't require any prior mythic experience, but we do require the dedication that comes with being a mythic raider. We raid two days per week: Wednesday: 20:30 - 23:00 ST Monday: 20:30 - 23:00 ST (Optional) Thursday: 20:30 - 23:00 ST The optional Thursday runs are for either HC farm, achievements, or just general fun. Anyone can sign up for it. Please look at the last post on this thread to see what classes we currently are recruiting for our mythic roster. If you just want to join us as a friend or social, that's fine too, and we're happy to have you. Contact us on battlenet if you're interested: Meek#21612 or Isphryll#2255Cynder31 12h
13h 356 Mage LF Daytime Raiding Guild! As the title states, i'm a 356 Mage with a bunch of alts also i'm working on ( Druid and DK at present) I'm currently working nights full time and miss the thrill of raiding. I'd like to join a guild that is pushing hc with a view to completing mythic. I would be looking at time between 1pm-7pm ST. Thanks for reading and i hope there's a guild out there for me!Tezlá0 13h
15h Vin La Cvicek <VLC> eu - draenor 1/8M Need Dps VLC is searching for players to boost our roster in Legion. We aim to clear Mythic when the content is current. Feel free to check us out. we need a few dps either a: shadowpriest, elemental shaman, boomcin, mage, Death knight and hunter Dps and a for our mythic roster Be aware that we are recruiting for mythic progression so your gear and raiding experience has to be adequate for it unless you are very exceptional player. Just to be clear, we are not interested in bringing tunnel DPS into our roster. The core of our DPS is quite strong, and what we are looking for are players that: - Listen to instructions and follow fights mechanics. - Are receptive to constructive criticism - Communicate with others of the same class, and show a willingness to constantly improve themselves and stay up-to-date with class knowledge We expect and demand the very best from all of our players. Before you Contact us, make sure you have great understanding of the class you will be playing, that you are up to date with the current theorycrafting and can fully answer any questions we have regarding the choices you have made with your character. Make sure you have the dedication and motivation to keep pushing it. Players should also be mature enough to take criticism when it is deserved. Raid spots are earned, not given. If you think you have what it takes, in return you can expect to become part of a guild which loves raiding, a strong community of like-minded individuals all working toward the same goal. What we can offer you: 1. A raiding environment that is focused and determined to ensure that all content is cleared within a good time frame. 2. Our raids are also a social thing, we're all really good friends and all have a really good time during all of our raids. 3. A reliable raid position. We make sure that we don't over-recruit, while this means that everyone must show almost impeccable attendance it ensures that every player that is performing to an expected standard and is deserving retains their raid spot. At this current moment in time we're looking for a few specific classes (see list below) however, we always consider exceptional applications. VLC has been around since 2005 and we pride ourselves on being one of the oldest guilds. We used to be Slovenian only, but are now international and our roster includes players from all nationalities Loot System: To distribute loot we currently use Loot Council. Loot is a necessary tool that controls how well your raid can progress, as so we treat it like such. We hand out loot based on a couple of factors. How big of an upgrade it is, what the persons attendance is like, and whether the item is BiS or not. We then weigh all of these factors and hand out loot to who ever we feel will receive the greatest benefit. Raiding schedule: Monday: 19:00 – 22:30 Wednesday: 19:00 – 22:30 Thursday: 19:00 – 22:30 Addons needed: RCLootCouncil WeakAuras 2 BigWigs Bossmods / DBM Exorsus Raid Tools Contact one of us for your trial: Officer team: Tantabolt/tantalus/,Takanør,Frostmaster And BwerolTantalus56 15h
15h 8/8HC 1/8M // 369ilvl // Holy priest LF guild Preferably 8/8HC or already working on mythic progression.Kouda0 15h
16h [H] Wannabe Raiders - Recruiting Hello Draenor! Our guild is currently looking for new people to join our main Raid roster. We are in need of any (good) dps. About ourselves Currently we are a rather small guild with an even smaller raiding roster. Besides raiding we do enjoy every aspect of the game. We have some people who play arena on the regular and we also do a lot of Mythic+ runs. We are a rather social guild and most of our members know each other from real life, so you could say we are sorta familiar. It would be cool if we could keep this up. We use a discord where we are rather active and socialize with each other. You shouldnt be foreing to the internet phenomenom called memes, and also dont take everything all too serious. Yes, we all wanna progress but we still want to have fun. Current progress/Goals We are currently 6/8 on normal and 3/8 on Heroic, which is mainly because of us having to use a lot of randoms (which we would love to change, of course) Our goal is to definitely clear heroic and maybe even clear some mythic bosses. We aint no method though. Its a good mix between fun and progression. Requirements itemlevel 340 or higher Some experience would be desirable Dont be a douche Know the basic rules of the English language If you're interested you can hit me up on either discord (Rayjyn#3197) or battle.net(Rayjyn#2487) You can also contact our guild leader; Discord(Kortrell#7475), battle.net(Kortrell#21513) or another officer; Discord(AkitoPulse#3085), battle.net(AkitoPulse#2693)Sekari4 16h
17h [H] GOT BEEF - Recruiting <GOT BEEF> [H] - Heroic / Mythic progression guild looking for dedicated players to join the raiding core. 8/8 Normal - 5/8 Heroic https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/draenor/GOT+BEEF Recruiting Range DPS - Mage - Warlock - Balance Druid Healers - Disc Priest - MW Monk - Resto Druid Attendance Raiding days - Wed / Sun 20:00 - 00:00 Server Time. High attendance (85-90%) Is required. Guild Info iLvl 350+ base line requirement with mythic knowledge and experience. Current core consists of progression raiding players with top 200 world experience looking to clear all content at mythic level in good time at a slower 2-day pace. Expectations - Mythic raiding knowledge - A good attitude towards raiding and progressing - Active and willing to participate in guild activity's such as competitive mythic+ Loot rules - Personal loot. - Duplicated items will be traded within the guild. - BoE items if they are not needed then they will fund the guild bank for flasks/feast/pots. Ambitions We aim to build a solid raiding roster to progress into heroic clears. Once our heroic team is set we will progress into mythic with a strong competent roster. We aim to clear all content at mythic difficulty. Battletags Guild Master: Ryan#22555 Raider Leader: Tjmedsy#2478Ryanxo8 17h
17h Another day, another Queue why is it that every day i want to play the game i pay money for i am greeted with a queue of at least 15 - 30 min? are you not prepared for the amount of people you allow to play on a realm to actually be online and play the game? what is going on blizz? https://i.gyazo.com/1befeeb8603ef818117132458fe02671.png Edit: Realm is Draenor EU if you are interestedKforce9 17h
18h 352 ilvl MW monk LF guild Ello.. Im listeposen. and im 25 years old monk with 352 ilvl im looking for a 2 days raiding guild 7-22 server time. current exp in bfa, is 7/8 on normal, 2/8 hc. Im current on Draenor eu. just moved from Ravencrest A. i have played wow in like 10 years. Thanks for reading this. (im not that good to write english) bt; sødfyr#2668. PS.Jeg er dansk..Listeposen3 18h
18h H<<Seekers Of Juice>> (N)7/8N 3/8 HC Recruiting Greeting fellow seekers of juice! Looking for a new guild? Well i have good news for you <Seekers of juice> are looking for you! We are going to be primarily a HC raiding guild and(hopefully)moving into mythic raiding eventually as a long term goal. Please be mature and 18+. We will be using English as our main language of communication. Aswel as discord being the primary use of communication. Socials are very welcome!! Currently recruiting: Tanks : N/A, Exceptions can be made Healers : N/A, Exceptions can be made Dps : Ranged high, no mages. Locks high prio, melee welcome Raiding times are Thursday ,Sunday, Tuesday 9 pm st till 12 pm st schedule. Please feel free to hop into our discord to have a quick chat with us to see if we are the guild for you. link is as follows https://discord.gg/nYgrndw or leave a message here and we will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Seek that juice!Shádds25 18h
19h Always Sunny In Azeroth is looking for members! {Always Sunny In Azeroth} 5/8 NM 2/8HC. Is looking for new members to fill out our Roster. We are a UK based guild with a laid back attitude and with the aim to clear HC before a new tier launches. Raids are Wed and Fri 8:30 - 11:00. Please reply for more info! :)Tharrisa0 19h
20h [H][2/8M] Weekend Mythic Raiding - Team Cobra Who are we? Team Cobra is a mythic raiding guild located on Draenor-EU (Horde). The core members of the guild have played since Vanilla and have vast raiding history and experience. The guild was formed around mid-February and our rapid progress since then is a testament to our members experience and skill. What are our goals? In 4 months of being a guild, we achieved 11/11M - Cutting Edge: Argus the Unmaker. After 12 hours of raiding, we are 2/8M including also Heroic G'huun. We aim to have a core group of 25-26 players that share the same ambition, attitude and mentality as us and the ultimate target is to be clearing all mythic raid content whilst it is relevant (i.e. Cutting Edge). Above all else, our goal is to provide our members with an enjoyable place to spend their weekend raiding. Where do you fit in? Personality and performance are the two requirements to join Team Cobra. We are looking for applicants who can benefit the guild both inside and outside of raids. If you're are ex-progression raider who lacks the time to commit to a traditional 'hardcore' raid schedule, but still wants to clear endgame content, this is the guild for you. We've all been there, we've all taken a step back, but we're all just as hungry as ever to push for real progression and have fun whilst doing so. Raiding Times Saturday - 16:00 - 19:00 server time Sunday - 16:00 - 19:00 server time Recruitment We always consider applications from exceptional players, regardless of class. If you have extensive endgame raiding experience with the logs to back it up, feel free to get in touch. As usual, social applications are very welcome! Contact us If the above sounds like a guild you'd be interested in joining, please feel free to contact us as follows: GM - Zarfen - Discord - Zarfen#8370 - BattleTag - BestDruidEU#2151 Officer - Impliyed - Discord - Impliyed#0713 - BattleTag - Implied#2856 Officer - Arwegail - Discord - Arwegail#4535 - BattleTag - synyster#2334 Or simply fill out an application here on our website. https://teamcobra.enjin.com/ Thanks for reading and I hope to see you in guild soon.Zarfen92 20h
20h Brewmaster looking for Mythicguild As title says, looking for a mythic-guild that where raids end 22 CEST at latest on weekdays because of workschedule. Previously raided mythic in most of Legion as tank, have tanked in every expac in WoW. Battletag: #tyrwing2546Alyssera0 20h
21h - Trygdekontoret - Norwegian/English guild LF members Hi. We are a small team of 8 Norwegians looking for more members to engage heroic raid content for starters and to later see if Mythic content is something for us. We are pretty laidback, but not quite casual either and not hardcore in any sense or form. All of us are over 30 years of age and have a long history in WoW dating all the way back to Vanilla. Our team have all ready cleared several M+ 10 keys and cleared Uldir on Normal and with 5 bosses down in heroic with our previous guild. As we wanted to start something on our own we are currently looking for: - healers - tank - 8 different types of dps ( both ranged and melee ) We don´t have any guild page other than a FB group ( Trygdekontoret - Draenor ) nor do we intend to make one, so all questions and requests will be handled in game. Raid days are Thursday and Sunday from 19:30 to 22:30 due to most of us have family and some even kids. If you find this interesting, look us up in game and just talk to anyone within the guild. We will be happy to give you any information about joining us. Best Regards BowlowBowlow0 21h
22h [H] Downtown Rats LF more to form a solid raiding core Downtown Rats - Draenor EU are now seeking a few more members to form a solid raiding core. Currently recruiting: - Tank - Healer - DPS (ranged a priority) Who are Downtown Rats? We are a a group of like minded people that have played many games over the years together, we have always had the ethos of keeping the clan/guild small with players of the same mind frame. We started off as Mindgame playing highly competitive CoD UO (yes we are that old!) then a variety of games to fill the years. WoW has always been a staple with us which has led us to create a guild to continue our gaming journey. What ethos? Like already mentioned we prefer to keep our guilds small and compact, this is for a few reasons. - Give us a great understanding and knowledge of each other - People don’t get lost in the guild, logging on to play with 9 other players brings a great bond that actually means something when you accomplish something, rather than logging into a guild of 200+ asking for help and you get no replies. - Everyone in the guild has a voice, we believe rank doesn't make a difference every one of our members are valued and so is their thoughts and ideas. If the guild has problems or issues we work them out together as a guild, usually on discord where everyone gets their say. - We are getting older, we are not pushing world firsts but this doesn't mean we are ready to throw in the towel. We want to complete content while it is still viable at a pace that suits us. What are we looking for? We are currently clearing M+ content without any troubles and looking to expand, our ideal scenario would be 2 groups of 5 for M+ (not elite group 1 + other group) more of we can ask anyone to the group and know that they will be as good as anyone else within our core. We also ask that all members can contribute to Discord, this is where our community all hang out, it’s how we all get along so well. We then hope to take these groups and for a 10 man raiding team for normal and heroic, we have no ambitions to go into mythic raiding as the effort/reward for running guilds like that are slim. We would prefer candidates to have some knowledge of their class and how raiding/m+ works simple things like: - Enchants - Consumables - Strategies - Being prepared - Most importantly turning up, as a small guild this is massively important to us. If you can’t make it tell someone and we can adjust accordingly. We would also like it if people had MS/OS just in case we need an emergence healer/tank etc, even the fact we know everyone gets a bit bored of doing the same job each raid, being able to change spec once in a while helps with the stresses of raiding. People with no raid experience will not be shunned as long as you are willing to learn If this sounds like a guild that you would be interested in joining or want any information about us feel free to message either me (Nutri), Chaak / Teijo, or add Nutri to BNet via Reaper#25872.Nutri6 22h
22h (H) <Operation Trash Panda> 8/8HC, 2/8M recruiting! Although the majority of the guild members has played together for quite some time, Operation Trash Panda is a new guild - created in the hope of bringing something new to the table. Team effort is one of the key phrases to the guild. Simply put you're expected to pull your weight, both when it comes to creating a social atmosphere that other players wants to be in, but also when performance is required. However, a chain is only as good as its weakest link, and in order to be as good as we possibly can there is a heavy emphasis on positive criticism. Everybody makes mistakes, the main thing is to understand what went wrong - and to not repeat it. We realise that people have things they want to do outside raids, and as such we have a slightly different raid schedule compared to most other guilds, with only 7 ½ hours of planned raid time. Our focus is set to having quality raids with little explanations and tactical walk throughs. Instead, every member is required to have a great knowledge of the fights ahead, before getting there. The goal is to see the content whilst it is current, before major nerfs and new raid releases, and still having time to do other things that we enjoy. Our current roster has a mixed player base with experiences that reaches all the way back to pre-Vanilla, up to getting Cutting Edge in Antorus. Important information: • Raid days are currently Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, 20.00 - 22.30 ST • Attendance requirement is set to 80% • Loot system: Loot Council, we are using the addon RCLootCouncil to hand out loot. The council is a set group formed by one officer, one ranged DPS, one healer, one melee DPS, as well as one "wild card" player, chosen randomly for one week at a time. • Attendance: You are expected to have at least 80% attendance. We track this by using the addon "Guild Raid Attendance". • The addon "Exorsus Raid Tools" is mandatory • Discord is being used as our main source of communication • Raid invites are handled through the ingame calendar In order to reach our goal we are looking to strengthen our roster with the following classes (although we are always looking for exceptional players!): • Boomkin Druid • Havoc DH • BM Hunter • Exceptional players are always of interest! In order to apply you simply copy & paste this link - https://tinyurl.com/y942vmd2 - and fill out the template! If there's any questions, please contact one of the following officers: Booker#2374 Slauka#1596Slauka72 22h
1d [H] <The Warborn> - New Weekend Raiding Guild <The Warborn> SATURDAY/SUNDAY 8PM - 11PM SERVER TIME About Us The Warborn is a newly formed raiding guild, by a few mythic raiders who couldn't find a guild that fit their schedule. We're a bunch of friends who want to create a community that achieves good progression as well as having fun, and not being overly serious. We will be aiming to clear heroic raids, and push mythic difficulty if we manage to get the numbers. As well as raiding, we will be actively doing weekly mythic+ also! We also accept social players, so if you're looking for a friendly new home, feel free to poke one of us in-game! What We Expect We expect our raiders to maintain a high attendance. Of course, real life comes first, and always throws unexpected curve-balls now and then, so we don't expect every raider to attend 100% of the time. We will be using Discord during our raids, so the ability to communicate over voice comms in English is required. Since progression is our goal, we expect that our raiders be raid ready before the raid starts (food, flasks, pots, gems, enchants). Also having the required addons installed and up-to-date (DBM/BigWigs, Angry Assignments, RCLootCouncil). Being active and social is also something that we ask, as we want a good environment for everyone. We ask that our raiders be 18+, but we can make exceptions in certain situations._____________________________________________________________________________ APPLICATIONS HEALERS: We're currently taking all healer applications other than Priests. DPS: RANGED IS PRIORITY This link will take you to our application form. https://goo.gl/forms/5vCQPJWmH2lNEY2j2 Any questions or queries? Feel free to add one of us on bnet and we will get back to you asap! Ardaion#2241 Kerghan#21641 Noirova#2612Aetherlight19 1d
1d LF a friendly Guild Hi there! So i consider myself a new player. I played wow a little bit in Burning Crusade, but never to the end game, so i'm kinda new to WoW. I always loved the game and now i want to go to end game, and grow in this game. 1. Times available & time zone: GMT / GMT +1 Summer time. 2. Faction preference: Horde or Alliance (I'm currently Horde, but i have a 110 level boost, so i can use that on Alliance). 3. Hardcore/semi-hardcore/casual: Casual or Semi-Hardcore 4. PvP/PvE/RP: Both PvE and PvP 5. Hours per day: Normally 4/5 hours per day, from 23h:00pm to 4h:00am GMT. 6. Contact info: bluewolfxD#2936. 7. Anything else: I'm from Portugal, 26 years old, currently working (Full-time Job), but in a month i'm going to college (changing to a Part-time Job) so i will have more time to play.Bluewolfx0 1d
1d [H] 2/8M 3d/w Mythic Guild LF Healer&DPS Check latest post for which classes we have a specific interest in - we are always interested in exceptional players of any class/role regardless of the ones listed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Raiding days: Wed, Thur & Sun (20-23) SERVER TIME Crypt is a semi-hardcore, leaning towards hardcore, guild with a competitive mindset and an emphasis on steady progression, but not to the point where you're playing WoW as a job. We enjoy the social side of raiding and have our fun with keys, pvp & general banter outside of raiding. We currently consist of exceptional raiders with previous mythic experience looking to push into Mythic BFA raiding and CE. Overall we expect our raiders to have: A good attitude towards raiding- Show up with your own consumables and a fresh mindset. Progress is repetitive and tiring, try to make it a good experience. We do not condone any form of harassment or whining unless it is clearly banter. A high attendance (85-90%)- We know life sometimes gets in the way, and we are understanding of this fact. An active social player.- We expect people to make an effort on the social side. Do Mythic+, do pvp, hang around the Discord and chat. In its essence, WoW is a social game. A strive to improve.- Guides will get you halfway. Trial and error will get you further. Look up logs, check your class discord, and consult with other people in the same boat as you. Just because something “works”, it does not mean you cannot improve it. Crypt in Antorus Crypt was re-formed in late Antorus and achieved 6/11m in less than a month with a 6hr/week schedule. We went on a break after Kin on ~30% on 20 pulls and most of our raiders went on to get 10/11m and a handful got CE. Heading into BFA we are adding Thursday as a steady raiding day, which means we will be going 9hrs/week. The management in Antorus weren't happy with the lack of progression given the people we had, and thus decided to but an emphasis on the more hardcore side of raiding, which we will make sure every possibile trial understands. We strive to have a guild in which having fun on a general basis can coincide with raiding, but knowing how to differ the two should always prevail. If this piqued your interest, add an officer or make an application on our website. Artie#21380 Waterboi#2277 Zander#2558 Ellis#21195 If you'd like to apply for a social spot (m+, pvp, alt raids etc) please add: Arlaa#2370 www.crypt-guild.com/applyFrontwall37 1d
1d Mature, friendly guild (1/8 M) recruiting a healer Realm: Draenor (Horde) Raid Schedule: Tues, Thurs, Sun: 21.00-00.00 CET https://empyrean-draenor.enjin.com Progress: 8/8N, 6/8 HC, 1/8 M Are you looking for a new start in a friendly and relaxed environment that still gets results? ∞∞About us∞∞ We are a group of friends both old and new, who have played together over the years; between us we have a wealth of experience in raid leading, guild leadership and raiding. We are now expanding our group to include those who are looking to find a long term home with a mature and friendly group of people who know how to have fun yet remain focused when it comes to raiding. We focus on quality raiding without sacrificing the social element that comes with it - we believe that progression shouldn’t mean the death of fun! We all have a genuine love of the game and are very committed to maintaining a successful guild where our leisure time in Azeroth is spent in the most enjoyable way possible. We are very proud of our drama-free environment. We are a chilled-out group and there is no raging on discord, either inside or outside of raids. Everyone is treated with respect and patience and valued as important part of our community. ∞∞About you∞∞ You may be an experienced player who has taken a break from the game and now find that you are unable to get in to a raiding guild due to lack of gear or experience. Alternatively maybe you feel that you now have more time to commit to raiding and want to take the next step up from whatever your current guild offers. You may even be new to the game, but you learn quickly. You probably hate drama as much as we do. Whichever scenario fits you, the one thing that you will be looking for is a place that feels like home. A place where you can log in after a long day and feel like you are among friends and that you are an important part of both the raid team and the social atmosphere; a place where you feel like a person and not pixels. We have an age policy of 25+ this is mainly because our core group’s average age is mid 30s and we find that people who are at the same stage of life as us tend to fit in better socially. ∞∞Our Aim∞∞ We aim to achieve cutting edge as soon as possible with a close-knit and stable team. We aim to do this with plenty of fun along the way with everyone feeling part of a strong and stable team that actually achieves something on raid nights. I need to be clear in that the most important thing to us is recruiting people who are a good social fit with the guild as we do spend time together outside of raids, running Mythic+ and socially. ∞∞What we can offer∞∞ > A stable home with a close knit group where you will be made to feel welcome and part of something. > Relaxed , fun, yet focused and progression oriented raid environment > Progression - we get results >Experienced leadership and player base >Social events outside of raids > Absolutely no drama ∞∞What we require∞∞ > Aged 25+ > Working Mic & Discord >Skilled and experienced in the class that you play > Excellent attitude – whatever your gear and experience, if you don’t fit with us socially then it is a deal breaker. > Can make all of our raid nights >Learn quickly and receptive to feedback and constructive criticism. ∞∞Classes needed∞∞ Priority at the moment is a healer. we are specifically looking for a priest (if you can play both disc and holy, this would be preferable). We may be able to consider a MW monk. We are also looking for a boomkin and a shaman who can play both dps and healing specs. We are completely full on all melee classes as well as mages and hunters at the moment. If we seem like your thing, please get in touch with the GM, Demise on: (Battletag) Minininja#26903 (Discord) Cinder#2996 directly for more information or apply at https://empyrean-draenor.enjin.comKaliyara1 1d
1d [H] <The Greater Good> - Expanding our raid team Updated Sept 12th The Greater Good Guild (TGG) is looking to recruit raiders for BFA. Recruitment open - Looking for a few ranged DPS, please apply within. Our raid times are as follows (server times): Progress - Tuesday 20:30 - 23:00 Progress - Thursday 20:30-23:00 Casual - Sunday 15:00 - 17:00 Commencing soon About us For the most part, we are players with jobs and families which come first. We are a friendly group of players of all ages from 20’s to bus pass. Our Guild was originally formed to be a social / casual group who raided for fun and with some organisation. Our Goals Getting curve on Antorus the Burning throne Heroic was a very enjoyable but also frustrating process. The Guild leaders have now decided to build our raiding team to allow us to at the very least defeat HC on each raid before the next is announced. This is achievable with the right raiding team and moving forward with the right numbers Mythic may be possible, it all depends on the mindset and wishes of the team. How we will implement our Goals Very simply we need more raiders. We currently have a team of 15 and really want a pool of around 30 raiders give or take. However, the kind of raiders we are looking for must be a good fit with the rest of the team and whilst we can and do have fun, once we start a raid, we then play with complete focus and concentration. What we would like from you An attitude that puts Guild progress above personal reward. We understand that this is not for everyone, but if it is please see the application form link below. To Keep our guild friendly, relaxed and fun but also professional To be able to participate and communicate well. Show patience, and encourage good community spirit within our guild. Agree with and abide to our raiding rule set that can be viewed from our application form below https://tinyurl.com/ycozateo NB1: We do also recruit social players who don't necessarily want to get involved with raiding now but may do later on, though not compulsory. NB2: Unfortunately we cannot allow cross realm raiders, we have tried this in the past but the community spirit and commitment has not always been what it should beDonkley41 1d
1d 0 oNoayqa0 1d
1d 2 Days A Week - Progression But Family Minded Good Day To You All! Thank you for taking your time to read our Post. <Timeless Raiders> Were founded on the 20th June This Year! We were set up with the purpose of being a progression minded guild whilst maintaining a fun and family environment with no elitist Jerks. The Guild was founded by myself and 4 friends that i have previously run guilds with over the last 7 years or so, we all have strong experience in running guilds to a high level as well as maintaining a strong family feel in raids and out. All of the officers have high end raid experience whether it be current mythic / HC before Mythic was introduced. We have a whats app chat for the officers so we are in constant communication about running / improving the guild for its raiders :) (Typically 300 - 400 messages a day about how its going and improvements) We have created a guild that has the following.. - Raids 2 times a week. (Wed / Sun 8 - 11 Server Time) - Groups That Push M+ Keys and Improve their Raider IO - Expect at least 75 % attendance as sometimes, life comes first and that's okay. - Committed, Mature and skilled players to clear at least HC and progress Mythic - Family Atmosphere and no elitist jerks. - Highly Sociable guild, all using discord to build friendships and have fun - Wants between 20 - 25 Highly Skilled and Friendly Raiders to ensure we can always raid. (swap outs may happen in this case but will ofcourse be fair and everyone will get there kills) Whats Was Our Progress In Legion? (We Only Had 8 raid days) - 11/11 Normal - 11/11 HC - 1/11 Mythic What Is Our Progress In BFA? (4 Raid Days So Far) - 8/8 Normal - 5/8 HC - 1/8 M What are we recruiting? - Range - Hunter/Warlock & SP - Melee - Ret Pally What Are Our Requirements? - 350+ Ilvl - Atleast 3/8 HC With A Strong Raiding History - Skilled, Committed, Mature, Reliable and Most of All .... Friendly Exceptional Applications are always considered. Members are also ofcourse welcome to join and make friends and join in on Alt Runs :) Let me know if you need any more information about the guild or the Officer team and i will get back to you (Please read the comments as i will update you all there of any changes.) If you would like to apply / talk more then please add me / The Officer Team on battlenet. RyanBass#2368 Sprout#21442 GrantW#2497 kánda#2806Xyphús2 1d
1d Paradise Lost is recruiting! Hello there! Paradise Lost was formed in Wrath of the Lich King by a group of friend, it has since become an international semi-hardcore heroic raiding guild. We have cleared Emerald Nightmare HC on October the 9th and are starting Trials of Valor HC. We are currently looking for more DPS (with a Tank OS preferably) to bolster our ranks, we aim to have a roster of 15 to 20 active raiders, to keep things smooth. If you are interested in a relaxed but boisterous raiding environment, are not easily offended or sensitive and have a good sense of humor, you can reply here or whisper any of the officers online, usually very active between 8pm and 2am server time Our raiding schedule Wednesday 20:30 - 23.30 ST Sunday 21:30 - 00:00 ST Tuesday 21:30 - 23:30 ST (Only during progress) Raid rules We expect you to know the tactics for every encounter beforehand. The raid invites will start 15 minutes before schedule, so be on your main character by that time. Not being online for our main raids without providing a good reason or other similar "slack indicators" like being inactive on guild activities or not logging in for a long time without notice, will be interpreted as unreliability and will be sanctioned with the removal from the raid roster first, and removal from the guild later if the inactivity streak goes on for too long. In terms of voice chat, we use Discord.Melphyx7 1d
1d [H]<Futile>(1/8M,7/8HC) Recruiting! Hallo all, Futile is recruiting new players for their core team. We are searching for dedicated players. Recruiting: Melee Dps (everything) Range Dps (everything except boomkins) - High prior on Locks! Healers (everything) - High Prior on Rshaman and Priest! Tanks (closed) Requirements: You are an exceptional player with patience and a good attitude. We want team-players, not solo-players. We expect our raiders to use Discord and the add-ons that our raidleader deems necessary and/or useful. We expect players to have a close to 95% attendance. Listen to the raid leader. We don't need lone wolfs in this guild or ppl that cba to follow tactics! What do we offer? - Steady progression in a 2 day progress guild. (We clear normals on off days) - Dedicated Leadership - A lot of norwegian players (still international guild) Current raid times: We raid two times a week. (Wednesday and Sunday) From 20:00-23:00. We expect players to be on at 19:45 for clearing and inv. We do often clear normals on Thursday but it isnt necessary to join this raid For more information please add me on Battle.net: Pewpewpwnage#2712 or add on me on discord: General#5662 Ty for reading this and hope to hear from you all soon.Moópy0 1d
1d [H] <One Last Time> - Recruiting Ranged DPS Our guild <One Last Time> is looking for new members to join us on our adventure into Uldir and beyond. Our aim will be to raid as far as we possibly can, the stars are the limit! We are looking for raiders new and old to join our roster! Other than that we will also put some focus on Mythic + plus dungeons, Island Expeditions and what ever other content will be thrown our way. We raid Wednesday and Sunday (8:30 PM - 11:30 PM Server Time). Upon joining us you will enter a trial period -This will last for two weeks and whether or not you pass the trial and join our core team will be based on a number of factors. If you have been accepted into the guild it is because you have read our rules and requirements (such as the raiding times, attendance, addons required to raid with us.) which means you are to play at the highest standard that you can. Please apply at the following link: http://www.guilded.gg/r/AdMld9gLvE or www.onelasttime.enjin.com If you would like to chat and find out more about us prior to applying add my btag for more info (Varothian#2221) or one of our officers ( Zarvren#2636) Hope to see you in game soon!Tharzon41 1d
1d [H] <Mithra> Recruiting for Mythic team, Normal/HC team Currently 2/8 M in Uldir https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/draenor/Mithra http://www.mithra-wow.com/ Apply to join the guild through our website. We started our Mythic raiding journey in Antorus and are committed to becoming a Cutting Edge guild in every tier in BFA. We are currently recruiting for BFA. The guild has two teams, Team Covenant (Mythic team) and Team Harvest (Normal/HC team). About Mithra: The guild was reformed in winter 2018 on Draenor-EU. The guild previously existed on Kazzak-EU and transferred to Draenor-EU looking to become a CE guild in BFA. We have a strong focus of becoming one of the top 50 guilds on Draenor in BFA. Team Covenant info: We are interested in recruiting people with Mythic raiding experience but such experience is not absolutely necessary. While we do not expect you to have 11/11 M in Antorus, we do expect you to be knowledgeable of your class and decently geared. Requirements You are an exceptional player with patience and a good attitude. We want team-players, not solo-players. We expect our raiders to use Discord and the add-ons that our raidleader deems necessary and/or useful. Currently Recruiting: • Warlocks x2 • Death Knight (DPS) What we offer: • steady progression and a strict three-day schedule • dedicated leadership • friendship and memes What we are looking for in applicants: • you are a team-player, a person that puts the team’s needs over your own • you are an experienced and dependable player with a high raid attendance (90%+) • you learn quickly and do not repeat the same mistakes over and over • you can listen and contribute during raids, meaning that you have a decent grasp of spoken English • you have the access to Discord, preferably with a working microphone that you can and will use if necessary Current raid times: We raid three (3) times a week (Thursday, Sunday, Monday) from 19:45 to 23:00 server time. It is always a possibility that you are benched for some fights. If you cannot handle being benched, please do not apply. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact (on Discord): GM/raidleader – Kinety#8560 Officer (Recruitment) – Olorindh#1240 Officer (Recruitment) – Yekk#7457 Team Harvest info: Team Harvest is interested in recruiting players who want to raid in a casual, friendly environment where fun is the priority over constant progress. The team starts with raiding Normal and then moves on to Heroic. Our goal is to get as far as possible in Heroic and aim to the Ahead of the Curve on each raid-tier. Currently Recruiting: • tanks • healers • melee DPS • ranged DPS All classes and specs welcome. The team has some requirements: Discord and a good attitude. Raid times: Saturdays at 20:00 - 22:00 server time. For more information, contact Sedra#6612 on Discord.Shingadwyin18 1d
1d 363 Resto Druid looking for guild! Hi there; As the title of the topic says, I'm a 363 equipped Restoration Druid looking for a Heroic/Mythic raiding guild. I'm currently 6/8 Heroic myself (Zul/G'huun missing... pugs, eugh). I've raided most raids since Dragon Soul (skipped all of MoP + Highmaul though) - and I've cleared all of them aside from Dragon Soul on Heroic, and all except Trial of Valor I've at least cleared 2-5 bosses on Mythic difficulty - and am looking for a guild to aim towards pushing for cutting edge. Over the time I've played I've switched main characters a lot, but I've mainly healed since I started raiding back in Cataclysm (have mained every healing class except Paladin at some point) - I've mained DPS a couple of times as well but always find myself getting back into healing - I think I like the chaos of it a bit too much :D! Past experience: Cataclysm Dragon Soul 5/8 Heroic (As Discipline Priest) Mists Of Pandaria (Skipped entire expansion) Warlords of Draenor Blackrock Foundry 5/10 Heroic (As Discipline Priest) Hellfire Citadel 3/12 Mythic (As Mistweaver Monk) Legion Emerald Nightmare 2/7 Mythic (As Demonology Warlock) Trial of Valor 3/3 Heroic (As Demonology Warlock) The Nighthold 3/10 Mythic (As Restoration Druid) Tomb of Sargeras 2/9 Mythic (As Discipline Priest) Antorus, the Burning Throne 5/11 Mythic (As Discipline Priest) Battle for Azeroth 6/8 Heroic (As Restoration Druid) (Zul to 51%, G'huun to 13%) Currently, I'm on Horde-Draenor, but I'd be willing to server change for the right guild - although, I'd want to at least run 1-2 trial Normal/Heroic Uldir runs before any decisions are made (realm transfers expensive...)! But if all goes well I'd happily transfer to any realm (sorry, but not willing to go alliance, don't like any of the races...) :/ With regards to raid times, I'd not be able to raid any earlier than 20:30ST, but could raid till early hours of the morning - due to the nature of my job, I will have to work every once in a blue moon, but I'll always be able to give at least 2 weeks notice if I'm unable to attend - and once I've found a new guild to raid with I can eventually change my work schedule to accomodate with the raid schedule. Not sure what else to say, so if there's anything else you'd like to know don't hesitate to give me a message!Iciest6 1d
1d LOOKING FOR RAIDING GUILD HORDE DRAENOR 353 Protection/Arms 350 disc Priest Looking for a raiding guild that focuses mainly on HC and mythic+ Add Neth#2850Zhorgal2 1d
1d Heroic raiding guild recruiting Hello, We are a heroic raiding guild, quite relaxed and easy going, yet serious when we need to progress. please fill in our application form if interested https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdB-jOxjcWut14VRvxniLEKpOuPlJk33SOvLUGa3dwz0jEfVQ/viewform Many ThanksAdloquium6 1d
1d Horde Afternoon Raiding <Drizzle> Guild/Community for those that wish to Raid in the afternoons, HORDE side! For a while I've noticed a niche that there are very few day raiding guilds, a few on the Alliance side however even less Horde side. This community is intended for those that wish to do organised content in the afternoons. Yes LFG raids work, but you don't ever get to know those that you raid with, no one is really that bothered about tactics upto a certain point. And they are toxic on the whole! Horrible! I'd like this community to be the middle ground, not a guild but a place where all have the same aims and don't expect to be dragged through content. Enjoy yourself have fun, but want to see the content, wether it be to gear up alts, or for those that have things to do in the evenings etc this might just be the place for you! The aim will be to clear HC raiding. Also if you are on Draenor feel free to join my guild, give one of us a /w online! Wed, Thurs, Mon 2pm to 4:30pm Please do join and pass on the link to your friends, welcome! https://www.worldofwarcraft.com/invite/PdX0npU5r?region=EU&faction=Horde PdX0npU5rSnailvonslow8 1d
1d Omnius Gaming [H] 3 day raiding guild The organisation has teams in multiple platforms such as - CSGO, Overwatch, Dota2 , League of Legends and of course WoW - check it out here - http://omnius-gaming.com/ The guild is founded on the fundamentals of being goal-driven and focused on achieving those goals in a reasonable time frame, while still being a friendly environment to raid in. With the start of BFA raiding on it's way, our immediate goal is to continue building a strong core raiding team, continue raiding Uldir, but more importantly to establish a strong group for Mythic progress and to achieve Cutting Edge before the end of each tier. We believe it is key to any successful guild to have reliable players, that enjoy raiding together every week. We encourage our player base to play other games with us as well, you will always find a bunch of us on Discord either playing WoW or any other game together. We're recruiting able dps to progress further into hc and eventually into mythic. Right now we're currently sitting at 3/8HC. Schedule: Three main runs - Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday - 20:30-23:30 If you are interested in applying, feel free to contact one of our officers Jerkychan - fenrir#1833 (GM) Soujiro - oblivion#2293 Celerity - Celerity#21763 Testo - Nikkep#21107 Doc - DocNgin#2188Docswok0 1d