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16h (H)orde Rock Cafe 5/8 - Casual guild recruiting now Hi all, Update: 5/8 Heroic Horde Rock Cafe (HRC) is currently recruiting all classes and specs for the core raid group. Aiming to just be a casual, two-ish day a week heroic raiding guild. Our current members are all long time players who have been together since TBC. We are looking for more plays to bolster the ranks. Honestly not fussed what your level is, gear is or what your past experience is, we've taught people much harder content. All that matters is that you have a personality that gels well with ours. We are all adults, I think the youngest player may be 23/24, so there is a certain level of maturity expected and also the implication that if you cant handle adult themes and a little swearing, you'll be better served elsewhere. If you're interested, whisper me or add my battletag, chikentonite#2474 Raid days provisionally will be Tuesdays and Thursdays, but subject to change depending on raiders availability. Raid times will be from 19:30 server time to 22:30/23:00 server time, again subject to change depending on availability. Loot is somewhat controversial, but, if you get loot you keep it, you will never be asked to trade it away unless its something you do not need. Look forward to speaking to you all! :DSahmoohchi9 16h
21h Looking for active guild Looking for new guild. Active in both raids and mythic+ I am a tank player but can also dps I have a brewmaster and rogue alt levelled also.Farikc1 21h
21h [A] Imperium - casual raiding guild (3/8H) ...Aeiedil29 21h
2d [H] <Continuum> 1/8M 6/8HC are recruiting Continuum are recruiting! We are a close knit and friendly community as well as a progression focused guild with an aim to push content. We are currently progressing Uldir and are 1/8 Mythic, 8/8 Normal and 6/8 Heroic. We do frequent Mythic+ dungeons and Island expeditions as a guild. We also have a casual raid on Friday evenings where any guild members are welcome to join to get a taste for raiding. Our Leadership team is made up of many long time players that have mythic experience from all expansions. We already have chatty social members and an active Discord community, so the more the merrier! We ask all raiders to know their class / spec and to come to raid prepared with knowledge of tactics and boss abilities. Raiders are expected to be fully gemmed and enchanted and to have consumables that will last for the length of the raid. We only ask for a few addons: 1)An up to date boss mod 2)Weak Auras 3 Exorsus Raid tools When applying for a spot in the raid team your logs will be taken into consideration and a trial period will apply. We use Discord and the ability to listen in raids is mandatory - a working mic is beneficial but not essential. We are an English speaking guild, so a basic knowledge of English is required. (Although don't be put off if English is not your first Language - we have members from across Europe that can help with translation.) Raid schedule Wednesday, Sunday and Tuesday - Start 19.45 - Finish 23.00 Server time (Grouping at 19.30) Optional; Friday - Start 19.45 - Finish 23.00 Server time (Grouping at 19.30) We are currently in need of some DPS to complete the roster. And having a healing offspec would be great! For further information contact Naska#21173 on battlenet or contact Scrumpul, Gulmacet, Pastrylover or Naska in game, send us a whisper or send an in-game mail and we will respond as soon as possible. Alternatively leave a comment below! Note: Continuum has a zero tolerance policy on racism, sexism and homophobia.Cirice32 2d
2d [H] Irritable Growl Syndrome is recruiting We are looking for friendly members and raiders for upcoming normal and heroic raiding in bfa, raiding will be relaxed but progressive, we are primarily looking for max level characters but everyone is welcome to join, just message me in game for raid info or a direct invite, we are always on discord and social members are welcome too, we will be doing rated pvp and mythic+ as well!Drillidan4 2d
6d [H] Norsca (7/8hc 1/8M) recruiting for Mythic progress! We are looking to step up progression in BfA, so we are looking for dedicated and skilled players to fill our roster. Special need for warlocks currently, as well as an additional healer. <Norsca> is a semi-hardcore guild formed in the beginning of Legion on the Chamber of Aspects server. Our main goal is to raid current Mythic content on a 2-day progression schedule, while keeping a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. Additionally pushing higher level keystones is something we do quite often. <Schedule> Our set evenings are Wednesday (20.15-23.15) and Sunday (20.15-23.15), currently our Mythic progression nights, Thursday (starting at 20.15), our optional Heroic farm night, <Important information> 1. We use Teamspeak for voice communication 2. We expect our raiders to have a high attendance rate (80% at the very, very least). Absences should be noted with officers well before raid day! 3. is used for rostering for Mythic. Decline the event or inform an officer at least 1 day before the raid. <Recruiting> Recruitment is now open for all classes and roles for BfA! Check out the table on wowprogress for the classes we have an extra need for right now. All social members are welcome. Apply at or by contacting one of our officers below. Greyfox#2433 Duval#2744 Resto#2239 Zer00verride#2788 Nvader#21953Shagrakk3 6d
13 Sep [H] The Iron Vanguard Were looking for more ppl to join our heroic grp currently looking for dps pref warlock, monk, druid. but all welcome to apply, were allways looking for good players! Raid times wednesday and sundays 20 - 23 server time, mic required /w philswift ingame or throw me a msg on discord Kiri#3611Kirikanto0 13 Sep
13 Sep Honk if your hordey LF HEAL/DD-Heal os Hello, we are group of friends that came together on this realm recently to progress the raid together. We will do all difficulties as the guilds grows and we progress further through bfa while having loads of laughs. We raid Wed/Thur with sunday as offday from 9pm-12am. Our roster is 20ish ppl and we are LF a Heal and DPS/heal os. Current progress is 7/8 normal and 3/8 HC We do a lot of m+ or just chill around in discord while doing anything else. If you like this add me #Gral21920Samoubica0 13 Sep
12 Sep [A] Returning Ret/Prot pally looking for a home! Hi All, I know it's a shot in the dark as Realm forums are mostly dead now however i'm having zero luck on my current server which seems to be Horde heavy and i'm contemplating transferring back here as i have other chars here. Any guilds taking in a casual prot/ret pally? Mostly prefer prot but i've only tanked heroics and 1-2 mythics in Legion so i'd prefer to run these with guildies rather than pugs just to get a feel for it! UK based - so i'm on most evenings and weekends but as i work early i tend to clock off around 2200 though can push longer on some nights. Thanks!Fenricke1 12 Sep
12 Sep [A] Legends Never Die are looking for raiders! :) Hi all! Legends Never Die are looking for raiders and members to push Mythic keystones. Raids Raid days are not an official schedule yet but we tend to start 9pm server time/8pm UK. We are mainly looking for healers and dps and possibly backup tanks/dps. Just at least have discord and make sure you have looked up tactics ready for when we get going, as we are looking to hit this well. Raid schedules will be fully worked out when we have got going properly, but the main time we are all on are evenings so there's a little guideline to work off if you are interested. We will be aiming for everyone to be atleast 340ish+ Mythic+ We have a strong core of tanks and healers who can handle these but we are always looking for more so all roles are welcome here. Not too much to say about this just we will be pushing them as far as we can and often so if that interests you then apply :) Summary Have discord Be punctual Know tactics Be friendly Have fun! If this all sounds good to you then contact me at - Crow#22837Baggins3 12 Sep
11 Sep <Starfleet> is LF new, returning & casual players <Starfleet> is a newly formed guild. We are looking to recruit new, returning or casual players. The main focus for the guild is the social aspect, learning the game together, helping each other out and having a laugh as we go along.Mërlin0 11 Sep
11 Sep H (Blood Pack) looking for casual raiders Blood Pack was formed on 22 November 2011 when members of the Alliance guild Dawn of Damnation changed faction. Dawn of Damnation was formed on 3 May 2010 as a result of an alliance between the two guilds The New Dawn and Damnation. After a long time few „old“ members who are tired of hc raiding and want to do only casual raiding. We plan to raid for 2-3 days (they will be decided in the future), depending on availability we agreed that our raiding hours will be 21.15-23.15. Atm we are looking for 5+ people to do a stable 10 man normal/hc raiding team. You don’t have to leave your guild just join our community @ Or you can contact me in game.Wiçked2 11 Sep
10 Sep [A] 350 DH Tank looking for guild (No durr) Done 8/8 and 2/8 Uldir, experienced raider back in the day too, Open to playing offspec when needed, Active, chilled and just really looking for a bunch of people to spam M+, Raids, RBG and Arena together. Hmu in game or add my Bnet : Sebiix#2476 I look forward to talking with some of you.Sebiix0 10 Sep
09 Sep [A] A different kind of Guild... Hello CoA, I'm looking to start a different sort of guild (name tbd), one that puts the community in front of the number crunching, and takes you back to when a guild actually meant the community, and not just your 'raid team for the moment'. But first, it needs to be established! This little project of mine would focus initially on recruiting new players but also returning ones to the current endgame of WoW BfA in all of its aspects. But more importantly, I want to try and establish a respected group of gamers; not just for WoW but in general:- the patience to teach, and the willingness to learn, without the arrogance and toxicity that is today all too common. How do I want to do this? Most importantly, a hierarchy: GM+Senior Officers = we'll make the decisions and forge the path of the guild Raid/Event leaders = Keeping the guild active and fun for both learning and experienced players. Class/role specialists = People that love to know the ins and outs, experiment with their spec, and most of all enjoy playing it! While of course these will all come with time, the essence of the guild is that players levelling and learning with us will always have someone to turn to with their questions, be it class-related or story related. Activities this guild would help promote: basic mechanics classes: Line of sight, priority target focus, hazard mechanics etc Tournaments!: Pet battles, duels, transmogs, rpg-drama, you name it! end-game content: Naturally we want to keep ourselves busy too ;) The core of this project will be at its values. I want every member to feel proud to be part of this guild, and to remember it, and what it means to be a part of it! As a result, these values will be expected of all its members: Promoting anti-toxic behaviour, Helping learners to achieve a good performance, Actively disciplining troll-like behaviour And taking part within the community Right now the guild is still in its conceptual stages and I'm currently looking for 3-4 players who would be interested in being the foundations of this project. Please feel free to send me a message on (Nerima#2171). I'm extremely optimistic about this project and am happy to make changes if my sights are aimed too high! Thanks for reading! All feedback is welcome so long as it's constructive! :) tl;dr - New guild; aimed at community; need core players! Please read!Nerima5 09 Sep
02 Sep LFG to be Social in Because of my work schedule being 2-10pm on the weekdays a guild who desperately needs all members to be involved in the raiding scene is a no-no. I don't think I'd have time for set time raids. A guild where I can just chill and chat whilst I'm questing is ideal. Thank you!Vmuffin0 02 Sep
01 Sep [H] <No Quarter> - New guild targeting N/HC and fun No Quarter is a new guild formed by a small group of raiders who have either burned out on or otherwise lost interest in mythic raiding. Our focus for BFA will be heroic and normal raids, M+ progress, mog runs and stress free fun! We're very small right now, but we intend to grow (carefully) with the goal of building a team that can progress while still having fun. Social 'fit' is more important to us than skill. New players are welcome, we're mostly UK based with a few international members. There are no cliques and you won't be left out. If you would like to join up and see what we're about, and can be patient while we grow to a more respectable size, please "/w Sás" or "/who No Quarter" and whisper whoever is on for a point of contact.Sás4 01 Sep
31 Aug Keep smiling! Hello! Realm forums aren't what they used to be; the drama, the stories, the banter. That's a shame, but time moves on! If you're here having a browse, remember to be excellent to everyone you meet. Sure, you see a lot of people from different realms in-game, but that shouldn't stop you :) And if you see me, come give me a /slap or something. I miss the tighter realm communities of yore but I'll always try to bring people together regardless!Zoetrope4 31 Aug
31 Aug Best PvP players Feel free to share your thoughts about who are the best PvP players of our realm :) My thoughts are: Rogue: Saizoriensis/Bankposionse Mage: Hunter: Warrior: Hercules Shaman: Monk: Koris Druid: Priest: Death Knight: OndmannKogney16 31 Aug
30 Aug Looking for guild! Looking for a active guild to raid on fridays/saturdays but mostly do rated pvp with when the bfa season starts. Im by no means a harcore PvPer just some that wants to get starter with rated.Sinjini2 30 Aug
28 Aug [H] Geeks On Patrol Hi there and welcome to BFA! Geeks On Patrol might be the place for you if you want to: - Raid 1-2 times a week. - If you are between 20-30 years old. - If you want to contribute to a fun and enjoyable community. - If you like to face new encounters where we all cry, laugh and cheer together. - If you know how to play your class and want to improve your gameplay with us. - If you are willing to be flexible and dare to take risks. In Geeks On Patrol its a must to use: - Addons like DBM/bigwigs, Details. - Discord - Sound or a headset. If this was just slighty interesting to read and you feel tempted join or know more about us please feel free to whisper or mail: Nuggit Kárlwois Germödread Best RegardsNuggit0 28 Aug
27 Aug LFM For raids and M+ Boosting Team in BFA AGB is now recruiting on Horde and Alliance! AGB is a team of high end raiders which provide a smooth and enjoyable boosting service in Heroic,Mythic raids and Mythic +. With numerous successful runs we are looking forward to having a great start in Battle of Azeroth. For this quality service we are demanding the absolute best in terms of dedication,commitment ,professionalism and the highest level of performance. our team provides fair cuts and flexiable scheduale. Are you interested in making a nice amount of gold hassle free while surrounded by individuals with same mentality? Do you meet our requirements? Feel free to contact one of the leaders for more info (further details including your character's armory page,warcraftlogs and any source you seem to see fit will definitely speed up the process.Being able to perform at multiple specs and roles is a plus and will be taken into account). any attempts of try to pouch any of our customers will not be tolerated. Battlenet : Sinkronyzer#2299 Discord: Sinkronyzer#1775Merlinii0 27 Aug
27 Aug [A] Looking for guild Hi My OH and I are looking for a small friendly guild to join. We played this game from Vanilla to WOTLK with dedication and since then have popped our heads in other expansions, this was mainly down to IRL commitments and the community dwindling down. It is safe to say we are not familiar with all the changes in BFA and are learning the game again. A lot has changed :) We are a tank and healing duo. Currently opted to be druids together and both level 117 at time of posting this. We would like to level whilst building rapport with a friendly guild. Eventually start dungeons with a forgiving group of people as we learn mechanics and have a laugh over VoIP. Would be interested in raiding at some point but on a very casual basis and again emphasis on having a laugh whilst learning and defeating together. If you are a guild that is small, or starting up and happy to take in 2 veterans who are looking for the community aspect, please reply to this post. In the meantime I will keep an eye out for recruitment posts. If you're still here, thank you for reading!Riverr0 27 Aug
26 Aug CZ/SK GUILD Hi looking CZ/SK guild . Zdravim hladam na tomto serveri cesku a slovensku komunitu hracov popripade guildu .Sakkya37 26 Aug
26 Aug Horde Guild Recruiting Hi All, Onion is a new guild formed on Horde side. We are looking for more active players to fill our ranks. We are gonna start with Normal raids and move on to hc when the guild is all ready. Mythics and mythic + Keystones will be cleared weekly and just help each other out etc. Currently looking for:- Dps - Ranged and Melee (rogue and Shammy are a prio) Healers - Druid/monk maybe a priest Tank - Druid/warrior Everyone is welcome as we would like to run multiple groups for mythics etc and back ups for raids. Thanks for reading ppl and enjoy BFAItha0 26 Aug
26 Aug Looking for a casual raiding guild horde side Just looking to see what casual guilds are out there on horde side. Not looking for mythic raid. Normal is fine potentailly pushing in to heroics but of course still want to play with "decent" people. Played since 06 so wanting a chilled raid enviroment but progressive! More than likely have a hunter friend also coming, i myself currently play a resto shaman and have played a healer since TBC.Vuljin1 26 Aug
23 Aug <Oblivion Boost Community> About us: Oblivion Boosting Community is Europe's greatest boosting service provider. The services offered are executed by Top Players from several different European Servers which are experienced, dedicated and high end raiders throughout many expansions already Important Information: The only valid payment option is Ingame Gold! Please do not ask any further, if we accept any other payment option. If, in any case, a boost is failing we will reschedule to another date and time that fits you, for free, if however, we can’t find a solution that benefits both you and the community, we will fully refund you. These are the services we’re currently offering: Mythic Dungeon boosting +0 (saved) Mythic Armor Packages +0 (You can pick the dungeon, Group will be unsaved and Boosters will have same armor as you to trade you items.) Heroic Dungeon boosting (You can pick the dungeon, group will be unsaved and will trade you items they dont need.) Expedition (We will get you the weekly cap of 40k azerite to earn the weekly) expedition reward! Raid Content (Soon) Glory/Achievement Content (Soon) Please reach out to us via the contact details below to learn more about the prices, available spots and the date and times we offer those services. If you don’t find here what you need and would like to have a custom boost, please feel free to reach out to us. We will consider it and will try to make you an offer according to the effort needed. Contact details: Oblivion Discord Server: 23 Aug
23 Aug Three Word Story So I noticed this forum is full of guild-ad posts but not a lot of community stuff. Let's try to change that, shall we? Three word story. Every forum needs one of these. Easy to play. Each person says three words, next person adds three words onto that, etc. No double posting. I'll start! Yesterday in OrgrimmarZoetrope121 23 Aug
23 Aug [H] Animosity 'Open Recruitment', 11/11 Heroic Antorus. Hello! Animosity is a fun, friendly raiding environment filled with players from all walks of life, we're currently looking for more players to join our raid team for 7.3/Tier 21. The guild aim is 'semi-core', in the sense of having a focused approach, but raid twice a week, with an optional third day. We also believe in an out-of-game community, based from our forums or discord server, discussing anything from boss tactics to transmog/classic raid runs or even a new game on Steam! Our current progress -EN: 7/7 HC (Curve) -ToV: 3/3 HC -NH: 10/10 HC (Curve) -ToS 9/9 HC (Curve) -Antorus 11/11 HC (Curve) Previous progress -BRF: 10/10 HC (Curve) -HIghmaul: 7/7 HC (Curve) -HFC 13/13 HC (Curve) Recruitment We are looking for friendly and hard working players to join our ranks. Open to anyone with or without experience as long as you are a minimum of 930 ilvl. Ideally your item level will around our current progress, but don't take the above as set in stone, we want the player, not the class/spec. Sought after roles Rogue - Assassination Warlock - Affliction Shaman - Enhancement Druid - Balance Priest - Shadow Currently open to those who wish to re-roll as long as you are at least 930 ilvl. Raiding Schedule and Expectation -Monday & Wednesday: 2100 to 0000 server time. (Same time Sunday is an Optional day) -Be Enchanted. Plenty of Flasks, Pots, Food and Runes. -DBM/Bigwigs installed and updated regularly. -TeamSpeak3, even if you can't or don't want to talk, just able to listen for tactics etc. -RCLootCouncil installed and updated regularly. (Raid loot distribution) -Angry Assignments installed for raid directions and notes. If we sound like what you're looking for, visit our website: ... Social members also welcome to chat and hang out or even raid with us on Sundays. Or contact us in-game: Manaspanner/Brewser - Raid Lead [Faecalmancer#2848] Gentlepaws - Officer [NeoNebulosa#2789] Bullspit - OfficerManaspanner131 23 Aug
23 Aug LFG? i think? kinda? Hi! Im looking for a guild that i will be able to just hang out with do some raids etc im not a hardcore but like 9pm i should be on everyday and i would love to be able to just type in guild chat something like :how ya doin fellas etc and have a nice talk or :anyone up for a mythic dung and get a group in few sec. Im curently just making groups random ppl sign up we are doing those mythic dungeons but its not like doing it with "friends" /guild members (that will probably become friends after some time) and just talk !@#$ on discord have fun etc and progres throught bfa! It doesnt have to be a big 400 members guild just 20+ members enough for raid is fine as long as you have this family comfy spirit. Cheers!Measure0 23 Aug
22 Aug [H] LFG - Returning Players Hey, After recently returning to WoW myself and several friends are looking to join an active guild, there are around 5-7 of us at present with the possibility of 10-12 total. We are all rolling from Lv.1 and this is a new server for us, the majority of our experience was during Vanilla>WotLK and for the most part we haven’t played in the last 8-10 years so do have a lot to learn about the game as it stands in the most recent BfA expansion. We are all adults ranging between the ages of 28-34, obviously meaning we all have r/l commitments so most likely would not be well suited to a hardcore style guild, we play regular but very much for fun and don’t take things too seriously. If anyone’s recruiting and would have space for us all please reply on here or contact me in-game. Thanks,Yari1 22 Aug
21 Aug LFG I am looking for an active lively guild. I am in a guild at the moment but I would really like a guild with a discord or TS server where people hang out and quest/dungeon/raid/pvp together I am British so preferably an English group.Farikc0 21 Aug
20 Aug Looking for lively guild hello everyone iam looking for a lively guild that does heroic dung / mythic dung / raids etc . i woudnt call myself a vertran but iam still good at the gameAshido3 20 Aug
20 Aug no longer needed (ignore) Hello , Im looking for a active casual guild with the main focus on pvp , normal bg , arena , rated bg and world pvp . pve on a weekly basis is fine aswell. Been around since vanilla with some pauses inbetween and for bfa i leveld a rogue as main (horde). for more info you can contact me on cyraxil#2260 CheersWifï1 20 Aug
19 Aug Kinda new player here Hello, i have few questions about this realm How many ppl online is during day there ? Is this server feel "alive" ? Never played on official server (only private servers) Is pvp active here ? ThanksNearlyrofl1 19 Aug
19 Aug sort-of-noob Paladin player looking for guild Hey guys, I leveled up my (tank) Paladin to 60 post-WoD and then fell off of playing, I've recently picked it back up with all the BfA hype and am looking for a patient and friendly guild to play with once I grind my way up to the higher levels. My knowledge of raiding and the higher tiers of gear and gameplay (etc.) is not great but I want to learn. Also want to learn the best ways to play/grind for gear efficiently really. Open to any guild activities, just wanna have fun with new people! Cheers! p.s. I'm leveling up my pally the old-fashioned way before purchasing BfA so as to experience all the content WoW has to offer rn, gonna decide whether that was a good idea when i hit the cap....Banshey1 19 Aug
19 Aug [A]<The Blade of the Silver Hand> recruiting now! <The Blade of The Silver Hand> is now recruiting Alliance side, we are a newly formed BFA UK based guild. We are a PvP/Raiding guild focusing on War mode, Battlegrounds and when we have more members Raiding & Mythic+! To find out more or to enlist please send a message to one of our members in-game. We also have a community set up for our cross-realm friends who wish to join to pvp/raid & run dungeons with us but are not on our server. If you would like to join our community then please message Fallenangels#1511 on and I can send you a link to the community.Darkfable0 19 Aug
19 Aug Looking for a social raiding guild Hello, my name is Phill. I am looking for a social guild that also does, non serious, progressive raiding. I play warrior but I also have a DH if necessary and a mage on another server. I main dps but i will tank try and tank if required. I have limited tanking experience but I can learn if needed. I have discord and team speak with a working mic if that's required. I haven't played properly for years and have just returned for BFA.Jayró4 19 Aug
18 Aug New WoW player looking for Guild Hi I'm a new WoW player and I'm looking to join a UK Guild so that I can interact with other players and raid. I'm still learning the ropes so if there is a guild out there that welcomes new players (who can only play a few nights a week), please let me know. P.S. this website seems to think I am a member of "Undercity Art College"... Thanks!Grodeo1 18 Aug
17 Aug [A] Two returning vet players, LFG [A] Two returning vet players, who are IRL friends, looking for guild Posting on an alt, looking for a semi serious raiding guild for BFA and Mythic+ runs. Both been playing WoW for years, myself since Pand and my friend since Vanilla. Both did Legion but left when it went a bit stale. We are both 30+ and in the UK so needs to be an English speaking guild and preferably in the UK but not essential. All I run (in raids) is tanks, and I main a brewmaster. My friend can run healer or DPS across several toons. Please don't reply if you're one of those guilds that settles for "we'll do it next week" or is happy to bring any old noddy just because its a community... Sorry but thats not for me. Please also don't reply with your brand new guild or one with zero members and a promise that it'll grow... If you think you have the guild that suits post belowTheredwoman0 17 Aug
17 Aug Looking for a social guild (horde) hey there,me and my partner have just come back to the game and are looking for a social guild (horde)Neeith3 17 Aug
16 Aug New [H] Guild- Jaina's Dreadlords Recruiting Hello! Me and my friends have created a guild. We wish to create a positive environment, where people could feel relaxed but also be able to progress raids/dungeons. As we grow we will be aiming to progress to at least Heroic Raids and as far as possible for Mythic +. We aren't super serious and we like a joke, if you enjoy having fun or want someone to chill with, send me a message or reply here.Natlocke0 16 Aug
16 Aug Returning player looking for mature pve/pvp guild Hello , Afther a big break im ready to return to wow . Ive been playing since late vanilla and used to raid a lott , most of my guild friends dont play annymore so i lost fun of the game . Im looking for a social , mature and friendly guild with good amount of activity? :) Ohh , i come with free wifi for all ;) CheersWifï6 16 Aug
16 Aug Retuning player hi there I am looking for a weekday/ weekend raiding guild. I recently returned 1 week ago from a break due to my old guild falling apart and my pc dying shortly after legion launched. I previously played mage but decided to reroll to rogue because i did not find it fun anymore (so im still learning my rotation on rogue) i raided Normal/hc and some mythic EN when it was current tier but quit when legion just came out so not up to date with any current content I just hit 110 on my rogue last night so not greatest of gear but I want to put the hard work in to gear myself not looking to be boosted in any way my raid times would be 20.30 onwards server time If you are looking for q dedicated player that is willing to put in what it takes to improve and are good at taking criticism plz contact me :) discord chat outside of raids is also a plus love getting to know ppl and chatting over voice comms classes include rogue 110 balance druid 110 mage 110 lock 110 as stated above nothing special gear wise all only recently maxed lvl since I been back battlenet : marc#24662Dulén4 16 Aug
16 Aug Looking for social, mature Guild, EN or NL Hi all, I' m a very casual player, in my thirties, two kids, love the game, playing since 2005. My friends stoppen playing long ago. I usually log in at evenings around 21h till 23h. I don't have high expectations, just want some people to chat with, and maybe ocasionally fill a raid spot. My goal right now is getting all classes to max level and picking a main for bfa and some side activities. I'm looking for a horde and an alliance Guild since my toons will ben 50/50 H/A. I'm Belgian so either NL or EN is ok. Cheers!Shakamub2 16 Aug
16 Aug Holy/Ret Paladin looking for guild Hi, Long term paladin player looking to join a guild running into and through out war for Azeroth. Raiding experience up until mid of current expansion, not been in a guild since and only had casual raiding in the newer raids. want to find a place i can give me all to.Kazerak2 16 Aug
16 Aug Looking for guild to raid with in BFA Hey all Im a returning player, stop after nighthold to start a Football Manager youtube channel, but i find my self being pulled back in to wow. Looking to start raiding again in BFA and possible make some youtube videos on the line of what slave raiders do( if you search for them on YT they are easy to find). looking to play this survival hunter which i didnt main in legion, was on my warlock then but could play either class (will need to transfer lock back to CoS). im also looking to maybe lvl a shaman not sure what spec tho but will be dps. if anyone is looking for raiders and feels i could be a good fit let me knowSudor2 16 Aug
16 Aug (H) Looking for raiding guild. Hey everyone! I am looking for an active guild that does events like dungeons and raiding. I really want a guild I can just have fun and talk with. When Antorus came out, I tried to join/orginize pugs and groups to clear the content. But it was always a mess and communication was limited. When playing WoW, I also sometimes miss the fun talks I had with my previous guild. I've been in multiple guilds and it's always either a guild with almost no communication and activity besides raiding, or a guild that has raids at times I'm not available. I can't always join raids, because I have limited time to play the game. On work days I can't play longer than an hour or two. Which is annoying, because people like to (only) raid on those days. That's why I'm looking for a guild that (also) does raiding on the weekends. This is my arcane mage main which I am almost always playing on. I like to raid on normal and heroic depending on the raid tier and how much I like doing the raid. Mythic is a bit out of my league right now, since I'm fairly new to raiding. (Started raiding with ToS. I always like to help people when they need something and I want to be as active as I can. If anyone knows a guild that raids in weekends and has a very active chat/community, please post it on here or add me on (TINYWIZURD#2729.) It's very much appreciated. I hope I can help and raid with some of you in BfA!! Thanks for the help already!!Tinywizurd6 16 Aug
16 Aug Feral druid lf bfa raiding guild Hi, I'm a 22 year old feral main who is looking for a raiding guild for BFA. I've been playing feral since cata, my class has no secrets for me. I've never been a hardcore raider but since i'm done with my education i have some free time. progress Burning throne: 11/11 normal & 11/11 HC I'm motivated and willing to put time and effort in being a good guild/raid member. Nights#21515Shiftycents2 16 Aug
16 Aug [H] Teebu's schorching straight sword (warforged) Looking to sell this badboy since i dont really have any use for it open for offer! Add me to talk owatrix#2768Owatrix0 16 Aug