Chamber of Aspects

01 Jun 2016 (A) Ascendance-alonsus 11/13M recruiting! Ascendance is recruiting for mythic progression. We are looking for dedicated, skilled and mature players that want to experience the end game content while maintaining a relaxed raiding environment. Currently we are looking for players of the following classes in particular: • Warlock • Rogue • Moonkin • Shaman - Elemental •Any exceptional Application will also be considered RAID INFO • Progress - 13/13 Heroic 10/13 Mythic Hellfire Citadel • Raiding Days: Monday, Wednesday and Sunday (mythic ) • Raiding Hours: 20.00 - 23.00 (GMT+1) On thursday we organise a weekly alt/casual hc run starting from 20:00-23:00 Minimum requirements Before applying please check that you meet our minimum requirements. Our aim is to progress as quickly as possible which means that spending time gearing people isn't ideal, however, we may make exceptions based on the quality of a persons application. A bench mark for raider application is around 710ilv with legendary ring and 4 set bonus. • Have equivalent progress or a history of end game raiding if you are a returning player • Be able to maintain 90% attendance GENERAL INFORMATION Nationality: International What we expect from a raider in Ascendance is very simple: Attendance: We require our raiders to have extremely high attendance, we have a small focused raiding roster with minimal benching and therefore we require a big attendance (but note that during the (Christmas) holidays might be of social nature and welcome to all :-) Dedication: A raider who is not present cannot contribute. Communication: You must be able to communicate clearly when required, with all raiders in English. Attitude: We do not tolerate raging over Mumble, if you have a rage problem keep it to yourself. SOCIAL Outside of raiding the guild is very active with organised events and flexi raids occurring regularly where all casual members, alts and raiders get together for a bit of a laugh. We also have some extreme achievement monkeys, PvPers' and plenty of people who are always looking to level another Alt... So if Raiding 3 nights a week isn't for you, but you are interested in applying as a Casual, follow the recruitment link and apply, just state you are looking for a social spot and we'll let you know ASAP. GET IN TOUCH If the above is of interest please complete our application form at our website (all applications are strictly private and only viewable by the raid team). CONTACT US If you have any queries please get in touch with our recruitment officer battletag: Sendara#2749Sendara0 01 Jun 2016
30 May 2016 Rogue LF Guild (H) Hi Im currently looking for a guild to start raids with. Im not a newbie but my character is :D i was a hardcore raider back in the day with WOTLK Im now back and wanting to get back into raids, unfortunately I know this server is a little dead at the moment so just wanting a horde guild to give me a chance. Im a mature gamer at the young age off 33. I can raid on these days: Mondays Wednesdays Thursdays Fridays 7 - 11pm CET Im a fast learner and always do my research on bosses before I do a raid, so I know what needs to be done. Message me in game, reply to this post or on mrrobb#2123Itorz0 30 May 2016
30 May 2016 Black Tabby Cat Has anyone had this drop recently? Been trying for ages and killed thousands but still no joy. I did have the Deathcharger drop for me so I still have some luck.Dennyhwan1 30 May 2016
29 May 2016 O-A - Late Night [Kazzak] - Looking for Mythic Players! Hello, Thanks for the interest in Once-Again. We are a late night guild with steady progress and a mature friendly atmosphere. For more information please see below, or contact any member in game. Check out our website or add our officer team on btag. Adamski#2159 / Zarriel#2529 / Oneyota#2678 / Raw#2325 Raid Time - Wednesday / Thursday / Monday 22:00 to 01:00 (server time) ... ... ... ... ... What We Offer. - Stability as a guild and stable leadership. - Fun & Sociable atmosphere inside and outside of Warcarft. - Focused and driven progress raids. - Fair & Open leadership were opinions are valued. - Commitment to raiding but also were IRL commitments are understood. - A diverse community with people from all over Europe young and old(er).[/ul] What We Expect. - Players committed to Achieving the best attendance possible. - Focused attitude to raiding and character development. - Good understanding of raid mechanics and an ability to learn from mistakes. - Positive friendly attitude with an understanding to team play. - Working Microphone, teamspeak 3 and a great understanding of English. - Stable connection and computer. Interested? We are currently looking for any player that offers improvements to our team. Particularly ranged DPS. Ideally we would love to find a skilled warlock/Elemental Shaman for not only current farm but for legion! Feel free to drop an application at our site We welcome anyone to have a chat to discuss any questions about our guild. Any member will be more then happy to help or for detailed information please contact a guild officer. Adamski#2159 / Zarriel#2529 / Oneyota#2678 / Raw#2325Lfc0 29 May 2016
26 May 2016 [H] (X-realm) Cult of the Doomed 13/13M (LF All roles) Cult of the Doomed (Horde) – 13/13 Mythic is recruiting all roles! Cotd is a mature, thriving guild that hasn't stopped raiding since 2008. We call home the connected realms of Emeriss, Hakkar, Crushridge, Agamaggan, Bloodscalp and Twilight's Hammer - EU We are looking for exceptional raiders that are driven and patient and are able to maintain over 90% raid-attendance per month. Our raiding schedule is Wed/Sun/Mon 19:45-23:00. (CET, UTC +01:00) As it happens at the end of every expansion, we are in need to expand our roster and replace those who got bored or felt they achieved their in game goals and decided to go afk. Our goal is to continue farming Upper Spire - Mannoroth and Archimonde Mythic for WF gear and mounts until Legion hits. Additionally we are looking for a strong start in Legion with a 26 man roster. Recruitment Details: Tanks: Urgent Need for a Non-DK tank (recruiting 1 tank) DPS: All RDPS application will be considered (recruiting 2-3 dps) Heals: No spot for HPaladins and Monks (recruiting 2 healers) If you are thinking about applying on a healer, consider that a functional DPS OS is highly appreciated and will guarantee you a raidspot since flexibility is highly valued and the number of healers in the raid decreases over the course of the raiding tier. What you need to apply: • Be over 18 y.o. • Respectful Attitude towards everyone (from trade chat to pugs) • Working mic and ability to communicate • Mythic experience at least 10/13 M, with logs. • 4 set and 795 ring • Punctuality, patience and consistency is what we value the most! Additional info: • We use loot council (officers vote) • You can trial from your home server and if we mutually like each other, you will need to server transfer to get the mythic raider status. • Highly diversified international community. • English is our main language. • Alt/social raids (optional) • Active Guild forums. • Guild activity in other Steam/Blizzard games. • We make sure to keep having fun even during the worst progress wipefests ! In case you have questions or want to apply, check the website: and/or whisper any officer in game. Or contact me at bnet: GintoniQ#2540 Thanks!Gintoniq0 26 May 2016
25 May 2016 [H] Rancid Carnage recruitment 10/13 hfc hc Hello Chamber of Aspects, We are happy to inform you that Rancid Carnage is recruiting people to strengthen our hfc heroic raiding team. Rancid Carnage is a social raiding guild on chamber of aspects. Our progress in hfc heroic is 7/13. We cleared lower hfc hc, and fel lord zakuun on heroic. Our goal is to continue making progress in heroic hfc, and eventually move into mythics before the expansion hits. We will be raiding during Legion aswell. We are a social raiding guild, we hang out a lot on teamspeak, and we try to get good vibes going during raids etc. But we are serious when we try to get a boss down. We raid 2 evenings in a week. We raid on tuesday and on thursday from 20.00 till 22.30 server time. Outside of raids we try to get our mythic dungeons farm done in guild groups if that is possible. What we are looking for in players that want to join our guildraids: - We expect you to know your class / role. There is always room for improvement, even from the people in our guild. - We expect you to be open to suggestions, we also take suggestions that benefit the raid. - You come prepared to a raid. This means you know the tactics of the bosses we will go for during the raid, and you bring your own consumables. - We don't want people in our raid that leave after a few wipes. We want people that are eager to get the kill. - Attendance wise we would like our raiders to be able to attend more than 50% of our raids. People have lives outside of wow aswel, but since we only raid 2 times a week ideally you can attend 75% of our raids. - You will join us on Teamspeak 3 during raids. We don't expect you to be able to talk on ts, but if you can it's a plus. What classes / roles do we need? - Tanks: 1 to 2 tanks that know how to hold aggro. It doesn't matter which tanking class. We currently have a warrior tank and a paladin tank. - Ranged DPS: We need a few ranged DPS since we are quite melee heavy for the moment being. Mages / Warlocks / Hunters / Boomkins / SPriests / Ele Shamans are needed. - Healers: We are in need of a priest(Holy or Disc), but a holy paladin and a mistweaver monk will be considered aswell. Preferably you will have experience in at least normal hfc, preferably heroic hfc. We hope you have at least gear that's 710+, hfc tier sets are a bonus. You are eager to learn but allready have decent knowledge of your class, you are a social player that likes to hang out with other people online and you want to get things done. We do not expect you to be a certain age, as long as you are mature. For more information, you can always contact one of our officers online: Feel free to contact Anubisreborn / Epístasis / Badbrains in-game for more information. Thank you for your time, and enjoy your day. Kind Regards, Rancid CarnageBadbrains1 25 May 2016
25 May 2016 MERGE THIS REALM! ITS DEAD So I decided to start with WoW again, few years ago I stopped playing WoW. Even then the realm was getting emptier by the day. So now I decided to start a 10 day trial before buying gametime to see how its going on in Chambers of Aspects. Well i' m glad i didnt buy gametime. This realm is literally dead. Once I was the best geared Warrior in this realm, maybe some of you know the guild TMP it was in the times of tier tier 10 tier 9 and others... TMP was one of the few guilds that brought this realm some glory.. Now the whole guild has transfered And i' m left alone. Alot of great guilds has transfered to other realms.. Now this,,, the realm is dead.. I'm asking the guys working on this servers, please consider a merge. A lot of people will quit the game if this continues. And i' m not buying game time if this doesn't happen.. It just not fun anymore.. everywhere i go in the game its emptyFirro7 25 May 2016
24 May 2016 [H] Battleworld recruiting for Legion Hi there folks! So this post is pretty much an experiment more than anything else. With the current expansion nearing its end, and seeing quite a few unguilded people on the server, or people looking for new guilds, I have decided to see if there is a potential to start a brand new guild with the aim to raid in Legion. I have no doubt that it will be more than difficult, especially on CoA (yes, i have read all the threads proclaiming the server is dead). But there is no harm in trying. The aim is, as with pretty much any guild out there, to get together a group of like-minded, positive and fun people, wishing to tackle the content in its current and hardest (if the numbers allow) iteration. I myself have started playing WoW back in vanilla, been through number of guilds ranging from the very casual, with no intentions to raid at all, to the server first level, and many different servers, and found that the landscape was the same pretty much everywhere. Most guilds raid, get success, raid some more, lose success, then the drama starts and they fall apart. There are of course guilds that are stable and continue to enjoy success over many years but in my experience, those are as rare as honourable rogue players. So I decided that in order to enjoy the game to its fullest, I will try to create a guild and do things my way. No drama over progress, but also no tolerance for slackers and deadbeats. No drama over missed raids, but also no tolerance for extended periods of unannounced afk. So, if you feel like you wish to start over, with a breath of fresh air, add Jelly#2979 on and throw me a message or whisper me in game and lets see what we can do. Full disclosure at the end, there is nobody else in the guild right now except for me. So the road will no doubt be hard and long before any proper raiding, or even dungeon crawling can take place. Thanks for reading and happy gaming!Jëlly4 24 May 2016
24 May 2016 World server is down Trying to create a worgen warlock. cant get in to server "world server is down"Shadyglenn0 24 May 2016
22 May 2016 Server Down The server was down for many hours hope blizzard fixes itDokhaan0 22 May 2016
20 May 2016 [H] <Incineration> - 12/13Mythic HFC - Recruiting ... What were recruiting: ... ... ----- ... If you have any further questions, feel free to contact battletag ugs#2777 Reorganize, Raanak or Drunkenfists ingame, or apply on our forum: ...Ugs58 20 May 2016
19 May 2016 Trade Gold Trade 39k gold Horde to Defias Brotherhood Horde/Alliance my ign on Aspects is ÅrmageddonMinimally0 19 May 2016
19 May 2016 Looking for Guild Hello all I am looking for a social guild who are friendly and don't mind helping 1 another dont mind raiding but am limited to what I can attend as I have a family. Thanks for taking the time to read the threadShifftey3 19 May 2016
19 May 2016 WoW Beginner Looking For Guild Hi all, level 22 Hunter on realm: chamber of aspects, was looking for a guild to join with the intention of socialising and talking to others in the game and possibly working together on raids, dungeons etc. Im a sociable person who enjoys conversation both related to and not related to world of warcraft! Apologies if have placed this thread in the wrong area, I am new to the concept of forums and rpg's in general having spent half my life in counter strike. Thanks for your time.Mordecaii3 19 May 2016
19 May 2016 Realm merge Hello people of WoW. Last couple of weeks, our realm has been abandoned by a lot of players. The traffic on the realm is also getting lower every single week. I think it's pretty alarming and think that Chamber of Aspects deserves a realm merge. There are still a lot of dedicated players on this server, who deserve the best WoW experience possible. Would it be possible to merge the realm with an other medium or low population realm? Hopefully you will take this request in serious consideration. With kind regards, Gaffelaar (Aquarity)Gaffelaar33 19 May 2016
17 May 2016 [H]Olympians (fri/sat, 7-11) 11/13H recruiting dps/heal ~~ Olympians ~~ Olympians-CoA is recruiting for the remainder of HFC and for Legion. Having moved servers after a break, we've reprogressed to 11/13H in about 4 months, including trying to recruit a stable team, and are looking to push mythic content early on in Legion. We're currently looking for most dps specs and an extra healer or two. Geared off specs are appreciated but by no means required. All applicants will be considered. Our raid leader is currently 10/13M with extensive theorycrafting experience. Our members are spread across Europe as we are an international guild, mainly centering on the UK and Nordic countries. Our members are mostly aged from 16-25 but we have no age requirement, nor limit. We expect you to have a good grasp of spoken and written English, ability to join our Discord server and listen (mics are appreciated but by no means required for most roles), at least a full normal clear of any tier at current content, and ability to meet our schedule. We raid on friday and saturday nights, from 7-11 server (6-10 english time). This schedule is good for those of you want to spend their evenings raiding, but can't spare time during the week, or are in a rubbish timezone. Please contact OlympianHank#2165 on battletag for more information or to answer any queries, or whisper anyone online for a guild invite.Hanketrute0 17 May 2016
16 May 2016 [H] Disc Priest Looking for guild 10/13M 732ilvl Hi i have a Disc priest alt with 732ilvl and 10/13M xp looking for guild (2-3 days raiding) add me Unreserved#2892Megaisme0 16 May 2016
16 May 2016 [H] LF PVP Guild Recently rerolled on this server, looking for a social/pvp focused guild - i enjoy pve but not till legion, sick of wod raidingVarize1 16 May 2016
16 May 2016 [H] The Watchers Recruiting The watchers are a new guild now recruiting in preperation for the Legion. We are a casual guild that will be focusing on Raiding and PVP. At the moment we have 2 Guild Leaders but we are looking to expand this to help us create a helpful active social guild that enjoys playing the game and helping each other. We are starting from the ground up. If you want to be of a higher rank this is what we ask. You are over 18 years of age You are active You have experience with raids and PVP You are a good leader You are helpful You have a mic If you want to join as a guild recruit: You are over 15 years of age You have a mic You are mature If interested please message us in game either Itorz or Valmorian Or reply on here and we will be in touch. Alternatively you can apply using our forum template webpage below Update now have a webpage: www.thewatchers.tkItorz0 16 May 2016
13 May 2016 Looking for Guild (Horde) Hi, I am 29 years old and started playing wow 6 weeks ago. I am looking for a social guild and would like to do some raiding as well, I play almost every day. (Sometimes only the daily tasks, but on 3-4 days a week I have time for more). The most important thing for me is that the guild should have enough online members to at least go to dungeons or quests or old content, and to have a good atmosphere. I have already finished Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry on LFR and almost finished Hellfire on LFR as well (9/13 currently, I will probably do the rest of it tonight) Currently I have 3 chars: lvl100 Hunter with avg 672 lvl93 DK (Will be at lvl 100 and ilvl 640+ by the start of june, the Timewalking will help with the gear :) ) lvl 12 Shaman (He has heirlooms and I will be on holiday next week, so who knows :) ) BR, XentrollXentroll2 13 May 2016
10 May 2016 LF guild (ally) hello gaming friends .... a 38 year old guy from Sweden who is new in this game ... no longer want to run for myself now and want a guild. enjoy helping others. right now I'm building up my dps priest who will also be a healer later. would love to have a guild a mentor to teach me a bit of dps and heals and what I need and do not need so I will be the best healer :-). I'm looking for a guild that is not too large. I want to get to know the members and have fun. an awesome guild name is of course important :-). I work a lot and have 4 children but when I play I play hard. please write about your guild or questionsEmisens1 10 May 2016
05 May 2016 New Mythic Raiders needed Hello All, We are Archetype and over the past couple of months since we were formed we have cleared normal and heroic HFC. We are now looking to expand our team to try and get as many mythic bosses down as possible before Legion. Currently we are willing to consider all roles, however, the most required is another tank (preferably not a warrior) along with a Disc Priest. However as I said, all are welcome. If you are 13/13HC but your guild cant or wont get a Mythic team together. Come and have a chat and see if we are the place for you. Either add me at ChrissBoat#2464 or join us on Facebook at and we can have a better chat. Thanks for your time guys.Sarager4 05 May 2016
04 May 2016 [H] Murder of Crows 10/13 Mythic 13/13 Heroic LF Ranged Hey everyone, Murder of Crows are looking for a few extra raiders to fill up our roster to make sure we have 20 people for Mythic HFC every week. Currently our recruitment is open to most classes, so please check on our website, We currently raid two nights a week, Sunday and Tuesday, 8pm to 11pm server time. If you are looking to join the guild, feel free to put an application in on the website, or whisper either myself, Ultrazor or Veroxa in game if you see any of us online. We're looking mainly for solid range dps at the moment although any decent rogues or feral druids would be seriously considered. If you wish to speak to me via bnet add my battle tag: Vaerun#2715Blontorra8 04 May 2016
02 May 2016 (A) Heroes of the Mist Greetings, I am Nabonidus, recruitment officer of Heroes of the Mist. The guild rose from the mists of Pandaria and has a very active core of members since then. We are a very friendly, casual social guild with members of varying ages and nationalities. What are we looking for The guild is more a social guild than anything else, so we are looking for members who like to have a chat and are very casual about the game. In short: if you are friendly, have a sense of humour and are 18+, you are going to fit right in! What do we offer An active group of people who like to have a chat, help each other out and run the ocassional dungeon with each other. Our trademark are the social events we run weekly, like Hide and Seek and The Naked Gnome Run. Every member is free to join them, but nothing is required. You can be as involved as you like to be with Heroes of the Mist. You can find more info on our website where you can also apply to our guild. Have more questions? Ask them below or send me a message/whisper in-game.Nabonidus0 02 May 2016
02 May 2016 [H] Hexx 7yrs old 9/13M, LFM for fun mature raids! Contacts Management: Lemaitre (Eple#2466), Silvos (Kiega#2501), Mezegis (Mezegis#2905), Zarood (Zarood#2261) Realm: Chamber of Aspects-EU Website: Raid Days Friday 20:15-23:30 CET Sunday 20:00-23:00 CET Tuesday 20:15-23:00 CET Recruitment We are looking for mature like-minded people who are skilled and capable players. Note this is regardless of your current experience, or if your class is low in demand; if you show potential we will always consider your application. We will consider from the following classes: Damage Dealers: Hunter, Mage, Rogue, Warlock Healers: Paladin What is the atmosphere like in Hexx? - We provide a mature atmosphere with no drama. We raid progressively whilst still having fun along the way. Our members put the team above themselves, and are happy to pass loot to others and sit out when needed. Due to our philosophy we tend to attract older members (most of us are around our late 20s/30s), though younger people with the same attitude are welcome to apply. - We are a close-knit guild. We don't mass recruit and there are no social ranks, everyone in the guild is part of the raiding team or was in the past. We all know each other's personalities and work well together. - We're friendly people who enjoy each other's company. There's often a bunch of us on mumble most evenings (raid night or not), getting together to do other things in WoW, play other games, or just having a good banter. - We appreciate that real life takes priority over raiding and understand if you can't make a night. However members are here because they want to raid, and we expect a certain level of activity from our members. - We are a "destination guild" - you may leave WOW but you'll never leave Hexx! We have ex raiders who are still around years later on the forums or joining us for non-raiding activities. How does Hexx offer stable progression-orientated raiding? - We are skilled players with a serious approach to raiding, our members realise that raiding involves other people and their time. Members strive to improve their own performance, discuss boss tactics on the guild site, bring all consumables necessary and are reliable. We make the most out of the limited time available. - Stable and committed management, who understand and bear the culture and values the guild has been built on. - We have been raiding for 7 years, we aren’t going anywhere. - Current progress is 9/13 Mythic. We’ve achieved a lot over the years and you can read about our past glories in the Hexx: A History section of our site. How to Apply If this introduction tickles your fancy, check out our website at and read our Guild Ethos where the guild is explained in detail. If we sound like the right guild for you then follow the instructions in our How to Apply sticky.Lemaitre109 02 May 2016
01 May 2016 Share the love (Glory of The Hero) for Red Proto-Drake To do Glory of The Hero you need 5 people for Gundrak's share the love achievement. if you want the achievement or just feel like helping a fella out, post on this page and when we have five people we will go. :) P.S. Sorry Horde, Alliance only :DThemightypy0 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 (nvm) (obsolete)Dowlphin0 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 WTS Razzashi Hatchling and Tiny Crimson Whelpling Whisper me ingame with your offer or write it here! :)Tôby0 01 May 2016
30 Apr 2016 LF Guild with the intent of raiding Hi, im a WW monk and can be, but not very good Brewmaster. I started playing in MoP, left for a bit and came back. Im enjoying so far WoD, and i've started to like "Raiding" I've done the LRF modes, and enjoying it, and i want to progress further. So im looking for a guild for raiding, doesnt need to be hardcore or the best, just looking for a friendly place to try out the content.Walkier0 30 Apr 2016
29 Apr 2016 [A] Searching for guild Hello. My wife and I are looking for a guild whose average age is above 21. We're still levelling our characters and will not be committing to a raiding schedule any time soon, although we certainly have an enormous amount of experience with hardcore raiding under our belts. We're looking for a friendly atmosphere of gits and smegheads who are a great lark to be around, basically. Anyone able to give us a home? Edit: Ignore the fact that this character is in a guild already, it's more or less dead, we just use it to send mail instantly between us...Prideclaw10 29 Apr 2016
29 Apr 2016 LF Guild [A] Hi guys, New to the server and looking to bring a few of my toons over here. Looking for a guild that has some online activity, doesn't need to be a big raiding guild or anything special. Just somewhere friendly is all I am looking for. I have my hunter here called "Shuntz" and I will be moving my Warlock and mage over. Any suggestions of guilds just PM me in game or leave something here - looking forward to chatting to the community here :)Mcsuiy1 29 Apr 2016
28 Apr 2016 dps lf casual raiding guild hello, I'm currently looking for a casual raiding guild. I'm pretty much available everyday once discussed the raiding days/time. My current progress on my main is 13/13 hc but yeah im tired of pugging. With regards.Puniisher0 28 Apr 2016
25 Apr 2016 Buying Blackhand mythic kill... As title says, i'm looking for person that can sell me mythic kill with lock token reserved and Slgbomber hood if it drops. Can pay on Chamber of aspects server. I'm also 725 ilvl so i won't be that useless in fight. If someone is interested you can post here, or whisper me in game... Take care...Grogdal1 25 Apr 2016
25 Apr 2016 So quiet on this server... Since the server changed to a New Players server certain things have quieted down. Trade chat is less active and Auctions go slow? Are we still in Misery group or did we get seperated? Are experienced players leaving the server? Or is it just boredom? :pHosh10 25 Apr 2016
24 Apr 2016 [EU-Chamber of Aspects] [A] <Amabel Achievers> NL/BE Hallo allemaal wij Amabel Achievers zijn een NL/BE 18+ Guild en opzoek is naar actieve leden! Momenteel zijn wij eerst bezig een goeie PvE Guild te bouwen Wij doen Dungeons,questen.e.a. in de toekomst hopen we te raiden. accepteren en respecteren is een motto.Mocht je geinteresseert zijn /w Aeropain ingame!! Of laat hier onder even een reactie achter bedankt alvast!!Aeropain2 24 Apr 2016
23 Apr 2016 [LF] - Alliance Guild Player looking to come back permanently to WOW after a 5 year hiatus. I was an officer of Phantas Magoria way back on Khadgar server and came away from the game during WotLK. (I have up to and including WoD exp now). I'm looking for a casual guild who like to group up, assist with levelling and also for a couple of raid evenings a week. I will peobably end up playing WOW again 4-5 nights per week and a lengthy session on weekends. You would have to class me as a new player as 5 years is a long time away from this game. I'm currently levelling a hunter but can play most classes in end-game if preferred. Not used my lvl 90 boost yet either. Please reply or message me in-game.Jablesfables2 23 Apr 2016
21 Apr 2016 Archetype - Recruiting for HC/Mythic HFC Hey folks! We are looking for a raiders to complete our already established team. We are currently progressing on Heroic (11/13) and will be looking to complete this within the next week. From there we will be farming gear to get the group ready for Mythic. We are a close bunch that spend a lot of time chatting and doing other stuff outside raiding and plan to be together through Legion. Mainly we are looking for a strong tank and healer (disc priest preferred) however all roles will be considered as we do need to expand slightly for mythic progression. Either give me a shout here or add me ChrissBoat#2464 Speak soon.Sarager1 21 Apr 2016
21 Apr 2016 LF Guild (h) Hey I'm new to the realm :) I'm looking for a social/leveling Guild that raids. Im leveling a fire mage atm. CheersDíllion0 21 Apr 2016
17 Apr 2016 WTB Swift Spectral Tiger or Spectral Tiger If you sell one add my battletag; ginotoxic#2444Pherious0 17 Apr 2016
16 Apr 2016 Arkanon Poros (CoA) one time recruiting casual raiders! Are you a fun, social player that can bring your A-Game on our Sunday progress-raid? Arkanon Poros is a friendly, social guild that is looking to expand its raidteam. We have quite some experience in raiding, but we also find ourselves busy with RL- commitments. That is why we raid only on sunday-evenings from 8:30pm until 11pm (RT). Are you the person, that would like to progress, but can't spend the time wasting away behind your PC-screen for it? See if you fit our team. Current progress 6/13 HFC Normal, without a full raiding team. We are currently looking for: - an ace healer - an (off) tank - some EPIC dps (we don't mean the numbers on recount!) Check our website and/or whisper an officer or GM ingame. You can also write an in-game mail.Drbuffér2 16 Apr 2016
15 Apr 2016 Social/Light PvP Guild ♡ Good day, Katherine speaking - people, take your seats! Perhaps you'll like to know basics. Guildname: Damage Per Second. Agegroup: 18+, most guildies that I've seen lay around 20 and I try to keep players that's obviously below 18 out of the guild as it ruins the general personality I'm looking for. I'm 19 (20 this year), although my amount of smilies and attentionseeking can resemble a 15 year old. What we do: Social, most 100's casually PvP. What we can offer: Purple tabard, TS3, General maturity & fun, Guildbank (donations tab) & repairs, a lovely GM *coughs* That'll always get out of her way to make sure others are feeling well and we're always glad to help & guide nooblets in the game. If you've hit 100 and your xmog looks terribad, you'll have the fashionpolice (guild GM & officer(s)) on your hand to !@#$ you up properly. What we can't offer: Content raiding or (guild official) PvP'ing, a guaranteed guild to stay in if you're a complete and utter %^- to others or your personality simply doesn't match us (apologies). I'm here on behalf of <Damage Per Second> (18+)(Chamber of Aspects) as the GM. You've probably seen my spam going around (sorry about that). When I made the guild, I didn't want to focus hardcore on current content. Since Legion was so near and I had just gone from US servers (after 5+ years) to EU (Late february) with nothing, I wanted to spend time enjoying what's around. I wanted to focus on leveling, having fun, achievementhunting, greeting & helping out nooblets. Personally, I don't play competitively anymore. I lightly PvP for fun, distraction & learning (I laugh whenever I die/lose, how much more chill andor sadistic can a PvPer get.). I'm heavily extroverted and don't mind questions, suggestions & similar. ♡ I am chronically ill/disabled, so you'll most likely see me around or on Bnet 24/7. If you can't stay in the guild for personal reasons, to progress in the game or other, we don't judge. It's unfortunate if you have to leave, but we encourage you to grow! We even have a [Donations] tab in the gbank where you'll see 16slot bags, tabards (basic), battlepets, toys and similar! (Ask GM or officers to take out for you if your limit is reached) Our tabard is purple (girly much?) with clawmarks. And so on and so forth. It's not much to offer nor very exciting, but so far, I have positive reports on people enjoying the attitude, talkactiveness, companionship and help offered to them. So I figured it was worth a shot here! ♡ Anyone can invite to the guild, so don't hesitate to whisper or even add my battletag: Katherine#21658 (Remember to say that you're from this thread so I can keep a track of you♡) Hope to see you around! ♡Acaztia0 15 Apr 2016
15 Apr 2016 Selling Hc HFC Boost Runs(full run and mano archi) Selling HFC full master loot and archi&mano personal loot prices : -Full run1st loot prio 200k @ kazzak 280k on xrealms -Full run 2nd loot prio 100k @ kazzak 140k @ xrealms -Full run tag alongs 35-50k @ kazzak 70-90k on xrealms ( Depends,its sometimes tagalong with extra guranteed loot can be hunters with weapons ,and agility stuff like ring neck etc) What does 1st prio and 2nd prio means? 1st prio buyers get all items for their spec,for example a holy paladin gets all plates,healing trinket ring neck etc+spell one hand +offhands+2hand mace from tyrant) 2nd prio buyers get basically all items except tiers (its conditional we cant say what we can take as 2nd prio unless we have 3 main prio on each tier ) tag alongs get kills and achivements they can coin bosses as well and get leftovers(items that main buyers dont need),we take free tag alongs if you are over 725ilvl How many loots drop per boss?,tell me more about group do i have to do anything ? is there an ilvl required to join ? 3loots guranteed on each boss,we go 9 boosters and 6 buyers all unsaved ,but for better quality for buyers we take 3 from pug to give them chance for more loot per boss can be up to 5loot on tier bosses. buyers need to tag boss on each fight ,you can come with any level 100 character doesnt matter and you dont have to do anything special other than tagging boss and get those loots! ---------------------------------------- Mano and archi heroic personal loot boosts Price: For both bosses 25k @ kazzak 45k on xrealms Manno only : 10k @ kazzak 20k on xrealms Archi only 20k @ kazzak ,35k xrealm we take buyers from different realms,and its a boosting group wich means we are 9-10 boosters boosting 9-10 buyers each run and its not a boost through random pugs like what people do for cheaper prices. if you have any questions or you wana know about our boost runs you can add me! btag = mori#2953 Mightyelf#22763 skype= moritd Mightyelf#22763 Link To Main postRmiin0 15 Apr 2016
13 Apr 2016 Looking for a Raid guild Hello everyone i'm ProFumato and i'm kinda new to the game. My main char is a Undead Arcane Mage (ilvl 670) [HORDE] I'd like to join an active raiding guild because I really enjoy LFR. If you have any questions you can add me: ProFumatoTK#2204 PS: I play on - Chamber of Aspects - EUProfumato1 13 Apr 2016
13 Apr 2016 [H]-Fear-expanding roster for mythic FEAR is a social leveling / Raiding Guild formed in 2009. We are a multi-national but English speaking. we have a small core of players which grows by the day and we always look for the opportunity to meet new, like minded players. Looking for all types of DPS. we raid on Tuesday,Thursday and Friday at 20:00 ST Our current progress 13/13 HC HFC and we are expanding our roster to conquer mythic. If you're interested or would like further information Contact : Scrythe#2426. MrPslayer#2367Akasharus4 13 Apr 2016
13 Apr 2016 Chamber of aspects - looking for a guild Me and a friend are wanting to find a good raiding guild for the upcoming legion, we would like a guild that will want to raid every week. We would also like to find a guild that is interested in mount farming and completing old raids. Me and my friend have multiple characters we would like to add to the guild. We are very talkative in the guild chat and are always wanting to help people in need pf leveling and gaining achievements.Thassarian4 13 Apr 2016
13 Apr 2016 LF late raiding guild Hi! I recently back to WoW aftter 5 years break. Im looking for late raiding guild (22:00-2:00). I can provide 5 chars (best is resto shammy): Shaman (resto/ele) Palladin (tank) Druid (resto/boom) Warlock (affli) Hunter (BM)Gabrysia0 13 Apr 2016
12 Apr 2016 Project Apocalypse 2/7HC Recruitment form Welcome and thanks for reading! Who we are We are Project Apocaplyse, a horde guild on the Chamber of Aspects server. We are a 10 man guild aiming for the #1 spot on the realm. We are a friendly bunch of players, that are serious under pressure but fun and cool while not. The social aspect is very important, happy players who work together = better results!! What we are most is a guild that tries to achieve the best results possible, while maintaining a relaxed attitude towards raiding itself. What do we do Our raiding days are Wednesday, thursday and (sunday/monday tba) The raid times are 19:45 (the *be prepared* time) to 24:00 We use Ventrilo for our communication, this is a required asset. You do not need to talk if you don't want to talk, but you are required to listen! (hell, its golden!) Ranks and you We currently have the following ranks. Officers (this includes the GM) Officers are the ones who will ultimately make the decisions. Every officer is equal and has a vote in the process. Usually a majority of the votes will be final. Do note that even though there is an officer rank for hard choices, other members have an equal voice and are allowed (encouraged even) to voice their own opinion. Raiders Raiders are the players that matter most. It is what YOU strife to become when joining this guild. Raiders are the players that raid, logically. You have a strong voice in the process and are a huge part of the community as a whole. Trial This is where you start when you first join. The trial period lasts 2 weeks. In this period it is important that you maintain a flawless attendence rate so we can judge your skills. Note that skills also means social skills and the like!! Loot and you This is where you come for right? If you said 'yes' then you're most likely not going to be accepted in this guild. Let us start that loot is NOT the way to go by. Loot is simply the reward you get from working hard. It should never be the incentive for raiding. The attitude we have (and you should have!) is clearing all content as fast as possible. Loot is secondary to that cause. Now that we've got that out of the way; you still like to know how we handle it. For loot we use a simple system named Loot Council You might've heard about this system. Ill post an excerpt from about it. Advantages ■ Loot Council values performance much more than other loot systems. Top performers usually find that they get loot faster. ■ Loot Council values size of upgrade much more than other loot systems. Point-based systems tend to put too much emphasis on best-in-slot items and not enough on total impact to the raid. ■ Loot Council can better distribute loot for the challenges that face the guild. If the guild needs a certain sector to get gear (such as dps or healers), it's easy to reallocate gear to them. Disadvantages ■ Loot Council is only as fair as the people on the council. One corrupt council member can destroy a whole guild. ■ It requires more work on the part of council members to pay attention to and keep track of that which determines loot distribution. ■ Actually awarding loot can take more time as council members debate whom it should go to As you can see, loot council has advantages and disadvantages. Rest assured that we try to negate the disadvantages (by having multiple officers, a fair voting system and the likes) As a trial, you may recieve loot but you will have lesser priority over said loot if raiders need it. What are our goals As a guild, we strife for nothing more or less then perfection. Perfection in our eyes is achieving the realm #1 status. We do not expect to just get realm #1 by simply being there. Instead, we think of it as an ungoing process that is honed again and again untill we reach our goal. What are we looking for We are looking for dedicated players who are the best at what they do in this game. Tanking/healing/dps, it doesnt matter what you do, as long as you know your class inside out. Know other classes and their shortcomings/expertise and adept to this. In short: you're a really good player with expert knowledge on your own class, and good knowledge about the other classes you work with!Twistex36 12 Apr 2016
12 Apr 2016 LF Guild (H) I'm looking for a social raiding guild. What I do and do not expect from the Guild: Not a guild that throws all kind of obligations to his members. Not a guild that has over 500 members. Just a fun social guild that is also doing raids together and other content. A respectful atmosphere (I do like jokes, and some vulgar comments, but with respect, No going beserk when someone makes a mistake in a raid, but laugh about it, and learn from it, and some nasty/funny comments) What do I offer? A rusty but good healer (Priest)(I haven't been raiding since WotLK, have played the other expentions but didn't continue after hitting level cap). Do not ask me to be a dps, because I simply do not like to be a dps. Someone who will be there when he said so (When planning to raid or other things). Someone who fixes his own stuff, and doesn't beg for help (I do occasionally ask for help) Who am I? My name is Jeremy (Male, and yes, I know I play a female character), from the Netherlands. 32 years old (And still playing games? YES!) Work by day, gamer by night. And the rest you will learn over time.Zeharit0 12 Apr 2016
07 Apr 2016 <The Conclave of Azeroth> Looking for Friendly Guildies Tired of running around levelling by yourself? In an inactive guild where there are a few hundred members and yet nobody really talks or helps you out? Let The Conclave of Azeroth bring your social life back to normality! The newly formed Conclave of Azeroth are recruiting people of all skill and experience levels to be active and social within our guild. We fight for the Alliance and we're here to have fun while doing so. Ideally we would like to get a few players who have an interest in raiding with us, however that is not a requirement - all we really ask for is that you're friendly and social (i.e. when you're online, have a chat with us when you can). We're a place you can call home while you level up. For those of you more serious about raiding and are bored of pugging, do not despair! We have 3 raid leaders who are looking to get teams ready and take on the content of this expansion and take us into a good place to make progress through Legion following launch. For anyone interested please feel free to chat to me in-game or reply to this thread. Abstractive - PR and Recruitment OfficerAbstractive0 07 Apr 2016