Chamber of Aspects

13 Apr 2016 Looking for a Raid guild Hello everyone i'm ProFumato and i'm kinda new to the game. My main char is a Undead Arcane Mage (ilvl 670) [HORDE] I'd like to join an active raiding guild because I really enjoy LFR. If you have any questions you can add me: ProFumatoTK#2204 PS: I play on - Chamber of Aspects - EUProfumato1 13 Apr 2016
13 Apr 2016 [H]-Fear-expanding roster for mythic FEAR is a social leveling / Raiding Guild formed in 2009. We are a multi-national but English speaking. we have a small core of players which grows by the day and we always look for the opportunity to meet new, like minded players. Looking for all types of DPS. we raid on Tuesday,Thursday and Friday at 20:00 ST Our current progress 13/13 HC HFC and we are expanding our roster to conquer mythic. If you're interested or would like further information Contact : Scrythe#2426. MrPslayer#2367Akasharus4 13 Apr 2016
13 Apr 2016 Chamber of aspects - looking for a guild Me and a friend are wanting to find a good raiding guild for the upcoming legion, we would like a guild that will want to raid every week. We would also like to find a guild that is interested in mount farming and completing old raids. Me and my friend have multiple characters we would like to add to the guild. We are very talkative in the guild chat and are always wanting to help people in need pf leveling and gaining achievements.Thassarian4 13 Apr 2016
13 Apr 2016 LF late raiding guild Hi! I recently back to WoW aftter 5 years break. Im looking for late raiding guild (22:00-2:00). I can provide 5 chars (best is resto shammy): Shaman (resto/ele) Palladin (tank) Druid (resto/boom) Warlock (affli) Hunter (BM)Gabrysia0 13 Apr 2016
12 Apr 2016 Project Apocalypse 2/7HC Recruitment form Welcome and thanks for reading! Who we are We are Project Apocaplyse, a horde guild on the Chamber of Aspects server. We are a 10 man guild aiming for the #1 spot on the realm. We are a friendly bunch of players, that are serious under pressure but fun and cool while not. The social aspect is very important, happy players who work together = better results!! What we are most is a guild that tries to achieve the best results possible, while maintaining a relaxed attitude towards raiding itself. What do we do Our raiding days are Wednesday, thursday and (sunday/monday tba) The raid times are 19:45 (the *be prepared* time) to 24:00 We use Ventrilo for our communication, this is a required asset. You do not need to talk if you don't want to talk, but you are required to listen! (hell, its golden!) Ranks and you We currently have the following ranks. Officers (this includes the GM) Officers are the ones who will ultimately make the decisions. Every officer is equal and has a vote in the process. Usually a majority of the votes will be final. Do note that even though there is an officer rank for hard choices, other members have an equal voice and are allowed (encouraged even) to voice their own opinion. Raiders Raiders are the players that matter most. It is what YOU strife to become when joining this guild. Raiders are the players that raid, logically. You have a strong voice in the process and are a huge part of the community as a whole. Trial This is where you start when you first join. The trial period lasts 2 weeks. In this period it is important that you maintain a flawless attendence rate so we can judge your skills. Note that skills also means social skills and the like!! Loot and you This is where you come for right? If you said 'yes' then you're most likely not going to be accepted in this guild. Let us start that loot is NOT the way to go by. Loot is simply the reward you get from working hard. It should never be the incentive for raiding. The attitude we have (and you should have!) is clearing all content as fast as possible. Loot is secondary to that cause. Now that we've got that out of the way; you still like to know how we handle it. For loot we use a simple system named Loot Council You might've heard about this system. Ill post an excerpt from about it. Advantages ■ Loot Council values performance much more than other loot systems. Top performers usually find that they get loot faster. ■ Loot Council values size of upgrade much more than other loot systems. Point-based systems tend to put too much emphasis on best-in-slot items and not enough on total impact to the raid. ■ Loot Council can better distribute loot for the challenges that face the guild. If the guild needs a certain sector to get gear (such as dps or healers), it's easy to reallocate gear to them. Disadvantages ■ Loot Council is only as fair as the people on the council. One corrupt council member can destroy a whole guild. ■ It requires more work on the part of council members to pay attention to and keep track of that which determines loot distribution. ■ Actually awarding loot can take more time as council members debate whom it should go to As you can see, loot council has advantages and disadvantages. Rest assured that we try to negate the disadvantages (by having multiple officers, a fair voting system and the likes) As a trial, you may recieve loot but you will have lesser priority over said loot if raiders need it. What are our goals As a guild, we strife for nothing more or less then perfection. Perfection in our eyes is achieving the realm #1 status. We do not expect to just get realm #1 by simply being there. Instead, we think of it as an ungoing process that is honed again and again untill we reach our goal. What are we looking for We are looking for dedicated players who are the best at what they do in this game. Tanking/healing/dps, it doesnt matter what you do, as long as you know your class inside out. Know other classes and their shortcomings/expertise and adept to this. In short: you're a really good player with expert knowledge on your own class, and good knowledge about the other classes you work with!Twistex36 12 Apr 2016
12 Apr 2016 LF Guild (H) I'm looking for a social raiding guild. What I do and do not expect from the Guild: Not a guild that throws all kind of obligations to his members. Not a guild that has over 500 members. Just a fun social guild that is also doing raids together and other content. A respectful atmosphere (I do like jokes, and some vulgar comments, but with respect, No going beserk when someone makes a mistake in a raid, but laugh about it, and learn from it, and some nasty/funny comments) What do I offer? A rusty but good healer (Priest)(I haven't been raiding since WotLK, have played the other expentions but didn't continue after hitting level cap). Do not ask me to be a dps, because I simply do not like to be a dps. Someone who will be there when he said so (When planning to raid or other things). Someone who fixes his own stuff, and doesn't beg for help (I do occasionally ask for help) Who am I? My name is Jeremy (Male, and yes, I know I play a female character), from the Netherlands. 32 years old (And still playing games? YES!) Work by day, gamer by night. And the rest you will learn over time.Zeharit0 12 Apr 2016
07 Apr 2016 <The Conclave of Azeroth> Looking for Friendly Guildies Tired of running around levelling by yourself? In an inactive guild where there are a few hundred members and yet nobody really talks or helps you out? Let The Conclave of Azeroth bring your social life back to normality! The newly formed Conclave of Azeroth are recruiting people of all skill and experience levels to be active and social within our guild. We fight for the Alliance and we're here to have fun while doing so. Ideally we would like to get a few players who have an interest in raiding with us, however that is not a requirement - all we really ask for is that you're friendly and social (i.e. when you're online, have a chat with us when you can). We're a place you can call home while you level up. For those of you more serious about raiding and are bored of pugging, do not despair! We have 3 raid leaders who are looking to get teams ready and take on the content of this expansion and take us into a good place to make progress through Legion following launch. For anyone interested please feel free to chat to me in-game or reply to this thread. Abstractive - PR and Recruitment OfficerAbstractive0 07 Apr 2016
07 Apr 2016 "Legion of Hell" Kazzak - 2/Day Hardcore Raiding Guild "Legion Of Hell" Is a Reformed guild that started back in Cataclysm, with Naxx 40, Sunwell Pre Nerf experienced leaders and hardcore members. The guild was created During DS and manged to clear Full HC in 6 weeks during the 5% Buff with no hesitation, we where playing as a 4 day raiding hardcore guild back then, although for the time being we are more laid back into a 2 day Hardcore raiding guild. Most of our hardcore raiders just started playing again after a long break/quit. Our raiding schedule is not yet completely specified although we are going to raid from 6:00PM - 10:00 PM ST twice a week, we are currently doing a HC Clear on Monday's up until we have a full roster, our raiding days will be Wednesday/Monday. We are Currently recruiting All Classes & Specs for a full Mythic clear & for the upcoming expansion "Legion", we expect top skills, dedication & previous experience to clear the mythic content as soon as possible. The recruitment is open to all skilled players although you have to meet the requirements in which we are very strict with. Add me on: Posative#2456 for more information regarding recruitment.Mayo0 07 Apr 2016
04 Apr 2016 WTS 13/13 HFC Heroic Masterloot Boosts Boosting will take place on Sat evening 8pm. Setup: 3 Buyers, all with different tier/armour 12 Booster, each booster is a Mythic raider with a minimum ilvl of 735 3 Drops per boss, any loot that you can use for your MS is yours! Mount from Archi Hc, this is 100% drop (quest item) We start at 8pm prompt and the full run takes around 1 hour 45 minutes. We have 2 buyers for every week for the next 8 weeks, this means I need to build the last person around tier/armour. This Week I'm looking for either a DK(will get OS tank gear aswell as DPS)/Gaurdian Druid/Feral Druid. Add me on BNET to discuss further: scoob#2807Scóób8 04 Apr 2016
03 Apr 2016 712 Ret Palla AT CoA LF Raiding Guild! Hello! Im a 712 ret paladin whom is looking for a guild have done 2/13 HC HFC (including Arcimond) and looking for a social raiding guild, to progress in HFC and prepare for Legion. :DEahmil1 03 Apr 2016
03 Apr 2016 Looking for Raiding Guild on COA Hi everyone been playing WOW again for a couple of months. Left towards the end of MOP and just didn't jump on board when WOD came out. Im back now though so late as it may be I'm looking to raid. ilvl: 700 I don't mind joining a social raiding guild just as long as I get to raid with a team and not like my current guild struggling to even get together a 10 man on a weekend. Sad times. Anyways come and have a chat if you would like to know more. PS I am over 18 ie not a little kid lolOnestep3 03 Apr 2016
03 Apr 2016 Are you a fun, social player that can bring your A-Game Are you a fun, social player that can bring your A-Game on our Sunday progress-raid? Arkanon Poros is a friendly, social guild that is looking to expand its raidteam. We have quite some experience in raiding, but we also find ourselves busy with RL- commitments. That is why we raid only on sunday-evenings from 8:30pm until 11pm (RT). Are you the person, that would like to progress, but can't spend the time wasting away behind your PC-screen for it? See if you fit our team. Current progress 6/13 HFC Normal, without a full raiding team. We are currently looking for: - an ace healer - an (off) tank - some EPIC dps (we don't mean the numbers on recount!) Check our website and/or whisper an officer or GM ingame. You can also write an in-game mail.Drbuffér0 03 Apr 2016
03 Apr 2016 Looking for Archi boost Heya i am looking for a Archi boost HC, add Kassow#2257 then we can talk about something ;)Bjreg0 03 Apr 2016
03 Apr 2016 WTB Woolly White Rhino for golds on Chamber I pay on Chamber or some other servers, add me ArsasCZ #2297.Arssas0 03 Apr 2016
03 Apr 2016 guilds looking for a friendly guild who has a lot of on-line activity and a good crackCarstermf1 03 Apr 2016
03 Apr 2016 Join our guild: «IMMORTAL» <I M M O R T A L> is now recruiting! We're a new casual, social and fun leveling guild looking for social and helpful people. We welcome all levels and classes! Lets make Azeroth a fun place to be, lets explore it together! Whisper me in-game or send me a PM (my BT: RagingDwarf #2865) and join us! Hope to meet you soon!Dogmaron0 03 Apr 2016
02 Apr 2016 Are you struggling to get a full guild raid team? Well you are not alone. Despite the now boring "this server is dead" chat that goes about. I know there are many guilds out there that have the ability, gear, tactical knowledge and determination to progress yet struggle for numbers week in week out. We are a small raiding guild with around 20-30 active and very regular members. Many of which are raiding and others that are into other areas of the game and are more social, we are looking for any guilds that are maybe struggling to get the numbers and are interested in the possibility of merging with us to form a strong united team to take on HFC Heroic, Mythic then preparing for Legion. Please if you run a guild that may be interested or can pass this onto someone that does I would love to discuss this further. Give me a shout on here or feel free to add me ChrissBoat#2464 Thanks for your time guys and girls. Chris.Sarager0 02 Apr 2016
02 Apr 2016 [H] <Modus Vivendi> recruiting socials Hey guys, just to give you a bit of background about the guild: All of the starting members of this guild used to be in the guild <Trinity> which, for reasons beyond our control, we had to move away from (I will not go into the details). However, the people who came across were strong members, and a good raid team. The guild has recruited other members since then, but at the moment, we are just about to hit level 12 (something I know puts a lot of people off). The thing that we are lacking at the moment is a strong social aspect. Although we are friendly, outgoing and generally good with each other, we are mainly raiders (though we do have some of our guys who do PvP) and therefore, we tend not to have somethings that other, more social guilds do (like achievement runs). If anyone is interested in joining us to creat/strengthen our social atmosphere (even if it's with a low-level alt), speak to me or a member of the guild in game and we'll go from there. Thanks for your time and attention, I hope to speak to you soon.Solluna2 02 Apr 2016
31 Mar 2016 Login Servers The game is not loading this morning, another day in paradise!Voth0 31 Mar 2016
30 Mar 2016 Looking for raiding guild weekdays 10:30pm uk time Hey people, as the title suggests I'm looking for a mature raiding guild that raids weekdays around 10:30 pm UK time. (I think that's 11:30 server time). I am a ex raid leader / guild officer for a wotlk raiding guild, in our 25man raids I was the dkp guy which was our loot system at the time and i was raid leader for my 10 man team. We cleared most of the content and achivs and we're a top guild. Recently, well since the end of wotlk when the guild fell apart I have been on and off wow and mainly focusing on pvp but I am looking to get back into the raiding aspect of the game. I don't want my lack of pve gear/ recent raiding experience to hinder my chances with any guild as it all comes down to the player. I would also be happy to help with the orginization/ running of raids. i will look forward to hearing from people. Cheers Nkodo/pakaloloPakalolo0 30 Mar 2016
29 Mar 2016 Cult of the Doomed Recruting! 12/13 Mythic Cult of the Doomed (Horde) – 12/13 Mythic is recruiting! Cotd is a mature, thriving guild that hasn't stopped raiding since 2008. We call home the connected realms of Emeriss, Hakkar, Crushridge, Agamaggan, Bloodscalp and Twilight's Hammer - EU We are looking for exceptional raiders that are driven and patient and are able to maintain over 80% raid-attendance per month. Our raiding schedule is Wed/Sun/Mon 19:45-23:00. (CET, UTC +01:00) Recruitment Details: - You need Legendary Ring and raid ready gear for Mythic Content(Approx. 720+ ilvl) - High Priority: Mage, Elemental / Resto Shaman, Rogue, DPS DK - Medium Priority: Any DPS - No Spot: Tanks More Specifically: - Consistency is what we appreciate the most. - You need to be over 18 y.o. - Not be shy to communicate on our voice communication (Mumble in our case) - Be an active player and put the effort to join our long-lasting community. - Ready to go the extra mile to help the team when it needs you. - Be open to constructive criticism. - If you are thinking of joining mid-raiding-tier, you need to prepare double, since we already have over 1000 wipes on HFC. - Respect our effort. Additional info: - Highly diversified international community. - English is our main language. - Alt/social raids (optional) - Every Saturday afternoon. - Active Guild forums. - Guild activity in other Steam/Blizzard games. - We make sure to keep having fun even during the worst progress wipefests ! We will soon kill Archimonde Mythic and we will farm the mount and our BiS gear till the end of the expansion, while preparing the raid team for a dynamic start in Legion. In case you have questions or want to apply , check the webiste: and/or whisper any officer in game. Or contact us: GintoniQ#2540 - MurphysLawl#2869 Thanks!Deb0 29 Mar 2016
26 Mar 2016 Hc Archi Personal Loot Boost Monday nights Personal Loot group will be 5 buyers and 10 mythic geared mains, 1 shot. starting at 9pm 40k add me on bnet scoob#2807 or /w to book your spotScóób6 26 Mar 2016
23 Mar 2016 Recruit-a-friend Does anyone want to Recruit-a-Friend with me? enter your email down here: See forward to play with you :)Pherious2 23 Mar 2016
23 Mar 2016 (H) Continuum are recruiting. Continuum are now recruiting social players of all levels and would especially like to help new players. Continuum has been a guild for 7 years now and the core of our officers are 13/13 Hc with some having characters that are 8/13 mythic. We have a huge amount of experience in-game and it would be a pleasure to pass that knowledge on to others. At the moment we are not looking to be a raiding guild but would like to offer our tollerant, accommodating atmosphere to anyone who wants a nice place to spend their playing time. So if you are a new player, or if you are returning to the game, or you are just looking for an upbeat cordial atmosphere then please consider us, you can leave a message here and an officer will get back to you, or send me a mail or whisper in-game for more information. Thank you.Valdarim0 23 Mar 2016
22 Mar 2016 delete please -Viatríx2 22 Mar 2016
22 Mar 2016 (A) Selling Echanting and blacksmithing Very cheap compared to ah I only charge a small amount of gold + the value of mats, (if u provide it will be just the small fee. message me in game or reply here and we can sort some stuff out happy gamingQwertylad0 22 Mar 2016
21 Mar 2016 Patient friendly raid team looking for new members Do you need help getting into raiding? Or do you enjoy helping others learn? We are looking for new players to join our friendly guild. We run a mix of normal and heroic hfc, as well as a few older raids for achis and transmog. We all enjoy raiding, working together and solving the challenge of each fight. We expect everyone to be prepared; on time, enchanted. with flasks and food etc. but we also know people make mistakes and need to learn a fight. By supporting each other we enjoy a great atmosphere that achieves. The core team is 13/13 heroic and are now looking to build a team who work well together going forward ready to assault Legion. If you are interested, check out our website or whisper an animosity guildie in game. Raids Mon and Wed, 9.00 till 12.00 server time We welcome all who enjoy the raid experience, are tolerant of others and want to belong.Scareytree9 21 Mar 2016
16 Mar 2016 <Plan B> 13/13M is selling Mythic HFC Runs Hello Chamber of Aspects! <Plan B> has settled in farm mode and will now be selling HFC Mythic runs. We currently raid on Wednesdays between 19:45 and 24:00 server time. We are willing to sell Individual bosses aswell as combinations of bosses or a full run and consider prices negotiable. Discounts can be given when buying 3+ bosses. We currently don't sell the Felsteel Annihilator mount as we're still handing these out to raiders. Buyers will only Recieve Warforged/Socketted items if no raiders need them. Pricelist Individual bosses Hellfire Assault / Iron Reaver / Hellfire High Council / Kilrogg Deadeye - 40k Shadow Lord Iskar / Fel Lord Zakuun / Tyrant Velhari - 55k Kormrok / Gorefiend / Socrethar / Xhul'horac - 70k Mannoroth - 200k Archimonde - 500k Full run - 1.2m What will you receive? Loot You will receive all items for your class/spec, excluding Warforged/Socketted items, unless no raiders need them. HFC Loot cache You will unlock the Iron Fleet Treasure Chest from your shipyard after 8 Mythic Boss kills From killing Mythic Archimonde Title - 'Defiler's End' FoS - Cutting Edge: The Black Gate Payment We require a deposit at latest 3 days before the agreed-upon date for 20% of the total payment. The remainder of the payment is expected at the start of raid. We solely accept gold (We do not accept items, pets and such as payment). We are open to boosting characters on other realms as well. Contact If you are interested in a run, or have further questions, contact one of the following battletags: Oli#2966 MrVoase#2615 We would like to encourage people who have used our boosting service to leave their feedback, it doesn't take long to do and it's greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time! <Plan B> Officer teamOutofstleath3 16 Mar 2016
15 Mar 2016 [Once-Again] Kazzak Late Night Guild - 13/13 Mythic ... Currently searching for : Any skilled, motivated and committed players for our current raid team and for legion. We are particularity after : Dps : Warlock / Hunter / Elemental Shaman / Rogue / Warrior Healer : Resto Shaman / Resto Druid Current progress been 13/13 MythicLfc0 15 Mar 2016
14 Mar 2016 Questions for this realm Hey, I am just new to WoW and i tried to use the dungeon finder a couple of times but i always have to wait for a very long time. does it depend which realm i am in? or is this always the case? i am not familiar where how this system works, because when i take a look at the population i see it as very low. If i knew it was low i would have changed :(Wilfrado2 14 Mar 2016
11 Mar 2016 looking for friendly guild Looking for a friendly guild that does dungeons, raids etcPrestigeuk1 11 Mar 2016
10 Mar 2016 Mount Farming / Black Market Vendors Can someone suggest me a list of mounts I should go farm / buy. I've already got lots from the Dalaran Vendor and some drakes but is there any mounts that, with a few days, I could farm reputation for or complete an achievement to get?Benedictea0 10 Mar 2016
09 Mar 2016 New to CoA. Looking for new home Hi all, I recently changed servers from Terrokar where I was an active Raider with some PvP dabbling to CoA. Reason being a slump in guild activity, decided to start fresh on a new server. I mostly play as a Tank (DK, Warrior, Paly) and Dps( Not as much though as i was my guilds main Tank for several years), not very fond of ranged Classes and extremely incompetent at healing. I am currently levelling my characters i.e. not looking to jump into raiding ASAP but get to know my new server and guild first with the intention of someday being a part of group content (raiding etc.). But if the need arises i have no problems with transferring my characters over to CoA. I am currently levelling this character (never played a rogue, thought i might as well level one :) and can be reached in game through this character if there are any questions. Thanks in advanceBodeka4 09 Mar 2016
08 Mar 2016 Legion on COA What impact do you think Legion will have on the server? My hope it that it really gives the realm a boost. I know many say "its dead" bla bla bla. However, I never struggle to find interaction and people to chat group with etc. I guess I just hope that it provides a larger player base so more guilds are created and run well without being the huge cesspools that seem to want to "take over" for some strange reason. I suppose you get that everywhere it just seems that's all that's around in COA or at least all that really make themselves heard. That way surely our raiding progression will improve along with the skill of other areas such as PVP, professions (when Legion sorts them out) etc.Sarager1 08 Mar 2016
07 Mar 2016 [H] <Trident> 11/13M is recruiting Scandinavians Well met! <Trident> is a Scandinavian speaking 11/13M horde guild on the realm Kazzak. We raid three nights per week, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 20:00-23:00 (invites start at 19:45) server time (GMT+1). We are currently recruiting players from Scandinavia dedicated for progress to fill our roster. Our current recruitment priorities is as following: Druid (dps) - MEDIUM Druid (healer) - MEDIUM Hunter - LOW Priest (holy) - LOW Monk (healer) - HIGH Paladin (dps) - LOW Rogue - HIGH Shaman (dps) - HIGH Shaman (healer) - MEDIUM Warlock - HIGH Warrior (dps) - HIGH If you cannot find your class or specc do not hesitate to send an application. All applications are considered. A great fit for us is someone who Is dedicated to progress Has high attendance Understands that; guild progress > character progress Is willing to improve Can take constructive criticism We understand that real life situations happens and you might not be able to attend a raid, all we ask is a notification on the forums about your absence in good time before the raid starts. Our forum is compatible with phones and tablets. What you can expect from us: A team dedicated to progress Hgih ambitions for legion Pots, flasks, food and enchants provided by the guild A friendly and relaxed atmosphere Team speak server Even though we can relax and have fun on farm and trash we treasure full dedication during progress. How to apply: If you think Trident could be the guild for you, feel free to leave an application on If you have any question feel free to contact contact me on triv#2400Trivzi3 07 Mar 2016
06 Mar 2016 <Solar Flare> Recruiting for our vanilla raid team! Hey there! <Solar Flare> is a huge guild / community for gamers. We have a 25m heroic raiding team (9/14 Heroic SoO) We have 3 10m raiding teams (all 3 are nearly done with SoO normal mode) We have 2 25m Flexible raiding teams (All able to clear flex) And on top of that a +- 10m late night flex team! And now, we're also creating a vanilla raiding team and EVERYONE is welcome. This means we're gonna create and organize a raiding team for players at level 60. We have about +- 20 players so far and are aiming offcours for the legend 40m raids. In order to join tho, you must obey the next rules: - No character gear boosting (your allowed to buy the BoE lvl 60 epics, but dont boost your alt trough the oldschool raids, this will only ruin the experience and challenge for yourself and the team. - No heirlooms. - No burning crusade gear. - Death knights and monks are allowed (altho we're experimenting on this fact, if they turn out to be too overpowered we might ban them from raids, reroll these classes at your own risks!) - We will raid +- once a week maybe twice, and the raids are optional. - Depending on how much level 60 characters are buffed, we might lower the amount of maximum players for the vanilla raids. Interested? Join solar flare by conacting me in game! Main character: Jarsen Alts: Luigi Luichi Yoshï Bombs (Im always online around 19:00-23:00)Jarsen3 06 Mar 2016
02 Mar 2016 Experienced healer LF heroic or mythic raiding team Greetings! I'm looking to have fun in a casual/semi-hardcore raid team short on healers, no more than 3 mandatory days a week. If you're progressing in late Upper HFC HC or the beginning of mythic HFC, it would suit my characters the best. I have experience as both healer and DPS through most of HFC Mythic, I have Curve on all 5 of my lvl 100 chars (and no, I didn't get pay to get any of them boosted). Start-up guilds are welcome, but only if you can scrape together a team every week. Whether I want to go Disc priest or MW monk would depend on your progress and healing setup, so if you poke me, we can talk about it. Here are the chars: Nanuviel, 720 disc priest: Nanpi, 712 MW monk: The monk will be fully upgraded next week and both chars are 2-3 resets away from getting their legendary ring. If you only raid twice a week and are very strict about attendance, I can't do it, IF one of your raid days are on either of these days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday. You can poke me or send a mail in-game on either char, or leave your btag in this thread :) Good luck with your future endeavors!Nanuviel2 02 Mar 2016
02 Mar 2016 TheDevilsOwn 13/13 heroic (Turalyon EU) Needs you!! Ello everyone TheDevilsOwn are looking for some more recruits inorder to start mythics. Alittle bit about the guild. The Devils Own has been around since WoTLK made by family and friends however not making much guild progress till ICC in which we began to raid during our time of ICC we managed to get 11/12 Heroic. The next expansion hit, we managed to clear everything up to Firelands where we got 6/7 Heroic pre-nerf then got Ragnaros soon after. Once Dragon Soul began we managed to become near the top guilds; third on the realm at one point clearing the instance only two days after release. Then moved onto heroic clearing it and farming it for the rest of the expansion. Mists brought a stand still to our progression due to a guild move to Silvermoon which didn't go to well as well as planned due to most people leaving/quitting MoP due to not liking it. Now its time for a new era, a new beginning with hopes of regaining our original position on the server. With out doubt we have slowly built up a strong set of officers that have been able to transform the guilds lows into out new continuing highs we are now officially 13/13 Heroic HFC Our raidleader has raidleading experience since vanilla and cleared all content to this date, our officers have all been in top guild and tons of experience within game and played since vanilla also! :P they are always willing to help out all In TDO and beyond. we are always looking for new recruits not matter where your from how long you've played, class,age,race,realm,pvper,pve... you name it TheDevilsOwn have a place for you all :D We understand all cannot make every raid day or may be late, wows just a game its supposed to be fun you shouldn't have to rush home from work to make a raid on time or in fear of loosing your place or that u may get dropped because you had to shoot out to pick your drunken teenage son up from work in TDO IRL always comes first and always will. why this works well for us well look at it this way how many people have been in top class raiding guilds that just get left out or behind because the treat you all like robots and expect you to be there all the time and expect you not to have IRL issues... them players find there way to guilds like use where they can relax and enjoy they game while progressing and socializing with players just like them. this may cause us issues when raiding and trying to be one top guilds on the server but hey we sure give them a run for their money i guarantee you that! Open Raid Team spots: Priest: Holy/Shadow Mage: Frost/Fire/Arcance Warrior: Fury Monk: Windwalker/Mistweaver Hunter: Beastmaster/Survial/Marksman Rogue: Assasin/Combat/Subtlety Deathknight: Frost/Unholy Shaman: Elemental/Enchance/Restoration Druid: Balance/Restoration/Feral Warlock: Demonology/Affliction/Destruction our raid times are Wednesday: 9:00pm - 12:00am server time. Thursday: 9:00pm - 12:00am server time. Sunday: 9:00pm - 12:00am server time. Remember we also offer spaces to all who are looking to make TheDevilsOwn there new home. We also have a casual raid night where all member are welcome to join!. looking for more information please feel free to post on here any question, or /w Themask/jaggie, Vixxyvixen, Dalkrenth, Lygger or Orionreborn in game or simply go to our guild website and have a look around and get to know us some more see what we are about at Thanks from myself and all the TDO team and we hope to be hearing for you soon!. if you wish to add my Battle net feel free to do so its Themask#2259Jaggie1 02 Mar 2016
26 Feb 2016 Protoss—The most active raid social guild recruiting ! Greetings ,We are the most active raid social guild on this realm, around 100 online players at weekend nights , we have free repair , bank sharing ,a nice and friendly ,helpful community. Raid wed sat sun nights 20h , doing hfc nm and few hc .We controlled a part of auction house on this realm ,guild bank clean every 2 days for put more useful stuffs in .Protoss IV is our 4th guild ,they cleaned 13/13 hfc hc, and now they are trying to get mythic kills ,they will boost main guild raiders in nm,hc for free later when we raid together with our Protoss IV raiders. What ever you are a new player to wow ,or someone enjoys to raid ,or even you are a social casual player etc , here is a nice home for you , and you are very welcomed to join our community ,all guilds of Protoss they have a same goal : to build a harmony community ,no drama ,no arguing ,no conflicts , a guild that we help each other, a great guild with mature, high quality moral players. We welcome you ,our comrade ! Thanks for reading , have a nice day ,gl hf !Karthuser1 26 Feb 2016
26 Feb 2016 Useless thread YeahJatiki1 26 Feb 2016
26 Feb 2016 LF Horde CoA Mature, Friendly, Social Guild Hello, My friend and I are looking for a mature, friendly and social guild to join. We are in our late 20s/early 30s so we are looking for a guild that understands work and family commitments, as well as allowing us to experience the game for more than just raiding. We don't need any in-game help, but if you have any wise advice we certainly welcome them. Essentially, we are looking for a group of people to social and joke with. I play a retribution paladin and my friend plays a windwalker monk. Please /w Elfabeth if you know of a guild for us, or just post a comment. Thanks.Elfabeth2 26 Feb 2016
19 Feb 2016 Any good guild communities on CoA? Hey, I'm new to this server and is looking for a community with a mix of young and older people. Can anyone recommend a tight knit guild that is active? Can't stand those massive social leveling guilds. Thanks :)Daimyoo3 19 Feb 2016
18 Feb 2016 Lobotomy 12/13 hc recruiting Hello we are a friendly bunch of ppl playing for several months together and looking for new raiders and socials for our guild.Our current progress is 12/13 hc and the ilvl to join us can be a crucial factor atm but we can help out any skilled player for our raid team. Mostly we lack dps, but we can consider any other application. For more info u can add me on b-tag Grale#2738Bolestan0 18 Feb 2016
18 Feb 2016 [H] Why no love HFC Boosting Hello Chamber of Aspects! Why no love 13/13M is selling Xrealm boosts on selected realms. Next up is your realm :) On Sunday 6th of December from 19:45 we will be boosting EVERYONE on Chamber who wants a cheap, efficient and scam free flying moose! Or the Ahead of the curve. Or chance at Personal loot. Last realm was Argent Dawn where we did over 30 boosts in 2,5hrs! See this forum post for some of the feedback we got after that: To get a boost, add Petersen#2759 on bnet and then on Sunday we will go through everyone who added me. The price is 50,000 gold, payable on Chamber of Aspects HORDE, to our banking char. Personal loot for the best chance for you to get loot! -Pete / Petersen#2759Folkan9 18 Feb 2016
17 Feb 2016 Old players in Chamber of aspcets hey guys and girls !! i was playing back then when chamber of aspects first came online and this server was realy young and new i was wondering if there are still any guilds or players that are also that old like the server ^^ i made realy good friends back then i was a member of the guild <Broken>Fijay7 17 Feb 2016
13 Feb 2016 LF Social raiding guild (H) I am a new player who is looking to find a guild on the horde side. I have used my "free" Legion token to get into the game. What i would like to find. I would like to find a nice bunch of folks who i can chat to while i play. As i am a new character I wont be able to jump straight into new end game stuff like raids, but that's where i would like to end up. So maybe a guild who raids normal but is wanting to try higher stuff in future. Or a Heroic guild with a noobie alternatives team. I can see not alot of people seem to answer people on this forum so i will leave my id for people to contact me in game. Thank you for reading Qanderous Qyrrus#2688Qanderous0 13 Feb 2016
11 Feb 2016 Mistake to start on this server? So for the first time since like a year after release i have started to play WoW again. It's great, i'm having fun etc etc. Though my main problem and concern is this server is not so MMO but more just the O. There are no others players, it's like a wasteland 90% of the time, in the capital cities there are very few people, on my travels i see only a handful of people questing. I spent 25 mins looking for a random classic dungeon earlier...not to mention the queue for PvP is 10-20 mins also. Now my question is, should I switch realms if this is possible or is being part of the Horde the problem? Are there more Alliance players than there are Horde? Or maybe i'm logging in at the wrong times, normally an hour or two during the day and then a couple hours in the evening... Any advice would be great, it is starting to get lonely in this realm.Vaildore1 11 Feb 2016
11 Feb 2016 LFM for raid progression Hellfire Slackers are recruiting for heroic raid progression, we are 13/13 Nm 3/13 Hc. We are a basicly only playing on Friday/Sunday 20:00-23:00 When we raid its all about the smack talking and having fun but still being serious about boss fights with the occasional constructive feedback wich everyone has to be able to take.. We dont fight, we want you or any other to play better and develope yourself into a stronger raider, and ofcourse giving us feedback is no diffrence. Loot in raids: Loot council, What we are looking for: Healer (Disc) // RDPS (Druid/Hunter/Mage/Warlock) Give me a shout if you are intrestedSjosan1 11 Feb 2016
10 Feb 2016 A friendly guild <A Hallowed Coffin> is looking for ppl We are a newly started guild. Looking for people to join and help us grow. Whisper me or add me on for an invite. At the moment we are gearing up, so we could help the lower level members get gear faster. We are looking to do dungeons, raids, pvp and other events. We have a lot of experiance from leading other guilds. Please help us make this guild work.Rosettastone0 10 Feb 2016
09 Feb 2016 LF a late night raiding guild Hello I am looking for a late night raiding guild on Chamber of Aspects. I am playing as a Destro lock with ilvl 712. Been slow with the Legendary quests cuz of to much focus on PvP seasons in WoD. I am on the quest where i need to get 33 things from Hellfire. Have 14 in total. So like 1-2 more weeks and i am done. Have 13/13HC done but still need Class trinket to make a big big change in my dps. I can raid between 22:00ST and 02:30 every day. Raid exp. WotLK: 4 bosses only in 10man Normal / Did start in late WotLK Cata: Full DS clear on normal and 1 boss HC(Mythic) Had a break in Fireland patch MoP: Slow start in the first 3 raids, got like 4-5 bosses in Mogu, 4 bosses in HoF and full clear in ToeS (All normal kills), in ToT i got full clear on Normal before the nerf but no HC kills cuz of focus on PvP season. In SoO i got full clear Normal and 10 bosses in HC. WoD: Same here, full focus on PvP Warlord season until now. But i have full HC exp from Hellfire. Can add that in Legion i can maybe raid as something else depends on what the guild needs. Characters i have: Warlock Mage Hunter Shaman Druid Rogue If you have any question to me, feel free to ask here or /w ingame.Firelia1 09 Feb 2016