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19 Aug Useful threads: setting, story, & roleplay. The purpose of this thread is to collect and advertise useful threads and sources, for any player looking to find out more about the setting, or about roleplaying and story-building. These may be useful whether reading the background just for interest, creating a new character and wanting to see how it fits into the setting, or looking how to enhance our own roleplaying techniques. Some of these websites are on the wider internet, but most were written by players on our own server Argent Dawn. A parallel thread, "Useful threads: community and events," is no longer stickied for some reason. It can be found at and looks at the Out Of Character history and community of the server, to introduce the server to new players, and to give help to players in creating, advertising, and maintaining events and guilds.Tsathoggua71 19 Aug
12 Aug History of Argent Dawn Updated May 28th 2017, 04:02 (GMT) ... Tip: Hit Ctrl+F and for example search #2012 Submissions Pick a topic: [Guild] [Character] [Event] Use headings, and add any AA links. Scroll down for examples. Guidelines [Guild] events include RP-PvP, storylines, founded/disbanded dates, etc. [Character] events are for major figures in our server lore, ie. guild leaders. Community [Events] only. For guild events, see above. Only put information that'd be known in-character, events that would be written into history or known. Contents Intro - post 1 - 2005 - post 2 - 2006 - post 4 - 2007 - post 5 - 2008 - post 6 - 2009 - post 8 - 2010 - post 9 - 2011 - post 10 - 2012 - post 11 & 12 - 2013 - post 13 & 14 - 2014 - post 15 - 2015 - post 17 & 18 - 2016 - post 19 & 20 - 12 Aug
4h Guilds of Argent Dawn Hello everyone, since the old guilds of argent dawn thread has been inactive for a rather long period of time i have decided to start a new one with a fresh batch of guilds. The form and rules will remain the same as the old one. Guild name: Faction: Type: Concept: Base of operation: Guild master: Recruiting officer: Guild-forum/website: -Copy and paste the list above in a new reply. -Feel free to add a link to your recruitment thread on the forums. -The guilds are sorted in alphabetic order. If your guild has a different name IC, then you may add that name after the actual guild name as it appears in game. -Only leave a brief concept description of your guild here. If you wish to share more, do so by directing to your guilds forum or webpage.Velraz406 4h
1d Raiding Progression - Argent Dawn Considering Legebril is ending his maintenance on the raiding progression thread, I thought I'd continue to do it. I will also continue to work with the old format because it's a nice format. If your guild isn't in yet, please do give a shout by mentioning your progress on this thread! Old link with tiers prior to Legion: ... Mythic 1. Helios (A) - 9/9 2. Blessing of Wisdom (A) - 8/9 3. Detox (H) - 7/9 4. Sephuzs Secret (A) - 7/9 5. Toxic Anime Girls (A) - 7/9 6. Technical Issues (A) - 7/9 7. Epoch (A) - 6/9 8. The Undecided (H) - 6/9 9. Ragnarök (A) - 6/9 10. Menethil Yacht Club (A) - 6/9 ... The Precariat (A) - 5/9 Reincarnation (A) - 3/9 Salvation (H) - 3/9 Alliance Normal/Heroic The Precariat - 9/9N - 9/9HC Erandium - 9/9N - 9/9HC Reincarnation - 9/9HC Bloodrune - 9/9N - 9/9HC Mighty Pintos - 9/9HC Crux - 9/9N - 5/9HC Crystalline Dream - 9/9N - 3/9 HC Facepunch - 8/9N - 3/9HC Horde Normal/Heroic Lethal - 9/9N - 8/9HC Night Witches - 9/9N - 9/9HC Arclight - 9/9N - 9/9HC Defect - 8/9HC Salvation - 9/9HC ... The Nighthold - 10 bosses Alliance 1. Safety Dance (10/10M) 2. Helios (10/10M) 3. Epoch (10/10M) 4. Oakcrest/BankofStone (10/10M) Sephuzs Secret (9/10M) House of the Fallen (8/10M) Triggered (5/10M) The Precariat (10/10N) (10/10HC) (3/10M) Gestalt (2/10M) Mythic (10/10HC) (1/10M) Erandium (10/10N) (10/10HC) Crimson Dawn (10/10HC) Innovation (10/10HC) Bloodrune (10/10N) (10/10HC) Prismatic Society (6/10HC) Titans of War (4/10HC) Crystalline Dream (4/10HC) Lionheart Vanguard (7/10N) Horde Lethal (10/10N) (10/10HC) (4/10M) Night Witches (10/10HC) (3/10M) Steelsong (10/10N) (10/10HC) Insurgence (10/10HC) Trial of Valor - 3 bosses Alliance 1. Safety Dance (3/3M) Oakcrest/BankofStone (3/3M) Erandium (3/3N) (3/3HC) The Precariat (3/3N) (3/3HC) Mythic (3/3HC) Lysis (3/3HC) Crimson Dawn (3/3HC) House of the Fallen (2/3M) Epoch (3/3M) Innovation (3/3HC) Gestalt (3/3HC) Triggered (2/3M) Sephuzs Secret (2/3M) Bloodrune (3/3HC) Horde Steelsong (3/3N) (3/3HC) Lethal (3/3N) (3/3HC) (2/3M) The Emerald Nightmare - 7 Bosses Alliance Erandium (7/7N) (7/7HC) The Precariat (7/7N)(7/7HC) (1/7M) Bloodrune (7/7N) (7/7HC) Inceptum (7/7HC) Immortalis (7/7N) (2/7HC) RP raiding group RaidPlay (7/7N) Lionheart Vanguard (7/7N) Shadow (7/7N) (7/7HC) Square One (7/7N) (1/7HC) Katla (7/7N) (7/7HC) (1/7M) The Pioneers (7/7N) (7/7HC) (1/7M) Oakcrest/BankofStone (7/7N) (7/7HC) (7/7M) The Silver Charge (7/7N) Mythic (5/7M) Lysis (7/7HC) Crimson Dawn (3/7M) House of the Fallen (7/7M) Epoch (7/7M) Innovation (7/7HC) Gestalt (2/7M) Triggered (7/7M) Sephuzs Secret (7/7M) Horde Safety Dance (7/7HC) (7/7M) Lethal (7/7N) (7/7HC) (7/7M) Oathsworn (7/7N) (7/7HC) (1/7M) The Rotgarde (7/7N) Legalise Peacebloom (6/7HC) Night Witches (7/7N) (7/7HC) Mythic (7/7N) (7/7HC) Mistfall (7/7N) (7/7HC) The Wyld Hunt (7/7N) (7/7HC) Steelsong (7/7N) (7/7HC) The Eclipsion Blade (7/7N) (7/7HC) SSRCG (7/7N) (1/7H) Splendour (7/7N) (1/7H) The Crimson Clover (7/7N)Brutus67 1d
1d Agtherian's Arcane Addendum - Beginner Arcane RP Guide! ... Hello, Argent Dawn! I previously made a guide on Arcane magic. It covered Arcane well enough but it was in dire need of touching up. The lore has since changed and rather than bump a dead thread, I figured I'd make a new one. I'm creating this guide to help people determine what the Arcane is, what it can do, and if it'd be fun to roleplay. There are a fair few people who are interested in roleplaying with the Arcane but don't really understand it, so this is more aimed at them. Saying that, the first section is less about roleplay and more about the lore of the Arcane. If you believe yourself to have a good grasp, you can skip it. But I'd advise rereading it to make sure that you're up to snuff with recent changes made to the lore. With that, let's begin at the basics. Contents 1 - Arcane and It's origins1.1 - Arcane and Azeroth 1.2 - Arcane and Mana 2 - Arcane and It's Laws2.1 - Arcane and Weaving Spells 2.2 - Arcane and The Schools 3 - Arcane and It's Application3.1 - Arcane and Power 3.2 Arcane and Everyone Else 4 - Arcane Afterthoughts-Sources 1. Arcane and It's OriginsTo understand where the Arcane comes from, you first need to know how the universe works. Azeroth, the world your Mage will most probably inhabit, is just another speck of dirt in a vast universe. It adheres to the same rules everywhere else does. Those rules are governed by six cosmic forces; Light, Shadow, Life, Death, Order and Disorder. Arcane derives from the forces of Order. That is to say, the power of the Arcane comes from wielding it with precision and disciplined concentration. Fel, the antithesis of Arcane and it's opposite, derives from Disorder. These two were born from the forces of Light and Shadow clashing, the chaotic mashing of the two forces forming the universe as we know it. With the creation of the universe came the eventual birth of the race, the Titans. These creatures roamed the universe, composed of primordial matter and arcane power. The very embodiment of Order, they could reshape worlds and quell raging spirits all across the universe.. They were born as world-souls, their goal to help other world-souls reach a state of maturity where they could travel the cosmos. They eventually happened upon Azeroth. 1.1 Arcane and AzerothThis is the world that is home to many different races and many different magics. It's also a Titan in a world-shaped egg but for now we'll continue to focus on the Arcane and how the two are tied. When the Titans arrived at Azeroth, they noticed malefic creatures attached to it. These cancerous lifeforms currently embedding themselves into Azeroth were Old Gods. Their one purpose is to corrupt the sleeping world-soul. Realising what a threat these Old Gods posed, a Titan reached down to the surface and tore an Old God from the world. In doing so, the Titan ripped open a wound on Azeroth and it's arcane life essence began to flow forth. The Titan's, in a bid to close the wound, created the Well of Eternity via wards which allowed the wound to settle, giving it balance and allowing it's power to seep into the world. 1.2 Arcane and ManaI will gloss over the majority of the story that led to the Well's destruction. It's stuff your Mage can research in-character and only important for the sake of knowing a major event. A race of trolls lived besides the Well after it's creation, and they eventually became what we call the Kaldorei (Night Elves) and after another few millennia they nearly reached levels of power that could rival the Titans, all thanks to the Arcane. They were domineering with their control of magic, going so far as to arrange marriages to strengthen their bloodlines with potent mages. (As a side-note, this does in fact imply that an affinity for the Arcane is hereditary, but as proven by many characters in lore, not required to be powerful. Your mage can come from nothing or be born from a long lineage of magi.) Eventually their indulgent use of the Arcane drew in forces from beyond Azeroth and caused an unprecedented invasion unlike anything seen by a mortal race yet. The resulting war led to the Well of Eternity's destruction and in aftermath of the Well's implosion, sundered the world. Quick Disclaimer: This brief section is a combination of both lore and speculation. I'll try to keep it clear which is which, but both use lore as their basis. Mana is the fuel for your Mage's spells, so here is some minor information on what a Mage uses. Lore: Mana is essentially a secondary form of stamina. The more of it you expend, the more drained you'll be. The character will become sluggish and visibly tired and spells cannot be maintained indefinitely. If your Mage is somehow reliant on mana to sustain themselves (in the form of spells) and they are drained of it, they may die. These are extreme cases. Speculation: Mana is naturally generated from the cosmic forces of the universe (Light/Shadow/Order etc) converging onto one point and forming a extremely large vortice of mana. This allows people to tap into this force and use it to turn Mana into the Arcane. The best metaphor to use is to compare Mana to water and the Arcane to steam. Your Mage is just forcing a "chemical" reaction. End of speculation. 2. Arcane and It's Laws Now that we have some understanding of where the magic comes from and how you bring it into being, these is one more step before you even consider what race, schools, or personality you decide for your mage. The four laws. Every practitioner of the Arcane will adhere to these laws. These are not enforced laws, but they are fundamental to the beliefs of Arcane's use and define it. ... These are the rules given by every Mage trainer to beginners in a letter. These are meant as a warning. If your mage chooses to ignore these warnings, they will set themselves on a road to either glory or downfall. If your Mage outright chooses not to believe in these laws, that's fine too. But they'd possibly far more destructive and irresponsible with their use of magic, causing them to draw the unwanted attention of others. There is a fifth law, The Law of Sympathy, but this one is not a warning. Although if your character is cowardly enough, they may take it into consideration. When someone handles an item, they leave a part of their magical aura attached to it. When a person continues to use the same item over and over, the stronger their 'sympathy' to the item becomes. As everyone has a unique aura, this means the item with traces of the aura can actually be tracked. Articles of clothing, written books, locks of hair, these can all be traced back to Mages who use them over and over. 2.1 Arcane and Weaving Spells Now we get into the good stuff, casting arcane magic. There are many different examples of different ways to cast magic. Some spells use grand hand gestures, some use verbal components in a language many do not understand, others rely on reagents along with carved runic patterns. Whatever your character chooses to use, even if it's a combination of all of the above, it needs to be used in some form to cast a spell. This is what makes a mage so versatile. Even if they're bound and gagged, with a wiggle of their fingers they can free themselves easily out of conventional bindings. If a mage is Silenced, a magical affliction through curse or spell, they will not be able to use any form of magic. There are many prisons and bindings that sever a mage from their connection to the Arcane. It will then fall to you to use your quick wits to get out of that situation quickly. Even if your Mage is not an alchemist, they can create a gem to tap into and recover some of their spent mana to keep soldiering on. These are mainly used for Mages who have run out of mana and are in a pinch, such as the middle of combat or to prevent someone draining the entirety of their reserves. That does not mean your Mage has to be a combatant though. There are many aspects which can be explored which allows them to avoid combat entirely. The potency is always there. If you're stuck for examples of magic to use in roleplay, simply look to your action bar. Think about how hard the spell would be for your character to use. An apprentice would not be able to make himself invisible instantly, but an archmage would have no issues.Agtherian44 1d
13 Oct Roleplaying Guild List [Argent Dawn] Every time I log in, I see people demanding help with finding an RP guild, or one with a certain theme. One could not except newcomers to scroll through an endless stream of forum posts, or hundreds of Argent Archives profiles, just to find out that the guild of their liking disbanded a year ago, or hasn’t been active for months. Because it is my intention to help the dynamics of the community, I excluded inactive guilds. Those I inavertedly left out, please contact me ingame via /whisper or mail, or just leave a comment below. Newly formed guilds are welcome aswell, just inform me of your existance. If a listed guild disbands or dies off, the procedure of removal should be the same. The list contains the guild name and few words describing the theme, ordered alphabetically under categories of race/faction exclusiveness. (Let me know if you find a description unfitting or have a better alternative). You can find a guild’s original forum post, Argent Archives profile, and in cases its website by making a google search with „<guildname> argent dawn”. Horde guilds: Orc Blackjaw Clan (Nomadic; not part of, but allied to the Horde) Fourteenth Legion (Grunts) Legion IX (Military) Orcs of the Red Blade (Nomadic) Worg Riders (Nomadic) Troll Alarion Alor Ai Darkspear Tribe Zandalari Empire Tauren The Spirit Wolves Undead (Forsaken) The Hand of Agony (Military, political) The Rotgarde (Military, political) Blood Elf Burning Ashes (Mercenary) Dawnmantle (Research, artifact hunting, pro Quel'Thalas/Horde) Division Twenty Three (Military) Divison Forty Seven (Military) Gilded Coin (Mercenary/Black ops) House Rivorndir (House) Silvermoon Guard Sun Hawks (Military, dragonhawk riders) Sunfury Covenant Sunglow Covenant (Learning & Adventuring) The Arcane Circle (Opposing the Kirin Tor) The Ashborne Incursion (Private military) The Dawnguard (Military) The Farstrider Regiment (Rangers) The Sanguine Eye (Blood elf fanatics) The Sunbrand (Military, priests) The Sunreaver Order (Dalaran representatives) The Sunspear (Military, inspired by The Sunsworn on Draenor) The Vacant Throne (Pro-blood elf and Light fanatics) Goblin Gearfist IBS The Cutthroat Cartel (Criminals) Pandaren Huojin Path (Horde aligned) The Silent Vigil (Shado-Pan, neutral) Multi-racial, Horde military and clans Blood Howl (Warband) Durakra Outriders (Mercenary) Hordes Shadow (Warband) Irontusk Vanguard (Military, Kalimdor Horde races only) Shadow Corps (Military, black ops) Shattered Path (Espionage) Sunforged (Paladins) The Bloodied Spear (Warband) The Bloodstorm Clan (Nomadic clan) The Ceaseless Cohort (Warrior cult) The Crimson Caravan (Trading company / Horde auxiliary force) The Forlorn Legion (Penal military, basically Suicide Squad) The Frozen Paw Clan (New Horde Clan) The Mystic Demand (Reliquary) Multi-racial, more on the edge of Horde society Dark Eye Clan (outcast clan trying to survive) Charred Council („Dark guardian” roleplay) Felshadow Dominion (Demonic cult) Fourfive Fingers (Criminal) Gilded Blades (Mercenary) Oath of Silver (Criminal) Order of the Raven Blood (independent order, adventurers) Primalsong Tribe (Nomadic, not part of the Horde) Sacrilegious School (Occultism, outcasts, spellweaver criminals) Shadowmoon Pact (New Horde clan, welcoming warlocks and demon hunters too) Shady Business (Criminal) Sixty Thieves (Criminal) The Blackguard (Mercenary) The Bone Shark (Privateers, pirate hunters) The Freelancers (Mercenaries, tradesmen, and adventurers. Strictly business.) The Greedy Kraken (Pirate) the Iron Vulture (Air pirates on a goblin zeppelin) The Ravensun (Religious, shadow) The Valiant Accord (Adventurers and mercenaries against the Legion) Valiant Blade (Mercenaries on the Broken Isles) Velvet Syndicate (Mercenary) Wheel of Entropy (Chaos Cult) Winds of Wisdom (Pandaren lifestyle, others are welcome to join) Multi-racial, Neutral Fealty to the Grave (Death Knight, Ebon Blade) The Argent Expedition (Argent Crusade) The Ashen Vanguard The Blackgarde (Argent Crusade inquisition) The Fel Hunt (Illidari) The Silver Gauntlet (Argent Crusade) The Tattered Court (Illidari) The Tide Howler (Sailor/pirate) Misc. Stonemaul Clan (Ogre) The Silver Sun (High Elf, Alliance aligned) Alliance guilds: Human Arathi Honour Guard (Arathi military) House of Darklaw (Alterac noble household) League of Arathor (Arathi politics and military) Stormwind Infantry (Stormwind military) The Crown Bulwark (Stormwind guard) The Westfall Rangers (Westfall guard) Dwarf Anvilmar Iron Brigade (Military) The Three Hammers (Political, military, community) Gnome Gnomeregan Covert Ops (Military) Night Elf Moonleaf Grove (Traditional Kaldorei society) The Highborne (Highborne community, politics, military) The Nightblade Sentinels (Military) The Starsong Sentinels (Military) Elvhenan (Military, assistance force) Draenei Aldori Axiom (Military and faith) Ere Argus (Exodar commune) Nomads of Tureem (Nomadic community / adventures) Vestige of Shalaat (Community with some military) Worgen House of Tarsias (Gilnean noble house) The Duskenpaw (Feral worgen) Pandaren Tushui Multi-racial, Alliance military and closely bonded organisations Bael Modan (Gnome/dwarf community in Kalimdor) Baratide Naval Brigade (Naval military against the Legion) Blazing Shields (Stormwind military) Call of the Silver Hand (Paladins) Crusaders of Turalyon (Peacekeeping/enforcing, military) Evenhold (Knights, refugees. Not taking evil classes. Lordaeron races only) Keepers of the Drassili (Protection of nature, races beyond Nelf also welcome) Knight of Stormwind (Stormwind military) Knights of the Isle (Knightly order) Highwave Irregulars (Kul Tirasian naval military/trade, not directly Alliance) Lightsworn (Knightly order, Menethil Harbor based) Northern Priory (Exploration, human/worgen) Northmist Company (Alliance, but close connection to the Argent Dawn) Order of the Sage (Magic school, quite universal) Silver Archaeology Co (Explorer's League organisation) Sons of Menethil (Military, Menethil Harbor based, Northern EK RP-PvP) Stormwind Bureau (Stormwind intelligence, separate from SI:7) Stormwind City Guard (Stormwind military) Stormwind Royal Navy (Stormwind military) The Ace Platoon (Alliance Elite homeguard) The Chapter of Embers (Human, Dwarf, Worgen - holy order, military) The Fallen Leaf (Peacekeepers—based on Pandaren culture) The Iron Thorn (Stormwind military) The Onyxguard (Duskwood guard & private military) The Royal Society (Authoritic faction, Stormwind based) The Seventh Penal Company (Penal military) The Steel Gauntlet (Stormwind military) The Sworn Swords (Knightly order, Northern EK RP-PvP, DM events) Triune of the Eclipse (NE/draenei/worgen circle) Unit Fourteen (Penal military) Multi-racial, more on the edge of Alliance society Blacktalon Blinders (Criminal) Necromechanica (Dark scientists against darker threats) Nightshade Consortium (Dark magic practitioners in the Plaguelands) Sable Chapter (Questing heroes and outcasts) Silvershield Company (Mercenaries and some tradesmen) The Broken Tower (Adventuring knightly order) The Bronzebrew Company (Trade) The Crooked Peace (Criminal) The Eldritch Covenant (Warlock/Shadow Priest circle of power) The Grey Banner (Militant order) The Rowdy Sparrows (Mercenary) The Settlers (Colonial, civilian survival) The Outblades (Relic hunters, mercenaries, thieves) The Tide Raven (Pirate ship) The Wanderlust Company (Mercenary) Underhand (Demonic cult) Wayfaring Association (Explorers) Multi-racial, Neutral Illidari (dem bois) Kirin Tor Onslaught (Dalaran mages) Mardenholde Accord (Argent Crusade) Sanctum of Magic (Mage school in Dalaran) The Cenarion Guardians (Cenarion Circle) The Ivorystar Academy (Mage school, Kirin Tor aligned) The Ebon Vigil (Knights of the Ebon Blade) The Hunters League (literally that) The Kirin Dal (Dalaran mages) The Silver Charge (Silver Hand knights and some allies) Misc. Bane (Scourge) Bastions Fall (scripted events revolving around the return of the Legion) Bayerleyn Retinue (more „realistic” medieval RP) The Frozen Covenant (Scourge, Cult of the Damned) The Synaari Pact (Freeform) Twilight Hammer (the Old God cult) Honorable mentions, since they’re not RP, but sought after by some: The Bulwark, a level 60 vanilla guild on Horde, and its Alliance counterpart: AfterlifeRedbone149 13 Oct
09 Oct Roleplaying Guild Map Hello Argent Dawn. I've played on this realm since the day The Sha'tar realm started moving over and after all this time, i haven't been able to contribute to the roleplaying community in any sort of way. As a side hobby over my trucking job, i enjoy web development. A while ago, a guild that i was a part of was talking about a web-based map of World of Warcraft that could show where guilds are located over Azeroth. I thought it was a quite cool idea but had no knowledge in creating such things back then. I've been sitting for a few weeks working on a project just like this. A few hours per day has really gotten the project on track. So what is this? This is a web-based map that allows Guild Masters to register their guild to the website and then easily place them on an exact location in Azeroth. For example, if i want to say that our guild is based in Lakeshire in Redridge, i can move a pin to that exact location. It will have your guilds banner visible for everyone to see. The project currently supports Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. If the project seems to be interesting for atleast some people, i'll begin to expand to other islands / worlds. Alliance guilds are marked with a blue pin and horde guilds are marked with a red. How do i create / manage my guild? Once you've made an account, you can visit the account area by clicking on your name at the top. From there you can click on "Add My Guild". You'll need to insert the guilds name, a banner image url and the guilds faction. After you've created the guild, visit the account area again and click on "Edit Guild Info". You can change the background / story of your guild and the location at any time. Why are you making this? As i mentioned, i haven't contributed to the game and roleplaying community that i love which made me enjoy roleplaying throughout my childhood. I've tried to recreate a somewhat of a copy of the in-game map. It supports the same zooming in & out. Do i need to make an account to see / use this? The only ones that needs to make an account are the Guild Masters so that you can manage your guild. The map is publicly visible for anyone. The activation email is used to avoid bots. The email usually ends up in junkmail. If you're afraid of any security risks of your account, i assure you that it will never ask for any information that is related to your battle net account. I am going to expand on more details over the time that passes and i am always open for suggestions and ideas. If you want to chitchat about anything privately, you can message me on Discord (Aberidius#0448) or BattleNet (Aberidius#2454) Link the website: Much love <3Adriloth68 09 Oct
4m [A-RP] Open Forum: Rehabilitating the Wicked IC Advertisement. Posters to be found throughout Stormwind, Ironforge, and the towns in the territory of Stormwind. ... _____________________________________________________________________________ OOC Information Eh, what is this? Basically, this is an event for those that ICly or OOCly wish to discuss about what could be done about marginalised groups like warlocks and demon hunters, and their possible rehabilitation into everyday society. The intention is to discuss this openly. I am a warrior, can I come!? Of course! This is for any class and character interested in taking part. Even if I am a… gnome death knight!? ...Yes. But... you're warlocks! Halp! Yes, Eredun Lullaby is a warlock-only organization, but during the events we will be acting as "regular" scholars and mages. The subject at hand will not include public displays of demons or dark magic, except for basic magic educational purposes. You will, of course, not know ICly that we're in fact warlocks without evidence to the contrary. So why do you do this? The official reasoning behind this is that we only wish to preserve and spread knowledge about magic, and in this case particularly, magic that tends to be a constant headache for the defenders of the Alliance. A big part is to clear out misunderstandings in order to erase preconceptions. Of course, there is a second reason for doing this: we seek to find potential recruits, or even people we can perhaps direct to... darker ways for defending the Alliance, Azeroth... or even furthering personal interests, to a degree. (Note however that recruits only can be warlocks, so you can’t actually join the guild as another class even if you ICly roleplay to deal with fel-magic and demons, etc.) OOC we want to bring people together, create role play, find possible recruits and spread the word about ourselves a little more, seeing that we are at most times hidden away in Surwich. And, of course, to promote quality role play for the purple tag! How do I sign up again? Send an in game mail to either “Mayliffe” or “Melyssa” or simply let us know in this thread! Please request an event invite for the character(s) you'd like to attend. Oh noes, I forgot to sign up! Can I still come? Yes, you can. The sign up is just to give us an idea of about how many that will come, so that we can plan this easier. Any other questions can be asked here, or at our guild thread: 4m
7m Arcan'dor Fruit. Is it in the realm of possibility that a sin'dorei/shen'dralar who assist in the liberation of Suramar to have been give a bit of fruit, potentially curing their mana addiction?Pathstalker18 7m
8m [4th-11th December]: Revenge of the Sethekk Campaign ... For years, the holy temple city of Shattrath provided a place of safety and healing upon a dying world of nightmarish monsters and chaotic magic. Guarded by its armies of stoic and zealous vindicators and anchorites. Now, the guardians have left, joining the holy Prophet Velen's war upon Argus, and out in the blasted wastes, a blood moon rises... A decade ago, the Sha'tari armies drove the Sethekk Arakkoa into ruin. Their Veils were slaughtered and desolated, their sacred halls painted with blood, their city of Skettis, bombed daily. Now, they have returned, rebuilding their lost veils, unearthing and rebuilding constructs and weapons of the ancient Apexis, they thirst for vengeance, and ready themselves for war. As Outland crumbles into the chaotic abyss of the Twisting Nether, the remnants of the Sethekk have discarded their differences and banded together under Blood Matriach Skraiyxx. Renewing the worship of The Dead God in addition to their Dark Master, she has forced an uneasy pact with the Ogre Lords of the Blades Edge, and acquired the aid of the Ethereal Shadowguard. Their armies, empowered by shadows and blood, now gather, united for the first time for a singular cause. Just as Sethe tried to blacken the seas and scour the land with his dying curse, so shall the Sethekk's sanguine crusade besiege and strike upon the holy city! Its reaches shall be engulfed in oceans of blood, their spite shall overthrow the idols of the false Light, and their darkness-willed revenge shall be claimed in the chanted names of darkness and slaughter! Only Azeroth's forces can hope to stand against this reckoning...but is it too late? - TLDR: The Sethekk Arakkoa have made an uneasy alliance with the Blades Edge Ogres and the Ethereal Shadowguard to attack Shattrath City. They have scrabbled together a big army, re-built Apexis constructs with Ethereal void technology, and they're altogether rather cross. - Hello there! This is a thread for my upcoming campaign for 4th-11th December. This will be a RP-PvE semi-sandbox campaign, in that while an overarching narrative and structure of major events is provided, it will be up to the attending storytellers and characters to drive the main course of the story, using the premise as a foundation from which to build adventures, experiences and storylines! It will be three days in Blades Edge Mountains, followed by a large scale multi-DMed siege assault upon Shattrath City on the 7th similar to the Nexus-based opening of The Malefic Host. It will conclude with three days in Terokkar Forest and hopefully, if I can organise it, a climactic final battle among the scorched ruins of Auchindoun! If this sounds interesting, then please mention so in the thread below, and also please post any questions. Constructive criticism of the plans is also welcomed, so long as it is provided with an accompanying suggested solution to enable any raised issues to be quickly remedied. This campaign will mostly be Alliance-focused, as cross-faction coordination is something I find difficult. Horde guilds and characters are welcome to come and use from the overarching plotline whatever they wish to create their own adventures, so long as they expect nothing from me directly. F.A.Q Who will be Dungeon-Mastering for us? Hopefully, along with several brave and selfless volunteer storytellers (I will certainly need your help, if you're willing to offer it!), I should be providing the large siege battles on Shattrath and Auchindoun upon the middle and finale of the campaign. Otherwise, this is a sandbox campaign and everyone is both welcome and invited to dungeon-master their own storylines, so long as it is in accordance with the guidelines below the F.A.Q. Please remember to write a summary of your storylines on the in-character thread when it arrives, so I can keep track of the story and respond accordingly. How would my guild hear of this? The idea I have at present is that one or more of Shattrath or even Outland's various factions would call upon your order for aid. Even if you were part of a skeleton crew manning an outpost out there, the sudden emergence of an army of blood magic and void-empowered Arakkoa, Apexis Constructs and Ogres would be more than reason for alarm. Other incentives, such as gold or other reimbursement are also permitted on an individual guild-context basis. Another idea I had for an incentive is that Shattrath City could be home now to many refugees from Azeroth, who may have fled to Outland via mage portal to escape the Legion. Are individuals allowed to partake? Individuals are welcome and invited to partake in the campaign, though are strongly recommended to team up with a guild or two, otherwise the experience might be quite lonely. How will my guild/my character arrive at the campaign? Similar to The Rift campaign, there are no formal travel arrangements in place. Turn up at the Blades Edge Mountains, where the campaign will start, however, whenever and by whatever means you wish. Arriving at later stages of the campaign is also permitted, though not recommended. Can we RP-PvP? This is primarily RP-PvE Campaign, and it should be treated like one, after all, you wouldn't visit a Chinese restaurant to buy pizza. However, as it is a sandbox campaign, RP-PvP is permitted so long as it does not interfere with anyone elses' storylines or events. Those who do not wish to be involved in RP-PvP should flag themselves blue, as someone, somewhere, will probably want to attack you. As I will be focused solely on managing the RP-PvE aspects of the campaign... - I take no responsibility for anything involving RP-PvP - I ask politely not to be approached for any matters or queries related to it. Exceptions to instances in which RP-PvP is interfering with the enjoyment of other roleplayers. Please do not RP-PvP in the vicinity of characters undergoing an event, adventure or storyline. Please remember and acknowledge that the main threat of the campaign is the Sethekk, and not the other faction. Though you are permitted to RP-PvP by any rules you wish, I would recommend the old style of formations and auto-attack as it is easier to roleplay in battles of this type. Please do not mention in the current zones' general channel about the other side breaking the rules of engagement. Chances are, if you're having fun, your side (or even yourself) are breaking these rules as well. Where should my guild camp? You are welcome to camp wherever you wish and find suitable! Settlements are recommended, as this will prevent the likelihood of interfering with other dungeon-masters' events, and allow your guild to interact with others. I do not recommend camping in Shattrath City after the day of the siege battle (7th December), as this may leave Terokkar bereft of spontaenous RP encounters, but as this is a sandbox campaign, you are welcome to if you wish. Do we have to stay in the allocated areas? These are recommendations, mostly, but you're welcome to have your storylines and adventures take you wherever you wish! Perhaps you could battle the Arakkoa in Hellfire Peninsula, or even take a trip to the Alternate Draenor? It's all up to you. Dungeon Master Guidelines: 1. This is a sandbox campaign, you don't need anyone's permission to make events or storylines, and you can DM however you want, using any system you wish. However, this is important: -= Make sure to post on the in-character thread, and OOC thread if you intend or plan on changing the status of any location featured in the campaign area. =- 2. If you intend on changing the landscape in a way that cannot be visually reproduced in game, such as setting up infirmary stands or destroying a building, also please mention this. 3. You can destroy structures, but make sure any damage done is feasibly repairable to its prior state after the campaign. 4. If you wish, friendly settlements can be captured by the baddies, but make sure they are returned to the right hands again by the end of the campaign. Also, if you intend on doing this, consider it a big deal, do not retcon or resolve it one evening afterwards. Don't forget to seek consent of other guilds.Orras47 8m
1h Any Horde social guilds out there?! Hey guys! I've been playing Alliance on Argent Dawn since 2005, and have just recently decided to give Horde a shot, despite the fact that it feels pretty empty. I'm looking for a close-knit social/leveling guild, who values the quality of members over quantity. I'm not looking for another 400+ members guild where no-one is engaging with each other :-( Please o' please, is there some place out there for a little hunter to call home..Ilixa9 1h
2h [Stormwind RP] <Stormwind Keep Archive> Posters around the city reads: ... Basic information Guild name: Stormwind Keep Archive Faction: Alliance Type: City / Law Concept: An office working alongside the King's Law and distributing licenses and permits. A bureaucratic roleplay guild based on archiving and researching beneficial affairs for the Kingdom (i.e. cultural-, public-, forbidden magic-, legal-, and royal affairs). Base of operation: Stormwind City Keep Guild master / recruiting officer: Elanor Andrea Whittock (Whíttock) Guild-forum / website: –– Functionality The guild functions a liaison between other guilds and noble houses loyal to the Crown without having a prime ruling function over the other guilds (as it has been seen before with now nonexistence guilds of the same purpose), but cooperate and collaborate with the these guilds. Our prime is mainly administrative work – issuing permits, gathering information from the cooperating and collaborating guilds. We will also have a secondary function as researchers of different affairs (see 'Concept' above). We aim to use the Royal Library as our public base of operation, as well as the War Room (across the Throne Room) as our staff office. The archive itself is located through an inaccessible door at the other side of the Royal Garden, which will lead (OOC portal) to the Theramore Tower as OOC, it should act at the Archive behind that door in IC (and since Theramore no longer exist, I find it useable). Note that this might be changed when a location have been found. IMPORTANT NOTE:We will not have anything to do with upholding the law (i.e. arresting, punishments, etc.), but will cooperate and collaborate with guilds that do. Also we do follow The Book of Laws created by the Stormwind City Guards (see links below). And to add one more important point: Joining the guild does not make you a noble. You might have been a noble before you joined or become one another way, but not by joining the guild. new members will be background checked on the Stormwind City Guards Bounty Board(see link below). This will be an in-character done as well as out of character.–– Ranking information Officer ranks [1] Magistrate (guild leader) The Magistrate is the 'commanding officer' of the Royal Archivers (every member above the Staff rank – beside from the Intern rank – is considered a Royal Archiver). The main priority is to ensure that the Royal Archivers and Staff are doing their work correctly. Also every permit and document that is in need of the Keep's seal, is done by this (within the accetable spectrum of the roleplay community). Payroll: 50 silver a month [2] Counselor (officer) The Counselor hold a high authority and serves as the Magistrate's stead, should it not be present. Their function corresponds to the same function as the Magistrate, but in a difference to that they cannot issue permits with the Magistrates accept. They do also work as laywers of the law (i.e. if they experience mis withholding of the law done by or against guilds that serves the crown). Payroll: 50 silver a month Staff ranks [3] Researcher (highest) The Researcher is the highest rank of the staff. Their priority is usually paperwork within the affair that the individual Researcher's field (see 'Concept' above). They do also serve as a messenger for the Counselors and the Magistrate, should it be an importance, and should these two not be present. They serve as the leading rank above the Librarian and below. Payroll: 40 silver a month [4] Librarian (lowest) The Librarian is the first rank after a new Staff's background and criminal record have been checked (if they have any, or else they are clear). They serve as keeper of the Royal Library and functions as an advisor for students – some even tutors, if they chose to. Payroll: 35 silver a month [6] Staff (recruit) The Staff is the fresh employed members of the Keep Archive. They have yet to be background checked and function as the Librarian's assistant (and ranks above). Their priority is simple, to keep the Royal Library and Garden tidy and neat for public, nobles, students and other guests. Payroll: 30 silver a month Civil ranks [5] Intern (highest) The Intern is not a part of the Staff but rather a student who studies in certain fields and subjects that want to learn in pracsis while studying. These can skip Staff and Library rank when they have completed their internship and jump straight to Researcher or Counselor, depending on their study. Payroll: None –– If you are interested in joining or contributing to the idea, then please leave a comment or contact me in-game (Whíttock). Constructive critique is much obliged! BONUS INFO: There may be changes or additions to the concept, due to the guild's fresh start. –– Thank you for your time leading this! – Elanor Whittock, Royal ArchiverWhíttock13 2h
2h [A/RP] Echo Company Rangers. 33rd Marching On WARNING The 33rd is not for the faint hearted! They will perform drill, dole out punishments and be held to a high standard of IC training. Characters who join should expect to be shouted at and punished if they fail. This is the way the Rangers will be run and you are choosing to join it. Echo Company Rangers follows 4th Platoon, E Company, 33rd Regiment of Foot. The guild will not grow beyond Platoon level ranking and operations but due to the nature of the Ranger’s mission, the Platoon is permitted to maintain an above average pool of manpower to replace Killed, Wounded or Missing Rangers. The officer team are all veterans of the Westfall Rangers (1st Platoon B Company) the first incarnation of the 33rd which was lead by Tom ‘Wardog’ Bromhead and Trish ‘Squirrel’ Parker’. With their decision to step down, and with their agreement, we are keeping the ethos and values of the 33rd alive with a new company. For reference and plenty of cool journal entries from the Westfall Rangers here are the old threads: What do we do? Echo Company Rangers is designed to be a free acting unit of elite soldiers modelled closely on modern Special Forces, specifically the US Army Rangers with elements of Napoleonic British Rifle Regiments. The Rangers will accept Human Hunters, Warriors and Rogues. Echo Company Rangers are an elite platoon trained in specialist reconnaissance operations, lead by Lieutenant Dezyi “Wildcat” Dawnstar. The Platoon will conduct regular ‘Selections’ for prospective new Rangers, training those who pass hard to be disciplined and able survivalists, scouts and ambushers. Whilst the Rangers are part of the Alliance military under the command of the 33rd Regiment of Foot, their independent Platoon-level operations and long-terms spent ‘in country’ means they will often act on the initiative of the Lieutenant rather than wait for orders. We will be heavily PvE based and focus on social interactions, travel RP, heavy training RP and elite military action – based around modern day Special Forces with a Warcraft twist. The Rangers Rank Structure You are expected to fulfill the role of your rank. You will not be promoted until you can do so consistently! From the top down: Lieutenant – Platoon CO (Commanding Officer) Staff Sergeant – The Staff Sergeants are responsible for all Recruits in the Platoon’s resource pool, they are Senior Non-Commissioned Officers and primary training officers. Along with the Lieutenant, the Staff Sergeants will run Selection and support training exercises, assessing the potential of the Recruits and Rangers. The Staff Sergeants, together with the Lieutenant make up the HQ Section. Sergeant – The Platoon Sergeants will act as Section Leaders for groups of Rangers, they are primarily responsible for command of these Rangers in particular on the battlefield and their welfare and maintenance at all times. Corporal – Corporals act as a Section 2IC (Second in Command), reinforcing a Sergeant’s instructions, orders and wishes and acting as a link between the Rangers in his section and the Sergeant above. Lance Corporal – Lance Corporals are Rangers being tested for leadership. They will be given responsibility of up to three Rangers and as well as the Section Sergeant, ensure the welfare of their given Rangers. Lance Corporals are not expected to command any Rangers unless all above NCO’s are unable to do so. Chosen Man – Chosen Men are experienced Rangers, expert marksmen and capable survivalists. They also choose a specialist role within the Platoon and perform their chosen role as well as their function as a Ranger. Whilst not in command of any Rangers junior to them, they are held higher than the rest as veteran examples. Private – The first rank of real ‘Rangers’ and the backbone of the Platoon, the Private’s job is to maintain their equipment and obey the orders of their superiors. Recruit – Recruits are volunteers training to become Rangers. Due to the nature of the Platoon, Recruits are not excluded from any task that the Rangers will conduct but are not given their ‘leafs’ (Tabards) or considered full ‘Rangers’ until they have passed Selection and Basic Training. Grimesy – Grimesy is a punishment rank for those ill-disciplined Rangers who require drastic action to correct. They are expected to act as ‘pack mules’ fetching and carrying for the other Rangers until they are put back into Selection. Promotions, Demotions and Rank Promotions in the Rangers are not permanent. Anyone who fails to adhere to the expectations of their rank may find themselves demoted to the next rank down. This is not a temporary thing and the member will have to re-earn their former rank by performing well at the lower again. Additionally, anyone who finds themselves at the Grimesy rank will find themselves having to work their way back up the ladder from the very bottom. Promotions will be awarded only to those who have committed themselves to being the ideal Ranger, abiding by the general rules and ethos of the Regiment and the specific tasks of their rank. Ranger Selection The Platoon will recruit prospective new members en masse when camped in or around Stormwind in between deployments. When on Deployment, the Platoon will not accept new recruits as they could potentially jeopardise the safety of their fellow Rangers. Selection is a separate process to the regular training that the entire Platoon will go through and is something that Rangers will only be required to do once, unless they are demoted to Recruit or Grimesy. The Selection process will be tough and those choosing to apply to the Rangers should be prepared for the harsh nature of Selection.Dezyi185 2h
2h Annual Gnomumental Memorial How quickly a year has passed, and once again the 11th of November is just a few weeks away. As ever The Gnomish Rescue Squad shall be holding our annual Gnomumental Memorial commencing at 20.00 Striding from the Gates of IronForge all the way to New Tinkertown where we shall speak with the High Tinker and receive his blessing then perhaps a small break before we stride back to the Cog Gates and speak our words of memory for those we would wish to be remembered. Over the years I can well say that there have been many, many fine folk that I have been proud to call friend who are no longer with us. Join us and remember with us those that you have lost and miss.Frigga1 2h
3h [A-RP] The Triumvirate of Light Triumvirate of Light The Triumvirate of Light has been formed to serve as a bastion for the Draenei people. Whether your passion is that of art, technology, magic or war, there is a place for you within the sanctity of the order and under the guidance of the Triumvirate. For twenty five thousand years our people have been decimated and chased across the stars, ever fearful of the Legion's gaze and with disaster following us at every turn. This has however not diminished our preseverance and our faith in the Light and the Naaru. Now, we stand at the precipice. The path to Argus, our ancient home has been opened once more. Join us to embark upon the epic journey that will be to decide whether to reclaim our home, or leave it behind forever. The Triumvirate of Light welcomes all it's brothers and sisters, who still revere and worship the Naaru under it's wing. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC Information. Triumvirate of Light is a newly made guild that aims to increase and amplify quality Draenei RP on Argent Dawn. Due to the broad nature of the guild we accept any classes and specializations as long as they are lore accurate and your character is a draenei. (Necromancers, Death Knights and all evil doers are naturally not able to become part of the guild). Hierachy. Shardling - The newest initiates are taken on as shardlings to ensure that they are a right fit for the guild and that we are right fit for them. Settler - An individual who has settled under the guidance of the Triumvirate and travels with them, without having adopted a specialization or simply prefers to live as a commoner. Shardsworn - The first rank upon which you are sworn to the Triumvirate, forging an oath that calls upon you to serve your fellow kin, but also grants you the privileges that comes with loyalty. These are the backbone of the Triumvirate and expected to be the most numerous rank. Lightsworn - Once you have been sworn into the Triumvirate, you can aspire to advance onto the honour of being Lightsworn. These act as the elite of the Triumvirate and hold the authority to command small numbers of their affiliated groups or embark upon missions that they deem to better Draenei society. Prelate - These paragons of their respective fields have gained the respect of the Triumvirate through great deeds of loyalty and skill. They are the elites within their associated skillsets and their word must be adhered to in the absence of a Triumvir. These individuals act not only as guides but also the foremost delegates and diplomats of the Triumvirate. Triumvir - The rank of Triumvir means to lead and guide the entire Triumvirate and all who follow it. Through their personal sacrifice they seek to ensure that their fellow kin remain sheltered from harm, always follow the directive of the Naaru and the Prophet, and finally that the Draenei people as a whole advance in knowledge to adjust to the world around them. These three roles must always be occupied. Structure. The Triumvirate of Light is an order that welcomes draenei of all shapes and sizes, however to retain a sense of order there are three paths to follow: The Path of Might. This path encompasses all who desire to serve the Triumvirate through military means, whether it is for defense or attack. Vindicators, Peacekeepers, battle-mages, rangers, combat-engineers etc. all fall in under this catagory. They must answer to their respective Triumvir and prelate as the absolute authority in military affairs. The Path of Light. This path encompasses those who channel the light of the Naaru to guide, heal and caretake for the Triumvirate. Neophytes, Anchorites and soulpriests fall under this catagory and serve as the cultural backbone of the Draenei. It is their duty to always make certain that the Draenei whom have suffered countless of atrocities, remain vigilant and hopeful against the Legion and their foes, as shepherds they must guide their flock in accordance to the Naaru. The Path of Wisdom. This path encompasses those who are ever in pursuit of knowledge, be it of magical, historical, cultural or scientific origin. All scholars fall under this catagory and it is their duty to make sure that the Draenei as a people remain enlightened. The unique crystalsmiths and engineers fall under this catagory as well as those proficient in the magic ways. Before the Draenei had the light, they had the Arcane and this is still an important part of their society. Your character(s) must choose to adhere to and follow one of these paths, but are not excluded from the others. Meaning that an arcanist can serve as a battle-mage, a Vindicator can aspire to become a linguist or crystalsmith or an Anchorite can unleash the light upon their foes. However take note that you will be watched and judged in the respective fields by different superiors. We hope that this information has been useful and peaked the potential Draenei players on Argent Dawn, please contact Kildaron in game if you have further questions about the guild.Kildaron88 3h
3h [Podcast] Argent Dawn Digest Hail friends! It looks like posting a twitch link last thread fell afoul of accidental advertisement! Whoops. To comply with all the forum rules, we'll follow this friendly suggestion from a Blizzard Representative: For anyone who doesn't know, the AD Digest is a realm, rp-centric podcast, released weekly, Fridays at 8:30, hosted by our own Perr0y (better known in less esoteric circles as 'Perroy'.) It's an 11 weekly tradition now, and all the old vods are still available for listening.Eaves59 3h
3h Pet Peeves #13 Limits comes, and new threads arrives to continue what is to become a legacy. Continue the salt, get it out of your system and feel free!Keliph109 3h
3h Blizzcon 2017 Discussion Thread - 2 weeks left! Hey friends write your Blizzcon predictions here so if they come true you can tell everyone "I called it!!!" really obnoxiously and shove it in their face Here's my predictions: Kul Tiras Kul Tiras and the Tirasians will be a copy paste of the Iron Islands from Game of Thrones Kul Tiras will have an underlying Old God / void corruption theme where N'Zoth is mistakenly perceived as being a kraken by the native populace (and maybe even revered for it since they are Ironborn from GoT) Subraces in Alliance Dwarves get Wildhammer and Dark Iron (obvious) Humans get Tirasian humans, with scruffy beard options and tattoos Night elves get Nightborne, which is doable cause Nightborne in Legion use the night elf skeleton Gnomes get leper gnomes (Gnomeregan not reclaimed) Draenei get Broken, which will be easy cause Broken on Argus use the draenei skeleton Worgen don't get a subrace, get HD model like Genn's worgen form instead Subraces in Horde Orcs get Mag'har and Dragonmaw (obvious) Trolls get forest trolls (Revantusk) Tauren get Highmountain tauren (Taunka would be too much work for an irrelevant race) Undead get elven undead (Same model with long ears and red eyes, like ) Blood elves get high elves, hinted by a Windrunner reunion by Vereesa (sorry not sorry Stormwind RPers) Goblins don't get a subrace, get HD model instead Pandaren subraces Pandaren don't get anything new Feel free to add your own predictions, but try to be specific. Everyone knows it'll probably be N'Zoth, Azshara, Jaina, Kul Tiras, Zandalar, Ny'alotha etc. so if you're gonna call something about them you gotta be on point. I'll add more as it comes to mind, just in case any of it comes true so I can tell people on Discord "I told you so!"Dark147 3h
3h [Horde RP Interest Check] The Six Flames of Quel'thalas Good afternoon. Interludes of Interest Check threads often include elaborate descriptions of how an idea came to someone or other, who then spoke to a couple of his friends and concluded that the idea was interesting and worth a gander. This thread is thus most obviously no different, and now that we've got that out of the way, let us focus on said thoughts and ideas! CONCEPT An elite force of Sin'dorei operatives and their associates (similar to the recent trend of 'hero' guilds) put together either officially by the Spire, or alternatively unofficially brought together by someone or other for the purpose of serving the interests of Quel'thalas and its peoples. Should the latter be preferable it would mean that the organization itself is not officially bound to any standing authority and their orders, but would instead find its own path of executing the idea. I prefer the latter, to be honest with you all. The structure would be as follows: Six "officers" of equal standing in the organization who have distinguished themselves through knowledge, power and combat prowess thus titled the Six Flames of Quel'thalas, each of them being (in title) one of the flames. E.g. The Sixth Flame and so on. Each of these individuals hosts under their own command a number of associates (who need not necessarily be blood elves even though that is a requisite for being numbered among the Flames). These people are commanded by the Flame they are stationed under, and respond to his orders alone (an amount of respect, humility and obedience towards other Flames is expected, of course.) This force would be dispatched to fight various threats and enemies with their superb combat skill and ruthless loyalty to the elven kingdom and its peoples. That is how far I got, in any case. Would appreciate thoughts, opinions, critique and advice. Is there even a market for Horde guilds? Do let me know below!Rossthwaite7 3h
4h [H - RP] Blood Howl - Nomadic Warband "The Howl echoed down the dark mountain, vibrating through the cold air. The snow were covered by the blood of alliance who fell during the ambush, and by our own. Red, black, green, the blood was everywhere. We had been dying, but as the Howl came to us, we rose again. Strength returning, we left the old behind. Surviving, victorious, our new warband was shaped, from the strength of our blood, and the Howl of Lo'gosh. From that day on, we were Blood Howl." What is Blood Howl? We have been around on Argent Dawn since the fall, but was formed by two older guilds of Defias Brotherhood et al.. Above all, Blood Howl stand for Horde strength, ferocity and unyielding will. Those are the ideals of the Wolf Ancient Lo'gosh/Goldrinn our name is inspired by, and what we try to embody. We are a warband, but our attitude towards eachother are more that of a family, a collection of like minded individuals. Everyone have a beast within, which far too often is supressed. Not in our guild. Here we embrace the ferocity and the strength it give, be it mental or physical. What sort of stuff can one get from Blood Howl? Our guild is nomadic in nature, meaning that we will be travelling around the world a lot. No endlesss sitting in a bar for us! You can expect random rolepaly, regular DM'd events, restless (bad humor) OOC chats in between tough IC situations and overall welcoming atmosphere. We're also in love with bashing of Alliance heads and will gladly take part and will be organizing some RP-PvP action. Guild guidelines: We trust that our members have some common sense and they know how to be nice towards other people. But incase problems do show up our officer team will deal them as best as they see fit. Anything the guild doesn't allow?: Racism, Sexism, Harassment, bullying, threats are forbidden ooc. IC we are a bit more relaxed, but remember if you want to do such things with someone, just ask them oocly first. Keep it friendly! (Do note that banter is of course freely aloud, but make sure you state such) How are arguments resolved?: Both in character and out of character you are expected to know that your actions can lead to consequences. Hopefully we're all grown up enough to resolved such things between us, but if things get out of hand approach on officer. Icly: the Jins, Chieftains and Vizer's words are law. Ranks: OOC: You have joined the guild out of character because you're a friend of the guild, or you're currently awaiting approval from a higher rank. Unbloodied: You have been accepted into the Warband, You are now on your path to becoming Bloodied, all you need to do is prove yourself and uphold our name. Bloodied: You have been accepted as a true member of the Warband, proving your worth and showing your strength in the way you act. Blood Champion: Have a responsibility beyond that of a Bloodied, and are expected to sometimes take charge and lead those in the Warband, making sure we have what supplies or otherwise we need. Bloodsworn: You have been granted the honor of giving some blood to signify your bind to the Warband. You have been recognised as a fierce warrior or dedicated healer, who upholds all of the ideals we follow. You are able to accept people into the Warband, However you have no obligation to do such. Hand of Arcana/Force/Faith: You have fought with the Warband long and hard, shown strength, intelligence and cunning. Perhaps you've gone beyond your orders and acheived greater than expected. The Jin has offered you a position as his hand, an advisor and trusted friend, to aid his decisions. You may recruit people into the Warband. You may carry the flag of the warband Jin: The Leader of the Warband, his word is law within our people and always watching your actions. Able to recruit and demote, may carry the flag of the Warband. How to join? We accept every race and every class be it newbie or veteran to roleplay. As long as they fit in with the guild ideals. Exijin, Yorah, Bwimtòru and Cridar are the guys you want to talk ingame with. Then just set up a small IC interview and you're in!Exijin185 4h
4h Argent Dawn Discord Channel ... ... With over 1.38 million messages sent and around 680 members, the Argent Dawn Discord (known as AD/D to its friends) is looking for more cool + fun Argent Dawn gamers to join our community In order to accommodate the server's involvement this Discord channel has pretty laissez faire moderation and is pretty light on bans (spam accounts none-withstanding) though we ask that the following guidelines are kept in mind ... We have dedicated roles for both factions, which includes faction chats. If you need your role changed between @Alliance and @Horde, just let a @Moderator know. If you're linking the invite for a friend, make sure they know that they need to be whitelisted to exit the #quarantine channel (also done by @Moderator). When you join, please make sure to link your main character's armoury in the #quarantine chat or otherwise have your battletag linked to your profile so that the moderation can whitelist you. Beyond the default & very busy #general chat there are a variety of channels for more in-depth and less spammy discussion - roleplay_and_lore, art and others so there should be something for everyone looking to join up in good faith OK cool hope to see you soon, gamersPerroy162 4h
4h AD Fantasy Football League The Football League season starts again soon. Good times. Some realms always run FPL fantasy leagues but not AD. I’ve won the DB league two years in a row so I thought I’d try making one here for a fresh challenge. - Intro to FPL: It’s a game where you pick a squad of players from the Premier League who you think will do well and get points each week depending on how many goals, assists, clean sheets, etc, the players you’ve picked actually get in their real games. You have transfers to change your team each week over the course of the season. The rules can be found in detail on the site and are fairly self-explanatory. - How to sign up: You can sign up at When you register the game might ask you for your name for your profile but if you don’t want to give it you can just use initials, alias, character name, type ‘not given’ whatever, it doesn’t matter. Once you’ve registered, to join the AD league, go to the ‘Leagues’ section and select ‘Create and join new leagues’. Select ‘Join a league’, then ‘Join private league’ and when asked, use the code 1931-677. It would be cool if everyone who joins the league posts here identifying their team name so we know who we’re competing with, or alternatively include your character name in your team name. - Further details: Things can be lonely for those of us cool enough to like football on this realm. Many a guild chat have offered cruel barbs like “urgh football *rolleyes*,” “Sport? We prefer more sophisticated pursuits such as video game OSTs and streaming esports tournaments (sponsored by Razer),” and “I do not want to watch overpaid men kicking a ball around a field, nor can I even bear to see other people talk about it; now stop so I can concentrate on directing pixels around a screen and contributing to Activision-Blizzard’s $4.664bn annual revenue.” Here’s our chance for us victimized fans to unite through our shared love of the beautiful game and have some friendly competition while we’re at it... Make sure to tell all your non-forum reading AD football friends and point them here. People from other realms are welcome too. Mind games along the lines of trash talking each other on this thread and pvping your closest rivals ingame are encouraged. Feel free to post screenshots of your starting teams to see where the mood is at, psyche people out and such. Anyway let’s see how much interest there is. Good luck have fun. New for 2017-2018 season: I will give the winner of the league at the end a 100k reward from my gold, which I've been led to believe is allowed. I know it's not much in Legion terms but I'm not made of money. Current reigning champion: Loras of Loras' Lads.Markovic130 4h
5h Rate the apperance of the poster above you Where have all these fun and intereting threads gone? I demand that we ressurect them. For the greater good! For Garrosh.Nodokanature399 5h
7h Acro's Guide to a Wee Bit Prettier Snapshots Many have asked me if I use a special In Game filter because of the screenshots I post on the Argent Archives, and the answer is - no! Given how many have shown interest in what I do to the screenshots in Photoshop to make them feel like they have more depth and softened ambient atmosphere, I decided to finally create a quick tutorial on it. It's not difficult at all! ... Hopefully this is helpful for some people! Update: I have upgraded to Photoshop CS6 but still use the above method. Also an example of how I extract characters from a WMV screenshot and add them into a scene: Note: FSAA in the Settings > Display list means Full Screen Anti-Aliasing, so try ramp that up if your models have really jagged edges. Taking big screenshots of a character or object and scaling them down (after the background color removal) also helps with smoothing out edges in the final image. Edit: link fixedAcrona33 7h
8h Argent Dawn General Demon Thread #288 Seems we're still afloat. But yeah, the 5K demon slaying title is pretty neat.Valdreth318 8h
8h [H-RP] The Gnome's Coffin Inn - Every Friday! ... --- Hello friends. I am running weekly inn events! These are held each Friday from 19.00 server time onwards. If for some reason I am unable to do it on Friday for a given week, I’ll post on this thread what day of the week it’ll be held on instead. OOC the event is located at the Southshore inn. However as explained in the introduction the IC location is a bit different. All Horde roleplayers are welcome to attend! --- Previous events: 1. 2. 8h
8h [H&A-RP] Meeting in Dalaran Hello people! It is time to schedule another Kirin Tor meeting to discuss recent events and align with your fellow Kirin Tor colleagues. Sunday, 29th of October at 8 PM server time. Thank you. Pointy pointy hats!Ghostpepper63 8h
9h [A/H rp] Quarterly druid moot? Blatantly stealing the idea from Nazkram, would there be any interest in such a thing for both Horde and Alliance players? Now, nothing is planned and if there is any interest, I would love some help in getting this organised (both from Horde and Alliance side). It would be great to have a way to get interacting with other druids, getting druid events organised, sharing ideas, putting stuff in place where it would be easy to get some druid rp going. One of the main problems I would see is cross faction chat, but I'm hoping that we'd have some who would be able to help with that. I was thinking the four meetings could coincide with the change of the seasons (albeit the first one starting slightly sooner if people are interested). Opinions, willingness to help take a leading role on this with me (I'm sure there are plenty of people who have much more experience in druid rp than me and will have brilliant ideas on how to make this work) and critique would be appreciated.Akulé13 9h
10h (H) Looking for guild I've recently changed to Horde on this character to play with friends and I'm currently pretty lonely so I'm asking if there are any social guilds that would be happy to take a newcomer to Horde side? I'm not really looking to roleplay on him as I have my hands full with RP on alliance side, i'm just looking for a place to chill and chat as I do quests/pvp/transmog runs etc.Meethun2 10h
11h [A-RP] The Crimson Coin (Recruiting) Website: Recruiters: Herveus & Averij ...A ruthless network is on the rise, envisioned and in the process of being built by two wicked men bound by heinous acts, inner conflict and avaricious desires. The circle of cunning opportunists strives to make the best of Azeroth’s current chaotic state, for much fortune awaits, at least for men like them... Summary An agent, the middle man, a black market on a ship. We are the people who will go out to travel to the other side of Azeroth in order to obtain that item, target or other service(s) for the right price. Whatever it is, whichever way possible. Why should I join this criminal guild? Adventure, first and foremost. We will travel beyond Stormwind City as well as try to reasonably implement the latest lore into our story, so we can feel as if we are truly criminals in a fantasy world. What is your end goal? OOC: Create a fun and mature guild community for criminal RP'ers who enjoy lore / fantasy and adventure. IC: Establish a trade monopoly through violence and corruption in order to expand on wealth and influence. Is that all you plan to do? We plan to host events such as; black markets, brawls, casinos, raiding and a whole other mighty adventures!Herveus6 11h
13h The Order Reforged - Recruitement Hello everyone, We're a small community (around 12-15 active member) supporting a Wow / Hots youtuber (not gonna make any kind of promotion, that's not the point here) And the idea behind our guild, is to do a full World of Warcraft experience. What I mean by that is leveling through each expansion, and then stopping at max level each time, then do the full content (dungeons, heroic, title run, mount run, raids etc...) So far we've done Vanilla and The Burning Crusade and are now moving on to Wrath of the Lich King. We are staying around 3-4 weeks in each expansion (otherwise people start to get bored, especially in the first few expansion) We're a "semi-RP" guild so when we're doing dungeons and raid, we try to add as much lore and RP as possible, and we're also doing some RP gathering from time to time. But we're pretty new to this, so don't expect too much epic stuff for now ! A lot of us are wow veteran, and we also have several beginner, as long as you're a nice person, we accept almost everyone ! We're also raiding 3 days per week (Thursday, Tuesday and Sunday). All level between 1-80 is accepted (for now, we expand at each expansion, and allow alt) For now we are lacking a few classes to have a proper 25 man raid, here they are : - Melee DPS : Rogue Death Knight Feral druid - Ranged DPS : Mage Moonkin Druid Elem Shaman - Healer : Holy Paladin Disc Priest Resto Shaman - Tank : Death Knight Druid bear For now we do not accept Demon Hunter yet, as it doesn't fit the RP we're doing in the first expansions. Once we reach Legion we'll accept them ! Current goal : Most of us are level 80 now, and we're starting Naxxramas this week end (03/09). Type of profile we're looking for : We're a "european" guild, with lots of member from all accross europe (UK, Switzerland, Ireland, Germany etc...) We're looking for mature people, who are patient and respectful. You don't really have to be a god at your character, but if you've raided before that's a plus ! Mature, because we don't really want any immature people ruining our fun and our immersion ! We're not grammar !@#$ (since most of us are not english native), but a little effort is demanded during RP. Patient, because we'll be staying in each expansion content, so don't expect to rush to Legion and Argus any time soon ! Respectful, because not everyone is a pro player just yet, we have different types of level in the guild and we don't want any clash ! If you're interested you can either apply on the website (a bit empty for now, but hoping it'll get active with new people !) - At : - PM me in game : Tiralstrom - PM our guild master : Vaalri - Join our discord, reach the World of Warcraft channel and ask around : And don't hesitate to ask on this thread if you have any question ! Alright ! Cheers guys and hope to welcome some of you soon ! Cordially, Tiralstrom, second in command in the Order ReforgedTiralstrom2 13h
13h [DK-RP] <Fealty to the Grave> - Highmountain <Fealty to the Grave> is a role-playing guild for death knights on Horde-side centered around the Knights of the Ebon Blade. Both for those neutral and affiliated with the Horde. Since the guild is solely Out-Of-Character, we all carry the same rank In-Character: death knight. We are however answering to one “Knight-Lord Blightleaf”, a character dungeon-mastered by myself. As mentioned, knights of the Ebon Blade that are still affiliated with the Horde are more than welcome to join us, but none of our events or roleplay will center around harming one faction in the name of the other faction. If we do raise blades against members of a faction, it will be for the greater good. At least in the minds of our characters. We have room for any race and any kind of Ebon Knight: the mad ones, the manipulative ones, the duty-bound ones, the chaotic good ones, lawfully evil ones and on it goes. We are a place to go to if you are simply looking for a role-playing guild for your death knight with a polite, humorous and respectful guild chat atmosphere. If you were a past member of a Horde guild and you’re having a hard time finding a new home for your death knight, this is also a place you can take “refuge” until you find one. Obviously, you’re also welcome to stay for as long as you like. Every now and then we come together to role-play, but on an everyday-basis we stick to ourselves and our characters’ individual lives. If you’re looking for a place to be spoon-fed roleplay or bask in the pride of achieving a high rank - this is not the place for you. When we wish to get event ideas off of our chests, members are more than free to create a guild event and invite us to join the story whenever he/she pleases. After they've run the idea by an officer first, of course. These days we have events either once or three times a week, but sometimes real life prevents this, so do not be alarmed if you suddenly spot an entire week without anything scheduled. Real life always comes first. Our event system rarely has any rolls included, which means we trust our members to perform reasonable emotes when they are permitted to freely express their characters' potential during an event, which is quite often. Death Strolls: We allow all races and all levels, as long as they are death knights. You are to have a fair grasp of the English language and a respectful Out-Of-Character attitude during your stay in the guild. We do not have any uniforms, but you are to dress as a death knight would, ride a mount a death knight would (Deathchargers, Winged Steeds of the Ebon Blade, Frost Wyrms) and wield a weapon fitting for a death knight - a runeblade. Notable events hosted by <Fealty to the Grave>: - Public Event: - Social Gathering: - Private Event: - Public Campaign: Guild Hub: - The Somber Watch: Sounds like something for you? Contact either Octavus, Eberhardt or myself via the mailbox or whispering and join today!´ Argent Archives: 13h
14h Gold Viper - Recruiting Hi there, I'm the guild master of Gold Viper. I'm new to being a guild master and I am looking for members on AD (Argent Dawn) to join the guild. We're a small mercenary group looking for active members to join us. Any race and class are welcome to join. If you also have any advice that would be great too. Thank you :)Kromni1 14h
16h [World Plot] Cloak & Sceptre An excerpt from the Keepsakes of our Illustrious Forebears (New Forsaken edition)... ... Howling in the mountains... ... A fragment of a lost deathstalker report, heavily censored and stained in rotten blood... ... --- Hello gamers, I will be running something a little different from my normal RP PVP campaigns -- a more long-term and freefrom / open plot intended to bring some organic conflicts set mainly but not exclusively in the northern Eastern Kingdoms The base idea is a relic (acting as a mcguffin) that has been parted into several pieces (each carrying its own effects) and various forces/groups/individuals might want to piece this relic - the Iron Scepter - back together, either to destroy it, cleanse it, use it for their own nefarious goals or basically anything. The end reward of "" winning "" this plot will be me (doing my best!) to DM whatever you want to try to do with the completed piece, be it a small interaction to a larger campaign/conflict I will be DMing various pieces of this item being found for interested groups -- if you want in, just signal your interest in this thread and I will pick a number of people out and contact them IG (with the first piece being found today...). Once the items are out in the world, you won't need to sign up or contact me in any way to pursue them -- it will all be in the hands of the playerbase, though I may be doing some DMing on the side occasionally to keep things fresh Rumours, stories, posters and so on regarding this plot should be dropped in thsi thread so people can access the continued narrative of what's going on easily Some guidelines to note: ... OK, that's all for now -- I will be posting more as things progress...Perroy418 16h
22h [H-RP] The Bloodcloaks (6th E.S) - A Guild 6th Silvermoon Extraction Service - The Bloodcloaks ... -The Bloodcloaks' opening gambit. Skills, whether martial or magical are the product of our time and dedication to the cause. In time my friend those such as yourself begin to pull away from the standard means of serving; perhaps excelling beyond your station or pushing the boundaries of your craft. It is not uncommon to lose sight of what we hold close, of what was our clearest goal should the very passions you use as tools are considered your unmaking. There is little need to be persistent in your isolation; your abilities are still very much an asset to Quel'Thalas and it's allies. The offer on the table? A unit that made up of and ran by, those whose position is not too different from yours. A group who support each other, from the frontlines of the battlefield or the bar. The Extraction Service intends to bring together the like minded, the useful, the wiley, the strong, and the experienced; forming a unit in order to take on challenges that are not best suited to full scale force and guile. Subterfuge, wits and willpower will often be your only ally. Should we fail? We were never there. Should we succeed? We were there only when official records are released. So what started the name and mantle? Let me tell you, I will stand between any threat to halt its advance to my brothers and sisters, my Home. Should I be ran through - my cloak will soak no fear, nor change in spite of wounds. It is my duty to give my all; solid in victory and death, no matter the circumstance. There are four tiers only to the Bloodcloaks; Unblooded - Unblooded are those who are either recently attached to the Bloodcloaks through affiliation (i.e. accompanying a mission without joining), or for those who have not taken the Cloaked Promise. Awakened – Awakened is the rank almost all Full-Time Cloaks will retain, regardless of experience. We are all together for our different strengths and weaknesses, and should bear that in mind. Although we may all come from different walks of life, that life can become rather fragile should luck not favour us this day. Squad Lead – Squad Lead is a Fluid Rank, and reserved only for missions. Our missions in time may take us far afield or into unfamiliar territory. Squad Lead will be appointed by mutual agreement or situational observation. Depending on the numbers on the mission, there may be more than one Squad Lead at any one time. Keeper – The Keeper is the Co-ordinator of The Bloodcloaks, aside from overseeing aspects of planning and occasional otherwise liaising, the Keeper is a figurehead and an arbiter should there be a difference of opinion (such as Squad Lead appointment if a contested matter). They are otherwise an awakened and take mission directive from the Squad Lead on operations. It is the responsibility of all of the Bloodcloaks to ensure that they fight for their next kinsman, and get each other home. So do you have a uniform? Our aim is to join with other with similar experiences, valuable in their own right. What point is there in dictating to a seasoned soldier what he must wear? Our only guide is our Bloodcloak, and most co-ordinate accordingly. That said, great pauldrons enchanted with fire might be your forté, wearing them on a night mission will likely incur the ire of your squadmates. If you look like a stuffed gold sack, be ready for that truth to be bluntly put. I think this sounds right for me, how would I join? Joining has a few methods: Around the halls of Sunfury Spire there are rumours of one who is bringing together. Write a letter of interest and address it to S.E.S 6. Include in it your name, briefly what you look like, and what your last profession was. You will be sought out based upon your description. (OOC: Please send the letter in game to Ravezkan and I'll follow up) Seek the Bloodcloak, etched in red and with a black inverted triquetra. Engage in conversation with any of them, see what your instinct tells you. If you find yourself in the vicinity of operations, and attach and support during that cause and you merge with the team in that time you may find yourself wanting to be a permanent Cloaked. (As I plan events, I'll be putting some onto the forum thread which anyone can join) OOC: The aim of the Bloodcloaks is to build some close friendship through WoW, where we can enjoy making RP events and fun together. Those currently in the guild are aware that RL is often quite impacting on RP time, so we hope to make the atmosphere feasible for both high-usage as well as limited time RPers. We want to build a fairly mature guild-chat where we can be free enough to have humour, but not make each other feel uncomfortable. Whilst we get settled and meander between work commitments or exams, RP events will be slow to start and will circulate around unit building and "base-line" trust forming. Our good man Kelthius has signed us up for a Discord Server, which is our voice chatroom, and we also share a FB group to jot around ideas and for social things (inanities, for fun etc). We will be using the Forum Thread and keeping it as IC as reasonably practicable., DM'ing wise, we welcome anyone who likes to run events, but if you have an idea please feel free to jot it down and we can build upon it with you. It is expected that you will participate and contribute to events, ideas and/or running events. If you're curious about other races,there's no problem with the characters being attached as Honoraries, especially if you gel with the characters in the guild. There is nothing "tactical" about wasting good resource, and nothing promising about losing potential friends on a purity technicality. This isn't an open invite, and will wholly depend on said characters attitude to the initial premise of "Silvermoon" Extraction Squad. Thank you for reading, and we hope to see many of you Hordeside, in any proximity and not just recruitment.Ravezkan27 22h
1d [H-RP] The 16th Conclave of Quel'Thalas The death of Kil'jaeden, one of the Legion's foremost commanders, would have been a victory worthy of celebration for the forces of Azeroth. However, Illidan Stormrage had other plans. He tore the sky open and Argus now looms over them, allowing no time for rest in their war against the demons. The battlefield has shifted and the Army of the Light now strike at the heart of the Legion's homeworld, hoping to bring an end to the Burning Crusade, once and for all. With the chance of ending their ten-thousand year long conflict with the Burning Legion, it is imperative that the elves of the High Kingdom unite to discuss this momentous occasion. After a pause the 16th Conclave of Quel'Thalas is now underway with the set date of 25th of November, 2017. This is a continuation of Aeranthiel's series of events and as such I take no credit for the concept behind it all. I also thank Talenthiel for being kind enough to write another introduction for this thread. The information within his post has been copied, edited and pasted from previous Conclave posts. What is the Conclave? It is a political platform that brings together representatives from noble houses, political organisations, military orders, merchant's guilds and philosophical groups. Through this council of powerful and influential members of Thalassian society, a variety of matters and issues can be brought to bear, discussed and resolved in a controlled, civilised manner. It also acts as a forum of interaction between these figures with the aim of sharing information, developing relations and offering co-operation for the betterment of the High Kingdom. The 16th Conclave will be conducted by Magister Sinthis and Arcanist Starscribe under the blessings of the Regency and the Spire. It has no true authority and only those that participate and wish to be bound by the agreements reached by the assembly may be. How do I join the Conclave? ... To arrange for a seat on the assembly you must contact myself (Itharie) either via in-game letter or through confirming OOC in this thread. I will then arrange for an IC meeting to present a formal invitation and to introduce our characters before the main event. Sinthis and I reserve the right to decline any application for either IC or OOC reasons. If you wish to join as an independent then a fair IC reason will be asked for. There is a degree of importance and ceremony to this event which has become ingrained within the community, and so not just "anyone" attends. Suitable IC reasons would be; Blood Knight liaison, representative of a political sect within the Spire, representative of a Trade Group, a minor noble House, so on and so forth. The central representative of a group is referred to as a Councillor. They are allowed to bring two aides, referred to as Advisors. That means there is a maximum of three representatives per guild. Independents may not bring aides at this time. What will happen in the Conclave? Talking. Lots of talking. This is a political gathering so do not expect armed conflict in any way, but do expect it to last a few hours. The main focus of the 16th Conclave of Quel'Thalas is to discuss the invasion of Argus by, primarily, the Army of the Light and the situation that develops through Blizzard's lore as well as player-driven roleplay. All organisations that attended the 15th Conclave of Quel'Thalas will receive an official letter of invitation to the 16th Conclave of Quel'Thalas in character. ... As before, characters must arrive with no physical weapons, not even ceremonial ones, otherwise they will be removed before entering the location. In addition, a magical "suppressing" field will be maintained in the area for the duration of the meeting. This does not remove, leech or destroy magic it merely dampens it so that spells cannot be cast. As a blessed consequence, characters cannot attack/move via magic or use stealth to spy on the proceedings in character. The rules of attire will remain as relaxed as previous Conclave and security won't be stripping people of their shoulder-guards. Notably, if you do impale someone with a majestic shoulder charge during the meeting you can expect a fitting consequence. With a variety of characters in many different positions with custom titles, it is asked that the main representative of any group is always referred to as Councillor <Surname>. Aides and Independents are always referred to as Advisor <Surname>. The Arbiter will dictate the topic and flow of discussion and will try and give each representative a chance to share their viewpoint on the subject. The Arbiter will maintain order and civility between participants and acts with state-sanctioned authority during the Conclave to do so. From then on, whichever topics are on the agenda will be discussed. Again, to be able to allocate enough time to each subject for ample deliberation, please notify me out of character first, during the many days before the Conclave, if your character has something specific that they wish to raise or discuss and we can see if it is suitable or if there is enough time to fit it in. You can contact me through in game mail or whisper on this character (Itharie). Applications for attendants and topics for the agenda will close at the end of pre-production which is on the 19th of November at 23:00 server time. After that date no new participants or topics will be accepted, unless there is a very, very good reason to do so. There are no key changes in the rules set at the previous Conclave. For the in-character rules of the Conclave please refer to the Conclave Code of Conduct, located on the AA here: Here is a link to the 15th Conclave of Quel'Thalas, for reference and information that I may have missed. If there is any conflicting information then the information found in the 16th Conclave of Quel'Thalas should be considered correct: 1d
1d [H-PvE] Salvation (3/9 M | 9/9 HC) - Recruitment Closed ... Hey all, Salvation was originally a social guild made of a group of friends, but recently decided that it would be fun to start doing semi-casual raids, especially looking towards Antorus! The guild is currently lead by an experienced leader from WoTLK to WoD, who decided to take a break in Legion but is ready to go again. At the current moment, we plan on looking towards clearing HC more than anything, and maybe later when we get a full team together to progressing towards mythic. If we get enough recruits before Antorus is released (which may be for another month yet), we will probably head into ToS HC as well to help gear up before Antorus. We are looking for friendly players, who know how to have a laugh and don't get tilted after many wipes on one boss. We aim to keep raiding as fun as possible as well as clearing the current content! Some experience in previous raids is required, though you don't have to have any curves from Legion to join. For the time being, these are the rules that we have set down for heroic raiding: Raid Days: Thursday, Saturday Raid Times: 19:30 - 22:30 Server Time Expected Attendance: 75% over a month. (6 out of 8 raids). We understand that real life comes first, so if you are unable to make it, we don't mind if you tell us. Loot System: Personal Loot for HC. Master Looter with Rolling for Mythic. We use Discord for our communication. You have to RP with me at least once a week because I'm lonely. If interested, feel free to comment on this thread, or send a mail to either Carvian, Siliús, Maijo or Jojolia, or try to catch us online! [Disclaimer]: You do not have to RP with Carvian at least once a week to join the guild. Just because he is a Demon Hunter which has next to no RP does not mean you need to take pity on him. Demon Hunters were a mistake and should be deleted from the game.Carvian90 1d
1d [HUGE SPOILERS] From the 7.3.2 PTR Seems Sargeras wounds Azeroth out of spite once we encounter and defeat him at some point in Antorus (possibly the Argus encounter?), tearing a huge chasm in to Silithus. Definitely sounds interesting, perhaps it may release the full form of C'thun from beneath the sand? Who knows.Jenalin397 1d
1d [A-RP] SI:7 RP Initiative - Facilitating Espionage RP ...Introduction Last year I pitched Rogues versus Rogues on the forums. Essentially it was a campaign with the aim to simulate a internal struggle in the SI:7 during the period Detheroc was possing as Mathias Shaw. Now with events such as quarterly shaman meetings, paladin assemblies and even pandaren gatherings. I can’t help but wonder why we can’t have a more collaborative effort for SI:7 Agents. Concept What I propose is to enhance the atmosphere that SI:7 is a intelligence agency. This means regular meetings and encouraging more collaboration between individual roleplayers and guilds alike. However, not everyone appreciates all aspects of espionage RP, which is why complete transparency (OOC’ly only ofcourse) of the initiative’s activities are a necessity. This not only discourages bubble RP but also allows people to get a insight of what we're doing and perhaps make more people want to get involved. Please keep in mind that everything in this post is a work in progress and is due to change in the future. You can read more about the future plans for the initiative at Jeyce's post: Handlers The conceptual idea of handlers is that these are experienced SI:7 RP'ers whom volunteers in teaching the ropes to newcomers, both on a IC and OOC basis. It also opens up new opportunities for RP with a mentor and student vibe where the experienced SI:7 Agents takes the rookie under his or her wing. Mission Board Active Assignments can be found at This is a conceptual idea which has yet to put into practice (or fully tested). The Mission Board is meant to be a quest-like system to make it easier for people to find events or narratives to their liking. It could be everything from DM'd events, to participation of public events such as campaigns (both from RP-PvP to RP-PvE). Here's a template. ...Rules This should be self-explainatory but the rules are here for reference on what you should or shouldn't do if you want to take part in this initiative. ...Contact Informaton Any interest to collaborate with us at the SI:7 RP Initiative can primarily reach out to the initiative's facilitators; Adolphus or Jeyce. You're ofcourse welcome to reach out to anyone in the Initiative to open up communications or if you got a SI:7 Agent as a character get invited to our discord.Adolphus71 1d
1d [H Shadow RP] The Synod (9th Sep) ... To all hale adherents of the reformed religion of Shadow, You are invited to partake of a new initiative to breathe life – or, better said, restless and profane animation – into the practice of the religion of the Cult of Forgotten Shadows in RP. No cult can exist without its hierarchs and its most intrepid practitioners, who strengthen one another in their faith and prevent, through force of will if needs be, their brethren from straying. To this end, a sect of the Cult—the Synod of the Shadowed Bell, or in short the Synod of Shadow—will be constructed, a sect of priests and devoted servants led by a bishop elected from among their number. Together it will pioneer pious practice and jealously hoard the obscene mysteries of its faith. For this, we seek players whose characters can help to create material and roleplay around, and who are interested in consuming stories centred on: ritual—ceremony; prayer; blasphemous arts; perverse liturgy; cultic sacrifice. intrigue-power; politics; manipulation; the subjugation of wills; the outworkings of hierarchies. mystery—the ascent of the individual; secret paths; forbidden magic; the true face of the Shadow glimpsed only by the initiated. murder. The general outline of events has been proposed—the elect will assemble, and chose from among themselves a bishop. He will be put through great trials and only if his spirit proves indomitable even in the face of the countless tortures he will endure will he be judged worthy of his office. Then the story may proceed in any direction: the priests will be at the disposal of their bishop's will, but he will surely be aware that his power is at their mercy. This project will be open to all Horde characters provided that they are adherents, of any rank or ability, of the Shadow Cult in-character, and will meet for the first time on the 19th of August at 8PM realm time in Brill city centre. Any character may rise to power, provided they win the Shadow's favour, and it will be an out-of-guild project. ... —thread by Crispinian and Eaves.Crispinian38 1d
1d [Live Podcast] Fuse Talks - World of Warcraft and More! ... I’ll try keep this short. I’ve been streaming other games for the past couple of months and more so recently World of Warcraft. I’m going to call it essentially a podcast. I’m streaming WoW doing leveling at the moment whilst engaging in conversations with guests on the stream. A lot of the conversation is WoW centric but does sometimes sidetrack into other games and things in general. So far there’s been a positive response towards it however. I’m looking to expand my viewer base a little, furthermore I’m looking to bring in people from different guilds or players of the realms to talk about their own experiences with game and roleplay as a whole, just for the fun of it. I don’t aim to be biased towards anyone so I invite pretty much everyone to join in. What topics you can expect? Campaigns Community initiatives Roleplay PvE PvP Non-WoW related topics (sometimes) And more. Guests, how? I will for the most part try and reach out towards different players and guilds to get them in on the stream but if you want to come on don’t hesitate to poke the thread here or contact me in-game (I’ll leave other methods below). I’ll just add that you can feel free to throw any questions that you may want to ask towards myself or to any potential guests on the streams before hand but I do try and engage with the viewers whilst it’s going with the chat. Overall throwing this out here is a test to see if there’s any interest for more of these things going on in the realm. Contact Methods BTAG: Fuse#21675 Discord: Demzi#5169Fuse55 1d
1d -HELP- Druid Guilds! Hi guys! Could anyone give me some suggestions for good Druid based Guilds? I really want to get into RPing on my Druid more. Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated Thanks!Thyerian3 1d
1d [A-PVE] Common Sense Mythic 5/9 Recruiting Common Sense is a mythic raiding guild here on Argent Dawn right now we are recruiting for the latter stages of ToS progress but are looking forward to Antorus in Argus in the coming weeks. We raid three times a week on Wednesday, Sunday and Tuesday's from 8pm til 11pm server time. We are happy to consider players with heroic raiding experience looking to step into mythic raids. If interested or have any questions feel free to contact one of the following officers in game : Vák Rieniel Monzá Currently we are looking for dps both ranged and melee, hope to hear from you in game.Vák4 1d
1d [A-PVE] [LGBT] Prismatic Society are recruiting! Hello Argent Dawn. Can you hear the cry of the planet? We come to you now, as we stand on the precipice of a new raid tier. A new dungeon, a new adventure, new bosses and new loot... Or the final step of the counter attack against the biggest threat our world has faced so far for the more RP inclined - though I hasten to add that while we do welcome and love RPers, we're not an RP focused guild. We come with an offer to participate in and experience this. Before I go further... yes we're THAT Prismatic Society. We're still here, we're still queer and we're as surprised as you are. "LGBT"? While we're a primarily LGBT group and we mainly seek to offer an inclusive and friendly environment, we welcome anyone who feels that they can be supportive and friendly. We've successfully maintained our stance on being a safer-space and feel that that is as important now more than ever. Content~ As to the meat... Our primary interest is raiding. Generally Heroic with a focus on maintaining Ahead of the Curve for each tier but we'd love to have a look at Mythic should our numbers allow us to do so. We've managed Curve rather comfortably with a rather relaxed raiding schedule of two days a week. For loot, we favor Master Looter to avoid wasting tier tokens and prioritize getting people their set bonuses ASAP. It should also be noted that we're happy to help inexperienced raiders learn and improve. That said; we do offer a social environment for those who are less raiding inclined and are regularly doing m+ and other lower end content should anyone wish to get involved with that. We also have an active discord and several of us play other games such as Overwatch, Guild Wars II and Warframe. Requirements and other tidbits For raiders we require the use of flasks, potions, food and that you keep your gear enchanted and gemmed. Beyond that the only real ask we have is that you be willing to improve and to take any constructive criticism in your stride. Class wise we're mainly looking for DPS (especially a hunter) though other roles will be considered on a case by case basis. The only real ask we have of socials is to be friendly though we do have a 18+ requirement. We have a 2 week trial period to make sure everyone is a fit for each other. If this sounds like a good fit for you, feel free to contact any of the following in game or on bnet: Eventider – Eventide#2908 ( Guild Leader ) Telianna / Karshun - Kyarius#21823 ( Officer ) Vuohi / Oddtider - Keylime#1974 ( Officer )Vuohi181 1d
1d Level 80 twink guild <Wrath of the Twinks> [A] Everyone, get in here! Me (GrumpyKrof#2412) and Antoninne-ArgentDawn are ex-members of <Ante Amanthe> (a dead level 70 twink guild). We decided to leave, level up to 80 and settle here for a few months. Let's see, if we can get a level 80 twink guild going. Who and what are we looking for: - you - moar twinks - moar raids - moar bgs - moar achivements - moar Herald of the Titans Rules: - no post-wotlk gear in raids - no heirlooms in raids - no post-wotlk enchants in raids - no level 80+ chars in guild - additional rules may be added How to GET IN HERE: - add and whisper me @ GrumpyKrof#2412 - whisper me @ Rohvaldson-ArgentDawn Team atm (refreshed daily): - 2 hunters - 1 mage - 1 warrior - 1 holy priest - 1 prot paladin - waiting for 2 potential members to make up their mind Discord: 1d
1d The Infinite Dark - Wrapping up! The Infinite Dark - A Server Initiative! ... Greetings, fellow Argents! This is a renewed project of ours dating back about two years. We hope it will inspire and encourage active interaction between individuals and guilds on an immense scale throughout the server. The Concept IC A mysterious celestial meteor has crashed into Azeroth. Its shards have been strewn across the world and are said to contain immense power. The denizens of Azeroth may unexpectedly stumble across these shards and may attempt to use them for whatever purpose they desire. OOC The idea behind the project is to provide roleplayers on Argent Dawn with an incentive to actively work both with and against one another in order to advance further along the plotline. The project is also meant to add a competitive element to roleplay and give both guilds and individuals a way of measuring their success. This would be done by counting the amount of shards you possess. “I have four shards. How many have you got, scrub?” Due to the nature of these items and the influence they will hopefully have. No one will ever have all of them. However, acquiring a certain amount of shards will grant you certain bonuses and rewards. These rewards will not have an impact on your daily roleplay, nor will it enhance your character in any considerable way (we’ll mention some these further down). You do not need to sign up for this project. You can simply let it play out in your day to day roleplay. This project will not be controlled in any way by admins or other people. What happens during the course of this plotline is entirely up to its participants. You are completely free to cheat and backstab your way to possession of these shards. However, if you do manage to get a certain amount of shards, you will be rewarded through glimpses of what is to come. To whomever collects all of the shards, there will be a special event hosted by yours truly where the plotline reaches its pinnacle. Depending on certain elements, you may be the only one to ever know how this story ended. There are a few rules to this project. The first is that whoever hands over a shard to another player for a period longer than three days must send a letter to Ashgrove or saying who you are and who you gave the shard to. This is to ensure that no shards magically appear or disapear. If a player is absent for a longer period of time, we will simply declare that that player’s shards are not the actual shards and assign them to a new player. The second rule is that the shardowners must make a monthly post, a rumour to both let everyone know that they are active, as well as encourage new players to step into the game. The third rule is that shard owners are not allowed to store their shards in vaults or the like. Despite it being a rather rational course of action when in possession of a highly sought after artifact, it is counterproductive to the project to lock the shard away in a place where no one can get it. If this seems difficult to pull off, use the "addiction" trait of the shard to make sure your character couldn't possibly -want- to lock it away. The fourth rule is that shards and the other pieces cannot be teleported. Teleporting away will simply leave the shard/crystal/orb to drop to the floor. That goes for any kind of spell that magically moves the character from one location to another. The exception being spells like portals where a "window" is created for the character to step through. Mechanics of the Shards Each Shard grants the wielder regenerative powers. If anyone holds a shard in his or hers possession for about two weeks they begin to heal old scars and wounds. They also begin to regenerate lost limbs. Note that the Shard does not heal you on the spot. It is a very slow process and can thus not be used in combat situations or similar scenarios. Undead would gain a slight sensation of euphoria, comparable to being alive once again. Only when five shards are combined, the wielder is made impervious to disease, infections and general illness. Undead also begin to experience sensations as if they were alive once more. Something else is also bestowed upon the wielder of five shards... accompanied with a slowly increasing lust to find the remaining shards, a strong urge to uncover the truth behind these mysterious shards. Keep in mind that the shards can only merge into one when all necessary shards are present (You need five shards to merge them into one, you can’t merge two into one etc). After this point, the admins will be updating whoever holds the shards! Attributes and Appearence of the Shards All shards look exactly the same. They are transluscent and hold a faint teal colour which seem even stronger at its core. The entirety of the shard seem to pulsate with a strange shimmer. Upon touching the shard, the shimmer extends onto your hand. The shards are about the size of a human palm. They weigh slightly less than the average rock of that size. A vague inscription can be seen on the shard. The language is unlike anything any man or woman on Azeroth would ever have seen. Even the most skilled of magi would have great difficulty in uncovering the mysteries within these shards. If anyone would throw any sort of spell at the shards, it will be reflected instantly. The shards’ capabilities do not extend to other objects, however. Socketing the shard into your armor or a weapon would not make the armor reflect magic. Only direct hits against the shards will reflect any spells. If anyone would attempt to destroy the shard with an object, the object will shatter shower them with shrapnel with a force equal to what was applied. If an owner of a shard is separate from it for a longer period of time, they get a strong sense of loss. They will feel as if they have lost a part of their own power. The Orb, aka "the Parent Shard": Initially found at the crash site in the Storm Peaks by a band of adventurers, the Orb is similar to the other shards - but not quite the same. The Orb is about twice the size of the other shards. It shares many of the traits of the other shards. It has the same teal colour and is translucent. It is also covered in the very same markings as the shards. It shares most of the other shards' attributes. It reflects spells and shatters steel when under physical attack. It does not heal the owner, however. What makes the orb different from the other shards than its size is a very important feature. It will aid its owner in tracking down the other owners of the shards. The details as to how exactly it helps its owner will be known only to them. How to get a Shard of your own: Initially, this is a very simple process. You let us know by posting on this thread that you want to get your hands on one of these shards. If there are any left, we will contact you and tell you that you may now either have one shard in your possession, or you may go about finding it any way you please (hosting an event of your own where you find it, or perhaps even just finding it in a sewer, be creative!). We will then list your name here on the forum thread as one of the owners of the twenty shards. If all the shards have been taken already, the task is up to you to get them for yourself! We would also like to encourage the owners of the shards to not hold onto them too hard. If people don’t think they can get the shards off you, they will not even bother. Then neither of you will enjoy the project! Allow yourself to lose your shard so that you can try even harder to get it back! I didn’t get one, am I excluded from the Project? NO. This project is meant to create roleplay for everyone, not just the twenty owners of the shards. Just because you haven’t got one doesn’t mean you can’t get one. The only difference is that you don’t have one from the start of the project and that you will have to get shards of your own from the players who have them. Remember that the shards are only meant to act as an incentive for you to pursue them and get roleplaying with everyone else who are after them. Let the hunt for these shards create a whole story for you and your friends! All initial shards have been handed out. You can no longer get a shard from the admins at this time. If any undesirable events lead to two people arguing over who has their shard, you can contact me(Ashgrove) at Argalefz#2779 about it and I'll help you figure it out. :P Previous Threads: AA Articles: 1d
1d [H-RP] "Gladiator Games" Hey people, I've got the idea to make an event for Horde players, who wish to show their strenght to the others, or prove to themselves, their are strong and worthy, and that they do not lack honour! I am thinking of giving it a try and if it will be a successful event, we can make it monthly or quarter year event, gather people together and have fun. My Idea is that there should be a promoteur, commentator, participants, vendors, crowds of fans etc. I am thinking of making events in the way of "Man vs beast" and "Men vs Men". It will be with weapons, ruthless and savage, but without killing, because I can imagine, not many people wish to have their characters killed off in an stupid event like this. So I am here for some advices and your opinions. I am still thinking of suitable locations and other stuff like prizes and the whole idea. Feel free to share your ideas and opinion with me, I would be happy to see them and consider them, because I really wish to make something enjoyable for you people!Corpsehider7 1d
1d [Undead RP] The Hand of Agony : Change of the Season ... ___________________________________________________________________________ The Hand of Agony, also known as The Queen's Grasp, originally based on Hand of Vengeance, is a Forsaken-only guild focused on Military RP. Even while the guild is focused on Military themes, not all of our events however are strictly militaristic. Apart from our own events, produced and brought to life by officers and members alike, we have done many, many co-operative events with several other guilds, and more have been planned for the future! Many of these events and campaigns can be found on our Argent Archives -page, where our allied guilds are also listed. From once being only apothecaries, the Queen’s Grasp has grown into a fully operational warmachine, determined and prepared to fight the threats which the kingdom of Lordaeron and the Banshee Queen faces. - Accept new roleplayers, willing to teach etc - More information on our AA: Current base: Tarren Mill Rank system: OOC: Members that have not undergone an in character interview. Said characters are allowed to remain OOC for the time it takes them to lvl, or gather RP items, or whatever other reason there is. Not indefinitely, however. Recruit: New blood in the military unit receives a rank of Recruit, his journey ready to start. A lot of hard work will be need to prove themselfs. Trooper: Gaining experience Recruits become troopers. Forming a less experienced pool of soldiers that will get the job done... if guided right. Specialist: Are soldiers who already knows a few tricks and their skills has been tested enough to be ready for a deployment almost anywhere without preparations. Veteran: These veteran soldiers of any branch act as exemplars for the less experienced among the Hand. Some are loved while others are feared, the Veteran's duty is to show those below them how it's done. Elite: Having earned the respect of their unit and their unit Commander the Elites are men and women who are battle-hardened and equipped for their tasks. Often associated with a certain officer the Elites act as a ''Second in command'' to their assigned unit. Officer: Having been put in charge by the Commander of the Hand the Officers lead the Hand's different divisions with an unyielding tenacity. All sections (Apothecaries/Deathguards/Deathstalkers/Spellweavers/Clergy) have one of these and each of them is determined to make her Majesty proud. Executor: The leader of the Hand of Agony, holds absolute command over the entire unit and holds a powerful position in the Forsaken military. Current recruitment officers: Guildmaster Jorríck - Officers: Emarric, Burkeheart If none of the Officers are available, you can contact any member or elite for applications but you do have to handle the IC interviews with an officer. Argent Archives Profile: Old threads: Regards to Akru for making the original post as well as the Argent archives page. ___________________________________________________________________________ Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ! Q; Alright, seen you guys around, cool name and all.. But what EXACTLY are you about? A: Mainly about RP, we serve her Majesty without doubts, going to places where others dare not to enter. Q: Sylvanas huh.. Doesn't that mean you are very anti-horde? A: Both yes and no. The beauty of Forsaken roleplay is that it is based around Free Will, and so is the guild. As long as you are loyal to Sylvanas, it's all good.. Q: Promotion? A:You have to be active and show us what you want to roleplay as. If you are a hunter wanting to be a Dreadguard, you prove it by rping as one and dressing accordingly. Each event you go to will earn you a small amount of promotion points only visible to the officers. You will then be called to a second interview for each rank you advance in when it's time. Making it all happen IC so you can't predict when it is about to happen. Q: Why can't I join as a Dark ranger?! A: Cause we have decided to remove the rank altogether for two reasons: 1 is that the class is often associated with a lot of confusion and drama. We do not shun dark rangers but we chose not to have them as part of our officer system. People can still join as dark rangers as elites or deathstalkers, but won't ever be officers. 2 is that we do not recruit more blood elves. Even if your blood elf is an undead icly or a death knight, we won’t allow you to join as we already got way too many. BUT.. If you chose to use the Forsaken model and rp an undead blood elf that way, we will more then welcome you! Q: Anything else? A: We want to promote more use of the Forsaken as a race all together as well as the model of the forsaken male and female. There is so much rich story for everyone to enjoy! We gladly help newcomers and constructive feedback is something we are always open for. Do leave the trolling somewhere else though!Emarric293 1d
1d [A/Story RP]Blood for Blood[Shadows of Twilight: Act 3] ONGOING: Anyone may join and leave at any time, as arranged with the Storyteller. ... ... ... Blood for Blood is a high-risk, high-reward storyline with a touch of mystery and darker magicks intended for up to 8 players (the estimate sweet spot for single DM events) and myself as a DM. It's the third act of a much, much longer storyline revolving around three orders of magi (necromancy, void and nether magicks, and hemomancy) whose allegiances are tied together but not clear. The storyline's group is predicted to be chiefly Allianceside races, but is open to crossfaction grouping as well. Reasons for joining can include coin, morals, prospective loot, or unlisted reasons of their own. The amount of chapters the story itself will span depends on where the players take it. It will definitely, however, last several months at least! As for times, I had in mind for the RP to take place 2 days a week, from 20:00 onward on the agreed days, but ideally not past midnight. There is no start date yet but I'm expecting either mid-September. Though travel will mostly be on foot, there will be sequences where the group will find themselves aboard a ship, boat or zeppelin. Sometimes even the employer's zeppelin. Requirements: You can attend most event days (under debate - voice your preferences if you're interested!) Your character is eligible for death (sometimes you will come across enemies or odds where conflict should be avoided, if not handled indirectly) You write up a character sheet, profile or dossier and add it to this thread Your character is above the bare minimum of level 60 (though I would prefer 90 at some point in the storyline, as we will travel far and wide) You are open to unusual themes and concepts (as in, the wide variety of themes that occur across the Warcraft universe) Currently open for applications! ... Days of the week can be voted here: 1d