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9h Useful threads: setting, story, & roleplay. The purpose of this thread is to collect and advertise useful threads and sources, for any player looking to find out more about the setting, or about roleplaying and story-building. These may be useful whether reading the background just for interest, creating a new character and wanting to see how it fits into the setting, or looking how to enhance our own roleplaying techniques. Some of these websites are on the wider internet, but most were written by players on our own server Argent Dawn. A parallel thread, "Useful threads: community and events," is no longer stickied for some reason. It can be found at and looks at the Out Of Character history and community of the server, to introduce the server to new players, and to give help to players in creating, advertising, and maintaining events and guilds.Tsathoggua71 9h
12 Aug History of Argent Dawn Updated May 28th 2017, 04:02 (GMT) ... Tip: Hit Ctrl+F and for example search #2012 Submissions Pick a topic: [Guild] [Character] [Event] Use headings, and add any AA links. Scroll down for examples. Guidelines [Guild] events include RP-PvP, storylines, founded/disbanded dates, etc. [Character] events are for major figures in our server lore, ie. guild leaders. Community [Events] only. For guild events, see above. Only put information that'd be known in-character, events that would be written into history or known. Contents Intro - post 1 - 2005 - post 2 - 2006 - post 4 - 2007 - post 5 - 2008 - post 6 - 2009 - post 8 - 2010 - post 9 - 2011 - post 10 - 2012 - post 11 & 12 - 2013 - post 13 & 14 - 2014 - post 15 - 2015 - post 17 & 18 - 2016 - post 19 & 20 - 12 Aug
8h Roleplaying Guild List [Argent Dawn] Every time I log in, I see people demanding help with finding an RP guild, or one with a certain theme. One could not except newcomers to scroll through an endless stream of forum posts, or hundreds of Argent Archives profiles, just to find out that the guild of their liking disbanded a year ago, or hasn’t been active for months. Because it is my intention to help the dynamics of the community, I excluded inactive guilds. Those I inavertedly left out, please contact me ingame via /whisper or mail, or just leave a comment below. Newly formed guilds are welcome aswell, just inform me of your existance. If a listed guild disbands or dies off, the procedure of removal should be the same. The list contains the guild name and few words describing the theme, ordered alphabetically under categories of race/faction exclusiveness. (Let me know if you find a description unfitting or have a better alternative). You can find a guild’s original forum post, Argent Archives profile, and in cases its website by making a google search with „<guildname> argent dawn”. Horde guilds: Orc Blackjaw Clan (Nomadic; not part of, but allied to the Horde) Fourteenth Legion (Grunts) Legion IX (Military) Orcs of the Red Blade (Nomadic) Worg Riders (Nomadic) Troll Alarion Alor Ai Darkspear Tribe Zandalari Empire Tauren The Spirit Wolves Undead (Forsaken) The Hand of Agony (Military, political) The Rotgarde (Military, political) Blood Elf Burning Ashes (Mercenary) Dawnmantle (Research, artifact hunting, pro Quel'Thalas/Horde) Division Twenty Three (Military) Divison Forty Seven (Military) Gilded Coin (Mercenary/Black ops) House Rivorndir (House) Silvermoon Guard Sun Hawks (Military, dragonhawk riders) Sunfury Covenant Sunglow Covenant (Learning & Adventuring) The Arcane Circle (Opposing the Kirin Tor) The Ashborne Incursion (Private military) The Dawnguard (Military) The Farstrider Regiment (Rangers) The Sanguine Eye (Blood elf fanatics) The Sunbrand (Military, priests) The Sunreaver Order (Dalaran representatives) The Sunspear (Military, inspired by The Sunsworn on Draenor) The Vacant Throne (Pro-blood elf and Light fanatics) Goblin Gearfist IBS The Cutthroat Cartel (Criminals) Pandaren Huojin Path (Horde aligned) The Silent Vigil (Shado-Pan, neutral) Multi-racial, Horde military and clans Blood Howl (Warband) Durakra Outriders (Mercenary) Hordes Shadow (Warband) Irontusk Vanguard (Military, Kalimdor Horde races only) Shadow Corps (Military, black ops) Shattered Path (Espionage) Sunforged (Paladins) The Bloodied Spear (Warband) The Bloodstorm Clan (Nomadic clan) The Ceaseless Cohort (Warrior cult) The Crimson Caravan (Trading company / Horde auxiliary force) The Forlorn Legion (Penal military, basically Suicide Squad) The Frozen Paw Clan (New Horde Clan) The Mystic Demand (Reliquary) Multi-racial, more on the edge of Horde society Dark Eye Clan (outcast clan trying to survive) Charred Council („Dark guardian” roleplay) Felshadow Dominion (Demonic cult) Fourfive Fingers (Criminal) Gilded Blades (Mercenary) Oath of Silver (Criminal) Order of the Raven Blood (independent order, adventurers) Primalsong Tribe (Nomadic, not part of the Horde) Sacrilegious School (Occultism, outcasts, spellweaver criminals) Shadowmoon Pact (New Horde clan, welcoming warlocks and demon hunters too) Shady Business (Criminal) Sixty Thieves (Criminal) The Blackguard (Mercenary) The Bone Shark (Privateers, pirate hunters) The Freelancers (Mercenaries, tradesmen, and adventurers. Strictly business.) The Greedy Kraken (Pirate) the Iron Vulture (Air pirates on a goblin zeppelin) The Ravensun (Religious, shadow) The Valiant Accord (Adventurers and mercenaries against the Legion) Valiant Blade (Mercenaries on the Broken Isles) Velvet Syndicate (Mercenary) Wheel of Entropy (Chaos Cult) Winds of Wisdom (Pandaren lifestyle, others are welcome to join) Multi-racial, Neutral Fealty to the Grave (Death Knight, Ebon Blade) The Argent Expedition (Argent Crusade) The Ashen Vanguard The Blackgarde (Argent Crusade inquisition) The Fel Hunt (Illidari) The Silver Gauntlet (Argent Crusade) The Tattered Court (Illidari) The Tide Howler (Sailor/pirate) Misc. Stonemaul Clan (Ogre) The Silver Sun (High Elf, Alliance aligned) Alliance guilds: Human Arathi Honour Guard (Arathi military) House of Darklaw (Alterac noble household) League of Arathor (Arathi politics and military) Stormwind Infantry (Stormwind military) The Crown Bulwark (Stormwind guard) The Westfall Rangers (Westfall guard) Dwarf Anvilmar Iron Brigade (Military) The Three Hammers (Political, military, community) Gnome Gnomeregan Covert Ops (Military) Night Elf Moonleaf Grove (Traditional Kaldorei society) The Highborne (Highborne community, politics, military) The Nightblade Sentinels (Military) The Starsong Sentinels (Military) Elvhenan (Military, assistance force) Draenei Aldori Axiom (Military and faith) Ere Argus (Exodar commune) Nomads of Tureem (Nomadic community / adventures) Vestige of Shalaat (Community with some military) Worgen House of Tarsias (Gilnean noble house) The Duskenpaw (Feral worgen) Pandaren Tushui Multi-racial, Alliance military and closely bonded organisations Bael Modan (Gnome/dwarf community in Kalimdor) Baratide Naval Brigade (Naval military against the Legion) Blazing Shields (Stormwind military) Call of the Silver Hand (Paladins) Crusaders of Turalyon (Peacekeeping/enforcing, military) Evenhold (Knights, refugees. Not taking evil classes. Lordaeron races only) Keepers of the Drassili (Protection of nature, races beyond Nelf also welcome) Knight of Stormwind (Stormwind military) Knights of the Isle (Knightly order) Highwave Irregulars (Kul Tirasian naval military/trade, not directly Alliance) Lightsworn (Knightly order, Menethil Harbor based) Northern Priory (Exploration, human/worgen) Northmist Company (Alliance, but close connection to the Argent Dawn) Order of the Sage (Magic school, quite universal) Silver Archaeology Co (Explorer's League organisation) Sons of Menethil (Military, Menethil Harbor based, Northern EK RP-PvP) Stormwind Bureau (Stormwind intelligence, separate from SI:7) Stormwind City Guard (Stormwind military) Stormwind Royal Navy (Stormwind military) The Ace Platoon (Alliance Elite homeguard) The Chapter of Embers (Human, Dwarf, Worgen - holy order, military) The Fallen Leaf (Peacekeepers—based on Pandaren culture) The Iron Thorn (Stormwind military) The Onyxguard (Duskwood guard & private military) The Royal Society (Authoritic faction, Stormwind based) The Seventh Penal Company (Penal military) The Steel Gauntlet (Stormwind military) The Sworn Swords (Knightly order, Northern EK RP-PvP, DM events) Triune of the Eclipse (NE/draenei/worgen circle) Unit Fourteen (Penal military) Multi-racial, more on the edge of Alliance society Blacktalon Blinders (Criminal) Necromechanica (Dark scientists against darker threats) Nightshade Consortium (Dark magic practitioners in the Plaguelands) Sable Chapter (Questing heroes and outcasts) Silvershield Company (Mercenaries and some tradesmen) The Broken Tower (Adventuring knightly order) The Bronzebrew Company (Trade) The Crooked Peace (Criminal) The Eldritch Covenant (Warlock/Shadow Priest circle of power) The Grey Banner (Militant order) The Rowdy Sparrows (Mercenary) The Settlers (Colonial, civilian survival) The Outblades (Relic hunters, mercenaries, thieves) The Tide Raven (Pirate ship) The Wanderlust Company (Mercenary) Underhand (Demonic cult) Wayfaring Association (Explorers) Multi-racial, Neutral Illidari (dem bois) Kirin Tor Onslaught (Dalaran mages) Mardenholde Accord (Argent Crusade) Sanctum of Magic (Mage school in Dalaran) The Cenarion Guardians (Cenarion Circle) The Ivorystar Academy (Mage school, Kirin Tor aligned) The Ebon Vigil (Knights of the Ebon Blade) The Hunters League (literally that) The Kirin Dal (Dalaran mages) The Silver Charge (Silver Hand knights and some allies) Misc. Bane (Scourge) Bastions Fall (scripted events revolving around the return of the Legion) Bayerleyn Retinue (more „realistic” medieval RP) The Frozen Covenant (Scourge, Cult of the Damned) The Synaari Pact (Freeform) Twilight Hammer (the Old God cult) Honorable mentions, since they’re not RP, but sought after by some: The Bulwark, a level 60 vanilla guild on Horde, and its Alliance counterpart: AfterlifeRedbone141 8h
8h Guilds of Argent Dawn Hello everyone, since the old guilds of argent dawn thread has been inactive for a rather long period of time i have decided to start a new one with a fresh batch of guilds. The form and rules will remain the same as the old one. Guild name: Faction: Type: Concept: Base of operation: Guild master: Recruiting officer: Guild-forum/website: -Copy and paste the list above in a new reply. -Feel free to add a link to your recruitment thread on the forums. -The guilds are sorted in alphabetic order. If your guild has a different name IC, then you may add that name after the actual guild name as it appears in game. -Only leave a brief concept description of your guild here. If you wish to share more, do so by directing to your guilds forum or webpage.Velraz393 8h
1d Roleplaying Guild Map Hello Argent Dawn. I've played on this realm since the day The Sha'tar realm started moving over and after all this time, i haven't been able to contribute to the roleplaying community in any sort of way. As a side hobby over my trucking job, i enjoy web development. A while ago, a guild that i was a part of was talking about a web-based map of World of Warcraft that could show where guilds are located over Azeroth. I thought it was a quite cool idea but had no knowledge in creating such things back then. I've been sitting for a few weeks working on a project just like this. A few hours per day has really gotten the project on track. So what is this? This is a web-based map that allows Guild Masters to register their guild to the website and then easily place them on an exact location in Azeroth. For example, if i want to say that our guild is based in Lakeshire in Redridge, i can move a pin to that exact location. It will have your guilds banner visible for everyone to see. The project currently supports Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. If the project seems to be interesting for atleast some people, i'll begin to expand to other islands / worlds. Alliance guilds are marked with a blue pin and horde guilds are marked with a red. How do i create / manage my guild? Once you've made an account, you can visit the account area by clicking on your name at the top. From there you can click on "Add My Guild". You'll need to insert the guilds name, a banner image url and the guilds faction. After you've created the guild, visit the account area again and click on "Edit Guild Info". You can change the background / story of your guild and the location at any time. Why are you making this? As i mentioned, i haven't contributed to the game and roleplaying community that i love which made me enjoy roleplaying throughout my childhood. I've tried to recreate a somewhat of a copy of the in-game map. It supports the same zooming in & out. Do i need to make an account to see / use this? The only ones that needs to make an account are the Guild Masters so that you can manage your guild. The map is publicly visible for anyone. The activation email is used to avoid bots. The email usually ends up in junkmail. If you're afraid of any security risks of your account, i assure you that it will never ask for any information that is related to your battle net account. I am going to expand on more details over the time that passes and i am always open for suggestions and ideas. If you want to chitchat about anything privately, you can message me on Discord (Aberidius#0448) or BattleNet (Aberidius#2454) Link the website: Much love <3Adriloth66 1d
2d Argent Dawn Discord Channel Hello gamers, With Discord gaining more and more popularity as a platform, I've put up a Discord channel for the use of the good people of this server and thought it would be good to put the word out here also I won't bother putting up a list of rules because that never really works out well - join and do what you want (but ideally be nice and avoid doing anything illegal!!) When you join, you will only have access to a chat labelled "#quarantine" - just ask for membership in there and the rest of the server will be opened up for you OK hope to see you soon my friends x ~~ PerroyPerroy359 2d
27 Jul Raiding Progression - Argent Dawn Considering Legebril is ending his maintenance on the raiding progression thread, I thought I'd continue to do it. I will also continue to work with the old format because it's a nice format. If your guild isn't in yet, please do give a shout by mentioning your progress on this thread! Old link with tiers prior to Legion: ... Alliance Mythic 1. Toxic Anime Girls - 7/9 2. Helios - 6/9 3. Epoch - 5/9 4. Sephuzs Secret - 5/9 5. Blessing of Wisdom - 5/9 6. Detox - 5/9 7. Ragnarök - 4/9 8. The Undecided - 3/9 9. Splendour - 3/9 10. Legalise Peacebloom - 3/9 Normal/Heroic The Precariat - 9/9N - 9/9HC Erandium - 9/9N - 9/9HC Crux - 9/9N - 5/9HC Crystalline Dream - 9/9N - 3/9 HC Facepunch - 8/9N - 3/9HC Bloodrune - 9/9N Horde Lethal - 9/9N - 8/9HC Night Witches - 9/9N - 8/9HC Mythic - Normal/Heroic - ... The Nighthold - 10 bosses Alliance 1. Safety Dance (10/10M) 2. Helios (10/10M) 3. Epoch (10/10M) 4. Oakcrest/BankofStone (10/10M) Sephuzs Secret (9/10M) House of the Fallen (8/10M) Triggered (5/10M) The Precariat (10/10N) (10/10HC) (3/10M) Gestalt (2/10M) Mythic (10/10HC) (1/10M) Erandium (10/10N) (10/10HC) Crimson Dawn (10/10HC) Innovation (10/10HC) Bloodrune (10/10N) (10/10HC) Prismatic Society (6/10HC) Titans of War (4/10HC) Crystalline Dream (4/10HC) Lionheart Vanguard (7/10N) Horde Lethal (10/10N) (10/10HC) (4/10M) Night Witches (10/10HC) (3/10M) Steelsong (10/10N) (10/10HC) Insurgence (10/10HC) Trial of Valor - 3 bosses Alliance 1. Safety Dance (3/3M) Oakcrest/BankofStone (3/3M) Erandium (3/3N) (3/3HC) The Precariat (3/3N) (3/3HC) Mythic (3/3HC) Lysis (3/3HC) Crimson Dawn (3/3HC) House of the Fallen (2/3M) Epoch (3/3M) Innovation (3/3HC) Gestalt (3/3HC) Triggered (2/3M) Sephuzs Secret (2/3M) Bloodrune (3/3HC) Horde Steelsong (3/3N) (3/3HC) Lethal (3/3N) (3/3HC) (2/3M) The Emerald Nightmare - 7 Bosses Alliance Erandium (7/7N) (7/7HC) The Precariat (7/7N)(7/7HC) (1/7M) Bloodrune (7/7N) (7/7HC) Inceptum (7/7HC) Immortalis (7/7N) (2/7HC) RP raiding group RaidPlay (7/7N) Lionheart Vanguard (7/7N) Shadow (7/7N) (7/7HC) Square One (7/7N) (1/7HC) Katla (7/7N) (7/7HC) (1/7M) The Pioneers (7/7N) (7/7HC) (1/7M) Oakcrest/BankofStone (7/7N) (7/7HC) (7/7M) The Silver Charge (7/7N) Mythic (5/7M) Lysis (7/7HC) Crimson Dawn (3/7M) House of the Fallen (7/7M) Epoch (7/7M) Innovation (7/7HC) Gestalt (2/7M) Triggered (7/7M) Sephuzs Secret (7/7M) Horde Safety Dance (7/7HC) (7/7M) Lethal (7/7N) (7/7HC) (7/7M) Oathsworn (7/7N) (7/7HC) (1/7M) The Rotgarde (7/7N) Legalise Peacebloom (6/7HC) Night Witches (7/7N) (7/7HC) Mythic (7/7N) (7/7HC) Mistfall (7/7N) (7/7HC) The Wyld Hunt (7/7N) (7/7HC) Steelsong (7/7N) (7/7HC) The Eclipsion Blade (7/7N) (7/7HC) SSRCG (7/7N) (1/7H) Splendour (7/7N) (1/7H) The Crimson Clover (7/7N)Brutus54 27 Jul
29s Sorrezoo's official retirement *EXTRA NEWS* Hello friends and family it is within my deepest apology and interests to inform you that the amazing venture of Sorrezoo has come to and end with new great challenges comming i cannot no longer do this anymore so with the end of this comes the end of everything i hope that my latest master piece will not be a dissapointment to the pillars of argent dawn and i release this with heart and compassion '' the war is not over '' Sorrezoo,Sorrezoo6 29s
1m [A-RP] Gathering: Kalimdor Forces ... Date: 17 August 2017 Time: 20:000 Game-Time - Please arrive 19:45 so that we can start sharp Location: Darnassus Map of the location on AA: Faction: Alliance ... Children of the Stars and those working closely alongside them, such as Kalimdor aligned draenei and worgen, are welcome to attend the gathering. Those representing an organization or unit have an opportunity to announce their group's standing to the situation and how they plan to proceed. After the representatives are finished: Azmira, an ancient draenei Arcanist, will hold a lesson on the history of Argus to offer insight into what the planet in the sky is - or at least used to be. An opportunity for open discussion among all attendees, sharing of concerns Possibly prayers of the Moon and the Light While shunned by most of the night elves, some speculate that even the presence of Demon Hunters interested in sharing knowledge of various demons would be tolerated in the capital for the gathering. Some say there'll be additional sentinels stationed at the Warrior's Terrace to calm down citizens should demon hunters turn up to the meeting. ... The event aims to offer an opportunity for those roleplaying a Kalimdor aligned night elf/draenei/worgen to get a feeling of Argus being a devastating threat to their homeland and help connecting people who play there. The initial idea was to make this night elf only gathering, but since plenty of draenei and worgen work together with them a lot in lore as well as in roleplay it was expanded a little. The purpose of the event is not for the attendees to come to a single united decision on how to push forward. It's a chance for guilds/groups to represent themselves and announce their own IC reaction to the situation. We hope this part of the event won't last super long and ask that those representing a guild would prepare a statement in advance; it's more about making an informative statement at this point than creating a heated discussion between guild representatives. There'll be room for open discussion later. We hope the meeting can build opportunities for further interaction between people after the gathering. The event will be held at the big Warrior's Terrace so that people can easily spread around the place if one spot becomes too crowded to one's liking. Hopefully the event offers something interesting for many people, like having their character learn IC about Argus and share their concerns with others. During the open discussion time it's possible there are some heated opinions from characters. Looking for some volunteers to give the event extra fluff & something more for people to do! Please get in touch if you're interested in... Holding a prayer in the name of the Night Warrior for night elf / worgen attendees Holding a prayer in the name of the Light for draenei / worgen attendees (Edit: we have one) Armor/weaponsmiths offering their services during the evening (Edit: have one) Playing a discardable Doomsayer alt paying a visit to do some fearmongering (Edit: have one)- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Though invitations are/will be sent out to various guilds, you do not need an IC invitation to turn up if you think the event concept fits your character to be present (for example if you are a guildless night elf/draenei/worgen working with the night elves). This is not intended to be a gathering that includes the Alliance as a whole. Though I'd like to attend as Acrona, I'm not sure if she fits the role of summoning a gathering like this, so I'll have the IC invitations sent through my Moon Priestess alt Hidani.Acrona45 1m
24m How to combat metagaming ... without being a dick about it? I'm talking about people suddenly knowing a guild's name never uttered (not even an IC guild name?) and spread around so various people know, and then someone coming along and telling everybody your names because they 'have files'. Whaaaat to do? /Whine.Agminalis18 24m
43m Pet Peeves Nombre Ten Keep going The idea that Highborne didn't share the lowborn faith to EluneMelaphone17 43m
57m 'Noble' RP and Creating Lore For the sake of this post, whenever I use the word noble, I am referring to the upper echelons of Human society on Azeroth. As the two are so often blended together in the RP community, there is little justification for the amount of 'nobles' that are walking the streets of Stormwind in comparison to the amount of commoners. So, let us just assume that any man or woman that possesses wealth, or land/ an estate, or refers to themselves as a member of 'House (Insert surname here)', -IS- considered a noble within Human society. Whilst cheapening what it meant to be a true noble in Medieval times, this is a fantasy universe! So terms -can- be used on a broader scope, and the unrealistic can become realistic. For example, every other man and his nan is a 'noble' (I too am guilty of this). Now! Onto the actual topic of conversation on this forum post. It is obvious, that the in-game world of Azeroth, is a mere tiny representation of its' true scope. And it's only made on such a small scale due to time and engine restrictions. If we are to take the Warcraft movie as an example (pretending for a moment that it's a reputable source for reliable information), Elwynn forest is 20x the size of how it is represented in game, as is the city of Stormwind. It takes little over an hour to walk ICly from the Plaguelands down to Duskwood, which is rediculous when you take into consideration that you've crossed over half a continent and spanned three countries in an hours gentle stroll. Which is why in my experience we RPers typically acknowledge that the distance between locations is far greater, and we tend to refer to the journeys between locations, as taking hours, even days. Which imo, is a good thing, and gives the game a larger sense of scope!Kalldor20 57m
1h Rate the apperance of the poster above you Where have all these fun and intereting threads gone? I demand that we ressurect them. For the greater good! For Garrosh.Nodokanature252 1h
1h [A] RP - <Crimson Onslaught> 'Usher the Dawn!' ...Maeriene89 1h
4h [H-RP] Horde's Shadow - Protect Home, Follow Tradition ... ... ... ...Árani69 4h
5h Anyone seen Kakio? Y'know, that Danish stick figure man who has now ventured on to Argent Dawn to explore our lands. Has anyone seen him in Stormwind by any chance?Tubri104 5h
5h The Crimson Enclave[A- RP] The Crimson Enclave is a privately owned military company, seeking wealth and power. They feel no loyalty towards the Alliance or it's leaders. The Crimson Enclave is recruiting all races but not demon hunters. What we are looking for: We are looking for active serious RPers, people who turn up to events. PROMOTIONS AND DEMOTIONS: Promotions will be given to promising RPers. People who turn up to the events and provide good ideas and stories for the guild. If you are online whilst an event is live, and you can't be bothered. If this is continued there will be a demotion or a kick. CURRENTLY: recruiting new soldiers for the company. We have survived it all, the first, second and third war. Where devastation took the hearts of all the kingdoms, The Crimson Enclave remained untouched. Do you know why? Because of family. We did not fight for honour and glory, we fought for the pride. It is said that we are an extremely rich company, run by "thieves". Many people would think themselves better to mock us behind our back, that is because they won't face the Lions roar! We are rich because we chose riches and power over honour and glory. Family is all that matters. Family comes first. BASIS: The Crimson Enclave is a serious mature military RP guild. The Crimson Enclave embody pride and the will of the self or ego, which includes self-gain or selfishness, self-creation. These morales will make us look bad, but we are neither good or bad. Each new member will be treated with respect as they are part of the family. The colours, gold and crimson, signal their desire to be royal. The animal, two lions shows that The Crimson Enclave wish to rule. RULES: Guild Chat / Raid Chat / Party Chat must maintain a level of professionalism. No ERP/Foul language or off topic discussions while Guild Events are going on. Everyone must work together for this to work. If some people just don't care, they will be removed. Dyslexia is fine, if someone happens to be dyslexic please write that on your OOC info on TRP3 it saves you from some smart-!@# :) Roleplay addons are mandatory, if you wish to join the guild please make sure you have RP addons such as TRP 3. Rudeness to guild members, will not be allowed, this will end up with a instant kick. NO ACRONYMS, this is lazy RP, like using "OMW". Start with capitals. 7 days afk without reason (all you have to do is write on your public note) = kick IC: We owe the Alliance no service or loyalty, why should we? Our allegiance is towards our company, our family. We are lions, not dogs, sheep or cows. Being lions we must defend our pride, if we die it is not our name that lives on, it is the family. EVENT TYPES: Assault Defend Diplomatic Scouting Campaigns (try and do once a month spanning over a couple of weeks) OOC: We are a new guild, this means that we are currently without Officers, if you feel you have the capabilities to become a Officer or CO-GM please contact me in game. We will be trying to do a RP event three times a week, with an officer OOC meeting before every meeting (using discord). There will be no event for sunday (because of work) and every event will be shown on the calendar with its timings. RANKINGS (WIP we will start with only 5 ranks) 1. Guild Leader - The Highlord: l 2. Co-GM - General | 3. Officer | 4. Officer potential = Captain 5. Without Officer potential- knight Guild base will be in Lakeshire in Redridge. (IC we are staying there) recruitment will be held there. Guild structure : As we grow larger, I hope to have more officers. But I will want about 3-4 Officers (who use discord). IMPORTANT PLEASE READ.... Due to my laptop blowing up, it will be under repair and will be fixed by the 28th of August. If you wish to join please contact Kulio in WOW, or please post in the forum and come to lakeshire on the 28thMogrâiné7 5h
6h [Poster]: Death to the Illidari! <Copies of this poster can be found around Orgrimmar's Warchief's command boards and some tavern walls> People of the Horde, we have made a grave mistake. In our hour of need in this war, we have accepted the Illidari among us, now, with the Argus, the planet brought in our skies by their lunatic master, we must come to the realization that sparing them our blade was unwise, we must hunt these fel-addled scum down iand bring them to justice, so, brothers and sisters, slay any of their kin you can see, show them we will not let their crimes go unpunished, and that they will find a home here no longer. <More posters are placed around the Warrior City now> One should see for themselves how quick to anger these Demon Hunters are, they hold no control over themselves, how must we trust them in controlling their inner demons? We cannot forget that many of them fall to be "Felsworn" aswell, they would turn to serve the Legion, how many of these are among us? We cannot trust them to detect demons in our midst when they themselves could be the demons, the Legion is not a foolish enemy, and these Felsworn are the perfect spies. We must raise our voices, raise our arms, the Illidari are trouble enough as it is, and cannot even tell a Felsworn apart from their own, they have no use as sentries, and may be a threat themselves. If they truly seek to prove themselves, they would abandon Illidan's foolish ideals, pledge their allegiance to the Horde, and battle the Legion on the frontlines.Ishan189 6h
7h [A/H/N RP] Pandaren Information Society Greetings! In hopes of catalyzing growth for a hush-hush project, I'm announcing here that Pandaren are sought in order to expand on our project's information brokers' security, potency, numbers and sources. Our goal? To pose as informants in order to create & catalyze realm-wide RP. Pandaren, these days, are everywhere. This is true both lorewise and player-wise, and this is what our community seeks to actively maintain its advantages. You need not join a guild. In fact, I'm guildless myself and plan on staying so! Added to that, being in a guild already brings potential to character development within said guild. It's by no means a must, though! What we're looking for (you need not tick all boxes): Pandaren is a must Good listener-characters Discreet characters Goal-oriented characters Characters who can mingle with common crowds (sorry, prominent guild leaders!) To give you an idea of responsibilities: Every member of the society is essentially an informant. This includes me. Internal communication that concerns the society may be conducted in Pandaren only Information or favors required may be requisitioned through internal communication. Available members are encouraged to assist Sometimes, a member may be required for courier service. Sometimes, a member may be assigned as an escort of another. Sometimes, a member may be tasked to shadow another member. The purpose of shadowing is to prevent unwanted leaks. Maintaining the hush-hush, as it were. All services rendered are rewarded ... If you have any questions that need answering - by all means, ask them here. I will answer to the best of my ability. Please understand, however, that I will keep hush-hush about details such as member roster, locations, where we have our paws already, et cetera. General information, however, such as how the society operates, what it offers and what it wants, I can provide. Disclaimer: Any and all alleged members of the society that reveal themselves in this thread will be neither confirmed nor denied. I will refrain from posting replies that may indicate current, past, future, or potential membership in order to maintain our prized hush-hush. :)Xiuyun1 7h
7h [H-RP] Unchained Vanguard - Fighting & scheming ... ... ... ...Morsteth11 7h
8h What do our characters know about 'Argus'? Good morning! So with Argus appearing for all of us a lot of people have been role playing not knowing what the strange celestial body is, some knowing exactly what it is and others harbouring suspicions. I have two brief questions, with this in mind, to pose to you all which I will then offer a brief expansion thereof. 1. Do we/can we, the general role playing population, know that the thing in the sky is in fact Argus? I ask because some people seem to be adamant that it is IC and some not so sure. During the Kil'Jaden fight, Velen seems to recognize the planet when it appears, though this could simply be the result of Kil'Jaden talking about it during the fight or Velen's potent gifts. It could be that despite the appearance of Argus the Draenei still recognize their home or it could be just Velen. The only people I can say for certainty that would have the most likely chance of knowing would be Illidari/Demon hunters, given that Illidan did rather go on about Argus and wanting to get to Argus and getting the keystone to get to Argus etc. I won't get into the whole 'How do we know what planets look like?' given that there are globes in various locations throughout Azeroth. 2. Do our characters know Kil'Jaden is dead? Granted it is highly unlikely anyone is role playing having went with Velen, Illidan and Khadgar to fight KJ and the sudden appearance of Argus might overshadow his demise, but I imagine this would be good news to the armies of Legionfall and Azeroth at large that the trio would wish to share with the people. Just thought I'd try to see what everyone thinks.Talanne33 8h
8h Argent Dawn Heroes of the Storm Thread #2 Since the first one reached its post limit. Like General Chat threads, the last person to post can create the new one. So are people excited for Valeera? And due to her spotlight, people are speculating that Broll will be the next hero to come after her.Skrauhg283 8h
8h [A-N RP] The Myrmidon - Kaldorei Privateers The Myrmidon - Recruiting Now! Currently: Sailing under the guise of a legitimate Kaldorei merchant vessel, the crew of the Myrmidon, led by former Sentinel Saen Stormwing, seek to honour Elune through the gathering of tithe from her enemies and the protection of her lands from interlopers. The ship is crewed by a diverse group of social outcasts, ‘reformed’ criminals and ragged idealists, unified by a firm sense of Kaldorei nationalism - and animated by a healthy taste for adventure. Maintaining a veneer of respectability through performing the workaday tasks of a standard trade outfit, the Myrmidon is also rumoured to engage in less respectable activities… raiding unprotected coastal settlements, salvaging wrecks and hunting for ancient artefacts to be put to use in the service of the Goddess and the Ancients - before slipping away into summoned tempests to evade pursuit by all but the most determined foes. Ruthless in their treatment of those they believe exploit the sacred coastlines and forests of Kalimdor, they hold both Alliance and Horde in contempt, living a hand-to-mouth existence on the ragged edge of legality. OOC: The Myrmidon is a travelling guild with a strong focus on Kalimdor - we aim to bring RP to areas outside of the usual hubs, with a seafaring theme allowing for varied DM-led adventure and combat RP both on land and at sea. Our cover as an independent trading vessel allows for collaboration and conflict with other guilds and involvement with campaigns. AA: --- Ranks: Alongside Captain, First Mate, and Quartermaster, the crew of the Myrmidon fall into five distinct ranks: Wisp - New blood, untested. Privateer - The rank and file. Experienced seamen who have earned their place on the Myrmidon and proved their loyalty to the cause through signing their names to the Captain’s Articles. Corsair - The most capable sailors and veteran fighters, the Corsairs take the lead in expeditionary missions. They are also relied upon to enforce a semblance of discipline over lower-ranking crew members. Passenger - The Myrmidon often takes on passengers who become long-term residents of the vessel. These trusted associates - not subject to the Orders of the rest of the crew - usually prove themselves to be useful assets. And, of course, valued friends. OOC: (Characters of all races are welcomed, but restricted to this rank, if they establish a relationship with the crew.) Keeper - Priestesses, harvest witches and druids play a critical role in life aboard the Myrmidon. As well as performing the more conventional duties of peacekeeping, healing and spiritual guidance to the crew at large, the Keepers - in particular the Druids - are essential as scouts of sky and sea in their avian and aquatic forms, summoning winds to speed and storms to aid in quick escapes. Arcanist- Although accepted largely through grudging necessity, mages are relied upon during ranged offensives at sea - the Myrmidon being a light manoeuvrable ship that carries no more banal weaponry. All will be expected to demonstrate a high degree of control over their abilities (no fireballs in the hold, please). Alt/OOC - Self-explanatory. OOC: The Myrmidon is open to Night Elves and Worgen of all classes, with the exception of demon hunters, death knights and warlocks, who will be considered on a (severely restricted) case-by-case basis. We want to aim for quality over quantity. Recruitment will be handled through an OOC interview to get a feel for your character followed by an IC meeting. Officers: For any inquiry, please get in touch with Saenon or Talfven in game. --- 'Rules' - Above all, please treat everyone within and without the guild with politeness and respect. Most other rules are, as far a we're concerned, an extension of this. - No ERP. - No lolling, metagaming etc. - If you're going to be inactive for a significant length of time, let an officer know. - No posting Lonely Island's I'm On A Boat in raid, you're too predictable tbh. Uniform - There isn’t one, we’re pirates. The tabard is a fetching, neutral grey and white, and you are under no obligation to wear it. We’d appreciate you putting in some effort to come up with an appropriate, practical-looking seafaring mog. Most things will fly just fine. Consequences - Again, we’re pirates. If you decide to loudly talk about this in the middle of Astranaar, please be prepared to accept the consequences up to and including a Sentinel kicking you into next week and no-one wanting to come help you. The Myrmidon is a pirate ship and is suitably anarchic. However, we refer to the IC Captain’s Articles (more like guidelines, really…) in cases of extreme transgression: 8h
8h Roleplaying Guilds I think we all know incredible list of roleplaying guilds on Argent Dawn done by Redbone: but as times goes I notice that it is not updated frequently and on the list I can see some guilds that went dormant or new one not being added. Thus I decided to create thread that could refresh this idea and keep things up to date, as well as adding link to websites of the guild or forum thread. I used some of the guilds from original list that I’m 100% sure are active and keep going, if anyone else wish to be added just type in comment. HORDE GUILDS: Forsaken: The Hand of Agony (Military, political) The Rotgarde (Military, political) Blood Elf Sun Hawks (Military, dragonhawk riders) The Eclipsion Blade (Thalassian Vanguard, military) The Bloodcloaks (extraction forces, subterfuge and sabotage) House Rosestrider (Noble Sin'dorei guild, Military & Trading) Division Twenty-Three (Blood Knight centric, Military / Special Operations Forces) / The Sunward (Blood elven spin on the Wardens) Thori'Belore (Spec-ops/Military/Intelligence - Sunfury Old Mindset) (Discord Server) Orc The Irontusk Clan Tauren The Spirit Wolves (Tauren tribe, nomadic) Goblin Gearfist IBS (Traders, Social) Pandaren Multi-racial Blood Howl (Warband) Horde's Shadow (Warband) The Frozen Paw Clan (Horde Clan) Southfury Marauders (guerilla and skirmisher military unit) Wayward Adventurers (Adventueres) Freeroamers (Nomadic/adventurous) Hand of Theron (Military/ Non-Military /Nomadic/adventurous/ Social+RP) Eventide Initiative Serpent Sisterhood (Female only, mobile tight-knit group of mercenaries, socializing, campfire/hunt/forage/tavern RP) Multi racial criminal/cult/on edge of society Oath of Silver (Criminal) Sixty Thieves (Criminal) Wheel of Entropy (Chaos Cult) Primalsong Tribe (nomadic tribe) Charred Council (Order fighting threats of Azeroth with unconventional means) Unchained Vanguard Multi-racial - neutral Fealty to the Grave (Death Knight, Ebon Blade) Northern Priory (Neutral orders of Azeroth) The Fel Hunt (Demon Hunter guild www.thefelhunt.shivtr.comCeori69 8h
8h [Undead RP] The Hand of Agony : Change of the Season ... ___________________________________________________________________________ The Hand of Agony, also known as The Queen's Grasp, originally based on Hand of Vengeance, is a Forsaken-only guild focused on Military RP. Even while the guild is focused on Military themes, not all of our events however are strictly militaristic. Apart from our own events, produced and brought to life by officers and members alike, we have done many, many co-operative events with several other guilds, and more have been planned for the future! Many of these events and campaigns can be found on our Argent Archives -page, where our allied guilds are also listed. From once being only apothecaries, the Queen’s Grasp has grown into a fully operational warmachine, determined and prepared to fight the threats which the kingdom of Lordaeron and the Banshee Queen faces. - Accept new roleplayers, willing to teach etc - More information on our AA: Current base: Tarren Mill Rank system: OOC: Members that have not undergone an in character interview. Said characters are allowed to remain OOC for the time it takes them to lvl, or gather RP items, or whatever other reason there is. Not indefinitely, however. Recruit: New blood in the military unit receives a rank of Recruit, his journey ready to start. A lot of hard work will be need to prove themselfs. Trooper: Gaining experience Recruits become troopers. Forming a less experienced pool of soldiers that will get the job done... if guided right. Specialist: Are soldiers who already knows a few tricks and their skills has been tested enough to be ready for a deployment almost anywhere without preparations. Veteran: These veteran soldiers of any branch act as exemplars for the less experienced among the Hand. Some are loved while others are feared, the Veteran's duty is to show those below them how it's done. Elite: Having earned the respect of their unit and their unit Commander the Elites are men and women who are battle-hardened and equipped for their tasks. Often associated with a certain officer the Elites act as a ''Second in command'' to their assigned unit. Officer: Having been put in charge by the Commander of the Hand the Officers lead the Hand's different divisions with an unyielding tenacity. All sections (Apothecaries/Deathguards/Deathstalkers/Spellweavers/Clergy) have one of these and each of them is determined to make her Majesty proud. Executor: The leader of the Hand of Agony, holds absolute command over the entire unit and holds a powerful position in the Forsaken military. Current recruitment officers: Guildmaster Jorríck - Officers: Emarric, Sôrgall, Zenroth, Burkeheart If none of the Officers are available, you can contact any member or elite for applications but you do have to handle the IC interviews with an officer. Argent Archives Profile: Old threads: Regards to Akru for making the original post as well as the Argent archives page. ___________________________________________________________________________ Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ! Q; Alright, seen you guys around, cool name and all.. But what EXACTLY are you about? A: Mainly about RP, we serve her Majesty without doubts, going to places where others dare not to enter. Q: Sylvanas huh.. Doesn't that mean you are very anti-horde? A: Both yes and no. The beauty of Forsaken roleplay is that it is based around Free Will, and so is the guild. As long as you are loyal to Sylvanas, it's all good.. Q: Promotion? A:You have to be active and show us what you want to roleplay as. If you are a hunter wanting to be a Dreadguard, you prove it by rping as one and dressing accordingly. Each event you go to will earn you a small amount of promotion points only visible to the officers. You will then be called to a second interview for each rank you advance in when it's time. Making it all happen IC so you can't predict when it is about to happen. Q: Why can't I join as a Dark ranger?! A: Cause we have decided to remove the rank altogether for two reasons: 1 is that the class is often associated with a lot of confusion and drama. We do not shun dark rangers but we chose not to have them as part of our officer system. People can still join as dark rangers as elites or deathstalkers, but won't ever be officers. 2 is that we do not recruit more blood elves. Even if your blood elf is an undead icly or a death knight, we won’t allow you to join as we already got way too many. BUT.. If you chose to use the Forsaken model and rp an undead blood elf that way, we will more then welcome you! Q: Anything else? A: We want to promote more use of the Forsaken as a race all together as well as the model of the forsaken male and female. There is so much rich story for everyone to enjoy! We gladly help newcomers and constructive feedback is something we are always open for. Do leave the trolling somewhere else though!Emarric255 8h
9h [H-RP] Sermon to the Warchief ... The Southfury will be hosting a sermon in honour of the Warchief - expect prayers, long-winded stories of the holiness of the title of Warchief, the people who've held the title, and other similarly fanatical things to be spoken about. When: 26th of August, 20:00 realm time Where: Ruins of Lordaeron, above the Undercity Anyone with an ounce of loyalty and respect to the Warchief is welcome to come and listen, perhaps even hold a speech of their own should they so wish!Ghorek21 9h
9h [A-RP] The Violet Eye - Ever Vigilant Recruitment status: OPEN ... Who are you? We are the Violet Eye, a roleplaying guild! We roleplay as a branch of the Kirin Tor dedicated to investigating and handling a variety of magical threats all over Azeroth. In order to better serve the interests of Dalaran, the Eye has taken to recruiting Auxiliaries, that is non-magi, to broaden the skills and knowledge at our disposal, as well as to safeguard the Arcanists who are not always suited for combat roles. Since late Mists of Pandaria we have been doing our utmost to provide entertaining RP within the Warcraft setting with remarkable flexibility. What sort of RP do you do? We engage in healthy amounts of both casual RP and DM driven events, mostly tethered to an ongoing storyline or series of missions. We also occasionally take part in wider server campaigns to meet new people and make new friends! As we are a magic heavy guild, and we are primarily based in Dalaran (We use Old Dalaran for RP purposes), distance and locations is rarely an obstacle. Events can take place almost anywhere, and members are free to RP wherever they choose to outside of events, even during campaigns! Yay portals! How often do you RP? At an absolute bare minimum, we host one meeting and one event per night. These typically take place at 8pm server time on mondays and fridays respectively but these can change from time to time. Members are encouraged to RP outside of these times and throughout the week, particularly on Wednesdays for the casual RP slot (Which can also be used by members to host an event of their own if they wish). Who do you accept? We accept everyone! Well, almost everyone. As mentioned above, we can take classes besides magi. Warlocks and Demon Hunters are currently not permitted to join as the official stance on the use of fel magic for the Kirin Tor continues to be a blunt "No". Death knights are permitted but under close observation, and whilst being restricted from actively raising the dead. We accept all races! Yes, even some Horde ones if you RP one. Whether you're a mage, a marksman, a soldier, a priest, an engineer, a monk, a penguin or whatever else, you can find a place with us! (The rhyme was unintentional I swear) What are your current plans? (Subject to change) At present we hope to expand our core group of members. We have a very tight-knit solid foundation that I'm pleased to see develop over recent months, but I am very certain we have room for plenty more. We're not too few, but neither are we too many! We also seek to begin a new major guild plotline soon, so now is an excellent time to join! Do you have a uniform policy? No. Our -only- request is that when representing the guild at server events and gatherings you wear either of the two Kirin Tor tabards or the guild tabard, and even that is a request rather than a hard rule. Do you have a level requirement? We generally ask members to be, at an absolute bare minimum, level 20. However, 40 and above is recommended as we tend to visit higher level areas. Higher is better but by no means do you have to be max or near max level to join us. Do you take OOC members? No, all characters in the guild must be IC members of the Violet Eye. Even alts or friends of current members must all go through the interview and induction process mentioned near the bottom of this post. We do the interview for a reason. How do your events/rolls work? Events are typically led by a specified DM (As mentioned, events can be run by anyone, not just officers), guiding the 'party' through a series of obstacles or challenges through the course of a mission. To assist with representing character skills and specialties we do use a customised roll system during events, essentially a greatly simplified version of Dungeons and Dragons or similar RPGs if you have played such. We have a very detailed manual on how the system works, as well as an automated addon created by one of our own members to assist with rolls and calculating results. Even then, every member is happy to assist newcomers with settling in with the system. The roll system is designed to ensure that failure in ideal circumstances is unlikely (but not impossible) provided your character is specialised in the task they are performing. As an example, your ten thousand year old elven archer is not likely going to miss their shot unless the target is a very powerful foe or the circumstances are against them. Despite the plentiful customisation available, we have ensured the system is approachable, easy to pick up and seeks to bolster roleplay rather than hinder it, and greatly reduces frustration when the RNG gods have decided you're not going to have a good day. (Whilst keeping the possibility for things to go awry or not as expected) What forms of progression are there? There are two kinds of progression in the guild. Your rank, and your XP. Your rank will begin at either Initiate or Recruit depending on whether you are an Arcanist or Auxiliary (There is an apprentice rank available for those wanting to be educated in the magical arts first). After attending a few events and gaining some familiarity with the guild, you will be promoted to Arcanist or Auxiliary. Further promotion to the ranks of Conservator and Curator/Warden and Arbiter are dependent on your contributions to the guild, either with extreme dedication and regularity of attendance, promoting RP within the guild, hosting events and much more! XP meanwhile is related to our roll system. For each event attended, you gain 1XP. This in turn can be used to gradually bolster or expand your chosen character skills and talents. At the top of the XP reward table, you can even create a custom talent with a specialised ruleset unique to your character (With the blessing of an officer, of course). ... No! By default all characters start out with reasonably high potential bonuses if they specialise to some degree. Powerful characters are not going to be neutered for several months until they get enough XP to feel on par. Think of it like starting a DnD campaign at a higher level, if you so wish. XP is intended to be a measurement of your character developing further during their time with the Eye, or even how they learn to work more intuitively with their allies. This all sounds weird, bizarre and quite frankly I find the idea of a guild of loose cannons in the Kirin Tor terrifying. Where do I sign up? (AKA: How to join) Simply contact any of our members, and if available they will fetch a recruitment officer for you. Following a brief discussion of what caught your interest and your overall character concept, you can then approach the guild IC either as a meeting of chance in Stormwind or another hub, or by going through a formal application to the order in Dalaran. You can also per-chance enquire about joining the guild through pure IC interaction if you happen to meet one of the officers in an RP hub. Either way, you will then proceed through a brief IC interview to gain a better understanding of your character and their primary skills. After some final IC and OOC notes and final questions, you'll be in! Do I -have- to do the interview? In 99.99% of cases, yes. However, under some -very- rare circumstances, usually due to an IC agreement or chain of events, a character can 'skip' the interview. But we do not suggest asking for this as a new member. tl;dr? My friend this -is- the tl;dr. Apologies if some of the later points got long-winded but this post does provide a very strong summary of who we are, what we do and how we do it. The following posts provide more in-depth answers if you wish to read them. Whether or not you decide to join us, thank you for your time. And I hope you take part in plentiful and enjoyable RP during your time on Argent Dawn!Darianuth92 9h
10h [Interest Check] Trial of Style - Events Hey, I don't know about anyone else but I sure as heck have been having fun with the trial of style. I'm thinking of creating a guild or something based around it, with monthly competitions or perhaps every two weeks. One for Alliance side and one for Horde side, followed with a gold prize. I don't have lots of gold to throw at it, so cash prize will mostly be 10,000g at max but it's mostly for fun. At least for me personally. It will feature themes much like the trial of style and people will get to vote for their favourites. I'd like to have one or two more hosts available to assist me with such a project but firstly I'd like to know if there's any interest in this at all. I am also aware with the current status in lore with fear and panic spreading with Argus in the sky. However I do believe certain individuals may try brighten the mood with less doomsday stuff, give people a break from reality and allow themselves to enjoy their time even if briefly.Jinxey2 10h
10h Alliance [PvE] Stormdawn This is an announcement post aswell as a recruitment one. Hey everyone I am Terilaani, upcoming founder of Stormdawn. Posting here on the AD Forums because I am still looking for the following things: - Officers - Raid Leader (2) (3) - Members Before I am continuing that let me tell you things about Stormdawn. The intention of it's creation this evening. Stormdawn is a PvE related guild that is looking to just do the content that is being brought out, the ideas of doing heavy progression are currently (Is discussable at a later stage) out of order. Stormdawn is created for the people that are having a hard time finding a PvE guild to join due to requirements and such. Whether you are an PvPer, RPer or PvEer you are more than welcome to join Stormdawn. By any means we are NOT an social guild. We do strive to do atleast 1-2 raid runs with the guild every week if there are enough people attending. With that being said the following thing Are you looking for a PvE guild where you can raid without real requirements except just be expected to know tactics on a normal (and maybe heroic) level. DO you just want to raid for fun, without sweaty raid leaders moaning and groaning at you because your DPS is too low. Then whisper me tonight on Argent Dawn if the guild is formed at last. (Current guild is Nightingale Society but I'll be leaving that so don't be confused by this at all) I'll be looking forward to your responses. If you can't come on tonight just drop down a message on this forum post or you can add me on discord @ Cloversunial#5340 - If you apply for one of the raid leader / officer ranks. Post your first message to me as that role and we'll discuss it with you. Hope to see you all (or some) there.Terilaani2 10h
10h [Blood elf-RP] Thori'Belore - Recruitment is open A notice, upon which is emblazoned the seal of the Sunfury Spire, is pinned in various, select places within Silvermoon City: parts of the Spire, the Hall of Blood, the Rangers Lodge, and other specific order halls. ... OOC info: Thori'belore - the Sun's Fury in Thalassian - is a spec-ops/military/intelligence collective, with attitudes based very much on the original Sunfury. Its primary function is to carry out difficult missions of various types, ranging from gathering intelligence, exploration or research orientated missions, artifact gathering, or rescue / assassination missions, and of course participating in the field directly in battle. All lore appropriate classes are accepted except DKs and DHs. We aim to contribute to the community with high quality elven RP, providing a wide variety of events. We undergo mission based storylines, with a chance for your characters to develop. Interactions between characters are highly encouraged. Members are also welcome to contribute or organize events unrelated to current guild story arcs if they wish. Recruitment is on an IC basis, via an interview. Any of this interests you? Please contact us oocly via in game mail or whisper (Illethiann, Narindiel, Novafire) or in this thread to arrange an IC interview! Ranks/Ranking system: Spire Commendations represents the points needed by each member to progress. Points are awarded each week. For each event attended, one point is awarded. Extra points may be earned for activity and IC behaviour. Initiate ---> Proven - 15 points All new members who are not apprentices/students/current learners start as an initiate into the collective, to allow themselves to demonstrate their skill, experience and discipline, before they are recognised as having proven themselves. Proven ---> Loyalist - 25 points Skill, experience and discipline are one thing. Proving one's pride as a Sin'dorei, one's absolute loyalty to the Regency and the Kingdom, and demonstrating the principles and attitudes reminiscent of the original Sunfury is another. Loyalist ----> Guardian - 35 points The Guardian is the core rank of the collective. These are members who have shown their worth as competant in what they do, as well as proving themselves as worthy examples of Sin'dorei for others to learn from. Guardian ---> consideration of Captain - 50 points The Captain rank is the IC officer rank. You have proven yourself with your experience, your capability, your loyalty. Are you competant enough to lead? Captain ranks are earned via an IC interview/trial/assessment. Guardians who have earned enough points will be considered for it. Councillor - The collective is led not by one single person, but by a group of individuals who answer to the highest ranks within the Sunfury Spire, who in turn answer directly to the Regent Lord, the Ranger General and the Grand Magister. Orders are accepted and passed down via the Councillors to the rest of the collective members. Apprentice - If your character is still in training, they are not excluded from applying and joining as long as there is a valid reason for them to, for eg. they follow their master/teacher. Progressing from this rank is not automatic with points, but with IC development. Points will still be awarded, but they will not apply until your character is ready to rank up, in which case the points accumulated will be taken into consideration to allow the respective teacher/Councillors to promote the character to the appropriate rank. OOC/Alt - self explanatory. Each member is allowed ONE alt in the guild once they have reached the rank or earned enough points to reach the rank of Loyalist. Event Mechanics (may be adjusted based on feedback): We like to keep things simple: All rolls are 100, as per default. Each member is allowed 10 extra points to allocate to these traits as they see as appropriate to their character. The bonuses are applied during offensive and defensive rolls during combat. Non healer- Characters: Offensive Defensive Healer- characters: Heal (applies in offensive rolls) Shield (applies in defensive rolls) Each trait can reach up to a maximum of +20 and a minimum of -20. If you wish to exceed your 10 allocated points for a trait, you will have to take away the excess in the opposite trait. Eg. Offensive +12 /Defensive -2 For characters who can BOTH heal and combat, you can allocate 10 points for each healing/non-healing role. You then select which role you wish to fulfil at the beginning of each event, and specify it before it starts, and stick to it for the entirety of the event. Extras: Token of Altered Fate: At the beginning of each event, each person is allocated TWO chances to reroll their rolls, if you are unhappy with the outcome of your roll. Once you have used up your two chances, you have no further chances to reroll, unless, at the DM's discretion, you perform something ICly that earns you one. Credit to Droigan of the Blackjaw Clan for the Point system. You can also find us at our discord server: When you join you will be placed into The Gate where you can speak to the leadership of the guild to establish contact and be able to see when leadership is online to help you. Once you have been sorted out you will be removed from the gate and placed in the main discord.Illethiann69 10h
10h RP Pet Peeves Numero Nine Hopefully we can have a Pet Peeve thread that doesn't get derailed in to what could be a Spanish Soap Opera in drama. Anyway, let me start things off with a peeve of there being guilds that treat it's members as cannon fodder.Tubri500 10h
10h [A-RP] Argus Death Squads? Hello and thanks for clicking for this inane idea that's sprawled out of endless staring to that egregious eyesore in my skyboxes for the better part of the week. With 7.3 leering ever-closer, I am unsure on what initatives, if any, are wanting to head to the planet itself IC. ( Be it down to sharding/phasing that's ruined a lot of Broken Shore RP possibilities ) Now we're aware that the player hero is getting there via means of the Vindicaar, through offical heroism and yadda yadda. Though what of the average joe, or worse yet, the pentient who seek to right past wrongs. (Convicts, Oathbreakers et al.) The latter i'm interested in. So much so that i'd like to gather that sort of characters in a group... fling some armour and weapony on them... and let them loose to missions that are deemed "Too Risky to undertake" or aren't even on the books at all. I've not got any fine detail down or a rhyme or reason as to how this could work. I'm letting my mind wander and this all sounds like good goofy fun. Let me know, AD: Is this a valid idea that could be fleshed out and done? Or is it silly and I should be mocked for eternity?Ellieal12 10h
11h [A-RP] Stormwind Infantry Stormwind's Army Swords Regiment Sixth Battalion A Company Website: & 'Plenty of in-game news articles, videos & pictures to be found on the website!' Synopsis "Look to the defence of our borders, your hearth and homes lay at risk! Answer the call to arms and enlist in Stormwind's Army, repel the demon invader, keep the King's Highways safe, take up steel for your fellow man! The Swords Regiment is enlisting today!" For over eight years (est. 2009), Stormwind Infantry has been at the pinnacle of front-line styled, fantasy military role-play. Bloodied, proud history can be traced all over Azeroth and beyond. From RP-PVP campaigns, to engaging RP-PVE storylines, the characters that enlist with the company find themselves whisked up in to an immersive environment where they undergo everything from an oath of allegiance, to combat training and mobilization. Interested in finding out more? Check out these "AD Shorts", starting with Episode 1, describing military life at Westbrook Garrison. Episode 01: Aims & Objectives The main objective of Stormwind's Infantry is to continue to march the roads of the King's highways, facing off against threats both domestic and foreign, mobilizing to front-lines as required. The company is self-sufficient, with the bulk of the force being Swordsmen supported by Riflemen and the occasional Battle-Mage & Cleric. This allows us to carry out a wide range of story-lines anywhere the threats emerge. A further aim for the company is to provide roles of specialization, which are frequently in high demand, allowing your character to continue to broaden their career beyond simply being a soldier. One such role is that of the Combat Medic, of which troops that wish to qualify as a Medic need to pass the "Combat Medic Cadre". Military Logistics An Army marches on its stomach, and Stormwind's Infantry is no different. Military-grade logistics are required to maintain an operational capability, which if failed, results in severe repercussions for the unit as a whole. if the company isn't resupplied once a week then it will fall in to a [weakened state]. If the company is in a [weakened state] then malicious forces will take advantage of this fact and might launch attacks on the companies location, in an effort to remove them as protectors to the area and force a retreat. The [weakened state] debuff will also add a -20 to all /rolls during RP-PVE events! Furthermore, if you as an individual have failed to have your armour maintained by a company blacksmith, you will enter a personal [weakened state], and this debuff will apply to your character during all events until you seek out armour maintenance from a company blacksmith. These personal responsibilities will become a part of your weekly routines, and you become more involved in fantasy Army routine as a result of this, assisting immersion and creating role-play. It should be known, that without a weekly inventory, an escort mission CANNOT be launched, as the supply state of the company won't be known. A Quartermaster will DM the mini-event at any point during the week, and the escort team can be of any size, a minimum of three how-ever. The only time the company is [IMMUNE] from this state, is when it is either on leave, or it is stationed in a major city. The logistical role-play is organized through our forum, and requires the guild to work as a team to carry out their duties successfully week-to-week. Who fits the Stormwind Infantry? The 3 Races Races are restricted to Humans, Dwarves & Gnomes who have chosen to serve Stormwind and the King. The decision to restrict the guild to these three races, is based off the "closest" allies to Stormwind in an effort to maintain the units image as a Stormwind military unit. This is for the same reason as to why Dwarves are not Sentinels, or Pandaren are not Mountaineers (perhaps there are rare exceptions, but certainly not by the bulk load). The Classes Warrior, Paladin, Hunter are without a doubt the three core guild classes, how-ever, Priests, Warlocks, Rogues and Mages are also accepted in to the ranks. These classes best portray the footmen composition of the guild, and that's why we've restricted it to those classes. Ideally, we ask that enlisting soldiers are level 90 for the Stormwind Armour uniform set, but if your enlisting at a lower level with intent to reach level 90 quickly, that's OK too. The Character Soldiers come from many walks of life, and from every corner of the land. Your character doesn't have to be the perfect soldier, in fact that would be boring if all we had were perfect soldiers. Criminals looking for second chances, farmers enlisting for a better payout, to disgraced noblemen shamed by their families and reduced to the streets, answering the call to arms in a hope to regain a shred of honour. A great deal can find a new family within the ranks of the Army. They all share the same garrison, and it makes for some fantastic casual role-play between the events. The guild installs a measure of discipline & drill in to each of them, so that they can hold the line when the time comes. How can I join? Enlisting is done entirely in-character, depending on where we're based and what we're doing at that time you will either have a good shot at joining, or a slim one. To expand on that, if we're stationed at Stormwind or Elwynn in Westbrook Garrison, we're very likely to be recruiting. If we're on the front-line, fighting off a threat? Your chances of enlisting are slim, unless the company needs numbers to bulk out the ranks after taking casualties. The reason for that is, there's a fair bit of training to undertake to carry out the formations & maneuvers the company performs. __________________________________________________________________________ For further insight check out the videos on youtube under the tag of Arthedun, pay our website a visit, or visit us in-game! See you on the battlefield. __________________________________________________________________________ "We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would harm us." - Stormwind House of Lords dignitary.Arthedun77 11h
11h Art for this Character Could someone that knows a thing or two about art make this into a drawing of sorts. Things I would like. -A torn Scarlet Crusade tabard instead of the guild tabard. -Scars around his body. Thanks in Advance!Mildenhalle5 11h
11h [H Shadow RP] The Synod (19th Aug) ... To all hale adherents of the reformed religion of Shadow, You are invited to partake of a new initiative to breathe life – or, better said, restless and profane animation – into the practice of the religion of the Cult of Forgotten Shadows in RP. No cult can exist without its hierarchs and its most intrepid practitioners, who strengthen one another in their faith and prevent, through force of will if needs be, their brethren from straying. To this end, a sect of the Cult—the Synod of the Shadowed Bell, or in short the Synod of Shadow—will be constructed, a sect of priests and devoted servants led by a bishop elected from among their number. Together it will pioneer pious practice and jealously hoard the obscene mysteries of its faith. For this, we seek players whose characters can help to create material and roleplay around, and who are interested in consuming stories centred on: ritual—ceremony; prayer; blasphemous arts; perverse liturgy; cultic sacrifice. intrigue-power; politics; manipulation; the subjugation of wills; the outworkings of hierarchies. mystery—the ascent of the individual; secret paths; forbidden magic; the true face of the Shadow glimpsed only by the initiated. murder. The general outline of events has been proposed—the elect will assemble, and chose from among themselves a bishop. He will be put through great trials and only if his spirit proves indomitable even in the face of the countless tortures he will endure will he be judged worthy of his office. Then the story may proceed in any direction: the priests will be at the disposal of their bishop's will, but he will surely be aware that his power is at their mercy. This project will be open to all Horde characters provided that they are adherents, of any rank or ability, of the Shadow Cult in-character, and will meet for the first time on the 19th of August at 8PM realm time in Brill city centre. Any character may rise to power, provided they win the Shadow's favour, and it will be an out-of-guild project. ... —thread by Crispinian and Eaves.Crispinian13 11h
11h [A-RP] The Dauntless The Dauntless is a band of adventurers that have allied through convenience to pursue their desires and for fill their goals whether it's fame, fortune, excitement, knowledge, power, or simply good will. What is it? An OOC Channel on the alliance that is used to find other adventurers that are interested in this certain style of play. To provide adventure RP with minimal to no DMing for those that do not enjoy DM'd events with rolling and spammy raid chats. We utilize current max level world content (such as world quests, invasions, and treasure hunts) and game mechanics to roleplay our adventures, rather than use a DM style system. We try to keep most, if not all, of the RP random and unscripted. How does it work? A volunteered party leader will choose 4 other members from the channel to take with on the adventure. Every member in the party must be unique (IE, you cannot have two druids, or 3 paladins with you). The party leader will choose the activity or quest through RP and come up with a route, battle plans (if any), and what not. The group will follow the leader and complete the quest. During the fight, the group will use auto attacks and restricted abilities, with the exception of the healer. Once the quest is complete, the group will return to camp to hand in their quest or go on another one. Most of the adventures will not be scripted and will not use any DMing or raid markers. You may get a raid warning at the beginning to set the mood. Ranks Champion: This person leads the party. It is a volunteer position and only one party leader maybe present in the adventure group. They have a few responsibilities such as: -Choosing the quest -Deciding on the route -Discussing battle plans (if required) -Deciding when and where they will rest -Very light DMing (If necessary only). To make the champion rank a little rewarding: -A monetary sum is to be donated by the party members per adventure, no less than 1000g per person, per adventure night. Companion: Companions are the adventurers that support the party leader. They do not have any responsibilities, aside from listening to the party leader. Companions that are cooperative are more likely to be picked again for adventures. What you need: -Level 110 Alliance character, regardless of guild. -World Quests unlocked -A written MRP, TRP, or XRP -A reason for your character to want join. Could be fame, fortune, excitement...knowledge. Anything you can think of. -Joining the channel: /TheDauntless Rules -In terms of gear, you're free to wear what you wish. If you are using your artifact weapon, please do not use the base skin, as that is the lore one. You may use any of the off colors or other skins. -No mounts on adventures. Part of the adventure is the travel. -No OOC mat farming on adventures, if you're going to do it, do it IC. -No OOC in /say, /yell, or /emotes. You have party chat for that. -No retconning things. If something happens, deal with it IC. Death Since we will be using game mechanics, there is a chance that some one might die while playing whether it's from a mob, or simply jumping from some place too high. Intentional or not, it's is fine. In the event that happens, the player is out for the night. The player can choose one of the following: -Injury (severity is chosen by the player) -Loss of consciousness -Capture -Retreat -Or a mix of them Joining Up If you have read this post, and decided you wish to join, please join the channel "TheDauntless". You'll then need to come speak with Noura, or any other recruited member about joining IC. Your excuse of learning about the Dauntless could be through word of mouth, or through a poster which you came across. The Recruited List Champions: Girem Companions: Noura Sheerian Káa Pascoe The Pending List Ragthanar Winter Noura38 11h
13h It's this normal on alliance? Ehr... I have been looking for RP lately on alliance. And there's something I've stumbled upon I would like to know it's a common thing to do around here, since I'm already wary that alliance faction is quite emotional when it comes to arguments. It's normal to have an argument with someone (Let's just ignore for a moment the pointlesness of the discussion and focus on what concerns me), and that person ignores you... ...Just to keep flaming at you but with the addition you cannot answer? Even tried to wait for a while so that person calmed down, and invite her to party and ask her this... and she even complained about... ''Targetting her.'' Please... help?ànks38 13h
13h [H-RP] The Irontusk Clan - Who we are. ... OOC Information: The Irontusk is a nomadic Clan, traveling around the world to aid the Horde and her people. The Irontusks walk whatever path the ancestors wish for them to take, consulting the spirits on where to go before they head out. The Irontusk Clan follows old Orcish traditions and their ways - like Hunting, Shamanistic Rituals, The Court Hunt and Om'riggor, however with a more military way of training. We only accept Orcs into the clan, no IC Death Knights and no Warlocks. Feel free to contact us be you interested to join or wish to arrange interactions between guilds, Alliance welcome to contact for RP-PVP as well! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Initiation: To reach the rank of Tusksworn and become a full member of the Clan the Unproven must go through the Iron Trials, to be able to take the Rite of Iron. The Trials are given out by the council members of the clan, tests of character and heart to see if the orcs joining the clan have what it takes to survive in these harsh times. The Rite of Iron is a sacred ritual to the Irontusk Clan where the new member of the Clan will have his or her tusk ripped out and replaced with one made out of Iron. Whether they choose to do it themselves or not is up to the individual Orc, but doing it themselves show a much greater commitment and a sign of strength. Lastly the ripped out tusk is to be given to the Chieftain so it can be added to the collection of tusks he carries around his neck. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clan ranks from lowest to highest: Followers: Not strictly part of the clan, however those of this rank are individuals who have chosen to travel along with the clan, and have been welcomed to do so. Unproven: These warriors just came to age or are recently adopted into the Clan. They still have to prove themselves in the eyes of their Chieftain and will be constantly put to the test in the Iron trials, so the weak can be rooted out. Tusksworn: The Tusksworn are those that survived their time as the unproven. They have sworn their loyalty to the Clan and its Chieftain by taking the Rite of Iron and are now considered full members of the Clan. Wartusk: The Wartusks are the Orcs that stand out among the tusksworn in both skill and leadership. These warriors have shown promise in becoming the Clan's elite. Conqueror: The Conquerors are among the elite of the Clan, having proven to be the most skilled and powerful warriors, hunters, mystics and shaman. They have also shown themselves to be capable of leading the other warriors of the Clan along with their undying loyalty. Ironwolf: The Ironwolves are the Chieftain's personal bodyguards and the most skillful, loyal and trusted of his warriors. Their task is to keep the other warriors in check and make sure they stay true to their oath. The Ironwolves are also those who lead the Clan’s war-parties when attacking the Clan's enemies. Iron council: The Iron council is formed up of the most trusted and skilled members of the clan each with a specific role to take. Their roles are; Huntmaster - Whose role it is to lead the great hunts of the clan, be it drake or demons the huntmasters tracking skills are second to none. Mystic - The head mystic of the clan is the one to turn to for any magics or mysteries that cannot be decifered by the head shaman, their magic is strong and their will stronger. Iron Bulwark - The Iron Bulwark is the clans shield, the protector of the clan and its laws, it is their duty to ensure none can attack the clan without paying a bloody price. Warleader - The left hand of the chieftain, the second in command when the clan marches to war, their voice echos that of the chieftain. Head Shaman: The Head Shaman is considered the Right Hand of the Chieftain and the Spiritual Leader of the Clan. He or she has to make sure that the Chieftain’s decision does not go against the will of the ancestors. The Head Shaman is also responsible for the Clan's ceremonies and rituals, such as the Rite of Iron. Chieftain: The Chieftain is the leader of the Clan. His will is the will of the Clan and although the Warleader and Head Shaman might advise against something the Chieftain gets the last word as long as it’s in the Clan’s best interest. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Officers: Kuryna - GM and head shaman Krugra - Iron council - mystic Korkosh - Iron council - Warleader Vurok - Iron council - Iron Bulwark Thunk - Iron council - Huntmaster Garaghák - ChieftainKuryna122 13h
14h [A/H-RP] Kalimdor rumor mill ... What's this? Hello AD! Simply put, it’s a rumor mill dedicated to generate some roleplay and interactions between characters of both factions across Kalimdor. Think of it as a tool which to supplement your roleplay with. Anyone is free to post anything in the form of widespread rumors, noticeboards, wanted posters, conversations between NPCs. Bear in mind that the intention is for things you put up here is out for anyone to use and include into their own roleplay. Example 1 ... Example 2 ... Example 3 ...Saleysea24 14h
14h Argent Dawn General Dead Thread #287 LOL don't think we'll ever hit no. 300 bros Join the Argent Dawn Discord instead for instant chatting and whatnot, just ask a moderator in the #quarantine channel to whitelist you. Remember to vote for me as your mayor tonight!Fearless393 14h
15h [H - RP] Blood Howl - Nomadic Warband "The Howl echoed down the dark mountain, vibrating through the cold air. The snow were covered by the blood of alliance who fell during the ambush, and by our own. Red, black, green, the blood was everywhere. We had been dying, but as the Howl came to us, we rose again. Strength returning, we left the old behind. Surviving, victorious, our new warband was shaped, from the strength of our blood, and the Howl of Lo'gosh. From that day on, we were Blood Howl." What is Blood Howl? We have been around on Argent Dawn since the fall, but was formed by two older guilds of Defias Brotherhood et al.. Above all, Blood Howl stand for Horde strength, ferocity and unyielding will. Those are the ideals of the Wolf Ancient Lo'gosh/Goldrinn our name is inspired by, and what we try to embody. We are a warband, but our attitude towards eachother are more that of a family, a collection of like minded individuals. Everyone have a beast within, which far too often is supressed. Not in our guild. Here we embrace the ferocity and the strength it give, be it mental or physical. What sort of stuff can one get from Blood Howl? Our guild is nomadic in nature, meaning that we will be travelling around the world a lot. No endlesss sitting in a bar for us! You can expect random rolepaly, regular DM'd events, restless (bad humor) OOC chats in between tough IC situations and overall welcoming atmosphere. We're also in love with bashing of Alliance heads and will gladly take part and will be organizing some RP-PvP action. Guild guidelines: We trust that our members have some common sense and they know how to be nice towards other people. But incase problems do show up our officer team will deal them as best as they see fit. Anything the guild doesn't allow?: Racism, Sexism, Harassment, bullying, threats are forbidden ooc. IC we are a bit more relaxed, but remember if you want to do such things with someone, just ask them oocly first. Keep it friendly! (Do note that banter is of course freely aloud, but make sure you state such) How are arguments resolved?: Both in character and out of character you are expected to know that your actions can lead to consequences. Hopefully we're all grown up enough to resolved such things between us, but if things get out of hand approach on officer. Icly: the Jins, Chieftains and Vizer's words are law. Ranks: OOC: You have joined the guild out of character because you're a friend of the guild, or you're currently awaiting approval from a higher rank. Unbloodied: You have been accepted into the Warband, You are now on your path to becoming Bloodied, all you need to do is prove yourself and uphold our name. Bloodied: You have been accepted as a true member of the Warband, proving your worth and showing your strength in the way you act. Blood Champion: Have a responsibility beyond that of a Bloodied, and are expected to sometimes take charge and lead those in the Warband, making sure we have what supplies or otherwise we need. Bloodsworn: You have been granted the honor of giving some blood to signify your bind to the Warband. You have been recognised as a fierce warrior or dedicated healer, who upholds all of the ideals we follow. You are able to accept people into the Warband, However you have no obligation to do such. Hand of Arcana/Force/Faith: You have fought with the Warband long and hard, shown strength, intelligence and cunning. Perhaps you've gone beyond your orders and acheived greater than expected. The Jin has offered you a position as his hand, an advisor and trusted friend, to aid his decisions. You may recruit people into the Warband. You may carry the flag of the warband Jin: The Leader of the Warband, his word is law within our people and always watching your actions. Able to recruit and demote, may carry the flag of the Warband. How to join? We accept every race and every class be it newbie or veteran to roleplay. As long as they fit in with the guild ideals. Exijin, Yorah, Bwimtòru and Cridar are the guys you want to talk ingame with. Then just set up a small IC interview and you're in! AA page: (not finished) Website: 15h
16h [A-RP] Bladecrest Sentinels - Feathermoon Noticeboard AA Page: - Subject to changes and updates. Website: None, but we do make use of discord to communicate outside of the game as well as make announcements. ... ... The Bladecrest Sentinels were founded in the wake of the third Legion invasion of Azeroth, months after the catastrophic defeat at the Broken Shore, with the purpose of acting as a mobile cadre with a touch more flexibility than an average military unit. Their deployment sees them across Kalimdor and beyond, often fighting alongside other Alliance aligned organizations. Who can join? Night elf & Worgen characters who aren’t mages, death knights, demon hunters or warlocks. Priests and druids will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Both genders. (Read F.A.Q on the subject of male sentinels as well as Moonclaws.) What you can expect from us We aim to create a tight knit group of players with a friendly and relaxed OOC atmosphere. Our goal is to offer the players as much of an enjoyable experience as possible with an immersive environment and develop roleplay and storylines that’s easy to follow and get involved with. The roleplay you may come to expect are as follows: Adventure *Loose military Social events RP-PvP *We hope that each member can put emphasis on their own characters growth as much as possible and thus trying to steer clear of playing too much into the military concept that some might come to expect. As such, if you're on the lookout for a more strict military styled guild this one may not be for you. What we expect from you Our roleplay mentality is quite bluntly you get what you put into it. That said, we trust that our members, with the desire to do so, are able to create roleplay under circumstances where there are little to none to be found. As such, we totally get you if you wish to head into a RP hub even if we as a guild are stationed elsewhere, that’s fine. We only ask that in return you also show interest in the guilds roleplay and ongoing storyline by attending at least one event a week granted that you play your character actively. If you’re going inactive for an extended period make sure to let us (the officers) know. Those who are inactive for a month without telling will be removed from the guild. Rules The usual. Don’t grief or troll other roleplayers. Remember that by wearing our tag you represent the guild as a whole. No ERP. No harassment in guild chat. A detailed list of rules can be found under guild information in game, should you join. Guild structure Character progression in the guild is fairly linear. Sentinels go from being new initiates to the unit to highly regarded veterans. That being said there are fields of expertise, the so called divisions of the Sentinel army that in the guild will be restricted to specific classes. The ranks are as follows: Officer tier Captain Overseer Huntress Ranks Sentinel Moonclaw Recruit Other ranks Associate Divisions To represent the Sentinel army in its entirety the various divisions are incorporated which adds a sense of diversity to the base ranks. Those divisions are as follows; Outrunner Archer Warrior Hippogryph Rider *Huntress *While Huntress is considered an officer rank it doesn't exempt those at the rank of Sentinel to have their characters pursue this path. Be it as trainees under the Huntress's of the Bladecrest or as someone who uses the same fighting style as one. Supplementary Ranks Veteran Instructor Supply Officer Stable Master Fletcher Uniform policy When attending events and/or on duty, your character will be expected to wear some form of resemblance of a uniform. As we strive to portray the Sentinels in an authentic military sense we enforce a slightly ‘loose attitude’ towards a uniform. What this means is, simply put, whilst we hope that our members will dedicate time in obtaining gear that fits in with the general theme of the guild, we’re not without the understanding that not everyone have the time or energy to dedicate and go through the hassle of farming for such. Placeholder items for gear missing is acceptable and ‘stand-in’ sets may be used for those who have yet to collect all the pieces. Officers can contribute with items that are BoE granted that the players show interest in farming for the items that aren’t. When it comes down to RP-PvP events players may use transmogs suitable for their class granted that they fit the colour theme of the uniforms which is purple with exception for the 'glyphed garb' for leather users. 'The' Sentinel set Mail users chest piece: Class specific variations for transmogging Leather Plate Recruitment Recruitment is pretty straightforward. Send an in-character letter to one of the recruiting officers, whisper us if you’re interested in joining or simply walk up to us wherever we might be hanging around. Contacts: Giladris, Saleysea & Velinde Recruitment status: Open Current location: AshenvaleSaleysea163 16h
16h The Infinite Dark - Raffle Winners! The Infinite Dark - A Server Initiative! ... Greetings, fellow Argents! This is a renewed project of ours dating back about two years. We hope it will inspire and encourage active interaction between individuals and guilds on an immense scale throughout the server. The Concept IC A mysterious celestial meteor has crashed into Azeroth. Its shards have been strewn across the world and are said to contain immense power. The denizens of Azeroth may unexpectedly stumble across these shards and may attempt to use them for whatever purpose they desire. OOC The idea behind the project is to provide roleplayers on Argent Dawn with an incentive to actively work both with and against one another in order to advance further along the plotline. The project is also meant to add a competitive element to roleplay and give both guilds and individuals a way of measuring their success. This would be done by counting the amount of shards you possess. “I have four shards. How many have you got, scrub?” Due to the nature of these items and the influence they will hopefully have. No one will ever have all of them. However, acquiring a certain amount of shards will grant you certain bonuses and rewards. These rewards will not have an impact on your daily roleplay, nor will it enhance your character in any considerable way (we’ll mention some these further down). You do not need to sign up for this project. You can simply let it play out in your day to day roleplay. This project will not be controlled in any way by admins or other people. What happens during the course of this plotline is entirely up to its participants. You are completely free to cheat and backstab your way to possession of these shards. However, if you do manage to get a certain amount of shards, you will be rewarded through glimpses of what is to come. To whomever collects all of the shards, there will be a special event hosted by yours truly where the plotline reaches its pinnacle. Depending on certain elements, you may be the only one to ever know how this story ended. There are a few rules to this project. The first is that whoever hands over a shard to another player for a period longer than three days must send a letter to Ashgrove or saying who you are and who you gave the shard to. This is to ensure that no shards magically appear or disapear. If a player is absent for a longer period of time, we will simply declare that that player’s shards are not the actual shards and assign them to a new player. The second rule is that the shardowners must make a monthly post, a rumour to both let everyone know that they are active, as well as encourage new players to step into the game. The third rule is that shard owners are not allowed to store their shards in vaults or the like. Despite it being a rather rational course of action when in possession of a highly sought after artifact, it is counterproductive to the project to lock the shard away in a place where no one can get it. If this seems difficult to pull off, use the "addiction" trait of the shard to make sure your character couldn't possibly -want- to lock it away. The fourth rule is that shards and the other pieces cannot be teleported. Teleporting away will simply leave the shard/crystal/orb to drop to the floor. That goes for any kind of spell that magically moves the character from one location to another. The exception being spells like portals where a "window" is created for the character to step through. Mechanics of the Shards Each Shard grants the wielder regenerative powers. If anyone holds a shard in his or hers possession for about two weeks they begin to heal old scars and wounds. They also begin to regenerate lost limbs. Note that the Shard does not heal you on the spot. It is a very slow process and can thus not be used in combat situations or similar scenarios. Undead would gain a slight sensation of euphoria, comparable to being alive once again. Only when five shards are combined, the wielder is made impervious to disease, infections and general illness. Undead also begin to experience sensations as if they were alive once more. Something else is also bestowed upon the wielder of five shards... accompanied with a slowly increasing lust to find the remaining shards, a strong urge to uncover the truth behind these mysterious shards. Keep in mind that the shards can only merge into one when all necessary shards are present (You need five shards to merge them into one, you can’t merge two into one etc). After this point, the admins will be updating whoever holds the shards! Attributes and Appearence of the Shards All shards look exactly the same. They are transluscent and hold a faint teal colour which seem even stronger at its core. The entirety of the shard seem to pulsate with a strange shimmer. Upon touching the shard, the shimmer extends onto your hand. The shards are about the size of a human palm. They weigh slightly less than the average rock of that size. A vague inscription can be seen on the shard. The language is unlike anything any man or woman on Azeroth would ever have seen. Even the most skilled of magi would have great difficulty in uncovering the mysteries within these shards. If anyone would throw any sort of spell at the shards, it will be reflected instantly. The shards’ capabilities do not extend to other objects, however. Socketing the shard into your armor or a weapon would not make the armor reflect magic. Only direct hits against the shards will reflect any spells. If anyone would attempt to destroy the shard with an object, the object will shatter shower them with shrapnel with a force equal to what was applied. If an owner of a shard is separate from it for a longer period of time, they get a strong sense of loss. They will feel as if they have lost a part of their own power. The Orb, aka "the Parent Shard": Initially found at the crash site in the Storm Peaks by a band of adventurers, the Orb is similar to the other shards - but not quite the same. The Orb is about twice the size of the other shards. It shares many of the traits of the other shards. It has the same teal colour and is translucent. It is also covered in the very same markings as the shards. It shares most of the other shards' attributes. It reflects spells and shatters steel when under physical attack. It does not heal the owner, however. What makes the orb different from the other shards than its size is a very important feature. It will aid its owner in tracking down the other owners of the shards. The details as to how exactly it helps its owner will be known only to them. How to get a Shard of your own: Initially, this is a very simple process. You let us know by posting on this thread that you want to get your hands on one of these shards. If there are any left, we will contact you and tell you that you may now either have one shard in your possession, or you may go about finding it any way you please (hosting an event of your own where you find it, or perhaps even just finding it in a sewer, be creative!). We will then list your name here on the forum thread as one of the owners of the twenty shards. If all the shards have been taken already, the task is up to you to get them for yourself! We would also like to encourage the owners of the shards to not hold onto them too hard. If people don’t think they can get the shards off you, they will not even bother. Then neither of you will enjoy the project! Allow yourself to lose your shard so that you can try even harder to get it back! I didn’t get one, am I excluded from the Project? NO. This project is meant to create roleplay for everyone, not just the twenty owners of the shards. Just because you haven’t got one doesn’t mean you can’t get one. The only difference is that you don’t have one from the start of the project and that you will have to get shards of your own from the players who have them. Remember that the shards are only meant to act as an incentive for you to pursue them and get roleplaying with everyone else who are after them. Let the hunt for these shards create a whole story for you and your friends! All initial shards have been handed out. You can no longer get a shard from the admins at this time. If any undesirable events lead to two people arguing over who has their shard, you can contact me(Ashgrove) at Argalefz#2779 about it and I'll help you figure it out. :P Previous Threads: AA Articles: 16h
16h [H-RP] The Eventide Initiative Argus has appeared, rising to cast its fel shadow over all of Azeroth and dimming the light of the world to a war-ravaged night. The Eventide Initiative, marches forth and turns towards this abyssal night, but they will not break. For they will break this darkest of nights. The newly forged Initiative have been deployed to the front-lines, abandoning their past guise as a Sin'dorei force to welcome the aid of any and all who share their ideals - to preserve and protect Azeroth against the many dangers the world faces. Seeking and training prospects as well as playing a major role in the war, they move to bring forth their magic as well as their might in aiding the armies of Legionfall against the rising fires of the Burning Legion. We are a heavy RP Guild that runs frequent campaigns and RP events, looking to interact with the Argent Dawn RP community as a whole while nurturing long-term stories and character development for our members in an immersive world honed through the use of in-depth and engaging RP arcs run alongside a unique combat system. Any interested individuals can send in an application at our site, with the recruitment process itself consisting of OOC and IC reviews. Guild Information Name: The Eventide Initiative Type: Heavy-RP Focus: Lore-abiding, adventure/paramilitary Alignment: Good Site: Contacts: Raethalas, Ferannae, Itlaris, Ryvoan Recruitment: Mandatory sign up on the site, OOC and IC interviews Restrictions: No villainous characters, TRP 3 requiredRaethalas19 16h
18h H-RP: Stormtalon Vanguard <<Posters pinned to walls of taverns and noticeboards around Orgrimmar and Silvermoon city: The horde wants - YOU!- Experimental division of the legion is recruiting daring pilots, warriors daring to brave the skies on their way to battle and scouts without fear of spending time behind enemy lines. Those interested or just curious enough to find out more, should contact the recruiting officers of legion, first experimental division, section three: Stormtalon vanguard. >> OOC: What it is? A military-style RP guild themed around testing new approaches to warfare and seeking ways to add new things to arsenal of the horde. Starting with exploring possibilities of quickly hauling troops to combat with gyrocopters and further testing possibilities that combined arms could open. Alright, how do i join? Walk up to Thagr / Other recruiting officers IC, to find out. Seems pretty special stuff. Surely everyone doesn't get in? Yeah, sadly, not every warrior will be able to learn or live through the things under planning. And part of those that would, wont survive the fact that there is a dresscode. Dresscode? uniforms? serious? -YES-..Well. To some. The actually fighting people will be wearing uniforms. Pilots, mechanics and other support staff are free of outfit restrictions. Though, if the support staff chooses to wear tabard ( which they dont have to), it'll always look better if the armor matches it. Uniform for those that require it ( AKA the infantry + Pathfinders ): Deadly gladiator armor. Obtainable from northrend version of dalaran for gold. Headpieces of the uniforms are optional and can be changed to something more functional looking. ..oh yeah. Speaking of tabards, we use either Standard guild tabard, or Hellscream's reach tabard. Edit: Typos fixed. Edit: Added more info on the uniforms So who would qualify to join? Right now we look for: Crazy enough orcs to whom flying directly to combat, instead of having slow march to there, seems appealing, Elves with similar taste, Or thing for acting as scouts and saboteurs..And of course, Goblins. some of them like to shoot people. Others might want to even pilot the copters that carry the people to combat. Taurens are welcome too, of course.. Edit: corrected a couple of typos. Still looking..and added some words. Woooordssss. WAaaaitwaitwait. What about trolls and undead? And pandas! they are awesome! Trolls and undead have IC (From recruiters point of view) given more reason to count them as untrustworthy, than anything else, sadly. Nothing against them, its just how people at large portray them now. And pandas..Well. Same thing. Thus they are not being actively looked for, though, nothing keeps them from attempting to join too. Edit: Added additional info 'cause people had several issues with understanding what they read. (More to be added later..and many typos will need to be corrected too.)Thagr28 18h
18h Looking for directions! Hello, i just recently created this character here and i am looking for people or guilds to associate myself with. However i am finding it difficult and do not know where i can go to start off. Any advice and help is appreciated!Rolandt5 18h
19h [A-RP] <The Arclight Association> - To Outland! A.R.C.L.I.G.H.T: Association for Research and Construction in Line with the Interests of Gnomish Home Territories. IC Logo: Current IC Location: Sporeggar, Zangarmarsh. Recruitment Status: Passive - feel free to sign up if you have an IC reason to be at our location! Active Officers: Quizley (GM), Klinkerton, Patriot, Býte....ABOUT US: A.R.C.L.I.G.H.T. (in-game guild name is “The Arclight Association”) is a unit of gnomish specialists and researchers, funded by Gnomeregan and tasked with pursuing its interests both in the homeland of Khaz Modan and overseas. We accept gnomes of all classes, though death knights may be treated with suspicion, and have to ensure that they show loyalty to the cause. Users of more dangerous and disreputable magics are welcome, though passing the “Fizzlebang Magical Aptitude Test” is required – this is to ensure that the summoning of disgruntled eredar lords is kept to a minimum. Other races are not yet allowed into the guild as official members, though they’re more than welcome to RP with us – naturally, we’re always up for collaborations with other guilds, as well! ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS: As an expeditionary force, a lot of A.R.C.L.I.G.H.T’s activity comes from travelling the world to do whatever Gnomeregan might need them to – ranging from recovering lost titan relics to be studied for the betterment of science, representing the gnomish people and culture at various gatherings, assisting our less intellectually superior allies with technological wonders, and much more! Guild-specific events are generally grouped together in expeditions – campaigns centred around a certain area or objective, with frequent events to help tell the story. These events are generally DMed by our officers (but anyone’s free to create their own content for the guild as well!), and focus more around creative gnomish solutions than straight-up combat – very little emphasis is put on rolls. Due to our nature as a specialist group, we may accompany military parties as an auxiliary unit during larger campaigns, giving us a reason to join in with more server efforts while not necessarily all being front-line combatants. Naturally, we’ll try to attend as many community campaigns as possible, and get involved with Argent Dawn as a whole as often as we can. Outside of expeditions and other campaigns, we are stationed around our HQ in New Tinkertown, and guild members are naturally free to go wherever they like during this downtime. Events will still be provided, though somewhat less frequently, and guild members will be encouraged to help get RP started in the Khaz Modan area. RANK SYSTEM: ...SUPERINTENDENT: Superintendent Byte Terracoil is at the forefront of the Association, representing its interests and acting as a guiding hand to keep order. By no means a dictator, the Superintendent ensures that progress is being made and goals are being met. EXECUTIVE: Particularly distinguished gnomes may find themselves upon A.R.C.L.I.G.H.T's board of Executives, individuals who are dedicated to assisting the Superintendent with the important task of management. Currently, Lyra Steamsmith, Klinkerton Mufflbang and Quizley Lumenshine are the acting executives. ENFORCER: While not necessarily a military group, A.R.C.L.I.G.H.T. is definitely in need of gnomes who know how to fight. These individuals are most often tasked with protecting the non-combatants within the Association, though they may also be called to fight during military gatherings. Gnomes of this rank are eligible for promotion to Executive. RESEARCHER Scholars, tinkers and magi make up the backbone of gnomish culture, and the Association is no exception. In a society where intelligence is valued a whole lot more than physical strength, most of A.R.C.L.I.G.H.T’s excursions revolve around the pursuit of knowledge, so naturally less combat-able intellectuals very much have their place. This rank is eligible for promotion to Executive. AUXILIARY Medical staff, cooks, mechanostrider engineers or just about anything else that doesn’t fit into any of the other ranks is given that of Auxiliary. The more mundane tasks are no less necessary for the Association to function effectively, and are of course no less valued than anyone else. This rank is eligible for promotion to Executive. PROSPECT Everyone starts somewhere, and in the Association, that’s as a Prospect. While you may already be renowned to some degree, your initial standing defaults to the bottom rank until you’ve adequately proven yourself on your first journey. Upon promotion, you are able to pick either Researcher, Enforcer, or Auxiliary as your new rank. RULES: - IC drama is very much encouraged, while OOC drama should be avoided whenever possible. If you have an issue with the guild, please try to bring it up with us constructively so that it can be solved. - OOC chat should be kept to OOC channels, where possible. - Any ERP/RP in Goldshire caught will result in a kick from the guild. - TRP3 is the preferred RP addon for the guild – not using it won’t get you kicked, but it’s very much recommended. - IC actions very much equal IC consequences in this guild; as such, this means that the guild concept may be subject to change based on in-character decisions. - A month of unannounced inactivity will result in demotion to an inactive rank, two months without logging in to reset the timer may result in a kick from the guild. To avoid this, simply announce that you will be away for some time, and you won’t have to worry about being kicked. - You are encouraged but not required to use the Arclight Discord channel, a link to which can be found in the guild info tab.Brandelwyn286 19h
19h [A-RP] Forming a Dark Iron Dwarf Guild. Hi everyone, I'm looking to form a Dark Iron Dwarf themed guild. Given the situation with the Council of the Three Hammers, and with Moira Thaurissan I think it would be believable enough at this stage that there would be loyal Dark Iron dwarfs to the Queen-Regent, who'll play nice with the Alliance. So if you want to RP as one of these Dark Iron Dwarfs and would like to help become a founder for this new guild all you have to do is: 1) Roll up a new Dark skinned Dwarf. Any class is fine. (If you have an existing Dark skinned dwarf, then you are also free to apply.) 2) Send me an in-game message or mail (if I'm offline and I'll contact you back a.s.a.p.) 3) I'll meet up with you to get your signature to form the guild. If you're one of the 4 players to get to sign the charter to help form the guild, you'll get the Founder rank when the guild is formed along with the influence on the guild direction that comes with such a high rank. The name has yet to be decided and I'm open to suggestions. I'm also aware Blizzard might add some Dark Iron themed skins in a possible future expansion pack, but for now the Dark skin option the Dwarf models have will suffice. Thanks for reading. -LinaThunderlina30 19h
19h House Northfold Recruiting! (A-RP) House Northfold has taken up arms to do it's duty in these times of turmoil. With a planet looming above the sky the citizens that is left of Darkshire needs it's aid. This House is to take a watch over Duskwood and Darkshire as a whole, but we cannot do this alone! We need more Bannermen, strong able men and women, not just by arms but also by mind! We do accept all races, however Elven, Pandaren and Draenei are more strict, due to past knowledge and Lore as a whole. But what we do not accept are Death Knights, Demon Hunter and silly characters. (That means OP chars, or other chars that by reason have nothing to do with the Household theme by either interest or ability. ) We will be based in Darkshire and we will work highly on events, or even create own situations, but if your guild seeks to make some fuzz, we can make a deal (Hopefully.) Contact: Lawrencé Cárola Reigél For more info regarding the Household.Reigél43 19h