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17 Jun Useful threads: setting, story, & roleplay. The purpose of this thread is to collect and advertise useful threads and sources, for any player looking to find out more about the setting, or about roleplaying and story-building. These may be useful whether reading the background just for interest, creating a new character and wanting to see how it fits into the setting, or looking how to enhance our own roleplaying techniques. Some of these websites are on the wider internet, but most were written by players on our own server Argent Dawn. A parallel thread, "Useful threads: community and events," is no longer stickied for some reason. It can be found at and looks at the Out Of Character history and community of the server, to introduce the server to new players, and to give help to players in creating, advertising, and maintaining events and guilds.Tsathoggua68 17 Jun
10 Nov History of Argent Dawn Updated May 28th 2017, 04:02 (GMT) ... Tip: Hit Ctrl+F and for example search #2012 Submissions Pick a topic: [Guild] [Character] [Event] Use headings, and add any AA links. Scroll down for examples. Guidelines [Guild] events include RP-PvP, storylines, founded/disbanded dates, etc. [Character] events are for major figures in our server lore, ie. guild leaders. Community [Events] only. For guild events, see above. Only put information that'd be known in-character, events that would be written into history or known. Contents Intro - post 1 - 2005 - post 2 - 2006 - post 4 - 2007 - post 5 - 2008 - post 6 - 2009 - post 8 - 2010 - post 9 - 2011 - post 10 - 2012 - post 11 & 12 - 2013 - post 13 & 14 - 2014 - post 15 - 2015 - post 17 & 18 - 2016 - post 19 & 20 - 10 Nov
1d Raiding Progression - Argent Dawn Considering Legebril is ending his maintenance on the raiding progression thread, I thought I'd continue to do it. I will also continue to work with the old format because it's a nice format. If your guild isn't in yet, please do give a shout by mentioning your progress on this thread! Old link with tiers prior to Legion: ... Alliance Mythic - Normal/Heroic The Precariat - 9/9N - 5/9HC Erandium - 9/9N - 5/9HC Crux - 9/9N - 5/9HC Facepunch - 8/9N - 3/9HC Horde Mythic - Normal/Heroic - ... The Nighthold - 10 bosses Alliance 1. Safety Dance (10/10M) 2. Helios (10/10M) 3. Epoch (10/10M) 4. Oakcrest/BankofStone (10/10M) Sephuzs Secret (9/10M) House of the Fallen (8/10M) Triggered (5/10M) The Precariat (10/10N) (10/10HC) (3/10M) Gestalt (2/10M) Mythic (10/10HC) (1/10M) Erandium (10/10N) (10/10HC) Crimson Dawn (10/10HC) Innovation (10/10HC) Bloodrune (10/10N) (10/10HC) Prismatic Society (6/10HC) Titans of War (4/10HC) Crystalline Dream (4/10HC) Lionheart Vanguard (7/10N) Horde Lethal (10/10N) (10/10HC) (4/10M) Night Witches (10/10HC) (3/10M) Steelsong (10/10N) (10/10HC) Insurgence (10/10HC) Trial of Valor - 3 bosses Alliance 1. Safety Dance (3/3M) Oakcrest/BankofStone (3/3M) Erandium (3/3N) (3/3HC) The Precariat (3/3N) (3/3HC) Mythic (3/3HC) Lysis (3/3HC) Crimson Dawn (3/3HC) House of the Fallen (2/3M) Epoch (3/3M) Innovation (3/3HC) Gestalt (3/3HC) Triggered (2/3M) Sephuzs Secret (2/3M) Bloodrune (3/3HC) Horde Steelsong (3/3N) (3/3HC) Lethal (3/3N) (3/3HC) (2/3M) The Emerald Nightmare - 7 Bosses Alliance Erandium (7/7N) (7/7HC) The Precariat (7/7N)(7/7HC) (1/7M) Bloodrune (7/7N) (7/7HC) Inceptum (7/7HC) Immortalis (7/7N) (2/7HC) RP raiding group RaidPlay (7/7N) Lionheart Vanguard (7/7N) Shadow (7/7N) (7/7HC) Square One (7/7N) (1/7HC) Katla (7/7N) (7/7HC) (1/7M) The Pioneers (7/7N) (7/7HC) (1/7M) Oakcrest/BankofStone (7/7N) (7/7HC) (7/7M) The Silver Charge (7/7N) Mythic (5/7M) Lysis (7/7HC) Crimson Dawn (3/7M) House of the Fallen (7/7M) Epoch (7/7M) Innovation (7/7HC) Gestalt (2/7M) Triggered (7/7M) Sephuzs Secret (7/7M) Horde Safety Dance (7/7HC) (7/7M) Lethal (7/7N) (7/7HC) (7/7M) Oathsworn (7/7N) (7/7HC) (1/7M) The Rotgarde (7/7N) Legalise Peacebloom (6/7HC) Night Witches (7/7N) (7/7HC) Mythic (7/7N) (7/7HC) Mistfall (7/7N) (7/7HC) The Wyld Hunt (7/7N) (7/7HC) Steelsong (7/7N) (7/7HC) The Eclipsion Blade (7/7N) (7/7HC) SSRCG (7/7N) (1/7H) Splendour (7/7N) (1/7H) The Crimson Clover (7/7N)Brutus41 1d
20 Jun Roleplaying Guild Map Hello Argent Dawn. I've played on this realm since the day The Sha'tar realm started moving over and after all this time, i haven't been able to contribute to the roleplaying community in any sort of way. As a side hobby over my trucking job, i enjoy web development. A while ago, a guild that i was a part of was talking about a web-based map of World of Warcraft that could show where guilds are located over Azeroth. I thought it was a quite cool idea but had no knowledge in creating such things back then. I've been sitting for a few weeks working on a project just like this. A few hours per day has really gotten the project on track. So what is this? This is a web-based map that allows Guild Masters to register their guild to the website and then easily place them on an exact location in Azeroth. For example, if i want to say that our guild is based in Lakeshire in Redridge, i can move a pin to that exact location. It will have your guilds banner visible for everyone to see. The project currently supports Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. If the project seems to be interesting for atleast some people, i'll begin to expand to other islands / worlds. Alliance guilds are marked with a blue pin and horde guilds are marked with a red. How do i create / manage my guild? Once you've made an account, you can visit the account area by clicking on your name at the top. From there you can click on "Add My Guild". You'll need to insert the guilds name, a banner image url and the guilds faction. After you've created the guild, visit the account area again and click on "Edit Guild Info". You can change the background / story of your guild and the location at any time. Why are you making this? As i mentioned, i haven't contributed to the game and roleplaying community that i love which made me enjoy roleplaying throughout my childhood. I've tried to recreate a somewhat of a copy of the in-game map. It supports the same zooming in & out. Do i need to make an account to see / use this? The only ones that needs to make an account are the Guild Masters so that you can manage your guild. The map is publicly visible for anyone. The activation email is used to avoid bots. The email usually ends up in junkmail. If you're afraid of any security risks of your account, i assure you that it will never ask for any information that is related to your battle net account. I am going to expand on more details over the time that passes and i am always open for suggestions and ideas. If you want to chitchat about anything privately, you can message me on Discord (Aberidius#0448) or BattleNet (Aberidius#2454) Link the website: Much love <3Adriloth58 20 Jun
19 Jun Guilds of Argent Dawn Hello everyone, since the old guilds of argent dawn thread has been inactive for a rather long period of time i have decided to start a new one with a fresh batch of guilds. The form and rules will remain the same as the old one. Guild name: Faction: Type: Concept: Base of operation: Guild master: Recruiting officer: Guild-forum/website: -Copy and paste the list above in a new reply. -Feel free to add a link to your recruitment thread on the forums. -The guilds are sorted in alphabetic order. If your guild has a different name IC, then you may add that name after the actual guild name as it appears in game. -Only leave a brief concept description of your guild here. If you wish to share more, do so by directing to your guilds forum or webpage.Velraz381 19 Jun
11 Jun Roleplaying Guild List [Argent Dawn] Every time I log in, I see people demanding help with finding an RP guild, or one with a certain theme. One could not except newcomers to scroll through an endless stream of forum posts, or hundreds of Argent Archives profiles, just to find out that the guild of their liking disbanded a year ago, or hasn’t been active for months. Because it is my intention to help the dynamics of the community, I excluded inactive guilds. Those I inavertedly left out, please contact me ingame via /whisper or mail, or just leave a comment below. Newly formed guilds are welcome aswell, just inform me of your existance. If a listed guild disbands or dies off, the procedure of removal should be the same. The list contains the guild name and few words describing the theme, ordered alphabetically under categories of race/faction exclusiveness. (Let me know if you find a description unfitting or have a better alternative). You can find a guild’s original forum post, Argent Archives profile, and in cases its website by making a google search with „<guildname> argent dawn”. Horde guilds: Orc Blackjaw Clan (Nomadic; not part of, but allied to the Horde) Fourteenth Legion (Grunts) Legion IX (Military) Orcs of the Red Blade (Nomadic) Worg Riders (Nomadic) Troll Alarion Alor Ai Darkspear Tribe Zandalari Empire Tauren The Spirit Wolves Undead (Forsaken) The Hand of Agony (Military, political) The Rotgarde (Military, political) Blood Elf Burning Ashes (Mercenary) Dawnmantle (Research, artifact hunting, pro Quel'Thalas/Horde) Division Twenty Three (Military) Divison Forty Seven (Military) Gilded Coin (Mercenary/Black ops) House Rivorndir (House) Silvermoon Guard Sun Hawks (Military, dragonhawk riders) Sunfury Covenant Sunglow Covenant (Learning & Adventuring) The Arcane Circle (Opposing the Kirin Tor) The Ashborne Incursion (Private military) The Dawnguard (Military) The Farstrider Regiment (Rangers) The Sanguine Eye (Blood elf fanatics) The Sunbrand (Military, priests) The Sunreaver Order (Dalaran representatives) The Sunspear (Military, inspired by The Sunsworn on Draenor) The Vacant Throne (Pro-blood elf and Light fanatics) Goblin Gearfist IBS The Cutthroat Cartel (Criminals) Pandaren Huojin Path (Horde aligned) The Silent Vigil (Shado-Pan, neutral) Multi-racial, Horde military and clans Blood Howl (Warband) Durakra Outriders (Mercenary) Hordes Shadow (Warband) Irontusk Vanguard (Military, Kalimdor Horde races only) Shadow Corps (Military, black ops) Shattered Path (Espionage) Sunforged (Paladins) The Bloodied Spear (Warband) The Bloodstorm Clan (Nomadic clan) The Ceaseless Cohort (Warrior cult) The Crimson Caravan (Trading company / Horde auxiliary force) The Forlorn Legion (Penal military, basically Suicide Squad) The Frozen Paw Clan (New Horde Clan) The Mystic Demand (Reliquary) Multi-racial, more on the edge of Horde society Dark Eye Clan (outcast clan trying to survive) Charred Council („Dark guardian” roleplay) Felshadow Dominion (Demonic cult) Fourfive Fingers (Criminal) Gilded Blades (Mercenary) Oath of Silver (Criminal) Order of the Raven Blood (independent order, adventurers) Primalsong Tribe (Nomadic, not part of the Horde) Sacrilegious School (Occultism, outcasts, spellweaver criminals) Shadowmoon Pact (New Horde clan, welcoming warlocks and demon hunters too) Shady Business (Criminal) Sixty Thieves (Criminal) The Blackguard (Mercenary) The Bone Shark (Privateers, pirate hunters) The Freelancers (Mercenaries, tradesmen, and adventurers. Strictly business.) The Greedy Kraken (Pirate) the Iron Vulture (Air pirates on a goblin zeppelin) The Ravensun (Religious, shadow) The Valiant Accord (Adventurers and mercenaries against the Legion) Valiant Blade (Mercenaries on the Broken Isles) Velvet Syndicate (Mercenary) Wheel of Entropy (Chaos Cult) Winds of Wisdom (Pandaren lifestyle, others are welcome to join) Multi-racial, Neutral Fealty to the Grave (Death Knight, Ebon Blade) The Argent Expedition (Argent Crusade) The Ashen Vanguard The Blackgarde (Argent Crusade inquisition) The Fel Hunt (Illidari) The Silver Gauntlet (Argent Crusade) The Tattered Court (Illidari) The Tide Howler (Sailor/pirate) Misc. Stonemaul Clan (Ogre) The Silver Sun (High Elf, Alliance aligned) Alliance guilds: Human Arathi Honour Guard (Arathi military) House of Darklaw (Alterac noble household) League of Arathor (Arathi politics and military) Stormwind Infantry (Stormwind military) The Crown Bulwark (Stormwind guard) The Westfall Rangers (Westfall guard) Dwarf Anvilmar Iron Brigade (Military) The Three Hammers (Political, military, community) Gnome Gnomeregan Covert Ops (Military) Night Elf Moonleaf Grove (Traditional Kaldorei society) The Highborne (Highborne community, politics, military) The Nightblade Sentinels (Military) The Starsong Sentinels (Military) Elvhenan (Military, assistance force) Draenei Aldori Axiom (Military and faith) Ere Argus (Exodar commune) Nomads of Tureem (Nomadic community / adventures) Vestige of Shalaat (Community with some military) Worgen House of Tarsias (Gilnean noble house) The Duskenpaw (Feral worgen) Pandaren Tushui Multi-racial, Alliance military and closely bonded organisations Bael Modan (Gnome/dwarf community in Kalimdor) Baratide Naval Brigade (Naval military against the Legion) Blazing Shields (Stormwind military) Call of the Silver Hand (Paladins) Crusaders of Turalyon (Peacekeeping/enforcing, military) Evenhold (Knights, refugees. Not taking evil classes. Lordaeron races only) Keepers of the Drassili (Protection of nature, races beyond Nelf also welcome) Knight of Stormwind (Stormwind military) Knights of the Isle (Knightly order) Highwave Irregulars (Kul Tirasian naval military/trade, not directly Alliance) Lightsworn (Knightly order, Menethil Harbor based) Northern Priory (Exploration, human/worgen) Northmist Company (Alliance, but close connection to the Argent Dawn) Order of the Sage (Magic school, quite universal) Silver Archaeology Co (Explorer's League organisation) Sons of Menethil (Military, Menethil Harbor based, Northern EK RP-PvP) Stormwind Bureau (Stormwind intelligence, separate from SI:7) Stormwind City Guard (Stormwind military) Stormwind Royal Navy (Stormwind military) The Ace Platoon (Alliance Elite homeguard) The Chapter of Embers (Human, Dwarf, Worgen - holy order, military) The Fallen Leaf (Peacekeepers—based on Pandaren culture) The Iron Thorn (Stormwind military) The Onyxguard (Duskwood guard & private military) The Royal Society (Authoritic faction, Stormwind based) The Seventh Penal Company (Penal military) The Steel Gauntlet (Stormwind military) The Sworn Swords (Knightly order, Northern EK RP-PvP, DM events) Triune of the Eclipse (NE/draenei/worgen circle) Unit Fourteen (Penal military) Multi-racial, more on the edge of Alliance society Blacktalon Blinders (Criminal) Necromechanica (Dark scientists against darker threats) Nightshade Consortium (Dark magic practitioners in the Plaguelands) Sable Chapter (Questing heroes and outcasts) Silvershield Company (Mercenaries and some tradesmen) The Broken Tower (Adventuring knightly order) The Bronzebrew Company (Trade) The Crooked Peace (Criminal) The Eldritch Covenant (Warlock/Shadow Priest circle of power) The Grey Banner (Militant order) The Rowdy Sparrows (Mercenary) The Settlers (Colonial, civilian survival) The Outblades (Relic hunters, mercenaries, thieves) The Tide Raven (Pirate ship) The Wanderlust Company (Mercenary) Underhand (Demonic cult) Wayfaring Association (Explorers) Multi-racial, Neutral Illidari (dem bois) Kirin Tor Onslaught (Dalaran mages) Mardenholde Accord (Argent Crusade) Sanctum of Magic (Mage school in Dalaran) The Cenarion Guardians (Cenarion Circle) The Ivorystar Academy (Mage school, Kirin Tor aligned) The Ebon Vigil (Knights of the Ebon Blade) The Hunters League (literally that) The Kirin Dal (Dalaran mages) The Silver Charge (Silver Hand knights and some allies) Misc. Bane (Scourge) Bastions Fall (scripted events revolving around the return of the Legion) Bayerleyn Retinue (more „realistic” medieval RP) The Frozen Covenant (Scourge, Cult of the Damned) The Synaari Pact (Freeform) Twilight Hammer (the Old God cult) Honorable mentions, since they’re not RP, but sought after by some: The Bulwark, a level 60 vanilla guild on Horde, and its Alliance counterpart: AfterlifeRedbone135 11 Jun
14m Looking for human guild. Hello Argent Dawn! I am looking for a human guild for my human Priest (Gwyneth Smythe.) Ingame name Gwyyneth. I am somewhat newish to human RP but totally new to RPing as a priest. :)Gwyyneth4 14m
15m [A] Wizard seeks guild Hello Argent Dawn! I'm not new to the server, but I am looking for a guild that would be interested in taking on a rather excentric and deep thinking Wizard. It goes without saying, this mage is on alliance. Furthermore, I'm quite open to ideas and suggestions on a possible home for him. Though I'd like to avoid strictly military stuff if at all possible. EDIT: Mordoch is a collctor of wisdom and knowledge that specialises in the Arcane, specifically in alteration and illusion magic. He can be generally found skulking around the tower of Azora hankering for a bacon sandwich, getting on the nerves of the stewards with his pipe smoke and reading so many books he gives himself a headache. Hedge wizard, roaming around and solving problems would be the best way to describe him. Thank you for the read and any and all help or advice is welcome! Thanks!Mordoch3 15m
20m anti-ERP thread numéro deux i am writing this thread as i am very concerned tbh. lately i have seen a huge increase in the amount of open world ERP... this has to stop as this game has CHILDREN in it (i am one...) and they dont want to see want to see you flashing your almighty handsword (if you know what i mean) and neither does perroy because he'll just become even more depressed. if you are going to be an erping degenerate (make sure you are not or i will call the police) please make sure to ask for the ID of your erp partner so that you can carry out a thorough vetting process beforehand. thank you hehe. also erping in your garrisons is not allowed either JUST GO OUTSIDE. we should all take a stand TOGETHER AND UNITED (like corbyn) and take action against erpers and guilds that incite erp... that means ignoring and reporting #enderp (also orcs with two dongs should be punishable by death) anti ERP logo: 20m
41m Choose a Theme Song for the Character Above Hey guys, I saw this in the Roleplay Forums and found it quite amusing. Simply link a theme song from youtube or the like that is ought to be that of the character that posted before you. Posting a few characteristics of your character, 3 maybe, would be recommended as to give people something to orientate after. Let's see what awesome, funny, horrifying and glorious themes will be chosen in the process! Core Characteristics: 1. Proud 2. Skilled Combatant 3. Resolute Blood Knight MentalityVorathel17 41m
48m [H-RP] Iron Wolf Clan ... In a time when the world is besieged by demons, when despair and fear gripped the minds of the weak, an orc clan stood in defiance. The clan, known as the Iron Wolves, loyal, and ferocious in battle, now dedicate themselves to the annihilation of the demonic legions, as well as any enemy bold enough to threaten their home. Clan Hierarchy Settler - The general clan rank. Unproven- When a settler wishes to fight for the clan, he or she will prove themselves worthy by undergoing a trial to gain their fellow warrior's acceptance and respect. Wolf- Once an unproven warrior has shown that he or she is worthy in the eyes of their fellow warriors and their chieftain, then they are accepted as an official warrior of the clan. Alpha- Once the wolf has grown in experience then they are granted the right to lead the wolves into battle and issue them orders from the chieftain. Wolf Guard - Veteran warriors of the clan that have become the clan's protectors. These warriors command respect due to having served the clan the longest. Elder- The Chieftains advisors and spiritual leaders of the clan. Chieftain - The overall leader of the clan whose word is law. Who are we? The Iron Wolf Clan is an RP guild situated on World of Warcraft's Argent Dawn EU server. We offer clan-based RP for any Orc, Tauren or Troll, even if you are new to RP and wish to learn. We aim to be as traditional as possible in terms of orc lore, providing Dungeons & Dragons-styled events to encourage roleplaying between members. How to Join us! If we sound like the clan for you, then feel free to get in contact with Skulsplitter (GM) via a /whisper or by submitting an application on our website at We also have a discord server set up for our clan members to join! We look forward to hearing from you!Skulsplitter3 48m
1h [H-RP Story] The Stone Candle - Recruitment Open ... The Stone Candle is a storyline meant for 8 players and myself as DM. It consists of 2 decently long acts, that will span over a few months. The first act; The Run Away Illusion. The RP will be 2 days a week until the storyline is over. These days are Tuesday and Sunday from 20:00 to 23:00 (Set time may vary depending on the participants). The start date has not been set in stone, but I expect it’ll start in mid-April. The group that is put together, can be put together for various reasons, be it money, duty or otherwise interest. The main reason I open up spots, is because I love to bring in “fresh blood” and different personalities. During the storyline, there will be a big focus on letting the participants shape the story. You can choose your path, as long as it is relevant to the story. Requirements to join: -You are sure you can attend most of the event days. -Your character is not invulnerable and can die (so you don’t charge headlong into 50 opponents and expect to come out standing). -You write up a dossier for your character and add it below. This is so I get a picture of who your character is. -Your character is above level 80 (as we may travel around). -You are overall reasonable. The current team consists of the following: Wahn’sul, the Tol Barad veteran. Kashgor, the diplomat. Gorth Snowhoof, the tracker (potential candidate as leader of the group). Viktoria von Gravenreuth, the scholar of dark arts. Weehz Dapperzap, the all-around explosives expert. Rakihu Gorelashash, the wildcard. Yenzhu, the Patriarch. Akulé Foresthorn, the protector. We are currently closed for applications/dossiers. Questions are also welcome.Tazkram26 1h
1h [Blood elf-RP] Thori'Belore - Recruitment is open A notice, upon which is emblazoned the seal of the Sunfury Spire, is pinned in various, select places within Silvermoon City: parts of the Spire, the Hall of Blood, the Rangers Lodge, and other specific order halls. ... OOC info: Thori'belore - the Sun's Fury in Thalassian - is a spec-ops/military/intelligence collective, with attitudes based very much on the original Sunfury. Its primary function is to carry out difficult missions of various types, ranging from gathering intelligence, exploration or research orientated missions, artifact gathering, or rescue / assassination missions, and of course participating in the field directly in battle. All lore appropriate classes are accepted except DKs and DHs. We aim to contribute to the community with high quality elven RP, providing a wide variety of events. We undergo mission based storylines, with a chance for your characters to develop. Interactions between characters are highly encouraged. Members are also welcome to contribute or organize events unrelated to current guild story arcs if they wish. Recruitment is on an IC basis, via an interview. Any of this interests you? Please contact us oocly via in game mail or whisper (Illethiann, Narindiel, Novafire) or in this thread to arrange an IC interview! Ranks/Ranking system: Spire Commendations represents the points needed by each member to progress. Points are awarded each week. For each event attended, one point is awarded. Extra points may be earned for activity and IC behaviour. Initiate ---> Proven - 15 points All new members who are not apprentices/students/current learners start as an initiate into the collective, to allow themselves to demonstrate their skill, experience and discipline, before they are recognised as having proven themselves. Proven ---> Loyalist - 25 points Skill, experience and discipline are one thing. Proving one's pride as a Sin'dorei, one's absolute loyalty to the Regency and the Kingdom, and demonstrating the principles and attitudes reminiscent of the original Sunfury is another. Loyalist ----> Guardian - 35 points The Guardian is the core rank of the collective. These are members who have shown their worth as competant in what they do, as well as proving themselves as worthy examples of Sin'dorei for others to learn from. Guardian ---> consideration of Captain - 50 points The Captain rank is the IC officer rank. You have proven yourself with your experience, your capability, your loyalty. Are you competant enough to lead? Captain ranks are earned via an IC interview/trial/assessment. Guardians who have earned enough points will be considered for it. Councillor - The collective is led not by one single person, but by a group of individuals who answer to the highest ranks within the Sunfury Spire, who in turn answer directly to the Regent Lord, the Ranger General and the Grand Magister. Orders are accepted and passed down via the Councillors to the rest of the collective members. Apprentice - If your character is still in training, they are not excluded from applying and joining as long as there is a valid reason for them to, for eg. they follow their master/teacher. Progressing from this rank is not automatic with points, but with IC development. Points will still be awarded, but they will not apply until your character is ready to rank up, in which case the points accumulated will be taken into consideration to allow the respective teacher/Councillors to promote the character to the appropriate rank. OOC/Alt - self explanatory. Each member is allowed ONE alt in the guild once they have reached the rank or earned enough points to reach the rank of Loyalist. Event Mechanics (may be adjusted based on feedback): We like to keep things simple: All rolls are 100, as per default. Each member is allowed 10 extra points to allocate to these traits as they see as appropriate to their character. The bonuses are applied during offensive and defensive rolls during combat. Non healer- Characters: Offensive Defensive Healer- characters: Heal (applies in offensive rolls) Shield (applies in defensive rolls) Each trait can reach up to a maximum of +20 and a minimum of -20. If you wish to exceed your 10 allocated points for a trait, you will have to take away the excess in the opposite trait. Eg. Offensive +12 /Defensive -2 For characters who can BOTH heal and combat, you can allocate 10 points for each healing/non-healing role. You then select which role you wish to fulfil at the beginning of each event, and specify it before it starts, and stick to it for the entirety of the event. Extras: Token of Altered Fate: At the beginning of each event, each person is allocated TWO chances to reroll their rolls, if you are unhappy with the outcome of your roll. Once you have used up your two chances, you have no further chances to reroll, unless, at the DM's discretion, you perform something ICly that earns you one. Credit to Droigan of the Blackjaw Clan for the Point system. You can also find us at our discord server: When you join you will be placed into The Gate where you can speak to the leadership of the guild to establish contact and be able to see when leadership is online to help you. Once you have been sorted out you will be removed from the gate and placed in the main discord.Illethiann41 1h
2h [RP!] Quarterly Shaman Meetups ... ... ... Hi there! After an amazing show of interest, a few of us shamans including I were interested in organizing another of these get-togethers, and after that hopefully another, in the continued quartlerly fashion I was aiming for! The purpose of the meetings would be to catch up, exchange knowledge, exchange favors, organize raids against the Burning Legion or cults that pose a threat to Azeroth, tell stories, offer tribute to the elements, and, of course, bonding. It would also be an opportunity to gain a new ally for your ongoing plots, storylines and adventures! Or host events, if not offer event ideas for fellow shamans to pursue. Above, you will find a tinyurl link, for ease of linking directing people here, an ingame channel for finding and coordinating with other shamans, and finally the organisatorical info regarding the event, summarized in a tidy little box! Below, on the other hand, I will be listing events of interest during the meeting, but also events outside of this event should there be an interest in pursuing those, in a separate post! Now, keep in mind that the events are meant to be tailored to shamans. You are free to propose something in collaboration with non-shamans, but do come up with an explanation as to why shamans are necessary! This paragraph is exempt from events during the shamans meetings, as they are obviously for shaman only. Suggestions and feedback are always welcome and embraced, but I must also ask you to embrace the openness in which these events will be held, and to allow all players an equal footing in making these weekends special! Best intentions, -Nazkra Wolfeye (ANNOUNCED) PLANNED INITIATIVES ********** Format: ... **********Nazkra3 2h
2h Happy Ramadan Holiday Hello Argent Dawn. I wanted to wish you all a happy end of Ramadan holiday. I know there are quite a few Muslims on Argent Dawn who are hesitant to speak up due to fear of repercussion. So I thought I would be the first one to come forward and wish everyone a happy holiday. Happy Ramadan holiday!Power59 2h
2h H-RP: LF Warlock Mentor Hello forum friendos I've been craving some warlock RP for a long while now, in various forms and have largely been unsuccessful, since Horde RP (and, more specifically, blood elf) doesn't really offer a great deal in that direction as far as I can tell. So I thought I'd try a different tactic, and look for someone to potentially mentor a fresh character of mine Looking primarily for a fellow blood elf RPer, but I'm open to any Horde race who can be warlocks/would have a fair reason for being interested in taking my character on. Since it's the Summer, I have quite a bit of fair time at the moment (although this is also dedicated to other RP etc), so can work to fit another's schedule to a certain degree. Not really looking to join a guild, although would consider if activity and attendance was more flexible My character wouldn't be starting from scratch and already has some preliminary knowledge/understanding. If ur interested in taking on an apprentice/etc, please give me a bell either on this thread or on Loras/Andalos either by /w or through in-game mail so we can see if we're on the same page Ty xoLórás19 2h
3h Evil themed guilds Anyone know any evil themed guilds on Alliance side. Throughout my time in Stormwind I've noticed great variety of guilds. Nobles, adventurers, mercenary, military, race secific, civilian, criminal, faction based..... exceeeeeept no evil orientated guilds. No cultists & no subverts. There was that one guy yelling about twilight hammer but apart from that. So does anyone know if any such guilds are about the place.Fleawood4 3h
5h [A-RP] Flatfoots: A Lawmen Intiative Introduction With the entertaining success of the "Brigands" bringing criminality and life back to the wilds of the Eastern Kingdoms, I believe its high-time an equally inept band of bumbling deputies attempt (and likely fail) to bring these villains in to face the King's justice. My hopeful intention is set up a small band of Stormwind City Watch type lawmen, all equally amateurish, who will aim to oppose the shenanigans of the Brigands at most-every turn. Whilst the opposition is intended to both be ineffectual and tongue-in-cheek, I believe that it will work to create a kind of community camaraderie between the two sides on an OOC level and spur plenty of engaging RP for those travelling within the boundaries of the Kingdom of Stormwind. There is absolutely no intention here to impose laws or IC regulations upon the realms populace. The concept merely intends to bring entertaining opposition to the Brigands whilst giving the community a reason to get out of the city and involve themselves in petty storylines. The Concept The idea in its current rendition is NOT a guild. Instead, the plan is set up a small group of inadequate law administrators who will interact and work with the Brigands on both an IC and an OOC level. It will be a cops-and-robbers type game of pull-and-push with neither side ever coming out on top for long. My intention is not to create a constant supply of dungeon-mastered events or endlessly facilitate RP. Rather the entertainment will come simply out of RPing together and alongside the Brigands in a bitter campaign of spiteful one-upmanship. There is no real endgame or driving motivation for the concept besides generating engaging RP. Due to this, and due to my own RL commitments, those involved in the Flatfoots are encouraged to use expendable alts or to create their own storylines within and outside the initiative. The Inspiration Inspiration for this concept comes from the Canadian sitcom "Trailer Park Boys" in-which a hapless trio of unambitious losers hell-bent on living the life of career criminals are endlessly persued by a pair of lackluster "trailer park supervisors" equally unproficient and incapable. For more information on the influence and mockumentry-esq tone for this community, please view some clips of Trailer Park Boys on Youtube or ask for direct feedback in the comments below. Edit Here's a direct link to the tonal inspiration mentioned above (warning - the video contains plenty of swearing used for comedic effect). ... Contact Information For all those excited (or perturbed) by the concept, I invite you to post on this thread or contact "Garrowaye" in-game with your particular questions. I am perfectly willing to explain further my motivations and intentions for this concept if the interest arises although please keep in mind that there is no great plans for RP campaigns or specific encounters at this time. Thank you for reading and taking an interest in the Flatfoots. TL;DR - a small band of inept lawmen intent on opposing the growing Brigands community on an IC level.Garrowaye18 5h
10h [19th-26th June] The Malefic Host - All Over Now ... In the cold darkness of the frozen wastes, a foul pact has been sealed... The remnants of the Burning Legion, cut off from the Broken Shore, have made a dark union with a splinter group of the Cult of the Damned. Alone, they were both weak and crumbling, but together, they have re-taken and restored the dark temple fortress of En’kilah, the city of the dead, and formed a united army of demons and undead, unseen since the days of the Third War! They call themselves… THE MALEFIC HOST The masterwork of the Dreadlord Drakulrazzar, he has dominated and influenced the minds of the lich Malkurse and all his death-worshipping zealots, wiping their memories so as to believe that the Legion are still the true masters of the Scourge. Now, combining the chaotic fel magicks of the Legion, with the insidious plagues and necromancy of the Cult, he prepares a vicious counter-attack against the peoples of Azeroth. The great Nexus rises high above the frozen isle of Coldarra, where the veil between reality and the twisting nether is thin. As the power of the Blue Dragons has diminished, Drakulrazzar now sees this as the perfect time to tear the rift asunder, and open a new gateway for the Legion! Even now, he prepares a deathly siege, to warp the energies of The Nexus into chaos, and seize his revenge! Nothing will stop them, they will claim vengeance for the Legion’s defeats in the Twilight Highlands, Feralas, Zul’drak and the Broken Isles. With the true heroes of Azeroth fighting on battles far from the frozen wastes, he, with Malkurse’s loyal obedience, shall bring about the Legion’s ultimate victory. Or will they? - Hello! I’ve decided to make another mini-campaign for the summer, roughly a week between the 19th-26th of June in Borean Tundra. This’ll be similar to my last two campaigns, in that it’ll be a Sandbox RP-PvE campaign. By sandbox, what I mean is an overarching narrative is provided, in this case, a new threat formed from undead and demonic remnants, but the characters attending and the storytellers will decide what happens, and the course of the plotline. In other words, it'll be up to you to create and drive the story, this campaign acting as a foundation for hopefully some good roleplay! After finding difficulties providing a worthy experience for both factions in the last campaign, I am thinking that this time, this’ll made with an Alliance focus. The Horde are welcome to come, but are warned not to expect anything from me, if you are Horde and wish to attend, you are very welcome to organise together your own narrative and experiences around the central plotline, as with last years' The Rift campaign, this is intended as a foundation from which to build your own storylines and adventures! My last campaign, Feast of Souls, led to some confusion as to the progression of the story, this time there’ll be a clear beginning and end, and the baddies’ intention will not be a mystery. The campaign will start with a big siege on the defending side, where the mortal defenders of Azeroth must protect The Nexus and the Blue Dragonflight against The Malefic Host, a faction formed from the remnants of the Cult of the Damned and Burning Legion. They desire to take over The Nexus, hoping to twist the dimensional rupture there into a new felstorm through which to invade Azeroth all over again. Naturally, they must be stopped! After that, the following week will be completely open and freeform, as the undead and their demonic masters shall be met in battle by the attending guilds, all leading up to the finale, and a siege assault upon the Temple City of Enkil’ah, to bring down the evil necropolis of Naxxanas and defeat the Legion’s evil schemes once and for all! The exact mechanics of these battles will be revealed and debated closer to the date of the event. I will answer any questions you may have as best I can, though responses may be intermittent, as I am rather busy of late in an OOC capacity. This forum thread is the best way to reach me. Thank you very much, and I hope this is something you might be interested in. Some Rules for Dungeon Masters: 1. This is a sandbox campaign, you don't need anyone's permission to make events or storylines, and you can DM however you want, using any system you wish. However, this is important: -= Make sure to post on the two threads if you intend on changing the status of anywhere listed on the Recon Guide. =- 2. If you intend on changing the landscape in a way that cannot be visually reproduced in game, such as setting up infirmary stands or destroying a building, also please mention this. 3. You can destroy structures, but make sure any damage done is feasibly repairable to its prior state after the campaign. 4. If you wish, friendly settlements can be captured by the baddies, but make sure they are returned to the right hands again by the end of the campaign. Also, if you intend on doing this, consider it a big deal, do not retcon or resolve it one evening afterwards. Don't forget to seek consent of other guilds. F.A.Q Who will be Dungeon Mastering for us? While for the Alliance side, I will be dungeon mastering the opening and closing battles (I will need assistance in doing so though, so please feel free to offer your help), this is a sandbox campaign which is completely for anyone who wishes to chip in and create their own storylines and adventures. A recon guide has been provided below the thread, detailing how The Malefic Host are affecting various areas of the Borean Tundra, and may make a good starting part for organising your own events. Be sure to write a summary of your storylines on the In-Character Thread, when it arrives, so that I can keep track of the story. Are individuals welcome to join in? Individuals are very welcome to come, though are recommended to team up with a guild or two, as otherwise the experience may be quite lonesome. How would my guild hear of this? You are free to come up with any excuse you wish for your guild to travel to the Borean Tundra to join in the fight. I imagine news of this uprising would spread and travel far, and the Kirin Tor likewise would have an interest in finding orders willing to help defend Azeroth against this new plot of the Legion. Is this a RP-PvP Campaign? This is a RP-PvE campaign, but RP-PvP is permitted, but this is not intended as a RP-PvP campaign. You wouldn’t attempt to buy a pizza from an Indian restaurant. As before, those who do not wish to RP-PvP should make sure not to flag themselves, and by extension, I take no responsibility for anything involving RP-PvP, which is purely at the discretion of the attendees. If you absolutely definitely must RP-PvP, I will offer the light suggestion of making use of formations and auto-attack like in the campaigns of old, such as the Borderlands and Highlands Campaigns. They may be less bombastic, but they make roleplaying a lot easier, but make sure you do not accuse the other side of breaking the rules of engagement, chances are if you’re enjoying yourself, you are as well. However, if people would prefer it without rules, I will not stop you, as I will have no involvement in anything related to RP-PvP. Where should my guild camp? The campaign will start in Coldarra, but after the initial starting event, you’ll be free to camp wherever you want. Refer to the reconnaissance guide below to make sure you’re not accidentally camping in an enemy stronghold. Lists Alliance Guilds: - A - Lionheart Vanguard - Lotheridan A - The Arclight Association - Ermalina A - Blackrose Accord - Aizaro A - The Calorans - Duncän A - Trusted Steel - Jessicáh A - Jackson's Workshop - Mathëw A - Baratide Naval Brigade - Gerrârd A - The Wayfaring Justicars - Clovus, Flamecog, Odolft A - Cerberus Bond - Denholme A - The Welles Assembly - Allarna A - Bladecrest Sentinels - Saleysea A - The Greyward Company - Stonebark A - Drisburg Fusiliers - Hessían A - The Ironcloak Vanguard - Nathaníël A - Hearth - Imixie A - Starlight - Nomíne Neutral Guilds: - H - Fealty to the Grave - Rottusk H - Northern Priory A - Dalaran Intelligence - Ghostpepper A - Ebon Hold - Lyrric A - The Northern Priory - Thordrig A - Call of the Silver Hand - Galdrick A - The Violet Eye - Darianuth A - Aldori Axiom - Neyrali A - Sade Company - Sorkara A - The Kirin Dal - Doralann A - Tidemoon Seers - Solavell A - Argent Verdict - Annetta A - Hyacinth Society - Seldraeth Horde Guilds: - Storytellers: - A - Juniperr A - Jessicáh A - Arenfel A - Neyrali H - Gizlek A - Farendreas A - Solavell A - Tandrin A - Darianuth Volunteers: - A - Juniperr A - Celethína A - Universe A - Arenfel A - Ysielle Dragons & Kirin Tor: - A - Saraxaia, Kirin Tor Battlemage A - Varessa, Archmage A - Universalia A - Arenfel, Archmage Serentyne A - Nexilia, Pandaren Translator A - Aeilmar, Archmage A - Meralygos, Blue Dragon A - Arthurd, Spellblade A - Siludormu, Steward of Time A - Miragosa, Blue Dragon A - Antheira, Green Dragon A - Caithelyn, Sorceress Servants of Darkness: - A - Xiumei - Fang Plaguewort A - Caineghís - Caineghis WhithersOrras396 10h
11h [A-RP] <The Arclight Association> - Gnomeregan Calls! A.R.C.L.I.G.H.T: Association for Research and Construction in Line with the Interests of Gnomish Home Territories. Current IC Location: Fizzcrank Airstrip, Borean Tundra Recruitment Status: Open, if you have an IC reason to be at our location! Active Officers: Brandelwyn (GM), Klinkerton, Patriot....ABOUT US: A.R.C.L.I.G.H.T. (in-game guild name is “The Arclight Association”) is a unit of gnomish specialists and researchers, funded by Gnomeregan and tasked with pursuing its interests both in the homeland of Khaz Modan and overseas. We accept gnomes of all classes, though death knights may be treated with suspicion, and have to ensure that they show loyalty to the cause. Users of more dangerous and disreputable magics are welcome, though passing the “Fizzlebang Magical Aptitude Test” is required – this is to ensure that the summoning of disgruntled eredar lords is kept to a minimum. Other races are not yet allowed into the guild as official members, though they’re more than welcome to RP with us – naturally, we’re always up for collaborations with other guilds, as well! ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS: As an expeditionary force, a lot of A.R.C.L.I.G.H.T’s activity comes from travelling the world to do whatever Gnomeregan might need them to – ranging from recovering lost titan relics to be studied for the betterment of science, representing the gnomish people and culture at various gatherings, assisting our less intellectually superior allies with technological wonders, and much more! Guild-specific events are generally grouped together in expeditions – campaigns centred around a certain area or objective, with frequent events to help tell the story. These events are generally DMed by our officers (but anyone’s free to create their own content for the guild as well!), and focus more around creative gnomish solutions than straight-up combat – very little emphasis is put on rolls. Due to our nature as a specialist group, we may accompany military parties as an auxiliary unit during larger campaigns, giving us a reason to join in with more server efforts while not necessarily all being front-line combatants. Naturally, we’ll try to attend as many community campaigns as possible, and get involved with Argent Dawn as a whole as often as we can. Outside of expeditions and other campaigns, we are stationed around our HQ in New Tinkertown, and guild members are naturally free to go wherever they like during this downtime. Events will still be provided, though somewhat less frequently, and guild members will be encouraged to help get RP started in the Khaz Modan area. RANK SYSTEM: SUPERINTENDENT: After the late Ermalina Sparkblade's passing in a recent Horde attack, the position of Superintendent remains unfilled. Before any ultimate decisions are made, it was decided to appoint Klinkerton Mufflbang as the acting leader of the Association to ensure that order is maintained and things go smoothly. TRIUMVIRATE: The Triumvirate of A.R.C.L.I.G.H.T. is made up of three particularly distinguished gnomes, currently Lexi Blackbolt, Klinkerton Mufflbang and Tinyc Steamwhistle. Their responsibilities are much akin to the Superintendent’s, having almost the same degree of authority – the system is designed to ensure that no one gnome becomes power-hungry and uses the Association for their own nefarious goals. SURVEYOR: The Surveyors of A.R.C.L.I.G.H.T. are well-respected gnomes on a higher payroll, with increased authority to match. They have proven time and time again that they are effective at their job, and are the candidates for promotion to the Triumvirate. GNOME-AT-ARMS: While not necessarily a military group, A.R.C.L.I.G.H.T. is definitely in need of gnomes who know how to fight. These individuals are most often tasked with protecting the non-combatants within the Association, though they may also be called to fight during military gatherings. Gnomes of this rank are eligible for promotion to Surveyor. RESEARCHER Scholars, tinkers and magi make up the backbone of gnomish culture, and the Association is no exception. In a society where intelligence is valued a whole lot more than physical strength, most of A.R.C.L.I.G.H.T’s excursions revolve around the pursuit of knowledge, so naturally less combat-able intellectuals very much have their place. This rank is eligible for promotion to Surveyor. AUXILIARY Medical staff, cooks, mechanostrider engineers or just about anything else that doesn’t fit into any of the other ranks is given that of Auxiliary. The more mundane tasks are no less necessary for the Association to function effectively, and are of course no less valued than anyone else. This rank is eligible for promotion to Surveyor. NOVICE Everyone starts somewhere, and in the Association, that’s as a Novice. While you may already be renowned to some degree, your initial standing defaults to the bottom rank until you’ve adequately proven yourself on your first journey. Upon promotion, you are able to pick either Researcher, Gnome-at-arms, or Auxiliary as your new rank. RULES: - IC drama is very much encouraged, while OOC drama should be avoided whenever possible. If you have an issue with the guild, please try to bring it up with us constructively so that it can be solved. - OOC chat should be kept to OOC channels, where possible. - Any ERP/RP in Goldshire caught will result in a kick from the guild. - TRP3 is the preferred RP addon for the guild – not using it won’t get you kicked, but it’s very much recommended. - IC actions very much equal IC consequences in this guild; as such, this means that the guild concept may be subject to change based on in-character decisions. - A month of unannounced inactivity will result in demotion to an inactive rank, two months without logging in to reset the timer may result in a kick from the guild. To avoid this, simply announce that you will be away for some time, and you won’t have to worry about being kicked. - You are encouraged but not required to use the Arclight Discord channel, a link to which can be found in the guild info tab.Brandelwyn229 11h
12h [H-PvE] RaidPlay: Horde! 10/10 HC - Recruiting In September, Tidrick and I founded the raiding group known as RaidPlay on the Alliance side. For the last 4 or so months we've made our way steadily through Emerald Nightmare Normal and Heroic, and Trial of Valor normal. I couldn't of dreamed of the achievements we'd manage - as a group made of 80% roleplayers - meeting only once a week. We've had some times where it has been tough - but for the most part we are proud of our accomplishments. Raidplay is now going strong on the Horde side, and we are always looking for new members to join our roster! What is RaidPlay? - Raidplay started with the idea that many roleplayers do not want to leave their guilds in an attempt to progress through content - and as many will account for, trying to PuG to get your progression can be a long and tricky slope. RaidPlay is an alternate to this. A progressive raid group run by roleplayers, for roleplayers. Alongside weekly raiding - we seek to provide Roleplayers with a community that helps once another gear, progress through other content (e.g. Karazhan and Mythic+) - and in general promote a fun atmosphere. We do not discriminate, or require all of your time - but make sure you know your stuff and join us with the desire to help clear our content! What is required? ... If you are interested - please see the post below for information on our roles wanted (all will of course be considered!)Garr64 12h
13h Giving Away Fun/RP Related Items Bork bork! A while ago I took over the Item Collection of a player named Warkey. for those who do not know him he used to have one of the Biggest Unobtainable Collection in WoW. When Warkey quit he made me promise I would distribute majority of his collection to keep things in circulation. Part of this collection where Three 7-Tab GB's dedicated to Fun & RP related Items. I am not sure what Items are appropiate for RP, but here are a few examples of Items I have available in high quantities: Posts (happy/angry etc) / Cologne(s) / Perfume(s) / Solid Gold Coins / Snowballs / cookies / Coffee / flares / fireworks / fun food/potions & alot more! It's taking up a lot of space for and I can't be asked to sell it all. Took me forever to sort it all to begin with.. Sooooo.. Yeah.. Let me know what you or your guild could use and I'll start giving it away (for free yes). Also, if there are any items popular among RP-ers let me know and I'll see if it's hidden somewhere in my storage containers. List of Items: Bold items are unobtainable Items so be gentle hehe. I will gradually add more Items as I find them, when the quantity hits (0) there is none available anymore Consumables (Food/Potions etc) - Darkmoon Firewater, Red (286) - Darkmoon Firewater, Purple (287) - Winterfall Firewater (184) - Cologne Bottle (30) - Perfume Bottle (30) - Candy Cane (261) - Spectral Grog (260) - Kaja'Cola (318) - Chocolate Cookie (140) - Starfire Espresso (14) - Lord of Frost's Private Label (80) - Moonglow (19) - Pygmy Oil (148) - Deepstone Oil (89) - Zanzil's Slow Potion (20) - Critter Bites (80) - Deluxe Noodle Cart Kit (15) - Fras Siabi's Barely Bigger Beer (19) - A wide shelection of Alcoholic Beverages ...Hic! - Fel Eggs and Ham (40) - Raptor Punch (9) - Stormchops (19) - Hol'bruk's Brutal Brew (3) - Moonglow (29) Thrown/Place Items - Thoughtful post (251) - Happy post (243) - Unnecessary spike (220) - Juggling Torch (75) - Weighted Jack-o'-Lantern (186) - Elune Stone (79) - Throwing Sausage (34) - Snowball (263) - Huge Snowball (180) - Savage Snowball (117) - Yellow Snowball (256) - Grieferfish (190) - Grindgear Toy Gorilla (5) - Blue War Fuel (79) - "Lil' Starlet" Costume (20) - "Mad Alchemist" Costume (19) - "Yipp-Saron" Costume (19) - Neural Silencer (20) - Green Smoke Flare (299) - White Smoke Flare (293) - Purple Smoke Flare (279) - Red Smoke Flare (50 and Annoying to get.. so use them well) - Small Blue Rocket (24) - Firework Launcher (20) - Cluster Launcher (20) - Snake Firework (15) - Green Rocket Cluster (20) - Large Green Rocket (22) - Large Yellow Rocket (22) - Small yellow Rocket (24) - Small White Rocket (24) - Large White Rocket (22) - Large Red Rocket Cluster (20) - Red Rocket Cluster (20) - Large Red Rocket (22) - Large Blue Rocket Cluster (20) - Blue Rocket Cluster (20) - Large Blue Rocket (22) - Large Green Rocket Cluster (20) - Dalaran Firework (159) - Alliance Firework (20) - Festival Firecracker (20) - Grand Celebration Firework (19) - Enchanted Dust (18) - Origami Slime / Crane / Beetle / Rock / Frog - Gordok Ogre Suit - Grey/White Items - Solid Gold Coin (560) - Green Hills of Stranglethorn (All pages) - Faded Photograph (8) - A tab or two with readables (notes/letters and whatelse) - Crystalline Tear of Loyalty (20) - Tower Key (8) - Charred Locket (10) Other - A tab with nearly all shirts (except the unobtainable ones) - A tab with Fish equipment (Bait, Bobbers etc) - Card of Omens (494) - Please leave in a comment what Item(s) you are after and in what quantity. If it's too much I'll let you know. You can either whisper me in-game, add my btag (DiscoStick#2737) or request the items to be mailed to you (don't forget to mention the name of your character). /burp Horde players can contact me by adding my Btag: DiscoStick#2737 and I'll sort the items on Horde Side.Jindai46 13h
13h [A-RP] Night Elf Roleplay – Tips & Inspiration ... Night elves are a popular race choice on the Alliance side, and with their extensive history and unique traits many find an appeal in roleplaying them. In 2017 there's still a big amount of people roleplaying night elves on Argent Dawn. I thought I'd make a thread revolving around night elf themed roleplay, much in tune with the Kaldorei & Kalimdor Information threads, but with a bit different format and approach to it. The idea of the thread is to offer more extensive tips and inspiration for people interested in night elf themed roleplay, especially for beginners. I also decided to make an archive of past events for those curious to see some in-game happenings related to the topic. You can find the archive in the second post. ... Areas populated by night elf guilds are your best bet on a day-to-day basis. Astranaar in Ashenvale is currently the most active hotspot, though you might occasionally see a bit of roleplay going on in Darnassus as well. Some guilds travel more than the others or keep more to themselves, so the hubs do not give a full representation of the night elf roleplay scene. You can find a list of active guilds in the third post. It's also a good idea to attend public events where you can create contacts and gain visibility. Even a short moment of interaction can potentially lead to more roleplay in the future and make approaching familiar characters easier. ... I'd recommend starting by reading up on the race, their stereotypical traits and major events that shaped their society into what it is today. WoWpedia is a fairly trusted wiki of information, with links to sources. I also recommend reading the following article that offers insight into the night elf mentality, giving food for thought when making your character: You don't have to play a very stereotypical night elf, but being aware of the stereotypes can help you get even more immersed when interacting with other characters, and help adding that cultural touch in the ambience of your roleplay. ... I've often heard people say this. Guilds come and go and the night elf roleplay scene changes every year as people shift around. At the moment the scene is not a very tightly knit community, although members of different guilds work together now and then to produce content. Each guild has their own identity and if you didn't have much luck with one, I recommend trying another. I think it's also worth noting that many people roleplaying a night elf as their main might prefer having their roleplay revolve primarily around other night elf characters. This helps them get more immersed in the atmosphere surrounding the race, so trying to get into the circles with a human or gnome character for example might be more difficult. Seeking a certain kind of immersion is why many base their roleplay in Kalimdor hubs instead of Stormwind, or why some people play mostly with their own guild. I don't think the situation applies only to the night elf scene but other racial roleplay circles as well. Some night elf guilds however welcome Worgens who embrace the night elf culture and traditions. The amount of interaction you get also depends on how interesting (or plausible) others find your character concept and how you approach other people for roleplay. It can initially take a bit of work, but once you've built some contacts and made it enjoyable for them interact with you, chances are you'll find roleplay more conveniently at an increasing speed as word passes around. Q&A regarding character concepts ... At the moment there are many guilds that have room for very different types of characters from sentinels to watchers to druids and civilians & craftspeople, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. I'd say think more about what kind of a character you'd like to play in the night elf society inspired by their lore, and I'm confident people can point you in the direction of guilds that might best suit the concept. It's of course not necessary to be part of a guild. If you roleplay a socially outgoing character who has a reason to approach others, such as a trader or craftsman for example, chances are you'll still get a nice amount of roleplay in the hubs. Events are a good opportunity to make your solo character known to others! ... Certainly, though there are some things you should be aware of. The mage class was made available to the night elf race in the Cataclysm expansion. During the expansion the Highborne's ( ) exile was lifted and they were allowed back into the society ( ). Since Cataclysm the Highborne have started training kaldorei mages. Still, given the kaldorei society has been very much against the Highborne and arcane magic for ten thousand years, I'd recommend giving thought to why your kaldorei would want to become a mage if they grew up in a society that was very skeptical of arcane magic users. There were arcane wielders before the Sundering who were not part of the Highborne caste however (such as Illidan Stormrage) and if your character is old enough, it's possible they could have practised arcane magic before the Sundering and now for some reason have returned to it without having to fear being exiled. The main point of bringing this up is that if you roll a kaldorei mage, please keep in mind it's highly unlikely they could've practised arcane magic in public until rather recently! ... This is such a common thing it deserves a mention! Your character cannot have been born in Teldrassil unless they are very young, as Teldrassil was created after the Third War. According to the Timeline linked below it's now about 11 years since the war. I did this mistake too when I first started playing WoW! ... Yes they are - in-character opinions might of course vary regarding gender betterness when it comes to different walks of life. According to the Warcraft Encyclopedia, prior to the conclusion of the Third War night elf society was sharply divided by gender, with the vast majority of men being druids and most women serving as warriors, priestesses, or a combination thereof. After the restrictions were lifted to favour practical concerns, it became acceptable for men to be trained as priests or be affiliated with the Sentinels, and female night elf druids were welcomed into the Cenarion Circle. For further reading: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - If there's something to add you think would be helpful for people new to night elf roleplay, please feel free to share and discuss them on this thread. I'll try add more to the list and will probably be refining the post more in the future.Acrona80 13h
14h The Blood of Azzinoth (A-DH/RP) “For ten thousand years, the Demon Hunter has waged an unseen and thankless war against the Burning Legion. Ours is a life of solitude not for our own sakes, but for the sakes of those we strive to protect. But history has shown that even the greatest paragons can fall to depravity. It must never happen again. Our enemies and our allies have good reason to fear our kind. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Each and every one of us wages an unending war against evil, but the greatest evil is that which dwells within, and is the hardest war to win.” ------------------------- The In-Character When the Demon Hunters were sprung from their prisons by the Wardens and rejoined the Alliance and the Horde to fight the Burning Legion, not all went back to their old ways. Nemyth, a staunch defender of her people, was singled out by a leader within the Watchers and given a task; if the greatest of them, Illidan, could fall to madness so too could his now loosed followers. Gather a group of like-minded individuals and, under the gaze of the Watchers, prevent any more wayward brothers and sisters from falling from grace and following in His footsteps. The Blood of Azzinoth represents Demon Hunters who have split away from the Illidari, either through an agreement of ideals, mutual respect or more heavy-handed means. These Demon Hunters have taken the next step and rejoined their people and the Alliance, under the stern charge of the Watchers. The Watchers fulfil the role of observer and minder as opposed to jailer and keeper, guiding and advising the Demon Hunters along a path that will (hopefully) bring them closer to their people, the Alliance and to Azeroth as a whole, and away from their solitary existence. This, of course, isn't without its own sacrifices... Due to the specialist nature of a Demon Hunter, their mission is twofold – destroy the Burning Legion and its minions, and protect the interests of the Kaldorei and the Alliance. Notably, this has included the pursuit and eradication of any Demon Hunters who have forsaken Azeroth and joined forced with the Burning Legion, of which there are a startling number of. The Blood specialises in the hunt and trains to combat these renegades with the support of the Watchers, and the sentence is death. This may of course naturally draw the ire of Illidari loyalists who see the Blood as traitors, outsiders and renegades themselves who have forsaken Illidan and his mission for an existence back in chains. Some within the Blood may agree to some degree, but may as well come to enjoy the relative safety that the Alliance offers, so long as they follow the rules and do not lose their way. Even the Demon Hunters within the Blood are at risk of falling to their own comrades – the promise of power is difficult to resist, and a Demon Hunter is embroiled in a constant struggle with his or her inner demon. A momentary lapse of judgement may set the hunter on a path that directly opposes his calling, and it falls to the Blood to mercilessly hunt down and destroy their former comrade before he or she causes more harm – hopefully without their own people knowing that one of these 'trusted' individuals has fallen from grace. To this end, the Blood follow a set of rules to better keep them under control and add some sense of security to the Watchers. This is to avoid any chance of the demon within luring the hunter down a dark path, which may put other hunters at risk as they are tasked with bringing them to justice. The rules are as follows; - The threat, assault and murder of the innocent, be they Horde, Alliance or otherwise is strictly forbidden under pain of imprisonment or death, depending on the severity of the crime. - The threat, assault and murder of any Alliance citizen is punishable by imprisonment or death, depending on the severity of the crime. Other punishments may be dispensed at the Watcher's mercy. - The threat, assault and murder of the Watchers is punishable by imprisonment or death, depending on the severity of the crime. Other punishments may be dispensed at the Watcher's mercy. - The threat, assault and murder of any Demon Hunter within the Blood is punishable by imprisonment or death, depending on the severity of the crime. Other punishments may be dispensed at the Shan'do or her Glaive's mercy. - The consumption of demonic flesh and blood is to be kept to a minimum. The addiction and the draw of power that comes with it can prove to be a hunter's undoing, and the savage act is horrific to behold for any who do not understand the nature of the Demon Hunter's plight. The Watchers may deign the consumption of demons inappropriate at any given time, within reason. - Use ones own powers sparingly. A show of force is sometimes required, but to dispense your arsenal on a lowly cultist is a show of power too great for the situation. If the greatest of our kind can fall, so too can the lowliest of Demon Hunters. The Shan'do and her Glaives may dispense punishment for reckless abuse of power as they see fit. ------------------------- The Out of Character The Blood of Azzinoth is a guild that is tied to the Alliance, and one of the few if not the only Demon Hunter guild to do so. We're striving for a relatively small but close-knit community where the quality of ones' character and roleplay reigns, and after the pre-release we are working diligently to ensure our standards are set for roleplay within Legion. Due to our 'bond' with the Alliance, we're hoping to work closely with other guilds and fulfil a niche within events and roleplay that the Alliance require – that being the hunting of demons – when or if the Illidari cannot be entrusted to such a task. The Blood is a penal regiment in the sense that they are under constant observation and strain by the Watchers and their peers who keep them on a tight leash and ensure that nothing untoward occurs, and we're hoping that this will generate some interesting roleplay (and conflict) with other Illidari Demon Hunters as well as other Alliance personnel. As with all guilds, we have an OOC set of rules that every member must abide by without exception. The rules are as follows; - Be active. We can't keep things going if members don't show an interest or drum up support. Be active so you don't miss any of the guild's progression be it IC and OOC. Myself or the officers are at liberty to kick members as and when we please if we believe they are not invested enough. Typically this is a week offline without any notification beforehand, or if someone has been logging on and off without roleplaying or contributing to conversation, we may kick them simply as a courtesy to the rest of the guild and anyone else looking to join. - Check the Calendar regularly for events. If there is plot-centric roleplay going on, you'll want to be there. If you know it's there, make an effort to turn up. Again, if we believe someone has been avoiding events and roleplay we may remove them at our own liberty. - Public ERP is not allowed and any instances of it will result in removal from the guild. If you're caught, you're out. No exceptions. - Remember that it's a game about war, not a war about a game. Be courteous to your fellow player be they in the guild or out. In many cases you don't know who you're talking to, and a bit of politeness goes a long way. If someone is giving you bother, report it to an officer. - That being said, don't be offended by every little thing. This is by no means a PC guild and there will be topics some people find not to their liking – it isn't your place to decide what people talk about unless it does become a serious problem, in which case you shouldn't kick up a fuss and instead report it to an officer.Nemyth216 14h
14h [RP Group] Blood for Blood [Shadows of Twilight: Act 3] ... Blood for Blood is a high-risk, high-reward storyline with a touch of mystery and darker magicks intended for up to 8 players (the estimate sweet spot for single DM events) and myself as a DM. It's the third act of a much, much longer storyline revolving around three orders of magi (necromancy, void and nether magicks, and hemomancy) whose allegiances are tied together but not clear. The storyline's group is predicted to be chiefly Allianceside races, but is open to crossfaction grouping as well. Reasons for joining can include coin, morals, prospective loot, or unlisted reasons of their own. The amount of chapters the story itself will span depends on where the players take it. It will definitely, however, last several months at least! As for times, I had in mind for the RP to take place 2 days a week, from 20:00 onward on the agreed days, but ideally not past midnight. There is no start date yet but I'm expecting either early or mid-August. Though travel will mostly be on foot, there will be sequences where the group will find themselves aboard a ship, boat or zeppelin. Sometimes even the employer's zeppelin. Requirements: You can attend most event days Your character is eligible for death (sometimes you will come across enemies or odds where conflict should be avoided, if not handled indirectly) You write up a character sheet, profile or dossier and add it to this thread Your character is above the bare minimum of level 60 (though I would prefer 90 at some point in the storyline, as we will travel far and wide) You are open to unusual themes and concepts (as in, the wide variety of themes that occur across the Warcraft universe) There is also a chance (but no guarantee) that we will use the following character sheet and its ruleset: ... Currently open for applications! ... Days of the week can be voted here: 14h
14h [RP/PVP Campaign] The Harrowing of the Three Corners ... -- IC build-up: Hello gamers I have some time on my hands again and will be running another campaign, following in the vein of the Rising Storm (Hinterlands) campaign - a mostly restricted ruleset, campaign map/mechanics, battles progressively moving across zones etc As you may have noticed, there is very little information re. the location of the campaign - this is intentional and something I would like for people to discover IC until it becomes public knowledge, at which point this thread will be updated to reflect that with a map, IC fluff and so on. The duration of the campaign will not be fixed and will end organically rather than having a specific end-date. This time around will be a small departure from my recent trend of all-out, shorter and more “sandboxy” campaigns and will require guilds to sign-up to attend so I can gauge numbers / organise some precursor events / help with IC organisation. Non-guild groups/communities with consistent activity should sign up in the same manner as guilds while individuals are welcome to attend regardless (although I don’t mind them signing up, also, just so I can keep them in mind) Info so far: ... How do I sign up? Just fill out this template and post. Please only sign up if you intend to be here for the majority of the campaign and please try to be accurate with the numbers - it isn’t a competition! Guild name: (IC name of your group/OOC guild tag if applicable) Estimated numbers: (during the evening, at around 20:00 gametime) Faction: (Horde/Alliance - if your group is neutral-leaning and is unlikely to fight, add it to the notes section) Misc notes: (Anything that might be useful to know about your group - stuff like their specialisation, their agenda, whenever or not they will be fighting etc etc) Contact: (Guild’s contact(s). It would be useful to include a btag/discord id here) -- If you have any questions (not location!! That will come later) you can contact ...Perroy307 14h
15h Is blizz working on a new phone game? A friend of mine bought up in broadcast about a new game blizzard is making, i was curious and asked him, he has no idea and he linked me this link he found on Life of Warcraft page from Facebook, i read on that and i was curious, asked around on my friends if they heard anything but they don't know anything, one of them told me it might be another Clash Royale-like game, i personally wouldn't mind seeing a game like that but i'm curious and came to ask here, did anyone heard about this rumours? here is the link he linked me on bnet. 15h
15h Someone Imitating using TRP I'd like to make everyone aware that there is some guy running around in Stormwind, imitating other RP'ers by changing his TRP to the exact name and color of others and initiating an IC fight. If someone doesn't pay enough attention and takes his emotes as legitimate, it can cause quite some friction between two, otherwise normal, RP players. Here you can see the person pretending to be Edward. The only clue was that his icon wasn't changed. The original Edward has a gun for an icon, the imitator something with blood next to it. I'm writing this just to warn everyone that there are indeed toxic players like these that like to ruin RP for everyone else.Sylrana27 15h
17h <Mighty Pintos> [A-PvE] [Normal/Heroic] Are you looking for a raid team that will provide you with horrible puns, dank or outdated memes, low quality banter and wipes on normal and heroic difficulties? Look no further my friend! <Mighty Pintos>from Argent Dawn-EU is a semi-casual progression guild looking for new members after a long hiatus for Nighthold and the Tomb of Sargeras raids. Currently at 6/10 for normal Nighthold, due to the really small guild roster, but are planning to progress to heroic difficulty when able with our main goal being a full clear of ToS on Heroic. We try to maintain a friendly and fun environment and help people who are not very experienced in raiding. On our off times we do anything from M+, PvP to older content, leveling alts and just having fun in the game. Raid times: Wednesday, thursday and sunday at 19:45-22:00, server time. Who we are looking for: When it comes to raiding we are looking for a part time tank and DPS. Mail/Plate users are preferred but as long as you've got the right attitude we urge you to come to us! VOIP: For communication and general messing about we use Discord and have set up a channel. Requirements: You must have a glorious master race pinto mount! The more, the better! If you find this appealing, feel free to PM one of the officers (Stallions) in Discord or in game whisper one of the following: Keylet/Zelda#22733 Dobromirst/TheJimmyTron#2145 Akromos/VoodooChile#2867 Mellaina/ggabrovec#1362If you wish to be a regular raider, go ahead and post in the #applications channel. We look forward to seeing you in the World of Warcraft!Keylet4 17h
17h [TAUREN-RP] The Spirit Wolves - Storylines inbound Tauren RP Guide here: (Please see third post down for members you can contact with queries) The Spirit Wolves is a Tauren exclusive roleplaying guild whose name has been a part of the Argent Dawn Community since 2008. However, many changes have befallen us and though none of our original members are now with us, the Spirit Wolves has taken a new lease of life with a new management team, new members and new lore and ethic. We are a friendly bunch of players and have a fun and active out of character relationship, keeping in touch through our Skype channel even while not online! We also engage in voice comms and help each other in gear runs if needed. We highly believe in having fun in this game and not getting bogged down or frustrated with the drama that sometimes comes with a large server or in character. However, we are also a guild that needs regular attendance and communication to work; being a tribe it is important that everyone knows what is going on with each character in their community! Basic Info: ... The Spirit Wolves refer to themselves as a tribe; however they differ from this in some ways. The Spirit Wolves are a band of Tauren from all walks of life, brought together for a number of reasons such as turmoil, loneliness or simply seeking their own path in life. They travel the land, working together to overcome strife, honour the Earth Mother and aid those who may cross their paths. The Shu’halo of the Wolves are led by a Council rather than a single Chieftain, each guiding their people through the now dangerous lands that surround them. Weekly meetings brings the entire tribe together, to discuss events, threats and their next steps. ... The Spirit Wolves unites lost Tauren under a joint cause of family and loyalty. We are not a warband and do not engage in rp-pvp or large war-based events unless a valid reason for us doing so is found in character. However, the Wolves often find themselves in situations where combat is necessary, either because of random attacks or due to our running storylines. Though some nights are spent casually chatting around campfires and exchanging stories, we pride ourselves in diverse variety and combat, games, moral-choice and puzzles often appear in our events and plotlines. ... We are nomadic, meaning we spend our time mostly in Kalimdor but in various camps and settings. We may spend anywhere from one to five weeks per camp, depending on the plotline. ... We simply have our own way of doing things. We also have our own lore, rites of passage and ceremonies tailored and designed specifically for our guild and our members. Our rites can be a lot of fun, with the first set required for being a full in-character tribe member and the advanced ones offered to our long-term members to take if they so choose to! ... Yes. Again this has been tailored specifically for our guild and its members. However it is very simple and easy to grasp as let’s face it, sitting with a pen and paper doing maths breaks the enjoyment and immersion! ... Spirit Wolves has never been a large guild and especially now as it is run by new people, we are exercising a cap at 15 active members (excluding alts). The reason for this is simply to keep our guild close, personal and cosy where we know every character and person behind them and can focus on helping that person be as integrated as possible into our family. ... We have one event on a Tuesday at 8 server time and a meeting on Thursdays at 9pm server time. There is usually another optional floating event each week also. Apart from that, we roleplay regularly each evening in casual settings.Istu242 17h
18h Healers in Roleplaying - Is magic the way to go? Hi everyone! I got a question after having a conversation with a friend. He told me that he prefers magic healers IC because they are faster. Is that true? Is the Holy Light, Nature magic and Chi makes the traditional medicine redundant? I roleplay my character as a veteran battle healer, who had experience using Light to save his comrades from certain death. But in civil life he works as a physician, using medicine, time and physical means to heal his patients, opting to use his magic only in dire circumstances. With all sort of priests and blood knights around he is quite much out of work though, as people indeed seem to choose the fast way to get better. The point I used to make, that magic is demanding on the caster, also totally overkill on minor ailments like a cold, an ingrown toenail or a stomach ache. What is your point of view on healing in character? Should it be only magical, or something more balanced?Suryan89 18h
18h Argent Dawn Discord Channel Hello gamers, With Discord gaining more and more popularity as a platform, I've put up a Discord channel for the use of the good people of this server and thought it would be good to put the word out here also I won't bother putting up a list of rules because that never really works out well - join and do what you want (but ideally be nice and avoid doing anything illegal!!) When you join, you will only have access to a chat labelled "#quarantine" - just ask for membership in there and the rest of the server will be opened up for you OK hope to see you soon my friends x ~~ PerroyPerroy329 18h
18h [RP - Interest Check] Knowledge is Power ... What is this? Magical books lurk around Azeroth each possessing different powers that could either be used for good or evil it all comes down to who ends up getting their fingers around the book. You’ll find various hints around Azeroth ranging from irregular activity to word of mouth. It’s then down to the individual or collective if they wish to pursue it and keep it for themselves, or perhaps even lock it up somewhere away from others people hands. After all who knows what one could do with these books. Once acquiring the books you’ll soon find out upon using them it comes at a price, to be able to unlock its potential you’ll have to lose something in return be it permanently or temporary. These books aren’t for the faint-hearted. Furthermore you’ll be making yourself an open target, once others figure out you’ve a book. You’re prone to be attacked, robbed or anything of the sorts to have it taken away from you. Should anyone or anything feel up to the task! Events Much like the functionality of World Quests, things will shift a lot of the times after some days, weeks or perhaps months. You’ll find rumours, activity reports and more spreading throughout regions. It’s down to guilds or players to decide if they catch wind of it or not and decide to go after it. Furthermore the occasional Treasure Trove may arise, meaning that somewhere located there’s a collection of books and other things amongst it. This’ll normally develop into a campaign where a collective group follow through hints, combat against enemies together or perhaps even fight one another to eventually reach towards the goal and claim it for their own. How will this work? There’ll be constant communication OOC from the people involved in this so that we know: Where books are currently. Who has a certain book. Who is chasing after a certain book. Rumours. Irregular activity. This is so that we’re kept aware of everything that is going, what has changed and other things that may affect the storyline. All in all, we’re able to keep it all in the clear and avoid any confusion should there be any. Claimed Books ...Fuse16 18h
18h [Dwarf-RP] VII Combined Hammers recruitment paper! Dwarves of Ironforge! Dwarves of the three clans! Hear Ironforge's call to arms against the threat of the Legion invasion at the Broken Isles and Forsaken to the north of the Wetlands! Take up Ironforge's shield and defend your home to your last breath! Show the world dwarven pride, join the military today! We want YOU for the VII Combined Hammers! Recruitment is located in the Hall of Arms, Military Ward, Ironforge. - Ironfeather ...Baríínn0 18h
20h [H-RP] Horde's Shadow - Protect Home, Follow Tradition ... ... ... ...Árani43 20h
20h [PvP] Outplayed .Vanta15 20h
21h [Dwarf RP] Great Dwarven Feast of Dwarven Unity After the Grand Dwarven Ball, now comes the Great Dwarven Feast. All information you need in the link below: Thank you for reading and hopefully we'll meet July 1st. Link to previous event and feedback: 21h
21h Dislike and likes what is the deal? Been around on and off on the forum and wow since the start and seen how the rp communities develop for good and bad. As I have come back to the forum here I do wonder about these likes and dislikes. I mean if someone is rude or just type jibberish I can understand a post gets dislikes but sometimes posts and comments just get dislikes anyway without doing something wrong. If I have understood things correct people who have made very "outspoken " posts get dislikes no matter what post they make at any time later but what about the rest of us? ( not that I agree to judge people ) If a polite recruitment post gets dislikes or a friendly comment, I just do not get it. Are their people who press dislike to anything for fun? or is it their way of saying well your concept sucks in my eyes so I will show it with my dislike? I am to old to understand the fundamental in forum trolling so perhaps that is why I make this post and ask you younger generation.Mollusca68 21h
22h [N-RP Event] Sri-La Spirit Festival Sri-La Village (orig. Sha La Village) is located on the North-eastern coast of the Jade Forest. It is a fishing village, with steep steps leading down to the shore from the cliff's edge. Normally known for its tranquil nature, but this year, the natives welcomes travellers from near and far to explore mysteries and wonders of the spirit world. A Festival, hosted in good spirits, to bring great fortune, by Siavash Windfarer and the Performers Society! Date: 29th June 2017 Time: 20:00-22:00 Location: Sri-La Village, Jade Forest, Pandaria Faction: Neutral AA Page: Map: Short Link: ... ... The Festival opens with the market. Anything goes. The festival is themed around the sea and Pandaria, so some examples for your consideration: Potion trades of aquatic abilities: Underwater breathing, swim speed and waterwalking potions Pandaren dishes: Noodle carts, fortune cookies and Pandaren banquets Pets and accessories: toys, tools and services Boat and raft rental: Offer a chance to sail out and explore the many shipwrecks Trinket booths: Treasure maps, tokens of mysterious tales, archaeological curiosities Tools for adventures: Toys, gadgets and useful tools for the journey These are just simple suggestions, and at the end you are free to decide what your stand should provide! At the market we also warmly welcome live entertainment, as for example: Dancers: Alone or in choreography with friends - always brings life to a festival Fire jugglers: We are in the season of the fire festival - using juggling torches is welcomed Fortune tellers: An always popular amusement Magicians: Tonight's event gives the chance for wizards to unfold for a show! Hearthstone Games: Good games are classy and popular Bards & Storytellers: Lyrics, short tales and fables are always entertaining to listen to You have full freedom to embrace your artistic spirit. The tavern offers table facilities to host hearthstone games, and there are ideal corners all along the road down through the village, to set up your stands! ... While Pandaria is usually known for its tranquil nature and lush landscapes, the realms is also home of a less peaceful chapter. While the Horde and Alliance colonisation in Pandaria is history, the remnants of their warfare and intense clashes still remains as a ghost from the past. Old shipwrecks and zeppelins still shapes the landscape across the ocean. Yet with any great any tragedy, wisdom can be learned. And left-over fortunes found! During the festival, you may be lucky to encounter potion vendors and engineers, trading tools for you to breathe underwater, so that you can explore the remnants of the battles - and if lucky, strange artefacts and treasury may be found along the reef! ... The sea is known for being whimsical, and so are the many spirits and creatures from its realms. But with respect and care, a great bond of friendship can grow from the waters and lead to epic adventures for both trainers and companions across the world. Tonight is a special night for the natives in Sri-La Village, as this is the evening where the aquatic spirits enters our world. Curious and mischievous by nature, these creatures has come to tease and be amused- and if satisfied, bring good fortune for the fishermen and adventurers throughout the year! Thus, to honor the spirits of the sea, we welcome all pet trainers to encounter and bond with these mysterious out-of world-creatures, and take the challenge to enter the games, where they will tumble! A tournament hosted to amuse both the spirits and their audience, giving a chance to show their mighty powers in a game where both trainer and pet is put on a test together, of both skill and tactical play! The winner runs off with the honor of having their name engraved in the Windfarer Tournaments Tablet as the third champion of the year! More about the Aquatic Spirits: The spirits comes in many shapes and temper - some of a more exotic appearance than other. One of the things they all have in common, is that even if they may look like nothing but an ordinary frog, their behavior is of a different nature. They are curious and playful, and in some cases also whimsical and love mischief. They can be a lively handful, thus acknowledgement and a chance to tumble against fellow spirits is the ideal way to calm their energy. If treated with respect and care, not only can they be a fantastic encounter, but a loyal companion, should they choose to bond and follow a loved one through future adventures. Thus, if you seek an epic partner for your journeys, this is the night to find one! Challenge the Champion! Rumour has it that tonight’s tournament invites trainers from all corners gets to fight against the legendary Hozen, Huk-Huk at the tournament!! His usual fame and acknowledgement is earned from his great cooking skills, and his trade of exotic grilled snacks in his travelling barbeque stand “Huk-Huk’s Slicky Grill”. However, his mischievous nature as a Hozen makes a perfect tag team with the Pandaren aquatic spirits, and he is eager to bring you competition! The Tournament: Four Leyline braziers will be placed near the altar of the village, to mark out the arena, for the audience. The Windfarer Aquatic Tournament is hosted as a “First come first served” contest, where the 4 first submitted competitors gets a chance to challenge fellow trainers in the arena. The time to enlist begins right after the opening speech of the festival, and lasts till 20.30. The game starts at 21:00, so make sure to be ready with your pets and transmogged costume, on time. The tournament is hosted through a Single-Elimination system, and ONLY pets of the Aquatic family are accepted in this battle pet tournament! As a minimum to enter the contest you need 3 aquatic companions and all factions are welcome in the game. No pets will be killed IC, and if they are debilitated during a fight, but wish to take revenge in next round, they will be healed and continue into next battle. As an alternatively you are also free to let another aquatic champion take the place as a new team, in the future round. Be sure to have the team ready before the combat begins, as you are NOT allowed to switch once the game is on! The path to win is through the bond of trust and friendship, thus it is recommended that you only enter the game with companions that you have a strong relation to. After the two finalist are found in round 1, the two eliminated gets to fight in round 2, to find out who wins the 3rd prize, the bronze medal, before the grand final! Surprise! Beside running off with the honour and gold medal, the winner will be granted an additional secret companion that may help them win the future competition.Siavash29 22h
23h [A-RP] Brigands We now, held in captivity, Spring to our bondage nor grieve-- See now, how it is blesseder, Brothers, to give than receive! Keep trust, wherefore we were made, Paying the debt that we owe; For a clean thrust, and the shear of the blade, Will carry us where would go. - The Day's Work, by Rudyard Kipling. ... Brigands is an outfit of dishonourable men and women, bandits, thieves and deserters. The base crooks of Azeroth operating within the southern provinces of The Eastern Kingdoms, as a leech to the wealthy, a nuisance to travellers and a bounty to the brave. Abandoning patriotism and heart in wake of simpler things. Seeking to fill their coffers with fortune, strongarm commoners, and claim lands, they are labelled "villains" by the King's henchmen and flee the reach of the city's shadow, in favour of treelines and deep forests. Lead by no chief or ruler, but instead guided by the combined will of individuals, the Bandits hierarchy is brittle and volatile at best, rewarding those with a strong arm or agile mind. ... Brigands is an attempt at a guild that aims to capture the core experience of banditry, a meeting spot for all those that delight in role-playing a morally depraved character - a criminal. Specifically -Bandits-, that roam outside of cities and towns and stalk the downtrodden road. Simply put, it's a guild where bandit characters can interact with other bandits. It is to provide criminal characters safe ground to meet and conspire, making it more efficient in finding people that like to wrangle with the law and its abiding force. The guild is purposely kept freeform, so that mains and alts alike can join wthout the strain of commitment, and savour role-play without spending half of it searching for like minded players. The name of the game is - casual. The aim is to offer a fresh criminal scene with people of similar values. To create an authentic and faithful environment where people can tell stories and create events in the form of creative writing, and develop their characters through the consequences of their actions. Death opens up the opportunity to make something new and exciting. The whole premise this will be built upon is cooperation, not competition on a OOC scale. There's no "winning" or "losing", and the guild will strive to create a healthy, sensible and above all, enjoyable experience between those involved. Law enforcement and do-gooders by extension, are the drive behind potential role-play for criminals, even if it's the stark opposite, they still compliment each other in their own respects. Strong OOC communication and mutual respect is essential for this. ... The trade of banditry boasts a large of variety miscreants, even if they're looking drab in torn leathers and tattered linens, appearing as no more than common thugs, there are traits and skillsets that distinguishes each of them. Below is a list with the sort of outlaws you will find among these brigands. Raiders: 1 - Pillager Strong of arm and weak of morals, the pillager does bloody work with a callous heart, and takes their spoils by sword and mace, rather than a trade of words. 2 - Enforcer Heavy-set and clad in armour, as ragged as it might be, these toughened crooks stand fast against the king's henchman and wrangle the rabid greed from their fellow outlaws into some bloody semblance of order. Scoundrels: 1 - Bushwhacker Their eyes are sharp but not half as sharp as their knives and arrows. Whether they're a trapper or a scout, the bushwhacker excels in distant ambush with ruthless execution. 2 - Skulker Footpads, scoundrels and smugglers - with quiet steps, crafty minds and quick retreats, they ply their dastardly trades from the shadows. 3 - Profiteer Nothing sounds sweeter to the profiteer than the crisp clinking of coins. They know the best loot, and they can turn it into gold from the silver of their tongue. Casters: 1 - Rogue Wizard Wrapped in ratty cloth, these mystic tricksters tussle with the terrible forces of magic. Whether they abandoned their studies or taught themselves from stolen tomes, their haphazard spells crackle with unstable power. ... The guild will accept Humans, Gnomes, Dwarves, and Worgen. Night Elf characters will need a strong and solid reason to be involved in banditry. There's no set 'uniform', yet for the sake of authenticity, the aim is for lower-tier looking armour and weapons. If this catches your interest, let me hear your thoughts on the thread or in-game. Feedback and criticism, to improve the concept overall.Mbrent52 23h
1d <Unlikely Heroes> Recruiting raiders! (Horde) What do we do? Hello there fellow Argent Dawn(ers)! Unlikely Heroes is currently raiding Tomb of Sargeras and we could use a few more people in our roster! We as a guild consider ourselves an Heroic Raiding guild, which basically means we will progress through the whole of Heroic, finish it and the "Curve" achievement and farm said raid on Heroic for as long as we find it fun to do. (We also use our farm runs for boosts from time to time, earn ourselves some gold along the way) Ontop of that, unlike perhaps most guilds, we are very much a wing-it type guild, this means we do NOT require you to know the tactics from a video or otherwise beforehand, we will all have a moment to read the journal before the fight, and afterward when we pull, we will figure the fight out together and work out our own way. We find this way very interactive with everyone in the guild and a lot of fun to do too! Our raid schedule? Monday 20:30-23:30 Wednesday 20:30-23:30 Friday 20:30-23:30 What do we need, and what do you need? We are currently looking for 1 more healer (Disc or Shaman) and ranged DPS that do not use the Vanquisher Tokens (Since we have a lot of them already) If you are interested, we would like you to send a mail or talk to Jinbra when he is online! In addition if there are any questions feel free to reply to this post and I will answer them here, or otherwise find me ingame and we can chat there!Jinbra2 1d
1d Crux 9/9 Norm & 5/9 HC - Recruiting for Progression Greetings, So, who are we? Crux, a newly formed guild here on Argent Dawn, are looking for players like yourself to fill our roster. We are looking for you to join us in our progression raids which will require you to be available 3 nights a week. After our first run, we are currently 9/9 Normal and 3/9 Heroic, looking to push at least 6/9 Heroic by first reset.We hope to quickly move on to Mythic progression soon after its release. So, if you think you have what it takes, please feel free to PM me in game, on the forum or whisper any of our officers in game (They are mostly helpful). We are happy to trial all DPS and Healer class roles, but we are prioritising DPS to join our roster. Preferably Rogues, Hunters, DKs You can find our progress here : Tier 19 Progress : 10/10 (N) - 10/10 (H) - 3/10 (M) Tier 20 Progress : 9/9 (N) - 5/9 (H) - 0/9 (M) Raidtimes We raid 3 Nights per week. All times in server time. *subject to change Wednesday - 8:30pm - 11:30pm Friday - 8:30pm - 11:30pm >Optional Alt / Catchup Run< Monday - 8:30pm - 11:30pm Sunday - 8:30pm - 11:30pm Community Crux is proud to have an exceptional community, we have a number of active members who make it their job each week to boost other players through M+ to ensure every willing guild member has their +15 complete and is getting as much gear outside of raids as possible. We have those happy to join you in some Arenas, or Battlegrounds, transmog runs and more. Contact GM : Howard#21130 Recruitment Officers in game : Pieromancer, Feldreth Note* Crux is a progression guild, however we welcome any and all social players, but we are not a guild focused on RP'ing, so please bare that in mind as I'm aware it may be of issue for some of you lovely people. We will be looking to hold more social events in the future, such as RBGS with plenty of alcohol involved. Thankyou for your time.Tuesdays10 1d
1d [Spoilers] KJ's death cinematic - A server consensus As I am sure anyone willing to read spoilers is aware, KJ's death has some major consequences for roleplay. Unfortunately however the visual effect is phased, meaning there will be people who have it already and some who won't have it until the last wing of LFR is released. This leads to a major problem IC. When does Argus appear over Azeroth for us all? Obviously it makes little sense for some running around the city in panic while others are entirely oblivious to it, and will make even less sense if someone's first look at Argus is because someone reacting to it in the street, telling everyone who might have missed the giant portal in the sky. So it makes sense if most RPers on AD come to a general idea of when it should happen that we can all react appropriately, and at a similar time. I've spoken to a few of my Bnet buddies and there has been different ideas as to, generally, when one should be aware of it. Things I have heard so far include: 1) World First Mythic KJ kill 2) Realm First Mythic KJ kill 3) Last wing of LFR's release 4) There should be a large event involving it for the server All the options have their merits, and their flaws. 1) Most don't follow the mythic race so won't have a clue. 2) Our best raiders on this server took 3 months to kill Gul'dan mythic after his release in January. 3) That's 9th of August, which is... A long while to wait. 4) Who, what, when, where and how. It's my hope we can discuss this, and come up with a plan. A plan that will by no means be the definitive answer or an excuse to be like: "THIS IS HOW THE SERVER IS AND LORE PROGRESSES, AND IF YOU DON'T KNOW IT YOU SUCK". Instead it is an attempt to tackle, as a server, a very difficult problem 7.2.5 has caused and to minimize the split in the server. So. Any ideas?Lonecreek55 1d
1d Who is Duskar? Who is that guy?Argetor19 1d
1d [H-RP] The Eventide Initiative Argus has appeared, rising to cast its fel shadow over all of Azeroth and dimming the light of the world to a war-ravaged night. The Eventide Initiative, marches forth and turns towards this abyssal night, but they will not break. For they will break this darkest of nights. The newly forged Initiative have been deployed to the front-lines, abandoning their past guise as a Sin'dorei force to welcome the aid of any and all who share their ideals - to preserve and protect Azeroth against the many dangers the world faces. Seeking and training prospects as well as playing a major role in the war, they move to bring forth their magic as well as their might in aiding the armies of Legionfall against the rising fires of the Burning Legion. We are a heavy RP Guild that runs frequent campaigns and RP events, looking to interact with the Argent Dawn RP community as a whole while nurturing long-term stories and character development for our members in an immersive world honed through the use of in-depth and engaging RP arcs run alongside a unique combat system. Any interested individuals can send in an application at our site, with the recruitment process itself consisting of OOC and IC reviews. Guild Information Name: The Eventide Initiative Type: Heavy-RP Focus: Lore-abiding, adventure/paramilitary Alignment: Good Site: Contacts: Raethalas, Ferannae, Itlaris, Ryvoan Recruitment: Mandatory sign up on the site, OOC and IC interviews Restrictions: No villainous characters, TRP 3 requiredRaethalas0 1d
1d [A] Erandium - 9/9 Normal, 5/9 Heroic Recruiting <Erandium> is looking to recruit new members to its raiding roster for progression in the Tomb of Sargeras. We are a group of players who focus on Heroic raiding with an emphasis on casual raiding. Alongside Heroic raiding we have an avid focus on the raid meta-achievements in order to collect the mounts from each raid tier. Raiding Days: The guild raids on Thursday and Monday, 20:00 – 23:00 server time. Buff food and repair costs will be provided courtesy of the guild bank, flasks and potions will need to be provided by yourself. Class Recruitment: We are currently looking for: Mage Warlock Priest (Shadow) Your Trial: We run a trial period of two full raid lock-outs in order for us and yourself to get a feel for one another and make sure you are right for the guild, and the guild is right for you. In this time you will be expected to attend all raids scheduled. Our Current Progression: • 7/7 Emerald Nightmare (Normal) • 7/7 Emerald Nightmare (Heroic) • 3/3 Trial of Valor (Normal, pre-nerf) • 3/3 Trial of Valor (Heroic, pre-nerf) • 10/10 Nighthold (Normal) • 10/10 Nighthold (Heroic) • 9/9 Tomb of Sargeras (Normal) • 5/9 Tomb of Sargeras (Heroic) For further information on the guild and / or requesting a trial, contact myself, Lazzero or Theána, or leave a post below.Hampaw17 1d
1d [A/Line Infantry] Drisburg Fusiliers ... --- FAQ: "What does the name mean?" Drisburg was a Tirasian town on the north of Kul Tiras before it was destroyed in the Third War by an army of Scourge. It was famous for its high influence of culture from Khaz Modan. The name fusilier is a type of soldier and still used today in the British Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. The name originally comes from the French word for gun - fusil - and was given to soldiers equipped around the early 1700s with the first variants of what we would now call a flintlock musket. Before that, soldiers would use matchlocks - weapons that carried a string of hemp that must always remain lit by a live flame. This made guarding artillery and the camp's magazine (thousands of kegs of black powder) hazardous as the flame could jump and cause catastrophe, so the few soldiers given this new flint-activated weapon - which produced no fire until it was shot - were named fusiliers and primarily used to guard the baggage train from enemy attack. "Who do you recruit, and why?" Like many military guilds to come before us, we divide our classes based on combat style into smaller detachments. These rarely field more than three people at any one time, but the combination of skills and fighting styles allows for a more varied event and higher chance of success. Drisburg Fusiliers, a company sized unit, recruits from four regiments (much larger) of the wider Tirasian Army, and these relate directly to the four or five classes we accept: HUMANS - Hunters: Regular soldiers; line infantry Rogues/Monks: Irregular soldiers; skirmishers & trap-setters Warriors: Regular soldiers; pikemen DWARVES - All Classes: Irregular soldiers; artillery crew These four regiments are referred to as the 27th, 28th, 30th and 31st Regiments of the Line respectively. Regulars wear deep green coats with formal shirts and trousers; irregulars wear khaki coats with no shirts and practical dark trousers. "What kind of RP can I expect?" The key to the Fusiliers (and this was decided through practice) is that nothing is ever planned, even the conclusion of events that are currently happening. The introduction of the character sheets means no character's decision can ever be predicted, and thus within the guild you will not only be able to forge your own character's story, but also have it permanently affect the wider guild too as there are no defined endings. Our events are (at the moment) thoroughly PvE-based and rely on a system of free emoting. Rolls are rarely if ever used and only applied in situations when luck is a factor (such as firing artillery in high winds or firing a poorly-maintained musket) - even then they incur heavy modifiers applied by the DM depending on the character's skills. We may do RPPvP in the coming months, but this will rely on us being able to find a secondary uniform for both our regular and irregular troops that can be transmogrified; we have yet to decide whether this is worth it due to the usual stress and failure of PvP to uphold quality RP.Hessían23 1d
1d [H-RP] Bloodsong Advance ... Who are we & Concept Created in early 2017, around the concept of a nomadic warband, similar to the style of the first orcish forces invading azeroth, a very mobile force, able to cover large distances and battle their way through any terrain and foe. The Bloodsong has become a warband sworn to preserve and perpetuate Orcish culture and society, consisting of orcs and half-orcs from all clans and paths, brought together to defend the Orcish way of life. As a guild, we accept only orc, or half-orc characters into our ranks. Structure & Hierarchy The warband is led by the Warlord and it is his word that is the utmost law the warband lives by. Under the Warlord comes three different branches of Orcs and their own Champions.. The Oath of Ferocity Those who favor brute strength, rage and deadly sharp swiftness. These warriors and beastmasters are the frontline of any battle. The Oathbound of Ferocity are led by the Osh'Kazil. The Warleader. The Oath of Wisdom The orcs who follow this path, may not share the brute strength of their kin, but they make it up with the knowledge and their bond to the elements, they are the guiding hand behind the frontline, led by the Wor'Gun. The Wolf Spirit. The Champion of this path, the one who bears the name of the Wolf Spirit, is Frostwolf Thra’zok Stormhowl. The Oath of Shadow Those who prefer to walk with the shadows and use them to their advantage follow this path. The silent force striking in their enemies flank. The manipulators of darker forces. They are led by the Nelghor'Karosh. The Cry of Death. The Rite of the Oathbound Once the new members of the warband have proven themselves in battle and taken a worthy trophy, they may take on the warbands most sacred ritual and ascend into the ranks of Oathbound. The Warlord will then speak with the warbands head shaman, and arrange the ritual where the warband makes a pilgrimage to the sacred shrine. At the shrine, under the eyes of the spirits and your brothers and sisters, you will take your oath. There are many more rites and rituals that define the life of any Orc in the warband, but the Rite of the Oathbound is what makes you truly one of us. Recruitment and Contacting As mentioned, we accept only orcish characters, or those with orcish heritage. Feel free to approach us In-Character, or contact one of our officers. We could even organise roleplay out of the manner in which your character comes to join us. It’s all in the communication! Our recruitment officers currently are Golgannash, Thrazók and Uzog. A few rules It’s not always easy to be friendly with everyone, but do try. You carry the guild tag, represent it well both OOCly and ICly.Thrazók16 1d
1d Morgan and her 'Kingdom' So, this thread is about Morgan ( For those who do not know her, she leads a group known as Morgan's Militia, seeking to establish a new Kingdom in the Burning Steppes. The last we heard from them (from what I know), was their role in the Blackrock Depths. Now, what do you guys think about the background of Morgan and her group? Considering their tabard, why are they recieving support for a whole new Kingdom, in a region that in old times (hundreds of years ago), technically was a part of the Kingdom of Stormwind? And isn't "Kingdom" somewhat of a strong word for what seems to be 20ish people with bad equipment?Kastane5 1d