Argent Dawn

15 Nov 2018 [H-RP] Hand of Zanchul (Zandalari/Troll/Slave Guild) ... The Hand of Zanchul (IC Info) Led by an elder member of Zanchul, Prophet Rak'huul, who chose to side with neither Zul nor the crown during the rebellion, this new opposition of troll supremacists seeks to create an alternative to the Zandalari Crown in the wake of Zul's defeat. We will take in any troll that shares our values, Zandalari, Amani, Gurubashi, Drakkari, Farakki, regardless of their background, regardless of their loa. We are trolls, and we are mighty. "We trolls were first to rule this world, and we shall be the last." - Prophet Zul Though we may be strong, we are also few, and we must accept the reality that we will never bring the change we desire on our own. To this end, we will increase our numbers by force, through domination and slavery. Yes, the lesser races will be made to serve, either as slaves or as gladiators. Some of them will see to our daily needs, while the more... sturdy- will act as fodder in the heat of battle, and as occasional entertainment, of course! ... OOC Info! Let's address the elephant in the room off the bat and confirm a few things: -Yes, this guild will take slaves. No, this doesn't mean we condone slavery! -No, we are not Old God cultists because we idolize Zul! -Yes, we are kinda' racist bad guys, depending on your point of view, but RP needs more of that, and I assure you we're all good people OOC! Great, with that said, let's move on to a few more important notes: 1. I won't bore you with a paragraph stating all the usual rules, so here's a quick summary; don't metagame, don't poweremote, don't lol, don't grief, don't bring the guild tag to shame, don't break RP-PvP rules, yada yada. 2. As stated this guild will take slaves of other races, and as you might suspect, this will possibly attract some rather... 'strange' RPers. We will of course be careful with filtering to ensure avoiding these types of people. 3. Being in this guild, we expect you to take responsibility for your characters' actions. There will be no such thing as 'denying IC death or mutilation' or whatever. IC is IC, and though we of course won't just kill someone's character without having good reason and speaking to them OOC, we do expect you to remember that. 4. Important note: Though we are already making plans and preparations for this guild, it won't kick into full swing until Zandalari are playable. Until then, we recommend you join our Discord Server to keep up to date! 5. Will we have RP-PVP? Our options may be limited as things may develop in a way that makes us incompatible with other horde guilds at campaigns, but if there's room for RP-PVP, we will definitely try to make it happen, I love me some of that RP-PVP How do I join this troll supremacist party? Excellent question! This post will be updated to include more officers and names which you can whisper when the time comes, but as Zandalari won't be available for some time, we don't yet have many characters you can whisper. My first recommendation is that you join our discord server via this link: However, if that's not an option, you may whisper: Rakhuul (Horde) - Me Sharp (Horde) - Me Tom (Alliance) - Me Zùl (Horde) - Me Kapera (Alliance) - Co-GM Finally, you can also comment on this post and hopefully I'll catch you and we can get in contact through here. With all that said, I hope you'll join and thanks for reading!Rak48 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 Sylvanas would sing this. If we all knew her true intentions. In fact what we are seen we can just assume she is the 'bad guy' I would see her singing this just to get her point across. 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 [H-RP] Grim Gest - Gruesome deeds for the greater good ... ... ... ... ...Morsteth97 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 (A-RP) The Scrimshanders The Scrimshanders Definition of scrimshander 1 : scrimshaw 2 : a person who creates scrimshaw Scrimshaw is the name given to scrollwork, engravings, and carvings done in bone or ivory. The Scrimshanders are a paramilitary Alliance group acting against the Forsaken (and anyone else in the way) on the western seaboard of the north Eastern Kingdoms region – Silverpine, Gilneas, Tirisfal, Kul Tiras, and perhaps even further afield. Their goals are simple – to provide strategic assistance to the Alliance in eliminating various threats, most notably the remnants of the Forsaken, and to ensure the taint of necromancy is thoroughly and completely removed from the Eastern Kingdoms. This latter mission may pit them against stranger foes, in stranger climes, but their main place and purpose is definitely at the heart of the fight in Lordaeron. The guild aims to offer something with camaraderie and ardor, yet flexibility and purpose as well. Relying upon covert strikes and pinpoint precision, the Scrimshanders certainly have much to offer the heterodox, the cunning, and the clever. Whether it is tracking Forsaken spies, carving into Horde supply lines, or sowing distrust between rival practitioners of dark magic, the battle is endless and the tasks varied in their nature. As such, most classes and races work just fine! There are a few exceptions, however. Necromancy, being loathed with a deep and abiding passion, prohibits Death Knights. Lightforged and most Paladins, while respected, may find themselves unsuitable for the work, though not always. In contrast, Void Elves are acceptable, but any sign of succumbing to the Void or to the allure of necromancy will probably result in a quick demise. Lastly, Warlocks and Demon Hunters are far too associated with corrupt magic to be welcomed, though unusual or reforming demonologists might be accepted. The guild’s attitude to combat certainly synergises well with the Illidari, but not much else does. In terms of theme, there’s a strong question of vengeance – and the lengths individuals might go to accomplish their goals. Much of what the Scrimshanders do is morally right, or at least done against those who are morally repugnant, but doing fairly brutal things to terrible people is hardly a pleasant path. And yet there is also an element of freedom and hope, thematically – that the war may yet be won, and that by skirting the edge, the darkness may yet be driven back. Grimly optimistic is a good watchword. FAQ What makes this guild stand out? Why should I apply here, and not to another guild with similar themes? Certainly, there are similarities to “fer the nerth” guilds, covert ops guilds, etc. But also differences. The Scrimshanders’ specific focuses give the guild more direction, and the prospect for long-term plots that spring neither out of specific missions (as with covert ops) nor personal politics (as is often the case with northern guilds). Instead, these plots grow out of ideological purpose, and the demands thereof. With the way BFA is shaping up, the guild (and the individuals who comprise it) have flexibility to grow and adapt in ways other guilds might struggle to cope with. The intent is to pick up and make use of what works, and discard the rest. How is the guild structured? Given the loose affiliations and flexibility of the Scrimshanders, the ranking is a flatter and broader hierarchy than is common, but it goes essentially like this for membership: New Meat (those who have yet to survive a full engagement/mission) Blooded (those who have indeed survived a full engagement/mission) Bone Carvers (veterans, full members worthy of engagement and respect) Descending in order of importance. Those in positions of greater authority: Flensers (Entrusted with a handful of others – capable of working down to the bone, so the others may continue) Renderers (Taking the fat off the bone and working it into something useful – seconds in command, specialist advisers, et cetera) And of course, the leader. Hi there. Are there any OOC guild policies of which I should be aware upon joining? Easy summary: don’t be a dick, don’t interfere in other people’s RP without asking if it’s okay, and don’t stick “Not a DK Icly” in your RP profile. Who do I contact for further, more specific questions, and/or joining? The easiest person to talk to is definitely me, but you can contact any senior member - just ask who the highest ranking person currently online is. If you can't find anyone, send me an OOC letter detailing your interest. I’ll be sure to add you and reply ASAP. In terms of IC justification, we can either approach you, or you can approach us - an IC letter works either way, or perhaps we might know of your character's exploits and seek you out! ----- Further questions are welcome, and can be added to the FAQ. Argent Archives Page: 15 Nov 2018
15 Nov 2018 [A-RP] Alliance Salvaging and Procurement Alliance Salvaging and Procurement document of information and recruitment. As we see war. A tool of progression and depletion used by us, the mortal races of this universe. It is the source that feeds into belief, survival and power. For decades we have seen war as the Alliance, war among us, and war away from home. We’ve seen many fall and many rise, many to reach for their goal and shape their choices for their own good, or their people. The Alliance have experienced heavy tolls of loss, war cannot feed itself. War doesn’t survive without the veins of life carrying it forward - war doesn’t sustain itself. Supply and support, we are the veins of the Alliance. We are part of the arm that reaches out towards the foes, we lead the fists of victory towards the flanks of any foe that opposes the Alliance. Resources is the life blood of the Alliance. As our forces march towards our enemies, we’ll be on the backlines supplying the soldiers with the need for victory. In the path of our force’s advance, or retreat, we will retrieve what might be lost, or can be reused to further our goals. Alliance Salvaging and Procurement is a contracted outfit sourced under the administration of the Alliance, and its allies. We’ve welcomed the tasks to retrieve, reconstruct and reuse the resources and tools that serve as a benefit to the Alliance. We seek out the warzones before, during and after to retrieve what we see fit to serve the right outcome. Process and Authority, the A.S.A.P will follow their own command and protocol until they are requested in the field by mission briefing or demand, then it’ll serve under the control of the military command of the Alliance. Noble titles and procured titles of heroic actions does not hold any authority over the members of the outfit and its administration. (OOC: Alliance Salvaging is a guild operated on the factor that not everyone can be part of the military. There is a need, and a place for the civilians, craftsmen and workforce. A guild created to support the community with another stage of role play to give people a chance to see another page than just war. We of course do support that of RPpvp and Unrestricted PvP but this project is also connected to that of PvE events. ASAP isn’t a military guild but holds ties with that of military role play. Alliance Salvaging is an Alliance RPpvp/pve guild centered around the industrial/civilian section of war. The guild is still a rather fresh and awakened project that is aimed to be a permanent member of the Argent Dawn community. The current guild leader is with over a decade of role play experience from World of Warcraft, and almost two decades of role play experience in total. ASAP has been a project on mind for over a year now but has always been taken with weary thoughts as to make way to the development of the community. And now it feels to be the time to plant the seed. To see a project grow) Requirements for recruitment: The Alliance Salvaging and Procurement are seeking abled men and women who can hold their passion for their field of trade. Are you strong enough to haul yourself? Are you holding experience for the field, or wish to achieve more? Do you hold a trade or just an affinity for finding the gem among the rocks? Then you are welcomed to seek out a member of the ASAP administration. (OOC: Requirements: minimum level 20. No more than 30 days of inactivity. Professions isn’t a must but always welcomed as the guild is about the industrial touch) Ranks and roles of the Alliance Salvaging and Procurement: Director: The administrator in charge of the Alliance Salvaging and Procurement. This position is currently held by Jeremy S. Lochton, also benefactor of the company in question. There is no command above this position, though in the field of war, the Director will be cooperating with the military units of the Alliance forces. Administration: An administrative position in the ASAP is like the officers position at the military, you are to stand to take command from the director as well as facilitate yourself and your abilities in the field. This’ll lead to cooperation among the ranks below for missions, training session or service. You report to the Director but if you are in the field, the Lead Security as well. Security: As we progress into the wide world that we call home, some of us need protection against the challenges we are to oppose. Even as a salvager, workhand or civilian, the world can be a danger and that is where we are in need of the security unit. As security, you are to take sentry position and watch over the missions. You are under the command of the Lead Security, the Director and the Administration, though in the field of war, Stormwind Military will be first in charge before the administration as long as this does not endanger agents of the ASAP. Operations Lead: Operations Lead is the management title for the missions, trades, transports and deals that are to undergo in our business. You hold a command at the Salvagers, Workhand and the civilian members. On the field of war, you are reporting to the Director, the Lead Security and the Alliance Military. Salvager: A specialized member of the ASAP, the Salvager is a given title for their field work of salvaging, procurement and freight. You are a trained member of the unit and able to fulfill your tasks to haul back the investment safely. You follow the command of any Lead role, as well as the administration, Director and the Alliance military when in the warzone. Workhand: You hold a trade at heart, be it cooking, sewing, tanning or even engineering. The ASAP is welcoming the specialized trade of the market that can serve as a good tool in supplying the people, and the armies of the Alliance. You are under the command of the lead roles, as well as the administration, Director and on the field of war, the Alliance military. Medical: Menders, tenders, doctors and nurses. The personnel of the ASAP, as well as the units of the Alliance are always in need of medical attention. You are considered to have a proficiency in the task of healing or first aid. You are under the command of all the lead roles, as well as the administration and the Director. On the field of war, you are also there to assist the Alliance military unit as long as this does not endanger your own obligations. Civilian/alt: You are a member of the society, mostly either not granted a position yet, or a family member of an agent of the ASAP. There is no demands put upon this position as long as you follow the command of the agents in service. Base of operations: We’re located at the Stormwind City Harbour as we take full use of the access and open area for storage and workshops. We hold a strong location for a quick response. In the field we fall to the procedures of the ASAP and hold a reduced amount of administrative documents and holdings. Tools of the trade: The Alliance Salvaging and Procurement holds a appropriate fleet of aerial transportation, thanks to a generous cooperation of multiple skilled engineers and blacksmiths. In our hold of resources and abilities, we have seen ourselves fit to use the following means of transportation of freight, as well as manpower. Grand Mammoths (OOC:Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth/Grand Black War Mammoth/Grand Ice Mammoth) - A common tool in the transportation of large amount of freight across open terrain. This delightful creature has been an acquired tool from the Alliance base, Valiance Keep. It has been outfitted with leather reins and strappings to make it able to haul cargo over a greater distance. Gyrocopters (OOC: Flying Machine) - A creation of marvelous engineering that offers the ASAP the ability to transport light cargo to the warzone and back. As well as the ability to react remote locations. These units has been constructed in the cooperation of the Tinkers Union, as well as the Engineers of Ironforge. The aerial unit is outfitted with a carrier harness. Flying Machines (OOC: Stormwind Skychaser) - A compact aerial transport for freight of heavy cargo as well as additional manpower. This unit has been a marvel of an idea brewed from the minds of Stormwind, and the Alliance engineers. It is outfitted with a carrier harness for heavy freight to the warzone as well as dense/overgrown areas. It holds the capacity of an additional member as a passenger, either security detail or support. Gryphons <strong/>(OOC: Any gryphon mount of selection) - As part of the Alliance, and located in Stormwind, we have seen ourselves gifted with personal transportation in the form of the gryphons. Each beast raised and handled by specialized members of the Alliance, and offered for service in the field. Ships - We hold no vessels at our charge but the ASAP does make contracts with other vessels for ocean transportation but tend to rely on the schools of magic if it proves safer. Though, do not forgot the most important tool in the field - YOU! The agent in the field will be the strongest tool to offer. We suggest you of course familiarize yourself with the common tools of your selected trade - and perhaps be sure to have a spare knife and a light source.Lochton13 15 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 Division 13 recruiting Basic information Guild name: Division Thirteen Faction: Horde-Hostile Type: Military Base of operation: Silvermoon City, and the rest of Azeroth Guild leader: Faerin Darkheart Officers: Ratheril, AlavieJïnxy30 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 [Dwarf RP] Clan Stormheart - A New Beginning ... New Ranking System (Highest to Lowest): Stormheart Family:- Thane: The leader of his family, the eldest amongst his kinsmen and the strong-willed overseer of his home. He has earned his seat at the high-table of his hearth and will defend his honour and pride should it be besmirched. His say is final and his judgement understood, leading in the ‘Markings of Garhl’ as he seeks to continue the teachings of the Ghal’bram to his people. Ever watchful for heroic deeds and grand gestures of his own, a keen story-teller who will continue to pass down tales of the ages. A father to all that call themselves Stormheart. Khal’rand (Council): The Khal’rand usually comprises of the Thane’s most -trusted-. Tradition has sought this role to be filled by family, his eldest sons and daughters. But the Khal’rand changes with each passing Thane. It is within this circle of trust he shall pick a successor to the family. Those chosen would likely comprise of the strongest warriors and the most persuasive minds. The greatest hand-picked worthy enough to lead the clan should the need arise. Syddan’dahl (Family): Loyalty, Strength, Will, Knowledge and Courage. Upon completing the final trial and earning the last ‘Marking of Garhl’ you’ll take part in the ascension ceremony. In which you’ll be lifted up into the family, the weight of the Khal’brass sinks into your very -blood-. You’ll become part of the Stormheart legacy, the greatest glory an outsider could achieve in their life-time. To await that moment when the Thane swears his love and acceptance, it’ll deliver you into a family bond that’ll stand the testaments of time. A place for you carved onto the family tree, holding high the name Stormheart forever. —————————————— Trials of the Ghal’bram:- Godkend’dahl (Courage): Bal’gahn Stormheart, first Thane of our family. He who had slain the great white bear Garhl at the foothills of Ironforge centuries past. Courage, only truly comes when you’re afraid and through this final trial - you’ll search yourself, delving deep to find it. And confront it. (Fifth Claw: ) Guma’dahl (Knowledge): Meira Stormheart, first to bind and transcribe for Bal’gahn, keeper of the first pages of the Ghal’bram. Her knowledge stretches countless passages and books left to find for those worthy. Understanding the ways of a Stormheart within her left legacy. To learn from their ancient laws and tradition. (Fourth Claw: ) Kost’dahl (Will): Karban Stormheart, creator and first wielder of the Stormheart’s mighty Stormhammer Mok’grum. A seasoned shaman who took great fondness in living as one with the wild, for this trial will see you traverse the mighty landscapes of Khaz Modan. To be one with the earth, water and sky. Finding the right mindset that all Wildhammer share. (Third Claw: ) Misfaran’dahl (Strength): Olgan Stormheart, the strongest recorded of our family and father to the present Thane Grahda. The ‘breaker of mountains’ and the hauler of stone, a trial focussed on your body and mind. Strength comes from many places, find it and you’ll succeed. Or crumble under the weight of our forebear’s watchful gaze. (Second Claw: ) Skalf’dahl (Loyalty): Grahda Stormheart, the current Thane of Stormheart. To earn the first ‘claw’ you’ll need to prove loyalty to him. Be this by a gift of wealth or blood. Your character will be judged accordingly to whatever they present. Alongside this gift you’ll take the oath of our family, adorning the sacred Khal’brass upon your most dominant arm. Honour your Thane, honour yourself. (First Claw: )(Khal’brass: ) ... —————————————— Settlers:- Modoss (Marked): You’ll be tattoo’d with the simple ‘paw’, acknowledged by Thane Stormheart as he’d believe you ready. Allowing you to begin the trials of the Ghal’bram. (Marked Paw: ) Mogo’dune (Unmarked): You’ve found Clan Stormheart, now awaiting an open audience with the Thane and family, for it is he who will ultimately decide if you’re destined to join us, or to be turned away. ...Grahda24 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 [Dwarf-RP] The Markings of Garhl - Clan Stormheart ------------------The Ghal'Bram is lost... This is the beginning of a new era----------------- ... Guild Thread: Clan Stormheart's new beginning has come! As elaborated upon in the guild thread above, Clan Stormheart has seen a new beginning. As the teachings of our ancestral tome "Ghal'Bram" fade, a new dawn arises by ink and blood, with which the teachings of the ancestors live on in -every- worthy Stormheart; through the Markings of Garhl. Being a deeply tribal Wildhammer Clan, Stormheart both icly and oocly values family/clan RP deeply while keeping the fantasy of World of Warcraft alive within guild storylines, events and campaigns. We are a tight-knit group of Wildhammer roleplayers looking for something different than the greater millitary and house roleplay that has dominated AD for the past months if not years. We would like to invite any and all living Wildhammers and Bronzebeards who are willing to invest into a character concept that is rarely seen on this realm. With ample opportunity to expand your character's story, to make events and be part of them, we hope to provide a friendly environment for you to enjoy while keeping focussed on clan and family. Being based in Kirthaven, we do not often see the Likes of Stormwind. We create our own RP, and you can too! Feel free to message any of our officers in-game, or send a message on Discord for any questions you might have! {We do require a minimum level of 90 for free movement throughout most of Azeroth} Officers: Grahda [Jaw95#7073 on Discord] Owáin Aerla Thunderlung [AstaLawl#6753 on Discord]Thunderlung0 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 [Undead RP] The Hand of Agony : Fractured, but unbound ... ___________________________________________________________________________ The Hand of Agony, also known as The Queen's Grasp, originally based on Hand of Vengeance, is a Forsaken-only guild focused on Military RP. Even while the guild is focused on Military themes, not all of our events however are strictly militaristic. Apart from our own events, produced and brought to life by officers and members alike, we have done many, many co-operative events with several other guilds, and more have been planned for the future! Many of these events and campaigns can be found on our Argent Archives -page, where our allied guilds are also listed. From once being only apothecaries, the Queen’s Grasp has grown into a fully operational warmachine, determined and prepared to fight the threats which the kingdom of Lordaeron and the Banshee Queen faces. - Accept new roleplayers, willing to teach etc - More information on our AA: Current base: Without base of operation for now! Rank system: OOC: Members that have not undergone an in character interview. Said characters are allowed to remain OOC for the time it takes them to lvl, or gather RP items, or whatever other reason there is. Not indefinitely, however. Recruit: New blood in the military unit receives a rank of Recruit, his journey ready to start. A lot of hard work will be need to prove themselfs. Trooper: Gaining experience Recruits become troopers. Forming a less experienced pool of soldiers that will get the job done... if guided right. Specialist: Are soldiers who already knows a few tricks and their skills has been tested enough to be ready for a deployment almost anywhere without preparations. Veteran: These veteran soldiers of any branch act as exemplars for the less experienced among the Hand. Some are loved while others are feared, the Veteran's duty is to show those below them how it's done. Elite: Having earned the respect of their unit and their unit Commander the Elites are men and women who are battle-hardened and equipped for their tasks. Often associated with a certain officer the Elites act as a ''Second in command'' to their assigned unit. Officer: Having been put in charge by the Commander of the Hand the Officers lead the Hand's different divisions with an unyielding tenacity. All sections (Apothecaries/Deathguards/Deathstalkers/Spellweavers/Clergy) have one of these and each of them is determined to make her Majesty proud. Executor: The leader of the Hand of Agony, holds absolute command over the entire unit and holds a powerful position in the Forsaken military. Current recruitment officers: Guildmaster Jorríck - Officers: Burkeheart, Iztok If none of the Officers are available, you can contact any member or elite for applications but you do have to handle the IC interviews with an officer. Argent Archives Profile: Old threads: Regards to Akru for making the original post as well as the Argent archives page. ___________________________________________________________________________ Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ! Q; Alright, seen you guys around, cool name and all.. But what EXACTLY are you about? A: Mainly about RP, we serve her Majesty without doubts, going to places where others dare not to enter. Q: Sylvanas huh.. Doesn't that mean you are very anti-horde? A: Both yes and no. The beauty of Forsaken roleplay is that it is based around Free Will, and so is the guild. As long as you are loyal to Sylvanas, it's all good.. Q: Promotion? A:You have to be active and show us what you want to roleplay as. If you are a hunter wanting to be a Dreadguard, you prove it by rping as one and dressing accordingly. Each event you go to will earn you a small amount of promotion points only visible to the officers. You will then be called to a second interview for each rank you advance in when it's time. Making it all happen IC so you can't predict when it is about to happen. Q: Why can't I join as a Dark ranger?! A: Cause we have decided to remove the rank altogether for two reasons: 1 is that the class is often associated with a lot of confusion and drama. We do not shun dark rangers but we chose not to have them as part of our officer system. People can still join as dark rangers as elites or deathstalkers, but won't ever be officers. 2 is that we do not recruit more blood elves. Even if your blood elf is an undead icly or a death knight, we won’t allow you to join as we already got way too many. BUT.. If you chose to use the Forsaken model and rp an undead blood elf that way, we will more then welcome you! Q: Anything else? A: We want to promote more use of the Forsaken as a race all together as well as the model of the forsaken male and female. There is so much rich story for everyone to enjoy! We gladly help newcomers and constructive feedback is something we are always open for. Do leave the trolling somewhere else though!Emarric159 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 (A) - SaltyGits - LFM SaltyGits is a social mature guild with a RL focus but we havn't missed an AOTC since inception! In BFA our target is to progress into Mythic! We were the core raid team of the guild GITS but have recently split to create a salty raiding focused guild. We have an active community both inside and outside of the game! As a guild we have a number of active members that do different of things in game together. We raid 2 Nights per week. All times in server time. Wednesday 8:00pm - 11:00pm Sunday 8:00pm - 11:00pm We are accepting applications on our homepage (TBD) currently go over: socials are welcome too If you have any questions contact me on discord: jaycore#8306 Or Contact any of our online officers Our current Progress is 8/8 HC and 2/8MythicPaljay0 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 [H-RP Blood Elf Guild] The Phoenix Dawn Scorched banners fluttered in the unnatural hot wind. A dread silence falling over the Warsong Lumber camp in Ashenvale. Even the critters that normally littered the treeline were silent, either fled or long dead. The lumber mills itself long abandoned by the Orcs who had initially taken axe to the trees, in their place now were dark portals to demon infested worlds. The thickets themselves grew darker and darker with time as unseen, fel-forces amassed out of sight. In this darkness however, a torch was still burning, the walls and gate of Kargathia keep were well manned, swords and staves shining in the fading light. The felstorm unleashed as the fist of the Legion raised high as the hordes of demons charged from the treeline, only to be met with a constant hail of arrows and spells from the defenders. Sin'dorei and Demons alike fell as the hammer crashed upon the anvil....   The Phoenix Dawn stands as a protective bulwark with the intention of safeguarding and defending the High Home. We work primarily within the borders of the High Home but we also venture out into the wider world to secure assets and locations for the interest and security of Quel'thalas. However, the onslaught of the Legion has taken a heavy toll on Horde military forces and the Phoenix Dawn are no exception. The unit sustained many losses during the fight against the Burning Legion and are now searching to bolster their ranks. Our goal is to safeguard Quel'thalas, to secure what assets we can for the betterment of Sin'dorei society and its people, to secure a future for our kin in this world. Our allies have been stricken by encroaching Alliance forces. This threat to our allies in the Horde is a growing threat to peace in Quel'thalas. One that must be extinguished. Not only do we stand as a simple extention of the military of the Sin'dorei but we operate as a training platform for those whom wish to pursue a career in the military. We currently cater for the training and growth of young Magi, Farstriders and aspirational Blood Knights. Those interested need only to heed the call and contact an official within the Phoenix Dawn. Blood for the Fallen Knight-Lord Baer'athal Bloodwrath   IC Code of Conduct We exist solely to embody the might of the High Kingdom, to preserve its borders and to ensure the continued legacy of the Sin’dorei through the stalwart support of our military allies. In order to achieve this in a military environment, within the Phoenix Dawn, all members are expected to act  within the Code of Conduct, even when not donning the sigil. The Laws of Quel’thalas; the high kingdom must be respected, regardless of location; Any member found to be breaking the basic civil law of the Sin’dorei will be handed to the relevant authorities; this includes but is not limited to: Thievery, assault, breaching the peace without due cause. Moral code; Those within have the right of free speech, if they disagree with the choices made by any of the members, including the Commander, they can have their concerns addressed  at an appropriate moment by their seniors and the Commander without fear of repercussion. However, disrupting or intentionally damaging the Phoenix Dawn forces, goods or morale at any time  will result in punishment. Such includes ; yelling about a choice made instead of taking the actions listed, insulting others to an abusive standard, stealing from the guild e.t.c. No member is expected to do anything that goes against their beliefs, or morals, if an expedition, mission, order or action should ask such of the member, they must immediately let one of their seniors (Or the Commander) know, immediately. (This does not include; I will not do it because, I do not want to break a nail.) Obedience and Loyalty ; Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much;  The Phoenix Dawn is only as strong as those within, and those within take strength from each other. Respect and trust are important to us, A member failing to enact an order given by a Senior or the guild master without prior knowledge or good reason, will be punished. Disrespecting the guild  or the members in word or action within public, will result in punishment, and potential dismissal. Anyone of the guild, if found to be collaborating, attempting a revolt  against the High Kingdom, Horde, the guild itself, or working in tandem with an enemy of all three will be reported and handed over to the correct authorities, as well as potential dismissal, without prior notice. No trade deal for the guild should be struck with a Goblin working for a cartel or trade company without prior knowledge from the Guild master.  All members of the guild are subject to basic health checks, both physical and mental. Not attending these when requested will result in consequential punishments. Notifications; Should an one of the members of the Phoenix Dawn fall pregnant during their membership with the guild, they must immediately let a Senior or the Guild master know and abstain from any expeditions through dangerous territory. They will instead (if they wish to continue work) take up a post within the guild community where research, service or household work is more common. (such as tending the bar, or sweeping the hall) If another is found breaking the code, a member should report it to a Senior or to the Commander.  If the one breaking the code is of this rank, reporting to a separate Specialist or the Guild leader is of high import. Should concern be arisen for your own, or another of the guilds physical or mental well being, report to a Medic. They will notify the correct people should they believe you/the other to be unfit for service at that moment in time. Uniform; The Phoenix Dawn adheres to a code of appearance as befitting Thalassian military doctrine. That said during all outings for the guild the guild tabard must be worn. Other guild insignia are optional. Equipment; Tabards are absolutely mandatory when on deployment, the rest of the guild regalia is optional (Including cloak, insignia and brooch). If Any of these fall into disrepair send it to the Silvermoon Barracks for repair, under the Phoenix Dawn ‘tab’. The Phoenix Dawn rings must only be worn by those of the guild, should you break the oath, give it to one not of the company, or leave the guild entirely, the ring will become disenchanted. If you have managed to disenchant it by accident report to a superior. Should you require reasonable supplies for a contract, see the guild master for aid in acquiring or finding such items. Unless a quartermaster is appointed in which case all requests for goods go through them. All members of the Phoenix Dawn are to ensure that they have access to a Hawkstrider and to ensure its care and safety while in their hands. Abuse of such animals will result in demotion or another fitting punishment depending on severity. Tyrannical behaviour; If any member within the guild is found to be abusing their authority and power will be subject to demotion or dismissal depending on the severity at the Commanders’ discretion. Auxiliary code; Thalassian military regiments and doctrine are in place at all times when deployed. Signed, Knight-Lord Baer'athal Bloodwrath OOC Information: The Phoenix Dawn are a Thalassian military RP guild. We formed in order to be a supplementing force to the Horde War Effort and to provide a friendly environment for military RP. Our main focus in primarily upon serving Quel'thalas and defending its borders and to serve as its fist abroad, to show that the reach of Quel'thalas and her armies can reach across continents. As it currently stands we have four primary divisions within the guild itself, each lead by their own officer. Primarily the guild itself is spearheaded by a frontline core of Blood-Knights, lead by Knight-Lord Bloodwrath, who oversees the guild as a whole. There are facilities in place also for new players who wish to learn how to roleplay a Blood Knight, beginning their training as an initiate with promotions all the way through to Knight-Master. Whatever your preference of character playstyle is, it will be taken into consideration upon joining. The second division is that of the Spellweavers.. This division specialises in the magical defence and offense of the guild when deployed in the field, but not only that, it also heavily functions as the research core of the guild when it comes to magical interests. The third division is that of the Rangers, these are the covert backbone of the guild as they are the ones who are sent out into the field upon deployment to gather information of any troop, enemy or friendly, within the deployed zone. They are also the ones responsible for ranged capabilities as well as covert operations of the guild. The final division is that of the Clerics, this is the medical facility of the guild, facilitating for RP'ers whom want to take battle-medic roles. This is also the religious core of the guild for those whom would be interested in pursuing religious RP in terms of following the Light and the Shadow, and the study of both of those. As it stands, in order to join the guild you will have to contact myself in-game and be subjected to an interview. Upon acceptance you will begin a two-week initiate period in the guild where your performance will be examined to see if you are a good-fit for us. If that goes well then after this period you will be promoted to a permanent rank within the guild.Baerathal32 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 Night Glitter / Alliance ( friendly -casual - 5/8HC ) Guild name: Night Glitter Faction: Alliance Type: zero-toxic / friendly / casual /pve / pvp / light rp Concept: All around guild doing all kind of ingame things like pve / pvp / rp / transmog runs etc and other fun activities. We dont just want random players that just login and logout but a guild where it feels like ( family ) and ppl actualy talk / know each other and overal have a great place in wow that you can call home. We do raid Heroic mode and are 5/8 but we are not a raiding guild only since we are casual and we have players with all kind of different activities they enjoy. Guild master: Fathelos Recruiting officer: Nimly ( battlenet: Krea#21579 ) Or ask any member so they can direct you to (recruitment) officer for more questions and info . Guild-forum/website: Mostly active on discordNimly0 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 [A] The Seven Serpents - Social Raiding Project Guild! Guild Name: The Seven Serpents Faction: Alliance Website: Looking for: We welcome everyone who likes our ethos! (All roles welcome for raiding!) About us The Seven Serpents is a project based guild, which means we seek to create content for one another. We propose ideas for projects and events that the guild should participate in and support each other in making these things happen (this could be raiding, PvP, alt nights, RP, etc). Anyone in the guild can initiate a project for everyone to be involved in and we actively encourage members to try out new ideas. Our unique system has proven to be a real success since the guild was founded three years ago and we would love to hear new ideas from potential recruits. So we can stop burn out from particular activities and the game itself, we regularly review the projects on offer to see whether people still want to participate in them. If not, they get put away for another day for when people want to join again! Take a look at our current projects below! Raiding Project (8/8 NM, 5/8 HC) While we are a casual guild that ensures raiding does not feel like a full-time job, we still want to progress as a team and will expect a certain level of effort from all participants. You will need to be keen to learn to play your chosen class and spec well, even if we do not expect perfection. We also need you to be able to listen on Discord. It’d be great if you can talk as well, but we understand that some people are shy. As part of your participation in the project, your raiding flasks, food, potions, gems and enchants will be provided for you if you complete a monthly “raid quest” set by our officers to contribute some materials to the guild bank. They are not demanding, but they are hugely beneficial since they save everyone a lot of gold for raid materials we’d otherwise buy on the auction house ourselves! Our raid times are Sundays 9pm-11pm (Server time, 8pm-10pm UK time) and 9pm-11pm on Tuesdays (8pm-10pm UK time). Classes we would particularly like for raiding We will consider applicants from all classes and specs. However, we currently have no full time spaces for Main Tanks. If you would like to Tank, be aware that you won't be able to play the Tank role full time for raiding. Such spaces may be available in a future project but this cannot be guaranteed to anyone. We are, however, in need of more DPS players, especially Demon Hunters/Priests and Plate wearers, but will consider any and all classes. We will not force you to play a class you do not want to play and there will be opportunities to change mains if you find yourself unhappy with your class. We also happy for people to bring any of their alts into the guild. Other projects and events As mentioned above, we are a project-based guild that does a variety of things in game in addition to raiding. Here are some of the things we have done so far: • Board Game Night: We occasionally host board game nights where we use live streaming software and a video system to record a live board game where you can play and roll dice using discord and other handy tools! We also do some other virtual games and RPG themed games from time to time over streaming. We're currently toying with the idea of using Tabletop Simulator also! • Mythic Madness: Wednesday night is mythic night! We all gather up into teams and try to tackle the highest keystones we can. This is a great opportunity to improve your gear for the raids or to try out other classes in challenging content. Come along and get that +15 keystone achievement! • Blizzard Game Compendium: We regular host events inviting our members to join together for some friendly rounds of other Blizzard games. We also branch out occasionally to play other games together. One week we may be playing Diablo for a few hours, a hearthstone tournament for the next week, Overwatch to follow and a Heroes of the Storm night on the final week before cycling around again! • Seasonal Events: Is there a holiday coming up in WoW? Then try your hand at one of the events! Maybe we'll be racing to collect candy buckets at Halloween, pelting eachother with snowballs at Christmas, or seeing how many people we can smooch on Valentine's... All usually with a cool prize for the winner. Got any cool ideas? Post an event submission and host your own event for the guild! • Achievement Runs / Transmog Trails: Lots of our members are devoted achievement hunters, so you’ll often find events to go back and run older content to get any achievements that may have been missed. We’ll also go back and clear things for new transmogs and hold transmog competitions afterwards. If you have any other ideas for events, feel free to specify them when you make your application! The more creative the better! What we expect from you • To fully appreciate and accept the concept and rules of the guild • To be kind, considerate, and actively participate in the projects and events in our guild • To be respectful of the efforts that others put in to ensure we all have a great time in game. This means participating in some of the aforementioned events, although we do not expect people to participate in all of them! RL > WoW • For raiders: to learn tactics and do your best to improve your performance. We will expect preparation and effort to be put in on raid nights What you can expect from us • A close community of people who form genuine friendships, and who always extend the warmest of welcomes to new people • A well-organised project and event system that means you can explore multiple facets of the game • A place where you can demonstrate your creativity and unique ideas • Lots of humour The application process If all of this appeals to you, then please leave us an application at: After you have submitted your application we will ask you a few extra questions. If we accept your application you will join the guild as an initiate! In order to become a full member you will need to receive five votes from officers and guild members. These can be obtained by being active in the guild’s different projects and by contributing positively to our community.Kendre5 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 Looking for Rp-Guild So, yeah.. Im looking for a group to roleplay with thats preferable aint to evil. Im a returning roleplayer and im planing to make a new main, so all theme is of intrest. I can make the character fit the concept. However, i want a group that aint relying on pre-made events to roleplay. Are there any such group out there?Alyciah13 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 Headcanon 2: Electric Boogaloo I think it's that time of the month again kids, where we discuss what wonderful headcanon we've got cooking! Let it be small tidbits involving lore ranks, or how the economy is run. To possibly controversial claims like witnessing such an important event as the creation of the universe! What is your headcanon! (P.S: While on the topic of headcanon I'd like to announce I'm running for High King of the Alliance, we shall build a wall and make the Horde pay for it!) As for my headcanon, all Zandalari Trolls speak with a Ugandan accent.Pithkiulo369 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 [Lightforged - A/RP] The Tribunal - Story Update 1.3 ~~ General Information ~~ The Tribunal is a project inspired by the faction war, the restoration of Azeroth following the Legion's invasion, as well as some Occult and Sci - fi elements of Warcraft lore. We provide an opportunity for our members to explore a variety of themes. With a structured, progressive storyline, while maintaining a relaxed and friendly approach. ~~Background~~ Following the events of Teldrassil and the destruction of the elven lands by the Horde, a small group of anchorites under a newly ascended Arbiter deployed to assist the Night Elves. Seeing the devastation that the Horde left behind, opened the eyes of the Arbiter who realized that Sylvanas is no better than the Legion. Traveling around Azeroth, the charismatic Arbiter's voice gathered more support from those she and her Anchorites helped. Early in her surveying of the devastation wrought by the Legion and the war with the Horde, she encountered another detachment of Lightforged guided by a similar idealism to her own. Led by an individual known as the Hierarch, these harbingers of the Light's peace pledged their support to her vision of mending the shattered world. With Darkshore in ruins, the Exodar in the reach of the Horde and the crimes of the Warchief unpunished, The Arbiter concluded that she and those who were inspired by her vision must make a stand for what is right and just in this world. Thus The Tribunal was born. ~~ The Council ~~ The leadership of the Tribunal is following the Draenei Triumvirate council system with the Arbiter and Hierarch as it's leading figures. Each council member represent the distinct, but harmonious visions of change of the Arbiter and the Hierarch, with the third member representing the balance between these two. • Praetor of Zeal The Praetor of Zeal embodies the awe inspiring power of reckoning the Light comprises. They inspire their adherents with the promise of purging the entirety of wickedness and corruption from Azeroth. With the Legion defeated, the Horde yet remains as a shadowy presence, particularly under the leadership of Sylvanas Windrunner. Those serving under this Praetor engage in offensive maneuvers and associated support roles, such as engineering and upgrading Tribunal's Lightforged Technology. Spheres of Influence: War, Technology. • Praetor of Mercy The Praetor of Mercy embodies the furtherance of the Light's will through spreading the restorative powers it grants to those that need them. This includes using the Light's power to heal those in need, and to repair and restore those lands blighted by recent conflicts and malady. They inspire their followers with a vision of the transformative power of the Light to remedy all ills, and to touch the hearts of all it encounters, changing them for the better, should they accept its majesty. Those serving under this Praetor make it their duty to restore hope to those in need, particularly as victims of the recent conflicts. Spheres of Influence: Diplomacy, Healing. • Praetor of Grace Where the Praetors of Zeal and Mercy both represent a specific element of furthering the Light's presence, be it through dominion or compassion, the Praetor of Grace sits between the two. Deferring to the mystical nature of the Light, this Praetor encourages pursuit of wisdom, arcane mystery and stretching the mind in the belief this is the way to reveal the Light's nuanced will and balance the demands of Zeal and Mercy. This may even include study of the relationship between Light and Void, but such practices are subject to strict supervision to ensure noble intent. Spheres of Influence: Arcane, Shadow. ~~Roleplaying Aspects~~ There is a series of concepts and features that the Tribunal promotes, explore or embrace. • The Vindicaar : While the Tribunal obviously does not claim to own the vessel, as part of the army of the Light, the Tribunal’s forces receive assistance from the Vindicaar in certain reasonable forms. I) Orbital Surveillance of locations or targets. II) Teleportation Nexus access. III) Warframe or Defense Pylon deployment. • The Restoration Project : The Tribunal is a part of the Army of the Light that actively engage in the war effort against the Horde. Yet it's primary purpose is the reinvigoration of the blighted elven lands and the healing of Azeroth's wounds from the recent Legion invasion. This project may see the Tribunal deployed to other areas sewn by conflict in an attempt to restore order to the area. This may be particularly the case when attempting to forge alliances with other guilds dedicated to the Alliance’s vision. • Religion : The primary faith of the Tribunal is the Light and it's teachings through the Naaru. The Alliance also widely embrace the Light in a different form through the humans and their Church of holy Light. Also the Night Elven Moon Goddess Elune, is considered by the Tribunal's leadership to be a being of Light, thus both Religions are welcome within the Tribunal. ~~ Recruitment~~ The followers of the Tribunal come from various Alliance backgrounds, while the leadership of the Tribunal is Draenei in origin, most Alliance concepts are acceptable as long as they respect the concepts of Religion and Order. I) Draenei : The Majority of the Tribunal's followers are originating from various Draenei backgrounds, be is Lightforged, Exodar or Draenor (Aldori) Draenei. They fill the ranks of the Tribunal being Anchorites, Vindicators, Artificers or Arcanists. • Alliance Support : While the backbone of the Tribunal's fighters are it's seasoned Ligthforged Vindicators, the Tribunal also receives support from various Alliance factions. I) Sentinels & Stalkers : Night Elf Sentinels and Worgen Stalkers provide scouting and midnight operations to the Tribunal's deployments. II) Crusaders : The Arbiter is also supported by various Human followers of the Holy Light. These individuals are usually referred as Crusaders and are respected allies of the Tribunal. III) Advisors: Warlocks, Shadow Priests or Ren'dorei who offer their expertise against darkness. Each Advisor has an assigned Warden to keep vigilance over their actions. *The Tribunal by default will not recruit Death Knights or Demon Hunters. As undeath is not supported in any form and the leader of the Illidari is responsible for the death of X'era. Contacts: Sidona, Melchamas or Othalar. Discord: 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 [A/H] The Crimson Compass - Campaign Start Date: January 14th Estimated Duration: 1-2 Weeks Main Story Location: Desolace Alliance: Feralas Horde: Stonetalon Mountains Hosts: Ercia (A)/Gakra(H) Gustov (A) Story Tellers: Rogmasha (H) Rakihu (H) Faerel (H) Tinwetar (A) ... Introduction Once a force to be reckoned with as a powerful fleet, the hunger for greed and power were their own undoing as the three Admirals were at each other’s throats when a certain compass fell into their hands. Bound by blood to it, cursed to rise once again from the depths below they’ve but one thing in mind. Reclaim the three keys to their hidden vault of treasures and with it the compass, achieving this by an means necessary. The shambling corpses of undead pirates terrorises one another and denizens of Kalimdor, so much as daring to assault forces of the alliance and horde. Alliance forces will be heavily situated in Feralas and Horde in Stonetalon mountains. I’m aware there are some areas for both factions on either bit of land and you’re free to use it as you please. Desolace will be the centre of the main storyline for this, as we actively seek to bring these cursed pirates to a halt in their reign of terror, war among each and others of Azeroth too. How will this work? Keeping it in the most simplest forms, there’ll be a main story to follow for everyone and people dedicated to DM those storylines for people as they progress through it. There’ll be some down time and during such, side missions will be placed on a noticeboard that’ll be specified towards one faction for them to go ahead interact with it at their own free will or with the request of a DM should one be available. To provide a little RP-PvP, -although- that is not the primary thing surrounding this event. Some of those missions may collide with both factions and provide an opportunity for you to engage in combat with the opposing faction (rules be marked on the mission once up the thread!) Side Objectives You’ll find missions placed under their respective area with a timer to it, much like world quests mechanic we have in-game. They’ll come and go depending which stage we are at in the story. Furthermore there’ll be rewards which you can use to bargain with the pirate factions to give you an edge against your foes, or not. I’ll provide an example below, whilst there is naught to be shared for now. Example Faction: Alliance Objective: Some of the Alliance civilians have been captured and are being held captive among the shores of Feralas. Captain Grimshank is preparing to board them aboard the row boat and towards their ship for whatever twisted ritual. Stop them before such can happen! Reward: Weaponry. Parley There’ll be a few pirate factions that you can befriend during this entire ordeal, you’ll have more chances are gaining more artillery or man through the rewards you gain through side missions. Each offering a beneficial bonus against the main threat and the opposing faction. If a better deal comes along, be prepared to be stabbed in the back by them. Wolf’s Maw Leader: Captain Wolfbones Bonus: Manpower Current Alignment: No one Bloodwake Leader: Captain Harrow Bonus: Artillery Current Alignment: No one Widow’s Grief Leader: Captain Bones Bonus: Fog of War Current Alignment: No one Mother’s Vengeance Leader: Captain Blackstrike Bonus: Nature’s Wrath Current Alignment: No one CrossRP Seeing as we'll be doing a Horde and Alliance campaign we will be making use of the CrossRP addon for this. Link will be provided closer to the date! Link: Volunteers I may need a few individuals to help out with some events, I’ll full inform those to the best of my capability what the general idea is how to play it out for others. There’ll be no set way for it to finish as that is ultimately down to the players that are involved in the story, but the DM also has the creativity to twist and turn it, make it difficult if they feel like being sadistic! Contact myself or any of the other hosts in-game. Where do I sign up? Just comment on the thread, I’ll add your name or guild to the list of people to be expected there!Ercia40 14 Nov 2018
14 Nov 2018 [A-RP] The Sha'ur Story of the Sha'ur Ten years ago a draenei military unit has been formed, in order to protect the Draenei kin as well as act in the interests of the Alliance. The Sha'ur - led by Exarch Kelara, this unit has became more than a military unit to its members. It became a family where the slogan was: All for one, one for all. As the time has passed, the unit has suffered many casualties, yet still struggled to continue its mission, as it has been led by the 2nd Exarch Zarred. Unfortunately, the Sha'ur with time has been disbanded as it has suffered severe casualties once again. Now, after so many years, the Sha'ur has been resurrected from the ashes, to carry on the traditions and vision of the first members from that unit. The Sha'ur, a symbol for all those hallen brother and sisters and at the same time, a vessel to carry on the traditions of brother and sisterhood. The traditions of a family. Led by Exarch Lenoir, ex-member of the original unit, she seeks to continue the cause of protecting the Draenei as well as to stand for the interests of her kin. Structure The Sha’ur is a Draenei order; formed with the sole purpose of standing for Draenei interests. Originally coming from military roots, the Sha’ur undergoes a reform of its inner structure with the intention of becoming a more versatile order, and to unite the Draenei beneath a single banner to oppose any incoming threats. Praetorians Caste. Military branch of the Sha’ur which consists of skilled veterans who stand at the frontlines and oppose any foes that dare to unsheathe their weapons against the Draenei. Led by the Commander, the Praetorians caste is a vanguard of the order. Prelate Caste. A word can be as dangerous as the sword. The Prelate Caste is a diplomatic and social wing which consists mainly of ambassadors, civilians and Draenei of other occupations who wish to support the order yet avoiding being involved with military service. The Prelate caste is a largely social branch of the Sha’ur. Prelate tasks are: Diplomatic missions, social activities, recruitment, assisting the other two castes of the Order. Artificer Caste. No single unit can function without the ample supplies needed for their varied tasks. The Artificer caste is a place for talented crafters and engineers who wish to cooperate to create amazing devices and support the order with handy tools. In addition to this they are tasked with negotiating trade agreements and unions with the other guilds. Artificer tasks are: Trade missions, craft, and to assist the other two castes of the Order. The head of each Caste will lead with the support of their officers. Those who have recently joined the order, and have yet to decide which caste they should pledge to are considered to be Allies of the Sha’ur. OOC Once a military-only unit, the Sha'ur now turns into a flexible order with three branches to ensure that each draenei will find its own place amongst the others within the order and own kin. It is an attempt to unite the draenei together once more, where each would stand shoulder to shoulder on a battlefield and share the same table in the inn during the feast. On the other side of things, we are a bunch of chill and cool folks who enjoy RPing. Despite IC structure and hierarchy, OOC we are all equal and simply roll out to share, care and enjoy the game and our small but friendly community. Recruiting officers: Lenoir, Tanzzy, Rostane, Vrakhan, Kaliza Contact discord: Tenebres Tel'rei#6828 (Lenoir) Residence: The Sha'ur currently assists Eastern Maritime League with a rescue operation at Darkshore! Final notes: Well, there are no final notes as of now! I prefer to keep it simple and enjoyable. However, if you have any questions or feedback, do not hesitate to ask either in-game or here! This thread will be updated frequently with more information, as the time goes.Lenoir38 14 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 [A-RP] The Oaken Grove - Thornspeaker RP ... The Oaken Grove [IC] Welcome to The Oaken Grove, stranger. We are a group of Thornspeakers; students and followers of the great Ulfar and proud guardians of the balance in our lands. We are a reclusive Grove, but we are not strangers from the struggles of those who call this land home. Our grove maintains a vigil over the frozen mountains and forests from the Iceveil Glacier, Gol Osigr, Arom’s Stand and the Alpine Rise down into the foothills of Athair’s Forest, Fallhaven and the Gleenbrook Homestead and its hunting grounds. Each Thornspeaker of our Grove takes the name of a tree from the forests, and to the people of Arom’s Stand, Fallhaven and Glenbrook are we often known by those names. Treat the forests with respect, and our paths need never cross. OOC Hello, and welcome! The Oaken Grove is a Thornspeaker RP guild based in Drustvar. We RP as a Grove with a vigil over areas in Drustvar only, but not all our RP will be confined to this region. As we ICly become aware of the other Druidic orders we’ll look to expand our knowledge of Druidism and races like the Kaldorei and Gilneans and, through them, learn of the Cenarion Circle. Role Play: We will participate in RP-PVP and run our own DM events. The grove will have three branches of RP to follow, and are ordered into the most common RP we’ll undertake to the least common. Drustvar & The Mainland - As Thornspeakers we are inherently connected with Drustvar, tending to its balance and being vigilant against witches and the vengeful spirits of the Drust. Ulfar’s Den would be the home of the Guild, where we would meet, learn and teach young Thornspeakers. We would also journey to the Mainland, looking to build bridges by helping other Kul Tiran guilds and communities and joining gatherings and social events. Druidic Kinship - Through eventual membership of the Alliance we would become aware of the Kaldorei and Gilnean Druids and would look to invite some to our grove as a first-step to learn about the wider world and the conflict beyond our shores. Sharing deep spiritual connections with nature we would look to forge strong bonds with our new Kaldorei and Gilnean allies. From this we would seek to help both races with their struggles. The Alliance and the Battle for Azeroth - Through exposure to our new allies, especially the Kaldorei and Gilnean Druids, along with what we learn from House Waycrest and visits to Boralus we would begin to have an image of the Sylvanas’ Horde. Though our primary focus would always be to preserve the balance the actions of Sylvanas with regards to Gilneas, Teldrassil and the rising of more dead to serve her would be enough for the Grove to offer its help to both Kul Tiran orders in their battles and our Kaldorei and Gilnean druidic brothers and sisters. The Oaken Grove theme We RP along the line that Thornspeakers are generally highly reclusive, often being figures of mystery and story within the local communities. Thornspeakers of The Oaken Grove embody this and work to keep balance, keep the Drust and Coven threat in check and, from time to time, help the locals with things like people missing in the wilds, poor crops, harvests, healing etc. With the events of the story in the region our exposure and involvement in the lives of the locals will, gradually, become more frequent and open. We’ll join the locals of Fallhaven for a cuppa or pint in an evening around a fire but will always return to our home, the forests. One unique feature of our Grove is our connection with the forests of Drustvar. Thornspeakers initiated into this Grove take a second “Grove Name” that becomes their nickname within the Grove. These Grove Names come from the names of tress that grow throughout the forests and embody the personality and spirit of the Thornspeaker who bares it. We can help players with their Tree Lore to help them make informed choices about their Grove Names! Role Play Themes: Exploration - Learning about the world beyond Drustvar, cultivating our place in wider Kul Tiran society and a wider Druidic community. Vigil - Although our grove will occasionally roam with the ebb and flow of the war and the needs of our friends and allies Drustvar will be our home. There we continue to tend to the balance, and maintain our vigil against witches and the resurgence of the Drust. Living off the Land - A big emphasis will be on living in the wilds, with rp centered around hunting, gathering, getting resources to survive. Players will be encouraged to RP a profession/ specialism that compliments their work as Thornspeaker. This could range from a cook or casual fisherman to an alchemist or leatherworker. Waste not want not will be a philosophy of the grove. Legacy - As Thornspeakers we continue a long legacy from the Drust who refused to make war against the early Kul Tirans to the first calls of the Thornspeaker in our ancestors. We continue that legacy, honouring our past while looking to train new generations of Thornspeakers and will have opportunities for characters just starting out on their path with Thornspeaker Druidism. Organisation: Oak (Skogr) leads The Oaken Grove as First Speaker. The Grove is then divided into different branches, each branch is lead by a “Speaker”: The Bark - Thornspeakers who are Shield Paws or Iron Claws of the grove. They are the might of the Grove, defending it with paw, claw and tooth. The Roots - Deeply spiritual individuals with a connection to the forest who act as healers of flesh, bark and earth. The Leaves - The mystic branch of The Oak Grove, they draw power not only from the Forest but from the very starlight that shines upon them. Astrology, prophecy and magic are their gifts to the Grove. Uniforms: There is not a set uniform, but there are plenty of Thornspeaker NPCs to give an idea of how a Thornspeaker should dress and this sets our “Theme”. Clothing should be earthy, practical, and reflect the “person of the wilds” nature of a Thornspeaker. Robes, wool, leather and items with branches, plantlife all help lend themselves to this. Items should be generally be darker in shade, not bright green. Recruitment: If you are interested in joining then feel free to drop myself a message in game, or here on the forum if you have any questions. We can discuss your application and how your character might fit in with our Thornspeaker grove. We’ve also made a community for Thornspeakers in general and will organise general Thornspeaker Themed events for everyone alongside our guild content. Community Link: 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 [H] Splendour 6/8M 2 d/week, LF rdruid/MW/RDPS Splendour is focused on progressing to and through end tier content while having fun, on a fairly relaxed two day a week raiding schedule. Although our goal is clearing the content, that doesn't mean we aren't welcoming more casual/new players as long as you know your role or are willing to learn. We have experienced raid leaders and players who are always happy to put in hours outside the raid to teach/help our raiders prepare for fights etc. For BfA we are interested in: Tanks: Low priority, you would have to be 100% attendance and exceptional, with a strong OS Healers: High priority on any healer spec, a good disc/resto druid would be great DPS: All ranged DPS classes are usable, prio on hunter/warlock/mage/boomie Raiding Times Saturday 1200-1500, 1530-1800 and Tuesday 1930-2400 (server time). We often have an optional Thursday raid in similar times to the Tuesday which we will use for normal/HC farm. It is possible that in the first/last weeks of a raid that this slot will be used for progress but not attending Thursdays will not count against you. What we want from you A mic and the ability to communicate in raids. Able to attend 90% of raids (occasional exceptions - holidays, sickness, family etc.) A positive friendly attitude. You should have or be willing to gain thorough knowledge of your class - that means being able to play every spec even if you don't have the gear for it yet, so you can adapt to different fights. How to apply We are currently not asking for a full application as they are a pain, we have a <5 minute recruitment form here: What we have to offer We have a friendly raiding environment where we can have fun and form a tight knit raiding group and still clear content. We have a lot of social players in various stages of levelling, playing casually, RPing, and doing all sorts, there is always someone online if you want to do something. If you have questions, feel free to poke me on Mirielis or Xlb/Squarefaced/add my battletag Squarefaced#2787 or Discord at Square#5616. You're welcome to jump into our Discord and have a chat. Otherwise you can whisper any of our other officers/raiders in game.Squarefaced76 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 [H-Merc RP] The White Ravens ... What are the White Ravens? The White Ravens is a mercenary guild formerly known as the League of Wanderers, a concept originally formed in September 2017. Today, the guild is devoted to serving the Horde in the interest of monetary gain, and social recognition. We focus heavily on ensuring each of our members are given a tailored, and inclusive experience. We intend to provide quality merc-based roleplay, in a time where mercenary companies are forced to adapt to a marketplace of warbands, military units, and clans. What do we do? One of the aims of the Ravens is to provide a quality experience for your character, both on an individual and group based level. We run frequent events for the whole guild, as well as smaller more isolated storylines for select members. In addition we actively participate in social RP and events, as well as RP-PvP in service of the Horde. ---------------------------------- Ranks Commander The leader of the Ravens, currently assigned to Mortimer Duriss. Lieutenant Officers for the guild, lieutenants are highly trusted and respected individuals both IC and OOC. Ravenheart A step down from officers, this rank is of high merit and is awarded to those who have greatly contributed to the guild and it's growth. Highly trusted members IC and OOC, people who generate authority without a proper title. Talon A proven member, this is the base rank of the Ravens - once we know you plan on sticking around. Conscript New and fresh recruit! ---------------------------------- Contact us: To contact us for recruitment, hiring our services, or any further questioning, please contact either myself or Valtroiss in-game.Duramortem4 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 Galloway's Regiment is recruiting elite Dwarves! The regiment of renown, the true heroes and loyal soldiers of the Alliance, the chosen of the most righeous general Azeroth has ever known! The regiment of General Galloway himself! Gallow's Regiment is recruiting only from the most powerful and mighty of Dwarven kind. If you are looking to join the regiment that will take down the Horde! You can prove yourself to General Galloway himself if you think you are worthy of the highest honour the Alliance can offer!Duramaz27 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 Mixtape reforged i was suppose to uppload this on halloween but better late than never please no hate >>>>>> 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 [H]Salvation, 3/8M 8/8H is recruiting for our roster Progression: 3/8 Mythic 8/8 Heroic Currently Recruiting: Healer (Resto druid / Holy Priest / MW Monk) Balance Druid Warlock BM Hunter WW Monk Elemental Shaman Retribution Paladin Shadow Priest Raid Days (Servertime): Thursday, 19:30-22:30 Friday, 19:30-22:30 Who we are: Salvation is a social raiding guild, consisting of old and new players, many of whom has played together in high end content for several years. Our history spans back to cataclysm, but we’ve been on other servers with other names since then, and now we’ve settled on Argent Dawn. What is the goal: Our goal is to do regular mythic raiding with a group of likeminded individuals. The ambition is to clear the content while it is current, but the mindset we have is that we go as far as we can, as long as we’re having fun while doing it. This means that even if we don’t clear everything, atleast we’ll have had a blast trying and know that we did our hardest to get where we are. And that is good enough for us! What do we expect: We expect our raiders to always bring their A-game to raids. People can have offdays, and that is alright. Just aswell as people can have RL emergencies, which obviously wont be a problem either. Our one demand is that people can communicate and not leave everyone else wondering. Extracurricular Activities: We have a LFG channel on our discord server, where you can find people running M+, doing Arenas or running old raids. We have many people who play the game for different reasons, and while our main focus is on raiding and progression right now, we do many other things in our down time! If you want to become part a of our group, you can either: Join our discord server ( and have a chat with the officers Fill out an application at Find us online on the following characters: Nerioc, Helithius, Adawin and Kerreth.Maijo19 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 [H/PVE] Eminence: Recruiting for raiding! 3/8 mythic Eminence are recruiting! What we are after: We currently have 2 Ranged spots open in our raid team, preference will be given to those who have a healing off spec. We are currently sitting on 3/8 mythic and our raids run 20.30 - 23.30 Server time on Mondays and Thursdays What we can offer: The guild runs on off days more content, our Wednesday evenings will be set aside to make sure that any guild member who wants it, is able to get a keystone for the weekly box, both raid team members and social members are welcome for this event. Rated Battleground groups are also in the works and the guild has an active core of roleplayers who are aiming to push more RP-based content on off-nights, both through guild-specific events and having a wider input into serverwide content. In short, whatever aspect of the game you enjoy, chances are part of this guild can accommodate you alongside raiding progression! And we're always open to social members who just wish for a home. If you're interested, please contact myself or one of my officers - Telarak, Stempel, Mýnthe or Fermentation. Thank you for taking the time to read through this ad and see you in Azeroth!Casianna25 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 Dwarf Role Play Hello i was thinking about starting to role play Stoop as a Wildhammer. I have not RP a Dwarf before and was wondering if there are any Wilhammer or Dwarf guilds. I normally rp on Horde but would like to start to RP Alliance.Stoop16 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 Any Horde AD communites to join for Mythic friends? Hello. I've been having a blast in BFA, following the stories and falling back in love with the wonderful world! I caught some nice pets (part of the game that didn't exist when I left years ago... I like the lazy nature of bug hunting! I can browse reddit and wowhead and read up on !@#$ to learn.) Now that I am "Ready For War!" and I feel like my Owlbeast is flowing a bit more naturally - for a while I kept smashing my RIP keybind which was still hardwired in my brain from all those years ago as feral, but now it's my FLAP keybind. Some pretty funny BG moments when I was all flustered, then just start flying about WTF?!lol Yeah, just wondered if we had a community where people make groups that is AD based, and I thought, nicer, not so PUG toxic when you flap across the screen instead of dropping that clutch warstomp. CheersMosiawa0 13 Nov 2018
13 Nov 2018 [H-RP] Brightwing Farstriders The Farstriders have always been considered noble defenders of Silvermoon and with the world ignited in the flames of war, we are gathering those eager to defend Quel'thalas against the threats posed by the Alliance and the horrors of war. The Farstriders are rangers and archers, relying on stealth and their deep connection to the wild to ambush their foes. Expert bowmen, trackers and survivalists able to thrive in the wild. The training will be hard and discipline will be expected. The law is to be obeyed and tradition to be upheld. Ranks are important within the guild, however your focus should be on enjoying your RP rather than climbing a ladder. Be prepared to be knocked back down a peg if you fail to perform (IC) the expectations of your station. Captain: The leader of the Company, responsible for the leadership, logistics and operational effectiveness of the Company. Ensuring officers are performing, the Rangers have access to any equipment they may need and leading in the field. Lieutenant: The hands of the Captain. These people will be expected to carry out the Captains will in his absence. They will perform training and ensure the unit is up to the standards set by the Captain. They will often be given leadership responsibilities in the field. They are not infallible and will be the first person the Captain directs questions to if standards are not upheld. Farstrider: The best of us. The example for those beneath to follow. These people are the manifestation of the Farstrider ethos. Showing their valor, cunning and ability to follow orders in numerous battles. Having completed additional training to bring enhanced skills, they show true dedication to ensuring the longevity of the Sin'dorei. Being the best of the best, those who achieve this rank may also opt in to taking in a mentor from the pool of trainees, they will be personally responsible for the development of this individual and honing their basic survival and combat skills alongside training with the rest of the Company. Ranger: These people have proven their commitment and ability, having been accepted into the Farstriders, even these "rank and file" Rangers are deadly, ruthless and wily. Recruit: A testing period for those already possessing the required skills, their ability and character will be assessed before they are permitted into our ranks. Trainee: Those who are fresh and untrained, requiring to be honed and molded into the killing machines of the Sin'dorei people. These gentle souls may be assigned to one of the companies elite Farstriders to speed their development on the basic skills of the Company. OOC stuff: Thank you for reading the above. After lengthy experiences as both member and officer of other guilds I decided to take the leap and try my hand at leading my own. Whilst it may be a learning curve and a work in progress, I hope to provide a fun, interesting and in depth environment for those looking for Elven military RP. I hope you take the leap to join in the project. The guild will have set training events, depending on the numbers and activity these may done as set days to perform as a group or tailored to individuals. There will be events orientated towards training, drills, travel, combat, reconnaissance and more. Not every event requires blood shed! Please contact me in game or drop a comment here if you would like any more information! Thanks again for reading!Thurrai35 13 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 [A-RP] The Kirin Dal - Ten Years of Classic Kirin Tor Founded: 8th May, 2008 ... Background: 2800 years ago man and elf fought side by side in the Troll Wars. Ancient past aside, the political and cultural effects are still felt to this day and has defined the history of the Eastern Kingdoms and with it, the rest of Azeroth. Human expansion in particular was attributed to the protection magic could now offer settlers, but despite of this, wizards found themselves facing a growing distrust from their comrades and under the leadership of Ardogan, they banded together and formed the second city state after Strom - Dalaran. The wizards, in time called the Kirin Tor, devoted their skills to collect, study and catalog every spell, artefact, and arcane phenomenons. Thus the wealth and might of Dalaran grew. Its spires rose high to the heavens and the Violet Citadel was built to stand as the forefront to all arcane studies. Over the many years to come they would see to the safety of Lordaeron, develop spells into levels not seen since the Sundering and they gave a number of their own to form the legendary and secretive Order of Tirisfal. In the Second War the magical might of Dalaran was welcomed on every battlefield, and they remained staunch members of the Alliance of Lordaeron in the turbulent times that followed. The potential for wizards to influence the outcome of battle was something no nation on Azeroth could afford to ignore and several armies often had the aid of mages. Evokers were most common, simply for the potential their spells have of inflicting a great amount of damage to a large number of enemies. Still, all schools of magic found their applications in warfare. The Brotherhood of the Warmages of the Kirin Dal (or simply 'the Kirin Dal') is a sub-branch of the Kirin Tor dedicated to expertise in magical warfare and learning. Its members are not only scholars, but also soldiers, and several of the senior members are veterans from the Second and Third Wars. In addition to field duty in times of war, the Kirin Dal also pursue the studious avenues of magic and each one swears a binding oath of service to Dalaran. In this role the wizards of the Kirin Dal serve as scholars, warmages, and even spies. Together, these mages form a cadre of battle-hardened, magical combatants and investigators who serve a major role in maintaining the traditional values of Dalaran and strive to be exemplars of disciplined, skilled and loyal defenders of the kingdom. Against open (as well as subtle) threats, they act as the magical sword and shield of the Magocracy. As such, most members of the Kirin Dal work proactively to seek out magical artefacts in order to prevent them from falling into the wrong hands which can cause severe harm to the kingdom, controlling the situation before greater force and attention is required. General Information: The Kirin Dal is a roleplaying guild here to fill the gap of your traditional, scholary 'mage guild' with added touches of militaristic and investigative aspects. Formed as a guild back in the Burning Crusade (2008) it's the oldest guild of that particular field on Argent Dawn, with a wide variety of storylines and events in its years of history. Some people prefer to look at the guild as a "military-Kirin Tor" or purely scholary guild, but the Kirin Dal actually offers a broad spectrum in terms of what makes mage-roleplay enjoyable and can have an appeal for a large variety of wizardly characters. That being said, the order naturally falls in line with the rest of the Kirin Tor and does not accept rogue magisters and practitioners of magic not accepted by the Magocracy (i.e. fel magic, necromancy, and shadow magic). A top priority of the order is to root out any threat that would fall upon Dalaran or Azeroth. However the legacy of the order is to study, catalog and collect every phenomenon, spell or artefact. We are also a group of meddlers in practically anything, so expect a lot of snooping around as well! We accept roleplayers who prefer to portray more experienced characters, as well as those who are more interested in the "apprentice" role. We have often been asked how we handle the education of apprentices in the past and we have a fairly simple fomular, detailed in documents attached to our AA page. On that page, you will also find another document, which explains how to apply to the guild. OOC Guidelines: As a roleplaying guild, our main goal is naturally to have an enjoyable and immersive experience during and outside of events. To this end, we only seek members who can live up to the following criteria: A good attitude! The realisation that magic is a powerful and dangerous tool to use. You don't just juggle a couple of fireballs with ease. A firm grasp of the English language - knowing how to formulate yourself through emotes and the like. Use of letters (eight, twenty-four, thirty) instead of numbers (8, 24, 30). Knowledge of the lore of the Warcraft universe. We only accept mages and warlocks. The reason of the latter is that we realise that some prefer the gameplay of warlock over that of the mage, but still want to roleplay as a weaver of the Arcane, and we don't want to stand in the way of that. Priests are not being considered at this moment.) We accept the following races: Dwarves - Gnomes - Humans---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have any further questions not answered here, feel free to whisper any of us in-game! Valven & DoralannValven97 12 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 Pet Peeve #36: The Peeve is Always Right Big pet peeve is how little of my fav music is currently on spotify.Erhardt500 12 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 [A-PVE] V O I D beckons We are <V O I D> a newly formed social raiding guild where we aim to form a community with space for everyone, be it raiding, pvp, M+ or RP. As a guild our primary focus is achieve Curve for the relevant raid tier with possibility of a few mythic kills while still maintaining a casual atmosphere allowing room for players to focus on IRL, here after going for Glory of <raid> achievement and whatever other kind of fun we can come up with. And as some of us do RP we very much do not tolerate any kind of disruption towards RP or RP events. Our raid days are the following: Thursday: Progression 20:00-23:00 server time Sunday: Progression 20:00-23:00 server time Monday: Optional day 20:00-23:00 server time. We have a progression of 7/8HC and 1/8M, and use Discord for communication. We do not mind your progression or ilvl as long as you can pull your part or are willing to improve and learn. While we're open for any class at the moment we are in particular looking for the following: Mistweaver monk Disc priest Warriors, Demon Hunters, WW Monks (solo orb carriers). Warlocks (Need them gates for G'huun) Ranged DPS (Boomkins, mages, BM hunters et al) Contact Aldru or Lonares(Btag DragonBeat#2316) ingame for more info.Aldru10 12 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 [H-RP] Sons of Draenor are Recruiting! The Mag'har Heritage Guild, Sons of Draenor, are currently in the midst of their second long-form RP campaign and we want YOU! to come join our ranks for some fun and engaging (mostly) regular RP! Who are we? We are a Warband of Mag'har in service to the Horde after being driven off Draenor by the Lightbound Draenei, and as such the RP of the guild has two primary goals that almost all of our events center around. First: The tribal clan society, acknowledging and honoring the traditions of the various clans that make up the Mag'har People Second: To fight in the war between the Horde and the Alliance, giving aid to the battlefields and warfronts across Azeroth. This is usually done either in DMed events, or by participating in RP-PVP When do we RP? The days are usually a little sporadic at times, but generally the days we use are Monday through to Thursday, as we recognize that a lot of people use their weekends (and Fridays) to go out and have fun. Events usually begin 20:00 server time (CET) and last for 2-3 hours, depending on what we are doing. Who are we recruiting? We are recruiting more or less any Mag'har that could see themselves fitting within the purpose of this guild, no matter which clan they may hail from, or even if it is main universe Mag'har. We are also willing to accept the odd green-skinned orc, if the reason to join is good enough and it aligns with our perspective, but it will be done on a case by case basis. As of the posting of this thread, the Sons of Draenor are currently active in Zuldazar, as they fight against alliance incursions. If you are in the region and want to join, feel free to whisper me (Gorrokh), or one of my officers (Chatterskull/Aim, and Stormbringer) regarding an invitation, or just simply leave a reply in this thread! Newcomers are welcome to participate in our currently ongoing RP campaign, to see if they like the community.Gorrokh5 12 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 Argent Dawn General Chat Thread #292 Maybe by the time Half Life 3 comes out, we'll have reached #300.Montero440 12 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 [A/RP] The Bloody Verdict ... ... Hello gamers, The Company of the Bloody Verdict is recruiting! <The Bloody Verdict> is a group of irregulars serving under Stormwind who have come together under their Enoch of Sunnyglade's imperialist teachings - and his declaration (or verdict hehe) that peace on Azeroth could only be bought with the pitiless destruction of the Horde. With the priest's teachings professing a great respect every patriotic member of the Alliance who is willing to take up arms against the Horde, the guild accepts every Alliance race as long as they hold similar ideals - a deep love for the Alliance as an institution and a desire to see pan-Alliance culture spread across all of Azeroth, ushering a new age of peace. They are effectively Stormwind imperialists and - for example - deeply desire to see the fallen Kingdoms raised from ruin but only under the High King's authority but also believe that Kalimdor - once rid of the Horde menace - can be settled and used to the benefit of Stormwind and her allies. The company itself has a wide rage of characters because of its place as a group of irregulars - from peasant militiamen pressed into service to knights to vindicators bear these colours, united by their mutual hatred of the Horde (or love for their people in the Alliance, some of them might claim). The uncompromising beliefs of some of these characters have not won them much love in some parts of the City they hold in so high regard... In terms of events I'm hoping to have this guild be pretty big on RP PVP but we'll obviously have plenty of (NPC'd) DM events and guild plots coming up also. The uniform is more of a colour scheme - just wear the tabard and try to keep to a blue/grey Alliance-y set that is appropriate for your character / the guild's theme You can contact myself / Vyst if you have questions / want in OK that's about it catch you on the flip side / hope to see you in-gameEnoch439 12 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 [A-PvE] Steel Legion - G'huun HC down, recruiting DPS Steel Legion is looking for raiders for Uldir Heroic! Our aim is to complete the Ahead of the Curve: G'huun achievement and to have Uldir Heroic on farm, while maintaining a relaxed and social atmosphere. We have completed the Ahead of the Curve achievements for previous raid tiers, and have even pushed in to mythic during Antorus: The Burning Throne. Discord is required, though you do not need to speak. Raid days are on Thursday and Sundays, with an optional normal run day where you can bring your alts to gear them up on Wednesdays. Raid times are from 20:00 until 23:00 realm time. We are currently looking to recruit DPS for our raid team, preferably ranged. However, if you are interested in joining but are not a DPS, we may still have a spot open for you. If you are interested, please either message our guild leader, Lacers, or any member of the officer team (Nexiax, Daworg, Mishiara or Annakarenina) and we can sort out getting you invited. Currently 8/8 HCIvnexiax9 12 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 If you were stranded on an island.. And had one major lore character hunting you and one major lore character defending you, who would you pick and why? Last irrelevant thread I promise.Ragecast18 12 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 [H-RP] The Irontusk Clan - A World in Flames. ... OOC Information: The Irontusk is a nomadic Clan, travelling around the world to aid the Horde and its people. The Irontusks walk whatever path the ancestors wish for them to take, consulting the spirits on where to go before they head out. The Irontusk Clan follows old Orcish traditions and their ways - like hunting, shamanistic rituals, the Court Hunt and Om'riggor. Only Orcs are accepted into the clan. Tauren, Trolls, Goblins and other Orcs, can become followers at the Irontusk's fires. No IC Death Knights and Warlocks. Feel free to contact us be you interested to join or wish to arrange interactions between guilds, Alliance welcome to contact for RP-PVP as well! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Initiation: To reach the rank of Tusksworn and become a full member of the Clan the Unproven must go through the Iron Trials to be able to take the Rite of Iron. The Trials are given out by senior members of the Clan: tests of character and heart to see if the Orcs joining the clan have what it takes to survive in these harsh times. The Rite of Iron is a sacred ritual to the Irontusk Clan where the new member of the Clan will have his or her tusk ripped out and replaced with one made out of iron. Whether they choose to do it themselves or not is up to the individual Orc. Lastly the ripped out tusk is to be given to the Chieftain so it can be added to the collection of tusks that is carried on the chieftain's neck at all times. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Clan ranks from lowest to highest: Followers: These are individuals who have chosen to travel along with the Clan, and have been welcomed to do so. They are free to come and go as they please, however must still respect and follow the Clan's laws while sharing their fires. Unproven: These warriors just came to age or are recently adopted into the Clan. They still have to prove themselves in the eyes of their Chieftain and will be constantly put to the test in the Iron Trials, so the weak can be rooted out. Tusksworn: The Tusksworn are those that survived their time as the Unproven. They have sworn their loyalty to the Clan and its Chieftain by taking the Rite of Iron and are now considered full members of the Clan. Wartusk: The Wartusks are the Orcs that stand out among the Tusksworn in skill at war or hunting. These clan members have shown promise, and for it have been given a place within the Clan’s warband. Ironmaw: Wartusks who have proven themselves skilled in leadership can be granted the role of Ironmaw. Their task is to relay battle cries and orders in the heat of battle, as well as advise the current leader of the warband, they are appointed as leaders of the hunts and warparties throughout the Clan, in the absence of Jarn'mash or chieftain. The Ironmaw would venture forth in more peaceful times, seeking out new blood to become Unproven. Ironblood: Usually shaman, mystics or elders of the clan, Ironbloods have proven themselves over and over again, as having experienced much of clan life, and the ways of the Clan, it is the Ironbloods’ role to help guide some of the Unproven of the Clan, as well as being sources of knowledge for all those within the Clan. Ironwolf: The Ironwolves are the Chieftain's personal honour guard. Hand picked by the Chieftain as the most skillful, loyal and trusted of the chief’s warriors. Their tasks are to keep the Clan safe in times of camping, to check and make sure the Clan stay true to their oaths. They are champions of the clan, the strongest warriors the Irontusk have to offer. Jarn'mash: Or Iron Heart, is formed up of the most trusted and skilled members of the Clan each with a specific role to take. Their roles are that of the key members of the Clan, from head shaman to eldest of the Clan, it is their duty to guide the Clan alongside the Chieftain, advising and aiding as they can. Chieftain: The Chieftain is the leader of the Clan. The Chieftain’s will is the will of the Clan and although the Jarn'mash might advise against something the Chieftain gets the last word as long as it’s in the Clan’s best interest. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Officers: Kuryna - GM and Chieftain Kru’gra - Jarn'mash - Head Mystic Durom - Jarn'mash - Iron HeartKuryna311 12 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 [Forsaken RP] The Rotgarde enkindles! ... ... ... The Rotgarde is still recruiting Forsaken to join us in loyal service to the Forsaken nation as we march joyously onwards towards a world free of the Alliance disease, where the seven human kingdoms and indeed all Azeroth falls under the shadow of the Horde... As well as portraying an aggressive & nationalist segment of the greater Forsaken army (including frequent RP PVP events, both restricted or otherwise) the Rotgarde's fervent support of the Forsaken regime serves to place them as a minor power vying for political favour amongst the Dark Lady's court, where they hope their heroism in battle might elevate them to dizzy heights. This opens the door for RP based around politics, faith, factionalism, etc - so there is (hopefully) something for everyon We have a (rarely updated) AA profile over at that has further information For recruitment purposes you can contact Perroy, Mutton, Roy or Hangart though any other member should be able to point you in the right direction. For people interested in joining, take a look at the MORBID DOCTRINE - the Rotgarde's IC guidebook 12 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 [H-RP] Sisterhood of the Serpent - Assassins! :O ... ... ... ... ... ... Aspiring new heights, Rakihu Gorelash founded an assassin's sisterhood based on tight-knit mentorship, results, and blending in. Taking inspiration from non-orcish cultures that have been revering the serpent as a symbol of intellect, fertility, and birth-and-death-invoking, the Sisterhood of the Serpent defines itself as a foul-mouthed, smack-talking, partying yet very caring group of hedonistic all-is-fair-in-love-and-war assassins. If you seek independence, access to the free world, and somebody to lean on, the sisterhood is there for you. OOC Information: The Sisterhood of the Serpent is a guild based on an original concept (although somewhat inspired by works like Ovid's Metamorphoses and a few mercenary stereotypes) of a hedonistic, consequent, if not very violent assassin society consisting of solely women. Said women may have wildly varying moral alignments that can both work well and clash with each other - but at the end of the day, business is business. Though in a constant process of fleshing out, the development of the guild itself is to be a consequence of roleplay. Therefore you will only see updates as we set them in stone in-character. The Premise Rough and boastful as any other mercenary company, the Sisterhood of the Serpent stands out as one of the few, if not the only one, bands solely comprised of women open to contract offers from anyone and anything looking for mutual benefits. Though they are loyal from the start of a contract to its finish, the Sisterhood isn't afraid of taking liberties. Unfair and unconventional tactics are what make them both infamous and attractive as a company. Furthermore it is said that with enough alcohol at hand, they are all too willing to entertain for entire nights. This, much to the buyer's misfortune, may however only happen - without exception - on their terms. The Sisterhood often represents itself through an intertwined pair of snakes. These not only serve to represent their unity, femininity and predatorial traits, but further represent knowledge, cleverness, cunning, guile, intellect, subtlety, passion and life-and-death. The further one invests herself into the Sisterhood, the more understanding she will gain in what the serpent truly represents for the Sisterhood, and live by its figurative totem. The Ranks The Sisterhood of the Serpent has a clear-cut organization. On the bottom of the list are the Initiates. These can be presumed of little to no value until they can prove themselves. Despite this assumption, however, the sisters do look after their newcomers and ensure that they will once become a useful addition to their society. Once a sister has been declared proven, she ascends to the rank of Scale. As each scale on a serpent forms the beast's skin, so do Scales make up for the bulk of the Sisterhood. They live to serve and protect the Sisterhood's interests, but much as a snake can sheds its skin, so can the Sisterhood dismiss its scales without a second thought should they prove to be of no use in the competitive 'free world'. An experienced Scale is considered a Fang. Though there are only so few of them at a time, Fangs are the pride of the Sisterhood, for without fangs a snake has no bite. Fangs are well-versed in the Sisterhood's tactics and are not afraid to use curses, poisons and diseases to weaken their prey. Rumor has it that as the proverbial tip of the blade they receive personal training from the head of the Sisterhood herself. At all times, the Sisterhood will assign a Quartermaster to manage its riches and inventory. These sisters are typically versed in accounting and economics and are responsible for providing the women of this almost cult-like society with the tools they need to succeed. Finally, just underneath the leader of the Sisterhood, are the Eyes of the Sisterhood - a council , each unique by race or culture, that oversees the progress of the members of the Sisterhood next to providing valued counsel to their mentor. The eyes consist of each race that speaks Orcish respectively and are excessively loyal to Rakihu Gorelash herself Recruitment While most similar companies and societies take new recruits with barely to no contract, entry into the Sisterhood is strictly overseen by its mentor and her council of Eyes. In order to gain entry, an applicant has to be deemed fit by a majority of the council to be considered a valid candidate. This is however not a guarantee for membership as the applicant will still require approval from the leader of the company herself before they can finally consider themselves a Sister of the Serpent. Ascension Almost cult-like in their nature, an ascending sister has to go through an entire ceremony, including preparations, in order to be promoted to the next level. Unlike other companies, however, it is impossible to apply for a promotion per se. Instead, the head of the Sisterhood handpicks its valid candidates. Once chosen, a sister has to - knowingly or not - undergo a trial set upon them by the Mentor herself. Should she pass her trial, she will undergo a rite of passage as prepared by the head of the Sisterhood. It is rumored that only the Sisterhood may spectate these rites. It is also rumored that when a sister undergoes a rite of passage, she is to drink snake venom out of a goblet. It is of course possible that all these rumors spring from the almost cult-like use of narcotics and hallucinogen that give the spectators the impression of a snake deity possessing the drinker of its children's fluids and challenging them to a duel of wills. Whichever the truth, the only way to find out is through ascension. How you can join: In order to apply for membership, you can either post in this thread, contact us ingame, let me know through via or visit our Discord at: Questions? Ask them here or in our Discord!Rakihu175 12 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 Night Elf RP Greetings. I've recently returned to WoW after i've seen the blizzcon and the upcoming content. I originally quit during the launch of BfA because i felt like i was playing an Alpha version of the Expansion. But that is not the topic of my post. I am currently looking for a Night Elf RP guild. I've browsed an "ArgentArchives" "guild" section and found very few of them, and most of them were Sentinel guilds. I found one druidic guild, but, their recruitment is closed for now. This is why i came here, to seek a help from fellow WoW players of ArgentDawn. Is there any Night Elf themed RP guilds that would accept a druid? Thank you in advance, for any given help and your time.Kelthulus11 12 Nov 2018
12 Nov 2018 Recent ganking in SW [The Scarlet Inquisition] Good news, everyone! Stormwind invasions are back in style! I am the guildmaster of [The Scarlet Inquisition] [WPVP/PVP/Mythic+], and my guildies and I will make living in Stormwind pretty difficult for those of you who are flagged for PVP. Also, expect weekly [For The Horde] raids, where your little king’s throne room will become our private lounge. Message for Horde PVPers: for more info on how to join our honorless ranks /w me ingame. (Guaranteed Fun)Bénédictus344 12 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 [A-RP] Moon and Fury ... The military aspect: A platoon of Moonclaws (and possible auxiliaries) deployed in a variety of locations to aid Sentinel units and/or various Alliance initiatives. Mostly through providing intelligence, scouting, tracking of targets or any points of interests and engaging in all forms of guerilla warfare. They are led by a lieutenant, with the possibility of smaller squads being led by sergeants as the initiative develops. We are happy to offer IC training if you enjoy that sort of thing. Theoretically, the best fitting IC classes for the military part are likely rogues, scouts, rangers, hunters, trackers, druids, fighters, etc. But! As any military unit, they have the support of menders and specialists of all sorts. War calls for the use of many talents and weapons. Tradition has its place but sometimes it has to give way to new technologies. What does it mean in practice? We aim to be a small RP guild (likely not more than 15 players, more with alts and such) that fills a certain niche and has fun together without making things too complicated. The idea is to be open and actively working with other guilds and liven up the community! For more details or just to have a chat about it all, whisper Alystoria in-game. Here's some tl;dr OOC stuff: Are you tired of pack guilds and/or hanging around Stormwind? Are you not sure what to do with your Worgen? (Other characters on a case by case basis) Do you enjoy scouting RP and all that possibly comes with it? Do you think all Forsaken should burn in eternal fire? Are you more Kalimdor-based but like to travel and can't find a good home? Do you have IRL obligations and can't RP until late into the night? Do you like being clear on what works for you and what doesn't, especially OOC? Are you independent in seeking or creating RP for yourself and others on non-event nights? Do you prefer smaller guilds without too much noise and bother?FAQ: Q: Do you only accept Worgen? A: No. The concept might best fit Worgen, Night Elves, perhaps Gilnean humans, but we’re open to negotiations. Q: Can I join with my Naga Dragonsworn character/<insert your concept here>? A: Every applicant will be reviewed on a case by case basis, if we can make it work, we will. Q: What is a Moonclaw? A: Moonclaws are Worgen who have joined the Sentinel Army after Gilneas rejoined the Alliance, following the Cataclysm. You can find them as NPCs and quest givers in Feralas, at Feathermoon Stronghold. Q: How active should I be? A: We of course all have obligations of all sorts, but preferably join on a character you play often and not an alt that you dust off every 2 weeks. Q: I’m in a guild already but I wouldn’t mind hanging around you guys. A: We plan to have a community attached to the guild (one already existing) that will welcome friends and allies and help them keep in touch and up to date! Thank you for reading through all this! I'm happy to answer questions and I'm looking forward to your feedback! Any guilds/initiatives that need some Moonclaw support for an event or something, Sentinels who need a good tracker's nose (even in the form of an NPC, someone lost, caravan guard - you name it!), please do not hesitate to get in touch! See you AROOOund! AlystoriaAlystoria15 11 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 Void Elf RP - Are we doing it wrong? Recently I noticed that during Island Expeditions, the Horde is sometimes up against an NPC Alliance group filled with Void Elves. Now the way Blizzard positioned these Ren'dorei is by having them cackle maniacally and be completely full of themselves. When attacking them, they laugh like Batman's Joker, even when they die, having the last laugh. This whole chaotic display is opposite of what I've seen every Void Elf do in RP, acting like polite scholars as they are being scolded by Paladins in Stormwind. Have they been doing it wrong all along? Did Blizzard intend for the Void Elves to be cackling maniacs? It does seem to make sense, after all, they have the whispers of the Void in their heads constantly. It would make me crazy as well. Discuss.Solèste121 11 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 [H-RP, within RPPVP] Jani treasure hunt! The following message would be posted on some Orgrimmar noticeboards and when we arrive there, in the Vol'dun RPPVP Horde camp site. ... This event is going to happen on the 4th day of the RPPVP campaign, Strike at the Heart! It's an individual thing, not hosted by the organizers of the main thing. If my calculations are correct, this should be on the 17th, giving people something to do when there is no PVP going on. You do not need to be signed up to the main RPPVP event to join this one. As stated, it's basically a small treasure hunt caused by some Goblin's greed and wish for gold. Of course, we wouldn't be meeting Jani but maybe we can get something out of it. It's a generous loa, right? I'd like to take a max of 10 people for this, since I cannot focus on DMing very well for more than that. If you'd like a calendar invite, whisper me in game or on Discord: Aspirin#6958 Anyone is welcomed! Forum entries are also ok. And as promised! The map! 11 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 Warcraft mobile game Who's looking forward to Warcraft 4 on Android and IOS? You all have phones, right? Time to speculate what next Blizzcon will be like!Sorrowsun34 11 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 [A-RP] Children of the Void - Void Elf RP Community Hello role-players! Today we invite all Void Elves to join “Children of the Void”--a community originally set up for the Telogrus Rift Hours, but that will now serve a more general purpose. At times, Void Elves might find themselves spread out across different guilds and groups, and a community will help us stick together and attend to some elven affairs on the side. Benefits of a community: - Get to know your fellow Void Elf players - Join and host events - Find out where to find Void Elf RP in the world - All without leaving your current guild Do not worry about activity or contribution, because it does not matter if you join simply to keep a quiet eye on your fellow elves or if you join to find a wider audience for your events. You will be welcome either way! We hope to see even more join us soon. The only requirement is that your character is a Void Elf. Please find the invitation link below: 11 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 [H-RP] - Brethren of the Coast - Pirate RP ... ... ... ... ... ... ... tl;dr - Many pirate guilds on the Horde side only have one ship to command. The initiative here is to merge these ships and their crew under one name. The GM's a.k.a. the Captains retain most of their power, and can operate as if they have their own guild. There is no loss of identity. The guild itself does have one governing guild master, the pirate lord, but she grants a lot of freedom to her ships and captains. Only when ICly the need arises to do something together will the fleet come together.Hongju38 11 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 Jani Appreciation Thread Dedicated to the true loa of all loas.Rakihu55 11 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 [A-RP] <The Arclight Association> - Returning Home. A.R.C.L.I.G.H.T: Association for Research and Construction in Line with the Interests of Gnomish Home Territories. IC Logo: Current IC Location: Ironforge, Dun Morogh. Recruitment Status: Open! Officers: Ermalina/Brandelwyn(GM), Zadricus, Patriot, Býte, Mufflbang, Deadsproket....WHO ARE WE? The Arclight Association is an expeditionary unit of adventurers, scientists and other specialists operating in the interests of Gnomeregan. With the war against the Horde raging on, the Association has relocated its headquarters to Kul Tiras, operating out of Fizzsprings Resort as permanent guests. The Association has pledged its efforts to supporting the ongoing battles through the acquisition of powerful artifacts, research into the newly discovered Azerite and construction of mighty weapons of war. While we might not be valiant footmen or devout paladins, our efforts from the sidelines help keep the war machine rolling (both literally and figuratively!) We accept gnomes of all classes provided that they wish to heed the call of adventure are willing to support the Alliance through and through. Dwarves (Dark Irons included) are also welcome to sign up as Gnomeregan’s strongest allies, if they fit in with the concept of the guild. While other races aren’t permitted within the guild itself, the adventurous and technologically minded among the Alliance might find themselves welcome to tag along on our expeditions! In addition to that, we’re always on the lookout for guilds to collaborate with, be they friend or foe! WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT FROM US? Arclight’s roleplay embodies the more whimsical high-fantasy elements of the Warcraft setting, allowing for all manner of outlandish adventures across Azeroth and beyond. At the same time, we don’t shy away from more grounded themes when needs be, and never pass an opportunity for some good character development. The guild’s major RP days are Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, during which a DMed event or guild meeting will be held. Of course, random roleplay on any other day of the week is very much encouraged - there’s always something to be doing IC! Expeditions are held fairly frequently, which will typically be fairly long story-driven journeys spanning over the course of a few weeks. Destinations are often voted for by members of the guild, or are picked in response to various major lore events happening as BfA’s story unfolds. When appropriate, Arclight also loves to get involved with various server-wide campaigns and initiatives! We also have an active guild Discord community, so you can keep up to date with the guild out of the game! WHAT DO WE EXPECT FROM YOU? As the guild understands that various commitments can make activity requirements tough, Arclight offers no such thing. All we ask is that you join us when you can, and preferably let us know if you’re unable to be around for a while. It’s recommended but not required to join our Discord server so you can stay active in our community if you’re away for a while. Beyond that, all we really expect is for everyone to keep a positive attitude and remember to keep IC and OOC separate. We’re happy taking on new or inexperienced RPers if they’re willing to learn, too! Due to our guild operating out of Kul Tiras, it’s recommended that you level to at least 110 before taking part in RP with us (we’ll still accept lower level characters though, provided they’re willing to keep levelling). It’s also highly recommended to use the addon TRP3 GUILD RANKS The Superintendent: Arclight’s Superintendent, currently Ermalina Sparkblade, is the overall leader of the Association and representative of Gnomeregan authorities. Providing guidance and solving disputes, the Superintendent ensures that Arclight keeps running like a well-oiled machine. Executives & Surveyors: Arclight’s three Executives each lead one of the Association’s major departments (as listed below), with the Surveyors working closely under them as the heads of smaller sub-departments. The Gnomereguard: Under the command of Executive Molly Mechasprocket, Arclight’s Gnomereguard Infantry Detachment serves as a militant wing of the Association. While their primary duty stands as enforcers or bodyguards protecting the less combat-trained gnomes with protection, they may be called upon to fight for Gnomeregan and the Alliance when needs be. The Scientists: Led by the eccentric Klinkerton Mufflbang, Arclight’s Science Division carries out important research in new and exciting fields! Whether it’s creating the latest and greatest Azerite weaponry, deciphering ancient Titan texts or creating genetically engineered super-chickens, the Science Division is always up to something important! The Auxiliaries: Perhaps the true backbone of the Association, Executive Byte Terracoil leads the Auxiliary Department. Tasked with maintaining the Association’s headquarters and all the equipment it contains, the department makes itself the home of many skilled engineers, cooks and even accountants! Gnomes of almost every trade are needed in the Auxiliary Division, however grand or mundane they may be. The New Recruits: New sign-ups to the Association are granted the rank of Prospect while their skills are evaluated and they’re sorted into an appropriate department. Prospects are typically promoted in a ceremony following their first expedition. FAQ: Do you accept alts? Absolutely! Since we have no hard activity requirement, you’re free to drop in and out as you like. Bear in mind that you may miss out on important story elements, but those are typically recapped in the guild Discord. Do you have any uniforms? None at all! Arclight has better things to spend their budget on than fancy matching armour, so feel free to express yourself as you like! Only recommendation is that you wear a Gnomeregan tabard where possible. What’s your stance on leper/mechagnomes, etc? If you can pull a subrace off convincingly and have a good IC reason to join Arclight, then feel free! The guild offers free Reflecting Prisms if needed. Does the guild RP-PvP? While we’re not all combat-ready and have even less reason to be deployed on the frontlines, Arclight’s more than happy to get into a scrap with the Horde if it fits our motives. That being said, it’s not a primary aspect of the guild and will not be at every campaign. How could my character find out about Arclight? Advertisements for the Association would be postered around Ironforge, New Tinkertown, Stormwind and even a few around Tiragarde Sound. It'd be easy enough to find our new headquarters (located between Southwind Station and Fizzsprings Resort) IC as such. TL;DR: A primarily non-military guild for gnomes (and dwarves) based out of Fizzsprings Resort in Tiragarde Sound, with a focus on adventure, science and technology.Brandelwyn401 11 Nov 2018
11 Nov 2018 Hello, AD! Sha'Glade Cartel... and RP?! S'up, Argent Dawn? No, I'm not lost, and I don't have the wrong server <.< >.> BUT! It's come to my knowledge that I've met a handful of RPers trickling away from busybee AD to the smaller realms, usually due to feeling overwhelmed by the popularity or struggling to assert themselves into an RP group, or simply too busy with real life to join larger scaled RP guilds on a regular basis. But I've also noticed that Sha'glade Cartel is obscenely quiet to the point that there is only a few* major RP guilds on that realm, one guild I have been a part of and especially was fond of. However, these do not cater to shadier, darker themed RP. Myself and a friend have decided to create a freelance RP guild. This means that we're catering to those who not only prefer a quieter atmosphere to RP in, but people who may be particularly busy with RL or even have other guilds to participate in and dedicate a handful of time to, whilst also sticking to a more insidious theme. We're not evil, but we're certainly no do-gooders, seeking adventure, fun, money and booze!.. And not-so-occasionally the decapitated heads of our arch enemies. This doesn't mean we'll be an inactive, once-in-a-blue-moon kind RP kind of guild, though. It simply means there's a wider boundary for levels of activity, but we would appreciate a good level of participation, when able. I find myself busy OOC, but my partner in crime will certainly be the more hands-on GM, with regular events and storylines, making use of the zones in our areas that are otherwise barren and ours for the reaping on these littler servers! So, to those with recycled characters, characters who lust for humour, adventure, but aren't afraid to get gory, or have their own sinister goals they need a hand with and to those who find themselves struggling to immerse themselves in a busy world, or those with just barely enough time on their hands seeking the occasional moment for the above, feel free to approach, /w or mail me, or Zycorax - Moonglade. I will be available during daylight hours for the following week, and Zycorax should be more towards evenings! Happy gaming!Aiyvah50 11 Nov 2018