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19 Aug Useful threads: setting, story, & roleplay. The purpose of this thread is to collect and advertise useful threads and sources, for any player looking to find out more about the setting, or about roleplaying and story-building. These may be useful whether reading the background just for interest, creating a new character and wanting to see how it fits into the setting, or looking how to enhance our own roleplaying techniques. Some of these websites are on the wider internet, but most were written by players on our own server Argent Dawn. A parallel thread, "Useful threads: community and events," is no longer stickied for some reason. It can be found at and looks at the Out Of Character history and community of the server, to introduce the server to new players, and to give help to players in creating, advertising, and maintaining events and guilds.Tsathoggua71 19 Aug
26 Nov History of Argent Dawn Updated May 28th 2017, 04:02 (GMT) ... Tip: Hit Ctrl+F and for example search #2012 Submissions Pick a topic: [Guild] [Character] [Event] Use headings, and add any AA links. Scroll down for examples. Guidelines [Guild] events include RP-PvP, storylines, founded/disbanded dates, etc. [Character] events are for major figures in our server lore, ie. guild leaders. Community [Events] only. For guild events, see above. Only put information that'd be known in-character, events that would be written into history or known. Contents Intro - post 1 - 2005 - post 2 - 2006 - post 4 - 2007 - post 5 - 2008 - post 6 - 2009 - post 8 - 2010 - post 9 - 2011 - post 10 - 2012 - post 11 & 12 - 2013 - post 13 & 14 - 2014 - post 15 - 2015 - post 17 & 18 - 2016 - post 19 & 20 - 26 Nov
11h Guilds of Argent Dawn Hello everyone, since the old guilds of argent dawn thread has been inactive for a rather long period of time i have decided to start a new one with a fresh batch of guilds. The form and rules will remain the same as the old one. Guild name: Faction: Type: Concept: Base of operation: Guild master: Recruiting officer: Guild-forum/website: -Copy and paste the list above in a new reply. -Feel free to add a link to your recruitment thread on the forums. -The guilds are sorted in alphabetic order. If your guild has a different name IC, then you may add that name after the actual guild name as it appears in game. -Only leave a brief concept description of your guild here. If you wish to share more, do so by directing to your guilds forum or webpage.Velraz420 11h
4d Roleplaying Guild List [Argent Dawn] Every time I log in, I see people demanding help with finding an RP guild, or one with a certain theme. One could not except newcomers to scroll through an endless stream of forum posts, or hundreds of Argent Archives profiles, just to find out that the guild of their liking disbanded a year ago, or hasn’t been active for months. Because it is my intention to help the dynamics of the community, I excluded inactive guilds. Those I inavertedly left out, please contact me ingame via /whisper or mail, or just leave a comment below. Newly formed guilds are welcome aswell, just inform me of your existance. If a listed guild disbands or dies off, the procedure of removal should be the same. The list contains the guild name and few words describing the theme, ordered alphabetically under categories of race/faction exclusiveness. (Let me know if you find a description unfitting or have a better alternative). You can find a guild’s original forum post, Argent Archives profile, and in cases its website by making a google search with „<guildname> argent dawn”. Horde guilds: Orc Blackjaw Clan (Nomadic; not part of, but allied to the Horde) Fourteenth Legion (Grunts) Legion IX (Military) Orcs of the Red Blade (Nomadic) Worg Riders (Nomadic) Troll Alarion Alor Ai Darkspear Tribe Zandalari Empire Tauren The Spirit Wolves Undead (Forsaken) The Hand of Agony (Military, political) The Rotgarde (Military, political) Blood Elf Burning Ashes (Mercenary) Dawnmantle (Research, artifact hunting, pro Quel'Thalas/Horde) Division Twenty Three (Military) Divison Forty Seven (Military) Gilded Coin (Mercenary/Black ops) House Rivorndir (House) Silvermoon Guard Sun Hawks (Military, dragonhawk riders) Sunfury Covenant Sunglow Covenant (Learning & Adventuring) The Arcane Circle (Opposing the Kirin Tor) The Ashborne Incursion (Private military) The Dawnguard (Military) The Farstrider Regiment (Rangers) The Sanguine Eye (Blood elf fanatics) The Sunbrand (Military, priests) The Sunreaver Order (Dalaran representatives) The Sunspear (Military, inspired by The Sunsworn on Draenor) The Vacant Throne (Pro-blood elf and Light fanatics) Goblin Gearfist IBS The Cutthroat Cartel (Criminals) Pandaren Huojin Path (Horde aligned) The Silent Vigil (Shado-Pan, neutral) Multi-racial, Horde military and clans Blood Howl (Warband) Durakra Outriders (Mercenary) Hordes Shadow (Warband) Irontusk Vanguard (Military, Kalimdor Horde races only) Shadow Corps (Military, black ops) Shattered Path (Espionage) Sunforged (Paladins) The Bloodied Spear (Warband) The Bloodstorm Clan (Nomadic clan) The Ceaseless Cohort (Warrior cult) The Crimson Caravan (Trading company / Horde auxiliary force) The Forlorn Legion (Penal military, basically Suicide Squad) The Frozen Paw Clan (New Horde Clan) The Mystic Demand (Reliquary) Multi-racial, more on the edge of Horde society Dark Eye Clan (outcast clan trying to survive) Charred Council („Dark guardian” roleplay) Felshadow Dominion (Demonic cult) Fourfive Fingers (Criminal) Gilded Blades (Mercenary) Oath of Silver (Criminal) Order of the Raven Blood (independent order, adventurers) Primalsong Tribe (Nomadic, not part of the Horde) Sacrilegious School (Occultism, outcasts, spellweaver criminals) Shadowmoon Pact (New Horde clan, welcoming warlocks and demon hunters too) Shady Business (Criminal) Sixty Thieves (Criminal) The Blackguard (Mercenary) The Bone Shark (Privateers, pirate hunters) The Freelancers (Mercenaries, tradesmen, and adventurers. Strictly business.) The Greedy Kraken (Pirate) the Iron Vulture (Air pirates on a goblin zeppelin) The Ravensun (Religious, shadow) The Valiant Accord (Adventurers and mercenaries against the Legion) Valiant Blade (Mercenaries on the Broken Isles) Velvet Syndicate (Mercenary) Wheel of Entropy (Chaos Cult) Winds of Wisdom (Pandaren lifestyle, others are welcome to join) Multi-racial, Neutral Fealty to the Grave (Death Knight, Ebon Blade) The Argent Expedition (Argent Crusade) The Ashen Vanguard The Blackgarde (Argent Crusade inquisition) The Fel Hunt (Illidari) The Silver Gauntlet (Argent Crusade) The Tattered Court (Illidari) The Tide Howler (Sailor/pirate) Misc. Stonemaul Clan (Ogre) The Silver Sun (High Elf, Alliance aligned) Alliance guilds: Human Arathi Honour Guard (Arathi military) House of Darklaw (Alterac noble household) League of Arathor (Arathi politics and military) Stormwind Infantry (Stormwind military) The Crown Bulwark (Stormwind guard) The Westfall Rangers (Westfall guard) Dwarf Anvilmar Iron Brigade (Military) The Three Hammers (Political, military, community) Gnome Gnomeregan Covert Ops (Military) Night Elf Moonleaf Grove (Traditional Kaldorei society) The Highborne (Highborne community, politics, military) The Nightblade Sentinels (Military) The Starsong Sentinels (Military) Elvhenan (Military, assistance force) Draenei Aldori Axiom (Military and faith) Ere Argus (Exodar commune) Nomads of Tureem (Nomadic community / adventures) Vestige of Shalaat (Community with some military) Worgen House of Tarsias (Gilnean noble house) The Duskenpaw (Feral worgen) Pandaren Tushui Multi-racial, Alliance military and closely bonded organisations Bael Modan (Gnome/dwarf community in Kalimdor) Baratide Naval Brigade (Naval military against the Legion) Blazing Shields (Stormwind military) Call of the Silver Hand (Paladins) Crusaders of Turalyon (Peacekeeping/enforcing, military) Evenhold (Knights, refugees. Not taking evil classes. Lordaeron races only) Keepers of the Drassili (Protection of nature, races beyond Nelf also welcome) Knight of Stormwind (Stormwind military) Knights of the Isle (Knightly order) Highwave Irregulars (Kul Tirasian naval military/trade, not directly Alliance) Lightsworn (Knightly order, Menethil Harbor based) Northern Priory (Exploration, human/worgen) Northmist Company (Alliance, but close connection to the Argent Dawn) Order of the Sage (Magic school, quite universal) Silver Archaeology Co (Explorer's League organisation) Sons of Menethil (Military, Menethil Harbor based, Northern EK RP-PvP) Stormwind Bureau (Stormwind intelligence, separate from SI:7) Stormwind City Guard (Stormwind military) Stormwind Royal Navy (Stormwind military) The Ace Platoon (Alliance Elite homeguard) The Chapter of Embers (Human, Dwarf, Worgen - holy order, military) The Fallen Leaf (Peacekeepers—based on Pandaren culture) The Iron Thorn (Stormwind military) The Onyxguard (Duskwood guard & private military) The Royal Society (Authoritic faction, Stormwind based) The Seventh Penal Company (Penal military) The Steel Gauntlet (Stormwind military) The Sworn Swords (Knightly order, Northern EK RP-PvP, DM events) Triune of the Eclipse (NE/draenei/worgen circle) Unit Fourteen (Penal military) Multi-racial, more on the edge of Alliance society Blacktalon Blinders (Criminal) Necromechanica (Dark scientists against darker threats) Nightshade Consortium (Dark magic practitioners in the Plaguelands) Sable Chapter (Questing heroes and outcasts) Silvershield Company (Mercenaries and some tradesmen) The Broken Tower (Adventuring knightly order) The Bronzebrew Company (Trade) The Crooked Peace (Criminal) The Eldritch Covenant (Warlock/Shadow Priest circle of power) The Grey Banner (Militant order) The Rowdy Sparrows (Mercenary) The Settlers (Colonial, civilian survival) The Outblades (Relic hunters, mercenaries, thieves) The Tide Raven (Pirate ship) The Wanderlust Company (Mercenary) Underhand (Demonic cult) Wayfaring Association (Explorers) Multi-racial, Neutral Illidari (dem bois) Kirin Tor Onslaught (Dalaran mages) Mardenholde Accord (Argent Crusade) Sanctum of Magic (Mage school in Dalaran) The Cenarion Guardians (Cenarion Circle) The Ivorystar Academy (Mage school, Kirin Tor aligned) The Ebon Vigil (Knights of the Ebon Blade) The Hunters League (literally that) The Kirin Dal (Dalaran mages) The Silver Charge (Silver Hand knights and some allies) Misc. Bane (Scourge) Bastions Fall (scripted events revolving around the return of the Legion) Bayerleyn Retinue (more „realistic” medieval RP) The Frozen Covenant (Scourge, Cult of the Damned) The Synaari Pact (Freeform) Twilight Hammer (the Old God cult) Honorable mentions, since they’re not RP, but sought after by some: The Bulwark, a level 60 vanilla guild on Horde, and its Alliance counterpart: AfterlifeRedbone168 4d
15 Jan Raiding Progression - Argent Dawn Considering Legebril is ending his maintenance on the raiding progression thread, I thought I'd continue to do it. I will also continue to work with the old format because it's a nice format. If your guild isn't in yet, please do give a shout by mentioning your progress on this thread! Old link with tiers prior to Legion: ... Mythic 1. Helios (A) - 9/11 2. Project Toxic (H) - 9/11 3. Detox (H) - 6/11 4. Blessing of Wisdom (A) - 6/11 5. Sephuzs Secret (A) - 5/11 6. Splendour (H) - 5/11 7. Menethil Yacht Club (A) - 5/11 8. The Undecided (H) - 5/11 9. The Lethal Party (A) - 4/11 10. Ragnarök (A) - 4/11 ... The Precariat (A) - 2/11 Alliance Normal/Heroic The Precariat - 11/11N - 11/11HC Erandium - 11/11HC Horde Normal/Heroic Splendour - 11/11N - 11/11HC Salvation - 11/11N - 6/11HC Arclight - 11/11N - 6/11HC ... Mythic 1. Helios (A) - 9/9 2. Detox (H) - 9/9 3. Blessing of Wisdom (A) - 9/9 4. Sephuzs Secret (A) - 9/9 5. Technical Issues (A) - 7/9 6. The Undecided (H) - 7/9 7. Nøcturnal (A) - 7/9 8. Shadow (A) - 7/9 9. Triggered (A) - 7/9 10. Menethil Yacht Club (A) - 7/9 ... The Precariat (A) - 5/9 Salvation (H) - 5/9 Reincarnation (A) - 3/9 Medicated (A) - 3/9 Arclight (H) - 2/9 Alliance Normal/Heroic The Precariat - 9/9N - 9/9HC Erandium - 9/9N - 9/9HC Reincarnation - 9/9HC Bloodrune - 9/9N - 9/9HC Mighty Pintos - 9/9HC Crux - 9/9N - 5/9HC Crystalline Dream - 9/9N - 3/9 HC Facepunch - 8/9N - 3/9HC Horde Normal/Heroic Lethal - 9/9N - 8/9HC Night Witches - 9/9N - 9/9HC Arclight - 9/9N - 9/9HC Defect - 8/9HC Salvation - 9/9HC ... The Nighthold - 10 bosses Alliance 1. Safety Dance (10/10M) 2. Helios (10/10M) 3. Epoch (10/10M) 4. Oakcrest/BankofStone (10/10M) Sephuzs Secret (10/10M) House of the Fallen (8/10M) Triggered (5/10M) The Precariat (10/10N) (10/10HC) (3/10M) Gestalt (2/10M) Mythic (10/10HC) (1/10M) Erandium (10/10N) (10/10HC) Crimson Dawn (10/10HC) Innovation (10/10HC) Bloodrune (10/10N) (10/10HC) Prismatic Society (6/10HC) Titans of War (4/10HC) Crystalline Dream (4/10HC) Lionheart Vanguard (7/10N) Horde Lethal (10/10N) (10/10HC) (4/10M) Night Witches (10/10HC) (3/10M) Steelsong (10/10N) (10/10HC) Insurgence (10/10HC) Trial of Valor - 3 bosses Alliance 1. Safety Dance (3/3M) Oakcrest/BankofStone (3/3M) Erandium (3/3N) (3/3HC) The Precariat (3/3N) (3/3HC) Mythic (3/3HC) Lysis (3/3HC) Crimson Dawn (3/3HC) House of the Fallen (2/3M) Epoch (3/3M) Innovation (3/3HC) Gestalt (3/3HC) Triggered (2/3M) Sephuzs Secret (3/3M) Bloodrune (3/3HC) Horde Steelsong (3/3N) (3/3HC) Lethal (3/3N) (3/3HC) (2/3M) The Emerald Nightmare - 7 Bosses Alliance Erandium (7/7N) (7/7HC) The Precariat (7/7N)(7/7HC) (1/7M) Bloodrune (7/7N) (7/7HC) Inceptum (7/7HC) Immortalis (7/7N) (2/7HC) RP raiding group RaidPlay (7/7N) Lionheart Vanguard (7/7N) Shadow (7/7N) (7/7HC) Square One (7/7N) (1/7HC) Katla (7/7N) (7/7HC) (1/7M) The Pioneers (7/7N) (7/7HC) (1/7M) Oakcrest/BankofStone (7/7N) (7/7HC) (7/7M) The Silver Charge (7/7N) Mythic (5/7M) Lysis (7/7HC) Crimson Dawn (3/7M) House of the Fallen (7/7M) Epoch (7/7M) Innovation (7/7HC) Gestalt (2/7M) Triggered (7/7M) Sephuzs Secret (7/7M) Horde Safety Dance (7/7HC) (7/7M) Lethal (7/7N) (7/7HC) (7/7M) Oathsworn (7/7N) (7/7HC) (1/7M) The Rotgarde (7/7N) Legalise Peacebloom (6/7HC) Night Witches (7/7N) (7/7HC) Mythic (7/7N) (7/7HC) Mistfall (7/7N) (7/7HC) The Wyld Hunt (7/7N) (7/7HC) Steelsong (7/7N) (7/7HC) The Eclipsion Blade (7/7N) (7/7HC) SSRCG (7/7N) (1/7H) Splendour (7/7N) (1/7H) The Crimson Clover (7/7N)Brutus87 15 Jan
21 Dec Agtherian's Arcane Addendum - Beginner Arcane RP Guide! ... Hello, Argent Dawn! I previously made a guide on Arcane magic. It covered Arcane well enough but it was in dire need of touching up. The lore has since changed and rather than bump a dead thread, I figured I'd make a new one. I'm creating this guide to help people determine what the Arcane is, what it can do, and if it'd be fun to roleplay. There are a fair few people who are interested in roleplaying with the Arcane but don't really understand it, so this is more aimed at them. Saying that, the first section is less about roleplay and more about the lore of the Arcane. If you believe yourself to have a good grasp, you can skip it. But I'd advise rereading it to make sure that you're up to snuff with recent changes made to the lore. With that, let's begin at the basics. Contents 1 - Arcane and It's origins1.1 - Arcane and Azeroth 1.2 - Arcane and Mana 2 - Arcane and It's Laws2.1 - Arcane and Weaving Spells 2.2 - Arcane and The Schools 3 - Arcane and It's Application3.1 - Arcane and Power 3.2 Arcane and Everyone Else 4 - Arcane Afterthoughts-Sources 1. Arcane and It's OriginsTo understand where the Arcane comes from, you first need to know how the universe works. Azeroth, the world your Mage will most probably inhabit, is just another speck of dirt in a vast universe. It adheres to the same rules everywhere else does. Those rules are governed by six cosmic forces; Light, Shadow, Life, Death, Order and Disorder. Arcane derives from the forces of Order. That is to say, the power of the Arcane comes from wielding it with precision and disciplined concentration. Fel, the antithesis of Arcane and it's opposite, derives from Disorder. These two were born from the forces of Light and Shadow clashing, the chaotic mashing of the two forces forming the universe as we know it. With the creation of the universe came the eventual birth of the race, the Titans. These creatures roamed the universe, composed of primordial matter and arcane power. The very embodiment of Order, they could reshape worlds and quell raging spirits all across the universe.. They were born as world-souls, their goal to help other world-souls reach a state of maturity where they could travel the cosmos. They eventually happened upon Azeroth. 1.1 Arcane and AzerothThis is the world that is home to many different races and many different magics. It's also a Titan in a world-shaped egg but for now we'll continue to focus on the Arcane and how the two are tied. When the Titans arrived at Azeroth, they noticed malefic creatures attached to it. These cancerous lifeforms currently embedding themselves into Azeroth were Old Gods. Their one purpose is to corrupt the sleeping world-soul. Realising what a threat these Old Gods posed, a Titan reached down to the surface and tore an Old God from the world. In doing so, the Titan ripped open a wound on Azeroth and it's arcane life essence began to flow forth. The Titan's, in a bid to close the wound, created the Well of Eternity via wards which allowed the wound to settle, giving it balance and allowing it's power to seep into the world. 1.2 Arcane and ManaI will gloss over the majority of the story that led to the Well's destruction. It's stuff your Mage can research in-character and only important for the sake of knowing a major event. A race of trolls lived besides the Well after it's creation, and they eventually became what we call the Kaldorei (Night Elves) and after another few millennia they nearly reached levels of power that could rival the Titans, all thanks to the Arcane. They were domineering with their control of magic, going so far as to arrange marriages to strengthen their bloodlines with potent mages. (As a side-note, this does in fact imply that an affinity for the Arcane is hereditary, but as proven by many characters in lore, not required to be powerful. Your mage can come from nothing or be born from a long lineage of magi.) Eventually their indulgent use of the Arcane drew in forces from beyond Azeroth and caused an unprecedented invasion unlike anything seen by a mortal race yet. The resulting war led to the Well of Eternity's destruction and in aftermath of the Well's implosion, sundered the world. Quick Disclaimer: This brief section is a combination of both lore and speculation. I'll try to keep it clear which is which, but both use lore as their basis. Mana is the fuel for your Mage's spells, so here is some minor information on what a Mage uses. Lore: Mana is essentially a secondary form of stamina. The more of it you expend, the more drained you'll be. The character will become sluggish and visibly tired and spells cannot be maintained indefinitely. If your Mage is somehow reliant on mana to sustain themselves (in the form of spells) and they are drained of it, they may die. These are extreme cases. Speculation: Mana is naturally generated from the cosmic forces of the universe (Light/Shadow/Order etc) converging onto one point and forming a extremely large vortice of mana. This allows people to tap into this force and use it to turn Mana into the Arcane. The best metaphor to use is to compare Mana to water and the Arcane to steam. Your Mage is just forcing a "chemical" reaction. End of speculation. 2. Arcane and It's Laws Now that we have some understanding of where the magic comes from and how you bring it into being, these is one more step before you even consider what race, schools, or personality you decide for your mage. The four laws. Every practitioner of the Arcane will adhere to these laws. These are not enforced laws, but they are fundamental to the beliefs of Arcane's use and define it. ... These are the rules given by every Mage trainer to beginners in a letter. These are meant as a warning. If your mage chooses to ignore these warnings, they will set themselves on a road to either glory or downfall. If your Mage outright chooses not to believe in these laws, that's fine too. But they'd possibly far more destructive and irresponsible with their use of magic, causing them to draw the unwanted attention of others. There is a fifth law, The Law of Sympathy, but this one is not a warning. Although if your character is cowardly enough, they may take it into consideration. When someone handles an item, they leave a part of their magical aura attached to it. When a person continues to use the same item over and over, the stronger their 'sympathy' to the item becomes. As everyone has a unique aura, this means the item with traces of the aura can actually be tracked. Articles of clothing, written books, locks of hair, these can all be traced back to Mages who use them over and over. 2.1 Arcane and Weaving Spells Now we get into the good stuff, casting arcane magic. There are many different examples of different ways to cast magic. Some spells use grand hand gestures, some use verbal components in a language many do not understand, others rely on reagents along with carved runic patterns. Whatever your character chooses to use, even if it's a combination of all of the above, it needs to be used in some form to cast a spell. This is what makes a mage so versatile. Even if they're bound and gagged, with a wiggle of their fingers they can free themselves easily out of conventional bindings. If a mage is Silenced, a magical affliction through curse or spell, they will not be able to use any form of magic. There are many prisons and bindings that sever a mage from their connection to the Arcane. It will then fall to you to use your quick wits to get out of that situation quickly. Even if your Mage is not an alchemist, they can create a gem to tap into and recover some of their spent mana to keep soldiering on. These are mainly used for Mages who have run out of mana and are in a pinch, such as the middle of combat or to prevent someone draining the entirety of their reserves. That does not mean your Mage has to be a combatant though. There are many aspects which can be explored which allows them to avoid combat entirely. The potency is always there. If you're stuck for examples of magic to use in roleplay, simply look to your action bar. Think about how hard the spell would be for your character to use. An apprentice would not be able to make himself invisible instantly, but an archmage would have no issues.Agtherian60 21 Dec
20 Dec Roleplaying Guild Map Hello Argent Dawn. I've played on this realm since the day The Sha'tar realm started moving over and after all this time, i haven't been able to contribute to the roleplaying community in any sort of way. As a side hobby over my trucking job, i enjoy web development. A while ago, a guild that i was a part of was talking about a web-based map of World of Warcraft that could show where guilds are located over Azeroth. I thought it was a quite cool idea but had no knowledge in creating such things back then. I've been sitting for a few weeks working on a project just like this. A few hours per day has really gotten the project on track. So what is this? This is a web-based map that allows Guild Masters to register their guild to the website and then easily place them on an exact location in Azeroth. For example, if i want to say that our guild is based in Lakeshire in Redridge, i can move a pin to that exact location. It will have your guilds banner visible for everyone to see. The project currently supports Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. If the project seems to be interesting for atleast some people, i'll begin to expand to other islands / worlds. Alliance guilds are marked with a blue pin and horde guilds are marked with a red. How do i create / manage my guild? Once you've made an account, you can visit the account area by clicking on your name at the top. From there you can click on "Add My Guild". You'll need to insert the guilds name, a banner image url and the guilds faction. After you've created the guild, visit the account area again and click on "Edit Guild Info". You can change the background / story of your guild and the location at any time. Why are you making this? As i mentioned, i haven't contributed to the game and roleplaying community that i love which made me enjoy roleplaying throughout my childhood. I've tried to recreate a somewhat of a copy of the in-game map. It supports the same zooming in & out. Do i need to make an account to see / use this? The only ones that needs to make an account are the Guild Masters so that you can manage your guild. The map is publicly visible for anyone. The activation email is used to avoid bots. The email usually ends up in junkmail. If you're afraid of any security risks of your account, i assure you that it will never ask for any information that is related to your battle net account. I am going to expand on more details over the time that passes and i am always open for suggestions and ideas. If you want to chitchat about anything privately, you can message me on Discord (Aberidius#0448) or BattleNet (Aberidius#2454) Link the website: Much love <3Adriloth78 20 Dec
2m [A] Flashback: The Fall of the Lich King Campaign ... Well met my fellow Argent Dawners, I'd like to tell you all about an idea for a Campaign I'd love to run and to check to see if people would be interested in taking part. The core concept of Flashback: The Fall of the Lich King is to run a campaign ranging from 1 to 3 weeks at most set in the past, during the end of the war with the Lich King taking place mostly in Icecrown, the flashback will give Role-players a chance to explore a younger version of their characters or tell completely new characters stories, I ran something very similar on my previous server back in 2011 on a much smaller scale and it was very popular with everyone who attended, I'd like to expand upon it and make it a much larger more inclusive experience. The Campaign will be a RP-PvE Sandbox campaign, there will be Dungeon Mastered events taking place to tell key stories throughout the campaign but any player or guild that attends are more than welcome to run their own DM'd events, the idea is to tell your own stories set during the war with the Lich King. The main hub of activity would take place on the Skybreaker most of the DM'd events will start and end at the Skybreaker and in between events the Skybreaker will give you all a place to interact during downtime. I don't as of yet have a solid date set and I'm still working on the logistics of making a campaign like this, as this would be my first on Argent Dawn and the first I'll have ever ran at this scale, as such right now I'd really just like to hear if this is something people would be interested in and any feedback people might have, if it looks like something people would like to be involved with then I'll move forward with the project and this post will be updated. Thanks for reading and I look forward to hearing from you all. F.A.Q: When will it take place?: If enough people are interested in getting involved the Campaign will take place sometime in March or April. Worgen,Pandaren and Demon Hunters oh my!: because this event is set in the past it does mean that features that were added to world of Warcraft after the WOTLK and later in the timeline would be a bit of an issue. While this campaign is open to any role-player/guild that would like to be involved I would ask that when bringing a character you try and think about how they would fit into the timeline set during WoTLK, If you want to bring your Worgen rather than playing a Gilnean play one of the trappers from Grizzly Hills maybe you escaped the Wolf Cult of Argul, while Pandaren and Demon Hunters were around during the war with the Lich King they were super, super rare and as far as we know Lore wise none were present during the fight with the Lich King so they might not be the best fit. That being said if your heart is really set on playing those characters you'll not be turned away or ignored for doing so, try and think of a creative reason for why those characters are there though. What about the Horde? I really, really wanted to run this for both Horde and Alliance the Horde have just as many amazing stories to tell in Northrend as the Alliance did at the time, but honestly I don't think I'll be able to oversee both the Horde and the Alliance during this Campaign, so I've chosen just to run this for the Alliance, that being said if a Horde guild wants to attend Icecrown during the running of the Campaign and tell their own stories and events they're of course very welcome to do so, I'm afraid that I just won't be able to DM events for both factions. So no RP-PVP then? once again this is something I'd liked to have brought to the event, fighting between the Horde and the Alliance did happen in Icecrown and the idea of leading air raids on the Skybreaker and the Hammer does sound bad !@#, but I don't think it's something I'd be able to support to a satisfying level, really the focus on the Flashback is story telling rather than PvP. Would other people be allowed to DM events for the Campaign? I would be open to talking to other people interested in running something for the campaign at large. How many Campaign events will there be? at present I'm thinking there would be three big events a week (If the Campaign is only one week then there'll be 3 big events in one week), these three events will move the story forward in some way, in between that time Guilds are free to run their own personal events in between, if any other players that would like to Dungeon Master sign up they might run smaller events in those days as well which would take the form of missions given to the players from the Skybreaker. What about Phasing? Phasing will be a bit of an issue and when it comes to campaign events we'll try to avoid phased areas, but just to be safe if your character you're bringing along has not done the quests in Icecrown and is a high level you might want to run through there quickly.Ashrén11 2m
10m [A-RP] <The Arclight Association> - First Anniversary! A.R.C.L.I.G.H.T: Association for Research and Construction in Line with the Interests of Gnomish Home Territories. IC Logo: Current IC Location: Ramkahen, Uldum. Recruitment Status: Passive, for gnomes and dwarves. Active Officers: Brandelwyn/Ermalina(GM), Klinkerton, Patriot, Býte. Coming Soon: Joining the Race for Azerite campaign, starting on the 29th....Who are we? The Arclight Association is a Gnomeregan-funded expeditionary unit staffed by gnomes and their dwarven cousins. While we are far from a regiment of soldiers, the Association’s expertise in the pursuit of magical and scientific knowledge is often used to aid the Alliance war effort in an auxiliary capacity. We accept gnomes and dwarves of all classes (including Death Knights, though restrictions may apply) provided that they have an IC motivation to join the Association. Additional races are currently not permitted to join the guild as full members, though we’re more than happy to work alongside all the people of the Alliance. By the same token, we’re always open for collaborations with other individuals or guilds! What can you expect from us? Arclight offers roleplay that embraces the whimsical high-fantasy of the Warcraft setting, providing frequent events and expeditions that take us all across Azeroth and beyond! We aim to allow players to make meaningful decisions throughout, giving anyone the opportunity to alter the course of the guild’s story as a result of IC choices. Our DMed events aim to be as freeform as possible, allowing individuals to have more of an effect on the outcome. These are often adventure themed, keeping roll-based combat to a minimum and allowing for alternative solutions to problems. Casual RP around our headquarters and around camp locations while on expedition is also encouraged. In addition, we aim to get involved with larger server initiatives and campaigns where possible, interacting with different aspects of the community and providing more variety to our day-to-day RP. What do we expect from you? As we understand that real-life commitments should always come first, Arclight has no hard activity requirement. All we ask is that you log on when you can and join in with our RP when possible. Beyond that, the ability to separate IC and OOC is crucial, just as keeping OOC drama to a minimum is. We also ask that you do not intentionally disrupt anyone’s RP - doing so is likely to result in a kick. Naturally, any ERP caught will also result in a swift kick from the guild. Finally, it’s expected that you use the addon TRP3, and highly encouraged for guild members to join the Arclight Association Discord channel to keep up to date with announcements. Guild Ranks: Superintendent - Superintendent Gembert Flarewhiz handles the administrative duties necessary for leading the Association. Spending most of his time in his office dealing with such issues, he is usually not present to lead personally out in the field. Executive - The Executives of A.R.C.L.I.G.H.T. handle the day-to-day leadership in person, commanding their respective departments in the absence of the Superintendent. Auxiliary - Auxiliaries make up the backbone of the Association. Medics, engineers, cooks and other crucial non-combatants find their place within this department. Researcher - A.R.C.L.I.G.H.T’s Researchers are a group of erudite pioneers, spearheading Gnomeregan’s quest for scientific knowledge. Enforcer - Being the most capable in combat, the department of Enforcers is crucial to keeping the Association safe on dangerous missions. Prospect - Prospects are new members of the Association who have yet to be evaluated and sorted into their most suitable department. F.A.Q: Do you accept alts? Absolutely. There’s no reason to turn people away who are interested in the guild, even if they have commitments to other characters outside of it. As a general guideline though, it’s probably best not to join with an alt if you don’t think you’ll be able to show up at least once a week. Is there a level requirement? The only hard level requirement is being at least level 10, so that you can join raid groups which are required for most events. Beyond that, you’re expected to level your character when possible, since expeditions can and will take us to high-level zones. How about uniforms? None at all. Be as flashy or mundane as you like with your gear, feel free to wear whatever you think expresses your character best. Gnomeregan tabards are recommended for gnomes and Ironforge/Wildhammer tabards for dwarves, but are not mandatory. What’s your stance on leper gnomes and other unplayable sub-races? If you can pull the appearance off convincingly and have a genuine IC motive to join Arclight, then you’ll be considered. If you’re able to RP the concept convincingly as well, then it’s highly likely that you’d be accepted (on dwarf/gnome sub-races only). Until Battle for Azeroth releases, regular dwarves with grey skin being RPed as Dark Irons will be accepted. Does Arclight RP-PvP? Depends on the situation and the motive. As we’re not a military group, it’s unlike Arclight to fight on the frontlines unless we have a very good reason to do so. That being said, we will be actively participating in the upcoming faction conflict and will most likely be able to offer auxiliary assistance during RP-PvP campaigns. TL;DR - A non-military guild for gnomes and dwarves that focuses on expeditionary research and relic hunting. Brandelwyn357 10m
12m The Sun Hawks:Volume Two Original Thread: The Commandant stood before the podium in the ‘fliers mess’.  He looked outside, through the window, blazing sunshine “It should have been raining”, he thought.  He leant on his cane for a moment, a relic of the Redridge conflict and sternly looked over the elves before him.  Like most veteran fliers his gaze was predatory, searching.  Not quite…’elven’. He looked to his side, where Lieutenant Emberfury stood, her one blank eye staring blindly into the darkness, her other turned on him, she nodded slowly. He started, his voice booming, bombastic even. “Four years almost to this day ago, I was accorded a singular honour.  To command a Wing of Fliers, the First Escadrille of Quel’danas, known as the Sun Hawks.  It was not easy, our people were sorely tired of war, sorely tested, and yet, I would say, never bested.  They came, from the noble homesteads, from the farmers pastures, from the bazaar, from, aye, even the gutters and the slums.  They came with one thing, one defining thing!” He rapped on the lectern. “They came here looking at the skies and dreaming of being eagles” He huffed in a breath and sighed through his nose “Those noble elves are now mostly dead, dead or retired, you will see their names engraved on The Wall.” “None regrets their loss more than I, save obviously their families, but for the defence of a nation, patriots are needed, Solid resolve and firm determination to stand against -any- invader, and say “No! This is Mine! Not Yours!” and with fire and spear and spellcraft to repel them, to remind them that the sons and daughters of Quel’thalas do not, and have never, went quietly into combat, but with Fire and Fury!” His exclamation roused a cheer from the Rookies.  He glared at them, as if they had come into his home and urinated on his rug. “You have not earned the right, to acclaim others deeds.  You will...oh you will, with your battle brothers and sisters, the Dragonhawks we ride to battle, you will assuredly do great deeds together to the utmost advantage of our nation, and then!  Then will your names ring out upon the streets, your deeds be spoken on in taverns, your ‘Ace’ names be spoken of in corners and nooks like household names, familiar and common on every tongue.  “I Flew, alongside ‘Flicker’ they will say, or tell tales of how with ‘Bandit’ they downed a foe, or how with ‘Magni’ they both downed an enemy.   These tales you will tell to your advantage,  and you will do so when you have earned the right to do so. Until then, you will be so observant, learn and be tutored by those savage and skilled in the air, remember always our creed” He raised his spear. “Only the Brave inherit the Skies!” “Only the Brave” the returning chorus. OOC The idea of the Sun Hawks is to establish a kind of World war I fighter squadron vibe.  The Wing Commander, Brigante, is obviously the boss, but he sees himself as a ‘first amongst equals’  On Informal affairs, he is not immune to the joshing and joking of the unit. Advancement: Advancement actually happens in three ways. Formal promotion. Becoming an Ace Getting Medals’Gongs’. The Ranks are simple. A ‘Rookie’ is probationary Rank.  You screw up, you’re binned. Hawk: Once a Rookie is deemed worthy they will be asked to sign the papers and become a Hawk.  This is full membership, it also means you can become an Ace These are what are sometimes referred to as ‘Enlisted’ Fliers.  As in, they’re on a list. Next up is Subalterns ( To those with a military background, don’t overthink this, just think NCO) Scout Hawk: Generally the most common ‘field’ rank. Closest to Corporal in most armies.  This is the first rank that has command authority ( Hawks cannot give Rookies orders) Generally chosen from the ranks, for skill or expertise, or simply sometimes for being the sort of person who -could- give orders. War Hawk: A Much much rarer Field Rank, easiest to think of ‘Sergeants’.  A War Hawk is a rare beast, there is one per Escadrille ( Squadron)  and they report directly to the Wing Commander.  They are  sterner, but also skilled to look out for those who could become Scout Hawks.  They walk a knife edge, they are on the brink of either failure, or falling to hubris. Blood Hawk:  An almost mythical beast, there are but three Blood Hawks at any time.  They answer only, and interestingly, -only- to the Lieutenant, and not the Wing Commander. They are stern beyond belief, and are sources of fear to all right thinking fliers.(Think Regimental Sergeant Major).  To most of them, this is the apotheosis of their career, and so they do not give a tinker’s cuss about offending people, such can regularly be observed. Those are Subalterns. Officers. Lieutenant:  If the Wing Commander is God, the Lieutenant is his Prophet.  They are an Officer, and as such, a  signature either from Anastarien or Kael’thas, or Lor’themar Theron will have endorsed their promotion.  They will likely not have met such a notary, but by thunder, they have been ordained as such by them, which means their word is law.  A Lieutenant is an Officer, the second highest ranking, so can absolutely give commands and dish out punishments should they not be obeyed. To refuse an Officer a rightful order is an act of Treason, for it is acting against the authorithy that invested them. Wing Commander: The Boss. Again an Officer, and likely ordained by one of three notaries.  The Wing Commander is of sufficient rank that they can dole out Capital Punishment. To question their orders is fine, under unit regulations, to refuse them if explained, likewise counts as Treason. They are however, to all intents and purposes. The Boss. 2.’Becoming an Ace’ You do that after meeting two criteria. 1.Making Hawk Rank 2. Getting Ten air to air Kills Ace gives you certain prestige rights.  You can use other Ace’s names, even Officers.  That sounds silly, but in a social environment it becomes all the more telling, who is an Ace and who is not. You also get a Tankard, with your ‘Ace’ name engraved on it.  This is generally a great source of hilarity to your fellow fliers, as ‘Ace’ names tend to be slightly mocking…. 3.Gongs! Aka Medals. We have several. The Phoenix Banner in Bronze/Silver/Gold The Wounded Skies award ( Think the purple Heart) The Order of the Red Banner ( a contentious one, a medal awarded to those who have served the Horde but not necessarily the Sin’dorei) The Silver Star of Anasterian: A Medal for -extreme- heroism The Golden Sun of Dath’remar: A medal given in the most extreme of circumstances, Only once before to a living reciprocant. OOC rules: 1. No Public ERP or Torture 2 .No Griefing Events on -Either- side. 3. Keep Gchat civil 4.No OOC Drama 5. No bad mouthing other guilds in Gchat, we all have alts. 6. After a month of inactivity you will be demoted to OOC or removed from the guild depending on how your activity's been.   7. Please note that we don't use OOC in /s /e /y. When correcting typos you should use /g or /i.(edited) Pretty much it...Brigante14 12m
17m Pet Peeves #17 We need to start over, ain't that a peeve in and of itself? Something something random daze still being a thing is unjustifiable. Let the grumbling commence.Rodeldë123 17m
47m Argent Dawn General Chat Thread #290 ... -Me from end of last thread Welcome to #290. Another 12 months and we'll finally reach 300. Maybe.Elenthas340 47m
58m [Concluded] Symphony of Soggoth An address in Stormwind's Command Centre... ... Strange scrawlings on the back of an old advert for Droffers and Son Salvage, left behind on a table in the Wyvern's Tail... ... A whisper on the wind... ... ==== Date: 16th - 23rd of Jan Location: Stonetalon Mountains Hello gamers, Soon it will be time for our traditional yearly S___ of Soggoth campaign -- on the 16th of January (the final wing of LFR Antorus’ release on US servers and presumably the canonical time Sargeras is defeated) we will be kicking off the Symphony of Soggoth, the third instalment in the series The plot condensed: ... Rules & Info: As usual, the only rule is courtesy -- do what is appropriate for your character and don’t do overtly OOC things such as mounting flying mounts to run people down, camping and stuff like that Apart from that, this campaign follows the theme of the other of Soggoth campaigns -- the PVP will be unrestricted / all-out The campaign will be more sandboxy (as much as I don’t really like that word) than stuff like the Harrowing we hosted in July - ie. the backstory / a few objectives of interests have or will be provided but it is up to the attendees to tackle them - though there are plans for some events (like the HUNT event that people might remember from the last two) to make a return, as well as a PVE storyline for people to pursue (the true threat…) You won’t need to sign up in any way - just turn up on the day Contacts: Perroy/Valter/Daleryn for Horde Ortellus/Vaklu/Lionsworn for Alliance IMPORTANT: all participants will be asked to use the “inky black potion” buff whenever they’re IC Current map: 58m
1h Why there is no PvP? Hi, I just found out there's no PvP except for BGs, arenas etc and when attacking areas like Orgrimmar (with proper NPCs). So my question is: Why? Why?! WHY BLIZZARD?! There is an option like "toggle pvp on/off" so why can't I just turn it on and kill other players with this feature activated? Argent Dawn is the biggest RP server and it's not THAT big anyway so once again: why? It doesn't affect those who don't care about PvP and it lets those who care have fun. I do not get it at all... What do you say about it? Peace ;)Nalneel24 1h
1h Army of the Light/Argussian reach WQ alert thread So, with the current situation being that we need exalted for the new races, I decided to continue what Elenthas started in the 7.3.5 thread and make a separate one for those browsing the forums during their RP, on low-level characters, outside of WoW or otherwise prevented from checking every WQ reset themselves and not wanting to miss out on any of them prior to patch release. If you spot a World Quest anywhere in Argus that rewards reputation tokens with either faction, please do post here. Emissaries are easier noticed than those, though I or somebody else will still announce them for people who don't check their 110s every day. For those who don't know, the tokens from World Quests are account bound, so you can do them on all your 110s and send them to your farming character (human rep bonus applies). As of now, the Army of the Light emissary (27/12 - 30/12) is active; I did not spot any token WQs, though do correct me if I overlooked something.Theremistra62 1h
2h Stupidest thing you have done in WoW? So... I did something very silly today and it's amusing enough to share. I've been levelling through again, re-doing all the Loremaster achievements... most recently, Desolace. In Desolace there is a long quest chain related to the Centaur Tribes, one of the climactic quests of which involves killing a number of Burning Blade warlocks, and huge Doomguards. And I got stuck on it hard. These doomguards were dangerous. In arms I was not getting them down past 60% health without dying. I tried several times, resurrection wait becoming longer and longer each time. Eventually, I did something that I hadn't done yet and actually put on my heirlooms, thinking that it was worth it to try and finish the quest despite generally wanting to level 'clean' as it were. Nope, still got my !@# handed to me. So I switched to Prot, took the time to read my abilities, and went at them again. Nope, still not working, they are just grinding me down. I was worrying at this point, thinking I had made a bad class choice to try and make my new main. I mean if levelling is this hard, how am I possibly going to survive in a raid? I can't even kill a single elite on a tank! Not to be deterred, I kicked it into high gear. I spent 40 minutes learning my cooldowns, when to use them, when to interrupt the Rain of Fire ability, when to heal vs ignore pain, and so on. Eventually I managed to kill the three I needed for the quest. When I turned the quest in, I noticed an extra dialogue option on the questgiver I hadn't seen before... Turns out you're meant to mount one of the centaurs, which gives you supporters, healers, and an attack that does 900% of your weapon damage per hit. I had grinded these demons down for literally no reason, because you kill them in 5 hits when you read the quest text properly. Whoops. What other stories does AD have to share?Nóxx30 2h
2h [Night Elf & Worgen-RP] Bladecrest Sentinels AA Page: - Subject to changes and updates. Website: None, but we do make use of discord to communicate outside of the game as well as make announcements. ... ... The Bladecrest Sentinels were founded in the wake of the third Legion invasion of Azeroth, months after the catastrophic defeat at the Broken Shore, with the purpose of acting as a mobile cadre with a touch more flexibility than an average military unit. Their deployment sees them across Kalimdor and beyond, often fighting alongside other Alliance aligned organizations. Who can join? Night elf & Worgen characters who aren’t mages, death knights, demon hunters or warlocks. Priests and druids will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Both genders. (Read F.A.Q on the subject of male sentinels as well as Moonclaws.) What you can expect from us We aim to create a tight knit group of players with a friendly and relaxed OOC atmosphere. Our goal is to offer the players as much of an enjoyable experience as possible with an immersive environment and develop roleplay and storylines that’s easy to follow and get involved with. The roleplay you may come to expect are as follows: Adventure *Loose military Social events RP-PvP *We hope that each member can put emphasis on their own characters growth as much as possible and thus trying to steer clear of playing too much into the military concept that some might come to expect. As such, if you're on the lookout for a more strict military styled guild this one may not be for you. What we expect from you Our roleplay mentality is quite bluntly you get what you put into it. That said, we trust that our members, with the desire to do so, are able to create roleplay under circumstances where there are little to none to be found. As such, we totally get you if you wish to head into a RP hub even if we as a guild are stationed elsewhere, that’s fine. We only ask that in return you also show interest in the guilds roleplay and ongoing storyline by attending at least one event a week granted that you play your character actively. If you’re going inactive for an extended period make sure to let us (the officers) know. Those who are inactive for a month without telling will be removed from the guild. Rules The usual. Don’t grief or troll other roleplayers. Remember that by wearing our tag you represent the guild as a whole. No ERP. No harassment in guild chat. A detailed list of rules can be found under guild information in game, should you join. Guild structure Character progression in the guild is fairly linear. Sentinels go from being new initiates to the unit to highly regarded veterans. That being said there are fields of expertise, the so called divisions of the Sentinel army that in the guild will be restricted to specific classes. The ranks are as follows: Officer tier Captain Overseer Adjutant Ranks Huntress Sentinel Moonclaw Recruit Other ranks Associate Divisions To represent the Sentinel army in its entirety the various divisions are incorporated which adds a sense of diversity to the base ranks. Those divisions are as follows; Outrunner Warrior (Includes archers & melee fighters. Sentinels are trained to become versatile warriors and are adept at both forms of combat.) Hippogryph Rider Supplementary Ranks Veteran Instructor Supply Officer Stable Master Fletcher Uniform policy When attending events and/or on duty, your character will be expected to wear some form of resemblance of a uniform. As we strive to portray the Sentinels in an authentic military sense we enforce a slightly ‘loose attitude’ towards a uniform. What this means is, simply put, whilst we hope that our members will dedicate time in obtaining gear that fits in with the general theme of the guild, we’re not without the understanding that not everyone have the time or energy to dedicate and go through the hassle of farming for such. Placeholder items for gear missing is acceptable and ‘stand-in’ sets may be used for those who have yet to collect all the pieces. Officers can contribute with items that are BoE granted that the players show interest in farming for the items that aren’t. When it comes down to RP-PvP events players may use transmogs suitable for their class granted that they fit the colour theme of the uniforms which is purple with exception for the 'glyphed garb' for leather users. Link to our uniform page: Recruitment Recruitment is pretty straightforward. Send an in-character letter to one of the recruiting officers, whisper us if you’re interested in joining or simply walk up to us wherever we might be hanging around. Contacts: Ansaria/Denathos, Saleysea, Velinde and Trishina. Recruitment status: Closed Current location: WinterspringSaleysea230 2h
2h [A-RP] The Nightblade Sentinels: Tor ilisar'thera'nal! Argent Archives: Website: Officers: Tínwëtar/Tinwëtar (GM), Melaniel, Sellande ____________________________________________________________________ “Vigilance, selflessness, devotion, bravery and discipline. Those words are our creed, Sisters. Each one of you has been chosen to answer a calling - the highest calling. There is no greater purpose than to serve our Goddess, our Mother, Elune, and be the glaive that is wielded in protection of our people. As a Sentinel you live and die by our creed. We live and die to protect our people. We live and die to guide our people. We are Elune’s chosen servants and we live and die in service to Her, in Her name, in Her honour. Tor ilisar’thera’nal!” ____________________________________________________________________ The Nightblade Sentinels are an offshoot from the Sentinel army – an independent group of elite Sentinels working under, and answering to, the High Command of the Sentinel Army. They are led by Commander Tinwëtar Ravenmist. In ancient times they were part of the larger Sentinel army, but during the Third War and the invasion of the orcs it was believed that the Nightblade regiment had perished alongside Cenarius, as well as the other Sentinel regiments; the Moonhunters, the Starseekers and the Shadowleaves. A few survived though and now the time has come to start to rebuild what was lost during the battle in Ashenvale. The Nightblade Sentinels are a small and mobile unit, made up of elite fighters and scouts. They work closely with the Sisterhood of Elune and the sisterhood will lend Priestesses in training to their cause. This is also true for their relationship with the Cenarion Circle. The Sentinels allow druids from the Circle to join them as an auxiliary force, as well as keep one of them on hand as an official Emissary to the Circle. The Nightblade Sentinels rely mostly on subterfuge and ambush tactics, due to their small numbers. They are masters of luring their enemy into cleverly made traps and exhausting enemies by launching swift, yet devastating, attacks, and drawing back into the shadows of the forest and then when the enemy least expect it; attack again. The Nightblade Sentinels are not bound to just the one territory – they will travel everywhere in Kaldorei lands (and sometimes abroad as well), never staying long in one place. When travelling they rely on sabers and sometimes hippogryphs (if the situation calls for it). But their homebase is Feathermoon Stronghold. The Nightblade Sentinels only allow female Sentinels within their ranks, but the druids on loan from the Cenarion Circle can be either male or female. While there can be many druids serving as auxiliaries, there can only be one Circle Emissary at a time. Exceptional, non-sentinel, kaldorei individuals of both genders might be allowed to join as an auxiliary after a trial period.Tínwëtar85 2h
2h [A/H] Return of the Damned Campaign 8-22th February. ... ... It is said that the so scattered forces of the Scourge have been sighted together more and more these recent days. Never did anyone think any of it, until now. The settlements of both Factions have been under assault now for the recent weeks, notably larger every attack. The locals have requested aid from the main land and help is granted, but limited due to the constant push of the Legion's forces on the frontlines. The orders of the two Factions have been requested to assemble and set out North to assist the locals in Northrend with their ever increasing threat. TLDR: The Scourge and cultists who are under leadership of this rumoured Lich are forming a global danger to the Northern population, and if not stopped, possibly Azeroth. Hey there people of Argent Dawn! This thread is made for the Campaign set for the date of 8-18th of February and is a RP-PvE Sandbox Campaign with a structure of main events and side events, of which the main events will be hosted by a set of specific DM's to tell the tale and let the story unfold! the side events can be hosted by about anyone who signs up to DM in this campaign. The current idea is to spend 7 days in DragonBlight for the main course of events, followed by the finish of 3 days in Zul'Drak. Info shall be given for both maps of which locations are main events / side events and which locations are open for encampment / main hubs etc, more details about this further down the post. F.A.Q How will we know about this threat? The Alliance and Horde officials will have been notified of the ongoing issues in Northrend, they are the ones who have sound the warning bells and requests you and your order's presence in Northrend to vanquish this threat so that they may focus fully on the battle with the Legion. How will my guild/my Character travel to the Campaign? No proper travel arrangements are in place, everyone and every order is free to use any way of travel they see best suited for themselves, be it by boat, portal or other means. You are welcome to join this Campaign at any time you wish, though it is not recommended to do so story-wise. Can we RP-PvP? This is an RP-PvE Campaign, and the team of DungeonMasters will focus on the story and it's events happening around it. This is however a sandbox campaign and if people feel the wish to RP-PvP, it is expected that you do so without interfering the Campaign itself. I myself beside the other hosts will not be held responsible and do not support RP-PvP on this Campaign! I do also request not to be inquired about situations on RP-PvP during this campaign, as it is not my focus, unless the situation disturbs the campaign. The main threat is the possible Lich and the Scourge in this campaign, not the other faction. I hope that we can all enjoy a good campaign up in Northrend without disturbances, in which i politely request that any RP-PvP is kept away from the towns and event locations. Where should my character / my guild camp? In detail below about the zones, you will find information about which towns / hubs are used by the Alliance / Horde during our stay in the zone, your safest bet is to be in such a town to make sure you don't interfere with DM's hosting events but you are free to journey as you desire. You may also find information below about zones which are dangerous and filled with peril, controlled by the enemy. ((This might still need to be worked on, it's early on at this point and we are still in the talks of where and what etc)) Dungeon Master's Guidelines: 1. This is to be a Sandbox campaign, in which you are free to use any location you see fit for an event under the topic of the Scourge / Cultists activity. - The locations of the main events will be shown on a map, this area is not avaible for random events due to the story unfolding there - ((Said map is still to be created and will be updated here in this thread when it is done and everything is set to go)) 2. All buildings and structures in the areas you hold an event in, can be used, damaged and destroyed, just make sure that these buildings can be repaired and fixed to a degree after the campaign is over. 3. Within reason and if discussed with the other Dungeon Masters of the campaign, a settlement can be lost to the enemies, however, the main Hubs will be too heavily fortified for the enemy to take over, these are secure and protected and will be the main use for the main events of the Campaign. 4. A discord will be created for the Dungeon-Masters alone to keep a free clean place for all DM's to peacefully discuss the happenings of the campaign. Are inviduals allowed to partake? (Non guilded people) Yes, you are very much welcome to! it is suggested you join the campaign with a guild that takes along inviduals with them, or form your own group for the time during the campaign. Can i join this Campaign coming from an neutral order?(Ebons, Crusaders etc) Yes you can!, just mention which order your character represents and i shall note that down in the Invidual list! Who will be Dungeon-Mastering for us this Campaign? Hopefully along with some others, I myself will be hosting the main events. And aside of that, we will need your help!, if you are an experienced and willing soul that enjoys to DM, please let yourself be heard by commenting below! Campaign maps. Here below you will find information maps that will show you which areas are free to be traveled and explored in, and which areas are restricted from acces due to main event story that will be taking place there, these areas are considered to be highly deadly, and will be assigned with the BLACK color. Side-event areas will be assigned with the PURPLE Color. Alliance main base will be assigned with the DARK BLUE Color. Alliance Settlements (Small camps) will be assigned with the LIGHT-BLUE Color. Horde main base will be assigned with the DARK-RED Color. Horde Settlements (Small camps) will be assigned with the LIGHT-RED Color. Neutral position for the Neutral forces (Crusaders, Ebons) Will be assigned with the YELLOW Color. Keep in mind that both Alliance and Horde are welcome at this location aswell! Keep in mind that -all- PURPLE and BLACK circled zones are reserved for events, and are a dangerzone for any to enter during the campaign. DragonBlight Map is up! DragonBlight - Zul'Drak - T.B.A How do i sign up to this Campaign? Simply write down in the comment section if you are joining as a guild/Invidual from either Horde or Alliance. Who will host this Campaign from an IC standing? All alliance guild leaders will be forming a council and will discuss the threats and plans of action together, to keep the main event Storyline in check, i myself as Jessina will be the chairman of the Alliance council, not to lead or decide, but to make sure the council works well and doesn't come in clash with the main events, in general the council is at the helm. Horde is to be the same as the Alliance with their own events and such, likewise to the Alliance! I'm eager to take suggestions and tips, as this is my very first major campaign that i will be hosting, however i have an experienced group of people who will be joining and assisting in this Campaign!Jéssina231 2h
2h The Race for Azerite - Story Thread ...Tagahr8 2h
2h [IC][BK-RP] Embers of the Phoenix Embers of the Phoenix (EotP) Index 1. Overview 2. What Will Happen 3. Events 4. Guild 5. Discord 6. Rules 7. Mechanics 8. Joining 9. Links 10. Finishing Notes 1. Overview ... 2. What Will Happen ... 3. Events ... 4. Guild ... 5. Discord ... 6. Rules ... 7. Mechanics ... 8. Joining ... 9. Links Discord - Google Site - 10. Finishing Notes ...Novafire22 2h
2h [Server Campaign] The Race for Azerite IC thread: ... ... Now that patch 7.3.5 and all the updates that come with it is upon us ( Wednesday the 17th ) it is time to make good on the interest check I put up a few months ago! The nature of this campaign is meant to function as a sandbox framework to get people to come together to roleplay in the first of many events, both lore and player-created, that lead to Battle for Azeroth! Be aware that this is primary a military effort in context - though adventurers, doomsayers and opportunists are all more than welcome! This community initiative will take place from the 29th of January to, hopefully, the 12th of February. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Campaign Mechanics: Azerite is the name of the game. This is the main objective of the military operation for both sides. Both RP-PvP and RP-PvE will be able to contribute to the amount of Azerite your faction has. In the case of RP-PvP you will be expected to organise your encounters for yourself and report to the presiding commander of your faction through a thread post. Some missions will be posted for DM groups later down the line but you are encouraged to create your own events! Rules of Engagement: Gaining Azerite will be done by task-forces sent out to nodes. This is a highly dangerous task and should only be done with the knowledge that risk of death is possible. To keep any one faction from staying on top, any taskforce sent out to retrieve Azerite does so in the knowledge that they may be intercepted while harvesting, or while transporting, the material. Azerite may also be pillaged from the enemy's base camp if a sizable enough force manages to overcome the defenders! You will not be able to conquer and hold any territory indefinitely. Only your encampment is permanent. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sign-up template: ... Individuals can sign up by declaring it. Make sure you let us know your factions, be it Alliance, Horde or Neutral. Thank you kindly!Tagahr108 2h
2h Any Kul Tiras themed RP guilds here? Hi Argent Dawn forum! I'm new to the server and I've been looking at the Guilds of Argent Dawn. In light of the new expansion (BFA) myself and some friends had an idea for a Kul Tiras themed sailor/adventure RP guild. So, as the title suggests, does such an active RP guild already exist on AD? If so, I would very much like to get in contact with them. Thanks a bunch!Maxwéll9 2h
2h [A-RP] Army & Navy Club [Out of Guild] Hello Argent Dawn, As some of you may be aware I recently created a thread proposing the idea of an “Out of Guild” organisation that is reminiscent of the Gentlemens Clubs (Private-Member Clubs) of days gone by. The idea I put forth was received with a fair bit of enthusiasm and it seemed to me people may enjoy what this could potentially offer, so here it is! The Army & Navy Club. What are we doing and how? As is stated above, the Army & Navy Club is an out of guild organization that anyone who roles a character with a military background, be it currently serving or not, can sign up and indulge in some extra roleplay. The idea is predicated on a mostly social basis, the idea that members will gather together every week or two to discuss world events, forge alliances, enjoy oneself and, yes, the occasional event. The way I envision this concept coming to life is that those who wish to have there character sign up approach an ambassador IC or OOCly, at which point the relevant information will be fed back to them providing they meet the requirements to become a member. What are we offering? I’m hoping to offer a third-party source of roleplay separate from your guild. I have roleplayed a fair few infantrymen in my time on Argent Dawn and it always seems to end up with the character becoming cut off from all but those in the guild. Not only do we offer a chance to interact with other characters who share a similar line of work we offer the chance for allegiances to be made between groups of people, the chance for recruitment, the chance to participate in events when your character is on leave. We are offering to keep you busy. Furthermore we want to offer some other IC benefits to having your character become a member, the most simple example of which being cheap/free accommodation for all members. As time goes on facilities will expand IC and more can and shall be offered. How do you become involved? Before you make contact with one of the ambassadors, ensure your character meets the prerequisites; - Current or former member of any branch of the Alliance forces. - If former, not discharged with malice (Court-Martialed) - You hold IC identification to prove your status as a man or women of the Alliance forces. If your character meets this short list then go ahead and make contact with an ambassador (Listed Below) or follow channels through an existing member. Contact can be made ICly or OOCly if you so wish, though IC communication will eventually need to take place. All the information you need, such as the discord, will be passed on in both forms. Sign Up - Open AA Page - Area of Operation - Stormwind If you have any questions regarding this concept, thread or anything else please feel free to contact me directly and I shall be more than happy to help and please note that this concept will be going through various changes in the coming days and weeks, based upon your comments. Roster Vandoorne | Ruben V. Faraday (Ambassador)Vandoorne1 2h
2h [A-RP] Journeymen - Trades and Blades Currently: Concept: The Journeymen are a self-sufficient company of skilled tradesmen, caravaneers, and experienced swordsmen. Relying on their own self-made trade as well as bounties and contracts, the Journeymen pride themselves on their mobility and resourcefulness in the field, being able to tear down and set up camps at almost any location thanks to a dedicated retinue of worksmen who can gather resources, construct fortifications, and re-supply the unit as a whole. The combatants make up the bulk of the group; a rough and ready quick-moving force who refuse to shy away from any contract - be that a simple escort for a wagon, or dealing with all the other myriad monstrosities Azeroth has to offer. Activities: The guild aims to fill a niche I've seen recently in performing a logistics role for other guilds. Namely being able to build and maintain supply routes for steady inputs of weapons/armour/rations etc. to other guilds, who may not have their own supply trains setup. Due to the duality of the guild, we also have a dedicated combatant sector in order to defend our worksmen, our caravans, and to aid in a fighting role wherever needed. The guild will accept bounties and contracts from anything like escorting a caravan, to clearing out infestations of all the nasties lurking around the corner! We're also looking for high interactivity between us and any other guilds operating nearby, to provide an IC influx of raw materials and crafted goods produced by our own team of gatherers and crafters. Ranks: The rank structure will stay as a relatively flat hierarchy to nurture the feeling of community in the guild and to give everyone a fair perspective. To mirror the two perspectives to the guild, we have ranks entitled things such as armsman/craftsman to show the difference between the two, but rank-wise these two things are essentially the same thing. Officer roles include such things as; Representative: The public face of the guild, charged with making contact with other potential business partners. Current representative is Dwayne Gillies Armsmaster: Responsible for command of forces in the field, and overseeing the armed section of the guild. Griffin Westerholt is master-at-arms. Warden: When we take to the field, the Warden protects the combatants with his martial prowess and command of the Light. Our warden is Vincent Mainsail However these ranks are specialised towards the three individuals we have as officers at the moment. Rank hierarchy is very dynamic depending on what specific roles each character plays. Events: Weekly events are scheduled, but the intention of the guild is to harbour a community-driven feeling. As such, bounties will occasionally be posted in an IC location and in a channel on our Discord server for full visibility. Bounties can be picked up by any member of the guild and can be run by themselves with a small group. A theme, enemy type, and potential rewards will be posted along with the plot of the bounty so that whoever picks it up has something to go on. Bounties can be done at any point by anyone without prior permission, all that's asked is that I'm informed so I can update the state of the guild. Craftsman RP will also be prevalent for those who aren't combatants, and a supply state must be maintained. Those without fighting expertise will also be provided for by occasional, impromptu missions to gather ore/lumber/furs/animal meat in order to re-supply the guild which will be reflected via modifiers to the general well-being of the company. If you feel I've left anything out, or simply wish to know more in detail, please don't hesitate to drop me a whisper/in-game mail on Alvarin, or message my Discord @ Hightower#1834Alvarin44 2h
2h [H-RP] Crimson Onslaught The Crimson Onslaught is a Military based Blood Elf Roleplay Guild in Argent Dawn EU looking to see who would be interested in a guild that accepts all classes and conscripts criminal/outlaw characters aswell as regular law abiding Sin'dorei. Crimson Onslaught consists of the following ranks: • Grand Magus (Guild Leader) • Ranger Captain (Officer) • Commander (Officer) • Battleblade (Warrior/Paladin/Rogue/Monk/Mage/Death Knight/Demon Hunter) • Ranger (Hunter/Rogue) • Spellcaster (Mage/Priest/Warlock/Paladin) • Conscripted (Any) • Cleric (Priest/Paladin/Monk/Any IC menders) • OOC (Out of Character/Non Roleplayers) Crimson Onslaught on an OOC level is about inclusion. We accept Demon Hunters and Death Knights because sometimes there is a stigma held towards these classes as a whole, though we hold a trial period to see if particular unorthodox and eccentric character have a place/fit within the guild’s morals and ruleset. This Military unit is an offshoot of the Thalassian Army in Quel'thalas that currently running a conscription programme led by Ranger Captain; Raonaild Ashwind, this conscription programme offers a 'second chance' to those who are stuck in the uttermost depths of society, e.g - choosing a this over a separate punishment. The Crimson still openly accept magisters, those who wield magic - yet also openly accept the less accepted members of society, a Death Knight to be the prime example. Not only are they a useful utility amongst the other members, it provides a stronger force for Orders not often openly accepting or inviting the less-welcomed eccentric populace. This allows for variety, and a strengthened force for the unorthodox Onslaught. If you have any questions be sure to whisper me ingame on Dawnhawk or add me on discord Scott/Sol'thas Dawnhawk#9000 OOC Guild Rules 1. The Guild tabard is to be worn by everyone. 2. No ERP. 3. Be respectful on an OOC level at all times. 4. Please keep IRL political and religious debates to a minimum. You’re never going to change someone’s mind so let’s just avoid any drama. 5. Don’t tell me Pineapple doesn't belong on pizza because I will fight you and I’m not very good at fighting, so please don’t make me cry, thanks.Dawnhawk8 2h
3h The Blood Rose is recruiting (nautical/crime RP guild) ... News has spread throughout the southern coastlines. Captain Rosair Ashthorn of The Blood Rose Transport Ship is hiring into her crew. Word is that The Blood Rose is docked somewhere close to Booty Bay and will be in the Salty Sailor Tavern until she has enough crewfolk to set sail once again. Are you looking for a chance to earn gold, see the world and sail her seas? Then come find the crimson haired captain while you can. OOC Information What Is The Blood Rose? The Blood Rose is a human-made transport ship captained by one Rosair Ashthorn (Me). Captain Ashthorn and her crew make their living through any mean possible. Some of these means are legal - carrying passengers and cargo - and some are not - smuggling, scavenging and stealing. The crew of the Blood Rose are as varied as the jobs they complete. Each member has a specific role both at sea and on land, and without them, the Rose would be dead in the water. Our purpose is to make a living, our goal is to do it without drawing the attention of the Crown. We are a relatively new guild, and our recruitment ambitions aren't to become too big for our boots. The members we have already are quickly becoming a family yet there is still plenty room for more. What Kind Of Content Can You Expect? The majority of our time is spent networking with other player made criminal organisations (guilds), usually by means of being hired for a job. Secondly my officers and I are experienced DMs and we host RP events regularly with town boards full of quests and NPC employers. These events usually involve some kind of IC combat based of emotes or Rolls and can be taken up whenever the crew feel like it. Now is a perfect time to join! We are in the beginnings of a long term storyline in which the crew of the Blood Rose race to discover the location of the long lost treasure galleon, The Blue Mur. This story will consist of violence, adventure, and espionage and will be a long winding tale. Where Are We Based? As you can imagine, the Rose sails where the work demands. We move about often and sail with the wind. However, we try to pick jobs close to where the activity is. We pay close attention to server campaigns and events, and don't like to cut ourselves off from player contact. Just How Criminal Are We? The answer to this question varies from crew member to crew member. Some of us have a bounty or two, some still try to keep the face of a law abiding citizen. The Rose as a whole is a smuggling vessel, but every good smuggling ship needs the front of being a legitimate transport vessel in order to pass inspection. In short, we do crime but don't shout about it from the rooftops. /whisper Rosair or Jaquile if you are interested, or come and find us.Rosair1 3h
3h [World Plot] Cloak & Sceptre An excerpt from the Keepsakes of our Illustrious Forebears (New Forsaken edition)... ... Howling in the mountains... ... A fragment of a lost deathstalker report, heavily censored and stained in rotten blood... ... --- Hello gamers, I will be running something a little different from my normal RP PVP campaigns -- a more long-term and freefrom / open plot intended to bring some organic conflicts set mainly but not exclusively in the northern Eastern Kingdoms The base idea is a relic (acting as a mcguffin) that has been parted into several pieces (each carrying its own effects) and various forces/groups/individuals might want to piece this relic - the Iron Scepter - back together, either to destroy it, cleanse it, use it for their own nefarious goals or basically anything. The end reward of "" winning "" this plot will be me (doing my best!) to DM whatever you want to try to do with the completed piece, be it a small interaction to a larger campaign/conflict I will be DMing various pieces of this item being found for interested groups -- if you want in, just signal your interest in this thread and I will pick a number of people out and contact them IG (with the first piece being found today...). Once the items are out in the world, you won't need to sign up or contact me in any way to pursue them -- it will all be in the hands of the playerbase, though I may be doing some DMing on the side occasionally to keep things fresh Rumours, stories, posters and so on regarding this plot should be dropped in thsi thread so people can access the continued narrative of what's going on easily Some guidelines to note: ... OK, that's all for now -- I will be posting more as things progress...Perroy478 3h
3h [A-RP] Tirasian Marine - Soldiers of the Sea ... ... Recruitment: OPEN Current MEPS site: Stormwind City Harbour Recruiting Officers: Carlyle, Vashon AA Page: Introduction Tirasian Marine is a guild that will see players take on the role of ‘Benedict’s Bastards’; the Marines attached to the Tirasian warship ‘Thunder Child’. Their goal? To recoup the losses suffered fighting the Legion and once again have a full working contingent aboard, and to see their island home protected against all encroaching threats, demonic or otherwise Hello! Thank you for looking at the thread! Here’s a little about us. We’re a dedicated team of storytelling and military/naval enthusiasts that wish to bring the experience of a marine in the Corps to life as well as we are able; to make it seem like you did, indeed, enlist and are now a part of a larger whole in the Tirasian and, by proxy, Alliance military. This will be attained through grand campaigns, locational and one-off adventures, and even just sitting back in casual RP with the other members of the unit and other players in the communities and regions we’ll visit. We aim to provide quality, lore-friendly, immersive content for those looking for an organized militaristic approach to WoW RP. BE WARNED! The life of a Marine is hard, your character will be shouted at, berated, and occasionally flogged to turn them into a fearsome weapon that any admiral would be proud of. We set ourselves to the highest standard, and welcome you to be part of it. What can we offer you? Quality Roleplay: The officer cadre of the guild have years of experience in roleplaying, storytelling, and event hosting. We’re looking forward to the chance for inviting and welcoming others to join us on our journey through marine roleplay and Warcraft lore. Marine Traditions and Customs: Both play a vital role in giving you the chance to feel like you’re part of something that’s been around for a long time. We’ve done our best to create military traditions and customs exclusive to the Marines, that still fit within the confines of lore and the world and give the more authentic atmosphere of a long standing organisation, and not some group that formed yesterday. Dynamic and Responsive Events: You, the player, know your character better than anyone else. Events are specifically tailored with flexibility in mind so that you have freedom of choice. Actions have consequences, and a split-second decision made in the heat of battle can be all that stands between death and glory. This also allows our events to adjust based on turnout. An Immersive Military Experience: We pride ourselves on being able to accurately portray and make the guild feel like you’re a real cog of the whole machine that is an active-duty warship. We’re more than happy to also take on the roles of NPCs for events, and inspiration for the guild is drawn from a number of eras, such as the Royal Marines of the Napoleonic era and the age of sail, and partly based off the USMC. However, whilst in keeping with the realistic aspect of military roleplay, we also want to incorporate and stay-true to the in-game lore. We will do this by keeping in-mind the ‘modernization’ of the human military with the augmentation of gnomish and dwarven inventions such as the gyrocopter, a squadron of which are stationed aboard the vessel. Guild Themes: As a footnote to the above point, members should expect to be faced with difficult decisions. Your character will be faced with hard choices, such a duty over conscience, the horrors of war, violence, demons, and all kind of foul and insidious beings. This is not for the faint of heart or meek. Character Progression: In this guild, there will chances for your character to progress, whether through the ranks to one day lead themselves through PJMOT (Potential Junior Marine Officer Training), or whether it’s to specialize as one of the many useful roles found within the Marine Corps. Note: Ranks and Positions will open up as needed, and only as needed. As mentioned briefly above, we want there to be progression available for your character, and for you to feel like a real and important member of a marine contingent aboard a ship. As such, we have a number of specializations to be held that can be achieved over time and with further, specialized training, some examples of which are: Engineer Pilot Corpsman Signals Officer Explosives Technician Diver Marksman... What are we looking for? We are seeking like-minded and active players in our goal of becoming an immersive Tirasian military guild! We want members who are both as excited and passionate about military RP as we are; however, it’s not all serious business at the end of the day. We’re a lighthearted bunch and we want that to be reflected in our members. A laugh or a joke are always welcome either in guild chat or in our Discord channel. We want to foster this community and become a group of tight-knit friends who can have fun with each other, and without unnecessary drama. What are we not looking for? On the same train of thought as the previous statement; we do not want drama seekers or Mary Sue-esque characters who like to make it all about them. We pride ourselves on playing the roles of everyday, down-to-earth men and women seeing and doing extraordinary things. You will not find a grand master swordsman who can parry every blow, or a Vrykul brute who can lift a boulder with a single finger. Questions we think you might have! Can you explain the name? - The name is simple and anonymous, and we hope it conveys the precise role we’ll be playing. We are simple, run of the mill Marines, and as such, we are anonymous. With our helmets on, we are unremarkable. What races are you accepting? - We’ll be accepting primarily Humans, but Dwarves and Gnomes will be considered on a, case-by-case basis, yet cannot serve as front line fighting Marines. What the hell is a ‘MEPS’? - A MEPS, which stands for Marine Entrance Processing Station; is essentially a pop-up enlistment location, normally found on and off Kul Tiras, where any wannabe Marine can come to enlist in the corps; It can be anything from the ship itself, to a small tent located at a harbour. What classes are you accepting? - We’ll be focusing on classes that can wield a sword and shield as they will form the backbone of our ranks, though other classes might be welcome if they hold a valid and just reason to enlist as a Marine. What are your events like? - The best way to experience our events is to be there yourself. We hope to host events that aren’t solely inclusive to guild members, and also to connect with other military and civilian guilds on the server; whether our goals align or not. If your question is not listed, please ask us either here or in-game and we’ll be happy to answer! I’m in! How do I enlist? Joining us is very simple, and we’re really quite flexible as to how you’re able to join us (whether you’d like to seek us out at a designated MEPS Centre, or be press-ganged, or conscripted from the prison population or even a transfer from another Marine company.) You can contact one of our members in-game via whisper, mail, or you can just leave us your contact details here and we’ll approach you. However, be advised the initial IC criteria for candidacy for the Marine Corps as a human is as follows: Above the age of 18 Men: Be taller than 5’5” (165cm) in height. Women: 5'3"(160cm) in Height Between 9st (57kg) and 15st7lbs (98.4kg) Sound of eyesight, hearing, body and mind Able to read and writeWe feel this adds a realistic factor to recruitment and serves as a basis for the demanding job of a Marine. Any feedback or constructive criticism is welcome and encouraged! ...Monnrow133 3h
3h [A-RP] The Dainty Damsel Original thread: __________________________________________________________________________ The Dainty Damsel is a guild focusing on naval adventures. We are a privateer serving the Alliance, but also cater to our own interests such as treasure and trade. Ding-ding, ding-ding. Four strikes of the bell sound off into the night. In Stormwind City, the populace lie asleep in their beds, safe and sound. Here - beneath the stars and guarded only by Neptulon’s grace, the middle watch prepares for their third hour on deck. A bitter wind sweeps the deck of the Dainty Damsel as her bow plows the main, the unfortunate aboard tasting the salty spray of the sea. The creaking of planks and rustling of canvas are the symphony of the night, however, to this crew, the sounds is as comforting as a mother’s embrace. The crew. It’s a mixed lot, truly. The blonde girl who once was a baker - now the deadliest shot aboard, at least if you asked her. There’s the lucky charm of the crew, seldom seen with his trousers. Those who have spent their lives at sea, fighting for coin or fighting for country. Those with something to prove, and those who already bear the marks of their strife. Gilneans. Tirasians. Gnomes. The list goes on and on. This is the Dainty Damsel. A privateer, in service of the Alliance for which they have given loss of life and limb. For which they have fought battles high and low, with cutlass and with gun. For which they have slain both pirates and sea beast. - Dragour Worris, sailor. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OOC: Naval roleplay is very rewarding, knitting close bonds between characters and truly exploring what they’re made of. We’re dedicated to letting anyone who wishes to experience it, and maintain easy guides to learn the basics, with real-life knowledge on hand for any eventual questions. Crew democracy was an important factor during the Age of Sail and is implemented in how we manage the Damsel: important crew decisions may be put to a vote, or the next phase of the campaign may be decided upon by the crew. For more information, or a sneak peak into stories written by our members, check out our Argent Archives: Otherwise scroll down to keep reading! For recruitment or information, please contact: Feidos, Connal, Khalila, Dragour, Antagonism, Albrett or Archibaldd.Khalila3 3h
3h Troll rp, hubs, guilds, events and more. Greetings Argent Dawn. This is an information post about where to find troll guilds, activities and events. Anyone who wish to add a guild, event or information of dormant/fresh troll themed guilds can add this below and it will be updated so everyone have an easy overview of the information. Where can you find troll RP? Most of the role play are found in the area a troll guild are based however some guilds are stationary other move around. Below is a list of places known to invite troll activities. Orgrimmar : Here you find trolls of all flavors and taste. Some part of a specific troll guild/tribe others part of Horde itself with mixed races. Main rp hub for random interactions : Valley of Strength Durotar : Sen`jin Village - Darkspear Tribe Stranglethorn : - Zandalari Empire( Base in ZulGurub) The Echo Isles : Atal Antu Shadowprey Village: Atal Zanza Aka Dun Morogh : Kai`ju Tribe Wandering groups: Wandering trolls to contact for rp: TazdunZulzekka24 3h
3h Nightborne Community Discord With great interest in the former post which gave people a chance to come into contact with fellow Nightborne enthusiasts, "Nightborne Connections!? Scandalous!" ( we have now grown to a size where we have created our own discord! The discord server will continue the purpose to bring us closer together as a community both ICly and OOCly! We have already become a great bunch of friends, sharing both our interest in the nightborne and general chatter of everything and nothing! The channel is divided into different sub channels to easily help you swap between anything from general chatter, guild and group announcements, RP connection requests and searches, lore and RP discussions, Art sharing and memes! Before joining however, please read the rules down below. We look forward to having you join us! Discord Link: Discord rules: 1.) Be deferential to others, even (rather, especially) in disagreements. They're inevitable. Don't make them harder than they need to be. Some people will be new, some will be experienced. But we're all united in our shared interest for the Nightborne race. 2.) When disagreements are found, or you think somebody has said something unfair and feel you want to report it to the admins (@Orsino and @Lady Ael'astiel), first PM them and ask about it. Chances are, you've probably misinterpreted or they'll happily tune themselves down to better accomodate while you're around. If it persists, then seek out admin intervention. The ultimate goal is for a self-sustaining community without much interference from us where possible. 3.) Sensitive topics, such as politics, religion etc., don't have much of a place here. By all means discuss them pleasantly if the topic arises, that's perfectly fine. You don't have to read it. And if it becomes a reoccuring theme, there may be a chat room made specifically for these discussions. 4.) No nudity, even within the memes and nsfw channel.Celythiel3 3h
4h Nightborne connections?! Scandelous! Hey everyone! Your friendly neighbourhood bard here! Interested in making some connections? The Nightborne who stood together against their power hungry leaders, I think, have to be a somewhat tight knit community. It would be strange to RP a NB and not know anyone of your own race. Don't you think? Therefore, I dedicate this thread to help people find others! Please put your own descriptions or thoughts and ideas down below or if you want to create a connection with someone, say so! My hope here is to build up a community before NB even hit the servers! Update! - So many great people have come together in this thread, working together to kick start what has already become a really friendly, tight knit community! - We have our own Discord now. Link: (subject to change and updates).Rosettè62 4h
4h [Void-RP] Sages of Supremacy - Secret Society As some of you may remember I took to creating an out of guild society called the sages of the supreme alliance back at the very start of Legion. The aim of the society was to create a group of individuals united under the common goal of undermining the Alliance through the creation of an elitist cult that sought on the surface to strengthen the Alliance against an inevitable horde attack, while actually weakening it and blinding it to the threat of the Void. Due to communication break downs the gatherings of the SSA soon ran out of attendants and the society went dark. But now with the POWER OF DISCORD and a new found interest, I am bringing it back. So without further ado, The Sages of Supremacy. The Sages of Supremacy The Sages of Supremacy (SS) is a secret society of peoples whom gather to socialise, make contacts to benefit their businesses and work towards goals to strengthen the standing of the Alliance and Horde on Azeroth. Or so it claims. Secretly it enacts the will of the Void to bring the Alliance and Horde to it’s knees that they cannot stand against the forces of the Void and all that goes with it. As I mentioned before we had a breakdown in the SSA due to a communication breakdown, this will be resolved (hopefully) by discord! Join it here: Unlike the SSA, this will be open to both Alliance and Horde but as with the SSA the idea will be that it's members are in other, innocuous, guilds like Stormwind Guard, Spirit Wolves etc. How will it run? The society will be run by one or two “Masters” who have the role of being the man behind the curtain, directing the Sages of Supremacy. The masters will be helped by a council who will work together to organise gathering, be they social dinners, balls or blasphemous rituals to commune with that which should not be heard by mortal ears. Let’s go into detail on the ranks; The Masters – The leaders of the Sages, their duty is to listen to the will of the void and see it properly enacted throughout the society. A hand behind the curtain mostly but still present and available for the more aspiring members of the society to have their ear. The Council – While the masters are the hand behind the curtain, the Council are the more recognised and widely venerated members of the sages. Their duty is to see to it that the sages runs smoothly. That gatherings are held, that new members are inducted properly and so forth. The Ordained – Those who have undergone a full induction to the society, they're a higher class of the society and may petition the council and masters directly should they have concerns, ideas or anything else requiring their attentions. They are also given free reign of the Sages secret tower and access to all of its ceremonies, benign and dastardly alike. The Initiates – these are those whom have been considered to be, 'the right stuff'. They swear vows before their peers in the society and thus reap the basic rewards of the secret society, networking, enjoyment and food at the small cost of the ritualistic foreswearing of allegiance. IC Rules In order to remain a part of the society you will have to follow a number of rules as set down by the introductory letter you receive. They will be along the lines of the following: 1. Tell no one of the Sages of the Supremacy. 2. Always wear the obscuring uniform when attending SoS events. 3. Tell no one the pass phrase for the SoS. 4. Do not tell the initiates of the 'perks' of being ordained or higher. 5. If you break these rules, or slip information about the SS, you will be financially and socially ruined. The principle reinforcing the idea of the SSA is that there are very powerful, and people who are not so powerful but are all considered to possibly be "The right stuff". This means there are bank managers and there are bakery owners alike working there. If you leave suddenly you can't buy bread from someone, and your account at the bank is shut down after a strangely large with drawl vanished from your account. And try as you might, for 'some reason' no one at the SI:7 can work out who is to blame. This is the principle of the society and how it works to keep itself secret. The OOC rules of the SS 1. Be in the discord – This is where ALL the information is going down! Be in it! 2. Be nice. Enough. – We accept that jokes are joke, and friendly ribbing is friendly ribbing. Just take care to ensure it doesn’t go too far. Repeated ribbing on one person or ribbing on someone you’ve only just met might go beyond that which people are comfortable with this. Be aware of this and ready to adjust slightly to accommodate others. 3. Don’t Metagame – The principle of the secret society requires that secrets stay secret IC. AS such if you don’t know it IC. Don’t act on it IC. 4. Obligatory No ERP on behalf of the SoS or for anything SoS related. 5. Respect the IC rules and the consequences of the IC actions – Another aspect of the Society is that if you are in the guild, you have opted into the idea of being a member of a malicious society intent on destruction. When you leave or come to a situation where consequences need to be imposed, we will work with you to ensure its as smooth and enjoyable as possible without being interruptive of the RP for those still in the society. With that I bring to a conclusion my presentation of the Sages of Supremacy and without further ado, I open the floor to your questions and debates which I hope to answer and engage in bellow.Morvuk16 4h
4h [H-RP] Will of the Warlords Will of the Warlords is a roleplaying guild on the Horde. It is a task force group established by Legionnaire Tazkram, composing all races of the Horde. Each member a champion in name, bound together by a fierce loyalty to the Horde (at least as far as anyone can tell). Will of the Warlords is a story heavy guild, that will aim to have 3 events a week. Each event starting where the last ended (unless otherwise agreed). Said days will most likely be Tuesday, Thursday and Sundays, going from 20:00 to 23:00 server time. What is unique about Will of the Warlords (WotW)? WotW will bring storylines, where the roleplayers decide which path to take to succeed (or not). As soon as the group has left Tazkram’s office, and set out to accomplish their task, they are then free to choose how to go about it. Will you use the tools given to you, or will you create your own tools? The medal system. There will be a plethora of medals to obtain. Each requiring different things to be fulfilled. Such medals can be about teamwork, cunning or caretaking of the team’s pack kodo. Each medal is favoured by the warlords differently, some have more respect for a champion whom have obtain the medal of the wolf, others may frown upon the medal’s worth. ‘Game of Warlords’. The warlords, Wormgut, Steelgrin, Axehorn, Wolfshadow and Ironfoot, each vie for power in the council of warlords. Your character can decide to align with a warlord, and attempt to gain their direct favour. Warlords love having champions, they will confide with their champions and give them boons (outfits, banners, mounts, certain privileges). But be careful not to step on their toes either, as you may find your life shortened or your name tarnished. This concept shall be expanded upon in the second post. Ranking system. Each member is a champion, there are no apparent difference in your ranks. However, being favoured or disfavoured will change how other members view your character. The only ranks above you, are the Blood Guard, Legionnaire and the Warlords. The Blood Guard being the ‘team leader’ of the task force. How do I join WotW? Recruitment is currently CLOSED. Your character must be suited to call themselves a champion. Not necessarily a ‘champion of the people’, but proficient enough in a trade, that makes them worthy of the title. Write a dossier, that a warlord may wish to read in this thread. Should your character and interest be there, we will contact you here or in-game. All Horde races and classes may be accepted. Who can I contact about joining? Tazkram, Gorgashi or any available member online who may gude you to us. If none of these options are available in-game, do leave a post below.Tazkram69 4h
5h Looking for Horde hating Alliance RP guild Aggressive, militant, ex-Argent priest seeks RP guild. I've been looking around the forums for a guild but the few I came across are too neutral for my taste or not recruiting. I was hoping maybe someone better informed than I am could give me some suggestions.Keralan8 5h
5h [AD Talk Show] Fuse Talks - Conclusion to hub talk! ... What is this? Fuse Talks is designed to be a Talk Show for the Argent Dawn community. It’s only once a week and there’ll more than likely always be a guest with myself to discuss whatever topic it may be that is planned for that day. It’s always live so you can involve yourselves in the conversation through the chat, ask questions along the way too. If you find you’ve missed one and want to catch up, you can always look to the youtube channel provided for it. Videos will be directly uploaded there after each stream. Where can I find it? Unfortunately I’m not allowed to send a direct link. You can search under the name ‘Fusecraft’ for twitch if you’re looking to involve yourself in live version of it or search the same thing if you’re looking to catch up on Fuse Talks through youtube. Some topics you might expect to see: Roleplay World of Warcraft PvE/PvP The Community Blizzard related news And more Guests, how? You can contact me through the in-game names of Fuse (H), Kaliyra (A). You can also find me through the discord link above. If you’re interested in guesting for it, you’re more than welcome to do so. Otherwise for the most part I will seek out individual players to make an appearance for the Talk Show. Volunteers! I’m one person, I can only keep up with a certain amount of things that go on and unfortunately sometimes that means I miss out on talking about certain guilds, campaigns, general community initiatives and more. I’m always looking for individuals who’d be happy to volunteer and provide some things for me to discuss and present towards the viewers. Questions? If you’ve any questions you might want to ask towards myself, the guests or about the topic of the week. You can feel free to throw them up on the thread and we’ll aim to answer them during the stream itself. You can alternatively ask them during the stream, beware that we can take a bit sometimes to answer it! Contact Methods BTAG: Fuse#21675 Discord: Demzi#5169Fuse148 5h
5h [A] Royal Expedition - Casual, RP, possibly social Guild Name: Royal Expedition Faction: Alliance Looking for: Pleasant RPers for casual, stress-free and bite sized RP interactions! About us: We are a (currently) small group of players who have all met through random walk up RP. The core idea of the guild is to provide a framework RP setting that allows for spontaneous events/RP wherever and with however many players one chooses. As an example we recently headed out to Westfall to collect some samples of giant gelatinous blobs to research their regenerative properties. This spontaneous little trip did not require much work or time commitment but was still satisfying to play out, even with a small number of players. While more elaborate events are ideally a thing in the future, with a few story lines to follow (currently working on one to begin with), the guild itself will ideally rely more on the input and engagement of/between members. This also means there is plenty of room and opportunity, to create guild events and play them out with others. We love initiative! We hope spontaneous events as the one we described above to become one of the main modes for guild interactions on an RP level. RP-Background: The Royal Expedition was founded on the orders of King Anduin, following the suggestion of Archmage Eraflion Mundor to the Kings council who sought to form an order dedicated to finding ways to prevent needless loss of life during wars. To this end the scholars of the Royal Expedition research unknown or forgotten relics, artifacts, powers and legends. Based on their findings they set out with members of the military branch to protect the scholars in the field in order to follow up on clues, hints or even whispers. All findings are then brought back to Stormwind City in hopes of finding some utility for current and future war efforts of the Alliance. While Stormwind City acts as a base of operations given the vast host of knowledge present in the Royal Library, the Expedition maintains expeditionary camps in many places. These camps attract camp followers and require support staff to resupply and maintain them. During times of war, the Royal Expedition may be requisitioned by the King to commit their military capabilities to establish bridge heads and secure landing zones for the regular army. RP-Ranks and roles to fill: Camp Follower: Cooks, merchants, entertainers, panhandlers, beggars, ladies of the night, families, kids, the variety is sheer endless! They are not truly part of the internal Hierarchy. This rank is more for social members but can be full fledged part of the Expedition in RP. Recruit: Some just have to learn and see where they fit. Medic: A mix of scholars and soldiers. The healers and menders of the Royal Expedition. Sometimes your fellow expeditioners sprain an ankle on long hikes. That's where you come in! Soldier: The backbone of the military branch of the Royal Expedition. Soldiers escort scholars on expeditions, protect camps and look splendid in armor. Scholar: Books, tomes and parchment! Maybe even a story or two! Scholars collect information and research to find things worth looking into. Some even learn improving their skills while on the job! Officer: Officers can be of each previously mentioned job. They simply are the ones a tiny bit more in charge for their particular branch. Commander: Commanders are the heads of the respective branches. Leader: Technically the commander of the scholar branch, but also tie-breaker in guild wide decisions. He's a bit... odd. RP-Philosophy: In a fantasy world with larger than life heroes at every turn, the Royal Expedition does not seek to pretend to be the slayers of Sargeras or the plug that stops the demon floods from the Twisting Nether forever. Our members will contribute to and follow the primary story along, but we are not the mighty and godlike. The Royal Expedition consists of unsung heroes who do not seek their own glory or riches, but only to help ensure the safety of innocent lives within the Alliance. Our characters fight and strive to give the real heroes the time and tools they need to change the tides of war. PvE, PvP and raids? Once we have grown to a sufficient number of members, we'd love to engage in other activities with each other. We might even setup a schedule for something light like guild Dungeons. Depending on interest, availability and initiative of members, anything is possible! Some of us already are quite happy to go on transmog runs and similar pursuits. But what about me, a potentially interested person? You can be a beginner or an experienced player. Both are welcome! You should have manners, be respectful with others and be relaxed. You can and absolutely should have a real life which sometimes takes over. We don't kick, ban or demote due to absences. Things happen. Life happens. You shouldn't be an elitist or stuck in your ways when it comes to RP. Since we're open to beginners and like to experiment rather than stick to what's not frowned upon on Cathedral Square, you shouldn't be against these things either. You don't have to bring all your time to us. As described above, we aim at providing smaller RP experiences which are still fun as well as bigger plots and goals! In return we are: A bunch of really nice and relaxed players who don't take things too seriously. I mean, come on. Of course your character didn't jump and walk in a circle. You forgot to hit enter. We all do sometimes. No need to apology emote. It's all good! :) A small guild that has some potential which you can help shape! A decent space to come to and have someone to chat with, even if it's just on Discord from time to time Respect for your time and life and the wish to still provide and partake in a good RP experience in smaller, yet satisfying, bites! If any of this sounds good to you or you have additional questions, hit one of us up in game! We're happy to reply and have a chat. Thanks for reading and have a great time on Argent Dawn!Eraflion2 5h
6h Starting a new RP guild Hiya all!! well, I've been wanting to make a guild for the longest of times, I have had experience in making them in the past, such as Thraze Atal Al (which was a Troll Tribal guild) and Gearfist (Goblin run guild), one is now dead the other run by somebody else now, and as much as I loved RPing with them I just want something kind of deferent, so any advice? I always loved RPing a gnome as I think most people underestimates them and I liked the idea of RPing the "underdog" kind of character, but yeah, it's all fun, the irony is my main is a goblin, who would of known?! haha!Vixzie15 6h
6h [ pvp] Battleground range Game has 10 battlegrrounds but why when i que for another battleground 70% i see battle for gilneas and twin peaks? Seriously having 10 gil in a row and 1 isle of conquest for 2 months clearly looks broken.Azuriida1 6h
7h [A/H-RP] Kalimdor rumor mill ... What's this? Hello AD! Simply put, it’s a rumor mill dedicated to generate some roleplay and interactions between characters of both factions across Kalimdor. Think of it as a tool which to supplement your roleplay with. Anyone is free to post anything in the form of widespread rumors, noticeboards, wanted posters, conversations between NPCs. Bear in mind that the intention is for things you put up here is out for anyone to use and include into their own roleplay. Example 1 ... Example 2 ... Example 3 ...Saleysea42 7h
7h The opposite of pet peeves - your pet likes (I have no idea if "pet like" is the official term, but oh well!) What are some small or big things you enjoy seeing in WoW? Some of mine are: -Civilian roleplayers. I enjoy seeing people in casual clothing hanging around in cities -Battle pets with names -Orc and troll females using the uglier, more ferocious face optionsAhake67 7h
8h [H-Troll RP] The Zulian Legacy ... Greetings fellow Argent Dawners and welcome to <The Zulian Legacy> guild thread. With a recent interest in the theme that we offer, we have decided to restructure, redo and relaunch the guild. Thank you for taking an interest. IN CHARACTER INFORMATION: The Zulian Legacy is an Order which shares its name with the philosophy that guides it; a path of thought which describes a variety of ethics and ideas surrounding the fundamentals of what it means to be a troll in the present world. The Order of the Legacy exists to promote and protect these principles, which place troll and tribe at the center of its purpose. Named for the enduring legacy of one of Azeroth's most prolific races, the philosophy commits a great many things about the proud heritage of the troll people and the mark they have left on the world to heart. But in a way that makes the philosophy an antithesis to the beliefs of the Zandalari lead by the Prophet Zul, The Zulian Legacy edifies ideas and ways of thinking focused on forging a way ahead and creating a future for trolls, not in looking back and longing to recapture the glories of olden times when the empire of Zandalar lorded over ancient Kalimdor. ... ____________________________________________________________________________ GUILD INFORMATION: The Zulian Legacy is a Roleplay Guild and Community with an exclusive memberbase of trolls of the Horde (Darkspear, Revantusk and Shatterspear tribes). The aim of The Zulian Legacy is to promote a range of quality roleplay which explores the culture, faith and heart of individuals belonging to a proud and ancient race. Our goal is to provide for the community with events and activities such as gatherings, ceremonies and adventures. As an order of nomads and adventurers from all walks, persistent RP plotlines, building narratives and partaking in adventures around the game world (and sometimes beyond) is part of what we are setting out to achieve. A range of events and roleplay we wish to cover are: GATHERINGS, like our Nights on the Echo Isles Events which will run on the first Saturday of each month. This is an opportunity for roleplayers to come together in the heart of the Horde's troll population, meet others and enjoy an evening of easy going roleplay for an hour or two. Sometimes activities are arranged for you to partake in during these events. CEREMONIES AND RITUALS, which will be dedicated to honoring a specific loa. The locations may change for sermons often, as it requires travelling to sacred sites in order to give the spirits our offerings and sacrifices! Lower level members who may find themselves struggling to reach a given location need only contact one of our members and we will help to get you there. HUNTS AND SKIRMISHES, trolls are known for their ferocity and cunning. Whether hunting for the tribe or slaying enemies and sending their souls to Bwon'samdi, trolls are fearless in their resolve. We aim to explore this aspect of troll nature. ADVENTURES, The Zulian Legacy travels all over in search of lore and troll history or other motives and our adventures sometimes take us far and wide. These will also include a custom roll system so that your character's skills and attributes have an impact on the outcome. INVOLVED IN THE COMMUNITY. The guild seeks to cooperate with other guilds and individuals in the Argent Dawn RP community, by working together in hosting and planning of public events or attending campaigns and other realm events.____________________________________________________________________________ Ranks: We have an in-guild progression system. We try to accommodate all types, so whether you are a fighter, headhunter, priest, hexxer or simple villager, the legacy has a place for you. GMs: Harbinger and Oracle Officers: Council Veteran Members: Herald Members: Blade; Mystic; Advocate (further progression within each rank) Recent joiners: Neophyte On leave / Inactive: Wanderer OOC rank: OutsiderMore in-depth information on ranks and progression can be found on our Argent Archives page. (link below) It is important to note that our ranks are not designed to dictate a character's ability. You may have come from other guilds and other places where your character has gained experience and knowledge and we do not intend to negate that by telling you to play your character's proficiency in conjunction with your rank. It is purely where you and your character stand in regards to the Order. ____________________________________________________________________________ What you can expect of the guild: A friendly, supportive and constructive atmosphere within the guild with a "Create, not Criticize" policy; this means that discussion, offering alternatives and encouragement to build upon our concepts and ideas in a believable way is favored highly over a discouraging demeanour, an outright "No" without fair and thorough thought, or a linear correction that takes the ability to be the creator out of the member's hands. A group with a sense of adventure in-character and an affinity for roleplay that allows us to travel and create as we go, though at the same time we balance our casual nights of campfire stories and talk alongside these rough and tumble antics. A guild that takes a slightly more political approach to the situations and lifestyle of the trolls In-Character. Subsequently, their lifestyle itself becomes an important focus, as its representation comes part-in-parcel with the concept of safeguarding it and protecting their cultural identity. A guild that fancies quality in roleplay and quality in community. We're firm believers that this activity is there for you to enjoy and get the best out of the money you pay to be here; those around you are entitled to the same. Respect is high on our list of values. What we look for in a member: A polite, considerate and mature conduct wherein if there is a problem or disagreement, it can be handled in a calm and respectful manner for the sake of both you and your peers. Able to hold an appropriate tone in guild. We like our occasional silly moments with our cheeky jokes or swears, but we also like to keep our quota on f-bombs or sensitive topics to a minimum, IC very much included. An expressed interest and understanding of lore, story and roleplay within the setting and an appreciation for adventure, character development and interacting within a group. IC actions have IC consequences. We expect members to have the responsibility to accept the consequences of actions they may take according to the setting we roleplay in. For example beating up someone in the middle of the street in front of a guard will get you thrown in prison. In Roleplay you are obviously free to choose to do such actions, but you must have the maturity to accept the consequences they'd bring.Nazka9 8h
8h Glory of the Firelands Raider Hello everyone! With void elves (hopefully) around the corner, I am setting up an Alliance group to run through the Glory of the Firelands Raider achievement, which awards the Corrupted Fire Hawk mount- a suitably purple bird to use in RP! Most achievements required for the meta-achievement can be soloed, but at least one of them requires a group of six people ( More details on the meta-achievement can be found here: The idea is to get a large enough group together and run through Firelands Heroic once, clearing each achievement along the way. I will be providing short explanations before each fight, but it would make it a lot smoother if you have looked up the basics yourself! If you are interested, post down below, send a mail, or toss me a whisper when I'm online. If you post on a Horde character, please let me know name and class on your alliance character for ease of future calendar invites! Once we have a couple of interested folk I'll start to toss dates back and forth. Thanks for reading!Serana5 8h
8h Hello How you doing?Olpa2 8h
8h [A-RP] The Five Rangers The Five Rangers “In my, albeit short-lived, life I have come across all sorts of people; both bad and good. However, there is one thing I find common in every single one of them - they stand firm and fight for what they believe in, for their beliefs and goals. The question is: What do we believe in? What is our goal in this life?” --- Zacharyian Lowthwaite First of the Five Rangers. Every man has his own goal, every woman her own. However, there is one thing that binds them; their want of a cause. It is through this, and their unwavering sense of loyalty, that binds them, and gives them the will to follow any path to find their purpose alongside the the infamous Five Rangers. The Five Rangers; a long forgotten band of wayfarers that travel the world in search of a cause, and a place they belong. They seek to do deeds, of good or ill, to gain riches, fame and more. The structure doesn't seem to have one singular leader, but they do although have a representative, being the First of the Rangers. We are currently recruiting our first five rangers, the ones that will most certainly be the example for the rest. Followed by Companions and wayfarers; those who wish to see the world for what it truly is. From First to Fifth. The five main leaders, each of which have proven themselves in one way or another. They all answer to the First, although they are loyal to no one but themselves besides - forging a path for all those who follow in their footsteps, aiming to help the rest of the fellowship to find a cause. Companions A relatively small number of individuals that just decided to accompany the rangers for the time being. They are most likely friends of the Five rangers, though they may even be family, or strangers. They are just like most, in search of something, be it fame, skills or just to see the world. Artisans Mainly traders that wish safe passage and tag along with the Rangers and the Companions, In search of luck to sell their wares. OOC As the name states those who are not In-Character. They are not within the party. OOC Information We are currently a small guild recently founded and not seeking large numbers of players. We are looking for enthusiastic beginner and veteran roleplayers to join our party in search of a cause and their place in the world. The guild is a cross between highly skilled rangers from all wakes of life, and those who simply wish to accompany them. Roleplay events and meetings happen all across Azeroth. There is no limit as to who may host an event, everyone is free to do so as we encourage creativity. As well as this, activity is not a problem either - we’re rather lax, so there is no pressure on you having to constantly log over. I'm a pretty experienced roleplayer myself but I'd like this guild to be tailored to the community. So if anyone would like to leave some feedback or criticism on what I'm doing wrong or right please go ahead! I'd also gratefully take ideas on other structures of the guild. If there is support for it I'd love to better the guild in any way. I'm currently working on a Argent Archives page and if necessary I might create a guild website. If you wish to join send an in game message to me. The name is Zacharyian.Zacharyian8 8h
8h [A-RP] Stormwind Infantry (est. 2009) [A-RP] Stormwind Infantry (est. 2009) ... ... ... Mission Statement The Infantry's goal is to dominate and control land through means of force and to restore order to states of civil unrest. Journey the Life of a Soldier The Infantry, a mismatched family of Men, Dwarves & Gnomes. Long has the Alliance depended wholeheartedly on these commoners, driven together by their own purpose and bound by their united duty. Their tasks vary from filling sandbags, to patrolling contested borders and standing watch in the trenches (to name a mere few). How-ever, once in a while, the biggest demand of all is given to these unlikely heroes. To meet the enemy, and clash steel with them. To give their all, among the sweat, mud and blood of the fearsome, yet thrilling encounter of battle. The path of a soldier takes each role-player on a unique role-play adventure in a military setting. Your character will be taken through arduous training, requiring you to learn a multitude of useful skills, including how to save lives on the battlefield, and how to form up for battle as a unit. You will be taken in to a squad, and experience daily routines in barracks, or field camps. You will venture further afield, exploring the world of Azeroth and beyond with your character, alongside your fellow soldiers. The Characteristics of Rank & File The beauty of rank and file role-play, is the approach of taking common characters and placing them in abnormal scenarios. The farm-hand placed before a towering demon, with naught to challenge him but his pike, who managed to strike true with the gracious prayer of the Light on his lips. The blacksmith, who lost his shop to the Forsaken onslaught in the north, who fights with the tenacity and passion of a man who still yet has Hope, or perhaps an unquenchable rage for revenge. Joining the Army does not require you to have your character be a pumped up paladin, who can slaughter ranks of the undead with a wave of his hand. The unique story scenarios come from the time-woven relationships, made at dinner time in Westbrook, after a hard days training. They come from standing watch over the border in the Arathi Highlands, standing sentry with a comrade whom your character has known for months, knowing tomorrow he might well die in battle. Don't Forget the Supply Wagon! Soldiers march on their stomach, and their armour falls apart regularly. They also get cuts, scrapes and catch nasty foreign illness. The rank and file of Stormwind Infantry has learnt to become self-sustaining over the years as a result. From blacksmiths, to Quartermasters and Field Medics. The roles also expand to encompass unique role-play ideas, that may come from outside of the company. Anything that enriches the living, breathing atmosphere of the rank and file concept is fully endorsed and encouraged. To this end, we also love role-playing with civilian guilds, logistical in nature or otherwise - it really helps us tie in with the atmosphere! Stormwind Infantry has had years to practice and perfect internal mechanics, which keep things interesting and moving along in the right direction for all our members. Closing Statement You can find more information about us on either of our websites, along with a tonne of pictures - or just check out our youtube videos for a more in-depth insight! You can also find information about class restrictions, et-cetera on the enjin website. To join up, whisper any Stormwind Infantry member for information. Alternatively, seek us out when we're advertising a recruitment stand, as rarely does recruitment happen in the field. We mix our role-play with a wealth of RP-PVE & RP-PVP, embarking on server campaigns or privately ran deployments. Either way, we've been marching through all the expansions since late WOTLK (2009)! We also love collaborating with other guilds, so don't be afraid to get in touch. We've had a pet Demon Hunter (shout out to Kadravis) since Demon Hunters were a thing! Our Winter Veil Leave period is now over - see you out in the field!Arthedun19 8h
8h RP Question - Gnome Warrior? How? Ok, me again... <Dodges arrow> I'm being pulled towards Alliance and i really want to make a character i can adventure with and make mini RP events/skirmishes with other RPers. It seems i'm going to settle on the Gnome. As i like tanking for leveling and such and meaning i have a choice of armor i was thinking warrior. This leads me to tonights question(s) to throw at you knowledgeable folks before bed. Can you really roleplay a Gnome warrior AS a warrior? By this i mean using the usual warrior skills and ability not focusing on his ability to use engineering to help him win the day. I can't immagine it. It. It's like a super-heavyweight boxer vs Steven Hawkins.Trusio19 8h
9h [A-RP] Silvercrest Guardians The Silvercrest Guardians started when Priestess Sefaria Moonsong decided to venture out from the Darnassus temple and step out in to elven lands to defend them from incoming threats. With her, she brought other priestesses and temple guards to aid her in her work. From that moment on, she has decided to create an organisation of it. The Silvercrest Guardians. Where people of all walks of life can come together to aid the elven lands, Kalimdor and Azeroth itself. With their homebase in Darnassus they move out in to the world to fight those who wish to harm Azeroth, Kalimdor or the elven lands in particular. The guild is centered around an elven community with the addition of other races to spruce up roleplay. With four main branches and several plans for sub-branches, the guild aims to focus the roleplay on fun and awesome story lines while also offering people roleplay that fits their characters. Branches The Temple The leaders and guiding force of the Silvercrest Guardians, the temple represents the very core of the guild. It is from this branch where Sefaria Moonsong leads her priestesses and temple guards in to battle to protect what they care for most. Their homes. The Temple has two sub-branches. The Sisterhood The sisterhood are men and women devout to Elune. Priests and Priestesses who use their role as a leading figure of the Kaldorei society to aid the Silvercrest Guardians in achieving their goals. With Elune on one side and a Temple Guard on the other, they are a force to be reckoned with. Priestesses and Priests are able to take on thero'shans, acolytes to train to become priests or priestesses under Elune. It can be interesting roleplay for some. The Temple Guards The Temple Guards are stalwart men and women who work closely with the Sisterhood in order to protect them and watch over them at all costs. Serving as a shield to the Temple, they act as bodyguards to those of the Sisterhood. Each Priestess or Priest is assigned their own Temple Guard who acts kind of like a bodyguard. It breeds roleplay between two people and aids with immersion in to the social aspects of the guild. Always having another roleplayer closeby can be quite fun. The Naturalists The Naturalists are those who instead of looking up at Elune, looks down to nature and the elements. They are more grounded in their philosophies. Their main objective is to care for the well-being of the Silvercrest Guardians in their role as healers and caretakers. Naturally, other fitting roles goes in to this branch as well such as druids with the capabilities of fighting and rangers who're close with the wild but never achieved an official rank within Kaldorei society, such as Sentinel. Fitting classes are Druids, Monks, Shamans and other similar paths who tend to take things slow, calm their minds and think logically on most situations. Herbalists, alchemists and leatherworkers also fit quite well with the Naturalists. With time, sub-branches most likely will spring up under the Naturalists. If we gain enough druids, a druid enclave might come to being. If we're instead flocked with shamans of various races, we might create an Elementalist sub-branch. All to better serve roleplay to the specific paths our members have taken. The sub-branches tend to sometimes have their own gatherings and their own specialised quests and missions to better fit their purpose within the guild. The Defenders The warriors, the fighters and the stalwart champions of the Silvercrest Guardians rest under this branch. Those who put down their lives to fight for what the guild stand for rest in this section. Be it Sentinels, battlemages, heavy or light armoured fighters; this is where you find them. They are the defensive shield of the guild and also the offensive spear. With enough members of the same chosen path, sub-branches may be created. Perhaps we have enough arcanists to create something for the magic wielders of the guild. Or perhaps we gain enough Sentinels to create our own little unit within the Silvercrest Guardians. The Explorators The Explorators are the people with special skills not based on fighting or mending. Usually the Explorators are sent out first to gather intel and check out the situation before the rest of The Silvercrest Guardians show up. Often a few Defenders, Naturalists or Temple people will come with the Explorators to support them, should they end up in a bad situation or need to be rescued because their infiltration mission failed. The Explorators are the eyes and ears of The Silvercrest Guardians, without them most missions would take a lot longer, and be a lot harder to deal with. They are walkers of many paths and can seem somewhat spread in their various paths. You can find infiltrators, scouts, trackers, analysts, lorekeepers, merchants, travelers and other likeminded paths within this branch. And as before, with enough members walking similar paths sub-branches may be created to better serve their style of roleplay. Perhaps we have enough scouts to create their own sub-branch, allowing them to take monopoly on all scouting done for the Silvercrest Guardians. To apply to the guild, simply visit our website and get yourself an application sorted. We'll look through it as quickly as we can and come back to you. To find out more about the Silvercrest Guardians, feel free to post something here or whisper Aëron or Sefaria in-game.Aëron6 9h