Argent Dawn

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4d Useful threads: setting, story, & roleplay. The purpose of this thread is to collect and advertise useful threads and sources, for any player looking to find out more about the setting, or about roleplaying and story-building. These may be useful whether reading the background just for interest, creating a new character and wanting to see how it fits into the setting, or looking how to enhance our own roleplaying techniques. Some of these websites are on the wider internet, but most were written by players on our own server Argent Dawn. A parallel thread, "Useful threads: community and events," is no longer stickied for some reason. It can be found at and looks at the Out Of Character history and community of the server, to introduce the server to new players, and to give help to players in creating, advertising, and maintaining events and guilds.Tsathoggua68 4d
10 Nov History of Argent Dawn Updated May 28th 2017, 04:02 (GMT) ... Tip: Hit Ctrl+F and for example search #2012 Submissions Pick a topic: [Guild] [Character] [Event] Use headings, and add any AA links. Scroll down for examples. Guidelines [Guild] events include RP-PvP, storylines, founded/disbanded dates, etc. [Character] events are for major figures in our server lore, ie. guild leaders. Community [Events] only. For guild events, see above. Only put information that'd be known in-character, events that would be written into history or known. Contents Intro - post 1 - 2005 - post 2 - 2006 - post 4 - 2007 - post 5 - 2008 - post 6 - 2009 - post 8 - 2010 - post 9 - 2011 - post 10 - 2012 - post 11 & 12 - 2013 - post 13 & 14 - 2014 - post 15 - 2015 - post 17 & 18 - 2016 - post 19 & 20 - 10 Nov
1d Raiding Progression - Argent Dawn Considering Legebril is ending his maintenance on the raiding progression thread, I thought I'd continue to do it. I will also continue to work with the old format because it's a nice format. If your guild isn't in yet, please do give a shout by mentioning your progress on this thread! Old link with tiers prior to Legion: ... Alliance Mythic - Normal/Heroic - Horde Mythic - Normal/Heroic - ... The Nighthold - 10 bosses Alliance 1. Safety Dance (10/10M) 2. Helios (10/10M) 3. Epoch (10/10M) 4. Oakcrest/BankofStone (10/10M) Sephuzs Secret (9/10M) House of the Fallen (8/10M) Triggered (5/10M) The Precariat (10/10N) (10/10HC) (3/10M) Gestalt (2/10M) Mythic (10/10HC) (1/10M) Erandium (10/10N) (10/10HC) Crimson Dawn (10/10HC) Innovation (10/10HC) Bloodrune (10/10N) (10/10HC) Prismatic Society (6/10HC) Titans of War (4/10HC) Crystalline Dream (4/10HC) Lionheart Vanguard (7/10N) Horde Lethal (10/10N) (10/10HC) (4/10M) Night Witches (10/10HC) (3/10M) Steelsong (10/10N) (10/10HC) Insurgence (10/10HC) Trial of Valor - 3 bosses Alliance 1. Safety Dance (3/3M) Oakcrest/BankofStone (3/3M) Erandium (3/3N) (3/3HC) The Precariat (3/3N) (3/3HC) Mythic (3/3HC) Lysis (3/3HC) Crimson Dawn (3/3HC) House of the Fallen (2/3M) Epoch (3/3M) Innovation (3/3HC) Gestalt (3/3HC) Triggered (2/3M) Sephuzs Secret (2/3M) Bloodrune (3/3HC) Horde Steelsong (3/3N) (3/3HC) Lethal (3/3N) (3/3HC) (2/3M) The Emerald Nightmare - 7 Bosses Alliance Erandium (7/7N) (7/7HC) The Precariat (7/7N)(7/7HC) (1/7M) Bloodrune (7/7N) (7/7HC) Inceptum (7/7HC) Immortalis (7/7N) (2/7HC) RP raiding group RaidPlay (7/7N) Lionheart Vanguard (7/7N) Shadow (7/7N) (7/7HC) Square One (7/7N) (1/7HC) Katla (7/7N) (7/7HC) (1/7M) The Pioneers (7/7N) (7/7HC) (1/7M) Oakcrest/BankofStone (7/7N) (7/7HC) (7/7M) The Silver Charge (7/7N) Mythic (5/7M) Lysis (7/7HC) Crimson Dawn (3/7M) House of the Fallen (7/7M) Epoch (7/7M) Innovation (7/7HC) Gestalt (2/7M) Triggered (7/7M) Sephuzs Secret (7/7M) Horde Safety Dance (7/7HC) (7/7M) Lethal (7/7N) (7/7HC) (7/7M) Oathsworn (7/7N) (7/7HC) (1/7M) The Rotgarde (7/7N) Legalise Peacebloom (6/7HC) Night Witches (7/7N) (7/7HC) Mythic (7/7N) (7/7HC) Mistfall (7/7N) (7/7HC) The Wyld Hunt (7/7N) (7/7HC) Steelsong (7/7N) (7/7HC) The Eclipsion Blade (7/7N) (7/7HC) SSRCG (7/7N) (1/7H) Splendour (7/7N) (1/7H) The Crimson Clover (7/7N)Brutus37 1d
2d Roleplaying Guild Map Hello Argent Dawn. I've played on this realm since the day The Sha'tar realm started moving over and after all this time, i haven't been able to contribute to the roleplaying community in any sort of way. As a side hobby over my trucking job, i enjoy web development. A while ago, a guild that i was a part of was talking about a web-based map of World of Warcraft that could show where guilds are located over Azeroth. I thought it was a quite cool idea but had no knowledge in creating such things back then. I've been sitting for a few weeks working on a project just like this. A few hours per day has really gotten the project on track. So what is this? This is a web-based map that allows Guild Masters to register their guild to the website and then easily place them on an exact location in Azeroth. For example, if i want to say that our guild is based in Lakeshire in Redridge, i can move a pin to that exact location. It will have your guilds banner visible for everyone to see. The project currently supports Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms. If the project seems to be interesting for atleast some people, i'll begin to expand to other islands / worlds. Alliance guilds are marked with a blue pin and horde guilds are marked with a red. How do i create / manage my guild? Once you've made an account, you can visit the account area by clicking on your name at the top. From there you can click on "Add My Guild". You'll need to insert the guilds name, a banner image url and the guilds faction. After you've created the guild, visit the account area again and click on "Edit Guild Info". You can change the background / story of your guild and the location at any time. Why are you making this? As i mentioned, i haven't contributed to the game and roleplaying community that i love which made me enjoy roleplaying throughout my childhood. I've tried to recreate a somewhat of a copy of the in-game map. It supports the same zooming in & out. Do i need to make an account to see / use this? The only ones that needs to make an account are the Guild Masters so that you can manage your guild. The map is publicly visible for anyone. The activation email is used to avoid bots. The email usually ends up in junkmail. If you're afraid of any security risks of your account, i assure you that it will never ask for any information that is related to your battle net account. I am going to expand on more details over the time that passes and i am always open for suggestions and ideas. If you want to chitchat about anything privately, you can message me on Discord (Aberidius#0448) or BattleNet (Aberidius#2454) Link the website: Much love <3Adriloth58 2d
3d Guilds of Argent Dawn Hello everyone, since the old guilds of argent dawn thread has been inactive for a rather long period of time i have decided to start a new one with a fresh batch of guilds. The form and rules will remain the same as the old one. Guild name: Faction: Type: Concept: Base of operation: Guild master: Recruiting officer: Guild-forum/website: -Copy and paste the list above in a new reply. -Feel free to add a link to your recruitment thread on the forums. -The guilds are sorted in alphabetic order. If your guild has a different name IC, then you may add that name after the actual guild name as it appears in game. -Only leave a brief concept description of your guild here. If you wish to share more, do so by directing to your guilds forum or webpage.Velraz381 3d
11 Jun Roleplaying Guild List [Argent Dawn] Every time I log in, I see people demanding help with finding an RP guild, or one with a certain theme. One could not except newcomers to scroll through an endless stream of forum posts, or hundreds of Argent Archives profiles, just to find out that the guild of their liking disbanded a year ago, or hasn’t been active for months. Because it is my intention to help the dynamics of the community, I excluded inactive guilds. Those I inavertedly left out, please contact me ingame via /whisper or mail, or just leave a comment below. Newly formed guilds are welcome aswell, just inform me of your existance. If a listed guild disbands or dies off, the procedure of removal should be the same. The list contains the guild name and few words describing the theme, ordered alphabetically under categories of race/faction exclusiveness. (Let me know if you find a description unfitting or have a better alternative). You can find a guild’s original forum post, Argent Archives profile, and in cases its website by making a google search with „<guildname> argent dawn”. Horde guilds: Orc Blackjaw Clan (Nomadic; not part of, but allied to the Horde) Fourteenth Legion (Grunts) Legion IX (Military) Orcs of the Red Blade (Nomadic) Worg Riders (Nomadic) Troll Alarion Alor Ai Darkspear Tribe Zandalari Empire Tauren The Spirit Wolves Undead (Forsaken) The Hand of Agony (Military, political) The Rotgarde (Military, political) Blood Elf Burning Ashes (Mercenary) Dawnmantle (Research, artifact hunting, pro Quel'Thalas/Horde) Division Twenty Three (Military) Divison Forty Seven (Military) Gilded Coin (Mercenary/Black ops) House Rivorndir (House) Silvermoon Guard Sun Hawks (Military, dragonhawk riders) Sunfury Covenant Sunglow Covenant (Learning & Adventuring) The Arcane Circle (Opposing the Kirin Tor) The Ashborne Incursion (Private military) The Dawnguard (Military) The Farstrider Regiment (Rangers) The Sanguine Eye (Blood elf fanatics) The Sunbrand (Military, priests) The Sunreaver Order (Dalaran representatives) The Sunspear (Military, inspired by The Sunsworn on Draenor) The Vacant Throne (Pro-blood elf and Light fanatics) Goblin Gearfist IBS The Cutthroat Cartel (Criminals) Pandaren Huojin Path (Horde aligned) The Silent Vigil (Shado-Pan, neutral) Multi-racial, Horde military and clans Blood Howl (Warband) Durakra Outriders (Mercenary) Hordes Shadow (Warband) Irontusk Vanguard (Military, Kalimdor Horde races only) Shadow Corps (Military, black ops) Shattered Path (Espionage) Sunforged (Paladins) The Bloodied Spear (Warband) The Bloodstorm Clan (Nomadic clan) The Ceaseless Cohort (Warrior cult) The Crimson Caravan (Trading company / Horde auxiliary force) The Forlorn Legion (Penal military, basically Suicide Squad) The Frozen Paw Clan (New Horde Clan) The Mystic Demand (Reliquary) Multi-racial, more on the edge of Horde society Dark Eye Clan (outcast clan trying to survive) Charred Council („Dark guardian” roleplay) Felshadow Dominion (Demonic cult) Fourfive Fingers (Criminal) Gilded Blades (Mercenary) Oath of Silver (Criminal) Order of the Raven Blood (independent order, adventurers) Primalsong Tribe (Nomadic, not part of the Horde) Sacrilegious School (Occultism, outcasts, spellweaver criminals) Shadowmoon Pact (New Horde clan, welcoming warlocks and demon hunters too) Shady Business (Criminal) Sixty Thieves (Criminal) The Blackguard (Mercenary) The Bone Shark (Privateers, pirate hunters) The Freelancers (Mercenaries, tradesmen, and adventurers. Strictly business.) The Greedy Kraken (Pirate) the Iron Vulture (Air pirates on a goblin zeppelin) The Ravensun (Religious, shadow) The Valiant Accord (Adventurers and mercenaries against the Legion) Valiant Blade (Mercenaries on the Broken Isles) Velvet Syndicate (Mercenary) Wheel of Entropy (Chaos Cult) Winds of Wisdom (Pandaren lifestyle, others are welcome to join) Multi-racial, Neutral Fealty to the Grave (Death Knight, Ebon Blade) The Argent Expedition (Argent Crusade) The Ashen Vanguard The Blackgarde (Argent Crusade inquisition) The Fel Hunt (Illidari) The Silver Gauntlet (Argent Crusade) The Tattered Court (Illidari) The Tide Howler (Sailor/pirate) Misc. Stonemaul Clan (Ogre) The Silver Sun (High Elf, Alliance aligned) Alliance guilds: Human Arathi Honour Guard (Arathi military) House of Darklaw (Alterac noble household) League of Arathor (Arathi politics and military) Stormwind Infantry (Stormwind military) The Crown Bulwark (Stormwind guard) The Westfall Rangers (Westfall guard) Dwarf Anvilmar Iron Brigade (Military) The Three Hammers (Political, military, community) Gnome Gnomeregan Covert Ops (Military) Night Elf Moonleaf Grove (Traditional Kaldorei society) The Highborne (Highborne community, politics, military) The Nightblade Sentinels (Military) The Starsong Sentinels (Military) Elvhenan (Military, assistance force) Draenei Aldori Axiom (Military and faith) Ere Argus (Exodar commune) Nomads of Tureem (Nomadic community / adventures) Vestige of Shalaat (Community with some military) Worgen House of Tarsias (Gilnean noble house) The Duskenpaw (Feral worgen) Pandaren Tushui Multi-racial, Alliance military and closely bonded organisations Bael Modan (Gnome/dwarf community in Kalimdor) Baratide Naval Brigade (Naval military against the Legion) Blazing Shields (Stormwind military) Call of the Silver Hand (Paladins) Crusaders of Turalyon (Peacekeeping/enforcing, military) Evenhold (Knights, refugees. Not taking evil classes. Lordaeron races only) Keepers of the Drassili (Protection of nature, races beyond Nelf also welcome) Knight of Stormwind (Stormwind military) Knights of the Isle (Knightly order) Highwave Irregulars (Kul Tirasian naval military/trade, not directly Alliance) Lightsworn (Knightly order, Menethil Harbor based) Northern Priory (Exploration, human/worgen) Northmist Company (Alliance, but close connection to the Argent Dawn) Order of the Sage (Magic school, quite universal) Silver Archaeology Co (Explorer's League organisation) Sons of Menethil (Military, Menethil Harbor based, Northern EK RP-PvP) Stormwind Bureau (Stormwind intelligence, separate from SI:7) Stormwind City Guard (Stormwind military) Stormwind Royal Navy (Stormwind military) The Ace Platoon (Alliance Elite homeguard) The Chapter of Embers (Human, Dwarf, Worgen - holy order, military) The Fallen Leaf (Peacekeepers—based on Pandaren culture) The Iron Thorn (Stormwind military) The Onyxguard (Duskwood guard & private military) The Royal Society (Authoritic faction, Stormwind based) The Seventh Penal Company (Penal military) The Steel Gauntlet (Stormwind military) The Sworn Swords (Knightly order, Northern EK RP-PvP, DM events) Triune of the Eclipse (NE/draenei/worgen circle) Unit Fourteen (Penal military) Multi-racial, more on the edge of Alliance society Blacktalon Blinders (Criminal) Necromechanica (Dark scientists against darker threats) Nightshade Consortium (Dark magic practitioners in the Plaguelands) Sable Chapter (Questing heroes and outcasts) Silvershield Company (Mercenaries and some tradesmen) The Broken Tower (Adventuring knightly order) The Bronzebrew Company (Trade) The Crooked Peace (Criminal) The Eldritch Covenant (Warlock/Shadow Priest circle of power) The Grey Banner (Militant order) The Rowdy Sparrows (Mercenary) The Settlers (Colonial, civilian survival) The Outblades (Relic hunters, mercenaries, thieves) The Tide Raven (Pirate ship) The Wanderlust Company (Mercenary) Underhand (Demonic cult) Wayfaring Association (Explorers) Multi-racial, Neutral Illidari (dem bois) Kirin Tor Onslaught (Dalaran mages) Mardenholde Accord (Argent Crusade) Sanctum of Magic (Mage school in Dalaran) The Cenarion Guardians (Cenarion Circle) The Ivorystar Academy (Mage school, Kirin Tor aligned) The Ebon Vigil (Knights of the Ebon Blade) The Hunters League (literally that) The Kirin Dal (Dalaran mages) The Silver Charge (Silver Hand knights and some allies) Misc. Bane (Scourge) Bastions Fall (scripted events revolving around the return of the Legion) Bayerleyn Retinue (more „realistic” medieval RP) The Frozen Covenant (Scourge, Cult of the Damned) The Synaari Pact (Freeform) Twilight Hammer (the Old God cult) Honorable mentions, since they’re not RP, but sought after by some: The Bulwark, a level 60 vanilla guild on Horde, and its Alliance counterpart: AfterlifeRedbone135 11 Jun
6m [MAJOR SPOILERS] Kil'jaedan Death Cinematic EDIT: There's finally an ideal video! Link above. The events of this cinematic also have in-world representation, as seen here: Additionally, it seems to appear everywhere, even in old-world content: And even in capital cities like Stormwind: EDIT 2: Wowhead has revealed some dialog with the three after KJ's defeat. EDIT 3: Alex Afrasiabi has confirmed that Argus appearing everywhere isn't serverwide. 6m
7m [H-RP] Southfury Marauders - Love thy Warchief CONCEPT Reformed from the remnants of the Forlorn Legion, the Southfury Marauders, Orgrimmar’s 4th Unit of Unconventional Warfare, is a Horde guerrilla and skirmisher unit honour-bound in service to the Horde and its Warchief. The Southfury seek to revive and promote Kor'kron ideals of discipline and loyalty to both the races of the Horde and the Warchief. The secondary goal of the Southfury is to promote patriotism and push it on the people of Orgrimmar as an ideal, presenting the Horde's victories with an almost religious fervor. ABOUT US The Southfury accept all Horde races, provided they're willing to be active at least once a week and participate in events and especially RP outside events. The guild seeks to promote a military atmosphere during events, with downtime outside of them allowing for more casual, laid back RP without many restrictions. We are based in Orgrimmar and mainly work in Kalimdor. RP-PVP is a relatively important aspect of the guild – even with the Legion invading, clashing with the Alliance is bound to happen. Our goal is to create a healthy, thriving guild with a proper community both in and out of character. Currently, we don't accept Demon Hunters. Death Knights will be accepted on a case-by-case basis. All other classes are welcome. EVENTS No rolls or character sheets, our events are free-form when it comes to responses to the DM’s raid warnings. We feel this allows the player to accurately reflect the skills of their character. Bare in mind we expect your character to at least be wounded, out of mana or exhausted at one point or another! NPCs and markers alike will be used. UNIFORM No set uniform apart from the Hellscream's Reach tabard, which is mandatory (low-levels may use the guild tabard). The rest of the gear is up for the individual to pick out, but as it is to be colour-coded to the tabard, it is mostly limited to reds, blacks and browns. RULES OOC - Let someone know beforehand if you're going to be away for more than a week - ERP is strictly prohibited and will result in an immediate kick if found out - Be sensible and respectful to your guildmates - Two characters in the guild per player are allowed at a time - No OOC chatter around RPers in /s or /e and no OOC chatter in /y - Remember that IC is IC and OOC is OOC IC - See the IC rulebook, "The Code of Conduct". IC Rulebook: IC Logo: RANKS From top to bottom the ranks are as follows: First Sergeant - The leader of the Southfury. Currently: Ghorek Gorecleave. Senior Sergeant - The right hand of the First Sergeant. Currently: Eirdarias Aneris’liethn. Overseer - Political officers who inspire the troops and keep them loyal. Currently: None. Sergeant - Junior officers who are given autonomy while commanding troops. Currently: None. Veteran - Core members who are recognised, but don't want to be officers. Marauder - Standard rank for the majority of the guild. Peon - Labourers of the Horde, never in short supply. Unproven - New recruits who haven't shown their mettle yet. Reservist - Rank reserved for alts and those who want to RP reservists. INTERVIEWS Before you join, we would like to know a little about your character: 1. What’s your character concept? - A brief description will do. 2. How long have you been roleplaying? - Newer players will be given some leniency when it comes to RP and guided along the way. More seasoned RPers too, should they ask for help. 3. How powerful is your character? - This is to avoid having anyone who’s too overpowered. 4. Can you make it to at least one event/rp at least once a week? – We want to ensure activity. 5. Are you willing to farm for the tabard? – This doesn’t actually take very long; only a few days and we will help you. RECRUITMENT Recruitment is currently OPEN. Recruiting officers: Ghorek, EirdariasGhorek211 7m
1h 1st generation DK rp I recently had this idea of roleplaying as a 1st generation Death Knight. Do you think it is a good idea (I don't want to spend time lvling and writing a backstory if it is a bad idea) ? Where can I find some infos on them ? Also what would be the best class for this ? I'm hesitating between Affliction Warlock and Unholy DK.Marchenuit56 1h
1h Gossip and slander on AD I can't believe it has come to this, but recent troll attacks on our guild and community have made this necessary. Since a while now our guild has been subject to troll attacks by one and the same person, spreading rumors and false information about us all over the server and the Argent Dawn Facebook page. Concretely this person has been claiming, that our guild, <Ragnarök> , is disbanding or that certain members are quitting. This has happened several times over the past months now, although in the latest attempt a video was added and spread on the AD FB page, reaching a larger amount of people, which is why I deem it necessary to set things right. I want to assure everyone who is currently looking for a new home to raid and enjoy a free and enthusiastic guild environment that we're NOT disbanding (nor are the people in question quitting the guild). The rumors hold no weight and are a very poor attempt to disturb our guild community and recruitment process. The person who is spreading those rumors has been removed from the guild a few months ago for toxic behavior and is just trying to get back at us with cowardly attacks like this. According steps have been taken to avoid incidents like this in the future. Thank you all for taking your time to read through this! Now go and have some fun in Tomb of Sargeras and with the Midsummer Fire Festival ;)Idrazil29 1h
2h [A] Erandium - 10/10 HC, recruiting for ToS <Erandium> is looking to recruit new members to its raiding roster for progression in the Tomb of Sargeras. We are a group of players who focus on Heroic raiding with an emphasis on casual raiding. Alongside Heroic raiding we have an avid focus on the raid meta-achievements in order to collect the mounts from each raid tier. Raiding Days: The guild raids on Thursday and Monday, 20:00 – 23:00 server time. Buff food and repair costs will be provided courtesy of the guild bank, flasks and potions will need to be provided by yourself. Class Recruitment: We are currently looking for: All dps classes. All healing classes (Resto Shaman / Mistweaver Monk preferred.) Your Trial: We run a trial period of two full raid lock-outs in order for us and yourself to get a feel for one another and make sure you are right for the guild, and the guild is right for you. In this time you will be expected to attend all raids scheduled. Our Current Progression: • 7/7 Emerald Nightmare (Normal) • 7/7 Emerald Nightmare (Heroic) • 3/3 Trial of Valor (Normal, pre-nerf) • 3/3 Trial of Valor (Heroic, pre-nerf) • 10/10 Nighthold (Normal) • 10/10 Nighthold (Heroic) For further information on the guild and / or requesting a trial, contact myself, Lazzero or Theána, or leave a post below.Hampaw15 2h
2h [A/N-RP] The Fallen Leaf: Recruits Ahoy! ... ...The Fallen Leaf was once a wandering neutral order with a purpose to help those in need of aid; work as heroes for the weak. Now the order has a different goal, which is to bring a change to Pandaria and to help the continent's populace form an army of their own, independent from a single group to rule over them. Instead, they aim for Pandaria to operate under the Celestials, and the mayors of each region. Of course, these goals are years away from their reach with their current numbers and power, so the focus will be on becoming stronger, larger and more organised as an order. To gain a foothold outside of Pandaria, and in secrecy, inside of it. To do so, the Leaf will operate as group of mercenaries under different aliases, while preparing for Pandaria's future behind the scenes. The order continues to follow the philosophy of the Fallen Leaf, and enforces a set of rules to make sure everything works fluidly. ...The Fallen Leaf will be partaking most community events and campaigns with different excuses, which means that we might fight against Horde (or the Alliance) under the alibi of having been hired by someone to do so. We will also try to host community events, as well as hold DM events of our own. The RP will focus on perfecting oneself as a warrior, through training, philosophy and experience. Alongside this, the order continues to work on strengthening its influence and power to achieve their goals in the distant future. We will do plenty of travelling and so change location very often. We will also put emphasis on individual character development. Everyone will stand out, but it also requires you yourself to take initiative. Everyone can host guild events, but officers/guild master should be informed about the overall idea of the event. ...W̶e̶ ̶h̶a̶v̶e̶ ̶t̶w̶o̶ ̶p̶a̶t̶h̶s̶ ̶t̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶c̶a̶n̶ ̶c̶h̶o̶o̶s̶e̶ ̶f̶r̶o̶m̶.̶ ̶O̶n̶e̶ ̶i̶s̶ ̶m̶o̶r̶e̶ ̶s̶u̶i̶t̶a̶b̶l̶e̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶f̶i̶g̶h̶t̶e̶r̶-̶t̶y̶p̶e̶s̶,̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶o̶n̶e̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶k̶i̶n̶d̶ ̶w̶h̶o̶ ̶d̶o̶ ̶n̶o̶t̶ ̶f̶i̶g̶h̶t̶.̶ ̶T̶h̶i̶s̶ ̶w̶i̶l̶l̶ ̶s̶h̶o̶w̶ ̶i̶n̶ ̶w̶h̶a̶t̶ ̶k̶i̶n̶d̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶w̶o̶r̶k̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶w̶i̶l̶l̶ ̶b̶e̶ ̶d̶o̶i̶n̶g̶ ̶I̶C̶,̶ ̶b̶u̶t̶ ̶O̶O̶C̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶t̶w̶o̶ ̶p̶a̶t̶h̶s̶ ̶h̶a̶v̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶s̶a̶m̶e̶ ̶r̶e̶s̶p̶o̶n̶s̶i̶b̶i̶l̶i̶t̶i̶e̶s̶.̶ We have simplified our rank system by taking out the non-fighter ranks and instead using the fighter ranks for everyone.T̶h̶e̶ ̶r̶a̶n̶k̶s̶ ̶a̶r̶e̶ ̶p̶u̶r̶e̶l̶y̶ ̶O̶O̶C̶ ̶-̶ ̶p̶a̶r̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶ ̶X̶i̶a̶k̶e̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶M̶a̶s̶t̶e̶r̶ ̶-̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶m̶o̶s̶t̶l̶y̶ ̶s̶e̶r̶v̶e̶ ̶t̶o̶ ̶i̶n̶f̶o̶r̶m̶ ̶p̶e̶o̶p̶l̶e̶ ̶O̶O̶C̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶r̶e̶s̶p̶o̶n̶s̶i̶b̶i̶l̶i̶t̶i̶e̶s̶ ̶o̶f̶ ̶e̶a̶c̶h̶ ̶p̶l̶a̶y̶e̶r̶.̶ The ranks are now IC, and mirror their IC progress in the guild as well as OOC. The responsibilities are similar to their OOC counterparts. ... ...Basic understanding of English and RP, and the willingness to improve and take advice are probably the most important of the requirements for us. We also expect you to be able to behave in the game world, and in guild chat, which probably goes without saying. To join, you may contact: Shuang (Arysa or Naelyth), Shenmi (Jaí), Sindaru, Zaern (Adventure), or if none of aforementioned are online, feel free to whisper any other member. As for races and classes, all combinations are welcome to join. And last, but not the least: ... ...Shuang443 2h
2h The Malefic Host - Quest Board and In-Character Thread ... Greetings & Welcome! This is an extra thread for the Malefic Host RP-Campaign. This is meant to act as a clean, clear space for quest givers and dungeon masters to post any storylines, quests, missions or other occurences they are offering to the attendees. This is also a space for in-character stuff, like letters, documents, bulletins, stories, notices, all sorts. This thread will also have information on various characters, including bosses, that storytellers can make use of in their events and storylines. Hopefully this should be quite fun! If you're hoping to make a storyline in this campaign, you're very welcome to, but if you're intending on changing the state of anywhere listed on the main thread's 'Recon Guide' be absolutely certain to mention both here, and on the main thread. This will help us keep track of the story's progression. The Quest Board - Any posted quests or storylines will be displayed here. ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...Orras43 2h
2h [OOC initiative] Cross-Faction March - 25th of June Inspired by Chillmire/Mournfang's 2015 Walk for Peace ... Imagine how sweet cross-faction/campaign RP could be without the need for out-of-game channels or juggling btag requests... With Blizzard continuing to loosen cross-faction communication restrictions as time goes on (with Pandaren and possibly Demon Hunters now being able to understand each other regardless of faction) I think it would be nice to show this server's popular support for the possibility of the language barrier being removed entirely or at least loosened/made optional In my opinion this would be a really great quality for both the roleplaying community but also the typical WoW player -- because who is honestly interested in being blocked from communicating with sections of the playerbase by something that - with the advent of the battletag system - is basically arbitrary / easy to circumvent in-game? Following in Mournfang's footsteps will hopefully remind Blizzard that this is still a hot-button topic & a very easy change that many members of their community would be excited to see pushed through, two years on from the original march. This time around, we will be walking across the Eastern Kingdoms, starting in Quel'thalas and walking all the way to Booty Bay, where Horde and Alliance race NPCs are shown to interact without many problems - maybe they'll give us a few tips? hehe People are welcome to keep their PVP on as with the Walk for Peace as a show of cross-faction co-operation. Though this is an OOC event at its heart, people should be aware of anyone roleplaying and keep spatial channels empty if we happen to pass through any populated zones / act within the realm's rules as best as you can. Cross-realm players / people who don't RP / whoever are welcome to join in if they're interested in what we're pushing here. Just as with last time, I hope to stream the walk for anyone interested I am planning this for Sunday the 25th, starting @ Silvermoon's gates at around 7:30 (PM!!!)Perroy33 2h
2h [H-RP] Sixty Thieves - Emptying your pockets since '06 Emerging from the Cleft of Shadows, comes a group of a few dozens. Members of all races, practitioners of many professions, though they all have something in common. A dirty piece of brown cloth ornated with a golden “X” is slid across their heads to rest against their chests, and a greedy glint of gold adorns the eyes of each individual, occasionally accompanied with a wicked smirk, which is sent for the crowd that gathers on the streets to follow this curious sight. The citizens of the Drag as well as its visitors pause and make way for the gang as it passes by, silent whispers spreading amongst the confused. Who are these people? Why are they here? What do they -want-? They received little information, for those few who knew or remembered, remained silent, and simply nodded their heads along the passing group as a sign of respect. The shady folk walked along the street to the north, pausing only briefly before the tower on the bottom of which an alchemist had made his shop, prior to entering the building and making their way up the stairs. From atop of the tower, the group overlooked the streets. From here, they would begin their flow of goods. From here, they would sweep across the pockets of the unaware to relieve them of the burden of coin. From here, they would control the streets of the city once again. It was good to be back home. This was their place. This, was their throne. One of the citizens back down in the crowd muttered in a careful tone, once the gang had engaged in hearty discussions and cheers of excitement in celebration of a new era. “..The Sixty Thieves -are back-” OOC: Who are these “Sixty Thieves”? The Sixty Thieves consist of a wide and colourful variety of crooks and criminals, although not all of them were previously thieves by profession. The gang keeps an eye out for all sorts of potential that could help to fill up the gang's coffers. Most are in it for the money, perhaps some regard their profession as a way of striking back at a society that so cruelly discarded them, while some merely enjoy the thrill, or even regard their abilities as an art form, and a rare few have a more heroic attitude, of relieving the rich of their money to help the people of the slums (or perhaps just themselves in particular). Either way, they live their life by blood and silver, and every coin is a victory to be treasured. The gang, which likes to refer to itself as a family, is held together by a mutually beneficial relationship. It provides protection, shelter and companionship for its members, as well as resources and aid in pulling off big jobs, and in return, it expects a small cut of the profits of each individual, as well as absolute loyalty and obedience. It also offers a place to form bonds of loyalty and trust, a rare luxury in the criminal underworld. The Thieves need to be able to trust each other to survive, and so each thief safeguards the secrets of his fellow, knowing full well the damning evidence against him his companions could provide, should he betray his oaths. Friendship and trust is encouraged between members, and a "family" atmosphere is endorsed, as members are most often outcasts with no family or home of their own. The Sixty Thieves look after their own, and thus a thief is rarely seen working alone, and rather operate as a part of a larger group. What do they do? The Sixty Thieves, as the name suggests, are ready to commit a variety of crimes in order to reach their goals. These acts include (but are not limited to) petty thievery, pickpocketing, mugging, and burglary, as well as bribery, blackmail, and dealing various narcotics on the nightly city streets. Similarly, the Thieves are infamous for pulling off countless bigger heists, targetting anyone and anything rich enough to sate their greed. Many high-scale burglaries and caravan raids have been attributed to the gang. Although some of its members' rather violent nature is recognised by many, it is known that the family prefers to refrain from inflicting unnecessary bloodshed – they are thieves, after all, not a bunch of murderers or assassins. It is also common knowledge that the Sixty Thieves are willing to carry out a wide variety of tasks given to them by outsiders – granted that you've got the coin – whether it is to do with roughening up an old rival, or retrieving or transporting items of interest. The gang is up for near everything that's in their skillset to do, as long as a promise of gold is involved. How to find them? The gang's presence would seem most apparent in the neutral towns Ratchet and Booty Bay, which offer plenty of smuggling opportunities with their ever-so-busy ports, and allows interaction between races of opposing factions. Thus, those interested in becoming a part of the family of crime, would probably seek them out there. However, their influence reaches to the far corners of the world, and it is almost as likely to bump into a thief in any of the racial capital cities, or other Steamwheedle controlled towns. A member of the Sixty Thieves is recognised by a scar or brand in the shape of an “X”, which stands somewhere on their flesh as a symbol of their undying loyalty and contribution for the good of the family. Similarly, they're sometimes clad in a brown piece of cloth upon which a golden cross is printed, shameless and unafraid to show their affiliation with the Sixty Thieves; for in numbers, there is power. How would one come about joining them? Upon contacting a member of the Sixty Thieves with the intention of joining, they will be taken to a group going by the name 'Hanged'. This group consists of the most skilled and able gangmembers, who act as the leading figures for the numerous crooks and scoundrels that the family holds. The name, as well as the cut-off nooses that they wear around their necks, serve in mockery of the fact that this would exactly be the likely fate to befall on each of them, should they ever be caught in chains. It is the Hanged who serve as the judge on whether an applicant is worthy of joining their ranks or not. Obviously, the gang is more inclined to recruit slumdogs with nothing to lose, and therefore will dedicate themselves most enthusiastically to thievery and the gang. Whilst the Sixty Thieves open up plenty of opportunities for those walking the path of a criminal, applying also means closing certain doors. It should be taken into account that the gang is not a temporary working place for its members, and whilst they cannot keep track of everyone's doings at all times, seeking to abandon the family is heavily frowned upon. Many of those who have attempted such, have seemed to - perhaps rather discouragingly - disappear with naught but rumors speculating their possible fate. Loyalty and security are valued above all else. How does applying work in practise? To apply to the guild, you are to write a brief application on our forums (yes, we may be a little old-fashioned regarding applicants), which includes answering questions such as what is your character's background, their reasons to join, and do they have any mentionable specialities. ... Greetings, Argent Dawn! Sixty Thieves, founded by Admus Crane back on Defias Brotherhood [RPPvP], have decided to seek out new pockets to pick and citizens to harass on this new soil. The guild has been up and running since 2006, being one of the oldest and biggest roleplaying guilds back on our previous realm, and we are now to make our new home here – to bring colourful and interesting criminal-themed roleplay for the plentiful residents of Argent Dawn! No safe or purse is secure any longer – for the gang is here to stay. To put it simple, the Sixty Thieves are a bunch of criminals, who aim to become as rich as they possibly can, whilst having the time of their life drinking, gambling, and brawling with their like-minded partners in crime. To find more information regarding the guild, feel free to visit our forums (link below). Some old residents of Defias Brotherhood may also remember our old forums, which are still checked, should someone want to go and have a look at all the memories that are held there. See you all in game! Officers to contact: Thalindor, Laerynna, Erthamar, Fraylee, Einsam, Gobdini ...Thalindor156 2h
2h [RP/PVP Campaign] The Harrowing of the Three Corners ... -- IC build-up: Hello gamers I have some time on my hands again and will be running another campaign, following in the vein of the Rising Storm (Hinterlands) campaign - a mostly restricted ruleset, campaign map/mechanics, battles progressively moving across zones etc As you may have noticed, there is very little information re. the location of the campaign - this is intentional and something I would like for people to discover IC until it becomes public knowledge, at which point this thread will be updated to reflect that with a map, IC fluff and so on. The duration of the campaign will not be fixed and will end organically rather than having a specific end-date. This time around will be a small departure from my recent trend of all-out, shorter and more “sandboxy” campaigns and will require guilds to sign-up to attend so I can gauge numbers / organise some precursor events / help with IC organisation. Non-guild groups/communities with consistent activity should sign up in the same manner as guilds while individuals are welcome to attend regardless (although I don’t mind them signing up, also, just so I can keep them in mind) Info so far: ... How do I sign up? Just fill out this template and post. Please only sign up if you intend to be here for the majority of the campaign and please try to be accurate with the numbers - it isn’t a competition! Guild name: (IC name of your group/OOC guild tag if applicable) Estimated numbers: (during the evening, at around 20:00 gametime) Faction: (Horde/Alliance - if your group is neutral-leaning and is unlikely to fight, add it to the notes section) Misc notes: (Anything that might be useful to know about your group - stuff like their specialisation, their agenda, whenever or not they will be fighting etc etc) Contact: (Guild’s contact(s). It would be useful to include a btag/discord id here) -- If you have any questions (not location!! That will come later) you can contact ...Perroy278 2h
2h [19th-26th June] The Malefic Host - Need DMs 4 Finale ... In the cold darkness of the frozen wastes, a foul pact has been sealed... The remnants of the Burning Legion, cut off from the Broken Shore, have made a dark union with a splinter group of the Cult of the Damned. Alone, they were both weak and crumbling, but together, they have re-taken and restored the dark temple fortress of En’kilah, the city of the dead, and formed a united army of demons and undead, unseen since the days of the Third War! They call themselves… THE MALEFIC HOST The masterwork of the Dreadlord Drakulrazzar, he has dominated and influenced the minds of the lich Malkurse and all his death-worshipping zealots, wiping their memories so as to believe that the Legion are still the true masters of the Scourge. Now, combining the chaotic fel magicks of the Legion, with the insidious plagues and necromancy of the Cult, he prepares a vicious counter-attack against the peoples of Azeroth. The great Nexus rises high above the frozen isle of Coldarra, where the veil between reality and the twisting nether is thin. As the power of the Blue Dragons has diminished, Drakulrazzar now sees this as the perfect time to tear the rift asunder, and open a new gateway for the Legion! Even now, he prepares a deathly siege, to warp the energies of The Nexus into chaos, and seize his revenge! Nothing will stop them, they will claim vengeance for the Legion’s defeats in the Twilight Highlands, Feralas, Zul’drak and the Broken Isles. With the true heroes of Azeroth fighting on battles far from the frozen wastes, he, with Malkurse’s loyal obedience, shall bring about the Legion’s ultimate victory. Or will they? - Hello! I’ve decided to make another mini-campaign for the summer, roughly a week between the 19th-26th of June in Borean Tundra. This’ll be similar to my last two campaigns, in that it’ll be a Sandbox RP-PvE campaign. By sandbox, what I mean is an overarching narrative is provided, in this case, a new threat formed from undead and demonic remnants, but the characters attending and the storytellers will decide what happens, and the course of the plotline. In other words, it'll be up to you to create and drive the story, this campaign acting as a foundation for hopefully some good roleplay! After finding difficulties providing a worthy experience for both factions in the last campaign, I am thinking that this time, this’ll made with an Alliance focus. The Horde are welcome to come, but are warned not to expect anything from me, if you are Horde and wish to attend, you are very welcome to organise together your own narrative and experiences around the central plotline, as with last years' The Rift campaign, this is intended as a foundation from which to build your own storylines and adventures! My last campaign, Feast of Souls, led to some confusion as to the progression of the story, this time there’ll be a clear beginning and end, and the baddies’ intention will not be a mystery. The campaign will start with a big siege on the defending side, where the mortal defenders of Azeroth must protect The Nexus and the Blue Dragonflight against The Malefic Host, a faction formed from the remnants of the Cult of the Damned and Burning Legion. They desire to take over The Nexus, hoping to twist the dimensional rupture there into a new felstorm through which to invade Azeroth all over again. Naturally, they must be stopped! After that, the following week will be completely open and freeform, as the undead and their demonic masters shall be met in battle by the attending guilds, all leading up to the finale, and a siege assault upon the Temple City of Enkil’ah, to bring down the evil necropolis of Naxxanas and defeat the Legion’s evil schemes once and for all! The exact mechanics of these battles will be revealed and debated closer to the date of the event. I will answer any questions you may have as best I can, though responses may be intermittent, as I am rather busy of late in an OOC capacity. This forum thread is the best way to reach me. Thank you very much, and I hope this is something you might be interested in. Some Rules for Dungeon Masters: 1. This is a sandbox campaign, you don't need anyone's permission to make events or storylines, and you can DM however you want, using any system you wish. However, this is important: -= Make sure to post on the two threads if you intend on changing the status of anywhere listed on the Recon Guide. =- 2. If you intend on changing the landscape in a way that cannot be visually reproduced in game, such as setting up infirmary stands or destroying a building, also please mention this. 3. You can destroy structures, but make sure any damage done is feasibly repairable to its prior state after the campaign. 4. If you wish, friendly settlements can be captured by the baddies, but make sure they are returned to the right hands again by the end of the campaign. Also, if you intend on doing this, consider it a big deal, do not retcon or resolve it one evening afterwards. Don't forget to seek consent of other guilds. F.A.Q Who will be Dungeon Mastering for us? While for the Alliance side, I will be dungeon mastering the opening and closing battles (I will need assistance in doing so though, so please feel free to offer your help), this is a sandbox campaign which is completely for anyone who wishes to chip in and create their own storylines and adventures. A recon guide has been provided below the thread, detailing how The Malefic Host are affecting various areas of the Borean Tundra, and may make a good starting part for organising your own events. Be sure to write a summary of your storylines on the In-Character Thread, when it arrives, so that I can keep track of the story. Are individuals welcome to join in? Individuals are very welcome to come, though are recommended to team up with a guild or two, as otherwise the experience may be quite lonesome. How would my guild hear of this? You are free to come up with any excuse you wish for your guild to travel to the Borean Tundra to join in the fight. I imagine news of this uprising would spread and travel far, and the Kirin Tor likewise would have an interest in finding orders willing to help defend Azeroth against this new plot of the Legion. Is this a RP-PvP Campaign? This is a RP-PvE campaign, but RP-PvP is permitted, but this is not intended as a RP-PvP campaign. You wouldn’t attempt to buy a pizza from an Indian restaurant. As before, those who do not wish to RP-PvP should make sure not to flag themselves, and by extension, I take no responsibility for anything involving RP-PvP, which is purely at the discretion of the attendees. If you absolutely definitely must RP-PvP, I will offer the light suggestion of making use of formations and auto-attack like in the campaigns of old, such as the Borderlands and Highlands Campaigns. They may be less bombastic, but they make roleplaying a lot easier, but make sure you do not accuse the other side of breaking the rules of engagement, chances are if you’re enjoying yourself, you are as well. However, if people would prefer it without rules, I will not stop you, as I will have no involvement in anything related to RP-PvP. Where should my guild camp? The campaign will start in Coldarra, but after the initial starting event, you’ll be free to camp wherever you want. Refer to the reconnaissance guide below to make sure you’re not accidentally camping in an enemy stronghold. Lists Alliance Guilds: - A - Lionheart Vanguard - Lotheridan A - The Arclight Association - Ermalina A - Blackrose Accord - Aizaro A - The Calorans - Duncän A - Trusted Steel - Jessicáh A - Jackson's Workshop - Mathëw A - Baratide Naval Brigade - Gerrârd A - The Wayfaring Justicars - Clovus, Flamecog, Odolft A - Cerberus Bond - Denholme A - The Welles Assembly - Allarna A - Bladecrest Sentinels - Saleysea A - The Greyward Company - Stonebark A - Drisburg Fusiliers - Hessían A - The Ironcloak Vanguard - Nathaníël A - Hearth - Imixie A - Starlight - Nomíne Neutral Guilds: - H - Fealty to the Grave - Rottusk H - Northern Priory A - Dalaran Intelligence - Ghostpepper A - Ebon Hold - Lyrric A - The Northern Priory - Thordrig A - Call of the Silver Hand - Galdrick A - The Violet Eye - Darianuth A - Aldori Axiom - Neyrali A - Sade Company - Sorkara A - The Kirin Dal - Doralann A - Tidemoon Seers - Solavell A - Argent Verdict - Annetta A - Hyacinth Society - Seldraeth Horde Guilds: - Storytellers: - A - Juniperr A - Jessicáh A - Arenfel A - Neyrali H - Gizlek A - Farendreas A - Solavell A - Tandrin A - Darianuth Volunteers: - A - Juniperr A - Celethína A - Universe A - Arenfel A - Ysielle Dragons & Kirin Tor: - A - Saraxaia, Kirin Tor Battlemage A - Varessa, Archmage A - Universalia A - Arenfel, Archmage Serentyne A - Nexilia, Pandaren Translator A - Aeilmar, Archmage A - Meralygos, Blue Dragon A - Arthurd, Spellblade A - Siludormu, Steward of Time A - Miragosa, Blue Dragon A - Antheira, Green Dragon A - Caithelyn, Sorceress Servants of Darkness: - A - Xiumei - Fang Plaguewort A - Caineghís - Caineghis WhithersOrras319 2h
3h You know you're an AD Roleplayer when.. pt.2 419. You are rping near the cathedral and everyone around you is like: 3h
3h [A-RP] The Nightblade Sentinels: Tor ilisar'thera'nal! Argent Archives: Website: Officers: Tínwëtar/Tinwëtar (GM), Melaniel ____________________________________________________________________ “Vigilance, selflessness, devotion, bravery and discipline. Those words are our creed, Sisters. Each one of you has been chosen to answer a calling - the highest calling. There is no greater purpose than to serve our Goddess, our Mother, Elune, and be the glaive that is wielded in protection of our people. As a Sentinel you live and die by our creed. We live and die to protect our people. We live and die to guide our people. We are Elune’s chosen servants and we live and die in service to Her, in Her name, in Her honour. Tor ilisar’thera’nal!” ____________________________________________________________________ The Nightblade Sentinels are an offshoot from the Sentinel army – an independent group of elite Sentinels serving under High Command. They are led by Commander Tinwëtar Ravenmist. In ancient times they were part of the larger Sentinel army, but during the Third War and the invasion of the orcs it was believed that the Nightblade regiment had perished alongside Cenarius, as well as the other Sentinel regiments; the Moonhunters, the Starseekers and the Shadowleaves. A few survived though and now the time has come to start to rebuild what was lost during the battle in Ashenvale. The Nightblade Sentinels are a small and mobile unit, made up of elite fighters and scouts. They work closely with the Sisterhood of Elune and the sisterhood will lend Priestesses in training to their cause. This is also true for their relationship with the Cenarion Circle. The Sentinels always keep a Shan'do at hand, as well as a small number of druids in various stages of training. The Nightblade Sentinels rely mostly on subterfuge and ambush tactics, due to their small numbers. They are masters of luring their enemy into cleverly made traps and exhausting enemies by launching swift, yet devastating, attacks, and drawing back into the shadows of the forest and then when the enemy least expect it; attack again. The Nightblade Sentinels are not bound to just the one territory – they will travel everywhere in Kaldorei lands (and sometimes abroad as well), never staying long in one place. When travelling they rely on sabers and sometimes hippogryphs (if the situation calls for it). But their homebase is Feathermoon Stronghold. The Nightblade Sentinels only allow females within their ranks, but the druids on loan from the Cenarion Circle can be either male or female. The Shan'do is always a male, since they have studied the druidic arts for far longer.Tínwëtar67 3h
3h [Undead RP] The Hand of Agony : Change of the Season ... ___________________________________________________________________________ The Hand of Agony, also known as The Queen's Grasp, originally based on Hand of Vengeance, is a Forsaken-only guild focused on Military RP. Even while the guild is focused on Military themes, not all of our events however are strictly militaristic. Apart from our own events, produced and brought to life by officers and members alike, we have done many, many co-operative events with several other guilds, and more have been planned for the future! Many of these events and campaigns can be found on our Argent Archives -page, where our allied guilds are also listed. From once being only apothecaries, the Queen’s Grasp has grown into a fully operational warmachine, determined and prepared to fight the threats which the kingdom of Lordaeron and the Banshee Queen faces. - Accept new roleplayers, willing to teach etc - More information on our AA: Current base: Tarren Mill Rank system: OOC: Members that have not undergone an in character interview. Said characters are allowed to remain OOC for the time it takes them to lvl, or gather RP items, or whatever other reason there is. Not indefinitely, however. Recruit: New blood in the military unit receives a rank of Recruit, his journey ready to start. A lot of hard work will be need to prove themselfs. Trooper: Gaining experience Recruits become troopers. Forming a less experienced pool of soldiers that will get the job done... if guided right. Specialist: Are soldiers who already knows a few tricks and their skills has been tested enough to be ready for a deployment almost anywhere without preparations. Veteran: These veteran soldiers of any branch act as exemplars for the less experienced among the Hand. Some are loved while others are feared, the Veteran's duty is to show those below them how it's done. Elite: Having earned the respect of their unit and their unit Commander the Elites are men and women who are battle-hardened and equipped for their tasks. Often associated with a certain officer the Elites act as a ''Second in command'' to their assigned unit. Officer: Having been put in charge by the Commander of the Hand the Officers lead the Hand's different divisions with an unyielding tenacity. All sections (Apothecaries/Deathguards/Deathstalkers/Spellweavers/Clergy) have one of these and each of them is determined to make her Majesty proud. Executor: The leader of the Hand of Agony, holds absolute command over the entire unit and holds a powerful position in the Forsaken military. Current recruitment officers: Guildmaster Jorríck - Officers: Emarric, Sôrgall, Solineria If none of the Officers are available, you can contact any member or elite for applications but you do have to handle the IC interviews with an officer. Argent Archives Profile: Old threads: Regards to Akru for making the original post as well as the Argent archives page. ___________________________________________________________________________ Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ! Q; Alright, seen you guys around, cool name and all.. But what EXACTLY are you about? A: Mainly about RP, we serve her Majesty without doubts, going to places where others dare not to enter. Q: Sylvanas huh.. Doesn't that mean you are very anti-horde? A: Both yes and no. The beauty of Forsaken roleplay is that it is based around Free Will, and so is the guild. As long as you are loyal to Sylvanas, it's all good.. Q: Promotion? A:You have to be active and show us what you want to roleplay as. If you are a hunter wanting to be a Dreadguard, you prove it by rping as one and dressing accordingly. Each event you go to will earn you a small amount of promotion points only visible to the officers. You will then be called to a second interview for each rank you advance in when it's time. Making it all happen IC so you can't predict when it is about to happen. Q: Why can't I join as a Dark ranger?! A: Cause we have decided to remove the rank altogether for two reasons: 1 is that the class is often associated with a lot of confusion and drama. We do not shun dark rangers but we chose not to have them as part of our officer system. People can still join as dark rangers as elites or deathstalkers, but won't ever be officers. 2 is that we do not recruit more blood elves. Even if your blood elf is an undead icly or a death knight, we won’t allow you to join as we already got way too many. BUT.. If you chose to use the Forsaken model and rp an undead blood elf that way, we will more then welcome you! Q: Anything else? A: We want to promote more use of the Forsaken as a race all together as well as the model of the forsaken male and female. There is so much rich story for everyone to enjoy! We gladly help newcomers and constructive feedback is something we are always open for. Do leave the trolling somewhere else though!Emarric205 3h
3h H/A/N-RP - Pandaren Meeting - 9th April 2017, 8pm ... For many seasons, the pandaren within Pandaria have watched as many pandaren have been dragged into the long lasting war between Horde and Alliance with great concern as brother fought against brother, sister fought against sister and families that were united had been separated by the promise of both leaders at the time of those two big factions. Due to the many threats Azeroth face, some had decided that it was time to try and bring both sides together in hopes that a understanding can be reached with both Huojin and Tushui pandaren overall. And so, various messages were sent out from Pandaria itself to all, which contained: This will be the first Pandaren meeting in 2017, being held on 18th Feb 2017 at the usual time of 8pm realm time. ... OOC information: Date: 9th April 2017 Time: 8pm Realm Time Place: Jade Serpent Temple, Jade Forest 1. More information soon. 2. To those that are attending can reply to this thread. Same for asking questions, want to bring anything up that they want to see in a meeting. The same can be done with private message on Argent Archives or by in-game mail. 3. This event is open to guilded and un-guilded pandaren and non-pandaren role-players. 4. To combat all speaking at once, there will be a system of whoever has the bamboo staff will be allowed to speak. Those wishing to speak should contact OOC to a Horde leader of the event if you're Horde (Myself) and an Alliance leader (Yet to be decided, whoever wants to take that job on really, let me know.) 5. Since most of this will be spoken in Pandaren, those that aren't pandaren may attend but should make arrangements to have a Pandaren translator if you want to understand what is being said and to speak during said meeting. This will ensure that all participants will understand each other. 6. To help with those that can't stay for hours, the meeting will last for two hours. The meeting will end at 10pm or shortly after the last person speaking has finished. 7. Due to the two hour length, it would be a great help if people started to arrive around 7pm onwards so that those that need to be transported over can be and for the meeting to start at 8pm without delay. 8. Those that wish to remain after the meeting can do so for random role-play afterwards, as well as those that wish to random role-play before the meeting as well. 8-10pm will be for the meeting overall. --- The goals of this event: This event is a "Sandbox" event, as such the goal is to bring the Pandaren role-playing community and those interested in pandaren role-playing together so that this time can be used to IC find out any information on what has been happening in Pandaria and outside of Pandaria. It is my hope that more in-character interaction can be made to help build and strengthen the Pandaren community overall so that we can help bring a more productive side for World of Warcraft role-playing community. Due to this, the event is open to other realms as well whether you're pandaren or not and wish to participate in these meetings, you should let us know before hand on how to contact you so you can be invited for the meetings. Finally since this is a sandbox event, I'm always happy to listen to any concerns or ideas to help make this event better for all that are interested. If you do have an idea, then please respond on this thread, same for if you want to take part in this event. I'm looking for a few to help run this on both Horde and Alliance side, those that are interested should contacted me via btag: Jatavon#2488 so we can discuss arrangements on the event and all. I welcome your thoughts on this idea.Shoazaze179 3h
3h Is a gnome a good choice I'm new and is a gnome a good choiceDilby31 3h
3h Crux 10/10 HC - Recruiting for Progression Greetings, So, who are we? Crux, a newly formed guild here on Argent Dawn, are looking for players like yourself to fill our roster. We are looking for you to join us in our progression raids which will require you to be available 3 nights a week. After our first run, we are currently 6/9 Normal and 1/9 Heroic, looking to push at least 6/9 Heroic by first reset.We hope to quickly move on to Mythic progression soon after its release. So, if you think you have what it takes, please feel free to PM me in game, on the forum or whisper any of our officers in game (They are mostly helpful). We are happy to trial all DPS and Healer class roles, but we are prioritising DPS to join our roster. Preferably Rogues, Hunters, DKs You can find our progress here : Tier 19 Progress : 10/10 (N) - 10/10 (H) - 3/10 (M) Tier 20 Progress : 6/9 (N) - 1/9 (H) - 0/9 (M) Raidtimes We raid 3 Nights per week. All times in server time. *subject to change Wednesday - 8:30pm - 11:30pm Friday - 8:30pm - 11:30pm >Optional Alt / Catchup Run< Monday - 8:30pm - 11:30pm Sunday - 8:30pm - 11:30pm Community Crux is proud to have an exceptional community, we have a number of active members who make it their job each week to boost other players through M+ to ensure every willing guild member has their +15 complete and is getting as much gear outside of raids as possible. We have those happy to join you in some Arenas, or Battlegrounds, transmog runs and more. Contact GM : Howard#21130 Recruitment Officers in game : Pieromancer, Feldreth Note* Crux is a progression guild, however we welcome any and all social players, but we are not a guild focused on RP'ing, so please bare that in mind as I'm aware it may be of issue for some of you lovely people. We will be looking to hold more social events in the future, such as RBGS with plenty of alcohol involved. Thankyou for your time.Tuesdays8 3h
3h Dislike and likes what is the deal? Been around on and off on the forum and wow since the start and seen how the rp communities develop for good and bad. As I have come back to the forum here I do wonder about these likes and dislikes. I mean if someone is rude or just type jibberish I can understand a post gets dislikes but sometimes posts and comments just get dislikes anyway without doing something wrong. If I have understood things correct people who have made very "outspoken " posts get dislikes no matter what post they make at any time later but what about the rest of us? ( not that I agree to judge people ) If a polite recruitment post gets dislikes or a friendly comment, I just do not get it. Are their people who press dislike to anything for fun? or is it their way of saying well your concept sucks in my eyes so I will show it with my dislike? I am to old to understand the fundamental in forum trolling so perhaps that is why I make this post and ask you younger generation.Mollusca56 3h
4h Difficulties with finding a new RP guild [help] So, I'm having a hard time finding a RP guild. Don't get me wrong, I do see a few interesting concepts around but I just can't make up my mind. I would like to show you some preferations of mine in the hope that you might have an interesting idea for me. I'm first of all open to many concepts. Secondly, I'm looking for a guild that does not do a lot of/focus on DM events (the occasional is fine) and who do not have an entire combat system worked out. Instead, I'd like for the guild to focus more on random RP and other type of events, where people are just fair and use common sense rather than having the dice and character spreadsheets dictate. Finally, I'd like the guild to be the type of guild, that actively seeks out collaborations with other guilds, rather than seeking to remain in a secluded buble with familiar faces. In addition, concerning the role of my own character: He can be a servant or a support (or anything of such kind). He can defend and fight, heal, buff, scout, spy and bring messages from A to B in no time, etc. Cheers!Kuzzey9 4h
4h Selling TCG Mounts & Rare/Unobtainable Items Hello there, hope everyone is doing well. After searching far and wide to acquire several rare/unobtainable items and getting them all to one place, on Argent Dawn, I have now started to sell them. Yey. I am making this post to easily show what I have for sale when asked. Also, so that someone may come across this and find an item they didn't know existed, that they fancy having, or an item they've wanted for some time. If you are interested in any of the items, you can add my btag: Marcus#2902, or send a mail/whisper in-game to Nefrod. Below are the items I have for sale, the quantity, and the price range I'm looking to sell each item for, although I am open to offers. I will update it whenever I sell an item or acquire a new one. TCG Mounts - Feldrake - SOLD - Ghastly Charger's Skull - SOLD - Magic Rooster - SOLD - X-51 Nether-Rocket XTREME - SOLD - Big Blizzard Bear - SOLD Rare/Unobtainable Items - Black Metal Axe x1 (300k-500k) - Black Metal Greatsword x1 (1m-1.5m) - Black Metal War Axe x1 (2m-2.5m) - Blood Tiger Breastplate x2 (600k-1m) - Blood Tiger Shoulders x3 (600k-1m) - Chromatic Sword x4 (7.5m-10m) - Defias Rapier x2 (750k-1.5m) - Dustbringer x2 (150k-300k) - Ghoulfang x1 (400k-500k) - Goblin Screwdriver - SOLD - Gutrender x3 (1.5m-2m) - High Society Top Hat x173 (150k-200k) - Joonho's Mercy - SOLD - Pendulum of Doom x1 (1.5m-2.5m) - Shiver Blade x1 (250k-350k) - Shovelphlange's Mining Axe x1 (400k-500k) - Staff of Horrors x2 (150k-300k) - Ta'Kierthan Songblade x2 (750k-1.5m) - Teebu's Blazing Longsword x4 (100k-250k) - The Butcher x2 (150k-300k) - The Jackhammer x1 (2.5m-3.5m) - Windweaver Staff x1 (200k-500k) - Zulian Ceremonial Staff x1 (750k-1.5m) - Bloodscalp Coin - SOLD - Brawler's Harness x1 (150k-300k) - Codex of Defense x1 (25k-45k) - Cuergo's Gold x1 (150k-250k) - Expert Goldminer's Helmet x1 (750k-1.5m) - Faded Photograph x1 (100k-200k) - Frozen Rune x11 (150k-200k) (Also have x5 on Aerie Peak, Alliance) - Haunted Memento x1 (100k-250k) - Lookout's Tunic - SOLD - Recipe: Dirge's Kickin' Chimaerok Chops x1(1m-1.5m) - Recipe: Hide of the Wild x1 (500k-750k) - Recipe: Thistle Tea - SOLD - Rhinestone Sunglasses x4 (75k-150k) - Ruby Shades x1 (100k-200k) - The Eye of Shadow x3 (150k-300k) - Thug Shirt - SOLD - Warchief Kilt x1 (500k-750k) - Warder's Shirt - SOLD - Wartorn Chain Scrap - SOLD - Wartorn Cloth Scrap x1 (3k-15k) Other/Common Items - Archaic Defender x1 (15k-30k) - Blade of Hanna - SOLD - Boneslasher x2 (25k-40k) - Ethereum Nexus-Reaver - SOLD - Excavator's Brand x4 (25k-45k) - Ginn-Su Sword x5 (200k-500k) - Khorium Champion x1 (35k-60k) - Oggleflint's Inspirer x1 (60k-100k) - Ragehammer x5 (60k-100k) - Reforged Blade of Heroes x3 (25k-60k) - Shadowfang x2 (60k-100k) - The Shoveler - SOLD Hopefully I'll be hearing from some of you. I am also looking to buy: - Knothide Ammo Pouch - Knothide Quiver - Netherscale Ammo Pouch If you or anyone you know has one please contact me. Thank you very much :)Nefrod18 4h
4h Player Goverments/Councils - What is the status? I'm curious why there is no player government in the game right now in terms of RP. I notice that a lot of RP-PVP servers they have things like 'Stormwind Council' and 'Ironforge Senate'. Is there a reason why we don't have this? Are there negative feelings about the general idea? I'd love to know!Ysonda34 4h
5h An IC/RP newspaper is born! Link in description I made a In-character RP newspaper, its a work in progress so be nice, but feel free to give constructive criticism and if you like it, tell your friends and bookmark it as I update quite often! Here is the link to it. Its a neutral newspaper and I am hoping to attract some of you to write for the Mercury from time to time, there's an application section on the website if this seems interesting to you. You can also subscribe to it, so you are informed whenever a new article is posted! I also have some further development plans, such as possibly adding a wanted section for those naughty boys and girls out there who need to be punished for their crimes. A weather report section, just for fluff; maybe? Longer opinion pieces! Doodles/cartoons made by the community, like a comic strip if any artists are interested! And more! This is one of my first posts on the forums, so i'm not sure i've done this right but here's hoping!Shellby25 5h
5h [A-RP] Stormwind Infantry Stormwind's Army Swords Regiment Sixth Battalion A Company Website: 'Plenty of in-game news articles, videos & pictures to be found on the website!' Synopsis "Look to the defence of our borders, your hearth and homes lay at risk! Answer the call to arms and enlist in Stormwind's Army, repel the demon invader, keep the King's Highways safe, take up steel for your fellow man! The Swords Regiment is enlisting today!" For over eight years (est. 2009), Stormwind Infantry has been at the pinnacle of front-line styled, fantasy military role-play. Bloodied, proud history can be traced all over Azeroth and beyond. From RP-PVP campaigns, to engaging RP-PVE storylines, the characters that enlist with the company find themselves whisked up in to an immersive environment where they undergo everything from an oath of allegiance, to combat training and mobilization. Interested in finding out more? Check out these "AD Shorts", starting with Episode 1, describing military life at Westbrook Garrison. Episode 01: Aims & Objectives The main objective of Stormwind's Infantry is to continue to march the roads of the King's highways, facing off against threats both domestic and foreign, mobilizing to front-lines as required. The company is self-sufficient, with the bulk of the force being Swordsmen supported by Riflemen and the occasional Battle-Mage & Cleric. This allows us to carry out a wide range of story-lines anywhere the threats emerge. A further aim for the company is to provide roles of specialization, which are frequently in high demand, allowing your character to continue to broaden their career beyond simply being a soldier. One such role is that of the Combat Medic, of which troops that wish to qualify as a Medic need to pass the "Combat Medic Cadre". Who fits the Stormwind Infantry? The 3 Races Races are restricted to Humans, Dwarves & Gnomes who have chosen to serve Stormwind and the King. The decision to restrict the guild to these three races, is based off the "closest" allies to Stormwind in an effort to maintain the units image as a Stormwind military unit. This is for the same reason as to why Dwarves are not Sentinels, or Pandaren are not Mountaineers (perhaps there are rare exceptions, but certainly not by the bulk load). The Classes Warrior, Paladin, Hunter are without a doubt the three core guild classes, how-ever, Priests, Warlocks, Rogues and Mages are also accepted in to the ranks. These classes best portray the footmen composition of the guild, and that's why we've restricted it to those classes. Ideally, we ask that enlisting soldiers are level 90 for the Stormwind Armour uniform set, but if your enlisting at a lower level with intent to reach level 90 quickly, that's OK too. The Character Soldiers come from many walks of life, and from every corner of the land. Your character doesn't have to be the perfect soldier, in fact that would be boring if all we had were perfect soldiers. Criminals looking for second chances, farmers enlisting for a better payout, to disgraced noblemen shamed by their families and reduced to the streets, answering the call to arms in a hope to regain a shred of honour. A great deal can find a new family within the ranks of the Army. They all share the same garrison, and it makes for some fantastic casual role-play between the events. The guild installs a measure of discipline & drill in to each of them, so that they can hold the line when the time comes. How can I join? Enlisting is done entirely in-character, depending on where we're based and what we're doing at that time you will either have a good shot at joining, or a slim one. To expand on that, if we're stationed at Stormwind or Elwynn in Westbrook Garrison, we're very likely to be recruiting. If we're on the front-line, fighting off a threat? Your chances of enlisting are slim, unless the company needs numbers to bulk out the ranks after taking casualties. The reason for that is, there's a fair bit of training to undertake to carry out the formations & maneuvers the company performs. __________________________________________________________________________ For further insight check out the videos on youtube under the tag of Arthedun, pay our website a visit, or visit us in-game! See you on the battlefield. __________________________________________________________________________ "We sleep safely in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would harm us." - Stormwind House of Lords dignitary.Arthedun14 5h
7h Healer LF raiding guild Hello i'm a 912 resto druid with 7/7hc NH and 9/9 nm and 1/9 HC Tos and I'm looking for a guild for TOS. Raid times 2 days a week not before 20:00 ST You can contact me on my Btag if you have any questions McWilly#21134Wiltex0 7h
8h Blood Elf RP guilds? Hello, I hope this question doesn't come across as lazy, but as a primarily Alliance player, I have a bit of trouble navigating Horde RP outside of the Death Knight scene. I honestly have no idea how big is the average Horde RP guild, or what to expect. With that said, can I humbly ask what are the Blood Elf RP guilds around like? I wish to get into Blood Elf RP, and am unsure where to go. Is Eversong a big social RP guild for everybody? I see Sun Hawks mentioned a lot; how active are they? Ilvanesta? Thori'Belore? I'm a little lost. I lean towards the bigger and more active guilds I can get a little lost in if you understand me, much like a loud, busy tavern. Is there any Blood Elf guild that would fit that - or perhaps not a race limited one, but simply a guild that accepts them? If anybody could give me a quick rundown, I would appreciate it very much.Falkie12 8h
8h [Horde Meeting] - The Gathering - Important Update! Next Meeting: July 29:th Important Update: GMs of Inactive guilds in the Gathering will get an OOC mail in order to update the Council list with fresh information. ... Welcome to the site of the Gathering, a Horde project where guilds unite and exchange ideas, receive help and advice. Hosts: Gearfist - Rílmiz and Kilgun Curtsey of Nimsil, author of the original forum post. _________________________________________________________________________Kilgun21 8h
9h Draenors Coalition – RP guild Who are we ? IC : We are souls of the Planet Draenor (AU) ready to take arms and face the Burning Legion while in the process gaining power, knowledge and glory for our factions, races and cultures. You have been summoned by Dawnseeker Lakryx, High Arakkoa of the Order of the Awakened who scattered on Draenor severals Apexis Crystals with this message « Citizens of Draenor. Hear my call… We have united to throw back the Iron Horde and the Burning Legion. Now our world is free, free to rebuilt and forge a new era of peace and prosperity. Krrh, however we cannot say the same for the Outlanders who came on our world and timeline… The Azerothians, they now face an invasion, one so great that the outcome is unsure. Let us pay our debt to them… Let us be the shinning light that will purge the in coming Darkness. I know it’s much to ask… (A hopeful croaking is transmitted), but I trust that you will answer the call for the benefit of all worlds… Mrrh, and for glory and wealth. Find me on Duskfall Island in Talador the day where the sun is at its highest » (AKA Summer Solstice 21Th of June) OOC : We are players who wish to RP the following races authenticly… Draenor offers the opportunity to strenghten it even more. A draenei Rper could have full access of their technology. An Arakkoa could exploit the ancient forgotten knowledge of the Apexis, an Ogre mercenary seeking for wealth and glory. The guild is meant to provide an envirronement for people who wish to just simply RP something different and make their own storylines in a setting that make things more immersive. Theme – Position and others : The Guild is Alliance based but we are neutral in the conflicts opposing the Alliance and Horde. We offer our services for payment and rewards… We are not vigilantes but considering ourselves mercenaries would not be exact either. We are also interested in the knowledge a whole new planet could provide and would most likely go on adventures to gain some for our own personnal benefit. Races : All races of Draenor basicly. Draenei : One of the most advanced race of the whole Universe who crashed on the world of the Orcs. They had created a wondrous society upon it. They have shown to be cunning, strong, compassionate and holy. Incarnating of them means that you’re part of those who persisted no matter the challenges, ready to deliver the final blow to your ancient foe… The Burning Legion. Surely Exarch Yrel would like to send some soldiers to honor her promise to Khadgar. Arakkoa : Wether you are cursed or not… Your people have nonetheless shown prowess in its technology and powers. Arakkoas are said to be as intelligent as gnomes if not more. You’ve created a shining city in the sky, while others dwelled in the shadows. After the end of the Adherents a new era has dawned for you… Both Cursed and Uncursed now working together under the direction of the Order of the Awakened. What lies ahead for your kin ? That is up to you to decide. Ogre : Members of the Gorian Empire are either the dumb citizens… Or the high Centurions and Sorcerers of Mar’gok’s army. As Children of Stone, descendant of the Giant Grond your affinity to the earth and arcane energies is clearly what forged your empire… Nonetheless you have made wrong decisions throughout time that forever crippled it. Now without leaders or any sort of hierarchy everyone is free to take upon his own destiny… Where ? That’s your choice to make. The easiest of them to incarnate since they are not all hostiles are Draenei and Arakkoa. Ogres are also welcomed but the Gorian empire had shown not being very willing to work alongside… So most likely few individuals ready to leave their home planet. Saberons… It’s difficult considering we have slaughtered them wherever we went, only Leorajah and another one who was a Follower were friendly. So hard to pull it off but I am ready to help one who wishes to incarnate one, my advice would be something akin to a gladiator or a slave. And botani are... So imperialistic that it's hard to even consider being one with a good well, but same opinion as Saberon, if done good it can be pulled off well Hierarchy : OOC : I lead the guild and deal with any OOC matter that might raise alongside the help of officers. IC : The order is to be created soon. Each race will have a representative that will have a voice in the group. They will have right arm who can take upon the role if the official representative cannot attend to a meeting, voice a concern or where the Coalition’s direction should take. IMPORTANT : Just a few points before I get a lot of questions about it, quick shot style. Our timeline is the same as Azerothians so just after WOD but we’re not in the past compared to Azeroth. Blizz clearly didn’t bothered working on that and I will not make up Lore for the sake of convinience. Chronicles sadly also mixed up Both Draenors' lore so our Draenor have elements that never happened, is indeed hard to keep up. We do not intend to stay forever on Draenor… It’s temporary, long enough to collect knowledge and prepare ourselves and gather allies. Race guide : RPing each one of those races needs some prep and directions to what to do. Here's few links if you. However... Best pick to do it without any toy or item. Be a rogue with the Disguise glyph, pickpocket and Voilà. Arakkoa : - For High Arakkoa - Cursed ones if you can stand Fel corrupted skin or for the old TBC fans. And a good amount of prisms Saberon : - - Or be a rogue with a ton of Prisms Ogre : - Old model - Rogue with glyph and prisms Anyway I can’t wait to see how people will respond to this and who knows maybe give it a shot ^^ over here. Until we met again friends. I may make a guide to how to RP one of the classes each one of those races can incarnate should the need be raised.Kerastraz11 9h
12h [H-RP] Razor Hill Village Weekend - 24th-25th of June! Oh hello there! TIME SCHEDULE -- All of this is in Realm Time! Saturday 24th: 7:30pm - Gathering up in Orgrimmar for the walk to Razor Hill 8:00pm - The festivities are officially kicked off with a short speech. Craftsmen get set up and everyone can mingle 8:15pm - Warm-up races begin from the northern gate towards the Orgrimmar gate and back 8:30pm - The brawling tournament begins. Contenders will be asked to check in with Grizzik as soon as possible. Depending on the number of contenders, we will either hold one tournament across both days or one on each day. Sunday 25th: 8:00: Peak time 8:30pm - The second part of the tournament begins, in whichever format becomes necessary. 9:00pm - The big prize drag race begins. 10:00pm - A vigil will be held in respect of the warriors who have lost their lives against the Legion. This will make the official end of the Village Weekend. ... ... ... ... ... ... -- SIGN-UPS ARE NOW LIVE! - . You can sign up via his thread or by contacting me or any coordinators. There will also be spontaneous events happening throughout both days such as drinking contests and mount races. There is a prize pool of 10,000 gold for the big race at the end of the second day. A number of practice runs will be held beforehand, and the first day. No prior sign-ups are needed for these!Golgannash37 12h
16h WTB Felguard Destroyer Legplates Title says it folks. They're the lovely BoE plate leggings that drop from the three "mini" bosses in Cathedral of Eternal Night. I only need the legs to finish the set and by god, do they refuse to drop. It's been confirmed to me that they are very much BoE and can go on the AH, but I've yet to see them. SO! If anyone comes across a pair that they do not want / need. Please do send me a whisper or a mail and let me know. I can accept them on both Horde or Alliance but depending on your asking price, I may only be able to pay you on Alliance. Thanks!Masaraa3 16h
16h [H-RP] Horde's Shadow - Protect Home, Follow Tradition ... ... ... ...Árani40 16h
19h [H - RP] Blood Howl - Nomadic Warband "The Howl echoed down the dark mountain, vibrating through the cold air. The snow were covered by the blood of alliance who fell during the ambush, and by our own. Red, black, green, the blood was everywhere. We had been dying, but as the Howl came to us, we rose again. Strength returning, we left the old behind. Surviving, victorious, our new warband was shaped, from the strength of our blood, and the Howl of Lo'gosh. From that day on, we were Blood Howl." What is Blood Howl? We have been around on Argent Dawn since the fall, but was formed by two older guilds of Defias Brotherhood et al.. Above all, Blood Howl stand for Horde strength, ferocity and unyielding will. Those are the ideals of the Wolf Ancient Lo'gosh/Goldrinn our name is inspired by, and what we try to embody. We are a warband, but our attitude towards eachother are more that of a family, a collection of like minded individuals. Everyone have a beast within, which far too often is supressed. Not in our guild. Here we embrace the ferocity and the strength it give, be it mental or physical. What sort of stuff can one get from Blood Howl? Our guild is nomadic in nature, meaning that we will be travelling around the world a lot. No endlesss sitting in a bar for us! You can expect random rolepaly, regular DM'd events, restless (bad humor) OOC chats in between tough IC situations and overall welcoming atmosphere. We're also in love with bashing of Alliance heads and will gladly take part and will be organizing some RP-PvP action. Guild guidelines: We trust that our members have some common sense and they know how to be nice towards other people. But incase problems do show up our officer team will deal them as best as they see fit. Anything the guild doesn't allow?: Racism, Sexism, Harassment, bullying, threats are forbidden ooc. IC we are a bit more relaxed, but remember if you want to do such things with someone, just ask them oocly first. Keep it friendly! (Do note that banter is of course freely aloud, but make sure you state such) How are arguments resolved?: Both in character and out of character you are expected to know that your actions can lead to consequences. Hopefully we're all grown up enough to resolved such things between us, but if things get out of hand approach on officer. Icly: the Jins, Chieftains and Vizer's words are law. Ranks: OOC: You have joined the guild out of character because you're a friend of the guild, or you're currently awaiting approval from a higher rank. Unbloodied: You have been accepted into the Warband, You are now on your path to becoming Bloodied, all you need to do is prove yourself and uphold our name. Bloodied: You have been accepted as a true member of the Warband, proving your worth and showing your strength in the way you act. Blood Champion: Have a responsibility beyond that of a Bloodied, and are expected to sometimes take charge and lead those in the Warband, making sure we have what supplies or otherwise we need. Bloodsworn: You have been granted the honor of giving some blood to signify your bind to the Warband. You have been recognised as a fierce warrior or dedicated healer, who upholds all of the ideals we follow. You are able to accept people into the Warband, However you have no obligation to do such. Hand of Arcana/Force/Faith: You have fought with the Warband long and hard, shown strength, intelligence and cunning. Perhaps you've gone beyond your orders and acheived greater than expected. The Jin has offered you a position as his hand, an advisor and trusted friend, to aid his decisions. You may recruit people into the Warband. You may carry the flag of the warband Jin: The Leader of the Warband, his word is law within our people and always watching your actions. Able to recruit and demote, may carry the flag of the Warband. How to join? We accept every race and every class be it newbie or veteran to roleplay. As long as they fit in with the guild ideals. Exijin, Yorah, Bwimtòru and Cridar are the guys you want to talk ingame with. Then just set up a small IC interview and you're in! AA page: (not finished) Website: 19h
19h [H-RP]The Frozen Paw Clan - Another one. A noticeboard has been erected in Orgrimmar to help the clan and it's members remain up to speed with what's going on - this board is open to the public for viewing and posting of various tasks and on-goings. ... Current Officer team: Rogmasha, Leff, Ormol. ... ... ... ... ... ...Rogmasha315 19h
19h [A-RP] Night Elf Roleplay – Tips & Inspiration ... Night elves are a popular race choice on the Alliance side, and with their extensive history and unique traits many find an appeal in roleplaying them. In 2017 there's still a big amount of people roleplaying night elves on Argent Dawn. I thought I'd make a thread revolving around night elf themed roleplay, much in tune with the Kaldorei & Kalimdor Information threads, but with a bit different format and approach to it. The idea of the thread is to offer more extensive tips and inspiration for people interested in night elf themed roleplay, especially for beginners. I also decided to make an archive of past events for those curious to see some in-game happenings related to the topic. You can find the archive in the second post. ... Areas populated by night elf guilds are your best bet on a day-to-day basis. Astranaar in Ashenvale is currently the most active hotspot, though you might occasionally see a bit of roleplay going on in Darnassus as well. Some guilds travel more than the others or keep more to themselves, so the hubs do not give a full representation of the night elf roleplay scene. You can find a list of active guilds in the third post. It's also a good idea to attend public events where you can create contacts and gain visibility. Even a short moment of interaction can potentially lead to more roleplay in the future and make approaching familiar characters easier. ... I'd recommend starting by reading up on the race, their stereotypical traits and major events that shaped their society into what it is today. WoWpedia is a fairly trusted wiki of information, with links to sources. I also recommend reading the following article that offers insight into the night elf mentality, giving food for thought when making your character: You don't have to play a very stereotypical night elf, but being aware of the stereotypes can help you get even more immersed when interacting with other characters, and help adding that cultural touch in the ambience of your roleplay. ... I've often heard people say this. Guilds come and go and the night elf roleplay scene changes every year as people shift around. At the moment the scene is not a very tightly knit community, although members of different guilds work together now and then to produce content. Each guild has their own identity and if you didn't have much luck with one, I recommend trying another. I think it's also worth noting that many people roleplaying a night elf as their main might prefer having their roleplay revolve primarily around other night elf characters. This helps them get more immersed in the atmosphere surrounding the race, so trying to get into the circles with a human or gnome character for example might be more difficult. Seeking a certain kind of immersion is why many base their roleplay in Kalimdor hubs instead of Stormwind, or why some people play mostly with their own guild. I don't think the situation applies only to the night elf scene but other racial roleplay circles as well. Some night elf guilds however welcome Worgens who embrace the night elf culture and traditions. The amount of interaction you get also depends on how interesting (or plausible) others find your character concept and how you approach other people for roleplay. It can initially take a bit of work, but once you've built some contacts and made it enjoyable for them interact with you, chances are you'll find roleplay more conveniently at an increasing speed as word passes around. Q&A regarding character concepts ... At the moment there are many guilds that have room for very different types of characters from sentinels to watchers to druids and civilians & craftspeople, so I wouldn't worry too much about it. I'd say think more about what kind of a character you'd like to play in the night elf society inspired by their lore, and I'm confident people can point you in the direction of guilds that might best suit the concept. It's of course not necessary to be part of a guild. If you roleplay a socially outgoing character who has a reason to approach others, such as a trader or craftsman for example, chances are you'll still get a nice amount of roleplay in the hubs. Events are a good opportunity to make your solo character known to others! ... Certainly, though there are some things you should be aware of. The mage class was made available to the night elf race in the Cataclysm expansion. During the expansion the Highborne's ( ) exile was lifted and they were allowed back into the society ( ). Since Cataclysm the Highborne have started training kaldorei mages. Still, given the kaldorei society has been very much against the Highborne and arcane magic for ten thousand years, I'd recommend giving thought to why your kaldorei would want to become a mage if they grew up in a society that was very skeptical of arcane magic users. There were arcane wielders before the Sundering who were not part of the Highborne caste however (such as Illidan Stormrage) and if your character is old enough, it's possible they could have practised arcane magic before the Sundering and now for some reason have returned to it without having to fear being exiled. The main point of bringing this up is that if you roll a kaldorei mage, please keep in mind it's highly unlikely they could've practised arcane magic in public until rather recently! ... This is such a common thing it deserves a mention! Your character cannot have been born in Teldrassil unless they are very young, as Teldrassil was created after the Third War. According to the Timeline linked below it's now about 11 years since the war. I did this mistake too when I first started playing WoW! ... Yes they are - in-character opinions might of course vary regarding gender betterness when it comes to different walks of life. According to the Warcraft Encyclopedia, prior to the conclusion of the Third War night elf society was sharply divided by gender, with the vast majority of men being druids and most women serving as warriors, priestesses, or a combination thereof. After the restrictions were lifted to favour practical concerns, it became acceptable for men to be trained as priests or be affiliated with the Sentinels, and female night elf druids were welcomed into the Cenarion Circle. For further reading: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - If there's something to add you think would be helpful for people new to night elf roleplay, please feel free to share and discuss them on this thread. I'll try add more to the list and will probably be refining the post more in the future.Acrona79 19h
22h [A-RP] Flatfoots: A Lawmen Intiative Introduction With the entertaining success of the "Brigands" bringing criminality and life back to the wilds of the Eastern Kingdoms, I believe its high-time an equally inept band of bumbling deputies attempt (and likely fail) to bring these villains in to face the King's justice. My hopeful intention is set up a small band of Stormwind City Watch type lawmen, all equally amateurish, who will aim to oppose the shenanigans of the Brigands at most-every turn. Whilst the opposition is intended to both be ineffectual and tongue-in-cheek, I believe that it will work to create a kind of community camaraderie between the two sides on an OOC level and spur plenty of engaging RP for those travelling within the boundaries of the Kingdom of Stormwind. There is absolutely no intention here to impose laws or IC regulations upon the realms populace. The concept merely intends to bring entertaining opposition to the Brigands whilst giving the community a reason to get out of the city and involve themselves in petty storylines. The Concept The idea in its current rendition is NOT a guild. Instead, the plan is set up a small group of inadequate law administrators who will interact and work with the Brigands on both an IC and an OOC level. It will be a cops-and-robbers type game of pull-and-push with neither side ever coming out on top for long. My intention is not to create a constant supply of dungeon-mastered events or endlessly facilitate RP. Rather the entertainment will come simply out of RPing together and alongside the Brigands in a bitter campaign of spiteful one-upmanship. There is no real endgame or driving motivation for the concept besides generating engaging RP. Due to this, and due to my own RL commitments, those involved in the Flatfoots are encouraged to use expendable alts or to create their own storylines within and outside the initiative. The Inspiration Inspiration for this concept comes from the Canadian sitcom "Trailer Park Boys" in-which a hapless trio of unambitious losers hell-bent on living the life of career criminals are endlessly persued by a pair of lackluster "trailer park supervisors" equally unproficient and incapable. For more information on the influence and mockumentry-esq tone for this community, please view some clips of Trailer Park Boys on Youtube or ask for direct feedback in the comments below. Edit Here's a direct link to the tonal inspiration mentioned above (warning - the video contains plenty of swearing used for comedic effect). ... Contact Information For all those excited (or perturbed) by the concept, I invite you to post on this thread or contact "Garrowaye" in-game with your particular questions. I am perfectly willing to explain further my motivations and intentions for this concept if the interest arises although please keep in mind that there is no great plans for RP campaigns or specific encounters at this time. Thank you for reading and taking an interest in the Flatfoots. TL;DR - a small band of inept lawmen intent on opposing the growing Brigands community on an IC level.Garrowaye4 22h
22h (H-RP EVENT) THE ARCHIVES - First event! ... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ... What is The Archives? The Archives is RP initiative to bring up the idea of the events in form of ‘quests’. The purpose of the project is to create opportunities for interesting RP open to anyone that wish to sign up and rp in smaller groups. I want to develop my DM skills as well and move away from typical roll and attack type of events. I seek to create events with up to 5 spots (the number can increase in time if there will be more interested but I will try to keep groups small). The events will circle around discovery and adventure, types of events will range from exploration, investigation, finding objective, hunting the wanted, finding lost person or operating with diplomacy. The nature of the events will be in form of side quests, so anyone that wish to take part in only one event is more than welcome, without breaking any stories they are already taking part in. Events time is planned to last for around 2-3 hours and will start 20:00 server time usually. The Archivist and her role The Archivist is Blood Elf that seeks any type of Knowledge, thus she finds some notes or info about potential quest objectives. She will give the group briefing, possibly lead them to specific place and then leave the task to them. Whe will be present and take notes on everything that occurs but she won’t take part in the events much. After finished task she will gather group as well to sum everything up (if there is need for such). The reason behind that is so I can fully focus on DMing without splitting my attention to character during events. Why would my character take part in it and how would one find out about events? - Examples: any type of adventures seeking to discover new places, knowledge seekers of any type, any items found during said quests belong to the attendants, there is small price for The Wanted quest type, willingness to aid… (countless options) - The quests will be displayed as quest board in main Cities with location of ‘meet up with The Archivist’ What I expect from you? - Patience: answering to individual emotes and typing can take a moment, please respect that, you will not always have the spotlight in the event, allow others to emote as well - If you sign up then please show up and show up on time, if you can’t let me know! - Feedback, I’m happy to hear any opinion on hosted events and initiative in general, be it good or bad as long as it has some criticism in it. Tell me what you liked or disliked so I can adjust and learn for next time Who can sign up for events? Anyone, alts or mains, guild characters or those without group. The only thing required is character with minimum level to enter zone of the event (to not be butchered by random mobs in the area) If there will be interest from beginner RPers I can host simple events to help them learn potential RP situations like that, or show basic roll system (if there will be need for such). I’m open for suggestionsIliandrel30 22h
22h [Druid Lore Discussion:] Can you speak in Animal Form? I've been bounced back and forth about this topic, and I just want to hear the community's overall opinion before I make my personal judgment about it. When shapeshifted into any animal form, should a druid be able or unable to speak in Common, or should there be other means of communication available for animal-humanoid interactions? Lore and game mechanic conveniences have clashed against eachother about this matter, so what's your say about this?Gabriello68 22h
23h The Sun Hawks: Adagio for Screams 'It should have been raining' he thought, as he approached the courtyard at the Aerie, 'dramatic speeches work best in rain, or in the dark' he mused, as he approached under the continual balmy sun over Quel'Danas. Ahead of him, the roost reached high into the air, Dragonhawks of all ages flying lazily around, but before him, the ranks of the students who had passed muster, who had learnt to fly Dragonhawks...not the tame, passive wyrms that Nobles bought as a fashion accessory, or the corn-fed docile passenger ones, but real, dangerous, wilful ones. War Hawks. He went through the Speech he had given so many times before, praising high achievers, before including them all, in a glowing speech, telling them their duties, responsibilities, and telling them they would be returned to their units, with their wings. This time however, there was a change... At the point where he read out the roster of which Fliers were being returned to units, he paused a moment, then carried on. "This year however, there is a change, there is, for those students who wish it, another option. Before Arthas' Scourge ravaged our land, and defiled the Sunwell on this very island, the Aeries of Quel'Danas stood against him, even with his Gargoyles, he knew, that he could not best us in the Skies, from the heroic raid on Deathholm, to the bitter fighting over the Skies of Silvermoon and Quel'Danas, the Aeries resisted. And we paid heavily. Hawks and riders slaughtered in those wounded Skies, these same Skies that you all, have now inherited. It has taken years, a decade even, but the rebuilding is over. The remaining Aerie of Quel'Danas now joins its brother and sister units, in putting troops into the wars that concern our people. A Unit is being formed of Fliers, and those who will support them on the ground, we will travel far and wide, and we will employ the lessons you have all learnt here, for the betterment of our people, whether it be reconnaissance, bombing ground targets, or providing Aerial cover to other sin'dorei units" He unrolled the document and laid it flat upon the table, already laden with the 'wings' to be awarded the students. "The Sun Hawks will begin combat missions immediately, in the dying stages of the Siege, we will down Garrosh's protodrakes through guile and tactics, for they are fearsome beasts to try and down as Aerial foes. We will bring our forces wherever there are sin'dorei fighting, that they know, that the Skies above them hold not terrors, but allies, we will be often tested, yet never bested, and ultimately we shall show the world, the harsh lessons you have learned here, and the outcome....That Only the Brave Inherit the Skies" He paused, and looked down at the sets of wings on the table, engraved with names, he wondered how many would still be alive a year from now, before pushing such doubtful thoughts from himself as unworthy. He looked up at the expectant students, their faces proud, as they should be. He turned to the quartermaster, who nodded at him. "I will share -my Skies with you, come claim your due" He finished, as he held up the first set of wings and read the Student's name upon them.Brigante342 23h
23h WTS lots of stuff All of these items are unobtainable!!! [Initiate's Shirt] 250k -> Belf paladin starter shirt unobtainable since WotLK [Raven's Claws] 50k -> Unique model cloth gloves --- The starter shirt is on a different server, I can trade them to you there and their appearance will unlock for your whole account. [Raven's Claws] item is on Alliance.Dark27 23h
1d [N-RP Event] Sri-La Spirit Festival Sri-La Village (orig. Sha La Village) is located on the North-eastern coast of the Jade Forest. It is a fishing village, with steep steps leading down to the shore from the cliff's edge. Normally known for its tranquil nature, but this year, the natives welcomes travellers from near and far to explore mysteries and wonders of the spirit world. A Festival, hosted in good spirits, to bring great fortune, by Siavash Windfarer and the Performers Society! Date: 29th June 2017 Time: 20:00-22:00 Location: Sri-La Village, Jade Forest, Pandaria Faction: Neutral AA Page: Map: Short Link: ... ... The Festival opens with the market. Anything goes. The festival is themed around the sea and Pandaria, so some examples for your consideration: Potion trades of aquatic abilities: Underwater breathing, swim speed and waterwalking potions Pandaren dishes: Noodle carts, fortune cookies and Pandaren banquets Pets and accessories: toys, tools and services Boat and raft rental: Offer a chance to sail out and explore the many shipwrecks Trinket booths: Treasure maps, tokens of mysterious tales, archaeological curiosities Tools for adventures: Toys, gadgets and useful tools for the journey These are just simple suggestions, and at the end you are free to decide what your stand should provide! At the market we also warmly welcome live entertainment, as for example: Dancers: Alone or in choreography with friends - always brings life to a festival Fire jugglers: We are in the season of the fire festival - using juggling torches is welcomed Fortune tellers: An always popular amusement Magicians: Tonight's event gives the chance for wizards to unfold for a show! Hearthstone Games: Good games are classy and popular Bards & Storytellers: Lyrics, short tales and fables are always entertaining to listen to You have full freedom to embrace your artistic spirit. The tavern offers table facilities to host hearthstone games, and there are ideal corners all along the road down through the village, to set up your stands! ... While Pandaria is usually known for its tranquil nature and lush landscapes, the realms is also home of a less peaceful chapter. While the Horde and Alliance colonisation in Pandaria is history, the remnants of their warfare and intense clashes still remains as a ghost from the past. Old shipwrecks and zeppelins still shapes the landscape across the ocean. Yet with any great any tragedy, wisdom can be learned. And left-over fortunes found! During the festival, you may be lucky to encounter potion vendors and engineers, trading tools for you to breathe underwater, so that you can explore the remnants of the battles - and if lucky, strange artefacts and treasury may be found along the reef! ... The sea is known for being whimsical, and so are the many spirits and creatures from its realms. But with respect and care, a great bond of friendship can grow from the waters and lead to epic adventures for both trainers and companions across the world. Tonight is a special night for the natives in Sri-La Village, as this is the evening where the aquatic spirits enters our world. Curious and mischievous by nature, these creatures has come to tease and be amused- and if satisfied, bring good fortune for the fishermen and adventurers throughout the year! Thus, to honor the spirits of the sea, we welcome all pet trainers to encounter and bond with these mysterious out-of world-creatures, and take the challenge to enter the games, where they will tumble! A tournament hosted to amuse both the spirits and their audience, giving a chance to show their mighty powers in a game where both trainer and pet is put on a test together, of both skill and tactical play! The winner runs off with the Gold medal and will have their name engraved in the Windfarer Tournaments Tablet as the third champion of the year! More about the Aquatic Spirits: The spirits comes in many shapes and temper - some of a more exotic appearance than other. One of the things they all have in common, is that even if they may look like nothing but an ordinary frog, their behavior is of a different nature. They are curious and playful, and in some cases also whimsical and love mischief. They can be a lively handful, thus acknowledgement and a chance to tumble against fellow spirits is the ideal way to calm their energy. If treated with respect and care, not only can they be a fantastic encounter, but a loyal companion, should they choose to bond and follow a loved one through future adventures. Thus, if you seek an epic partner for your journeys, this is the night to find one! Challenge the Champion! Rumour has it that tonight’s tournament invites trainers from all corners gets to fight against the legendary Hozen, Huk-Huk at the tournament!! His usual fame and acknowledgement is earned from his great cooking skills, and his trade of exotic grilled snacks in his travelling barbeque stand “Huk-Huk’s Slicky Grill”. However, his mischievous nature as a Hozen makes a perfect tag team with the Pandaren aquatic spirits, and he is eager to bring you competition! The Tournament: Four Leyline braziers will be placed near the altar of the village, to mark out the arena, for the audience. The Windfarer Aquatic Tournament is hosted as a “First come first served” contest, where the 4 first submitted competitors gets a chance to challenge fellow trainers in the arena. The time to enlist begins right after the opening speech of the festival, and lasts till 20.30. The game starts at 21:00, so make sure to be ready with your pets and transmogged costume, on time. The tournament is hosted through a Single-Elimination system, and ONLY pets of the Aquatic family are accepted in this battle pet tournament! As a minimum to enter the contest you need 3 aquatic companions and all factions are welcome in the game. No pets will be killed IC, and if they are debilitated during a fight, but wish to take revenge in next round, they will be healed and continue into next battle. As an alternatively you are also free to let another aquatic champion take the place as a new team, in the future round. Be sure to have the team ready before the combat begins, as you are NOT allowed to switch once the game is on! The path to win is through the bond of trust and friendship, thus it is recommended that you only enter the game with companions that you have a strong relation to. After the two finalist are found in round 1, the two eliminated gets to fight in round 2, to find out who wins the 3rd prize, the bronze medal, before the grand final! Surprise! Beside running off with the honour and gold medal, the winner will be granted an additional secret companion that may help them win the future competition.Siavash26 1d
1d [H-RP] The Spirit Wardens - Wisdom of the Horde “It has been many years since we have walked across this world, into the great cities of our people, the Horde. It seems during the time of spiritual guidance the Horde has forgot many things. Old traditions forgotten, this is not the Horde we remember. Perhaps the issue lies with the constant war and bloodshed; it seems no one can recall what true tradition is. Many believe that is the strength of arm that raises you to power and glory, however, without wisdom, strength is nothing. They come hand in hand and only with those combined can you rise to true glory. To know your enemy is wise, to use that knowledge against them is strength. Only then will you be victorious. Ancestors guide your path, friends of the Horde. “ Elder Blackwolf. Who are the Spirit Wardens: The Spirit Wardens are a group of likeminded people who use their powers to their advantage rather than their strength of arm. Their wisdom and knowledge is their strength and with that they use that to overcome any obstacle that stands in their path. Consisting of Shamans, Druids, Monks and Sunwalkers these few gather to combine their knowledge to help combat the enemies of the Horde as well as teach the younger generation and non-magic users how to fight against stronger powers. Knowledge is power. The Spirit Wardens was founded by Elder Blackwolf and his Student Ikkath Tornpelt as for years they kept away from the cities chaos and the troubles that resided within them, as well as the raging wars that were ongoing to this day. It was in that time that they knew something had to be done to aid the people of Azeroth and so they began to seek out others who were of the same mindset to aid them in the task at hand. What we do: As it is briefly mentioned in the above section, the Spirit Wardens are a group of casters, spell users, Healers. The group is set out to show the people of the Horde and possibly the Alliance that having even some knowledge in spellcasting can save lives. To know your enemy is wise and to know how to combat that enemy is strength. Hand in hand it puts you a head by even a step, an advantage none the less. Currently the Spirit Wardens are resided in Orgrimmar, the great warrior city and has seen bickering, violence and in some cases, stupidity from their fellow faction. The Spirit Wardens seek to be neutral in the actions of others but instead of ignoring them try to unite them, as they should be in these dire times. We believe that a guild based around casters and their powers and knowledge is something different and possibly something new for people to experience. Whether they join or not. It is a guild where everyone can be a part of as a community rather than exile ourselves to in-house RP. Aims and Objectives: IC: In character the guilds aims are to unite the people to tackle the ongoing issues which the world itself faces. The factions alone cannot take them on so much find some solution rather than go head to head with one another, making themselves easy pickings for other enemies. With the knowledge that the group will have in each of their fields and the vast range of experience it is another goal of the Wardens to pass that knowledge on. Sharing it with other Wardens and sharing it with the community, whether it would be in casual/social RP on a one to one basis or during a public/community event such as a seminar. With the talks of uniting the Horde forces rather than see them bicker and squabble for power. The Spirit Wardens will aim to host social events. Such as feasts, Seminars on Magic and its origins and brawling contests. Of course, a friendly based contest where prizes can be won. OOC additions: So, the main things here is what we will accept and some of the general and more common sense rules which will be noted anyways before joining and after joining etc. • Respecting people OOC is a must. Despite opinions, it’s nice to be nice! • The guild is all about learning, that means OOC as well. If you have questions about a character, a certain piece of magic and how it works or anything in general. Don’t hesitate ask us! • We do intend to make some public events (I.E. Feasts, Celebrations, Contests, Seminars, Gatherings etc.) If you have any suggestions or want to help in planning, feel free to ask! • Most of all, we all know the community is heavily based off opinions and not everyone agrees. Personally, the best thing is to take on Constructive Criticism and learn from it and progress as a character. In the Spirit Wardens, we would like to urge character progression. Both in the guild and outside of it. However, don’t get confused with giving constructive criticism and general hate/malice towards a character/player ooc. That’s bad. We want everyone to enjoy this concept and have some fun with it, if there is a way to improve it through feedback from others then we will take that one and see if it’s doable. We want everyone to enjoy this concept and have some fun with it, if there is a way to improve it through feedback from others then we will take that one and see if it’s doable. Races: • Orcs • Trolls • Tauren • Goblins • Pandaren For now, these are the races we will accept and we will see how it goes as a starting point. The idea is to have the guild based of the old horde races. (Of course, excluding Pandaren, but they fit the theme) But as said this is just to start if all goes well this could be changed in the future to have a multiracial guild. Classes: • Shaman • Druid • Monk • Paladin (Tauren Only) • Priests These are the five classes we are going to accept at the moment. As I see it, they are all similar in terms of mindsets/views on the world and with the idea behind the guild it could work well. There may be a change for a few exceptions for classes that are working towards a similar end goal or have similar mind sets that are not in the class list. We are certainly open for discussions. If you have any other questions you want to ask, please ask on the forum and I will answer as soon as I am able too! Thank you for taking the time to read and I appreciate any feedback which is given.Razkul12 1d
1d [A/Line Infantry] Drisburg Fusiliers ... --- FAQ: "What does the name mean?" Drisburg was a Tirasian town on the north of Kul Tiras before it was destroyed in the Third War by an army of Scourge. It was famous for its high influence of culture from Khaz Modan. The name fusilier is a type of soldier and still used today in the British Royal Regiment of Fusiliers. The name originally comes from the French word for gun - fusil - and was given to soldiers equipped around the early 1700s with the first variants of what we would now call a flintlock musket. Before that, soldiers would use matchlocks - weapons that carried a string of hemp that must always remain lit by a live flame. This made guarding artillery and the camp's magazine (thousands of kegs of black powder) hazardous as the flame could jump and cause catastrophe, so the few soldiers given this new flint-activated weapon - which produced no fire until it was shot - were named fusiliers and primarily used to guard the baggage train from enemy attack. "Who do you recruit, and why?" Like many military guilds to come before us, we divide our classes based on combat style into smaller detachments. These rarely field more than three people at any one time, but the combination of skills and fighting styles allows for a more varied event and higher chance of success. Drisburg Fusiliers, a company sized unit, recruits from four regiments (much larger) of the wider Tirasian Army, and these relate directly to the four or five classes we accept: HUMANS - Hunters: Regular soldiers; line infantry Rogues/Monks: Irregular soldiers; skirmishers & trap-setters Warriors: Regular soldiers; pikemen DWARVES - All Classes: Irregular soldiers; artillery crew These four regiments are referred to as the 27th, 28th, 30th and 31st Regiments of the Line respectively. Regulars wear deep green coats with formal shirts and trousers; irregulars wear khaki coats with no shirts and practical dark trousers. "What kind of RP can I expect?" The key to the Fusiliers (and this was decided through practice) is that nothing is ever planned, even the conclusion of events that are currently happening. The introduction of the character sheets means no character's decision can ever be predicted, and thus within the guild you will not only be able to forge your own character's story, but also have it permanently affect the wider guild too as there are no defined endings. Our events are (at the moment) thoroughly PvE-based and rely on a system of free emoting. Rolls are rarely if ever used and only applied in situations when luck is a factor (such as firing artillery in high winds or firing a poorly-maintained musket) - even then they incur heavy modifiers applied by the DM depending on the character's skills. We may do RPPvP in the coming months, but this will rely on us being able to find a secondary uniform for both our regular and irregular troops that can be transmogrified; we have yet to decide whether this is worth it due to the usual stress and failure of PvP to uphold quality RP.Hessían21 1d
1d Warlock Character Print Progress Hey guys, Im not 100% sure if this is ok to post on here really sorry blizz if not but hey he who tries wins... or something like that. Latest Gnome Warlock Warlock Emblem Voidwalker Basically making a 3D model of the voidwalker and a gnome warlock and then plan to have a go at 3D printing it as a gift to my girlfriend obv she loves the warlock class otherwise it would be a bit of a silly gift :P Anyway im here for some feedback at the moment im deciding on whether he should have teeth/fangs or not i did a quick paint over to explain what i mean and you can also see a image how it is atm to get an idea :) or just goto my twitter page to see all the progress Any feedback is honestly welcomed on here or through a message on twitter, i would love to have your imput since well its the only way i can make this the best gift i can and well make the best art i can :D Kind Regards VelVelto36 1d
1d [A] Steel Legion - Looking for raiders Hey, you! Yes you, right there behind the screen! Can I take a moment of your time? I have something to talk to you about. it's not serious, but we are in dire need of some help. We are looking for few DPS and a healer to join our raiding team for Tomb of Sargeras. We are not picky of what class or spec you play, as long as you have fun and want to raid with a guild who approves real life and has fun while raiding; even while progressing. Death Knight - Medium Demon Hunter - Medium Druid - Low Hunter - HIGH Mage - Medium Monk - HIGH Paladin - Medium Priest - Low Rogue - HIGH Shaman - HIGH Warlock - Low Warrior - HIGH We plan to raid 2 days a week; Thursday and Sunday 20-23ST. Our goal is to get Ahead of the Curve achievement done before next patch just like we did with Nighthold. Add me on battle tag for a chat - Meleamee#2212 OR come and check out Argent Dawn! You can find most answers for your questions from Lacers or Qemuel when we are online.Qemuel5 1d