Argent Dawn

31 Jan 2016 Demon Hunters & Trolls. Is it just me or would Trolls be awesome Demon Hunters? I mean i know it goes to lore and stuff but Night Elves were Trolls that were transformed into Elves were they not? Im just saying i love Horde but Blood Elf? :/Zunthul67 31 Jan 2016
31 Jan 2016 [H-RP] The Union The Union IC letter ... What is The Union? The union is a group of guilds (Mostly mercs or Traders) that have formed an alliance so each guild can work together- Currently the members of the Union are: The Gilded Blades, The Velvet Syndicate, The Darkwind Syndicate and The Sentinels of Fortune. Of course all are hoping this list will get bigger. OOCly- It is simple to create more RP for the guilds and between them. ICly- It is so the these companies, orders, families or whatever they class themselves as is not competing for work or jobs, That fair coin is being earned and that if a company needs aid they can turn to the Union and get it. What will the Union be doing? I am just doing to list them: Monthly Meetings to discuss issues, upcoming work, cheesecake and anything else those present wish to talk about. Cross guild events Cross guild RP For example- Two events that have already been done. A social event- It was a party lots of people and we played silly little games. The Five Rings- A pit fighting event, again lots of people and everyone said they enjoyed it, Why are you guys even doing this? Mercenary guilds have become very popular on AD so why not bring us all together and work to create good RP; we should all be crossing our fingers for each other and hoping we all do well so why not support each other by having a place we can all come together. I want my guild to be part of this? If you want to join in on this just find one of the groups listed above and poke us. We are not shutting our door to anyone even if you aren’t a mercenary or trader guild.Teáleaf2 31 Jan 2016
31 Jan 2016 [A/H-RP] Ebon Ebon IC: “Years have past since Arthas shattered the Frozen Throne and merged with the Lich King, his actions took us down a dark path, alas, everyone must be held accountable for their actions. Highlord Darion Mograine noticed the error of our ways, setting us upon the path to eliminate the Lich King and his armies, our purpose was clear, Arthas fell, the Lich King destroyed and with that our purpose dwindling like the tide shifting out. However, once again Highlord Mograine carved us out a future, with the scraps of influence left. Binding us either to the Horde or the Alliance, our debt to the living may not ever be repaid in full, their forgiveness gives us purpose and that is what we long for, to thrive upon it. I Denzin Dinsdale am calling for the Knights of the Ebon Blade to reconvene and join me, we weren’t reborn with our freedom, but we claimed it and that’s what I intend we keep, independent from the Lich King’s grasp. Death is our presence, the Alliance is my home, one day I may face our brothers in death upon the battlefield, if that day soon arises, It shall be a glorious death for one of us. “ Heed the call, by order of King Varian Wrynn; for the Alliance! Heed the call, by order of Warchief Vol'jin; For the Horde! Denzin Dinsdale *Ebon Blade Sigil* OOC: A guild concept based upon the theme of the Ebon Blade Knights, sticking to their rituals and contributing to their factions, namely the Alliance, but possibility for a Horde side version in the future, if enough interest is held by their respective community. Nevertheless, dedicated to the alliance and carrying out the task that normal soldiers can’t possibly handle and aiding in PvP-campaigns across the world, interacting with other guilds in joint events that might require the Ebon Knights. Checking up with other Knights in other guilds and interacting with them, creating a network of fun, perhaps a channel specifically designed for this reason. Investigation of rogue Ebon Knights, including securing and exacting punishments fit for the criminal acts committed. The idea is somewhat that of the Knights of the round-table, however, less worried about protecting loved ones, only serving the Highlord and their respective faction leaders, either Wrynn or Vol'jin, everyone is equal in rank, and choices are made through council meetings, where all have a voice and the decisions are put to vote. Here are the ranks: Ebon Emissary – A messenger of death itself, the all seeing eye that avoids the main fight and focuses on striking where the Ebon cannot. These sneaky death-dealers don’t take failure as an option, succeeding where sheer force might fail. Victory through versatility. Namely for rogues and sneaky classes. A sub-division of the Death Council, to be utilized for the purpose of the cause. Death Council – A role specifically designed for non-deathknights, mostly shadow-priests and warlocks. Their dark magics aid the understanding of the Ebon Knights, somewhat of a clerical nature and summoning included, testing the Ebon Knights combat skills, assisting with all things political; as the presence of a Knight is not always the smartest of ideas. Ebon Knight – An Ebon Knight, considered a formidable fighting force upon the battlefield. Wielding deathly runes of destruction and chaos to overwhelm their enemies. Their torment channelled into aiding the cause they’ve been tasked with. They attend the Death Council meetings, having a voice in all matters relating. The main fighting force of the order. How to be recruited? Simply whisper me in game to initiate the process, from there we'll have a quick OOC discussion, then an IC chat to check that you're of the right quality for the guild. Then you're just an invite away![/quote] For the Horde classes: At the moment, the guild is up on one side, however, if there's enough interest on Horde side then I'll likely make an Ebon guild on that side too, of course, I'm going to need some really dedicated members to aid me in running it, should their be enough interest, so, if you are interested, please post on this forum and that way I can gauge it.Denzin30 31 Jan 2016
31 Jan 2016 [Horde RP/PvE Guild] "Reliquary Conclave" recruitment ... Who are we and what do we do? The "Reliquary Conclave" a Reliquary themed RP/PvE guild is looking for brave adventurers to hunt for relics across Azeroth and beyond. Ultimately we hope to be the dominant guild for relic hunting. We accept all races and classes, as long as they adhere to guild standards. Once the guild has been properly established we'll do a inaugural event, then one or two weekly events from there on. An important aspect of this guild is that we hope to work alongside, quite regularly, other guilds whether for assistance or information. This includes cross faction. Aside from that, if you have any questions please reply below or contact Valremor in-game. Ranks; Chief Examiner: The head of operations in the Conclave, responsible for organisation and management. Phoenix Guard: A select group of skilled and trusted individuals who are entrusted with the protection of the Chief Examiner and Privy Council members. They are the confidants, carrying important messages, ferrying their charge around, and ensuring that standards are maintained within the Reliquary Conclave. A total of five guards are entrusted with this duty. One is assigned to the Chief Examiner, while the remaining four are assigned to the Privy Council members. 4 spaces for Phoenix Guard remain. Privy Council: A small inner circle of individuals entrusted with, and capable of; sub-delegation, debating and deciding on missions as well as other matters of importance within the Conclave. 3 spaces for Privy Council members remain. Assessor: Captains of the Reliquary Conclave. Tasked with management and leadership of small squads within the Conclave. Assessors are also responsible for research and examination of potential artifacts. Secretary: Administration and procurement managers. Tasked with assisting Assessors and Privy Council members. Registrar: Basic foot soldiers under the command of Assessors. Assistant: Research assistants. Generally unskilled, but ambitious, individuals tasked with assisting all other members of the Reliquary Conclave with their endeavors. Contractors: Associated individuals on contract with the Reliquary Conclave.Valremor2 31 Jan 2016
31 Jan 2016 Fading Into Oblivion TL;DR >>>>>>><<<<<< The story of my (guild) life, these are the trending steps that I notice happening to me regularly. I slowly gather courage to reach out to a guild I would like to join. The letter or whisper to the GM or officer is sent and I wait for a reply. I pessimistically expect that I never get a reply back or that my application is denied. Against all sense, I get invited into one. Warm welcomings are given and recieved. I attempt stay formal and distant, the guild might not end up being to my tastes so I spare myself from getting attached to it instantly. Time passes. I watch the guild chat carefully. I put out tentative steps into the chat, involving myself carefully into coversations. My confidence grows slowly and I ever so slightly continue to feel more at home in the guild. I start feeling that I am a part of the guild. I involve myself into their RP. Life is good and I am at the peak of my game happiness. But its just a downward slide onwards now. Time passes again. I dont know for what reason, but I pick up cues from the chat and behaviour of others that I become less noteworthy. What I say gets ignored in chat. No one says "Hello" if I log in without saying anything or sometimes even if I say "Hello" myself. What I do in RP gets ignored or otherwise getting the feeling that I am actually disrupting others with my RP. Maybe Im just horrible at RP? Maybe Im just so awkward in my behaviour or words that makes people cringe? Maybe when people start to see the actual me slipping in through my formal guise and get to know my boring character, they would rather do anything else than have anything to do with me anymore? Did I do something wrong? Is this something I do or am I just imagining this? I dont know the answers. I am too meek to ask anyone directly and I fear very much that If I just blurt out these doubts in guild chat that it marks me as !@#$% craving for attention and pity. I never find out the cause and thus I dont learn from the experiences, leaving me to just continuing to do what I do without knowing if I could improve myself. I start becoming withdrawn and silent. I frequent less in RP. And when I do, I play more passively, doing less of any actual RP. And I keep thinking that no one notices my silence or pay very little mind to it. That if I suddenly disappeared completely, no one in the guild would even notice or care at all. I start to feel that I am not a part of the guild anymore. Leaving the guild likely follows afterwards, with little to no explanation to my former guild mates. I think that "If someone noticed or cared, they'd reach me to me on their own". Very rarely it happens, and it is only just a few words exchanged. The cycle continiues anew. I slowly gather enough enough courage to reach out to a guild I would like to join.......... Maybe Im just an attention^-*!@ in denial. I never know what to think.........Hazè29 31 Jan 2016
31 Jan 2016 [X-RP] Called by the Light - Transcript Availible IC: A letter has been sent to the Argent Crusade and redistributed to Exodar, Stormwinds Cathedral of Light, Ironforge's Mystic Ward, Silvermoon's Hall of Blood, and Thunderbluff, addressed to the Sunwalkers. Transcript: ... OOC: So as stated in the letter, I'd like to grab this meeting, to have somewhat of a philisophical debate between Alliance and Horde Paladins. To see the thoughts of Draenei, Dwarves and Humans clash with the differing views of Blood Knights and Sunwalkers. By holding this on Argent Ground we hope to provide some assurance for a peaceful delegation. As for where I hope to see this go in the future. By closing the zealous, horde = evil, alliance = good or vise versa views of characters on either faction, I hope to provide slightly easier transition for however the Silver Hand rebirth will work in Legion. (Be it blood knights & sunwalkers joining or just allying). Hopefully it will also help for some collaboration as we approach Legion with the x-faction interaction that is sure to have to take place. ====================================================== Now, how x-faction communication will work. 1/2 way down the cathedral will be 2 translators. One for Alliance one for horde. If someone wishes to speak, they will raise their hand, and whisper their factions translator. Who will make a note and call you up when your turn arises. Speakers will be called Alliance, Horde, Alliance, Horde, with the first speaker being Morvuk with his welcome speech. The translators will run an add-on named "EasyCopy" which will allow us to copy and paste speeches from someone. When someone of either faction speaks, the Translator will say "The right honourable [speakers IC name] speaks [Insert speakers speech here]." This will allow not only everyone in the Cathedral to hear the speech but also understand it. Some speakers may open themselves to questions. If they wish to do such they after they have finished the core of their speech, they will say simply "Questions?" After which point a line of people who wish to ask questions should form at the translators. Depending on time, a number of questions per speaker may be capped. ========================================== In order to get at least one of every view point, I'd like to create a list of people who will almost certainly be attending, and have them offer the first speech for their alignment. Gnome first speaker == Traio Whazister Blood Elf first speaker == Ravanwyr Human first speaker == Jack Asheton Tauren first speaker == Carbek??? Draenei first speaker == AporatMorvuk120 31 Jan 2016
31 Jan 2016 [A/N - RP] <The Filthy Basilisk> - Back inn-touch! Hello, once again, ladies and gentlemen! ... *1 - Rundown, rickety and looks to be held together by shoddy craftsmanship. *2 - Misfits, scumbags, men and women of (generally) low morals. ^----- Also shoddy craftsmen. *3 - F̶r̶a̶n̶k̶l̶y̶,̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶w̶a̶s̶ ̶l̶o̶y̶a̶l̶t̶y̶ ̶o̶r̶ ̶a̶ ̶h̶a̶n̶g̶i̶n̶g̶.̶ ̶T̶h̶e̶y̶ ̶c̶h̶o̶s̶e̶ ̶t̶h̶e̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶m̶e̶r̶. The privateer life became far too political; let's get out of that business. ... This has been the evolution of the previous version of the guild, which really did not settle the way it was intended to. There were guilds already present that did what we did, had been around for longer - and generally better in every aspect. It was a tough competition, and understandably so! The story element behind this will be touched upon later. As to why the guild now functions primarily as an inn; leading guilds has always been a thing I've wanted to do. Leading large guilds, however, is something I have never wanted to do. The Filthy Basilisk was never intended to be huge - yet the previous version essentially demanded as such. This makes things more bearable and managable on my end, whilst also making it a more homely and personal experience for the members within (as well as those we interact with; imagine being on a first-name basis with the all the staff at the local pub! Discounts~). This, coupled with the fact that the premise and idea of the guild has never been the progression of Mornigan, and Mornigan alone. Mornigan is the main character of my story - yet, Maylis is the main character of her story; and I very much want to keep it that way. The Filthy Basilisk is an amalgamation of stories - that seeks to create roleplay of myself, our members - and those we interact with. ... The inn, itself, is the beached and wrecked vessel of the guild's namesake; The Filthy Basilisk. A naval skirmish left it heavily damaged, and a storm during a routine careening left it beached indefinitely. A year of work, a lifetime of savings, and a(n) (un)healthy supply of alcohol leaves this hunk of wood, somewhere in the thickets on the coast of Stranglethorn, as a layby and bed-and-breakfast for those passing by on foot or boat. Given the location and the nature of the inhabitants, the likely punters would be those who may prefer to avoid the cities, have something to hide, or seek to indulge in a spot of shady dealings. The inn is not privy, however, to travellers and a few sailors from the navy. As for why you'd visit this establishment, as opposed to another? Our motto explains it perfectly! It's not quite Booty Bay, but it's on the way! ... Ah, well, this is something that has been debated over quite a bit. And, I know this answer may cause a lot of raised brows and furious eye-rolling. The ingame location used, is the garrisons of myself and a few members (we have them mapped out identically!), and the reasons for such are as follows: Being at an undisclosed location along the coast of Stranglethorn, it isn't particularly something you'd stumble upon unless specifically looking for it. It allows us to control monitor who visits, and physically remove mister toy-spammer, missus mammoth-rider, sir spam-a-lot and miss area-of-effectess. It removes the possibility of questionable 'ownership' when two groups end up 'claiming' the same spit of land.This does not mean, however, we will not be present elsewhere. An inn needs supplies, and where better to obtain a metric ship-tonne of booze, or contraband than Stormwind or Booty Bay, respectively? ... We hope to act as a sort of roleplay quest-hub; where those who fall into the categories above can head to, unearth some intrigue and perhaps be sent off on a profitable voyage - or wind up on a horrific and wild goose chase. Being an inn, other patrons can dish out the same sort of quests for others. ... --------------------------------------------------- If you have questions please do not hesitate to ask! They will be answered in the section below!Mornigan39 31 Jan 2016
31 Jan 2016 Lore Question - The Void! So, I was looking into the lore between the Void and The Twisted Nether, If I recall right. In WoD there was a change in this lore, might someone who'd very known with the lore around this subject explain the difference between the both worlds? :-)Quantesa38 31 Jan 2016
31 Jan 2016 The Free Roamers, RP recruitment, Horde RP <The Free Roamers> are a collective group of mercenaries, within the Roamers - each person chooses their specialized role without being put into a set category, depending on the job asked or given to them. A certain group will be sent out, or people fitting the needs requested instead of sending a full fledged unnecessary force. This gives each person a sense of freedom within the guild, instead of restricting them to set ranking. Leader - Self explanatory, he is the main "Boss" per say, of the Roamers, he organizes and allocates - as well as joining in on the jobs himself. Caretaker - This person looks over and makes sure everything is in check when accompanying jobs - they make sure people are doing what they are supposed to do, that they are fit to do their role, so forth, so on. Overseer - A rank within a rank, these are specialists that have proven themself to be adequete of watching over a set group of people with similar skillsets, and train people to their own set ability. Specialist - Someone who has proven themself to be capable out in the field and in and out of jobs. Enlisted - Someone who has yet to prove themself in the Roamers, and that they can perform to their claimed abilities. OOC - Self explanatory. The ranks may or may not change as we decide on what is suitable for the guild, though the structure will most likely stay the same. If interested - Contact for joining; Jekýll (Edgar Jekyll) Or Embress (Embress Elwood). Questions and criticism is wholly appreciated!Jekýll9 31 Jan 2016
31 Jan 2016 Township Guilds Hello AD, hope you are all doin' good. Now, Township Guilds, do they still exist? I remember a while ago the server seemed to be full of them and they were quite enjoyable. I'm grateful for any information about Alliance Township Guilds.Farléy2 31 Jan 2016
31 Jan 2016 LF a decent worgen roleplaying guild Greetings fellow Argent Dawners. As the title of this thread states, I am looking for a proper Gilnean, worgen-only, roleplaying guild which has as much a realistic approach towards roleplay as to not use Gilneas as their hub, for reasons that have been mentioned over a thousand times in these forums, such as war, forsaken blights etc. and not being a group of feral worgen death knights of doom who use elixir of giant growth since they cannot roleplay the muscular nature of their already large character. I am basically looking for a worgen military guild which maybe operates secretly in the northern kingdoms and beyond, mainly seeing the Forsaken as its enemies. Maybe one similar to the Gilneas Liberation Front. I have not seen any lot which meets these requirements and, honestly, I feel kind of scared. Please do save me.Créin5 31 Jan 2016
31 Jan 2016 Is she famous? Why did Olivia get a pond named after her?Popsicle28 31 Jan 2016
31 Jan 2016 Cathode's Art: Poorly Named Thread Edition Continuing from the Argent Dawn General #160 ... Yes! I am ready. Edit: Thank you for your requests and support! It has been great practice so far. Every drawing done so far has and will be posted to this link as well. TOTAL NUMBER OF DRAWINGS SO FAR: 196Cathode499 31 Jan 2016
31 Jan 2016 Argent Dawn 3v3 Tournament - 30 January Hello, this thread will contain all the information and also serve as a sign up page for an upcoming 3v3 tournament on Argent Dawn. The first thing I would like to inform you about is the Cross realm rule, as there might be some confusion about this. Any team is allowed to enter the tournament, as long as there is minimum 1 player on the team from and currently on Argent Dawn. This will make it easier for alot of participants to find suitable partners, while also keeping it server related. Second important thing scrapped! Horde teams can now enter aswell! Pricegiving will be done through the auction house. Third topic is how the games will be viewed. All games will be streamed on Fourth thing I want to talk about are the prices. As of now the pricepool is on 100k gold to the winning team, but it might get bigger if more sponsors wants to help out. Update: 2nd place will now receive 50k gold! How this money is split between teams with cross realm partners is not my responsibility. Fifth subject, before we move on to the rules, is how to sign up to this tournament. The easiest thing would be to either write on this thread the name of your team, and the players who will be playing for it. Or you can also add me ingame and toss me a mail or a whisper with the information requested above.Realeyes35 31 Jan 2016
30 Jan 2016 WTS Lightforge Belt (Offers accepted) Heya, It's been sitting in my account for roughly 10 years now (first played and obtained it back in 2005!), but I've decided to sell it finally. It's currently at the AH (20k, with 17.5k bid), but I'm accepting offers, please email to arrange any in-game sale (I don't check threads or private messages on forums, sorry!): paragrama [at] Thank you!Altranis3 30 Jan 2016
30 Jan 2016 [H/N-RP] The Brimstone Assembly What is The Brimstone Assembly? The Brimstone Assembly offers an RP chance for any Warlock or mage interested in Fel magics with its mysteries and powers. To be short; A coven to teach Warlocks. Faction:We operate through the Horde. Where? The Brimstone Assembly assembles at Strahnbrad, Hillsbrad Foothills. The abandoned village offers shelter for most trainings and classes and is conveniently out of the way for any official matters. Themes used in the guild: Magic school, Risky trainings and classes, Corruption of Fel magic, Warlock training. How to apply? Contact any of our three masters through whispers or if we are offline, through mail! We keep interviews to check the overall sanity of those who join, but after that everything is check and you are ready to roll in to cash in all of the Fel goodness that you find inside. Grand Master of Destruction; Benesing Grand Master of Demonology; Caemhazhen Grand Master of Affliction; Gradrok The undead stayed up late, scrolling a dusty tome under the dim candlelight. He knew these verses, the incantations which were not allowed to be spoken, the words he had spoken many times. The chants that made the weakest crumble to the ground, the chants that had taken a toll on him as well. He had read through the book many times in his life and unlife, but it was not for him. The flame of the candle was close to going out after a cold breeze managed to creep through boards covering the window. He covered the candle with his palm and continued to read. The light really did not mean nothing for him, his rotten eyes had gotten used to the darkness surrounding him. But nor was the candle for him. The hour grew late, the Forsaken realized as he glared out of the hole in the roof and saw the moon. The time did not matter to him. The book, so many times read. The candlelight that would eventually die like everything. Time, the ultimate killer. All of this was meaningless to him, but he knew that his disciples needed all of those. Benesing glared over the room at the many warlocks who listened to him. On his left side stood an old orc, Gradrok, the master of curses muttered by ancient tongues. The master of Affliction, who has taken his lessons from the past and is ready to teach his skills onwards. He approached the small table with the tome as he changes looks with a blood elf to his right, Caemazhen. Benesing still remembered how he had taught the blood elf through the passing of several months. He still remembered, how Caemazhen had took his way in Demonology and summoned his own creatures, much mightier than those of Benesings. As Benesing Redmantle laid the book on the table, he did not care of those two. They all practice Fel Magic, he knew that one day if something would tip either of them off the edge, he would be the one to end them. That was his specialization, burning, reducing everything to ashes. Fire and Brimstone called out and sang to him. Together, they form the triumvirate that lead The Brimstone Assembly. Together, they are going to study the mysteries of Fel and try to harness them. And together, they will deal with the many who fail. The Brimstone Assembly is here to offer you a chance. The way you use your chance is up to you. Maybe you will end to the grave as so many others have, maybe you will be elected to rise among the Grand Masters. Maybe you are too weak to try. OOC: This is for you, my warlock brothers! Many of you who have withered with your powers, hide as firemages, overall everyone who hides their potential! We are here to harness it, teach, and maybe even to learn! Oh what's that? You're not a warlock? No worries! We have our very own section for Maintainers. You know, Warlocks need materials that are pretty hard to get. Soulgems, Felblood occasionally, tomes of great powers and insanity that are no doubt trapped under a cave with lots of bugs and Old god stuff... What's that? You're my man? Perfect! Our rankings to as followed; Grand Master>Teachers and Maintainers>Students Grand Masters are the highest of the food chain and the hierarchy. There are three grand masters who each specialize in different ways of the use of Fel Magic. One for chaos and destruction, one for ancient curses of affliction, one for the commanding of minions through demonology. In addition to these, the students can vote one among them to rise to the rank of a Grand Master every month, who then works together with the triumvirate in meetings, important decisions etc. Teachers The triumvirate is going to be really busy, you must be thinking. Teaching Fel magics who can kill at any given time, going all subtle in public and burying the corpses of failed students or killing the ones who have lost their minds. That is completely true and that is why there is a dire need of teachers! Teachers who will keep their own lectures, classes, maybe even field trips on chosen subjects. Maintainers are the brave souls who do the Warlocks bidding. We are very clear on this; Our maintainers are not our slaves. Assured, they need to be watched over. If some of our secrets slip, we know where to look, but our maintainers are our backbone. The ones who delve into dangerous crypts, act as overall muscle, do the dirty work and heck, maybe even carry some gems for our teachers to use. The Maintainers have their own Chief who commands them and they all answer to the Grand Masters and might be called out to help during a training or a class. Students Those to whom this faction exists for. Tired of that imp running rampant and not doing what you tell it to do? To burning up your sleeves when casting a simple felbolt? And the fact that your neighbor just got a lisp because of a curse gone wrong does not make it easy either! Welcome to the Assembly. Benesing17 30 Jan 2016
30 Jan 2016 [Crime] Your character have something they shouldn't? Then seek me out! Your soon to be favourite Fence. Taiberius has turned his back on the risky and lucrative business of sneaking/ breaking/ charming his way into homes to steal goods, and has instead decided to use his many contacts to handle stuff other people have stolen. Noble, right? This is no big event nor campaign, more so just an offer that if your character finds themselves in possession of something that isn't necessarily theirs/ safe/ legal, come and find Taiberius, often found loitering near the Shady Lady, and engage in a tiny bit of roleplay to give that item a little bit of story. If you see me online but not at my spot, drop me a /w and I'll likely be more than happy to hop along for a quick scene. His prices are unfair, he's picky on what he takes and he doesn't touch Gnomish devices, but you wouldn't be coming to him if you could pawn this off to any old schmuck would you? Now scram, you're drawing attention.Taiberius0 30 Jan 2016
29 Jan 2016 For the Cowmum Angharid! His Highness King Zylopfa The Omnipotent, got word that the sweet oilcow Angharid together with Euphrati was taking selfies each level gained! Just wanting you to know that you are being followed closely by King Zylopfa and Zylos Hand as we are a guild of slayers, cowlovers and cow herders extraordinaire! Keep up the fantastic photo montage of your cowmum!! Hail and K!LL King Zylopfa The Omnipresent.Zylopfa19 29 Jan 2016
29 Jan 2016 Any news on the Might of Kalimdor? What happened to the Might of Kalimdor/7th Legion after Wrath of the Lich King? Where is the Scarab Lord Shiromar? And are there any Might of Kalimdor/7th Legion role-players on the realm? I'm asking because playing a character who was part of it all could be quite fun. That is, if the legion is still around.Queteron17 29 Jan 2016
29 Jan 2016 LF Horde Rp Guild~ I've been looking for an active roleplaying guild for a while now, on the horde side of this server. any out there? :PRikako1 29 Jan 2016
29 Jan 2016 Shammy looking for HFC (HM) boost Looking to get a boost through heroic HFC on my shammy or my druid. Have gold to cover this. Lemme' know Bullitt#2761Orkybalboa0 29 Jan 2016
29 Jan 2016 [ARP] The Black Madame - Moonbrook - Opening tonight! If you are RPing in the area, why not join the chat channel: /join Moonbrook Dear readers, hello! Alisjah of the Liar's Dice here, with a not-so-grand but standing invitation. Under the banner of creating a more lively atmosphere in the location of Moonbrook, Westfall, we are offering some roleplaying opportunities. ... A permanent residence The Liar's Dice, for the foreseeable future, have taken up residence in the abandoned inn, in Moonbrook. Calling it - unofficially - the Liar's Dice Inn, they have taken to sleeping in the upstairs rooms. You can find some of these rooms locked - but are free to roleplay otherwise. In the latter case, we'll assume you are RPing in the unused rooms while we occupy "others" (there only being a limited number, we'll use imagination!) Liar's Dice Inn: Opening friday, January 29th, at 08:00PM (server time)! The inn, as a tavern, is opening on January 29th, at 08:00 PM. We'll be serving moonshine, crab cakes, stew, and mutton as a regular menu. The inn will be run as a tavern; offering, currently, no official places for spending the night. Unofficially, falling asleep in one of the rooms upstairs will frequently lead to a group of Dice henchmen demanding payment for an uncomfortable night in the place! The Smithy The abandoned blacksmith in the town is undergoing brief repairs under the command of Throrlin Khazrega, one of the Dice, in the effort to make the place work again. As of this very post, the blacksmith in Moonbrook is operational under the command of this gruff dwarven expert. Get your horses shoed and saddled, get your gear's dents pushed out, get anything done a blacksmith might do! We're very excited to see if you'll come and check in! For whatever reason; perhaps you've got poor relatives in the place? Perhaps you've got a bit of trouble with the law, and you need to lie low? We are here for you!Alisjah12 29 Jan 2016
29 Jan 2016 Selling discontinued leather mining helmet Hi Argent Dawn I happen to have an Expert Goldminer's Helmet left over from my days of farming Digmaster Shovelphlange back before Cata and a lack of gold forces me to sell it. This is the only leather headgear that has the miner's helmet model and it is also moggable! Digmaster Shovelphlange was removed with Cata so opportunites to get this piece are rare indeed. This character is currently on Darkmoon Faire but if there was a serious buyer for this item I would move him to Argent Dawn. I am asking for 200,000g. Buy to mog or save it as an investment, it's only getting rarer.Bromnir5 29 Jan 2016
29 Jan 2016 Night Elf - LF druid (read please long wall of text) Hey i'm looking to make a return to Argent Dawn within the upcoming week! As I have not been part of Argent Dawn since the end of mist of pandaria im not up to date with the guild situation anymore, hence why im reaching out to the argent dawn forum. What am I looking for? I'm really looking for a night elf only roleplaying guild focusing mostly on druids, flowers, nature that kind of stuff. While it does not have to be night elf only thats what I would prefer.- If there are none i'd be very interested in a nature based guild. Restrictions As I am level 20 and im not going to level this character at all due to it being one of my favorite twinks. There comes a few restrictions - If we we're to RP at a certain area far away that I do not have access to via flight paths I would need a ride. Also my roleplaying garment is limited due to level aswell. What im wearing right now is my normal RP wear. Minus the googles that im only wearing to cover up the troll female eyes which im not a fan of. As my gametime runs out on sunday 24/1 I'd like to get in touch with someone prior to that since I wont be able to reply on the forums anymore, and I dont plan on renew until the actual transfer takes place. Either way im moving to argent dawn. My battletag is currently Bloodfang#2321Annalisa13 29 Jan 2016
29 Jan 2016 WTB: Some night owl players! (Warning: This may be rambling cause I am writing it at 7:30 am and getting ready to sleep) So, a little bit about me... I am an American (no hating cause obviously I am not a fan of my own country if I play my EU account more than my US one... And obviously I am typically 5-7 hours behind most players on the EU servers (I'm from upstate New York, so -5 for UK/etc. -6 for France/Spain/Scandanavian/etc. And you guys further Eastern Europe can do your math. I am looking to make some new friends that are tired of the end game content, sick of HFC, tired of mount farming, annoyed to hell by horrible LFR morons and trying to work on legendary whatevers.. I have over 20 100s between my 2 accounts and I just want do find a few new friends that want to do silly stuff, cause I don't wanna quit the game, but it started to become more work than my actual career with 20+ garrisons and so much crap... I love starting crazy projects and never finishing them. I like "make your friend miserable" leveling games... I like forcing ridiculously silly RP - I like making bets and teasing the losers. .. I have tons of ideas... Imagine a professionally educated adult with a family guy / south park sense of humor. Anyways. I am off work until Sunday night and can play most times - later the better obviously... I often troll Trade, so you may even know me - but I figured I would put this friendship "personal ad" up to see if I can make new connections. I am over 21, so prefer you're not a kid - makes me not have to watch my potty mouth. I don't mind Skyping while playing cause that is often a lot more fun. I am a chick, but welcome friends of all genders - I not gonna be falling in love with anyone, so this is most certainly not some personals ad. Note: I don't mind occasionally silly RP, but I am not remotely hardcore and don't so any of the weird US-Pornshire scary crap. Ummmm... Yeah. Sorry. I am writing a novella here... So anyways. If Ya think I sound like fun, just B-Tag add me: LaReina#1185 and I will be back on when I wake up. Ciao for now! - Lunacita / Nikalaa / etcNikolaa6 29 Jan 2016
28 Jan 2016 Is that... Unicorn?ök29 28 Jan 2016
28 Jan 2016 Desolace Rumour Mill keep the rumours rollingOlaf9 28 Jan 2016
28 Jan 2016 Tenth S.E.A.L Company An Introduction: Three years have passed since the Battle of Redridge where the Ninth S.E.A.L Company fought valiantly alongside the men and woman of the Stormwind Infantry and the Blackwind Marine Platoon. Sergeant Major Tarlia Swiftfoot has progressed through the ranks since that fabled week and in time has now been promoted to Captain and given the command of the Tenth S.E.A.L Company. She is looking for men and woman of the Alliance to help carry on the legacy of the Ninth and all taught to her by Captain Akrus Torvan. OOC: This is a reformation of an old guild from the server the Ninth SEAL Company. Ever since first entering Vash'jir the SEAL's found there sparked fascination in many players. This guild is centered around them, the soldiers of the alliance trained to fight in unusual circumstances using almost all forms of combat whether it be Aerial , Aquatic or Land based the SEALs bring the fight through their small concentrated well discplined strike forces.Lonaja43 28 Jan 2016
28 Jan 2016 [Ally] The Lyrebird Associatíon Guild Info thread. Due to the last post having been removed due to Cromwell Butthurt, we here at The Lyrebird Associatíon are pleased to remind you that we are still looking for members! We accept all players, regardless of level, race or playstyle! A little bit about us: We are a social OOC guild. At the time of this post, we have nine members. We do not host RP events, but all members are allowed to create events that creates and strengthens a bond between all guild members. Our guild chat is an open forum, with no topic being off limits. It is a place where you can went and discuss anything you want, as long as you are willing to accept that others might disagree with you. We do not have a goal, other than to allow our members to enjoy a free WoW experience, where we as a guild act as a social assistance, aswell as ingame backup, should the need arise. All members are encouraged to pursue and advance in their playstyles, and should they get a better offer in a guild they find more suitable, we will hold no grudge against them. Thank you for reading, and once again, we here at The Lyrebird Associatíon wish you good day.Letrosque111 28 Jan 2016
28 Jan 2016 Campaign continued by others, Page 19 etc. ... OOC INFORMATION Hello all! My girlfriend is going away for a week so I'm going to nerd out and host an RP-PvP campaign in conjunction with Perroy of the Rotgarde and Nessra of Sin Belore which I can actually participate in (RIP Spine of Kalimdor). The context for this is given in the short IC story above, essentially The Three Hammers will be mobilizing themselves and everybody they know to launch an attack against Quel'Thalas. As we do not consider that we have the forces ICly to actually 'invade' it proper, we'll be roleplaying it out as a 'black' operation where things will be done behind enemy lines. This doesn't mean that there won't be any RP-PvP, in fact there will be plenty. RP-PvP There's always trouble around this particular subject so I've thought about how best to incorporate those who don't want all out PvP and those who want restrictions. The best strategy in my experience has been to keep numbers low, balanced and allow the groups you're 'sending' to decipher it for themselves. Throughout the Ghostlands there are a number of strategic locations which will be fought for by relatively small groups (5-10). Each group will be assigned a group leader (H+A) for the duration of the battle and the group leader will be asked to exchange battle-tag with his/her counterpart. Then they will together with input from their groups decide which they wish to try, all out battle of restricted.. My own middle-ground for this would be to do a round of both and then determine which people enjoy most and stick to that. This will hopefully alleviate the most obvious of issues of forcing people to play in an element they don't like. There will be one golden rule with regards to RP-PvP. To make all major / large battles easier, there will be all out PvP for them by default.. Regulating 80 people is a worthless exercise, therefore large battles will be largely unregulated. Large battles.. will require those who die to not rejoin the fray and in this case I can only rely on guild leaders to rope their members in. Constant resurrection and running back in will be frustrating for either side and not allow either side to obtain a military victory. STRATEGIC ZONES Work in progress and will upload a map after I find a graphic monkey to do some paintings for me of the Ghostlands. Daily updates will come to consider changes from RP-PVP. PARTICIPATION There is no sign up list, everything will be done IC, planned IC and launched IC. Those looking to partake IC on the Alliance can attempt to join the war council being hosted in Dun Modr on the 28th. Those on the Horde will have to wait until there's something to respond to IC. ROLEPLAY The prerogative will be to maintain your guild together but I will be taking responsibility for the Alliance in ensuring there is something to do for everybody. We will be forming an IC war committee with representatives from all guilds and everybody will contribute in one manner or another. RULES Just be a cool dude and remember it's a game. Don't play to win, play to play.Irondawn393 28 Jan 2016
28 Jan 2016 Earthen Ring guilds Hey AD, after a break from RP I've thought about returning on a new character, the one I am posting on. She's an Earthen Ring shaman, but I'm not aware of any guild that is a part of that group or at least has similar goals. (preserving the land, etc) I know there's a guild called Earthen Ring but I don't think it does actual RP. Is there anyone out there with similar goals or are all Alliance guilds still largely military, noble or mercenary guilds?Kataarin4 28 Jan 2016
27 Jan 2016 WE NEED YOU!!! Monster Hunter Club is recruiting Ranged Dps and Healers For heroic and normal progression. we are 13/13 normal and 7/13 heroic. we are helping people within the guild to help get gear at normal rate to get more people in heroic and we would like you to come and join our ranks of raiding for the rest of Wod and far into the wow future!!! /w me if you want to know more info. GlloinnGlloinn1 27 Jan 2016
27 Jan 2016 WTB spectral tiger spectral tiger buying for 999.999,99,99g or offer you priceAmfitamin2 27 Jan 2016
27 Jan 2016 [A-RP] [Guild] Eye of Dalaran - Sees no more! "Lost it has been, lost for decades; the Eye of Dalaran. The tool used to rebuilt Dalaran, the artifact able to channel arcane powers to achieve huge feats. The tool that has been lost to us." The grey-haired mage shrugs several times as he flicks through another book. A weary apprentice running around the Dalaran library with stacks of books mutters in slight complaint "He has nearly read every single book here, why doesn't he accept that the Eye is lost..." Several weeks later the grey-haired mage nods re-assuringly to himself as he jolts down a final instruction "... this leaves us with one option; to devote a specific division in Dalaran to search for the Eye, before it will rest in the wrong hands." Weeks passed before the Council appointed a mage to this task. From the Council chambers could be heard: "The mission is a fools errand." "We cannot spare a single mage at this time due to the war effort we got ourselves in.". The grey-haired mage sighed as he was brought the news from the Council, his demeanor slinking down as he trailed back to the Library, searching for clues what happened to this relic after the Wildhammer got hit by the closing portal to Azeroth. As Winter Veil had fallen upon Dalaran, with Orgrimmar well under siege, the Council offered their long serving mage the courtesy or reviewing his proposal. Even then under the cover of winter the Council debated for hours at an end... often neglecting the issue of the Eye alltogether due to the deemed insignificance. Though as the days drew shorter, so came an answer to the old mage. The mage brought to the chambers of the Violet Lady under assistance of his apprentice, was a shadow of the man he used to be, his head balding, his wrinkles deepening, all but a glimmer of hope remained in his eyes. As he reached the Citadel he was informed "For too long has Dalaran been deprived of it's means of old, the legends of the Eye speak, yet the Eye itself remains silent. It is time we endeavour to see our true purpose once more." And so, the Eye watches, looking, searching, endeavouring to find it's namegiver... ------------------- General outline: A good year has past since the Eye of Dalaran was launched as a Dalaran-Mage guild. In the last year many a guild came and went in this branch, but we are proud to be among those still around! The Eye of Dalaran still aims to provide a home-y atmosphere for magical, mage and related roleplay, within the "pure" rules and directions of Dalaran. The Eye of Dalaran bears a strong loyalty to the Mageocracy and the course it will take, under the current leader: Archmage Jaina Proudmoore with the Council of Six. The stance toward the Horde is therefor not necesarily friendly. The Eye of Dalaran, through Jaina now loyal to the Alliance will adhere to the "Dalaran" approach to magic, and favours the greater limitations imposed on magic that can be used freely. Thereby having a distinct alternative to the approach taken by the Alliance. The Eye of Dalaran seeks to combine three elements that in our opinion "make" Dalaran unique, Academics, Diplomacy and Enforcement. In the past the Kirin Tor maintained a vigilant position on the Ley Lines and Magic users in the Eastern Kingdoms, and endeavoured to root out corruption and the use of outlawed magic, as for instance Fel and Blood magic. The Eye dreams of those time returning, and therefor fosters a new generation of magi to further this cause. The Eye of Dalaran consists primarily of magi, however it does endeavour to bring about the "full" picture of Dalaran as a city. Which results in providing room for related bodies as Spellblades and Violet Guards to aid in the duties of the Eye. The Eye of Dalaran, operates from the city of Dalaran. However with the city on the move and after the purge, we work with a limited list of possibilities. Transportation crystals to Crystalsong are out of usage and portals to Dalaran are hard to maintain. Hence the magi won't often be popping in and out of Dalaran based on an easy whim, but rather on purpose due to the implications of long distance portalling to a moving city. Aside the above the Eye seeks to RP in Dalaran and cooperate, roleplay and work to bring this now pearl of the Alliance to life! Organisation: Ranks: The Eye of Dalaran is organised in pretty simple lines of organisation. For mages there is no set entrance rank as an "apprentice". Instead an applicant will be judged and tested on their knowledge, this gradient will then determine whether an applicant can join as a mage or rather as an apprentice. All those that join will first join on a week "Citizen" pass, this illustrates a trial period. Otherwise the Eye provides for both the magi and the non-magi a 3-base rank system. Based on the rookie - normal - veteran membership. For magi this is: Apprentice - Mage - Senior Mage. For non-magi: Recruit - Specialist - Veteran. The organisation of the guild in turn falls to the Council of the Eye, consisting of the Councillors and the Grand Mage. Specialization: To keep the interaction within the guild at a maximum, as well as stimulate a character to make choices, the guild is divided into three wings. Every member upon reaching the rank of "Mage" will automatically be part of the Militant Wing. Within the consequetive week they are to nominate another wing, should they wish to change path. Each department is responsible for a select few areas of activity and has the freedom to organize itself from within. The Dalaran Academy: The Academy is the research and academical branch of the Eye of Dalaran. They spend much time studying, providing in the lectures and other activities to keep the members of the Eye up-to-date on both knowledge as well as information. Secondly the Academy oversees the education of apprentices from start to finish, provide the necesary coordination as well as set the bar that apprentices need to match before becoming a Mage. The Dalaran Militants: The Militants are the battle and enforcement division of the Eye. They specialize in combat, military tactics and study the means in which the Eye of Dalaran can aid to tip the tide. Moreover they serve as the enforcers of the Magic Laws of Dalaran should an incident validate such. In addition the Militant wing also entertain the non-magical combatants of Dalaran. Hence they might correlate to somewhat of an army... without the confinements and applications that the Alliance armies maintain. The Diplomatic Corps: The Diplomats of the Eye of Dalaran manage all relations and inter-guild relations. Their objective is to ensure the interests of Dalaran find common ground and are shared by other races and organizations. Uniting the efforts of mankind and ensuring that the Eye of Dalaran remains in a position in the world, rather then left outside. Contact information: Guild Leader: Didonus Contact Officers: -- None -- AA Page: Website: dalaran.enjin.comDidonus322 27 Jan 2016
27 Jan 2016 [Discussion] How will you handle ret-cons in your RP? Warning: This may contain spoilers for the Warcraft Movie So, the Warcraft Movie is (slowly) comming up, and with it, a few retcons. An example from what we know so far, is that Dalaran already floats during the 1st War. How do you guys plan to adopt to these retcons? Will you just suddenly say something different in your RP (Like about Dalaran), or will you ignore the retcons?Kastane45 27 Jan 2016
27 Jan 2016 [RP] The Wandering Collective [Guild forum] The Wandering Collective was founded in 2016 on the server Argent Dawn by a group of friends. The main focus was to have a place where people of like minds could gather to progress through new content and have fun in our RP Story. Combined by many races and skillfull warriors we strive for greatness through militaristic travelling, our goals are our own, we create our own path and future. We are a neutral order that bands together as one big loving family searching around Azeroth and helping anyone in need. Any questions please feel free to contact Ariathilia on Argent Dawn or through RealID NightRaven# General Information: Faction: Alliance Server: Argent Dawn (RP) Guild Type: transmog runs, RP Theme: Neutral-Wandering- Millitary- Events: Planing to do weekly with casual meet up, Class Needs: Anything is welcome! Allies: None View on Horde: Friendly Recruiting officers : Ariathilia - Self - Lupercio -Ariathilia0 27 Jan 2016
27 Jan 2016 Selling Transmorphic Tincture! 750 of them in Auction House! Buy It Now :)Havök12 27 Jan 2016
27 Jan 2016 Looking For a Dungeon & Raid Guild Hello everyone! My name is Ragnvald, I am a Level 100 Fury 2h Warrior with currently 650 Item Level. I am playing in Steamwheedle Cartel server and I am looking for a "frequent" Dungeon & Raid Guild. I can participate in any dungeon and raid you want me to, and I myself looking to play the current WoD Dungeon & Raids. I am looking to get more powerful gear very quickly but I am also willing to play along during the weekly lockouts (for the raids of course). The reason I typed "frequently" is because I am looking to play the WoD Raids as soon as possible. I usually log in during the evenings (usually after 20-21 PM) but I will of course try to log in whenever you decide to raid as much as I can.Ragnvald0 27 Jan 2016
27 Jan 2016 What is Argent Dawn? As an outsider, with the recent return of popular topics, I just have to ask. What is this server and how many mana pipes have your Blood Elves been smoking? Also can we have some of the stuff? Someone explain please :(Marìska36 27 Jan 2016
27 Jan 2016 [A/H - Story] The Gathering of Sides - (Part one Ended) ... Starting on the 16th of January several guilds from both Horde and Alliance will be gathering in Hearthglen. The purpose of which will be to hold talks between the factions, in an effort to work within the current truce upheld between the factions and perhaps strengthen it further. From the talks military training will also take place, a co-operation between both sides in efforts to further grow bonds and also to see how both sides can work together when facing greater foes. With all rumours abound from the battles in Tanaan once can never be too safe. Representing both sides are a mixture of orders: Alliance Crusaders of Turalyon - Order of the Sage - The Baratide Naval Brigade - Clan Drakehammer The Storm Traders Aldori Axiom - Sir Ramsay Lyons & Co. Raven Blades Horde Banners under Bloodhoof - Sun Hawks - The Bloodied Spear - Thalassian Royal Navy - Falconwings Each guild so far has been working along a carefully crafted story plan with steady developments being made. - However we are open to individuals and guilds coming to join us in the story. I do kindly ask if you would like to be involved please message me in-game either via whispers or in-game mail. This is for the purpose of helping us keep track of the story as it evolves, a lot of hard work has gone into all this and want to make sure it goes off without a hitch! ...Yazoo88 27 Jan 2016
27 Jan 2016 The Forlorn Paladin looking for Contacts Quick introduction, having faction changed my paladin to the horde side after a few friends recommended the role-play there I am looking for a guild with active role-play and friendly role-players to help me learn more of the horde lore as this will be my first ever horde character. I have been role-playing on Alliance for about 3 years with various characters from Night elf temple guards, Power hungry warlocks, Dwarf smiths and warrior Worgens. I use Total role-play and have always tried to make my characters fun and interesting with flaws and strengths. Currently have some good friends I random role-play with on the horde side, but alas Alandis is looking for a stable home and events, so here goes... Alandis is a diplomat above all else, its still up for debate where he learnt to wield the light, but that aura grows ever dim due to his personal quest pulling him further and further away from the ideals he once held dear. (That is linked to his backstory and quite happy to role-play that out as time goes by). Having been born outside his native lands, he is thought of quite strange by his people, he lacks any arrogance and speaks and acts more like a human than a elf. Always looking to spare lives either side of the conflict if he can help it. His views are of integration and co-operation , kindness and valor. Having spent most of his time in Pandaria with his then wife, away from the prying eyes of both sides, has recently returned after a tragic event that sent his life in a completely different path. He now is adamant in finding the trail of a certain rouge gallon ship that seems to have played a part in his tragically leaving of pandaria, with his faithful hyppogrph mount Maxwell (there is also a tale behind this) and his inner light faltering, the forlorn paladin now seeks to find his answers. Whatever the cost. Alandis is looking for a adventuring or connected group to role-play with, either for information or contacts. He has worked with many different races so is not biased to any one race, including his own. He is not looking for military work, but can provide guard duty if needed. He rarely stays in one place for very long, so mercenary or traveling groups might be a good fit. Anyway thank you for reading this post and hopefully Alandis will find a home soon, friends, and good role-play buddies. I am also a 705 protection paladin who manly PVP's or PVE's when not role-playing and really enjoy transmog runs and helping out new or unsure players. I work shifts so cant always be on at the same time each day but i am looking to grow and develop his lore and bio as he grows. And like i said I am still quite new to the horde and always welcome feedback and help getting me started. Thank you so much and sorry for the long post, if this were 9gag I would leave a potato hehe. For the Light!Alandis2 27 Jan 2016
27 Jan 2016 Argent Dawn General Rain Thread #163 IT'S RAINING IN DARNASSUSIrolas500 27 Jan 2016
27 Jan 2016 LF Challenge Mode Boost Looking for a boost, mainly ones that accept gold.Valley1 27 Jan 2016
27 Jan 2016 Edgy; The topic Quit it, I have been called "Edgelord" and "Edgy bad-!@#" by at least 15 people so far. I'm not a trenchcoat fedora wearing Masamune wielding neckbeard who's name is Xxx_S3ph1r0th_xxX My mask symbolizes the transformation that Gilneas has suffered, since my char is not a worgen, he will try to look like one. Stop bleeding bad irl terms into our beautiful fantasy game. I would rather suffer a thousand half night elves/ (insert incompatible race) then deal with serious roleplaying throwing around the Edgy term. Feel free to downvote me to hell and back.Elìjah137 27 Jan 2016
27 Jan 2016 LF Horde Raid Group! A destruction Warlock, ilevel 695 looking for a friendly Raid Group. I would most rather find a group that I can tag along with, since I have an own guild to run. I do good/descent DPS and am yet learning the tactics of Destruction for max DPS. A friendly and social group would be perfect! Edit; ilevel 699, soon 700Benesing1 27 Jan 2016
27 Jan 2016 Role-Playing a Dryad? So as the title suggests I'm thinking about role-playing as a Dryad. From what I can gather from various wikis, this is not exactly a difficult thing as it's said that some Dryad's do tend to go out and do adventuring, So I thought it'd be an interesting concept and are there any guilds out there that would recruit such a creature? It doesn't have to be a Night Elf Exclusive guild, as I see my character being very interested in life outside of the forest. Of course it will all be a bit of a culture shock for her so she will need some friends to help her along the way! I've left the link to the page for people who are interested.Myalieth24 27 Jan 2016
26 Jan 2016 Cathedral Records - Keeping track of who is out there Hello hello hello... and hello! Argent Dawn. My crazy, whacked up friend of a server. I hope you are all well this afternoon and if you're not, get outa 'ere so you don't unwell someone else's day. (I kid). Onto the topic at hand! The Church of the Holy Light is the organisation that encompasses the Order of the Silver Hand, the Clerics of Northshire and a number of other sub organisations, formed of priests, monks, and paladins. As such, one would assume that in the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind, would be a charter, a record of all the Paladins, all the Cleric, of everyone, who was a part of the Church. And that is what I want to build. I am not here to say that "If you are not on my list, you're not a real member of the church." I prefer not to use the "No true Scotsman" fallacy. If you are not on the list, then you may ask to be put on the list. But even if you don't want to be on the list. In a large organisation in a mead-evil fantasy setting, one of two people getting lost in paperwork etcetera is not something to be considered abnormal. This list will hopefully serve as a point for people to access other people of the Church. We are, however going to have to make some assumptions about certain things. For example, ranks and date. Church of the Holy Light ranks: Archbishop (unobtainable IC) Bishop Highpriest Abbot Priest Adept Novice Order of the Silver Hand ranks: Grandmaster Highlord Lord Commander Commander Lord Paladin Paladin Junior Paladin We will assume that from the beginning of the first war to vanilla, was 25 years as per the unlimited visual guide. We will take from in game sources (cited on the unofficial time-line) that the first war began in the year 592 by the Kings Calendar. Such that vanilla began in the year 617 by the kings calendar. To avoid any unnecessary time fudging of dates, we will assume that wow has been running for 12 years now (11+1 for the 2016 new year) bringing us to the modern date of 629 by the Kings Calendar. We will take the order of the silver hand as being founded at the point of the 2nd war. Year 597 from a number of specially chosen Knights, only a few of whom were named. We will assume that Grand Master and Archbishop have similar power to one another. (due to being heads of 2 parts of the holy orders) We will assume that Bishop and Highlord have similar power to one another. (Due to being semi-numerous higher officials of the holy orders) We will assume that Abbot and Lord Paladins, have specific lands to which they are assigned. (Due to evidence in game showing no two highpriest(esse)s in the same place and evidence that the rank of Lord Paladin has a role as a low grade ruler in Of Blood and Honour and Day of the Dragon). So, you wanna be on this list? The first thing we ask you do is solidly come to grips with your character. One the record is down, it'll be a bit more bothersome for me to change so please try to get it right first time. Next, decide if your character should be filling out the Order of the Silver Hand form, or the Church of the Holy Light form. Copy and paste the form below and fill it out in full. post it in a quote so that its more easily noticeable and you'll be put on the documents you find at the bottom of this post. Church of the Holy Light Register ... Order of the Silver Hand Register: ... Example: ... The lists below are in viewable only, and NPC's have been included in red. Played made NPC's included in green. These registers will also be getting copied by <The Royal Society> and indeed they were an inspiration for these registers. Check them out here: Now for the Links: Church of the Holy Light can be found at: ... Order of the silver hand can be found at: ... If you noticed any missed NPCs or mistakes, do point them out. Have a good one.Galdrick72 26 Jan 2016