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04 May 2016 [A-RP] 'The Stalwart Swords' ... ... ... ________________________ Foreword ________________________ From the ashes of Stormwind Infantry, The Stalwart Swords of the Fourth Battalion hold the line as strong as ever. The Stalwart Swords are the protectors of home and the unsung heroes of their very kingdom. Each and every single one of them bound together as great friends, accompanied by great comradeship. The Stalwart Swords consist of only the finest men and women, a rough bunch of hard fighting and well disciplined fighters, who perform and push themselves to the absolute brim in order to gain outstanding formation and manoeuvre to great lengths to hold the ability to conquer any odds on the battlefield. The Stalwart soldier is responsible for "slogging" for miles, each solider burdened with a heavy load of equipment to fulfill their orders and successfully inflict their grim reality of butcher's work on the enemies doorstep, often far away from their homelands, native glares, curses and mocks made to greet the hardened group of soldiers. Each referred to as the underdogs of Stormwind, they may appear faceless, an unfamiliar face upon the crowd, but each man that serves under this banner has their own story and life to tell, no doubt fill a night with many stories and tales. Yet each of these loyal, reliable, hard-working individuals stand as tall as any other, forged upon the grounds of discipline and respect for their fellow comrades. ________________________ Identity ________________________ The Stalwart Swords certainly don't stray too far from their duties, seeking to forge and bolster their ranks with determined, uncomplicated and loyal veterans to aid in their ascension. All of their men and women are appointed to suffer through extensive formation and discipline training within the field of battle, storming their way through the many months of intense training as a recruit to finally deem themselves worthy of being embraced into the tightly formed brotherhood of the Stalwart Swords, either stood as Archer or Swordsman. Supporting troops, able men and women in their combat role are fatherly figures of their Battle Chaplains in all and every instance. These individuals aid their fellow comrades by picking up and mending and healing all scars which are inflicted physically and emotionally, offering ceremonies of prayer and private confessions. Each here to save lives with a mere set of needle and thread, each of these courageous men either march behind their ranks in the field of battle, or stand side by side, with sword and shield in hand. One question lingers, will you find yourself beside these titans of war, and make your mark? ________________________ Ranks ________________________ Sergeant Swords Corporal Lance-Corporal First Sword Woodsman Swordsman Recruit ________________________ Fitting or unfitting? ________________________ We desire role-players that can bring character to the company, be they cigar chewing roughnecks or poetic wandering minds, all pressed together in one unlikely brotherhood of steel. Foot soldiers within the Army Infantry are commonly found to be of low-born commoners, farmers, roof thatchers, fishermen and blacksmiths doing their part for the war effort. It has even been known of nobility hiding among the ranks escaping debt or family dishonour, but no man has ever walked in and been given anything more than a basic rate of coin and three meals a day, all men are equal as soon as they sign the King's contract of enlistment, or make their mark what-ever the case may be. If anybody is seeking immediate rise in rank, to stand out from the crowd, to wear golden glowing armour, that is half-demon or fruitcake, then they are strongly discouraged from enlisting. It matters little the upbringing, for all soldiers are forged in to disciplined killers the same. Here's a list of the accepted races and classes that we take, please denote that our reasoning for the selection of these classes are to maintain the realistic attitude we have toward our military role-play, you do not see Human Sentinels for a reason. Humans only [*] Warrior [*] Paladin [*] Rogue [*] Hunter [*] Priest [*] Mage Minimum level requirement is 45. ________________________ Useful links & F.A.Q ________________________ ... Q. What are the activity requirements? A. We ask only that you keep us updated with things, somebody that logs in once a week for an hour or two isn't going to be best placed with us; we expect some form of attendance the same way a raiding guild would if you had joined to raid, or a PVP guild to PVP. Q. What's the best way to join? A. Usually when we're on a recruitment period, it's a little tougher to enlist when we're on the job, but either send a letter to myself or an NCO (ask somebody online if you're uncertain) who will get in touch as soon as they can. Q. Why are you all human? This is a fantasy game! A. We're well aware and we include that in our concept, the point and case is - we're a human military unit, do you see humans patrolling the streets of Ironforge? What about Sentinels arresting Joe Bloggs at the tavern in Stormwind? You don't - there may not be countries in Warcraft but the races are sure as heck shown to have their own military. That doesn't mean we don't work with others. Q. Can I join this guild on an alt? A. Of course, just try not to be the guy that signs up and never logs in, it's very tiresome especially because of all the effort of explaining things and helping you get your gear we go through! Also be wary - if your inactive without informing us and your platoon is full up? Somebody will happily take your slot. Q. Will you ever make any exceptions to the classes or races? A. The Infantry has been steadfast about this for years, I'm afraid the answer is no and we have very strong reasons as to why that is, if you really wish for us to elaborate then we shall do so - but the summary and quick answer is that it makes sense for who we are. Death Knights skill sets are not for the common light infantry company. ___________________________________________________________________ Original concept: Arthedun Stormwind Infantry ___________________________________________________________________Gaufrid37 04 May 2016
04 May 2016 WTB Tcg mounts WTB Reins of the Swift Spectral Tiger Reins of the Spectral Tiger Magic Rooster Egg Feldrake Mottled Drake X-51 Nether-Rocket Corrupted Hippogryph Blazing Hippogryph Gold on Magtheridon/Silvermoon/Argent Dawn/RavencrestOutland - Alliance Rawsteel#1332Heinous2 04 May 2016
04 May 2016 [H-Rp] Hammer and Steel! - The Blacksmith is in! [Before anyone asks, this is not a guild advertisment.] You find a poster nailed to a building within Orgrimmar, you scratch your head in curiosity as you start to read it. Unto all members of the Horde! The Tide of war is upon us once again brothers and sisters! As members of the horde it is our sworn duty to take up arms to defend our people and to face off against all who would seek to ruin us. But to fight in a war, you must be well equiped! The Hammer and Steel Blacksmiths, among the greatest smiths and crafters in orgrimmar offers you the chance to equip youself with the best Armor and weapons with the best Quality you can afford! Come down to the great forge in the Valley of honor in our great capital of orgrimmar and ask for us, and we will provide you with everything you need to fight for the horde! Wield the best steel that your people will sing songs about for generations, as you stand as a unstopable force against our foes! Lok'tar ogar! For the Horde! Signed: Rham'gosh Wolfpaw - Blacksmith IC Info! The Hammer and steel is open for Business! Do you need a new weapon? A new set armor forged by the toughest metals of Azeroth? Or do you require a simple repair of your equipment? Come down to us and we will see to your needs. The Hammer and steel have large stocks of materials from all across azeroth and beyond! History. Hammer and steel was founded by Rham'gosh and Demirgen. Two former rivals who once endlessly competed with eachother of who was the superior smith. A competition was held to determed a winner of wich Demirgen emerged the winner. But rather then continue there rivality the two smiths banded together and formed The Hammer of steel to put both of there skills combined to use. Today the company provides there clients with the best quality smithing works and they have yet to back down from a request. The Current stockpile of supplies: Copper. Iron. Steel. Truesilver. Thorium. Adamantite. Cobalt. Titanium. Titansteel. Obsidium. Elementium. Ghost Iron. True Iron. Blackrock. Truesteel. The client in question should consult the blacksmith of the quality and best use of the material he or she wants there item to be made off. Besides making personal requests, the Hammer and steel also offer to supply the various warbands in need of equipment from the forge to arm there warriors with. An contract must be signed between the company and the warband in question, and upon agreed the hammer and steel will provide with the items needed to a fair price and on time delivery. Should a supply be delayed, the agreed price will be lowered for each day the supply are delayed. Current warband supplied by The Hammer and steel: Fourteenth Legion. Employment. Besides the usual business, the hammer and steel is always looking for apprentices and assistents to the forge to help speed up the progress and teach aspiring blacksmiths the proffesion. OOC. Greetings good people of Argent Dawn. Some of you may know me allready, but for you who dont, I am Rhamgosh, a friendly optemistic roleplayer on our lovely Roleplaying server. If you roleplay in Orgrimmar you may know me as the orc who goes on and about yelling about this very company. Like the first sentence mentioned this is not a guild advertisment but a very special side project i have been working on for the past few months. It has been a very sucessfull project so far and i am very pleased and greatfull so many people have taken intrest in it. Why am i doing this? First of all becouse i enjoy it very much. I have been roleplaying on this server for about 5 years or so and i have mostly been commited to military, cults and Mercenary guilds. With this character i decided to try something new and focus most of my time roleplaying as a blacksmith shopowner. Determed to become the best reknown blacksmith on the server! A faar fetched goal you may think, but i must say its been going well lately and people seem to catch a intrest in it, and i am more then happy to help people. My reasoning is that i found that some player who wears there epic armor sets and epic weapons, should ahve had a proper reason of how they managed to get there hands on them. So why not have them made especialy for them? Where can i find you? Rham'gosh runs his shop in the Valley of honor in orgrimmar. Right outside the great forge where you can find the Blacksmithing trainers. If you are around, then you should come by and say hello! How does this work? Simple really! Lets say you found a weapon or armor set you want your character to use Ic'ly but cant think of how they got it. Simply walk down to Rham'gosh after perhaps hearing his announcement or if you have heard about it by a friend. Go to Rhamgosh and tell him of your request and you will be given the choise to personaly design the weapon by description, we agree to a price and a time of when it will be finnished for pickup. Then after a few days you will recive a ingame mail from me, informing you ic'ly that the item is finnished. Walk back to the forge and pay the agreed sum Ic'ly and then you are fully free to use your item as you wish. On a side note, i will NOT make Legendary items. There is always a limit. Contact? You can contact me by whisper ingame or by Ingame mail and request a comission. Or you can leave a request in this thread and i will contact you ingame later! :) If any of you have any questions or want to leave any feedback about the thread feel tree to do so here! There may be a typoe here and there, if you find any then please let me know so i can correct it! Thank you for your time and i hope i will see you soon!Rhamgosh33 04 May 2016
04 May 2016 [A-RP Event] The Floating Market Following the interest thread: On Tuesday the 3rd from 9pm game time will be the first Floaing Market! It will be on the ship in Faldir's Cove (South of Stormgarde), both on deck and inside. ... WHAT IS IT? The Floating Market will be a regularly occurring (just about monthly) event where you can sell and swap goods, much like you would on the Auction House, except IC and having a lot more fun with it! This will be the only publicly advertised event. From now on, the information will be spread in-game both IC and OOC and through many channels. If you turn up to a market, the next location and time will be announced there, otherwise you'll have to ask around to find it. The aim is to make it a curious spectacle, always in a new place, always improving. It should be a destination for individials, groups and guilds - a reason to travel and explore. It should be an easy talking point connecting the good people of Argent Dawn. . The way to achieve this is for you to take part. 1 - Bring all that stuff you have stashed in the bank, and haven't quite got around to selling yet. Bring pets and trade goods. Bring your crafting skills! Even if you don't intend on being a stationary vendor, bring stuff to barter with. 2 - Spread the word! Bring your friends and guildies. Have fun spreading rumours like the ones Zofia came up with above, but of course keep consistent with the location and time. 3 - Make it fun and interesting; bring cushions and tents and balloons to draw attention to yourself as a trader. Try your best to make it look like a fantastical bazaar without obstructing others. Have a look at the Argent Archives for suggestions and more information. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me on Zofia, Dominique or Domerie. See you Tuesday!Zofya5 04 May 2016
04 May 2016 Gizoogle; an Argent Archives Edition Chillmire4 04 May 2016
04 May 2016 [Discussion] your WoW experience best memories. Hey AD! So i though of asking you lot, what is the best, or worse, experience you had in your time during wow? Personally my funniest memory, that i remember now and i laugh is when i had problems with questing back when i started, and i had to go to Thotbot all the time to find the quest and complete it, as my english was quite bad ( i was 8 years old, sue me! ) and the other memory is when i gave up on a quest at the lvl 12 of bear form on my first character, who was a druid in Karazhan. what class/race/server did you made your first character and tyour best/worst memories? :D Share them!Xesmeni25 04 May 2016
03 May 2016 Armoured Combat FOR REALS This made me grin far more than it should.Arakine32 03 May 2016
03 May 2016 [H-RP] B-ELF : Division Forty Seven Update. Greetings Community. I am glad to see that my Division has been expanding and succeeding in playing a part in recent events. Credit going to those who organised the Frozen Heart Campaign, we have made some great alliances and hope to continue playing our part in enriching the roleplaying on Argent Dawn. This post, being shorter than I expected, is dedicated to promoting our website which has been created for those interested in the Division or wish to ally themselves with us. A link is provided below and I hope to see you on the site. We are still recruiting and, if you follow the options on the website, should be more than happy to accommodate you. Suns Guidance to each. [ ]Ithilden7 03 May 2016
03 May 2016 Buying Heavy Junkboxes CoD me 30g per box. Feel free to C.O.D me 1400 if you got that many, or more (cause killing them Syndicate guys is a pooper).Náia1 03 May 2016
03 May 2016 [A/RP] The blacksmith is in! New posters have been nailed on the noticeboards in Stormwind and Ironforge. People of the Alliance, If yer a soldier that needs tae keep his equipment flawless tae avoid yer superiors wrath, or yer a simple man who no longer feels sae without a blade at yer hip. Or perhaps ye want to impress yer companions and the ladies with a one o' a kind weapon? Then I can help ye! Me name is Korgeth Steelforge an' me profession is blacksmithing! So if yer looking tae buy a weapon or armour, if ye need something repaird or if ye want tae have something made specifically fer you... Tae put it short, if it's metalworking that needs to be done, I'm the lad for ye! Ye can find me at the Great Forge within Ironforge, or ye simply send me a letter askin' tae meet up. Fo' the Alliance! Korgeth Steelforge - Blacksmith. OOC Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen of the forums. I've been thinking about bringing this concept to you in the next coming days, it's a simple concept: That of a blacksmith. Someone you can turn to for all sorts of reasons: Repairing damaged armoured, making a new sword, etc etc Plus, it gives the people the chance to be able to get that specific set of armour or weapon with a simple reasoning being that it has been costum made for them. Now I know people can already to that by simply claiming they went to random blacksmith NPC 412 and that's true, but personally I think it's more enjoyable to RP your way to obtaining anything. I would usually be around Ironforge, and occasionaly venturing to Stormwind for bussines so I can always be poked for anything, but in order to avoid having to search high and low for Kor it could proof easy to send an IC letter asking to meet up. Now, the reason I post this is obviously to raise some awareness but also to hear people's throughts / opinions regarding this. So if you got anything that add or ask, or if you even thinking "this is never going to work" please state so below with examples why not? And lastly, I feel obligated to add this in case for the red side incase some don't know about it but this concept has been alive for the Horde with Rhamgosh and partners in the Hammer and Steel shop -> They've shown me it could be fun and interesting RP so credits to them for that! But since I've not played Horde side for a long time, do tell me if that's no longer played out! Anyway, thanks for reading and do leave your thoughts/ opinions below!Korgeth8 03 May 2016
03 May 2016 The Legion Pre-Event: A Server Wide War? (Spoilers) Legion Pre-Expansion Event We are still learning more about the event, but here is what we know about the portion that takes place in the city so far: Players in Stormwind or Orgrimmar will randomly hear whispers offering them untold power for their services. Players then have 5 abilities and 9 stacks of Frail Mind. Turn Ally - Impart Dark Whispers into the mind of an ally after 10 sec. Using this ability will out you as an ally of the Legion for 15 sec. Removes one stack of Frail Mind. When you are visible as an ally of the Legion, the guards will attack you. Cloak of Darkness - Vanish into the darkness for 20 sec. Hysteria - Cause hysteria in a group of targets, making them fight with allies for 10 sec. Using this ability will out you as an ally of the Legion for 15 sec. Does not affect targets that have been recently marked. Illusionary Guise - Take on the guise of a target. This includes most NPCs, even High Overlord Saurfang. Once all 9 stacks of Frail Mind are removed, you can use Give In To Darkness and become a Dreadlord for a minute! Unfortunately it looks like the event will be easy to opt out of, as you can right click to cancel the whispers. Other plays cannot see the whispers buff on you. -------------------------------------------------------- So as far as I know the Legion pre-event is going to be as chaotic as the WotLK pre-event and it's gonna be a world-wide war, especially in the capital cities. Personally I can't wait, and will be RPing it out as actually taking place IC.Maarod89 03 May 2016
03 May 2016 LF Highly active social raiding guild Hi, I am new to the game (bought it at the weekend) and I am trying to find a highly active social guild to join on Alliance side, my Horde character has found a nice home and I am looking for one for my Paladin. Ideally a guild with over 25 people online of an evening, I keep joining dead guilds :(Valorías0 03 May 2016
03 May 2016 [H - RP Guild] The Mok'Shazal - Orcs of the Shadowmoon Thread music: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- “NO!” The cry echoed throughout the camp of exiles, as the stargazer woke from his nightmare. Visions of his mother being consumed by shadows had haunted him ever since Ner’zhul’s betrayal. Pondering their meanings would have to wait, however, as commotions rose outside his tent. An old hooded orc with a crooked back, hunched over his staff stood at the edges of the camp, dressed in the garbs of his own clan. “Stand back, vile thing, or my axe will taste your cursed blood!” yelled one of the guards, wrinkling his nose in disgust at the old one. “Calm yourself, young one, for I come in peace. I wish to speak to Rulkan… I wish to seek forgiveness.” -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Mok’Shazal The guilds concept is based on the Draenor clan of the Shadowmoon orcs. A clan that has suffered greatly under the rule of Grommash and Ner’zhul, and who according to many would have walked the same path as the Frostwolf clan had they had the choice. After Ner’zhul broke the ancestral stones the clan has become a shadow of its former self, consisting of the original exiles who refused to follow Ner’zhul, and the defectors of the Iron Horde who had had enough once Kil’rogg took over and joined the burning legion. The path to former glory will surely be a long and perilous one, but with their ancestors still at their side to guide them ever onwards, there is a certain safety in the future… Regardless of the tensions rising as old kinsmen come to seek forgiveness. What roleplay can the Mok’Shazal offer? The guild is stationed in Exile’s Rise in Shadowmoon Valley (Draenor), and the RP it offers is based around survival, social and military aspects. One aspect in particular is the Kor’Shaz, which is a military warband that aims to help the Horde in military conflicts so as to gain their favor in such uncertain times for the clanl. You can look forward to DMd storylines, of which I have already thought up many, as well as generally hunting for food, scavenging for materials, skirmishing against the Iron Orcs at Shaz’gul, holding ceremonies and socializing within the clan. Characters within the guild are not forced to stay in Shadowmoon Valley, of course, but most guild events will take place there! If you’re an orc looking for civillian RP, that is something we hope to offer here. Rules: Happiness is mandatory, or you shall face trial by fire. Jokes aside, be friendly to others, and take everything as it if was said with good intentions. Common sense, I guess you could call it. Political and religious discussions are not allowed. If something goes wrong, I will handle it personally, but as a rule of thumb: If you are offended by a joke, however bad, rude, or inconsiderate it was, so long as it is not a personal attack I will not moderate anything. If you threaten to leave based on your dislike for another person, I will gladly kick you out myself. Honesty is a trait that is valued above all. WoW is a PG 12 game, and so all ERP is banned. If I find out, for example, that your character is seeking sexual contact in Orgrimmar, or what have you, you will be kicked without a plea. Sexually centralized characters are not welcome, so if you base all your RP around talking about sex, sexual orientation, so on and so forth, you can look for a home elsewhere. Repurcussions: All actions have consequences, both IC and OOC, but not across those “platforms”. Some positive, some negative. Everything however will be handled according to the situation. Ranks: Keep in mind that all defectors who use the void are frowned upon, and do not openly do so unless necessary. Stargazer: The peons and civilians of the clan. Generally just orcs that try to go on about their lives. Shadowstalker: The hunters and scouts of the clan, made up of iron horde defectors and traditional hunters aided by their netherwolves or uncorrupted stalkers, they hunt, scout, and skirmish against Iron Horde patrols and caravans. Eclipseguard: The infantry of the clan. These are the warriors who hold the front against the enemy, and keep guard over the Exile’s Rise. Peacekeepers and soldiers, they fight traditionally, or in the case of some defectors, by augmenting their weapons and attacks with Shadow. Spiritualist: These are the shamans who either stuck to their traditions, or fell from grace following Ner’zhul. The traditional ones seek to redeem the fallen ones, and the fallen ones should constantly seek redemption. The void-shamans however prove useful in their knowledge of the weapons of their former kinsmen, and so their magics are tolerated so long as it is far away from the camp and the rest of the clan. They are spiritual guides who lead ceremonies, give offerings, and speak to the Ancestors. Elder: The rank of Elder is something gained through age and skill combined, and they represent everyone from civilians to spiritualists. They guide and lead those of their respective professions, and hold meetings to discuss and plan the future of the clan under the guidance of the ancestors. How to join The guild only accept orcs. What type of orc this is, however, can vary greatly. To join, simply whisper me in game! Argent Archives! 03 May 2016
03 May 2016 <The SkyLarks> Raiding/Social Guild, Argent Dawn EU Finsburyc15 03 May 2016
03 May 2016 How is RP Horde-side? Greetings Argent Dawn. I am new to this server, having only been on it for a short time; due to joining a reroll guild here. However, I have been greatly inspired by the RP community here and would like to make it my main server One question I have however is, how is the community Horde-side? I usually prefer playing horde as I like the races there more, but it looks like the server is very heavily alliance. Is the horde side completely dead? And if it is, what other RP server would you suggest for horde? Thank you in advance (and sorry for being such a server noob)Nephylem30 03 May 2016
03 May 2016 <Deleted Thread> <Deleted>Finsburyc17 03 May 2016
02 May 2016 Free Arena Boost (Full CC cap 2v2) Hey there! I've taken a big liking into boosting people in arena as of late, I am probably not the best hunter you can find, but I am confident enough to say that I can get a level 100 character, no matter what class or ilvl, full CC cap in about 8 hours of diligent PVP (sometimes even faster). No teamspeak or voice needed. So yes, if you are looking for a boost to get full Season 3, I am reachable every Wednesday during 18-23:00 server time. Since I am doing it for free, I reserve the rights to call in breaks once in a while. So, give me an in-game whisper! I only have time for one character a week.Saeana0 02 May 2016
02 May 2016 [A-Dwarf RP] The Northeron Battle Guard ... Website: 'Names on the site need an update. Our old tag is doomed on an inactive player's character.' "Through the Ironwoods and beyond the Frozen Icecliffs, the Northeron Wildlands are reborn in each of you, to be carried forth boldly in to battle on the tips of our tongues, in the depths of our hearts, upon the wings of our gryphons along side the Stormpike Clansmen." - Sergeant Reiksgard, addressing new Wildhammer arrivals. Notice - The guild is not yet live. Northern Battle Guard History & Formation Prior to the Cataclysm, the northernmost part of the Twilight Highlands was called Northeron. The rapid melting of its famed icy cliffs due to the catastrophic climate shift from the Cataclysm, the incursion of Twilight's Hammer forces, and the appearance of the creature known as Iso'rath all served to put an end to Northeron and many of the independent dwarves who lived there. Some of the wreckage is still visible along the northern coast. Fortunately, the nearby spiritual center of Kirthaven remains intact. Meanwhile further north, leading the efforts in Alterac Valley the Stormpike Clan attempts to exploit all measures available to break the stalemate with the Frostwolf Clan, bonds between the Stormpike and Wildhammer clans have strengthened through battle and politics alike because of the assistance the Wildhammer often provides. In the latest Dwarven initiative an offensive strike force has been forged known as the Northeron Storm Guard, they are veterans of the two strong clans whom have been given orders to assist the struggle in Alterac Valley, safeguard Aerie Peak and the Hinterlands by all and any means necessary, exploring new lands to discover and lay claim to any resources and artifacts that could help the Dwarven war effort. This initiative is supposed to further bond the clans of the Dwarf realm, a political statement with a lot riding on its shoulders. Role-play Mission The mission of the Northeron Storm Guard from a role-play perspective is to provide a combined Wildhammer and Stormpike military unit working across and beyond Azeroth through an infinite number of story arcs that will focus on character development and guild story, all the while making the player feel as if she or he is really involved with all manner of efforts in the northern realms. This will be achieved through RP-PvE, DM events and RP-PvP in a lovely mixed pot of story-line. As for tactics and training? That will not be the ultimate focus of the guild, how-ever a simplistic level of training will be maintained such as the ability to form shield-walls and hide effectively for ambushes, the goal is story enriched character driven experience. The rest of the tactics will depend on the commander's initiative and the individual's skill! Additionally the Guard's Campaign Map ( ) will be utilized as a constant visual reference guide for the guild, each chapter will last 1 week and during that week missions will be made available. The campaign map will be impacted negatively or positively depending on the performance of the Guard and any outside influences that have been with them for the chapter, resulting in title gain, artifact gain or loss and even camp destruction or creation! A book will last for as long as the story-line continues, new books will be opened for major plot changes. Ranks and Specializations The guild is expected to be relatively small with around 15 in maximum, thus the Guard is regarded as a small strike force with each character holding a valuable role, under the command of a Dwarven Sergeant. Who and how can I join? Any Dwarf of the approved class list seen on the AA page can give their hammer to the Guard, along side our Gnomish counter-parts who can also work with the Guard. A restriction of level 25 will be in place to show some level of commitment to the character you are joining on. Please look in to the "Specialization Tree" adventure to see what type of roles are available in the Guard as there are more specializations than ranks. Joining is ultimately done in-game and in-character, but you can contact us OOC to begin with, just have your character send Reiksgard a letter expressing his or her desire to work for the Guard and it can be taken from there. Uniforms The uniforms are simple enough, Wildhammer Clansmen should basis their sets around the Wildhammer asthetics (green and browns) shown by the NPCs in the Twilight Highlands and likewise the Stormpike Clansmen (reds, golds, browns and silvers) should aim to basis their sets off the NPCs seen in Alterac Valley! It is likely that uniforms may be fine-tuned slightly upon completion but generally you are allowed to be as creative as you like. Weapons are unrestricted just use some application of sense, if you are in the shieldwall as a front ranker, a shield would be nice! Questions? Ask away here or in-game!Reiksgard45 02 May 2016
02 May 2016 The Purple Gnome (Feat. Bertel Wobblespring) The gnome Bertel Wobblespring coupled up with a couple of gnomish musicians, who call them self Electro Jar, to record his Purple Poem - A Poetic Purple Suit to Purple. The musicians managed to make a fabulous backing track to his recited poem thanks to Bertel's grandfather Billy Bob Goggletuff's marvelous invention the M.U.S.I.C (Musical Utility and Sample Interface Contraption) box. Unfortunately there was some problems with synchronizing the sound to the moving picture snapograph, hope you enjoy the video anyway. [The Music is owned by Electro Jar which is a danish electronic duo, consisting of Jacob Læby and Jackie Rasmusen, some might recognize the track as a remix of their track Minority Report. The poem is written by Bertel Wobblespring, which is Jacob Læby's (who also performs the voice acting) RP character in WoW. All visual art is owned by Blizzard, except for the first picture that is made by Em Whitefox Russ. The video was made by Jacob Læby] 02 May 2016
01 May 2016 [discussion] Unnecessarily Edgy Roleplay Characters? Okay, so before we start, This post is not intended to mock or discourage people from this particular genre of RP, its more to discuss and inquire about certain aspects of the 'Edgy type'. Now, Today I had an Experience... Eerie sounding isn't it? But it was less eerie and more out of nowhere. Here's what happened. There I am, sat on my bottom around the pond outside the Spire in Silvermoon. I would be roleplaying with someone wishing to join the navy as you do and then I get this level 87 rogue stealth behind me and whisper me an emote, along the lines of *would hide on the shadows placing her dagger against your back and then muttering into your ear* 'Gold pretty boy, hand it over or you get whats coming to you!' I as you might expect am a little surprised so I give the person a whisper and don't respond IC to any of it. I basically say to them that 1, Its polite to whisper OOC and ask if it is a good time or if they are okay with being mugged. 2, There is literally nothing she can do to force this upon me. since it was without consent and 3, If she does try to force it on me, It's clearly god moting. She then addressed Silvaesz in /say, saying to give my gold up 'noble' despite nothing hinting that he is a noble or anything in his MRP saying something along those lines. At this point I just whisper giving some tips about asking permission beforehand for a better experience and wishing her luck with future muggings, (Such a good soldier of Quel'thalas aren't I?). After the ordeal I check my directory for the "Muggers" profile and find it, to find something quite contradicting and over the top. I won't post any screens or any names, just general vague info. One of her many title's was "The Black Widow", a name for me that is rather unoriginal, Sounds cool yeah, but It can be replaced with other things. Other titles included 'spy, assassin, thief, blacksmith,recovered mana-addict' Whilst I am not and will never dislike the odd bit of Spy or thief RP, it is random and can be quite nice if done right. But the titles lumped together are contradictory, A spy would not want to blow their cover by stealing and drawing attention, same for an assassin. Meanwhile the 'Recovered Mana Addict' bit would be true for most high and blood elves, All are addicted to magic but control it and don't gorge on it to become wretched. All in all it doesn't hold up, I could see a Blacksmith working at night as a spy or assassin or somewhat, would be quite nice as everyone would not suspect it, but when you start piling other things on top of it it makes little sense. An assassin would not wish to steal unless he was desperate, meaning he or she is a poor assassin and not worth hiring. Next up, to me, I dislike putting overly revealing pieces of info in my TRP profile, things about his past, as I think it would be better for it to be revealed via roleplay. So I don't see the point in people placing 'Spy, Thief, assassin' in their TRP. It tells you all you need to know off the bat, yes, Its OOC, but its doesn't surprise you. I am not against Edginess, I just sometimes wonder what the appeal is. Last topic. How would you deal with it? And was the way I dealt with it by politely whispering them acceptable or could I have done better? To those who RP possibly Edgy types, What appeals you to that genre of RP and what is your view? Have you ever had a experience like this one? Overall, it left me a little confused. Please let me know what you think, Please try to keep the comments as settled as possible, I don't really care for heated arguments particularly. Thanks Argent Dawn!Silvaesz179 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 [Class RP] The Hunting Pact The Hunting Pact What is the Hunting Pact? The Hunting Pact is a concept of a community of Hunter RPer’s who, for all intents purposes, enjoy a good hunt! Come Legion Hunter’s will be getting a lot of fantasy added to them and I feel as though now is the best time to unleash my concept onto you all. To start with, the Hunting Pact is not a guild but a community to bring together RPers who enjoy the hunting style with the idea of holding monthly or bi-monthly hunts that anyone can take part in, but only the Hunter’s will be able to decide on a target! Not just that but the idea is to also hold festivals and competitions that highlight a hunting environment – Such as trophy hording or getting the biggest kill of a certain creature. Hopefully it’ll use the whole of the Game board, from Westfall to Winterspring, from Hellfire to Tanaan Jungle – I hope it’ll bring a hunter feeling to the world. This is planned to be for Legion onwards! With some preparations made during 7.0! How will this be done? So far, this is only a concept that I have come up with myself and have not shared with but maybe a few in the past. The plan hopefully is to find people who are interested in the idea to really knuckle together and help come up with 1-2 day events for Hunter’s who are also interested. Is this Hunter exclusive? Yes and no. Yes, Hunter’s will have more involvement in the idea due to the planned use of the Hunter’s Class Hall to be a base of operations for decisions on targeted beasts/creatures for a particular month. No, the hunts will not be exclusive to Hunters. Neither will festivals or anything else that may seem to jeopardise the idea of ‘community’. Festivals will try to be held in Neutral held towns, cities and the like. Hopefully in a location suited for Hunter’s to still feel as though they are out hunting or looking for hunter goods! Will this be A or H only? No! As just mentioned, this is hoping to be a project spread across both sides of the factions as (as currently stands) the Class Hall is cross-faction! What kind of events would I expect from this ‘Hunting Pact’? So far, all I have come up with is the promise of: Big Game Hunting Events – Last 1 or 2 days How many can you kill Events – Lasting 1 day Festivals – Lasting Weekends (Fri-Sun) More may come about as more people become interested in the concept but currently it is just me and that is the idea of this thread, to see if anyone else would indeed be interested in a concept like this! I hope that this has tantalised your taste buds to dip into some more Hunter themed RP with your hunters or with you hunting nut characters! If you have any questions or want to help out, please do let me know down below or Contact me either on Tyrenas (Horde) or Grilandyr (Alliance). Thank you for taking the time to read this! Previously Hosted Events: Festival of the Hunt (18th/19th March, Horde - 1st/2nd April March): 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 [A-RP] The Stormwind Guard#2 The night was cold, miserable and wet, Old Town was being attacked by a deluge of rain it burst forth from swollen purple clouds and flew straight for the cobbles, tiles and bricks of Stormwind, it filled drains and grates causing them to overflow. Sheltering from them storm eight figures wrapped in cloaks huddled around a door way in an alley way. “Buggering cold, buggering storm!” spat one of the figures huddled in his cowl and cloak which were drenched through, the figure cupped his hands and attempted to nurse a flame to light his pipe as he tried his best to squeeze under the drain pipe of a roof above, after struggling with the match and finally lighting his pipe the figure turned to the other seven gathered figures and looked to two women shaped cloaks stood closely together. “Are you sure this is the place?” he asked while stamping his feet to keep the cold out “Yes.” Responded the first without hesitation “No.” Followed the second. The pipe smoker gave out an audible groan of frustration. “We have a ninety percent probability that the people you are looking for are in here.” Said the first “Using the information from the bar keep in the Shady Lady, the enquires in the general area, looking over the reports and from a process of deduction we believe this to be the most likely site.” Responded the second. The pipe smoke grumbled again and turned to another figure to his left “Lt put your ear to the door, see if you can hear anything.” The figure nodded and shuffled up quietly to the door, he bent down to one knee and pressed his ear to the wood work “I can hear about three maybe four voices within.” He whispered “I can’t tell you anymore than that.” The pipe smoker took a long drag from his pipe and blew out a thick plume of smoke a few seconds past without him saying anything then suddenly he said “Bugger it, we’re going in.” The figures threw back their capes and cowls revealing blue tabards marked with the yellow lion of Stormwind and pinned to each figure’s chest was a copper badge carved in the shape of a lion’s snarling maw with the words “Guard” written across it. The leader stormed forward towards the door followed by two other burly guards in armour with each guard’s combined effort the door burst from its hinges and flew inwards. “NO BODY MOVE!” Screamed the leader truncheon in hand “STORMWIND GUARD THIS IS A RAID!” ================================================================================= Hello and well met fellow Argent Dawners. I'm Ashren of the <The Stormwind Guard> Roleplaying Guild and we are currently looking for new memebers for the guild. Who are we? Formelly known as the <Stormwind Guard Force>, the Stormwind Guard is a Law Enforcement RP guild with light military themes. Collectively we’re a very old Guard guild core group some of us have been together doing guard RP since 2009. Recently another guard guild described us as Ragtag and I believe that’s one of the most fitting in character descriptions for the Stormwind Guard we are heavily inspired by the Night’s Watch novels of Terry Prachett and as such have an odd assortment of all kinds of characters from devout holy men and women to dirt farmers of Westfall, former soldiers of the alliance, tinkers, tailors, sailors and spies. Though our moral compass will always point to doing the right and lawful thing we try to play flawed characters, we make mistakes, accuse the wrong person at times and don’t win every fight, we're all just salt of the earth guards trying to make a living and get by trying do the best we can and uphold the law. OOCly we’re a tight knit bunch some of us as I said earlier have been doing guard RP for nearly seven years on and off so we’re all very close but we always pride ourselves on extending the warm community feeling we have with anyone else who joins the guild, we’re as much looking for friends as we are fellow RPers. What do we do? The guard's goals are to uphold the King's Law and defend the King's Peace, this involves patrols, arrests, raids and investigation work all the usual bread and butter of a guard guild. We also have weekly events, these events can take the form of training events for the Guard, DM story based events we also have a focus on social events for the guild members from IC hearthstone tournaments played monthly or our weekly sports game (Called Swoff Ball and is inspired by the games workshop game Blood Bowl) that we play for team building purposes. How do I Join? I’m glad you asked, we are currently recruiting to build up our ranks, the Guard is open to all walks of life and races who wish to defend the law. However currently recruitment is closed to Death Knights and IC Warlocks, this is due to the fact the Captain of the Guard is a devout Paladin and has personal issues with both these classes, working with them would be almost impossible. The only race at current we do not accept is Pandaren. For uniform purposes we will require you to be at least level 21. Why make your own Guard Guild, why not join another? There are currently a lot of Guard guilds at work within Stormwind and we actually like all of them and get along well with most. The reason we did not simply join one of the other guilds is down to the fact that several of the Law Enforcement guilds have come together to create an IC and OOC alliance the intention of which is to try and unify and standardise the Law Enforcement RP community by all using the same Law Book, the same punishments and by following several policies that the united guilds all agree upon and set in place. The idea being that people have a consistent level of quality and experience when interacting with any guard or law enforcement guild and to promote and simplify inter-guild RP between all law enforcement guilds, which I think is a noble and respectable idea. We were even approached by a member of the guild councils and invited to get involved (With an opt in opt out at any time of course) which we declined. While I respect the other guard guilds and what they’re attempting to do we have a very clear picture of what it is we wish our guild to be and how guard RP should be, we wish to use a different Law Book from the one the community of guilds are currently using as we wish our interactions with criminal RPers to be more freeform and focused around creating RP rather than a strict connection to realism (which the other law book, while very well written and realistic, I’m told it was written by an actual law student focuses on more than anything else) So we decided to create our own guard guild and while we do not wish to be directly involved in the council of guilds created by several other Law Enforcement guilds we have nothing but respect for these guilds and would like to work with them in all areas of RP just not a part of them. So you’re writing your own Law Book? Yes we are, and yes I’m aware that Law Book is a dirty word here on Argent Dawn, I would like to underline now that while we’re in the process of developing a Law Book (currently we’re using a very old one from our Steamwheedle Cartel days as a rough guide before the new one is finished) the law book we’re working on is not going to be a series of rules that criminal RPers need to follow, rather they’ll serve as a rough guidelines for Guard RPs who need to give out a punishment for a crime commited this is so there is a consistant experience generated when ever interacting with our guards I.E a man who stole a loaf of bread isn’t punished the same way a man who stabbed several other men because the guard has no idea what the punishment for the crime would be. All legal punishments will be open to discussion and compromise with the criminal RPer involved so that we can create a situation both parties are happy with and most of the punishments being developed are being done so with the idea of creating more RP for the criminals involved. For example we are developing several community service punishments were in the criminal offender will be forced to preform several tasks around Stormwind while under guard escort (We even have uniforms for you and everything!) We currently have some guard members creating “prisoner” alts, that’s so if we do have to keep someone in the cells for a prolonged amount of time there will be essentially NPCs in the cells for the criminal RPer to interact with. The final draft of the Law Book will be put up on the forums before the guild starts using it in our RP interactions. This is so that we can get feedback from the community at large and make any changes before we put it into play. How do I contact you? If you have any further questions or inquiries please ask them here on the forums and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can, you can also whisper me in game (Ashrén) or send me a mail in game and I’ll be happy to speak to you. You can also contact Swofford, Kilrith or Tallat.Ashrén23 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 Joinning a rp guild I've been thinking about coming back to rp but I am unsure of what fraction to play to join a rp guild so I need some help and some suggestions of guilds so I'm saying Can someone help me D:Psycoshot6 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 Argent Dawn General Volkswagen Thread #196 I think I made it. But continue as always.Aerillan500 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 D.E.H.T.A: Raptor Genocide ... What follows is an important message from D.E.H.T.A, Druids for the Ethical and Humane Treatment of Animals. Azeroth, an ancient land beset by perpetual war, hides a great injustice. A united Horde of warrior orcs, barbaric trolls, nomadic tauren and their roguish allies engage in continuous bloody fighting with their hated enemies, the proud lion of Stormwind and the many allied races that make up the noble Alliance. This stubborn warfare has left a bitter scar across the once peaceful wilds leaving nature torn and forgotten in favor of wicked plates and cold steel. This is a world where children are born and grow old under the shadow of sharp threats and consuming battle, a place where the smallest spark can escalate into the greatest inferno. And within this world of underhanded alliances and twisted imperialism, there lies a greater outrage left unseen and unannounced by the warring tribes. An unspeakable breach of our sapient duty as moral agents, a violation of everything we hold to be true as citizens guided by the ethical code of belief in justice. I am, of course, speaking about the inconceivable genocide of the benevolent raptor. These peaceful tribal villagers may at first appear as animals to the untrained eye but clearly it cannot be further doubted that they possess an enlightened intelligence equal to any of our “greater” races. Even the most wild and seemingly uncivilized of the raptors is capable of fashioning impressive works of art and jewelry that they adorn as a means of expressing their individuality. They craft bracelets of vines and feathers which hang loosely from their ankles as an offering of peace we arrogant beings could never understand. We have even seen them try to communicate directly with us in the Southern Barrens, by taking the supplies of the Alliance military, in a desperate attempt to warn us from a path of hatred and violence and teach us the meaning of cooperation. And how have we reacted to their pleas for peace and love? By slaughtering them at every turn, crushing their first attempts at leadership and civilization wherever it can be found. The malevolent cruelty of the twisted huntsman Hemet Nesingwary Jr. is clearly expressed through his intention for all raptors to be systematically hunted down and destroyed as a method of recreational “sport.” Often these poor misunderstood creatures are left to rot in the baking sun of Stranglethorn Vale or, even worse, torn apart by ignorant adventurers who would fashion the skins of their victims into enchanted trophies to wear about their person. We see this same despicable lack of care shown through the interactions with the people of Sporeggar whose children are pilfered every night from their homes. These unprotected sporelings are forced to do battle in crooked games where the participants are treated as pets and made to fight to exhaustion for their master's amusement. This unspeakable practice carries on today unbeknownst to the wider public simply because no-one will stand up to take action against it. These sickening acts are so easily forgotten and swept under the rug by the warmongering dictators who would rather lead their people down the single path of destruction and turmoil then recognize and protect a race that is so deserved of our attention. We must take it upon ourselves to raise awareness of these ongoing and imperative issues. It is only by spreading the word to all four corners of Azeroth that we can raise popular support to protect these fledgling races and offer them full citizenship into either the Alliance or the Horde. We at D.E.H.T.A thank you for reading this urgent message. If this information has raised an issues you have been affected by, or if you wish to know more about how you can assist our campaign for raptor civil rights, please leave a comment below. Noshi13 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 <The SkyLarks> Raid/Soci Guild Argent Dawn EU ←▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬✠✞№✞✠▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬­­­­­­­­­▬­­▬­→  WELCOME TO THE SKYLARKS! SKYLARKING SINCE 1721. ←▬▬▬▬▬▬▬­▬▬­▬✠✞№✞✠▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬­­­­­­­­­▬­­▬­→ We Are Recruiting! We are a New Alliance-only Social ‘Mature’ Guild On Argent Dawn RP – EU. We are Looking for Funny, Weird and Wonderful people, who, preferably, have a Fetish for Fingering Hogger's Eye Sockets. Raiding: We have started Raiding Hellfire Citadel Normal and plan to progress possibly right through to Mythic, improving, and preparing for the Release of Legion. Social: However, For Social Members of you, we are more than delighted to invite you as we rely on you to keep the guild a funny and good atmosphere to be in. We want to have a good laugh all together, not just in Guild Chat, but in Organised Weekly events which may be anything that is possible in WoW, from parties in Stormwind Keep and Orgrimaar (Having invaded it), all the way to Erotic Roleplay Night’s in Goldshire. Although we cant offer alot to players, we can offer: → A Friendly and amusing environment (Hopefully) → Free Flasks, Potions, gems and Enchants for Raiders → Repairs for all players → Achievement runs, alt runs → Legacy Raid Runs for all that wish Application: If you like the sound of Us, then Please apply using our *Recruiting Forum* on our website the And Please use the [Social] Or [Raider] Template for your Answer. We Want funny members to join this guild so we can all just have a good laugh and gag Each other with Anal beads.. Whatever you are, weather it be a Transgender or a 40 year old man that wanks over Thrall, you will….probably…. be welcomed here :P Website: Please Apply, Finsburyc (Guildmaster)Finsburyc2 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 Happy Birthday Stormbinder I would like to take this opportunity to be the very first person to wish a happy birthday to Stormbinder. A man who throughout his countless years in Argent Dawn managed to make many friends and only a few enemies This is your bday gift btw I'm not sending you anything in game Happy birthday!!!Dark17 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 <Deleted Thread> <Deleted>Finsburyc1 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 The Frozen Heart II ● Screenshot Thread Hello I thought it will be nice to take some screenshots of the RP event. and share them. I was on the mount in my case the mount it self :P (san dragon) I took several screenshots of the horde side and here is the album of day zero: I may update the album more today and will add screenshots during the event itself nd you of course can share yours screenshots . there may be few simmilar screenshots as they takes in other times in the same location for example you will cna see the changes during the time of the gathering in orggrimmar . :D Have fun!Zukau82 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 WTT gold from Draenor to Argent Dawn Greetings AD! EDIT: Since my previous choice of words apparently sounded a little off. My apologies for that! I'm looking to trade 16k gold between Draenor EU (Horde) and Argent Dawn EU (either Horde or Alliance). If anyone has an alt on Draenor EU that they would like a bit of extra gold on, and is willing to part with the same amount on Argent Dawn EU, I'm trying to get all my gold on one realm. Poke me in-game or leave a msg here if you can and are willing to help out!Alia1 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 [A] Any 60 or 80 twink raiding guild on Argent Dawn ? Title :). I'm searching a expansion capped guild, lvl 60 or 80, still active, to raid with.Syphreal7 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 Shoutout Showdown 2016 (I figured the name would be catchy) Hello Argent Dawn, While many can give you a few guild names they ran into who offered some fun roleplay in the middle of nowhere, or invited them in an event while your character was invested by the development the said event offered, there are rare moments when you are wandering around Azeroth and run into characters you will find either interesting, fun or mysterious. Either way, they can mostly make roleplay moments memorable, even if it lasted less than an hour. I invite everyone to give a shoutout to those kind of roleplayers who shared our interests in roleplay, especially random roleplay! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My favourite and latest random encounter would be with Ahnmar. A Kalimdor human who hails from Uldum. Her character follows what appears to be (and Uldum lore can correct me if I am wrong here) a shamanistic culture, but to Ramkahen, it would be worshipping the Earth "Soul" and I believe the sun, wind and water are named the same. It was my first in-depth encounter with these type of humans who come from Kalimdor and it brought this new and fresh concept for an entire race and even though my warlock has naught in common or earned to not be looked at as an infidel (being a warlock etc), even he was intrigued.Carbek70 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 Looking for a friendly casual dwarven rp-pve guild Hello i am looking for a casual mature dwarven rp-pve guild to join up i use to play way back in WotLk but now i fired up the old itch again so to speak i like questing doing dungeons and overall laid back atmosphere with nice folk to rp with when possible.Thank you for taking your time to read my post. p.s. if there are no dwarven guilds active at the moment a normal pve-rp will do.Borgnaar0 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 [BElf RP] The Vacant Throne ... The (Order of the) Vacant Throne is a shadow society operating under the guise of the Royal Society for the Prevention of Evil, a brotherhood of noble philanthropists, brave adventurers and other elven do-gooders. Behind this friendly Society, however, lingers the zealous Order dedicated to the disestablishment of current-day Silvermoon and, especially, the Horde. The Order operates in the shadow of the night, plotting, scheming and bartering with the highest nobles and lowest criminals if need be, to re-create the Quel'Thalas of yore; a kingdom as powerful as steadfast in its religious and moral values. All fel magic is to be expelled by force, all opponents of the Light shall be converted and an heir must be found - or produced - for the Sun Throne. Currently, the Order considers the Regent-Lord, Lor'themar Theron, to be the rightful King - and so intends to urge him or, if need be, force him to accept the crown. Once this has been achieved the Order will turn its eyes to the Horde. It rejects the notion that all members must be bound to the whims of one Warchief, especially so in the wake of Garrosh Hellscream, and so will work tirelessly to break this political bondage. Either the Horde will afford Quel'Thalas and ALL other members more national autonomy, or Silvermoon will no longer heed Orgrimmar's calls for aid.Melessa23 01 May 2016
01 May 2016 Slave Trading? Do you think this will be lead to some ooc hatred I am planing to maybe start up a slave trading guild I would ask OOC before I would...enslave the person... but there is a lot of slaves already in the game but in Roleplay it would be fun I would think...meh let the HATERS COME! And the people who want to answer this in a nice non hate way. Also I am hiding on a alt due to people will most likely hate to me ingame about this soooo yeah the guild would be Argent Dawn Horde side.Kerys74 01 May 2016
30 Apr 2016 Overwatch Preorder Beta Keys Thread For those that don't know, Overwatch sent out beta keys today to those who preordered, one for you and one for a friend. A friend of mine sent me a beta key before I ended up using my own ones, so I'm stuck with two beta keys. I was going to give them out via the General Chat Thread, but then I thought others may have the same thing that I had, in that they had spare beta keys and nowhere to give them out so I've created this thread in order for people to post any spare Overwatch beta keys they received from Preordering the game, so post any spare keys here if you want to be generous and kind to others. The open beta releases on the 3rd of May, but can be installed now if the key is on your account. Here are my two spare keys. First come first served: (CLAIMED) 0476736816723506023855971 (CLAIMED) 0113401626287467966248645Lanishei31 30 Apr 2016
30 Apr 2016 Instance not found when doing LFD Is something broken again?Bejita1 30 Apr 2016
30 Apr 2016 Moongate. Dewînîaeth101 30 Apr 2016
30 Apr 2016 Creating an RP Guild Looking for other players to create an RP Guild on argent dawn alliance, need another GM and officers to help sustain it and make it grow. /w in game if interested.Laarus5 30 Apr 2016
30 Apr 2016 [H-RP] the Val'kyr Queens are takin' on new lady bikers ... Who are we? The Val'kyr Queens are an all-female biker gang who live to ride and have a good time. in OOC terms, we're a casual RP guild who don't really do anything massive and war-like, but we're here to enjoy our Warcraft with a slightly different spin (the hijinks are quality, I can tell you that). Currently we consist of Horde members, however this is only so due to the language barrier. They're a (mostly) neutral-minded lot who try not to think about the wars that erupt around them. All you need is a set of wheels, the wind through your hair, and then life's in your sidecart. (If an Alliance wanted to ride beside us, we'd be good.) What do we want? There are a few IC rules that are to be expected, but if you fit these requirements you're free to apply: • Female characters only. • A Mechano-hog or Warlord's Deathwheel is preferred, however we're not against Trikes of any kind either. (So long as there's a bike-like instrument involved) • Transmog colours are black. It's not entirely compulsory but Dre will nag your character until they change. OOC rules are the usual: no being a dick, decent grammar, etc. Where are we? The Val'kyrs move about a lot, going from place to place. Recently they had a brief stop in Gilneas, then headed up to Undercity (to meet a new member) and now they're at Light's Hope Chapel in search of good grub. Next plans seem to be facing Kalimdor and seeing if they can survive the rocket roads of Aszhara. FaQ But Dre! Why just females? Because in-character, Dre wanted to start a female biker gang. She thought it would be cool. Dre doesn't know about OOC deals like guild numbers and 'oh no my male character can't join'. But you're going to limit your numbers! We have little time to actually go on WoW, so we want to have fun in the time we do. I don't want to be organizing a massive guild, and even if we get one or two members that's fine by me. Just wanna get this idea out there and say "hey! Wanna join the fun? Come on over.~" [Insert ramble about Gilneas] They've already moved north, Gilneas is out of sight. Quit your whining and go argue with a guild you actually intend to join. P.S. New topic as a one-off so it gets rid of all the non-related Gilneas discussion on the front page.Iildrea55 30 Apr 2016
30 Apr 2016 Legion Alpha Thread [Legion spoilers] #12 Just realized I got the last post. Continue.Ohlin500 30 Apr 2016
30 Apr 2016 Gold trade/swap ... So after a few months played for the horde, want to experience the alliance as well but no way gonna farm again for gold and experience the poverty :(; have a little gold on my horde pala (~40k after selling some stuff), looking for someone to trade or something to get some gold on my alliance warrior.. Dont have any friend who play the game, so cant rely on that :( Anyone can help? Or is it even allowed to ask this here? ThanxTurmentatu11 30 Apr 2016
30 Apr 2016 Official word about 'Hacking' TRP3 TL;DR Please do not ask us how to customize your profile outside the limitations we purposely placed inside the add-on. We stand against manually editing saved variables files and changing the code of the add-on. What happened? We recently received requests (and complaints) asking us how to put images or change the text color in some of the character’s tooltip fields (like class, race or currently). It appears that some people are hacking Total RP 3 to be able to bypass certain limitations we have placed in the add-on. Those players either manually edit their saved variables files outside of the game or change the code inside the add-on to allow text tags in these fields. While we like to see such enthusiasm around our add-on, to the point of having players taking such risks to customize their experience (I will explain below why this is a risk), we have to take a stand against this practice. Why is this a problem? First, on a design stand point, we made the character tooltip to be standardized. The goal is to have a quick view of the informations about a character, not be a place for highly customized informations. We made a place where you can do whatever you want: the “about” section in your profile. In addition to that you have 5 “at-first-glance” slots. The tooltip is like an ID card. You don’t draw on your ID card to make it personal Second, this behavior pose a great threat to the add-on compatibility with other role-play add-ons like MyRoleplay or XRP. Those add-ons are not designed to handle images and color changes. Total RP 3 already have a bad reputation about the images and color changes in the character description (MRP and XRP explicitly filter these fields in order to wipe any images and colors), we don’t need more drama by starting having images and colors potentially anywhere. Finally, editing your saved variables is the best way to break your add-on and potentially bring errors on others when they look at your profile. And we can’t accept that. What can we do? We have three possibilities: We could do nothing. Here we took a stand and clearly expressed that we are against this. If it poses problem to some people, we can create an opt-in option to filter all tooltip fields on data reception. Please do not ask us how to customize your profile outside the limitations we purposely placed in the add-on. We could take measures: create an option to filter all tooltip fields on data reception, but activate it by default (opt-out). It’s a good idea but it means work load on our side (and we have already a lot of work to do with Extended…). We could allow text tags in all fields, just like Total RP 2. But then we can welcome back the rainbow character tooltips… If it can be abused, it will be abused. So what will we do? We don’t know yet. It’s like the FBI – Apple situation: it’s not really this case that matters, it’s the fact that our decision will impact future decisions we would make. But you can expect to see some changes in Total RP 3 in the next releases.Sælora29 30 Apr 2016
30 Apr 2016 [A] The Seven Serpents looking for DPS! Introduction The Seven Serpents is a fairly new guild, founded by a team of 12 friends with great ideas and a strong drive. We all share a common purpose in WoW: To have as much fun as possible, while having the feeling of being a part of a great community. To read more about the guild in general, read this post. To see what we're currently looking for, see the next post. Guild Structure Our guild is a project based guild, where we seek to create content for each other, rather than whine about the lack of it. We enjoy challenging each other, and share our visions with each other - we take responsibility for our own game time. We reward members who makes projects, and members who participate in them. Here are some examples of projects and events: Achievement runs in older raids An ongoing Alt Levelling project Seasonal Cheer - helping eachother getting the seasonal achievements Normal/heroic raidproject in Hellfire Citadel (current progress as of 25/04: 10/13 normal, 2/13 HC) Spymaster, where clues are handed out, and the one to solve the riddle gets a grand prize Pokémon Wanna be the very best? We have started to branch our community into the Pokémon games, and are expecting to start a tournament in start of May. We are playing in the latest generation (X/Y - ORAS), and are waiting excitingly for Sun & Moon to be released later this year! You can read more about how our guild and community on: What are we recruiting To see what we're currently looking for, see the next post (Shaeryn's post) More info If we have piqued your interest, don't hesitate to either apply on our forums, or contact a Guild Leader in-game. We are a friendly bunch, and love to answer questions about our guild and community. Website and forum: Battle-tags: Felaeryn: Ballen#2855 Shaeryn: Snobgoblin#2385Felaeryn44 30 Apr 2016
29 Apr 2016 Looking for a mercenary RP guild - can you help me out? Hey AD, I'm looking for a merc guild. I've been watching the forums for a few days now, and it seems like most are up in Northrend at the moment. I've tried PMing a few people, but either recruitment is closed or the guids have certain aspects that don't appeal to me (or wouldn't appeal to my character). So, my question; are there any merc guilds out there which are more laid back? By that, I mean that they're more of a ragtag group, rather than a full blown military guild. No 'set' uniform (preferred colours are fine), no drills or mandatory training, etc. Sorry if this seems like an obvious question. I've only just come back to the game, and it's a bit daunting trying to jump back into RP. I don't want to mess up and join a guild which I won't enjoy. LColti8 29 Apr 2016
29 Apr 2016 Hearthstone Thread (Or not) Edit: God dammit Dark, you suck. Frickin' Rotgarde thread snipers >:(Elenthas0 29 Apr 2016
29 Apr 2016 Hearthstone Thread Started as Whispers of the Old Gods thread, might as well use it for all HS stuff Thread title is usually updated to reflect the latest situation in Hearthstone scene Don't forget to level a fresh character to 20 in order to get Lady Liadrin paladin hero! Khadgar can only be bought on iOS devices for a limited time. A guide by one of AD's own: ... IC Hearthstone tournaments: ... Make sure you play during WotOG release to get 13 free packsDark500 29 Apr 2016
29 Apr 2016 LF Interested People 1 Day/Week Casual Raiding **More details in regards to the guild would be discussed among any players willing to help start the guild up. I'm just wanting to see right now if anyone would be willing to help, or if there's much of a target audience for this type of guild** Heya! I used to be an endgame raider but recently have gotten your normal 9-5 job making raiding several times a week more of a hassle than an enjoyment. Looking for people in similar circumstances who might be willing to start a friendly, chill casual raiding guild together. The guild will be primary made to start raiding in Legion, but if we started up and got the people to do HFC then we would. The aim would be to raid once a week (probably Friday evenings or some times Saturday) for about 3 hours (this can be discussed when enough interested people have contacted me). Progress aim begin at clearing heroic. Any Mythic kills will be thought about once that goal was met, but Mythic clearing wouldn't be a primary aim from the get go. The guild would need to grow first. I would probably make the guild here on Argent Dawn where I am now. It's an active server and friendly (when you ignore trade chat) with the various RPers walking around and occasionally saying hello to you as they go past. The target audience would be people who have to work all week, have families and want a relaxed environment while not being left too far behind in the PvE sector. Of course all kinds of people are welcome should they want to join. Would anyone else be interested ins tarting a project like this? Due to my own working circumstances I would not wish to start this project on my own as I'm unable to spend all hours of the day recruiting by myself. I feel the guild would succeed better if it was a team effort form the start If you are interested feel free to leave your battletag in a comment below and I'll contact you for a chat. Or you can just contact me in game on this character. If i'm not online you can send me a mail with your battletag and I'll add you when I'm next online. I'm only looking for people who really are interested and willing to put some effort into a project like those for those of us not blessed with the free time to spend 3+ nights a week killing dragons and various other baddies.Taisa2 29 Apr 2016
29 Apr 2016 [Campaign] ►The Frozen Heart II ● Information Thread ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ⓘ CURRENT LOCATION: Zul'Drak ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ► THE SHORT VERSION: ... ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCUSSION THREAD ⇢ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ► TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. The History ⇢ ---- 1.2. The Prologue ⇢ ---- 1.3. The Frozen Heart 2. The Sandbox 3. The Adventures ⇢ ---- 3.1. Rules ---- 3.2. Examples ---- 3.3. Structure ---- 3.4. List of adventures 4. The Journey 5. The Expedition ⇢ ---- 5.1. The Council ---- 5.1.1 The Council Tasks ⇢ ---- 5.2. The Horde Expedition ---- 5.3. The Horde Expedition ---- 5.4. The Neutral Forces ---- 5.5. The Evil Forces ---- 5.6. Other Characters ⇢ 6. Joining ⇢ ---- 6.1. As a Guild ---- 6.2. As an Individual 7. Links 8. Dealing with Drama ⇢ 29 Apr 2016
29 Apr 2016 [Legion Spoilers] Scenic Look So I saw this, this morning, and I wanted to get AD's thoughts on it, specifically any elven role-players. It looks like Blizzard have put an awful lot of effort into creating this new city-zone even though it's not even a hub. Personally, I'm over the moon for once. I ate it up like Winnie the Pooh does honey. What are your thoughts, AD?Noraleon21 29 Apr 2016