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21 Mar 2016 Any old farts guilds about? Good evening folks, I'm posting this in hopes of getting some pointers towards a guild that fits me. I used to play on Defias but ended up moving to AD due to the fact that my guild/friends moved here. However, most of them have quit the game by now, so I these days I go about my business unguilded. I've enjoyed my time on AD thus far (community is awesome - going from random dirge spam to finding RP in the most remote of places), but every now and then it gets a tad lonely. I thought I'd try to find a guild that caters to what I've come to understand is the relatively older part of the playerbase (late 20s and upwards), but the guild finder tool isn't much help and my forum browsing has yet to lead me to any active guilds. What I'd like to find is a guild of friendly people who understand the constraints that RL places on game time (boo!) and enjoy playing the game together. Age is ultimately not all that important, but it helps in terms of being able to relate. I mostly play during the weekends, enjoy healing and pretty much all aspects of the game (pve/pvp/rp). Thanks for reading and please let me know if you can think of any guilds that fit the bill! :)Sidrac9 21 Mar 2016
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20 Mar 2016 XRP & Prat - Thread successful Is there a way to make IC names show up in /say /emote and /yell while using both addons simultaneously? Edit: 20 Mar 2016
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20 Mar 2016 Technical question: Is it possible to host a race? As title questions: With all the talent specs and buffs, is it technically possible to host a race at an RP event, that would give fair chances for all?Eliakim7 20 Mar 2016
20 Mar 2016 [H-RP] Cinderblade Industries: On The Cutting Edge ... Introductory Words: OOC Good day, denizens of Argent Dawn! It is my pleasure to bring to you the organization known as Cinderblade Industries. A guild concept based around the idea of blood elven trade, research, and development of all things arcane; be it products of civilian grade household utilities that make everyday life for the common elf more glamorous, to advanced military class constructs and devices that render opposition devastated, both in offensive and defensive means. Our goal is to open up a scene for those inclined to the idea of coming together and creating their own assets that might benefit the elven populace, welcoming researchers and craftsmen alike to take part in our operations. In addition to catering for a civilian friendly environment, Cinderblade Industries employ an array of combat ready employees with the express purpose of safeguarding our operations in the fields, as we often deploy to seek out valuable assets and intelligence to boost our pool of resources to draw from. ______________________________________________________________________ STRUCTURE Cinderblade Industries operate with the usage of varying degrees of authority within echelons, which are in turn incorporated into branches of function: Aide's Association, Enforcer's Agency, Artificer's League, and the Technician's Division. The Aide's Association Forming the foundation of the Industry's workforce are the Aides that tirelessly dedicate themselves to ensuring company operations are manned and functioning. While primarily consisting of non-combat personnel, they may assist in more hazardous tasks such as field operations and the likes, though for the most part, they dedicate themselves to the upkeep of business and public relations. The Enforcer's Agency Being a company that requires a steady supply of acquisitions and assets to further their research, Cinderblade Industries employs a paramilitary regiment of combat units that act as the front lines of resource excursions, forming the front lines that ensure operations are underway and essential personnel remain safe. The Artificer's League Laborers, engineers, and craftsmen of various professions. It is by the blood, sweat and tears of these workers who diligently strive for perfection within their craft that Cinderblade Industries develop some of it's most impressive products. While an Artificer leads the charge within general manufacturing and construction, it is with the cooperation between the League and the Technician's Division that their craft transcends into the cutting edge of arcane technology. There is always room for further perfection, and it the pursuit this that these men and women of ingenuity pave the foundation that our Industry is built upon. The Technician's Division Those dedicated to the research and mastery of arcane lore and magical anomalies alike, be they aspiring arcanists or established magisters and magistrixes, these are the weavers of intricate spell matrixes, and the holders of enchanting powers. Forming the pool of researched knowledge are the Technician's Division; fuelled by their intrigue of anything mystical, these men and women devote themselves to the schools of magic that Cinderblade Industries have deemed of use to their people, unrelenting in their pursuit of additional knowledge. It is often by the finer touch of these minds that the products of the Artificer's League are brought to greater heights of complexity and functionality alike. ______________________________________________________________________ HIERARCHY While the branches of function all hold their own unique role to play within the company, they are tied together by the usage of authority echelons, which defines what member of staff holds sway over which positions. First Echelon: Evaluation Fresh hires of Cinderblade Industries, all starting off as an Associate of the company, yet to pick a specific branch to work within. It is one's time within this position that they may familiarize themselves with the workings of the organization, and from there proceed to seek out a specific branch that suits their skill-set. Should an Associate find a function, they may enter into an internship for the remainder of their evaluation period, to which their verdict will be rendered by senior staff of the relevant branch. Second Echelon: Membership Following the evaluation period, and given success; a promotion is in store. Introducing the former new hire into the workforce and granting further responsibility, they have now become either a proper member of the Aide's Association, Enforcer's Agency, Artificer's League, or the Technician's Division, and are making up the meat of the company, representing it in the full light of day. Third Echelon: Senior Staff At the head of each branch, senior staff manages affairs and ensures a proper workflow. Despite stepping up in terms of authority, both Contractors and Curators remain tied to their own branches. Contractors oversee the evaluation of potential interns to a branch, and is often the figure that an Associate is urged to seek out in relation to being assigned internship. Acting mainly as the recruiters of Cinderblade Industries, they have have no actual authority over Second Echelon personnel once they pass their evaluation period, upon which, authority is transferred over to the branch Curator Curators are official heads of affairs, holding direct authority over any member within their corresponding branches and ensures that a professional standard is met, and that any lacking qualities be filled out in full. Fourth Echelon: Executive Branch At the very top of the company, the executive branch is mounted; holding full authority over all matters within Cinderblade Industries, regardless of branch association. Currently, it is only occupied by the Lord Executive himself, though as the company grows, there may arise the need for additional executives under his direct command to handle matters in his absence, or to manage disputes between branches, should such come forth. ______________________________________________________________________ RECRUITMENT Getting In Contact With Us Cinderblade Industries are always scouting for new talents, and are openly welcoming new and potential workers to test their mettle in the business world, construction scene, or fields of combat to secure a brighter future on the behalf of the Thalassian people. Should one wish to get in contact with either of our recruitment personnel, then one may do so in different ways: In character; the method is quite the standard affair, such as to merely approach any of our members for directions to the nearest available Contractor or higher in authority. If officer staff may not be found, one may also file an application on our site: An application through our site is treated as an IC appointment and will be handled by senior staff at the earliest possibility. Additional Information Visit our Argent Archives page for more information: Should you wish for further in-depth information on our operation, visit our site directly and check out the different non-member sections that might answer any other curiosities: In the scenario that you feel any questions were left unanswered, do not hesitate to prod any of our online members through whispers or in-game mail.Alduan13 20 Mar 2016
20 Mar 2016 What makes a good roleplay event? I'm intent on running some mini events for my guild, as we're on a bit of a break at the moment but a lot of people still log on to Roleplay. But I've only ever DMed one event, It was a little hectic and involved perhaps 1 too many undead murlocs and a giant squid... Be it /roll events or purely emotes, please share your DMing advice and perhaps we can all better from it.Garzag41 20 Mar 2016
20 Mar 2016 message to Hellscreams Angels guild it has gone to far Attacking my brothers & sisters inside cities slaying them like dogs putting there heads on a stick it has gona to far playing with my leaders like they mean nothing you just made yourself a powerfull enemy that will hit slowly taking over what dignity we have left it may not be tonight it may not be tomorrow it may not be next month but be sure revenge will come and you and your leaders will be the 1st target of my rageHykuboxer65 20 Mar 2016
19 Mar 2016 Alliance ( Argent Dawn) Where in the world is the most populated spot for roleplaying in Alliance side ? Where you can actually communicate with people?Gronali14 19 Mar 2016
19 Mar 2016 Guilds Hi, i've a few characters on AD thinking of reviving them, i looked through the guild page on this site and I just had a few questions. I love most aspects of the game I love pvp and rbgs, I love raiding and i really enjoy rp as well. On other RP servers it seems like the guilds kind of only do one or two of the three things. So always felt like i was missing out a little bit one way or the other. So my question kind of is in regards to the guilds of argent dawn are there any fun guilds recruiting into all three aspects of the game, do you have space for someone looking to do rbgs and raids and if so what general times in the week do you raid/rbg. Thanks for the info.Zulshi12 19 Mar 2016
19 Mar 2016 [A-RP Interest Check] Anti-Magic Zealot Sect Hello there. Just yesterday, while replying to the "Dark Kirin Tor" thread, I came upon a guild idea that might be interesting to develop. Assuming there's interest, of course. I'll get straight to the point, the guild idea being as follows. A sect, cult or whatever you want to call it of hardcore zealots dedicated to one goal and one goal only - erradication of magic from Azeroth. They would be a militant group, openly invoking hostiliy against magic-users all across our lovely little plane. They seek to exterminate all mages, warlocks, sorcerers, wizards and witches, and destroy both large and small sources of magical power. They would have members from a different variety of social classes, noblemen and commoners alike. Why wage this crusade? Simple, magic is evil. It has wrought destruction and ruin to the world, and literally every major disaster can be attributed to the existance/use of magic. Each member would, of course, have different reasons for joining the cult. Magic may have caused the death of a loved one, or one of the major disasters has. If created, the group would start small, gaining support and recruiting members openly before turning secret and defying the law. The sect would equip and train members on fighting nagic-users, and potentially even have magi of their own that agree with the cause, want to use fire to fight fire and are willing to end their life after it is all done. That's the short version. Again, I only wish to see whether people would be interested. AD could use a proper zealot guild in my opinion. Magic is evil!Larrec48 19 Mar 2016
19 Mar 2016 Argent Dawn General Chungus Thread #179 Another one.Smoghammer500 19 Mar 2016
19 Mar 2016 Argent Dawn General OGs Thread #180 The war continues. Will the Rotgarde be able to hold their fronts against the OGs and the vile ERP supporters of the AD forum? Will the mujahideen of Goldshire and OGs set aside their differences and unite as one to purge the unjust? Will the AD elite unite under the Bayerleyns to prevent the extremists from abolishing ERP? The civil war of Argent Dawn continues and anything is possible. Let the sport commence!Gluttonelf0 19 Mar 2016
19 Mar 2016 [Game - Story] Adventures of Bob This post will always be freshly updated with the latest bit of the story. For info on how this works, scroll down until you see the line. If you're new to the thread and want to catch up, the full course of the story is displayed below the mentioned line. "Well," Bob started, still wary. "I heard screams and came to help. When I got here, they were already beyond help." He put on his best sad face, looking in the direction of the two mutilated corpses. The villagers whispered between eachother. He could catch parts of what they were saying; they were either cursing the foul beast for what it had done, or wondering how he had managed to kill the fiend. Finally, one of them spoke up. "So -you- killed it?" Their doubts didn't surprise him, he was still but a boy in their eyes. They would need more convincing. Feigning determination, he stood up, cleared his throat and conjured forth the best Anduin Lothar impression he could muster. "We cannot live in fear of what lurks in the darkness. The beasts of the dark must not think us weak and helpless." He pointed at the torn-up worgen's unmoving body. "Leave him here, as an example to others." His tone was commanding, and the villagers seemed reassured. "Boy, my blade." He stared the young man down expectingly, and he scurried over without a second thought. "How far to the nearest town?" "Twenty minutes that-a-way, m'lord." Lying had always come easy to him. Then again, deceiving farm folk was not difficult, and it seemed to be paying off. "Take me there." After a brief walk they found themselves back out on the road, and from there it didn't take long to reach Darkshire. Some of the villagers seem to have made it there first, and the rumours were already starting to spread. He felt uneasy, though, as if he was being watched. After a quick look around, he noticed a dark figure up on a hill overlooking the town. It was shrouded in darkness, for the most part, except for the eyes. Two azure dots, glowing in the darkness. Spectral. They gave off a dark, cold feeling. One of the other villagers rushed over. A woman, middle-aged. Tears trickled down her cheeks, and her face looked tired. "Tell me it isn't true!" She threw herself against him, reaching for his collar. "Tell me my girl isn't dead!" What does Bob do? A) Leave the grieving mother to her tears and chase after the figure. B) Try his best to console the woman. C) Leave the woman to her tears and head to the tavern. ______________________________________________________________ Had a lot of fun with these types of threads in the past, so let's get to it. Basically, I write bits of story and offer the possible outcomes which I choose based on your votes. In the world of Azeroth, a world of heroes, something peculiar happened some time ago. Walton, a farmer and a local of Westfall was finishing planting his crops when he heard an infant's cries. Sure enough, he followed the weeping and discovered a baby boy, wrapped in a tattered blanket, next to which sat an old-looking tome and a sheathed sword of the finest steel. Since his wife was unfit to birth children, he took the boy in and named him Bob. Bob's life was one of mediocrity, but as most children do, he dreamed of something greater. When he came of age, his stepfather presented him with both the tome and the blade. It was a sign. Though Walton disaproved, Bob decided to set out and discover his origins. With the sword strapped to his back, the tome packed away with supplies and everything else a boy on the road might need, he left the farmhouse behind in search of greatness. ______________ The air grew cold as Bob crossed the bridge into Duskwood, old wood creaking beneath his step. There was a distinct change from the warm, sun-bathed farmlands of Westfall; Duskwood was dark. If you were to step but a few feet away from the road, you would find yourself surrounded by towering trees, black and twisted. Strange sounds surrounded Bob, whispers of things hidden deep within the cursed woods. Things most men dread. With a steady step, he made his way forward. The road was in decent condition, considering. He could not shake the unpleasant feeling this forsaken forest invoked. He felt unwanted. He was an intruder here, and if it got the chance, the forest would devour him. Screams from somewhere past the trees. A woman? He clutched the sword by the hilt and drew it. Flawless steel, gleaming under the faint traces of moonlight that made its way through the thick treetops. It had a standard, horizontal guard - slightly curved upwards, and what looked to be a rose carved into the butt of the hilt. A beautiful, elegant weapon. He charged forth. Running was more bothersome with his sword drawn. Should have pulled it out after I got there. He made his way into the trees when he heard the scream again, louder this time. He was getting close. A moment or two later, he arrived at a clearing. Blood, there was so much blood. By the time he got there, there was already a corpse - ravaged, mutilated - sat upon the ground. The girl whom the screams originated from was desperately trying to crawl away, her left leg having been mauled off just above the knee. The beast, having finished feasting on said corpse, rose up onto two feet, stretching out. It was at least twelve feet tall, covered in black fur. Its head looked to be that of a wolf. With a howl cried into the still night, it started making its way toward the girl. Time to shine! With a swift dash, Bob thrust himself into what would surely be the first of his glorious heroic deeds. For years and years to come, bards would sing in praise of the night that it had all started. Men, women and children everywhere will recognize him as the Beastslayer of Duskwood from now on. His enemies will tremble at the sight of him! Everyone will know how he and he alone defeated the fanged horror of-- Darkness. When he opened his eyes, he saw himself surrounded by a group of men. Four or five at the most. "Boy! Wake up!" He looked up at the man speaking to him. "He's alive!" one of the others said. "Come on, give him some space. Can you tell us what happened here?" Bob sat up, and it didn't take him long to figure out what was going on. His sword was being oogled at by a boy a few years younger. Up ahead, the furred beast lied dead upon the ground, covered in blood. There were two mauled corpses around. Two. "Well," Bob started, still wary. "I heard screams and came to help. When I got here, they were already beyond help." He put on his best sad face, looking in the direction of the two mutilated corpses. The villagers whispered between eachother. He could catch parts of what they were saying; they were either cursing the foul beast for what it had done, or wondering how he had managed to kill the fiend. Finally, one of them spoke up. "So -you- killed it?" Their doubts didn't surprise him, he was still but a boy in their eyes. They would need more convincing. Feigning determination, he stood up, cleared his throat and conjured forth the best Anduin Lothar impression he could muster. "We cannot live in fear of what lurks in the darkness. The beasts of the dark must not think us weak and helpless." He pointed at the torn-up worgen's unmoving body. "Leave him here, as an example to others." His tone was commanding, and the villagers seemed reassured. "Boy, my blade." He stared the young man down expectingly, and he scurried over without a second thought. "How far to the nearest town?" "Twenty minutes that-a-way, m'lord." Lying had always come easy to him. Then again, deceiving farm folk was not difficult, and it seemed to be paying off. "Take me there." After a brief walk they found themselves back out on the road, and from there it didn't take long to reach Darkshire. Some of the villagers seem to have made it there first, and the rumours were already starting to spread. He felt uneasy, though, as if he was being watched. After a quick look around, he noticed a dark figure up on a hill overlooking the town. It was shrouded in darkness, for the most part, except for the eyes. Two azure dots, glowing in the darkness. Spectral. They gave off a dark, cold feeling. One of the other villagers rushed over. A woman, middle-aged. Tears trickled down her cheeks, and her face looked tired. "Tell me it isn't true!" She threw herself against him, reaching for his collar. "Tell me my girl isn't dead!"Larrec30 19 Mar 2016
19 Mar 2016 What are you annoyed about today? Because let's be real, we all need to rant sometime. I'm annoyed because one of my wisdom teeth is acting up again. The area around it is so sore that I have to chew my food on the other side of the mouth.Ahake499 19 Mar 2016
19 Mar 2016 [Earthen Ring and Argent Dawn]: An old friend I used to play on both Earthen Ring and Argent Dawn, and so did the person that I am going to try and describe, even though I don't have much information about that person. She played on both the same realms as myself, mostly playing a blood elf female or a rogue, she went by the name of Rén, Rën, or Nariela; she was commonly seen with a guy named Mibbido or Mibbi around the time that TBC and WOTLK were around. Her other friends included Qaldi, Lactres, Irma, and Silus (Tempus Ultima: Earthen Ring). If anyone has any information on this person or knows them directly, I would be very thankful for a whisper or mail to help reconnect with that person.Kaisa12 19 Mar 2016
19 Mar 2016 Selling a TCG pet I want to sell [Landro's Lichling]. Accepting offers.Golthina10 19 Mar 2016
18 Mar 2016 [H] Raiders Inc - Argent Dawn. Looking for you! Unless you just click stuff at random, you're here to find out about the guild Raiders Inc! We are a Horde guild on the Argent Dawn server EU. My name is Kesh and I'll do my best to tell you as much as I can about our guild. While our name suggests otherwise, we are not a guild focused on raiding only. That's why I will get into the other side we offer first. Social members What do we have to offer you as a social member? We try to achieve a social, nice atmosphere in the game together. We hang out on teamspeak, play games together (not only wow!), discuss real life 'bosses', we generally try to be a fun community. By hosting events we bring the members of our guild together. From socials that occasionally login to chat and play for a bit to the most hardcore raiders, some nights it doesn't matter. A few examples of the events we had are: level 1 races, treasure hunts, PVP tournaments, puzzle nights, a WoW variant of the card game "cards against humanity", so on so on. On all of these events prizes are to be won, ranging from ingame gold, pets, mounts or raiding packages to sometimes gametime or TCG rewards! A lottery is being held monthly, where you can buy tickets and have a chance at big gold prizes. We are also putting together smaller spontaneous events to fill out your evening online. These events are great for getting social members and the raiders from all teams together for some good giggles. Last but not least we have a social/alt raid on tuesdays 20:30, where socials, raiders or their alts can join and kill some bosses aswell. As an aprils fools joke we named this 'team' SMOKE! What we're raiding on this day depends on what people want, it can be old(er) content for achievements, Hellfire Citadel but we have also done organized mythic dungeons and we even raided the Alliance bosses. Suggestions for this evening are always more than welcome! Though we are on a "Roleplay server" we dont actively particpate as a Guild. But maybe that might be something you would like to pursue. We do ask our all members to follow the general roleplay server rules though. Raiding Now to get to the raiding part of this guild. We're a 3 team raiding guild. Oh no, 3?!?! teams? That's a recipe for disaster... Nope! We have been running 2 teams since the start of Warlords of Draenor, added a third team in 6.2 and are now back to 2 teams for the time being. The plan is to get a 3rd team again in Legion! Team TSUNAMI! Team Tsunami is a casual progression team. Our goal is to progress as far as we can get while keeping the friendly & casual atmosphere. Being part of this team requires certain dedication, as we only raid for 2 nights (Wed and Sun) a week, 2.5 to 3 hours at a time starting at 20:15 server time. We aim to prepare as much as we can outside of the raid, in order to maximise the limited amount of time we have! This means that the raiders here are required to be active on the forums, turn up fully prepared and be ready to rock and roll! Team CYCLONE! Team Cyclone is the youngest team in the guild.This team is a lower entry level raiding team, which means that it's perfect for raiders that want to experience raid content outside of LFR but don't want to put a lot of time in it outside of the raidevenings. For this team a good sense of humour and an easygoing attitude is a must. Team Cyclone raids on Thursday and Friday evening from 20:30 - 23:00 server time. As there has been some confusion in the past let me just clarify that all teams are standing on their own in 1 guild, all having their own roster and plans. This means switching between teams doesn't happen often and teams (apart from "team smoke") are not used as a stepping stone to get into another one. One of the general concerns about having 2 teams in a guild is that the guild "management" is often found in the 'better' team. In Raiders Inc. nothing like that is true, in fact both councilmembers are raiding in Tsunami. Both teams have their own raidleaders that are dedicated to only that team. Next to that we also have a "coördinating raidleader" who makes sure both teams are well and he does a lot of work for both teams on the background. So what more do we offer than 2 awesome raiding teams in 1 guild? Free flasks & potions! These can be taken off the guildbank by raiders at anytime. Next to that you have a chance to win enchants, gems or even guildrepairs for a set amount of time! For more information about the specific recruitment needs for the teams please check the comments below the post or the website. What do we have to offer as a Guild ? TLDR edition ... deep breath. Social Events Social Raid team "Smoke" Heroic/Mythic Raid team "Tsunami" Normal/Heroic Raid team "Cyclone" Active forums Active voice comms (Discord) Outside WoW playing And more to come! Leading a guild takes a lot of time and dedication. That's why we don't rely on 1 person, or even 3, but a whole team of people that take care of different parts of the guild. The guildmaster has, working with him, 2 council members who help to shape the guild, keeping the social side of the guild running smoothly and overseeing everything in the guild. They in turn have assistants (we call Adjutants) who help with everything. The council and Adjutants make up the "Arms" of the Guild, they are the ones to reach out and make the changes we need and create the events and substance we long for as a guild to thrive. We are always on the look out for people who want to help here and join the Adjutants and help us shape the guild. Right now the main task of the adjutants is taking care of events and social aspects in the guild. We have 5 Raidleaders (2 on Tsunami, 2 on Cyclone and one coördinating raidleader). These guys make sure all the raiding in the Guild runs smoothly, they look after you and will help you out, point you in the right directions and make sure the teams are doing well. Raiding makes up a substantial part of World of warcraft and if the Council are the Arms, these guys are the "Legs" (albeit hairy) they keep the guild moving forward though each Tier, patch and expansion. If this sounds like a community you want to be a part of in any capacity, please check out our website and get to know us a bit better. If you find us to your liking; you can drop us an application! Our website @ Recruitment: Kesh#2185 Raidleader: Razunejin @ Selwyn#2289 And ofcourse you can contact me in game aswell. Thanks for reading this wall of text and I hope to see you in game soon!Kesh35 18 Mar 2016
18 Mar 2016 Interest Check- Argent&Ebon Commemmoration Event Greetings Argent Dawn, once more I come to you. For a while I've had an idea in my head that I'd like to do, but I'd like to know first if people would like it. Know that it is still an idea and nothing is set in stone yet. The idea I had would be for Argent Crusade and Ebon Blade members to gather at the Argent Tournament Grounds to think back to the day both the Argent Crusade and the Ebon Blade were formed, and to take a moment to commemmorate those who fell during the war against the Scourge. What would the program sort of look like? - First we'd gather at the south side of the Argent Tournaments, as there is a perfect spot there for someone to deliver a speech to a crowd. There, my death knight Salfalur would give a speech about how both organisations were formed, how they differ in their way of handling things, but how they ultimately have always strived for the protection of Azeroth, and how they took the forefront in toppling the Lich King together. - Then, the group would go towards the graveyard east of the Tournament Grounds, where members of the Argent Crusade would place some flowers near the biggest tombstone ( since death knights are probably not good at handling flowers), followed by a minute of silence for those who fell during the war against the Scourge ( and any other war, should your character wish to reflect on that). - Afterwards, the group would go back to the Tournament Grounds, and be free to either mingle with each other, or we could each go our seperate ways as the event concludes after a word of thanks from my death knight's part to everyone attending the event. That is the general idea that I had in mind. I would like to hear your thoughts about this. Should the idea garner enough people willing to come to something like this, then I will get to work to create this event. However, it's my first time doing something like this, and I'll definetly need help in organising it since I'm all alone. Since I don't want to exclude the Horde side of the Ebon Blade and Argent Crusade, I'd also be in need of someone willing to translate what I'm saying for the Hordies, as I cannot multibox and do it myself :P It's a simple event, but I think it's a nice chance for these communities to come together for.Hargorin7 18 Mar 2016
18 Mar 2016 Favourite RP sets/transmogs Greetings. Out of boredom I've decided to make this thread. Basically as the title says, what is your favourite RP set/stransmogs. List as many as you desire and give a reason if possible! I'd have to say my own favourite stands out from the rest of the sets I've collected over many characters. (even if it's used a lot by others!) None other than the mage Sunwell set, simply perfect for a blood elf mage in my opinion. 18 Mar 2016
18 Mar 2016 [A] <Aeternitas> Mythic Recruitment Looking to get into Mythic raiding? No previous Mythic experience? Maybe you can help us to help you. <Aeternitas> have been around for over 6 years and we're now looking into stepping up our game into Mythic Raiding. We have had Heroic Hellfire Citadel on farm now for a few weeks and are just looking for a couple more members to make the jump into Mythic. We are mainly looking to recruit DPS (Enhancement or Elemental Shaman preferably), though healers will be considered. Our raiding times are: Wednesday, Thursday, Monday 20:30 - 11:30 Server Time. (7:30-10:30 GMT) No mythic experience required, but is a bonus if you have some. We use Ventrilo for voice comms, and our only real requirements are that you bring a good attitude and are prepared for progression wipes, not an easy ride to Mythic gear, and that you are at least ilvl 710, with good knowledge of most fights on heroic. In our ranks are several raiders who have in the past been part of Realm First clearing guilds, as well as many other guilds that have cleared Hardmode and Heroic content in previous expansions. Social members also welcomed, but bear in mind that you will not get raid spots in the Mythic group, but feel free to tag along to any heroic content we may do. If we sound like the kind of thing you're looking for, feel free to contact any of us in-game, or drop us a message here on the forums. We look forward to hearing from you!Fostary6 18 Mar 2016
18 Mar 2016 State of roleplay on AD Generic post of a long-gone returning person to wow. I've been gone since Wotlk and returned to wow lately so I just wanted to ask how much the state of affairs have changed lately. Most likely if there are still active groups centred about specific RP themes like Blood Elf houses for horde of Warlock Conclaves for both factions. or Explorer's League for Dwarf lovers out there. Also how are the generic hubs coming along? ...And Hi everyone. I guess.Selvinis9 18 Mar 2016
18 Mar 2016 Argent Dawn XCOM2 Update VII - Defence of the Avenger Hello! For those who do not know, XCOM 2 is a strategy game where you lead squads of soldiers against evil aliens. In the game, you can customise the names and appearances of your soldiers, so as to personalise your army, and give each man and woman a unique identity and appearance. Since Argent Dawn is a place filled with interesting characters, I thought it'd be a great thing to ask the forum to help provide me with inspiration for my soldiers, I can then perhaps tell you how your character fares in the game. All you need to do is fill in this form, whilst I can't promise I can actively relay the fate of your character's doppleganger in the war against the ADVENT administration and the aliens, I'll provide brief summaries where I can, intermittently. Let us commence! ... Brief Class Explanations - Rookie - Generic soldier, uses assault rifle. Ranger - Close quarters specialist, uses a sword. Grenadier - Heavy weapons specialist, uses a grenade launcher and machine gun. Sharpshooter - Long range specialist, uses a sniper rifle and a pistol. Specialist - Support specialist, uses a floating robot to heal allies and hack into enemy systems. Psi Operative - Uses psychic powers to fight the enemy, relatively rare in early game, so I recommend picking a second class in addition to this one. Roster (will be slowly updated) - Jaime 'Huntsman' Rykker - Ranger - Status: KIA, Killed by ADVENT stun baton after attempting to leap down from roof and slice Sectoid. He missed. Blaithe 'Hammer' O'Mullan - Grenadier - Status: KIA, Shot by ADVENT officer and killed by stun baton Laura 'Sparrow' Pryce - Grenadier - Status: KIA, Viper poison and stun-lance Adolphus 'Sails' Jaggerhawk - Rookie - Status: KIA, Killed by Codex and Trooper gunfire Dermin 'Vermin' Shadower - Rookie - Status: KIA, Shot by ADVENT troopers. Nerys 'Smelly' Townsford - Rookie - Status: KIA, Killed by Sectoid plasma blast Shuanghuo 'Shu' Firebrew - Rookie - Status: KIA, killed by stuntrooper Jackino 'Shade' D'liro - Rookie - Status: KIA, Blasted by Muton Sargerai 'Ynaar' Artificer - Unassigned - Status: KIA, Devoured by Viper Shen 'Dragon' Tao - Specialist - Status: KIA, Gunned down during retreat. John 'Convict' Maverick - Sharpshooter - Status: Captured, Location and Status Unknown Pascoe 'Pas' Dillinger - Specialist - Status: Captured, Location and Status Unknown Jasmine 'Jas' Green - Grenadier - Status: Alive, Captured Location and Status Known Vindicator 'Sandstorm' Maarod - Rookie - Status: Wounded, traumatised after loss of allies, multiple gunshot wounds and horrifying experience with a Viper. Pirris 'Nandos' Starshifter - Sharpshooter - Status: Wounded, in care. Linda 'Zeal' Sutherland - Grenadier - Status: Wounded, in care. Farah 'Bard' Rysel - Specialist - Status: Wounded, in care. Ashiraya 'Ashi' Sunblade - Sharpshooter - Status: Awaiting Assignment Darius 'Mage' Emberweaver - Unassigned - Status: Awaiting enlistment Jack 'Lionsgaze' Wilson - Unassigned - Status: Awaiting enlistment Ninthalas 'Mercy' Dawnchaser - Unassigned - Status: Awaiting enlistment Caithalyn 'Bloody' Grimrose - Unassigned - Status: Awaiting enlistment Kru'ga 'Krucifier' Shadowbinder - Unassigned - Status: Awaiting enlistment Mack 'Big Red' Harrington - Unassigned - Status: Awaiting enlistment Thomas 'Wardog' Bromhead - Unassigned - Status: Awaiting enlistment Shenmi Waixing - Unassigned - Status: Awaiting enlistmentOrras66 18 Mar 2016
18 Mar 2016 looking for a 8/8 CM gold boost Hi guys i hope this is the right place to ask for a CM boost. i've asked trade earlier today but no replies. Anyway im looking to complete the warlords CM on gold with selfplay for gold. If you know of a group or are a group providing this service please contact me so we can discuss terms. Thanks for reading now get back to the RP! ps. i did a search for older threads like this but only came across a horde one and a weird one. That's why i made this new one.Angelnl0 18 Mar 2016
18 Mar 2016 Cross Faction RP-PvP Hello friends! Today I’ve came to try and raise quite a popular issue I believe amongst the player versus player community. Specifically, I want to refer to RP-PvP. Now, in the past few weeks I’ve noticed quite an influx of events taking place where leaders of one guild from the horde will message and plan events with leaders of the alliance. Personally, I think this is very bad roleplay. In real battles, the two sides couldn’t plan who was going to win or what the end outcome should be. Really, we’ve all worked hard in gaining hour ilvl 700 gear from battlegrounds and as such, should be entitled to use it within combat. Your characters’ abilities hold great power and foothold within RP, so why shouldn’t we be able to use them as well? Personally, as you can see, I play a Deathknight. When I’m In Character, it allows me to use various aspects of frost, blood and unholy magic – much like a mage who has mastered arcane, opting for the Arch Mage title. So to recap, my friends; - No communication between factions. -No planning events. - Raw bloodshed – Use all your abilities to the best of your ability.Sorathas23 18 Mar 2016
18 Mar 2016 Trash thread. Let it die. We're done here. Wrap it up and go home, boys.Detrile24 18 Mar 2016
18 Mar 2016 Newly made char concept + looking for a D&D style guild Hi, Though I have quiet few well-built characters on AD, I am working on this new character's concept and background, and searching a plot-leaded non military guild (preferable - D&D style with a story that help characters to develop, rather then using mass of characters as cogs in yet another military guild). Merlris Strathorn's background: Race: half elf. Age: about 24. Part of the background: The story starts in the time of the second great war, when two brothers, both renown Lorderonian knights, were sent to high elf territory, in which they were involved in some kind of embarrassing fuss that caused them both to be expelled - one of them, deeply involved in a romance; and the other one full with resent towards both his careless brother, and the high elves. Merliris herself, grew into unhappy childhood at her uncle's manor, with very few memories about both her parents. She was told, her mother had carelessly and arrogantly left her, and "turned to a murderous, fel-sucking blood elf that slaughtered brave alliance soldiers". and that her father left to war and hadn't returned. And that she must be thankful to the tremendous generosity of her uncle and his decent, pure-human blooded wife, for taking them and raise her along with their dear son (who was named "Othmar", after "one of the greatest, wisest human leaders ever existed, who knew to recognize filth as he saw it") Years later, Sir Dalen Starthorn and his wife Lady Ferris Tarnhall-Strathorn, lives as a devote noble couple at a nice estate in easy Elwynn, together with their 'rare qualified and talented' son Othmar, who is growing to be a 'fine, top-breed knignt, pride to his dynasty and the human race'. The Strathorn couple is part of multiple "Lorderonian militant' organisations and guilds, full with loud voices, shining uniforms and command barking glorious leaders, who will 'no doubt re-take the north very soon' In the meantime, there are many parades, drills, royal support funds, and social events, full with promise and military pride... And a slight, annoying rumors that the couple Strathorn was very quick to sell their property at the north, and sail away with pockets full of money, before the north turned into a death-fest (and that the unfortunate lord that bought their old estate, is now among the Forsaken). Either way, Merliris was grown and told that she must be grateful that such a noble couple let a half-breed at their house; and that her mother is a heartless monster, like all (or most) elves are - a fact that "Only wise Garrithos had seen correctly". (as a child, her cousin was used to mock her, that her mother is now bedding orcs). But as the years passed, she was left more and more alone to tend some duties around the estate, which its owners were leaving it for long periods of time, sometimes spending months in Stormwind. Merliris herself developed a talent with both bow and a quill; and when not occupied by hunting wolves, kobolds or gnolls near the grounds of her absent uncle, she started earning her own money, but using her fine-writing and inscription abilities - usually riding between different villages and estates in Elwynn and Redridge, hiring her quill for their owners - from making some order in bill books; writing official letters to the authorities, and giving some rich spoiled brats in remote estates writing lessons. Behind what looks like a quiet, polite young woman that is nearly always on her way to somewhere, Merliris is a bitter, cynical peron; casted aside and humiliated as 'half-breed' too many times by persons that rather then being 'pure blooded', had barely half of her wit. ("Not my fault that the paper is full with stupid mistakes! I'm a son of a Baron and you can't teach right, you lowly half-breed! wait till I'll tell father!"). -------------- The guild concept I search for (and hope it exists...) * A more or less small guild, *non military* and plot-based, that use its characters as a base to a developing DM'ed plot. Would be even willing to help the foundation of such guild, if necessary. * Preferred - using /rolls with modifiers and let the characters develop and gain strength along the plot, similiar to dungeons and dragons. * Without guild drama or control-freak wars. Availability: I'm online most evenings, for hefty amounts of time. Could of course attend evening guild events (surely 2 a week or so), and be able to roleplay more outside formal events.Merliris17 18 Mar 2016
18 Mar 2016 [A-RP] LF human relatives Hello! I have been working on this character for a while now and very recently started to rp with him. I had begun to notice that a lot of my characters had a lot of my own personality traits and thus decided to create a more different character to challenge and amuse myself. To the topic: Merryn's main, perhaps only goal is to be accepted once more by his family who disowned and banished him. The only person Merryn ever really cared about was his sister (which I've called Gilly, might change if needed) and as thus I've been thinking of having another player roleplaying Gilly and perhaps even other relatives (mother or two brothers, possibility of more distant ones too). Name: Lewes Merrywater "Merryn" - banished knight of the Merrywaters Age: 32 Birthplace: Merrywaters (Kul Tiras) Current residence: unknown (somewhere in/near Stormwind) Physical description: 1.97m mountain of muscle and fat. Horribly scarred and weathered face. Blind right eye and no right ear. Personality description: After the Third War Merryn were permanently scarred. He's got a very short temper, and suffers from multiple disorders: mood, mania, delusion and hallucinations (Not all of these traits are apparent right away) Although being very flawed mentally he is independent. Short history: Lewes (as his real name is) were born in the Merrywaters, Kul Tiras (non-canon location, please don't hate :/ ) as the son of a lord. He were to become the heir of the title. Although his parents knew there were something incredibly wrong with Merryn they continued to train him for his title and his mother prided herself in Merryn and his sisters tight relationship (the only person he got along with). His family were well-known to be delightful and wise. After returning from the massacre known as the Third War, Merryn were enraged after hearing that his father had given another house Gilly as hostage to ensure their continuing co-operation. He took his claymore and cut his father's head off in front of the entire family. He were banished and disowned and his eldest brother were made the new lord. The hostage deal were abandoned and the co-operation were stopped. Ever since Merryn's been wandering the Eastern Kingdoms and taken up countless contracts (á la Geralt style). Description of sister: Named Gilly Merrywater (might change name if you wish and can come up with an agreeable one), she were a sweet and innocent girl who had a calming presence. She and Merryn often sat upon the cliffs overlooking the Merrywaters and sung to him. Character profile: Player description: I am a 18 year old Swede with moderately good english skills. I am currently in the Swedish equivalent of High School and thus can't play every night but I often play ≈16-23 with a few breaks in between. If anything is unclear or you wish to know more, just ask. -Have a good day and thanks for taking your time to read! :)Merrywater5 18 Mar 2016
17 Mar 2016 Undeserved Criticism Now, as I understand it, as I was just whispered by one of my friends who I prefer to have remain anonymous, somebody clearly has a bone to pick with me and my guild that they'd rather talk behind my back about. Let's start off very simply. I don't believe I have done anything to deserve this criticism in regards to the entire guild I host, because of one player. In this instance people seem to have a genuine problem with Carola being in my guild. First of all, let me just make it very clear that Carola was not involved in the creation of the new Order of Valor, thereby making such assumptions as "The OoV are bads" are irrelevant, and I denounce those claims because I don't believe it's deserved that we as a guild recieve criticism, for housing a veteran of the guild, in the guild. Second of all. If you have a problem with Carola I suggest you take it up directly with her. Clearly people on this server have a very dear wish that their rumourspreading isn't to be heard by others, except the ones they spread it to. Let me just say that rumours are contagious, as is proven by this post. The same goes with me. If you think our guild is bad, I think you should try it for yourself before you judge us as bad. Onwards to my third point. I find it very indecent and childish that rumours who are passed from OOC, find their way to people to the IC. As I were approached a few weeks back by someone and refered to as "Mr. Lusty". You can call me whatever you like, but that won't change the fact that I am still here. You may lash out on me in your replies below if you'd like and throw me every bit of evidence you have, as I'd be happy to review it, deny it or accept it, whichever I deem fit. Fourth and last point. I know some of these perpetrators. I have been spoonfed with names already, I know who you are now and I'll make it very clear to you and the server who does it if it happens again. Take it as revenge, tactical retalliation, vengeance or get backsies, whichever seems the most childish nonsencial way you would put it yourself, but I am not going anywhere. And I am going to look after my guild and my guildies. :)Greymes217 17 Mar 2016
17 Mar 2016 [A-RP] Interest check: The Blue Rose Committee! Greetings everyone! I would love to introduce you to a concept I've had on my mind for a while. So for everyone who is tired of lifting that heavy sword, and who'd rather sit on luxury chairs while sipping on Stranglethorn wine and talk about the latest debacle, read on! The Blue Rose Committee Concept: For quite a while, noble RP seems to have become pretty null compared to what it was just a few years back. The idea behind this committee is to rekindle the idea of Nobles banding together and creating or promiting various events together and generally reestablish some sort of high-class hiearchy. Numerous people have resorted to creating house guilds - and while that is all fine and dandy I simply want to propse a different approach on how someone can be of noble origin, not have to create an entire guild out of it - and still commune within a community. Furthermore the guild would aim it's focus more around the idea of how Nobles interact with one another, rather than how nobles interact with the entirety of Stormwind - that is not to say that the guild wouldn't completely reject the notion of being a symbol of the Noble Circles, should it become successful - but at the start of it I personally would aim to keep it tightly knitted around the notion of Noble everyday life. Events would mostly surround ideas of a noble life - Balls, meetings, alliance forming and so forth. In essence, it's about trying to make nobles interact with other nobles on a frequent base - so they won't have to go around Old town and shout at poor people to feel noble. Purpose: The Blue Rose Committee should first and foremost be about its own members. In an attempt to give people - who don't feel like being mercenaries, normal civilians or law enforcement - a platform to act and regard themselves as nobility and have a more open approach to all kinds of nobles. Hopefully the Committee would take pride in being something else than this years 'Corrupted, elitist noble guild' that we've seen so in the past. An example of this would be that the Committee would not see 'Stormwindian' nobles as the highest ranked people in the guild, as we've seen so in the past. Rather, the guild aims to give everyone an even ground to act on - A place where the actions of the noble In-game speaks higher than how eloquently written the characters bio is. Sure, a Stormgarde (given their current situation) noble would probably not have as much ground to argue on as someone from, say, Duskwood - but to completely disregard the noble as simply being a 'token' noble is not the aim of this guild - the Stormgarde noble in question would still have say in business-meetings, because the noble from Stormgarde is as much a part of the entire structure as everyone else. It does sound somewhat everyone-gets-to-be-a-winner-in-this-guild, but I'm hoping that the people who would be interested know their characters origin, and therefore the boundaries that resides within that background. Goal: The ultimatum of this guilds purpose would be a thriving, lush platform with a berth of engaging people, interested in awakening a approach to the life of a noble. It would be glorious to see it co-exist with other guilds and even interact with them - some of the best RP is seen when guilds collide against one another, both as friends and as enemies. The guild would also aim to create some more texture to the server, a new, hopefully fresher layer of color on what currently seems to be a very focused milita/law oriented RP world. In the far future, there might also be the matter of seeing a sort of court of nobles take form over time. I know from my own experience in the past that this is a vastly cautious ground to tread, but I also firmly believe that with the right minds together - from various guilds with an interest in seeing this sort of circle take place - we can accomplish a court that focuses more on making some stellar RP, rather than focusing on making sure the officer's best friend gets bailed out from murdering 100 orphans. However, the entire concept of a court will NOT be the first agenda on the Committe's mind, mind you! Hierarchy: the guild will attempt to make an as transparrent ranking order as possible - Where previously, a lot of guilds have focused on making sure that the guild leader and officer were 'most in power of all the nobles' I would like to see a more even grounded sort of RP, where actions speaks more than words - Did X recruit just manage to make a trade-deal with another guild on his/her lonesome? That should be commended and respected. Officers would be more of a out of character force than an ingame one, ensuring that the guild remains with a healthy spirit, and attempt to encourage newer members to get to work by interacting with them. Of course, meetings would work slightly different, wherein someone with the power to choose who gets to speak, and holds the list of issues to confront - but beyond that there should be little to differentiate between the members in the guild. It is currently in debate whether or not there will be a guardsmen wing of this guild, or if the guild will simply allow people to roleplay as bodyguards/sworns to nobles within the guild. Footnote: Any sort of idea of 'Realm Politics' in this guild should be refrained - while the guild would love some interaction with other guilds, anyone that is interested in this should understand that this is not an attempt to make a group of people have some sort of 'reign' over people and become the new faux king of Stormwind. While there certainly could be held some court cases in a future prospect, they should only be done if everyone within the situation is alright with X people leading this court case. TL;DR: 'Some sort of a warcraft mile high club for nobles' I am of course extremely open to critique and any sort of feedback the forum has to offer - Nothing is set in stone, and if someone points out any contradictions or flaws with the current state of affairs, I would be more than happy to thank them and retricfy it.Felwýn22 17 Mar 2016
17 Mar 2016 [A/RP] Shadowleaf Watchers - Blades of the Kaldorei Shadowleaf Watchers. Kaldorei Watchers themed RP guild. Website: Argent Archives: ... Check here for up to date recruitment status. Ranks of Steel: Rogues: OPEN Hunter: OPEN Warrior: OPEN Ranks of Moonlight: Druid: OPEN Priest: OPEN Monk: OPEN ... The Shadowleaf Watchers are a section of the Watchers organization. There exist no physical records the public can attain of the group's existence. They strictly act from the shadows and are known for ruthlessly carrying out covert executions to dangerous criminals instead of bringing them back. The Order was founded after the betrayal of Maiev Shadowsong and after the purge of the Watchers, demanded a change in structure. Captain Illyrith Whispersong created the organization with the best at her side, to seek and train a new generation of Watchers. The Shadowleaf Watchers are now currently being led by her successor Captain Callean Stormfall. The Shadowleaf Watchers act on behalf of Kaldorei interests and show no mercy towards anyone who threatens it, Alliance or Horde. While they prefer to seek retribution through blades instead of handcuffs, they will always try to apprehend a target and should it resist just a little the blade will strike down mercilessly. The purpose of the Shadowleaf Watchers is to act as the marshals and law bringers of the Kaldorei society and carry out the will of the law from the shadows. Their armour and gear is slightly different from the standard Watcher and Warden ranks, due to their preference towards subtlety, instead of direct combat. Nevertheless, even among the Shadowleaf there exists a handful of fierce Watchers who are prepared to go head on with an orc. Recent activities had forced the Watchers to expand their ranks and allow in support in the form of both Druids and Priests, this new reformation was carried out by the Former Divisional Head Duskfeather and has been adjusted by Captain Callean Whispersong to bolster the Watchers Grove. ... It is a given fact that the Shadowleaf Watchers are careful about the recruitment of their members, as quality is what we seek. Do not be afraid to know this fact and see this as a challenge to rise above. If your application is declined, you will be given a reason and you are welcome to apply once again a few weeks later. We only accept the following classes: Rogue (Most preferable) Warrior Hunter Druid Priestess Monks ... You must understand what it means to be a Watcher, therefore, doing OOC research is a must. Listed below are a few sites which are a good place to start: The Shadowleaf Watchers are a branch of the Shadow Wardens within Hyjal. It is recommened you read up on them. This link is a good place to start: ... • Only Kaldorei are accepted into the Watchers, as they are traditionally bound. Due to the change of time they do allow male Watchers. • We only accept characters with a conviction which makes sense for a Watcher. A battle veteran is preferable. • If you're unfamiliar with the concept of Night elf role-play, visit: • For our FULL guild rules, please visit ... Please visit our new website at follow the instructions and fill out the application form! Any problems or questions contact either myself or Anaelisa in game. ... Upon joining the Shadowleaf Watchers you will be expected to wear a uniform. • The offical Shadowleaf Watcher uniform for Hunters is the Beaststalker Armour re-skin: • The official Shadowleaf Watcher uniform for Rogues is the T4 Netherblade battlegear: • The offical Shadowleaf Watcher uniform for Warriors is the Hateful Gladiator's Battlegear: • All other classes are allowed to customise their gear as long as it is fitting with the guild's concept. • Tabards are expected to be worn by all members.Callean107 17 Mar 2016
17 Mar 2016 Argent Dawn General Pirate Thread #178 Drink up me hearties.Tootz500 17 Mar 2016
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17 Mar 2016 A Purple Alliance... [Deleted] To avoid further misunderstandings and tensions!Xarrian63 17 Mar 2016
17 Mar 2016 Returning Wower needing advice on server choice :) Hello. I am a returning WoWer and would like to ask a question about Argent Dawn. When I last played WoW I played on Defias Brotherhood (RP-PVP), and did some casual RP. I want to do RP more this time around, and so am considering doing the instant-boost 90 on AD. My main question is the following: are there any casual-RP guilds on AD? And if so, are there many to choose from? I like to RP a lot, but my time is limited because of real life commitments and I am by no means an expert on WoW lore. I tried playing on AD years ago, but struggled to find a nice guild because the required knowledge of lore was so intense. Also, how does the RP on Horde compare to that of the Alliance? As I understand it, the Alliance side’s RP is much more fleshed out? I should also add that I enjoy to PvP casually, and that I will probably try to find an arena team to join once I hit cap. I would really appreciate any advice :)Wynfall7 17 Mar 2016
17 Mar 2016 [H-RP] Durak'ra Outriders - Riding across the stars!. Guild's AA page- Current position - Orgrimmar. The Smoke of the city's fires had barely cleared away, The smell of blood and bodies of the fallen still hang heavy in the air. It had been a many months long siege of the city, it was a wonder it had not succumb to the chaos that had spread when the first battles begun. The rebels stood victorious, The Kor'kron had been disbanded, and its followers had been either killed, imprisoned or escaped. While everyone was busy to come to terms with there personal losses, some were already burning the bodies of there. One group in particular watched as the ceremonial fire burn the bodies of there dead comrades. They had all been as close as family, together they stood tall and strong and faced there deaths with honor. Yet now they were dead, and there like would never be seen again. The tauren, Trhag Ragehoof, was one of the Harbingers and he would carry on the banner of his and there all fallen brothers and sisters toward the new future. A new horde has dawned and they would be the one to carry on the flames of the old into the future. They called themselves the Durak'ra Outriders. 'In the name of our fallen, we still stand tall and strong for the glorious future that awaits us. Durak'ra!'' ORGIN The Durak'ra Outriders was previously known as The Council of three axes that fought against the evil forces of Narkrul and his Shadow Council coven, The Black moon skull clan, After defeating there enemy the council set out to join the Darkspear Revolution against the Horde's mad warchief, Garrosh Hellscream. Lead by its founders, Trhag Ragehoof, Gorgú Rageblade, Rouko Felblade and Grumthar Maimfist. The Council fought against the Kor'kron Vanguard along with the many other warbands that took part in the rebelion, and finnaly claimed victory in The broken siege of Orgrimmar. However the council lost many members in the battle, Including Grumthar Maimfist in the battle and was left with only two of its orginal founders, Trhag and Rouko, While Gorgú Had been away from the siege. CURRENTLY! Due to there great losses, and the new future set before them, The council renamed and reformed if self as the Durak'ra Outriders. In honor of The Horde's previous warchief, Thrall's eldest newborn son, Durak. Currently the Outriders remains as they were founded as, Independent from Military Discipline and favour respect and honor over Military ranks. Every Outrider remains as there own masters and controll there own fate. But to keep the rabble orginized, the Outriders are lead and guided by the Harbingers, who represent the highest authority of respect within there ranks. They dont give orders but commands with high respect for each of there members and are responsible of keeping the outriders legacy active and to deem where they are best needed. In most cases on there own travels across the world in hunt for resources that may aid in the rebuiding of there capital. The Outriders support the Peace treaty made by the two factions after the siege of orgrimmar, and has sworn by Vol'jin to do what they can to maintain it aslong as it may last. However should the alliance hesitate to keep there part of the bargin and threaten the horde, the outriders will ride out and destroy them for the horde! STRUCTURE! The Outriders are devided between warriors, scouts, healers and veterans. For each deed done by one member they increase there own honor and standing within the Outriders. The higher respect they earn among the horde, the greater is there glory and to represent there comrades. The Harbingers are the highest ranking members within the Durak'ra, and they are responisble for the Outriders performence and behavior. RANKS! Follower - The Followers are the new recruits. They are equal in standing with the rest of the ranking warriors but are expected to show respect to there comrades in order to prove themselves in there eyes to increase there own standing. Steelbreaker, Battlemage and Blackarrow. - These are the Followers who have proven themselves worthy of honor to rise in the ranks. They are devided between the warriors, the Magic caster and the Scouts / Archers. They fight in the name of all there comrades and are expected to uphold there station with respect and honor in everything they do. Mender - The Menders are a seperate rank held by the healers who are responsible to Heal there wounded comrades in and after battles. They are the golden hearts whos passion for the well being of there fellow Outriders is what keep us all alive! Ambassador and Elder - The veterans and the representives are those who have risen beyond there station to be revered and respected for there experience and wisdom. There advice and council should be well met from everyone who needs it. They represent the Outriders in important meetings and to develop alliances with like minded warbands who wish to fight beside the Durak'ra Outriders in battle. Spearhead - The Outriders who have over time proved there worth and loyalty to there comrades and shown talent to lead there brothers and sisters into battles and other situations are called Spearheads. They hold aa highly honorable position just below the Harbingers. They are expected to be the leading example to all members of the Durak'ra what it means to be a Outrider. Respect and Honor! Harbinger - The orginal founders and the respected leaders of the Durak'ra Outriders. The Harbingers are mostly counted three in number and they always devide there responsebilites with eachothers. A Harbinger is to be respected, for his station was not made by himself but by his comrades who choose him to be there guiding hand. The Harbingers does not give orders or enforce respect to them but lead with example and honor to where the Outriders are best needed. THE HONORABLE DEAD! The Outriders will always remember and honor those who lost there lives during the rebelion and beyond. These are those who fell in battle or otherwise. May they never be Forgotten! Grumthar. Mazerok. Zortz. Gorrokh. Rouko. OOC INFORMATION! The Durak'ra Outriders is a Roleplaying warband / Adventure Guild Focused on finding there own path in the new horde, now that the time of war is over, for the time being. We are looking for new active members to join our brotherly band to follow us on epic journeys, fight the various enemies of the horde! Tread where few have ever dread and find great tresures! Solve riddles and work together as a team to suceed! We can at most times be found strolling Orgrimmar looking for recruits, so dont be afraid to approach us. We are also very open about joining other guild related events with others, be it a DM themed event or a storyline. We love these :D HOW TO JOIN? To join the Durak'ra Outriders, Ask any member to direct you to the local Harbinger or whisper to them direcly. Any member can invite new people Ooc'ly, but best checked with the officers first. We will then set up a meeting to the recruits choosing on how they wish to join the guild Ingame. At this moment we only recruit Orcs, Taurens, Goblins, Trolls and Undead. Whatever or not we decide to invite other unnoted races may depend what kind of impression they give us. For any information regarding the guilds concept, whisper Trhag, Rouko or Rhamgosh to learn more before joining. Ps: Types, you have been warned. Please note if yo usee any so i can fix it? kkthxbaiRhamgosh152 17 Mar 2016
17 Mar 2016 Thread: general lore questions We don't have a thread for misc. lore questions, do we? A place where you can ask stuff, but don't want to create your very own topic for it. I was wondering: which warlock spells make use of fel magic? Shadowbolt is a shadow spell, right? Are all other demonology spells fel spells? What about destro locks? They mostly use fire spells. That's probably a dumb question, but the more I thought about it, the more I started to wonder.Ahake20 17 Mar 2016
17 Mar 2016 BG status on argent dawn. Greetings. I have been considering moving into this server to start role-playing, but I have to ask one thing. How well does horde/alliance fare in battlegrounds on this server? I also heard people like to flame on people who are from RP servers, is this true or does nobody give a damn anymore?Taigershock12 17 Mar 2016
17 Mar 2016 New Death Knight Lore? Afternoon. While skimming through the forum threads, I noticed a comment by Koriandr saying we're to get (or we've already recently got) new death knight lore. Just wondering what this new lore is! Thanks bunch in advance.Larrec46 17 Mar 2016
17 Mar 2016 LFG(M) Challange Mode Hello. Just seeking some folks to try complete all the challange modes, silver atleast, aiming for gold of course. Poke me in-game, or just respond here/send mail in-game. Never done CM's before, just want to complete it before it all fades, thanks.Blitzxy5 17 Mar 2016
17 Mar 2016 What do we know? [Discussion] Reading another thread, where IC talk was made about preparing for the coming of the Burning Legion by gathering supplies and such, made me wonder: What does our characters know about this? More specifically, I guess this boils down to sub-questions: 1. Has it been made public knowledge that we are facing another demon invasion? 2. Even if not public knowledge has the military been informed down through the ranks? 3. Does your character know about this threat? 4. How is the layers of military/society preparing for this? I'd love to hear the thoughts of others on some of these questions so hope you let all your conspiracy theories and honest opinions fly free here!Clean48 17 Mar 2016
17 Mar 2016 Art stuff, opinions please! So a friend of mine has been making this awesome WoW related art here's some of his creations, if you guys would like to give opinions and perhaps tell me if you want to see more of his art or not?!@#$.png Edit: The second one isn't working because language filter.. Just replace "!@#$" with the adult word that rhymes with duck! The owner is Alicorn from Argent Dawn EU!Swaldy29 17 Mar 2016
17 Mar 2016 An invitation, to the people of Argent Dawn[RP] As our guild grows, so do our members. A celebration of the past years achievements and growth for the Original Goldshirians is being held in Goldshire. The Original Goldshirians would be honored if you could join us in our celebrations as we hold a street party in Goldshire. Of course it wouldn't be a party without our guest of honor, Brodef, the great man who established our humble guild, this day isn't just a celebration of the OG's, but a celebration of him too. We intend to decorate Goldshire green for the occasion. The proceedings will begin at around 4:20pm our time, which is, I believe, 10:20pm realm time, on Saturday the 26th of March. We will begin with a feast fit for a king, there shall be plenty of food for all. Drink will also be provided to those who wish to partake. Several speeches will be made by some higher ups in the OGs, after that, music and dancing for all until the early hours (ladies, bring your dancing shoes!). It shall be a celebration to end all celebrations. A fireworks show, provided our pyrotechnist does not get too drunk during the feast, will mark the conclusion of the celebration. As this shall be a high profile event, with a large number of VIPs' and hundreds, if not thousands, expected to attend, security is being arranged to prevent any Horde incursions occurring during the course of these celebrations. While the event is open to all, we will be sending out invites to those that would like one. Please send me a letter, or reply to this thread, so that I can add you to the guest list. The dress code is whatever you would like to wear, however we would be appreciative if you could wear a bit of our guild color, Green. As I have said. We will be honored to host you all, and we want everyone to have a great time. We look forward to seeing you all on the 26th! I shall post a reminder the week and then the day before so that you don't forget! Thanks, ÉnvaarÉnvaar22 17 Mar 2016
17 Mar 2016 5 Things LEGION is doing right Hey guys, I've made a video about upcoming expansion and I would love to hear your feedback about it ;) Thanks! Here's the video:ër14 17 Mar 2016
17 Mar 2016 University Concept Hey guys. I have thought about starting up a university themed guild. Basically, it will work like a simplified concept of a real university. The idea is to have different departments performing research in fields such as magic, engineering medicine economics etc... Something for people who would enjoy playing a more academic type of character. A real important note is that the guild is based on research and NOT on students and lectures. This will NOT be a school directly speaking. Although, the idea is to have public lectures that people can attend, we will not have any students as part of the guild. The goal is to inspire some creative and intellectual RP related to WoW. Please note that I have put some thought into this concept, and I am willing to go into further detail with those who are willing to help start this up. I am only posting here in hopes to find the people who would enjoy this type of RP. For these people, the above description should be enough to understand where this is going. I do have some requirements that I believe are important in order for this to work. I will simply post them below, in hopes that people do not take offense and understand. -Please be over the age of 18 as this is meant as mature RP. -Please be comfortable with English. I do not require that you write everything perfectly every time, but please understand that the language is quite important in this type of RP. -Please have some academic experience in real life. It is required that you understand the basic concepts of critical thinking, how a discussion works and how to approach critique. -Please have a character that is adequate for this in terms of age, occupation etc... If you think this sounds interesting and you fit into the description above, please contact me IG. Simply whisper Itheria. I MAINLY seek three people that could help me start this up, to start at least three departments. P.S For those of you who know Itheria, NO she is not the character I will use for this concept. Hope to hear from you soon. =)Itheria62 17 Mar 2016
17 Mar 2016 Any Auchenai? Hey folks! I'm running a small DM'd guild event this coming Friday and Saturday, in the evenings. It involves escorting a few Auchenai priests from Auchindoun to Tanaan to set up a small outpost/operation meant to help shepherd any lost Azerothian souls home. It's nothing too big, detailed or flashy. If anyone out there plays a Draenor Auchenai (or an Outland soul priest that might be visiting Draenor's Auchindoun), and are interested in taking part, please poke me here or via in-game (ooc) mail. It's always more fun to have actual players than DM'd NPCS! Likewise, if anyone has a character who died on Draenor and was lost, feel free to use this chance to have their spirit appear back home in time for a beer or whatnot this weekend. Thanks!Anhagath4 17 Mar 2016
16 Mar 2016 Alliance shaman rp advice. Hi!! It's my first time writing in the English forums. Forgive the faults and misspellings that I may have, since English is not my native language. I want to rp an alliance shaman, but idk which race to be for him. Draenei: I absolutely >LOVE< their lore and aesthetics, but they seem to be hard to rp due to their looooong life. I accept tips. His backstory is about a young eredar that grow up on argus. His parents were arcanist that had an enchanting post, but when Sargeras came, they accept his gift, turning into demons. My Draenei, young and scared, run away from home, but his mother curse him, hindering his relationship with the light forever. The following years, he became a brawler, paying his frustrations fighting demons. When Genedar crashed on Draenor and the draenei began to settle, he was in a better mood, seeing his race building cities, temples and monuments again. He also started to hear cryptic voices in the mountains wind, in the torch's fire, in the clash of the waves, in the rocks of the caves... but he didn't understand them. When the orcs attack, the Draenei fight against them, but he fell unconcious on Shattrath's battle. The vindicators rescue him. During his several weeks unconciousness, the Draenei heared the voices again, this time clearly. Suddenly, a deafening noise woke the Draenei. He opened his eyes. He was wounded, laying on Azuremysts' grass. He didn't recognise that landscape, nor perceived the fel taint in the air. Soon, a broken approached him and smiled. "Welcome", he said. Dwarf: Their aesthetics and lore doesn't excite me. Moreover, their norse and beer stereotype bore me. However, you can try to change my opinion if you want. Pandaren: I love their lore, their totems and animations, but aesthetically Draenei are better. Anyway, I love them too. I thought about roleplaying a young wanderer shaman (from the wandering isle) who wants to know everything about the world. He fascinates with everything: landscapes, culture, architecture, clothing, spells, manners and whatever he can discover in his journey. He wants to be an extraodinarie cook, learning every recipe he find... but idk a lot about pandaren shamanism. There's few info about them, so I accept tips again, but I try to build him as a Lorewalker, interested in every form of knowledge he can learn. Thanks!!Auros8 16 Mar 2016