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07 Jul 2016 [A-RP] Night Watch Guard Two IC ... OOC Hello. I have been theorizing and conceptualizing some form of concept for Duskwood that would incorporate the intrigues of the occult but also the contradictions in Darkshire society coming from their complete isolation as a township within the Kingdom of Stormwind. The idea I'm presenting is an inverse of the traditional zealous Light guild surrounding the mysticism of Duskwood and the search for another faith. The bulk of the membership would be disillusioned citizens of Darkshire, including several members of the Night Watch. In this we would portray the grim and detached reality facing the ordinary citizen in Duskwood and their complicated personal choice to drift away from the 'state religion' to other options. The guild itself would be led by a few zealous worshippers of the darker arts who'd focus on agitating against the Light and undermining everything about it while steering their 'flock' both in theory and in practical terms; action against the Light. The guild would be based on the efforts and personal contributions of the members with no general over-arching story besides the general theme outlined above. I've yet to think of a suitable name but I have in mind the beginning of the guild. I will be placing a limitation on how many 'disciples' of the faith so that those with the most to contribute to this position will be selected/elevated/offered the role. The bulk of the guild will be as explained above ordinary disillusioned citizens of Darkshire and anywhere else around Stormwind who in time will hear of an alternative order. Requirements A grasp of the lore surrounding the Shadow, the Church of Light and Duskwood Decent English. My concepts no longer focus on making constant weekly DM / gathering events but the fluid and organic ebb and flow of peoples own initiative and creativity. Our roleplay will generate from one another and our environment.Uniforms Night Watch Militia: Other: Coming soon. Post your input, criticism or feedback below.Caracella78 07 Jul 2016
07 Jul 2016 Cancelled CancelledClaýdon6 07 Jul 2016
07 Jul 2016 Alliancey Alliance Guilds Hi all, I've been reading for the forums for a while and been curious as to whether any guilds exist or are active that have a more alliance of the alliance feel to them - from what I can see many guilds focus on a race or goal heavily focused on by a particular race - are there any that bring in people from all walks of life? A human priest with a dwarf paladin, an Elven archer and a gnomish rogue - that sort of thing.Nharae1 07 Jul 2016
07 Jul 2016 Argent Dawn General Banter Thread #220 By the right of post succession to ADGCT I proclaim the saga continues. Remember to post responsibly!Korgrum1 07 Jul 2016
07 Jul 2016 [A-RP] Looking To Hire Mercenaries? (New Guild) "Do you need a small short term army for a campaign that you don't have the numbers for? Are you stuck in a conflict and nobody wants to help you? Do you need a few bodyguards to keep you safe while you hang around Old Town? Or do you just need a few grunts to do some dirty work that your fancy Knights are too good for? The Sleetland Mercenary Company hosts the largest roster of hireable mercenaries in the Kingdom of Stormwind. If you're interested in hiring mercenaries, or being hired as a mercenary, contact us!" Disclaimer: None of the mercenaries in our roster are employees of the Sleetland Mercenary Company. We don't recruit other than by special appointment. OOC: The Sleetland Mercenary Company is a new guild concept we're trying out! We'll be gathering Mercenary contacts, and letting people hire Mercenaries through us. Hopefully this will catch on. Consider it a guild version of craigslist for Mercenaries. Let us know what you think, please!Severil7 07 Jul 2016
07 Jul 2016 Argent Dawn Containment Thread #219 Just one more turn editionMelaenya500 07 Jul 2016
07 Jul 2016 WTB Foreman's Gloves and Blackened Defias Boots if you have Foreman's Gloves or Blackened Defias Boots for sale let me know on here how much you want for them and I will /w you in gameJíií2 07 Jul 2016
07 Jul 2016 Cathode's Art 3: In Conclusion! Since the original thread reached 500 posts, I was unable to post these requests there. So here you go, folks! This thread is not for taking further requests. We reached 265 requests! That's almost 70 more than the previous thread! If you're interested in following my other doodles, they can be found here: Original Thread: Dark: Bloodcraven: Tipplebolt: Miraine: Lynniath: Kinzy: Thank you for taking part, everybody! It has been a pleasure. To reiterate, this thread is not for taking further requests, thank you. The next thread will be in a couple of months! Once again, thank you for taking part!Cathode12 07 Jul 2016
07 Jul 2016 [A-RP] Baraz Modan - Giants of Khaz Modan ... We are -Baraz Modan- Sworn to defend the lands of Khaz Modan and to answer the call of the Alliance, when they are needed. You may have heard of us, or just recently found us, however Baraz Modan has popped up here and there over the years, and is finally ready to represent the Dwarves in battle with pride. During our time, we've had countless battles and achievements under our belt, that we've complished throughout history. Some, which are listed down below. ''Vrykul Infestation'' - Aiding the Alliance in clearing the once building Vrykul threat in Northrend. ''Assault on the Twilight's Hammer'' - Attacking several Twilight Hammer cultist settlements. ''Battlefield of Burning Stepps'' - The long battle at the Burning Stepps, which costed Baraz Modan a lot of strong warriors, but ultimately ended in a victory preventing Blackrock Orcs from advancing further into Redridge Mountains. ---- - Short story ''Airborne Warfare'' - Retaking the stolen gyrocopters from the Dark Iron rebels which resulted in a massive airborne fight to the death between the rebels and Baraz Modan. These are but a few of many battles Baraz Modan has won. After Baraz Modan went on a hiatus, it has returned with a new Don Gar. The Wildhammer Dwarf ''Moragrim Icebeard'' will be leading Baraz Modan into many victories to come. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Baraz Modan is a unity of all Dwarven clans who specalize in both ground assaults and airborne operations. Baraz Modan will not be afraid to bring the fight to enemy territory in need be, and will carry on their duties with force. We an ordinary ranking system - where as if you wish to rank up, you must attend events and fight alongside Baraz Modan. The ranks are the following: 1. Don Gar - Roughly translated to ''Thunder Giant'' is the leader of Baraz Modan, and will continue to lead until death, or if they are unable to fight. 2. Iron Hand - The Iron Hand is sworn to advise and fight for Baraz Modan and the Don Gar. He is the Don Gar's right hand, and his friend. 3. Captain - The Captain is a Dwarf, who has served Baraz Modan through thick and thin, and through many battles. He is the one to give them inspiration in their time of need, and answers only to the Iron Hand and the Don Gar. 4. Ironbeard - Ironbeard is equialvent to a Sergeant. He's proven himself to be a leading role inside Baraz Modan, and has served loyally throughout his time. 5. Magna - Magna is the champion of Baraz Modan. They are the prime example, and operates as a leader to anyone below him. - A tournament will be held to determine, who's fit to become a Magna- 6. Iron Guard - An Iron Guard is the bulk of defense, and has sworn not to pick up any rank but that. They are the shields that guard the entirety of Baraz Modan. 7. Warbrand - Being Warbranded means, that you've taken part of several operations with Baraz Modan. 8. Oathbound - An Oathbound is one who has taken part in the initiation ceremony. 9. Uninitiated - One who has yet to take part of the initiation ceremony. Those are the ranks of Baraz Modan ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Baraz Modan will focus on setting up alliances, and hosting cross-guild events, as well as taking part in different RP-PVP scenarios around Azeroth. We'll be focusing on setting up big events on the weekends, and having small skirmishes or missions on the weekdays - with a few consisting of honoring dwarven traditions. So once the numbers pile up, they'll be plenty of stuff to do. Requirements -- Normally, the requirements aren't that big a deal, if you wish to enter this. But to make the roleplay experience smooth, there's a few requirements. - Do know dwarven lore - Look over the dwarven language primer that the guild will be using - this is purely to understand, what certain words mean, that'll be used in daily conversation or events. We do accept newcomers to dwarven roleplay, for them to gain experience among others of their kin. Now let's bring some quality Dwarf-rp to AD and prove that Dwarves reign supreme! For Khaz Modan!Moragrim1 07 Jul 2016
07 Jul 2016 WTS 8/8 Challenge Mode Gold (done by Camel Boosting™) As the title says 8/8 Challenge mode boost. I wont write a big wall of text here for info go to. Our original post:õø4 07 Jul 2016
07 Jul 2016 [A - Event] Legion Workshops Legion Workshop The Aldori Axiom hosts the next in a series of public lectures and workshops on combatting the legion as part of their duty to help prepare Azeroth for the coming of The Burning Legion as foreseen by the Prophet Velen. Date: 06/07/16 Time: 20:00 Location: The Exodar & the Azuremyst Isles Argent Archives Link: Attendees will be able to tailor the event to suit them by picking lectures and workshops that best suit their needs, be it refining a current strength or developing an area of weakness in your knowledge or skills. Each workshop will feature different events each time, providing an opportunity for regular attendees to cultivate a range of skills to better prepare them to defend Azeroth and their loved ones in the war against The Burning Legion Workshop Sessions: Grand Anchorite Aporat: Halting Fel Corruption - blessings and enchantments to slow and halt the spread of fel corruption as a result of fel-infliced wounds. Erudite Triumvir Neyrali: Fighting the Legion with magic - spells to ensnare and destroy demons. Theory and practice about using magic against demons, and how to help fighters deal with them. Rangari Triumvir Altala: Demon Anatomy - Knowing your enemy insideout and how to exploit physical weaknesses to turn the tide of a fight Lightwarden Triumvir Deresth: Legion Tactics - known strategies employed by the Legion and methods for countering them. More to be announcedAporat17 07 Jul 2016
07 Jul 2016 Looking for rp guild!! Looking for rp guild that like du adventure not just stay in one place. Or maybe a clan like rp guild with a village outside of the cities to protect and leaves on missions. Oh and that they respect the lore. Write guild name Guild master and officer name Detail about the guild rp itself.Ratobi1 07 Jul 2016
06 Jul 2016 WTS Swift Spectral Tiger Want to sell Swift Spectral Tiger Epic and Blue version Argent dawn realm only serious buyers contact me this is my battle tag Casanova#2152Madara0 06 Jul 2016
06 Jul 2016 Seeking to purchase Challenge Mode boost Simply put, I've got 200k (And am now in horrible debt...) and I really want to get the rewards for challenge modes. I've tried forming my own groups but I seriously doubt I'll get that even -started- before the pre-patch (Despite my best efforts). I'm willing to bring my own pots, food and the like and am willing to pull my own weight in DPS. I am open to using voice comms on almost any service and am willing to look up tactics beforehand if required. I even already got myself suitable gear for the CMs scaling. In return I am hoping for a very solid team that is capable of getting golds done in a timely fashion. I'm not looking to top the leaderboards, I just want 8/8 golds and I'm happy. I post this here because as it turns out, you cannot send gold cross-realm, even to btag friends, and no currently advertised boost services that I can see will take gold on Argent Dawn. And every person I've contacted has either not responded or said they cannot take gold on Argent Dawn... so... yeah.Takatoa0 06 Jul 2016
06 Jul 2016 Recruiting someone for an rp storyline! (Horde) So, this is about joining in a 2-people limited rp storyline. The whole concept involves participating in a storyline that feels more like playing an action rp game, with lots of fighting, exploring and mistery, being part of an epic adventure, where you will be fighting (rp-style) monsters, bosses and making your own choices! The story: As briefly as possible and trying not to spoil much about the plot: Dating back to the days of the Legion's activity in the Isle of Quel'Danas, a group of Blood Elves serving the Shattered Sun Offensive opposed powers they could barely understand. Believing they succeded. everything they've achieved starts turning against them as they realize they caused more damage than helped, damage that has left its scars opened untill this day... And somehow , you are directly involved to this... Requirements: LvL: Minimum 80 (the story involves high lvl areas) Race: Blood elf or undead preferably (but nearly everything could do the trick) RP-English skills: Decent, so it can be the most enjoyable for the both of us. Contact me either here or directly my character online if interested or for more information!Thelessia12 06 Jul 2016
06 Jul 2016 WTS Heavy Junkbox As title says i will try to farm those every day if you want to buy some /w Sylu alliance my price is 125g each box right now got 300 in stock just started to farm those today i will edit post when i stop farming those boxesSylu0 06 Jul 2016
06 Jul 2016 WTS "Plans: Felsteel Longblade!" Nevermind! Just sold it! Can a mod please delete the post? Thanks! ErikBankerone0 06 Jul 2016
06 Jul 2016 [H] WTB CM Gold Boost 8/8 Hello, Horde player on AD here. I wanna buy a Full CM Gold Boost before the pre-patch and pay with in-game gold. If anyone has a recommendation I'd love to hear it, or if you're selling boosts yourself, please leave a comment and we'll talk!Betara0 06 Jul 2016
06 Jul 2016 Interest check: Defeat at the Broken Isles event Good afternoon everyone. After looking at some Legion spoilers, enjoying role play with friends and pondering killing off a character, my companions and I had an idea for an event. Synopsis When word reaches the High King of Stormwind that the Legion has once again returned to wipe out all life on Azeroth, Varian Wyrnn amasses a fleet of considerable size to meet the Legion head on at their point of entry to Azeroth, the Broken Isles. Linking up with a Forsaken fleet of equally considerable proportions, the High King and Banshee Queen hope to stop the invasion before it even begins. Little did either monarch know what awaited them on those fel ridden shores... The Purpose of the Event Unlike most events, where the purpose is to defeat an enemy and come home to tell the story, the purpose of this event is to lose the battle. As far as I can tell from the opening cinematic, some of the pre legion patch stuff and quests in Legion, the Alliance and Horde do not win the initial foray onto the isles. This event will allow players to engage in a multitude of things prior events might not have allowed them to. First and foremost, any character you might bring, is more likely to die than survive. This presents the opportunity to bring an old character out of retirement to kill them off, to put a heroic ending to one of your current characters, or simply role play an unfortunate young/new character that just choose the wrong battle to premier in. I, for example, have stopped roleplaying Vashnu as I feel I have strayed too far from her original concept. Rather than have her fade into obscurity on my character list, I intend to have her charge into a battle she expects to win, only to be met with death. Secondly, this allows other players to see the impact of a new age on Azeroth. As with most new expansions, we often see a good deal of change in the world, but things often remain the same, with our characters continuing as they always have. The loss of this battle and death of actual characters will allow survivors of the battle or people back in Stormwind to actual pause and take note of the loss of life. To realize the true threat the Legion represents. I for one find it too easy to sit in Stormwind and think of new content as simply being "far away and out of mind", it is my hope that this event might anchor in our minds the reality of the danger of the Legion. Finally, the event allows for your character to go out fighting. You'll be able to make note on other or new characters you make that "Mymain stood against the Burning Legion and gave his life for all life on Azeroth." You can go into the battle not worrying about the consequences, knowing your character might perish. You can be silly and charge into a line of Infernals, to avenge a fallen friend or try to buy others a chance to escape. You can even write a story on the Argent Archives or forums about it. Which is nice. Who can attend? As it stands, anybody can attend. The ship we will sail in on will house a host of volunteers, from old veterans, fresh faces and even neutral parties. You can come as an individual who has nothing to live for or wishes to protect his family. You can come with your guild as they are now or as a made up regiment if you don't wish to kill your guild off. All races and all classes are welcome to attend, and if you really must, you can pretend to be a Demon hunter. The Horde? I would like to invite Horde players to come, however I would need a volunteer to 'DM' the Horde side of the event, as I can't very do both. Event Mechanics I would like to keep the event fairly open, with the ability to drop in, perhaps your boat just pulled up on the shore, or drop out, you took an axe to the face game over, as you see fit. Furthermore I want people to strive to do their own thing at the event and as such, the DM'd emotes will NOT be rolls or spreadsheet based, but will simply be along the lines of "A wave of Felhounds come your way" and allow players to respond to them as they see fit. You are free to roll if you wish or if you wish to break off from the main event and have your guild/group have full rolls and what not, you are welcome to. I also realize that not a great many people know me and as such, may not have confidence in me leading an event like this. So, if people prefer, I am willing to simply offer my idea to a more seasoned DM and attend just as a participant. As a side note, I believe using the small islands above Vash'jir and boats nearby will best represent the Broken isles and surrounding seas without having to wait for the Legion launch. This is pending however, as I am unaware of any potential phasing issues. When? I believe the best time for this event would be perhaps the first/second week of the pre-patch or between the 8th-15th of August when I happen to be on holiday from work. This allows for the survivors to return a few days after and tell their version of events, just as the Legion portals begin opening up across Azeroth, I believe this way the event will have the most impact. As it stands, I do not know for definate when the pre-patch is so closer to the time I shall offer a more suitable date and time. Final Notes At present I am looking for volunteers to spread the word, sign up individually or as a guild, people will to offer ideas, times, venues or assist with DMing/planning the event. Bump the post occasionally with insights or support if you wouldn't mind. If you want to talk to me in game my Battletag is: Vash#2203 or simply catch me on Vashnu through whisper or letter.Vashnu13 06 Jul 2016
06 Jul 2016 [H-RP Pre-Legion Event] Secret Gathering Within the twisted realm of the Nether, demonic forces begin to move. Where the laws of time do not touch and the light is not even a word mentioned in the most darkest reaches. Preparations are nearing completion and the moment is almost upon the mortal races, as the fate of Azeroth will soon be decided. This new surge of power, the rituals taking place to move such a force sends ripples through the Nether, like stones skipping the water. Those who practice the dark magic and draw upon the power of this realm would feel the shift as the time approaches. A worrying omen. Who else knows? Several letters would arrive in the hands of those practicing the Dark arts, sealed with a wax symbol of the Horde. Inside the letter would reveal itself to be a call to those within the Horde to gather within Orgrimmar soon. - Grand Warlock Felbringer _________________________________________________________________ As Legion approaches I couldn't let this epic pre-patch and huge one time opportunity be wasted. For those of you that play Warlocks, this call goes out to you. The Twisting Nether is a disturbing place and will always place a level of worry on those who study and delve into it's ways, but this is like nothing felt before. A gathering must take place to discuss and share information! Date: July 12th Time: 20:00ST Where: Orgrimmar, Cleft of Shadow Purpose: To discuss the troubling signs that are fast approaching and how to deal with themTyphór0 06 Jul 2016
06 Jul 2016 Rune lore question. Is it possible to make runes that f.eks stun or create a prison of the one in middle of the circle of runes?. Or a rune that will launch out all the arcane within in it? Or a Rune mark on a person that empowers his entire body to be stronger then normal? Is it possible to create rune that does curtain things? The rune explonation from wow rpg is not canon so it takes away tons of information :) Please help me :D And thx for all respond :PRatobi4 06 Jul 2016
06 Jul 2016 Guild: The Trident Hey I am trying to get my guild going. But I need 1 more signature! So if someone could help me out here and just sign my Guild Charter that would be nice! I will pay 50g for you just to sign, you are free to leave after you have signed ofcourse! The guild will be a friendly, rp, pve guild :) -TrapizkaTrapizka1 06 Jul 2016
06 Jul 2016 Want to buy arena carry So I am not the best pvper, although i do want the 2k gear for transmog reasons before the expansion ends. Anyone willing to do it for gold?Zakuz2 06 Jul 2016
06 Jul 2016 [A-RP] Baraz Modan - Giants of Khaz Modan! ‘’The three Dwarves whom had been brothers in arms for decades finally managed to settle down whilst peace suffaced the land. However, danger always manages to creep its way back to Khaz Modan. This is when the three proud Dwarves decided to form -Baraz Modan- To make sure everyone knows, that the Dwarves’ presence are known in the world, and to once again head in to arms as brothers to rid any threat should dare threaten Khaz Modan. After many negotiations Baraz Modan was finally seen as an official regiment tasked with defending and or battling against any enemy of Khaz Modan.’’ We are the -Baraz Modan- Sworn to defend the lands of Khaz Modan and to answer the call of the Alliance, when they are needed. You may have heard of us, or just recently found us, however Baraz Modan has popped up here and there over the years, and is finally ready to represent the Dwarves in battle with pride. During our time, we've had countless battles and achievements under our belt, that we've complished throughout history. Some, which are listed down below. ''Vrykul Infestation'' - Aiding the Alliance in clearing the once building Vrykul threat in Northrend. ''Assault on the Twilight's Hammer'' - Attacking several Twilight Hammer cultist settlements. ''Battlefield of Burning Stepps'' - The long battle at the Burning Stepps, which costed Baraz Modan a lot of strong warriors, but ultimately ended in a victory preventing Blackrock Orcs from advancing further into Redridge Mountains. ''Airborne Warfare'' - Retaking the stolen gyrocopters from the Dark Iron rebels which resulted in a massive airborne fight to the death between the rebels and Baraz Modan. These are but a few of many battles Baraz Modan has won. After Baraz Modan went on a hiatus, it has returned with a new Don Gar. The Wildhammer Dwarf ''Moragrim Icebeard'' will be leading Baraz Modan into many victories to come. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Baraz Modan is a unity of all Dwarven clans who specalize in both ground assaults and airborne operations. Baraz Modan will not be afraid to bring the fight to enemy territory in need be, and will carry on their duties with force. We an ordinary ranking system - where as if you wish to rank up, you must attend events and fight alongside Baraz Modan. The ranks are the following: 1. Don Gar - Roughly translated to ''Thunder Giant'' is the leader of Baraz Modan, and will continue to lead until death, or if they are unable to fight. 2. Iron Hand - The Iron Hand is sworn to advise and fight for Baraz Modan and the Don Gar. He is the Don Gar's right hand, and his friend. 3. Captain - The Captain is a Dwarf, who has served Baraz Modan through thick and thin, and through many battles. He is the one to give them inspiration in their time of need, and answers only to the Iron Hand and the Don Gar. 4. Ironbeard - Ironbeard is equialvent to a Sergeant. He's proven himself to be a leading role inside Baraz Modan, and has served loyally throughout his time. 5. Magna - Magna is the champion of Baraz Modan. They are the prime example, and operates as a leader to anyone below him. -A tournament will be held to determine, who's fit to become a Magna- 6. Iron Guard - An Iron Guard is the bulk of defense, and has sworn not to pick up any rank but that. They are the shields that guard the entirety of Baraz Modan. 7. Warbrand - Being Warbranded means, that you've taken part of several operations with Baraz Modan. 8. Oathbound - An Oathbound is one who has taken part in the initiation ceremony. 9. Uninitiated - One who has yet to take part of the initiation ceremony. Those are the ranks of Baraz Modan ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Baraz Modan will focus on setting up alliances, and hosting cross-guild events, as well as taking part in different RP-PVP scenarios around Azeroth. We'll be focusing on setting up big events on the weekends, and having small skirmishes or missions on the weekdays - with a few consisting of honoring dwarven traditions. So once the numbers pile up, they'll be plenty of stuff to do. What we seek from you is quality Dwarf-rp, and to prove that Dwarves reign supreme! For Khaz Modan!Moragrim10 06 Jul 2016
06 Jul 2016 [AD - History] Baraz Modan - Burning Stepps Battlefield The short story, that is presented here was created for the sole purpose promoting the new dwarven guild. For more information on Baraz Modan - as well as recruitment, you can check out our forum post here ---- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The air was hot, and the sweat starting flowing down from their heads enough to fill buckets. The stouthearted dwarven men and women were prepared for the danger approaching them. They did not fear it, they embraced it with only one goal in mind. -Victory- The Blackrock Orcs were staring them down. They were well equipped - They were ready for battle just as much as the Dwarves.. A rather large Orc in particular stood infront of them with his axe raised to the sky. He must be the leader, they all thought to themselves. He’s the prime target. The dwarves held their ground, as one Dwarf decided to stand infront of them all. It was their leader - The Don Gar of the Baraz Modan ‘’Thagran Stonebeard’’. He raised his axe to the sky, and shouted at the top of his lungs, ‘’DO NAE’ FEAR THESE BEASTS, BROTHERS AND SISTERS. WE’VE FACED WORSE ENEMIES THAN THEM!’’. The dwarves let out a furious war cry, almost taunting the Orcs to come forward...And they did. The giant Orc responded with a war cry himself, marching his warriors forward. ‘’FOR KHAZ MODAN’’ the Don Gar shouted, as he lead the dwarves into battle. The giant Orc headed straight for the Don Gar, swinging his axe down upon the Don Gar’s own axe, parrying blows with him. All of this whilst countless dwarven and orcish bodies were scattered all over the battlefield. The Don Gar stared right into the Orc’s eyes, before pummling him back with the hilt of his axe, almost hitting an eye. The Orc spat on the ground, but did not retaliate. He started moving backwards hiding behind his men, however the Don Gar would not let him leave so easily. He charged through the Orc’s bravely, cutting down one after one after one. This however left him with multiple wounds, leaving the Don Gar at a disadvantage. Despite that, his brothers and sisters kept fighting, and more bodies kept piling up - It was a horrendous sight. From behind the Orcs, a large Ogre appeared. It pushed the Orcs to the side, slamming its mace down upon the Dwarves, one by one. The Don Gar had to make a choice, fight the Giant Orc, or aid his allies. He snickered, and went back to aid them. He unstrapped his loaded boomstick, and hurled it towards a nearby Dwarf. ‘’SHOOT IT, NOW!’’ he shouted. The dwarf followed his command, and managed to aim it straight for the ogre’s chest. The ogre staggered back, and placed a hand over his new wound. This gave the Don Gar a chance to climb atop the Ogre, and place his axe down upon the Ogre, almost splitting its skull in two. Before the Ogre fell to the ground, he quickly jumped off and landed on the ground safely. There was finally some space between the remaining Dwarves and the Orcs, a moment to breathe. The Dwarves were certainly outnumbered, they’d lost more men, and who knew how many more the Orcs had surging from the mountain. The Orcs cackled once more in unison, as the Giant Orc emerged from behind them all. Off in the distance a large shriek was heard. As it came closer, it was revealed to be a drake. The drake started circling around the dwarves, waiting for the perfect moment to strike. The dwarves started to spread out. They didnt wish to get caught by the the drake’s fire breath. But this left them vunerable, and it gave the Orc’s an opportunity to charge. The dwarves held their ground for the most part, but their numbers started depleting even more. As for the Don Gar Stonebeard. Due to the amount of wounds he received, his abilities were not the best it could be. However, he kept on fighting despite his handicap. If the Orc’s didn’t get him, he knew that he’d die of bloodloss. So he gripped his axe tightly, before letting out a large war cry echoing through the stepps. The Don Gar charged through several Orcs, cutting them down one by one. His only goal was to kill the Giant orc, and he’d gladly give up his life to do so. For cutting that him down would be a huge blow to the Blackrock Orcs. So he continues hacking down on each and every one of them, until he manages to break through their defense. He sees and opening, and behind him, he sees the Giant Orc preparing himself. The Don Gar roars loudly, as he charges for the Orc, leaping into the sky, and as soon as he hit the sky, he hurled the axe with all of his might straight for the Orc... However, what he did not know, was the Blackrock Orc right underneath him had a spear, and the Don Gar got completely impaled. His whole chest went through the spear. His vision started to deteriorate. But he saw, that the axe he threw, was attached to the Giant Orc’s head. The Orc staggered backwards, before falling lifelessly onto his back. The Don Gar clenched his fist, as he knew death had come for him, but he managed to muster out a smirk, before fading away into the unknown… The Dwarves and the Orcs have both suffered a heavy blow, and the dwarves still have the drake to worry about. They are all scattered and fighting eachother, whilst the drake from above has yet to make a move. Although they are all scattered, the Orc forces seem endless, and the Dwarves are starting to go down one by one. However in their last moments, they hear a horn being blown off in the distance, and the sound of a roaring Dwarf. It is no roaring Dwarf however, it’s a barrage of gyrocoptors. Backup has arrived… The Orcs seem confused, some of them even start to slowly fall back. However the dwarven gyrocoptor riders do not let them go that easily. Some of the gyrocoptors have been modified to wield a gattling gun. The gyrocoptors would scoop down on them shooting them down one by one. The other gyrocoptors modified to wield missles, circle the drake. The drake roars loudly, as it lets out a breath of fire, burning down one gyrocoptor. However the others bombard it with missiles, ultimately bringing it down. The battle finally starts to turn, as the Orcs get gunned down and killed one by one until none of them are left at the battlefield. Some of them managed to escape, but their numbers are few. The gyrocoptors start landing one by one and from it several dwarves emerge. Victory is finally theirs. After the confusion starts to dile down, they’ve started to look for the Don Gar underneath the piles of bodies. It almost seemed hopeless, until one Dwarf spotted a hand underneath a pile of Orcish bodies. As he started digging, he found the Bronzebeard Don Gar. He beckoned the rest of the dwarves over, as they all saw the hole in his chest. Next to him lies the giant Orc and several other Orcs. The loss of their Don Gar was a huge blow to their moral, however they knew that he died fighting, and brought down a lot of them. It might’ve been a victory on their part, but the numbers they lost, as well as their Don Gar will take alot of time to recover from...Moragrim1 06 Jul 2016
06 Jul 2016 [A-RP] Glaivesworn Covenant (work in progress) Hello there people I am currently building my DH guild for the launch of legion and I may need some people who could take interest in joining and help lead it. For me this is a large endeavor so anyone with great leadership skills etc would be welcome. Once I have acquired members who could help form the guild il make this post into a intro for the guild instead ^^Sylvariá15 06 Jul 2016
06 Jul 2016 How many will RP DH So in legion I aim to once again dwell into the depths of Demon Hunter rp. Legion seems like the perfect time to get back into it and evolve the lore I have built in the past...The only thing that worries me is how many will try rp a Demon Hunter and what knowledge level people who try it are on.... So how many here will RP DH, what's the reason for it and are you entering this sort of rp fresh or are you well versed in the lore of DH's Addtiional question update: If you aim to make a DH would you be interested to join up with other DH's icly in a sort of guild. I am asking cause I am most likely planning to make one or join a already created on and promote it to all interested ^^Meiyang151 06 Jul 2016
06 Jul 2016 The Starseekers are looking for founding members Hey everyone! Almost eleven years ago, I started an RP guild on Defias Brotherhood called The Starseeker Sentinels, after the faction of the same name that guarded Cenarius against Grom Hellscream in missions 4 and 5 of the Warcraft 3 Orc campaign. We were, back then, a Night Elf-only guild that did a very militant brand of sentinel RP, and we were known for waging world PvP fights against any guild invading Kaldorei lands as well as relentlessly defending our faction leader against Horde raids (with great success!). But years went by and expansions launched, and eventually the Starseekers were disbanded towards the end of the Burning Crusade. I have a headcanon as to what happened to some of its core characters, and that headcanon has stuck with me ever since. The general idea Night Elf RP has been on a bit of a low burner after TBC, and expacs like WotLK and Cata always seemed more focused on humans, and Mists and WoD were a bit of a mixed bag in general. But now a new expansion is upon is, and Legion seems to reinvigorate a good night elf storyline more than any expansion so far. I have a great idea for it, but I need people to help me get it off the ground. I can already hear you say, "AD has so many Nelf-only guilds", and you are right. I don't want to compete amongst the Kaldorei playerbase. If Starseekers is returning it has to build and expand upon its previous history, not just simply repeat the same thing but then ten years later. The new guild will be more reflective of the state of Azeroth today, not the one we were given at the end of the Frozen Throne. All races are allowed, and that will be precisely what will drive our guild storyline. The goal is to write a story that ends up reading like a novel, something that I know how to do because I am a trained novelist and know how to write something that reads professionally. Starseekers will be reinvented as an RP-based raidguild, meaning that the progression of the guild story will depend both on ingame RP as well as actual raid progression come Legion. With the Starseekers finally having the opportunity to go toe-to-toe with the Burning Legion, that is an RP opportunity I don't want to waste. The specifics The story will be one of Light versus Fel, to use two terms that roughly cover my intent. My night elf character who founded the original Starseekers will return as a Demon Hunter and take back control of the sentinel force after having spent a long time in service of the Illidari. But in the meanwhile the Starseekers will have been under the stewardship of someone else. A night elf who remained at the homefront, a priest or a druid, who built ties with Draenei and Worgen and maintains a very traditionalist view of things. The clash between my character and this other character will drive the guild narrative. My Demon Hunter, being technically entitled to leadership of the sentinel force, will open up recruitment to include all races and all classes. She will argue that against the Legion there is no ideological luxury. Their own weapons must be used against them. This includes Warlocks, Death Knights, Magi, and other Demon Hunters like herself. She will be opposed by the faction lead by the steward character. Imagine it like Return of the King, except Aragorn is now a dark sorceror and Denethor never tossed himself off the city. The "stewards" faction will consist of Priests, Paladins, Druids, and Shamans. Classes that stand for goodness, care, and harmony. Caught in the middle will be the Warriors, Rogues, Monks, and Hunters who are free to side with whichever faction they prefer. The execution The guild will maintain a power bar, a graphic that displays the balance of power between the two factions. Killing raidbosses, upgrading artifact weapons, RP events both scheduled and off the cuff, all of these will contribute to the overall balance of power. And that balance is what determines the outcome of the guild storyline, whether the Starseekers become a Fel-driven sect of outcasts not unlike the Illidari, or a purified faction of light and nature that stays true to the original ideals of the sentinel force it once was. Hopefully, if I do my job right, it will eventually be a story you'll want to return to reading like you do with any of your favourite Warcraft novels, and this time your own character will have a role in it! So what am I looking for? To start it off, I'm looking for co-founders. People who see the potential behind this project and want to help me get it off the ground. That means guild officers. Preferably you'd have any or all of the following qualities: - Good knowledge of Warcraft lore or a profound interest in learning it - Someone with time to spare in evenings to help organise and setup events - A quality RP'er who knows the difference between a character that carries their own story and the forgotten son of Illidan Stormrage who has returned to godmode everyone to death. The idea behind the guild story is to write something that can exist by itself within the WoW universe and doesn't need to relate to the main WoW characters as designed by Blizzard. - A capable player of one's class who can perform their job in PvE. - Someone with an interest in exploring the raidgame. Maybe this will be your first time raiding, maybe you've raided last in WotLK, or maybe you raid all the time and you're interested in a more RP driven angle this time, any reason is fine. So long as raiding is part of your motivation. I intend to take this seriously, because I think if we do this well we can end up creating something pretty cool. So this is where it starts. I'm looking for officers and core players. Once I have my groundwork set up, the guild can expand further. I hope to use the remainder of WoD's time to get this off the ground, since this way we can also pace the RP and prepare for the introduction of the Demon Hunter class and all that implies. Contact me ingame on this character or my priest, Alyssin. Or leave a note here and I'll get in touch with you when I can. Hope to hear from you!Railenn21 06 Jul 2016
05 Jul 2016 Guild Survey This is a short survey hoping to find out what the server is looking for in a guild! Hopefully a lovely guild can grow from this that the server really wants and needs. Thank you for your time and cooperation.Dardanosemer7 05 Jul 2016
05 Jul 2016 Maya female Draenei HD rig, looking for beta testers I've put together a bunch of rigging for the female Draenei hd model with a specific character design. I know there are some animators on my server here, and I'm looking for a few fairly experienced ones who want to try out the user friendliness of this rig. Any takers?Azulinde0 05 Jul 2016
05 Jul 2016 [A-RP] Oceans Serpent We want to first apologise for the length of our thread. A lot of thought and consideration has gone into trying to make a guild that differs from the normal concept of war band whilst creating a heavy RP environment with maximum immersion. “Have you ever considered a career within the Navy? The ship? Oceans Serpent is a newly established "Merc group " set up by Captain Nathaliy Braxton or most know her by codename Captain Blake and Invites any whom wish to partake in her crew and fight alongside with her, their home, family and people. Are you willing to sacrifice the life of land and partake in a lifelong journey of family ln the sea? For the Serpent always watches over us...Let us loot and steal! (( Told only to Ic members who are fully committed )) Seek us out around the shady parts of Stormwind, Booty Bay , Ratchat we shall discuss if you are worth my crew, you land worm! Basic Guild Information The Oceans Serpent is a crew of members that serve as per usual a Captain whom cares only for her and the crews interests. The crew is a pirate - Merc group seeking for any kind of fortune eve if it lowly such as stealing, despite the pirates life is a fun one and has many variations of honor and valor...If you should partake within this group your life would be hard and not easy but rewarding for sure! Another Pirate guild? What makes you so different? Oceans Serpent offers you the players a highly immersive and intense experience beyond what is found in many Pirate guilds, we aim to make the experience as life like as possible. We encourage and promote character development through smaller personal events, smaller grouped missions and activities, what that means is that even if we don't have an event planned we might have a random one. Alongside this we run our missions and campaigns with as much input from members as possible from deciding which mission to run, to develop the story around their RP and how they choose to act on such events! We seek quality role-play rather than stuffing the guild roster, whilst trying to provide role-play that is as close to lore as possible. Our guild ethos is what you put in to the RP, you’ll get back in reward . We focus heavily on not spoon feeding role-play encouraging our members to go and make their own either off their own back or by providing small tasks and events that can be done in smaller groups or bigger groups whilst contributing to IC character development. Another thing to note is that we accept any race/class combo that is correct within lore and we think will fit with out concept. [b]What can the guild offer me? The guild is run by a three GM system, with all decisions made together. We as a guild have experienced our fair share of role-playing guilds and tried to incorporate the best bits of our experiences into one place. We can offer you a chance to grow and develop both as a character and a player by countless role-playing opportunities, development for your character on a group and personal level. As a member of our guild we want YOU to be involved as much as possible when it comes to decisions of how the guild operates. When it comes to server-scale campaigns, guild campaigns and story progression, you have a say in these matters both IC and OOC. We want this to be a community not just another guild where people log on for events then log off after. Another point to consider is IC and OOC are kept separate. Your IC actions have IC consequences and we keep OOC out of role-play unless we have no other choice. We encourage character development and praise! If you do well expect praise and lots of credit where due! We’ve all been there when lines are crossed and we don’t want this to be the case in our guild. We accept all feedback from members both positive and negative, it is the only way we can improve YOUR experience with us! Finally, we stick as close as we can to traditional Pirate values, perhaps a bit slightly based on comedic movies such as The Black Sails series or Pirates of the Caribbean. We expect racial tensions, brawls, outbursts and clashes of culture as is ever present within the crew filled with outcasts and drunks! [b]Where are you based? The base is currently located somewhere in between Wetlands and Arathi Highlands, we use that one ship over there for casual rp and exploration usually, though from time to time use the Sw ones when we dock there for example, as for events we will most likely use either Booty Bay or Vash'jir.Nathaliy5 05 Jul 2016
05 Jul 2016 Rp question worgen mage How long have gilneass been mage in lore Like they been behind walls for many years but was they with the other humans durning the part where 100 humans were teached magic?Ratobi7 05 Jul 2016
05 Jul 2016 Legion and RP gear / transmog concerns Hi, AD! I've made two threads on the general forums that I feel could benefit from an upvoting squad of our realm. Maybe for once Blizzard notices us EU plebs and takes a step back on stupid changes that can potentially really irritate RPers. Thread 1: They're removing interface options to hide helm / cloak, and instead making it an 'invisible transmog' that you have to visit the transmog guy for every single time you want to hide / unhide your hat. It's extremely stupid. Thread 2: They're pushing spec-appropriate quest rewards on people, making it so if you're a warrior you'd only see str plate / weapons appropriate for you as quest rewards, and will be unable to obtain RP quest rewards (eg. a cloth dress, or a leather hat); Plus, they prohibit eg. warriors from transmogging cloth / leather that the're wearing (so if I'm a warrior and I put on a leather helm to transmog into another leather helm the new system won't let me. plate or gtfo.) I think it's in our common interest to upvote it and get blizzard's attention to get those things fixed before launch.Sharissia27 05 Jul 2016
05 Jul 2016 [Event A/H] Midsummer Tanaris Beach Party. ... -OOC Hello people of Argent Dawn! I am making a Beach party in Tanaris, to get all together and enjoy a public event that doesn`t involve war or bloodshed, but instead, Booze and the beach! Horde and Alliance , any race or class or level! Feel free to come and enjoy three days with your guildies or friends. Location : Gadgetzan, Tanaris. Time : 7.00 PM Date : 1st July - 3rd July. Summer outfit list : ---------- Looking for Sellers : Exotic Pets/Normal Pets. Food/Drinks. Ice Creams/Deserts/Sweets. Beach Equipment. Clothes, Summer themed. Hearthstone Cards/Decks Toys Cooking/BBQ Equipments. ---- Looking for Entertainers : Actors Performers Tattoo Artists Fireworks ---- You can set up your own grill, buy a equipment or bring it with you from home, to set up a BBQ for your friends and guildies Lay on the sand to get some sunbath, but do not forget Sun Cream! Enjoy the cold or hot waters of Tanaris! ---- Competitions : Arm Wrestling Competition Crashing Trashing Competition. Hearthstone Tournament. Drinking Competition(Alcohol) Eating Competition Pet Battles Tournament. ----- Interested to join, Make a event for you and your friends, or in your guild! If we got any sellers here for those that are asked, Post here with some details of what you sell and will add you in the list! If there is something for your character to sell, comment and will get back to you!Xesmeni184 05 Jul 2016
05 Jul 2016 (A-RP) Dark Whisperings (Open Pre-Legion Campaign) Evil grows unchecked within the frigid wastes of Northrend. The Scourge shows an intelligence not seen for years, and the Old Gods continue to use the unsuspecting as pawns for their grand schemes. Yet, this is not all; another force of chaos and destruction rises again, a force that may well prove to be the death of us all... the armies of the Burning Legion once again march on Azeroth. This campaign of events aims to provide a buildup to the release of the Legion expansion, showing a slowly increasing demonic presence in the continent of Northrend, whilst fighting against other native evils at the same time. The events are fully DMed, though most important happenings rely on the decisions of players - random RP in the continent involving minor threats (or even just stopping at a tavern for a drink) is welcomed as well. Whilst the events that I hold are generally centred around our characters being "criminals" and/or independent from the Alliance, the campaign is open for anyone from any guild to join, as long as they can justify being on the continent. Other groups altogether are welcome to take part in events relating to the efforts against the Legion, Scourge and Old Gods, as long as the main group is informed to avoid continuity issues. Three events are usually held per week, always at 8PM server time. The campaign will be running until the release of Legion itself , upon which focus will be shifting towards the Broken Isles as seamlessly as possible. it is acceptable to attend as many or as few of these as you like. Please do contact me (Àrgas-ArgentDawn) / EpicRP#2300 OR (Edwín-ScarshieldLegion / DragonReborn#2922) for more information regarding the campaign, or to ask for an invite to the events. The Burning Legion is coming. Do you answer the call?Àrgas0 05 Jul 2016
05 Jul 2016 [H-RP] Orgrimmar Culture Night - THANK YOU! The gentle hum of activity and chatter can be heard from the streets of Orgrimmar: Tonight, this capital city welcomes any who dare venture in for a casual chit-chat, a story or some whole-hearted booze; Come forth to the Culture Night! Date: 4th of July Time: 20:00 server-time Location: Orgrimmar Festival Map: Parade Route: Faction: Horde Contact: Siavash Argent Archives: ... Activities: City Parade: Join us as we fill the valleys with song and colorful rockets! Performances: Entertainers puts a show for you to be amazed by! Stalls: Open business for merchants, in the shops down along The Drag! Games: We’ve got plenty of games for you to enjoy! Open Stage: Take the stage, the spotlight is on you and now give it your all! Your own idea: Think you can provide something else, fitting a culture night? The floor is yours! As part of the fireworks Spectacular, Orgrimmar City opens its stores and streets to celebrate the Horde with an extravagant celebration, starting out with a bombastic city parade through every valley of the city! Afterwards the Cleft of Shadow and The Drag will be open for business, while the Valley of Wisdom will perform as open stage for performers to make their entré! ... Huk Huk is a well-known Hozen that has earned his reputation through finest barberque cuisine, on Kalimdor! Tonight you may have the pleasure of tasting his newest recipe - what will it be? Drop by his grill and find out! Siavash Windfarer will attend as host of the event, direct the city parade and later introduce you to the Dice of the Darling, and Dice of the Devil in the Valley of Wisdom! ... This event is lead by Siavash, with the intention of providing fun city-RP for the Horde, without too much nonsense! To achieve this goal, we gladly accept assistance from RP guilds as well as individuals! To make it easy for everyone to join in the way they like, here's a map to use as a guideline! Ideally, I would like to invite cultural guilds and give them the opportunity to express their unique facets. The purpose of the Cultural Night is to create an uplifting celebration of who are united within the Horde! ... - Show Respect: we are here to create something festive for everyone! We kindly ask everyone to avoid stirring up drama and hot-headed discussions during this event. - Speak Orcish: This is intended to be a fun and inclusive event for everyone on the Horde. It really can be a show stopper to be excluded from the fun through language barriers! - Understand that the host will be busy: Siavash may not be able to get around to everyone. Please don't take it personal, but try help each other instead. ... Q: How do I sign up? A: Short answer is that you don't! If you want to make a stall, or perform with entertainment, simply look at the zones on the map and find a free spot within the right area! Other questions? Contact Siavash!Siavash38 05 Jul 2016
05 Jul 2016 WoD: Returning to Azeroth from Draenor This is a question that many people will probably have: How are we to return to Azeroth from Draenor? My theory could be that mages have opened up portals to different cities in Ashran. Though they could be just OOC portals. How do you think we could return to Azeroth from Draenor?Naxxarakh44 05 Jul 2016
05 Jul 2016 Could The Vale of Eternal Blossoms restore undead? Vague title, I know. I was thinking today about how The Vale of Eternal Blossoms' waters are described as having immense magical powers, evolving the jinyu, grummles and perhaps even more (I stick by my theory that pandaren are furbolgs who settled by the waters). Of course, nowadays The Vale is a Sha-tainted shadow of what it was, but let's go back to when it was still vibrant and full of life. Its waters are supposed to have wondrous healing capabilities, and this made me wonder... If an undead were to bathe in the blessed waters, would they slowly begin to return to life? Rot disappearing, flesh regrowing, senses returning. It strikes me as an interesting concept; an undead (or group of undead?) who sets out on a pilgrimage to Pandaria in order to gain access to the waters in order to restore themselves to their lost, living form. I imagine The Shado-Pan would try to stop them from doing so, causing conflict. It's just a thought. Do you think it's plausible?Mogi27 05 Jul 2016
05 Jul 2016 [A][NabTales] Now Recruiting! Hello one and all! Are you looking for a casual guild? Look no further! NabTales is an Alliance based guild that will offer you a friendly home for casual raid progress, PvP, transmog runs, mount runs, alt-leveling, lore hunting and casual RP along with friendly faces and humble chatter. What do we require? Well, nothing really! From a newbie to a veteran player, we accept all who are mature, respectful and friendly. The only thing we'll not tolerate is unnecessary guild drama and rudeness. What's the goal of the guild? Spread positivity and friendliness, discuss lore, help each other out, make new friends and have fun! Raid days will be planned accordingly so that everyone has some time to spare from IRL - we value IRL over in game progress, after all. And IRL is very unpredictable! Anything can happen at anytime! Later on, the guild will also have a Youtube channel named after it that will support simplified Lore, pvp and pve snippets, stories woven among our guildies, and other games as well. The prime goal being welcoming to newcomers into Warcraft or any other game, and a refreshing welcome back to veterans. If this sounds ideal to you, give us a poke online! We currently have a Facebook page, and I'll be setting up Discord for our guild's voice chat needs once we settle down with a decent group - which doesn't mean we'll have more to offer. We'll see what the future will bring us, together. :) Your new family of friends await you, and any other noobs at heart. Welcome aboard~! Oh! Before I forget - here's the guild's Facebook page. You can post there if you want, or if you don't want to discuss it openly, you can whisper me in game. If I'm not around, you can talk to any of the guild members for information - or send me in game mail. That also works :) - Edit: For IC purposes to those who wish to participate in RP events, courtesy of Berylson, we have come up with a company name! We, ICly, are now called "Nabular's Most Excellent Company of Seasoned Adventurers"! Has the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen vibe to it that I really liked, so there we go. Thank you again, Berylson! ^_^Benzaiten6 05 Jul 2016
05 Jul 2016 Argent Dawn General Knight Thread #218 Did I bug the forum? Somehow it says I got post #502. Also, where do you live Vethdrin? That's crazy expensive for internet.Lotheridan500 05 Jul 2016
05 Jul 2016 [A-RP] The King's Rangers - Bloody Hell. ... ... ... ... ...Arthedun202 05 Jul 2016
04 Jul 2016 Cancelled CancelledKylìegh12 04 Jul 2016
04 Jul 2016 Seeking pandaren guild on Alliance! Hello! I were wondering if there were any active pandaren or monk themed guilds out there? I remember the Yuoshin Creed from the days of Mists, but I have not seen them for awhile.. Hope anyone can answer! Yours, JitaoJitao7 04 Jul 2016
04 Jul 2016 Troll guilds What's the up to date situation regarding troll RP? What guilds are out there? Thanks ^^Yawel9 04 Jul 2016
04 Jul 2016 [Legion Suggestion] Player chosen faction leaders. Greetings friends, I come again with a great new suggestion. This no doubt could not be implemented on launch due to time limits but perhaps in an upcoming patch. It's the 4th July in America right now, which made me think of the war of independence and our freedom. I then came to the realization that as players, we don't really have much say over our own affairs, so I came up with this great idea. On roleplaying realms, I propose Blizzard implements player chosen faction leaders. The Alliance having a King and the Horde having a Warchief. The new Alliance King could be democratically voted and the new Horde warchief could be the strongest player on the faction (Being the Horde's current strongest Shaman and in fact player, I hold no bias here I should note). The new leaders could then make faction wide consequences for their citizens, such as: What tax rate to charge their citizens, of which could be put in a realm wide vault reserved for repairs or welfare checks, if they are socialists. The ability to send people to prison, or silence them for a certain amount of time, both ingame and on the forums. There is no denying that there's many places ingame, such as Goldshire and many ingame channels such as Darknest that are filled with awful and illegal behaviour such as ERP that puts an immense stress on gamemasters- no longer will they need to worry! The power to make faction wide announcements that appear as a raid warning would to their citizens at anytime, just to ensure their power is respected. The ability to disband any guild they pose a disgrace to their faction, or all guilds on the faction. The ability to rename players manually to any name they desire, or flag them for a name change. Banning certain items from being able to be transmogrified. Adding a list of censored words that cannot be uncensored in public chat channels. I'm sure you can think of more powers of which these great leaders would have, if so be sure to inform me below. I can see this really going places friends, tell me what you think.Brodef27 04 Jul 2016
04 Jul 2016 The Legion Comes - Magni: Fault Lines On the 30th of June Blizzard released this comic, so some big things I think come from this comic, these will be spoilers so go and read the comic if you have not already. 1. Ironforge is in a state of confusion and excitement and worry. King magni walks however as a diamond man. 2. The Earth itself has told of the arrival of a demonic invasion in the future. The big question is, I think, how do you and yours plan to deal with this knowledge, Magni spreads the word that the Legion is coming, how do you plan to adjust your RP? What will this mean going forwards? I look forwards to your opinions and theories below.Morvuk10 04 Jul 2016
04 Jul 2016 Looking for art! Hello creative doodlers out there! I'm looking to have some art work of Lucinda here made. If you're interested in taking on the work or have questions to it, please contact me via this thread or add me on bnet. camikaze#2626 Have a glorious Friday!Luciinda6 04 Jul 2016
04 Jul 2016 [A/H] 4th July Celebration. The 4th July is the most important day of the year for us Americans. We celebrate becoming a free and independent people and the start of us becoming the eventual only world superpower in existence. I would like to invite you, my European brothers and sisters, to experience firsthand what it feels like to be an American. If you would check your calenders, you can see that the fireworks event starts quite early, so ensure your alarms are set. We shall meet in Stormwind, the capital of the finest faction (and sadly worst people), specifically, in the Trade District above the entrance to the Cathedral District, there we shall watch the fireworks display so graciously put on by Blizzard themselves whilst /kneeling, yelling "USA USA USA" to show our respect to my great nation. If you wish to sign up, be sure to tell me below. Also, if you're not on a mac, be sure to lower your graphical settings as my events will always be packed full of people and your fps may drop. Farewell and see you there my fellow lovers of freedom!Brodef38 04 Jul 2016
03 Jul 2016 [A-RP] <Knight of Stormwind> - Stooormwind! Greetings people of Argent Dawn! With my return to World of Warcraft I have decided after some contemplation to revisit the Knight of Stormwind guild concept! Why? Because there might still be people roaming around with their knights in search of a proper guild to roleplay in and not merely one that serves as a collective of knights. For this we'll be jumping back into the fray while actively working with our player base and outsiders. Do take a look what has changed and feel free to comment or provide feedback! <Knight of Stormwind> shall bring the whole concept of "knight roleplay" to a whole different level! We shall provide events (and encourage our members to come up with some themselves) and actively interact with people outside the guild as we represent Stormwind's finest men and women! We will happily take in people who wish to begin from the ground up as squires in the hopes of reaching the fabled knighthood at some point in their lives! A guild for Knights of Stormwind! It speaks for itself that the members of this guild are all part of the (Human) Kingdom of Stormwind and thus represent this nation. What it means is that we'll only accept Humans into our ranks as it would be odd would a Draenei or Gnome begin to represent the Human nation rather than their own! We also accept knights of the Silver Hand IF they are knights of Stormwind as well, so it'd still be Humans only. The majority of members in this guild will also be equal as knights aside from a few "special" ones and the Champions - on which more information follows later on! Squires, we need you! What would a knight be without his squire? What would this guild be if it did not include those few people who wish to aspire to knighthood? Nothing! For this we'll gladly take in wannabe knights and even assign them a knight to serve if they so wish! There will be events made specifically to cater to the squires within our guild: from bonding sessions with fellow squires to weapons training from the knight they serve! There's plenty to do and choose from! A plentiful amount of events! But not only the events are for squires! Knights are free to participate in those as well to show the young ones how it's done! Furthermore there are events specifically for the knights that consist of friendly competitions, team building and in the rare occasion handle dangerous threats that lurk within the kingdom. No events? Whatever shall we do! Yet there will (unfortunately) be evenings where no events will happen but that doesn't mean you won't do anything at all! Quite the contrary, as we are knights loyal to Stormwind and thus King Varian Wrynn we'll often 'hang around' the keep itself to preserve the peace and, if need be, tell the (foreign) nobles to keep their armies outside while they conduct businesses inside. No harm will be done, though, as long as you behave in the King's keep. The Knights and military events. Naturally when a situation arises that calls for aid the knights will be among the first to sign up IF it is a relevant situation or cause (sorry Lordaeron, it seems like we won't be liberating you any time soon). We could possibly create smaller military campaigns in and around Stormwind, though, but that remains to be seen for now! And for the future, this also means we'll be at the front lines during the events of Legion! Finally, the ranks! Squire: The people with the most green behind their ears, they wish to aspire to knighthood and will be constantly tested if they have what it takes to become part of Stormwind's finest. Knight: A knight is the 'regular' rank and thus the most common one. It indicates you're part of our guild as one of the many knights, but for those who wish to become more... ...Comes the Veteran rank! The few dedicated and most skilled knights without our ranks shall be recognised as veterans among their peers, sharing their wisdom and prowess with the others and inspiring them to fight on! Champion: The officer and GM rank, they lead the collective known as <Knight of Stormwind> by continued service towards the crown and the people. Their numbers are few but their words carry a lot of weight, perhaps one day one among the rest shall count themselves a Champion as well! Recruitment Recruitment is fairly straight forward: we want you to apply on our new forum (still a WIP, so it might look a little ugly) which will be checked regularly before we find you in-game and toss you an invite. It's not a very long application either, just the basic information about your character and why they'd be in our guild. Alternatively I might be available for in-game interviews as well so the applications can be skipped (but do make an account on our forums!). 03 Jul 2016
03 Jul 2016 LF Vanilla Blacksmith. Alright troops, looking for a blacksmith who can craft me a few items any help would be greatly appreciated and will obviously receive a tip. These items crafting plans were removed when Cataclysm hit, so finding one is going to be difficult for me. 03 Jul 2016