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26 Sep 2013 Customer Service Information The Customer Service Forum cultivates a beneficial relationship between our support departments and player community by providing a friendly environment where players can exchange information, access self-help resources, highlight in-game issues, and receive meaningful guidance through personal and fun interactions with Blizzard representatives. Index: Forum Information Forum Guidelines Twitter Additional Social Media ResourcesHagut4 26 Sep 2013
6d [Recruit-a-Friend] Common Issues & Questions This thread is intended as a guide to help you troubleshoot the most commonly reported issues with RAF and explain how / when rewards can be claimed. Please make sure to check this thread thoroughly before opening a new thread or indeed posting questions you may have here in this thread. Common Issues such as accounts not appearing linked & experience gain seeming incorrect Reward System 6d
28 Aug 2012 Legion 7.2 - Common Issues [10.04.] ★ Patch Notes ★ Known issues list ★ Common technical issues/fixes ★ Hotfixes ★ Please follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN for current service status. Welcome to Patch 7.2! If you experience issues when logging in after the latest patch, reset your user interface and remove all addons! Here's what you are contacting us about the most right now: Can't receive Armorcrafter's Commendation quest UNDER INVESTIGATION: We have received reports that the Battle for Val'sharah does not register Dead Vizier Gra'tork's kill and are currently investigating this issue. Blizzard App may show players as online when they are not KNOWN ISSUE: The app may erroneously show your friends as online. Rest assured that this has nothing to do with the characters themselves and is merely a display issue. We are currently working on a way to fix this problem. Loot: Items from weekly mythic loot chest not appearing in inventory UNDER INVESTIGATION: Some players have reported opening/consuming their weekly chest but not receiving any items. We are currently in the process of verifying these cases and investigating the source of this issue. Transfer Completed But Character Not Available WORKAROUND: If you have received an email stating that your character transfer was completed, but you can't see it on the new realm, create a new level 1 character to refresh the list, this can be deleted afterwards. Paid Character Transfer blocked by Caged Pets WORKING AS INTENDED: A character transfer can no longer be initiated as long as the character in question has a caged battle pet. This is a new transfer restriction. Please report any additional suspected bugs using the "Submit Bug" option in the ingame support portalNatryndon10 28 Aug 2012
2h Changed Relic by accident... Hello, I was trying to put a low level relic into my offspec artifact weapon. By accident, I put it into my main weapon. So that particular relic went from ilevel 890 to 805..... So I went to item restoration to see if I could find it and it wasn't there, however there was an 870 item that I decided to use. Is there anyway I can get my original relic back?? It was ilevel 890, and a storm relic. I can't remember what it was called exactly. It increased the chance that kill command would give an extra 50% damage as nature damage. I think it was the one from Star Auger, but I don't remember. I've made a ticket to see if they'll let me have it back. Anyone know what the chances are they will? Or is there anyone who works for Blizzard on this forum who can make it happen? I really hope I can retrieve it, took me ages to get it. This game is about getting more powerful, not less, and because of a stupid accident, I'm significantly less powerful now. Anyway, hopefully this will be sorted, Thanks SammaxSammax8 2h
2h Autism Jokes and insults Joking about autism has become a very common theme on the internet, particularly in the WoW community. It seems to be the current buzz word, for insinuating that someone is stupid. I do try to report players, as and when I see them, but it's so common and feels like a lost battle. Is blizzard aware of this problem? Do you consider it a problem? Am i overreacting?Clockwork13 2h
2h What did you just doåo? DearWoW devs wtf? So people complain about lack off content. You moron devs make forced content. At what point did u replace moron employies with people with someone with good ideas. U kill wow day by day and tbh the person leading the show would be the first head On the block chopped with the bad way its going by now. Give me a fat saluary and i'll get you back On track. Yes i'll make you billionsMagikaarn2 2h
3h Frequent "Unable to zone in" LFR Hi! I frequently get this message and it's really annoying to wait up to an hour and finally getting invited, only to be unable to zone in because boss was pulled 3 minutes ago.Kagutsuchi0 3h
4h Vashj'ir Horde Submarine Every time I'm using this sub for the quest, once it goes underwater i get a critical error and wow crashes, i log on again, and it instantly happens again.Nishio1 4h
5h Unable to loot quest items in Intances As above, always say that another player is using this itemTrugdish0 5h
6h CS Lounge IV Greetings everyone! Due to unforeseen circumstances, the previous lounge disappeared into the void, and as such, we're making a new one. For anyone that is unfamiliar with the CS Lounge this is simply a place where the Customer Support regulars can come to chat and post anything off-topic so as not to derail existing threads. So pull up a chair, grab a coffee or two, eat a cookie, if there's anything left, post and relax!Hagut256 6h
8h Maximilian of Northshire So i have completed the Un'goro quest line and returned to my Order hall and have not received any mail. Is there currently a bug on this or is it a specific amount of time that needs to be waited out before this in-game Mail comes to you? Curious as i can't find any information on any of the Paladin / General forums and have checked Wowhead - People posting the same thing. Cheers in advancedMeithos20 8h
9h Tabard of the Scarlet Crusade So does this tabard still drop? or am i just extremly unlucky I have done the Scarlet halls more then 35 times on this char and more then 50 spread out across different characters.Mmósnow6 9h
10h Rules of the hunt bugged So I've had to kill Xargraxach 3 times before I got credit for it and as for the Wrathblade Honour Guards....apparently I have only killed 2 :( This was on Fiennes rather than this characterSayyadina0 10h
10h Refer a friend from Africa / no recommendation Refer a friend from Africa / no recommendationLayladylay2 10h
10h Chaos burn rank 10 vanished after unloking new traits Hi... I just came back few days ago after long absence. My "Chaos burn" artifact trait as demon hunter was at rank 1. After I came back I spent tons of artefact power to level it util rank 10. It was increasing my damage with +0.5% / rank. I had no idea it has more than 1 rank. Anyway, yesterday I unloked the new artefact traits, and "Chaos burn" was reseted back to rank 1, lost all the artefact power upgrades I did on weapon. Very weird. Is it a bug? Is it intended? Am I missing something? I couldn t find anything on internet about it. Thanks! Thank you!Ashihara1 10h
11h Sugesstion So we have this option to switch between the old and the new character models and I am wondering if we could have the option to switch between the new and the old animations. This would be perfect for a small patch like 7.2.5 that wouldn't require so much work from blizzards side as many old players such as myself that would want to use the old characters with the old animations can choose to do that.Warreaperz6 11h
12h Equipment Manager issues. Hi, I need some help. Every time that I change specification using my Orc Warrior, the toon is left naked and all of his gear is moved into my bags. I then have to use Equipment Manager to replace his gear, but sometimes equipment manager does not work and I have to manually find the gear in the bags and put it back onto the character. This does not happen to any other toon that I have and is an issue for the Orc Warrior only. I have tried to reset the UI from the launcher. I have also backed up then deleted the WTF, Cache and Addons folders, restarted the game with no addons and nothing has worked. Can someone please tell me how to fix my Orc Warrior so that he is not left naked every time that I change specification? Thanks and have fun out there.Endel3 12h
13h Warrior Skyhold portal failure more frequent now The portal failure, immediate disconnect and arrival to a stranded place in Azsuna, all warriors have been through this. I used to get this appoximatelly once per week, but lately, probably since 7.2, I get these failures more frequent, often once per day. This bug has been ingame since the Legion launch. I often meet other warriors in the same spot in Azsuna, so it is not just me. Can this issue be finally resolved? It is getting very annoying.Martenus2 13h
14h Can't log in to armory Hey guys! I was fixing some AH stuff through web browser and everything worked fine. And then at some moment i just got a message to log in if i want to use my armory ( events and AH ). When i typed in acc name and passowrd the page just refreshed and nothing happened. When i type a wrong password or ac name i get a message that user name or password is incorrect. But when i type the correct password page just refreshes.. Any idea how to fix this?Anivaries1 14h
16h Not letting me change realm? Hi, Trying to move this guy from Moonglade to Argent Dawn. When I go to confirm the move its says Oops this needs your attention. Then says not eligible. Any reason why it would do this? I do not have any mail in my mail box etc. Now when I try again its says too many attempts?. Hmm no idea how to get round this.Tarkwin3 16h
17h Follower ilvl upgrades? Kinda curious how do missions, and work orders for follower upgrades work. Across my 8 characters, I have majority of my followers maxed out to 900, with few exceptions. Few weeks ago, I decided to get Meatball on all of them. Sadly, I'm having a hard time upgrading him. Now, on some of the characters, I'm still getting missions for ilvl upgrades, and ilvl upgrades from work orders. But on others...Not so much. I know that supposedly when you have everything maxed, you should see fewer missions for upgrades, since they would be useless. But funny thing is, in my case, it seems to be quite the opposite. Characters that have EVERYONE at 900, Meatball included, are still getting ilvl upgrades. Characters that are still missing some ilvls, haven't seen a SINGLE upgrade in over 2 weeks. I know it's kind of rng what missions you get, but such a long time, without a single upgrade, either from mission or work order? "Something's not quite right".Wíkl0 17h
23h Quest Mob (Need help) I do not see any relevant information on the taskbar in the lower right cornerMurderereyes0 23h
1d Bug Legion app cant finish mission I have a mission "Oh, deer" that is completed, but I cant finish it. I have reinstalled the app but it doesnt help, the mission is still stucked.Sunsparkle0 1d
1d Legionfall isn't a broken shore reputation? I just reached revered with Legionfall and Valarjar and I can't buy the boots from the class order hall.Jonaske1 1d
1d Scenario - A long way down (exodar) bugged Bug (possible spoilers) /// In this scenario you follow Velen down towards the heart of the exodar. Velen just stands there / stares at the enemy and nothing happens. I tried relogging and he was still standing there. After a second relog I needed to do the whole scenario again (which already took me 30+ min...). Will not try again until fixed. I saw on the Us forums similar issues, also some reported Velen falling through the ground and dissapearing.Laikeboss7 1d
1d Bug with Ulduar/Yogg Saron I was running it this evening, I only go from the tram as it's a mount run. Everything was fine except I had fire on me from Mimiron that wouldn't go out but wasn't causing any damage. When I got to Yogg Saron the brain portals spawned too soon, when I went in and killed the mobs I couldn't get to the exit despite getting the message that it was open. I feigned death & restarted, only took the portal when it officially spawned same issue. I also tried hearthing out and going back in and the portals still spawned too soon. Gave up, posted this :DLaytone4 1d
1d Wintergrasp is broken Steamwheedle Cartel EU, approx 19:50 server time I was planning on going to VoA to get some mog drops. When I arrived at Wintergrasp, it was in Horde hands and a battle had just started. No problem, I set about farming kills to get the vehicles. Here's where things started being different: 1. Killing one guard got me straight to Rank 2: First Lieutenant 2. I couldn't build any vehicles - as soon as I went to the workshops they were outside the combat zone, with no flag and no NPCs I managed to get inside the walls of the fortress by flying and floating down when dismounted. Whilst attacking the mobs in front of the main entrance to the chamber I was killed... 3. When I released, there was no Spirit Healer at the graveyard - I'm assuming that this was because it was outside the combat zone, meaning it wouldn't activate. 4. Unable to get back to my corpse, I waited the 20+ minutes until the Horde won. Unfortunately, while a Spirit Healer appeared, it was a Tanuka, and therefore did not ress me. 5. My wife logged in and tried to ress me directly. Unfortunately there was no corpse to be found, either at the site of my death or at the graveyard, so she was unable to help. As a result I had to run from Wintergrasp to Dragonblight, find a graveyard and finally speak to a Spirit Healer to take the ress sickness. I understand Wintergrasp is old content and therefore is low priority, but this is some weak, weak sauce. Please try and fix any one of this chain of issues!Landerolin1 1d
1d Is it still possible to acquire this set? its the Elite Vindictive Gladiator's Scaled Armor for paladin, thank youJeffonmeth1 1d
1d Is it still possible to acquire this set? its the Elite Vindictive Gladiator's Scaled Armor for paladin, thank youJeffonmeth10 1d
7h Very Slow Auction House and Mail retrieving Hi, I am on the EU Lightbringer server and since yesterday (the 20/04/2017) I have been experiencing extreme lag with opening items from my mail, as well as extreme lag with searching, buying and selling on the auction house. I couldn't find a thread currently on this and just wanted to let you know its extremely slow and people in the General chat were also complaining about this issue. Thank you, VenomouseVenomouse10 7h
1d Warroir's skyhold still bugs Always happened. When my warroir try go at place. go wrong place and crash game.. Why you don't fix it, Blizzard?Liborio1 1d
1d Command center mission missing I am missing the AP elite strike mission (must be the lost temple), while I get the other 2, legionfall war supplies and nethershards, what's with it? Majority of players get all 3, I get only 2 on both chars with 900 item level followers and I found some rare reports of other players with my issue, is this a bug? Or did we forget something?Esploratore2 1d
1d DH HACKER RUSSIAN russian hacker dont take dmg wen you hit himCood1 1d
1d Hack russian DH hello i waz playng 2s whit a healar monk and wee have fihgt vs a DH AND PALA RET.....the problem is the DH dont take any dmg from my is using hack plz do somthing <edit: Please do not name and shame as it is against our forum rules>Cood2 1d
1d Cant see legion invasion quests A legion invasion started a few hours ago and i flew to the zone and accepted the quest but no quests apeared on the mini map. I flew to a few points in the zone and could see the legion demons npcs and other players killing them and iteracting with portals and such(destroying them) and i couldnt do no such thing except kill the npcs and get only standard loot trash items. Please help anyoneMjacaa40 1d
1d Ruby Panther Mount Missing Over the last week I have been getting the mats from my different toons to make my baby Fire Mage a Ruby Panther mount. Finished making it yesterday so when I logged him in today he could learn it. I was well happy when I got it out My Guild Bank, looked at it there in my bag, clicked it "you have learned Ruby Panther" :) Open the mounts tab and typed in 'Ruby', strange only shows Thundering Ruby Cloud Serpent. Ok lets try 'Panther', shows: Sapphire, Swift Zulian, Jade, Jeweled Onyx and Sunstone .... No Ruby. I have been down the full list of mount (got and not got), No Ruby Panther is listed! I did ask in world chat if anyone else was missing Ruby Panther from full list of mounts but got no answer. I think it my st be a glitch in the list so I log out/in. Still no Ruby Panther in the mounts list. So I think, ok I'll pop off to the in game Customer Support and put a ticket in. Gameplay problem, click. Item problem, click. "Can you narrow down the issue?" Item Restoration - nope Loot drop problem - nope Mail return request - nope Now what do I do? What happened to the days you could just 'talk' with a person?Shanarni12 1d
1d legion's group for raids and dungeons my previous topic was closed, i posted links. my fault. but the problem is not solved - today i saw new groups, that offering raids and dungeons for real money. and the group starter is char of 1 level! for legion raids and dungeons! if its not bug, beg my pardonСеласфора3 1d
1d No man's land debuff in DK class hall Hi everyone! Did someone noticed the name of the debuff you get going around DK's order hall? Once unlocked the fly ability i was so curious to going around that i didn't realize that zigurat over there was DK's home. So without warnings i got the "No man's land" debuff ( ), it immmediately reminds me THE OTHER debuff on the beta version. For those "too curious" players going where they should not. Same name, different icon. So, for the safety of all our accounts, i really would a reply of a GM about this strange coincidence. Could i risk any issue concerning my Blizzard account? I know these are two different cases but... i really appreciate an official reply. Thanks :)Jakes6 1d
1d Nightblade Debuff Rogue bugged? Hi all, im getting dotted with this debuff by a rogue and it ticks für 350k for about 20 seconds. No chance to survive. Is this a bug or intention? Because it seems a bit off for me. ThanksIradei3 1d
1d Like the Wind Flying "Bug" Hey, I am not sure if you guys alrdy know it, but when you do the KT quests, "Like the wind" you can complete them while on your flying mount. This isnt supposed to be "working as intended" is it?Dawnwalkér5 1d
1d Hidden Transmogrification Dear Blizzard, I would like to suggest that Player's should be able to hide any piece of gear so that it is fair, such as; Player's can currently have the option to hide their ''Head piece, Belt, Shoulders, Cloak and Shirt'' why not ''Chest Piece'' so that we can show off our Shirts? If you would like to inspect my Shirt with my Armor I'm sure you would understand where I'm comming from, It make's me a sad Mage of the Kirin'tor. Kind Regards, MuzMuz1 1d
1d Halls of Valor Bug Don't think it's intended but yesterday when tanking Halls of Valor on my warrior I found a bug. It was during the Skovald fight. As he cast Ragnarok, i used the Aegis of Aggramar. You can normally use moves during the use of that shield, but I used my Artifact Power, Neltharion's Fury and the Aegis shield dropped immediately causing a wipe. Just wondering if this is intended?Xandar1 1d
1d Hover Health Bar Numbers Hello. Normally if I hover over the healthbar I see the numbers which I liked. But I changed something in my settings and now it's always visible which annoys me and if I disable it in the settings it shows me only the percentages while I'd rather have numbers. I hope I explained the issue and if could get help fixing this in my settings again.Nastasya1 1d
1d Character Transfer i bought a transfer 2day for my character it said completed but i cant find the character anywhere.Puppêt3 1d
2d can login into my wow armory I insert correct password but I am not in.Voldemórt3 2d
2d Achievement 'Sorry were you looking for this' I have tried to do this Achievement with a group but it not doable. So i was wondering if this achievement can be made soloable like galakrass in SoO.Postura0 2d
2d Elite gear not being rewarded part2 First thread. Couldnt reply to your answer , so i have to make a new thread , if a bug is making it impossible to receive my just reward who do i contact? Kinda getting a feeling if this was a guldan guild kill and he didnt drop any loot you would care more, but instead its the pvp guyOniq1 2d
2d Elite gear not being rewarded. Hi i was playing games at 2080-2170 rating yesterday and today and received 4 pieces of gear from it , 3 normal non elites and 1 elite (trinket -.- ) . I wrote a ticket about the issue but the blizz GM was lacking knowledge severely since he told me it dropped from 5v5 which isnt ingame even anymore , no point to continue the conversation. Who can i contact about this bug? My arena partner received elites while we played and i kept getting normal items.Oniq2 2d
2d Champion's salute bug? So. This toy is awarded when completing the Order Hall continuation from the Broken Shore. This toy is awarded when completing the Order Hall continuation from the Broken Shore as a Demon Hunter. Or so it seems. I have several guild mates who have gotten this toy upon completion of the Order Hall quests with the new champion, but me, and several others did not get it. When I search the toy list, it does not come up, even as unfinished. I've ticketed a GM, who first told me the toy was not even ingame, when I was actually -looking- at my guildie use the toy. Then another GM said it was ingame, but they did not know how to get it. Anyone else gotten the toy upon completion of the quests? What speck were you in, and did you have your hidden artifact look unlocked? I really want this toy, but I've finished the questline, and got nothing but AP.Caetheil3 2d
2d Kicked (by game) from scenario, can't re-enter I just got kicked (by the game, not players) from the battle for stormheim scenario, and am stuck with the deserter debuff. Can that be removed? Submitted a bug report, though there's not much more to add, didn't give a reason for being kicked out or anything.Mistychumble1 2d