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26 Sep 2013 Customer Service Information The Customer Service Forum cultivates a beneficial relationship between our support departments and player community by providing a friendly environment where players can exchange information, access self-help resources, highlight in-game issues, and receive meaningful guidance through personal and fun interactions with Blizzard representatives. Index: Forum Information Forum Guidelines Twitter Additional Social Media ResourcesHagut4 26 Sep 2013
28 Aug 2012 Legion 7.3.5 - Common Issues [09.02.] ★ Patch Notes ★ Known issues (TBA) ★ Common tech issues/fixes ★ Hotfixes ★ Please follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN for current service status. Welcome to Patch 7.3.5! If you experience issues when logging in after the latest patch, reset your user interface and remove all addons! Here's what you are contacting us about the most right now: Character: Boosted characters can't queue for Crown Chemical NOT A BUG: This is part of an existing restriction. Boosted characters can't enter older content instances for 24 hours since the use of the service. Quest: Disappearing weekly world quests KNOWN ISSUE: Players may notice that entering specific zones automatically abandons their weekly quest. Investigation underway. Character: Paid character service stuck or paid twice KNOWN ISSUE: A number of recently initiated character services may be stuck on "Awaiting Payment Confirmation" or "Completed, Required Confirmation", locking the affected character. We have investigated and eliminated the cause of this issue so that it should no longer occur, but some services purchased prior to the fix still seem to be stuck in this state. Please contact the gamemaster team if you are among the affected players. Account: SMS Protect/Authenticator, Extra Bag Slots INFO: We have noticed a spike of interest in our SMS Protect and Authenticator services due to our offer of 4 extra bag slots for participating players. Please note that it may take up to 30 minutes for the bag slots to unlock after these security features are added to your account, and that it may be necessary to log out and back in once this time has passed. More information about these services is available here: [SMS Protect] [Authenticator] Please report any additional suspected bugs using the "Submit Bug" option in the ingame support portalNatryndon10 28 Aug 2012
1h how do i play US servers when i'm on EU server hi so how do i play with my friends on US servers when i'm on EU server as i'm new to this game and would like to play with friends. if you could help me out and anyone else who has this problem we would be very grateful.Lawrencewolf1 1h
1h Is there a PLayer Housing feature? I really like Stormwind and I'd especially want to live there ( speaking as if I'm my character), but the closest I can find is an inn home. As someone who comes from ESO I'm used to having a choice of different houses- most in the main cities like Eastmarch's Windhelm house. So I would like to know if there are houses in Stormwind that I can buy or somehow obtain as mine?Repetitiveik1 1h
2h Stuck at "scanning game files" Hi, I have read through almost all the articals I can find but nothing helps... Stuck at scanning game files for 4 hours Anyone have any articals that has a solution?Wazzuli0 2h
3h Quests problem Is there any way to know which quests in which zones I already have done and which haven't?Sibearjr0 3h
3h Mouse jumping to the center of the screen. Hi! I've started to experience some real issues with my mouse, it randomly jumps to the middle of the screen when I click it. This mess up the camera angle and/or the direction of where I am running, which makes the game unplayable. I've never experienced this before but I did change mouse a couple of months ago, however, this behaviour has happened before to other players (found out when I googled it) but not as late as in Legion. Any fix or other information regarding this issue? Thanks in advance.Apecrane12 3h
6h Removed mail for character transfer, doesn't work Hello, I've been meaning to transfer my character Bloodblucket from the realm Ravencrest to Argent Dawn, only it says I need to clear my inbox. Which I have done, along with the auctions I have cancelled. Sadly the problem still persists. How can I make sure the mailbox is empty? Thank you in advance!Worghart2 6h
8h Authenticator broken Due to an acccident i lost my old cell phone and the screenshot for my authenticator backup, now i got me a new cell phone, and tried to reconfigure the authenticator for it, but it gives me an error with the message " There was an unexpected error. Try it later.", i checked the foruns and the comments in the mobile app and a few people are getting the same message and error as well, has anyone found a fix for this, is blizzard trying to fix this so our accounts do not get compromised, help please, if anyone has any information about it i'de apreciate it.Yagsagaha1 8h
6h WoW crashes after loading screen Hi all! I got myself a new GPU, a Gigabyte GTX 1070. But as soon as i put the card in, i was not able to launch WoW anymore cause it gives me a error 132 "memory could not be read". Sometimes (1 in 20 times) it does launch and then the game runs flawlessly. All other, and more demanding, games do run perfectly without a hitch. Would anyone know what is going on? Already reset my interface, wiped my old GPU drivers and installes the new ones, rolled back on GPU drivers, complete reinstall of wow etc.. Thanks!Shiftshaper4 6h
10h Can't change email Today i recieved a message when i tried to log in statting that my account was locked due to suspicious activity. I thought this was weird since i hadn't really done anything. I relogged and got into the account perfectly fine. I was worried that i was getting hacked or something, therefore i tried to contact blizzard support. Normally this goes smoothly but this time it required me to either write down the secret question or get a code from my email. Problem is that my secret question is for some reason bugged out and my current email is my moms. After that i tried to change my email which required me to use a code from current email (My moms). I tried this and i got to the place where you can change email, but that requires secret code which as stated earlier is bugged out. I can't contact live support because it requires the code from my moms email. I have no idea what to do, i hope someone can help with this issue. (Also sorry for bad grammar and stuff).Krammebjørn1 10h
11h I don't have belt which show progress lvl I don't have belt which show progress lvl. I dont have any addons.Fgwardia3 11h
11h Are players allowed to do sellruns for bnet balance? With blizzard balance gifting being introduced, I'm curious if players are allowed to do certain tasks for others ingame in exchange for blizzard balance. (such as sellruns) The reason I ask is because there's technically no monetary gain since you can't transfer it to your bank account.Nymphora3 11h
11h CS Lounge IV Greetings everyone! Due to unforeseen circumstances, the previous lounge disappeared into the void, and as such, we're making a new one. For anyone that is unfamiliar with the CS Lounge this is simply a place where the Customer Support regulars can come to chat and post anything off-topic so as not to derail existing threads. So pull up a chair, grab a coffee or two, eat a cookie, if there's anything left, post and relax!Hagut2537 11h
5h Impossible Collecting Hello, I'm an ingame Mount, Pets and Toys collector. And the goal as a collector is to fill up all the open spots and get everything. Now there are some things im not happy with and im sure other collectors don't like this also. Some mounts, pets and toys are not collectable with just ingame gold or ingame quest, achievs etc. This will say if you wont spent alot of real money account bound TCG items and Big Blizzard Bear. You will never be able to fill all slots and never will be done collecting everything. Its very cool that some people got stuff that others dont have. But in my opinion dont leave open spots on: TCG Mounts, Pets and Toys, Big Blizzard Bear, Promotion Pets like other game Collector editions, Blizzcon Pets and RAF Pets, Ingame Shop Mounts and Pets. If you wont show them as open spots and only will show them when someone obtains them, the collecting will be alot more fun for the collectors. They get the feeling they actually completed everything that can be done ingame. Without alot of real money or having alot of friends that play WoW the for RAF. Please let me know how you think about it.Zadael21 5h
16h World of Warcraft Game Time - 7 Days Hi Dear Customer Support. I recived 7 free days of WoW Game Time at April 16 in app as a Gift. "Battle for Azeroth is coming August 14, 2018. Prepare for war now with 7 free days of WoW Game Time.�Expires April 30, 2018." My problem is every time i want to claim it after i choose game account it says: Unable to Claim. An internal error occurred. Any suggestions? Thank you.Sorath6 16h
17h 7 Day gift applied to wrong account I have a few starter edition accounts and the gift seems to have been applied to them as it wont let me play on my most active account where i last played Warlords of Draenor, is there any way to transfer the game time over?Boomzag1 17h
17h Humble request Thats not much of a topic. Im asking for a little gold so i can scramble enough for a subscription. Any help is welcomed. Im simply asking for in-game currency[u][/u] and i am not begging.Tomyrtus2 17h
1d Heirlooms Missing After Account Merge I merged accounts a few months ago and only started playing again recently. I've noticed that only a handful of my heirlooms have been restored by logging into all of my characters. I remember having enough to unlock the Chauffeured Chopper but I cant remember which specific gear pieces I once owned. I suspect that some of the heirlooms were bought on now deleted characters? How do I proceeed from here?Ryanmerc21 1d
1d Requesting sticky threads Heya I tried Googling this, but wasnt able to find anything of relevance. So I noticed that the request sticky option no longer seems to appear in the forum interface - I guess it was removed when the forums transitioned to their current interface from the old one. So I wanted to ask, is it still possible for players to request stickies? And if so, how? Thanks :))Rahesh3 1d
1d Zounds! An internal error occurred Hi So i got this error: Zounds! An internal error occurred. Try again a bit later. If you see this message repeatedly, let us know. It have now chared me twice, and still i got NO game. WTF. My friend besides me, got the game without a problem.Deathleecher7 1d
1d WoW 7 day gametime Hello, I was wondering who can receive this free 7-day gametime exactly, because all my friends received one, and I didn't. I haven't had a subscription for a while now, and I have the Legion expansion, so I'm not sure why I didn't get any. Thank you for the answers in advance.Umäroth4 1d
1d ALPHA: Died and got disconnected WOW51900319 I ran into an enemy mob in the area Tragarde Sound/Boralus and got killed. I'm not getting to a graveyard tho, instead it seems i'm falling down from the sky and then I'm getting disconnected over and over again. Now I can't get back in the game.Korv4 1d
1d Does my Bnet Account have Legion and BFA ? can anyone tell me which expansions are included in my WoW account ? my product page says this : . Because iirc i never even bought the legion-expansion .Ginryu3 1d
2d Refer A Friend not working correctly? Maybe I am missing something, but my grandfathered RaF XP bonus suddenly isn’t working now that I have reactivated the two Accounts in question (some emergency renovations to the house ate most time for serious gaming, hence why I let them lapse). I send a Referral to my second BNet Account on 22/1, accepted it, and bought the Basic game the next day. Later I Upgraded it to Legion and bought 30 days game time on it in 23/2, letting it lapse in march 23, and just reactivated it now - which to me seems to be all within 90 days. Similarly, I just reactivated this Referring Account, also within 90 days of the Referral, having it lapsed for about a week due to irl stuff as mentioned. The grandfathered XP bonus and Summoning worked fine before the accounts lapsed, now they don’t, seems the link has vanished (including some grantable levels probably, haven’t checked yet). Again, maybe I am missing something here, but shouldn’t 90 days from Januar 22 be well into April ? Edit: Yeah the Grant a Level option has vanished as well. Needless to say not happy with this all, wouldn’t have activated again if I had known that the RaF would be gone (the 7.3.5 Levelling changes being the pits and all, aot).Anvarra9 2d
2d Game Purchase Question Hello, I am new around here and I have a question. I am looking to buy the game which is World of Warcraft®: Battle for Azeroth™ which is from here "" the standard edition. The thing I don't understand is when I buy it will I be able to play the game until level 110, because it says "Requires World of Warcraft and Legion". Will I have to buy this and other previous versions as well or do I just buy this and start playing? Thanks in advance.Ragnatoskr7 2d
2d Accident purchase for us...Change to eu? Accidentally bought full pack for US...How do i change to eu????Brocode3 2d
16h Kicked from Argus kill, now I’m saved? So some people, including me, rely on pugging to see game content. I just pugged the last four on my DH. During the death bit at the start of P4 I got DC’d (as I do there 50% of the time, thanks blizz) loaded back in and carried on DPSing. Get to four percent and I’m ported out to the front of the raid... Turns out the toxic piece of snot running the raid kicked me out because I didn’t res in 0.1 seconds. How and why is this a thing!!? I find it inexcusable that I’m now without loot from the kill and also saved and have no way to rerun the boss.Lahlora9 16h
2d Item restoration I don't think anything can be done in this matter, but I wanted to ask for how long items can be restored? (Bc they dont show on the page) Just curious if its bc to much time has passed or bc they were mailed by the auction house and therefore deleted Game time ran out and i forgot to loot my auctions from the mailbox back then annnnd kind of lost around 1.5k+ items ^^Démon3 2d
2d Can't use the portal to Ashran So I tried to use the portal to Ashran from Orgrimmar but I couldn't. I did some research online and people said I needed to comlete some quests in order to activate that portal which was going to be given to me by Archmage Khadgar when I walk through the Dark portal. But I followed and completed some of the quests he has given and now whenever I walk through the portal I get teleported to the scenario named "Assault on The Dark Portal", I can't go anywhere else and I can't take any more quests from any other NPC's, I'm stuck here. I want to go to Ashran in order to access some of the PvP gears, is there any other way to go there? And how can I fix this issue and get the Ashran portal working again? Here are some of the screenshots regarding the problem; 2d
2d NPC Names bad from distance There is a major problem with the NPC Names. I cannot see them from a distance, they are blurry and it's like they are missing pixels. It seems like the ingame's UI scaling is bad. I have to stand really close to the NPCs to see their names clearly. If I change the Render Scale to 200 and the AntiAliasing to FSAA x4 + CMAA the NPC names seem more smooth but it doesn't fix the problem, also by changing these settings I get very low fps and the game becomes unplayable. Some add-ons do change and fix those NPC names as well as the Player nameplates, but what if I don't want to use those add-ons because they change a lot more stuff in the interface which I dont like? I have searched all over the internet for a fix, but there is nothing. I know that many players have this issue. and it's not my computer's problem because I use 3 different ones, and one of them is top gaming pc. Here are some screenshots uploaded at Lightshot: PS. I am trying to open a tehcnical ticket about this, but when I "submit" the ticket, and the uploading goes to 100% I get a site connection error, I dont know if the ticket is sent. I 've tried 4 times in the past 3 days.Nanos3 2d
2d can i get my collection on Alpha? so i got an alpha invite but i cant seem to get my Mounts or transmog transfered over wich is kind of frustrating, it might be trivial but still annoys me. so far i tried makeing copying my accound details to PTR and i looked on forums but cant seem to find this anywhere is this because i have an EU account? because i have the Heartstone mount stillWavemasters6 2d
2d Account validation I hope i'm posting in the right section. While in game, i have received a message that asked me to approve my account on a .cn domain. I've took a screenshot as a proof <snip> I hope this is just a player trying to do naughty thinkgs, if not, could you please confirm this ?Imarksman3 2d
2d warlock mage tower senerio broken Hi i am trying to do the affliction warlock mage tower quest, the twins. Seems that the first twin is not tauntable by my pets regaurdless which pet i use and i end up being killed. This seems to be a glitch, and it would be nice if it was fixed so i can do the quest for the hidden artifact.Selendra2 2d
2d Artifact challenge skin colour variations So if you have acquired your challenging appearence skin from the mage tower challenges, you can start working towards the colour variations by doing all kinds of different stuff. I wonder if that will still be possible once Battle for Azeroth hits, or if you have to do it during Legion?Alithyra3 2d
3d Are the servers down Are the severs down i don't have a play button of battle-net for wow?Trumpthedump8 3d
3d Legion Boost in a old account after Buying BFA? Hi guys, does it works if I buy legion in my second inactive wow account to use the boost in my main account when I already bought Bfa and used the 110 boost in main account? ThanksDotfear5 3d
3d Very Dissapointed Hello, Im very very disappointed. So let me tell this story real quick. Yesterday I re-subbed to WoW, after a year of break. so I played a little bit yesterday, and a little bit today. and 2 hours ago I got an email stating that my account got silenced Due to abusive chat. It was fairly confusing because I barely chatted over last 24 hours. and the chat I did wasnt even Abusive, it was pretty neutral. so I went and opened a ticket. below's the reply I got. I told them I got silenced and asked them to re-view it and in case silence wont get removed, explain to me why exactly I got silenced, since I wasnt sure myself. I got 2 responses, neither providing any sort of evidence of my "abuse chat". Im sure it was a copy pasted response, and then they just closed the ticket without letting me to reply back.. this is disappointing and very poor customer service. Also Im not sure why they're mentioning Heroes of the storm.. hello? Hopefully customer support of forums will be able to help me. Please provide me with the lines of my abusive chat so at least I know why exactly I got punished. thanks this is sad.Bukachu4 3d
3d Launcher has 2 options on it 1) World of Warcraft starter 2) BFA live can one explain what this is about? as i had never seen this before. the world of warcraft starter shows me only the US zonesBlindrush1 3d
3d Toy Box Most days I get an endless list of all my already collected toys being added to my toy box? Then all of them show as 'NEW' as though I have just added them, this is every toy I have ever collected? Just wondered if anyone else had seen this?Wrogg2 3d
3d bug with Shrine of the Truthguard so I was about to get the shield and the door just doesn't open. it's stuck on I can't abandon the quest. It says under Stage 2 Into the Tomb Get to the shrine but there's nothing there. and I have a quest Shrine of the Truthguard - 0/1 Claim the TrutguardFoksy1 3d
3d Recruiting as a recruited player Hello all! I newly recruited my girlfriend, but we have another friend who wants to join the party. My question is: Is it possible for my girlfriend to recruit our friend while she is already recruited by me? If not, is there anything that you can suggest? Regards.Sinekrofili2 3d
3d Registering a Legion key, level 100 boost? Hi there, Apologies for the confusing question in advance. If I have a Legion key that includes a level 100 boost, could I apply that key to a second account on my account and apply that boost on my main account on my account? If so, will I need to register game time on the second account for me to be able to use the boost on the main account? Or will it just be there for my main when I log in after registering the Legion key with the second account? Thanks in advance! EDIT: It works :)Vuldro1 3d
4d Abilities hitting previous target it sometimes happens that combat abilities hit previous target. For example, imagine intercept taking you to previous target, or even taunt going to previous target. Similar things happen on my hunter too. Reliable retargeting can take 2-3 secs, which is especially bad with explosive affix. It basically ruins gameplay, what is the point of having target at all. I reported bug long ago, but still no changes. Is any1 else having similar trouble and/or perhaps can give some good advice?Madalik3 4d
4d Vanguard of the silver hand not working I have the Vanguard of the silver hand order hall upgrade, i have taken the reagent for the spell and I have also the quest related to that spell. I do the spell but nothing happens i just see a really small animation on my map but no world quest is comleted and no reagent is used. I am wondering is it a bug or am I doing something wrong? I have tried doing it from dalar, from my order hall , and from the zone that i have the world quest but still nothing. Thank you in advanceHellslight9 4d
4d Full Package Boosters and recruit bonuses Hi, I've bought the full package for 49,99€ I want to ask you; - Do i have to wait for 1. month to end to have my recruit friend bonuses? - If i'ld buy current package, it'ld give me a 100 level boost. And an another one 110 for the next package. Many people i've talked told me that when they bought the latest package they got both 110 and 100 level boosts. Any way for me to have my 100 level boost :)))Sessiz2 4d
4d Token Boost 110 Eror I was on free version i just buyed the game a 49.99 all together wow legion ect. and now i can't use my token boost to 110 , and i can't see legion class races , so what should i do now?Arowboy3 4d
4d Subscription Hello, i want to ask if i cancel my 1 month subscription will my Game Time remain or it will be deleted?Adbloxcklol3 4d
4d downloading wow if i brought a digital copy of wow on my old laptop , do i have to buy it again on my new one?Devilsgift4 4d