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26 Sep 2013 Customer Service Information The Customer Service Forum cultivates a beneficial relationship between our support departments and player community by providing a friendly environment where players can exchange information, access self-help resources, highlight in-game issues, and receive meaningful guidance through personal and fun interactions with Blizzard representatives. Index: Forum Information Forum Guidelines Twitter Additional Social Media ResourcesHagut4 26 Sep 2013
1h Frog mounts Please do not give both frog mounts to horde.Their models are so well crafted and are unique,also they cost 330k which means a horde character wont probably buy both.Aeelyn2 1h
3h BattleTag Change hi can you buy BattleTag Change for Balance money and how if i canAfkbootycall1 3h
9h Server lag after world server crash So I flew to Un'goro and found no NPC's or objects, decided to relog, no logout after 20 sec, just me poor player in an empty location ;) Pressed Alt+F4 and logged back to see that "world server is down". Waited patiently for like 10 minutes, logged back in, but I can't take the flight path because of lag that timeouts, so its and unplayable game for me. Please fix.Vesstan1 9h
10h Relics of Ritual quest bug Relics of Ritual quest, when to obtain the key of the sea, the last Tidesage Summoner is evading and can't be atacked or moved or anything. Can't complete the quest for the chain of the story . :(Clodu5 10h
10h Incompatible with every server I log in and it says I'm incompatible with every single server, I've no idea why.Bigslow3 10h
10h Crashes Game freezes and then disconnects me once every ten minutes. Anyone else facing the same problem ???? I disabled all add-ons but still finding the same problem. I just want to enjoy the game but this is seriously preventing me doing anything. With my subscription renewal coming up in 4 days it would be a great shame if I had to cancel it due to not being able to play the game.Acethepain1 10h
12h Free 3 days of BfA game time Ahoy lads, I am about to claim my 3 days of BfA game time and play with my main a little bit. Well, I don't have Battle for Azeroth and I have only purchased one month of game time(this happened few months ago). So if I play with that character, will it be blocked next time I buy some gametime until I buy BfA?Gimlionion6 12h
8h addon problem hello . I cant seem to make my addons work , I download them recently they are up to date , they are in the correct folder , d/world of Warcraft / interface / addons but when I log in I don't have in the character selection the option to select them , of course neither inside the game.. some help would be appreciatedKashmar8 8h
13h Internal error - Level 110 boost How is it i buy a game and have to wait 3 days to play it? That is not only bad customer service, but straight against what you promisse when i bought the game. I get that it could be a problem with my transaction and what ever, but that is not even the problem here. I bought the game of a 3rd party site, and YOU guys accepted the key, meaning it was 100% valid. So 3 days transaction lock(as i have seen in other threats) is not a valid excuse. I wanna play today, not wait 3 days untill i can play.Nishea2 13h
13h EU Silvermoon Guilds and Discords? Hi all recently I am back into Wow for BFA, I was wondering if there are any guilds that have discords and active communities that I could join for leveling and then for raiding and mythic stuffs. Always just LFG'd and now I want to get more involved in the game and to make my experience better. Much appreciated, Tz :)Tzhz1 13h
14h Stuck in Combat - Bug I keep getting stuck in combat when farming herbs in Drustvar. Not sure what's causing it but the only thing that works is relogging. It's the only place it's happened in so far, so I'm thinking that there could be a bugged mob somewhere that I'm running past?Ripchain26 14h
14h The Outcasts Manifesto Wasnt published Dear Blizzard, on the 21-10-2018 i wrote a topic @ Customer Support, till today its not visible on the forum, may I ask what was wrong with a post you made me write here instead of reddit?Gorith14 14h
15h CS Lounge IV Greetings everyone! Due to unforeseen circumstances, the previous lounge disappeared into the void, and as such, we're making a new one. For anyone that is unfamiliar with the CS Lounge this is simply a place where the Customer Support regulars can come to chat and post anything off-topic so as not to derail existing threads. So pull up a chair, grab a coffee or two, eat a cookie, if there's anything left, post and relax!Hagut3124 15h
10h Can‘t get order class campaign running So, I boosted my monk to lvl 110 and I am not able to get any order hall quests. I finished my first artifact chain Q at Peak of Serenity and now my Zen Pilgrimage takes me to The Wandering Isle. But there are no quests, scouting map isn’t working and I don’t even know how to spent my Order resources. The scouting map on Argus worked, but gave me only some starting quests for Broken Isles locations and now is empty (it only shows empty map of Broken Isles). I am maybe missing something obvious (I haven’t played sice cata), but it seems weird. Thanks for help.Monkeytale3 10h
17h Casual hi guys i am new here and i was wonder when i can start doing mythic dungeons? i mean basic mythic not mythic+.Borntorule4 17h
18h "Violation: Inappropiate name" - Gg blizz So i was doing a m+ at around 02:00 in the morning, with four people who was from the same guild. Early in the dungeon i start to lag af and quickly after that i got disconnected. My internet went down and stayed down for several hours (Local thunderstorm causing it) Internet comes back now recently, and my pala is flagged for namechange. Recieved an epost from blizz stating "Your fellow players reported your in-game name as inappropriate multiple times. " and also that they suspended my account during their so-called "Investigation" Actions taken: "Imsoret was permanently renamed, or is going to be renamed. " Like wtf? What is inappropiate with "Imsoret" ? A simple nickname refering to the retribution spec. Its been several weeks since i payed for a namechange for this toon, and this happens right after i got dc`ed from a m+ in the middle of the night. My theory is that the group i was with tought i just insta-left the dungeon without warning, and was like "Hey lets report his name so he has to namechange" or something like that. Ofcourse i cannot know this for sure, but it sure seems like it. Anyway there is nothing inappropiate with my nickname. Does the system work like this? Someone can just group up to report someone for something that isnt even real, and blizz follows up? No wonder this games star is fading, with such treatment of well-paying and loyoal customers. Submitted a ticket, but ofcourse it doesnt gonna lead to anything at all.PlayerCFHGQR41 18h
21h 3 day BFA trial Alright, it's nice to recieve 3 days in-game time along with BFA tiral, but i have one question: What happens if you level your char to 111 and BFA trial runs out? Does it lock you out of the character or does it "perma-lock" exp and forbids further access to the islands (by that i mean it kicks you to stormwind if you happen to log out while on bfa content and tiral runs out)? And if you manage to somehow unlock an allied race in those 3 days, can you still play/create them after bfa trial runs out?Gaymane8 21h
21h Spectral Recovery bug Hello, have anyone noticed that Spectral Recovery pvp talent doesn't give the 10% speedboost it says on the tooltip? I'm using a addon to messure the movement speed, but it doesn't show a increase with this talent in open world.Rawrmoo0 21h
21h Can't see quests on my map So the in-game quest helper doesn't work on my Mage, it works fine on all my other chars I really don't know what to do to fix itPopochub6 21h
21h Bot pull mobs I saw players stand and fight trash mobs in BFA maps Weird they got bot for auto pull mobs and kills it. It made my FPS turn lag. I did report it. Blizz will kick bots? (Please, don't move my post away from Customer Support)Redde2 21h
12h Ursoc Hi everybody, i want to ask something. Im thinking to main a guardian druid in bfa. I didnt play druid for a while and thats why i didnt get the ursoc skin for it. But i really want to. There will be a chance to get it later on or buy it in a bundle or i dont know. I think that bear form is totally different from the original. Its the most unique xmog than all xmogs of other classes. Please tell me i can get it later somehow. Sorry if my english was bad. Thanks for the answers.Tordithas3 12h
1d RAF during the 3 day BFA try-out A friend of mine is making use of the 3 day BFA try-out and has send a RAF to someone during this try-out. Will he still get his 30 day free gametime when the recruit has added 60 days to the recruited account?Gruyere3 1d
13h season 1 pvp Hey guys not sure this is the righr pæace to ask this but surely none eill die of it :) i was wondering when will pvp season 1 bfa end???Ðanielwar3 13h
18h Lord of the Reins is bugged? I was 299 mounts. I got Qinsho's Eternal Hound and Expedition Bloodswarmer. Still stucked 299 in achievement Edit. Oh f*ck MVP/blizz moved my post from Customer Support...Redde5 18h
1d Gifting myself gametime for the future... Because I reached the max 250 euro wallet from selling my in-game gold for tokens I've been thinking to gift myself gametime codes on one of my emails. What I'm curious about if is there a limit to the amount of real world time I have to redeem these cos I'm kinda swimming in gold I don't need and having game time codes is more useful as they're protected against inflation. Also I don't wanna just put all the gametime on my account cos you never know when I'll make like a month long break so being subbed 24/7 is not that good for me personally.Stevanfour1 1d
1d time walking event Hello, i've noticed that time walking event is up so im wondering if its still possible to find (Auzin <Timewalking Vendor>) In old Dalaran to buy the mount from him (Bridle of the Ironbound Wraithcharger) or (Cupri <Timewalking Vendor>) In shattarah to also buy Reins of the Eclipse Dragonhawk is it still possible to find him since we r in bfa or not? ? some people says yes some people says no ??Ëxørçïsm4 1d
1d Hearthstone, Silithus After I used Hearthstone, that placed in Cenarion Hold, I didn't get to Cenarion Hold, instead I got to "new" version of Silithus and died from falling damage. Is this how it should work?Elizabeth1 1d
1d Transfer Aborted Every evening I have this issue, I cannot join raid, dungeon or even change location. Every time no only my characters but lots of my friend have this issue too. Can you expalin why every server is so laggy?Plamcia1 1d
1d Scaling bug Hi there is a scaling bug in Icecrown for Shadow Adepts which still use their old values for Drain Life. Please make a dedicated scaling screw up subforum because this is madness.Tharos1 1d
2d Bugs that ruin the gaming experience. So tonight my guild were progressing mythic Fetid Devourer (rip being melee) and on one pull, his Shockwave Stomp managed to knock me through the wall/floor of the encounter room (picture: (I was standing approx. where the green dot is on the left map). It only happened once but if I can get knocked through it once, it can most likely happen again. The Laser Matrix azerite trait ninjapulling trash is also still a very real thing in the game which makes running mythic+ a living hell when it can pull trash from pretty much anywhere in the instance (pulls packs that are way out of range for the proc as well as through walls and floors). Appreciate if the Laser Matrix issue is hotfixed very soon at least so mythic+ is do-able without a trait ninjapulling mobs and depleting keys.Gegorden1 2d
2d Why isn't there an option to switch regions. Hello everyone, I wish to understand why Blizzard hasn't implemented an option to switch regions. I currently play on the EU severs and have since I started playing the game, but now I am planning to move to America and saw through the forums that there is no available option to switch and I found that completely frustrating. Not only do you have to completely start fresh but you must buy all the expansions all over again. I hope this post gets out there and a solution is made. Thank youSsaurfang5 2d
2d Character delete Hello, i cant delete this character Julien DK, wow write : character has mail and cannot be deleted). Please, delete mailbox on this character, or delete this character. ThanksJulien4 2d
2d Defending Azurewing Repose Bug Hi, So I want to finish the Azsuna chapters fro the Legion mount, and after escorting Runas the Shamed back to Senegos, no quest continues from there. I did all the other chpters except this one. Runas and Senegos diplay just text, no quest. Thank youKasarius2 2d
2d question regarding Starter-edition accounts My friend just recently got WoW starter-edition account and is leveling a character on a good phase to lvl 20. But She is afraid that once she hits lvl 20 she can not play the character anymore. By my understanding, I think she can keep on playing on the character, she'll just be stuck to the lvl 20? I hope I'm correct here. The classic Zones do scale down to lvl 20 regarding the player's level, so I think she can continue questing after she's hit lvl 20 and continue to different zones? Or does she have to create another character from scratch to play the game?Arathele3 2d
2d Cant remove SMS protect I'm trying to update my account for Blizzard SMS with a new phone number. I changed phone numbers, but forgot to update my account at the time. Now when I try to remove the SMS Protect to add my new cell phone number in, it asks me to verify the request through an SMS message to my old number that I don't have access to anymore.Altaro1 2d
2d Garalon BUG! <Truce> Just downed the boss Garalon in HoF and the "encounter wall" is still up after beating him! (see screenshot). And we have written a ticket. The boss overall is extremely bad programmed and should be fixed asap... What do the rest of the world think about this boss? 2d
2d Cant rejoin trade chat left trade chat and now i cant rejoin it. Ive tired /join Trade and opening upp the chat setting but the checkbox is grayed out.Mograk2 2d
16h Balance of power questline Heya o/ I got some time to spare and I though of starting up the balance of power questline for a nice new transmog on my new main. However when I return to my legion class hall, I can't seem to find archmage Kalec anywhere. I tried to equip my artifact weapons but it Kalec still didn't show up. Is anyone able to give me some advice? Thanks in advance! Kind regards, JostyfrostySnoozyfrosty5 16h
2d Multiboxers and farming materials Okay, so I understand that earlier your stance on multiboxer...mostly in pvp was that the player had several accounts that were paid for and it was not against the rules to multibox. At this stage, the multiboxers are now using their bots to farm herbs thanks to shared looting on herb/ore spawns. I find it hard to find ore at all and the next thing i see is a guy running around trailed by about 6 of the same toon hitting up nodes as he goes. Which leaves me virtually no chance to mine myself. I am just wondering if there is anything that can be done about multiboxing when it comes to farming craft materials. Its hardly fair to those of us who do it legitimately and solo.Overknight8 2d
2d Can't enter MoP timewalking dungeons I have 91 lvl monk in Outland server and I do not have MoP timewalking option in dungeon finder and I can't queue. 2d
2d Quest completion problem Hi I have opened an in game ticket, but thought I would also ask if anyone had a similar problem in the past, or suggestions on what to do... I am unable to complete any quest that requires any kind of progression, i.e. Kill 20 mobs, or collect azerite. If it's just killing a single mob, the quest works fine, but anything else, nothing happens no matter how many mobs I kill. A good example is "Executing Excorcism", kill 20 Vengeful Ghosts. Doesn't matter how many I kill, I stay at 0/20. The Azerite Mining quests, I just stay at 0% complete, clicking on azerite nodes the interaction is there, but nothing happens and I don't get the azerite. I have tried the usual, disabling Addons, deleting WTF and Cache, no change.Lockgeorge3 2d
2d Can't afford sub anymore. How do people pay their sub with gold? Do you have to play a lot? I can't afford the sub anymore, with my country's poor exchange rate it's getting a bit rough.Kumo13 2d
3d Ignore players Why are we limited to the amount of players that we can ignore? I should be able to ignore anyone I like but this game prevents me doing so which in turn, leads to arguments and bans so again, why are we limited?Dairyproduce11 3d
2d Stuck after Battle for Lordaeron? I did the Battle for Lordaeron scenario & quest with a friend of mine, only gotten to the part shortly after that quest, until my friend had to go. So I wanted to go on my solo main and complete the questline myself. However, I was given the option to skip the scenario, so I choose to skip, I turn in the quest and I'm not given an option to continue the questline. I'm supposed to be given a quest where I'm supposed to ***SPOILER*** talk to the Alliance leaders in Stormwind embassy building. However, I'm not given that option. I did this with another character and skipped the scenario only to find out I still cannot progress. I can't access Kul Tiras either. Am I missing something? Is this a bug?Ryxas6 2d
3d Loot you can't reach Well, an epic dropped from a mob in firelands (trash), however it's on some form of slope from beth'tilacs lair and players can't reach it as theres no path there. (i know its epic as masterloot is set to epic and it had the masterloot bit under it) So question is, will bliz be able to do anything about it, such as check logs and send the item to you via mail or anything? Or am I screwed out of an epic because mobs screwed up?Scottbot12 3d
3d Timewalking dungeons and Vendors Hello, i've been wondering if its still possible to find (Auzin <Timewalking Vendor>) In old Dalaran to buy the mount from him (Bridle of the Ironbound Wraithcharger) or (Cupri <Timewalking Vendor>) In shattarah to also buy Reins of the Eclipse Dragonhawk -Is it locked or we can still find him ? some people are saying we can only find those vendors once the timewalking event has ended but i doubt it ... any ideas would be very helpful ! thanksËxørçïsm1 3d
3d Character Transfer has taken months Hello I paid for a character transfer for a DeathKnight on alonsus to be moved over to Draenor, this was at leased 3 months ago and the character has still not been moved over and next to the character it says "Processing... your character transfer is being processed". I have seen complaints of it taking a few hours to a day but not anything like this. I thought it maybe because the realm population is Full, but i would have thought that would also restrict me from creating new characters which it doesn't. I know I should have said something about this sooner, but ill be thankful if anyone can give me help on the matter.Bendo2 3d
3d Claiming the Dreadwake mount. Can anybody tell me exactly how I get this mount?? I changed my sub to the 6 mth version a couple of weeks ago and waited until it activated today thinking that the mount would become available but I cant find it anywhere. How do I get that pirate ship!!?Thenna1 3d
3d Boosted toon and Legacy dungeons Cannot go into legacy dungeons. I boosted this toon, first one on EU servers. I played 10+ years on US servers. I am not able to go for the headless horseman mount... can I get some help? Thank youYoudeadnow2 3d