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26 Sep 2013 Customer Service Information The Customer Service Forum cultivates a beneficial relationship between our support departments and player community by providing a friendly environment where players can exchange information, access self-help resources, highlight in-game issues, and receive meaningful guidance through personal and fun interactions with Blizzard representatives. Index: Forum Information Forum Guidelines Twitter Additional Social Media ResourcesHagut4 26 Sep 2013
1d Quests Missing Bug Yesterday, August 1, we made a hotfix to the game that resulted in an unexpected bug for a small number of players. Those affected lost some or all of the quests from their quest log when they moved into or out of an instance. We quickly discovered the issue and put a stop to it. The timeframe during which it was possible for players to be affected by this issue was 9:34 p.m. CEST to 11:48 p.m. CEST for Asian realms, and 9:34 p.m. CEST to 2 August 1:18 a.m. CEST for Americas and European realms. If you were in-game during that timeframe, and you lost quests from your quest log due to this bug, you should be able to go to the relevant quest givers and re-accept the quests. It is possible that you lost quests that can't be re-accepted. These might include multi-week quests, or quests that are no longer available. While we expect that re-accepting most multi-week quests will also restore your progress, it may not. In those cases, we suggest you contact Blizzard Customer Support so that we can look into correcting your character’s quest log. We apologize for the trouble, and we appreciate your patience as we work to bring affected players back to the adventures they expect to be on.Kaivax17 1d
28 Aug 2012 Battle for Azeroth - Common Issues [08.15.] ★ Patch Notes ★ Known issues ★ Hotfixes ★ Battle for Azeroth is live! We'd like to cover some common issues you might run into. Here's what you are contacting us about the most right now: Gameplay: Did not receive the Heart of Azeroth There was an issue that prevented players from receiving the Heart of Azeroth. If you have completed the quest The Heart of Azeroth and do not have your item, contact Customer Support for assistance. Note that Customer Support will not be able to reimburse lost Azerite Power as a result of this bug. Gameplay: Quest issues due to phasing or a pacified debuff UNDER INVESTIGATION: We are looking into reports of various quests not phasing correctly or not clearing the pacified debuff. This appears to be a phasing issue which can often be solved by doing an arena skirmish or by clearing your UI. If that still does not help out, contact support for further assistance. Gameplay: Unable to unlock Allied Race NOT A BUG: This quest will only be offered once the requirements to unlock an Allied Race are met. Visit the Emissary for the race you'd like to unlock in your faction capital to view the requirements. Read our updated Support Article for more information. Gameplay: Unable to resume War Campaign at level 120 FIXED: A previous issue prevent players from continuing their War Campaign at max level. This has since been fixed, and the Mission Table in your War Ship will now let you select the missing foothold(s) to get back on track. Boosted character did not get professions boosted NOT A BUG: With the Battle for Azeroth profession changes, this service no longer provides any boosts to the selected professions. Tech: Fullscreen mode unavailable NOT A BUG: For compatibility reasons, the option to play in fullscreen has been removed from the game. Players may choose between playing in either windowed or fullscreen (windowed) mode. Please report any additional suspected bugs using the "Submit Bug" option in the ingame support portal You can also follow us on Twitter at @BlizzardCSEU_EN for all service status updates.Natryndon10 28 Aug 2012
1h WASD movement issue I've recently returned to the game after a long break and I am having some bizarre issue with my movement commands. When I use the double mouse click to run I move faster than when I use W. Pressing W it initially starts at a full run and then slows down to something that's halfway between a run and a walk. It isn't slow enough for the walk but neither is it as fast as when I hold both mouse buttons down. I have never experienced this issue before and so I don't know how to fix it. I assume that it is something to do with keybindings or perhaps addons conflicting. For addons I am using the following: ElvUI DeadlyBossMods Skada VuhDo Any help would be greatly appreciated as I like to use a combination of both WASD and double click movement.Zylea1 1h
1h Ateena's Fall: Nazmir, was not fixed , CINEMATIC So the title quest, and its end of zone EPIC cinematic is not working, my experience with Nazmir up until this point was flawless :(, Blizzard why have you done this? I genuinely got so sad that it did not play, not only that, there is no known source online where i could watch it, every video on Youtube has the same bug, here have a link : as you can see in this video, this what shows, makes no sense, and for me at the end black screen and sound ends.Dreallidar2 1h
1h Addon issue's Okay my problem is this, I have uninstalled the game twice as well as the twitch client but my add-on's just wont load into the game. I have checked and they are in the "Add-ons" folder in the interface folder, but when I log in I don't have any of the add-on buttons, like the add-on button in the left hand corner to configure them on n off, its becoming quite an annoyance now. Anyone else have this issue and any idea how to resolve the problem?Kokicha0 1h
1h Quest Bug: Drustvar - Spell Bound (Phasing Issue) Quest Bug: Drustvar - Spell Bound. After phasing due to other quests this one becomes uncompletable, but remains as a map "avaliable quest" marker.Losto0 1h
2h Trouble Unlocking The Alliance Races Hi all I am having a issue with unlocking any of them, first off I have faction enough on some and they are level 110 but the mission part is not showing up at all not even getting speak to this person in the embassy and so on. I am getting really fed up with this considering how much money I have dropped on it for new races to play.Vileapems18 2h
2h Warmode in RP-PvP servers Hey, so I am in Defias Brotherhood RP-PvP. With that said, I joined the server mostly because of the 50/50 population and the world PvP. With Warmode now, the server is sharded only with the few other RP servers and the zones are pretty much empty of Alliance to fight... Can RP-PvP servers get sharded with the other PvE servers? If that is not the case, I would want a free realm transfer for my characters as the realm I’ve joined has become something I didn’t join for.Drakuru0 2h
3h "You have not collected this mount" In the very first area in Vol'dun I looted and used a "Dune Scavenger" on launch night. I used the mount just fine but the day after I couldn't use the mount anymore, it's like I never got it. I didn't report right away because it's a pretty small issue and I assumed it would work itself out, but it hasn't. Is this something you can help with?Colnir4 3h
3h Azerite shards not showing in inventory Arnyek1 3h
4h FPS issues Hey, guys. I don't know if anyone else is having this issue or can help me but i might as well ask. So i bought BFA today, installed it and started playing. I've noticed an issue with my FPS which i didn't find normal. I get 40-50 fps and places like Dalaran from Legion and other places around the Azeroth. Even Durotar is a place where i get low fps sometimes. I tried lowering my settings to the lowest and i didn't get any better FPS. I don't think my laptop is the problem because i don't have bad specs. For example: - GTX 1050TI - I5-7300HQ -8GB RAM I tried the NVIDIA Panel stuff, tried launching the game with my better video card and etc. but still the same. Anyone who could help me out?Vegrax0 4h
4h Description misspell Just found out this today and wanted to report. 4h
4h Creating a new account and transferring characters My son (who is under 18) has characters on my husbands account. We are now thinking about starting an account for him. Can we transfer my sons characters to the new account and also change realm/server, since he wants to play with us? Is there a "package deal" or do we have to pay for the transfer of each character? Is it the same price when you both transfer from one account to another and also change realm/server at the same time?Nescio1 4h
4h BFA witch Escort Quest After saving the lady from the gallows your tasked with escorting her to some camp she didnt follow and wasnt at the end of quest so i abandoned it.. now i cant find her again help pleaseIndigoz2 4h
4h Pa'ku disappeared Ween I saved Pa'ku by killing the 4 mobs channeling on him Pa'ku just disappeared and I can't complete the quest. (The Ancient One quest)Dudukaa0 4h
4h Can't use Ironbark with a mouse over macro Hi i cant use Ironbark on the party frame with a mouse over macro and yes i tried with different macros and all my other spells work . My question is if it's on purpose or is it a bug and is anyone else experiencing this ?Ronjeremmy1 4h
5h 110lvl boost issue Blizzard today i bought WoW for 49.99€ 110lvl boost included... but i cant use it can i get some help ?Puprog6 5h
5h Starter Edition Upgrade Hi, I upgraded my Starter Edition two days ago and the restrictions are still up. How long more do I need to wait in order for the restrictions to be lifted? Thanks. Can anyone give it a little nudge? Pretty please. :-)Gerock11 5h
5h Character Transfer Bug So after having to wait an entire day and creating a ticket to the customer support to help, there's no respond and the character is still stuck. I transfered my character from Draenor to Defias Brotherhood and my character is stuck between the two realms appearing for me on draenor and defias. I have been waiting an entire day for this transfer to finish and was hoping to at least get a respond from a GM though nothing so far.Bravoski1 5h
6h dazar'alor phasing issue wen im by the trainers in dazar'alor i phase out and cant see any npc's yet if i stand on other side of water i can see them, so i cant learn my proffesions for bfa pls help!Tyriån21 6h
6h No quest after reaching exalted with allied races. Hey there, maybe you can help with my problem. I got exalted with both Army of the Light and Argussian Reach today. I allready had the [You Are Now Prepared] achievement and... nothing happened. Did not get any quests, no pop-up. I went to the SW embassy and Anduin has no quest for me, nor is Alleria or Turalyon. I remember having a small quest here when Anduin introduced the allied races to me but that was it. I allready did Darnassus and Loraderon events. I cleared my quest journal, I relogged, nothing. Both banners say I met two of the requirements. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for the help. Cheers.Bierzgæl2 6h
6h Blizzard.... refund my subscribtion.... people at blizzard... only this company thinks about them self. we of dreanor can't play even for a few hours. queu been in there for 3 hours my subscribtion is still rolling,Deathmauler2 6h
6h Just got 1 month game time? Hello, I just noticed in the app that I got 1 month game time. I don't have an active subscribtion, I just buy game time from the shop each month, so my question is how I got that game time? Could it be because I gifted Legion + game time to a friend? In case the latter is true, sorry for the dumb question.Greil4 6h
6h Where is Lucy? The quest hidden dealings and implements of ill intents I've been struggling to turn in for my xp, but i cant find Lucy (the quest giver) i don't know if its because i done chapter nine of the location and returned to do those quests, but its a bit confusing cause she's just not there? I checked all of her previous locations but still nothing could someone help me out honestly any help is great.Marmoe0 6h
6h How to remove Artifact weapons. I have now found weapons to replace my artifacts and now found I cannot get rid of artifact weapons. Is there a way to destroy them?Dranlia1 6h
7h BfA Major Quest Bug - "Can't Teach on an Empty Stomach" On the Kul Tiras quest "Can't Teach on an Empty Stomach" there's a major bug in which instead of only taking the required 7 Lane Snapper fishes from the player inventory, it instead takes the whole stack, making me lose 46 Lane Snappers in the process. I made a quick video on Youtube demonstrating the bug: Would also like to ask for the lost items back, as they do not qualify for a tradicional Item Recovery. Many thanks, AfleshwoundAfleshwound0 7h
7h Class Trial Bugged? The option to create a class trial doesn't appear on the character creation screen. Screenshot : It should appear on the top, correct? How can I fix this?Troubleshoot0 7h
7h Draenor Server Unbearable So I just brought some friends over to Draenor-EU horde as preparation for rolling horde in BFA. Now I chose this server through several referrals to it made by great raiders and it's generally a server thats well spoken off. Apparently Auction house/bank/Guildbank are the laggiest and messiest functionalities the game has to offer, on this server specifically. I asked around in /2 /1 but every response was just "Sadly its been like this for a long time". I'd rather know when it's gonna get fixed than hearing "Its a big server deal with it".Wist27 7h
7h bought bfa today cant access store to buy 110 boost bought bfa today havent played for 5 years and i want to buy a lvl 110 boost but cant access the store. cant even talk in trade chat its like my account is still in trail or something..Sugargírl7 7h
7h Mojambo Quest Mojambo not spawning in, In BFA quest line.Caraccas2 7h
7h Dune scavenger ? where did it go ? So apparently over night i've lost my dune scavenger which had just started to become my favorite mount quiet confused about it all, i've heard people have lost theirs too but have had them returned and im just very confused Hopes méastyMéasty1 7h
7h Boats from Stormwind to Boralus Do they just stop for anyone else? like they hit the edge of the map and stop for me, wonder if it's a known bug?Holyfatbum0 7h
8h Glowing Music Notes Driving me Crazy! Hello, Since yesterday I have been having this weird bug where glowing musical notes are appearing over my character's (Darthias) head. This is not a UI problem as other players in-game can see these and I have found no way to get rid of them from my character's head. I have left my character logged off overnight, tried logging off and then relogging, switching to another character, then logging back into Darthias, but nothing seems to be clearing it. It is not an in-game buff as none of my buffs correspond to it and I have even tried unequipping everything to see if it was something secret, yet NOTHING I have tried removes it.Darthias3 8h
8h Error with my name, HELP! Ok, so I've had this problem for awhile now. It appears that all my characters with the letters "ÅÄÖ" is all messed up, and the letters are replaced with some other letters from a language which I do not speak. I've tried re-installing WoW, disabling all addons. All of that stuff and it still wont work. I have a picture of what it looks like in game, and I also made a circle in the chat so u can see that the chatnames works fine.ålägg0 8h
8h Bolarus can´t complete follower quest! Help! I have 3 followers out on one misson right now and they cant complete the mission. Even if they are done. Plz help!Våtbulle0 8h
8h Quest bug in Zuldazar, cannot progress Hi, Very few things bother and irritate me in this game. Generally I accept that it cannot be ideal, but it had provided me with great fun in the past decade. Now, currently, it appears, and I have found out after quite online investigating, that I did not get follow up when I did the following quest: Now, it was yesterday and I just assumed quest will pop later on, bit it did not. I finshed other zones, I wanted to finish all 3 before my vacation hits (yes, world 1st problems, I'm aware), but I cannot do so and estimated ticket response time is 3 days!!! After many years I must say this is very poor customer support. Thanks, ImmImmortall0 8h
7h Guild Bank Lag and Issues Hi, I was wondering whether this was a common issue? As GM of my guild I have been updating our Guild Bank for BFA and until recently no problems at all until a couple of days ago. I was trying to move around items to new bags and the items were just not entering my characters bags and if they did it was a 5-10 minute delay whilst not experiencing lag at all in any other way. I thought it might be due to over pop in SW so went to the Exodar and no change there. Is this a well known issue or is there something I am missing? One of my officers experienced the same issue and another one did not. Help please :)Xielle6 7h
4h Ingame Related Issue (Lagg) Hey Bliz Custom Support. Currently playing on realm: Runetotem Area: stormsong valley, at the moment the ingame latency and real latency show's me that everything is ok. but thats far from ok, whenever you loot a corpse, hand in quests, pickup quest. using your ability's to attack mobs etc.. has a late respond (looks like lagg) for like 3 to 5 sec delay. this afternoon there were no issue at all. *iam just here to report the issue!Félicity25 4h
8h NPC Trainers I do not have the main form of NPC Trainers in Zandalera. However, they are already in the place on Alta. 8h
8h Artifact Appearance missing Ticket Number: EU63041012 Since 2 week before the launch of BFA I logged in on all my characters for every unlock. Then I deleted most of the 110's I had because I was moving forward to another server and I had reach my cap of 50 characters total. Everything was fine I taught. Seems not, It looks like I miss every unique unlock I had on my lvl 110's. I only have the 3 basic appearances left on all 12 classes... So I made a ticket, 2 weeks later I still don't have a solution. I made several tickets, with prove and made a few bug reports about it. From all the support I recieved back it was a bug... Then I restored a character for prove and did it 15 days later again for screenshots. It seems when I restore the character the progress is showing back up in the transmog window. Then a second problem occured after the BFA launch, the famous queue of Draenor. Now that I don't have another lvl 110 that I can play because of the queue I want to ask another restoration. I made a ticket today about it. The answer I recieved was that it was not possible because I have to use the in-game feature... So I used the feature 2 times for the support and now when I need it... support says no... because it isn't there department. So I ask for a solution, and a solution for the problem seems to be a restoration. I still have the problems on the following classes. - Hunter - Druid - Priest - Paladin - Monk So I want to ask if another department could restore all of these classes on the following servers Argent Dawn (Paladin, Hunter) and Silvermoon (Druid, Monk and Priest) Or if I have to choose one, Druid on Silvermoon, lvl 110.Mysterieus1 8h
8h No "Spirits Be With You" questline Is there something required to do this? Already got "Zandalari Forever" achievement.Abrenna0 8h
8h Quest: Stormwind Extraction stuck I was doing the stormwind extraction quest while servers restarted. Now it says continue the campaign by accepting "To matters at hand" in Chamber of heart. When I go there, I can see the quest on the minimap, but there is no way I can find it to accept it. Also, this quest should normally be started in zuldazar, but there is no way for me to go there, because the portal isn't present yet.Acekthxbye9 8h
8h Can a npc vendor sale be undone? Hi, I bought a pet from a vendor thinking it was a mount. The vendor text said "mount vendor" but didn't realize it was a pet I bought. Wouldn't care so much but it was 100k gold. Can it be undone?Sindoca2 8h
9h Call to arms : Vol'dun doesn't count Hi ! I'm trying to do the Call to arms: Vol'dun quest and when I kill a horde player, it doesn't count. Happened to ppl in my group too. Anyone else ? Edit : Happens too when I solo kill themNorilâ1 9h
9h WHY HAVE YOU MOVED MY TOPIC? Why have you moved my topic? Dreanor is suffering, this is a genuine customer complaint about your poor service from a paying customer, I don't want it moved to a forum that remains forever unanswered, I would like this acknowledged and a plan for rectification posted.Enigmus5 9h
9h U took my mount blizzard Hello! i collected Dune Scavanger the first day of the game! now when i logg in to my Hunter my Mount is gone says not collected........ what have u done to it and why?Soundish11 9h
5h Draenor Can we get some feedback from blizz to explain wtf is going on with draenor when is server going to be upgraded to take the capacity it required will we get free migratation what’s the time scale just bottom line what are blizz doing to tackle the issue. You’ve got the highest pop realm on EU almost unplayable with server locked/full if you do get in it’s a 40min+ queue time surely this was anticipated blizz know the server pop numbers. It’s day 3 of an expac and Iv spent more time on a login screen than in game not really what I pre ordered and monthly subscribe for.Roxxee10 5h
9h Monsters randomly evades It happens a lot, in dungeons and out in the world. Happens with all kinds of monsters and with all kinds of terrain. Here's a 17 secs video of it happening: I'm unable to reliably reproduce it but i suspect it could be my monk master (Elusive brawler) that has a bug when evading. The button i pressed in the video right before the evade was Detox and Ironskin brewXhievo0 9h
9h Voice Chat doesn't work I literally can not hear anything. Game sound is fine. Even when I personally select the audio output which is identical to the game audio output nothing is heard over the voice chat. What could cause this problem?Ázshara1 9h