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26 Sep 2013 Customer Service Information The Customer Service Forum cultivates a beneficial relationship between our support departments and player community by providing a friendly environment where players can exchange information, access self-help resources, highlight in-game issues, and receive meaningful guidance through personal and fun interactions with Blizzard representatives. Index: Forum Information Forum Guidelines Twitter Additional Social Media ResourcesHagut4 26 Sep 2013
18m CS Lounge IV Greetings everyone! Due to unforeseen circumstances, the previous lounge disappeared into the void, and as such, we're making a new one. For anyone that is unfamiliar with the CS Lounge this is simply a place where the Customer Support regulars can come to chat and post anything off-topic so as not to derail existing threads. So pull up a chair, grab a coffee or two, eat a cookie, if there's anything left, post and relax!Hagut3111 18m
30m stupid 110 lvl boost My wife decided to start playing again she made a Character and boosted it to lvl 110 right away not checking the server she was on. Yup wrong server - instead of creating it on Silvermoon she created it on our old server Aszune. So another purchase for Blizzard - as this mistake cannot be undone. Smart move from Blizzard But a Server change seems to not be possible either as the message we are getting is that the Character used a Character boost too recently. Try again later. Do you have suggestions about how we still will be able to play together later today? Annoying that no timeframe was added to that error msg by the way ...Unavoid3 30m
38m recurrent loss of commands Since last wednesday I haveon several occasion experinced that I loose ability to do any commands. Thus I cant do shoot, activcate my pet, use any spells or mount up! The only thing that works is to log out. Some times I have to quit the game completely. I have uptate my operating system, reloaded the app and checked for wow updates (none). The problems occurs daily. It is really annoying! Has something gone wrong in the last update?Ulvepigen4 38m
49m Cant login Why cant I log in to world ? I get this message: cannot log in until the character update process you recently initiated is complete But I didn't initiate any transfers or any other character services. Please helpBandyte2 49m
1h action bar freezes so i've been noticing that whenever i enter combat right away after a load screen or exiting the vehicle UI? my action bars freeze up til combat has ended. it's pretty frustrating especially in pvp. trying to do battlegrounds i get seething shore a lot so this happens all the time. not easy trying to fight someone when you can't see what's on cooldown and not.Pitboss5 1h
1h Character Boost Hello. So two days ago I boosted the character to 110, but I managed to create it on a realm I dont want to play. Now im trying to change realm but it says ive to wait because this character has recently gained a 110 boost. How long do I have to wait?Ryhez2 1h
1h Is lucidmorph bannable? Im not quite sure if this is the correct forum to ask this kind of question but I was wondering... Is lucidmorph bannable? the program that lets you "change" race and lets you morph your gear into gear that you dont have. Thanks in advanceVirkayu5 1h
7h Cannot open PvP chest, faction change. Hey, i made a ticket about this, but thought i'd say it here aswell, Because i faction changed before this reset, i cannot open my Weekly pvp chest, really sucks because im 2100 atm and was hyped for good loot, but sadly this is broken. Would really appreciate a fix for this, as this makes me lag behind.Mizkha4 7h
7h Hacking in Rbgs up to 3000cr Dear Rbg community, I would like to report a big problem in the Rbgs and I think the community and blizzard itself should take it really serious - HACKING! Couple of days ago we played late at night, around 2 AM and we were spamming RBGS. We got like 2000 mmr and we faced a 2900 mmr team ( great matching system!) It was a Warsong and since most of us never faced a team so high we went in pretty relaxed. But guess what? We wiped them in the middle like nothing. I was even surprised that those people were 2,9... I mean some of their players were backpeddaling. The score was already 1- 0 for us. We got excited because we were on our way to farm them on their respwan point. Our rogue sapped opponent DH in the middle of the map.3 seconds after the sap was over he picked our flag. We went back from opponent grave to kill him and when he was about to die he used his speed hack and he was in the flag room (from our door in Warsong). He did that infront of everyone - I find it so low. Those people don't deserve the achievements that they got. Of course we reported it to Blizzard and waited couple of days, but nothing happened. Here is the screenshot of the enemy team (excuse my low resolution) : Removed by Blizzard. Also the other 9 witnesses are ready to comfirm everything. If blizzard is willing to investigate, maybe some of us have the game clipped. I hope all the team gets banned, because they support hacking ( by playing with this player), otherwise I will unsub. There are plenty of games where there is fair competition.Noobsaybot1 7h
7h Moved post Hi This post was moved, why? It is a point that needs to be made to and answered by a CS rep. 7h
10h Shadow Pan vs Shadow Pan Assault I purchased enough Shadow Pan Assault badges to get to revered with them when I wanted to purchase the badges for the Shadow Pan. It is really confusing who is who. I want my badges back and reputation returned to normal.Spellfocus4 10h
11h My achievement points hello, my achievement points arent being displayed on forums. could you fix it?Bukachu3 11h
16h the missing fleet quest ( Taelia) Im in BFA (on a Paladin) in Boralas im unable to finish The missing fleet quest as im unable to interact with Taelia in harbormasters office to start the final quest no quest marker appears etc ive done all the others up to this point but unable to progress furtherSturmdark0 16h
16h How do I contact Blizzard by Telephone? I'm in-game silenced for no reason. The GM responsed with insignificant information. What do I do? I would like to talk to someone properly about this as I believe this is unjust. I made a mistake by flooding /2 chat at 2:30am tuesday night. Now i'm banned for abusive chat. What part of me isn't going to get aggrovated at a being provided incorrect and insufficient information. Please help!Fluéncy12 16h
11h Heirlooms removal before a transfer Hi I have just bought a character transfer and it says during the process that you cannot have heirlooms in your bags or bank. What it fails to mention is that you can't be wearing any either. Firstly I check my bank and bags, oops I had two, I deleted them. I got the message again. I deleted the ones I was wearing except a ring, oops, same message. I then deleted the ring and could transfer. Having spent gold on transmog I feel not only that I have been cheated but your message is misleading and frankly, wrong. It should Read "Ha ha, you spent all this gold on transmogging now you have to delete all the Heirlooms you are wearing as well as those that are in your bags and bank." Remember, mailing Heirlooms removes the Transmog.Dottie13 11h
19h being gifted game time counts as entire standard game? My problem is that i want to make sure i'm not abusing a gift. :D A friend gifted my account with a month of gametime. But when i went to happily purchase BFA, i have an option for buying the digital delux edition, apparently including battle for azeroth, in only 15 euro, saying i "already have" the standard edition. The funny thing is i don't remember purchasing Legion at any point. Is this because of recieving the subscription time gift? or is it a bug? Of course i'll be super happy to get BFA at some sort of a discount, but wanna make sure its right.Loktaarina1 19h
19h Bought BFA with 6 month sub, no dreadwake I recently bought BFA and set up a 6 month subscription, thinking that I would then be eligible to receive the Dreadwake mount, however this doesn't seem to be the case. Is the mount only awarded through buying 6 months of game time through the links, or should I be able to get it from setting up my sub for 6 months at a time when renewing my subscription?Msfatbooty2 19h
19h Missing a lot of achievements and raid-progression I was going through old achievements and raid progression and I see that I miss a lot of the ones I completed back in Vanilla and TBC such as Molten Core, Gruul, Magtheridon, Karazhan etc. so I thought it was because it wasn't logged back then. But then I see that Onyxia was logged which was the first raid I ever completed so can't really understand why these are missing?Elsueco1 19h
21h Cant login into world. My character got transfered to a different realm even though I haven't purchased any realm transfer services. And now I cant log in into world to play. When I try to log into world I get a message that says: you cannot log in until the character update process is completeBandzitaz1 21h
21h Heirlooms Hi I'm having trouble finding my heirlooms. I know for a fact I have at least the dreadmist set and probably some weapons missing. Are you able to show me where they all are as I've looked but not had any luck.Grawr14 21h
21h BfA and game time Hi, I have got a question about purchase BfA. Does BfA is comming together with 30 days game time?Xavezikus1 21h
23h Cannot log in into character Yesterday I submitted a bug report how I cant buy certain items from some vendor. And today my character got transfered from Kazzak my original realm to Stormscale. How long do I have to wait until my character will be transfered back to Kazzak and I can play again?Bandzitaz4 23h
23h People with moderator crown cant invte My guild (guess every guild) uses the ingame calendar for raid invites. Ever since BFA launch the other officers can only remove people from the calendar and not invite. They all have moderator crowns but only i can invite new people. Would love a blue on this since its a bug that affects not only my guild, but many others aswell.Legô1 23h
1d War Mantle of the Horde, no texture 'The fool tried everything. But relogging....' I re-opened the game and it worked just fine. I... probably should've tried that first. Logged on this morning, it worked fine last night, this might look nice on a night elf, but for my orc, it looks a little too green. He doesn't like green, must be a skin thing. I've tried turning off all my addons, alas, the result is the same. Please fix this, it's a beautiful cloak, I'd hate to lose it. The banner however, works fine. Using orbs and stuff to change my appearance to different races does nothing to alter it, so it's not race specific. Okay, this is weird, it works perfectly fine, on my other account.Taramis1 1d
1d Overpowered cub. Hello, i just hafto ask i found a Savannah cub with his "parent" The Savannah Matriarch lvl 31 hp 771 Savannah Cub lvl 17 hp 2097 and im lvl 30 with 1960hp... how can a low lvl cub have more hp than me and be so hard to kill.Balkota1 1d
1d Made enough gold for WoW token!... but not quite You see, this is my very first month of playing paid retail wow. Game is pretty fun and i decided to stick around with it for longer, but don't have that much money for monthly subs so i was forced to farm gold on pandaria's mining goods. I'm currently sitting at 162k gold and checked about an hour ago if rest of my stuff sold on AH. Farmed enough of it to carry me to 176~180k gold mark, but the problem is, it didn't sell, yet. What i'm trying to ask for, is one or two more days of game, just enough to sell the stuff and check the mailbox. At this point i have 7-8 hours left, and most likely won't be able to check the mail until i come back home late. 2 days would be ideal since yesterday around midnight i put out my stuff for 48h, and wouldn't want to run into situation where the gold i need is just sitting in the mailbox, without a way to get it. And even if the auctions expire during my granted 1-2 days, there will be no "lost opportunity" feel. Just 1-2 days, that's all i need. If you're able to to that, i would be grateful. Also sorry if i made the post in the wrong forum.Gaymane1 1d
1d Customer Service reponse? Have blizzard been sacking CS staff lately? Seems of late the time for response to web tickets has gone sky high. Currently sat at 18 hours for something I know I have previously got help on in 4 hours max.Krystela3 1d
1d Death comes from on high quest, bug? When I get control of the eye, my abilities are inactive. Cannot summon ghouls or siphon info or shroud, just fly around or cancel and return.Bloodlight1 1d
1d Realm merge problem Came back after a long time to find my low pop English realm merged with a med pop Czech claimed(officially English) realm. Currently torn between paying €200+ to transfer my characters or learning Czech. Are there any alternatives like a group transfer or something?Cantc1 1d
1d Recruit a Friend Query I did recruit a friend with my cousin yesterday. I got the notice on the ingame mail that his account was running. and when he created a character i was able to summon him on one of my younger characters. the grant a level feature was available. everything seemed fine so far. so we got him his 3 month subscription (we didnt upgrade to battle for azeroth yet. he wants to try out the game for a few months before committing) I'm just curious about 2 things 1: when will i get the notification for the veterain reward? (is it 8 days from the day we get the 3 month subscription? or does that not happen until the end of the 3 months) 2: will us not upgrading to BFA have any effect on the recruit a friend features?Azraeal4 1d
1d Disconnected when Garrison Hearthstone used Hi, So i have this interesting problem with Garrison Hearthstone. First time i use it, i get disconnected when cast time is finished or a little after the loading screen comes up. So i re-launch the game straight away and it works fine. I have been having this issue for some time, have to use the stone, re-launch the game and use the stone again to get to my garrison. Any ideas?Kunteok5 1d
1d Dreadwake and cancelled subscription What happens to the Dreadwake mount if you got it for purchasing 6 months subscription but then you decide to cancel your subscription? Will it get removed?Zulama7 1d
1d Nat Pagle Fishing Chair Perhaps not a priority to fix... but when will it be fixed? I got mine 2-3 days after it was dissabled. I never got to be the cool guy relaxing in that cool chair... *sob*Steps4 1d
1d Delete old post. How can I delete an old recruitment post from my guild? I do the recruiting but the gm got an old post running, I'd like to replace it so I can edit it to make it easier.Ihotyoukk2 1d
1d Race change - changes Hello there, I will be buying the racial change in a couple of days, but there's plenty of things that bother me. What changes and what does not.. In the 'what changes' section on blizzard's site it says: ''The reputation level associated with the character's previous race is switched with that of the character's new race. All other reputations are unaffected.''. Is it going to transfer all of my reputations, for example, Honorbound, Tortollans' reputation, etc? The next thing that I'm not familiar with is, am I going to lose my quest log? In the 'what doesn't change' section there's clearly written that **Quests** doesn't change, but what is with 'daily based quests'? I've had farmed Pterrodax egg 3 days ago and I found it, after that started the 'Nature versus Nurture' quest, and did my first daily quest today. Is it going to keep this quest tracked in my quest log or I'll have to farm it again? Sorry for a long post, but I hope You do not mind. Thank You very much, sincerely, Dave.Davebymo5 1d
20h look back history from 8-10years is there anyway i can look back for 10-8 years to see what guilds and freinds i had back thenNightflex6 20h
21m Faction change - artifact weapon appearance Do you keep your artifact weapon appearance after a faction change?Locos4 21m
1d Quest Show-Off unbearable The WQ Show-Off is not working as intended. The buff "Style" keeps disappearing even if I do jump over the fences. Server lag isn't contributing to this either. Please rework this quest or remove it entirely. I've spent half an hour trying to complete this until I decided it was time to call it.Leinadh5 1d
1d Game time gift delay I saw a lot of topics from 2013, 2015 or 2017, but still... My friend decided to buy me game time. He did it 2 days ago and I still haven't any email. I know that it may take 3 days to process, but can't they cut the time of waiting a bit? I'm just curious.Kirtash2 1d
2d Blizzcon virtual ticket hey, I bought blizzcon virtual ticket yesterday. When I will get the ingame items? Did not find any info about that.Kámu5 2d
2d How to become a Gamemaster, updated version Bloodjuly3 2d
2d Archeology Timestamps This is a minor annoyance, and not game breaking but if it can be resolved that would be awesome. On my completed artifacts page in Archeology, every artifact has the same ‘first found’ time stamp. Doesn’t matter when it was found, they all say the same date, and the same time. One I completed last night for the first time (epic BoA chest) says I completed it the same time as every other artifact. Anyway to recheck these, or work out why it’s doing it?Tungusic1 2d
2d Healthstones bug I have occasionally noticed a bug where the HS shows "ready" on the toolbar but it is still in combat lock and when you try and use it says "It's not ready yet". Not sure how to reproduce it, but I think it is related to creating a HS while in combat, having used one before while still in combat, reloading the screen - one or more of the above possibilities.Paladense1 2d
2d Dread Glad belt clipping Any news or word on the mad belt clipping being looked into?Takauri3 2d
2d Ignore players Why are we limited to the amount of players that we can ignore? I should be able to ignore anyone I like but this game prevents me doing so which in turn, leads to arguments and bans so again, why are we limited?Dairyproduce10 2d
2d Input lag - Crazy Input lag. Hi just bought Battle for Azeroth and the input lag is insane. My void refuses to attack anything, and it’s like a couple of seconds between pressing a button and my character doing anything. I have 32GB ram, 20-30 ms latency and 100fps outdoors and 150-200 FPS indoors and a 1080ti and i7 coffee lake, so no it is not my pc. Also AV excluded for wow.exe and fw disabled.Jools08014A24 2d
1d Can't uninstall WoW So I'm making some room on my ssd and I saw that I have World of Warcraft installed on it. I just tried to delete it from the programms panels on windows 10 because doesn't locate him and only allow me to install it again. When I do so I get the error message BLZBNTBNU00000006. I've tried all the steps on the Blizzard forums but it doesn't work. By the way I can't locate my WoW folder Any help ?Afios3 1d
2d Being placed in an invalid warfront instance I queued for the warfront and was placed in an instance that was fully completed, with the last boss defeated and nothing left to do. People were STILL being backfilled into this instance while I stared at the defeated boss in disbelief. After few minutes of seeing nothing changing just the defeated boss sitting there, I left. Guess what, 30 min deserter debuff. For being put in an useless instance in the first place. Seriously this needs a fix. How can you still backfill people into the instance that is long completed (I stood there for 5 minutes before leaving and new people were being put in the group.) I submitted a bug in-game but that won't get me any answer, what comes?Vessalyn1 2d
1d Cant find a quest Hello, i play a monk healer/dmg and i need a help. I just complete intro into a legion, where i complete save the monks temple against the demons. after it i was in new Dalaran where i cant found a quest which will open a new quest line for me. Can anybody help me where i can find this quest???Maytheholy2 1d