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26 Sep 2013 Customer Service Information The Customer Service Forum cultivates a beneficial relationship between our support departments and player community by providing a friendly environment where players can exchange information, access self-help resources, highlight in-game issues, and receive meaningful guidance through personal and fun interactions with Blizzard representatives. Index: Forum Information Forum Guidelines Twitter Additional Social Media ResourcesHagut4 26 Sep 2013
1d [Recruit-a-Friend] Common Issues & Questions This thread is intended as a guide to help you troubleshoot the most commonly reported issues with RAF and explain how / when rewards can be claimed. Please make sure to check this thread thoroughly before opening a new thread or indeed posting questions you may have here in this thread. Common Issues such as accounts not appearing linked & experience gain seeming incorrect Reward System 1d
28 Aug 2012 Legion 7.1.5. - Common Issues [15.02.] ★ Patch Notes (US) ★ Known Issues List ★ Technical Issues & Fixes ★ Hotfixes ★ Please follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN for current service status. Welcome to Patch 7.1.5! If you experience issues when logging in after the latest patch, reset your user interface and remove all addons! Here's what you are contacting us about the most right now: Artifact Research Notes: Can't start a new work order NOT A BUG: The current cap on Artifact Knowledge in Legion is 25. Upon reaching rank 25, you may not gain any further artifact research. Our gamemasters are unable to allow players to research Artifact Knowledge beyond rank 25. "Unleashed Monstrosities" Artifact Appearance cannot be used NOT A BUG: In order to be able to use the tint unlocked by Unleashed Monstrosities, you need to unlock the base Valorous artifact appearance via Improving on History first. To get the Improving on History achievement, you have to complete the Balance of Power questline. Quest: Eye of Gul'dan not appearing in "The Nighthold: Darkness Calls" FIXED: An issue with this quest was been patched at the beginning of the month, but we continue to receive some queries in regards to this encounter. Remember that you must be on the quest when Gul'dan dies, and that it has to be the first kill of Gul'dan on any difficulty for the week. Quest: "Fate of the Nightborne" cannot be completed KNOWN ISSUE: If you can't see Thalyssra, this is caused by leaving the Nighthold too quickly. Abandon the quest and start it again. Once you you talk to Oculeth for a port back to the Nighthold, you'll be able to watch the event, and then turn in the quest. If you are ported to the Stairs right after Trilliax when speaking to Oculeth, you can walk further into the raid, to the bridge where Suramar City meets with The Nighthold. You will be ported to Thalyssra and the event will start.Dangerous Love - Achievement Not Granted KNOWN ISSUE: We are aware that the Dangerous Love achievement may not be granted after completing the required quests. The issue is being worked on but please note that Customer Support will not be able to grant this achievement.[/li] Please report any additional suspected bugs using the “Submit Bug” option in the ingame support portalNatryndon10 28 Aug 2012
35s EU app > US shop If I'm in the Battle.Net app shop (EU), logged into my EU account, and I click on Buy in Shop, a browser window opens with a login screen to enter my name and password. If I do so, I'm told the login is incorrect. If I didn't know that the tiny two letter US at the start of the web address meant that, for some reason, I've been taken to the US website, then I might think someone had changed my account details. Even if I go into the website shop, and go to a service like Race Change, and click on the Buy In Account link, with Europe there in the little drop down menu on the top right of the screen, and prices in sterling, and logged into my EU account - I am again taken to a log in screen for 35s
1m EU shop asking for US log in If I'm in the Battle.Net app shop (EU), logged into my EU account, and I click on Buy in Shop, a browser window opens with a login screen to enter my name and password. If I do so, I'm told the login is incorrect. If I didn't know that the tiny two letter US at the start of the web address meant that, for some reason, I've been taken to the US website, then I might think someone had changed my account details. Even if I go into the website shop, and go to a service like Race Change, and click on the Buy In Account link, with Europe there in the little drop down menu on the top right of the screen, and prices in sterling, and logged into my EU account - I am again taken to a log in screen for - where I can't log in. So I can't purchase anything from either the shop via the app, or by going onto the website directly.Woods1 1m
2m Unable to convert WOW token to balance I started playing the game from UK on EU server but since I have moved to India, I changed my address to my current address. But, for the address from India, I can only access the US shop. So I am not able to convert tokens into balance. Is there any way to fix this problem?Feathermoons1 2m
24m Unable to convert WOW token to balance I started playing wow when I was in UK, but since then I have moved to India and changed my address to the same. Now I am able to access only the US shop, so I am unable to convert the WOW token to balance. IS there any way to fix the issue?Feathermoons0 24m
5h Killed Guldan Normal, no quest item yo, I ve killed guldan normal today, for quest The nighthold: darkness calls ( last one from chain of Balance of power) and no quest item -.- can someone help me bout that?Lyrrah2 5h
6h Where do I find it? I was looking on the Blizzard web-page to make a ticket about something but I can't find it. Where do I find the New ticket section?Norissarri5 6h
7h Weapon not showing enchant effect Twilight Hammer is a weapon I use on my Shaman. I know for a fact you used to be able to slap on an enchant and it would very visibly show the effects but ever since Legion it no longer shows em. I transmoged my main hand Doom Hammer and tried to put the enchant on but it shows nothing. Was this an intention If so why? Seems very silly to suddenly restrict normal old content weapons from showcasing the effects. If not will this be fixed?Shagaru0 7h
8h Bonus Chance Fail! Hi there, So today i opened up my order hall campaign missions to retrieve the goodies from it..and......a mission with a bonus chance of 100% failed! Has anyone else had this? Its kind of wierd that you can have the option to gain extra goodies from a mission, only to then have it snatched away in what i can only describe as an act of utter cruelty #sadface I cried all morning after this :'( my poor pathfinders have resigned and my squad of archers have hit the bottle hard. My order hall has descended in to chaos and the armour merchant said he's not renewing his sub!!! I don't know who i will vendor useless gear to now as he was my "Go To" guy :( I did manage to get a screen shot of the mission and my order hall before everyone raged and /gquit. I will try and plough on through the NH regardless tho, even if my AP is somewhat a little lighter after this morning. Many thanks ShanksShankly7 8h
8h battle tag name l cant not take Lucifer as battle tag The name you have chosen for your BattleTag is in violation of our naming guidelines. Please choose a different name. i dont get it if you not can use it af battle tag but you can use it in game what is thatGràvéyard1 8h
8h BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT Velizy VillacFR payment hello all, I was checkign my internet banking and i found payment of ~ 36 euro from yesterday. Problem is that i didnt play yesterday at all and i didnt purchased anything in shop. I searched ingame shop, what should cost that much but i didnt find anything. Can someone advise what this should be?Shadowdolo3 8h
9h Wow Companion App I have recently transfered my rogue to a different realm and I found out that i had no access to the rogue on the Wow companion App and i assumed its cause of the realm transfer and maybe that things need to be set in automatically before I can access the character. I have no problem accessing my other alt's order hall missions on the app. My question is how long will it take and is there anything i have to do on my part to be able to access the rogue's order hall missions on the App.Prostabs2 9h
16h recruit a friend veteran rewards Quick Question about veteran rewards with raf account. the ingame gewards are for the first 90 days. i cant find a timeframe for the veteran rewards. my friend stopped playing after the first month. veteran rewards are frist month payed for friend a month for me second a mount. if i give him money for a month time will that still count towards a free month for me even after 6-10 months ? :)Tweetje7 16h
18h CS Lounge IV Greetings everyone! Due to unforeseen circumstances, the previous lounge disappeared into the void, and as such, we're making a new one. For anyone that is unfamiliar with the CS Lounge this is simply a place where the Customer Support regulars can come to chat and post anything off-topic so as not to derail existing threads. So pull up a chair, grab a coffee or two, eat a cookie, if there's anything left, post and relax!Hagut96 18h
18h No Shellfish Endeavor I can't find the answer to this on WoWHead. I have never seen "Oh, the Clawdacity!" or "Claws for Alarm" world quests pop. I check everyday, I've seen and completed "Now That's Just Clawful!" multiple times, but I seem unable to complete this achievement?Fq2 18h
19h Character Transfer Hi I need help, Back during MOP I played on a completely different account and achieved the Challenge Conqueror Gold achievement and therefore unlocked the armour set, I took a break during WoD and by the time I came back I had forgotten my login both to and the email account. Therefore I made this account and started fresh as I wasn't too bothered about it, recently I regained access to this old account and am now wondering if I transfer my character over to this new account from the old one (that earned the challenge mode achievement) will I be able to still use the awesome armour sets? That would be the only reason I would transfer but wanted to check before I did in case it didn't work :) Thanks!Cràne3 19h
19h Pharamere's Forbidden Grimoire. Pharamere's Forbidden Grimoire (Trinket) +1,137 Haste Use: Send an Orb of Destruction to your target's location, dealing up to 349,723 shadow damage to all enemies with 20 yards after 4 sec. Targets closer to the impact will take more damage. (1 min cooldown) Why does the use effect of this trinket have a minimum range? It doesn't say that anywhere in the item description. It would be an interesting trinket for tanks on skittish weeks, if it worked as described. Is this a bug? Will it be fixed?Keilen5 19h
23m Getting equip for off-spec w/o risking leg drop? Hello, I would really like to make tank off-spec and get equip for it (meaning trinkets and artifact relics, everything else is probably shared with havoc loot table) but I just cant switch loot to vengeance because Im too afraid that legendery might drop. A legendery that I really want for my havoc spec and with that drop I lose all bad luck protection. Is there any way to go around this please?Harsesis13 23m
22h M'uru bugged, doesn't spawn in SP (BC) Hiya, I am sorry if this is in the wrong forum section, I can't think of anywhere else to put it. This section explains the situation the best. Basically, I was in Sunwell Platueue and when I get to M'uru, he never spawns, it's completely bugged. Therefore I can never get to Kil'jaeden because there is a wall preventing me from going to him. I need to kill M'uru to get to KJ. Is there a fix to this? Seems other people have been through this bug, but no one knows what the fix is, M'uru either spawns or doesn't, it's random. Will this ever be fixed?Saturnbeat3 22h
23h Last Chance Mission on phone bug On phone it says this mission is missing a required champion. So I tried some champions now I can t active deactive any champion. When I log in to says hymdall required. But I can t activate deactivate for today. That mean I will wait 24 hour for activate and deactive and more for 24 hour for mission :S can you give me my activate back?? and solve that. Missions time are wrong on phone app...Zickler4 23h
23h Several ingame issues spanning over years. So far all my bug reports on these issues spanning over years of gameplay have gone unheard. This is a attempt to rectify them. 1. Ingame npc buttons. With the launch of shipyards in Draenor, the mission table was intermittently not working, no matter how many times you right clicked it, it would not respond with the UI frame. The solution me and many others found was to either relog, or mount a npc bearing mount and using trader inventory simply just to close it and then reclick the shipyard mission table. Allowing it to successfully trigger and show up. 2. Similar to nr 1. The shipyard construction npc's issue order to construct a certain type of ship. This button had the same problem with not actually responding, also relog or npcmount would allow it to correctly trigger and allow the construction. 3. LFR button for que'ing wings of the raids. The first and second que almost always worked correctly, but beginning with queing for a third wing the button would not respond with queing your character. Several tweaks were found to remedy this bug. Relogging/alt tabbing to another window and then back to wow and clicking que, or changing wing (not always working), and also spamming the que button (only to sometimes enter you into que and then due to spam remove you from the que). Currently this issue has been around for way to long and is now a issue for Class order halls when recruiting troops to accompany on the missions, spanning across all classes these buttons are not working and prove to be annoying on a daily basis.. I am not alone in these issue and would prefer people that have come across this to relay they're input so that these problems could be solved for once.Jeolock1 23h
1d Trading gold to friends/possible to be banned? So I've always enjoyed gold making within the game. Now i no longer raid and I've never pvped it's pretty much all I do, which is fine with the new balance aspect to the token. I can now play WoW to benefit me in Hearthstone or Overwatch. I still however make a lot, and i don't need all of it. I would love to trade some to my friends within the game to help them pay for their subs etc. But somebody warned me that mailing or trading somebody large amounts of gold, or gold often, can get you tagged for selling gold and banned. Is this true? And if so is there something I can do to avoid myself, or my friend receiving the gold, from getting banned? I've had this account for awhile now and i would hate to lose it over something like trying to help a friend buy a rare mount or 6 months game time!Vafli4 1d
1d Fight, Kill, Salute! Issue Hey there! Today I upgraded my garrison gladiators sanctum to level 3 and got a quest that sent me to highmaul which requires me to que for an instance to complete the quest, but I am unable to que because it says I do not meet the requirements to enter even though I'm lvl 110. I know that some people are unable to enter it aswell once they have lvled up and only level 100s can enter, but I only thought that was after the intro quest (Fight, Kill, Salute). So now I am unable to complete the questline and I am unable to complete the warlord of draenor achievement as it requires the Fight, Kill, Salute achievement also. Would like to know if this is going to be fixed and let 110s enter as well mabey? I know if this happens people are just gona go there for the lord/lady of war title again, but if blizz doesn't want that happening mabey make the instance scale with the lvl of the player who que's for it. Would like a blue post please thanks. :)Goremash0 1d
20h Buttons button issue . I just transferred to another server and am having an issue with casting . Atm i am casting on the release of the button and not the push of the button , I have tried a few diffrent Addons which have not worked any suggetions would be great .Nóprobs1 20h
1d Phase problem ? I got have weird issue on ny Demon hunter char.. when I use LFR I cant see anyone on mobs no bosses no other characteres.. I do see raid chat and I see people on raid frames. But instanse is empty. If I use any other chars all works fine. I tried to take all addons help. What now ?Woodeneye3 1d
1d Does Paid Character Transfer give Race and change Well topic says most but- So if I pay for a Character Transfer to go to another realm do I get to choose the faction or maybe which race my character is again? Or does it remain the same as present?Artstyle8 1d
1d Mythic Keystone Disappeared In The Middle Of The Week My mythic keystone (was a neltharion's lair 15) just randomly disappeared on some time between friday and today. I'm 100% sure I didn't delete it, it's not in my bank, item restoration yields nothing, and the Grand Challenger's Bounty is also empty. Same thing also happened on my demon hunter alt. Anyone else having a similar problem?Applejack2 1d
1d can I recover the whisperes from one friend of mine? Hello! Recently there have been some issues in the guild because of a private conversation,that someone made it there any chance to rcover those messages? thank youAllynutza3 1d
1d Outdated Beginner's Guide PDF So.. Anybody noticed that the Beginner's Guide (can be found on > is little bit outdated ? Imagine you are new to WoW, and you are about to check that guide out to know what's going on, and u realize, that there aren't 2 classes... Monk / Demon Hunter... Monk was available when the Pandaren comes out, so why Pandaren race is there, but not Monk?Shadowhoe1 1d
1d Ptr problems Hello I have a problem which I've been trying for awhile to fix; Currently the 7.2 Legion PTR is up for testing, but on my account I have the Warlords of Draenor PTR. I went to my Legion game account and it says it is eligible to for PTR, but i can't access it.. ?Lumesence12 1d
1d Armory Hey! I had a break for a few month before Legion. I have started again when Legion came, but i can't see my characters on armory! When i search for them the result is empty! And i wonder why i cant se them? Somthing i can do or?Fraxxé18 1d
1d Legion free trial Hey, I am thinking about getting back to WoW when Legion comes out, but my laptop is very old and I dont know if it will be able to run it. Some websites say, that it will be able to run it without problem on fair details and others say it wont be able to run it at all. So I would like to know if we will be able to test it for free when the game comes out. Thanks (my laptop specs are: CPU - Core i3-380M and GPU: GT540M 1GB)Crysalis11 1d
2d People that queue BGs to ruin? What to do about them? Report Away doesnt help. They get in combat and go back to square one. They even brag about it in battleground chat. Yes this is ruining for others.Dall4 2d
2d what is that tank healing +50mil in BG? did they never NERF tank pvp? i was in BG and BLOOD DK heal more than healer what's is going on are pvp instance come to pve instance or something?Yöndemooni1 2d
2d Visual bug on Astral Form Hey! So this is not only a visual bug for me, also for players who sees me. But transmogging Cryptfiend's Bite add a weird visual. Probably not the right forum but the only one that will get an answer from a blue post.Alempa1 2d
2d Artifact appearance Hello, i have a problem with unlocking one of the artifact appearances i've completed the achievemet "Unleashed monstrosities" but the appearance is still unlocked.Marinn1 2d
2d Need Help HI there i have a char problem my main Raliloth here cant click on in-game links to items,achiv and people i checkd the addons stelll the same and its on this char onlyRaliloth4 2d
2d Which version of WoW to buy for a new player? So, i have a problem here. I don't know wich version are better. First option is a WoW Collection with 1 month subscription and only 100 lvl cap for 15 eur, and after that i need to buy legion? Or second option is to buy WoW Collection and Legion for 45 eur, but i don't know does this version has a 1 month subscription?Вэйфу6 2d
2d DH Charge DC Please Blizzard FIX THE CHARGE BUG FOR DH!!!! Its been going for for the last 3 months and nothing...Ashlëyh1 2d
2d i failed umm im kinda new to wow but i bought a 100 boost and found out nobody is allience is it any way i can get a hook up and yall change it?...<3 (payment is q'ed)Woowdude4 2d
2d Druid - The Dreamgrove - Meet with Mylune Quest Hi So, I wanted to start doing Quest line with my druid Pistacio to obtain G'Hanir, the Mother Tree for my Restoration talents with my Druid. The entirety of this quest happens in The Dreamgrove. It have to start conversation with Keeper Remulos and get from him Quest "Meet with Mylune" . When I come to Keeper Remulos, he is not showing any quest, I have just option to talk but none quest. I really dont know what is wrong and any explanation or advice will be good. ( I got just Keeper Remulos stayin there without quest. Thank youBenders1 2d
2d toys and cloths from blizzard hello i dont know if this is the correct place for my post but i want to know is it possible to buy some toys and cloths from with wow tockens (account balance).ty in advanceAndarielo2 2d
2d Remove the Adaptation (Ungoro Madness) buff Hi, Someone used an item they got from ungoro madness on me, buffing me with something stupid for the duration of the holiday. This buff is unremovable by players, a situation I find completely unacceptable as I hate anyone being able to do anything to my character that I cannot control. Let us right click this buff off please!Iyotakè1 2d
2d 200 Friends is not enough - once again Hey, With the launch of the new feature in our beloved app - friend finder (or whatever the official name of the feature is), I personally have found myself accepting around 40 of my Facebook/Mutal friends from WoW; I know you can say: "You could've just rejected them" - No. I didn't wanna reject anyone cause it's not nice. Playing this game for around 10years, swapping 3 guilds and mainintianing an officer rank in two of them has resulted my friendslist to be full of people I genuinelly like, so removing any of them (except inactive players) is not an option. The social aspect of the game, adding someone after finishing your M+, arena session or a pug raid is great but is hugely affected by the friends cap. I'm sure a lot of people would agree with me on this, especially after the thingie launch like I said. Increasing the cap once again, but to a bigger number like 500 would probbably be perfect (only for the people who maxed their 200 "soft-cap"). Best regards.Unholydeathh2 2d
2d Guild Challenges/Rated Battleground no credit? Heya, So we did a few Rated Battlegrounds with our guild for fun and gold that you receive from completing a Guild Challenge. We won 2 Rated Battlegrounds in a full guild group 10/10, but neither of them counted towards the Guild Challenge, with the Guild Challenge page showing 0/3. I would like to ask that is there any extra requirements to meet the criteria of completing a Rated Battleground Guild Challenge? I.e members guild rank or pvp history. I did submit a bug report just in case.Wilhelmiina2 2d
2d Fury bloodthirst bug Greetings! I already submitted a bug report about this weeks ago in-game, but here goes, just in case: I experience this at least once a day, Bloodthirst doesn't crit while i'm still under the effect of Battle Cry. It's not because of lag, i've seen at least 2 seconds remaining of the Battle Cry buff when it happened, multiple times, when i had no serious latency (about 50 ms). Inspecting my combat log also showed BC expiring after the non-crit Bloodthirst happened. So, Bloodthirst doesn't get a 100% crit chance from Battle cry. It's a problem in either Bloodthirst or in Battle Cry, i can't determine that part. I would be thankful, if you looked into it.Elgár7 2d
2d Can't get second artifact weapon PRIEST Hi ! I leveled up as shadow priest till 110 . I abandoned the artifact quests at 102 for sure. Now Alonsus Faol doesn't give me any quest anymore. I tried changing specs outside class hall , everywhere , quest log is empty , I tried all . Useless. Am I bugged? Help me please , it's annoying!!! ThxNdreww5 2d
2d No free boost I purchased Warcraft and complete package but did not get free level boost I used to play Warcraft but gave up years ago and decided to come back I created a new account but never received the boost please help as I don't want to start from lv 1 again thxJonnybravo4 2d