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26 Sep 2013 Customer Service Information The Customer Service Forum cultivates a beneficial relationship between our support departments and player community by providing a friendly environment where players can exchange information, access self-help resources, highlight in-game issues, and receive meaningful guidance through personal and fun interactions with Blizzard representatives. Index: Forum Information Forum Guidelines Twitter Additional Social Media ResourcesHagut4 26 Sep 2013
11 May [Recruit-a-Friend] Common Issues & Questions This thread is intended as a guide to help you troubleshoot the most commonly reported issues with RAF and explain how / when rewards can be claimed. Please make sure to check this thread thoroughly before opening a new thread or indeed posting questions you may have here in this thread. Common Issues such as accounts not appearing linked & experience gain seeming incorrect Reward System 11 May
28 Aug 2012 Legion 7.2 - Common Issues [10.04.] ★ Patch Notes ★ Known issues list ★ Common technical issues/fixes ★ Hotfixes ★ Please follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN for current service status. Welcome to Patch 7.2! If you experience issues when logging in after the latest patch, reset your user interface and remove all addons! Here's what you are contacting us about the most right now: Can't receive Armorcrafter's Commendation quest UNDER INVESTIGATION: We have received reports that the Battle for Val'sharah does not register Dead Vizier Gra'tork's kill and are currently investigating this issue. Blizzard App may show players as online when they are not KNOWN ISSUE: The app may erroneously show your friends as online. Rest assured that this has nothing to do with the characters themselves and is merely a display issue. We are currently working on a way to fix this problem. Loot: Items from weekly mythic loot chest not appearing in inventory UNDER INVESTIGATION: Some players have reported opening/consuming their weekly chest but not receiving any items. We are currently in the process of verifying these cases and investigating the source of this issue. Transfer Completed But Character Not Available WORKAROUND: If you have received an email stating that your character transfer was completed, but you can't see it on the new realm, create a new level 1 character to refresh the list, this can be deleted afterwards. Paid Character Transfer blocked by Caged Pets WORKING AS INTENDED: A character transfer can no longer be initiated as long as the character in question has a caged battle pet. This is a new transfer restriction. Please report any additional suspected bugs using the "Submit Bug" option in the ingame support portalNatryndon10 28 Aug 2012
3m 'The Smoldering Ember' weekly quest is repeatable Hi there. Sorry if this has been mentioned elsewhere already, but the 500 token weekly quest for the Cataclysm Timewalking event can now be repeated since the quest item keeps dropping (about four or five times for me so far). While I have turned in the quests since I first assumed the item might be a random drop now, I have not spent any of the currency thus accrued by those turn-ins because I am not sure if this counts as an exploit or not. As far as I can see I am not doing anything specific to solicit these drops. Please advise. Thank you.Frinnae1 3m
7m Character Transfer Hi! I'm having trouble transferring this character from Grim Batol to Silvermoon. I've got an empty mail box and no active auctions but when i click continue to payment i get an error message saying 'this character is not eligible for this service'. I can't think what else could be stopping the transfer. Can anyone help please?Sennari2 7m
1h Champions of Legionfall - Hunter Hi, I've picked up the quest "Champions of Legionfall" with my main but when I go back to my class order hall, there is no quest ("Devastating Effects") for me to pick up anywhere. Is there some sort of requirement or is it a bug? Thanks!Squiier11 1h
1h Can't complete Enh Artifact quest After I by misstake abandoned the enhance artifact quest "Where the hammer falls" both Myra and Thrall are gone from my Class order hall - When I did my Shaman campaign I managed to pick the quest up again when I met Myra in Firelands. I then went to Deepholm to see if it would work, but I can't complete it because I haven't used Stormbreak to fly into the Maelstrom.Arupso2 1h
12h Battle net Achivment Point Problem Hello i want to report bug from my armory. my armory dont shown 100 %.. In game i got 24.885 achivment point however on armory 21,085. Dyroxs is my main char but My alt and this alt char i was use gift 90 boost in dreanor exp.For Example Pet battles achivs %1 but I made them all on this character. please help me on this subject. Good day.Dyroxs0 12h
16h Deserter debuff Hello everyone and especially Blizzard! I've got a complaint! A moment ago I was playing as my Demon Hunter on the Aggramar realm before I got really pissed! I was just finishing up the demon assault in Aszuna and therefor had to do the ending scenario. The queuing for the scenario went with no problem at all. When I pressed the "enter scenario" button I got teleported in and that is when the following happened: Before I could even move or do anything, I got kicked from the group. Yes, kicked with no reason whatsoever!! This happened just because some <edit> thought it was the right time and place to practise his/her <edit>. Now I have to wait 30 minutes to do the scenario again, because of the deserter debuff, because of a <edit> who thought it was "funny" to do so?! Well think again! That's a waste of my time and a waste of my money I pay to play this game! (I stopped playing when it happened and I'm even more happy I canceled my sub before this "accident"). Usually I let things like these slide, but not anymore now that it happened a second time. It is the last straw that breaks the camel's back! Guess what happened when I tried to open a ticket.. The interface sends me from pillar to post, so I had to come here to post my comlaint.. My petittion goes to remove this rediculous debuff. It has been a long time now that I see innocent people fall victim to this debuff. Either remove it or rework it ASAP! It makes the game unpleasant to play when you don't deserve it.Ardien3 16h
13h Question about Account ID Hi all I use this site to keep track of my characters, I'm an altoholic, I admit it. It give me an account ID of 12***** and I was wondering is that a Blizzard ID or wowthings? I've edited out the numberDottie4 13h
19h CS Lounge IV Greetings everyone! Due to unforeseen circumstances, the previous lounge disappeared into the void, and as such, we're making a new one. For anyone that is unfamiliar with the CS Lounge this is simply a place where the Customer Support regulars can come to chat and post anything off-topic so as not to derail existing threads. So pull up a chair, grab a coffee or two, eat a cookie, if there's anything left, post and relax!Hagut488 19h
22h Transfer back to own server after group? Hi guys, I'm stuck on some random Portuguese server after I used the group finder to do a World Quest. After leaving the group, I didn't get ported back to my own server. I figured changing zones would fix it, but it didn't. Going back to Dalaran also didn't work. Tried relogging, even restarting the game, nothing. How do I get back to Outland, my own realm?Pride4 22h
22h Lag since wod launched i begun to experience annoying delays,i can use chat but i see all people around me walking in place and i press 1 spell and it just shows the animation and it goes on and on,to try and resolve it i have to close the game and open it again,but after a short while it just comes back,in raids is even worse,even if i open the game back again i get only 30 seconds before it comes back,my pc has an i5 4460 3.2 Ghz,Nvidia Gtx 1060 6gb ddr5,my download speed is 13mb/sec,overall the only game that has a problem for me is wowMurlocmaster0 22h
22h Timewalking quest NPC - Not spawned. I got the item "Smoldering Timewarped Ember" and accepted the quest it came with. It says to turn in the quest to Kiatke in Orgrimmar... The issue? The NPC is not here! Not there! Nowhere to be found... (Yes, I've googled her location and looked very thoroughly.)Orifices1 22h
1d Bradensbrook Jarod quest not triggering I can see Jarod inside of the town with his pet but an unable to ride it to Black Rook Hold. The quest trigger just isn't there and I've read people's suggestions on WoWhead too :( 1d
1d Another WoW Token Purchase issue. hi, i seem to have a problem. i have followed all steps in order to try and buy a token with real money from the ingame store. rellogged with my firewall and antivirus and even my addons off and its still not working, is it possible there might be an error with my paypal or is it because of it so close to being the new patch cycle it wont work? any clarification is apriciatedAmpykins4 1d
21h leroooooy...? I did everything the achievement told me to do in upper blackrock spire with leeroy. even followed him through dungeon, watched him obtaining his shoulders, and yet i did not get the achievement and neither did i get the title... even with me having him as garrisonfollower... #blizzpls... i knida want the title, what must i do to gain it :'(Arendyl1 21h
1d Rules question - competition with gold reward I'm making a fantasy football league on my server and I'd like to offer the winner a gold reward (out of my own gold) to make it more interesting, but before I do I just wanted to be sure this isn't against the rules? I know the rules around gold prizes can be a bit weird and obtuse but I'm guessing it's fine because the participants aren't giving any of their gold so it's not gambling. Right? I was going to make a ticket about this but it doesn't fit into a category so I'm asking here, hopefully it's the right place I dunno. Thanks for any helpMarkovic2 1d
1d "Add Battletag Friend" option not working So on the guild menu if you click on a character, one of the drop down options is "add battletag Friend" However clicking this option seems to do nothing at all, I get no acknowledgement that I have added them and my friends list doesn't show any pending friends that i have added. The friend also has not got any notification of a friend request, however adding their character name by typing it in works fine, they get a request that they can accept. The add battletag option just seems to be doing nothing at all. We are all in the EU region as we are all in the same guild.Shakle2 1d
1d Add Battletag friend not working So on the guild menu if you click on a character, one of the drop down options is "add battletag Friend" However clicking this option seems to do nothing at all, I get no acknowledgement that I have added them and my friends list doesn't show any pending friends that i have added. The friend also has not got any notification of a friend request, however adding their character name by typing it in works fine, they get a request that they can accept. The add battletag option just seems to be doing nothing at all. We are all in the EU region as we are all in the same guild.Splitta1 1d
1d Stuck in ashran issues Join a ashran pvp and then the eye on the side of the mini map was gone and wasnt the pvp Group so i was stuck no way to get outMacbacon1 1d
1d Mysterious camel figurine After a long search I finaly found one but when i picked it up it burned and changed in "crumbled statue remnants" worth 25 gold but no camel. Why is this happening? Do you have to search till you find one who don't crumble?Beukertje6 1d
1d World of Warcraft monthly subscribtion iDeal Hi Blizzard! I currently live in the Netherlands, where we us iDeal, an online payment method, based on online banking. At the moment iDeal is by far the most popular method for online payments in the Netherlands, even beyond the use of credits cards. I was wondering if you will ever add the ability to use iDeal to set up your monthly subscription. I am aware that it is possible to use PayPal, but I dislike having more "online payment methods" than the one i am using currently and mostly (which is iDeal). Due to me wanting to play the game more i'd like to purchase the longer subscription (which saves me €24,- p/ year), but right now that means I'd need to get another external payment method. i was just wondering if adding more payment methods to the subscriptions is ever being talked/thought about. Thank you!Deems12 1d
1d Kruul Twisted Reflection isue (blood dk) I was in last phase wen i notice Kruul cast ,,Twisted Reflection,, i use my interrupt but somehow he got interrupted before that . Hard to say why he got interrupted , because i had to keep attention all other adds and stuff that happened. I Asume i took an orb. Right after that he cast it second time even he got interrupted once. My point is that probably you need to make it not possible to cast Twisted Reflection more then once evry 8 sec (Cd of mind freeze)Vallsong1 1d
1d PTR Idk where should I go with this problem, in official RU I cant get help with this. So maybe there ? I just cant copy my character to ptr. Always after press 'copy' I see 'Copying failed'. Tried to do this since end of March and cant get positive result. At the same time, other my familiar players can do this easy. Why they can, and I dont? This makes me really sad, cuz im playing in one of most unpopular specs now and want atleast to test it.. maybe make some feedback order to make sub great again. Im rly in hopelessness with this situation and hope to find here some kind of solution.Лайткора1 1d
2d aaa Hi, It all started last weekend. I finally got my Order Hall Champions to item level 900 and ready to start those long lasting and nice rewarding missions i usually skip if i cant get at least 100% on those if i'm not interested in bonus roll or there is none. So finally i got a good mission to start "Elite Strike: Legion Supply Cache". I'v seen there is no bonus roll so no need to go above 100% for this mission. I'm been using in-game addons since Warlords of Draenor for easy'er mission tracking. The addon suggested me some Champion's for the mission and i started it around ~120%. I did not check the mission report but after few days when mission was due to complete i was in shock to find out its no longer ~120% but waaay lower and failing. I was devastated by what happened and i contacted in-game support. They kindly asked me if i was unsing out of game mobile app which i was not. Told them im using in-game addons and the support person said that they don't know why the problem occured but that hes mostly shure its the addon showing wrong percentages and that next time i should disable all addons and try again. Well guess what happened before few days. New bunch of "Elite Strike" missions came by and this time i was ready. I exited the game, disabled all addons and loged back in. Placed the champions on both "Elite Strike: Legion Supply Cache and Elite Strike: Sentinax" missions. Both have no bonus roll so i just maxed it at above 100%. Needles to say this time after starting the missions they both had way lower percentages for success. The "Elite Strike: Legion Supply Cache went from 2 days and 9 hour with 200% completing chance to 4 days 19 hour and 75% completing chance and "Elite Strike: Sentinax" went down to around ~20ish%. This time i contacted in-game support for they cant say both times its a problem from my side and that they cant help me but this time i needed an explanation why this was happening and what can be done to prevent it. There is no logic in waiting weeks before i could get my champions to higher item level and miss on some missions and then send them anyway without reaching 100% and having them locked away for 4 days on a mission that is higher chance to fail than to success. I wanna know what is happening and what is being done for this problem. I really don't wanna wait another week and then starting a mission thinking i will get 500 Legionfall resources and then have my champions locked out for 4 days and have the same mission failed. And to see if there is a any way to get those rewards for both my missions if it is found that it is a problem not on my end but the games? Hope to hear from anyone soon.Gigili0 2d
2d Guild bank hi i ve items like herbs ores etc in guild bank and i havent playing about 7 8 month , i cant access my guild bank but when i tried to give work orders at garrison i can see ores and herbs like 400 500 how can i acces guild bank if i leave guild that items return to me ?Wishpain8 2d
2d verify acc Hello i just received a whisper from blizzard that i have suspicous account for shearing my acc i did not not shear my account with anyone how do i verify that thes is realy me playing the game and im not shering my acc to no oneHalfman2 2d
1d Beacher This is a rare spawn in aszuna but the big green guys are there with the mist, its the last one i need for achievement but i dont know how to get it? is he removed from game?Wynonna3 1d
2d Changing name Hey So I took my old surname back (divorce), and Id like to change it on the account. Will a new passport work, or do you need the actual paper on the name change? Thank youRithloch2 2d
2d Aggra server characters on armory Still no input about aggra characters not showing at all in armory EVEN in Player vs. Player Leaderboards not showing WTF no answers atm ....Gaiä1 2d
2d Ecnhant bug? I think that crimson gladiator weapon enchant is bugged. When me and my partner face people with a gladiator enchant we get a crippling lag when the screen freezes every few seconds and enemies are just blinking around. We played like 20 games and no lag, I have stable 50ms. We won some, we lost some and then these guys zone in and it's starts to lag. Both with enchants. This happened before too. Echant bug or they use some hack? Also turns out I can't report them in game after I left arena (smart).. so here's a screenshot: <Edited by Tharemder> Both of them are from Archimonde EU realm.Deadlyz14 2d
2d Shaman campaign quest problem Hello, sorry in advance if this was dealt with somewhere here before. I was doing the Shaman campaing quest line and at the point of talking with the Therazane for the first time, I suppose there was new Q bound to start, but nothing happened and I can't continue the campaign,¨, There is ! mark for Q "The Return of Twilight" but no NPC seems to be able to give me the actual Q and "you are not enligble to start this quest" or sth like that was written in my chatbox. Thanks in advance with help!Hernbrir2 2d
2d Whats up with Ashran? Like the title says, whats up with Ashran? I havent been able to join Ashran in over 2 weeks now.... I tried making a ticket, but Blizzard has made that impossible, you just get sent from one page to another, over and over, kind off a moment 22 thing.....Williamine3 2d
2d Web based Remote Auction House I have subscribed to WoW Remote and I can't find the web based auction house at all. Can someone post me a link to it please. I keep going round in a web page loop! Regards MarcRaikai5 2d
2d What can you buy with balance? what can you buy with balance?Czarnamamba9 2d
2d Countless reports throughout last 7-8 months=no fix I and other players have literally reported a bug related to Guardian druids. It has to do with restoration affinity Ysera's gift tooltip saying it heals 1.5% max hp every 5 sec while in reality it heals for 3%. This has been the case since October 2016. It's been reported numerous times as in-game bug report as well as forums without any change to the tooltip being fixed whatsover. I know it's surely not a game breaking issue but can we at least get a response to that?Bornog1 2d
2d Work order armaments bug Work order armaments bug sometimes when i go to pickup my armaments workorders and i move while clicking the cache i get nothing, and there is nothing in the mail either, and i can place new workorders as if i had taken the workorders that was completed, it has happened to me 3 times now, when i forget not to move clicking the armor cacheShiftyeyes1 2d
3d Champions of Legionfall? Bugs? Hello! So I have this problem were I can't complete this quests "Champions of Legionfall"!! So in the quest you need to go to your order hall, and for example as warrior Odyn says "Hello champion come to me bla bla.." I saw it in video guide, but when i do it my self I go to my order hall and NOTHING heppens! And yes i got the quest from the broken shore! Were is the problem? Please help me!Цепум3 3d
3d English player on a Portuguese server Hi I've returned to the game after a long break and realised my server is now almost totally Portuguese. A few years ago I transferred to the server Grim Batol. To be honest I may have not done as much research as I should have however I don't remember the server being as Portuguese as it is now. There was certainly no information from Blizzard regarding the nationality of the server. I am not a racist or xenophobic however I would like to play with players my own nationality, pref ably from my own region in England! Lol. I've opened a ticket requesting a free character transfer as paying for all my characters will cost over a hundred pounds. I'd like to open this up to the forums and ask your opinions. ThanksMinkus1 3d
3d Dead and Alive I died and released spirit as i entered a dungeon. Now i'm this sort of.. Dead and Alive state, I can't do anything that a dead person can (Use skills, Use hearthstones etc..) I also can't ressurect myself because i'm alive aswell. Kinda stuck here..Lohge5 3d
3d What is that wpvp pvp area ppl oneshoot players i are played in pvp since vanilla and i dont understand in wpvp we got some pvp area and there ppl still oneshoot you what idea is that? i was end farm RAT mout in dalaran severs because ppl oneshoot player so it's waiste of time all time wait when can ress myself. or BrokenShore pvp area stopped do them ppl oneshoot you even if you have defencive ppl still oneshoot you. why dont make same rule in wpvp pvp area than pvp instance?Yöndemooni1 3d
3d Character transfer I have bin wanted to server transfer this character to a new server and i always get the message when i try : Oops! This needs your attention: This character is not eligible for this service. I don't get why she ain't all i have done on her is race change her and that was like a while ago i chekt everything and still cant do it , so for 2 days i bin trying and would like to know why she is lockt to the server she is onIsardia3 3d
11h Regarding 1-100 levelling Not sure this is the correct forum for this so please move if not. Have been trying to reroll from alliance to horde on my server, but have noticed levelling now takes up so much time considering the WoW population has shrunk so much thats anything prior to 100+ content is mostly dead and in many ways not fun . I have every single heirloom including both rings and was thinking levelling in older content seems much too slow considering the population is lacking, so maybe buffing overall experience gained from 1-100 would be a good thing so more players reach endgame content faster (which is excellent btw) I am aware of potions etc to boost your xp but they are horrendously overpriced and not even worth thinking about. So maybe boosting lower level xp gains overall or making heirlooms reward more xp would be good for the game? Any construction critism would be appreciatedÐoomkin23 11h
3d Vanish broke Vanish was buggy at the start of legion (Pets/followers were following you till vanish turns into regular stealth) all dots were breaking you out of vanish immediately (as I remember) And you kinda fixed it a bit some time ago (like 2 month ago or so) But today and yesterday I was playing in BG and every pet/summoned creature saw me through vanish and breaking me from it again with more aggression. Like they not even dropped me from target and continue to pursue me after I hit Vanish and 1 sec after I already out of stealth. THis time is more buggy than before, at least last time it was bugged pets only followed you in vanish and SOMETIMES damaging you, but now you are like not even affected by vanish effect at all while pets/summons on you.Shadowfarts1 3d
3d Tab target; Ghosts Hi! I have submitted the bug in-ga,e I just wanted to see if anyone else is having the same issue. I cannot tab target ghosts, specifically in dungeons noticed most clearly in Karazhan.Karnaged2 3d
3d You locked my thread, But I had 1 question. So, you say that forum moderators are the same team as IG Costuomer Support ie Game Masters, GM? Is it right? Does forum moderators have the same GM rights IG?Gergregre2 3d
3d Order hall set boots why Armies of legionfall doesnt count for the 2 revered factions in broken isles for the boots order hall set????Gaiä3 3d
4d Forum moderation on personal level How did you explain that I've got a suspension for a week for that post The nerfed Guardian because of crybabies like you, which is got deleted by forum moderator Nothing in this post broke ToS, this is going too far by a forum moderator, it's so obvious forum moderator is biased and took it on personal level. Is it female moderator, who can't stay other females being popular and skilled IG ow whatever the crazy explanation I can't think about. Forum moderator uses their rights wrong.Gergregre5 4d
4d Bug with Ulduar/Yogg Saron I was running it this evening, I only go from the tram as it's a mount run. Everything was fine except I had fire on me from Mimiron that wouldn't go out but wasn't causing any damage. When I got to Yogg Saron the brain portals spawned too soon, when I went in and killed the mobs I couldn't get to the exit despite getting the message that it was open. I feigned death & restarted, only took the portal when it officially spawned same issue. I also tried hearthing out and going back in and the portals still spawned too soon. Gave up, posted this :DLaytone6 4d