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26 Sep 2013 Customer Service Information The Customer Service Forum cultivates a beneficial relationship between our support departments and player community by providing a friendly environment where players can exchange information, access self-help resources, highlight in-game issues, and receive meaningful guidance through personal and fun interactions with Blizzard representatives. Index: Forum Information Forum Guidelines Twitter Additional Social Media ResourcesHagut4 26 Sep 2013
27 Apr Battle for Azeroth Beta Reminder With the Battle for Azeroth launch coming closer every day, we see an increase in players requesting access to the Battle for Azeroth Beta. We are happy to see so many of you excited to try it out and provide feedback, but please remember that the Customer Support Team is not able to grant beta access upon request. If you are interested in the Beta, opt in for the Beta test. You can check your Beta Profile Settings to double check that you are opted in for the Beta by going to the page, and checking if the Warcraft checkbox is ticked (and any other games you might be interested in!). Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Battle for Azeroth sub-forums for information and discussions. We look forward to seeing you there, and to reading your feedback!Nenyasqi0 27 Apr
28 Aug 2012 Legion 7.3.5 - Common Issues [09.02.] ★ Patch Notes ★ Known issues (TBA) ★ Common tech issues/fixes ★ Hotfixes ★ Please follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN for current service status. Welcome to Patch 7.3.5! If you experience issues when logging in after the latest patch, reset your user interface and remove all addons! Here's what you are contacting us about the most right now: Character: Boosted characters can't queue for Crown Chemical NOT A BUG: This is part of an existing restriction. Boosted characters can't enter older content instances for 24 hours since the use of the service. Quest: Disappearing weekly world quests KNOWN ISSUE: Players may notice that entering specific zones automatically abandons their weekly quest. Investigation underway. Character: Paid character service stuck or paid twice KNOWN ISSUE: A number of recently initiated character services may be stuck on "Awaiting Payment Confirmation" or "Completed, Required Confirmation", locking the affected character. We have investigated and eliminated the cause of this issue so that it should no longer occur, but some services purchased prior to the fix still seem to be stuck in this state. Please contact the gamemaster team if you are among the affected players. Account: SMS Protect/Authenticator, Extra Bag Slots INFO: We have noticed a spike of interest in our SMS Protect and Authenticator services due to our offer of 4 extra bag slots for participating players. Please note that it may take up to 30 minutes for the bag slots to unlock after these security features are added to your account, and that it may be necessary to log out and back in once this time has passed. More information about these services is available here: [SMS Protect] [Authenticator] Please report any additional suspected bugs using the "Submit Bug" option in the ingame support portalNatryndon10 28 Aug 2012
37m The Sacred and Corrupt Bugged.. I went to the cave to pick up Light's Vengeance and I see quest started already, I see big dead viking guy casting already and ghouls around him, I believe I should enter in empty cave click mace and then Lich king should come.. Im writing here since ticket needs years for answer and i hope Ill get some answer here..Liv3 37m
7h Character locked due to failed Race Change. I tried to do a Race Change and failed too many times to type in my CCV (bad, bad memory). However, now that character is locked. Can you please unlock it so i can do a proper RC now? Thank you, JohnMökkurkálfi7 7h
10h Race Change Query Hi, I was planning to change to a Mag'har Orc & Zandalari Troll on a couple of characters when they are available. With the sale going on at the moment, can I buy a race change now, keep it until the new races are available and then use it on one of them? Are there any time limits to use it or are they locked to whatever was available when you purchased it? Thanks.Bumptious5 10h
11h Is it possible to "save" a race change until BfA? Hi ho. Well, here's my situation: I'm one of those players who enjoys buying the physical copy of the expansion, rather than the digital version. One of my initial goals for BfA is to buy a race change on my alt mage from Human to Void Elf upon the expansion - both my main and this alt are humans, and the Void Elves are, in my eyes, awesome enough to warrant a race change on my alt (herbalism alt - so she'll see some play). With the WoWSale underway, I could purchase the pre-release, unlock the Void Elves for the Alliance, then pay a discounted race change for my alt. However, that would mean missing the physical copy, which I'm somewhat against. And buying both the pre-order and the physical releases would be a waste of money, where waiting until the release would be more reasonable. Would it be possible to buy a race change for my alt, "save" it until the expansion hits, then make the shift to the amazing Void Elves? In my eyes, this would be something akin to "clever use of mechanics" as long as I don't touch my mage until release, which I am fine with. But i wanted to ask Costumer Support if it's possible to do this example. Apologies if my explanation left some scratching their heads. I'm considering my alternatives, and skipping this sale without doing/asking anything seems a waste for me. Waiting for a reply, and thanks for hearing me out!Joseline1 11h
10h Deleting a character/removal of achievments If you delete the original character which had achivements earned, does it delete from the account or is the achievment (once earned) strictly binded to an account?Xarien1 10h
12h Account + Server transfer question Quick question, as I'm not sure what the limitations are on the Character Transfer. If I buy a Character Transfer to move a character from one of my accounts to another, does the purchase also include the ability to change its destination server, or would it be locked to the server it's currently on? In short: I want to change a character's account and server. Would I need to buy 1 or 2 Character Transfers for that? Thanks!Jito2 12h
12h Payment method required field issues So, I've been trying to add my card as a payment method so I can grab an appearance change for one of my characters, yet whenever I try and add it, it keeps saying I need to fill out a required field even though I've done ALL of them.Nobudaan4 12h
12h Argus Reputations Event+Quest Bonuses Hi blizzard :) , we need an event and quest bonuses if possible for the reputations of argus world for (argussian reach) and (army of the light) and (highmountain tribe) make it more easier for players to get to exalted to unlock the new allies races , and thank you blizzard! :DKwtanwar1 12h
12h UI bug in achievement tracker objectives Maybe no really a bug, but this issue has been bothering me more than it should. When you track achievements which have > 5 objectives it shows the title of the achievement, 5 objectives and dots like this. Achievement title Objective 1 Objective 2 Objective 3 Objective 4 Objective 5 ... All nice and all. However, when you have 6 objectives it displays it just like this as well. I am no designer, but shouldn't it be like "objective 6" instead of "..." when there are only 6 / *insert magic number here* objectives remaining?Gannaf1 12h
12h 1 Month of Free Game Time Included Hello i bought Wow for the first time and i thought i was getting 1 month + 1 month free. First i downloaded the trial and reach 20 level then i bought the EUR 14.99 version. Then they charge my card the next day and a clock showed up beside the play button counting down from 30 i think days. Now i only have left 5 days. When my free time will show up ? Am i doing something wrong?Wintersj5 12h
13h CS Lounge IV Greetings everyone! Due to unforeseen circumstances, the previous lounge disappeared into the void, and as such, we're making a new one. For anyone that is unfamiliar with the CS Lounge this is simply a place where the Customer Support regulars can come to chat and post anything off-topic so as not to derail existing threads. So pull up a chair, grab a coffee or two, eat a cookie, if there's anything left, post and relax!Hagut2826 13h
13h no play button no play button when i start the game so can not log inDazzel5 13h
14h Gametime freeze Hi guys i'm planning to buy a 60 day gamecard for my summer break but i have holiday week where i wont be able to play is there any way to freeze my gametime in that time?Rodnor5 14h
6h Can't change faction as a Demon Hunter Back when I decided to play on the PTR-servers, I was able to do a faction change on my Demon Hunter to make her a Blood Elf instead of a Night Elf. However, now when I join on the PTR-servers or on BoA Beta, I'm not able to do it. I can change my DH's apperance until the point when I press "finish" and the game tells me to change a race first but I'm not able to do so as no other Alliance races can be Demon Hunters and I can't seem to find any place to just change faction. And if I copy another character, like I did with my 110 Rogue, I'm able to do a faction change and change that character into both other Alliance races and Horde Races.Zelmon3 6h
15h Game card not working I just bought a 60 day game card and I am getting an error when trying to input it on the Add a Pre-paid Game Card page. The page says ... It does not display any details for the error. I've rechecked the game card number 10 times I'm not putting in an invalid number. Is the service experiencing issues at the moment or is my game card fake/broken/invalid? Would it tell me if the game card was already in use or invalid?Gigapudding9 15h
4h Purified Titan Essence Mistake Hello everyone, Recently i changed my loot specialization to Vengeance (i main Havoc) for a couple dungeons and bought a Purified Titan Essence (the legendary token thing). By mistake, i used it on the wrong spec! Its such a stupid error, and it hurts a lot to have been farming the Wakening Essences for it, and simply going to the trash can. I would like to know, is there any possible way to refund it so that i could use it on the intended spec? I know its my fault and understand if nothing can be done about it, but i had to ask... Thanks in advance.Blindwing6 4h
18h Select another payment method or try again later "Something went wrong. Select another payment method or try again later". This message has been appearing when trying to purchase a subscription by selecting Credit/Debit card. Nothing appears to submit card info. What is this about?Haanen2 18h
1d Cant find realm Cant find a certain realm anywhere on my lists . If its not there is it likely to be on another server , if so how do i change ? . The realm im looking for is GarroshSilentbax1 1d
1d Banned in error - overturned, but horrid experience Yesterday evening, mid-session, my WoW account was closed. I checked my email and found that this was due to abuse of the economy - paying real-world money for in-game items/services. I think the wording of this email needs to be addressed to account for the WoW Token system. Had I paid real world money for in-game things? Absolutely, by buying WoW Tokens. Further, this email stated "We don't take this decision lightly. Our team issued this closure only after a careful review of relevant evidence. Our support staff will not overturn these closures and may not respond to appeals." I was dissuaded from appealing, as most would be, but decided to follow the links and see what was what. I lodged an appeal with little hope of success, which thankfully led to the closure being overturned earlier today. I suspect plenty of legit players have been turned away from appealing by the language in the email, however. The response I got was "It seems that your account has been banned by mistake. I have now overturned the bann and you can play again. I`m sorry that happened to you." That's it. No explanation, no compensation, just switched off, switched back on. No assurance that it wouldn't happen again, or advice as to how I might avoid triggering the system again. Being on the receiving end of a misplaced ban hammer is never going to be a positive experience for a player, but I feel this falls short of the customer engagement I've had in the past with Blizzard. I've developed a lot of respect for Blizzard of late, and spent a fair amount of money across its games, but this has made me reconsider that. I feel it would be worth looking at how mistaken bans are handled within customer support to avoid alienating any other innocent players.Stewp6 1d
1d Legion scam How hard is it to while game is Active to have that expantion able for purches. Instead of castrating new players or return players with having to buy New not avail to play expantion if they also want to play up on legion. That question aboout it al have started me to wonder if this is a game Worth playing anymor. When the service is like that and they dont care about new players or return players. They just got dollarsigns on there faces. And if I had Money I would go on with this to other parties. Since Im realy sure that it in some way must be illigal to remove something Before it has run its curse. Im not sure anymore if I even gonna go on with this game. And Im sure that more will fall if I leave. Since the game is so more then a game. Its a social meetingplace and so on. Nothing so far has put me to do one or the other. But it is on a balance and we will see were I fall. To bad on sutch a great game to just !@#$ things up so it cant be played for new players or returners due to high price with combo pack on new unplayadble expantions. Would be total difference if new expantion would be playable. Then I would agree with blizzard.Victôria3 1d
1d character transfer question I have a question about character transfer When i transfer a character and change name,is there a way for other people to find my character on the new realm?Totìe6 1d
1d Default character on the character selection screen Hi, This might not be an issue but something i'm curious about. Sometimes when i log on to WoW and get to the character selection screen the selected character is not the one i played when i last logged out. For example one day i played a void elf rogue on the Aszune server. When i logged in the next day the selected character was my belf demon hunter on the Shadowsong server. Started wondering if it can be someone else having access to my account but then i guess they would just empty out all my stuff and gold. They're probably not using my account to just play the game :-P And the authenticator should stop this anyway. Also thought that it could be because of the Legion app. That the last character i logged on there is the selected character the next time i log on to WoW. Will test this the next time i'm able to play but not sure when that will be so i wanted to ask here if anyone know what this is.Firara4 1d
1d Item restoration history During a transmog run today I have accidentally equipped a low level item and sold the high level one. I already have Item Restoration on cooldown, with 23 hours left on it (used it for the same reason). Is the item history kept while the Item Restoration feature is on cooldown? P.S.: I already opened a ticket for this issue hoping I can convince a GM to help me get it back but if that is not possible in any way I would at least like to know if I need to worry about not being able to restore it.Kerrighan3 1d
2d Players ban players At least it looks like that lately. This particular character was banned four times for inappropriate name - which , in fact, was just "Rooster" if I translate it to english. Support told me that current system is like that - some number of reports (WITH NO MODERATION FROM BLIZZARD) and yer banned (almost instantly). Amazing. So a group of dedicated people can just ban a player at will.Пакакл34 2d
2d Raid History for Ulduar is not updating for my chars I'm running Ulduar weekly for a chance to get the mount, but I've noticed that I don't get kill credits for bosses on my in-game statistics or on the armory website. My new chars appear as if they haven't done Ulduar at all. This started happening since the raid changed from 10/25 man to flex. Is this a bug or did something happen to my account?Calyx3 2d
1d AP and War Mode in Legion after BfA Hi All, Hi Support! I am a bit late comer to Legion hence I am not planning to update to BfA just now as I would like to explore more of the Legion content. I would have 2 technical questions though. 1, Will War Mode be enabled after BfA launch in Legion as well? If yes, when exactly (pre-patch or Aug14)? 2, Is it true that I won't get Artifact Power and as a result, Artifact traits any more while questing and dungeoning in Legion zones after BfA launches? Thank you very much.Kamajai2 1d
2d Global Maintenence The notice says 2:00 to 7:00, but its also a global which time zone? Or are they all displaying local times for the person logged in? (In which case why doesnt it do that on regular restarts etc...)Azastral4 2d
2d can i gift legon and bfa to a m8 hello i want get my m8 legion and bfa for a gift but i cant find it any where in the shop i can only find it for my ac and i have can i do this ?Necròpòlis4 2d
2d This weeks maintenance. Hi I was wondering what the "exceptional" means in the message for the maintenance is, in fact what it all means. 2d
2d Upright orc. I was thinking about race changing my Belf dk to an orc. Only thing thats stopping me from buying is the fact that i dont know if i can change posture later in bfa. Is this possible in dressing room later on?Deathclutch11 2d
2d Free server transfer Hey blizzard, So after tonight we have found out that war mode will not work as it should for rp/pvp servers as such I would like to get a free transfer off the server.Vorren8 2d
2d Gold Missing I noticed that around 400G had disappeared from my character. Is there anyway to view my recent purchases? The gold itself doesn't bother me its the fact that I don't know how I spent it or where it went. I have been selling stuff on the ah but I also took some of the things off. I also bought a wow token and put it on the ah but I dont think any of that cost any gold.Prokid4 2d
2d Artifact Questline MIA So i level boosted my character awhile ago. And now i can't get the artifact weapon questline. It's not showing. And i tried looking on Youtube to see the questline, if I could pick it up if i alredy startet it. but can't find it. plz helpBoulsoup3 2d
3d Are the beta realm down? so i just got the beta og can start the game but it says my only to realm's are down, so i can't play at all. Do anyone know when they will be open again? realm's: Anduin and Sylvanas never had a beta before so i just thought i would ask, have a good day :)Ziatajo3 3d
3d Phsycal Pre-Purchase BfA Hello, I may have already read somethign about but not really sure if I understood it correctly... my question is if it is possible to pre-purchase BfA in a way to have a physical copy with disks in it at the end or the onyl way to pre-puchase and unlock allied races is digital?Arcaide4 3d
3d i got bfa beta but it doesn't show up anywere i won bfa beta and it says that in my gmail but i dont see it anywere and i cant post in bfa beta forumsWorcan12 3d
3d Game time with gold I want to reactivate my account with gold and i have 350 k on a lvl 20 character. It says i dont have enough gold on that character and when i log in to buy one from ah i cant because its a trial account. What are my options (guess pay with money^^)? Btw gold token is 330 or smth right now.Renamedsim8 3d
3d War mode on RP realm I leveled my main character on a RP realm thinking that warmode will be same on all realms. I've read online that it won't be the same. In my realm alliance outnumbers horde and I want to enjoy warmode like every other normal realm with balanced number of players in both factions. Do I have to pay for a server transfer or will you transfer me for free?Kash3 3d
3d Digital (pre-ordered) Copy of BfA to Physical Copy. Hi all! My apologies if my topic has been already answered in the past. I recently read a blue post regarding Battle for Azeroth physical purchase for people that have already purchased the pre-order version of the expansion. The post is this one, by Vrakthris, in the US forums. tl;dr "(...)we put a system in place that allows you to receive Blizzard Balance for the original purchase once you have redeemed the key from the Collector's Edition." My questions: Does this apply for the EU community as well? More importantly, does it also apply for people that want to get the Standard physical copy of the expansion (and not the Collector's one)? Any kind of information would be appreciated! Thank you in advance, everyone (:Motu3 3d
3d Need GM to forward this to right ppl It seems like there are no Holy Priests on these forums whatsoever.. They all gave up since Cata.. I am here to take a hit for those few of us left.. The bans, the mutes, I am up for it as long as this goes to priest devs.. We can be viable with a little more survivability and in Bfa more mechanics.. And focusing on our SERENDIPITY is the way to go.. It is a fun idea, so give us it's full potential.. CheersGalâdríel2 3d
3d Questline stopped!! Valewalker Farodin stopped giving me quests in Suramar. I can't progress any further.. help!Birgittejo3 3d
4d boost to unlock 110 internal error i just buy the game World of Warcraft®: Battle for Azeroth™ and when i try to use the level 110 boost its tell "internal error" please help someoneAngelrazihel12 4d
3d Operation Shieldwall - Missing Dailies? Hello! Ive done this faction on a alt back when Mists of Pandaria was current, and I remember that there were bunch of dailies that you have go to do wide spread in Krasarang Wilds, like killing x amount of opposite faction soldiers. But I only have dailies in the Skyfire ship. Is this a bug or what am I missing? I am Friendly 4600 reputation with Operation Shieldwall at the time of making this forum post. Please help!Naaura1 3d
4d Character stuck I have a problem with my characters. I can log in, I can move around just fine but can't interact with anything! I can't take quest of communicate with NPC's and I can't click on anything. Any ideas?Vellyna2 4d
4d Lost artifact questline Somehow I messed up. I died during one of the quests on the questline and was unable to finish it so I abandoned it. I tried getting it back. Finally managed to track that I'm supposed to finish City Under Siege but when I got there Khadgar wasn't there, obviously… I abandoned it but now I don't know what to do. Please help.Holywolfbm0 4d
4d PTR 110 Class Trial Apply boost to unlock I create 110 lvl class trial character but i can't log in in to it. I see msg Apply boost to unlock... this is normal?Anviana4 4d
4d Buy pre-order box and get disc copy after launch? As the title says, I am interested if it will be possible to buy pre-order box (standard) from retail, and then go back after launch to exchange it for a copy with discs inside? I am not sure this is possible, since both will probably have different keys, but I have to ask. GW2 had a great way of doing this. You buy pre-purchase box (standard), receive the key and then just take the disks when the game launches, all this without having to skip all the betas and head starts before the official launch. Kinda sucks that with WOW we have to wait for launch to play some allied races, unlike digital. I think CE also has a similar system...but not standard. And I know digital is the future, but I had standard disc boxes since vanilla and BC, it would be a shame to break the tradition. Hope there is a way around this, if not...oh well....Not long now :) Thanks in advanceSvetozar5 4d