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26 Sep 2013 Customer Service Information The Customer Service Forum cultivates a beneficial relationship between our support departments and player community by providing a friendly environment where players can exchange information, access self-help resources, highlight in-game issues, and receive meaningful guidance through personal and fun interactions with Blizzard representatives. Index: Forum Information Forum Guidelines Twitter Additional Social Media ResourcesHagut4 26 Sep 2013
10 Jun [Recruit-a-Friend] Common Issues & Questions This thread is intended as a guide to help you troubleshoot the most commonly reported issues with RAF and explain how / when rewards can be claimed. Please make sure to check this thread thoroughly before opening a new thread or indeed posting questions you may have here in this thread. Common Issues such as accounts not appearing linked & experience gain seeming incorrect Reward System 10 Jun
28 Aug 2012 Legion 7.2.5 - Common Issues [22.06.] ★ Patch Notes ★ Known issues ★ Common tech issues/fixes ★ Hotfixes ★ Please follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN for current service status. Welcome to Patch 7.2.5! If you experience issues when logging in after the latest patch, reset your user interface and remove all addons! Here's what you are contacting us about the most right now: Quest: No reward from "Elite Strike: Legion Supply Cache" NOT A BUG: Some players have reported the 500 reward for this quest to disappear when being near or at the maximum for Legionfall War Supplies. So far, subsequent investigations in the database have shown the supplies to be applied correctly. If you experience this problem, please make sure this is not a display issue caused by outdated addons! Raid - Tomb of Sargeras: Maiden of Vigilance remains locked HOTFIX INC: Some players reported they are meeting the requirements for the Maiden of Vigilance, yet the door in the raid remains locked to them. We believe to have identified a possible cause for such issues and implemented a hotfix to remedy them. Item: Deleted Writhing Essence NOT A BUG: Some players seem to accidentally delete their Writhing Essence thinking they are vendor trash, but are then unable to restore them from the website due to it being a common item. Our gamemasters may be able to assist upon contacting us via ticket, though of course we'd advise you to be more careful with your inventory in general! Item: Writhing Essence not converted to quest item WON'T FIX: When your inventory is full, any Writhing Essence received gets sent to your mailbox instead. However, for technical reasons, it is not possible for the Essence to be automatically converted into the quest item. If you are on the quest but have unconverted Essence remaining in your inventory (such as after picking it up from the mailbox), the gamemaster team may be able to assist. Misc: Transfer complete, but character missing UNDER INVESTIGATION: Some of our players have reported a recently transferred character not showing up on the new realm. As we continue to investigate, please follow the steps outlined in this support article, including the workaround detailed at the bottom. Please report any additional suspected bugs using the "Submit Bug" option in the ingame support portalNatryndon10 28 Aug 2012
3h Fix the combat-bug ffs Fix this combat-bug already, wtf is this for bull!@#$ going on since 2006 ? Just a excuse to get more of our gametime consumed to rip more money from our WoW subscription. I am onto you !Icefreeze0 3h
5h Tooltips lying to us. Hi I recently saw this can you tell me why it's lying to me? I want to send a mail from horde to alliance and it wouldn't let me, they are both my characters. it seems we are being lied to by tooltips. ;)Dottie1 5h
5h Legion Removed From My Account? I just logged into my account to find that Legion has been totally removed from my Blizzard account despite already playing legion for a good few days (Newly Activated Legion a few days back) and getting my Demon Hunter character to 110. It was just completely removed from my account with no explanation why?Torkes6 5h
5h Wow token question Can i buy wow token from ah and then add battle net balance via this token to my other account? Just asking cuz necro is going soon and dont have d3 on this acc but on other acc p.s sry for my englishBogusiá6 5h
5h @******* Its sad how arrogant and nonchlant u guys have become made 3 tickets and a bug report about a problem i have and all i get from you is " Sorry to hear that " no wonder more and more ppl stop playing this game .After 11 years im starting to think that i should spend my money on some other game insteadAlvilda5 5h
6h KJ teleporter not working Kel'jaeden Teleporter from avatar of sergaras is bugged and we cant go to him we tried reset / regroup / deleting chars and restoring it we did every thing teleport is not working yet blizzard do somthing please...Disagree0 6h
6h Guild Master Guild Transfer how long does this stay on pending and why didnt the window for payment show yet ? ( asking this for my guild master )Ibarakidoji1 6h
7h Bug on sisters of the moon We pushed the boss below 70% HP just as she was casting incorporeal shot and she became a ghost and we didn't get the next boss that spawns after 70% hp. Here is a clip 7h
7h Desolate host not killed but it says it is In our guild it didnt say it killed but in raid info it did we didnt kill it yet how does this work?Tuskaroth5 7h
9h Weird order hall mission cost Is there some sort of bug/inconsistency concerning gold mission costs? The 880 gold mission "fallen ones" had a cost of 1,4k - and after countering the increased mission cost it still was 700. A mission in that level range should only be at 250-400 at best.Liarawyn0 9h
10h Karazhan Chess Event bugged? Trying to do the event and as soon as I click the King and dismiss, it disappears as do all the other pieces I use. The USA forums suggest disabling add ons. I have done this and no joy. Is this a known issue please?Wieland3 10h
10h Archdruid's Lunarwing Form - Visual bug Hi! Today I found a visual bug on Archdruid's Lunarwing Form. You can check it there: You can easily check this bug by yourself. The only thing you need to do is to be in Archdruid's Fly Form and summon a Cinder Kitten, then fly a bit up, so it will dismiss. After you reach the ground, your owl will.. do this weird thing. Everyone can see it, not only druid. Also tested it with other companions and it appears to only work with Cinder Kitten, Landro's Lichling, Voodo Figurine, Tiny Snowman, Winter's Little Helper, Rotten Little Helper, Father's Little Helper, Frigid Frostlin. Edit: Just noticed that casting Regrowth (with Ailuro Pouncers insta proc) while flying in this form also triggers this visual bug. I wasn't sure if I should post it here or in the druid topic.Skailla1 10h
11h Ticket sign that won't go away I'm clicking it but it won't go away. How can I fix this?Mindbox8 11h
12h CS Lounge IV Greetings everyone! Due to unforeseen circumstances, the previous lounge disappeared into the void, and as such, we're making a new one. For anyone that is unfamiliar with the CS Lounge this is simply a place where the Customer Support regulars can come to chat and post anything off-topic so as not to derail existing threads. So pull up a chair, grab a coffee or two, eat a cookie, if there's anything left, post and relax!Hagut634 12h
14h Writhing Essences bug I completed the emissary quest today the 22.06.2017 for Dreamweavers and I got 6 Writhing Essences from the cache which didn't count towards the Unsettled Power quest (at that point I was having 48 out 50). Why?Vdimitr9 14h
14h No order hall quest. No order hall quest. So i just moved my lvl 100 mage from undead to human. I spawned in stormwind and skiped that legion cenario. And then it loaded and i was in dalaran with no mage running up to me and giving me a quest. Pls help if u know what to do.Tróy0 14h
15h companion app legion companion app cant connect tried updating and restarting and have been stuck on connecting for the last hourWinterkiss16 15h
16h Playing wow in work... has consequences Alright so today on my break I thought i'd pay for a faction change... All was going well till the day was pretty much dead so I kept wow open and played as you do...When you have zero work load... Turns out the team leader thought it be hilarious on my quick nip to the toilet to select me as a bloody DWARF. So folks remember never leave wow logged on at work even when you have Zero work to do...Tobi5 16h
8h Red Orcs Maybe in future we will can have red orcs, because Thrall's wife is red, and maybe their baby will be red too.Apocalipses8 8h
20h Legion companion app not working after 7.2. Greetings. After update to 7.2. And update my legion companion app, i cant log in. When i enter app there is no text "connecting" just rolling eye and nothing. I am using android on galaxy s7 edgeYvancheen37 20h
20h Can i use WoW Game token when i don't have time I bought a Game Token from the action house my gametime will expire after 10 hours however i don't want to use my token because Iam going on Vacation will i be able to use the token,when i don't have any time in my accountIlliand3 20h
21h Words of the Old Gods achievements gone Intended? Both the Elune one which I was looking for in ToS this week wouldn't activate and the Odyn one which I had previously earned has now vanished from my achieves. Anyone still got them? Or what's that all aboutMarkovic1 21h
1d Received 25 days from RAF instead of 30 Is RAF 25 days or 30 days? Because I just received 25 days from my friend. My time was expired since few days and last time I checked yesterday. There must be something wrong with the time.Oswaldo1 1d
1d Shadowstrike Teleport Hi, when you use the shadowstrike teleport on Aqueux (elite mob on broken shores) you get teleported to the bottom of the lake. Not very beneficial. This requires you to be actually touching the mob before you can even use your opener.Celestial0 1d
1d Demonic Inquisition auto attack oneshots Since we dont have a bug section I'll try this here. The Demonic Inquisition seems bugged(or tuned very harsh). Me and my tank partner both experience 3.5-4 milion auto attacks randomly. The Scythe Sweep that is supposed to be doing that damage hit for a meager 200-800k instead.Freyala0 1d
1d Bugged PVP reward chest Hi there! I had this issue yesterday, but it resolved itself before my ticket was answered, so I naturally cancelled the ticket. Sadly it has reared it's head again. The chest you can receive after a BG (Champion's Strongbox?) are bugging. They appear in my bags with an exclamation mark over them and have no tooltip. I also can't open them. I've reloaded, relogged, disabled addons etc and it has had no effect. Thoughts? :pKeggar2 1d
1d Torch Tossing quest bugged I tried in SW,exodar and darnassus, the brazers don't light when i hit them and it is unfinishableStafilis5 1d
1d [bug?] na´zak the fiend and Prolonged Power Rank 3 so to my knowledge this suramar boss has only spawned 2 times this expansion could we please get another way for the recipe to drop or make it so this boss spawned abit more ?Gensei1 1d
1d report Just a quick question .. when you report players for language , does anything actually happen ?Mollifer6 1d
1h Fix Pvp please! Dear Blizzard, Could you please take a good look at the current state of Pvp. Are any of youre employees actually playing/testing Pvp? Getting killed in an opener or in a 3 second stun from 100% to 0hp doesnt involve much playing on the recieving end, and its not like this is happening once in a blue moon. Its happening nonstop and by alot of classes. Therefore i ask you kindly, please take a good hard look at Pvp, cause i like to actually play my character instead of dieing before im able to mount of my horsie. I am paying to play this game not to watch tv while waiting on a rez at the graveyard. At this point im spending more time in que and on the graveyard then Pvping. Greetings from a fed up punchingbagRadicaal17 1h
1d Artifact power in IOS app different from game When I send my Champions on a mission via the IOS app to gain Artifact power, a different amount of Artifact power is shown in the app than what I get in WOW in return. In the app it is (at least) 10 times as much Artifact power than in WOW. Can you please get this consistent again.Logiknight3 1d
1d Trouble seeing quests on the maps Hello, starting today when I decided to do some suramar quests on my mage I relized that I'm unable to follow the quest objectives. These don't appear on my map like they used to (small circles with a number). As you can see in this screenshot, the quests only show the blue area of the quest when I mouse over its name in the quest log: World quests appear just fine though. So I have 6 quests in suramar, and I dunno where to go to do them unless I mouse over them. Also it's affecting all zones not just suramar. I tried tracking and untracking them, I also tried disabling all my addons, deleted the cache folder, renamed the WTF folder, nothing so far worked. Note: Of all my characters this only happens on my mage.Songzee0 1d
1d Writhing essences GONE (yesterday -> so i spent all of 7 hours in LFR normal tomb yesterday, we got to maiden before disbanding.. the 24 essences i got from the run have majestically dissappeared after doing some wq's for emissary chache's.. now i have ZERO .. Ty blizzard. if this isnt fixed. im out. as if the grind wasn't bad enough.. including for alts of which i'm only cursed to have 5.. Thanks for wasting my time.) -------------- (Today -> Have subsequently tried to recreate the bug at least, to see where it happens - Having the bag i got essences in open all the time... So i did the exact same thing on my mage. Took a normal Tomb run, got 16 essences went back to Dalaran to get the quest, was given a message "you create 16 writhing essences" .. thing is .. i had my inventory open.. and i watched them disappear, they didn't appear somewhere else in my bags, i searched for them in my bag ui.. they didn't become currency or hidden quest items as far as i can tell.. as quest completion is still 0/50 .. ) so i guess moral of the story is.. Take the quest for upgrading your legendaries in Dalaran before you get ANY writhing essences or they go bye bye if you take it after.Noxlumina0 1d
1d Stuck on AK 39 ive reached lvl 40 ak, and then i sent the tome for my alts so they could gain lvl 40 to, unfortunately my warrior only gained lvl 39, ive checked my bags for any scrolls ive found nothing and stuck at 39 ? help pleaseMcbleeb2 1d
1d Mobile Authenticator Approve Button Hey there, I have a little issue with the mobile authenticator on iOS. I use the one button version, therefore I only need to check the code and click a button on my phone. The issue is, in the image on the Approve is located on the left side, whereas in the real app it is actually located on the right side. I missclick every single day because of this because logging in is a brainless process for me. Is this intended or is it just a minor mistake in app design? If it's not intended, could this please be fixed? It would save me 10 seconds and a lot of shouting every time I am logging in. Image for reference: 1d
2d Writhing essences in backpack As the title says after i got the new legendary quest it gave the first 20 essence in my backpack and those are not count as quest. i have 37/50 without the ones in my backpack how can i get those counted... i want my legendary 970 Edit: typoErux0 2d
2d delete deleteYanai0 2d
2d Bug ..cant jump from Flying mount with Methamorphosis AS a demon Hunter when I am mointed on ground i can jump with Methamorphosis skill , but wehn im fly i CANT ..and it is a bug ( it say im mounted ) ..if im in the range please solve this bug and let Demon hunters to jump with the skill Metamorposis on ground from a flying mount if I am in range is nothing OP after all !!Ûðársåìjìñ0 2d
2d FeedBack/thoughts World Of Warcraft 7.2.5 Live Hey, i don't really know weather this is the forum to place it but her is my feedback on Warcraft currently, this is coming with my thoughts as well. So i actually enjoy the game after dreanor, that S*** was a mess!! BUT there are quite a few things that concern me, and i do have questions for it. First of all the whole rng thing (yes i want Nithogg, you don't see any axes on ma bum) and i want it now xD Well on to the important is there anyone beside me who think wow is loosing more and more of its sandbox for fun and stupid ideas ?? and progressing toward late content mainstreaming, this is both in pve and pvp ?? I don't really know how to explain it well but i certainly know i used to do all kinds of stupid stuff Jump og a cliff.. check Storm stormwind.. check Do airloops.. check proffesions to 700.. check Pet green jesus.. check I still do these kind of things, but it just feels like the quest and alot of the content is either restricked by rng or feels like a "progress bar" towards late content. Do confirm me if im wrong but it feels like the devs isn't having fun making the content.. Like pop a "poop quest" here, make a silly troll there, some basicly usless quest that for some reason is fun to do because.. reasons.. or Lore make it so, (yes warrior mount cutsceen was awsome xD) Gues i just want to either thank the devs. and say i want nithogg, like everyone els, but mostly the thanks and worries.. OW yeah!! you need to make a feedback, suggestion forum!! the ingame one only alow 500.. uhm letters.. and i got alot more that that! ClassicølClassicøl3 2d
2d Cannot get to maiden Hello, we cleared our way to Maiden and once we got there the boss got pulled by accident, we reseted the boss and then a big door/wall came up that didn't allow us to enter the boss room and it didn't go away regardless what we did, so we tried all to leave the instance and reset it and go in again, but when we go inside the hole to get down to her is locked. There is no one to talk to has anyone else had this issue? We are not able to continue raiding due to this bug, is anyone els having the same problem? is there any known fix?Atzira5 2d
2d The Blasted Furnace- Mythic it would be nice if you could solo this boss i hope you guys will fix so you can solo it with a any classSerathina0 2d
2d Uhm? how do I see my posted Topics Uhm How do i see my topics i made, its hard to actually return to them and i can't figure out the search function under "posting as" help someone :SClassicøl2 2d
2d Harassment is rife.. am I forced to leave? Few years ago I created a topic regarding Harassment and there where 3 or 4 Blue replies confirming that Blizzard take this issue very seriously.. however.. the problem remained until I deleted the character that was continuously harassed and used another name.. that was when it stopped. Did it stop by changing my name or did Blizzard act on something that they say they seriously care about? THIS is something I'll never know. Moving on to present time.. and for the last few weeks I have been (a Druid I have) targeted by a group of people (in my random BG team) and they constantly tell me that I am marked and they enjoy it when they join as a premade ally in randon BGs to gank me. That on itself is not a problem as I took it as a compliment that a group of twinks have to party and gang up to kill a non-twink solo player.. so I laughed at them and kept calling them cowards for having to huddle up to kill what they kept classing my druid a noob.. Again.. no problem until today.. when as soon I joined the harassment started.. (I have screenshots).. they started to gank the ally GY and I stayed away as I do not agree with that cowardly style of play.. and despite staying in mid and killing 2 or 3 allies who were advancing to the horde base I got kicked out from the battle for desertion.. then Immediately I had a whisper telling me that I was kicked out because (the harasser claimed) I was doing nothing and they reported me for that. I have the time, date and screenshots of all that. Will Blizzard act? or am I being forced to leave this game?Elfëttå6 2d
2d Tomb of sargeras (Wall bug) A blockade that harjatan should break during his encounter is still up and will not dissappear, even if i soft reset or do whatever, please fix this man...... asap not paying to stand still and be stuck somewhere becuase of a bug that you should've seen happen before launch.Vulla0 2d
2d Losse AP Hello i have a question. I have saved artiffact Power and i used it. Give me it about 10 lvl up i'm go offline but when i login and go to forge use trait give me half less lvl ...Kapoo0 2d
2d Cancel Recruit A Friend Is there a way to unlink my account from a "Friend" that recruited me? I'm not going into details but we had an argument which ended in a volley of insults. I have already paid for one month, I want to know if I can have my account unlinked from the person who recruited me so they don't get their rocket mount. It sounds a selfish act as what I am asking but I don't think they deserve it after the way they talked to me.Sociopath13 2d
2d Armory not updating I was told to post here after sending a ticket to support, this toons armory hasn't updated for a week or so now, but my alt is fine. I've tried literally everything I've found googling from changing my password to leveling a dh to 100 to force a update, but nothing has worked so far. Help please!Funtuu4 2d