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26 Sep 2013 Customer Service Information The Customer Service Forum cultivates a beneficial relationship between our support departments and player community by providing a friendly environment where players can exchange information, access self-help resources, highlight in-game issues, and receive meaningful guidance through personal and fun interactions with Blizzard representatives. Index: Forum Information Forum Guidelines Twitter Additional Social Media ResourcesHagut4 26 Sep 2013
14 Jan [Recruit-a-Friend] Common Issues & Questions This thread is intended as a guide to help you troubleshoot the most commonly reported issues with RAF and explain how / when rewards can be claimed. Please make sure to check this thread thoroughly before opening a new thread or indeed posting questions you may have here in this thread. Common Issues such as accounts not appearing linked & experience gain seeming incorrect Reward System 14 Jan
28 Aug 2012 Legion 7.1.5. - Common Issues [23.01.] ★ Patch Notes (US) ★ Known Issues List ★ Technical Issues & Fixes ★ Hotfixes ★ Please follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN for current service status. Welcome to Patch 7.1.5! If you experience issues when logging in after the latest patch, reset your user interface and remove all addons! Here's what you are contacting us about the most right now: Missing Spirit Healers in World and Battlegrounds UNDER INVESTIGATION: We are seeing some reports of players not seeing a spirit healer at the graveyard their spirit spawned at. Investigations are in progress. Characters missing after transfer KNOWN ISSUE: Characters who have recently used a paid transfer may be missing from both the source as well as the target realm. The issue can be self-resolved by creating a new character on the target realm to refresh the character list. Quest: No credit for killing Viz'aduum in "The Tower of Power" WORKING AS INTENDED: Players do not receive quest credit for killing Viz'aduum if they have destroyed the Head of Thar'zul. Doing so does not remove the quest from your log, but it can no longer be completed. Quest: "Into the Nightmare" unable to complete after deleting item WORKING AS INTENDED: Emerald Nightmare order hall quests cannot be completed if a player has accidentally deleted the questgiver item. This is an intentional mechanic to avoid potential problems with the item. Quest: NPCs missing in "John J. Keeshan" and multiple "Hero's Call" quests KNOWN ISSUE: Some NPCs such as Lieutent Horatio Lane from "Hero's Call: Westfall" may be invisible or cannot be interacted with. Please report any additional suspected bugs using the “Submit Bug” option in the ingame support portalNatryndon10 28 Aug 2012
4m Race change complete but no icon ingame to change race Hi, i received email saying its complete then log in and see no race change icon, tried logging in and out of that char and tried restarting the game 4 times nothing works.Possession3 4m
55m Disc hidden artifact bug. I have collected the 12 tomes I need, but Archivist Inkforge won't convert them into the skin.. What should I do?Cussler4 55m
5h Can't find Thalyssra - PLEASE HURRY Hello, I want to drop "The Nightfallen" quest and start Withered Army Training but I can't find First Arcanist Thalyssra. She should be in Shal Aran, but I can't find her. Yellow question mark shows she's there but she is not. I need to get the quest "Felborne No More" from her too. Please could you help me... somehow?! Please hurry because I have only 40 min left to drop The Nighfallen wqs, I really want that fox mount!Wildfox7 5h
5h CS Lounge Three (but technically 4) In what is becoming a bit of a trend CS Lounge 2 was getting a bit full and taking some time to load and so before Lurdle got his hands on it we decided to let it retire and instead start a new lounge. For anyone that is unfamiliar with the CS Lounge this is simply a place where the Customer Support regulars can come to chat and post anything off-topic so as not to derail existing threads. So pull up a chair, grab a coffee, eat a cookie, post and relax!Tiogaradh2794 5h
5h Essence of Aman'Thul I have problem on my druid, I had 49/50 Essence of Aman'Thul and then I did my emissary world quest today and got 2 more Essences wich puts me at 51. But those 2 Essences just went into my bags and the quest still says I got 49/50. What is up with that ? :<Renjì7 5h
6h Name and Shame ??!! Hey, didnt happend to me first time ,but i just saw a hacker who was happily flying in Stormheim. It seems that is nothing special nowadays, but i dont get one thing. Why there is rule "Name and Shame" ? That really miss all the logic ,because if i saw a hacker and I have rightfull proof like screenshot or video, why the hell i have to keep his identity secret ? Why can´t just everyone know that this guy was hacking and so they can be aware of that . I know that sometimes can happend some sort of bug or something ,but if there is some suspicion ,give this player on some sort of blacklist until the Blizz investigate .Winterhorn1 6h
6h can I use gbp to buy gametime? Just bought some game cards from my local game store and instead of giving me gametime it gave me GBP... Is there a way I can convert it to gametime?Orkrosh6 6h
6h Touch of a titan stuck 49/50 So I had 49 Essence of aman'thul in my inventory, I didnt pick up the quest yet. I tried doing my emissary quests but was not getting any Essence from them. I picked up the quest in dalaran, have 49/50 progress on it and suddenly 7 essence appears in my mail box. Now I have 7 essense of aman'thul in my inventory but they dont count towarsd the completion....Laaserlöytyy2 6h
6h Legion gladiator award I finished last season with 2612 rating. 18 January my friend with lower rating at the end of season (2604) get Gladiator title and mount. After this check title cutsoff and i found so many people who get gladiator title with lower rating then me. Whats wrong?Slaypher0 6h
9h Transfer aborted: instance not found Since yesterday I get dropped mid-flight during normal flights from a flight master and randomly land in an area below the flight path. Happened so far about 5-8 times. The same thing also happened when joining instances. On top of that there are frequent disconnects on the character screen. Quite annoying. Edit: quite frequently when there is an instance change like using a mage teleport or your hearthstone nothing happens. Just ran through Dragon Soul, used hearthstone, got the loading screen and got set back to Dragon Soul.Liarawyn1 9h
10h Remote AH Fix it. improve it. it's offline a few times a month and is becoming highly annoying! That is allPheobe1 10h
12h Undelete characters Hey guys so i left my wow acc open and a friend of mine tough he would be funny and delete most of my charecters . sinse he tough i could just restore em all right away So he deleted over 10 charecters on two diferent servers . And yh i was angry ofc but as i also tough i could restore all of em right away i had to laugh my self . but now it seems like the GM's cant do that anymore and the in-game feature that you can use to undeleting ur charecter can only be used once evry month 30 DAYS!!! that wil say i have to wait around 10 month's to get back my charecters . I just ask ARE YOU KIDING ME PLEASE REALY ARE YOU FOR REAL ???+Postmörtem61 12h
14h Companion app research not visible Hello, Since a legion app update my wife can't research artifact knowledge and the champion armaments in the app anymore. She simply doesn't see the options in the app anymore. I had the same with the legion app update but I remember going to my class hall and check the orders there, and suddenly it appeared back in my legion app. This did not work for my wife though. What could be the issue here?Missluna6 14h
14h faction change Hey blizzard i faction changed my dh 79h+ ago and nothing have happend.. still on pending.I have a ticket up aswelll. thank you Order #235684799Gustavos3 14h
15h Stuck on Gods of Arak Questline. I cannot complete "Gods of Arak" storyline because Anzu didnt offer me the quests "Servants of a Dead God" or "Ritual Severance". Talon Guard Kurekk wont talk to me anymore, Anzu is in The Broken Spire and wont talk to me either. Nor Reshad or his pet will talk to me. I assume that when this clears I will get also the first quest of the storyline "When the Ravens swallows the day". Please help me with this because I am stuck and cannot finish the achievement "Between Arak and a Hard Place". Thanks in advance.Thornflower1 15h
15h Realm transfer Hello I just have a question, if i change my char. From kilrogg (dead realm) to kazzak will i be in the guild? If not what options do i have to stay in the guild but not kilrogg?Aboodii2 15h
15h Spellcast bar removed, why? Hi, other having the same problem, that the spellcast bar is moved from just above the actionsbars to upper left corner? It is impossible to see when you are able to cast your next spell. How can I moved it to where it always has been. /GoodheartGoodheart1 15h
15h Companion app artifact research note bug On the Companion app I can't create orders for artifact research note on one of my character.Sumol7 15h
15h Azsuna Archaeology quests bugged Hey there, something weird's occurred in my game relating to the Archaeology quest in Azsuna. Basically, there's a dig site highlighted on my map that's actually well out to sea in an unreachable spot, but it's labelled as belonging to the Nor'Danil Wellspring. The Wellspring itself is right by Illidari Stand, but when I travel there no archaeology site appears. I have to assume that this is a bug that's been overlooked. Also, the quest itself is a major pain, since many of the dig sites are located in areas crawling with highly-powered elite mobs, making completing the quest more of a hassle than it needs to be. If there's any possibility that Blizzard can look into these issues, I would greatly appreciate it.Kriigaj1 15h
15h Paladin bugg with Divine Shield Can you explain to me why 2 times in a row i pop Divine Shield - I die of fall damage? twice in a ROW. No DS didnt run out because i litterly used it 3-4 seconds before taking fall damage. What have you done?Cajza1 15h
15h River push bug Here is a link to a video of the bug: After swimming through a river in travel mode as druid, the push effect of the river stayed when exiting the water. As you can see in the video my character stays perfectly still while moving to the right. So I think a stuck key or input is out of the question (as there is no walking animation and dancing is possible). I keep jumping when I swim during travel mode, (something I do when playing an other class mounted when I travel through water), and at random I exit travel mode when I do this. Maybe this has something to do with it.Bananpaj1 15h
15h Toxin - Killing people in cities There's currently a green cloud of "Toxin" ( in the Stormwind Trade District's Inn, on Silvermoon EU, with a few skeletons in the area. Not only is it killing lowbies, it is also making the guards spam their aggro sounds. It's been there quite some time, so I don't think it's going to despawn by itself. Not sure how it got there, I found it because of the guard making noises.Skeybestkey2 15h
16h login security email Hi, My son has been trying to login into his account, but it has sent him an email with a code.....but no email has turned up. Tried to "unlock" using secret question answer...sends an email which doesn't turn up. I know it is the correct email as he has received promotional information to it. Opened a ticket but am wondering how they will contact him? Any help would be appreciated.Maclir1 16h
16h Item Restoration problem. So have been trying to get access to my item restoration on my account but have been saying the whole time "Eligible for item restoration on 22/01/2017." Have also been looking on the last time I did and was 14 days ago but would be good if it could show what time I'm able to access it. And it's kinda pissing me off atm.Kendragold1 16h
16h Why is Sofort banking not a payment option ? Why is Sofort banking not a payment option ? I was wondering why sofort banking is not one of your payment options and if i could have some insight if it is not used for a reason ? so actually i have to take a train from where i live , it's only 20m to go there and get me a prepaid card, it's not such a hassle, but on some days i can't be bothered you know ^^... so i was checking for other payment options as i know steam, league, and other titles used sofort for as long as i know... all these others payments methods are not among my options so yeah, Thanks for reading anyway , and hopefully i can get this to work ;) it's such an easy method and it's instant... Kind regards KiyomeiKiyomaro6 16h
16h World Quests not Showing up on PC Hi! I'm having an issue where world quests aren't showing up at all on my computer. They're showing up just fine on my laptop, but on my PC I'm lucky if I get four across the entirety of the Isles. Makes playing a little bit difficult, because my laptop isn't all that great for WoW especially in the newer areas. Any solution?Skullzar2 16h
16h Stolen gold Hello. Someone has stolen 2000 gold coins from me and I have no clue about whom this person is. Can you reimburse me?Milmer5 16h
17h No bonus loot after finishing CTA Timewalking I just ran as a tank in a Timewalking dungeon on my main. It was a CTA (the reason why I selected tank). It was a smooth run with minimal mishaps, but to my surprise I did not receive the usual satchel of goodies at the end. I'm uncertain as to whether or not TW gives the usual satchel, as opposed to other rewards, although no other additional reward was visible in the chat history or my bags. My gold count, aside from the usual dungeon reward, was untouched. What gives? Is this system broken or has a bug occurred? Cheers.Powel5 17h
21h Upgraded Trial account, no email confirmation Hello, I just came back to WoW have 5 years. Decided to make a Trial account, level a couple toons to 20, then upgrade. However, i haven't received a conformation email yet and now i'm not sure if the payment went through. However, i have noticed that i am able to comment on forums or make my own since Trials could never do this, but i still cannot progress on my accounts passed level 20, check mail boxes or use Chat. I know it takes 72 hours (it has only been 12 hours so far when this Forum will be posted), but will i receive an email once it's complete? I don't want to wait 72 hours only to find out that payment never went through. Thank You.Dethharmonic9 21h
23h Essence of Aman'thul disappeared After I faction changed my rog and server transfered my 20+ essence of aman'thul disappeared? and I need to get 50 asap for my raid????????????????? now I only have 3 because I did the daily cache of today..Irolas11 23h
1d I will file a complaint with the ESRB. Hello everyone, I am encountering players with clear/masked references to drug use and sexual acts. I have reported these players several times and they have not had their names changed. On the ESRB rating for World of Warcraft ( there is no reference to drug use. I feel like Blizzard are not taking name-policy enforcement seriously enough. There are many reasons why somebody might not want to be exposed to certain types of names. Please can you assure me you're looking into this as a matter of urgency? I will file a complaint with the ESRB if I am exposed to players with inappropriate names for unreasonable lengths of time (3 weeks+) again. Thanks, KelstenaKelstena6 1d
1d Bring back 5v5 Just have to voice my huge huge huge wish for 5v5 to come back! It was the best part about wow. If even on itsw own rating system and what not, if you really destroyed the best pvp system for us casual players over some titels and stuff that is very sad! 5v5 was the most balanced PvP and it was never boring. 2s and 3s are all about comp, 5s was just fun and chill. A way to play togheter with both mains and alts, for us who cant stand the casual PvE system and arent looking to make top rank but just wanna have some good funHëcky0 1d
1d Quest tracker on tooltip not working properly? Hey guys, Since the 7.0 patch, I'm having issues with quests not tracking properly, especially on the tooltip. It doesn't indicate that a mob is tied to certain quest, by not showing the quest name and the progress made on the tooltip. Here are 2 screenshots showing what I mean (with some additional info to explain it better). And to compare what it's supposed to look like, here's a small screenshot of a tooltip that works properly. Is it a bug? Am I missing something? Thanks in advance for any help.Pride41 1d
10h Nightfallen Emissary Hey! So I've just completed my Emissarys for Nightfallen, and when I enter the Shal'aran Cave, Arcanist Thalyrssa won't show on the map, only the completed questionmark is seen on map, but not the NPC. I've completed NIghtfallen before and know I have seen her in there, but not this time! What am I supposed to do, or rather, what has changed since last time I did these emissaries? Best regards, KasatonovKasatonov1 10h
1d Loading screen bug Heya, my loading screens is in generally very slow, but every time I enter a new zone like Outland, Pandaria, Kalimdor, Draenor and so on, my loading screen bugs. The blue marker loads like 9/10 of the bar and then stops. It happens every time, and has been there for a while now. The only thing I can do about it is closing down WoW and reopen it. This is very annoying whenever I am on my way to a dungeon in Broken Isles and I am in my class order hall, or I want to farm something in Outland.Orcford1 1d
1d Character can't login ! MY character "Barathium" on ragnaros is stuck on "World server is down" and i can't login.Barathium9 1d
1d Another player posting my personal info /2 So it's fun to see another player posting my personal information in trade channel. So blizz, you gonna do something or like usually tell people to "ignore that"?Tweekt10 1d
1d Can't see damage output So I noticed today while doing some old content that I can't see my damage output. I went to check the interface and they have removed the option to toggle floating combat text on and off. I then tried talking to a blizzard representative in the live chat and I was told to try and delete WTF, cache and interface folder and delete curse client and my addons. After all this it still doesn't work and I will have to use msbt or something else until this gets fixed. Is there anyone else with the same issue?Alivepool17 1d
1d Why have GMs if they cant/will not help I had a major bug with inscription (basic - you cant stop crafting by moving) - I wrote a few times with GMs and while they first said they could not recreate it, I could easy recreate the bug myself. After opening the ticket again they even said there was a problem with inscription, but still they would not help with restoring the mats, that I had used to craft inscriptions items (that I could not stop crafting - by moving) This is not the first time I had GMs that would not help, where I had to write multi times to get help. This time they refused to help, they said "Unfortunately, we aren't able to restore materials." - maybe you should give the GMs the abilities to help us players, this is an incredible frustration from my side as a paying customer. I would like to msg Blizzard what this whole affair, I remember there used to be someone you could email to give feedback on gm, but I cant remember the email.Anire8 1d
1d Dresaron dragon breath bugged So in DHT on boss Dresaron my dragon breath just dont hit a boss, not matter of my position or talent and items, i'm running m+ with Legendary head and Alexstrasza's fury talent so yeah i'm losing alot dps therePyromachine1 1d
1d Regarding Support Phone Numbers Would anyone here kindly provide me with a Blizzard phone support number for either Sweden or any other EU country because I can't seem to find them anywhere.Emodad5 1d
1d Hidden artifact skins Hello, I would like to ask a question regarding artifact skins and what's the deal about drops. So, some point ago I got the seed from DHT for the moonkin artifact, I fixed that and then went ahead and completed the 1000 kills in BGs for the 4th recolor of the skin, which incidentally unlocked the fourth recolor on all other classes, being a main healer and off tank, I equipped the recolored skin on my bear and restoration weapon, mind you at this point I do not have either the tank or the resto base skin item (seed/ursoc drop). So the question is this the ursoc and the seed for my resto skin base item doesn't seem to wanna drop I been farming 3 months now the raid in all 4 diffs and I seen and know ppl that did far less runs and got their artifact skin, does it mean because I have equipped the recolored skin flags me as already received the item and won't drop for me or it's just RNG I would like a proper answer from blizz part cause this is quite serious if that's the case and an oversight of drop mechanics in their part.Devraj3 1d
1d 30 mins CD for being kicked Why do you get a 30 mins cooldown the first time you are kicked from a 5 man? Is the kick not enough punishment? You can be kicked for any reason the other players want, basically even for being too slow, not skipping trash, anything. Yet in addition to being kicked you are also given a 30 minute ban from using dungeon or raid finder from Blizzard. Can someone explain to me why this happens. It's been probably 18 months since I last played this game so let's not come up with some excuse like "oh you get kicked too much". So please explain to me why Blizzard allows a paying customer to be banned from using a part of it's game for 30 minutes because 3 or 4 children decided to kick them.Ownerer3 1d
1d Warlord's Deathwheel So I spoke with a GM today about Warlord's Deathwheel. I had this item in my previous account. When I merged it with my current account it was lost. The GM explained me and I understood that the item could not be transferred from one account to another, so I asked him how can I obtain it again. He responted that I couldn't cause Warlord's Deathwheel is not being sold anymore while the Alliance Champion's Treadblade is. Isn't that abit unfair? I think Blizzard should fix this thats why I create this topic. ...Gomaris2 1d
1d Orb # 9 Dear cannot reach Orb #9 in Drak'thul Can't enter 2nd door Try long timeAlshalabi8 1d
1d Artifact Traits disappeared!!!! I logged in on my shaman around 5 today to test out the new patch. Nothing weird there. I just logged in a few minutes ago and all of a sudden i'm missing 11 artifact traits. They are just gone. It's like i never bought them. No I did not refund my traits, i did not get artifact power for the missing traits. SO thats great! 11 missing traits, no artifact power so i can buy them again.Calixian40 1d
2d EU to US Transfer with legion Endless farming Hi I understand there has been several posts about this , but given the latest legion patch and all the artifact power and knowledge farming , moving from EU to US and not being able to transfer my characters to US servers, and being forced to stay on the same region with 140+ ms is not only ridiculous, but also very very disappointing . When you release such an expansion that you have to play every day to be able to keep up, I'm literally considering leaving the game because I can't transfer my character to a US account . I've been willing to pay for a new US account and expansion, but JUST have my character transferred , but No , it's too hard to literally copy a few lines of items and talents and etc. to another server . Please give me a final answer , all of those who might know , if this is the way it'll always be, I'll just reconsider the game I've been playing for 6 years. P.S : No , starting from scratch and giving another 200 bucks to people who won't move a finger for me , is not an option.Theimmo1 2d