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26 Sep 2013 Customer Service Information The Customer Service Forum cultivates a beneficial relationship between our support departments and player community by providing a friendly environment where players can exchange information, access self-help resources, highlight in-game issues, and receive meaningful guidance through personal and fun interactions with Blizzard representatives. Index: Forum Information Forum Guidelines Twitter Additional Social Media ResourcesHagut4 26 Sep 2013
2d [Recruit-a-Friend] Common Issues & Questions This thread is intended as a guide to help you troubleshoot the most commonly reported issues with RAF and explain how / when rewards can be claimed. Please make sure to check this thread thoroughly before opening a new thread or indeed posting questions you may have here in this thread. Common Issues such as accounts not appearing linked & experience gain seeming incorrect Reward System 2d
26 Aug CROWDS on Twitter - Third Time's the Charm Remember last time? Not long ago, we ran a second season for our CROWDS initiative - a program by which knowledgeable players could help their peers on Twitter by answering their questions using an Android smartphone app. This app makes our official Twitter channels work almost like our forums, in that it provides greater visibility for posts seeking helpful advice, making it easier for other players to join in the conversation. Season 3 is starting now, so whether you want to maintain your standing from last time, have another shot at the top, or are just joining us now, this is the perfect time to become a contributor! Like last time, the best helpers will join the support website's Hall of Fame and will be rewarded with prizes such as Hearthstone card packs or loot boxes for Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm. For details on CROWDS and how to use the app, be sure to check out our support site article. See you out there!Tyryndar0 26 Aug
28 Aug 2012 Legion 7.3 - Common Issues [14.09.] ★ Patch Notes ★ Known issues ★ Common tech issues/fixes ★ Hotfixes ★ Please follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN for current service status. Welcome to Patch 7.3! If you experience issues when logging in after the latest patch, reset your user interface and remove all addons! Here's what you are contacting us about the most right now: Gameplay: No Honor from 2v2 Arena Wins HOTFIX INC: Thanks to additional reports from affected players, we have now been able to identify the source of the issue and are working on implementing a solution. Gameplay: Unable to use bonus roll in Invasion Points NEED MORE INFO: Some players have reported being unable to use Seal of Broken Fate bonus rolls after completing an Argus Greater Invasion Point on multiple characters. If you are affected by this issue, please mention the boss you fought, your character's class, and whether the issue occurred only after a bonus roll was recently used successfully on another character or not. Quest: Cannot place Crest in "Seat of the Triumvirate: The Crest of Knowledge" NOT A BUG: Keep in mind you need to fly the Vindicaar to Mac'Aree to place the Crest of Knowledge in. The quest cannot be completed whilst you are docked at another zone. Quest: No kill credit for world quest "Ven'orn" KNOWN ISSUE: Some of our players are reporting that kills of Ven'orn are not counted for the eponymous Argus world quest. If you encounter this issue, please let us know any details, such as whether or not the world quest became untracked at some point (and, ideally, where exactly this happened). Quest: Fiona's Caravan missing for several Eastern Plaguelands quests UNDER INVESTIGATION: We have received reports that Fiona's Caravan is no longer present in the Eastern Plaguelands, preventing completion of certain quests such as "Onward, to Light's Hope Chapel", "The Trek Continues" or "Nobody to Blame but Myself". We are looking into the matter but recommend leveling affected characters elsewhere for now. Please report any additional suspected bugs using the "Submit Bug" option in the ingame support portalNatryndon10 28 Aug 2012
1h Brewfest Vendor Anne Summers - Cheese vendor. I am shocked, nay disgusted I say that such a person is allowed in this fine game that thou thee Blizzard gods have gifted your humble followers with. My innocent shaman nearly fainted in surprise upon the realization of who this fine vendor actually may be. You didn't talk to any of your fine employees in the UK/Ireland before naming this vendor, didja? Pity she isn't the sausage vendor...that's all I'm saying...*escapes back to innocence*Zinra3 1h
1h Bought wrong item. Help! Hi. I bought Relinquished arcane relic instead of the hood on this DH. I only realized after I right clicked on it and got the item. Is there any way to reverse this since the relic is unusable for me?Perlita2 1h
1h Trade chat spam Can we please kill the "Anal [linked achievement/spell]" thing in trade chat? It's getting really annoying..Koätarn1 1h
1h Loot definition for Survival hunter Its a right nightmare to get a good weapon for survival hunters at lower lvls, I feel- especially since many of the suitable weapons aint classified for them! quests give me bows and guns, and i find myself rolling on "off specc" when it drops? I dont mind losing a roll for a 2h sword to a paladin, but i feel i should atleast be allowed to get a roll for it? but instead, I cant even participate. (the weapon that drew the line this time was Strike of the Hydra from BfD) yet i get to roll for daggers? which effectively are useless for me?Rubrick1 1h
1h Cant pay with ideal i cant pa with ideal gives a whiste screen then says its pending and then stays in queue cant buy anything not even with credit cardToivonen4 1h
1h Mission issue Did a follower-mission and it had 200% successrate. Still I did not get the bonus item. Was done in the app. Is it supposed to be like that?Frodefrodig2 1h
1h Patch 7.3, Flying mount achievement opinion Good evening. I'm consider myself a veteran player in World of Warcraft and I want to write this post about a part of the game which is very disturbing for me. I've stopped playing World of Warcraft after patch 7.1 because of some health issues and I have started playing recently (about 3 weeks ago). I find very frustrating the how to get flying mount in Broken Isles topic. I want to say that with this last patch, from time you need to spend on gameplay, let's say I need to spend aproximatly 1h 30m on Argus world quests for gear improvements, then mythic runs for various hours during the week for gear improvements aswell (let's say a medium of 1 mythic a day which is aproximatly 30minutes) plus Raid time of about 2h 30m 3 days a week (its a medium of 1h 15min aproximatly a day) makes a total of 3h 15min a day of gameplay aproximatly. Having this in mind, how many hours do you think a player could stay a day to do world quests around the Broken Isles and at The Broken Shore after this medium of gametime a day to get the necessary achievements for flying possibility in World of Warcraft Legion's Expansion and for how many days. I mean, with even 75 reputation points per a world quest complete I find getting to Revered very hard. In addition traveling with ground mount to each world quest point, even with Flight Master's Whistle, takes a lot of time and the regions are very big. Also, I think that It's true that It might not be fair to do something about this, having in sight the opinion of all the players who have already done this kind of achievements already but I'm writing this post to really want to ask you, people who manage the game, having in mind that what is making a game good or even very good (like my opinion of World of Warcraft has always been) is it's constant improvement, to ask you to please do something about this topic because I'm really starting to think to not grind anymore for this achievements and to just play the remaining raids (as for no need of a flying mount in argus, for now at least) with a ground mount in Legion. I'm sure I'm not the only one with this thoughts. Thank you very much for your time and for your future answer.Jimde2 1h
1h Sorry, Were You Looking for This? Still bugged? Me and my friends tried this achivment and it just wont work, I already have it and knows what to do. we tried diffrent methods. but non of them works. after 20 trys i check up if this achiv was bugged or not and it have been reported serveral times during many years that this achivment is bugged. So now my friend is stuck on this achiv and cant get the mount.Interficiat1 1h
1h Texture Problems So ever since the new patch came out, I've been having problems with some in-game textures and spells. I haven't noticed any problems with player abilities but boss spells are often broken. Example: As you can see, the spell that the boss casts on the ground is "missing" its texture. This is the same with the pools that get dropped off by Harjatan and players during the fight in the Tomb of Sargeras raid. The spell has the shape and the general color but the texture is not there. I've also noticed that the screams on Desolate Host that get dropped off in a cone from the boss outwards by players during the fight are completely invisible. I've tried messing with pretty much all the graphics settings in-game but nothing seems to fix the problem, I've also tried scanning and repairing the game trough the BNet launcher but that also did not help me with the issue. My drivers ARE UP TO DATE. Only option I'm left with so far is trying to completely re-install the game. If anyone has encountered this problem and/or has the solution for it please help...Synthroid1 1h
1h CS Lounge IV Greetings everyone! Due to unforeseen circumstances, the previous lounge disappeared into the void, and as such, we're making a new one. For anyone that is unfamiliar with the CS Lounge this is simply a place where the Customer Support regulars can come to chat and post anything off-topic so as not to derail existing threads. So pull up a chair, grab a coffee or two, eat a cookie, if there's anything left, post and relax!Hagut1119 1h
1h Question for a hidden artifact weapon So i unlocked with my paladin the holy hidden artifact weapon. Then after i killed 1k players i realised that i also unlocked the corupted ashbringer 4th color. So when it says "kill 1k players with a hidden artifact" it can be done even with one for the other spec or is just a bug? I dont have a green one and i didnt do the event for the corupted ashbringer.Ayoraa1 1h
1h Contacted by WoWGM ingame Just today, I received a wisper from someone who pretend or maybe is a GM His name is <snip>. He told me that some1 was requesting to change my account info with the info that they had stolen from me. They also suggested if this was mine account, that I should go to this site <snip>Bruttusone2 1h
1h Group finder bugged can't que for timewalking Group finder bugged.. for some reason i can't see the option to que for timewalking dungeons in my warrior but if i go on my other chars it is there. i am level 110 so i am the required level for the time walking dungeons i have also picked up the quest for them. can anyone help me with this..Lyraloops1 1h
1h Sound disappears randomly the in-game sound just goes silent for a couple of seconds and the comes back. I have tried turning the sound settings off and on again, but it still disappears randomly. Does anyone know of a fix for this issue?Nemerthon2 1h
1h i bought 4 wow tokens but they are in queue so i went to the store to buy one token. and went into ideal clicked my bank. then was directed too there site and then saw a white screen. i did not do anything and then clicked it away, tried it a couple of times and now i have 4 tokens in queue i did not even gave my bank information. what is up with thatToivonen2 1h
1h How to finalize in Client shop? So yesterday i wanted to transfer/faction change an alt to my server, which i started on the blizzard website and an hour later i can an e-mail to finalize it, but it says on the website you can no longer pay with creditcard on the website. And when i go to my bank account, i can see they already took money for the transfer but not the faction change. I dident even put in my card infos, sure they are saved, but you still have to but in the vertifying numbers. Anyone know what to do? "Character Services can no longer be purchased with a credit card in account management, but will be available in Blizzard Shop in the near future. Blizzard Balance, PayPal, and third-party payments are still available in account management. For now, to pay with a credit card, please make your purchase in the World of Warcraft® game client."Indternet2 1h
1h Armory and achievements Hi I've been trying to find out why the armory does not show my Global Achievements in Exploration and Dungeon & Raids tabs (maybe somewhere else but so far I haven't checked any other). In both these Global tabs I don't have marked any of the achievements there as done (e.g. "Eastern Kingdoms Explorer" or "Classic Dungeonmaster"), although all the achievements within these categories are marked done. I see everything correctly on my alt, so I assume this is not a bug on my side (browser, cache etc.) This happens either in Armory website and the mobile app. I tried to find an answer by sending a ticket, as well by sending feedback on the armory page, and because it did not work, hence I'm writing here maybe someone knows how to fix it.Syirian1 1h
1h Concordance of the Legionfall Reset. Artifact gone. Hello, I have noticed the talent has been reset to zero when I went to power it up. I recall I had atleast 5 points into it. Anyone know the reason why? Regards, HMHarvestmoon1 1h
1h Invasion points broken Invasion point Aurinor, i click the last bubble up the ramp and by the time i got to the last mob it was dead = no loot. Another invasion i died fighting the last mob and he was killed when i was running back to my corpse... again no loot. These things are frustrating and need to be fixed pls. Thank you.Cristeel1 1h
1h Felfang basilisk mining bug When i am queing for World Quests and I kill felfang basilisks, occasionally i can't mine I the only one with this super frustrating situation ?Metanasths1 1h
6h Is my raid lock bugged? So this is what happened: I entered FL 10n, I've killed Beth, Rhyolit and Alysra; then I took a way to Shannox. I didn't see him (I forgot that I have to summon him) so I tried to re-enter this instance (on same difficulty) but there was only a one message - "You are ineligible to participate in at least one encounter in this instance because you are already locked to an instance in which it has been defeated". "Ohh wtf" I thought. So I switched to 10h, same problem. Maybe 25h? Again.. But I was able to enter 25n. Okay, fine...But there was another problem. The bosses i've killed on 10n, were killed on 25 aswell. ?? Idk. I just wanted to do 10h/25h for transmogs, but now I can just wait for resets. Is this a bug or i fkd up something? I know that some players had similar problem, and the other ones could make all 4 difficulties in one sesion.Haylash2 6h
9h LAPTOP GAMING? Hey, I'm actually trying to get back into WoW but it has been kind of hard with how badly it runs on my laptop. The specs on it are Intel Core i5 6200u 2.30Hz AMD Radeon R5 M430 Intel HD Graphics 520 4GB RAM It's not really that good, but in dollars it was about 440$ So with this machine I'll open WoW, settings preset to 1, windowed mode. My first problem is the loading times takes up to 10min for everything to load in even though the loading screen itself is 2min. My second issue is huge drop in fps when I enter 5man dungeons. And I've tried many things to maximize the games performance. Most obvious was running through Radeon settings, also I have done a full WoW reinstall (file went from 55gb to 42gb), a laptop factory reset and more. Anyways currently I'm not sure if these are proccessor issues, GPU issues, RAM issues. If anyone has a clue leave below please. But I'm looking at a laptop upgrade because my sis is probably going to take mine for the 15.6 inch screen. I'm actually looking at a 575$ Acer Aspire 5 - Intel® Core i5-7200U-2.5GHz - 4GB DDR4 RAM, 1TB SATA HDD - NVIDIA GeForce MX150 Any idea how this would run WoW? Probably not gonna buy a new laptop for another month or two so I just wanted some ideas on what to look for. Also if anyone has suggestions to improve my current laptop I'm open to try. PS I notice if I'm not running the TSM addons (goes up to 300Mb addon memory) my game does run a lot faster but its very difficult for me to play without TSM on.Hawaíí2 9h
9h Pet battles freezing randomly in the latest patch And then only way for me to get them to move is to click on Print Screen then the pet's starts to move again and attacking each other, if i don't click on it they will just stand still and don't do anything? Anyone else had this issue?Distorted3 9h
11h Recruit a Friend . Lvl 110 & 77 Xp bonus So I'm 110 my friend is 77 and he isn't getting his xp bonus. I'm in the party with him and in the area beside him. I've already granted him about 20 levels which got him to 60. He's questing in Northend.Çali1 11h
13h Guardian Druid challenge artifact skin animation Not sure if others have the same problem, as I haven't seen someone else talking about this in any thread by far. Also, I am not sure if I can post this here. Since I have completed the Mage Tower Challenge for Guardian Druid, I have noticed a small problem with the animation. Sometimes the fists seem to not move at all, and it looks a bit off when moving, jumping, talking or doing any other animation. But sometimes it's fine, yet rarely. I get to rarely see the bear form moving it's fingers and not tensed in an unmovable fist. Got a couple of pictures, but not sure if that would do much. Am I the only one witnessing it? Will it be fixed? Of course, this might not be a major problem, but it's been a bit weird. For a hard Challenge in the Mage Tower, I think it's fair to not have a Bear skin with animation problems.Toastmaniac2 13h
23h How safe is it to delete old forgotten characters Hey ! I have old abandoned characters on a bunch of realms, and I've been wondering if I can strip them of valuables and delete them safely. The reason I believe it may cause a problem is that if one of these characters has unlocked a pet, mount, heirloom piece or transmog, I think the act of deleting the character might remove the items from my collections. I'm not sure, however, which is why I'm asking here. Thanks :)Telladriss4 23h
1d Not being able to see artifact challenge quest i could see the artifact challenge quests up uptil 7.2.5 patch was applied, after the patch im not being able to take the quest from npc as i cant see any quest that she gives.Please do fix this issue soon mage tower is up for only 15 more hours :) Thank youBhishma10 1d
1d 7.3 Tabard achivement Bug Hi, a lot of people have this bug where the new "corrected" tabard achivements of 7.3 are not saved and we get them when we log in every day. I got it in the first day of the patch for example, now it reads today's date. I have made an ingame bug report, but it has been weeks and it keeps poping first achivement. This need to stop. Any news on this? If i make a ticket would a GM be able to save them for me? Or better yet fix it somehow to show the proper date instead of just granding the achivement to me?Stafilis1 1d
1d Shadowpan Monastary Bug Robbed Me From Loot I got robbed from timewalking Shadowpan Monastary, we're at the boss with the small pandas that come at us and do karate, and then they kicked me out of the world, killing me robbing me from loot unable to respawn because group was in combat Here are some screenshots Please give me the loot i got robbed off because a bug in your game I forgot to add, this happened twice too me, i got kicked out before these screenshots, then i got teleported up again, and then again i got kicked out of the world :SDistorted1 1d
1d M'uru bugged, doesn't spawn in SP (BC) Hiya, I am sorry if this is in the wrong forum section, I can't think of anywhere else to put it. This section explains the situation the best. Basically, I was in Sunwell Platueue and when I get to M'uru, he never spawns, it's completely bugged. Therefore I can never get to Kil'jaeden because there is a wall preventing me from going to him. I need to kill M'uru to get to KJ. Is there a fix to this? Seems other people have been through this bug, but no one knows what the fix is, M'uru either spawns or doesn't, it's random. Will this ever be fixed?Saturnbeat5 1d
1d Guild not showing on armory? I've just created a new guild, a couple days ago. Currently only member as I've been preparing roleplaying events and website before starting recruitment. As you can see, my tabard is grey, my guild armory page is nonexistant, and I can't use "Guild" or "Guildchat" on my armory app. I plan on starting recruitment tonight, so I'd really like this fixed. Is there a way I can sort it, somehow?Fricks1 1d
1d Appearance Change? I cant buy this.It says i dont have char to do it.Darkweyder1 1d
9h Brewfest transmog set - per toon only? Starting 2017, now the items of the Brewfest set are suitable for transmog. However, as I see, the items are only added into the collection of the character who purchased them. I can't see and use them for transmog on my other toons. Is it the intended behaviour or a bug? If yes, why so?Бризаг6 9h
1d Group Finder? What is the point anymore? Nobody joins? For instance, trying to find a group for Orumo.. set it, and waited, and waited.. gave up, joined one for same.. got to 4 players, then they left... WHY have a system that needs 5 players, when you cannot get 5 players? This is what makes people quit. Trying to complete something and unable, and not for trying, for not being able to, because of a Blizzard design flaw.Spinaltap28 1d
2d Character transfer completed but char not showing up Hello guys, I transfered from Emeriss EU Alliance to Emerald dream EU Horde about 3 hours ago. The transfer was pending for an hour then went to complete as usual. But my character didn't show up on Emerald dream. It is however gone on Emeriss. So my lvl 100 hunter has basically been sucked into the twisting nether for the last 2 hours or what's going on?Jakkerr4 2d
2d Odd ilvl bug My ilvl in game (character I'm posting as) shows as 917, if I unequip then equip my weapon, it appears as 919. Under character information on the website it shows as 917. I'm using Elvui and these addons - NPC_Scan.Overlay Handynotes Gathermate 2 + Gathermate2_Data Overachiever Wholly + Grail (disabled currently ingame) Silverdragon TomTom All updated to release versions. Not that much of a issue, but would be nice to know what my actual ilvl.Natsua1 2d
2d Weekly arena quest bug HiWarmachine1 2d
2d Bug : Concordance of the legionfall I had enough artifact power to learn 7 traits. When I opened " Blades of the fallen prince" in "Ebon Hold" to upgrade "concordance of the legionfall" to 7 traits, it started again from 1 .... :(Hetral4 2d
2d Fell to Death on Argus keep dcing I died trying to get to a chest on Mac'Aree and I'm a ghost, I tried to return to my body but it's somewhere beneath it and I can't get back to it every time i log in now I immediately disconnect, since my ghost is falling to its death to, I can't do anything about it.Torvaar1 2d
2d Character services So its been well over a week since I bought and pay'd for my race change and its still not showing up in game. That's all fine but looking at a thread its a problem that's been going on since the beginning of the month. Why is it taking so long ?. We're being asked to be patient and wait till its fixed yet our money is already gone and we have nothing to see for it in return. Patience is running thin here.Healzforhire3 2d
3d getting internal error when trying to buy wow token Hi everyone the titlle say's all , im trying to buy wow token in game from shop and im getting internal error all time . i have arround 35 euro on my account wallet. Can someone help please ? Edit : finally its worked ^^Icygirl10 3d
3d Pet battle stuck Hello, I have the problem when I am pet battling (even when doing a pet battle world quest) that my pets that have fast moves get stuck. Which means for example with an emperor crab pet when it uses the move 'surge' it gets stuck mid run, during the move. Then it still looks like its running where it stands and it cost something like 30 seconds before the battle/move of the pet resumes again. Thanks for helping,Briesje2 3d
2d Tone down your auto bans pls. I have gotten multiple "permanent" bans for automatic bans on my account, though you claim every ban is reviewed by someone. You must either hire monkeys as staff or you are just incompetent, or just liars. I was able to appeal all bans and get unbanned because they were unjustified and very easy to proof so. I recently got back into the game and raiding. First night I was pretty drunk and bored and trolled general chat. I got a mute for that and I think it was fair. Yesterday I wrote in general once, I asked to buy a runescape girlfriend. Pretty dumb troll thing to do, I agree but not offensive or racists and I got another ban from talking to general and trade chat now for 2 days. Fix your !@#$ with these auto-bans please.Branikald24 2d
3d Faction change bugged? So earlier this day I wanted to change my blood elf rogue to alliance. While it says it shouldn't take longer than 30 minutes it's already pending more than 5 hours. I race/faction changed before and never had issues doing this. It usually takes a couple of minutes if not instantly. As a result of this I'm a little worried. Is this a bugg or will it just take longer to complete? Will I even get the faction change that I paid for?Yavatheas10 3d
2d Russian Bots BG Why pay for wow and continue to be a player loving the game; when it seems Blizz can't get a grip of Russian Bots in BG's? Honest players wouldnt dare bot but the BG's really guys come on total p*** take now. Not happy guys. JRJohnnyrottén3 2d
3d Lag when looting, using abilities in Jade Forest Hello, Am beginning to quest in Jade Forest at the moment and I'm finding combat to be very frustrating as there seems to be a lag of half a second to a second between when I press an ability key to when the ability actually goes off. Several people were having the same issue when I asked about it in General Chat - not sure if it's confined to just the Jade Forest zone in Mists of Pandaria or if it's more than just the one zone. The lag is affecting both abilities and looting. Edit;; Just to clarify, I disabled all addons and deleted my Addons folder, neither of which worked. Mists of Pandaria dungeons aren't affected, just the questing zone itself.Ariq0 3d