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26 Sep 2013 Customer Service Information The Customer Service Forum cultivates a beneficial relationship between our support departments and player community by providing a friendly environment where players can exchange information, access self-help resources, highlight in-game issues, and receive meaningful guidance through personal and fun interactions with Blizzard representatives. Index: Forum Information Forum Guidelines Twitter Additional Social Media ResourcesHagut4 26 Sep 2013
3h [Recruit-a-Friend] Common Issues & Questions This thread is intended as a guide to help you troubleshoot the most commonly reported issues with RAF and explain how / when rewards can be claimed. Please make sure to check this thread thoroughly before opening a new thread or indeed posting questions you may have here in this thread. Common Issues such as accounts not appearing linked & experience gain seeming incorrect Reward System 3h
28 Aug 2012 Legion 7.2.5 - Common Issues [28.06.] ★ Patch Notes ★ Known issues ★ Common tech issues/fixes ★ Hotfixes ★ Please follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN for current service status. Welcome to Patch 7.2.5! If you experience issues when logging in after the latest patch, reset your user interface and remove all addons! Here's what you are contacting us about the most right now: Quest: Pillars of Creation. No credit after clicking the objects HOTFIX INCOMING: We're aware of an issue that makes this quest impossible to complete for some players, since they can't click on the objects or they don't provide quest credit after doing so. Our developers are already working on a fix and will implement it as soon as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience Item: No Writhing Essences on the weekly Mythic chest CLARIFICATION: Make sure you already started the quest Unsettled Power before opening your Class Hall weekly Mythic chest. If you didn't start the quest beforehand, you won't receive any Writhing Essences from the chest. Quest: No reward from "Elite Strike: Legion Supply Cache" NOT A BUG: Some players have reported the 500 reward for this quest to disappear when being near or at the maximum for Legionfall War Supplies. So far, subsequent investigations in the database have shown the supplies to be applied correctly. If you experience this problem, please make sure this is not a display issue caused by outdated addons! Item: Writhing Essence not converted to quest item WON'T FIX: When your inventory is full, any Writhing Essence received gets sent to your mailbox instead. However, for technical reasons, it is not possible for the Essence to be automatically converted into the quest item. If you are on the quest but have unconverted Essence remaining in your inventory (such as after picking it up from the mailbox), the gamemaster team may be able to assist. Misc: Transfer complete, but character missing UNDER INVESTIGATION: Some of our players have reported a recently transferred character not showing up on the new realm. As we continue to investigate, please follow the steps outlined in this support article, including the workaround detailed at the bottom. Please report any additional suspected bugs using the "Submit Bug" option in the ingame support portalNatryndon10 28 Aug 2012
41m I Cant use my Gryphon I cant use my gryphon but I have the lycence and the training and the gryphon, i just cand find the icon in my inventory I cant find it in the spell book either. Somebody please help meDagobahg4 41m
48m Mobs in Un'goro and Silithus still scaling? Hello, I was just wondering when these mobs are getting fixed so that they return to their former levels? Currently there's an issue with Devilsaurs scaling to max level as well as the cultists in Silithus which was a popular area for transmog farming. Any ETA when we can expect a fix? I assume it's still like that because of the mini events that were held there. But I don't see the point in keeping that the events are over.Mewriel2 48m
50m The Chosen Title Is the "Chosen" Title going to remain after Legion or not? My Guild and I... we were just curious if it would be worth it to try it every week ;-)Zhenyà1 50m
3h Level 100 Character Boost - Shop Error Hello I'm trying to buy a level 100 character boost, but I get a Shop Error... There was a problem with your order, please try again... It seems that the only way to buy is in game. Any advice ? Cheers, XymWymriel8 3h
3h Going on vacation As the topic says. I am also taking my laptop with me, as its a top end ASUS ROG gaming laptop, in order to play WoW in the evenings, and during other downtime, however I have a question. My account has an authenticator and SMS protect on it. I have heard of people getting locked out of their accounts when they try and play from abroad while on vacation. What can I do to minimize the chance of that happening to me?Trovlak1 3h
3h Veganism Ok, so this is very upsetting. It looks like "your chat and mail privileges have been temporarily suspended pending Game Master review". I would literally appreciate it to the moon and back if someone told me what happened. :< I've a feeling that I've been reported recently because I was advertising my vegan guild on Outland and everyone started complaining... It's been a day. Now I'm even scared to advertise my guild anymore, apparently being vegan and passionate about it is a crime, not the other way around. I'm very upset. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!Lorthirias4 3h
4h Can't post on US forums I cant post on US forums - why is this? do i really need to create a character on us server just to contribute to conversations over the pond? This game has fans over the world and most google searches redirect to topics in the US and we cant reply or comment becasue of this silly mechanic!Barrich2 4h
5h Give child unused wow account? Like the topic states, I was curious if it is possible to give my child an unused (but merged to wow account? The account I play on, let's call it Account 01, is where I have all my characters. The other account, let's call that Account 02, is from way back when I used to dual-box. Account 02 has some chars on it from Vanilla to WotlK, which has quite a bit of old materials and gold on it, so I thought that would give my son a smooth head start in WoW. In short, can I create a new account, in my own name (since my son is 8) and move Account 02 to that (I know I can have him play the account on the same, but I think account wide whispers might be a problem) CheersThíndra1 5h
6h Hacked? I cant log in to client and my characters are being removed, they elerady removed my only 110 lvl characterMefar1 6h
6h CS Lounge IV Greetings everyone! Due to unforeseen circumstances, the previous lounge disappeared into the void, and as such, we're making a new one. For anyone that is unfamiliar with the CS Lounge this is simply a place where the Customer Support regulars can come to chat and post anything off-topic so as not to derail existing threads. So pull up a chair, grab a coffee or two, eat a cookie, if there's anything left, post and relax!Hagut762 6h
6h What is sublety rogue dmg nowdays? i play mainily assa rogue. was maked subulety rogue wepons and put some ap on it i was get 50 trait without news trait. i dont even have any relics i was hit 6,8mil with my eviscerate and shuriken stom was hit almost 1m critical hits what is that. how i hit in pvp instance? i will almost oneshoot ppl in pvp instance is that FAIR blizzard? i do much more dmg as subu spec without any relics wepon is only 750ilvl :D and my assa wepon is 938. and i do 75% less dmg than sublety. Outlaw is horribily spec i dont even have outlaw wepon becouse outlaw is very suck now! ARE SUBULETY GONNA GET DMG NERF IN 7.3 OR SOMETING. 2 OVERPOWER NOW IF CALCULATE ALL SPECS.Sandayuta4 6h
10h accidentally obliterated an item so today i accidentally obliterated a decent item for my character because i didnt know how that obliterate system work.. i thought it upgrades my item and not destroying it for something... also i checked for the auto item restoration system .. but apparently i didnt find the item.. im lost now please help meShylvanas5 10h
11h Having a lot of issues Cowhax-Skullcrusher. That char can't do any animations, only hands can move and do the glowy animations for spells. I just logged on that char few months ago and got this bug all of a sudden just like that, thought it would get fixed but after 3 months it's still the same. There is no category for my issue in the in-game help section. On top of this, I wanna add another issue/bug, btw this seems to happen on max lvl or something, or maybe in legion zones/using legion portals/teleports. Whenever I use a portal of some sort, hearthstone/mage portal/whatever, all of my windows, let's say my char window when u click "C" on default, that and everything else starts on the left side of the screens and keeps stacking towards the right side if u open similar windows, right? (such as the talent window), all of that locks in the middle and does the same thing, but it skips the left 1/3 of my screen. Whenever this happens I'm unable to use "esc" button and I'm forced to restart the game or do a reload, this happens pretty much every time I use a portal. Can u imagine how annoying this is? I've reported this as a bug, I've made a post, I've been waiting for a month or two for this to get fixed but nothing has changed at all. This issue happens on every character that is max lvl. This is annoying man, this is beyond annoying, makes me not wanna play anymore 'cause your issue is being ignored for months, no help, no fix and yet you're paying for the product.Daisu6 11h
11h Login Servers are full Anyone else getting this? Login servers are full.... did a new expansion come out or something? :oMoocarnage5 11h
19h Stricter penalties in other games, in WoW too? Hello As stated here things like abusive chat, harassment and in-game spam are getting increased penalties, is this going to be happening in Warcraft too? As it stands whenever I report something it seems like nothing is done, the same people swear and harass ingame and from my side it looks like nothing is done. What would be good is an ingame mail saying that it was looked into and appropriate action was taken. We do not need to know what action, as that may break DPA but just that it was looked at.Dottie6 19h
20h Remaining RaF Time? Me and my brother got a RaF right now and I want to know when the RaF expires because I was out of money so I couldn't get game time for a while, we still got RaF but idk when it expires. Help?Cleaved4 20h
1d Ekowraith, Creator of Worlds - legendary bug With 'Balance affinity' talent, the bonus from Ekowraith (+75% for affinity talent's effect) randomly dissapears from you (i imagine when you get some buffs. it stop works for 3-4 seconds), this is my best legendary for dealing damage, but i can't really wear this item with no effects for me and being hold second legendary slot. Also i was sending about 7-10 ingame reports during july - it cause zero impact on fixes There is video that showing this bug in details 1d
1d realm transfer hey guys, about 2 hours ago i did a character transfer to another realm, can anyone tell me how long it will take? payment is completed after i waited for an hour to go from "pending" to "payment" ... greetings and thanks already!Sneakyheals9 1d
1d Shoulderplates of Crackling Flame First off, sorry if this is the wrong forum. Currently the Shoulderplates of Crackling Flame from Goroth does not count for the Paladins Radiant Lightbringer Armor set, even though they have the same apperance. Is this intended? Feels really strange for several reasons. Getting the actual set shoulders would not grant me a new appearance since i already have the Shoulderplates of the Crackling Flame. Could understand if the apperance required all the actual set pieces, but that is not the case since for example the Wave-Hammered Breastplate from Harjatan counts counts for the set. Thanks for your time!Sjuksyster1 1d
1d Legendary drop rate now seems to be selectively bad. Several of my guildies and I have noticed that we have been getting progressively worse legendary drop rates as legion has progressed. Yesterday during a raid, one party member received two legendary items from two bosses one after the other. One could state that she had amazing RNG luck, however I have not found one for 3 weeks , even though i run m+s for 8 characters every week as well as world bosses world quests and lfg/dungeons and raids... this seems inbalanced and I question whether a diminishing returns factor for legendaries has been put in place for total legendaries across all characters. I just seems unfair that someone can find two in one raid where I and friends havent found one for weeks... even after many days of adventuring.Wrathtroll2 1d
9h Feral Question if I have Savage Roar buffed, Tigers fury buffed, places a Rip on target, and refresh the Rip with Ferocious Bite (Sabertooth talent used) Will it be the same +damage when its get refreshed or a normal rip? Thanks in advanceGhazuk3 9h
1d 'You are busy' after Mage Tower death I just did a try on mage tower and it's a bit strange. I can't interact with any NPCs or flight masters. Upon trying to take a flight it says I'm busy. When I make a Death Gate that appears at Deliverance Point where I respawned :D. I tried abandoning the quest but no help, HS also no help, DG also no help, restart wow no help, disabling all addons no help, deleting cache and WTF no help . I almost forgot: No NPCs spawn and no instance enterances work :D. Basically I have an empty world of calmcraft :DKrahai1 1d
1d Auction House Weirdness So i just made a mistake by selling 5 things in one stack for the price of one which means i lost about 10K gold. I tried cancelling but in less than half a second it was bought. It is quite obvious that this is not possible in any normal fashion... Is this considered against the game rules? If it is not, then why? Because this to me seems broken. Warm regards, NickPietavontuur1 1d
1d Quest for Brawl (Arathi Blizzard) disappeared I went into Arathi Blizzard, got quest ("Something different"), accepted it and then we won the BG. When I was loaded out of the BG, I lost this quest from my log, no sign of it. So no rewards. I tried going in again, but the quest didnt pop up second time. Any ideas? Thanks for help.Bolojang0 1d
2d Vanguard of the silver hand not working I have the Vanguard of the silver hand order hall upgrade, i have taken the reagent for the spell and I have also the quest related to that spell. I do the spell but nothing happens i just see a really small animation on my map but no world quest is comleted and no reagent is used. I am wondering is it a bug or am I doing something wrong? I have tried doing it from dalar, from my order hall , and from the zone that i have the world quest but still nothing. Thank you in advanceHellslight8 2d
2d mage tower Comon its been 3 weeks now and the tower still bugged woulod love to get it done so pls fix itAlvilda1 2d
1d Cant get new artifact traits from broken shore help? Cant get new artifact traits from broken shore questing? I recently just finished levelling my mage to 110 and started the broken shore questing and i cant start the quest to upgrade my artifact to get the new traits in the bottom right corner. I instantly boosted this mage to AK 40 and have gotten every single trait on my weopen but the quest wont show up. Is there any other requirements im missing as ive practically done nothing on this mage but grind normal dungeons and start broken shore questing at max. Any help?Éllastíel2 1d
2d acess violation Hi im getting access violation memory could not be read please help love the game this is when i try to logon and play the game before the pacth was working fine i have antivirus scanned it reset all settings and uninstalled game and downloaded new game nothing worksConastantine3 2d
2d Blizzard App Question. Is there a way to get the new Blizzard App game icons for the Desktop Shortcuts? I really like the look of them :DLaethis1 2d
2d Item restoration problem Hi. When i try to restore a item, it tells me i can on the 25/07/2017 (today), as i last did 15 days ago. However it wont let me proceed to the next step, and tells me ; Eligible for item restoration on 25/07/2017 is there something i am doing wrong here? my poor 4-set shoulders it rotting in some vendors trash and i would like it back!Zandalr3 2d
2d AP refund? I've goofed up with my weapon. I wasnt aware there were more traits to unlock so I've put 8 points into Darkening Whispers. Am I able to get that refunded?Tanvar4 2d
2d Refer a friend... no free game time We linked our accounts about 5 months ago so we can't summon each other and get triple xp but we started playing again a week ago and he bought subscription so i should get free game time but i didn't get it(i didn't know you have to wait a week) so i used my 1 week free game time. Now it has expired but i still don't have the free game time.Turtledemon3 2d
2d error i cant login? on the site can i logging on the app for gaming doe's not working?,?Rägnâr5 2d
2d Character transfer. Hello, So I have 2 accounts which are both made on the same name. I know it's possible to character transfer a character from this account to the other account due the account being registered on the same name. But if I do so what will be included with the character? And the character transfer is legal right? My apologies in advance if the english ain't 100% correct. Already thank you for answering if you got anymore questions please ask away!Aganór3 2d
2d Nighthold order hall missions Did I miss a line on some hotfixes or NH and EN order hall missions are bugged and are not popping up anymore?Hahahawe2 2d
2d Raid Boost Is it illegal to boost someone in a raid ( KJ HC, for example ) for an amount of gold, let's say 100k gold or whatever? I know it is illegal to boost for real money, but what about an ingame currency ( gold, or maybe items etc )?Cobaine1 2d
3d Resubbing while still subbed Is it possible to add game time while still subbed, or do I have to wait until the time expires to resub?Stimulatíon1 3d
3d the cürüsm guild is bug.. the Cürüms guild is bug Hello, our guild is locked up due to an error from blizzard. We repeatedly ticketed the subject and waited 15 days. The guild went to our guild bank. We did not get a player. I went totally guild. Eventually the problem was solved and they all came out of the bank. There were a lot of items in our bank. They said they would not be able to return them. I said okay, you can not give me a transmog item I want you to give me. They did not accept it. She's not in Blizzard.Câptainblue4 3d
3d Azsuna assault scenario bug / no loot I've done all quest for legion assault azsuna , went to scenario ( So damn boring ) and after suffering all this just run and kill kill kill , i was on top of ship and boss kicked me off , I fell down , d/ced then came back ..... no loot !!!!!!!! Ok leme do all this boring thing all over ....... you dont meet the requirement !!!! and i guess as similar situation happens before and i did report it in game ticket that end up with sorry we can do nothing just report it as bug ...... you do realize that many players do those boring things for gear not because its fun or even challenge. and reporting this didn't help , you've been saved for things you didn't loot , how can this still happen !!!!!Undyin1 3d
3d Azsuna assault scenario- Stuck So I did the Azsuna asssult and under the last cutscreen where you fly away from the Legion ship, I died somehow, I then got ressed by the sprit healer and now I'm stuck in the scenario and whenever I try and log onto the charater I get DC This happened on my Paladin, don't know if that has anything to do with it.Mistpaw2 3d
1d Cant get quest for third relic. Hi, please help. I completed all order hall quests - no hunters campaign ( I did not get none - maybe one, but completed already). I have 40lvl of AK, 47 weapon traits, tier 6 etc. And still nothing. Logout didnt fix it. Any idea please? Thank you a lotAntikristka9 1d
1d winning a bg I thought we got a crate if we won a battleground,our team just won WSG & I got nothing?Fiennes4 1d
4d Item Restoration - Item Missing So, I accidentally deleted a belt ("Shadow-Walker's Cord" ilvl 900 from timewalking) a couple of hours ago, so I went into the Item Restoration feature, everything but that belt Is showing up there.Mace5 4d
4d stuck into the grafics - disconnecting right after i kill araxxas in black rock hold, i enter the first gate and on the right side there is a blocked way,like a drstroyed wall..?! anyway i made the mistake to leap on it and i fell into the grafics and i got disconnected. i keep getting disconnect when i try to log inTwoloud1 4d
4d Disappointed with blizzard's customer service So since the release of legion i have tried to unlock my bloody dancing steel enchant illusion i have had nothing but problems with GMs on this topic, with them saying that i simply just bought the enchant and didnt rightfully unlock it what they dont seem to understand is the fact that i didnt even play during 5.2 when they bug was active, futhermore i have proven multiple times that i have rightfully unlocked it with screenshots, and the fact that i have the prideful gladiators tabard, cloak, elite set, t2 weapons with the enchant currently equipped on on top of that, i just got threatened by a GM that action may be taken towards my account, because they fail at answer my question of why a 2500 tabard isnt proof enough that i recieved the required rating for the enchant (which was 2.2k+ back then) So now i'm logging out in all my proof, and linking them my armory... anyone else having issues like this with GM's? they dont seem to even look into whats going onBrewsfkinlee15 4d
4d What happened to my legendary? Hi guys I'm pretty confused. I was transmogging my gear and noticed that I could transom into lessons of space time, a fairly powerful legendary for my class. The thing is, I don't remember getting the item and I can't find it in my bags or bank or anything... Can anyone offer any guidance? I'd hate to think I have missed out on my best legendary.Karthox3 4d
3d Moving WoW Accounts This first part you can skip but if you're looking to answer me, you should probably read it first. My Dad has been playing World of Warcraft since Vanilla and due to that he has acquired many rare items over the years. He's been incredibly active on WoW, raiding up until Mists of Pandaria and since then has been playing quite casually. Recently, as much as my Dad was enjoying Legion and the game in general, he started doing a lot more work and was too busy to play two games at once (Overwatch and WoW) so he decided to quit WoW for now and now he only really plays Overwatch. Fortunately, I own WoW aswell and I have been active since the Burning Crusade and even now in Legion I've been doing all types of content except from Mythic raiding. That's the backstory of why I'm looking to move my WoW account into his, so I can obtain all of his mounts, pets, toys, etc. that I don't have already. Now, there is only one problem, since Mists of Pandaria this has been impossible to do without losing mounts/toys/pets/achievements on the way due to the collections update. I opened a ticket to ask more about this and the representative, although completely agreeing with me that it's quite stupid that it hasn't been fixed yet to allow for account moving once again, he told me it's impossible. I'm not going to repeat everything said in the ticket, the representative was fine however he told me many things that in my opinion, shows the real flaws of this game and customer support but that's for another day. He told me, if I want my message to be seen, the best way is to go to the Customer Support section of the WoW forums because almost all posts are responded to. The main point I'm trying to get at, is that the collections journal NEEDS fixed. The game is getting older every year, it's almost been 13 years since it came out. The older players are starting to leave and their children/younger relatives are beginning to take their place. This issue will start popping up a lot more and I'm not the only person I know facing this issue. A few people have got in contact with me about this exact issue aswell. I understand, you can't do much to solve this, but PLEASE can you recommend to your higher-ups to have this added. I know it's doable, it was doable before and you's have even better technology now to do it once again. I can understand you's not allowing accounts owned by different people to be combined, but both me and my Dad's accounts are owned and put under my Dad's name. We have both been active subscribers to your games, paying thousands every year to offer us entertainment. It's terrible that this hasn't been implemented yet. Thank you for reading this.Goodguykeem15 3d