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26 Sep 2013 Customer Service Information The Customer Service Forum cultivates a beneficial relationship between our support departments and player community by providing a friendly environment where players can exchange information, access self-help resources, highlight in-game issues, and receive meaningful guidance through personal and fun interactions with Blizzard representatives. Index: Forum Information Forum Guidelines Twitter Additional Social Media ResourcesHagut4 26 Sep 2013
34m Conquest bar not moving Hey there, The bar on the PvP tab in game that says "X/500" and leads to an item reward isn't moving at all when I obtain conquest points. I have tried relogging and reloading with no fix so far. I've spoken with a couple of friends who also have had the exact same issue. Hoping you can restore the 100ish conquest I've obtained so far or at least offer some sort of solution to a very odd bug especially when it feels very pointless to even try and obtain conquest points if they potentially have no benefit to me. Thanks :: ShneekiShneeki113 34m
1h Demonology Warlock - Demonic Tyrant I'll keep it simple, i'm trying to figure out if the following "issue" with the Demonic Tyrant is a bug or if it's intended. Demonic Tyrant's Tooltip: ... It says all demons, yet it doesn't seem to work (or at least doesn't show) on the Vilefiend from the Summon Vilefiend talent, nor does it work on the demons spawned from the Nether Portal (talent). My question: could anyone confirm if this is intended or a current bug? if it is as intended it would make both talents rather lackluster as they don't scale with your other CD's. Or does it just not show on the targets? Kind Regards -Avrara EDIT: it seems to be hidden on the Vilefiend/Wild imps, but it does NOT work on demons summoned from the Nether PortalAvralock0 1h
1h Can't delete brew of the month letter! Hi I'm trying to do a character transfer to another realm but i have a plain letter stuck in my mail box and it cant be deleted which means i cannot do the transfer. Any ideas why i cant delete this letter? i already disabled the addons and reloaded etc but nothing :(Naruuy1 1h
2h ah delays in the evenings, waiting of a response from the system on click can be up to 10 sec or even more... in legion also were delays but not like now. it's just hell. do anything finally.Asin3 2h
3h PTR feedback Where do we feedback for the PTR? US have dedicated forum. Is our input not required?Ashadeus0 3h
3h The Dreadwake Mount Quick question! :) I cancelled my 1 month subscription (which ends Oct. 4th.) and added a 6 month. Does this make me eligible for the Dreadwake Mount when the new billing period starts? Thanks.Zhiraa7 3h
3h Herbs underground? I've been farming herbs in Nazmir for the past week or 2, and i've noticed there is a herb which is underground. Now there is no obvious way of getting to it, and no caves nearby, so i think it might be a bug! The herb normally is a Sea Stalk, but is now Anchor Weed, which made me bring this up! Its at 61.74, 61,52. Why is this happening?Drooddood0 3h
3h Zone quest / Faction change So i was wondering if i have done all the quest in Zandalar, i mean zone "chapter quests" and do a faction change will i then have to do all of the chapters in Kul Tiras?Cyriz2 3h
2h Transfer aborted: instance not found Hello, I keep getting this error when I try to do everything that requires a loading screen like entering dungeons, using hearthstone, entering portal and so on. How can I fix this?Yipikayo1 2h
4h Follower mission with wrong faction reference This is a small issue that I was not sure where to post. Follower mission lvl 120 "Twilight Harvesting" says "[...] Eliminate them, and secure the azerite for the Alliance." even though I am on a Horde character.Noldor2 4h
3h GJ Blizz Really nice job with the shaman blizzard! much fun and thanks for the nerfs lulWAlsiria1 3h
6h Guild bank Issues Hey, Seriously, when is this going to end? You do realize we can't do a thing unless waking up super early or being awake at 4am? Even with addons disabled... Unacceptable. This started at the end of previous expansion and is is now to the point where the guild banks are useless at peek time and still no fix?Szam0 6h
7h Temple of sethralis ORB bugged Hello , we just went into Temple of sethralis +4 ,mythic keystone. we got into the parth when you need to put both orbs in the skull eyes in order to continue to the last boss. We went into the right side of the room , picked the orb and suddenly in the middle of the way it disappeard . We could see the light of the orb on the ground , but it was invisible. the orb guardians didnt take it , and a new orb never spawned . We tried wiping few times and it still doesent spawn. I got few pictures saved . Name of the group : Groót-Kazzak Atalef-Kazzak Gargafel-Kazzak Neggdar-Ragnaros Spañk-HyjalShimonimus1 7h
7h Druid Travel form Swift Landing bug report Hello there I´ve noticed a bug with the was table resource upgrade "swift landing" together with Druids Travel form. Every other class (or druids on mounts) that doesnt use a travel form normally get dismounted when they hop on a flightpath. So when they land, and then mount up and they get the movement speed bonus when the get mounted. Travel form however, doesnt break on flightpaths. You take the flightpath IN travel form and is automatically in travel form when you land, however the 20% movement speed bonus isnt applied unless you shift out of form and then back in to travel form, then you´ll get the bonus.Rayncoat1 7h
4h I /say "Character name Regrowth" help me stop it. So i was playing around with resto healing and trying to set-up some frames. I downloaded Vuhdo and imported a profile or 2, however my character would announce when regrowth was cast on it. I promtly deleted Vuhdo and followed up with deleting my WTF folder and turning all addons off. This didn't fix anything and i have checked for macros and cast regrowth on me from a friend and i still /say it. Is there anyway of stoping this, maybe a script command that supresses say chat or seeing what is being tracked to say. Any help is massively appreciated.Snarfe9 4h
12h Cinematic music volume extremely loud, ignores settings The volume of music in cinematics is excessively loud, stupidly loud. And it for some reason seems to be on its own separate channel, so you cannot alter it from the in-game settings menu. It is completely independent of the in-game music settings. Even when music is MUTED or set to 0% it still blasts your ears off every time a cinematic plays! I was just watching the introduction cinematic for the "A Nation Divided" quest in Boralus and the music is so loud that it literally drowns out Taelia's voice. You need to fix this nonsense. Put the music on the proper channel so we can actually change it, or set the volume to a reasonable volume (ie. not louder than the dialogue!)Archaos2 12h
12h Mount missing after character transfer Hey guys .I got a question I'm going to transfer a character to an another blizzard account and this account owns the swift spectral Tiger and Big Blizzard bear mounts. It seems the mounts which are bound to blizzard account will be missed through character transfer , But the question is if I will transfer the character which redeemed the spectral tiger code on that time , Will those mounts be transfered to my new account or not. I'll be pleased if someone describe it to me completely .Iord2 12h
5h ERROR 404 PVP STATS Hi there! Whenever I try to load my pvp progress on this character it tells me: "Error 404 Something’s Not Quite Right". "The character has been inactive. If this is your profile, try logging in and out of the character in the game client. The character name or realm was spelled incorrectly. The character is undergoing a process such as a realm transfer or faction change. The character may have been deleted. The character is below level 10 and thus cannot be displayed. An illusion. What are you hiding?" None of the factors above are correct? Does anybody else have this error and does anybody have a possible fix? Thanks in advance... - KrybskyttenKrybskytten2 5h
15h CS Lounge IV Greetings everyone! Due to unforeseen circumstances, the previous lounge disappeared into the void, and as such, we're making a new one. For anyone that is unfamiliar with the CS Lounge this is simply a place where the Customer Support regulars can come to chat and post anything off-topic so as not to derail existing threads. So pull up a chair, grab a coffee or two, eat a cookie, if there's anything left, post and relax!Hagut3040 15h
19h Still got started edition Hello I paid 1 month for try. And when I want using mail auction can't because wrote I got started edition. Can you solve this problem?Loverel1 19h
20h 14 days gone and still theres a game breaking bug. I just got queued into the 5 man dungeon where you have to move to dimonds or whatever it is to a snakes eye sockets to go further and like 14 days ago this is still bugged. Maybe fix your new content.Kenickíe4 20h
21h Demonology Artifact Transmog Issue I can transmog my legion artifact on to my staff and Dagger + Offhand, but not Wand + Offhand. Is this a bug or intended feature?Xallock2 21h
21h Guild master faction change. BE AWARE! Greetings A little heads up for thoose who doesnt want to get stuck like I am right now, without help from Blizzard sadly... I played on horde Tarren Mill, and decided to move to Defias Brotherhood alliance, as I had a few returning friends playing there. I was gm in my guild, and leader of a community on horde. (because of the community, that keep up messing my character up, GM's cant do anything to help me as my toon cant go to alliance when in a horde community) Here on day 8, I still havent the option to do anything on my toon.Harðen3 21h
21h Faction Change in BFA Hello people, I just wonder about the faction change in new BFA expansion. My question is that do I have a chance to change my race when I use ''faction change'' system ? Secondly, am I going to be able to pick new races that come with the new expansion BFA when I use faction change ? for example, Can I change my warrior's race (human) as a ''Mag'har Orc'' ? Thank you!!Kozdriel7 21h
22h Repeating PvP rewards? Hey there. So I've filled the conquest bar yesterday and got Dread gladiator's silk handguards ilvl 355. From what I figured so far about this conquest system there should be a new item each time for a different slot and that the order should be pre-set. First was a weapon, then a chest, then gloves (I came to this conclusion because it was the same order on my alts). The problem is that now after I filled the bar for the gloves for the first time, on the next day I see that my next reward is.... the very save gloves. Please tell me it's a bug. Please...Girky0 22h
22h Creeping Doubt Bug Hello, I began questing in Pandaria and got a debuff called Creeping Doubt from the quest Koukou's Rampage, which will not go away ( tried relog, restart ). The timer refreshes itself when it reaches 2s remaining. I cannot continue playing like this, because it causes my toon to take 50% increased damage ( it has 10 stacks ). Thank you for looking into this, at this point it is a game breaker on this character. Edit : I managed to get rid of the debuff by going back and fighting the creature again, it somehow made the timer tick normally and the debuff went away.Elisse3 22h
1d Frozen Orb pathfind, please fix Hi There! Frozen Orb sometimes stuck on a flat ground. its super annoying, and its not reliable at all. Is this intended or its a bug? when i cans FO on a compelty flat ground, at least it seems like it, i have no idea whether it will reach the target or not...Ahaa1 1d
1d Death to all defilers The quest Death to all defilers is not possible to finish for me. Because wether or not the horde or alliance control arathig highlands, this zone has only human syndicate mobs instead of undead defilers. I have made a ticket about this but was asked to post it here aswell.Siless0 1d
1d Race change bugg I get " This character is locked " when i try to race change him to Gnome. Any tips on what I need to do here? Cheers!Dòòmm2 1d
1d No Dreadwake Mount i did just subscribe for 6 month's but i did not receive the Dreadwake Mount can you fix it or can i request a refund i got everything you need to know from transfer number to order IDTriwanna0 1d
1d Transfer Aborted: Instance not found I got these errors when i was doing my auctions in the exodar following a very long delay to cast a spell or interacting with mailboxes and npcs. After i got these 3 ''Transfer Aborted: Instance not found'' in my chat, i got disconnected. And now i cannot login on my character because ''World server is down''Anwéen39 1d
1d No loot no World of Warcraft. 6 out of 8 dungeons without loot only receiving hydrocores and chunks azerite. I like playing World of Warcraft, but this is demoralizing. It has come to a point were its not fun anymore, going through dungeons with no rewards. Spending 30-40 min on more or less nothing makes me want to just quit the game.Slaka5 1d
1d blizzard blance i was just woundering if i could my blizzard blance to pay for a subcriptionBendabomb7 1d
1d PvP conquest bar not filling up When i win a PvP match it gives conquest points but the bar does not fill up...same for the item it does not change....Eletriik2 1d
1d Expierence bar bugg Hello , i am expierncing something that i find unpleasant : My expierence bar shows but doesn't show the Numeric value of it until i hoover over it and i find it enoying… ( posted it in game as bugg / suggestion too ) but still not working and i am getting a little bit frustrated ( mabye a little bit autistic but i would like to resolve the problem ) In other patches it was able to put it on/off in interface but i searched and cannot find it anymore… ( online they say it is now called status bar but even that i can't find in the interface ) Please can someone tell me how to solve this problem. i am very gratefull for whoever find the solution!Beyondsouls0 1d
1d Missing hunter pets after BFA Hello, i'm somehow irritated of the fact that i have to write this on a forum since your ticketing system is now designed in such a way that you cannot get in touch with a GM, and since this problem doesn't seem to be related to most of you "TOPICS" that can have a ticket submitted upon.. nevertheless, i'd like to know where my hunter pets are? I dont recall the name of them just that my hunter on Emeriss is missing ALL his pets somehow, and he's 67 (cant remember what pets he had, but probably corehound and the rare waterstrider from zangarmarsh in BC) and same goes for my 112 (now) hunter on Ragnaros. I now have .. generic pets on him. Not the pets i used to have, which is annoying. I wanted to fish and use the waterstrider ability that allows you to waterwalk .. and guess what, no more sporebat OR corehound in pets.Lunetistu2 1d
1d Transmogs Wand So i lvl my priest up now to max lvl and her main weapon is a wand and i cant transmog Legion Artifacts over it , so the question is why did i put work into unlocking the Artifact looks when i cant even transmog into it , i find it silly as i remember that it was stated that we could transmog Legion Artifacts weapon looks on our BFA weapons then to find out that's not the case .Creekie2 1d
1d very wrong information from a inexperienced gamemaster I currently have an issue of an account that has been wrongly justified by a gamemaster and provided me with very wrong information in a ticket response even confirmed by another gamemaster, I want to bring the attention of this and he's actions on my account to senior or supervisor GM's but: - dosen't seem to work, am I sending to the wrong email?Slammdown6 1d
1d Mythic+ Season Best Progress lost Hey guys, I noticed some Issue with the Season Best Feature of the Mythic Dungeons Window. Last week there were my Season Best Keys visible, like the one +10 on Waycrest Manor that I've done with my guild. That is now lost. It shows just a +5 Waycrest Manor, though on and it's visible that I've done this +10. That concerns a few more Dungeons. Maybe there is a Bug or some reset to the Ladder /season Best happened within a past few days? For comparison, this is my profile where you can see the +10: Here's the Screenshot from In-game: 1d
1d cant see world qests on alt hello all there ,i wana ask you if you can tell me why i cant see world quests on my alt ....I see only few of them,but when i ask fly master to send me somewhere i see that i have more quests,and when i log on my main i see them all....why i cant see them on hunter..what must i doWlndrunner0 1d
1d The Darkness Around Us quest problem Hello. I tried to find solution for this issue, but can't find it anywhere. Problem is with quest The Darkness Around Us (Jade Temple reputation daily). There is no quest mobs in whole area. Is there any way to spawn it/start quest event? Thanks in advance for any ideas ;)Shivael0 1d
1d Uuna and Baa´l Hey everyone so i have made all the secret quest for uuna but still she dosn´t weaken baa´l she have made the dialog one time and nothing happened and yes im sure i have made them all when i hug her she hugs me back i have tried turning war modeon and off dosn´t work and i do not have the gastropod shield and i do not wanna farm it since its a 0.6% drop chance anyone that can help me?Sødemig1 1d
20h Can't salvage in Motherlode I'm an engineer with 150 points in the profession and never been able to salvage mechs in the motherlode, even though i have dropped the elixir and have dropped the item from last boss. I did the dungeons countless times and neither i can't salvage nor the schematic for the mecha mount dropped. Since I think that there is the possibility that my character is not identified as an engineer or something like that, the mount schematic would never drop, so I stopped doing the dungeon. Please look into this. Thank you very much!Stormson3 20h
1d what happened to blizz customer service i have a ticket open for hours now and no reply i remember when it used to take mins :SNecrofnatic1 1d
1d what happened to blizz customer service i have a ticket open for hour now and no reply i remember when it used to take mins :SNecrofnatic1 1d
1d My character locked You cannot log in until the character update process you recently initiated is complete. I was trying to change faction but I couldt change and I've been waiting for 1 day and there's still no change then my character locked. So I can't do anything right nowVúlpís2 1d
1d forget email Dear Blizzard support, I have stopped playing battle games for about 5 years, and during that time my email got stolen and I also forgot the secret answer. Please help me to change my email cause i already bought WoW new expansion. and If you want to make sure that it is me the owner of the account I am willing to send credit cards information or anything in particularToxicz1 1d
1d Lost Caravan - Warfront - BUG I have checked in many places and it seems that the lost caravan event in the warfronts for the alliance does not spawn. I myself have run so many warfronts this week that i have actually lost track. I have not seen this event happen once. I have asked others and they also have never seen it happen within the alliance warfront. Could we have an update on when this shall be fixed please.Crosshaír1 1d
1d Kua'fon So i obtained the Mount Kua'fon from the Questchain and noticed it can't fly, now im not really sure if thats intended or not, would like to know thatKotaso1 1d