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26 Sep 2013 Customer Service Information The Customer Service Forum cultivates a beneficial relationship between our support departments and player community by providing a friendly environment where players can exchange information, access self-help resources, highlight in-game issues, and receive meaningful guidance through personal and fun interactions with Blizzard representatives. Index: Forum Information Forum Guidelines Twitter Additional Social Media ResourcesHagut4 26 Sep 2013
5d [Recruit-a-Friend] Common Issues & Questions This thread is intended as a guide to help you troubleshoot the most commonly reported issues with RAF and explain how / when rewards can be claimed. Please make sure to check this thread thoroughly before opening a new thread or indeed posting questions you may have here in this thread. Common Issues such as accounts not appearing linked & experience gain seeming incorrect Reward System 5d
28 Aug 2012 Legion 7.3.2 - Common Issues [27.10.] ★ Patch Notes ★ Known issues ★ Common tech issues/fixes ★ Hotfixes ★ Please follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN for current service status. Welcome to Patch 7.3.2! If you experience issues when logging in after the latest patch, reset your user interface and remove all addons! Here's what you are contacting us about the most right now: Gameplay: Error when inviting to Premade Groups RETEST: We had reports that some fully upgraded accounts act as if they had Starter Edition restrictions placed on them, preventing proper usage of group functions. As we have only recently implemented a fix, we would appreciate previously affected players to try again now and let us know if it works! Misc: Missing Characters in Mobile/Web Armory KNOWN ISSUE: Some players are unable to see their characters in the Mobile Armory or switch the selected character on the Web Armory profile in order to post on the forums. We believe to have identified the cause of this problem and are assessing possible solutions. Quest: Archivist Inkforge not interactable KNOWN ISSUE: Archivist Inkforge in the Priest Order Hall appears as "Unknown" and cannot be interacted with. We are currently investigating the source of this problem. Please report any additional suspected bugs using the "Submit Bug" option in the ingame support portalNatryndon10 28 Aug 2012
21m Starter Edicion Hi. Today i bought colection edicion + 100 lvl boost. I play 1 hour . After 1 hour i need buy something in auction but when i click on buy now game said you can not buy someting in auction bcs you have starter edicion . On my battlelog account is standar edicion + legion active. I cant whisper to random player i cant buy something in auction i cant write a mail . I need help .I tryed reinstall game . Its doesnt work. :( Can someone there write my where is problem ??? Thank youFluppy7 21m
34m Authenticator not recognised by server (guild issue) My GM wanted to promote me to an officer, but said I needed the authenticator attached to my account first. Did this and using it to log in to the game etc. no problem. However my GM can still not give me the Officer standing as it says I need to have the authenticator?Kirkbride2 34m
1h I lost an artifact on an alt! Yelp! Hey! I've been trying to open a ticket in regards to this issue but there is no apparent way of opening tickets anymore. So I have an alt Holy Paladin and I only play Holy on her. I remember doing the Ashbringer quest chain to get it and then just setting it on the bank. I stopped playing on my paladin for a long while and I just got back to her. I wanted to swap to retri to do some content and I couldn't find the damn sword. I tried going to the bank in retri spec and alt+click on the weapon slot (all bags open) to see if it was there somewhere. Nope. Then I double checked to see if I had in fact done the quest and it seems I have. I don't know what to do now... can someone help me restore the artifact please? Thank you :)Ghilanna6 1h
1h EU vs US tickets question I play EU, my battlenet is EU, I logged a ticket from in the game, and I keep getting responses from US people saying they cant help me to log a ticket with EU people.. why is my game not getting it right and why is it that its my fault?Ttara7 1h
2h CS Lounge IV Greetings everyone! Due to unforeseen circumstances, the previous lounge disappeared into the void, and as such, we're making a new one. For anyone that is unfamiliar with the CS Lounge this is simply a place where the Customer Support regulars can come to chat and post anything off-topic so as not to derail existing threads. So pull up a chair, grab a coffee or two, eat a cookie, if there's anything left, post and relax!Hagut1612 2h
3h 1 Pixel wide box around players on hover So, I've been noticing this 1 pixel wide box around players, where the pixels are flashing at random colors. Screenshot of issue: It appears and dissapears depending on how zoomed in I am to my character. Screenshot of settings: Anyone else seeing this? Any solution?Aronand3 3h
3h The missing rope ladder of DOOM! From what I can tell this bug has been around for at least 4 years, and the reason it remains unfixed is because it's a !@#$% to reproduce apparently. Anyways: Quest: Commandeer that Balloon! (Alliance quest) Problem: The rope ladder that I need to press in order to actually commandeer said balloon is gone. Things I've tried: -Abandoning and re-acquiring quest. -Leaving the zone. -Relogging. -Restarting the game. -Logging onto another character then back to this one. -Killing horde players in the area hoping they drop the ladder. -Sacrificing my girlfriend to Quetzalcoatl. Nothing has worked and now the altar I built in my living room was a huge waste of time. From what I could read in old forum posts the only way many people got past this was having a GM assist them in-game while they were logged on. But this poses a problem seeing as the average wait time for an in-game ticket is 33 hours. Needless to say I can't sit here for 33 hours and wait for a reply, I got a body to bury. So.. Any advice or tips or solutions? Regards Ray PS: The thing about sacrificing my girlfriend to the Quetzalcoatl, the ancient Aztec God of Wind and Wisdom was a joke. She's alive, but she's expecting me to help her cook dinner. So if you could find a solution to this ASAP so I can opt out of that it would be a great help.Saena2 3h
4h Item drops. I honestly think that the way the WoD item drops are designed are pure Sh*t. Been farming for about 10 weeks and counting in order to get a mail item and it hasn't dropped even once, I had hunters in my group and no, tried all sorts of things. I've heard i'm not the only one with the same issues. SoO had the exact same problem. And whereas it takes me 10 weeks and counting to get an item it takes some people first try. I feel like I was cheated due to this and it just makes me want to play less and forget entirely about wanting to renew game item for next patch.Eisenhornn2 4h
5h Shared tags between cows and dwarfs! I have this problem with world quests when I talk to the guy in Suramar for example and the mob spawns, some horde tags the mob :( I am wondering if Blizzard would be so kind and have shared tags for Alliance and Hordes in game? There's actually no good a reason not to accept for annoying us players :) This morning I had to spam holy nova on my priest to get a world quest done because there was 3-4 Allies and 10 Hordes or more lol, this is not that fun you know! Please Mr Blizzard help your players out here and make shared tags between us!Why0 5h
2h Suggestion: Refer-A-Friend Hi WoW Devs, I recently started playing but my adventure in this game may already be mostly over. Let me tell you my story and why I have come to this unfortunate conclusion :( I recently bought the game with a few friends. One friend invited the other, and the other invited me. Both of my friends got the Refer-A-Friend exp bonus, but I did not. The reason for this seems to be because I tried out WoW with a starter edition on my account a long time ago for literally 2 hours at most. Aside from having to pay 1 month extra compared to my friends, these two hours have rendered my entire 90 day exp bonus completely void, and I can no longer keep up with my friends, with whom I wanted to play through your game together. It's a very sad chain of events but I hope you could maybe do something about this for players in the future, even though It will probably no longer help me :(Swoothz11 2h
6h Bought bind on pick up by mistake Bought 175 Hexweave cloth, then realize it was bind on pick up.and spent around 900 primal spirit for those, any change to refund those primal spirit back?Holyclone1 6h
7h Token Question I made a character on a US server to be able play with friends in the US. I bought the game an upgraded it up the Legion version. I decided to buy a token to speed up my leveling but the in game shop didn't show any tokens for sale. On the customer support sit I found that if I have an EU account I wouldn't be able to buy US tokens but as I have bought an US version game doesn't that make me eligible? Is there no way for me to buy a wow token on my US WOW that I fully paid for?Nuksjorres6 7h
9h Need GM to revive guild Hi I returned to wow after some years, am still in guild becose guild is death. Want to take ledarship in guild, but cant! Need GM to tell me what to do. ThxHeadpain5 9h
14h Legion Game lvl100 boost Hello I’ve already got the game and I’ve noticed that the game is on sale, I was wondering if I can buy the game again just to use the boost on the game I’ve already got and if so how do I do it. Kind regardsAelvaneth3 14h
14h WoW token not selling for more than a month I dont know how many people have the same issue, but i bought a token on 04-10-2017 and still it has not been sold on the AH. It is especially cruel, because its the first token i purchased and put on the AH. Customer support said that they cannot do anything about this, and ill just have to wait ( other friends have sold the token in a matter of days or less after me ) I will strongly suggest other buyers to beware that this method is ( at least for me ) kind of a scam. It is suggested when putting the token on the AH, it will likely be sold in 12 hours. Are there any others who have the same experiance with the tokens ? Can i have a clear answer on how this is possible ? Can i finnally get my ingame money in a normal timeframe, or is there an expected final date when the token can be bought ? Sry if this is kind of a rant, im really disappointed in the service and information providedNahlaria18 14h
14h Cant list a group in premade equal to my maximum ilvl my maximum ilvl is 941 and when i try to list a 940 minimum item level group it would not proceed i try to equip my maximum ilvl but nothing changed when i click list group nothing happen the primary page still remainWargôd1 14h
16h Any way of disabling quick join toasts? I am going nuts from the constant spam from it in an active guild.Lucaan0 16h
1d Guild bank very slow? Is the guild bank broken? I am trying to make feasts for the raid, and it takes ages to put things in the bank or take them out. Normally it took 10 minutes to make my feasts, but I am already on it for half an hour now. Half of the items I put in or out doesnt get moved, and the other half takes an age before it is actually moved.Bloodyguts21 1d
1d Recruit a Friend *fake* bonus experience Hi, I recruited my 2 kids to play wow with me. Verified that the accounts are linked (summon friend works). I was hoping to help them level faster. Experience and Reputation Boost is explained officially here: It says: "Linked players gain triple experience from kills and quests". Tested with a level 24 character with rested xp killing a level 22 enemy. Solo xp gain: 248 Grouped with RAF level 27 character, xp gain: 192 (for the level 24 character). The characters are not at the same level, granted, but still you end up earning more xp per enemy while playing solo. I'm well aware that killing enemies in a group is faster on paper but practically this xp "bonus" is fake.Zedisdead3 1d
1d cd install problems hi guys i am a new bee to wow and was playing the trail version , bought it and played for a while untill i wanted to try out the demon hunter . so i bought the wow legion cd and tryed installing , it downloads some files . but iam still not able to play with the demon hunter so iam wondering if the cd did install or is there an errorKrytous6 1d
11h huge ms at prime time My lag issue started yesterday around 7pm server time.Today i didnt have a problem while playing diablo before prime time and i start to get huge ms both on diablo and wow.Also my friend had same issue and talked with another guy from my country and he said he is having this problem like 3 weeks and some other players start to getting it.I talked with provider and they said they dont have any problem. Atm i cant even open ticket on bnet site it just crashes i dont know whats going on but please help meAlwayssalty2 11h
1h How to enable the yes/no for custom scripts? Greetings, I recently ran the custom script recommended by blizzard to fix the dalaran loading screen issue. As I did this however, I was wondering if there's a way to enable it once more now that it's disabled. I'd rather be warned before I accept any custom scripts, after all! This is the thread I am referring toä3 1h
1d Refund the 200 badges for the goggles Hello, so as you guys once again failed to notify us about, these goggles are only meant to be moggable during the anniversary event. This was in no way mentioned ANYWHERE until some random dev commented such on a FANSITE (Wowhead). And only hours later it was confirmed on twitter. Had I known this, then I wouldn't have wasted the 200 badges on it and I would've saved them for the mount, so could you please fix this, thx.Aylura1 1d
1d Champions of Legionfall - Hunter Hi, I've picked up the quest "Champions of Legionfall" with my main but when I go back to my class order hall, there is no quest ("Devastating Effects") for me to pick up anywhere. Is there some sort of requirement or is it a bug? Thanks!Squiier14 1d
1d Matrix Core Problem. Vindicaar Matrix Core Problem. I'm having a problem the the Matrix, no matter what I click on neither of the ability's show up on my task bar. Light's Judgment, Fel heart of Argus, LightForged Warframe. They all show up but no matter what I activate, nothing appears on my task bar. Any help would be gratefully received. Regards Dave.Argone2 1d
1d No mobs or NPC in Pandaria on Darkspear Very few mobs on Isle of Thunder yester day, today there is no NPC:s in Eternal BlossomsRaakhuul5 1d
14h WoW token not selling for more than a month I dont know how many people have the same issue, but i bought a token on 04-10-2017 and still it has not been sold on the AH. It is especially cruel, because its the first token i purchased and put on the AH. Customer support said that they cannot do anything about this, and ill just have to wait ( other friends have sold the token in a matter of days or less after me ) I will strongly suggest other buyers to beware that this method is ( at least for me ) kind of a scam. It is suggested when putting the token on the AH, it will likely be sold in 12 hours. Are there any others who have the same experiance with the tokens ? Can i have a clear answer on how this is possible ? Can i finnally get my ingame money in a normal timeframe, or is there an expected final date when the token can be bought ? Sry if this is kind of a rant, im really disappointed in the service and information providedNahlaria18 14h
3h No healer in 6vs6 brawl I'll assume its a bug. My side started without a healer, with 6 people on the team, while the horde side had one. Even If we could put more pressure on them, we were all running the bg with 50% hp or less all the time. If this is intentional, I don't think it's possible to win like this. The brawl location was Warsong Gulch.Nuszka2 3h
1d Where can i find peoples pvp statistics Since the remake of the Armory page, where <snip> can i check peoples pvp statistics these days when im scouting for new pvp partners? or was it a plan to remove the acces for it to be forced to play <snip> and find out by ourselves?....Darkscythe5 1d
1d More than the options to complain about players There are currently 4 things to complain about another player. I would state before I go on, this is not something I particularly want to do or enjoy doing. Normally I would ask the player what their problem with me was so that I may alter my game play should I be at fault. In this case this was not the issue. I entered the Halls of Valor Quest. Something I needed to finish as I have an Engineer and completing this quest means I could move on with my next task. I was removed from the group and when I asked what I had done and why I was given this reponse: me: kicked why?? <removed> : imbesile me: did baby not get the loot they wanted..??? is that your problem?? <removed>: does not wish to be disturbed: <removed> What am I supposed to do with that??? I am talking to a <removed>. <removed>.. or where they suggesting a new character name??? Ok ... back to my problem.... Why can <removed> do this?? Without a good reason or justifiable cause? Why is this an accepted practice. Sometimes folk make mistakes. By all means get rid but at least explain their errors. I say this last part because I am fully prepared to take reponsibility when I go into a raid/dungeon etc., and the other people playing are running about their <removed> are on fire :/ If I do a dung and they say they want all the trash.. we do all the trash... but at least that group let folk know what was going on. Why are people so mean spirited? How the hell do they get away with this kind of game play??? When did this happen and why? Moreover... Why can't I complain getting all my issues out regarding the situation ? I am not complaining about the player I am complaining about the gameplay. If someone wants to be a <removed> then that is their prerogative - I hate being inconvenienced and since I am paying for this it makes the bullet harder to bite.Wave1 1d
1d Can we get an option to block someone's account? Yeah so as the title suggest I'd love to get an option to block someone permanently on my entire account. I swear this guy has asked every single one of my alts multiple times to join his !@#$ing guild and I've always said something along the lines of ''No please stop asking me already.'' and he just keeps doing it and sometimes he does it on one of his alts too. I'm not gonna name the player on the forums but the guilds name rhymes with ''Rage against the machine'' and it's starting to get really damn annoying. Just to give you guys some context to how often this happens at the time of writing it's freaking 5 am on tuesday morning and this guy just asked my hunter to join while I was leveling. So yeah,it happens at least couple times a week across all my guildless alts ''this warrior included''. As I said he does it on multiple characters so ignoring doesn't really help all that much.Barokai6 1d
1d Characters lost in different realms. Why? We are in the same realm - but we aren't! What is this??? Me and my boyfriend started to play on realm Quel'Thalas. Yesterday we played together for hours. Today we logged in and it seems like we are in two different realms. He sees totally different characters around himself and we can't see each other. Why is this happening? How can we fix this? Both accounts are set in EU, English language. We already purchased the full game, but nothing improved.Arikan1 1d
1d Can't add :( can't seem to add battle net friends or friends in game , im on twisting nether on the horde side and trying to locate a guild that's on the horde side but not showing up and cant seem to add a horde character from that guild. My character is lvl 12Darkcelet1 1d
2d Unit Nameplates Issue Hello, I changed the look of Nameplates via addon.Two weeks after changing settings again ALL Npaltes disappeared. And this happened only to the character I play. The others are okey. I TRIED> Delete Cache, Interface, WTF .......result NOTHING I TRIED> Uninstal WoW and Download Clean Install.....I still have ALL Interface settings and same result. I TRIED> Delete from WTF>Account>NAMEACCOUNT>ServerName> The problematic character Folder with *Bindings-Cache, Cache, Chat-Cache, Config-Cache and Macros-Cache files inside ...still Nothing Ofc those were previously wiped out with anyotehr folder but still had to try it.Oxim2 2d
2d Gold from Class Halls and Battle For Azeroth Hello, I'd like to know if it'll get nerfed in BfA prepatch or in the xpac itself like the garrisons in Legion prepatch.It's really important to me since I get lots of gold for the monthly token and I can't afford the fee every month with real money.It should be ok if it'll be nerfed during the new xpac since there'll be other sources of gold.Areax1 2d
2d How long does the "character type throttle" timer last? Hi, I attempted to create a Demon Hunter, but was unable to pick a name or appearance I was the happiest with. So, I deleted and re-created the character a few times to make sure she was just right. When I finally figured things out and decided to take her out for a spin, I received the message "Creation of that type of character is currently throttled". I understand that is some kind of limitation to battle malicious use? Anyway, someone said that they had to wait for a few hours before creating another Demon Hunter, but someone said it took them almost a whole day to be able to do so. So, I wonder if there is some way that might help me figure out how long I have to wait before I can create the character I want. Thanks in advance. :)Adhira11 2d
2d Group grey Box gone When you create a team or join a team there should be a little grey box for raid control roughly in the upper left corner of your screen. There you can ready cheek, and give your tank a mark over the head. But my grey box is gone, how do i get it back?Tihifniz1 2d
1d Grey box gone When you create a team or join a team there should be a little grey box for raid control roughly in the upper left corner of your screen. There you can ready cheek, and give your tank a mark over the head. But my grey box is gone, how do i get it back?Tihifniz2 1d
2d Battle.Net - Avatars Collection Hello, I was wondering if the avatars that we currently have as an option on Battle.Net have been released anywhere in a higher quality and size. I find the art to be really pretty and was hoping that we might be able to possibly get our hands on it so that we can use them as avatars on other websites or desktop/mobile backgrounds for example? If not, are there plans to do that? Thanks =)Lunétte3 2d
2d Artifact weapon item lvl drop Hey guys today for no reason my artifact weapon lost its item lvl like it was not upgraded at all, no idea how to fix this here is the SS : 2d
2d Can't replace buildings in Draenor garrison! For some reason I can't replace any building in my garrison. All buildings are greyed-out and the previous drag-and-drop functionality just doesn't work (as they cannot be selected). Also when I checked the building plans vendor I noticed plans now don't have the red notice underneath them "You already know that plan" or whatever it used to say. Now they all look as if I don't know them. Yet when I tried to buy and learn one it said I already know it... :( Any idea what's going on? P.S. What's going on with the tickets system? I couldn't find ANY way to post a ticket for this problem!!!!!!!!! EDIT: Restarting the game fixed the problem. Buildings are now back in colour and selectable. Meh. Probably a bug. And I'm expecting it won't be addressed as it is from an irrelevant now expansion. :o)Ragazul2 2d
2d Project 60 Hello! Will there be any actions taken towards the mass harassment of roleplayers specifically on Argent Dawn and Moonguard. Along with the massive connection and latency issues caused by the massive influx on the servers? I'd love to see something done both with the increased harassment but also the server load. I'm personally an Argent Dawn player although I will link a few posts displaying that this is happening on moonguard to a much worse degree. This is behaviour motivated by several streamers, specifically <snip> and <snip> who cause major migration to already heavily populated servers. I personally am surprised that streamers in the past got banned for unintentionally overloading servers. But nowadays it is widely accepted for streamers to do whatever they want. Whenever it's direct harassment or ruining the game experience for other players through overloading the servers and effectively causing denial of service. Edit: I am aware on Moonguard this is primarily <snip> and <snip> Although this is very much active on EU and co-ordinatied by others: 2d
2d Start Edition Hi, i download this game, after buy complete pack in game, use boost 100lvl, i cant not use battle pet, mailbox... why? Thank youManofcloth2 2d
2d A way to change to US? Any way to change to US Servers? I want to get to US Servers, please tell me there is a possibility.Nutcrusher1 2d
3d Account question Hey, I just bought Legion, and am trying to play with my partner. She has tried to add me to her guild (she is GM) but it is saying that starter accounts cannot be added? Why am I still showing as a starter account considering I have bought the game and latest expansion? Is there something else I need to do first?Elethor4 3d
1d Can't pick up Brawl: Deep Six Hello! Im having trouble picking up the quest through the Adventure Guide - Suggested Content. When i click "Start Quest" it opens up my Map, and theres no quest in my quest log. I've tried to disable all my addons, /reload and even changed my character on to another server during the problem. Its only been a problem for my Death Knight. I've also tried to go into the brawl and win it without any quest being completed or popping up. Please help :)Ðìe2 1d
3d Error reporting. I'm trying to report someone on the forums for abusive behaviour, but every time I do it says "Error reporting" This seems like a pretty serious thing in need of a fix. Any suggestions?Ninaryu11 3d