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26 Sep 2013 Customer Service Information The Customer Service Forum cultivates a beneficial relationship between our support departments and player community by providing a friendly environment where players can exchange information, access self-help resources, highlight in-game issues, and receive meaningful guidance through personal and fun interactions with Blizzard representatives. Index: Forum Information Forum Guidelines Twitter Additional Social Media ResourcesHagut4 26 Sep 2013
27 Apr Battle for Azeroth Beta Reminder With the Battle for Azeroth launch coming closer every day, we see an increase in players requesting access to the Battle for Azeroth Beta. We are happy to see so many of you excited to try it out and provide feedback, but please remember that the Customer Support Team is not able to grant beta access upon request. If you are interested in the Beta, opt in for the Beta test. You can check your Beta Profile Settings to double check that you are opted in for the Beta by going to the page, and checking if the Warcraft checkbox is ticked (and any other games you might be interested in!). Don’t forget to keep an eye on the Battle for Azeroth sub-forums for information and discussions. We look forward to seeing you there, and to reading your feedback!Nenyasqi0 27 Apr
28 Aug 2012 Legion 7.3.5 - Common Issues [09.02.] ★ Patch Notes ★ Known issues (TBA) ★ Common tech issues/fixes ★ Hotfixes ★ Please follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN for current service status. Welcome to Patch 7.3.5! If you experience issues when logging in after the latest patch, reset your user interface and remove all addons! Here's what you are contacting us about the most right now: Character: Boosted characters can't queue for Crown Chemical NOT A BUG: This is part of an existing restriction. Boosted characters can't enter older content instances for 24 hours since the use of the service. Quest: Disappearing weekly world quests KNOWN ISSUE: Players may notice that entering specific zones automatically abandons their weekly quest. Investigation underway. Character: Paid character service stuck or paid twice KNOWN ISSUE: A number of recently initiated character services may be stuck on "Awaiting Payment Confirmation" or "Completed, Required Confirmation", locking the affected character. We have investigated and eliminated the cause of this issue so that it should no longer occur, but some services purchased prior to the fix still seem to be stuck in this state. Please contact the gamemaster team if you are among the affected players. Account: SMS Protect/Authenticator, Extra Bag Slots INFO: We have noticed a spike of interest in our SMS Protect and Authenticator services due to our offer of 4 extra bag slots for participating players. Please note that it may take up to 30 minutes for the bag slots to unlock after these security features are added to your account, and that it may be necessary to log out and back in once this time has passed. More information about these services is available here: [SMS Protect] [Authenticator] Please report any additional suspected bugs using the "Submit Bug" option in the ingame support portalNatryndon10 28 Aug 2012
10h Quest mob i stuck on ''EVADE'' Matron Wilona Blackwood is stuck on Evade at the moment (Anduin realm on the BFA Beta). Helperino ples. Would have opened a ticket ingame if it wasnt disabled.Chloette3 10h
10h Dragon souls I have completed this raid about 93 times on this character and 77 times on an alt which is 170 times each run takes about 20 - 25 minutes and the blazing drake has not dropped yet. I was wondering how many times do i have to do it like the effort for just a mount to drop is a bit much. Thats a total of almost 57 hours just doing dragon souls for the blazing drake. Surely that should have earned it at least once. I was wondering is there any changes that could be considered that would at least increase the drop rate of mounts so people dont have to spend so much time going for the one mountWeoríe3 10h
10h Boost question Hey guys. I got the boost thingy due to my purchase of BfA. Is there a limited time i can have it in my account or i can use it whenever i want? Example: after 3 years. lol thanx in advanceAtheus3 10h
11h Boosted character unable to finish the Argus chapters Hello there, I have recently pre-ordered the BFA expansion and decided to use the character boost option to quickly get into the Legion experience before the next expansion. I have decided to unlock the Nether Crucible device by completing the Argus chapters quests, but there is one quest that is unavailable to me - [Remnants of Darkfall Ridge]. I am supposed to pick this quest from the Scouting Map, which is on a table at the Vindicaar. However, I am just not getting the option to select this particular quest. Here is an image of what the map gives me as options - Here is how it is supposed to look like - I beg you for some help, because this is incredibly frustrating and I hope that I won't have to go through all of the Legion territories and quests in order to unlock this quest...Tantu7040871 11h
12h Vanguard of the silver hand not working I have the Vanguard of the silver hand order hall upgrade, i have taken the reagent for the spell and I have also the quest related to that spell. I do the spell but nothing happens i just see a really small animation on my map but no world quest is comleted and no reagent is used. I am wondering is it a bug or am I doing something wrong? I have tried doing it from dalar, from my order hall , and from the zone that i have the world quest but still nothing. Thank you in advanceHellslight10 12h
21h CS Lounge IV Greetings everyone! Due to unforeseen circumstances, the previous lounge disappeared into the void, and as such, we're making a new one. For anyone that is unfamiliar with the CS Lounge this is simply a place where the Customer Support regulars can come to chat and post anything off-topic so as not to derail existing threads. So pull up a chair, grab a coffee or two, eat a cookie, if there's anything left, post and relax!Hagut2679 21h
1d How do Blizzard back-up? A general question run through my mind a few nights ago so thought to ask out of pure curiosity - hopefully someone could put some light on the matter! :) With all of the hacking, DDoS attacks and whatnot - how does Blizzard actually protect our characters? Would it be entirely possible for someone to delete our character completely from a server? How safe are our characters from exploits? Does Blizzard have a number of copies of every character made - or a firewall so strong even trump would be jealous of? Thanks in advance!Stolzer9 1d
1d Alt Casting causes animation bug in pvp :( Alt Casting causes animation bug in pvp Hi All this is my first forum post so hope its in an ok place :P So it started yesterday but evertime i go into a pvp game and Alt cast myself with any spells it plays the cleanse animation spell and sound (dispell). This plays on loop until the game is over and its happened in every bg i have been doing and Ive done alot. I cant find any help online and am waiting on a ticket response so thought i would see here :) I am going crazy listening to this noise every bg, has anyone seen this before please ? :)Nóena1 1d
1d Posts and tickets disappearing I have posted perhaps 4 times over the last few weeks on this forum, every time my post either posts to the forum for 30s then disappears or doesn't even appear on the forum at all. AFAIK there is no issue with the rules being broken in any of the posts made although they could be construed as constructive criticism in most cases. Next my in game appeals are not being tracked or reported when i go check up on them, i think i have made 3 or 4 regarding specific quest/mob mechanics. I don't expect a reply, but i have no idea if they are even getting through because when i go to BNet it says no tickets and there's no past history. I have searched and searched but i can't find a way to actually SPEAK to someone to report my issues, i can't PM a moderator to find out what i am doing wrong, if anything, nor can i speak to someone regarding my concerns over serious game play problems.Kytie4 1d
1d Missing Magni The Speakers Perspective Quest in Silithus is bugged. Speak to Khadgar, collect a letter and deliver it to Magni. Having done the full quest chain on my hunter I knew how and where. But no letter in my backpack and no King Magni either. Many said the quest is bugged for some but not all.Narissaa0 1d
1d Deleted character, consequences? Hey When bfa hits, there will be new races etc.. and i plan to make some new characters because of that. But i dislike having to many of the same class, so i plan to delete some of my characters. And here is my worries. If i have earned something on character x, and delete it. Will my achievements/accomplishments be gone as well? If i look over achievements, i can see "earned by" etc. But if the character is no longer there, will i lose it? and my total achievement points earned as a result?Deepocket5 1d
1d Character Transfer shows as complete... but not? I ordered a server change for one of my toons. Didn't look like it went through so i tried again and the char was locked. Could log in but now i get the message: You cannot log in until the character update process you recently initiated is complete. Now i have 2 of the same char on 2 servers with the same message but the order saying it's complete and now on 2 hours?Chernovog2 1d
2d Character Transfer Problem Is it normal to wait more than 2 days for character transfer it say Transfer PendingBirdofhermes2 2d
2d Used an Ultimate Battle-Training Stone, pet still lvl 4 Hi! So I got a Snowfeather Hatchling the other day and got the quest from it (level it to lvl 25) and noticed I had some Pet Charms so I bought an Ultimate Battle-Training Stone (Level any battle pet to 25) and I used it on the Snowfeather Hatchling, completed the quest, it fell asleep, woke up and for some reason still lvl 4 (which is weird since the quest objective was to get it to 25). So... What do I do? I tried opening a ticket but couldn't find where (Couldn't find the proper topic or w/e) and I used the self item restoration feature yesterday to restore an item that accidently got sold so it's currently unavilable. :(Senap3 2d
2d How does the game time work? Hello there! If I already have my game time active, for example 2 days left (66 hours) and I want to redeem game time gift key: 1. is it going to prolong my game time when my ACTIVE game time ends, or 2. is it going to prolong my redeemed game time OVER my active game time? Maybe this is an old question, but I haven't been playing for so long and I forgot how it works. Thank you.Mmichonne3 2d
2d Unable to login Service is downVriris2 2d
2d Disconnected from Dun Modr Hi, Dun Modr servers seems to be down, because it drops me from the Raid. Is there any problem? Regards,Commedia2 2d
2d congratulations for HA service please refer to banking industry for HA advice :DHoltodiglan5 2d
3d FREE trial for returning roleplayer hi my name is jordan(wow character Evildemon)i used to roleplay as an undead warlock and spent most of my time on wow roleplaying and enjoying the company of other player rather than just leveling or pvp. I havent played wow since 2016 but im really hyped for the new expansion battle for azeroth I really love roleplaying in wow and as im an undead character with the current events ive seen going on in the trailer that take place in lordeon and tirisfall glades id love to hop on check out the changes so im asking you guys at blizzard for a 5 day free trial i want to return to wow but dont want to create a subscription unless i really like the new changes would be awesome if you could do this thanks for taking time to read this.Evildemon2 3d
3d Bnet Log Que 151 mins The heck is going onSendoxi13 3d
3d What is going on over at the "anti cheat departement"? This has nothing to do with me personally. But i read the thread and thought i should share it. Hope you can change your rutines on these matters to prevent such incorrect incidents. 3d
3d 110 boost question If i boost this character, will i get: artifact to 35 + relics professions to 800 870 (or something) ilvl items ? edit: this character already took a wod 100lvl boost a few weeks agoVanhio5 3d
3d Faction changing allied race to another AR I'm currently levelling a void elf priest however I want to switch to a mag'har when I unlock them in b4a. If I level my velf to 110/120 and faction change to mag'har later will I still be granted the heritage armor automatically on the new mag'har character or does it have to be a 100% fresh 20-120 level grind a mag'har character?Krugraa2 3d
3d Buying token problem i have received ingame gold from a friend, so i could buy a wow token, but now i can't acces my mail because im inactive is there anyway i can still get to the gold to buy my token?Gekkehagrid1 3d
3d Monsters resetting to full health So I've picked up playing after quite a long break and found myself in a rather frustrating situation. Sometimes it happens that I attack a monster and at some point it just resets back to full health. The customer support guy told me that the monster might be evading (i.e. he can't reach me so he resets) but that's not the case as the monster inflicts damage before resetting. Has anyone else encountered this issue? It happened mainly in Suramar, but once in the Underbelly of Dalaran too. I don't know if it's region specific or my network lagging or just a bug. Let me know if someone else encountered this issue as it is very frustrating and I died a bunch of times because of it.Aquisya1 3d
3d Realm & Faction change Can I do both at once & if so how much is it please?Shikishi4 3d
3d Accidental Relic replacement Managed to replace a 960 relic with a 875 one as I mistook it for my new 980 relic I received in the chest today. (Similar icons) Please tell me this can be fixed! :'-( Edit; I did of course try the item restoration ferature but of course the replaced relic wasn't there.Talvarah23 3d
1d Is it ok to skip bosses with your own save? This might have been asked before, just didn't find it; if u do like a nm raid let's say LK 25m nm, and you do every boss xcept the last one, make a group yourself in custom group, set it to auto accept, and then log an alt, and join that group, when you enter icc, you get the question to take over the 11/12 save , and this way you could let all your alts run only the last boss for the mount, so it is a HUGE timesaver. But is this a bannable offence? I would like to hear from a gm if poss, have been having real bad luck with drops, and maybe this could speed things up, if it's allowed ofc. I know in the past people sold saves, so isn't this like the same thing? I read it was changed on hc difficulty, but since it it is 'allowed/possible' on nm raids, I presume it is legal. But m one of those peeps who want's to be absolutely sure, so I don't lose all my years of work, thx in advance for replyingGoldwodka6 1d
4d getting ganked on a PvE server (Draenor) Deejudanne0 4d
4d New Player Wow Hi Guys i finally got my husband to join me in WoW. but now i have a question. if we get him BFA does that include all the expansions ? i have been trying to check but i might have missed a feed about it.Sanucifer3 4d
4d Servers offline... Why are servers sill offline and why do you force people to use twitter for uppdtaes and info?Maypaw33 4d
5d Can't buy game time Just bought the battle for azeroth beta and it came with no game Time so i tried to buy a 30 day one but it wouldn't let me. It said my subscription freezed so i got my friend to buy me game time in a gift but when i went to activate it it said "You have no eligible world of warcraft account for this game code" and now im stuckBlinter3 5d
5d Battlechest #3 contains Legion. So, Battlechest #3 contains Legion now. When will Legion be added to active users who hasn't bought Legion yet (base-game)?Noxiuz7 5d
5d Azsuna Quest Line Bug Dear Sir or Madam I would like to report a minor bug that has become my Demon Hunter (Wilath - Drak'thul) before recently, I did the Quest line in Azsune, I gave a quest but part of the achievement did not give me and now I have no achievement. I would like to ask for a quick fix. I look forward to hearing from you. Yours faithfully, Wilath (Drak´thul)Wilath1 5d
4d Wanted: Yarsel'gun and Wanted: War Gore So I have been questing in Stormsong valley and the place where you turn in those quests isn't shown on the map. Since the map is just green i can't figure out where to go. Also, for the quest Wanted: War Gore you have to kill Yarsel'gun, too, not War Gore. Could someone please help?Hylamonia2 4d
5d Floating Damage Text Cant see my damage but i can see my heal, any suggestions?Heavenhorn1 5d
5d Appearing Offline giving away you're still online Hello as a PvP Player it is common that atleast in the RBG bracket players monitor what other players are doing and who they are queueing with. If you appear offline it's common that it shows you going offline three times, instead of just one time when you log out. Since it's happening 100% of times I've seen it, yet not sure if that's just an occuring bug, you can't really act going offline, because people know you're still there. It's not just about dodging or sniping other teams, which is unlikely to not be noticed with the way it works as of now, but the privacy aspect aswell. Are there any plans on fixing that? Is that a known issue? I haven't found something through the search bar regarding this topic yet.Ridleyx1 5d
5d [Conjure Refreshment Table] in a group/party/raid Hi, This is regarding the spell [Conjure Refreshment Table]. I would like to know if it's working as intended. When my mage is in a group (battleground, raid, dungeon), the spell may or may not conjure a mana table. Instead, it conjures mana food, adding it to my bags. This has been happening since the change was made to how [Conjure Refreshment Table] worked while in a group. I've reported this issue several times in-game using Submit Bug ever since the change was introduced = when it started happening. It's the inconsistency that bothers me. Since nothing has happened to change this behaviour, I have to bring it up here because the bug forums are US only. I'm hoping for a conclusive answer; is this by design, or is this an error that has gone unnoticed. If it's by design, what's the rationale behind it? Thank you.Knice9 5d
5d Stuck in portal I'm stuck in the iron docs dungeon portal and clipping between the loading screen and the dungeon unable to do anything. Please help it's annoying af.Bloodfaith3 5d
5d BfA Pre Purchase Question hello, i would just like to clarify something about the normal pre purchase and the digital deluxe, does the digital deluxe version come with the 110 booster? as the normal one does but on the digital deluxe version it doesnt actually say it does.. its the only thing stopping me from choosing which one.. thank youClem3 5d
6d Iranian players after US exits JCPOA hello everyone . I hope you are all doing well. first off I don't want this to turn into an argument or anything alike I just have a few questions that I want to know the answers of . I have no interest in giving or hearing political , social or other such topics as to whether the reasons behind the answers of my questions are right or wrong I am just interested in the answers . second off sorry if the above sentences seems too mean or disrespecting my English isn't perfect and I didn't know the kind ( nice ? ) way of saying them :) . now to the questions : 1) with US exiting the deal but apparently Europe staying in it is the eu side of blizzard going to follow the sanctions to come (since of course blizzard is a us based company) ? 1.5) I don't know if this is the right place to ask this one but are the entirety of our accounts getting banned or can we still play f2p games like hearthstone ? 2) with the existence of tokens are Iranian players going to be able to play wow with tokens purchased with in game gold ( cause that way technically there is no transaction with Iranian players ) ? 3) are our accounts going to get banned or deleted so if the issues again get resolved we can get them back or are they gone for good ? 4) when are the bans going to happen approximately ( the US is going to start the sanctions again in 90 days I believe but is blizzard going to get started on banning people before / on / after that date) ? 5) is there going to be a notice beforehand or are the bans going to happen suddenly ( so we can stop buying game time beforehand and less money is wasted ) ? p.s : I know many of my questions might not have a definitive answers at least for now but I would appreciate your educated guesses and a blue answer would be great . thank you in advanceSarthaz2 6d
6d Blocked Guild Mass Kick Macros/Addons I am very pissed that blizzard decided to destroy mass kick macros and addons how am i supposed to mass kick offline players in my super famous guild on ptr, also can some one help me did they took down ptr forums? because when i click on ptr forums it gets me into normal wow forums not ptr ones whats going on ?. My Idea to fix this blocking of mass kick scripts and addons are this, give players who are leading guilds or other stuff like that a private only code for mass kicking that will work only for that player if he misuse it u can bann him or whatever u guys do with him (dont ask me how to do it because its not my problem to figure it out its blizz who did this so)Mogat0 6d
6d Collector Edition in physical version Hello! I'm looking for Collector's Edition in physical version already a few weeks. I remember that the Legion Expansion was able to buy in the preorder much earlier. That's why I'd like to ask a question to Blizzards Staff: When we can expect a physical version of Collector's Edition to buy in a preorder? I am most interested in availability in Poland. Regards!Fostero1 6d
6d How long time i need to wait for beta? How long time i need to wait for beta acces ? I have waited for 10 days and nothing,i only want to test beta and to speak my feedback.Rolzar2 6d
6d Guild member limit Guild member limit. We have big guild on Lightbringer EU and are getting close to the limit. There are clearly many guildless people on this server and i would guess that goes for other servers too. In just a few days more than 300 players joined the guild. Soon more people will want to make chars with the new races and old players will come back. And you will have many new players. Guild will be full again. So would ask for a higher limit. 999 members is to low now when some of the old big guilds are gone. For the new players its important to get the help a guild can provide and we would like to help as many as we can. Satura.Satura1 6d
6d eGPU support for MacBook Pro internal display Hi, I am considering buying an eGPU via Thunderbolt 3 to connect it to my MacBook Pro in order to improve the performance of the game. However, I need the accelerated graphics to support not only external monitors, but also the internal laptop monitor. In latest release notes, Apple mentions that internal monitor support is up to each application's developer. Thus, the question is if WoW supports (or will support) this feature. Thank youEannos2 6d