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26 Sep 2013 Customer Service Information The Customer Service Forum cultivates a beneficial relationship between our support departments and player community by providing a friendly environment where players can exchange information, access self-help resources, highlight in-game issues, and receive meaningful guidance through personal and fun interactions with Blizzard representatives. Index: Forum Information Forum Guidelines Twitter Additional Social Media ResourcesHagut4 26 Sep 2013
11 Oct CROWDS on Twitter - Episode IV: A New Season Following the success of this community-based support initiative, we've decided to kick off another season leading up into BlizzCon at the start of November. Like last time, players will have a chance to sign up for CROWDS, an Android-based app tied to our Twitter channels, enabling them to see and respond to questions and calls for help from fellow members of the community. Just like with our technical and customer support forums, our goal is to provide a platform for exchanging additional advice, which should be particularly helpful for players experiencing problems outside the business hours of our social media teams. Regardless of whether you're a veteran helper or are just now considering to join the ranks, we'd love to see you contribute to our Twitter channels! Like last time, there will be prizes for the best helpers. Helping other players can feel rewarding on its own, but if you manage to shine, you may also be eligible for a free BlizzCon Virtual Ticket, delivered just in time to enjoy live coverage from all stages, on-demand replays and epic bonus loot for our games! If you have already purchased your Virtual Ticket, or would rather receive something else rather than watching BlizzCon (b-but ... it's going to be awesome! we promise! D:), you may also be eligible to choose from one of the following: Hearthstone: Card Packs (x7) Heroes of the Storm: Loot Chests (x12) Overwatch: Loot Boxes (x11) StarCraft II: Nova Covert Ops Mission Pack StarCraft II: Co-op Commanders (pick any 2 and/or share with a friend) StarCraft II: Announcers (pick any 2 and/or share with a friend) For details on CROWDS and how to use the app, be sure to check out our support site article. NOTE: Please be aware that using protected Tweets may prevent others from viewing your responses, disqualifying you from participation. Be sure to set your Tweets to public in order to remain visible and eligible for potential rewards!Tyryndar0 11 Oct
10 Oct [Recruit-a-Friend] Common Issues & Questions This thread is intended as a guide to help you troubleshoot the most commonly reported issues with RAF and explain how / when rewards can be claimed. Please make sure to check this thread thoroughly before opening a new thread or indeed posting questions you may have here in this thread. Common Issues such as accounts not appearing linked & experience gain seeming incorrect Reward System 10 Oct
28 Aug 2012 Legion 7.3 - Common Issues [14.09.] ★ Patch Notes ★ Known issues ★ Common tech issues/fixes ★ Hotfixes ★ Please follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN for current service status. Welcome to Patch 7.3! If you experience issues when logging in after the latest patch, reset your user interface and remove all addons! Here's what you are contacting us about the most right now: Gameplay: No Honor from 2v2 Arena Wins HOTFIX INC: Thanks to additional reports from affected players, we have now been able to identify the source of the issue and are working on implementing a solution. Gameplay: Unable to use bonus roll in Invasion Points NEED MORE INFO: Some players have reported being unable to use Seal of Broken Fate bonus rolls after completing an Argus Greater Invasion Point on multiple characters. If you are affected by this issue, please mention the boss you fought, your character's class, and whether the issue occurred only after a bonus roll was recently used successfully on another character or not. Quest: Cannot place Crest in "Seat of the Triumvirate: The Crest of Knowledge" NOT A BUG: Keep in mind you need to fly the Vindicaar to Mac'Aree to place the Crest of Knowledge in. The quest cannot be completed whilst you are docked at another zone. Quest: No kill credit for world quest "Ven'orn" KNOWN ISSUE: Some of our players are reporting that kills of Ven'orn are not counted for the eponymous Argus world quest. If you encounter this issue, please let us know any details, such as whether or not the world quest became untracked at some point (and, ideally, where exactly this happened). Quest: Fiona's Caravan missing for several Eastern Plaguelands quests UNDER INVESTIGATION: We have received reports that Fiona's Caravan is no longer present in the Eastern Plaguelands, preventing completion of certain quests such as "Onward, to Light's Hope Chapel", "The Trek Continues" or "Nobody to Blame but Myself". We are looking into the matter but recommend leveling affected characters elsewhere for now. Please report any additional suspected bugs using the "Submit Bug" option in the ingame support portalNatryndon10 28 Aug 2012
1h Wow account move to other email Hello. I have an email adress for blizzard which has 2 wow accounts in it. Is it possible to move one of the accounts to other email adress? I didnt find anything on forum or the account settings. Thank youFirfindel1 1h
4h <snip> <snip>Rosenau1 4h
4h Cannot delete my character. Hello. I have a problem with a lvl 2 druid, that cannot be deleted. When i try to it says "This character has mail or has an heirloom in their inventory or void storage and cannot be deleted" It has Heart of the Aspect in it's bag. Do you think that might be the problem? Nothing in the mailbox, inventory, bank or void storageAorem7 4h
5h I was censored Today I have posted several times on the forums but 2 of my posts have not appeared. It has happened to me before and I always wondered if i made a mistake or changed window before pressing submit. Today I know the posts were submitted fine and i dont know why they are not up there neither post was talking about anyone or anything in a bad way. The first post was a suggestion on making LFR tactics hit people who make mistakes with stuns rather than damage to help teach people the tactics rather than them not know why the died. The other post was what will happen with artifact power after legion and how I would like it to be. I could understand censorship if I made a post saying delete looking for retard (LFR) but my post was positive and to make it better. A few days a post of mine went up on the forum with the post title being the word "Balls!" it went up fine. There seems to be far less delay for a post to go on if its an addition to someone elses post. Why are you censoring me? There are plenty of posts about how Blizz suck for choosing a direction for their game, censor those.Kevjp6 5h
6h <snip> <snip>Rosenau2 6h
9h CS Lounge IV Greetings everyone! Due to unforeseen circumstances, the previous lounge disappeared into the void, and as such, we're making a new one. For anyone that is unfamiliar with the CS Lounge this is simply a place where the Customer Support regulars can come to chat and post anything off-topic so as not to derail existing threads. So pull up a chair, grab a coffee or two, eat a cookie, if there's anything left, post and relax!Hagut1362 9h
25m Mining leveling stuck Hi there, I'm trying to get my mining to 800 but it's stuck at 787. There are no mining quests open in the quest log and mining on Argus does not increase the skill. Gathering herbs went as expected and got to 800 couple of days ago. Would like to know if I'm missing something here or(e) that it's a bug Please advice.Tawenimi2 25m
12h PowerLeveling Underlight Angler. Allowed or not? Is this method of power leveling your Underlight Angler against your rules? <snip> I mean no violation regarding the mechanics, but i guess its not meant to be this easy. I dont want to start powerleveling my fishing pole to max level and then get banned months later.Rommy1 12h
12h Questgivers Respawn time Hellfire is the <snip> place to level because for some reason that is where all the bored 110 players end ud.. I can live with the ganking, because that is my own fault for playing on a PvP server. But the huge respawn time on questgivers are not ok. You wait for ages for a respawn and as soon as he is up a rogue pops up and kills them again. Could you not either make them unkillable or give them a much faster respawn time.. Because it is impossible to level in peak hours, because you spend more time waiting for questgivers to respawn than you do questing.Skrivebordet1 12h
12h Fix the God damn Combat Bug already, omg!!! This issue has been around since forever, why the hell has nothing been done to fix it? I am seriously getting SICK of getting stuck in combat so frequently, at least once every hour on my Shadow Priest! Even Alt+F4'ing doesn't fix it... Why? Because its fecking Mind Sear PASSIVE on Mind Flay is AoE'ing some random critter, and said critter keeps me in combat and I can't even see it. And on a side note; Void Tendrils having an aggressive stance attacking everything, especially that of the opposing faction. You'd think a simple fix would be to completely remove the capability of critters from attacking anyone, or taking you out of combat if you don't engage nor attack for the past 10 seconds [outdoors(world)]... Really pissing off after having to endure this crap for the entire year...Beerwolf7 12h
1d Customer Support - Live support not opened? Its well past 9:25 am and it says it opens on 7am. Is there a special holiday that im not aware of?Pirate7 1d
1d Twitter Good Afternoon, I can't seem to connect to Twitter in-game any more. It wasn't posting any screenshots yesterday, so I thought I'd disconnect it, then reconnect, but now everytime I try to connect to Twitter it says 'Twitter Connection Failed'. I have checked my settings on Twitter, and have allowed for Warcraft to connect to it so... Any thoughts? Thanks /mooQaletaqa0 1d
1d Exploration + Bug Hello! I recently discover that I could fly in Azuremyst Isle (the Argus quest line one) using Zen Flight. I think it's the unique legal method to explore the isle. So i wonder if i could explore the isle using this skill. Thanks!Balthoras1 1d
1d Cursor sizing for 4k I have been playing WoW in 4K UHD for a while now and the corsor is way to small, the problem is WoW has no way to adjust the cursor size so in 4K I keep losing where it is. Is it possable for Blizzard add a feature so we can change the size of the corsor so it can be seen?Mòógal1 1d
1d 6 reasons why Holy priests mage tower needs a nerf Okay so.. I been trying this straight for a good 4 hours and managed to get past phase 1 once then instantly died using halo in the 3rd phase as It was the first time I'd seen it and saw multiple enemies around me. bit of background before I begin about myself so you know my skill level. I have ahead of the curve for Nighthold, Tomb and Trial. I am also a proven healer (achievement). So I feel I'm in the upper tiers of healers. now the list I will be referring to mages, archers and rogues for the 3 class types you face while in the instance 1) Perfect timing for CC is not fun - So this is what has killed me the most. I know the timing by memory at this stage based on the Mages stacks. but here's how it works (about) at around 4 stacks on the mage. the archer teleports and puts a blue line arrow. if it hits you lose enough mana that you can't recover. Also you lose a bulk of health. if you direct the arrow into someone else they lose a bulk of health while the mage is doing a bulk of damage which is also likely to end in a loss. Ignoring wave 5 where the rogue is spinning daggers for big aoe damage at the same time. This for holy priests means you must A) use chains while the arrow is up. B) then switch to the mage, wait till he is part the way through casting his damage spell then interrupt him with your stun spell. But you must land it before the chains drop off of the archer or else the npc's will stop focusing correctly which leads onto.. 2) The NPC's have no focus. So the npc's have little to no focus. you have high threat targets like the mage. but if you chain them. rather than hitting them while they are disabled they switch to a target not under CC. which is fine if it wasn't for the fact that post CC ending they don't switch back to the high damage target. 3) diminishing returns. so Being able to permanently CC one unit with timing would be a little op. but you get 3 CC chances then there is like 30s then it resets. which is fine except the archer exists who must be either CC'd or deal massive damage to a target. also the rogue has that spin that would be good to not happen and the focus target for great damage. So.. you want to CC else it out damages your healing but you can only play that card 3-4 times. so you're going to take damage 4) The rogue moves like lighting - so the rogue focuses you. goes large, gets damage buffed. obvious solution: don't stand next to him. only issue is he moves faster than you. so running, isn't an option. 5) The room is bigger than your CC - this has also killed me a few times. As shown in 1 I'm aware of the order of CC needed for success already but now and then the Archer decides to go miles away and the room is bigger than the range of chain undead. meaning you have to be running and stopping healing to not just instantly be destroyed. this mostly happens to me in phase 5 where im also trying to aoe heal the spin of the rogue 6) there is still more - this is already a gauntlet that tests healers ability to juggle CC, healing, Interrupting, and Cooldowns (as between 3 and 4 you need to smite a couple of times to have your stun up to stop the npc's just running away from that mage you just stopped casting to reset his stacks) but after you finish that entire thing you find out there is more. Which is fine more is good. if the first section wasn't so difficult. it took me around 3 hours (timed on pots) to get it down once. I have it memorised because of how hard it is (much like the proving grounds) but once you finish the first phase you do get phase 2. which is pretty much a mana break. cool. But then I dunno what comes next. due to using halo once without knowing the eyes abilities and getting one hit before I had chance to even understand the next section. The fact that the first section is so hard isn't something I shy away from. but having finished it. having that wave of relief only to find that there is more just waiting for you. is a drain. and being one hit.. more so. I would have a side recommendation of making those adds have more health than halo damages to prevent priests who have the talent like myself having to learn the hard way that using halo = death. Here are some suggestions to fix it in order of usefulness from a healer point of view 1) Fix the AI. give them a simple focus list: mage, Archer, Rogue. and make them ignore the holy priests CC. This would mean the priority targets that will make you fail will go down first without any extra effort. If you want the p3 - p4 smites being put out just make the stun ignored by the AI and not chain undead 2) make the room smaller. or limit the archers teleport before mana shot to within range of chain undead: this would prevent the archer from just jumping to the other side of the room 3) make the blue arrow always reach you. This wasn't covered but the range of the archers shot can also outreach the animation. once or twice in p5 I've been blindsided by the archers mana shot simply as the arrow wasn't in view. it would have the same challenge as now but at least the indicator would always reach you. 4) nerf the mages cast time // Make the mage have a longer stun time: this would mean you no longer have to time the stun. however, due to the AI being the AI they will run away from the mage and become an issue as he is no longer being hurt so unless the AI is changed this suggestion would only be a minor one and the underlying issue of the AI companions being terrible at focusing priority targets would still be an issue. Anyway that's pretty much it for this suggestion. You had a character limit on the in-game response so I went to the forums. as its one of the two places your allowed to give feedback. im unsure this is the right area as it isn't specified where to put it though. Source: 1d
1d Bear Tank-LF Raiding guild LF Raiding guild. 936 Guardian Druid looking for an active raiding guild on server: Twisting Neather, EU realm, hopefully raiding 2 nights a week.Darththrash1 1d
23h Mythic + leaderboard bugged This is getting really irritating right now. Last week it didn't counted my 3 runs for Arcway, Maw and Eye. Now it is not showing my Cathedral run. I mainly do and enjoy mythic + runs. That's nearly the only reason I play this game these days and as all know if you want to enter a mythic + high key, it is required and very normal to have experience about it. But how can I show my experience while leaderboard is only showing top 100 runs of your server ? Isn't there a way to show your character's true progress at mythic + in game for everyone to see ?Nérdrage5 23h
2d LOG in Problems When i try to log into Vek'nilash i get world server down Also it is very very slow logging into any other server Any Help???Icevein1 2d
2d Reporting Player For: Language isn't enough I've had quite a few instances where toxic players use vulgar language in dungeons. Things relating to abuse to women, to racism, to mocking the mental health of people, and I'm fed up that the only option of reporting a player is "Report Player For: Language". My most recent interaction with this type of player was a mage called <snip>, in the sunwell dungeon during the BC Timewalking event, he complained about having aggro and not getting insta ressed even though we were in combat. Someone initiated a kick with the label "Toxic", and it passes before I could respond. He then starts whispering me "WHAT THE F*CK?!" and so on, eventually getting to the offensive language, mocking autism and racist comments. Why is there no easier way of reporting such filth? Profanity filter? I dont mind swearing, I just hate toxic players. Report him/her? Ive been in guilds where people have joked about child rape, reported them, and yet they still logged on every day. So the report system doesnt work, and these people get away with disgusting behaviour. Rant over, but still, blizzard should police this stuff a bit better. Took a screenshot for anyone who may not believe me :D <snip>Xerinsularis2 2d
2d Companion App - 200% chance mission failed bonus roll I had mission where I had 200% chance and yet bonus roll failed. Not sure it was just displayed bug or I really didn't get money from bonus roll. Screen with failed bonus roll 2d
1d Argus - only allowed 5 followers not 6 I have an alt that has unlocked all the Argus areas and he's had missions to upgrade 6 followers to 900 for ages. Problem is I'm only allowed 5 active followers. How do I get to have 6 active followers so I can do the missions? I hope I don't have to do the whole Legionfall campaign or entire Order Hall campaign to get the last follower on an alt. Argus has made both of those worthless. In fact Argus has made the whole of the rest of wow including raids worthless, but that's another story.Wholenuts11 1d
2d Unread Messages Blizz, the chat history is nice and all but please for the love of god, stop show ingame btag/real id whispers as unread in the launcher while i have read them ingame. I read that whisper in game and chose not to reply to it just. That dosen't mean it unread, please fix this, it is pretty annoying to see this when i have clearly read it.Vhíly1 2d
3d server xfer and faction change bugging HI there, I've tried to transfer my horde char from kazzak to ravencrest, and because you have now disabled being able to pay with credit card, the process seems to have bugged out. So what happened is that I then tried to add paypal to my account, which seemed to work. However, when I tried to click paypal, I get told there's not enough balance in my account (I thought this was supposed to be a direct payment?), and then the transfer just doesn't happen. However, in the meantime my character gets locked, and is now showing as horde on ravencrest, and flagged as faction change pending. I still haven't paid, but my character is now not accessible at all. A GM unlocked it, and I tried paypal again. Same result, but this time a response from the GM didn't bother checking any of this at all, and now my character is just locked. A very crappy customer service experience to put it mildly. I want to make a direct payment and not add money to my balance first, because this says it can take 3 days. Can someone help make this happen? My ticket ID is EU59989022.Kielya6 3d
3d No way to get to Dalaran I made a character in wow and did the level 100 boost on that character. But I never received a Dalaran Heartstone and the Dalaran portal in ogrimmar (The Drag) doesn’t show on my screen. I really need help!!Sumboy1 3d
2d Silithus items past sargeras' zerk Will we be able to find the old items after the zone is scarred? Like, there were some really nice robes i have seen in the past which, afaik, drop in sil (yet wowhead information is very limited), and i hope they won't become like 1 gold cap on ah :d And, i don't have any of them yet and don't really want to go farm them in the days before the patch comes...Cheinii7 2d
3d WoW Mobile Armory - iOS language Hi everyone, So I'm having an issue with my armory app on my iPhone 4. A few months ago I had it installed and it was in English although my iOS language is on Portuguese. A few weeks ago I had to do a back-up of my device, and, to my surprise, the armory changed its language to Portuguese. I know that the app assumes the iOS language, but is there ANY way to change it back to English without changing my phone language? I mean, it used to be in english although my system is and always was in Portuguese, and now because of a backup it is in Portuguese. It's anoying because although I'm from Portugal, I play the game in English and it is really frustrating to use the Auction House and instead of searching for, let's say, Deadly Vermilion Onyx I have to google the name they gave it in Portuguese which is Ônix Rubro Mortal. The translation that was made to the whole game is so ridiculous and my eyes just bleed from seeing it. Please help me =(Mongoku11 3d
16h Black Temple - Timewalking Ok so I have joined a raid group for BT timewalking yesterday evening and we 1 shotted all bosses except for Illidan. After a few failed attempts, people started leaving and we were forced to quit because we were lacking healers and DPS. How can I continue the raid now? Can i just join a illidan only raid or can i create a raid for illidan only? If i create a raid for illidan only, should everyone else have 8/9 too? what if they are unsaved? do they skip to the last boss? Thanks!Thorvius3 16h
3d Reporting From Real-ID. Hi, i recently reported someone from my Real ID for booting including all the evidence i had, all i got back was a automated reply about how blizzard made a new and amazing reply system which including me being able to report for "cheating". However this doesn't show up when i right click his name on my friends list. How can i solve this because he has been botting for months and i am sure he is ruining the economy on his realm.Bavlet5 3d
3d Not getting the initial exp quest Hello, I'm trying to start Legion with this character, but I do not get the starting quest, out of Orgrimmar you get the first quest or talking to the NPC gives you the option to go to Dalaran directly, and when traveling to Dalaran, I did not get the quest there. HELP PLS? Thank you!Leeds0 3d
3d not getting the proceeding quest for the weapon please help i did the quest for the druid tank to get the weapon after i didnt get the proceeding quests for the healer, feral, and balance. ive been searching the past 6 hours on how to fix this problem i went on youtube and asked people and had no answer i even wrote a long paragraph on support and when i pressed send it said error and all that i did was for nothing can u please fix this problem i am very mad right now on this service so can u please fix this problem and reimburse for all this time i spent on trying to fix something that is not my problem and a mistake you madeDemonzozo2 3d
4d Losing all my tricky treats after a disconnect Flew Eastern Kingdoms and had a lot of tricky treats in my bag. Got a disconnect so had to log in again. After that al my tricky treats where gone!! We also lose items like the "dousing agent" when we log off/disconnect. I reported it as a bug ingame but also mention it here. Maybe you guys can pass on this serious bug to the event-department.Missmag7 4d
4d Transmogs not Available Cross realms? I recently recieved the Primal Gladiator set Apperance, already using it on my main on Chamber of Aspects, but when I go to other realms I can't transmog into it? I haven't read or seen anything making it a special set, but my DK on another realm cant use it? why is that?Lavandor2 4d
4d Tricky Treats vanishing on relog Tricky Treats are vanishing along with Brooms when you relog. Anyone else hit by this?Arizara1 4d
4d Blink out of damage bug Last few weeks the life of a mage have been turned out to be kinda hard due to a bug in game. When we blink out of damage we still take the damage/debuf that spawned on us. This keep happening in all different situations and !@#$ up both for our rotation and our movement (cant really risk blink if u gonna die) but it also %^-* up on m+ keys and mythic progress fights. I have reported the bug in game but since i still havn´t seen anything anywhere about this bug i figured i might as well put it here as well so we might finally get some feedback about it. happend to me loads of times, and also every other mage i know have the same issue. DI blinking out of the orbs but still taking the debuff. Arcway Corstilax, Destablized Orb Neltharion Rokmora Neltharion Naraxas Eye of ashara multiple places Vault of the Wardens Really every place there can be damage spawning on the ground on you, if u blink this can happen.Mischá1 4d
3d Quest - Stuck I'm kind of stuck on this quest named - 'Scenario' Final Stage Blackhand. I need to talk with Khadgar to teleport myself onto a boat, but i can't reach him since i'm on the ground. How should i proceed with this? There is no ladder or entry... Highly appreciate if someone could support this.Saxgreta2 3d
4d Confused about Name/Race Change Hi, After 12 years of playing dwarf I have got a bit tired of it. I consider a race change. However, doing that I need a new name, my current is kinda dwarf-only. The name I want however, I already have it on my bank alt. Can I do a switch of the names? Becuase I want to keep my current name on the realm in case I change my mind. Or if not, how can I do this as easy and cheap as possible? Changing my banks name to something else, to then change my mains name to the banks name and then changing my banks name to my old mains name would mean 3 name changes, that seems kinda expensive :( Also, my fear is that someone "steal" either of the names when I am in the process of fixing this. I really don't want anyone else to have either of the 2 names that I value a lot. Can someone tell me what to do and how to do it :) ThanksBattlebeard5 4d
4d AFK in invasion points It is very frustrating to see 4 or even more people pooling up afk by the entrance, and maybe hitting the boss at the end once to get the rewards. Slows down the progress alot.Celsinà11 4d
4d M'uru bugged, doesn't spawn in SP (BC) Hiya, I am sorry if this is in the wrong forum section, I can't think of anywhere else to put it. This section explains the situation the best. Basically, I was in Sunwell Platueue and when I get to M'uru, he never spawns, it's completely bugged. Therefore I can never get to Kil'jaeden because there is a wall preventing me from going to him. I need to kill M'uru to get to KJ. Is there a fix to this? Seems other people have been through this bug, but no one knows what the fix is, M'uru either spawns or doesn't, it's random. Will this ever be fixed?Saturnbeat6 4d
4d Faction Change I don't know where post it so i decided to do it here, anyway when i change my faction from Alliance to Horde all my achivments/mounts etc. will transfer to horde or i'm going to farm mounts all over again?Mielony2 4d
4d Gametime is not added Hello, I bought 2 months of game by gamecode, typed it on site and in payment history it says that's in pending status, I have 5 hours of sub left. What do I do? I thought that only credit card payments takes up to 72 hours? Weird thing is that when i enter game managment on it says that my gametime will expire 16.12.2017. I don't get it.Vivenn11 4d
3d DNS problem on Blizzard webpages Today I have been having a lot troubles just to visit most of the Blizzard pages, and I must add that I didn't change anything since yestareday and I didn't even restart my computer before these problems started - although, I have done it 2x already after that to try to solve the issue. So today, whenver I opened a WoW page or HotS or even Diablo I just got a message stating that something was wrong regarding DNS. After googled it I did some /flushdns that helped for a while, because almost 30min after a flush the problem came back. I even tried to post this message sooner but I couldn't get it through... I am on a desktop with Win 7 and Google Chrome (also tried Internet Explorer but got the same problem). Right now, and after checking the page I changed the ipv4 and the ipv6 to those from Google, but I don't know if this will solve the issue. Is there a way for a permanent solution or what is going on??Sighuman9 3d
5d How to get my RAF mount? Hi. My friend just paid his second month but i still can't find how to take my RAF mount? Does it take some time or?ßamze3 5d
5d Guild bank very slow? Is the guild bank broken? I am trying to make feasts for the raid, and it takes ages to put things in the bank or take them out. Normally it took 10 minutes to make my feasts, but I am already on it for half an hour now. Half of the items I put in or out doesnt get moved, and the other half takes an age before it is actually moved.Bloodyguts9 5d
5d Trying to get in again with the kids Heya, I have been out for quite a while but kept on paying for my subscribtion. Now my kids are old enough and we can't hold them anymore? Can I get them - preferably on a trial basis? - on board? We do have 3 laptop/pc's. Would be wonderfull if we could give it a serious try before we have to pay for new accounts and/or expansions. regards, AtaAtapriest1 5d
5d 7 days for free on wrong account Today I got 7 days of free gametime, but I got it on the wrong account, which is a standard edition and not my legion account, as the GM didn't know which one is my main...any tips?Butchins2 5d
5d Can't complete mission in companion app I had a loss of connection when I pressed complete button. Now my mission is stuck and I am not able to complete it. I'm away from my computer for next several days and will be unable to check if it can be completed from there. Need to fix this. I tried reinstalling the app but it didn't work.Lethora0 5d