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26 Sep 2013 Customer Service Information The Customer Service Forum cultivates a beneficial relationship between our support departments and player community by providing a friendly environment where players can exchange information, access self-help resources, highlight in-game issues, and receive meaningful guidance through personal and fun interactions with Blizzard representatives. Index: Forum Information Forum Guidelines Twitter Additional Social Media ResourcesHagut4 26 Sep 2013
1d [Recruit-a-Friend] Common Issues & Questions This thread is intended as a guide to help you troubleshoot the most commonly reported issues with RAF and explain how / when rewards can be claimed. Please make sure to check this thread thoroughly before opening a new thread or indeed posting questions you may have here in this thread. Common Issues such as accounts not appearing linked & experience gain seeming incorrect Reward System 1d
08 Feb Love is in the air, details are in the thread It's that time of year again, Apothecary Hummel and his henchmen have reemerged and are ready for a fight! You can enjoy all the usual activities and this year you also get to climb aboard your very own Love Boat. It's exciting and new! You can find all the details over on the blog post here. _____________________________________________________ Na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na na Survey! 08 Feb
28 Aug 2012 Legion 7.1.5. - Common Issues [15.02.] ★ Patch Notes (US) ★ Known Issues List ★ Technical Issues & Fixes ★ Hotfixes ★ Please follow @BlizzardCSEU_EN for current service status. Welcome to Patch 7.1.5! If you experience issues when logging in after the latest patch, reset your user interface and remove all addons! Here's what you are contacting us about the most right now: Artifact Research Notes: Can't start a new work order NOT A BUG: The current cap on Artifact Knowledge in Legion is 25. Upon reaching rank 25, you may not gain any further artifact research. Our gamemasters are unable to allow players to research Artifact Knowledge beyond rank 25. "Unleashed Monstrosities" Artifact Appearance cannot be used NOT A BUG: In order to be able to use the tint unlocked by Unleashed Monstrosities, you need to unlock the base Valorous artifact appearance via Improving on History first. To get the Improving on History achievement, you have to complete the Balance of Power questline. Quest: Eye of Gul'dan not appearing in "The Nighthold: Darkness Calls" FIXED: An issue with this quest was been patched at the beginning of the month, but we continue to receive some queries in regards to this encounter. Remember that you must be on the quest when Gul'dan dies, and that it has to be the first kill of Gul'dan on any difficulty for the week. Quest: "Fate of the Nightborne" cannot be completed KNOWN ISSUE: If you can't see Thalyssra, this is caused by leaving the Nighthold too quickly. Abandon the quest and start it again. Once you you talk to Oculeth for a port back to the Nighthold, you'll be able to watch the event, and then turn in the quest. If you are ported to the Stairs right after Trilliax when speaking to Oculeth, you can walk further into the raid, to the bridge where Suramar City meets with The Nighthold. You will be ported to Thalyssra and the event will start.Dangerous Love - Achievement Not Granted KNOWN ISSUE: We are aware that the Dangerous Love achievement may not be granted after completing the required quests. The issue is being worked on but please note that Customer Support will not be able to grant this achievement.[/li] Please report any additional suspected bugs using the “Submit Bug” option in the ingame support portalNatryndon10 28 Aug 2012
29m Can i use this treasure addon? I have downloaded an addon from curse that displays all treasures on map. Is this legal? Thanks in advance.Plaguemaster4 29m
1h 10 Legendaries in one spec what happens now I got 10 legandaries in one spec but i don't wanna change spec how does the system react on this will i just get one from a random spec or i don't get anything at all. Can i even build bad luck protection then.Ryuuji2 1h
2h In the Blink of an Eye - STUCKED/BUGGED I can't push forward my initial story line for legion expansion. Im stucked on City under siege and "Take the portal to Dalaran over Karazhan" step. Bothing to do on the question mark in karazhan. That is so annoying BUG. Help me pls with thatTaedho12 2h
4h Faction change question Is there any gold limit you have to observe before a faction change on the same server? Heard some blabber about 250k gold for server transfers. Does it apply to faction change without moving servers?Bloodwrath2 4h
4h Bindings of the Windlord Quest Bug? I went on a long farming session the last 2 days and now I have all the items required to complete Bindings of the Windlord quest to get the hidden appearance for Outlaw Rogue. When I go and talk to the dragon to get the quest he just tells me to GTFO his mountain... pls send help.Nyckelpíga2 4h
7h Hunting Lesson quests not awarding credit i'm on the Hunting Lesson quests and none of them give credit with any character. Made a ticked and i got told i need to do it on the character i accepted the quest on. so i abandoned the quest and accepted again but it still does not give credit. Anyone know how to solve this?Cathele5 7h
8h RaF Problems So a friend I had recruited had done 2 months and activated his third month. We all know on the third month you get either a pet or a mount. Anyway he activated his third month but shortly after we both realised he had accidently unfriended me. We friends again now but will I still get the mount/pet?Splinterhorn3 8h
10h Loot issue from High Botanist Tel'arn High Botanist Tel'arn has an issue as where it sometimes drop no loot in personal loot or is unlootable as masterlooter in other difficulties. I found myself in LFR without any loot even the regular AP drop. I wrote a ticket and got the reply that they are aware of the bug and are sorry for my loss, but were not going to compensate anything. I find it very weird that they are able to see that a player gets not loot due to the bug, but Blizzard chooses not to compensate the player. The reason I got from a GM was that they were not compensating me, because others who did not get anything were not compensated either. So they will not wright a wrong, just because they wronged others and will wrong everyone accordingly. Way to go in your supprt Blizzard :(. Not even a lousy AP compensation...Miraculus1 10h
14h No HearthStone? I have been leveling a Blood Elf Priest and i noticed that i didn't have a hearthstone, i thought strange, this has never happened before. So i went online and found it could be moved to my bank so i checked in my bank, no hearthstone, that blood elf wasn't in a guild so no looking in that. I went to the Inn Keeper in Org, asked for it to be my new home, it was set but still no hearthstone! i checked to see if she was selling one and nope. So after being annoyed i Switched onto a Goblin Rogue I have been playing, no hearthstone! Then i jumped on my 110 monk and i had one, so i try deleting it by drag and dropping it out my bag, that deleted it, so then i went to the same Inn Keeper, ask to set my home, it made the *Dink!* noise that tells me it was added but when i looked nothing was there! So after all this i ended up in the WoW Item Restoration Page, sure it was there so i asked for it to be restored, i got some mail and it was there in my mailbox, But when i try to click it or put in my bag it just says I can't carry any more of those items! Very Confused. Now i can't get another Item Restored for awhile to see if it works on my Rogue or Priest! Any help would be thanked but please don't respond with !@#$ I've already done. :)Janesk3 14h
14h Auto-Clicker questions Hello. I'm writing to hear about if the Auto-Clicker is banable with the way I'm using it. Recently been getting into obliterum forging to make money, and I use the addOn easy obliterate to help with the process, making me have to only click once to obliterate and loot. But, my question here is; Would it be banable if I use an auto-clicker to use this addOn ? or would that go against ToS ?Lakviana3 14h
14h Withered Training I wanted to start the withered training, choose the 600 mana option for 10 withered and was ready to go. Instead I was returned to questgiver and saw the message that instance was not found. In my bag there is an item called:"withered training and when done i'll get rewarded. Can't do nothing with it.. So, what happened and why and do more people have this issue. ThanksHellford2 14h
14h RAF Reward Question Hello! So I am RAFing with a friend of mine right now but her game time ran out a week or so ago, I have 16 days left of my free month, if I pay for one month of game time now, do we have to wait 16 days until she gets her month of free game time or will it be added to her account as soon as the payment goes through? I RAF'd back in MoP and I remember I had to wait until the recruit's free game time had run out to get the mount. Not sure if this is the case for the month of game time. Just trying to figure out if I should pay for it now or just wait 16 days until my game time runs out I am the recruit this time and she is the veteran though.Alidrien5 14h
14h Charachter transfer help should help to friends you want to put on my account over his character but it provides something wrongNecrøtíc4 14h
14h NPC adress to male character as female So i have a pretty weird problem. Some npcs that have difference in their lines according to character gender, talk and refer to my male-worgen warlock character as female. Sadly i cant remember ALL npcs with that problem. But some of them are: Rytsun in warlock's order hall. Undead alchemy teacher in New Dalaran. Malfurion and prince from Azsuna.Озбарон1 14h
21h Recruit a Friend - realm problem Greetings, when i was sending an invitation to my friend, it says he will be directed on my faction and my realm (so Horde/Lightbringer) so the game tolds him i am playing for the Horde, but he can't actually change a realm and he is directed on AzjulNerub... Its causing problems to us whenever we want to play, because i can't "Summon Friend" it says invalid target...Shadowhoe0 21h
1h Hidden Skin bug for Havoc DH? Now I've done the quest for Demon Hunter Havoc hidden skin and killed downfall and no drop. then i tried to fly Down to her and killed her but no drop. when i delivered the quest I got I didnt get any thing just 2 more quest that wasnt mentioned in how to get the Hidden skin for Demon Hunter. What to do??!Mobaxez5 1h
1d disk usage issue due to worldPreloadNonCritical "0" So back in 7.1 we had the huge issue with loading times and we found a way to get round it by putting this command in the config SET worldPreloadNonCritical "0" but I've noticed my disk usage is Really high and I have lag when turning my camera ever since I put that command in the config, I removed it today from my config and my disk usage is now 2% and my loading times are a little bit long but I have no lag now when turning my camera. My question is what does this command actually do and why does it affect my disk usage so much? Specs I7 6700k @4Ghz 16Gb DDR4 ram WD Blue 1TB Drive 240GB kingston SSD OS - Windows 10Shàdowfury3 1d
1d Blizzard plz answer !! Hello! - So I have been wondering a little bit, about Razer Synapse and the macro function in the program itself. You may be familliar with the program, it helps you customize your Razer gear to your personal preference. With the addons called lazymacro in-game, you can basically make macros that allows you to spam 1 button. With Razer synapse, you can make a macro, so it spams a certain key, either on repeat, or you can press and hold the button and it will spam the seletec button untill you let go again, and a few more options. Is this against EULA? - I have done some research on MMO-champion, your own forums and on lazymacro forums aswell, without getting any clear answers, so this has left me wondering, is there a chance of getting a suspension? - When thats said,Razer Synapse, is not designed to manipulate with the game, so to speak, its just a program to modify your razer gear. Worst case scenario, then we could take a look at Diablo 3. You can bind a key to lets say NUM 1. Then you press and hold that keybind, and then you lock NUMLOCK, so it you cant use NUMLOCK, and it will cast the selected spell on repeat, which is not against the EULA. What is the difference between that and Razer Synapse? both it automated, but not designed to manipulate with the game mechanics or features? In your EULA, it clearly states as following: A. use cheats, automation software (bots), hacks, mods or any other unauthorized third-party software designed to modify the World of Warcraft experience;" Automation software (bots) Razer Synapse is not a bot, nor is it designed to modify the World of Warcraft experience. neither is NUMLOCK function on every keyboard, so if Razer Synapse is illegal, so is NUMLOCK? - The customer support can't give me a direct answer, so thats not a yes, and its not a no. I just want a clear answer, from someone high enough on the food table, to make a clear statement if its illegal and why, and if it is illgegal, I wanna know aswell. There is so many expample, because then you have to suspend every user who's using Razer gear, and everyone who got a NUMLOCK, because they would have an advange over people who doesnt have that, then you would have to ban people with good computers, because some people doesnt etc. etc. Please avoid answering this ticket, if you can't give me a direct answer with explanation, and quotes from your EULA that clearly states this matter. Best Regards, Hoff.Diela14 1d
1d 404: Page Not Found When I am on the website of wow and click on the forum link I get a new page with: ...Xiantivia12 1d
1d Character Migration Pending Time Hi, how long does charcter migration takes? I saw that many people had it done after 30 minutes already, is it still possible? (Burning Legion -> Sylvanas)Chiyz2 1d
1d Who is above developers? I'm looking for a contact info for a person who's above Holinka, Celestalon, Hazzikostas etc. There's gotta be someone who reviews their work or signs for their salary. I'd like contact info of that person.Sammara4 1d
1d Gm's require more tools to help Okay lets do a second attempt at this, because the first attempt got shot down by the mysterious man in the bushes (read the P.S. man in the bushes thanks) Righto, i'll keep this short because the overlords don't like it when you critisize them, but I recieved this response to a ticket when Thalyssra ate all my sarumar mana again (and had the scenario bug out). It was not the first time for me, a shocker I know, that scenario has more bugs than a mosquito swarm aftrer all. Anyhoo here's what I was told; ... It seems to me blizzard doesnt train the gm's properly (or doesnt want to risk their personell using commands on the server) to help players when they stumble into blizzards' latest bug, of which this expansion has noticably many. This is negatively impacting us, the players (nb. we first get a bug/crash and then have to deal with customer support that wants to help us, but can't) This is unbecomming of a company the size of blizzards', especially because they got to the size they have now because making the player experience great was their single most important goal! What are your thoughts on this? P.S. I'd like to know why you deleted the previous thread, I realise this doesn't reflect well on blizzard but that's all the more reason to discuss it. If players can't bring up issues about how blizzard isnt properly training their staff and how players being negatively impacted by it on their own forums then there's plenty of other forums where you can, but those are less likely to be read by blizzard employees.Gombado18 1d
1d no loot in raids Do i have bad luck or am i doing something wrong as i get no loot from raid finder in legion and all the emissary chests drop items lower than what i have on my higher level items and nothing that i need and nothing is above 835 ?? please help :)Siveline3 1d
2d Arena 10 wins reward The tooltip in the arena tab was showing me that i would get 885+ ilvl based on my rating, after 10 wins i got only a 865 ilvl piece ( talking about last week ) Same issue for 2v2 and 3v3 All the high level item i have are from rng playing more than 40 games a weekSnypé0 2d
1d In-game support ticket option disappeared Well it seems that my in game ticket writing option disappeared after b-net launcher update this morning, i can confirm that only mine account is affected by this while my friends accounts has all option like usually. I only have web site support which directs me right here. To be honest its not that only, like all help button and all things that you can go to click and search redirects me to web page here with a notice that Customer Service is available 24 hours. So here i am! Also it seems that my key-binds and mouse clicks inside the bag on items become unresponsive i need to drag the freaking item, cannot just right click on it. Tested with 2 different mouses, not problem in them. Which was an idea to write with in-game ticket to complain, that this all started after this morning Battle Net Launcher Update, Don't know if it is somehow connected or not just fix it. I know there is a possibility of you telling me that this isn't your job or whatever, just redirect this freaking ticket to whoever is responsible.Ashuna4 1d
2d Keybinds disappearing I am not sure what is happening, but it's making it impossible to play WoW for me. Whenever I log off, the game completely messes up my keybinds for Discipline/Shadow, and I have to redo them. The keybinds for Holy seems intact. I've tried reinstalling, playing without addons etc but it seems to persist. This is insanely infuriating and I don't know what to do beyond quit playing my priest or play Holy exclusively as this is the 7th time this has happened in less than 24 hours. In case your wondering what it looks like: As you can see, for whatever reason the game is very confused, it for whatever reason copies parts of the bind for Disc in Shadow (Artifact ability for Shadow is in Disc, and Artifact ability for Disc is in Shadow) and the opposite, with most of the keybinds missing overall.Pleasehelp4 2d
2d still gear/hp or exp win in pvp combat? i got 890 gear but w pvp cant kill player who have almost 1 mill more hp than me. i play pvp but not that likely you dont get that much GEAR than pve guys that way they beat us without exp becouse get gear much easier than us.Fatalstars0 2d
2d Blessing of Malorne and other druid-only buffs As others pointed out already and described the existing problems (links below) I would like to know WHEN Blizzard is going to fix this ridiculous sh*t, which obviously is a bug and not a feature... Thanks in advance! Regards, KryphosKryphos1 2d
2d CS Lounge Three (but technically 4) In what is becoming a bit of a trend CS Lounge 2 was getting a bit full and taking some time to load and so before Lurdle got his hands on it we decided to let it retire and instead start a new lounge. For anyone that is unfamiliar with the CS Lounge this is simply a place where the Customer Support regulars can come to chat and post anything off-topic so as not to derail existing threads. So pull up a chair, grab a coffee, eat a cookie, post and relax!Tiogaradh3002 2d
2d 7.1.5 Hidden artifact skin BLP question. Hey, I watched the interview with Ion and Lore last night, and I have a question concerning the BLP on hidden skins for our artifacts. I think it was Lore who stated that there have been BLP on hidden skins dropping in Raids and Dungeons since 7.1.5 went live. But is Withered Army Scenario considered a dungeon? Im currently trying to get the hidden skin for my DK's blood artifact, and would love to know, if this BLP applies to the Scenario aswell. Thanks in advance ;-)Dawnwalkér0 2d
2d Inactive acc locked Hey. I were about to start up my inactive account for my kids and move some characters from it. But it seems it got locked. Havent been used for a few years now and last i was online on it to check on it, everything was ok. What to do? I had alot of chars on it that been with me for a long time and i hate the idea they are gone.Leitica4 2d
2d Stranglethorn streak brawlers guild Stranglethorn streak needs to be made easier, its way too difficult and lower succes rate compared to the other rumbles. I bought the card only 2 times to try to get the achievment and im already being yelled at about being a troll and getting abuse and hate. Apparently trying to get the achievment is griefing others, thats how bugged this event is :(Chromei1 2d
2d Reputations Stuck Hello. I have decided to for full reputations with the Horde to get the title. I managed to get Orgrimmar and Bilgewater Cartel to exalted, but Darkspear and Huojin are stuck. They are standing at 20999/21000 (Darkspear - Revered) and 5999/6000 (Huojin - Friendly). I have used a Tabard and dungeons to raise the reputation, but nothing seems to work. What do I do next?Rigsern6 2d
3d Can't make a demon hunter. So I deleted my demon hunter shortly after making because I found the horns ugly so I made a new one and I cant make one (creation is throttled christs sake). I searched for that issue and found a post of a GM that says it's a known problem and it takes some time until one can make a new one (which is not understandable or do you remember that was the case with DKs who also are hero class). So 1 day has passed and I would really want to make a DH now but it still doesnt work. What should I do now? And why is this?Laurentio15 3d
3d Selling hearthstone codes for gold Hey. I know that those kind of actions were not possible some time ago, but now with recent changes maybe something is different. I have some codes for Hearthstone hero Medivh and i want to sell it for in-game gold. Do I get banned? I am the owner of those codes and I have paper and .jpg version of them.Valkier1 3d
1d Fake Achievement addon hi, just wanted to know if using this addon is allowed or not. when i create a group i have allot of fake achievement that are linked to me for TOV and NH, is this allowed??Ferio3 1d
3d I bought a flying mount for real money. Thanks Legion. Not being able to use mounts that I have paid money for is not my idea of good value......Oakwise3 3d
3d How do you get the Fearless Gladiator set? How do you get that pvp set? It says it is a world drop, so does it drop from a boss, WQ? No idea how to, as I dont really do bgs/arenas to test if they do drop.Sunáo6 3d
3d Several apexis daily rare creatures never spawn It's not like they're "rare"... they just won't spawn, like... ever. I've been camping every level 100 rare in the apexis zones (not Tanaan), the ones that are daily, and there are some of them that have disproportionately huge spawn times (that is... infinite spawn times, apparently). I don't know if this behavior came with the 7.0 patch, since I stopped looking for them a long time ago, but since the introduction of the wardrobe I've been trying to unlock every appearance of these mobs' loot. It's daily loot and not guaranteed, so a really really long spawn time is not needed (and there are other daily rares around them that actually spawn). Frostfire Ridge - Stonefury Cliffs (the ogres and slaves zone) Gorivax. It's a void elemental or something. It's supposed to spawn inside some kind of mini-event (that never happens) on the same place where you finish the Soul-grinder quests. Ug'lok the Frozen. This is a frost mage ogre that puts himself into an attackable ice block. This one does spawn, but apparently it can only be looted once per character. Doesn't even drop apexis. It's as if its daily counter never reset. Frostfire Ridge - Iron Siegeworks (the Iron Horde base) Ogom the Mangler, Earthshaker Holar, Kaga the Ironbender. They don't seem to spawn, ever. I've been parked on that zone for a whole evening and never seen them. Talador - Lower Shattrath (the non-elite zone) This one is easy. The only rare mob that spawns is Haakun the All-Consuming. Always. No other rare spawns, just Haakun all the way. He really is the All-Consuming! The elite part of this zone spawns all its rare mobs properly. And that's it I think. Those are the ones that no matter how much time I spend waiting for them... they never spawn (or are bugged somehow). Daily rare mobs in general also seem to lose their silver dragon portrait even if they haven't been killed that day. They drop loot normally, but they show up without the rare portrait frame (and Ug'lok is the opposite: shows up with the silver dragon, but doesn't drop anything as if he was already looted that day). So... please fix spawn and/or spawn times? :(Crowland26 3d
3d Keystone Query I completed a mythic 5 HoV keystone and received two chests and my keystone upgraded and changed to a mythic 7 HoV keystone, however upon re-entry to the mythic dungeon I am still classed as being in the previous mythic dungeon. This has also happened to one of my guildies who completed a mythic 3 VoW, which gave a Mythic 6 VoW and entry to this dungeon places us at the end of the previous mythic with an artifact power item. I was wondering if this is a known glitch as If you can only complete the mythic plus of one dungeon then why would it upgrade to the same keystone? I have not seen / had this before and if that is the case - It severely halts this weeks mythic+ line as getting to keystones which i require in other groups is very difficult due to player requirements.Roxénderan2 3d
3d Scouring the Desert Quest - Broken The quest Scouring the Desert in Silithus is currently broken, Silithyst geysers are not spawning anywhere in the zone. Also i am aware that bugs are reported via in game reports, which i did 2 weeks ago.Korfius1 3d
7h are 1,6mil fullmoon or gladiusspike okay? i play Fire mage 2 i hit my g pyroblast max 800k and got 4,5sec cast time how gladius spike or fullmoon about 1sec cast time and do 3 time more dmg than pyro WTF. you dont even have time to intercupthem can you do something? ADN I ASK 100 TIMES GEAR AND HP OR PVP EXP WIN NOW DAYS?Fatalstars8 7h
4d Bad download/update speed on app For some reason in the last week my download speed on the app has been really bad. Tried different things to fix it but nothing seems to be working. Lately it's been on the PTR updates. For some reason it's dropped down yo 5b/s or somethings stays on 0b/s. The latest update took me around 30-40 mins to download. Any way to fix this?Giliane0 4d
4d Challengers Bounty - Got my alt`s gear on my main. Hello! So, I encountered a strange bug today. Picked up the challengers bounty on this character as I usually do on wednesdays, and got my piece of loot. All well and good. Then I logged onto my druid, but for some reason I couldnt click the chest. Said it had allready been looted this week. I had just got home from work, so its not like I picked it up this morning and forgot about it. Didnt think much about it when it happened, just that it could have been a common bug and decided to relog to my main again and just wait a bit. This is where the weird stuff happends. All of a sudden, I had two new items in my bag from mythic 8 and mythic 5(?) From where I got these items, I have no idea. But they were NOT there when I relogged to my alt. Anyone encountered a similar bug?Minijorgen1 4d
4d Keystone bug? Hey, Opened my chest to disappointment as per standard routine on this lovely Wednesday but when I mouse over the keystone I was awarded its a +9 instead of a +12 even tho I did a +15 in time last week?Tobi23 4d
4d Levelled up by accident After my subscription ran out, I was given 1 day of extra subscription by a GM to temporarily access my mailbox for a special circumstance. After that, I did a dungeon and forgot that since my subscription was active, I could still level. I ended up levelling to Level 21 as a result. I am very invested in this character and wanted to keep him as a Level 20 twink forever. It's not possible to just make a new Level 20 twink as he has items no longer available, achievements I've been working on, etc. I was reading up similar problems online and found Vrakthris said it is possible in very specific circumstances. After I levelled due to the dungeon, I did not get any other achievements, level up further, do any other quests, etc. Does this mean it is still possible? I am assuming it is only possible when no other characters changes occur after the levelling happened. I have already made a ticket but I read something about this only being possible within 2 hours of levelling so I wanted to give more alert to my problem. Thanks.Andfaggins10 4d