[A-RP]An In-Character Club for Hearthstone Players

Argent Dawn
Greetin's an' salutations, Argent Dawn denizens!

M'name's Brighde (Thas' BRIDGETTE, for those who cannae pronounce), and I'm comin' ter you today ta talk about a new idea that me an' me Husband came up with!

I can guarantee you it's full o' the followin':


...An' prob'ly some nice crackers an' cheese, too. But thas' beside the point!


Yesterday, and this morning, my Husband and I were talking about Hearthstone as an in-character entity, and he's decided to make one of his characters a Hearthstone player. He's had a good bit of fun already playing an IC HS match with someone. We realize that that game is full of flavour, and is of NO detriment to the community, rather, it would serve to bring people together and unite them in a good bit of fun.

We, ourselves, thought that it might be a good idea (not to mention original) to create a league, be it guild, or non-guild, to host card-sessions, gatherings, promote the game, and do server tournaments on our side of the fence: Alliance.

Imagine a dimly lit tavern, with various adventurers of all stripes gathered around a grubby table, with the arcane box proudly in the center. A boastful Dwarf issues his challenge, and an Argent Squire boldly stands to accept it. They take their places, the cheering and jeering begins. Drinks are necked, and candles lit, as the duel commences. A battle of wits and strategy! The victor is rewarded with affections and silver, the tavern exploding into cheers and congratulatory shouts. The bested Dwarf drowns his sorrows.

We'd like some feedback from the community.

Imagine the potential for gatherings and social RP. It could truly unite characters who otherwise have nothing in common. We had also thought of doing a Livestream for spectators, and perhaps organized tournaments could come in the future, if enough characters were to take up the game. For more information, you can whisper me, or my Husband Thurrig.

Consider this an interest check!

P.S. -- We are creating a channel for those interested, called /Hearthstone. Quite simple, no? Feel free to join if you wish to talk with us, or are interested in this thread's ideas.

*Grabs Gnome Warlock deck*
*lunges for the Murloc Deck*
My warrior and mage deck could use a real challenge!
13/03/2014 17:51Posted by Roadkìll
*lunges for the Murloc Deck*

You're a bad person.
Fine.. *grabs warrior enrage deck instead*
Damn. Now I gotta learn how to play warrior. Damn you, amazing RP initiative.
*Goes for the monk de-..*

A logical question.

Where do we actually get Hearthstone cards ICly. I imagine it being some goblin company that makes and publishes these cards. But since it is a dwarven Innkeeper who hosts the game, its quite possible that the dwarves invented the game.
14/03/2014 10:31Posted by Gígwyn
Where do we actually get Hearthstone cards ICly.

I'd actually say craftsmen, when you look at the incredible detail of the boards, and the golden cards.
Perhaps controlled by some book or something, to keep the stats on the line.

And why not host these in goblin towns?
Crossfaction Hearthstone bby!
Attention duelists!
Love this idea, recently made an ally alt (might even faction change my main, been horde since I started playing so a change of scenery is nice). :D I played my first Hearthstones yesterday (for the mount promotion) and really enjoying it, it reminds me of playing Magic the gathering (with actual cards) many years ago
14/03/2014 10:39Posted by Serana
And why not host these in goblin towns?

Because the Horde doesn't deserve nice things.
(And my Husband and I don't have a Horde Alt. We've been considering Goblins, though, so be patient with us while we hammer this out in detail!)

14/03/2014 10:31Posted by Gígwyn
A logical question.

Where do we actually get Hearthstone cards ICly. I imagine it being some goblin company that makes and publishes these cards. But since it is a dwarven Innkeeper who hosts the game, its quite possible that the dwarves invented the game.

The cards definitely don't seem to be Goblin-made. If they were, they would probably have tin-cans and lights strung around the box with random bomb explosions, lots of gears, grinding, steam, their own faces, etc. Goblins are vain little... *ahem*

Since it's nicely designed, looks to be of carved and treated wood, and possesses a Hearthstone on its front, and is more similar to clockwork machinery than steampunk, I'd say the Dwarves made it. It's also fairly magical, seeing as you have to carry the cards in a special container in order to make them come to "life". The scenery on the board almost seems like it erupts, as if alive, not to mention the sounds. I would say this game is a combination of the work of incredibly talented craftsman, scribes, and enchanters.

It would be nice if Blizzard would give us some lore on it, or maybe a fun little archaeology trinket in-game that is just IT (the box), like the Box of Yogg'saron.

As for where we get the cards, there's probably a shop, or mysterious wandering merchant selling all the little packs. We could certainly make our own server-lore for it to justify its existence.
Just givin' this beauty a big hearty bump!
I, and the majority of my guilds officers, often hammer out hearthstone games IC'ly. We'd be more than happy to even host a tournament, with some gold as the first prize.
I would really like to see a Hearthstone Club. If there were multiple Clubs, you could compete against one another, or create a league! "Ogrimmar Worgs vs. Azshara Naga" etc.

Now, I have some ideas that I would like to share with ya Brigh, but can`t get in touch with you, so I`ll just post it here.

Rank structure of the Club:

Supporter: Regular supporters and attendees of the club's matches and social events.

Sponsor: Sponsors of the club are commonly referred to as the funders. Why? Because that's what they do. They fund, in order that the club can participate in various tournaments, or purchase better cards?

Rank 4: New members and worst players of the Club, having weak decks and poor strategies which cause them to lose most of the time.

Rank 3: Middle ranked players of the Club. These players are either moved up from Rank 4, or down from Rank 5.

Rank 2: Among the best players of the Club. These players work day and night to improve their decks and one day become the Champtions of the Club.

Rank 1/Champion:The best of the best, Club's most brilliant player. There can only be one Champion. Only the players of Rank 2 have the right to challenge him for his title.

Club Owner: This is the rank exclusively for the sole owner of the club - the person with complete power over anyone and everyone in service of any shape or form with the club.
It's time to d-d-d-d-d-d-duel.

im downloading hearthstone now after seeing all the hype (and because this seems fun for rp if anything else)
An EXCELLENT post, Gig! (And apologies for not being online recently and for vanishing to make dinner--I'm so darn addicted, I lost my head and the screws that keep it in place!)

This is fantastic, and it's really nice to see player initiative. Those ranks look great, too; We might actually change our guild here soon, likely next month sometime, depending on our budget. (Damn bills!)
Hubby and I actually had some similar thoughts, tossing around whether we want a guild based on it, or whether it should be a loose social thing. We ran the guild I'm tagged in previously, and we'd be happy to do it again.

I wonder...Your 'team names' gave my Husband and I some inspiration!

Possible Alliance Team-Names
-Ironforge Anvils, Rams, Horns, Brewers
-Wildhammer Wings, Talons, Stormlords
-Dark Iron Drillers, Shadowbolts, Dwellers

-Stormwind Lions, Towers, Ships, Royals
-Tirassian Traders, Admirals, Boralus Bards
-Stromgarde Stormers, Holdouts, The Arathorian Axemen, The Arathi Highlanders
-Gilnean Ravens, Fusileers, The Northgate Nobles
-Lordaeronian Liberators, Hillsbrad Huntsmen, The Silverpine Scarlets
-Dalaran Wizards, The Violet Wardens, Leykeepers
-Alterac Valleyguards, The Perenolde Pretenders

Night Elves:
-Darnassus Moon Leafs (Toronto Maple Leafs, get it?), Sabres, Dragons

-Gnomeregan Tinkers, The Thermaplugg Usurpers

-The Exodar Elekks, Exarchs, The Aldor Legacy Defenders

-The Tushui Pacifists, Four Winds Farmers, Serpent Spine Shadows, Kun Lai Kickers

These were just some of the ones we came up with for the Alliance. We're still pondering for Horde! (and whether or not we'll make some Horde alts to run the club that side, too)

Thanks for your feedback, guys, let's rock this hype.

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