[A-RP] Legacy of Secrets

Argent Dawn
Legacy of Secrets

A new Alliance RP guild! Woot!

Gudwin’s familiar yell

- Are ye lookin’ for moneh? Moolah like de goblins always say?! Den join us naw! We’re travelin’ de world to find riches and artefacts! Or are ye more a studyin’ kind o’ person? Ye want te learn from da world and everythin’ in it?! Come speak te me naw, we’re always lookin’ fer people te join us in our travels!

After approaching the dwarf, a lady walks up to you with a gentle smile.

- Excuse my loud dwarven friend here. The possibility of becoming rich seems to make his blood boil. My name is Azire, and it seems to be in order to clarify that we are looking for more than just gold-diggers. No matter if you are a mercenary or a man of the light, a pacifist or interested in history, if you have any skill that’s just even slightly helpful to us, you’re more than welcome.

What are we?

The yell above should give you an idea of what we are. An extended treasure hunting guild that collects, preserves and uses magical, holy and other valuable relics or items for the greater good.

Why would I want to join this guild?

Instead of being a pawn for a guild’s cause, we would like to give you the opportunity to find friends, join their stories and invite them back to your own.

You have some kind of idea that makes you different from other guilds?

Well we don’t want to give everything away just yet, but to mention one idea we have, we are not making a lot of ranks. We have the two branchleaders at the moment, which are Gudwin and Azire. Then we also have loyalists, members and newcomers. Gudwin leading the treasure hunters and Azire leading the “students and explorers” kind of type RPers. Each character will have his own special “rank” in the guild. (Using guildnotes rather than ranks.)

Some people could be archivists, these could note down our events on the AA page, if they wish to. Others might be provisioners, black market sellers ... The idea with these ranks is that nobody is above the others ICly. If you stay in the guild a bit longer simply gives you a bit more credit with the branchleaders. This idea is to make it easier for the leaders to connect with the members so it doesn’t feel like the leaders stand above them, aswell as giving some room for the persons that wouldn’t serve under another char ICly. Even though the branchleaders have the final word, we listen a lot to our members ICly and OOCly.

Why is it interesting for my char to join in?

We offer you a great chance to improve your char’s story. For example, we could move to a graveyard or some other place your personal story leads us to. Other times we might find a small arsenal, giving you a nice reason to use a that weapon you always wished to use IC. (Nothing too OP)We believe the story gets more alive if you have a story and reason behind your outfit and acting. Only your imagination sets the limit.

The idea is to support as many backgrounds as possible. Anything from Mercenaries to Holy men and women. Perhaps you’re just a social-bug that wants to hang around in Stormwind. We allow everything from explorers to arcanists to pacifists. Feel free to whisper Gudwin or Azire ingame and find out if we can make room for your char.
Reserved, just to be sure.
I always love these kinds of guilds, as their broad scope lets you basically do whatever you want (within reason), and you're rarely, if ever, stuck trying to find something to do.

I also like the name a lot.

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