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19/03/2014 03:35Posted by Torggan
18/03/2014 20:16Posted by Nullabillity
Why? Waste of time for the devs and players.

Because its an mmoRPG not WTB cap and afk in the city...

The idea is brilliant, and will make game lot more fun, ergo will not be implemented. Sad.

You really need a bonus or discount to check out a different city? I chill at thunder bluff all the time even when it lacks some vendors. I'm not the only one, but I wouldn't mind if its all empty. they're missing out.
love the idea but the implementation would need work..I'm sure we are all a bit bored of sitting at shrine/stormwind or shrine/ogri

an actual reason to visit undercity or ironforge and make it populated for a while would be a refreshing change
I would love something like that. Would prefer it being a reputation gaining or currency gaining bonus, like 10 percent or someth
Why not just make every service available in every city?

I'd for one would prefer Undercity, I think it's the coolest city in game.
The best part of your idea is the caravan.

Can't we just have portals to all the cities, or some kind of transport hub. Ironforge and Stormwind have a train.

Then just hold different events in each city. Festival type events. Like how in real life when a Town has a market of a fair. Something small, maybe you can win games and get a pet or a mount or something. Also making it specific to each city.
Maybe the Undercity has some kind of cauldron potion brewing test while you chew on your crispy batwings.
Orgrimmar would have a headbutting contest whilst you eat raw plainstriders.

I like the duels idea but instead of honour have an Orgrimmar token. Every duel you win gets you one. The tokens are what you use to buy the treats and vanity stuff. Maybe the Mayor (or whoever) of Orgrimmar can come out and preside over the festivities.

Real life Towns do all sorts to attract visitors. Why not let the NPCs of each city do a bit to drum up some interest in their cities?
What should of happened to get more players into the pvp bug was to make say sw and org phased and you can participate in player verses npc pvp as a once a month event and the side that can control the city the fastest gets bragging rights on a leaderboard.that would be more fun for most.
18/03/2014 23:46Posted by ßow
I'd like to see a World of Warcraft where there's mor to the 'World' than just sitting in Shrine or Orgrimmar. I've not been to Silvermoon in over a year.

Totally agree, I definitely think blizzard should be doing more to add value to the other cities, a weekly rotation would work well.

I'd also like to point out that when a new player starts the game, and walks to their races city, surely they want to see a place with a decent amount of people, I know when I started back in 2008 I wanted to see players around me, I only got that feeling when I had traveled all the way to orgrimmar from eversong woods, silvermoon was empty as it has always been (other than on rp servers)

more should be done!
20/03/2014 14:48Posted by Jimjimminy
Can't we just have portals to all the cities, or some kind of transport hub

Like the ones in the Vale you mean? Don't see why people don't just plonk their hearthstones there and go chill in whatever city you want. If you need the services just port back and et voila.
Posted by Berwyn
The point is, no one wants to spend time in any other city than Stormwind or Orgrimmar. Why is that, some may ask.

Talk for yourself i would love to be in other City then just SW and ORG and dont say that YOU talk for everyone for you dont the are many people that is really feed up with blizzard suger cote SW and ORG why did the do all other factions City and Shattrath City, Dalaran if just go be empty.

Maby you should read their whole post instead of the first line before trowing a fit.
18/03/2014 22:16Posted by Mordantine
Personally, I would make Darnassus my home for nearly all of my characters if the game had functions in every city :)

Me too and turn the Howling Oak into an Inn!

I never understood the reasoning behind removing portals from Shatrath and Dalaran, they force everyone into one central hub and then set about introducing cross realm zones in the old cities so these abandoned areas don't look as dead??

Will they close down all the portals in the Vale come WoD?

If we can't have physical portals, stick some npc mages around the realm who offer porting in the same way you can travel to the darkmoon faire staging areas.
Very good idea. They can definitely make use of ideas like this to enrich the game world and activity.
Nice idea, probably will need some refining about keeping it from being annoying, but still a good idea!

I like this idea! Give some sort of discount or something...

This can be sorted in other ways aswell, If Blizzard only cared to update vendors and add the new ones to other citys then stormwind and Orgrimmar. people would be there....

I would love to be in darnassus, Ironforge,thunder bluff or undercity... But these are not getting new vendors etc, so no point...

But why would Blizzard ever add something cool and wanted into the game.... They remove all good aspects of it so..... Even weathereffects was to epic for Blizzard to handle
They should hire you for your creative thinking, it sounded great! it's just same old as it is now anyhow, boring walk to mailbox-AH stormwind for example
May I add an addition like City of the Month where some huge boss comes and invades Orgrimmar and Stormwind
Best suggestion i have seen in years. The world boss idea would be epic btw. Have dark iron dwarves attack ironforge. Have bandit rogues attack darnassus, a tribe of trolls attack orgrimmar :)
18/03/2014 20:20Posted by Xhio
18/03/2014 20:10Posted by Leogim
-15 honor for every duel won, and 5 honor for every duel lost.

This can be used for bad reasons, A person just have to duel low levels or a naked person from the same level and he will have his gear in a few hours.

15 Honor per duel, dude... It would take ages to gear like that lol bgs are much faster. You would almost have to do it 200 times just for Head etc.
18/03/2014 20:33Posted by Ministabber
it's just poor game design that they are not all linked by portals, that you can use to go to and back from once your char is the right lvl.

Teleporting to other cities is poor game design. If people want to go somewhere, they should travel there. Or ask portal from mage.

18/03/2014 21:06Posted by Shandera
You do know this will make it annoying for low lvl chars, since they then either need to get a hand on a mage or use time on traveling between cities.

Who is so busy that they don't have time to jump to zeppelin/ship? Takes like... 3 minutes?
"-5% discount in AH"

How exactly would that work? AH auctions are made by players not a vendor. Especially when all AHs are linked.
I'd rather they just put all services into every city. That way people can stay in whatever city they want at any time.

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