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meh. there should be some sort of incentive to go to each city, but not one that means players have to go to them.
e.g. an activity in each city that rewards players for pve and pvp (separate activity for each)

20/03/2014 07:02Posted by Draxi
I'd rather see them dividing the stuff between capitals so you had to go to say TB to transmog, UC to reforge etc. Put up some more portals for convenience
dividing stuff between capitals is just a bad idea. even with portals.
I once proposed to make something like what you describe but racial-based. If you're in your racial capital, you get a buff called "Home Sweet Home" that gives you a series of benefits. That would add to the racial flavour of the capitals I think - being in Silvermoon and seeing it full of BElves, for example.
i'd use ironforge if they had portals
22/03/2014 19:25Posted by Kelburn
I once proposed to make something like what you describe but racial-based. If you're in your racial capital, you get a buff called "Home Sweet Home" that gives you a series of benefits. That would add to the racial flavour of the capitals I think - being in Silvermoon and seeing it full of BElves, for example.

I do like that idea. The issue is that certain capitals like Exodar are going to remain as barren as ever, not to mention people who play Draenei and Blood Elves probably won't be too happy at having to go through so many loading screens to hit the main land, people being lazy and all that.
Honestly the idea is good, but the community and the devs won't support it because they have "better stuf to do".
However it would be nice if each city had its perks, for instance one city has an AH, another has gear vendors etc. that would probably make most cities seem more active.
Maybe not so much weekly, maybe monthly. Plus the idea is awesome :D
I really like the idea, but maybe make the bonuses for races. So Night Elves get bonuses in Darnassus, Humans in Stormwind and so on. The only thing I think i need in Darnassus before I can use it as a home is the portals there are in Stormwind. I would to make Darnassus my home.
er, what kinda bonuses are we thinking of here?
18/03/2014 20:10Posted by Leogim
We all know about the empty cities, with SW and OG having everyone. My proposition is the following: Having a city of the week, every week, changing at weekly reset. This City of the Week would have some bonus/buffs/advantages to the one who uses it.

Like for example:
-5% discount in AH
-15 honor for every duel won, and 5 honor for every duel lost.
-Transmog, Upgrade, Reforge and Void Storage (or the ones who make to WOD) are now part of the "Ethereal Caravan" which travels through different main cities each week.
-Also Low-Level Honor and Justice Point vendors and basicly all those vendor NPC's in Old Town would be a part of some Caravan too which travel between the main cities.
-Weekly quest: Talk to leader of the faction and receive a bonus 10% rested experience for example.
-The Earthen Ring and the Pandaria NPC's would travel also and open their portals in different cities every week.

Note: This would be applied to Stormwind, Darnassus and Ironforge for the Alliance & Orgrimmar, Thunder Bluff and Undercity for the Horde. Don't think Exodar and Silvermoon would be a good idea unless Blizzard makes flying mounts available there.

What you guys think?

It seems a very good idea...
By the way I would like to add that Blizzard should get back the portals to Shatt. and Dalaran so that would allow people to visit other cities easily.
18/03/2014 20:10Posted by Leogim
5% discount in AH

How is this supposed to work? Is the person who puts up an item going to get 5% less profit?
Or are you saying that the discount will only apply to buying, and doesnt affect the seller? If so, this would create a gold creating system that could be abused by two people co-operating and buying items for huge amounts of gold and thereby creating new gold through the buyers discount.

18/03/2014 20:10Posted by Leogim
15 honor for every duel won, and 5 honor for every duel lost.

Would be exploited by peopling doing rigged duels where they take turns in winning.

I wish they would make all cities feel alive again though... So, nice try, but something else is required to revive them.
I agree that other cities should be promoted, only I don't feel like this is the way to do it. This would force players to stay in a city. I'd rather see all the cities made "player friendly" like stormwind and ogrimmar.
In other words give every city portals, a flight trainer etc. Make it so you can choose in which city you like to stay rather then forcing you to go to one.

I do like the idea of a city giving a bonus, maybe this should be worked out different. It shouldnt be so you are forced to stay in that city for a weak, but maybe give a bigger chance of gaining a skill point if you are crafting in your home city (So dwarf in IF, Nightelf in darnassus etc) or something like that, you get the point. This way players would still get incentive to go to another city but you can be in the city you like most the majority of the time.
would like to see the pandarians with lot of different brews with effects like in brewfest
I think this sounds a little bit backwards.

People would like to go around the world to other capital cities and not just stay in one, and your solution is rather to bribe them every week to keep a circle going? Sounds disgusting to me.
Just add transmogrifiers and portals to every other faction capital and we are done. Let the players choose their favorite.
I want to be in Silvermooon.
How about Guild mansions (=instanced guild inn a la Sunsong Ranch, maybe in connection with Garrison) with a portal to a major city, which changes destination every week?

Or maybe even Guild Mansion possibilities in every major city to choose from for each guild?
(for those of you who don't like guilds and get a sore butt reading this proposal, there could be a personal mansion too)

Also: Favouring only SW/Org with portals to Shrine is IMHO what kills the other cities. Trouble might be that the server population is not big enough to support a more than a few "lively" cities.

Those of you who play GuildWars2 will know from the example of Divinity's Reach that the immersion of a lively city can be easily made by adding a crapload of ambient background city noise and some more of NPCs. Divinity's Reach is just absolutely marvellous from an city immersion PoV. Org and SW are mere villages in comparison (too bad I don't like the GW2 gameplay that much). Sadly, I suspect that the WoW game engine would stall to 2 fps if that many NPCs were added.
Cool idea, i like it.

Thumbs up.
Im sorry, but I for one dont like this suggestion at all ... Atleast given your conditions.

Getting Honor for Duels ... MEH no way, and further giving it 10min CD absurd.
Getting +5% ah, just how is this done? So basicly I sell something worth 50.000 and you pay for it only 47.500 ... so ... I get fekked up for 2.500. Sense? No sorry, No.

PvP-vendors switch city? Why?
Transmo vendor, Item upgrader, void storage, reforger switch city? Why?

As the green suggested, just have those ALL in EVERY city, I for one hate being in SW, give it to all cities, and hell Im gonna spend my time in Darnassus when I need those services.

Althou I give you this much, something of a caravan could be a nice thing.

Say ...

Gizzle Rocketbottoms Caravan of Rare and Exquisite Imports and Exports.
Gobling caravan that has random transmos, pets, luxury items or something of sorts. Where the items change depending on which city the caravan is on. And just so that we dont have ppl immeadidly having it all 5 items for sale from variety of 50 or so / city, each city having unique 50.

Meaning that could be say ... Racial Children companions, like from childs week ... WANT ! A child companion that has scripted comments like a child would have. "what are you doing" "are we there yet" "why did you kill that kitty" etc.

But in the name of the 7-hells NO ah price cuts / honor gains / "necessary service swithing".
18/03/2014 20:10Posted by Leogim
What you guys think?

I like it, although why Silvermoon and Exodar should be excluded is a bit unclear. What do the mounts have to do with anything? It's not like it takes forever to ride across Silvermoon. Exodar, well, the layout is so annoying there so I'm prepared to agree about that one...

Anyway, personally I'd prefer if all cities had all the major functions (JP/VP vendors, transmog/void storage, portals etc.) at all times, but that the "City of the Week" carried with it discounts, weekly/daily quests (class, profession, PvP, PvE) and other small buffs that would give some incentive - not too strong but nice all the same - to use that particular city during its week. One thing could be to have a few of those dumb vendors normally located in remote out-of-the-way places being available in the City of the Week. Thinking of Raid Faction vendors, classic PvP gear vendors etc.
Well this is a lot more feedback than I thought, thanks everyone.

Like someone and I agree the honor gains would have to be enough so it would be compelling and not so great that it would be faster than bgs. Just a little extra honor.

That sugestion of 5% discount after that exploiting comment made me wonder that probably it is a bad idea. People could exploit and make infinite money (BTW the idea was the seller getting the same only the buyer paying less). So yeah not very insightful.

There's a lot of sugestions to add everything to every city. Still. I think there should be some weekly quest/vanity event switching between cities or even the caravans of vendors like I said. Because I think it is a good idea to see cities crowded and even with the ability to choose, I'm guessing people would lazy in SW(because they know where everything is already). I'm not saying that everyone should be told where to be, but it's the only way that people will give another cities a chance.

Also it would be fun. Take a look at Timeless Isle. "Everyone" explored it, "everyone" doesn't need 535 gear anymore. What am I saying is that players (excluding gearing alts there), just want to unravel every secret, get every vanity item, get every achievement. Imagine seeing the activity you see in Timeless Isle, in a different city every week!

PS.About Exodar and Silvermoon. I don't mind using ground mounts and to be honest Exodar is the city I know less and would like to know better. But this is not sugestion I'm making to satisfy me. It's something I think would improve World of Warcraft. And unless Exodar and Silvermoon get fly mounts, if this was implemented there would be a lot of raging. Really a lot. And you know it.

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