Fire mage, is is to soon?

Hello fellow mages, I just got some new gear and hit 527 ilvl and rolled fire from frost and it seems to be more enjoyable but I have a big dps loss. On frost i was doing around 150k more or less depending on fight but now i struggle to get over 100-110k. Is is to soon to switch to fire or I have a problem with my gear/rotation ( wich is the one from icy veins). Thanks for your time and hope you can explain to me whats wrong.
Yes, it is, far too soon in fact.


If you find Fire to be more enjoyable, then I would suggest you just stick with it. Really your DPS isn't at all important unless you are raiding in heroics or with a guild who's struggling with progression in general.

Your DPS is also low because you're not properly used to the spec yet.
Hello my friend.

As Cassey said, it is far to soon for you to spec fire instead of frost, if your main goal is to be doing optimal DPS.

As of today, fire mages do not compare to frost mages in terms of dps until you aquire a minimun of 45% crit. In addition to this, you should also have the 4-set bonus from Normal raids (at least) before you can expect fire to do as much, or more dps than frost. You should expect to reach this point at around 560 ilvl.

In other words, fire mage is not viable in terms of dps until you start raiding SoO in HC mode.
45% before or after critical mass? I could currently reforge into 38% crit, however my gear probably got a bit of a haste/mastery bias due to my itemization having been mainly arcane, but still it is 566.
I am 563 equipped mage with 4-set bonus and 16,195 crit rating (47.86% crit self buffed). Are those viable thresholds and am I good to play Fire now?

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