Why no epic quest chain to obtain "druid of the flame"?

Even though i dont mind always going to firelands to get them burnings seeds to look like a flame kitty but out of curiosity why not have made a quest for it similar with warlocks green fire quest ( holy spaghettio i loved that quest with my lock and aswell felt epic when i finally done it ). There has prob been already a similar thread about this didn't find or was just lazy to dig deeper.

Or is just that there isn't a quest for it beacuse of lore ?
+ im abit bored at work atm so was just thinking about this and made a thread about ot before I forget.
Probably because Blizzard don't want druids to run around looking like flame kittens all the time. It's the same reason as why warriors don't get an epic quest to permanently turn into mountain giants: it makes no sense according to lore. You're not a druid of the flame, so you don't get the fiery shapeshifts (though temporary items may make it look like you do).
Just get Flame scythe from Fandral and when in fight equip it for a second,you will turn into fire kitty,then swap back to your normal weapon but you will stay fire kitty as long as you are in combat
Lore-wise it would not make sense if kittens were flame-druids all the time; as druids are good and protectors of Nature, and flame-druids are the complete opposite.
There is however no lorewise restriction for warlocks to have green fire... they are already pretty demonic so why not.

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