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Argent Dawn
If any of you have read up on the new class that's coming in Diablo 3, the Crusader, you'll know a few interesting things about them. Firstly they broke away from the original church they served, yet not the faith, to consider other possibilities, new ways of thinking and working. Travelling the world to end corruption where ever they might find it, having accepted that the power itself does not make one evil, but the person. They dedicate their life to the search, no one expects to root out the ultimate corruption and put a definite end to it, instead the search itself is revered.

Alike the paladins in the Diablo universe they serve the faith of Zakarum which is in a way is Diablo's form of "The Light", however given insight into the power and mystical forces that they make use of much more than any paladin had ever been. The very idea behind them was to teach them everything they needed to know, everything there was to know, so they alone could bring the teaching onwards. Every Crusader took their squires/apprentices who were taught everything the original crusaders were taught by said crusaders. When the crusaders died no matter what killed them, their apprentices took up their armour and weapons, and with it they took their identity, they became their master, and thus every single one of those original crusaders are immortal in spirit, their name living on in eternity. The greatest form of honour a man can get.

I wish to create a character like this, possibly a group, however it doesn't have to be Light faithed paladins named Crusaders, it could be anything, it could be druids, shaman or whatever working the same way. I'd like to gather opinions and thoughts on this little concept, which is inspired, almost copied from the Diablo universe.
I dunno, really. Why not keep diablo to diablo and WoW to WoW?
If you pull it off, I would be impressed.
Reminds me of the Searing Crusade
"I vow to all of you, spirits of the fallen. My dear brother, Baldor, my blood, Caliphus. All those nameless Crusaders, their ashes feeding the soil of Caer Eldin. Even the land itself, scarred and ruined by ages of war -- and recently -- flames of the merciless dark. It must be avenged. For only then, my soul can find peace, and with it, all the souls of the fallen -- burning eternally in the great Void."
Ahh, best too keep Diablo stuff away from Azeroth. Nothing to stop you from taking inspiration, just find the closest equivalent you can from within Warcraft.
Where do people see that this person wants to bring in any important names from diablo?
It's funny because reading the Crusader short story the 'Paladins' come across as extremely Scarlet Crusader.

Anyway, nothing to stop you from RP'ing this concept out really. Diablo's Crusaders are basically Paladins anyway. In a way, the Crusader's breaking off is similar to how the Argent Dawn was formed from disgruntled Scarlets originally.
I somehow predicted a thread like this would pop up at some point. The people of AD are getting more and more predictable.

Anyway, I can see what you mean and I can imagine the possibilities, I love what Blizzard have done to that class... But at the same time, I am personally very against pulling off concepts from other RPG's. Even movies and series. Look at what Game Of Thrones have done to the server's general human community. Full of Houses and Knights of the North.

No, I think it's a bad idea to pull off the Diablo-Type-Of-Crusader in WoW. We have Paladins. Do you realize how rich their lore actually is compared to the Crusaders? Yes, even if we're only speaking about human Paladins: The Silver Hand, the Argent Crusade, the Scarlet Crusade, Arthas' Betrayel and much more. The possibilities are endless, you just have to look at the class we have in the right, and a more unique way.

It's pretty normal to get excited about new stuff, but I really think this is a bad idea. It's bad for the server, the community and the game. It gives the new roleplayers wrong signs to follow.

Use Warcraft lore for Warcraft roleplay.
You could always just role-play a character associated with the Brotherhood of the Light. It's a sub-faction of the Argent Crusade that boasts a fair few 'crusader' vibes.
20/03/2014 23:28Posted by Solbranthius
You could always just role-play a character associated with the Brotherhood of the Light. It's a sub-faction of the Argent Crusade that boasts a fair few 'crusader' vibes.

I've never seen anyone actually do this, to my great disappointment.

We are all members of the Argent Crusade at the core - members of the Argent Crusade that aren't held in check by morals, guilt and useless human emotion.

Get on that, people.
20/03/2014 23:28Posted by Gorruth
Use Warcraft lore for Warcraft roleplay.

Diablo crusader uses a form of power that is somewhat mystified.

Warcraft equilvant - the light.

Already pointed out - check.

Crusaders have squires/apprentices.

Warcraft paladin have squires/Apprentices

Warcraft - check.

Paladins who go out of their way to search for evil and corruption, be it evil people, undead or demons. Not an unlikely scenario at all in warcraft.

Warcraft - check.

The rest are personal traditions. Maybe even a trait for the character or a trait for a certain group of people.

Warcraft - check.

What exactly is the problem?
It got nothing to do with paladins exactly, just as I said in the last part, it's merely taking inspiration of this concept, the exact concept being the traditional part of the Crusaders of Diablo, not taking anything from their lore like calling my character a "Zakarum Crusader" or something.

As I specified, it doesn't have to be paladins, merely making out a character, a group, a concept of the very idea of the Crusaders and their traditions including this of donning the identity of your former tutor, while also taking their equipment, literally becoming the one who taught you everything. The idea of a spiritual immortality in this way.

In NO WAY does it have to be confined to paladins and Light people, in no way does it have to be confined to a single race or anything in that form. I'm not talking about creating a group within an existing group, instead create an entirely new group, to create my own fresh piece of thing, thus making it non-confined to any lore group or cling to one of them. It will be of a class within WoW and thus within their boundaries.

But in the end it got nothing to do with the Light, with holy powers and divine faith, but to forge a concept inspired by the ideas of the crusaders, their traditions and ideals, however not placing an exact faith or form of power upon it. It could easily be paladins, but it could just as easily be a shaman or a druid.

To me RP is to find inspiration, either from within WoW, the real world or another story. Be inspired, but not copy.
20/03/2014 23:28Posted by Gorruth
I somehow predicted a thread like this would pop up at some point. The people of AD are getting more and more predictable.

People like concepts from other things and would like to explore those concepts in their WoW RP. Wow, you're truly a visionary for foreseeing that.
I had the same thought when I was listening to those Crusader books. It's a bit derivative, but at the same time it's a nice idea and you can obviously portray a rich history with it, which translates to good storytelling. So I wouldn't let that stop you. And you get room to impart a lot of things onto another character playing your squire/apprentice/acolyte/whatever. Diablo has some neat fluff ideas like this. I'd love to RP in it.

Bonus points if you play a male character who's assuming the identity of someone called Jessica.
Yeah could be absolutely hilarious if the tutor had taken an apprentice of a different race and the opposite gender, and suddenly a tauren lad walks around with the name: "Jessica Kingsley."

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